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  1. Throwaway0282639

    The Changed Man

    Part 1 Jesus Christ. What a long fucking day. Sean tossed his satchel over his shoulder as he left work. 8 clients back to back, each more taxing them the last. The weight of his full satchel a burden on his thin shoulders. Sean walked down the stairs to his office, out of breath from the exertion; and then he climbed into his car. Say what you want about Sean, but his job provided him with plenty of disposable income. He climbed into his new luxury car, starting up easy, and rolling out of the parking garage smooth as ice. For only being 27, Sean had made a comfortable life for himself. His parents had never really been huge influences on his life, and he had made his own way since he was 15. Getting his first salary job after college, climbing the ladder, and slowly gaining his independence from his family has been everything he’d ever wanted. Sean pulled out of the parking garage, his wheels hitting smooth pavement as he drove out of the city. Sean listened to public radio on his drive home, relaxing into his average every day afternoon commute. It was when Sean got home that he stripped his mask and dove into his true personality. Stripping off his suit and tie, his long socks and business loafers, Sean settled into the couch in only his underwear. He opened a gay chat app and began to message the men back. Each of of them a burly daddy type, thick hair, thicker muscles, and a love for skinny younger guys. Sean fit that bill perfectly, at 27 he had barely grown since he started college. 5’8” and 130lbs he was a small man, but he was hot none the less. Bud strong jaw line, defined abs, and model status face sealed the deal for him more often than not. One thing about Sean though. He was more of a tease and flirt. He preferred to play the field, work these men up to a fevered pitch, and then cut them off; leaving them horny and wanting more, sending messages, pictures, and videos frivolously vying for his attention. Sean loved the attention he received from these men, but there was really only one daddy he truly craved connection with. When he was 17 and came out to his parents, a decade ago, his dad had shut him out. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Sean felt his last few years in his home he was a stranger living in a foreign hostile. Sean’s dad, Clint, had always been a man’s man, he worked a blue collar job, worked out when he could, drove a pick-up truck. Sean never expected him to accept him, but he also never expected what came next. As he scrolled through his app, teasing the older men, his dad texted him. Odd. *Hey Sean. I know it’s been a while but I’d really like it if you could give me a call when you’re available.” A wave of nausea and worry washed over Sean, his dad NEVER reached out to him. Something extraordinary must have happened. Sean was all at once needing to call his dad to settle his curiosity, and too intimidated and stunned to actually make the call. Sean went to shower, an ice cold shower always helped him calm down and think clearly. He undressed, his lean nearly hairless body reflecting in the mirror. Sean’s body may not have been too athletic, but his face told a different story. A strong, even jawline set his face, accentuated by his high cheekbones and well proportioned nose. His dark green eyes the color of an evergreen tree in late winter. His brown hair tossed and falling evenly, with a bit of curl. Sean knew he was a stunner, he had been approached many times to model for different projects around his small town. Sean got out of the shower, dried off, and sat on the edge of his bed. He fumbled around with his phone, still wet and cold, but he could only focus on the phone call with his dad he knew he needed to make. He slowly dialed the number, and pressed call. The phone rang once. Twice. Three times. Four. Five. Voicemail. “Hi dad, it’s Sean. I was calling in response to your text. Call me when you can.” No sooner than he’d hung up, his dad called back. “Hello, Sean.” “Hi dad.” “How are you doing?” “I’m okay. Dad is everything alright?” “Not really, son. Your mom. She. She.” Sean could hear his dad tearing up over the call. “It’s okay dad. Tell me what happened.” “She left me.” Sean heard she sobs for a moment. He let his dad cry. “I’m so sorry dad. I hope you’re okay.” Still keeping himself distant from his dad. “No. It’s okay Sean. I’m not upset she left. In fact I’m happy. I wanted to see if you’d come over for dinner. There’s some thing I want to talk about. But I want to do it face to face.” “Uh. I. Uhhh. Sure dad. When?” “As soon as you can. Tomorrow is Friday night, does that work for you?” Sean took pause. That was so soon. But his dad clearly needed this. “Sure dad. Send me your address and what time you’d like me to come. Should I bring anything.” “No son. Just bring yourself, that’s enough. I’ll text you my address and time when we get off the phone.” “Alright. See you tomorrow dad.” “See you tomorrow. I love you, Sean.” Then the call ended. Sean couldn’t remember a single time his dad had ever told him that he loved him. “8175 Wabash Ln. come over at 5pm.” Sean’s mind rushed through all the possibilities for what his dad could want to talk to him about. He couldn’t believe his mom had left his dad, as distant as the two of them had always been with him, they always seemed so in love. What could have happened? These thoughts swirled in Sean’s mind until he drifted asleep. Waking up the next morning he checked his phone to see if his dad had said anything else, nothing. He quickly got ready for work and tried to get himself back into his comfortable routine; but it didn’t matter, every other thought in his mind was occupied by what could be happening with his dad. What this dinner was going to be like. Why did it have to be so sudden? The day crept on, the uneasy feeling of anxiety ebbed and waned inside Sean, knotting his stomach. Thankfully today was Friday and that meant less clients. He got off at 4:30, just enough time to make it to his dad’s on time. Sean pulled up to his dad’s house. He guessed mom got their family home, and now his dad was staying in a small one bedroom home. It was a nice house, deep red bricks, a large porch on the front, a beautifully manicured front lawn, a garage off to the side. It had a very cozy feeling to it. Something about the little home made Sean feel at easy for a moment. He stepped onto the porch and knocked on the deep hardwood door, freshly painted a bright white to match the porch railing. Sean heard motion inside, the door opened, and his feeling of ease dissipated. In the doorway was a man who vaguely resembled Sean’s dad. His face was even different. Kinder somehow, maybe it was the big smile he wore, or the tear in his eye, but Clint looked…welcoming. Sean noticed at once that his dad seemed much larger than he remembered him. It had been almost ten years since they’d met in person, and it appeared his dad had started to take his workout routines more seriously. He’d also seemed to be taking better care of himself, his once round gut was now gone, all of the mass seemed to have shifted upwards and it now spilled into his chest and arms. Clint was taller too, or so Sean thought. When his dad opened the door he was staring directly at the bottom of his dad’s chest. “Sean!” Clint said, almost in an exacerbated sigh, a release of tension audible in his tone. He stepped forward and pulled Sean into a hug. Sean’s face sank in between his dad’s pecs, he noticed how far he seemed to sink, emphasizing the size of the barreled chest. The large arms around him hard as stone. The force of the hug lifted him off the ground a bit so that Sean was on his tippy toes. He reached around his dad and ground that he almost couldn’t reach completely around the wide lats and thick chest. He inhaled deeply, the scent of his dad’s cologne, the slight sweaty musk between his pecs, the smell of a fresh shower. Sean squeezed, and he felt his dad’s much larger body pull him in even tighter. Clint then released Sean, lowering him back to the ground, “please come in.” As he stepped out of the way, Sean walked into the house. “Dad, this is a very nice little home.” “Thanks son. I’ve tried. When I,” he paused seeming to hold back tears, “when I had to move here this was all I could afford and it needed some work. But some fresh brick, paint, floors, and some hard work on the front lawn has really brought it together.” “Wow. So you redid this whole place, did you hire someone?” “Hire someone?” Clint seemed genuinely confused. “No. I did it myself. I needed a project to sink my mind into and this remodel was just what I needed.” “You seem well dad.” “Come on Sean. Sit at the table. I have dinner ready, we can talk more there. I’m sure you’re wondering why I insisted we meet so soon.” He was right. Sean was whirling with possibilities as to why this was all happening. Above all, he felt an odd displacement in his mind, where the negative feelings he’d always harbored towards his father had suddenly softened. He was unsure if it was the way he spoke now, the affection he showed, or the simple fact that he now looked like the dream version of a man Sean would flirt with and tease. He knew the latter couldn’t possibly be it. Sean at at the table. A small dining set, four wooden chairs and a sturdy table, all the same dark mahogany wood. The grain had been sanded and treated. Everything in the home looked like it had been handled with such care. Clint rounded the corner, carrying a large pot in one arm and a large plate in the other. “I’m sorry it’s not much. As much as I’ve focused on building myself back up, cooking isn’t something I’ve mastered yet, but I remembered you liked beef stew, so I made that, and some homemade rolls. Although. The rolls didn’t come out as nice as I’d planned.” As Clint sat the food on the table, Sean appreciated the gesture. “I still love beef stew dad. I can’t believe you remembered. And don’t apologize, if it tastes as good as it smells I think we’ll be fine.” Clint even fixed Sean his plate, portioning out the meat, veggies, and selecting what he must have considered the most ideal roll in the bunch. “Here!” He said enthusiastically, handing the plate to Sean. “Thanks dad.” Sean gave his dad a quick glance and a warm smile. If his dad was going to put in so much work to be present, Sean figured he could try equally to make his dad feel like his efforts were valid. The two ate in silence for a while. Sean unsure of what to say, and Clint apparently too afraid to say what he needed to. Sean took the first leap, “Dad, what’s this all about?” Clint paused eating, and slowly sat down his fork. He seemed to be mentally gathering his composure, using one hand to smooth his shirt, which had bunched up underneath his heavy pecs, and the other to wipe sweat from his brow. Sean noticed his dad’s large dark nipples were visible through the thinly stretched shirt fabric, and when he raised his arm to wipe the sweat from below his well maintained brown hair, he heard a seam pop in the shirt as it stretched over his shoulder. “This is a hard story to tell. But I owe it to you. Just let me get through as much as I can and then we can discuss, okay?” “Sure, dad.” “So. Shortly after you moved out, I became unhappy. Not with your mom or anything specific, but life in general. I was getting old and fat, I was tired all the time, I was angry, I hated my job and everything in life seemed like a chore.” Clint swallowed hard, forcing down emotion as he got to the heart of the issue. “After a while I went to see a therapist, your mom didn’t know because I didn’t want her to think she was the problem. Through talking with the therapist we discovered a few things. The first being that I was depressed. The second was that I probably had low testosterone. Those two thing combined accounted for most of my symptoms. The therapist encouraged me to workout, saying that it would not only help with depression, but when I started receiving testosterone injections that it would help to moderate my energy levels and mood more.” He took a slight pause, a big deep breath, his chest expanding and pulling the buttons on his shirt almost to their breaking point. “The last thing we talked about was your mom. She was emotionally and mentally abusive and I had fallen into a dark place. When we would talk about you I had two different thoughts, how I really felt, and how I felt because that’s how your mother insisted that I feel. Years and years of her demanding I follow in her ideological footsteps let me to being a hateful scornful person, and it wasn’t who I really was. I withdrew from you because it was either that or face the abuse from your mom.” Clint paused again. The next words hung in his throat like a Vice was locked preventing them from escaping. “Son. I never cared you were gay. I knew it well before you came out. Your mother was blindsided and she couldn’t see past it. She would talk when we were alone and say the most vile things, I would agree, craving her approval, but at the same time I knew it was hurting you and that’s the last thing I wanted. So. That lead your mom and I to an impass. One morning I insisted we invite you over and make amends, I told her I couldn’t do it any longer. I called her on her abuse and told her it was time to change the dynamic. She argued, but I had practiced in therapy remaining steady and keeping to my values. I guess once she realized she couldn’t control me any more she left. It devastated me at first, because I craved her affection so much. But. These last few years I’ve come to realize that I could repair our relationship. I realized that the bond we could share as father and son could help me to heal. So. After years and years of struggling and fighting and working on myself I finally decided it was time. I’ve done a lot of work inside myself to prepare to be a good father, and I understand that it may be hard to accept. But I love you, and I want you to know the truth and the reason why everything happened.” Sean sat. Stunned. He wanted to laugh and cry and run and disappear all in the same moment. His body was frozen in time. Clint studied him, watching for any reaction. Sean was stoic, completely unsure for the first time in a while of what to do next. Clint stood, rising to his full height, and walked over to Sean. With Sean sitting and Clint standing, Sean noticed he was at crotch level with his dad. Not wanting to seem like he was staring, he quickly stood as well, and the two hugged. They both teared up, holding on, waiting for the other to relent, but neither did for a while. Finally. Sean initiated the released stepping back, his dad releasing him from the hug. “Thank you.” Was all he could manage for the time being. Clint returned to his seat, and so did Sean. They resumed eating. The air between them seemed to clear, the tension releasing like a bungee cord just unhooked. Time seemed to return to normal. Then Clint spoke. “So. Do you think we can ever repair our relationship?” Sean nodded, “I do. There’s a lot of time to catch up on, but it sounds like you’ve done most of the work already.” “You’re right. There is a lot of lost time. Tell me about yourself. What was college like, where do you work, how is life. I saw you drive a pretty nice car, I’m proud that you seem to be doing well for yourself. Do you have a boyfriend, I don’t seen a ring so I hope I didn’t miss a wedding?” Sean was gobsmacked. Never in his life did he imagine those words coming from his dad’s mouth. Sean must have been sitting with his mouth agape because Clint continued, “sorry. I know that’s a lot. I’ve just thought about these things for so long.” “No. It’s okay dad. Let’s see. College was fine, I completed by bachelors and masters and the firm I work for now pays me really well. I own a place downtown and I’ve started a small business on the side that will hopefully allow me to quit my job one day and simply manage. You’re right. No husband. No boyfriend either. I’ve never really had a steady partner.” “That surprises me.” Clint said. “What does?” “That you’ve never had a steady partner. You seem so out together, despite how we raised you, and you inherited my good looks, I’d think it would be easy for you to find a man.” What an odd conversation. Sean could hardly believe he was talking about this with his dad. “Well. Maybe I’ll meet someone one day. For now I’m really focusing on myself.” Sean said. “I understand that.” Clint agreed. “What about you dad, do you have anyone special in your life?” “No. Like you I’m working on myself. Between work, the gym, fixing this house, therapy, and working to make myself ready to meet you again, I haven’t had time for anything else.” It really was like Sean was meeting his dad again for the first time. The man he knew growing up was gone, replaced by this much larger, much more caring version of his dad. The two finished their plates, Sean full after one, and Clint eating everything that remained. The big man had an appetite to match. “Would you like to come out back son? I can show you my plans for landscaping, we can have a few beers and just talk.” “That sounds great, dad.” Although Sean wasn’t a fan of beer, this time with his dad was probably worth the taste. They settled into the porch into two separate rocking chairs, Clint sat a cooler of beer between them. “You like these chairs, Sean?” “Yeah dad, they’re sturdy, quiet, really nice actually.” “I made them.” Sean sat forward and examined the chair he was sitting in. It indeed had a similar grain to the table and chairs in the dining room, an even stain across them, and the cushioning was clearly hand sewn and detailed. “Now. I didn’t make the cushions. I got those at a local market. But the chair I did make.” Sean sat back in the chair, running his hand along the smooth wood of the chair. “You’re quite the handyman, dad.” “Well you pick up a thing or two basically rebuilding a home with your bare hands.” At that Clint chuckled, a deep growling laugh that gave Sean flashbacks of his childhood, of happier times with his dad. “So how are you landscaping the backyard?” Sean asked. “Follow me!” Clint said, standing up and walking to the end of the porch. He stood there a moment and Sean wouldn’t help but notice how his dad’s ass stretched the khaki pants he was wearing, the dimples visible through the material. Standing, Sean followed Clint into the yard. Strewn across the yard were various different gardening and lawn care tools. Shovels, hoes, large bags of soil and mulch, stacks of lumber. Clint began to point around the yard, “over there I’m going to start a small vegetable garden. I figure I can fit around 10 tomato plants, a few stalks of corn, some beans and squash around the corn, a row or two of potatoes, and over there I’m going to have a strawberry and blueberry vine.” He swung his arm around, “over there I’m going to create a stone path, and I’m going to build a gazebo; in that corner I’m going to plant a new tree, haven’t decided what kind yet…” he continued to speak but Sean was lost in the moment. Seeing his dad so happy and passionate about something, there was something so…attractive about it. But not in the way that he found his dad attractive. Just the attribute of a person who’s driven. “Well son, what do you think?” “I think it’s going to take a lot of work.” Clint took a long drink of his beer, finishing it off, “yeah. It will. But it’s work I love to do. You’ll have to come back sometime and see it when it’s finished.” Two two walked back to the porch, and relaxed back into the chairs. They talked about anything and everything, Sean drank a few beers and being smaller and not used to alcohol he quickly caught a buzz. Clint, the large man that he was, was putting back bottle after bottle, seeming to loosen up a bit more each time. Suddenly Sean felt dizzy. He was getting drunk. “I think I’d *hiccup* better *hiccup* head home.” Sean slurred. “Absolutely not.” Clint said matter of fact, “you may be a grown man but I’m still your dad. You’re staying here tonight where you’re safe. No drinking and driving, if you did that I’d have to punish you.” Sean heard Clint laugh, but he could of sworn he saw a sly grin on his dad’s face as he said it. “Where and I *hiccup* going to sleep?” Fuck. Sean had to get rid of these hiccups. Annoying as hell. He held his breath. “In my bed.” Clint answered, and Sean exhaled the air quickly. What the fuck. He couldn’t sleep in the same bed as his dad? “I don’t want to sleep in the bed with you dad. I’ll call and Uber.” “You little goober. I’m not sleeping in the bed with you. I’ll sleep on the couch.” Sean felt a sudden relaxation, knowing things would be okay, his eyes felt heavy and he slid into sleep on the porch in the chair. He awoke to feeling weightless. No. Not weightless. He was being carried. Clint had a hold of him, cradling his body against his big thick chest, supporting his weight with his strong arms. Sean was still drunk, and he felt so safe in this moment, he nuzzled his head into Clint’s chest further, swearing he felt a hard nipple under his cheek. Clint lay Sean down in the bed, assuming he was still asleep. In the dark, Sean lay awake with his eyes open. Clint began to undress. The room was dimly lit by the hallway light and the moonlight from the large window. Sean couldn’t make out everything, but he could see enough. As Clint unbuttoned his shirt, his chest seemed to expand, growing once the pressure had released. Sean could see a few hairs on his dad’s chest, the grey ones which shown in the low light. Clint struggled to get the shirt off over his massive shoulders and bulging tricep, he was still drunk too. In his frustration he simply, and quite easily, ripped the shirt down his back and shredded it into pieces, pulling it off his body. Unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, Sean noticed his dad’s bulge. He should close his eyes. He shouldn’t be watching his dad undress. He needed to stop right now. But as he thought this, Clint’s bulge forced its way out of the opening in the pants, sticking out looking like his dad dad shoved a small watermelon in the front of his underwear. The weight of the package inside weighing down the waistband of the boxer briefs. Forcing his pants down over his huge quads Sean saw his muscles ripple and flex as he fought with the tight fabric that wouldn’t let go of the diamond cut quads. Finally. Clint was undressed, in only his underwear. He turned to leave the room, bending over quickly to pick something up off the floor, and Sean could hear the material rip as his large ass stretched the material too far. Clint stopped at the doorway, his wide back taking up more than the width of the doorframe, he turned slightly to fit through the door. As he did, he looked back at Sean and said, “goodnight son.” And he closed the door.
  2. Helping my muscle dad pipes 6 - AWW YEAH !! JUST SOME MMMFF… MORE!! GRRrrrrrrr Dad pushed with all his might raising the bar above his head a few more times, his body shaking like crazy, feeling the inseams of his shorts almost give way. After finishing, the huge muscle giant got up quickly wildly flexing his mammoth chest. My god, dads pecs were bigger than anyone had ever seen. He stood there with a monster boner staring at me. His shorts which look painted onto his thick ox legs, covered in sweat and muscle. My old hulk flexed his biceps proudly hitting every pose in the book still with a raging hard on not giving a fuck what anyone thought, as they all in the gym stared in marvel. - THIS Is What A Real MUSCLE DAD looks like GRRRrrrr… Dad hits another most muscular pose tearing the inseams even further up his legs, the gigantic biceps blowing up, looking bigger than 30 inches… I, again, was about to cum right there with such display - Lets go hit the showers son, I need to calm this monster down… - Mmmmmmmmm… yes daddy!! There were still 2 or 3 guys there but dad couldn’t care less. His urges were too strong, nothing could stop him anymore. After all this months of roiding and growing like crazy, dad was now the king of everything and everyone - All this freaky muscle… ALL THIS HULKING PUMPING MUSCLES… Still up, Dad spread his legs out a bit stroking his massive man hood with both his hands. The muscle giant had never felt so good in his life, feeling the sweat run down his body wanting to explode with cum. He start thinking about how everyone was lusting for his colossal body, making them worship him, turning him into the biggest alpha male in this world. He then groaned looking at his over 31 inches massive arms working his cock, every vein and muscle starting pierce out of his skin making him look like a true muscle BEAST. Dad flexed the thick legs and muscular ass pumping his cock rock hard. He grinned imagining himself at the competition, winning all that money buying even more supplements and roids. People looking up at his giant body blowing them away with his sheer size, and power. The Thought of him becoming the biggest and strongest person on the planet filled his mind, making his cock throb even harder. He now realized more than ever he loved towering over everyone. Watching them get smaller everyday, and he becoming better in everyway. Now, sitting over a bench he pumped his cock faster breathing heavily when he felt it again. The feeling he felt all this last months. He closed his eye’s in pure pleasure as i started moaning, making him glance and smile at me. He watched me stroke to his monster muscles as he stretched out his legs, every part of his hulking body getting covered in even more veins… - MMFF… yes son… Show me who´s your HULKING DADDY !! Dad grunted again, this time stretching out his whole body spreading his legs from tip to tip of the sauna bench. His balls dropped down against the warm wood looking like they were pumping up with more and more cum with every jerk. I just sat on the other side watching my hulking dad start to laugh hysterically, his body starting to expand with power again. Dad jacked his cock faster and faster, his gigantic neck starting to get engorged with even more muscle stretching across the widening shoulders. I watched in pure pleasure my dad’s pecs get impossibly bigger stretching further and further out, his monster cock pumping up bigger and thicker, mounds of pre-cum squirting out onto the sauna floor. Dad started licking his massive muscle pitts right there, his biceps inflating like water balloons, even his hand’s and huge feet were even getting bigger. Moaning like crazy i watched his already massive legs fill up with even more muscle looking like they were going to crush his mammoth testicles. Dad let go of his cock flexing his biceps opening his eye’s filled with power. He grunted flexing them over and over the ecstasy over whelming to him, hearing his voice get even deeper. The muscle beast let out a huge roar his cock throbbing like crazy as a stream of cum shot out of the giant cum hole, splattering up onto his face first, then covering the muscled body in warm man juice - HAHA!! SO HUGE !!! Dad Stood up proudly looking even taller, still squirting cum all over the steam room, flexing his muscle’s and grunting like an animal. He put both his hand’s on the back of his neck flexing his hulking biceps, wildly licking the cum of them with his longue tongue. Meanwhile I finaly lost it and squirt out a huge amount of sperm all over the wall in front of me - Damn kid, you sure know how to make me proud - Fuck dad, you are simply unreal - Hehe, am i? . he smiled Dad grabbed me, lifting me up onto his cannonball shoulders. He grabbed my upper legs almost touching my balls, slamming his other hand on my chest lifting me over his head laughing at how light i was. Proudly of my hulk dad i looked down feeling my ass hit the roof of the sauna as dad starts doing perfect military presses. - Come ON, Count with me son! GRRR 1…2…3 HAHA - Yeah daddy, this is nothing for your colossal body!!! - GRRRrrr, love you son! Dad puts me down letting me stand up next to his giant body. He laughed grabbing The back of my neck rubbing my hair like a small child - Its Ok baby, my hulking body is for our mutual pleasure, always! - Thanks dad - Come on, lets clean up. This will make me calm for a bit… But I will need much more when we get home ok? Plus, I have a big surprise… - I know dad, im always ready to serve you - That’s my boy We showered together and then drove the car immediately home. Dad talked about that special surprise and I couldn’t wait!! We entered home and my cock throbbed in excitement as dad grabbed his waist band and pulled down his shorts letting them drop to the ground. Again I saw the most massive manhood in this world. Actualy, It now looked as thick as a fire hose and pushed up against the tortured fabrics of his newly bought underwear like a python. But the freakiest part were the size of his cum filled balls. I thought they were empty now but… but they were still so HUGE… - Haha I have been wanting to show you this thing since yesterday when it arrived, just to see your reaction!! - ………..uh ?!? - No its not my monster cock - Uhh... Sometimes I just ask… are you still Human dad? - HAHA, don’t know son, don’t care actually - You really are like a real life muscle growth story!! - Haha I wouldn’t go that far I Still have size to add… - WHAT? Dad! Your cock and Muscles are growing like crazy, its just like the stories!! - Well, ok then. BUT, let me show you the surprise. Turn around. I stirred with excitement when he said those words. The fact He was actually thinking about me turned me on more than ever. I heard him rummage around in his duffel back then it went quiet for a while. - Ok turn around son I quickly did just that coming into view of my beastly dad in nothing but a pair of ridiculously small blue posers. His crotch hair was sprouting from all angles but he looked hotter than any bodybuilder. It wasn’t just his obscene bulge or his massive muscles. It was his manly hair that was starting to grow in. - Do you like it? Believe it or not this was the biggest one they had haha, and it still looks small with this big boy - WOW dad, you look so official! Those judges will be unable to control their cocks when they see you - HAha!!! You crack me up son. But yes, It Is getting really huge, fucking 17 inches of hulking MEAT full hard. Well, at least is only around 8 inches when soft... - Only… - HaHA But I know what you are saying, and now I’m starting to wonder how much this thing will grow?... - Well I don’t see how it could grow much more…it looks like you would destroy any pussy or ass as it is… - yeah that’s true… And then there´s the Bodybuilding show I mean, where will I fit even more if this already looks kinda ridiculous… - But wait dad, You want it to get even bigger? - Well, Yeah kinda… It just feels so fucking awesome!!, The way people look at my crotch with wide eye’s wishing they could be as huge as me. I mean nothing can really hide this thing anymore, baggy shorts, or even jeans - You really like being a freak don’t you? - You have no Idea… Well actually you do HAHA, anyway why dont we take some pictures son, I really need to master my posing routine too. He smiled at me as I held up the camera ready to take the first picture - OH Wait!! I Almost forgot, i wanted to oil up my body this time. Here would you mind putting it on? GOD, what an honor rubbing every inch of my muscle dad body. I was nervous and excited at the same time wondering if I would be able to handle touching those huge muscle’s without cumming wildy again, though I don’t think dad would care. He seems to love whenever I cum to his muscles in front of him. Which is kinda cool, being able to let lose in front of someone like that. I took the bottle laughing squirting it all over his body making him chuckle - hey son, enjoy the moment – dad smiled I squirted some more on watching the oil drip down his ripped body to his bulging crotch.. I slowly placed my hands on his massive pecs which felt like 2 huge warm boulders and harder then rocks slowly rubbing the oil in, running my hands across his giant nipples. Using both my hands I massaged his thick round shoulders looking up at dad’s face watching him grin and chuckle again as he rose his arms up. He flexed them over and over until they were pumped to the max and roped in veins. I couldn’t even get both my hands half way around his huge biceps. They had become a huge mound of nothing but muscle and power. I finally got down to his abs never feeling such strength on anyone’s stomach, trying not to look down at the massive gap between the posers and his body but it was so fucking hot. You could see the top of his long thick shaft running through the forest of pubic hair. I got down to his lower abs when I saw his posers start to bulge bigger. - Oh yes son, now do daddy´s legs And so I did. This was an honor to be doing this, a privilege, most people will never get to touch such size in their lives and here I was rubbing oil up and down this gigantic ox size legs. I massaged the mass mounds of muscle grazing the huge ball sack noticing the bulge was even bigger than before, a tiny wet spot started to form too. I kept massaging hearing the posers stain as the bulge got even bigger pushing the fabric further and further from his body, unleashing even more of the blond pubic hair. I got down to his calves which were fucking enormous, but even more so were his gigantic feet. I didn’t want to admit it but even they looked bigger than last week. Like they were growing to support his massive muscle gains. I got done oiling up his calves and looked back up gasping for air at what I saw. Dad’s cock was only half way hard and looked already fucking massive, heaving and pushing up against the posers with such size still swelling up bigger, with a huge wet spot that seemed to be growing bigger and bigger by the second. I stood on my knee’s staring as cum started to ooze out of the sides of his posers, down his thick thighs. And dad didn’t even seem to realize what was even going he was so fixated and entranced by the size of his arms, and pecs. I turned back towards the growing beast watching it pump even more cum out the head pushing up against the fabric making the cum push through the tiny threads.. It almost scared me at how much he was cumming knowing his balls were still so big and they had just shoot a wave of cum just an hour ago… - Oh man, look at my muscles son, so shiny, so HUGE! Ok do my back side - Mmmmmm… yes daddy, yes… He turned around for me still not even realizing what was going on, or if he did, he didn’t care... I rubbed his massive muscle back noticing how huge his lats were and how developed they were. His definition was spectacular better then anyone’s I had ever seen with every muscle completely visible. Dad slowly started hitting poses as I got down to his lower back finally becoming within a couple inches of his perfect ass. It was huge and round and packed with muscle. I drooled looking at the top of his crack when I started to notice his posers were slowly inching up the huge muscle hole… his cock must have still been swelling. I didn’t know if it was me oiling him up or something but I was sure his poser’s wouldn’t hold anymore as the audible sound of the fabric started to give way. I got down on my knees oiling up his bubble butt smelling the aroma come off his body the posers almost all the way into the deep hole. My boner started to hurt it was so raging hard as I watched sprouts of ass hair pop out from all sides as his posers sucked all the way up his manly hole. I couldn’t believe what was happening but I didn’t want to stop I started to rub the back of his legs seeing the huge ball sack hang between the two thick masses of muscle that held up this beast. I felt my cock shoot a load of pre-cum into my shorts but it was nothing compared to my hulking dad. As I got to the bottom of his legs I saw cum start to drop on the floor faster and faster soon becoming a puddle hearing dad make a faint groan. I continued to oil up the last remaining part of his legs When dad groaned even louder turning around without warning. His cock whacked me in the face slamming me back on the floor. I almost screamed when I saw the size of his boner gushing torrents of cum, dad flexing like crazy, moaning like an Animal !! - AWWWWW Fuck son I’m SOO HUGE!! I Can’t Handle IT.. I HAVE TO ARRRRHHH!!! Dad Roared hitting a most muscular pose, his cock suddenly bursting through his posers with a loud SNAP !! - My GOD, I AM PURE PERFECTION! LOOK AT ME BOY !!! - Dad… OMG you are a MUSCLE GOD… Look at your muscles, LOOK AT YOUR COCK !!! - Daddy needs to use this monster… - Dad… I… - Son, have I ever hurt you? - No! NO! NEVER - Then trust me son… It´s time for you to finally ride my colossal roided cock! Dad picked me up with one arm and carried me into the bedroom. He threw me on the bed and then he got on top of me, straddling me on his knees while holding up his huge torso with his arms. I was looking at his huge pecs and shoulders, his monstrous arms and his washboard abs, which were right on top of me. - Worship my muscles - he ordered - Yes sir! - My muscles deserve to be worshipped by my beautiful son I started feeling all his muscles and telling him how freaky and hard they were. How strong they were. How sexy they were. I reached up and licked his pecs and told him how I could feel the fibers of muscle, how I could taste his salty sweat, how much of a man he was with pecs as big as plates and as thick as a phone book. I grabbed his nipples as pinched them and I told him how big and hard they were, how they were so hard they could push right into my body, powered in by the thick hard muscles underneath. I ran my hands over his abs, which were flexed even though he was on top of me. His abs always seemed to be flexed. I marveled at how hard and cut they were. His cock was rock hard and he was thrusting it around on my puny body as I ravished his muscles with my hands and tongue. - Have you ever tasted a size 18 muscle feet son? - No sir! - Have fun then I felt his huge feet. He wore size 18 shoes, extra wide. His feet were huge, just like his body. I lifted them off the floor and I rubbed my fingers over the hard callused bottoms of his feet, feet that could lift hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight. I licked his feet, his huge size 18 feet that were twice as wide as mine and thick with muscle and veins. I was groaning with pleasure as I ravished his huge feet and his monster legs. My cock was stone again. I could tell dad was enjoying my total ravishing of his legs. After all, he worked hard to build those huge monsters, monsters that could squat with over 700 pounds and press three quarters of a ton. So of course he liked someone worshipping his huge legs. Besides, Girls never did what I was doing. Suddenly he dropped down and put his armpit right on my face - Smell my sweat son. Smell the sweat I make when I work out so fuckin’ hard. You like the smell of my sweat? He rubbed his armpit in my face and I breathed in the pungent smell of his sweat. It smelled so good. His armpit was huge, coving my whole face with the enormous size of his lats, pecs and delt muscles. His deep pit was covered with pungent sweat. I loved it and I breathed it in and groaned with pleasure. I could barely talk but I said - Oh daddy, you’re such a MUSCLE FREAKY HULK. I love the smell of your sweat so much sir! He grunted and rubbed his armpit in my face harder, while he was rubbing his cock between his monster pecs. - FUCKKKKK, You make me so horny son. I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you! Dad wrapped his hand around his prick and started slowly stroking, from the thick root of his monster all the way up to the swollen helmet. When he reached the spongy head, he rubbed and teased it, groaning and sighing, and his cock bulged and lengthened in response. It was a colossal shank of masculine power dripping pre and throbbing hard. It was red and shiny and hard as steel. He stood there, in front of me, with a hard-on as thick as an arm and nearly two feet long rising up from his loins and throbbing. His balls dangled heavy and already full again. The mouth of his prick was drooling a steady flow of pre that cascaded down the thick, hard shaft like honey. He lifted his arms and flexed his muscles into full bloom. The biceps swelled and rose up to meet his clenched fists. His lats flared out like wings. His chest spread insanely wide as his pectoral globes rose and displays the insane cables of raw brawn stretching across them. And at the center of it all was his cock, red and hard and hungry for attention. He smiled at me as he released the flex of his awesome muscles. Then he licked his lips again, leaned forward, and pressed his long tongue to the drooling head of his cock. He licked it again, sucking off the pre and licking it from his lips. Finally he wrapped one hand around the thick stalk, pulled it towards his mouth, and began to suck his own prick… - Join me son, I have plenty of juice His cheeks sank with every suck. He closed his eyes and moaned and started shifting his hips. Dad was fucking his own mouth! I too started sucking his monster cock head, our lips locked over it and with loud slurping sounds we drank down his precum. Both dad hands traveled up and down the length of his rod making it even more rigid and leaking even more. His groans became faster and louder, muffled by the incredible bulk of his bloating cockhead. After a while we both finally pulled his cock out of our mouths - Isn’t it amazing son? - Best thing in the world dad, and I want more… - My body is our playground son Dad then brought his huge arms down to his side and began to hit a most muscular pose. His shoulders were huge and looked like shoulder pads. But these "pads" were hard and dense, with tiny striations everywhere. Two angry, pulsing veins jutted out of his delts with one shooting over to his striated pecs. Each of the three heads, front, back and side, were equally amazing. Each of his heads were cut sharply into the side of his shoulder and were covered with a tiny network of veins. His traps leaped up towards his ears and made his head seem tiny. There were even veins wrapped around these huge hunks of muscle. His chest was simply breathtaking. As dad flexed even harder, his left and right pecs started to fight for room in the middle of his chest. They pushed up against each other and created a straight line that ran from the bottom of his neck to the top of his abs. His pecs were so thick and striated that you could stick a pencil three inches into this vertical line between his pecs. At the bottom of his pecs, where they started to curve out, there was a small triangle that opened up to his abs. Inside the triangle was a small indentation and another vein. As dad flexed even harder, I could see dozens of veins and striations painfully pop out of his pecs. He was flexing so hard that drops of sweat poured off of his pecs and rushed down towards his monster cock. Once again dad nodded at me and invited me to worship his huge pecs. He smiled as I rubbed my hands all over his striated pecs. Twisting and turning his pliable nipples, they started to turn a light shade of red and form little erasers sticking up from his skin. I rubbed the striations of his pecs and almost got a finger cut because they were so hard and sharply defined. I moved my hands to the outer edges of his pecs near his biceps and stuck my finger in the nearly circle-like form that the pectoral muscle had formed near his armpits. It almost looked like the sun with all of those striated rays of muscle coming out of this circle. Once again, it was as hard as steel but warm to the touch. His biceps nearly touched his pecs at this spot. Feeling playfull again, dad flexed just a little bit harder and ended up trapping my hands again. This time my hands were caught between his outer pecs and the peaks of his hulking biceps - Mmmmmm, daddy this is so freaky… - Yeah son, just for you! - Mmmmmm… daddy wait is too much for me to handle… Dad crushed my hands a second time and I creamed… This time my cock was totally exposed and I spurted copious amounts of cum all over his pecs and abs. Dad smiled again and hungrily scooped up my warm cum into his hands and drank my spunk - Now you are ready for the real fun son… The next thing I knew we were in the middle of the bed. I had both hands on his veiny monster pole jerking him off. Both dads hands were deep massaging my ass. Every once in a while a finger would tease my asshole. We were a tangle of arms, legs, fingers, mouths, tongues and cocks. My hulking dad was incredible. - You've got a great ass son… He had to know how much I wanted him inside me by now. I admit the thought terrified me. I really didn't know if I could handle all those massive 17 inches... He must have recognized my hesitation because he began flexing his huge arms and pecs again, making me get as horny as ever. He spent a lot of time concentrating on the globes of my ass. I felt him bend down and begin kissing my butt. The kisses were followed by a tongue wetting my crack and circling my asshole. His tongue entering my ass ring caused a loud moan to come from my lips. He withdrew his tongue and it was replaced by a finger covered with a cold lubricant. The lube seemed to heat up as it was rubbed into my hole. As I got more relaxed I felt another finger enter me. It was followed by a third, and a fourth. - I know my massive muscle hands are twice yours son, but just relax and let daddy give you pleasure. It felt as if he was massaging the inside of my ass. My own cock had never been this hard, but I felt so relaxed I didn't even make the effort to reach for it and found myself gently humping the bed. Then dad laid down beside me and rolled me over on my left side. Lifting my leg, he placed his throbbing meat along the crack of my ass. With one hand he kept rubbing my head, my face and my cock. It was an amazing experience. With his other hand he grasped his cock, moving it back and forth across my puckering hole. Each time it moved across the opening he pushed in gently into me a bit more. He was licking the inside of my ear and whispering - Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy… Suddenly, he pushed hard with his groin and I felt as if all the wind had been knocked out of my lungs. I tried to scream but no sound came from my mouth. - It´s ok son, its just my huge head - Oh god… - It´s ok, I want it so bad… Just let this first 4 inches of my hulking head invade your little ass… The entire time dad huge hands were roaming over my body and he was placing little kisses on my face, neck and back. He began to slowly rock back and forth. With each rocking movement a little more of his monster cock disappeared into my ass. - Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - Yeah, daddy is a BEAST! - God I feel so full !! MMMmmmmmmmm - You are strong boy! Open it for daddy!! The pain was still there but so was an intense warmth and feeling of joy. Tears were running down my face. But they weren't tears of pain anymore... I lost all sense of time and surroundings. By this time I could actually feel my dad’s massive pool deep inside my guts, and it was AMAZING. Meanwhile dad somehow positioned our bodies so I was now getting it up the ass while on all fours. Each thrust was followed by him pushing his cock inside me even deeper. My breathing was in unison with the pounding I was getting from my hulking father. - Fuck son, its almost all in! Only 2 or 3 inches more till is all inside you!! - Fuck me daddy!!! Oh GOD, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE - GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Concentrating on what was inside of me I had paid no attention to my own rock hard cock. And I didn't need to. The massaging of my prostate by the huge piece of meat inside me set me off without either one of us ever having to touch me. Both of us were completely drenched in sweat, and dad just kept up a steady pace of moving in and out of me. With both hands on my shoulders he plowed into me again and again. - Fuck yeah, that’s my boy!!! Taking all my 17 inches of muscle meat!! - Wreck me daddy!! Destroy my ass!!! - You need to see how freaky I am fucking you! In another fast change of moves, I was now sitting on top of my monster dad, riding his monster pole while seeing him flex his colossal sweaty muscles - Fuck yeah, GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Mmmmmmm… you are so huge… those muscles!! BIGGERRRRR - Fuck yeah, BIGEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR While hitting a double bicep pose I grabbed each monster ball of pure muscle. Daddy was close and I knew it was the time… Finally, he let out a scream like that of an angry animal and I could actually feel spurt after spurt of hot liquid deep inside my ass. - YEAHHHHHHHHHH, GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr - YESSSSSSSSSSSS daddy, flex those monster muscles!! Feed my ass!!! - GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr And so he did. I was in heaven and so was my hulking dad. Seconds later, I was too cuming AGAIN all over his monster pecs and deep abs… Minutes later, and exhausted, we rolled back onto the bed with his semi-hard cock still inside of me. The sun was shining through the blinds when I felt him slowly slide out of me. Having met the challenge, I drifted off to a dream-filled sleep. And this was just the first time daddy fuck me…
  3. Helping my muscle dad pipes part 4 - Damn it!! – dad said loud. He then tried the ignition several times but our car wouldn't start. - Maybe too much dirt on the engine? - Well, to be honest, I was so fucking horny that it was a miracle we didn’t even crash… - Yeah… Damn it, but we are alone in the middle of this fucking forest now. And… let me remind you that you are naked… - Hold on son, you know you are safe with your old man here – he said flexing his freaky bicep right next my face - I sure know it hulk, but still - Ya, we need to get this car out of here. And I know I have some extra gym clothing here somewhere. Well, I can pick this stupid car up as we know it - Yeah, but walking with it over your head for 3km or 4km is still too much even for you dad. Well at least for now… - Mmmmmm, don’t talk like that boy. You know im getting freakier by the second… - Easy hulk, just trying to think on a solution - Joking son, and I know just how Dad got his cell phone and called Cesars's Place. Cesar was a long time mechanic, well, besides a roid dealer… A guy with an incredibly deep voice told my dad a tow truck would be by in a bit. Meanwhile dad tried to quickly dress something. Soon enough the tow truck came and got a ride to the shop. The guy was pleasant - a slim guy with tossled hair and a little beard. - You gonna work on our car? - dad asked as we pulled into the lot. - Naw - he said - Cesar´s gonna do it. He says you are a “special client” He left us by the car and went inside. A few minutes later the garage door opened and Cesar walked out. He wiped his hands on a cloth and offered to shake my dads hand. - Hugo!! You hulking freak! - Good to see you again Cesar. Missed me? - Fuck man… You know I can’t take my hands of you… Jesus you look freakier than ever! - Oh you bet on that! And won’t stop growing… - Mmmm… Oh, sorry, Pedro. How’s it going man? - All Good, but our car not so much - What seems to be the problem? - asked Cesar opening the hood - We dunno, it just won't start. - Ok, lets take a look underneath too, see if anything's loose under there - Sure - Ok, I just need a jack and… - Naw! – interrupts my dad – I take care of this Dad slid further under the chassis and gripped the front fender. Then with hardly a groan he pushed up. The whole front end lifted effortlessly by his powerful muscles! I crouched down and watched his huge arms pressing again our car like it was a 50 lb barbell. - Jesus Christ Hugo – screamed Cesar – you are the freakiest bodybuilder I ever seen! - Thanks little man, u know I love showing you what your drugs do to my hulking body - Damn dad, I just cant get enough of your strength displays!! Dad just grinned. Then he started pressing the car up and down, up and down, performing rep after rep with one hand, then the other. - Gettin pretty pumped here guys - he said, just as we heard a ripppp! and his coveralls split over his massive swollen biceps and exploding pecs. Dad put the car down and just stood there smiling, flexing those incredible thick pecs, striations and veins everywhere. He clenched his fists and his arms bulged huge and hard through the hole in the coveralls. - Fuck, you're a giant dad! - I gasped, while rubbing my hardening dick through my pants unable to control my lust for my hulking dad muscles - How big are those monster arms Hugo? – gasped Cesar - Not 30 inches as I want, yet… - dad said, as he raised them in a double-biceps pose and the coveralls gave way completely, revealing the huge peak on his arms and veins roped over his shoulders and forearms - Wanna get a lot bigger, wanna pump these fuckers to EXTREME! - My god!! - Wanna touch 'em? My son already knows how it feels like - Yes sir I want – Cesar gulped Cesar moved closer to my dad and reached up. His hands barely covered dads rock hard massive bicep, let alone his triceps, which hung down like huge, solid slabs of beef. - Yeah, it's all for you boys. Feel this giant muscleman flex! The tears in the coveralls widened as dad continued to flex - Wait a minute - he said unzipping the coveralls to his waist, exposing his massive rippling pecs and hard, thick abs Every inch of him was swoling! Each ab muscle was as big as a cinder block. I watched as Cesar licked each nipple of my dads superhuman chest. Then he stopped posing and lifted Cesar up, making him drool. - Ok boys, seems like this garage has some toys that I can play with… - grunted dad Cesar immediately locked the doors and turned out most of the lights. - I think im gonna work my quads first Dad walked over to this big truck platform. There was a semi-trailer on it and it was raised about 7 feet off the floor. He lay down underneath it and called me over. - Come here son and grab that lever! I grabbed the lever and dad told me to lower it slowly. I did as he said and the massive truck and platform descended. Dad took his shoes off and placed his veiny hulking size 17 feet on the platform - Ok, push that fucking release button! I pushed the button and the truck and platform lowered a few inches, dad pushing back hard with his huge thighs. Then he started pressing the whole truck and platform, pumping rep after freaky rep with those massive powerful legs. - YEAH! - he yelled after about 10 reps - FUCKIN'POWER! LIFTIN' 4 FUCKIN' TONS WITH THESE QUADS!!! He pumped out another 10 reps and I put the lock back on and raised the platform. He stood up and flexed his huge quads, and the massive muscles burst through the sweat pants. His veiny steel hard thighs exposed through the tears were incredibly hot and me and Cesar raced over and started licking his huge legs. - YEAH! Lick that muscleman's legs. Get into it, guys He tensed and flexed those massive quads and calves, and we licked every inch of them. His dick was starting to get hard and bulged down what was left of the shredded pant leg. Then he pushed us away gently. - Don't wanna get too hot just yet, gotta work these big arms and pecs for you He moved to a school bus parked at the back of the garage. Then he got underneath it and grabbed a bar under the fender. He took a few deep breaths and pushed up. With a creaking of metal the huge bus lifted off the floor. My giant dad pumped out ten reps slowly, his pecs expanding larger with each thrust. The bus heaved up and down, creaking with the force of dad's power as his lifted the tons of metal into the air. I was so turned on I thought I'd cum in my pants at any moment. I undressed and started stroking my hard dick while I watched the muscle freak pump himself even larger, even stronger. Cesar was already naked too, jerking and moaning extremely loud in total disbelief. Dad grunted under the weight of the massive bus and the little tank top stretched over his growing pecs, huge mountains of rock hard, pulsing muscle. Finally, after 30 reps he let the bus down and stood up. He looked down over the massive muscle, flexing it and feeling it. - Come here boys and feel this pump I moved toward him and put my hands over his pecs which twitched and pulsed with power. I squeezed the hard pecs and dad groaned throwing his head back showing his massive neck and traps. He tightened his fists and his biceps and shoulders bulged huge and striated. - Dad! OMG you're so fucking huge - I said as I ran my hands over his mass feeling every muscle and grinding my hard dick into his monster thigh. He loved my attention and tightened the muscles I touched. - You see Cesar, I am the biggest hulk this world has ever seen!! - Yes you are Hugo! My god… - Now boys, im gonna work these arms! He moved to a bench placed between two big Jeeps and wrapped chains over the hoods. Then he stood on the bench and grabbed the middle of the heavy chains. He tightened his grip and lifted. The cars lifted easily off the floor and dad started curling them. The biceps bulged and lengthened as he curled the big cars. His shoulders expanded and veins started pumping blood, getting thick as his muscles blew out of proportion. He gritted his teeth and pumped out 20 reps, grunting with each lift. My hulking naked dad was totally possessed by POWER. His pecs expanding, his biceps growing larger and harder, his big forearms bulging, his thick quads getting immense… - YEAH! GOTTA GET FUCKIN' HUGE! - he yelled after 30 reps - GOTTA GET FREAKY FOR YOU GUYS! He hefted the Jeeps up and down, muscles bulging, growing getting freakier and bigger. Then he stopped and released the cars. His lats spread his arms way out at his sides, freakish, pumped globes of biceps, heaving shoulders, thick hard neck, veins steaming under the man flesh. Sweat poured off his hulking body, and he jumped off the bench and hit a most muscular pose. - Gotta measure these fuckers! - He grabbed a tape measure and handed it to me - Measure that bicep, Son He flexed his right arm, the bicep peaking huge. I wrapped the tape around his arm. - Oh Fuck! It's 25 inches dad! He grinned and flexed it out and up increasing the pressure and tightening his fist. - Are you sure about that? Better measure it again, boy! I wrapped the tape around his arm again. - OMG! 26! Man, you're a fuckin' freak dad!!! My cock bobbed on its own, excited by this mountain of muscle. Dad's cock responded to my excitement and started dripping a long string of precum. - Now im gonna show what else I pump guys, im so fucking horny again! - dad said Grabbing his pumper and the massive plastic tube from the back of our car, he placed both next to his dick thatt was already huge measuring 12 inches. - Gonna show you how a hulking muscle alpha male like me match the size of his muscles with his cock. Big muscle man pumps all his muscles!! - Yes Hugo, show me please!! I cant hold my cum much longer… - Yes daddy, show me how freaky your horse cock can get! - Ok then, let's see how big we can get it! He rubbed some vaseline around the base of his massive pole and put the plastic tube over his cock. Then he attached the tubing and pump. The plastic tube was 20 inches long with markings at each inch and each half inch, and had to be about 10 inches in circumference. He started pumping the hand pump and almost immediately his massive dick swelled out toward the sides of the tube. - Yeah! - dad said - There it goes! He continued pumping his freaky muscle dick and it started filling the huge tube. I stroked my dick and watched in amazement as this giant man's cock expanded and expanded. He pumped harder, with smooth movements and groaned as his dick passed the 13 inch mark. - Here - he said handing me the pump - You do it, Son. Make your dad´s dick real fuckin big! I pumped with the same smooth movements as he did, my own cock staying rigid with excitement. His cock now reached the sides of the massive tube and continued to grow in length. It passed the 13 1/2" mark, then the 14" mark. Dad flexed his massive arms and grunted as I continued the pump. - Look at that huge dick! – Cesar gulped - Keep pumping it, Son! I know I can make… make it a bit… a bit… BIGGER!! I continued pumping the huge swollen meat and dad grunted and groaned as his cock got up to full 14 inches and half. He then grabbed the pump from me and stopped. - YEAH! - he yelled as he loosened the tube and pulled it off slowly. It came off the end of his dick with a pop and his cock stood straight up. It looked really freaky. A fucking muscle giant with a superhuman horse cock. It wasn't soft like I'd seen other guys pumped dick. Dad's dick was rock hard. He flexed it and it bobbed up and down slowly like the other time in the forest. Cesar leaned over and put his lips to the end of it and could hardly fit the massive head in his mouth - YEAH! SUCK THIS MUSCLEMAN'S HUGE DICK! LICK THAT BIG FUCKIN HEAD! BIG MUSCLE DONG! Dad stood up and his dick stood out in a 45 degree angle from his massive frame. Cesar pulled on the freaky dick and dad posed and flexed his gargantuan muscles - rippling his pecs and tightening his abs, lifting his 26" guns in a freaky display of mass and power, flexing his massive thick quads and calves. - PULL FUCKIN HARD ON THAT DONG CESAR! YEAH! MAKE THAT HUGE DICK HEAD SHINE! - Yeah, dad! You're the biggest fuckin muscleman! Biggest fuckin' cock too! I shouted I could see his dick stiffen and the heat from it was intense. Dad pushed Cesar away gently and stood up to showed us his back. Huge, thick lats spread wide and a small shredded waist holding all that muscle up. Then he turned around, Abs pose, blocks of thick muscle. Next, Most muscular pose, steel muscle, mass, twisted veins crawling over his gorilla striated pecs and shoulders over his freaky biceps and into his massive forearms. Even in a relaxed pose his freakishly superhuman size was phenomenal. He flexed his huge dick and I could tell he was close. Then he picked me up and I straddled the monster dong, rock hard between my legs like before. - Even more space now son! - Yes daddy, much thicker too, oh god… I was groaning feeling the mass of his 26" arms and barndoor shoulders. He fucked my thighs a few more times and I felt my dick about to shoot. Meanwhile, Cesar was at the end of my dad´s cock again, just behind me, licking all the precum from his piss hole - Mmmm, oh god, Hugo. Your precum tastes so good! And your cum hole is so huge… My dad groaned a little as Cesar wrapped his hands around the enormous throbbing head, pushing his entire face into his penis hole. He started to slurp and suck and got full within a couple of gulps. - Keep going Cesar, fuck my cum hole with that tiny cock of yours!! – my dad screamed With his powerful voice, Cesar couldn't disobey. He pulled his cock down and slammed it inside my dad huge piss hole, watching the precum gush around. Fuck was this hot! My hulking dad flexing like an animal, with me over his monster dong and Cesar fucking his piss hole! Just as I thought things couldn't get any better, my dad grunts, making his cock even thicker!! - I need lots of protein to grow even more, so you guys need to help me! Cesar, unload inside my horse cock! Almost in pain from holding so much, Cesar finally throws his head back and screams as he starts pouring all his cum inside my dad´s monster cock - Yesssss !! I can feel it! Gimme all your cum! I too could feel my dad´s cock engorge under my ass from all the cum that Cesar was shooting inside it. - Fuck! – my dad screamed in pain – My dong is so full! But I need your cum too son. Please! Hearing this I jumped from my dad´s hulking dick and pulled my cock down, slamming it inside my dad huge piss hole. - This is for you daddyyyyyyyyy!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… !! As more and more cum went inside my dad´s cock, the more he grunted and flexed - Yes, fucking YES!! Im now bursting with so much CUM PROTEIN!! NOW I JUST NEED TO… Next thing I know, dad disconnects my cock from his and starts curling himself, putting his own mouth around his immense cock head. - NOW FOR THE BIG FINALE!! I WILL DRINK ALL THIS AND GROWWWWWWWWW !!! Like an animal dad started cuming and drinking all our 3 loads from his own horse cock. Wave after wave, after wave of our juices combined, making his muscles grow bigger and BIGGER AND BIGGER…
  4. Helping my muscle dad pipes part 3 I would never, EVER think that my muscle dad would be the center of my life like this. All this years, always lusting for his powerful body, and now, I can worship him 24/7 And after 3 full months in this new roid cycle, my dad is the biggest freak I ever seen in person. Everything on him is bigger, his traps, his gorilla chest, his wide back, his heavy feet, his colossal freaky bicep peaks… even his COCK! God, how is it possible? Even his cock is growing nonstop, bigger, thicker, huge fat veins covering it… Mmmmm I cant stop cuming to his power… But my hulking dad doesn’t care, my lust for his hulking size turns him on even more, and my god is he horny for his muscles all the time! His new hobby now is making me cum as fast as he can, always trying new ways to catch me off guard and do something with his huge muscles that just makes me shoot in seconds and uncontrollably. Today is cardio day for my dad, so now he always goes to the park so he can run and show his monster body to everyone. People just gasp, looks twice to him, some even get scared at first but then simply can’t stop staring at his immense muscle figure. - Damn son, perfect day for another run. Gotta get super shredded !! - Yeah dad, its so hot, not even a cloud - Mmmmm… will make these big cut vascular muscles sweat son - You love it hulk - Oh you bet sport, shiny muscles are even better to flex - Will you do it again big dad? - Don’t know, should I take it off already? - Why don’t you just torture that poor XXXL shirt a bit more while running and then, when all sweaty, you reveal your true herculean frame - I like it son, stay there then, im gonna do some miles As always, I sit down in the car, doors opened, and just start scrolling my facebook account. In no time, my hulking dad is already at the far end of the park. He does several laps in circles, and every time he is near me I feel it, as the ground starts to shake with his big size 16 muscle feet pounding it with intense force. As the time pass, I can see his shirt getting tighter and tighter, his hulking muscle frame even more visible by the second underneath the sweaty fabric… God, my cock is already hard as an iron bar, knowing what he will do as soon as he ends the run. 45 minutes later my gigantic dad finaly stops near me, sweating and breathing heavily. - Damn it son, this beast is exhausted, but happy – he smiles - Damn dad, that poor shirt is painted on you… DAMN - Maybe it´s now the time to finally take it off son – says my dad grabbing the shirt by the collar. His monster pecs flex and i can see the striations even with the fabric still on. He starts pulling the shirt over his massive arms, but they are just too pumped. - Help me here son - he orders me. - These damn arms are so fuckin big I can't get my shirt off !! I immediately put my hands around one of his sleeves, touching his horse-shoe triceps and huge veined biceps. His forearms are so thick too and his wrists are as big as my forearms. - Dad, try to relax - Relax? How do you relax 23 inch cannons like mine son? - Jesus Christ… I can start feeling the fabric stretch to its limits over his tremendous biceps, and just as he flexes slightly to try to help, the tight fabric finally explode… - SHIT! I keep losing so many damn shirts. This was one of my favorites… He throws the shirt into the bushes and stands in front of the car, magnificent. Bigger than any bodybuilder I ever seen. - Yeah, big 23" fucking guns, son. But this is nothing yet, they will grow so much more! He hits a colossal double bicep pose and I almost faint. - Dad! - I gasp - I've never seen an arm that size! Twenty-three inches! Shit, you just keep growing! Look at those freaky peaks! They look like 25”! - Yeah? Like it? You like what you see, son? You wanna feel these big muscles again? I simply nod. At this point I couldn't speak no more. Here was my sexy muscle freak daddy standing in front of me. He clenched his jaw again and took in a breath as he raised his right arm again, this time just in front of my face and slowly flexed it. The freaky muscle bulged and grew before my eyes, knotting and twisting like steel cables. His forearms blasted into a mass of veins that ran over his freaky huge arm over his shoulders and into his hulking pecs. - Fuck, that's incredible! - Touch it son - he whispered back. - Feel how freaky that cannon is. I felt the massive bicep as he contracted it even more making the peak twitch. - Yeah, punch that freaky arm! Punch it real hard, son. Don't be afraid you won't hurt daddy. He laughed as I pulled back and rammed my fist into the thick arm. My hand recoiled and the hit stung. - OMG, It feels like I broke my hand! - Ain't nothin' son, watch this He grabbed a fallen branch about 6 inches in diameter and flexed his huge arm again. He took a deep breath and smashed the branch onto his arm. The branch cracked and splintered over the huge muscle! - YEAH! - he shouted - FUCKIN LOVE IT! MAKES ME FUCKIN HARD! He rubbed his growing basket with his powerful hands, his pig pecs flexing and bulging. Then he grabbed me and held me tight. He grimaced and grunted. - You like this big roided muscles, don't you? You wanna see your freaky dad work his fuckin body? - Yes sir! - I gasped as I held his massive arms, my hand not even covering half of the top of his massive biceps. - It may freak out people around the park son… - I don’t care. Show me how fuckin strong you are daddy! He grunted and let me go. Then he walked over our car and hitted a most muscular pose grunting like a total animal. - Be careful what you wish son, I hope you can handle all my freakiness! He took a few deep breaths and started pulling the car from the ground with his bare hands. His face went red and huge veins started covering his monster neck and traps. Then I heard a low rumbling sound and the car started slowing rising. My hulking dad quads and calves took more pressure, expanding and bulging with power. He was actually lifting our car up of the ground with only his colossal gigantic arms! As the car was lifted from the ground, his shorts gave out and tore away from his massive thighs. - YEAHHHH!!!! – my hulking dad shouted as he hoisted the car in his hands over his head and started performing presses. He tossed the car from hand to hand to pumped his arms even bigger. Veins stood out and each striation in his shoulders, traps and superhuman arms were blasted into relief. His huge cock now pressed his shorts further and further out as his excitement at his own incredible strength grew. I pulled out my dick and stroked it as I watched my muscle god dad perform. - Oh God, you are so huge daddy, I cant stop jerking to your muscles! Meanwhile so many people were already around us, gasping in disbelieve seeing my monster dad performance. Some guys, just like me, were already with their cocks out, stroking uncontrollably. This could get really ugly if police were called out, but we couldn’t stop, my hulking dad was demanding our worship. Finally, dad puts the car down and stood there, massive and freaky, sweating and hard. He flexed his pecs over and over to show us how pumped and thick he was. Mounds of massive rippling muscle pulsed and twitched at his desire. His muscle control was incredible. He raised his traps up without flexing his shoulders. He spread his lats out like amazing wings of thick muscle. Then he flexed his cock in his shorts and the waistband almost gave out… - Please dad, stop! – I screamed - Isn’t this show enough for you son? - God, im precuming non stop daddy, but this is getting out of control. Please let’s go out of here. Now! My dad looked around and understood my concerns. Looking at his gigantic bulging basket he entered the car in a second. - Get in son! Fuck, Im so freaky pumped… I think… I think im gonna burst at any moment! - Look at all this people staring dad. They are horny as hell for your muscles!! - Lets drive away from… here… quickly! I don’t know if my bull balls can hold… much longer… My dad drove the car immediately, grunting and sweating like he was in pain. I could hardly breath myself, my shirtless sweating hulking dad next to me was just too much for me to handle. His mega pumped muscles, his manly musk… My cock hurts so much! - FUCK SON!!! I pressed this… fucking… car…!! - Mmmmmmmm… daddy, I couldn’t stop jerking to your power… You got bigger, and BIGGER… - Oh my god, my shorts are gonna explode with my hulking cock!! My balls are gonna EXPLODE! - Oh god, I cant stop precuming!! - MMmmmmm… I can´t take it any longer! Lets stop… over there!! Dad drove the car off the road and into the middle of some pine trees area, at our left. Exiting the car, he roared like a truly savage animal. Still in pain, he flexed his cock in his shorts and the waistband gave out finally. His rock hard 12" thick dick sprang out and slapped against his thick hard abs. He pulled his cock down and let go. It slapped it against his abs several more times and he just stared at me - OMG!! Even your cock is a MONSTER NOW! - Come here son - he commanded – I need to use you I moved towards him and he thrust his huge dick between my thighs. I felt the thickness of it as he pushed forward. - Im gonna lift you on my big dong son! I need to cum and empty my monster balls! His cock felt like a hot metal bar, it was hard as steel. I allowed my weight, a solid 190lbs to press it down, but it barely moved. Then he flexed his massive dick and grinned. I was lifted up and down, over and over by his huge muscle dick! He struck a double biceps pose and I held on as he continued to flex his huge dick between my legs. My own cock was throbbing against his thick, rock-hard 8 pack abs and my hands explored his huge muscles, hulking pecs, traps like mountains, shoulders as broad as a house, neck like a bull. - RIDE THIS FUCKIN MUSCLE COCK, SON! FEEL WHAT A REAL MAN'S LIKE! YEAH! - Yeah daddy! Show me how freaky you are! We necked and he held me straddled on his dick for a couple of minutes. I moved back and forth over his foot long prick and he groaned in pleasure as I jacked his dick between my thighs. Soon I could feel my cock ready to shoot. - Flex for me daddy! I'm gonna shoot… He held up his arms in a massive double biceps pose and, barely touching myself, I shot a huge hot load over his freaky monster muscles. - Fuck son, I am your fucking MUSCLE GOD DAD! Smear it on me, boy! Smear that cum all over my fuckin biceps! I rubbed the hot jism over his massive arms and he thrust harder between my legs, his eyes fixed on my hands spreading the cum into his mega pumped cannons. - Fuckin muscle, FUCKIN FREAK. Fuckin cum on my hard fuckin muscles! - he panted as I squeezed and rubbed his gargantuan guns. Then he set me off his MONSTER dick and started jacking himself with both hands - PLAY WITH MY FUCKIN HUGE NUTS! THEY ARE SO FULL… I teased his gigantic nuts with my fingers and he stroked his huge dick even faster - YEAHHHH!!!! - he shouted and let go of his dick – you ready to see your hulking dad cum? - Yes daddy, make those monster muscles cum! His cock throbbed a few more times and then, hitting another surreal double bicep, streams of white hot cum flew ten feet into the air. - GRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! – my dad roared Another huge long never ending orgasm… My hulking dad was again cuming like a fountain all over the place with such an immense force! - You are a muscle freak dad! I love you!! - YEAHHHHH!! Your daddy is a HULK! And I will grow even more son! As he finished cumming, he hit a most muscular pose like none I'd ever seen, showing me his freaky mass again, allowing my hands to roam over every incredible inch of my herculean dad body for some more minutes…
  5. mutador

    Dad Recovering Authority

    Note from the author: This one is dedicated to all the ones who are into dad musclegrowth stories, hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. (written in 2008) Dad Recovering Authority Marta was frying some eggs in the pan when she heard his son coming out of his bedroom "Ricky, come over, food is almost ready!" "Oh sorry mom I've got to go" "Go now?! you didn't tell us anything, Rick you're only 15!" "Oh not that crap again" As they were discussing, Hector, Marta's husband and Rick's dad, entered the front door. "Hi everyone!" Hector said "Oh Honey", replied Marta, "did Ricky tell you he was going out tonight?" "Well, not at all... Where are you going young man?" "I'm going out with uncle Dick, you know, have a couple beers" "I don't think that will be possible, you or your uncle must let us know with anticipation when you're going to go out", said Hector in a tone as severe as he could, these moments he wish his voice would've been more manly and deeper but it was a little bit higher pitched than he expected. "Are we starting with this crap again?", replied Ricky in an arrongant tone. "Ricky, your school grades are disastrous, your teachers keep complaining about your bad behaviour, you insult us, instead of studying you drink beer or smoke weed all day long, what's going on with you?", demanded Hector. "Bla bla bla, leave me alone you picksweak!", as Ricky let this out he pushed his dad away, with enough force to make Hector tumble and fall to the ground. Despite being just 15, Ricky had grown quite big, he was 1,80m (5'11") and weighed 85Kg (190lbs), he was also recruited for the school's rugby team and had regular workouts so he was very well built and strong for his age, he got the genetics of his uncle Dick, Marta's brother, who was a big and strong sportsman as well. Hector, on the contrary, was dwarfed by his son at just 1,70 m (5'7") and weighed just 65kg (150 lbs) and he couldn't help feeling intimidated when he had to impose some limits on his kid. Then the doorbell rang and Ricky rushed to open, it was Dick, the figure of the 1,87m (6'2") and 110kg (250lbs) stud impressed everybody, he was wearing a leather jacket and looked young and handsome. He rode a motorcycle "So, are you ready for a ride with your uncle, buddy?", he said to Ricky in a friendly tone. Hector recovered and stood up from the floor, he and Marta got closer to the front door. "I'm afraid Ricky can't go with you, Dick", said Hector, Dick looked down on him with despise, as if he was looking at a rat. "Ricky's grades have been very bad lately and he's not allowed to go out, besides I don't want you to take him to drink beer, he's 15 for Christ's sake!", said Hector in anger. Dick laughed and made a mocking gesture with his hand and said "bla bla bla bla!", then looked at Ricky with a sympathy grin. As the young boy was going out Hector tried to grab him but Dick pushed him away with such force he couldn't beat and forced the smaller man violently towards one of the walls of the room. Ricky left the house and jumped on Dick's bike, the uncle accelerated his motorcycle, screamed "Ciao!" and left. As the sound of the bike was fading out in the distance, Marta got close to her husband and hugged him, "Oh honey...", she said "Your brother's been an ass you know..." "Yes, I'll have to talk to him about this" "How many times have you talked about this with him? And he doesn't change, I don't like the example he's giving our son" "I know honey, I do what I can", said Marta as she caressed his husband. Although he was a small guy, Hector was quite handsome, he had strong well cut black hair, a thick well groomed full beard, strong jaw, straight nose and handsome hazel eyes. Marta had told him a couple of times he should work out some more, specially because in her family most men were naturally muscular and strong, nonetheless she loved her husband because he was a good man, there was nobody more considerate and caring as him and because he was very smart, and she understood that his occupation left very little time for extra activities. At 39, Hector had two college degrees, as biochemist and as a medicine doctor, he was working for a government contractor researching for the army, in the P.E.S.D. department (Physical Enhancement and Supplement Development). His job was in part to blame for the lack of respect his son had for him, he wished he could've spent more time with him during all of Rick's childhood. The following day, a sunday, it was 8 am when Ricky and Dick returned. Rick was drunk and could barely keep standing. Dick was kind of high but not as drunk or unconscious, Marta and Hector asked him why did he let his son get drunk, Dick didn't reply he just dragged Ricky and threw him on Hector and Marta's arms, who took their big son to his bedroom with quite an effort. They let Ricky sleep until noon when the kid woke up and served himself some cereal, as Marta and Héctor were in the kitchen. Marta was trying to open a jar of marmalade but it was too well shut for her "Let me help you sweetie", said Héctor and grabbed the jar, he tried to unscrew the cap for several minutes but he couldn't. Ricky laughed, "haha you're so weak, better let a man do it!", the kid said and took the jar off his dad's hand. He grabbed it tight, strained and bent over and with a pop the jar was open and handed it to his mother. Héctor gave him a serious look. "Son, I expect you to spend the rest of the afternoon improving your math", said Héctor. "No way! Coach says we've got to train on weekends now, so I'm going to the stadium to kick some ass and make these guns grow", said Ricky cheerfuly as he checked his big young arms. "What?! You're not, you're staying here!", said Héctor "Haha, and who's going to force me, you wimp?!", Rick replied defiantly. "I'm your dad boy, you must do as I say" Ricky just laughed and stood "Hey, you're going to finish that", Héctor voice trembled in anger pointing at the cereal. "Ah forget it, I'll buy something to eat outside" "And where do you get the money for that? I didn't give you anything!", Héctor remarked "Uncle Dick gives me money" "I'm not going to let you hang out any more with him! he's a bad influence" "Well, he understands me, he's twice the man you are, you -little daddy-" Héctor was furious and tried to grab him but Ricky shoved him away, when Héctor insisted his son punched him hard in the face, Héctor was shocked, dizzy and blood came out of one of his lips. Ricky walked away and closed the door violently behind him. Marta got close to Héctor, and when he recovered his senses he decided to call Ricky's coach, he had a few things to talk to him. "Hi, I'm talking to Mr Trachine?" "Yeah, it's me" "Hi, I'm Ricky's dad" "Oh yeah Ricky, one of our best kids, you got top material there" "Yeah well, he told me you're going to start training on sundays too?" "Yeah, we've the nationals coming up and I want this team to be the best!" "Well, we have a problem with that in here our son needs to improve his grades and sunday is the only moment we can stay all together at home and help him with his studies" "Look, Ricky has told me a lot about you, I don't care if you're such a nerdy wimp who wants to study all day, but your son is not like that! Unlike you he's one big and strong athelete and that's something you won't understand ever in your life!", said Mr Trachine in a mocking tone. "You aren't giving roids to my son, are you?!", Héctor had suspected about this for a long time "That's none of your business, let your son decide what he wants to be!" "But he's 15! I'm not going to let him play anymore!" "And how are you going to stop him you sissy man?, I hear your voice in the phone and can't stop laughing you sound like a girl haha I'd like to have you in front of me and kick your butt!" Héctor hung up the phone in anger. "He's such a jerk!" He went to the bathroom and cleaned up his face, his lip had stopped bleeding but it still hurt, the situation had surpassed his capacities, Marta tried to calm him down and they went to sleep until the following day. At the lab Héctor and his assistant, Daniel, researched a series of experimental compounds called super HGH (human growth hormone) or sHGH, these substances were modified molecules of HGH mixed with radioactive isotopes. It was discovered that this mix greatly increased the effect of HGH stimulation in physical healing, strength, muscle and bone growth and also reducing the side effects to almost zero. The government was extra cautious about these type of research and the verification and use of this compounds were going to take decades, they've been treating two volunteer subjects, two soldiers, with a very diluted version of sHGH, they've been giving them a dose of 1 microgram a year for five years now. The effect of the treatment in these men was like having the most powerful anabolic steroid ever and multiplying it by ten. The men kept training regularly as they normaly did with the only difference that their muscles grew a hundred times faster than those of the rest of the soldiers, their muscles also grew more dense and solid, thus becoming a lot stronger than their peers. Along these five years of treatment both test subjects attained the equivalent physical strength of 10 soldiers. Other added benefits from sHGH included strengthening of bone structure (their bones became eight times as resistant) increase in height (both men became two inches taller), dramatic increase in stamina and physical resistance at all levels, improved sexual performance and genital size. Sometimes Héctor and Daniel thought the goverment kept their investigation at a too slow pace, the dosage they were using was ridiculously low, the machine that synthesized the drug produced vials of 10 grams of sHGH, they had to use only 1 microgram which is a tenth of a millionth of that dose. They thought if they used 10 micrograms they'd achieve the results of five years in two hours, still being completely safe and without side effects. Probably, they thought, they didn't want a soldier to become too powerful by accident, so powerful they'd be unable to control him. The test subjects had become very powerful but they still could be killed by bullet fire, in theory a higher dose of sHGH can make someone's body structure so tough that not even bullets would be able to pierce that subject's skin. It's been a while now that Héctor began to fantasize about giving himself a shot. What would stop him from doing that? He knew the drug was safe, all the testing in animal and human subjects was successful. Only 5 micrograms would make him grow enough to give his son and the rest a lesson or two. He decided to talk to Daniel. Daniel thought it was crazy at first, but then he realized that they hadn't tried doses higher than 1 mcg, which is ridiculous, for the sake of the investigation they needed to do this and it would help Héctor who was a great friend and teacher for him. "So, are you going to prepare the 5 mcg diluted compound for me?", asked Héctor "Yes, I'll make it today and you'll have it by tomorrow early morning" The drug had to be prepared and used within two days or the isotopes lost their effect, once in the body the effect of the physical changes were permanent and the body seemed to "learn" and kept working in an invigorated way indefinitely. They left all compound vials in a special sealed fridge in the lab, there was a little amount of radioactivity involved but nothing harmful. While Héctor was at a meeting where he detailed the progress of their research, Daniel spent the whole afternoon preparing the 10 grams vial, the process took several hours and was very complicated, at 8 pm Daniel was tired as hell, and dilluting the drug took at least 4 hours of work, so he decided he would leave the process for the following day, he'd arrive earlier and tell Héctor he had to wait a couple more hours until it was ready. The following morning Héctor had another argument with his son, he'd been arriving late at school for several days, he couldn't take it anymore and left home without even having breakfast, he arrived at the lab, anxious to start the drug test asap. As it was too early, Daniel hadn't arrived yet, so Héctor eagerly checked the fridge and found the compound vial "Awesome!", he said cheerfuly and grabbed the vial, he checked it, there was no way to distinguish diluted sHGH from non diluted, it was just transparent liquid, so he thought it looked well enough. He loaded the fluid inside a syringe and popped it into one of his veins. A few minutes passed without any changes, when Daniel entered the lab. "Morning!" "Hi Daniel, good morning!" "Oh, Hec, you'll have to wait for a few hours I have to dilute the...", said Daniel as he saw through the fridge door's blindex glass that there was no vial. "You mean that vial was not diluted yet?!" "No, it wasn't" "Oh shit!", Héctor panicked and instantly he began to feel tremendous pain, then fell to the ground and bent over, he screamed for about 15 minutes of the most torturing agony, he thought he was going to die. Then pain relieved a little and he began to feel his clothes getting tight. He was wearing a shirt with stripes and flannel trousers. Daniel could clearly see that the body was growing and stretching the fabric. It started slow but increased in speed every second and soon Hector's legs began to surpass the length of the trousers until they barely reached his calves, his shoes were also being streched out by his growing feet until they split open leaving him bare foot, at the same time, Daniel began to see Héctor's torso growing in size, bulking up and stretching the shirt, soon it ripped open as the back widened tremendously, his lat muscles that were non-existant before, began to spread like wings of meat. The buttons in the front of the shirt popped off and flew all over as his rib cage expanded and his pecs jutted outwards, the shoulders inflated like balloons and the arms grew in length until the shirt sleeves were too short while at the same time his upper arms increased in size and perfected their shape until they were bigger than rugby balls, instantly tearing out the fabric, his forearms also filled with solid muscle mass. At the same time his ab muscles began to appear from nowhere, his thighs shredded the trousers and became two tremendous slabs of powerful muscle, where divisions and crevices could clearly be seen inside, his calves grew in proportion with the thighs and took a powerful shape, while at the upper part of his body his neck was thickening along his deltoids that were growing to grapefruit size or more. His head also grew a little bit in order to keep proportion with his new body, as long as slight changes in his complexion, like a slight growth of the chin and a slightly stronger facial structure that actually increased his good looks and his manliness. While the transformation finished, Héctor was still crouching on the floor, he was drained from the process, the remnants of his clothes were still over his body, suddenly he began to feel a lot of strength coming into him, all the tiredness and dizzyness disappeared, and he experienced a surge of tremendous power. He stood up revealling his whole body to Daniel. "Holy crap!" he let out, in a voice that wasn't his as he felt his own new body. "Hear my voice, is this me?", he said, his deep booming tone made the room shake "Do you feel ok?", Daniel asked "OK?!", Héctor replied loudly and powerfuly, "OK is not enough, I feel like a locomotive!", he said as he took off the shredded pieces of fabric that remained drapped around his body, bent his enormous arms and flexed his chest contemplating his new muscle mass and checking his new physique. He ripped away what was left of his trousers revealling his genitals. Daniel lowered his gaze to Héctor's dick and opened his eyes wide. Héctor also looked down and though blocked by his enormous chest muscles he could catch a glimpse of his new prick and balls, they were the size of a bull. Héctor couldn't help let out "Darn, I'm a fucking bull!", then quickly added, "Hehe sorry this is embarrasing", Héctor blushed and covered his crotch with his huge hands. "Don't worry I'll get you something to wear from our test subjects". Daniel quickly got a pair of black shorts from a drawer near by and got close to Héctor to hand them, the now big man grabbed them and crouched to put them on forcing them to fit over his huge muscled butt and big dick and balls. It was snug but it fit. As Héctor stood again with his short pants on, Daniel coudln't help contemplate the new man up close. From his perspective, Héctor was now a mountain of muscle, he looked down on him, almost two heads taller, and so wide it covered most of his eyesight. He contemplated one of his upper arms and realized it was bigger around than his own torso. He looked down at one of Héctor's thighs and also reckoned that there had to be more condensed muscle in that thigh than he'd have in his whole body if he trained in a gym for ten years. "Damn, you're so huge, I wonder what your measurements are!", said Daniel, "let's go have a measure" They went to the next room where they had training equipment, strength testing machines and measurement devices. Héctor felt amazing as he walked with his new legs, the floor seemed to squeal under his weight, but he felt as if he was light as a feather. Héctor knew the place and immediately got over the measurement platform, there a few lasers circulated his body and took extremely precise measurements. "Ok", said Daniel as he looked at the screen, "you're now 2m (6' 7") tall, weigh a total of 207 Kg (462 lbs), your upper arms are 75cm (29") soft, wow your forearms are like 50 cm (20") that's as big around as my thigh! Your chest is 220 cm (86"), legs 115cm (45"), my god! Would you bend an arm for me?", Daniel asked and Héctor did it smiling broadly. "Wow, your upper-arm is 85cm (33") flexed", Daniel almost screamed. "You won't believe this, your physical structure has reached level theta density", said Daniel in technical jargon. "Oh my god, that means..." "If our theory is right, you won't have to worry about bullets from now on, and your bone amd muscle structure are probably the most powerful thing that exists on earth" "There's one thing still to measure, would you take down your pants?" Héctor was familiar with the procedure as they did this with their test subjects regularly and pulled down his pants, revealling his large man meat. "Ok then, measuring... wow, your dick is 17 cm (7") limp, and 10cm (4") around" "Holy crap! That's what I call a man!", said the now big stud. "And now for the erection measurements" Héctor immediately stroked his cock until it was erect, the thing was huge and hard as steel, like he'd never felt before. "Geez, you got a 28cm (11") long dick now! Girth of about 18cm (7")"... said Daniel trying to sound profesional. That thing looked like it could penetrate a wall of steel. Héctor put his pants back on, got off the platform, smiling broadly, feeling better than ever in his life "Now let's check your strength, why don't you try picking up that weight over there?", suggested Daniel. It was an olympic weighlifting 500kg (half a ton - 1100 lbs) weight in a corner, the test subjects began to use as part of their training as they got stronger. "OK", the big man replied and went in front of the weight, then crouched and took the ends of it cautiously, preparing for an extenuating effort. Then he stood, picking up the weight to the height of his shoulders, "You gotta be kidding me, right?!", Héctor boomed at Daniel. Daniel was puzzled. "This weighs nothing!", said Héctor and took the weight over his head, then released one of his hands and held it just with his left arm. He turned the weight around to check it out, apparently it had two 250 kg plates in it, "My god! This is half a ton of weight, right?", Héctor said rejoyced at how easy it was to handle it for him now. "Yes, it's certified weight!" Héctor toyed around with the weight tossing it in the air and exchaging hands, he smiled and put his hands at the ends near the plates, then easily bent the steel bar like it was made out of butter, "Awesome!", he let out and put the weight on the ground. Marta was a teacher and she was correcting some exams at the kitchen table, when she heard the front door open and some heavy thuds that sounded like someone walking, the living room's wooden floor squealed badly. "Hi honey, is that you?!", she screamed Héctor didn't know how to show himself but he thought what the crap "Yes, sweetie! I've got a surprise for you", hollered Hector in his now booming bass voice. Marta was confused, the way he spoke was that of her husband but the voice was so deep it'd put Barry White to shame. "Are you ok honey?! You sound weird" "I know, come over and you'll see why" Marta stood and entered the livingroom and she first got the creeps, there was a huge man standing - no - filling up her whole living room, the man was wearing a tight grey t-shirt, black short pants and a pair of tennis shoes, all she saw was muscle on top of muscle and took her a while to realize that the head attached to that tremendous physique was that of Héctor. "Oh my god!" she said and fainted. Héctor quickly grabbed her with one of his big hands and easily picked her up holding her single-handedly. He thought to himself how many times he tried to be romantic and lift her up in his arms and how he always failed and they ended up falling on the ground, now it felt like his hand was holding the lightest thing in the world. He gently layed her down on the couch and waited a few seconds until she recovered "Oh my god, she said, is that you? Héctor?" "Yes" "But how?" "I can't say, but it's obvious that this is thanks to my research" Marta sat up and grabbed one of her husband's upper arms. "Damn you're enormous!" Héctor bent his arm for her, she caressed the enormous bicep peak. "Hehe, yes, I think I've gone too far" "No, I love it! I'd always been around big men and I knew I'd made the right choice of choosing brain to brawn, no matter what my family said" she said as she run her hands over his enormous pectorals feeling the solid round muscle, "now you'll make my brother look tiny!" "That jerk!", Héctor said, "I'm eager to see him again! When is Daniel coming back?" "Oh, he'll be back any minute, this is going to be such a surprise for him!", Marta said. "Indeed!" When Ricky turned back home he entered the kitchen fast, he could only see his mother there, "Hi Mom!" "Ricky why are you in such a hurry?", asked Marta. "Is dad home?", Ricky asked "No, he didn't return yet." she lied, "But what are you doing", Marta asked again as his son was opening the fridge and engulfing all he could. "I'm on the go mom!" "Where are you going?" "None of your business" Marta walked close to him "Son, why don't you stay here to eat with us?" "I don't want your crappy food!", he shoved her away and walked towards the kitchen doorway. As Ricky was leaving, he bumped into something hard that forced him to stop, he didn't understand what it was at first, but when he gave a second look he realized it was a man, a very big man, in fact, the BIGGEST man he's ever seen, tall enough that his head brushed the top of the door frame, wide enough that he had to shrug to let his wide shoulders past the frame. As seconds passed he distinguished more features in this behemoth of a man, his legs were so big that not even the biggest guys in his rugby team had legs half that size, he possessed upper arms so thick that he could fit his head two times in each one of them, a chest that was four or five times bigger than his. The enormous man was more than a head taller and looked down on him, Ricky pertrified when he realized the huge man was Héctor. "Dad!?" Héctor smiled and walked towards him slowly. Ricky instinctively retreated. "Well, little fella, looks like you'll have to apologize to your mom!", said Héctor in a deep vibrating tone that made all of Ricky's body shake. "What happens? Mice ate your tongue?", said Héctor cheerfully and put his huge hand in one of his sons shoulders. "It's you dad! how did you become like this?!", asked the young man "Well, that's -none of your business-", replied Héctor mockingly "I don't hear you apologizing", the big man said and lightly pushed his son towards Marta, the dad's faintest touch was enough to make all of Ricky's body shake. "Sorry mom, I didn't mean it...", said Ricky, ashamed Marta and Héctor nodded. "So, where were you going, Ricky?", asked Héctor and put his hands in his hips expanding his enormous torso. Ricky took a moment to answer, "Oh, uncle Dick will take me for a ride in his bike, just, you know, go to a few places...", Ricky's tone was already more humble. "Well, you're not going anywhere" said Héctor with firm and extremely manly tone. "You can't force me!", defied Ricky as he motioned out of the kitchen. Héctor put his index finger in his son's chest and pushed forward, that was enough to throw his son against the wall in front of him, "Well, I think I can", replied Héctor. "Well I don't care how big you are...!", Ricky continued Héctor smiled and grabbed his son's jacket with one of his hands, lifting him off the ground like a scarecrow. "It seems that you don't quite get it, right? From now on, things are going to be very different in this house, you're not going out with uncle Dick or train in the weekends until your grades improve, am I clear?", said Héctor as he lifted his son up some more in the air. Then they heard the front door ring "That must be Dick!", said Marta "You're not going anywhere boy, stay here, understood?", said Héctor firmly Ricky looked down, like ashamed. Héctor let him down gently and walked towards the front door. Dick was waiting outside when he saw the door open, the figure of the man that was opening the door almost makes his jaw drop to the ground. "Oh my god!" he exclaimed "Wassup Dick?!", said the big man with his mighty voice "Is it you, Héctor?!" "Yes Dick, it's me" "What happened to you?!" "Well it's a long story!", Héctor walked towards Dick, he was taller, wider, heavier and more muscled, and made him look like a twink. Dick walked back as Héctor spoke "Remember when you adviced my sister to marry a sports guy instead of a lab rat, well turns out that thanks to his brain, the lab rat, became stronger than the sportsman", said Héctor as he playfully pushed with his hand on Dick's chest several times, making the smaller man tumble in his feet and walk back. "OK, I mean, you know I never really had any problem with you, we're pals right?", Dick was shaking like a leaf, he'd never seen muscles like those in a man. "Oh yeah! We're pals, of course, let me give you a big hug pal", Héctor grabbed Dick in a bear hug and pressed hard until Dick's ribs squealed loudly, "You're like a brother to me!" he said and he pressed some more, he smiled then let Dick free, the man was still shaking and trying to catch his breath again. "My pal!" Héctor said and smiled, then punched playfully at Dick's shoulder, with his enormous arm the punch was so powerful that Dick spun in place like three times, Héctor had to stop him and catch him. Héctor was smiling, "Hey! I've never checked out your bike pal, you got a great ride!", the big man got close to Dick's motorcycle, he examined it, then crouched and picked it up with one of his hands, it was a big solid harley-davidson, "This is a real harley uh... I think it'd look better with some minor modifications", he said that and grabbed the center axis of the bike, then bent it like it was cardboard into a shape that made the bike useless. "Hey! What are you doing to my bike!!", shouted Dick. "Don't you like it better this way? Oh! Come on! You're not funny, I thought we were friends!", Héctor said, "it's boring I'll give it back to you", then threw the bike over Dick, the thing weighed easily a quarter ton, and the brother-in-law fell on the ground under its weight. "What's the matter Dick, I thought you were quite strong!", said Héctor and picked up the motorcycle again with a single hand, then threw it away like it was a shallow film prop. "Let me help you up", and then grabbed Dick by his trouser's belt and let him stand. Dick tried to fight him and threw a punch at Héctor's face but the big man grabbed his fist and gripped powerfully, Dick screamed in pain and went to his knees. Héctor grabbed his belt again and held him up like a foot over the ground. "From now on, Dick, I don't want to see you anywhere near Ricky, I think it's quite clear that I can snap you in two like a twig so you'd better do as I say", said Héctor very close to Dick's face. He let Dick stand and the man didn't say a word, he just ran away like he'd seen a ghost. "I don't want this in front of my house", said the big man and picked up the remains of the motorcycle again, taking it to a trash container nearby. As Héctor entered his home Marta and Ricky were waiting for him, "Well, guess you won't be seeing uncle Dick around here very often any more", said Héctor Marta walked to him and grabbed a hold of his enormous shoulders and chest, layed her head on his thick torso. "You didn't hurt him honey, did you?", she asked "No sweety, just a little bit of perssuasion, only that", Héctor said as he flexed all the muscles in his massive body for her to feel them, then relaxed and cuddled his wife. "Ok then, guess we're going to spend our night studying, aren't we?" Héctor said to Ricky, walked towards him and put a solid hand in his shoulder "get your math books and everything you have on the table, your dad is going to help you study". "Oh no, really?", asked Ricky "You don't want me to force you, right? Come on! you need a few lessons!", replied Héctor gently pushing his kid. Seeing that there was nothing he could do to stop his dad, Ricky finally grabbed his school books and put them on the table, the young man sat and his dad took a seat next to him, as Héctor put his huge butt over the chair it squealled badly under his massive weight, then ordered Ricky to write down some equations and problems. Even when they were sitting the hugeness of his dad made Ricky feel intimidated, Héctor sat taller than him so he had to look up while the large man spoke. He contemplated how his father layed the weight of his massive arms on the table making the wood yawp, ocassionally bringing one hand to the sheet of paper Ricky was working on to point some mistake or explain a particular issue. As minutes were passing by Ricky realized it was quite cool to have his dad explain math to him and that it wasn't hard at all. Héctor was very encouraging pointing every mistake but also congratulating and complimenting when things were well done. And the big dad was quite physical at that, giving him nice cuddles and snuggles with "that's my boy!" expressions that conforted him and made him feel good. So much they've spent almost three hours together. "Well son, we've done a hell of an advance today, you'll be catching up and improving your grades in no time", Héctor assured his son. "Thanks dad, it's actually been nice, to be able to solve all these problems, I didn't think it was this easy" "Ok", Héctor said completely statisfied and smiling, "tomorrow, mom is going to help you with history and literature", he stood up and left giving Ricky a gentle pat in the shoulder. The following day, Héctor and Marta walked down from their bedroom upstairs, the big man was carrying his wife in one of his huge arms, she was sitting comfortably in her husband's forearm, grabbing his large chest. They had a rough sex night, Héctor fucked her about 9 times, and he wasn't even tired, he was a sex machine. She had so much cum inside of her she was worried she might get pregnant, but at the same time she was extremely pleased with being fucked by her man's enormous cock. Héctor took her to the kitchen and genly let her stand on the ground, they began to prepare breakfast. After a while Marta needed to reach for a jar that was too high up in the cupboard, "Honey would you grab that one for me?", she asked her big husband. "I can help you grab it..." said Hector and instead of grabbing the jar that was practically in front of his face, he picked his wife up. She giggled surprised by her man's new display of power and grabbed the jar. Héctor put Marta down and she spent a few seconds smiling and admiring his massive torso, she put her hands in his huge pectoral and Héctor made a little pec dance for her, "Wow!" Marta screamed when Ricky came into the kitchen as they were in the middle of it and the couple separated. "Morning Ricky, you done good yesterday, you see I always said you were a smart kid!", the huge dad said. Marta had trouble unscrewing the cap of the jar again, Ricky saw this and offered help. Ricky grabbed the jar and tried with all his might, but moments passed and he was unable to open it, Héctor grinned and looked down at his kid. He stroke his back shooking him a little and extended his huge hand to him "Let your big daddy do that, ok?", boomed the huge fella. Ricky put the jar on Héctor's hand and the big man unscrew it with a flick of his wrist, no effort needed. "Here you are sweety, now I remember I had put the cap yesterday, that's why you couldn't open it, sorry", Héctor explained them as he handed the jar to Marta. "Hey, don't you smell something?", asked Marta. "No, what?", Ricky replied fast "Yes honey, it's true I do smell something", said Héctor and looked down on his son fiercely. "It's like... weed?", Marta suggested. "That's what it seems", said Héctor as he got close to his son "You're crazy, I don't have any weed!", Ricky replied Héctor got his nose close to Ricky, "You do smell like you had been smoking hemp", the big dad grabbed his son's upper arm, "how many times do I have to tell you we don't want that, if you were 18 fine, get your own house and do whatever you want but as long as you live here and you're underage you have to go by my rules, and that's no weed in this house!", Héctor was firm but very calm when he said this. "I'm sorry but I'll have to register your room, I told you a hundred times", the big man went inside his son's room, and checked it out, he picked up the bed like it was made out of cardboard, Ricky had a huge TV, and a computer, he had a trunk full of old childhood toys, everything was picked up opened up and checked by Héctor. The only place left was the wardrobe, Héctor tried to open it and to his surprise it was locked. "Hey, why is this locked?", the huge dad asked "Oh well I don't know...", mumbled Ricky "Do you have the key?" "Umm.. I don't know... I think I've lost it" "Oh yeah, and how do you dress up every day?", Héctor was getting quite upset already "Oh well, let me check", Ricky checked his pockets as if he was looking for the key, but he had no intention "You're not going to give it to me right? Fine!", Héctor punched the wardrobe door lighly and made a huge hole in it, then ripped the little doors off like they were paper. "Hey! you can't do that!", yelled Ricky "Oh no? Of course I can, this is my house and I do anything I want", replied the enormous man with a voice that seemed twice as deep and powerful because of anger. Héctor checked the clothes until he found something suspicious in a pocket, he pulled it out and it was a small plastic bag full of weed, he put it in front of his son's face "And what is this then? herbal medicine? I doubt so", and the father walked to the nearby bathroom and flushed the weed down the toilet. "Hey! What are you doing! You have no idea how much it costs", said Ricky as his dad returned to the wardrobe. Héctor grabbed a hold of Ricky and picked him up a brief instant then refrained and put him back in the ground, "Is this what uncle Dick gives you money for, uh?", he boomed at his kid. "I'm glad you won't be able to afford more!", he added. Ricky was furious and punched at his dad's with all his might, Héctors bulky chest didn't even budge as he looked at his son, then the big man took a baseball bat from the wardrobe and grabbed and end with each hand, bringing it in front of his son's face. Ricky kept complaining when Héctor said, "Seems you don't quite understand who is in charge now", then split the bat in two with a loud crack, leaving his son speechless. The week went by and Ricky watched his step, he understood now Héctor was serious, and there was not much he could do. The big dad missed work and decided to stay home and recover lost time with his son. When ocassionaly Ricky would complain about some task, he'd just give him a severe look, slight grab or something and that was enough. Once Marta told him to read a few pages from a book and Ricky complained, he tried to stand up from his chair and when he was just about to leave Héctor gently put his heavy hand in his shoulder, the kid suddenly found himself unable to lift his body because when he tried he bumped into his dad's hand that was firm as steel. Most of the time the huge father didn't even need to waste any breath to discipline his son now. When the weekend came, Héctor suggested Ricky to spend saturday doing some more catch up for school, specially with math and physics. When Ricky refused Héctor challenged him to a basketball match in their front yard, if the father won they'd study all day if the son won, he'd let him do anything he wanted, including going out for a beer. Ricky accepted but a few minutes after they started playing he realized it wasn't a good idea, his dad's physical superiority was so overwhelming that he couldn't score at all. Héctor was incredibly fast, he didn't seem to get tired, he handled the ball like a pro and was so tall that the ring was easily within his reach, so the big dad kept scoring and scoring while Ricky could barely take the ball off his dad's hands in seldom ocassions, for his dad to recover it almost instantly. Ricky was persistant and they played for about an hour until he was exhausted. Héctor on the other hand wasn't even breathing hard. The big dad won with 164 points to zero and as Ricky was trying to catch his breath, he kept chuckling at his son and trying to cheer him up and convince him that math homework could be also fun. On sunday Ricky got Héctor to allow him to go to his rugby training, Héctor wasn't very happy with that and told him he was going to talk to his coach about training on sunday. At the school gym Ricky was doing benchpresses with an 80kg (170 lbs) weight, the other kids were also training at the gym while some others were running in the field. As he was forcing his arms up he saw the other boys look at the door. He looked as well and saw a huge man standing and coming towards him. It was Héctor, as the young men trained they couldn't help follow the big man's figure with their eyes. The huge dad was wearing tight short pants and a tight t-shirt, together with some running shoes so everyone would see he was also an athelete. Before he reached Ricky's bench the kids thought he was a new trainer or something. As he approched his son he said "Hey! lifting big son? I'm proud of having a strong kid!" Héctor grinned "How about a little more weight?", he was in a playful mood so he put the tip of his finger over the bar and pushed down a little, that immediately added like a 100kg (220 lbs) to the weight his son was lifting. Of course Ricky couldn't handle it and as the weight was going to fall on his ribcage Héctor quickly picked it up with his hand. The huge guy laughed as he toyed around with this weight that was almost a joke for his powerful arm. He put the weight back in the bench, "Are you ok son? I didn't mean to hurt you just play a harmful joke", he said between chuckles as Ricky sat up. "Dad, what are you doing here?" "I wanted to give you a surprise" "It is! You're embarrassing me in front of the other boys!" As Ricky recovered from the work out Héctor replied "Oh come on! you call this embarrassing?!" and he made a most muscular pose, flexing all his tremendously huge muscles, everyone in the gym looked at him knowing that they'd never get to be that big, he laughed and then asked "So, where is this coach of yours?" "I think, he's at his office", said Ricky and pointed at a place behind him. "Ok, thank you son, take care, don't overtrain!", said Héctor with a manly pat in his son's shoulder. Then he walked to Mr. Trachine's office. Trachine was doing some paperwork as he heard something heavy knock his office door. The door was translucid and he could see a big shadow behind. "Yeah, who is it?" The deep voice of Hector replied "Mr. Trachine, I'm Hector, Ricky's father, mind if we talk for a minute?" "Oh yeah, you know, I'm very busy could you wait a few moments?", the coach screamed "Ok", replied Héctor, but he wasn't very happy with that, after the way this man had treated him, for christ's sake, he was now the strongest man on earth, he wasn't going to take that kind of treatment from a stupid high school coach. The door seemed to be locked and he still decided to be polite and wait, he stood for about 12 minutes when he knocked again, "What part of I'm busy you didn't understand, you moron?!", the coach screamed at the door. That was it, Héctor pushed the door open and without noticing he'd ripped it off its hinges and was holding it in his hand, he threw it to a side. "Holy crap!", said the coach as he saw the big man coming towards him, "Are you Ricky's father? I hadn't imagined you like that..." "Well, yes, I am. And you know what", said Héctor in a sever tone as he stood right in front of Trachine, "don't think I forgot everything you said to me on the phone" then grabbed the older man from his shirt and picked him up slightly. Mr Trachine was 50, he was quite built and it was for sure he'd had a hell of a body at younger age. The coach was speechless, now he was really busted. "It.. it it's ok Mr, what,... wh.. whateev...ev. ever you ss.sssa say", the coach replied with difficulty "Haha now you stutter?", replied Héctor while smiling, "you didn't stutter last week when you treated me so bad, uh? Guess you can't stand up to a big fella...", the huge man added in a booming voice. "But I'm not here because of that, I don't really care what you say" continued Héctor, "I want to talk about Ricky and about he not coming to your sunday training sessions" "Oh, don't wo.. worry Mr, I was go.. going to cancel them be.. because most parents complained", Mr Trachine was still shaking from being in front of that big angry man. "You know Mr Trachine, I do want my kid to be a powerful athlete, as you see I'm a very strong athlete as well", the huge dad made a double biceps pose and the coach open his eyes wide in amazement. "Only I also want him to stimulate his intelligence so he's not only brawns but also brain, hope you understand that". "Oh y... yes, I to...totally agree" "Ok then, have a nice afternoon sir, I have to leave", said Héctor and extended his right hand for a shake. Mr Trachine took it and Héctor gave him the grip of his life, so much you could hear the cracking and the coach went weak on the knees, the big dad smiled, relishing that what was for him such an insignificant amount of pressure was causing so much pain in this man. Then he let go, hopefully it was just a badly sore hand, nothing broken "I'll leave you to keep working", Héctor said as the coach massaged and shook his hand trying to relieve the pain, no way he'd able to grab a pen with that hand for the rest of the day. The big dad just left while grinning, the coach contemplated his gigantic muscled back and powerful round butt as he left, Héctor thought he'd been a little mean but the guy had it coming without a doubt. That night the family was home again, dinner was ready and Héctor sat on the kitchen table with his enormous plate of food. He ate like five men now but didn't have to worry about getting fat, all the food seemed to go into his huge muscles. As he was about to start eating his huge serving, Marta sat next to him, and Ricky grabbed his plate and was carrying it in front of the TV in the living room, when Héctor saw this he reached with his massive arm for Ricky's trouser belt and grabbed it, dragged his son playfully close to him. "Hey! Why don't you come and eat here with us, son, like a regular family?", he said to his kid. How to refuse? thought Ricky and sat down in front of his big dad. "Hey dad! are you going to eat all that?!" "Yes boy, I got to feed these big guns buddy!", said the father as he bent his arms and showed them to Ricky, the t-shirt sleeves almost bursting with the muscle mass. Ricky looked under the table at his dad's legs, "without mentioning those tremendous legs", he thought to himself. "And tell me, how was your day son?", Héctor asked "Oh well, you know I just spent the whole day working out, oh and... what did you say to the coach, he's been really weird with me, he used to treat me like shit and now he was so gentle and considerate, asking me if I was ok, offering help with the weighs, training advice, that felt kinda awkward" "Haha really?! Well I'll tell you why! That idiot is treating you very carefully because he's afraid I might get angry and go snap him like a twig! That's why! I gave him a few little demonstrations of what I'm capable of and I think he got the point. If you ever have any problem with him just let me know and I'll take care. I don't even need to see him in person, I bet just the sound of my voice on the phone can make him pee his pants!", said the super-dad between chuckles. The following day it was a holiday so the family woke up late in the morning. Héctor opened up the fridge to grab something to eat, "Hey! What happened, the fridge is empty!", said the huge man. "It's natural honey", commented Marta as she walked behind her large husband and caressed his gargantuan back, "you eat a lot more now and we run out of food much faster" "Hehe, that's true, guess that's a little price to pay for all the advantages being like this brings", said Héctor as he turned around and picked her up, making her sit in his meaty forearm. "No problem then! Let's go to the supermarket!", the big man added and headed for the garage with her in his hand. "Hey Ricky, we're going to the supermarket, wanna come?", Héctor asked his son. Ricky accepted, his father was surprised at the way his son's attitude was changing, as he became more and more self-confident his son became more and more humble. Fortunately, Héctor had a big 4x4 van, he wouldn't have fit in a smaller car and unlike a 4x4, a regular car would collapse under his weight. Despite this he felt pretty tight inside when he got in. Marta and Ricky got in as well and they left. The supermarket was a 30 minute drive, when they were half way Héctor saw a cow in the middle of the road, in order not to crash against it, he stopped quite abruptly. A car that was behind them was caught in distraction and crashed on Héctor's van.The big dad's 4x4 was so tough it didn't get a scratch, but the front of the other man's car was quite damaged. The guy was upset and got out of his vehicle, he walked to the driver's seat of the 4x4 cursing and insulting, "I'll kill you motherfucker, why don't you watch out, I'll break your damn van you moron!", said the man and kicked Héctor's car. The van had one-side glasses so the guy didn't get to see Héctor and kept hitting and punching his van. Then the front door was open and the huge dad came out, the man was so into his thing he didn't realize, until a heavy hand grabbed his chest and shoved him away with tremendous force. "Holly crap!", the guy said as he looked at Héctor's massive frame. Next to him, the man looked like a miniature, the big dad stood in front of the guy and began to move forward, the guy retreated and ran into his car and drove away fast. Héctor just giggled and returned to his van, he was already getting used to these kind of reactions. But the cow was still there, and they needed to get going so the huge dad grabbed the animal and held it up, walking it inside the fields far from the road and gently putting it on the ground. They drove just a few minutes more when they had a flat tire, Héctor stopped the car and got out "Give me a hand son!", he ordered Ricky who got out almost immediately. "You're going to get the spare in place, kid", the dad said. Héctor opened the back and Ricky wondered out loud "What happened with the cricket?" "Cricket? hehe, why would I need that", Héctor replied looking down on his big muscled physique and handed the spare to Ricky, "I pick up the van and you change the tire, deal?", the big man said then put a hand under the back of the van and picked it up very high like it was weighless. Marta felt the van move and she screamed "Hey! What's going on?!" "Oh sorry sweety, I'm picking up the van that's all", boomed Héctor loudly at her. In a few moments the tire was replaced and the big dad put the van back on the ground with care and they could resume their brief journey. When the family arrived at the supermarket, they couldn't find a parking spot for their van, the lot was full, Héctor drove around countless times until they were exhausted and they almost decided to go back home, until the dad caught a glimpse of an old heavy truck that was very oddly parked, instead of taking up just its spot, the truck was taking up almost two places unnecessarily. Héctor said "bingo!", he stopped the van next to it, got out and walked to the truck. He simply grabbed under it and lifted it up completely, then easily gave a few steps towards the appropriate spot and gently put it down. He dusted off his hands as he exclaimed "there we go!", then parked his van in the now free place. Marta and Ricky were mezermerized, as Héctor saw their faces he asked "Impressed?! that was very easy!", it was true because he wasn't even breathing hard. After a few hours in the supermarket, they'd filled three carts, two of them were full of food for Héctor, for whom every package seemed small and that made him keep adding and adding stuff to the cart, they also had consider that now the big dad's clothes were a lot bigger, so they used more laundry powder, more food also meant more dish washing, therefore more detergent, a bigger body meant more deodorant, more lotion, more soap, bigger feet more feet powder, and so on. They also had to replace stuff he'd unadvertently broken in the few days he wasn't controlling his strength completely, like 6 glasses, about 20 forks and knives he'd bent over, and a desk lamp he'd twisted to unrecognizable shape. Looking down on the incredibly stuffed carts, Héctor realized there was nowhere to put all that food. "I guess we're going to need a new fridge honey, what do you think?", the big man suggested "Definitely, I've been oggling one that will be perfect for us now in the home appliances section, what do you think?" "Ok sweety, go ahead, go there and pick one for me, I'll go in a few minutes, I still need some shaving cream and... ", replied Héctor but Marta was already gone, she loved buying. When she arrived she talked to the salesman and took him to the chosen fridge, the thing was fucking huge, so much it looked industrial, and costed like 6000 dollars. Héctor's family didn't have any money issues since the reasearch company's paycheck was very generous. "Do you take platinum visa?", asked Marta "Of course, ma'm", said the salesman as he took the card. "How are you going to transport it?", the guy asked pointing at the fridge. "We have a transport service but you'll have to wait for about a week, we've too many deliveries lately, I apologize" "Oh, don't worry, we have a big van, I think we can put it on top no problem" "Ok, I'll send you the transport men to put them on your van for you" "Thanks! that's so considerate of you" Then two big guys wearing overalls appeared, each around 1,85m (6'1") and weighing easily 90kg (200 lbs) "Hi ma'm, so this is your fridge?", they pointed at a smaller one that was next to the one Marta chose "No, that one is", she corrected "Oh crap!" said one of the men Each man took a side of the big thing and pulled as hard as they could, it was impossible for them to lift it, they could barely drag it a few inches and they were quickly exhausted. "Oh, we're sorry we might need some extra help or a fork lift", said one of the guys as he recovered his breath and wiped his moisty forehead with his hand. "That's not necessary, don't worry, my hubbie is going to move it" "Your what? your husband? Ma'm we've been doing this for years, there's no fucking person who can move that, not even three guys", said one of the men as they looked at each other and laughed. "You haven't seen my husband... oh, here he is", she said as Héctor seemed to appear from behind some crates "So honey, did you choose one already?", asked the huge man. The transport guys stopped laughing and contemplated Héctor, then they looked at each other to check if they were having visions. "Oh my..." one of the guys let out Ignoring them, Marta replied "Yes love, I already bought that one" and pointed at the huge fridge with his right hand as she was grabbing Héctor's big arm with his left. "Good choice sweet, this one will be just perfect!" said the big dad as he checked it out up close. Then two transport guys thought maybe with the large man's help they'd be able to drag it to the van so each one of them grabbed a side "Ok Sir, will you help us carry it? let's push at the count of three!", said one of the guys as he prepared. Héctor just laughed, put his hands firmly on each side and lifted up the huge fridge as if it was just empty cardboard. He then hefted the big thing over his massive shoulder using his hand to keep it in balance and carried it all the way to the van. "oh my god!" said the men, "Sir, you're going to put us out of business with that strength" Héctor just laughed at the smaller men and continued carrying the fridge effortlessly. Marta walked along and all the way she encouraged his husband "Just a little more, honey, we're almost there, hang on!", repeatedly. "haha" laughed Héctor, then stopped, "Sweety, there's no need for that" he said between chuckles "I could keep this in my shoulder for a whole day without even feeling tired at all" he said and took the fridge with his free arm and held the enormous thing over his head, balanced in one of his hands, "see?". Both Marta and the men wowed. Héctor continued carrying the fridge to the van, once there he put it easily on top "Sir, need some rope to tie it to your car", asked one of the transport guys "Mmm, not really, do you think rope will keep this safe in place? I have something better!", then the big man opened the back of the car and took two crowbars. The fidge had a few openings in the back designed to put a thick rope for transportation, Héctor put the crowbars instead and used them to secure the fridge to the car structure, bending them easily with his mighty arms. "Hey, we forgot about Ricky, where is he?", asked Marta "Oh, I left him at the exit watching over the carts", replied Héctor, "He shoud be here by now, this is odd, I'll go check". The big man walked to where he'd left his son. When he arrived at where his son was supposed to be, he wasn't, the carts were unattended, Héctor worried and began to walk fast around the whole supermarket. After a few instants he saw his son was in an abandoned spot behind the mall, together with two guys, one of the guys was threatening him with a knife and the other was checking his pockets. Ricky saw his dad's huge figure in the distance, Héctor made a "keep quiet" gesture and walked behind the guy with the knife. He grabbed the guy's hand and gripped powerfully, while at the same time put his large arm around his neck. The guy screamed in pain and threw the knife to the ground. Then Héctor punched him in the head and he fell unconcious. The other guy took some time to notice what happened and, not threatened by the knife anymore, Ricky tried to get rid of him, pushing him, but the guy was quite big. Héctor stood in front of the other guy who tried to punch him in the belly, but without budging the super man's muscular stomach, the guy then pulled out a gun and shot at Héctor's chest, but the bullets just bounced off, the big dad quickly took the weapon off the thieve's hand and twisted it in his palm like it was butter, then threw it on the ground. He picked up the burglar and held it up over his head. He grabbed the two guys, and carried them to a trash container, put them in and twisted the cover of the container so they wouldn't be able to open anytime soon. In the distance, Marta had arrived and was watching everything. She got close to his son who was kind of shocked and conforted him. As Héctor returned, he could see his son now more than happy. "Dad, that was fantastic, I'm so proud to be your son!" "I love you son, and I won't let anything happen to you", said Héctor as he hugged his son big. Then he stood in front of Marta and Ricky and hit a double biceps pose, the said in assured tone "Guess from now on you can feel very safe while I'm around!".
  6. teroyugi

    Dad's Growth (Furry)

    Dad’s Growth In a quaint suburban town lived a family of muscle heads. They were the Brooks. The father who went by Big B was a black Caucasian Shepherd dog. He was a towering figure in person and as the owner of the only construction company in their town. Ever since high school Big B was an avid sports fur, more specifically a star in the wrestling ring. Till today the local high school display his award for bringing home the trophy in the wrestling championship on his own, a feat that no one had ever accomplish ever again. Sadly after graduation and starting a family at 18 the dog did not maintain his physique. Once a prime example of physical prowess, the shepherd had been reduced to a bear like build. His once hard washboard abs was replaced by a soft gut. What used to be a dense barrel chest and powerful titanic thighs were now soft and smoother a little. Even his once powerful grapefruit sized arms that could carry half the cheerleading team had grown weaker. He was fortunate that his long fluffy fur made it hard for others to see what had become to his body. Still the other furs respected Big B for his work and effort as a single father. One drunken night after the prom with the captain of the debate team resulted in a shotgun marriage and the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. Big B’s wife wasn’t satisfied with being forced into the role of a mother at such a young age so they filed for a divorce in less than a year, but the baby would stay with him. He worked hard to build a proper home for his boy, started at the construction company as nothing more than a grunt worker but he worked his way up and rubbed elbows with the right fur until he could set up his own company. Soon he moved from a run-down apartment to a proper terrace house where his son could grow up well. The pup was named Benny. Like his father the pup was tall, by 15 his head was the same level as his old man. His fur was jet black from head to toe with patches of orange on his back and forehead. He also inherited his father’s love of sports as he led the school’s football team, and after joining college he continued the sport he loved. Big B could not deny that he felt a pang of jealousy watching his son reach the same level of musculature he had at that age. It reminded him that he was getting old. Determined to make a change for himself while his son was away in college he would do everything it takes to build his muscles again. In now times, Benny was due to come home for his 2 week semester break. Sporting a plain blue t shirt and jeans the 19 year old dog slept throughout his bus ride home as the weeks before was crammed with finals and overdue assignments. He could not wait to crash on his old bed. By the time he reached the bus stop his phone showed that it was 6:30 p.m. His dad promised to pick him the night before, but he never showed up. Another reason for Benny to be concerned, already on the phone his dad sounded weird, he kept breathing heavily into the phone and weird groaning sounds came from him. After waiting for an hour with no dad in sight Benny decided to lug himself and his backpack on foot. The young pup reached home at 7:30 p.m. Panting heavily with his tongue out he really wanted to give his dad a piece of his mind. As he approached the door his ears perked up to weird sounds coming from the inside. Pressing his ear against the wooden white door he could hear odd squishing sounds like someone walking through a puddle. Then he heard his father’s gruff voice grunting and saying “Fuck”. Was something wrong? Was his dad in danger? Benny had to find out. Unsure of what to face if there was an intruder he planned to tackle them on sight, and if his dad was injured he had to run fast to get help. His heart was racing, ready to burst out of his chest as he knocked on the door loudly. It was when he heard his dad’s reply that all the tension within him was sapped away. “H-hold on,” his dad’s voice said. The door flew open and Benny was left speechless at what he saw. His eyes were staring straight at the largest pair of pecs he had ever seen. They were large enough to be mistaken for watermelons. Benny had to take a step back to see the massive creature taking up the entire door frame. The creature’s feet were massive with thighs so wide and thick that it could crush an entire bike. Hard 8 pack abs lined its stomach area. It wore a yellow jockstrap that did nothing to hide the thick semi hard dick the size of Benny’s forearm and two massive globes that hung beneath the member. And still that wasn’t all of it, the rest of the creature’s arms and head was hidden away by the small door frame. He didn’t want to believe it but the creature had to be his father. “D-ad?” Benny called out softly. “Son?” The creature ducked under the doorframe and true enough it was his dad. The older dog’s fur on his head was messier than usual. Benny just stared in awe at his now 7 foot tall father. Questions ran through his head but before he could speak, two thick hands grabbed him from under the armpits and pulled him into the tightest bear hug he ever had. His snout was buried deep in the cleavage of his father’s pectorals. “Son! So good to see you. Look how big you are now,” Big B said. The older dog was swinging his son’s body left and right excitedly without realizing that his son was beating on his chest with all his might, trying to get his attention. It was when benny’s foot accidentally rubbed against his dad’s dick that Big B looked down between his pecs and realized his son wanted to be put down. Benny gasped and coughed. The scent of his dad’s musky and sweaty fur was stuck on his nose. “D-d-dad. What the fuck?” Big B chuckled. “You like it son?” the older dog raised his right arm and flexed, the thick arm bulged up to the size of a bowling ball. “Daddy’s been working out!” he said before bringing his arm close to his snout and licked it. Benny was unsure of what to say, but he had to get his suddenly sexy dad inside. “Dad No! The neighbors will see,” the younger dog pushed his dad on the stomach but the larger dog did not budge. “Pssh, it ain’t something they haven’t seen. Heck Bob next door saw me naked yesterday. I’m sure he enjoyed it,” Big B replied. “DAD!” The humongous dog then started backed away inside just to satisfy his embarrassed son. Benny thought things would be better inside but he was wrong. The entire living room was empty of all other furniture except for the old couch which looked like it was on its last legs-literally. Bottles of protein powder and unknown supplements littered the corner to the left of the door. A lifting bench with barbells and several dumbbells took up most of the living room space. Gone were the family photos and the flat screen TV. Benny noted what looked like wet stains on the ceiling, there were more all over the floor. His nose twitched and he nearly recoiled upon realizing what the stains were-his dad’s cumshots. “What did you do to this place dad?” Benny asked, concerned. “Just moved some things here and there, the TV is in your room now and the pictures are well anywhere that isn’t my gym,” Big B said. The hulking dog walked over to the sofa and dropped his heavy frame on it. The poor sofa creaked and bended itself to support the dog’s weight. “I just can’t believe this. I go away for 2 semesters and-and you trash the house, and you turn into a muscle monster.” Benny started pacing while trying to avoid looking at his dad’s almost naked body. Big B scratched his bulge and replied, “Son relax. So your old man went to the gym and grew a bit. I thought you’d be proud of my gains. “ The two just looked at each other for a minute. Benny was still half dazed by what was going on and his dad didn’t seem to care. Even now when he was trying to have a serious conversation with his old man the Big B was bouncing his pecs with a cocky grin. “Dad…” Benny extended the word. “I need some rest. We’ll talk about all of this tomorrow.” Benny made his way upstairs. “Sure son,” Big B said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. Once inside his room, Benny dropped his backpack on the floor. His room was basically unchanged. His bed still faced perpendicular to the entrance with the TV now in front of the foot of his bed. To its right was his closet. The pup locked his room door and collapsed on his bed. He stared at the white ceiling wall and started thinking about his dad. The way he lifted him with such ease, the way his muscles smelt when he was pressed up against him. Covering his eyes with his right arm Benny unzipped his jeans to release his throbbing boner. Another trait he inherited from his father was a thick fat dick with huge swollen balls the size of golf balls. It paled in comparison to his father’s enlarged furhood now. All the questions were just a façade to hide his true feelings. He loved how his dad had grown so huge. He never told anyone before, but he was gay and his dad was now the fur of his dreams. Stroking his leaking cock, Benny imagined growing into his dad’s size as well. He imagined ripping through his clothes in public as his pecs balloon out and eventually blocking his view from the rest of the world. Benny moaned loudly. How he wanted his arms to expand and grow in strength so that he could lift an entire car with ease. Pre-cum continued to ooze from his dick, lubing the entire shaft. Then he would outgrow his dad and be able to pin him to the ground. He would then shove his giant dick between his dad’s hefty pecs and pec fuck him till he came. The last thought sent Benny over the edge causing him to blow his load all over his shirt and snout. “Fucking dad…” Benny whispered to himself. Stripping his shirt off, Benny sneaked out of his room not wanting to be seen. The bathroom was right beneath his room but he would have to go through the living room to get to it. Benny tip toed slowly, his tail was erect just to avoid making a sound with it dragging on the floor. As he was walking pass the hallway to the stairs he saw his dad’s wide black furred back facing him. His dad turned to the side to face the sofa and Benny saw him hold a vial full of glowing neon blue liquid. Benny crouched down to get a better look. He wondered what was that his dad had. Then the older dog downed the entire concoction without letting a single drop spill. Big B started staggering backwards with his arms locked into a boxer’s pose. He started growling and his entire body shook. Benny could not believe what he was seeing his dad’s entire body began to swell. His already huge pecs extended out further. Benny gasped as he saw his dad’s shoulders stretch further to the sides, he was wide enough to take up three quarters of the sofa. His arms ballooned up to the size of Benny’s head. Deep veins began to snake around Big B’s arms and legs. The change in height then soon followed slowly but it was very noticeable that the older dog was growing several inches taller with each passing second. “Argh…Must Grow! Bigger!” Big B said followed by a deep growl. The growing dog’s bulge began to grow as his enlarging dick grew harder. Big B’s jockstrap was beginning to rip at the seams struggling to contain the thick pole growing to the size of a traffic cone. With a guttural roar his dad’s cock fired its load, splattering the sofa with white spunk and the torn remains of what used to be his jockstrap. He cummed for what felt like minutes, completely covering the sofa with a new coat of paint. Finally when his orgasm completed the muscle bound dog just stood there panting heavily. Benny was feeling a mix of emotions at what he saw, awe, fear, lust, and disgust all at the same time. The young pup walked slowly downstairs never taking his eyes off his gargantuan father. As he approached he saw another change, that his dad was losing back his gained height. “D-ad? Are you ok?” Benny asked. “Son?” Big B was surprised by his son’s presence. He looked at his shirtless child and walked closer to the frightened pup. Towering above the smaller dog, his cock sprang to life, slapping against his hard abs with a wet thud. “You saw something you shouldn’t have boy,” he said menacingly. Benny gulped and thought to himself, what did he get himself into this time?
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