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  1. CHAPTER ONE The August sun was a hellish ball of fire and getting into the pool was heaven after spending the last hour mowing the lawn. Sighing dramatically, I called out to Rhys. “Holy shit, you still working that garden? Don’t think for a second I’m going to help your inefficient ass.” My twin brother stood up from his labors and wiped a perspiring brow with the back of his gloved hand. His other hand held a sagging clump of weeds. He wore nothing but sandals, board shorts, and dirt-laden gloves. His lean torso was literally dripping with sweat. “This shit’s harder than it looks, asshole,” he said with a smile as he threw the handful of plants into a nearby trashcan. Rhys and I had graduated high school three glorious months earlier and were both a day away from departing for college. Our parents and little sister were off “running errands,” which we suspected meant they were getting us send-off gifts. We both figured having them return to a freshly manicured lawn was a nice way to pay them back. My brother, apparently done with his task, walked over and sat at the edge of the pool, letting his legs hang in the water. We were each a little over 6’1,” a little under 170, with brown hair, blue eyes, and long, lean bodies. Too lean in my opinion. However, I had no trouble admitting we were each more than a little attractive. We had faces which made girls melt on site and had both taken advantage of that fact over the last few years. We played sports to a limited extent and remained active, but neither of us had spent any time in a weight room. That was all going to change for me. I’d wanted to put on gobs of muscle for years but never felt I had the opportunity to work out seriously. Rhys was a bit of a brain and never showed much interest in the gym. That was ok with me. All twins eventually find ways to differentiate themselves from the other and I was going to be the buff one. Over the summer, I’d been doing pushups and situps every night. The effort had given me a bit of a chest and a nice four pack. All-in-all though, we still looked exactly the same to the casual observer. It took a few weeks before new friends could tell us apart. He was a little taller, I a little beefier, he had a more squared jaw, I had slightly higher cheekbones. All differences were subtle but they summed up our physical individualities. Confusing one for the other wouldn’t be a problem for long: my brother and I would be starting fresh at two different universities the next day. We were pretty much each other’s best friend so were still getting used to the idea of being apart. I didn’t get into the school he really wanted to attend and that was that. Despite our physical similarities, there were different things going on upstairs. Let’s just say Rhys’ SAT score beat mine by a few touchdowns…a few dozen touchdowns. I could tell my brother was thinking about the next day too. “We’ll call each other every day,” I said. “We’ll see each other for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our spring breaks match up exactly.” Rhys smiled but truth was we were ready for a bit of a separation. It was me who encouraged him to go to his dream school in the first place. Anyway, we got some luggage from the family; the parents acted as if we built them a new house when they saw the yard. All was well in the world. The next day we said goodbye to our sister (who stayed home to watch the dogs), got in three separate cars (mine, his, and the parents’) and headed 300 miles north to my brother’s school. It would be a quick afternoon of unpacking before we’d have an early dinner and leave my brother to his own devices. Then we’d travel another few hundred miles to my new school. The first leg of the trip went by quickly and we made it without a hitch. The campus was abuzz with activity, littered mothers, and fathers, and their kids yearning to be free. After a quick lunch, we got to work unpacking Rhys’s stuff. As I helped make the bed, I couldn’t help but look at the bare mattress six feet away. Rhys’ roommate had yet to arrive but I was already to suppressing a little jealousy that the bed wasn’t mine. Maybe this would be a harder separation than I thought. I occasionally looked out the window to the grassy field between the buildings where freshmen were already congregating and getting to know each other. Footballs were being thrown and young bodies sunbathed. Flirting was rampant. My dad was out with Rhys at the nearby Home Depot (dad always needed to put his own constructional touch on everything) while my mother and I finished the room off. She was removing clothes from a suitcase and putting them in the drawers when there was a knock against our open door. My mother and I turned to see a kid my age standing alone in the doorway. He was a few inches shorter than me, maybe 5’8, had brown hair and eyes, and a dimpled smile that ensured he would have a baby face through his late forties. The boyishness ended there; He had the body of an Olympic gymnast. His loose fitting sleeveless shirt revealed arms bulging with smooth beef. Shoulders the size of softballs disappeared into a shirt completely drenched with sweat. The moisture made the shirt cling to his chest like plastic wrap, revealing two very pronounced bulges between his shoulders. “You must be Rhys Tansey,” he said as he made his way in. The newcomer started to look a little nervous and I realized that both my mother and I were pretty much gawking at him. “Hey,” I said, trying to sound casual as I stood up and offered my hand. “I’m actually Rhys’s brother, Ryan. Rhys should be back any minute now.” “Oh,” he said with a smile as he shook my hand. “Well I’m Kevin.” He pointed at the bed. “Looks like I’ll be your brother’s roommate.” Kevin went back to the hallway and rolled in a hotel style luggage cart which held all his belongings. I wanted to ask where his parents were but remained silent; not knowing if that would uncover a sensitive topic. To my surprise, the first thing he did was open a suitcase and strip off his shirt. Although not as vascular as the guys you see on fitness magazines, the kid was built like a brick house. Even with a little fat around his midsection, you could still make out six distinguishable abdominal bricks below a pair of gorged pecs which cast a pretty substantial shadow on them. I found myself gawking again. The way the muscle fibers danced below the skin on his shoulders filled me with a burn. I wanted that. That’s what I want to look like. Maybe a little more ripped but I’d trade with him in a heartbeat. Packing that much muscle on a 6’1 frame would be a lot of work, maybe 60 pounds of work. You gotta start somewhere though, right? Looks like you’re gonna have some competition in the girls department, Rhys, I thought with an internal grin. Although shorter and with more boyish good looks than the mature ones we sported, his ridiculous physique would definitely turn heads. “Sorry,” he said as he put on a new shirt, this one with sleeves. “But it’s hot as balls out there and I was sweating like a pregnant nun.” He stopped and his face reddened. Then he turned to mom. “I’m sorry Mrs. Tansey.” Then he smiled at her. I bet that grin has got him out of trouble more than a couple times, I thought. I could see this guy majoring in motivational speaking (if that even existed). He had that let’s do this attitude that some people hated but the rest followed. My mom smiled back. “Don’t worry Kevin. I have two of you and a husband with a mouth that would put yours to bed.” I didn’t quite know what that meant but had no plans to call her out. Kevin started unpacking at a rapid pace. He didn’t have much stuff, most of his belongings consisted of clothing and supplements. A few moments later the rest of the family came back and dad made a quick shelving addition to the dorm’s desk. Then we were off to a 5 pm dinner. Kevin, with no family present to speak of, came along at my mother’s insistence. Rhys and Kevin hit it off quickly. He was even good at telling us apart…sort of. “Don’t switch shirts on me guys,” he said as he began wolfing down his steak. “Else I won’t know who is who anymore.” He tore into his meal as if he were starving. My mother’s instincts go the best of her. “When was the last time you ate, Kevin,” she asked, her face lined with worry. Kevin stopped chewing a moment and looked at her slightly confused. “I dunno, three hours ago?” My mother relaxed. “Sorry, it just—“ Kevin blushed a bit. “Sorry Mrs. T, I just eat a lot and have to be quick about it.” Mom nodded. “I wrestled all throughout high school and they made me eat a lot. So food is more of a task than a pleasure these days,” Kevin continued. “I’m done with wrestling I guess,” he said somewhat sadly. “But I’m trying to work out a little more. Put on some mass, ya know? I met a few guys at the gym this morning before I started unpacking my stuff. They have a weightlifting club or something I was thinking of joining.” My dad brightened. “Rhys, maybe you could join too. Ryan’s starting to make you look bad.” I beamed but kept it internal. Dad noticed I was getting a little bigger! Rhys’s face flushed a little and he looked at Kevin, eyebrows raised. “Sure man,” Kevin said with that winning smile. “We’ll keep each other motivated.” Apparently it was decided. I wondered how long Rhys would keep up a workout routine. He was dedicated to academics and the opposite sex, but had never shown much interest in making his muscles bigger. I was a torrent of jealousy, though. I could only dream of having such a good role model when I move into my dorm room. The thought only made me more excited about my freshman year. I’d come home looking like a fucking stud. Anyway, dinner passed quickly. We dropped off my brother and Kevin back at the dorm. My mother cried, my dad gave a rare hug, and before I knew it I was back in my car following the parents down the interstate. We crashed at a hotel late that night and were setting up my dorm room by nine the next morning. I met my new roommate, Steve, who had unpacked the day before. He wasn’t exactly what I had in mind a day earlier. He was friendly enough but made it pretty clear he was going to be staying at his girlfriend’s dorm more often than not. Fine by me, I guess. After another speedy unpacking and the standard ciao lunch with the parents, I waved them goodbye. I was finally a college student. I felt like giving my best Braveheart freedom yell. Odds were my parents were in the process of doing the same thing. Instead, I settled into the life of a college student. The first few weeks went by without a hitch. My brother and I spoke a few times but we each started to slack a bit as we settled into our new lives. I made friends quickly and found my roommate lived up to his word. I barely saw him more than a few minutes a day, if that often. I was true to my intention. I started working out like I always wanted to. At 6’1, 170 I was pretty thin and knew it would take a lot of effort before I started looking the way I wanted. I figured 200 pounds by the end of the school year was a good goal. I didn’t precisely know what to do but how hard could it be? Pick heavy things up and put them down, right? After a few weeks, I started looking a little more cut but hadn’t gained any weight. Oh well, I thought. Guess it just takes some time. Six weeks into my first semester, I was awoken by a buzzing near my ear. My head sprang up, a little crazed and confused before I realized it was the phone I kept on the nearby nightstand. The screen revealed my brother’s name. I shook the sleep from my eyes and looked at my clock. A little past midnight on a Tuesday night. This had better be good, I thought as I accepted the call. “Yeah?” I asked in a raspy voice that obviously wanted to be sleeping. I was answered by garbled nonsense. Shit, I thought to myself. The ass just butt-dialed me. It wasn’t the first time. Being his primary speed dial resulted in an involuntary call about once every couple months. It usually wasn’t a big deal since I was often with him when he did it. Now it was a little different. I was about to hang up when I suddenly made out heavy breathing. A few seconds later I heard a grunt. I smiled like a twelve year old kid. Holy shit, he’s fucking someone. A good brother couldn’t let something like this go to waste. I quickly took the phone from my ear and opened up the recording app. After pressing record, I put my ear to the phone again. Talk dirty to her, I thought with a smirk. “Oh god,” I heard through the heavy breaths. The voice was muted and distorted but there was no doubt it was Rhys’s. Who fucks with their pants on? I asked myself, assuming there was no other explanation for an accidental call. I tried to keep from laughing. “This is fucking awesome,” Rhys continued. “I’m getting huge.” Oh this is rich. Being his twin, I was perfectly aware of where we racked in the package department. We beat the average by a good bit but…huge? Ah, the things we say in the act of love, I thought. Another voice introduced itself. “Keep ----- going. ----- working.” My jaw dropped. The voice was definitely garbled and distant, allowing me to make out only an occasional word but one thing was completely clear…the voice belonged to a male. How come he never told me? I thought. My desire to listen in was wavering with the fear I was learning a secret he wasn’t ready to tell. However, something kept my ear glued to the phone. The breathing continued and the stranger’s voice chimed in again. “----- me ---- your arm,” the voice said. It sounded strangely familiar. Is that Kevin? All-American boy Kevin is my brother’s lover? “------ incredible,” the voice said. There was suddenly a sharp noise that sounded like crumpling a bag of potato chips. The voices returned but were too distant to make out. They conversed for a few minutes before he voices became clearer. “------- ------ fucking ripped -----,” my brother said. “I ------- --------- it.” “------ awesome. You’re ------- than ------- now.” the other guy said. There was a pause. “------- that ------ phone?” “Oh shit,” my brother said. There was a noticeable rustle then the line went dead. I stared at the phone for a moment, half expecting my brother to call me back with some weird explanation for what just happened. But he didn’t. I wasn’t sure what I’d just heard. It could have been sex but there were too many other noises for it to be as simple as that. I put the phone down and tried to sleep. It did not come quickly. CHAPTER 2 “Hey bro,” I said the following afternoon as I walked to my last class. “Hey,” Rhys replied. He somehow sounded different; like he had a cold. “How were classes today?” “Same ol’ same ol,” I replied. I wasn’t digging the small talk. My mind was on a single track right now and I couldn’t help but get to the chase. “Got a strange voicemail from you last night.” There was a pause. “Yeah, I saw that I called you,” my brother said. His voice was definitely deeper. “Sorry about that. It was pretty late.” “No worries. What were you doing?” I asked with a grin. Let’s hear it. “Kevin and I were working out,” Rhys responded immediately. “Working out, huh?” I said, playing the game. “At midnight? How’s it going?” “It’s going well,” he said. “Really well actually. I’ve never felt better in my life.” I stopped walking. There was a hint of something in his voice that I couldn’t quite place. “Rhys, is there something you have to tell me?” Another pause, this time longer. “Everything’s fine, man. Don’t worry,” my brother said. His voice was still shrouding something. “Hey, I gotta go. I’m walking into class right now.” “Ok buddy,” I said, slightly deflated. “Talk to ya later.” I put my phone back in my pocket and continued walking to class. I thought about his tone. It sounded almost as if he were…giddy. Well, I thought. Guess I should be happy as long as he’s happy. It didn’t take long before I realized I didn’t care in the slightest if my brother was gay or not. I was happy for him either way. I had to admit I had a little bit of a man-crush on Kevin and his chiseled abdominals too. Or, maybe they were working out. It was his business…that didn’t keep me from stalking my brother on Facebook though. There was a gnawing anxiety in my gut that I just couldn’t place. Spying from the electronic bushes of the internet seemed to help ease it though. I rarely took part in social networking my brother was pretty active on it while in high school. I clicked through the electronic story of his last six weeks. He’d made quite a few friends in that time, split relatively evenly down the gender lines. All the guys, and girls for that matter, looked like fitness freaks. He’d recently ‘liked’ something called Crossfit, a movie called Pumping Iron, a few nutritional supplements… Hmm, I thought. I guess he has been bit by the fitness bug. The anxiety gnawing at my stomach intensified but I finally placed it…Was I being left behind by my own brother? Physically being the “same” for so long made me take it for granted. He was already the smarter one; what if he came back the stronger one too? I’d been working out like a madman but with no real guidance. What if he had a personal trainer? I had to find out. Rhys’s profile picture was the same as from the summer. I clicked on the rest of his photos only to find out that they were all private now. My anxiety increased and any thoughts of my brother’s sexuality were shoved to the backburner. Desperate, I started clicking on his new friend’s profiles and scoured their pictures on the off chance my brother was in them. Many of them were private too, including Kevin’s. After a half hour of this I had nothing other than the knowledge that all his college friends were apparently gym rats. I continued to search and it wasn’t until I searched the albums of a club he liked called “the Fitz Mafia” that a picture caught my eye. It showed a group of about a dozen college aged males, most of them familiar thanks to the stalking of the last few minutes. In the center sat a very elderly looking man in a wheelchair, dressed in a brown suit. He had razor sharp eyes and a somewhat haunting grin, like he was up to no good. I picked out Kevin standing with his hand on the old man’s shoulder, shirtless and looking as swollen as ever. In fact, although every bit as big as before, he looked leaner and more defined. The chubby abdominal bricks from six weeks ago had partially melted away. The pic was too pixilated to see anything more detailed. The rest of the group wore an assortment of gym attire, some with shirts some without, some the size of college bodybuilders, others more lean. All of them looked to be in good shape. On the far left stood my brother, wearing a t-shirt I recognized. Although somewhat grainy, I could make out his form relatively well and he was by no means the muscle monster I was beginning to imagine. I took a closer look. His arms might have been bigger. Were his traps standing a little higher on his shoulders or was I just grasping at straws? Compared to most of the company surrounding him, he was a twig…but maybe that was masking any increase in his size. I put my hand over the rest of the group, leaving only my brother visible. It was there, a slight widening of his shoulder. Maybe a vein on the visible part of his bicep. “Damn, dude,” I whispered. I looked at the date and was shocked to see that it was posted over three weeks ago. Whatever changes I did or did not see had occurred over two or three weeks! I sat back, my heart racing. I was supposed to be the bigger one. Rhys was one of the smallest in the group, sure, but what about next week? Next month? I flexed my arm and looked at it. A nice bicep formed but it was mostly due to my lack of fat. Then I looked back at my brother. This wasn’t right… * * * “I haven’t heard from you in a while,” I said one rainy Thursday evening. “I just wanted to see how you were doing.” Rhys was obviously munching on something and took a while to answer. “Sorry bro, I’ve been busy. Not all of us can skate by without studying.” I forced a smile he couldn’t see. “So all you’ve been doing is studying?” “Heh. Well, ya know. There’s other stuff in college too.” Again, I heard him munching over the phone. Probably some kind of protein bar or something. “So how’s the lifting going?” I asked, getting to the point. “It’s going really well. Kevin says I’m a natural. We’re actually on our way to the gym now.” “Hmm, well tell him I said hi.” I heard Rhys say as much to Kevin, who screamed back. “Back atcha, Ryan. Your brother tell you how fucking swole he’s getting? Dr. Fitz has him on a sick regimen. You won’t even recognize him.” “Dude, shutup,” Rhys said. “Hey bro, gotta run. I’ll call ya soon though.” The phone went dead. It was mid-October, ten weeks into the school year. I was having the time of my life but there my brother was always lurking in my mind. I’d recently started going to the gym more but still hadn’t seen much of a difference. Maybe I need a workout partner, I thought. The weeks went by. I found a buddy to work out with. He was a beginner just like me but apparently spent a lot more time researching the subject…apparently there’s a lot more to weightlifting than I thought. Apparently I had to start eating more. So I did. I responded relatively well, putting on a couple pounds by November at the expense of my former six pack. Calls with my brother were relatively rare, which was understandable. He was my brother, not my girlfriend. The conversations were normal for the most part…maybe I was making too big a deal with this. One night, I found myself Facebook stalking my brother again. It started when I noticed he finally changed his profile picture. It was a headshot of him and some girl. She took it herself, so only their head and neck were visible. His face still looked the same but his neck bulged. It could have been because they were lying down and he was lifting his head for the picture. It was too hard to tell. So I went hunting again, looking through all his pictures, his friend’s pictures. It didn’t take long for me to wander back to the Fitz Mafia page. My heart leaped through my neck when I saw a familiar group standing in a familiar setting with the same old man in a wheel chair. Kevin, still shirtless, stood right next to the old man. He looked ready to win a bodybuilding contest. His short body must have held over two hundred pounds of solid muscle. I couldn’t be sure; I wasn’t a good judge of such things. Come to think of it… I pulled up the older picture (which I had saved on my hard drive) of the group for comparison. There was no doubt Kevin was bigger. His shoulders were the size of cantaloupes and covered with ridges and valleys. Lean traps bulged from them and snaked halfway up his wide neck. His chest was striated even in their relaxed state and any fat that once say around his midsection was gone. His abdomen was a brick wall of muscle now. Most of the others in the front row looked bigger too. Even the lean ones now had muscular bulges wherever they showed skin. I silently cursed the computer screen when I saw my brother now standing near the middle of the back row. He was the tallest in the group but not enough to see more than his head and neck. His lower legs were visible but shadowed enough to hide everything. His neck did look bigger and his traps looked bigger too. It was impossible to tell; he could have been the size of Kevin and I wouldn’t have been able to tell. I leaned back and sighed with both embarrassment and frustration. Embarrassed because I was stalking my own brother; frustrated because I wasn’t very good at it. I glanced at the Facebook page again and noticed the names tagged on the side. Benjamin “Godfather” Fitz was one of them. It was the only one without a link, as if there was no profile associated with it. A quick elimination process against the profiles of the other names narrowed this Godfather’s identity down to the old man in the center. Dr. Fitz has him on a crazy regimen, Kevin had said. “Curiouser and curiouser,” I said as I Googled his name… gotta love the internet. I’d gotten pretty good at this whole internet stalking thing and found his familiar face in no time. It turns out he was an emeritus professor at the school my brother was attending. His university profile was easy enough to find. Double major in Biology and Chemistry, masters in Applied Biomechanics, thirty years in government research, got a doctorate along the way. Specialized in degenerative diseases and human endurance…whatever that means. The profile was dull but set my mind wandering. The two pictures of his mafia and the rapid development of the front row only fed my creativity. I imagined my brother being introduced to some mad scientist, who gave him some new super-supplement that turned him into a muscle beast. My storming brain didn’t help my sleep. I dreamt of coming home one late November evening and seeing Rhys’s car already in the driveway. I walked to the door and opened into a house cloaked in night. A noise coming from the kitchen drew my attention so I made my way there. As I rounded the corner, I saw the back of a figure holding open a refrigerator door. He was hunched down and looking for something to eat. The light in the refrigerator could have doubled as a small sun; it blackened every detail of the figure, revealing only a gargantuan silhouette. His shoulders and back were as wide as a door way. Before I could try to make out any other details, the man shut the door, leaving the room lit only by outside’s fading twilight. I tried to blink away the afterglow of the radioactive refrigerator but in the meantime I could make out only general shapes and nothing more. However, that’s all it took to realize the man was more than a hand taller than me and half again as wide. “Hey there little brother,” the man said with a baritone voice. “Need a light?” His hand reached for the light switch on the wall. CHAPTER 3 I woke up as if from a nightmare; the anxious feeling in my stomach now feeling like an ulcer. The rational side of my brain tried to tell me that this was overreaction on an epic scale. However, that voice was quiet and docile compared to the earth shaking banshee screaming that I no longer had an identical twin. I can’t quite describe what I felt. It was like being in middle school and coming back from summer vacation to find your best friend hit puberty and was suddenly taller, bigger, and stronger than you. Rules written when only magnified by the fact it was my own twin brother. I thought about that for a moment and allowed the mousy little voice of reason a soapbox to stand on. Goofy conspiracy theories aside, he was my twin; my genetic match. Whatever he could do with his body, so could I. I suddenly found myself filled with a newfound resolve. I ditched my old workout partner and tried to make friends with the buffest gym rats I could find. It was, after all, the same thing Rhys had done. Within a few days I was working out regularly with a junior named Terry, who’d actually competed in a few contests over the last few years. He was about 5’10,”225 lbs, and just started his bulking regimen. He wanted to get up to 245 before cutting back down. He seemed like the right guy. One conversation was all it took to make me feel like the last ten weeks had been a waste of time. “Dude, you’re a straight up ectomorph,” he said as if I knew what that meant. “You have to be eating, like, six thousand calories a day if you want to gain weight.” He saw my face drop. “Hey, consider yourself lucky. They called me Pillsbury Dough Boy until my sophomore year of high school. Look at you. You look like a fucking model. I bet you’ve been getting laid since before girls even noticed I existed, and I’m two years older than you!” His lips curled in a mean smile. “Actually, I should probably hate you right now…people like you were the ones that would single me out at dodge ball.” My mouth must have dropped beneath a pair of eyes filled with horror because Terry immediately laughed and smacked me on the back. “Dude, relax. I’m just kidding.” That was all fine and good but wasn’t what I cared about. I looked at Terry. Regardless of what he once was, he was a fucking beast now. “I don’t care if I have to eat a horse every day; make me look like you.” Kevin shrugged. “Well, it’s not impossible. But remember, everybody is different. Even during my chub-chub stage I was always pretty strong. I just had to shed the fat to show it. It’s all about your genetics man. I have to watch every piece of food I put in my mouth; I bet you can eat anything and not worry about losing those abs.” He paused, and the muscles of his jaw squirmed as he tried to think of the right thing to say. “Look man, I’m not saying you’ll be twiggy the rest of your life. We can put some serious beef on you. You may not look like me at the end, but you’ll have a body that could sit on an underwear ad. Besides, between you and me, that’s what the chicks are digging anyway.” That didn’t sound all that bad. Besides, Rhys had the same genes and the same potential. If I maxed out mine then, at worst, we’d tie. I felt more dedicated than I’d ever been before. I had a month until Thanksgiving and I wanted to pack as much meat on my slim 6’1 173 lb frame as I could. He made me eat so much I actually started to hate the taste of food. He had me buy supplements I didn’t even know the purpose of. I forgot what it was like to wake up without hurting. The payoff was that it seemed to be working. I gained two pounds the first week. That weekend I got another butt-dial from my brother. I was eating a burger (my second dinner) I’d gotten to-go from the school cafeteria when my phone rang. The familiar garbled noises were all I needed to know this was not an intentional call. This time the special guest’s voice was female and there was no doubt there was something naughty going on. “Hurry,” she said breathlessly. “I’m trying,” Rhys said. “I can’t get this fucking shirt off.” “Just rip it off. You need new clothes anyway.” The volume of the white noise intensified and I assumed it indicated my brother was turning his shirt into rags. Then it got so loud I had to pull the phone away from my ear. A series of grunts and pants later, the background noise stopped altogether. I was left only with the suddenly more distant voices of my brother and his new friend. “Goddamn,” I heard her say breathlessly. “----- ----- amazing.” “You ----- seen ----- ----,” my brother said. After that, the words ceased and I was left with noises that would have been completely unintelligible had earlier clues not given away their meaning. He must have thrown his pants (and phone) on the floor. I listened for a moment longer before I got bored and hung up. Well I guess that answered the question about his sexuality. But there were so many more… Why couldn’t he get his shirt off? Was it the thrill of the moment or was he too damn big to meander out of it now? While the pillow talk of a person you’re with always sounds true to ear its meant for, it takes a third party to really judge their honesty...as the said third party, I could tell the girl meant every word. She was in complete awe of my brother. My primitive instincts took over. I went out that night, had a few beers, took home a girl, and banged her into another time zone. There was no doubt she enjoyed it…but not once did her voice convey the utter lust I heard on the phone. * * * Two weeks and another two pounds later, I saw a strange comment on Rhys’s Facebook page. It was from a guy named Raul, one of the muscle buddies from those group pictures. “Hey bud, you left your phone in Fitz’s lab yesterday. I guess I would have left in a hurry if I were in your circumstances, too. That was fucking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The prof said you’re his best student yet. Anyway, I have your phone. Come by anytime.” First coeds now bodybuilders? Was everyone in complete awe of my brother? I clicked on Raul’s profile and saw his phone number in his personal info. I entered the number in my phone but let my thumb hover over the call button as I tried to think of how this would go… How’s it going? You have my phone?...Rhys, my man! Yeah, I have your phone. Dude that was incredible yesterday…Yeah? What was so incredible?...Dude, you fucking grew right out of your shirt! What are you, Three hundred pounds now?...Something like that. What did the Fitz say?...He said he wants you to take more of his serum. He wants you to be even bigger…Oh yeah?...Yeah man, we’re all so jealous. We’re growing like crazy but you’ve outpaced us all. What’s your secret?...Good genetics I guess…Yeah, well Fitz wants to try this shit on your brother too. Says experimenting on a set of twins would be perfect. I’m sorry to say he has something stronger in mind for your brother… The scenario made my heart gallop and my imagination ran with it. I nearly dialed him, convinced the conversation would go just like that. Then reality called in with a more likely alternative: Hey who’s this?...This is Rhys calling from a friend’s line? You have my phone?...Doesn’t sound like Rhys… It’s me, budd. So how’d yesterday go?...(A pause) Who the fuck is this? Then he’d hang up and a couple hours later I’d get a phone call from my brother. Dude, what do you think you’re doing?...I dunno, Rhys, I just wanted to see what was going on?...Quit spying on me Ryan. It’s fucking creepy. CLICK… I never dialed. Most people let unknown numbers go straight to voicemail anyway. I did feel the urge to check on this Benjamin Fitz character again and spent over an hour sifting through mostly uninformative crap. His work for the government didn’t show up anywhere. Then I got a wild hair…he’s a professor…professors write for journals…every university has some sort of access software for their students. I logged onto AcademiaScape and searched his name. Bam! First thing that showed up: “A Study of the Effects of Gene ACTN3 Infusion on Laboratory Mice.” It was co-authored by Dr. Benjamin Fitz and a Richard Powers, PhD. Clicking on the link revealed only the abstract. The actual paper was apparently too high profile. This study is a follow-up to the “mighty mice” experiment conducted at John Hopkins University in 1997. In order to be a suitable treatment for degenerative diseases such as muscular dystrophy, human myostatin suppression therapy must be accompanied by an associated cell wall booster which protects skeletal muscle membrane during extreme hypertrophy. The negative effects associated with such a breakdown can be shown in the now famous Hayden Smith case. What follows is a comprehensive examination of the gene ACTN3 and its associated affects on laboratory specimens. Where most myostatin suppressed mice experience severe structural degeneration accompanied by the increase in muscle volume, the ACTN3 mice showed none of these adverse affects. In fact, cardiovascular health and pulmonary activity was seen to improve… That was all that was available…not even a full abstract. It sent my gut into a tizzy again. My brother was part of some crazy experiment. This old man had tricked a dozen college students into taking part in his experiments. Did Rhys have to sign his life away to do it? Was it dangerous? Did my parents know? I had a picture of the two of us on my desk showing a day on a beach just last summer. The two of us had our arms around each other’s shoulders, skin bronzed from a summer outdoors. Even to me, our resemblance was uncanny. Two teens, identical save for the color of their board shorts. I blinked. Well identical save for the slightly bigger pecs on my brother. The overhead sun seemed to cast a shadow across his upper abs in a way that mine didn’t. For that matter, he had better abs too. A trick of the light? His shoulders were a bit more globular. And he had a nice vein running down the center of his bicep. Wait, he was taller too. I had to reach up to rest my arm on his shoulder. My brother grew wider, his skinny frame bulging in all the right places. His traps rose up and his shoulders expanded out, pushing my arm up and forcing my hand to slide off his shoulder and onto his back. My 170 pound brother was now over 200 and still growing. He was ripped but still lean as striations appeared across his chest and shoulders. A valley formed where bicep met triceps and grew deeper as the muscle around it swelled out. His once soft looking skin now looked hard as it stretched over his growing body. Ripped and lean became jacked and huge as his body exploded with growth. His board shorts grew tight across his growing body as quads the size of his waist stretched the fabric like spandex. A huge teardrop bulged just above his knee and the lines of his thighs deepened. My head now came up to Rhys’s chest as his body ballooned past 250 pounds. I couldn’t help but notice that I was now literally in his shadow as his growth blocked out the sun… I closed my eyes and shook my head. When I looked back at the picture it was the same it has always been. Two twins enjoying the last days of summer together. My imagination was wild but was it inaccurate? What was he going through right now? Did he wake up every morning feeling bigger and stronger? His body harder? Was he bigger than all the studs that seemed to adore him? Two days later I called my brother again. I guess he’d gotten back his phone. “Hello?” the voice on the other line said. It was deep and raspy. “Hey Rhys? What’s wrong with your voice?” There was a clearing of the throat on the other line. “Sorry, bro,” Rhys said. “I was at our football game yesterday. Yelled myself horse. Got a fucking sunburn during it too. My back is as red as a fire truck. Everyone’s been saying I needed a good tan…assholes.” “Oh, ok,” I said. “Thanksgiving is this Wednesday. You want me to head over there a day early so we can carpool home?” “Naw, man. It’s kind of out of your way and the traffic is brutal heading south. I should get home Tuesday around dinner time. Kim has a dance recital that day so the parents won’t be getting home until nine or something. We can catch up then. I can’t wait to see ya.” “I’ll bet,” I said. “What’s wrong?” Rhys asked. “Nothing. It’ll be good to see you.” “Ditto. T-minus 72 hours!” he said. “Gotta go now though. Heading over to—“ “The gym, I know,” I said. There was laughter on the other side. “You know it.” He paused and his voice grew serious. “We have a lot to talk about. Later.” “What do we have to-“ I started but he had hung up before I could get out the first word. I may have tried to tell myself I was upset with his decision to let a doctor experiment on him. Truth was I’d do the exact same thing if given the chance. Although torrents of different emotions crossed through my mind like a series of entwined spaghetti noodles, all were smothered with a thick sauce of jealousy. The next day I shocked myself by finally opening up about my brother. Terry, my new workout partner, and I had become pretty good friends over the last few weeks and he knew something was eating me. Before I knew it I was spilling my guts out as we finished up our workout. I didn’t tell him everything…I left most of the stalking out, making the discoveries seem more accidental than they were. Nevertheless, I prepared myself for a strange look and a lost friend. That didn’t bother me; it felt really good to finally talk about everything. I got the weird look but Terry didn’t seem to be looking for the nearest exit. “Dude, just ask him. Hell, give me his number and I’ll ask him. Personally, I think you’ve been watching too many b-rated science fiction movies but, shit, if that’s true then get me in line for that shit.” Well I’m not sure what I wanted him to say but I guess that wasn’t it. “Look,” he continued, “it’s neat to dream about some crazy pill that turns on the muscle switch and lets us grow at will. But life ain’t like that. This old cook probably just has some supplement that’ll be all the rage for a month before a new one comes out. I’ve seen it a dozen times…and have taken all of them. It’s the same shit. At the end of the day it’s all about eating, lifting, and sleeping. The rest is genetics. It’s hard for even me to admit that but it’s true all the same.” I shrugged, still deep in thought as we went through the front door. I could tell Terry was getting a little agitated at my grumpiness. “Man, you’re such a fucking pouter when things don’t go your way. Take the sand out of your vagina and either ask him or get over it.” He thought for a second. “Let me see those pictures you were talking about,” he said as he put his sunglasses on. I pulled out my phone and loaded the page with the group shots and the old man. Terry looked at them for a while, shifting between one and the other a few times before speaking. “Well, that guy in the middle is definitely making some impressive gains. I’ve never seen anyone cut down bodyfat AND gain muscle like that.” He looked a little more. “A lot of these guys are making big gains. Not all of them, but a lot of them. You’re right though; it’s hard to tell what’s going on with your brother.” His finger flicked the screen a few more times. Then his eyebrows rose. “You said there’s only two? Looks like they posted a third buddy.” He smiled as I tried to grab the phone. Although longer of limb, he easily deflected my attacks with one muscles arm. “Hmm,” he said as he simultaneously investigated the picture and held me off. “I don’t see your brother though. That kid in the middle is sure packing it though.” He handed over the phone. I snatched it away as if that afforded me some sort of victory. This picture was different. Although Kevin was still front and center, Dr. Fitz was now off to the side. To say he was jacked would be an understatement. He stood in what looked to be boxer shorts with the rest of the group standing around and beside him. He was giving the camera a double bicep pose and looked ready to kick some ass. He was as shredded as I’ve ever seen a person who wasn’t airbrushed by some magazine editor and beat his weight in the last pic by at least ten pounds. “I’ve seen guys like that center kid before,” Terry said from over my shoulder. “I bet he had a sixpack at seven years old and could bounce his pecs before he had hair on his dick. In high school I played football with a kid who intentionally didn’t work out with weights because it made him too big to play running back. Some people are just made to be beasts like that.” He paused. “Not sure why he’s cutting now. Contest season isn’t until summer; he should be bulking.” “Maybe he is,” I said barely above a whisper. My attention drifted to the rest of the group. All wore familiar faces. While the first two pictures had the group organized in rows as if for a team shot, this one was a lot more informal. They were all looking at Kevin with various forms of comic expression, some with exaggerated shock or awe. It was hard to compare each to their previous picture but some looked a little bigger and NONE looked any smaller. And only eleven guys plus Dr. Fitz were visible, meaning my brother took a break this shot for some reason. Wait… there was an arm visible on the left side of the picture, as if someone had been inadvertently been cropped out. I could only see a forearm and a bit of the upper arm. Whoever it belonged to was pointing dramatically at Kevin. The forearm was covered in bulges and I could see the unmistakable beginnings of what had to be a truly spectacular tricep. Terry noticed me zooming in on the arm and I heard his breath catch. “You don’t think—“ he started. My silence was answer enough. “Naw, man. Look at that arm…look at your arm. We’re talking different planets here. Maybe he’s the guy that usually takes the picture and your brother decided to volunteer this time.” Terry laughed. “They obviously won’t ask him again if he can’t keep everyone in the shot.” I chuckled. “All good points,” I said as I took back my phone. Terry looked at me moment before letting out an exaggerated sigh. “All right, crazy man,” he said as we got to his car. “You think what you want to. You’ll find out tomorrow anyway.” He went to his car door and opened it. “Have a great Thanksgiving. Be sure to eat everything in sight. See ya on Monday.” He started to get in his car but stopped himself and turned back to me as I continued to stare at the picture. “You wanna know what I think?” he asked. “Do I have a choice?” I asked back with a smile. “Not at all,” Terry said. “I think you WANT your brother to be on some sort of super steroid. You WANT him to get huge and strong. You WANT to go home and see a twin who could rip you in half. Admit it, you’d be pretty disappointed if you got home tomorrow only to see your brother was still just linke you.” Then he got in and drove off. That night I dreamt I was wrestling my brother in the dark. I couldn’t see him, only hear him grunting and feel him writhing around me. I was slightly stronger and slowly dominating my twin. Suddenly there was a shift. My brother’s resistance was a little stronger. His grunts grew deeper. Then his body started getting harder and harder. I felt him swell under my now struggling hands. What was once soft and bony was now hard and dense, as if liquid concrete was being pumped into his body, where it hardened immediately upon finding its place. Pretty soon I was being toyed with like a cat toys with a ball. My hands aimed indiscriminately, trying to grab hold. Everything I touched was hard as granite and continued to bulge more and more. His muscles flexed and relaxed as he continued to grow. Then he started laughing. I was resisting with every ounce of my strength but the effort only tickled him. Then he grabbed my forearms with his hands and pulled them behind me. I couldn’t move my arms an inch. His hot breath brushed my ear as he whispered in my ear. “See you tomorrow buddy.” I woke up with my sheets wrapped around me like a straight-jacket. It took me over a minute to squirm out of them. It took far longer for my heart to stop racing. It was a seven-ish hour ride home and I had one exam keeping me from getting in the car. I might as well have skipped the class. I couldn’t read a question without my mind picturing swollen renditions of my brother. I turned the test in, unsure what I put down. I got in the car just before eleven which should have me home by seven. The drive left me alone with my thoughts, which was somewhat dangerous these days. I know most people would think I was over-reacting to the point of lunacy. For one, I didn’t have any proof that my brother had developed into anything. The idea of some strange old scientist experimenting on a bunch of college kids was absurd. And probably illegal unless they signed a medical test waiver or something…and only homeless, desperate people did that. My brother was too smart to get suckered into some medical experiment. Besides, even if he WAS participating, it’s not like he could get that much bigger in such a short time. Right? My brother was just working out a lot and was showing SOME improvements. That’s all. Then how do I explain the calls and the messages? Terry made no secret that it would be hard for me to gain any size…but Kevin said over the phone that Rhys was a natural. Maybe that’s just what guys tell each other in the gym to get them motivated. There wasn’t much of a difference between gym talk and sex talk when it came down to it. But what about all his friends getting bigger? Well, they were bodybuilders. That’s what bodybuilders do: they get bigger. My brother’s no bodybuilder. Right? Hell, even that Facebook post didn’t mean anything in particular. Dr. Fitz might be one of their instructors. Maybe he was doing particularly well in the class. Maybe the whole scenario was just my overactive imagination…but there was one thing I couldn’t shake. We were twins. I know it sounds silly, but we have a connection. We can’t read each other’s thoughts or anything but there have been times we knew the other was especially sad or happy or whatever. The fact I couldn’t shake this feeling fueled my thoughts that he really was undergoing some strange transformation. Four hours until I find out, I thought, surprised at how much ground I was covering. So what if he had gone through some sci-fi metamorphosis. Is that all bad? Maybe I could take part too. I’d tried so hard to put on size but each pound gained was like moving the earth. It would be great if Rhys was part of some breakthrough if only because I might be able to take part too. The hardest part was the not knowing. Why was he being so secretive? We told each other everything. Had things changed so much…for no apparent reason? Maybe there’s nothing to report, a voice whispered in my ear. I paused for a moment. Come to think of it, I hadn’t ever asked him for any specifics. I’d ask how his workouts were going, hoping he would give me every detail. Instead he gave me an answer just as generic as the question. It was as if he thought the question as inconsequential as ‘how’s the weather?’ I hadn’t told him about the weight I’d gained. The mile markers raced by and my thoughts rarely strayed from my brother. The sun made its way towards the horizon and was just touching the horizon when I finally got off the interstate exit that would send me home. By that time my brain was exhausted. Fifteen minutes later, I turned into the driveway of my parent’s house. Rhys’s car was already parked and there was no sign of my parents. The sun had just set and the sky was ablaze in oranges and blues. I practically leaped from my car and headed for the front door. Finding it unlocked, I opened it and entered a house darkened by the approaching night. “Rhys,” I called. Creaks from the second story betrayed my brother’s location. They were followed by heavy footsteps that made their way across the room upstairs to the hallway door. “Ryan,” my brother called from upstairs. “Be down in a minute.” His voice sounded rushed, as if in the middle of something important. I decided a minute was too long. I made my way up the stairs and around the corner. A line of light escaped from beneath the door to my brother’s room. The creaks and footsteps originated from there. I crept to the door, tested it, and found the door to be unlocked. I turned the knob and opened the door. CHAPTER 4 I opened the door to Rhys’s bedroom. My brother was facing away from me, reaching to the upper shelves of his closet and fishing out winter clothes. He wore a grey, hooded sweatshirt and a pair of basketball shorts. Although it was hard to tell much with the sweatshirt on, he was hardly the gigantic three hundred pound monster I had prepared myself for. A quick rundown and he looked every bit the brother I left three months— “Holy shit. Your calves!” I blurted involuntarily. Rhys responded by dropping the box he was fumbling with and cursed under his breath as it rained on his head. He regained his composure quickly and turned his head to look at me. He wore a smile, but it was forced. “Hey bro. I didn’t hear you come up here,” he said as he reached down to pick up a pair of sweatpants nearby and started putting them on. I was up to him in a heartbeat and was able to get a better look at his legs before he was able to cover them up. His calves were covered in veins and stood out in bold relief even though unflexed. I pulled up Rhys’s shorts to reveal quads big enough to make most pant seams beg for mercy. His boxers were bunched up against his groin, their leg openings just not big enough to lie further down. “I knew it,” I said breathlessly. “I was going to tell you about this,” Rhys said. “But I didn’t know how exactly.” “What do you mean you didn’t know how exactly?” I asked as I stood up. I wanted to say more but the verification of three month’s worth of paranoia was finally hitting home. I had to sit down and was lucky Rhys’s bed was nearby else I’d have to make do with the floor. It was one thing to suspect something like this was up…quite another to have be true. “How much do you weigh, bro?” I asked. “About 200,” he said immediately. “I—“ “Take off your shirt,” I said. “What, I—“ “Take it off man. This shit is bat crazy and you owe me that much.” We both knew he didn’t owe me a damn thing, except maybe an explanation. But I had to know. Rhys seemed to understand, although as he took off his shirt he looked as if the act were against his better judgment. Beneath that bulky top was an upper torso carved from a mountainside. Traps bulged and crawled halfway up his neck and were born out of shoulders bigger than both my fists combined. A thick vein pulsed across the front of his shredded delt. His arms were at least seventeen inches but looked much bigger. His pecs were striated even when relaxed and his abs were skin covered river rocks. It’s not like he was huge. It’s just that kind of definition had a way of making you look so much bigger. 200 wasn’t that crazy for someone at 6’1. I was breathless…he looked so much bigger than 200. “What did he give you?” I asked, shock slowly giving way to a strange sense of excitement. My brother’s eyes rose. “What did who give me? Kevin? Nothing—“ “Don’t play dumb with me, Rhys,” I said as coolly as I could. “Dr. Fitz.” “Fitz?” Rhys asked, seemingly genuinely confused. “What does he have to do with…wait, how do you know about Dr. Fitz?” I felt my face grow hot but I didn’t care. I told him everything. My interpretation of the voicemails, the Facebook pictures, Dr. Fitz’s bio and history, everything. When I finally stopped, I held my breath, waiting for my brother to kick the shit out of me. There was no doubt he could if he wanted to. I looked at my brother, whose eyes were stern and face unreadable. There were three long seconds of complete silence. Then a snort escaped his nose and he broke out laughing. It’s strange; the first thing I noticed was the way his abs flexed as he tried in vain to stop laughing. His pec bounced involuntarily too. God what I’d do to trade spaced with him now. I saw my dreams of some magic formula die away with my brother’s reaction. It was like thinking you won the lottery only to find out your numbers were for last week. “You thought Dr. Fitz was giving us some kind of growth hormone?” Rhys said between fits of laughter. “And that I took it? Jesus, Ryan, do I look like I’d use steroids?” Although my face was as red as a fire truck, I raised an eyebrow and nodded to his body. Rhys stopped laughing but the mirth remained in his eyes. He turned to a full length mirror on the wall and admired his body. He was obviously used to doing that. “I’m a little hurt, Ryan,” my brother said as he gave the mirror a double bicep. Good lord, his back looked like it was boiling with muscle. “Why is it so hard to believe I did this through hard work?” “Because I’ve been working my ass of trying to look like that and have a measly six pounds to show for it. You have fucking thirty! In a little under three months!” Rhys’s eyes swelled with an emotion I couldn’t quite place. “I have the best trainer in the world,” he said somewhat defensively. “Kevin is a fucking beast. And we eat, lift, and sleep together.” He paused. “Well, not sleep together. I mean—“ His face turned red but I waved him off. “Then why is Fitz in those pictures? Why does everyone growing like weeds?” “Fitz is doing a study on muscular endurance or something. He’s taking data on our regimens and results but hasn’t given us anything.” I looked at him. “Ever, dude. Shit, the guy is completely harmless. And I think he’s got a little dementia or something. The old man can’t even find his pencil half the time. He has a nurse take care of him for Christ’s sake. We’ve taken him on as a sort of mascot at our gym. I hardly think he’s capable of sneaking growth drugs into our water bottles.” He paused. “Besides, only four of us are growing. The rest are pretty stagnant.” The sentiment in his eyes had suddenly entered his voice. I looked at him, eyes narrowed. “What four?” Rhys was suddenly struggling. “Well there’s me and Kevin. A guy names Ross and another named Daniel. They’re all—“ He stopped. “They’re all what?” “They’re all in my dorm.” “The honors dorm?” “Yes.” “The nerd dorm?” “Fucking yes, Ryan!” my brother said angrily, his face starting to turn red. I stood up. “What’s going on, Rhys? What are you not telling me?” I felt that tickle in the back of my neck. He knew something. That hint of guilt in his voice. “Tell me, Rhys. You know as well as I that we can feel each other somehow. I’ve felt it all fucking semester and it’s been driving me crazy.” His jaw locked and I saw a stubborn look start to form on his face. I was now a few inches from him and suddenly realized something else. Something that would nail the whole thing home. Something he couldn’t explain as due tohard work. My heart was racing. “You’re fucking taller than me!” The stubborn look dropped from his face like a brick and he looked in the mirror. Sure enough, my twin brother was a little over an inch taller than me. He’d always been taller by a hair for some reason but there was no natural explanation for an inch of growth in three months…especially if I didn’t mirror it. Identical genes had their advantages. Rhys’s eyes were locked on the mirror. I had always been the dominant brother and I had to strike before he realized the natural order had changed. He didn’t know the power he held over me yet. “Rhys, I’m your brother. There’s no one who knows you better than I do. What is going on?” Rhys bit his lower lip. He was breaking. “Tell me!” “There’s something going on in our dorm,” he said breathlessly. “What’s going on in your dorm, Rhys?” “I don’t know,” he said, eyes wide. Words now flew from his mouth like bats at sunset. “It’s like we’re all superhuman or something. Well not everyone, only the people that work out. Kevin and I are the most dramatic examples but we work out all the time and eat like gorillas. But there are other growers too. Cody is a nerd and a half; looks like Andy Dick’s eighteen year old clone. He started the semester bony but jogs all the time. His legs look unreal these days. They’re so shredded every inch of him from ass to ankle is striated as fuck. But his upper body is still a bony skeleton. Dirk, all he does are situps and pushups… the guy has a solid six pack, horseshow triceps, and pecs that belong on a bodybuilder. That’s it, back and legs look like normal. Both those guys have started working out more though. Both are starting to look really good. There’s a dozen others starting to do the same thing. Slowly but surely us nerds are getting bigger. Dude, the girl’s floor is even jacked. For the first time ever, the hottest chicks on campus are in the honors dorms. McKenzie is trying to stop working out because she was suddenly stronger than her boyfriend…and more ripped. I—“ He stopped, breathless after such an avalanche of admission. “Dude, nobody talks about it. It’s the elephant everyone’s ignoring. But people who live there know. No one says anything but one by one people are figuring out that if they workout they’ll get results a thousand times faster than normal. And once they work out; they’re hooked. People who never worked out before are suddenly becoming gym rats. It’s strange. It’s like…” “It’s like what?” I asked, not wanting him to stop. “It’s like we’re addicted to working out,” he said. I looked at him, confused. “No seriously. We’re addicted. It feels so fucking good. Every workout feels like an orgasm. I mean,” his face got red but he was in full disclosure mode. His voice dropped to a whisper even though no one else was there to hear. “I mean, I get a fucking hard on every time I even think about lifting weights. It’s like sex. Dude, it’s better than sex. I can’t explain it.” I let his words wash over me. I involuntarily looked at his crotch. Even though obscured by his gym shorts, there was no hiding the pole that stretched towards his knee. Fuck, I thought. That grew too? My brother noticed my eyes. “I know right?” he said breathlessly. “This thing is easily an inch longer than it used to be.” He changed the subject quickly. “I am no sooner five minutes out of the gym before I can’t wait to go back. And I can’t over train! It took weeks before Kevin and I realized we could work out every day.” I took a deep breath. “So, what you’re telling me is that you’re living in some sort of muscle dorm? What’s causing it?” Rhys’s face took on that hard look again. Shit, I thought. There goes anything else he was going to tell me. “I don’t know and I don’t care,” my brother said. He swelled up like a peacock and stepped up to me. I suddenly felt very small. He was only a little wider than me but was covered in muscle the way I was covered in skin. As I said earlier, he wasn’t huge, just jacked. He could put on twenty pounds of fat and still be ripped. I knew by looking at him that every additional pound he gained would make a huge difference in size. He wouldn’t be able to hide behind sweatshirts for long. He managed to look down at me. “That’s why we keep everything quiet, bro. No one needs to be taking this away from us.” His eyes lit on fire. “Not even you.” I cowered, suddenly unable to speak. The tables had inevitably turned. I was now the little brother. Scared or not, though, I was overflowing with excitement. I put my hands up defensively and pushed lightly against his chest to put some distance between us. Fuck, his body was as hard as a granite countertop. “Take it easy, Rhys,” I said calmly. “I’m not telling anyone. I don’t want anyone to find out either.” My brother visibly relaxed but his eyes narrowed. “What are you up to?” I tried to smile. “You planning on going back to school on Friday for the football game on Saturday?” Rhys nodded. “Mom’s not too happy about it but it’s one of the biggest games of the year.” He stopped. “Besides, I want to work out there. I just got home from the gym here in town not thirty minutes ago. It was a good workout but…nothing like on campus. Why?” For being the smart one, it surprised me Rhys needed me to spell this out. “Because I’m coming with you. We’re going to find what’s creating this…muscle dorm. And we’re going to take it to the next level.” CHAPTER 5 The drive back to Rhys’s campus felt far longer than the three hundred miles marked by the odometer. However, unlike the anxiety-ridden trip home two days earlier, this trip was cloaked in exuberant anticipation. Thanksgiving had its interesting moments but was as normal as could be expected. Sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt did a remarkably good job masking Rhys’s newfound definition but one hug from mom spoiled the ruse. Her eyes grew large as they embraced. “My, my,” she said with a smile. “Spending time in the gym after all aren’t we? It’s like your smuggling boulders in there.” There was no such complement when she hugged me; not that I expected it. Other than a few comments here and there, no one made too much of a fuss. I was quite certain the main reason was to spare my feelings. Their eyes said they were curious, especially my dad’s. We made sure to avoid standing next to each other; the inch of extra height on my brother would open up a can of worms neither of us wanted to explore. On Friday, much to my family’s dismay, the two of us got in our respective cars and made our way to his campus. My parents were under the impression I was making the early trip to check out a football game. The real reason, of course, was to discover the cause for my brother’s sudden superpower. Rhys was surprisingly supportive. “Kevin compared me to a glass,” Rhys whispered Thursday night. We sat on the floor with our backs against my bed, both stuffed with food. We were both wearing only boxers which made our sudden differences all the more dramatic. “He said the thirty pounds I’ve gained so far have merely filled up the cup. My frame has absorbed it without really expanding too much.” Rhys paused, his hands fumbling around with the other. The activity made his chest muscles bounce and the striations of his shoulders dance. “He told me that cup’s full now, bro. I won’t be able to hide behind oversized t-shirts much longer. Every pound I gain from here on out is going to be completely evident.” He sighed but his eyes glistened. “And I can’t wait. We have GOT to get you on this train.” I told him I couldn’t agree more. Just sitting next to him made my gut ache to be like that. I looked like a deflated version of him at this point. Hell, even his jaw line was harder and face more angular. “I hope we find something,” I whispered. “Me too,” Rhys said ominously. “Because regardless, I’m going to keep at this with everything I’ve got.” My brother’s blinker shook me from my daydream. We were there. Fifteen minutes later, we were parked and making our way to Powers Hall or, as my brother and I had started calling it, the Muscle Dorm. It was a non-descript two story building nestled among three larger four story dormitories. The four buildings made a square and contained a pool and green in the middle. “The building belonged to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences until last year, when a fire swept through it. The administration constructed a new building on the other side of campus and intended to demolish this one. Apparently a booster (Mr. Powers I guess) was upset and spent a fortune refurbishing the damn thing. Since it was so close to the rest of the freshmen dorms, I guess it made sense to put the honors nerds in here.” Rhys chuckled as they walked up to the obvious 1960’s era building. “Pretty shitty building to spend millions of dollars on if you ask me.” I remained silent as he swept a card against the reader on the wall and opened the door. The building, like the campus, was swarming with people. It wasn’t like standing in the pump room of a bodybuilding competition, but there weren’t too many out of shape people perusing the halls. The first floor was the girl’s floor and we made our way down the hall to the stairwell on the other side. “I want to introduce you to some people.” The weather was cooling a bit and the coeds were dressed a little more conservatively than when I was last here in August. That said, midriffs often revealed hard ab lines and shorts showed off legs of a volleyball player more often than not. They weren’t shy about staring at me or my brother and many did so openly. More than a few were actually buff enough to look ready to kick my ass. My brother stopped in front of one such girl. “Hey McKenzie,” he said to a tall girl with her blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. “Hey stud,” she said with a dimpled smile. She was perhaps 5’10 and was built like a female gymnast. Considering most gymnasts barely broke five feet, she was packing quite a lot of mass. Her eyes turned to me. “This must be your brother.” Her eyes glistened. “I thought you said we wouldn’t be able to tell you apart,” she said. Rhys laughed nervously and I forced a smile as well. “Chad still telling you to stop working out so much?” my brother asked in an effort to change the subject. McKenzie snorted. “I broke up with that wuss last Tuesday,” she said, betraying no remorse. She eyed my brother playfully and ran a finger down his chest. “Apparently I need to find someone who can handle me.” My brother looked used to these kinds of flirtations and smiled right back. “Well, maybe Ryan can take a shot first. If he’s impressed then I might consider it.” McKenzie feigned insult and punched my brother in the arm. For good measure, she turned to me and did the same. THE SHIT HURT. It took all my concentration to act as if the attack didn’t faze me. She looked partially convinced. “Hey, is Nadia here?” Rhys asked. “Yeah, but she’s at the gym,” the girl with the wicked left hook answered. “Now there’s a girl who needs to stop working out.” McKenzie gave one more smile to my brother and me before excusing herself. “See you at the party after the game tomorrow,” she said as she entered the girl’s bathroom. It was apparently not a question. “Dude,” my brother said. “If you want a wild ride tonight, she’s your ticket. She’s had a crush on me all year but I’ve got my sights set on her roommate. I figure my twin is a shoe in.” I betrayed myself and began rubbing my bruised arm. Wild ride indeed. “I think her penis is bigger than mine,” I mumbled. My brother scoffed. “Hmm, well you should see her roommate. She makes Lulu Jones look like Ben Stein.” He guided me into the stairwell to the second floor. “The girls have been showing a little gusto lately, I’ll give you that.” “Gusto,” I responded dryly. “I couldn’t tell if they wanted to eat me or sleep with me.” Rhys barked a laugh. “Probably both! Interesting how the tables have turned, huh? Girls deal with that kind of shit all the time…not sure why they complain about it, though.” His smile widened. “How’s your arm?” “Feels like it was on the business end of batting practice.” We topped the stairs and Rhys opened the door. Behind it was a hallway just as crowded as the one below. Tomorrow’s football game was a big deal and a good portion of the student body was in town to see it. It looked like the Muscle Dorm had one hundred percent accountability. Just like the floor below, the occupants represented a wide range of body types but taking them as a group made me feel small even though I was taller than most. Shirts were apparently discouraged as well over half of the hall walked around in skins. It was an interesting study on psychology: the nerdier the face, the less likely a shirt was worn beneath it. It’s not like everyone was a bodybuilder, although there were some who looked well on their way, but the group made six-packs seem a standard anatomic attribute. “What’s up, Rhys,” a voice said from the crowd. To our right stood a resident with sandy brown hair that had cowlicks in all the wrong places. His narrow face had deep-set brown eyes hanging below gnarled eyebrows. An oversized nose more than compensated for a chin that looked like it was in the process of being swallowed. Shirtless, his upper torso was lean and hard. Although his definition was primarily due to his lack of body fat, his body was muscular enough to be at complete odds with his face. “Cody!” my brother said with a genuine smile. “Hey, show my brother your legs.” Without a shred of bashfulness, Cody obliged by raising up the hem of his gym shorts. Beneath them was a pair of legs that a bodybuilder would be proud to hit the stage with. His quads were covered in bumps and bulges that made each as big around as his waist. My jaw dropped. “Not bad huh?” the geek said with a grin. He dropped the hem of his shorts and put his hands on his abs. “I figure it’s time to let my upper body catch up. I going to start going to the gym next week.” Next week? My thoughts screamed. This fucker’s never been to a gym and he has legs like that? My jaw didn’t shut until we were making our way further down the hall. “Fuck, Rhys. His legs were bigger than yours…and he’s half a hand shorter than you.” “I know right?” my brother said as they got to the door to his room. “The guy runs like a man possessed.” We both knew that running didn’t make legs like that but any reality check I was about to offer was stuffed when Rhys opened his door and we both saw Kevin unpacking an overnight bag. Shirtless of course, Kevin was built like a god. The body he wore now put the Kevin I met three months ago in perspective. Although impressive, he’d merely been one of those naturally short and muscular guys that parade around every high school in America. Now he was a genetic anomaly. His abs were a shredded wall of bricks half shadowed by his bulging pectorals. Shoulders bulged like striated cantaloupes over arms that were rippled and veined even when relaxed. The mere act of bending his arm made his bicep peak. His traps almost pushed his head forward and his back looked like a mountain range. “Wassup, Rhys!” he said with genuine happiness. They hugged. “Ryan!” he said when the hug was over and walked over to me to give me one too. It was like being on the receiving end of an avalanche. “Long time no see buddy!” “Yeah, Kevin. Dude you look great,” I couldn’t help but say. Kevin’s smile grew wider. “I know. I feel incredible.” He slapped my shoulder. It didn’t hurt but it was probably because it was still numb. “We need to get you on the training train, buddy.” I mumbled that I’d like that and we continued small talk for a while. My mind was focused on one thing right then, however. Kevin was no more than 5’8 last time we met. Now he stood an easy 5’10. And he looked bigger by proportion. He must have gained forty pounds in twelve weeks. We went out for dinner but came back early to get to sleep. It was completely opposite what most of the campus was up to. Maybe it was because after all was said and done, this was the honors dorm…or maybe it was because they all wanted to wake up early and go to the gym the next day. Whatever the reason, most of the dorm was asleep by midnight. The gym’s parking lot was almost empty early the next morning. Most of the student body on campus was still sleeping or hung-over from the night before. Kevin, wearing a “shirt” with arm holes that went all the way down to the waist, took a prime parking spot. I was sitting in the back seat and found myself mesmerized the whole drive by the way his lats, obliques, and abs danced with each other as he moved. It was a shame to get out of the car. The only word to describe Rhys and Kevin’s attitude was giddy. They looked like kids waiting for the ice cream truck to turn onto their street. I felt no such magic and wondered if whatever was affecting them took time to sink in. Rhys wore a sleeveless shirt as well, but with a little more modesty. He was only showing off his bulging shoulders and ripped arms. I looked less his twin and more his little brother. The bored attendant waved at Kevin and Rhys as we walked in, apparently familiar with them and disinterested in me. The gym itself was apparently a 150,000 square foot building with twenty thousand of them making up the weight room alone. The space more than absorbed the ten or so others working out at six am and made us feel like we owned the place. Most of the others were familiar faces from the second floor of the dorm. We each went to a rack for warm up squats. I put the 45 pound bar on my back and started performing rapid squats just to get the blood pumping. The first squat sent a feathered tingle through my thighs that drifted up my spine like massaging fingers. The second rep sent a shot that was more intense. The third even more. After a few more reps, that tingle had turned into a jolt that rushed right into my soul. My heart beat quickened and my stomach started to pulse with excitement. My thighs and butt felt hotter with each contraction. The squeeze was incredible. It was like I was squeezing out pure power that flooded the rest of my body. After about fifty warm-up reps, I forced myself to stop. Whatever workout Kevin and Rhys had in mind would have to wait. I wanted to feel more weight now. I put a forty five pound plate on each side and immediately started squatting again. The increased resistance only magnified that intense feeling. What initially felt like the tingle that swept across your skin when someone massaged your neck now felt like a body-wide orgasm. My dick was swelled to full throttle and my legs pumped as if being inflated. I let out a scream as I forced one final rep and I nearly ejaculated as I put the bar back on the rack. “Holy fucking shit,” I whispered through gasping pants. I heard giggling behind me and turned. Kevin and Rhys were standing with their arms crossed and smirks on their face. “I told ya, bro,” Rhys said through a shit-eating smile. “It’s like a drug.” “I’ll say,” I said as I put an extra fifty pounds on the bar. Kevin advised me to wait at least ninety seconds between sets. “It’s hard as shit to wait,” he said knowingly. “Your brain is telling you attack right away. But trust me; your body can still only do so much. You know how they say it’s all about mind over matter? Well, sometimes matter needs a say in the argument too.” They left me alone after that, saying I could join in on their workout whenever I wanted. We all knew I was on independent ops for now, though. I had to explore this feeling. I started squatting my usual 185 lbs and the energy surge in my body swelled to new heights. I felt like I would explode if I didn’t jump up and down; it was a challenge to contain my efforts into a legitimate rep. My dick continued to throb as if an invisible succubus was having her way with it. I didn’t count how many reps I did but was a hair away from collapse before I had to re-rack. I choked down air and made an impulsive sprint to the hallway and its accompanying bathroom. My legs felt twice their normal size as I made my way into the restroom and to the first available stall. I dropped my pants and grabbed by dick. I was so close to eruption that it took less than five seconds to hit full orgasm and release what felt like a gallon into the awaiting toilet. I gave myself a breather, a little embarrassed at the feeling that I’d just had the best sex in my life. Then I cleaned up a bit and hit the weight room again. Any thought that relieving that sexual energy would make things go more smoothly was soon squashed as, three sets later, I again needed to make another trip to the restroom. I can’t say I was complaining. I could have spent the rest of my life in that gym and it would have died a happy man. My legs felt incredible. They were hard as rocks and swollen to the point of breaking through my skin. I could actually feel my ass cheeks bounce with each step. It was exhilarating. I moved on to chest once my legs felt ready to tear apart. It was actually an effort to walk. I put a forty-five on each side of the bar and began a warm up set. Although a little muted when compared to the rush with my legs, I again felt that rush of sexual energy pulse through my body like liquid fire. My pecs roared with each press of the bar. I put another fifty pounds on and started another set. After another trip to the bathroom, I hit a new personal best by benching 245 eight times. After a few more sets I moved on to bicep curls. I wanted to make sure every muscle felt this energy. Untold minutes later, I was working out my back and was on pull-up number twenty five. I jerked myself up for number twenty six. My lats and biceps were on fire and my dick felt like it was going to rip through my shorts. My heart raced as if I were sprinting for my life. The air itself seemed to crackle with energy. One more rep, I thought for the tenth time. I pulled myself up and the roar of euphoria made my brain boil. Then it happened. I fucking came in my pants. “Oh fuck,” I said as I dropped from the bar. Without thinking I raced to the bathroom and began a vain effort to clean up the inside of my boxers. Luckily, nothing bled through to the shorts so after disposing my soiled underwear in a trashcan, I left the bathroom swinging free as a bird. I stopped short when I realized Kevin and Rhys stood right outside the bathroom, knowing smiles plastered on their face. I didn’t know what to say but my face must have filled them in on everything. Rhys laughed. “That’s what you get for doing a full body workout,” he said as if I was supposed to know better. “We try to limit ourselves to one body part a day. It’s easier to…manage yourself that way.” I sighed but inside my body still felt like the center of the sun. Maybe if I ran around the building a few times. I said as much but my brother put a calming hand on my shoulder. “What you need to do now is eat. Your body is probably torn to shreds right now.” “I feel fine,” I said as we made our way out of the gym. “Besides, we were only in there for a half hour or something.” Rhys and Kevin looked at each other and grinned. “Dude,” Kevin said. “It’s been two hours.” I didn’t believe them until I looked at a passing clock and was shocked to see it to be true. Suddenly my stomach grumbled angrily and in a flash hunger consumed every recess of my senses. That raw energy was still there, though, pulsing like a second heart in the back of my brain. I ate three full sized breakfasts at one of the campus cafeterias. Thank god it was buffet style. “We must be eating over five thousand calories a day,” Rhys said between mouthfuls. “If it weren’t for these cafeterias we’d be broke by now. “Cheers to academic scholarships!” He and Kevin clinked the back of their forks as if toasting. My body still held the incredible pump from earlier. I prayed it would never go away. My body felt hard as a rock and able to tear down a mountain. Rhys and Kevin had apparently focused on arms today and it showed. Both looked like their arms were a solid two inches bigger. My brother’s usual ripped seventeen inchers were a ballooned nineteen. Although not as defined at the moment, there was a cable-like purple vein that ran like a drunken highway from top of shoulder and into the inside of his elbow. Kevin’s arms looked over twenty inches of boulder shaped muscle. Somehow they still held their original definition even with their gorged size. His shoulders were the size of cantaloupes. He looked wider than this morning; the sides of his chest were bulging from the hem of his joke of a shirt and his lats flared as if he wore a shield on his back. “How is this happening?” I asked. They reacted as if I had thrown my drink in their face. “Who cares, man?” Kevin said, face serious. “Why question it?” I tried to scream that I couldn’t bring this magic home with me unless I could answer that question…but I remained silent. Their look reminded me of a mother wolf guarding her cubs. All kinship be damned, they would protect their baby. Maybe it was a drug. The sun slowly climbed to its peak and the campus started to awaken and prepare itself for the Saturday religious rite known across the southern United States as college football. Cars made themselves at home on any surface flat enough to park. Open container laws were ignored and soon a buzzed haze settled over everyone eighteen to eighty. I joined in on the festivities haphazardly and breathed a sigh of relief when, at about four that afternoon, everyone filed down the street towards the game. Within minutes, the once packed campus felt like a ghost town save for the distant screams of a hundred thousand people roaring unison from the stadium. Now was my chance. I’d been thinking about it all day, wondering where the source of all this...magic was. I had the whole story in my head. After a few pointed questions given to the locals, I’d discovered the building now functioning as the honors dorm was actually part of the science department before a fire swept through its guts. Someone must have been concocting a crazy experiment between those walls. That experiment probably even started the fire. Or maybe the experiment had been going on for years and the waste was disposed unethically within the building. That waste had accumulated somewhere in the building and the fire had released it from whatever container it was in. It had affected me in less than a day of occupancy. As far as I could tell, there were only two ways the building could have delivered such a dose: via the ventilation or the water supply. Unfortunately, my overactive imagination was apparently much more skilled than my ability to plan. I had no idea where to start. I looked around the building at all the pipes going into it, wondering what would signify that something usual was coursing through its veins. I climbed the stairs all the way to the roof and looked at the A/C units there. They looked like nothing more than fans to me; there definitely wasn’t any glowing goo. I shocked myself by kicking in an old door at the base of the stairs that appeared to be the access a basement. That really got my heart pumping. I imagined myself being the first person down there since the mysterious fire and finding black ooze seeping from the ground. One sniff of this ooze would shoot give me in one moment the size and strength it took my brother to acquire in three months. I’d take a fucking bath in the shit and emerge from the basement big enough to bend Kevin in half. I’d already convinced myself that was exactly what would happen when I broke my way through the door. That increasingly familiar energetic exhilaration accompanying the physical exertion of breaking the door was crushed by the realization it only led to a closet full of cleaning supplies. “Fuck,” I said aloud. “Fuck is right,” said a voice behind me. I turned to see a distinguished looking man dressed in a janitor’s onesie. “Fuck,” I said again. The man groaned and made his way down the stairs. He was an intimidating figure up close. Looking about forty, he was probably 6’3 and 240 pounds of beef. His sharp eyes looked ready to bore through me. “I didn’t mean to,” I said nervously. “Drunken assholes and their drunken shenanigans,” he said as he inspected the broken hinge where the padlock once hung. I hadn’t had a drop all day but wasn’t about to tell him that. Before he had a chance to scold me or worse, I made a quick apology and raced away. The janitor didn’t follow. Fuck, this building was even turning the janitors into beasts. I spent the next three hours simultaneously trying to find this mysterious source of muscle juice and avoiding the linebacker-sized janitor. The latter effort was successful…the former was a complete failure. When Rhys and Kevin came back from the game, they found me lying on Rhys bed staring blindly at the ceiling. “Dude, you missed a hell of a game,” Rhys said as he stripped his shirt off. I turned and stared at his shredded abs and bouncing pecs as he took off his pants and grabbed a towel. I groaned. My brother’s flaccid dick was bigger than mine when erect. A quick glance at Kevin proved a similar verdict. My god, the guy was huge in every way imaginable. “What’s wrong, bro?” Rhys asked as he grabbed his toiletries. “Nothing,” I said stoically as my eyes returned to the ceiling. My brother’s willful ignorance of the reason I was here was starting to piss me off. There was nothing I could do about it though “I wanna get drunk tonight.” Rhys smiled. “Done.” An hour later and I was a six pack down and flying high. We were at a packed club across from campus. Kevin was off somewhere while my brother and I entertained McKenzie and her Amazonian roommate, Nadia. My brother was on her like a hound on a fox. Nadia was about six feet tall and was to me, a man with a hot face and breasts. She was completely jacked and had no qualms showing it. McKenzie had apparently “settled” for me and was making it no secret she was ready for me to take her home. One hour and another few beers later, my brother and I were with our two coeds in their room. It was dark but the sounds of sex flooded the room as my brother and tried to outdo the other. Apparently the miracle drug smuggled through the ether of this dorm thought sex was a good exercise too. I felt my body swell, every muscle pumped like never before. Four hours and six condoms later, we finally said our goodbyes to the ladies on the first floor. Brotherly competition gave way to raw sex. McKenzie was stronger than me, there was no doubt I would be hurting tomorrow. I passed out happy, but woke up knowing I’d be leaving without the answer I was searching for. We worked out again; this time I was more successful containing myself. By noon, I was back in my car being sent off by my jacked brother and his even more jacked roommate. I watched them fade away in my rearview mirror and couldn’t help but wonder how massive Rhys would be when I saw him again. CHAPTER 6 Life continued after my unsuccessful attempt to piece together the mystery at Powers Hall. The drive home that day saw my insane pump finally die off and be replaced with the worst body pain I’d ever experienced. It was pretty disheartening to feel my tight clothes loosen up. When I got home, however, I was excited to see I’d gained two pounds over the break. While that wasn’t too unusual considerring Thanksgiving has a habit of adding a few pounds to the average American waistline, the fact that I looked more defined than ever let me know just how effective those workouts had been. Even Monday’s workout was exceptional, if not nearly as sexually euphoric as the ones on my brother’s campus. Terry was impressed as well and seemed to give my muscle dorm theory a little more credit. “So you find something out?” he asked intently after we finished Mondays workout. I shook my head and told him he was right; I was just being paranoid. I didn’t tell him my brother was twenty five pounds and one inch bigger than me now. I figured it was best to keep the truth to myself for the time being. Although Terry had shown nothing but incredulity since I first brought the matter up, he was visibly disappointed that I had nothing to report. His words tried to keep up the solid front, though. “What did I tell ya, man?” he asked, patting me on the back. “There’s no secret to success other than lifting, sleeping, and eating. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s working. You’re looking pretty good.” I grinned a bit. I was now 178 lbs, still lean for 6’2 but better than August. “Now if I could only get you to eat more, you’d be packing the weight on even faster,” Terry said. I shrugged. “I feel like I’m eating all the time as it is. Besides, I don’t want to get…well…” Terry grinned. “What? Fat like me?” I sighed and nodded. Terry was a cut muscle monster when I first started working out with him. Bulking for the time being, he was easily gaining as much weight per week as my brother. The difference was that half of Terry’s weight gain was in fat and my brother’s was all muscle. Terry shrugged back, unhurt. “Hey man, welcome to the lifestyle of a bodybuilder. By the time I cut down next spring, I’ll have another fifteen pounds of muscle on my frame.” Although too vain to truly bulk, Terry said that I’d make steady gains anyway just because I was a beginner. Regardless, I started the last three weeks of the semester eager to see what long term affects those two nights in the muscle dorm had given me. Unfortunately, by Wednesday, any residual euphoric effects were gone. My ability to train every day disappeared too; by Thursday I had to cut back to every other day to avoid overtraining. I didn’t receive any butt dials during those final weeks of the fall semester but I DID find out why Rhys’s Facebook page was never updated. “Dude, no one uses Facebook anymore,” he said after I casually asked about it. “It’s all about Instagram and Twitter now.” I rolled my eyes. Five minutes on Instagram and I saw my brother’s transformation in full chronological resolution. He had dozens of pictures spanning all the way back to the beginning of the semester. The first few showed off the brother I knew from the summer: Skinny arms, narrow shoulders, model face. However, from drunken shots at a bar to days at the pool to pickup games of football I watched as, picture-by-picture, my brother’s shoulders grew wider, arms grew harder, and body grew larger. At week two, a vein was visibly crawling down his arm. Week four, his shirts were all too tight. Week five, I could see his traps pulling at his collar. Week seven, he was obviously taller. By the last picture, he was the ripped stud I’d met over Thanksgiving. A little math proved my brother was gaining about 2.5 pounds per week. Would he continue to grow at the same rate? Kevin was adding well over 3. My breath shuddered at the thought of him getting any bigger. There wasn’t much more room on his frame. I chuckled. No problem. He apparently can just make his frame bigger. If there was one thing I had on Kevin, it was an extra six..shit…four inches of height. That margin was obviously shrinking. Kevin’s genetics called for a naturally short yet wide, muscular frame. It was rare indeed for those proportions to reach the six foot mark…and yet it was almost as if he were growing wider faster than he was growing taller. Whew…what a lucky ass. I wasn’t daunted; I was still hitting the gym as hard as I could and eating so much I was starting to feel guilty of gluttony. In the three final weeks of the semester, I gained five pounds…although I admit I lost some of that definition I’d gained those magical two days in my brother’s dorm. I had sporadic calls with my brother. They weren’t so cryptic now that his secret was out. I also tried (with only partial success) to be a little more cordial. It’s not like there was anything he could do for me. That said, I couldn’t help but ask about how life was going in the muscle dorm. As long as I didn’t start trying to question the cause, he was more than willing to discuss it. A couple of days before finals week ended, we were talking about winter break plans when I asked him. “Dude, I benched four hundred pounds for reps yesterday,” he said, excitedly. There was no doubt his voice was deeper than mine now. “And Kevin weighs 240 now. Can you believe it? Fifty five pounds in four months!” “What are you weighing these days?” I asked. He paused, feeling where I was taking this conversation. “210,” he said finally. Can you believe it? I thought sarcastically. Forty pounds in four months! “You any taller?” I asked bluntly. Another pause. “I think so,” he said briskly. “But not by much. We can still get away with it.” You can still get away with it, I thought with a gallon of grit. I had nothing to get away with. “For how long, Rhys?” I asked simply. “I don’t care anymore, Rhys,” he returned just as simply. “Whatever happens, happens.” My head physically pulled away from the phone as if bitten by it. Neither of us spoke while the air cleared, but my brother finally broke the silence. “Look Ryan. Believe me, I wish you could experience this too. I just don’t know how that can happen and I can’t act like I feel guilty about this…I wish you could be happy for me.” I thought for a moment and for the first time stepped out of my own jealousy. Truth was…”I am happy for you, bro,” I said finally. “I really am. I just wish I was there with ya.” “I know. Me too,” he said truthfully. Then he lowered his voice as if telling a secret. “I’ve been searching, you know. For something that’s causing this.” My interest peaked. “Really? And?” His voice became dejected. “I haven’t found shit,” he said bluntly. “It’s getting kind of strange, bro. People around campus are starting to talk. At first it was just a few of us working out, but now pretty much everyone who lives in this dorm is in the gym every day. All the geeks are starting to look like little Schwarzeneggers. Someone apparently shacked up here for a night or two and realized their workouts were insane the next day. People are still putting two and two together but rumors are starting to fly around. Dudes are trying to hook up with girls downstairs just so they can see what the buzz is all about. Thank god the chicks down there are wise to it. Most are only dating guys on this floor anyway. We’re the only ones that can keep up with their sex drive. You know as well as I that there can be some…side effects. Ryan, this girl at a club last night came up to Kevin and me and asked me straight up what was going on at Powers Hall. We lied and said we didn’t even live there. She said the only people who looked like us came from there. We can only deflect so many times. Eventually it’s going to come to a head and the wrong people are going to start asking questions.” “Well at least you know you didn’t actually do anything. What’s the worst that can happen?” I was answered by silence, as if Rhys had a dozen scenarios in his head that could detail exactly how bad it could be. “Well,” I continued sarcastically. “You could always stop working out.” Rhys laughed at the comment we both knew was hilarious. “Fat chance,” he said, voice filled with a little more mirth. “Hey, I’ll see ya in a couple days. I’ll keep looking,” he said. “I promise.” “Thanks bro,” I said in reply. Two days later, I saw exactly what those extra ten pounds looked like. Apparently it was enough weight to take my brother from fit to jacked in three weeks. The good thing was that 6’3 210 was still somewhat normal sized. It wasn’t until he took his shirt off that you saw the freak he’d become. Kevin’s earlier warning was right though; Rhys was definitely starting to fill out. Fortunately, the winter coolness allowed for some pretty thick garments to hide under…but the new Rhys wasn’t all that keen to hide behind anything. As we hung out with friends from high school, the conversation always meandered to Rhys newfound body. He was constantly taking off his jacket and flashing a few gun shots. His softball sized biceps made mine look like wet noodles. The two of us had always been popular solely because of our face, now my brother brought an even more impressive body to the table and it shot him to celebrity status. The twelve pound I’d gained weren’t even noticed. Rhys additional poundage didn’t raise my parents’ eyebrows much, but my brother and I still made sure to avoid standing too close to each other. It may have been a needless paranoia but Rhys wasn’t ready for parental concern. I’ll admit part of me wanted to make our new differences as obvious as possible, just to vindictively put my brother in a corner. Truth was, my brother never lorded anything over me and if anyone was souring our relationship, it was me. If I took this experience away from him, he’d never forgive me. I did ask him how long he expected to keep up this charade. “I’m heading to the Bahamas for Spring Break and the Powers Hall is only available to freshmen. When mom and dad see me this summer, what can they do at that point?” Rhys voice dripped with inevitability. He knew he wouldn’t be able to explain the beast he would become by May to our parents. But what was done would be done by then, right? I could only shrug. If I had just one more weekend to investigate that dorm...Maybe there was something in the paint? The thought of licking the walls made me laugh a little. I knew it wasn’t beneath me though. Winter break came and went, and not a moment too soon for my brother. We went to the gym together while he was in town and although he completely dominated any of my lifts, he acted as if he were sleepwalking through them. “It’s not like I’m lifting any less than I was on campus. It just doesn’t feel as good. My body feels…normal. I barely feel pumped.” “Welcome to the real world, bro,” I said without sympathy. I managed to score a small victory during the break when I gained three pounds to his zero. His 210 versus my 185 notwithstanding, I was the winner on a neutral playing field. Too bad the playing field was in no way neutral in the long run. Come January, my brother and I parted ways for the third time: he to a real world of make-believe and me to the real world of…reality. It took months but I was finally getting used to being the twin needing to catch up. Bodybuilding is a hard lifestyle but I did the best I could to live it. My brother’s Instagram account proved to be a very real motivational tool. As January pushed into February and on into March, I watched my brother swell from a jacked and lean to a true bodybuilder and giant among men. It sounds vain to say, technically being his identical twin, but Rhys was probably the best looking specimen of humanity I’d ever seen. Even when he took pictures with his muscle buddies he was starting to stand out. Kevin was growing too. His boyish face never faded as his body became one of a professional bodybuilder. In the ten weeks between winter break and spring break, I gained another ten pounds and was now at 190. I was finally able to call myself somewhat muscular. My six pack had practically disappeared but you couldn’t tell what my abs looked like with a shirt on. “Four fifty, bro,” Rhys said about his bench press in late February. “For eight reps! That’s the fucking shit. Dude, I crushed a pencil between my pecs just by flexing ‘em. I want to find a shelled pecan and see if I can crush it. Could you see me doing that for a girl on the beach? ‘Here, let me help you with that.’ Crrrunch! Ah, that would be fucking epic.” Good luck finding a girl eating shelled pecans on the beach, I wanted to say. “Yean, epic,” I said instead. “I’ll say,” he said. “Anyway, spring break is in two weeks so I want to get as huge as I can before we head out to Nassau. Are you sure you don’t want to come? We’d love to have you there.” “I’ll think about it,” I said honestly. I did want to hang out with my brother but wasn’t all that excited to share a beach with him for a whole week…especially if I had to sit through him trying to break things between his tits. “Yeah, well I’m 230 now. I’m hoping to get up to 235 by spring break. Being this tall sure has a way of swallowing up muscle. Besides, standing next to Kevin makes me look like a fucking wimp. He’s planning to enter an NPC competition this summer.” “Is that a fact,” I said. I don’t know why I was surprised but my jaw dropped at hearing 230. My brother was starting to get the hint. “K, well, I’ll talk to ya later buddy. Let me know what you decide about spring break.” “No problem,” I said. A few minutes later, I found myself looking at a recently added forth team picture of the “Fitz Mafia.” This one was similar to the first two: two rows of people with the wheelchair bound Fitz in the center. Kevin held his usual spot just behind the elderly man, shirtless as always. His form was incredible. I scrolled between it and the earlier pictures, amazed at Kevin’s unnatural transformation. He had to be over six feet and 270 pounds of shredded, vascular muscle. Whatever competition he planned to enter that summer he’d win hands down. Shit, by summer he could win the Olympia. My brother wasn’t far behind. He was turning into a giant himself. He stood in the back row, as usual, but was now tall enough…and wide enough…to stand head and shoulders above the heads in front. He’d been spending time at the pool: his skin was a golden bronze. His neck was every bit as wide as his head and spread out into two bulging lats which landed into the striated explosion that were his shoulders. The two people in front of him obscured the rest of his torso, but there was no doubt they were hiding a behemoth behind them. A few of the others in the group were showing off impressive gains as well. The rest looked pretty close to their size in the other three pictures. Maybe Dr. Benjamin Fitz really didn’t have anything to do with this…else wouldn’t everyone in the picture be the size of my brother and his dorm friends? Still, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling I was missing something. On a whim I pulled up the partial abstract for the paper Fitz had co-authored about the muscle degeneration therapy. I hadn’t thought about it since I first discovered it last fall. Reading it again reminded me why I was so sure the old man knew something. “A Study of the Effects of Gene ACTN3 Infusion on Laboratory Mice.” A study by Dr. Benjamin Fitz and a Richard Powers, PhD 5 September 2005 This study is a follow-up to the “mighty mice” experiment conducted at John Hopkins University in 1997. In order to be a suitable treatment for degenerative diseases such as muscular dystrophy, human myostatin suppression therapy must be accompanied by an associated cell wall booster which protects skeletal muscle membrane during extreme hypertrophy. The negative effects associated with such a breakdown can be shown in the now famous Hayden Smith case. What follows is a comprehensive examination of the gene ACTN3 and its associated affects on laboratory specimens. Where most myostatin suppressed mice experience severe structural degeneration accompanied by the increase in muscle volume, the ACTN3 mice showed none of these adverse affects. In fact, cardiovascular health and pulmonary activity was seen to improve… I must have read that shitty partial paragraph a dozen times before leaning back in my chair, frustrated and tired. It was too much to be a coincidence. Dr Fitz and his asshole co-author Dr Powers must up to something. A thunderclap went off in my head. Dr Powers…Powers Hall…another coincidence? My gut started to tingle. Maybe Dr. Fitz was a goofy old man but was this Dr Richard Powers? By now I was an expert internet stalker. A Google search revealed too many “Richard Powers” to count. Even adding the honorific “PhD” or “Doctor” didn’t narrow the group down to a manageable level. I had to get more creative. Keywords like my brother’s university, the state, even the title of the paper did nothing. Finally, I looked at the university website on the off chance there was an article about the dedication of the new dorm. I finally struck gold. Turns out there was a whole profile dedicated to each building on campus. There in clear letters was the profile for the Richard G. Powers Honors Dormitory. The first name was a match. There had to be a connection. Two clicks later, I was staring at a short blurb about the dedication from July of last year. The words pretty much confirmed what the students had told me: Dr. Richard Powers, alumnus, booster, and business man, performs the ceremonial ribbon cutting with Dr Channing Ross, Dean of Student Life. The photograph was grainy but there was something familiar about the broad-shouldered graying man with the oversized scissors. I refined my search and finally ended up with a picture of the mysterious scientist from the university’s booster association. He was a youngish middle aged man with hard eyes and a distinguished face. I couldn’t place him but couldn’t stop feeling I’d seen him somewhere before. I spent another hour searching but by all accounts this alumnus, booster, and business man didn’t exist beyond a few pictures. But I knew that damn face. I searched every recess of my conscious mind but, like that word at the tip of your tongue, recognition seemed to squirm further from my grasp with each attempt to grab it. I went to bed that night excited but anxious. I felt so close to a breakthrough but had nothing to prove that I was any closer than I was four months earlier. Sleep took its sweet time gracing me with its presence and, even then, my dreams were just as restless. I saw myself walking down a sandy Bahamian beach during spring break, looking better than I had ever in my life. Everyone stared at me as my lean but taut body glistened in the afternoon sun. Suddenly, everyone’s eyes shifted and I could feel their attention on me melt away. A shadow drifted over my form and I turned to see my brother, nearly seven feet tall and hundreds of pounds heavier, sauntering down the beach. I suddenly wasn’t even there…literally. My brother didn’t even see me because I was too small. I had to scurry out of the way to keep from getting bulldozed over. He walked by without a second thought and carried the public’s eyes in his wake. The dream flashed and I was walking through the second floor hallway of the honor’s dorm. The guys were all shirtless and the girls wore little more than bras and panties. I was the shortest guy there and easily the skinniest. Guys who would have thanked the stars to hang out with the likes of me six months ago now looked at me as if thinking about throwing me out. Bookworms from the neck up were all jocks from the neck down. The women were all at least 5’10” and wore super model faces and fitness model bodies. I didn’t see Kevin or my brother but the other faces were all familiar and sitting atop forms much harder and heavier than back in November. I strolled through this alternate universe, feeling smaller and smaller in a world where everyone was a giant, even the fucking— --My eyes shot open and I sat up in bed as if hit with a bolt of electricity. The sharp edges of those dreams immediately began to smudge, but one image remained razor sharp. It was of Dr. Powers, broad shouldered, distinguished, and looking every bit important alumnus, scientist, and businessman. I knew the face but the man I’d seen it on had been none of those things. Three months earlier, I left my brother’s campus a failure. I’d searched every nook and cranny of that two story dormitory and left no stone unturned. I didn’t let even a locked door stand in my way. Yet my search had been halted in a way I didn’t even recognize at the time. After exhausting every other possibility, at a time I was so sure success was just beyond a locked door, I was foiled by a man with a face that didn’t belong on the uniform of a serviceman. Dr. Powers was the fucking janitor and he was changing my brother. CHAPTER 7 “Really?” my brother asked, his voice wary. “Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” “I’m positive,” I replied. “And there’s no risk for you. All I need is your student ID.” “I know,” Rhys said. “It’s just…I mean, are you sure you don’t want to go to the Bahamas with us? The tickets are super cheap.” “This is what I want to do,” I said with avid conviction. “Well,” he said. “If that’s what you want. I guess I can understand why you’d spend spring break here. No small part of me wants to skip the beach and just hit the gym all week. But, ya know, sometimes you just need a life.” He paused. “Fine. We’re leaving at four on Friday. Can you get here earlier than that?” My stomach leaped into my thought. YES!!! I wanted to scream. “I sure can,” I managed to reply. “Great. See you then.” The phone went dead and I practically leaped for joy. For one whole week I’d have the entire gym, the entire campus, and the entire muscle dorm to myself. I’d find the masquerading scientist and see exactly what he was up to. It would be the best spring break ever…at least, that’s what my internal cheerleader was telling me. That voice had gotten my hopes up before and its inaccuracies had given rise to an internal curmudgeon that now warned against such idealistic expectations. It didn’t matter. At worst, I’d have a week of the best workouts in my life. If I could gain a few pounds and get my six pack back I’d be more than satisfied. I’d gained another five pounds in the weeks since Christmas, putting me at 190. I was proud of gaining twenty pounds in seven months, even if some of it was fat. But my brother had gained over sixty in the same amount of time. I couldn’t wait to get started. I was tempted to get in my car right then and arrive a day early but I decided to wait. I would later regret that decision since I couldn’t concentrate on anything Friday. The second my class ended, I hit the road. By mid-afternoon, I was calling my brother to let me up to his room. I hardly recognized the man that opened the door to the second floor bedroom. Rhys was wearing a white and green sleeveless shirt that vibrantly contrasted his tanned skin. His 6’4+ frame wore its 240 pounds of cut beef like Roman armor. He smiled, having to look down at me but trying not to make it obvious. “Long time, no see, bro,” he said and gave me a hug that felt like a controlled avalanche. Kevin stood just behind him and made Rhys look somewhat skinny by comparison. He and I were eye-to-eye now but he was half again as wide. I’d never seen a body like his, anywhere. He somehow held the size of a Mr. Olympia without looking bloated or swollen. It was hard not to stare. Two women were also in the room. I recognized Nadia from Thanksgiving. About six feet tall, her form was somewhere between fitness model and bodybuilder. The other girl was presumably Kevin’s interest, a surprisingly petite girl considering the mountain of a man she had to deal with. The pleasantries were quick as they had a few hundred miles to drive before nightfall. “Here’s my student ID. That’ll get you into the gym and has a meal plan account at any of the cafeterias,” My brother handed two cards to me. “The other card will to get into the dorm.” I took both greedily. “By the way,” he added. “McKenzie is staying in town to work on a project or something. I’m sure she’d like some company.” I grinned politely. Her roommate, Nadia, had a face that screamed I wasn’t enough of a man for her more-than-hot roommate. “Have a great week, buddy,” Kevin bellowed with a newly wrought baritone yet with that same boyish grin. He gave me a pat on the back as he and my brother left me alone in their magical dorm. My stomach leapt as I pulled my gym gear out of my bag. Best case scenario, I’d find the mystical spring I was looking for. Worst case, I’d be able to have ten or so of the best workouts in my life. Two days over Thanksgiving had resulted in ten pounds. Could ten days give me ten pounds? The thought of hitting 200 made giving up my spring break seem worth it. Before I hit the gym I made my rounds through the dorm, trying to absorb whatever drug was hiding the building. I drank from the water fountains, washed my hands in the sinks, stood under A/C vents, and I even licked a wall…yeah, there’s a definite argument for OCD here but the stakes were high enough to let hygiene suffer a bit. After feeling like I experienced most of the dorms amenities, I ran off to the gym. Fifteen minutes later I was already leaving it. It’s not that the workout was bad, but it held none of the vigor and energy I expected. The letdown was enough to make me quit. I went to the nearly empty cafeteria, smiled at the dimpled girl behind the register, and ate a perfectly mundane meal. Then I took a shower and found myself spending the first night in the dorm watching movies. At around eight o’clock, I was trying to decide whether to go to bed or actually finish my workout. I chose the latter and was back in the weight room before 8:15, giving me forty-five minutes to work out before close. The first dumbbell I picked up proved something was up. That familiar tingle skipped down my spine as I started a set of warm-up curls. The feeling grew with each rep and by the time I was done with the first set my body was on fire. I smiled as I looked at my insanely pumped arms. This was going to be fun. * * * A little over an hour later I was back at the dorm, stomach full and body pumped. The gym closed at 9 pm and they had to almost force me out. I couldn’t stop feeling my arms, pumped bigger than I’d ever seen yet still hard as a rock. I’d spent more than a few minutes wondering why my first gym trip didn’t go so well. I ultimately assumed that whatever I was getting from this place must take a few hours to take effect. I was a little disappointed in myself for not being more scientific with my search. I was also well aware that an organized study might have taken my whole week here and had no guarantee of success. Regardless, I went to bed happy. * * * I awoke the next morning expecting my body to be drenched in pain. I slowly got out of bed, waiting for the debilitation to start clawing me with its steel fingers. But the pain never came. In fact, I felt great. I had a sudden urge to make some laps around the campus before breakfast. I got into my gym shorts and dry-fit t-shirt and made my way out of the dorm room. As I turned to head for the stairs, my stomach fluttered at the site of a cleaning cart sitting in front of one of the floor’s two restrooms. Dr. Powers? I crept up to the cart and stuck my ear in the open doorway. I could hear shuffling out of site in the direction of the showers. Good, he was occupied. I kept an ear out for footsteps as I investigated the contents of the cart. A quick perusal revealed only the standard fares of a janitor’s profession: Windex, bleach, water demineralizers, sponges, gloves, brooms, mops. No vial of muscle juice. I’d never considered how difficult it was not knowing what you were looking for. I— Footsteps. Shit. I took a few galloping steps away from the cart before slowing to a normal walking speed. About ten paces behind me I heard shuffling in the cart behind me. There was an awkward pause in the commotion and I could feel eyes creeping across my back as I walked back to the dorm room. My heart raced as I used all my efforts to maintain a normal pace. Just as I rounded the corner to my brother’s room, I looked over my shoulder and saw the familiar broad shouldered man standing next to his cart, staring at me as I opened the door and entered the room. I shut the door behind me, and finally allowed myself to breath. I tried to tell myself that there was nothing unusual about a teenager walking down a dorm hall on a Friday morning. Sure, most of the students would be gone by now but this was the honors dorm. I probably had some robot to build or something. But…why was he staring at me like that? I sat impatiently in my room for a little over an hour before mustering the courage to peak out the door. The cart was gone! I made my way to the bathroom and walked inside. There was no smell of bleach in the air. The mirrors were speckled with water. The floors still somewhat scuffed. There was no indication anyone had been in here to clean. Dr. Powers was either the worst janitor in history or he had an ulterior motive for being in here. I made my way towards the showers, where I heard him working. As in the rest of the room, the area was in no way clean. The excitement in my gut grew as the puzzle pieces were fitting into place. Of all the things I did before my first workout the day before, taking a shower had not been one of them. But I’d taken one afterwards and the second workout had been amazing. I was increasingly confident I’d found the source. With a clarity I’d not felt in months, I gave the shower head a good smack. It changed angle a bit but there was also a faint rattling sound. There was something in the shower head. I held my breath in anxious anticipation as I reached up and slowly twisted the metal shower head off the water pipe. Once off, I looked into the top and saw a familiar looking brown pellet sitting inside. I laughed to myself. “Water demineralizers, my ass,” I said as I upended the shower head and let the pellet fall into my hand. It was about the size and shape of the hotdog chunks you find in spaghettios. I smiled and reconnected the shower head. Ten minutes later I was sitting in my room with eight pellets, one for each of the shower heads on the men’s floor. They looked and felt like little chunks of granite. I’d tried to flake a chunk off with my nail but had only succeeded in scratching the nail. I put one of the pellets in a liter sized bottle of water and tried to dissolve it by shaking the bottle for a good five minutes. It looked about the same size though. Opening the bottle let out a rush of air, as if I’d just opened up a carbonated beverage. Bubbles rose up from the liquid and coalesced on the plastic walls. The pellet may look the same, but something had carbonated my water. I carefully emptied about half of the bottles contents onto a gym towel and let it soak in. Then I proceeded to rub the towel over every inch of my body. I didn’t feel anything. There wasn’t even a film on my skin to speak of. I started to wonder if I was making a big deal over what really was just a standard cleaning supply. Well, I still wanted to go for a jog before my stomach demanded I eat. Leaving the half full bottle and its little pellet in the room, I made my way into the stair well. By the time I made it to the ground floor I knew something was up. My legs felt like they were on fire and were pumped as if done with a two hour workout. That raw sexual energy was buzzing in my core. This was different than the usual uber-workouts I was growing accustomed; the simple act of walking down stairs shouldn’t have had this much of an effect. With a grin that oozed confidence and power, I threw myself into a jog that felt more like a sprint. Within minutes, my lungs heaved and my heart beat like a bass drum but my legs demanded I not slow down. I felt them heat up and expand in defined bulges that only pushed me harder. I finished three miles in record time before my stomach called a halt to the whole thing. Raw energy couldn’t overcome dangerously low blood sugar. I waddled into the cafeteria, my thighs bulging like tree trunks. Every step sent quivering jolts through my body. My legs demanded more. They wanted to push some real weight around. I spent an hour stuffing myself before I finally left, gut bloated like a balloon. I was happy to see that my recently hidden abdominal muscles were showing themselves again. My ballooned gut showed their faint etchings through my shirt. I headed back to the room for a reapplication of the muscle concoction sitting on my brother’s nightstand. My legs were still pumped but felt fresh and ready for more. This gym day would be epic. It was hard to contain myself. When I got back to my brother’s room, I noticed that the seemingly insoluble pellet had actually dissolved a bit in the two hours I’d been gone. A muddy brown cloud rested at the bottom of the bottle. A quick shake dissolved most of it and revealed a tablet half its original size. I pulled off the cap and the water immediately bubbled over the rim and onto my hand. Without thinking, I lifted the bottle and tried to drink the run off as if it were an agitated bottle of champagne. The water tasted bitter and sent a tingle down my throat that immediately set my heart into double-time. I switched to catching the remaining runoff in my hand. Once the contents of the bottle had settled, I proceeded to rub my drenched hands all over my body. The liquid, although thick to the point of being sticky, seemed to immediately soak into my skin and disappeared like rubbing alcohol. My brain responded as if injected with a shot of adrenaline. My breathing tried to quicken and I had to concentrate to form deep steady breaths. I looked back at the bottle with its lima bean sized pellet still sitting at the bottom. I took another sip of the concoction, allowing the sharp drink to fall into my stomach. Was that a good idea? I tilted the bottle and sprinkled some of the contents on my shoulders and let its tingling drops fall down my chest and back. They felt like the caress of a lover’s fingers as they fell into the recently created crevices of my chest, back and abs. Rubbing it in resulted in a deep, pulsing warmth deep in my body’s core. It was intensely arousing and made thinking difficult. I took a few more sips before rubbing the liquid into my thighs. Already pumped, they started to flex involuntarily, each contraction sending a sexual jolt to my crotch that made me groan with pleasure. Actions became somewhat involuntary as something primeval took the driver’s seat. I continued to apply but my thoughts were only on the feeling. Lightning danced across my skin and tickled my senses. My hands kept moving and the level of that water bottle kept falling. I heard myself gasp in pleasure as I rubbed my crotch. Who was doing that? No matter. It felt so good. It felt so good… “Weren’t you just here?” I was eating again. There was a ton of food in front of me but I made it disappear quickly. My body was so hot. I was on fire. The place was empty, as if just for me. I was in a car. I was in a parking lot. I was in a weight room. I stared at a dumbbell for a moment. I picked it up. I started moving it. My brain exploded as my body screamed in bliss so intense it almost hurt. I could feel my bicep contract. Pain and bliss. Over and over. Both increased with each rep. Images danced before me; one after another. My body moved on its own but knew what to do. It pulled and pushed, harder and harder and harder. I felt my body swell and the incredible feeling only grew sharper. The heat was always there. The rush was always there. The squeeze. That incredible squeeze that sent a dozen orgasms across the swelling expanse of my body. I felt my shirt grow tight. “Dude, wicked pump.” I don’t know what I said back to that voice. I was hungry. I was sitting in front of food again. It tasted so good but didn’t seem to hit my stomach. I kept eating but couldn’t be satisfied. It was like a dream. More weights, more lifting. Movement was becoming increasingly difficult and easy at the same time. It didn’t matter. The squeeze was all that mattered. That strange force driving my body did so with incredible skill. My body hurt but with that pain rode the heavenly fire that burst like a volcano from every pore. I felt so strong, so invincible. The feeling was intensifying. I saw veins dance their way across my body. Where had those come from? “Oh god.” Who said that? Me? I was eating again. There were others nearby. There were staring. I ignored them. They had nothing to do with the squeeze. I had to get back there. In the parking lot, people were staring. In the weight room, people were staring. I ignored them all. It had to bring that fire back. The gym. The cafeteria. Back to the gym. Back to the cafeteria. The food. The squeeze. Body on fire. People staring. Hard to breath. Hard to… * * * I awoke to the blurred vision of newborn sunlight with a handful of cotton lodged between my ears. I turned my head and felt a small shock when I realized I wasn’t in my dorm room. Don’t you remember? This is your brother’s place, a knowing voice whispered to my groggy senses. My brain understood but hadn’t quite put together the significance of anything yet. Why was it so hard to breathe? I reached up to rub my head. Why was it so hard to move my arm? The haze of the world reminded me of a hangover, except without the headache. In fact, aside from a raw gnawing of a completely empty stomach, I felt great. Really great. I sat up, mind growing clearer yet still lodged in sleep. I stood up and for some reason did it too fast, sending a wave of vertigo across my mind. I took a step and tripped on the front of my toe. I stumbled a few paces. It was as if my body was overreacting to my brain’s demands. As I caught myself against my brother’s nightstand I heard something rip. For one terrified moment, I thought I’d injured myself then I realized it was just my shirt. My shirt? I looked at the top of the dresser at a plastic water bottle, empty save for a lima bean sized pellet sitting at the bottom. Partial memories crashed into my consciousness like an avalanche of fire. I drank the whole bottle, I thought in wonder. What happened after that? I looked down and was shocked to see my once normal fitting shirt was stretched across my torso like Under Armor. Bulges and ripples exploded from the body beneath the fabric to such an extreme I immediately thought I was hallucinating. That wasn’t my body. I reached up and put my hands on the eight hard discs that bulged from my stomach, relishing the way my arms stretched my sleeves. I flexed my right arm and the seam parted immediately, tearing the fabric all the way up to my shoulder. An arm carved from a mountainside bulged out and appeared to inhale as if broke from its shackles. My arms were huge. I flexed the other and burst out of that sleeve as well. I felt my pecs, each over two inches deep, and flexed them into two gigantic boulders. It worked, I thought as that victorious excitement overcame the throbbing hunger in my stomach. I raced out of the door, down the hall, and into the bathroom. It was a clumsy adventure as my limbs didn’t move the way I was used to. Not only were they far stronger but appeared longer than the day before too. I finally made it to the bathroom and its full sized mirrors. The reflection staring back at me looked more like my brother than me. My grey workout shirt looked painted onto an anatomy chart. Every inch of me rippled and jumped with each movement. Traps bubbled from my gorged shoulders and pulled my collar tight and away from my neck. I could make out frayed tears along the collar’s edge. Muscles protruded from my back like a shield and a crab flex formed a tear from collar to hem along the back of the shirt. As with my arm, my back seemed to swell and stretch as the suffocating shirt was torn apart. I put my hands on my collar and pulled, ripping the shirt in half and pulling it off. I filled my lungs and stretched a body that had lived in a cocoon since I passed out the day before. The image in the mirror was beyond my imagining. Seeing such a body on someone else was one thing, but owning it held an exhilaration I could not have imagined until now. I gave the mirror a quick show of my flexed seventeen inch arms before racing back to the room wearing only my gym shorts. I immediately found my brother’s scale and my heart skipped a beat when 214 showed up on the screen. I’d gained 24 pounds in one day! Although part of me was upset I’d missed the sensation of growing into this godlike body, I knew my growing wasn’t close to being done. At this rate, I could be the size of my brother in another day. And it was only the second day of a ten day spring break. There was a knock on the door. My heart skipped a beat as I tried to make myself as silent as possible. As far as the person on the other side of the door was concerned, I wasn’t here. Unfortunately, the knock came again, this time with a voice. “I know you’re in there,” a familiar female said. She sounded like a wild cat hunting prey. My heart dropped as I saw the door knob turn. I’d forgotten to lock it. Admitting defeat, I rushed to pull a shirt over my head. It stretched tightly over my recently expanded torso but did a somewhat decent job of hiding my incredible definition. “Hello there, stud,” McKenzie said with a wry smile as she let herself in. “Rhys said you were going to keep me company this week,” she said and walked over to me. “Did he now?” I said, smiling. She wore shorts and a tank tip that showed off her breasts and powerful legs. She nodded and patted my chest. “I saw you yesterday. You didn’t look like you needed to be bothered.” Her eyes held a mischievous glow as she put her hands under my shirt and rubbed the front of my torso. “You’ve been working out it seems. Your brother having an effect on you?” She gave my chest a good squeeze before lowering her hand and reaching into my pants. I betrayed myself by gasping when she wrapped her hands around my dick. It responded instantly and began to grow hard. She smiled again. “You’ve got a little way to go before you catch up to your twin,” she said as she pushed me back by my dick and forced me back on the bed. “Still, you’re so damned cute.” She ripped off my pants as I lay on the bed, legs dangling over the edge. She worked my dick with her hand and I watched in awe as it swelled well beyond its normal seven inches. She smiled at me, eyes impressed, and then wrapped her mouth around my nine inch member. I saw the muscles in her arms and shoulder move as she gave me the best blow job I’d ever had. I also couldn’t help but notice the way my legs bulged with power. I straightened them and curled my toes. My flexed quads swelled and pushed the intruder up a solid inch. She continued her work but couldn’t help but grab the muscular bulges of my huge thighs as if they were handles. We both moaned as I let go and she squeezed my legs with such fervor I could already feel the bruises forming. Finished, she got up and walked away with a smile. “I’m busy tonight,” she said nonchalantly. “Maybe we can pick up where we left off tomorrow night.” She walked out as if I gave an answer she was satisfied with and closed the door behind her. I smiled. By tomorrow night I’d be every bit the man my brother was…and then some. CHAPTER 8 Rays of sunlight cut like blades through the gaps in the blinds and sent bars of light across my brother’s dorm room. Five minutes after McKenzie made her exit I was still laying on my brother’s bed, legs dangling over the side and naked from the waist down. I held an open hand above my upturned face, watching as the sunlight beamed across its skin. The chilled relaxation of post orgasm still caressed my brain as I marveled at the foreign object suspended above me. It was not my hand; it was far bigger than my hand. Muscle writhed in the depths of its palm and along the edges of its fingers. This was the hand of a natural-born jock. In my peripheral I could see the forearm it was attached to, sinewy and powerful in the early morning light. Below that, a bicep, relaxed yet prominently protruding against the rest of its arm and straining the cotton sleeve of the shirt that tried to confine it. A large purple vein wound its way along its crest. It didn’t look like my arm. It was too powerful, too beautiful. A stomach that was soft only a few days ago now housed cascading boulders. The ravines and valleys of my legs were alien yet exhilarating. My body pulsed with such power and strength I didn’t even know how to handle it. This was not by body. Yet it was. Every pound of it. I balled my fist and flexed my arm, sending the relaxed bicep into a shredded softball and forcing the shirtsleeve to creak as stitches groaned. The contraction shot an increasingly familiar jolt of energy across my body. My recently used dick sprang back to life. I smiled and rolled my head back. I’d always thought about how having a body like this would look but never realized the true joy came from how it felt. Every part of me felt so strong, so hard. I was raw energy in a skin sarcophagus and I needed release. I wanted more. I turned my head and looked at the bottle on the dresser. It sat innocently silent as it cradled its partially dissolved pellet on the bottom. I smiled. That bottle held enough power to make my current form appear diminutive. I wasted no time. After grabbing the bottle and putting on my shorts, I strolled out of the room and towards the water fountains. I made it three steps before I saw an all too familiar car sitting in front of the bathroom door. Oh shit. My heart hit my throat and I skidded to a halt. I was about to turn around and dive back into my room when a rugged and lumpy man strolled out of the restroom with a brush in hand. That wasn’t Dr. Powers. I forced myself to breathe and continued towards the water fountain as if nothing was amiss. The janitor nodded at me as I passed and encouraged the curious idiot in me to take over. “Hey, so who’s the other guy that does these floors?” I asked, hopefully sounding nonchalant. The man lowered an eyebrow, forming deep folds atop his sun-stained nose. “Other guy?” He chuckled and shook his head. “Only me, man. I have this building Monday and Thursday. Got Broward Hall and Rollings to do still thanks to Loy being on vacation.” He sighed and looked at me with comically squinted eyes. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have anything to do this week. But some of you always stick around for some reason.” He shook his head again and pushed his cart towards the other bathroom. I stared at the man for a moment as he walked away. Well that explains how Dr. Powers got away with not actually cleaning when he plants his little growth pills. It was somewhat ingenious when I thought about it. After all, who really notices a janitor? I grinned at the whole scenario and filled the bottle, watching its precious cargo dance in the rapids as water crashed over it. I capped it and started shaking it as I made my way back to the room. I felt the walls of the bottle grow firm as its internals pressurized. Thirty minutes later, I was still in my brother’s room and had been shaking the stupid water bottle for every second of them. That damn lima bean was a bitch to dissolve but I think I’d finally finished the job. I couldn’t complain too much since all that shaking had given my arm a pretty amazing pump. The liquid inside now resembled used bath water…not the most desirable thing to slather over your body. But this murky liquid held as much of a punch as the dose I gave myself the day before. I’d have to be a little more controlled with my usage today; yesterday wasn’t a complete black out, but at best it was a distant memory. I had depressurized the bottle every few minutes so opening it didn’t create a geyser this time. I poured a third of its contents over my naked body. Rubbing it into the newly minted bulges and ripples of my limbs and torso was a turn on in itself. Just for shits and giggles I drank a little of the mixture as well. I had no evidence drinking had any added effect but it didn’t seem to hurt me yesterday. I- “Oh fuck,” I said out loud as the liquid immediately started to take effect. My dick was the first to recognize the juice and swelled to it’s now normal nine inches. Without thinking, I immediately got on the floor and started doing pushups. I don’t know how many I did, nor did I care. All I wanted was that exhilarating energy to consume me. I felt my chest start to expand and soon they began to squeeze against each other when fully contracted. Demanding more, I took one hand off the floor and kept pumping, switching arms every now and then. My triceps flared angrily and I could feel them swelling across the back of my arm like a hot liquid. The squeeze was incredible and every rep sent a new jolt through my body. I could feel my body come close to orgasm but commanded it to contain itself. My muscles moved themselves as my free hand returned to the ground and my feet kicked forward, sending my legs high in the air. I held myself upright with my hands and head, doing a handstand for the first time in my life. I pushed with my hands and lifted my head off the ground, effectively doing an upside-down shoulder press. Sunlight poured through the window and emblazoned every iron contour of my body in contrasting light. The shear exhilaration at the site of me and the rush of the lift made me lose that delicate control and I came right there. I threw what seemed like a gallon on the floor around me as I continued to perform rep after rep. The balance required sent my stabilizer muscles into a frenzy and I felt muscles I didn’t even know I had start to grow. I could feel my abs tighten, each brick pressing against my skin as if trying to break free. After countless reps I fell to the ground, lungs gasping for air and body demanding more. I smiled. Working out naked was incredible. I briefly considered taking an exhibitionists risk but decided to throw on my shorts before running to the bathroom for a quick body check. I looked twenty pounds heavier in the mirror. My chest and shoulders were gorged, completely out of proportion with the rest of my body. My pecs sent a shadow halfway down my shredded abs. My shoulders were on their way to becoming large cantaloupes and my triceps looked like they were trying to break free from my arm. Still, I was 6’2 and 217 pounds…I had a lot of room to grow and a shirt would still hide much of what I’d gained. My stomach growled, angrily demanding the fuel my body so desperately craved. The eyes glaring at me from the mirror held a focus that would have frightened a stranger. That, combined with the wild grin, made me wonder how much control I really had over my body. “Here we go,” the reflection said. It took tremendous willpower to avoid going right to the gym. The cashier at the cafeteria gave me a double take when I walked in. Recognition swept across her eyes but confusion kept her questions at bay. I ate enough food to embarrass an entire baseball team and a little sweet talking allowed me to leave with two to-go boxes full of chicken breasts and pasta. Finally, I made it to the gym. After putting my food reserves in the corner along with a tub of protein from my brother’s room, I hit the weights like a starving lion attacking its prey. Now able to throw some real weight around, it wasn’t long before I started to lose control. Although much more cognizant than the day before, I could only watch as my body moved with a mind of its own. Shock danced across my mind as I picked up sixty pound dumbbells and started curling them as if they were warm-up weights. My arms filled my shirtsleeves within seconds and after a few sets I could see the striations of my shoulders through the fabric itself. Energy pulsed through my brain and that orgasmic sensation radiated out from my stomach and across my ever expanding form. I put 270 pounds on a 45 pound bar and pressed it nearly a dozen times, sending my still swollen chest into orgasmic ecstasy. I made a relief trip to the bathroom, ate four chicken breasts, and was back at the weights in minutes. Before long, my body was so swollen my once loose shirt looked painted on. My reflection held the same sinister smile and focused eye from the morning; only now it sat on a body that would make the most avid lifter stare in awe. And I wasn’t done. The morning flew by and I let my body drive itself. I focused instead on the raw power that continued to intensify as my body pressed against its vessel. It wasn’t until I realized I was out of protein and food that my body authorized a moment to gather my thoughts. At this point I realized that my right shirt sleeve had ripped halfway up the bulge of my deltoid and another had parted across my right lat. I tore off both sleeves as if they were made of paper. The effort tore the seam across the left lat. To avoid looking like a jackass, I simply took off the shirt entirely. It’s not like it was effectively hiding anything anyway. The half dozen or so others in the gym shifted from peripheral stares to outright gapes. “Holy shit, dude,” a muscular student said as he walked up. “You have GOT to tell me what you’re doing to look like that.” I looked at him curiously. He had a body that easily matched mine. What’s he want with— Then I saw my reflection in one of the gym’s many mirrors and started gaping at me as well. I had to be nearing my brother’s size by now and every pound was shredded beef. I let a smirk crease my face as I turned to the admirer. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” I said simply as I let my stomach take me out of the weight room. I left the gym, ignoring the gaping awe of the attendant at the front desk. Any motivation to tell me to put on a shirt seemed to have skipped his mind. I left and made my way to my car. The sun felt amazing on my skin and sent goose bumps across the ever widening landscape of my body. I had always been blessed with completely flawless skin and it looked brilliant on a body that would have made the Olympic gods ask for workout tips. The cafeteria was nearly empty but I turned what few heads there were. I was three plates into my lunch when I realized I hadn’t found a replacement shirt. I shrugged at the thought, not ignoring how my gargantuan traps bunched up against my neck. No one here should mind staring at my naked torso for a little while. Whether they did or not, no one verbally objected. I even noticed the manager peek his head around the corner. The look in his eyes told me he would rather stare at me than follow the hygienic rules issued by the university. My body ached from four continuous hours of working out and each muscle felt torn to shreds. That feeling slowly subsided as I gorged on plate after plate of food. My body swelled with the fuel and stretched my skin as easily as it did my shirt. I walked back to the dorm with my gut filled to my neck. What few people there were on campus each gave me a double take. I usually returned the attention with a bounce of my pec or a flex of the arm. After picking out one of my brother’s shirts and making a quick stop at the store for another jug of protein, I was back at the weights. The day blurred as I let the rush of fire blow over me. The intensity only grew as the day grew old and my control continued to slide. By dinner I had given up trying to maintain any semblance of control and let my thoughts drift off into my boiling brain. I don’t remember going to sleep that night. The next morning began with same grogginess as the day before. An initial state of confusion. The strange feeling and clumsiness of taking up more space than usual. The rush of energy when I tested my new body. The erotic wonder of exploring myself in the shower. Finally, the pure exultation at the site of myself in the mirror as I dried off. On Thursday, I’d walked into this building a 6’2 190 pound twig. Now it was Monday and I was finally my brother’s equal at 6’4 and 240 pounds. I could stop here, I thought. My brother and I could be twins again. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and my eyes flickered to the 2/3 full water bottle on the counter. Maybe it was time for me to move on, to show my brother what if felt like to be the little twin. Before I could think it through, I was drenched in the last of the bottle’s contents. I stared at my reflection a moment longer, watching the droplets rain down my body. They seemed to shrink as they trailed down the grooves of my skin and not a drop made it to the ground. I could feel my skin drinking them in like sunlight. I was almost dry within a couple minutes. “Hey Rhys,” a voice called from the bathroom door. “I didn’t expect you back until Thursday.” My throat contracted and my stomach nose-dived into my groin. I turned to see a familiar face dressed only in a towel and a pair of shower shoes. He had red curly hair and the face of a software engineer. The last time I saw him he had the legs of a champion bodybuilder and the upper body of a lanky swimmer. It looked like his upper body had started to catch up. I could not for the life of me remember his name. He looked about 5’10 and a smidgen over 200 pounds. I guess there was no use lying to him. “I’m Ryan,” I said finally as I grabbed the towel from the counter and wrapped it around my waist. “I’m hanging here for the week.” The last time he saw me, I was shy of 180. I saw the questions welling up in Poindexter’s head but knew he wouldn’t mutter a single one of them. Doing so would break the unspoken rule of ignoring the strange phenomenon going on at the muscle dorm. I could play this game too. The fellow simply nodded. “Looking good, Ryan,” he said as he strolled by me. “Same to you,” I said, suddenly distracted by the tingling rush which had begun to swell across my body. My dick had suddenly poked through the top of my towel and began travelling up along deep, granite groove which ran down the center of my abdominal muscles. I left the bathroom as the rush intensified and my dick continued up past my bellybutton. A couple of other people were walking the halls, as if they tried to go home for the break but couldn’t voluntarily stay away from the power of this place for long. I got a “What’s up, Rhys” a couple of times as I made my way back to the room but I was too consumed with my own body to do much more than grunt a reply. By the time I shut the door behind me, I was completely dry and ready to rub one out. It was amazing; even jacking off made my muscles swell like balloons. I got dressed in my brother’s clothes and picked up one of a half dozen tubs of proteins I just now realized I’d bought the day before. My parents might question all these purchases but it’s not like my brother was going to the Bahamas for free. I ate a breakfast of champions and hit the gym. From the moment I picked up that first weight, my brain returned to autopilot and the physical world suddenly lost all meaning… My consciousness was filled with timeless sensations instead of chronological events. At no point could I tell you where I was or what I was doing. All I could tell you was how my body looked and felt. As the machine I wore around my boiling mind went through its mechanical grind I could only savor the feeling of my shirt growing tighter and tighter, seeing veins bulge and start spreading across the terrain of my body. I felt my muscles flexing over and over, each time getting a little bigger. My neck grew wide as my traps bubbled higher and higher. The striations my chest and bulging bricks of my abs were protruding as if my ever tightening shirt was being plastic formed to my body. There was a rip. An investigation showed that my brother’s shirt was splitting at the collar. Another look showed that my shorts were plastered on thighs the size of a normal man’s waist. I could only watch as my body swelled and pulled the shirt apart like wet paper. A torrent of power surged through me and I closed my mind’s eye to let myself drift away on its rapids. I felt my body grow ever larger and tighter and harder. My shoes were too tights, my shirt nearly suffocating, I had to break free. I had to… The sun had long since checked out when my actions started to return to my control. I was tired to the point of collapse but a recent meal was still working its way into my bloodstream. I was a man made of molten iron. Dressed only in boxer shorts tight enough to leave nothing to the imagination, I left the dorm room and made my way to the first floor. I felt air brush against my body as I walked through it, letting me know just how much more space I took up now. Goose bumps rolled across my flawless granite chest and trickled down abs made of mortar bricks. My arms, hanging slightly outward against flared lats, bulged with over twenty two inches of raw muscle. Shoulders sitting somewhere between cantaloupe and pumpkin flared angrily as my arms moved. Thighs bigger than my waist bulged and writhed with each step. I didn’t need to see them to know; I could feel it. My footsteps thundered as I made my way down the stairs. How much did I weight npw? 270? 300? More? The world was noticeably smaller. Was I that much taller? It didn’t matter right now. I was hungry and it had nothing to do with food. I knocked on a door and a moment later McKenzie opened it. Her standard coy smile and smug eyes turned into a gaping jaw and shocked stare as she took in the sight ofme. Her mouth worded Oh my god but her voice couldn’t muster a sound. I let myself in without saying a word. Her hands immediately flew to my waist and she explored my rippling obliques. Those hands felt so small now; so delicate. Those were two words not easily used for a girl nearing six feet tall with the strength to best most men. She tried to take control, as she always had with me, but I didn’t let her. I ripped the clothes off her taught body and pulled her close; her full red lips parted in ecstasy and her vibrant brown hair fell from its clip and down her bare muscular back. Her hand pressed against my chest as I reached down and picked her up. “How?” she finally managed to say. I smiled and felt my wide neck flare out as my traps bulged under the negligible strain of her weight. That was the only answer she would receive. I rested her now naked form on the bed. She wore muscle in all the right places. Sturdy thighs, graceful abdominal lines, ample breasts, strong curvy arms. She had the body of a six foot tall fitness model. How had I once found skinny girls so attractive? Her eyes dripped with lust as she surprised me by grabbing the flap of my boxer shorts and with a single motion ripped them from my body. A pulsing ten inch mass sprang up as I lay over her, the shadow of my gargantuan form engulfing hers. She wasted no time and forced me into her. I was a tight fit but she was a big girl. After a few warm-up thrusts, I was able to throw her senses into worlds she’d never known. I framed her shoulders with my hands and bent my arms at the elbow as I leaned down to kiss her. She grabbed the backs of my arms and squeezed with all her strength as I started to move inside of her. The boulders on the back of my arms didn’t dent a millimeter and her eyes grew all the more hungry. Warmth spread from my crotch to the far corners of my body as we moved in rhythmic thirst. She moaned as her hands shook involuntarily and found new homes nested in the craggy folds of my mountainous back. I felt my chest swell and triceps flare as I continued to lean into her writhing body. My abs grew tighter and deeper as I sped up my efforts; her moans grew into shouts broken by gasps for breath. My body continued to swell and I felt my lats expand under her shaking grasp. She felt it too but that only made her grab hold tighter. Tighter and tighter, faster and faster, bigger and bigger. I grew inside of her too. “Oh shit-loving fuck!” she gasped in sheer pleasure as she climaxed and came around me. She pulled herself up and pressed her body into my ever growing chest and abs. Her nails dug into me as I moved ever faster inside of her. I lifted one hand from the mattress and put it behind her upper back. I pulled her closer and my bicep exploded with the effort. One of her hands grabbed my neck, not even making it around half of it as she pressed herself closer and rocked against my dick. Her head flung back and she roared as I came inside of her for nearly a minute. She called to god as I smiled above her contorting body. We were both now covered in sweat which made our iron bodies slide against each other like wet bars of soap. A spasm tremored its way through her body as she came again. Her body grew harder and more defined as she wrapped her legs around my midsection. My semen was apparently having an effect on her size. I stood up, her arms wrapped around my shoulders and legs snaked around my waist. I was still as hard as a baseball bat when I landed her against the wall and let her gyrate against me. She had over ten inches of dick to explore and she was making every effort to discover every piece of it. I continued to swell, forcing her to adjust more than once. The wall behind her creaked beneath our combined strength and a crack made its way to the ceiling. Her eyes grew hungrier as she felt my body grow under her hands and inside the intimate recess of her body. Each of my muscles felt as if it were flexed and pumped as they squeezed raw, throbbing power out of my pores. I gasped as much at that sensation as I did the steam engine grinding against my dick. She was growing stronger too; her arms and legs were digging into my body but it only made me stronger. Veins sprouted across my shoulder, chest, and arms as I pumped her. With one final vocal explosion, McKenzie and I came and her legs fell from their mantle. I moved my arms under her ass and kept her motion going as if she were dumbbells. My arms swelled all the more and she instinctively grabbed them while her head leaned back. She pressed her breast against my neck. She arched her back sharply and shook as if hit with a sudden seizure. I stabilized us both by freeing a hand and pressing it against the wall. The room shook with the contact and another crack stretched across the wall. Her screams could be heard across the street as she pushed against my traps and slid down my dick in one final thrust before she finally collapsed in my arms. Gasping, I pulled her away from the shattered wall, supporting her with only two hands and an insatiably hungry dick. I slid her off the latter, having to raise her up nearly a foot to do so. My arms appeared to have swelled to about 24” of pure, vascular muscle and had a strength that far exceeded that size. I laid her on her bed, taught body drenched in sweat and chest rising and falling rapidly. “I’ve never...” she started between breaths. Her lips were parted and held a delicate smile. She reached up and rested her fingers on one of the horizontal ravines of my abs. Her eyes held the hunger of wanting more mixed with the disappointment of knowing her body was spent. “Your brother won’t believe what he comes home to,” she whispered as her eyes slid down my glistening body. I smiled and turned to leave but was stopped by a string hand wrapping itself around my dick. I turned to look at a still breathless McKenzie, who stared at me above a now devilish smile as she gripped my dick and toyed with its head using her thumb. “You should consider yourself lucky,” she said as her hand continued its work. “It takes a special girl to be able to handle an eleven inch tool.” Her hand barely made it around my shaft but her touch carried wonders with it. “Remember that,” she said as she gave a final squeeze and released me. “I’ll find you later.” With that, she rolled her naked body over and went to sleep. I strolled out of the room in a daze and started to walk towards the stairwell, eager to see what I looked like. I made it a few steps before I realized there were eyes staring at me. It took a few steps more before I realized I was naked as the day I was born and wore a hard on that would have seemed oversized in porn. I stopped and looked around at the half dozen or so girls standing in the hallway. Apparently McKenzie’s screams and the structural damage we’d caused had garnered some attention. None of them said a word but all of their eyes leaned hungrily against my gigantic body. What did they see right now? I couldn’t wait to find out. What could one more pill do? “Holy shit, Rhys,” one girl said in a horse whisper. I smiled. “Rhys is my brother,” I said in a booming voice. “I’m Ryan.” With that I turned and walked upstairs and back to my room. CHAPTER 9 My joints groaned as I sat up and squinted against the harsh light of morning. The bed groaned even louder. I was as naked as the day I was born but larger than a man had right to be. The sensation of the raw power and weight I controlled made the whole world seem small and fragile by comparison. I could break that desk with my bare hands. I could kick that chest and crack it down the center. I flexed my right bicep and grabbed the boulder of muscle with my left hand. Veins rolled over the striations of the muscle they snaked over as I massaged it. My dick sprang to life instantly. Even my giant’s hand couldn’t wrap around its girth. Every inch of me was huge. Yet I could be so much bigger. I smiled as my eyes flickered to the tablets lying innocently on my brother’s desk. One pill (with a dump truck of food and a mountain of dumbbells) had padded me with well over a hundred pounds of muscle…in two days! What could the rest do? I stood and had to steady myself against the exaggerated motion of my new height. I filled the room like a gale force wind. The eight foot ceiling was a very short reach above my head. After a few test steps I made my way to the desk and picked up the pellets. They seemed so insignificant piled in my hand. Yet inside, they could… I lost all sense of thought or consequence and threw the handful of pills down my throat in one gulp. My mind exploded as an orgasmic tidal wave swept across my brain and my body grew to an extent the world had never seen. My body grew harder than iron as it expanded with raw power. The tile below my growing feet began to crack, then spider webbed out in every direction before collapsing into the floorboards like broken egg shells. My head crashed into the ceiling and gave way to my ever expanding form as I tore through the plaster and concrete with my bare hands. I roared like a titan, bursting the windows clear from their frames… I shook myself violently out of the fantasy and put the pellets in the top drawer of the desk. Maybe they would be less tempting out of sight. I was big enough. For now. Shit, I didn’t even really know how big I was. I needed a mirror. The thought made me temporarily forget about the pills. I threw on a pair or basketball shorts that, while loose the day before, were now as snug as biker shorts and only made it halfway down my thigh. The hallway was empty as expected (spring break was only halfway over after all) but I could hear rummaging from behind the doors of the muscle dorm. In my haste, I rounded a corner too close and my shoulder slammed into the edge, leaving a softball sized indention. I’d be lying if I said my shoulder didn’t throb a bit, but the exhilaration of besting a building definitely helped sooth it. My new width would take as much getting used to as my new height. I finally made it to the bathroom and found myself staring at a living god in the mirror. There was muscular, and then there was MUSCULAR…and I exceeded even the latter. I must be nearing seven feet; I had to duck a little to see my own face. Below my head was the most perfect body I’d ever seen…swollen to fit a giant’s frame. Muscle was everywhere; strong, hard, ripped muscle. This wasn’t the gorged, balloon-like meat on Olympian bodybuilders. This was the muscle of a champion track star, expanded to super-human size. I threw a double bicep pose that made my lats expand like wings and made bowling balls blossom on my arms. Each pec was as big as my head and they sat upon abdominal bricks that could have held a gallon of water in the canyons they rose from. I was so enraptured by my form that I didn’t even know there was company until I heard an “Oh shit” escape a pair of lips. My heart skipped a beat as I turned and looked down at a pair of pale blue eyes staring at me from behind thick lensed glasses. I recognized him in a second: that short cropped curly hair, the narrow face, the small pouty lips, the non-existent chin, the alabaster pale skin. “Cody right?” my voice boomed. Cody’s face revealed every bit the nerd he was the moment I met him. Yet his upper body was now heavily muscled and contrasted drastically with his demeanor. He wasn’t huge my any means but those shoulders, arms, and chest would have been worn proudly by any high school athlete. And, by the outline of the towel that covered him from the waist down, his legs were still proportionately larger than his upper body. My brother did say he favored running. Built or not, he looked like a squirt compared to me. It took a moment for Cody to get his mouth working. “What the fuck, Rhys?” he finally managed. I laughed; it sounded like boulders tumbling over a rocky crag. “It’s Ryan,” I said cockily. “Can’t you see the difference?” I spread my arms wide and let him get an eye full. His eyes barely made it to my chest but they explored every inch of me. He reached out as if to touch me but his hand stopped halfway and just hung there. I looked at both our reflections in the mirror. Maybe he wasn’t as built as I thought he was. He had some abs, and some bumps on his arm, chest, and back. But it wasn’t real size. Then, as suddenly as he had entered, Cody turned and hurried out of the bathroom. Apparently now wasn’t the time for a shower. I just blew his mind, I thought. I looked back at the mirror and gave it a grin that would have melted women’s hearts even when I was a twig. Maybe it was time to blow some more. It was a good day for a jog. I went back to the room and tried to throw on a pair of shoes no longer big enough. After ripping through the back heel in a vain effort to force my foot in, I decided the shorts alone were enough and raced out of the room, down the stairs, and out the door into the warm, humid Florida spring. I don’t know how long I ran. I navigated the twists and turns of the campus, switching from sidewalk to bike trail to wooded path without much thought. The residual from two days of semi-lucid muscle growth still lingered in my veins and it was all I could do to relish in ecstasy as my already mammoth legs continued to harden and swell. It was apparent that my brain was not used to controlling such a beastly frame. My strides were far longer than expected and it took a little practice before I didn’t look like I was skipping. Growth is usually slow enough to keep the motor skills in step, but my body’s recent explosion seemed too much for it. The result was seemingly constant realizations that went beyond clipping walls with my shoulders. My stride was longer, for one, and it took a while just to find a natural gate. By mid-day, I stood in front of the cafeteria with hands on knees and dripping sweat from every pore. Even though I just ran the equivalent of a marathon, I was a little disappointed to find I wasn’t invincible. The thought brought with it an image of those pills stashed in my brother’s desk. Maybe just one more. But hunger trumped all at the moment so I strolled into the cafeteria, stomach screaming for food. My head brushed the sill of the door as I made my way in, still nude save my shorts and a shimmering sheen of sweat that grew cold as the building A/C brushed against me. Goose bumps rippled across the epic expanse of my skin and sent a chill down my spine. The cashier was different today. She was cute, but petite. Not my style these days. Her eyes told me I was hers, though. She bit her lip as I covered her with my shadow. “Holy shit, you’re beautiful?” she said, then immediately reddened. I smiled as I showed her Rhys’ ID. She didn’t even look at it, let alone scan it. I just let her eyes follow me as I made my way to get the first of what would be many trays of food. The place was just as bare of students as the last few days, but what eyes it held were cemented ton me. I both relished and ignored the attention, more fixated on shoveling food into my mouth. A dozen helpings later, with my ab rippled guy protruding as if pregnant with a teenager, I strolled out of the cafeteria and back into the dorm. A quick shower and a change of clothes and I’d head to the gym to see what I could throw around. The shower took a little longer than I originally planned. I went through a whole bar of soap lathering up; my hands couldn’t get enough. It still hadn’t sunk in that this body was mine. It still felt like someone else’s. I turned the water off and began drying when I heard the bathroom door open. “I dunno, man,” a voice said as footsteps made their way in. “I don’t feel anything. Nothing. I mean, we finished working out thirty minutes ago. I figured I’d feel…something.” “Don’t worry,” a second voice chimed in. “We just got back to town last night.” “I didn’t give up half my spring break for nothing,” the first replied. There was a grunt. “My biceps might be a little bigger.” Then he gave an exasperated sigh. “Fuck dude, I wanna get fucking jacked. I feel like a moron for not noticing it before. I mean, look at you. I used to be the bigger one. Now you have abs and arms like a gymnast. How the ever loving fuck did I not notice my roommate turning into a bodybuilder?” The second guy snickered. “It’s hard to see when you have your head shoved up your girlfriend’s ass. It’s not my fault you spent the entire year so shacking up at Sophie’s place. All the guys living here are getting huge.” “Let me feel that shit,” the first guy said. “God damn, that’s hard. I didn’t even know you worked out.” “I didn’t,” the second guy said. “I do now, though. Once January rolled around, half this floor looked like jocks. I figured there had to be something going on.” “Well did you feel anything at the gym today?” There was a pause. “Like I said, maybe it just takes a while. It’s not like I know what’s going on either.” The door banged opened again and a third voice entered the conversation. “Joe, Aaron. Come with me. You’re not going to believe this,” the third voice said before ducking back out. There was a moment of silence before I heard the first two follow suit. I slowly counted to twenty before leaving the shower myself. It’s not like I was hiding, far from it. I just didn’t want to answer the questions those kids would be asking should they see me. It’s possible I was also feeling a bit guilty for taking their magic away. After all, I was voice number one not too long ago. I tried to convince myself it would all go back to normal once the good doctor came back to restock the shower heads. I made my way back into my brother’s room and searched through Kevin’s gear looking for something a little more appropriate than these skin tight gym shorts. Rhys’s roommate was pushing three hundred pounds himself when I showed up last Friday so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something. I settled for a sleeveless tee and a pair of basketball shorts. Both were a little snug but by no means comical. He had a pair of shoes that, although tight, provided some sort of foot clothing. Kevin had some damn big feet. I turned and made my way back out the room when I spied something on the ground. My heart fluttered when I noticed it was one of the pills. I must have dropped one during the haste of putting them in the desk drawer. I picked it up and toyed with it between two fingers. My mind took flight again. Although my sheer muscularity was beyond human capacity, my weight and height was by no means unheard of. There were NFL linemen on their way to four hundred pounds and basketball players well over seven feet tall. Maybe I could stop when I reached those milestones. When I got to my car, the rogue pill was already slowly dissolving in a water bottle stuffed into my gym bag along with any remaining food from the dorm room. I made it to the gym without giving in to the pill’s temptation. I put the bag with the still full water bottle into a locker and made my way to the weight room. It was sparse but hardly empty. I hardly noticed; all I wanted to do was touch a weight. I picked up a pair of sixties and began a warm-up set of bicep curls. Although the mental haze and supernatural growth brought on by using those pills were greatly reduced, their effect on my libido was still extreme. After a few sets I had to make a break for the locker room. I found a stall and dropped my pants. Completely enthralled in the act of pleasuring myself, I never heard the footsteps entering the restroom. “You from the Muscle Dorm?” a voice called at my back from behind the stall door. My hand stopped its work despite the desperate begging from my dick. Maybe he would go away. I was caught red handed…so to speak…and I didn’t know what to do. “I know you’re in there,” the voice called again. I can see the back of your head above the stall door. I felt my face redden as pulled up my pants, turned around, and peered over the door. Standing on the other side of the stall was a young college student in a sleeveless tank. Perhaps 5’10 and 200 pounds with brown hair and eyes, he had the body of someone who knew how to work out and did so often. Although not as hard and ripped as a seasoned bodybuilder, his muscles bulged in all the right places. His eyes dripped with confidence but his demeanor betrayed him. He was uncomfortable. “Yes?” I asked simply. “You live in the Muscle Dorm, right?” he asked again. “If you mean Powers Hall, then yes,” I replied. “I’ve seen you around,” he said again. “You’re…bigger.” “Yeah,” I said not knowing if he meant compared to my brother or me two days ago. The other guy paused, face reddening. “People are talking,” he said. “I…” I stared at him as he tried to make words. To say the moment was awkward would be an understatement. “I mean,” he continued. “Well, a girl I know is sleeping with a guy over there. And, well, she’s like all fit and shit now. And, well, I dunno, I saw you doing, you know and…” I felt a smile grow across my face and suddenly I was unlocking the stall and opening the door. Those cocky eyes widened as he took in the sight of me. Seeing a nearly seven foot monster from across a gym is one thing, but standing in its shadow is a dramatically different experience. His eyes slowly stepped down my body and stopped at my still erect dick doing a poor job of hiding behind my shorts. “And what?” I heard myself say. “It’s yours if you want it; I’m tired of doing it myself.” The aspiring stud looked at me with both anxiety and hunger. He reached for my dick gingerly as if it were going to bite him. Once he touched it, however, he practically lunged. I tilted my head back in ecstasy as he started his work. He stopped only once and I looked down in frustration at the delay. “I’m not gay,” he said, his cocky eyes showing only hunger now; the anxiety now gone. I grinned, suddenly aware at how fine a line there was between gender preferences. “I don’t care,” I replied before urging him to continue. He took everything I gave him and I could feel the desperation as he practically sucked it like a straw. I sincerely doubted my semen would have any effect on him and, as my pleasure started to fade, I began to take pity on the poor guy. I walked over to my locker and pulled my water bottle from the bag. The pellet had to be only partially dissolved but it was hard to tell through the nearly opaque plastic. “Here,” I said as I walked back over. “You might need to wash your mouth out.” The young jock took the bottle but his eyes remained inward, as if he expected his body to erupt any minute now. He took a healthy swig and I suddenly thought of the dark brown pellet falling towards the bottle’s mouth and aim right for his. My stomach leaped as I tried to reach for the bottle before he dosed himself with what would be well over a hundred pounds of muscle. I took the bottle away from him, slopping a few drops on his face as I took it. “Easy there champ,” I said somewhat frantically. Did he swallow it? “Ugh,” he said as he made a final gulp. “That tastes like lukewarm bathwater.” He stood and looked at me with a mix of awe and wariness, then stared at himself in the mirror. It was an effort for me not to look into the mouth of the bottle, lest he grow suspicious. I still didn’t know if drinking this stuff was more or less effective than putting it on skin. I supposed he would find out shortly. His demeanor soon shifted from anticipation to frustration laced with embarrassment. “Nothing is happening,” he said, his voice breaking. He looked at me. “You must think I’m an idiot.” I flexed an arm that must have been two feet in circumference. “You don’t get to look like this without a little magic,” I said, knowing how dumb it sounded. He seemed to relax, however. “Name’s Trevor,” he said and reached out his hand. “Ryan,” I said as I took it. Something softened in me just then. I smiled at him. “I think we need to hit the weights.” I put the water bottle back in the locker, not caring whether it still contained the pellet or not. CHAPTER 10 It was near sunset before I limped out of the gym, body aching and burning. The stuffing which had clouded my mind for the last three days was finally completely gone and gave me the chance to really feel my body. Although it lacked the insane pump of days before, I more than made up for it in sheer size. The gym scale topped out at three hundred pounds and I easily exceeded that. The sun’s red light danced across my frame, sending its canyon-like valleys and folds into shadows which danced as I made my way to the car. I let out a sigh of relief as I squeezed behind the steering wheel. An unfortunate consequence of staying off the good stuff was that my body couldn’t work out for half a day without painful consequences. I don’t know why I felt the need to keep up with Trevor. I outweighed him by well over a hundred pounds and was far stronger…although appeared to be catching up. He worked out with the fury I’d succumbed to in the days prior and it was a sight to behold. He was possessed and unaware of anything around him other than the weights and occasionally me. He left midafternoon to get some food and I hadn’t seen him since. I spent that time laid back on the bench in the locker room trying to will my muscles to stop hurting. It was at that time I checked the water bottle and was only a little relieved to see the bulk of the pellet sitting in a hazy cloud at the bottom. All-in-all, Trevor might gain a few pounds. Not bad for a day. I worked out haphazardly for a couple more hours, hoping to see Trevor walk back through the door. He never showed, though, up so I took my bag and headed out. After eating another giant’s dinner, I found myself back in my bedroom lying naked on my brother’s bed. I was bigger than I was this morning, but a few extra pounds on a 300+ pound frame was negligible. My shoulders were almost as wide as the mattress. Monster-sized or not, I hurt everywhere. Perhaps I should take it easy tomorrow…or perhaps I should take a few swigs from the bottle. My stomach lurched at the thought. My eyes bore lasers to the desk which held the remaining brown pills. I promised myself I’d slow down. If I didn’t, when would I? 400 pounds? 500? A thousand? I had to be above the upper threshold for human development as it was. Anything more would make me…a freak? I had to admit the thought was more exhilarating than I would have imagined. I felt my bare stomach; abs as hard as granite rose like bricks below a gorged chest that was becoming hard to see around. I could feel my arms pull the surrounding skin tight with the simple act of moving a hand up and down my torso. There was so much power at my command. I could do anything with it. If only I had another pill. In the end, exhaustion won over the internal debate boiling inside my skull. There was always tomorrow. Voices echoed through the halls outside my brother’s door as my consciousness slipped away. Deep voices and thundering footsteps crescendoed then faded as they strolled noisily down the hall. Excitement hung from each unintelligible word. It was Wednesday night and the dorm’s inhabitants were slowly making their way back from vacation…many because they wanted to feel that magic only found within these walls. Sleep came quickly yet was wrought with dreams. I strolled through alabaster halls which crumbled with each step I took. The ceiling was but a hair’s width above my head and my shoulders were mere inches from touching either wall. People cowered in doorways, wanting to rush to safety yet mesmerized by my gargantuan form as I stormed by. Some doors were closed and held whispered breaths behind them. “I saw him this afternoon,” the whispers said. “He’s massive and said he can show us how.” I knew those voices yet…they didn’t sound right. Faces looked up at me from the doorway. Some were scared, some were lustful. Many were hungry. “Does his brother know?” another pseudo-familiar voice asked. I had to find those voices. The walls continued to crack and crumble around me but I never saw the source of those hushed whispers. They were coming from the end of the hall. “He can’t know,” the whispers said. They were quieter now; more distant. “Not until we’re ready.” My head scraped against the ceiling. I ducked and the motion sent my shoulder into the wall. The hallway was getting smaller. Yet I continued to race down its endless corridor. I had to find those whispers. “…but it’s closed,” I heard. “Not the one downstairs.” My other shoulder was brushing against the wall now too. I had to crab sideways to make any progress. “…fucking amazing…” the voice exclaimed before fading away. “No!” I screamed as I tried to squeeze down the hall. But I could barely move; the hallway had gotten so small. Then I looked down and saw more people in the doorway, watching. They were smaller too. No. I was bigger. I looked down and gasped and my naked form. I was still growing. Arms the size of a grown man’s waist flailed out and crushed the walls as if made of paper. I stretched and flexed biceps the size of soccer balls. Legs bigger than a hundred year oak and covered with veins broke through the walls as I stood to full height and crushed the ceiling with my head. A roar escaped my lips and sent the mesmerized bystanders fleeing. Air, I needed air. “I see you’re already ready for me,” the whisper said. I gasped as a rush of energy exploded from my groin. I stood tall and stretched my ever growing body. I was pure energy. The hallway was a ruin. Nothing could stop me. I heard my voice mumbling, dazed and covered in film. I felt my body swell and stretch my skin like a balloon. So much power. I felt amazing. The world began to blur as I flexed every muscle in my body. I was free. The orgasmic lust in my groin grew and with it the world around me grew hazy before fading into darkness. I blinked. A faint silhouette sat hauntingly before my now open eyes. “I said you’re already ready for me,” I heard a woman’s voice say as she stroked my dick with her hand. I moaned in pleasure as I slowly woke up and let the dream fade from memory. Night filled the window but the faint glow of moonlight glinted off McKenzie’s perfect face and form. She was naked and a silver glow lined the graceful yet ample musculature of her body. “Whatever happened to knocking?” I asked as my hand reached up and cupped her breast. She took that as an invitation to climb on top of me. “Well maybe you should start locking your door,” she whispered as she slowly worked me inside of her. It was as tight a fit as ever but she slowly glided onto me. My world exploded as did hers. Where would I find such a woman back home? I was too big for anyone else. Sleepiness was bulldozed by sexual arousal. I wanted to take her like the night before but instead let her run the show as she so liked do. My body felt like it had been hit by a truck. Besides, I was strangely distracted. I couldn’t remember my dream but it left behind a seed of worry. I felt my eyebrows furrow. McKenzie either didn’t notice or didn’t care. She rested a knee on either side of my waist and used her thighs to raise and lower herself onto me. I watched as the lines of her body moved and danced with each thrust. She leaned over and massaged my chest with her hands. “I thought,” she said, already breathless. “I thought you’d be bigger tonight.” I laughed and made my dick jump. The effort shoved her forward and nearly toppled her over. “I’m big enough,” I whispered. She smiled dangerously and flexed some unknown muscle in her vagina. I came immediately as she clawed my stone shoulders. “Careful there, big guy,” she whispered into my ear before bighting the earlobe. “I’m stronger than I was last night.” Suddenly I thought of Trevor and his strange, but satisfying, theory. Maybe he was right, I thought with a grin McKenzie pushed me back and grabbed my traps for leverage until she was done. A few minutes later she was lying on top of me, rubbing her fingers from the hair of my crotch to the nape of my neck and back down. She had no choice but to lay on me as I practically engulfed the mattress. She complained about it more than one. “You love it,” I said as I flexed a pec and bounced her into the air. She smiled but her eyes were distant. “What’s wrong?” I asked. She was silent for a moment. “Nothing,” she said, then stopped herself. “Well, I’m sure it’s nothing.” I flexed my pec again and sent her head flying. “Out with it,” I demanded as she smacked my other pec. “I don’t know,” she said quietly. “There’s just something going on around here. There’s you, of course. You woke up half the hall last night and the site of your gargantuan body walking naked down the hall has sent the dozen eyes that saw you leave my room into a tizzy. We don’t talk about what’s going on here but…” She yawned and her hand rested on the expanse of my left bicep. She gave it a squeeze and smiled below closed eyes. “Today was different,” she said as sleep began to take her. “Different?” I asked. “I dunno, it’s probably nothing,” she said again. “It just seems like people are whispering in dark corners.” With that, her breath slowed to the steady rhythm of sleep. I was wide awake now and my mind raced with semi-connected thoughts. I had never been the sharpest knife in the drawer but I had been the only one who figured out about those pills in a dorm full of supposedly smart college freshmen. So why did that see of worry suddenly shoot leaves. My unidentifiable worry didn’t let up but I was still exhausted from the gym today and sleep finally came to me as well. * * * I awoke to golden rays of sun and was surprised to find no sign of McKenzie. Maybe I dreamt that too, I wondered. I sat up and braced myself for an epic post-workout pain that wasn’t there. I felt fine. In fact, I felt wonderful. Wonderful enough to go to the gym again. I wasted no time. I got dressed in some more of Kevin’s clothes and after a quick brushing of my teeth I grabbed the gym bag and was heading down the stairs. I walked to the hall’s front door and, as I opened it, nearly ran into a delivery guy holding what looked to be a dozen meals worth of Chinese food. “Finally,” he said as he picked up his stash. “I’ve been trying to call for—“ He stopped cold when he looked up at the giant who opened the door. “Shit,” was all he said before waddling by me and through the door I was holding. Not taking his eyes off me, he turned and made his way down the stairs. I laughed to myself as I shut the door behind me. I’d only been down there once (what seemed like ages ago while trying to break into the “janitor’s” closet) but was sure no one lived in the basement. Besides, who orders Chinese food at 9 am? I walked around the building and into the “beach” area between Powers Hall and the other three dorms which bordered it. The sun was warm and my skin felt like it was absorbing every photon. I smiled at the perfect day. Maybe there was time to get a little sun before I hit the gym. It was spring break after all. Being so early in the morning, by college standards, there wasn’t anyone else to share the beach with so I meandered to a grassy area near the base of the muscle dorm where the sun was able to reach. I put my gym bag down and as I started to lie down I noticed a steady roar of rock music coming from the building. It seemed to be coming from behind two translucent slit windows inches above the ground. I crept closer, trying to get a better look through the hazy glass. “It’s the Powers weight room,” a voice called at my back. I turned and stood up to full height. In front of me was a suddenly awestricken teen in a white tank top. Perhaps 5’10 and 180, he was in decent shape but wouldn’t turn any heads. He suddenly seemed to be at a loss for words. “There’s a gym in the basement?” I asked incredulously. “Um, yeah,” the kid called back as he worked up his courage. “Every dorm area has a weight room that no one uses. Rusty plates a high school wouldn’t take; a few dumbbells with the rubber guards falling off; shitty machines; the usual.” I looked back towards the window. “Well someone is using it now.” And was digging into a truckload of Chinese food. “Well there’s always a few nerds down there who are too scared to go to a real gym,” he said to my turned head. Something tickled the back of my brain but a pressure against my stomach shattered my concentration. I turned to find this guy I’d never met rubbing his hands over the bricks of my abdomen. His eyes, which barely came to the center of my chest, were completely infatuated. “Can I help you?” I asked, laughing. The effort made my stomach tighten and the ravines between my abs deepen. He pulled his hand back as if bitten. Yet no embarrassment blossomed on his cheeks. He looked…determined. “Look,” he started. “I’ve seen you around. You weighed less than me back in the fall.” His eyes fogged a bit. “So did my friend, Clayton.” He looked back at me. “I saw you and your jock friend walking through here every day from my window over there.” He pointed to one of the halls across from Powers. “And every day you two were a little bigger. A little taller. And you two weren’t the only ones; just the first.” His eyes turned to a non-descript window on the second floor. “He doesn’t even talk to me anymore. He only hangs out with people from the muscle dorm now.” He looked back at me again. “You don’t know how hard it is to watch your best friend from elementary school get a little bigger than you every day until he finally just moves on.” The kid went silent and I took that as my cue to speak. I could only look my feet and feel somewhat awkward. “Actually, I know exactly what that feels like.” I looked at him and saw myself in his eyes. “Maybe it’s time you caught up.” CHAPTER 11 “Uhhh,” David groaned as I rolled over a speed bump. “I just verped. Holy shit, why did you make me eat so much?” I laughed and gave him a pat on the shoulder with my free arm. “Eat big, grow big, Dave,” I said with an intentionally obnoxious tone. David replied with a burp. I laughed again and reached to the back seat and fumbled clumsily through my gym bag while trying to keep an eye on the road. About an hour had passed since I heard David’s sad story about how his high school buddy was suddenly bitten by the muscle bug and left him in the dust. My decision to take this kid under my wing wasn’t solely due to the obvious similarities between our two stories. To be vain (and narcissistic), this guy had the potential to be as good looking as me. He had eyes as blue as sapphires which shimmered just as brightly. Beneath a slight layer of baby fat was an angular face that could have graced the cover of magazines. All he needed was a little muscle to make him into an Adonis. I finished fumbling through my bag and pulled out the infamous water bottle. “Here,” I said nonchalantly. “Take a swig of this and wash that food back down.” David took hold of it and unscrewed the cap. I saw the outline of the liquid within through the translucent plastic as it tilted towards his mouth. My breath caught as I thought of that intoxicating elixir entering David’s unsuspecting veins. David himself must have sensed something. He stopped before even a drop fell on his tongue and pushed bottle back to my hand. “Dude, when was the last time you washed this thing. It smells like dirt.” “Relax,” I said. “It’s just…tepid. Trust me; it tastes better than the puke you’re gargling right now.” David looked at me warily. “I think I’ll pass.” I saw the distrust behind those eyes as he forced the bottle back into my grip. The guy thinks he’s the butt of a joke, I thought. I looked at him for a moment, his slightly fluffy body appearing formless in his white muscle tee. His gut protruded past his chest by a fair margin thanks to the breakfast I forced on him. It would be a shame to see that go to waste. The thought of this new friend of mine growing was more than I could pass up…and deep down I knew that I was just looking for an excuse for what I was about to do. I lifted the bottle and took a gulp of its contents. He was right, it smelled (and tasted)like dirt. Heart racing, I handed the bottle back. “Trust me,” I said. “Just a few gulps.” The distrust was replaced by wariness but he did as I told him and took a couple swigs. By now, the pellet had completely dissolved and we were drinking highly concentrated muscle juice. I only hoped I could still fit in Kevin’s clothes when they day was done. “Bleh,” David said as he recapped the bottle. “I think I preferred the puke.” I said nothing. The strangely exhilarating thought of what David was about to become was suddenly overcome by that familiar nagging tickle in the back of my brain. Although mute, it had proven to be an indicator of chaos (good or bad) in the past. We got to the gym and retrieved our gym bags from the trunk; both were loaded with high calorie foodstuffs. My bag alone weighed about forty pounds, more than I’d need for a single workout but I found the thought of putting that much more weight on exhilarating. Besides, the way the weight, however insignificant, made my arm swell was satisfaction enough. Fuck, I can’t wait to get into that gym! The juice was definitely taking effect. “I think you’re over-estimating my capabilities,” David said as he lumbered alongside me with his own overstuffed bag. “I don’t think I’ll eat for a week, let alone feast on all this shit you had me buy.” I sighed. “You’re a little whiney bitch aren’t you?” I asked as I reached in front of his face and flexed a bicep bigger than his head. Dense, bunched fibers bulged from my arm and his jaw dropped. “How many times do I have to tell you to trust me?” Whether due to my physically intimidating display or the juice hitting his system, determination spread across David’s face like a tidal wave. He didn’t answer me. He didn’t have to. We strolled into the gym and I greeted the young desk attendant with a wink. “Holy Christ, another one?” the guy said as he put his fitness magazine down. “Where are y’all coming from?” I smiled and bounced my boulder-like pecs. “There’s no one else like me,” I said as I strolled by, feeling confident and a little buzzed. The juice was potent. I could see it in David too. He was breathing more deeply and his eyed were both glazed and determined. I suddenly wondered if I’d wasted most of the prior pill’s power by putting it on my skin instead of just drinking all of it. That seemed to be so much more effective. I thought of the mostly full bottle sloshing around in my gym bag. “Hold up,” I said as we walked in the locker room. “Can you pull that scale over here?” A moment later, I was standing with each foot on a scale. Each maxed out at 300 but together… “Fuck dude,” David said at my side. “Three thirty-five!” I could only smile as I stepped off. The two of us threw our bags in random lockers and headed to the gym. Eyes bored into me from every corner of the gym but I ignored them and made my way over to the dumb bell section. I wrapped my hands around a pair of sixties and looked over at David, who had his hands wrapped around a set of twenties. His pale formless arms protruded from his sleeveless tank like albino slugs but they twitched in anticipation of a metamorphosis they didn’t quite understand. “You ready for this shit?” I asked him. “More than you know,” he said. We picked up our weights and the world went wild. We didn’t care who heard; we didn’t care who saw. We were completely transfixed in each other and the weights without a thought of anything else. Oh god, I lived for this shit. I felt my body begin to expand almost from the moment I picked those sixties up. But while my change was visibly negligible, David morphed before my eyes. Within a few sets, the soft lining of his frame started to disintegrate and was replaced by the hard lines of an athlete. He was a fucking natural and his body exploded as if waiting its whole life to do so. The soft balls of his shoulders suddenly had creases along their sides. Those creases appeared to grow deeper as his shoulders grew outward. Over the hour that became two and then three, striations branched across the muscle as his skin grew taught. He screamed as he performed a final, shaking rep of curls before throwing his thirty fives to the ground and giving the mirror most muscular. Lats, invisible a moment before, were suddenly protruding from his ribs. He hadn’t even worked that muscle group out yet. Soft thirteen inch arms were now pumped fifteen inchers covered with the faint outline of muscle-feeding veins. “Give me a spot,” David ordered as he lifted a pair of nineties off the rack next to me. Without objecting to who ordered who around here, I stood behind him on the incline bench and gave him a lift to the starting position of an inclined press. He cried out as he let the weights fall and I worried he was going to break himself. But he caught them just in time and his arms shook in epileptic jerks as he tried (unsuccessfully) to push them back up. I put my hands under his elbows and started to push. “Fuck you!” he screamed through short, desperate breaths. I pulled my hands away and watched in awe as his shaking arms slowly started to make upward progress. The flat chest rising up above his low collar suddenly started to swell, first in thin sinews which each expanded outward until two pectoral bulges defined themselves on either size of an increasingly deepening rift. Finally, his shaking arms finished the rep. I moved to relieve him of the weights but he drove me away with a stare. Again he let the weight fall. This pecs stretched like an overlapping pile of cables. Then he pushed the weight up again. And again and again. He roared as punched out another half dozen reps as blinding speed before finally letting the weights fall and drop to the ground with a crash. David bounced up from the deck. “Yeah!” he screamed at the mirror and gave it a most muscular. His triceps had balled up into dense horseshoes and those faint veins were now bulging on his arms. His pecs were a dark red on his pale skin and looked like a mountain range. He turned and surprised me by punching me in the gut. I flexed my abs before the second one landed. “These-fucking-squeezes-are-fucking-incredible,” he yelled, each word punctuated by a jab on my wall of abdominal muscles. By the time he was done, the punches had actually started to hurt. Breathless and crazed, David stepped back, hands still balled into fists. His increasingly defined shoulders and now bulging chest rose and fell with each deep breath. His arms looked ready to explode, they were so pumped. Any semblance of baby fat had melted from his frame. I was slightly jealous to admit that he was now better looking than me. The lines on his face were perfect. He didn’t seem to notice or care. “I’m hungry,” he said, quietly for a change. I could only oblige. I was famished myself. If I ate like a pig, he ate like a titan. I found myself full after about ten pounds of food but he made it through most of his bag before finally finishing. Gut protruding as grossly as when we arrived, David started making his to the locker room door. “Uh, David?” I said carefully. David turned, eyes glazed like a stoner. I had to take a mental step back. The soft 180 pound kid from the morning had completely transformed. He was now a 200 pound ball of muscle. He filled out his sleeveless top in all the right places. Sweat-sheened boulders popped out of each sleeve and capped swollen arms too swollen with blood-gorged muscle to be called cut. The cleavage of his upper chest ran like a canyon from his collar to the nape of his neck and well-formed traps seemed to pull his neck wider. His dazed eyes grew questioning and I shook myself from my stupor. I pointed at the tent in his pants. “You may want to take care of that,” I said with a grin. “Else it will take care of itself at a more inopportune time.” David looked down, shrugged and found himself a stall. Without closing the door, he dropped his gym pants and started jerking off. A second later, he looked over his shoulder. “A little privacy?” I laughed, stood up, and left the locker room. I was still more than half again his size but couldn’t shake David’s perfection. A moment later I was staring at own reflection, taking in what 335+ pounds of solid muscle looked like. There probably wasn’t a specimen like me anywhere on the planet. I took the rest of the room in, comparing myself to them. They were ants. I flexed my arms and watched the twenty something inch boulders grow and grow and grow. I got back to working out and was three sets in before David and his swollen gut returned from the bathroom. “Shy testicles?” I asked jokingly. “Let’s get back to work,” he said stoically. While the adrenaline was somewhat diminished for me, it was still bulldozing through him. He moved from one exercise to another with no rest. David continued to expand. I guess I was as well. My pump was incredible and it I felt myself getting wider in every direction. David was finding it increasingly difficult to constructively express the fury boiling inside of him. Aside from punching me with increasingly punishing swings of his fist, he would grab immobile objects like weight machines and try bending them in half. Those working out in the gym with us became gawkers as the scene became increasingly violent. I was left with moments of peace only during his frequent jerkoff breaks. But each time he returned, it was always with an increased fervor I couldn't explain. Awe turned into nervousness as David grew increasingly strong. Although still a runt compared to me, his strength exceeded his size by a large margin and I had to make him stop punching my stomach. There was little doubt it would be a wall of purple the next morning. And he wasn’t slowing down. Four hours after we first got there, I found myself as part of the crowd just watching the show. Surely, his body would slow down soon. I hadn’t been that crazed had I? I was pretty sure that I was able to contain myself during those “low dose” workouts. It wasn’t until I started really upping the amount I was consuming. And David had only taken a gulp or to more than I had this morning. Hadn’t he? David roared and threw the 120 pound dumbbell he was using at the floor as if spiking a football. The impact left a crack in the foamed padding that I knew must extend to the concrete below. Every eye was on my new protégé as he paced maniacally in a small circle, eyes crazed and posture drunk with power. Sweat bled through his top, the damp fabric glued to his bulging body like wallpaper. His slowly expanding shoulders and chest heaved as he gasped for enough breath to fuel his next set. It was hard to tell if the writhing muscle beneath his skin was just twitching or if they were growing before my eyes. That was when he noticed me, with his head turned and eyes looking over his shoulder. Those sapphire eyes, sharp and clear and menacing. Then his lips curled in a faint smirk. Beneath those darkening eyes, that cocky grin spoke to me through a bull horn and a cool wind suddenly brushed against my newly clammy skin. Oh no. I turned and raced to the locker room and threw open my locker. There, among the empty coffins of food I never ate was my gym bag. And in the gym bag was my water bottle. And in the water bottle was barely enough water to cling to a finger tip. Suddenly the world was no longer in my control. I turned and like a zombie made my way back into the weight room, empty bottle in my hand. I passed the gym manager as he practically begged his two biggest trainers to do something to stop this growing monster. The two obviously wanted no part in it. The man turned to me, noticing my size, and started pleading with me instead. I walked by without hearing a word. I stepped to the two dozen other students, now staring at the rabid beast doing pull-ups with 135 pounds of plates hanging from his belt. His lats flared like demon wings from beneath arms as dense as stone. His top was now straining to contain his ever growing girth. An obscene growth bounced in his shorts with every lift, hardly camouflaged beneath an ever widening stain. Rep after rep after rep. He roared with fury and the bars holding him bent as he jerked himself up over and over again. Yes, I was bigger. But his eyes held a power mine never did. And within him was a seed that would grow into something that would make me a speck of dust to him. And he'd fed it with all the food we brought with us that morning. When he looked at me again, the smirk became a smile that only showed his teeth. He had played me for a fool. And I had played along. Before I knew it, I was backing up and then racing for the front door. I was as big as anyone had ever been. But never had I felt so small. * * * I ran from the parking lot up the grassy beach to my brother's dorm, mind racing. I was about to let a maniac loose on the campus; one powerful enough to treat its entirety like a personal punching bag. I still had the empty bottle in my hands. He’d practically taken a whole pill. I’d done the same but wasted most of it by rubbing on my skin. And I’d gained well over a hundred pounds. What was to become of David? The rock music still blasted from the dorm basement as I made my way around it and to the entryway door. It wasn't until I nearly slammed into a Sonny's BBQ delivery guy making his way out that I was shaken from my thoughts. He looked up at me just as the Chinese food delivery guy from the morning had. Only the sight of me didn't put him in utter awe this time. He was in awe already; the sentiment was already buried in his eyes. His dazed expression didn't even notice me. I let him by without a comment. Puzzle pieces were now snapping together and forming a picture in my mind. As the picture grew clear, I scolded myself for not seeing it sooner. But even the brightest of light is invisible to those not looking at it. Heart pounding, I took a hesitant step down the stairs towards the blasting music. Half a level down, I passed the infamous janitor closet from the semester before. I turned and made my way the down final half level to the Powers Gym doors. Behind them, partially hidden under the notes, were the telltale sounds of metal crashing and men grunting. Peeking through the split between the doors yielded a narrow view which gave little away. Shadows danced with the light but that was all. The proximity did let me make out voices. The closest one, although unintelligible, sounded familiar. Something is different, McKenzie had told me the night before as she dozed off. Why had I thought of that? I took hold of the door handle and turned it ever so slowly, hoping the boom of the music and the clank of steel would overpower the cries of rusty hinges. I had dreamed that night too. I heard voices in the darkness, whispering, plotting. What that a figment of my mind or did I overhear something in the hallway as I slept? I heard the dull click of the door latch releasing and slowly pushed the door forward an inch. Then two. The shadows became figures. I pushed the door open an inch more. He’s massive and said he can show us how, the voice in my dream had said. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Giants roamed the basement of Powers Hall. There was no other way to describe them. There were three figures that I could see. Their heads were mere centimeters from the ceiling and their frames made mine look…average. Arms the size of watermelons picked up bars loaded to capacity with rusty 45 pound plates and curled them with ease. Their biceps swelled like balloons to the size of a man’s waist. Shoulders as big as the 45 pound plates boiled with every movement and themselves were mere baubles compared to backs with muscle upon muscle upon muscle that stepped up to the base of their skulls and fell like sides of beef to narrow yet ripped waists. They were naked. Clothes their size would be rare. They were obviously relishing their new bodies. Their striated asses were granite boulders atop thighs as wide as a normal man’s upper torso. Their calves alone were the size of basketballs. I couldn’t take my eyes away. They could have broken me in half. How? Then a forth figure stepped into the light. He held an entire roasted chicken in his giant hand and tore off a quarter of it with his teeth, not caring if the bite included bones. I saw—his legs! They were inhuman. Ten seconds ago I thought my body was the epitome of human size. Then those three monsters proved just how much more the human body was capable of. Now, this god of a human stretched the horizon even further. I don’t know if I could have gotten my arms around either leg but it would be close nonetheless. Veins ran like rivers over the mountains of his quads. They made it hard for me to breathe. His upper body was beyond anything I’d seen but paled in comparison to those titan legs. My eyes trailed up to his face but I knew who I’d see. That mop of hair. The recessed chin. Those sharp eyes. The guy who’s legs had always far outpaced the rest of him. It was Cody. Dorky Cody. The same Cody who literally looked up to me, eyes hungry and himself feeling small in my presence. And look at him now. “Well those didn’t last long,” Cody said as he swallowed the last of the chicken. His voice boomed over the music. He had to duck just to keep his head from hitting the ceiling. “Rick, you’re up. I’m thinking pizza again. A dozen larges.” The other three laughed as one got his phone out and the others returned to their weights. Cody just watched his friends relishing in his dominion. His left hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it caressed his own body from upper chest down to upper thigh and back. I found myself wanting to touch it too. Suddenly my two inch window opened completely and I found myself falling forward. “Well look who I found,” a voice boomed overhead. I looked up from my knees and found myself inches away from a man’s crotch, his meat dangling like a grandfather clock pendulum. I looked up further across deep cascades of abs and around a pair of pecs that hung like crags from his chest. Above those slabs was Rick’s face staring down at me, phone pressed to his ear. My face grew red. My heart raced as the others hooted from the other side of the gym. Suddenly the music was off and I was surrounded. Rick just laughed and sauntered off through the doors to the base of the stairs, putting in their pizza order. One of the others put his arm around my shoulders. He felt like a molten rock against me. His skin was hot and slick with sweat. He smelled of iron and musk. The sturdiness of him made me feel pudgy by comparison. “You must be Ryan,” he said as he squeezed me. “Your brother isn’t going to be happy about this, is he?” I knew that voice. It was deeper and more powerful now but two days ago I’d heard it. I was in the shower and heard him talking to his friend about how small he was. Aaron? Joe? I didn’t have time to think about it before Cody stepped up to me. My eyes barely reached the others’ nose but they only made it to Cody’s Adam’s apple, putting him over 8 feet tall. Up close, with the overhead lights spilling down over his shoulders and setting off his body in light and shadow, he looked even bigger. I gulped. He smiled. “Hey there Ryan,” he said with his head bent down to avoid breaking through the concrete ceiling. “Surprised to see us?” He stepped back and raised his arms in a double bicep that even made his friends gasp. “How?” was all I could muster. The three of them laughed and Cody dropped his arms. “Awe, Ryan. What’s the fun in giving that away when you're sure to find out yourself?” he asked as he reached down and picked up a pair of gym shorts from the ground. After searching the pockets, he dropped the shorts and held the contents in his closed fist. “People will notice,” I heard myself say, instantly wincing. That resulted in even more laughter. Rick entered the room and threw his phone back on the pile of clothes. Cody stepped back up and I was again encircled by these monsters. “Of course they’ll notice. The whole world will notice.” He held out his hand and I looked down. “But not yet, right? We’re only just beginning.” I looked down and saw four of the muscle pellets looking like sand colored tic-tacs in his giant hands. The breath rushed from my lungs. They only laughed harder as Cody gave each of his friends a pill, leaving the last for himself. “Bottoms up, boys,” Cody said and the four of them each swallowed an entire pellet. My brain went into overload and I took a step back, hitting a brick wall that was Aaron or Joe. Rick held his palms against each other and started pumping his arms as if expecting to watch them grow before his eyes. Maybe they were. All four were suddenly and passionately fixated on each other's body. I ducked under Cody and raced to the door, letting their laughter chase me into the stairwell. “You should have shared!” I heard Cody yell from the gym as I continued my race up the stairs. Two flights later, I burst into my brother’s dorm room and started grabbing my things and stuffing them into my duffle bag. I had to get out of here. Let Rhys figure this shit out. Hell, I’ll leave him a couple of my pellets for good measure. The pellets. I stopped and turned to the desk. Two steps brought me to the drawer. I opened it and the world grew cold. Maybe you should start locking your door, McKenize had once told him. The drawer held only dust. The mystery was solved but I felt no relief. I backed away from the desk, hands grabbing chucks of hair on either side of my head. What was I to do? Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. McKenzie? Cody? My brother? “Who’s there?” I heard myself say, voice shaky and trodden. I was answered only by another knock. Firmer this time. I stepped to the door and turned the knob. Behind it was the last person I expected or wanted to see. Standing in the door frame, starting at me with eyes cold with anger, was Dr. Powers. He spoke with barely hidden disdain. "We have a problem, don't we?" CHAPTER 12 Dr. Powers slipped by me as if he owned the room. “Shut the door,” he ordered. I obliged then turned to face him, finding the greying man standing in the middle of the room with his hands held thoughtfully behind his back. He stared at me through cold blue eyes. I returned a glare just as cold and prepared to stand my ground. The events of the previous few hours put me in no mood to be lectured by a man I could crush with one hand. Although nearing sixty by the look of his face, he was still an impressive figure by normal standards and filled out his clothes well. Silver lined his temples while a thick and neatly combed salt-pepper mix covered the rest. His eyes were a sharp and clear blue; a bombardier’s eyes that spoke of a dark intelligence within. They searched my body mechanically and with purely scientific interest. His demeanor was harsh. He stood perhaps six feet tall and could have weighed two hundred pounds. It was hard to tell exactly through the suit he was wearing. “What do you want?” I boomed and crossed my arms before me, letting my chest flair and arms swell. I was a giant compared to him: my nearly seven foot tall body bulging with muscle upon muscle capable of bending him in half. He had to sense the disparity even if his face remained flat. “Impressive,” the doctor stated mechanically as his eyes searched my frame. Once satisfied, his steely gaze shifted from my leg to my eyes. “How do you feel? Heart issues? Back pain? Joint problems? Bones feel strong? Are you urinating regularly-“ “I’m fine,” I said, a little taken aback by his choice of topics. “Good,” he said as he stepped towards me. Everything happened so fast. One second I was towering over him, his eyes level with my sternum. Then he revealed something hidden behind his back. Then there was pain. So much pain. The world rolled before my eyes. I tried to resist, to fight. Something slammed against my back. I heard a crash. Confused and dazed, I looked up to see Dr. Powers standing over me with a black metal pole in his hand. He stepped over me as I tried in vain to get up. My muscles only spasmed uselessly. “Why” dribbled from my lips. Without a word, the doctor stabbed at me with the black pole. There was a hissing sound as I was wracked with a pain double that of the first. I tried to scream but the world went black before I could open my mouth. * * * I heard voices, garbled voices, as if I were overhearing a conversation under water. My head hurt and that feeling of cotton stuffed between my ears was back in force. It was the dazed and confused feeling I’d had each time I woke up after…wait…Had I taken another pill? My heart leaped. How big was I now? Wait, that wasn’t right. This feeling was different. Something was wrong. I opened my eyes and was greeted by a blurred world. There was movement. A tall shape and a short shape. They were only dark talking blobs. And they were both taller than me…wait. No. I was looking at them from the ground. I tried to raise my head and was terrified to discover I couldn’t move it. Panic boiled in my gut. I tested my legs again, then my arms, my fingers. Nothing. I tried to yell for help but only a negligible gurgle came out. The panic cleared my mental fog like a wildfire. Dr. Powers! He’s here. He…tazed me! I tried again to move but all was in vain. All I could do was try to blink away the blur. And listen. “You need his blood, Ben,” I heard Dr. Powers’ voice say. “But the anesthesia is swimming in there too. It attacks the nervous system quickly, though, so he’ll take the brunt of it. You will likely only be put in a light sleep.” “No matter,” I heard a frail yet determined voice respond. “My god he is a specimen.” A pause. “Rick, he’s waking up!” The rising panic in the frail man’s voice was not mirrored by Powers. “Well look whose back,” he said as his slowly sharpening form moved over me. I finally blinked the blur away to reveal those cold blue eyes staring at me from above. Rage filled me as I fought against those invisible chains which bound by body. I could hear a growl begin in my gut and felt my head start to swing ever so slightly side-to-side, but that was the physical extent of my rage. Dr. Powers laughed and turned his attention to a metal pole rising from somewhere over my head. It appeared to be an IV stand and attached to it was a giant bag of clear, yellowish liquid. “Let’s just up the dose a bit,” he said as he fiddled with something out of my eyesight. I rolled my eyes down and that’s when I noticed the tubes. A half dozen were jutting out from my still massive form. Two held the clear liquid and entered in at my wrist. Four others were filled with a deep crimson liquid which could only have been my blood. Those tubes were as thick as drinking straws and erupted from the meatiest part of each arm and thigh. Suddenly my body felt cold and those invisible chains grew tighter. What limited movement I had suddenly disappeared. I looked back up at Dr. Powers and saw he was done fiddling with the IV. Now I could only stare at my captors with cold hate. As Powers finished with the IV, the second figure waited patiently from a wheelchair. He was ancient, well over eighty. He also looked incredibly familiar. He wore pressed slacks and a white, buttoned dress shirt that hung on his bony frame like a curtain. His cloudy eyes had intensity but the face they were planted in sagged like a deflated balloon. Most of his scalp was mottled with dark spots. What little hair he owned either blobbed like weeds on his brow or fell in scattered strands from scalp to his neck. He stared at me with obvious hunger. Finished with the IV, Powers turned back and stared over me, eyes searching. I looked down at my useless body. I was where I had fallen, giant legs sprawled on the floor and my torso lying on my brother’s mattress. The frame of the bed had collapsed as I fell on it and I found myself partially sitting, mostly lying on both the floor and bed. I was surprised to find that I was naked. I forced my eyes back on Dr. Powers, and found myself locked in his gaze. “You ready to give back what you borrowed?” he asked. Without a pause, he turned back to the familiar man in the wheelchair. “Come on up, Ben. Let’s get you on the bed.” As he gingerly helped the elderly man to his feet and guided him to my brother’s roommate’s bed, I wracked my brain to remember who he was. I’d seen those eyes, that face. Even the wheelchair. Whoever he was, he kept staring at me with those hungry eyes. What did he want from me? “We hoped this wouldn’t be necessary, boy,” Powers said after he laid his friend down. He then bent down a picked up four thick clear tubes. I looked back at my body and saw four similar tubes stick in each thigh and the meatiest part of each arm. A quick scan revealed that my blood-filled tubes ran into small machine before emerging empty on the other side and were now being inserted into similar parts of the old man’s body. “You’ll be okay, Ben,” he said tenderly. “When you wake up you will be a new man.” With that, he turned on the machine separating my tubes from Ben’s and suddenly the blood on my side rushed into Ben’s side and entered his body. The man groaned as his gaze held mine. Then his eyes grew heavy his breathing feeble. After a moment, they closed. I turned my attention back to Dr. Powers, who was already staring at me. “Don’t judge me, boy,” he said with a sneer. “You should be down in the Bahamas with your pretty-boy roommate. It’s not my fault you stumbled on this little secret.” He turned and started making his way around the room, which I only now realized was trashed. Every drawer was open with contents thrown haphazardly onto the floor. “I made this medication for us, but they need a young man’s body to work. Truth be told, it was your roommate who seemed the best fit for this experiment. A half dozen pills only gave me an extra twenty pounds. For Ben Fitz here they were useless. But for you…” his eyes flickered to my body. “Well, let’s say we didn’t expect them to work so well. How many did you take? Five? Six? All of them?” He didn’t wait for a response he knew I was unable to provide. How surprised would he be to discover I’d taken only one? Dr. Powers continued to search the room for any pills I’d saved. His search was interrupted as a crash shook the room and was followed by a herd of thunderous voices. Their laugher boomed through the door and their footsteps made the ground shake. My breath caught. The boys from the basement had emerged and, by the sound of things, were much bigger than the giants I’d run away from earlier today. The torrent of sound erupting from them audibly made its way down the hallway, leaving Dr. Powers in what only could be called a stupor. As the sound faded down the hall, Powers made his way to the door. He opened it and peeked towards the chaos. Upon seeing the scene out of my eyeshot, his jaw dropped. “My god,” he whispered. Without another word he gathered his things and bolted from the room, closing and locking the door behind him. Now it was only this mysterious Ben Fitz and myself, connected by some blood machine what was…what? Going to make him younger? He appeared to be the same old geezer I saw sitting in the wheelchair when I— Suddenly the memory came flooding back. Ben Fitz. The Fitz Mafia…this crusty old man was the honorary mascot of my brother’s workout group. The pieces were slowly fitting together. I felt my heart race in its paralyzed body. Dr. Powers and Dr. Fitz were the co-authors of the paper I found on gene therapy. And the tenants of this dorm were their lab rats. Both had their eyes all over this place. A groan shook me from my thoughts. Although still wispy, it was stronger than the frail and shaking voice I’d heard from Fitz so far. He was still the old man. Yet… Didn’t his shirt once sit on him like a tent? Although still oversized, there was definitely a form under that fabric; not just a skeleton with skin. Had his face filled out a bit? A gloom bubbled across my consciousness as the consequences became clear. I looked at my own body. It was still the superhuman form I’d come to expect but…was it getting smaller? As the minutes ticked by, my hunch became fact. I could feel my muscles slowly drain as my blood pumped into a growing Ben Fitz. As his chest filled the shirt and the skin on his face regained its youth, my body slowly but surely began shrinking away. I did not want to lose this body! Panic-stricken, I fought against the paralytic drug with everything I had. All I had to do was shake the IV free. More muscle draining minutes wore by with no progress. Then I heard the sagging mattress groan. It must be working. I fought harder and harder against those chemical bounds. More groaning. Shrinking or not, I was still over three hundred pounds propped against this shattered bed. A few more rocks and… Crash! The frame gave its final death cry and collapsed completely. I fell awkwardly, my entire body now lying on the floor. A quick scan sank my heart as I realized that not only was the IV still firmly attached to my wrists (and neck!), the draining tubes were as well. To make matters worse, I could no longer see Dr. Fitz. All I saw were the tell-tale tubes reaching up from the machine of the floor and disappearing over the corner of the mattress. Exhausted, paralyzed, and now blind to what was happening, I felt resignation seep into me. Minutes turned into hours and I could only watch as my crumpled body began to wither away. The definition and vascularity remained but the size mysteriously disappeared. In turn, I heard the sporadic moans escaping Ben Fitz’s mouth grow deeper and stronger. More than once, the bed groaned beneath his ever increasing weight as he stole it from me. Arms as big as a womans waist withered: 26 inches, 25, 24, 23. The sides of beef that made up my chest deflated like a balloon. The deep canyons of my 40 inch thighs grew shallow. I closed my eyes, unable to witness the slow, inevitable return to my once scrawny self. Footsteps. A familiar voice. I opened my eyes as the door knob rattled. I must have dozed off, only this time the memory of what had happened remained stuck in my brain like shards of glass. I immediately looked down at my body. Once one of the most powerful specimens on the planet, it now looked very similar to the healthy yet narrow frame I began the week with. Only now my skin seemed to hang off me and puddle around my body. Although still a body many would kill for, the sight of it only made me want to sob. All that power. Gone. Only then did I notice the giant, vascular arm hanging over the side of the bed in front of me. A striated bowling ball shoulder, an equally impressive upper arm, and a bulging forearm mapped with sinew, veins and muscle. It was Dr Fitz and he was now overflowing the bed. I could see the top of his mountainous chest when it rose with every strong, deep breaths. He was the giant now. How long had I been out? Late afternoon light beamed through the window. The doorknob rattled again, which would have made me jump had I not been paralyzed. Dr. Powers was back. Now that I was drained, I was useless to him. What would he do to me? My breath got stuck in my throat as the door opened. An impressive figure strolled into the room but it wasn't Dr Powers. It was my brother.
  2. Jaypat

    Harvard Man (Part 2)

    Luke didn’t fall asleep until 5 in the morning. He slept for two hours, woke at 7, and felt perfectly rested. Of course, it was Saturday and he didn’t really need to get up, but he did anyway. But as he was getting showered and dressed, he had two realizations. First, his clothes barely fit him. All his jeans were uncomfortably tight and noticeably too short; the cuffs were above his ankles, half way to his calves. His shirt sleeves were short, too. But they could be rolled up to hide it. What could he do about his pants? He didn’t know, maybe new ones? Second, he hadn’t gotten any more muscular overnight. He felt a confusing mix of emotions over this. He was relieved, thinking maybe the whole thing might be over, but also disappointed at the same time, as part of him had been enjoying the increases in muscularity. But no, he couldn’t let himself feel that way. This was some kind of a condition and he had to resolve it. Of course, why he hadn’t grown was just as much of a mystery as why he had. “There’s no mystery,” he heard a voice inside him say. “You didn’t grow yesterday because you didn’t work out.” Of course, it was obvious. Exercise was somehow exacerbating the situation. “Okay, Luke,” he murmured. He had a bad habit of talking to himself. “No more exercise for a while. Take it slow.” What?! Even as he said it, he found something deep inside him bucking against the idea. Unbidden, the memory of the security guard warning him not to go out alone at night came to mind. He was suddenly angry. Not at the guard because he had been right. Luke couldn’t have defended himself. Luke was angry at himself. He should be able to defend himself! He’d been able to get that scholarship, earn his way to Harvard; why shouldn’t he be able to take a freakin’ walk at midnight? The answer was he should be able to. He was going to exercise, was going to get bigger, and was going to get stronger. He enjoyed the way it felt. Why shouldn’t he? Why shouldn’t he be able to protect himself? Muscles were ok in moderation. In fact they were a good idea. By the time he was done wracking the question in his head, he’d resolved to return to the gym. He’d just try and make sure he didn’t exert himself too much, so that he didn’t run the risk of developing too much. There wasn’t even really any assurance that whatever was happening with his body would continue. He smiled, having reassured himself, packed an old book bag with gym clothes, and left. Luke’s first stop was the dining hall where he scoffed a record setting breakfast. Since he was eating so much, he wondered if he shouldn’t be doubling up on the vitamins, too. But no, he figured that probably wasn’t necessary. Luke arrived at the gym and walked past the desk again, idly checking to see if The Douche was there. He wasn’t. That was reassuring. He flashed his ID and went through to the changing room, switching from his undersized clothes to his gym shorts and tank top. He stretched with a little pride and walked out onto the gym floor. There were plenty of people here, but they were all too busy training to notice him, which suited Luke just fine. There were dozens of machines that he frankly had no idea how to use; luckily, there was a large rack of dumb-bells available at the far end of the gym. He walked over and grabbed a pair of 25-pound weights. He figured lifting the 50-pounders again would be suicidal, and would probably just trigger another drastic transformation. 25 seemed to be a good middle ground. The weights did feel a little light in his hands, though. He tried a few bicep curls and found them almost embarrassingly easy. He set the weights back and grabbed a pair of 30s. They felt a little more solid, at least. He swung the dumbbells up in each arm, one after the other, his new muscles easily dominating the weights. After eight or nine repetitions, he started to feel the weight in his hands, the burn in his muscles. Oh yeah, this was what it was all about. He gritted his teeth and pulled the weight up slowly, watching his biceps peak at the top of the movement. The sight was waking something in him, a feeling he didn’t completely understand. He loved that pumped up bicep, fucking loved it! He let the weights fall back to his side with a shuddering gasp and looked at himself in the mirror. He liked what he saw. His arms, pressed against his side, looked bigger than ever. Yeah. A thin sheen of sweat had his hard body glistening, the smooth grid of his abs sharply visible beneath the fabric of his shirt. The image was mesmerizing, and it also drove him to move on! He went through another set of reps. As much as he loved watching his bicep bulge, he moved through the other exercises as well. He exercised his chest until he lost the pump and his back until it swelled hard with blood. He hadn’t meant to push himself so hard, but fuck, he couldn’t stop. He shifted to some weighted squats, surprising himself with how much he could lift. A leg press machine was free, so he hopped on that, pounding out a few repetitions with fervor. He didn’t even notice the numbers he was setting the weights to. He was past that; he just wanted whatever burned. By the time he was done, he was sweating buckets. His muscles were swollen from all the blood rushing to them. He checked himself out in a mirror and saw that his musculature was larger and more pronounced than before. The faintest outline of veins were even visible on his biceps. Feeling a kind of primal, visceral pride, he grinned and stumbled back to the changing rooms. When he checked his phone, he saw that it was nearly 1 PM. I got here at 9:30! Luke thought, feeling slightly uneasy. He hadn’t been able to keep track of the time. He’d gone from one exercise to the next, slowly trying out the complicated-looking machines until, by the end of his session, he’d been on nearly everything in the building. He realized a couple guys—both about as thin-but-chubby as Luke had been just two days ago—were staring at his arms. Luke grinned and flexed his bicep. His arm swelled eagerly. “Check out the guns,” he said, sounding more than a little cocky. He immediately felt mortified. Without another word, he pulled on his too small t-shirt and pants, then left the changing room as quickly as he could. What’s getting into me? That’s not the kind of thing I’d say! I’m an intellectual for crying out loud! He headed back to the dining hall, his stomach screaming for food, his thoughts flashing through his head like beams of light. While he’d been at the gym, time had seemed to go away. Why had he enjoyed that so much? What was it that had prompted him to show off like that? He just wished he knew more of what was going on with his body, and his mind. He ate another record setting meal and then walked back to the dorm, his longer strides moving him much quicker than before. He didn’t feel lethargic or tired, but rather impossibly energetic. It was like an electrical current was running beneath his skin. But somehow, as soon as he laid down on his bed, he dropped right off to sleep. As Luke slept, he felt the real world intruding on his dreams, pressing through the thin membrane between the waking and sleeping worlds. He felt pressure, all over his body, as though he were constantly moving outside of himself. He felt his arms bulging, his stomach tightening, his legs burning and throbbing. Through the sleepy haze of the dream he felt faint stabs of pain as his muscles rebuilt themselves. It hurt, but it felt good, too … and his dreams were only about himself, a genius, succeeding at Harvard, with a body fit for an Olympian…. Luke woke up groggily and slapped a hand to his face to try to wake himself up, and flinched at the pain. “Ow.” He felt strange. As the pall of sleep slipped away from him, he felt refreshed, though he was starving. A feeling of dread—tempered by anxious excitement—settled into the bottom of his stomach. He pushed himself to his feet and looked in his mirror again. “Whoa...” He was big. His biceps, once just a distinctive curve unless he was really flexing them, now protruded off of his arm, thick and heavy, even as they hung loosely at his sides. His triceps bulged up behind his arms, giving them substantial size. The vein that had been present at his workout had settled into permanent residence, snaking down his now beefy bicep and towards his wider forearms. His shoulders had grown as well, their curved shape defined and unmistakable, now. His back was definitely broader, pushing his arms off from his sides as they rested against the broad, thick muscles there. His abdominals were now unmistakably defined, and his thighs had a slight teardrop shape even when he was standing perfectly relaxed. And damn, he was pretty sure he’d gotten taller again, too. It looked like another couple of inches. He took shallow breaths, trying to calm himself. “Okay, it definitely didn’t stop,” Luke whispered under his breath, half-elated, half-terrified. He was torn between punching the air and running to hide under his bed. He darted into the shower and stripped down. When he saw himself naked, the effect was magnified. His back tapered down in a v-like shape down to his thin waist that blossomed out into his larger thighs. Biting his lip, he raised an arm and flexed the bicep, gasping in elated shock. The muscle curled into a hard ball nearly half again as large as it had been before and featured a prominent peak. He began rotating his wrist repeatedly from the front to the back, from the front to the back, causing his biceps to leap and dance, the vein on his peak twisting as his muscles bulged. Fuck. He felt himself getting stiff, and marveled to see that his member was now longer and thicker than before. He slipped into the shower without another word. He turned on the water and took care of himself with one hand as he meticulously washed every hard bulge and etched crevice with the other. When he was done he dried off hastily, and pulled his clothes back on. He realized with some anxiety that you could see his sculpted shoulders, chest, back and arms bulging through the fabric. “I definitely need some new clothes,” he said to his reflection. “Although...,” he said and flexed, watching and feeling his big, hard muscles, swell up into stark definition and stretch out the cloth, “…this has its appeal, too.” “Discretion, discretion,” he thought to himself. “This is going to have consequences, definite consequences.” He just didn’t know what kind or how severe. And until he had some idea, it was better to keep the changes on the down low. He pulled on his gym shorts (there was no way his longer, meatier legs would fit into those skinny jeans now). Even his shoes barely fit. So limping, he discretely made his way to the clothing shops of Harvard Square. As he walked, he was running things in his head, trying to think of something that could explain what was happening to him. Increased metabolism? That would make sense. It doesn’t seem to be hormonal. No abnormal emotional state, just heightened mental alertness. It was the best theory he had so far, but he had no idea what was causing it. Maybe a reaction from the vitamin pills? No, that was impossible; no compound when combined with vitamins would cause this sort of reaction. Maybe something in the water? Perhaps it was genetic. Maybe some sort of delayed onset of certain DNA markers, a switch in his genetic code that had failed to go off. He knew there were some people whose bodies produced an abnormal amount of muscle tissue—the same abnormality was intentionally bred into cows—but those people, as far as Luke knew, were always born with the condition. Perhaps his condition was simply unique, or extremely rare. If that were the case, he definitely wanted to keep this under wraps. He didn’t want to have to spend his first year at Harvard being some Ph.D. student’s pet project. As a student on a scholarship, he’d be particularly vulnerable to the whims of a faculty member. He’d always had to be aware of his own dependency on others. It galled him. He was still steaming when he walked into the clothing store. It was quiet. The salesperson was helping a student couple. Luke looked around. Suddenly, he realized he didn’t know what size he took in anything! He was going to need help. The student couple seemed to be making up their mind about something. The guy turned to the sales person and said, “We’re going to need a few minutes to decide. You should probably go help that jock over there before he flexes out of his shirt.” “I am not a jock!” Luke shot back. The vehemence surprised even him. “Ok, you’re not a jock, bro. Chill,” said the guy looking a little nervous. Suddenly, a realization struck Luke. He almost laughed. That guy was scared of him, scared of Luke, the nerd! Why? Because Luke the nerd was bigger and stronger than him. Luke the nerd had bigger, harder fucking arms, a larger chest, and broader fucking shoulders. It made him a little light headed. He felt and odd sort of thrill run though him, and he ran a hand over his hard bulging arm. He could probably beat the crap out of that guy! Wait, what? No! No, no, no, no, no! Luke was getting really carried away. He would never beat the crap out of anyone, even if he did call him a jock. So what if he did? What’s wrong with being a jock? What’s wrong with being muscular? Nothing. It was good. It felt good. There was nothing to get upset about here. “Can I help you?” asked the sales person, breaking Luke out of his reverie. Luke bought some new clothes, all on the large side. Not only did he want to de-emphasize the changes, but he also wanted them to last a while, and the way he was growing, he’d better get them down right baggy. He went back to his dorm, closed his door and walked into his room. His eyes immediately went to his roommate’s weight set, still sitting on the floor. No. I’ve already taken this way too far, Luke thought. It really isn’t wise to push this until I know exactly what’s going on. Instead he went to his computer to research metabolic anomalies, but he found his mind constantly drifting back to his body. He had to admit it was one hell of a distraction. He could feel it bulging under his clothing, his hard, powerfully built, buff body. Fuck. He took off the shirt and baggy pants and turned to look at his sculpted physique in the mirror. When he twisted his sides, he could see little oblique muscles popping out around his ribcage. He brought a hand up and touched them. They tickled. He licked his lips and rubbed a hand along his abs, watching the skin brush across his defined muscles. I do look good, though. He put his hands behind his head and clenched his stomach, his abs locking together like armor plating. His lats spread out with the motion, showing off the width of his back. He laughed. Just two days ago he didn’t even have lats! “I can’t hide this anymore,” Luke whispered. He was noticeably taller and starting to look like a bodybuilder. His muscles were almost completely depleted of body fat. It was like his body had burned through every bit of energy he’d provided for it. Probably something metabolic, then, Luke thought rapidly, even as he tried to think of what he could do now. He’d have to tell someone what was going on. Who could he trust? Will. Luke didn’t feel quite ready to show the rest of the world his body, though. Instead he just picked up his phone and called Will. “Hey, buddy,” he answered. “Long time, no hear. What’s up?” “Will, can you come up to my dorm room, please. It’s urgent.” “How about meeting you at the dining hall for Lunch,” said Will. “That won’t work,” said Luke. “You have to come up here. Please, it’s really important.” “Okay, I’m coming.” Luke unlocked his door, stepped back from it, and waited, shirtless. He heard the rapid clunking steps of Will ascending the stairs, and took a breath, trying not to think about how the sunlight pouring in through his dorm room window struck his large, defined muscles and illuminated them with highlights and shadows that emphasized their threatening size and veined hardness as he felt them shift heavily with his every movement. Fuck. He was getting stiff again. Will knocked on his door. “You decent?” “More than decent.” The words were out of Luke’s mouth before he could stop them. Will walked in the door and his jaw dropped in mute shock. Almost independently of the rest of his body, his arm reached for the doorknob and forced the door shut. “What the fuck? Luke, you’re jacked!”. “Um, pardon? Will, I, ah—” “Wait. Are you taking steroids?—” “What? No! I don’t know why this is happening. I don’t know why I’m getting bigger. I just keep exercising, and then I wake up with another ten pounds of muscle! Well, it was ten pounds when it started. Now I think it’s more like twenty! It’s insane!” Will stopped and nodded. “Really? How long as this been happening?” Luke’s heart leapt into his throat and he nearly cried with gratitude. He grabbed his friend in a bone-crushing hug. “Woah! Careful, big guy,” said Will. “What’s this all about?” “Sorry.” Luke relaxed his grip a little. “I just don’t know what to do. I was scared you wouldn’t believe me.” “Luke, I met you the first day, and you weren’t… like this.” Luke shrugged. “Damn! You’ve really got some guns on you.” “Yeah, but I don’t know how, or why, or what to do about them,” Luke said, intensely grateful to have someone to talk to about this. “My brain’s working about four times as fast as normal. I’m always hungry. I think my metabolism must be through the roof, and the only way to calm my thoughts is to work out. But whenever I work out, this happens!” He gestured down at his muscular frame helplessly. “You should go see the doctor, Luke. I know this is scary, but you’ve got to do what’s right. You don’t want to jeopardize your chances at Harvard, do you?” “No and I don’t want to become a Harvard case study either,” said Luke. “I take your point. Ok, we’ll figure this out, just the two of us, ok?” said Will. “If you can figure this out, you’re a heck of a lot smarter than I am,” said Luke. “I’ve read everything on the internet even resembling my case and there’s nothing.” “Maybe, you’re just too close to it,” said Will. “You just need a fresh perspective.” “Ok,” said Luke, “What’ve you got?” Will began pacing the room. “Ok, ok, your roommate, he was a big dude, right? Got kicked out for performance enhancers. Any chance you got effected by any?” “Effected? They’re not like viruses or anything. I’d have to have—” It hit Luke like a thunder clap! It had been right in front of him all the time and he hadn’t seen it! He ran over to his vitamin collection and retrieved the small bottle of Vitamin Y. He handed it to Will. “I got this out of the supplements he left behind.” Will looked it over. “Vitamin Y? There’s no such thing as Vitamin Y.” Quickly the boys scavenged the internet looking for information on Vitamin Y, Luke on his lap top and Will on his phone. Both of them came up empty. “Ok, ok,” said Will. “If there’s no such thing as Vitamin Y, what is this shit and where did your roommate get it?” “We could call him and ask,” suggested Luke. “We could,” said Will, “But this shit is obviously illegal, probably experimental. One thing’s for sure: he shouldn’t have it. Who’s to say he’d tell us the truth?” “Good point,” said Luke. “But if we don’t ask him, how do we find out?” “We start by finding out everything we can about him,” said Will. “You said you had his year book?” “Yeah, right here.” Luke opened the desk drawer and removed the tome. It had an index in it which quickly enabled the boys to find every page on which he was featured. The first page was the football team photo. There he was in the back, looking as huge and massive as Luke remembered. “Football Team, no surprises there.” The boys flipped through the pages to the next photo. It was the chess club, in his junior year they had won the state championship. There he was, in front this time, looking appropriately nerd-like—and skinny as they come. “That’s impossible,” said Luke. “But it fits, doesn’t it?” said Will “What does it say about him?” Will flipped through the book until he hit the page he was looking for. “Chess, Football, Honor Student, hopes to go to Harvard, like his father! He’s a legacy!” “So, his dad went here. So what?” “Think about it, Muscles,” said Will, picking up the bottle of Vitamin Y and shaking it, making it rattle. “It’d take somebody pretty smart to come up with this shit.” “His dad?” questioned Luke. “It would fit,” said Will. “And he was right here…” said Luke. “What do you mean he was here?” asked Will, and Luke told him all about Mr. Winton’s strange visit. “He must have come for this,” said Will shaking the bottle of Vitamin Y. “Let’s see what we can find out about him.” They found him listed on the alumni page. He was a research geneticist. “My spine’s tingling, which means I’m on to something,” said Will. “We need to read everything we can about this guy, where he works, what he’s working on, if he’s published anything; we need to read it all.” And so they did. For the rest of the day, they scoured the internet and Harvard’s intranet for anything they could find. Finally Luke stood up. “It’s all here,” said Luke tapping the screen. “His dad was researching the degeneration of the Y chromosome.” “The Y chromosome? That’s the chromosome that makes us male, right?” said Will. “Yup, and it’s degenerating. It’s already lost most of its functional genes.” “What,” gasped Will, “That’s terrifying. If the Y chromosome fails…That means no more males, no more humans!” “Calm down,” said Luke, “We got another 10 million years before it loses all its functional genes. I’m sure we’ll come up with an answer way before then. If fact, it looks like my old roommate’s dad is already hot on the trail. “He’s come up with an idea to reconstitute the lost genes in the Y chromosome. He wants to use gene therapy to beef it up, so to speak. But there’s some controversy as some of these genes haven’t been in the Y chromosome for hundreds of thousands, even millions, of years. Nobody knows what the effect of reintroducing them will be.” Luke sat down again. “Well, almost nobody,” said Luke, flexing his big peaked vein-ridden bicep. “Y chromosome. Vitamin Y,” said Will. “It all fits.” “Fuck,” said Luke. “I’ve got some experimental genetic substance running around inside me.” But his objections seemed hollow and empty, even to himself. He liked the way he looked. He liked the way he felt. And he was now more male than any guy on campus, and by extrapolation, more of a man than any guy on campus. That thought sent a palpable thrill running through his hard, muscular body. “Now, at least, you know what the substance has to be,” said Will. “And if the guy gave it to his own son, I think we can surmise there’s no risk to your health.” “But why would he leave it for me?” asked Luke. “Dude, this guy is trying to save the whole human race,” said Will “He’s not going to do it by altering the chromosomes of one guy, even if it is his son.” “So, what do I do now?” said Luke. “It looks like you’ve got two options: stop taking the pills or continue taking the pills. But I have to say, looking at you, I wouldn’t mind a dose or two myself.” “Here,” said Luke, handing the bottle to Will. “You’ve helped me a lot. It’s the least I can do for you… and for humanity, apparently.” Will helped himself to a handful of pills, dry swallowed one right away and put the bottle back on the desk. “Thanks, Bro!” Later on, after Will left, Luke looked at himself in his mirror and admired his new body. Now that he understood what was happening and that it probably wasn’t going to kill him, it didn’t scare him at all anymore. Damn, he looked good, and all those big, strong, hard muscles felt amazing shifting under his skin. And he could get bigger... But how much bigger? How much bigger would he get? He sat down at his computer and fidgeted with his mouse. What were we like as a species a million years ago? A little quick research showed him no one knew. Our recorded history only went back a paltry few thousand years, the smallest fraction of humanity’s history. Who knew the full extent of the changes these reconstituted genes would bring. He flexed an arm and watched his bicep bulge up. So far, he liked what he was seeing. There was that excess energy again. He found it hard to concentrate on anything. His brain was still working unbelievably fast, but it was like he was in the seat of an F1 racer and he’d just hit an ice patch, or something. He’d lost control of his thoughts; it felt like he was trying to think through a thick fog. Typing suddenly became a task too slow and mundane for his fingers, which flitted across the keys with imprecise haste. He grew frustrated and turned away from his laptop. He got to his feet and started pacing around the room. He kept coming back to the dumb-bells, as though they were drawing him, as though they were the sun and his room the solar system. Everything came back to them. But they were no longer just dumbbells, were they? They were a catalyst. They would alter him further. Did he want that? Did he want that kind of muscle? After all, he was going to be a research scientist. What did a research scientist need with all that muscle? The answer was nothing. He didn’t need it at all. But was a research scientist all that he was. Wasn’t he a man, too? Of course, he was. He knew being big and strong wasn’t all there was to being a man, but wasn’t it a part of it, maybe an important part? Of course it was. Humans are physical beings too, not just intellectual. Hither to, he had pretty much ignored that side of his nature, even suppressed it. But now, he thought as he stared at his bulging, striated chest, it would no longer be ignored. He could feel it calling to him almost as if it had a voice. “C’mon Luke, be a man,” it seemed to say. “Let’s just see how much man you can be.” Luke surrendered to the call, let go of his thoughts, reached down and picked up the dumbbells, not thinking about anything other than how good it felt to pump up his muscles. He craved the burn. The dumb-bells were set to 50 pounds. They were heavy, but not unmanageable anymore. As he held them at his sides, he felt his biceps and forearms going taut, the dormant strength in his arms being readied for duty. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled greedily, admiring his abdominals, admiring the perfect taper and curves of his waist, admiring the vein that was popping out of his bicep thanks to the stress. He pulled one weight up, slowly, evenly, gritting his teeth with exertion and closing his eyes. When he got the weight to its peak, the opened his eyes and looked at his bicep, swollen to a beautiful peak. He licked his lips and let the weight down, before he raised the other, and kept repeating the bicep curls. He did as many exercises as he could, though he was finding them disappointingly easy. His muscles burned and bulged and coursed with strength, but he was increasingly dissatisfied. He needed to get back to the gym, where he could push some real weight. The fifty pounders were pushing him to his limit, but they wouldn’t do that for long, not with the rate he was getting stronger. He let the weights down back on the rack. His body felt hot and sweaty, and his arms felt weak from all the exercises. He’d focused a bit much on the bicep and triceps curls. He checked the time—nearly 10 pm. Nowhere near the time to sleep, yet. He got back to his computer and found it was at least possible to concentrate; most of the excess energy had been worked off. Unfortunately, if he kept using exercise as his solution, his development would quickly get out of control. So what? As the night went on, he tried to get back into his homework. He was mostly successful, but every now and again his brain went into overdrive. He’d start multitasking about a dozen different things, and then the noise of constant thinking became too much to handle and he’d have to take the weights in hand and pound out a few bicep curls. He found it only took a little exercise to vent the extra mental activity; the hard part was putting the dumb-bells down, even if his muscles felt like they were on fire. The veins in his biceps started to become more visible as he worked them harder. He liked them, liked getting them to pop out of his arms. It wasn’t until 4 AM that he managed to get to sleep. He stumbled into his bed in his underwear, sweat gleaming on his skin, coming down in rivulets between his abs. His entire body felt swollen and sore. A warm contentment flooded him. He knew he’d done it again. He knew he was going to get bigger, maybe much bigger, and he was looking forward to it, a lot. Perhaps these new genes were effecting his thought processes as well. He was obsessively enjoying his workouts, enjoying his muscles’ size and strength. But was that a good thing? Was it a smart thing? In the final moments of consciousness, before drifting off to sleep, he realized he no longer cared. He just liked it. Luke had another weird sort of waking dream. He was lying in bed, staring down over his pecs at the rest of his body. He could see his chest muscles, rising up a bit as he breathed. His arms were at his sides, lying on the bed with their biceps facing inward. He tried to move his neck and found he couldn’t. Suddenly, he felt a burning, an awesome burning. Was that even possible in a dream? He tried to wake himself up, but found he still couldn’t move. His chest heaved faster and faster, his pecs rising and falling like the rounded ornaments of a muscular tide. And then as the burning reached intolerable levels, he saw it: his body was actually starting to expand. Whoa! His arms twitched in fits as his biceps literally started to bulge outward, veins pressing against his skin like a roadmap. Oh man! His pectorals started to rise and thicken, faint striations appearing beneath his skin. Oh fuck! He couldn’t see the rest of his body, but he could feel it, feel his legs burning and pulsing with strength, feel his powerful thighs thickening and expanding with pure lean, brutal muscle. Yes! He began to yell, not with fear but with ecstasy. “ARRRGGHHHH! YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!! OH FUCK YEAH!!!! ARRRGGGHHH!” Luke snapped awake, the echos of his yells, still resounding in his ears. He remembered the details of his dream, still felt the burning. Had he really been yelling? He immediately swung his legs over the side of his bed and felt them rubbing against one another, his thighs chafing. He spread his legs out and looked down, half-expecting to see his old, flabby legs again. He did not. What he saw instead were huge, long, thick, muscular stalks. Oh fuck! He bounded got out of bed and looked at himself in the mirror. Holy fuck, he looked huge! First, he was taller, well over 6 feet, now. At least six inches taller than when all this started. His chest and back were wider than ever, now definitely substantially wider than a normal guy’s. Even his neck had grown thicker, so that it was nearly wider than his head, supported by noticeable trapezium muscles that obscured where his neck ended and his body began. His shoulders were half the size of his head, leading to huge biceps and triceps that bulged with burgeoning power. Even his forearms had grown thicker. His abdomen had become a study in grooves. He had an eight or ten pack now, each individual muscle bulging out of his mid-section like a cobblestone. The oblique muscles along his sides were impossible to miss, now. His legs had grown as well, particularly in his thighs, which had grown so large that unless he broadened his stance, they rubbed together. He took deep breaths, staring at his unbelievable physique. He remembered The Douche from the gym just a few days ago: at the time he had seemed pretty muscular. Now Luke was bigger, way bigger. That made him grin. When he breathed, his entire body rippled. He raised an arm and flexed it slowly, savoring the motion. His bicep grew and peaked, separating from the rest of his arm, the veins along it writhing as the muscle exerted itself. Irresistibly, one hand slipped down into his Jockeys and he started massaging his huge stiffening cock, licking his lips and flexing his muscles. His stomach clenched and bulged as he touched himself, even as he flexed his arm for his own enjoyment. He leaned forward and flexed his traps, which snapped to life with astonishing power. From this angle they looked huge. He groaned softly and finished himself off, falling to his knees with force of his orgasm. He hit the floor with a thud. He took a heavy breath and looked at himself in his mirror, on his hands and knees. Aside from his face, he barely even recognized himself. Why am I enjoying it so much? He was so different. He knew he really should be afraid, but he wasn’t. He was excited. Luke slowly got back to his feet, bracing his palm against his knee. As he stood up, he naturally assumed a wide stance, his legs held apart so that his thighs weren’t competing for space. His arms were hanging lazily off of his muscular sides, which expanded and contracted slightly with each breath. He swallowed and he could see his neck surge with power. He licked his lips and tried to straighten his thoughts. What am I becoming, Luke asked himself, staring at his Herculean physique in his mirror. He raised a hand to his chin and his bicep bunched up to the size of a grapefruit. Whoa. He looked dubiously to the overlarge shirt that he’d discarded last night. Would it even fit? Only one way to find out. He pulled the shirt over his head and felt it tightening against his new bulk. It was tight, but not too uncomfortable. When he looked at himself in the mirror, though, it was plain that he was no longer skinny. The shirt was tight around the muscular contours of his body, and if anything, the pale fabric actually highlighted Luke’s transformation. When he pulled on his pants, they were stretched nearly to breaking around his thighs, though his tight waist didn’t prove a challenge. He took a breath and felt the fabric of his shirt straining against his hard bugling torso, and grinned. He liked the feeling. He liked it a lot. At least that was clear. He looked over at the innocuous looking bottle of Vitamin Y, and pondered his next big decision: Should he continue taking them? Why shouldn’t he? He knew that he had already passed by the bounds of conventional muscularity, but there was nothing wrong with it. He was free to get as jacked as he liked. “Yeah,” Luke muttered, feeling unusually cocky. “Jacked.” He raised his arm and flexed the bicep, watching it swell up huge and hard and veiny. He could feel the fabric straining; if he kept this up, it was going to tear. So, he kept it up. RRRIIIIP! Oh fuck yeah. That was it. He was sold. He took the Vitamin Y. Luke went out and bought some Olympic size weights and a bench for his dorm room. He was committed now, ready to go for it, all the way, come what may. And he was damned excited about the possibilities. He pulled off his baggy pants. His current shirt was squeezed uncomfortably across his pecs. He flexed his chest and felt the fabric stretching nearly to the breaking point as his chest exploded into a bulging plate of striated lines. He lifted the front and rubbed a hand along his washboard stomach, feeling each individual ab muscle barely contained by a thin layer of skin. He thought about them even bigger. Oh, fuck yeah. He immediately got to work, loading up the barbell with massive plates, until it weighed 300 pounds. He knew he’d be pushing it, and he didn’t care. He laid down on the bench and reached up to grab the bar, wrapping his hands around the corrugated metal surface. He bit his lower lip and heaved the weight off of its rest, immediately feeling the incredible pressure bearing down on his chest and arms. His face worked itself into an expression of rage as he slowly lowered the heavy weight and forced it back up, his muscles pushed to the brink of what they could do, bulging against his skin. Veins spread across his chest and biceps like spider webs as blood pounded through his muscles to fuel his insane workout. But now his insanity had a clear purpose and vision, no more uncertainly. He knew what he wanted. He thought about his muscles getting bigger, becoming inhumanly huge. He imagined shoulders like boulders, biceps more muscular than a python’s body. He grinned. I’ll walk naked at midnight if I want. He pumped the weight up and down with reckless fury, grunting at the apex of each repetition. Just as he felt his arms shaking out of control, he forced three more repetitions and finished with a savage scream. He put the barbell back onto its resting place and let his arms flop to his sides. His breath came in exhausted heaves, his lungs inflating like bellows as he inhaled huge gulps of air. A drunken smile was plastered on his face. After he took a rest, he removed some of the weight from the barbell and heaved it up onto his back for squats. He didn’t bother holding back his grunting anymore. It felt good to release his animal fury as his muscles were pushed to exhaustion. It cleared his head. Made it possible to think clearly. He went through a series of squats with burning intensity. Years of quiet rage burst back to his consciousness as he lowered himself beneath the deep weight of the barbell and forced himself back to a standing position. He remembered all the times people had called him a nerd, or belittled him just because he was smarter than they were. “Now—” he grunted in between reps, “I’m—bigger—and—stronger—than—them—too—yeah!” He dipped down for another squat and momentarily panicked as he realized his muscles were too exhausted to bring his back up. Somehow that enraged him, and on nothing but the power of blind, primal fury, he pushed himself back to his feet. He awkwardly made his way back to the weight set and laid the barbell back on its rack. The strength went out of his legs and he fell to his knees, leaning against the weight set. He laid on the weight set, his arms and legs flopping uselessly over the sides. With every deep, heaving gasp, his body heaved and swelled, revealing deeply striated muscles overlaid with a road map of veins. He found the strength to raise his right arm and just stared at his unflexed muscle, the huge bicep separated from his arm and criss-crossed with thick veins. He smiled. The work was done. Time to grow. After he recovered enough strength to stumble to the closet, he found the keg of protein powder his roommate had left behind and mixed a gigantic drink. He slurped it down immediately, then made two more. He’d meant to eat some fruit he’d bought earlier, but somehow that slipped his mind entirely. He wiped chocolate-flavored mush from the corner of his mouth and mixed another glass to take to his bed. He stumbled back to his bed and then popped another vitamin as he swallowed the rest of his drink. Finally, he flopped onto his bed and chuckled to himself as he fell asleep, savoring the burning in his muscles, the sweat on his skin, and hungering for the metamorphosis that was about to come…. Luke didn’t dream, this time, and his sleep passed as soundly as it ever had. When he woke up, it was with the sudden clarity of someone who had had exactly as much sleep as they wanted. He rolled out of bed and found his body big and clumsy. Barely able to contain his excitement, he pushed himself to his feet. Whoa, he was so fucking far off the ground now. He looked to the mirror and ROARED! He was fucking MASSIVE, a monster over 7 feet tall and all enormous, shredded muscle after shredded muscle after shredded muscle! He had to step back so the mirror would reflect his entire massively muscled body. He started to laugh, a deep rumbling, frightening sound. His carved biceps had swollen to the size of his head, and his shoulders were like boulders. His arms rested at a slight angle on his broad back, rising and falling with each deep breath. Veins pulsed on his biceps like writhing snakes, and had even started to wrap around his muscular forearms. His chest was buried by huge, beef-like slabs of pectoral muscle. Veins spread from a knot in his collarbone across his pecs, like a fine, branching road map that twisted as he breathed. Over-sized abs bulged and competed for space on his slim waist, almost making it look like he had a gut. Veins spread from his crotch over his abs and down to his thighs, which had become as thick as tree trunks. He had to widen his stance to keep his veiny inner thighs from touching one another. His calves had grown as well, moving from svelte, contoured muscles to bulging spheres in the shape of hearts. He turned around and examined his back, a brimming landscape bulging and twisting with huge muscles. He could see faint veins there, too. When he twisted his neck to look at himself, his giant traps resisted him, making it hard to look over his huge shoulders. He turned himself back around, clumsily adjusting to his new stance, and looked at himself from the front. He couldn’t help but stare at his barely-contained gigantic, ripped and bulging frame. He smiled, raised both his massive arms, and flexed his huge biceps, forming miniature mountains of muscles on his arms. Veins spread from his huge chest, across his giant shoulders, and through his enormous peaked biceps, bursting beneath his skin as huge muscles pushed them to the surface. He flexed his abs and watched them clench into brutal ridges of throbbing beef. Oh… fuck! Look at me! I’m a fucking massive genetic freak! And I feel… I feel fucking amazing! He knew that he wasn’t supposed to be proud of being a freak, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t a boy anymore, he was a genetic muscle monster, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He flexed and growled into his mirror, watching his godlike physique swell and bulge into astonishing shapes. He glanced down at the clock. Midnight. He snorted contemptuously. “Think I’ll hit the gym.” Of course he was stark naked and nothing he owned would fit him anymore. Then he remembered his old roommates Gym shorts. He pulled them from the wastebasket, shook the old underwear free from them and pulled them on. They were a perfect fit. Of course there was nothing else he could wear, so he’d have to go in only gym shorts. Ha. Fine with him. As soon as he stepped out his door he ran into Jimmy, the RA, looking sleep deprived as always. “Hey,” said Jimmy, as quizzical expression on his face, “I thought they kicked you out.” “That was my roommate,” rumbled Luke in his new baritone. “I thought your roommate was a little guy,” said Jimmy, looking more confused than ever. “I wouldn’t call him that,” said Luke, with a sly smile. “No, of course not,” said Jimmy. “Sorry if I gave away all your rubbers.” “No problem,” said Luke. “If I need any I can always borrow some from you.” “Nah, man,” said Jimmy. “They’d never fit you.” “No, they wouldn’t,” said Luke, tugging up on his gym shorts so they emphasized his ample package. “See you around.” Then he headed down the stairs to the lobby. He stopped by the security guard’s desk and said, “I’m going to the gym. Is that ok with you?” Luke saw the security guards eyes bug out at the unapologetic display of bugling, vein-ridden, masculine power standing in front of him. “Absolutely, sir. You go where ever you want whenever you want,” he said. “That’s what I thought,” said Luke, shooting the guard a cocky smile. He flexed his massive pecs for the guard, making them leap and dance, before heading out the door with his new rolling gate, courtesy of his gigantic, muscular thighs. As he walked across the campus, he saw the same shadowy figures moving just out of eyesight, but now they seemed tiny and inconsequential. And they seemed to be scurrying away from him just as fast as they could. Luke felt a self-satisfied smile manifest on his face as he enjoyed the sensation of his huge iron-like muscles shifting across his towering frame as he thundered through the night. When he got to the gym, he realized he had forgotten his ID card, but he went in anyway. Who was going to stop him? As soon as he walked in all eyes were on him. Of course they were. No one had seen anything like him in about a million years. One glance around showed him that The Douche was there. Could the night get any better? The Douche was doing Military presses; so, naturally, Luke set up right next to him. The Douche had one plate on each side of his bar. Luke added 4 plates to each side of his, knowing instinctively that his mammoth striated shoulders could easily handle the weight. He saw The Douche looking up at him with uncertain eyes as Luke began his set. Oh Luke loved this. He loved the feel of the weight in his hands. He loved feeling his muscles extend and contract powerfully as he raised and lowered the barbell over his head. He could feel his shoulders burning, his massive back heaving, his stone-like abs tightening. He felt like muscles were bulging out of his muscles as he finished his set and wracked the weight. He looked down at the substantially shorter Douche, and nodded at the guy’s barbell. “Light workout tonight?” “Yeah, yeah, sure,” said the Douche. “Me too,” grinned Luke, adding another plate to each side of his bar, and giving The Douche a good view of his monumental bulging, veiny biceps at the same time. “Do you think you could give me a hand?” “Ah… ah...,” stammered The Douche. “I’m kind of at the end of my workout. My shoulders are pretty beat. I don’t think I could spot you.” He began rubbing one of his shoulders and moving it around. “Spot me?” Luke laughed. “No dude, I was just noticing there aren’t any more plates nearby. I was going to ask you to grab onto the bar with both hands and hold on tight.” “What, you mean like this?” asked The Douche grabbing onto the bar. “That’s perfect,” said Luke grabbing the bar himself and lifting it out of the supports. “Hold on tight. ” Then Luke began his second set of military presses, lifting the bar with ten plates and the Douche hanging off of it, up and down over his head. Luke felt the burn intensely. This was actually turning out to be something of a challenge. The look on The Douche’s face was priceless. He looked torn between being scared, awestruck and humiliated. Good. Luke finished his ten reps and replaced the bar in the supports. The Douche was still hanging on for dear life. “You can let go now,” said Luke. “Thanks.” “Sure, sure,” said The Douche. “Let’s see what you’ve got,” said Luke. “What?” said The Douche. “Go on, flex. Let’s see what you’ve got.” “Ah… ok…,” said The Douche and flexed. Up came his baseball. Luke flexed, and up bulged his giant, throbbing, vein-covered mountain. Oh fuck yeah. The Douche’s eyes bugged out of his head. “I’ve… ah… gotta go now.” “Ok,” said Luke, “And cheer up. We’ve all gotta start somewhere. Although, looking at you…” And then it happened. Luke could tell The Douche had suddenly recognized him. The Douche’s mouth dropped open, he turned pale white and he looked like he was going to shit his pants. “It’s all about taking the right vitamins,” said Luke grinning, and intermittently flexing his massive pecs. The Douche turned and practically ran to the locker room. Luke just broke out laughing. Life was good. “Picking on the little guy, Muscles?” Luke turned around and there was Will, except it was more like Will and a half. His friend had gotten substantially bigger. He was at least f 4 inches taller, still dressed in his old street clothes, Luke could see big pecs were now stretching out his shirt, straining the buttons and pulling the front slightly apart. His upper arms had substantially expanded, and once again his shirt was challenged to contain both them and his meaty shoulders. And obviously muscular thighs were stretching out his pants. Soon he wouldn’t be alone. Soon there’d be another behemoth walking around Harvard. In fact, Will seemed to be growing faster than he had. Luke grinned. “Whoa Dude, what happened to you?” Will grinned. “I wanted to catch up with you so I embarked on an accelerated program of eating, sleeping, working out, and vitamin Y,” Will flexed causing his big arm to bulge up in his shirt and pop a few threads in his sleeve. “I feel like a new man!” “More like a rebooted ancient man,” said Luke, grinning. “So what do you think they’ll call us?” said Will. “I mean there’s been Cro-Magnon Man and Chancelade Man… What will we be called?” “I don’t know,” said Luke. “How about Harvard Man?”
  3. Guest

    growth Winner Takes All

    This is the first BRAND NEW STORY I have written in a while, but this is an idea I have had for YEARS just never really decided to write it until recently when I had a couple yahoo buddies insist that this kind of needed to be told. It is not really that long. I'm dipping my feet in the shallow end before I dive head first into the deep side, but the fun I had writing this, it probably won't be that long until then. Please leave comments, as I LIVE for them! Likes are cool, but the comments are what makes me feel a bit better on how well the story is received. Winner Takes All The two of us knew what we were about to do. Both of us had been rivals now for the past 3 years that we started this university and were placed into the same damn dorm room. But today was the day that it was all going to change. Me and my roommate were both on the college wrestling team, both juniors, and about to head into our senior year together. I was 6’4” 290lbs with a low 5% body fat and a nice and plump 9 inch cock when fully erect. He was 5’8” and 275lbs of shredded beef. We were tired of always competing for the spot of Captain, and since the former Captain just graduated it was up to one of us to take the reigning spot of the team. That’s when I found this book that dealt with the occult that said there was a way that could alter our fates permanently. Basically a transfer of power. The one rule was we both needed to know what we were getting into, so I brought it up to him one night and we both agreed that one of us was definitely going to be captain and the only way for our rivalry to stop was to end this charade for good by draining the other one completely. So here we are, I set up this table in the center of the room at an undisclosed part of campus that no one would be entering into. I drew the pentagram across the entire table and had candles lit up around the room like the book stated must be done. He entered the room right on time, after everything was set up. We both pulled out a chair from the table, sat down and looked each other straight in the eyes. We knew once we started there was no going back from this ever. One of us would have all of our dreams fulfilled, and the other, well we really don’t know what will happen to the other person yet. This ritual asked that in order for this occult spell to work, we must challenge one another on top of the pentagram. Before we arrived at this moment, the only real way to challenge each other wasn’t with a game of Monopoly or Poker, but a true show of strength – We were about to both be engaged in the ultimate match of Arm-Wrestling. As the book stated, the winner would get everything. Both of us placed our right elbows on the table and onto the red chalk circle. Our biceps tensed, eyes still locked as we both clasped our hands tightly. I could feel his strength and he could feel mine. We both had the incantation memorized and we knew it was time. We both recited it as all of the lit candles flames sprang off of the candles and merged into a big ball of light above us. It begins now… Both of our arms tense as we push against each other. The veins in our forearms and biceps bursting from our skin as they engorge with blood, fueling us with the power to try and take the other man down. I can see the beads of sweat slowly begin to form on his brow and slide down his face, as he sees just how serious I am. I am going to win this. I begin to push as his arm slowly begins to go down. He is struggling, still managing to hold his own, but he won’t be able to last. I am the bigger man here. Taller, more muscle, more strength. I smirk as his arm slowly starts to descend lower and lower as it closes in on the table’s surface. He does not give in however, I can see the determination in his eyes, as he uses all his might to slowly push back. I give in a little to this game just to give him a tiny bit of hope that he has a chance. He gives me a cocky grin. I show nothing, as our hands slowly start to rise back up to almost the starting position. I show him a faux sign of concern, as my arm starts to bend in his favor, until it just stays locked in ta 30 degree angle off of the table. I show my true face now as I begin to push back, this time fear overtakes him as he begins to panic. My arm pushing him back fast. There is nothing he can do as our arm lock is now at the ready position once again and slowly his arm is descending in my favor. He tries to fight back, but he now knows it’s going to be me. I am the team captain! Nothing is going to stop me from- I feel pain erupt from by balls. I was sitting with my ass on the edge of the seat anticipating the win when his steel toe boot came in direct contact with my crotch. I falter in pain and I watch as he overpowers me. Looking at him all I see is this sinister grin as our arms reach center point before I feel my hand slam down onto the table surface. I’m shocked…scared…there is absolutely nothing I can do now. I try to pull away to end this but my hand is glued to his. I feel this electric current flowing through our touch and radiating into my body. I feel sick, weak. My body feels like it’s about to throw up. When I see it start to happen. I watch as all my muscles flex to their most pumped state. Starting with my meaty forearm, the muscle begins to slide down into my hand through my fingers and melds with him, adding to his already solid build. I gulp realizing what it now means about one of us will gain everything. Staring at the massive ball and veins wrapping around my bicep, I watch as the huge lump begins its slow journey through my tiny forearm, through my hands and fingers and into his arm sliding up where it eventually stays at its new comfortable spot on his already huge biceps. Fuck he’s going to get huge. I try pulling away again, the chair I am sitting on falling over as I crash onto the floor, him following and landing on top of me. I am not sure if it’s the realization and fear from me or if it is him now knowing what is happening to himself and what he will eventually become, but the pull from him was slowly beginning to increase. I watched as my traps shrank down to average shoulders and my pecs bunched up and shrank to a normal chest as all the muscle from my upper body began traveling through my arm and reassembling itself on to him. His chest swelling larger than any heavyweight bodybuilder I’ve ever seen and damn those traps, do huge and kept rising up and up like dough being baked in an oven as they kept expanding and filling with pure rock hard muscle. As this was happening, I didn’t take notice to my other arm and abs, which had already lost all of its size his solid 6 pack was expanding to a very hard and defined 8 pack. It was so damn cut you could probably grate cheese on his washboard. Next came the lower section of my body. My thighs, and calves all but pushed their way up my upper body. I looked ridiculous as all the mass went through my chest cavity giving me a look that I may have pecs again, just to see them just as quickly vanish and drop into him like water filling a jug of water. His Lower body was amazing! Calves so huge like two footballs stuffed into each leg side by side with diamond hardness. Thighs that could easily crush marble with. You could tell that neither one of us skipped leg day, just from how massive he was becoming. As all the muscle had finally left my body, his clothes stretched to their utmost limit. I tried to pull away but we were still locked. That’s when I felt it and I began to panic. “No, No, No!” my 9 inch cock began to slowly get sucked in shrinking smaller and smaller, as I felt it being pulled out of me, but I could not see this actually leave my body, that is until I saw the growing bulge in his shorts, elongating and beginning to get hard. He began to laugh, his voice so deep it caused the walls and floor to tremble around us. The transfer was over. I got up realizing how small everything looked around me. How is that possible? It was then that I noticed he also took my height. This titan of a man began to stand and he went up, and up, and up till I was barely at his navel. His clothes so tight they began to tear and in one mighty flex they all shredded to rags and fluttered to the floor around his body. His mighty alpha body looming above me, I was totally overshadowed by his dominant size, power, and gigantic manhood. It was too much for me as I knew what was going to happen next with that erect column of flesh that I just passed out…
  4. magicworker

    My Partner Moves On

    I'm attempting a sequel to florida20's My Twin Moves On. Please read his story, it's awesome. *spoiler alert for opening paragraph below* This part has no growth, but it should leave you hungry for the next part. Part 1: Spring Ends, Summer Begins Ryan got back to his own school and old routine for the last stretch of the spring term. The events at his brother's school over spring break were a dream turned nightmare. His brother, his twin, had been in the middle of an experiment that had turned his dorm into the "Muscle Dorm" in a plan by two old scientists to rejuvenate themselves, but the pellets they created worked too well and drove most of the students into a muscle-building frenzy. Ryan had gotten huge, but was drained of his muscle and returned much as he left. Rhys, his brother, had smuggled a large can of the muscle-growing pellets into Ryan's car, and they were now stashed in the back of Ryan's closet. He thought about using them, but decided he needed to give it a rest before carefully avoiding another disaster. Perhaps he could succeed where Dr. Powers had failed: to use them to build an amazing, muscular physique, without falling prey to the addictive, monster-building side effects. The first couple workouts back with Terry gave Ryan a familiar buzz, so Ryan guessed he still had some residue of the pellets running through his system. Ryan couldn't have kept up with Terry at all without that little boost. By the end of the semester Ryan got back up to 192 lbs, which is where he might have gotten without all of the semester's drama, and Terry had cut back down to a ripped 235 lbs, right close to where he had planned he'd be when he started bulking last winter. Ryan's roommate was moving out with his girlfriend for the summer, so that was a perfect time to think things through. Ryan decided to stay on campus and maybe take a class or get a summer job. His brother Rhys liked the Caribbean so much on his Spring Break that he got a summer internship there, for marine science, so they wouldn't be hanging out at home, anyway. And Ryan wasn't sure he wanted to see Rhys. In everything that happened, he realized they were both moving on. Terry was cutting and dieting, which didn't help his mood most of the time, but he kept encouraging Ryan to eat and bulk up. "Please, just imagine how bad it would be if we were both miserable," Terry would say, but still with a smile. Ryan was also worried about the food bill he was racking up, and it'd be much worse if he went back on the pellets which demanded large quantities of food as fuel. As he paid for a steak sandwich with veggies at the cafeteria, he complained, "I wish there was an all-you-can-eat plan." The cashier grinned. "But, there is ... for school employees." That same day, Ryan applied online for a summer position at the school gym. Later that week, an email arrived for an interview. "This is really informal," the administrator explained. "We need someone to cover a four hour shift just a couple days a week during the summer. It's per diem, so the benefits are limited." "No food plan?" "Uh, yes, I mean, correct. No food plan." Ryan grumbled. "Well, you're not lifeguard certified, are you?" "Actually, my high school had us do that senior year. I think it's still good." "Yes, well, if you want something with enough hours for the food plan, they need a morning lifeguard at the old Alumni Pool. It's four hours every day, 7 to 11, including weekends. Most people don't like that schedule, but it leaves plenty of room for a summer class, as well." "That works. When do I start?" "Meet with the Athletic Director on Friday with your paperwork, and you can start on Sunday." The Alumni Pool was tucked in an almost forgotten corner of campus. One side of the building was rough concrete with no windows, where the rest of the old athletic building used to be. Everyone preferred the newer Rossi Pool in the current athletic complex across campus, with some exceptions. The main exception was the "masters" group that swam at the start of Ryan's shift. It was a mix of faculty and staff, and it was founded and run by one man. "His name is Luis, nice guy," explained Ryan's new boss. "Some people come in after them, but you have to clear everyone out and lock up the pool at the end of your shift. They shouldn't give you any trouble. The afternoon lifeguard will be with you the first couple days, but then you'll have to cover a couple of his shifts later." The other lifeguard Paul showed Ryan around the pool and the locker rooms and which keys to use. He was a 5'10" beanpole, so skinny he looked fragile. He seemed half-asleep or half-stoned or maybe just really boring, Ryan couldn't decide. "Where do the other doors go?" He asked Paul. "It's a maze of storage and boarded up rooms. Just keep people out of there, which is easy. It's mostly old people. This pool is near faculty housing, but even they head over to the new pool if they can. Sometimes freshmen come in. I guess it's less intimidating or noisy than the main pool." They watched the masters group and then the morning crowd just as Paul described. "Can you do one of my shifts later this week? I don't think I need to spend tomorrow with you, so then we'll be square." The next mornings there were the same as the first. Unfortunately, the food plan didn't kick in until the end of the week, so any plans to start experimenting with the pills was delayed at least until then. As Ryan covered Paul's shift that week, he was thinking he could maybe help Paul build up a bit, but he didn't seem interested, and they weren't sharing a shift again. Ryan felt that it might be more scientific and less complicated to start testing a plan for the pellets on a stranger. "Hi." "Huh?" Ryan looked over at small, pudgy kid. "Obviously a freshman," he thought. "Unless they let high school kids in here." "Hi. I'm Brian. Are you the new lifeguard?" "Yeah, kinda, but I'm usually just here in the mornings, and just filling in today for the afternoon guy." "Oh. When I come swim it's usually the afternoons, but I could come in the morning." Ryan wasn't sure if this kid was cute or annoying, but he was definitely staring at Ryan's body. "Why don't you use the main pool?" Ryan asked. "Oh, I like it here better," Brian replied, but then he just stood there. "Why?" asked Ryan, not sure he cared. "Well, honestly, there's a guy, Patrick, I went to high school with, who's now a big football player guy and when I tried to talk to him last fall, he really picked on me, and he's at the athletic center a lot. I thought maybe if I wasn't such a wuss, he wouldn't be so mean. I can't help being short, but maybe I could get some muscle like you. I liked swimming when I was little, so I'm starting with that." Ryan was thinking, "You don't get muscles like these from swimming." But before he responded, he thought again, "But maybe you could..."
  5. ‘I don’t think I have ever heard of a course like this before?’ ‘Dude, it sounds like one of those easy electives that we took last year remember?’ ‘Hmm maybe. Perhaps I should talk to the professor first and find out what he is teaching exactly.’ ‘Whatever man, I know I am signing up for it. You better not wait because there are only 15 slots open.’ Benjamin turns to walk down the wide corridor of the college hall and disappears around a corner as Morris continues to read the directory of the upcoming fall schedule of classes on the computer sitting on the table beside the entrance into the university. He puts his left hand up on his head and makes a few sighing motions before writing down the name of the professor. He walks over to the receptionist desk to ask them a question. ‘Excuse me do you know where Professor Hardman’s classroom is?’ The receptionist smiles and tells him that the room is located in the basement and to go down a couple of hallways to find a set of stairs. He won’t miss the classroom since it is the only one down there. He thanks them and proceeds to find the stairway. After a few minutes of walking, he finds the stairs and goes down. It seems kind of strange that there are no students walking up and down on them since every other part of the building has some sort of activity. He gets to the bottom after just 50 steps and sees two paths. The sign on the wall in front of him points left for the student’s weight room and right for room B1001. He gets a puzzled look on his face as he realizes he never knew about the weight room in the basement. He passes several windows and notices a few guys inside lifting weights and walks in. They don’t even notice that he is in there as he notices the oldest looking guy there and wonders if that is the professor. He walks over to introduce himself. ‘Hello…..uhhh are you Professor Hardman? I just wanted to talk to you about this class you are offering this fall? What is it about? I might be interested in taking it if I am eligible.’ The man stops curling the barbells in his hands and puts them down on the ground. He is fairly slender, but seems really strong for his size. His glasses are foggy from the heat emanating from his head. He is wearing a gray t-shirt and gray shorts with white stripes going down the sides. His workout shoes also match his clothes. He turns to look at Morris and smiles a little before getting up to towel off a bit. ‘Ahh so you want to take my muscular hypertrophy class? Give me a minute to compose myself then man and I will fill you in on the details.’ The man motions for him to move over to a table in the back so they can talk away from the other guys. ‘So tell me why I should let you enroll in this course? Do you know what that term means?’ Morris remembers hearing the term but doesn’t know exactly everything about it. He attempts to guess to impress the professor. ‘I think it means the science of muscle growth right?’ ‘You are pretty close young man. Hypertrophy is indeed the expansion of muscles. This course is mostly independent study, but I warn you that only two of the fifteen individuals in the class will pass. Right now thirteen slots are filled including the four guys you see in the gym right now. If you want in, you need to decide right now.’ ‘Oh I think I do want in. My friend Ben will want in too.’ ‘Okay then, what is your name and your friend’s name and I will add you two to the list. I will close the class as soon as you two are enrolled okay?’ The professor smiles and gets up from his seat before going into the shower area. Morris gets up after a minute and leaves the gym before walking down the hall and going into the lone classroom on the basement floor. He sees posters of famous bodybuilders all over the room and the desks are as big as dinner tables. He walks past the professor’s desk and proceeds to look in and around where the teacher would reside. He hears a voice in the main doorway and looks up to see a fairly large man peering at him. ‘What do you think you are doing here? I don’t think the professor would approve of this?’ The man moves over to him and grabs his arm before pulling him out of the room. ‘You are not allowed in here. Unless the professor is present, you can’t be around his workspace.’ The man remains standing in the doorway as Morris turns around and heads up the steps onto the main floor again. He is immediately met by his friend Ben. ‘DUDE! I just asked someone about that professor. He is really fucking mysterious. He doesn’t allow any girls in his classes, just certain types of guys. Did you find him?’ ‘Yep and we are both in I think. He said there were only 15 slots and two were left so he put us in there.’ ‘Awesome. Yeah this guy I talked to while you were gone in the student lounge said that his classes are mostly hands-on and don’t require too much instruction. What sucks though is that he only passes two guys. This guy said he failed because he didn’t understand the professor’s information correctly.’ ‘Yeah he told me he only passes two guys, but we are going to be the two that do Ben. The class is called muscular hypertrophy by the way.’ Ben pauses as his eyes grow wider. ‘DUDE! He teaches bodybuilding classes? This is fucking awesome. I wonder what is so different about his lessons though?’ ‘I don’t know but frankly I need the help considering how weak I am when I go to the gym. You might pick things up pretty easy Ben since you have a decent amount of muscle on you anyway.’ Ben flexes his biceps which bulge into fairly large golf balls. ‘I could use a bit more actually Morris. I can’t imagine there are other guys that small in this class. *looks at his phone* We need to get going because we have a few days to get unpacked man.’ The two young men leave the main campus to go back to their dorm room to unwind. The upcoming weekend would be their last until their classes start up the following week. Monday rolls around and the two friends attend a few of their classes before meeting up again in the student lounge before their evening class with Professor Hardman. ‘Morris, I am anxious to go to that hypertrophy class man. I am planning on going to the gym afterwards to get a good pump on. You think he can give us pointers?’ ‘I have no idea what to expect Ben. There was a really big man that was down there when I went to check out the classroom. He wasn’t too pleased I was in there.’ ‘DUDE! You are fucking lucky that man didn’t beat the shit out of you. He could have been one of the professor’s graduate students. I forgot to tell you that he has one or two there each semester. I heard this from one of his former students.’ ‘Oh yeah, you might be right about that. *looks at the time on the clock in the lounge* Oh well, we have to get down there.’ The two guys rush out and go downstairs into the professor’s classroom. There are thirteen other men sitting behind the desks. They are of different shapes and sizes and immediately start staring directly at Morris, who is obviously the smallest of the group. Two desks remain vacant on different sides of the room as Ben takes one and Morris sits behind the other. The man that Morris saw a few days before sits behind the professor’s desk and appears to be working on something on his tablet. He looks up long enough to notice that all fifteen desks are now full. He stops typing and gets up from the desk to stand in front of it. He is wearing a skin tight pullover and jeans that look like they were painted on. He starts to speak. ‘The professor will not be here today so I have been put in charge. I am aware that all fifteen of you signed up because you think this is one of those courses that will help you earn credits towards your degree. Maybe some of you think you will pick up tips for your workouts. Well this is not one of those courses. I am here to test not only your mind, but your body too.’ The man points over at the other part of the room where there are weights and dumbbells. ‘One at a time, each one of you will be required to lift and execute a set program that I have set up. You will not know whether or not you have passed this test until you have completed all sections of the assignment. After you complete the first part of the assignment, you will come back to your desk and perform the second part with a random student here. The final part of the assessment will be a mental exercise that will test whether or not you are right for this course. There will be no questions asked. Let us begin.’ Morris watches as the front row of five men stand up and move over to the workout area to different stations set up for each one of them. There are dumbbells and weight benches for each man. The observant student realizes that this assignment is meant to make or break you as the seated ten guys including his friend Ben watch in curiosity. The big man sheds his dress shirt and reveals two hulking arms as his chest hugs his undershirt tightly. He goes over to each of the five men and shows them instructions on his tablet as he watches them and documents their progress. Once they finish, they return to their seats and he gives them each an empty syringe and tells them to not do anything with them yet. The next five men stand and move over to the area and complete their exercises before the same goes with them as they return to their seats. Both Ben and Morris get up along with the other three men and move into their positions. Once Ben and the other four complete their tasks, the man walks over to Morris and leans down over top of him letting a few drops of sweat from his pec shelf hit the unsuspecting student’s face. The man smirks a little as he shows Morris the instructions for completing the exercise. He peers into his eyes and starts talking to him. ‘Don’t be nervous man. Just do what you think you can do. You are not being graded on the amount you lift, but rather how your body responds to the resistance and whether or not you can continue through the course.’ Morris picks up the 10 pound weights which gets a few snickers from the audience and does a few reps with them. He puts them down and moves back on the bench. He tells the man that he will try 150 pounds on the bench press. The man gets him the plates he needs and stands back to document his progress. Morris completes the task and gets up to go back to his desk. The man hands him a syringe and goes back to the front of the class. ‘Alright guys, I have randomly selected who will be paired with who. I will name off the pairs and you will move your chairs across from each other.’ Morris and Ben stare at each other and wonder where this is going. The man says Ben’s name and it makes Morris uncomfortable since he is not paired up with him as another student’s name is mentioned afterwards. As it turns out, all fourteen other names are paired up with each other and not Morris’s. The graduate student’s brown eyes immediately lock on to Morris’s and he smiles. He walks over to the workout area and grabs a chair before carrying it over his head and sitting it down in front of Morris’s desk. The nervous student gulps as the man’s muscles glisten showing off the thick veins snaking across his shoulders and biceps. ‘You are the lucky one it seems man. It should be fun so don’t worry too much about this.’ He turns to tell all of the other teams to arm wrestle each other five times. They all have to document who wins each match. He says if they cheat in any way, they will be disqualified and will be forced to withdraw from the course. He turns back around and pounds his arm on Morris’s table before flexing the huge veiny softball. He motions for Morris to stick his arm out which doesn’t get much of a reaction from the scared student. ‘Come on man, just give me all that you got and you will be fine. I don’t want to disqualify you. This will be a great test to see if you have any strength in that body of yours. Me and Professor Hardman could possibly help you unleash your inner beast.’ He smiles immensely as his eyebrows move up and down. Morris smiles back and grasp his hand in the huge muscled man’s. He feels the raw power racing through the man’s arm which frightens him. Grunts and growls are heard all around the room as each team completes multiple rounds. The graduate student’s huge arm flexes and ripples a bit before he motions for Morris to stick his other arm on the edge of the table like he has his. When he does, the man immediately starts to put all of his might into Morris’s arm which prompts the smaller student to react. ‘Yeah Morris, come on. Fight back, make yourself work for the pin.’ He gives in and gets pinned. The man immediately goes back to the original position and grabs Morris’s hand and puts it into place. He starts again instantly which prompts Morris to react. ‘Fight me man, make me sweat more. I know you have it in there somewhere.’ Morris tries harder this time making the man strain as his neck and shoulders flex and the sweat slowly flows down the man’s chest leaving a small trail peeking through his undershirt. Morris can see the man’s thick hairy abs starting to appear. Morris gets pinned once again though. They both breathe heavily after that attempt. The man once again grabs Morris’s arm and puts their hands together again. Once more he starts prompting Morris to react in a more aggressive way. The young student starts to rise from the table but the man reaches his other huge arm over and slaps him back down in his chair. ‘Fight Morris fight. You are doing great man make me have to work hard for that pin.’ Morris groans putting all of his weight into it which makes the graduate student yell as his whole body flexes making his clothes extra tight against his muscles. He pins Morris one last time, but not before they both fall back a bit in their chairs. The man’s undershirt is soaked completely now as his whole upper body is visible from under the white material. The man laughs loudly and even winks back at Morris. Since they were the last to finish, the man gets up and returns to the front of the room. He goes behind the desk and takes out a pile of papers before sitting them on the corner. He tells all fifteen guys to come up and take the booklets back to their tables. They will now take the mental assessment he talked about earlier. He reminds them that they will be using pens instead of pencils because there can be no changes made. After he finishes talking, he rips his undershirt off exposing his mountainous upper body covered in thick brownish black hair which distracts Morris quite a bit. As the other men take the booklets back to their tables, Morris goes up last just to revel in the man’s hugeness. The man is using a sink located behind the desk to clean himself up a little. His back is to Morris which makes the student moan a bit as he sees sweat rolling down the immense back. The man’s dress pants have wet spots going all the way down to his feet making the stunned young man stop at his desk. The graduate student stops what he is doing to look up at Morris in confusion. ‘Do you have a question for me man? I suggest you get started because this might take you a while to complete. I don’t want you to get disqualified remember. We can talk after you finish okay.’ Morris smiles and takes a booklet before returning to his table. He turns to look at Ben who looks up and shakes his head at his friend before he goes back to working on his book. The big man sits down in his desk chair and starts to work on his tablet again like he did before they got there. The young student opens the booklet up and realizes that it is asking you very personal questions about your desires for more size, sex, how often you masturbate, and a few fetish questions. He gets back up and takes the booklet to the man at the desk. ‘Is this part of the test really relevant for the course? I don’t want to reveal these things if I don’t want to.’ The graduate student grins and puts his hand out. ‘Give me the booklet then Morris. I will discuss your situation with the professor and we will go from there. (pauses) Actually, why don’t you go back to your table and wait until the rest of the students finish and leave and I will retrieve the professor to talk about it.’ Morris looks puzzled and shrugs his shoulders. The man motions for him to go back to his table and looks at his tablet again as he bounces his pecs at him. The other men start to finish their assessments and get up to turn the test in. The shirtless man stands up again to speak. ‘Wait guys. Don’t forget to take those syringes with you. The professor will need blood samples from each of you as a precaution. If you manage to make it to the end of the course, you will be given another syringe for testing to see if your blood has changed in any way. Have a great evening men.’ The entourage collect their syringes and start to pour out the doors as Ben comes walking up to Morris who is just watching in wonder. ‘Dude, what is he going to do with you? Should I stick around in case something happens?’ ‘No Ben, I’ll be fine. I’m sure I squandered whatever chance I had in this class. I will be back at the dorm in a bit. See you then.’
  6. After a tiring week, Morris spends the last remaining days of the semester resting quietly in his apartment. He also can’t resist texting and calling Lance after what happened the previous week. The big Arabian stud gave him his number not long after that experience in the gym. Avery seems to have disappeared in the last few days which seems really strange to both of them. That Sunday, Morris receives a call from Professor Hardman which surprises him. ‘Morris, I want you to meet with me and Lance Elrusso at the university football field. You will be taking your final exam there.’ ‘Is there some reason why we are not going to be in the classroom professor?’ The professor pauses for a few seconds and laughs a little. Morris now believes what Lance and Avery have been telling him for the past several weeks. ‘Has Avery talked to you any Morris? This exam is highly physical and may even be a little dangerous.’ ‘Yes professor, he has told me about the exam, but I am unclear as to how I was supposed to prepare for it.’ ‘You have already prepared for it Morris. Avery has kept me up on your progress as well as Lance’s. Just be here tonight at around 10 and we will get started okay?’ ‘Okay professor, I’ll be there.’ They both hang up as Morris sits up on the couch he was laying on. Ben walks in and stands beside him with an odd look on his face. ‘Dude…..don’t you know what the final exam is? I can almost guarantee that Professor Hardman is going to make you do some kind of powerlifting. You might be fine though considering how much bigger you are. Since you started in that class, you have probably gained at least 30 pounds of muscle. If I was homo, we would probably be getting busy about any time now.’ Ben does a little goofy dance before he turns to leave the room. Morris dials up Lance on his phone afterwards. The Arabian answers and seems a bit conflicted. ‘Morris…..are you as nervous as I am man? I don’t know what to expect from this. I think I know what is going to happen, but the uncertainty is killing me.’ ‘I agree, maybe we can go there together? You know where my room is, don’t you?’ *seems cheerful now* ‘Ohh yeah I do, I’ll be there in a few minutes.’ They hang up as Morris gets up to move around a little. He leaves the room to walk into the main lobby to wait on Lance. While he stands there, Avery comes up behind him and picks him up. The surprised student shutters as the stronger man holds him up above his chest. Morris turns his head to look at him. ‘Hi there buddy. Are you ready to experience something new? The professor wanted me to round you up before you go over to the field.’ ‘Ohh well Lance is coming over here to meet up with me anyway Avery.’ ‘Awesome, saves me a trip then. *flexes his huge guns* Come on stud, flex yours so we can compare.’ Morris makes a noise basically telling Avery no which makes the bigger man lightly punch him in the stomach. The student’s arms twitch and contract as Avery positions them into a double bi pose. ‘Flex them! *Morris flexes* Hehe, there you go, not bad stud. You look better every time I see you.’ Lance arrives soon after and gives Morris a huge bear hug. The two men start growling at each other playfully and wrestling around a bit before they lean in and kiss. Avery looks on in shock. ‘Whoa! Things are definitely heating up between you two. I thought me and you had a thing Morris?’ *smiles greedily as Lance turns to stare at him* ‘You said the same shit to me Avery. I know you are just doing your job for Hardman. Let’s get going since it is after 9:30.’ The three men cram into Avery’s van and ride over to the field located about five minutes away. They get out and see the professor standing by in the nearby tunnel. He looks like he has been working out for hours judging by the amount of sweat pouring off his face and neck. He looks at Avery and nods his head. The graduate student walks past the professor and down the tunnel. When he gets to the end, he starts to run out on to the field. Morris and Lance get up to the professor and stop when he motions for them to see him. ‘Hey guys, welcome to the final exam. I know you have questions as to why this is being done on a Sunday at the football field. Well you will find out soon enough. Let’s get warmed up with a nice jog around the field why don’t we.’ The unsuspecting duo starts jogging with the professor down the tunnel and out the end on to the field where Avery is already halfway across. ‘We are starting early professor? I thought it was at 10?’ Hardman looks over at Morris and winks as he wipes his glasses. ‘Ohh it is at 10, trust me guys. This is just meant to get the blood pumping and our muscles loosened up.’ After about 15 minutes of this, the professor stops jogging and moves over to the middle of the field. Avery is already there while the other two wonder if they are supposed to go meet there too. The professor doesn’t say a word to them when he leaves so they just continue to trek along the edges of the sidelines. Avery keeps looking at them and smiling. At this point, it is ten till ten and it appears the professor is starting to have trouble controlling his breathing as he stands there. Morris and Lance finally decide to meet up in the middle with the professor and Avery. ‘Is he going to be alright Avery? He looks like he is in pain.’ Lance puts his hand on the professor’s back which is very hot to the touch. The sweat cascades down Hardman’s body like a river now as he completely loses his voice. Avery leans in to the professor and nods a few times. He then pulls Morris and Lance in front of Hardman and takes over on the talking. ‘It appears that the professor will be starting the exam a bit early considering that he is having a bit of trouble at the moment. And…..uhhhhh…..fuck…..*stretch*…..it is now spreading…..mmmmm…..over….. damn……*pop*…..to me. Guys……*rip*……get ready……to be amazed.’ The graduate student grunts a few times before his pecs start growing and shredding his shirt down the middle before they flop out. His arms completely destroy the sleeves as they continue to balloon into what amounts to watermelons. He rips his shirt off and roars in delight feeling his upper body growing at an alarming rate. He then reaches down and rips his pants off with just a few of his thick fingers as his legs and calves double in size. His underwear rips and shreds so quickly it falls to the ground as his cock thickens and his ass swells. He moans feeling his rod widening and lengthening as it pools precum all over the field. ‘OMG! Lance he is becoming a beast! What the hell am I a part of here?’ Lance doesn’t seem to be listening to him though as he watches the professor beginning his transformation. Hundreds, maybe thousands of cracks and pops are heard emanating from Hardman as his body struggles to keep its shape. He wails in pain for what seems like minutes as it appears he is losing control over his body. He stops moving at one point as it appears that the sequence is over. Lance is hypnotized by this. ‘Huh? What the…..HOLY SHIT!’ The professor starts moaning deeply as his voice changes and his body reacts. His muscles immediately explode out of his clothes as pieces of fabric remain glued to his growing body. He quickly surges past 200, then 300 pounds, as his body continues to expand its way outward. At this point, Avery is finished growing and rushes over to pick the other two up to sit on his shoulders. ‘Take a good hard look at that monster guys,’ he says in a much deeper voice since he is now over 350 pounds. ‘This is a gawd emerging in front of you of epic proportions.’ 400…..500…..600…..his height starts to catch up to the sheer bulk soon after as Hardman’s spine continuously stretches pushing him up higher and higher…..7 ft…..8 ft…..9 ft…..the three men look on in awe as the professor begins losing his human characteristics as the muscles completely deform him. 700….800….900…..10 ft…..11 ft…..12 ft…..Avery walks over to stand underneath the giant behemoth. They feel it raining on them as the professor’s massive 3 foot dong drops precum on top of them. ‘Guys this is the last part of the exam. The professor is going to coat you in his…..rain. Whatever happens after this will be completely unknown to all of us. It won’t affect me though since I have already…..changed. I am going to put you both down on the ground now and don’t move.’ Avery slides them both down on to the turf and quickly moves away as the professor continues to grow. Hardman’s body now takes up nearly five yards of the field as he reaches nearly a ton in size. The two young men grip each other’s sides as they await the final shower. The giant hulk roars in ecstasy as the ground shakes and the stands rumble. The two young men can smell the rain’s musk changing above them which makes them both feel extremely funny on the inside. They look at each other and realize it must be their turn now. ‘Oh fuck Morris, I am so afraid but yet I want this badly.’ ‘I feel the same way Lance. I hurt so badly too, but feel compelled to let this happen.’ As they feel something raging inside their bodies, the flood comes flowing out of the hulk’s raging dong and drowns the two men. They fall over and start convulsing as Avery gets hit too behind them. He falls too and crawls over to check and see if they are still breathing. The behemoth continues shooting thick jets all over them as he falls over. It causes a giant sinkhole to form in the field as he lies there unconscious still shooting cum up in the air. Sirens can now be heard in the distance as Avery starts feeling vibrations coming from underneath their skin. ‘Morris……Lance……guys…..talk to me……shit I hope this works otherwise me and the professor are so fucking screwed. This has to work quickly or everyone is going to know our secret.’
  7. Avery tries to keep some kind of composure as he knows things could turn out really bad for all four of them. The muscles on both Lance and Morris twitch several times before they start throbbing to the beating of their hearts. The huge studly graduate student isn’t quite sure what to do as the sirens get closer to campus. He panics a bit and hopes that the guys’ growth cycles will stall just a little while longer so he can get them to some kind of safe zone. ‘SHIT! I don’t think Hardman really thought this through. I need to get us out of here. WAKE UP GUYS!’ The two students moan as they finally come to their senses. The field glistens with massive pools of cum as Avery reaches down to wipe them both off. Their muscles continue to throb as he finally gets them to their feet. They both appear to be in some kind of drunken state. ‘Come on Morris, hop on my back man. Lance I will carry you buddy. The professor will hopefully return to normal size before the cops get here. We have to get going before we lose our senses.’ They both get on Avery as he starts booking it out one of the tunnels of the stadium. He stops when he gets to the end to look both ways so that they are not seen before rushing his way past the dorms. The two students start groaning louder which worries the graduate student even more as he feels his own body starting to react. He knows at any moment he will go into a similar growth cycle just like the professor did. He can now see the end of the street where the university starts. Unfortunately though he feels his cock starting to grow again as it flops back and forth against his huge veiny quads. ‘AHH SHIT…..guys…..uhh fuck……I have to…..put you both down…..I can’t hold it…..back…..any longer.’ He drops Lance on the ground as Morris climbs down quickly once he feels Avery starting to shake violently. They both grab each other and start moving away from him as they see him starting to swell up. The big stud grunts feeling his muscles growing wildly as his back stretches and pops making him grow taller and wider than he was before. His cock continues to grow bigger as it starts to spill a massive river of cum into the middle of the street where he is standing. At this point, it looks like Avery is losing his battle to stay in a normal human form as he disappears inside the behemoth that is emerging. The two weakened students can only look on as they manage to get to the side of the street and witness yet another man being transformed into a giant muscle gawd. Their own bodies have stopped throbbing. The cracking sounds emanating from Avery’s body are echoing through the campus as people begin to look outside their windows and doors. A crowd is beginning to form on the other side of the street beside the dorms. Lance and Morris try to get up again so they can make another attempt to escape off campus. The behemoth is now well past 600 pounds as his massive two foot dong begins launching cum everywhere and landing all over the ground creating huge white ponds. He is well over nine feet tall and continues to grow wider now covering most of the street. Screams are heard from many observers as they take off back inside the dorms. A few male bystanders stare in awe at the beast transforming in front of them. Lance trips and falls into one of the puddles of cum being created by Avery. The beast laughs watching him struggle in the sticky muck. Morris turns around and sees this and goes to pick him up, but his buddy tries to stop him from touching him. ‘MORRIS NO! I have been exposed by both of them now, if you come in contact with this, I don’t know what will happen to you.’ Morris doesn’t hesitate and grabs Lance by his shirt sleeve and pulls him out of the puddle. A familiar voice is heard from behind getting closer to them which makes Morris shutter. He starts moving away from the voice with Lance on his side as they limp away from both the voice and the beast. ‘BEN……GO AWAY MAN! You have to get out of here.’ ‘No Morris…..I am going to get you both away from whatever this thing is. Come on.’ Ben catches up to them and makes an attempt to put his arm around both men but not before Morris yells for him to keep his distance. ‘STAY THE FUCK AWAY BEN. You have to get away from us…..ahhhh shit…..Lance…..the throbbing is back again…..’ ‘ACK I know Morris…..I can’t stay on my feet anymore…..*falls down about fifty feet from where Ben is* SHIT! It is starting to move through me……*loud cracks and pops start pouring from Lance’s 200 pound frame* Morris…..*muscles swelling* ahhhh fuck…..’ The tattooed stud can’t hold it back any longer as his body convulses violently shredding his t-shirt and splitting the seams of his jeans. Ben jumps back from where he is standing and yells ‘DUUUDE!’ watching what is transpiring with Lance. His clothes are gone within seconds as fabric goes flying everywhere. Morris is barely standing feeling himself getting closer to the edge. Lance begins losing control over his mind as his throbbing cock swells bigger and begins aiming itself towards Ben’s direction. Morris in his weakened state tries to point to Ben to make him go away but is starting to change himself as he feels his back trying to crack and pop like Lance did. The growing behemoth’s tattoos are now stretched to the point that they look like scars on his shoulders. Ben once again tries to reach for Morris, but he stops himself once he sees that Morris is struggling to keep himself from changing. ‘Dude, I don’t know what to do? I can’t leave you here. I know now that this cum coming out of you guys is contagious somehow. I don’t want this to happen to me…..i mean…..i want to be big…..but this turns you guys into monsters…..shit I’m really scared for you Morris.’ Morris groans as he falls over by the road entrance into the university. Ben turns to see a giant rope of cum come flying in his direction and jumps out of the way. Lance is now well over 800 pounds and continues to get bigger as he falls to the ground. The crash from his fall shatters windows and creates an aftershock that sends Ben and Morris flying into the air. Ben lands in one of the nearby oak trees while Morris goes crashing through a nearby dorm which makes his roommate yell in fright. ‘NOOOO! MORRIS! DAMNIT!’ Lance finally stops growing and passes out once he reaches a thousand pounds. The police along with other vehicles finally get to the university to determine what is going on. Lance is lying in a massive crater he created when he fell. Ben quickly climbs down from the oak tree and sneaks around a back entrance into the dorm he saw Morris plunge into. People are filling the main lobby trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Ben races past them and gets into one of the elevators. His heart beats so fast that he nearly passes out as he stands. He reaches the top level of the dorm and gets out. With no one of that floor, he immediately notices smoke coming from one of the rooms. He removes his hoodie and uses it to open the door. Inside he sees Morris lying on top of a mountain of rubble nearly lifeless. He rushes to his side to check for a pulse not realizing that he has touched his roommate’s skin. Morris’s clothes are ripped from the impact and exposes parts of his nicely developed body. Ben feels a faint pulse and tries to wake him up. ‘MORRIS.....dude wake up. Come on…..shit man…..I don’t want to lose you. GAWD! I bet every bone in your body is broken.’ Morris moans a few times before his cock starts to rise in his pants. Ben gets silent and turns his head to see a huge snake starting to form underneath his roommate’s exposed boxer briefs. He turns his head back around and gets a scared look on his face. ‘NO NO NO MORRIS! Fight it! Don’t let it win, you can hold it back…..’ Morris opens his eyes and smiles back at Ben. His body begins to transform like the others did. Whatever bones were broken are now healing as his muscles start stretching and growing. The exposed parts of his chest swell up and rise extremely close to his face as the fabric on his shirt rips open showing off massive muscles in his pecs and abs. He grunts feeling his jeans ripping open as his swelling cock busts out of his boxer briefs and continues to grow. Ben knows there is no way he can stop Morris’s transformation and ponders what to do next. His roommate is now well over 300 pounds as his back and ass destroy his clothes further. Morris is now trying to stand up as he continues to grow. He walks toward Ben which makes his roommate start to move away from him. The remaining fabric on Morris’s body clings to his immense shoulders and waist. Ben can only look on seeing his friend become unrecognizable as he sails past 500 pounds and grows even taller. Morris moans as his cock takes aim at Ben and begins drooling precum all over the floor. ‘Please Morris…..don’t do this. I hope you can still hear me in there. I love you man…..but I don’t want to be like you. This is not what I want.’ The behemoth walks up next to Ben and picks him up. Ben shakes nervously not knowing what will happen next. The now 600 pound giant looks him in the eyes and smiles once again like before. He rubs Ben’s back with his huge right paw feeling his small buddy shaking. It appears that he has stopped growing too as the giant looks down at his body and sees this. At nine feet, he can almost reach the ceiling now and notices that he can push through it which he does. He tosses Ben up on to the roof and lifts himself up beside him. Then he picks Ben up again and holds him against his massive 80” chest and pumps his 45” guns before letting out a couple of low grunts. The surprised roommate is trying to figure out what he is doing with him. ‘Morris? Are you still in there dude? You seem a bit different from the other guys.’ The behemoth looks him in the eyes again and shakes his head up and down indicating that he is indeed still coherent. ‘Can you speak to me man? Wait…..maybe that isn’t such a good idea, you might kill me with your voice.’ Morris smiles at him and puts Ben up to his mouth to give him a kiss. Ben hesitates but knows he doesn’t have a choice as the giant man plants a wet one on his lips. Remarkably though, Ben feels a sense of ease and relaxes a bit as they kiss. The huge man’s powerful hands are soft and comforting and Ben can’t seem to keep his eyes off the swollen pipes pulsing from Morris’s cannons. The behemoth’s immensely deep voice is felt against Ben’s body which makes his cock jump. They finally stop kissing. ‘Morris…..I uhhh…..i’m not gay man…..but you are making me want you which doesn’t make sense. I have never felt this way about you before. It must be the way you look at me and how you just kissed me. I actually feel compelled…..NO! I don’t want that!’ Morris grins and leans in to kiss and lick Ben’s neck and rub his back. The roommate tries to resist, but he realizes that it may already be too late. His shirt is ripped off as the behemoth goes for his pants which he tries to fend off but fails. Ben is stripped naked as his cock bounces furiously which makes the giant growl softly. ‘NO! Damnit, I don’t want this…..*Morris pulls Ben up to suck his cock* ohhh gawd…..mmmm oh fuck I have waited months for this…..’ The behemoth sucks lovingly on Ben’s cock making him hump Morris’s lips. The roommate moans loudly as he unloads his seed down the giant’s throat. This sequence lasts several minutes as Morris continues sucking on Ben’s cock and draining him. The weakened man is then put down on the roof floor where he leans against one of the brick posts. Morris looks down at him and winks as his cock towers over top of Ben’s body. ‘Get it over with then Morris. I can’t even move now…..you took away any energy I might have left……’ Gunshots are heard beneath them as hundreds of darts go barreling through Morris’s sides. He roars out in pain as the building shakes before falling backwards and crashing all the way down to the main floor of the dorm. This makes the whole roof shake as Ben clings to the post. Once the dorm stops moving, Ben crawls over to look down inside the building and sees Morris lying there surrounded by several policemen and military personnel. He notices him now starting to shrink back to a fairly reasonable size as these men converse with each other. Once he finishes reverting, he is put on a gurney and the men disappear out the front doors of the dorm. Ben crawls back to where he was and tries to hide away from view as he sees four unmarked vans being loaded up with numerous men and can see Morris being put in one of them. They quickly drive off the campus as a huge crowd of students begin forming outside again. He wonders what will happen now since he knows that his roommate is now some kind of superhuman.
  8. The two roommates wake up the next morning in completely different mindsets. ‘Morris…..dude…..I really want to know what went on last night. You did things in your sleep that seemed kind of strange. You kept rubbing your legs and chest with your hands and kept complaining about something moving around inside you. I was going to wake you but I figured it would cause you to punch me or something.’ ‘WHAT? You are watching me sleep? Damn Ben sometimes I wonder if you should just have sex with me and get it over with.’ Ben frowns and turns around to leave their bedroom before going down the hall to get ready for his next class. Morris feels something buzzing by his right leg and realizes that his cell is ringing. He picks it up and sees a number he isn’t aware of. He answers it and starts talking. ‘Uhh hello who is this?’ ‘Hello there Morris, this is Professor Hardman. Avery has filled me in on where you are in the course and it seems to me that you will not have to attend any more lectures since you have passed a key component of the class. I will see you in a few weeks okay? I still want you to keep up on the workouts you are doing and spend a little bit of time with Avery so he can prep you for the final exam.’ Morris is surprised by what he is hearing and now gets what Avery was talking about the night before. ‘Professor, is it possible that my roommate Ben could also pass the class or does he have to do something too to get further along?’ Hardman chuckles a little and asks Morris exactly who Ben is since he has not actually met him before. The young student describes him to the professor who admits that Avery has never talked about him. ‘Hmmm, well Ben will have to work a bit harder to get to the final Morris, but maybe you can bring him with you to your sessions with Avery. In the meantime, he will have to go to the lectures to compete with the other thirteen students. I will be teaching the lectures while Avery will spend his time in my office. I need to get going now and I hope you have a good day Morris.’ The professor hangs up before Morris gets another word in. He gets up and puts his phone down inside the shorts he is going to wear for the day. He goes down the neighboring hall and into the bathroom. Ben stands by the vanity mirror putting lotion on his body which he has covered by only a pair of very skimpy briefs. ‘I just talked to Professor Hardman and I guess I don’t have to attend any more lectures. You will have to though. I tried to get you out of them, but he wouldn’t listen to me.’ ‘Aww damn dude, that sucks. Well not for you, but of course I know why you won’t have to go. I’m not going to sleep with that brute besides I think it will be great to gain some more knowledge there so I can grow huge.’ Ben flexes his biceps in the mirror which appear to have decent peaks on them from Morris’s perspective. He laughs a bit before leaving the bathroom and going down into the kitchen to grab something to eat. After six weeks into the course, Ben is beginning to struggle with the pace that has been set by Professor Hardman. Morris is noticing a real change come over him that actually makes him wonder if he should do something about it. In between classes a few weeks later, the two roommates sit down in the students’ lounge to talk about what is going on. ‘Dude…..I don’t know if I can compete with those hulks in there. Some of those guys are so freaking huge and seem to be getting even bigger. I swear that one guy in front of me grew while I was sitting in class last week. I kept hearing this weird sound come from his back and it looked like his shirt was getting tighter. By the end of the lecture, it was skin tight and I could see every muscle in his back. It was fucking crazy.’ Morris stared off somewhere as Ben described his experience. Once he finished talking about it, he waved his arm in front of his buddy’s face and smiled. ‘Hello…..Earth to Morris? Did you even hear a word I said?’ ‘Ohh yeah man I did, it’s just…..I think I believe you when you say that. I just wonder if that will happen to me too. I still think you should come with me to see Avery tomorrow it can’t hurt to hear him out. Maybe he can help you through some things?’ ‘Oh I don’t think so dude. You seem to have some crazy connection to him now. The last time you saw him two weeks ago, you were really pumped. I think your muscles grew too. You are almost my size now which at one time seemed impossible.’ Morris smiles as he slowly bounces his pecs which just a few weeks before were too small to even notice. He flexes his arms making the veins stick out and snake across his forearms and biceps. Ben shakes his head and puts his left hand on his face. ‘Your confidence is so much higher now man. Avery is definitely helping you, but I am just not getting the same results. I am going to go talk to Hardman about maybe getting out of the course because I am feeling overwhelmed.’ Ben gets up and turns to walk down the nearby stairs into the basement. Morris wants to follow him, but feels compelled to stop when he sees the guy that Ben was talking about earlier. The hulk has a thick black beard, bald head, tattoos on both arms, and pecs that can’t be contained in his tight blue shirt. The glasses he is wearing give people the impression that he is not only powerful but intelligent as well. His exposed olive skin is covered in black fur. He stops walking himself to turn his head around to see that Morris is looking at him. His powerful legs strain against his beige khakis as his huge ass pulls along every seam. He wanders over to the smaller man and looks into his eyes. ‘Hey there. *smiles* Weren’t you in Hardman’s class at one time? I seem to remember you from the first day, but you disappeared after that.’ Morris notices beads of sweat slowly dripping down the man’s wide veiny neck between his huge pec shelf. He returns his attention to the man’s eyes. Those big hazel eyes seem to be seducing him ever so slowly but not before he starts to move backwards a bit. ‘Well, I scored highly on the test so Hardman went ahead and put me through to the final which is pretty great.’ The man is surprised by this and lifts his arm up to his head. The thick baseball in his right arm grows to stretch the sleeve to its limits. Morris can’t seem to take his eyes off of it as the man squeezes it tighter. Within seconds, the sleeve busts as the bicep rises to its fullest peak. The man laughs before putting his arm back down to his side. ‘Damn, I need to buy new clothes. I have had this shirt for two years and it has never been this tight before. Avery told me that I need to slow down on these workouts, but I just can’t stop. They make me feel so…..incredible. I feel like I could grow forever.’ ‘Wait? You know Avery? I was about to go see him for some coaching on the final?’ The man looks at Morris with an amazed look on his face. ‘Avery Goodwin? Ahh now it makes sense. Avery is pretty sure that I will make it to the final too. You don’t seem to be growing like me though? Do you workout all the time?’ ‘Obviously not like you. You are huge man. My roommate sits behind you in class I guess. He said he could hear you growing as you sit in class.’ The man laughs and accidentally rips the left side of his shirt which exposes one of his lats. ‘SHIT! This sucks so bad, hey do you mind following me over to this corner man?’ The man moves over to the corner of the lounge and grabs his shirt. As he does, the fabric immediately rips as he pulls it off his upper body. He removes the sleeves and collar before wading them up in his hand. He shrugs his wide shoulders as his tatted hairy pecs bounce. Morris stares intensely at them as they bounce. ‘Hey what is your name man? Mine is Lance.’ ‘Morris. It’s Morris. Wow you are thick Lance. Avery has definitely done wonders for you.’ The man winks and reaches down to grab the unsuspecting young man’s hands before placing them on his hard abs and pecs. Morris moans deeply feeling the power raging from inside Lance’s body. ‘OH GAWD! I don’t think this is the place for this Lance. I don’t even know how this happened.’ ‘I suspected something about you Morris. You exude some sort of musk that immediately drew me to you. I don’t normally do this trust me, but for some reason your touch is VERY enticing.’ Lance tries to go a step further but Morris manages to stop him before he strips his pants off. ‘I think I should go see Avery now. This seems to be getting out of hand. I will talk to you later Lance.’ Morris rushes away from him before he can make another move and ends up stopping at the top of the stairs to the basement to catch his breath. His heart beats faster as he looks down to see Avery standing at the first turn and is staring up at him. The hairy stud laughs knowing what has just happened. He points at the floor next to him and motions for the young student to come down. ‘So…..you met Lance did you? He has definitely changed a lot. I barely recognize him myself.’ Morris meets him at the midway point and they both go down the stairs and into the gym. Avery takes him into the back of the gym to the table that they normally socialize at. The young student continues to have trouble breathing for some reason. Avery puts his arm around him and hugs him close to his chest. The huge graduate student is wearing a very loose tee that barely hides his thick meaty pecs. Morris’s lips find them and immediately start to kiss them lightly. ‘Oh no man. I am supposed to help you prepare for the final and that doesn’t include pec worship. *he laughs* Although it might help you calm down a little. *pulls the front of his shirt down and rips it open exposing his massive boulders*’ Morris moans deeply as he starts to suck on Avery’s huge pecs and nipples. The big man feels his cock straining his jeans as it nearly rips its way out the side. ‘Okay okay……damn Morris. You are making my balls stretch tighter than I can remember. I suppose you are hungry for some hot man juice aren’t you? Well, I won’t hold you back from that.’ Morris smiles as he leans down to unzip Avery’s jeans where he immediately meets up with a huge leaky rod. The big stud gasps as the young student gulps his cock down and starts working it over quite rapidly. The graduate student looks up and makes a few ‘hmmph’ sounds which go unnoticed to Morris. He is completely unaware that another man has now joined in on the fun. Another remarkably thick cock starts rubbing against his face as he continues to massage Avery’s cock with his mouth. Caught up in the whole sequence, Morris stops sucking Avery’s cock to turn and gulp the other cock down. He hears a very deep manly voice moan directly above him. The juices coming from this man’s cock taste remarkably sweet to him which makes him work it over almost at the same rate as Avery’s. He takes turns moving back and forth from one cock to the other making the big studs moan and groan as they rub Morris’s body. They both feel their rods swelling and their ballsacs stretching to their breaking points. The other man finally chimes in. ‘OHH MAN, I can’t hold it. Get ready for a geyser Morris.’ It is at this point that Morris realizes it is Lance and stops to stare up at him. The man leans over to plunge his tongue down Avery’s throat who is moaning himself as he feels his cock ready to burst. Morris pulls his own cock out of his pants and lets it ooze all over the gym floor. He massages both men’s huge hairy chests with his hands as he anticipates Lance’s load. He strokes it in steady rhythm with his own cock which makes the big stud shutter in delight. Within a few seconds, the man growls as he coats Morris’s face in thick white spunk. The young student then swallows the spurting rod down and chokes on the thick wad it is shooting. Watching intently, Avery moans passionately as he humps the air making his cock swell to the point that it turns purplish. ‘SHIT SHIT Morris, here it comes, I always lose it when I see something hot like this.’ Morris pulls Lance’s wet cock out of his mouth just in time to turn and get soaked by Avery’s powerful rod as it drenches his face and shirt in ribbons of cum. Morris sighs before leaning in and slowly gulping down the thick pole as it continues to pump multiple loads inside him. He feels the river of jizz also flowing out of his mouth and down inside his shirt which eventually meets up with his own cock. He rubs it all over his rod and jerks it a little bit faster. The two men pick Morris up and put him on the table. They both encourage him to keep stroking. Morris starts yelling in ecstasy as he feels himself getting closer to the edge. Avery leans over to whisper something in his ear. ‘Yeah man…..keep stroking and you will grow fucking massive. I know you can do it, just keep going and you will get a huge surprise.’
  9. Morris’s breathing slows down as his chest begins to rise. The two hairy studs notice the changes starting as the student’s arms begin to fill out as the veins thicken up and his biceps stretch the sleeves to their limits on his shirt. He moans feeling it spreading through him as his entire body reacts. His quads begin ripping the seams on his pants as they spill out the sides making the two bigger men growl in delight. ‘Yeah Morris, let it take over. Fucking grow like us, you won’t regret it.’ He stops stroking his cock as it thickens outward and begins shooting pre like it is cum. Morris squeezes his biceps making the sleeves completely rip open revealing two huge round mounds of muscle in what were his scrawny arms. The veins pulse as they move up to his shoulders which are ripping their way through the fabric also. His nipples strain his shirt to the point that he moans feeling them ready to explode from their confines. The two bigger men rip his shirt off and start punching his mammoth pecs making him gasp in pleasure. They know it feels amazing since they have had the same reaction before through their changes. Each time they do it his cock jumps and sprays another jet of precum. ‘Shoot it man it would be the ultimate finish to a great change.’ Both Avery and Lance pick him up and pull his ripped pants off before toying with his crotch and ass. Morris squeals as he feels his load finally pushing its way up into his cock. The two men smile as he finally shoots his cum all over them before falling back on the ground. His growing glutes make him bounce slightly as he feels his legs stretching and pulling themselves bigger and wider. He continues moaning as he feels himself getting larger as the other two continuously massage his cum into his skin. ‘Feels awesome don’t it Morris. Me and Lance were shocked at the way it felt ourselves. The pump is so incredible. *both men flex their biceps above Morris* Aww yeah, embrace it man because it goes away quickly during the first change.’ Morris feels himself starting to lose a bit of the pump Avery was talking about as it starts to deflate his muscles slowly. He groans feeling himself shrink as the other two pick him up on both sides and take him to the showers. They smile at each other as they reach over to turn the stalls on and drop him down on the ground. Morris makes a few agonizing sounds and stares up at them both. He tries to get up but slips a bit making the other two studs crouch over in laughter. ‘OMG man……this is too damn funny. You know we are just playing with you Morris. The truth is…..you are a part of us now man. Consider this a hazing of sorts you are going to have no problem passing the final exam now. Hardman will give you and Lance the exam next week so get ready. Now you two need to get cleaned up and go home.’ Avery washes up quickly and leaves for the locker room. Lance walks over and puts his hand out to lift Morris off the ground. He lets go soon after as the smaller, but noticeably fitter Morris starts slipping on the floor again. He lets out a few groans before Lance grabs his arm to keep him balanced. The thick hairy stud walks over to his stall beside Morris and starts lathering himself up. Morris stands there to take in the view for a few seconds and realizes that he is incredibly attracted to him. He feels his cock getting hard again and slowly walks over behind the sexy man. He wraps his arms around Lance’s chest and starts rubbing the man’s huge heaving pecs and ab slabs. The Arabic-American moans deeply, resting his back against Morris’s chest as he reaches his own arms around to rub the smaller man’s legs. Morris arches his head around to kiss Lance on the lips, but the big man resists. ‘Come on Morris…..we can’t be doing this man…..you are obviously still feeling horny from the change. *feels the small student’s cock rubbing up against his hairy ass* Well…..*smiles at him*, I guess you could shove it in there for a few minutes if you want.’ Morris growls eagerly as he slowly pushes himself inside Lance and thrusts in and out. Lance rubs his thick beard against the smaller man’s head and moans deeply feeling every inch inside his hole. He slaps Morris’s quads with each individual thrust making the excited top grunt. ‘Yeah man, fuck me. The water really feels good against our skin doesn’t it? I noticed this after I showered the first change the other day.’ Morris grips Lance’s thick waist as he pounds him faster. The versatile big man leans his head back to whisper something in the top’s left ear. ‘Don’t cum in me okay? Avery told me that it will cause problems if I have sex with another man similar to me. Just spray it on my back.’ Morris lets go of Lance and pulls out as he jerks his cock wildly and feels his balls filling up. Lance then decides to turn around and jerk his cock too. They both lean up against each other and wrap their arms around their shoulders to bring themselves to climax. They change things up and jerk each other off with the other’s hand feeling their rods swell and tense against the pressure. Finally after a few minutes of edging, the two men spray each other with thick creamy wads as it cascades all over their bodies. Lance yanks Morris under his shower stall and starts lathering soap on him. They lightly punch each other in the chest while cleaning the cum off and laughing as they do it. Morris looks him in the eyes and winks before jumping into Lance’s arms. The big man winces for a second and leans in to kiss his buddy’s lips. They moan as they remain under the water and hold each other. Before long, other guys start showing up in the showers and glare at them in a rather negative way. Realizing that they need to get going, they let go of each other and rush to grab towels to put over top of themselves. When they get to the locker room, Morris sits beside Lance and rubs the big man’s back in a comforting way. ‘I feel like we need to be together Lance. I can’t seem to stay away from you now. The connection I have with Avery is a little different, but with you it feels like we should be linked.’ Lance looks into Morris’s green eyes and smiles. ‘I feel it too man. *puts his right hand on Morris’s left leg* We do have a personal connection. I would have never known it if we didn’t have sex. I know now why we are the two finalists we are both linked through Avery who is tied to Hardman too.’ Morris looks puzzled as to how this could happen. Lance sees this and attempts to explain it. ‘Obviously you know that I have had sex with Avery since we both have this gift. Well Avery is not the main source of this, it is actually Professor Hardman. The reason there are only two of us in the end according to Avery is the fact that Hardman doesn’t want his secret to be out in the open. He entrusted Goodwin to select the best two from the fifteen he allowed in the class, that is why Avery led the first session. He chose me before the class ever began so I knew that I would be here at the end. I noticed you with him after the second part started. He was definitely into your potential. I have no idea why, but he picked you over the rest because of what lied beneath your skin. Obviously, he was right because our chemistry is amazing.’ Lance leans over and kisses Morris before pulling him into his chest and squeezing. The smaller man moans feeling the thick fur against his face and massaging the big stud’s back. Unbeknownst to them both, Ben is walking towards them from the gym area. He taps Morris on the shoulder to get his attention. ‘Well well well…..I should have known you would be messing around with this guy. I quit the class man the professor told me I wasn’t going to make it to the final anyway. It is quite obvious that you two are the ones that did. I just didn’t know that you two were THAT close.’ Morris turns around to let go of Lance to smile up at Ben. ‘I promise I didn’t cheat on purpose Ben. It just happened that way.’ Ben curls his lip up to the side and shakes his head. It is apparent he doesn’t believe him. ‘Whatever man, it doesn’t matter because the results speak for themselves. Anyway, I am finishing up early because I have another final to get to. I will talk to you later.’ Ben runs into the showers to clean up while the other two men kiss one last time. ‘I guess we should be going too Morris before other guys here start talking; time to split man.’ Lance gets up as his towel falls off showing off his hugely muscled lower body before slowly sliding his shorts over top of his beefy ass. He can hear Morris moaning over on the bench they were sitting on. The big man turns to push him off and growls in a flirty way. ‘Hey get up goofball and dress. You have got to get moving, I know you have other finals.’ Morris admits that he does and gets up to go over to his locker to get a clean outfit out that he left there the other day. When they finish dressing, Lance rushes out the front doors of the gym so Morris doesn’t follow him too closely. By the time Morris goes up the basement steps into the main lobby, Lance is nowhere to be seen which makes the student a little sad but he knows that he needs to study for the four other finals that are taking place the rest of the week. He returns back to the student lounge with his backpack in tow and lays his books down on one of the tables to study.
  10. Ben waves and leaves the room. The man gets up and pulls one of the other chairs up in front of Morris’s table like he did before. He crosses his arms and looks a bit concerned. ‘Alright man. I’m sure you have heard that we only pass two guys in this course. This is the first session and you are already refusing to complete an assignment.’ ‘I just don’t like putting my personal thoughts on paper so others can read it that I have never met before. Does this mean I am finished here?’ The man smiles a little and shakes his head no. ‘The professor will look over all fifteen students’ assignments and I will explain to him what your concerns are. Frankly, I don’t think it will matter whether or not you complete the last part anyway because I think you are right for this course. I was you when I started and I see so much in you that reminds me of me. Call me Avery by the way. I just realized I never introduced myself to the class. (laughs))' Morris laughs with him and studies the man’s hairy muscles with his wandering eyes. The man grabs the student’s arms and places them on his pecs. Morris moans a little feeling their incredible power. ‘You do know you are taking the last part now don’t you. It is essentially the same since you are showing me that you are into muscles on a sexual level.’ ‘Ummm…..uhhh…..okay I guess. I am a bit embarrassed actually, but your body is quite incredible…..Avery.’ ‘Let me show you a little more then. (gets up from chair and pulls his dress pants down) How do you feel about these? (flexes and tenses his huge quads making the striations show)’ Morris’s eyes grow wider as he sees the thick forest of hair on top of the diamond-shaped muscles. Avery grunts a few times making his entire body flex. Morris feels his cock straining his undies watching the graduate student pose. It is at this time that the professor walks in and shakes his head. ‘WELL WELL, Avery Goodwin. I wasn’t expecting you to break away from the code of conduct with one of the students.’ ‘Ohh damn, sorry professor. It’s just he needed to complete the third part of the assignment and didn’t want to do it on paper so I sort of helped him do it through touch and visualization.’ The professor takes his glasses off and shakes his head up and down while looking amused. ‘I have to say that is a great approach and obviously you like this student so…... (pauses to think). I don’t even have to look at the other parts of the assignment for him then. Congratulations......(walks over to his desk to look up the names listed at the tables) Morris, you will continue to remain in the course.’ Morris does a little dance in his chair before getting up. Avery walks over to the professor’s desk to retrieve his dress shirt to go with his dress pants he left on the ground. Hardman picks up Avery’s drenched shirt rag and looks at him in a bad way. ‘Ummm Avery, what the hell did you do? Did you rip this off during the session?’ ‘I had to professor, it was stuck to me and I couldn’t get it off.’ ‘Goodnight Avery, I will talk to you tomorrow.’ He tosses the rag into the trash as Avery picks up his tablet and dress clothes. He is wearing gym shorts which don’t leave much to the imagination since the outline of his cock is visible. He starts to leave but not before Morris follows him. The professor yells quickly, ‘I will send you your next assignment at the end of the week Morris. Good luck!’ The young student stops the bigger man in the hall to ask him a question. ‘(shyly asks) Would you mind if…..uh…..i could talk to you some more about how you got to this size and maybe a few other things?’ Avery laughs a bit and reaches down to flex his guns in Morris’s face. The surprised student rubs the huge hairy veins traveling up each arm. He nearly forgets that he was supposed to meet Ben at the dorm as he becomes slightly hypnotized by the huge beauty in front of him. ‘Are you interested in worshipping me man? You know when I first saw you last week, I thought you were trying to spy on the professor. Now I think you are just trying to get information on him through me. You are persistent for sure and frankly that is smart. I think you want to fool around with me a little.’ ‘No…..that isn’t what I meant…..uhhh…..well maybe a little. (smiles a little)’ ‘Uh huh, I think we need to visit the gym down here and get a little MORE acquainted.’ Avery grabs his arm and pulls him into the gym and then into the back part of the shower area. Morris’s heart pounds harder as he realizes that this may go to a place he wasn’t expecting. ‘How about a little bit of wrestling man? I once trained to go into the pro ranks, but I was lured back here to work with Hardman because he offered me a great salary and…..some extra perks too.’ ‘You aren’t going to tell me anything are you Avery? Are you going to hurt me?’ ‘No Morris, but you have put me in a great mood to play around with you for a bit because you are starting to interest me. Come on strip down to your undies and let’s play. (winks)’ Morris slowly takes his shirt and pants off as well as his socks and shoes. He looks around the shower and locker area and wonders if anyone will see them. ‘Don’t pay attention to anyone else Morris. Just focus on me man. I may be able to teach you a few things.’ Morris runs towards Avery who instantly picks him up and drops him down on the ground which makes the small man yell in fright. Avery squeezes tightly as Morris tries to grab his shorts. The huge hairy stud laughs and wraps his cannons around the younger man’s chest making him lose his breath. Morris pulls Avery’s shorts down to reveal his groomed crotch and dangling cock. ‘Ahh now, you shouldn’t have done that man. Now I will have to do the same to you. (pulls Morris’s undies down and off) Now we are equal.’ Morris’s cock bounces as his wiry body flexes trying to keep up with Avery’s power. The big stud lightly moans as he looks at his younger opponent’s thick cock. ‘Ohh wow Morris, you have a nice one. I think we can have a lot of fun. Don’t let my size deter you from what you really want. Come at me runt. (laughs)’ Morris jumps on him as they fall to the ground. Avery holds him in place and flips him around to where their cocks sit along each other’s faces. They both grunt feeling their bodies tense against each other. ‘You know you want me man. We both have needs and have to satisfy them. I haven’t blown a load in days so I know I have a lot to give. I think you do too judging by how swollen you are. Let me just see how strong you are.’ Avery flips Morris around and down to his cock and gulps down the smaller man’s thick cock as it travels down his throat. He moans letting it move up and down inside his mouth. He works it with a strong steady motion making Morris grip his opponent’s incredible quads. The big stud’s cock grows bigger beside Morris’s head as he grabs the smaller man and pushes his face on top of it. Morris opens his mouth swallowing it slowly as it makes its way down inside. The juices make the smaller man moan deeply as he loses himself in the moment. He feels the thick stream flowing slowly into his stomach making him flail about for a few seconds before the big stud stops him from moving. ‘Shhh Morris just calm down man. You haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Work it over really good and you will get quite the finish.’ As he makes several gurgling sounds trying to keep from passing out from the sheer size of the huge rod, Avery works over Morris’s cock making the smaller guy hump his face voraciously. ‘NO MAN! Calm down. (laughs) Let me do the work so you can concentrate on my cock. *feels his own balls moving* Ohh that feels good, you seem to be getting somewhere now man.’ Avery savors Morris’s thick cock which surprises the young student as he stops to look up every few seconds before letting out a few deep moans and going back to massaging the big guy’s hairy brownish pole. The big bodybuilder rubs Morris’s balls and feels them swelling in his hands as he puts a few fingers inside the small student’s hole too. ‘Let me help you out a little more man.’ Avery pulls him down a little to plant his big tongue inside the young man’s hole. Morris moans loudly as he has trouble focusing on what he is doing. Avery growls hearing him in ecstasy and makes his cock jump several times. ‘Morris…..uhh yeah man…..you have a hot voice…..cum for me sexy and I guarantee I will too…..i am getting so close now as it is.’ The big stud continues rimming him making Morris hump his face. ‘I can’t, I can’t Avery. Oh shit, I have to cum, let me cum, uhhh, shit.’ ‘RAWR! Yeah man cum, shoot that hot load. Hit me right on my fucking chest. (slaps his big hairy pecs and abs with one of his hands) RIGHT THERE sexy, RIGHT THERE!’ Morris wails as his cock shoots several powerful ropes all over Avery’s powerful chest. The big man moans deeply as he feels his cock starting to swell. ‘THAT’S IT MAN! HERE IT COMES! Oh yeah, the sensation is so fucking great!’ Morris watches as Avery’s cock blasts numerous jets all over his face and neck but not before he grabs the throbbing rod and gulps it down making the big stud shutter and laugh in his deep baritone. He reaches down and rubs Morris’s back and slaps his ass before grabbing the small man’s oozing cock to lap up the juices. The bodybuilder works it slowly each time he moves up and down on it moaning deeply. ‘MMMMM MAN! You were bold to track me down after class Morris, but I think you made a wise decision too. (winks at him)’ Morris pulls Avery’s cock out of his mouth and taps on his legs to drop him. The huge man obliges and he falls to the ground. He lands on his sides and turns to sit up. He looks up at the big bodybuilder and looks exhausted. Avery smiles down at him and appears to have a glimmer in his eye. ‘Hard work right? Well you have just set yourself apart from the others too man. It is almost a guarantee that you will be one of the last two.’ Morris looks at him puzzled and wonders what he means by that. ‘How is that Avery? You mean the sex we just had?’ (smiles) ‘Uhh yeah for the most part yes. You just consumed a decent amount of my seed man. That isn’t normal sperm swimming in your body now. When the time comes, they will be activated by some unforeseen catalyst. You will know when that happens fairly soon.’ ‘What? Am I going to be really sick when this happens?’ (shakes his head no) ‘Ohh no, I wouldn’t call it that. It is a gift that was given to me as it turns out. I didn’t get this big on my own trust me. (flexes his huge bis and reaches down to pull Morris up off the ground) Come on, we need to get cleaned up and out of here before someone comes around and finds us.’ Avery carries him into the shower before putting him down and going over into his own stall. They clean up and put towels on before grabbing their clothes and rushing out the back doors of the gym. When the young student enters the dorm, Ben is sitting in the lobby on his laptop. ‘DUDE! What the hell happened to you? I tried texting you and you never responded. (sees him in only a towel) ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Did you have sex with that graduate student? (smiles) I don’t blame you at all man, I am in lust for muscle too and he is even hot to me. So…..was it good?’ Morris rolls his eyes and turns around to go upstairs. Ben jumps up from his seat and follows closely behind before they rush into their room and shut the door.
  11. So sorry for the long wait between "VIALS" I had a very busy almost two weeks... Enjoy all my pups, cubs, and muscle brothers! {VIAL 3} I woke up the next day for school and got out another vial from the side of my night stand drawer. I got my things together and thought to myself, maybe I should try out this vial a bit earlier in the day instead of waiting until lunch or after school. I went down the stairs after my backpack was filled with the day’s books for my classes, where I headed to the kitchen. My biological father had already left for work again, so thank god I didn't have to run into him. On days where he had off of work, I would be ridiculed for being a pain in his side and then he’d make me do all the household chores and told me if I didn't he would use all the social security money he received from the state in order to buy himself more booze and other luxuries that didn't benefit my young child needs for nourishment and growth. I went to the kitchen and made my way to the fridge to see if I had anything I could mix the powder into this time. Luckily there was some orange juice. I found an empty water bottle on the counter, which I popped the top off and poured the 3rd vial of powder into it and stuffed the empty bottle into my pocket, followed by me filling up the rest of the bottle with orange juice. I shook the contents up, making sure the entire bottle was mixed before I put the remaining orange juice back into the fridge and I headed out the door. As I closed the door, Andrew startled me by already standing on the porch. “Hi Seth!” his voice cracked a bit as he spoke. “I thought I would meet you here instead of having to just run into you on our usual walk to school.” I was a bit giddy with excitement. “Thanks, bud. Well I already have the drink prepared for you.” We started to make our way to school as we walked down the sidewalk. “I think I want you to drink it before class starts Seth. What do you say about that?” Seth beamed up at me with his happy go lucky smile. “Well sure that sounds like a good idea. However do you think it’s wise? Each one has caused something in me that was pretty noticeable. Who knows what each vial will do.” He had a point. I remembered the empty vial I had stuffed in my pants pocket and pulled it out to see if at least any of the words or letters were readable, since the last vial was pretty much illegible. Sure enough the words on this bottle were entirely intact. I smiled, very relieved. “I don’t think we have anything to worry about,” I handed over the empty vial and the bottle of orange juice and powder to my smaller friend. He read it and then looked at me a bit nervous. “Seth, you do realize that once I drink this, it is going to change a huge dynamic in our relationship.” I stopped walking for a minute, placing a hand on his shoulder. He stopped and looked up at me as well. “I know it will, Andrew. But this is something that I have actually always wanted in a person that I know.” He unscrewed the top of the bottle giving me a huge grin. “Well, I guess its bottoms up!” He put the bottle to his lips and chugged it down as if it was liquid courage. Well, if you guys really want to know what it was he just drank, it pretty much was courage in a bottle. Andrew made sure not to leave a single drop of it left We continued to walk our way to school and I swear, the kid stood taller, prouder then I have ever seen anyone stand before. As we got to the gates, Andrew turned to me and put his hand on my shoulder, something I don’t remember him ever doing before. “Meet me behind the gym. Let’s eat our lunch quick and maybe try to squeeze in a workout, Seth.” I gulped. “Um sure…” “Awesome! I know football season is almost practically over right now and how you have always wanted to try out for the sport. So maybe if the two of us work out together, we can motivate you to join the team next year.” “A-Alright Andrew,” my heart almost jumped out of my chest from his words. Andrew actually is trying to push me like an adult role-model should do. He released my shoulder, giving me a wink, before running up the steps of the school. Classes went by faster than normal today as I couldn't wait for the bell to ring for lunch. When it finally did I practically ran to our usual lunch meeting spot. Andrew was standing against the wall with his backpack strap around one shoulder. He looked really damn cool. “Hey Seth! I already ate lunch during my last period. Hurry up and eat, I want to show you a few things to help you in your workouts.” I didn't know what to say so I just nodded and pulled out my lunch, quickly tearing into my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Andrew laughed a bit, “don’t eat so fast, bud! It’s not healthy for you to do that.” So I slowed down a bit and finished my lunch normally. I’m already starting to see a huge change in our dynamic. Before this morning it was me who was the one to make decisions and give advice. Andrew grabbed the door at the back of the gym and pulled it open, holding it for me to enter first. I walked inside with him following right behind me, and then he started to quicken his pace as he walked over to a weight bench loaded with 20 lbs on each side. Something told me that he was in here a bit before the lunch period started. Andrew walked to the back of the weights and grabbed a pair of lifting gloves from the floor and tossed them to me. “Put those on and have a seat.” I did as I was told and slipped the gloves onto each hand and adjusted the strap before I sat down on the bench and then laid under the bar. He bent down, put his hands on my upper arms, and guided my hands gently to the bar. I gripped the bar tightly. “Now before you lift, you want to make sure each of your arms and hands are straight. Also make sure they are at a good distance apart. If you lift incorrectly you can injure yourself.” As he guided me with his voice, he also guided me with his hands, as the bar slowly lifted and went down to my chest. “Remember to Inhale when you lower the bar to your chest, and exhale when you push the bar up.” I did as he told me and I began to learn how to weightlift for the first time in my life. The rush of testosterone and adrenaline filled me, as this was new and exciting! We did this until the end of our lunch, when the bell rang. “I’ll see you after school, Seth! I’m going to do my homework and then I will meet up with you at your house later tonight.” “Sounds awesome, Andrew!” We both parted ways again as we went to our own classes. After school I went right home, where I found myself greeted with the loud noise of auto-racing on the television. My Father was home. “Hi…” I walked past the living room heading for the stairs. Hoping he wouldn’t respond to me. “Home from school, faggot?” He blurted out, belching from the beer and chips he consumed. I cringed at that word. “Yeah, I’m going to go do my homework.” “Nah you’re not. Go grab me another beer and then I want you to clean the kitchen and the garage. They are a fucking mess.” “OK, sir.” I walked over to the fridge and pulled a beer out bringing it over to him. I placed the beer on the table and began to walk away when he stuck his foot out and tripped me. As I fell, I knocked over his bowl of chips, spilling them all over the floor. “What the fuck is wrong with you, you dumb fuck?!” He chuckled. “Clean this shit up too now!” “Sorry, sir!” I stooped down and began to pick the chips up off the floor when the doorbell rang. “Go answer that, if people are selling candy, use your allowance and buy me some!” I got up and made my way to the front door. I opened it to be greeted by Andrew. “How’s it going, Seth!” He smiled up at me. “It’s not a good time, Andrew.” I tried to close the door of fear of what my father might do, but Andrew pushed his way inside. “Hi Mr. Davis!” He said walking into the house. My father looked at Andrew with disgust before turning at me with a snarl, “Tell your girlfriend to go home, faggot!” “I’m not going anywhere, Mr. Davis,” I never heard anyone go up against my father before. “I’m here to help Seth get his work done. And then my family and I are going on a little trip this weekend, and I’m here to invite Seth along.” My father was a bit shocked from this little challenge set forth by my small friend “Whatever, as long as you two little shits are out of my hair for the weekend its fine.” “I have a name, sir.” Andrew spoke up again. “It’s Andrew. And your son has one as well.” My father started to laugh again. “Whatever! Seth, get your little fag friend out of here before I put a boot in his ass myself!” I grabbed Andrew by the arm. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school, Andrew. And then we can go on this family campout.” As we were now out of earshot from my father, Andrew grinned up at me. “Sure thing. Remember to pack a bottle for the morning. And one last thing. The family “Trip,” it’s going to be just some Dad and Son bonding time. He gave me his big smile and a soft pat on the back before I watched him walk back across the lawn and into his house. NEXT UP - VIAL 4 VIAL 1 – HYPER-TEST – Initiate Puberty / Hyper-Testosterone Booster VIAL 2 – 400 INTELIGENT QUOTIENT – 400 IQ / Hyper-Intelligence VIAL 3 – HYPER-CONFIDENCE VIAL 4 - ??? VIAL 5 - ??? VIAL 6 - ??? VIAL 7 - ???
  12. It was dark and warm in the suburban area as a gust of wind flew through. Everything was quiet. Not a sound was made, animal or otherwise. A single house among them all stood out from all the rest. It wasn’t because of the outer paint or the structure or even the people who lived there. Some kind of energy was emitting from the building as though something was different and unusual to the space. Inside, nothing was amiss. Each book shelf was tidied. The kitchen was well organized. The television was hushed. There was nothing in the room that had power or movement besides 3 things. One of the three things was a lamp lighting the room. The other ones were two men. These two man didn’t have much in common when appearance was concerned. One had dark hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a polo with jeans. The other had gray hair with green eyes and was wearing a coat and slacks that made him look like he came from a movie with old school detectives. His hat was in his lap out of courtesy as he spoke with the other man. What these two had in common, however, was that they both were well built. Each one could have been placed in a catalog for bodybuilder or male fitness as their bodies stretched their clothing well. Though both were aged quite well, they were in some quality shape. “So you did what to him?” the man with the gray hair and hat said to other man. “Hey! It’s not my fault! I was young!” The two laughed their hearty laughs, showing their time of aged friendship. Suddenly, the room gave a quick vibration that both felt. A vase fell off a shelf as the room quaked. The two men didn’t react as the room stopped as suddenly as it had started. “Looks like it’s started” said the gray haired man. “Remember when you quaked for the first time?” This question was received with a chuckle from the other man. “Of course, I shook the foundations! My dad had to fix our lights because they fell out!” They were both laughing until another vibration shook the ground and everything around them. Ironically, the living room lights dropped from the ceiling and crashed into a glass mess on the floor. It would have been an easy fix if some of the wiring connected to the lighting hadn’t come down with it. The two men looked at each other with grins. “Like father like son” ----- Upstairs, things were getting crazy as the room of Ellis Connor shook and bent unnaturally. The room’s space seemed to shift and reform around the boy on the bed. The teenager’s room seemed to pull and push as though it were breathing and then muddle as though it were mud. Still, Ellis couldn’t see it as he slept. The boy was completely unconscious in his deep sleep, his clothes and covers thrown away as his body had overheated. Ellis’s body was also shifting like the room but in a different way. His body was changing from its average, unsculpted frame to something crafted by angels. His once dark hair changed to an intense red. His face was still the same but his chin had become just a little more definite along the jaw. His chest pushed up and out some as new muscle formed down the torso. His shoulders broadened and his six tight cobblestone abs went down his stomach and remained hard like armor. Though the 18 year old was wearing some well fitting briefs, the term ‘well fitting’ changed when his waist suddenly condensed and then expanded a bit. His ass pushed out and forced his crotch up some with the more powerful muscles. His legs tightened and form 3 distinct muscles that could be clearly seen. His calves became more powerful and also lifted his legs up some as his feet stretched from a size 10 to a size 13. Just when it seemed to be over, Ellis’s chest and crotch grew some healthy body hair to match his newly red armpit hair. It seemed to be over until Ellis moved in his sleep. Something warm and strong was growing inside him. It was revealed to be his manhood as his cock hardened and finally tore his now poor, medium-sized briefs to shreds as it grew past its average 5 inches and stretched up to a forceful and proud 10. With that, everything came to halt as Ellis awoke with a start, his once brown eyes recolored in blue blue. His body was sweat covered as he looked around and then down to view his new body. Everything was tight and powerful looking as Ellis looked at his form. His cock was now dripping precum as he viewed the results of his sleep but he had no time to admire it all as his door flew open and a dark haired, middle aged and well built man walked in with a smile on his face. “DAD?!” “Congratulations on your first quake, son!” ----- This is really short but I swear it'll mean something soon!
  13. Shade

    growth Scotty

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is just a short writing exercise I indulged myself in, and thought I'd share. It's nothing very exciting, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I haven't forgotten about other ongoing stories I am working on, but I may post one or two of these one-off stories from time to time. Scotty I spotted Matt from across the lawn of the high school. It was teaming with students on the first day of school. Seniors looking bored. Juniors trying to hang with seniors. Sophomores pretty smug that they were no longer the new kids on the block. And terrified freshmen: dazed, confused, and without a clue. My arm was already in the air as I waved to him, signalling that he should join me. His face lit up with a big grin since I hadn’t seen my bro and lifting partner in weeks. Not since he went out west for the summer to visit his brother. He was looking tan as fuck, hair streaked with gold, and I felt a bit of envy that I hadn’t been able to go with him and enjoy the California sunshine too. On the other hand I’d spent my summer helping my uncle, a building contractor, build new houses. Between doing that, lifting my ass off, juicing like a motherfucker, and exercising my dick in Jane Thompson’s tight little pussy every chance I got, I had added about twenty-five pounds of raw muscle over the summer. And not the water weight of the roids either. I was looking jacked and feeling as cocky as ever. “Matty! How’s it hanging?” I asked Matt as he approached, our hands locking, fists gripping together. “And who’s it banging?” He replied, big grin splitting his face. Our bodies slammed together in our usual bro hug greeting. “Fuck man. I missed you dude! How was Cali?” “Scotty bro, you would not believe it if I told you. I can’t fucking wait to show you the pictures of the bitches we saw out there.” He used his hands to provide some visual clues as to what I was missing. “Shit man. You lucky bastard.” I may have had vacation envy, but my dick had still been getting a regular workout. I couldn’t exactly cry hard up. “Hey man. Your summer must have been pretty good too. Dude you’re looking totally swole!” He said it with awe. I was looking pretty good if I did say so myself. I had on a tight polo shirt and jeans. Coach liked us to set an example for the younger players. Matt wasn’t looking any bigger though. In fact he might have lost a little weight. “Thanks man. Just lifting and eating like a pig.” I lied, omitting the truth about the roids I had been cycling. I now clearly outweighed Matt by probably thirty pounds. He must have spent his summer chasing tail and not lifting. And I was going to keep my advantage this year no matter what. We heard the bell ring announcing we had to start making our way to first period. “Okay man, let’s catch up later. I got to get to class or Mrs Goldman will freak!” I punched him on his solid arm as he took off. I saw him flinch a bit and it gave me a little measure of satisfaction. Still I had my own class to go to, no time to fuck around. However as I turned I slammed right into Richard Wenk. Or rather he slammed into me. “Watch where you’re going Dick Wank.” I shoved him back using the same moniker I’d christened him with five years ago in middle school. He was so fucking tiny. Like ninety-nine pounds soaking wet. I couldn’t believe that he was a senior or that we were both eighteen. I’d had to fucking go to school with him since we were in eighth grade. And he was still the same shrimpy size as he’d been back then. “Sorry,” he said aggravated. “I was just headed to class and I didn’t see you there.” “Not see me?” I was incredulous. “How could you not see me? I’m like two hundred pounds of muscle you little shit.” To emphasize my point I picked him up in the air by his shirt, his feet dangling over a foot off the ground, and brought him to my face height. I towered over the midget. Looking him in the eye, Rich didn’t have the usual look of fear on his face from school years past. Instead he wore a look of casual disdain. Whatever. I didn’t have time at the moment to properly teach him a lesson in respect. “Stay out of my way shrimp,” I reminded him, “or you'll regret it.” He was so fucking light I curled him twice just to give my arm a pump. Ladies liked the gun show after all. Then I casually tossed him through the air off to the side as I headed off to class. What a loser. * * * A few hours later as I was finishing up lunch with the fellas and I happened to spy Rich coming out of the bathroom near the cafeteria. There was something different about him from what I remembered this morning, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Was this going to be one of those days? “Dick Wank!” I hollered. But he either didn’t hear me or didn’t give a fuck, as he kept on going. No one disses me and walks away. I grabbed him by the shoulder and slammed him into the nearest locker. He felt solid. More solid than usual. And maybe a little taller. What the fuck? “What do you want?” he demanded. Rich had never demanded anything in his life and sure as hell not from me. I was curious. Something was not right with the state of the universe, but in my mind I just couldn’t quite accept it. “You in some kind of hurry? Did you chess club dweebs finally discover porn or something?” “Let me go Scott!” He struggled underneath me and I realised he was pushing back with way more strength than usual. That was, in a word, different. “What’s up with you man?” “Nothing. I gotta go to class.” “Don’t get cocky Dweeb!” He just smiled back at me. And it was kinda sinister. I released him and I watched him walk away. I might have let it go, but then I saw something that totally blew my mind away. Ali Dachowski, one of the hottest bitches on the cheerleading squad, was checking Rich out as he walked down the hall. She actually gave him a once over and let her eyes linger on his ass. What? The? Fuck? No this was not cool. But I looked back at Rich and man if I didn’t see swagger. Dude was definitely bigger. That was freaky. His ass was poured into those jeans he wore and his shoulders looked thick. And he was indeed rocking the swagger. Had he been like that this morning? Kid hadn’t looked like he’d ever seen the inside of a gym and now it looked like he was sporting an athletic physique. I’m on gear and I know for a fucking fact that no one grows that fast. But I had PE class then, so I headed off to the gym. My curiosity was mighty stoked though. * * * Later that day Matt and I were hanging in study hall, which was held in the cafeteria, during our last period of the day. I’d have liked to skip it and hang in the gym, but we had practice later and there was no point in leaving. And Mr H took attendance at the beginning and end of the period. The old bastard. But the cafeteria was near the exits, so it was a good location to get out ahead of the crowd. Matt was scanning through my latest copy of Flex Magazine, while I scrolled through his iPad looking at all the pictures of hot chicks he’d hung with over the summer. They were mostly college girls and friends of his brother. “You were actually inside this girl?” My mouth was hanging open. The girl was tight. “Respect bro.” I’m not sure if he really had fucked her or not, but that picture was fine in more ways than I could count. “Oh fuck yeah.” He replied looking up. “Did you see her tits?” “Huge man. And totally fucking hot. Classy too. Not like the bitches around here.” “Dude I wish I was jacked like you man,” he told me as he turned the page. “Check out this dude.” He was pointing at a picture of one of the recent Olympia contestants. “That is sick man. But my cousin says I got a lot of modelling potential. He told me I should aim for the fitness look. More opportunities, so more money.” “Those skinny little fucks?” I laughed, dismissing the idea. “I won’t be satisfied until my pecs are bigger than this chick’s tits.” “You got the genetics for it.” He said, sighing. Matt was like me. He wanted it. But unlike me he didn’t have the balls to knuckle down and get really huge. I knew I’d probably have to find a new lifting partner at the gym. I was a bodybuilder, and I glanced at Matt knowing it was clear he was never gonna get any bigger or stronger than he was now. I looked away from Matt just then as something caught my attention. Rich was walking down the hall past one of the cafeteria windows. Damned if he didn’t look even bigger than he had at lunch. No fucking way I wasn’t going to get to the bottom of this. “Yo Mr H!” I hollered to the teacher. “I gotta drain the hose. Mind if I go to the john?” Half the room let out a laugh. Mostly the guys. But a couple of the girls too. Mr H was so ready to retire. You could just see it in his eyes. “Go on Balotelli. But watch your mouth. I’m too old for your shit.” “Whatever you say Mr H.” I got up in a hurry and Matt gave me a funny look. But I was desperate to see what Rich was up to. I got out of my chair like my ass was on fire and headed out of the cafeteria and towards the direction that Rich had been walking. He wasn’t in sight, but my guess was he’d ducked into the guy’s bathroom near the cafeteria. Seemed to be spending a lot of time in there today. I gave him a few seconds before I followed him in. I slammed the door open and it banged hard against the wall with a noise like thunder. Rich was standing near the sink. There was a pill bottle sitting on the side of the counter and he was just taking his hand away from his mouth as if he’d swallowed something. I couldn’t see what he’d taken, but I assumed it was from the bottle. “Dweeb, what are you doing?” He turned to face me, his arm knocking over the bottle he’d just set on the counter. “You’re about to find out,” he educated me smugly. “You’re only supposed to take one a day, but they felt so fucking good that I just had to take more.” “Take what?” “The growth pills of course.” I laughed involuntarily. What kind of joke was that? But even as my rational mind was prepared to deny the possibility, my eyes could tell he wasn’t lying. His shirt loose this morning was now stretched tightly across his chest and there was clearly a sizeable expanse of pecs underneath pulling at the fabric. And his arms. Talk about a gun show. Those sleeves were filled near to busting. He still wasn’t as tall as me, but he must have gained a fuck ton of muscle since this morning to be filling out his clothes like that. “Oh fuck…. It’s happening!” His head fell back in pleasure. He sounded almost like he was having an orgasm. Maybe he was as his dick looked like it was stretching out his jeans. What kind of shit was this? And as I watched his body started to elongate like he was being stretched, but not just up. His frame was expanding and I could see the fabric stretch further on his shirt. “How many of those things did you take?” I asked, my voice full of awe and wonder. “Five just now. Each pill puts on like ten pounds of muscle.” Fifty fucking pounds? In addition to whatever he took earlier today? Damn, this boy was about to hulk out. I felt a bit of panic in my lizard brain as I could see the changes taking hold. But the panic was soon overwhelmed irrationally by a desire for my own growth. And a good helping of jealousy and anger. I worked my ass off to build this muscle. And here was Rich who had gotten nearly as jacked as me in a matter of a day. Well actually I was wrong. At the rate he was growing Rich would soon likely get bigger than me. “What are these pills?” Wonder and envy warred in my voice. “An experimental drug I stole from my dad. He works at G&G BioTech. I’m not supposed to know he tests these on animals. I’m not sure his research is exactly legal.” I just couldn’t help myself. “Man that is so awesome!” I took a step forward to drink in the scene. In spite of everything this was fantastic. Like a fantasy. And Rich did a double take looking at me. I’m not sure what he expected. I’m not sure what I expected either. Dick Wank was swelling up. (Gotta remember not to call him that, I thought to myself absently.) The collar tore around his neck and the seams of his sleeves were straining. Fuck those guns really were huge! But his shoulders swelled as well, snug, tight, and like boulders as his pecs grew too great to be contained and the cotton tore itself apart. Both the swollen chest and newfound shoulders had made short work of the shirt. Rich tore the scraps away from his body and looked down at the new muscles of his upper body, as awestruck as I was to see that his forearms had thickened as well, veins arising under his tight skin. I think I was actually getting a bit hard looking at his neck developing too, no longer the pencil thin shaft from this morning, a scrawny pole connecting head to shoulders, but a massive column of big, tough muscle. I had to say it was doing his body good. His shoulders seemed to be growing ever wider, while his deltoids were becoming developed and rounded cannonballs. No, I amended, more like basketballs. His biceps and triceps were rippling with newfound power, thickening with each breath. It was all too much for Rich to stand and he started to flex. He didn’t have the elegance of a well-seasoned bodybuilder, but he made up for it with enthusiasm. And I couldn’t blame him. I could only imagine that the charge I got from my gear was only a pale imitation of what the dude must be feeling. As Rich brought his arms up to flex them in a double biceps pose they were already larger than my own nineteen inch cannons. And mine were certainly bigger than even any of the other jocks at school. Hell mine were bigger than most of the dudes down at the town iron pit. All this attention may have been fixated on his upper body, but my eyes were pulled away when I heard the denim of Rich’s jeans tear. His quads had burst the material with massive, new thighs. And it wasn’t just out, but up as Rich continued to gain height. It left only tatters of cloth hanging about his waist. With his newfound strength though Rich easily ripped off his belt to relieve the pressure and it left him with only his tighty whiteys on. Fuck they were stretched over that cock. If I’d been feeling overawed before I was also now feeling even more emasculated as I knew my own smaller dick was a pale imitation of that trouser snake that was filling up those briefs. I’m not even sure how they were staying on with that growing ass. The growth continued for maybe another half minute or so until it suddenly stopped, leaving him shuddering and nearly naked in the men’s bathroom at the end of the school day. “Holy shit!” I breathed. “That was SICK!” I offered my fist to Rich for a bump, like I would any of my buds, but I was a bit surprised by and unprepared for the reaction I got. Rich grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and heaved my two hundred pounds into the air like I weighed nothing. “You PRICK!” He started shaking me. Maybe I hadn’t thought through this very well. The scene from earlier this morning flashed into head, and I sighed at the thought. “You’ve made my life a living hell Scott. I’m going to kick your ass jock-boy. Things are going to change around here.” I could feel him start to curl me: once, twice, and finally three times. That solid arm wasn’t stopped or even slowed by my weight. “Dude. Respect! I’m sorry I was such a prick, but you gotta admit you were kind of a pussy before.” “Fucker!” Oh, shit! Rich threw me against the wall on the far side of the bathroom. I felt myself slam into it. The pain was immediate and radiated through my body. The mirror on the wall behind me shattered with the force of my back hitting it and I lost all my breath as it was slammed out of my body. Damn. I groaned, wheezing, as I hit the floor solidly. “You’ve always thought you were the Man.” Rich walked as he talked. I could feel myself hauled up by his hand again. “You have no idea the kind of pain I’m going to put you through this year.” I took a gulp, but I was still alive. “Dude you’re so fucking huge!” “What?” “You’re fucking huge. It’s awesome. I’ve been trying to get that jacked for years. I mean look at me. It’s my dream.” Rich started to laugh. “Yeah, you wish you looked like this. Who’s the pussy now?” I looked at him blankly. “I. Said. Who. Is. The. Pussy. Now?” I could see where this was going. “Ummm, I am,” I muttered meekly. “What did you say?” “I AM.” I said it as loud as I could. “You better believe it pussy. I’ve already had fifteen pills. I’m going to own your ass from now on. And with those little arms of yours you couldn’t even spot me…bro. If this show of strength was any indication of what he was capable of then he was probably right that I couldn’t. “Fuck you Scott. Just you wait. I’ve got years’ worth of pain waiting for you.” Oh shit! Maybe I shouldn’t have been such a fucking tool to him all these years? That was my last thought before Rich threw me again. I felt my body slam against the stalls with such force that the supports for the stall dividers came away from the ceiling. My head slammed against one of the porcelain toilets and I felt myself knocked unconscious and the light of the room faded. * * * I’m not sure exactly how long I’d been out, but I ignored the pain as I pushed myself up onto my arms. Damn if Rich wasn’t packing some power in those new muscles of his. I looked around the room. It was a mess where the mirror was in pieces and the stalls were in disarray, at least where I’d impacted them. My shirt was soaked and I could see that the force of my impact had actually knocked the toilet off of its base. It had been leaking water all over the floor. My hand went to my head. I reached up gingerly, touching where it hurt most, and my hand came away with red on it. Fuck, I’d clearly cut my head open also. What a fucking mess! It was like having a hangover and my brain wasn’t quite working correctly. Probably a concussion too. Hey, I might be a meat head but I wasn’t as stupid as I looked or acted most of the time. I looked around. The room was empty. Whatever havoc Rich was up to, he hadn’t waited around here for me to come to consciousness. And why should he? He’d clearly demonstrated that I was nothing to him. He probably thought I should be pissing my pants, but truth was I was buzzing. Not just from the concussion, but also from what I’d witnessed. I’d had dreams about having Rich’s power. And I’d been working my ass off to make even a fraction of those dreams a reality. But he did outweigh me now, and clearly those pills had augmented his strength too and not just muscle size. Well one thing was certain, the school day hadn’t ended yet. If the final bell had rung this bathroom would have been full of students taking a last piss before leaving for the day. It was too close to the exits near the cafeteria, so it was one of the more popular school toilets. And as no one had found me before now it was likely the school day was still on. RING!!! The noise went through my head like a jackhammer. But at least my timing was right. That had to be the final bell. Well I’d missed the end of study hall, but who gives a fuck? This place was about to be overrun and I didn’t have any explanations. Just then I glanced down and saw the pill bottle on the ground near my feet. It had must have rolled off the counter in the commotion and Rich had forgotten about it. I picked it up and shook it. There was a rattle, so there were still some pills in there. I popped the cap open. There were five left. There were small and white like little mints. Five clearly packed a wallop. If Rich was nearly my size when he took those five pills just now, then these should even things up a bit. Necessity didn’t need an invitation twice. I lifted the bottle and swallowed its contents. I didn’t feel anything. Maybe they needed a while to kick in? Rich had taken fifteen after all. The doors burst open and guys pushed into the bathroom. They gave me funny looks glancing at the chaos, but I didn’t give a shit about their questions. I ignored them, shrugging in my wet, bloody shirt as I elbowed my way out into the crowds of the hallway. I didn’t see Rich and I figured since he was now taller than me he was gonna be pretty hard to miss. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around. Matt was looking at me curiously. “Dude! Where’d you go? It’s been like thirty minutes. Mr H was pissed. He gave you detention. And why are you bleeding? And wet?” “Man it's a long fucking story! But I don’t have time right now. Have you seen Dick Wank?” “You mean little Rich? No man, haven’t seen him. Are you going to practice?” “Man I’ll catch you up. I gotta take care of something first.” “Don’t make coach wait man. You know what he’s like.” “Dude, don’t worry about it!” My voice was getting more agitated with each passing minute. “You’re like my fucking mother. I’ll get there when I get there.” “Okay bro, no probs. See you later. And clean yourself up.” He walked off toward the gym locker room. I went into the cafeteria to explain to Mr H, but he’d already left. I grabbed some napkins from a container near the entrance to the kitchen and held them against my head. Practice would be starting any minute. Where would that little fuck…wait a minute…where would that hulking fuck go? Where would I go if I’d just busted out of my shirt like a big green monster? It hit me as a totally obvious answer: the weightlifting room. This time of day it would be unoccupied as football practice was held outdoors. Rich would have the place to himself. Or at least for a few minutes until I got there. I took the back way out of the cafeteria so that I could avoid the coaches or any players on their way to the locker rooms. The weightlifting room was part of a newer annex built on the side of the old gym complex which was original to the school. It meant you didn’t have to go through the main gymnasium to get there or go through the locker rooms. The school halls had emptied out quickly as students who didn’t need to hang around scrambled out of the place. Most clubs hadn’t started up for the year yet, so it was really just the football jocks that were still there. I heard the slam of iron on iron as I approached. That could only mean one thing. I was right. Rich was laid out on a bench. His bar was loaded with plates, forty-five pounders by the look of it, and he was attempting a bench press. He was struggling a bit controlling the weight, although he was managing to rep it, but his form sucked. I had to laugh. Rookie mistakes. “Maybe you need a spotter after all dude.” Rich racked the bar with a slam and I think it might even have been bending a bit as it hung on the rack. Looked like he had about twelve plates on the bar. Nearly five hundred pounds if I added it up right. Rich sat up and looked at me. If his gaze had been a super death ray, like in the comics, I’d have been just ashes by now. “What the fuck are you doing here asshole. Didn’t I kick your ass hard enough the last time we met?” “Apparently not.” I was nervous, but you can’t show you’re afraid. That’s what coach always says anyway. “As it happens I’m looking for a new lifting partner.” “Why? Did you and your wussy little boyfriend have a lover’s spat?” “Naw,” I shook my head. “As you can see I outgrew Matty over the summer. Kid’s solid, but he ain’t ever gonna be more than a fitness model. And I gotta feeling I’m about to put on some real muscle.” Rich looked confused. But I just flexed my nineteen inch gun. If it weren’t for the fact that Rich had just exploded through his own enhancement, he would have to acknowledge that I was rocking a mighty solid arm. And I was in fact just wrapping up my last summer cycle, my young muscle still pumped and swole as fuck. I had nothing to be ashamed of. Even if Rich did make me look like a skinny underwear model now. I pulled the empty pill bottle out of my pocket and I tossed it to him, which to his credit Rich caught one-handed. Dude had some good reflexes. Might even be good at sports now that he’d put some meat on his bones. He shook the bottle. No rattle. “Fuck. Forgot about those. How many did you take?” “Five.” Rich rose from the bench, crushing the bottle and letting the plastic fragments fall to the ground. His thick chest rippled as he stood, those massive blocks of meat, round and proud, jutted out and took my breath away. Soon, baby. Soon. At least that’s what I kept praying for. “You’re still looking like a tiny, little pussy to me.” Rich came over and flexed in front of me. I felt the wood grow in my jock. “This is turning you on isn’t it?” “Fuck yeah,” I whispered. “Me too.” He brought those guns up to me and did a double bicep in my face. They were bigger than footballs. I felt the heat rising in my body. It was starting. “Bro,” I told him, “We’re gonna be huge!” “We?” “Yeah man. You’re gonna need a lifting partner. Your form sucks. And clearly you know jack about posing. Lift with me bro and I’ll take you even further than just popping some pills. We can be gods man!” Rich had the grace to look abashed. But I could tell his body heaved with excitement. I could feel my own excitement as well at the thought. “Let me show you.” I was actually begging. He cocked his head, but moved his massive body aside and left the way open to the bench empty before me. The bar piled high with big, round iron plates was still racked. Rich folded those mighty pythons across the expanse of his pec meat and cocked his head. “Go on then…pussy.” Before he had meant it as an insult. But now it sounded more like a challenge. I took a deep breath. I wasn’t hulking out yet. Although the power was there. I could feel it, because it was like the hit from the roids but magnified by a factor of a thousand. That bench was calling to me. But I’d only ever benched three fifty before. And that was like a personal best. Could I lift over five hundred? Fuck yeah I could. I grinned and slammed my fist into his shoulder. I kept forgetting he wasn’t a bro. And fuck that hurt. It was like hitting a stone wall. Rich smirked at me, but I was too psyched. I was gonna rock this bitch. Laying down on the bench I felt the weight experimentally. If Rich could do this, I could it. Then I pushed it up. Fucker didn’t budge. Oh, hell no. I wasn’t gonna be defeated. I made sure my form on the bench was perfect. I felt the power pulse through me and focused on the pec muscle, rather than the shoulders. I forced myself to take a deep breath, feeling oxygen flowing in my body. Then as psyched as I could be I heaved the weight off the rack. Somewhere in my mind I knew that I was gonna be crushed. That I was just a pretender. But I banished that thought, and with all the last two years busting my ass I applied perfect form and brought the weight slowly down to my pecs. It was like a supernova exploded within me. Like the best orgasm I’d ever had inside Jane Thompson's tight pussy that summer. In fact I was pretty sure I’d just shot my load inside my jock. Whatever. I didn’t care. I was in some kind of zone. What had felt impossibly heavy began to feel like my warm up weight and I felt myself perfectly lifting well over five hundred pounds in a carefully controlled rhythm. Four seconds on the descent and powering up one second on the lift with no rest between. And it was hitting the pec muscle perfectly. I could feel the burn tear through the muscle as if it were pure sunlight. One rep. Then two. Then three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. On and on. It was like a warm up and I felt the pump. My tight shirt was plastered across already thick pecs. It was a big shirt and it had still been tight after a summer of ten weeks lifting, eating, juicing, and now whatever was in those pills. “HOLY HELL!” I felt the wet cotton tear away from my flesh with the swelling. Each controlled breath, each perfect rep making the muscle rise up higher. I knew the growth had begun. I felt it exploding out of every muscle. And soon I lost count of the reps, but I couldn’t stop myself from lifting that weight. It was like shooting heroin. Finally I racked the weight and sat up. My head was spinning, but it wasn’t from the concussion. I’d never felt better. Rich was standing there. He was a beast, but he had a dumb look plastered across his face, mouth slightly agape. “Now that dude,” I said with authority, “is lifting with good form.” I looked in the mirror and hadn’t realised what had been happening as I lay there. Fuck, those little white pills had worked their magic. I was looking pretty fucking godly in the mirror. My reflection stared back at me, and I was raging. My good looking face was even hotter than before. Any hint of softness had disappeared and my jawline looked like it had been carved by Michelangelo. Fuck did it cap off my physique. Starting with my neck, now wider than my head, which descended into the sweep of newly enlarged traps. Shoulders so broad and thick I’d have to turn sideways to enter a door. My pecs, freshly pumped, were more massive and striated than any pictures I’d ever seen in those bodybuilding mags that I fantasized over. I squeezed those pecs into a side chest pose. Nipples pointed down to the ground they looked so overdeveloped. And it just emphasized my guns even more. Those biceps were freakish. Bigger than turkeys. Bigger than any guns ever. In fact those weren’t guns. Those were fucking nuclear missiles. And the fucking veins I could never manage when I was juicing tore across those mountains! That was just the beginning. I broke the pose and dug my fists into my abs. I could feel that my lats already wanted to spread like the wings of a dragon, so I unfurled them. From the mirrors I could see the reflection of my back as those lats just keeping going and going like the stretch of a jet airplane. It made me look top heavy. But the thick bricks of my waist held me perfectly still. And I could feel all the muscle was still growing. The tatters of my wet shirt had fallen away as I’d stood up and a sheen of sweat covered the golden muscle that I was sporting. The abs themselves thickened further as I watched them. My waist looked impossibly narrow under those gargantuan pecs and lats, but it wasn’t thin at all. And I could see those bricks like impenetrable armour. My jeans were now shreds as well. I had bought them extra-large and they stubbornly held on, even though the quadriceps muscles had torn massive gashes and fought to get out. Fuck that. I flexed my legs and the last of the material tore free, and I twisted my legs until I felt the glutes rip the ass apart also. With one slight twist and the belt just broke free unable to contain the growing thickness. There wasn’t fuck all left after that because I’d always had the best calves in town. Even as a fucking teen before the summer started. And those thick, gigantic diamonds had made short work of the bottom part of the denim legs a while ago. Look at those fucking wheels. I wonder how much I could squat? I bet I could squat a semi-truck! I wanted to say that my jock was holding too. But not really! My dick was raging, as it had been on the bench, and it had torn through what little support my jock had offered. Yeah, that meat was gonna have every bitch in school begging for it. And I couldn’t help another small smile to myself as I hefted one of my balls in one hand. I wasn’t gonna lie. I’d had a bit of shrinkage from the gear, and since I’d only just wrapped up my cycle and I hadn’t started the post-cycle treatment to bring my boys back to size. Looks like I wouldn’t need it now anyway. Rich’s pills had done the trick and then some. I was gonna have trouble finding a jock to fit this junk. I took a deep breath and felt the growth as it continued to pulse through me. And I flexed it out for the next few minutes, pushing each and every muscle to the max until the growth finally stopped. "Holy shit Scott!" Rich looked dumbfounded and it was only then that I realised why. I was looking down at him again. Our heights were back to where they had been this morning before this odyssey had begun. And my five pills had definitely done their business. And more besides. If Rich looked like the Hulk before, I now dwarfed him. Matching and exceeding his size in every respect. “Things look like they’re back to normal Dweeb!” I grinned from ear to ear. “Hey!” His face darkened in anger. “Don’t worry dude. I’m just messing with you. Don’t forget I was bigger than you when we started. The pills have only just added to that mass.” I didn’t bother to tell Rich that I’d also been juicing like a motherfucker all summer. My suspicion was pretty strong that the pills had acted very favorably with the roids still in my bloodstream, likely compounding the effect, because any fool could see I’d just gained well over fifty pounds of muscle. I was fucking enormous. But no need to overshare, right? “I was serious about needing a lifting partner,” I told him. “And I’m pretty sure that we can bulk up your scrawny ass too.” I winked at him. “But I don’t have any more pills. How am I gonna grow?” “Bro, you got me now. And you’ve never lifted or eaten properly before. Imagine what’s gonna happen with me as your lifting buddy?” “Fuck yeah!” I could see Rich’s eyes glaze over with the possibilities. I flexed again in the mirror. There were indeed so many possibilities open to us now. And maybe Rich’s dad had some more of those pills? Fuck, we were gonna beast this place like it’s never been beasted before. “Let’s get started.” I grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him towards the bench. “First thing’s first though. We’re probably gonna need some more plates.” READ MORE ABOUT SCOTTY HERE: Scotty 2.0
  14. Well it took over two years but I have finally finished this story, all fifty thousand words of it. Truth be told, it could have been twice as long but I’m afraid I don’t have the time to write a full novel so here is the conclusion of “My Twin Moves On.” Enjoy! If you’re looking for any of my other stories let me know and I’ll post them. Chapters 1-12 Chapter 13 CHAPTER 14 “What are you doing?” I asked again. My brother held the weeping tubes in his fist and looked at me with hard eyes. “Fixing this, hopefully,” he said as he flung the free end of the tubes into the sink above Powers’ head. After a moment of fumbling with the machine, I saw the blood reverse course. It was now leaving Dr. Powers’ body and draining into the sink. Seeing all that power wasted on the sewer made me feel sick. Satisfied, my brother walked back in the room and checked on his friends. “Help me get them out of here,” he said as he draped one over his shoulder. Frozen, I could only stare at the thousand pound beast through the hole in the wall. “RYAN!” my brother yelled, snapping me out of my stupor. Still somewhat dazed, I walked over to Cody, who was slowly regaining his movement. “He said,” Cody whispered. “He said he could…make us bigger.” He closed his eyes. “Now…look at me.” I looked at his shredded two hundred pound body and it was a struggle not to punch him. I ignored the voice that said my shredded 190 pound body would be the envy of most as well. “Hurry,” my brother demanded as he stood with a friend under each arm. “We’re going to have company pretty soon.” Confused at first, I soon heard the sound of distant police sirens drawing closer. Shit! I thought. Momentarily forgetting Dr. Powers, I did my best to lift Cody to his feet and barely succeeded. I was still weakened by my own dose of that paralytic medicine. Leaving one of the four behind with a promise to return, we made our way down the empty dorm hall with three naked and semi-lucid jocks in tow. Moments later, we were in front of my brother’s door on the other end of the hall. I turned the knob and gave Rhys a surprised look when I found it locked. Eyebrows up, Rhys unburdened himself of one of his naked friends and tried the knob with the same results. “Did you bring the key?” he asked me. “No,” I responded just as the door knob shook and opened from the other side. I momentarily panicked at the thought of Dr. Fitz greeting us but was surprised to find Kevin behind the door. I heard my brother exhale in relief just as I did. But it was short lived. Something wasn’t right. Kevin was still in his white tank but it was now stretched over his body as if painted on and the bottom of it revealed a bronze midsection of deeply chiseled abs. He filled the doorway. His prior 6’2, 270 pound frame had added an inch or two and a couple dozen pounds in a few minutes. Initially confused, I then noticed the familiar red tubes running from his arms and legs. Peeking around his form revealed that those tubes were still connected to Fitz’s slumbering (and now shrinking) frame. The old man’s face was beginning to look saggy and hollow again; his Olympian build diminishing. Kevin had done the same thing to Fitz as by brother had to Powers, only instead of draining the blood into a sink, Kevin was draining it into himself. He was going to add the 150 pounds of size stolen from me to his already gargantuan 270 pound frame. “Oh, Kevin,” I heard my brother say. “What have you done?” Kevin just laughed as he bent over and relieved my brother’s burden by scooping up a semi-conscious jock under each arm. “You can’t do that,” I heard myself say in what could only be described as a whine. He was taking what was originally mine! Dropping the boys on the collapsed mattress, Kevin stood and met my gaze with a spark in his eyes. He swelled like a peacock, shoulders wide and lats flaring, and stepped towards me. “Are you going to stop me, little man?” he asked in a rapidly deepening voice. I heard the fabric of his shirt begin to groan as he put me in his shadow. Once of similar height, Kevin now bested me by a couple inches and was half again as wide. I heard stitches snap and pop as he continued to expand in his increasingly overwhelmed shirt. I looked down and saw his quads were beginning to press against his board shorts, their ridges and vascularity starting to bulge through the fabric. “Ryan,” I heard my brother say. “We have to hurry.” The siren could be heard blaring through the closed window. We only had a matter of seconds at this point. “Hurry back, kiddies,” Kevin said as she stretched out his arms, flared his wing-like lats, and popped a double bicep pose that sent his twenty six inch arms flaring. Mountainous peaks bulged over his deeply developed triceps. “This show is about to get good.” He had reached the point where he could easily manage both of us if we tried to stop him. There was nothing I could do. I let myself be dragged back down the hall, Kevin’s deepening laughter chasing me the whole way. The sirens were at their maximum volume now and I heard official-sounding voices yelling for calm to the gathering crowd below. “I gotcha, Joe,” I heard my brother say as he hefted the final boy over his shoulder. I found myself staring at the shrinking giant lying in the bathroom. Dr. Powers was significantly smaller but still over twice even Kevin’s current size. Maybe I could teach Kevin a lesson, I thought as I stepped towards the hulking figure. “Ryan, the cops are in the stairwell,” my brother said. I took another step. However, after an audible sigh from my brother, I felt myself being picked up and carried out of the room. Rage took over and I fought Rhys like a bagged cat. “Let me go, Rhys!” I yelled. “I don’t need your protection.” I squirmed against his iron grip but he only grabbed me tighter. “In ten seconds, there will be a swarm of cops ready to arrest anyone remotely close to that room. There’s nothing you can do other than run.” I continued to struggle as he carried me down the hall but I knew he was right. Besides, I couldn’t budge the iron grip of my twin brother. I watched as Powers’ gargantuan form disappeared from view then I just hung helplessly as Joe and I were raced down the hall atop my brother’s shoulders. Rhys had us back in his room with the door shut behind just as I heard the hall door bang open followed by a rush of movement and orders racing down the hall towards the chaos of the other end. I looked over and saw Kevin, standing like a god admiring his expanding body, strategically positioned in front of a now awake and still immobile Fitz. The only sound originating within the room was a panting Rhys and the continuous sound of popping fabric. “Glad you could make it,” Kevin said, his voice dripping with ecstasy. “Fitz is a terrible for conversation right now. He won’t even tell me how he got this big.” He took a deep breath and exhaled with a moan. “Oh god, you should feel this. I don’t know how that old fucker could have slept through this. It’s fucking unreal.” “Quiet!” Rhys whispered to his growing friend. “I’m trying to save our asses here.” “You guys causing all that ruckus out there? Sounded like the building was coming down. Heh heh, maybe I’ll help with the demolition,” Kevin said, although his voice had noticeably quieted. “Oh god here it goes.” Kevin bent over in a most muscular and his tank top exploded off his body, releasing a wave of muscle across his back, shoulders, traps, chest and arms. He was a mountain of writhing power. Traps bulged a foot off his back, which itself spread across his frame like giant wings. Kevin pumped his arms over-and-over, squeezing the bicep ferociously. Each time, the peaks of his arms pushed out a little further and the striations grew deeper. Clearly defined fibers shot across each muscle like sunbursts. His giant hands clenched and unclenched, forcing swelling cables of muscle to run over each other beneath the stretched skin of his forearms. All the while, he grew taller and taller. “You want to feel this?” Kevin boomed and I was surprised to find myself standing within arm’s reach of the giant. Without thought, I touched his chest, now at my eye level. His skin was on fire and the muscle beneath dense as concrete. I could feel him expanding beneath my hand. He was so hard. “Oh shit,” he groaned as if mid-orgasm just as a rip ran up the side of each thigh. Kevin looked at me with a stupefied grin then arched his back and flexed his quads. Just like his shirt, the fabric of his board shorts literally flew off his body. His quads immediately expanded to twice their former circumference as if held undersized in the confines of the nylon. “Fuck me,” Kevin moaned to himself. A dick the size of my forearm was now released from its cage sprang to life, finding its way into Kevin’s hand. He grabbed my arm with his other hand and pressed my hand against his own fifty inch quads. He was a flesh-covered wall of rippling iron. Dense muscle writhed and swelled beneath the skin. “Touch me, midget,” he said between gasping breaths. “Oh god.” He flexed his arm, seemingly involuntarily, swelling his thirty five inch vein covered boulders. He forced my hand across his own body and I was unable to stop him. He forced me across his ever deepening abs and thickening eighty inch chest. “Can you feel that?” he asked, eyes closed as he began to stroke his own growing shaft. “Ohhh fuck,” he moaned again as he came and shot across the room. In his ecstasy, he let me go and I backed away as he focused entirely on himself. The entire scene could have been seconds or minutes but no one in the room could take their eyes off him as he swelled into an eight foot tall behemoth. Mammoth hands which could have crushed a watermelon continued to explore his naked body with vigor as Kevin’s downturned head rose to brush the ceiling. Then, suddenly, his eyes grew wide and he turned around in fury to Dr. Fitz and, to our surprise, my brother. Rhys stood above the old man eyes defiant and the tubes gripped in his hand and needles taken from Fitz’s body Kevin took a menacing step towards Rhys and I suddenly wished I had that cattle prod back. “You want to feed me too?” Kevin asked darkly. His form dwarfed my brother but Rhys stood tall. “If not, little man, put those things back and get out of the way.” “He’s done,” Rhys said. “There’s nothing left.” I looked over at Fitz to find him much like the ancient figure I’d seen before, maybe a little bigger but still considerably frail. My eyes were drawn back to the mountainous landscape of Kevin’s back. Dr. Powers was over twice his size a moment ago but, for some reason, Kevin’s presence was more intense. Maybe it was his youth, or boyish face. Or maybe it was the way his arms and back expanded with each deep breath. Regardless, he looked like a god. Rhys stood his ground. “It’s done, Kevin,” he said calmly as I circled around and joined my brother. Kevin’s face was red with fury but there was an obvious internal conflict. He raised his mammoth hands to the side of his head, his swollen biceps barely allowing him to complete the movement. His gasping breaths slowly began to grow shallow as he struggled against the rage in his mind. Finally, after an eternity. “You’re right,” he said. Then he sat on his crushed bed, his giant frame making it appear a doll’s toy. Rage passed and his mind in check, Kevin looked at his body as if for the first time. “Fuck yeah,” he whispered as he started feeling himself all over again. “What do we do now, Rhys?” I asked. Rhys exhaled and dropped the tubes. “Now,” he said. “We clean this up.” EPILOGUE I sat in my running car, staring blankly at the dash. “See you soon, I hope,” McKenzie said from outside the driver’s window. I looked at her and gave what I hoped was an enticing smile. It was a sham, we both knew. I was no longer big enough to give her what she wanted and she was more than I could hope to handle. I was back to 6’1 and 190 pounds, the same size I started the week. A duffle bag came in through the open passenger window, followed by the face of my brother as he rested his bulging arms on the door’s window sill. “That should be all of your stuff,” he said with a cocky grin. “And I threw in some munchies for the road.” “Thanks,” I said, again with a painfully painted façade of happiness smeared on my face. Rhys wasn’t fooled in the slightest but his face kept that smile. Was he mocking me? Was this how it was going to be now? He knew I wasn’t ever going to reach his size now and was taking his place as the dominant brother? My stomach rolled. I couldn’t wait to get out of here. “How’s Kevin?” I asked politely. Rhys shrugged, sending the mass of muscle on his shoulders and traps flaring. “He’s loving himself. I’m going to try to find some clothes for him today but won’t be holding my breath. He’s getting restless, but knows he should lay low at least until the press clears out.” I nodded. How long would that be? I asked myself, looking around. It was all over the news and people were flocking to the Muscle Dorm. Although spring break was still a couple days from being over, enough students were in town to create a sizeable crowd. Cody and his friends, wearing only shorts borrowed from Rhys and Kevin’s wardrobe, looked like teen bodybuilders beneath the overhead sun. They also looked abashed and had each been a constant slew of apologies since they were able to speak again. They’re not that much bigger than me now, I thought. I’d forgiven them, though. I knew the draw of those pills all too well. A three hundred pound Dr. Powers had been escorted in handcuffs to a police car and driven away. I saw his distant grin as they lowered him into the back seat. He got what he wanted. I wasn’t even sure what they could charge him for. Who would believe the actual story? “What about Fitz?” I asked my brother, who was still hunched over the sill. “I made a deal,” he said, the smile still plastered on his face. “He keeps enough size to forgo the wheelchair and we all agree to shut up about the whole thing. He threw in a few other concessions.” I nodded vacantly, my attention on the circus behind my brother. The press was still attempting to figure out what had happened. They were trying to make a connection between the destruction in the Muscle Dorm and the rampage recently experienced at the school gym. I’d forgotten about David, the growing giant I’d left to destroy the rec center as I ran back to the dorm. They had apparently tried to arrest him too, but he’d broken free every time they’d gotten him handcuffed. All-in-all I was leaving behind a trail of destruction and I wasn’t surprised my brother was in a rush to get me out of site. As if reading my mind, Rhys gave the window sill a pat and pulled away. “You get out of here. Most people thought you were me and I have an airtight alibi that I was in the Bahamas all week. That story would be shot in the face if they saw us together.” I found myself longing to be back where I wasn’t the smallest person in the room. I desperately wanted to go back to my own university. “Thanks bro,” I said as I put the car in gear. “One more thing,” Rhys said as he popped his face back in the car. He threw a metal object through the opening and let it land with a thud on the duffel bag in my passenger seat. “You’re not the only detective in this family.” He winked at me then gave the car another pat. Confused, I let the car move me forward and away from the crowd. As I pulled onto the road running through campus, I looked over and looked at the heavy iron padlock, still locked and connected to the metal brackets it once held together. I felt my eyebrows furrow as I inspected it. It was just an ordinary lock and had obviously been ripped off something. I shrugged and threw it back on the bag as I continued driving. What’s that supposed to mean? Fucker. I let my dark mood fester and before long I was on the interstate heading north. I turned up the radio and let the road dashes hypnotize me as they sped by. I thought of the future, of returning home this summer to find myself dwarfed by my identical twin brother. Walking next to his hulking frame would be a continual reminder of our new paradigm. Old friends would see him and gasp in awe while ignoring the twenty-five pounds I’d gained over the year. Shit, they would probably think I’d shrunk. Could we work out together? The mere thought of having to constantly remove weights so I could perform my set was too much to bear. The beach? Fuck that. I thought about that smirk plastered on his face as I said my goodbyes. Why was my brother so happy? Did he not see what this would do to our relationship? Of course he knew. He was always the smart one. You’re not the only detective in this family. My brother’s words lingered in my head. I reached over and picked the lock back up. It was as familiar as a blade of grass; familiar because they were everywhere. It was just like any other blue and metallic Master lock. The broken brackets still wrapped around the hoop were nothing special either. The lock had been ripped from a shitty old cabinet by the look of it. “What are you trying to tell me?” I asked the lock. Exhausted, I threw the lock back on my bag. The impact sounded a dull thud and a faint rattle. That rattle! Could it be? Heart racing, I pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway with a screech of tires. I’d seen the lock everywhere… and one place in particular. It had once locked away the contents of the janitor’s locker in the bowels of Powers Dorm. Once parked, I unzipped my bag with the fervor of a drug addict. The motion made that rattle all the more obvious. So this dorm is his laboratory, my brother told me as the anesthesia wore off. Specimens, supply room, and all. Now unzipped, I upended the bag letting the clothes and toiletries fall to the passenger seat. In addition to my belongings fell a large brown jar, topped with a black cap. I picked it up and shook it, letting the rattle of the contents within fill my ears. I almost tenderly removed the cap and looked inside Filling the bottle were dozens and dozens of the familiar granite speckled tablets. I was enough to turn all of Powers hall into an army of Kevins. My brother, in the chaos of the afternoon, had the foresight to check the very source of Dr. Powers’ stash. These must have been the concessions Fitz had bought Rhys’ silence with. I felt my body grow warm at the thought of being given a new chance. This time would be different. This time, I would control the situation. There would be no Dr. Powers to stop me. I could watch my friends grow around me and I’d be the giant among them. My heart raced and I heard myself laughing on the side of a lonely interstate. Above the rush of excitement and the orgasmic thought of getting my body back was a single thought above all others. And it shamed me to have lost sight of it: I had the best brother in the world and, no matter my size, he was the bigger man. THE END
  15. Florida20

    My Twin Moves On (Chapter 13)

    I promised myself I’d finish this story before the end of the year and it looks like I may just make it. Chapter 13 is the second-to-last installment of the story and that is nearly complete. Expect it to be posted in the next week or two. Enjoy! Chapters 1-12 CHAPTER 13 Rhys's first reaction when he saw me lying naked on the floor in the vicinity of a giant elderly man was one of embarrassment. "Sorry" escaped his lips and he started to shut the door before common sense kicked him in the nuts and forced him to take another look. "Ryan...what the hell is going on?" he asked as he strolled in the door. His roommate Kevin, now a bronzed god standing in a tight white sleeveless shirt, was at his back. Kevin didn't even notice me as he strolled in. He could only stare slack-jaw at the form lying on his bed. Rhys saw only me and I loved him for it. Whether it was the uncomfortable pause or a look in my eyes, my brother's face darkened. It was then he noticed the IV bag and the tubes running out of my body. He immediately ripped the IV needles out before looking questioningly at the thick blood filled ones. "What the fuck?" I heard Kevin say as he stood over Dr Fitz. He reached out to touch him but my brother reached over and slapped his hand away. He immediately put a finger over his mouth in a gesture for him to shut it. I heard Fitz give a deep guttural groan as he shifted his mass before going silent again. Kevin did as he was told but his eyes never left the bed. I still don't know if he noticed I was even here. "What's going on?" Rhys whispered as he squatted down next to me. I tried to make my mouth work but all that came out was a barely audible squeak. My brother continued to stare at me, his ripped forearms resting on each knee as his mind worked feverously to piece this puzzle togehter. I did everything I could to say something or even move. Perhaps those suffocating chains weren't as tight now that their source was gone but I still couldn't budge them. Rhys' eyes grew questioning but he focused his attention on the tubes and then the quietly humming machine just to my left. He fumbled with it a moment before pressing something. The humming stopped. With that, my brother resorted to shaking me. Nothing. He stood up and paced a moment before looking at me again. "Can you blink for me?" he whispered. I blinked in response just as I heard Dr Fitz begin to moan again. It wasn't the weak panting of an elderly man. It was deep and guttural, like a bear growling from a cave. Panic returned. He was waking up. My brother and Kevin together would not be able to overpower him. Rhys returned his attention to me. "One blink yes. Two blinks no," he began. "Are you in trouble?" Yes, I blinked. "Do you know what's going on?" A pause. Yes, I said. Dr Fitz's arm twitched and rose up, making his arm bulge in a way that made both Rhys and Kevin take an awe-inspired step back. "Do you know who this is?" Rhys asked. YES! I blinked. Stop him! I tried to tell him. Rhys looked back at the giant and I heard the bed groan as he shifted his weight. "Rick?" Fitz asked with a deep groggy voice as his hand went to his eyes. It's too late, I thought with dismay. Rhys only stared at me with those shadowed eyes, his mind working. "Should he stay asleep?" he asked. I blinked as if my life depended on it and actually felt my head nodding just as the monster on Kevin's bed started to sit up. He was massive. Nearly four hundred pounds of shredded monster sat up and began to scratch the sleep from his eyes. I found it impossible to comprehend that was me mere hours ago. He was a god. His head was still bald yet the liver spots had faded. His face looked nothing like the ancient man from before save for the gnarled grey eyebrows. His cheeks were full and his once foggy eyes sharp, if sleepy. The rest of his body was every bit the youthful giant I once was. The shirt that hung on him like a tent before was now tattered rags hanging from the granite slabs of his body. "Rick?" Fitz asked again. He lowered his hand and, when he saw my brother, every muscle on his body flexed involuntarily. "You’re not Rick" his voice boomed. As I mentally gave up hope that this rescue would work, my brother reached down and grabbed the IV tubes lying on the floor. In a flash that even the newly improved Ben Fitz couldn't defend, Rhys maneuvered the dripping needles in his fist and stabbed then into the monster's meaty neck. Fury painted itself across Fitz's face as he tried to reach up and grab the needles. But there was enough residual medicine in his body for the newly concentrated injection to work almost immediately. His hand barely made it to his shoulder before his fingers spasmed. Then his arm twitched and fell limp to the bed. He gave one final twitch then fell from the seated position back onto the mattress and grew silent. I felt a breath I didn’t know I was holding leave my body in a hush. My brother's face was ashen and his eyes filled with fear. Kevin just stood in his corner, mouth agape. I could have hugged my brother had my arms worked. The thought made my finger twitch. The minutes wore on but my brother was patient with me. Kevin proved to be no help in this situation so Rhys told him to get food and not tell anyone a thing. After a longing look at the frozen giant on the bed he did as he was told. Rhys picked me up like easily and lay me on his collapsed mattress. I was able to see Fitz from this vantage point and saw he was still breathing. "Thanks" was the first word out of my mouth. "Fitz" was the second. My brother stared at the strange creature with newfound intensity. "I guess you were right all along," was all he said. I was never so grateful to have a twin. He had an inexplicable inkling of my thoughts as I did his. And that saved me today. After fifteen minutes, I was able to move my arms with only moderate difficulty. My speech improved slowly and I gave Rhys a slurred and broken rendition of what happened as feeling slowly returned to my body. To say I was in pain would be an understatement. I felt as if I'd been released from a medieval torture rack. My body didn't feel right; too long in some places, too tight in others. Visually, aside from the slight bagginess of my skin I looked normal but, oh, the horrors within. "I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see that happened to Fitz," Rhys said as I completed my story. "And then there's this," he added as he flexed his bare arm. A nineteen inch boulder erupted from his Caribbean-tanned arm. Even though mine were nearly half again as big six hours ago, I would have been more than content to be his size. I tried to make peace with the model look I was again sporting. Rhys saw my sadness and lowered his arm. "How big were you?" he asked carefully. I sighed and nodded towards the paralyzed and sleeping Fitz. My brother whistled. "Wow. Don't tell Kevin that. He's completely obsessed with size as if you couldn't tell by his man crush on ol' Fitzy back there." Rhys looked at me. "He's the real reason I'm like this, you know? I just followed in his footsteps. I'm big enough, bro. No need to worry I'll become the monster laying over there." I tried to give him an assured look. I didn't tell him he was already a monster compared to me. I also said nothing about how I'd become every bit as obsessed as his roommate. “So this dorm is Dr. Powers’ laboratory”, my brother said thoughtfully as the anesthesia wore off. “Specimens, supply room, and all.” "Dr Powers!" I choked as I sat up. My back creaked and I pulled a muscle in my side but I could only stare at the door. "I forgot all about him. Where is he?" My brother pushed me back down. "You're can't chase after him like this," he said gently. "The hell I can't. I'm not just going to wait for him to come back and take you too." I got to my feet carefully and tried to stand up. After a few tries and with my brother’s help I finally hit vertical. "Where do you think he is?" Rhys asked as I wrapped my arm around his back and grabbed ahold of his bulging lat for support. "Last I saw, he went chasing after your friend Cody and his gang." "What did he want with them?" "I--" I thought for a moment. "I don't know." I paused. "They've changed too Rhys." "Changed?" He looked at me. "Change like you changed?" I thought back to the basement gym then over to Fitz...and gulped. "More." Rhys looked incredulous. "I mean it," I said defensively. "They took the remaining pills from your room and downed all of them. Last I saw they were well over eight feet tall and had to weigh five hundred pounds." Rhys smirked. "Then they took a whole pill on top of that! Who knows what they look like now." "Ok, bro," Rhys said. "Let’s go see ‘em." I resisted. "They've changed," I started. "I know. You just told me that." "No, mentally too," I said. "These pills...it's like a never ending steroidal orgasm. You lose yourself in it. At least, temporarily. The bigger I got the longer it would last. And I spread it out over days, these guys grew overnight." "Relax," Rhys said as he helped me get into a pair of shorts. "They're my friends. Besides, whatever’s in that bag keeping Ben asleep isn’t going to last forever. We’re going to need some added muscle on our side." I looked at the semi-conscious and still huge Dr Fitz. "He's not going anywhere right now," Rhys said. I reluctantly agreed and let my oversized twin guide me down the hall. The walking helped. By the time I made it to the other end, I was able to support myself, if awkwardly. Rhys knocked but there was no answer so he tried the door, finding it locked. Rhys shrugged and pulled a key out of his pocket. "Told you we were friends,” he said when I gave him an inquisitive look. “Kevin or I would hang out in here if the other was getting laid. Who knows, maybe we’ll find some of those pills you’re so interested in.” Rhys opened the door and revealed a scene that stopped us dead in our tracks. The room was built for three occupants instead of two and was quite a bit larger than my brothers' double. The beds were on their sides and pushed against the wall make room. Rhys’ four titan friends were sitting against the walls, as naked as they were downstairs but not nearly as massive. Although beautiful specimens, they were “only” about 300 pounds each. The familiar IV bags were hanging from a stand over each of their heads. Two blood lines ran from each of them to yet another machine and the combined eight erupted from it to a figure beyond what even the last few hours would have made me think possible. Dr. Powers was sprawled across the width and length of the room, slowly absorbing the other boys ounce by ounce. He was…unbelievable. His form took up most of the room’s square footage, arms and legs at strange angles to meet the natural contours of the room and its contents. The age had disappeared from his face save the silvery hair. From there his body exploded. Giant traps rose up like mountains, forming almost a pillow behind his head. His shoulders, traversed with inch deep ravines and pencil-thick veins, were the size of giant pumpkins. His arms were each larger than my waist, with vascular and striated triceps lifting his arms off the floor. Six-inch deep slabs of stone made up a chest which masked his face with the rise of each slumbering breath. Lats like wings flared out and acted like a mattress under his rapidly expanding frame. Each block of his abs were the size of an actual brick and just as hard. His abs were mostly hidden beneath a completely erect dick the size of my arm. His legs. Oh, shit, his legs. Each of his quads must have weighed as much as me. Muscle cabled over muscle and twitched as much as an inch as they grew right before my eyes. The man was covered in a sheen of sweat which set his body ablaze in contrasting light. All-in-all, the man must have been ten feet tall and growing. I could see his giant feet visibly creeping across the floor as his body grew longer. In minutes they would hit a wall and start breaking through the plaster. Then the sleeping giant would awaken. The only sound was that of Powers’ slumbered breathing, which reminded me of air rushing into a cave. I gave my brother a nod as I rested against a wall. Rhys, meanwhile, moved stealthily across the room towards the first two paralyzed boys. One was out cold but the other followed him with hope-filled eyes. Rhys pulled the anesthesia needles from their arms and began to make his way over the ever-growing Dr. Powers to the other two. Cody was one of them and sat unconscious and slumped against that wall, legs still those of a champion cyclist but nothing compared to the seventy inch boulders Rhys had to step over to reach him. After pulling the tube from his arm, he turned to the final victim and leaned over to remove his tube as well. That’s when the laugh started. It was a deep, evil sound that stopped Rhys in his tracks. That’s when I saw Dr. Powers’ massive body began to move. His right leg bent at the knee and his calf exploded in size with the slightest twitch of his foot. Too awestruck to speak I could only watch as the titan moved to sit up and simultaneously reach his gigantic iron hand around my brother’s neck. Still seated, Powers’ head was level with my brother’s chin. Rhys struggled against his grip which only made the monsters gigantic arm muscles swell like leaden balloons. “I don’t know how you freed yourself, boy,” Dr. Powers growled. “But I see you had to give up some of your size.” Then Powers made as if to stand. Every muscle in his body writhed over each other as he lifted his gargantuan frame up. Facing away from me, all I could see was a back as wide as a barn door rise over a pair of unnaturally striated glutes and send Powers’ head through the ceiling. Plaster and rock rained down on the four seated boys and sunlight streamed in from the hole. “Auggh!” Dr. Powers moaned as he tore down large chunks of the roof with his free hand to make room for his still growing frame. He still held my brother by the neck like a rag doll, his feet dangling a foot above the ground and face turning purple. “I am a GOD to you,” the man bellowed to no one in particular. And he flexed his arms as he stretched his chest and pinched his back. The chaotic sea of muscle rolled across his body, raging red with blood and pulsing as they grew. My mind raced and my eyes darted wildly across the room for something to save my brother. I looked up just in time to see my brother take the three anesthesia tubes he held and, with the last of his failing strength, reach up and jab them into the monster’s neck. My stomach tightened and the world seemed to stop. For a moment, Dr Powers only stared at my brother with those cold bombardier eyes. My brother looked back at him with challenging eyes that slowly began to lose focus. Then Powers’ tilted his head back and laughed again. It was a horrible sound and made me want to vomit. “It’s going to take more than that, boy,” he said. Now with enough space to stretch, Dr. Powers did just that. He spread his arms out wide, my brother dangling wildly in his outstretched hand like he was nothing. Powers tested his body as if waking up from a month long hibernation. Muscles I thought were flexed before now exploded as, all across his body, ravines grew deeper, muscle grew thicker, and veins bulged larger. He roared in victory and in that moment of dark desperation I found a possible savior. There, lying at the giant’s still growing feet was the thin black rod he’d used to knock me out earlier that day. The mere sight of it still sent a painful shiver down my spine but it was my only hope. I pushed myself off the wall and made my way awkwardly across the room. Pieces of debris rained all around me as Dr. Powers absorbed himself in the majesty of his own body. His free hand explored his naked body and he moaned in pleasure as his muscles flexed beneath them. A couple steps further and I was close enough to reach out and touch him. My eyes were level with the base of his back. From this close proximity I could see his body in ever more impressive detail. Every fiber of muscle flared beneath his skin. It was all I could do to take my eyes off his frame and reach down to the black rod. I didn’t have much time. I found what appeared to be a trigger and made a frantic search of the rest of the contraption. I’d only had one shot and it had to work. On one end I found a dial imprinted with numbers ranging from one to ten. It was currently set on three and without hesitation I upped the value to ten. I didn’t know if that would merely sting this monster or kill him. Judging by the darkening purple of my brother’s face, I didn’t care if it was the latter as long as he let him go. I turned the oversized cattle prod in my hands, ready to fire. Then I noticed how quiet it was. Heart racing, I looked up and was horrified to see Powers’ staring down at me from over his gargantuan pecs, his face contorted in confusion. Instead of reaching down and ending me, he merely looked back at my brother choking in his grip. “There are two of you?” he questioned. I took advantage of the situation. “Damn right,” I heard myself scream as I jammed the business end into the dense meat of his thigh. “Now let my brother go, you giant fuck.” Then I pulled the trigger. The room was suddenly filled with the hiss of a thousand snakes and Dr. Powers flew across the room as if launched by a catapult. I shielded my eyes as he crashed into the closet and through the wall into the bathroom on the other side. A wave of drywall and plaster rolled towards me like a dust storm as the room grew silent save the desperate hacking and deep breaths of my now freed brother. As the dust cleared, I saw Dr. Powers crumpled body lying under a damaged sink. His eyes were shut but his massive chest still rose and fell with breath. He was alive. I looked down at the black rod and saw that the other end had basically exploded. It would not be shocking anyone again soon. Dropping the rod, I gathered the now freed anesthesia needles from the chaos of the room and pulled them along with the connected IV bags into the bathroom. Without care, I reinserted them into Powers’ neck with a not-so-graceful jab. I also did my best to up the dose on the IV bags to as high as it would allow. I had no idea if that would even keep him under but it was worth a shot. As my adrenaline fell, my senses began to focus on things other than the unconscious monster. I looked over to see my brother on his hands and knees still relishing the fact he could breathe. The other four boys, now a paltry two hundred pounds of shredded muscle, were now all awake but still immobile save their wildly rolling eyes. The wreckage of the open roof and caved in wall largely spared them but the entire room was littered with flotsam and slowly settling dust. I also heard distant voices and was suddenly aware that this event hadn’t occurred in a vacuum. A quick peak out of the window revealed a small and slowly growing mass of students racing from the building. It must have sounded like an earthquake to them and they were smartly exiting the building. Among the crowd, I saw McKenzie among the crowd, standing cross-armed and nervous like an amazon among the rest of the impressively built crowd that surrounded her. I didn’t have much time. I turned to see my brother, still coughing but cognizant, now on the other side of the hole in the wall and looking over the slumbering Dr. Powers. He appeared to be inspecting whether the blood tubes were still attached to his body. I also noticed he’d gathered the other ends and held them in a free hand. In the other hand was the machine responsible for moving the blood from one body to another. “What are you doing?” I asked carefully.
  16. Weremuscle

    growth The Other Side of Our Minds

    ‘Will you stop trying to molest me Justin, I wish I never told you about that story now.’ The curious 20-year-old college student has been hitting on his older 22-year-old roommate for several months. Braxton mentioned to Justin one night while the two guys were in their bedroom after having a few drinks that he was visited by an older man the night he turned 18. He was a freshman in college and didn’t really know anyone that went there. The man was dressed incredibly well in a nicely tailored suit from top to bottom. At the time, Braxton’s roommate was visiting family so he wasn’t around which left the young student all alone. The man showed up at the front steps of the dormitory that Braxton was staying in. It so happened that the teenager was outside standing and talking on his phone. When he finished his phone call, he turned to go back inside but not before this man stops him. ‘Hello there Braxton mind if I have a few words with you.’ With a puzzled look on his face, the 18-year-old stares at the man and wonders how the hell he would know his name. ‘Uhhh, I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to buy what you are trying to sell to me so…..*stops to think*…..how did you know my name?’ The man smiles and proceeds to walk towards him up the stairs into the front lobby. Braxton starts to move backwards inside before he is about to scream. The man grabs his arm and holds him in place. The scared teenager freezes as the man puts his arms around Braxton’s back. ‘Shhh, I’m not here to hurt you buddy, you are ready to graduate to the next chapter in your life. You obviously don’t remember anything about me since you are so surprised to see me. Unfortunately, restraining you right now is the only thing I can do to get your attention.’ Braxton tries to scream but nothing comes from his voicebox. He grabs it with both hands and looks around to see if anyone notices. There isn’t a soul there probably because it is after midnight now. The man takes him over to one of the chairs sitting on the balcony beside the entrance to the dorm and tells him to sit down. The man pulls up another chair and sits in front of Braxton. He takes a few deep breaths and looks the young man in the eyes. ‘Okay…..when you were 12 Braxton, you were in an accident. As you lay dying in that hospital bed, your mind and soul took a journey to a place not many have ever been to before. That plane of existence is where I reside. You were not sure why you had the feelings you did back then since you were on the verge of becoming a teenager. Your soul latched on to me Braxton and wanted to learn what to do next which I was obliged to do. You were unaware that your body was healing with my assistance.’ ‘That wasn’t the only thing I was helping you with either. *clasps his hands in Braxton’s* Your cock and balls for the first time that day started to function in a more mature fashion. You had your first orgasm in that hospital bed and it was amazing.’ Braxton rips his hands away from the man and jumps up. He rushes towards the front lobby doors and turns around. ‘I don’t fucking know what you are talking about man, I don’t ever want to remember that day ever again…..’ The man stops him midway through his thought. ‘Braxton…..you know who I am because you made me look the way you always wanted your fantasy man to look like. You always wanted to be with an older man around your dad’s age because you have talked about it every night before you go to bed. Even now at this school, you mention me and dream about me.’ The teenager goes inside and down the hall before he stops by one of the night auditors. ‘Is everything alright Braxton? You seem flustered and a bit…..sweaty.’ He turns and notices that the man is right behind him, but the auditor doesn’t see him. Braxton thinks for a moment and speaks. ‘I just went on a run, I’m alright.’ ‘Okay, remember that you must be in before midnight though during the week.’ The auditor turns and walks back to the front desk. Braxton gets into the nearby elevator as the man follows him inside. ‘He doesn’t see you. Who are you?’ *reaches to feel the man’s thick muscular chest which strains against his satin dress shirt* The man reaches over to push the stop button on the elevator and pulls Braxton in to him. He grabs the teen’s hands and rubs them up and down his chest as he stares into his eyes. The teen is in awe of the man’s incredible muscles that he feels underneath the fabric. The man’s groomed black fur on his face and neck is exactly what he envisioned in the dreams he has had since he was 12. ‘You know who I am Braxton. I’m your Matt that you have formed in your mind, well at least physically. I can also sense something else going on in your mind.’ Matt lets out a few growls as Braxton hears a few rips coming from the man’s body. His body appears to be growing a little bit as his shirt splits down the middle of his back along with his suit jacket. His thick hairy pecs shred the front of the shirt slightly as they are now visible. The teenager lets out a few moans. He reaches in to feel the hairy swollen muscles that feel soft to the touch. ‘Hold on there buddy, look down. GRRR!’ *winks* Matt’s quads swell up to the point that his suit pants look painted on. The seams rip enough to where the thick hairy slabs jut out the sides. The surprised teen leans down to run his hands along each bump and curve. He lightly moans feeling the thick forest of hair sitting on top of both tree trunks. While he is down there, Braxton feels a lot of heat radiating from the center of Matt’s pants. The big man grunts as his crotch grows thicker and longer. The young teen can’t seem to take his eyes off of it hearing noises coming from within. ‘Go ahead buddy, put your hand up to it, you are compelling me to grow.’ Braxton runs his hands along the crease of Matt’s shaft. The huge pole pulses against his hand as he finally gives in to it a little to lay his head against it. The big man reaches down to pet the teen’s head and hair before telling him to look up. ‘You are the reason I am like this Braxton. My body is what your mind created and is creating as we are in here right now. I know my muscles are turning you on greatly as I sense it in you. There is a part of you that was longing for this day to come. Now that I am here, it is time for you to take the next step and enter into the next stage of your life Braxton.’ The dazed teen slowly moves Matt’s cock around before he unzips his pants and swallows the huge pole down his throat. He sucks on it lovingly making the big man groan deeply. Braxton looks up and smiles as he starts to feel the need for Matt to grow again. More popping comes from the big man’s body as his pants completely shred and fall down to the ground. His immense chest finishes off the rest of his dress shirt as he yanks it off and throws it to the other side of the elevator. He growls and does a most muscular for Braxton as his jacket nearly disintegrates under the incredible mass forming on his body. This makes the young man moan even louder as he tastes a river of precum flowing down into his belly. ‘RAWR! Yeah buddy, you are making me want to rage Braxton. If you continue on this path, I won’t be able to hold back. I enjoy it because you enjoy it of course.’ The young student grabs Matt’s immense ass and snaps the waistband off freeing up the last remaining fabric from his body. His socks and dress shoes explode under the pressure of his growing feet. Braxton moans as he continues to gulp at the big man’s powerful rod as it lengthens and slides further down inside the teen’s throat. Matt reaches his incredibly massive arms out to brace himself against the elevator walls which are now creaking. ‘Mmmmm buddy…..this is about to get really dangerous though Braxton. Stay close to me.’ Matt’s huge frame is now as wide as the elevator now as his head starts to go through the ceiling. Debris begins falling down as the growing man laughs destroying the walls and lights which explode against his hairy stone skin. Braxton sucks even harder and faster tasting the ooze draining inside him as Matt roars in delight. He raises his massive left arm up to grab the cables above his head while gripping Braxton in his right arm. He lifts the young man up with him who still has his mouth locked on to the huge pole residing in his throat. ‘It feels absolutely incredible Braxton. Keep sucking buddy while I get both of us to safety up at the top of this dorm.’ The giant continues climbing up the cables with one arm as he feels his cock and balls getting closer to the edge. They are now swelling to the point that they are turning a purplish-red color. Matt stops moving up the cable to compose himself for a few seconds making Braxton come up for air as the giant’s huge cock bounces furiously spraying several jets of precum down inside the elevator car below them. The huge stud flexes his entire body enhancing the feeling from within while growling in delight. ‘Make me cum Braxton you really do have quite a wild streak from within your mind. It will be the biggest load you have ever seen in your life.’ Holding on to Matt’s waist as much as possible, the student strokes the giant’s cock in a strong even fashion knowing that the volcano will erupt at any time. The monster’s massive legs and quads move with the rhythm as they thrust faster with each stroke. Matt starts to climb upwards again feeling the tension from inside his balls building up again as his testicles cannot grow anymore otherwise they will rip through the sack. ‘SHIT! OHHHH FUCK BRAXTON, look out. I am going to coat this whole place.’ Braxton moves his head as Matt’s piss slit stretches to its limits before launching a giant wave of cum fifty feet into the air before it lands onto the nearby tunnel wall. The giant continues swiveling his lower body still able to hold on to the cable as his body pours sweat down on to the lower elevator car. Yet another giant stream of cum goes flying from Matt’s huge cock and finds its way down at the bottom of the tunnel. Braxton now moves back into the huge pole’s path and awaits the third jet as he opens his mouth. Matt roars in laughter still thrusting his quads in the eager young man’s face. ‘You want this kind of power too don’t you buddy…..yeah I know you do…..I have always known that you wanted this. Well you will get your wish Braxton, open wide little man!’ The student sticks his tongue out as another huge jet of cum hits him in the face and coats his shirt and pants. He locks his mouth on top of the huge pole and chokes as the cum continues to shoot out of the giant’s cock and down Braxton’s chest and lower body. Matt smiles at him and can feel the young man gulping down tons of cum craving what he has always dreamed about. The big man waits until all of the cum has left his body before he starts to climb again. Braxton moans caressing his lover’s immense ass and licks the sides of Matt’s cock getting every drop he might have missed. The student’s stomach is so swollen that it pushes his shirt all the way up above it. He literally looks pregnant. Matt laughs again as he feels the round protrusion up against his legs. ‘I think you have had enough to drink Braxton. Let’s get out of here before something else happens.’ After a couple more minutes, they finally reach the top. Matt busts through the top by putting his fist through the steel and concrete. He finds the roof and looks down at Braxton. ‘You trust me right Braxton?’ He then lifts them both up onto the roof and falls over to rest. Braxton lets go of his waist and does the same thing. After calming down, the giant gets up and goes to stand over his young lover. The student’s stomach remains bloated from the massive amount of cum he consumed. Matt helps him up so he can talk to him. ‘Well, what are you waiting for Braxton? *waves his arms* You consumed enough muscle building protein to probably take this building down.’ Braxton wonders what he is supposed to do. Matt looks him straight in the eyes and says to just concentrate his energy on him. The student’s breathing increases as his body begins to react. His stomach slowly empties as his legs and feet start growing. His jeans split immediately as his shoes explode under the sheer mass that is being added. His muscles make quick work of his shirt as his back cracks several times trying to accommodate the incredible amount of muscle that keeps piling on top of their selves. The young teenager that was there just a minute before is completely gone now as Braxton matures right in front of Matt’s eyes. The big young stud roars in ecstasy as he feels completely reborn. He flexes his massively round muscles trying to show off in front of Matt who just laughs. He flexes his muscles back at Braxton as they both grunt at each other. The roof creaks under their feet as they take a few huge steps around. Matt eventually gets behind his young lover and wraps his arms around him. He then throws Braxton to the ground and starts wrestling him. They grunt and groan rubbing their slick hairy muscled bodies together until they eventually just decide to stop. After a few minutes, Matt moves down to his partner’s lower body and starts to toy with Braxton’s thick meaty cock. ‘You worked me over really well Braxton, now it is my turn buddy.’ After being edged by Matt several times the young behemoth finally launches his cum volcano into the air as it floats over the side of the building and coats several of the dorm student’s cars. Braxton quickly moves himself to the edge of the building and shoots several more jets of cum hitting nearby streets and sidewalks. They both laugh hysterically until Braxton finishes cumming. Matt puts his arm around his young lover and kisses his lips. They embrace each other and moan as they calm down. ‘Well that’s it buddy. I’ve done all I can do for you at this point, but I will be back soon don’t you worry.’ Matt vanishes a few seconds later. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘Are you fucking serious Braxton? I mean…..I knew that you nearly died and all but this Matt guy just sounds like some kind of fantasy.’ ‘And I would agree with that assessment Justin, but he is very real. He helped me learn how to control it after that night. It wasn’t the only time we were together either.’ Justin tries to rub his roommate’s crotch again which makes Braxton quite irritable. ‘DAMNIT JUSTIN! I am not going to grow for you. I am not Bruce Banner it doesn’t work that way.’ ‘So what triggers it then?’ Braxton knows what he is trying to do and doesn’t go for it. ‘HA! nice try there genius, but no clues.’ Justin finally gets up from Braxton’s bed and moves over to the bathroom to strip naked. His 10” cock is wet with precum which prompts the college student to rub it up and down his shaft to make it shiny. Braxton stares intently at it and is dumbfounded as to why he never saw Justin’s huge cock before. ‘Uhh Justin, I had no idea that you were so…..wow endowed.’ He can start to feel himself heating up quickly too. Before he can even try to control himself, his body starts to react. Justin can see the discomfort he is in and walks back over to him. He grins at Braxton and bounces his cock at him. ‘So you want this do you man? This is going to be fucking awesome.’ Once he stands directly in front of Braxton’s face, he slaps his cock on his roommate’s face and chest and watches in amazement as his gifted older roommate’s growing muscles rip, shred, and tear their way through his clothes and continue growing to unimaginable heights. Never in his wildest dreams did Justin think that this improbable story was true, but now he knows that Braxton’s near-death experience brought with it a powerful gift. In case you want to read another installment in the series: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/3467-the-other-side-of-the-mirror/
  17. Guest

    theft The Flexorcist (19)

    Nineteen Decrypting the medieval document proved to be a very difficult and frustrating exercise. Even after three weeks of continued work and study, Tomas had only translated five pages of the thick scroll. He pushed the document aside and slammed his desk while swearing in frustration. “Something wrong?”, Anton asked as he entered the room and tossed his gym bag on the floor. Tomas ignored the remark and headed to the bathroom. “Get in here!”, he ordered without looking at his pet. Anton did as he was told. He entered the bathroom and saw that Tomas was already in the shower. He quickly tore off his clothes and joined his master. He looked down on his master and smirked as he noticed his inflating cock. Tomas scanned his pet’s amazing body in awe: Anton had come straight from the gym and his beastly muscles were still pumped and swollen. “580 pounds is the right size for you; you look simply perfect, my pet. I love how your oversized shoulders dwarf the rest of your huge muscles”, he said as he groped the mass of thick pecs on his pet’s chest. Anton groaned in pleasure and flexed his pecs. Striations exploded across the surface and the strong muscles turned into concrete-like hardness under his master’s touch. His own cock stirred as it began to swell. Tomas made his pet turn around and explored the mass on the incredibly wide back. He felt the cuts and crevices between the mounds of muscle before grabbing the hardness of his pet’s beefy triceps. He couldn’t take no more; he grabbed Anton’s tightly muscled sides and shoved his fully engorged 17 incher into the meaty ass. “Nothing beats pumping the frustration out of me”, he grunted as slammed his cock in and out his pet’s ass. “Mhm”, Anton groaned. His cock hardened further until it reached its intimidating 25 inches, his left paw roamed his own beefy chest as his right one caressed his left bicep. Tomas came quickly, he screamed as frustration and cum exploded from his body. He kept pumping his pet’s ass as load after load of cum blasted from his throbbing cock. He remained inside and grabbed his pet’s engorged 25 incher, stroking the impressive length while his own cock deflated inside the muscular ass. Anton put his hands against the tilled wall and closed his eyes in pleasure. His master’s strong hand pumped his shaft and sent shivers down his spine. He encircled the hand with his right paw and guided the strokes, adding strength and pressure to the action. Tomas grunted as the huge paw encircled his big hand and the pressure of his pet’s grip sent a mild pain through him. His 17 incher raced to hardness again inside the juicy ass as his pet smacked his 300 pound muscular frame against his broad back by the sheer force of his strokes. Pleasure flooded Anton’s beastly body as he felt the cock harden again inside his ass. “Yeaugh!”, he bellowed and goose bumps exploded on his body as he came. Blasts and blasts of thick, sticky cum shot from his 25 incher and splattered against the wall. Tomas moaned as the strong muscles on Anton’s body flexed from his orgasm. The juicy ass encircling his 17 incher clenched and milked a second round of blasts from it. His muscular quads shook from the effort. After a few minutes, Anton’s orgasm cooled down and he released his deflating cock. A thud made him turn around. He smiled as he noticed his master on the floor: he was worn out completely. He grabbed him under the armpits and effortlessly raised the 300 pound athlete. He placed his left arm around his master’s lower back and rested his ass against the bottom row of his 14-pack abs. “You okay?”, he asked as he gently ruffled Tomas’ hair with his right paw. “Much better now”, Tomas said and grabbed his pet’s gigantic delts for support. “It’s just frustrating it takes so much time to translate that document. I can fell I’m close, but it’ll take some more weeks before I can finally cast the spell for the dark ritual.” “More time for me to rule the jocks”, Anton replied and his right paw played with his still plump 25 incher. “How are the football players coming along…ughn”?, Tomas asked, his voice shooting up as his pet’s 25 incher invaded his ass. He clenched it reflexively but the hot pole easily broke through his defenses. He shut his eyes and moaned as the last of the 25 inches was pushed inside. “They finally know their place. I just beat up the four biggest of them. A single blow in the abs sent each of them down. Now I dominate, dominate, dominate”, Anton grunted, pumping his 25 incher in his master’s ass every time he said ‘dominate’. He looked down as he something jab him in the abs and smiled: his master’s cock had re-inflated and the 17 incher throbbed in the canyon between his 14-pack. Tomas opened his eyes and they rolled back in pleasure as the hot pole kept invading his ass. “Ughn!”, he moaned and his 17 incher exploded all over the thick rack of pecs that protruded from his pet’s chest. The five remaining blasts off his balls splashed against the striated muscles and slid into the deep crevice separating them. “YEAughn!”, Anton bellowed once more and drove his 25 inches hard into his master’s ass. His cock exploded and he kept pumping his hips as load after load of cum shot from it. Tomas marveled at the hard, flexing chest in front of him and grunted as the pressure inside his ass increased with every volley of cum. A final dribble of cum flowed from his deflating 17 incher and smeared against the cobblestone-sized abs of his pet’s flexing 14-pack. Cum began pouring from his master’s ass along the length of his pumping cock as Anton kept shooting load after load of cum. He gently pulled his master from his 25 incher and blasted a final load against the ceiling. “Relaxed now?”, he asked as he put his master on his feet. “You certainly blasted all frustration from me, my pet”, Tomas said grinningly as cum kept flowing from his ass. “Man, how much did you pump in me?” he asked as he stepped from the shower and dried himself. “At least a couple of gallons. But you’ve got some on me as well”, Anton replied grinningly. He turned toward the beam of water and cleaned his torso. Tomas put on his clothes and shook his head as he noticed his pet’s inflating cock. “You really are a total beast”, he said as he returned to his desk. “I am a total beast. A god!”, Anton screamed and did a most muscular. Striations exploded across his body as all his titanic muscles hardened, his engorged cock smacked against the top row of cobblestone-sized abs, oozing precum against the hard surface. Anton grabbed the lengthy shaft and within seconds the results of his third orgasm sprayed the glass of the shower. Sean and Keith were in their room trying to figure out how to stop Tomas. The thought of Connor toying with the 240 pound wrestle coach and the image of his supreme muscularity still sent their meager pencil dicks to hardness. “There’s no way we’ll be able to defeat Connor and Anton by ourselves”, Sean said, “And even if we do, we still have to stand up to Tomas, who also outweighs the two of us”. “You’re right”, Keith replied, “Even with my uncle’s help we can’t beat them. We’ll need more help. Perhaps the wrestle team will be prepared. We are the former stars after all”. “They’re too scared of Anton. The entire team could take him down, but there’s still your brother to back him up. The two of them would smash the others”, Sean answered. A knock made them look up. Sean got up and opened the door. He involuntarily stepped back as he gazed upon a shirt strained to its limits by a rack of pecs. “Mind if I come in?”, a deep baritone asked. Sean recognized the captain of the football team and stepped back to let him enter. He sat down next to his buddy Keith and they stared at the muscular athlete that sat down on the other bed. “What brings you here?”, Keith asked in his high-pitched voice. “We need to talk, guys”, Logan said, “It’s only normal that football players rule the school. It has always been like that. Ever since last year that brute Anton took over our top spot. He was a scrawny swimmer when he got paired with you, Sean. And you were the star wrestler. Now look it you! You guys must know what happened.” “We’ll tell you. But you have to promise not to laugh”, Sean replied. He told the entire story of Tomas’ and Anton’s growth. He even included the part of Connor. Disbelief filled Logan’s face as he heard what had happened. “We were just thinking of a way to stop them. But the two of us are too weak to take on even one of them”, Sean said. “We’ll have to separate them, like you proposed”, Logan stated, “If we can neutralize Anton and Connor, it will be easier to defeat Tomas. Connor is being tutored by Alex, the little guy that wants to get on the football team. I’ll take Alex under my wing in the gym and convince him to keep Connor busy.” “Just don’t hurt my little bro”, Keith said. “He’s no longer the same Connor you used to know”, Sean replied, “You saw him take care of the wrestle coach and didn’t he humiliate you during summer?”. “Don’t worry. If Alex can keep him busy until you uncle has defeated Tomas, the spell will be broken and he’ll be back to normal. That leaves us with Anton.”, Logan said. “We could drug him”, Sean stated, “I can get some tranquilizers from the lab.” “Good”, Logan replied, “I’ll ask him for a drink and we’ll drug it. Once he’s out, my men will lock him away in the cellars long enough to defeat Tomas. I’ll come back next week to see where we are.” Tomas was slowly making progress in his study of the medieval document. He was about half way through it and had already gotten some new information. It seemed that the one conducting the ritual would gain supreme, infernal powers; he would be able to control his entire environment. He would be assisted by several large creatures. One of them would dominate the others and would be “the champion from Hell”. That one would be unbeaten in combat and no one would be able to defeat him, not even bigger creatures. “That has to be my pet”, Tomas said out loud, “he has beaten Sean and Keith and clearly dominates Connor too. Let’s get back to work!”. Alex was finishing a set of pull-ups as he heard a sound behind him. He turned around to see the four biggest football players enter the gym. He grabbed his towel and made his way to the exit. “Where’re you going?”, Logan asked while the other athletes strutted over to the bench press. “I know the drill, guys”, Alex replied, “I’m only 130 pounds. The small guys have to leave when the big ones want to train.” “You can stay if you want, it’s okay with me”, Logan said, “I could give you some pointers to bulk up. You do want to make the team, don’t you?” “That’s my dream. But it’ll take time. You sure I can stay?”, Alex said. “I’ll help you build arms like these”, Logan said and flexed his 25 inch canons. He smirked as he noticed Alex open mouth. “My nickname is ‘Captain Gunner’ because of these 25 inch babies. Biggest arms of the team. At 320 pounds of beef I’m the biggest man on the team. Come on, let’s train our arms!” Alex stared in awe at the 200 pound heavier stud training him. He marveled at the amount of weights Logan could curl. His own scrawny arms were killing him after two exercises and sweat was pouring from his red face. “Well done”, Logan said as Alex finished his set, “ The only way to grow is to go balls out every training. You’d better stop now before you get injured. You can join me any time to train and I’m expecting you on football practice tomorrow. You’ll start as water boy for me and my three wingmen.” A large smile formed on Alex’ face as he realized he had made the team. He thanked Logan, greeted the other big guys on the bench press and hit the showers. The next day he could barely lift a paper as his arms hurt like hell, but he did made it to the locker room in time for football practice. He looked around nervously and felt intimidated by the jocks; he was clearly the smallest, skinniest in the room. Logan saw Alex enter and introduced him to the team. He motioned the small guy to come over. Alex slowly walked across the locker room, looking around at his teammates. He discovered there was a clear hierarchy on the team: next to the door were the smallest guys, most a good 30 pounds bigger than him; at the next row of lockers were the 200 pound guys, a notch bigger than the first group; the third group consisted of a few 230ish guys, one of them had arms the size of the first group’s legs; at the other side of the central table was the final group: Logan and his three wingmen. Matt, the smallest of them, stood at 5’8 and 255 pounds of muscle; Mike was exactly as tall but weighed 262 pounds and Paul, Logan’s best friend, was 6 feet and weighed an impressive 275 pounds of ripped muscle. They were all shadowed by Logan’s 6’3 and 310 pounds of bulk. “Your place will be right here with us”, Logan said, “I’ll watch over you during practice and you’ll make sure us big guys stay hydrated. Come on, change into your uniform.” Alex reluctantly pulled off his shirt; his skinniness was highlighted even more as he stood next to the team’s biggest men. He stared in awe at the slabs of muscle on Paul’s legs. “We call him the ‘quadster’”, Logan said as he noticed Alex’ gaze, “his quads are even a bit bigger than mine.” Paul smirked and flexed his legs; the beastly muscles hardening into stone. “He’s no match for my arms though”, Logan said and flexed his 25 inch guns. The entire team stared at their captain’s hard biceps. “Captain Canon!”, one of them yelled and soon the entire team was shouting “Captain Canon”. Logan smiled and ordered his team to start practice. Alex eagerly followed the four big men and refilled their drinks several times. After practice the team showered quickly to make room for the star players. Logan and his three wingmen always trained half an hour longer than the others. They ran extra sprints and practiced their offensive play. Logan grabbed the football and stormed toward the end zone. He shoved his thick shoulder into Mike’s chest as he tried to block him. Mike’s body was pushed backward by the impact and he fell aside; it was just enough to slow Logan down just a bit. Matt and Paul stood next to each other to block the star quarterback. They braced themselves and grunted as Logan’s shoulders collided with their chests. Their combined weight was enough to successfully block Logan’s attack. The big man pushed with all his might, but the defense kept its ground. Mike came up to Logan and snatched the football from his hands, ending their drill. “Man, you really got stronger during summer”, Mike said to Logan, “I thought you broke my ribs when you drove your shoulder into me.” “Yeah, you did push us back a little”, Paul said. Logan just smiled and patted his buddies’ backs. “Let’s hit the showers!”, he said and signaled Alex to join them. The little guy walked behind them as they entered the deserted locker room. Logan and his friends quickly stripped off their sweaty uniforms and strutted over to the foggy shower zone. “Come on, Alex. If you wait any longer the water’s gonna be cold”, Logan said before disappearing in to hot fog. Alex took off his uniform and entered the shower zone. The foggy heat felt heavy around his body. He could hear the star players in the furthest corner and slowly wandered over. Their big frames appeared slowly through the fog. He gazed in awe at their well-trained physiques. The water sliding over the cuts and lines between their muscles highlighted their supreme muscularity. He gulped as they circled around him, imprisoning him amidst their bulk. “We want to ask you something”, Logan said. “W…w….what?”, Alex peeped looking up at the giants towering over him. “You get along quite well with that wrestle guy Connor, don’t you?”. “Y…y…yes”, Alex said. “Good. You need to do us a favor.”, Logan said. “Anything. You guys name it”, Alex blurted out. “We’re gonna reclaim our dominant position in this university by taking out Anton and Tomas. It appears that Connor is on their side. So we want to make sure he doesn’t get in our way. You’ll have to keep him busy tomorrow night for at least two hours.”, Logan said. “But how?”, Alex asked. “You’ll think of something. If we take back our top position, we’ll train you to be big enough to join our ‘bulk squad’”, Logan said. He nodded to his friends and they left the shower zone. Sean and Keith had made everything ready for the showdown with Tomas. Keith’s uncle would come over in two days to finally exorcise Tomas. He had found the right spells in Rome, in the secret archives of the Pope himself. The football players would take out Anton tomorrow night while Connor was being tutored by Alex. Sean had provided the tranquilizers from the university’s lab. Early the next morning, Connor left the gym. He still had to hide his flawless physique and trained very early in the morning and very late at night. His relentless training was really paying off: he had gained another 30 pounds of muscle, weighing in at 550 pounds of hard, ripped beef, just 30 pounds less than Anton. He’d added 5 extra inches to his 40 inch arms and felt stronger than ever. As he approached his room, he noticed someone standing at his door. An evil smile formed on his lips as he recognized his puny, 240 pound wrestle coach. The coach stepped back instinctively as the behemoth closed the distance between them. Before he could say a word, a huge paw encircled his waist, lifted him effortlessly from the floor and dragged him inside. He was tossed on the bed and stared at huge freshman’s back as he closed the door. His dick hardening at the sight of the bulging muscle stretching the tight tank-top. Connor turned around and smirked as he noticed the hard cock in his coach’s pants. “What do you want?”, he bellowed in his deep voice. The coach shuddered as the behemoth’s voice vibrated through his own well-trained body. “I’ve come to bring your new training schedule. It’s time to knock your technique up like with the other rookies”, the coach said, realizing his mistake as he spoke. “Rookies?”, Connor boomed, “I’ve already kicked your ass good on the wrestle mats.” “I mean like the other boys”, the coach blurted out quickly. “Boys?!”, Connor bellowed angrily, his voice echoing against the walls, “Get up!”. The coach slowly got up from the bed but didn’t move fast enough. Connor grabbed his waist and put him on his feet in front of the large mirror on the other wall; the mirror reached from the floor to the ceiling. “Strip!”, Connor ordered harshly. The coach knew he couldn’t resist this behemoth and took off his shirt. He stared up at the freshman next to him. “Take it all off! Or do I have to rip it off?”, Connor rumbled. The coach quickly pulled down his pants and boxers and stood naked in front of the mirror. He shuddered in anxious anticipation, his hands in front of his hard cock. “Let’s see who’s the boy here”, Connor said and ripped off his tank-top. The coach’s eyes widened in shock as the behemoth revealed his insanely muscled torso. “You’re even bigger than two weeks ago!”, he whispered. “Thanks for noticing, coach”, Connor said, “I’ve bulked up another 30 pounds, I’m now 550 pounds of muscular beef. It seems like you’re the boy in this room.” The coach nodded in silent admiration as he drank in the sight of the beastly muscles is the mirror. This freshman made him, an Olympic champion, look like a prepubescent boy. His cock jolted as ripples and striations undulated across the rack of pecs. “Looks like you need this training schedule”, Connor said as he grabbed the instructions on the table, “Eat it!”. The coach gagged as the gigantic paw forced the paper in his mouth. He chewed and chewed and painfully swallowed the paper. “Can I go now?”, he asked weakly. “The fun’s not over yet”, Connor said and pushed the coach’s hands aside to reveal his hard 8 incher, “See, you’re saluting my body. Let’s complete the salute!”. Connor grabbed an empty cup from the table and handed it to his coach. “Fill it!”. The coach held the cup in front of his throbbing 8 incher. Within seconds he was cumming into the cup and filling it as load after load of cum flowed from his cock. The door suddenly opened and Anton barged into the room. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”, he asked as he noticed the scene. “Off course not”, Connor said and turned to Anton, “What’s up?”. “I come from the gym and am feeling pumped. Let’s arm-wrestle to test our strength”, Anton said and sat down at the table. “Fine by me. And you keep stroking that feeble dick, boy!”, Connor said and installed himself opposite of Anton. They locked hands and began. Connor instantly fell that he actually had a chance against the still bigger behemoth. Veins exploded all over his 45 inch bicep as he summoned more strength. Anton was surprised that his smaller buddy put up such a fight. He could even feel his arm going down just a little. He smirked and tapped onto the full strength of his beastly arm: his bicep swelled to its 50 inches and veins snaked along the steely muscle as he slowly pulled back toward the starting point. Connor grunted, his face reddening under the pressure. He dug deep into his power and shoved every ounce of strength in a final attack. More veins surfaced on his bicep as it peaked bigger; the stony muscle hardening bigger than ever. He slowly began pushing Anton’s arm toward the table. Anton’s eyes widened in disbelief as he felt his arm going down. No matter what he tried, Connor’s strength couldn’t be denied. He grunted and puffed and managed to slow down his opponent. Connor groaned deeply and slammed the thick arm down on the table. A shocked silence filled the room. “It’s just a game and I was worn out from my training”, Anton said and quickly left the room. Connor jumped up and flexed his pumped bicep into a stony ball of vein-covered, hard muscle and bellowed in triumph. His dick springing to its 21 inches as he realized he had just taken down the top dog. Connor began flexing his torso in front of the mirror, admiring his ever improving size. The coach marveled at the even bigger bicep and milked a few extra drops from his dick into the filled cup. He gently placed it on the table and silently retreated from the self-worshipping behemoth. He put his hand on the doorknob as a strong paw grabbed his armpit and pulled him toward the mirror. “We’re not done just yet”, Connor groaned. He yanked down his own pants and slammed his coach onto his rock-hard 21 incher. Pleasure quickly filled his body and his cock exploded into his coach. Five minutes later, he pulled him from his deflating cock and tossed him on the floor. “Leave, boy!”, Connor bellowed at his worn out coach. Anton was in a bad mood after losing his arm-wrestle match to Connor. Even though it was just a game, he hated losing. He decided to lighting his mood by pounding on a few football players. He was ravaging Matt’s abs as Logan appeared and asked him to stop. “Man, we’re all athletes. It’s just not right that one jock beats up another. We should work together and beat up some nerds. I mean if we combine forces we could rule this university”, Logan said. “I already rule this university”, Anton harshly replied and slammed his fist into Matt’s abs again. “I know, man. But if we would all get along, things would be much easier. You’re the top dog, no one questions that. We’ll be your wingmen”, Logan said. “More like my wingboys”, Anton said but lowered Matt, “it’s not a bad idea. I’m sure Tomas will like this too.” “See, why don’t we go have a drink?”, Logan asked. “Deal”, Anton said, “But you’re buying”. “Let’s go”, Logan said and they headed over a bar. Inside, Logan nodded to his friends and Paul came up with the drinks. “Let’s toast on our mutual respect”, Logan said and raised his glass. Anton raised his glass and drank it down in one long gulp. Paul quickly brought him a second one. Two drinks later, Anton’s eyes began to fall shut. He fell over on the table and passed out. Logan motioned his three wingmen and the four muscular athletes dragged the passed out behemoth outside. They put him into a car and drove him over to the university, where they tied him down and locked him up in the cellars. In the main time, Connor was being tutored by Alex, who did everything he could to make the lesson last and last. After two hours, Connor said he had to go out and see Anton. “Anton’s out”, Alex said unthinkingly. “How would you know?”, Connor asked, “Is there something you’re not telling me?” Alex reddened completely and blurted out: “Just guessing.” “You sure you’re only guessing?”, Connor said and clenched his fist, making his bicep bulge and rip through his baggy sweater. Alex stared in at the hard peak and slowly looked up at Connor’s face. Connor ripped off his sweater and revealed his gigantic body. “I could crush you with one finger. Speak up!”. Alex shook his head. “I promised my teammates I wouldn’t tell.” “What if I helped you to get real big?”, Connor said, “I’ll make you dwarf all your teammates.” Alex gulped and his brain told him he had no chance against this behemoth. He might as well benefit from it. He sighed and told everything he knew. Connor listened carefully and nodded; he would brief Tomas to make a plan. “That will not be necessary!” Tomas’ face had appeared in the mirror and he had followed the entire story. “You’ll come to my room for instructions!”, he said to Connor. He then turned toward Alex and asked him if he was prepared to give up his soul to grow. “Euh… yes”, Alex replied. An icy chill and hellish chants filled the room. “Just add your cum to this formula, let your body absorb it and you’ll grow while you work out”, Tomas said and his face disappeared from the mirror. Connor grabbed the cum-filled cup from the table and poured it into an empty shaker. He handed it over to Alex and rushed over to Tomas’ room. Alex couldn’t believe that he had betrayed his friends. He quickly discarded the thought and focused entirely on growing huge. He sprinted toward the locker room, pulled down his pants and began milking his cock. Soon enough his cum mixed with the liquid in the shaker. He put on his workout gear and entered the deserted gym. He gulped down the thick liquid, emptying the shaker at once. His stomach protested and he felt bloated. The feeling transformed in a warmth that enveloped his entire body. He stepped over to the squat rack and put his familiar weight on the bar. He got under the bar and began squatting. Unlike other workouts, he easily did 20 reps without even breaking a sweat. He doubled the amount of weight and restarted. The burning sensation in his legs intensified with every rep. He could feel his quads swell as he squatted up and down. His once baggy workout shorts stretched as the muscle beneath swelled and hardened. Tears appeared on the fabric and with a loud ripping sound his thick quads busted through. He gasped at the size of his swelling legs: deep cuts and crevices separated the cords of muscle; the large teardrop-shape, covered in veins, dwarfed his kneecaps; below them, thick calves had formed at the back of his legs. “Yeah!”, he grunted and racked the weight. He quickly jumped over to the pull-up bar; his muscular legs easily supporting his otherwise still skinny body. He jumped up and grabbed hold of the bar. He pulled himself up and began cranking out reps; clumsy and very slow at first, but very soon his lats got stronger. He felt his back swell and broaden with every rep; mounds of until then inexistent muscles grew and hardened, fighting for room on the inflating surface. He could even feel his arms getting stronger. He reached down and was surprised to discover that his feet now simply reached the floor; even his height was increasing. Alex smirked as he noticed the bench press. He added 45 pounds to the bar and began. His roaring laugh echoed through the gym as he racked the bar: it felt like a feather to him. He added five more plates, got under the bar and began pressing the bar up and down. His flat pecs grew with every rep. At first they formed paper-thin shapes on his chest, but quickly swelled as more mass inflated them. His shirt squeaked under the pressure and finally give in as the mounding pecs ripped through. Veins and striations snaked across the swelling slabs and the canyon between them deepened and deepened. He racked the weight and flexed his chest, making it swell some more. Alex grabbed a pair of dumbbells and began doing shoulder presses. He did 20 quick reps with the 40 pounders before grabbing a more challenging weight. He took the 80 pounders and struggled to raise them. At first, the weight seemed to lighten with every rep and soon enough he cranked out perfect rep. His shoulders exploded in size and girth as mass inflated his delts into impressive roundness. The broadness added to his slim waist gave him an awesome v-taper. Alex threw down the dumbbells and began doing bench dips. His already formed triceps, stimulated by the bench presses and shoulder presses, hardened at the back of his arms. Every rep sculpted horseshoe-shape further as mass inflated the hard muscles. The insane pump was beyond anything he had ever felt. He looked down and noticed his still small biceps. Alex got up from the bench and grabbed the 80 pounders still lying on the floor. He struggled to do one rep but simply couldn’t lift the weight. He let the dumbbells hang in his hands and made a second try. He managed to curl the weight up with every ounce of willpower in his swelling body. Veins snaked along the tennis ball-sized muscles on his arms as he lowered the weight. His next rep was easier; his biceps grew and hardened and were no longer over-challenged by the weight. As the dumbbells went up, their size increased. They passed the size off goose eggs and swelled to an impressive 20 inches of vein-infested, hard meat. Alex kept pumping his biceps to the max; he wanted them bigger! The muscles kept hardening, dwarfing the other big muscles on his body. The pump was too much and Alex dropped the dumbbells as his biceps reached 25.5 inches, outsizing even Logan’s arms. Alex looked in the mirror and gasped: his perfectly muscular body lacked every definition in the abs. He quickly laid down on the ground and began doing sit-ups. His flat stomach hardened with every rep and soon enough thick, strong muscles pushed upward against his skin. The 2-pack turned into a 4-pack, the 4-pack swelled into a 6-pack and the hint of a fourth row of abs peeped deeper under his skin. The cuts between the coke-can-size muscles deepened and hardened with every rep. He got up and smiled at his reflection. The former image of his 5’7, 130 pound frame had evolved into his now 6’, 270 pound body. His natural tan added definition to his already impressive muscles. He began flexing his newly grown muscles, entranced by the veins, striations and hardness of his body. He really liked his new physique, out-sized by his hyper-sized biceps. He tore off the remains of his tattered shorts and discovered his familiar dick, stubbornly hard at five inches. He stroked it with two fingers of his now too big hands and smiled: the shaft was lengthening and thickening in his grasp. He closed his entire hand around it and kept stroking until it stopped at just over 10 inches. The thought of having moved up into the group of big men of the football team sent him over the edge: cum squirted from his cock all over the mirror and dumbbells. After eight blasts, his orgasm cooled down and he fell exhausted on the floor. As he realized that he still wasn’t the biggest man on the team, he gazed up and stared at Tomas’ face in the mirror to receive further instructions…
  18. umlerian49

    sci-fi Misfit, Chapter One

    Hi everyone! I'm reposting this story from the old forum as an opportunity to shamelessly plug my next book, Berkeley Daze #3: The Summer of Our Disconnect, due out on October 1 on Devine Destinies. You might remember my other story series' The Wide Prairie Sky and Big New World, both featuring shy, nerdy, but suddenly huge and muscular Alex Johnson and his often rascally boyfriend Ryan Miyashi. These were collected and adapted into a 6-book series A Growing Lad, of which I remain immensely proud (they're not getting me any closer to buying that private island, I'm afraid). The Berkeley Daze series is a prequal. It doesn't feature anything other than natural muscle growth, but it's the sweet, funny, sometimes sad story of Ryan Miyashi and how he goes from shy, nervous, closeted bookworm, to the self-confident, life-loving adult that we know from A Growing Lad. Here's the good part-- My publisher is going to be offering the entire Growing Lad series as a set at half-price, to coincide with the release of The Summer of Our Disconnect. Such a deal! I'd really like to hear from you in the comments; not just about the following story, but whether you like me posting such blatantly commercial messages here on this forum, think me a scoundrel, or really don't care. I figure the worse that can happen is nobody buys the books. Without further adieu-- Misfit By U.M. Lassiter Chapter 1 “Fucking piece of shit.” Hamish Conner wanted to snap his computer keyboard in half. That is, if he could. Problem was, Hamish, or Ham, as his so-called friends called him, was pathetically weak. As a deeply-closeted 19-year-old gay man, he had studiously avoided anything remotely akin to sports or exercise, for fear that should he show the slightest amount of interest in any of those things, his secret would be out, and he’d be destroyed. It wasn’t that he didn’t long for those things. Once he’d admitted to himself at age 15 that he was gay, he’d also determined that he had a major thing for muscles– the bigger the better. That was when he’d also given up his beloved high school Drama Club, the better to maintain his deep cover. It didn’t matter that he was cast as a straight-as-an-arrow cowboy in Oklahoma!, it was still musical theater. Fortunately, he had the internet through which to live out his life as a vicarious muscle freak. It had been tricky when he still lived at home. He had loving and supportive parents, but he just knew that if they learned he liked boys, it would simply kill them. He couldn’t do that. And yet, he had needs to be met. He spent countless hours diligently searching the web for images of his favorite bodybuilders. He discovered morphs and then muscle stories. The ones that turned him on the most described unbelievable, unattainable growth. Where most teens his age were out dating and socializing in the evening, he was at home in front of his computer “studying,” always followed by a nice long shower before bed. Still, he felt dirty. The only time he felt safe with his thoughts was in bed, when he could pull the covers up over his head and let his fantasies run wild before drifting off to sleep. By that time, he was old enough that he could demand and expect a certain amount of privacy in his parent’s home. He rearranged the furniture in his room so that if someone walked in on him unannounced, they wouldn’t immediately see the computer screen. He became obsessed with learning how to surf the web anonymously and how to cover his tracks. Little by little, he gained the confidence to start visiting gay chat rooms, and he started constructing his online identity. His life as musclup32 seemed more real than his actual life. Online, he had friends he could talk to that understood him and shared his interests. In the real world, he had nothing. In the real world, he was a true science geek with a fearsome intellect and a penchant for quantum physics. Could he be any more different from his peers? At least his image as a science geek gave him cover for spending hours alone in his room in front of his computer. His parents were impressed by the hours spent “studying,” when in reality, his homework was long since finished. He didn’t let anyone get to know him, lest they learn his shameful secret. Arriving at college was like opening up a locked door. He’d gone through high school on autopilot and still graduated with honors. Not quite valedictorian, but damned close. At least he didn’t have to make a speech. He didn’t even attend the ceremony. At college, he finally started to feel like an adult. He could come and go on his own schedule. His General Ed courses were pretty boring, but he was usually able to pass with a good grade and a minimum of effort– and attendance. He was able to get some upper class courses, and these actually seemed worth his time, as was time spent in the quantum lab. His roommate for his sophomore year was pretty cute, even if he was straight. Paul was on the lacrosse team and was a pretty nice guy. They’d been roommates last year, and that was when Paul asked Ham if he was gay. The first time it happened, a bolt of terror went through his body, much the same as one feels when the pilot instructs the passengers to brace for a crash landing. No one had ever asked him so directly before, or in such a matter-of-fact way. In the past, someone might call him a faggot and he’d flush bright red and flee, fighting to control his trembling emotions. At first, Ham denied it of course, but Paul’s complete lack of guile or judgementalism wore him down, and he finally admitted his sexuality to someone else for the first time ever. Later, he would realize what a pivotal, liberating moment this was in his life, but at the time, he simply felt like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. Paul was an amazing young man. He’d extracted Ham’s deepest, most shameful secret, yet hadn’t shown any inclination to use it against him. To the contrary, he gave Ham his solemn word that he wouldn’t mention it to a living soul without his permission. What’s more, he gently started encouraging Ham to explore the local gay scene. Why not get to know the people at the campus LGBT club, he’d suggest.What’s more, Paul was built. Ham couldn’t ignore that he was living with a piece of prime-beef eye-candy. At first, Ham hid his furtive glances; the habit of a lifetime of shame. Once the pair had established the truth, Paul didn’t seem the least bit self conscious in front of Ham, and casually maintained various states of undress appropriate for a men’s dorm. Ham was simply in awe, not just of Paul’s lithe, athletic body, but also of his complete security in his manhood. He simply didn’t care if Ham stared. In fact, he was flattered. Ham, on the other hand, was just as uptight as ever about his body, and strove whenever possible not to be seen even with his shirt off. On this particular evening, Ham’s computer was not cooperating. He wanted to check in with is buddies in the muscle growth chat room, but he couldn’t log in successfully. He didn’t know if it was the docking port or the keyboard, or if there was something wrong with the site. He needed his muscle fix. His frustration was reaching dangerous levels when the door opened. “Hey, Hammie,” Paul said as he entered the dorm room. Ham didn’t like being called Hammie, but every time he looked at Paul, he forgot why. Paul was just back from the showers; a towel wrapped around his slender but powerful waist and his muscles glistening. As soon as the door was closed, he pulled off the towel and used it to dry his still-soaking hair. Ham was still wound like a spring over his computer problems, and Paul’s display wasn’t helping. “How... how...” “Was practice?” Paul answered as he stepped into a pair of jeans. “Um...” “It was great,” he said. Paul threw the wet towel over the back of a chair and sat down. “I’m ready to pulverize a middie when we play State.” Ham had no idea what that meant. “Could you, like...” Ham waved his finger toward a pile of clothes. “Oh, yeah, sure.” Paul pulled on a tee shirt. “Sorry.” Ham knew that Paul really was sorry, but even though Paul knew Ham’s secret, he was still scared like hell to be in the presence of his shirtless roommate. All those years of keeping eyes front or at his feet for fear of someone noticing him staring and then beating the shit out of him. His mind knew that he didn’t have anything to fear from Paul, but he couldn’t shake that sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He felt pathetic. Paul scooted his chair over to where he could see the computer screen. “Problems?” Ham relaxed a little. “It’s the numbers for this experiment,” he said. “There’s some kind of glitch in the data, and I just can’t find it. It’s right in front of me somewhere.” He hadn’t even told Paul about the gay chat rooms and wasn’t ready to. “Ouch,” Paul replied. “Well, you know you’re asking the wrong guy.” Paul was a kinesiology major– a jock right down to his toes. “Well, I wasn’t really expecting your help...” Paul cocked his head to one side and gave Ham a wry look. “You know what I mean!” he backtracked. “Yeah, I do.” Paul broke into a wide grin. He put his hand lightly on Ham’s shoulder. “Listen,” he continued, “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m seeing Sarah tonight.” Ham’s heart skipped a beat at the touch of his studly roommate. He also knew what he was asking. He wanted Ham to stay clear of the dorm for a few hours. It was an inconvenience, but it was really the only inconvenient thing that Paul ever asked, and since he was so nice to him the rest of the time... “I do have a lot of work to do at the lab,” he answered. Paul gave his friend’s shoulder a squeeze and Ham’s heart fluttered once again “Ham, you’re the best,” he said, giving him a little shove. “I know you’d do the same for me. Speaking of which, gettin’ any?” Ham flushed bright red. “I, I, I...” he stuttered as he got to his feet. “I’m sorry,” Paul said. “That was mean.” “No, it’s just that I have to get to the library.” “I thought you were going to the lab.” “Um, yeah. After the library.” As Ham moved toward the door, Paul stood up. “Listen Ham,” he said. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” “No, you didn’t embarrass me,” he said and bolted from the room. Paul sat back down and leaned his face against his hand. “That boy just needs to lighten up,” he muttered. Ham went scurrying across campus trying to get his thoughts organized. Why did he let himself get so upset? Paul didn’t mean anything, and he knew it. Yet, even with him, he just got all flustered if the situation even slightly left his comfort zone– and that zone was damned tiny. At least he didn’t run off without his laptop and his backpack, the way he’d done too many times before, to Paul’s good natured hoots. He made for the library. He could find a nice quiet study carrel where he could surf the web in peace. He’d have to be careful if he used the library’s wi-fi system, as they frowned on porn. He’d stick to the chat rooms in case someone happened to glance over his shoulder. It was going to be a long evening. Paul usually wasn’t finished “entertaining” until well after midnight. If he went back any sooner, he’d just find that annoying sock on the doorknob, and have to get lost again.Why not post a sign that said “Don’t come in– I’m fucking my girlfriend!” What a horndog. Of course, if Ham had a boyfriend, he wouldn’t be able to kick Paul out fast enough. He’d get a really, really big sock. With stripes. Who am I trying to kid, Ham thought. The idea that he’d want anyone, even Paul, to know he was fucking a boy; even as much as he would like to, repulsed him. Sometimes he wondered how he’d lasted this long without jumping off a bridge or something. Because he was a coward, that’s why. Not even in his darkest hour had he considered suicide. Because it would probably hurt. If he had any kind of a real threshold for pain, he would have come out by now. He was sure that it would be painful. Ham found his quiet corner of the library and opened his computer, and for a blessed hour, he lost himself in his fantasy world. “You really should get out more.” Ham nearly slipped off his chair as the quiet voice whispered in his ear, so close the he could feel the speaker’s breath on his neck. “What the fuck!” he blurted as he jumped up, nearly knocking over his chair. “Shhhhh!” Ham turned to face a nice looking man about his own age with short blond hair and icy-blue eyes. He was holding his left index finger to his lips. “You know this is a quiet zone.” The young man was Lee, from the Reference Department. Ham knew him to be friendly, helpful, and queer as a three-dollar-bill. “You were looking over my shoulder,” Ham said angrily. “Quiet zone!” Lee tipped his head forward and raised his eyebrows in that totally gay way that Ham hated. His comfort zone was suddenly a hundred miles away. “I was just going,” Ham said as he snapped his computer shut and started packing up his things.“You don’t have to leave,” Lee said. “I, I, I...” Lee gently put his hand on Ham’s forearm. Without thinking, Ham recoiled. He turned to look, meeting Lee’s eyes. Those deep, blue eyes... Ham froze for a moment before tearing his gaze away and going back to stuffing his things in his bag. “It’s okay,” Lee said in a librarian murmur. “You can stay. C’mon, sit down.” “I should really— I need to– it’s important...” “Please?” For reasons he couldn’t fathom, Ham found himself sitting back down in his chair. Lee pulled up a chair and sat behind him. “See how easy that was?” Lee said. “What do you want?” Ham asked suspiciously. The corners of Lee’s mouth turned up slightly, suggesting just a hint of mischief. “Nothing,” Lee answered. “Nothing at all. I was just being friendly.” Red lights and sirens were going off in Ham’s head. A lifetime of experience was telling him to run like hell. And yet, he didn’t. “You need to be a little more careful with your web surfing here in the library,” Lee said. “How about coffee?” That was how Ham found himself at the Student Union with Lee, staring down at his coffee cup, his backpack in his lap and his arms wrapped around it. Every few moments, he heard the crash of the bowling alley in the basement. “How do you know my name?” Ham asked. “Sheila down in circulation told me. I told her I spotted a cute guy.” Ham’s stomach flip-flopped, and he felt his face flush. “I’m not gay,” he said quietly. “Sure. Whatever.” “I’m not.” “And you’re not musclup32, either.” Danger! Danger! Ham looked up from his coffee in shock. “How... how...” he stammered. “I gotta go...” Ham made a break for the door. “Ham!” Lee called out. The cool air of the autumn evening played on Ham’s cheeks as he hurried away across campus. He didn’t slow down until he arrived at the bottom of the stairs in the basement of the Physical Sciences building. He paused a moment to catch his breath and listened for any following footsteps, but heard none. With a feeling of relief, he waved his access card in front of the reader and entered the quantum lab. He made his way through the office cubicles assigned to the grad students, grateful that no one seemed to be around. Passing through another door, he entered the lab itself. The quantum lab was where physics experiments were designed, built and run. Ham had always noted the paradox that the smaller the particle studied, the larger the equipment had to be. The lab was cavernous, taking up nearly the entire basement of the building, and extending down into the sub basement at the far end, where the largest experiments were assembled. Ham hurried down a steep metal stairway to the lower level and negotiated the maze of pipes and tanks and strange devices until he found what he was after. There was a small desk in an out-of-the-way corner of the lower level. It had a small lamp and a chair, but importantly, there was a network plug right next to it. As the giant scientific instruments loomed above him in the darkness, Ham opened the bottom drawer, took out a network cable and plugged in his laptop. He called up his virtual private network that allowed him to bypass the university’s servers as if they weren’t even there. He didn’t like to do it very often, because of the charge to his credit card.Ham started to relax. He logged onto the muscle growth chat room and started reading the latest postings. Why didn’t he come to the lab in the first place, he thought. He knew the answer– it’s usually more private at the library. Now that he was at the lab, he couldn’t believe his luck that no one else was there. Ham lost himself in the postings, and the time went by quickly. It was after ten when a private message popped up. Ham, I just want to be your friend. Lee. Ham jumped up and backed away from the desk. He started pacing back and forth. Finally putting a lid on his agitation, he sat back down. Why? he replied. I like you. You’re nice. Ham stared at the screen. Another line popped up. I’m studlee69. Shit. Studlee69 was one of his favorite posters. He’d poured out his heart to him. Ham thought he’d never be able to go to the library again. Shit, shit, shit. He started pacing back and forth between the desk and the railing next to the massive equipment. “Hello? Anyone down there?” It was Professor Lofgren. “It’s me, sir, Ham Conner.” “Kind of late, isn’t it?” The professor was looking down from the top of the stairs. “It’s a nice quiet place to study,” Ham answered. “The library closes at ten.” “I see,” the professor said with just a hint of skepticism. “Well, I’m just going to check on a couple of experiments, and then I’ll be off to home. That’s probably where you should be.” “Yes, sir.” “Make sure the door closes behind you.” Ham went back to the desk. There weren’t any more messages from Lee, and he sat there for a few minutes numbly staring at the screen, trying to decide what to do. From the other end of the lab, he heard Professor Lofgren tinkering with his experiment, occasionally muttering to himself. The man did that a lot, to the unending amusement of his students. Soon, Ham heard receding footsteps and the closing of the door. He glanced at his watch. “Maybe Paul is done with his ‘date’,” Ham said to himself. It was just a few minutes after eleven. He powered down his computer and put the network cable back in the drawer. He put the computer in his backpack, slung it over his shoulder and climbed the steps to the main level of the lab. At the far end of the lab, something caught Ham’s eye. It was the professor’s experiment, and it was flashing a red light. He walked over to the apparatus to get a better look. The main part of the setup was a large, stainless-steel pressure vessel about the size of a refrigerator. It was cylindrical in shape, and had several small viewing windows at various points. The windows gave off a weird glow that seemed to alternate between purple and green. As he got closer, Ham became increasingly concerned. The large access door bolted to the fron of the chamber seamed to be leaking a fine mist. The red light that had first caught his eye he could now clearly see was labeled “OVERPRESSURE.” Whatever was happening, it seemed a pretty sure bet to Ham that it wasn’t right. He dropped his bag and went over to the adjacent computer terminal. The screen showed several bar displays monitoring the processes going on inside of the chamber, and several were in the red zone. He reached for his phone to call the professor and started backing away from the screen. Before Ham could even start dialing, a loud buzzer sounded, startling him so badly he dropped the phone. The computer screen started flashing alarmingly. “Oh, shit!” Ham yelped. Before he could react further, another, larger leak started spraying from the chamber door. The wet, sticky vapor seemed to leave a gray, sparkly residue, like some kind of high-tech glitter. Ham tried to move, but he was frozen with fear that the tank was going to explode at any second. One of the bolts holding the door suddenly broke and whizzed across the room like a bullet. This was the final incentive Ham needed to flee. As he started to turn, the door failed. Ham was engulfed in whatever was in the chamber, and then everything went black.
  19. Luvsmusl

    m/m "The Anatomy Lesson"

    “THE ANATOMY LESSON” by LuvsMusl “Brian?” He was surprised to hear Coach Porter calling him from the other end of the locker room. Brian had taken to putting in extra sessions in the weight room after practice. The school’s compact but well equipped gym was usually packed with other kids, football players and wrestlers, mostly, until six o’clock or so. He would take a half hour break after football practice, gulp a mix of high energy carbs and BCAA’s, and then grab an hour or so in the gym by himself, lifting intensely without any distractions. Lifting was his passion, his obsession. He had no particular plans to seriously pursue bodybuilding or any other sport. He just loved the feel of the iron, and seeing himself get stronger week by week, and watching his muscles grow steadily bigger and harder. He looked up and smiled as Porter strolled toward him. “You’re here pretty late, Coach. Prepping for Friday night?” A jayvee game was being played the following evening. “No, just catching up on lesson plans and stuff. That’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.” Brian shrugged slightly, pantomiming ‘what do you mean?’ “I’m about to do Anatomy with my senior Men’s Health class. Our class, I should say, since you’re in it.” “Okay…” “I was watching you in the weight room earlier…” Brian reddened a little, somewhat disconcerted at the thought that Coach had been secretly spying on him while he trained. “…And I was thinking. What if instead of just using those dumb charts, like every year, I get an actual guy, one of my athletes, to stand in front of the class and model the different joints and muscle groups as I point them out?” “Y’ mean –“ Porter chuckled at the anxious look on Brian’s face. “Yeah, dummy, I mean you. Just look at how well-defined your muscles are. It’ll be much clearer to people what I’m talking about than if I just point at flat diagrams on a chart. Am I right?” Brian went into his own head for a moment. He wasn’t much of an exhibitionist. Of course, it always made him feel good when girls, or other guys, made comments about how great his body looked. But now he pictured himself standing naked, or almost naked, in front of a room full of his classmates and teammates, being made to pose and flex. He couldn’t quite decide whether he hated the idea… or if… Porter decided for him. “Let’s just spend half an hour and see if we can plan it out. Grab a quick shower and then come on back to my office. Just your briefs. We can do a Speedo or something on Monday.” Without giving Brian a chance to answer, the coach turned and strode back toward his office. In the shower Brian thought more about the idea as he soaped himself up and started rinsing off. He was suddenly more focused than normal on his hard-earned eight pack, his thick pecs, his muscled arms and legs… all the while imagining the other guys in class staring at him in astonishment. In envy. Fuck, he suddenly thought. Why am I hard? A little disturbed that the image of himself preening and flexing in front of the twenty other men in his health class turned him on so much, he got to work furiously stroking his meaty cock (“My best body part,” he would joke whenever a girlfriend saw his thick 9.5 inches for the first time.) The giant boner was refusing to cooperate. He had to turn off the shower head and keep grabbing more palmfuls of pink liquid soap. Coach is waiting, he thought. How long have I been in here? Finally, to get the job done, Brian turned his mind back to the image of him flexing his massive physique in front of a roomful of admiring, lesser men. This got him a little closer. To cross the finish line he had to flex his pumped-up left bicep, and stare hard at the thick vein that crossed the deep, perfect separation between the muscle’s two heads. At the same time cranking his swollen tool with the other hand until finally, thankfully, he came, in a series of five emphatic spurts. Red-faced and breathless, he turned on the cold water to rinse his river of cum off the shower tiles, and off where it had splattered back onto his thighs. Porter sat at his desk, nervously laying out his anatomy notes. What’s taking him? “Coach?” He looked up and saw Brian, a little shy in skimpy red briefs, filling his office doorway. Filling was the right word. Dirty blond hair still wet from the shower, the kid, without gym shorts or a tank top interrupting the flow of his physique, looked like a young god. Porter felt something stirring downtown, and reflexively averted his eyes, glancing, for a moment, at the framed photo of his wife and two kids on the desk. “I’m, uh… ready when you are,” Brian mumbled, the hesitation in his voice suggesting otherwise. “Good. Good. We’ll get started in a sec.” Porter stood up, not sure how to begin. He found it literally impossible to avoid staring at the kid’s beautifully symmetrical, exquisitely sculpted body. He’d seen Brian in clothes, or in his football uniform, a thousand times. But seeing him now, like this, he realized that the boy’s perfect proportions disguised the reality of how big and full his muscles actually were. “My God, Brian, you really do have an amazing physique. What are you weighing right now?” “One ninety-seven, Coach,” Brian offered proudly. “My goal is to hit two ten by the end of the school year. Without sacrificing this…” He ran his palm over his flat, shredded midsection. Coach smiled. “A hard two ten, huh? And you’re what? Five eleven?” “Five nine.” Porter let out an impressed whistle. “That’ll be quite an accomplishment. Especially for a 17 year-old.” “I’m 18, actually. I missed a lot of school the year my family moved here, so I repeated fourth grade.” Porter felt himself blushing bright red and it terrified him, sickened him even, that his heart had leapt when he heard that Brian was over 18. What was he thinking? Brian noticed it, too. Was Coach turned on by him? Could Jack Porter, the school’s famously tough, macho, hard ass football coach possibly be aroused by the sight of his shirtless body? Were his muscles that impressive? He had no conscious intention to test this. But, apparently, there was an unconscious urge, because without any thought Brian tensed his pecs and they jumped for a second, ever so subtly, briefly revealing the nice separation between his upper and lower chest, and the deep indentations where the side of his pectoral muscles flowed into his delts. The look that flashed momentarily in Porter’s eyes told Brian everything. Oddly, instead of feeling uncomfortable he found himself growing more relaxed. Fully on purpose this time he lifted his arms and clasped his hands casually behind his head, knowing full well that this would accentuate the V-taper of his torso, bring his obliques into high relief, and flex his biceps into perfect, solid globes beside his head. “Let’s do this,” he said, suddenly sounding like the man in charge. Porter cleared his throat, knowing that if he didn’t his voice would break. “Um… I usually start with the midsection.” Brian moved to lower his hands, but the coach stopped him. “No, keep ‘em like they were, that’s perfect.” Brian interlaced his fingers behind his head again, this time tensing his body so that everything popped. “Yes, yes, that’s good,” Porter said, his words colored with way more excitement than he’d intended to convey. “I won’t do my whole spiel. But I’ll start by talking about your... your… uh… rectus abdominus… upper obliques… serratus anterior…” As he listed the muscles Porter’s hands moved over Brian’s body, gently at first, outlining each muscle as he named it, then pointing out all the individual examples of that type. “Very impressive, Brian,” he said, unable to stop himself from commenting. “Looks like every muscle in your body is perfectly developed.” “Thanks, I work hard at it.” Throughout the process Brian had kept watching the coach’s face, his eyes, enjoying the extreme reaction his physique was causing in the older man. It wasn’t clear whether Porter noticed his own breathing getting heavier, or his fingers spending more and more time on each of the muscles he enumerated… stroking and feeling its density, its elegant shape, its meaty perfection. But Brian noticed, and it thrilled him to his core. I fucking own this guy, he thought. I bet I could get him to do anything. As if sensing Brian’s thoughts the coach’s voice got a little soft and dreamy as he continued his exploration: “External intercostals. Beautiful.” He forgot to talk for the next minute or so as his hands continued wandering, tracing the transversus abdominus -- the muscular V that framed Brian’s lower abs -- and finally rested, once again, in the middle of the boy’s phenomenal, marble sculpture of a stomach. “Punch me,” Brian said. “What?” “Hit me, Coach, with your closed fist, as hard as you can.” Porter chuckled nervously. “I boxed in college, Brian. I had twenty-two amateur fights, I won most of them. Trust me, you don’t want me to hit you.” “If you want to touch any more of my muscles you’ll do it. And not a love tap, either. I want you to pull back and slam me with 100% of your full strength.” The coach was incredibly aroused by Brian’s confidence. And he craved seeing just how strong, how rock solid the kid’s magnificent eight pack was. He set his stance for maximum leverage, pulled his big fist back, and torqued his entire, solid 230 pounds toward Brian’s midsection. The 18 year-old didn’t budge, not a centimeter, didn’t register the blow at all, as Porter’s fist connected with the cinder-block wall that was his midsection. “Fuck!” Coach shouted in pain and pulled his arm back, moving his fingers to see whether any of the bones in his hand had cracked or even broken. Brian laughed, reveling more and more in his newfound power. “Pretty fucking hard, right? Tell the truth. You’ve never anyone with a body like this, let alone a kid.” He put his hands on his 28 inch waist and flared his lats, creating a mind-blowing V in a move that also showcased his spectacular, pumped-up delts, biceps, triceps, pecs… and of course that stone wall of a stomach. The coach was momentarily speechless. “N… No, Sir.” The ‘Sir’ surprised Brian. But no less than it shocked Porter, who had no idea why it had come out of his mouth. Well, he had some idea. Emboldened, Brian bent his right arm under his chin and flexed it, causing a diamond hard, perfectly shaped bicep peak to rise like a steely half moon above his brachialis. “Hey, Coach,” he teased. “Feel that shit. You know you want to.” Coach put his still-aching hand on the boy’s bicep and squeezed it, flushing with delight at how insanely hard and ungiving it was. He might as well have been squeezing a cue ball or a trailer hitch. “Go ahead, kiss it if you want. Put it in your mouth.” Porter met the boy’s gleaming eyes, which showed just how much Brian was getting off on teasing and dominating him. He leaned forward and kissed the stunningly perfect bicep as Brian flexed it again, making it even harder. Porter put his mouth around the granite sphere and sucked it as if it were a thick, juicy cock, slurping and moaning in delight. He would have gone on forever if Brian hadn’t finally stopped him, pushing the coach’s head away, disappointment and frustration darkening the older man’s face. “You like that, don’t you,” Brian teased, now “popping” the beautiful peak, making it jump, over and over, from flaccid to granite hard, a perfectly shaped beef balloon bouncing and swelling. “Boom! Boom! Boom!” “I like it very much, Sir.” “I’m a thousand times the man you’ll ever be. You know that, don’t you? And I’m still in fucking high school.” Brian was on auto-pilot now, improvising, riding his muscle bronco for all it was worth. “Yes, Brian. I mean, yes, Sir. It’s true.” “Fucking right it’s true. You’re hardly a man at all, compared to me. More like a worm. An insect. Next to this you’re nothing.“ He hit a tight most-muscular pose and his 18 year-old body congealed into an edifice of powerful, carved-up beef, veins like quarter-inch pipes throbbing in his thick neck, his brutal shoulders, his ungodly muscular arms. As the boy held the pose, twisting slightly left and right to deliver the full measure of his intimidating virility, Porter couldn’t keep himself from reaching down and stroking the excited thing that was growing inside his gym shorts. Seeing this, Brian stopped flexing, pushed the coach’s hand aside and grabbed hold of the man’s hard cock through his pants. “Is that what my big muscles do to you?” He squeezed Porter’s dick a little harder. “Yes, Sir. I love your big muscles. I live for your muscles.” Brian grinned, still not letting go. “Does it ever get this hard for Mrs. Porter?” He tightened his grip even more, staring into the coach’s eyes, grinning with amused contempt, a bald challenge. A surge of fury formed in the older man’s gut and rose to his throat, an instinctive reaction to his pupil’s brazen disrespect. But before Coach could act on this Brian lifted his callused palm to the coach’s cheek and gave it a patronizing pat. “It’s okay, Jack. My body has reduced better men than you to complete submission. Much better men.” Porter’s anger instantly shrank to a tiny pebble, washed away in the tidal wave of the muscleboy’s cockiness, his effortless dominance. A wet spot of pre-cum had started growing on the front of the coach’s pants. “Okay, let’s finish the lesson. I’ll flex my big teenage muscles and you tell my homies what they’re looking at.” Brian turned his back on Porter and unpacked a masterful rear biceps shot, a sweeping landscape of sculpted flesh that caused the coach to grab his desk for support. The boy reached his hands up and pulled his back into a tighter version of the pose, forcing even deeper valleys in the mountain range of thick muscle: “I’m waiting.” “Sorry, Sir. I’m sorry…” He had to catch his breath before he could start. “Well, um… those are your… your...” “Yeah, yeah, my fucking traps. My fucking lats. My beautiful fucking rhomboids. You’re boring me.” “But –“ “Shut up, worm. What about my glutes? …Are we going to talk about my glutes, Coach?” Without turning back around Brian pulled his briefs down and kicked them out of the way. Porter found himself staring at the most staggeringly beautiful 18 year-old muscle ass in the history of human asses. His knees buckled and he was on the floor, reduced to servitude by the sheer force of youthful male perfection that loomed in front of him. Brian clenched his curvaceous onion and it consolidated into a rock hard matrix of gluteal magnificence – deep grooves and solid ridges striping his shapely butt like the protective armor of some prehistoric creature. Coach made a little noise, from deep in his throat, like the cry of a dying loon. And then he lunged forward, propelling his face toward the tawny curve, the shadowy crescent that promised the fulfillment of his darkest, most joyful and secret dreams. But before Porter’s tongue could find its target Brian pivoted around and whacked Coach in the jaw with his massive billy club of an erect cock. When the older man recovered Brian grinned and wagged his big piece in Coach’s face, making it bounce with pure muscle control, which left his hands free to stroke his abs seductively. “It’s quite a bit bigger than yours, Jack. I guess that’s no surprise.” “No, Sir.” “Maybe if you’re a good boy I’ll let you suck this muscle cock.” “I’ll be a good boy, Sir. I promise.” “Who owns you, little man?” “You do, Sir.” Coach jerked a little, he was starting to cum in spite of himself. “Who’s your muscle master?” “You are!” “Who?” “You, Sir! Brian! Brian Hansen!” Brian laughed and shoved his battering ram of a tool into Coach’s mouth. He grabbed the back of Porter’s head and slammed it repeatedly against his own hard abs, rhythmically fucking the older man’s face as Porter gagged and choked in delirious ecstasy… holding on for dear life to the teen muscleman’s flaring vastus lateralis. With each hard thrust Brian yelled out a command: “Take that teenage cock! Eat that nasty dick muscle! Brian Hansen is God! Brian’s muscles rule your worthless life.” Coach gargled a worshipful assent, somehow forcing it past the wide pillar of cock that filled his throat. Suddenly Brian pulled out, stepping back and stroking his swollen red erection, which was still slick with the coach’s saliva. “You want some of this hot muscleboy cum?” “Yes, Sir!” “How bad do you want it?” “More than anything! A million times more than anything I’ve ever wanted!” “Then work for it. Talk about my muscles.” Brian continued massaging his engorged cock, no longer looking at Coach but instead giving full attention to his raging boner as Porter clamored to gather his thoughts and began talking: “You’re the king of muscle. You’re a boy with the body of a god. Your biceps are giant mountains of male power. Your body is the Master of all men. Every time you flex your giant muscles it’s like you’re fucking my brain, my heart, my soul. Fuck me, Muscle God! Fuck me with your big, powerful, fucking muscles!” Brian was getting closer. “Don’t stop! Grab hold of my balls.” The coach happily did what he was told. “I want your muscles, Brian. I love your muscles. Your muscles own me. I’m a lowly slave to your giant teenage muscles.” Brian was now really close. “Whose teenage muscles?” “Your teen age muscles! Muscle God Brian’s fucking powerful, godlike teenage muscles!” About to cum, Brian shoved the coach aside and continued the chant himself, crying out triumphantly with each stroke of his truly magnificent cock: “My muscles!... My muscles!... “Brian’s!... “Fucking!...Powerful!”... “Godlike!”….”MUSCLES!” And with that he shot, his 18 year-old firehose spewing thick muscleboy cum on the coach’s face, in his cum-hungry mouth, on his shirt, across the desk, drowning the anatomy notes in a huge pool of hot, creamy spooj. For a long moment they just sat there, man and boy (though it’s not entirely clear which was which), physically and emotionally spent. After a while Porter grabbed a gym towel and wiped the cum off his face. He smiled, shyly. “Thank you, Brian. I really mean it.” Brian shrugged. “No worries.” He stood up and noticed that his dick, still semi-erect, was continuing to drip cum on the coach’s carpet. Porter saw it, also. “Don’t bother about that. I’ll have the cleaning crew come in and spruce this place up on Saturday. Or maybe I’ll have the jayvee squad do it.” He chuckled at his own joke. “I guess I better go shower.” Porter looked up at the kid, who was more pumped and shredded than ever after the intense flexing session. Mother of Christ, he thought. That boy truly is a god. “Oh, Coach, one more thing. Could you maybe write me a pass to get out of fifth period on Monday? That way I can come here and pump up before Health class.” Porter grabbed his pad and scrawled out the note. He presented it to Brian, noticing the way the kid’s triceps flared into a huge, striated horseshoe as he leaned on the desk to take it from his hand.” “Thanks.” He flashed Porter a dazzling, toothy grin. “I can’t wait for Monday.” “Neither can I.” “And don’t worry, Coach. I won’t tell anyone you’re a fag.” He winked playfully and swaggered out of the office. His dimpled glutes seemed to mock Porter as they bounced and flexed into the darknesss of the locker room.
  20. The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste Alfie was born with a gift he inherited from his parents. He never wanted to use it for any particular reason because he knew if he did, he could not fit in with the rest of his classmates. The other kids always talked about him behind his back as if he was some freak of nature. They knew about the story of his family's secret and made it clear to him that he wouldn’t escape its reputation. What they didn’t know though is that he always knew what they were thinking. He can hear their thoughts traveling through their heads. This never became an issue with him until he entered high school. They always pick on him because of the way he looks physically. He is not a fit guy and they know that they can push him around because of it. He has been practicing his mental abilities for several weeks to make his hormones react in a way that they can become a factor in retaliation for his bullying. His father has even told him that if he wants to prevail in a bad situation, he needs to harness his energy and fight back. The baseball team is the worst offender because he tried out for it one day last summer and always wanted to play. He was deemed too heavy and couldn't keep up with the bigger, more muscular boys. Some of the guys had monster arms and huge quads due to their hardcore training routines. Alfie envies their dedication and really wants to have that trait too. One day as he walks to his next class in the hallway, three of those huge guys from the team stop dead in their tracks where he is walking and knock him over. His school books and supplies fly everywhere around him as they start laughing and taunting him. He gets so mad that he decides enough is enough and starts playing with their heads. He makes eye contact with all three of them and starts focusing his energy on their minds. He knows that their only power in this situation is in their muscles, so he starts to make them feel uneasy. He makes them shrink one by one as their hulking arms and legs start to diminish in size. What he wasn't expecting was stealing their muscle power and putting it into his own body. If it was just one of them, he would only experience some growth, but since it is three of them, his growth will be astounding. He can sense the changes coming to his body as they are frozen in their positions. Alfie looks down and sees muscles starting to peek through his fat. He weighs 230 pounds in his current state, but it is obvious that he will grow even bigger. The guys are rail thin now as they watch his body convulse and reshape itself in front of them. His fat arms are thickening into huge cannons as they keep stretching bigger. His once flabby moobs are now forming into gargantuan pillows which explode through his shirt. His clothes shred as he can't stop the growth process. His big legs are becoming massive tree trunks as his back begins to take up the entire walkway. He realizes that this isn’t normal growing but there is little he can do about it at this point. The guys don’t even notice how much they shrunk because they are mesmerized by this behemoth appearing in front of them. His growth gets to the point where the floor below them starts creaking. Alfie raises his arms and puts them out to his sides to push on the lockers and crush them. His old ass is reforming to grow to three times its size as he busts through his underwear. He reveals his thick throbbing cock as it oozes its thick gunk on to the quaking floor. Amazingly, Alfie’s mind remains intact as he lets out a huge roar to scare the baseball players. The guys start running now but he manages to catch one of them in his arms. He thinks about hurting him real good, but instead decides to teach him a lesson and tries to penetrate him. He rips his pants off and gets his cockhead in before the guy squeals in pain. The other two are still running, but they turn around once they get to the stairwell to see where the other guy went. The two guys, Ronnie and Todd, wonder what they should do next. Their teammate, Steven, is being raped badly by Alfie but he must be over 8’ feet tall and 400 pounds easy now. There are screams heard through the building as other kids go barreling out the side doors to avoid the behemoth’s wrath. Steven continues to wail as Alfie spreads his ass wider and wider as his 15” cock moves further inside. Todd tells Ronnie to go call 911 since he doubts the police would be much help. After sending his teammate down the stairwell to call emergency services, Todd finds a fire extinguisher close to where he is standing and grabs it. He runs towards Alfie who is still ravishing Steven. He sprays him with the extinguisher and makes him angrier. The hulking kid starts to use his powers again on Todd, but this time to make him fall over. Todd screams in pain as his head is killing him. He falls to the ground and is knocked unconscious. With Ronnie not there, Steven is powerless against the behemoth. He begins to weaken considerably as Alfie finishes fucking him. The huge kid dumps his load inside him and drops him on the ground. The floor beneath Alfie now is cracking and giving way. He manages to lift himself out of the sinkhole that was the floor and makes a door in a nearby wall to go outside. Flashing lights surround him as various security teams set up their positions when he comes into view. He is told to get down on the ground or they will have to shoot him. Ronnie is seen hiding behind one of the SWAT team members. Alfie spots him and starts to charge towards him. Shots ring out as he is hit several times. He falls over and destroys the concrete beneath him. Everyone is told not to approach him because they are not completely sure if he is awake or not. Ronnie attempts to get past the barricade set up by the security teams to see if Alfie is dead. It seems he has forgotten about the massive monster’s mental powers. The Two Lovers Edwin is a nicely built 27 year old who was previously overweight during his childhood. He decided six years ago to do something about it though. Before he started though, he went to college and earned a great degree from a well-known university. He met all kinds of guys there and learned a lot about himself including the fact that he is really into muscle, a lot of muscle. His first boyfriend is not extremely big and isn't that tall either. He always went to go and watch him practice for his archery tournaments and was amazed at how muscular he had to be to compete. For a guy that wasn't taller than 5'3, he is major ripped and has quite the arms. Edwin loves to rub his arms all the time and enjoys the feeling it gives him inside. They both used to say how they were both outcasts when they were younger and now they have each other. One day, both men were at the local mall and walked by a vendor that was pushing a new product aimed at enhancing your libido along with various other things that they couldn't mention out on the floor. Both guys were suspicious because no one was stopping to even listen to the guy's spiel. His boyfriend, Angelo, heard the word libido and pulled his arm to stop and listen to the vendor. After a little coaxing, Edwin did in fact stop and that was all it took. The vendor gave both men one single pill to take before they both have sex. He mentioned that the results will happen when you need them to. They both looked at the tiny little bottles with the pills in them and were really confused as to why there would be only one pill. The vendor said trust him it will be all they need and then proceeded to walk out of the mall. It is very strange to see the man turn around after giving them the pills. Both men are intrigued that just a single pill could do so much. They don't want to waste too much time so they have sex that night. Edwin tells Angelo to take his pill first because he is the more sexual one. He does so but nothing was happening. He already has abs that peek through the skin, but they don’t completely show.....yet. Edwin decides to wait to see if Angelo’s pill starts working before he takes his. After several minutes, there is still nothing to be seen on him. He begs Edwin to take his since he doesn’t want to be the only guinea pig. After giving in to his playful nudging, he takes his pill. Nothing seems to be happening for him either. The two men both decide to do the nasty anyway since they are already so horned out. During this point of his life, Edwin’s body is fairly average and has no real muscle tone. Angelo however still finds him incredibly attractive even without the muscles. He starts to kiss his adorable Latino lover and rubs his hands all down his chest and back. He hears him start to moan and groan, but the eroticism of his voice keeps his attention on the stud’s body. His hands can now feel a noticeable difference in his back. The muscles appear to be getting wider as he feels his lats spreading and thickening outward. With his body up against Angelo’s, he feels his pecs starting to fill out, getting fuller as his arms get beefier and veiny. He starts licking the growing biceps filling up with more blood and getting more powerful. His abs are popping out into huge blocks and amazingly he height is increasing. He can hear Angelo’s spine and back making loud popping sounds adding inch after inch of additional height to his frame. He had decent legs before, but now they are getting as large as oak trees. He had a small penis because of his height, but Edwin can now feel that it has lengthened because of his height difference. It is at this point that Angelo tells him that it is his turn to change. Now at 5'8, he is just one inch shorter than Edwin is. He places his nicely formed hands onto his lover’s back and starts to massage him. At the same time, he uses his tongue to start licking the creases of his ears. He moves up to Edwin’s neck and feels the muscles tense as the sweat begins to bead up. He moans since the feeling is so amazing. He wraps his arms around him to get to his chest which at the moment has no definition.....yet. He caresses and rubs Edwin’s pecs as he begins to feel the muscle fibers expanding. His skin starts stretching as he hears popping coming from all over his body. The sound instantly gets both men excited as their cocks grow hard. Angelo takes his right hand and moves it down to Edwin’s cock as he feels it lengthening. His skinny arms are swelling and dripping with rivers of sweat. His pecs blow up into boulders as the ends of his nipples drape down towards the floor. Angelo can’t stop licking him now as he moves his body to Edwin’s front to get to his hairy abs and beautifully formed new tree trunk legs. His back continues to make huge popping sounds as it adds muscle after muscle to his changing frame. Edwin appears to be the same height. They both wonder what would happen if they came on each other now. Neither one of them would eat the cum, but would love to see what happens if they rubbed it into each other’s muscles. They get so hot for each other that it doesn't take very long for both studs to climax. They manage to do it at the same time and spray their juices on each other. It is at that point that they both started rubbing it into each other. For one of them, the growth didn't stop, but for the other one, it did. The pills had the same effects on both men, but when they came on each other, the jealousy became too much for one of them. Angelo ended up becoming Edwin’s ex-boyfriend after that crazy night. They don't talk to each other that much anymore since the outcome was not satisfactory for one of them. They moved on to different men with different qualities.
  21. xythanshadow

    setting-school Giving Back

    I always loved this time of the year, right when school was starting back up. Granted, I’ve been back here for at least two months, coaching summer football practice and other things, but seeing all the kids come back from their summer vacation made me happy to be a teacher. I know that there were rumors about me in the middle school, stories about some huge bear of a man that taught AP Math for the incoming freshmen. Some of the tales were more exotic than others. I specifically remember a kid asking me if I really hunted animals with my bare hands and another was surprised that I didn’t duck every time I entered a room or tear out doorframes with my mass. It flattered me greatly that I made such an impression on everyone, but of course I had to set the record straight. -No, I did not grow up in the woods by myself. Truthfully, I lived not far from the school and went here when I was a kid. -No, I never hunted anything with my bare hands, never hunted period. -I’m only 6’5” and near 300 lbs. -No, I’m not part animal, I’m just slightly hairier than most and I’m proud of it. -No, I don’t eat kids who disobey. I just growl a little at them. I always laugh after I say that one. It tends to break the ice with the freshmen who have never seen me before. I admit, I can be a bit intimidating. Long time ago, when I went to this school, there was a coach that was in charge of the weight room and football linemen. I’m pretty sure he changed my life for the better. Back then, I was quite fat, even though I was fairly tall. I spent most of my time snacking on junk food and watching T.V. He got me into lifting weights and playing football and inspired me so much that I decided to follow his footsteps. After high school, I went to college and got my degree in Math and Science with a minor in Exercise Science. The whole time I was in school, I focused hard on my lifting and bodybuilding, promising myself that I would become as big as I possibly could, hopefully to inspire more kids to take up the mantle of healthy living. That was six years ago. Soon after I graduated, I moved back to my hometown. Not long after, I was hired as a teacher for my old school and I haven’t moved since. It felt so good inspiring kids, not just with my size, but with caring and understanding. There are so many times that I have had a young teen open their hearts to me, crying away their pains and fears. You would be surprised at how much young people go through, especially the few that I know that can’t talk to their parents. I’m just glad that I can make a difference in some people’s lives. Speaking of which, a group of kids come up to me and start talking with me. I recognize each of them instantly. They’re what I call my “Bulls”. Some of them are linemen on the football team, others not, but each and every one of them I have personally trained in one way or another. They’re like my children and family, and I’m the head bull. Each of them wore a black and gold jacket with their name and nickname embroidered on the left. On the right was a stylistic Minotaur that one of the more artistic bulls drew for us a few years ago. It was a very big and muscular anthropomorphic drawing that took up the majority of the right half of the jacket and reflected the wearer in every case. I didn’t hold them up long, we quickly caught up with each other, me asking them what their summer entailed of and trying to get the non-football bulls to join the team, and them asking if I had found a man that could handle me just yet. I always laughed at that question. Thankfully, everyone knew my sexual orientation, but no one had a negative opinion of me because of it. I was grateful that my actions spoke louder than whom I liked to have sex with. The bell rang and we all started to separate, heading to our various classes. Of course, I went to my class room, ready to meet the new crop of young minds. I was quite lucky when it came to new students. I rarely had problems with discipline seeing as how I was a giant bear of a man. But it wasn’t just my size that gave me an advantage, it was my youthful demeanor combined with my caring heart that seemed to win over my students. The first few weeks of school always instilled in me a sense of excitement and anticipation. It was during that time that I would get to know my students and eventually picked the kids that seemed like they could use my help. Usually there were at least two or three that were like how I was when I was young; unfit, shy, timid, lonely. I would try my best to break them out of their shell, make their lives a bit better in my own little way. Clay stood out to me this year, along with Shawn and Mike. All three of them fit the profile. They were in different classes but seemed to be so much alike. Each of them were pale and slightly chubby, signs of their lifestyle. Mike wasn’t as fat as Clay and Shawn, but I could tell he was on the road to obesity, his metabolism the only thing keeping him safe for the time being. I assumed they didn’t do much outside, instead spending their time sitting in front of a computer. My theories were confirmed when I saw the manual for the latest video game stuck in Mike’s books. I remembered how much teasing and taunting I went through in school when I was young and unathletic, so I really wanted to help these kids. Being a gamer wasn’t a bad thing, as long as it was tempered with some physical activity. So, after making my decision, I started with Shawn. Shawn was about 5’4” and I would have guessed around 14 years old. I couldn’t tell if he had went through puberty or not, but his frame seemed decent from what I could tell. He slouched a lot, but by looking at his wrists, I could tell he had at least a solid framework. I had asked him to stay after class for a little and promised him a pass to his next class. He came up to my desk, timid as a mouse. I’m pretty sure he was worried I had some bad things to say to him, after all, I’ve been doing this for years. I first calmed his fears by saying he was doing great in class. Then, I asked him if he had ever played sports. The look I got from him was both sad and classic. He shook his head sadly and didn’t say anything else. He didn’t have to, I knew exactly what he was feeling. I took out my yearbook photo and a picture of me at the beach and gave them to him. I told him, “This was me when I was your age, and this is me at the beach not long ago.” His eyes became as wide as saucers. I was quite used to that reaction. The next question was the important one, the one that would see if he had it in him to be a bull or not. I asked him would he like to be like me.Whenever I asked that question, I would watch their eyes. The ones who could do it, who were tired of being who they were and was hungry for a change had a look in their eyes when I gave them that opportunity. It was a look of hope, something that told them that they could have a different future and perhaps more. Only a handful of people didn’t have the look when I approached them, and sadly there was nothing I could do for them. Shawn had the look though. He said to me, “Really? I can get as big as you?” I smiled and put my hand on his shoulder, “Maybe not as big, but I promise you, you’ll be happy with where you end up. I won’t lie to you, it’s going to be rough to start with. You’ll have to do a lot of stuff you’ve never done. Your entire life will have to change and adapt to the work that I’m going to give you. You’ll have to exercise, eat differently and you have to give me your all, but in the end, you’ll be better than you are now. If you don’t feel you’re up to it, I will understand. But, if you agree, I will accept nothing less than 110%” That was the second point. I kinda knew what the answer was, but this gave them a moment to really reflect. Of course, he agreed. So did Clay and Mike later. I was very grateful that they had enough faith in me to give me this chance to change their lives. That afternoon, my newest subjects met me in the weight room for the first of what would be a yearlong regiment. I watched from the coach’s office as each of them came in. They all had the same look of abstract fear and inadequateness etched on their countenances. I motioned for them to come into the office as they arrived one at a time. Once the three of them were there, I introduced them to each other and had them sit down. “Gentlemen,” I started, “I’m very glad you showed up. Like I said this morning, this isn’t going to be easy. You’ve been living one lifestyle for years now. From what I can guess, you guys love playing video games and rarely do anything sports like. In addition, your eating habits probably consist of Cheetos, soda, chips and other junk food.” Each of my young disciples nodded in agreement as I continued, “Well, we’re going to change all that. You’ll still be able to enjoy some junk food and video games, but it will be a treat instead of a lifestyle. Who knows, you might want to give it up entirely once you really get into it. A few of the guys that sat in those seats before you did. Anyway, it’s not easy to change habits, but I promise you if you stick with me, you won’t recognize yourselves at the end of the school year.” Each of them started smiling at me, images of a new person flooding their heads. I asked, “So, do we have a deal?” They nodded and I said, “What’s that?” They responded, “Yes” and I yelled, “I can’t hear you!” to which they responded with a loud and joyful, “Yes Sir!” I pulled out a few sheets of paper and set them in front of the young boys. Starting with the top one, I began to explain their purpose. “Ok, we can’t do anything if your parents don’t agree, so these first papers explain the whole plan. They have a sheet at the end for them to sign so you guys can work out here and eventually join in the football practices. This will also let me know if you have any medical conditions that I need to be worried about.”Flipping to the next packet, I continued, “This here is a meal plan for you. Each of you have a different one, judging from what I can tell about your body types. Later on, this will change, but the eating is the most important thing. You will be eating around six times a day. I know it sounds like a lot, but eating small meals over the course of the day makes your metabolism jump up, which in turn will make your fat burning and muscle building easier.” The all-too familiar look of information overload started to appear on their faces and forced me to laugh quietly. “Don’t worry too much about memorizing this just yet. The more you do it, the more it’ll become second nature. The key is, for each meal, you take one item from page A, page B and page C. It has how much of each item you should eat per meal. At first, you’ll be completely full and think that you can’t eat anymore, but eventually, your body will expect to have food at the times you should be eating.” They simply nodded their heads in agreement as their minds processed the information. I got up and walked to the locker I had in the office. Pulling out three jackets, I turned to them and said, “Ok guys, from now on, you three are Bulls. You might not look like the rest of the Bulls that you’ll meet later, but you are one. As long as you keep trying, nothing will change that. “ With that, I tossed each of them a jacket. Shawn and Mike grinned like madmen while Clay simply stroked the jacket reverently, his eyes almost tearing. I could tell that this was probably the first thing he’s ever been a part of, and my heart went out to him. Thankfully, all that would soon change. He gently rubbed the embroidery name on the jacket that said “Little Calf – Bull in Training”. Mike looked up to me and I said, “Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll be a full grown Bull. Maybe even as huge as me.” With that, I picked up my much larger jacket from the chair I was sitting in and showed it to them. The gold thread embroidered on the left chest pocket labeled me “Head Ox” I told them to follow me and together we headed towards the supply room in the weight room. As we walked through the metal jungle that would become their new home, I remarked on how quiet it was to the trio. They, of course, didn’t know what I was talking about, but I explained how they would understand soon enough. Once we arrived at the supply room, I got their sizes and retrieved some clothes for them: three pairs of mesh shorts, all with the Bull’s logo, a pair of plain athletic grey shirts with “Little Calf” on the front and “Bull In Training” on the back, and one sleeveless shirt a few sizes bigger that said, “Young Bull” on the front. I told them, “When you can fit in this shirt, that’s when you can turn in the other two.” They continued to smile in pride. I then told them to go change into the shorts and sleeveless for pictures. They looked at me in horror, but I calmed their fears by saying, “Don’t worry, every Bull was a Calf and had to go through the same thing.” For the next hour, I taught them the basics of posing. After they learned the mandatories, quarter turn, front double bicep, front lat spread, abs and thigh, side chest, side triceps, rear double bicep, rear lat spread, and most muscular, I had them practice a little before I took three pictures, their front double bi, their front lat spread, and their most muscular. After they were done, I showed them the book of the other bulls before them. Each page chronologized the transformation from a calf like they were now to the Bull that they would become. The smell of freshly cut flooded my nose and brought back memories of the same ritual that my coach did with me and that I did for dozens of kids over the last few years. I took the silver whistle from around my neck and raised it to my lips. With a quick blow, the shrill sound pierced the air and gathered the attention of all the guys on the field below. In my authoritarian bass, I yelled, “Bulls! Round up!” Immediately, fifteen guys of varying sizes ran towards the sidelines. A few ran from the receivers area, a couple from the running backs, but most of them came from the linemen where I would be headed after I finished with these three. After dropping their helmets near the water cooler, they ran up to me, greeting their head ox as they came. “Bulls,” I said, bringing the men around me to a hush, “Today, we have three more young calves to join the herd.” Everyone around me started clapping and whooping in joy. The three blushed as they stood next to me. “This here’s Clay, Mike and Shawn. Let’s make ‘em feel at home.” With that, they all squeezed into a tight group hug, with the three of them in the middle. “Ok, guys, before you guys introduce yourselves, let’s tell ‘em the motto of the bulls.” Their voices as one, the group of guys around me started to say, “Bulls never let anything stop them. No pain, no tiredness, nothing can stop us. Anything in the way gets charged through. Never stop, never give up, never surrender until we’re the biggest and the best. “ The three kids next to me looked up in awe at the guys that surrounded them. Each of them were obviously intimidated, yet hopeful for acceptance. I knew that they would find everything they were looking for here with these guys. I knew each and every one of them intimately. I knew their parents, their brothers and sisters, where they lived and grew up at. I’ve eaten dinner with most of them and I knew they all were good kids, loving and accepting because they knew what is was like to be outcasts. After everyone had introduced themselves to each other, coupled with some light-hearted punches, I ordered everyone back to practice. With a loud, “Sir, yes Sir!” my bulls headed back to the field to finish up the day. I smiled to myself at the pride and dedication that they performed every action and was hopeful that the three young people at my side would be a great addition to my herd. I took Clay, Mike and Shawn back into the weight room and handed them their packets. “Ok calves, put on those jackets and be proud. Today is the start of a life changing journey. With a silent reverence that I knew all too well, each of my young students took off their old coats and replaced it with the mantle of the Bulls. They stood there in their new, slightly oversized jackets and looked at each other and then me. I saw the cautious pride in their eyes and gave them a reassuring smile. “This is just the start. Soon, you’ll fill out those jackets, and after that, you will be able to call yourselves true Bulls. But until now, be proud that you chose to start. Not everyone is as brave as you were today.” Again, their beaming smiles reinforced my belief in what I was doing and I returned it with the same smile. After handing them their packets to take home, I lead them outside, saying “Ok, I expect to see you three here right after school tomorrow.” Mike and Shawn said, “Yes sir” before running off down the hall. Clay stayed behind for a moment before he looked at me. I could see how he obviously wanted to say something. I placed my massive hand on his shoulder and asked, “Yes son?” As he looked at me, I could see his gaze soften. He said, “Um…thank you sir.” I smiled and said, “But I haven’t done much of anything ‘cept give ya a chance.” “But still sir, I…” he paused, as if he was about to say too much, “thank you so much for the opportunity. I hope I don’t disappoint you sir.” I turned him around and faced him squarely. Looking directly into his eyes, I said, “Son, the only way you’ll disappoint me is if you don’t give it your all. Can I count on you to do that?” He nodded his head and I continued, “Well then, go home and get some rest, look forward to tomorrow.” He stared at me a little longer before heading down the hall. Something told me that there was more he wanted to say, but I wasn’t going to press him. I smiled to myself before I headed to the field, ready to make sure my other Bulls weren’t slacking. The next day I saw my new calves in the hall. I was always surprised how a thing as simple as a new wardrobe could inspire bouts of confidence in people. As I watched the kids pass by my door on the way to their classes, I saw Mike pass by. His stride was a lot smoother, his posture better and his head held up high. Shawn and Clay were the same way, albeit Clay didn’t seem quite as comfortable yet, but there was some difference in him. They each waved to me as they passed by, smiles plastered on their faces. Unfortunately, lunch posed a slight problem. The lunchroom had a section of it that led outside where the students and teachers could enjoy their meals. I had saw Mike walk outside, his sense of pride still lingering when a few students I didn’t know came up behind him. With a quick shove, they knocked him to the ground, his protein and chicken flying to the ground. I was about to go break it up, but I noticed a pack of familiar jackets saw the same thing I did, so I abstained from interfering. I couldn’t hear all that was said, but I did catch the lead bully say, “Why did you get one of those jackets? A fat ass like you could never play ball! I didn’t even see you on the field. You’re such a pathetic loser. You’ll never be one of the bulls. They don’t take weaklings like you.” My fist balled up, but then a smile crept across my face. I watched as Tom, or Big T as everyone called him, walked up behind the bully with the rest of the Bulls in tow. T was by far the biggest of the Bulls, along with being the senior member of the group. He was a few inches shorter than me, but had almost as much muscle mass as I did. Like me, he enjoyed wearing shorts and t-shirts, no matter what the weather. I guess I rubbed off on him a little more than others. He was as hairy as I was, but no one could deny the amount of mass that he possessed. Even through the hair, you could see the large muscles that he spent four years of hard work building. He was wearing his workout shirt and the label of “Big Bull” was stretch well across his massive chest and the shorts he wore seemed to be struggling to contain the massive thighs of this walking tank. As he lumbered methodically across the lunch room, followed by ten other Bulls, a hush fell across the area as everyone turn to watch the upcoming show. He grabbed the bully and spun him around as the rest of the Bulls surrounded the other thugs. T’s low voice cut through the crisp air, “I hope you aren’t messing with our little calf here. You see, we Bulls are protective of our brothers.” I could see the kid wincing in pain as T spoke. I could only assume that the grip that he had on the lead bully was tightening as he spoke. “You see, people like you would never understand what it’s like to be a real Bull. Guys like you think you’re such hot shit, but you’re nothing. Now, I suggest you go before we Bulls start charging. If we do, nothing’s going to stop us till we mow you down.” The bullies shook their heads and ran off quickly to the laughter of the Bulls. T leaned down and said, “Hey Mike, hope they didn’t bother ya too much.” Mike, still slightly shaken, said, “No, I’m ok.” T brushed him off as he stood and said, “Why are you out here anyway, you guys should be eating at the Bull’s table.” T pointed at a table where the rest of the Bulls were waving back at them. “C’mon man, you calves can sit next to me,” T chuckled. A couple of the Bulls went off to get Clay and Shawn before they all returned to their table. I smiled to myself and unballed my fists. I was sure that this was going to be another interesting year. This post has been promoted to an article
  22. Abraham is a small teenager afraid to step foot out the front door of his house because he fears for his safety. The reason is because of a very large classmate that lives down the street. He has made Abe feel insignificant for longer than he can remember. He used to go out with his friends almost every weekend he wasn't in school, but now he watches from his bedroom window as this bully walks by his house, looks up at him, smiles, and flexes and taunts him with his huge arms. This sequence can last for several minutes before he finally decides to move on. Nolan, the very muscular classmate, isn't afraid to show his body off either. The summer season following high school was horrible for Abe. He went to the pool to just cool off from the heat and just enjoy himself but Nolan was there too. His overbearing personality was making the small teen so upset that he had to leave. The buff jock would constantly make fun of his body the entire time he was there. It got so bad after school started up again that Abe eventually gave up on trying to accomplish anything outside his house. That is until he is visited by a huge figure outside his front door. Instead of being afraid of it though, he opens the door and lets it inside the house. It tells him to sit down, take a deep breath, and look into its eyes. Without making another move, he peers into its eyes and is instantly placed into a relaxed state. The figure disappears once Abe lies down and falls asleep. He awakens and feels different the next day. He doesn't look any different after looking in the bathroom mirror, but does have a slight sensation deep down in his stomach. It is the end of the week and as he leaves the school the bully doesn't miss a beat. He follows Abe all the way home like he always does and won't let up on all of his insults. Normally he wouldn’t stop walking and try to get home as quickly as possible, but on this day in particular he feels a rush of adrenaline building up inside him. He gets a little further ahead of Nolan and stops. He doesn’t turn to face him because he doesn't really have to. ‘NOLAN, YOU NEED TO STOP HARRASSING ME! YOU ARE MAKING ME SO STRESSED OUT, I CAN’T…..STOP…..(feels almost numb)’ At this point, Nolan stops saying anything at all and notices Abe’s shirt starting to rise up his chest. His short stature begins to disappear as he starts to grow taller, the sound of his spine cracking as it begins to grow new vertebrae. Nolan is awestruck at what is happening in front of him. ‘UHHHH! (voice deepens) OH GAWD I CAN’T FEEL ANYTHING!’ *looks down at his hands and sees them widen* ‘WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? *stretch* *pop* ‘UHHH!’ *stretch* Nolan watches in amazement as Abe’s back grows wider pushing his shirt to its limits. His light middle-eastern skin has now turned to a darker hue as he begins to look more mature. The sound of his muscles growing is starting to turn him on more than he anticipated. His expanding arms are now shredding the sleeves completely off of his shirt. The seams begin splitting all the way down the sides of his shirt and reveal his growing lats. He begins to stumble as he starts walking away from Nolan and can hear him behind him talking to himself. ‘What the fuck?.....Is this happening?.....Are you the Incredible Hulk dude?.....You are not skinny turd anymore. I don’t know who the fuck you are?’ Abe smiles really big since he can't see his face. As he continues to slowly walk, he can feel his shoes squeaking as his feet expand. He stops again to look down and sees the stitches starting to fray on them. His toes start to penetrate the leather and rip through the front. He growls as he feels his feet finally destroy his shoes. His back finally manages to completely bust through the whole left side of his shirt. ‘OHH YEAH! I AM FEELING GREAT! *feels his balls filling up with thick cum realizing his true potential* MMMM, MORE I WANT MORE!’ Nolan sees his arms growing again as he moves them from side to side, the fabric shredding all the way up to his huge shoulders revealing massive triceps which developed colossal horseshoes. He stops after a few more steps again to check out his growing biceps and notices that unflexed they are now bigger than his own head. *deep laughter* ‘HEHE, WHERE ARE YOUR WORDS NOW NOLAN? I SUGGEST YOU TURN AROUND NOW AND GO THE OTHER WAY BOY! I AM FAR FROM DONE IT SEEMS.’ Knowing that the bully is still back there, he flexes his huge bis and splits the seams on the top of his shirt as it just blows in the wind. He grabs the shirt fabric and pulls on it as rips off his thick neck and tumbles to the ground. He is shirtless now as he stands with his lats spread out and his back flexed. His huge neck and wide shoulders are now meeting up with his huge arms. At that moment, he turns to glance back at Nolan walking towards him as he jogs across the street enjoying the feeling of having huge pecs bouncing up and down when he moves. By the time he gets to the other side of the street, the growth has moved to his legs as they stretch his jeans. He growls as he hears the fabric straining even though it hurts to be confined in them. He squeezes his quads and laughs at the sound of denim exploding beneath his waist. ‘WHOA! Who the fuck are you dude? I should stop following you, but I feel compelled to. Your transformation is unlike anything I have ever witnessed in my life.’ Abe reaches down and rips the jeans off showing his new gargantuan legs. His calves have doubled their size and look like huge upside-down hearts. He still manages to be wearing his underwear, but his expanding glutes are making it difficult to keep the fabric from buckling. He begins to sprint to his house and notices that Nolan is trying to run behind him as well. Before he can get to his front door, he hears a rip in the back of his underwear as his butt begins to fall out. He moans as he feels his cock growing bigger to accommodate his huge cum-filled ball sack. He busts through the front door just before his entire crotch is exposed and the fabric on his underwear gives way. He stares down to look at his huge 10-incher hanging there dripping with precum. He rushes to go look in the bathroom mirror and can't believe who is looking back at him. In his reflection, he sees a hazel-eyed, curly-haired, hugely-muscled, godlike teenager staring back at him. He smiles and instantly falls in love with the guy in the mirror. ‘AWW YEAH, YOU ARE ONE BEAUTIFUL STUD ABRAHAM! I FEEL SO HOT RIGHT NOW, MMMM!’ *strokes his huge rod as he takes in his muscular body* *he rubs his sweaty body and feels his balls begin to react as the cum inside them begins to rush into his cock* ‘OHH SHIT, YEAH CUM YOU GOD, I WANT TO FUCKING COAT THIS ROOM WITH MY JUICES.’ *rears back and sprays the mirror as the force shatters the glass* *his thick cum coats the whole floor as he steps in it* *he laughs hysterically as he leaves the bathroom once he stops cumming* ‘MMMM, I hope that Nolan is still around so I can do a little taunting of my own.’ The fear of Nolan is completely gone now and he just wants him to worship his body now. He looks out a side window and notices him just standing there. He doesn't say anything and looks rather bewildered like he is deciding on what to do next. ‘Damn, that dude completely ripped the door off its hinges. That pipsqueak must be so kind of freak that someone has engineered in some lab. I wonder if his parents….’ *he gasps* Abe walks back into the doorway where the front door was and just stands there as his huge muscles shine in the sun and his cock begins to harden again. He smiles at Nolan and points at him as if he is trying to tell him something. ‘HEY NOLAN, I TOLD YOU NOT TO FOLLOW ME HOME. NOW YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS. GET OVER HERE!’ *points at his porch* ‘HELL NO, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU? YOU LOOK LIKE YOU COULD BE PIPSQUEAK’S DAD WITH ALL OF THOSE MUSCLES. I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE CLOSE TO WHERE YOU ARE.’ ‘THE HELL YOU ARE…..’ Abe starts charging after Nolan and grabs him before he could take off. Nolan’s mouth is covered by Abe’s massive hand as he grinds the bully with his huge body. Nolan begins to calm down after a few minutes once he uses up all his energy on fighting the huge teen. Abe starts to move his rod close to Nolan’s lips and holds him down to keep him restrained. Nolan tries to resist. ‘Shhh Nolan, I know you want this. Once you taste my cock on your tongue, you will never want to bully me ever again.’ ‘I am never sucking you dude, I fucking hate you. You are some kind of freak….’ Abe shoves his rod into his mouth and starts to thrust. Nolan jumps for a few seconds and then slightly moans. ‘Good boy Nolan, nice and slow. You won’t even remember that nasty jerk residing in your head in a few minutes.’ Nolan picks up speed gulping down the pre oozing from Abe’s cock. ‘MMMM GOOD, just a little more Nolan. OHHH YEAH, THAT’S IT….GO FOR IT BOY…..YEAH HERE IT COMES….SAY GOODBYE TO THE EVIL NOLAN…..’ Abe shoots rope after rope of thick cum down Nolan’s throat making him writhe in ecstasy. The big teen laughs as he sees his bully’s eyes glaze over as he slows down and slowly sucks Abe’s rod. Abe smiles and pulls out of his mouth. He gets up and walks back into his house leaving the bully lying there with cum oozing out the sides of his face. Only time will tell if Nolan will truly change. The Tools of Revenge Abe walks back into his house to turn around and stand in his doorway to stand with authority as his huge muscular body gleams with sweat. He watches Nolan lying there muttering to himself as he continues to spew cum all over his face. The defeated bully starts to thrash about in agony as he feels his body shrinking. His muscles nearly disappear as he looks down in shock as his clothes hang off him in a bad way. He tries to get up but feels so weak that he can’t move. Abe is heard laughing as he does a most muscular pose. ‘What is wrong now Nolan? Have the tables turned on you? Do you feel insignificant? It sucks doesn’t it? Now you can deal with the same problems I dealt with for years from you. The only difference is I am not going to make you feel like shit. Oh no, I’m sure your friends will do that without any thought.’ Abe walks back out to him after his transformation and picks him up. He takes the scrawny teen inside and puts him on his couch. The hulking teen sits by him and covers his crotch with a jacket he had laying nearby. He squeezes Nolan’s arm and laughs again before getting a serious look on his face. Nolan seems ashamed that he looks so tiny compared to Abe. ‘You don’t get this do you Nolan? Ohh I’m sure you will when we go to school tomorrow.’ Nolan looks exhausted as he passes out. Abe smiles and goes to find some of his dad’s clothes to put on. He isn’t sure that he can wear any of them, but will try. He remembers when his dad was heavier and looks for a box in the attic full of them. He eventually finds a t-shirt and some shorts that he can fit into and goes back into the living room. He manages to find a pair of boxers too that can contain his huge rod. He wonders if his parents will recognize him and decides that he needs to find another place to stay. He walks over and picks up the sleeping teen and takes him out the front door and down the street. He sees people stop walking and peering out their windows as they stare at him carrying Nolan. One of them happens to be one of Nolan’s friends, Cooper, a massively built brute that is known for being quite homophobic too. He tries to block Abe several times which makes the huge teen irritable as he lays Nolan down along the curb of the street. ‘Who the fuck are you dude and what the hell happened to Nolan? He looks like shit…..actually…..fuck he looks like he is 12…..what the hell is going on here?’ ‘Cooper I am trying to get him home so he can rest there so if you don’t mind I am a little busy. You can talk to him tomorrow.’ ‘How the fuck do you know my name? Do you go to school with us? Fuck you have to be the biggest guy I have ever seen that could possibly be our age. You do look familiar though in the face…..hmmm’ Abe picks Nolan back up and proceeds to pass Cooper. He shakes his head because he can’t believe that Nolan’s friend wouldn’t recognize a guy that has olive skin and noticeably middle-eastern features. There isn’t that many guys like him around the city. He can see Nolan’s house within his sight and starts moving a little bit faster. He knows that Cooper is following him on foot so he stops again midway. He turns as the big jock stumbles into him. ‘What the fuck man? I can’t let you take him there until you tell me who the hell you are? I seriously don’t have a clue. When did you start going to school with us?’ ‘Cooper seriously you don’t remember me? You used to harass me over the last several summers with Nolan. Remember that time at the pool?’ Cooper begins to think about this and a light bulb goes off in his head. His eyes grow huge as he realizes that it is Abraham he is talking to, well a much more mature looking Abraham. Abe turns back around and starts power walking again as he draws closer to Nolan’s house. Cooper follows as he tries to keep up. He eventually stops and proceeds to yell something. ‘ABE COME ON MAN! YOU KNOW WE WERE JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU GROW SOME BALLS! IT WAS OBVIOUSLY A SUCCESS BECAUSE YOU ARE FUCKING MASSIVE! WHY DON’T YOU JUST LET ME TAKE HIM HOME AND WE CAN ‘DISCUSS’ THINGS AFTERWARDS?’ Abe stops and turns again this time as he is only 100 feet from Nolan’s front steps. Cooper jogs to him as his heaving pecs and powerful legs sweat profusely through his clothes. Abe scans the huge jock’s body and finds himself attracted to him even though he remembers how terrible he was treated by him. Cooper makes a motion to put Nolan down, but Abe will have none of it. This aggravates Cooper to the point that he punches him in the back of his head. Abe grins a bit and turns to finally get Nolan to his house before placing him on his porch. The scrawny teen never awakens one time through the whole ordeal which does in fact worry Abe a bit. Cooper continues to taunt him over and over as the huge hulk takes Nolan’s vitals. He has a faint pulse but he is alive so he leaves him there hoping that his parents will take care of him. Cooper swings at Abe again and this time hits his stomach. The brute yells in pain as it feels like he has hit a brick wall. Abe pushes his weight on to the black-haired brown-eyed bully as he backs him up practically into the street. Cooper tries to puff his chest out to exert his own strength. His veiny arms lock with Abe’s as they begin to tussle. Abe moans a little as he begins to enjoy this confrontation. He restrains the brute as he pulls him to the ground. Cooper’s strong body puts up a major fight as Abe really has to work hard to keep him in check. His muscles strain and flex under the intense pressure as sweat pours off of him. ‘FUCK YOU ABE! FUCK YOU! I HATE YOUR GUTS! Nolan wasn’t like this yesterday. I don’t know what happened to him, but you obviously had something to do with it.’ ‘Maybe I did, but it was for the best Cooper. I also think I should teach you a lesson like I did with Nolan. You are a fucking stud and I want to taste your body and suck your hot cock. Think I can do that boy?’ Cooper thrashes just like Nolan did when Abe restrained him just a while ago. He begins to get a scared look in his eyes as Abe lifts his shirt up and begins to run his tongue up and down the muscular teen’s chest. ‘YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS FAGGOT! I PROMISE YOU WILL PAY! I WILL GET ALL OF MY FRIENDS TO COME AFTER YOU!’ Abe unzips Cooper’s shorts and pulls his undies down as his cock falls out. Abe slowly gobbles it down and starts to massage it with his mouth making Cooper groan longingly. He tries to kick Abe in the groan, but can’t get a good angle. Abe pushes down on him harder to keep him in line. ‘NOOO FUCK I WON’T LET YOU MAKE ME CUM…..I FUCKING HATE YOU……UHHH FUCK I…..’ Abe moans deeply as he feels Cooper’s swollen balls getting ready to push their cum into his cock. ‘Mmmmm good boy…..I will totally make you never want to fight me again Cooper. Feed me that luscious load of yours and I will show you someone you won’t want to mess with.’ Cooper moans ‘AHHHH’ numerous times before he blasts his load down Abe’s throat as the big hulk slowly gulps down the multiple ropes. He moans deeply as he continues to drain the distraught bully. Cooper can feel himself starting to shrink as his huge muscles begin to disappear. The same cannot be said for Abe who begins to laugh as he feels his muscles starting to grow again. The clothes he obtained from his father will not last long as he pulls Cooper’s cock out of his mouth and gets up to start running down the street. He feels the straining muscles beginning to push their way through the seams on his shirt and pants. He stops to take a breather as his chest rips its way out the front and his biceps grow to the size of melons. His legs destroy his pants as they begin to look inhuman. He lets his body transform again this time without any resistance as he grows to supernatural proportions including his cock which most likely tops off at 18 inches. He is no longer recognizable as a typical teenager, but rather as a full-grown man who looks like he has been taking growth hormone forever. His mind even feels a bit different like there is another person residing inside along with him. He embraces the change fully though as he knows his life will not be the same anymore. He stares down the street and sees Cooper crawling towards Nolan’s front steps. Instead of going back though, he starts to make his way to some area where no one will find him. At least no one that knows him, but that won’t be a problem now with his new transformation.
  23. Nassar is a competitive wrestler for a prominent squad of champion wrestlers. He started out his college career in the 163 but moved up to the 185 after he bulked up during the summer of his sophomore year. He started his junior season with a few wins, but lost a few as well. His opponents are much bigger and tougher than he anticipated as he moved up from his previous weight classification. His teammates have noticed him struggle with the change but they have their own classes to worry about. His parents did not necessarily support his decision to continue with his wrestling career after high school so he feels like the only person that really keeps him motivated is his coach Byron. He has always been there for him and really cares about his career and his training. Nassar has trained with him many times before and has had long talks about extending his career into possibly the Olympics. While Byron has focused on all seven members of his team, he has also noticed that Nassar needs a little more support than the others. He has practiced with the 211 competitor, Morgan, several times to prepare for the more experienced 185 wrestlers. He is probably the only one on the team that the middle-eastern immigrant has really spent a lot of time with because of the practices and the fact that he likes to have a little company too. He has other friends outside the gym, but they are not interested in his focus on wrestling. Most of them are more engrossed in sports like football or baseball. One evening in particular, Nassar is in the gym by himself practicing his moves when a figure appears out of nowhere on the mat. He gets really shocked and jumps backwards. The figure grabs a hold of him and pins him down on the ground. It pulls his unitard completely down and sticks a small rod inside his bum. He tries to wiggle his way out of the figure’s arms, but ends up screaming loudly and can't resist it penetrating him. It pulls his unitard back up on him and disappears. He looks around and wonders what the hell just happened and tries to feel for the rod in his ass, but it is gone. That same evening, he is in the locker room and his coach Byron walks in. He tells him to come into the gym and to get on the mat. ‘Hey there buddy, how about we practice a few moves? I need to get a little more comfortable before we do though.’ Byron takes his jacket off as well as his pants too. He is wearing a unitard himself, but Nassar’s eyes instantly go to his incredible cock. In fact, Byron is in phenomenal shape and appears to be turning him on. He gets behind Nassar and wraps his arms around his waist to get into position. The Lebanese wrestler can't seem to focus on the task at hand as Byron flips him over. Nassar seems to just give up as his coach looks him in the eyes as he just stares at his coach’s huge crotch. ‘Now Nassar, why did you give up so easily? Ahh, do you see something you like?’ He can't seem to help himself as he moves over to start licking Byron’s semi inside his unitard. He doesn't resist and lets the wrestler start sucking on his cock through the fabric. He loses himself in Byron’s intoxicating scent and his hairy muscularity of his fine chest. ‘Mmmm feels really good man. I think something is happening to me.’ He can feel Byron’s cock expanding in his mouth as he speeds up his rhythm. His hands grab his swelling pecs and can feel his unitard stretching. ‘AHH YEAH! *stretch* *pop* Mmmm keep going man, I feel like I am fucking growing.’ It isn't long before Nassar hears the fabric snapping and ripping apart exposing a growing hairy god. Byron grabs him and rips his unitard off penetrating his sweet ass with his massive cock. ‘OH FUCK COACH! I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD!’ His mind starts to go as he sees Morgan walking towards him. He imagines him growing as he is fucked by Byron. *stretch* *pop* COACH….*stretch* NASSAR…..*pop* *voice deepens* OH MY GAWD! *stretch* It is working as Morgan grows wider and wider with each step he takes as his huge member goes straight for Nassar’s waiting lips. Morgan manages to stick his growing cock into his mouth with ease. The Lebanese wrestler feels the shaft thickening within his lips as the main vein increases its size exponentially. He looks up at Morgan and sees his face beginning to grow thicker hair to form a nicely shaped beard. *the bigger wrestler winks* ‘MMMMM YEAH NASSAR! I HAVE ALWAYS LIKED YOU STUD AND I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME! FUCK YEAH I FEEL INCREDIBLE!’ The hair moves down to his chest which is expanding. His pecs are now spilling over the sides of his unitard, pulling the straps on his back upward with his growing traps and thickening neck. Nassar hugs his growing butt and feels its power pushing the unitard further away from his body. *massive stretching sounds* ‘GAWD YEAH NASSAR, FUCKING MAKE ME INTO A GIANT, I WANT MORE!’ Morgan grabs his head and pushes it all the way down on his huge cock. The feeling drives his growth further as he can hear his legs shredding the fabric. The unitard snaps and rips completely off. Byron’s growth is also phenomenal. The hairy coach is becoming a beast of his own right as his arms grow to 25" and his chest sails past 65". He also has developed a nice trail of hair all over his body. His cock continues to grow inside Nassar making him have to deal with the pain involved. He yells in extreme pain, but wants his coach’s spunk inside him. He grinds Byron’s cock really good moving up and down on it trying to get him to release. ‘MMMM GOOD BOY BUDDY, YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO GET ME GOING!’ He moans with such lust as Nassar gets his wish. Byron pulls out of him in time for the wrestler to see the eruption. A fountain of solid white begins to pool out of his cockhead when he pushes it back inside him. Nassar moans as he pumps him full of his muscle growth spunk. He doesn't want it to end and starts humping him again. He feels coach’s rock-hard quads underneath him and begins to feel more comfortable now with him fucking his ass. Nassar stops sucking on Morgan’s cock so he can move over to where the coach is. Now it is Byron’s turn to suck him. ‘MMMM WELL HELLO THERE MONSTER MORGAN! DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING FOR ME? WHY I THINK I’LL HELP MYSELF.’ The coach works over Morgan until he knows he is going to cum. The cum shoots directly into Byron's waiting mouth as he gobbles it up, even letting a small pile off it dribble down his enormous hairy chest. Nassar manages to sneak a peek and rubs it into the coach's mammoth pecs and stone slab abs. This quickly leads to the coach unloading into him again as he feels his spunk squirting jet after jet into his gut. ‘Aww fuck coach, I love the feeling it gives me when it travels through my body.’ His body begins absorbing all of the cum straight into his muscles. He remains on top of the coach and leans back to rest on his chest. Byron starts encouraging him to grow huge like him and Morgan. Even the huge hairy teammate wills him to start growing. Coach and Morgan start chanting: ‘GROW GROW GROW GROW! ! ! ! !’ Nassar feels it beginning to take hold inside him as the urge to explode in size begins to stress him. ‘NO PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT, I CAN’T LET IT…..’ *feels numbness beginning at his feet and traveling up into the rest of his body* The Lebanese wrestler doubles over in pain as the other two men grow silent. Major cracking sounds begin to echo in the gym as they see his back reshaping adding more height. His voice begins to greatly deepen as he punches his two arms into the floor. *BOOM* WHY *BOOM* DID YOU TWO *BOOM* DO THIS TO *BOOM* ME? Nassar’s regular frame grows rapidly as he begins to expand wildly. His muscles nearly explode out of his skin as he sails past 300, then 400, then 500 pounds. *voice shatters windows* ‘I FEEL SO POWERFUL LIKE I AM REBORN!’ Byron approaches the 8’5 giant and smiles up at him. His 6’8 350 pound frame is no match for Nassar’s. Morgan walks behind Byron and starts to rub him. Byron turns to him and laughs. ‘HEHE I THINK IT IS MY TURN TO GROW AGAIN!’ Huge popping sounds are heard from Byron’s frame as he begins to grow taller and thicker again. Morgan moans watching his coach add nearly another foot in height and 125 pounds in muscle. ‘MMMM COACH, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU AND NASSAR WRESTLE NOW. IT COULD BE A MATCH FOR THE AGES.’ The two behemoths turn to look at each other and smile. They give each other a huge kiss on the lips and get into the standard wrestling position while Morgan stands on the side. A match for the ages, perhaps he isn’t far off from being correct. Team of Champions As Coach and Nassar prepare to put the moves on each other, Morgan waddles his way towards the back locker area where the other five wrestlers are hanging out. None of them seem to be aware of what is happening out on the mats in the gym. Morgan tries to stay incognito behind the entry way into the locker room. He can hear three of them talking amongst each other. Knowing that he can’t be seen by all five, he tries to come up with a plan to see if he can convert them individually. He knows that he can’t cover up his 6’6 325 pound frame with any of the singlets in their inventory so he has to try and rush his way past them somehow and see if the coach has any of his own. Maybe just maybe they won’t recognize him. He can hear them walking towards the showers which angles around to where they can’t see where he is standing. He tries as quickly as he can to race into the coach’s office which is located behind the lockers. He closes the door behind him and falls on to the ground to take a breather. As he does though, he realizes that he is not alone when someone makes a moaning sound. ‘Whoa dude…..who the hell are you?’ Morgan sits up quickly and turns to see that it is Linc, his Spanish-American teammate who competes in the 157. He is sitting in the coach’s chair completely nude with a hard-on that is sitting on his chest. His hard rippling muscles on his 5’7 frame glean with sweat as it appears he was jacking off. The big brute is surprised by this and tries to get up to go into the nearby bathroom. Linc jumps to his feet and runs over in front of him. His huge cock smacks Morgan on his enormous muscle gut. ‘Seriously dude…..you can’t be on the wrestling squad because you are too big to compete. Besides…..*starts to rub Morgan’s chest* I think you can help me relieve a problem I am having down below.’ Linc starts to rub Morgan’s cock which immediately starts to grow up against his small body. He looks up into the big guy’s eyes and moans as he begins to massage those huge nips with his mouth and lips. Morgan growls before picking the small wrestler up and taking him over to the coach’s desk. He moans louder as the smaller man moves his mouth further down the bodybuilder’s chest past his gut and starts to lick his huge cockhead. Somehow Linc manages to shove his own cock up inside Morgan which makes the big guy moan deeper feeling his hole convulse as it swallows the big pole. It turns out that Linc has a really big crush on older men and thinks that Morgan is one of the coach’s former wrestlers. He stops working Morgan’s cockhead to lean his body up against the big man’s chest as he pumps faster inside him. ‘OH GAWD DUDE…..YOU ARE SO FUCKING HOT…..coach really knows how to inspire us to keep training after we graduate obviously. I can’t hold back any longer…..fuck I am going to explode…..’ Linc loses himself as he shoots a huge load inside Morgan making the big guy flex his entire body. His rock hard muscles press into the smaller wrestler making him nearly lose consciousness. His cock finally goes limp after nearly an entire minute inside him. Morgan picks him up after his cock falls out and places him back in the coach’s chair. He wants to convert Linc but doesn’t feel like it is the right thing to do at this time. He turns to leave but is stopped in his tracks when the small guy wakes up. ‘NO…..please don’t leave dude…..i feel like I know you somehow. You seem so familiar? Have we met before somewhere? *scratches his head* Man there is no way, but you must have been a lot smaller the last time we met.’ ‘UHH…..I don’t think we have man. I did enjoy you cumming inside me though, your cock is huge and feels really nice inside my hole. You really are bold for facing me like you did because I could have totally fucked you up.’ ‘Yeah I know dude, but you are so incredible.’ Linc stares at Morgan’s cock and licks his lips. He gets up from the chair again to face the big guy. ‘Dude…..I am hungry for some man cock and I have to finish what I started with you. I can probably shove my tongue down inside that beautiful cockhead of yours. Please you have to let me do it.’ Morgan smiles and pushes the small wrestler down on him making him gag. Linc spills saliva all over the entire width of the big man’s cock making him growl in excitement. Instead of terror, the small wrestler smiles up at his dominant master and slowly shoves his tongue down the giant slit of Morgan’s cockhead. The bodybuilder starts to rear backwards feeling the ecstasy flowing through him as he does this. He realizes that the small man is a risk taker and is willing to go as far as he can to get what he wants. ‘Lincoln…..you do know me man. We have actually spent a lot of time together outside of the gym. I am surprised you don’t at least recognize me a little.’ The wrestler stops toying with the man’s cock to sit on the ground and pause. He looks up into Morgan’s eyes in complete shock. ‘HUH? WHAT?! Are you kidding me dude? Morgan? *blushing a lot* Oh my gawd…..I…..am so attracted to you anyway buddy. I have always thought you were so sexy…..your body has always looked so hot to me. At your previous size you were incredibly built, but like this you are beyond beautiful. All of those days together for me were special because I needed some kind of happiness in my life. I sort of wished that you were gay just so I could be with you not only out in public, but in private too. Now that I have fucked you, I feel the need to taste you. I think you know what I mean don’t you?’ Morgan smirks down at him and slaps his cock on the Spanish-American’s head. ‘I do man, but I hope you know that things will happen that won’t be able to be reversed. At least I don’t think they can since I have been like this for a little while.’ Linc grabs a hold of the big guy’s cock and kisses it lightly. ‘Damn dude, are you telling me your size was caused by some strange occurrence?’ Morgan nods and slowly caresses his teammate’s head. ‘You could definitely say that man. It all started with coach and he passed it on to me. We even converted Nassar and it was amazing.’ ‘Oh fuck that is awesome. I would love for you to convert me Morgan. I have always had feelings for you so let’s get this started.’ Linc pushes Morgan’s huge cock down his throat and starts gulping for dear life. The huge man moans deeply as he feels his balls filling up. The small wrestler massages them moaning as he feels them swelling. He takes a few breaths every once in a while before going back to sucking on the huge muscleman. Morgan carries him back over to the desk again but this time gets on top of it with the wrestler. He turns Linc around and slowly pushes his cock inside the Spanish-American’s tight hole. His loud moans begin to attract attention now as the four men from the showers come rushing out and pile into the office. They all stop in their tracks as they are mesmerized by the huge stud straddling their teammate. After a few seconds, the men begin fondling each other and start making out. Morgan continues to push his way further inside Linc finally reaching his buddy’s prostate. The wrestler grips the desk as hard as he can. ‘OH GAWD YES PLEASE MORGAN…..FILL ME UP HOTTIE…..MAKE ME A FUCKING GAWD LIKE YOU.’ After a really quick pounding, Morgan feels his load starting to move its way into his cock. He wraps his massive arms around Linc and holds him up against his body as he unloads his river inside the waiting bottom. The small wrestler lets out several long winded moans feeling it rush through his entire body. He immediately feels something happening to him as he shakes violently. ‘OHH FUCK……*stretch* MORGAN….. *pop*……I CAN FEEL IT…..*whoosh*……HAPPENING…..’ Morgan growls feeling his teammate growing beneath him. Linc’s rippling legs stretch and thicken rapidly as the muscles in his quads and calves spread wider. His ass digs into Morgan’s huge gut as they form two perfectly shaped balloons under his olive skin. His huge cock throbs wildly as it spills sticky pre all over the desk. His rod thickens even bigger as his balls stretch bigger completely filling his ballsac before hanging underneath the desk. Morgan moves his hands up to feel Linc’s growing chest beneath them. The wrestler agonizes feeling his pecs swelling bigger as they nearly come out of the skin as stretch marks appear all over them. His nipples dangle underneath after his pecs finish growing. His shoulders, traps, and delts push his head further above his body as his necks thickens to twice its size. His abs pop numerous times as they swell larger and thicker than before forming an irregular pattern from beneath his pec slabs. His lats fly out from within his body and push Morgan’s arms away from his chest. He makes a loud moaning sound as he flexes his growing guns which blow up into giant softballs to match his incredible new horseshoe triceps. He sees his forearms do the same as they too grow into huge baseballs. Morgan hugs him tightly against him and kisses his buddy’s neck feeling the sweaty stud’s freshly grown muscles against him. ‘Oh Lincoln, you have developed nicely man. I think I need a taste of that fresh spunk of yours now.’ He flips the stud over and swallows the sticky rod down his throat. He feels the flood of pre increasing as he picks up his pace. Linc doesn’t speak and appears to be letting his dominant side take over as he pushes Morgan’s head all the way down on him. He yells in delight as he turns his head to watch the other four wrestlers having sex with each other now. It is not known exactly how far this will go but at this rate it appears the whole wrestling squad will be giants.
  24. So I have been getting a lot of great feedback from this series so far. So I decided to whip out the next part. There is a bit of development in this chapter, but nothing as hugely noticeable as the previous chapter. I hope you enjoy this addition to the series. I probably won't be posting the next part till next week as I will be going on a mini-vacation. Please continue leaving comments! Either here or if you are not one to leave posts on the forum, feel free to message me through PM. I love hearing what everyone thinks and I do answer all messages! Anyways, Enjoy... {Vial 2} Last night, the craziest thing I have ever seen happened in my life. I guess you can say one thing I learned since I hit puberty is if you play with yourself for a while, it causes a feeling of euphoria that fills your entire body; a surge of pleasure from your head to your toes and then back to the center of your body when suddenly, BAM! Fireworks… The first vial caused something in my young friend Andrew. I am not sure if it was going to be the most dramatic change these vials will do to his body, but all I can say is I have been going through body changes myself for the past year, and I haven’t even ejaculated that much in my entire year of my natural puberty. Whatever is in these vials is more than magic; it’s some pretty potent scientific stuff! It took me about two hours just to clean up the mess Andrew left in the bathroom, after he immediately left, covered in a slick coat of sweat across his entire body and the strongest musk I have ever smelled on any human being in my short 14 years of living. Not even the seniors had that kind of stench after they were done with gym class. After I was done cleaning up the mess, I went into the fridge and found a bottle of water. Taking it out I moved to the kitchen counter where I pulled out a jar of Kool-Aid mix, put two generous scoops into the bottle, and shook it up until it was completely diluted. Might as well give Andrew something else to drink besides Milk. I took the bottle up to my room. Sitting on my bed, I opened the drawer on my nightstand and pulled out the vial marked #2. I popped the top, dumping the entire thing into the Kool-Aid, and shook it till it was also diluted. I put the bottle in my backpack for tomorrow. I began to get curious on what my friend will be greeted with next, so I peered through the bottle to look at the back of the label. I couldn't make out the whole label, but what I could read was “4__ IN_____G___ _UO__E_T.” The rest of the letters looked to be erased or too hard to decipher. I decided to get some sleep, tomorrow was sure to be another strange day… That night I slept like a log, and as if right on cue, I woke up and it was morning. I took a quick shower, got ready for school, and headed out the door, not even bothering on grabbing breakfast. On my way down the street, Andrew popped up alongside of me. “Hey Seth!” He squeaked, smiling up at me. “Dude, what’s wrong with your voice?” I had to laugh a bit. “And,” I bent down to sniff his neck. “Are you wearing cologne?” He blushed, a bit embarrassed. “Yeah, when I got home my dad seen how I looked and smelled. He said I started puberty, I guess, and got a bit excited over it. So he gave me some of his cologne to wear till I get out of school later to the store so I can get deodorant.” His voice continued to change in pitch with each word he said. “By the way Seth, I think that stuff worked. NO KIDDING! I said to myself. “Yeah, it appears so. If you don’t want any more, you don’t need to take the next vial.” “Are you kidding, Seth? I feel amazing!” I pulled him in for a friendly, brotherly hug. “Alright, well I brought the next vial. It’s in my backpack. Since you’re going out with your dad after school today, maybe you want to take it during lunch.” He looked at me a bit nervous as we approached the campus gates. “Do you think it’s going to be safe? I mean I pretty much destroyed your entire bathroom last night.” “I don’t think there is a lot to worry about. I already mixed it and it’s just waiting to be drank by you.” I honestly don’t know what this is going to do to this kid, but during school will be the only chance for him today to get the next step in this seven part adventure. “Alright!” He beamed up at me with his boyish face. “I’ll see you at lunch, Seth!” We both parted ways yet again and I had to wait a long four hours before I got to meet back up with my friend. We met at our usual spot, behind the school gym, where no one would disturb us. I bought lunch today since I forgot mine in the rush out the door, but Andrew came prepared with two tuna sandwiches. Each sandwich looked to be filled with probably an entire can of tuna meat. I gave him a weird look as he devoured both of them in front of me. “Geeze dude, slow down!” I laughed. “WHA MM HONGRY” He tried to say with his mouth stuffed with food. He swallowed the rest, washing it down with a soda. “Sorry Seth! I just have been so hungry all day today!” “It’s cool Andrew.” I pulled my backpack off my shoulders opening it and pulling out the bottle of Kool-Aid with the powder mixed into it. “Here it is.” I extended my hand with the bottle out to him. He took the bottle from my hand, smiling, and then unscrewed the cap. He put it to his lips, taking a small taste. “It’s really good today!” “Yeah, I used Kool-Aid, not milk this time.” I watched as he began to drink more. This time however he didn’t down it, but drank it at a normal pace. I kept staring at him, wondering what was going to change this time. Then it started, or at least I thought it was beginning to start. Andrew’s eyes got really wide, his mouth dropped open, and then he just leaned back against the gym wall. Closing his mouth around the bottle, and drinking the rest of the liquid, before placing it empty on the floor next to him. He gave me a smile and a look I had never seen before. “Are you ok?” I asked. “Yeah, Seth. You got nothing to worry about anymore.” He got up off of the floor and held out a hand to me to help me up. I accepted and was pulled up to my feet. Andrew looked a bit taller. “Did you grow?” I ask. “Not that I know of. I’m just standing straighter. I guess you can say if you stand up straighter, people look up to you a bit more, and have a bit more respect for you.” I honestly didn't know where he was getting this information from. “And like I said Seth, there is no need to worry about me. Everyone goes through puberty at different times in their teenage lives and they all develop in different stages. Yes, you did start a bit later than most boys do, but there is nothing to worry about. You will develop just like everyone else does.” Did Andrew just lecture me on what Puberty consists of? How the hell did he know this? When I initially told him my woes that my father didn't actually explain stuff to me, Andrew didn't have this kind of knowledge. He looked down at his watch, before picking the empty bottle up off the floor and putting it into a recycle bin. “We better get to class,” finally seeing the smile I knew return to his face, but one that looked a bit wiser. “If you have any more things you don’t understand Seth, just ask. I will do my best to help you understand anything I can help you with.” He rubbed my back, before lifting my backpack up to me. If I didn't know any better, this vial seems to have increased his intelligence, but just how smart did it make him. I swung my backpack over my shoulder, as I walked behind him. Andrew walked with his head raised high and a straight, perfect posture. NEXT UP - VIAL 3 VIAL 1 – HYPER-TEST – Initiate Puberty / Hyper-Testosterone Booster VIAL 2 – 400 INTELLIGENT QUOTIENT – 400 IQ / Hyper-Intelligence VIAL 3 - ??? VIAL 4 - ??? VIAL 5 - ??? VIAL 6 - ??? VIAL 7 - ???
  25. Ever since I read Londonboy's original story "A Muscle Daddy Built to Order," I began to have other ideas of ways this idea can be done. With a lot of brainstorming and thinking, I think I found a new way to tell this classic that will appeal to all readers on this forum. Before I post just a warning, I did not know where to post this story originally. I talked with many people including CMiller who I explained my idea to and he said the way I am telling this story it would be fine here. This story uses Teens... There is NO SEX at all... The story is about family and finding a place where you can belong! If you don't think this is your thing then you may leave, but please try to give this a shot, you may enjoy it as I also got the approval from the awesome Londonboy as well! Anyway, I now present you all with a new take on "A Muscle Daddy Built to Order." {PROLOGUE} I have never really had a role model in my life. My mother and father split up before I even remembered and my father managed to win the custody battle. Money talks apparently, as the man is loaded with it. Maybe that’s one reason why I don’t even get to see my mother. I never honestly understood the reason why one minute she is there and the next she is gone from my life. This story isn’t about that though. It’s about me and my Dads… yeah DADS… My original Dad, or rather father (a Dad is someone who is there for his children, they nurture them and help them become the adults they are when they grow up) is a complete asshole. He ridiculed me every day of my life. He came home drunk and would lash out at me for no reason. He treated me like a complete idiot. I remember the day when we were supposed to watch that film in school about starting puberty, he wouldn’t allow me to view it; “Why would a little pussy like you need to watch that shit?” he said as I handed him the permission slip that he shredded and balled up into his hands before tossing it in the trash. I always felt small, and not because I was small, but because of how he treated me. That was when I was 9. My name is Seth; I am 14 years old, 5’6”, 140 lbs., and I just started puberty. Yeah, I guess you can say I am a late bloomer. I am not that popular, nor am I really picked on in school. My only real problem is I wish I had a Dad. A man who I can talk to about all this stuff going on in my life. Who wouldn’t treat me like an idiot, but as someone new to the world and is learning. Someone that I can actually feel like I am loved and part of a family. The only person I really tell about my problems is my underclassman and neighbor friend, Andrew. Andrew is 12. He just recently started High School which I am glad he did because I now have someone I can vent to more freely at school then having to worry about having my father overhear us in my bedroom. Andrew is shorter than me at about 4’11”. He weighs approximately 105lbs and I am pretty sure he has not started puberty yet either; I ask him stuff and sometimes he just listens and tries to give helpful advice, I find it cute. But at the end of the day, I’m still left clueless on pretty much everything. That is until yesterday, when on my way home from school I found this odd lady siting in an alleyway with a fold out table and strange items scattered across it. I stopped to have a look as I am always looking for a way to make my life at home as short as possible. The woman looked up at me with a knowing smile, “Problems at home?” “Yeah how did you know that?” I asked a bit taken aback that she sounded like she knew my whole life story. “A boy your age shouldn’t be wandering around this late by himself,” she was fiddling with a talisman. “What kind of problems do you have, maybe I can help?” ”I come from a broken home, ma’am,” I continue to watch her fingers dancing around the relic. “I have no mom, my father treats me like trash. Strange things are happening in my life and I don’t have anyone to talk to about them. I just wish I had a friend that knew me, a friend that a smart and wise and mature. A Role-Model. Something my father should be but isn’t.” She grabbed onto my hand and held it tightly, giving me a huge grin. “My boy, I have just what you might be looking for, and then some.” I gave her a strange look as she reached under the table and pulled out a metal box. She flipped the lid open and pulled out 7 vials of what appeared to be colored dust or powders. “These are magic!” I gave her an awkward, confused stare. “Magic? That’s one thing I stopped believing in a long time ago.” “Don’t be foolish boy!” she placed them in my hand and cupped my fingers around them. “Once you use one, you will begin to realize the power they have.” The tops all had numbers on them, I think letting the user know the order of how to take them or how to give them to someone. “So what am I supposed to do?” “You need to find someone who you really trust, my boy! Find a way to get each of the powders ingested into the one you choose! Each of the vials have the power to alter a person’s life, so make sure you choose wisely and only use them on one person!” “And how do I know which one does what?” I asked her. She gazed deeply into my eyes. “I’ve been watching you, Seth. I know what struggles you are facing. These are tailored just for your life and the one you choose to use them on! Just be careful and do not use them all at once as it might cause problems.” I nodded my head. “Ok, I guess there’s no harm in trying them out.” I felt a cold chill run down my back. I looked up at the sky seeing it was getting dark. When I looked back to the old woman, she was gone and so was her little alleyway shop. I decided it was time to head home and deal with more crap. Tomorrow is a new day and I needed to find someone I could try these vials of powder on… NEXT UP - VIAL 1
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