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  1. Missed Opportunity Dave a is 24-year-old college meat head who’d known nothing other than being handed everything to him in his life thanks to his charming, good looks and blessed genetics giving him the body that most guys spent their whole lives building, while he only spent a year in the gym and blew up to incredible size. He’d grown accustomed to being the top dog everywhere he went, and it certainly went to his head as many that were around him would certainly tell you that Dave was a *bit* of a douche. Yet even with all his size and charm it just wasn’t enough for him he needed MORE. So, when he stumbled on some new experimental protein shakes that were hitting the market in very limited quantities, he thought why the hell not and bought the last pack that was in stock before the site was mysteriously taken down a day later. A few weeks later all he could think about was the effects that the new shakes could have on his body and the package was scheduled to be delivered to his dorm that very day. He was ready to sprint like mad to get home and down one of the four shakes before or after his workout. But as he would soon find out it wasn’t just the shakes that he would find waiting for him when he got back home. ---- After his workout he excitedly rushed home heading down the hall ready to improve his gains even further. But as he drew near the door, he could hear noises coming from inside. His two dweeb twink roommates were surely there which already made him angry. He wanted to enjoy his post workout pump alone with no distractions. His roommates Adrian and Michael were both gay and he knew how bad they wanted him from day one, but he didn’t swing that way, although that didn’t stop him from soaking up all their adoration and teasing them with the body of a god they could never get with. Opening the door, he was met with a scene out of his worst nightmares. Adrian and Michael were grinding up on each other fully nude and they were both HUGE! “What the fuck dweebs! What happened to you two?!” The two former twinks were laid out on the couch each of them man spreading their mammoth legs completely filling the couch as their thighs pressed against each other, both of their impressive manhood’s now over 9 inches long leaking pre while the two kissed previously. The both of them had to be over 6’2 looking massive even compared to himself. “Oh, hey Dave didn’t hear you come in.” Adrian said in a luscious deep voice. “Bro thanks for those shakes they were fucking GOOD!” Michael said licking his lips as he looked at Dave with a hunger in his eyes. More terror filled Dave’s mind as he realized his roommates had opened his delivery and take the shakes for themselves. “Please fucking tell me you dweebs didn’t drink them all.” “Don’t worry were not monsters of course we left you one.” Adrian said. Without a second thought Dave’s body moved on its own scouring for the shake in the kitchen seeing the pack torn open with only one bottle of the four left by itself. He quickly twisted the cap off and chugged it down eager to see the results it would have on his body since his small scrawny twink roommates blew up to monstrous sizes. Adrian and Michael watched in horny anticipation as they were waiting to watch the guy, they’ve been pining for grow into a god. The process was already starting. His stomach bubbling as the shake slid down his throat. His muscles growing fuller at a slow rate as he was painfully aroused his average 6 incher tenting in his shorts as his body started pumping itself larger. But like most of his advances in bed the growth that came finished within seconds his cock exploding in his shorts as Adrian and Michael watched in disbelief. Dave had never been more embarrassed in his life as he felt like he had only added a measly 10 pounds of muscle and not an inch of height to his body as his godly roommates looked at him with disappointment in their eyes. “What the hell did you dweebs do why didn’t I grow like you two?!” “Dunno man we just drankem like you did.” Adrian responded. Michael chipped in “Guess you shouldn’t have been so proud of those genetics after all huh Dave!” Dave was appalled by Michaels observation, it filled him with a sense of humiliation and need to lash out, but as he looked at the much larger man in front of him, there was nothing he could do but accept his fate. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse a guttural moan escaped Adrian’s cum ridden mouth. Bracing himself against Michael “OH FU- … IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!” “oh god….PLEASE NO!” was all Dave could think as every single muscle in Adrian’s body rippled with strength as he grew once again now becoming inhumanely large as he bucked against Michaels body. In all his euphoric torment Adrian was at the mercy of Michaels touch as he pleaded for sweet release. “please bro….help!” was all he could mutter as Michael quickly understood and proceeded to help his friend out Taking his large head into his mouth he put his skills to good use as Adrian quickly blew his load into his mouth as his growth subsided. Michael struggled to chug down the copious amounts of cum being blasted down his throat almost choking as he savored every drop that was being shot into his stomach. Minutes pass as Dave was left mortified, glued to the ground he stood on unable to look away as Aiden had become the very thing, he so desperately craved for himself. As he got control of his body again Adrian pulled Michael off his 13 incher and sat him on his lap his head now over a foot taller than Michaels. He then turned his hear upwards muttering out a thank you before planting a kiss on his lips as thanks for his help. Breaking the kiss, he looks back at Dave seeing the man that was once huge to him looking up at him with awe and jealousy. “Don’t look so glum bro maybe you just didn’t grow enough the first time…well for your sake I hope there is a next time.” Adrian’s words cut into him like a knife destroying his confidence so easily for the first time in his life. He couldn’t even get a word out trying to respond as he watched the two gods enjoying their new bodies together. That’s when Michael chipped in with his own thoughts. “Oh, maybe there’s hope for you yet. Your dad swung by earlier and he took one of the shakes with him before we got into them.” A chill ran down Dave’s spine hearing Michaels words now only thinking one thing. “I’ve got to get home and pray that dad hasn’t drunken that shake.”
  2. #Recording file M - 2908 "I... i can't help but moan. Orgasm... with some pain." "It happened every time my body got bigger, which then activated my orgasm more intensely. First of all, the legs." "Oh my goodness! The thin, wrinkled legs I once had were no longer there, and in their place were healthy legs with huge, muscular thighs and calves. Huge muscles work in harmony to show off each other's greatness, and snake-like veins stand out on the legs. My skin was as smooth as when I was in my 20s. No, it was much healthier and softer than my skin was in my 20s!" "This transformation wasn't just about my legs. Every time the red power essence of the young man in the bathtub flowed into my bathtub, and each time it was absorbed into my skin, my body became hotter and bigger. My chest grew and bulged, and my slim abdomen became thicker and firmer, soon revealing strong ten abs. My shoulders and back suddenly became wider and stronger, and my pale skin became healthy and smooth. My body gradually began to resemble the giant muscles of a young man. Yes, in just a moment I will be an 8 foot tall muscular bodybuilder." "And I felt my power essence flowing out of my body and into the bathtub next to me. It was blue and so fragile. Each time it was absorbed into the young man's body, the young man's body gradually became smaller. His chest, which was bigger than anyone else's, dried up and his abs disappeared. His shoulders and back narrowed, and his healthy tanned skin turned pale. The young man will soon be five feet tall, thin and frail, just like I used to be." "As you can see, we are exchanging each other's power essence. This was possible thanks to my research results. However, the unfortunate thing is that we cannot change our age. That is, my body from the neck down was young and strong, like that of a young man, but my head and face were still the same as those of a man in his 90s: a wrinkled white beard and an old face full of hair. Still, there were some good points. The healthier my body became, the more changes I noticed in my old hair and face. The wrinkles remained the same, but the tanned skin became firmer, healthier, and more attractive. My once sparse white hair has now grown voluminously, long and even shiny, covering my back. "There are no more helpless, useless old scienti-" *Crack!* *Crack!* "Ugh! Argh!" *Crack!* *Crack!* … ... "Ah… haha… I'm sorry, I suddenly got bigger again." "Okay, now I'm pretty close to 8 feet. The experiment will end in exactly 3 minutes. And I will become a perfect elder bodybuilder…" "So just a little more…"
  3. clfmql

    I want everything from you

    Ha! I'm a genius scientist, so I knew my experiment would be completed successfully, but I never expected it to be this perfectly beautiful. Chase's muscles, bones, stamina, metabolism, and even his genetic levels are all mine! Chase...My younger brother has everything I don't never have: giant muscles, handsome faces, tremendous power, superior alpha DNA! Just a high school student, he's already 7ft tall, a perfect muscular body, and even smart. It's made him one of the most famous star athletes in the area, including high school. He even won overwhelmingly in local bodybuilding this time. As an older brother, I've always been jealous and hate Chase. I was only 5ft tall, and my body was as thin as a branch. I was ugly and didn't get anyone's attention. Even from my parents. I wanted to be like Chase. But no matter how hard I worked out or tried to be recognized by people, I realized it was just an unachievable dream. That's why I decided to take Chase's muscles. There's only one thing that makes me better than Chase: intelligence. Even I had incredibly high intelligence. It's not surprising that I got interested in science and started researching the human body. At first, I worked on body swaps. Yeah, I wanted to be like Chase. But unfortunately, even with my high intelligence, I couldn't find a way, and I just found out that body swap are absolutely impossible. It's impossible to transfer a person's consciousness to another body in any case. So I set the direction of my research a little different. What if I transfer material, not consciousness? For example, what if I transfer Chase's massive muscles, thick bones, powerful stamina, high metabolism, superior genetic levels to my body and at the same time my small muscles, thin bones, weak stamina, low metabolism, inferior genetic levels to Chase's body? What if I and Chase had a one-on-one exchange of muscle-to-muscle, bone-to-bone? I've worked on it, and surprisingly found out it's possible. If it's the only problem, this one-on-one exchange has to happen in less than a nanosecond. That way, we can proceed absolutely safely. But I'm a genius scientist! It's very easy to solve that problem. Still, there was something disappointing. Another thing, this experiment did not promise a perfect body swap. Because our appearance will remain the same after the experiment. Still, there was one hope. Because our genetic levels are also swapped, my appearance will be the most idealized version of myself, while Chase's appearance will be the worst version of himself. Well, I'm very satisfied with just that. I immediately built two glass, cylindrical chamber-shaped machines in the basement. Then I tricked Chase into locking him in. And… yeah, my experiment succeeded. Can you believe that the biceps and bones in my arms are the ones that were in Chase's body just now? I mean, in cells and tissue units. I can feel it, the power and heat of it… in my massive chest, in my 10 pack abs, in my thighs and calves, even in my thick, long cock. Is this something Chase has always felt 24/7? And, yeah, not just the muscles and bones. I take Chase's stamina and metabolism. And Chase's superior genetic levels too. With this I can keep these muscles and bones very easily. It's fantastic. Plus, Best of all, as I expected, Chase's genetic levels gave me the best-looking, idealized version of myself. ..... Oh, don't you wonder where my original muscles and bones went, Chase? It's in your body now, of course. My small muscles, thin bones, weak stamina, low metabolism and inferior genetic levels… I don't need them anymore. I can't let them stay in my body and damage my perfection. So I dumped them all on your body. That's why I thought of a one-on-one exchange. Yes, Chase. From now on... I'm a heavyweight bodybuilder at 7ft and a college student. And you're now a 5ft skinny nerd high school student. I have finally become a real man! And you... Chase, you are nothing now.
  4. OldFashioned

    The Cafe

    Hi y'all! One of my resolutions for the year is to write (and post!) more regularly. So, while I try to get the gears turning, here's a short that's been languishing for a while... Enjoy! *********************** Jake’s morning trip to the neighborhood cafe was always the highlight of his day. Not that he didn’t enjoy his work, but this part of his routine always provided a moment of calm and quiet before getting on the crowded Red Line to downtown. Close to the lake, the cafe building managed to catch some morning sunlight even on cloudy days, and Jake deliberately went in earlier than he needed to avoid the usual morning crowd and to give himself time to actually sit and enjoy his coffee. Jake loved his slow, deliberate mornings... Plus, Adam was always there. ‘Adorable Adam,’ Jake always called him in his head. Adam was one of the morning shift baristas, and had served Jake his coffee every single morning since he’d started frequenting the place. He was a few inches shorter than Jake, around 5’10”, with a slim but defined runner’s build, around 160 pounds. He somehow sported a subtle but healthy tan year-round, even through the harsh winters, but his face was definitely his most striking feature. Defined cheekbones and jawlines were highlighted by a manly scruff, and his piercing blue eyes always lit up when Jake walked up to the counter. All of this was topped off with a head thick, golden hair that was effortlessly styled, never a hair out of place. Not that Jake spent a lot of time looking at him… Nope, definitely not. Adam definitely wasn’t the biggest reason he kept coming back to this cafe. Definitely not. His morning meditation with his cup of coffee definitely didn’t involve watching Adam make drinks, calmly, almost gracefully making his way around the bar, putting maximum care and attention into each and every shot of espresso. He definitely didn’t love Adam’s soft-spoken manner, perfectly suited to how Jake liked his mornings, always asking Jake, “How are you today?” in that low, clear, light tone that definitely didn’t send small tingles of pleasure down Jake’s shoulders and back if he was in the right mood. Definitely not… Today started like any other day, the cafe especially bright, its large windows letting in the golden hour light of the early summer morning. When Jake walked in, Adam was there at the counter, seemingly waiting for him. The light in the cafe bathed Adam in a warm glow, highlighting his gorgeous features perfectly. Jake almost tripped as he approached. ‘Damn, he looks extra amazing today…’ he thought. “How are you today, Jake?” Adam greeted him in that honeyed voice, small smile on his face. Jake shuddered a little. “H-hey Adam. Doing well. How’s the coffee today?” Jake replied, somehow able to continue the conversation with this adorable man. “Oh you should know, Jake. Perfect as always,” he quipped back with a wink. ‘God, he’s too much,’ Jake thought. Adam kept talking as he turned toward the espresso machine. “The usual I assume?” he asked as he started up the machine, skillfully but absentmindedly fiddling with the spouts and knobs as he began to prepare the espresso, keeping his eyes on Jake. “You read my mind, man,” Jake said with a small smile. He loved that he had a ‘usual’ drink and that Adam knew it. He watched the beautiful barista turn his focus to the machine to make his latte. A simple drink, but Adam really did make it perfectly. Totally balanced and very smooth but still with the smallest bite of the espresso, and always at the perfect drinking temperature... “Latte on the bar,” Adam intoned softly, snapping Jake out of his revere. It was a silly way to announce his drink, since no one else had walked into the cafe, but as Jake looked up at the cute barista, he noticed a mischievous smile on his face. Adam was still holding the cup, and held it out to Jake with a tanned, defined arm. Before reaching out to take it, he paused for just a moment to admire the beautiful latte art Adam had created. A many-pointed star adorned the surface of his drink, swirls and streaks of caramel brown and white in a symmetrical design. Jake always hated to drink these creations, but he did feel like he had a little piece of Adam inside him whenever he polished off the mug. “Thanks, Adam.” Jake said, reaching with one hand for the drink and one for his wallet. He inadvertently brushed a thumb along Adam’s long fingers that grasped the cup. For a split second, his world was only pleasure. His mind was filled with visions of fantastical, impossible, sexual feats. With Adam. But not Adam. Adam augmented. “Don’t worry about it! This one’s on the house,” Jake snapped back to reality. Not more than a second could’ve passed, but Jake felt he’d lived an entire life of bliss in that moment. “U-uh-um.. Th-Thanks man…” he managed to whimper out, totally disoriented. Adam cocked his head adorably. “Everything okay Jake?” His expression was nothing but concern, a small sparkle caught Jake’s attention. ‘What was that…? A glimmer?’ He wondered. “Yeah, Adam I’m good. Just v-very uh… grateful for the freebie!” He gave his best convincing smile, still baffled as to what had just happened. ‘I must really need this coffee,’ he thought, carefully taking his usual seat by the window, with a perfect view of Adam. “Well, just let me know if you need anything at all,” Adam said in his trademark low, semi-whisper, holding Jake’s gaze with those brilliant, blue eyes. Jake nodded faintly, and tried desperately to focus on anything but the cutie behind the bar. He tried to make sense of that moment. That wonderful, glorious, nearly orgasmic moment. Just minutes later, it already felt like a dream, slipping away from the reaches of his memory. ‘But it all felt so real...’ Jake struggled to recall the incredible visions. One thing was certain, Adam—or some version of him—was at the center of them. He glanced over to the counter, Adam quietly puttering about, cleaning and prepping ingredients for the day. Always a slow sipper, Jake took the better part of an hour to finish his drink. Usually he took this time to think about the day ahead, any big work project, errands he had to run, meals… but today… thoughts of Adam kept invading his meditative morning. Jake watched him graciously attend to the few other early morning customers, fellow regulars that Jake had seen practically every day for the last three years, but had never actually spoken to... Finally, his mind wandered, thinking about the lives of these patrons, making up silly little stories about their lives, dirty secrets, mundane private moments… … … “Let me get that for you.” Once again, Jake was shaken out of his thoughts by Adam’s soft voice. “Oh sure…” Jake trailed off, noticing that he was the only customer left at the cafe. This was strange, since according to his watch, it was approaching 7:30am, meaning all the rush hour commuters should be crowding in at this point… *click* ‘What the… did the door just lock?’ Jake whipped his head around, only to see that Adam was clear on the other side of the cafe, bussing the last used table. Turning his head back toward the door, he almost called out to Adam before a gentle gust of air interrupted him. “Wanna see something cool?” Adam was almost adorable and charming enough to make Jake forget that not half a second ago he was almost 100 feet away. Almost. “B-but, weren’t you j-just..?” Jake sputtered while Adam gave an endearingly quizzical look. “C’mon, follow me! I know you’ll wanna see this,” as he spoke, Adam practically skipped toward the back room, only turning his head to give Jake another cheeky wink. Part of Jake couldn’t shake the door, or any of the other strange little things about this morning, but his overwhelming desire to be near Adam kept most of his critical thinking dulled. Jake followed Adam as he disappeared in the dark room. “Adam, what the—” the light turned on. ‘Wait, where's the light switch?’ Before Jake could consider this discrepancy, his eyes were drawn to Adam, holding a broken mug, in the middle of the surprisingly large room. Every wall of the room was neatly stacked high with boxes, equipment, extra flatware, and cleaning supplies. A slightly musty, stale coffee smell filled the room. “Whatcha got there?” Jake said nervously, suddenly a little wary of being alone in a room with a guy he really didn’t know. Adam, however lovely to watch, was kind of an odd guy to begin with, and Jake realized they’d never really spoken much further than his coffee order or the weather. “A customer dropped this the other day,” Adam gestured at the five or six broken pieces of the mug, “but, it totally wasn’t their fault.” He began to put them together like a puzzle, the way someone would if they wanted to glue it back together. “I've been trying to think of ways to save the cafe a few bucks,” he continued, with one hand gently and deliberately fitting the ceramic fragments, and holding the fragile pieces in place with the other. ‘Is he really just showing me how he’s gonna glue a mug back together…?’ Jake subtly backed away, somewhat reassured that he wasn’t about to get murdered, but now kind of irritated. ‘Did my quiet morning really get interrupted for this?’ “Look, Jake! This is the cool part,” Adam urged, gesturing toward Jake with the ‘reconstructed’ mug. Holding the mug pieces together in one surprisingly large hand, Adam brought his other hand up and began slowly running a finger over the cracks, only… ‘What… how…’ Jake watched in total confusion, the cracks seemingly disappearing as Adam’s finger traced them, restoring the mug perfectly in a matter of seconds. “See! Good as new,” Adam casually observed. Jake, still shocked, looked up to see Adam’s beautiful face, smiling, eyes literally glowing. “Adam, h-how… how did you…” For a split second, Jake looked at the newly-whole mug before looking back up to Adam, his eyes now the normal, intense blue Jake was used to seeing. ‘Okay, I must be seeing things. What the hell is going on??’ “See for yourself!” Adam handed the mug over to Jake, who took it by the handle, careful not to accidentally touch Adam again. Sure enough, the mug was intact. Totally perfect. No evidence at all that it had shattered. “Seriously, how did you do that,” Jake wondered aloud as he turned the mug over looking for… well, he wasn’t sure what he was looking for. It definitely felt like a real mug, nice and heavy, no residue from pre-applied glue or anything. Giving it a few taps and shakes to find the trick, the mug slipped out of his hands. ‘Oh shit, and he just fixed it,’ Jake thought for a second, eyes closed as he braced himself for the harsh sound of ceramic on concrete. But it never came. “Careful there!” he heard Adam say gently. His face scrunched up, Jake slowly opened his eyes. The mug was hovering in mid-air, inches above the floor. “Wh-wh.. H-h-h… I-I-I” Jake was speechless. Looking to Adam, he saw eyes that were definitely glowing faintly. No human had eyes like that. His arm was outstretched,a finger pointing at the mug. With a subtle gesture from Adam, as if beckoning it, the mug floated up between them before making its way back to the safety of Adam’s hands. “Wouldn’t want to ruin my handiwork, would you?” Adam chuckled. With another twitch of his fingers, the mug jumped up a few inches and separated into thousands of tiny pieces suspended in the air by an unseen force. “But that really wouldn’t be a big deal,” he said matter-of-factly, and snapped his fingers. The little pieces instantly reformed, and the mug floated over to the other extra mugs, seemingly of its own accord. “What the hell did you put in my coffee?!” Jake exclaimed. He turned to run out the storeroom door, but was instantly stopped in his tracks. He heard a deep laugh, unlike anything he’d heard from Adam before, as he slowly turned to face him again. “I knew you were a keeper, Jake,” Adam said warmly, his voice getting deeper by the second. “What... are y-you?” Jake asked in a combination of awe, curiosity, and fear—but mostly fear—as he stood frozen on the spot. “Oh dear little Jake, you’ve got nothing to fear,” Adam reassured, fixing Jake with a look of overwhelming tenderness. He subtly waved a hand toward Jake, and Jake found himself filled with calm and relief. ‘Little? What the hell? I’m bigger than him!’ he thought. “Haha, I guess I could’ve picked a better way to reveal myself to you,” Adam said in a deep voice that went straight to Jake’s dick, seemingly reading his mind. “Reveal yourself?” Jake responded in a barely audible whisper. He felt the temperature rise in the room and watched as… ‘No it can’t be... ‘ the light… he was… glowing. What first looked like tan, healthy (and human) skin took on an other-wordly golden glow. “Yes Jake,” Adam said in a soft voice that still somehow reverberated through the room. “You see,” he squared his shoulders, facing Jake, and turned his arms out to his sides, palms facing up in a surprisingly… divine pose. “I am a god.” The room shook. The world shook. And he began to hover, rising into the air effortlessly, with a deep sigh that managed to noticeably change the pressure in the room. Jake came instantly, totally overwhelmed by the vision before him. He grabbed on to one of the stacked boxes in an attempt to steady his convulsing body as his balls completely emptied themselves into his underwear. Adam’s uniform dissolved into thin air, leaving him a sexy pair of tight, dark briefs, and revealing ripped, defined runner’s build. “Gaze upon my true form,” the being intoned. His ethereal glow increased ten-fold as he began to expand. Muscle rippled and bulged from head to perfect toe as his proportions increased and refined, to gymnast, fitness model, bodybuilder, then… something greater. Something... Unfathomable. Had he been on the ground, he’d be at least 8’ tall, and his insane physique defied measurement. Bulging calves pressed against each other as he held his wide, powerful feet together, toes pointed down just above the ground, and enormous thighs exploded with power before tapering to a relatively miniscule but obviously harder-than-steel waist. Mind-bending, shredded abs, framed by the thickest, widest pair of lats in all of creation, erupted into the insane statement of ultimate masculinity that was his chest. In that moment, Jake wanted nothing more than to reach out and place his hands reverently on that magnificent pair of pecs. From that mountainous torso flowed gigantic shoulders and enormous, inconceivably powerful arms, rippling with strength. All of this perfection was shrinkwrapped in beautifully smooth, flawless skin that glowed, like polished liquid bronze, streaked with veins and striations. His face… His face… There were simply no words. His already gorgeous features had refined past the point of reality. Jake felt as if space-time itself bent around the pulchritude of Adam’s now better-than-perfect face. Gold-spun, impossibly thick hair crowned this king of the universe. A wondrous, azure, electric orb that humans would call an eye winked at Jake, and he—having just recovered from his first hands-free unloading—was instantly rock-hard and shooting like a geyser, somehow more intensely than the first time. He dropped to his knees, head turned up in worshipful awe, unable to look away at his golden deity. The god laughed. “I apologize,” he said with a smirk, his voice both an entire orchestra of sound and a gentle whisper, “I’ve wanted to do that for… a long time, let’s say.” With a gentle wave of his huge hand, Jake's clothes and the messes he’d made in them vanished. Another gesture and Jake rose into the air in front of Adam. His eyes darted around, unable to focus on the perfect face before him for too long. He settled on Adam’s powerful chest, the bulbous masses seemingly pushing the universe aside for more space. ‘Go ahead, I know you want to,’ Jake heard gentle Adam’s voice in his head, and looked up to see him with an eyebrow cockily raised. Suddenly, his chest erupted in a complicated, erotic dance of power, the bronze fibers looking to Jake like a sea of hot, boiling metal, and threatening another spontaneous orgasm. Tentatively, he reached out a hand toward the rippling mass of power. Upon contact, he was filled with a soul-shattering sensation of pleasure. He was touching a god. He was touching the massively muscled chest, of an seemingly-all powerful god, and his mind and body was filled with rapturous, roiling delight. It was too much. He broke contact and gasped aloud as he was gently lowered to the ground. “W-why, why me?” he asked pitifully, totally recognizing that he was in the presence of infinite power. The hovering Adam smiled tenderly, his glow increasing gently as a feeling of comfort and pure, godly love filled Jake. He watched as Adam’s large, perfect feet slowly lowered to the ground. Despite the slow, careful touchdown, the concrete buckled under what must have been tons of superdense muscle. “Because you’re adorable,” he proclaimed playfully. The giant god strode gracefully over to his disciple, his every movement a poem, a novel of beauty and strength, cracking the ground with each step. Lovingly cupping Jake’s face with a divine hand, Adam fixed him with an intense, caring gaze, “and I felt like your life needed… shall we say… a shot of espresso.” Leaning down, Adam blessed Jake with a cosmic kiss. Jake dissolved in the outpouring of godly affection. He felt lost in a sea of eroticism, temporarily—and yet eternally—completely united with his god. “Now,” Adam said, breaking the kiss like it wasn’t a life-altering event for Jake, “let’s have some real fun before I have to open the cafe in a bit.” Jake shot him a puzzled look. “You’re… you’re gonna keep working here? You’re literally a god!” “So? I can do what I want,” Adam shot back, “and can’t very well deprive this neighborhood of excellent coffee.” For the first time that day, Jake actually giggled. “Plus, imagine drinking a latte served by a God.” Adam took Jake into his powerful arms, and hovered, his perfect feet gently leaving the ground. With another reality-bending kiss, they disappeared in a flash of golden light.
  5. mmvmgo2011

    The Barbell

    A short story I thought of as I was writing my other, slightly longer story, Vaccinated. Hope you enjoy. ———————————— THE BARBELL I was one of the first members to join this new gym. It opened just this week, around the corner from my house, which was awesome. My old gym was a 20 minute drive away and, honestly, I didn’t go nearly as often as I should have. I’ve always been a sucker for muscles. The bigger, the more vascular, the hornier I become. Ever since my first experience masturbating, muscle has turned me on. That first ever experience cumming was masturbating to a famous bodybuilder cum actor whose nickname may or may not rhyme with Barney in a movie title that may or may not rhyme with Bone-an. I’d imagined myself with those massive arms, the broad shoulders, the fucking hot X shape that the biggest bodybuilders get - V shaped upper bodies, tiny waists broadening to huge flared lats and shoulders, and ^ shaped lower bodies, tiny waists broadening out to massive, sweeping quads. Ever since that first point of no return, this weird, white, sticky stuff pumping from my dick, my mind cemented the connection between bodybuilders and muscle, arousal and sex. I had always wanted to emulate those monsters, my entire body like an erect cock, covered in veins and pumped, hard muscles, masses of testosterone making my dick hard and leaking pre 24/7. If I had a body like that, I could turn myself on and make myself cum at any time, a quick twist of the wrist, and my forearm belly would expand, striations and vascularity popping through the skin, a massive root system of veins branching down from my huge bicep. Unfortunately, I do not look like a bodybuilder. More like a twig. A tall sapling. Despite years of trying to eat and train like a bodybuilder, my body just refuses to put on any mass. But I persist, because I love the feel of lifting. The pump you sometimes get, the feeling of euphoria, the feeling of invincibility - there’s nothing quite like it. I’ve looked into steroids many times, but I live in a country bumpkin town - there are no sources anywhere near me, and I don’t trust ordering online. Who knows what they’ll give you? And, there’s the whole illegality thing - signposting your activity by providing an easy paper trail doesn’t seem like the smartest idea. So I train hard, eat right, and hope that one day, somehow, my body will explode with muscle and fulfil my fantasy. I entered the gym. It was deserted. It was not staffed, which reduced the membership dues, and because it was so new, I’m guessing it did not have many members on its roster. All membership sign ups, renewals and queries were done online. The wonders of technology. I went to the change rooms and changed into my workout gear. I warmed up on a treadmill and headed to the weight room. Everything was shiny and new - literally shiny. The scuffs and scrapes of well-worked gym equipment totally absent. Today was back day, so I went over to the barbell racks. It was all what the typical decently-equipped gym would have. A few bench press benches, some standalone benches, a rack of fixed dumbbells, a single squat rack (that could be annoying during busy periods), but then something caught my eye. In the far dimly-lit corner, sitting alone, isolated from all the other equipment, was a wall-mounted rack, with a single, unloaded Olympic barbell. Unlike the typical barbell, this one was jet black, with a completely matt finish. The black was so dark, it seemed to absorb all the light around it and, in fact, I noted it wasn’t that the lighting in this corner was any different to the rest of the gym, the bar was absorbing the light, making the corner dimmer than the rest of the gym. Odd. I ignored the strange bar, wondering what it was for. Must be some specialised equipment - I resolved to look it up online and see what it was used for, maybe I could expand my routine. I loaded up a standard bar to warm up weight for my first set of deadlifts. As I stepped up to the bar and prepared myself mentally, I thought I could hear someone whispering. I looked around - there was no-one here, the gym was still totally deserted. Must be hearing things, I thought. No, there it was again. Use the black bar. Who was saying that? I shrugged it off and prepared to lift. THE BLACK BAR. Whoa, that was… intense. I guess I should use the black barbell. I walked over to the corner and examined it more closely. Apart from the colour, it seemed to be a standard Olympic barbell, same size and shape, but it did have some odd markings engraved at the very ends of the bar before the sleeves. I did not know what language it was, but it looked like some sort of Arabic, or maybe Sanskrit script. I grabbed the bar to pick it up. A massive jolt of power ran through my arms and up into my brain, transporting my mind to another dimension. “PUNY HUMAN! You have found the key to my dimension, and the key to my freedom. If you will agree to free me, I will grant you any wish you desire. But, if you free me, I will wreak havoc and destruction the likes of which your dimension has never seen.” What the fuck? I must be dreaming. I willed myself to wake up. “PUNY HUMAN, you are not dreaming. I sense your desire. I can give you everything you seek, and more. All you have to do is agree to free me.” “I don’t believe you can do anything. If you’re so powerful, why don’t you free yourself.” I thought. He did NOT like that. “I WILL DESTROY YOU, YOU IMPUDENT GNAT! You dare to question my power?” “I do,” I thought, “If you’re as powerful as you say, you could make me into a mass monster, a vascular, jacked, pumped beast, easily able to add muscle mass almost at will.” A thin tendril of power snaked towards me. As it touched my workout shorts, the shorts disintegrated, followed quickly by my briefs. The tendril wrapped itself around my balls, an intense feeling of wellbeing and arousal growing my cock to full mast. The tendril wrapped itself around my shaft, from base to tip like an anaconda asphyxiating its prey, and entered through the meatus of my cock. I orgasmed, instantly, at the feeling of power flooding through me. The tendril burrowed down through my cock, and nestled into my balls. I was ready to explode, but I hadn’t experienced anything yet. As I watched, the tendril swelled with power, stretching my urethra and growing inside my balls, sending masses of power flooding through my body. The demon flicked a finger, and the tendril swelled with his limitless power. I screamed in pleasure and pain, my entire body rigid with the power, my balls swelling to four times their usual size, my cock tripling in size as the tendril’s power stretched it. Then, I felt it, it started in my traps, massive walls of muscle rose up to meet the bottom of my ears, my neck swelled with power, muscles flexing and writhing as they grew. My shoulders broadened, the deltoids forming a massive cap. He flicked his finger again, more energy, more power flooding through the tendril into my cock and balls to the rest of my body. I screamed in pleasure and pain. My arms swelled, the peaks of my biceps split, triceps rounding out my now huge arms, my forearms swelled to bigger than the average man’s quads. YEEEEEEES! MORE! “As you wish, human.” Not so puny any more. The power increased, muscles upon muscles packing onto my frame. As I came, the tendril absorbed my cum, feeding its power back into my body. UNNNNGGHH! MOOOOOORE! The demon flicked all five fingers, the tendril swelling massively, its diameter now nearly as big as my newly grown forearms. As the new power reached my cock, I screamed as it stretched my cock, the massive flow of power almost struggling to invade me, grow me, imbue me with its power. The pain was unbearable; the pleasure indescribable. My entire body reshaped itself to accommodate my new bulk, my new strength, my new power. My calves were bigger than my quads used to be. My quads swept out to inhuman proportions, massive veins covering every inch of muscle, my cock and balls pushed out obscenely as the quads continued growing. My abs formed massive cobblestone-like, prominent bricks so tall my fingers almost couldn’t reach the bottom of the canyons between them. My back writhed as mounds of muscle rose up. And, speaking of mounds, my pecs mounded up, fighting with each other and my arms for space. But I still wanted more. I wanted the demon’s power for myself. “Pitiful human, you can’t handle my power.” Oh no? Try me. “Very well, don’t say you weren’t warned.” A massive torrent of power surged through the – well, it wasn’t a tendril any more, it was a huge pipeline, pumping power from the demon, through my cock and into me. I grew as the power increased, every inch of my body covered in muscle, vascularity. I exuded power. And, now that I had the demon’s power, I had no further use for him. I severed the connection to the demon, and reverted my mind back to my now insanely powerful body back in the gym. I smiled as I grabbed my heavy package, my balls heaving with power, my arm a dense, muscular pillar of power, covered in a vast network of veins. I groan in pleasure, cumming at the sight of my own magnificence, at the feeling of my own muscles flexing, my own veins engorging. There was one last loose end to tie up - the bar. I didn’t want anyone else taking advantage of any residual powers the demon might still have. As I finished cumming, a tendril of power snaked out of my cock, wrapping itself around the entire length of the bar, crushing it and absorbing the remnants. As the tendril made its way back inside my cock, I thought of who I would grow first.
  6. Encore une petite bêtise ----------------------- Et enfin le voilà! Enfin le voilà mon cher Michel, plus de deux heures que nous l'espérions, deux heures quarante exactement Oui Jean-Luc, le moment que nous attendions tant, et vous aussi chers téléspectateurs, ce palpitant direct, ce grand évènement suivi par toutes les télévisions du monde, il culmine à cet instant, encore quelques secondes avant que le scène ne s'anime. Oui Michel, c'est l'évènement tant attendu, la compétition sportive la plus célébrée au monde, le plus prestigieux trophée du plus prestigieux des sports, et je parle bien entendu du Bodybuilding, Voici enfin le début du spectacle ! Oui cher Jean-Luc, cela va enfin pouvoir commencer, l'élection du MOST EXTREMELY MUSCULAR SUPERHUMAN ULTRAGIGAWEIGHT SUPREME BODYBUILDER OF THE UNIVERSE V. Et oui déjà la cinquième année de cette compétition, ce qui est à la fois peu et beaucoup considérant le statut légendaire qu'elle a si rapidement acquise. Et à juste titre. La foule est en délire alors que sur la scène les pans du décor s'écartent, dans un tumulte de fumée, de lumière et de clameurs Cette année encore on a droit à du grand spectacle, l'organisation n'a pas reculé devant les moyens ! Et voici Frank Lefort qui entre en scène, Ô mon Dieu il est plus spectaculaire que jamais ! Et ce n'est rien de le dire! Le stade tout entier est estomaqué. Et pour l'instant nous n'apercevons que sa silhouette ! Oui le jeu de lumières est très habile, nous tenant en haleine tout en laissant deviner la fabuleuse énormité du physique de ce géant de deux mètres quarante sept ! Mais voici qu'il avance un pied dans la lumière ! Les écrans géants montre ce pied en gros plan, il faut bien dire que les immenses pieds de Frank Lefort, parfaitement bardés de muscles, sont adorés par ses fans. Fans qui sont bien évidemment en nombre ce soir ! Absolument cher Michel, et ils le font savoir, ils l'acclament si fort que je vous entends à peine dans mon casque ! Et cela dure, Jean-Luc, cela dure... Manifestement notre Frank Lefort national attend qu'un peu de calme revienne pour révéler son physique. Ah il faut dire qu'il sait ménager ses effets - enfin dans la mesure du possible ! Mais il semblerait qu'il... BORDEL DE MERDE ! ... Oui pardon Michel, et je m'excuse auprès de nos auditeurs, mais... Oh Jean-Luc je crois que vous avez plus ou moins reflété l'opinion générale, même si votre verbe n'était pas trop chatié, ha ha. Pour ma part je suis resté sans voix. Et pour cause ! Oui, un moment historique, tout bonnement incroyable. Quand la lumière a progressivement révélé ces deux gigantesques pectoraux, je veux dire, il nous avait habitué à l'exceptionnel depuis bien longtemps, mais là, les deux montgolfières de muscle jaillissant de son poitrail ont atteint une taille ahurissante. Tout à fait Michel, Frank Lefort nous présente des pectoraux d'une épaisseur, d'un volume si délirant, qu'ils pendent quasiment jusqu'à sa taille. Sa sangle abdominale toute entière est dissimulée par cette avalanche de muscle mammaire. Mais attendez, oui... Ah mais oui, il fait entrer en bandaison ses deux gros seins, non mais regardez-moi cette folie, on dirait qu'il va décoller, et cette débauche de striations, on peut voir apparaître chaque fibre musculaire Encore et toujours Michel, notre Frank parvient à faire rimer quantité et qualité. Mais c'est sa tête qui disparaît par contre ! Mais oui Jean-Luc, effectivement, l'érection de ses pectoraux est si puissante, que leur volume les fait dépasser la hauteur de son crâne. C'est impensable. Il faut le voir pour le croire. D'autant qu'il n'a pas adopté de pose particulière, il fait ça comme s'il faisait juste rouler ses pectorauoooOOH! Il fait danser ses pectoraux désormais ! La foule est en délire. Des centaines de kilos de muscles qui bondissent et jaillissent de son torse selon son bon vouloir, un phénomène absolument stupéfiant. Attendez Michel, il bloque ses pectoraux en contraction à nouveau. Que... Mais regardez ses abdominaux ! Quelle maîtrise, Il joue se chaque muscle abdominal avec une précision sidérante. Et regardez comme ils sont volumineux, définis et parfaitement symétriques, tous les 10. Mais que faites-vous Michel... Oh il s'est levé pour applaudir, je vais en faire autant Voilà nous reprenons l'antenne, Jean-Luc et moi sommes en nage, pétris d'émotion, Frank Lefort vient de mettre fin à cette "symphonie abdominale", à laquelle ses obliques se sont joint sur la fin, maintenant il a fait retomber ses lourds pectoraux, et reprend sa respiration, comme vous l'entendez le public l'applaudit à tout rompre. Et le spectacle ne fait que commencer. Frank reprend son souffle, en position de détente toujours, son sourire éclatant balayant l'auditoire, ton torse ruisselant de sueur. Vous l'entendez, la foule scande son nom, et... ça devait arriver, le chant des supporters, "Frankie, tu es fort, tu es maître, tu es Dieu, nous t'aimons..." Ca va durer un moment cette affaire. Oui Jean-Luc, l'occasion de commenter sur le choix vestimentaire de M. Lefort, qui n'est pas innocent, cette année il a opté pour un maillot aux couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel, ce qui ne saute pas aux yeux car c'est tout au mieux un cache-sexe, contenant autant que faire se peut son imposant appareil génital. L'athlète nous a habitué à ses maillots de "posing" les plus minuscules possibles, mais aujourd'hui son choix semble inhabituellement politique, certainement une prise de position contre la féroce oppression subie par les homosexuels dans certains pays du Moyen-Orient actuellement ; possiblement aussi, un clin d'oeil à ses innombrables fans dans la communauté gay, envers qui il a toujours manifesté une affection particulière. Attendez Michel, regardez il lève lentement ses bras de part et d'autre, on sait ce qui arrive, oh le stade est en feu. Ses bras atteignent l'horizontale, c'est fou comme il a le sens du spectacle, il fait vraiment vivre des émotions en montagne russes à tous ces gens, et à nous aussi, et à vous aussi sans doute chez vous... Il ferme lentement ses poings... Oh Jean-Luc cette fois-ci c'est mon tour PUTAIN DE BORDEL DE MERDE ! Wow Michel, je crois que... Mais taisez-vous, regardez-moi ça ! Regardez ces planètes ! Regardez ces miracles ! C'est... C'est... Oui clairement, Frank Lefort vient de bander ses biceps, un double biceps, et... le résultat est tout bonnement... pharamineux, devant nous... C'est... C'est... Comment dire, au moment où il a contracté ses bras, Frank Lefort a matérialisé deux entités gigantesques, ses biceps, déjà colossalement énormes au repos, se sont transformés en monticules de muscle d'une taille improbable, dont je serais bien incapable d'estimer les dimensions... C'est... C'est.... ... et, et... qui s'étend non seulement haut vers le ciel, mais également sur les côtés, de toutes parts, des protubérances qui... il règne un silence implacable dans le stade, on peut juste entendre... Je ne sais pas si vous l'entendez, mais Frank Lefort hurle furieusement de joie en contemplant tour à tour ses biceps qu'il bande frénétiquement, comme s'il voulait voir leurs veines exploser, je vois beaucoup de gens qui s'évanouissent dans l'auditoire, et moi-même... C'est... C'est... Je pense que Michel et moi ne sommes plus en état de commenter les images pour le moment, nous vous prions de nous en excuser, mais je pense que le les images qui vont suivre se passeront de tout commentaire, (...) Nous... avons passé une soirée intense. Vous pouvez le dire Jean-Luc. Nous espérons que vous nous pardonnerez le manque de professionnalisme dont nous avons fait preuve ce soir, comme vous le voyez Frank Lefort est à nouveau couronné du titre suprême, encore cette année il était seul compétiteur. Comme chaque année depuis la création de ce concours. Effectivement.
  7. Travis quickly stripped naked, exposing his godlike body to the chill Alaskan air. Even relaxed and cold, his muscles were enormous, and they seemed to dance as he bent over and arranged his clothes, neatly folding them into a pile on the tundra rocks. 20 yards back Tina was filming her boyfriend and she couldn't help but get wet at the sight of his glorious nude body, 265 lbs of impossibly strong muscular beef. Her eyes danced over the orgy of ripped muscles that lay before her. His shoulders were her favourite she decided, they bulged huge, easily as large as pair of football helmets. She always had to stretch her arms wide to grope and fondle both of them at the same time. From the front she was a big fan of his massive pecs and thickly muscled abdomen, which were both without equal even in the world of super-heavyweight bodybuilders. Of course her eyes always crept back to his naked sexy ass, round and tight with all its incredible thrusting power. This was the fifth time in as many years that Travis had come to Alaska. Four times he had tried to defeat one of the massive grizzly bears during their mating season fights. Each time he had been forced to withdraw, unable to match the sheer size and strength and of these 700lb creatures. The mighty bodybuilder was feeling good about his chances this year though. He finally broke through the one-tonne squat plateau at the start of the year, and had benched 1300lbs a short time later. Knowing that a naked wrestling match with a grizzly would require superhuman endurance and pain tolerance, he had increased the ferocity of his workouts to unbelievable levels. For months he suffered through 20-rep squats with over a thousand pounds slung across his vast shoulders. He even bought a cruel whip for Tina, and she would mercilessly pound his body with it until his skin was covered in red marks. She had never beaten him though, his determined mind always fighting through the pain until his girlfriend would lie collapsed on the floor in exhaustion, defeated by her bodybuilding boyfriend that she had taken to calling "Superman." Travis walked up to a mighty grizzly, large even for its species, and tipping the scales at over 800 lbs. The huge bear had easily defeated a young male the day before and was eager to breed, its gigantic body coursing with animal testosterone. It reared on its hind legs as Travis approached. Even with his supersized bodybuilder muscles, he looked like small, easy prey for this ultimate apex predator. Travis made himself look big, making his challenging intentions clear. The bear roared and fell on top of Travis. Tina gasped as this happened but her boyfriend's nude body didn't yield to the immense weight, his ass tightened into an iron ball and his forearms stood out like steel cables as he absorbed having all that animal muscle fall onto him. Holding the bear for a second, he used his massive pecs to shove the bear backwards, the huge animal toppling over in a giant crash. Travis admired what he had done for a second and he made his pillow like pecs dance in triumph. He had trained his body to such an extent that he could bench press this huge bear if he wanted to and this fact turned him on immensely. Uninjured but angry, the bear got up and charged. Any other human would have fled in terror but Travis held his ground, crouching forward with all his spectacular muscles flexing hard. The collision of these two goliaths, one of them triple the size of the other, was monumental. Travis' heavy body was actually pushed back several feet, his bare toes sliding over the rough hard ground. Powerful paws tore into his skin, leaving red marks but unable to pierce his iron-hard muscles. Claws that would have sliced a normal human to ribbons were simply an annoyance to Travis' amazing body. The bear's crushing jaws were another matter, they could eviscerate his face or throat if he wasn't careful. Holding the 800 pound bear back with one hand, he used the other to force those massive jaws upwards and away from him. The two mighty animals were locked in a test of strength now. Bare naked human muscle somehow, impossibly, was a match for something that was could have easily slain a dozen normal men. For several minutes the two creatures wrestled, holding each other tightly. Travis could tell that he was much stronger than even this huge bear, although its sheer weight and towering height kept things even, not to mention having to use one arm to keep those jaws away from him. This realization made him very excited, it was one of his strength fantasies coming true! Thousands of hours in the gym had forged himself into a real life Hercules. He could feel the bear's struggles growing weaker now as his muscular endurance also proved superior than this ferocious wild animal. Redoubling his efforts, he used his massively pumped legs to force the bear backwards, much to Tina's delight. Her boyfriend was going to win! She couldn't see it, but Travis was enjoying himself even more so. As the feeling of male power washed over him, his monster sized cock surged upwards. An erection stronger than he had ever enjoyed brushed animal fur before finally reaching just above the dense plates of his thick eight pack. Strength-lust overcame Travis' mind and he wanted nothing more than to shoot a huge load off. He reversed his efforts and pulled the massive bear forward onto him, letting them both fall backwards onto the hard earth! There was an immense thud as 800lbs of wild animal slammed Travis' broad back into the ground. The weight was nothing to his splendid muscles and he loved the feeling of all that mass pressing him into the earth. Wrapping his redwood thighs around the massive bear, he used this once powerful creature as simulation, thrusting himself against its furry belly again and again. His huge naked thighs pressed into the grizzly, causing it pain as Travis realized that he could literally crush this huge animal to death if he wanted, its enormous body no match for his powerhouse thighs that, even on a bad day, could easily crack coconuts. Now they were so pumped, so swollen with muscle that even a bowling ball wouldn't stand a chance against them. Holding the bear's jaws shut with both hands now, the pumped up bodybuilder thrust his cock with wild abandon until he came harder that he had ever before in his life. Vast quantities of superhuman sperm shot out of his fist sized balls as Travis nearly blacked out from the pleasure.The sexy man closed his eyes and moaned loudly as his huge cock just kept cumming and cumming. Both muscular bronzed skin and dark brown fur were getting extremely sticky now from the enormous load that spewed out in endless thick gouts. Tina was close by now, filming her boyfriend having a better orgasm with a male bear that he had ever had with her. Finally his moaning stopped as he orgasm wound down. His erection was still steel hard and monstrous and Travis wanted nothing more than experience that feeling again. The naked man manhandled the exhausted grizzly until he had it in a rear choke. "Sweet dreams pal" Tina thought as the bear slipped into unconsciousness, defeated by the tremendous strength of a powerful male bodybuilder. Travis' dirty, sticky body looked awesome as he stood up, his pumped up physique bulging in all directions with impossible muscles. He placed a bare foot on the defeated grizzly and posed his naked body for the camera, flexing all the massive hard muscles and proudly showing off his colossal manhood. The realization that he was now strong enough to defeat a huge grizzly bear hit him again and his glorious cock once again became as hard as steel. Tina centered the camera on his dick as Travis jerked himself off yet again. His normally massive 11 incher HAD to be past 12 now she thought, and swollen to soda-can levels of girth. His veins on it were raised and looked positively angry as his gargantuan dick spurted forth again. While Tina was soaking her panties, Travis proceeded to soak the bear. Unbelievable quantities of jizz sprayed all over the unconscious beast until it almost seemed like it was more white than brown. Finally the hyper-muscular man's moans and groans subsided as his orgasm finished up. Turning towards his flustered girlfriend, he easily picked her up with one hand and gave her a deep French kiss. "I think its time for the alpha male to impregnate its female" Tina whispered. Travis grinned and started effortlessly shredding her clothing.
  8. Warmth spread over my entire body as my heart raced faster, adrenaline starting to race as I could feel the drug kick in. Everything I could see of my form completely stripped down to my briefs was becoming flush red with blood as I felt a pump like better than any I had ever received working out. I raised my arm that had been tempered by well over a decade of constant and near fanatic levels of dedication and thousands of reps. I saw it slowly twitch with veins slowly worming their way up to the top forcibly making their presence known, the hard orb of meat hardening even further as it slowly pulsed and swelled with a noticeably gradual but persistent growth. I brought up my other arm to test the density of my arm but got distracted by the sight of it before I laid a hand on my already flexing arm; instead I broke into a front double bicep poser displaying both of their increasing might into the mirror in front of me. I felt my lats tense and push out as I brought my arm into the pose, I could see my winds widen just a little bit further with every heart beat threatening me with lifelong difficulty managing doors, clothing, or even being able to place my arms to my side. My traps and chest, even with the disadvantage the pose brought to showing off their full glory, were no to be left lagging behind. I could feel my traps slowly crawl up my thickening neck attempting to swallow my head if left unabated while my shoulders have widened to the point of feeling like I've donned football pads that were inflating like balloons around me. My chest even with this pose was very noticeably growing denser to the point my nipples were traveling southward heralding that soon they would never see the light of day again. The warmth had slowly increased to a sweltering point as my body began to sweat copiously filling the room with the dominating scent of me. As if beckoned by an outside force I could feel my dick lengthen and harden with blood stretching to my side making a noteworthy protrusion in my breaths as it started to fight and claw its way upwards. My gaze met with my legs as my dick sprung free by itself hitting me hard in my abs leaving a trail of sticky white trailing over my stomach and down my shaft. I brought both arms down to start to slowly and purposefully stroke myself as I worshiped my quads with the other. I traced the lines running in my legs separating the each of the heads with my hand lingering, massaging the staggeringly impressive sweep they've gain. I flexed my ass and calves as I began to increase the speed of my strokes and tightened my grip as I was no longer in control as my body took over in a single minded quest to bring me to my knees in a mind shattering orgasm. While I methodically and robotically continued molesting my cock I bent my legs to flex my hamstrings and ass to their new unknown heights, I slowly committed every millimeter to memory as I bent further down to trace out the shape and outline of my calves. As I finished exploring my swollen and muscle bloated physique down to the last inch I shivered as I felt my balls almost violently pull up hard. I came all over the front of my behemoth standing form each rope of milk meeting or surpassing eye level for a good minute. Every burst I felt my prodigious nuts jump up and then fall down hard enough to lower my skin tight and severely tortured underwear. Eventually the fireworks slowed and then stopped all together with my chest hair matted to my skin by my outburst. I breathed out in complete and utter satisfaction before I was startled by the man who gave me the drug in the first place. "The growth is temporary." He said though I was still not able to fully understand what he meant in my afterglow addled mind. "...what?" I demanded. "Well it is a trial of the real product; we can't let you just go off and grow for free now can we?" Was the response I got from his "I've worked too long in fucking retail" smile. "What the fuck are you tal-" I couldn't finish my sentence. I felt like someone had kicked me directly into my sensitive and now gargantuan balls but at the same time as if they never took the foot away. I grunted in pain and moaned in pleasure at the same time as I bent over to cup my package still tightly imprisoned by my near threadbare briefs. My hands were pushed away as the warmth that I only just now noticed had never dissipated elevated to a searing heat all over my body. Sweat poured off my head and skin like rainfall as my hands were completely forced off of my taut and overfilled sac, my briefs torn off of my body and now on the ground next to my feet. I could no longer touch my nuts as they pulsed and swelled markedly larger every second dwarfing the size they were a second before. Any attempts to touch my dick were immediately rewarded with a feeling of pleasure bordering on pain in its severity as it bloated with more and more blood. At this point it had grown half again its size, turned many many shades darker, and was so dense with arousal and blood that there were more parts with snake like veins covering it than without. If I had worn a cockring and overdosed on Viagra I still would not be able to come close to the same state I am in now. Then, just as painfully as it started, all hell broke loose. My dick was expelling seed at such a terrifying amount a constant, uninterrupted stream of white came out of me as if I had put a pressure washer in between my legs. The surge of cum was so powerful that it knocked away any attempt for me to bring my hands to my dick as I vainly attempted to stop the flood. I could feel my body deflate as ounce after ounce, liter after liter, and gallon after gallon of fluid found freedom out me and onto the walls, ceiling, floor of the room and the mirror in front of me. I turned, the unending stream with me, as I tried to get to the door to find something, anything that could make this stop but I was blocked by the man standing in front of the door still wearing his trained smile but watching me predicament play itself out with amusement in his eyes. I turned back around staring at my dwindling form as I approached the now meager feeling but still very powerful physique I had before taking the drug. I feel to my knees as the last of my strength escaped my body along with the last of the muscle that had at least, temporarily, been mine. I rolled over onto my thick back that had fully reverted to its natural state with the memory permanently etched into my very soul of my briefly enhanced body, the memory now forever tainting anything less than what it had been for only a matter of minutes. My dick had finally stopped but was still hard after this life changing experience; I came again but from my own lust and desire for what I was. Breath still escaped the reach of my lungs as I was left completely and soul crushingly exhausted as I saw the gym clerk's head appear into my field of vision. "So, I take it you enjoyed your trial of our product if you would like I can set you up with a full purchase using your account, is that alright with you Mr.-" "YES, fucking god yes! Do it now." I barked at him with my throat so parched from the flood I created in the room I could barely manage to form the words. "Very good sir, is there anything you need while I begin the paperwork?" He inquired. "...could I get another trial sample just to make really sure?" I asked sheepishly. He laughed a bit before catching himself as he nodded at my still gasping body. He began to turn to leave the room to complete our transaction and get my sample before I asked him in a sheepish tone. "Actually...could you bring two samples? I want to really make sure. Oh and some water...please?" He stopped in mid stride and allowed himself to loudly laugh before responding. "Heh, sure thing. You're lucky I like you, but just make sure to use the cleaning equipment outside the door if you use both at once." He left the room and gently closed the door as my head continued to swim in a combination of the overpowering odors of my sweat and cum permeating the entirety of the room as well as my still shuddering body feeling aftershock after aftershock of an orgasm that I've never felt the likes of before but would soon top.
  9. LorneLyon

    The magix zipper shirt

    First of all, let me explain a thing. I’ve heard something about shirts with zippers round the pecs. Don’t know if their real, but the idea was the inspiration for this story. And because I don’t know what’s the real name is, I should call them Zipper shirts. Also my frst short story, hope you like it. The first time Franco saw his roommate with one of them, he tough it was a mistake made by the factory. But when he saw his roommate with more of them, he decide he ask about it. ’Max?’ ’Hmm.’: his roommate say. ’That shirt. Why is there a zipper on it?’ Max turned his chair and looked to Franco. Franco suddenly saw Max has gain a couple of muscles. When he first meet Max, it was a tiny boy. Now, there was a real man sitting in the chair. Max was turned into a buff, muscular man. His arms where like enormous bowling balls, he had a chest witch looks more like he had breasts, his belly was a artwork of bricks. His legs where so big it could brake a iron bar. ’Oh, this thing. I just got it for free.’ ’From who?’ ’I don’t know. I was looking threw my mail one day and there it was.’ Max stoot up and undress himself till his boxer. He throw the shirt on his bed. ’I’m gonna shower.’ While Max was in the shower, Franco looked to the shirt. He couldn’t think about someone wanted to wear it. But, (He looked to the door of the bathroom.) maybe he just must try it. He knew Max a bit, it would take at least half an hour for him to shower. Slowly and without making a sound he takes of his shirt a grabbed the shirt of Max. It was feeling nice and soft, like satin. And it actually smelled good. It smells like sweat, musk, in short, like a man must smell. Franco smiled silly. Max would understand him for wearing it for a second, their where buddies. Franco slowly put on the shirt. It was feel very soft around his body. He stood up and looked into the mirror. He was looking funny. The shirt was a bit to long for him. But, that couldn’t be. This shirt was always suits him. Franco smiled, when new memories filled his head. He has ordered this shirt a long time ago. Two actually, one for him and one for his buddy Max. Max was always the most muscular of the two, so he ordered an extra big one for him. Franco himself also has some muscles, specially around his arm and chest. But the only different from he and Max was that Franco has a big belly, a real muscle-gut. That was why he had order a big one for himself, he has ask the company of they had also muscle-gut version, and he was very happy to hear hey had. Franco smiled to himself into the mirror while he flexed his biceps. Franco was suddenly a really big guy. But biceps, big pecs, big gut. Like everyone knew him. Franco opened the zippers around his pecs, letting out his hard nipples. He turns himself when he heard Max coming back from his shower. ’Hey there big guy.’: Max smiled and slowly pinched Franco nipples. ‘I can see ya having something sweet for me.’ He slowly pets the big belly. Franco smiled to, quicky doing a double biceps pose. ‘Always for my boyfriend.’ Max smiled and takes his zipper shirt from the bed.
  10. an0n12

    Coach Knows Best

    Coach had started me on some new drug he wouldn’t tell me anything about asides from “You’ll get gains like you’ve never seen” and a cryptic warning to “keep it in my fucking pants”, as in no sex, no masturbation, no release what so ever. Now normally this wouldn’t bother me…too much despite my high libido I can hold off for some time if need be but something was different while I was on this miracle drug. I’d been using it for two weeks now under the constant supervision of my coach and made some amazing strides in mass and strength, I’ve gained over 20lbs of muscle and broken every single one of my max lifts by a substantial amount. Hell all of my clothes look like they’re going to burst off me now with such growth in a short time but the one thing that has been worrying me the most is…well…my junk has been effected too, both my dick and balls are constantly swollen and very tender. In fact I swear they’ve grown along with the rest of me. Though even if I wanted to finally jack off and get rid of some pressure in my over burdened sack it damned near hurts to even touch it so I’ve left well enough alone. Today coach and I are making a video for his social media and he’s made sure I’m wearing my spandex clothes to show off my recent size as his prize client. He’s had hands all over me during the video to demonstrate for viewers the proper movements, my body is so sensitive at this point any touch is electrifying to me and my swollen muscles and genitals constantly rubbing my spandex clothes are keeping me on edge the entire video shoot. I’d thought if coach doesn’t stop soon I’d blow on camera but we thankfully finished before I did. I headed to the locker room to calm myself down and got a look in the mirror just how fucking obvious my excitement was now, my dick was pointing straight up half way up to my chest rubbing on my abs with every movement trapped there by my spandex shirt while my balls were so heavy and swollen they had weighed my shorts down enough you could see my bush and part of my dick through the opening between my shirt and shorts. As I very, very, gingerly touched them out of both pride and curiosity of their new size coach comes out of no where to congratulate me on a job well done with a hearty slap to my ass. After the last two weeks and my current situation that was enough to do it. The dam burst right then and there, a dam trying to hold back the Pacific Ocean but failing spectacularly. Coach started to cuss telling me I was in for it now and boy was he right. He told, as I was cumming a nigh non stop stream all over my front side, that until the body fully process the drug you can’t cum at all or you lose everything you gained while on it, or in other words I was about to cum twenty plus pounds of muscle all over the locker room floor and myself. Twenty pounds or in other words around three to four gallons of fluid was about to force it’s way out of the only exit it had, my dick. The coach smirked at me as he watched me thrash about turning my black clothes almost totally white and make a puddle spread over the entire room. He told me that to make up for lost time now that I couldn’t hold it in we are going to have to do a double dose at the very least, maybe a triple dose (he said forebodingly), I couldn’t process what he was saying as I was still in the throes of the worst/best orgasm of my life. Soon the flow tapered off and my hurting dick and balls finally calmed down back to a more manageable size as coach threw a towel on me telling me to clean up and meet him in the gym to start working back what I just wasted.
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