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  1. EtherealGrowth

    A friend like me

    With the new year commencing and fresh ideas churning in my mind, I find it is time I share a story once again. This theme keeps on lingering in my mind and it is just very fitting for this particular audience. I've written a similar story once before but unfortunately it has vanquished into the abyss after the server crash. You could say the story you're about to read, especially it's details, also faded away in time... A friend like me - Chapter 1: It's a BAZAAR world out there The thing with fairytale, myths, and folklore is that the details and often not so happy-go-lucky endings are frequently left out or changed. This story is no exception to that phenomenon, which is why it is definitely worth reading. Now... let's begin our story in the land where caravan camels roam. Dashing through the narrow streets, products rolling of carts, freshly hung laundry falling on the dusty paths, and sweat travelling down his body. A quick, hooded, figure made his way through the busy Bazaar aiming for the outskirts of the city, a bag hanging over his shoulders. Tumultuous sounds heard all over the place. "STOP! THIEF!!!" a buldering voice echoed from behind him. The chasers were surely gaining on him and it was almost over for him. In a split second a little throwing-knife slid from under his sleeve and with a flick of his wrist it dashed toward the inner gate. The knife made a clean cut through the rope and the gate started to lower. The figure dug under the falling gate and a loud crash followed as it hit the ground. He looked back through the gate's bars and saw an exhausted Royal Guard unit; led by THE Razoul himself. "Always fancy seeing you my fellow Agrabahnians and have an enchanting day" the supposed thieve said. Quickly the figure disappeared into the busy crowd of working folk and continued his way onward. While our stranger is continuing his way, I'll shed some light on the time and scenery we're dealing with. This story, as you've probably already guessed, takes place in Agrabah; wealthiest of the kingdoms in the Seven Deserts and most strategically located within the Citadel. It is currently under the rule of the Hamed Sultanate, with its current head of state: Sultan Hamed III. A city of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan! A real melting pot of social classes. Before I start rambling about this bustling city, let's get back to the story. Our mysterious stranger had made his way to the infamous, Thieves Quarters, a place where crime was the norm and not the exception. Not the safest place to be you'd expect but because of its reputation, not many dared go there. Amidst the Thieves Quarters was the Street of Forty Thieves, where our protagonist reached into the well to grab a key. He walked up to a stack of barrels, inserted the key somewhere on the side, turned it and entered the building through the entrance. He was greeted by the sweet smell of perfume lingering in the room. He looked around but saw no-one, he shrugged and dumped the bag in the kitchen area. "You must be Devi," a female voice said. His heart jumped as he turned around and saw a young woman brew herself some tea. "Fuck, you scared the shit out of me... But you're correct m'lady!" Devi said. The woman laughed softly and said: "I heard you had some rooms available, you know, the of the grid kinda type". "Definitely, however I usually hear about arrivals from my companions beforehand," he replied. The lady apologised and told him she would pay extra for the inconvenience. Devi walked over to a little counter, bowed down, pointing his juicy cakes up to the sky, and reached for a key. He pointed to the stairs and directed her to her room: "This is yours, make yourself at home. It ain't much but you won't be bothered by whomever you're running from". "I'm not running from anyone perse," she said, "I'm merely here for observation; Celeste is the name by the way". "I honestly don't need to know miss, the less I know, the better I can protect you" Devi said. Celeste smiled and handed Devi the money, a bunch of exotic coins, but whatever. Devi left the room and started stocking the cabinets with the products he "brought"... You must know Agrabah isn't the easiest city to live in as a mere street rat, or mice if you're female, but juggling a couple of jobs most can get by. This story however, takes place amidst the hottest summer recorded yet. Most crops had decayed, the harvest was practically ruined and the lower class was starting to crumble. It is still a flourishing city, with all its export of silks and jewels, but the scarce import of food is mainly directed towards the upper-class. All the fault of the cowardly Sultan Hamed. "Challenging times are they not..." Celeste said spontaneously. "By the djinn!" Devi said, "How are you so quiet?! But yeah, this Sultan is really making a mess out of it." Devi continued stocking his supply as Celeste stumbled across the walls of the room. It was incredibly hot in the room, the sweat pretty much streaming from his face. Devi took of his hood, revealing his tan and muscular arms, covered in intricate tattoos. Devi had always been quite athletic and was generally gifted in the muscle department. His height wasn't spectacular at 5'7" but he made up for it in raw, pure muscle strength. His arms were big, sturdy forearms, big begins slithering over them, topped with perfectly rounded, 20-inch, biceps. You could clearly sea the musculature of his upper body through the thin and drenched tanktop he wore underneath. Celeste glanced at him, blushed, and quickly continued scanning the shelves. Devi was finished stocking up and quickly smelled his armpits and they smelled utterly foul, like beyond the musk that would make the average human feel horny. "Who are this?" Celeste asked holding a piece of papyrus. Devi walked over and said: "It's me and my mom, she actually started this safe haven years ago. Initially so my dad could return home because he was falsely accused by some vizier." "And this?" Celeste asked. "That's Al, my bonus brother, and his pet monkey Abu. We took him in as a kid and cared for him, since his parents abandoned him. I was always ready to fight for him, good guy! Haven't seen him in a while though..." Devi said. Celeste looked over her shoulder, right into Devi's amber eyes, then looking at his chiseled chin and dark beard covering his chin, his man-bun sagging from its hairband. Devi also glanced into her light grey, almost white, eyes and quickly announced he was gonna wash himself real quick. He rushed towards the washing room on the patio, where he undressed, and started cleaning himself up a bit. After a while Devi was all cleaned and made his way to his room. In all the commotion he totally forgot that he had a guest over and well before he knew it he heard a clattering sound. Celeste had dropped a little plant in a pot when she saw him walking towards her. There Devi stood, butt-naked, his dark long locks still a bit wet and hanging over his pecs. Celeste was presently surprised by what she saw. A beautiful young man with stunning arms, his pecs also covered in tattoos and bulging outwards, topped with pointy nipples. The kind of pecs that sensually bounce when you walk. Underneath a beautiful 6-pack of abs. His whole body was covered in a musky layer of hair. Devi's legs were also impressive, they were thick, you could clearly point out all the different muscle groups within them. Mostly she was amazed by the 6-inch flaccid cock that was dangling between his legs, promptly pressed forward by a pair of luscious balls the size of eggs. "I'm so incredibly sorry, I totally forgot you were here," Devi stammered, "I'll get you some food on the house as compensation!" Celeste looked at him and grinned. "I know a better way to compensate me..." she said and with a flick of her wrist here beautiful, white, silk dress loosened and fell on the floor. The room now filled with two naked individuals. Devi couldn't control his lust and like an animal he rushed towards Celeste. He lifted her up and pressed her body against the wall. The two started kissing furiously as they made their way to Devi's bedroom. On the way Devi's 6-inch flaccid dick turned into a juicy 10-inch poker with a mushroom head on top. Devi threw Celeste on the bed and carefully started caressing her body. She wore beautiful jewelry and wore a silky cover over her heaving breasts. Devi removed the cover and continued kissing her boobs. Celeste started pounding his muscles while Devi was giving her all the poses. He then flipped her around, grabbed her hair, and pounded her for a good while in doggy-style. "RRRRRrrrrrhaaaa... rrrhhaaaa," echoed through the room with every powerful thrust, making Celeste's boobs jiggle up and down, as well as Devi's juicy ass. Just before he climaxed, he pulled out, and a sweet stream of cum landed on Celeste's breasts. Celeste hadn't had such great sex in a long while but was flustered by what happened when Devi climaxed. His eyes, interestingly enough, flared a bright amber coloured light, almost like a flame, when he did. Without giving it much thought, the two slowly drifted away into the world of dreams, a world of endless possibility... Meanwhile within the inner walls of the city, in the Royal Guard HQ, the mood was quite different. Razoul had returned from the Bazaar with the taxes they'd earned from directing the goods to the right merchants. While the poor despised this system, the rich, and mainly a certain vizier, wazir, alchemist, whatever you wanna call him, benefitted the most from it. Almost as if he had a hand in enforcing this new law, like he planted this idea into the Sultan's mind... "You bunch of second-best imbeciles!" a voice bellowed, "How can you lose all that valuable merchandise to a mere street rat". "Vizier Jafar, we were simply outnumbered..." Razoul lied. "Yeah yeah, 10 guys" ... "At least 30 guys were in on it" two guards said at the same time. Razoul quickly shushed them. "Lying now, are we?" Jafar said, "For that you'll be punished Razoul! Leave us be you two!" With a swish of Jafars cobra-headed staff the doors opened and the two rushed out. "Time to pay, my little servant!" Jafar said with a grinn on his face. Razoul undressed, revealing his big and bulky muscle swine body and a leather jockstrap containing a small and fat cock. Razoul was a big dude, about 300 pounds, bulky muscles all over his body, a real muscle swine kinda body, a thick layer of hair all over. A real jiggly bubble butt portruding from behind. He got down on his knees, pulled Jafar's robe to the side and started caressing Jafar's monster cock. It was long and veiny with a cockring on top. "Choke you useless piece of meat!" Jafar said, grabbing Razoul's head and pressing it firmly on his groin. Razoul gave Jafar an insane blowjob, using all the tricks he had up his sleeve. All the while Jafar was humiliating him for his tiny cock. At the end of the heavenly blowjob Razoul's eyes were starting to tear up from the ginormous stallion. Jafar pulled out and said: "Yes... YES... YEHES!!! Serve me, my little bitch!" as he came all over Razoul's face. Thick streaks of cum still running over Razoul's face as Jafar commanded him to get back to work. Eventhough Jafar knew Razoul enjoyed this punishment, it was still worth it considering the immense pleasure it gave him. Razoul was about to leave when Jafar asked: "Enlighten me, cumface, who stole the goods?" "Don't think we've ever caught him sir!" Razoul answered, "He did, however, have very noticeable tattoos om his hands and chest and his eyes had a very mystical amber kinda colour." Jafar mumbled something as he pulled a book from the shelf, opening a secret entrance to his system of tunnels and alleyways throughout the city, quickly disappearing into the darkness...
  2. Danny and The Musclebear God Derrick Danny walked into the changing room and froze at the sight that met his eyes. Standing in the middle of the room was a 55-year-old muscle bear god. He was an impressive 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a broad chest and wide shoulders. His body was an impressive 350 pounds and covered in thick, dark hair. His biceps were huge, bulging out from his body and extending outwards like two massive slabs of granite. His quads were also thick and massive, measuring a full 34 inches around. But what made Danny's heart skip a beat was the sight of the bear god's 8-inch soft dick, which could easily grow to 10 inches when hard. His balls were large and full, and his body was covered in a thick layer of hair. The bear god caught sight of Danny and slowly began to flex his muscles. He started with his biceps, which bulged out to an impressive 23 inches, and then moved down to his quads, spreading them out to show off their full size. His chest and shoulders were also bulging with strength and power. Danny just stood there, mesmerized by the sight of the bear god. He quickly took out his measuring tape and began to measure the bear god, recording all of his impressive measurements. When he was finished, the bear god stepped forward and grabbed Danny, pulling him close. Danny felt his heart racing as the bear god pushed his thick, hard cock against him. Danny could feel the man's strength and size, and he knew that he was in the presence of a superior being. The bear god then commanded Danny to kneel before him and to worship his superior body. Danny complied, feeling a strong sense of awe and admiration for the bear god. He worshipped Derrick, obeying his every command and submitting to his superior strength. The bear god then proceeded to pleasure Danny in ways that he had never experienced before. He used his strength and size to ravage Danny, pushing his limits and beyond. The bear god's thrusts grew more and more intense, taking Danny to heights of pleasure that he had never experienced before. Danny felt his body trembling with pleasure as the bear god aggressively explored his body, pushing Danny's limits and beyond. The bear god's hands grabbed Danny's hips, pushing him down harder and harder as his thrusts increased in intensity. Danny felt himself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and then finally, he let out a loud moan as he felt the bear god's hot cum filling his hole. The bear god then slowly pulled out of Danny, and Danny felt relieved to be free from the intense pleasure. With that, the bear god released Danny and stepped back. Danny quickly gathered his clothes and left, feeling a strong sense of satisfaction. He had experienced something powerful, and he knew that he had been changed.
  3. Rory34

    Ayudando a mi amigo

    Hola, bienvenidos por fin a una nueva historia en español jaja, espero les guste, es una rápida que escribí hace poco. _________________________________________ Mi amigo William siempre fue molestado en nuestro trabajo gracias a su peso y bueno, para una agencia de modelaje la apariencia es algo muy importante. Él es el editor de las fotos y he de decir que hace un excelente trabajo el cuál muchas personas pasan por alto debido a su apariencia. Hay veces en las que incluso los modelos suelen burlarse de él y no puede hacer nada gracias a su timidez, incluso nuestro modelo más grande, Gabriel Janzi se ha sumado a esto y quizá puede que lo lleve un poco lejos con sus malos comentarios hacia él. Yo soy Dylan y a diferencia de William soy un fotógrafo profesional, y me va muy bien en este trabajo, tengo un buen auto, una genial casa con piscina y me puedo permitir varios lujos y todo eso gracias a mi increíble trabajo... Bueno... También tuve otro tipo de ayuda, pero lo explicaré más adelante. Estaba cansado de que se burlaran de William, él siempre es muy amable con todos y siempre estará dispuesto a ayudarte; cuando no me gusta el resultado de una foto siempre puedo confiar en su edición y lo soluciona, realmente me ha sacado de muchos aprietos y creo que es hora de que yo lo saque de este aprieto a él. Así que ideé un plan para que todos dejen de burlarse de William y lo primero que tenía que hacer era invitarlo a mi casa. -. Hey, cómo te va Will? -. Oh, hola Dylan, necesitas ayuda? -. No, para nada, solo quería invitarte a mi casa mañana al mediodía y almorzar juntos. -. Oh, eso sería genial Dylan! Pero... Por qué quieres invitarme a mi? Es decir eres amigo de cientos de modelos y creo que hay mejores opciones que yo... -. No digas eso hombre, te invito porque eres un gran amigo para mi y esta es mi forma de agradecerte ya que lo mereces. -. Wow, no sé qué decir, nunca me habían invitado así me siento muy alagado, así que claro que iré! -. Perfecto, te espero a las doce y media, no me falles, eh? El primer paso está listo, ahora necesito realizar el segundo, el cual es el más importante. Salí temprano del trabajo y conduje hasta las afueras de la ciudad, a un pequeño pueblo y me dirigí a una pequeña tienda, donde una conocida mía podía ayudarme con esto; recuerdan que dije que tuve ayuda con lo bien que me iba en mi vida? Bueno pues todo es gracias a Yuni, una amiga que tiene un gran conocimiento con cosas mágicas como talismanes, pociones, maldiciones y varias cosas más. -. Cómo estás Yuni? -. Dylan!? Cuanto tiempo! Qué te trae por acá? *Dijo abrazándome* -. Bueno, vine a pedirte un favor... -. Lo suponía jajaja, quieres otra poción de buena suerte? Más de la que tienes ya? -. No, no es para mi, es para un amigo. -. Y qué necesita tu amigo? -. Bueno... *Le expliqué la historia de William y mostrándole su foto* -. Ya veo... Así que quieres que dejen de molestarlo por su físico, no es así? -. Así es, y me preguntaba si tenías algo para que la gente dejé de tratarlo mal, algo como un collar o una pulsera, lo que sea para que dejen de hacerle bullying en el trabajo. -. Bueno... Temo decirte que ya no tengo nada para evitar el bullying, varios estudiantes de secundaria han venido y se los han llevado todo... -. Ow, que mal... -. Pero, si el problema que tiene la gente con él es su físico, creo que tengo lo necesario para él! *Yuni fue y sacó una cajita con una marca de un brazo musculoso en la cuál venía un frasco pequeño con forma miembro masculino* Esta es, la pócima de olympus! Es lo que ayudará a tu amigo y lo transformará de un tierno gordito a una bestia musculosa. -. Wow, realmente eso hace este frasquito!? -. Sí, solo funcionará si la persona que se bebió la pócima es expuesta al sol y está mojado y lo único que te tengo que decir es que las personas que beben de este frasco suelen tener efectos secundarios como un gran deseo sex- -. Me lo llevo! Además, lo invité a mi casa a almorzar y estaremos cerca de la piscina. *Dije interrumpiendola* -. Perfecto! Estaba muy feliz, pensar que iba a convertir a mi amigo en un titan, se oía tan excitante, la verdad no podía esperar para mañana, compré la pócima y me fui al centro comercial para comprarle ropa a mi nuevo amigo que conoceré mañana. Llegué a casa y dormí para estar preparado, me levanté temprano y preparé todo, ya eran las doce en punto y decidí preparar la bebida para mi amigo, se trataba de un coctail de piña colada y como ingrediente principal la pócima de olympus. Vertí la pócima en la bebida y al hacerlo, pasó de amarillo a morado al instante, todo estaba ya listo, solo debía esperar al invitado especial. Esperé veinte minutos y escuché el timbre, llegó justo a tiempo, lo recibí y lo llevé al patio, cerca de la piscina, iba con unos shorts y una camisa blanca que era demasiado grande, incluso para él, pero nunca le gustaba usar camisas de su talla, le gusta usar ropa más grande para sentirse cómodo. Llegamos a la piscina y le ofrecí la bebida especial, la cual aceptó con todo gusto. -. Wow, morado? Que extraño color, es algún colorante? -. Son los ingredientes, la hice especialmente para ti, jejé. -. Bueno, pues no me negaré a eso. Terminó bebiendo todo el coctail sin dejar ninguna gota. -. Wow, sabes estupendo! Como se llama este coctail? -. Es una receta que una amiga me pasó, se llama Olympus. mi plan había funcionado, todo iba a salir a la perfección, solo necesitaba que se metiera a la piscina. -. Oye... Tengo que terminar de hacer el almuerzo, por qué no te metes a la piscina un rato y luego sales para comer? -. Bueno... Es que me da un poco de vergüenza... Verás, no encontré un traje de baño decente y solo tenía un speedo verde que me regalaron en navidad y no me siento muy cómodo con él, de seguro no te gustará verme puesto con eso... -. Tonterías, me da igual el traje de baño que uses, solo entra bobito. -. Bueno, jejé... Entraré a la piscina... *Dijo con un poco de pena* William se quitó sus shorts quedándose simplemente con su speedo verde fluorescente, he de decir que por su tipo de cuerpo no le quedaba tan bien, pero eso no iba a importar una vez la pócima haya dado efecto. Entró a la piscina poco a poco, yo entré a la cocina y lo miraba por la ventana a cada rato, pero nunca sucedía nada, me cansé de esperar tanto, incluso pensé que no había dado efecto, así que decidí mejor enfocarme en hacer la comida y poner algo de música. -. Oye! Will pondré algo de música, así que si necesitas algo gritalo o ven acá! -. Esta bien Dylan! Le dí una última mirada para ver que pasaba y no ocurría nada... Así que volví a hacer el almuerzo. Mientras tanto William, estaba nadando un poco en la piscina y descansando un rato, pero comenzó a sentirse algo mal. -. Wow, creo que no debí beber ese coctail antes de meterme a la piscina... Ahora me siento algo mal... Mi cabaza me da muchas vueltas, uff... AGGHHH!!! El dolor se hacía cada vez más intenso, William no podía más, gritaba, se movía erráticaticamente, chapoteaba, pero no podía escucharlo por la música, además había perdido un poco la esperanza y pensaba que no iba a pasar nada, hasta que de repente... -. AGHHHHHH! Escuché un grito provenir de una voz grave, salí corriendo a la piscina con mi celular con la cámara puesta, pensé que William ya había salido de la piscina, pero al parecer no. -. Will!? Fuiste tú!? Dónde estás!? No lo veía flotar en la piscina, me asusté por un segundo, quizá se había ahogado... Hasta que apareció... Era él, William, bueno, el nuevo William. No podía creerlo, era mejor de lo que creía, tomé una foto de él al momento de salir de la piscina, tenía que guardar este momento para la posteridad, mi viejo amigo gordito y bajito convertido en un titan musculoso y sexy y con ese speedo que ahora se le miraba tan sexy, simplemente me quedaba sin aliento al verlo. Salió completamente de la piscina, pero al dar un paso, este cayó y se sostuvo con sus gigantescos brazos, fui a ayudarlo, pero pesaba damasiado y pudo levantarse solo; se miraba muy desconcertado. -. Hey! Will estás bien!? -. D-Dylan, qué sucedió!? Y-yo estaba en la piscina todo se puso borroso, todo me dolía, n-no se qué sucedió, por qué te ves tan pequeño!? William respiraba agitado, su pecho palpitaba y ahora tenía dos gigantescos pectorales en estos, se miraba demasiado sexy. -. C-cálmate, no pasa nada, te explicaré lo que pasó, solo siéntate en esta silla... Al sentarse en la silla está última apenas podía soportar el peso del tremendo monstruo que tenía encima. William seguía viéndose preocupado y alerta, parecía que aún no había vuelto en sí por completo, quizá la transformación fue muy repentina, seguía algo asustado. -. Bueno, primero respira un poco Will, tienes que tranquilizarte, vamos, inhala exhala, así, muy bien! *Dije mientras el gigante trataba de calmarse, pero aún tenía una cara asustada* Sé que esto fue muy repentino y puede que estés molesto, pero vi que estabas cansado de que todos te molestaran en el trabajo, así que decidí ayudarte; conseguí una pócima que transformaría tu cuerpo al de una bestia musculosa, y te la dí cuando te bebiste el coctail que te preparé y al parecer te transformarte al pasar tiempo en la piscina. William comenzaba a volver en si, se puso de pie y bajó su mirada y vio su tremendo y enorme cuerpo que había conseguido hace unos pocos minutos, no lo podía creer, estaba sorprendido, miraba sus brazos, sus pechos, sus piernas y su pene que también había crecido y al parecer quería escapar de ese speedo. -. Esto... No puede ser... Tiene-tiene que ser un sueño! Wow, mira, solo Wow! Will se dirigió a la ventana en la cual vió su nuevo y enorme reflejo. -. ESTO ES GENIAL! Mírame, soy una bestia! Me encanta! Nunca creí poder llegar a tener este cuerpo, ni yendo al gimnasio por años lo conseguiría *Dijo Will flexionando sus enormes brazos* Solo mira estas piernas, mis brazos, mi pene también es grande! Y mira estos sexys pectorales! Siempre tuve un fetiche con los pectorales, pero nunca pensé que mis tetas de gordo podrían convertirse en uno sexys y sabrosos pectorales, solo míralos, tan grandes y jugosos, vamos, toca los. Will se acercaba a mi apretando sus gigantescas tetas, las cuales obviamente accedí a tocar. -. Son tan grandes Will, me alegra que te guste tu nuevo cuerpo, que bueno que estés feliz. *Dije sonriendole y tocando sus enormes pectorales* -. Muchas gracias Dylan, esto es lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida, muchas gracias. Me encantaba el nuevo Will, era tan sexy y su voz también lo era. -. No hay de qué Will, lo mereces por ayudarme tanto. *Comencé a apretar los pezones de Will, al parecer eso le encantaba, suspiraba cuando lo hacía* -. Wow, eso-eso se siente bien... Wow... Uff... Will estaba demasiado excitado, al parecer no podía contenerlo más. -. Oye... Puedes prestarme el baño!? Lo necesito rápido! *Dijo Will con sus manos en su entrepierna* -. Sí, claro, ve, está al fondo a la izquierda. William se fue corriendo al baño, así que decidí ir arriba a bajar toda la ropa que le compré. Mientras tanto William estaba en el baño, pero se encontraba dándose placer asimismo, al parecer no podía contener más su excitación, debía sacarlo, masturbaba su enorme verga rápidamente, pellizcaba sus pezones mientras lo hacía y esto lo ayudó a venirse, chorros de semen salían del nuevo pene de Will, dejó todo completamente empapado. -. UFFF AGH! Escuché un grito venir del baño, baje rápidamente con la ropa en mano y fui a ver que pasaba; Will salía del baño y se cubría su miembro, y parecía muy apenado. -. Hey, está todo bien? -. Sí... Solo tuve un problema, pero creo que ya pasó. *Decía Will con una grave y tierna voz al mismo tiempo* -. Muy bien, esto es para ti! *Dije mostrándolo una bolsa* Como supuse que necesitarías ropa nueva, luego de tu transformación, decidí comprar te esta, solo son un pantalón, una camisa y unas sandalias, todas extra grande. -. Wow, en serio, muchas gracias, no sé cómo agradecértelo... Este... Podrías pasarme el pantalón? Jeje... Will se puso sus pantalones nuevos, le quedaban muy bien, y algo apretados, se miraba muy sexy con ellos, e incluso se le formaba un buen paquete. -. Bueno, la verdad es que lo hice con gusto, pero si algún día quieres recompensarme estaré dispuesto a hacer lo que sea. -. M-muchas gracias, jejeje... La verdad es que me encanta mi nuevo cuerpo, pero me da un poco de pena que me quedé tan apretada la ropa... -. Bromeas? Mírate ahora! Te ves estupendo! Yo creo que necesitas mostrarle a todos lo genial que te ves! Mostrarles que ya no eres William el gordito, sino William el sexy monstruo musculoso! -. Sí... Creo, creo que tienes razón, sí. -. Muy bien, ahora si quieres podemos pasar la tarde jun- -. Es cierto! Tengo que salir y que el mundo vea mi nuevo yo! Adiós Dylan, iré a disfrutar un poco de mi nuevo cuerpo, Muchas gracias! William, me interrumpió y luego de decir eso, tomó sus cosas y se fue corriendo, aún con su camisa mojada, su pantalón apretado y sus sandalias nuevas, se veía muy sexy, pero me dejó sin poder hacer nada, nisiquiera me escuchó al detenerlo, me sentía muy frustrado, pero al mismo tiempo, estaba seguro que no era la última vez que lo iba a ver, y no podía esperar a verlo mañana en el trabajo, luego de eso, me dirigí al baño y al entrar, encontré lo que Will había hecho; dejó todo cubierto de su semen, el lavamanos, las cortinas, el espejo, todo estaba lleno de su lefa, era por eso que estaba tan apenado. Mientras tanto William fue a hacer varias compras, ropas, zapatos, calzoncillos, jock straps y varias cosas más, al parecer usó todo el dinero que había ahorrado toda su vida. Llegó la noche y Will se encontraba solo en su habitación, acababa de salir de bañarse, estaba completamente desnudo, se miró frente al espejo, pensó en lo que dije, de mostrarle a todos su nuevo cuerpo, y al final suspiró y dijo. -. Realmente... Este soy yo... Desde mañana todo será diferente, todos me tratarán diferente, yo soy diferente. Llegó la mañana siguiente, yo fui al trabajo en mi auto lujoso como siempre, entré y extrañamente no vi a Will en su escritorio, era extraño, él era siempre el que venía temprano, todos habían llegado menos él, realmente pensé que ya no vendría; pero al parecer me equivoqué. Will entró por la puerta principal, estaba usando una camiseta sin mangas que le quedaba algo ajustada, parecía que sus pechos iban a salir en cualquier momento, junto a eso, también llevaba unos jeans oscuros y ajustados en los cual se formaba un enorme paquete, justo como el de ayer, y por último unas botas timberland; todos estaban sorprendidos viendo a semejante bestia entrar de una manera muy confiada y vistiendo de una forma muy sexy, unos no sabían quién era, pero los que solían molestar a William se dieron cuenta de que era él, el gordito William, pero ahora convertido en un monstruo sexy y musculoso. Todos murmuraban, obviamente estaban hablando de él, y al parecer no le importaba, de hecho podría asegurar que le gustaba que hablaran de él, realmente lo opuesto a como era antes; Will, seguía caminando con una cara muy confiada, se dirigía hacia mi. -. Hola Dylan, Buenos días. *Dijo con su sexy y profunda voz* -. H-hola, buenos días... Dormiste bien? Me derretía por ese hombre, tanto que casi no podía hablar. -. Sí, jajá, dormí tan bien; luego de irme a casa comí como loco, incluso más de lo que comía cuando estaba gordo, y también me masturbé tres veces antes de dormir, fue muy bueno, al parecer este nuevo cuerpo me pide nuevas necesidades que no tenía antes. -. Wow, tres veces, eh? -. Sí... Desde que me transformé en esto suelo estar muy caliente, incluso lo estoy ahora... *Dijo dando un largo suspiro* Sabes? Daría lo que fuera para que alguien de aquí me haga una mamada ahora mismo. Eso fue, al decirme eso no podía más, estaba realmente exitado, tenía que hacer que ese gigante me diera esa mamada. -. Oye, yo estoy libre unos 15 minutos, sabes? -. Jejé, sabía que podía contar con mi mejor amigo aquí. Vamos a divertirnos. Me tomó con un brazo, me puso en su hombro y me llevó al armario del conserje, ahí bajó sus pantalones hasta sus rodillas y sacó su verga de ese jock strap que parecía que iba estallar en cualquier momento, yo comencé abriendo mi boca e iba a mamarsela poco a poco, o al menos ese era mi plan hasta que el gigante tomó mi cabeza con una mano y la acercaba y alejaba bruscamente hacia él, sinceramente no sé como pude aguantar semejante falo, llegaba hasta lo profundo de mi garganta que incluso dolía y además tenía que abrir bien la boca, ya que era muy grueso, tenía que pedir pausas para respirar y el me las daba, pero tan pronto podía regresaba a tomarme de la cabeza y hacer que se la chupara; mientras tanto yo solo podía masturbarme, me excitaba mucho esto, esto es lo que quería, quería sentir todas las fibras de este hombre dentro de mi. -. Que rico, por dios! Nunca, agh, nunca me la habían mamado antes, esto es demasiado bueno... Mierda, agh! Yo solo gemía a todo lo que decía y veía atentamente su cara, le encantaba volar mi boca con su enorme tranca. -. Puta, creo que... Ahhh... Creo que me voy a venir! El ritmo comenzó a acelerarse y yo ya me estaba viniendo también, se veía que iba a explotar en cualquier momento, hasta que... Lo hizo, se vino dentro de mi y tragué sus litros y litros de esperma que había depositado en mi boca. -. Agh... Wow... Si... Que tiraste mucho... Semen... *Dije con mis últimos alientos tirado en el piso* -. JAJAJA, wow! Me siento realmente poderoso ahora! Eso estuvo muy bueno, siempre quise que me hicieran una mamada, que bueno que fuiste tú el que me la hizo. Luego de decir eso me levantó y me besó mientras que yo aún tenía rastros de su semen en mi boca. -. Oye... Si tienes tiempo ahora podemos seguir con esto, aún tengo mucha leche aquí mismo. *Dijo moviendo su enorme pene y sus grande bolas* -. Uff... Agh, lo siento, tengo una sesión de fotos con Gabriel ahora mismo, será una sesión de él completamente desnudo, quizá te la pase luego para que la edites. -. Desnudo, eh?.. Bueno, creo que quiero ver eso también. -. Sí, ya me tengo que ir y estoy empapado. -. Oh, no te preocupes, en mi escritorio tengo unas toallitas húmedas para que te limpies. Eso fue realmente amable, parecía que aún quedaba un poco del viejo Will en esa enorme montaña de músculos con gran deseo sexual. Luego de limpiarme, llegó el momento, era hora de sacar a relucir mi talento y tomarle las fotos al modelo más grande de la compañía, Gabriel Janzi, el cuál también era uno de los más grandes bullies de Will. Yo sabía que Will tomaría venganza en cualquier momento, el problema era que no sabía cuándo ni cómo, así que en cualquier momento podría atacar, además que Gabriel no sabía nada aún del cambio de Will, así que quería estar ahí para ver su cara cuando se entere de esto. Gabriel ya estaba listo, tenía un cuerpo genial, un miembro muy bueno y un trasero grande, pero nunca podría llegar a ser igual de sexy y grande que Will eso estaba claro; todo estaba listo, Gabriel en su posición posando, yo con el lente preparado y apuntando, cuando de repente. *PUM* Bruscamente Will entró a la sala repentinamente con una cara decidida, Gabriel como su bullie, lo reconoció al instante, estaba atónito ante semejante monumento. -. William? Que mierda te pasó? -. JAJAJA, te sorprende verme, no pequeñín? luego de muchas burlas, bromas y comentarios, se podría decir que finalmente obtuve lo que siempre merecí. Will se acercaba más y más a Gabriel, hasta tenerlo entre él y la pared, donde comenzó a romper su camisa, pantalones y reventó su jock strap quedando completamente desnudo y con su miembro totalmente erecto. -. Q-qué vas a hacer!? *Dijo Gabriel preocupado* -. Darte lo que siempre has merecido a ti también... Y sucedió lo inevitable, Will tomó a Gabriel de su trasero y comenzó a lamerlo, y abrirlo, luego de un rato escupió a su enorme verga para lubricarla y lo introdujo bruscamente al ano de Gabriel. -. AGHHH!! DETENTE... YAAGHH -. JAJAJA, no cabrón, Agh- estas bien rico, uff, lo tienes bien apretadito. William embestía fuertemente a Gabriel, disfrutaba hacerlo gritar, disfrutaba darse placer con la persona que lo molestaba, realmente era excitante, tanto que hasta tuve que empezar a masturbarme también. -. Uff, que rico! Oye Dylan, deberías tomar fotos de esto, estoy seguro... Agh, que a todos les encantará verme violar a este maricón. Y así como lo dijo lo hice, comencé a tomar fotos de la tremenda cogida que Will le daba a Gabriel, solía cambiarlo de posición siempre, lo ponía en cuatro y comenzaba a flexionar para la cámara, lo cargaba y pedía que enfocara la cara de Gabriel gimiendo como loco, incluso lo hacía chupar su enorme pene mientras el pellizcaba sus pezones de sus enormes pectorales, entre otras, luego de estar un largo rato follando Will comenzaba a aumentar velocidad al igual que cuando se la estuve mamando, sabía que se iba a venir, debía estar preparado para tomar la foto final, la foto de la venida. -. UFFF, ME VENGO PENDEJO! AGHHHH -. AGHHH, MIERDA... Will estalló completamente, llenó a Gabriel con su semen, era tanto que su ano seguía chorreando con el semen incluso luego de que Will sacara su enorme tranca, realmente lo había hecho, se había vengado de su bravucón y de la mejor manera posible. -. Ahhh... Esto fue... Demasiado bueno... creo que no me había venido tanto antes, dejé todo empapado... Jejé... Oye... Dylan, tómame una foto, con mi verga cubierta de semen, estoy seguro que me veo muy sexy, no es así Gabriel? -. Aghhhh... -. DIJE! NO ES ASÍ GABRIEL? -. Aghhh...Sí...lo eres... -. Jajaja... Veo que estas empezando a entender tu nueva posición aquí... Tomé la foto como pidió, realmente era muy sexy, un completo dios musculoso en todo su explendor luego de haber preñado a su presa. Will salió de la sala de fotografía completamente desnudo, junto a Gabriel y yo en cada uno de sus brazos, Gabriel se encontraba casi inconsciente con tremenda cogida, mientras que yo sin pantalones y con mi pene escurriendo un poco de semen, pero claro, para nada como el pene de Will, estaba cubierto y escurría mucho más que él mío. El jefe llegó molesto y se sorprendió al vernos y más al ver que uno de sus mejores modelos fue bruscamente follando por el editor, se quedó sin palabras, así que decidí mostrarle las fotografías que había tomado, en especial la última, en la que Will lucía en todo su explendor. -. Esto... Esto es increíble! Es lo que necesitamos, un dios musculoso! Esto nos ayudará a vender más! Cómo dices que te llamas grandote? -. Me llamo William, soy el editor de acá. -. William, te interesaría ser nuestro nuevo modelo estrella? -. Claro que sí! Me encantaría serlo! Pero antes... Tengo unas pequeñas peticiones que quisiera que se cumplan... Y eso fue lo que cambió la vida profesional de Will, pasó de ser el editor gordito y maltratado a ser la nueva estrella de nuestra empresa de modelaje; claro que con algunas peticiones que se tuvieron que cumplir... Ahora Gabriel tenía que ser el asistente de William y debía servirlo y tratarlo como su amo y ser su puta personal, también le consiguieron un cuarto de descanso, que era donde solía follar a Gabriel cuando tuviera ganas, aunque también solía ir con él para tener un poco de sexo candente, ya que era increíble hacerlo con él y al parecer también le encantaba hacerlo conmigo, incluso comenzó a llevar a más chicos para follarlos, realmente le encantaba pasar el rato ahí, no lo molestabamos para nada, solamente para las seciones de fotos y prueba de vestuario, las cuales estaba feliz de hacer siempre. Sin duda la vida de Will dió un completo giro, él estaba encantado con su nuevo cuerpo, nuevo trabajo, nueva vida, fue lo mejor que le pudo haber pasado, incluso fue de lo mejor que pudo pasarme a mi, tener a un macho que esta dispuesto a tener sexo cuando quieras, es de lo mejor, y por eso es que estoy feliz de haberlo ayudado, estoy feliz de haber ayudado a mi amigo. _________________________________________ Y esto fue todo, espero que les haya gustado, y disculpen si se siente algo apresurada o si hay algún error, pero realmente tenía que sacar esta historia ya, no podía aguantarme más xD Por cierto, algunas de las imágenes son unos edits que hice, no son reales (ojalá y si)
  4. RealIn2Growth

    Corrupting Absolutely

    This story was a fun one to write. It was a commission and I was asked to create a world where an innocent is corrupted by more and more power. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments. Corrupting Absolutely It all started innocently enough. I was staying at the beach at my parents’ house while they were on a month-long cruise. I normally wouldn’t have the time to house sit, but unfortunately, I had been let go from my job with The Bank. My boss, Thomas Grayson, felt that I needed to get out and find new opportunities. He was afraid that the job was keeping me stagnant. What could I do? Maybe he was right. Thomas and I had started at The Bank together. We had even dated for a year, but he had come to the conclusion that we were both better off as friends. After we split, Thomas began to really grab life by the proverbial balls. He had started working out at the gym, dressing better, and progressing higher in The Bank while I was still in the same position. I could tell by the way he spoke to me that he was trying to look after my own best interests. He had even put together a pretty good severance package for me. Since I didn’t have to worry about money for the next 6 months, I decided to wait to find a job till the start of the new year. I had sent out some resumes and talked with some recruiters, but I wasn’t actively looking for employment at the moment. Let me tell you, there is nothing more depressing than staying at a beach house during the winter. My parents had moved to the beach six years ago after they both retired. They never seemed to mind the winter season when most of the town packed up and left, but then again, they often went on long vacations during that time. Since I wasn’t working, they thought it would save them some money if I drove down and house-sat instead of hiring a professional to do it. As I said, I had lots of free time, so why not? The house isn’t very large. After climbing 20 steps, you arrived at a wooden porch with two rocking chairs on it and a table. This was an amazing place to watch the sun set during the summer, but I doubted I would be using them very much during my stay. The front door brought you automatically into the living room that had a dining room attached. The small kitchen was off to the right while the bathroom was down the hall to the left. There were two bedrooms. I would be staying in the guest bedroom and kept my parents’ bedroom closed so nothing would be disturbed. The first week flew by. I caught up on several television shows I had been wanting to watch for years as well as a couple of books. Each day I’d get up early, go for a jog in the beach, go work out at the local gym at 11.00 am so that it was fairly empty, grab a coffee at Starbucks, and then just chill for the rest of the day. Often in the afternoons I’d go for a walk along the beach, but for the past three days it had been raining, so I was staying inside. While waiting for my coffee at Starbucks, I saw a sign on the ‘Local Activities’ board for an estate sale. It was taking place that afternoon at the most legendary house in the area: Collinwood. I had only visited my parents a couple of times, and I even knew about it. The Collins family had founded the town in the late 1700’s and made their money with the local cannery and fishing fleet. The massive house stood on a hill away from the town, and for the past 15 years or so, the last member of the family had lived there on her own. When Carolyn died, everything was set to be sold and the house turned into a luxury hotel. Since I had no real plans, I decided to go. Like most of the people there, I was attending to find a good bargain as well as to take a walk around the house and gawk. Everything for sale was at a reasonable price to encourage buying, and I found myself picking up three first editions for a steal along with an ornate wooden puzzle box that caught my eye. The woman running the sale looked to see if the box came with instructions for opening it, but she couldn’t locate any. I told her that was fine, and she ended up taking $10.00 off the asking price. By the time I got back to my parents’ house, the sky was growing dark. I prepared a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and sat down at the kitchen table to try and open the box. Nothing I did moved any of the pieces, and I was beginning to think that it was never going to be opened. It was at 11.30 pm, and I had moved into the living room and was sitting on the couch. After doing nothing for the past six hours, I was surprised to find that I was finally able to move a small square at the top of the box. This led to another piece being released on the side which led to another and another and another. The long box was extremely well made and intricate, having more than 100 sliding or turning pieces to uncover. Eventually, as I turned a small, raised circle on the bottom, a large rectangle in the top slid open. A strong smell of honey and flowers rose from the dark recess. I put my hand into the opening but pulled it back quickly as a severe electrical shock zapped it from within. Looking at my hand to make sure it was okay; I then lifted the box and gave it a good shake. I heard a rattling from within. I moved my face closer to the opening to have a peak in and experienced a plume of red mist erupt from within and shoot into my eye and then out into the room. Falling backwards onto the couch, the box fell from my lap and onto the floor. The red mist was filling the room as it seemed an endless supply had been encased in the box. Fearing it was some sort of poisoned gas, I stood up to run outside, but felt an invisible force push me back onto the couch. The mist was escaping from the box so quickly now that the pressure to escape the box had split the entire structure in half. The room was inundated with the red mist until the box emptied, leaving the thick red fog the only visible item in the room. The room had become hauntingly quiet, and the only thing I was able to hear was my heart pounding in my chest. Standing, I was once again propelled backwards by the unseen hand. In this moment of terror, I began to feel another sensation fill my body; I was suddenly incredibly horny. My penis was instantly hard in my sweatpants, and I could feel pre ejaculate begin to drip. Looking down, I watched as the crotch of my sweatpants began to show a large wet spot where I was leaking. I had never had anything like this ooze from my penis before, even though I had read about in forums online, so this was a new experience for me that I was enjoying a lot. The feeling of arousal began to grow exponentially, and soon I found that I had begun to stroke my hard-on through the fabric without realizing I was doing it. I completely forgot about the odd red mist that had filled the living room of my parents’ home, and I closed my eyes, leaned against the back of the couch, and proceeded to pull my pants down and release my insanely hard rod. As I began to stroke my penis, I opened my eyes and saw the mist had begun to start moving in a circular motion around the room. My penis was harder than it ever had been, and I began to have the feeling that my testicles would explode if I didn’t ejaculate soon. A new sensation came over me as I removed my hand from my shaft and placed my arm behind my head. I wasn’t sure what made me do this, but I felt like it was expected of me. Then, with my heart beating even faster, I watched as the mist began to come together in front of me and formed the body of the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He was tall, probably over six foot, and had a tight, firm muscular body. His blonde hair was long and wavy, and fell down over his shoulders. His eyes were a piercing ice blue, and his lips a dark red. Moving my eyes down over his magnificent body, I took in the long and thick phallus that hung down over two large testes. My first instinct was to be afraid, but this quickly faded as The Man began to move until he stood right before me. Falling to his knees, he leaned over my equipment and with one quick movement, took the entire 4 inches into his mouth. In seconds, I was having the most pleasurable blow job I ever had. His mouth did things to my shaft I had never experienced before in my life. He was expertly skilled with his tongue and lips and created just the right amount of suction and tension to make me quickly reach the point of no return. Within seconds I was ejaculating in the man’s mouth, his throat acting like a vacuum to take in every drop. Just when I thought I had finished cumming, he grabbed onto my balls with his right hand and forced more and more out of me and into his stomach. The pleasurable sensation soon moved to pain as it felt like he was draining every drop that my testicles held. Eventually, his hunger satisfied, he moved off my Johnson and proceeded to lick any small drop he may have missed. He then stood up, allowing me to take in all his glory. He appeared to be studying me as intensely as I was looking at him. Finally finding the strength, I opened my dry mouth and spoke. “Who… who are you?” Without moving his lips, I heard the man’s words echo throughout the room. “I have no name… no form… until you give me one. This body pleases you?” His voice… was this his voice I heard in my head… it was deep, masculine, and commanding. “Yeah. You’re amazing.” “You released me.” The tall man’s voice had an accent I couldn’t place. “I am bound to you until I fulfil your three deepest desires.” “My three desires?” “Yes. Once fulfilled, then I am free to return to my own dimension until the next worthy individual opens the box.” “So… my desires… they’re like wishes?” “They are as I said. They are desires.” “I can ask for anything?” My mind raced through what I might ask for from what had to be the sexiest genie I could imagine living. “You ask me for nothing. From your essence that now courses through me, I have pulled out the three most potent and secret desires you possess.” “You know already what I want?” “I know what you desire. These are needs that you may hide from even yourself but will now be yours.” From far away, yet filling the room with sound, I heard a clock tower chime. The sound of the bells resonated through my entire body like an electric current. “Your desires shall be fulfilled. The wheel has been set in motion… and once in motion… there is no stopping it.” I watched as the form of The Man begin to revert back into red smoke while the puzzle box began to reset itself. The opening in the top proceeded to grow smaller as the smoke returned back from where it came and soon disappeared from view. All I could hear was his voice. “The path shall take place over the course of three midnights. You will hear the bell chime, and you will know your desire will then be granted. Never shall you see me again, Joel Matthews.” The top of the puzzle box closed, and the room was silent. I shook my head. Had all of that really happened? Had the mist been some sort of hallucinogen and I had just dreamed it all? As if to answer my question, I heard the bell ring and felt the current course through my body once again. Then, from around me and from within, I heard the man’s voice. “To you… granted your desire for supreme virility.” “What?? What do you mean? I have no clue what you’re talking about!” I stood up half expecting the invisible force to knock me back onto the couch, but nothing happened. I crossed over to the puzzle box and picked it up, looking closely at it as if answers might be printed on its surface. As there was nothing, I moved over to the kitchen and set it down on the table. I must have been asleep. That could be the only explanation. I had to have been dreaming. There was no way any of that could have been real. I must have fallen asleep before I even began solving the puzzle box. I ended up having an insane dream about some sort of genie that told me what wishes… no… desires he was going to grant, and then woke up when the box fell onto the floor. It was all so easily explained. I’d been by myself for too long. That was the problem. I was imagining hot men when I should be out meeting them. No wonder I had a crazy sex dream. I needed to get laid. That’s exactly what would help pull me out of this loneliness. I walked back over to the couch and grabbed my phone. I opened the Lock Screen and proceeded to pull up my Grindr app. There wasn’t much of a selection out here in the middle of nowhere, but somebody was better than no body. Looking at the selection, I began to get hard thinking about what I might be getting up to tonight. Yeah. This was exactly what I needed. I scratched an itch on my face and kept scrolling. There was one guy, a fit man in his early 50’s that caught my eye. Looking at his pictures of himself running a marathon and working out, I could see that he took care of himself. He wasn’t too far from me. I’d be willing to drive up to 30 minutes for some fun tonight. I scratched my face again and was about to message this guy when I decided that I needed something to drink. The room was a little hot and my throat was dry. I got up from the couch and quickly entered the kitchen. Opening up the fridge, I began to reach for a Diet Coke, but instead the idea of drinking one of my father’s beers became a better option. I opened it and took three large gulps. No. This wasn’t doing the job. I drank some more, but my throat just seemed drier than minutes before. Fuck this, I thought. Beer is for frat boys and pussies. Suddenly, it came to me what would quench my thirst. I needed a shot of whiskey. I grabbed a tumbler, put a cube of ice into it, and walked to the liquor cabinet in the living room. From there, I poured a double whiskey over the ice to cool it slightly. Raising the glass to my lips, I took a sip and felt the burn as it traveled down my throat. Oh yeah, I thought, that hits the spot. I poured some more into the glass to make up for what I had already drunk, and crossed back over to the sofa, scratching my stomach. Sitting there, I took a sip, and rubbed my dick, feeling how sensitive the shaft was, how full my balls felt. I set the glass down on the side table and proceeded to pull my sweatpants down to my ankles. Once freed, my dick stood stiffly at attention, the head a deep angry red color. The vein that ran down the side looked much larger than it ever had been before, and I could feel the constant pressure as it forced more blood into the shaft. I had showered when I had gotten home from the gym but found the woodsy metallic musk smell rising from my balls intoxicating. I had never paid attention to my own scent and discovered that it made my mouth water and made me even hornier. I stroked the length of my 4-inch penis and felt a wad of precum rise out of my prostate, up the shaft, and fire onto the wooden floor below. Reaching down to rub my precum around the head and shaft, I found that it also had my sharp woodsy scent, but even more potent and domineering than anything had ever smelt. I kicked my sweatpants off of my ankles and spread my legs wider. Fuck it felt so good… taking up more room on the couch and airing out my cock and balls. I rubbed my balls and felt how incredible… how powerful they were. A rush of heat passed through my balls, and I watched as they began to swell larger, taking up more room in my sack. A minute later, the same rush of heat, yet this time it was slightly stronger, and I was able to see them both grow again. This time, my ball sack stretched as well, and even lying back against the cushions of the couch, my balls began to hang much lower and rested on the sofa. Several wads of precum shot out of my cock again as my balls proceeded to gain more mass. Soon, what had once been walnut sized, now resembled large eggs. I lifted them up with my hands and could feel how much more weight they had then before. As I held them, I felt another rush of heat, and experienced their growth as they took up more room in the palm of my hands. I stood up and felt the hefty weight my balls now had as they pulled down on my crotch. They had surpassed egg size and now looked like I had shoved two peaches in my sack. I felt them both churning, gaining more power to produce more sperm. I whimpered as they grew larger once again. Remembering why I stood up, I proceeded to take my shirt off, and was amazed to see dark hair now coated my chest and traveled down over my stomach and joined in with my crotch. I lifted my right arm to see the excess of hair growth that had taken place there as well. A whiff of my own musk rising from my pits made me even hornier and was proceeded by my testicles growing even larger. These are now the fucking cum factories of a man, I thought as once again the swelled. Precum was now constantly leaking from the head of my cock and had proceeded to form a puddle on the wood floor below. My own scent was filling the room, becoming even stronger as my testosterone levels rose higher. I ran my hand over my chest and felt the hair that had most recently grown there become much longer and begin to cover more area of my chest. Looking down, I could see that my arms and legs had also become much hairier, and my crotch had proceeded to grow a significant forest of its own. Again, my balls grew bigger, but this time the sensation was more magnified as I felt a large amount of blood be forced into my cock. This occurred repeatedly, proceeding to stretch the shaft longer and thicker. I leaned back onto the couch and closed my eyes. Whatever was happening to me felt so incredible. My whole body was feeling sensations I had never experienced before. Every inch of my skin felt more sensitive, causing me to moan, a sound that was now much deeper. I opened my eyes and gaped at my growing cock which had to be nearly 9 inches long, and so thick that I could barely touch my thumb and middle finger together. The head was much fatter than the shaft and I knew that at that moment it would definitely be a challenge for anyone to get in their mouth. I scratched my face and discovered that my jaw was now covered in a formidable beard. Never in my life had I been able to grow a beard, and now I had one that I could run my fingers through and tug! I couldn’t believe how incredible masculine I felt… how masculine I must look. Just having a massive cock and balls made me into a stud, but being hairy as well simply magnified that. No one would be able to resist me anymore. Guys would be lining up to take a ride on my fuck stick! I flexed my arm and watched my bicep jump. I’d need to work out harder to grow a body that deserved a cock like mine, but I had never realized that my body was in much better shape than I had thought. Bringing my face closer to my pit, I inhaled my potent musk. This was how a fucking man smelled. He didn’t smell like fucking cologne or flowers… he smelled like sex… he smelled like the gym… he smelled like the testosterone that flowed through his body. I grinned and let out a low bellow of a laugh and downed the rest of the whisky that had been in the glass. Not wanting to be forgotten for one moment, my cock and balls surged even larger. While I was paying attention to my body, my cock had done some significant growing. I had no idea how so much blood could be forced into the shaft without having passed out, but I was shocked to see that it had grown to be thicker than my own arm and was nearly as long! My balls were now each the size of oranges, and precum no longer leaked out, but flowed like a faucet turned on full blast. The floor was a mess, coated with so much pre that it looked like about 10 drunk men had pissed on it! The entire house smelled of me now. The scent was strong and domineering and was being exuded from every pore. I felt a sharp snap, and my cock proceeded to grow even longer until I knew that it had to be over 13 inches long. So used to my 4-inch penis, my cock now resembled a fucking monster that every man would envy when they saw it in the locker room showers. Fuck!! I couldn’t wait to show this thing off in the gym tomorrow. Hell, there was no way I was ever going to be able to hide this beast, and I never wanted to. All I could think of was fucking and cumming. I needed to fuck over and over again. I was never going to be satisfied. My balls were always going to be full and begging for release. My cock and balls grew larger as I began to stroke myself using both hands for the first time in my life. There was so much surface area to cover that it seemed to take minutes to go from root to head. I flipped into my front and began to fuck the cushions of the sofa. Then I had a better idea and ripped open one so that my cock would actually be sliding in the stuffing. I pumped the sofa harder and harder, my softball sized balls slapping against the cushions. I felt my cock grow even more monstrous as I pumped up and down with my ass. Sweat poured down my face as my pheromones spread through the house. Every inch smelled of me… of the most virile man on earth. My desire!! Fuck yeah! That was what I had become… the most virile man on earth! As I fucked the sofa, my cock grew and tore its way out of the cushion. Pulling it out, I began to lick, and tongue fuck the head. For a moment I thought this growth was never going to stop, until I felt my immense balls pull up, and then felt gallons of cum shoot out of my cock and onto myself and the rest of the room. Minutes passed before my orgasm stopped. I looked around and wondered how I was ever going to clean the room. The living room was a mess, but I didn’t care. This was how the most virile man in the world lived. I can’t stop how much pre and cum I produced from my 15 inch monster of a cock! I stood up and felt the weight of my immense cook and balls weigh me down. I crossed to the bathroom and looked at the beast I had become. I oozed sex. My whole body looked like it had become more primal… almost de-evolved due to the intense amount of testosterone that flowed through my body. Needing to piss, I aimed into the bathtub and let loose. It appeared to be a mix of pre and urine, and when it shot out, it caused me to have mini orgasms. I knew I should be tired, but I was wide awake. I needed to fuck. I closed Grindr and opened Scruff. I needed some real men who could handle my cock and sex drive. I took several pictures and videos and began sending them out. At first people didn’t believe it was real, but after a few demonstrations, they were begging to come over and worship it. By 4 am I had 12 guys paying homage to my cock. They had made me cum several times, but it was never enough. My pheromones seemed to have some sort of control over them as they would do anything to please me. As one guy rode my cock, I wondered what more was in store for me. What would be the fulfilment of my other two desires. What were they? I never knew this was one of my desires until it happened to me. Now I couldn’t imagine not living as a sexual beast. I grabbed the guy and flipped him onto the bed, my cock impaling him as I plunged it deeper. I could hear several of the men cleaning my living room and the other rooms where my cum had left quite a mess. What else were cock slaves for? I fucked him even harder until I began flooding his insides with cum. I pulled out and began to shoot all over his body. Forever he would be marked with my scent. When I finally stopped cumming, I told him to get out and send in someone else. I had worn him out, but I was far from done. The most virile man on earth need to fuck. * The sun was bright when I woke up around 2 the next afternoon. I had sent all the men home once they had finished cleaning the house and repairing any mess that I had made. I still felt sexually unsatisfied, but I suspected that I never would be. Although my cock would go limp at times, it was still a hefty piece of meat to carry around. Soft it was 9” long with two softball sized balls. After my shower, I was going to shave off my newly grown beard, but decided to keep it, really liking how the rugged look worked for me. I also noticed that despite any amount of deodorant I would wear, my body gave off a naturally strong pheromone scent. From my observation at the gym that morning or at Starbucks, it was not an unpleasant scent. In fact, it was quite the opposite, and I found myself satisfying three guys in the locker room at the gym and one in the toilet at Starbucks. No one questioned my immense package. It seemed like once they saw me… and smelt me… they expected me to have it. At 7 pm, I sent the three guys that I was fucking home. I wanted to be mentally and physically prepared for what my next secret desire would bring. I sat down with a whiskey and began to run through ideas of what it could be. I had always been a very vanilla person all of my life, so I wasn’t aware that I had desires that I hid. I was happy with my current improvement. I had never had so much sex until the past day, and I was enjoying myself. I never knew how much I enjoyed being a man and how potent being hyper masculine was. I had become the epitome of masculinity and virility. Every pore oozed of it, and I never felt so alive in my entire life. I sat there wondering what was coming next for me. In some ways I wanted out of the next two wishes. I liked what I had now. What could some secret desires be? When I was a kid I had wanted to transform into a werewolf… but that can’t be a desire could it? Fuck. It can’t be something like that! Werewolves don’t exist. I got up and poured myself another whisky and downed it in one go. I looked out the window at the clear night sky. The stars overhead were bright. The moon shone down onto the ocean when suddenly, I heard the chimes of the bell ring and felt a strong electrical current course through my body. My entire body shook from the energy it was being inundated with, this time much stronger than the last. Then, from around me and from within, I heard the man’s voice. “To you… granted your desire for utmost might and sovereignty.” “Utmost might and sovereignty? What do you mean by that? Show yourself! I want to talk. I don’t want the rest of these desires. I’m happy with what I have now.” “The box was opened. Your desires must be set free. You have no choice in the matter.” The voice filled the air as my whole body quaked again, more and more energy being siphoned into it. My body shook uncontrollably as the lights in the house flickered. Falling to the floor, it must have appeared that I was having a seizure as what felt like every atom, molecule, and cell were filled to near breaking with energy. What felt like an eternity, but in reality, it was only twenty minutes, my body finally stopped trembling. I lay on the floor physically exhausted. Every muscle hurt. Was that it? Did I now have utmost might and sovereignty? Did that mean what I thought it did? Supreme strength and rule over everything? I stood up on shaking limbs. I was naked. Looking down where I had lay, I saw with a shock the burnt remains of the clothes I had been wearing as well as the outline of my body had been burnt into the wooden floor. Moving to the bathroom, each step I took left another burnt footprint on the floor. My heart raced as I tried to comprehend what was happening to me. Just as I was going to turn on the lights in the bathroom, I realized there was no need. My eyes glowed such a bright white color that they illuminated the entire room. I began to panic as I looked into the mirror and saw the burning white light my eyes had become. I no longer had any resemblance of a pupil. Just this intense white glow. I grabbed onto the sink and watched as my handprint began to burn into the ceramic. I pulled it away, but as I did, I felt a pressure well up behind my eyes and explode outward. A swelling beam of light shot from my eyes and obliterated the mirror in front of me. I leaped backwards, covered my eyes with my arm, and fell onto the commode. All the areas that my skin touched began to smoke and burn, quickly melting the plastic of the seat. Standing, I uncovered my eyes, and in the broken shards of glass, I could see they were just the glowing orbs I had before. Through concentration though, I discovered that I could will the pressure from behind my eyes to rise up and expel a beam of intense energy, burning and melting everything in its path. I let out a burst of nervous laughter as I watched myself destroy the tiled shower in the bathroom just by looking at it. After a couple minutes of practice, I found that this new skill was easy to control and became nearly second nature. My eyes… my body… every inch of me could burn through any material. I knew this wasn’t all. I could sense that my body had changed in many ways and was continuing to change. I left the partially destroyed bathroom and moved into the living room. Standing there, I tried to listen to the subtle changes happening to my body, and as I did, I began to feel myself rise off of the floor and hover above it. When I realized what was happening, my body fell back down to earth with a thud. More concentration enabled me to cause the levitation to occur again as I lifted off the floor and floated closer to the ceiling. A huge smile crossed my face. My desire to be a fucking superhero had come true. Using my mind, I propelled myself out the front door and down to the beach, my eyes glowing and lighting the way. Once I stood on the cold sand, I looked up into the sky, raised my right arm, took a small leap, and took off like a shot into the night sky, red and orange flames trailing behind me as I flew. My stomach fell as I went higher and higher into the air. Moving my body slightly, I was able to move up and down and left and right as well as slowing myself down and hovering in midair. I traveled up and down the coast, going so far as Florida and back up to Maine in no time at all. I never felt cold, and I never seemed to have any issue with lack of oxygen as I flew higher and higher. To test myself, I shot upward like a rocket and kept going up until everything around me was pitch black and I was looking at the Earth below. I inhaled, but the fact that there was no oxygen didn’t seem to bother me. I lay up in the blackness of space for a while until I began to feel I should go home. 15 minutes later, I landed back on the beach where I had begun my journey. As I walked back to the house, I began to feel strange. Not bad… just strange. I felt as if boundless energy was beginning to fill me again. I bounded up the stairs, burning every step, and into the house. Once inside, I felt my back crack, and my body began to slowly grow taller. Another group of cracks, and my arms and legs joined my spine. I was amazed to see how different the world looked as I rose higher and higher. I had lived all of my adult life at 5’8, and now I was moving upwards into the 6-foot category. As I admired my stretching reflection in the glass of the window, I began to feel my shoulders start to widen. As they did, the area of my upper torso became much more expansive. Running my hands over my newly enlarged delts, I could feel that the muscles had grown slightly thicker as well as rounder. My heart began to pound in my chest. I moved to cross to the sofa, but a sharp throbbing pain in my shoulders stopped me from completing the journey. The pain radiated through my shoulders and then down into my torso. I imagined this was what a heart attack would feel like if I didn’t know what it was. I heard a loud snap and crack as my body went rigid and my clavicle began once again to grow wider. The pull on my body was even more forceful this time than it had been prior. The ringing in my head was even louder than it had been before and was followed by intense waves of heat. I felt my shoulders and chest being pulled wider still as a second crack resonated through my body as I felt my backbone being tugged upward. My head was swimming as my torso was pulled and stretched minute after minute. Racked with pain and heat, I felt my legs stiffen. Then, with the now familiar snap and pull I felt my own legs beginning to lengthen further. All I could do was stand there as my body was assaulted with growth. My heart was pounding so loudly that I was afraid it was going to tear itself out of my chest at any moment. The pain grew even worse as I felt my legs, shoulders, and torso shoot upward again. I heard a crash as my right shoulder smacked into the liquor cabinet pushing it roughly into the wall. My lengthening body soon propelled my head upward as my left leg smashed into the television cabinet on the opposite wall of the room, sending it crashing to the floor I let out a “fuck” as I felt my feet start to lengthen. My whole body felt out of control as it grew longer and wider. I began to sweat, but the heat that radiated from my body forced it to evaporate the second it was released. The burning suddenly intensified as the pulling became more intense. My world was unending pain. I never could have imagined growth would feel like this. My body felt like it would burst into flames from the heat being radiated from it, and I could see the burn marks that occurred every time my growing body touched anything. The lengthening of my body began to slow down and eventually stop. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath. Minutes passed before the pulling sensations left my body and I felt more like myself again. Looking around, my head nearly touched the beach house ceiling, which meant I now stood under 9 feet tall. I glanced at myself in the reflection of the windows, and I was in awe of how big I had become. I was not only tall, I was also extremely wide, and I filled a large portion of the living room with my body. I was amazed by how incredible it felt being so tall… so wide! I cracked my neck as a new sensation ran through. I felt a new heat rise up and fill every muscle of my body. For a moment I thought I was going to pass out as I saw colors explode in front of my eyes. My legs felt strong… yet weak as I leaned my body against the wall, the paint beneath me turned black instantly. The new sensation in my muscles grew in intensity as different muscle groups began to flex involuntarily. I felt my stomach cramp, forcing me to double over and begin to pant like a wild animal. Falling to my knees, I felt my minute abs start to become thicker. Looking down, I watched as my abs began to rise like a brick wall on my lower torso and becoming more and more pronounced. Never in my life did I imagine that a six pack could look like a cobblestone mountain range… the crevices between each ab dropping deeper as each peak became more prominent as they expanded and pressed further against my skin. To accommodate such immense abdominal muscles, my waist grew larger as well yet remained tight. As they grew larger, my abs resembled large bricks that had been shoved under my skin and then shrink wrapped. Each ab was so monumental that they fought against each other for more room to grow. I raised my head and looked at the glass of the window. My abs appeared to be bursting from my stomach while my waist became much larger, yet without an ounce of fat. I punched my stomach, and the impact left my hand feeling like I had just hammered my fist against a wall of stone. As my waist thickened, I felt the fire fuel further growth in my hands. I just laughed as I raised my hands and watched my fingers growing longer and thicker. “Hands like fuckin baseball mitts… palms growing wider…. Fuck!! My arms… forearms and biceps… muscles growing thicker! I flexed my arms and watched my bi’s and tri’s engorged further. Each time I flexed, I felt the muscles in my arm swell larger and more pronounced. My guns were filling up with pure power. Flexing them again, I marveled that the peaks of my biceps had grown so high it was becoming difficult to bend my arms. Thick pipe sized veins began to wind themselves up and down my body, feeding each muscle to grow more immensely. My entire body quickly became extremely vascular, forcing more blood into various other parts, helping them to swell. My shoulders began to get rounder as my deltoids joined the rest of my body in spontaneous growth. Gaining more muscle mass, my pecs began to swell, growing rounder until my nipples were forced to point down toward my abs. My lats grew wider, creating an extremely wide V taper on my massive 8-foot frame, while my neck thickened to the size of one of my quads. Moaning as every muscle group continued growing out of control, continually flexing, bulging, swelling, and pulsating on their own. The last muscle group to begin growing was my legs. Making up for lost time, my quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles grew thicker and denser. I could feel the intense burning that had taken up residence in my legs, reminding me of what it must feel like to do thousands upon thousands of squats. I couldn’t stop myself from touching, stroking, and feeling every inch of myself. As I grew thicker, I began to do a most muscular pose. Suddenly, my penis begins to expel a continuous flood of cum onto the floor. Laughing, I continue to flex my body, growing larger by the minute. My shoulders grew wider and rounder… my quads thicker… my pecs more mountainous… my biceps freakishly large… until with a roar, I punched the wall of the living room, and with that one blow, every wall collapsed around me. Lightning began to whip around my naked body touching my skin with its energy. As it roared over me, a tight suit of white and red fabric began to coat my body up to my neck as well as covering my feet and hands. I reached down and felt the fabric over my pecs and knew I had never felt silkier or tougher fabric in my life. Despite now being covered, my musculature could not be hidden. I was immense. A long red cape grew out of the seam below my neck, trailing over my shoulders until it settled right before hitting the floor. A red logo of a C with sparks appeared on my chest as I knew the world would refer to me as Conductivity due to my ability to control all sources of power, whether electrical, wind, or nuclear. “I Am Power!!” My deep voice rattled and then shattered several windows in the house. I projected myself through the ceiling and into the night sky. As I flew faster, electrical energy trailed from my body. The most virile man in the world had now become the biggest and mightiest superhero imaginable. * My existence as Conductivity, the most powerful man in the world was pure bliss. I could do anything and be anywhere at any time. I discovered that my body was indestructible, so no matter what happened to me, there was no way for me to be hurt. I tested numerous ways to kill myself, but happily, none of them worked. As I stood on the Moon, standing where astronauts had stood so many years before me, I realized that the blue marble below me was mine for the taking. Observed on radar and by governments around the world, I tried to keep a low profile, but that’s hard for a 9-foot man in a white and red skintight suit with glowing eyes whose stats were: biceps: 27.9 inches, chest: 72.44 inches, waist: 55.75 inches, quads: 34.26 inches and weighed 779 lbs. My penis has grown along with this body as well making it 24 inches in length and 10.49 inches thick. I could will my uniform to appear and disappear, but nothing could hide what I had become. By 8 am the next morning, I was on every television, newspaper, and internet site. The world wanted to know where I came from and what I was. When questioned, I told them what I knew: I was power. What I didn’t tell them was what I knew was my greatest and scariest strength… If I wished, from my hands, I could now release a nuclear explosion that would destroy countries. This thought scared even me, and I hoped I would never have to display this ability. I didn’t prevent any crime that first day since I felt no real inkling to do so. If I had known of any major disasters, I would have tried to prevent them… but being a superhero was nothing like in the comics or movies. I felt no duty to do any good. I felt no moral obligation. I simply lived with the knowledge that I was more powerful, and therefore more superior than anyone on Earth. I landed at my parents place… which they would have to move out of since I pretty much destroyed it all… and I grabbed my cellphone. Holding it in my hand, I attempted to use it to get on Grindr or Scruff and meet up with someone to fuck, but my fingers were too large and too strong, and I destroyed the thing with one press. I looked at it, and in anger watched as the pieces melted into liquid fire in my hand. Throwing this onto the ground, I flew quickly to Starbucks to meet up with Peter, a guy who had worshipped me just two days prior. Landing in the parking lot, I attempted to enter the store, but found my body was now too tall and wide to go in. Now I was getting mad. I was horny, and I needed release. Using the solar beams I emitted from my eyes, I burnt a massive hole in a side of the building and walked in. The first thing I saw as I entered the store through the new opening were customers all cowering on the other side of the building, all afraid of what I was and what I could do. I walked over to Peter and watched his eyes glaze over as he came in contact once again with my pheromones, now even stronger than before. Without saying a word, I grabbed him and flew up and out of the building through the ceiling, unfortunately ruining the structure and causing it to collapse on everyone within. I looked back at what I had done, but seconds later I realized it didn’t matter. I was so above those people… so above humanity, that it didn’t faze me if some were lost. All I could think of was fucking Peter’s greedy hole. We landed far down south where it was warm. I told him to remove his clothes and I willed my suit to evaporate. I stood before him, my now bare feet melting the sand beneath them, nearly double his size and nearly a thousand pounds heavier. My cock was ready and leaking, but as I moved in closer, I began to realize that as soon as my flesh touched him without the barrier of my suit, he would begin to burn. I tried out my hypothesis by having him stroke and lick my cock, but as soon as he did, he pulled his hands back as if he had just touched a hot stove. Never again would I be able to touch another human man. As soon as I did, they would burst into flames. I angrily cursed The Man who had filled my hidden desire, and knew that one day I would make him pay for who he had done. He had given me an unquenchable sex drive without any way of satisfying it. Using my own hand, I brought myself to orgasm, my cum shooting out of me like lava, knocking down and igniting the trees and grass that it coated. I then took off, leaving Peter in the middle of nowhere. I heard him screaming as he called after me, the entire area on fire, everything quickly burning due to my lava temperature ejaculate. Lucky for you I couldn’t fuck you, Peter, you most definitely would have burned from the inside out! I was power… the most powerful man in the universe, and this power now made it impossible for me to fuck another guy without him dying. At this thought, I got angrier and angrier, and without realizing it, I flew right through a skyscraper. I looked back, and unable to control my own anger and emotions, several fireballs were released from my eyes. The feeling as they launched from my eyes was orgasmic… a full cranial orgasm unlike anything I had felt before. It was a true high. I hurled several more and groaned as my cock hardened. For this… I wouldn’t need anyone else. For this… the pleasure was all mine. I focused once again, releasing wave after waves of fireballs that enveloped the entire building. I could hear the screaming coming from the building as well as below. I willed my suit to disappear, and proceeded to jerk myself off, finally erupting a torrent of lava from my cock that took out streets below. I turned around when I was finished and flew off. That was when I realized… I wasn’t a superhero. I was never meant to be a superhero. Deep down… I was a super villain. When you are so superior to a race… why save them when they mean so little to you. My suit reappeared, covering my body, but this time it was midnight black with a deep red logo, almost the color of blood. My deep red cape fanned out behind me as I flew away, confident in what I had become. I returned for a moment to the shell of a home that once belonged to those humans who originally gave birth to me. Zipping through the rubble, I found the box that I was looking for. Grabbing it, I shot up and into the sky, knowing I’d never return. Landing hundreds of miles away on a deserted island, I threw the box down onto the sand. Taking very little effort to concentrate now, I focused on the box. A laser beam of hot energy shot from my eyes and began to ignite the top of the box. Noticing that the intense heat was doing nothing, I turned up the concentrated energy over and over again until even I was sweating, the sand below where it sat melting and turning to glass. Turning it up once again, the box was inundated with pulses of nearly the strongest energy I could create without destroying everything on Earth. I watched as the Box began to blacken, then smoke, and then begin to burn. I grinned as more of the wooden surface began to catch fire. Eventually, as a deep hole began to burrow into the side, magenta smoke began to billow out and into the sky, taking on the form of The Man I had first seen only days prior, though it felt like years. Again, he didn’t speak with his mouth, but through the use of his mind. “You have pierced a hole between your dimension and mine calling me back. I have granted you two of your three desires… the third to be released upon you in a few hours… what meaning do you see behind this?” “Your wish granting ability sucks, and I don’t like the idea of you granting my desires without my input. I demand a redo with me being consulted. If you don’t, I will do everything in my power to destroy the box.” “Destruction of the box would destroy my dimension killing millions.” “Ah well. Give me what I want. It’s your choice.” A long moment passed before he spoke. “What desire do you wish for me to fulfill?” “What you’ve done to me…what you’ve released in me… you’ve driven me crazy with power. I can’t get enough of it. I want more… I want it all. I want what I am now to be a mere insignificance to what I’ll become. I want ALL power. I want to be Power Supreme… but not tied to anything or trapped… I want every piece of power flowing through me and I am its conduit.” “That desire can not be fulfilled due to what danger it would pose to all existence.” “Then the box will be destroyed.” I focused my eyes and the box and began to ignite it again. “No!!! The box must never be destroyed. It is but one pathway into my dimension… and there are millions into various other dimensions. “They give me what I want. I don’t give a fuck about the rest of existence.” I stood looking at him. I was so much larger than his pathetic frame… more masculine… more powerful. He was envious of what I had become and he was jealous. That was why he wouldn’t give me what I wanted. “The box can not be destroyed.” “I promise… if you give me what I want… the box will survive.” “Although my kind will never again return to this dimension because of what you will become… the box must stay whole.” “You have my word. Now do it.” “Name your desire. Give it life.” “I want to be a conduit of all power from every universe. I want it to flow into me until I am only power!” “As you desire.” As soon as The Man spoke, I heard the bells peel, but this time they were extremely loud… louder than they had ever been. The peel shook me to my very core and caused a vibration to be set off through my entire body. Where before it was only one or two chimes, this time they seemed to be never ending, rising in pitch and intensity. I could feel the sand vibrating beneath my feet as a hot wind circled my body. I could see The Man watching me as the wind grew stronger, my dark hair whipping around my head. “More! Give me more! Give me everything at your disposal!! I want everything!!!” The Man lifted his hands and a current of dark energy transferred from his hands to mine. “More!! I know you have more!! I want it all!!” The current bent and split, the dark energy entering my hands and heart. “MORE!!! GIVE ME EVERY PIECE OF POWER IMAGINABLE!!!!” The ground shook as the current arched and split again, this time entering my hands, heart, and head. Every fragment of my body burned as the power of billions of universes was being forced into me. I started to laugh hysterically, and as I did, I heard my voice drop lower and lower and lower. This made me laugh even more, but now the sound was simply an almighty bellow that echoed all around me. “YES!!!!!” When I spoke, my voice caused the very ground I stood on to shake. “GIVE ME EVEN MORE POWER THAN I CAN HANDLE!!!” I felt The Man’s output of energy intensify even further as I demanded it. My body trembled as I ingested more and more. Looking at him, I could see that he now looked older… weaker…. He was feeding me every ounce of the Universes power including his own. I began to move toward him, the current moving quicker from him into me. Reaching out my arms, I wrapped my hands around his waist and lifted him into the air. This contact caused him to shake as well, as the power I was being fed grew more intense. “GIVE ME ALL OF IT!! EVERYTHING!! I DEMAND IT!!! GIVE ME THE POWER OF EVERY UNIVERSE IN EXISTENCE!!!” “You will drown! You will burn up! No one can handle that much!” “TRY ME!!! YOU ASKED ME TO MAKE MY DESIRE. I WANT THE POWER OF EVERY UNIVERSE IN EXISTANCE TO FILL ME. I DON’T SIMPLY WANT EVERY UNIVERSES POWER… I WANT TO BE EVERY UNIVERSE!!!! GIVE ME MY DESIRE!! NOW!!!! “To have the power of every universe within you and to be every universe!! As… you… desire!!!” Doubting his words, I pulled him toward me and wrapped my hands around him. All the Earth shook as I forced every ounce of unlimited power into my own body. I pressed him further into me and began to feel his body begin to be ingested by my own. I heard him scream as a deluge of energy burst into my body. He fought well, but eventually my demand was too much, and my body consumed him, his matter joining with mine. The ground all over the world still trembled as I released a roar that could be heard on many different continents. Trails of energy shot out of my mouth and into the cosmos. I tried to walk, but found it impossible to move my own body. It felt so heavy and anchored to the ground. I grit my teeth and attempted to lift my own leg, but I seemed rooted to the ground by a force that was refusing to let me go. What have you done to me??? From within, I began to feel an odd sensation… almost like indigestion after eating an extremely spicy meal. My stomach felt queasy at the same time as feeling like I had butterflies. Every few minutes, I could feel a force moving within my body, like it was waking up after a long sleep. My stomach lurched suddenly, and with a belch, I released a small amount of power back into the universe. It floated around my head like a group of mosquitoes, darted right and then left, then quickly hurled itself at me and returned inside by route of my nose. Again, I felt something surge within me, but this time moving downward rather than up. In my feet, I began to have this intense feeling of tightness that lasted for a minute or so, and then faded away. I tried to lift my feet, but as before I found it impossible, as it felt as if more mass than before had been forced into them. Suddenly, and without any warning, I felt movement again, the sudden grip of tightness, a loud pop, and then this intense feeling of expansion that lasted for longer than a minute. In awe, I watched my bare feet begin to lengthen and slide across the sand, quickly growing from size 10’s to size 15’s. The sensation rested for a minute or so, but came back quickly with more force than before. Soon my feet grew both longer and thicker, taking up much more space. When the sensation faded, I tried to understand what was happening to me. What had I asked for? It all seemed like a blur. I raced through my thoughts. I had asked for all of the power in every universe, and The Man had filled me with it. I knew I was now more God than man, and I could feel that as each minute passed, I was changing more and more… And now…. Fuck!!!! My feet cracked loudly again as they grew. My ankles looked comically tiny compared to my augmenting feet, and trying to judge simply by looking at them, I concluded they were now much longer than my own legs! Quickly they grew past the length of my legs, and soon gained on the rest of my body. There was no way possible I could ever lift them anymore. They were simply too ginormous. Another pause, and I could continue my train of thought. All the power of every universe was now contained within my indestructible frame. Nothing could pierce it… nothing could puncture it… nothing was getting in… or out… When the expansion began again, I was ready for it. The pain was more manageable now. It still would drive any mortal man insane..., but I was no longer any mere mortal man. My feet were preposterously large now… each toe longer than my own head… the width of each foot were now twice as much as my own torso. It was then… as if the power had gotten bored with just expanding my feet, that it began on my ankles and calves. Each ballooned and grew slightly larger before coming to rest as before. A pause… though each pause was now becoming fewer and farther between. All the power of every universe held within an indestructible form…. and as they were a part of universes before… they were forever spreading… extending… growing larger and taking up more space. I was now these fathomless powers universe… and as it expanded… I did too! That was when I realized what The Man had done. He had asked me to name my desire, and in my haste, I had done just that. I had wished for all the power of every universe to enter me… and for me to be every universe!! No wonder I could feel my humanity fading away. I was no longer a man… I was now becoming every universe!!! The pause lasted for much less time than before. A wave of dizziness hit me as my calves and ankles began to swell wider. There were five successive cracking sounds which forced my lower legs to stretch taller. In moments I had gone from 9 foot to nearly 9’4. As my calf muscles caught up to my monstrous feet, my quads joined in. Even though I worked out, I had difficulty gaining size in my quads, but now, all that was forgotten. My quads began to swell larger, and then simply exploded with impossible size. As my legs took up more room, they began to closely resemble redwood trees. While my leg muscles expanded, they also kept lengthening until I stood over 12 ft tall. Suddenly, both of my legs began to tremble and quake. My feet quickly grew longer and thicker as they too grew even more muscular. Moving up from my swelling feet, my calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over my ankle until it appeared to me that my foot now grew right out of my calves! While my calf muscles mutated and stretched upward toward my kneecaps, a new titanic rumbling sound gave way to further growth of my elephantine quads. As my leg muscles erupted, I let out a deep moan that seemed to cause these very muscles to quadruple in sizes. The lateral and medial muscles of my quads immediately became so swollen that I had to bow my legs out to widen my stance. Each time I did and was able to create a little more room so that my quads wouldn’t rub together, they would quickly take up all available space. In no time at all the rectus emerged as two massive teardrops that dipped over my kneecaps and required me to take a bow-legged and crouched position for comfort. My legs and feet had taken on a most formidable size. I was determined to lift my feet so I could spread my legs and make more room. When I attempted it and was able to do exactly how I wished, I was surprised by how easy it was. As my foot came back down onto the beach, it caused the entire island to shake and for the ocean waves to swell higher. The expansion slowed and paused. I looked out at the beach from a new vantage point as I must have now stood over 13 feet tall. Several trees that stood near me were no longer as high as they once were, and I knew that soon I would rival their height. Then I knew I would grow larger and leave them behind. I had wished for all of the powers of every universe, and that was slowly what I was being transformed into. I was the birth of a new universe. He thought he had tricked me, but he didn’t know that I loved this idea because soon I would be everything. I would be so wide… so immense that I would go on forever. From within me… planets would form… stars… solar systems… black holes. I could feel each growing slowly within me… waiting for me to be large enough to give birth. I felt my backbone crack as I stretched larger, the expansion having now reached my torso. I looked down and took in a world moving further and further away from me. While my torso grew longer, my abdominals proceeded to thicken. Moving my hands to my abs, I couldn’t believe the six-pack mountain range that had taken over my lower torso. Each second my waist and Abs grew larger and tighter, each ab thickening to the point of bursting. As they grew… as the strength in my lower body increased… I couldn’t help begging for more. Minutes flew by as I stretched taller and as each abdominal muscle grew denser and started to fight for more space on my body. The crevices between each segment grew deeper, and soon I found I could hide my whole hand between my own abs!!f. My Adonis belt, something I never had but lusted after in other guys, became even more enhanced as my waist fought to stay tight yet gain more size at the same time. I could easily move my lower half now and found myself moving around my shrinking world. When the pause finally came, I guessed that I now stood at least 15 feet tall. I was more than twice my original height and knew that soon I would surpass that. I tried to comprehend what it meant to be a growing universe as I began to shoot taller again. This time the pause had ended quicker than before so that I could barely cause it a pause. It was become a mere resting period. Soon even that would go by faster and faster as I expanded larger than this globe, than this solar system. As I grew… I would destroy what lay behind me and bring on fresh worlds for a new future. As my torso stretched, I cried out in orgasmic lust as my neck swelled thicker into a Grecian column of muscle. My collarbone and scapula made gruesome cracking noises as they fractured and expanded… growing wider, my arms moving further away from his body. I could feel the inner rhythm of my body pulsing larger and tensing up. Moaning loudly, I felt every molecule in my body cramp and swell, propelling my body to a larger size. Waiting for a pause that never came, I began to hear loud cracking and grinding, and then felt my arms begin to lengthen and my biceps and triceps becoming even more engorged than they had been minutes prior. Lifting my hand up to my face, I watched in awe and self-lust as my hands proceeded to grow thicker and longer. The agony I felt from my growing hands only intensified as my arms proceeded to grow as well. As I lifted my elongating limbs, I was in shock to see how quickly they had grown in such a brief period. They were now currently as long as my own legs and proceeding to grow even longer. I looked closely at my hands from every angle. They had to be nearly four feet long and just as thick. When the brief rest period arrived, I could take in now how truly massive I was becoming. New areas were expanding so fast to catch up with areas that continued to grow. At this moment in time, I had to be at least 18 feet tall and thousands upon thousands of pounds of muscle. When I walked now, no place was safe. It was difficult seeing what was below me, so I stopped caring. Reaching out my insanely muscular right arm, I gripped my hand around a large palm tree trunk, and as if it was made out of Styrofoam, I tore it out of the ground and raised it over my head. I held a 25-foot palm tree in my hand as if it were nothing! Bringing it down, I positioned it like a baseball bat and began to take down all of the trees that were around me. When that was complete, I leaped up and down one time, and watched as trees further inland fell. Marveling at the sheer beauty of how monumental my body was becoming, I gasped as it began to quake and throb again. Filled with more unexpected agony, I first felt and then heard every one of the bones in my body cracking, repairing themselves, and breaking again, only to grow more immense. I could sense that my bones were not only growing longer… they were also becoming something that would be able to hold a universe that would continue to stretch and grow for all time. A material that would be unbreakable and indestructible. I could only laugh at the pain as I welcomed what was to be my future. My mind whirled as I began to truly comprehend what it was that I was metamorphosing into. I was to be God and my body the entire universe. Was this how it was at the very beginning. Did someone else once crave to have all power, and he too began to grow? Looking down, I began to see something that scared and yet thrilled me. Around my titanic legs and waist… I began to see pin pricks of dust and matter beginning to form and revolve around me. The start of new planets and solar systems was already beginning to form around me. I moved my finger down to one and watched it begin to circle that mighty digit. I blew on it, and more matter escaped my mouth and began to swirl around my thick chest. I inhaled deeply, and blew out more and more matter and watched as it began to swirl around my head, my chest, my waist, and my arms. As I lost every ounce of humanity, I clung to the concept of bringing to life worlds that would exist within me. My entire body continued to pulsate in time with my heart. Every muscle in my body was becoming engorged with blood. The noise my body made was deafening as my skin stretched, my bones snapped and lengthened, and my muscles grew more mountainous. As my pecs began to thicken and swell, I could feel a them shift from athletic to highly developed, to pectorals of titanic proportions. Larger and more defined, the two hairy mountains grew so large they began fighting for room on my chest I rose up higher than any tree on the island. I must have stood 25 feet tall… then 30 feet… then 35. As my entire body grew at the same time, the expansion of my body seemed never ending. I moaned loudly as my traps increased in height and depth on either side of my neck. Quickly I found it difficult to move my head from side to side. My neck had become so dense, and muscle bound that there was no way it could ever resemble any neck found in humanity. My traps rose still higher and fused with my neck right above my ears. At the same time, my lats proceeded to widen more and more. My back muscles swelled larger, augmenting themselves until they rose higher up creating what might resemble a muscular turtle shell. My lats widened even further, pushing my arms further away from my body. Below me I could feel the ground starting to quake and give way under my immense weight. Parts of the beach were already beginning to cave in due to the strain of such a powerful force as I was expanded further upward and outward, now more than 50 feet tall. As every bone in my body stretched longer and thicker, shooting me quickly passed 50 ft tall, my shoulders began to extend further from my body. From newly widened shoulders, my traps grew further to create a muscular mountain peak unimaginable until my expansion and ascension. Every second the power within me extended out further, an unstoppable force of destruction and rebirth. My shoulders and my dents grew wider and rounder. My whole body was growing much heavier. My upper back grew even thicker as my traps stretched further up to merge with the back of my head. Never had there been someone of my size and power, and I just kept getting bigger. An inhuman roar erupted out of my body, fire and matter shooting out and igniting the sky before beginning to whirl around my body. My abdominal muscles had begun to cramp and spasm again as the power within me mutated me further. As they expanded even further, they became immense bricks of solid power. I roared again as the power expanded downward and into my cocky and balls. My testicles proceeded to swell and become more monstrous each second, that they lacked description. Both were now simply immense. For miles the churning of my balks could be heard as hundreds of gallons of pure unbridled power built up inside each one. Feeling the heat rising from my power generating testicles, my cock began to harden and then start to grow. As my heart beat, more power was forced into my hardened cock. Thick veins erupted over the surface of my cock, though blood no longer flowed through my veins; only power. My cock grew so hard… harder than it had ever been before… harder and thicker… so much thicker…. Reaching out with my hands, I grabbed onto the monolith that rose from my body, only to discover my hand couldn’t close around it anymore. Each time it swelled longer and thicker, I thought I was going to cum, but I never did. It just kept growing thicker… and thicker… longer… and longer…. until the immense head came into view over my pecs. The puss slit was now so wide… so cavernous. My cock and balls had been reformed into pure generators of power. I now welcomed every change and every sensation my body was giving off. Like the power that lay within every square inch of me, all I craved to do was expand further and fill every possible space. The deserted island I had landed on only an hour before had once seemed so large, yet as I grew, I began to overtake it. As I was propelled past 100 feet… 300 feet.., 500 feet… 1000 feet… 3000 feet…, the island began to crumble and be reclaimed by the ocean. Thick monumental veins erupted over the surface of my body to further feed my form more and more power. My body… was it any longer a body? My body was now so engorged with muscle… so bloated… so tremendous… so beautiful and yet at the same time so grotesque. I was mutating faster now to become exactly what I had desired…. The universe. The expansion was no longer pausing or stopping. The force had gained enough strength and momentum to keep it going forever. My body was now unstoppable. As I grew past 10,000 feet, I could see the pieces of matter that had begun to rotate around me had already started to grow larger and gain more mass. Soon there were more of them as my cock began to leak, giving birth to further galaxies, nebulae, and other planetary expanses. As I expanded past 30,000 feet, I could feel the weather patterns around me begin to change. I was now so heavy from my own muscle mass as well as the expanding power within, that my form was beginning to have its own gravitational pull. I laughed as winds whipped round my body, while debris moved closer together to form planetary orbs. The ground below me shook as sections of the Earth’s crust began to crack. I cared very little that this universe would have to be destroyed so that mine would live. Below me, waves rose due to my intense gravitational pull. Tides rose higher and higher until most islands were totally submerged in water while the coastlines over every continent flooded for hundreds of miles. Both New York and London were completely flooded killing millions. Suddenly, waves of energy reverberated through the planet due to the increasing strength of my own gravitational pull. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were triggered on every part of the globe. The push and pull from the Earth’s gravity and mine caused land masses to buckle and implode upon themselves. As I expanded even more, my gravitational pull grew stronger, causing the rotation of the Earth to slow down. All buildings that had withstood prior destruction fell. Earthquakes grew more extreme below as I felt the first portion of the Earth crack. Minutes later, a great explosion rocked the planet, and then I watched as the blue globe split into five pieces. Floating over the destruction, growing, and spreading faster than ever before, I welcomed the scattering matter into myself. I could feel orgasmic explosions ticking my massive body as suns were formed. I watched as the Moon began to crack just as the Earth had done before it. Soon every planet would fall to my strength and might, then recycled to become a part of me. The only thing that spun through my being that I did not create was a small wooden box that floated through the expanse of my space. Still, I continued to expand. I felt myself become one with every piece of matter that surrounded and lived within me. I found myself wishing life to occur on various planets, and as I commanded it, it occurred. My body expanded through space and time as I became even more than I had ever been. My desire had been granted. I was now Everything. I had control over Everything. Until another rose like I had… I would reign supreme. The universe grinned as it expanded into eternity.
  5. Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 In the final chapter of the series, Austin lets Jon take control and do whatever the big muscle bullpup wants to his smaller stepson. Jon is all too eager to exert his full strength and size to get what he wants. Thanks to everyone who has been along for the ride, and sorry for the long delay in posting this last chapter. I guess in some ways I didn't want this story to end, and it didn't feel like it would if I didn't post the last chapter! Even though this story has generated less traction than some of my older stories, I'm really proud of it and I think it's some of my best work. When Austin was finished, he pulled out, leaving behind a streak of cum dripping out of Jon’s huge furry hole. He stepped back and gave Jon’s rump a firm, satisfied smack, causing the big man to gasp and chuckle as he looked back at his diminutive Sir. “That’s my bull, mmm felt so good, pup,” Austin said as Jon turned around, still on his knees, still taller than Austin. Jon raised his hands up to his chest and put his fists together, muscles bulging and tensing as he did, and he cocked his head to one side, seeking his master’s praise. “Arrooooo?” he grunted. His jock-bound cock pressed against the side of the deck, leaking pre, hard as a rock. “Oooh yeah pup, we need to drain those big balls of yours too,” Austin said, stepping closer. He reached his hands out and rubbed Jon’s huge pecs in wide circles, spreading the rain and sweat over the chest hair, flicking across his sensitive nipples. Jon gasped and grunted as Austin teased him. “I want to try something that we haven’t done yet, pup,” Austin said conspiratorially. He reached up and tugged his thick chain necklace to make him look down. They locked eyes, Austin’s green staring into Jon’s intense blue. “Borrrk?” Jon grunted, still fully in pup mode. He was locked in to pup space until his monster cock was relieved of its payload. “Bull, you’re the biggest, strongest, most powerful man to ever exist,” Austin said. He reached over and rubbed Jon’s massive right delt and bicep, marveling at the hard, round, full, fur-covered muscle in his hand. Jon flexed in response, always wanting to impress his master. “And you do such a good job of doing everything I say and having me be in total control all the time, like a good bullpup should,” Austin continued. His hand continued down to the convex curve of Jon’s huge muscle gut. Jon breathed a deep sigh, his belly swelling out even more. “Well,” Austin said, stepping closer and lowered his voice to a whisper. “This time, I want my bull to do whatever he wants to his Sir.” Jon took a big breath and stiffened his shoulders, raising himself up higher and tensing. His cock bulged and burbled out more pre. “I’m going to let you borrow control and use me however you want, pup,” Austin continued, leaning his head against Jon’s huge chest. Jon’s breathing intensified and a shiver of excitement and anticipation ran through him like an electric current. His cock bulged and surged more until the head of it pushed out of the tight jock and rubbed against the bottom of his huge gut. “I will always be in control and expect obedience, but I want to feel the full power of my bull pup when he lets go and does whatever he wants. No stopping until you cum, no matter what I say, no matter how hard I might beg you to stop, you hear that, pup?” Austin said firmly, commanding his pup. “AAARRROOOOOOOF!” Jon boomed in excitement. He bolted to his feet and towered over the smaller man. Jon took in the full power difference he had over his Sir, his mind clearing in a way he hadn’t felt in months, and realized just how helpless Austin was before him. He looked down at the sheer size of himself, his enormous, powerful muscles, his round, furry gut, his stupendous height, and he tensed his massive fists. He’d never felt so powerful in his entire life, had never fully realized just how huge he had become. “I’m all yours, pup. What do you want to do to your Sir?” Austin said, spreading his arms wide, his naked muscular body glistening in the light rain, his cock still dripping with football jock cum. He was so grateful that his master was letting him experience the full power he possessed, the true size difference between them. He felt light-headed at the possibilities. Jon looked down at Austin. Jon was twice his height. Jon was several times his weight. Jon was the strongest man on earth. A grin spread across Jon’s face under his pup hood and couldn’t help but laugh in anticipation and excitement. Jon tore at the jock containing his mighty bulge until the elastic snapped, freeing his manhood. It slapped against the bottom of his gut, 20 inches long and as thick as a milk jug. He growled and breathed heavily, his cock throbbing and leaking pre as he looked down at Austin. He reached down and lifted Austin up effortlessly, scooping him up under the armpits and bringing him up to his pup mask. “AAARRRFFF, WOOOOOF!” Jon grunted as he rubbed his master against the snout of his hood and licked him, tasting master’s cum and sweaty and rain-soaked naked body. Jon’s hot, protein shake-smelling breath washed over Austin and the smaller man groaned. “Yeah pup, use your master however you want, don’t stop until you cum, pup,” Austin breathed as Jon nuzzled him aggressively. “MMMLLAAHHH,” Jon breathed as he thrust his tongue aggressively against Austin’s mouth, making out hard, holding him up in the air easily, his hands rubbing against Austin’s tight, hard, muscular body. Austin could hardly breathe as Jon’s tongue pressed into his mouth, pinning down his own tongue, exploring his mouth. Jon walked to the middle of the backyard as he continued kissing his master, scraping his beard against Austin’s face, overwhelming Austin’s senses. Even Jon’s beard was bigger, thicker, and stronger than he was. Eventually, Jon separated from Austin and held him at arm’s length, looking him up and down, rain and sweat dripping down his naked torso. Jon’s cock throbbed in anticipation. Whatever he wanted? As hard as he wanted? Jon bounced Austin up and down in his hands, marveling at the lightness of his muscular, football jock master. Jon laughed at the absurd power difference he felt, really understanding it for the first time. Jon dropped to his knees and set Austin on the grass. Jon raised his arms up and flexed, huge biceps bulging, his furry pits exposed and ripe. “RRPHHH, MMPH!” Jon grunted and gestured for Austin to rub his flexing muscles. Austin got the hint and stepped forward, running his hands over Jon’s huge arms. “Yeah pup, you’re so big and muscular, huh?” Austin said, worshipping his muscle pup. “You like all this attention, don’t you?” “WRRROOOOF!” Jon boomed and flexed harder. He dropped his left arm and reached around behind Austin before pushing him hard towards Jon. Austin stumbled and fell against Jon’s thick, furry chest, gripping on to Jon’s harness. “Yeah, you like having your chest rubbed, huh?” Austin said, his hands running in circles around Jon’s big pecs and flicking his meaty nipples. Austin’s cock rubbed against Jon’s round, hard, furry gut. “MMM-MMOOOOORE!” Jon rumbled as he pushed Austin closer, crushing the smaller man against his huge chest. He pushed and rubbed Austin’s face against his rough chest fur, manhandling Austin as he ran him over the mountains of his pecs, laughing at the ease he controlled Austin’s body. Austin groaned and tried to speak, but his mouth was full of Jon’s beard and chest fur. Jon adjusted his grip and pushed Austin over to his dense, hairy armpit. “TASTE MY MUSK, SIR,” Jon bellowed as he pressed Austin into his pit. He held him there forcefully, ignoring Austin’s squirming attempts to back up. “BREATHE DEEP, SIR, LET THAT BULL MUSK TAKE OVER,” Jon said. Austin finally gasped and breathed in deep, his mind feeling cloudy and overwhelmed by the force of Jon’s potent, masculine pit musk. “THAT’S RIGHT, SIR. GIVE IN TO YOUR PUP,” Jon boomed. “JUST MY MUSK IS STRONGER THAN YOU…IMAGINE WHAT MY MASSIVE MUSCLES ARE ABOUT TO DO TO YOU,” Jon said with a chuckle before finally letting Austin back up and take a breath. Austin coughed and sputtered and gasped, but didn’t have long to recover. Jon dropped down on all fours, his fists slamming into the ground next to Austin. “RUUUFFFF! GRRRUFF, MMPH!” Jon grunted in pup-speak, the ground shaking, 3000lbs of muscle bear looming in front of his Sir. “GRRRRFFF, ARRRRRF!” Jon rumbled as he surged forward and bumped his huge chest against Austin, who staggered backwards. “Heh, yeah pup, you wanna play now?” Austin said, teasingly, moving backwards and sideways to try to avoid Jon’s massive paws and looming muscles. “You wanna roughhouse with your Sir?” “MMMPH, UUURRRFF!” Jon grunted as he his cock pressed against his furry gut and smeared pre around until it dripped to the muddy grass. He moved forward until his chest and gut were over Austin, then he dropped down, pinning his little Sir before he could escape. “Fuck, pup, you’re so, uugghh, heavy!” Austin groaned underneath his massive pup, pushing his arms up to try to keep his chest off the ground so he could breathe. It was a futile effort; Jon kept pressing down harder with his body weight until Austin was crushed against the dirt, mud smearing on his back. “Can’t… move!” he grunted, and he felt the pain of Jon’s bulk crushing him into the ground. “MMMMPH, MORE!!” Jon grunted as he squashed his little Sir. He could feel Austin wriggling and writhing underneath him, trying to escape. Jon knew he couldn’t. He was too big. And master was too small. He pressed down harder and wiggled his huge meaty ass in the air, reveling in the effortless power he wielded. “HAHAHA, CAN’T ESCAPE, HUH? I’M SO… BIG!” Jon laughed as he scooted his torso forward. He planted two massive fists into the grass, strong calloused fingers digging into the soil easily, then pushed himself up off the ground. He hovered his torso over Austin, then scooted forward. Jon coughed as he shifted around, trying to stand up until a massive battering ram of a cock slammed into his chest. He was knocked over again, a smear of warm pre slicking up his chest. He looked up to see the giant cock looming over him; it stretched from Austin’s belly button to his chin, and it throbbed almost as if it had a mind of its own as he looked at it. “MMMPH, SIR IS SO SMALL!” Jon bellowed as he stretched forward and pressed his elbows into the ground. “AND PUP IS SO BIG!” Jon’s cock suddenly surged forward, pinning Austin onto the ground. Austin fell over onto his back, knocked down by the throbbing, hot cock that pressed down on his torso. It bucked and throbbed as Jon pressed more of his tonnage down, pressing into Jon harder until he was unable to move. Austin wrapped his arms around the cock to try to control it, but it was no use. “Pup, whoa ther—oomph!” Austin grunted but was interrupted by Jon’s aggressive humping, the head of the huge cock punching him in the chin, Austin’s jaw reeling from the impact. “HEH, MMPH, UNNNGGG,” Jon grunted as waves of pleasure shimmered up his spine as he felt his cock press and rub against the furry torso of his tiny master. “EVEN MY COCK IS STRONGER THAN YOU NOW, SIR!” Jon’s huge hairy balls slammed against Austin’s own hard cock again and again as he humped, causing Austin to get turned on again despite cumming just minutes ago. Jon’s cock smeared pre across Austin’s slick torso until the whole thing was coated in pup slime. “AARRROOOOF, GGRRRRRRPH, MMMMPH, BIG!” Jon grunted mindlessly, his thoughts lost in pup space, thinking only about his own pleasure for once. He rubbed and rubbed his massive cock against Austin’s lean, hard, muscular body, harder and faster, pressing the smaller man into the dirt again and again, lost in pleasure. Eventually, he shifted down and re-positioned his massive cock until he felt Austin’s tight, furry hole. His Sir’s hole. “MMMMMPH YEEEEAAAAAAHHH,” Jon breathed as he pushed and humped against Austin’s ass, the massive head pressing hard against Austin’s hole, knocking on the door, insistent, undeniable. The huge head split Austin’s hole apart and started pushing in, a moment of pain rippling through Austin before the cock slipped out and rubbed between Austin’s legs instead. “Pup!” Austin gasped, his back and ass grinding roughly against the grass and mud underneath, rainwater and sweat pooling beneath him as Jon started to rub a furrow into the yard. He looked up and back at the massive, jiggling, harness-bound pecs above him and tried to wriggle out from under Jon. “MMMPH GOTTA MAKE IT FIT!” Jon bellowed. He lined up his huge cock against the warm, tight slit underneath him and pushed harder, thrusting forward aggressively. “Aaaahhhh, pup wait!” Austin groaned as the massive cock head battered him, pushing up against his hole and trying to break in, but only succeeding in pushing Austin’s whole body around. Austin tumbled roughly against the ground, grass and dirt scraping against his back and shoulders. “FUCK, TOO, MMMPH, BIG FOR SIR’S HOLE!” Jon groaned as he pressed harder than ever and pinned Austin with his huge, furry gut, trying to hold him in place. Austin braced himself against the ridges of Jon’s roid belly and felt his hole splitting open, and he groaned in pain. But even lined up perfectly, it wouldn’t squeeze in. “HA, GRRRPH, TOO BIG! HAHAHA!” Jon laughed as he slipped his cock out from Austin’s furry crack and repositioned himself until his cock hovered over Austin’s torso. Jon slammed back down on Austin with all his weight and power. The big bull sighed and grunted and groaned as he resumed frotting on his minuscule master. “Pup, stop, you have to, mmmph, wait!” Austin pleaded, his eyes suddenly bulging with fear. He had underestimated just how massive and powerful his pup was. He patted his hand against Jon’s tremendous, furry flanks trying to get the big man’s attention, but Jon ignored him at first. Austin slapped harder, smacking the muscular lats of the huge man humping into the ground. “Stop, pup, you’re too heavy!” Jon froze in place as his master tapped him, instinctively listening to Austin. Rain fell steadily on his wide back as he panted and huffed, looming over his smaller sir as he lifted his tonnage off Austin’s smaller body. But then Jon remembered. His master had ordered him to use him however Jon wanted, as hard as he wanted, until Jon came, no matter what master had said, no matter how hard he begged to stop. Austin’s exact words rang in his mind. He tilted his head to one side and his tongue lolled out of his mouth, and he looked down at his smaller sir hungrily. “NO, SIR!” Jon boomed. He positioned himself carefully over again Austin and then slammed his full body weight back down on him, pinning him effortlessly. “BIG BULLPUP’S GOTTA CUM!” Jon grunted, his mind obeying his Sir’s original orders to the T. He started humping harder and faster than before. He pressed his gut down heavier against Austin, and a new wave of pleasure washed over him. The furry gut pressed down on Austin’s head and face, pinning him back and down even harder. He readjusted, digging his massive hands deeper into the dirt, scraping up more of the lawn as he braced himself to pound his master harder and faster. “No, pup, this is, pppfftt, too much, I can’t breathe!” Austin sputtered, his mouth slimed by spurts of pre that got more and more viscous as Jon humped and pumped harder. He felt the mud around him rising up and onto his pecs and shoulders as his giant pup rutted deeper into the grass. Austin could feel Jon’s balls growing tighter and firmer as he approached climax. Pup ignored his master, lost in pleasure. “MMMMMPH, RRUUFFFFFF, MORE, BIGGER!” Jon groaned and muttered, his heavy chain lock jingling against his harness, his beard draping down to the grass. Thick, meaty muscles jiggled and shook and flexed as he humped his master recklessly, mindlessly. He looked down and under himself, watching Austin wriggle and writhe against his enormous cock, and he laughed, truly seeing the size difference between them now, his vision blurred in a red haze of lust. Jon had become truly gigantic, but all he could think about was MORE. “OHHHHH, MMMPH, HHAAAHHH,” Jon breathed as he imagined himself swelling bigger still, feeling pride as he knew his master would approve, determined to grow and grow endlessly for him. His cock bucked and swelled, burying his Sir harder into the mud. “HHAAAAARRRRRROOOOOOOOF!” Jon bellowed as his cock exploded, jets of hot white cum spraying against Austin’s face until he was in a puddle of mud and cum, more and more fluid filling up the furrow Jon had dug with his enormous cock. When he was done, pup collapsed down, squashing Austin under him. He felt his little Sir squirm and twitch underneath him. Jon reveled in his superior power and strength. He groaned and sighed as his cock throbbed one final time. Snapping out of his trance, Jon pushed himself up then kneeled upright and let Austin stand. Austin sputtered and coughed and caught his breath as Jon looked down at him, his blue eyes glittering through the slits of the pup hood. “Sorry I got a little carried away, Master, but I needed to cum sooooo bad!” Jon boomed as he sat back on his ass, shaking the ground. “No no pup, *cough*, you were perfect and I might’ve bit off more than I can chew, but you obeyed, *pfft*, Sir’s orders to the letter!” Austin said as he wiped goop off of his torso and face. “Sir is so proud of you, big bullpup!” Jon grinned uncontrollably and reached up to take his pup hood off, revealing more of his masculine face and perfectly trimmed beard. “You mean it, Sir?” he asked sheepishly, a lump welling up in his throat. “Of course, dad, you’re the best pup a master could ever ask for!” Austin said as he reached his arms up, indicating he wanted to be lifted up. Jon obliged and he lifted Austin up. Austin straddled Jon’s torso as best he could and rested his knees against Jon’s chest and his feet against Jon’s gut as he leaned in for an enormous, sloppy, slimy kiss. Their tongues wrestled, Jon’s bigger and thicker but giving way to Austin’s aggressive thrusts. Jon leaned back, supporting his Sir with his enormous hands, and he laid back onto the grass, rain falling softly on them, washing away the sweat and cum that coated them both. “I love you, Sir,” Jon rumbled. “I love you too, pup,” Austin said right back. Both of their cocks swelled back to life as they kissed, harder and harder, Jon’s growing until it pressed against Austin’s perky hole, Austin’s cock smaller but harder and rubbing against his bullpup’s enormous, furry chest. They both laughed and groaned as the rain started falling harder, both of them feeling utter contentment.
  6. AlphaLustSean


    “T, you were never supposed to know! I’m sorry, T, really. Your mom and dad couldn’t have kids and they begged me. I’d been working on genetic augmentation and they implored me to implant . . . you . . . into El’s womb. I knew they’d be outstanding parents to you, T.” Brad gushed apologetically. Taranis walked over to a dresser that had some abstract piece of art made of granite, wrapped his large hand around it, and lifted it as if it weighed ounces. “Genetic augmentation, B? Now knowing your libidinous passion for hyper-masculinity, muscular size, and cruel, brutally lethal power fused with an insatiable sexual drive. I’ve got to ask you: When your created my embryo, did you create it to become one of your unappeasable, macrophilic, muscle-monsters? Am I the result of your wanton dreams and desires, you self-absorbed little bug?” Taranis demanded. With that, his inhuman muscles swelled to rock-hard mounds of power, he lifted his other hand and easily snapped the granite into two pieces. He held one piece in one hand while wedging the other piece into the deep cleavage formed between his two colossal globes of pectoral muscle. “AM I?” he thundered as he clenched his fist and flexed his powerful pecs together. Both pieces of granite were instantly obliterated into fine powder and dust. “You made me to be the most massive, powerful, and desirable man to ever exist, didn’t you, and with an unquenchable desire to dominate and fuck?” Brad was practically drooling, unable to ascertain if Taranis was truly angered or if he was, once again, appreciative and playing the brutal beast for his godfather’s pleasure. “I did, T, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I could never have known I could accomplish YOU. I love you, I desire you, I worship you with every fiber of my being, Mighty Taranis! You are wired to become the inhumanly massive, powerful, and slaughterous horny titan of my dreams!” T smirked and began to slowly stroke his ever-leaking, always ready battering ram of a cock. Brad began lustfully stroking in unison with his pure embodiment of brutal masculinity. “With the correct combination of stimuli, you will grow larger, T. Larger in every way. Height, mass, muscle density, and . . . “ Brad hesitated, “ . . . and in a lust to use your limitless power to destroy and decimate, to fuck and kill with unfathomable cruelty . . . and all of that is tied to a lust to satiate your immeasurable and enduring sexual desires, a lust that can never be fulfilled.” As Brad spoke, Taranis began to smile broadly. “FUCK, yeah, ‘Dad’! I can actually FEEL the truth in what you say. That is why your little jack-off session that I witnessed last night resonated so deeply within me. It got me so god-damned horny, even after blasting through the ceiling with my cum! I HAD to FUCK . . . I HAD to use all this pent up strength and power . . . I HAD to feed, ‘Dad’!” he snarled as he lifted both arms and flexed. Veins like cables appeared and mapped all over his monstrously mighty, thickly vein encased body. Triceps larger than Brad’s head hung beneath oaken, trunk-like arms and snapped to solid, rippling attention as biceps mounded and rose majestically towards his colossal clenched fists. He turned his stunning face and licked his biceps before pursing his full lips and sloppily kissing them with a lustful hunger for more. “Ahhh, “FUCK YES!” Taranis thundered, actually FEELING his eternal and immortal existence surging from every cell in his body. “You have created a cruel and barbaric GOD of lust, power, and violently savage domination, you pathetic little CUNT!” Brad was drooling from both his mouth and cock as he blurted, “Oh, GOD, YES, Taranis!” Something then clicked in his lust-flooding brain. “Taranis, where are Kai and El? What have you done with them?” pleading for details of his closest friends’ demise at the hands of their “son”, the all-powerful beast looming over him. Taranis grinned and evil grin. “You mean what have YOU done with them, you fucking little power-and-brutality-slut! I think you’ll like seeing how well your little genetic experiment awakened. Well, not so little, maybe, you horny little bug.” “What do you mean? How can I see what we’ve done?” Brad stuttered out, breathing in ragged breaths, uncontrollably horny to learn what had happened, hoping that Taranis' demonically brutal lusts had begun to emerge. “That’s right, BITCH! What WE’VE done!” T grinned broadly. “Shit, diminutive “Dad”, I will take you there to be with us and witness what has begun.” With that he waved his hand and, instantly, they were both standing in T’s room the night before. Brad could smell the gallons of musky spunk dripping from the ceiling. He heard T tell Kai that he would meet his “mom” and “dad” in the basement. He heard the door close. He turned and asked T, “How? How can this be?” “Everything is becoming clear to me now, little Brad, what I am and what I can do.” T responded. “You will learn, in time, the totality of what you have done, little man, and who you have conjured up. I have known I was not Kai’s and El’s biological son for years . . . ever since Kai began looking like a weak llittle son compared to ME!” T flexing hard for emphasis. “I just didn’t have all of the pieces until you filled in the blanks. I am now free to tap into my full, unlimited power as the singular deity that I AM.” Brad shuddered at the pronouncement and became rock-hard and pre-cum flowing all at once. “Come (and Brad did!)” T continued, smirking at Brad’s spontaneous ejaculation from him just speaking a word, “it’s time.” They walked down into the basement. Kai and El looked up confused to see Brad behind their incredibly massive, totally nude son. Their mouths dropped open as the pair reached the bottom of the stairs. El’s eyes glazed over seeing her powerfully built and heavily hung “son” bare for the first time since he was a small child. She immediately moaned, shoved her hand up her skirt and began to orgasm . . . just at the sight of T’s thick, rippling teen body. Kai’s total emasculation at the sight of T stroking his colossal, pre-pouring cock, caused him to fall to his knees, pitch forward, and begin lapping up the pre-cum roping onto T’s feet and pooling on the floor around him. “HA! HA! HA!” Taranis bellowed, “How could you respond any other way to what I AM, you pathetic, weak little deceivers.” T growled at them, “I know I can’t be your son. You are both way too puny, weak, and stupid. And I am, well, THIS!” He flexed hard over them, his body ballooning with pure, unadulterated power. Kai shuffled towards T, eyes glued on the throbbing cock with flared mushroom head pulsing pre constantly. “Tell me who I am, and you can touch it.” T taunted him. El just grabbed a bat, shoved its base into her wet, drooling pussy, and began rhythmically pushing it in and out as she moaned, “I want you to FUCK ME, Taranis! Let me ride your immense, sequoian-like manhood, my perfect, young Hercules! PLEASE! FUCK ME!” Kai, mesmerized by the size and power of his son, told T that he was Brad’s creation, but he didn’t know why, only that he had manipulated genes to create the perfect male. T told him he was pleased at his obedience and commanded him to strip and approach. Kai obediently tore his clothing off and practically leapt to T’s cock. He wrapped two hands as far as he could around its girth and began lapping at the massive, pre-cum and cum slathered shaft. T palmed Kai’s little skull and lifted him from the floor, kicking and clawing at the unstoppable teen. T brought him to his chest and pushed his head between the massive mounds. T slowly flexed, relishing the creaks and cracks of Kai’s puny, compressing skull. He looked in the eyes and grinned, flexing his pecs together hard. Kai’s head immediately squished like a little bug between T’s billowing, diamond-hard pectorals. Kai’s hard little dick exploded in orgasm as his head was pulverized to mush, his spunk coating T’s rippling, corrugated abs. T flexed his pecs alternately until there was nothing substantial enough left between his pecs to hold the body up, The jerking body flopped down to the base of T’s enormous, twitching cock. T looked into El’s eyes as she squealed, “My god! MY GOD! Fuck me, my brutal Adonis, FUCK ME, PUH-LEEZE!’ she begged. Brad just listened, stroking his hard-again dick, and periodically hissing, “Oh, my GOD, T!” and “You are becoming more than I could have EVER hoped for!” Taranis smiled knowingly at Brad while he licked the blood and brains dripping around his death-dealing pectorals. He then lifted Kai’s headless corpse from the base of his cock, and lifted it to his mouth. He sucked on the dripping neck hole while crushing the lifeless torso with his powerful hands, squeezing and wringing out blood and organs. After ingesting ravenously, he tossed the useless shell of a body aside like so much garbage and walked over to El. “STRIP!”, T ordered, and she excitedly complied. He placed his hands around her waist and lifted her. El purred, “So big, so strong!” as T positioned her hungry, wet pussy over his raging cock head. She began to resist, seeing T’s crown’s size so close to her comparatively small pussy. T lowered her, his hot, flowing pre-cum lubed around her hungry hole and prepped her for tender entry. There would be no tenderness. T growled, “Fucking CUNT!” and plunged into her mercilessly. His titanic shaft, his throbbing, massive mushroom head splayed her open and rearranging her insides as it thrust into her, tearing her apart. She screamed in both pain and ecstasy as he used her like a fucking fleshlight. The closer T came to cumming, the harder he squeezed her pathetic little body until he heard, and felt, her puny little bones begin to snap and break. She was rasping out “GOD! NO, STOOOP! . . . No . . . YES! Oh, GOD! YES! FUCK ME, TARANIS, FUCK ME HARDER!” she sputtered as her organs began to rupture under such a terrifyingly destructive sexual assault. Taranis looked her in the eyes and grinned, “As you wish, lying little BITCH!” as he pulled her skewered body, legs and arms flailing uselessly, down to his pubes. He clenched his hard, rippling ass and began jettisoning his godly seed. The first blast shot through her like a fucking missile, exiting her skull and killing her instantly. Her bloody head lolled to the side and the second blast ripped through her neck, severing her head from her body.. T crushed and compressed her worthless little body around his bucking cock like a once-living condom.” Brad shot his load in unison with T’s brutal raping of El to death and using her remains as gritty cock lube. T lifted his blood-drenched hand and licked it clean. He then waved his hand and both he and Brad were instantly back in the hotel room. T smiled down at Brad. “I ingested some of Mom, too, before burying them far below the basement. What’s left of their remains will never be found. And, just so you don’t have to wonder, little ‘Dad’, I WILL be as those photo’s you created of me on your computer. I WILL live out your sick, innermost desires before you, and more. I will become to you as you wished and prayed for, you horny little faggot, and you will worship me as a GOD.” In return for creating me, I will allow you to live and witness me feeding my burgeoning domination and bloodlusts. Know that it is YOU who will have unleashed hell on earth by creating a living muscle-beast fantasy for your own pleasure, you fucking little insect.” Brad now knew it had begun. His deepest, darkest desires were truly now incarnate. He approached his terrifyingly handsome, brutal, and powerful creation. He kneeled on the floor and crawled to Taranis’ huge feet. He lapped pre-cum from those expansive feet and toes, kissing worshipfully, as fresh pre-cum roped down onto his back from Taranis’ arm-thick, deadly cock. “I have loved and worshiped you since you were but a thought in my head, Taranis. All who lay eyes on you will desire you, will long to please you, will worship what you are. Yet all of them, they are but playthings for you . . . toys for your dark amusement and merciless pleasure.” He looked up at Taranis’ stunningly handsome face, “YOU . . . You have always been, and always will be, my GOD, Taranis, even before I created your perfect, powerful body! I just found a way to call you forth. I now exist to please you, to serve you, to LOVE you.” Brad began to drool, once again, continuing, “When will you make yourself known among the puny inhabitants of this world, Almighty Taranis? You are Lord Over All!” Taranis, looking down over his protuberant pectorals, had the urge to lift his foot, place it on Brad’s brittle body, and simply splatter the puny little flesh-sack out of existence, but at least it now knew its place. “Mmmm, your worthless little worm. I long to begin my barbarous rampage right here, right now, but I will not. I will enroll at the University and, from there, I will begin to make myself known in ways that will forcibly inflame your lustful passions. For calling me forth, contemptibly feeble little insect, I love you as much as I am able without mindlessly obliterating you.” Brad, looking up at such a seductively gorgeous, and deathly brutal, mountain of muscle. He felt fear for the first time in Taranis presence. “What have I DONE?!?!” he thought to himself. Taranis could, indeed, callously, and without mercy, obliterate him, and all others, without a second thought nor a hint of remorse. He began to tremble, even as his body again convulsed in worshipful dry ejaculation. Taranis, now knowing his thoughts, with a rumbling whisper, stated matter-of-factly, “What have you done, indeed, you worthless microbial sentient. You are now beginning to understand. Bringing your hidden and deep, dark desires to life will have lethally destructive consequences . . . for all but ME!” Brad, still trembling, cringed in shock, terror, and remorse as a torrent of piss flowed from his dick. Still, his longing and hunger to witness Taranis’ reign prevailed over all. Taranis reached down and gently encircled Brad’s neck with his inhuman large fist. He lifted him to his face and deeply kissed his creator, virtually raping the little man’s mouth with his long, thick tongue. Brad reciprocated while reaching his arms out, his hands roaming over the hot, hard flesh of his hypnotically handsome, godly, and maliciously virulent creation. The phrase, “Yes, my God, YES!” churned in his brain even as his body, seemingly with a mind of its own, dry humped Taranis’ massive, undulating musculature augmenting before him. Taranis set the little man, forever mesmerized and possessed by his inexhaustible and terrifying masculinity, down. “Time to clean up and rest for our University tour tomorrow.” T said, his demeanor returning to the hulking, lovable teen that had arrived at the airport earlier. “Oh, and, while it’s still possible, you can share the bed with me, Uncle B!”
  7. Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 — Graduation Fuck Austin pulled into the driveway of their house, the truck laboring as he shifted into park. It wasn’t meant to haul around this heavy of a load in the bed; the handling and acceleration was awful the whole drive home, and he could smell burning rubber whenever he hit the brakes. They would need to upgrade the truck to something bigger soon to keep up with Jon’s growth. Austin came around to the tailgate and opened it. A slimy layer of precum dripped out of the truck bed and onto the driveway as he did, and Austin looked up to see Jon sheepishly scratching the back of his head, exposing his enormous furry armpit and flexing his titanic bicep. His jock was soaked with pre and a steady stream of it leaked out of his cock head. “Oh pup, you’re just raring to go, huh?” Austin teased as he gestured for his big daddy to get out of the truck. “All that vibration from driving got you even more worked up, I bet,” he said. “Grrrmmmpphhhh, ruuarrrfff!” Jon whined as he shifted off of the truck and onto the ground. He rose to his full height, towering over Austin, literally twice his height and over twelve times his weight. Jon reached up and adjusted his harness, the leather creaking and metal studs and rings jingling against his neck chain and padlock. “Come around to the backyard,” Austin said as he led his bullpup around the house. Jon didn’t fit inside the house anymore, not comfortably anyway. Austin had started the process of finding a new property to move into, ideally one with a large warehouse or hangar or barn that could be converted into a living quarters for the growing brute. Jon’s growth had only accelerated over the last few weeks and showed no signs of stopping anytime soon; Austin had to plan for BIG things in the future! Suddenly from behind, Austin was grabbed and lifted up and spun around. “Mmrrowwff, mmphhh!!” Jon grunted as he nuzzled his pup mask against Austin, rubbing his Sir. He lowered him down and started rubbing Austin again his sweaty, furry chest and gut, then lower still until Austin could feel Jon’s slimy cock pressing insistently against his pants. “Whoa there, pup, so eager to please your Sir, aren’t you?” Austin said calmly. He was used to his pup getting boisterous sometimes when he was excited and knew how to handle him. “Well first we need to do another weigh-in. Put me down and hop on the scale, bull,” Austin commanded. “AARROOOF!” Jon boomed, still locked into pup-speak. When he was in pup space like this, he was only capable of simple thoughts and ideas and speech, but that’s how his master liked it. Jon set Austin down and then waddled over to the scale. They had set it on the concrete pad next to the deck after Jon had partially destroyed the deck a few weeks ago. The scale creaked and groaned as Jon stepped on. Jon, of course, couldn’t see down to what the number read; his blond and grey bushy beard, enormous shelf-like pecs, and round, hard gut blocked his view. “Wow bullpup, we finally did it. We passed the limit!” Austin said excitedly. “Over 3000 pounds officially, pup. Goddamn you’ve been growing FAST lately!” Austin said as he reached up and smacked Jon’s round, meaty ass that protruded from the tight straps of his jock. “You don’t seem to be slowing down, pup, you just keep growing more and more!” Jon stepped back off of the scale and looked down at his Sir. He grinned through his pup mask, cocked his head to one side, and brought his fists together. He flexed hard, the fur of his pecs curling into wet rings, sweat dripping down off his huge, meaty nips onto Austin. “Bigger?” Jon grunted, knowing the answer but still wanting to hear it from his master. “That’s right, bull, bigger than ever, growing so much for me like a good pup,” Austin cooed, reaching up to rub Jon’s round, solid gut and furry, sweaty chest, which he couldn’t quite reach. “Still gotta keep getting bigger though!” “WWRROOOOOF!!” bellowed the big daddy muscle bear. “BIGGER!” He straightened to his full height. Jon’s throbbing bulge strained his jock strap and threatened to rip it open. Austin walked up onto the deck and gestured for Jon to follow him on the ground. The deck was about two feet raised up off the ground, which gave him a little more height. The wooden railing on the deck was still in the way though. “Tear out this railing, pup,” Austin said. Jon reached down and grabbed the railing at the base where it connected with the deck boards and tugged up hard with a grunt. The railing tore out with a loud snap. He did this one-by-one until the whole thing was disconnected. “Destroy it, pup, tear it all apart,” Austin demanded, rubbing his erection as he watched his big stepdad manhandle the heavy deck wood. “RRROOWWFF!” Jon boomed happily, then brought his fists down on the deck railing hard. Wood splintered and the deck shook. Jon grunted as he grabbed the top railing and pushed down and in, pressing and snapping the wood together like an accordion. He tossed half of it into the yard, laughing and grunting, then shifted over and did the same on the rest of it, relishing the opportunity to use his strength without holding back, his muscles tensing and bulging, veins throbbing as he destroyed the deck railing in seconds. “That’s my pup, big and strong!” Austin said. “Down on your knees, pup, now,” Austin ordered. Jon thumped down to the ground, the earth shaking as his tonnage dropped hard. He was kneeling in front of Austin, who was almost at eye level now. Jon’s gut surged forward onto the deck, his bulge pressing the side of the porch, his wide shoulders, harness-bound chest, and massive arms filling Austin’s field of view. “Flex for me, pup, show me those muscles,” Austin said, stepping closer to Jon. Jon raised his arms up and flexed his biceps, the round, hard peaks exploding up like mountains. Every inch of his torso was covered in dense, dirty blond fur, matted and curled by sweat. Jon’s pits were exposed as he flexed, and Austin was assaulted by the heady, cloying stink of Jon’s musk. “This new cycle has you smelling extra good, pup,” Austin said as he stepped closer, reached up, and squeezed the impossibly huge biceps. He buried his face in Jon’s left pit and huffed deeply, smearing bullpup sweat all over his nose. “Mmmph yeah that’s it, such a good pup. Big stepdad muscle bull. Who would have thought you’d ever be THIS big nine months ago, huh?” Austin said, feeling high on the distilled testosterone stench of Jon’s wet, furry pits. “Arrrrawarruff!” Jon rumbled as he brought his arms down, trapping his Sir in his deep, furry pit. “Am I a big bull pup now, Sir?” Jon asked, his voice muffled in the neoprene and leather mask. “Yes, bull, but not big enough… never big enough!” Austin said, his own voice muffled by Jon’s furry pit, his hands wandering over to Jon’s immense chest, his fingers running through the dense fur and long beard trailing against Jon’s pecs. He grabbed the thick, sturdy leather of the harness straps and pulled hard, but Jon didn’t budge. He was so heavy, too sturdy, too strong. “Gotta grow bigger for my master,” Jon whispered, his eyes closed, every touch from Austin sending fireworks of pleasure up his spine. His cock throbbed and pushed up and out further from his jock strap, belching up more pre. He squeezed Austin into a tighter headlock and growled until Austin tapped his big arm, signaling him to let go and come up for air. “Need to mark my territory, bull. You’re mine now. Isn’t that right?” Austin said, huffing Jon’s stink against his upper lip, his hands rubbing more frantically against Jon’s giant body, exploring the wide v-shaped lats and trailing down to his round, hard, furry gut. Jon sighed contentedly when he heard those words. “Arrroooof, mmmrrrooof!” Jon breathed, then brought his arms around Austin and pressed the smaller man against his big body. Austin tugged down on the harness again, clinking the padlock against the central ring of the harness. “Kiss me, pup, now, hard!” Austin said, just as desperate to make Jon feel good as Jon was to make his master feel good. Jon leaned down and nuzzled his Sir, their tongues wrestling as they kissed hard and sloppy, their beards brushing against each other roughly. “Taste my hole,” Austin demanded, and Jon obeyed. Jon grunted as he grabbed on to Austin’s dress pants and tore them apart, ripping and shredding and tearing until they fell to the ground, revealing Austin’s hard 8” cock and bubble butt. Austin had grown thicker and more muscular over the last few months training and eating with Jon, and he looked sexier than ever. Austin bent over and turned around, revealing his tight, furry hole. It was sweaty and musky, which now started to mix with the light rain that began to fall, coating them both. “MMMPH, grrrff!” Jon growled as he dove into Austin’s meaty ass, his pup mask snout pushing his cheeks apart to get to Austin’s tight hole. Jon’s thick, powerful tongue reached up and dragged slowly against Austin’s hole, causing the smaller man to shiver and groan. Jon pushed his tongue in harder, insistent, pressing past any resistance and penetrating his Sir. Even his tongue had grown bigger and stronger over the last few months! Slurping and sighing happily, sniffing master’s deep, sweaty musk, Jon ate Austin’s furry hole relentlessly, pushing him hard so Austin had to brace himself against the porch. Jon buried his nose deep in his master’s crack and then shook his face back and forth, his metal chain clinking around like when a wet dog shakes himself to get dry, sending another wave of stimulation surging through his Sir’s tight, muscular body. “Mmmmph, grrrfff, mmmmlllaaahhh!” Jon growled as he pushed his tongue in deeper, deeper, fucking his Sir’s hole with his huge tongue, slurping up every morsel of football jock hole he could get. “Lift me up, pup!” Austin groaned. Jon backed up, removing his tongue from Austin’s ass, and stood back up to his full height. He reached down and Jon’s huge, calloused hands wrapped around Austin and lifted him up effortlessly. Austin straddled Jon’s thick bull neck and massive traps with his legs, his ass resting on Jon’s chest-like pecs, his cock right in front of Jon’s pup snout. Austin looked down at Jon’s intense, focused, pleading eyes through the pup hood, his own cock throbbing and leaking, rain dripping down onto both of them. “Get your tongue back in there, pup, I need more,” Austin commanded, and Jon lifted and pressed Austin’s 250lbs like it was nothing. He raised Austin up, leaned his head back, and slurped out with his tongue, lapping up against the tight, sweaty, furry hole of his Sir. “Ssssslluurrrp, mrraraahahhhh, mrroooof!” Jon grunted and breathed as he slurped and licked. He lowered Austin down until Austin’s weight was fully pressed down on his mouth and tongue, allowing him to push in even deeper and rub his master’s jock stink all over his mouth and pup mask. “Oh god, yes pup, eat my hole, making your Sir feel SO good,” Austin moaned. He reached down and steadied himself on the smooth, dark neoprene of Jon’s pup hood, which was becoming more slippery as the rain increased in intensity. After several minutes of this, Austin had Jon put him back down on the deck. “Back on all fours, pup. Head up, good,” Austin ordered, Jon dutifully moving however his master ordered. “Turn around, pup, let me see that ass,” Austin said, breathing heavily as he still felt the stretched-out presence of Jon’s tongue in his butt. “WRROOOOF!” Jon rumbled as he rotated around, his knees and fists pressing into the worn-down grass and dirt, which was starting to get muddy as the rain came down. He planted himself facing away from Austin, head held up high, his wide, furry, muscular glutes bowing out round to the sides and towards Austin. His enormous hamstrings framed his round, heavy balls, which were barely contained in his oversized jock strap. His silicone butt plug tail was enormous, three feet long and as thick around as Austin’s upper arm at its widest point; it bobbed back and forth, up and down as Jon parked his ass in front of Austin. “Time to remove your tail, pup,” Austin said teasingly. Jon groaned as he felt Austin’s rough hands rake across the edges of the tight, filling plug. Austin pulled with all his might, and the massive plug slowly inched out, dragging across the inside of Jon’s hole, slick and wet. Jon bellowed as the huge plug came out, the heavy black tail thumping onto the deck next to Austin; the custom-made item was deceptively heavy. Left behind was Jon’s twitching, furry, pink, stretched-out pup hole, framed by Jon’s jock strap. “Get that ass up in the air more,” Austin said, stepping closer to his bullpup and pressing his face against Jon’s deep, furry crack. Austin licked and huffed his pup’s musky hole, causing it to twitch and pulse more. “AarrOOOOF!!” Jon rumbled, squirming and groaning as his Sir worked his hole. “MmMMMRPH, aaarrUUUFF, FUUUCK,” he groaned as he pressed his ass back harder towards the deck, his boots and knees digging into the muddy ground, his fists clutching a handful of grass and tearing it up as pleasure electrified his body. Austin rubbed his beard over Jon’s sensitive hole, licked up and down, in and out, all around, making his bullpup squirm and whine and bark. He came up for air with a gasp, the heady stink of his pup’s sweaty musk covering every inch of his face, breathing it in like perfume. “Drop that ass, pup, your Sir needs to plant his seed now,” Austin growled. Jon obeyed, dropping lower so his Sir could get at the right angle. He whimpered and twitched and panted in anticipation. He could feel his Sir’s hard, wet cock pressing against the outside of his hole. He could feel his Sir’s muscular torso leaning against his round, hairy ass, could feel his knees pressing against his hard hamstrings, could feel his arms reaching up to just barely grab on to his heavy leather harness and pull down and back. “You want your Sir’s cock?” Austin growled as he ground against Jon’s furry, sweaty crack, the rain mixing with the pre and sweat to make it slick. “Mmmrrrphhh, mmmm!” Jon whined desperately, his ass wiggling back and forth. “You think you deserve your Sir’s load?” Austin teased, pressing against Jon’s hole, right on the doorstep. “Uuurrrfff, arf, mmmh!” Jon begged, pressing back against the cock head that pressed against his pucker, small to his perception but powerful in what it meant to the two of them. “Such a good pup, you DO deserve your Sir’s cock!” Austin roared as he punched his way inside of Jon. “AAARRRUUUUUUFF!!” Jon bellowed as Austin thrust inside of him. His powerful glutes wrapped around Austin’s cock and squeezed tightly. “My big GROWING bull, all mine!” Austin growled as he started pounding into his bullpup with reckless abandon. Jon’s hole gripped his Sir’s cock, fitting together perfectly. Jon grunted and growled as his master filled him up; there was nothing more satisfying than feeling Austin inside of him, being this close, enjoying the fruits of Jon’s labor. Serving his master and making him happy was as gratifying as sex, as necessary as breathing to Jon now. Austin’s lust-filled grunts and moans sent shivers of happiness down Jon’s muscular spine, and he pushed back in time to Austin’s thrusts to increase their mutual pleasure. Jon planted his fists harder into the wet grass, sinking them into the ground to gain more traction as Austin pounded harder and harder. He raised his head proudly, arching his big back and feeling his jock-bound cock scraping against the ground, the head of it pressing hard against the ground and scraping up grass. “Feel me breeding you hard, bull?” Austin grunted through gritted teeth. He panted and pushed his cock deeper, more aggressively, roughly. He knew his big stepdad could take any kind of force he put into it. “GRRRUUUFFFF, MMMMPH!” Jon growled. His harness and chain jingled steadily as Austin’s pounding cock sent shivers through his big body. Rain and sweat dripped off of him, slicking up the dense fur covering his back and shoulders. “Sir needs to mark his territory, bull,” Austin groaned. Jon growled deeply, his voice resonating in Austin’s chest. “Sir needs to keep his pup’s hole full of his seed so you know you’re mine,” Austin breathed, his cock throbbing and swelling, his balls growing tighter and more sensitive. Jon bellowed and groaned unintelligibly in response, pushing back even harder on Austin, almost knocking him over, but Austin was able to brace himself. Austin reached up and gripped Jon’s harness harder. He thrust in deeper than ever, deeper than Jon had ever felt, and something in him broke; happiness, completion, satisfaction, and euphoria washed over him. His hole clamped down tighter around his master’s cock. “Yeah, take it!” Austin breathed, slowing his rhythm as he took in the full, monumental scope of the wide, muscular back and huge, powerful ass gripping his cock. “Take my fucking load, bull, unnnngggg!” Austin groaned as he felt Jon’s hole squeeze his cock and milk the cum out of him like a suction hose. Jon threw his head back and howled into the sky, rain pattering off his pup mask, his own cock leaking into the wet ground and digging up more dirt, his huge ass threatening to knock Austin over.
  8. I want to start off by apologizing for being away for so long. I have written and re-written this chapter so many times. Never quite sure which way I wanted to take it and who I wanted the story to focus on next. Hoping to write some more chapters to this and eventually get to a conclusion in this story line. I have quite a few others I would like to get started but not until this one is done. So without further ado, I give you.... Blue Pill Part 21 Sarah headed into the showers after hearing the running water. The showers were private stalls that held a curtain at the front for privacy. Sarah pulled back the first curtain to find an empty stall. As she approached the second stall, Sarah could hear a wet slapping noise. Like the sounds of sex. She grabbed a handful of the curtain and pulled back just enough to peek inside. What she found in the private shower stall left her speechless. It was the most muscular back of a man she had ever seen. Even bigger than Chris after draining her size. He was easily as wide as the shower, his shoulders almost touching on either wall of the stall. She watched as his right arm made long back and forth motions, producing the slapping sound that had drawn her to his stall in the first place. Mesmerized by the sight of his muscles bunching and rippling across his back and triceps, Sarah had hardly noticed the man had turned and was reaching for a bottle of lube on the shelf behind him. A baritone voice filled the shower “well if you came for a show, then i’m going to need a volunteer.” The tall black man slowly turned around and Sarah watched as the water cascaded down to enormous pecs the size of dinner plates with big perky nipples. Which led to a deeply etched eight pack. Sarah’s eyes nearly bugged out when she saw the massive erection he was holding with his right hand. It had to be every bit of 13 inches and it was as thick as a beer can. Sarah swallowed hard, “I would be more than happy to help you out. It’s the least I could do for you since you gave me a show.” The tall behemoth reached forward and pulled back the curtain to allow Sarah entrance. Sarah slid in past the curtain and closed it behind her. Sarah turned back around and found herself eye level with the biggest pair of pecs she had ever seen. They jutted out several inches from the man's rib cage. Sarah brought a hand up and placed it on his massive upper arm. The man then flexed for her, making his arm jump up several inches as it hardened into a solid flex, causing her to stand on her tiptoes to keep ahold of the enormous bicep. “What’s your name big guy?” She asked as she leaned forward and pinched one of his nipples between her fingers. “Names Damien. Why don’t you put that mouth to work and don’t ask any more questions.” So Sarah latched onto his left nipple and gave it a playful bite. This drove the man wild. He grabbed Sarah by the waist and lifted her up. He turned them around so his back was again facing the shower curtain and he rested Sarah between his colossal cock and his ripped abdominals. Damien lowered Sarah down until she felt the curve of his dick along her taint and ass crack. Sarah couldn’t believe how hard this man's dick was. Speaking of hard dicks, Sarah could feel hers pulsing away inside the bike shorts that she was still wearing. Damien took notice of the fabric flexing beneath his abs. So he reached down and grabbed both sides of the bike shorts and pulled, the shorts stood no chance of staying together. They shredded apart like they were made of paper, freeing Sarah’s six inch raging hard on. Sarah began sucking on Damien’s nipple again while she reached behind her and began stroking the head of his massive cock. Her job was getting easier as Damien began pumping out precum into her hand. Once coated, Sarah pulled her hand back and brought it up to her mouth. She stuck one finger at a time in her mouth, sucking all the pre-cum off and moaning as she did so. Sarah then felt a warmth surge through her and Damien could swear she felt ever so slightly heavier resting on his dick. Damien leaned Sarah’s back against the tile wall under the shower head, which was several inches from the top of her head. He brought both of his hands under each ass cheek and lifted until the head of his cock nestled and the entrance of her ass. Sarah reached up and put both her arms around Damiens thick neck for support. She then felt herself slowly being rested on top of his bulbous cock head. Sarah leaned forward and took a nipple back in her mouth and gave it a nibble. Damien moaned and she could feel his cock flex and felt a big glob of pre-cum pulse into her hole. Sarah could feel the head of Damiens cock sliding into her a bit faster now thanks to the pre. This was taking too long for Sarah’s liking so she bit down hard on Damiens nipple and brought a hand down from behind Damiens neck to twist the other. Damien threw his head back and let out a deep moan as he clenched his massive ass cheeks, driving the head of his dick right into Sarah's ass. Sarah had thought she had made Damien cum because his cock was flexing like crazy and she could feel him shooting inside of her. “Oh, that’s how it’s gonna be huh?” Damien said with a smirk on his face. Sarah realized he hadn’t cum yet and that was all just pre. Sarah began to feel a warmth spreading through her body as the pre began feeding her body's growth. She watched as new veins snaked their way up her forearms and hair began sprouting up in places along her arms it had never been before. “Oh this is going to be fun.” Sarah thought. Sarah watched as Damien moved his hands under her arms and wrapped his thick fingers down on her shoulders from behind. “I can play dirty too.” Damien then began pulling Sarah down with his hands. Forcing more of his colossal dick inside of her. With each inch he was inside her Damien swore it was getting tighter. He’d never fucked anyone so tight before. Sarah could feel the dick sliding further and further into her, causing her own raging erection to push up against Damiens rock hard abs. Damien was about halfway in, he brought one of his hands around and placed it over Sarah’s mouth. He flexed his glutes, driving the rest of his dick inside of her, causing her eyes to roll back in her head and a long loud moan rumbled in the small shower. Damien stood there for a moment. Fighting off the urge to cum and to give Sarah a chance to adjust to his size. He could feel his cock throbbing inside, pumping tons of pre into Sarah’s ass. Sarah could feel what could only be described as a small fire growing inside of her. She felt her muscles expanding ever so slightly and she could feel her cock pulsing, each pulse bringing the head of her cock slightly further up Damiens abs. At the same time, she could feel a little less pressure inside of her as Damien’s cock shrank down to match what Sarah had gained. “I can’t have him figure out what’s happening till I take more from him.” Sarah began pulling herself up the length of his dick and dropped herself back down. This sent a moan through Damiens throat as Sarah milked another load of pre out of him. Damien swore he could feel Sarah getting heavier in his arms, but he was sure it was just because he had blasted his arms with an intense workout before hitting the shower. Damien looked down at his arms and he noticed the pump he had when he entered the shower was now gone. His arms were looking somewhat flat. Still extremely massive and very impressive, but flat in his eyes. Sarah noticed Damien taking inventory of his muscles and so she picked up the pace of her thrusts. Every time Sarah came back down on Damien’s dick she got a little bigger and he got a little smaller. This was because Sarah was milking the pre right out of his dick. Damien decided to take control. He reached behind Sarah and pulled her into him forcing her against his body and began pistoning his dick in and out of her. When he did this it forced Sarah’s cock between his rock hard abs and her six pack. In this new position, he knew he had easy access to her g-spot. Sarah felt like her world was dissolving all around her as Damien pounded her G-spot with a barrage of hard hits from his flared cock head. She was seeing little white spots on the edge of her vision and there were sounds escaping her mouth that she didn’t know she could even make. Damien could feel the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm coming from Sarah, so he leaned Sarah's back against the shower wall again and gripped her cock in his hand. He began pumping her cock and fucking her with the same rhythm. Sarah couldn’t take anymore, She let out one deep long moan and clenched her ass hard onto Damiens dick. Damien continued stroking Sarah’s cock as he felt it flex in his hand. The first shot went so hard and so fast it hit the ceiling of the shower with a loud “SPLAT”. The next one landed right on Damiens face. The several that followed, painted his pecs and abs in a glaze of jizz. Damien could taste Sarah's jizz as it ran down his face and into his mouth. The taste was indescribable. It was doing something to him though, he felt his whole body tense up and his balls began to ache like he hadn’t cum in days. He knew what was about to come, he was. Damien drove his dick into Sarah one last time and threw his head back letting out a deep yell. Sarah came to her senses as she realized what was about to happen. She felt Damiens cock swell inside of her. A torrent of cum flooded her insides. Damien began sliding his cock in and out of her as if to milk out every last drop. Sarah felt like a furnace had just been ignited inside her. The heat was so intense. She began to feel her muscles swell and expand. Her cock began swelling in every direction as if she was about to erupt again. Damien, no longer able to hold her weight post orgasm, pulled Sarah up and off his dick and lowered her down till her feet rested on the tiled floor. Damien then hunched forward under the shower head with one arm rested against the wall just under the head. Sarah took this chance to make a quick escape before Damien began shrinking. She knew she was going to get quite a bit bigger, but she didn’t think she would be able to fend off Damien if he were pissed about his loss of size. She quietly pulled back the curtain while Damien was still in his post orgasmic bliss. She then closed the curtain and turned around, realizing she was completely naked. Sarah could feel herself getting bigger by the second as her body fed off Damiens cum. She could feel her lats pushing out, making her arms flare out further. The gap between her legs was filling up with muscle, making it awkward as she tried to continue walking. Sarah headed out into the locker room in search of something to wear, or maybe in search of some more muscle…. As Sarah exited the showers, the last shower curtain slid back and a man poked his head out. Seeing that she had left, the man slipped out of his shower wrapped in a towel and opened the curtain to the shower that Sarah had just left. “Looks like someone could use a hand in here…”
  9. Greatsword812

    The New God

    It's been a very long time since I've posted a story here. I was taken by some inspiration recently and whipped up a new one to share here. As with all my stories, every character is an adult over the age of 18. Please keep in mind that this work of fiction is a fantasy and you very much are not, please practice safe sex and use protection. *** It was strange to see how the elves changed over such a small period of time. It's been over a decade since the elves came out of hiding and showed themselves again in the land, proclaiming worship to a new god. Ahrys, the God of Strength. The most notable changes were outward in appearance. While the elves had been previously considered the fair folk of the land, their new allegiance to a god of strength, power and virility changed their bodies. Now instead of slender and lithe bodies, the elves commanded towering powerful bodies with exotic proportions and bulging muscles. This was the result of a century or so of intense physical training and exercise that was demanded of the elves by their new lord. The elves' own training had been limited to archery and other forms of combat, but now they found themselves in awe of the warriors, knights and lovers of Ahrys. Ahrys' priests encouraged this change in the elves, and it spread quickly throughout the elven population. The elves grew more confident, stronger, and bolder than ever before. They became a race of warrior-priests, and their society was based on the concept of strength, both physical and mental. Men were not only expected to be strong physically, but also to have the will and determination needed to rule and ensure that the word of Ahrys would endure for years to come. This led to an interesting phenomenon. Male elves began to marry other men, but this did not render the women obsolete. Instead, they married into the male dominated society and took many mates instead of staying monogamous. Their husbands took up the role of warrior and ruler as well as father, provider, and protector. Soon the elves began to proselytize outside of their old forests and began to migrate into settlements of other races to expand their god's influence. None were more welcoming than the race of Orc. In previous generations the elves and orcs were often at odds, butting heads with each other in many ways. The elves considered the Orcs brutish and cruel, while the orcs sneered at the frail elves and their puny bodies. But now that the orcs had embraced Ahrys, they were quick to adopt his teachings and become even more powerful and aggressive than before. Initially there were concerns from many of the other kingdoms that Ahrys would teach the orcs to become even more brutal and cruel, but that could not have been further from the truth. Ahrys taught them to be patient, understanding and kind, but also taught them to respect strength and power above all else. He taught them to be disciplined and selfless, to sacrifice themselves for others. The orcs took to this new gospel like a parched man to water and embraced all aspects of Ahrys' teachings. While orcs celebrated relationships between men before their new lord's teachings, it exploded in popularity as well as necessity. The bodies the orcs perfected under the god of strength were truly awesome to behold. The new generation of orcs were taller, broader, more muscular, and significantly stronger than the previous. While the orcs had always been a fierce and warlike people, they were still prone to violence and brutality. Under Ahrys' teachings though, they learned to control their anger and aggression, and to channel it into acts of love and protection, both socially and physically. To lay with one of Ahrys' orcs was to experience sex at a heightened level. The bodies of the new orcs were ripe with power and virility and just itching to use their sexual prowess to fuck their partners into levels of bliss previously unheard of. Often the sounds of fucking and the enthralling moans of their partners would permeate throughout entire villages as Ahrys' new disciples exercised their bodies and spread their seed, breeding the other men they slept with until their holes were filled with potent orcish sperm. Quite often their orgasms were powerful and drawn out lasting for minutes at a time and often leaving them exhausted afterwards. And despite the success in finding partners of all races the orcs found themselves becoming addicted to this powerful sexual feeling, and they began to seek it out in greater numbers. And thus, the two once distant races began to intermingle and co-exist in peace and lust, united under the banner of Ahrys. The first of many great cities was erected in the valley of two large mountains and was populated rather quickly by both orcs and elves alike. The men of both races combined the raw power of their physically and sexually enhanced bodies to create one of the most beautiful cities to grace the face of the planet, a glistening city of granite, marble and stone carved into the side of the mountains, known as Yhrgaan. It stood tall and proud and was built to last forever. A monument to the joining of two distinct species, bonded together under the teachings of Ahrys. ⁂ "Are you certain this is the place?" "Of course, I am! What do you take me for, some illiterate bastard? I know how to read a book and I damn well know how to read a map." Sigurd and Albran continued their bickering as they trudged out of the dark and gloomy tunnel. The voyage into the mountain tunnels had been difficult and fraught with danger so the two friends were at each other’s throat and eager to see the sun. As the light of freedom grew ever closer both humans cried out with joy and bolted out of the passage at a breakneck pace. As their eyes adjusted to the light the young men were dazzled by the wondrous sight of Yhrgaan, the City of Stones. “By the gods!" exclaimed Sigurd, "I can't believe we made it!” Albran laughed, "Don’t get your hopes up to quickly. We've only reached the end of the entrance tunnel. Now we must hike down to the city walls." "Well, what are we waiting for then?" asked Sigurd. "We're not waiting for anything." Albran grumbled, "It's at least another half a day on foot to the entrance and I'm not exactly keen on continuing the trek when my legs are wobblier than my nan's evening pudding." Sigurd looked at him skeptically, "What do you mean? You don't look any worse than me." Albran smiled, "Trust me, lad, you ain't looking too good either." The two men slowed their pace and surveyed the landscape, gazing upon the city's shining glory. Yhrgaan was unlike any city they had ever seen. It was constructed entirely of smooth white granite and the buildings were carved directly from the rock itself. There were no bricks, no mortar, and no wood. Only the most skilled and strongest of craftsmen could have created such a feat of architecture, and even then, it would have taken centuries to complete. "This is incredible," said Sigurd, awestruck. "That it is, lad. That it is." Continuing the path at a leisurely pace the two friends noticed a few buildings on the outskirts of the city walls, made not of marble but unpolished and unsculpted granite. These structures, while not graced with as much beauty as the city itself, were still a testament to the skill and power of the denizens within. Albran and Sigurd gazed at each other with an unspoken unease and curiosity and slowly veered of the path to inspect these huts. As the duo passed the first two it became obvious to both men that these structures were built specifically to house troops and train them in the art of war. One of the buildings housed a group of orcs, while the other was occupied by a large number of elves. The two men stopped to watch the orcs sparring and training. They saw the orcs doing pushups and sit-ups, lifting heavy stones and trading blows with powerful weapons. The elves were equally impressive, their movements fluid and precise as they practiced archery. The orcs seemed better trained in martial combat than the elves, as their bodies seemed to be chiseled from pure muscle and sinew. The elves were more slender than the orcs, but their muscles rippled with perfect symmetry and their limbs were thick and powerful, no doubt capable of lethal blows themselves. After watching the soldiers for a few moments, the two men decided to continue onward towards the city walls. Another granite structure came into view just beyond the garrisons however this one was built with much more skill and finery. It appeared a very modest looking inn and tavern with a large garden, mill and even an archery field at the farthest end. Business seemed slow as the two humans knocked against the cool granite door. Sigurd attempted to open the door but paused as he was unable to open the door at first attempt. After a few seconds he put his full weight into his shoulder and collided with the door enough for it to open properly. The inn's interior was warm and dry. A long bar faced the pair immediately opposite the entrance and the shelves behind it were stocked with wine, beer, liquor and other substances in jars the humans had never seen before. Ornate chairs of fine polished marble lined with woven cushions surrounded over a dozen tables spread throughout the interior. At the far end of the tavern to the right of the two men, a large fire danced merrily in the hearth. The windows were shuttered closed, and the only illumination was provided the fire and some small wax candles at the middle of each table. The few patrons scattered throughout the room were quietly enjoying their meals and drinks. At one table sat a solitary orc of massive proportions. His broad body cast a long shadow as the light from the roaring fire danced across his dark green skin. He was clad in shining metal plate armor which was padded with fine leathers and bright red cloth, signifying him as a soldier of Yhrgaan. His body was muscular and wide, and his bulging arms were snaked with thick veins. His enormous battle-axe was strapped to his back and he looked as if it weighed nothing to him. He was eating a steak with a knife and fork, but he did not notice the two men enter the inn. At another table sat an elf with more decorum than the orc. His strong body was draped in fine cloth around his back and around his waist, creating a kind of robe. This garment accentuated the elf's form well and showcased the fine muscles of his entire body. The top of his chest and shoulders were exposed, revealing his defined pectoral muscles and his expansive shoulders. His powerful arms were adorned with gold bracelets and his fingers were adorned with rings of precious metals and gems. His blonde hair was long and flowing, reaching down to his lower back. His face was handsome and well proportioned, but his nose was slightly crooked and had a slight bend to it. Sigurd felt his heart skip a beat as he drank the sight of this beautiful elf. His eyes wandered down the elf's muscular frame to the evidence of his impressive endowment. The elf's member was visible beneath the fabric of his robe and the young human could tell the elf's cock was already bigger than his, and he wasn't even erect yet. Unable to look away Sigurd continued his way down the elf's body and gasped slightly as he saw the elf's rippling legs that were clearly extremely muscular and incredibly toned. Sigurd reckoned this elf could probably haul in a slab of granite into the room and still have the energy to fuck him senseless if he so wished. Continuing his examination of the inn's inhabitants Sigurd noticed a smaller orc sitting in the corner of the establishment. This orc was clearly much younger than the one clad in armor, but Sigurd still couldn't help but stare at him. The youth was perhaps twenty or so years old, and he was wearing simple tunic and trousers. His dark green skin was a little lighter than the orc in the armor, and his muscles were less developed though still prominent. His arms were thinner, and his shoulders were a bit wider. His shining black hair was pulled back tight in a small wolfs tail held together with a woven leather strap. Sigurd’s breath caught in his chest as his eyes met the orc’s gaze. Piercing and intense. Sigurd could tell that while he could not see beneath the cloth there was no shortage of Ahrys' disciples in this inn. After a brief moment a blushing Sigurd turned back to Albran who was staring at him with a puzzled expression. The young man shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sorry about that, mate. I guess I was just caught off guard by the sights and sounds of the place. Lets find the owner and ask about a few rooms for the night, eh? Maybe something in the barracks for you, Albran?" "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," replied Albran. The two men moved through the quiet inn and made their way to the bar. The duo waited for moment and when no one in the vicinity acknowledged their presence, Albran knocked three times on the bar with a gloved fist with as much force as he could muster against the cold granite. The sound echoed slightly through the inn and after a few seconds the older orc looked up from his meal and gave the two men a curious look. He took a long sip of his ale and asked, "And who might you be?" Sigurd stepped forward and introduced himself, "My name is Sigurd and this is my friend Albran. We've traveled quite a long way to come and see Yhrgaan." The orc gently set his ale down and continued to cut at his meat, not meeting the humans eye to eye. "A-ha, I see. Well, I am Hrothgar, the proprietor of this establishment. And what brings you to our fair city?" Sigurd was surprised at the calm and polite nature of the orc. He had expected someone so massive to be nothing short of brutish. "Well, we've come here to learn the ways of Ahrys. His word has spread far beyond the mountains and forests of old, across the lakes and rivers of the plains, to every city of the continent and possibly across the oceans as well. We want to learn all we can from him." Hrothgar nodded slowly to himself and finished the last piece of steak on his now empty plate. With a low rumbling sound, the orc pushed his chair back and rose to his full height. He towered over the two men and the rest of the room by at least a foot. His arms were so big that his hands could undoubtedly touch the ceiling, and his thighs were so thick and powerful that Sigurd thought he could probably lift a horse with ease. The orc flexed his arms and rolled his shoulders, stretching his body underneath his heavy armor while coincidentally displaying his muscles to the best effect. With slow and purposeful steps the orc made his way around the table and approached the two men. He loomed over them with a piercing gaze and a flat expression on his face. After a moment the old orc smiled and said used his large hands to clasp onto each Sigurd and Albran's shoulders, the force of which nearly caused the younger man's knees to buckle. "I'm glad you're here," said the orc. "You'll need to be ready for some rigorous training. I hope you do not think it crude of me to say but you two will undoubtedly stick out as foreigners. Best to start practicing those introductions, I am sure you'll be asked quite a few times." Albran and Sigurd shared a nervous glance, and both men were quick to respond, "Yes sir, thank you for your hospitality." Hrothgar nodded once again and let go of the two men. He then turned and walked around the bar and pulled out two large stone keys and gave one to each human. "First evening is free. It's getting late and you two need a night to relax. We'll worry about the coin in the morning once you two are of sound mind and stern body. Now get some rest. Tomorrow will be a busy day." As the two humans turned away from the bar they heard the old orc bark, "Yjolmar. Be a good lad, show the new blood to their rooms." The young orc jumped up from his seat and hurried to the side of the bar. He grabbed two small bags from a shelf and handed them to the two humans. Sigurd opened the bag and found it contained a change of clothes, soap, towels, and several blankets. Albran opened his own bag and found it also contained the same items. The two men thanked the orc and followed him up a long flight of stairs. These stairs were taller and longer than any the two had previously encountered and they soon found themselves huffing and puffing by the end of their ascent. Once they reached the landing, they saw Yjolmar had already lit a small lantern and was waiting for the duo with a stern expression on his youthful face. "This way," the young orc said. He turned on his heels and marched down the long corridor past presumably occupied rooms. As the duo obeyed, Sigurd took the opportunity to admire Yjolmar's physique from the rear. The young orc was slightly taller than Sigurd and broad shouldered, with a slim waist and a tight ass. His shoulders were wide, and his back looked as if carved out of stone. Now that he was upright Sigurd noticed that the orc's tunic clung to his body in places where the muscles were the most pronounced. His exposed biceps were full and round, powerful slabs of meat that were currently flexed as he held the lantern. Sigurd's eyes drifted southward and marveled at the beautiful arse that was caged within the orc's humble trousers. It was round and perky, but tight and powerful. With a body like his, Sigurd had no doubt to which god this orc prayed. The young human quickly looked away and tried to focus on following the orc down the hall. After a few moments Yjolmar stopped in front of a large ornate door made of both stone and polished wood. He faced Albran and then gestured at the door with the arm holding the lantern. "Your room. Has a nice view of the mountains." Albran nodded and opened the door, revealing a spacious room with a large bed and a fireplace. The room was furnished with a couple of chairs and a small table. A window overlooked the outskirts of the city below and the outline of the mountains beyond. Albran went to the table and set his gear down. Sigurd followed him into the room and admired the view. "I recon we can see the city lights from here," said Albran, his expression brightening for the first time in a long time. Before Sigurd could respond, he heard a polite cough coming from the door. The orc glowered at Sigurd with the same eyes he'd seen before. Piercing and intense. "Your room's this way." The orc's tone was more commanding than before, and Sigurd guessed he must have been doing it intentionally. Yjolmar led the Sigurd down the hallway to a second door, which looked like the previous one. The only thing that differentiated this room from the other was a small sign above the door. It read, "Private". Yjolmar stood aside and allowed Sigurd to unlock the door. The room was very plain with a comfy looking bed that was lined with furs, a small desk and a chest of drawers, and a circular table opposite the bed behind the open door. There was a single window in the wall opposite the door and Sigurd could see the edge of the city. "It's small, but it's quiet," Yjolmar rumbled, turning to leave. Sigurd opened his mouth to thank the orc and suddenly shut it. Just as Yjolmar's hand reached to close the door Sigurd blurt out, "Why do I get the private room?" The orc paused and turned to face the human. The expression on his face was blank, but the eyes were still piercing. After a moment Yjolmar gently set the lantern on the small table and kicked the door shut behind him. Sigurd heard a small click as the door's latch locked him in with this smoldering hunk of orc. Sigurd suddenly felt his heart pounding in his chest. The lantern portrayed Yjolmar in a striking light, the shadows dancing across his strong form. He was still wearing the same outfit he'd worn earlier, but now the cloth clung to his body in places that Sigurd had never seen before. Yjolmar took a step closer to the human and began to untie the leather strap of his tunic. His piercing eyes never broke contact with Sigurd as the garment began to reveal the orc's powerful chest. Sigurd wanted to say something but could not bring himself to stop the beautiful display before him. Yjolmar's physique was a prime example of masculinity blessed by the power of his god. Yjolmar's large hands slid under the fabric and released it from his muscular frame. The orc stood proudly before the human, his massive arms and torso bare to the world. The light from the lantern cast deep shadows on his muscled chest and stomach, giving the impression that the orc was a statue carved from rock. His body was perfectly proportioned, his chest wide and thick, his abdomen lean and powerful. Yjolmar took another step closer, losing his hair from its woven leather straps and asked, "You know which god I worship, don't you Human? Sigurd gulped and nodded slightly, "Ahrys, god of Strength." The orc smiled and took another step forward. "That's right. He gives me strength in all things. Strength to carry my burdens on my back. The duty to build my body and become stronger. The fortitude to serve and protect my brethren. And power to exert my strength unto others." Yjolmar took a slow deep breath in and let his formidable chest expand. His large hands caressed every facet of his torso and his fingers lingered on his nipples, giving himself a firm twist, and letting out a soft but rumbling moan. He continued his ministrations by stretching out his right arm and caressing his bicep. His skin was smooth and tight, and his muscles were taut and hard. Sigurd watched as Yjolmar flexed his arm causing his bicep to snap into sharp relief, his veins pumping power into the enormous muscle. This caused the orc further arousal and out of the corner of his eyes, unable to rip them free of the vision before him, Sigurd saw an outline of the orc's cock twitch. "I know the stories that stretch beyond the mountains. The orcs and elves that came before me, how they grew stronger, more powerful and..." The orc let out a rolling, rumbling, firm moan. "More virile." Sigurd let out an involuntary gasp before he could stop himself. "I know that's why you've come. To study from my god. To embrace his wisdom. To lay with his disciples." Yjolmar sneered. He moved his large hand away from us bicep and luridly dragged it down his firm chest to rest lazily on the rim of his trousers. "I can be your first teacher, if you’d like." Yjolmar's voice was barely above a whisper now. He took his last step toward Sigurd, closing the gap between them so the two young men were chest to chest. Heat radiated off of the young orc and threatened to overpower Sigurd but the human held onto his reality by sheer force of will. "All you have to do is ask." Sigurd was breathing heavily. His eyes darted to every inch of the handsome orc in front of him and he knew there was no escaping this. Not that he wanted to. All his dreams were standing before him, hot and ready. So, the only thing Sigurd could say was... "Yes.” Yjolmar's face lit up with a smile. He threw the tunic to the ground and stepped forward, crashing into the smaller man. He placed his hands on the human's shoulders and pushed him back against the wall. Sigurd's mind was racing. He had never experienced anything like this before. He was being forced to submit to this mighty orc and was loving every second of it. Yjolmar wasted no time. He knelt on the floor and took hold of Sigurd's trousers. He pulled them down slowly and carefully, his hands sliding up the human's legs and over his thighs. Sigurd felt the orc's breath on his groin and the heat of his body. He looked down to see Yjolmar's dark eyes staring at his crotch, his nostrils flaring as he smelled the human's arousal. "Let's start with something simple," Yjolmar whispered. In an instant Sigurd felt his member engulfed in the order ravenous mouth. The orc's tongue lashed the underside of his shaft, drawing forth a moan from the human's throat. The orc's hands gripped his hips tightly and he began to thrust his hips back and forth, massaging the human's throbbing erection with his lips and tongue. Sigurd's moans became louder and more frequent as the orc worked him over. The orc's hands traveled south, grasping Sigurd's balls, and squeezing them firmly. Sigurd could feel the orc's breath on his sack and the sensation was driving him wild. His cock was as hard as it had ever been in his life, and this was only the beginning. Yjolmar's hands slid further south and Sigurd felt his cock slide between the orc's powerful fingers. The orc squeezed and stroked the human's dick with his hand while his mouth continued to work the human's cock. "Oh fuck, oh god, oh gods, oh fuck, oh god," Sigurd chanted as the orc's hand and mouth drove him to the brink. The orc's head popped up from the human's crotch and he looked up at Sigurd, his eyes burning with lust. "Tell me what you want," he growled. Sigurd looked down at the orc, his eyes glazed with desire. "I want you to fuck me." Yjolmar grinned and stood up. He grabbed the human's hips and lifted him up, pulling him in close for a long and demanding kiss. With a playful shove he tossed Sigurd onto the bed and admired the human’s physique has he clambered onto the bed and lay on his back. Yjolmar crawled on top of him, straddling his waist. From this angle Sigurd could see a large wet spot forming down the right side of Yjolmar's trousers. They grew further still as he noticed the sheer size of the member currently obscured by the blasted garment. Yjolmar straightened up in bed and began to shuck his trousers. Sigurd's eyes widened as he saw the orc's cock. It was huge, longer than his forearm and almost twice as thick. It was a dark green color with a large vein running along its length and a copious amount of his seed already leaking from his shaft. Sigurd's jaw dropped and he let out a whimper. "Fret not. You're safe with me." Yjolmar's words brought Sigurd's attention back to the orc. The orc's eyes were alight with excitement, and he was staring at the human's face with a look of pure lust. "You know what to do." Sigurd nodded and reached out to grab the orc's cock. It was warm and firm in his hand and pulsed bigger with each passing second. Sigurd tentatively wrapped his hand around the orc's cock and began to stroke it slowly. Yjolmar moaned and leaned forward, his hands gripping the bed sheets. Sigurd's mouth was watering, and his heart was beating fast. His cock was rock hard and dripping precum. He didn't know if he could take much more of this. He was lost in the moment, his body reacting to the sheer dominance his lover radiated. He kept stroking the orc's cock, moving his hand up and down the long shaft, watching the large veins pulse and the enormous tip bulge. He could feel the orc's breathing become heavy and his cock begin to spasm. Yjolmar's hips began to buck, pushing his cock deeper into the human's hand. "A-Ah! My lord! Please!" Yjolmar yelled, his voice hoarse and full of lust. Sigurd couldn't help but let out a grunt as the orc's cock throbbed in his hand. He pumped faster and faster, his own cock leaking like an unending faucet. Suddenly Yjolmar's body tensed up and was frozen. His taught muscles strained against his skin as the orc fought with all his might to resist the urge to cum. Sigurd continued to pump the orc's cock, his hand moving faster and faster. He could hear the orc's breathing becoming erratic and his cock twitching in his hand. He could tell that the orc was close. Sigurd's own orgasm began to rise and he sped up his strokes, his hand flying across the orc's cock. "Ahh, ah, AHHH! Please lord Ahrys, not yet!" Yjolmar screamed, his body wracked with strain and concentration as he used his entire constitution not to cum in the humans hands. Sigurd had no such limitations and after a few more seconds released the orc's member as his own orgasm overwhelmed him. He wailed and moaned as he shot load after load onto the orcs abdomen, letting his seed soak into his orcish lover as well as the furs beneath him. Sigurd's explosive volley subsided and soon he felt the exhaustion wash over him. His days of unending travel coupled with the explosive orgasm finally allowed his true level of fatigue to sink in. The human was physically, emotionally and sexually spent. But Yjolmar was just beginning. The orc pulled himself up onto the bed and rolled the human over, pinning him to the mattress. He smiled down at the human and ran his hands over the human's body, gently touching every inch of him. "I've been waiting for this," Yjolmar hissed. He pulled his hands away and pressed them against the human's stomach. "I've wanted to do this since I first laid eyes on you." The massive orc took his hands and scooped some of the human's seed off his abdomen and sucked it off his fingers, licking his lips as he went. Using his newly lubed appendages Yjolmar gradually probed at the human's entrance. Sigurd felt the orc's large hands grasp his hips and he opened his legs wider, his eyes fluttering shut as the orc's fingers pressed against his opening. First one, then two and soon he felt the orc's tongue dart out and lick his hole, sending a shiver through his body. Yjolmar took his time, his tongue working the human's puckered hole, savoring the taste of his seed and the musky scent of his sex. He began to push his tongue inside the human's ass, pressing deeper and deeper until his nose was buried in the human's crack. Sigurd's mind was hazy, his body was sore and his cock was still hard. He was completely and utterly lost in the moment, his world reduced to nothing but the orc's large hands on his hips and his tongue in his ass. Yjolmar’s tongue slid out and he licked the human's hole again, his tongue teasing the rim of the human's anus. He then pushed it back inside the human's ass and began to slowly fuck the human's ass with his tongue. Sigurd was losing track of time. He could feel the orc's cock rubbing against his balls and knew that it would be inside him any minute. He was afraid to move, knowing that he wouldn't last very long. The orc's tongue penetrated deeper and deeper, making the human moan loudly. The tongue swirled around the human's prostate, and he felt his cock twitch in response. "Oh fuck, oh gods, I'm going to cum," Sigurd moaned. Yjolmar smiled and pulled his tongue out of the human's ass, leaving a trail of saliva behind. He moved up his lover’s body and positioned his cock at the human's puckered hole. He pressed the head of his cock into the tight waiting hole and held it there for a moment, allowing the human to adjust to the intrusion. Sigurd gasped. He knew it would hurt but he did not expect the tip to feel this pleasurable as well. The orc chuckled to himself as he caressed his conquest's body with his hands, entreating him to relax and enjoy. Yjolmar slowly pushed the head of his cock into the human's ass, hissing as he felt the tight ring stretch around the shaft. "Shhh, it's ok little one. Just let me in." Sigurd tried to relax, his muscles tensing up as the orc's cock stretched his insides. "Ahhhh, ahhhhh," Sigurd groaned as the orc's cock filled him. Yjolmar slowly pulled back, letting the human's muscles tighten and pull the him in. Then he pushed back in again, eliciting another moan from the human. Sigurd's ass was now fully stretched, and he felt the orc's cock slide in further, reaching his deepest depths. The orc was all the way in and he felt his cock throbbing inside the human's ass. Yjolmar began to thrust in and out of the human's ass, the sounds of their bodies slapping together filling the room. The orc's cock was slick with the human's juices and he was able to slide in and out of the human's ass easily. Yjolmar started with long slow strokes, allowing the human to get used to his tremendous size. He slowed his pace enough to find Sigurd's inner most pleasurable spots and one he'd found them his face twisted into a crooked smile. Sigurd was moaning constantly, his eyes rolling back in his head as the orc fucked him. He was beyond caring about anything but the pleasure coursing through his body. Yjolmar picked up speed and began to pound the human's ass, the bed creaking under the force of the orc's thrusts. "Fuck yes! Oh fuck, oh god, oh please!" Sigurd cried. "I'm going to...!" "OH NO YOU WONT!" The ork roared. In an instant Yjolmar withdrew his member from the pleading human below him and flipped him onto his back, his face and cock facing the sky. Looking at Yjolmar. With one final moan Sigurd ejaculated ropes of seed into the air and all over his orc lover. The orc huffed in approval, satisfied with the amount of seed Sigurd had shot. He again allowed his strong hands to roam his body and collect all his human's seed. In full view of Sigurd, Yjolmar ate his lovers cum until his hands were squeaky clean. Then the orc crawled up the human's body and began to greedily lick the human's chest and belly, savoring the taste of his conquest’s seed. He moved down and began to suckle on the human's cock, taking it deep into his throat and bobbing up and down, sucking the human dry. Sigurd was delirious with pleasure, his mind clouded by the powerful orgasm. He could barely keep his eyes open as he watched Yjolmar devour his cock like some kind of sex crazed animal. Finally he stopped and allowed Sigurd a brief moment of respite. The humans vision blurred and his senses waned while be listened to his conqueror mutter under his breath. A fluid and lyrical pattern of speech escaped Yjolmar's lips as Sigurd faded into the sheets. For a moment he could have thought that Yjolmar was... Praying. The human’s eyes snapped open as he realized two things. Who his lover bad prayed too. And that the orc still had not cum. "You wish to pray before my god," Yjolmar cooed, his voice a terrible rumbling whisper. "Yet you have bit even seen a fraction of his power." The orc grunted and Sigurd could have sworn he saw his lovers member bulge. Coming out of his reverie the human watched mouth agape as Yjolmar's body pulsed. With each beat of his heart the orc grew larger. His muscles denser, heavier, filled with more power. His chest was noticeable first. Each slab of pectoral muscles were suddenly filled with veins, pumping the muscle larger and filling out the flat expanded into a bulging bulbous cleft of pectorals with two firm dark green nipples that grew just enough that they probably could have poked through fabric. Next came the arms. The veins snaked their way into each bicep and filled it with even more muscle while simultaneously dissolving any traces of fat. With each flex Yjolmar moaned and cried and his cock squirted additional slick milky seed. His forearms filled to match the muscles before it and then orcs hands pulsed with newfound power. Then his legs. The veins of the muscle pulsed and swelled and he felt the bones shift, growing thicker, longer, stronger. They expanded upward ward and out, filling the legs with more dense muscle and powerful sinew. His ass became a large, meaty orb with intricate striations that looked made to fuck. Sigurd looked up at his lover, his jaw hanging open in awe. Yjolmar was showing him what awaited in his future. The orc was going to grow into something extraordinary. Yjolmar laughed, the sound almost bestial, and grabbed the human's hips. He pulled Sigurd up so that he was sitting upright, his ass high in the air. "Come on little one. Show me your might. Show me how you will serve Ahrys." Sigurd was too weak to resist, he couldn't believe how good it felt to be lifted by the orc and be tossed around as if he weighed nothing. Yjolmar moved him until he was straddling the orc's waist and he sat down on his thick leaking cock. "Mmmmmmm," Yjolmar moaned. Sigurd felt the orc's cock throb and pulse in his ass and he shuddered. "Fuck, you're tight," Yjolmar growled. He grabbed the human's hips and began to pound his ass, sliding in and out of the human's body. Filling him to the brim with his huge orcish meat. Sigurd was gasping for breath, his head spinning as the orc pounded him even harder than he ever had before. "More." Yjolmar demanded. Suddenly Sigurn felt a pulse inside him. It was subtle at first but it grew stronger and stronger. He could feel it in his chest, it was in his ass, it was in his cock. It was in his soul. His lovers manhood was growing inside him. And it would make him cum. The orc was pounding Sigurd's ass hard and fast, his cock throbbing inside the human's body. Sigurd was breathing hard, his entire body tingling as the orc's cock continued to swell, filling him to the point of pain. But now that he was blessed by his lovers seed, pain and pleasure had become one. "Cum for me little one. Cum for your new god." Yjolmar commanded. Sigurd couldn't help it. His body was on fire. His mind was delirious and his cock could take it no longer. He felt the seed begin to flow out of his cock, shooting straight up into the air and landing on Yjolmar's chest and shoulders. "Yes, oh yes, cum for me," Yjolmar said as he continued to pound the human's ass. Sigurd screamed as he came, his body shaking uncontrollably as he emptied his balls onto his orc lover. Yjolmar moaned loudly as Sigurd's ass clamped down on him, squeezing the orc's cock tighter than ever before. With one final guttural roar the orc finally unloaded his seed into the human's ass, each shot of his load filled the human witch such pleasure, each volley powerful enough to stimulate his prostate, causing another wave of pleasure to crash over the human. Yjolmar was not done yet, he kept fucking the human, his cock pulsing in the human's ass as he pumped his seed into the human's body, fully and completely, breeding him for his god. His cock did not go down quickly, and he continued his assault on the human’s arse until it was safe to extricate himself. With a loud pop and a dribble of cum the Yjolmar released himself from his prize. With his last ounce of strength the orc pushed the human’s cheeks shut, forcing him to accept his seed permanently. When he was finished, he collapsed next to Sigurd, panting heavily. "That was amazing," Sigurd whispered. Yjolmar looked to the human and smiled. For a brief moment Sigurd saw the face of the quiet young orc sitting next to the fireplace instead of the man who had fucked him to heaven and back. His features were softer now than they had been before, no longer the stern face of a stranger but a powerful visage of a caring lover. "I'm glad you liked it," Yjolmar said, kissing the human's forehead. "Now rest. Your journey was tiring, and soon there will be much to do." Sigurd nodded and closed his eyes, succumbing to sleep as he was enveloped by his new lover. *** Comments and constructed feedback wanted. I really do need an editor so please point out any grammatical mistakes you notice and I will correct them.
  10. musclelovingtwink

    The Prompt

    “Nah. Still no. I don’t get it.” Harry stood with his brow furrowed in front of Jacob, clearly perplexed. Jacob sighed. He’d been ready for this, it was very complex stuff, and Harry wasn’t exactly known for his outstanding intelligence. “Ok, so first off, time isn’t a straight line. We can’t really look at time, but it’s really convoluted…” he began. Harry nodded but already seemed to be lost. “It’s complicated and it crosses over itself and collides at different points.” He drew a big squiggle on the whiteboard to illustrate his point. He gestured to where two parts of the line crossed. “Here, where time collides, is what we call a ‘junction.’” Harry continued to nod. Jacob pointed at the machine. It was essentially a computer hooked up to a helmet, covered in strange electrodes and wires. “This machine sends a signal at a frequency that should be able to pass THROUGH those junctions.” “What, so to a different time?” Harry asked. “Exactly!” Jacob said, excited that his friend was getting it. “This helmet scans your brain waves, and using a sample of your DNA, encodes the signal in a way that would only affect you, but at different points in time.” “Wait, so what, I can get messages from the future?” Harry said, seeming interested suddenly. Jacob rolled his eyes knowing he was thinking about the lottery or something. “Not exactly. Think of it like a really strong hypnosis tape. We put a prompt into the computer, and that message is sent out as a signal. It would be like having an idea soaked into your brain all through your life.” “What do you mean.” Harry said. “Well, it would just be an idea that would be reinforced, like training a dog, but… retroactively. Imagine being able to break a drug addiction by stopping it before it happened, or just changing the way you think just a little bit so you never chose to stop going to the gym or something…” he trailed off, almost revealing too much of his own desires. “Or, for instance, rewriting a lab rat’s mentality so it lost the ability to feel full.” With that he gestured to a glass enclosure which housed a morbidly obese rat, it’s little feet wiggling just enough to reach the floor and roll itself over to the food bowl. “Oh my god, that’s disgusting.” Said Harry, repulsed. “Well, it was a perfectly healthy rat last night. In fact it was a little underweight.” “Jesus. Wait, hang on, so you’re basically telling me that this machine can rewrite history?” he asked, snapping back to attention. “To a degree. It only works on the person wearing the helmet, and it can only change their thought patterns so much. If you try something too radical, the person would consciously reject the idea, and when it kept coming back they’d probably get doped up by a psychologist.” “Ok, so why are you telling me this?” “I need you to be my first human test subject.” Jacob said sheepishly. “Wait, what? And end up like Chubs over there?” Harry said, standing up quickly and pointing at the obese rat which had now rolled onto its side, struggling to get right-side up again. “No, I mean, well, yes, but we don’t need to make the prompt make you FAT, it could be anything!” Jacob said desperately trying to regain Harry’s calmness. “This is for my doctorate, and I need to be able to prove that the machine works.” “Well why don’t you do it yourself?” “I will, but I need to be sure first. I hard-coded it so that whenever my own DNA is used, a secondary prompt will always be used to implant the idea of the machine into me. That way it shouldn’t be able to cause a change that would destroy the machine and prevent me fixing anything that gets fucked up.” “Like me for instance?” said Harry, raising an eyebrow. “Well, yeah.” Jacob said. “Point is, I think it’s completely functional, and it worked on the rat. I just need a human test to make sure the prompt works with the human brain and doesn’t get muddled up somehow.” Harry thought for a while. “And I get to pick the prompt?” he asked, coyly. “Sure. That is, as long as it’s something we can clearly observe.” Harry continued to think. “Fine. But no judgement alright?” “Great! Of course not! So what do you want the prompt to be?” Jacob said, rushing to the computer’s keyboard. “Well, I’ve always been… decently fit I guess.” Started Harry, blushing. It was true, Jacob had always thought Harry had a beautiful body. He was tall and lithe. He wasn’t muscular, per se, but he had a tight swimmer’s build that looked good in everything. “Yeah, and?” “Well I only started really hitting the gym hard recently, and I feel like I sort of missed my prime for it.” “Harry, you’re 24.” “Yeah, I know, but like, if I had’ve worked out seriously through puberty, I could be pretty… hot.” “Ok, so basically you want the prompt to be something like ‘I love working out in the gym.’” Jacob said. “Yeah, that’d make a nice start.” “A start?” said Jacob, half laughing. “Well, if I can rewrite my life, you think I’m stopping after just one go?” “Ok, ok, let’s get to that when we get to it.” Jacob hammered on the keyboard, inputting parameters and the prompt; “I love working out in the gym.” “Alright, we are ready to go, and… done.” He pushed the enter key with a decisive motion. The loud clack of the key was followed by a high-pitched whirring from the computer as fans buzzed to life. Harry felt a tingling sensation in his scalp as automatic sensors wormed their way across his head. After a few minutes, the machine’s activity died down and Harry looked around expectantly. “Is that it?” he asked, sounding a bit let down. Jacob looked at the computer monitor. A blinking, green phrase on the screen read “Transmission successful.” “Yeah, it looks like it worked.” Said Jacob smiling widely. “Really?” asked Harry, looking down at himself. “I don’t feel any different. Don’t tell me this is the improved me and I just don’t remember cos my past changed.” Jacob smirked. “Well the rat took about 10 minutes to see any difference. I noticed the changes so I don’t imagine we wouldn’t notice it happen with you.” He began to finger through a small pile of notes on the machine. “The machine sends messages through junctions in the timeline, which in turn affects the present, and the future, but because we’re making a change that never happened before we basically cause a paradox.” “Can you explain that a bit, I’m not a nerd.” Said Harry, rolling his eyes for effect. “Ok, so there’s a timeline where everything happened normally, which brought you to this point where you made the decision to change your past. Since you changed your past, when you got to this point in your life there’d never be a reason to make that change since it already happened, meaning your past WOULDN’T be changed, and would happen normally.” Harry just looked confused again. “Ok, so in order for you to both make the decision, and not make the decision, you basically have two distinct pasts now. Both have to exist for the other to make any sense.” He drew on the white board again, drawing a line that split in two, and then rejoined, like a river splitting and then coming together again. “As far as I can tell, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work out just fine, in the grand scheme of things.” Jacob looked back at Harry, only to see he was barely paying attention. Harry’s hand was scratching at his chest. As Jacob watched he saw that it was less the way you would scratch an itch, and more the way you would rub a sore muscle, almost massage-like. “Something feels weird.” Said Harry. He took the helmet with all its sensors off his head and got up from the chair. “It’s like, lik- AH!” he said jerking his head back. “Like something’s moving under my skin.” Jacob got up to get a closer look. “Take your shirt off, let me see what’s happening, something could be wrong.” Harry started to pull his t-shirt upward. As it got up to his chest the material grew tight and was fighting being pulled from his skin. “Ow, Jesus, it’s so tight!” Harry protested. “I can’t get it off. As he let go of the hem, Jacob saw the problem. The material was stretched impossibly tight over Harry’s chest, because his chest was getting larger. He watched as what was once a thin, tight chest ballooned into dense, meaty pecs. Two wide, rounded lumps grew in front of Jacob’s eyes as Harry’s nipples grew from almost 2D into thick, swollen tits, and then started to push downwards as the expanding flesh above them continued to grow. There was a harsh crack, and Jacob looked up to see the collar of Harry’s t-shirt had given way. The red material was moving steadily to the sides, accompanied by a loud ripping noise as the split spread downwards. In seconds, Harry’s chest was bare. His pale chest was immense, somehow seeming even bigger now that it was uncovered. A deep crevasse ran between the two huge slabs of muscle, each with a half inch-long tit neatly sitting under it. As the rip continued downwards, Jacob’s eyes followed, and to his amazement he watches as Harry’s stomach contorted and flexed, bringing forth two, then four, then six, then eight spectacular abs. Each was big enough that Jacob could’ve fit his hand around one just barely, and they sat perfectly symmetrically down Harry’s front. The bottom of the shirt gave way, and as it fell to the sides, shredded obliques were revealed below ribs, revealed by the complete lack of body fat. Harry, still somewhat dazed, grabbed at the two sides of the shirt hanging off him and tugged. In one swift motion the sleeves of the tattered garment were obliterated, revealing still swelling delts. Each looked to be in competition with his head for size, but had deep striations that looked to go almost to the bone. Harry roared in approval, raising his arms in a double bicep pose which started unimpressively, but pure muscle rocketed down his arms, twisting into colossal football-sized biceps, and equally impressive triceps. Veins twisted and wrapped around the surface looking like a spider’s web, but as thick as a normal person’s fingers. His forearms broadened until they could be confused for a whole ham. Jacob, both enthralled by the success of the experiment, and enamoured by the changed he was seeing in front of him, reached forwards to fumble with Harry’s belt. A huge meaty paw pushed aside his smaller, fragile hand and grasped at the buckle with seemed to shatter in his grip. As his belt pulled away, his jeans started to drop to the floor, but were caught quickly as, even undone, the waistband was significantly narrower than the legs it was trying to slide past. “Oh shit!” Harry let loose, as the denim filled quickly and began to strain. Jacob had never heard a sound like the resounding splintering noise the jeans made as solid, alabaster steel burst out both sides. Harry’s legs looked freakish, they grew enormous, and the contrast with his narrow waist would have been almost laughable if it weren’t so hot. As the legs of his boxer briefs were forced upwards, deep cuts in the muscle were revealed. Each of the quads was thicker than Jacob’s whole torso, and the cuts were so intense he felt drawn to wrap his fingers around the long, thick muscle heads. As far as he could tell Harry wasn’t even flexing, he was just so immense and so shredded that every single fiber was visible through his paper-thin skin. Beneath the quads, teardrop calves clung onto sturdy lower legs, though at this point they were resembling a capital “P” more so than a teardrop. Jacob almost had to step back as the last remains of clothing on the behemoth twitched before him. The bulge in Harry’s too-small boxer briefs began to swell until it looked like an overgrown banana was being restrained by them; every pulsing inch clearly discernible through the stretched fabric as it sat atop two orange-sized balls. He could even see several inches of thick, vascular cock where the waistband was being pulled away from Harry’s abs, by both the new narrowness of his waist, and the weight of the monster restrained there. Jacob looked up at Harry, his mouth open in awe. Harry looked down, but nervously had to take a step back as he couldn’t see Jacob past his new pec shelf. Just moving his head felt strange, as he could feel the vast muscles of his traps reaching up almost as high as his ears twitching against his thick neck to move. He reached an arm up to feel his neck, and was surprised to meet resistance as his biceps collided with his pecs, limiting movement. Touching his neck he found that it was as thick as his own head, maybe even an inch or two thicker. “Holy fuck.” He said, to Jacob, his voice multiple octaves deeper than it had been, minutes ago. “I mean… holy fuck.” Jacob could barely think, and only managed a few astonished words. “All that from ‘I love working out in the gym?’”
  11. RealIn2Growth

    Ark of The Gods (Prologue, Chapters 1 - 3)

    Hi! Below you'll find the first three chapters of my new story. It's an idea that I've had for a while that's slowly been burning. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! Ark of the Gods Prologue One The Scribe frantically jotted down everything he could remember. Each night, for the past fortnight, he had been visited by The Master, and each night he had given him more specific items to transcribe. The Scribe found that if he didn’t write down everything he remembered, he was unable to eat, sleep, or rest. He lived to write The Master’s Words. Only when it was complete would The Scribe be able to sleep. Thunder shook the ground he sat upon as he wrote. It had been thundering non-stop for three weeks. The battle in the sky would be fought until only one stood. Several had been destroyed already. When only one survived, this world would never been the same. The Scribe didn’t understand anything of what he wrote. The etching was complex. The Master was very specific about each line that was drawn. They must be exact. If they weren’t exact, The Master would surly punish The Scribe with eternal damnation. He would live for all eternity in agony. That is… if The Master survived the battle. The ground shook as lightning rained down on The Earth. The Scribe added the last of the text and knew that it was complete. As he deposited the rolls of Papyrus in to the clay pot, an explosion rocked his hut. Running to the window, he looked out and saw the sky was alive with flames. The entire sky was burning. Running back to the table, The Scribe grabbed the lid. He then took wet clay from a bowl and sealed the lid on top of the pot. Grabbing the pot, The Scribe ran from his hut and into the forest. He needed to get to the location where his Master had instructed him, he must bury the pot. Again, his instructions were very clear. The pot needed to be brought into the cave that was furthest from the sea. He must walk in darkness for 13,000 steps before stopping. At this point, he must dig a hole roughly the height of a human male. Here, he must deposit the pot. Then, he must wait. No man must disturb where the pot was buried. This location… this darkness would be where he was to remain for thousands upon thousands of years. Before entering the cave, The Scribe looked back to see a streak of darkness engulf the sky before it exploded into flames again. The Master knew he would never win this battle… there were too many against him now… but he had a plan. One day… when the world had stopped believing in anything… he would return. He would bring back harmony to the universe through his might. Even in death, The Scribe must protect The Pot. The Master had given him a vision of the one who was destined to find it. Only then would he be able to rest. One day… a man would come… and only he would be able to understand the writing. Only he would be able to unweave the puzzle The Master had created. Only he would be worthy. The Scribe entered the cave just as another explosion rocked the sky. Turning, he saw the mouth covered over with large boulders that had rolled down from the top of the mountain. Now the world was truly dark. Soon… one day… The Master would reign again. Prologue Two A Transcript from The Video Recorded Journal of Dr. Jacob Graham. ACTION: The recording is turned on. Standing directly center is Dr Jacob Graham J.G: The date is October 8th, 2022. The time… 11:02 am. Since I will be an active participant in my own experiment, I have asked my friend, physician, and assistant, Taylor Wagner to develop a recorded account. The Fountain of Youth. A mythical spring that can allegedly restore young to anyone wo drinks or bathes from it. Legends surrounding such a concept can be found in nearly every culture in every civilization. Even before Ponce de Leon, stories of restorative fountain first appeared in the writings of Herodotus in the 5th Century B.C. Legend had it that Alexander the Great drank of it in the 3rd Century, A.D. Similar myths can be found among members of The Crusades and peoples in the Caribbean who their own tales of the mysterious land of Bimini where the Fountain could be found. It was not always a fountain though. Often it was a river, a spring, or a pond that would reverse the aging process and cure the sick. With so many legends and myths build upon this concept… might it perhaps have hints of truth in it? When I discuss the concept of a Fountain of Youth with my peers, I have been told that my yearnings are just that of a 78-year-old man nearing the end of his life. They say I am afraid of death. I say… if we don’t have to die… why should we? My labors have been tireless in the pursuit of The Fountain of Youth. For 37 years I have hunted it. I’ve explored the deep heart of Africa, hidden temples, and valleys in South America, and followed maps that claim to be able to pinpoint exactly where Bimini might be. Each journey has ended in a dead in. That is, until I arrived on the Island of Crete. My search took me to the Cave of Ideon Andron in Psiloritis. It is here, legend spoke, that a man was buried with a map to ‘The Halls of Immortality.’ For six months we excavated the areas surrounding the cave and within its interior. Then, one day, I discovered what I had been looking for. It was there that I discovered The Abbascia Scrolls, so named for the word etched on the bottom of the clay pot they were discovered in. It is assumed that this was the surname of the person who wrote and then hid the 19 scrolls away. Months of translations have let us to where we are today. Behind me you will see The Ark. Standing at 18 feet in heights it was built using both Gold, Bronze, and Iron. The etchings, as you can see here… ACTION: Dr. J.G. approaches The Ark and runs his hands along it. J.G: … they form a complex labyrinth around The Ark. It took metal masons eighteen months to carve the entirety as described. Yes, the design, the etchings, the entire composition was dictated to us by the writer of The Abbascia Scrolls. ‘The Ark,’ it was written, ‘opens the gateway between now and then. The path will be traveled, the sky will be opened, and a renewal will be bathed upon those who enter The Ark.’ A renewal will be bathed upon. Interesting use of words. Of course, this is just a translation, but could The Ark be where the legends of The Fountain of Youth began? As you can see, The Ark also has eight areas where, once again, as dictated, a gem or a diamond has been set. These are Shungite, Amethyst, Howlite, Labradorite, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby. Each was cut exactly as described. They are each of a substantial size and the cutting of all took eight to eleven months due to the intricate, and sometimes odd requirements. Abbascia requested sunlight or the most powerful of lights to power The Ark. Here, we have chosen to forgo the use of sunlight and instead use laser light. Once I am placed into The Ark, the lasers will be powered on. The laser beams will travel through the gems, empowering them, and their light will travel down the etched paths that crisscross the Ark. From there… we shall see. ACTION: Dr. J.G. begins to remove his tie, his dress shirt, his trousers, his socks, and his underwear. He stands before the camera, naked. J.G: I have gone into this journey with my eyes open. What I am about to undertake… this has been through my own design. No matter what happens… even if I should die… it was by my own hands and no one else. ACTION: Dr. J.G. moves toward The Ark. Assistant Oliver Maynard swings the large metallic door open. J.G. takes his place inside. Just before the door is shut, there is a commotion as four men enter the room. One is recognizable as Anthony Williams, late 60’s, and head of The Foundation. The other three are silent and wear black turtlenecks and trousers with dark sunglasses. A.W holds up his hand. A.W: Why didn’t you alert The Foundation that you were ready to start trials on The Ark? J.G: I have no need to inform you of anything. A.W: Grab him. Remove him from The Ark. ACTION: One of the Men in Black move forward and forcefully take the naked Jacob Shephard out of The Ark. A.W: Did you think I would allow you to test The Ark without me being present. J.G: Then let’s stop this foolishness. You can remain, just let me go. A.W: You want to test The Ark on yourself? No. I could never let that happen. What if you were to die in there? How would I get a return on my investment? No… we need a better option. J.G: You? A.W: Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not risking my life… not until I know it works. No. How about… You. ACTION: A. W points to one of The Men in Black. K.M: Yes, sir. A.W: Approach me. ACTION: Man 1 has been identified as Kirk Mason. He moves toward Anthony Williams. K.M: Yes, sir. A.W: Your name? K.M: Kirk Mason. A.W: Age? K.M: 52. A.W: Perfect. How long have you been with The Foundation. K.M: Three months. A.W: Wonderful. You won’t be missed. Take off your clothes. J.G: Don’t be ridiculous, Anthony. You can’t put a stranger in The Ark. He doesn’t know the risks. A.W: I’d use your assistant, Jacob, but if it works, I wouldn’t want a fetus on our hands. Do you understand the risks, Mason? This could either kill you… or make you young again. K.M: Fuck A.W: I’ll take that as a yes. ACTION: Kirk Mason proceeds to remove his dark glasses and places them in the pockets of his trousers. Next to be removed are his black turtleneck, shoes, and black trousers. He stands 5’10 and 190 lbs. of fat covered muscle. His silver hair is trimmed in a traditional high and tight fade. It is obvious to viewers that he was hired for his brawn. K.M proceeds to remove his black socks and his briefs. A.W: Go stand in The Ark, Mason. ACTION: K.M moves across the room and enters the metallic Ark. He turns around and faces front. J.G: Don’t do this, Anthony. I’m begging you. A.W: You brought this on yourself, Jacob… keeping secrets. How could you think I wouldn’t find out. Close the door. ACTION: Oliver Maynard looks over at J.G, who after a moment signals him to shut the door. When finished, he pulls down a large lever that locks the door. A.W: No matter what happens… you let it go to completion. ACTION: The camera performs a close-up of The Ark. Here Taylor Wagner begins to film one of the gems and then travels down one of the complex paths. A.W: Can you hear me in there? VOICE K.M: All set in here, sir. A.W: Perfect. We can proceed. VOICE O.M: We’re in position, Taylor… Dr. Graham. Do you wish for me to continue? A.W: You will continue. VOICE T.W: Trial of The Ark begins at 11.16 am. Within is… Kirk Mason. Witnesses are me, Dr. Jacob Shepherd, Andrew Besser, Oliver Maynard, and… three members of The Foundation. J.G: Please stop this, Anthony. A.W: Start up The Ark. ACTION: The camera pulls back and takes in the entirety of The Ark. A low hum can be heard coming from it. Moments later a gem begins to glow green, and the first path is illuminated. Two other gems follow, one path is green, the other blue. The camera picks up K. M’s voice from within The Ark. VOICE K.M: Fuck… it’s… wow… incredible… The light… making patterns in here… swirling around each other… forming… what looks to be… roots… J.G: Roots? ACTION: Another gem begins to glow, and the path is illuminated in orange. Another path is illuminated, and then a purple. A second green gem is ignited and forms a path followed by the large white diamond. The white path from the diamond quickly travels around the ark. Each light proceeds to get brighter and brighter. The Ark creates one solo bright light. VOICE K.M: Its… yes!!! The energy!! You can’t imagine…. The energy… going into me… my whole body’s so alive! A.W: More! We’re almost there!! Move it to full power! Now!!! Now!!! Now!!! ACTION: The hum of the machine grows louder. The lights of the gems and the paths intensify until what appears to be comets of light begin to travel around The Ark. This new materialization of light causes a howling sound as they move faster and faster around The Ark. VOICE K.M: My body… my mind… traveling… going to places… I… I don’t understand! ACTION: There is a loud explosion as the diamond bursts into flame and begins to melt. The white path of the diamond that wraps around the ark also manifests itself in flame. The liquid diamond quickly moves over the indentation, covering The Ark. Within seconds, every gem explodes sending liquid fire down each indentation of metal. Moments later, the entire Ark is engulfed in red, white, green, purple, and orange flames. From within, we hear K.M laughing hysterically. VOICE K.M: Yes!! Yes!! This is it!!! Yes!! Oh my God! The roots… their moving around each other… coming together… The energy… it’s… it’s burning me!!!! ACTION: Another explosion rocks the floor as the various colored comets begin to whip even faster around The Ark. The comets then begin crashing into The Ark repeatedly which causes the flames to rise higher upon and around The Ark. Screams from K. M can be heard from within. Taylor Wagner sets the camera down on a table and tentatively approaches The Ark. From the way he is standing, his body arching away from it, the flames and temperature appear to be extremely intense. Dr. Jacob Shepherd runs up to stand next to him. Andrew Besser runs in from the right carrying a large red fire extinguisher and blanket. He throws the blanket at Taylor who begins to hit The Ark with it. Andrew steps back, removes the safety pin, and points the hose at The Ark. As he presses the operating levers a flare of white light erupts from The Ark and sets the extinguisher itself ablaze. Andrew drops it onto the floor. Another loud explosion. J.G: The Ark!! It’s melting!!! Where’s Oli? A.B: Hopefully calling the Fire Department!! ACTION: Dr. Gerald, Andrew and Taylor move back as the colored blaze grows hotter and brighter. A massive crack in The Ark appears, and flames begin to shoot out of fissure. Dr. Shepherd runs toward The Ark. T.S: Dr. Shepherd. Get back… it’s going to blow!!! J.G: I hope you’re happy, Anthony. I won’t be put in jail for his death… you will!! ACTION: From the fissure, a thick gelatinous fluid begins to drip onto the floor. The whole structure of the Ark begins to quake. The noise is deafening. The flames engulf the entire structure till it is impossible to see what lays beneath as it is engulfed by a tornado of colored flames. Dr. Graham attempts to move toward The Ark to retrieve a sample of the fluid that has leaked out. A flare of flame breaks free of The Ark igniting Dr. Graham’s face and body. Taylor runs up to him with the fire blanket and attempts to put it out. Anthony Williams moves across the room, speaks quietly to the two additional men, and as a group, they exit. Suddenly, the inferno grows larger and larger until an explosion is heard. The immense pulse short circuits the camera causing the screen to go black. End of Transcript. For Secure Eyes Only. INTERLUDE I Kirk Mason is naked. He walks alone through the metal labyrinth. He doesn’t remember how he got here. There is complete silence. Even his bare walking on dirt do not make a sound. As he walks, he runs his hand along the metal. Cold, he thinks. He comes to the end of the path and moves to his right. How long has he been walking? It must be hours if not days. Then, for the first time, he hears a voice: “Yes. Your coming was foretold to me in the first dream.” Chapter One Taylor walked up the front door of the old warehouse that held Dr. Graham’s laboratory with a plastic shopping bag and paused. Looking behind him, he assured himself that no one was watching or had followed him. I’m acting ridiculous, Taylor thought. Why would anyone follow me? Though… he has, in the past, believed he was being followed. It was right after Jacob hired him. He had told The Captain the next day, but he brushed it off and told Tayler not to be such an alarmist. Who would be following him? Later that afternoon though, Tayler did walk in on Anthony Williams, Head of the Foundation, and Jacob having an argument. As soon as he had seen Tayler, Jacob had slammed the door and lowered the blinds. Tayler told himself that he had just been feeling jittery and paranoid. No one had been following him then… and no one was following him now. Taylor moved to the retina scan, looked deep within the red light, heard the door unlock, and let himself in. As he was shutting it, he did give the street in front of his warehouse a once over to see if there was anything he should be aware of. There was nothing. No one had used this warehouse park in years. No one had any reason to be here. No one was following him. Standing in what would have been the reception area when the warehouse was used for its true purpose, Taylor paused to listen if he was able to detect any hint of noise. Nothing. Good. Hopefully he was asleep. He moved quietly into the kitchen and placed the bag of canned protein shakes on the counter. Removing two cans from the bag and leaving the other five, he turned and went down the long corridor to where the break room and the room where Dr. Graham had set up cots if they all needed to work around the clock. Moving to this room, he looked in and found that it was empty. Moving a tad quicker now, he crossed over to the bathroom where he found Kirk Mason, naked, sitting on the counter near the wash basin, looking intently at himself in the mirror. “Look. I told you to remain in the other room.” “If you saw me in a bar… how old would you think I am?” “I don’t know… 24…25… younger than me. It’s crazy.” “I can’t believe that piece of shit actually worked.” “We thought you were dead. We all did.” The young man looked exactly like the man Taylor remembered seeing, except younger… much… much younger. He was trimmer now… tighter. There didn’t appear to be an ounce of fat on him. His skin appeared… reinvigorated… his muscles pumped and ready. The only differences between this guy and his new incarnation were the lack of hair on any inch of his body, and the newly knotted umbilical cord Taylor had cut and knitted himself a few hours prior. Taylor handed the two cans to Kirk. “Drink. Both of them.” Kirk takes the cans begrudgingly from Taylor, opens one, and takes a big gulp. Damn, it tasted good. He took another large gulp. “Tell me again how you found me.” “I need to call and find out how Dr. Graham is doing.” “The one guy… he said he was burned to a crisp.” “Yeah. This whole day is one fucking mess. He’s in a coma. Now, You need to sleep.” “Tell me again how you found me.” “Go rest!” “I can’t rest! I’m wide awake. I’m wired. Tell me.” Taylor took a deep breath. “If you go lie down… I’ll tell you.” “Fine!” Like a spoiled teenager, Kirk pushed his way out of the bathroom, walked down the long corridor, moved into the room where the cots had been placed, and over to where the cots had been place, and threw himself down on the bed. “There. Now. Tell me.” “I don’t fully understand what happened. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. Then suddenly, it all went out of control. Each of the gems began to glow brighter and brighter… then they began to melt. Liquid fire the color of each of the gems began to travel around The Ark. we could hear you inside… you were talking about how beautiful the lights were.” “I remember… I could see them. The lights were moving around my body. It was like they wre alive…” Kirk’s 7-inch cock began to harden. “That’s been happening a lot recently.” “Hell. You’re in your twenties. What do you expect.” Taylor could see Kirk’s cock harden further till it was standing a ridged 90 degrees from his body. It’s been years since my cocks gotten that hard… if it ever did. “The flames… no… they were move then flames… they moved… like they were alive. They moved faster and faster… the flames rose higher and hotter. Andrew approached The Ark with a fire extinguisher… but… it attacked him. I know it sounds crazy… but it did. It acted like it didn’t want the flames to be put out.” Taylor could still see it all as if it happened only seconds before. He could feel the heat… hear the flames… hear the screams of the man he thought was melting with The Ark. “We tried to get to you… but the flames wouldn’t let us move closer. Oli ran to call The Fire Department… we have shit signal in the main lab. That’s when The Ark cracked open… when Dr. Graham first noticed the fluid leaking from The Ark. He leaned down to touch it… and when he did… they attacked him. One second, he was fine… and then next… it was like someone had poured lighter fluid all over his body and lit a match. Even with the fire blanket it was hard to put it out. Then… the flames moved into themselves… and The Ark exploded. Except… it didn’t.” Taylor could see it all replaying in his mind. “The room… the room was still. All I could smell was burning, but it wasn’t the room… it was the man I had covered in a fire blanket. The rest of the room… The Ark… there were no flames… no heat… No smoke. Nothing was on fire. No part of the lab was scorched. The Ark had split open and had begun to melt… and the gens no longer existed… but that was all. The firemen arrived… but the only thing that appeared to have been on fire was Dr. Shepherd. An ambulance arrived and when they miraculously found he was alive, they took him away immediately.” Kirk had finished the second can of protein shake. Taylor went over to the kitchen counter and grabbed the bag with the additional and handed them to him. “I asked one of the firemen to use and ax and split The Ark open. I wanted your body… maybe you had family. I don’t know. That’s when we found you… suspended… attached to a thick umbilical cord like a baby… and this chord was attached to eight other roots… all forming from exactly where the gens had been. You were engulfed in thick embryonic fluid. You were just hanging there… suspended.” “I was alive.” Kirk drank the third can in five quick gulps and grabbed for another. “Wonder if this new body is going to require a larger calorie intake.” Kirk opened a Strawberry and took three large gulps. “I’ve gotten so used to watching everything I ate.” Taylor watched the man drain the can dry. “There are plenty. Don’t worry. I’m not going to take it away from you!” Kirk popped open a can of chocolate protein shake. “We clawed at the fluid… grabbed at it until it began to give way. Finally, we were able to reach you. You screamed out when I cut the cord.” Kirk opened the fourth. “You don’t remember any of this?” “I don’t remember anything till I woke up in here. What I do remember is… waking up and thinking… it’s bullshit.” Kirk drank from the can as if it were a beer and he was dying of thirst. “Tell me. We need to keep records of everything.” “I felt like you had ripped me from my mother’s stomach… her womb…” “By womb… you mean The Ark.” “I guess I do.” Kirk finished the fourth can, belched, and threw it on the floor. “What time is it?” “It’s… 6.30 pm.” “I need to get home. Where are my clothes.” Kirk stood up and moved to exit the large breakroom. “Where do you think you’re going?” “I need to go home. I have shit to do. Where’s my phone… my keys.” “You’re not going home. Not tonight. You need to be under observation. We need to study you… blood tests… X-rays… ultrasounds. We need to make sure you’re okay.” Kirk leaped from the bed and onto the floor in one quick movement, and began to do burpees, one right after each other. “Does this look like someone who needs to be observed? I’ve never felt so alive. I didn’t even feel this amazing in my twenties!! I could do this all night and never get winded! No aches… No back pain… only continuous energy.” Kirk stopped and stood before Taylor. He grinned and began to flex his tight muscles. “I can’t wait to go to the gym… or for a jog… or mountain climb. Everything I’ve stopped doing over the last ten years.” “You should take it easy. Let me take a few vials of blood… make sure you’re as young on the inside as you are on the outside.” “Look, I appreciate it. You worry. I’ll tell you what. You can take as many vials of blood as you need. You can perform test after test. Tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going home, and I’m going to fuck a hot guys tight ass over and over and over again. I can’t tell you how horny I am. It’s driving me crazy!” Just talking about sex caused Kirk’s penis to harden once again. He has the sex-drive of a teenager, Taylor thought. “Everything appears normal…” “Except I’m completely bald.” “Yeah. There is that.” “I had a great head of hair. Think it will grow back?” “Honestly… I just don’t know. Dr. Graham was the expert, and even then we were shooting in the dark. Everything was an unknown. You’re an unknown.” “I still feel like me… only…” “Younger.” “Not only younger. There’s something else. It’s like I’m improved. Perfected. I noticed that too.” Kirk moved over to the bag and removed another protein shake. Fuck, he was hungry! When he got out of here, he was going to stop off and order two… not three pizzas to eat. “When I was in the bathroom… looking in the mirror… I recognized myself and I didn’t. Sounds dumb, I’m sure. How can I not recognize myself.” Kirk drank from the can. Yeah. When he got out of here… he had a lot of shit he wanted to do with this new body. “Follow me. I want to see one thing.” Taylor moved past Kirk and walked down the hallway and into the main laboratory that housed The Ark. Taylor hated the sight of it. He wanted to destroy it… melt it down… forget it had even existed. If Jacob died… he’d torch this whole place. He looked behind and saw Kirk was directly at The Ark. “It seems… dead.” Kirk walked up to the metal structure and placed his hands on it; feeling the cold. “Step onto this platform.” Kirk did as he was told. The quicker he got this over with, the faster he could leave. Taylor went to a computer and tapped in a few commands. “This is going to enable me to see your current statistics. I wish we could have done this before you went in… but… you were a little bit of a surprise.” “Hell. It was a surprise for me as well.” Kirk’s statistics appeared on the computer. “Currently you are 5’10, 178 lbs.….” Kirk moved over to the computer. “Really? I haven’t been 178 in twenty years!! Believe me, it gets harder to lose fat when you get old like me.” “What were you before?” “230.” “Huh. Now, this is where it gets interesting. With measuring a body, each side is never a mirror image of itself. There are always discrepancies. But… with you… the computer is saying that that just isn’t so. Both of your biceps: 16 inches. Your waist: 33 inches. Your feet: Size 11. Your chest: 43 inches. Your neck: 16 inches. Your shoulders: 53 inches. Your stats… they’re… well… they’re perfect. They’re the ideal man. Did you have those stats before?” “I was in great shape for my age. I’d always been muscular. Pretty strong. But you know. Too many McDonalds… to many miss gym sessions. The fat piles on. I noticed another thing when I was in the bathroom. There’s not one mark on me… not one mole… nothing. I used to have several beauty marks on my right thigh. Gone. I had a scar right here where I had surgery on my leg. Gone. Nothing. It’s like… that machine didn’t just make me younger… it…made me perfect.” Taylor watched Kirk walk over to the glass jar that was sitting on the table. “That’s the fluid you were encased in. Its embryonic fluid.” “Where did it come from? “Great question. No recollection?” Kirk stared at the jar trying to remember. “I don’t know. I can kind of remember watching the lights moving around each other… forming what looked like tree branches… then they came together into one main root… it moved around me… then entered me… attaching itself to me.” Kirk winced and doubled over as he felt a sharp pain coming from his crotch. Taylor leaped up and was at his side. “What’s wrong?” Kirk laughed as the pain faded away. “It’s nothing. I think I just drank these too fast. Bothered my stomach a little. That was my first meal… remember!” Kirk felt the pain rise up again but hid it from Taylor. It was even worst this time, but he continued smiling at the guy he had just met. “Maybe… maybe I should consider getting dressed. Where did you put my clothes.” “They’re right over there.” Taylor pointed to the pile of black clothes that had been kicked into a corner. “Great. I need to piss before I get dressed. I’ll be right back.” Kirk moved to leave the room. “Wait. Let me take some blood first. It will take three seconds.” Taylor knew that he couldn’t keep the man here and wanted to get samples just in case he didn’t come back again. “It can’t wait? I need to piss.” Again, the pain. Kirk wanted to grab onto his cock… hold it still… it was like someone was driving needles into it. He just wanted to get away from Taylor and into the bathroom. “Come over here. I’ll just grab a couple of vials and a vacutainer. If you need to piss, I can also get a urine sample.” Taylor moved over to another desk and gathered his supplies. Kirk sat in the chair and looked down at his burning cock. Lifting it to take a better look… he watched as thin pieces of skin began to quickly grow up from his circumcision scar. The pain intensified as he felt skin cells reproduce repeatedly. He could see that Taylor was close to grabbing everything that he needed. If he sees this, he thought, I’ll never leave. They’ll experiment on me! moving down below. Quickly he stood up. “I… I really need to…” Kirk buckled over as the pain began to magnify. Kirk looked down at his cock and saw that it was starting to get hard again. Taylor ran quickly over to Kirk and sat him down in the seat. “What is it? Tell me.” “Cock… my cock. It’s… fuck! Growing… foreskin!!” Taylor looked down and watched as new skin began to grow around and over the ridge of Kirk’s cock head and moving up. The burning had intensified, but Kirk was in too much awe to care. He moved his finger along the thin skin. “It feels so smooth… so warm… like a newborns skin.” Kirk could feel his cock getting even harder as the skin thickened slightly and tightened around the head. “This… it’s insane.” As the skin grew longer and thicker, Kirk experienced a spasm running through his cock into his balls. Without realizing it, he let out a low guttural, “Fuck.” From within the base of his cock, Kirk felt a new sensation; a tearing… a ripping… a splitting as his penis swelled and shot a wad of pre out of his slit. Kirk attempted to stand up, but again he felt the swelling an again his cock released another large wad of pre. “Need… toilet… relieve myself… I need… so fuckin horny… FUCK!!!!” Both men watched as Kirk’s foreskin grew even longer until his whole head was covered, and it drooped down over the top of his hard penis. As the skin became more substantial, sturdier, less like a baby and more like an adult’s foreskin, it also began to adopt a darker olive tone to match Kirk’s own skin. Kirk couldn’t help himself, and stroked the covered head, feeling the tenderness beneath the skin. Pre-come continued to leak from his slit and coated the head with tender lubricant as his foreskin grew further in length. Kirk leaned back in the chair and grit his teeth as an extremely intense wave of pleasure and pain expanded through his cock and balls followed by a large throbbing. Looking down again, Kirk took in the sight of his erect penis; harder than it had ever been his life. The foreskin pulled away from the head revealing a thicker, more bulbous head then he remembered having. Pre was dripping continuously from the slit now while the shaft throbbed and bobbed under its erect weight. Something was off though… something different…. Kirk felt a large throb grip his penis and felt the sensation as if more blood was being forced into the shaft. In awe, he watched his cock flex… rip… and swell thicker. Kirk threw his head back and let out a lewd moan. “Cock… thicker… growing…”. Another spasm forced Kirk’s cock to swell further. “That’s impossible!” “I know my own cock! I’ve always been six… FUCK!!!!” Kirk took in a deep breath and looked down just in time to see his shaft inch thicker and longer. “Look at it!!!” Taylor watched with an open mouth as Kirk’s penis proceeded to grow longer and fatter, the head flexing to become even meatier. Taylor could smell the waves of sweat coming from Kirk’s body. The man was trying to speak but found it difficult while gripped in the throes of his cock growing. Another surge… and again the cock grew longer… more impressive… the head had now swelled larger than the shaft. How big is it, Taylor thought, seven inches… seven and a half? Kirk let out another orgasmic moan as his penis swelled again. A huge grin formed on Kirk’s face as he felt it stretch longer. “Each beat of my heart… each beat forcing in more blood, Taylor… forcing it thicker… longer…. I wish you could feel how… fuck… how incredible this feels! Here comes another…”. Kirk groaned as his cock grew even larger than it had been before. It must be over… what…eight inches, Taylor thought. As if receiving an answer to his own question Taylor watched as Kirk’s cock began to swell and lengthen at an alarming rate. So thick, Taylor thought, I don ‘t think I’d be able to wrap my hand around it! “Spreading to my balls… filling up… stretching larger…” Kirk’s knees shook as he felt a stabbing sensation in both of his balls, a deep throbbing and then a hard tug as both of his testicles swelled larger. Moving his hand down to his tightened sack, he felt what had once been average in volume testicles inflate larger. An orgasm built up in his bigger balls, weighing them down in his hairless sack. The intensity mounted. Rigorously, Kirk began stroking the head with his hand, becoming more away of how sensitive the head was becoming. Pulling back the foreskin, he was surprised to see the head had become a much lighter pink color, absent of any grooves, or creases it had always had in the past. Stroking the head further, he could feel it become even smoother and slicker in his hand until he could barely touch it as it was becoming far too sensitive Kirk reached for his cock and was amazed that his fingers didn’t meet it was too thick. Kirk began to breathe faster and quicker as his cock grew in leaps and bounds. Looking at how immense it was becoming; Taylor was positive that he could see Kirk’s pulse in the thick tubular vein that traveled from his pelvis and up his shaft to the head. Kirk grabbed his cock and slowly began to stroke it. “After… after jerking this for 40 something years… this feels so new… so unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before.” Kirk groaned again as his cock flexed, swelled, and grew further, sending a tablespoon sized wad of precum flying onto the floor. The entire laboratory was filling up with the smell of cum and musk permeating from Kirk’s enlarged testicles. They themselves had grown past egg sized to now resemble something more like plums. They pulsed in Kirk’s sack prepared to spread their seed. “Skin… skin so tight… Shaft so fat!!! How… how much bigger can it get!!” Kirk let loose a guttural laugh along with another was of pre as he started to stroke the shaft more vigorously as the entire thing grew more immense. “Pulsing… pulling… throbbing… stretching!! So heavy! I never imagined a cock could grow to be so heavy! Something…Taylor… something…”. Kirk sat up with a new shock in his eyes. “Something… something…”. Kirk groaned loudly and pushed as if he were giving birth. Over and over this continued as Taylor watched the immense cock grow even more monstrous. What was once 8 inches grew to 9 and then to 10. Kirk’s testicles pulsed faster as they too swelled larger. Kirk grabbed on to the shaft and began to maniacally stroke it faster and faster. His other hand grabbed his sack and began to massage his tender balls. An endless river of pre was now flowing continuously from Kirk’s cock head which also proceeded to swell thicker. Kirk was panting faster now. “Burning… throbbing… thicker… longer…” Kirk laughed hysterically as he looked down and watched the entire thing growing all at once… his glans inflating thicker than the shaft. His mania grew until he began to buck his hips into the air and began to fuck his own hand. Harder and harder he jerked until a massive spasm forced his cock to explode even larger. Letting go of his own cock, Kirk felt his entire body fill with more and more power until it finally burst from him. Kirk cried out as cum began to be fired from his cocky over and over. Taylor watched as rope after rope exploded onto the walls, the floor, the desks, and onto himself. It seemed never ending. Eventually after twenty or so convulsions, it began to slow down. Kirk collapsed into the chat panting for breath. He could feel the weight of his still hard cock and was amazed how heavy the whole thing felt. “Grab a tape measure. Tell me how big I am now. Kirk’s voice had deepened slightly and had more of a commanding tone than it ever did before. “Go on! Grab me a tape measure.” Taylor ran to another desk where he knew they had other measuring paraphernalia. Eventually he found one in the second drawer of Oli’s desk. Running back over to Kirk, he was amazed to find that his cock was leaking pre again and looked slightly larger than when he had left it only minutes before “Come on. Measure me.” Taylor leaned over and placed one end of the tape measure near the root of Kirk’s cock and trailed it down the shaft and up and over the head. At the very tip, he looked down. “10.10.” “Nearly 11”. And around?” Taylor moved the strip and carefully extended it around the thick shaft. “7.4” “Yes. Have you ever seen a cock this monumental, Taylor?” “No… never.” How inadequate his own 8.5-inch cock now felt. “I feel such a connection with my cock now… like this is a part of the true me. I was always meant to have a cock this size… this powerful.” Kirk moaned slightly and closed his eyes. “Measure it again, Taylor. I can feel it’s still growing. It’s slowing down… but still going.” Taylor measured the length again… “10.11… 11.1… 11.3… fuck… 11.5! This can’t be possible! As he held the tape measure to the edge of Kirk’s cock, he would see it jump longer and thicker. “11.8 now… 11.10” “Width” Again, Taylor wrapped the tape measure around Kirk’s shaft only to find it even thicker than it had been prior. “7.10.” “In a few minutes I’m going to blow again. You may want to get a container. That way you can take a cum sample from me. Oh yeah…growth still going… but I can feel it fading slowly away. Measure it. Like a faithful servant, Taylor did as he was told. 12.3… by… fuck… 8.3” Kirk began to stroke his new monstrous cock. “This is only the beginning, Taylor. Quickly I’m far superior to any man alive. It’s like I’m evolving. You guys thought that was The Fountain of Youth; but it’s giving me more than that. It gave birth to something much much more.” Kirk closed his eyes and focused on stroking his cock. He is changing, Taylor thought, but when this is over… what will he be? What is the next step in his evolutionary chain? Taylor shivered as Kirk’s cock swelled and lengthened further. “Measure it.” Taylor kneeled down and placed the tape measure once again. “It’s… It’s 12.6 by 8.5” “Good boy.” Taylor felt a hand pressing on the back of his head. “Suck it.” INTERLUDE II “Your coming was foretold to me in the first dream. I never before had need for foresight before that. Then came the first sleep and the first dream.” Kirk heard the voice from everywhere, both inside and outside of him. The walls echoed with the voice. He tried to move closer to where the voice was coming from, but it was coming from all directions. “I have a proposal for you… one you should not take lightly.” Chapter Two Kirk turned his Jeep onto Highway 74. Looking out the windscreen, he was amazed that he was able to drive now without the use of glasses. He had never needed glasses until he hit 40. After that, it was a fast downward slope. At least he didn’t need to wear glasses all the time; only when he drove or when he read. Then, he slipped them on when no one would see. Yeah, yesterday everything would have been a blur whizzing past… yet today… the world had become crisper and clearer than ever before. He felt his cock begin to stir. It was easily aroused now and would be willing and eager to perform its duties at a moment’s notice. Kirk massaged the thick shaft though his black trousers. When he got dressed, he realized that there was no way he was going to fit into his briefs; everything was just too big now. When he got his balls in, his shaft would never fit. Taylor offered his boxers, but that was just as bad, so he opted on going commando. Sure, the crotch looked obscene, but it would have to wait until he could go shopping for new jeans and underwear. By the time Taylor had finished giving him incredible head, Kirk’s cock was a staggering 12.8 by 8.8. When completely soft, it was a whopping 9 inches; 4 inches longer when soft than his original cock had been when erect. He couldn’t wait to get home and introduce Hunter to his new cock. They were going to have a lot of fun tonight. Maybe Maybe I should stop off at the drug store and buy lube… not sure how much I have left, and I will definitely be hunting for ass on Scruff and Grinder tonight. How long had it been since he had sex… a year… maybe more. Even jerking hadn’t thrilled him and he found himself only doing it whenever he got really horny. Now, things were going to be different. He knew he would need regular sex several times a day now. The horny feeling he had since he had woken up that afternoon never truly faded away, even after orgasm. After Taylor had sucked him off, Kirk had remained hard and suggested he ride Taylors ass, but Taylor had said no. At least he helped jerk Kirk off so that the intense feeling of blue balls went away. Kirk grinned. He was really looking forward to getting home and getting the chance to do some hunting online. Kirk saw the large sign for CVS glowing down the road. He made a quick right turn into the parking lot and moved swiftly into a parking space. Turning the Jeep off, Kirk hopped out of his Jeep, locked the door, and sauntered into the store. The bald, sexy, young Kirk would have been a sight anywhere, but with a semi bulging down his right leg, all the other customers in the store stopped and took a good look. Walking to where the condoms were, he knelt to take in the various options for lube. The bottles on display were small and not as slick as he knew he would need to conquer ass with his newly enlarged cock. “Excuse me.” Kirk stopped a tall passing male employee that happened to be walking down the aisle. “Yeah?” “I was wondering… do you have lube in a larger bottle? I think I’ll need more than this… Hunter” Kirk smiled at the salesclerk and held out the bottle of lubricant. Hunter was taller than Kirk at 6’6 with a tight muscular build under his polyester white shirt, and blonde wavy hair that looked delightfully messy. He was tanned with just a hint of stubble on his face and gave Kirk the vibe of being a nice, fun, but not very bright surfer. “Larger? I don’t think…”. Kirk lowered the bottle Hunter was looking at so that it was level with his thickening cock. Hunter took one look, grinned, and licked his lips. “You can see what I mean about possibly needing more.” Kirk flexed his cock, feeling it force the material of his trousers to bulge further. “I see… Yeah… You…”. Hunter lowered his voice. “You might need to go to a sex shop. They’ll probably have more of what you’re looking for… and I wouldn’t bother with these condoms either… Magnums… maybe.” “No. I doubt Magnums would work either…. I’ll just take these four bottles. Should I bring them up front?” Kirk took a quick glance at Hunter’s crotch and saw that he was hard. “No. I… I can ring you up.” Hunter walked quickly to the desk near the pharmacy, hiding his bulge with his hands. He was quick to ring the four bottles up, and even gave Kirk a friends and family discount. Handing the bag to him, Hunter said confidently, “I get off at ten if you’re not busy. Would love to get a chance to see that in person.” “Really… yeah… it would love to meet you as well. Unfortunately, I should be heading home. Another time?” Kirk smiled at the younger man. Younger? He and I probably look the same age! “Sure. Of course. Umm… how. Umm…” “How big?” “Yeah.” “12.8 x 8.8 “Fuck! Really? You’re not fucking with me?” “Do I look like I’d fuck around with someone as hot as you.” “I hope you will… and often.” Hunter grabbed a piece of the till role and quickly jotted his phone number down. “Anytime you need it… give me a call. I can never get enough.” “That makes two of us I’m Kirk.” Kirk grabbed his bag of lube bottles and walked out of the bright store and into the parking lot. It has been years since he had gotten a reaction like that from such a young guy, and usually Kirk had been the one doing the pursuing. Unlocking the Jeep Pickup, Kirk placed the bag on the passenger seat. Moving to sit down, his attention was grabbed by a large flashing sign halfway down the strip mall; Chinese All You Can Eat. 12.50. Upon reading the sign, Kirk had instant butterflies in his stomach. While driving Kirk to his Pickup, Taylor had begged him not to go home but to stay in the warehouse with him until tomorrow. “Look… it’s obvious you’re going through some serious changes. You need to be under observation. We need to be going about this in a more scientific way.” “Taylor. I understand what you’re saying, but I’m going home. You can observe me all day tomorrow. I promise, all I’m going to do tonight is fuck. If anything happens… you’ll be the first one I call.” “Please try not to eat anything.” “Even ass?” Kirk smiled at Taylor but did not get one in return. “If the changes are sped up by nutrients feeding your body, let’s limit the amount until we run more tests. Agreed?” “Agreed, Taylor. I won’t eat my next meal until we’re together tomorrow. I promise.” He had given his word… but to who? Who was Taylor? Kirk hadn’t asked for this to happen to him. Hell, Taylor would probably have left him in that Ark forever if he hadn’t been interested in hiding his body! Kirk had even called the number for The Foundation but received a disconnected message. They had run so fast they probably did think he was dead. Fuck… everyone would think he was dead. Who would believe this 25-year-old big-dicked kid was the same person who left the house at 7am this morning. Sure. He had given his word, but like always he needed to take care of himself. He needed to make his own decisions. Kirk locked the Jeep again and walked across the parking lot to the large Chinese Buffet Restaurant. Opening the glass door, Kirk was hit by both the warmth from the interior and the brightness of the light. The smell of so many different foods was overwhelming but inspiring enough that it began the butterflies in his stomach moving with more intention. A young waiter with ‘Jon’ on his name tag greeted Kirk and took him quickly to a small table near the back. Kirk ordered a Diet Coke and was told to help himself to the ten different rows of food offerings. Grabbing a tray and a plate, Kirk walked over to the first row, and was confronted by several different selections of rice, noodles, and soups. Reaching for the large spoon in the fried rice, his hand stopped just before he was able to grab it. If I do this here and now, what could happen? Will my cock grow even more? Is that such a bad thing? Where’s the bathroom. I don’t want to get arrested my first day in this body. If I need to cum, I need to do it in the bathroom. Then again, is this really what I should be doing? Maybe Taylor was right and this needs to be done under supervision. Kirk moved his hand away from the spoon. Perhaps I should just go home, fuck Hunter a couple of times, sleep, and then go back to that laboratory. Doing this now could be a mistake. Yet hadn’t he been given the opportunity to live his life over again… this time knowing all the mistakes that could possibly be made. His body might be young, but his mind was still 50 years old. Hell, he had become someone better now than he had been at 25. The Ark hadn’t just made him younger. It had given him so much more. Deep down… he knew was he told Taylor was true; he was becoming something new. Maybe… maybe what came next was the power of flight… or super speed. Hell, he loved all those superhero movies. Maybe this was his own origin story. Already the changes had begun…. and they were extraordinary. With one ejaculation, he could now probably impregnate 30 or more women with his copious number of seed. His last orgasm, which had lasted longer than a minute, had produced more semen than most men produced in weeks. Estimating, Taylor stated that he probably had ejaculated more than half a pint. Half a pint!! And this was only the beginning. Yes, he was becoming something new… something amazing… something powerful that Kirk knew he was always meant to be. Kirk’s hand went quickly to the spoon and brought three scoops of rice to his plate. He then proceeded to put a spoonful of each of the many dishes on top of it. Moving to the second row, he grabbed a second plate and filled it with a further variety of Chinese food. Different dishes merged with others, but Kirk didn’t care. He wasn’t doing this to enjoy the taste. He was eating to fuel his next evolution. Heat ray vision, he thought, let it be heat ray vision!! I can be just like Homelander on The Boys! That is what is happening to me, he thought as he crossed the room to his table with his two plates overflowing with food. I’m evolving. Becoming better than I ever had been before. Without haste and not questioning anymore, Kirk began to shovel food into his mouth. In little more than five minutes, he had finished both plates and was on his feet to grab more, The two empty dirty plates on his table became four, and they became six before the waiter, Jon, took them away. Jon was constantly refilling his Diet Coke, which he drank gallons of as he ate, and his fork never was far from either food or his mouth. The staff watched in awe as the young man went back again for two more plates. The Manager knew that soon he was going to need to tell their guest that he had eaten enough. Sure, this was all you can eat… but within reason! It was on his nineth plate that his hand began to cramp. Kirk wondered at first if he had been holding the fork too tightly, when he felt the same twinge hit his left hand. Placing the fork on the plate, Kirk lifted his hands to have a good look at them and found they both had begun to pulse with his heartbeat. Over and over they contracted and convulsed before he felt another cramp and watched in shock as they proceeded to both stretch longer. Kirk opened and closed his now slightly larger hands as they proceeded to cramp and swell… cramp and lengthen.., cramp and grow. He was so in awe of this sight that he was totally taken off guard when he felt both of his legs start to cramp as well. I need to leave, he thought. I need to get out of here. He was about to lift his arm to signal the waiter when he felt his whole torso stretch nominally higher. Lifting his hand to call the waiter, he was astonished by how large they had both quickly become. They must be nearly two inches… no… three inches longer than when they first started to grow . Kirk felt another fluctuation in his body and felt the turtleneck he was wearing begin to tighten. Shoulders… shoulders growing broader. Kirk stood up slightly to try and signal the waiter again and found his field of vision was now much higher than it had been on his last visit to dish out more food. Looking across at the waving cat, Kirk watched it move lower… pulse… lower… pulse… and lower! Looking around, Kirk estimated that he now stood over 6 feet tall. Im growing taller! Just like my cock… Im growing taller!!! Kirk’s feet cramped as they grew in his leather shoes. Kirk’s shoes had never been much larger than his feet, so as his feet lengthened, they began to take up any available space. Deciing to take matters into his own hands, Kirk went to stand up again and go to the front desk and pay, but his entire body was gripped by one titanic cramp. Anyone closely monitoring the young man in the back of the restaurant would have seen his legs go rigid and then release, his knees moving slightly close to the bottom of the table while his lower legs extended outward. At the same instance, the young man’s torso began to shift slightly, pushing his head a little closer each time to the ceiling. Not wanting to miss any of the action, Kirk’s cock swelled to its impressive hard state and proceeded to join in with the rest of his body. Kirk looked down. He could see that his empty plates were now slightly lower than they had been five minutes earlier. Picking up the fork, he became aware how much smaller the utensil had become… was still becoming. His body cramped again, and Kirk gasped when he felt his entire frame surge larger, culminating in his knees smacking loudly into the underside of the table. “Can I help you?” The waiter had approached as the cramp slowly began to fade. “Yeah. Yeah. I’d like the check.” “Of course, sir. There’s only one small problem.” “What’s…”. Kirk felt the next full body cramp and sucked in some air. “Sir?” Kirk’s knees slammed into the table again shaking the pile of dishes. His legs were now spread so far yet his knees were still banging the table. “What’s… the problem?” Kirk’s torso inches further up as his legs stretched longer. In the silence, he could hear the leather of his shoes begin to tear. “Our computers are down. We can’t take any credit card payments right now.” “No credit card… payments… fuucckk!” Kirk’s entire body telescoped again, his turtleneck starting to tighten and rise to reveal his newly tied umbilical cord. “Yes. I’m sorry. We’re hoping to have it back up in a few moments.” The waiter watched as the patron grit his teeth and closed his eyes. Not wanting to further upset this obviously angry customer, he said, “let me just check for you.” He ran off just as a sudden surge in growth had Kirk’s body threatening to upend the entire table. Growing… taller… how much more… need to… need to get out of here. Feet… ugh! Feet… toes tearing through… shirt becoming restrictive… Kirk grabbed his fork and measured it against his growing hand only to discover that his hand was so large that the fork rested comfortably in his palm. “Sir… hi… yes… it’s still down, I’m afraid. You can either wait and have a tea and dessert on us, or if you’d like to pay cash…” The waiter subconsciously took in that the young man sitting in section four was significantly larger than he had been thirty minutes prior, and that sitting down, he was now nearly at eye level. Also, hadn’t he been bald when he came in? Dark stubble now completely covered his scalp and has grown in around his mouth. “Bathroom. Need the bathroom. I… fuck!!” The patron closed his eyes and gritted his teeth again. Jon swore that he actually watched the customer’s head rise higher without him even moving. “I… I really need to go!” “Right… right over there.” When the man stood up, Jon wasn’t sure if he was more surprised that he only came up to the guy’s chest, or that he had the outline of a hugely prominent hard on stretching down the right leg of his pants. Brushing past the waiter, Kirk quickly moved across the restaurant and into the bathroom, locking himself in the small single cubical room. Looking at himself in the mirror, he was blown away by how much bigger and wider he had become. Having stood 5’10 for his entire life, his reflection showed an athletic youth standing at an estimated 6’6 and growing taller. Looking around the bathroom, Kirk weighed whether enclosing himself in the tiny room was a good idea as it was quickly getting smaller. The toe area of Kirks right leather shoe tore apart first, revealing his thick growing digits, followed soon afterward by the left shoe. It was obvious that as he grew taller, Kirk’s muscle mass was also growing in proportion to the rest of him. Each muscle group was now straining at fabric, threatening to tear out and expose themselves to the world. Gaping at his growing form in the mirror, Kirk smirked, when he noticed the jet-black hair that had begun to grow on his head; covering his entire scalp with stubble. Kirk had leaned in further to take in the stubble that was erupting where his eyebrows had always been when he was gripped by the most painful cramp yet. Grabbing into the sink, Kirk felt both his entire body expand as one, and the sink begin to pull away from the wall due to the added weight. His head inched up past the mirror and moving closer to the ceiling each minute. His muscles looked vacuum sealed to his body by his turtleneck, until eventually his muscles won out over fabric as the threads in the armpit of the shirt began to tear. Growing… so fucking huge!! Kirk reached for the wallet that was in his pocket, but his hands were now too big, or the wallet was too small, and it fell with a thud onto the floor. Bending down to grab it, Kirk’s head smashed into the wall causing a large dent in the dry wall. Using his titanically long fingers, he was able to eventually pick up his leather, but as he attempted to stand up straight, he could only let out a haunting sexual moan as he proceeded to further shoot up again. A knock came at the door. “Hey… are you alright?” “Fine… FUCK!!” The waiter on the other side grabbed at the handle and began to shake the toilet door trying to get in. “My boss… he said you don’t need to pay… it was our inconvenience.” Kirk’s shoulders slammed against the door with a loud smash as they took up most of the space in the bathroom, his turtleneck tearing roughly down the side and back. Must be… must be over 7 feet tall!! Always… always wanted to be bigger!! FUCK!!! Kirk’s entire body cramped again as it lengthened at a rapidly increasing pace. Both sneakers tore further as his feet projected themselves outward and his body took up further room in the bathroom. Kirk’s head swirled as another wave washed over him. Doing his best to look at himself, he couldn’t believe how imposing and monumental he had become. Fuck! I should become a professional wrestler… or a football player. No one would be able to compete against me! No one will ever go against again! He could only laugh as again he cramped, and again he grew. FUCK!! Need… need to get out of this bathroom. His body now took up the entire thing and again his head was inching up toward the ceiling as his torso lengthened. The room was becoming sooo tiny… soooo tiny… Gripped by one immense burst of growth, Kirk watched himself fill the room to bursting. His head was pressing against the ceiling now… his black pants, once loose, now looked painted on, and the back of his turtleneck tore completely revealing his increasingly expanding back muscles. With one final push, his cock, which had grown with the rest of him, tore through his zipper, released his baseball sized balls, and slapped him hard in the stomach. Flexing his glutes with a grunt, Kirk felt the rest of his trousers loudly rip and fall to the floor. Stillness. Kirk took deep shallow breathes as he took stock of his situation. He tried to turn his body, but he was now too broad. Looking at his tiny cocoon, Kirk let out a deep bellowing laugh. He had grown into a monster… and though some would be shocked and afraid by their situation… he was loving it. I should fucking go out there and eat some more, he thought, fill the entire restaurant with my body. I must be over 8 feet tall now and way over 500 lbs.! Kirk stroked his cock which now had to be at least 15 inches long! Yeah… his whole body was so colossal now. Pre began to leak from his cock and all the newly born giant wanted to do was fuck. Not wanting to get arrested for indecent exposure… at least not right away, Kirk flexed his upper torso until his shirt tore completely away from his body. Taking the remaining fabric from his shirt in one hand and his trousers that held his wallet and keys in another, he shifted his body to the left, knocked the sink completely off of the wall, and pushed his way out of the bathroom, tearing the locked door from the jam. Bending down and maneuvering himself with difficulty through the doorway, Kirk saw Jon waiting outside of the toilet, just as he knew he would be. Kirk looked down at the waiter who now only came up to his chest. “Sorry about your bathroom. I… fuck it. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you!” He voice was much deeper now… sexier sounding… more domineering. Jon just looked at him and didn’t say a word. “Here. Wrap this around my waist.” Kirk handed the shirt fabric to Jon who proceeded to do as he was told. Kirk smirked as the waiter’s hands touched his body, doing his best to tie the ends together. “Maybe… Oh yeah!” Kirk felt a tiny wave hit him as his body grew slightly larger again. The shirt the waiter had just tied ripped from his body due to the weight and pulling of his ever-enlarging cock and fell to the floor. He looked down to see the waiter had dipped even further down from his view. “How tall do you think I am?” “I… I don’t know… Fuck! I’m 6 feet, so you need to be over 8 feet tall… almost 9.” “Ever seen a fucker bigger than me?” “No way. You’re the first!” “When you see me… what’s the first thing you think?” “That I.. I…” Jon said the first thing that popped into his head. “I need to worship you.” No sooner were the words said, then Kirk felt his body tingle as if coated with a newfound electricity, and then proceed to grow up and out again. This time, Kirk felt different. He felt more powerful then ever before… he believed that he did deserve to be worshiped. The waiter stood back as Kirk grew before his eyes to 9 ft tall. Kirk was in awe of how small the world was quickly becoming… and how much he was enjoying it. “Do it. Worship me.” Jon got down onto his knees and began to lick Kirk’s feet. Again, the electricity washed over Kirk, and again he stretched even larger. Kirk felt Jon take his big toe into his mouth as he was propelled even bigger, the 12-foot ceiling of the restaurant coming dangerously close to his head “What the fuck is going on!” As soon as the manager spoke, Jon tore himself away from the giant’s feet, the connections was lost, and Kirk stopped growing. “Calm down! Your employees just giving me a foot bath. Want to join him?” Kirk leaned over to look better at the manager. “Get… get out!” Kirk just laughed. “Fine.” Kirk’s massive frame moved past the restaurant manager and walked toward the entrance, stopping only to grab a tablecloth from one of the tables. Taking it, he wrapped it around his waist, swung the door open, smashing the glass in the process, and exited into the night air. Comparing himself to the trees that stood near the back of the restaurant parking lot, Kirk concluded that he now stood over 9 feet tall. In just 45 minutes he had gone from 5’8” to almost 10’ in under 45 minutes. Oh yeah. Now at nearly 10 feet, he was most definitely a giant, his body taking up so much room no matter where he stood. Looking down at the tiny cars and shops around him, Kirk felt formidable. I’m bigger than the entire world’s population now!!! Everyone will be looking up to me. To me! Kirk’s cock was hard again, the head and a large part of the shaft extended away from his body and lifting a part of the wrapped tablecloth. Kirk reached down and began to stroke his fabric covered cock. Must be at least 16 inches long now… maybe 17. Need to use this… and soon. Kirk walked over to his Jeep Pickup truck and laughed when he realized he would never fit inside of it again. He could always walk home… but now a better idea was starting to form. He knew he wanted to get bigger… much bigger… and his wasn’t that large for what he imagined his body was going to become. No, he needed to go somewhere else. If he could get to his dead father’s hunting cabin, he could continue to grow inside the 15-foot roofed cabin. As if just thinking about it, Kirk felt himself surge again and grow slightly larger. Only a small one, he thought. Probably only grew one or two inches. Just residual spurts. I’m looking for the game changer! The one that changes everything. Going to need some help first though. INTERLUDE III “I have a proposal for you… one you should not take lightly.” Kirk’s head swam as the labyrinth began to shift and move around him. Soon, lights were starting to circle around him… colored lights… red… green…white… blue. Each time they got close he could feel the warmth of them on his face. “Where are you?” Kirk tried to walk further along the pathway, but the way kept being blurred or his vision was blinded by the intensity of the lights. “I’m everywhere.” “Where am I?” “Everywhere.” “What’s the proposition?” “Power. Power that you never even dreamed was possible. But, it comes with a price.” “And if I don’t accept?” “Death.” CHAPTER THREE Hunter locked the CVS front door and turned off the lights. It was already 10.30. The store closed at 10.00 and he should have been out by then, but Davis the Store Manager had called in sick; again!! This was the fourth time this week that Hunter had to stand in for him and take care of the store. Hunter had applied six months ago to be Assistant Store Manager, but Davis decided that Hunter didn’t have enough experience, so he would allow him to be Interim Assistant Store Manager which came at the same rate as Cashier and much more responsibility. All he wanted to do now was get out of here and go to the gym. Moving to the side door, Hunter set the alarm, swung the metal door wide open, grabbed his gym bag, and slammed the door behind him. As he crossed the dark parking lot, he saw an immense figure, surely it had to be a trick of the lights, leaning on a Jeep Pickup. “I thought I’d take you up on your offer. Can’t believe you had me waiting.” Hunter stopped in his tracks. There was no way this was the same guy he had seen in the store a couple of hours ago with the massive cock! It was possible. Hunter stood 6’6, and that guy, he had been way shorter than he was. Now… FUCK! This guy towered over him like some kind of Hulk from the movies. As he moved slowly closer, Hunter saw that it was indeed the same guy, only now he had to be nearing 10 ft tall! He was shirtless, had dark stubble on his head and around his mouth, and what looked to be a white tablecloth wrapped around his waist. Even covered Hunter could see the guys cock had obviously grown along with him and was now at half-mast. “Fuck me!” Kirk grinned at Hunter’s sexy Southern drawl. “Oh. I plan on it.” Kirk heard the creaks and moans of the Pick-Up’s shocks as he stood up from his leaning position on the hood. Since leaving the restaurant and waiting for Hunter, Kirk had only had one additional surge of growth which left him at slightly larger than 10 ft. How could I ever have been afraid of this growth and these changes when they started. Now I want them to hit me even faster! “You’ve grown.” “You should see my father.” “I bet!” Hunter grinned as he moved closer to Kirk. “I had a bit of a growth spurt.” “You can say that again.” “I had a bit of a growth spurt.” “Fuck! Funny and hot with the world’s biggest cock. Let’s get married.” Hunter had changed out of his polyester white shirt and tie and into a tight lycra t shirt without the sleeves and grey sweatpants. With wide shoulder muscles, tight pecs, and bulging biceps, Hunter was becoming Kirk’s dream come true, at least for the next few hours. “How’d you get so big?” “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Now, don’t you want to get to work on this cock?” Kirk began to stroke his tablecloth covered cock. “Try me.” Kirk loudly exhaled. “I was a bodyguard for a guy who runs a foundation. He’s a billionaire. Spends money on all sorts of weird supernatural shit. This afternoon we went to see one of his investments. They were doing a trial on some machine that’s supposed to make you younger, like The Fountain of Youth. My boss used me as a guinea pig because I was disposable. Since then, crazy shit I can’t explain has been happening. When I woke up this morning, I was 52 years old, 5’10 with a six-inch cock. Now I’m… fuck. Who knows how big I am now!” “Shit. And I thought I had a crazy day!” Hunter looked up at the massive stranger and smiled. “Let me get you in a better light and I can measure you. Got a measuring tape in my gym bag.” Hunter moved forward and placed his hand seductively on Kirk’s covered shaft. “We can start with this anaconda.” With Hunter’s touch, Kirk felt a sharp tug on his whole body, was enveloped in a wave of tightness and heat, and began to inch taller and wider. “I’m… I’m still growing bigger… it’s slowed down… but hasn’t stopped. Last growth spurt… fuck.. was thirty minutes ago.” As he grew, his waist proceeded to get larger yet tighter, until the makeshift skirt he Kirk had been wearing tore and fell to the ground. After three minutes of continuous stretching and swelling, the wave passed through Kirk, and the growth stopped. “That is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Fuck, man!! I just came in my pants watching you grow like that!!! I mean… I’m 6’6, fucking tall as shit, and I only come up to your abs! You have to be nearly 11 feet tall now! And that cock!!! FUCK!! It has to be almost two feet! Fuck yeah!” Hunter licked his lips and moved forward again to stroke Kirk’s thickening shaft. “Look. I want to fuck you. Believe me. Right now. I want to grab you, throw you over the hood, and fuck that ass of yours… but I need your help first. Hunter marveled at the size of Kirk’s completely hard cock. “What is it?” “I need to get out of here. What I have planned… I need to get out of the city. My father, he’s dead, but he left me his cabin. Its about 2 hours from here but completely in the middle of nowhere and its huge… like 15-foot ceilings. The only problem is I’m too big to drive my truck. Take me there, and I promise I’ll make it worth your while.” Kirk picked up the torn black fabric that was sitting on the hood next to him. “The keys and my wallet are in here.” He three the fabric at Hunter who caught it easily. “If you like… you can keep The Jeep. I don’t think I’ll be using it anymore.” “Okay.” “Really? I thought I was going to have to work harder to convince you.” “When the world gets a look at you, you won’t have to convince them of anything. They’ll do everything for you. You think you’ll keep getting bigger?” “I don’t know… but I think we can make it happen again.” Hunter had continued stroking Kirk’s cock while they had been talking loving the slick and satiny feel of the skin combined with the rigidness of unbendable steel. “Really. Then hell yeah! I’m in! I’m supposed to be back here at 6 am tomorrow but fuck it. There are other jobs.” Hunter relished the way he couldn’t get his large hands completely around the shaft of Kirk’s cock. He’d never experienced anything so incredible in his entire life, though he’d dreamed about such things. Growth, muscle, massive cocks, and giants were all secret fetishes that Hunter never told anyone about. Now it was all coming true. Hunter looked up at the new sexy man in his life. “I’m usually the dominant one… the tall one. You make me feel so small. I’d try and kiss you, but your head is miles away!” “A mile away.” Kirk leaned down and quickly l grabbed Hunter under his arms and lifted him up till they were eye to eye. “That’s better.” The two men looked at each other for a moment, finally breaking it when Kirk moved Hunter’s body closer and they began to kiss. Even his lips… his tongue… all so big. His head is twice the size of mine.,. Kirk pressed Colin against his naked body. Hunter wrapped his legs around Kirk’s tree like torso, and his arms around his neck. “You don’t know how badly I want to fuck you, Hunter. It’s all I can think about.” Kirk began to kiss Hunter with more passion, exploring his mouth with deeper tongue thrusts. Hunter felt himself getting hard in his sweatpants. Kirk moved his lips away from Hunter’s and began to lick and kiss his neck. “I want you so bad. I want… FUUCCKK!” Kirk threw his head back as another wave of growth hit him. “Still… growing…”. Attached to him, Hunter could feel Kirk’s body swelling… stretching… growing larger than before. Kirk attacked Colin’s face with more vigor as the pressure mounted inside of him. When Kirk moved again to his neck, Hunter looked around and was able to watch as they crept higher and higher Below him, Hunter felt a spasm and heard something splatter onto the pavement. He tried to look down but couldn’t see what it was. “It’s… it’s nothing… just… aww fuck… just leaking… FUCK!!” Kirk practically roared as the growth stopped. “How much bigger did you get?” “I don’t know. Hard to tell. Fuck that was strong!” “Put me down. Let me see.” Kirk carefully set Hunter down, but he had to take a couple of steps back not to be hit by Kirk’s titanic cock. “You must be nearly twelve feet! I thought you said it was stopping.” “I thought it was. It isn’t like this is an exact science. That one just came out of nowhere. You’re six foot six… and you only come up to my cock.” Kirk laughed. “I’ve grown nearly seven feet taller in two hours!” A wad of pre was released onto the pavement from Kirk’s pulsating cock. “While you’re down there… why don’t you suck it again.” “I’m at your service.” Kirk lifted his hand to the back of Hunter’s head and pushed it toward his cock head. Hunter breathed in the aroma of Kirk’s shaft. He was amazed, not only by the foreskin that pooled around the rim of the thick head, but if the sheer size of it; it’s length and girth. Reaching out, Hunter wrapped his hand around the large shaft. He could feel Kirk shiver under his touch. He may be bigger than me, he thought, but I know how to tame the beast. “Feels so smooth… like a baby’s skin. It’s so hard. I don’t think I could move it.” Hunter took his other hand and moved it along the head. The sensation caught Kirk by surprise, sending him backward and onto the hood of his Jeep. From beneath him, he felt the hood give way and buckle. “Careful, Hunter. It’s sooo… oh yeah!” Hunter had leaned in and began to gently lick the underside of the head. The smell of pre cum was stronger near the slit, potent. “You like that?” “Fuck yeah, I do! Suck it.” Hunter licked the underside of the shaft again, moving his tongue over the ridge of the head and into the slit. Kirk tasted salty… clean… powerful. “The head’s nearly as thick as my fist! Fuck!” Hunter moved his mouth closer to the head while gently stroking the shaft with both hands. Then he opened up wider then he ever had before and took the fat head into his mouth. The glans nearly filled his entire orifice, nearly scraping his teeth. Ready to take on the challenge, Hunter took Kirk deeper into his mouth, forcing the cock into the back of his throat. “That’s it, Hunter. Good boy. Take it in deeper.” Hunter felt Kirk’s hand on the back of his head again, forcing him to take in more of the shaft. Hunter moved his head along with Kirk’s hand, toying the shaft and head with his tongue “Oh yeah. So good. So fuckin horny.” Kirk bucked his hips slightly and began to fuck Hunter’s face. The motion forced the head further down Hunter’s throat than he was comfortable with, causing his gag reflex to kick in. “Open your throat, boy. Relax.” Hunter felt Kirk’s cock pulse and release a spurt of precum into his throat, lubing it for easier entry. Opening his eyes, Hunter was amazed by how much he had already taken down his throat, but how much there still was to go. I’ll never be able to take it all; it would end in my stomach. Suddenly, Hunter felt Kirk lift him up off of his chick and into the air, bringing their lips together. While holding him in the air with one hand and kissing him, Hunter could feel Kirk’s other hand tearing at the lycra shirt he was wearing. “Don’t. You’re going to tear it.” “I don’t give a shit. I’ll buy you another one.” With a forceful tug, Hunter felt his shirt rip from his body. With a few more of the same moves, Kirk had Hunter shirtless and pressed him against his hot chest. Kirk then proceeded to lift him up higher so that he could begin sucking on Hunter’s pecs. I’m like a big doll to him. “I want to fuck you so bad, Hunter. I need to fuck you.” “Now?” “I have to. If I keep growing… I might never fuck another man again. If I can only fuck one man for the last time, I want it to be you.” Hunter’s cock had begun to leak in his sweatpants. Kirk moved his hand down to Hunter’s ass and began to massage it. “Behind the store… where the trees are. No one ever goes back there… There are no lights.” Immediately Kirk began to move to the back of the store, carrying Hunter with him. Once there, Kirk lowered him to the ground and then carefully leaned down to lessen the distance between the two. “I want you to know… I’m going to make you feel amazing.” Kirk leaned down and began to kiss Hunter’s neck again. “It’s natural to be afraid. I’ll be gentle. I swear.” “What if… what if you start growing… while you’re in me.” Kirk pulled away and took Hunter in his arms. “Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.” Standing up, Kirk grabbed Hunter, lifted him up, walked about 15 feet further into the dark, and lay him down on the grass. “Where’s the lube you bought?” “Fuck!” Kirk stood up and quickly crossed the parking lot back to his Jeep. Realizing he didn’t have his keys on him, that they were in his ripped pants that he had given to Hunter, he quickly moved to the passenger side and smashed the window. Reaching in, he grabbed the bag of lube and lumbered back to Hunter. “Look at you… your cock… its amazing. I’ve never even had a toy that size up me. If I tell you to stop… you better stop.” “I’ll try. I promise. Now, take off your sweatpants or I’ll do it for you.” Not wanting to forfeit another article of clothing tonight, Hunter pulled down his sweatpants and tossed them to the side. Sitting there for a moment in only his underwear, he allowed Kirk to take in the sight. “I’m big for most guys… packing 9 inches here. Nothing to you.” Kirk lifted his hand and placed it on Hunter’s chest, forcing him to lay down on the ground. Then, with a quick motion, he had torn the underwear away from his body leaving Colin naked. Leaning closer, Kirk inhaled Hunter’s scent, moving his face close to his cock and balls. “You smell so good, Hunter. Like sandalwood.” Moving his hand, Kirk lifted both of Hunter’s legs and began to massage Hunter’s ass cheeks. Then, pulling both apart, he took his mouth, and began to tongue fuck Hunter’s hole. Hunter gasped as he felt the strength of Kirk’s tongue rimming him. Kirk parted Hunter’s cheeks further and inserted more of his tongue into his hole. Hunter’s body shuttered as he felt a wave of pleasure wash over him. He wasn’t sure if it was the size of the tongue or Kirk’s technique, but Hunter found himself groaning throughout the act. Kirk’s cock got rock hard once again hearing Hunter moan. He was trying desperately to control himself and not plunge his cock immediately into his ass. He needed to warn him up first. Get him ready for the act. Kirk dove back down into Hunter’s ass licking the rim and teasing the hole. “That’s my boy… that’s my…”. Kirk felt the now familiar grip of growth grab hold of him. Moving his shaking hand, Kirk bright his pointer finger to the rim on Hunter’s hole, and began to toy with it. With his other hand, he grabbed the small bottle of lube.., was it small or was everything getting smaller to him, popped the top, and squirted a large amount onto both his finger and Hunter’s waiting hole. Then, with one swift movement, he plugged the entirety of his finger inside of him. Hunter screamed out and grabbed the grass with his hands. Soon, the pain was replaced with a heat that burned him from the inside. Kirk slowly moved his shaking finger in and out, all the while feeling both hand and body getting larger. After a few minutes of this game, Kirk removed his finger and moved his lengthening body up and over Hunter. Grabbing is cock, he took the bottle of lube and squirted the entirety of it down the length of the shaft. His head whirled, caught between lust and the organic feeling of his body growing even more monumental. Then, he began to rub the head against Hunter’s hole. “I’m not sure I’m ready yet to… FUCK!!!” Hunter felt Kirk’s fist sized head stretch his hole wider than it ever had been before. Hunter began to whimper, and soon found it impossible to even think or speak over the searing pain. All he knew was that he was being fucked by the biggest thing in his life; not even realizing it was slowly getting larger. Hunter moaned again as Kirk forced the shaft deeper into his hole. “So tight… so tight… nearly too tight…”. Moving in even further, he would pause to make sure the pain had subsided before he attempted to move again. “Not sure… you should… go in much further! You’re so big. It feels good… but… you’ll do damage…”. Kirk shuddered and felt his cock swell even thicker. He looked around at the trees and estimated he was nearing the thirteen-foot mark. “Just a few more inches Hunter… just a few more and I’ll be halfway in.” Grabbing onto Hunter’s sides, he pushed his cock in even further than he intended to go. Need to do this now, he thought. He may not let me do this again. I may be too big to do it again! Kirk began to buck his hips, pulling his massive cock in and out of Hunter’s hole. Hunter tried to speak but couldn’t form words. He was filled to near breaking yet burning with pleasure he had never felt. Kirk winced, and felt his body move slightly higher. Looking down, Hunter’s ass was being forced upward as his torso and legs grew. Fucking with even more vigor. Kirk looked around at a world that was quickly growing smaller. up and saw the ceiling inching closer. The trees around him… Hunter… all getting so small while his body… fuck… his body stretched larger and larger. As Kirk fucked Hunter, as Hunter screamed out in pleasure he had never felt, Kirk’s mind drifted to the Ark. What am I becoming? Why do big? I’m going beyond one step in evolution. What are you doing to me? Growing so big… so powerful! Hunter’s lower half of his body was now completely off of the ground; only his head and neck and shoulders remained lying on the grass. He opened his eyes and saw Kirk.., saw how much more imposing he was now then fifteen minutes before. All he could think was, I’m being fucked by this… this…Titan! With that thought… Hunter began to cum. Hearing Hunter reach orgasm, Kirk thrust five more times in and out of his ass before he tensed up and began to release his massive load into Hunter’s ass. Hunter experienced a sudden second orgasm as he felt the hot liquid coat his interior. Kirk shuddered again and began to roar as his head smacked into the branches from the large trees. Releasing Hunter, he quickly pulled out and began to fire more of his load over his lover and the grass. To Hunter, it seemed never ending. Eventually, Kirk’s balls began to empty, and his ejaculation slowed down. Kirk fell to his knees as he felt the final rush of growth hit him. I’m over 14 foot now, he thought. Over 14 foot. He grinned at Hunter, taking in the massive mess he had made. “You grew so much, Kirk. Not just talker… wider. Stand up! I want to compare myself to you now.” Hunter leaped to his feet, the large masses of cum that covered him falling to the floor. On shaking legs, Kirk also stood up and up and up. “Fuck me, Kirk! I only come up to your balls!! You’re balls! Can you believe that? We need to get you to your cabin… before we can’t anymore.” Hunter looked up at Kirk and saw him looking around, his head now almost equal with the roof of The CVS. “Are you afraid?” “A couple of hours ago I was.” His voice, Hunter thought, his voice has gotten even deeper. “I was… but I’m not anymore. I want more, Hunter. Is that wrong? I want a lot more.” Both Kirk and Hunter’s cocks grew hard again at the thought.
  12. Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Jon, who has grown even bigger and more submissive, attends Austin's college graduation. Austin shows off his growing stepdad to a shocked audience. Chapter 13 — Graduation Ceremony The auditorium on campus was an old, modest building that dated back to the 1950s. Parents, siblings, and faculty members filed in as graduation approached, the hubbub of excitement filling the air as hundreds of Austin’s fellow graduates gathered. Austin approached the building confidently, wearing his cap and gown which felt flowy but warm in the late May sunshine. People in front of him weren’t looking at Austin, though. They were turning, confused then shocked, at the 12-foot-tall man hooked on to a leash and trailing behind Austin, looming over everyone. Jon waddled along behind Austin, his metal chain necklace linked on to a long leash which Austin held tightly. The ground rumbled softly every time his leather boots hit the pavement. Jon saw himself in the reflection of a nearby building and grinned; thick, custom black leather boots, long socks that accentuated his bulging calves, an over-stuffed jock strap that strained to contain his massive balls and sleeping cock, a black leather bulldog harness and bicep straps that dug into his thick muscles sitting next to the heavy, thick galvanized steel chain link necklace that glistened in the sun and held his heavy padlock, and his pup mask. He watched in the glass as his huge ass bounced up and down as he walked, the silicone pup tail butt plug he had sticking out the back of his jockstrap wagging along as he walked. He felt the way his thick, sweaty thighs rubbed against each other, pushing his huge bulge to a more prominent position. Not watching where he was going, Jon suddenly heard a woman gasp in front of him and looked down at her. Jon planted himself in a wide stance, straddling the woman and looking down at her over his mountainous pecs and gut. “Arrooo?” he intoned and cocked his head, lifting up his arms up to his chest in a hello gesture, his biceps flexing into their full size. She yelped in fear, then turned and walked away as quickly as she should. Austin tugged on the leash, pulling Jon along faster. “People seem really impressed by you, pup! Why don’t you give them a show,” Austin said as he looked back at his stepdad. “AAROOOOF!” Jon replied. He took a deep breath, feeling the leather straps pressing tighter against his expanding chest, and then raised his arms up, exposing his sweaty, hairy pits. He lowered his arms into a double bicep pose as he exhaled, smelling the remains of the gainer shake he had for breakfast in his pup hood, and flexed hard. “GGGRRRRRFFFFF!” he boomed as he looked around and saw everyone’s stunned, confused faces. “Good bull, you’re looking bigger than ever today,” Austin said as he stopped and turned to admire his giant stepdad. In the weeks since Jon had moved in, he had grown faster and faster, his weight exploding exponentially, outgrowing the normal confines of the house and beyond any previous human limit. Austin’s lifting and diet plan, combined with Austin’s mental influence, had produced extraordinary results. He turned to Jon and tossed a treat up to him, a chocolate protein bar, which Jon eagerly gobbled up through the mouth hole of his mask in a single bite. “Mmmph, rrawff!” Jon replied happily and pressed closer to his Sir, his enormous jock strap bulge bumping against Austin’s head and mussing up his hair. “Not now, pup, you have to wait until later,” Austin said as he stumbled, reaching up to brush away the enormous bulge. Even a slight nudge like that carried a lot of force when it was coming from a man who weighed over 3000 pounds. Jon whined but backed up, reaching down to adjust his package and thickening cock. “I have to head in to get in line now, pup,” Austin said. He gestured “down” for Jon, and the big pup dropped do his knees and then on to all fours, his ass up in the air for everyone behind them to see. Austin gave his long beard some scritches, admiring how well Jon took care of it, the dirty blond mass of fur smooth and clean. Jon sighed contentedly as his master rubbed his chin. “Go find a seat inside and cheer me on when I get on stage, ok?” “RAAARFF!” Jon replied and wiggled his huge butt, muscle and beef jiggling around on his massive frame. He stood back up and then stepped forward and headed for the entrance, his round belly bouncing against his jock bulge, a sheen of slick sweat covering his chest from the hot sun. Jon reached the doors and found he couldn’t fit. Normal doors were no good for a man his stature anymore, even double doors like these. He went to the entrance on the side that few people were using and dropped to his knees, his bare ass on display for everyone behind him, the sweat and funk of his furry crack radiating out from it, his tail wagging and bobbing up and down. His master needed him inside, so he was going to find a way in no matter what. He grabbed one door in each hand and yanked hard. Each of them ripped off the hinges like they were connected to the frame with staples. He tossed them aside and bent down to look, cocking his head and grunting. The height of the door frame was the problem. He reached in the doorway with both hands and gripped the metal and brick entryway. He pulled hard, and the entire wall above the doorway split with a cracking sound. He pulled again, harder, and bricks started falling away. He continued pulling back and forth until the entire wall gave way. He cleared away the debris and started punching away at the sides and top of the bigger, taller entrance, destruction raining down, his huge fists unharmed, each punch punctuated with a satisfied grunt or ruff. Other graduation attendees and organizers could only stand aside in shock and horror at the power of his giant man. Finished with his work, Jon stood back up to his full height, sweat dripping and running down his chest, back, and flanks. He was able to comfortably walk through the entrance now, which he did. Inside, stunned graduation attendees turned. Some screamed at the sight of the giant muscle pup wearing only boots, a jock, a harness and a mask. A wave of heavy jock BO musk entered with Jon, quickly filling up the entire auditorium and making it smell like a football team locker room, funky and heady and sweaty. Jon ignored their reaction and made a beeline for the open seats in the front row, not watching very carefully at the little people down by his knees. Jon positioned himself front and center, then lowered himself into the seats. His giant frame spread across 6 metal chairs, each of which groaned and deformed as 3000lbs of muscle bear settled in, blocking the view of everyone behind him. He spread his legs wide, giving plenty of room for his massive balls and cock, taking up even more space. His gut folded and bulged out over his jockstrap as he sat, creating a shelf for his enormous pecs to rest on. His dripping sweat started to dry in the air conditioned room. Soon, graduation started with speeches and ceremony. Each person who got up to speak seemed unnerved by Jon’s presence, but he didn’t care. He was just excited to see his Sir walk across the stage and get the diploma he had worked so hard for. Jon was so proud of him, as his stepdad and his bullpup. He couldn’t wait to reward his master for his hard work and help him feel good later tonight. His cock throbbed just thinking about it. Eventually, they started inviting graduates up on stage, starting with the highest level of honors. Jon’s heart jumped when he saw Austin on stage, one of the tallest and certainly the biggest, most muscular of all his fellow graduates at 6’0” and 250lbs. Living together had caused Austin to grow bigger as well, and he was now the thickest, most muscular he had ever been. Even the long black robe couldn’t totally hide his bulging muscles, Jon noticed, especially his traps and arms. Jon’s cock stirred to life in his jock, shifting and thickening quickly. He reached down and adjusted himself roughly, then raised his hand up to smell his own powerful jock musk. He huffed it and growled contentedly. They called Austin’s name, and he confidently walked across the stage, grinning down at his stepdad. Jon’s heart soared, overwhelmed with pride for his son, for his Sir. “THAT’S MY BOY!” Jon stood up and bellowed, causing many in the audience to gasp and the people onstage to flinch. Jon clapped loudly, his huge hands resonant, booming claps that made people’s chests vibrate. Austin just smiled wider. Austin took his diploma, then looked down at his pup. “Get up here, pup, I need you!” Austin commanded, and his pup obeyed. Jon leaped up onto the stage in a single bound, an impressive feat for such a large man, and suddenly the giant was on stage. The crowd gasped and a murmur of concerned and scandalized conversation filled the auditorium. Jon bent down and scooped his son up in one fluid motion, wrapping two enormous, thick, muscular arms around Austin and lifting him up off the ground. He pressed Austin against his chest in a massive bear hug, squeezing the air out of him, smearing bull sweat all over Austin’s graduation gown. Austin tapped Jon to let him know that was enough, a silent signal they had developed as Jon grew and grew, and the big stepdad put Austin down. Austin caught his breath and looked up. Jon brought his fists together and flexed as he looked down as his Sir, his huge furry pecs mashing together, the leather straps of his harness straining across his traps and delts. He grinned and his jock throbbed. Austin grabbed the mic from the podium and addressed the crowd. “Thank you everyone for your kind support and words today. I wanted to introduce you to my step-father, my obedient bullpup Jon. He’s supported me and grown for me so much this year, haven’t you pup?” Austin said, wrapping his arm around Jon’s immense left thigh and hugging it. Jon faced the audience, his crinkled eyes looking out from his pup mask, his long white-blond beard spreading down onto his enormous chest. “GRRRUUUUFFFF!” he boomed proudly, sticking his chest out more. The weighty leather boots made the wooden stage creak ominously. “That’s my pup! Now how about you show these folks what you can do,” Austin said, and stepped away from Jon, gesturing him to get in position to do some tricks. Jon recognized it right away and thumped down to get on all fours. “Lower!” Austin commanded. “Barowrow!” Jon grunted and he sunk down lower, his forehead bumped down on the stage. “Good boy,” Austin said. “Wag your tail!” Jon raised his huge, wide ass higher up into the air and wiggled it back and forth, the silicone tail wagging in the air happily, his leather boots creaking as his heavy weight shifted. “Good, now crawl forward,” Austin said, and Jon shimmied forward, his big boots shifting forward and his forearms pressing against the stage as he got closer to Austin. Some members of the audience tentatively clapped, others yelled in protest. All eyes were on big Jon. “Roll over!” Austin said with a smirk. He looked over to the officiants still on the stage. “I might move if I were you!” Jon flopped to the ground, his huge gut slamming down hard, causing the whole room to boom and shake, causing the audience to gasp again. He grunted and rolled to his left, his tremendous mass shifting around with shocking speed and agility as he rolled, smearing sweat and pre-cum all over the floor of the stage. Jon returned back to his starting position on all fours, his knees and fists pressing divots into the wood of the stage. “Good pup! Now speak nice and loud to all these fine people watching you!” Austin said and then covered his ears. “AHHWWRRRROOOOOOOOOF!!!” Jon boomed as loudly as his could, his deep voice shaking the windows and vibrating peoples’ chests. The audience chuckled nervously, causing Jon to wonder what they were laughing at. Jon’s cock bulged out bigger and thicker though, stimulated by following Austin’s commands in front of all those people, the wet spot on his jock spreading wider and wetter. “Ok pup, sit up,” Austin said, stepping closer. Jon grunted and rose up, sitting back on his heels with surprising flexibility for a man as thick and powerful as he was. His massive bulge stood out prominently. “Get hard for me, pup,” Austin commanded. “Now, in front of everyone.” “Barooorururuff!” Jon grunted, and his massive cock throbbed harder and bigger fast without him even having to touch it. His jock strained and stretched to contain the swelling bulge, his balls filling up the confines, his cock swelling longer and thicker with each throbbing heartbeat until eventually the tip of his giant cock poked out from the top. Master’s command was all he needed to get hard now. “Oohhhh, fuuuck, ruuuufff,” Jon groaned as his cock continued to swell. Clear precum bubbled and oozed out of the tip of his huge mushroom head, leaking out onto the stage. His cock head was as big around as a navel orange. The audience groaned and yelled in shock and protest, some getting up to leave the ceremony altogether. Austin stepped closer to the huge bulge and licked it, slurping up the sweet-tasting pre, getting it on his mustache and chin. “Mmph you taste so good, pup. Kiss me hard, now,” Austin demanded. He looked up at his pup and Jon knew what to do. Jon bent down and grabbed the smaller man from under his armpits and lifted up. His 250lbs weighed nothing to him. Jon brought Austin up to his pup hood-covered face and opened his mouth through the slit at the bottom of the mask, and the two men kissed passionately. Their tongues wrestled, Jon’s bigger and thicker but Austin’s aggressive and assertive. Jon tasted his own pre on Austin’s lips and his cock throbbed again, another splash of precum oozing onto the stage. At this point, the audience had had enough and started heading to the exits, shocked and bewildered by this raunchy display. Austin pulled back for a moment. “All of these people are witnessing the bond, the love that we have,” he whispered intensely to Jon, both of them breathing hard and sweating, Jon’s huge hands digging into Austin’s chest and back. “Marveling at your devotion to me, pup, your willingness to do anything for your Sir. They’re so jealous of what we have, pup. You make me so proud,” Austin growled as he leaned in for another kiss. Jon growled and moaned as his Sir kissed him harder, his heart overwhelmed with love. After their kiss, Austin had Jon put him back down. Jon looked down expectantly, and his cock throbbed harder than ever, belching up a splash of pre that landed at Austin’s feet. “Arrooruoof?” Jon begged, his massive, hairy, muscular frame at odds with the plaintive, mewing sounds coming from behind his pup mask. He groped and adjusted his massive bulge. “Not yet, pup. How about we get out of here first and go home? Then we can celebrate properly,” Austin said. He motioned for Jon to lean down, and Austin linked Jon’s leash up again. “Make a path for us, bull,” Austin commanded, and Jon bounded to his feet and led the way. The crowd of people, who had become chaotic after the scene on stage, parted immediately for the giant, horny bull charging towards them. Austin gripped the leash and jogged to keep up with Jon’s huge steps. In minutes they were back at Austin’s truck. Austin unclipped Jon and told him to get in the back seat. The “back seat” in this case was the bed of the truck; Jon was far too big to ever fit in the cab of a truck or any other car for that matter. He positioned himself behind the truck, then sat gently, the frame of the truck sinking down into the rear tires as Jon settled in, trying to distribute his ton-and-a-half evenly. He hung his huge arms over the sides of the truck, as his frame was naturally wider than the whole truck, massive, muscular biceps and hairy forearms pressing against the warm metal. Austin came over to the side of the truck and rubbed Jon’s big right arm. Jon instinctively flexed, tensing the massive muscles into a round, hard peak. “When we get home, we’re going to have so much fun, pup,” Austin teased, rubbing and squeezing Jon’s huge muscles. Jon looked down at his Sir and sighed. He flexed harder. His cock leaked more precum. “Master needs to mark his territory again and fill his pup with another load now that he’s all done with college. How does that sound?” Austin purred. “GRUUURRUFFF!” Jon boomed happily as he raised his other arm up and flexed harder, breathing deep and huffing his own pit stink, eager to feel Austin’s cock inside him. Austin got in the truck and sped away as fast as he could back home.
  13. Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Austin orders Jon around, then awards him with a custom-made pup hood. Jon fucks Austin in his excitement. Austin sat in the living room with his computer out, working on a paper for his final term of college, wearing short gym shorts and a tank top. The room wasn’t quiet though; the living room hummed with the sound of loud music coming from the garage, punctuated by the occasional deep grunt, metal clanging, and the whole house shaking as huge amount of weights were moved around by the giant lifting in the garage. Jon was on hour 3 of his afternoon lift and he hadn’t shown any sign of tiring. This was after 3 hours this morning of working nothing but legs; he was out working chest and shoulders now. Austin stretched his arms and realized he was thirsty. He reached for one of the thin chains around his neck, next to the padlock key he wore everywhere, and brought a basketball whistle up to his mouth. He blew sharply, the high-pitched sound cutting through any sort of music or noise in the house. Austin felt the ground shake and Jon’s booming voice rumbled through the house. “COMING, SIR!” Within seconds, Austin could hear and feel the booming rumble of his massive stepdad bounding into the room like an excited puppy, the house shaking as nearly a ton of muscledad thumped into the living room from the garage. Jon’s head scraped against the ceiling as he ducked into the living room, his naked body dripping with sweat from lifting, his face lighting up in excitement as he saw Austin looking at him expectantly. “Sir!” he boomed as his cock twitched, then dropped to his knees in front of Austin and set his sweaty hand on Austin’s. “What do you need, Master?” Jon said, looking in Austin’s eyes intently, eager to serve. Austin had recently cut Jon’s hair into a crisp, short mohawk and trimmed his beard. The beard looked sharp and angular and came down to his nipples, where it mixed together with his dense chest fur, which was currently matted down with sweat. Jon’s musk washed over Austin like a wave as his pup awaited his order. “Get me a beer, pup,” Austin said. “I’m thirsty.” Jon grinned and bounded to his feet, his heavy metal chain clinking, his head bumping into the ceiling and sending down a rain of plaster and spreading cracks across it. “Yes Sir!” he rumbled before galloping to the kitchen. He returned shortly with a can of lager, cracking it open for Austin carefully with a fingernail, the can looking comically small in Jon’s enormous hands. He handed it to Austin. “Thank you, pup, you listen so well,” Austin said, reaching out and rubbing his hand over Jon’s huge thigh. Jon flexed it in response, making it swell out harder and rounder. Austin’s hand came away coated with sweat, which he rubbed on his own tank top. “Heh, thank you Sir! Can I get you anything else?” Jon boomed from above as he looked down as his little Sir. His cock stiffened as he did, sweat dripping down onto the carpet like he was fresh out of the shower, eager to serve his master. “No bullpup, now get back to lifting!” Austin said as he turned his attention back to his computer. “Yes Sir!” Jon said seriously and headed back to the garage. In a few seconds, the familiar clanking of metal and deep, loud grunting resumed. Austin drank his beer and got back to work on his paper, but a couple minutes later he realized he was hungry too. He was having a hard time focusing, especially after Jon had visited. Austin had trained Jon well over the last couple months to come when called and do as he said, and Jon was more than happy to oblige. The whistle had proven to be an exciting addition to their at-home dynamic. Austin blew the whistle again, and once again the huge muscle bear rumbled into the living room. This time, Jon’s cock was semi-hard and leaking; a string of precum oozed out from his huge mushroom head and smeared against his sweaty thighs. He dropped to his knees again and rested his huge chin on Austin’s knees. “Hi pup, I need a snack to go with this beer. Get me one of my meal prep kits,” Austin said as he reached forward and ran his hand through his bull’s spiky mohawk. A mist of sweat bloomed from Jon’s hair as Austin’s rubbed it. Jon grinned, then rose to his full height again. “Coming right up, Sir!” he rumbled, sweat dripping down on Austin. “You look so cute down there in your chair, Sir,” Jon said. His cock pulsed and thickened as he looked down at Austin, a drop of pre drooling out of his slit. “Thank you, pup,” Austin said as he reached out and dabbed up the pre onto his finger, causing Jon to shudder in pleasure. Austin licked it up, savoring the sweet salty flavor. “Now go fetch me my food,” Austin said, keeping Jon focused on the task before losing him to his raging libido. It had been 4 hours since the big man had last cum, and Austin knew his balls would need to be drained again soon. Jon shook his head to refocus, then turned to go to the kitchen. A few minutes later, he returned, dropped to his knees, and delivered a hot meal prep container full of rice, chicken, and broccoli, ready to be eaten. “Good bullpup! Make sure you’re eating too, Jon. Did you have the jug of gainer shake I left for you for your afternoon lift?” Austin asked as Jon breathed heavily on him. “Yes, of course Sir! I’m definitely getting hungry for dinner soon, though,” Jon said. “What are we having tonight?” he asked. “Meat, big guy. You’ll see,” Austin said, grinning up at his stepdad. “I’m gonna go upstairs and take a little rest after my snack,” he said as he got up with his beer and food and stood next to Jon. Austin had to crane his neck to look up at his dad now. Jon reached down to scratch his hairy bush, bouncing his stiffening cock around as he did. “Sounds good, little Sir,” Jon rumbled, twisting his neck around to see over his massive chest and gut to look down at his stepson. “Please let me know if you need anything, I want to help make you feel good,” Jon said, a twinge of desperate longing in his voice. His cock bulged up bigger, stiffening and rising up to his belly button; it oozed out another dribble of precum, which dripped down to the carpet. “That’s what your Sir likes to hear,” Austin said. He reached up and gave Jon’s cock a good, hard squeeze, causing more pre to burble out of it. Jon gasped and shivered. “Now go finish your workout,” Austin ordered before walking by the giant and heading upstairs to their bedroom. “Yes Sir!” Jon boomed and then waddled back to the garage. Austin grinned; his stepdad was completely obedient to him now, and the two of them were both very happy together. He wanted to show his appreciation to Jon and bond them closer together. He had been waiting for this moment. Over the last several months, their relationship had grown more and more intense as Jon grew bigger and bigger, surging taller, thicker, and wider every day. They did everything together and were totally devoted to each other to help reach their mutual goals and make each other happy. After the last couple whistle blows, Austin felt even more strongly than ever that it was time to give Jon his present. Austin made his preparations and finished his food and beer, then once again whistled for Jon. His obedient bullpup bounded up the stairs, then wedged himself into the door, smearing sweat all over the door frame, his head cracking the wood of the frame before emerging into the bedroom. “Sir? What’s all this?” Jon asked as he looked at Austin, who was wearing his leather harness and a jock strap. “Jon, you’ve made such incredible progress over the last 8 months, growing both physically and emotionally for me, learning to trust and love me as we have bonded,” Austin said as he stepped closer to Jon. “Get on all fours, pup,” Austin ordered, pointing down to the carpet. Jon obeyed immediately, thumping down to the floor on all fours, eagerly looking at his Sir, awaiting instructions. Austin leaned down to Jon’s ear. “I can’t imagine life without you now, Jon. We just keep growing more intensely close as you grow bigger and bigger. You feel it too, right?” Austin said, his voice in a deep whisper. Jon shuddered and took a deep breath. “Yes Sir, so much, more intense every day. I live to serve you, Sir, and I’ve never felt better about anything in my life. I have such a clear purpose, and it feels so good to lift, eat, and grow every day as I make you happy,” Jon said, his voice wavering. “I… I want to be your bullpup forever, Sir,” Jon whispered, on the edge of tears. “Good, pup, good. Look at how big you’ve grown,” Austin said as he walked around Jon’s enormous frame, rubbing his hand over the vast expanse of Jon’s hairy, sweaty back, squeezing the huge, round form of his ass, before trailing his hand down Jon’s hamstring. “Truly a freak, bigger than I could have dreamed of. You were made for growing and obeying, weren’t you?” Austin said as he completed his loop. “I was made to grow and serve you, Sir,” Jon echoed, his voice quivering. “Well pup, I’m glad you feel that way too. Show me your devotion,” Austin said before positioning himself in front of Jon. Austin lowered his jock strap and pulled out his hard, thick rod, leaking precum, red and angry-looking. “Suck a load out of your master,” Austin commanded. Jon obeyed. He surged forward aggressively, gobbling up Austin’s cock and taking it in balls deep all at once. The force of it was enough to knock Austin over, and he was suddenly pinned, helpless under the power of Jon’s mouth and hands. The force of Jon’s suction was intense, and Jon hummed and purred as he went to town on his Sir’s cock. “Aww fuck yeah bullpup, such a good boy, you need Master’s seed don’t you?” Austin groaned, the power of Jon’s tongue and sucking on the verge of pain. “Mmmph, mmmm!” Jon grunted as he sucked harder and faster. “Slow down pup, that’s it, get in a rhythm,” Austin said as his cock throbbed. He was so close to climax. Jon’s muscles, his musk, his obedience drove him crazy, and he was almost always ready to share his seed with his eager bullpup. Jon reached up and planted one huge hand on Austin, pinning him down to the carpet effortlessly as his mouth continued to suck and slurp. His tongue flicked and his lips tightened. On most men, Austin’s cock would have been substantial, girthy and a generous 7”. To Jon, it felt small in his oversized mouth, but it just made him want to suck and pull harder. He hummed and groaned as he tasted more precum. “Such a devoted bullpup!” Austin groaned as he got closer to shooting his load. “Gonna make me, ung, make me shoot such a, ahhhhh, big fuckin’ LOAD—!” Austin bellowed as he came, and Jon greedily gulped up every drop until Austin was thoroughly drained. Jon helped Austin get to his feet when he was done, then sat back on his heels. Even seated like that, he was taller than Austin. “How was that, Sir?” Jon said, gently rubbing Austin’s hair with his huge mitt. “Good job pup, you’re so good at that now!” Austin said, steadying himself against Jon’s massive shoulders. He turned to get the box at the foot of the bed. “I got this for you, custom made, in your favorite colors,” Austin said as opened the box. “Oh, Sir! What is it?” he rumbled, tears welling in his eyes. He opened it and gasped. “Really, Sir!?” “Yup. Put them on,” Austin said giving Jon space. Jon pulled did just that, and in a moment a black, green, and orange neoprene pup hood covered Jon’s head and face, his long beard trailing out of the bottom, his excited eyes beaming down at Austin through the holes in the mask, curved bull horns in place of the usual pup ears of his hood. A matching leather harness wrapped tight around his enormous chest, hugging his pecs, shoulders, and traps in all the right places. Jon huffed the intense smells of neoprene and leather that suddenly filled the room and his cock throbbed. “It’s PERFECT, Sir!” Jon grunted, his voice muffled in the pup hood. He turned and looked in the floor-to-ceiling mirror that Austin had installed in their bedroom a couple months ago. “I had both measured to fit your supersized body, bullpup. They hardly believed me when I shared your chest size and hood size and thought it was a joke.” Austin said, grinning at how happy Jon was. “They’re both adjustable and fairly stretchy to keep up with your continued growth, at least for a little while!” “BaarrRROOOOF!” Jon bellowed as he saw himself. His cock throbbed harder and harder, growing longer and stiffer as he stepped closer to the mirror. “Mmmmmph, grrrph, rrrawwwwrph!” he grunted as he flexed his left bicep and rubbed his mask against the sweaty bulging muscle. “ARRFFF!” Jon said as he turned back to Austin and bounded towards him. “Heh, bullpup likes it I see!” Austin said as Jon reached down and effortlessly lifted him up, carrying him and rubbing his mask and beard all over Austin to express his love. “RRRUUUFFFF, ARRFF, GRRRRFF!” Jon rumbled before tackling Austin on to the bed, the combined weight of them both causing the re-inforced bed to groan and the house to shake. Jon nuzzled against Austin, rubbing his pup hood and beard and chest and hands all over his master’s little body, pinning him with his own bigger body, crushing him under nearly a ton of beefy muscle. “AAAARRROOOOFFF, GRRRPH, MMMPH, YEAAAHHHH!” Jon grunted, hardly capable of words now, letting the pup space fully take over his mind. He rubbed and cuddled against Austin hard, his rock-hard cock leaking precum juice all over his little master, totally carried away. “Pup, hold on, that’s, ooof, flip over so I’m on top!” Austin grunted under the immense weight of his overly-excited bullpup. Jon stopped his grunting, wrapped his huge hands around Austin’s torso, and flipped them both around until Austin was on top of Jon. Jon cocked his head to one size as he looked up at his little Sir. “Arroo?” he grunted, then rubbed Austin back and forth on his sweaty torso. “Ruuufff, arruuuff, ggrrooooff!!” he boomed. his huge cock pressing dangerously close to Austin’s tight, furry hole. “Yes big man, I need your bullpup seed inside me now!” Austin grunted as his own hard cock rubbed against Jon’s firm, furry gut. “RRRRUUUHHH, GRRRRR!” Jon groaned as he positioned his master over his massive cock. It was as thick as Austin’s forearm with an apricot-sized head. It burped up more precum, seemingly on command as if it knew Jon needed more lubrication, then Jon rammed Austin down on it hard. “AARRROOOOOOOO!!!” Bullpup bellowed as he speared Austin, pushing in as far as it could go. “Ahhhhh godddddd!” Austin cried as he was suddenly filled with the massive cock. Jon slowed down for a moment, sensing that his master needed time to adjust to his size. The girth of his huge stepdad’s cock pushed him to his limits, and he writhed as his ass struggled to adjust to Jon’s thickness. He stabilized himself against Jon’s leather harness, his own cock throbbing and getting closer to another climax as he huffed in the scent of Jon’s musk and the leather from the harness, taking deep breaths to calm down and open his hole wider. “URRRGGG, HHUUUNNFFF, ARRRFFFF!!” Jon grunted as he stared to pick up speed again, his bull horns bouncing on his hood as he submitted deeper into pupspace. He pounded relentlessly inside his master, working up to full strength, slamming in deeper as Austin’s furry jock hole opened up wider to accept his stepdad’s massive cock, impaling the smaller man over and over again, pausing only briefly to bring both of his huge arms up into a double bicep pose, reveling in his enormity, furry pits emanating fresh waves of jock musk. Austin groaned mindlessly, holding on for the ride, his cock rubbing mercilessly against Jon’s sweaty torso. The two of them ground against each other for as long as they could stand it, Jon using his little master like a sex toy and Austin frotting his cock against Jon’s enormous, meaty gut and chest, Jon’s metal chain clanking against his new harness. Austin groaned as his cock shot another load, smearing cum all over the big bull’s belly and pecs and harness, mixing with Jon’s sweat. His hole clamped down harder around Jon’s tree trunk cock. “AARRRROOOOOO!!!!!” Jon bellowed as he exploded inside Austin. Jon could feel his insides bloat with cum as Jon unloaded inside of him, jets of hot bullpup cum filling him up. Jon kept howling until he was completely drained, his huge balls pumping out cream for over a minute. Finally, he lifted Austin off of his baseball bat cock inch by inch until he popped off with a wet squelch, cum splashing down onto Jon. Jon held Austin suspended in the air over the bed. “Grruufff, arrrrfff, mmmphhhh!” bullpup Jon grunted as he pulled Austin in closer, nuzzled against him, and spread his master’s seed all over his huge body, marked with his master’s cum, honored to serve him for life.
  14. Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Jon enjoys a BIG dinner and Austin makes sure his growing stepdad gets nice and full, which gets both men worked up quite a bit. The doorbell rang right as Austin walked inside. Perfect timing! The pizza delivery guy was here. Austin had ordered it ahead in anticipation of Jon being done with his workout. “Dinner’s here!” Austin yelled. “Come into the kitchen and get ready to eat, bull!” Jon’s thunderous footsteps followed; the big man positioned himself in front of their back door, leaned down, and started wedging himself through the doorway. He had already expanded it himself accidentally weeks ago, and the half-fixed under-construction wider, taller doorway was already barely big enough to allow him to pass through. Austin watched as Jon crawled through the entrance on his hands and knees, grunting and squirming to fit his wide shoulders and round butt through the doorway, shimmying in until he was inside. Austin just watched, the front door momentarily forgotten; he loved watching his big bull struggle to fit into the normal-sized world. “Ooof!” Jon grunted as he rose to his full 10’ tall height, his head thumping into the ceiling, sending plaster dust raining down into the kitchen. He just grinned and blew some of the dust off his nose. He stepped forward and leaned against the counter, his gut and bulge flopping down onto it, post-cum from his load smearing onto the granite through his white compression shorts. His triceps flared out bigger as he leaned his weight against the counter. His gut gurgled and then groaned loudly, audible throughout the main floor of the house. “Sir, I guess I’m really ready to eat today!” Jon said with a laugh as he stared eagerly at his master. Austin opened the door to get the pizzas. “Big party?” the delivery guy said as he handed him 8 extra larges. “Heh, not exactly,” Austin said as he took them, balancing them carefully. Austin set the pizzas on the kitchen counter, the house filling up with the smell. “Alright bull, ready to eat big? You’re not gonna stop until I tell you, ok?” “Yes Sir!” Jon boomed enthusiastically. He grabbed one of the boxes, the extra large box looking so small in his huge hand, and opened it. His eyes lit up and his gut rumbled again as he saw the pizza. “Meat lovers! My favorite. Thank you, Sir, I don’t deserve all this,” Jon said. “Of course you do, big man. You’ve been working so hard lately and growing so fast for Master. You think you can finish all of these?” Jon scoffed and stepped closer to Austin, looming over him; Austin only came up to his bulging belly button. “Sir, I’ll bet you that I can finish all eight of these in less than half an hour. By myself.” the big man rumbled, looking down at Austin with a smirk. He rubbed his hairy gut, the fur scraping against his calloused hands. It responded by gurgling again, louder than before. “You’re on, pup, I’d love to see you try,” Austin said with a grin. With that, Jon grabbed a quarter of his first pizza. The meat lover’s was stacked with bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and chicken. He folded the pieces over on top of each other until they were stacked up together into one huge piece. He opened wide and took a huge bite; half of the quad slice disappeared into his maw and he chomped down on it loudly. “Mmm,” Jon groaned around a mouthful of pizza. “So good. Gotta feed the beast to grow bigger!” he said and slapped the side of his big belly. It jiggled, then rumbled some more, demanding more food. Jon opened wide and stuffed the rest into his mouth, devouring 4 slices in just two bites. “Heh, that’s right bull, keep eating,” Austin said. “Clock’s ticking! Here, use this to wash it down,” he said as he got a 6 pack of Leinie’s from the fridge and slid it over to Jon. “Mmm, yeah!” Jon boomed as he wrapped a hand around one of the cans and pulled it out. The can looked comically small in his massive paw. He carefully snapped it open, then lifted it up to his mouth, his massive arm bulging into a bicep flex as he did. He guzzled the whole can down in seconds, crushing in it his grip as he got to the end. “BBBBRRUUUPPPPP!” Jon erupted as he tossed the can aside and reached down for more pizza. Jon kept eating. It only took him five minutes to demolish the first pizza. He set the box aside and opened the second one. He tore into that one with the same ferocity as the first one, his hunger seemingly not abated at all. “Good bull, keep eating. Don’t stop until I say so,” Austin said, staring intently as his pup. “I’m always so hungry these days, Sir. Just trying to eat enough to keep growing is a lot of work, you know?” Jon said before chomping down on another stack of slices. “I know, pup. You work so hard to grow for your master, and I’m so proud of you. You really know how to put it away, huh?” Austin said, stepping closer and reaching up to rub Jon’s huge round tummy. “You’re gonna keep eating and getting bigger, right?” Jon groaned. “Yes Sir,” Jon sighed between bites, then ripped another huge piece off and kept eating. After finishing off the fourth pizza (and Austin eating a little bit of one of them), Jon paused. His breathing had become faster and more labored, and he had started sweating profusely, his bull musk filling up the kitchen along with the pizza smells. He looked over and caught his reflection in the glass of the cabinets. He rubbed his belly and chuckled. “What’s so funny, pup?” Austin said. “It’s hard to believe how big I’ve grown, Sir. I look at myself sometimes and marvel at how enormous I am,” Jon said, straightening his shoulders and swelling his chest and gut out, emphasizing his full size. “Yeah, well you should be proud of it, pup. You’ve worked hard for your gains! Tell me how much you like being big, pup,” Austin said, looking up at his submissive dad with a smirk. “I love it so much. Everything is thanks to you, Sir. Your leadership and guidance are responsible for it all,” Jon said, a quiver in his voice. “All of what, pup? Show me.” Austin ordered, motioning him to flex. “All of this,” Jon growled, then raised his arms up into a huge bicep flex until his fists bumped against the 10-foot ceiling. The round, thick peak of his arms rose up like a mountain, matched only by his bowling-ball delts and thick traps. “And this,” he continued, reaching down and rubbing a huge hand over his round, furry gut. “I’m outgrowing the damn house thanks to you, Sir!” Jon boomed excitedly. He scraped his head against the ceiling, again sending plastery powder raining down on both men. Jon’s Underarmour-bound package flopped onto the countertop again, pushing aside one of the pizza boxes. “I’d still be an average weakling without you. Look at me now! I’m the biggest man in the world!” Austin stepped closer to feel his massive muscle pup. He reached up and tugged on Jon’s thick heavy chain necklace, grabbing him by the padlock and pulling his head down to look at his master. “Are you done growing yet, pup?” “No Sir! I’ll keep growing as long as you want me to. As big as you want. Whatever it takes!” Jon rumbled, growling intensely, his voice shaking with emotion. “That’s my good pup, you make your Sir so proud,” Austin said, leaning in closer and whispering in Jon’s ear, their beards scraping together. “You’re gonna keep growing bigger and bigger until I say you’re big enough, how do you like the sound of that?” Austin purred. Jon’s big body shook, shivers of pleasure and anticipation rattling through his body. His package throbbed and a wet streak of pre smeared across the countertop. “Yes Sir, *huff*, anything for you, Sir!” he breathed desperately, pizza breath washing over Austin. “Good pups listen to their master!” Jon said, his eyes suddenly welling up with tears. He reached down, wrapped his massive arms around Austin and lifted him up in to a huge bear hug. “Gotta keep growing for my boy, for my Sir!” Jon’s furry torso scraped against Austin’s and Austin could feel the intense heat radiating off his huge body. Sweat and pizza grease smeared against Austin as the two rubbed against each other, both of their cocks throbbing. “Good pup, your master loves you very much. Now put me down,” Austin commanded. Jon took a deep breath to compose himself, his arms still wrapped around Austin. “I love you too, Master, so much,” Jon whimpered, a strange sound from such a big man, before setting Austin down. He wiped the tears away from his eyes. He was overcome with intense devotion. “Do you know how big bulls like you keep growing?” Austin asked, and motioned towards the remaining pizzas. “Gotta eat big to grow big!” Jon boomed, repeating the words that Austin had told him many times over the last 7 months. Jon scooped up another four slices of pizza, crushed them together into one big stack, and stuffed them into his mouth, cramming them all inside. *crruuunnnchhh* and suddenly all that was left in his huge hand was a line of crust. “Good pup, that’s the way. You’re looking bigger already!” Austin said, encouraging his pup, rubbing the side of his mammoth gut. Jon smacked the other side of his belly with a huge hand, slapping it repeatedly, his firm, hard gut barely shaking from the impact. He chuckled around his mouthful of pizza before swallowing it shockingly fast. “UUUURRRRPPP!” Jon belched, the deep, resonant burp making the glass on the cabinets rattle. He followed that up with several smaller burps as he reached down and cracked open another beer. He lifted it up to chug it, but in doing so his huge bulge bumped the half-empty pizza box onto the floor, sending several slices tumbling down onto the ground at Jon’s feet. “Uh oh,” Austin said, looking up at his pup knowingly. “You know my rule about wasting food, pup. What is it?” he said, flicking a nipple on Jon’s bloated pecs. Jon shivered and groaned between panting breaths. “No wasted food, no matter what,” Jon rumbled. He licked his lips and his cock throbbed again, more pre leaking through his compression shorts. “That’s right. Get down there and clean it up,” Austin said, gesturing down to the ground where the fallen pizza lay face-down on the kitchen floor. “Yes Sir,” Jon grunted. The big man, dropped down to his knees, causing the room to shake, then got down on all fours. Even on all fours, he was still almost as tall as Austin. He reached for the pizza before Austin patted him on his shoulder and shook his head. “Not like that pup,” Austin said. He came around to Jon’s front, rubbing a hand across Jon’s expansive, muscular back, feeling the lumpy ridges of his enormous traps. “With your tongue. Get every little bit that you dropped. No wasted food, no matter what,” Austin said authoritatively, looking his bull right in the eyes. Jon nodded obediently, his face flushing red, his breathing heavy. “Yes Sir!” Jon boomed, then dove down to lick up the fallen pizza off the floor, his metal chain clinking around as he did. He slurped, grunted, and moaned as he licked the floor, getting every fleck of sauce, every chunk of sausage, every crumb of crust until all that remained was a wet spot from his own spit. “Licking food off the ground, god you are such a greedy, hungry mutt aren’t you?” Austin teased, scratching the dirty blond mohawk and rubbing his fingers over Jon’s neck rolls. “I need it all, Sir, gotta have more to grow bigger for you, Sir,” Jon breathed. Jon felt dirty, but his cock leaked onto the floor, belying his true feelings. “Good bull, such a hungry pup, you make me so happy,” Austin cooed, moving his hand to Jon’s back and rubbing the bulging traps through the big bull’s back and shoulder fur, feeling the muscles twitch against his calloused hand. “Mmmph, need MORE, Sir!” Jon rumbled as he sat up, eye-level with Austin for a moment. “Still so hungry!” “Good bull, let’s keep eating then, I’m still timing you!” Austin said as he stepped closer. He rubbed his hands against Jon’s round belly and swollen pecs, every inch of him furry and sweaty. He could smell Jon’s pizza breath. He leaned in closer until he planted a firm kiss on Jon’s big lips. Jon groaned as his master kissed him. Nothing felt better than getting Austin’s approval and praise. Nothing felt better than Austin’s lips on his. Jon reached out and rubbed his big hands up and down Austin’s lean, hard body, feeling the firm muscles dance and twitch as they ground against each other in lust. Jon’s cock throbbed again, soaking his compression shorts even more. His gut groaned in hunger. “Still so HUNGRY!” Jon boomed, then stood back up to his full, towering, 10 foot tall height until his head bumped the ceiling. Austin had to back up to not get knocked over by Jon’s huge pecs, gut, and bulge as he stood. Austin looked up at his giant stepdad looming over him; there were still times that even he was shocked at how big Jon was growing. Jon reached down and resumed eating with renewed vigor, gobbling up the pizzas with obscene grunts, chewing, and growling. In just a few more minutes, Jon polished off another 3 beers and 3 more pizzas until there were only a few pieces left. The big man was huffing and puffing and his gut had swollen out rounder and fuller than before. Jon raised the last stack of 4 slices up to his mouth and crunched down on them, breathing heavily out of his nose, chewing slowly. He groaned and swallowed. “DONE!” the big man boomed, smacking his round gut loudly. A deep, resonant burp escaped his lips, and he jiggled his gut proudly in front of Austin. “Such a big meal, Sir. So full,” he groaned. He reached a big fist up and rubbed pizza grease off of his lips and mustache, then licked his hand to make sure he got every bit. But Austin knew the big bull still had more room. “Good job, pup! So proud of you. Such a BIG bull. But you took too long, bull,” Austin said, holding up his timer, which read 30 minutes and 24 seconds. “You must still have room! You’re not done yet,” Austin said, and Jon groaned. “Go over to the living room and sit down in front of the couch. I’ve got more for you coming,” Austin said, rubbing Jon’s full, furry tummy and looking up at his big pup. Jon looked exhausted and overwhelmed. He puffed out his cheeks and exhaled, which turned into a deep, rumbling burp that rose up from the depths of his belly. “Y-yes Sir,” was all the big man could manage before he lumbered off to the living room. Jon sat down heavily and spread out his legs, his tremendous gut spilling into his lap and pressing against his bulge. He closed his eyes and rested for a moment, reaching up to run his fingers across the heavy metal chain and lock that wrapped around his neck, something he did to comfort himself and remind himself of his Sir’s love. A moment later, Austin came out holding three blender containers, each one full to the brim of a vaguely brown-looking sludge and a big red funnel. “Ok bull, now let’s top off that big binge with some protein, huh?” Austin said as he set the shakes down on the coffee table and walked between Jon’s huge legs to get closer. With Jon sitting, Austin was eye level with the big bull. “Three huge, thick gainer shakes to wash down all that pizza, how does that sound?” Jon groaned and rubbed his already full belly. “Y-yes SirUUUUPPP,” Jon rumbled as his words turned into another burp. “Gotta eat big… to grow big,” he groaned. “That’s right pup. Now hold the funnel in place,” Austin ordered, handing Jon the red funnel. Jon set it against his lips and tilted his head back; they had done this routine many times before and Jon knew what to do. “Here it comes,” Austin said as he reached up and poured the thick, brown protein-rich sludge into the funnel. “Mmmmmph,” Jon moaned as the shake hit his tongue, his appetite renewed as he tasted the sweet chocolatey sludge. He drank it with shocking speed, slurping and gulping, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down, mega-sized gulps loud and clear for Austin to hear, big lips sucking, eager for more. In mere seconds, the entire shake was gone. Austin pulled the empty blender container away, leaving Jon slurping and licking for the final drops. “Good bull, I knew you weren’t done yet,” Austin said with a smirk, smacking Jon’s round, sweaty gut. It gurgled in response, the shake filling in any gaps between the pizzas that filled up his belly. Jon breathed hard and held the funnel against his belly, letting some of the remaining shake leak against it. He closed his eyes and licked his lips then burped in satisfaction. “More…” he sighed dreamily as he rubbed the top of his belly and grinned. His cock throbbed harder, straining the elastic and threatening to escape the tight confines of his compression shorts again. He raised the funnel up into the ready position. Austin just grinned and readied the second shake. “Here it comes, bull, such a good pup growing bigger for his Sir,” Austin said as he lifted up the second shake and started pouring. Jon moaned contentedly as the second shake hit his lips and he started sucking on the funnel loudly. Austin could hardly pour fast enough to keep up with Jon’s eager gulping, the sound of which filled the room with obscene slurping, chugging, guzzling noises. Austin could see Jon’s belly swell bigger, rounder, tighter as Jon consumed every drop. It went down shockingly, unbelievably fast considering how full the big man was. Jon came up for air with a gasp, rumbling a deep chuckle as he caught his breath. He palmed his vast gut and rubbed it. “Uuufffff, Sir, huuufff, I’ve never, rruurrff, been more full,” Jon panted, feeling his upper belly. “It’s so, grrroooofff, TIGHT!” the big bull groaned. “That’s right, bull, SO tight and round, so full of growth fuel,” Austin said, rubbing Jon’s belly in wide, slow circles. “You’re doing SUCH a good job for your Sir, getting so big, so round and strong,” Austin said, heaping praise upon praise. Jon broke into a broad, exhausted grin and closed his eyes . “I don’t know if I can have any more after that,” he said between short, labored breaths. A small burp escaped from his lips and he groaned some more. “So full!” “Aww come on bull, I know you can take a little bit more,” Austin said, leaning in closer and pressing his own hard bulge against Jon’s gut. Standing, Austin was about the same height as Jon was sitting down, and his cock was at just the right height to press against Jon’s thick pecs and the top of his round, hard gut. Austin rubbed up and down against the bulky torso of his huge stepdad and groaned. “Kiss me, pup, I need to taste you,” Austin whispered. Jon grunted and grinned in response. He opened his eyes and leaned forward to kiss his Sir. They locked lips, Jon’s bigger face and beard and lips smothering Austin’s, his thick tongue easily overpowering his Sir’s aggressive embrace. Austin lowered his pants and underwear so he could rub directly against Jon’s massive chest and belly; Jon growled when he felt the slick, warm precum spreading around between his enormous pecs. They both breathed heavily through their noses and grunted and groaned, their hands exploring each others’ bodies freely, greedily, hungrily. Austin could taste the thick, sweet protein shake on Jon’s lips and relished the flavor. After being apart for months, they still savored the benefits that came from being together all the time. After what seemed like an eternity and not enough time, they separated, both of them catching their breath, both men’s cocks throbbing and leaking pre. “Mmmph, well damn you taste good, pup,” Austin said with a grin. “Yeah? What do I taste like, son?” Jon said with a smirk, his cock emerging from the top of his Underarmour, the head of it as big as Austin’s fist. Austin stepped closer until he was inches away from his stepdad’s face. “Like protein and sweat and cum and MAN,” Austin growled, rubbing his beard against Jon’s. “And knowing you’re going to grow even BIGGER has got me so worked up,” Austin said, pressing his cock against Jon’s chest again and smearing more pre around. “Y-yeah!” Jon breathed, then jerked as a belch slipped up and out of his maw. “Always bigger, always more,” Jon intoned. “Good pup. Let’s see that big bicep and let me smell you, bull,” Austin commanded. Jon obeyed. He raised up an arm and flexed his mighty bicep, exposing his hairy, sweat-matted hairy pit. A wave of Jon’s BO funk filled the living room. Austin grabbed the massive, round bicep, leaned forward, and buried his nose in Jon’s armpit, rubbing it around in the deep, sweaty, furry crevice, huffing in the heady smell and groaning with pleasure. Jon shifted his weight and reached over with his other arm to lightly press his Sir into his musky pit, holding him there and feeling his master wriggle against his firm grip. “Mmmmmph, so good,” Austin breathed as he came up for air, sniffing his own upper lip, savoring the musk that coated his beard. “Glad you like it, Sir. I think that’s getting stronger the bigger I get!” Jon said sheepishly. “Yeah? Let’s test that theory,” Austin said before rubbing his nose in the damp, furry pit cave again, huffing in the heady smell, groaning as he did. “What do you think? Muskier? Sweatier?” Jon asked as he held Austin’s head in place. Austin gasped as he came up for air. “Definitely,” he said between breaths. “The bigger you grow, the better you stink,” Austin said, grinning. “Heh, that’s right Sir!” Jon rumbled, looking quite pleased with himself. He pressed Austin against his furry pit again, forcing his Sir to get another huff of his potent bull musk. His master looked so cute desperately rubbing and licking and sniffing his deep, muscular pit. “Ruff, Sir loves my stink, and I do too,” Jon said after Austin had his fill. Jon leaned over and sniffed his own pit and sighed, enjoying his own musk. “Well if growing bigger makes you stink better, then let’s keep going, bull,” Austin said. “And to grow bigger, my bull needs to drink one more big, thick, rich gainer shake. 14,000 calories in every one of these babies, and it’s all for you, pup,” Austin breathed, his voice rising in excitement. He stepped back to grab the last pitcher. Jon breathed more heavily and reached forward to rub his drum-tight belly. “But Sir, I’—URRRPPP—I’m so full!” Jon pleaded, his belly sloshing and groaning as he adjusted his weight. “Now pup, listen to your Sir. You know you can’t say no to me,” Austin said, stepping closer with the shake. “But, but Sir I — BBRRUUAGHHH — I can’t fit, any more, huffff, food in this big belly!” Jon groaned as he palmed the vast expanse, his belly swelled out to the max, heavy and furry and round. “Good pups listen to their masters, don’t they?” Austin cooed, relentless, insistent. He returned to where he was standing before and pressed his cock against Jon’s tight belly again. “Good pups liste—BBBRUUHHHHP—listen to their masters,” Jon repeated. “And are you a good pup?” Austin said, his eyebrow raised, a confident smirk on his face. “I’m a good pup, Sir,” Jon breathed, his eyes welling with sudden emotion. He was filled with a desperate need to make Austin happy, and to do that he needed to drink that shake. He felt a second wind, and his mouth salivated in anticipation of the thick, rich liquid. He grimaced and flexed, his traps and neck bulging with muscle. “Give me more, Sir. I need MORE!!” Jon raised the funnel back up to his lips, his massive bicep flexing as he did, and he tipped his head back again. Austin wasted no time, dumping the final shake into the funnel. Jon moaned, desperate to chug it down, and he guzzled it all up faster than either of the previous shakes, his grunts and chugs turning into greedy-sounding growls. When the final shake was gone, Jon put the funnel in the container and Austin set it aside. Both of them growling and chuckling. Austin pressed his cock against Jon’s rock-hard gut and meaty pecs, and started grinding against his giant stepdad. “Such a huge, hungry, growing PUP, I’m so proud of you, Jon,” Austin breathed as he bucked against Jon, frotting aggressively against Jon’s furry beef. Austin suddenly felt something huge and hard rubbing between his legs; he looked down and saw Jon’s freed, hard cock, thick and long as a Pringles can, rubbing up and down his legs until the tip of it pressed against Austin’s tight balls. “Of course, Sir, I’d do anything for you, Sir, gotta grow BIG for you, Sir!” Jon panted, working into a frenzy, sweat dripping off him and mixing with Austin’s precum, making a slick, furry surface for Austin to rub on. Jon’s cock spurted out another wad of precum, soaking Austin’s balls, and Austin returned the favor, leaking more between Jon’s furry pecs. “So FULL for you, Sir!” Jon bellowed, feeling bigger than ever before. “That’s right bull, always GROWING, turning into my prized muscle daddy BULLPUP, you want that don’t you, dad?” Austin said through gritted teeth, picking up speed as he desperately humped against the wall of beef in front of him, Jon’s round gut trying to push him backwards. “Yes Sir, gonna be the BIGGEST damn bullpup for you!” Jon groaned, his cock flaring up harder and longer as he approached climax. “Aww yeah, fuck yeah,” Austin panted, his hands squeezing and rubbing his stepdad’s impossibly enormous delts and arms. He leaned in and kissed Jon hard, both of them moaning and panting and growling as their tongues wrestled, both of them desperate for a taste of each other. They separated and Jon tensed his arms, flexing the round, hard biceps for his Sir. Austin squeezed harder, his comparatively small fingers hardly denting Jon’s massive muscles. Jon grinned. “Mmmm, even after all that food, son, you know what?” Jon rumbled. “What’s that pup?” Austin groaned. Jon’s pushed out his belly into full roundness, full hardness, squeezing Austin’s cock harder between his gut and Austin’s own muscular body. His gut groaned and gurgled loudly, like it was still empty. “I’m still HUNGRY!” Jon roared. Austin groaned and exploded, his cock spraying cum all over Jon’s chest, jets of it getting all over his bullpup’s huge beard. Jon’s cock followed suit, gushing cum against the underside of Austin’s throbbing balls, cum and sweat and fur mixing together in a moment of perfect release. They went on shooting for almost a minute, both of their bodies shaking and throbbing, cum dripping all over the carpet underneath them, smearing all over Jon’s huge body and Austin’s muscular legs and abs. Austin collapsed against his pup, utterly spent. Jon wrapped his enormous arms around his Sir and squeezed, securing his son against his cum and sweat-soaked body. “I love you so much, pup,” Austin whispered in Jon’s ear. “I love you too, Master,” Jon breathed and both of them felt a contentment that few on Earth ever get to experience.
  15. Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Austin enjoys life with his growing, submissive stepdad. Jon lifts some weights in the backyard, then gets excited after his weigh-in and gets an intense blowjob from his Master. Chapter 10: Spring Break — Life With a Growing, Submissive Bull Pt1 The ground shook as Austin watched the beat-up old Ford F150 rise up into the air and crash back down again, bouncing on its shocks each time it hit the ground. The truck itself weighed somewhere around 2 tons, at least according to what Austin had looked up online when he bought it. Perfect weight to challenge the enormous man hefting it up and down like a medicine ball. Jon grunted as he picked up the truck again, lifted it over his head, and grinned down at his master. “Twenty!” Jon boomed proudly, straightening out his arms all the way, his enormous triceps and delts hard and flexing as he held the truck 12 feet off the ground, gripping the axles underneath. He wasn’t shaking or struggling at all, even 20 reps in; it was getting noticeably easier for him just in the last few days, Austin noted. He’d have to try to find another, heavier truck for Jon to lift with soon. The truck crashed down to the ground again, adding to the muddy divots in the grass of the backyard. Jon was soaked and dripping with sweat despite the cool spring Minnesota air, grunting and breathing heavily, clouds of vapor billowing from his beard-covered mouth. His quads shook as he walked around the truck to come closer to Austin, each one swelling out to the sides with round arcs of muscle. Each thigh rubbed against the other one roughly, the enormous bulge in his white Underarmour compression shorts bouncing as he did, the head of his huge cock plainly visible. The tight athletic boxer-briefs were the only thing he had on except for leather bicep straps, custom-made Underarmour football cleats, and long compression socks that were stretched thin over his massive calves. A wet spot spread over his bulge as he looked down at Austin and grinned. “How’s that, Sir? Bigger?” Jon rumbled, his voice unnaturally deep and loud. He planted the tip of his cleat on the grass, the spikes digging into the dirt, and flexed a calf muscle bigger than Austin’s thigh. The straining socks somehow made it look even bigger. He shook the meaty mass of his quads before flexing them, and they hardened into bulging slabs of muscle. His huge, round gut jiggled too, just looming above Austin’s face. “Do you think I’m growing?” the muscle bear boomed. Austin shook his head. Jon always asked questions like that even when the answer seemed obvious, but he knew it was because he craved the approval of his Sir. “Yes, bull, you’re bigger than ever!” “Oh, hehe, that’s good!” Jon said, a huge grin breaking out on his face. He reached up and stroked his dirty blonde beard, which stretched down into his pec cleavage, sticking to the sweaty expanse of his chest. Austin looked up at the giant above him; Jon had just passed 10 feet tall two days ago and was closing in on an even ton. “Looking easier for you, huh?” Austin said. He reached forward to rub his stepdad’s enormous thighs, running his hands through the sweaty, furry, hard expanse of muscle. Austin came up to Jon’s expansive gut, so his huge legs, barrel chest, and thick midsection were all in easy reach. His knuckles brushed against Jon’s bulge and the wet spot on his briefs grew as another spurt of precum leaked out. “Y-yes Sir, two tons is easy for a giant bull like me,” Jon groaned, trying to control his feelings. His cock throbbed and grew, the head of it poking out above his briefs and burping up more pre. It was very hard to stay focused when Master watched him lift weights. He rubbed his hands up and down his sweaty, furry torso, a mist of sweat rising into the cool spring air. “Good bull, that’s right,” Austin said. “And you’re gonna keep getting stronger. Show me your bench press,” Austin said. “Yes Sir!” Jon boomed, and he went back over to the truck. He laid down on the ground, getting dirt and brown grass over his expansive back, then reached one hand under the truck and pulled it over closer. With impossible strength, he hoisted the truck onto his chest, his pillowy pecs taking the impact of the tires and undercarriage with no problem. He gripped the axles and pressed, lifting 4000lbs of truck into the air like it was a warmup. The truck flew up and down, up and down, Jon grunting and sweating but hardly straining against the two-ton weight. “Light weight, Sir! I need more!” Jon grunted between reps as he lifted and lifted, flying past 25 reps with no sign of slowing down. “Gotta lift big to get big, that’s what you always say, Sir!” “That’s right bull, keep going until 100!” Austin said. He had to adjust his own package watching his giant muscle daddy lifting. His strength was beyond anything he had ever seen, unbelievable if he wasn’t witnessing it himself. Jon’s impossible, endless second puberty had only picked up steam since he had visited his dorm room just over a month ago and Austin had moved back in with Jon. Their total focus and dedication had only accelerated his uncanny growth. Jon threw the truck aside, crashing it onto its side as he roared past 100 reps. He scrambled to his feet with startling speed and energy, seemingly not tired at all despite being two hours into his second workout of the day. “Now, let’s do some cardio!” Austin held up a basketball. Jon instinctively turned and dropped into a three-point stance, facing the expansive backyard, his meaty ass in Austin’s face. “Go!” Austin yelled as he threw the ball as hard as he could. Jon grunted and bounded after the ball, his custom-made oversized cleats tearing more divots into the once-pristine grass of the backyard. Jon ran, the huge, rumbling footsteps of the massive brute eating up space surprisingly fast. His heavy chain necklace jingled as he ran. The ball sailed a long ways, and Jon was so focused on it that he didn’t notice the thin birch tree that stood in his way until he shouldered into it; the tree exploded into splinters and fell over as Jon plowed into it. Seeing his target, Jon lunged onto the ball, squashing it under his enormous weight until it popped open with a crack. Rising quickly, he ran back to Austin just as fast, ball tucked into the crook of his arm, pressed between his enormous bicep and meaty chest. He nearly barreled into Austin before skidding to a halt, tearing up more grass. He beamed down at his master, grunting and breathing heavy. “Another one?” Austin said, looking up at his giant stepdad with a disapproving look. “Throw it on the pile,” Austin said, gesturing to the pile of other broken balls and fetching toys. “Heh, sorry Sir, I got excited,” Jon said as he adjusted the tight leather straps digging into his biceps. Austin had bought the custom, adjustable straps at his local fetish gear shop a couple weeks ago with the intention that they would last for months. They weren’t on the loosest setting of 36” yet, but as Austin eyed Jon’s throbbing, hard biceps and heard the leather groaning, he knew they wouldn’t last long. “That’s fine, pup, I love your enthusiasm!” Austin said, getting another ball. “Ooh ooh, can I do another one? Please?” Jon pleaded, bouncing up and down excitedly as he inched closer to his Sir. Austin knew that Jon could take the ball from him whenever he wanted, but he wanted to please his master and run hard for him. Sprinting made his legs and lungs stronger for master. “Ready?” Austin teased, and Jon dropped into a three-point stance again, like a giant football player. “All the way down this time,” Austin said, and Jon dropped onto his stomach with a thump, the nearly plants and trees shaking from the impact. “Go!” Grass ripped up from the ground as Jon exploded off the ground with terrifying power and he launched himself after the ball again. They kept at this for half an hour, Austin working Jon until he was a sweaty mess, the dense fur covering every inch of body soaked and curling with sweat, dirt covering his cleats and calves, his compression shorts soaked through. When Austin finally said that was enough, Jon was panting and tuckered out. “Bring it in, pup, such good work,” Austin said. “Here you go,” he said and held up a gallon-sized jug filled with brown liquid. “Hrrrrmmmmmph just what I need!” Jon grunted as he grabbed the jug, his fingers easily wrapping all the way around it, and started chugging the thick, viscous shake. Austin marveled at how quickly the big man could consume, watching his Adam’s apple bob up and down, listening to the gurgling, groaning, throbbing sound of Jon chugging the 4000 calorie shake. Austin looked up at Jon’s round gut noticeably expanding as it filled up with protein shake until the arc of it brushed against Austin’s forehead. In seconds, the jug was empty. “Ahhhh, that hit the spot, Master!” Jon sighed contentedly as he rubbed his belly, bumping Austin backwards as he did. “More?” Jon asked eagerly as he looked down as his diminutive master, his cock throbbing as he did. “Later, bull. First it’s time for our daily weigh-in!” Austin said and he gestured over to the scale. Jon knew the drill. They followed the same routine every day, lifting and feeding times regimented and organized, weigh-ins and measurements regular and tracked by Austin’s diligent eye, calories and nutrition and exercise optimized for maximum growth. They had an industrial-size scale that was meant for livestock set up on the back deck, which was a couple feet elevated up off the ground. Jon lumbered over, the deck straining under his mass as he walked across, his ass shaking and jiggling up and down as he waddled. Suddenly his right foot broke through the wooden decking and he fell forward and down a foot or two. “Uh oh! Sorry Sir. Rrrruuuuffff, grrrufff!” Jon grunted as he ripped his foot up through the decking, tearing up more of the deck as he kept walking over to the scale. Casual, accidental destruction was becoming more and more common with Jon as he grew beyond normal human scale. The scrapes and holes that dotted the ceilings and the cracked, partly-destroyed doorways in the house were testament to that. Jon stepped on the scale until the number evened out. “1824 pounds! Great job, bull. Boy, you’re getting so big, aren’t you?” Austin said, praising his prized bullpup as he rubbed Jon’s huge, round ass. “Yeah, always bigger, always more, that’s what you always say, Sir,” Jon grunted. “I gotta keep growing, right?” Jon stepped off the scale and turned to face his Sir, looking down at him from over the round hills of his pecs and gut. Sweat dripped down off his nose and nipples, some of it splashing on Austin. “That’s right, pup, always bigger, always more!” Austin repeated. It was the mantra that Austin had come up with since he had moved in to help keep them both focused and motivated on their shared goal. Every aspect of their lives was focused on one thing: to grow Jon as big and strong as they possibly could. “Yeah,” Jon breathed, steam puffing into the air. He looked up into the grey sky and raised his arms up into a flex, steam and heat from his sweaty pits radiating off him. “MORE!” His arms were spread wide, biceps flexed, his forearms spread out at a 45 degree angle, making the biceps look extra thick. Jon’s bulge throbbed and swelled in his Underarmour until they stretched the white material close to bursting. The cock head surged and poked out at the top as if it had a mind of its own. Jon grunted involuntarily as a glob of precum gushed out and splashed onto the grass in front of Austin. “You worked so hard today, bull,” Austin said, looking up at his submissive daddy. They locked eyes, staring intensely, each of them breathing heavily, cocks throbbing. “Let me help you with that.” Austin stepped forward and tugged at the hem of Jon’s shorts until he freed the rest of the meaty, Pringles-can sized cock from its confines. The heady, funky smell of Jon’s crotch and balls wafted into the air, steam rising from his loins. Austin huffed in the smell, sending tingles of excitement down his spine. He was at the perfect height now to suck Jon’s dick while standing. He opened wide and gobbled up as much of his pup’s cock as he could. “Ohhhhhhhnnggggg Sirrrrrr,” Jon groaned, a bassy rumble filling the air, deep enough to rattle Austin’s ribcage. “Rrrrrrruuuuuffffff,” he moaned unintelligibly. Austin pushed deeper, the massive cock head filling every inch of his mouth, jamming it until it scraped the back of his throat. He could only swallow up about half of its length now and barely wrap his lips around it. He was well-practiced with it at this point and didn’t gag, though he knew that he wouldn’t be able to take such a huge cock for too much longer as Jon grew more and more. “Yeahhhhhhh, gotta grow more for my Sirrrrrr,” Jon purred. He reached down, past the love handles of his huge gut, and wrapped his hands around Austin’s chest, easily lifting him into the air. He brought Austin up to his bearded mouth and kissed him roughly, his tongue plunging into Austin’s mouth aggressively. “Morrrrrrre,” he groaned as he walked over to the wall of the house, protein breath washing over Austin as Jon breathed heavily. Jon plopped Austin back down to the ground and brandished his cock like a club, thumping Austin in the face with the swollen, throbbing member. “Harrrrrder,” Jon groaned, his thoughts focused only on pleasure. Jon slammed his weight forward into Austin’s awaiting mouth. Jon looked down and couldn’t see anything past the expanse of his enormous furry muscles and round power gut. He could feel Austin sucking and choking and gagging on his cock but couldn’t see him at all. Jon was just too big. “So big. The biggest!” Jon moaned, humping his enormous body against Austin. He leaned forward onto the house, bracing against the wall with his thick, veiny, hairy forearms, leaving smears of sweat against the cold siding. Austin could only groan and brace himself against the huge thighs that surrounded him. He pressed his arms against the huge, heavy gut that pressed down on him, but it was futile; it was simply too heavy. Austin felt himself squeeze harder against the wall of the house as Jon humped harder and faster, picking up steam. “Always bigger, always more for you, Sir!” Jon groaned as he plowed his master’s tight mouth. His Sir had given him purpose and value and meaning, all he ever needed. The thought of growing even bigger, of swelling beyond the impossible size he had already reached, of making his master even happier and even more proud of him, filled him with euphoria. His cock throbbed harder and more precum oozed down Austin’s throat. “You like how strong I am now, Sir?” Jon asked, an edge of pleading and begging in his sonorous voice. Austin grunted and groaned, his throat choking on the massive cock as he tried to respond. “You want me to keep growing bigger, Sir?” Jon groaned, his deep voice straining as his cock throbbed harder and harder. Austin moaned as loudly as he could, needing his pup’s cum. “I’ll do anything for you Sir, I’m gonna be the very biggest for you, Sir, all for you Sirrrrrrrrahahhhhhhhhh!!!!” Jon roared as his cock exploded, his huge balls tensing and throbbing as jets of cum sprayed directly down Austin’s throat, feeding his master his potent bull cream. Austin gulped furiously, trying to cope with the intense volume of cum flowing into him, but it was no use. Spurts of cum dribbled from his mouth and onto his beard, mixing together with Jon’s sweat in his sweaty, bushy pubes. Jon leaned into Austin harder until every drop was drained, grunting and groaning loudly. Jon arched his neck and back and sighed contently, a plume of steam rising into the air, satiated for now. He was proud to give his master a thick meal of bull cum. Jon stepped back and Austin coughed and sputtered, cum drooling down his mouth and covering his beard and parts of his shirt. He grinned up at his pup. “Good work, bull, wow that was some load! You were really worked up, huh?” “Heh, yeah, grruuuufff, love humping my Sir’s face I guess,” Jon said, raising his arm up and scratching the back of his head sheepishly. As he did, his enormous tummy rumbled loudly, demanding more food. “Sounds like it’s time to eat!” Austin said, staring up at his big pup. Jon rubbed his round belly and licked his lips in anticipation. “Sure is, Sir. I’m STARVING!” Jon rumbled as his gut growled again, louder and longer.
  16. Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Jon makes a surprise visit to see Austin on campus. The two celebrate Valentine's Day together the best way a pup and his sir know how. Chapter 7: Valentine’s Day Austin leaned back from his textbook and yawned, beleaguered from another long evening of studying. He knew he less than two quarters left of college, but he had to study hard for midterms to keep on track to graduate. His mind was constantly occupied with planning his life after college, and especially with the football season over, he had little to look forward to on campus. He lived in a small single room in a relatively older building on campus, a strange choice for a senior who had more than enough resources to move somewhere nicer, but Austin appreciated the spartan accommodations; it helped him stay on track with his goals. Besides, he wasn’t around much anyway, usually either at the gym, at class, at the cafeteria, or at the library. Austin heard heavy footsteps thump outside of his room, then suddenly a loud knock thumped on his door three times. He jumped a little, alarmed and taken aback; no one ever visited him, especially not at 10pm on a Friday night. “Hello?” he asked as he got up and went over to his door, unlocking it and then pulling it open. There in front of him was a wall of beefy muscle, barely contained by a comically tight shirt with the mascot logo of the college stretched to absurdity. Austin’s eyes traveled up from the exposed, round, cobblestone gut, up to the tight grey fabric that strained across the widest chest he had ever seen, up to the shoulders that protruded from the torn-off sleeves, up to the grinning, bearded face that stared down at him from the ceiling of the hallway. “Sir!” Jon boomed as he saw Austin. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” He reached his massive paws forward to grab Austin, only for Jon’s forehead to crack against the metal doorframe of Austin’s room. The metal dented and a chunk of plaster fell onto the floor. “Ouch, dammit, happening more and more lately,” Jon grumbled as Austin stepped backwards into his room. “Pup, what are you doing here!? It’s… how…,” Austin said, breathless and confused and excited. Jon ducked down and turned sideways, reached his massive arms through the entrance, and squeezed his way into Austin’s room, his chest and ass and gut scraping against the doorframe until he suddenly popped into the room, a wave of heat and musky BO stink rushing inside as he entered. His head scraped against the 8 foot ceiling as he stood to his full, unbelievable height. He took a deep breath and sighed when he finally was inside, shutting the door harder than he needed to as he grinned down – way down! – at his smaller stepson. “Surprise! I just had to come see you, it’s been WEEKS,” Jon said as he stepped closer to his little master. “I’m so excited to see you!” Jon said as he bent down, reached forward, and gathered Austin up into the biggest bear hug in history, effortlessly lifting the 230lb college jock off his feet and squeezing him tight. “Mmmmm my little Sir, you’re even smaller than you were at Christmas, hehe,” Jon grunted, his voice deeper and more resonant than Austin remembered. “P-pup, put me – uunnnhhhgggg – down!” Austin croaked as the breath was squeezed out his lungs and he felt his back pop. “Heh, oops, sorry Sir,” Jon said as he put Austin down. He still kept close though, crowding Austin’s space and pinning him up against the desk. “I was just so excited to see you, and even though you didn’t tell me to, I had to come see you, Sir,” Jon said bashfully as he rubbed up against Austin, his throbbing bulge pulsing against Austin’s chest. Austin could easily feel Jon’s cock through the thin compression shorts that served as Jon’s pants; he was sure it was the only thing left he could find that fit. “Well, pup, it’s amazing to see you... and feel you,” Austin said as he brought his hands up to rub his stepdad’s incredibly huge belly, arms, and chest. “Yeah?” Jon said, pushing Austin harder into the desk. “Am I bigger?” “Uh, yeah bull, you’re WAY bigger, like holy cow!” Austin said, laughing at the absurdity of Jon’s question. “Your head is to the ceiling and you’ve gotta be twice as wide as me now. So much size…” Austin said as he rubbed harder, reaching under the too-tight shirt to rub his pup’s furry chest. Austin realized this was the same 4XL that he gave his dad at Christmas; it had been tight then, but now it clearly didn’t fit. “I wanna be huge,” Jon grunted dreamily as Austin rubbed his meaty nips. “I follow your routine and schedule every day to the letter, Sir,” the massive weightlifter groaned. “Feels so good to follow your orders, Sir, need to make master happy,” he sighed and his massive bulge drooled through his compression shorts and onto Austin’s tank top. “I need more, Sir, gotta get huge for you.” “Good bullpup, that’s good,” Austin whispered, pushing back against his stepdad; Jon didn’t budge. “How big are you now, pup?” Austin knew from the daily updates he had his dad send him now, but he wanted to hear it anyway. “Just passed 8 feet tall on Wednesday,” Jon grunted as he rutted against his master, pushing the desk harder against the wall. “Up to, uunnnfff, 900 pounds,” Jon said as he raised his arms up and pressed his palms against the ceiling and flexed, his biceps exploding with size, his hairy pits reeking of man musk, his shirt riding up and exposing his round, furry gut. “All for you, Sir,” Jon rumbled as he loomed over his smaller stepson. “Almost four times your weight now, Sir!” “Good, bull, good. But you’re very naughty for coming here! I didn’t tell you to come see me,” Austin said with a hint of disapproval in his voice, reaching up and tugging on Jon’s heavy lock and chain that wrapped around his thick neck. Jon looked down at his little Sir and his eyes welled with tears. “S-Sir, I just hadn’t seen you and I wanted, uh, I needed…” he whimpered, his chin quivering. “Well, I’m not sure pup deserves to see me since he came here without my permission,” Austin said, tugging on the chain harder and pulling Jon down until they were face to face, Jon’s weathered, slightly wrinkled forehead bumping against Austin’s smooth, young skin. “Did I tell you to drive here? Aren’t you supposed to be having your third workout right now before your late-night protein binge?” Jon looked down, away from his master’s intense gaze. “N-no Sir, I mean yes I should be doing that now Sir,” he said, in as small and sad of a voice as an 8 foot tall, 42-year-old hulk could manage. He dropped his arms and brought his hands down, pressing his pointer fingers against each other nervously. “I just—“ “And what did I say about doing stuff like this without telling me first?” Austin said. They were both breathing hard against each other, their lips close, Jon’s breath smelling like protein shakes and fast food. Jon gulped and stuttered. “T-to always tell you first,” Jon said timidly, his bassy voice quivering. “I just, Sir, I—“ Jon started, then wrapped his enormous arms around Austin, engulfing him completely. “I just love you so much I had to see you, and it’s Valentine’s, and I—” he gushed, choking up a little. “Awww, there there pup, that’s a good boy. You just missed your Sir that much, huh?” Austin said, letting his stepdad rest his heavy head against his shoulder as they embraced. Jon nodded heavily, his grey-blonde beard tickling against Austin’s neck as he did. “Bull gets real lonely without his Sir to take care of him, doesn’t he?” Austin rubbed his hand through Jon’s tightly trimmed mohawk and against his thick neck rolls. *Sniff* “Y-yeah!” Jon sighed, his warm breath blowing against Austin’s ear. He shuddered as he took in a big breath. “I NEED you, Sir!” Austin could feel Jon’s enormous cock press harder against his firm abs. “Aww pup, I can’t say no to you! My big, sweet bull. I love you too.” Jon sighed and shuddered as he heard those words. He squeezed his enormous, steel-hard arms against Austin even harder and his cock inched higher and longer against Austin’s torso. He rubbed his baseball glove-sized paws against Austin’s back in wide, firm circles, feeling the lean, taut muscle of his master. “And hey bud, I missed you too. It’s been hard without you and I think about you all the time,” Austin said. “You know what I think you need, pup?” Austin said as he separated from Jon and they stood apart for a moment, both of them eyeing each other up and down, both of them breathing heavy and starting to sweat. “What’s that, Sir?” Jon said as he adjusted his leaking bulge. “I think you need your Sir’s seed inside to you to remind you who’s in charge,” Austin growled and then hefted his own weighty package. Jon huffed and and sighed at those words, and his cock throbbed anew. “Grrruuuff, yes Sir! That’s just what I need!” Jon grunted desperately. He reached up to the hem of his shirt and tugged hard, and the shirt ripped clean down the middle, revealing his enormous, wide, hairy chest and round, turtleshell gut. His cock tented his compression shorts obscenely. Austin stepped closer to his stepdad and reached up to rub the enormous pecs looming over him. “My god, pup, you’re getting absolutely gigantic, aren’t you?” Austin said, flicking Jon’s nips. Jon’s pecs twitched and bounced, heaving up and down as Austin played with them, thick and meaty then hard when he flexed them, covered in a dense layer of blonde and grey fur. “Ruufff, unnnfff!” Jon grunted, pleasure and submissiveness making it difficult to speak. “That’s — rrrfff! — right, Sir! All for you, Sir!” Jon grunted as he tensed and bounced his enormous pecs. “I bet this big chest is bigger around than I am tall now, huh?” Austin said in a low, intense voice, his cock twitching in the basketball shorts he used as pajamas. “Big bull freak growing every day, huh?” “Yeah!” Jon said, his chest heaving up and down. “Yeah!!” he boomed and lifted his massive arms up into a flex. His fists crunched against the ceiling, leaving dents and sending plaster to the floor, but Jon didn’t even flinch. His arms surged to full size, bigger than Jon’s head, bigger around than Austin’s thighs, round hard bicep peaks throbbing, watermelon-sized delts spreading wider, thick traps surging up like a mountain range. “So fuckin’ BIG, yeah!” Austin growled as he reached up to feel Jon’s enormous arms. He could barely reach them. He couldn’t even get his hands halfway around them; he clutched at them hungrily, sliding his hands over the sweat-slick peaks and down into the damp, furry pits. Jon grinned with pride. “Turn around and show me that big ass, bull,” Austin commanded, his voice deep and authoritative. He huffed Jon’s pit stink on his fingers and his cock twitched. Jon obeyed, his cock throbbing in acknowledgement. “Been working them hard for you Sir,” Jon rumbled. He turned around, bent over, and started wriggling out of his compression shorts. “What do you think? Am I bigger?” Jon’s enormous round glutes spread apart just wide enough for Austin to see Jon’s tight, furry hole tensing in anticipation. Austin grabbed the compression shorts and pulled them down lower, revealing Jon’s freaky thick hamstrings, which twitched as Jon shifted his weight. His ass was covered in dirty blonde fur; hard, thick muscle jiggled and bulged as Jon bent down further. “Oh yeah, bull, much bigger, so massive. You’ve done so well, pup. You’ve been growing so much these last few weeks huh?” Austin said as he jiggled Jon’s bubble butt with one hand and reached for the lube next to his nightstand with the other. “Yes Sir!” Jon boomed. He put his hands on his hips and spread his back and shoulders as wide as he could, his incredible traps and lats on display, bulging and huge. His shoulders were wider than the big TV Austin had in his dorm room, blocking out the entire frame. His lats spread out so wide they pushed his arms out even farther, and his traps surged into mountains of muscle; he had no neck to speak of anymore. “Growing faster than ever! Bigger for you, Sir! I still need MORE though, gotta get HU—uuuhhhhgggg ohhhhhh Sir!” Jon moaned as Austin’s fingers probed his tight, muscular hole. “Yeah pup, you like that? You like your Sir’s fingers loosening up that tight hole, don’t you?” Austin growled as he entered his stepdad, leaning against Jon’s massive furry back and rubbing his muscles. “Rruuuuurrrfff, uhhhhggg, rooooooffff!!!” Jon rumbled. He started huffing and panting as Austin got him ready for the main event. “Such a good bull pup, so proud of my pup. I can’t stay mad at you, pup, not when you keep growing big like this. You’re the biggest man on the damn planet now, you know that?” Austin said, pumping him up and loosening his muscular hole. “Ruffff!!” Jon grunted and flexed his big muscles. “Gotta grow big for you, Sir! That’s all that matters!” “That’s right,” Austin said, slipping out of his shorts and revealing his own 8” cock. He rubbed it against Jon’s furry hole, smearing sticky precum that mixed into Jon’s fur. “Such a good, obedient bull! Now are you ready for your son to breed you, dad?” Jon spread his legs wider, his hole begging to be pounded, and moaned unintelligibly in anticipation. Austin had to get on his tip-toes for his cock to line up with Jon’s ass. The curly blonde fur felt incredible against his raging hard-on, and Austin leaned his 230lbs against his musclebear stepdad, his bulbous cock head penetrating Jon’s tight hole. “GGGGRRRRAAAAHHHHHH!!” Jon grunted as Austin entered him. “BREED ME, SIR! BREED YOUR BULL!” Jon bellowed as Austin pressed into him balls deep. “Fuck yeah, dad, you’re so fuckin’ tight,” Austin sighed as he reached up and grabbed on to Jon’s enormous traps. Jon was so much bigger than Austin that he could just barely reach all the way up. Austin got into a rhythm quickly, pushing deep and stretching Jon out as the older man groaned and grunted in time with Austin’s thrusts. He started slow, then started pushing faster as he found his groove. Jon’s cock grew even harder as he got fucked, the wrist-thick shaft throbbing with veins, smearing precum all over Austin’s laptop and desk, pools of it leaking onto Austin’s papers. “Fuck, bull, I can’t believe how big you’re getting,” Austin panted as he pounded his pup. “Grrruuf, uuurrrrhhhggg, aahahhhhh!!” Jon grunted, sweat splashing down onto Austin’s desk. “You’re growing, unnnggg, so goddamn fast, bull, unnfff, it’s just unreal!” Austin gasped, taking in the full size and width of the man in front of him. Jon’s triceps bulged with thick muscle as he braced himself against the desk. “No one has grown so big so fast, dad, ever!” “Ruuuuooooofffff fuck yeah, all for you, son!” Jon boomed as he pushed his weight back against Austin, causing his cock to punch in even deeper but also making Austin stumble back a bit. Austin backed up, taking Jon with him, and looked across the room to the full-length mirror on the back of his door. “Look at us, bull! Football jock son breeding my big bull dad, just like you needed, huh?” Jon looked over at the reflection and groaned, his own massive cock throbbing harder and spurting pre onto the rug. “Arrroooooffff, breed me, son, give me your load, daddy bull needs it!” Jon grunted, guttural, primal, out of control. He looked in the mirror again, marveling at the size difference between them, flexing his bicep in the mirror and watching it swell, fixating on his own massive bulk. He then looked at the hot jock stud thrusting into his huge ass, the smaller man half his age, Austin’s face grimacing in concentration and pleasure, sweat glistening on his arms and chest. Jon pushed back harder against Austin, causing the big football jock to stumble again, Jon’s bulk overwhelming his son. “Fuck, bull, you’re so goddamn heavy, pushing against my cock so hard!” Austin said as he realized he was backed against his bed. “Rrrruuuugggh, ruuuufff, mmmmrrrrooooo!” Jon bellowed as he pushed harder against Austin’s cock, needing it deeper and harder, craving his master’s cum, his own cock throbbing harder and leaking all over the place. Austin lost his balance and sat down on his bed, and his massive stepdad crashed down on top of him, pressing his enormous ass and 900lbs of musclebear mass down onto Austin. The pathetically small twin bed cracked and collapsed, causing both men to crash down to the floor. Austin’s cock pressed even deeper into Jon’s tight hole, and the big man roared with pleasure. Austin grunted and gasped as Jon’s full weight bore down on him, pressing his cock in deeper and harder, his dad threatening to crush him under his impossibly huge body. “Unnnffff, dad, you’re so… so fuckin… BIG!” Austin grunted. “I’m gonna… getting so close to… UNNGGH!” “FUCK yeah Sir, give me your load!, RRRRUUUHHHHRRR” Jon boomed as he bounced up and down on Austin’s big cock, slamming his prostate against Austin’s meaty cock head over and over, nearly half a ton of muscle daddy crushing down on Austin’s cock. Jon’s cock pumped up thicker and throbbed as he got closer to shooting his own load, and he grabbed onto it with both hands and stroked himself desperately. “Unnnnggg, fuck yeah bull, take my seed, fuuuuucccckkk!” Austin roared as he exploded inside of Jon, filling the massive muscle bull with hot jock cum. Both men grunted and groaned as they both shot epic loads, Jon’s cock exploding all over Austin’s dorm, filling the room with the tang of pungent bull cum and musky BO. Their grunts and moans could be heard throughout the building. When they were done, Jon lifted himself off of Austin, his smaller stepson groaning and gasping as Jon’s 900 pounds stopped crushing him. Jon turned around and towered over his Sir, cum dripping down onto the bed and floor; he rubbed some of it into the fur of his chest and gut and tasted the cream that was dripping off his fingers. Austin panted for a moment, then looked up at Jon with a laugh. “Mmm, you really needed my load, didn’t you bull?” Jon licked his fingers and nodded. “Mmmm hmm Sir, I did.” “Heh, I could tell, you knocked me over, you were so eager for it,” Austin said. “Now you have your Sir’s seed inside of you, as it should be,” he said. Jon reached down and offered his Sir a hand, and Austin took it. Jon lifted him up so hard and fast that Austin popped up off his feet and fell against Jon’s massive, cum-covered chest; Jon caught him in mid-air and supported him, his huge hands cupping Austin’s bubble butt. Their cocks pressed against each other as they proceeded to make out in the afterglow, their cum mixing together and smearing against their sweaty bodies. “Yes Sir, feels good to have your warm seed inside me, I needed it so badly,” Jon said, his cock already chubbing up again thinking about it. “I feel complete now, Sir, with you here in my big arms,” he purred as he rubbed his long blonde beard against Austin’s shorter, darker beard. “That’s my good daddy bull,” Austin whispered to him as Jon held him effortlessly in the middle of the room, sticky and sweaty and utterly content. "Happy Valentine's Day," he said, and they kissed passionately.
  17. Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Beef, or rather Jon, finally gets to fuck his little master. Austin decides he can't live away from his growing stepdad any longer. Beef practically ran across campus, holding Austin in a fireman’s carry, grunting and woofing excitedly, panting and sweating and growling. He took the stairs up to Austin’s room three at a time and burst the door open, busting through the lock with one shove. He set Austin down, pushed him into the room, then wedged himself through and closed the door as best he could. Turning to Austin, he towered over the college jock and looked at him with an expression Austin had never seen before: unbridled, uncontrolled, overwhelming lust. “Beef wants to fuck!” he boomed, tearing at his compression shorts and jock until they tore off. His enormous cock sprang forth, drooling precum in a thin line of ooze that dripped to the floor. “Beef NEEDS to fuck!” he said as he stepped towards Austin. There was no doubt that everyone in the neighboring rooms could hear Jon’s words. “Yeah? You want my tight jock butt, Beef?” Austin teased, backing up and towards the middle of the room. “YES! I NEED IT NOW!” Beef rumbled, reaching for Austin with his huge, powerful hands. His lifted Austin up, pinned him to the ceiling, and tore at Austin’s shorts and underwear and shoes until they all fell to the floor. “Mmm, Beef is excited to fuck his Sir, isn’t he?” Austin continued to tease. “It’s gonna feel so GOOD to put that big cock inside me, huh?” Austin said. “MMMMMPH FUCK,” Beef groaned as his cock spurted pre. “Tight fucking HOLE for Beef to FUCK,” he said. He swung Austin down and wrapped his huge hands around Austin’s shoulders, gripping him so tight it hurt. He effortlessly lifted him off the ground, his tremendous arms bulging with power, his cock aimed right at Austin’s waiting hole. “Stop!” Austin said, and Beef immediately froze, holding his stepson in the air. “Good boy. You’re such an obedient piece of Beef. You worked so hard today, and I’m proud of you. Before you fuck me, you need to loosen me up. You’ve got a big monster cock, don’t you?” Austin said. Beef breathed heavily out his nose, huffing and puffing. “Y-yeah, I sure do,” he breathed, calmer than a moment ago but shaking as he held back, his sweat-soaked crop-top heaving up and down as his pecs switched in anticipation. His cock oozed precum onto the floor in heavy drops. “Then rub that slick precum up against my hole, slowly,” Austin said. Beef lowered him. “Oohhhhh, fuuuckk, rruuuuhhhh,” Beef groaned as his huge cock rubbed against Austin’s firm, round bubble butt, the huge cock head pressing against the furry, tight hole, smearing ooze all around. “Oh fuck yeah dad, feels so amazing,” Austin breathed. “So fuckin’ strong, just holding me in place,” he said. “You’re so light, son, you weigh nothing to me,” Beef grunted through gritted teeth. “Gotta fuck you so bad, kid, uuuuhhhhrrrrffff,” the monster rumbled. “Press against my hole harder, Jon,” Austin whispered. Jon’s eyes widened and a wave of emotion flooded into him as Austin used his real name. “Austin, I love you so much,” Jon groaned. The pressure from Jon’s cock became more and more insistent, pressing harder against Austin’s tight hole until it gave way. “You’re so big, so perfect, and I had so much fun today, you mean more to me than you’ll ever know, dad,” Austin breathed. Jon teared up and he became totally overwhelmed by Austin’s words. “I’m going to fill you up with my love, every inch,” Jon grunted and he pushed his cock in harder. Austin’s tight hole wrapped itself around Jon’s cock head like they were made to fit together. Austin groaned loudly, his stepdad stretching him out in a way he had never felt before. Jon pressed down harder, easing Austin down slowly but relentlessly with perfect control. “Oh my god Sir, it feels so incredible,” the huge muscle bear groaned. “You’re so fuckin’ tight… and I’m so fuckin’ HUGE!” Jon boomed. “Yeah that’s right, bull, so massive!” Austin groaned as his stepdad’s cock invaded him. “And you’re, ahhhh, just gonna keep, unnnfff, growing BIGGER!” “FUCK YEAH,” Jon roared as he pushed and pushed, faster and harder now, Austin sliding inexorably down Jon’s shaft. “So big, so thick, so STRONG!” Jon grunted until Austin was all the way in, 14” long and as thick as a beer can filling Austin. Heat and pleasure and pain radiated through every nerve of Austin’s body, and he breathed deeply and moaned and shuddered as his dad lifted him up slowly, then slammed him back down hard. “Unnnffff, fuck!” Jon grunted, his voice shaking with lust. He slammed Austin down again, making him cry out. “RrrrrRRRuuuuFFffffuck,” the big man groaned. Again. “OOOHHHHHH yeah!” Jon kept this up for several minutes, slowly lifting Austin up and slamming him back down in mid-air, his incredible strength lifting the 230lb jock like up and down like he weighed nothing, his cock impaling his stepson again and again and again. Ripples of pleasure shattered Jon’s mind over and over until his eyes glazed over. His body was soon covered in a shiny gleam of sweat, the sweat dripping until the rug underneath them was dark and damp. Austin leaned in closer and pressed his lips against Jon’s, their tongues intermingling with each other, pressing and probing as they made love, grunting and rubbing their beards together. Jon increased his pace as their kissing intensified, each of them breathing hard through their noses, Jon’s heady pit musk filling the room as he exerted himself, the stink becoming the dominant smell in the room and overriding Austin’s. “Mmmoooore,” Jon groaned as his cock swelled thicker and his balls tightened. “MMMOOOOOORRRE!” he growled as he increased speed, Austin’s ass slamming down harder and harder. “That’s right, bull,” Austin groaned, his voice quavering with each thrust. “You’re just gonna keep growing bigger, aren’t you?” he asked. “Fuck YEAH,” Jon growled. “Fuckin’ BIGGER!” he bumped his head against the ceiling to emphasize his height. “Already so fuckin’ HUGE, but just gonna keep GROWING MORE!!” the monster groaned. “Hell yeah, pup, my big bull, unstoppable GROWTH, you haven’t even started to grow yet, you’re gonna get so much BIGGER still!” Austin moaned. “Look at yourself in the mirror, dad, just look at the size and POWER you have!” Jon turned and saw himself in the full-length mirror. He gasped at what he saw. His massive biceps bulged with power, a huge round peak flexing with every thrust, lifting and pushing his big jock son up and down like he was a child. His round gut bounced and jiggled, Austin’s hard cock pressing against it and smearing precum against its hard, furry expanse. His shoulders and traps consumed his neck, and his thick beard trailed down until it brushed against his shelf-like pecs. His enormous legs bulged with power, swollen with a huge pump from the gym, and his whole body was red and ruddy with exertion, slick and shiny with sweat. Austin’s round, bulbous ass wrapped tightly around his massive cock, which was red and slick and pulsed with thick veins as he watched it go in and out of Austin’s hole. He was an absolute beast, and deep down he knew he was only just beginning to tap into his potential for size, power, and obedience. “Goddamn I’m so fuckin’ BIG,” Jon grunted, rearing his head back and growling with pleasure. “I’m gonna keep feeding you and breeding you, dad, gonna force more and more growth into your enormous muscle bull body!” Austin grunted, his own cock swelling closer to climax as it rubbed against Jon’s firm gut. “Uuuuhhhhffff, Sir, that sounds so good, I need that so much, I need MORE!” Jon boomed. He looked in the mirror again and thought of how much smaller he was a few months ago and laughed. He owed everything to Austin, his little Sir, his perfect, sexy stepson who was writhing with pleasure in his arms at this very moment. Jon looked into Austin’s eyes, and then two of them connected, madly in love with each other with an intensity that overwhelmed both of them. “I’m… I’m gonna…” Jon groaned. “Yeah daddy?” Austin said. “I love you so fuckin’ MUCH, son, now take daddy’s big fuckin’ LOAD!!!!” Jon roared. “Yeah!” Austin moaned and both of them exploded at the same time, Austin’s load spraying all over Jon’s torso and Jon’s jetting inside Austin so forcefully that Austin could feel his insides filling with the warmth of his dad’s potent muscle cum. They both shot spurt after spurt of cum, fueled by their epic gym session, public play, and enormous lunch. Cum gushed and rubbed between each other and dripped down to the floor until the room reeked of brawny alpha males. Jon lifted Austin up until he heard a slick, slurping *pop*. Austin groaned at the sudden emptiness he felt without Jon’s cock inside of him. Jon lowered Austin, sliding him against his slick torso, until his feet hit the ground, still holding him in his arms gently. He looked down at him and smiled. “I love you, little Sir,” Jon said, then leaned down for another kiss. Austin tilted his neck back and opened his mouth, tasting his muscle pup’s tongue. When they came up for air, Austin couldn’t help but smile. “I love you too, pup. Now, how about we shower?” “As long as we can do it together and that we don’t have to wash my pits,” Jon rumbled, swelling out his chest bigger. “Heh, we’re gonna freak out all my dorm mates even more with you walking around looking like that,” Austin said and rubbed the cum and sweat mixture into his dad’s furry chest, causing the hair to curl into ringlets. “Mmmm yeah? I love that,” Jon grunted, realizing the things he would have found embarrassing or humiliating a few months ago turned him on immensely now. “We should keep the curtains open in the shower so everyone can see. Who’s going to stop us?” Austin shook his head. “Jon, I can’t just send you back home after this. We share something so powerful when we’re together,” Austin said, stepping closer and wrapping his arms as far as he could around Jon. “I need to be closer to you, to be your Sir and help you maximize these incredible gifts you have,” Austin said, rubbing his hands up and down his stepdad’s enormous arms. “I’m going to find a way to take the rest of my classes online so I can live with you at home. How does that sound?” Austin looked up at Jon and saw that the big man had tears welling in his eyes. “Do you mean it, Sir?” Jon said, his voice shaking. “Yes pup, I do, I need you, I need you every day,” Austin said as he buried his face into Jon’s furry chest. “I want that so much, Sir, you would make me the happiest, luckiest pup in the world!” Jon said as he reached down until his hands cupped Austin’s meaty ass. He lifted Austin up and squeezed him harder than ever. Austin groaned as his giant muscle bull hugged him hard. “We can fuck and lift and eat and grow bigger and bigger together, finally!” Austin wheezed. Jon squeezed him even more tightly, his cock throbbing and his muscles bulging “Fuck yes!” he roared before leaning down to make out with Austin again.
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    Fraternal - P 8 up now

    Hey guys, Longtime lurker who’s finally decided to take the plunge. Not much exposition here - suffice it to say the characters are 18+ fraternal twin high school seniors, one of whom is developing a bit faster than the other... Anyway, definitely not literature; I just want us all to nut like crazy till we’re dehydrated. ************** Fraternal Part 1: Daydream Believer Matt stared off into space, blocking out the droning teacher, dreaming about his twin bro. Fuck, what if Derek kept growing? What if he shot up and out, towering over him, hitting 7’? His massive, sweaty muscles hulking with veins and striations, bulging and flexing rock hard with man power. He’d storm into their bedroom, casually breaking the door down with one massive fist, ducking down and turning sideways to squeeze through the opening... “What the fuck?!” “Sorry lil bro, but I got so fuckin horny workin out! I need your ass,” Derek growled, his deep bass voice matching his ruggedly handsome, thickly bearded teen face and gigantic body. His veiny monster dick was rock hard and leaking a thick rope of precum, slanted off to the side and ripping through the heavy material of his shorts. Derek flexed his abs and cock hard, blowing his shorts and jockstrap apart completely, his monster dick flipping upward and slinging precum onto his briefcase-sized pecs and into his thick teen beard. A big rope hung off his heavy mustache, right over the full lips, and his incredibly long powerful tongue unfurled to lap the salty goo off sensually. Derek strode over to the bed, his huge feet thudding. He reached down and grabbed Matt by the throat, his giant paw wrapping easily around the jock’s neck. He lifted his bro out of bed with one fluid motion, barely registering the weight on his hulking arm. He dangled Matt in midair. Their eyes were completely level, while Matt hung eight inches off the floor. “Enough talk. Fuck time!” Derek roared, flipping Matt around and impaling his beefy ass on the dripping, veiny 13” long x 3” diameter monster dick, the apple-sized cockhead busting past his glutes and stretching his ring wide open. Matt saw with horror in the mirror that he no longer had a tight puckered little manhole, but thanks to Derek’s repeated battering a gaping, sloppy, loose-lipped mancunt hung from his jock boy ass and hugged the giant meat wetly. His back arched as he begged for more, goading his twin into a frenzy of musclefucking, globs of hot precum belching out of his red, prolapsed, destroyed pussy, the massive cock distending his abs like some kind of alien invader. Matt watched through tears as Derek’s incredible girth dragged his guts inside out, filling him like no other man could. Suddenly Derek gripped his side hard with one huge paw, slamming Matt down until Derek’s dick was buried to the orange-sized balls. He flexed hard, a full body flex that made the veins on his muscles and cock surge, forcing him to grow outrageously bigger, stretching out Matt’s already wrecked asshole and lifting his body up. “Unnnf... so fuckin BIG...” he moaned, clamping his mancunt down and suddenly erupting like the fucktoy slut his bro’s muscle and dick had transformed him into. “Grrr, yeah, fuckin’ big.. an’ gettin’ BIGGER!” Derek growled, suddenly straightening up his towering body and flexing to appreciate his new height and power, Matt’s whole body weight supported easily by Derek’s steel-hard monster. Razor-cut striations jutted out even more across the insanely muscled expanse of this body, while veins pulsed and bulged even thicker. Fuck, Derek was noticeably bigger and leaner than he was earlier that day, bulging with raw masculinity and dripping with sweat. He felt Derek’s balls swell and tighten up as the first cannon blasts of cum began to batter his guts, his gaping pussy meat sliding up the veiny shaft from the force... RRRRING! Matt snapped to attention back in class, dick spent and dripping down his leg, as the bell rang.
  19. Chapter 1: "Dusk of One Day, Dawn of Another." After a couple of failed attempts to write something half decent, I’m delighted to finally share with you the opening chapter of “The Devil By My Side”. Originally posted on another site, I decided to share it here. It's not entirely about muscle growth, but it does play a part in several chapters. It was co-written with a wonderful and talented friend of mine who; working together we've attempted to come up with a story we think is exciting, compelling and entertaining, and so, we hope you enjoy reading chapter one as much as we enjoyed writing it. All teenage characters are at the late stages of puberty, use of the word “boy” or “child” as a description is used to signify the advanced age of a demonic entity. Most of the individuals that call upon my kind often do so seeking something. A prize, a reward, a deal. They expect of us, try to make bargains and deals, but this… I could tell from the second he began reading the incantation that this was different. I suppose you could describe it as someone lightly tapping against a windowpane, not that my domain has windows; that’s how it started. But from the instant I felt him calling to me, I could feel that he wasn’t really seeking… anything. A grin crossed my face and I pondered internally: “A summoner without cause, how unusual”. Of course, many have tried to bring forth me and my brethren throughout the years - doubtless you may have read the stories told of people who succeeded, but none have ever done so with such a lack of direction; a lack of desire or need. And it was that that made me curious to answer his call; he’d barely even considered the requirements for a summoning; the rituals and pageantry, but those are the requirements we set for those who place requirements on us. This, was an unconditional invitation to the human world. The words tumbled lazily and mispronounced out of his mouth, but even if he was unable to pronounce my name correctly at the moment, I was certain that given time, it would be carved into his mind. And so, ever the courteous guest, I decided to answer the call. A blinding flash of light poured into my eyes and instinctively I held my hand above my face to shield them; within moments I adjusted to the glow of the late evening sun dappling through the trees. “What the fu… where am I?!” I heard a voice cry, I lowered my gaze to see the Mortal facing away from me. He turned in position trying to find his bearings and as he did, our eyes locked. A look of horror as he took in my visage; from the charred grass circling my feet up my sculpted body and back to my face. His breath quickened. “Are you…?” He quizzed, the words failing to leave his mouth. I remained staring at the youthful male, he seemed as confused as I was. “Why did you call me to this place” I rumbled. “Wait… what?!” He stammered. “I….. I didn’t. I was just reading. Who are you?! And where are my friends? A minute ago, I was in the basem… I didn’t summon you… I don’t even know how to…” The panic rose in his voice as he continued to speak - I took a step forward. And he instinctively took one back. “Please don’t kill me! Please… I’ll just leave…” he cried. I took another step. He jolted backwards, his back pressing against one of the towering trees surrounding us. “I won’t tell anyone.. you certainly don’t need to hurt me.” I stepped forward once more, narrowing the gap between the two of us. “Please!” He wailed, his eyes becoming glassy. “Whatever you want… I…” “Silence, child!” I roar. “Are you always so quick to cower?… it sickens me.” I sneer I take the final step towards him, leaving only inches between us. He flinches, pushing himself as far away from me as he can. Fear flushes through him; and I relish in being so fearful. I snap my fingers and behind me, the ground rumbles and groans. Grass and soil shifting upwards and hardening into a coal-black seat. Sitting down I maintain eye contact. “Seems to me, young one, we’re in an unprecedented situation.” I murmer. "Please Sir… err… Mr. Demon, Sir… don’t kill me. I don’t want to die. I’ll do anything you ask of me. Just please, spare my life!” He nervously pants. I stare at him continually, then I begin to chuckle. “You are in no position to make any demands of m…” The words catch in my mouth, it’s typical to lie when entering into a contract with a summoner. But this time, there’s no need. “Yes…” I allow myself a moment to consider the situation; my mind gleefully races. He looks at me, fear his your eyes but a look of confusion. “If there is no contract… then I am unbound.” I muse to myself. Thoughts continue to rush through my mind. Suddenly I snap my attention back to the youthful Mortal and laugh a hearty, deep sinister laugh. “You made no demands. No requests. No bargains or deals.” I summarise. “As such, I owe you nothing. And so, you are of no use to me.” My eyes flare with an infernal crimson light. I fix my focus into his eyes… my intent is to destroy him, to engulf his brain with flames inside his skull. Destroying the one witness of my arrival and only creature in this realm who might know of a way to banish me. But, the second I try I feel a shooting pain across my skull and cease immediately. ‘Wh… what just happened?!” The mortal asks, stunned. I grasp my brow and rub the surface “The pain…” I groan. Inside the mortal’s head, a thought compels him to start running. “Go you moron! Don’t just stand there! Run! Run for your life!” But as his inner voice screams at him, he finds himself moving forward. “Why am I moving forward?” He questions his actions. “Why am I not running away?” But his curiosity has taken over and he continues inching closer and closer towards me. As he nears me, I once again feel the urge to harm him, before he harms me. I sharply extend my arm and wrap my hand firmly around his neck. A smile of triumph painted onto my face. But, as I squeeze, I feel the pressure within my own throat - the harder I force myself, the less I’m able to breathe. As my lungs start to burn, I drop the boy. We both collapse to the ground, coughing and spluttering; gasping for air. I manage to choke out the words “If I were you, mortal. I would run.” The voice in his head urges him to heed the creature’s warning and go, try to save his life. But for some reason he simply didn’t want to move. He should have feared for the safety of his friends, he should have been at least a mile away by now, but he simply couldn’t ignore a second voice in his head which had been teasing him for some time now: “Why can’t he hurt me? Why does he feel what I am feeling? When he tried to squeeze the life out of me, he nearly succeeded in killing himself”. He couldn’t go. He was too… curious to go. He’d almost died on the spot when the Demon had tried to choke him, but one thing was clear to him. The Demon couldn’t harm him. "You can’t hurt me demon!” The Mortal shouted. “There’s nothing you can do to me.” “Perhaps not physically, boy.” I snapped back. “What?!” He froze “What do you mean?” I stare at him.. my healed and pain-free mind is literally racing. I have never encountered a human who can’t be harmed. Mind you, I’ve never encountered a human… in this domain. Which reminds me… there’s a whole world out there for me to explore now! And so I grin at the small mortal. “In time, you and the rest of your kind will witness precisely what I mean. But for now, you’re not worth my attention, child. So take your good fortune, flee and be thankful for it.” I turn from him and begin striding away. The soil beneath my feet a welcome reminder of my newly found freedom. But as our distance widens, I begin to feel as if I’m wading through the river of Styx. Each step becomes more and more of a vigorous effort. I look back over my shoulder and see him continuing to stare at me. With every ounce of strength in my powerful body, I take one further step and in the corner of my eye, I see him stumble forward. With each energy sapping footstep I see his body dragged across the ground in my direction. Nearing exhaustion I stop. “No.” I groan. “No it can’t be.” The realisation is dawning on me. “YOU!” I snap at the boy “What hex have you cast upon me?!” As he watches the Demon trying to leave in vain, the human heard him yelling and he thought about the situation quickly. His mind tried to rationalise: ”He can’t run away from me. He can’t harm me. I summoned him. Accidentally, yes.. but he made it out of Hell just because… I called him out. I told him to come here…” A crazy idea pops into the boy’s mind. He raises his head and locked eyes with me. “Hey you! Demon!” The boy cried. “Kneel!” A wave of anger flushes through me “I KNEEL FOR NO ONE!!!” I roar back. But, in the darkest parts of my being, as he spoke the words… I did feel a compulsion. The boy, without even thinking, opened his mouth and yelled once more: "Oh you will kneel for ME! YOUR master! I summoned YOU! You are here thanks to me!” He bawled.” Now you have to do as I command you! I know you’re unable to harm me, which means I must have some sort of power over you! So when I say kneel. YOU - WILL - KNEEL!” As he howled the last word, I felt the earth shudder beneath my feet. The idea enters my mind. Not from my own will… but I can feel it… his anger, his desire, his will pushing into me. And so I resist. I fight the overriding desire to kneel to him. But I feel my body quiver. In horror I watch as my legs fold under me. I fight again. Pushing my obvious supremacy back against his request. But I sink lower. Before I can take stock of the situation, I am on bended knee. Eyes to the ground. I raise my head and am instantly shocked at what I see. The boy was kneeling too. In that instant, we are a physical mirror of each other. And he appeared just as shocked as I was. A smile crosses my face again. “That didn’t seem to work as you intended, did it… ‘Master’?” “What is happening?!” The boy panicked internally. "Why am I kneeling? That shouldn’t be… What has he done to me?”The fear flashing across his eyes. “Seems to me, ‘Oh Glorious Master,’” I smirk, “that you and I, are bonded.” “What the hell does that mean?!” The Mortal snaps. I take a second to consider the question and the grin on my face slowly fades. “Honestly…? I don’t know.” “How can you not know?!” He blurted. “As I said earlier, young one, we are in uncharted territory here.” I begin. “When a summoner calls upon a demon, they do so with intent…. so what did you intend, boy?” The boy stops. His memory trying to recall. “When I read what was on the paper, I didn’t have any intent whatsoever.. I didn’t even know what it was!” He cried. “I simply came here tonight with my friends because the guys said this place was abandoned - I like spooky tales… I wanted to go on an adventure and explore the supernatural with the guys.” “That! There!” I realise. “That’s it.” “What’s it?!” He quizzes. “I don’t understand.” “You… desire to belong.” I ponder. “These ‘guys’, you desire to be in their company?” The boy breaks my gaze. He looks awkwardly at his feet. “Well… yes… I do… I really do… but it’s… not so simple.” I look blankly at the youthful mortal. “Calling them ‘friends’… isn’t accurate.” He continues. “They’re actually bullies - they’ve mistreated me since I started high school. Always said that I was weak, a ‘pussy’.” He grumbled. “Today, when they dared me to go there, I thought ‘well, tonight we are gonna see who’s the pussy!’ I was sure a bunch of muscle-heads like those guys were all tough on the outside, but in reality had issues and complexes as every other person on earth!” I looked at the pitiful boy, “You thought that would win their friendship?” I chuckled. “You wanted…. a friend?” “To be honest, I wanted to be more than just a friend to those guys…” He replied as I shifted from kneeling to sitting on the ground. “Go on…” “Well… you see… I have realised for sometime now that… I’m not interested in women… I’m attracted to men. Those guys played a major role in that. Since I can remember, they’ve treated me like shit, as if I was their inferior - as if I was someone who simply should worship them - for they were the prime males of their world, the top dogs, the alpha men. They have been calling me faggot for years now, humiliating me in front of everyone in the school: In front of my classmates, in front of the teachers. They have been accusing me of ogling, staring at their muscles and their… packages.” The truth poured out of the young human. “To be honest, I tried to become like them, do some sports, put on some muscle, but the coach didn’t believe in me and put me in the locker room cleaning up after his boys’ mess. And there was the first time I felt it. They were always showing off their muscled bodies, accusing me of being a faggot looking at them, desiring them, wanting to suck their cock and clean their sweaty muscles with my tongue… well… that was my world, and, if you spent year after year waking up and going to sleep having all this in your head playing over and over again, I assume even if it weren’t true, eventually it becomes your reality. And that’s how I started falling in love with them, looking at them undress in the lockers, smelling their pungent stink after every practice, seeing the sweat dripping off their shirts and compression shorts…. I wanted to be everywhere they were. After a certain point, I stopped caring about their insults, I simply didn’t care as long as I was close to them, seeing them, smelling them… And that’s how I ended up here, tonight, sitting…. wherever the hell we are…. talking to a demon.” I took a moment to look at the boy from head to toe. Most people who had disclosed what he had would do so with a sense of self-pity or shame… but in him… it was almost like he was indifferent to it. Like he had accepted his role as an inferior so entirely… and it didn’t sit well with me. “So, that’s what the whole ’kneel’ matter was about? You trying to dominate?” I pondered.“I still don’t see how that would bond us.” I mused aloud. “Perhaps I’m not supposed to.” I rose to my feet; and offered the young Mortal a hand up. “He works in mysterious ways.” I smiled. “God?” He asked. “No… the other guy.” I grinned, pointing a thumb down. The boy stared at my two softly glowing eyes as he extended his hand towards the demon. “So you don’t want to kill me now?” “Something tells me it would be best for us both for me to not.” I take a chance to breathe deep. “Besides, it might be best to have someone who knows much of the human world.” I smiled. “Especially if I’m going to claim it.” The colour seemed to drain from the boy’s face “’Claim it’?! You mean, you want to own the world?!” “Well now, see here’s the thing. As you summoned me without condition… I have no need to return… down there.” I stroke a hand tenderly down the young mortal’s face. “And I’m going to need a helping hand to make myself comfortable here. You’ve told me what you want with your ‘friends’, that’s well within the scope of possibility.” I stretch as if waking from a deep sleep. “But you’re thinking awfully small, little mortal.” “What do you mean?!” The young human asked. “A couple boys who’ve bullied you? I can look into what awaits… a whole existence of being second best; beat down, ignored and belittled.” I grasp his shoulder. “But now; the two of us… we can make this world whatever we want.” “I don’t understand. How can I, a human, help a supernatural being as you? I have no powers, no influence as a person in this world.” He speaks, panic and nervousness quickened his speech. “And why should I help you? After all you’re a demon, you say you want to ‘claim’ the world. Why should I be the one to bring damnation on the entire human race?” “You’re not getting this, are you? Little one.. you and me. We’re stuck together. Joined at the soul for the rest of eternity. And as you say - you have no power, no influence. So I guess what I’m saying is this; you’re along for the ride whether you want to be or not”. I grinned wildly.
  20. FallenAway

    Mister Alpha by LORUS

    With the author's permission I am reposting stories that were written for the old forum and were later deleted. Fortunately, I saved copies for myself because I like his work very much. This is a single-episode short story that might be referred to as a "one-shot," but the number of times you shoot while reading the story is entirely up to you. MISTER ALPHA by LORUS Lane Huntington took up most of the king-size bed at the Forbes Plaza Hotel, where he’d been staying at the expense of his mysterious benefactor, Ward Melchior. He had yet to meet the man in person, but already the enigmatic billionaire’s lavish hospitality had given the young bodybuilder a taste of what it was like to live a five-star penthouse suite kind of existence. Lane liked it. He liked it a lot... and he wanted it all. Stud-A stirred in his sleep to his left, whilst Stud-B, to his right, adjusted his position somewhat, feeling up the powerful bags of muscle that formed Lane’s impressively sculpted chest, but not entirely waking up. Lane loved every moment of it. The twinks were both Brazilian and tremendously beautiful, each one endowed with superstar looks, although Lane’s features – from head-to-toe – completely overshadowed them in just about every way. He’d just won the Mister Alpha Muscle Pageant, staged only that previous night, at the Forbes Plaza which was just one of a multitude of hotels owned by Melchior. The billionaire, it seemed, had a thing for musclemen... the bigger the better. Well... they didn’t come bigger than Lane Huntington. He was horny as fuck, although he’d milked both Studs dry several times during last night’s steamiest of bedroom romps. They were depleted and wouldn’t be of any use to him for hours yet. Melchior had insisted, over the phone, that part of the prize for winning the pageant was that he could order anything he wanted... room-service being only too happy to oblige. Lane was stiff as a board, now, and gazed down at his beautiful and super-ripped muscle-bod as he ran his fingers down along his rock-hard flesh, not a hair in sight, except for the thick, dark bush of his pubes. Elsewhere he was smooth and taut, and oh... how his muscles looked so beautiful... for they seemed to get bigger and better with each passing day. His fingers played, for a time, with his fully erect pole, and he gasped, constantly overwhelmed by its mammoth size. “Fourteen inches hard. Awww I can barely close my fingers around it at its thickest point. So much blood going into it.... heh... makes me light-headed.” He needed to fuck.... badly. Stud-A and B were sleeping off the ecstasy he delivered into them both via his huge fuck-rod, their rectal passages stretched beyond anything they could ever have put into themselves in the past. “Room-service,” he called aloud. Immediately a computer-generated woman appeared as a life-sized holographic display, projected from an orb set into the ceiling. There was one in every room. State-of-the-art technology... the best money could buy. “You called, Mister Huntington? How may I be of service,” the voice, a sample of that of actress Sharon Stone, politely inquired. “Bring me breakfast. I’m starving. I want eggs over easy, hash browns, bacon and mushrooms, coffee, orange juice and some bran muffins. And send up the two studly runners-up in the Pageant I so deserved to win. They’re gonna get so goddam fucked they’ll be singin’ like Shirley Temple for the rest of their lives.” Being the Alpha Male made Lane ever so cocky. He loved to be arrogant and self-obsessed. It boned him just thinking of words like that which so accurately described him. “Right away, Mister Huntington. Will there be anything else,” the cyber-Sharon inquired, as per her programming. Lane thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, tell me something I want to hear, bitch,” he growled, now jerking lightly on his rod just to get the precum flowing. “You are the sexiest... hugest... most well-endowed... motherfuckin’ sex-god, not only staying at the hotel, but in the entire world, Mister Huntington,” the hologram replied, smiling her polygonal smile, implying emotions she didn’t really have. “Yeah, you better believe it,” he snorted gruffly, bouncing his pecs to get the blood flowing better. “Thank you for choosing Forbes Plaza, Mister Huntington. Your room-service will arrive shortly.” And Sharon blinked-out in a trice. “Damn... I won’t be able to wait for shortly to arrive,” he growled, stiffening every part of him as he lay between the dreaming twinks. Precum drizzled down his dick in copious, sticky rivulets. His fingers were coated in it. And so, he licked each one clean, the taste intensifying his burgeoning lust. “The only gay in the competition that I know of, and I fuckin’ outmuscled every one of ‘em. Fuck yeah!” He couldn’t stop himself from turning Stud-B over on the bed and then straddling him, so worked-up into a lather of lust, that he must relieve himself into the exhausted, sleeping twenty-year-old from Sao Paolo. He entered the young man, his precum gushing out of him, now, adding to the manly soils already making the mattress damp. Stud-B winced and came awake with a start. “Unnnngh,” was all he could say (neither spoke a word of English anyway). “Take all these hunky, fuckin’ hot inches of my horny weapon....grrrrr!” Lane’s lust got lustier as he took the twink, ploughing so much length, so much wet, sticky cock into his tight-but-serviceable bubble butt. Stud-B moaned out of sheer bliss, clawing at the pillow that now engulfed his face, pressing his butt upwards with every ounce of his strength, pushing against Lane’s monstrous invasion, but the bodybuilding hunk’s power was too great. Stud-B passed out once more, utterly exhausted, but Lane, a master when it came to controlling his passions, held off from cumming, but momentarily swam through the reverie created by his ever-rising sense of bliss. He wanted more, however.... he wanted to mega-fuck. Room service arrived in the form of a very cute, quite well-built hotel porter, and he filled-out his uniform more than adequately. The youth, no more than nineteen or maybe twenty, was very beautiful and immediately Lane found himself drawn to him. Behind the porter, Max Mason, and Alfredo Desoto, first and second runners-up in the Mister Alpha Muscle Pageant, stood in just their posing suits from the night before. Glistening and rippling, the hunks seemed a little nervous, knowing what their fates had in store for them this day. But they had to comply. Ward Melchior would have it no other way. Lane made a bolt for the food trolley, but he noticed the bulge in the front of the porter’s workpants, deciding that right now the lad probably loved his job more than anything because he got to witness events of this magnitude: standing in a room with three huge bodybuilders and two unconscious Brazilian hunks. The smell of manly musk formed of precum, sweat and spunk, hung heavily in the air. Anyone caught in its miasma immediately grew hard, even Max and Alfredo, both of whom were happily married with wives and kids. Weren’t they all staying at the hotel? Lane didn’t care about such things. He only cared about himself and getting what he wanted. Lane gorged on the food as the porter stood next to the trolley, his brow dappled with the kind of sweat that suggested he was uncomfortable. “You gay?” Lane enquired, between mouthfuls of breakfast. He slurped his orange juice noisily. Despite that he was the most gorgeous man in the world, his eating habits easily tied with those of your average farmyard pig. “Uh, no sir,” the porter replied with a somewhat evident tremor to his voice. “Bet you do gay webcam, Sean Cody kinda stuff, to get yourself through med-school, though, or something like that. Bellboy wages can’t pay your bills alone.” “Unngh...I...er... have done stuff in the pa––” Before the lad could finish: “Get that sexy body of yours naked... by the time I count to five, or I’ll fuckin’ tear that uniform off you,” Lane, now done with eating, commanded as the Alpha that he was. No man would be able to resist him. He flexed a double-biceps pose whilst still seated at the edge of the bed. Massive upright peaks of rock-hard muscle exploded upwards, pressing against his thick forearms so that the pressure against the spaghetti-network of veins on his arms caused the blood within to flow even faster. The extra pressure made his veins bulge even more, and his hungry muscles gorged on the blood, fueling themselves to grow bigger and harder. Behind the porter, Max and Alfredo, confirmed heterosexuals both, balked at the idea of being dominated by Huntington, but when they saw how much bigger his biceps looked this morning – compared with last night on stage – primordial lusts awakened in them, and their cocks soon became too big for their tight, sexy posers. “What’s your name, kid?” Lane repeatedly bounced his pecs before the porter, his taut but pouting nipples pointing perfectly downward, each one somewhat blurred by the very crescent-shaped shadow cast by the jutting, bulbous under-swell of each pec-mound. “Unnngh.... Steve, sir... Steve Highway,” the lad answered, as he began to shrug off his clothing. “Nice name... but you’re too fucking slow,” growled Lane, and he shot off the bed, knocking over the breakfast trolley as he went, bounding towards Steve, almost with furious intent, his muscles seething, shifting as if in metamorphosis. With one tug he ripped through Steve’s uniform and gasped, smiling, at the sight of his thickly muscled, impressively shredded bodybuilder’s physique now on show. He was blonde-haired, and so he had a light dusting of fine blonde hairs across his thickly fleshed pec-rack. He shuddered against Lane’s sudden advances, and every muscle across his upper body flexed simultaneously. “Jeezus... you should have competed with me last night, not that you’d have won against me. But you might’ve finished sixth place, maybe fifth.” “Suh-sir.... please.... I have to get back to wo....mmmphfffff!” Steve’s ability to speak was silenced as Lane Huntington fucked his face with a tongue that would put a horse’s to shame. “I always get what I want mmmmmmm,” Lane boasted and sucked on Steve so hard, he could have cut off his air-supply, rendering him unconscious. But the lad was strong... and could be huge if he put his mind to it, so Lane thought. Lane now worked feverishly at Steve’s cock, delighting – gasping – at how it pulsed hugely in his grasp, filling out, thickening to a massive size. “Whoa... what you got down there.... unngh... ten inches, beer-can-thick?” Lane’s lust had him dripping cups of precum at a time. The carpet upon which he stood was soon sodden. “Mmmmpfff....gasp.... more like.... unngh... twelve, suh-sir.... eight and a half thick... oh god!!” “Well, you’re about to... unngh... feel what fourteen inches feels like.... fuck yeah.... I’m the fucking biggest in every fucking body-part.... unngh yeah!!!!” Lane blasted a full lat-spread right in front of Steve. Being three inches taller than the blonde six-footer, Lane hefted up his gloriously striated pectorals and his usually downward-pointing nipples shot into an outward-jutting position. The top of his pecs flexed so high, why... he could comfortably rub the tip of his nose against them. Beneath his nose, a dirty sex-mad tongue massaged drool all over his heaved pecs. Steve, overwhelmed by lust, began to suck on his nipples, firstly the one on the left, whilst pinching the one on the right between fingers that had so obviously performed this ritual before. He made his fingers to journey across the amazing topography of Lane’s back, tracing invisible lines along the bumps and valleys which his back’s musculature consisted of. The divisions between each muscle were deep enough to hide coins in. In fact, Lane Huntington’s striations could probably hide a couple of hundred bucks worth of change. “Alfredo, you pipsqueak... get behind Steve. Start working him from behind,” Lane snapped an order. Then, to Max: “Fuckwad... kneel on the bed behind me and stick that long tongue of yours you love to wag onstage to the audience, stick it far up my ass. Don’t stop tonguing me until I say you can. Grrrrrrrr.... get to it!!!!!” The runners-up to Mister Alpha Muscle, both stared blankly at one another, and quickly removed their wedding rings before carrying out Lane’s instructions. “Mmmm.... you’re the best fucking thing to come out of this,” Lane moaned, kissing Steve so hard, over and over, whilst the college student worked his hands all over the massive bodybuilder’s incredible physique. His muscles were beyond comparison. Secretly Steve wished he could get this big one day. Certainly, being with Lane, now, like this, heightened a muscle-lust Steve didn’t know he had. “From now on... forget whoring it online with your inferior fuckbuddies... forget any big-tittied-bitch you might have for a girlfriend. You belong to me now, Stevie... you got it?” Lane blasted out another insanely peaked double biceps, and Steve cupped each bi with hands he considered to be bigger than average. Still, though, he had trouble getting his fingers around the apex of each bi. They were huge, over thirty inches each, easily putting his (moderate by comparison) twenty-one-inch guns to shame. “Yessir... I’m your boyfriend now... unngh,” moaned Steve, feeling the invasion of Alfredo’s rim job from behind, a new experience to them both. He returned his attention to Lane’s nipples and moaned in awe when Lane began to bounce each pec, so that Steve had to wrestle with his tongue to nip at each erect bud. Lane loved to have his nipples nipped at. He screamed out his bliss, which served to heighten the lusts of the others. Stud-A and B, now fully awake, began to fuck one another, enjoying the arousal of the orgy occurring before them. It went on like this for a long time, finally culminating in Lane Huntington blowing a massive load, so much warm, salty cream on tap for everyone present. Everyone showered in it and drank of it, for with balls that could swell to the size of touch footballs, Lane Huntington could produce a massive amount of spunk at a time. He fucked each one of them many times over, creaming again and again until it seemed he could never stop. His orgasm lasted for hours... it was unbelievable just how huge and sexually charged he had become. Finally depleted, they each one and all collapsed into a mountainous muscle pile atop a spunk-wet mattress with Lane forming its super-solid base, Max, Alfredo and Steve in the middle, and the Brazilian studs clambering on top. The bed groaned to support the weight of six men, with Lane Huntington the heaviest of them all. Lane slept soundly, so pleased with who he was and what he was capable of doing. It was brilliant being Mister Alpha. Epilogue: When he awoke, things were very different. He was alone in the hotel room, the bed immaculately fresh and clean. In fact, not a trace of the sex he’d had could be found anywhere. It had become a spunk-free zone. “But... the fuckin’ room was drenched in the stuff,” he reasoned. Even the mess from the toppled breakfast trolley was nowhere to be found. The entire suite was clean as a whistle. The massive bodybuilder got off the bed and quad-waddled from room to room. Everything was neat and in place, all signs of his earlier company non-existent. Could he have dreamed it? No way, for it was too real. He had been the muscle master, so much in control... but now? He was alone. The silence was disquieting. He decided to call for Room Service. Immediately Sharon the Cyber-Babe appeared, shimmering in holographic hues that alternated between various blues and greens. She was beautiful, if you liked that sort of thing, he figured. “Hello, Lane. How may I be of service?” Her voice was sensuous, soothing.... perhaps even hypnotic. “Where are the others? What’s going on here?” He didn’t like feeling out of control, but something about his sudden situation made him feel helpless, far from at ease. “They’ve gone, Lane. The average human can only take so much pleasure,” Sharon politely explained, grinning pleasantly, albeit artificially, “However, it could be argued that an Alpha like you was never average to begin with.” “I want to speak with Ward Melchior. I won his fuckin’ pageant, so I get to live out all the pleasures I deserve,” Lane, his anger rising, exclaimed harshly. “You are speaking with her, Lane. My name is Ward Melchior,” the hologram’s smile seemed more animated now... certainly more human in its aspect. “You.... you’re him? Buh-but....aw shit, this is fucked up.” He began to pace back and forth, gripping his temples as if to keep his skull from exploding as his brain struggled to make sense of what was suddenly going on. “I will try to keep it simple, Lane,” Ward Melchior explained, her body fleshing out into a more earthly palette, firming up, solidifying, but still vaguely translucent. “I’m all ears, lady,” Lane gruffly blurted. “You were in an accident. Your car went off the road and struck a tree. You happened to be near my research clinic when it happened and so the paramedics brought you to me. An ordinary man would have surely died, but as a bodybuilder you were afforded some protection. Alas, you couldn’t be saved. Fortunately, we specialize in preserving the human synapses and uploading them to our server, the Forbes Lowell Ethereal eXperience, or FLEX for short. Forbes Lowell was my father and founder of the clinic. He died two years ago, but he lives on as Steve Highway, the muscle-twink porter. Heh, he’d always hated his original name. Melchior is my name by marriage. I’m married to the world’s most renowned computer programmer who helped to build the FLEX server.” Ward paused speaking in order that Lane could digest what he was hearing. He found it difficult to get his head around it. “Wait... you’re telling me that I’m....DEAD? Buh-but, why the charade? Couldn't you have been a little more forthcoming with the truth?” A look of total perplexity washed across his handsome face. “Physically you are dead, but your brain patterns have been uploaded into your cyber-self. In essence you are still mentally alive... and always will be. These scenarios, or charades, are essential to gradually ease you into your new experience, hence the hotel and bodybuilding pageant scenario. In addition, your cyber body is even better than the real thing. Look,” said Ward, and sidestepped to allow a mirror to form up in front of him. Lane gazed. Lane gasped. “Jeezus.... I’m fuckin’ enormous,” he cried, completely shocked by his reflection. “We thought you’d like the improvements we made to your physical parameters,” said Ward with a chuckle. “It’s like that movie Vanilla Sky... the one with Tom Cruise in it,” said Lane, now posing like he’d never posed before. His body was “hulkingly” huge: easily three hundred pounds heavier than it had been when he’d been alive and competing at a shredded weight of 275. He massed into a bulging showcase.... a massive most muscular that flooded each muscle with humongous weight and definition. “Gonna pop,” he snarled, loving every moment of how he suddenly felt. “Well, this program was around before that movie was even thought of. But the comparison you make is sound.” Then... after a moment to allow Lane to further enjoy his massively sculpted, super-bloated and altogether beautiful body, she added: “We... can make you even bigger than you are now, Lane.” “Huh? How big?” He only half-heard her, so rapt was he on blasting out insane poses, muscles bunching ferociously, vascularity pushed beyond maximum, skin stretching snake-fashion to accommodate his muscular engorgement.... muscles climbing over muscles, smothered by their own combined mass. “Beyond your imagination, Lane,” said Ward, and before Lane’s disbelieving eyes, she morphed into Steve Highway, only this time he was as hugely muscled as Lane was himself. “Huh, I thought you said that Steve is your father. Jeezus, this is confusing.” Lane’s head began to swim from a combination of sensory overload and a sudden rush of blood southward, as his now twenty-inch cock sprung to attention at the site of the Steve Highway character displaying muscles as huge as Lane’s. “We like to share this image, from time to time. I’m still alive and have commitments beyond the server, so when you’re with Steve it’ll mostly be my father. But he’s sleeping now, so I get to use the body.” Ward/Steve moved closer to her/his new boyfriend, a secret which she would keep to herself and not inform her techie husband, for she had ways of keeping him out of her affairs when she traversed the server in cyber-form. “So your dad swings both ways, huh? I guess I’m okay with that.” Lane locked lips with Steve, their drooling tongues salivating with muscle-lust. Their huge, hulking muscle-bods became laved with musky sweat, their senses overwhelmed by their incredible, stunningly beautiful masses. The kissed for ages, fucked intensely for even longer, time seeming to stand still on the server, their lusts ever rising. And as they fucked, they grew to titanic proportions, thousands of pounds of muscle seethed across them, their dicks and balls swelling ever larger to cope with the demands made of their burgeoning lusts. “Don’t....gasp... let this end... not ever.... gonna cum.... gonna cum forever, fuck yeah!!!” “That’s doable,” gasped Steve, and with the merest mental command, both men shot massive loads whilst tonguing each other, slurping up each other’s cum as quickly as it was issued. They drank and drank... came and came. Time was meaningless here. And they continued to grow in every way imaginable... or unimaginable. Their orgasms intensified, their muscles bulging ever larger.... way larger.... too fuckin’ large, but then not large enough. Alpha became Omega. The circle closed and was re-opened.
  21. Here's another blast from the past written by Lorus for the old forum and saved in my private collection of erotic gems. I'm reposting it here with the author's permission. Mike Hugeman was mentioned in BOOM!, the short story I reposted earlier, so I thought it would be good for readers to know who he is. No one who meets the Hugeman ever forgets him. I certainly haven't. The story has eight episodes followed by a teaser for a sequel. I will post all of them in the same thread. MIKE HUGEMAN SUPER-POWERED MUSCLE WHORE by LORUS Episode 1 The room shook from the force of Ken Preston having the fuck pounded out of his cute bubble-ass. It was his birthday, this day, and he’d used the money he’d gotten from his parents to hire the Hugeman for an afternoon, rather than put it towards his new car. The greatest gay whore in the entire city of Stillbrook didn’t come cheap either, considering he charged five hundred dollars an hour. Not everyone could afford him, but Ken had been building up to this for an entire year of scrimping and saving, deciding that if he was going to lose his virginity, then he was going to do it in style, with the best dick in the world impaling him along its incredible length. “Oh God, this is fucking... ugh... amazing. Don’t...ugh... want it to stop!!!!” Ken was face down on the bed, knees dug into the sheets so that his angelic, heavily lubricated ass pointed upwards. Mike Hugeman, the most super-huge, awesomely massive mega-bodybuilder in the world, rode into the youth with all the experience his craft would ever provide him. He was super-hung, sporting a dick that was a solid eighteen inches long when fully hard. It was thick, too, thicker than a beer can. Given that this was Ken’s first time having sex of any kind, Mike was surprised at just how well he took his meat, imagining the kid probably practiced every day with dildos of ever-increasing dimensions. He loved his work, and was proud of his physical accomplishments, often posing and flexing his enormously pumped muscles during the fucking of his clients. He was versatile, too, and would often grant his customers many of the requests they made of him. Ken was new to this, sure. He would be exhausted afterward, which suited Mike. He had to get to the gym within the hour. It was leg day, and his wheels needed an intense workout. He’d already made the kid shoot his load just by bicep-flexing five minutes after arriving at the dilapidated hotel room. He was used to better surroundings, but reckoned the kid was on a tight budget. Besides, he’d had cockroaches for spectators before, and had fucked in worse places than this. The kid was inexperienced, but his balls were big and round and held a lot of jizz. He would bring him to another incredible orgasm before the hour was up, after which any sex Ken would ever have in his life after this would never match up to the ride he got from the Hugeman. “Take it all in... all of my massive muscle-meat, you little twinkster, yeah fuckin’ moan and scream the Hugeman’s name, ugh yeah!” The bed took as much of a pounding as Ken did, for it groaned under Mike’s huge weight, which was getting close to six hundred pounds, since he’d really thrown himself into his beloved bodybuilding. He loved lifting and he loved fucking. You could say that he lived for these pastimes and nothing else. He was well-known in his native Stillbrook and was totally out about his whoring and his desire to get bigger and stronger. No other gay whore in the city could make the kind of money Mike made, so it could be said that he was the king of his hill, with fuck all in the way of competition. But that was soon to change, along with his life, forever. Meantime, he brought the twinkster to a howling orgasm once again and flared his lats in triumph as his organ, gorged on blood and pumping for all it was worth, penetrated Ken over and over, hurting him in throes of awesome ecstasy from which the eighteen year old hoped he would never recover. Usually, Mike was wider than most doorframes, loving how he had to squeeze sideways just to get in and out of rooms. When he flared his lats it seemed like his body got wider still. Coupled with the rush of his orgasms, his energy levels would peak, and his muscles spring erect and huge. When he flared his lats during ejaculation, he was at his biggest and widest, and the skin across his back groaned in defiance of his increase in size, almost to the point of splitting apart and causing him injury. But it never did. He was strong as an ox... hell... he was strong as a dozen oxen. Ken’s time was almost up. Mike had been pacing himself and could have climaxed long before now. In truth he had a hyperactive sex drive and could easily be ready to orgasm again just two or three minutes after cumming, and his tennis-ball-sized gonads acted rapidly when it came to replenishing their jizz stocks. “Fuck me to death”, pleaded Ken, but Mike would never do that. Despite his ruggedly handsome looks and tough-guy persona, he was pretty much a nice 22-year old Italian American, with only an occasional short fuse, who still found time to visit his Sicilian mama for the best home-cooked pasta in all of Creation. He often joked to his friends that it was his mama’s cooking that was to blame for his enormous muscle-growth. In all honesty, the hunk had no idea why nature had singled him out with such an incredible ability to grow a huge, hulking muscle-bod. He loved getting larger, showing up at get-togethers and causing his friends to gawp in disbelief at how much larger he’d become since they’d last seen him. This got him thinking about the gym, now, and satisfying his other voracious appetites for the good things in life. It was time to blast the twinkster out of it. He gripped the sides of the bed as he gave one final lunge into Ken, his body tensing as it hardened into a seizure of ejaculation. A gushing torrent of creamy spunk erupted from Mike’s eighteen-incher, and he positively adored cumming inside his clients. He didn’t care about disease, for it was impossible to find condoms to fit his gigantic whore’s dick, and his doctor was astounded by the fact that having had unprotected sex with more than four thousand paying clients since he’d started out at just sixteen years of age, that he hadn’t once picked up an STD. He really was a superman in every sense of the word, with a superb immunity to disease that was unprecedented. Ken screamed his loudest as the Hugeman ravaged his hole, pumping a massive load of cum into his body. Even after pulling out of him Mike continued to spurt cum all over his newest client. More and more of the steaming cream soiled Ken and the bed they rode on. Mike then grabbed hold of Ken and firmly turned him around on the bed, so that he was facing up. The look of sheer pleasure on the youth’s face was a sight to behold, and his gaping mouth seemed hungry for Mike’s elixir. He did not disappoint and eagerly shot more and more cum, this time allowing Ken to swallow a great deal of it. “God, it seems I can cum more and more as I get bigger,” Mike bragged and allowed Ken to take his fill. Finally exhausted, Ken slipped into a satisfied slumber, spread-eagled on a grimy bed, and drenched in the Hugeman’s spunk. “My work here is done,” said Mike, and muscle-strutted into the ensuite bathroom to take a shower. The plumbing groaned and spluttered as he lathered himself up with the shower gel from his kit bag. As it was summer, he seldom wore a shirt when he was out in public because he simply loved to show off his gigantic muscle-bod. He was a regular sight on the streets, posing for all he was worth, sometimes allowing guys to come up and touch his thickly-veined muscles, but only if they had cold hard cash for the privilege. Mike Hugeman never gave anything away for free. It simply wasn’t his style. He decided to get ready for the gym here in the hotel room, which didn’t take long. He’d arrived wearing only stretch-denim jeans, his upper body glistening from a mixture of sun-tan lotion and baby oil. Now he placed the jeans in his kit bag and pulled on a sexy pair of black and blue striped spandex workout shorts that did little to tone down the massive bulge his cock and balls formed at their front. He couldn’t wait for it to be larger, too, for it seemed that his cock grew another inch for every fifty pounds of muscle he put on. “Fuckin’ HUGE,” he declared as he bounced the massive shelf of his pecs up and down for a couple of minutes as he dried his ravishing black hair with a hairdryer. He was completely beautiful and loved how his father’s looks married so well with the Italian in him. He’d once been told he looked like a cross between a young John Travolta and Robert Redford. He agreed with this comparison, but reckoned he was many times more handsome than the two actors in their youth. Mike got more and more beautiful with each passing day. He had sparkling blue eyes set beneath a confident brow that complimented his rugged, square jaw-line beautifully. He had full, pouting lips, the bottom larger than the top one, and when they parted to form a smile he had perfect white teeth. He always maintained thick, designer stubble which went well with the curly black hair on some of his chest, which he never shaved. He loved having a lot of hair on his front, and he especially loved how his chest hair tapered down to a fuzzy treasure trail that formed a pleasurable tongue’s highway between his chest hair and his thick but trimmed pubic tuft. At the special request of some of his regular customers, he never shaved his armpits, and the dark bushy growth he had in them was so beautiful, merely lifting his arms and flashing his pits was enough to drive some of his customers to complete, frenzied orgasm. It was time to leave. He sprayed himself with sexy cologne that enhanced his natural masculine musk and flexed some more in the mirror before helping himself to the cash the twinkster left beside the bed. There was a business card sticking halfway out of Ken’s wallet, not that it was any of Mike’s business. But curiosity got the better of him and so he looked at it. And then he got mad... very mad. Episode 2 The sensation that he was no longer asleep, but instead floating mid-air in a slight summer breeze, brought Ken Preston shrieking back to consciousness. He was no longer spread-eagled on a cum-sodden bed, or even in the hotel room, for that matter. Mike Hugeman had taken him up the fire escape to the roof of the hotel. Somewhat maliciously, the massive muscle-whore dangled him over the side, holding him only by his right wrist, like a small child would carelessly carry around a beaten-up old teddy. Beneath him was a twelve story drop that would surely kill him were the Hugeman to let go. “What are you doing to me?” Fear had caused Ken to urinate but thank goodness nothing else came out of him. This didn’t make sense. Why had Mike taken him up to the roof of the hotel? What had Ken done to deserve such a fate? The giant muscleman got to the point somewhat gruffly. “Why do you have an UltraZen business card in your wallet?” In the hands of the Hugeman, Ken Preston hardly weighed anything at all. He leaned out over the edge as far as he could extend his bull-strong arm, causing Ken to kick and dance in mid-air as he tried desperately to get closer to the roof. “I don’t... don’t know what that is, Mike. Puh-pleeeese, let me back in. I’ll pay you more money, I swear. I’ll cash in my college fund.... just please let me...” “That wasn’t the answer I expected, you little bastard. Shit, I think my fingers are losing’ their grip.” Mike feigned a worried look as he pretended to lose hold of the terrified teen. Then, ever so audaciously, Mike ripped off his spandex shorts, causing his dick to spring forth like a striking rattle snake. It instantly grew super-hard and began to ooze copious amounts of precum. He brought Ken in a bit, flipped him around and rammed his ass with his dick, but only halfway along its length. Then he stood perched on the edge of the roof, so that Ken was now once again dangling, held in place by the power of the Hugeman’s cock alone. “Look, mama, no hands,” Mike goofed, and imagined his dick growing bigger and bigger whilst impaling Ken and pushing him ever further from the edge of the roof. To emphasize just how in-control he was of this situation, Mike shot a massive bicep pose, cranking up his guns from their cold size of 32 inches around, to a staggering 42 inches. Whilst Ken quaked in fear on the end of his monster dick, the Hugeman kissed each of his biceps, flexing them harder and harder, forcing more and more blood to distend his veins, bulging them outwards like thick, ropy cables. “Pity you can’t see this from your position, twinkster. You’re missing one hell of a show,” Mike boasted, marveling at how monstrously huge and powerful his guns were becoming. Every day it seemed that he’d grown a little. He was constantly in awe of just how massive he was. But he was never satisfied with his gains. He wanted more and more size, strength, incredible beauty, and unbeatable power. He began to contract the muscles in his groin, causing his dick to bob upwards, still with the terrified young man impaled on it. “Hey this is a great workout for my dick muscles. You must weigh about one-fifty. Hell, I could perch two more of you on my hot super-cock, and still bounce it upwards. I’m just so goddam fucking huge and powerful. I’m so ultra-fucking-gorgeous. But I don’t like to be fucked with. I won’t ask you again, what the fuck is an UltraZen card doing in your wallet?” Sobbing fitfully, Ken was as truthful as he could be. “It’s my dad’s wallet... his spare one. I luh-lost my own a while buh-back... so he gave me his one. It muh-must be his cuh-card.” In the street below, a curious crowd had begun to gather. The Hugeman considered what Ken said, and after a minute decided to let him in. He placed the crying birthday boy down on the rooftop and stood towering over him, his body heaving with power in every sinew and fiber that made him so amazing. He flared his lats somewhat threateningly, but in truth posing helped him to think clearly. “Hmm, you could be telling the truth. You seem honest enough. But if your father works for those crooked bastards then I’m going to fuck him harder than I fucked you.” It was a vow which Mike promised to keep. He went to his kit bag and pulled out a spare pair of shorts which he quickly put on. They were grey in color and immediately a precum stain formed in them, but Mike didn’t care. He was just minutes away from causing so many guys in the locker room of Joel’s Gym on Church St to make with their own precum. “I hardly see my dad, ‘cos he’s always working. I think they may be clients of his. He’s in advertising. That’s all I know, Mike. I swear.” Ken was still crying. Mike suddenly felt bad. He pulled a clean towel out of his bag and gave it to Ken to dry his tears with. “Sorry about that. I guess I got carried away. UltraZen tried to recruit me into their organization a couple of years back. They offered me a free health assessment and free membership to their ultra-modern super-gym. But all they really wanted was a sample of my tissue to experiment with. They think I’m some kind of mutant, ‘cos I can grow so big. A mutant, can you fucking believe it?” Ken now understood why the Hugeman had flown off the handle. But the experience still had him rattled. “For what it’s worth, I wasn’t gonna drop you, twinkster. And even if I had, I could easily have leaped down to ground-level to catch you before you hit the concrete.” Smiling the most beautiful smile Ken had ever seen on any man, actor, supermodel, athlete or bodybuilder, Mike did a side chest pose and hefted up his medicine ball-sized pectorals, beefing them up to super-striated status. His chin immediately became lost in the meat of his upper pecs, creating the illusion that his head was about to be devoured by his muscle-tits. He couldn’t wait to inflate these babies through further workouts. He really was obsessed with his bodybuilding and obsessed with himself. “I deserve a free session for what you did, Mike. It was cruel of you.” Fear and upset rapidly began to give way to anger. Ken had every right to be angry. Mike thought about this. He guessed the kid was right. He dug into his bag to return his five hundred bucks. “No – keep the money. I meant another session, on the house, of course. Or I’ll tell the cops what you did to me.” “Hmmm, Hugeman in the State Pen for attempted murder. Lots of jailhouse ass for me to pound. Communal showers and I heard they’ve got one of the best gymnasiums in the state. I could get really fucking HUGE in jail, not that any cell could hold me.” Mike scratched his gorgeous stubbly chin as his mind set off to explore such a fantasy. In jail he could be worshipped far more intensively than in normal life. But on the other hand, he’d miss his mama’s pasta. Nah, it was best to keep on the right side of the law. “Blackmail doesn’t suit you, twinkster. But you’ve got yourself a deal. One free session it is. But not right now, ‘cos I have to get to the gym to beef up further. You can come by my place tonight at 9pm. I live at Pinewood Heights on Reginald and Main, Apartment 12, on the top floor. I promise not to dangle you from my balcony. I usually do webcam hulk-outs at that time, but tonight, for you, I’ll make an exception.” That said, the Hugeman leaped into the air and out from the edge of the rooftop. In a single bound he was across to the adjacent building, coming down heavily with a mighty stomp powerful enough to loosen every tile on the ceiling of the rooms below. He chuckled to himself, delighting at how huge and hulking he was. Suddenly the unexpected happened. The force of his connection with the second rooftop was enough to jar the body of the peeping Tom who’d been observing his antics through binoculars. The guy was dressed in combat fatigues, but he seemed too fat to be a real soldier. He staggered drunk-fashion out from behind an extractor fan assembly and puked up his McDonald’s lunch all over his boots. “What the fuck? Were you spying on me you fat fucking pervert? I’ll break you in half for that. The Hugeman never gives it away for nothing.” Fuming, Mike snatched the binoculars from the peeping Tom and crushed them into tiny bits of broken glass, metal, and plastic. He felt like ripping out the extractor fan unit and using it to beat the living crap out of the fatty. He was strong enough to do it, too. He thought about the prison fantasy again. “Puh-please... don’t hurt me,” the slob in camouflage pleaded. On a hot day like this the smell of expelled stomach acids soon became unbearable. Mike wasn’t hanging around. He was going to charge this pervert for the privilege of watching him perform on the twinkster, and so he grabbed him by the scruff of his fatigues and searched through his pockets for a wallet. He found it without any trouble. It bore the motif of UltraZen. Mike’s blood began to boil. He flared red in the face and puffed himself up to a massively muscular rage. He soon forced a confession out of the peeping Tom, whose name turned out to be Lenny Simmons. Mike listened to everything he had to say: “They hired me to watch the boy. I slipped the business card into his wallet when he dropped it at McDonald’s before meeting you. It was meant to get your attention. After the kid left the hotel I was to take him out with a tranquilizer dart and drive him to an abandoned warehouse at the docks – unit 108. There the kid would have your jizz extracted from him. What they do with it after that is none of my beeswax” Mike needed to flex while he thought about this. He pushed out a crab pose that caused his muscles to striate massively, bunching together with almost electrical ferocity. Like the comic book Hulk, anger seemed to inflate Mike lately, something he was curious about. If he could make an actual ability of this, then he could will himself far huger whenever it pleased him to. He was getting turned on, too, and his second pair of shorts began to part at the seams as his cock, once again, stood to attention. The wet bulge inflating in his crotch was enormous. Simmons couldn’t take his eyes off it. He wasn’t gay but his contact at UltraZen had given him a dossier on Hugeman, and the gigantic bodybuilder had fucked straight guys before, just because it suited him to. The shorts would not withstand a full erection, not when he was this angry, boiling blood surging through every last inch of him. “Get the fuck off this rooftop, Simmons. And don’t contact UltraZen under any circumstances. Your driver’s license was in your wallet, so I know where you live. Think I’ll be holding on to that for insurance. I’m going to pay a visit to that warehouse. If you warn them I’m coming, I’ll pound that house of yours into rubble, with you in it. Got that?” When the Hugeman spoke, he had to be heeded. Simmons, his fat lips blubbering, hastily made an exit. Mike set off towards the Stillbrook docks, his shorts just about managing to keep his junk in place. It had been a long time since he’d been this angry about something. The word “UltraZen” was enough to drive him into an indignant frenzy. What further enraged him was that he might miss his workout for the day. And for that he was going to make UltraZen pay dearly. Episode 3 For a henchman, Artie Pimms asked way too many questions. UltraZen’s Arkadian Stoat tugged at his electrically air-conditioned black mackintosh and tried to remain calm and sane. In truth, he was failing at keeping Pimms from grating on his nerves. If something interesting didn’t happen in the next 60 seconds, he was going to have to cause a public nuisance, simply to keep from going around the bend. Pimms shifted nervously from one foot to the other, surveying his surroundings with an almost pathological level of suspicion. It was abandoned, here at the docks, the perfect place for UltraZen to spring its trap. “Do you think it was a good idea having Lenny place the card in the kid’s wallet, boss?” It was Pimms’ umpteenth question in several minutes. Stoat wanted to kill the obsequious troll in man’s clothing. How in all the cosmos did these “inbreeds” make it onto the company payroll anyway? The mind just boggled. “For the third time, already, I planned it this way, Pimms. The Hugeman has a short fuse and hates all things UltraZen. How else could I get him to come here? Simmons is about as stealthy as a rhino with whooping cough. He’s almost as bad as you for messing things up. Stillbrook’s arrogant muscle whore will be here, and soon. I guarantee it. Now do me a favor and check your weapon. You may need it. And do it quietly!” Stoat adjusted the settings on the electro-blaster he carried with him, making sure it was set for maximum output. He would only get one shot at this. The only way to stop a man as huge and powerful as Mike Hugeman was with an electro-static force-field that could jolt even the most superhuman nervous system into complete but totally reversible shutdown. Positioned out of sight, keeping to the gloom cast by the shadows of some empty packing crates within the spacious sprawl of the virtually empty Warehouse 108, Mike Hugeman would have to possess x-ray vision to notice his adversaries before they noticed him. Stoat silently prayed to St Norris (the Patron Saint of B-List Bastards) that this wasn’t the case. Within minutes there was a loud, thunderous sound of something heavy hitting the concrete outside. Nearby car alarms sounded as the impact set them off. Young ladies screamed in terror, but then seeing it was the Hugeman, began to get moist for him and wish he wasn’t gay, oh and er... yeah... a couple of dogs barked or something. The Hugeman was really pissed off as he tore through the docklands looking for Unit 108. This was causing him to miss his workout. He got madder and madder, and this seemed to make him get a little bigger, which wasn’t a bad thing, he reckoned. But his shorts were about to disintegrate from the immense pressure his inflating glutes and erecting dick caused by pushing outward in opposite directions. When he found Unit 108, he smashed through the large slide-doors, pulverizing metal and wood and whatever else the fucking things were made of, the force of which made him totally lose his shorts. He didn’t care. Looking down at his massive whale-dick excited and pleased him. But he snorted in a rising rage, thinking that it wouldn’t get to be glorified in the gym today, if the day’s events kept causing him to get sidetracked. “Come out from hiding, you UltraZen bastards,” he boomed, his gargantuan roar powered by an incredible set of lungs. He was getting stronger and stronger. He could feel his body bulging all over. He had to capitalize on this effect, but also clear his head to think clearly. When silence returned to the warehouse’s echoed interior, Hugeman flexed, sweet fuck did he flex, greater than he ever flexed before. He squatted down a little, bending his legs at the knees, so that most of his weight was carried by his shimmering quads. He crabbed down into a most-muscular pose, squeezing his balled fists so tight, he could compress coals into diamonds had he been holding them. This incredible pressure, aided by a snarl that added deep russet tones to his cheeks, sent a shockwave of flexing, bulging superpower throughout his exceptional system. Energy crackled in pulses along his body’s veined super-highway, energizing his circulatory system to hulk up into overdrive. Massive, thick cords pushed out of a 22-inch neck. His body exploded into hyper-muscular relief, with extra inches popping out everywhere, his weight increasing significantly. He couldn’t wait to get this business over with so that he could beat all his lifting records over at Joel’s Gym, with a full retinue of horny, awe-stricken, paying worshippers gathered around him, just the way he liked it. He would have it no other way. He posed and flexed, flexing huger still, and posed until he could think more clearly. He pounded his granite fists together, sending further pulses of shocking power throughout. Growling and snarling – gruffly lauding his bodybuilding superiority with an exceptional nod to superior masculinity – Mike screamed the place down as his glistening, colossal physique bulged more immensely than ever, muscles bulking up so fast, his skin stretched almost to the point of sheer translucence. His definition was mesmerizing. His hulking pecs widened and deepened, and when he bounced them, it took slightly more effort on his part, the mass of the pec-bellies at their greatest so far, so that their momentum seemed more gradual, but no less rhythmic. This pleased him very much, and his hard-on raged with greater impunity. “My God,” Arkadian Stoat gasped from behind the vantage point of crates, then cursing himself for uttering a sound. He wasn’t gay, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t appreciate just how much larger Mike Hugeman had become since last their paths crossed. He had failed, before, to secure the genetic samples he craved in order to experiment with Mike’s unique muscle-building properties. UltraZen thrived on defense contracts. Should they patent an elite super-soldier for sale to the highest bidder, they could become a major world power in their own right. Hugeman was the key to mastering this design. And Stoat, as head researcher for UltraZen Industries, was under a lot of pressure to reel in his prize catch. Today he vowed not to fail. Luckily the Hugeman hadn’t heard him make a sound, so caught up was Mike in his flexing and muscle-gaining. With an enormously delta-shaped back bouncing rays of glorious sunlight back through the skylight through which they came, Mike was oblivious to the stealthy, snake-like advances of Stoat, as he carefully eased his way closer to his quarry, the electro-blaster primed and ready to be fired. Stoat would only have one shot at this. He signaled with a nod for Pimms to ready the overhead net conductor. It would fire from a cylinder high above the Hugeman, something that had failed to catch his eye, fortunately for Stoat. So far things were going by the numbers. But still, caution was the only card to play. Mike was overwhelmed by his flexing, and the obsession he had with growing, coupled with the rising strength he felt surging in him. His balls swelled with jizz, and he would have to expend it soon before frustration got the better of him. He began to stroke his huge whale-dick, completely awed that it seemed, now, to be at least an inch and a half longer than it had been earlier, back in the hotel room with Ken Preston. Saint Norris’s Ghost, Stoat mentally gasped, not expecting to get a full sex show from the biggest muscle behemoth the world has ever seen. He was an out and out heterosexual, but if that was the case, why did Stoat feel the front of his trousers getting tight? No, this cannot be. This fucker cannot be turning me gay, he thought, but then lost the run of himself and said the last bit aloud: “I won’t allow it!!!” Hearing this caused the Hugeman to turn around like a whirlwind, just as his cannon dick was about to release its salty torrent. Several life-changing things happened in the space of one and a half seconds. The force of Mike’s massive discharge spewed forth with the pressure of a fire extinguisher, blasting into Stoat across a distance of about twenty feet. Gripped momentarily by his most powerful self-induced orgasm ever, Hugeman was temporarily paralyzed, but that did not matter, for the blast of his jizz knocked Stoat off his feet, sending him sprawling, just as Pimms pressed a button on his remote control, blowing the cylinder above both Hugeman and UltraZen’s head researcher. Stoat fired the ultra-blaster, but something went terribly wrong. Coils of Tesla-like energy arced into the torrent of cum that existed briefly between Hugeman and Stoat, creating a brief circuit through which the gun overloaded. The connection was only a fraction of a second in duration, but the conductor net fell over them both, holding in the charge for a little longer. Dazed and confused, Hugeman rolled around in the net and soon became trapped. Like an idiot, Pimms sprang to help his boss, reaching out to grab his arm where it stuck out from a gap in the net. Stoat writhed in agony as energy danced impishly across his suffering but scrawny frame. As soon as Pimms touched his hand, he absorbed most of the energy, which now siphoned off into him. He was knocked back into the packing crates, smashing through them. He screamed for all of his worth as anomalous energies scorched him... reshaped and rewrote him. Likewise, Stoat was also rewritten to a certain extent. This was a day that would live in infamy, no doubt about it. When the lightning show eventually ended, Mike found the strength to tear himself free of the confining net. He felt weak and he staggered to his feet, his dick now limp and pendulous as it swung from his movements. “Am I... smaller? Oh, please God, please no.” He cleared his head and rubbed his eyes to get them into sharp focus. He looked down at himself... well, his gaze got as far as his pecs and would go no further, for his muscle rack prevented it, it was so bloated and huge. He flexed his forearms and bis, squeezing his balled fists to crank up the flexing to its fullest. He breathed a sigh of relief, for he hadn’t shrunk at all, despite the sapping of his strength. In fact, he thought he might be even bigger. Thinking this quickly energized him and lengthened his dick to a semi-flaccid state. Still a bit groggy from whatever it was his assailant had shot him with, Mike turned to look down at the living mess caught in the net. At first he didn’t recognize the charred, wizened man. Then, as he studied the sooty face a little further: “Arkadian fucking Stoat. I should have known you’d be behind this,” the Hugeman growled. Stoat just moaned something incomprehensible but appealed to the Hugeman to be freed from the net. He poked an even bonier arm through the netting, hoping the giant above him would take pity on an injured scientist. Hugeman scowled and thought about pissing on the little runt. “Puh-please have pity on me, Hugeman. You can see I’m beaten, finished. I know when I’m licked. At least help me to my feet so that I can check on poor Artie. I think he took the worst of it.” Mike thought it over and bounced his pecs so as to clear some space in his head. Maybe UltraZen would leave him alone, now that Stoat had seen the new, bigger, and more powerful Hugeman. They simply couldn’t beat him. Stoat looked old, broken down, emaciated. He was no threat to the Hugeman, Mike decided. And so, he extended a huge hand downwards, offering it reluctantly to Stoat. When Stoat touched Mike’s hand, he felt a rush like no other. Although his body didn’t change shape or size, he leeched off a great-deal of Mike’s incredible power. Mike, towering above the scientist, felt his legs turn to jelly, weakening to the point of being unable to stand under his own power. In contrast, Stoat snapped himself to a standing position in a trice, almost squeezing the life out of the Hugeman. Instincts that were new to the older man coursed through him, now, and with the merest tug of his arm, wrenched the Hugeman into the air, with force enough to expel him upwards, higher, and higher. He crashed out through the roof of the warehouse, soaring ever higher into the summer sky. Stoat watched it happen, marveling at what he had just done. But how could this be? He decided there was time for analysis later. For now, he just enjoyed the worried squeal from Hugeman, gradually fading as distance claimed him. “Sto...aaaaaa...aaaaat!!!!!!!!!!” “No, dear boy, from now on I won’t be going by that name. Oh no...” He looked at his burnt hands and marveled, wonderingly, at the crackling, residual static charge that arced between his clawed fingers, energy that seemed to leech the power out of the most powerful man on the planet. Stoat took a new name and shouted it aloud: “From now on... I will be called... Man Handler!!!!!” To be continued . . .
  22. [Hey folks, first time posting a story here. Some of you may know me from my tumblr Broodingmuscle. This story will feature MMA fighting, dominance, forced exercise and feeding, and fast but realistic muscle growth. Eventually there will be some little bro revenge because that’s my jam. Let me know what you think, sorry no growth in the first chapter. - Broody] Fight Night: Part 1 Stick vs Meatball “Welcome back to the Underground Fighting Championship, I’m head commentator Fred Williams. Our next fight in the Flyweight division is going to be something I’ve never seen before. Curtis “Stick” Quick, the division’s tallest fighter will face his polar opposite, Tony “Meatball” Pizetti who replaces an injured competitor. I’ll ask my fellow commentator Al Sharp, what do you make of this crazy match-up?” “More like mis-matchup my friend, wow! As the fighters take their places in the ring you can see that the 6-foot-1 Quick just towers over Pizetti who stands a mere 4-foot-1.” “And yet, Al, and yet… look at these other stats, Pizetti is the heavier fighter, coming in at the regulation upper limit of 126 pounds, while Quick is a mere 123 lbs. What happened there did Quick over-correct trying to make weight?” “I asked his trainer this very question and the answer may surprise you. Curtis Quick has always been a super-lean guy, in fact he got into fighting as a kid because of how much he got picked on for being skinny. He’s never cutting weight for a fight, always trying to maintain or gain weight to stay competitive in the Flyweight rankings.” “And so he doesn’t blow away in a stiff breeze. Good Lord someone get that kid a sandwich!” “Well speaking of a meal, look at Tony Pizetti! “Meatball” is an apt nickname for the stud just look at all the muscle piled into this short stack. I just did a quick calculation and proportionally if Pizetti was as tall as his opponent, he’d be a whopping 280 lbs! Just look at those massive arms, they’ve twice as thick as Quick’s! Pizetti may not have the ultra long 80” striking reach of his opponent, but you better believe a body like that is going to do some damage if this goes to the ground.” “Pizetti’s wingspan is certainly respectable at 60” for a man his height. He’ll have to get inside to do any punching, but this is mixed martial arts! Expect some dominant wrestling from this pint-sized Hercules.” “And now the announcer is being ignored by both fighters during the introductions. What intensity as they yell smack-talk across the ring at each other. Quick says something about Pizetti shopping for his tights in the boy’s section. Pizetti-- oh my god!-- reaches into those same tights and pulls out his XXL cup! He holds it up to the audience and his tights snap back to form an outright elephantine bulge! Now he’s calling out Quick’s own fashion sense, with his loose shorts hanging down to his knees to hide his skinny legs, and what other inadequacies? As the referee scolds Pizetti, the short fighter grins and makes show of the compressing effort required to stuff those enormous genitals back into the protective device.” “Well Al, I don’t know about you, but the fight hasn’t even started and my blood is already flowing. I think the ring girl just fainted! And Quick looks a little pale, I don’t think he expected to be shown up this badly by a fellow just about four feet tall!” “Well as the bell sounds to start the round, we’ll see if Quick has a comeback to all that!” “And he does, a lighting fast left jab hits Pizetti full in the face! But he’s fast enough to raise his guard and block the follow up right which thuds impotently against the Meatball's thick forearm. Pizetti advances to try to get inside, but gets caught in the gut with a front kick from Quick that pushes him back into a more comfortable range for the taller fighter. This time Quick’s one-two combo hits the mark both times but Pizetti shrugs off the punches! He taunts Quick by sticking out his chin, his face plastered with a mocking grin and The Stick takes the bait, launching a straight right down the center which Pizetti ducks easily. The Meatball powers an uppercut drawn from somewhere in this arena’s basement and smashes into Stick’s jaw!” “Oh he’s hurt! Goddamn it if I didn’t feel the force of that punch from the ringside. How he’s even still standing after that hit I do not know but he manages to back away and bat aside Pizetti’s follow-up shots drunkenly. He was definitely rocked by that blow!” “The Meatball bulls his way inside and goes for a double leg takedown, no wait a double leg lift! He picks Quick’s slender body up like it’s a pencil and slams his foe brutally to the canvas! Oh my god, that has gotta hurt! Pizetti falls on him like a log dropped onto kindling and Quick tries to scramble out the side. No dice. Pizetti hauls him back, gets into full mount and rears up for some devastating ground and pound. A few hits from those sledgehammer fists and Quick’s face is bloodied up like raw hamburger. Quick's coach, his big brother Butch Quick, is yelling obscenities that would make a sailor blush from the corner.” “The ref calls out for Quick to fight back or he’ll end it and the fighter finally responds, flipping his legs up to catch Pizetti’s head between them. Quick wrenches down and the power of long limb leverage launches The Meatball halfway across the ring to land on his head! Pizetti pushes himself up to one knee but looks wobbly. Quick is dripping blood from his face but makes it to his feet. He lunges and strikes like a kicker after a field goal, his foot hits Pizetti’s gut with a dull thud. Quick winds up for another shot but The Meatball turns aside at the last moment, lashing out with a left hook to the body that nearly snaps The Stick in half.” “Holy shit, I think Quick’s liver just got made into paté. Spread him on a cracker, he looks done.” “Oh what a mess, his face ruined, fallen to his knees gasping, the wind knocked out of him. Now Pizetti approaches and reaches out to hold his head almost tenderly. He whispers something in his ear and the pulls him close, burying his face in his meaty pecs. He locks his muscular arms around Quicks head and cranks it. Forget breathing, Quick taps out in an instant so that his skull doesn’t pop like a zit!” “Oh my, over already just as I was getting excited.” “Looks like you’re not the only one! Pizetti pull out his cup yet again as Quick collapses to the canvas, chest heaving. He may be David but I’d call that cock Goliath: wide, rock hard and bursting up right out of his tights well past his navel!” “He gets grief from the ref and from Quick's corner, but the fans seem to love it! He drops the cup onto Quick’s face and then grinds his foot on it, forcing the defeated fighter to breath in his sweaty ball stank. Pizetti does a victory double bicep flex that gives the ring medic pause as he rushes in to check on the flattened loser.” “Pizetti grinds out a most muscular pose and blows Curtis Quick a kiss as security enters the ring to keep the two separate. As the referee raises his arm in victory, he points at Quick and mouths ‘I’ll be seeing you soon’ with a leer and a wink.” “Well Al, I’d sure like to be in the room for that meeting. Maybe even film it! Well, this has been quite the fight. On behalf of my colleague Al Sharp, this has been Fred Williams for the Underground Fighting Championship. Thanks for joining us and see you next time!” *** Fight Night part 2: Don’t Call Him Little The next day, Curtis Quick woke from his doctor-mandated bedrest to a pounding coming from the door of his room. He lived in a run down two story motel that rented rooms monthly for cheap. He dragged his poor battered body to the door shouting. “All right already, I’m coming, hold your horses. Jesus!” The noise was making his headache worse, but that was nothing compared to the shock he got when he opened the door and looked down to see Tony Pizetti outside his room on the balcony. His stomach churned but he put on a brave face, swollen as it was. “What are you doing here, huh, didn’t get enough of humiliatin’ me yesterday?” Tony wore a low cut white tank top that showed off his massive hairy pecs. He held a 15-lb bag of potatoes over each shoulder. “I’m here ‘cuz I’m your new coach, Stick.” Tony took a step back and then hoisted the potato bags, swinging them around like nunchucks. Curtis watched dully, still blinking the sleep from his eyes. With a last swing, Tony threw both bags at his chest and he flew back into the room, knocked flat on his back. “How did you know?” Curtis groaned weakly from the floor. His coach Butch, his older brother, had quit in disgust yesterday after the fight. Tony stood over Curtis’ flattened form, folding his thick arms over his chest.. “Everybody knows, Stick. He talked to the media this morning. I believe his exact words were. ‘I ain’t training a loser who lost to a midget.’ What an asshole.” Curtis got to his knees, still sore, but anger over Butch was riling him up. “He is a fucking asshole! That’s not the word you’re supposed to use. It’s like… little person, right?” “Look at this shit. You see anything little?” Tony flexed a bodybuilder-style double-bicep pose. His lats flared out into meaty buttresses holding up arms that were so thick with huge hard muscle that his biceps, triceps and forearms had to fight for space. “From now on you call me Coach or Sir, got it?” Curtis mouth hung open as he watched Pizetti show off. He remembered the power in those arms and thanked God Pizetti hadn’t broken any of his bones. “Got it, Coach! Damn are you bigger than yesterday?” “Fuck yeah, I hate cutting weight for a fight, after I was done with you, I went out with my buddies for a huge steak dinner and then went to the all night gym and blasted these muscles hard. Speaking of which….” Tony chuckled and reached over to tousle Curtis’ hair. With Stick on his knees they were the same height. “I like you kid. You got potential and I need a project. All I get for fights are gimmicks and last-minute replacements.So I’m switching to coaching. I’ve booked you a light-heavyweight fight 4 months from now.” Curtis shook his head. “It’ll take me that long to recover from that beating you gave me. How could I recover and train AND gain thirty pounds to fight as a lightweight in just 4 months?” “Clean out your ears, bumpkin, I said light-heavyweight, that’s 205 lbs. You’re gonna gain eighty pounds of pure muscle. And you're gonna learn to punch and wrestle like a man, not those girly blows you sent my way. And as to how. You leave that to me. Now get up and take this.” Tony pulled Curtis to his feet and shoved the motel ice bucket in his hands. “Go get ice. Lots of it.” While Curtis went back and forth to the ice machine to fill the bathtub, Tony stomped up and down the balcony stairs to his car, unloading the potato bags, 20 in total, till they filled one corner of the kitchen. When he was done, he checked the ice level in the tub. “Alright that’s enough. Come with me. It’s time for your first training session.” Tony popped the trunk of his classic 1983 Buick Grand National and Curtis flinched. “Is that a body?” Tony scowled. “What, you think I’m a gangster or something? Just ‘cause I’m Italian? That’s racist.” “I don’t think it’s r—” “Take another look, bright boy.” Curtis gingerly pulled at the bloody cloth wrapping. “Jesus, it’s a whole side of beef.” “Lift it out, kid. You’re taking it upstairs.” “What? How? It’s gotta weigh 300 lbs.” “Probably 325. Think of it as CrossFit.” “Shit.” Curtis said. He shucked his shirt and tucked it in the back of his shorts. Compared to the boulders of muscle fighting for space on Pizetti’s short body, Curtis’ thin muscles looked like strings stretched along a giant banjo. He strained hard to lift one side of the bloody mass over the lip of the trunk. The effort left him heaving breaths in and out his bony chest. He looked from the truck to the stairs going up to his second floor balcony and then back in despair. “Damn, son, you look like the carcass left over from last night’s roast chicken.” Tony jibed. Curtis hauled more on the mass of meat until he had two thirds of it over the lip. “I got…” he grunted, “a fast… metabolism… fuuuuuck!” Curtis tried to figure it out. He thought he could manage it if he got the side over both his shoulders. But the trunk was below his waist level and there was no way his skinny legs could rise up from a deep squat with that much weight. He looked over at Tony. “Y-you got a jack or somethin’?” Pizetti rolled his eyes. “Alright, soft boy, I’ll help ya, but it’ll cost ya later.” Pizetti scooted his legs under the bumper of the car. He spread his arms out straight and pressed them flat against the asphalt, then tucked up his thighs to his chest and pressed his feet to the undercarriage. Curtis heard first the groan of shocks and then silence as Tony leg pressed the back end of a loaded Buick. The trunk rose up level to Curtis’ chest and he ducked under the mass of meat to brace his shoulders. “Oof. Almost there, a little higher.” “Get ready, punk,” Tony growled. The trunk lowered down again as Tony’s legs pressed to his chest and then shot up fast and hard. Curtis pulled the weight freely onto his shoulders. He teetered over to one side but solidified his core and managed to keep from tumbling over. “I got it, I got it, Coach! Look, I’m doin’ it.” Curtis slowly turned around carefully keeping the huge load balanced on his shoulders. Tony was still under the car, grunting out leg press reps. Goddamn. Curtis made a mental note to google its curb weight. “That’s great kid, let’s see if you can get up the stairs in the time it takes me to do 3 sets.” Curtis let out a grunt of his own. “You’re on coach!” Curtis adjusted the ponderous weight and then stomped step by step toward the stairs. He got to the bottom and looked up. It looked impossible. He flexed his abs and thought of his older brother, mocking him yesterday for weakness. He raised his right foot and set it on the first stair. He pressed hard, feeling his quads solidify and contract. He stepped up and then planted his left. “Fuck yeah, I can do this!” He repeated the process and got to the third step. His heart was pounding. He heard Pizetti counting out reps: “Fifteen! Where you at, boy?” “Halfway up!” he lied. “You better go faster if you want to beat this chicken carcass.” He heard Pizetti breathing heavily. “Oh I’m gonna enjoy this.” Curtis heard the bouncing of shocks as Pizetti started pumping out his next set twice as fast. Curtis visualized the bloated strength of Pizetti’s tree trunk quads and willed it to transfer to his own slim legs. With the next step he forced his left leg to skip a stair. Then his right leg did the same. He was no longer inching up the staircase like an old lady, but taking it normally, like he didn’t have half a cow on his shoulders. The tension in his limbs was intense but he took a deep breath and stomped up the rest of the stairs, reaching the top just as Pizetti yelled out his final rep. “I did it coach!” He huffed, a huge shit-eating grin on his face.. Pizetti set the Buick down and stood up. His thighs were so swollen with pump they rounded outward like beachballs. “Nice job kid!” He stamped his right foot down and his quads exploded, rending the overstretched lycra of his gym shorts right up to his crotch, with a loud RIIIIPPPP!. “Fuck yeah!” he growled. Reaching into the trunk he pulled out a huge meat cleaver. “Now get that meat on ice. It’s time to grow!”!” Cont.
  23. This story uses a character from @MadMutter, Jolias (at his request, so yes I have his agreement), this is what he looks like if you have never seen him (in this story, his body was not so muscular at the beginning): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DzT340qWoAgJVhF.jpg https://www.deviantart.com/madmutter/art/Jolias-Ready-for-Raccoon-City-784139560 And the other character, his boyfriend, is Max (brown hair, glasses). I planned to post the full story in one time but it would takes too much time. This story should have 7 or 8 chapters so no, it's not finished. I hope it will meet your expectations. As usual, feedbacks are welcome ! Enjoy ! Jolias and Max: The cock ring Level 1: From zero to fit Max was in the Jolias's bedroom, lying on his boyfriend, their lips were stuck and their tongues were dancing, when suddenly... I was lying in the Jolias's bed, with Jolias, well, rather ON Jolias, we were in the middle of a kissing session. Gooooosh I loved these kissing sessions, to taste each other's saliva, feeling our tongues dance. Then suddenly... *DING DONG* I stopped to kiss Jolias and looked towards the door. Hu ? Who is it ? "Oh crap !" replied Jolias. "I really hope that this my package ! I've been waiting for it for weeks ! Jolias got up, quickly put back his tshirt. Craaaaaaaap he was so beautiful, this amazing body, slighty muscular, this tanned skin. I fell in love every time I looked at him ! Jolias went to the front door to see who it was. "... FUCK YES ! IT'S HIM !!" he yelled. Excited, he quickly opened the door ! "Hello ! A package for M. Jo..." "Yes, it is for me !" asked quickly Jolias. Fuuuuck he was really excited ! I was wondering what he could expect promptly. It looked like a kid receiving his Christmas present. "Please sign here." asked the delivery boy. He hurriedly took the pen and signed. "Thank you very much. Have a good day !" said the delivery boy. "You too !" asked Jolias then he closed the door. "Oh YES ! I got it ! I got it ! I got it !" repeated Jolias, clearly very happy. To be so happy, it must have been very important ! "Dude, what's happening to you ? What is this package that makes you so excited ?" "Haha ! A little gift for both of us !" replied Jolias, in laughing. "A... gift ?" Jolias tore the package, not even taking care to open it properly as he was so impatient. And finally, he showed the gift. "TAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!" he yelled, by showing two rings. Huh ? Two rings, it is also excited just for that ? ....... OH FUCK ! Don't tell me he's going to propose to me ? "Eeeeehhhh.....rings ? You were so excited just for two rings ?" I wondered. "Jolias, are you... going to propose to me?" "Gnuh ? .... Ah no haha ! No no no hahahaha ! Nothing to do with a wedding, well that will come too of course but this is for something else ! It's not a ring that you have to wear on your finger" replied Jolias. "Huh ? To the ear then ?" "Nope !" "To the nose !" "Nope !" ".... FUck Jolias, Are you going to tell me what the fuck this is for?" I said, with a touch of annoyance but also intrigue. Jolias had a little smile. He pulled his shorts down and his underwear and passed his dick in the ring. "WHAT THE HELL ? Is it for... ?" Wait, was that for what I think it was? "Hahaha it's a cock ring !" A cock ring ? He was as excited about a fucking sex toy ? "Go ahead and put it on, I'll give you a demo." It was a ring, made of a slightly elastic material to fit the size of the dick. I put it on and placed it at the base of my cock. Gooosh it squeezes, as if someone was grabbing my dick. "Well... an now ?" I asked. Jolias was playing with his phone. "The nice thing about these is that they are..... connected !" He had barely finished his sentence when I suddenly felt intense vibrations at the base of my cock. It was as if I was masturbating myself but much stronger and more intense "AAAAAAAAAAAAH Fuck !!!! Fucking fuck !!! Crap ! HOLY CRAP ! What is this thing? OOOOoooOOOOOOOOOoooOHHHHHHHHH aaaAAAAAaaaaAAAAAaaaAAAAHHHHHHHH !!!!" "It's intense, right ?" In a few seconds I was already panting as if I had fucked for one hour. It sent me a wave of pleasure on wave of pleasure. "Crap Jolias ! I think I will... I will....I...aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!" My cock started to spit its white liquid, a dozen charges that splashed on the ground. Fuck, I had rarely come like this, not so fast !!! "Ha.... ha..... ha....... ha..... ha...... ha" It only lasted a very short time and yet it was as if I had had an intense session of over an hour. "So, did you like it ," asked Jolias, in smiling. "Oh crap.... oh fucking crap..... it was... it was... intense !" "Hahaha ! Yes, the first time surprised me too ! And as you saw we can control it via an app ! I actually thought we could have fun with this". I could feel a shiver of lust in his last sentence. "Have you ever been turned on in the middle of the day and felt like having a little session ? But not being able to satisfy you because it would be too visible ? Well, with this we can !! Well on the other hand, you'll have to try to refrain from screaming and hide your wet patch hahahahaha !! And to "spice up" the game, because you know I love to eat VERY spicy food, as they are connected, why wouldn't each one control the other's ring. Wouldn't that be fun hehehehe ?" I must admit that the idea was very fun but on the other hand it would be much less nice if everyone understood that you were in the middle of orgasm. But I must say that what I loved about, was this sexual tension that we maintained it made our sexual relations very much more intense and enjoyable. And if there was one thing he was good at, it was coming up with ideas to push lust even further. And this was his latest find. "Yep, we can try this !" I said. "Perfect !" he replied, not hiding his joy. Jolias drop down his short and released his "monster". Craaaaaaaap ! I think I'll never get used to this amazing view. Long, thick, venous, his member was in the image of his body: perfectly perfect ! He put the ring around his cock. "Max, give me your phone." I gave him, he fiddled few seconds then: "....... here it is, it's installed ! Just open the app, select the ring and enter the password. Well, I wouldn't want anyone else playing with my dick hahahaha !" "What's the password ?" "makemecum123" "......." "Well... we check that it works ?" said Jolias, in smiling. I opened the app, I selected the ring and I entered the password. As soon as I did, a small light lit up on the ring. "Oh crap ! aaaaaaaaaaaahhh... fuck....ggnnnnnnaaaaaaaahhhh....it's...ooooooooooohh...so...aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... gooooooood....aaaaAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAAHHH oooOooooOOOOooOOOOOHHHHH !!!!!!" Jolias was moaning about 15 seconds then.. "Oh CRAP !...I'm....aaaaaaaah....cumminNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!" Like me, his dick spat out its white juice. A dozen charges splashed on the ground. "ha......ha.....ha....ha.....ha....craaaaaaap....ha...ha...ha... it's even better than I imagined and damn, it's not going to be easy to hold back !" Jolias pulled up his short and watched the clock. "Well, I thin it's time to go to college... And (boy)friendly advice Max, take several underwear and pants in your bag, you're probably going to cream on some hahahaha !" "Hehe but look out Jolias... because I can return the favour hehehehe !" "Ah but I hope so !" The school was only about ten minutes on foot, on the way, I couldn't focus on other thing than this embracing sensation at the base of my cock. It wasn't unpleasant, I just wasn't used to it. Arf, the first course was philosophy. I dislike this course, the teacher was so boring. Jolias and I were still sitting next to each other, by the way, that was how I met him, I remember staring at him for several seconds and then when he noticed me, I couldn't look at him all the way, but my heart was racing, it was only the next time we started talking, he never told me but I'm sure he didn't sit there by chance. But today we decided to step aside, so that we could admire the other in action without appearing too suspicious. If we were seen moaning, next to each other, I think our notoriety would take a big hit. Craaaaaaaap, as planned, this course is sooooo boring... Discreetly, I took my phone and send a message to Jolias. *Man, this course is so boring ! Can't wait for the end !* Few seconds later, he replied. *Boring ? Even with... this ?* As soon as I finished reading the sentence, my eyes were widening: I felt an intense vibration at the base of my dick FUck ! Fucking fuck Jolias ! Not now dude ! And I received another message: *Hahahahaha you should see your face dude ! And I know what you are thinking: not now, right ? But this is war my dear Max hehe ! So...enjoy ! :)" Crap, fucking crap !!! If I was at home, I would have enjoyed it but not here, no way that I cum in course ! I closed my mouth and clenched my teeth. Oh fucking crap ! It was so good ! How do you want to resist to this ? I try to seem normal but inside, I was clenching my teeth to the max, I squeeze my fist and I'm sure you could see veins on my forehead. Fuck Max ! Don't come, don't moan, Don't come, don't moan, don't come, don't moan... and of course it was already over for the last one. "......NNggnhh............." ... and obviously during a moment of silence. "Are you alright Max ?" asked the teacher. CRAP he noticed ! I tried as best I could to answer... "...nnngh....yeah....yeah...just...a...slight indigestion....It's...it's..okay..." He looked at me in disbelief... and continued Oh gosh thanks ! I was looking towards Jolias: he was completely amused by the situation, unable to hide a slight laugh. Crap Jolias, my vegeance will be a dish best served cold, or rather a cum best served hot ! My face started to turn red, I couldn't take it anymore, I need to cum. I spread my legs so that my trousers don't stick to my underwear. I could resist for a few more seconds and then the floodgates opened. My cock was spraying my underwear of his white liquid. I tried to stay stoic and produce no sound. but I could be seen to have a slight spasm with each load. And if you find that easy, I invite you to try, no sound, no reaction: it's FUCKING hard. I don't know how many loads I shot, but my underwear was warm, soaked and above all sticky. Fortunately, I put tightening boxer, which helps to keep it out of the way. But fucking crap, I couldn't spend the rest of the day like this, especially since I feel like I shot more than usual, so... go toilets ! But for to not be suspicious, I asked the teacher. "Hem, sorry Mister, but I need to go 2 minutes at toilets." "You are a big boy now Max, no need to ask me but thanks, just don't disturb others" Ouf! This was one of the advantages of the college, be able to slip away whenever you want. if I had been in high school, it would have been a disaster. I went out quickly of the room, in trying to not show that I had flooded my underwear. Once in the toilet, I checked that there was no one, I would lock myself in a cabin and took off my trouser. ...... HO-LY CRAP !!! I was right, I was swimming in cum. My underwear was almost entirely soaked ! SHit, I had rarely shot so much !! Craaaaaaaaaaaappppppp !!!! It was warm, thick and sticky, creamy. It seemed... delicious ! if I wasn't at school, I would have tasted it but really not a good idea. Well, I had taken an airtight bag and especially deodorant, A LOT OF DEODORANT. If I could hide my trophies easily, there was one thing that was less easy to hide: the smell. If I'd just put it in my bag I'd be toast in two seconds. I put on clean underwear and returned in course. When I entered in the room and Jolias saw me, I could see his smile grow. Oh man, wait, it will be your turn soon hehehe ! No sooner had I returned to my seat than I received a message from Jolias: *So, how the battle went ?* And I replied: *I was able to hold off the attacker for 5 minutes but they gained ground and broke through my defence. The courtyard of the castle was invaded !* The wording was weird but I don't want anyone to pick up my phone and see "Oh I have the best orgasm of my life in middle of course, I flowded my underwear !" And Jolias replied: *Hahahaha needed the biggest walls !* Yeah well I would have liked to see him there... Finally, the course ended, the next was history course. Jolias disliked this course. So we were going to make it more interesting ! But I would strike when he least expected it. the class started and the teacher began a long monologue (and yeah, it was boring). But personally, I was concentrated on Jolias, which, as it went along, almost fell asleep and at some point, he ends up closing his eyes... YES ! it was time to strike ! I'll give you the best alarm clock ever, my dear Jolias ! I opened the app, I selected the ring and entered the password... mmmh.. what was it again ? .. Ah yes, "makemecum123" and don't worry Jolias, you will cum hehehe ! Just before to apply, I looked Jolias, he was almost slept. Haha dude, you're going to have one of those wake-up calls, the best of your life ! I confirmed. Almost instantly, he opened his eyes at once. He tried to hide it but I could see clearly he was panting. Then he looked me. I gave him a discreet wave of the hand then I sent him a message. *In war as in war my love !* I saw him slighty laugh but quickly interrupted, he was clearly tense, as strong as I was. So, it's not easy Jolias, right ? I could see by his head and his fists, completely closed and clenched, that he was fighting hard. Then, like me, he couldn't help but let out a slight. "NNNGHnnnnn.........." "hem Jolias... are you okay ?" asked the teacher. Jolias was lucky that his very tanned skin didn't show quickly that he was blushing but I knew it, he was embarassed. "nnnngggnn.....Yeah.......yeah...just......just a little indigestion..." Oh the copier hahahaha ! I tried to show if he had already came or not. And suddenly, I had had my answer. I saw his eyes opened even wider, his fists clench harder and he had like spasms. That's it, the fire hose had just been turned on and then several dozen seconds later he relaxed. Well, no doubt, his underwear should be totally soaked. I didn't see wet patch on his short, he had managed it well but knowing him, he had to put on several layers of underwear. ".....sorry Mister but... I have to go to toilets, just 2 minutes" Hahaha crap, he's going to steal all my excuses or ... ? After few minutes, I sent him a message for know the situation. And he replied me: *Maaaan, I put two walls for to have better defenses and... the first layer is COMPLETELY destroyed ! Fucking craaaaaaap ! And the second one took a lot too ! It's so insane !* Hahaha well, this first battle was full of surprises and intense ! In any cases, it was fucking hard to control not to say impossible but that's what was good !! Jolias come back few minutes later, with a bag which must smell the deodorant hahaha ! Finally the courses ended and I joined Jolias outside. "So, how was your battle ?" he asked me, in smiling. "Fuck man, it was insane and insanely hard to be retained !" "Hahaha yeah, I agree, but little advice: put several underwear, it will help to absorb. Especially since, I don't know about you but I shot twice as much as usual" "Yeah, I had the same thing, impossible to stop, it shooted again and again and again. My underwear was totally soaked" I replied "Hahaha we will not have to forget to make turn the washing machine this evening if not one will be very quickly short of underwear !" said Jolias. "I have to admit that we're going to use dozens of them a day ! By the way, I have to go to the city, I wanted to buy some new clothes, are you coming with me or are you going home ?" "Of course I'm coming with you !" "Well ! ... AH ! Here is the bus !" As usual we put ourselves in the background, it was more discreet and I do not know but ... I expected another "attack". Indeed, Jolias was playing with his telehpne and I was expecting to feel my ring vibrate at any moment, especially since he liked to do it in uncomfortable situations. And getting a gift in the middle of a bus ride was not a comfortable situation. Suddenly, I saw him raise an eyebrow, as if surprised... I wonder what made him .. !! aaaaaAAaaaaAAAAAAaaaAAAAAaaaAAAAHHHHHH !!!!!!! SHIT !!! FUCKING SHIT !!! I fucking knew it, he couldn't help it !!! Fuck Jolias, we are in a bus and you'll make me flood my underwear now ? Seriously ? OOoOOOoOOOOoOOOooooOOOOHHHHH !!!! Fuck, fucking fuck !!! It was good, it was... so fucking good ! Like in class, I was trying to hide it but you could clearly see that I was tense and trembling slightly. Fuck ! AAAAaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!! But something new has happened: you know that feeling you get just before an orgasm ? Usually you feel it "where it belongs" right ? Well, here I had the impression that it was... spreading. It was not just my pelvis area, NNNnnnnngnnnngnnnhhhhhh !!!! I also started to feel it in my legs, my chest and little by little it spread to my whole body. OoOOOOooooooOoOOOOoooooOOOOOHHHHHH GOOOOOSH !!! it was like... I had a total masturbation of my whole body. And I was hot, more and more. And I looked at my arms and I could see that I was more vascular. And I could feel my heart beating super fast Fucking fuck.... FUCKING FUCK ! What was going on ? What the fuck was going on ? It wasn't normal, it wasn't normal at all !! I was trying so hard to resist, some tears even flowed but.. Don't cum Max, you're in a bus, your body seems to have an erection and it all makes no sense but don't cum ! ... Damn it was hard ! It was FUCKING HARD ! Even harder than in class... Jolias nudged me and showed me his phone. On it was written: "So, this battle ?" As I suspected it was him but... I don't think he noticed that there was anything different here. Maybe I was having an allergic reaction... In any case I really had the feeling that my body was congested. And it seemed to increase. Then a wave of pleasure went through me and I knew the fight was lost. My "cannon" was about to fire ! And few seconds later, I fired... I shooted, big load after big load, covering my underwear of cum and trying to swallow my moans and... shit, FUCKING SHIT ! I could see a wet patch on my pants. Not huge but it meant that my underwear was not enough. And clearly, he was flowded, I could feel it sticking to my skin. Then the "congestion" disappear in same time than I stopped to cumming. Honestly, I was a bit panicked. I was not surprised for the masturbate session but for the other thing, it wasn't clearly normal. I almost felt like my whole body was... swelling... But it's ridiculous, muscle growths as in the cartoon didn't exist. However, I really the feeling to be... pumped. And Jolias did not seem to have noticed. Well, it's our stop. we got off the bus and I tried not to show too much of my wet patch, well, here it was not just a wet patch, it had widened. "Fuck dude ! Thanks for the surprise attack, now my underwear sticks to my skin !" I said, sarcastically. "Hahahaha !! It was boring so it was necessary to spice up this journey a bit, no ?" "Yeah super... but now I have a underwear soaked of cum and I have to go in a shopping center full of people, thank you very much..." "Hahahahaha !! Don't worry, I have my stock of underwear and pants, we are going to need it I think. And little advice: put two or even three underwear. We don't know what can happen.." he said me in smiling. Crap, I bet he was going to do it again in the mall... I took his underwears and pant, found a quiet place and I changed my clothes..... FUCKING CRAP ! No wonder I had a wet patch; my underwear was completely FLOWED ! CRAAAAAAAAAP !! Well, if I put this in my bag it will stink... I was getting rid of my old clothes and dressed me again. Yes, it was really the right time to buy new ones ! We entered in the mall.
  24. londonboy

    More Than Just a Big Body

    “Keegan . . . Keegan! I can’t breathe, man. Hey, Keegan!” I could tell he was falling asleep – the rhythm of his breathing was turning even and deep. I knew I needed to have him roll off of me or I’d be trapped for the entire night. Using a good amount of strength, I pulled my hand up between our bodies and found a big hairy nipple to twist, with as much power as my fingers could muster while smashed between us. This snapped the big guy out of his almost-sleep state, causing him to make a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a whine. “Mmmm-hmmmm, my baby’s ready for round two . . . wait, no, round three.” “As wonderful as that sounds, no – it’s just that you’re starting to fall asleep and I can’t breathe . . . or feel my legs.” “Oh . . . sorry, hon, I’m just too big.” The understatement of the year. The cold, winter’s night air briefly sent a shock to my body as he rolled off of me and exposed me to the elements. I immediately wanted to be smothered by his warmth and weight, again, even if it restricted my breathing and prevented me from being able to get up until he did. “I gotta pee, anyway,” Keegan said, sliding out of the much too small bed and waddling out the door and down the hall. I knew his wide shoulders made the narrow passageway leading to the rest of my tiny apartment look even smaller and very claustrophobic. I had watched him make that walk thousands of times – amazed that he wouldn’t have been able to fully extend his arms out sideways unless he accidently punched through drywall, which was always a fear of mine . . . or was it a fantasy. My small place was suddenly filled with what could only be called the sound of a waterfall. Not the trickling sounds of a small stream – more like the deafening pounding of Niagara Falls. Even the guy urinating sounded butch and powerful. And it seemed to last forever. Just when you thought it was ending – at that moment when most guys would be wagging off a few more drops, there’d come another loud steady stream that somehow told you it was a virile hugely muscled man crammed in the tiny bathroom. After what seemed like the same amount of time for a semi-long movie, I’d hear the floorboards complaining about having to support so much weight and then I’d be surrounded, again, with the kind of body warmth that helped me save on my energy bills because I never had to turn on the heat. This time, only a huge arm would be draped over me, but it would still feel like a giant, heavy, folded quilt on my body. “I really could go again,” came the deep sexy familiar voice, that caused the back of my neck to be caressed by his breath as we spooned. “I’m not you, remember? Not all of us can rebound quicker than all of the NBA put together. I also have the early shift tomorrow.” “You work too much.” “Tell that to my creditors,” I replied, pulling his beefy forearm around me tighter, which caused him to squeeze my body hard. “I had fun tonight. Thanks for coming out with me.” “Yeah, it was fun . . . but I’m not sure your friends like me.” “Not this again. Of course, they like you . . . it’s just that they’re still getting to know you. It’s only been a few months. “It’s just that you guys always talk about stuff I know nothing about.” “Well, we have a long history together, so there’s a lot of shared information.” “Yeah, like that friend all of you talked about – the one I don’t know – her name was Marianne something.” “You mean Marianne Williamson?” “Yeah.” “Um . . . she’s not a friend . . . so to speak. She’s running for president.” “You have a friend running for president?” “No, not a friend. She’s just famous and Kyle is like her personal cheerleader or something.” “See, that’s something I should know . . . to be able to join in the conversation. I think your friends find me boring and stupid.” I tried to turn my body to face him, but the weight of his big arm prevented it. I tapped it twice – our little signal for him to release whatever part of his body was making movement impossible. He raised his arms so I could spin around and then it came back down, holding me closer. I looked into his innocent, but serious face. I slid my hand up between us and tapped on a gorgeous bulging mound beside his neck. “What’s the full name of this muscle right here?” “The trapezius muscle and it’s divided into three areas - the upper, middle, and lower fibers – called the upper, middle, and lower traps.” “And what specific exercise, pray tell, makes these things get so huge?” “Well, there’s a lot of debate about that…” “What’s your favorite, honey, cause it’s obviously working?” I said, smiling. “I like power shrugs and deadlifts.” “None of my friends would know any of that. Your expertise is not Marianne Williamson, it’s muscle.” “You just want me for my body,” he said, sticking out his bottom lip in a forced fake pout. “That’s a huge part of my attraction . . . and by huge, I mean…” “I get the point. Name something else besides my body that you find attractive.” I faked a pained look on my face – as if I couldn’t come up with anything else and the big man squeezed my body hard, making me squeal a little. I suddenly realized that there was some true vulnerability being shown here. My big sweetheart was feeling ‘less than’ and needed some support. I snuggled closer and turned my face up to his. “Tonight, there was a moment when the beer pitchers were almost empty and I could sense everyone looking at their phones, going to the bathroom, or cruising the joint – anything to keep from being the person that noticed we needed more beer. You, however, poured what remained evenly in everyone’s glass without any hesitation and then took the four pitchers to the bar to get refills. You didn’t think twice. You didn’t have this scorecard in your head that was keeping track of who had already done what and who hadn’t. You just saw that more beer was needed and knew how to improve the situation. Your kindness often overwhelms me with a knowledge of how lucky I am to be with you.” I had just answered his question honestly – truly believing he was one of the nicest guys on the planet. But my answer moved him in a way I had not expected. A tear slid from the corner of his eye and dropped to the pillow below. My heart opened even wider for this wonderful man. “Keegan, honey, you are definitely not stupid or boring. Who cares if you know who Marianne Williamson is or not. I love your body, yes, but that is not even close to all the things I love about you. What’s bringing this on?” I double tapped his arm to be released and sat up, crossing my legs to look down at him. I had my hand on his big biceps, stroking him softly. He turned his head to look up at me and another tear slid down the top part of his cheek. “This is usually the beginning of the end. I’ve reached this point in too many relationships to even count – room being made for my toothbrush, being introduced to friends, and even being sent out with the guy’s ATM card and code to get money for him before going to a club. It’s just that nothing’s ever lasted more than a few weeks after this point. The guy’s all end up telling me that the conversations are too limited, I spend too much time at the gym, or – as one guy put it – they don’t want to look like they’re out with a hustler every time we went to dinner. I worry that I don’t know how to make it beyond this point. I worry every day that you’ll get tired of me.” “Hey, Mister Muscles,” I lovingly said the nickname I had given him the first night we met, which, at least, made him briefly smile, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here. You never bore me and as for stupidity – remember the first time you took me to a gym. What did I do? Come on, tell me.” “You thought you could bench what I bench.” “And what else?” “You went to pick up the dumbbells I was curling and threw your back out because you couldn’t even lift them a little.” “You had to carry me to the walk-in clinic down the street. If anyone’s making a fool of themselves in this relationship – it’s definitely me. Who’s to say that you won’t get bored with me soon, eh?” “That’ll never happen?” “And why not?” “Cause you give the best head I’ve ever had,” he said, turning slightly red and smiling. “Oh, so you like me only because of my mouth.” “Yes.” I took a pillow and swung it quickly into his face, leaving it there, so all I could see of him was his humongous arm, massive chest, and cobblestone abs. The view still bowled me over – even after all of these months. I heard him saying something under the pillow. I removed it. “And sex with you is better than chocolate cake,” he said, mentioning the only food that would ever tempt him from leaving his strict eating regime. “Now, you’re making ME sound like the hustler.” “You’d be a good one. I remember.” “Thank you . . . I think. What’s brought all of this on, Mister Muscles? Why the sudden fear of this fabulous thing between us not lasting? You’re not one for losing confidence.” “I was in the bathroom tonight, around the corner out of sight at the urinals, and I overheard Kyle and Demetrius talking.” “What did they say?” I asked, knowing already it was going to be something bitchy and unkind. “Kyle wondered how long you were going to continue to slum it with a Neanderthal and then he said he could see in my eyes that I had no idea who Marianne Williamson was.” “Fucking Marianne Williamson! When did she become the barometer for all things concerning relationships. First of all, Mister Muscles, Kyle has wanted me since junior high and doesn’t take quickly to any guy I date. Secondly, you intimidate the hell out of him because of your size and big muscles, and, thirdly, I’m going to kick his ass the next time I see him for saying all of this.” “God, you’re sexy when you defend my honor and talk that way.” “I’m serious, Keegan. He can’t treat you that way and I will tell him.” “Um, no you won’t. I don’t want there to be even more of a strain than there already is between your friends and me. I’ll just have to win them over with my princely charm.” As usual, the big man found a way to help me instantly release anger and tension. I looked down into his eyes and smiled. I lowered my face to give him a long, passionate kiss. I pulled back after a while and we looked at each other – silently. “So, we good. All this is good, now?” I asked, showing him how important it was to me. “Better than good,” he said and then lifted the quilt and sheet to reveal a fully hard ‘Tennessee’ – the nickname I had given his dick because I said it was as long and big as that entire southern state. “Show me again why I like you so much.” My mouth watered a little as ‘Tennessee’ was uncovered even more and two extremely muscled thighs begged to be the support for my small hands as I did what I was truly good at – servicing my big man. ********** “Five hundred dollars.” “Nope.” “Okay. A thousand, but that’s my final offer.” “It’s still no. I have a boyfriend…” “So?” “…and we’re in a monogamous relationship.” “But there’s enough of you to keep four guys happy!” “And I’m only interested in keeping one man happy.” “Then why be a personal trainer? These days, isn’t that just a code word for ‘hustler’?” “Um . . . no, I truly enjoy helping other people get into shape. By the way, are you going to come on to me every time we work out. I might need to start charging you more if I’m going to have to continue fighting off all your advances.” I grabbed the man’s hand, which was suddenly placed on my thigh, and squeezed a little too tightly before pushing it away. He let out a slight yelp and shook out his arm wildly. This was my fifth session with Mr. Groping Hands (names withdrawn to protect the guilty) and he was, again, in rare form. Saying the word ‘boyfriend’ had taken me back to earlier that morning when Chef Marco (okay, chef in training) had literally blown me away – no pun intended – with his unbelievable oral skills. I had never met such a talented mouth. The sensation of what his tongue, throat, lips, and teeth could do was still making my groin area buzz with excitement. Mr. Groping Hands clearly thought my bulging crotch was in response to his non-inspiring advances. This guy was definitely a ‘catch’ – rich, well-built, nicely endowed, and smooth in the way expensive liquor went down, but he wasn’t my Marco. He wasn’t the beautiful man that was able to suck my balls in some miraculous way that could make me not able to prevent myself from exploding in less than a minute. I swear, Marco’s mouth should be listed as one of the . . . what was it . . . five wonders of the world? Six wonders of the world? Neither of those sounded right. “How many wonders of the world are there?” I asked, as I carefully led the man through some sit-ups. “You mean besides you, Keegan.” “Yes, not including me,” I answered, signaling him to take a short rest. “Most scholars say there were seven wonders of the ancient world.” “Seven. I was close,” I said, tapping his stomach to begin again. “How about just letting me blow you in my car, Keegan? I can tell your cock is interested – it keeps bobbing up and down when you touch me.” We were out in the open area of Palisades Park – a hot spot for trainers who didn’t want to see clients in their homes or at the gym. Mr. Groping Hands was a pretty famous director and preferred the anonymity that came with green grass, lots of trees, and a gaze-stealing view of the Pacific Ocean to prevent gawkers. I appreciated his boldness – it was kind of refreshing after all the guys (and gals) that did head games to try and get me into bed. I looked over at his Bentley Flying Spur and then back at his red-from-training-hard face. “What’s the difference between your car and, let’s say, a Honda Civic.” “You’re kidding, right? First of all, kid, it’s the comfort. The Flying Spur is like first class on the world’s biggest airplane while the Civic is like where the dog crates are stored. Secondly, it’s the power and pleasure that comes from sitting behind the wheel of that beauty. And, among many other things, it’s knowing that what you’ve got is a classic – something everybody else wants.” “Well, let’s just say you’re the Civic and my man, Marco, is the Bentley. And you, my friend, are done.” “Ouch, you sure are a buzz kill. What a way to put me in my place.” “You worked hard, today. You know, you really don’t need me. You’ve got a clear understanding of exercise, great form, and a great body. I know it’s not good business, but you are paying for something you don’t really need.” “Are you kidding? You think I’m paying you for your expertise about working out? Buddy, I choose to have you as my trainer so for an hour and a half two days a week I get to look at the kind of perfection that probably inspired Michelangelo. I get to cop a feel or two of the hottest body in the city. I get more fodder from you for private spank time than anything on the great big web could ever offer. I’ll be yanking my chain in my office before you even make it home, Keegan. I hope this Marco fellow knows how lucky he is.” “I’m the lucky one,” I said, winking at the man. “Hey, the two of you wouldn’t be interested in a shared bed, sometime, would you?” “How often do you lend out your Bentley?” “Never.” “I’m the same about my man.” “When the hell did monogamy become so popular again?” he said, collecting his wallet, phone, and other personal items. “Ever since I met Marco.” “I’d like to meet your man, sometime, Keegan. Just for dinner, don’t give me that look. I really mean just a meal and conversation. I’d like to meet the guy that has slayed such a huge and handsome dragon. My offer on helping him get a chef position somewhere still stands.” “Dinner sounds good, I’ll check with Marco and get back to you. Marco always says thank you for the offer of a job, but he wants to make it or break it on his own.” “You two inspire me,” Mr. Groping Hands said as he reached up to latch a hand on my massive pec and squeeze, before walking off. “One more handful to fuel my afternoon release. See you Tuesday, Mr. Universe.” I watched the handsome guy walk to his car. He really was a good catch. He was successful. He was a fully ‘out’ director and producer in Hollywood and that was almost unheard of. His movies had won numerous awards and his sole Oscar was for directing an incredible heart-wrenching independent film about two older gay lovers. He was even liked by other people in the business. All of that, however, didn’t come close to Marco. I pulled out my phone and hit the only ‘favorite’ I had. “Hello, Mister Muscles,” answered the silky voice of my lover. “Bad time?” “Never a bad time for you. I’m just ironing some shirts. How was Mr. Grabby Fingers?” “Mr. Groping Hands was fine. He offered a thousand dollars today and wanted give me a blow job in his Bentley.” “You have such the glamorous life. You know, of course, I have figured out who this man is, even though you are the consummate professional and have never revealed his name.” “I’ll always be able to say I did not tell you. He’d like the three of us to go to dinner sometime. He’d like to behold the stud who has stolen my heart.” “I think he’d be sadly disappointed and baffled as to why you weren’t already fully ensconced in his Malibu mansion.” “Or he’d fall in love with you and steal you away,” I said, only half-joking. “Would his flexed arm surpass the size of yours,” Marco asked, sexily. “Not even close,” I replied. “Then you, my friend, have nothing to worry about.” “Oh, so the first guy you meet that is larger than me is who you’ll dump me for?” “Well, since I’m never going to meet anyone larger than you – and even if that crazy idea could come true – you have nothing to be worried about. Besides, there’s another huge muscle of yours that I’m pretty sure will never be topped by any other mere mortal.” “Speaking of ‘Tennessee,’ he’s definitely screaming for some attention from little Marco.” “Well, since you now have a session with the nameless Mrs. Famous Actress who stars in one of my favorite shows and is married to a world-famous divorce lawyer (no way I could figure that one out), you better calm down before she offers to blow you in whatever fancy car she drives.” “She always rides her bike to sessions. She’s very concerned about the environment.” “Of course, she is. Well, tell ‘Tennessee’ that I will see him in the shower this afternoon before I leave for work. One more thing, Mr. Muscles.” “What’s that, Boo?” “Don’t be mad when you get a call later on.” “What does that mean?” “Just don’t be mad. I’ll see you later. Love you.” And the phone went dead. I stared at it for a few seconds, wondering what Marco meant. I did not have to wait long to find out, however. The phone rang with a number I did not recognize and had not keyed in. “Hello,” I said, cautiously. “Hey, Keegan, it’s Kyle.” My knight in shining armor had not done what I requested. Kyle had been reprimanded and forced to give me a call. I would have to act angry with Marco for a little while this afternoon, but I knew ‘Tennessee’ would be begging for the beautiful man’s mouth - or even more - and would prevent me from sulking for too long. I returned to the upcoming awkward conversation. “Hey Kyle, what’s up?” “Listen, I’ve been thinking that I haven’t started off our relationship on the right foot. I’m pretty protective of Marco and always want what’s best for him. I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I haven’t always been cordial and I was hoping we could, you know, kind of start over and let me make it up to you. If that’s okay . . . with you.” I knew I wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer or the brightest bulb on the tree, but I did know a thing or two about men and how to act around them. This was a huge deal for Kyle – to be making this call – and it showed what a good friend he was to Marco. Dating a guy is not a private affair – if you wanted it to last, which I definitely did, you had to accept that you were dating his family and friends, too. You also needed to make sure your boyfriend’s best friend never felt too excluded or shamed. I understood Kyle. I also felt for him, since I had figured out, way before Marco told me, that Kyle had a longtime crush on his best friend. I was an unwanted interruption in their unrequited love affair. I knew how to make things right – or as right as they ever would be, because Kyle would continue to be jealous of me. I would just have to accept that. “Man, Kyle, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve always been cool. I know it’s hard to add a new person to a set group of friends, but you always seemed to go out of your way to include me. There’s no need for you to apologize, but consider it a clean slate if you need to.” I could feel the guy’s smile across the phone waves. He knew I was playing along with the game that he was playing. We both knew each other knew it. We both knew Marco knew we were playing it. But that didn’t take away from the fact that we were doing it. I was giving Kyle the gift of being able to call Marco and tell him everything was good. I empowered Kyle with a secure best friend status and the ability to embrace me just a tad more into the group. He was freeing me to completely be Marco’s boyfriend – holding hands when we were out, talking about intimate stuff around everyone, and even kissing, on occasion. We both were freeing Marco of worry and tension our unnamed battle might have caused. The universe shifted to welcome this new reality. “Okay, then,” Kyle said. “I’m glad. That’s great. I’m really happy you found Marco (we weren’t quite ready to be happy that Marco found me). I’ll see you for drinks tomorrow night, right.” “Yes, you will. And Kyle, thank you,” I replied and it was the most honest thing in the entire conversation – we both knew that, too. “Of course, man. Thank you. See you tomorrow.” “See you.” The phone went quiet and dark. I immediately texted my sole ‘favorite’ saved in the phone as I watched Mrs. Famous Actress biking up the path. The text was short and sweet. “Thanks for defending my honor. ‘Tennessee’ will be expecting extra attention to make up for it.” ************ The text made me long to have ‘Tennessee’ in my mouth right at that moment – or some other orifice of pleasure. My entire being missed the hugeness of Keegan – all of his hugeness – every second he wasn’t touching me. I knew that this feeling was part of the honeymoon period of a relationship, but I also knew it was mostly and specifically to do with how much the big man turned me on. My face only came up to his nipples – a convenient spot for my mouth – and I had a feeling the most accurate ratio would have been three and a half of my bodies equaled his one. I loved muscles – all of my friends knew this – but no one, especially me, would have anticipated the giant mountain of sinew that now shared a bed with me three, four, or – sometimes – seven days a week. We made sure we split our time between both of our places – just to be fair. I was also still amazed he didn’t go crazy in my small place – his enormous frame almost completely filling up any room he was in. His place was bigger, more expensive, and nicer – but Keegan always seemed happy to be at my place, too. He said he just wanted to be wherever I was. “This moment calls for Ms. Ross, the boss,” I said – to no one - as I found the song ‘I Want Muscles’ and blared it in my apartment. I had one more shirt to iron, but dancing around my living room took precedence. I thought about calling Kyle to tell him thank you, but that wasn’t how this worked. He needed to think I was still a little unhappy with how he had been treating my new gorgeous, wonderful, mammoth boyfriend. Kyle had heard in my voice the unspoken ultimatum that if I was forced to choose, I’d go with Keegan. It had been the first time ever I had insinuated this, we both felt that big elephant in the room. It scared each of us – a lot – and for the first time in our lives the conversation on the phone had faltered, even stopped for a few seconds. Kyle had been my best friend ever since he had scared the crap out of a bully on the playground in seventh grade by screaming louder than a police siren to alert teachers of a potential incident. The bully never bothered me again and Kyle and I became lifelong friends. We came out to each other in high school and he confessed his love for me in college. Our friendship was cemented even more when we worked through that, me finally letting him know I was drawn to big men. He first thought I meant I was a chub chaser, but then I had told him I liked muscles. We watched each other botch up a few serious relationships and more than a few one-night stands. Then we became locked into the scene in Los Angeles – he, as a new financial planner at his dad’s firm, and me, as one of only twenty-five people chosen to attend a posh three-year culinary school. He was presently working his way up the corporate ladder and I had graduated top of my class and was working hard as a sous chef at a prestigious restaurant. To help make ends meet I had taken a second job delivering nutritious homemade meals to the great people of Los Angeles who had extra money to burn. “Get that last shirt done,” I said to myself when Ms. Ross had finished singing about men’s bodies. A big mistake – one that cost me the delivery job – had changed my life forever, just a little over eleven months ago. I had been sent to one of those nice downtown high rises with a meal which could have been a late lunch or an early dinner depending on whomever had ordered it. I wasn’t paying attention – what was new – and got off on the wrong floor because someone had pushed the call button for the elevator but went back into their place to probably retrieve a forgotten item. I assumed it was the floor I needed when the doors opened and no one was there. I went down the hall and mistook 4-K for apartment 5-K. Meanwhile – only to find out later – a broken-hearted bodybuilder/personal trainer named Keegan Robinson was going through a fully acceptable slutty stage after a very hard break up and had made an afternoon booty call to help him relieve some sexual tension before he went to the gym to workout. Keegan lived in apartment 4-K. When he opened the door to find this cute guy standing there with earphones on jamming to some tunes, he was pleasantly surprised by how lucky he was to get such a wholesome looking hookup. He had pulled me into the apartment so quickly that I didn’t really have time to say anything. “Hey bud, sorry to be so direct, but I just really need to get off before I go and do this intense two-hour workout. You don’t mind if I pay you full price to just suck me off right here, do you? I’d really appreciate it.” I was still reeling from the fact that this smooth-faced Hercules had answered the door. I had never been this close to someone that size. I had a muscle fetish, for sure, but all of my big body encounters didn’t come close to matching the mountain range of bulges standing there in a tank-top and basketball shorts. My music was blaring, so I hadn’t heard what the giant had said, but when he pulled down his shorts to reveal the longest and thickest and most juicy-looking sausage of my entire life – making it clear he wanted a blowjob – I didn’t miss a beat. I dropped the bag of gourmet food, dropped to my knees, and then dropped that mammoth thing down my throat so quickly you would have thought I was a professional. Every guy I had ever slept with – and it was quite a few – had always said I was the best cocksucker he had ever met. Even if the guy ended up dumping me he always ended with, “I’m going to so miss that mouth of yours.” I have no idea why I was so good. Maybe it was because I just imagined what I would like when I did it. Or maybe it was just because I loved sucking so much. Either way, the stars were aligned that afternoon because my skills and the desire to be really good because of the hulking body I was getting to blow enabled me to give the bodybuilder the kind of pleasure he had never known before. I made him cum so hard he threw his body into a terrifying, but astounding most muscular pose as he spewed – causing me to swallow even harder, which – in turn – made him shoot a quick second round. The big man fell to his knees, his cock pulling from my mouth and his big arms engulfing me. “Fuuuuuuckkkk, what in the hell was that?” he said loudly between heavy breaths and trying to steady his still-swaying huge body. I pulled out my earphones and was about to ask what he said, when there was a knock on the door. The giant rose to his feet, still a little unsteady, and pulled up his shorts as he opened the door. A definite slutty player stood there, kind of fake-smiling – which turned into a real smile when he saw the behemoth that had called. I’m sure the hustler was super thankful it was some huge Adonis instead of a balding middle-aged married man. “Sup, Thor,” the hustler said, “I’m here to rock your world.” The bodybuilder turned to look at me, catching sight of the food bag at the same time. There was a stack of bills on a table by the door. The big man grabbed these and the bag at the same time. He looked at the address on the slip stapled to the carrier. He turned to slutty hustler and handed him the bag and money. “Changed my mind, dude. Something better unexpectedly came along. Here’s your money, though, and do you mind delivering this one floor up to 5-K. Thanks a lot,” said the muscled perfection and then he quickly closed the door. Turning to me he added, “Can you do that again?” Needless to say, Keegan never made it to the gym that evening. The hustler didn’t deliver the food, so I was fired by text when I wouldn’t answer my phone. I had been too busy, however, swallowing four big loads of the bodybuilder’s swimmers within a three-hour period. I had never known a guy that could produce so much semen so quickly. He was some kind of sexual superman. He kept saying each orgasm was more powerful than the last and claimed that I had some kind of oral magical powers. He screamed louder with each ejaculation and I was sure his neighbors thought he was being murdered. After blowing him in the kitchen, living room and bedroom his body was so jacked he said it equaled the two-hour workout he had missed. He ordered Chinese food and we ate it totally nude on his living room floor. After exploding the fourth time, he pulled me onto his humongous body and we kissed for the first time. Basically, my mouth had been filled with his cock for three hours straight and the guy was finally slightly spent, and ready to get to know me. “Fucking tell me your single . . . um, oh fuck, what’s your name?” “I’m Marco,” I said, holding out my hand to him as I rested my chin on his massive chest. “I’m Keegan.” “Nice to meet you, Keegan. You have the hottest body I’ve ever seen.” “And you, my friend, have the hottest mouth I’ve ever known. Please fucking tell me you are single, Marco . . . cause I’m in love.” “If only it were that simple,” I laughed, and pulled away, but his strong hands grabbed the sides of my head and turned my gaze back to his. “It is that simple, Marco.” I could tell he was serious. My instincts told me this was one of the purest moments of my adult life – so far. I knew I could let the cynical side of me take control and ruin the moment, but feeling the man’s hard body beneath mine and his stronger than strong grip on my head made me join him in his joyous world for a little while – even if it was just a fantasy. “I’m very single, Keegan. I’m also into muscle,” I added, internally saying ‘what the hell’ and choosing to be brutally honest. “That’s very cool, because I have a lot of that,” he said, smiling. “I noticed,” I replied. “Want me to pose for you?” “That would be awesome. I’ll repay you by sucking you off, again.” The big man easily tossed me off his body and was standing beside the bed before I even finished my sentence. He then threw his body into the kind of routine that usually made me spew uncontrollably when I watched bodybuilding competitions online. This time, however, I could reach out and touch the real thing as I watched – which seemed to make him happy, too. Soon, Keegan was covered in sweat and insanely pumped. “Keep posing,” I ordered, as I took his big cock in my mouth. When I started to have strong feelings for a guy – authentic feelings – my blowjobs actually increased in their power to turn the guy on. I guess it had to do with the fact that I knew this was something real and not just a quickie. I had already started to fall for this big man. I could feel it. Yes, we didn’t know each other and, yes, our meeting had been a big mistake, but something magical was happening between us. His love of my mouth and my love of his muscles were leading to something much more important – something much deeper. He hit a double biceps power pose and I swallowed his tool hard, causing him to buck back and forth with the strongest blast of the evening. He held the flex through the entire orgasm and then collapsed on me when his cock was completely empty. I laughed a little when the huge man was sound asleep in seconds. I guess even superman had a limit when it came to ejaculations. I somehow freed my body from his and started exploring the apartment as Keegan got some much-needed post-sex sleep. The trip around his apartment told me a lot about him – he wasn’t a reader (there were no books, only bodybuilding magazines), he was clearly out to his family (pictures of him kissing past boyfriends while with parents), he had one sister and one brother, he won lots of bodybuilding contests (a lot of first place trophies and medals), he must have been a pretty well-known personal trainer (pictures of him training lots of famous people), and he was well-liked (lots of cards and notes from people telling him how great he was). I also learned about Greg – some guy that had clearly broken up with him recently (note apologizing and saying goodbye and torn pictures of a trip together in the trash can). When I returned to the bedroom I took advantage of his passed-out state and ran my hands over every part of his hard, muscled body. I figured I might never get the chance again, so I should take the opportunity now. As my hands rubbed his perfect pecs, his hands came up and grabbed my head again. He led my face to his nipple and I used my expert sucking skills there, too. Soon I had him moaning like a wild beast. He pulled my head away, so we could, again, gaze at each other. “Stay the night,” he said. “On one condition, Mr. Muscles,” I said, using the future nickname for the first time. “Name it and it’s yours.” “Fuck me. My ass is getting jealous of all the attention you’ve given my mouth.” He flexed his right arm hard as his response. I climbed on top of him *********** Working out in the park – the sun, the breeze, the sound of the ocean – only seemed to make me hornier than a squadron of frat boys. The park and the thought of Marco’s mouth, ass, face, lips, earlobes, balls, kneecaps, toenails – just all of him, really, just did something to me. We’d been together for more than eleven months and I never stopped thinking about him. I kept expecting to stop craving him so much – eventually – but my desire only seemed to increase. I still couldn’t believe he didn’t hate me for thinking he was my rent boy showing up for a little afternoon delight. He had dropped to his knees so quickly that day and given me the kind of mind-altering orgasm you only heard about in fairy tales or sex stories. My legs, which are insanely big and quite powerful had become like liquid as I fell to the floor – a wiped out mess of a man. When I asked if he could do that again, I had truly expected we’d have another round and then I’d be off to the gym and he’d go try to get his delivery job back. I didn’t anticipate my mind would be altered over and over again every time he blew me that night. I finally had just fallen asleep, even my big body had its limits. I felt a little bad when I woke up, but then I found him caressing my entire body and my tool had become fully erect, again. He then asked me to fuck him and I quickly learned his ass gave his mouth some serious competition. Almost a year later I am still trying to decide which part of him gave me more pleasure. “See you next week,” I called out to the waving Mrs. Famous Actress as she rode away on her bike. I started gathering all the equipment I used for working out into the big bag that Marco could never budge when I left it in the path we had to travel from one room to another in my apartment. He had figured out that I did it on purpose so I could watch him unsuccessfully try and move it and then finally have to call me to do it. I’d pound on my chest and say ‘you weak, me strong’ before moving it with one hand. Sometimes, I then throw him over my shoulder and take him to the bedroom to show him just how strong a certain part of me was. That first night, before I plowed him, it suddenly dawned on me that he had blown me four times, but I had never gotten him off. I was such a self-absorbed asshole, but it was his fault for being so awesome at blowjobs. I quickly apologized for overlooking his sexual needs. He looked confused, then laughed, and explained he had gotten off every time I had cum. My baffled look amused him and he said making a big guy like me explode gave him much pleasure and he rocked out a load in unison with my orgasms. I had just been too wrecked each time to notice. I found this one of the most erotic things I had ever heard, which only fueled the plowing I gave to his ass even more. When I saw that gorgeous man throw his head back, moaning in ecstasy that first time I fucked him you would have thought I had been given the biggest and best gift in the world, for that’s how I felt. I suddenly understood how blowing me thrilled him so much. Making him scream with pleasure made me explode, as well. We were joined by some kind of inexplicable force that I knew – even that first night together – would never be broken. My phone buzzed and I saw a text which read, ‘I need my Tennessee.’ When Marco greeted me at the door totally nude, which happened a lot, I would so quickly shoot hard that I’d actually feel dizzy and like I might pass out. Today, to be greeted that way, and to immediately smell the wonderful aroma of his famous chicken parmigiana was almost too much to handle – even for a big man like me. Before the click of the door shutting echoed through his small apartment, the guy was on his knees, had ‘Tennessee’ fully unclothed, and was making my love for him blossom even more deeply than it already was. I was worn out from a day of clients, but that man’s lips, that man’s warm mouth, that guy’s deep throat could revive me like one of those electric shock thingies they sometimes put on your chest and yell ‘clear.’ He was some kind of magical Hoover made specifically for my penis. His oral skills made me turn into some kind of wild superman. He made me feel powerful, manly, and able to do anything in the world. My entire body would shoot tense and hard, as if I was showing off on stage or in the bedroom for hundreds of admirers. Sucking me off when I came in was equal to a kiss on the lips to Marco and that was more than okay with me. I knew it was pleasing him as much as it was me, so that made it even better. A couple of minutes later, I’d be leaning against the wall, my chest heaving up and down – unable to move for a few minutes – while he retrieved paper towels to clean up the mess he made on the hardwood floor. “God . . . I . . . wish . . . I . . . knew . . . how . . . you . . . do . . . that,” I stammered between breaths. “It’s all because of the magnificent temple I’m kneeling before. It’s all because of ‘Tennessee’,” he said, smiling and finally kissing me hello. “What’s that I smell?” I asked, as my heartrate returned to normal. “Chicken parmigiana.” “But I thought you had to work?” “Susan called yesterday to see if we could change shifts. I thought I’d surprise you.” “You little gorgeous sneak! Does this mean I get to have numerous orgasms tonight?” “It does indeed, Mr. Muscles.” “Hey, wait a minute. I just remembered I’m mad at you. Give me my cum back. I wasn’t going to give into my urges so quickly. I wanted to punish you for calling Kyle.” “It’s fine for you to be mad, but no one makes my big man feel small,” he said and my heart suddenly thumped harder. “Go sit down in the living room, Mr. Angry Pants, and I’ll bring you a glass of wine.” I gave him a mean face and walked down the hall. The fragrance hit me before I even got to the back room. When I stepped around the corner I beheld a sight that instantly brought tears to my eyes and made my shoulder convulse as I started to blubber. Every possible empty spot in the room was covered in red roses. The floor, the sofa, the chairs, the tables – everywhere. There were vases with roses, boxes with roses, and rose petals strewn everywhere. Through the water filling my eyes I saw a card sitting on a small table in the center of the room. In bold letters it said ‘open me’ on the front. I knelt down and tore open the envelope. It was a handmade card in the shape of a heart. I opened it and written inside it said ‘turn around.’ In my overwhelmed, confused state I simply did what the card told me to do. There, kneeling behind me, was a now clothed boyfriend holding open a small box with a beautiful man-sized band inside of it. I convulsed and blubbered more – like a baby. “As I said last night, Mr. Muscles. I’m not going anywhere. There won’t be a point where I say you bore me or that I want something else. I only want you. Forever. And ever. Amen. Keegan Andrew Robinson, will you please do me the great honor of becoming my husband so I can blow you every day for the rest of my life.” I had to fall back and sit on the floor I was sobbing so hard. I was a mighty oak of a man, someone who won bodybuilding contests and powerlifting competitions. I could make women and men cream in their pants with just a smile or a flex. I lifted more weight than ninety-nine percent of the men in my gym. I intimidated the hell out of powerful businessmen and bullies, alike. But at that moment, at that exact specific second, I became a baby – crying with the kind of joy that can burst a heart. I started nodding my head up and down even as the tears fell on the rose petals around me. “Yes. Yes. A lifetime of yesses,” I forced my mouth to say as I welcomed Marco into my open arms and squeezed him with way too much strength. “Whoa, Mr. Muscles, careful, there, don’t break me before you own me!” “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You’ve just made me the happiest man in the world. I love you, Marco. I love you so much.” “I love you, Keegan. Let’s put this ring on that big finger.” I sat there, with my other hand up to my mouth like some Victorian heroine beholding the love of her life naked for the first time. I watched as the man I loved – the man I would always love – slid a perfect ring on my finger. I held up my hand and started to cry again. Marco, put his palm against my cheek and just smiled at me. “I’m the luckiest guy I know,” he said, softly, and I cried more. “Sorry to ruin the moment, but you have to call your parents. I promised we would right after I – hopefully – got a yes. Your father actually said he’d give me all of his money if you said no – he was that sure of your answer. Maybe we should tell him you said no, just to get the money.” “You talked to my parents about this?” I said, shocked. “I flew up to see them a month ago – remember when you were in Vegas for that photo shoot. Well, I went up there to ask them if I could ask you for your hand in marriage. Your mother cried and your father opened a bottle of champagne that I think probably cost more than I’ve ever made in a year. I had to get their blessing, first. Your sister asked when we would have children – she said she hoped us having kids would get your parents off her back. Your brother started rambling on that it was time for me to start thinking about my portfolio, but then he simply said he’d be honored to have me as a brother-in-law. It actually made me weepy. Not like you, of course, but I still got a little emotional.” “You are such a hopeless romantic,” I said, hugging him tightly again, but not too tightly. “By the way, we also have another reason to celebrate – although it pales in comparison to this.” “What’s that,” I asked. “Well, it’s not definite yet, because you have to weigh in on the decision. But, if you say yes and I say yes, you’re looking at the new head chef at Grigio.” “What? Are you fucking with me right now?” “Nope, it’s true. I could be a real chef by the time we’re husband and husband.” “That is the best news ever . . . well, second to this,” I said pointing at the ring. “Of course, you should say yes. It’s what you’ve always wanted. You’ll be amazing.” “It’ll be a lot of hours as I learn the ropes, though. I just want us to be sure.” “Stop it, we’re sure. We're more than sure. We’ll make it work. We’ll figure out how to sneak in enough blowjobs to keep us both happy. Now, this is definitely the happiest day of my life. I am going to be married to a chef. Chef Marco. Wow, that sounds hot.” “Call your parents and I’ll finish getting dinner ready,” Marco said, turning his head up so we could kiss deeply. “Um . . . ‘Tennessee’ is ready to go again if both of those things can wait.”
  25. Azerreza

    The electro-stimulation belt

    This is not a new story but a repost before they are deleted. ___________________________________________________________________________________ "What is this thing?" I said in looking the belt that Josh had stuck against his belly. "An electro-stimulation belt!" he said happily. "What? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like this bullshit on TV? Dude, you know it's crap! You will not be muscular with that! It's just a fucking scam!" "No, this one is... different. I don't know how explain this but it feels... different. My muscles are really growing. I know it works!" "Hahaha, no Josh believe me, it's just a scam. Never you will be muscular with this." "But I assure you Kyle, it really works! I don't know how to explain but... it's more fucking intense. I try the level 1 which were already intense, then I try the level 2 but... I was forced to remove the belt. Dude, it was too fucking intense, really too much! It is as if each level is exponentially stronger than the previous one. It works!" "This or maybe there is just a malfunction." "No! Honestly I don't know how exactly it works but I know it works. And there is this strange blue gel too. In the notice they say well that it is the combination of the two which will cause the muscle growth. I tried without the gel and honestly it feels like any other stimulator, but with it's so different, so fucking more intense. Even the gel alone is weird. When I touch it, I felt like small electrical feeling." "I tell you, your belt has a malfunction," I said "You don't believe me? Very well, We will see, in two months," replied Josh, as a challenge. "In two months? By why... ah yes that's true, tomorrow is the summer vacations and you go with your parents for two months, that's it?" "Yeah, we will probably not meet during all the vacations." "Well Josh, so see you in two months?" "Yep! And I will be fucking muscular, you will see," he replied, smiling. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no chance, you've always been ultra skinny and you'll always be." That's what I thought. Days and weeks passed, I didn't hear from Josh until a few days before the end of the vacations. I received a message from him. *Dude, I hope you're fine. You're not ready for back of school!* *Hahaha, why? Have you become Hulk??* *Unfortunately not so much but you will see!* The end of the vacations came, I was quite intrigued by Josh's message. I have to say I've always found him cute, so if he added some muscle, he could become hot! Well, I have to stop fantasizing about my best friend. Finally, the first day of school arrived, I was waiting Josh when suddenly I heard his voice. "Hey Kyle!" he shouted. "Hey" I said. Well, he seemed not really different... a little bit, maybe, but it was hard to be sure. "So, how was your vacation?" I asked. "Great! And I have made good progress as promised hehe! Go ahead and feel it!" he said enjoyed, in pointing his belly. Hem, I was a bit embarrassed, I was not used to feel Josh's body but if he proposed it... I touched with a finger and... yeah, it felt hard. But Josh was thin, so his abs were very conspicuous but he was not very muscular in fact, just fucking skinny, and here he should probably flex to max. "Yeah well, it's hard but you're cheating man hahaha! You're just skinny so obviously your muscles are noticeable." "You still don't believe me? Okay, follow me!" I followed Josh to toilet. "So you think I'm cheating, right? So... look at me!" he said, before taking off his shirt. I have to say that my brain went haywire at that moment. Josh was... ripped under his shirt. Well, not like a bodybuilder but very muscular. A ripped six-pack, with a net of veins on the bottom abs, small but well-built pecs, same with his shoulders, not really big but muscular, rounder, his arms, usually twigs, were a small ball of muscle, I mean true muscle, with a nice veins running on them, even his neck were thicker and he had small emerging traps. Holy crap! It couldn't be Josh but however... yes, it was him! But... how? "What the..." I shouted, stunning. "So, you believe me now hahahaha?" he said, flexing his body. "Well... you must have trained during these months!" I said, not wanting to believe him. "Not even once! Only use my super-efficient belt!" "Dude, are you seriously telling me that this is what made you this way?" "Absolutely! I told you, it works!" I wanted to tell him that he was wrong but... these muscles... even in only two months, it would be hard to have these results. Unless... "Josh... do you take steroids?" I asked. "What? Steroids? Are you crazy? No, as I said, I just use the belt. And I have reached level 3!" "The level 3? But you said me the level 2 was unbearable!" "Yeah it was at the beginning. But apparently, you need to get used to the current level before moving on to the next; after a while the level 1 was a formality so I decide to level up." "And how did it go?" "Fucking intense, but more bearable than the first time. But fuck, I still moaned in pain, it was the best and intense workout of my life." "You don't go to the gym..." "Yeah, but if I went, it would have been the most intense workout. It took me several weeks to get used to it. And dude, I was more muscular after each session!" said Josh. "It must be the pump," I replied, trying to find a rational explanation to his fast results. "Yeah, that's I thought but no, I was really more muscular after each session. I had abs, pecs, shoulders, back, legs!" "Dude, this is a stimulator for your abs, how you can be more muscular elsewhere only if you use this belt on abs?" "I don't know, but the contraction is not just at the level of your abs, it affects your whole body and it's like if your whole body was... growing." "Ri-di-cu-lous..." Honestly, I didn't know what to think, it seemed like a joke and yet... seriously, he couldn't get that in two months, even with steroids. It was weird, very weird. "Well, you know what? Take the belt until tomorrow. Try it, and you will see if I lie." said Josh. I wanted to refuse but... I was curious. I was convinced that it was not because of this electro-stimulator that he had become muscular but a small part of myself doubted. "Very well!" I said. The day passed, but my mind was elsewhere. I didn't want to believe it but still... I was watching Josh and clearly, it was not an optical effect, his clothes were tighter, on the shoulders, arms. But crap, it was really caused by this belt? What was this thing? I should try it this evening. After several hours of mental torture, the end-day bell rang. I put my things away, eager to test when Josh accosted me. "Eager to see what you will tell me tomorrow and don't forget the gel. By the way, try without the first time, you'll see the difference." "Thanks," I said, always a bit doubtful. Back at home, I rushed to my room and took out the belt from my bag. Yeah, it was like the others electro stimulator seen on TV, nothing really different. you apply some gel, you put it on and there you go. I took off my shirt and I put it. Then I turned it on. I felt a slight contraction, nothing of unbearable. I tried the level 2. Yeah, more intense but really it was nothing. Level 3; it contracted well but same. I really don't see what's special about it. Well, according to Josh, with the gel, it's more intense. Ridiculous but well, let's try it with this gel. First weird thing, it was blue, damn blue, abnormally blue. I really wonder what they did this with but well... I took some of it to spread it on my stomach. The feeling was cold but it was another thing that disturbed me, like... tingling. What was that thing? I spread it well and put the belt. "Well, let's see if th.. ????!!!! aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I moaned of surprise. Holy crap! I had just turned it on and I felt my muscles flexing like never before. What the hell was that? I winced with each contraction. Crap! It was fucking intense! I left for a few minutes, and damn, I had never had such contractions. What was that witchcraft? Then I had a stupid idea, really stupid: I tried the level 2. My eyes widened, my teeth clenched to maximum: when I felt the contraction, I thought I was going to die. Intense was a weak word, unbearable was a better description. I would immediately tear off the belt. Holy shit! But really, what the hell is this belt? I was shocked. What the hell was that thing? My smartphone vibrated. *So, did you try? :D* asked Josh *Well, I tried the level 2, I pulled it off immediately... Dude where did you find this?* "Hahaha! I told you that you would be surprised. I'll send you the website, it's not cheap but you won't regret it! And soon you'll be also muscular than me! :D" he replied, in sending a pic of his ripped abs. Gosh, he was my buddy but I couldn't help but be a little hard... Few minutes later, I receive the link. Honestly, if I hadn't tested it, I would never have bought anything from there, it was... weird. "Fed up with the crap they sell you on TV? our products are not crap, try them and you will see, you will be surprised of the results!" Especially since in the products, there were some very... special things. For example, these cock rings... Seriously, who would buy this? Well, finally I found the famous belt... WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? $999? So overpriced!!! Well... my savings will all go at once... sniff. The description said: "Fed up with fake electro stimulators seen on TV? We can assure you that ours will really make you more muscular!" And below, in red I could read: "Be careful with the use, we are not responsible for the damage you will cause." Well, that explained the colour. At that moment, I had no idea how much this purchase would change my life. The next day, I gave back the belt to Josh. "So now, do you believe me?" "Honestly, I never thought I'd say it but... yeah, there is really something going on with this belt... But... dude, how do you support level 3? I tried the level 2 and... fuck, it's unbearable! "Hehehe the habit!" said Josh, in lifting his shirt showing his abs. I swallowed hard in seeing them. "Seriously, do several workouts before to try to pass on the next level and when you can stand the session without wincing, you can try it but I warn you the first one is often painfully intense, and I let you the surprise" In the evening a package was waiting for me and well, I think I've never been so quick to open a package! Inside, several jar of gel and the belt. I went in my bedroom, take off my shirt, slathered my belly with gel and lied in my bed. Then I turn on the belt. Oh gosh! This feeling, yeah it's intense but... so good! I savoured each contraction. Oh fuck! It lasted several dozen minutes. I became harder. then strangely, I felt a heat spreading through my whole body and a strong tingling sensation. What the hell? But honestly it was not unpleasant, it was even pleasant, very pleasant! Oh fuck, oh gosh! Gnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh!!! It was so good that my dick creamed my underwear. Shit it was so... amazing! I wanted... more. I slathered again my belly and did a second session. Gosh, get used to it? How does Josh want me to get used to it? And again, I finished by creaming my underwear. Some days passed, I did sessions every day and yes, after few days, like Josh said, I was able to support better, even if I still finished by cumming. Maybe I could go to level 2 but I was in so much pain the first time that I felt bad about it. Then I thought to Josh, to his quick results, his abs, his pecs. Fuck yeah... I wanted it, now. Like previous days, I slathered my belly, turned on the belt and with a trembling finger, I pressed the level 2 button. "OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKK!!!" The sensation that ran through me made me cry out. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!" I wanted to tear off the belt but... no, even if it was unbearable, I would hold on! I had to hold on! For the next few minutes, each contraction made me moan with pain. But there was something strange, it's like it's spreading to my whole body. I looked at my arm carefully and... What the hell? Was I being... growing? with each contraction I could feel it, yes definitely I was growing! Holy crap! It was that? It was that the surprise that Josh was talking about? For next minutes, I was groaning in pain, aggregated with "Oh fuck! Oh crap! Oh shit! Oh fucking fuck!". Yeah it was painful but in same time, fuck, I was growing! All this distracted me from the intense pleasure that was running through me. when I thought about it, I became hard instantly and it didn't take longer before I explode and fuuuuuuck; if the previous time I just "creamed" my underwear, here, we can talk of floods. When the session was over, I admired myself in the mirror. Yeah, definitively, I was more muscular. Not much but I could see a difference. Craaaaaaap I couldn't believe it but facts were here: this belt worked! Hahaha it fucking worked!!! Quickly, I sent a message to Josh; *Oh man, can't wait to see you tomorrow! You'll be surprised!* and few seconds later I had his response: *Haha me too!* The next day, I was waiting Josh in the schoolyard, eager to show him. Suddenly I heard a voice. "Hey Kyle!" I turned to him and said, "Hey Jo..." I couldn't finish my sentence. I was stunned, totally stunned. Josh was wearing a tight grey shirt and what we couldn't miss, it was his pecs, big pecs, his bulged shoulders, his thick neck, his traps, his biceps, his abs, which were visible through the shirt, his tree trunks legs. "Holy shit!" I shouted. It should be a dream, there were not other explanations! "Hehehe I told you you'll surprised! "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Do you have... do you have reached the level 4?" "Hahaha man, I think the answer is obvious no?" he said in flexing his biceps. Even his voice was deeper. Instantly I was hard, I know Josh is my friend but I couldn't help. He was always cute but here, here he was... fucking hot! "Do you want... to feel?" he asked. Oh fuck! I couldn't help but shoot a load. I mean, he is my friend but... but... "Hahaha Kyle, don't be shy!". Gosh his laugh was so sexy! I approached my hand and felt his huge biceps. Holy shit, it was so hard! "Hard, isn't it? This morning I couldn't help but flex it... like this" he said, in flexing his biceps. Oh shit! I fired a second charge instantly! The situation was very strange but he seemed to appreciate. "Well, you wanted to show me something?" asked Josh. Suddenly I went from boiling hot to freezing cold. The shame... I was proud of my miserable results, he was, in comparison, Hulk! "Yea.. yeah... I... I passed to level 2..." I said, very low. Josh looked me and... laughed. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you should see your face. But I know what you feel, you think your results are miserable in comparison to me? Dude, you are just to level 2. It's nothing in comparison to other levels." I blushed a bit. "But don't get ahead of yourself, it will get more and more intense. Don't sure you will support it. Personally it was intense as fuck! Fortunately my parents were not at home. Man, I yelled like I never yelled, and the growth, oh fuck, the growth. It was unbelievable! In any case, it seems that levels are exponentials, not only in terms of intensity but also in terms of results. It's incredible. There are only two levels left but imagine how fucking amazing it will be!!" said Josh. "And fuck yeah, when I saw that, it was worth the pain!" he added, whole flexing and admiring his muscles. I shot another load. I wasn't sure what was happening, but I wasn't turning back from this. All day I could only think of Josh and the belt. I wanted to match him, even surpass him. Fuck you the adaptation, this evening, I passed to level 3! And justly, this evening, my parents were not a home. Perfect! Once I left, I hurried to make the preparations. I took off all my clothes, I wanted to enjoy the show. As usual, I slathered my belly with gel. Well, it was time, time to grow! With a shaking hand, I pressed the button. Nothing could prepare myself for this feeling. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!" I yelled, I yelled as fuck. I felt on my back, twisting in pain. I was crying, crying of pain. My hand was going to tear off the belt but suddenly, I had flashes of Josh, of his muscular body. No... no, there's no way I'm giving up, yes it was painful but damn, it was worth it, right? The first dozen seconds were horrible but then I felt it, I felt this "feeling", except here, it was more intense. I was watching my shaking hands. Oh fuck, I was hot, very hot and I was shaking. But then I saw it, I saw my forearms thickening and it was not only my arms, it was also my arms, my shoulders, my traps, back, pecs, abs, legs. Simply put: I was growing. "HA...HAHA... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!" I laughed nervously interrupted by my moans. I was still crying but the pain gave away to... lust. I was fucking growing! And I could hear, I could hear my skin stretching, I could feel the power running through my veins. It was the most intense, painful but at the same time the most enjoyable sensation I have ever felt in my life "Oh fuck yes!!! More! Yes more!!!" I yelled. Yeah, more, I wanted more and more power! I winced to each contraction but the pain gave away to pleasure. I don't know how long it lasted, maybe one hour, maybe less, I don't know but I enjoyed each second. When it was over, I was lying on the ground, totally soaked by sweat, panting. I passed my hand on my midsection and instantly, I started to laugh nervously: I felt abs, well, not huge abs but ripped. I went up and I felt small but built pecs. I flexed my biceps. Oh... my... gosh! I had a biceps! Well, not so huge than Josh but a small muscle ball. Holy shit! It was so awesome!!! Without waiting, I took a pic of my wet newly muscular chest and sent to Josh. A few seconds later, I received his response. "Hehehe, very well. One more little effort!" Following this was a pic of his fucking amazing muscular chest. Oh fuck! I'll never make it to that dream sight! And few another seconds later: "How about a gym workout tomorrow?" If someone had told me one day that I would go workout in a gym with Josh, I didn't believe it. But I must say that seeing Josh working shirtless was... more than exciting! And he added: "And don't forget 'it'." I knew he was talking about the belt. Oh don't worry Josh, even if you hadn't said it, I would have taken it! On the way, I couldn't help me to think about Josh, in sweat, lifting in grunting heavy weights. Crap, this hot scene made hard as fuck. When I entered in the gym, there was the characteristic sound of the cast iron touching each other, this smell of sweat, and guys were grunting. And among them, one was familiar to me. Josh was lying on his bench, in lifting... 200 pounds? WTF??? The one I knew a few months ago couldn't even lift the half! And fuuuuuuuck, he was wearing compression shirt, who allowed me to admire all the details of his musculature. He was perfect! I had to hold myself back from exploding on the spot. "Hey!" I said. "Hey! he replied. Oh gosh, it was not only his body who was perfect... "If someone had told me that I would see you one day lifting 200 pounds, I would not have believed it" I said. "Me too!" replied Josh in smiling. "It's so awesome!" he said in flexing his biceps. Oh gosh, I had to swallow hard for avoid exploding. "But not enough..." he added. Not enough? Is he kidding me? 200 pounds not enough??? Josh was watching at the back of the room. I didn't hear the loud grunt Under the bar there was a guy, let's talk about muscle monster. He was wearing a tank top, which allowed to admire his enormous biceps, probably at least 20 fucking inches, his huge pecs were pushing against his tank top, I could see the last row of his enormous but ripped abs and his shoulders were two fucking bowling balls. Holy...fucking...shit! Who was this guy? Who was this titan? "Fuck yeah Jason! 420 pounds! You beat your record!" said the guy who helped him. "Yeah! On the way to 450 pounds!" said the Hulk. Crap, his voice was so deep. "This is Jason, the quarterback of football team," said Josh, almost drooling. "You'd say he was born for this; gigantic muscles, ripped as fuck, superhuman strength. The other day he was badly parked and rather than getting into his car, he just... lifted the back. It was so fucking hot!" Josh and I were working out for several hours—though after two hours I was totally wiped, but Josh continued. I wanted to leave but Josh stopped me, he wanted to show me something. I told him he could show me but he wouldn't. and we should have finished the workout long ago. What the hell did he want? Hours passed and it was almost 8 p.m. The manager came and announced they were about to close. But Josh found an excuse: "I didn't finish my workout, can I keep going until I hit 30 minutes?". "But we are going to..." said the manager, embarrassed. "... Well, it's really because it's you but be careful!" "Don't worry!" replied Josh. When the manager let, Josh stopped his workout. "Well, finally alone! I was starting to get tired!" I widened my eyes: starting? Starting? But... he was working out for since hours! Holy shit! "T...tired? But you did more than 1000 reps!" "In fact, more than 2000, maybe 3000." I widened my eyes and swallowed. He was so fucking strong. "Well... it is time." said Josh, and suddenly he took off his shirt. I had to bite my lip so as not to explode instantly. He was fucking hot! A fucking Greek statue! All muscles! "Hahahaha! Wipe off the drool and come on!" said Josh. I blushed a bit and I approached. I was trying not to show it but I was turned on as fuck, I was panting and sweating. I didn't dare to look him. "Hey Kyle, look that!" he said in flexing his biceps. Oh fuck! I had to bite my lips harder to not cum. "Do you want... feel it?" he said, quietly. Crap, I have to resist... I have... I... I... Shit... I can't resist... He is so fucking hot! My hand posed on his muscle hill. Oh fuck, oh fucking shit! It was hot and... hard! "So... how does it feel?" he asked. "Hot and... hard," I said, a bit embarrassed. Then he took my hand and slowly he went down and posed it on his ripped six-pack. Oh shit!!! I shot a load in my short. Crap, I had a crazy desire to caress them, to lick them but I was content to palpate them, to feel their hardness. Gosh, I could break my fist on theses fucking abs! Then my finger followed the central crevice until his lower abs. "And here, how does it feel?" he said. "Hot and... hard! Very hard!" At that time, me too, I was as hard, I was hard as I had ever been. But it didn't seem to bother him, yet shit it was obvious I had a crush on him right? So... why is he so quiet? Again, he took my hand and suddenly... he plunged it into his shorts! Holy shit! Oh fuck! But what is he playing at? I blushed completely, surprised. I felt his dick and... oh shit... he was hard as fuck! I was panting more quicker and louder. I did not expect this situation at all. "And here, how does it feel?" he asked. "H...H... hot and... h... h... hard." "Correct! And... do you know why I'm so fucking hard?". Why? Oh I don't know Josh, maybe because you have a fucking godlike muscular bod! "Ha! I know what you were thinking: my muscles? Yeah, I have to admit it's hot but... no, it's not the main cause. No, I'm fucking hard because of... you." My brain bugged out for few seconds. What did he say? Because of... me? "You think I didn't notice you had a crush on me? Dude, you are literally sweating like fuck, panting, blushing and cumming each time we see me. You'd have to be blind not to see it hahahahaha!" Well, now, I was totally blushing... "I have been hard since I first saw you, but like you I was afraid to take the first step. But now that it's clear that it's mutual then..." I was so embarrassed that I did not see his hand coming from behind. He rubbed few times my hair then suddenly, I felt a great strength to push me forward. And the next moment I felt something pulpy: his lips. I don't react right away, being still in a state of shock: Josh was kissing me! Josh was kissing me! I was shaking from surprise then quickly from pleasure then I started to cry. Oh fuck! It must be a dream. It must be a fucking dream and I was going to wake up. But I was hoping with all my heart that it wasn't. Our tongues danced for a while, I don't know how long it lasted but I wanted it to have no end. My hand was running his body, oh gosh, his skin was hot and soaked with sweat, and his muscles, oh fuck, they were so ripped, so fucking hard. Precum was spurting. I was still struggling to realize what was happening and I was not ready for next, really not ready. Josh asked me to lie down, which I did, then he lay on top of me while we were kissing. Oh gosh, I could clearly feel his weight. I wanted to get up but he tackled me to the ground. "No no no, we're not done yet. I think it's time to upgrade our relationship." He caught my shirt and he tore it. "These are the rules: the one who immobilizes his opponent wins and can claim his trophy." Well, Josh wanted to play, things were getting very interesting and... hot! I smiled and we started to kiss again. Oh gosh, I will never get used to it to rub this muscular chest. Oh fuck, these ripped abs, these big pecs. Fuuuuuuuck! Then Josh rolled on his back and I found myself on top. It was a strange feeling: since always, I was one step ahead of him but now, roles were reversed. I was his toy and clearly, he wanted to play with me... and I loved that! The idea of an Uber Josh dominating me was so fucking hot. So let's play! We were still kissing while my hand was playing with his pecs. He took the opportunity to make them bounce. I couldn't help but drop a "Oh fuck!" "Do you like?" asked Josh. "So you'll absolutely love what's next!" Suddenly I felt his hands grabbing me but this time, it was rougher and the next moment I was on my back. I felt a huge pressure: Josh was pushing against my shoulders. I tried to get up but he pushed more. I was not able to move and honestly... I didn't want to move. "Well, I think you have won!" I said. "Yeah, it would seem that I won!" he replied, clearly turned on. "So... do you want your prize now?" I asked, knowing what he was going to do. "Oh fuck yeah I want my prize," replied Josh. "Very well...". I rolled on my belly. I felt Josh kneeling on me. I felt his big hands rubbing my back. "Oh gosh, you don't know how much I was waiting for this moment," he said while smelling my back with his nose. Sometimes in gym class, I stayed longer just to admire this magnificent body. I was thinking about it before to sleep. I dreamed of it!" Honestly, I didn't ever notice that. I was convinced Josh was straight and it was more a bromance. But in fact, it was a romance. Suddenly, everything became quiet, I could only hear Josh's pants then nothing. It was imminent, I knew it! And indeed, few seconds later, I felt a feeling I never felt before. It was intense, fucking intense, slightly painful but above all, insanely enjoyable: Josh was entering me. "Oooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk !!!" I yelled. And I wasn't the only one to enjoy... "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh !!!" I heard Josh moaning of pleasure. Fuck, if someone told me that Josh would fuck me, I think I wouldn't believe. However, it was happening: Josh was fucking me. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!" I felt every inch of his huge dick sink into my ass. Fuck, the feeling was absolutely amazing! "Oh my gosh, it's better than anything I could have imagined!" laughed Josh. Then few seconds later, I felt his balls touching my ass. Josh was entirely inside me! Holy crap! "So, how do you feel?" he asked me, sounding proud. "A..a... awesome!" I said, enjoying the incredible sensation. "Hehehe! So let's go to the second round!" said Josh. I could hear the excitement in his voice. Then, I could feel Josh's cock slowly withdrawing from my ass. Fuck, it was amazing! Suddenly, without warning, he pushed it in with one blow. I shouted with surprise (and pleasure!). "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!" And he did it again, and again, and again, and again! With each blow I shouted, it was so fucking intense, so fucking good! I would never have imagined this situation possible but damn it! It's so fucking good! Josh accelerated the pace. My cries were getting closer and closer. I don't know how much time it lasted but... it could last forever because... oh my gosh! Quickly, his pace was so fast that I was unable to moan, the time the information reached my brain he had already made two more moves. Fuuuuuuck, Josh was a living jackhammer! Then he started to grunt. The climax was near! I don't know how long it took before he exploded, I couldn't think anymore, I was lost in an infinite pleasure. it was only when I heard the long and loud Josh's groan that I came out of my trance. And then... "Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!" I felt a huge load inside my ass. I yelled but my scream was cover by another much louder cry. Holy crap! Josh had to pull more than a liter of cum. I was here, lied to the ground, drooling and panting. Fucking crap, it was intense. "So baby, did you enjoy it?" "Aaaahh..aaaah... holy...fuck... Josh... you... you're a beast!" I stammered. "Yeah, but... I want more!" he said. "What?" I asked, surprised. "Being a beast is good but... not enough for me." "Not enough? Dude, you're more muscular than anyone at school!" "Yeah, but I don't just want to be more muscular than them. I want to be a fucking titan, a muscle god. I want to outdo them, I want them to be ants compared to me." "Dude, you're already a fucking titan!" I said. "No, I can be much more than that—and you know what Kyle? I want to be there, now!" said Josh. "Now? But... man, you are not yet used to the current level. The next one may be horribly painful!" "Oh fuck yeah it will be painful but... don't you love it?" replied Josh. "Don't you love this pain, this growth, this feeling of pure power, becoming stronger and stronger each second? Personally, I'm totally addicted to it!" I just had the best sex session of my life but I was already fucking hard in hearing Josh. Yeah, this feeling, it was it was the best sensation in the world! "So... are you ready Kyle? Are you ready for the show?" If I was ready? I think the drool on the corner of my mouth was the answer. So, let the show begin! said Josh, with a malicious smile. He rubbed a ton of gel on himself and attached the belt. "Very well, I leave you the honour to press the button!" I swallowed hard. In shaking my finger was approaching to button. Did I really want to do this? Did I want to see my ex-friend and new boyfriend become the most muscular bodybuilder in the world and probably and probably even more afterwards? ... ... ... of course I fucking wanted it! I pressed the button. When he felt the first contraction, Josh's eyes widened like never before, as if he had just been struck by lightning, he clenched instantly his teeth, his legs gave out and he fell to his knees. And then came the thunder... I had never heard such a loud cry. I couldn't imagine how he felt. But the show was fucking impressive: his whole body was flexing to maximum; I could see each fiber, each striation, each vein. I was speechless in front of this awesome show. Josh was yelling as fuck at each contraction, tears flowed freely due to the pain but what was both disturbing and fucking hot in same time: despite the extreme tenseness of his face who reflected the insane pain he was feeling, Josh was... smiling. And in looking at his position, on his knees and extended arms, it was almost as if he was praying for more of that feeling. And his wish was granted: I could see at each contraction, his muscles growing, becoming bigger and bigger like he asked. I was shaking and panting in front of this show. Holy shit! I mean, I had seen Josh grow in the last few weeks but here, it was a whole new level, no pun intended... Josh was laughing, a crazy laughing. Now, he hardly winced, he was as if intoxicated by the growth but who wouldn't want to? Holy shit! His traps were engulfing his neck, his shoulders were becoming bowling balls, his arms were becoming fucking mountains, covered by big veins, his pecs were two fucking beach balls which would soon block his view, his abs were like six enormous boulder implanted directly under his skin, his lats were widening, giving him a very large V shape, his Adonis belt was more and more cut. His dick was growing and thickening. Holy fucking shit!!! I swallowed hard in thinking I could never welcome this monster in my ass! Even if Josh was on his knees, I could clearly see his legs becoming fucking tree trunks. It took me several seconds to notice that I was cumming... Yeah, I was cumming without touch myself! Holy crap! But fuck, this show was so... so... so... Josh was fucking huge! Honestly, now, he could participate to Mr Olympia! He approached to the bar used by Jason, which weighed 420 pounds and tried to lift it. With loud grunts he... succeeded to lift! Holy crap! Josh had lifted 420 fucking pounds. He was so strong! "Mmmhhh, it's better..." Better? I would have said totally unbelievable! "...but really not enough..." he finished. What the??? Not enough!!! Is he kidding me? He's one of most muscular man and it's not eno... I could not finish my sentence because Josh did something I really didn't expect... he... he increased the level, the fucking last level! I didn't even have time to say a word... And well, I thought I heard the loudest yell of my life? Well, I was far from it. I had to cover my ears, I swear the walls even shook. I even heard several windows crack. I was stunned: I have never seen such a flex like that. It was extreme, his whole body was flexing, at an inhuman level. I didn't dare to imagine what he felt, it should be insane! And the effect was immediate: his whole body was swelling, like a balloon, except that here, it was dozen of pounds which were added to each flex! His traps had surrounded totally his neck, his shoulders were becoming to an absolute gigantic size. His arms... fucking shit... they were bigger than his head!!! 25 or 26 inches, maybe more and they were still growing!! His pecs exploded... Well, no doubt now that he would have a hard time seeing his abs. And in talking about his abs, they literally exploded out of his stomach and... wait... eight??? holy crap!!! His ultra ripped six-pack exploded in a fucking huge eight-pack!!! His Adonis belt seemed to carved with an axe, with a net of veins which leads to his... to his... Well, to call this thing a monster is an understatement, it was bigger than my fucking arms! No way I can host this! And his legs, well... let's say I could hide behind one of them! "Hahahahahahaha yes !!! Oh fuck yes bigger, bigger, bigggggeeeeeeeerrrrr!!!" laughed Josh. And each time he said "bigger", well... he was becoming bigger. I was at the same time turned on as fuck but also terrified. It was Josh who was in front of me? The Josh who was a twig a few months ago? Because now he was more than 8 fucking feet tall, maybe 5 or 6 feet wide, should weigh several tons and should have more strength in his little finger than in my whole body. Then a final "muscle" explosion came to put an end to this incredible muscle growth, destroying in the process the belt. Josh did it, he reached the last level and fuck! "Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Finally! This is what I hoped for, this is what I wanted: power!" He took again the 420 bar but this time he... lifted it in taking it only by two fingers. Holy shit! "Hahahahahaha, so fucking light!" he said, proudly of his new titanic strength. Then he turned towards me "So Kyle, what do you think?" he asked in flexing his monumental biceps. I could not say a word but my answer was clear: I was shaking as fuck and above all, the floodgates opened. I came like I never came, almost continuously. He was the most powerful, the sexiest thing I have seen of my life. Ah yes, and I didn't precise but obviously, his voice was extremely deep and loud. And I didn't say but... He was fucking gigantic!!! Well, too much by the way because when he stood up, his head knocked the ceiling, leaving a hole, ceil which if I remember correctly was at... 8 feet 4 inches... I swallowed hard, realising than my boyfriend was probably the most tall and muscular person in the world. "Well, all this made me turned on, fucking turned on. I need to... unload," he said, in rubbing his dick. "Ready for the next round?" he asked me, in smiling badly. The... next... round? Wait, is he not really serious? If he tries anything, he crushes me like an egg. I was beginning to pale. And above all... How did he want me to receive his dick? Did he see the size of his anaconda? Did he see the size of my glory hole? It could never fit, never! ".... Bwhahahahahaha!!! You're afraid, aren't you? Because I would be if I were you. You're so weak, I could crush you just with my little finger. So we're going to fix that now! But hurry up because I'm not going to be able to hold it for very long, and you better hold on because it's going to be a deluge!" It took me few seconds for understand what he would say, my brain was totally bugged: Josh wanted me to grow. Crap man, I tried the next level and never I could support this pain. But I think I had no choice and then the final result was appealing. I put the belt then and in shaking I approached my finger to the button. "Come on Kyle! Don't be a wimp and go for it. But if you want some motivation..." said Josh before to make a pose. Holy fuck! I let out a moan, a stream of drool and few white loads. Josh sighed. "Well, are you going to press this button?" I swallowed and... I pressed it. Instantly, my eyes widened as fuck, I clenched my teeth to the max. The pain was insane, I had the feeling that my muscles were crushed. I fall on my back on the ground, impossible to stand in these conditions. Each contraction was a torture. Tears were flowing. But in same time, I had the vision of Josh, yelling, laughing, growing. I was concentrating to feel the growth and... yes... oh fuck yes, I could feel it, oh fuck, oh shit! Josh was smiling. "Ah! Then you also feel it? Well, focus on it, kiss it, you'll see, it's the most awesome feeling in the world!" Oh fuck yeah I feel it: I felt my traps emerging from my bask, surrounding my neck, I felt my shoulders swelling, my arms becoming enormous, my pecs exploding, my abs swelling and hardening, my back widening, my legs thickening and even my cock was becoming longer, thicker, bigger. "Hahahahahahahahahahaha yes!!! More!! More!!! Mooooooaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!" I roared. Holy shit! Look at me! I was a fucking bodybuilder and I don't mean people who are just starting out I was so lost in this absolute pleasure than I didn't hear Josh approach. "Ha, you want more? So it's your lucky day Kyle, because I'm going to exhaust your wish!" said Josh. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut because nothing could prepared nothing could prepare me for what was to come. I didn't understand what he would say but when I saw him with his finger was only one inch from the button, I froze... "NO, WAI..." And then I started screaming, for real. Honestly, I wonder how I didn't pass out on the spot. I've never felt anything like this and I honestly don't know if I can take it anymore. Say that it was insanely intense would be a weak word. It was so much more than that. And my scream... Fuck my scream! Honestly, I don't know what makes the most noise: a fighter plane or my scream but I screamed like never before. Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fucking shit, oh fucking shit of fucking shit of fucking shit. It was unbearable, I mean really unbearable, too much unbearable. My hand went to pull out the belt but suddenly, someone caught my arms, someone of huge. "Oh no no no no! What did you want to do? You will grow Kyle, whether you like it or not!" said Josh. I tried to free myself from his grip but nothing could be done and to tell the truth, I didn't necessarily want to but it was like putting your hand in the furnace and willingly letting it burn. The next minutes were both the worst and the best of my life. An unbearable pain but accompanied to an insane growth. It was only 15 minutes later that I really started to get used to and started to enjoy. I could feel it: at each contraction, my muscles were swelling, and not just a bit like previous time, no this time I was fucking hulking. Each contraction added ten of pure muscle pounds to my frame. My traps were engulfing my neck, my shoulders were becoming more than bowling balls, my arms exploded in size, probably going beyond 20 inches, my pecs exploded at the point where it was hard for myself to see beyond them, my abs exploded, doubling almost in size, I had the feeling that I had been implanted with six rocks under my skin, fighting each other to occupy the maximum space, a fucking net of veins leads to my cock, which was growing as fuck too, and I could feel my legs, rubbing against each other; "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yes!! Yeeeeeeeesssssss!!" I had gone crazy, but really, there was no other possible reaction. As Josh said, and beyond the pain, there was the best feeling in the world. I was growing, and growing, and growing, and growing! Fuuuuuuuuucccckkkkk yeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! During several minutes I was here, alternating between screams of pain and pleasure. And finally, after a long time, the feeling faints. I panted few minutes before to find the force to get up. Ho-ly shit! I was gigantic! Well, of course, not so much than Josh but I could probably participate to Mr Olympia! I flexed my arms, bounced my pecs, flexed my abs and legs. Ho-ly shit!!! It could have ended there, yeah, it could have but... a new feeling was born: the lust for power. I had one level left, just one small level to go beyond the human limits. And... I didn't want to wait! "Finally! I couldn't hold back any longer, well, prepare your ass honey, because Josh is com—" "One moment honey! I'm not finished!" I replied, in smiling badly. "Huh? Not finished? Man, you almost passed away this time, you will never be able to bear the ne—" "Shut up Josh!" I said. Josh was surprised, and, indeed, me too, he was at least 10 times heavier, 10 times stronger, he could crush me extremely easily but however, I had just shut him up. But this lust... fuck, this lust was stronger than anyone, even "Mega" Josh. Josh was silent for a few seconds before a smile appeared on his face. "Hehehe very well, I really didn't think you would go through with it and I didn't expect to have an opponent of my size. But after all, why not! Things are getting interesting, very interesting. Very well, I give you the honour to press the button!" I posed my finger on the button. Did I really want it? I was going to live the most intense minutes of my life, probably also the most painful. I was going to change completely. I had just to press it. Just... a... fucking... pression. I hesitated for a moment then I watched my boyfriend, his 8 feet insanely muscular frame. Damn, of course I wanted that!!! So... I pressed it. I can't describe what I felt at that moment. No word will be strong enough. Even in my thoughts it wasn't as intense. My eyes widened, my pupils have almost disappeared, my mouth opened. Everything seemed to stop for a second, a short second of pure silence and then... I had wondered before if I had felt the walls shake, well, here, I had my answer: the walls were shaking, literally, like during an earthquake, windows break off. I even heard Josh drop a "Holy shit!" I was writhing on the floor to ease the pain. My feet and fists were hitting the ground, breaking the tiles. It was unbearable, even unbearably unbearable, I was crying all tears from my body, I felt as if every atom in my body was compressed under a ton, but out of the question to give up. Not now! Fuck the pain, however intense it may be! I will go all the way, no matter what! And after that, Josh will see who is the alpha male!!! And quickly, despite my screams, I heard another sound, a stretching sound. I barely had the strength to lift my head for to see what I suspected. And I saw it, I saw that my pecs were... swelling! I watched my forearms for another confirmation. Holy shit! They were big and venous but above all they were... growing! "Ha..haha...hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahaha!!!" I laugh in excitement, I was finally there, in the final process, after a long wait. In few dozens of minutes I will a fucking 8-foot muscular titan. "Yes bigger! Oh fuck yes bigger !!! More!!! More!!! Moooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" And as with Josh, my body started to explode everywhere. I will never forget this moment, this feeling. My traps have swallowed up my neck! My shoulders exploded in a ridiculous enormous size, striated as fuck! My arms... well, I have never seen anything this big, it was insanely huge! And my strength, oh my fucking gosh, I guess that I could easily lift a tank! My forearms exploded into titanic mass... hahahahahaha my forearms alone were already bigger than arms of most muscular guys in school. And I had much more strength in only one finger than they in their whole body! By the way, I caught the metal bar of a dumbbell; I felt it crush under my powerful grip. My back exploded, widening a lot of. I don't think I'll ever find clothes in my size, look at me this fucking titanic back!!! My pecs exploded, hiding definitively my sight on my stomach. But even if I can't see them, I felt them, I felt them exploding out of my stomach, doubling in size, constantly pushing each other away and... is what they have... ? I touched for to confirm and... oh fuck yeah! Yes: a new row had popped out! I had an eight-pack, a fucking eight-pack. And say that my abs were hard would be a lie, they were much more than that! They were impenetrable!! We could try to stab me, I am sure that the knife would break. I felt my legs burgeoning becoming a set of huge muscle hills then... what? Holy shit! Did... did my legs touch each other? But shit, I hadn't even glued them so of my quads touch each other, they should be... Fucking huge!!! And the strength was so Fucking awesome!!! I guess I could jump on the roof of a multi-story building or passing a car on the highway. And don't forget to talk about my cock: even the best porn actor didn't compete with me, it was fucking huge (and fucking hard!). It was touched almost the first row of my abs. And could feel also a lot veins, pumping more and more blood into my "cannon". And during the whole transformation, I felt my back rubbing more and more against the ground because I was getting taller. Finally, like Josh, after almost one hour of growth and screams, what was happened for Josh happened also for me. *RIIIIIP BOOM* The elastic of the belt tore and the central unit grilled. Instantly, I felt no more contractions. It was definitively over. I was here, on the ground, sweating as fuck, panting as fuck. I stayed several minutes on the ground, enjoying of each incredible feeling. Fuck, fucking fuck: even doing nothing and just breathing was enjoyable, fucking enjoyable. I heard Josh say in panting "Oh my gosh! Oh fuck! Fucking crap!". "So Josh, do you like it?" I said. Holy shit! My voice was insanely deep and loud, fucking sexy but weird to think that it was my own voice. But Josh could only say words like "fuck", "shit" or "crap". he seemed more intimidated, probably because he didn't think I would go through with it. Now we could be on equal terms! And it was time to launch the game. I stood up slowly and fuck, everything looked different, everything felt different, as if we had implanted reactors in each cell of my body. Suddenly, my head knocked the ceil, leaving a hole. Ah yes, I forgot than I was now more than 8 feet! Hahahaha!! I looked Josh, who was almost drooling and his dick was oozing precum, and I said, "So Josh, ready for another round? Same rules than the last time? But I warn you: it won't be as easy to win as last time!" I added with a laugh. Then Josh went out of his trance, had a slight smile. "So much the better, because it was much too easy. So.. let's go?" he asked. "Let's go!" I replied. We approached and grabbed our hands, each trying to make the other fall. Suddenly Josh kissed me but he continued to force, I did the same. Quickly our game turned into an erotic fighting game: we were kissing, licking but each trying to get the upper hand on the other. I pushed Josh against the wall, so violently that I pushed it halfway into the wall. Few moments later, it was his turn to push me against the wall, wall that will suffer the same fate... Gosh, we were so fucking strong, it was absolutely amazing! Finally, I succeed to make fall Josh but he hugged me so we fell together on the ground. The shock was fucking violent, so much that it caused a small earthquake (and a crater, so much for the ground...). I went up to Josh, always kissing him. But suddenly he returned me and our roles were reversed. While I was kissing him, my hand caught the metal bar of one of the gym machines. I felt my fingers to deform the steel, accompanied by the sound of steel screaming in agony. Crap! this scene made me feel even more turned on, and Josh also because I heard him to let out a sight of pleasure. I took the opportunity to turn him over. Josh looked for an object to grip and he found a dumbbell. During next seconds, we could hear the sound of the crushed cast iron, reduce in dust, by the insanely powerful grip of Josh. I don't know how long it lasted but this little destruction game were giving us fucking turned on. Everything, absolutely everything that passed through our hands was crushed or reduced in dust. Fucking fuck! There was few weeks ago, I would have been totally unable to lift my old weight and now I was crushing steel to bare hands!! I could never have imagined that this simple belt would lead me here. Quickly, what was a gym room was now a field of ruin, of crumpled metal, of cast iron dust. But the preliminaries had lasted too long. It was time to win this game! I turned Josh one more time but this time, I caught his arms, so hard I could, and I got down on my knees on his chest. Gnnnnnnnhhh!! Crap, I see you're not laughing anymore" said Josh, in having a little wince because I should hurt him a bit. "Indeed! So... be a good boy will you? It soon over!" "Ha! In your dreams!" replied Josh. He tried to disengage but I squeezed stronger. "You didn't listen to me, I said be quiet," I insisted, with a tougher tone. Josh was really trying to disengage himself but... it was useless, I was going to win hehehe! Finally, after more than 30 seconds, he looked me and said "Well... it looks like you win the game hehehe" A sly smile appeared on my face. Oh yeah I won! So prepare yourself Josh, you're going to see what is a true alpha muscle god! Josh turned him on his belly, giving me a magnificent sight on his ass. I rubbed his butt few times, using my precum as lubricant then I positioned my dick at the entrance of his "cave". I waited few seconds and just when he wanted to talk, I penetrated him, causing him to roar in reaction. I pushed inch after inch my enormous cock inside Josh's ass. He moaned loudly of pleasure, sinking the ground with his hands. Then after few minutes, my entire dick was inside him. "So Josh, admit that you never had such a big one in you? This is what it feels like to be fucked by the alpha male!" I said, proudly. "Oh fuck! Oh my gosh! Oh shit! Soooooooooo goooooooooooooodd!!" cried Josh. "And you're not ready for the next!" I removed my cock, which slipped by itself thanks to the ton of precum, then I pushed it violently in one blow!" He cried out deafeningly in pleasure. Then I did it again. Little by little I increased the pace. Josh's cries became shorter and closer. Soon, there was no more interruption between his cries and by further increasing the rhythm he did not even have time to cry, just make glutural sounds which reflected an extremely intense and almost continuous pleasure. Fuck I was a fucking living jackhammer. I fucked him again and again and gain, always quicker! And finally, I felt it, this insane pressure in my balls, the deluge was very near. I clenched my teeth and my fist, trying to retain myself as long as possible. I could prolong this pleasure for few minutes but finally and as usual, I lose the fight. We yelled to unison, we yelled so much that the walls not only shook but also started to crack and all the windows in the neighbourhood exploded. And when I was talking of deluge, well... it was a deluge, a true fucking deluge! I poured out liters and liters of cum in his ass, there was enough to fill a family pool. Obviously, it was too much for Josh, he was quickly "full". So the cum spurted out of his ass and spread on the ground. It lasted at least 20 minutes, 20 minutes to come again, and again and again and again!!! Fuck yeah, nothing could have prepared me for this! When finally the flow dries up, I was lying on Josh's back. My cock was still inside him and we were panting, trying to recover of this insane "gym session". "Ha........ha.....ha....ha.... oh crap...I ... ha... I think we... we made... ha... a bit of a mess!" I said, in looking the carnage we had made: machines were a huge pile of crumpled metal, all cast iron disks were in dust, the walls were littered with the marks of our backs and the ground, in addition to be entirely destroyed, was covered by an inch of our super cum. "Ha...ha...ha...ha...don't care...ha... ha... ha... and something tells me... ha... ha.. that... ha... ha... that they will not say anything" replied Josh, in flexing his monumental biceps. "By the way, we have to go back to my place, there is a package waiting for me, no actually... there are two hehehe!" he said. Two packages? No wait, it was not a... ? "And if you're wondering, yes, this is their new belt model!" said Josh. "It's great Josh but... we are a little to big now? I mean not I don't want to still grow but we destroyed our belts in the process no? So it will be the same fate for those too no? "Hehehe! I said you, it's their new model! XXXXXL size! Oh crap! "And..." he added. "And?" I asked. "There are 12 levels!" replied Josh. Oh fuck! (I came) ___________________________________________ A few days before, in an undisclosed location: "Sir, our test subject for the belt ordered the new version. Our bait seems to have worked. What do we do?" asked a scientist. "How does he react to blue goop?" "Very well, sir. His genetic compatibility is impressive" "Perfect! So increase the number of levels and send the new version of 'gel'" "But, Sir he may become too much bigger!" "Do what I said. I want to see their limits. So, do what I said, it's an order!" "Yes Sir! ... Ah yes, by the way, he ordered... hem... two belts." "Two? There is another test subject for this product?" "His... friend apparently. He also reacts very well." "Mmmmh very well, that makes us one more guinea pig. It can't be a bad thing, the more test subjects we have, the more results we get, the faster we can improve the formula. In the meantime, keep watching our other test subjects and continue to keep inventing products. We need more guinea pigs. Our experiments are far from over..." "Yes, sir!"
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