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  1. A strange man in a grey hat and coat walks into people's lives. With a quip and a smirk and little white card, the darkest desires of your heart can be yours. But be careful what you ask, some dreams might be best left untrue. (If you are new to Jack and his perverse wish fulfillment, buckle up for a wild ride. For those of you familiar with the original series, I've turned it into a novel with even more intrigue, sex and growth.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: Guys Are Going to Notice. A skinny kid gets a chance to make his ultimate dream come true but learns a lesson about saying too much. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CJ slammed the door to his dorm room. “Pathetic… that’s what that was…. Just pathetic...” He didn’t understand, he was a nice guy, he had career ambitions, but all the girls wanted from him was friendship. He was particularly desolated today. He’d just asked Carly if she wanted to go to the movies with him tonight. They’d been hanging out so much recently, she’d be so nice, he just knew he was doing everything right. He also knew that she had nothing to do when she told him she’d be busy. She’d told him a few days ago that she never did anything during the school week and here she was suddenly busy every day. “What is it about me that they hate?” He said looking into a mirror. In truth he knew. His t-shirt sagged over his bony shoulders. His stick thin arms, rather than filling the sleeves, rattled around inside of them like a puzzle piece that didn’t fit. His torso had no shape what so ever. It was just a wiry frame that clothes were draped over rather than fitted to, as if they were hanging out to dry. People liked him. He had a great sense of humor. It’s just that they always wanted to be his friend and never anything more. Every time a girl rejected him it just sent his confidence tumbling to the ground in shattered pieces. He felt sure it would work this time. He’d been working on Carly for a month. She had begun texting him to hang out after class when she was bored. Surely if anyone would say yes it’d be her. His phone began to buzz from his best friend Tom. He’d told him about the rejection. Tom was always there to swoop in and pick up the shattered pieces. “Hey man, why don’t we go out tonight, get your mind off Carly.” He texted. CJ sighed, he probably should, he thought. But for now he needed to lie down. Later that night he and Tom were at a local dive bar. It was the only one that would take CJ’s fake ID. He was almost 21 but he had the face of a 17 year old. “Don’t worry about her man.” Tom said. “There’s plenty of chicks out there. You just gotta find the right one!” CJ looked into the mirror behind the bar. “Yeah, I just have to find one who’s into adopting lost puppies.” He said, thinking he looked like a stray that had been out on the streets for too long. “Don’t worry man, you’ve got this. I know this girl who just turned single. She may need a shoulder to cry on!” “Every time girls lean on my shoulder they complain that’s too bony and poking them in the head.” CJ said getting tipsy. “Well let her cry on your back. You’ve got to keep trying man.” Tom said, realizing it was time for his friend to get back to his dorm. The two paid up and made their way out to the street then suddenly the worst thing that could have happened occurred. Carly walked past arm and arm with Mike, a lacrosse player from their dorm. CJ looked at his bulging biceps that stretched his t-shirt realizing he’d never have that kind of frame. “Awww fuck...” Was all he said. It was bad enough getting rejected but then getting showed all the ways he didn’t measure up in so clear a way was devastating. Suddenly the alcohol hit and he ran to a bush to throw up. He got back to the dorm alone around eleven that night a complete mess. He kicked his work table, causing the ceramic mascot to fall to the floor and break in half. “Jesus CJ, you should be more careful. That little guy had sentimental value after all,” came a voice from behind. CJ whipped around, and then quickly stabilized himself as he was still very tipsy. He was staring at a large, olive skinned man, wearing a grey stetson, leather gloves, and a dark overcoat, open at the front, revealing a matching three piece suit. The man was staring at him with piercing green eyes. “What’re you? The Mafia?” “Well I suppose that would be one way to end your misery but no, your life isn’t quite that interesting.” The figure said in reply. “Well then who’re you and how’d you get in here?” CJ asked. “The name’s Jack. But I believe the question you should be asking is what I can do for you.” He walked up to the lopsided student. “All your life people have looked down on you for your size. People tease you, call you a refugee, even your family pokes fun at how many of your ribs they can see. You must be tired of that, but fortunately for you, I can help.” “Look I don’t know what yer sellin but...” CJ was suddenly interrupted as Jack leaned forward and put gloved finger to his mouth. “Clarence John Stevens, you should listen more than you speak. Why do you think Carly chose that man over you?” Jack asked. “Well because he’s got muscles and I’m… wait how do you know my name or any of this?” “I know everything about you Clarence. I also know how to help. It’s your lucky night. I can give you anything you ask for.” He reached into his suit and pulled out a card that simply had the name Jack the Giver, written on it in fine flowing script. “Just take the card and make a wish.” CJ took the card and stared at it. “Uhhhh…. What?” “Just make a wish, unless you’d rather spend the rest of your life like this.” Jack replied pointing to CJ’s emaciated frame. “Fine then I wish I had muscles… like crazy muscles… like a sex machine." His mind flashed to Mike and how easy it was for him to get girls. "So big that all the guys are gonna look at me and take notice! Guys like Mike!” CJ said as his mind wandered drunkenly. As soon as he finished the card burst into flame and disappeared without a trace burning his fingertips. “What the hell man!” He shouted to Jack but when he looked up the room was empty. The only evidence that anything had just happened was the tingling pain in his fingers. “Jesus I need to stop with the tequila...” He said, pulling his shirt off and collapsing on his bed and passing out. The next morning CJ woke up with a splitting headache. His body felt funny and he told himself that he should probably take the morning to recoup from last night. Sitting up in bed he stared at the mirror hanging on his wall and gasped. Instead of ribs he was looking at a pair of pecs. His arms were thick and shapely. He looked like a swimmer. “Oh shit… I’m having a stroke…” He said, thinking he was hallucinating. He looked down and felt his torso, the abs he was seeing were real. He could feel them individually. He cupped his right pec in his hand, feeling it’s size and weight. “Jesus I look like a model. That crackpot wasn’t joking.” He stood up and pulled his jeans off, his lower body was toned too and the bulge in his briefs was impressive too. He got ready and put his clothes on for the day. For the first time in his life they fit him beautifully. Things were going to be different now. He couldn’t wait to show his friends, what would they say? He couldn’t wait to see. He didn’t have long to wait before he ran into Tom who was waiting for him on his way to class. “Hey man.” He said to Tom, who was startled at this stranger who came up to him. “Uh… hey...” Tom replied, feeling like he looked familiar but couldn’t remember where he’d seen him before. “You don’t recognize me? It’s CJ.” Tom squinted, he did look a lot like CJ, particularly the face but… it couldn’t be. His voice was deeper and… that body. “Ha ha, nice try man. Is he hiding in the bushes somewhere? I’m impressed, the two of you could be twins almost.” “No seriously… it’s me… I uhhh… something happened last night after you dropped me off at the dorm.” “What…?” The two went back and forth for a few minutes until Tom felt like testing it. “Ok if it’s really you tell me one thing that I’ve only told to you that you’d never tell to anyone else on this campus.” “You mean that you’re secretly into guys?” CJ whispered. “You know I’d never tell anyone that without your permission.” “Shit man!” Tom stared blankly at his now hot friend. “Is this some new protein supplement or something?” “It’s much much weirder.” CJ said and he told him what happened. Then he pulled up his shirt and flashed his abs. “Well… I guess some people get all the luck.” Tom said, feeling up his friend’s six pack to see that it was real. CJ flexed it for him which made Tom’s cock twitch. He quickly pulled away. “So… are you going to try it again with Carly now?” “Fuck her man.” CJ said. “There are plenty of chicks on this campus that didn’t break my fucking heart.” They walked together to the meal hall CJ noticed people checking him out. Curious girls and jealous guys, and dudes looking to measure up were all eyeing him. Not to mention Tom. He could see his friend checking him out whenever he thought he wasn’t looking. He didn’t know what to make of that. More pressing on his mind however, was a table of hot girls. One was particularly hot and she’d been seriously checking him out since he sat down. “Excuse me Tom.” He said walking over to her. “Hey, my name’s CJ, I was wondering if you were busy tonight.” “Uh yeah, we’ve having a girls night...” one of her friends started to talk and the girl gave her a stone glare to shut her up. “My name’s Briana, you have something in mind?” She said. “Dinner at 6?” And they exchanged numbers. CJ’s mind was blown how easy it was with the right body. He couldn’t think of anything else but his date until they arrived arrived at the Italian restaurant at the same time. They walked in together and started to chat away. He’d never had anyone look at him the way she was staring and realized he was actually going to get laid tonight for the first time. The idea made him horny and a strange thing happened. His balls seemed to vibrate and gurgle as if they were hungry for action. They began to swell. He could feel them getting tighter in his briefs. “Yeah so I’ve been into sports all my life. I’m just too busy to sign up for anything varsity...” He lied. Suddenly he felt his pecs bounce in his shirt. “Whoah sorry I guess I just...” It happened again this time his biceps flexed with his pecs. “What the...” Suddenly his entire torso was flexing in unison. But each time his shirt felt a little tighter. He was beginning to grow again. “What’s happening… to you?” Briana said. “I uhh… don’t...” Suddenly his polo shirt began to rip at the V. “Sorry, I have to” RIIIIP another convulsive burst of growth ripped his shirt right in half in the middle of the restaurant. “I’ve got to run.” He said, jumping up, nearly knocking over the table. He reached in his wallet and threw some cash down and ran out. He tugged at the shirt that was pinned on his arms but another flex caused his sleeves to pop off, leaving him shirtless. Every massive rounded muscle was on display. His unfulfilled balls continued to vibrate and swell until they grew to the size of large lemons and caused his 8’’ soft cock to soak cum into his jeans. He ran into his dorm in a blind panic and struggled to pull off his tight jeans before they ripped apart. “Uhhh hello?” CJ looked up to see Tom sitting at his desk staring at him. “What are you doing here?” CJ asked in a panic. “Studying? You said I could study here while you were out.” Tom looked at him. “What were you doing without your shir… woah you’ve been growing again.” He looked at his friend’s completely jacked bod as he struggled with his jeans. He looked bigger than an NFL quarterback. His giant package bounced around in his briefs as he struggled to get them off before they burst. Tom blushed. “Maybe I should leave if you’ve got company coming.” “No! Please stay! I don’t know what’s happening!” He said as he finally got his pants off and collapsed on the bed. “I was eating with Briana and my body started swelling again… in the restaurant… god I was so close to getting laid!” He said banging the wall in frustration. “I’m so fucking horny and I have to hide back here!” Tom watched CJ stretch himself out on the bed, his large semi-hard cock poked out of the top of his briefs and one of the lemon sized nuts bulged from one of the leg holes. CJ had gone from someone he wouldn’t have looked twice at to a complete fantasy just laying there. “I mean there are worse problems...” “God these briefs are killing me.” CJ groaned. “Then why don’t I leave and you can take them off.” Tom said trying to do his best to be supportive but he felt like if he staid in the room much longer he wasn’t going to be able to control himself. “No, please, don’t leave me. I… don’t want to be more alone than I was before this started.” CJ said. He pulled his briefs off and looked at his huge package. “Fuck man this is crazy...” “Uh… yeah… crazy” Tom couldn’t control his throbbing hard on as his friend checked himself out completely naked. CJ was so horny from his unfulfilled date that he couldn’t help but touch his 10’’ member. Some cum started to flow when suddenly he was interrupted. “Awww fuck man, you can’t just do that in front of me.” Tom said going down on his massive cock, flipping his ball cap on backwards to suck it properly. CJ was shocked by the suddenness of it and he grabbed his friend to push him off but it felt so good having his cock sucked. No one had ever given him a blow job before and Tom was clearly an expert. “Woah… you’re really good at this...” “I go to this basement club in the city. I’ve got lots of practice.” Tom said taking his mouth off the swollen cock for just long enough to talk before diving back down on it. That only made CJ’s balls more excited and they began to swell again, flooding his brain with sex hormones. His entire body felt incredible as his muscles grew tighter and tighter, and the pounds slowly piled on again. This time less violently. Tom pulled his shirt off. He’d been working out since highschool, his body was pretty fit. CJ watched his toned friend work on his cock, the hormones and endorphins were imprinting this as hot into his malleable brain that had never done anything sexual with anyone before. He let out some groans… Tom was encouraged and pulled the rest of his clothes off. Fucking his towering friend was going to be the hottest night of his life. He didn’t realize that CJ had grown five pounds since they started. Tom clambered up on top of the massive bod in front of him and wedged the cock between his ass cheeks and started to jerk it with his ass. Fit as Tom was their differences in size were pretty stark. The toned twink was climbing all over a mountain of a man. “Woah… what are we doing?” CJ groaned. “I’m not gay.” “Nobody said you were, stud. We can stop if you want.” He said, slowing down. He’d dealt with virgins before. It was always good to take things slowly. “No… it’s just not how I imagined my first time.” “I think you’re just too much man for just one gender. The girls are gonna love riding that massive pole.” Tom said to egg him on. “Oh yeah?” “Yeah that’s right.” Tom said as he placed his hole on the tip of CJ’s cock. “Just like this.” He said as he sank down on that massive member. As his cheeks got spread apart his eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure. “Fuck yeah!” They both grunted. Tom looked amazing going up and down on that huge member wearing nothing but a choker necklace and a backwards cap. That vision along with the feeling of Tom's ass wrapping itself around his massive meat wear seared into CJ’s brain as the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Tom reached for his phone and started snapping pics of him riding that huge monster, getting as much of CJ in the frame as possible. It wasn’t long until he came inside Tom. There was so much cum Tom could feel it pumping him up as he reached down and felt his abs curving around his filling belly. Without warning he came too and pulled out, gushing cum flowed out of his ass as he did. They looked at each other and blushed. “That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever had.” Tom said, looking down, “I was going to go eat but I think I’m full now.” He said holding his ab lined food/cum baby. The two of them cuddled for the rest of the night and Tom helped him clean up in the morning. “I think we should shower off now.” Tom whispered to his 250 lb friend but the showers were out in the hall. Tom grabbed two towels and they wrapped them around their waists and went out to shower. Tom didn’t give a fuck about what anybody thought about his sexuality anymore, he’d just had his mind blown by a massive virgin. They went out into the hall wearing towels so they could shower off in the communal bathrooms. CJ picked the largest shower stall for himself and began to lather up but soon Tom poked his head in. “Mind if I join?” He asked without really waiting for an answer. He just went down on that massive cock as the water poured all over them. Fortunately for them it was 10 am by this point and most people had already showered. CJ gripped the sides of the stall as his body started to add on a few more pounds of raw muscle. Tom looked so small in comparison. However the bathroom wasn’t completely empty and it wasn’t difficult to see what they were doing. Suddenly the shower curtain ripped open and to their shock it was Mike, the lacrosse player that they had seen two nights earlier wearing nothing but a towel. “What’s going on in here?” “Uhh… nothing man… we just...” CJ was at a loss for words at being caught like this. “A bit risky isn’t it? I know the RA really well and she reports shit like this.” He said sternly. Then he whipped off his towel. “I also know she wont be out of class until three.” He said with a grin. Pushing the two of them back into the stall and closing the curtain. Tom gasped “I didn’t know you were into guys, Mike.” He grinned, “I didn’t know I was either… but this seemed super hot, who’s your friend?” He said stroking CJ’s enormous dick. “Uh… Mike… this is… Chris...” Tom said realizing that they didn’t really have any other explanation than to re-introduce him as someone new. “He just enrolled.” “Fuck yeah...” Mike said before licking CJ’s enormous pecs. “Damn that’s fuckin hot.” Tom got doubly aroused by what was happening and began to play with Mike’s nips while putting his cock head against Mike’s ass hole. Mike began to thrust against Tom’s cock as he went down on CJ who dwarfed even this ripped athlete. Three weeks later there was a new attraction at the Tom’s favorite club. CJ or “Chris” as he now went by was the new stripper / rent boy. People paid all kinds of money to fuck him in the back room. All kinds of guys got turned on by Chris which is why you should be careful what you wish for. One drunken line about your male rivals could alter how it comes true. "...all the guys are gonna look at me and take notice!” And they did.
  2. MuscleTheftEnthusiast

    Potion Commotion

    L I get up for the day, I went on yet another date last night, with a girl I thought had an absolutely banging bod. But… once she saw me in real life, she was not interested. She got up to go to the bathroom like… 30 minutes into the date and I didn’t see her again. So embarrassing! I’m hot too… it’s just my height. Whatever. I turn over in my bed, grabbing my phone. I can tell Chase is up, he’s out in the living room making coffee. Ugh, he’s probably going to ask about the date… he’s always a little too invested in my dating life. I get out of bed, and look at myself in my mirror, a thin, short body, just 5'6. Not much fat…. But not much muscle either. I have abs, but a skinny type of abs, nothing any girl would write home about. I go to my drawer and pull out a shirt and some shorts, wanting to cover up before I go into the kitchen to say hi to Chase. I mean, he’s a sweet guy, but he’s a little too interested in me, as many times as I have told him I’m straight too. I’m sure he’ll be wearing next to nothing out there too… Trying to get me to match. Classic. As I step out of my room, I walk down the hall, and see Chase with his wide back turned to me, dorito shaped, down to a tiny waist clad in equally tiny briefs. I swear, as he’s gotten bigger and bigger he’s bought smaller and smaller underwear. When we first moved in together a few years back, I remember he was just a lanky 6’6 gay guy, who was looking for someone to help him split the mortgage costs of the house. He took to me right away on meeting me, and I have to say I like him too, aside from his incorrectly placed attraction to me. As soon as I moved in and helped him relieve the financial burden of the house payments, he started spending his extra cash and free time at the gym, absolutely blowing up in size, now with the body of a model-turned-bodybuilder, and hung like a porn star. Not that I’m ever looking, but the way he describes himself. When he talks about his grindr dates, or even when I happen to run into his conquests when they stay over, they can’t stop blabbing about his body. “Good morning sleepyhead!” Chase says, turning around from the coffee machine, grabbing two mugs down from the high cabinets, the ones I need to use a step stool to reach. An unfortunate embarrassment when I end up in the kitchen. He pours a cup of coffee for each of us, and sets one up at the countertop stools, and keeps his in his hand, leaning back against the counter. “How was the date last night? Do I need to make a third cup for a little lady who might have followed my hot little Alex home?” Chase winks, ready to grab another mug. “Sadly, she wasn’t interested.” I say, trailing off, frustrated at the feelings of belittlement from the date. “I tried to tell her about my height, I’m up front about it in the apps, but the ladies, as soon as they show up, especially in heels, just want to bail. Nobody wants to date someone shorter and smaller than them!” Chase holds a finger up to my lips. “Not true, cutie! Maybe no ladies, but I know 100 gay men who would jump at the chance to get in those little pants! My standing offer is always here next time a date goes bad!” “Thanks for the offer, but for the 1000th time, not interested Chase! Plus, you’ve been keeping busy with the boys lately! You don’t need me!” I laugh, grabbing his finger and pushing it to the side. I then move to change the subject. “You got a busy day today?” “Not much really, going shopping, texting back a few of the dudes blowing up my phone, getting some clothes from the tailor. It’s movie night tonight, yeah? Got something picked out?” Chase and I have had a weekly standing movie night for the household. We watch a silly action movie, mostly for each of us to ogle the full spectrum of stars, but also to just hang out. Outside of his constant flirting, I really do like Chase. “Yeah! I got something with the rock tonight, I’m sure you’ll be into it!” I laugh, as you jokingly drop your mouth cartoonishly, making a train whistle noise. “I’ve got a bit of work to do this afternoon though, so I’ll just see you tonight. You wanna be in charge of cocktails this time?” “Sure! I’ll pick out something while I’m out! And if I find anything that would look good on you while clothes shopping, I’ll pick that up too!” He finishes his coffee, rinses it off, and puts it in the sink, as he walks off, getting ready for the day. I finish shortly after him, and move to my room, opening my laptop and getting to work. I hear Chase finish up showering, quicker than usual, and he peeks into my room, clad in an incredibly tight tank top and shorts, like a gym goer who suddenly hit a growth spurt. “See you later, Alex!” Chase says, seeing I’m in the thick of my work, and leaves me be, heading out the door. Chase hits up his errands throughout the day, picking out some clothes for me while shopping, sending me pictures of the potential outfits from the changing room, next to some bigger outfits obviously for him. Surprise surprise, Chase is barely clothed and just in frame of these pictures, purposely so. I text him back, saying the clothes look good, but to chill out a bit. He just texts back a winky face. I roll my eyes and flip my phone back around. ** Chase’s perspective ** I sigh at Alex’s lack of response, and heads to his tailor. Next to the storefront is a new shop, “Mystic Solutions”. I have the day free, why not explore. *It's probably just some incense shop or the like,* I think as I head inside. Once in there, it seems to match my thoughts, a new age wiccan shop or similar with things for smells, cleansing, and so on. Rolling my eyes and chuckling, I come across the potion isle. Looking at them, I'm startled by the clerk coming up behind me and asking if I need help. "Well, do you have any love potions?" I ask with a laugh, making her giggle a bit. "Not exactly sir, but we do have something similar. Let me guess, a boy you like isn't into that? It's pretty common in this town," she says, leaving me to blush that I was that readable. Nodding in response, she moves to a dark bottle and picks it up. "Now, this is just a guess, but I'm thinking you want him nice and eager for you? Open to being your man? This should do the trick, it just...relaxes their inhibitions, lets them realize how good things feel. He'll be putty in your hands, just make sure to follow the directions. Too much can have side effects!" She warns as she hands it to me. I had stopped listening after she said it would open your mind to me, already deciding that even a 1% chance was worth the money. Nodding along, I pay her and head out, eager to get home and make us some drinks. *Oh god, if this works...* I think, wincing a bit as my cock pushes against my tight pants, my excitement obvious to anyone who looks. ** Alex’s perspective ** I hear Chase finally come into the front door, around 5 PM, long day out! I decide to close my laptop and head out of my room, finding him already in the kitchen, whipping up some drinks in a frenzy. “Doing ok there dude? Need any help?” I ask, watching him rush around, and he snaps his neck up, waving me off. “No way! Hah, just a complicated drink recipe, go ahead and start that movie up! I’ll order some pizza or something! It’s my cheat day.” Chase says, as he looks at the label of some vial, clearly just scanning it, and dumps the full thing into one of the cups. I shrug and walk over to the couch, turning on the movie, just hitting play, he’ll be over in a second. Not like you miss much with these dumb movies. He finally heads over, little martini glasses in hand, passing me the one in his left hand. “Cheers!” We say in unison, clinking our glasses and taking a sip. Fuck! This is delicious! I immediately take a few more sips. Chase always makes the fruitier drinks I would never have ordered for myself, but are always incredible. “Dude this rocks!” I say, after a few minutes, the movie getting to a scene where the Rock, for some reason, is fully shirtless and running through the woods. “You like it?” Chase asks, a weird cryptic tone in his voice. “Yeah it’s fucking great! I might ask you for another here in a few!” I say, guzzling down the last few sips after I say so, setting my drink down. Damn, this is strong though, I’m feeling almost… woozy. I look at you in the face, your chiseled jaw and sharp blue eyes studying me intensely. A feeling I’m used to having from you, but…. Right now it feels nice. I look down, and see your big arms, bunching up into a sizeable muscle as you take a sip. “You’ve really gotten big lately, huh?” I ask, noting how tight your tank top looks, outlining your pecs and each individual ab muscle, a perfect six pack. “Yeah.. uh… I have started a new routine recently!” Chase says, surprised at my interest, quickly darting his eyes to my completed drink then back to me. “You…. You… you wanna feel?” He says, flexing his sizeable bicep as he leans back onto the couch. “I actually would love to!” I say, uncharacteristically enthusiastically, as I scooch closer to you on the couch, smelling your manly scent from your huge body, loving it. I reach up and feel your bicep, not even able to get both of my small hands to circle the muscle. “Holy shit dude, these are gargantuan. You have been looking incredible lately!” “Uhh yeah!” Chase says, excitement entering his voice. “I’m bigger pretty much everywhere. That’s why I’ve had to get my clothes tailored recently. My pecs are really growing too.” Chase bounces his pecs under his tank top, moving the fabric. He grabs one of my hands and guides me to cap his pec, feeling the muscle rolling under my touch. “Can… can I take off your shirt?” I ask, almost pressed fully against you. “Sure you can, but maybe we take this to my room?” Part two coming soon!
  3. Oui, bonjour. Hehe. Oui c'est bien moi, Frank Lefort. Ne t'inquiète pas, oui je ne pensais pas être dérangé sur cette plage déserte mais non, tu ne me déranges pas. Et tu t'appeles? Enchanté Erwan. Mais d'où tu connais mon nom? Ah, voilà, tu es fan de bodybuilding. Donc tu sais forcément qui je suis ! HAHAHA ! Mais reste, puisque je te dis que tu ne me déranges pas. Tu viens me voir tout respectueux, poli, aimable, en plus tu es beau comme un petit coeur, non c'est vrai tu as une gueule d'ange et t'as les yeux d'un bleu incroyable. Ah j'aurais aimé être un beau gosse comme toi ! Qu'est-ce que j'en ai bavé ado à tomber amoureux de types beaux comme des dieux, d'ailleurs tu me rappelles un gars au lycée qui m'a fait pleurer toutes les larmes de mon corps. Avec ma sale gueule c'était pas gagné... Comment ça tu me trouves beau ? T'es gentil mais tu dis peut-être ça parce que j'ai une énorme mâchoire et un cou de dinosaure, mais franchement... Donc tu es fan de bodybuilding, c'est ça? Héhé oui, c'est exact, je suis officiellement le bodybuilder le plus musclé au monde, depuis trois ans déjà... et avec mes 430kgs pour 2m07, tout sec, j'ai une sacrée avance !... Comme tu dis, jamais un seul homme sur cette planète n'a développé une telle masse musculaire, et j'en suis pas peu fier de ma masse musculaire. Tu ne savais pas que j'étais gay ? Je ne m'en cache pas vraiment mais on ne me pose pas trop la question. Et toi ? Tu me dis que non, mais... tu ferais peut-être une exception pour moi, non, mon mignon ? J'ai bien vu comment tu m'as approché... à quel point tu dévores mon corps des yeux... Regarde, mon copain, je vais bander mes muscles pour toi... Oui, tu les aimes, hein, mes gros muscles ? Tu vois comme ils sont énormes et lourds, striés de partout ? Frank Lefort, l'ultime bodybuilder, l'homme aux biceps de 90cm, qui t'offre le spectacle de ses sublimes muscles pour ton plaisir, pour ta jouissance ? Tiens, je vais contracter l'un de mes monstrueux biceps pour faire exploser sa puissance juste devant ta petite gueule d'amour... Alors, hein ? Hahaha, dès que ma musculature a commencé à devenir spectaculaire, il y en a pas beaucoup de petits Apollons prétentieux qui ont résisté à l'appel de mes gros muscles ! Et tu ne feras pas exception, Erwan, mon petit amour, je vois bien que tu bandes déjà autant que tu peux, touche mes muscles ! Caresse mes gros muscles ! Oui, c'est la chance de ta vie, lèche ce gros biceps ! Il est plus lourd que toi, plus gros que toi... va je me baisse, chevauche mon avant bras. Oui, voilà. Et hoplà ! Ca fait haut, hein ? Allez prends-moi ce biceps à bras le corps, baisse-moi ce short, voilà, fous ta queue dans mon avant-bras et regarde, je détends mon bras, devant toi s'ouvre une faille entre les deux biceps... Quoi ? Mais oui je sais que tu m'aimes, beau gosse, tu es fasciné par l'hypertrophie musculaire des bodybuilders, c'est ta passion secrète, et tu te retrouves seul à seul avec la quintessence, la débauche la plus absolue de muscle qu'un surhomme peut avoir de plus grotesque, il est si facile pour moi de faire exploser ton petit cerveau en t'offrant le moindre contact physique avec ma titanesque musculature d'une sensualité infinie. Maintenant mets ta tête dans mon biceps, je vais faire rouler les muscles de mon bras pour te donner le plaisir sexuel ultime, en masturbant ta queue avec les muscles de mon avant bras tout en malaxant ton torse avec mes biceps. Oh mais si tu peux encore jouir, haha. C'est parti. --- Je repris connaissance, allongé sur la plage, dans l'ombre de Frank Lefort allongé près de moi. Il était appuyé sur son avant-bras,avant-bras sur lequel reposait majestueusement les deux masses de son énorme biceps, qui malgré leur fermeté et leur densité visibles à l'oeil nu dégoulinaient de part et d'autre jusqu'au sable.D'autant que le biceps était écrasé dans sa partie supérieure par l'opulence délirante de son pectoral droit, une hémisphère d'une bonne centaine de kilos de muscles au bas mot, qui, bien qu'au repos et se déversant sur le côté sous son propre poids, semblait faire une épaisseur de bien 30, peut-être 40 centimètres. Bien évidemment, la globuleuse structure supportait à son tour le poids de son jumeau, le pectoral gauche, en tout point aussi ahurissant. Au loin, vers le ciel, la carrure surnaturelle du titan à mes côtés se terminait en feu d'artifice avec ses somptueux deltoïdes. Perdu au milieu de tout cette masse, vers le sommet du torse mais engoncé dans tant de muscle, entre ce cou de taureau et ces trapèzes montant au delà des oreilles, le visage du Dieu du Muscle me regardait en souriant. Pas le visage le plus gracieux il est vrai, mais cette étincelle dans le regard, cette lueur d'assurance que seul l'homme le plus infiniment surpuissant de l'histoire de l'humanité, seul l'homme aux muscles les plus ultra hypertrophiés et plus absurdement gigantesques que tout ce dont l'humanité, la biologie ni la génétique n'ont jamais osé réver, cette lueur unique au monde en faisait l'homme le plus beau du monde pour moi. La voix la plus virile au monde me dit " Alors mon bébé, tu as bien dormi ? Je suppose que c'est la première fois que tu t'évanouis de par l'intensité de ta jouissance sexuelle. Aucun plaisir ne peut être plus ultime que celui que peut procurer mes centaines de kilos de muscles. Je contrôle chaque fibre à la perfection. Quelque soit l'emplacement où tu glisseras ton pénis, et il n'y a que l'embarras du choix sur l'étendue de mon corps, je te ferai connaître un orgasme chaque fois différent, et chaque fois plus intense." Il s'assied. "Je suis ici en vacances pour une dizaine de jours. Débrouille-toi, mais je veux que tu reste avec moi" Je me redresse aussi, et il brandit son biceps devant mon visage à nouveau, prenant bien garde à garder une distance suffisante pour que l'expansion spectaculaire du monstre ne me projette pas en arrière lors de sa bandaison. Au milieu des ballons d'acier qui prennent forme de toutes part en se couvrant de striations, et des grosses veines qui semblent se mutiplier en se gonflant, je vois un peu de liquide blanc séché." Regarde petit ange comme tu ass bien joui dans mes biceps. Je n'ai pas tout lêché pour garder l'odeur sur moi. J'adore comme le parfum de ton sperme est sublimée par ma sueur. J'aime bien sentir l'odeur de ton sperme." Effectivement le soleil s'est bien levé entre temps, et je m'aperçois que le corps de mon copain, oui mon copain, est couvert d'une fine couche de sueur qui fait briller et reluire ses muscles, comme de l'huile, et l'impossible devient possible : il en est encore plus impressionnant et... wow. "Héhé, tu as vu, ma sueur a une consistance spéciale c'est comme si je m'étais huilé. C'est à cause de tous ces stéroides et ces hormones expérimentales que je m'envoie, gamin, je m'en injecte des litres et des litres !" Je me lève, et lui toujours assis s'accorde un petit double biceps. enfin, petit... évidemment ses énormes biceps prennent la taille de planètes et il les contemple avec délice et passion, "DES LITRES ET DES LITRES ! TOUJOURS PLUS DE STEROIDES, TOUJOURS PLUS DE MUSCLE ! J'AIME LES STEROIDES, J'AIME MES MUSCLES !" Il approche tour à tour ses bras de sa bouche pour appliquer des baisers lourds et sonores sur l'excroissance la plus élevée de chacun de ses biceps. "OUI J'ADORE *smooch* LES STEROIDES *smooch* J'ADORE *smooch* MES GROS MUSCLES *smooch* VIVE LES STEROIDES *smooch* ET VIVE MES ENORMES MUSCLES SURPUISSANTS *smooch* GONFLES A BLOC *smooch* ET MON MEC LE SUPERBE ERWAN ...viens m'embrasser beau gosse." En fait il n'y a pas que le soleil qui s'est levé, la plage s'et remplie aussi. Pas bondé mais il y a bien une cinquantaine de personnes en train de nois scruter. M'est avis qu'ils regardaient déjà avant, mais suite au petit spectacle de Frank le temps s'et arrêté et ils sont tous bouche bée devant l'hallucinante vision de ce mutant dont l'empilement de muscles absurdement surdéveloppés par dessus toujours plus de muscles toujours plus obscènement gonflés et protubérants a vaguement forme humaine, et je m'avance, empli d'une fierté comme je n'en avais jamais connu - alors qu'avec ma gueule, il faut bien l'avouer, absolument sublime, irrésistible je dirais même vu qu'aucune femme ne m'a jamais résisté sans que je n'aie jamais cherché à séduire, et je ne compte plus les déclarations d'amour de types aussi hétéros que bourrés, bref j'ai l'habitude d'entrer dans une pièce en plastronnant sûr de l'admiration générale que j'allais susciter inmanquablement. Mais là, merde, c'est l'ultime Dieu du Muscle en personne, Franck Lefort, le géant à la musculature la plus puissante, massive, bref un corps si magnifique et tellement ultra musculeux qu'une nouvelle classification (homo mega mega musclus) a été créée uniquement pour lui, et enfin l'homme dont une étude aurait prouvé, qu'il est le plus gros producteur de sperme au monde. En effet sur chacune de ses photos, chacune de ses vidéos, ce sont des hectolitres de sperme qui sont déversés à chaque seconde. Et là, alors qu'il est assis devant moi, je suis pile à la bonne hauteur pour que nous bouches rentrent en communion. Alors que mon torse s'enfonce doucement dans l'océan de muscles de ses titanesques pectoraux, je laisse son regard s'enfoncer dans le bleu infini de mes yeux, et une fois que j'ai goûté les lèvres de Dieu, le seul et unique Dieu digne de ce nom, je sens sa langue puissante et joueuse englober la mienne pour la masser tendrement. Spontanément, mes mains se sont posées sur le sommet de ses biceps, et il en relâche alors la contraction afin que je puisse malaxer, pétrir, soupeser, caresser l'infinie perfection de ces immensités hallucinantes de pur gros muscle, des quantités impensables de biceps aussi voluptueux que sensuels. J'écrasai une petite larme, il s'éloigne un peu, me sourit, et me dit -------- "Il est temps pour toi et moi de bouger d'ici". Je mets mon corps en branle pour entreprendre ma mise en station debout. Je pose mon massif pied gauche au sol, appuis mon poing droit pour entrainer mon bassin et sans grand mal je me dresse de toute ma hauteur. De là, je prends un aperçu circulaire de la plage qui m'entoure, satisfait de l'attention portée à mon égard, et comme toujours du fait que je suis de loin le plus immense, le plus imposant, le plus puissant énergumène des lieues à la ronde. Mais je n'oublie pas mon petit trésor pour autant, je sais à peu près où il et sous mes pecs, sans le brusquer je me tourne vers les dunes, et je lui dis "Quand tu auras ramassé tes affaires prends moi par la taille, nous allons quitter la plage." Je le sens se coller contre moi immédiatement, il avait déjà tout bien fait de lui-même, un bon gars vraiment, et en soulevant mon bras j'aperçois sa gueule d'ange qui me sourit béatement, le bleu de ses yeux rayonnant de bonheur, et en plaçant ma grosse paluche sur son épaule, je nous mis en marche. Pas pour bien longtemps évidemment, la vue de mon départ fit sortir de leur torpeur une poignée d'admirateurs, paniquès à l'idée de ne pas saisir l'opportunité de m'approcher davantage. Oui, bien sûr vous pouvez me prendre en photo. Non, je ne veux pas predre de photo avec vous, je suis avec mon copain, on a pas souvent l'occasion de passer du temps ensemble et je suis près de lui et personne d'autre. Prenez-nous en photo tous les deux. Vous avez vu comme il est beau? Oui, il est beau comme un Dieu. Il s'appelle Erwan. Héhé oui il en a de la chance, mais j'en ai aussi d'être l'homme d'un type aussi sublime. On va devoir y aller par contre. Un bisou ? Si tu veux bien mon Erwan. Allez va, grimpe sur mon biceps. Je t'aime mon lapin. Mmmmch. Merci beaucoup, au revoir. D'accord juste quelques poses... Hahaha merci. Au revoir. ------- J'aurais bien aimé qu'il me demande auparavant, de m'exposer comme ça comme étant son amant pour des photos qui allaient faire le tour d'internet en quelques minutes. Tout le monde m'a toujours connu hétéro... et j'ai toujours été hétéro... Mais en même temps c'était super jouissif. Je n'ai jamais été aussi heureux d'avoir la chance d'être aussi beau, il y avait de la jalousie proche de la haine chez chacune des personnes qui étaient venues le solliciter. Et, après tout, j'étais réellement, totalement, infiniment, sous le charme de ce gars, ensorcelé par cette montagne de muscles et puis voilà, il y aurait une vie avant, et une après. Je n'en reviens toujours pas qu'il m'ait fait assoir sur son biceps pour m'embrasser... Je veux dire oui; il m'avait déjà fait monter sur ses biceps mais cette fois il a gardé son bras à la verticale, plié son avant bras parallèle au sol, et, comment dire, j'étais assis sur l'épaisseur de son biceps. Il faisait un "side biceps" comme on dit en bodybuilding et la protubérence du biceps en bandaison m'offrait une assise largement suffisante. Perdu dans mes pensées j'aurais presque pu en oublier la présence du gigantesque monstre de muscles à mes côtés, enfin, aucune chance que je l'oublie vraiment, mais c'est la première fois que je me sentais familier de sa présence au point de pouvoir penser à autre chose. Enfin, je pensais à lui, mais... bref. Me voyant pensif, il me jette un "Hé, mon coeur. C'était un peu abrupt mais de toute façon on allait nous voir ensemble, et tu aurais préféré que je te laisse de côté pour faire des photos avec tous ces gens?" Obligé de le regarder en souriant, même si son pectoral ne nous permettait pas de nous voir. "Que tu m'en veuilles ou non, je saurai largement me faire pardonner avec l'extase suprême que je vais t'offrir, tu n'en as vu qu'une infime partie, et grâce à mon corps sublime, mon corps de géant et surtout grâce à mes muscles incroyablement puissants et tellement énormes, ultra hypertrophiés bien au delà de ce que l'humanité et la science a toujours cru que le développement musculaire était possible" - oui, j'avais joui à nouveau déjà à ce moment là - " mes muscles plus absurdement titanesques que le plus dérangé des obsédés sexuels du bodybuilding n'aurait jamais rêvé, je vais te... t'as encore joui? bah." On s'est rendus dans une luxueuse villa que quelqu'un lui avait prétée, non loin de la plage. Il me dit qu'il a faim, et qu'on va dîner. Je me douche, Il me trouve rapidement des vêtements à ma taille, puis il va s'habiller à son tour. En le voyant revenir je me retrouve instantanément en érection, ma queue est dure comme l'acier, en évidence dans mon pantalon de costume blanc crème. Oui il m'a mis en costume blanc. Quant à lui... Il porte d'énormes baskets, un bermuda lègèrement ample qui lui arrive au genou, mais tout de même serré étiré au niveau des quadriceps, il ne porte sûrement rien en dessous vu que ses parties génitales ballotent généreusement là dedans, une grosse ceinture en cuir maintient le short à sa taille, et au dessus, au dessus il porte un bout de tissu maintenu par deux très longues ficelles qui jaillissent de l'extrémité supérieure latérale de chacun de ses pectoraux, pour s'envoler à travers les airs et disparaître à nouveau dans ses trapèzes. J'étais bien sûr estomaqué devant l'exposition outrancière des muscles de son torse. Il fit le choix d'une tenue plus "corecte", un autre débardeur donc, mais qui cette fois couvrait une partie de ses pectoraux. Bien évidemment, les deux énormes blocs de granit projetaient tout de même leur masse par devant lui, le spectacle de l'affrontement de leurs fibres musculaires respetives resplendissait dans la vaste échancrure centrale, et de part et d'autre ses tétons pointés vers le sol étaient bien en évidence. Et le peu que recouvrait le vêtement, en élasthane bleu électrique, ne laissait que peu de place à l'imagination. Je dois faire à peu près la même tête que pour le haut précédent, mais il me dit t'inquiète, je vais être un peu discret, et le revoilà avec un blouson qui ferait facilement office de tente pour une famille de quatre personnes. Et on est partis. On monte dans son véhicule, une sorte de pick-up/hummer, et au bout d'une vingtaine de minutes nous voilà sur le parking du restaurant. Qui a l'air assez classe, classe bord-de-mer, mais assez classe tout de même. Il coupe le contact et se penche vers moi. "Tu vas partir devant et prendre la table, là, le box à droite. Comme ça tu pourras admirer mon entrée et l'aura de ton homme. Allez go ! J'entre dans la salle à manger. J'y crée mon petit émoi habituel, d'autant que le costar blanc n'arrange rien, le lot habituel de jeunes filles se donnent du coude en me montrant du doigt, et je m'amuse un peu à désintègrer deux ou trois messieurs propres sur eux mais un peu trop attentifs à mon entrée, juste avec quelques salves du laser bleu de mes yeux. J'annonce "deux personnes", et l'on me propose un petit guéridon dans un coin. "Impossible que nous nous asseyons là. Je suis désolé" dis-je au maître d'hôtel.Il me fait un sourire crispé. Son attirance initiale pour ma gueule d'amour n'aura eu qu'un effet très limité."Mais voyons monsieur soyez raisonnable je vous en prie, cette place est tout à fait acceptable, nous sommes très pris ce soir, comme vous pouvez le voir... - Vous ne comprenez pas, ce n'et pas de la mauvaise volonté, mais il n'y a aucune chance pour mon compagnon arrive à 'installer dans un espace aussi confiné. - ah oui? Mais ces places sont agréées pour les personnes handicapées je vous assure ! - ce n'est pas la question voyez, c'est que mon compagnon très grand et extrèmement, extrèmement musclé. - Ah ah ! Oh monsieur pardonnez-moi, mais tout de même, en attendant que Frank Lefort passe la porte du restaurant... - ... et c'est bien lui mon homme, cher monsieur. Le seul et unique Frank Lefort, le plus grand bodybuilder de tous les temps, est mon compagnon." Quel pied. J'en remets une couche. "Mon homme et moi aimerions pouvoir passer notre dîner en amoureux dans les meilleures conditions, c'est une date importante pour nous." Cette tête qu'il fait."Je suis désolé d'insister, mais mon Frank est perpetuellement confronté au manque de confort, et comme je l'aime de tout mon amour, je voudrais que son corps soit aussi à son aise que possible. Cette table là... - Oui, oui bien sûr monsieur, je vous demande pardon, je n'avais pas compris, c'est un cas de force majeure, je vais déplacer cette réservation pour que vous preniez la table centrale." Sens dessus dessous le pauvre garçon. "Si vous dites que Mr Lefort doit vous rejoindre..." C'était mignon, je voulais faire quelque chose pour lui. Je crois que je prenais bizarrement goût à mon côté gay. Je me penche un peu vers lui, il est un peu plus petit que moi, et en le bombardant de mon laser bleu en mode full blast "C'est très gentil..." je lui caresse la joue du pouce,"...François c'est ça ?" Et un petit bisou sur sa bouche tremblottante. "Merci François". Personne ne nous a calculé dans le coin isolé de la petite table, et grand seigneur, je monte la petite estrade où se situe la table royale et m'y installe. Je ne sais pas si je me fais des idées, mais j'ai l'impression que le staff bruisse de chuchottements et de grande agitation, je m'en persuade même, et pour moi, clairement, le bruit de l'arrivée possible de Frank court rapidement parmi eux, et cela leur crée une excitation toute particulière. Je vois même des cuisiniers se glisser en salle discrètement en attendant le spectacle. Bon, faut qu'il arrive je vais avoir l'air con sinon. -----------
  4. BigZargo12

    Joining the iron devils gym

    Joining the iron devils gym Me and Dominic were both bored and frustrated while exploring the town looking for a place to stay after our parents kicked us out. The good news was we were over 21 and had plenty of money. The bad news was we had no plans for college or any high aspiration for our lives and had no place to stay. While I was pondering our situation Dominic said,” do you smell something weird, Nikolai.” “What smell” I said confused, then I smell it. The smell was like spicy musk making me feel warm for some reason. The spicy musk smell was coming from the building next to us. With its worn appearance and it blackened windows and no sign on the outside, I fought this place abandoned. We started to walk towards the blackened glass door of the building. I had no idea why I was going inside this strange building, but it was like my body was on autopilot. “It must be a special restaurant or a spice shop,” Dominic said nervously, trying to rationalize why in hell we were going into this mysterious building. What We saw shocked us, extremely huge beefy men exercising and lifting huge Weights. We just stood there for a couple seconds stunned at the site of these huge men. When we heard a deep voice behind us. “Do you like what you see boys. Real strong men lifting shit and taking no crap from anyone.” The huge burly man who said that was standing in front of the door, our exit from this place. His short black hair, chinstrap beard, hard gray eyes, blunted nose, and round face. Wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a red demon lifting weights as its logo, with black shorts, with black and red shoes and holding a black and red gym bag. His huge bulging muscles stood out against his huge tight sleeveless shirt making him look intimidating. I heard Dominic gulp in fear at the site of this hulking man. The spicy musky smell coming off of this masculine man was starting to make my nose water. “Look what we have here twig and blogger”, another deep voice coming from behind us. Me and Dominic turned around to see another huge man with a handlebar mustache shaved head brown eyes and dark brown skin wearing the same clothes as the first one. “Who are you calling blogger,” Dominic said with a timidly stutter. The big burly dark skin man went out to Dominic’s face and said, “I did, what you’re going to do about it, fat boy.” Dominic wilting against this man’s stare, has the big man with is huge sausage like fingers flicked Dominic’s pudgy nose. I said,” hey you dumb big beefcake leaves my friend alone.” He turned to me with a wicked smile and said. “You two have fallen into the abyss and now you are in the Iron Devil gym.” The one in front of us grabbed Dominic and lifted him like a child, while the other one behind us and in front of the door grabbed me and said.” These two will make a great addition to the iron devil gym. Before I knew what happened, me and Dominic were wearing black sleeveless shirts and black and red shorts with the gym logo on it and lifting weights to demonic sounding heavy metal music. Both of our shirts were huge, mines barely fit on my skinny frame, while Dominic’s was quite filled in. My coach name was Roman the one who grabbed be in the one who was blocking the door. While Dominic’s coach was Matt the one who called me twig and Dominic blubber. At first Roman’s insults made me angry and or sad but the more I exercise the more I channeled my emotions into the next lifted. The more I lifted the better I felt the more I wanted to feel my muscles burn. I sat up from lifting weights from the workbench trends in sweat. as Roman handed me a water bottle, taking a swig from it, I saw myself in the mirror. For a second, I didn’t even recognize myself. My black hair was longer, and I was starting to grow a 5 o’clock shadow on my face. My wants flat hairless chest now had some muscle, my pecs were starting to stick out, my arms were larger and defined, and I could see that my had armpit hair and chest hair drenched with sweat. With my muscular legs I got up following Roman to a special lunchroom. Roman and Matt led to me and Dominic to a table with two plates filled with food. When I sat down, I began to eat, when Dominic asked me. “What in hell happened to you Nikolai. Forgive me for saying that you were skinny guy this morning but now your starting to look like a regular gym regular Gower.” I just stared at him and noticed that he had tears and a bruise on his face. As soon as our lunch break was over I immediately without prompting from Roman, hopped on an exercise machine. Then before I could start, I noticed that Dominic was being dragged towards an exercise machine as well. Dominic somehow slipped from Romans and Matt’s strong grip and ran towards me. Dominic panting said,” Nikolai we need to leave this place. It’s trying to change us into muscle beast or gym zombie or something.” I got off the exercise machine that I was using and punch Dominic in the gut causing him to double over in pain, as Roman and Matt grabbed, and we placed him in the machine that I was using. Dominic was crying and pleading for me to snap out of it. I slapped his fat belly and said,” come on fatso you have weights to crunch.” Dominic had a sad, and shocked looked, as me, Roman and Matt tied him to the exercise machine. Two more huge gym members watched Dominic has, me Roman and Matt began seriously exercising. Every exercise machine I use causes me to grow huge with muscles, causing me slowly filling out this the gym clothes that Roman gave to me. I felt Every muscle in my body burn with exertion. I was driven by an unholy desire to become bigger and stronger, to see my muscles grow. Every insult that Roman and Matt gave felt like encouragement for me to keep going. The loud demonic metal music used to annoy me but now it makes my body feel pump to exercise as I nod to the rhythm of it, and the ones spicy musk smell that would’ve made me gag now smell better than fresh air. I could feel my clothes become tight because of my growing muscles, if I was still wearing my old shoes and clothes they would’ve been shredded to bits by now. Eventually Roman told me that I was done for the day. I got up from the exercise machine and started to head towards the locker room when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I was huge and hairy; my black hair reaches back of my neck while my beard was starting to reach the tops of my big hairy pecs. The black sleeveless shirt that barely fit me was now tying against my huge muscular body. My skinny arms were replaced by two huge hairy arms that sported huge biceps cover with lots of vein and pepper with black hair, and my thighs were now like the tree trunks. I eventually stopped looking at myself and started to walk toward locker room. I was in one of the showers stalls letting the hot water soothing my aching muscles. When the I heard the stall door opening, I turned around thinking that I must have forgotten to lock the shower stall, when I saw a huge hairy man. at first, I didn’t recognize him, then I asked, “Dominic is that you?”, He just smiled for his answer and came closer to me. The one fat nerd was now a behemoth of a man, like me his brown hair grew out, slightly covering his eyes and his unkept beard reached his huge hairy pecs. He still had fat but instead of his belly sagging because of it, now it was a firm beef belly. His arms and legs were now huge and hairy with muscle, with arms like bowling balls and tree trunk like legs. Then I noticed his huge fat hard cock sticking out and his huge hairy balls, inviting me to partake. I wanted to stick my fat hard cock into his thick ass, but I kneeled instead as a form of peace offering. Dominic came closer, accepting my peace offering for punching him in the gut, as I’d open my mouth to receive his juicy beef stick, he placed both of his big hands behind back of my head. The me from this morning with a gag at the site two men sucking each other’s cocks, but the feeling and taste of Dominic’s fat cock and balls was so intoxicating. I began to feel Dominic’s thick beefy cock move, thrusting his thick hips back and forth as he began to face fuck me hard. I enjoyed the taste of his salty cum and the way his hard-fat cock stuffed down my throat. I love how Every thrust of his cock made me want more of his manly cum. Dominic began to thrust faster as he climaxed as his came closer. Eventually his muscular back straight, and is hard cock stiffen as it shot his hot sticky cum into my thirsty mouth. Dominic smile as I got up from sucking his fat cock. With no words Dominic kneeled and began to suck me off. Like me Dominic was thirsty for my cum. Feeling his thick tongue on my cock made me moan and pleasure. It didn’t take me long for my balls to stiffen up and for me to shoot my load into Dominic’s mouth. Dominic got up from sucking my fat cock. We eventually finished showering and headed back into locker room where Roman and Matt was waiting for us. Bonus Hell-Daddy watched as his gym gained two new members. He loved watching his gym turned week kids into big strong men and soon these two men will become his muscle demons. That is the fate of all men who enter his gym.
  5. Father’s Day Weekend By Ultrabeef “Hey Dwayne! Take good care of my little man”, Sheila called from across the street as she waved at her neighbor. Dwayne could see Sheila’s husband Tyler blush as he loaded the stroller and travel playpen into the back of her white SUV. Dwayne stopped sweeping the grass clippings from his sidewalk and crossed the street to talk to his neighbors. “Are you going out of town too?” he asked, shaking his head, “it seems like the whole neighborhood is going away this weekend”. Sheila grinned “well, it IS Father’s Day weekend!” Tyler came out from the garage and wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Shelia is taking little Amanda to visit her parents in Wisconsin for the weekend”. Dwayne nodded “But you’re not going?” “I begged him to go!” Sheila interrupted, “but he said the best Father’s Day gift would be some peace and quiet”. Tyler rolled his eyes and sighed “Amanda has been teething and I have a lot of reports to get caught up on for work”. Dwayne laughed a hearty laugh and slapped Tyler on the shoulder “buddy, I remember being a new dad like it was yesterday! You’ll be glad when Amanda finally starts school like my little Deshawn did this year”. Sheila looked past Dwayne across the street and noticed only Dwayne’s black pick up in his garage. “Where is Deshawn, and Simone?” Dwayne laughed again, “well, she had the same idea. She took the little man to see her parents in Ohio for the weekend.” “Aw, well, great minds must think alike!” Sheila brayed in her annoying laugh that echoed around the quiet, empty neighborhood. “Well, you two boys should get together...have dinner or something” Shelia was rambling incessantly again, “I left some burgers for Tyler to grill, and you guys could share notes on being young dads”. Dwayne looked at Tyler who shrugged his narrow shoulders and smiled weakly. “There’s supposed to be that meteor shower tonight too” Tyler mumbled. “Perfect!” Shelia chirped, immediately taking charge, “I just love when a plan comes together! I’ll expect a full report when I get back sweetie”. With a flurry of kisses between Tyler, Sheila, and little Amanda, and some last minute instructions for Tyler, Amanda backed her SUV out of the driveway and sped off, leaving Dwayne and Tyler alone in the lingering cloud of dust. “Um, look. We don’t have to get together. You probably want some alone time” Tyler spoke sheepishly, gently kicking some dirt on the driveway. Dwayne laughed his hearty laugh again. “Well...I DO have to finish the lawn or Simone will chew my ass out, but I’m not doing anything this evening. Want to get together around 7?” Tyler grinned, “Sure, I’ll make the burgers, you bring the beer”. “Sounds like a plan dude, see you later”. With that Dwayne walked back across the street to return to his yard work. Tyler heard the lawnmower start up again as he closed his garage door and headed to his desk to plow through some of his reports. *************************** “Damn boy! You do know how to cook a burger!” Dwayne hungrily finished the burgers Tyler had grilled. “That must be why Sheila married me” Tyler smirked sarcastically as he took another swig of his beer. There was a moment of silence before Dwayne roared with laugher which echoed around the empty neighborhood. “Dude...I gotta say, that wife of yours has you wrapped around her finger” Dwayne looked at Tyler’s angelic face for a reaction. “Oh, like Simone doesn’t have you wrapped around yours?” Tyler smirked before raising his beer and finishing it. “True. True.” Dwayne nodded, “we both are totally whipped by our wives”. Tyler sighed and then spoke in a moment of brutal honesty, “I sometimes wish I could just man up and take charge. I’d love to tell Sheila where to go.” “Dude. She’d kill you.” Dwayne spoke in a moment of sobriety as well. “To tell you the truth, this being a dad thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be”. “No, it’s not.” Tyler agreed. Just then a wizzing sound caught the attention of both men as a blinding flash burst past them. “Holy shit! Is that one of the meteors predicted tonight?” Tyler exclaimed. “Dude, it can’t be. Plus, that was awfully close”. Just then the two men heard a crash and a bright white light lit up Tyler’s backyard. As their eyes adjusted to the darkness again both men could see a small crater in the corner of the yard with a glowing blue object pulsating light. “Holy crap! What is that thing?” Tyler nervously looked at the glowing electric blue object in the newly formed crater in his perfectly manicured backyard. “I don’t buddy, but you better stay back” Dwayne tried to sound brave but his voice wavered. “Shelia is going to freak out when she sees her yard destroyed like this!” Tyler jumped into the crater and attempted to lift the glowing object. “Dude! What the hell are you doing?!” Dwayne yelled in a panic, “you don’t know what that thing is or where it came from!” Tyler was still struggling to lift the glowing blue object as he grunted “will you just help me please?” Dwayne slid down the unstable dirt on the wall of the crater and found himself face to face with the glowing object. As Dwayne tried to pick up the side of the object opposite of Tyler his hand grazed Tyler’s hand. Suddenly the object glowed even brighter before there was a loud boom and the entire backyard was lit up like it was daytime. Both Tyler and Dwayne were knocked back by the explosion. For a few minutes the darkened backyard was filled with silence and the sound of crickets chirping. As Tyler and Dwayne slowly drifted back into consciousness they clumsily struggled to their feet. “Wha…what happened?” Tyler mumbled, his voice husky in the cool evening air. “Are…are you ok man?” Dwayne asked, still slightly dazed. Dwayne reached for his phone, turned on the light, and shined it in the direction of the crater. “Tyler!” Dwayne hissed, “that…that thing…it’s gone!” Dwayne unsteadily walked to the edge of the now empty crater. Suddenly he heard Tyler gasping and grunting loudly behind him. “Tyler? Are you ok?” Dwayne aimed his light in the direction of his neighbor and saw Tyler heaving and writhing in pain on the grass. “Dway…Dwayne…help…me!” Tyler managed to grunt out before screaming in pain, his voice echoing across the dark empty neighborhood. “Tyler!” Dwayne rushed to Tyler and was shocked that Tyler looked like he was growing. A blue glow emanated from Tyler’s body as it swelled in every direction. “Wha…what’s happening to me?!” Tyler roared as his voice dropped two octaves into a deep rumbling bass. “Oh fuck!” Dwayne fell backwards horrified by the transformation happening to Tyler. The once skinny, average Tyler was swelling with thick, hard, veiny muscle. His v-neck t-shirt shredded as two huge hairy pecs burst forth, the weight of the muscle forcing Tyler’s thickening nipples toward the ground. Dwayne could see Tyler’s back widening as his shoulders swelled into rounded muscular mountains. Tyler looked down in shock and flexed his swollen veiny bicep that was getting bigger by the minute. Dwayne could see that Tyler was overcome by the sensation of growing bigger and stronger. Tyler let out a low growling moan as his shorts burst open to reveal big beefy quads. Dwayne gasped as Tyler’s cock tore through his exposed underwear. The big, thick cock had to be at least a foot long and wasn’t even hard. Dwayne could tell that Tyler’s transformation was slowing down. “Ty…Tyler? Are you ok?” Dwayne stammered. “Aw…fuck”, Tyler moaned, “so this is what it feels like to be a real man!” An evil, cocky smirk crossed Tyler’s more manly, stubble lined face. “Get over here and worship this muscle!” Dwayne backed further away terrified. “Ty…Tyler…what…why do you sound so different? We need to get you help…” Dwayne stammered trying to get away. Tyler laughed “Help me? I’ve become a total god! Look at me!” Tyler flexed his chest and arms in an insane most muscular pose. Dwayne was both scared and strangely fascinated by the manly, muscular hunk his neighbor had become. “This…this isn’t right” Dwayne stammered as Tyler stepped closer to him. “You have no idea how it feels to be this strong and powerful! Sheila will never push me around again” Tyler smirked and laughed deeply. “But who needs Shelia when I’ve got a stud like you!” Dwayne turned to run away but Tyler reached a big meaty paw around Dwayne’s waist and pulled him across the grass toward him. Dwayne looked back at Tyler’s hulking body and saw his massive cock starting to get hard. “No! Stop! Tyler…please! Don’t do this! Let me go!” Dwayne yelled in a panic but Tyler’s face was focused on Dwayne in an almost dazed look. Tyler planted his lips on Dwayne’s mouth and kissed him deeply. The smaller man fought the kiss but soon felt Tyler’s tongue forcing its way into his mouth. Dwayne could feel Tyler’s big cock rubbing against his stomach as Tyler’s powerful muscles gripped him tightly. The warmth radiating from Tyler’s hard pecs and veiny arms was strangely comforting. “Yeah, Dwayne you like these big muscles don’t you?” Tyler purred dangerously. “I…I’m…” Dwayne was confused by the feelings he was having, “no, I’m not…gay”. Tyler laughed and slowly pushed Dwayne down to his knees so that his huge dripping cock was right in Dwayne’s face. “Why don’t you suck my big dick, Dwayne” Tyler growled. Dwayne could feel an intense struggle in his head. He wasn’t gay, he loved his wife, yet, the warmth of Tyler and the musky smell of his pubes was intoxicating. Dwayne felt Tyler’s big hand on the back of his head guiding Dwayne’s mouth to the tip of Tyler’s huge dripping cock. Dwayne gagged on the massive member but Tyler held Dwayne in place bucking his hips as Dwayne sucked his dick. Tyler could feel the pressure building inside of him as he blasted Dwayne with his massive load. Dwayne sputtered as he fell off Tyler’s cock, glowing blue cum gushing all over his face. Dwayne coughed as he gulped down some of Tyler’s cum. Immediately he felt a warmth radiate throughout his body and a pressure build within him. “Oh fuck!” Dwayne moaned, “what did you do?” Dwayne watched in horror as his body began to swell. His toned body expanding with heavy ebony muscle. His pecs swelled into two massive, wide, thick granite pillows as his abs distended into a sexy roid gut. Dwayne could feel his ass expanding as his shorts ripped to reveal a sexy black ass and two tree trunk quads. Dwayne flexed his arms in a wicked double bicep pose as veins snaked across his dark flesh. “Arrrrggghh!” Dwayne roared as his fat cock grew even longer and wider and his voice deepened. Dwayne could feel the transformation slowing as he heaved his huge pecs and felt the stubble on his jaw. “Oh fuck! What…what happened to me?!” Dwayne rumbled. “You became one huge, hot, fuckin muscle daddy, just like me” Tyler purred. “No! This can’t…be…happening!” Dwayne growled. “Shit bro! You’re fucking huge!” Tyler ogled the mocha muscle monster his neighbor had become, running his hand over Dwayne’s swollen striated pecs. “Don’t…don’t man!” Dwayne weakly whimpered as his felt Tyler’s tongue on his now super sensitive nipples. Dwayne could feel Tyler’s hand around his now swelling cock. “How about you fuck me hard with that big fat schlong of yours…daddy?” Tyler’s warm breathe whispered into Dwayne’s ear. Dwayne shoved Tyler away, feeling his neighbor’s thick shoulders as he did do. Dwayne was definitely having a mental struggle over the changes that had just occurred. “No…fuck…” Dwayne cupped Tyler’s pale big hard glutes in his large hands and felt the warm flesh, moaning softly as he did. “You like that big ass…daddy… I know you do. I can sense it”, Tyler purred seductively. Dwayne slapped Tyler’s big bubble butt and sucked in a breath as his watched the big butt jiggle. “So, why don’t you just fuck me already?” Tyler growled. A look of lust glazed over Dwayne’s eyes as he slapped Tyler’s ass harder. Tyler moaned loudly, while Dwayne, like an uncaged animal, glided his big fat dick into Tyler’s virgin hole. After their passionate fuck session, the reality of their situation hit Tyler as both men basked in the afterglow. “Wha…what’s gonna happen when our wives get home?” Tyler purred into Dwayne’s ear as he lay on Dwayne’s massive pec and was cradled by his powerful ebony arm. “Who gives fuck, bro?” Dwayne rumbled back to his new lover, “let’s just enjoy Father’s Day like a couple of big, horny muscle daddies should”. “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy” Tyler grinned as he playfully kissed Dwayne’s big brown nipple. “Happy Father’s Day to you too…my sexy Daddy” Dwayne hugged Tyler closer as the two hulks gazed up at hundreds of meteors streaking across the early morning sky.
  6. BrawnyBound

    The Flashback Machine

    Part 1: "You, uh, need a hand carrying that in?" Bruce asked. He scratched his balding head as he watched Aaron haul the enormous piece of equipment all by himself. Aaron simply grunted in response. Despite being in his 50's, he managed to retain most of his hard-earned muscles from his college days through diligent training. And even though he could barely wrap his meaty arms around the length of the monitor, Aaron showed no struggle carrying the machine into the frat house. "I think he's got it," Philip replied lamely. The two watched as Aaron's wide back disappeared into the dark building. Aaron was dressed in a tank top and basketball shorts that hugged his rugged body nicely, and was probably one of the few among his alumni brothers that could pull off that look so casually. Bruce, for example, was a victim among many with his slowing metabolism and widening beer belly. He sighed as he mentally compared himself to Aaron and glanced down at the gut stretching his dress shirt, subconsciously tucking his thumbs under suspender straps. Philip, however, had the opposite problem. He was never able to gain much weight for as long as he remembered. He was so thin his brothers used to joke that he could easily hide behind a telephone pole without having to turn. Even now, Philip looked at his own loose, billowing semi-formal clothes, feeling like he could blow away if the wind wanted him to. The two were broken out of their self-loathing by the sound of a soft thud coming from inside the frat house. They filed in, Philip tracing his hand on the wall for the light switch. Bruce couldn't help but notice a musty smell in the humid air. With a flick, the main room of the frat house they once called home lit up around them. It was surprisingly tidy, although that was only because it was still summer, and most of the fraternity brothers were still on vacation. The furniture, walls, and floors, however, could not hide their age no matter how well-kept it was. Aaron had his arms on his hips as he stood by a cluster of old sofas with his device plopped down in the center facing them. "Well, I told ya the house was still standing." "Barely." Bruce remarked, glancing at the peeling paint on the walls. "It's a surprise to see they haven't made plans on remodeling, or hell, getting a new house altogether." Philip said, grimacing at the old stains on the floor. "That's why I invited you guys here. Since you guys both said you'll be too busy for homecoming-" "Work." Bruce grunted. "Family vacation." Philip chimed in. Aaron held his hands up in mock-surrender. "I know, I know. But since you guys will be pre-occupied like you are every year, I wanted to discuss the alumni dues so that we can-" Bruce groaned. "/That's/ why you invited us here? I thought we were going to hang and catch up over beer and football like old times." He tried to cross his arms but failed so he put his hands on his hips like Aaron did; though he seemed much less intimidating. Philip rolled his eyes. He looked like he was already thinking of excuses to get out of this situation. "Now hold on, hold on." Aaron said, his voice firm. "We /are/ going to catch up. I /know/ alumni dues are completely voluntary, and I /know/ that we're all building up our savings for early retirement like the next guy. But I want to give back to the organization that helped make me who I am today." Bruce could swear he saw Aaron puff up his chest a little. "And I thought," Aaron continued, "what better way to show why we should care about the future generations than to present them on this invention." He patted the top of the strange monitor. Bruce took a closer look at the machine. It somewhat resembled a CRT television, but the frame was purple and translucent. 'Like the special edition GameBoy Color,' Bruce thought. 'Did old TV's always have so many wires?' On top of the monitor, a bundle of multi-colored wires from the back collected together and funneled into the small end of what seemed to be an old-fashioned ear trumpet made of copper. The large end of the ear trumpet faced the front like a strange speaker. Below the screen, instead of buttons or dials there was an exhaust vent of some sort. Bruce thought it was strange as those little holes were usually on the back. The portly man gave a bemused smirk. "Come on Aaron, we may be old but even /I/ know this is junk. The boys are gonna laugh at your sad excuse of a donation." "I didn't know you still 'invented' things," said Philip with a stifled chuckle. "Yeah I thought you gave up on making those silly doo-hickeys freshman year," Bruce added. Aaron's proud stance faltered for a moment as he nervously glanced at the unplugged machine, then looking visibly relieved. "It's not for watching football or anything like that," he said. "It's-" he paused, thinking for a second. "It's a device that lets us replay our favorite memories on screen." Without further hesitation he crouched around the 'doo-hickey' and got to work plugging everything in. "Here, let me show you." The two guests looked at each other with skepticism. If this was a chance to make fun of another one of Aaron's failed inventions, they didn't want to miss it. 'Just like old times,' thought Bruce. Philip tapped his foot impatiently and Bruce huffed as he sat down on one of the couches right in the middle. Bruce couldn't help but stare at what Aaron was currently "showing" as his pert ass shifted and swayed in those stretched-out shorts while the TV was being set up. Suddenly realizing that he wasn't alone, Bruce glanced at Philip, who met eyes with him. He was caught in the act. Philip started to say something when the TV suddenly lit up and presented nothing but static and a soft *kssshhhh* noise. "There!" Aaron announced. The three of them stared at the screen, waiting in anticipation. "Soooo... now what?" Said Philip. About two seconds later, the screen changed to show the main room of the frat house, but from Philip's point of view. "Soooo... now what?" His voice mimed from the screen. "Woah! How'd you do that?" Philip exclaimed, whirling around and checking himself for a hidden camera. The screen copied his words and spun around with him. "Big deal. It can record and play a live feed," Bruce grumbled. The TV instantly changed and was now showing the room from Bruce's perspective. His replayed voice sounded equally unimpressed. "It- it can also play whatever memory we request," Aaron added, his voice sounding slightly panicked. He took a quick breath and then continued more calmly. "Right now, it's playing whatever surface level memories are presented from the last person that spoke." And on cue, the TV replayed his explanation. "Okay, take it away, Mr. Inventor." Bruce gestured to the screen. Aaron's eyes glimmered for a moment before facing the monitor. The machine repeated Bruce, almost as if to give Aaron permission to use it himself. Aaron straightened himself up and spoke clearly into the ear trumpet. "Show us my sophomore year Halloween party." The lights above flickered as the screen sputtered between static and blurred images as if a poorly-focused time lapse video was being played. After a few moments, the screen became clearer, and the trio was presented with the sight of a veiny, pumped forearm pushing a door open to reveal the frat house's main room, garishly decorated with an assortment of Halloween props, lit by blinding orange, green, and purple strobe lights. The new furniture was pushed to the walls as the center floor was brimming with bodies shaking to the music and hands exploring wherever they landed. Several people, to the shock of the viewers, were recognized as their old fraternity brothers. Except they were all young and carefree, some dancing, some flirting with sorority girls, and some doing things their parents probably wouldn't approve of. Most of the party goers were dressed, if you could call it that, in costumes that showed as much skin as possible. "Hey! There's me!" Bruce pointed at the screen. Young Bruce was no exception. Sloppily painted head-to-toe in green and clad in purple trunks, the man was quite a hunk. While not the tallest brother in the fraternity, he was definitely one of the biggest, and he liked to flaunt it. Even then, he had the slight hint of a beer gut beginning to emerge underneath his cut abs. Old Bruce thought it was strange seeing his young self acting so... fratty, but didn't complain with what he saw. The chicks loved him. And he loved them. As if hearing his thoughts, the younger and slimmer version of Bruce eyed the screen and his face lit up. He hollered something over the loud music and waved. The "camera" bobbed up and down in response as it made it's way through the house, greeting the brothers and other party guests in a similar gesture. The screen seemed to pan in every direction, as if looking for someone, until it landed on Philip. "And there's me." Philip gasped, now sitting. The screen advanced on Young Philip who was leaning with his back and one foot against the wall, one hand in his pocket, and holding a cup of spiked punch in the other. He meekly raised his cup at the screen with a small smile and then took a sip, staring back at the crowd. Unlike the others, he was dressed in a button-down shirt and slacks. "Hah! Phil you look like you haven't changed a bit. You're still as skinny as you were so many years ago!" Bruce guffawed and slapped his knee, clearly enjoying his jabs at Philip, who now looked like he wanted to be swallowed up by the sofa cushions. "Actually," Aaron began, "I think he's been looking a lot healthier." They both stared at him, puzzled. "I mean, you really packed on quite a bit of muscles since then. It's- it's all because of that diet and weight training routine you started in sophomore year wasn't it?" The lights flickered slightly but nobody paid mind to it. Bruce couldn't see anything in his peripheral vision for a brief moment. When the light returned, he turned to look at his brother again. "Phil-" Bruce started, but his jaw dropped. Beside him was still his fraternity brother, only he seemed different. His clothes were not loose, his posture oozed confidence, and his presence was more notable. It was like he had a stronger gravitational pull. "Wha-" Bruce tried to speak, but suddenly it felt like two plus two didn't equal four. "Actually," Aaron said again, "Bruce was right about one thing," he spoke slowly. "Phil, you don't look a day over twenty-five. Not a single wrinkle on that baby-face of yours. How'd you do it? Was it the skin care brand you work for?" He paused, glancing at the screen. "It was your investment in that company when you finished your major in business, wasn't it? You mentioned you were interested in it at this party, I think." The ceiling lights dimmed, then turned back to normal. "Yea I... Oh, I think our young selves are talking about it right now!" Philip directed his attention back to the TV. Bruce tore his eyes from Philip's body and looked at the screen. Sure enough, the camera was now half-watching the party and half-turned to Philip as young Aaron spoke with him. The camera seemed to peer down at Aaron's feet or look at the party whenever Philip smiled or laughed. Aaron whistled and sat back on the other neighboring couch. "Wow, I guess I never noticed it back then, but that workout plan really did wonders on your body early on, too." Aaron murmured. "It's a good thing you never broke your habit from the routine." . The lights flickered harshly this time. Bruce watched, rapt as the camera blinked and then focused on young Philip and his B-list superhero costume, the sexy version of course, now standing proudly on his own two feet and towering over Aaron. He was animatedly talking about his career plans, but his bare abs seemed to be the new point of emphasis for the camera. It wandered to the small but firm pecs wrapped tight in spandex along with his disproportionately huge upper arms and bulging legs. Bruce felt something stirring underneath his gut. He shook his head. 'Wait, wasn't Philip dressed in...' His train of thought halted at the sight of the hulking stud next to him. Philip was now leaning back, his gorilla-like arms slightly akimbo from his wide lats. His dress shirt was trying to keep everything together, but it looked like the buttons would pop if he simply took a deep breath. It stretched obscenely over his rounded, stuffed pecs and shoulders that were bigger than his own head. Even his traps rose above the couch cushions. The slacks did not look like they were faring any better as Bruce could make out the separations in the quadriceps through the thin fabric. "It all comes at a price, though," Philip mused, looking down at himself. "One of the side effects of the lotion is that it removes any body hair, permanently. Good thing I never need to moisturize my pits." He raised both arms overhead; two rips slowly drawn out as his lats pushed their way out from the constricting shirt. More rips were heard in quick succession as the sleeves tore apart between his biceps and triceps and from his shoulders. And he was right: while completely hairless anywhere else except for the curly locks on his head, his cavernous armpit still had some tufts of hair. "Ahh, that felt so good. Which reminds me," he continued, lowering his beefy arms, "it also makes everything really sensitive." He spread his legs and pushed them forward a little, the bulge in his groin swelling bigger and bigger. Bruce gulped at the lewd display. 'Was Philip making a pass because of what he saw earlier?' "It's a good thing," Aaron started, trying to find his words, "it's a good thing nobody ever minded how much or how little clothing you wore." Morph by Hardtrainer01 "That's true." Philip nonchalantly agreed, grabbing a handful of his overflowing underwear and scratching his exposed pecs. "Besides, finding clothes that would fit me is such a bother." He raised one arm to play with his hair, but every little movement sent his 20+ inch biceps bouncing, inviting Bruce to stare. "I bet you have a similar problem with clothes, huh Bruce?" "Uh, huh?" Bruce now realized he spent the better half of the last few moments drooling over Phil's smooth, jacked body. His hefty cock was still plumping up and clearly visible through the underwear, and his nipples, free from any constraints, already looked erect. Suck-able, even. "Yea- I mean- no. Not quite. You two can easily shop at the Big and Tall store; I just shop at Big." The brothers chuckled at this, then returned their attention to the monitor. Bruce tried to as well, but his gut was telling him that something was very wrong, and looking at Philip might shed some light. It wasn't because he was insanely hot and practically inviting him to do gay shit. No, maybe if he looked long enough he would figure it out. But Phil's sideways glance and smirk was all that was needed to make the man blush and turn back to the screen. He liked ladies, damnit! He has a wife at home! And speaking of ladies, he watched with reassurance as the sorority girls flocked to young Bruce and felt up his muscles. "Bro, I just realized why you picked this year's party." Bruce sat up and grinned at Aaron. "This was the fucking year we invited every single sorority sister-" "Sisters' polyamorous boyfriends!" Aaron finished. "Dude, what- no. We..." The lights flickered. Once, twice, and on the third time a bulb broke somewhere behind them. When Bruce turned to look back at the screen, he didn't see any sorority girls around him. Instead he was now sulking near the camera with Aaron and Philip, absentmindedly sipping from his punch. The dance floor was still populated by a couple college girls, but most of them were taken. Young Philip and young Aaron sounded like they were trying to cheer him up, keeping him company. Bruce was touched that he had such an unbreakable bond with them. Whenever they rough-housed, Bruce always ended up being sandwiched between their testosterone-laden bodies. On the outside, he was just another straight macho bro. But between those two towering studs, Bruce was putty in their hands. He fantasized about women, sure, but nothing made him harder than the thought of Aaron's funky gym smell rubbing off on him as he pilfered his roommate's dirty stretched-out laundry, or Philip's sweaty and pumped body, fresh from his rigorous workout, pressed against his during a wrestling match. And while other brothers were skeptical that he never found a wife, Aaron and Philip never once gave him shit for it. Even though he trusted them with anything about his life, he'd never let them know how hot and bothered they made him whenever they were around. Even now, Bruce swore under his breath as he felt the cool tingle at the tip of his dick, a spurt of pre-cum leaking into his trousers. "Well, it made sense, considering how our fraternity only recruits bi and gay men." Aaron explained. "Wait, what?" To be continued... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey everyone! Thank you for all your kind comments on my last story. I was recently inspired again, and wanted to play around with a genre that I've always enjoyed: reality changing. I didn't really do as much scene-hopping as I did with my other story, and my writing in the 3rd person (limited) is still a little rusty, but I hope that the pacing and language comes across smoothly. I realized as I started writing that this couldn't be a one-shot like my last story, however. The ideas just keep coming! So this will split into several parts. Feedback is always welcomed, and hit that follow button to- *lights out*
  7. Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch 1 part 6 by Big Zargo Human shopping With the fall of Holmes top borough’s hospital and the death of Oliver, Logan decided that staying in one place was dangerous, for no matter how secure it was Owen would eventually find a way in. Their only hope was to go across town into the forest and reach the gate which would allow one to travel great distances and circumvent Owens magical fog barrier. Logan hands out special talismans to each group which will allow them to activate the gate. Now these groups of 5 to 10 people head out to the gate in hopes for their freedom. Each group sets off in different directions in hopes of giving each group a chance to make it to their destination. Two weeks later. The group led by Sam were holed up in a small store after Elmar twisted his ankle. “Just one more day Elmar and we’ll have to leave. I don’t want to leave you or any man behind, but this store doesn’t have enough food for all of us, or very much at all in the first place. If you’re not ready to go, we will have to leave you,” Sam says with sadness in his voice. Elmar lather on the ground on top of a bunch of women’s clothes, rubbing his ankle. “Don’t worry Elmar I will not leave you behind. I’ll carry you and both of our packs if I have to. With your skinny body will be easy for me.” Reynard says in confidence, flexing his biceps. Knock-knock-knock-knock!! Every man’s face turns towards the front of the store where the noise came from. “Little humans little humans let me in, or I will huff and puff and blow your door down.” The deep voice spoke from outside the store. Grabbing his talisman from his pocket Sam starts walking towards the front of the building. First Sam check the Windows to make sure there aren’t any other ogres nearby by peeking through the shutters and window covers. Then with the talisman in his hand he steps outside of the store. “You’re a brave one, aren’t you?” The ogre says while backing up, Sam’s talisman glowing a harsh bright white light. This ogre had orange colored skin, on a 10 feet tall and wide muscular body, covered in gray hair, short spiky hair connected by sideburns with a strong square jaw covered in a 5 o’clock shadow. His grace blue eyes were gleaming with sexual hunger and the desire to corrupt. Surprisingly to Sam and his group of survivors, the ogre was wearing a kilt made out of brownshirts and had intelligence, unlike the other ogres who were dumb and naked, and wandering the streets looking for their next victims to fuck. “Yes, yes, I am, monster. We will not be coming Owens sex slaves we will not accept his so-called gift,” Sam says with conviction. The ogre roars in agony as Sam’s talismans given by the wizard / Guardian Logan, both burns with pain and forces him to move back from in front of the store. “That’s right you muscle freak get back. The power of this talisman forces you to get back.” Sam yells out. “So be it. Remember this name, human. Charlie. I will come for you and I will make you my personal cum truck,” Charlie says well yelling out in pain. Charlie quickly turns around and starts running away deeper into the mist then deeper into the fog. Looking to the sky Sam sees that the night is coming, soon the mist will transform into the muscle fog; not even the talismans can keep them safe if they are exposed for too long. “We should leave soon as possible. The ogre might return tomorrow with some friends. Judging by the way the sun is setting will have to leave early in the morning; We can’t risk traveling by night,” Sam says to his group, with concern on his face. Sam soon delegates watch time to the group of survivors. With him and Reynard taking the first watch, then Eli and Elmer taking the second and finally Xavier and Tommy. Eli grumble but accepts his guard watch. Each man starts resuming work on securing the area before heading to sleep. “Do you know how much power the talismans have left,” Reynard asked Sam? “It’s still glows green on the back, so it’s still close to fill. But you must conserve power as much as possible. we may not have taken the longest way to the gate, but we still need to avoid the downtown area,” Sam says. Couple hours later The first hour for Eli and Elmer had been pretty boring for the two men. When Eli spotted two ogres. “Yuck, those two muscle monsters are fucking right in front of us,” Eli says with discuss. “I know we should be lookouts, but I don’t think Sam wanted us to watch this all night,” Elmer said. Both men turning around and placing their backs to the door trying to ignore the sounds of Ogreish fucking, Unaware that the two ogres were a distraction. On the roof top of the building that they are staying in, an ogre cloaked in the shadows of night places a stone disk with strange magical symbols on top of the roof. Within 30 minutes the stone magic subverts the protections of the building that the survivors are standing in. Within 10 more minutes the power of the talismans that Eli and Elmer had on them fizzles out. The next 10 minutes Eli and Elmer minds became foggy and lusty as the fog secretly seeps in, wrapping around their legs and slowly turning them into ogres. Xavier was the first one to wake up and the first one to realize something was wrong. He woke up on his own rather than being woken up by Eli and/or Elmer, and he had an extreme case of mourning wood. He had quickly and quietly got up, checking his surrounding before quietly waking everyone. Thanks to the morning light, Xavier could tell that there was a light dusting of Mist all over the floor. Does not take very long for someone to succumb to muscle fog but does take time for someone to succumb to its mist form, Xavier had thought to himself while he was waking up the other survivors. It didn’t take Xavier very long for him to find Eli and Elmer; For they had been transformed into ogres. Their destroyed clothes were on the floor with a trail of destroyed and fallen racks and shelves led to them. “How did we sleep through that,” Xavier thought to himself. There were like two huge bears like men sleeping like babies. Each of survivors grouped together at the back of the store. “Everyone gather your things. We need to leave now,” Sam said in a whisper. “I’ll take point,” Tommy whispered. All of the survivors quickly and quietly gathered all their supplies, before gathering in front of the door to the back exit. Tommy grabs his talisman and fails to notice that the power was gone. he slowly and cautiously opens and seeing that the coast is clear, and that the alley was cleared. He begins walking through the door. “Looks like it’s good and empty,” Tommy said turning his face towards the others. But before Tommy could move away from the door a ball of condensed muscle fog falls upon Tommy’s body. “Eaaaaaaaa!” Before everyone’s eyes Tommy starts transforming into an ogre. The ball of condensed fog passes through Tommy’s mouth and like a balloon he grew and swell with size and muscles. His skin turns into a shade of orange. As his clothes quickly become tight with his growing muscular body. Within a blink of an eye Tommy have been changed from average man into a huge tan heavyweight bodybuilder and yet his transformation was not over. For now, his clothes starting to rip and tear as he grew into a monstrous inhuman size. His shoes burst open revealing his huge growing feet. His belt strains against his growing body before submitting to the changes and snapping off of his growing waistline. The survivors can clearly see Tommy’s growing six-pack in front of their startled eyes. Like an opening mouth, eyes shaped tears appear a pawn side of Tommy’s pants revealing his growing muscular thighs before falling apart onto the floor with his boxers. His cock quickly becomes erect as it begins to swell and lengthen; Inch by inch first from its 5 inches than six than seven than eight then 9, 10,11, and finally 12 inches. With each inch of growth of his cock he leaped out his humanity through his cum, as his balls have been starting to replace with Ogreish cum. As his cock grew so did his balls quickly swelling into the size two big oranges. The straps on his backpack quickly fell off, as his shirt tour from the middle of his chest and back. Survivors witness how Tommy’s shirt bursts off of his huge meaty pillow size pecs and how the monist hair on his body grew and spread-out words over his body starting out with his pecs. From his upper body the growth and transformation propagate to his arms, starting with the shoulders which became huge boulders, then to his bicep which became size bowling balls, wrists that grew too large for the largest of human watches and have that quickly grew into huge baseball mitts which became large enough to cover a man’s face. The worst thing for the survivors to see, is how Tommy’s face change. Starting with his neck bulging thickening veins popping out as skin turns to a shade of orange. The Facial features begin to become brutish, with eyebrow ridge growing and becoming pronounce, with his stubble jaw becoming blunter and square, his nose became more rounder. Tommy quickly grew to the point he completely blocked the doorway of the exit with his size, to the point that the other survivors cannot even see his head. Within a mowing muffled by the wall he came shooting last of his humanity to the horror of his friends in the other survivors. “No way,” Xavier said in stun and shocked. They were all shocked and just standing there but Sam was the first one to break the shock to realize the implication. “Everyone we have to go back to the lobby of the store for we cannot stay here,” Sam says. Breaking the shock that they had over them, and they ran. The group of survivors come back to the main room of the store to find Charlie and his group of ogres ready to meet them. “We will huff and puff and blow you all guys down,” Charlie yells out. Then him and the other ogres took a deep breath before blowing all over the survivors, in a form of a powerful wave. The survivors wet on their knees with grins all over their faces and erect cocks. “They’re all yours believe that one to me,” Charlie said while pointing at Sam. With his words Charlie grabs Sam and peels his clothes off like a banana as if his clothes were like wrapping paper. “I’ll choose the big one,” said the biggest ogre with gray skin. “Nice choice Gareth,” says one of the other ogres. The rest of the survivors try to resist but they were sluggish things thanks to the ogre’s breath magical attack. Each ogre took great delight at picking their humans to turn into ogres and temporary sex slaves. Each ogre stripping their human down and carrying them like a fireman; with the People’s ass facing the heavens and their faces pressed against the ogre’s hairy muscular back. “Let’s secure these humans with the magical bindings, then we will destroy this building and this block buildings,” Charlie said. From the back of the room the now Ogreish Tommy walks in with another more hairy and shorter ogre. “I’m going to take this fine lad with me if you don’t mind? Just a couple more of these groups and one more wizard and this town will be ours,” the short ogre says. “That was the deal, Reginald. Once we’re done converting these humans into our brothers will send you the video of it,” Charlie said. With their goodbyes to Reginald the rest the ogres quickly secured the humans, then began demand their work of destroying the area of the town. One by one the survivors were picked off and tell only Sam, Reynard and Xavier remained; the ogres becoming inpatient and lustful during their breaks. The survivors watched friends, family and comrades being forced to the smelly pits, chests, feet and balls of the ogres and saw how the victims changed. First, they would stop resisting. then they would begin lick and/or sniff the musky area. Then their cocks would become erect, and if possible, they would begin humping and/or grabbing their cocks. These actions would eventually cause the ogre to become erect as well and like moth to the flame the victim would be attracted to it; the victims would begin licking at it, sucking at it, or in some cases tried to rub their asses against it. The ogres would sometimes bend down so that their victims could serve them and another times the victim would kneel a little, instead. At this point the victim skin would start to change color, from a human natural shade to a shade of orange like their skin was becoming tan while those with light brown or brown became a lot darker. Their bodies would begin to grow wider and taller, and with it there their muscles as well. For some the fat on their body would disappear while for others the fat would transfer being evenly distributed against their growing bodies. Like a horror show to the tied-up victims, they watched how the others grew into tan looking bodybuilder’s and/or strongman. Their backs growing and becoming developed, as their trapezius grew on their swelling neck to the point, they suffered bulls’ neck. Their ass, thighs, and calves would swell, their ass was like two huge balls squished together, their thighs were like tree trunks with teardrops etched on the front and their calves were like huge footballs. Body hair had grown or were started growing all over the victim’s body; when they had reached a size 7 feet and their bodies were like heavy weight bodybuilders and/or strongman. The victim’s bodies began to shake and tremble, as their human’s bodies reach to their limit. Then the true change began to happen. Like a second growth spurt the once human victims completely transformed into ogres. There once already huge 7 feet tall bodies had grown to a large 10 feet or taller monster, their pecs, biceps, ass, thighs, and calves would grow until they were larger than humans’ head. All of their facial structure would change that nose becoming blunter, jaw squaring out before being covered by beard and/or 5 o’clock shadow, there eyebrow ridges becoming more pronounced as their eyebrow’s became more thicker and asked their hair grew out and/or became more shorter or even bald. When the transformation was complete the victims now monster cock would shoot at the last of their humanity in a massive orgasm, which the ogre would come before the transformation or after it. The most horrible part of it all was the victims’ eyes, were once there were a glimmer of intelligence and person, now there was dim a mindless hunger for sex and destruction. Their dumb minds and blank expressions of joy made a disturbing site for the remaining victims; for they had become monstrous muscle bear of a caveman in other words an ogre and joining Owens horde of muscle monsters. Once the transformation was done the ogres might have a second wind and began having sex, but once they were done the ogres would begin tearing apart the surrounding area with their terrible strength. The ogres uplifted cars like they were nothing moving them into a pile, they punched through walls like cardboard. They easily snapped telephone poles like twigs, bend streetlamps and sign like slim metal coat hangers. They did not even break a sweat while they were breaking and destroying buildings in the nearby area. What once had taken weeks and/or months to build was now destroyed in a single day, a single afternoon. Once the ogres were done destroying the area so that no one could hide their, the last three survivors were taken to the camp of the ogres the village of tents.
  8. Absman420


    “Hey everybody, this is Glenn!” “And this is Ben!” “We’re the Fortunato Brothers! And you’re watching another episode of ‘Can You Believe They Bought That Shit?’” TITLE -- THEME MUSIC “In this episode, we’re nosing in on the Storage Auction scene!” “Yeah, my brother and I took some of the profits we’ve made from our podcast this season and -- as usual -- WE BOUGHT SOME SHIT!” “What’d we get this time, Ben?” “That’s a good question, Glenn! The truth is -- I don’t know! Like everybody in the Storage Auction biz, we bought blind!” (EXTERIOR SHOT: Drone -- camera pans across the abandoned “ETERNAL STORAGE” building. There are faded egyptian pyramids painted on the storefront, symbolizing eternity -- subtly informing the viewer that they’ll own their junk forever. We can see the cracked asphalt of the old parking lot and the dilapidated condition of the building. Clearly, from the view, we’re in the middle of nowhere.) BEN (in VO): The Eternal Storage facility went out of business about a decade ago, but they never emptied it. Scheduled for demolition, “Eternal” decided to auction off the unclaimed lots, which these sorts of companies do regularly -- it’s even easier now, thanks to COVID. We bought our booty online. (INTERIOR SHOT: Hallway. Rows of storage units, resembling garage doors, run the dusty, broken down hallway. Some are open and empty, several are locked shut. The electric hall lights work by luck alone, creating a dim, prison-like atmosphere. The Buy-It Brothers are “Live” again. Glenn steps into frame.) “But you know us,” Glenn says, smiling his jowly, toothy grin at the camera. “We don’t ever buy a little shit when a lot of shit’s available!” Ben pops in frame, interrupting. “So we bought THREE of these things!” “Well, the fact is we bought an entire lot, which includes these three units, right here next to each other!” “Who knows what wonders we’ll find?” “No one till we open it. So, what do you say? Which one you wanna start with?” “Let’s start with Door Number One!” Ben says, pulling out a tagged key. As he unlocks an ancient, massive padlock that secures a chain to keep the metal “garage door” in place, his brother hogs the camera. “The fun of this style of ‘Blind Buying’ has spawned quite a few tv shows. Who knows what will be inside? Will it have value, or is it just old furniture and clothes? Is it King Tut’s tomb or Al Capone’s vault? If my brother can ever get the lock off, we’ll find out!” Smiling, Ben says, “This shit’s old!” “So’s your Momma!” Ben snorts, turning the key with great effort. “She’s your Momma, too,” he says, as the lock snaps open with a lethargic clack. “And you know she watches this show.” Ben pulls the chain out of the grating and the two of them squat down to open the sliding door. They couldn’t be less like each other, physically -- Glenn is built like a Snowman and Ben like a String Bean -- although you can see they’re related by face. And sense of humor. The hallway echoes with the sound of scraping, stubborn metal-on-metal force, as if the doorway didn’t fit correctly into its runners, as if it had been pounded out of shape. They get it up almost two feet before it won’t budge another inch. Ben, his skinny bod already used up, sighs loudly and pants. “Okay, maybe Tut’s tomb was a little easier! Want to try one of the others first?” Glenn is kneeling down, shining his flashlight into the darkness of the storage space. “No,” he says. “I can fit under this -- it doesn’t look like it’s jammed full of stuff -- lemme find the light.” “Go, Indy!” Ben mocks as Glenn slides (barely) under the stuck door. Ben gives a side-eye to the camera and whispers, “Indiana Jones was in better shape than my brother…” He harrumphs sarcastically, indicating his lean frame. “Usually, I’m the one squeezing into tight spaces, but my brother likes being the showman when the camera’s on. What’s going on in there?” he calls. “Hold on -- looking for a light. This is crazy!” “What?” Suddenly, the interior light comes on, flooding the space and leaking through the jammed metal door. “Holy crap! Get in here, Ben -- bring the camera!” (INTERIOR SHOT: Storage Unit One, about the size of a standard one-car garage, unpainted cinder-block walls with an overhead neon light. The space is full of gym equipment, not just stored willy-nilly, but set-up as if to be functional, as if someone worked out here. There’s a cable-crossover on the far end, before the mirrored wall. A squat rack on one side, a series of benches and dumbbells on the other. Dusty and cobwebbed, it hasn’t seen use in a while -- but it once did. Lots of use from its condition.) “Look at this!” Glenn says to the camera, smiling broadly. “This is someone’s gym!” Ben looks around. “Maybe some gym went out of business or something…” “No. This looks like someone used it. I mean, this stuff is set up, not stored.” He pulls a pair of 20-pound dumbbells from the rack and struggles to do some bicep curls. “Look at me,” Glenn laughs. “I’m Ah-nold!” He puts the dumbbells back on the rack with a clang that echoes through the space. His pear-shaped body couldn’t possibly look less like Schwarzenegger. Weird. “This is weird,” says Ben. “I know,” laughs Glenn. “Can You Believe We Bought That Shit?” Even Ben laughs at this. “Another mystery for the Buy-It Brothers!” he says back, smiling. “Hey, look back here! There’s a door to the next room -- we won’t have to try and open the front slider!” “Thank God,” Ben says, pulling the heavy wad of keys, chains, and rings from the pocket of his cargo shorts and dropping them on the flat bench. Behind and to the side of the cable crossover -- almost hidden to the eye -- there’s a standard gray industrial door that leads to the next unit. The knob has a keyhole, but as Glenn grabs it, the door breaks off its hinges and falls to the side, as if someone had forced their way through it and tried to put it back in place so no one would notice. “Fine construction,” Glenn jokes. “No wonder they’ve condemned this building.” “This is all very weird.” Glenn pulls the flashlight from out of his back pocket. “At least I know where the light switches are,” he says, entering the dark room. “Be careful,” Ben calls, shooting a nervous glance at the camera. He sees the light come on in the next room, but when he doesn’t hear anything more from his brother, he steps toward the door. “Glenn…?” His brother’s voice isn’t scared, exactly, but he certainly sounds concerned. “Ben,” he says, “bring the camera.” (INTERIOR SHOT: Interior of Unit Two. Ben is clumsy, so the camera is jerky as the stand is reset. This room is identical to the other in terms of construction (and lack of color), but it has a different function -- this is living quarters. At one end of the storage unit, along the wall is a simple cot with a nightstand, a lamp, and a small dresser -- a dull, circular floor rug breaks up the cement. On the other wall, a cheap recliner aimed at a crude, old-fashioned entertainment center -- a TV, a VCR and several dozen VHS tapes. Along the back end of the unit, the opposite end, a seatless toilet, a sink, and a showerhead -- there’s a centered floor drain beneath it.) Taking it all in, Ben says, “What the fuck?” Same tone from Glenn. “Can you believe we bought this shit?” “Glenn, what’s goin’ on? Do you think… someone LIVED here?” “Or was KEPT here.” There’s an uncomfortable silence, unusual between these two. To distract himself, Glenn goes to the entertainment center and picks up some of the VHS tapes. He snorts. “What?” asks Ben, turning the camera to catch Glenn. Glenn holds up the tapes to the camera. “It’s all gay porn,” he says. “And a few bodybuilding competitions.” Even Ben sighs and jokes, “Can you believe we bought that shit?” He chuckles. “Do you think any of this has any value at all?” Glenn shrugs, indicating the tapes. “They’re vintage,” he says. “And look,” he continues, turning the TV on, “TV still works!” The TV comes to life with gay porn, two muscular men in the depths of fucking. Crude and savage, the Buy-It Brothers both turn away. “Oh, Geez… turn it off, man!” But it won’t turn off -- Glenn hits the power button any number of times, but the TV keeps on keeping on. “It won’t turn off,” he says. “Looks like it’s gay porn to infinity!” Ben side-eyes the camera. “Unplug it,” he says, which Glenn acknowledges and pulls the plug from the wall -- the TV stops, mercifully. They’re spooked enough. Glenn holds up his hands like he’s won a race. “Ta-dah!” he sings. “Anything in the dresser?” he asks, nodding toward the piece. Ben seems afraid to look, but finally opens the top drawer, which he then immediately closes. “What?” Ben swallows dramatically. “Jockstraps and thongs,” he says. He opens the second drawer. “Underwear and posers,” he says, opening the third. “Spandex shorts and muscle shirts.” He grimly nods. “I am ready to cut our losses and not look in Unit Three.” “Oh, we’re so looking in Unit Three,” Glenn says, crossing to where the doorway would be. Instead, there’s literally a hole in the wall, as if someone had torn the cinderblocks away and made a doorway. Scraps of cement pieces and piles of broken cinderblocks still litter the floor. Someone had clearly meant to fix the damage -- there are a couple of loose bags of cement mix amid the rubble -- but clearly nothing had been done, just dust and destruction with a layer of time. “I mean, obviously, someone wanted in there very badly.” “Where the hell is the door?” asks Ben, moving the camera’s tripod to a new location. “What is going on around here?” “Well, it’s pretty full in here,” Glenn says from the doorway. “But I can slide down the wall and get the lights okay.” Again, after a couple of seconds, the lights come on, though this bulb isn’t quite as good, blinking and fizzing as Ben, carrying the camera, enters. (INTERIOR SHOT: Unit Three. A slightly smaller room than the other two -- maybe half the width -- filled with over a dozen wooden pallets loaded with beverage cases, wrapped tightly in heavy industrial plastic. Some are haphazardly stacked on top of others -- each pallet has six layers of product. They are dusty, resembling forgotten furniture after a hasty move or dinosaur carcasses after a meteor shower.) Ben looks into the camera. “The mystery deepens,” he says. Glenn pulls his knife from the Leatherman attached to his belt and cuts into the heavy plastic wrapping on one of the pallets. “Let’s see what they were hoarding,” he says, pulling out a plastic sports drink bottle, gray with red and gold lettering. “CYCLE ONE,” he reads, shrugging. “You ever heard of it?” “No.” Ben pulls out his phone instinctively to search it, but there’s no coverage inside. “Fucking cinderblocks,” he mumbles. Meanwhile, Glenn cracks open the plastic bottle and chugs it on down. “Glenn!” Ben hollers when he looks up. “What are you doing?” “What?” Glenn says, tossing the empty bottle away. “It’s just a sports drink! I didn’t see an expiration on it -- it was good!” He turns to the camera and adds, “Sadly, it hasn’t fermented.” “I can’t believe you just drank that!” Ben protests. “You don’t know anything about it!” “Oh, for the love of God, Ben! Give it up!” Ben shakes it off. “I’m sorry, bro,” he says. “This whole place has got me a little spooked, is all. This is very weird.” Glenn shrugs dramatically. “What? Some guy who used to own a gym loses it all and instead of being homeless and on the streets…” “...he chooses to live in a storage facility?” Ben finishes. “With his collection of porn, thongs, and sports drinks? No, that doesn’t sound weird at all.” Glenn snorts and begins counting the pallets. “Whatever,” he says. “Ready, math guy?” Ben opens his calculator app. “Ready!” he says. Glenn counts. “Each pallet has ten cases per layer and each is six layers high.” “Sixty cases!” Ben announces. “I didn’t even need the calculator for that!” Glenn laughs. “Twenty-four bottles per case means…?” “Fourteen-hundred forty bottles per pallet.” He counts quickly again. “Twenty pallets…?” “Means we own a shit-ton of this stuff.” Glenn smiles toward the camera. “I love math,” he says. “What are we gonna do with twenty-eight thousand, eight-hundred bottles of old sports drink?” “Twenty-eight thousand, seven ninety-nine,” Glenn chuckles, tossing his empty bottle dramatically over his shoulder, where it clunks emptilly around in the cinderblock space. “That’s gonna eat into our profit margins,” Ben says, shaking his head, sliding his phone back into his pocket. “Ben, even if we sell it for a buck a bottle, we still make a shit-ton more than we spent. Plus the gym equipment…” “...and the vintage porn.” Glenn smiles. “And the vintage porn -- we’ll still come out ahead. That it happens to be weird gives us a story to tell, doesn’t it? That’s why we have this camera… and the show…” They both turn to the camera and smile. “Can You Believe We Bought This Shit?” Ben asks dryly. “Okay,” Glenn says, taking charge like he usually does, “we’ll need the Pallet Jack -- we didn’t bring that, did we? -- but we have room in the Hauler to fit all this stuff.” As he talks, he steps back into the middle unit-- the living area -- Ben follows dutifully, taking the camera along. “I doubt we’re gonna want to keep much of this stuff -- I guess the TV works tho, right? And who knows? Maybe there IS a market for vintage porn.” He laughs and walks into the first unit, the one with the gym equipment. “I don’t know how we’re gonna get this stuff outta here -- maybe the guys who buy it can haul it. I don’t know…” Suddenly, he jumps up and grabs the pull-up bar mounted on the top of the cable crossover. Ben is suddenly watching his middle-aged, rugby-thick, out-of-shape brother doing pull-ups -- exercising! “What are you doing?” Ben asks, already laughing. “Pull-ups!” Glenn says breathlessly as he struggles to do a third. He drops heavily onto his feet. “We own a gym now,” he says to his skinny-fat brother. “The Fortunato Brothers Fitness Center! Maybe it’s a sign we should get these sad-ass bods back in shape?” Ben laughs. “You feelin’ okay?” “I feel great!” Glenn says. “Seriously, I feel fucking GREAT! Ever since I had that…” He stops suddenly and looks away, toward the third unit. A devilish smile crosses his face and he exits with purpose back into the other rooms. “Glenn, what are you doing? GLENN!” Ben gives a look toward the camera and is about to go after his brother when Glenn reappears in the broken doorway, holding several bottles of CYCLE ONE. “This shit…” he starts to say. Ben immediately protests, holding his hands up. “Our profit margin!” Glenn tosses a bottle with an easy lob to his brother, but Ben -- never an athlete -- bobbles and drops it. The bottle rolls under the metal gate they’d opened into the hallway beyond. “There goes our profit margin,” Glenn jokes, opening another bottle. As he speaks, he gestures with it. “Why don’t you go grab that bottle? I should’ve known better than to toss it to you.” He slugs down half his new bottle in one gulp, easily. Ben’s tone is serious. “I think you should ease up on that stuff,” he says, making his way toward the metal gate. “You don’t know what’s in it.” “It’s a sports drink.” Glenn waves him off. “It’s just sugar water.” He attempts another set of pull-ups as Ben squats down to go under the door. He’s got a little over two-feet of clearance but he’s reluctant to press his chest to the floor, all that dust and dirt he’d been able to ignore before, when the mystery had captivated him. Now there’s less enthusiasm to follow the rules -- like the game OPERATION, where you shouldn’t touch the sides… Ben’s shoulder whaps the bottom of the metal grate as he rises in the hallway. There is a grinding, loud, metallic shriek and the grate slams solidly onto the cement floor. “Oh, shit,” Ben mumbles. He hears Glenn from inside, slightly muffled. “What happened?” “I must’ve jostled it with my shoulder,” Ben says to the door, speaking a little more loudly than usual, to be heard through the closed door. “That’s why I didn’t make the Limbo Team.” No laugh. Damn. “Okay, let’s heft it back up again!” Ben grabs the handles on his side -- and he can hear Glenn trying to pull the chain on his -- but the door doesn’t budge. “Fuck -- AGAIN!” They try -- even though Ben worries about his back, he throws himself into it -- and fails. The door stays closed. “Fuck,” Ben chants. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” “Well, let’s try one of the other doors,” Glenn suggests from inside. “You have the keys, right?” Ben reaches down to his pockets -- empty? Where…? Oh, shit! He’d taken the keys out of his pocket and put them on the bench -- inside the unit! “Oh, shit!” “What?” “They’re in there!” Ben shouted, slapping the metal door. “They’re in THERE! I took them out of my pocket when I was fumbling with all the camera equipment! They’re on the bench.” He doesn’t hear Glenn’s sighing exhale, but he’s certain that’s what’s happening -- his brother is collecting his wits -- it’s what he always does when he’s angry. “Okay,” Glenn says through the grate. “Is the crowbar in the truck?” “I don’t know,” Ben answers. “I’ll have to check. I don’t think so. I think we took it out when we were emptying from that last job.” “It’s okay,” Glenn says. “We’re gonna need the Pallet Jack anyway. Okay, you head to the Workshop and get the crowbar, the Pallet Jack, any kind of hack saw we might have if we gotta cut those chains…” “Glenn, the Workshop is almost a hundred miles away!” “Well, we don’t have much choice -- unless you’re strong enough to tear through these metal grates with your bare hands, we’re gonna need tools. And the tools are in the Workshop…” “Which is a hundred miles away!” Glenn laughs. “Well, I’m not going anywhere! So you might as well get to it… unless you don’t have the truck keys?” “They’re in the truck.” He can hear Glenn sigh. “You just leave keys everywhere…” Ben doesn’t laugh. “You’re hysterical,” he says. “Look, Glenn, I feel bad enough…” “It’s not a big deal,” his brother says through the metal grate. “It’s just a couple hours. I have plenty to do -- I have games on my phone and shit -- don’t worry. Hey, I can always work out and watch vintage porn, right?” That his brother, trapped because of Ben’s own foolishness, would work so hard to make jokes shows Ben how much Glenn cares. Ben can’t help but smile. “Yeah, I guess,” he says. “I’m sorry, Glenn.” “It’s just gonna be a couple hours -- and we’ll get a good story out of it. Don’t worry, Ben, it’s all good. Now go get the tools -- I’m done talking through a garage door. Frankly, I feel like working out.” “Don’t drink any more of that shit!” “Too late!” For some reason, as much as anything else, that lights a fire in Ben’s pants. He can’t shake his uneasy feeling about that stupid sports drink -- he’s sure he’s heard of it before. On the floor against the far wall sits the bottle he’d come out here for -- without much consideration, he picks it up off the floor and puts it in the side pocket of his cargo shorts (where the keys had been). Ben hurries down the stairs and exits the building -- this time smart enough to block the door with a cinderblock, so it won’t lock by accident behind him. The keys are in the truck -- thank God for small favors! -- but the crowbar is not. There’s not a helpful tool in the bed. (They’d taken the toolbox out to create room for all the loot they were gonna haul from this Buy-It score!) Just one stupid thing after the next -- and here they are now, Glenn locked in a unit with vintage porn! So it would be REALLY stupid if something happened to me now, Ben thinks, driving a little too old-lady like. But it’s better than getting pulled over, or having an accident, or any of the other myriad horror stories he imagines happening as he drives the nearly hundred miles to their Workshop while his brother is trapped. “I just got here!” he texts when he arrives at the Workshop, nearly two hours later -- the text isn’t delivered. He tries to shrug it off, shutting the door of the truck -- the one shrink-wrapped with their Buy-It Brothers logo -- and enters their warehouse (their “Workshop”) -- the one sporting that same logo over cartoon-versions of he and Glenn. (Ben thought they looked a little too much like Laurel and Hardy, but no one knew that reference anymore.) With haste, he gathers the things he’ll need, the crowbar, the hacksaw -- he has to locate the Pallet Jack. He’s wasting so much time on it, he considers leaving it behind. Fortunately, just as he’s thinking that, he trips over it. (It’s mostly hidden beneath a hastily discarded tarp.) It takes some little effort to lift it up into the bed of the truck -- lifting stuff is more his brother’s kind of thing -- but he finally does it, breathing heavily as he rolls the jack deeper into the bed near the cab and straps it in. He’s sweating a little -- and thirsty. Without realizing it, his hand touches the bottle still stashed in his pocket. The CYCLE ONE. He can’t resist. Though he knows his priority is getting back and rescuing his brother, Ben takes a moment to fire up his desktop and do some internet snooping, to satisfy his curiosity (or his paranoia). Cycle One -- there it is -- a sports drink that was all the rage twenty years ago. Internet rumors claim it was the real deal, adding insane amounts of masculine muscle and power, but there were side effects: dangerously increased libido, loss of sexual inhibition, loss of individuality. Crazy internet bullshit -- still, there are dozens of flexing testimonials, young men eager to show off their “transformations.” All of them looking a tiny bit… zealous, perhaps? Another article links Cycle One to a Justice Club Super-Villain, a hyper-muscled bodybuilder by the punny name of King Rex. The pic that accompanies this article shows an impossibly muscled man with a beard transforming a kneeling Superion, the Earth’s most powerful superhero, and turning him into Rex’s worshipful gay slave. The article claims the “secret ingredient” in Cycle One is King Rex’s magical ejaculate. A deeper dive: coincidently, upon the disappearance of this King Rex into the Multiverse, supplies of Cycle One became limited overnight -- and precious. Several would-be cults formed around the protection -- and distribution -- of this suddenly valuable resource. People went to great lengths to horde the stuff -- vaults, fallout shelters, armed-guards at storage units… Ben surfaces from his rabbit hole with the realization of what he and his brother have stumbled upon. In this instance, knowledge hasn’t seemed to give him any power at all -- other than to realize there’s danger, which he’s already suspected. Thanks, knowledge. Hurriedly, Ben gets back to the truck -- leaving the bottle of Cycle One on his desk -- realizing he’s wasted almost twenty minutes online, and heads the ninety-some-odd miles back to the storage units. He wants to floor it and speed the entire way, but he fears getting pulled over, or getting in an accident, or any of the other myriad nightmares that would end with his brother being forever trapped. “Almost there,” he texts at a red light -- the text isn’t delivered. Damn cinder-blocks -- they give little hope. He leaves the main road for the access road, the access road for the side road, the side road for the private drive, until finally, the abandoned ETERNAL STORAGE building comes into view, across the cracked and weed-filled parking lot. Apparently, this is all to be torn down to create an Amazon Warehouse. The Amazons replace the Eternals -- sounds like a bad superhero movie -- Ben can’t help but chuckle, despite the situation. A nerd at heart. He parks next to the door he’d left jammed open with the cinderblock and hurries back inside, grabbing the crowbar out of the truck bed on his way. He bounds up the stairs to the second floor -- as fast as his skinny, awkward body can “bound” anyway -- less like a gazelle and more like a clumsy giraffe with a few extra knees -- and lopes down the hall to their lot. It’s been just a little over five-and-a-half hours, and his brother wasn’t in immediate danger -- (he certainly wasn’t gonna go thirsty) -- still, Ben is worried. From halfway down the hall he can hear it. Right up next to the stuck door it’s impossible to miss: clanging weights, grunts and groans -- his brother is working out! “Glenn?” he calls, slapping the metal door. “Glenn, you OK?” “Ben?” he hears, then the thud of a barbell being dropped. The voice is closer to the door. “You’re back already? I still gotta do deadlifts.” “You’re hysterical,” Ben says, smiling with relief -- his brother isn’t dead. “Are you OK?” He can hear Glenn’s laughter. “WAY better than OK. Bro, this stuff is AMAZING, this CYCLE ONE shit! We’ve struck gold!” “Glenn…” “A buck a bottle? Fuck that. A THOUSAND bucks a bottle! For this…? Hell yeah, they’ll pay it.” “Glenn, I’ve been doing some research on it, the Cycle One, and…” “I don’t care what the Internet says right now, Bro! Let’s just get this fucking door open.” “Um… Okay, I have the crowbar!” “Great! Let’s see if you can get the bottom up a little bit.” Ben jams the crowbar beneath the door -- he’s expecting resistance, but the flat end of the bar simply slides under. Lifting the curled end, Ben slides a piece of broken cinder block beneath to act as a fulcrum. When he attempts to raise the door, the metal dents, lifting a small section up about an inch. When Ben removes the crowbar, he sees his brother stick his fat fingers through the opening from the other side. “I’m almost free!” Glenn says and laughs. Then, he says, “Hey!” like he’s had an idea. “Make another one of those dents about two feet to your left. I got an idea!” Ben shrugs -- “Okay…” -- and slides to his left. Again, the crowbar easily goes under the metal lip. Ben uses the same piece of cinder block and creates another hand-sized dent in the base of the sliding door -- the screech of the metal is almost uncomfortable. Glenn is saying, “Perfect… perfect,” from the other side of the door. “Okay, let’s give it a try!” “What?” “Let’s try to lift it! Grab the handle out there!” “Glenn, we can’t lift this…” “I told you -- I’m fresh! I haven’t done deadlifts, yet.” Bending over rather than squatting, Ben grabs the handle in the center of the roll-up metal door. He’s indulging his brother -- there’s no way they’re moving this door -- so he doesn’t give it his all. So he’s surprised when, on his brother’s count of “Three!” the door actually jerks up a foot or so -- Ben nearly loses his balance. “That’s better,” says Ben’s brother. “I can get a better grip on it now. Hold on a sec…” Ben can hear the sounds of drinking from inside and the clink clunk of an empty plastic bottle as it’s casually tossed away. He burps. “Okay,” he says, again gripping the base of the metal -- Ben can see his sneakers beneath the door. “Let’s do this. Grab on!” Ben grabs the door handle a little more seriously this time, squatting opposite his brother. “One. Two… THREE!” They both throw energy into the movement, but the door doesn’t budge. “No!” Glenn yells. “AGAIN!” A little -- it moves a little -- but nothing that’s gonna rescue anybody anytime soon. “Fuck this… FUCK THIS!” Glenn yells, then Ben can hear him mumble. “Just need a little more. Just a little more…” Again, the sound of drinking, the empty clunk of a thrown bottle. “Fuck this. Let’s get this fucking thing!” They both heave. It moves… slightly! “MORE!” And they both strain. Then, unexpectedly and suddenly enough to surprise Ben, the door doesn’t slide up so much as it gives in to the pressure and folds, shrieking a metallic screech like a tin can collapsing. The force throws Ben off balance and he trips over the crowbar, slamming into the cinderblock wall on the opposite side of the hall. So hard, it knocks the wind from him -- and from the way his head slams back into the brick, he knows he’s about to lose consciousness, too. The image he’s left with: his brother. His brother! Not the teddy-bear, snowman-shaped sibling he’s known for forty years -- not unless his brother is the Hulk and Ben has never figured it out. Standing there in the doorway, arms over his head pushing the door up further, Glenn is massive -- his muscles are impossible! Thick and heavy, but not ripped and “cut” like a bodybuilder in competition. Glenn’s lines are curvaceous, not tight, his flabby tummy has become a “roid-gut”, big, curved lines, round muscle bellies, bloated and swollen -- he wears electric blue posing trunks and a spandex half-shirt that doesn’t reach the bottom of his bulbous pecs, exposing his thick nipples. His biceps are easily as big as his head, maybe bigger while flexed like this -- Glenn’s breathless in his joy, in his win, in his show of power. Look at the size of him! Ben can see his brother is fighting a hard-on in the tiny, shiny posers he barely wears as he flexes his triumph at ripping the door from its track -- he’s so masculine, but what he wears is so… flowery. Feminine. He flexes a most-muscular, popping his traps and his pecs -- just like the Hulk used to on the old TV show when they were kids, fantasizing about being so big. And then -- helplessly -- Ben finally passes out, lost in confusion and darkness. Only certain that he’s too late. ********************************************************************************* Chock! That’s the sound he wakes to, the heavy stone stacking of brick. Chock! Or cinderblocks… Ben opens his eyes tentatively, taking a moment to process where he is. Although he’s leaning against the wall, there are pallets of CYCLE ONE all around him -- he must be in Unit Three! Why…? Chock! What the fuck is that? As he stirs, rising to investigate, he discovers there’s a chain wrapped several times around his ankle -- padlocked on! -- connecting him to the pallet. He screams. “Glenn! GLENN!” “Oh, you’re awake,” he hears from somewhere across the unit, out of sight. “And here I was trying to be quiet…” Chock! “What the fuck is going on?” Glenn laughs. “Good tv.” “What? Glenn, I’m chained to this pallet.” “Yeah, I know -- calm down. Freakin’ out is not gonna help you, bro. It’ll be easier if you think of it as an Escape Room -- the intent IS for you to get out, after all.” Chock! “I don’t understand.” There’s a heavy sigh. “Can you stand up, at least?” his brother asks. “So we can talk face to face.” Ben stands, the chain uncomfortably tight around his ankle, his headache pounding. The pallets are just under six feet high (stacked with cases of Cycle One -- perhaps the last cases of Cycle One), and Ben can see over the top. Not that that lessens the horror. His brother -- his massively muscled brother -- Ben still can’t adjust to the change -- is resealing the hole in the cinderblock wall between units two and three, using the broken pieces from before. He spreads a sloppy layer of cement with his bare hands and then drops a cinderblock into it. Chock! He’s rebuilt the wall only a little higher than his chest, so Ben can still see Glenn’s pecs, traps and shoulders -- and of course, his arms. (He’s so big -- it’s just not possible.) “What are you doing?” Ben asks, barely keeping the fear from his voice. “Okay, again -- calm down,” Glenn said patronizingly, spreading cement. “Freaking out will just waste your time. It’s easy to get out of here -- I’m even gonna tell you how.” Chock! “Glenn, what the fuck…?” Glenn reaches through the opening with his muscular arm -- he’s holding a flashlight and a set of keys (he’s getting cement on them from his fingers). He drops them on the floor, well on the other side of the room. “These are the keys to your chains,” he says, pulling his arm back and peeking through the gap. “And my torch, which is a literary allusion -- forget it. Anyway, I figure after drinking a dozen bottles or so, you’ll be big enough to drag that pallet over here and get these keys.” “WHAT?!?” “I told ya, it’s good tv.” Chock! “See, Ben,” Glenn says as he continues re-building the wall, “I knew you wouldn’t drink it voluntarily. No doubt you ran home and researched it and found all the reasons NOT to drink it -- that’s so like you -- but I say when you come across a magic muscle potion, you drink it! That’s the difference between you and me.” Chock! “Would you please stop doing that?” Glenn doesn’t stop -- he continues. “But then I thought, what if he’s his normal smart-ass self? What if he just tears through the heavy plastic and empties the pallet? That’d make it pretty easy to drag across the room, right? So I decided to create another little obstacle for you. Even if you cheat on the pallet (and personally, I don’t think you’re strong enough to tear through the industrial plastic), you still gotta get through this wall. But I figure, after you drink a case, you’ll do it with ease. Look what I did to that fuckin’ roll-up door!” He laughs. “It’s so fucking awesome, Bro!” “Glenn… please…” Chock! “I considered simply force-feeding you, but that’s kind of an overused trope, isn’t it? This way makes more compelling drama. Did you see the camera over by the sliding door?” Ben looks to his left and sees the camera on its tripod atop a pallet of CYCLE ONE, aimed at him, filming his dilemma. Good TV... “I filmed my own transformation,” Glenn adds. “Well, not so solid at the beginning, but I have a cum-shot at the end that’ll blow you out of the water! And my Scanty Fashion Show will get us a ton of views!” “What?” “Trust me, Ben -- this stuff enhances EVERYTHING!” “Glenn, please don’t do this.” “You’ll thank me, bro. That I know -- you just need the right motivation. String bean like you… it’s what you’ve always dreamed of. Big muscles. Feels good. No work. Right up your alley.” Chock! The wall is almost complete -- just a small gap at the top. Enough to maybe get a grip on… Ben pulls on the chain -- he’s securely in place. This is all a little too melodramatic for him. Would his brother actually abandon him here and let him die? What the fuck? “For the love of God, Glenn!” he shouts as the last cinderblock wedges into place. “Stop!” “Get drinking,” he hears his brother say, his voice muffled. “You can be out in an hour! I’ll be over here working out and modeling posers -- haha!” “Glenn! GLENN!” But Glenn doesn’t answer. All Ben hears is the sounds of gay porn -- vintage gay porn -- the moaning and the raw need permeating the cement wall. Beyond that, the clang of weights in the first unit -- Glenn is at it again. Ben screams out of frustration more than anything else, knowing no one can hear him -- they’re in the middle of nowhere. He’s trapped -- TRAPPED! And completely at the mercy of his brother’s dark sense of 19th century drama. He sits against the wall in a fetal position, crying. Why does this have to be such a difficult choice? At the heart, Glenn is right -- he hates being skinny -- he hates being String Bean. Muscle Zombies searching for hidden stashes of Cycle One… Transformations. He still seems like the same Glenn. (Except maybe the chaining his brother around the ankle part…) Just a fuck-ton bigger -- more masculine. Sexier. He holds the bottle in his hand -- firm, hard plastic -- unemotional, cold. What if you held a magic muscle-growth potion in your hands? Would you drink it? Knowing what it would do? (He hears his brother’s obsessive training.) Knowing what it would change? (He hears the vintage porn.) He looks at the camera and flies it the bird. Fuck you, good TV. Finally, long minutes later, the sound of him cracking the bottle echoes around Unit Three.
  9. Muscle fog ogre’s gift CH 1 part 5 By Big-Zargo Ogres Invade the Hospital This night would be a good night to look at the stars, but Owens fog covers the sky blanketing the moon and stars in its embrace. The fog seeks and spreads finding victims to propagate Owen’s influence, turning their victims into ogres. Fat, muscular, skinny, average, gay or straight, smart or dumb, healthy or not, any man caught by Owen’s fog will succumb to his will. These ogres under Owens control had been destroying buildings of Holmes top Borough so that Owens Palace could be made and that his domain could be secured. Any humans who survived the first night of Owens takeover who were unfortunate enough to encounter Owens ogres quickly succumb joining the orgy of sex and destruction as an ogre. It has been two weeks since Owen had captured Samuel and transformed him into an ogre, and it had been a bright idea to do so. Unbeknownst to him his ogres had been degrading losing their intelligence and their memories. If it hadn’t been for the ogre-fied Samuel all of his ogres would have been degraded and he would just have to start from scratch re-teaching them all. Having a bunch of dumb ogres would have been easy to control and made them more loyal to him. But it was important that they retain their intelligence; each of their perspectives would give his town variety. Samuel’s fix for the problem is both intelligent and temporary; for by storing the memories and intelligence of his ogres he is able to stop the degrade in select few of his lieutenant ogres or even slowing it down to a crawl in others, but this leads plenty of dumb ogres, who need management to stay out of trouble. In the biggest tent in the city of tents Lord Owen sits upon his big couch like chair towering with his orange muscular body looking down at a blonde-haired man, making this man look like a child. “You’re offering to me is sufficient to attain my audience. Now tell me human what do you seek.” Owen says, while his face is hidden by shadows making the human guesses emotions. “I’ve seen the power of your gift, the strength and size it gives to the recipient and I wish to have it for myself.” The man says with trepidation in his voice. Owen’s shadowed face tilts to the side a little as he replies. “If you just wanted strength you could easily have just walked into my fog and let the transformation take hold rather than sacrificing your two friends to the fog, to make contact me.” After giving his statement, Owen gave a pause to see the man’s response. “The man- “I want to be the biggest, strongest, and the most masculine ogre of them all. But most of all I want to keep being straight. I’ve seen what happens to those who fall under your influence, I have seen how the degrade over time. I’ve noticed that some of your ogres maintain their intelligence and most of their personality. I want your strength, the powers you can offer me, I want musk that can make women go crazy for me, the same way how your ogres are able to make men do so.” Owen gave the man a toothy smile before frowning and leaning forward towards the man. “I could simply lie to you, tell you to do my bidding before turning you into a very big and strong ogre. But for me to grant your wish you must accept the possibility that you might turn out like the rest of my ogres. There is a chance that you may be able to retain that aspect of your sexuality for yourself but that requires a strong will, especially if you’re going to become a specialized ogre; For the more power I bestow upon my ogres the less their original human personality remains. I am trying to say is when I turned you into an ogre, your humanity will be gone and most likely that part of you that cares for a woman’s touch is most likely going to be leaking out of your fat Ogreish cock.” The man- “I have two questions for you my… Lord, Great, Master... How do you want to be called Owen? Owen- “That’s three questions human. But I will oblige. It would be Lord, for the first one.” The man- “Is there some way to get I want without losing my sexuality, and why do all the people you transform into ogres become Gay? Owen- “well now I think there might be a way to keep some of it, but the best I can do is make you bisexual the most. To answer your other question. It’s because I desire it and/ it is also desirable side effect of me transforming people into ogres. I give the people that I transform into ogres some of my essence, like copying and pasting a file, which overwrites some of their natural life force. It would take a probably about a year for the effects to be permanent. Hmmm.. Now I think of it that might be one of the reasons why they are deteriorating. Did I satisfy your questions?” The man- “Yes Lord Owen. What is the task you would like me to do? Owen- “All you need to do is infiltrate a hospital. It somehow is protected from my magical gaze and have some form of magical runes preventing my ogres getting nearby. I needed you to look around figuring out how it’s defended and if possible, destroy those defenses.” With a ripple of noise two ogres enter the huge tent behind the man, but he did not notice them. The man- “That’s it? It will be on my Lord.” “Indeed. I just need to give you a few things for the job.” Owen says, with a mirth in his voice. Three weeks later Deep within the hospital of Holmes Top Borough in an ideal location in the dark and musty basement two man on working air pumps sucking up all of the mysterious muscle fog. This ideal spot in the basement allows the men to work without risk of succumbing to Owens power. Like the sea, Owens fog rises and falls making it the perfect place to experiment with the fog. At the daytime is safe to go down the fog surprisingly retreats into mist or even fades away entirely; but that night the fog rises leaving only one staircase and platform safe to inhabit. These men seek to use the magical fog’s healing properties on their patients. Prof. Semih Zeki was average size man with long curly brown hair, gray eyes, average nose, and weeks cheekbones from the country of Turkey. He had spent the last five years in the USA during research, before heading to Holmes Top Borough to visit a colleague of his, at this very hospital. While Gang Jian was born in America after his parents immigrated, and unlike Prof Zeki he was athletic with lean muscle tannish skin with amber eyes, and long black hair tied up in a ponytail. Like Prof. Zeki he was visiting this hospital because his girlfriend’s mom was in the hospital. On the night of the mysterious fog’s parents all females and young children vanished. The young man latched on to Prof. Zeki like a child to candy because of Zeki willingness to study this strange phenomenon, giving gang some form of stability and hope for his girlfriend as they both investigate the properties of this fog. Prof. Zeki was nervous as they were extracting the muscle fog into an air container. For the last week someone has been attempting to destroy the runes which were protect the hospital from the muscle fog and its victims. He knew he was playing a dangerous game with the muscle fog, but there are too many patients that are to hurt to leave the hospital. With Dr. Wyatt’s help the dosage of the fogs healing property has been found one more night of extracting fog and condensing it into liquid form and they’ll have enough to start healing all the patients. Prof. Zeki hated how loud the gas collector it always makes him nervous. was if it wasn’t for Dr. Wyatt giving them a heads up and the lower floors and basement being practically empty because of the muscle fog surrounding the floors they have made been caught by now. Without Oliver’s wards, talismans and runes around the hospital the ogres would have somehow squeezed inside the hospital and started infecting them all; but at the same time Oliver’s wards do not prevent infection by the muscle fog, only slow it down and reversing the process if there’s not too far gone. Prof. Zeki and Gang knew something was wrong the minute the gas collector stopped making noise. “I’m going to assume are Semih Zeki and Gang Jian you to are not down here breaking my wards. Because if you are, I’m going to have to kill you.” The man behind Prof. Zeki and gang said. Turning around both Zeki and Gang to see Oliver. (Oliver was a middle-aged man with light brown skin and average body type but with a height of 4 feet tall made him a short person. His piercing gray eyes often distracted people from his soft round face. His dirty worn clothes and unshaven black hair gave him a homeless man look.) Prof. Zeki -“No No No I’m not breaking your wards Oliver. I am just collecting the fog for my experiments I believe with the right dosage the fogs healing properties could be used to help. It would make it easier for us to escape if did not have to abandoned anyone, especially the patients.” Oliver gave Zeki a hard look before saying. “I believe you Prof. Zeki that you guys are not breaking my wards.” Prof. Zeki gave an audible sigh of relief at those words. “But this fog collecting must end. The creature called Owen can feel any creature who comes in contact with his fog. That is why had the head Dr. Benjamin Helpmin turn your proposal down. We don’t know how much influence Owen would have a person who was healed by his fog. A person’s whose hand was healed by it may find their own hand moving on against their own volition, or for worse a man who has brain damage might strongly turned traitor on us at a key moment dooming us all into slavery by the wicked creature. That is why I had the containers of fog destroyed.” Prof. Zeki face turns red for a second before his face falls in sadness as he hears Oliver’s words. Gang couldn’t believe how easily Prof. Zeki gave up. Prof. Zeki work was helping people, it had the potential to heal anyone everyone in the hospital. Prof. Zeki research might be able to figure out a way to bring all the women and children back. Prof. Zeki and he have made too many sacrificed to turn back now. Oliver- “I know you guys have been using the patients for your experiments. I am willing to forgive you because I understand that you are trying to understand Owen’s fog; A may not agree with your methods but have enough empathy to understand but I understand why you did it. If you help me find the one who was breaking my wards and give me all your research notes on the fog, I will protect you from Dr. Helpmin and chief Carrick they’ve known what you’ve done and are willing to kill you or exile you. I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt bio have to put a magical binding upon you two as the insurance policy.” Oliver lifts his hand out as if he was going to greet the two men. “What this so-called magical binding,” Prof. Zeki asked? Oliver- “It’s like a magical promise only if you break it there would-be consequences.” The two men looked apprehensive at the thought of Oliver’s magical binding. Prof. Zeki gave a long exhausting sigh before saying. “All I want to do was help people. When I saw that one arm man transform into an ogre and his arm was fully restored. I thought that I could use the fog to heal people.” Prof. Zeki starts to cry as he continues to speak. “I got some of the first dosages wrong on the first couple of patients and the immediately transformed into ogres. I didn’t mean to turn some of them into ogres I didn’t need to turn Kenny into one of them.” Gang couldn’t believe it. Prof. Zeki a proud man was crying like a baby and confessing actions to Oliver. This behavior from Prof. Zeki was odd to Gang. Something was wrong but he couldn’t put his tongue on it. “Come you two grabs onto my hand and all will be forgiven.” Oliver says with compassion in his voice. Before Prof. Zeki’s hand could reach out towards Oliver, Gang stopped it. “How do you know of our experiments and what did you do with all the few people healed by the magical fog.” Gang with suspicion in his voice. “Because I told them.” Said the man coming behind Oliver. Both Prof. Zeki and Gang looked shocked at the site of Dr. Wyatt as he walked into the dim light. (Dr. Wyatt was a skinny man with a black curly hair, bland facial features with a slim mustache to break up the monotony, brown eyes that are surrounded by thick round glasses and dark brown skin that as dark as dark chocolate. He is currently wearing worn-out red button sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and his doctor’s shoes.) Dr. Wyatt’s face was pointed downwards in shame. Gang- “why Wyatt why?” With sadness in his voice. “Didn't you want to help your brother? we had collected enough to wake him up without turning them into an ogre.” Dr. Wyatt- “I’m sorry but chief Carrick caught me sneaking around the lower floors and I panicked when I saw him and ran; Sadly, for me, he was faster. He brought me to Oliver, and he gave me two choices tell him what I was doing down at the first floor or he would place a curse an upon me.” Something was wrong but Gang cannot put his finger on it. Prof. Zeki was giving up too easily, he had to knock him out just so he can get some sleep three days ago. Dr. Wyatt and himself had made plans just for this occasion, although he wasn’t a great liar, he was good of the subterfuge of half-truths. Something was definitely up with the situation. Looking around Gang at Prof. Zeki and Dr. Wyatt he noticed that their body language was off; it was if they were drunk, the way their bodies moved side to side in a circular motion. Backing away Gang asked. “What have you done to them Oliver? What kind of spell had the cast upon them?” Oliver - “MMMM… You seem to have a natural resistance to magic or magic of own which is defending you against my charm. Sadly, for you, I have no time to break through your defenses or to test to see if you are capable of becoming a wizard or sorcerer. My spell to secure this location is surprisingly delicate. I can’t have you accidentally messing it up by be here, neither can I allow you to escape if Owen got his hands on you, we will be doomed.” Gang- “If I’m such a wrench in your plan what about the trader? With Owen’s help he could stop whatever you’re doing.” Oliver- “I doubt that. The trader is clearly human if he had an ounce of magical power, I would’ve sensed it. I’ve been scanning all week for any magic users in the area. When the trader began destroying my wards and runes, I found you, Dr. Wyatt and Prof. Zeki through my scanning. I cannot let you and your allies jeopardize the safety of the people of this hospital, with you and your reckless experiments with the muscle fog. By you being resistant to my charm spells you can cause great trouble to me and the protection of this hospital, because of that Gang, you must die for the greater good.” With those words Oliver pointed towards Gang's chest and with a flash, a fireball hit him pushing and flipping him off the edge of the platform. His body falls onto the ground making a big flat as it does so. Oliver would have loved to simply kill all three of them and be done with it, but he needed Prof. Zeki notes, and he promised the head Doctor and the chief that he would apprehend Prof. Zeki and Dr. Wyatt for their judgment. Besides with the charm he put over them they’ll confess everything. This has been the second potential he had to kill, but it had to be done. With Gangs immunity to my charm spells and keen eye he would have found out, that I had control of the leadership of the hospital. even if you were to be executed the rumors, he would make would slow his plans down for evacuating the other potentials. Looking around he thought that this place would make a good excellent to store the other six potentials while they’re still in magical stasis on the second floor. With a wave of his hand, he compelled charmed Prof. Zeki and Dr. Wyatt to follow him. The good news or bad news for Gang when he was pushed off the platform by Oliver’s fireball, he fell directly into Owens muscle fog. If Oliver knew how powerful the fogs healing was, he would’ve aimed for the face. As it stands the fog began to work overtime to repair Gang’s broken body. Unknowingly to Owen, Oliver or any of the other guardians, Gang’s bloodline of Magic was now awakening due to the residue of Oliver’s magic and Owens magical fog. The limbs that were broken because of his fall began to reassemble themselves. The hole in his chest began to fill in, as he began to regain consciousness. The mostly dormant magic in gang body began to awaken and grow, like a plant deprived the water its greedily soaked up the magical fog. Everything felt like it was on fire to Gang as his magic transformation began. With every breath from his chest Gangs body swells with might, his arms and legs growing in the rhythm with his healed heart. Every second Gangs body grew and grew with muscle and height quickly stretching out his of clothes. Boiling magical blood flow through his body feeding his grow of his muscular body. His cock quickly hardens as it becomes erect, causing him to moans out in pleasure. With sounds of tearing and popping the remains of his clothes quickly fall to the floor as Gangs transformation kicks into high gear. Gangs fine six pack grew into a muscle gut, his biceps grew into huge bowling balls, his thighs grew into muscular tree trunks. His feet and hands became huge pads and baseball mitts with black nail like claws. Like swelling balloons his balls grew into oranges and his hard cock swells into a thick 12-inch-long monster. Two small black horns, like round triangles grow out of Gang’s head. his teeth sharpen as his lower canine grow outwards turning into tusks. His jaw turns squarish, his nose becomes more blunter, as well as his facial features. His amber eyes begin to glow a supernatural yellow, as his brow ridge grows out giving him a demonic caveman look. Wild black hair starts growing on his thick barrel chest, and spreads all over his body covering his arms, legs, back and ass and leaving a nice treasure trail to his huge cock and balls. His face quickly follows, His eyebrows thickening, as grows a wild beard and mustache and has his already long hair grows even more longer and wilder. Finally, his skin turns blue with dark patches sprinkled in. The finalization of his of his transformation causes gang to roar in pleasure as he came, shooting out all of his humanity through his fat cock. Seeing the changes to his body rekindle his lust, that he felt earlier. His fat cock rehardens, as he sets up moving his body in a sitting position. Gang’s felt his mind hazy and conscious at the same time. Like a dream gang’s body moves on its own reaching his meaty hand towards his erect cock, with no conscious control of his mind. Lightning bolts of pleasure raced through his mind as starts to pleasure himself on his fuck-stick. “My god,” Gang thought, “this feels fucking good. My whole body feels like it is on fire and it makes me so fucking horny. I feel like I can run all day and still have enough energy to fuck all night. If this is how it feels to be one of Owens ogres, then it’s no curse. Faster, stronger and a libido I don’t know why we resisted.” After any other minute of masturbating Gang came again, shooting out his poet and thicker cum all over his big hairy body. “Fuck”, Gang mound out in pleasure. After his second orgasm Gang kept finding new ways to pleasure himself. For hours he kept playing with himself finding new ways to feed his lust. Pausing his pleasure after hearing a mysterious voice in his head. “HMMMM… Well, your different, but maybe I can help you. My name is Owen.” “Help?” Gang sniffed in annoyance. “I’m so fucking horny, I can barely think straight. I’m so fucking horny, I doubt I can even save Semih and John from Oliver.” Owen- “please tell me more.” And so, Gang did. Telling Owen his story and eventually telling him everything he knew. “I think I can help you Gang, with your predicament.” Owen said with a thought of a smile. Several hours later Oliver, Kendall the head Doctor of the hospital, and Carrick the chief of police in Holmes top Borough were all standing on the roof top of the hospital, waiting on the betrayer to be delivered to them. All three leaders, two prisoners, and four guards were waiting for the betrayer to be delivered both Kendall and Carrick were staring daggers at Prof. Zeki and Dr. Wyatt, Kendall with brownish gray eyes and Carrick with the green eyes. Both Kendall and Carrick contrast each other, Kendall with his average body, brown skin, black hair, and clean-shaven face, compared to Carrick’s round body, pale white skin, reddish-brown hair, and nice bushy mustache. Carrick- “I can’t believe we found for traders among us. You think that being transformed into a huge muscle horny caveman controlled by a vengeful supernatural entity would unite us together.” Kendall- “Sex crazed ogres or zombies the results are the same. Some will rise to the challenge while others will be found wanting.” Carrick- “I guess a zombie apocalypse would be worse because we would have to kill our loved ones if they became infected.” Kendall- “HMM… It’s hard to say which ones worse, on the one hand, a zombie infection that comes from virus, would be no leader, both male and females, adults and children can all become infected; and eventually the infected would die out, because of exposure from the elements and a lack of food and water. On the other hand, Owens infection is magical, and it has a leader to direct be infected and maintain victim’s health.” Carrick- “Yeah you’re right it’s pretty was hard to say which ones worse. By the way don’t you find it’s pretty strange that Owens infection only effect men?” Kendall- “Yeah, it’s pretty strange.” Oliver- “I believe it’s what gives it the most power. As a God, devil or demigod he gains its power through worship. These deprived acts of sex and destruction must be would feel it is. It must not be able to corrupt females or it’s simply too hard to do so. What puzzles me the most is the children? They should be the most easily to corrupt.” The insightful conversation that Oliver was having with, Kendall and Carrick ended as the trader was escorted onto the top of the roof of the hospital with them. The trader was sickly pale tan skin man, with blue eyes, that had a rabid tint to them, long filthy blond hair, triangle like face, a short scruffy beard and a lean and muscular body, as if he been starving for days. In short, the man looked like a rapid animal. The man was easily carried by the two guards escorting him. Oliver thought that he would be too weak to interrogate and maybe too dangerous to use spells on; But he and the men knew what they had to do. Oliver- “you do not need to be here Kendall; you can stay near to the door of the stairwell. One the guards will grab you, if your medical services are needed.” Kendall- “thank you for the concern, but this must be done. I’ll be near just in case you need me to keep him alive. Besides I can always leave the range of your silence spell.” With a wave of his will, he cast the spell of silence around them, so that the interrogation of the prison there may begin. A dome of light appeared surrounding all the men on the roof top before disappearing. On the ground level an ogre with a pair of magical binoculars had been watching. One of Owens plan has come to pass in it was now time for its execution. The trader’s work was done Owen now had a direct line to the hospital in fact several lines for which he could pump his muscle fog inside the building. With his will Owen began pumping his fog through the air vents of the hospital, while casting his own silent spells with the help of Gang. Gang began moving his big body throughout the hospital beginning with the basement to the first floor; casting silent spells as well as laying the fogs magic abilities to bending reality. Rather than destroying the building and bring along noise the fog had transmuted the properties to be like soft sturdy rubber, like if the hospital was a fun house. They are very few people guarding on the first floor, and because of that they were the first to succumb to Owens will. With a blast of a fog ball striking a guard in the middle of his chest. He quickly starts changing into a muscular ogre; muscles quickly grew destroying his close. His facial features changed and tell he resembled a brutish caveman. The intelligence in his eyes quickly fading, being replaced with dumb horniness, and with a silent roar, he came shooting out the rest of his humanity through his new fat Ogreish cock. The newly changed ogre quickly fell into line, following Gang in converting the humans in the hospital into ogres. One then two then three and eventually all ten guards on the first floor, fell into line as big 10 feet tall ogres, each peppered with wild hair all over their bodies, each with horniness clouding their minds, each radiating fog all over their bodies, each leaking erects foot long cock scheming out muscle fog as their Ogreish cum by making contact with the air, and each ready to spread Owen’s gift. With a psychic command of their master, they split up each quickly taking the stairs in the hospital. The people on the second floor knew something was wrong, as everything became silent all at once. Quickly barging in through the hallway of the second floor. The ogres ran towards guards first and then people, spreading Owen’s gift with one touch. Young adult or old man, fat or skinny, sickly or healthy, injured or well, and any between felt Owen’s blessing passing through their bodies. One by one the victims start to transform and like guards on the first floor before they quickly grow out their clothing. Their big meaty hairy pecs popping out of There barrel chest, as shirts pop off of their growing bodies. Hands grew into mitts as, biceps became huge as bowling balls, destroying any shirt sleeves if worn. As their big feet quickly destroy their human size shoes. Pants and shorts rapidly start tearing and exploding off of them, unable to handle the big solid hairy thighs of an ogre. Undergarments dropping off of huge chests and wide waists, revealing their foot-long hard cock, huge orange size balls and their big thick hairy ass. Before anyone human on the second floor had knew what was happening they were all roaring as they shot the last humanity. Owen’s blessing had reached the second floor turning all the humans into his ogres. Their skin had taken and turned into different shades of orange if their skins weren’t dark already. Like the guards on the first floor, their faces became more brutish, the hair on their had grown wild and their minds have gone blank being replaced with sexual desires. Some if not all of the fat on their bodies transferred when they became an ogre. most of doors which remained close and/or locked now opened, with the fog spilling out, as the occupants came out. Even those who hidden inside their rooms were not safe, even those who were asleep or injured were not safe from Owens blessing. The sexual energy was now ramping up with so many ogres nearby each other some of them even beginning masturbating while others began to hump each other. Within another mental thought the ogres began moving towards the third floor to spread Owen’s blessing. Oliver felt the disturbance as a man outside in a hurry, passing through his invisible barrier of silence to reach them. The guard- “the ogres have invaded the hospital and they have already claimed the first two floors. Oliver, we need your help to ward them off. The talismans you’ve given us all working, but there’s too many of them and they’re quickly spreading. I fear the people on the third floor may be lost. If you don’t hurry the fourth and fifth floors will be consumed by the ogre’s sexual rampage.” Carrick- “Fuck! If we don’t, at least repel these ogres from the second or third floor we will be trapped, at the top floors of this hospital.” Oliver- “Kendall, Matt and you guards stay up here, on the roof top where is safe and watch the prisoners. The rest of you follow me we need to stop the ogres before the corrupt this entire hospital. Oliver, Carrick and the rest of the guards made their way downstairs to the fourth floor. Before heading down Oliver had cast a silent beacon spell intended for the other guardian but one unknown to Samuel. By the time they got to the fourth floor they discover that the third was lost. Oliver discovers that the floors were being silenced to prevent any attempt of a mountable defense and to isolate them from each other. Quickly taking of the situation, Oliver had the stairwells quickly secure to prevent further spreading to the fourth and fifth floors. Once the fourth floor was secure Oliver asked, Carrick to go and check up on the fifth floor and secure it. With complete trust in Oliver’s wisdom, Carrick made his way to the fifth floor. He began the process of securing the fifth floor making sure that the people were calm and not panicking making sure that everyone has the talismans. These talismans made by Oliver are like crosses to a vampire for the ogres pushing them back and re-pal the effects of the fog on people. Sadly, the potency of these talismans had limits eventually they would run out of power, then the ogres could go on to grab you, and make you join their sausage party. “Carrick Sir, Dr. Horton he has vital information for you and Oliver. This information so important that’s for your and Oliver’s ears only.” Said the masked guard, whose bluish green eyes glimmer in the light. Getting a few more commands to the people and guards, carrack made his way to the roof top. Making his way through the stairs and opening the door, Carrick wondered what kind of info was so important that Kendall had to tell him in person. Carrick- “What is it that you….” Splat!! A blast of hot ogres cum had fell straight into Carrick’s mouth as he was talking. He stuttered for a second gagging on the ogres cum in his mouth nearly falling into the stairwell before reflexively swallowing and gaining his balance. The sight Kendall, the guards, Prof. Zeki Dr. Wyatt as ogres had stunned him and arouse him at the same time. Carrick’s face quickly paled of the relays what happened to him and his friends. But sadly, for him these were his last thoughts, as his mind became foggy with lust. His body quickly changed into a big hairy ogre quickly bursting through his clothing with his new 10 feet tall muscular orange colored body. His once average cock transformed into a fat foot long monster, before shooting all of his humanity. Carrick now a big hairy ogre felt the call of his master as well as the others. the guards on the fifth floor, quickly found out that the talismans no longer work, as the ogres came into contact. Within several minutes the people on the fifth floor quickly succumb to Owen’s gift, each roaring in primal ecstasy, as they shot the last of their humanity through their fat Ogreish cocks. People on the four floors, after hearing the roars coming from third and fifth floors begun to panic. “Gather to me and hold strong, I have one last idea.” Oliver said with command and confidence. Oliver knew that they were doomed. He knew they cannot escape. Maybe he could have escaped on his own leaving the people to their fate, but eventually he would be cornered, captured and corrupted into Owen’s slave. The outcome he cannot allow to happen neither would he abandon these people under his protection. He knew what must be done but could he do it? As the ogres came closer to the circle of people Oliver lifted his glowing red hands up into the sky and cast one last great spell. In an instant, him, and the people around him exploded. This explosion creating a shockwave that blasted the few ogres out of hospital and collapsing the third fourth and fifth floors into each other. Leaving the hospital of Holmes top borough practically destroyed. A few days later Owen was both frustrated and happy because one more Guardian was gone; but sadly, he was not able to corrupt losing a potential asset. Still the prices he got was well worth it and discoveries he made with magical potentials he found in the wreckage. Gave him one more chance to corrupt a guardian, the last Guardian he thought. Next time he would have to make sure the Guardian would not destroy himself or his potential recruits. It was a nightmare to save the potentials and my ogres from Oliver’s explosion luckily, we ogres are quite durable. Now I send Leo to do one last task for me prefer giving his reward. One the last bastion for the people I must conquer before this town is mine.
  10. Hello! First time posting, but please leave suggestions/critiques. I work in a creative profession IRL, so I can take it. This is chapter 1 of ... well, at least a few more. It focuses on pectorals, but also features general muscle worship, situational/encounter eroticism, a bit of hairy guy appreciation, and likely very little actual sex. Just a warning if tha's what you're here for. One final note: When the main character says "God, he's so American", I don't mean it at all derogatorily—I'm just Aussie, and anyone else who's not American knows what I'm talking about Contents Chapter 1 (below) — 5th Dec 2020 Chapter 2 — 7th Dec 2020 Chapter 3 — 22nd Dec 2020 Chapter 1 It was just past 2am, the airport’s air conditioning was sputtering feebly overhead, and I had just stumbled off a 7-hour flight from Melbourne into the humid, sticky Malaysian air. I’d needed a damn leak so badly. I’d dragged myself through the empty terminal, staggered into the a vaguely toilet looking place, and pushed into the first cubicle I could reach. All I could even think about was pissing. I couldn’t tell, and frankly didn’t even care, if I was in the men’s or not. Well, I wouldn’t have been able to tell, had it not been for the absolutely enormous muscle man who filled the tiny toilet cubicle into which I’d just barged. He was staring at me, open mouthed, and I was staring at him. Or rather, I was staring alternately at his lean, tanned face, and at his throbbing dick, which he held in his veiny hand as it spewed cum all over his torso. And fucking hell that was one huge torso. He was incredible: he had skin like paper, which barely contained the masses of his bulging pecs and arms. He had balloon-like shoulders, pressing against the walls of the cubicle, and deeply cut abs. And into those abs, deep, hard, abs that were competition-ready and shredded as hell, dripped thick spurts of hot white cum. Both of us seemed to come to our senses simultaneously. I stumbled backwards, out of the cubicle, and he leant forward to close the door. But, in that moment, his dick gave one last a spurt, and jet of his hot cum landed squarely on my face. He froze, horrified. I blinked, once, twice, then backed out further and awkwardly hauled myself into the cubicle next door. And I just sat there, shorts on, with his still-warm cum on my face, hard as a rock. Slowly, I wiped off the cum, manoeuvred my shorts down over my erect dick, and tried to think of something, anything, other than the muscle monster just centimetres away from me. There was no way I could piss with a dick that hard. I just couldn’t get his image out of my mind: pecs the size of my head, biceps like mangoes, abs and obliques like a fucking washboard, huge meaty thighs totally swallowing the toilet seat. And literally in the next toilet cubicle! After what felt like hours, I heard a rustling of toilet paper, the flush of the toilet, and a hurried pulling up of shorts. The door unlocked (I couldn’t help imagine his massive, powerful arms flexing and absolutely overpowering that tiny metal lock), a tap ran briefly (I thought about his huge, heavy pecs pressed together, and the cleavage they would make, as he brought his hands together under the warm water), and finally the sound of flip flops faded into the distance (I imagined being a tiny pad of rubber, stood on by his massive man, his huge tree-trunk legs jostling as he leaves the bathroom). It must have been about 10 minutes, and multiple ejaculations, before I was even able to get a dribble of piss out. I was definitely awake now. Fuck. I flushed the toilet and went to clean my face and wash my hands, but still his image consumed my mind. What would it be like to be as massive as that? To feel the weight of so much muscle just hanging off your frame? To have people look at you like a freak? To have pecs and biceps so big that you can’t even touch your shoulders. I pondered this, admittedly with a raging boner in my shorts, as I left the bathroom and started to slowly amble towards our gate, where Dave, my research partner, would be waiting. Thank God there was no one else around. Other than Dave, who was very straight, I hadn’t physically seen another man, let alone hooked up with one, in months, having just come up from a research station down off the coast of Tassie. I couldn’t believe that, of all the men to see in a deserted airport, it would be one so gargantuan and freakish. I prayed that if God existed, the massive muscle man would be sitting near us, so that I could ogle him while we waited until our connecting flight tomorrow afternoon. As I approached the gate, I realised two things: one, perhaps the terminal wasn’t quite as deserted as I’d thought. Two, I had had no need to pray. All around us, strewn almost like toys across every seat and floor area, was dozens of freakishly muscular men. Most of them were asleep, and all of them were shirtless, in a what I assumed was a vain attempt to escape the humid February night air. There were smaller guys, lightweights, who were insanely cut but whose muscles weren’t outrageous and bulging (yet). Medium sized guys who had a fair bit of size, but still could probably fit into a suit. And then massive guys, so big that they took up multiple airport lounge seats with their shoulders alone, or entire walkways with their mass. All of them looked just days out from competing, and a few of them even had their posing straps visibly poking out under their tiny gym shorts. And then there was Dave, looking very out of place in his red hoodie, perched on a seat in the far corner of the lounge, with his phone plugged in to the wall. He looked up and beckoned me over with a faintly annoyed look on his face. “Who the fuck are all these guys?” I whispered as I sat down next to him. “No idea; they were here when I arrived. Either way, they’re taking up all the power points.” “Right.” I looked around, still not quite able to believe my luck, that this was real life. Just across from us, a young guy with a blond buzzcut and crazy broad shoulders and an incredibly lean, ripped midriff, lay with his chin pressing into his chest. Next to him, a slightly older guy with dark hair and perfect, tanned skin was watching a movie as he lay with his head on the armrest. I could see his perfect, tight biceps flexing as he held the phone to his face with his right arm, and absent-mindedly rubbed his hard, tight abs with the other. I considered staying up to continue to appreciate the scenery, but it was almost 3am and my eyes were really feeling it. “I might get some sleep. Can you watch our stuff?” “Sure; I’ve got some emails to finish, anyway” he replied, eyes already back on his phone screen. “Thanks.” The guy sleeping in the seat next to me had his arm (a massive, veiny arm thicker than my head, I might add) on the arm rest, so I leant back and away to face Dave (that much muscle in my face would have been hugely distracting), and drifted off to sleep. *** I’m back in the toilets, standing in the doorway and staring hungrily at the massive guy sitting in front of me. He’s just cummed all over his gorgeous abs and heaving pecs, and he’s asking me to clean it up for him. I submit, of course, almost ripping my shirt off as I move forwards to “clean up”. I get down on my knees, place my hands on his enormous, quivering, veiny thighs, and start to lick the cum off his abs. I work my tongue into every groove, and make sure to polish off every rock hard ab, every delicious, smooth oblique. I move up to his pecs, where some of the cum has landed in his cleavage and onto his under-pec. I lift them up one at a time (fuck they’re heavy) and lick all around the crease where his massive mounds of muscle join to his torso. As I lift them, I feel his still-hard dick pulse and slap against my abs, and he moans slightly in ecstasy. I let his pecs fall and hit my face, then gently move my hands up and pull apart those bulging, striated pec mounds to lick in between them. He arches his back, squeezing his eyes shut and pressing his dick into me. I’ve almost cleaned all the cum from between them; I just need to pull them a little wider. They’re so big and round, I can barely get my face in between them. I dig further into the canyon, and all of a sudden he flexes, involuntarily, and cums all over again. My face is trapped between his enormous pecs, and his cum is spurting onto my chin. I’m cumming, too, firing onto his thigh and while I pound the huge, hard mounds on his chest. Is that laughter? He releases my face, and although cum is still firing from his dick, he’s laughing. My hands are still firmly clasped onto the mounds of muscle on his chest—how is this funny? I each for the toilet paper, and— I woke up and opened my eyes with a start. Dave was asleep next to me, and his mouth hung wide open as he quietly snored. It was only early morning, but already the air was in the low 30s. I looked around sluggishly for the laughter that ruined my dream. Ah, there. A few rows of seats in front of us, a group of muscle guys were laughing and cheering whilst three or four of their mates were wrestling. I guessed this was worth being woken up for. Almost all of them were shirtless, wearing nothing but gym shorts or briefs and flip flops, and every single one of their beautiful, cut physiques was on display. A few rows further on, some of the bigger guys were posing for each other. Each one would get up, covered in sweat (the air conditioner had finally given up), run through his posing routine, and then a couple of the others would get up and adjust an arm here, foot positioning there. I watched for a while as they cycled through poses and physiques, big and small, tall and short. I was just about to get up and fill my water bottle when he got up and posed. The guy from the bathroom. For the first time, I noticed his face, his gorgeous cut jawline with a day’s worth of growth, his deep brown eyes and short, wavy hair. And, in the early morning light, he looked even bigger. Every single muscle was outrageous in size and definition. He hit a double bicep, and his arms eclipsed his head in size. A front lat spread, where his torso grew wider than it was tall. A most muscular, his gigantic biceps fighting for space with his huge chest and his traps almost swallowing his neck. Finally, to finish, a side chest, where the sheer amount of mass on his chest spilled out in all directions. He looked bigger than Arnold, with so much muscle just stuffed into his chest. I couldn’t believe how big his pecs were, and how thick and round and powerful they looked. They looked like they were ready to pop. When he hit that beautiful side chest, all the guys around him cheered. He relaxed from the pose, and his pecs fell to their natural, full, round state on his chest. God, they looked so huge and heavy, almost obscuring his abs with their mass and shadow. A few of guys got up and surrounded him, laughing and congratulating him. One or two playfully punched him in the chest, or put a hand on the ridge of muscle that was his lower pec. Everyone was absolutely enamoured by this superhuman pec freak. Next to me, Dave stirred and sat up slightly. He looked over at the flex-off, then at me, and finally to the massive, wet tent in my pants. “Really?” he asked with a sigh. “Look, I need something to do for the next 5 hours! It’s been ages since I’ve had any eye candy, and they’re right there…” “You could work on that sea floor geographic analysis, like you said you would on the flight over.” “Or, I could analyse the geography of their gorgeous bodies” “Dude, you need a boyfriend” he laughed. “Yup, I do. And hanging around a married straight man isn’t going to help me” “Hey, you said yourself you were into me when we met” It’s true, I sort of was. I had a weakness for fit, hairy guys, and Dave was both. He was only in his 20s, but he had a nice, full physique with definition, even if he was on the small side. He looked like he worked out, but only to keep fit, rather than to show off like these guys. And he had gorgeous blond-brown hair that gradated into gold on his chest, forearms and legs. Fuck, his legs were hairy. They looked great in the early morning sun, where his tanned, fit calves were framed in a halo of glowing thick fur that coated his legs right up to the bottom of his shorts. While he’d been asleep, he’d slipped further off the chair, and his shorts were riding right up into his crotch. Somehow, his meaty, toned thighs were even hairier than his lower legs. Too bad he was both very straight, and taken. “Psh, you wish. Anyway, I’m going to get some water” “Can you fill my bottle too?” he asked as handed me his water bottle. Fucking hell, his hairy forearms looked good in the sun. “Yeah, sure”. I took his bottle and started over to the central walkway, stepping around the odd pile of sleeping muscle and sweat as I went. I walked back down towards the toilets, past the flex-off that inexplicably was still going on. There were only so many poses you can do, and so many muscles you can pump up, but these guys couldn’t seem to get enough. I could almost smell the testosterone leaking off their pumped, sweaty bodies. They seemed to enjoy appreciating each other’s bodies, acknowledging all the hours they’d put in at the gym to look the way they did, and competing for who was the most muscular, masculine of them all. I’d almost reached the drinking water taps when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around, ready to tell Dave that, yes, I knew you couldn’t drink the water from the bathroom taps. But there instead, standing slightly taller than me, was the guy from the bathroom. “Hey, I, um, just, uh, wanted to, you know, apologise? For, uh, last night?” he offered, almost as if he wasn’t used to being embarrassed or bashful. I guess that with muscles like his, you get used to being supremely confident. “Oh, no, it’s okay. I should have, you know, checked if the cubicle was occupied or something” He grinned, and scratched the back of his head. Fucking hell, how did he even reach his neck, with biceps so huge? “Nah, it’s alright. I should have locked the door.” Ah, there was that confidence that that body demanded. “I’m Ash, by the way. Ash Forte.” “Travis” I smiled politely. I don’t know why he was telling me his last name, but I was definitely going to use that name to spend all my free airport WiFi googling him. In that moment, I also began to understand how straight guys feel when they try to avoid staring at women’s tits—Ash’s massive pecs were uncomfortably prominent. “So, where’re you headed, Travis?” God, he was so American and so easily friendly. If I’d just cummed on a stranger’s face in the airport of a conservative Muslim country, the last thing I’d be doing is making friends with them. Still, I was keen to have someone else to talk to other than Dave. “Ah, we’re heading to a small island off the coast of Thailand, just north of Langkawi in northern Malaysia” “For a holiday?” “Nope, research. We’re studying ocean floor ecologies in various parts of the world.” “Woah, that sounds so cool! Tell me more” he exclaimed. And for once, unlike most people when I tell them what we do, he actually sounded genuinely interested. “Really?” “Yeah! I totally wanted to be a marine biologist growing up!” “Ah, not quite the same thing, but I take your point” I chuckled. “Let me fill up my water bottle, and I’ll tell you more.” “Cool! Just let me get my bottle. I’ll meet you back here in 5” and with that, not even waiting for my agreement, he turned around and lumbered off. His back was so fucking wide, and every single muscle was almost screaming to be noticed. Does this muscle freak actually want to spend time talking to me? I could barely contain my excitement! I raced to fill up Dave’s bottle, ran back and almost threw it at him (“uh, thanks?” he said as I ran off), and sped back to the drinking water taps. (to be continued...)
  11. Hello yall! First time I post a story here I believe! For Halloween, this year, I've been working on making a transformation/growth-mystery story (based on the murder-mystery genre) and thought I could post it here if some of yall are into that! This series will have show multiple takes on masculinization, mostly about making huge, beefy and muscled bearish guys. If that's your thing and you like some story plot around the meat, here's something for you! I think I will add the next chapters on this thread, so you won't have to look around the forums for the previous instalment if needed. Without further ado, here's the prologue to the story! ***Disclaimer: the prologue does not contain sex scenes or physical changes yet, but serves as an introduction to the ten characters and to set the story context. Synopsis: Ten young, homophobic adults gather for Halloween. At 10 PM, lights shut off, phones fry up, game starts and none can leave. What’s more, it seems there is one imposter among them. Can they make it out until morning? What is this “game” all about anyway? ~ One of Us ~ Prologue ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Saturday, October 31st, 2020 — 7:00 PM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The full moon forecasted on Halloween, a Saturday, promised a memorable night… if it was not for the whole pandemic thing. Halloween couldn’t just be cancelled. There could have been a tornado or an earthquake and the festivities would have still happened. Who cared for a stupid invisible virus! It was a mild evening by the Wrights’ house on the outskirts of Austin Town. Dimitri, a tall twenty-year-old who lifted weights daily had invited a couple of buddies for Halloween. He didn’t care for the pandemic and had the mansion by himself since his parents were out of town — he forgot exactly where. But all he cared for, in the moment, was throwing the party with his friends. He put on a cowboy hat, a checkered vest and a pair of faded jeans to look the part. The only boots he found around his home were his father’s 13s, which felt tight on the sides for his big boy ones. After all, he was two inches taller than his six-foot dad. The mansion hall was grandiose, looking as if it came from a movie or catalogue. A big staircase sculpted into rich oak wood crept the left wall of the hall and led to the upper rooms. On the right wall, a more discreet yet still impressive staircase led down to the basement, where the theatre room and the home bar would receive the guests later during the night. Next to the last staircase, wide double doors opened on a spacious living room. A fireplace took place on the left wall, right next to a sturdy door, and under a big plasma TV. Two long couches surrounded a glass table at the centre of the room, onto which half a dozen big bowls were filled with candies and chips. Against the farther wall, a tennis table had been set up by the garage door, onto which red plastic cups had been piled. Right next to the table, Dimitri’s best friend Asher was sitting on a stool with a beer can in hand. The 5′9″ man did not wait for other guests to show up before cracking up a beer and taking a handful of chips. He was dressed up in camo clothes and a war helmet — which consisted of a grotesquely painted bicycle helmet. The man scrolled through the song playlist in his phone, plugged into the speakers, hanging in the high corners of the room. He had created a selection of spooky and Halloween-themed song to play, but had somehow managed to either lose or erase it. To his feet under the table, Dimitri had a cooler which contained the few six-packs of beers he’s brought along for the night — probably the only six-pack thing about the bulky guy. Whereas Asher did not have abdominals to show, the bearded redhead had his own share of strength. Asher was telling his friend the latest conquest he’s had when a loud booming car entered the driveway. The two men looked through the wide windows of the living room, noticing how more of the guests arrived. Two more men and their girlfriends walked out of the car. The two girls were the first to get out, a short yet curvy dirty blond and a tall svelte latina with jet black hair. A short man on the passenger side joined the girl of similar height while the driver, a giant although quite lanky young man, turned the ignition off and joined with the crew. “Yo! Is that the double Js!” Asher called out through the window with a tipsy laugh, before following the host back in the hall to greet the guests. “In the flesh and the hair!” The taller man — Sebastian Joseph — replied with a wide grin over his stubbly face, ruffling his head full of shaggy chestnut hair for effect. The other shorter guy — Theodore James — walked with a crate full of beers, letting out an enthusiastic “got the booze” to the host. Albeit not dressed in their costumes yet, the quartet had a few bags with them, giving the impression they would change once inside. “Need help with something, boys?” The raven-haired girl asked with a giggle. “I do, Mathy, but I doubt your ‘tall-boi’ here would agree to share ya with me.” Asher chuckled before receiving a playful blow from giga-Seb on the shoulder. The girls jiggled between each other at the display of rough masculinity between the guys. Theo made himself silent as he brought the beer and his backpack inside. “Perhaps Theo might be more compliant on the deal with Jenny, though.” The womanizer grinned as he sized up the short blond. “Don’t you dare touching my girl, bro!” Theodore shouted from the inside. “Bro, just keep your dick in your pants.” Dimitri slapped his best friend teasingly on the back as he was taking a sip of beer, resulting in him spitting some down. “Dude, bro! Don’t do that! You can’t waste that shit!” Asher dramatized as booze also leaked into his beard and camo vest. In the middle of laughs, the short girl asked if there was a room where they could get changed. “Yeah, there’s a bathroom in the corridor behind the stairs.” Dimitri pointed at the staircase. “First door to your left, girls.” “Need some assistance, girls?” Asher joked again. “We’ll be fine, dickhead.” Jenny rolled her eyes, although still amused. “Come on, Mathilda.” “You’ll see, boys. Once we’ll be out, you’ll be the ones asking for our help!” The latina giggled, winking at them before following her bossy little friend. “I’ll be waiting for that!” Asher exclaimed, grabbing his crotch for emphasis. “Dude, have you gotten laid recently?” Sebastian elbowed the bulky womanizer. “I did, but that pandemic thing right now is really killing my strike. Can’t believe there’s so many scared pussies around. It’s terrifying for the male race, dude.” “Unless you’re a fag, bro!” Sebastian chuckled. “Aww, fuck off, dude!” Asher smirked before finishing his beer. “Hmm… let me get myself another one. Or just come in and get one yourself.” The three guys went into the living room, where Theodore was missing. “Theo? Buddy? Where’re you at?” Dimitri called the little guy. “I think he went for the kitchen.” Sebastian said, pulling a furry toque from the bag in his hands. “Alright, I’m gonna check on him if he needs anything.” Dimitri left his two friends going in the living room and went for the double doors leading to the left of the hall. He entered a large dining room with a long table that could welcome a dozen people to eat. He remembered how his mother, a judge in the federal court, used to make parties with her colleagues years ago. The expanse of the furniture in the room proved to be useful when his brother or himself invited friends over. The host walked past a second fireplace in the dining room until he reached a broad door leading into the kitchen. Right by the counter, Theodore was looking as if he was texting someone. “Hey, dude, what are you doing?” Theo startled at the question, not realizing someone had walked in on him. He turned around with a blush on his face and a nervous laugh. “Hey! I… didn’t hear you walking in.” “Bro… I know this face! Who were you talking to?” Dimitri asked with a coy grin, lowering his voice. “No one!” Theo brushed off, storing his phone back into his pocket and proceeding to store some food and booze in the fridge for later tonight. “Your call, dude!” Dimitri lifted his hands in acceptance. “C’mon and get your ass in the room with the boys! Let’s get this party going!” Right on cue, Asher’s spooky music started blowing through the speakers of the living room. As they joined Asher and Seb, the two men were just starting a beer pong game. Seb had put on the toque on his head and a plaid jacket on top of his now naked chest. The lanky giant had a few sparse chest hair and a meagre treasure trail, but little to no definition whatsoever. To complement the look, he even had an axe which he let by the couch for the moment. “Hope you don’t mind the view, guys!” Sebastian mocked by faking a striptease. “You’re such a dork, Seb!” Theo guffawed at the ridicule of his friend. “Hey, not my fault if no one can resist me! Remember that gay dude in High School, guys?” “That was fucking hilarious!” The short guy laughed at the memory. “SUP, BITCHES!” A voice echoed from the hall. The crew turned around and greeted with enthusiasm the arrival of a new party member. Already wearing his costume, Wesley entered the place like he owned it. The man was wearing old ratty and torn clothes as well as a puffy hat. His face looked even paler than usual and large dark circles surrounded his eyes as if he hadn’t slept in ages. “What are you dressed as, my old Wes?” Sebastian asked with a toothy grin, welcoming him with an arm around the shoulders. “A tramp?” “Funny one, Seb! Nah, I’m more like an undead or zombie kinda thing. Or a Frankenstein, whatever.” “Actually, Frankenstein is the scientist and not the monster.” Theodore intervened. “I doubt you meant the—…” “Ahh shut up, nerd. You know who I’m talkin’ about.” Wes spited in annoyance. “Hey, play cool, guys.” Dimitri chuckled. “Say, how about we play some beer pong?” “Well, I think I’m gonna take a shit while you’re debating what you’re gonna do.” Asher said. “That’s fucking nasty, dude!” Seb grimaced and chuckled at the same time. “Guess you’ll have to take the downstairs one, dude. The bitches are taking their sweet fucking time here.” Dimitri said, just loud enough so that the girls in question could hear his comment. “Tie a knot with your dicks if you can’t wait, fuckers!” They heard back from the bathroom, probably from Jennifer. “Are we having some single ladies tonight?” Wes asked with a devious grin plastered on his face, idly rubbing his crotch. “Apparently not, bro.” Asher sympathized with a shoulder pat as he walked past him. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Saturday, October 31st, 2020 — 7:30 PM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ It was pretty annoying how, despite the good insulation of the house, Larry could still hear the noise of his big brother’s party upstairs. With the pandemic stuff going on, he would have thought he could just spend a nice calming night playing videogames just as he always does. Oh well. The six-foot eighteen years old stretched into his gaming chair, dropping his Xbox controller on his lap. While he used to be a regular gym goer, the pandemic had benefited him and his brother with buying gym equipment. Well, it was their parents who actually paid, but that was beside the point. Between gaming and working out, Larry had grown a more athletic shape without even needing to leave the house. Sure, he wanted to eventually achieve thick proportions like Dimitri, who could almost pass for a bodybuilder now, but he believed he’d get there sooner or later. “Yo! Lar!” A voice boomed into the room as the door barged opened. The young man jumped with surprise at the sudden outburst. He turned around, mostly nude except from an old stained pair of boxer shorts covering his junk. There, in the entrance, stood Asher, booze in hand, laughing. “Phew! Glad I didn’t barge into you whacking off again!” The trickster exclaimed. “Get the fuck out!” Larry snapped, beet red. Larry grabbed onto the first object he didn’t value much — an empty beer can — and threw it at his brother’s friend, who closed the door just in time. The gamer heard the man step away, still laughing. His heartbeat was still high, but Larry was calming down. He turned back to his station and tried changing games, only to remember his account had been suspended from Fortdey. “Guess I’ll just play some Olah Reach.” The teen shrugged, scratching at the rough stubble he had not shaved in days. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Saturday, October 31st, 2020 — 7:45 PM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “How do I look?” Mathilda asked to her friend as she applied the makeup. “You’re looking like a queen.” Jennifer complimented, finally stepping and showing her the result. The Latina beamed with joy at her display in the mirror. She looked just like Cleopatra. As for her shorter pal, she had disguised herself with a little white dress and brought her hair into a green flowery bulb on top of her head. Pink heels, transparent wings and a rooty wand complemented her appearance as a forest fairy. “Ready to show off to the boys?” Jennifer enticed. “You bet your ass, girl!” “Let’s get a round of salute!” “Heeeere we coooome!” Mathilda announced to the guys as they walked out into the lobby. Crossing the hall into the living room, the chicks were greeted with a series of wolf whistles and acclamations. Since the moment they entered the bathroom, a few more guests had joined the party. In addition to Wes, two more men had arrived. One of them was Braxton, an ex-neighbour of Dimitri, who moved before High School. Tall and wide-shouldered, he was almost matching Dimitri’s body builder size at about 250 pounds. Member of the football team back then, and again in college, Braxton had decided against all originality to disguise himself as a footballer for Halloween. “Talk about original, huh, Brax?” Jennifer snarked. “That’s because you’ve not seen anything yet, little girl.” He chuckled, removing his helmet. Right under the headwear, the sportsman had apparently covered his face in makeup to look like some werewolf. He had even added pointy ears and fake fangs to complement the disguise. “Wow! I must say I’m surprised you actually put some effort in your costume.” Mathilda nodded. “Hmm, yeah, I agree.” Her friend approved. “Now, does any of you wants to play with the big wolf on campus? Grrrr!” The jock joked as he acted the part. “Only if you want me to turn you into a cute puppy!” Jennifer said with a smile, raising her wand to playfully poke the footballer’s nose. “Oh! Turn him into a cat! It would look great with my costume!” The Cleopatra giggled along. “You girls are helpless!” The last guest spoke, disguised as Captain America. With his blond hair and chiselled jaw, devoid of any, the man actually looked like the Steve Rogers from the Marvel comics. Albeit a little shorter than the canon superhero, the second jock was still taller than average at 5′11″ and he depicted a stature that testified countless hours dedicated to the gym. “Victor! It’s been so long since I last saw you!” The short fairy exclaimed. “Victor?! Damn, dude, what are you on?! Tell me that’s part of the costume!” Mathilda gasped, putting a hand on her chest as she observed the massive bulk threatening the sleeves to tear. “That’s all me, ladies!” Victor laughed with his loud rich voice, flexing a bicep for evidence. The girls could almost hear in their head the seams about to rip as he tensed the enormous arm, unfortunately inaudible through the booming music. “I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard, you see, babes?” “You can show off all you want, bro, but you ain’t got nothing on these guns!” Braxton chimed in, pushing his longtime friend aside to flex. “At least I’ve still got abs, bro!” Victor scoffed at him by shaking the soft midsection. “Put your faggy hands away, bro! It’s padding for the field!” “Sure, bro. Sure. Just be careful so that I don’t mistake you for a bear next time we go hunting, bro!” The two teasing jocks gave each other a few hits before erupting with laughter. However, when they turned around to see the girls, they had since long left them to their silly talk. They had joined in with Dimitri to play beer pong — their boyfriends nowhere to be found. The two meatheads exchanged a wolfish grin and went after the two women, intent on playing a few drinking ones with them. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Saturday, October 31st, 2020 — 9:15 PM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Settled in the study, Sebastian and Wesley had been smoking and relaxing aside from the main events of the party, taking some time to catch up. Ever since Wesley has moved district with his parents as a teen, the two of them hadn’t seen each other as much as they used to in elementary school. They ended growing up in quite different neighbours. While Sebastian had lived in a middle-class environment, Wesley had been subjected to a rather lower one. Sebastian never really knew why Wes’s folks relocated there, but suspected they might have struggled financially. The roughness of these new surroundings perhaps contributed to Wes becoming reckless and carefree in the last couple weeks, such as starting taking and exchanging drugs and booze. Nonetheless, he was still Sebastian’s old friend and the tall lad just simply couldn’t forget the strong bond they’ve built up many years ago. The two men were chilling peacefully when the door to the study opened by Theodore, dressed as a wizard with a blue robe and hat. The short pal had put on a ridiculous fake white beard, but had it off in his hands, the material itching him after a while. Even if he wasn’t fond of having his glasses daily — usually opting for contacts — Theo had decided to put on the nerdy eyewear his parents shamefully bought him a couple months ago, before the pandemic happened. “There you are, guys!” Theo blurted out. “We were looking for you everywhere! Well, technically, I was the one who… whatever. Anyway, what are you doing here?” “Whether you in or out, just close the damn door!” Wes grumbled. Theo blushed red and shut it after stepping inside. Already, the strong aroma of weed hit his nose. The smell didn’t disgust him, but he couldn’t help being rational about it. “Guys, you know that thing fries your brain cells, right?” “Doesn’t take any to say you’re an annoying little twat.” The drug addict chimed. “Hey, hey…” Seb spoke before the tension arose — he pulled the handmade fag from his mouth and offered it to his standing pal by the door. “Take it and sit down with us, bro.” Imitating an obedient puppy, Theo bowed his head down slightly in submission and listened to Seb’s command like an order. After Theo sat and brought the joint to his lips, taking a puff. Wesley glared at his childhood friend, unhappy with Seb’s decision to hand out his weed stash to anyone. “There, buddy. Chill a bit with us, alright, pal?” Seb smirked as he rolled himself another fag on the old walnut desk. “Dude! Don’t you go giving my stuff to everyone here tonight, bro!” Wesley vocalized. “Calm down, Wes. That’s my little buddy Theo and I love him to death! No homo, tho, bro!” Seb chuckled as he lighted the new cig. “You’re so gay, dude.” Theo rolled his eyes. “Good thing Dimi’s a cowboy tonight.” Wesley added, setting back in the leather chair behind the computer desk. “If we’ve got a fag slipping in, that gun might have some use.” “Dude, that’s not a bit radical?” Theo frowned. “Don’t get me wrong — I don’t approve of their lifestyle choice, but we kinda need these guys in society too.” Wesley gave him a dark eye. He aggressively took his beer can on the expansive desk. “Name me one thing this garbage is good for.” He spitted out of spite. “Well… I kinda need someone to make my coffee at McDonald’s.” Theo sniggered. “And that means more girls for us.” The scorn on the drug addict’s face shifted into a scary smile as he burst into laughter. “Dude! Seb, is that the Theo guy you talked about?” “In the flesh!” Sebastian gestured like a show master. “I guess you were right. Even nerds can be funny sometimes. Maybe there’s hope for the male race after all!” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Saturday, October 31st, 2020 — 9:45 PM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A party wouldn’t just be one without playing flip-the-cup. Braxton and Victor had both removed their headwear to facilitate the downing of their beer cups against the two girls with whom the competed. Mathilda now used her majestic faux-golden staff more like a cane rather than an artifact for her costume — she barely could stand anymore. Jennifer, on the other hand, had better alcohol retention, but she kept jiggling and spilling beer on the sticky table and floor. The hair she had earlier shaped into a beautiful flower bulb had lost it dynamism and now looked like a greenish muffin top. While the girls were winning another round against the jocks, Asher and Dimitri just arrived on the first floor, having dragged up a foosball table from the home bar downstairs. The guys walked across the hall into the living room where the heart of the party was beating full mast. “Foosball time!” Dimitri and Asher shouted in chorus before bursting into laughter like a buffoon duo. The call was hyping the guests enough that even the smoking trio in the study left their cave to join in the fun. The games started as teams of two, until Mathilda had the brightest idea in the world and everyone held on to only one rotator, making sides of four instead. It was crowded and people kept bickering and shoving each other out of the way, but it provided a lot of fun nonetheless. As a good host, Dimitri gave his place to his eight guests until Wesley grew bored with the game and lie back on one of the couches. Mathilda was questioning herself about her idea when a repetitive soft tug in her hair starting annoying her. She thought her hair had tangled into her costume, but when she turned around, she met with a white ghostly face screaming at her. Her shriek made everyone look for her and begin to laugh as the Latina slipped on the wet floor and fell on her ass. Right behind her stood a tall person dressed in robes as dark as night, with the mask of Ghostface, holding in a knife in its hand. The figure was soon grabbed into a headlock by Dimitri, then Braxton, the three of them slipping on the ground as well. The two brutes had the stalker under control until they also heard the laughs coming from underneath the costume. “You should have seen her face!” The voice guffawed. “Larry? What the fuck, bro!” Dimitri exclaimed in shock, but soon after joined in the laugh. The two men on top of him moved and the host took his little brother’s hand to help him back up. Mathilda, embarrassed to no end, snapped with anger, failing to stand by keeping on slipping on the beer-covered floor. “You’re such a creep!” She pestered at him, red with humiliation. Jennifer tried pulling her back up via the Egyptian staff — while her boyfriend was laughing out loud — but the two girls ended falling on top of each other. “Jenny — ouch! Seb — DO SOMETHING! You, fucker! I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna kill you ALL! All of you!” “Alright, alright.” Sebastian complied, walking to help his lover up. “That was a good one, bro!” Dimitri approved, giving Larry a brotherly slap on the back. “Though you should run away while you can!” “I was just coming to get a few snacks before my raid.” Larry pulled his mask off, beaming a content smile. “Well, you—…” Lights went off abruptly. Music faded into nothingness. Total darkness invaded the space. The surprised cries and exclamations were absorbed into the thick void surrounding the party members. Dimitri tried to bring back the attention to him when, out of a sudden, the fireplace lightened by itself, diffusing a dimmed orange hue to the vast living room. “What the fuck is going on?!” Dimitri blurted out in confusion. “HELLO.” A distorted voice echoed from the corners of the room and from within each present individual. The first one to take his phone out was Theo, who attempted to use its flashlight. Only then did he realize his screen looked glitched out — the alien sound came from its small speakers. “What… guys! My phone’s bugged!” “Fucking hell?! Mine too!” Braxton added before the distorted voice spoke again. “Tonight is not like any others. The ten of you gathered here is no mere coincidence. Each of you, to an extent depicted examples of homophobic bigotry against people, which lead to the self-destruction and suffering of poor, weaker-minded individuals.” “Where the fuck are you?” Seb asked aloud, taking in his hands the axe he’s left by the couch earlier. “Show yourself!” The voice continued: “Braxton Bellman — your jealousy against Richard Biggs making the football team only fuelled your homophobic bigotry to kick him out. But the school wouldn’t let him out because he was the best player. So, you made sure to ‘accidentally’ have his leg broken so that he couldn’t play on the team anymore. Did that bitter win in your hollow head made up for all the further matches your team lost? Victor Fortune — whilst you confidently say you are a handsome fuck machine, you had often pushed back the advances of numerous people because of their skin colour or orientation. You never miss a chance to proudly display your confederation flag to show much of a white suprematist you are. You used your straight white cis male privileges to influence many peers as the representative student in school, disrespecting whoever didn’t share the same traits as yours. Theodore James — you do not exert physical violence to assert your intolerance, but you rather attack psychologically your victims. The shameful names and stereotypes you call them instead of the proper ones make them all the more vulnerable to others who would act brutally. Sebastian Joseph — in any room you go, you attract anyone’s eyes. You are the tall, charismatic, person any man or woman would love to spend a good time with. However, this handsome shell of yours hides a dark soul. In pure malice, you used your good looks to flirt with Henri Thompson, just to play him out as a whole joke in front of the school. That man still is afraid to date anyone today. Mathilda Lopez — instead of sympathizing with your ex-boyfriend Greg when he confided you with his bisexuality, you acted like the worst bitch ever. Not only you broke up with him, but you leaked multiple personal pics of him on social media, shaming him for his sexual orientation as well, resulting in having him brutalized and sent to the ER. He is still in the coma to this day. Wesley Peterson — you are a dropout and a thug who doesn’t give a damn about anyone other than himself. You vandalized Oliver McClay’s car and locker with graffiti in High School, showing the world that he was homosexual. Know that Oliver McClay took his own life a month after changing school. Asher Ship — your homophobic bigotry against your younger brother Ken has led him into clinical depression. This led him to grow overweight and develop paranoia. He even tried to take his own life numerous times, almost succeeding more than once. It’s a miracle of sorts if he is still alive today. Jennifer Taylor — nobody can confide you anything. When Roger Mayer shared you his biggest secret that he was a homosexual, you betrayed him and told others. No longer a mystery, Roger’s parents eventually heard about it, making his life as miserable at home as he’s had it at school. Say, when was the last time you talked with Roger? Were you even his friend? Dimitri Wright — host of the night, you clearly selected your guests carefully. Your fingers probably don’t make up for the number of wedgies you’ve given those homosexuals and intellectuals in school. You’re a leader, but you used your diplomatic gifts to bully others rather than implementing justice. Perhaps it’s time to turn the tables? Finally, Larry Wright — just like your brother Dimitri, you have deeply rooted homophobia. If you come across a gay guy in your Fortdey servers, you don’t hesitate to shame and tag them, taking mischievous pleasure in bashing and blackmailing them. Sucks when the servers suspend your account for inappropriate actions, does it?” A hard-felt silence weighed on the ten young adults, to which Wes blurted out: “So fuckin’ what?!” before being hushed at. “Now that your facets are displayed on the table, let’s play a little game, shall we? If you can make it intact by six in the morning, I will let you go. Oh, but we can’t allow cheater, don’t we? No one can leave the house grounds. No electricity, no data. Cheating or sleeping through the night will immediately result in a person losing. Also, let’s spice things up a bit. Anyone who loses can make others lose as well. Among the ten of you, there is one who knows what’s going on — an imposter of sorts. Will you find who fakes this out? Finding it out might make you win earlier than sunrise, but a wrong answer will result in another loss. Good luck.” The speakers shut, and so did all their phones — batteries fried up.
  12. Well, I already posted this elsewhere, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. The Revenge of Jafar : Chapter 1 - "You Can Do Whatever You Wish" I’m not looking for sympathy, I know that 2020 hadn’t exactly been a year most of the world wants to remember, but it’d been a particularly hard one for me. As the Coronovirus spread across the planet and much of the workforce in Britain went into lockdown, my boyfriend, Marcus joined the thousands who were unable to work. I on the other-hand continued to venture into the office to keep the finances of my employer balanced. Working in accountancy might not be a “sexy” business, but as the weeks wore on both Marcus and I were grateful for the regular income. Elsewhere, cracks were beginning to show between the two of us. His casual attitude to cleaning and taking care of our apartment seemed to decline as he filled his days with Xbox Live, microwaveable burgers and watching whatever mindless crap he could find on Netflix. To be fair to him, he’d always been the more chilled-out of the two of us, but our home was slowly transforming into a teenager’s bedroom whilst Marcus transformed at an equally alarming rate. The gyms had closed, the hair stylists had put away their scissors and Marcus was starting to become a victim of these losses. His normally flat, toned stomach had gained a layer of fat whilst his thick arms seemed to be losing definition on a daily basis. I couldn’t complain too harshly, my own physique had never been too impressive - but as a fitness model, the decline Marcus was allowing himself to slide into was somewhat alarming. I’m not saying I only fell for the guy because he had a tight six-pack, cute smile and an arse you could park a bike in… he was charming and sweet, he loved to cook and made me laugh so much. But, as I walked in to our shared home; the place littered with empty Coke cans, random socks and a faint smell of B.O, I was irritated. “Hey Handsome!” I chimed at Marcus as I stepped through the door. He sat on the sofa, controller in hand, headset on, shooting zombies or aliens or God knows what. “You had a good day?” No reply. I stepped between the screen and Marcus. “Hello?” “Oh for fucks sake, Jake! I was winning.” He yelled, throwing the controller down on the coffee table. “I was just saying ‘hello’! I won’t fucking bother now!” He glared up at me. Glancing around the room, I lifted a pair of his worn sweatshorts from the kitchen island, where they’d been left 3 days ago. “Been busy?” I asked. “Oh don’t start with me.” He shot back. “It’s okay for you, you get to go to work”. I stared at him, mouth open, waiting for my mind to find the words, but instead, instinct kicked in. “Oh, I GET to go to work? I GET to wake up at 6am to sit in an office to pay OUR bills? I GET to come home to see MY apartment slowly become a tribute to downtown Beirut?”. And so the argument began. I didn’t mean to be so hurtful, but after weeks of swallowing down little annoyances here and there, the words essentially poured from my mouth. Some time later, after the shouting had stopped, Marcus stomped out of the apartment, a selection of his clothes and carry-able items forcefully stuffed into a holdall. That was three months ago. And I was still struggling to get to grips that the man I’d been with for four years had walked out and not come back after one argument. Fortunately, the world had, in some ways, started to return to normal. Bars and restaurants were open. Shops had embraced the return of their loyal customers and travel restrictions had been lifted. And so, after months of hard graft in the office, I decided I’d take the opportunity to get some sun, unwind and try to get past the events of this horrible year so far. ———————————————————— As I took a sip of my Mojito lounging by the pool of the Shangri-la Hotel, I questioned myself as to why I’d chosen to come to Dubai. As an openly gay man, it wasn’t exactly the no.1 destination to come and cruise for a replacement for Marcus. Still, this late in the year it was the perfect location to get a tan, drink some cocktails and get a little early Christmas shopping done. As I readjusted my sunglasses and sank down into the heavily cushioned sun-lounger, my vision went dark. Lifting my sunglasses, I was greeted by a tall, handsome, dark-skinned man. His black shirt looked painted onto his chunky pectorals and rounded deltoids. Equally black was his impressive thick beard that dipped to the bottom of his neck and framed his square cheek muscles. “You look like a man in need of adventure” he purred. My brain took a second to process his proposition. It came back blank. “I’m sorry?” “Jeep Desert Safari! One on one. A totally Personal experience. Only 500 Dirham.” His deeply accented voice continued, as he pushed a pamphlet into my hand. “I’m sure you’d love it. Out in the sand, bumping and crashing through the dunes.” If he hadn’t been trying to charge me over a hundred quid to sit in a Jeep on some sand, I’d have been certain he was flirting with me. “I… “ I struggled again for words. “I really just want to unwind. Relax by the pool, maybe have a couple of drink..” “Live a little! You’ll love it when the ride gets rough!” He interrupted, his earthy brown eyes penetrating my resistance. And so, less than an hour later Majid and I were blasting down the dunes in his, thankfully air-conditioned Jeep Wrangler. Any pretence of flirtation out of the window as Majid continued to tell me the best places to flirt with the British girls that came to visit and the best places to get a drink where the alcohol wasn’t watered down beyond all recognition. Whilst a small part of me mourned the lack of potential to have a night of wild sex with this handsome Arabian hunk, a rational part of me realised the low potential for this, even if he had been gay, due to my totally average appearance. More immediately, the adrenaline fuelled part of me was genuinely enjoying the G-forces and thrills of driving over the sands. Soon, Majid slowed the Jeep to a standstill atop one of the dunes. Other than the sound of the cooled air rushing from the vents, there was silence. He looked towards me. “We’re well off the typical trails most take here” he practically whispered. “Totally deserted.” I offered, looking out of the windscreen. “Totally deserted desert!” He laughed. I chuckled too, more out of politeness - it wasn’t funny. “Can I get out?” I asked. “You can do whatever you wish.” Majid replied. “Just don’t stay out there too long, you’ll bake your skin.” He laughed again. I reached behind his seat and grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder as I stepped out of the Jeep. The heat was instant and oppressive. I was thankful I’d chosen to wear closed shoes as the sand beneath my feet felt genuinely unbearable to walk on. I reached into my bag to retrieve my phone, opening the camera app, I activated the Panoramic mode and began trying to capture the expansive nature of the sand that surrounded me - only the Jeep giving any frame of reference. As I continued to spin to complete the photograph, something bright reflected against my eyes, briefly dazzling me. I lowered my phone and looked towards the source of the glare. In the huge expanse of sand in every direction, there appeared to be something sticking out of the ground about 30ft away. Trudging towards the mystery item in this brutal heat was torture. Each step a monumental effort. But eventually, I arrived at the source of my curiosity. There, buried in the sand, appeared to be the spout of a teapot. I crouched down and placed my hands around the spout, an eerie coolness tingling on the tips of my fingers. As I pulled the spout upwards, it revealed a pitch black oil lamp. Covered with intricate swirls, and what appeared to be inscriptions, it was almost ice cold to the touch. I raised the lamp to eye level. I couldn’t believe the coolness of the metal against my palms. I pressed it against my forehead and the chilling effect was instant. Pulling it away I looked deeply at the lamp… It was impossible to determine the age, material or even physical origin of it, but it held my curiosity. “MY FRIEND!” Majid yelled. “My friend are you okay?” I whipped around to face him, hiding my literal buried treasure behind my back. “Fine, all good.. just wanted to explore… Laurence of Arabia, you know?” “We should be going. Soon it will get dark!” He offered. “Okay, be right there.” I howled back, stuffing the lamp into my backpack and moving back to the Jeep with a renewed vigour. ———————————————————— I thrust the keycard into the slot of my room’s door, the drive back to the hotel had seemed to pass by almost instantly as my mind became increasingly fixated on the lamp that sat inside my Jack Wills bag. Entering the room, I walked towards the bed and sat down, my fingers unzipping the bag in one fluid motion. Almost like magic, the lamp tumbled out of the opening and onto the crisp white cotton sheets where it sat perfectly on its rounded base. My hands gently cupped around it and raised it to the light, trying to make out the barely visible inscriptions that covered its entire surface. They were so fine, and lightly made that seeing them was near enough impossible. I reached for my phone and opened the Google Translate app. Using camera mode I tried to snap a section of the lamp that seemed to show the symbols “خطر” and “قوة” but the camera seemed unable to pick up the details. I sighed, placed my phone onto the bed and wet my thumb in my mouth. Slowly and carefully I began to rub the insignia on the lamp to try to make it clearer when, abruptly, red smoke began pouring out of the spout. Deep, villainous laughter began to fill the room as the smoke began to coalesce into a solidifying shape. As the smoke became tighter and tighter, the laughter became louder and louder. Before me, a huge, godlike figure began to appear. Laughing heartily, his hugely muscular figure flexed and grew. His skin as red as a bloodstained ruby. Lightning crackled across his impressive frame as he rose higher and higher into the room. His still laughing face seemed fixed in a near instantaneous sneer. His arms large enough to choke an elephant, his deep cobblestone abdominals flexing as his evil chuckling continued. My heart pounded in my chest, fear flushing through my body as he fixed his gaze towards me, his eyes shining yellow without pupils or iris, his thick goatee wrapped around his mouth as he exclaimed in a language I didn’t understand “’iinaa har! huriyat alaintiqam min ealam habsani!” At that point, the world became incredibly wobbly and as I slid off the bed, I began to feel as though I was… about…. to.. faint. Bang. ———————————————————— Jafar glanced at the pitiful human who had collapsed at the mere sight of him. He looked around the room; it looked unfamiliar to the world he knew before being trapped in the lamp. Once again he looked towards the human, and then towards the strange glowing rectangle on the bed next to his cursed lamp. He lifted the item, turning it over in his colossal, clawed hands. “iPhone” he mumbled to himself, and then turned it over and began to investigate it.
  13. Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch1 part three A by Big-Zargo Story A Muscle Run Grayson passed out of his door wearing his yellow nightclothes. The skinny middle-age man looked fearful as he cried throughout the night. “Georgine, Georgine where are you. Oh God where are you.” he had a terrible nightmare that Georgine was being chased by a huge muscular monster. Then he woke up in his nightmare only to find that his wife Georgine was missing from their bed. At first, he thought that she was this in the restroom getting water or relieving herself. But when she did not return to bed Grayson began to become fearful. Then he heard a scream coming from outside and immediately grabbed his key and flashlight, put on his slippers and then went out to investigate the noise. Grayson helped that Georgine was not the one scream. The fog was so thick that Grayson could barely see even with a flashlight. “Georgine are your right? Please tell me you’re right, Georgine?” Grayson yelled out. Grayson’s throat felt parched from yelling out, and his body felt unusually warm and tingling. It was if the thick fog was smothering him, it was so hard to breathe and it felt like his voice was being muffled. “Come closer Grayson, I await you.” A mysterious ghostly voice said. “I’m coming Georgine.” Grayson said while running towards the sound, thinking that the voice must be hers. She must be close, Grayson thought. “Where are….” Grayson said as his mind fell upon a blank. Grayson cannot remember what he was doing. His head felt so foggy couldn’t think straight. He was looking for something no, someone. Someone so presses that would run outside in of the night. Then he heard a beautiful sound like angels singing. Grayson ran towards the beautiful song, as his mind became foggier and more forgetful. “Beautiful song.” Grayson said in a daze. As his skinny body began to grow gaining muscular definition underneath his yellow nightclothes. Hearing a tearing sound, Grayson stop and look that one of his sleeves of his nightgown had a tear on it. The sleeve must have gotten caught on; he thought his wife Georgine will be…… Georgine he tried to cling to that name like it was a lifeline. “Georgine, Georgine, Georgine, Georgine,” Grayson said and thought hoping to fight where there him. Then he started to hear the beating of drums his head. Grayson roared as he blood began to boil with primal power. Grayson could literally see his arms grow with muscle right in front of his eyes. He could feel his nightclothes begin to stretch with growing muscles. He could feel his cock becoming hard, as he began to pre-cum staining his pajama pants. “What’s going on?” Grayson moaned out. His Chess swelling with every breath of his Lungs, the fog influence became pronounce. “Holy shit I can see my pecs.” Grayson said in a daze. Then he heard ripping sounds coming from his clothes. He was so big that there were holes starting to appear in his nightclothes, and with multiple popping sounds all of his buttons popped off of his yellow nightshirt, revealing an extremely tight undershirt that was starting to tear as well. When Grayson reached the size of a heavyweight bodybuilder his transformation truly started. He began to shake as primal energy completely flew through his body. His already very tight clothes began to be destroyed by his body growing, holes in his nightclothes widen to the point, where they completely burst off of his body. His arms grew with Ogreish might as his biceps grew to bowling balls, his hands wide into huge mitts. His once human proportion shoulders grew freakishly large as his chest and back grew out to compensate his growing frame. His strong thighs grew into mighty tree trunks and his feet grew into large wide pads reaching 18 inches in length. His waist grew in proportion with his off his body, as his four pack abs grew in. Huge pillow like pecs swelled into being as large watch size nipples popped out. His butt grew into two huge muscular soccer balls squeeze together. His face became more brutish with a square jaw, pronounced eyebrow ridges, and a big round nose. Now looking like a big muscular giant, with a wild black shaggy hair, a mustache complemented with a 5 o’clock shadow on his brutish face, with hairy armpits, and an erect 10 in long fat cock, with a pair of orange size hairy balls. Looking at his fat throbbing cock dripping with pre-cum Grayson knew that if he came his transformation would be complete, and that he would never see her again. He began to run, hoping to find sanctuary, hoping to find her, hoping not to forget her. Every moment he ran his human memories faded away, and his mind became more warped. Grayson could feel the primal energy flow through his new body, beckoning him to keep going to feel the burn or stop and attend his throbbing cock. He looked down to see fat throbbing cock move right and left in sway with his muscular thighs and knew that you eventually come. Every breath filled with primal energy for the air itself tainted by the fogs magic. Then Grayson just stopped forgetting like he was running in the first. Grayson just felt so horny and lightheaded, he just stood there as he takes deep breath of the magic infused air. He looked at his fat cock again marveling at how big it was, especially now that he could see now, he was under a light post. It so thick and veiny Grayson didn’t expect his fat cock to be orange color. He looked at his thick arm to find his skin tone to be orange as well. He found it hard to think so horny. Just needed to grab, squeeze, and rub a little and then he would be happy, but something was holding back. Closing his eyes Grayson moan in sexual frustration, when he felt a hand wrapped around his fat cock and gave him the squeeze and rub he was hoping. He roared as he came shooting out the last of his humanity into the night. Slowly opening his eyes discovered an ogreish hand moving away, He turned around to see an ogre in barbarian like armor. Looking closer at the ogre saw that he had, long brown hair reaching down to his shoulders, a slight peppering of hair on his chest, he was more bigger, wider and more muscular and like Grayson he shared a 5 o’clock shadow on his face with a mustache and thick eyebrows. The mysterious armored ogre said. “I am Jackson a mighty Guardian and warrior for Lord Owen. And you saw that you were in distress, so I decided help you with that big problem.” He pointed at Grayson’s cock. Wasting no time Grayson kiss Jackson on his luscious Ogreish lips. Parting his lips from Grayson, Jackson said. “You must be parched from all that running. Why don’t you take a ride with me and my friend in my car, we are head to a bar? There are plenty of human who need to see and feel the blessing of Lord Owen.” With Jack’s at the lead Both ogres headed back to his police car, and like rodeo clowns they magically stuffed their huge bodies in the vehicle, before heading out.
  14. Preface: I had a depressive episode shortly into writing this story. It took days to get back on track. I don't feel the story is that good and it's not my best work. I tried to improve it but the spark was gone. I apologize for any errors or problems. Theme Park by Cutlerfan It had been closed for over ten years but power was still hooked up so local frats and their pledges went to spend a night inside as a dare. Not much happened usually but there were times when things took a turn for the weird. This was one of those times. The indoor amusement park was small but completely inside so bad weather, cold, or heat did not hamper a day of fun. Heart’s Desire was originally intended to be a park for lovers but had grown over the years to include the usual rides and attractions one would expect for a fun park. As the group of brothers from Delta Iota Kappa fraternity and their pledges approached the chained main entrance all that could be read of the sign was H ART’S AMUSEMENT PARK. The E in HEART’S and the DESIRE lettering having fallen off after years of disuse. Since the little people remembered about the park was that the owner was Eli Hart no one thought the name was strange. Eli had disappeared shortly after the park closed for unknown reasons. It had been a popular attraction in it’s day in the brutally cold Minnesota winters. The group got to the entrance and one frat guy used a lock pick to remove the lock from the rust encrusted chain. It was odd that the lock had no rust but the chain was heavily flaked with iron oxide. The heavy chain came free and landed with an echoing crunch that sent bits of dirt and rust particles into the air. In the group were Brad, Eric, Chuck, Mike, Barry, and Seth representing the fraternity. The pledges were Dane, Ian, Peter, and James. Brad was 6’2” and a college Quarterback. His good looks had allowed him to bed many women who seldom stayed after the first night. He was exceedingly arrogant and that drove women away more often than not. He was well hung with average sized balls. Chuck and Seth were also on the football team. Seth was a Safety and Chuck a Lineman. Both were pretty bulky and hairy although Seth was leaner and more agile with Chuck relishing his chances to butt heads with his opponents. Neither had girlfriends although they both played the proverbial dating field. Barry was thin and lithe; the perfect swimmer’s body. He enjoyed tight clothes and speedos to show off his body and large endowment. Eric was the second string quarterback. He was an inch taller than Brad but less cocky. His cerulean eyes showed a lot of his inner emotion although he rarely let it show otherwise. He was buff but wanted more muscle to make him stand out more. Dane was an English major and he was a handsome man at 5’11” but he’d be the first to call himself a nerd since he preferred reading books to dating. He had just finished Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome and wasn’t happy about this frat initiation. His dad has suggested he get his head out of books, join a frat, and enjoy himself but he wasn’t sure. He felt that his olive skin tone disguised some of his geekiness since he did not do many outdoors sports. Ian was 6’0’ and very overweight. He was bright but shy and wore glasses. He had zero sexual experience and had hoped joining a frat would help him with his social awkwardness. He had a love of muscle but assumed he'd never be a muscle man. It hadn’t occurred to him that he might be gay but his homelife was pretty crazy so he’d never had the time. Peter was a business major who hoped to run a company one day. He knew it took determination to succeed in business but he worried he lacked that quality. Joining a frat would help him network for possible future business deals.He was tall, of average build, and had a fine bulge. James was a Biology major who hoped to study genetic disorders one day. He was lean and lithe and had been on the Crew team his freshman year and was a good Coxswain. He decided to try a frat to give him an idea where he fit in the world of introverts and extroverts. Few people knew how well hung he was because he didn’t wear tight clothes very often. “Ok plebes time to go inside. Remember if you leave before dawn you fail your initiation, understand? It’s now nine pm and sunrise is in about ten and a half hours. Just stay inside the entire time and you’ll be fine.” The frat boys firmly push the four pledges into the doorway. “There’s a powerbox next to the door on the right. Flip the switch and you won’t be in the dark all night, ok? Now go!” The foursome entered the door and turned on their flashlights. After a few moments a click was heard and all the lights came on. Carnival music was heard so the frat guys relocked the chain on the door and went around back to a somewhat secret entrance the frat used to get inside to torment the pledges. “We’re gonna scare them shitless!” said Brad. “Hell yeah we’ll show those fairies who’s boss alright!” added Barry. “Give it a rest guys!” muttered Eric. “Not every pledge is gay you know.” “It’s best just to assume so to weed out the fags!” replied Chuck. Eric sighed as he trailed behind the other guys. He knew if the guys found out about his orientation they’d kick him out of the frat for sure; assuming they didn’t beat him while doing so. He dated and slept with girls to keep up appearances but he knew he was really a Bisexual guy who preferred other guys. Sex with women was fine but he never felt a strong bond with any of his dates. This worked to his advantage since his reputation as a lady's man made it easy for him to date and sleep with many women without any commitments. Eric had come along to make sure the other bros didn’t do anything dangerous. He sighed and went inside. The pledges were enjoying the sights and sounds of the park. Automated music poured out of the loudspeakers but it wasn’t too loud to annoy them It was more like a distant buzz in their ears. The group found spots to bunk down in and unrolled their sleeping bags. After they were ready for any sleep they might want they explored the area around them. There was a Cupid themed fountain that turned on when the power came back. It quickly filled with a bluish tinted water that smelled sweet. Dane took a tiny sip from it that he gathered in his flask and said it tasted sort of like liquid cotton candy. He had a full drink and headed off to the games area. His hair slowly turned a light pastel blue tint as he walked. As was the tradition, all five guys took time near where they had entered to stop by an odd statue. Brad bowed at the statue of a hearty looking male holding a goblet in one hand with his other hand out palm open.. A sign above him read “An offering allows you passage. In the right spot grants you a wish” Brad poured a libation of beer into the goblet and he and three of the guys left. Eric stood before the statue and spotted something on the floor. He picked it up and held it in his hand. It was heavy and embossed with an image of a smiling swarthy man. He looked like a genie or djinn from the tales of Arabian Nights.Looking a bit puzzled Eric placed the coin in the statue’s open palm and said “I wish I could be myself to my friends and that we could all get along.” Eric sighed and headed off to the others. After he was gone the eyes of the statue glowed for a moment and a voice boomed “Wish Granted.” The frat brothers began laying out their props and equipment. Spooky sound effects recordings on portable wi-fi speakers, fake blood, and other pranks were in their bag of tricks. They spread out leaving fake signs of death around as they went; a skull here or there, blood droplets, and a few pieces of rotting fish. It was childish at best but the bros apart from Eric were enjoying themselves when they reached the hall of mirrors. The five pranksters stood together in the hall of mirrors. Each saw his distorted figure reflected in the glass. Barry smirked as he saw his huge expanded belly in the mirror. “Whoa, I guess I had too many cheeseburgers at lunch.” The other bros laughed and showed off their reflections. Barry saw a burly man far bigger than his slim physique. Brad scowled seeing his shorter, more feminine body in the mirror. “What is this gay crap?” The others chuckled and agreed they’re images were messed up too. Seth looked about the same in height but more handsome. “Damn! I didn’t know a mirror could shrink your package!” he commented while pointing at Brad’s reflection. “Who says it shrunk?” replied Brad. “you’ve never been well hung.” As Brad smirked Seth replied. “Well princess I think you should look at yours again, a micro bulge and a huge ass is what I see!” Brad saw it was true, the image did give him a very pronounced set of glutes like he has been a cyclist for decades. “EFF you Seth, it’s just some kind of smart mirror warping our images. Plenty of ladies can attest to the size of my manhood!” Chuck cried “Weird I'm taller but where’s my scruff and body hair?” The hirsute Chuck looked barely eighteen with no facial hair. “Guys it looks like I’ve been eating my Wheaties or doing roids! He flexed his arms revealing the enormous muscle man in the reflection. “Eh it’s all fake anyway” said Brad. “You three get started with the other prank stuff we brought while Barry and I get set up here!” Eric, Seth, and Chuck all left with the supplies. Barry and Brad began to set up some drone controlled ghost puppets on strings. “Hey man.” Brad asked Barry. Is my ass really huge in the mirror?” Barry looked and said “no looks normal to me. Oh crap! Uh Brad your ass is huge!” Barry cried. “Yeah I know in the mirror right?” Brad said annoyed. “No like for real, your ass is like two beach balls, feel it!” “What the hell are you...Fuck! What the hell happened? I have a ginormous double bubble butt ass! Wait? How did I know that’s what I have? Like what’s wrong with my voice? I sound so wimpish!” Brad was panicking when Barry walked over. And hugged him. “It’s okay Brad I like your voice and bubble butt!” Barry rubbed Brad’s enormous bouncy glutes and Brad suddenly moaned. ‘Oh Fuck me that feels so good… I mean... why the hell did you do that? Are you a fairy or something?” Brad slapped Barry hand off his ass but it was a weak slap. Don’t touch me you freak!” Brad stomped off leaving Barry confused but he relaxed as he stood posing in the mirror and seeing his lean body swell with muscle and size. He thought he was at least six foot six and three hundred fifty pounds. “Looks like I should quit the swimming team and join Football. I like that idea!” He cupped his big bulge and was soon masturbating. A few minutes later his cum hit the mirror and he moaned as a heavy orgasm caused his body to spasm.Over an hour later he emerged a mammoth bear of a man. Brad looked for and found a bathroom mirror to look at himself in. Thinking to himself. ‘He looked the same, right? Very sexy for the ladies. That was all just a trick of the light in the Hall of Mirrors’. As Brad turned to leave he didn’t notice his now regular sized ass begin to grow. It was just a bit but noticeable. Soon Eric found Chuck after he had just run out of pranks. As they were chatting Brad saw something out of the corner of his eye. He spotted Ian and Dane heading to the House of Horror. He motioned for Chuck to follow him and the two quietly follow the pledges. After letting them look around inside for a few moments they caught up with the pair inside the Mad Scientist’s Lair. “You come here to get scared, fairies?” asked Brad and the two pledges turned to run. Easily outracing them Brad and Chuck grabbed them. Brad saw Dane’s tinted hair and reached out to punch him. At this point Chuck saw the experiment chambers and gestured to them. Four tiny plastic ‘treatment’ chambers each the size of a porta potty. “Perfect signs for them huh Chuck?” Chuck laughed as he read the signs above two of the chambers which read ‘Twink’ and ‘Slaveboy.’ “Let’s throw them in there!” cried Brad and he pushed Dane into the Twink chamber and Chuck shoved Ian into the Slaveboy one. They closed the doors and looked around for some controls. They were standing in front of two chambers labeled ‘Real Man’ and ‘Alpha Male’. They failed to notice some pressure pads in the floor and as they moved around Chuck stepped on one and the chambers powered up with flashing lights and weird electrical sounds Brad was smiling and stepped on another control and gears began to grind as the small metal pads the duo were standing on were pulled into the remaining chambers; Brad into the ‘Alpha Male’ chamber and Chuck into the ‘Real Man’ one. Automatic doors closed on them before they could get out. A mist of fog enveloped the group of four and electrical discharges filled the air. The chambers began to shake and the four signs started to fall off the displays one after the other revealing different placards underneath. The ‘Alpha Male’ now read ‘Twink’ and the Real Man read “Slaveboy.’ The machines began to shut down and a rush of steam filled the air as the chambers opened. Brad staggered out first. His body felt unstable and he soon understood why. He had shrunk somehow! He knew he couldn't be taller than 5’2” and ‘Holy Shit! What happened to my ass?’ he thought as he felt the ballooned glutes sticking out a good seven or eight inches from his waist. He realized he had a “bubble butt” but wasn’t sure how he knew that. Dane was next and he was huge! He stepped out completely naked. He stood around 6’10’ and was a whopping 360-70 pounds of dense muscle. He had grown a beard in the scant 45 seconds in the chamber and he began to stroke it. “Damn this feels good! Brad? Is that you?” He asked and smirked. “You look soo cute that way and such a fine ass.” He swatted Brad’s posterior and Brad moaned and was aroused like he had never been before. Brad knew he should have been offended but it did feel good and he couldn’t help but be attracted to this, this, this Adonis in front of him. “Thanks Dane, you look pretty incredible as well. Can I touch you, please? I just need to feel that stud bod of yours, I mean eh I… can’t resist you? How can this be?” Dane smiled and replied “It’s because I’m an Alpha Male and you’re a Twink!” Dane bent down and kissed Brad and though small his erection was visible in the spandex shorts he now wore. A patch of wetness was obvious.“Oh GAWD I’m gonna cum! Kiss me again sweetie!” Dane did so and Brad’s small body spasmed as he cummed. Brad suddenly frowned. “Look, Dane, I’m sorry for saying you were a fag. I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry please forgive me! I’m a joke. I was so mean and all because I was insecure in my masculinity. I deserve this punishment! I’ll do whatever you want.. I’ll suck you off or you can fuck me but don’t leave me alone… I feel so safe with you! I never realized how cowardly I’ve been until now. Hiding behind a mask of toxic masculinity. But that’s been stripped away and I don’t know what to do. Would you help me please?” Chuck came out next. He was wearing a leather studded collar and a harness. He was taller, almost as tall as Dane but he had no body hair any more. There was a cock cage around his rod and he looked unsure how to deal with that. He noticed his now heavy grapefruit balls and felt better. He looked around as if searching for something or someone but gave up and went back to rubbing his balls. Ian stepped out and he was massive! At least 7 feet tall and he had a huge chest and cock. He was so muscled that he looked like a living morph. His hairy chest must have been over 70 inches and biceps 30”. His lats forced his arms up and the colossal quads rubbed together like two tanned diamond striated carvings of marble. With each step his cock and balls bounced, forced in front by the lack of space between his legs. A Muir cap was on his head and he wore a leather vest and kilt. His obscenely huge balls hung out of the short kilt and The two foot soft cock popped over the waistband. Chuck jumped up and began to suck Ian’s cock as Ian rubbed Chuck’s buzz cut head playfully. “That’s a good slave boy. Do your duty for your Master!” Ian chuckled and had no idea how things had turned out like this but he wasn’t complaining. He spotted Dane and the twinkified Brad. “You two make a cute couple. Damn you’re hot Dane!” “Likewise.” replied Dane. “You’re so huge! You could be a World’s Strongest Man contestant!” Ian laughed and rubbed his now bearded chin. “Definitely something to think about. We should find the others and see if they changed as well. Elsewhere in the park. Peter and James were looking around a ride called ‘Wild Thing.’ “Release Your Inner Beast!” was on the large poster outside the venue. Seth suddenly leaped out at them and grabbed them by their arms. He dragged them into the ride loading area and used plastic zip ties to bind their wrists to the pressure bar on the ride after he shoved them in. He started up the ride but it took a couple minutes for the automatic circuits to check the ride. Seth got in the lead car and snapped down the lap bar over his wide chest. His face was a snarl as the hair of his lush beard stood out at all angles from the plane of his face. The controls had broken so an attendant was not required to start the ride. The timer began to count down the 20 seconds before the car would pull away. Suddenly a pair of strong hands managed to snap the bindings on James’ wrists and he was pulled off the car. Eric had seen Seth drag the two pledges inside and he had hurried to catch up. The binds on Peter’s wrists were extra tight. Eric almost had them off then the ride lurched forward and to avoid being pulled into the track Eric had to jump into the seat behind Peter. The car shot down a deep ramp and then over a few corkscrews. Another tunnel was ahead and as the train lunged into the darkness everything went black. Eric, Peter and Seth were blind for a moment then visions of animals appeared for them. Pete saw a multitude of different bears. Eric saw huge thick bulls and oxen. Seth, unlike the others, saw dolphins and porpoises. A massive flash of light and they came out of the tunnel and the ride was over. Peter snapped the zip ties and he roared breaking the lap bar as he stood up. Already a light beard was growing and he was gaining height and strength. His body hair and beard thickened as he hit 6’8” then 6’10”. Eric was moaning as over 300 pounds of muscle piled on his frame and his spine elongated. He ended up over 7’4” and almost 600 pounds of thick muscle. He rubbed his new muscle gut and chuckled, realizing his voice was much deeper. He too had grown a beard and it felt amazing to him. He exited the ride and saw the new Peter. “Hey looking hot Peter!” he said. “You’re hot too and It’s Pete now!.” The two had a feel of one another’s colossal forms then they cummed in unison. A thick pool of their combined seed was on the ground. They heard a moan and realized Seth was still seated. They walked down and found Seth in a very different body.He had gotten somewhat shorter, down 5 inches from 6’3” and his generous beard was no more. His obvious chest hair tufts no longer poked through his now oversized tee. His face was more angular and attractive with a straighter nose and higher cheekbones. As he stood Eric and Pete saw his large round bubble butt and slightly narrowed shoulders. “What happened? He asked in a higher octave of voice than before. His buzz cut was now a wavy mass of hair. He rushed over to a mirror next to the height limitation chart and yelped “What am I?” “Dude, it’s okay we were all changed!” said Eric walking over and placed an enormous hand on Seth’s shoulder. “Not all of us” proclaimed James who stood in his usual tall lithe body. “Some wild body morphs, huh?” Pete and Eric smiled and nodded in agreement. I think we should regroup” said James. “How many frat guys followed us in?” he asked Eric. “Me and 4 others; Barry, Brad, Seth, and Chuck” was Eric’s reply. ”I wonder what happened to them?” said Eric thinking out loud. Pete smiled and spoke “let’s find out shall we?” The four men head off to find the others with Pete carrying Seth who seemed very drained from his transformation. Eventually the group of seven frat members and pledges met up in a vending machine area.the machines were on auto dispense so no one had to find quarters or other cash. They quickly feasted on packaged sandwiches and snacks that, oddly, did not have expired Use By dates. There was even a pizza vending machine and popcorn maker. The quickly got food and sat around the grand entrance to the park. Just after he slammed down his bottled protein shake Ian asked how everyone was. Dane and Brad sat together kissing on and off while Barry and Pete were discussing lifting techniques. Chuck was at Ian’s feet enjoying some french fries as James eyed him quizzically. Eric reached a hand around and tweaked Ian’s titanic left nip and Ian groped him back. Seth sat and swirled his hand in the Cupid fountain. Everyone was in good spirits. Time seems to stand still for the group. The equivalent of days and days of relative time seemed to pass for the nine men. An indeterminate amount of time later the first rays of daylight shined into the main hall of the park. The guys woke up and knew it was time to head home. As the beams reached Brad in an embrace with Dane his small body expanded back to its original size. He looked at Dane with a tear in his eye. Dane said “It’s okay babe, even in your old body I know you’re a twink at heart and I’ll always be here for you.” He then kissed Brad who returned the kiss. Seth was shocked to find himself back in his brutish hairy body but he knew some shaving and exercise could get him back to the swimmer’s build he wanted. His face retained his new more handsome contours. Chuck found his body hair back as well but he found it irritating as it rubbed against his original clothes. His cock ring was still there and it made him happy to know he’d find a new master to train him right. He kept a few inches of the gained height but he knew he was now and forever a sub slave boy. Barry and Peter didn’t change back at all. They both enjoyed their new bodies and were glad to keep them. A fast grope session became something more as the pair walked off for some more private time alone. Ian and Eric also kept their enormous forms and Eric in particular was happy that he could be openly gay now. The two muscle men snuggled for a little longer before they gathered Ian’s stuff and his now comically small sleeping bag. James sat on a marble bench looking down at the group. He had decided to go to Med school and perhaps become a surgeon to help people make more real life transformations. The men walked out the now open main door into the day and smiled. Each had been transformed in new and unexpected yet wanted ways. The physical morphing of their bodies had been temporary for some but their inner selves were permanently transformed; becoming happier and more open individuals. When the group reached the frat house the pledges were asked to join formally and all did. Over time people asked about what had happened at the park but they never told. “Go check it out yourselves, it’s quite the trip. Many members did so in the following weeks and left similarly transformed. Months later the frat changed its name to Chi Omega Kappa and was an openly gay frat. No one noticed or questioned the new massive sizes of some of the frat brothers. Everyone thought that they had always been like that which saved many hours of explanations. The original nine guys went on with their lives. Over time Eric’s glutes grew to bubble butt proportions as more of the twink in him became evident. Dane and Eric remained a couple even as Eric was recruited for the National Football League. Dane stayed an English major and became a novelist. The two settled down to a happy life and traveled often after Eric’s NFL time was over. Seth became a champion swimmer who glided through the water like a dolphin. He kept his body shaved for swimming and because he liked feeling smooth. He discovered a love of acting and met his future partner in Drama class and went on to become well known on Broadway and the Theater in general. Chuck found a new master who he adored. The big man helped him become the perfect slave boy. Chuck knew his master loved him and the master/slave routine was eventually dropped when they started to live together. Chuck also went to the NFL along with Barry who he remained friends with. Barry and Pete moved in together after college. After Barry got drafted into the football league Pete followed him around and they eventually got married. A few years later they bought a home and Barry became a college coach and Pete a master carpenter and sculptor. His strong hands helped him easily work stone and wood into amazing forms. Ian and Eric were a happy couple and Eric did pursue Strongman competitions and became a popular winner and advocate for gay rights. Ian got degrees in English and Biology, A Master’s in English Literature and Technical Writing, and a Doctorate in Education. He wrote science articles and gay fantasy fiction on the side or perhaps it was vice versa? Eric opened a gym to train young LBGTQ youth and adults to be physically able to protect themselves and live their lives unafraid. James went to medical school and became a doctor specializing in reconstructive surgery and prosthetics. He wanted to help people recover from body altering trauma and he was good at it. He developed several new skin graft and wound healing technologies as well as advanced muscle connectors to bypass paralysis and help people to walk again. Some of his friends called him the Bionic Doc. He found a partner and had a happy home life More people found their way into the old theme park for more than a decade after the frat guys visited before it was demolished to add more buildings to the University. Even today rumors persist that anyone living in one of the dorms on the spot may find himself changed. The End
  15. BigZargo12

    Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch1 Part Two

    Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch1 Part 2 By Big Zargo12 Back Alley Sausage Officer Jackson had a long boring day of nothing. He wasn’t sure that a boring day was a blessing or a curse. A day of peace was quite rare in this growing small town, not even a call to the police station. Which kind of made him uneasy for some reason, or maybe it was just this thick fog that came out of nowhere, that was covering His path to the station. “Where in the hell did this fog come from. The weather app on my phone said it was supposed to be a clear night.” Officer Jack thought to himself. Hearing A loud scream coming from the alleyway next to the butcher shop, broke through his thoughts. Wasting no time Jackson Stop the car and ran towards the fog covered alley. “FUCK I forgot to call the station. Fuck it, Al contact the station after I investigate the situation.” Jackson thought to himself. Running in the fog covered alley felt like walking through molasses to Jackson, He had to just stop and try to breathe. “What the hell, is going on.” Jackson thought. Jackson was not fat or skinny, but neither was the completely average especially with his potbelly. Jackson knew that he could run for much faster and longer but for some strange reason he felt tired and worn. “NO!!!” The voice sounded familiar to Jackson, thinking for a second, he recognized that it was Cameron’s voice; one of the local butchers of Holmes top Borough. “I’m coming Cameron!” Jackson Yelled out. Running through the fog, he came upon a disturbing site. Behind the butcher shop a huge hulking 10 feet tall monster with a dirty old hat, giving poor Cameron a face fucking with his huge fat cock. If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew Cameron voice and recognize his tattoo on his left bicep, Jackson may never have recognized him, with the monsters hand grabbing his head forcing him to swallow his fat cock. Jackson’s Shook off his shock at the strange site. “You’re under arrest, Put your hands up.” Jackson said. “How in the world am I going to handcuff this monster, let alone fit him inside the back of his car?” Jackson thought to himself. Turning his head in response to hearing officer Jackson voice. The monster gave one last thrust to Cameron’s face, shooting his thick cum down Cameron’s throat. Falling to the ground Cameron gave a gurgle moan as the monster gave officer Jackson his full attention. “This is will by last warning now stand there and put your hands.” Jackson shouted out. The second the monster took its first step, Jackson shot out all of his ammo. Looking in horror as the monster’s thick skin deflected all of Jackson’s bullets, and Seeing no damage on the monster’s orange colored skin. Grabbing at his radio Jackson said. “I’m going to meet back up at 3432 parsley Lane back of Cameron’s butcher shop brings some heavy weapon. Roger” hearing no reply from his radio and seeing the monster coming closer, Officer Jackson ran. “Dammit, dammit, what the hell’s is going on with the radio. It was working fine this morning.” Jackson said with a fearful voice. Jackson known this alley wasn’t very long; it should have taken about five minutes to walk through the whole thing. Feeling lost, Jackson kept on Running hoping to make it back to his car. Jackson somehow found himself back in the alley behind the butcher shop where he first seen the monster and Cameron. seeing only the dirty old hat and Cameron’s clothes, in the medium size clearing behind the butcher shop. Grabbing at the familiar dirty old hat that he thought the monster was wearing, Jackson took a closer inspection of it. “My God,” Jackson whispered, Dropping the hat in horror. This hat had belonged to Liam, an old man who had lost his home last week after his grandson was arrested for making drugs in Liam’s basement. “How could this skinny senile old man become this huge muscle-bound monster?” Jackson said to himself. Looking closer at Cameron’s clothes, he sees that they were shredded. Jackson wonder what happened to Cameron, when he felt a huge fat cock grazing the left side of his face. Slowly turning around while moving backwards, Jackson eventually backups again the wall. an another musclebound monster whose 9 feet tall, huge barrel chest with two huge meaty pecs, over a tight belly, a thick around waist, attached to huge tree trunk like thighs, supported by two huge feet, a thick bulls’ neck, a pair of titans’ shoulders with huge bowling ball biceps, with two big beefy hands, a strong square jaw with a wild beard and an equally wild black hair on his head, big round nose, Brown almond colored eyes over a pronounce brow ridge, oranges brown skin, with very hairy armpits and luscious treasure trail that reached down towards his huge 10 inch cock, orange size hairy balls and a small tattoo on his left bicep; standing before Jackson. “Cameron that you?” Jackson said in shock, recognizing the tattoo. Hearing his name Cameron stop advancing towards Jackson and said. “Hello, Officer Jackson, I have your order of a thick fat sausage.” Grabbing and giving his huge fat cock a tug, well licking his lips. “What the hell happened to you Cameron?” Jackson said while looking pale. In answer Cameron applied. “I was just packing up after a late-night of chopping meat. When I heard strange sounds coming from the back of my shop. My curiosity got the better of me and I went to investigate the strange noise, before heading home. When I opened the back door of my shop, I could barely see the back alley, it was so foggy. I should have just closed the door and walked back home through the front entrance. But my curiosity was always my weakness, so I grabbed my flashlight and headed out the door into the alley. It didn’t take me long to reach the alley gate, that is when I saw him. old Liam was in the process of transforming into an ogre. At first, I didn’t recognize him because He was huge, like a large heavyweight bodybuilder. Then it happened, some kind of growth spurt kicked in, that is when Liam’s change truly started. He swelled out like a growing balloon with muscle, completely destroying any scraps of clothes he was wearing. When he grew to 10 feet tall muscle monster, it was then I saw the look of hunger in his dark brown eyes, and I ran. I didn’t get a chance to reach the door, he completely destroyed the gate. grabbed me like a small child, forced his fat cock downline my throat, I tried to resist at first but the more I tasted it the more I came to love it. Then you came, I thought for a second that you would deprive me of my delicious sustenance, but I must’ve done my work well for Liam came, shooting his ogreish cum inside my mouth, kickstarting my transformation into an ogre.” Cameron said as he began to slobber. “now I’m going to make you worship me, before I stuffed my hot sausage down throat or stuffing up your ass, your choice.” Jackson could not hold his curiosity anymore and asked. “How do you know you and Liam are ogres? I mean you and Liam are ridiculously big but how in the would know that? I didn’t think you read fantasy.” “When you are blessed by Owen’s gift all will be clear.” Cameron said. “You can’t do this Cameron, what would Alina think of this. What you become. Don’t you want to find a cure for this transformation?” Jackson said pleadingly. Cameron pause after hearing Alina’s name coming from Jackson’s lips. “Alina…” Cameron whispered back, as his brown eyes began to water with sadness. But as quickly as the sadness came it soon left, leaving Cameron more hungrier for sex and worship. “Come to daddy.” Cameron said as he grabbed and lifted Jackson for a big sloppy French kiss. Jackson tried to keep his mouth close, but Cameron’s thick lips were just so warm and inviting. Against his will Jackson’s mouth parted letting Cameron’s thick tongue through, the taste of Cameron mouth was just so intoxicating. Jackson felt like he was in some kind of sexy dream. Jackson felt at Cameron’s huge back muscles; Cameron back felt so strong and powerful to Jackson. Stopping his passion, Cameron asked the enthralled Jackson. “How would you like your sausage officer Jackson?” “Up my ass with a smattering of your juicy pecs.” Jackson said as he placed his face between Cameron’s huge hairy pecs. Jackson’s body grew with every breath of Cameron’s huge pillow like pecs. Skinny arms and legs slowly gain muscular definition. Jackson chest and back growing, slowly stretching out his officers’ uniform. Then a thought flew through Cameron’s head; a foreign thought giving him an inspiration. “A growing boy needs his milk.” Cameron said. Looking up at Cameron’s words, Jackson felt Cameron’s hairy pecs swell. Like a magnet Jackson’s face move towards Cameron’s plump nipples. Cameron moans, as he felt Jackson’s lips wrap around his magically swollen nipples. Cameron felt the power of Lord Owen pass through him into Jackson through the medium of his milk. Hearing tearing sound from Jackson’s clothes, Cameron knew that Jackson will be ready for his sausage delivery soon. “OOO… That’s a good boy keep drinking daddies’ milk.” Cameron said with pleasure. Jackson’s body was now reach heavyweight bodybuilder levels of muscle, and his officer uniform riddled with holes began to completely fall apart because of his growing body. By the time Jackson was done with the first of Cameron’s nipples, all of his clothes and gear were now on the ground. And by the second nipple, Jackson was now pre-Cuming through his hard cock. “Here’s your delivery of a fat hot sausage.” Cameron said in horny delight. The enthralled Jackson nodded his enhancer, to Cameron’s question. Turning around in Cameron’s arms, so that Jackson’s ass was now facing Cameron’s cock. Jackson Said, “I’m ready to accept my delivery.” Accepting Jackson’s words, Cameron’s huge cock plunges into Jackson’s hungry ass, causing both them to moan in pleasure. Starting out slowly, with his hip’s movement; Cameron’s back and forth motion, slowly ramp up, as Jackson body grew with each of his thrust. Cameron liking the feeling of Jackson’s growing abs on his hand and seeing Jackson’s back widen and swell with muscles. Human moans of pleasure became more bestial as Jackson’s body grew wider and taller. Cameron felt Jackson’s weight increasing to the point where he couldn’t lift him with one arm. Now big enough to support his own weight Jackson stood on his own 2 feet. “Can you feel are Lord’s gift Jackson?” Cameron said. “Yes, I can,” Jackson said, while moving in a rhythm with Cameron. The mostly ogreish Jackson and ogreish Cameron were now in their sexual rhythm. With both huge hands on the wall, Jackson turned his face around, revealing his ogreish facial features. Like Cameron, Jackson had a big round, pronounced eyebrow ridge, strong jaw and had a caveman look, but Jackson had strong a 5 o’clock shadow with a big thick mustache and long brown hair reaching his shoulders. “Don’t stop keep, keep going faster, stuffing your thick sausage up my ass.” Jackson commanded with his new deep voice. Abiding Jackson’s command Cameron began moving even faster than before. Jackson’s new foot-long cock and his orange size balls jiggled, at the speed of Cameron’s thrusting, as last of his human pre-cum was flowing out like a stream. “I’m about to come.” Cameron roared out. “me to,” Jackson roared out as well. With a mighty roar both ogres came. basking in the afterglow of their orgasm, the two ogres got off from each other. Turning around Jackson said, “That was fucking awesome.” Cameron could see that Jackson was huge, more masculine than Cameron and taller and wider as well. “You turned out well Jackson,” Cameron said. “You think so.” Jackson said, while flexing his huge hairy pecs. Sweeping away all his old shredded clothes, the magic fog encircles around Jackson’s body creating a barbarian like armor. Grabbing at his small police baton, it transforms into a medium-size club for an ogre. Then hearing the noise of a man struggling the two ogres turn around to see Liam holding a struggling man with one arm. placing his hat back on his head, it stretches out to magically fit snugly on Liam’s ogreish head. Forcing the man on to his needs with his ogreish strength Liam gave a bearded grin to Jackson and Cameron. Pointing his club at the kneeling man because Jackson felt a strange compulsion to so. A blue energy flew out of Jackson’s club into the man’s face, Liam somehow knew to let go as the man. Completely bursting out from his clothes, the man’s muscles grew out. Growing wider and taller than a human. The man’s cock reach 9 inches and his balls swell to oranges. Now reaching 10 feet the newly reborn ogre came, his cum out of his fat cock. Bathing in the afterglow the ogre said. “You guys want to go for a drink I know a great bar.” he smiling as the last of his humanity leaked out of his cock Later that night three of the re-meaning Guardians of Owen seal felt a disturbance. Each of them waking up in a cold sweat as they realize that the fourth Guardian was dead and worst of all the two of five seal, which hold the powerful entity named Owen were broken.
  16. Muscle fog ogre’s gift: Ch 1 part one by Big Zargo A Heroes Reward Rising towards the heavens and covering the night sky over a small town. A mysterious fog swept across the homes of this sleeping town, carrying off those who are not men, to a realm of eternal dream. Those who are left will find that they can no longer leave Holmes Top Borough the same, but visitors are always welcome. A ball of condensed fog fell from the sky and landed in a backyard of a vacant home. All that was in this backyard was a lonely tree, a dying fire pit and a patio with a table covered with food preserved with magic. Placing down the two tied up thieves that it was caring next to a tree. Smelling through the magic it floated towards the table and dispelled the magic that was protecting the food, the ball of fog began to feast upon it. Meanwhile the two unconscious thieves began to wake up. One thief was skinny and had shaggy brown hair, a pointed nose, on a Triangle like face, strong cheekbones giving him an elfish like look. While the other one had short black hair a round face, a Roman nose and fat body. The skinny thief was the first one to open his green eyes, see two ski masks on the grassy ground and feeling the breeze of air on his face, He began to panic. “Where are we and what the hell’s going on?” The skinny thief said in a jittering voice while looking around frantically. “Jack will you shut up; I’m trying to get some sleep.” the fat thief said tiredly. “Wake up Tom, we are captured. Somehow, we ended up ended up in some guys backyard.” Jack said. Coming to, Tom’s gray eyes shot out with a start, finding himself tied up next to a tree with Jack. “Dear God, what’s going on.” Tom said. “ I….I do not know.” Jack said. Finally done eating all of the food on the table, the ball of fog set about greeting it saviors. Seeing a giant moving ball of fog form into a humanoid shape, made the two thieves pause in shock at the site of this mystical phenomenon. Creating a ball of light and dispelling its fog while walking towards the two thieves. Viewing the site of a 11 feet tall hairy ogre with huge hairy feet, calves like huge basketballs, thighs like a large tree trunk, with a waste wider than a mini fridge, an ass like to huge soccer balls squeeze together, a thick soda can of a cock package with balls the size of oranges, with a huge hairy muscle gut, a barrel chest, with pecs like pillows with quarter size nipples pointing downwards, shoulders like huge boulders, a pair of biceps bigger than bowling balls, huge hands like baseball mitt, a face like a brute, sideburns with a strong square jaw, a fluffy black mustache under a big round nose, intelligence brown eyes under thick hairy eyebrows, bald head and, a naked orange skin body; The two thieves sat there in silence not believing their eyes. Stopping near the two stunned thieves the ogre spoke. “My name is Owen. And I must thank you for releasing me from my ghastly prison under Mrs. Parsley’s basement.” “What the hell, I thought there was supposed to be some type of treasure. Dammit Pete you lied to us!” Said the Jack, who was trembling with anger. “I told you this was a bad idea Jack. But no, you just had to spite Mrs. parsley by stealing from her. Now we have unleashed some kind of monster upon the world. I knew your mysterious pal Pete bad news.” Said Tom with fearful gray eyes. “Whatever Tom were both tired up Here. Besides Pete paid for your sister’s surgery. You owe him.” Jack said in angry annoyance.” “What do you mean my sister? I have no sister. I only went along with this plan to make sure you didn’t get arrested and thrown in jail.” Tom said in confusion. “What do you mean you don’t have a sister?” Jack said while looking confused. “I never had a sister Jack; I was the only child remember.” Tom said in exasperation. “But, But, But….” Jack sputtered “I think Pete was some kind of sorcerer or wizard; He must have cast a spell on you. how else could you mix up my debt to Larry the loan shark with me having a sister.” Tom said. “Indeed, he did.” Owen said while nodding his head. “By the smell of it, Pete’s spell is starting to fade away. For a mediocre mage Pete was able to do a lot for last. I mean subverting Mrs. parsley’s defenses, whose power was three times as strong, but course he had help from me. Even Still he smart able to predict what I would do when I got out of my prison. Hm now how I’m going to give him his reward for releasing me.” While Owen was contemplating his plans, Jack spoke up. “I don’t know, Know, what your plans are Mr. Owen Sir, Sir. But can you just let us gO.” looking down at the shivering Jack, Owen saw that Jack’s frail mind was starting to fall apart. “Apparently, Pete’s deteriorating glamour is doing damage to your mind Jack. He could have been because he was sloppy, or he didn’t really care what happened to you, or even that he wanted you dead.” Owen said in amusement. Jack’s slow shivering, and purplish complexion, where the two out of five signs of magical mental deterioration. “I wonder how long you will last with Pete’s deteriorating spell Jack. Hm I think a month at the most a week at least assuming your friend Tom took care of you. But you do not have to worry I cannot let my Savior die, because of a sloppy spell.” Owen said in a weird form of concern. “Your Savior?” Tom said looking at Owen with concern on his face. Smiling at Tom’s words, Owen began walking backwards magically dragging Jack with him. Stopping a couple feet from the dead fire pit and Turning Jack around so that Tom could see them both sides. “It’s been so long since I had someone suck off my fat cock. You may have the honor of being reborn as an ogre.” Owen said in glee. Forcing Jack’s face into his crotch, Owen took great delight at Jack’s struggle for air. “Just breathe it in Jack. Let my ogreish musk open your mouth to receive my gift.” Owen said while moaning out. Jack’s already frail mind could not resist against Owen’s tantalizing musk. Opening his mouth against his conscious will, Jack began to lick at Owen’s huge balls. “Oh yeah that’s the spot. Keeps licking my balls off good. Yeah that’s it.” Owen said in pleasure. Owen felt good with Jack’s hard work, on making his soft fat cock grow into a 12-inch hard monster. Reaching towards Owen’s fat cock with his tongue, Jack felt like a kid licking a jawbreaker trying to reach the delicious core. Grabbing Owen’s hard fat cock with his unbound arms, Jack gave the tip of Owen’s cock a kiss before devouring with his thirsty mouth. “What the hell.” Tom said in a whisper of absolute terror. Tom knew that Jack was not gay. “He had even seen Jack’s porn collection. He remembered all the time that Jack tried to ask out all the popular girls in high school. He just couldn’t believe that Jack was now this monster’s cock slut. That him and Jack unleashed this monster upon their hometown.” Jack, rubbed and squeezed at Owen’s large cock and balls for the last couple of minutes trying to entice Owen to shoot out his tasty cum. While Owen in response started to thrust his fat cock deeper into Jack’s mouth. Back and forth, and back and forth Owens muscular hips moved to the rhythm they made. “Work for it, puny man. Squeeze my balls for the prize you seek. Make me come, so that you can become a huge masculine ogre.” Owen roared out in a commanding voice. Grabbing Jack’s head with his huge hand, Owen came with a roar. Shooting his ogreish cum down jack’s throat and tell his belly pop out of his shirt. Jack sat down on the grass with his legs stretching out. “That was awesome.” Jack said as he burped out. On the onset of his huge belly gurgling; Jack produce a moan of extreme pleasure. Feeling like a balloon expanding, Jack’s body found new might, kick starting its new growth. Jack’s skinny arms and legs set about the process of swelling out with muscles. Jack’s feet slowly grew out of his shoes splitting them into two halves before eventually falling off because the growth of his lower legs. Jack’s bulging belly flatten and then grew 8 pack abs of steel under his slowly tightening shirt. With the sound of tearing fabric, Jack’s clothing could not handle his growing body. Then a new ogreish growth spurt spread across his growing body. Clothes with growing tars completely blew off of Jack’s expanding body. Thighs that quickly grew out into large trees trunks. Two Biceps that blew out into huge bowling balls. pecs that grew into huge meaty pillows with plump nipples. Shoulders that grew into huge boulders which widen out as well as his waist. Balls plumping up to the size of oranges, a rising cock reaching for a fat 9 inch in length, a new huge bubble butt. Jack’s jaw change from a triangle into a square, his nose grew more bigger and wider, his brow ridge grew more prominent, his normal human skin became a yellowish ochre, his shaggy brown hair grew more longer, as he grew a nice beard and mustache, and finally hair grew all over his new huge ogreish body. Tom blanched at the sight of his once skinny friend transform into a huge hulking ogre. “Isn’t he a sexy ogre?” Owen said, as he walked towards the prone Jack. Owen grabbed Jack’s muscular arm and lifted him off the ground, so that he was standing in front of Tom, Owen said. “This is my gift to you to be reborn as an ogre.” Jack gave a double bicep pose in response to Owen words and gave a thrust of his hips as he came, shooting out the last of his humanity through his human cum onto the grass. “Oh yeah now that is good a sight.” Owen said. “What are you?” Tom said in shock and horror. Owen looked towards Tom and said. “Are you daft I already said, my name is Owen…? Oh, let me rephrase it. I am Owen an ogre demigod of mist, fog, change and magic.” “A demigod?” Tom Said in disbelief. “Yes, I am a demigod,” Owen said in exasperation. “for you see, a long time ago I was summoned to your world to help a village by being its Guardian. You know protecting at from rival villages, other tribes and/or threats. Well let’s just say I was betrayed, village I was protecting got destroyed and before I could get my revenge on the perpetrators five wizards imprisoned me. But Thanks to you and your friend and Pete, two of my bindings are unlocked. Just three more to go and I will be completely free.” “So, you’re saying if I just gave you these three other keys, you would change my friend back to normal and leave this world peacefully.” Tom said with hope. “Why would I make a deal with you?” Owen said in curiosity. “Because I could track them down for you. You cannot walk in the middle of the street in broad daylight, that would track a lot of attention to yourself. Those holding the other keys might be able to flee, or words they might be able to re-imprison you. Plus, the FBI might be able to capture you as well.” Tom tried to say convincingly. “How cute to think that you have leverage to bargain with me.” Owen said gleefully “Through the help of Pete, I’ve transformed the power of my prison and made it my own. Now this town has become my domain from which I would prosper. Even as we speak my influence is spreading across town soon there will be no more humans in Holmes top Borough only big strong ogres.” So, fixated by the conversation with Owen, Tom did not notice that Jack had moved beside him. Being grabbed by his once human friend Tom began to struggle. The magic bindings plus Jack’s huge muscular arms prevented him from escaping. Being slowly moved towards Owen’s face; Seeing Owen’s deep brown eyes Tom felt his will to resist starting to wane. “What are you doing to me?” Tom said in a trance “Nothing yet,” Owen said while lifting his rights eyebrow. “You see Jack will take some time to start being useful to me. At this point he can do basic commands and not shit himself, but I need someone who can do more who I can give more. If I were to try to give Jack magic and the knowledge to use that magic, he would most likely become a living vegetable or would just die from the mental imprinting.” Looking at tom more seriously. “We can’t have that Tom. So, this is how it is going to go down, you will become an ogre. What kind of ogre you will become is your choice? Will you become my lieutenant enforcing my will with the powers I give you or will you become an 8 feet tall dumb and fat ogre who will worship me as my living toy? By the way 8 feet tall is short for an ogre. So, what’s it going to be Tom?” The beauty of Owen’s deep brown eyes made Tom want to say yes, there on the spot, but he had to think. “If he were to say yes, he would gain magical power but be in Owen’s service and if he were to lose, he would be complicit in Owen’s plans and may face unknown consequences. On the other hand, if he were to refuse, he would probably become a mindless slave to Owens will doing whatever he wanted, and if Owen were to lose than he would be free from Owens influence. Then what, everything would turn back to normal and if so, he would be back where he started a man desperate for a job, and about to lose his home to Larry the shark.” Using all this will Tom said, “What kind of powers I get for saying yes to your offer?” Owen’s eyebrows narrowed and for a second, Tom thought Owen was going to be turned into a fat mindless ogre. But Owen the answer him. “As my enforcer I would impart a piece of my personal power to you. This will grant you tremendous strength, magical powers, vast intelligence and semi immortality but in return you will serve me as a vassal. For the most part you will have the autonomy, but you will be forced to do if I command. You may interpret my command, but you will do them consciously or unconsciously. Also, as my vassal you will not be able to betray me, so do not think to do so, no matter how powerful you become. So, I going to ask you one more time will you be my enforcer or not? I need you to be willing Tom.” Owen said. Tom simply nodded his head in confirmation of Owen’s offer. “Good then, let your friend go Jack. We need to solidify our deal with a handshake.” Owen said with a smile. The ogreish Jack place Tom back on to the ground, removing his huge meaty hands from Tom’s side. Now free from Jack’s hold and Owen’s magical binding, Tom initiate the deal with Owen by lifting his right hand in attempt to shake Owen’s hand. Tom’s entire body felt like lead, making Tom’s attempt shake Owen’s hand very difficult. If Tom were to falter now, Owen may interpret it as Tom refusing his offer of power. It felt like an eternity, for Tom’s hand to finally make contact with Owen’s hand. With a strong but firm grip Tom felt power flow into his body, flowing from his hand to his heart Tom knew power. Feeling his hands swell in Owen’s grip Tom let go, to feel how his right glove starting to become tight. Attempting to remove it with his left hand, Tom felt a jolt of energy pass through his right hand on to his left hand causing it to start growing as well. Stretching and popping through his gloves, Tom felt his clothes tightening around his growing body. Fire flew through his bulging veins making Tom a roar in ecstasy. Grabbing his tight clothes, Tom rip them into pieces with his growing ogreish strength. First were his gloves, with his growing canines he tore at his straining gloves. Then with his growing hand, he tears at his jacket and shirt, revealing his bare chest. Tom’s Fat belly produce a gurgle sound, as it grew into a strong firm muscle gut. Tom’s Man boobs grew into hard pecs with quarter size nipples facing the ground. Tom Feeling his growing shoulders and a waste starting to become wider, tear at his pants with his growing muscular arms. Ripping his blue jeans to reveal his growing erect cock and his muscular legs. Tom shoes tear as his feet grew out of them. Now the Growing Tom starting to look like a well-endowed strong man when Tom felt his ogreish growth spurt. Bursting out of his torn shoes Tom’s feet grew out. Tom’s body grow wider and taller as his, big strong thighs grew even larger tree trunks. Moaning as his balls grew to the size of huge oranges, and as his cock grew out into a fat 9 inches. Bulging shoulders that grow into huge boulders holding up biceps the size of bowling balls. Tom’s chest grew even more bulkier with his new ogreish, while his muscular neck grew even further giving him a strong case of bull’s neck with a complementary, of growing an extremely muscular back and nice firm bubble butt. Like Jack, Tom’s face change, starting with his eyebrow ridges became more pronounce, his nose grew bigger, wider and more rounder, his clean-shaven face grew a new thick black beard while the hair on his body became more wilder and thicker, his skin became more thick change to a shade orange and his intelligence grew. Grabbing and rubbing his fat cock, Tom took pleasure in the act of masturbating, for his master Owen. the Feel of Jack’s breath on his back muscular, while rubbing Tom’s muscle gut, Tom said a deep voice. “Still horny Jack.” In answer to Tom question, Jack places his fat cock into Tom’s hungry ass hole making him moan in pleasure. “It hurts at first but, damn it feels so good. Oooow, keep pounding my ass Jack, in fact go wild on it.” Tom yelled out. Moaning and grunting Jack took Tom’s words to heart and gave out harder and faster thrusts into Tom’s ass. In a rhythm of hard fucking, Jack gave what Tom asked for, a hard ass pounding. Fuck. That is the spot. Keep pounding my ass.” Tom said while moaning in pleasure. Lifting his arm and making a double bicep pose Tom felt close to coming. With one last roar Tom came, shooting all this humanity on to Owens hairy chest. Owen not breaking a beat use his left finger place some of Tom’s human cum into his mouth tasting it. Then Jack came, roaring as he did so, shooting his ogreish cum into Tom’s plump ass. The two musclebound ogres bast in their afterglow of sex. Owen made clapping sound: “Bravo Bravo. What an excellent show. You guys got me hard again. Now the night truly begins. We have lots of things we need to do before we can have our fun. The first thing you need to do for me Tom destroy a few buildings.”
  17. BigZargo12

    Metal muscle 2

    Metal muscle part two breaking and entering Samuel Fornes woke up from the sounds of his wife Grace Fornes screaming. Causing Samuel to send up, he might be Old, but no one will hurt his Grace. Samuel saw three pairs of malevolent red eyes and suddenly he knew fear. Before he could muster up the strength to act, he was grabbed and yanked off of his bed. The vice like grip on his shoulder hurt like hell, as he felt a huge cold hand grab his left arm crushing it. Samuel cried out after felt his bones from his left lower arm break. His shoulder was not spared as well as he heard the snapping sound. He heard deep grunts of laughter at his pain. Samuel thought what kind of monsters have invaded my home. Then he felt two hands grab both of his legs, slowly crushing them. Samuel screaming in pain as his bones were being crushed, nearly passed out when he felt a jolt. Then he was lifted up by two arms, belly facing the ceiling and his back facing the floor, failing to use his good arm to escape. When he felt himself crashing down on his assailant’s knee breaking his back with a loud snap. Grace started to scream when she heard her husband’s back being broken. She couldn’t see anything as she tried reaching for the lamp, only to find that the lamp did not turn on when she twisted the knob. Then suddenly she a felt a big hand grab the back of her neck lifting her off her bed, she could barely breathe. Then slowly the room began to light up as the monster who was holding the back of her neck and her lifted up in the air had a glowing lightbulb and its other hand. She saw two huge extremely muscular metal skin man with red eyes completely bald and had wicked grins on their strong faces. Then she saw a broken Samuel on the floor ignoring the fact that the metallic skin men’s huge cocks were erect. To her horror she saw metal slowly covering her husband’s skin. When the metal completely covered Samuels skin he began to grow with metallic muscles. First his body became more defined and trim melting away his jelly belly. Then he began to swell all over with muscle causing his nightgown to tighten and stretch showing off the growing muscles beneath. Eventually his nightgown began to tear showing off his new metal muscular back, then his pants legs showing off some of his huge muscular thighs. Then his striped nightshirt’s sleeves completely burst off showing off his huge veiny biceps as he slowly got up from the floor. With a deep roar he completely destroyed his favorite nightgown. When he turned around Grace saw her husband was now 8 feet tall had, huge beefy pecs, was erect, had Mental skin and had glowing red eyes with a strong square jaw. Samuel walked slowly towards his wife reaching out with his new huge metallic right hand cupping her right cheek. Samuel saw that she was scared with tears in her eyes and a look of pleading hope for her husband to recognize her. Samuel gave her a warm smile and a look of recognition. Grace calm down a little at the site of her husband’s signature smile but her face turned to horror as she felt herself getting stabbed by Samuel whose left hand form into a giant mental knife. Rather than bleed to death she felt metal slowly crept all over her body devouring her and slowly flowing back into Samuel. When Samuel was done consuming his wife, he felt powerful. His hand returned to normal and as one of his new brother who is holding the ones glowing lightbulb crushed it with one hand. The three sons of maximum came up to Samuel and began to feel his new huge metal muscle body. Closing his eyes, he felt his body being fondled. He felt every lick, every squeeze and he liked it. He loved the look in grace’s eyes as he stabbed her. He loved how his bones were broken and reformed. he going to love breaking the bodies men with his muscular arms and legs and see them be reborn as the sons of maximum. He began to masturbate grabbing his huge hard metal cock with his huge right hand and began to rub it. Moaning and grunting at all of the worship of his new metal muscular body. He felt a thick tongue on his muscular back, his huge thigh and left flexing bicep. Eventually he came shooting his thick metallic cum from his huge fat veiny cock. Then all of them heard the voice of the Crystal heart.” They are four more men around to the east of here. Conquer in the name of Emperor maximum.” All four of them could see in the dark all four them could sense life in the unchanged.
  18. A lonely small-town part three an ogre’s thunder links to part one and two are at the bottom. Owen was using Johnny’s phone to search the Internet for his next victims. Owen realized that he needed a lot of people to make town function. So, he made a list for the people he needed to corrupt. After he attained electricity for his town, he would need to get some construction workers and then he me to feed the construction workers, so we have to get some kind of chef, but a chef would meet food to cook. Owen side in exhaustion, he grabbed his nose with his big thumb and pointer finger and squeezed. Owen knew that there was a college in the town that Luke and Johnny were from. He knew that there were cameras and security in their library. So, Owen made a list of people to kidnapped and to corrupt, the first on his list was the man named Michael the electrical worker who worked on power lines. Then through Johnny he went to the college’s website for information, he knew that they were some students taking classes that would make them good farmers and druids. Owen had Luke and Johnny go to collect Johnny’s stuff from his house. In one of the amended buildings in Owen’s town. Owen was looking through Johnny’s stuff, admiring at Johnny’s flat screen TV. Owen noted that a lot of the people he can get could be found at the college. That would be his next stop after he attained Michael, then he would have to corrupt the two people that Luke and Johnny captured. One of the people they captured was a cop the other one was some kind of punk. Owen smiled to himself, he wasn’t sure what you would do with a punk, but the cop would be useful. His ability to turn humans into ogres had limits he couldn’t spam it and usually took a week to recharge but with Luke and Johnny’s help he could reduce it to a day. Plus, the more Owen turned people into ogres the better he got at it. Luke was a fairly smart guy but now as an ogre he wasn’t bright, often flexing to himself while looking at a mirror. Which made Luke manageable, while Johnny wasn’t very bright as a human, Owen was able to let Johnny keep some of his intelligence, especially how to be a plumber. Owen closed his eyes to see what Johnny and Luke was up to. Johnny was licking Luke’s hairy armpits in worship, Luke had his eyes close in pleasure, as Luke’s bearded face had a smile of pleasure. Luke’s unkept short brown hair his thick bushy eyebrows made him look brutish and masculine. While Johnny’s black hair was slightly longer, and he had a bushy mustache and goatee. Then Johnny made his way to Luke’s lips and they began to make out rubbing their hairy chest together, Johnny’s belly was a lot fatter than Luke’s who had more of a muscle gut, while both for their pecs were firm. Owen opened his eyes and with his left hand grabbed his semi hard cock and he gave it a squeeze and he grown in pleasure at the touch. Then Owen finalized his plans to capture Michael. Owen turned Johnny’s flat screen TV into an Oracle device to spy on Michael. Michael was around 5 feet tall, average build, dark brown skin, with short black curly hair, with a small sharp mustache, an average nose, and dark brown eyes. Michael was wearing his work clothes, as he ate lunch. Owen watched Michael work and tell the end of the day, waiting for Michael to go home. Owen had Luke and Johnny prepare to capture Michael when Owen teleported him to the building that Owen and his ogres set up. It took concentration to make sure that Luke and Johnny weren’t fucking on the job, and prisoners were kept asleep, and tell they could be turned. Several hours later Michael was at his house and taking off his clothes. Within a flash of light, he was teleported. Michael was blinded by a sudden flash of light, then he felt big hands grab him. Michael eyes slowly adjusted to the room he was in. The place was cold and dark with very little light. He noticed this that he was butt naked and, that he was pinned by two hands the size of large baseball mitts holding his arms preventing him from escaping. He could barely see his captive when he heard a door opened and close. He saw the light getting closer, as he saw a large shadow get longer in front of him. When he tried to turn his face around all he saw was a big hairy belly, which made him scared and confused. Then unexplainably he felt extremely thirsty, as he saw a huge hairy muscular arm coming from his left side, holding a flask of some kind of liquid. Michael knew that he should not drink this liquid from this stranger, but he couldn’t resist he was so thirsty. As Michael drank the liquid, he knew this was a mistake. Michael felt itchy as hair started growing all over his body, he especially felt the growth hit his face as he felt a beard growing on his face. Then he felt his dick getting hard. Then suddenly Michael was turned around bumping his face on a big hairy belly. Through the movement of a light source revealed the person that was holding him had thick oranges skin. Then he felt the hairs on his back of his neck stand up on end, as he felt when his new back hair being shaved off and felt when someone painting on his raw back. Then Michael was let go, as he was rubbing his arms at the place they were grabbed. He saw the monster that was holding him to Michael’s eyes the beast was huge. With rippling muscles, a big wide hairy chest, holding a big round belly, and over 10 feet tall. The huge muscle beast was wearing blue jeans size shorts and was bare chested. His face had a dumb smile under its bushy black mustache and had blue vacant eyes, under black bushy eyebrows. Michael heard “leave us,” the voice sound deep with a strange accent. Then the musclebound beast left out the right-side room, then Michael turned around to see in another musclebound beast, but unlike the first who is holding him this one was more intelligent. With its brown eyes that gleamed with cold intelligence, that were partially covered up with thick black eyebrows. Then the musclebound beast said” my name is Owen come satisfied your thirst”. Owen waved his hand beckoning Michael to come, he couldn’t resist as his eyes saw Owens big fat meaty cock that was fully erect and write for the tasting. Michael slowly came closer to Owen’s cock, resisting every step. Michael said” what have you done to me, why am I so hairy and horny”. Owen smiled as he said,” my milk you drank made you ready for an ogre’s transformation, as your taste for a woman’s touch you will find it is gone, replaced with a better taste”. A taste of big hairy ogres and their delicious cocks. As Michael face was near Owen’s uncut cock, he tried to bite it as a last-ditch effort to defy Owen. But it only made Owen more aroused, as some precum squirted out into Michael’s mouth causing him to taste it. The second Michael tasted Owens corruptive cum he began to lick and suck Owen’s cock. Michael was trying to resist but the more of Owen’s cum he drank the more he felt the corruption taking hold. The memories of his family his past girlfriend began to fade as new sexy desires began to blossom. For some reason Owen thought Michael would start to transform by now. It must be the magic that he gave him slowing the transformation down. He knew that it would happen but didn’t know when it will come. Owen moan as corrupted Michael was licking down to his big hairy balls and nibbled on the way up to his cock’s head. Owen began to rub the back of Michael’s head, when Michael with his right arm grabbed Owens left ball sack and squeeze causing Owen to moan louder. Owen felt that he was ready to come, then he said that’s right keep sucking it. Going to be big and strong. Then Owen’s cock stiffened and with a roar Owen came in Michael’s mouth. Michael drank all of Owen’s corruptive cum, and felt his body begin to change. Because Michael was standing up the first thing to grow was Michael’s feet, is starting to get longer and wider length and tell his hairy feet were huge. Then the veins started pop out and spread and as they got to his lower legs they began to balloon out with muscle. When the veins spread to his thighs they grew as well tell they were bigger than a human’s head, making him look odd with big hairy muscular legs. Then the spread to his butt making it grow big firm muscle with a layer of fat. Michael moaned as the growth touched his balls and cock. Right before Owen’s eyes he saw Michael’s hard cock grew from 6 inches to 12 inches, doubling in size and his balls balloon out to the size of large oranges. Michael’s flat hairy belly began to harden and grow eight pack abs, that were sharp and defined even under short curly black hair. When the veins of growth got to his chest, he began to widen out to compensate the new growth of muscle. His hairy pecs thickening out with muscle as his dark nipples grew to the size of quarters and started pointing down. Owen didn’t see Michael’s back but knew it was winding and growing with muscle, as the veins reached his arms. Michael’s shoulders grew as his biceps ballooned out with muscles and tell they were the size of a basketball, then the veins carrying the growth reached his lower arms causing them to expand and then his hands began to grow and tell they were the size of baseball mitts. As the veins reached his neck, Owen can see Michael’s neck bulge with muscle, as his chin squared out his nose became rounder and blunt. With a flash of blue light markings appeared over the changed Michael. Owen saw that Michael had light blue markings over his skin. Both biceps had to blue rings around them in between those rings’ zigzag markings, and the same markings on his middle thighs like his biceps. With two lightning marks on his right pec over his heart. With the concentration Michael using his new powers burned off some of his hair and tell he had a mohawk. Michael went up to Owen and gave him a big French kiss, rubbing their tongues together as they made out, rubbing his hands behind Owens back, and squeezing his hard cock against Owens. Owen felt his cock getting hard again as Michael broke the kiss. Michael licked his two fingers from his right hand, as he said” you’re going to take my thick fat hard cock up your asshole and you’re going to like it”. Owen felt the command of Michael’s voice as he put two fingers into Owens ass, making him moan in pleasure. After Michael widen Owens asshole, Owen been his back a little so that Michael could take his ass. Michael went behind Owen and with his right-hand slapped Owens ass cheek, making Owen growl and pain and pleasure. Michael put his thick fat 12-inch cock into Owens waiting hole. The pain and pleasure of Michael’s cock made Owen moan. Then Michael began to thrust his thick hips, plunging his cock deeper into Owen’s ass. Owen grabbed his hard cock and moved is hips and rhythm with Michael. With both hands-on Owen shoulders Michael and Owen kept in rhythm, as they moaned and grunted in pleasure. Then Owen felt Michael began to ram harder and faster and as he did, so Owen began to rub his cock faster, and tell Michael came in Owen’s ass, causing Owen to squeeze his cock as he came shooting his cum on the floor. Michael with his hot breath whispered into Owens here and said thanks for this sexy gift. Links to lonely small town parts one:https://muscle-growth.org/topic/19581-a-lonely-small-town-part-one-bored-and-lonely-ogre/?tab=comments#comment-263961 part two:https://muscle-growth.org/topic/19593-a-lonely-small-town-part-two-ogre-needs-plumbing/?tab=comments#comment-264208
  19. A football player thinks he's too smart to fall for Jack's tricks but learns you can always be more specific. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The snow swirled around in eddies as Butch Mitchell left the stadium. The fans had all left disappointed. He was a wide receiver and he’d just gotten pummeled out on the field, ever since his injury last year he couldn’t outrun the defense. No matter how hard he tried to sprint, he just couldn’t make his leg go faster. Instead of leaving with the rest of the team, he staid behind to drink in the club house until he could get out of there without running into the fans. Tonight Ken Powers (an opposing cornerback) had taken him down more times that game than he could count. That guy was massive. His team mates called him “the beast”. He towered over everyone on the field and his powerful body ran into people like a train. “If only I could be a muscular beast like him.” He said as his driver took him downtown, past the Christmas shoppers and twinkling lights. It was their last game before Christmas and his family was out watching a musical with the kids. Lately he preferred that they didn’t watch his games. The light turned red and the car stopped by an ice rink and he watched the people laugh and dance on their skates. Their happiness made him feel even more lonely. “God I’d give anything to be like those people.” “Be careful what you wish for, the woman in the Rudolf sweater has cancer.” Butch turned and saw a stranger wearing a three piece suit and hat sitting against the opposite door from him. “Who the hell are you?” He stammered. He didn’t remember anyone getting in the car with him and the doors were locked but he was rather drunk at this point so he wasn’t entirely certain. “My name’s Jack and I grant wishes.” “Oh Jesus… I’m wasted.” He knocked on the driver’s window and told him to let the guy out but when the driver asked who he was talking about, Jack was gone. He decided to get out and walk for a few blocks, thinking the cold air would sober him up before meeting his family. His wife had repeatedly warned him not to show up in front of the kids wasted. He walked up to a park bench without noticing the people around him, unable to see past his own thoughts, filled with the end of his career. Wandering around without paying attention to where he was, he eventually collapsed on a park bench and put his face in his hands. “Why did I have to fuck up my leg last summer? Why did it have to happen to me?” “Yeah… poor guy… about to face unemployment with only five million in the bank. I can’t imagine a worse life.” Butch looked up and saw the guy from the car sitting beside him on the bench. Snow was collecting on his overcoat. “Fuck I’m cracking up.” He said. “I’m seeing things.” “Oh no, I’m very real. My name REALLY is Jack and I do REALLY grant wishes.” He said tipping his hat. “So you’re my fairy god mother?” Butch said sardonically. “I wouldn’t say that,” Jack frowned. “But I’m the closest you’re going to get.” “So I can wish for a billion dollars?” “As long as you have someone else around to wish to so you can get out of prison when the IRS comes after you for tax evasion on your hidden fortune.” Jack grinned. “Ahhh fuck… I gotta think of this kinna shit… what if I just asked for my leg to be like it was before?” “So that your friend Mr. Powers can just screw it up again the next time he tackles you?” Jack added. “Sounds like the perfect use of a wish.” “Ken Powers… that guy’s a muscular beast. I wish I was like that.” He said. “You could be like him you know.” “Yeah and then get kicked out for doping when I gain 100 lbs over night.” Butch said. “You’re learning.” Jack smiled. “What if I could give you your wish without anyone noticing anything has changed but you?” “Huh?” “Your arms could literally burst through their sleeves in front of your mother and she’d ask you why you buy such cheap clothes.” “Really? So you can make me into a muscular beast without anyone knowing that you did it? You could make me bigger and faster than ever?” Jack’s green eyes twinkled as his mouth curled into a grin. “I can do anything.” He pulled out a card and handed it to him. “Just take this and make your wish.” Butch laughed. “Heh, fairy godmother… I’ve already made my wish. Aren’t you supposed to pull out a wand and do a dance or something?” A flash of annoyance passed over Jack’s face. “Alright… have it your way…” He flicked his fingers and sparks flew to the ground. Whirling his hand in the air, the falling snow coalesced into a white wand that he began to twirl around. “You want something more like this? Sala-gadoola-menchika-boola-bippity-boppity-BOO!!” He pointed the wand at Butch and a burst of energy hit him in the chest. Butch felt like a linebacker had slammed into him as he was thrown off the bench and landed face first into a snow man. He slowly felt himself to see whether he was all in one piece before picking himself up out of the collapsing snow sculpture. He looked around but Jack was gone again. Wiping the snow off of him he pulled out his cell phone and called his driver to pick him up to take him home. The next morning his wife woke him up. “Your coach called, he wants to have a talk with… Jesus Butch, why do you sleep in crap like that?” He groggily opened his eyes and looked down and gasped. The loose fitting t-shirt that he always slept in had him in a strangle hold. The sleeves were fraying at the seams. Moving his biceps caused them to rip. Suddenly the wish came back to his mind and he pulled the sheets up to his chin to keep his wife from seeing. She just rolled her eyes and walked out. Butch walked into the bathroom and peeled the tattered shirt from his body and gasped. His arms and pecs were huge. He felt his muscles as they strained against his tight skin. “Fuck… that shit actually worked.” Then his wife walked in and rubbed his enormous bicep. “Sorry to hear about your game last night. Do you think they’ll understand about the leg?” “My leg!” He shouted and pulled off the workout shorts that he slept in, leaving him completely naked. His legs had swelled as well during the night. He stretched the massive sinuous thighs in the mirror. “Shit they’re huge!” “Of course they are… you’ve only been working on them for ten years.” She said not comprehending his surprise. In her mind they’d been that big for as long they had been married. “You don’t see any difference?” He asked. “Oh dear of course I do. You work so hard.” She said, trying to be convincing not wanting to disappoint him. She thought he was talking about some marginal gains that she couldn’t really see. It was clear however that she didn’t notice anything. Then suddenly he noticed his cock was dangling a few inches lower than usual. “Jesus my dick!” He muttered. “Oh you’re ridiculous.” She said, walking out. With her out of the room, he stepped on the bathroom scale and gasped. He was over 320 lbs. He’d grown 97 lbs during the night. Feeling his massive pecs he stared at his new body in the mirror. “How could she not notice the difference?” “Because that’s what you wished for you idiot.” Butch jumped seeing the reflection of Jack suddenly standing in the corner. He quickly grabbed a towel to cover himself. “How’d you get in here!?” He shouted. “The same way I get anywhere.” Jack replied. “Why doesn’t she notice how big I am?” “Of course she notices how big you are. She just doesn’t realize you’ve changed. In her mind you’ve looked like this since college. And it’s not just her mind.” He said pointing to family photos on the wall. He was massive in each of them. “What else has changed?” “Absolutely nothing. You’ve had the same life you’ve always had. Even the clothes you were wearing are the same” Jack grinned pointing to the fact that his tux had ripped in one of his wedding photos. “You better not have screwed anything up!” Butch growled. “Or what?” Jack pulled out the wand from the night before and butch flinched behind one of his 25 inch arms. “Ok ok you don’t have to be like… that.” When he looked up Jack was gone. He walked out into his bedroom with his towel on and grabbed his phone. His coach had called several times. Butch pressed the button to return the call. “Hey big guy. You know I’ve been on the phone with the owner all morning thinking one thing. Why do we have you as a wide receiver? You’re clearly not living up to your potential in that position. I think a big guy like you would make a much better fullback. We want to make the change before the next game.” They spoke for a while until Butch suddenly wondered how his coach knew what had happened, after all he hadn’t seen him since the change. “But how do you know I’ve gotten bigger?” “HA! You’re a bucket of laughs. Also before I let you go, you need to get measured for a new uniform. You look ridiculous out on the field. I got a call from the commissioner this morning and we have to get serious about this. Looking back at it I can’t believe we’ve gotten away with it for so long.” “What?!” Butch asked confused. “Just turn on ESPN. Look I’ve got to run.” Butch hung up and turned on the TV and was shocked to see himself all over the screen. “How did we not notice how ridiculous this man’s uniforms are?” Someone was saying as pictures flashed up on the screen. His shirts didn’t fully cover his abs in any of them. His uniforms were ridiculously stretched some of them were ripped. “The cups don’t even fit him right!” Butch gasped as the outline of his cock head could be seen through the tight shorts. “We checked folks and this goes all the way back to his college years and nobody said anything.” “You see? Only you changed.” He glanced over and saw Jack sitting at the foot of his bed. “The rest of the world doesn’t think you’re any different.” “I… I… don’t get it!” “Of course you don’t Butch… you’re as dumb as a sack of meat! But you will… I haven’t even begun to give you your Christmas wish!” Jack pointed the wand at Butch and he was hurled into the closet. Butch sat up and was pulling the crumpled up clothes off of him when he felt his pecs bulging out even more. He looked down and saw his chest ballooning out with new growth. His arms and deltoids were inflating too as his skin stretched over ever more mounds of muscles. He looked up and saw the shirts in his closet rip and fall off their hangers. His cock snaked down his swelling legs and his balls grew to the size of apples. “Oh… fuck...” He said feeling his pecs pushing his fingers apart as they inflated. He heard a massive amount of ripping as the pants all about him started to tear as his huge muscular butt got wider and wider. Everything he’d ever worn was getting torn to shreds. “What the fuck Jack! Why are you destroying my shit!” “I’m not!” Jack walked over to the door to the closet. “You destroyed each one of these things when you put them on over the years.” Butch felt himself stretching as he grew taller, reaching almost the 7 foot mark but still he continued to bulk as he passed 450 lbs. His clothes were falling around him like confetti. “But I never destroyed anything like this!” “Oh but you did! You clearly can’t fit in any of this stuff but that doesn’t change history. You put this stuff on and it fell apart and then for some reason you had it washed and put back in the closet.” He tossed him his wedding photos, everyone was smiling like normal including Butch, but he was completely naked with shreds of his tux at his feet. His foot long soft cock and softball sized nuts were hanging down his massive thighs. “Holy [bleep] folks! Can you believe they’ve let Butch Mitchel play completely naked for the last ten years!?” “Oh come on man, that’s just the way it goes, the dude’s got a massive body, it can’t be easy to find clothes to fit all that.” Another commentator said. “He’s not the first unusually large guy to play football. Why are we making exceptions for him?” The host asked. “I guess because… well… I mean things have been this way for years and you aint said nothing yet.” Butch looked through the door of his closet to his bedroom TV. Blurred pictures of him getting tackled naked were flashing up on the screen. “What I think you should be asking is why he got sacked so much by guys half his size.” He said. Butch turned to Jack. “What the fuck is going on!?” “I told you before. You’ve lived your entire life the way you have now. According to the rest of the world, you are as you’ve always been. You’ve worn the same clothes (or tried to), been sacked by the same players, done everything the same. But that doesn’t mean the future will be the same. Some people are wondering why you got to hang around naked everywhere other people are just going to shrug and remember that’s the way things have always been.” His wife came into the room and found Butch going through his torn garmets. “Are you ready? It’s time to go to lunch with Pete and Carole.” “I… uhh… was just looking for something to put on...” He replied. “Oh come on, I’m in a hurry, can you just skip the ritual of destroying a pair of pants before heading out.” “But I’m naked!” “You’re always naked… that’s your thing… isn’t it?” She suddenly couldn’t remember if they had ever talked about something so obvious that she had always apparently taken for granted. “I can’t go out like this!” “Like what?” She said scratching her head. “Not wearing any clothes!” “Ummm… you haven’t worn anything for years and suddenly this is an issue now?” She was starting to think about it more. Why hadn’t this come up before? “Look we’re running late!” Thirty minutes later they were sitting in one of the nicest restaurants in town. Everyone was staring. Butch was famous and his physique and exposed skin made him easy to spot. “Jeeze Carole people can be so rude, just because Butchy was on TV all morning doesn’t mean people have to treat us differently.” Pete and Carole were staring at the enormous football player who was turning red. They wondered how they had gone out like this all these years. “So… what’s new with you two...” Carole said trying to turn the conversation. “Well we’re taking Butch to a tailor this after noon.” “A tailor? Wow, you’re giving up the ‘hang loose life’” Pete said, a little relieved. “I mean… I like pants just like everyone else...” Butch replied. His skin was scarlet as he blushed under everyone’s stare. “You’d never know it.” Pete muttered to his wife. The days went by and Butch found an enormous robe that he could wear and cover up while his clothes got custom made. Christmas came and went and it was time for him to show back up at the stadium for their next game. His coach came up to him. “Sorry Butch, the uniform didn’t come in yet. People are starting to have a problem with you going out naked every game. You’re not in regulation gear and the networks are wondering why they let you do this for years. I think you’ve got to stay in the locker room for this one.” The game began and the players ran out and Butch sat in the team hot tub. He felt less out of place that way. He looked down at his massive chest, which was so big that he couldn’t see his abs anymore. “Why aren’t you out there?” He looked up and saw Jack sitting in the opposite end. His body would have been impressive if he hadn’t been sitting across from Butch. “I’ve never understood what people enjoy about these things.” He added pointing at the bubbling water. “What’ve you done!? They’re not going to let me play!” He said pounding the side. “Well… things could be worse. You could be a freak. Now you’re just someone who’s gotten away with something for years that society is rethinking. Your fans will still love you, your haters will still hate you, and you’ll still be rich. What’s the problem?” “I wanted to play football! That’s the problem!” “No, you wanted to be a muscular beast! And that reminds me… we have quite gotten there yet!” He hopped out of the hot tub naked and picked up the wand and dropped it in the water. The water turned purple and started to really froth. Butch wanted to jump out but he couldn’t move. The purple color started to run up his veins and spread all over his body. His pecs bulged out as two new pecs grew in, stacked underneath the other massive set. Butch felt a pressure in his arm pits as two new arms pushed their way out from them. His balls grew to the size of melons, then soccer balls, then beach balls until they poked out of the water. Butch could feel his cock moving up his body, it was slithering all over him like a snake as he began to cum all over himself. A long tail sprouted from his back side and bulked up as his toes arched and he began to growl. Horns sprouted from his elbows. All he could think to do was fuck someone. He turned to where Jack had been standing but he was gone. Then one of the assistants came in and took one look at Butch. “Oh fuck… he’s in one of his moods again.” Butch sprang out of the water, holding his balls in his lower arms and pounced on the guy. In a moment the poor assistant’s clothes were missing and Butch’s massive purple cock was working it’s way into his ass. He groaned as Butch pumped him with gallons of cum bloating out the otherwise fit man. A team manager walked in and saw what was going on. “Jesus… why did we think this was going to work?” Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away Jack was leaning back in a chair in a room surrounded by hundreds of candles watching ESPN. Four men were shouting at each other around a table. "You're telling me that the Patriots have using a four ton monster as a wide receiver for years and nobody considers that cheating!?" "Don't get me started Terry! You've never liked Tom Brady or the Patriots!" "You don't have to like a team to know cheating when you see it!" "Well you never said anything about it when they hired him! You're just jumping on the anti-Patriots bandwagon with everyone else!" So you see, if you've ever suddenly come to a realization that you've been putting up with something ridiculous for a long time and you wonder why, it may be that someone you know has been making wishes from the wrong person.
  20. elysiumfields

    Sleeping Beauty - The Complete Chapters

    Hi guys.I don't often write MG stories,but... This was my first ever story on MGS. And it seemed fitting that it should be my first on here... Please understand the submissive/domination is my fetish,that some won't agree to,but enjoy nonetheless.? SLEEPING BEAUTY PART I I lay on my couch in my darkened flat staring up at the ceiling illuminated in parts by the shafts of bright moonlight shining through the open balcony window.I could see the moon in its full glory high in the starlit night sky and the quietness of my flat should of helped me drift off to sleep. But i was kept awake by increasingly homoerotic fantasies about the guy who slept on my bed in my bedroom,soundly sleeping off the effects of his inebriated state following our night of clubbing and drinking. Craig had been a work-mate at a place i used to work.I bumped into him one day and he had offered for me to accompany him with a group of mutual friends for a night out clubbing. Inevitably,he had gotten totally pissed out of his head and almost ineptly unsuccessful in his attempt to pull a girl for a quick shag, and i had opted to allow him to sleep it off at my flat since i lived alone and he was too drunk to get home himself. But as he lay on my bed heavily into slumber, i couldn't but think about Craig and my intense sexual attraction towards the cute 19 year old, ten years my junior... I began to get an erection as images of his lean muscular body completely naked,filled my mind. I tried to shake off the fantasies feeling a sense of insecurity about it. Craig had known i was gay and i could clearly tell from his body language that he felt uncomfortable with my homosexuality,though he said it did'nt bother him.. Craig was a very assertive and often short tempered guy,and i knew that if he had found out about my sexual attraction to him, that he'd go apeshit and beat me up. I was afraid to admit to myself that i was kinda sexually aroused by the thought of Craig dominating me and making me his bitch-boy.That i was perhaps a little masochistic.But i would never dare to push it with Craig... Though i tried my best to shift these fantasies, i was beginning to enjoy them, and i could feel myself reaching orgasm. I whipped my 6 inch cock from my boxers and began to wank as quietly as i could, although Craig was probably too deep asleep to hear my muffled groans as i brought myself closer to the edge. With a grunt,i came over my hand and onto my boxers in short sharp spurts,feeling the weakness of post orgasm briefly overcome me. Recovering, i got up tentatively from the couch and tiptoed my way to the bathroom,washed myself and changed into a fresh pair of boxers. On my way back, i decided to take a peek at my sleeping guest. Craig was laying on his back,breathing softly,still dressed in his blue shirt and jeans. I had thought about unbuttoning his shirt hoping to get a surreptitious glance at his firm chest beneath,when i had assisted him into the bedroom,but only managed to get his shoes,socks and ever present baseball cap off. I watched his firm chest rising and lowering as he slept,imagining that his lightly muscled pecs would suddenly expand and burst open his shirt. I shook my head and felt my cock once again begin to stiffen. Just as i was about to retire to the couch,Craig let out a groan,and then what sounded like material stitches stretching. I stood stock still,watching him as he slept. His shirt looked tight on his chest for a moment,but i put it down to just my fantasies.But as his chest rose as he slept, a button suddenly broke off and shot across the room. I shook my head hoping that this was just my dream, but as i watched, i could see the outline of two shapely pecs forming beneath Craigs thin club shirt, and then the definite protrusion of his nipples poking under the shirt.A gap was pulling open between two buttons as his pecs thickened and rippled slightly,and i could see his chest hair poking through. Shit, i was getting painfully erect at the sight of Craigs pecs perceptively swelling before my eyes like a scene from an 80's movie called HUNK where some nerd was transformed in his sleep into a buff young hunk by some weird witch waving her hand over him.But Craig was always a stud in my eyes. The sound of Craigs shirt ripping its seams brought me round to the scene before me. Another button popped off his shirt and then it suddenly burst open to unveil his swelling pecs rising into thick slabs of muscle covered in dark swirls of hair sweeping across his growing mounds. I wanted to caress and kiss those thickening pecs but dared not to,even though my lust wanted me to. And they were becoming huge and heavy,bigger than a bodybuilders. Craig groaned again and his massive pecs flexed and the swelling stopped just as they were pushing up against his chin,nearly hiding his face from my view. But the growth spread elsewhere..To his lean tight stomach where the sexy thin trail of hair lead up from his pubes to the deep crevasse of his beefy pecs. His stomach tensed and then very gradually,in the shafts of bright moonlight,i could see it ripple and his abs take form,rising like dough in an oven into a six pack that flexed and crunched together.And then his abs grew into a ten pack of hard rippling cobblestone muscles .crushing against each other as Craig seemed to respond by subtly moving his hips.Then his trail of hair grew denser between his fat bricks of abs undulating like sand-dunes,but did not spread out across them, Craig groaned again, almost as if he was dreaming and enjoying this in his sleep. I was painfully hard and wanted to whip out my cock there and then to give it relief,but i was afraid and rooted to the spot as Craig grew before me. He shifted in his sleep and threw his arms up behind his head,which made me think he was waking up,but he was'nt!. I could see the growth spreading into his arms and shoulders.His neck thickened and his shoulders strained at his shirt as his delts pumped up thickly,gradually ripping the seams of his shirt. His biceps,already the size of baseballs,bulged beneath his sleeves into round firm mounds expanding to the size of grapefruits,but still they grew,putting pressure on his sleeves.And as i watched,near orgasm,his sleeves finally succumbed and ripped apart to reveal his bloating biceps and heaving traps. Biceps grew into huge bowling balls at least 25 plus inches but still they grew,thick cord like veins pulsing across the rising fat mounds as they bloated inhumanly towards 30 inches nearly crushing against his head till they stopped.His upper arms were freaky huge now and with rippling sinewy forearms now the size of my own calves, Craig looked as if he could uproot an Oak tree.! My eyes glided down his huge torso as his lats billowed out with a growth now more urgent, into huge bulging slabs.. I was so captivated by the morphing of his torso i had missed the growth in his legs, but the sound of his jeans shredding apart caught my attention as i looked on in awe as his thick thighs bulged and thickened into tree trunks of sheer power,blowing out his jeans and they flexed and grew even bigger than my waist! His calves pumping up as if air was being inflated in them till they were bigger than my biceps..Craig was now a behemoth of huge muscle,nearly outgrowing my bed which creaked under his increased weight. But something else was growing too.Craig,still apparently asleep,reached down and ripped open the crotch of his jeans and then his briefs as if they were flimsy tissue paper,and with nocturnal lust,pulled out his cock in his meaty hand. It too began to grow. Still flaccid,it began to engorge,expanding in his grasp and pushing apart his fingers.Veins rippled along the fattening shaft as it swelled into the girth of a beer can,then added more length to it,pushing out down along his huge thigh towards his knee, and still his cock was soft and covered by foreskin which also seemed to grow more over his flaring cockhead at least two more inches to a now near 15 inch length. With his other hand,Craig cupped his balls as they bloated like filling airbags and spilling out of his grasp as big as oranges,bigger, as big as grapefruit,heaving and churning with what looked like gallons of cum.. I stood against the doorframe shaking and flustered with burgeoning arousal,nearing orgasm. "What are you standing there for,faggot.?" I was suddenly broken out of my state of reverie, to see Craig lying on my bed peering up at me through sleepy eyes,with apparently no ill effects of his earlier drunken state. "Come here and worship my huge fucking body, Bitchboy!". ============================== PART II Craig stretched out his massively muscular torso on my bed,causing it to creak under his huge weight. A slither of moonlight shone across the thick heaving mounds of his pecs and cast a menacing glow upon his handsome face."What you waiting for bitch-boy...come and worship my big buffed body".I felt rooted to the spot as i felt my nerves rattle me,feeling a sense of inferiority towards the musclegod laying before me."Move it faggot!"..Craig said with more assertion.I forced myself to move towards him, my heart beating at a thousand times a minute and my cock throbbing even harder with my submissive lust.Tentatively,i reached down and touched his heavy hairy pecs and the initial sensation made me shudder like i was about to have an orgasm.Craig slapped his hand over mine and made me rub and knead his thick pecs,flexing them beneath my hand. There was a snide grin on his face as he looked up at me.."You fancy me,don't you Joey ,my bitch-boy?".I nodded silently, feeling embarrassed that i must have made my attraction to him too obvious."I thought so bitch-boy. I've seen the way you've looked at me and i can read your body language whenever you're around me."I swallowed hard as i felt my mouth go suddenly dry."I'm so sorry Craig. I didn't mean to..."Craig cut me off. "Call me Master Craig" he bellowed menacingly.When he saw me flinch he laughed.."Sorry..Master Craig"My hands massaged his pecs now, free from his rough grasp.The cleft between his huge fucking pec mounds was like a valley which i almost lost my fingers in...which made him respond by flexing and crunching the massive mounds together and nearly crushing my fragile fingers. Craig lifted his left arm up and flexed his enormous boulder like bicep,making it bulge obscenely and ripple with thick chord like vascular veins."You did this" he said flexing his huge fat bi."H..how did i do this Master Craig ?" i replied nervously."It seems you have the ability to fulfill your erotic fantasies..and tonight you are very susceptible to them".I was bewildered and puzzled."Come on bitch-boy. You dreamt about me becoming a fucking huge sexy musclegod...........and now i am !".I started to piece the recent events together.'Could it have been me ?' I glanced down at the hunk in front of me as i tweaked and played with his thick juicy nipples.Craig threw both his arms up behind his head and so big were his biceps that with one flex and he could crush his own head !He looked up at me with a sly grin as if gaging that i was figuring it all out in my mind. I let myself give in to my lust and stripped what little i had on till i was naked, my erection poking out at a meager 6 inches to his 15 plus.... and i climbed onto his huge torso,straddling him and continuing to massage his beefy pecs.Craig clamped his hands on my hips and lifted me easily up above him.Then i felt his huge fat log of a cock push against my butt cheeks and i immediately started to panic at the fear of my huge hunky mate ripping me apart with his gigantic cock."Use your power,Joey.You can make me fit into you".I felt Craigs big bulbous cockhead push my buttcheeks apart and then press against my anus."Fuck it. I ain't gonna wait..I'm too horny"With that Craig thrust his huge cock into me and i screamed out in pain as he buried his fat dick into my fuck chute."Please don't hurt me.." i screamed in tears trying to wish away the pain.Then suddenly i felt my anus stretch wider and the pain very quickly subside as he thrust all 15 inches deep inside of me.I took every inch into me. Incredulously, i began to realise my powers.I made Craig grow.I made myself able to take his gigantic cock..As Craig bucked and fucked me i began to think what else i could do, but it was hard trying to concentrate as Craig was driving me wild with lust. Through bleary eyes i glanced down at his huge pecs...Perhaps a little bigger...? Craig let out a guttural roar as his pecs suddenly grew even bigger, swelling and expanding as if they were being inflated by some invisible air-pump.Growing,rising,bloating...into huge slabs of pumped muscle pushing up towards his chin and capped by enlarging egg cup sized nipples.Craig pulled me towards him and pressed my face against his heavy pendulous overgrown pecs into the hairy crevasse between.Finally, i willed the growth to stop and began to lavishly suck and kiss his huge chest and then like a baby,suckle at his big nips."Oh fuck yeah....i told you that you had the power" Craig groaned. As Craig fucked me i could not hold back my orgasm..and i spurted cum over his rigid block like abs and the lower shelf of his pecs, letting out my own rather meek shout of lust. Images of young men and teenage boys growing huge muscles filled my mind as Craig fucked me. If i had this kind of power what else could i do...? ============================== PART III ' I lay straddled on Craigs massively over muscled torso,tired and worn out from the rough hard fuck my huge muscle Master had given me. Even now,though i was drained and weak and sleek with exertive sweat,Craigs huge 15 inch cock was still impaled deep within my stretched bowels, and he was humping me up and down on it,still intensely turned on by the overdose in testosterone and sexual urges.He could see that i was too drained to keep up with his phenomenal homosexual stamina and brute strength and,for a few moments i saw a mean sneer on his face at the fact that i was no match for him."Whats up bitch-boy, can't you keep up with your fuckin' creation.." Still a little irritated,Craig knew he couldn't 'enjoy' himself if i was in no fit state to keep up with his relentless homoerotic lust..so he stopped fucking me on his monster cock and pulled me down into a firm hug,pressing my worn face against his beefy pec mounds and almost suffocating me in the deep hairy crevasse between, and holding me tight in his muscular arms,the huge 30 inch plus biceps grinding and flexing against me. I tried to struggle off his immense cock still impaled deep up my arse-hole, but i had not the strength and just slumped against his hot heaving muscles feeling sleep and dreams encroach..."Have fun with your dreams.." Craig said softly as i sunk into slumber... .................................................. .................................................. .21 year old Matt Chambers lay on his bed in his darkened bedroom..He could not sleep.Up until a few moments ago the sounds of what obviously sounded like two people having sex drifted through the thin walls of the flat next door..His 19 year old girlfriend Tiffany was fast asleep beside him and oblivious to the moaning and groaning that had been going on next door a few minutes earlier.. But the thought of who the person was that was having sex had totally sickened Matt.. He had met his neighbour Joey several times before, and had learned that he was a queer through a most unusual and for Joey,an embarrassing way....Some weeks before Matt had collided with Joey out in the apartment block corridor and knocking the guy to the ground and sending the contents of a carrier bag that Joey was carrying all over the floor. Rather embarrassing for Joey,one of the contents was a Gay Porn magazine. Afterwards Joey rushed back to his flat rather red-faced.. and a little while later when confronted by Matt,he plucked up the courage and confessed to being gay.. Now, Matt sat up on the edge of his bed trying to shake out the sick image of that queer Joey having sex with another man..He left Tiffany sleeping soundly on his bed and decided to go out onto the balcony for a cigarette.. He lit one and took long drags on it as he stared up into the starlit night sky.But then his mind wandered back to Joey and an image of the gay guy sucking his dick...but then he shook his head as if to get the repulsive image out of his mind ''Fuck-what the hell was that'' he said shocked at the sudden thought. He tried to think of his girlfriend laying naked on his bed, but another image of Joey kneeling naked at his feet and begging for his fat cock entered his mind, and this time his cock stirred and filled slowly into a gradual erection. Matt tried to shake the more and more intrusive image from out of his mind but was becoming more and more turned on by them. It seemed like his arrogant heterosexuality was draining away, only to be replaced by an increasing homosexuality,every bit as arrogant...and dominant. Matt shook his head as if to fight of these arousing lustful desires but was losing.. All of a sudden,just like a switch had been flicked. Any resistance disappeared and was replaced by an intense feeling of homosexual desire and dominance and power. In fact,from that moment on,Matts whole reality altered.Tiffany vanished from his bed,and all knowledge of knowing her had gone from Matts mind. He was no longer a straight guy turned on by girls with big tits but an aggressively dominant gay guy turned on by desires of controlling and fucking weaker men-like Joey!.Matts cock responded by tenting up his boxers and poking out close towards the slit at the front.Matt felt horny and humped his crotch forward and pushing out his stiffly erect 9 inch cock from the slit, and began to beat himself off with wild abandon, not noticing at first that his cock was getting even thicker in girth and pushing apart at his groping fingers. When he did notice, instead of alarm,he hollered out in horned up bliss and wanked himself off with both his hands as he watched with glazed eyes as his growing cock pushed out in length beyond its original 9 inches reaching upwards and outwards to a foot long and still growing..Matts balls bloated and churned and expanded like balloons into two huge grapefruit sized cum sacks and pushed their way free of his boxers. His cock poked out close to what looked like 14 or 15 inches now, and brushed against the balcony railing sending Matt into orgasmic bliss, and he fired off huge globs of cum over the balcony and into the night,falling like gooey rain down to the ground below. Matt came and came for at least ten minutes before the orgasm subsided..but he was still almost frenzied with lust...Then there was something else....Matt reached up and tweaked his left nipple and swayed sexually and uninhibited out on his balcony..He had a lean lightly muscled smooth chest but when he reached up to tease his nips he found himself groping firm,shapely pecs that he had never properly had before..and his pecs were expanding and pushing out beneath his hand. Now he began to grope both his pecs as they filled out into bulging mounds...... It seemed Matt was growing bigger muscles as well......but he was in too much of a sexual stupor to wonder why......and about Joey who was dreaming about him next door......................................................... .................................................. ============================== PART IV I lay in the massively muscled arms of Craig,now freed from his huge still-erect dick, deep in slumber, immersed in a richly erotic dream about Matt, my handsome young next door neighbour,fulfilling my hidden fantasy of him growing and swelling into a massively muscled hunk,like Craig had become.Though i knew him to be fiercely straight,even to the point of homophobic arrogance..i was kinda attracted to his mean streak and he was a very sexy guy to look at..Hard good looks, sculpted athletic muscles..even the black tats simulating barbed wire wrapped around his left forearm added to his sexiness..Oh how i loved escaping into my own private fantasies of him. Images formed from the blackness of sleep of Matt laying naked on his bed, his lean athletic body bathed in shafts of moonlight and slick with a sheen of sweat, his muscles growing and swelling as he groaned and writhed in increasingly animalistic lust...growing into my ideal of a fantasy man.. Little was i aware that my nocturnal fantasies of Matt were merging into reality...Matt was growing..but he wasn't exactly growing,sprawled seductively whilst in his bed. .................................................. .................................................. .... Matt leaned back against the wall as his stood out on his balcony,groaning and gently swaying with a feeling of intense lust and overwhelming sexual power.. His obscenely huge cock risen up in a raging erection like a howitzer cannon ready to fire its salvo...He had already 'fired' his own salvo of thick cum up and out into the night air, and now pearly beads of 'after-cum' oozed down his hard throbbing shaft from a glistening cockhead,and over his hefty grapefruit sized balls.. Matt felt strong and virile..and pumped like he had just come from a work-out at a gym.Leaning against the wall, he caressed his torso, feeling his pecs firm up and pump up beneath his exploring hands..becoming shapely mounds full and thick enough to grope and rub more intently now... and they seemed to grow even more as he felt himself up. Matt was filled with a wanting desire to grow huge and freakily muscular and his cock responded by pumping out slick dribbles of cum.. His pecs bulged and expanded,overfilling his groping hands and pushing out thicker and beefier into big swollen hills of muscles and forcing his enlarging nipples to point downwards...and when his huge 15 inch cock brushed against his growing pecs, Matt let forth an almighty volley of cum into the twilight,the sensation of his cock meeting his beefy pecs sending him into blinding orgasm and steadying himself against the wall.. The muscle growth spread through his tensed and now sweat slickan body.He traps thickened and rippled and pushed up close to his ears and giving him a thick bull neck like a big pro American football player or a wrestler.His delts pumped up and thickened till his meaty shoulders looked to be several feet across and powerful enough to hold up a full grown elephant on them.Matt absently raised his arm up to take a drag from his cigarette and then caught sight of his biceps expanding from a small baseball bump into a grapefruit sized mound,and then a well defined and pumped bulge the size of a cantaloupe melon,rippling and pulsing with prominent veins.He could'nt resist throwing both his arms up into a double bi and watching the biceps split and swell even bigger, the vascular veins now rippling and chord-like seemingly pumping more size into his triceps as well as his bi's.Matt was barely able to withstand another orgasm as his biceps bloated obscenely as big as bowling balls and his triceps pumped and engorged into savage horseshoes looking like heaving overfilled sacks..Now with an upper arm size surpassing 30 inches, Matt had great difficulty keeping his double bi pose..Whats more, his forearms had thickened and pumped up and rippled ferociously with veins thicker than an ordinary mans upper arm..and it made the barb wire tat all up his left forearm really show.Hell- he could rip out oak trees with his strong arms!.Pretty soon his lats joined in the growth..Where he had once had only a slight definition,his lats were swelling out as if being inflated into huge meaty slabs of muscle and that would force his arms out further when he would be in a relaxed stance. He soon had the most shocking and sharply sculpted v shape taper to his torso every bodybuilder would envy,especially now that his waist lost a few inches. All this tensing and flexing of his torso had hardened his lean abs and he did have a slight 6 pack that he was proud of, but even that was bulging and rippling into thick blocks of cobblestone and then reforming into an 8 pack,then a 10 pack. But his pendulously swollen pecs hid them from Matts view only for the sake of a mirror. "Fuckin' awesome" Matt said as he felt strong and powerful....and dominant He could feel himself rising to orgasm as his pert butt expanded into two hot hard muscular spheres, and the fantasy of shoving his meaty ass into the face of any weak little faggot slave he wanted.."Suffocation by my ass" he smirked..as the thought crossed his mind.. Eventually,the muscle growth reached his legs,exploding his quads into thick powerful muscles looking like tree trunks, flexing like the flanks of a racehorse.And his calves bulging out into huge tear drops,swollen as big as an Olympic gymnasts biceps... Shit.. Matt felt so unbelievably sexy and strong.He took a long hard drag from his cigarette, loving the feeling of his massive bicep crunch against his sinewy forearm as he reached up and took the cigarette between his now stronger hands,took a last deep drag and flicked the butt out over the balcony.. He turned back into his bedroom,the floor thudding beneath his huge muscular body,and his perception briefly thrown off by an added 3 inches on top of his 5 ft 9 height and of his sheer size.. The bed creaked under his weight as he lay down and began to masturbate his huge fat dick to increasingly libidinous fantasies..oblivious to the fact that barely 15 minutes before, he had been snuggled up beside a pretty young girl,once a slim athletic straight guy..A past life. .................................................. .................................................. ...... It was 3 AM .Hours before sunrise..and on i slept and dreamed of muscle growth,of huge cocks, of dominant young men... ======================================= PART V II was finding my dreams so powerfully vivid and so damned erotic that i felt like i had a constant hard-on. These were less like 'wet dreams' and more like 'soaking wet dreams'.. I had already had several nocturnal orgasms that had left my bedsheet with large damp blotches and my sleeping Master Craigs sexy muscled torso peppered with tiny drops of cum, which comparable to his own mighty orgasm,would seem pathetic. But i could'nt help it...I was so turned on by the images of hot hunky young men growing huge freaky massive muscles and oversized cocks.. Image after image, dream after dream swirled about in my mind. Matt,my next door neighbour,growing and morphing into a fucking god!. Master Craig,flexing and getting off over his huge bloated muscles.The two handsome decorators doing up the empty flat down the corridor,their bulging biceps straining their sleeves to bursting,and huge pecs pushing apart their paint spattered overalls.The gang of troublesome teenaged boys who hung around the local Youth centre,growing insanely huge and oversized in their hooded tops,t-shirts and trackies, their bad-boy attitudes even spinning me off into a wicked fantasy about the rapper Eminem growing into a massively muscled bad boy hunk.. All these wild fantasies were suddenly overwhelming me and just as i felt i was about to reach the point that i could take no more orgasms, i awoke abruptly,covered in sweat and my heart beating furiously like a drum. Morning sunlight shone softly in through gaps in the curtains and i lay there watching the dust-motes dancing around in shafts of sunlights..Allowing myself to re-adjust to being awake and my eyes clearing of sleepy blurriness..i suddenly became aware of my dreams of Craig and Matt and other men growing and morphing into my ultimate fantasies, but finding myself alone and naked in bed sporting a raging 'morning woody' and lying on cum moistened sheets,i thought it all to be just a dream,but a very vivid one at that!. I sat up in my bed and stretched my limbs,smiling to myself of how good my dreams were..and the fact that i'd need to put my sheets through the wash too!.I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and glanced at the digital clock on the nearby end table. It was a little before 8.am. Something made me glance up at the poster of Eminem that i had stuck up on the wall across from me....and i nearly fell out of bed at the sight of him.!I was'nt a big fan of rap but i considered Eminem a real hot stud,and i really did'nt care about all this contraversy around him..he was just so sexy.But now fixated by the poster..it show him as much more than that.Originally the poster showed him from the waist up only, wearing an unzipped grey hooded jersey with the hood up over a white bandana over his head, and the jersey wide open to reveal his lean smooth muscled torso..But now,..now he was fucking huge.Wearing the same get-up and in the same pose,his jersey,albeit now sleeveless, was open to reveal obscenely huge slabs of pecs with big juicy nipples pointing groundward.His abs were an eight pack of thick striated blocks crunched and tensed together and with a thick love trail of hair running up between them from a teasing low waistband just in shot, to his naval.. And then his arms..Holy fuck.! Boulder like delts bulging out of the torn seams where his sleeves must of once attached.Massive swollen biceps as big as bowling balls and streaked with sinewy veins.Heavy thick traps,just hinting a glimpse at their huge size behind his bi's...And powerful rippling forearms the size of an ordinary mans calf muscles.. I got up from my bed and took a closer look at the poster..This all was'nt a dream..It could'nt have been real..Could it..?Then i remembered Craig..Oh fuck..!Feeling my heart begin to race again, i nervously crept out of my bedroom,looking around and expecting to see Craig.Then i caught sight of him in the bathroom..as big as i had dreamed.Shit.! This was real.. Craig was standing in my bathroom in front of the full length mirror flexing and posing his enormous naked muscled body and getting off on himself judging by the freaky huge foot long plus erection he was sporting. I stood just out of view as i watched him show off to himself.."Fuck yeah..look at me, i'm a motherfuckin' hunk.Yeah look at my huge bloated guns.." He flexed a double bicep pumping them up into huge bloatedcannonballs, which very nearly made me come again."Oh fuck yeah" Craig groaned, unable to resist taking his huge jumbo cock in his hands and start beating off over the sight of himself.I turned away and took stock of myself..I had done this to Craig.Though it defied normal reality, i began to feel positive about it..Could i bend reality to siut my fantasies..? Suddenly, i was broken out of my chain of thought by a loud crash coming from my bedroom, and raced back to it...to find a large rough looking handpulling back at a hole made in the thin sheetrock wall barely feet to the left of my bed. A hole that had been made by someone literally punching out the wall from the other side.The hole was ripped larger by the hand and plaster and dust fell away. Then,with an almighty crash, much of the wall fell way,enough to step through with just a duck of the head. I'd have expected Craig to come running at the deafening noise but he showed no urgency in yet appearing. When the dust settled,and the fragments of plaster fell away,through the gaping rent stepped a man of inhuman musculature,heaving and flexing his huge naked body and showing off a fucking oversized cock and balls beyond the normal human proportions...I instantly recognised Matt. Another result of my wayward imagination..! "Hiya faggot..i want your fuckin' tight ass",he glared evilly at me. I backed away a little intimidated by his sheer size.Like Craig...or should i say,Master Craig,..Matt had grown into a massive hunk with overdeveloped muscles packed onto a body that,like Master Craig,had gained muscle size rather than height,making them look impossibly huge.I liked my fantasy guys to definately be taller than me, say 7 foot, but i'm more of a muscle size fetishist..the bigger and freakier his muscles,the better! Matt charged at me like a bull, leaving me little chance to get out of his way.He hit me full force,knocking the wind out of me and nearly crushing the life out of me against the opposite wall with his huge torso. "Gonna fuck you with my big fat dick,faggot..I know you want that"I could'nt do much pinned against the wall basically by his huge bloated pec mounds..Then he lifted me up and i felt his thick cockhead press against my ass,and then with an animalistic grunt Matt thrust his cock into my anus,sending searing pain through me.."Take it like the faggot you are,Joey" Matt snarled evilly.I tried to focus my powers on allowing me to take yet another huge musclecock,as i cried out in pain.Almost immediately,the burning agony subsided and was replaced by intense pleasure as Matt began to mercilessly pound his 14 inch plus cock in and out of me, swearing and grunting with every thrust.I could feel the heat radiate from his sweaty torso and could not resist burying my head in the deep crevasse between his gigantic pecs,nearly suffocating myself in the process!."Yeah,you stupid little pussy,worship my huge manly muscles.."Matt fucked me harder and faster with wild abandon, as if he was aiming to drive his cock right through me."Fucking bitch,fucking bitch,fucking bitch.."Matt continued to pound me for what seemed like ages,leaving ragged and worn like a rag doll,but with unlimited energy in him. Then through all the frenzied fucking..i heard Master Craigs voice in a tone of what sounded like anger. "What the fucks going on here.....?" ======================================== What Dreams May Come..: Sleeping Beauty PART VI .................................................. ............ Master Craig was standing at the door to my bedroom,his massive muscles filling the door-frame. He looked mighty pissed at the sight of the equally muscular Matt buggering the hell out of his faggot bitch and almost crushing the weak little fucker against the wall with each hard relentless thrust of his gigantic cock."What the fuck you doin' with my bitch.." Craig roared angrily at the muscleman intruding on his fuck tool..Matt glared back across at Craig,never even slowing in his butt pounding of poor little Joey, and just grinned ignorantly at him."He ain't your fuckin' bitch..so piss off dickhead.!" Thats it. That sent off Craig into a rage and he flew across the room and attempted to drag Matt off of Joey, but with Joey still impaled on his huge ramrod, Joey was dragged back with him.Joey felt Master Craigs rough meaty hands grip his left arm in a painful hold, and he was literally yanked off of Matts cock and thrown to the floor as Craig turned his anger against Matt."You wanna fuckin' challenge me do ya..you stupid cunt" Matts temper began to boil up and the two muscle men glared angrily at each other barely inches apart."Yeah..i'll show you who's fuckin' tougher."Matt tried to shove Craig back but Craig managed to knock away his hands and pushed Matt with some considerable force clear across the room.Matts massive wide back slapped against the wall with such force that he created a deep cracked dent in it just barely inches from the gaping hole he had made just a while before."You fuckin' wanker" he shouted back at Craig,his face contorted in rage and spitting drivel as he shouted. Joey cowered in the corner of the room,shocked and stunned by the two huge muscle-hunks challenging each other for 'ownership' of him..and he felt felt a mixture of fear and of sexual arousal spurred on by his masochistic desires that he had felt for so long a little embarrassed and uncomfortable dealing with. Matt charged like a bull across the room and rugby tackled Craig,lifting him with all his strength up off the ground and knocking him out of the room, with every muscle in his torso pumped and writhing with the effort. A huge crash roused Joey from his corner and still a little weak from Matts powerfuck, he followed the two struggling behemoths into the hallway.Craigs rippling and bulging muscular torso had cracked the door frame of the bathroom as he was thrown against it."Give it up arsehole,you're weaker than me.." Matt sneered furiously at Craig,gripping him by the throat and attempting and failing to lift him off his feet in an effort to dominate him. Joey,standing out of the way, could see the thick veins streaking across Matts huge cannonball bicep ripple and engorge, and his bicep pump up almost as if it was about to explode. Both guys muscles were beginning to glisten with a sheen of sweat as their fight ensued.Craig clenched Matts wrist and pulled his hand away from his throat and then threw a hard right hook into Matts reddened face. "Get the fuck off me.."Matt barely reacted to the punch,which had Craig thrown against an ordinarily built man,would have nearly killed him..!Craig threw a hard gut punch into Matts rock solid eight pack abs but with only the slightest flinch from his opponent.Books and and a framed picture went crashing to the floor as the muscle mencarried on fighting. Matt was thrown back and crashed right through a wall connecting the hallway to the lounge,sending dust and plaster falling everywhere. Matt crashed down onto a low cabinet full of Joeys music CDS,crushing and splintering the wooden unit beneath his massive body.Joey had to do something..Throughout all their swearing and screaming and brutal fighting for dominance, Matt and Craig were wreaking Joeys flat!. "For gods sake..stop fighting please...you're damaging my flat." Joey screamed.Neither heard him..Matt was throwing punches at Craig and Craig was either successfully blocking them or they were failing to make an impact on his body,now pumped and bulging and reddened by his exertion with Matt.Matt too,was red raw with the effort,every muscles now engorged and bloated,every vein rippling and pronounced."Stop fighting please.."Joey screamed vainly..even though his little dick was painfully erect at the sight of the two hunks wrestling against each other in full nudity..Despite all this violence and aggression,both Craig and Matt had constant,raging erections throughout, their massive cocks frequently rubbing against each other,slick with pre-cum and sweat..and now among all their rage,intense sexual arousal was filling up inside them. Yet another deep cracked dent was made in the lounge wall as both guys slung themslves against it in their struggle.Joey gave up protesting as the fight carried on into the centre of the lounge.Matt threw a punch which Craig caught in his hand and twisted Matts fist away,and thinking the same..the muscle hunks tried to headbutt each at the same time,their foreheads meeting together with a sickening crunch that would have split an ordinary mans skull but left them barely noticing the savage blows. Craig tired to judo throw Matt over his shoulder but ended up with sending them both crashing onto a low coffee table and splintering it like it was made out of bulsa wood and not stong mahogany.Joey looked to be in tears at the state of his flat..but he noticed that Craig and Matt had finally stopped fighting..Instead,their sexuallust had finally gotten the best of them. Craig was lying atop of Matt,both musclemen glistening with sweat and breathing heavily, although it would take very little time to recover. Craig glared down into Matts green eyes and found his rage diminishing as he felt turned by having this magnificently sexy musclebeast beneath him."Guess we're strong as each other..stud"Matt calmed down and even let a little smile."Damn right,you hunk.." he said,giving Craig a petting kiss on his lips that then led into a full and rough deep throat. Joey looked on in dismay,watching his Masters pull themselves into a passionate embrace and kissing each other with such intense ferocity.First they were fighting and hating each other..and now they were making out with each other. Joey just stood there like a lost sheep in his wrecked apartment,when all of a sudden there was a knock at the front door. Shaken out of his daze,Joey panicked a little about someone seeing these two muscle hunks writhing around in gay passion on his lounge floor, but then a second knock at the door and some guy shouting through.."Is everything alright in there?", and Joey quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt before nervously answering the door. Opening it just a fraction, he peaked out to find a cute young guy,barely out of his teens,standing out in the corridor.It was one of the decorators from the empty flat down the corridor,evident by the white paint and dust specked grey overall pulled down and tied around his slim waist and the dust smeared sky and navy blue Nicholson tee he wore on his athletic physique. "Is everything alright mister..i heard what sounded like shouting and crashing coming from your flat?". Joey shook his head,trying to think up some reason.."Um..um..oh,..i was trying to move a cabinet and it tipped over..""Do ya wanna hand mate..?" the cute guy offered."Um..no thanks..but thank you for offering." Joey smiled weakly.'Damn this guys cute' Joey suddenly found himself thinking,yet stunned that he thought that, a little bewildered by the recent goings on.But he was..Mean but cute looking,short cropped black hair gelled into spikes,ice blue eyes,full lips,gold ring in his left ear and a studded gold bar piercing his right brow that had notches shaved into it too, and smelling faintly of a mixture of cigarettes and cologne...This guy screamed urban youth/bad boy. "Well,see ya then.." Joey said weakly,trying to hide his growing boner..Just as he was about to close the door.."Damn,you are so fuckin' sexy,Matt"echoed Craigs voice... Joey could not hide his flush of embarrassment as the decorator gave him a clearly suspicious look and a smirk before walking away.Joey couldn't shut the door quick enough..though glancing around at his flat..it seemed it needed re-decorating too.!! The decorator smiled inwardly to himself as he walked down the corridor to the empty flat..'Definately gay' he thought to himself..Normally the thought of anything gay repulsed him..but he couldn't help but find himself getting a hard-on. He got to the front door of the flat and shrugged his shoulders,for some reason finding his t-shirt was suddenly tight on him. 'Funny,..it wasn't tight on me this morning'..he thought..,raising up to tug at the front of it..then glancing down at his lean bicep as it made a slight tear against a now full stretched sleeve....Then he heard his workmates voice call out to him. "Hey Luke, come here quick..." .............THE END ========================================= This add-on ,done a long while later,was just a rushed hash.. Sleeping Beauty:5 Years Later It had been 5 years since Joey Carmichael had discovered he had suddenly and unexpectedly out of the blue developed some strange but exceptionally hot supernatural powers.. He could alter a mans physical features,and seeing as Joey was now right out of the closet with his homosexuality,emboldened with by his powers,he could shape them to his wild erotic fantasies,...and perhaps even better still,he could warp immediate reality around his ''creations'' so they fit in like everything was normal.. What was meant by immediate reality,although he could change worldwide views and perceptions on physical and sexual ideals so that a muscular man with a big cock was seen as a truely healthy man and that homosexuality was not a ''burn all faggots at the stake sin'' or shameful taboo but gay sex should be accepted as openly as straight sex in a ''whatever takes your fancy,or straight guy saying "It would'nt hurt me to try it out every once in a while'' view,..even in the much maligned muslim countries views where this aspect of his powers had been most notable,producing a small but noticable rise in democratic values...[No more beheading gay men in front of a baying crowd in Tehran.!],he could not change the wider world physically out of his own geographical boundaries unless he was connected to some source of media like a television or the internet...or dreaming about some-one,one of the mainstays of his powers.. He could not go out and regrow the Amazonian rainforest much as he'd love to.He had no powers to bring back the dead,although a man he transforms would be cured of any sexual illnesses or other sicknesses or injuries. He tried wishing for money straight away,but not because of his powers and more out of an extra-ordinary incredible stroke of luck,he had won £5.5 million on the National Lottery two years ago which has now left him much better off than five years ago. There was a downside to his powers..He could not alter himself physically.Call it a curse maybe,but Joey did not mind if he could act out his sexual fantasies on other men.. And as ever,like 5 years ago,he still had that masochistic attraction to dominant young men. Where are the other guys now,one might ask..? Well... Craig Scripter and Matt Chambers,Joeys first two 'creations', or fantasies more like, ''got bored of him'' three years ago,and moved on to set up a Bodybuilding Gym together in Croydon...which most of the time doubles as a gay sex club.given the raging hard-ons that all that pumping muscles gives the two huge owners and some of their choice clients. They thought about getting married but were too much in love with themselves,and even often engaging in hot and often violent fuck sessions they would more often toy about with rough and tough sex with muscle fetish admirers that drooled all over them. The Gym holds a large membership of mostly young men in their late teens to early thirties.. Thanks to Joey bequeathing a bit of his powers to the two hunks,they could 'speed up' the muscular developement of some of their more sexier clients, while making the the less attractive ones more sumbmissive to the bigger guys..which is why Craig had purchased an empty building next door and converted it as a place to act out gay muscle fantasies..ie the gay sex club. Because of his lottory win,Joey brought a large penthouse in a new queyside developement on the River Thames, a stones throw from the council estate he had lived in 5 years ago. Put it down to the fact that despite living there for 11 years after moving out from his parents,the local suburbs were his roots,where he was brought up..and he knew every nook and cranny like the back of his hand. Now with a spacious Penthouse apartment overlooking the river and sprawling parklands,Joey now living at times on his own,could invite anyone he wanted and indulge in his own little perverted fantasies from time to time.One of them being that he was drawn to the culture of Chavs.Hard cocky street rough teenaged boys, [more often white,but race is not an issue here] who have a liking for sports of casual designer brand clothes and urban music and a dislike for authority. With Joeys powers he could unleash this derision for authority in sexual role play to create the ultimate bad boy thug,and usually transforming a clean cut twinkish public schoolboy or twinky camp gay teen into a hardened muscle-bound hunk..[*] That gang of youths he fantasised about becoming HUGE muscle hunks. Well,for a week he toyed around with his powers,often at night they would in particular pop up into his dreams,growing slowly rather than Craig or Matt or Luke or Daz,the 2 hot decorators that eventually moved into the flat they were renovating,thanks to Joeys powers..and ended up doing up Joeys flat after 'doing' him up the arse..The gang of chavs had changed perceptively each time Joey had seen them over the course of that week coinciding with his dreams...Going from slender and lithe in their loose Fred Perry or Lacoste tee's or England football shirts and tight nylon or cotton trackies, to athletically muscular, to gymnast muscular [by that time filling out their clothes rather sexily.!], to powerfully muscular and ripped like an amateur bodybuilder [by that time straining anything they wore,and usually with their minds altering to more gay and muscle exhibitionist desires,intentionally wearing tight clothes to show their bulging muscles and cocks.] to eventually growing into massive freaky yet perfectly sculpted muscle hulks who either went around shirtless or wearing skin-tight tees that accentuated their every bulge and contour,including their crotches..!By the last day,driven by lust they were drawn to Joeys flat,and foolishly for Joey's stamina, they gang banged him. One of them,Damien Thorn whom Joey had nicknamed Omen for obviously like-named reasons [but with nothing to do with that bloke down in the fiery depths.],has become his on-off boyfreind.. Stopping by whenever the whim for rough sex or muscle worship suited him, but in reality a spark of genuine love maybe emerging between the two. Joey has already taken Damien to Cairns in tropical Northern Australia, to the Greek island of Crete,to the party isles of Ibiza and Magaluf... Over the intervening years,Joey became more in control of his powers,trying them out in certain fantasy scenarios. One that he favoured was Although at first getting used to them was awkward,and he often had mishaps of unintentional muscle growth.. [*] ...like the three teenaged Pakinstani lads entering a mosque for prayer.Just the smallest fantasy of muscle growth,more of a humourous thought,saw them coming out half an hour later,huge muscle hulks.. ..The young man selling the Big Issue outside the local Underground station,really being the BIG ISSUE by the end of it.! ..The builders that constructed the Queyside developement Joey now resided in. ..Watching the crowds of England fans in Stuttgart town square in Germany during the 2006 Football World Cup.. But eventually,Joey polished his powers of muscle growth...coming the realisation that he had one peculiar fetish,Somnophilia, sexual attraction to sleeping or passed out guys,most certainly as a result of how his powers first originated.. He often dreamt that he was a guy with superpowers calling himself The SandMan going around turning sleeping men into gigantic hunks.Then the realisation that he could actual try out some kinda way to grow sleeping men,he would often watch gay or straight porn featuring sleeping,unconscious or passed out drunk men [akin to Craig] and musclemorph them as he watched,..or he would on ocassions encounter a stud dozing on the tube train or bus and make him grow right there and then..! Nowadays as for Joey himself.With his money worries not an issue,he could travel the world and explore new destinations and immerse himself in foreign cultures,which usually meant that he had a chance to indulge in his sexual fantasies and shape the 'immediate reality' abroad....sometimes with Damien Omen,...sometimes with acquaintances,sometimes alone.. You'd expect him to be like Quentin Crisp the way i've portrayed him as living alone in a big apartment visited by ''clientele' so to speak.. Joeys grown to be a more refined person, living alone but enjoying plenty of company,and not just muscle guys but ordinary folk,..living the high life now that his money allows.. ..... Living Happily Ever After THE END..? It was rushed so i apologise if its turned out below par.......?" PLEASE NOTE, Apologies for the derogatory usage of terms in my story,its just a story,..
  21. Ultrabeef

    Supplemental Growth

    Supplemental Growth By Ultrabeef Jason Lim scanned the vast ballroom where the welcome reception was being held for all of the new interns of UB Sports Med, Inc. Jason had scored this highly coveted position right out of university based on his work on genetic research and almost perfect GPA. He was looking for one of his former high school acquaintances (friend would be too strong a word, Jason didn’t really have any friends). Hunter Rodriguez was a star football player in high school who had majored in Business and Marketing and had also won an internship in the Marketing department of UB Sports Med. Jason secretly had a crush on Hunter all through high school but besides the fact that Hunter was straight, Jason was too shy and quiet to ever be noticed by someone as popular as Hunter. Jason only knew of Hunter’s hiring because of the jubilant post on Facebook holding his acceptance letter. Even though it had been four years since high school Jason was hoping to spot a familiar face. Just when he was about to give up looking Jason saw him. Hunter Rodriguez, former high school stud. Hunter looked good from across the crowded room, with his Hispanic good looks and designer suit hugging his athletic body, he would be hard to miss. Sure he had filled out some since high school but from where Jason stood, it looked like it was in all the right places. Hunter, catching sight of Jason burst into a huge grin and quickly navigated across the room wrapping his strong arms around the smaller man with a big bear hug. “Little Lim! Look at you dude! All grown up and putting those brains to good use!” Hunter gushed, the smell of alcohol on his breath. “Hey Hunter,” Jason stammered sheepishly. “Awesome place, huh?” Hunter motioned to the extravagant reception. “Uh, yeah. It’s nice that we both got jobs here, isn’t it?” Jason could hear how stupid he sounded. “Uh, yeah bro! See you around”. Hunter headed off following some hot female intern with huge breasts. Jason sighed to himself and slowly sipped his drink. As he did, he caught sigh of himself in the ballroom’s mirrored walls. His short, scrawny build and hairless, pale skin gave him an almost anemic look. Jason’s longing hair was parted down the middle and hung over his eyes, giving him a boyish, almost feminine look. Secretly, Jason wished that he looked more like a man, a man like Hunter. **** It was another month or two before Jason ran into Hunter again. UB Sports Med. was a massive company after all. “Hey, little Lim!” Hunter yelled out across the employee cafeteria motioning Jason to sit with him. Jason, just glad to not have to spend another day sitting a lunch alone, gladly accepted the offer. Hunter looked different than Jason remembered at the welcome party. Hunter’s brown curly hair looked longer and more tousled and his suit seemed tighter but not in a good way. It looked to Jason that Hunter had started to develop a beer gut. Even Hunter’s face looked fuller and his jaw was peppered with black stubble. “So, how’s it going” Jason asked absently taking a bite of his sandwich. “Not that great actually” Hunter sheepishly replied. “I’m kind of on probation”. “What?!” Jason said a bit too loudly, almost choking on his sandwich. “Yeah, dude. This job is harder than I thought. And all these business lunches and cocktail parties are taking a toll” Hunter patted his belly. “Boss says I gotta get myself in shape or I can’t be representing the company anymore. We are a sports supplement company after all.” Jason simply stared at Hunter blankly, lost in thought. “I gotta go dude, hope stuff is going good with you”. Hunter quickly got up and headed out of the cafeteria, leaving Jason alone. In fact, things hadn’t been going that great for Jason either. The generics whiz was reduced to formulating a better tasting protein powder. Jason had been secretly been working on a muscle enhancement drug since college but his research was plagued with problems. And when he brought his idea to his supervisor he was laughed out of the room and told that “interns should learn their place”. Jason knew that if he could just test his serum and prove its success, he would earn the respect he felt that he deserved. Which gave Jason an idea... **** Jason put his plan into action the very next day. Getting to the employee cafeteria early he bought two protein shakes and carefully put a small dose of his experimental formula into one of the cups. When Hunter arrived Jason waved him over. “I bought you a shake to help you get back into shape.” “Thanks dude?” Hunter hungrily grabbed the shake and poured it down. Jason watched curiously but there seemed to be no change in Hunter. “Better try a bigger dose tomorrow” Jason thought to himself as Hunter prattled on about the latest NFL controversy. **** That night there was a loud pounding on the door of Jason’s apartment. The noise was so unexpected that it jarred Jason off the couch in an instant. He had no friends, who the heck could be knocking on his door especially this late at night. Peering cautiously through the peep-hole Jason could see Hunter standing in the hallway wearing a rumpled trench coat. Jason couldn’t believe it, his hot high school crush was standing outside his apartment door. Jason cracked the door and Hunter shoved it open pushing past Jason into the dimly lit, shabby apartment. “Uh, Hunter! What the...” Jason stammered but Hunter held up his finger and Jason fell silent. “Sorry bro! I looked up your address in the company directory. I need your help.” Hunter paced the room in the rumpled trench coat. He looked different somehow, Jason silently pondered before responding. “Help? With what?” “This!” Hunter replied, ripping the trench coat open. Jason gasped loudly at the sight. Hunter was naked under the large coat, but that wasn’t what made Jason gasp. Hunter was completely ripped with rock hard muscle. He could have entered any physique competition and won with ease. “What the fuck happened to my body bro?!” Hunter flexed his softball sized bicep causing Jason’s mouth to feel dry. “I mean shit! I wasn’t this jacked playing high school or college ball!” Hunter looked down at his pecs and bounced them, mesmerized by their size and weight. His thick dick swelling harder as he felt his pecs. “Uhhh...” Jason moaned his own small cock leaking pre and soaking through his khakis. Hunter looked up and saw the desire on Jason’s face. The old cockiness was back as Hunter sauntered toward Jason with an evil smirk on his face. “All this beef turning you on Little Lim?” Hunter brought his sweaty pecs up to Jason face making them dance mere inches from the smaller man’s nose. Jason, overcome with lust touched the warm, hard pec meat and could feel his sense of judgement go out the window, overcome by the hunk in front of him. Jason licked the salty sweat of Hunter’s meaty pec, making his way to Hunter’s perky nipple. As Jason rolled his tongue around Hunter’s nipple he heard the stud moan in pleasure and could feel Hunter’s thick dick swell harder and brush against his belly. “Fuck! Lim that feels so good. Don’t stop bro”. Jason needed no further invitation, lowering himself and glancing up at the wall of muscle in front of him before taking Hunter’s hard cock into his mouth. In a matter of minutes Hunter was bucking his powerful hips before shooting his white, ropy load all over Jason’s face. “Jason shot his own load at the same time, spraying Hunter’s leg. “Clean it up, bro!” Hunter growled as Jason eagerly licked Hunter clean. The pair spent the next few hours in a similar manner until Jason finally fell asleep cradled in the big man’s arms, his face smashed against Hunter’s pec. **** As the morning light streamed through the window Jason woke with a start. Had it all been just a crazy dream? Just then Hunter sauntered into the room, still naked and gorgeous. “Crazy night last night huh dude?” Hunter purred in his deep bass-filled morning voice. Jason could feel himself getting hard again as Hunter sat on the bed next to him. “So, you want to tell me what you put in that protein shake yesterday? And where I can get more?” Jason gulped in fear at the reality that Hunter had figured out the source of his sudden muscle growth. Jason explained that he had put a small amount of his experimental serum in Hunter’s shake “to help him out in order to keep his job”. “Oh, I’m not mad bro!” Hunter beamed as he flexed his perfect bicep. “But, if a small amount did this to me, I need to see what a bigger dose does”. Jason tried to protest but the thought of Hunter getting even bigger and sexier was too much for the geeky scientist. “Ok, fine. I’ll get some at work today but I better give it to you at my place to monitor the results.” Hunter beamed a perfect smile “No prob little Lim. I’ll be back here tonight at 7pm”. Hunter struggled back into his trench-coat and headed for the door. After he left Jason’s head was spinning. What the hell was he doing? Giving a total untested, experimental serum to the closest thing he ever had to a friend. **** The rest of the day was a whirlwind for Jason. He quickly drove to work and was able to sneak out the rest of the vial of serum he had made and partially administered to Hunter the day before. Jason had been so busy that he jumped in surprise when there was a loud knocking on the door at 7pm. As Jason unlocked and opened the door, he gasped at the sight of Hunter. Hunter had obviously spent the day shopping for clothes to fit his larger frame. The destroyed jeans and white v neck t-shirt Hunter wore hugged every muscle and curve on his chemically enhanced body. “Hey dude, you got the stuff?” Hunter rudely shoved Jason out of the way and barged into the small apartment. “Um, yeah, I do Hunt...” Hunter raised his hand for Jason to shut up, “Let’s have it Lim.” Jason, who was hoping for another romantic evening was taken aback. “Is...is everything ok?” Jason sheepishly asked while taking out the vial. “Yeah, why shrimp?” Hunter smirked and paced the room. “I’ve just been feeling super horny and aggressive all day. As soon as I leave here I’m heading to the club to get this body some action”. Jason looked at Hunter with concern, these were side effects he hadn’t been expecting. Before Jason could say another word Hunter grabbed the vial from Jason. “Is this the shit bro?” “Uh, yeah Hunter but maybe we should hold off on another dose for a bit...” Jason stammered, “you seem really aggressive and to be swearing a lot. There might be some side effects I need to monitor”. Fuck that dude!” Hunter popped the lid off the vial and downed the liquid inside throwing the empty glass vial against the wall as he lowered it from his lips. “Fuuucckk!” Hunter roared, his sexy voice getting even deeper. Jason backer away in a mixture of fear and scientific curiosity as sweat began to soak through Hunter’s shirt. Hunter's body immediately began to swell with epanding muscle. In seconds his shirt burst open as two thick swollen pecs popped out, the weight of the muscle forcing his nipples toward the floor and a deep crevice forming between them. Hunter's back cracked wider as his lats flared into thick wings. His neck and shoulders thickened and grew wider as his arms bulked up into freakish guns. Hair began to sprout on Hunter's arms and chest and even his face started to develop stubble across his square jaw. Hunter's butt swelled straining his jeans before tearing through the fabric and his quads beefed up wickedly. Jason could see that Hunter's cock was growing larger too, his lemon sixed balls and sausage dick hanging low from his cobblestone abs. "Oh fuck! Look at me!" Hunter roared as he flexed his huge muscles in the mirror. Jason was horrified by the beast Hunter had become. Just then Hunter caught sight of Jason and a look of total lust overtook his face. "So fucking horny! Must fuck now!" Hunter grapped Jason in his powerful hands and ripped off Jason's pants before forcing his huge cock into the nerdy scientist. Jason screamed in protest but Hunter was far too powerful. Jason blacked out as the animalistic grunts of Hunter echoed in his ears and the pain seared his anus as Hunter ripped him open with his monster cock, ramming the small Asian scientist with unsympathetic strength. **** Jason woke up to see the morning sunlight streaming through the bedroom window and his phone ringing at the bedside table. Jason was still naked and still sticky, covered in cum, but it appeared that Hunter was gone. “Hel...hello” Jason sleepily answered the phone. “Lim! Where the hell are you? You were supposed to be at work two hours ago!” Jason’s boss barked into the phone. “Sorry. Sorry. I’m on my way!” Jason hung up and tried to get out of bed. His entire body was sore but he could barely walk because of the searing pain in his anal region. “Ow! Crap!” Hunter whined as the warm water of the shower hit his sensitive body and washed Hunter’s sticky cum off. Within a few minutes Jason was dressed and on his way to work, when his phone rang again. “Hel...hello?” Jason answered. “Hey, little Lim!” Hunter’s deep sexy voice purred into the phone. “You still sore from that wicked fucking I gave you last night?” Hunter laughed. “Hunt...Hunter....look, there are some side effects to the formula...I need to see you and run some tests.” Jason was really concerned about the rampant aggression and sexuality that Hunter was showing (along with his massive muscle growth). Jason knew there was something wrong with the formula. He should never have tried it on Hunter in the first place. “I fucking love what you did for me dude! I could never have imagined a body like this, and all this muscle, could feel so fucking sexy!” Hunter growled into the phone. “I need to feel more muscle. To get even bigger dude. Bring the rest of the formula to your place tonight. I’ll be there at 7pm. Don’t fucking let me down or you’ll regret it!” As Jason started to protest, the line went dead. Hunter had hung up. **** Jason went through his work day in a daze. Hunter must not have come to work because Jason didn’t see him at lunch. Jason slipped the one remaining vial of formula into his pocket and headed home. Still unsure what to do. There was no way he could give Hunter another whole vial of formula, it could kill him, or turn him into such a sex-crazed muscle beast that he would be totally unstoppable. But if he didn’t give Hunter what he wanted Jadon knew that Hunter could hurt or even kill him. As 7pm rolled around Jason became more and more panicked. Sure enough a loud banging started on the door and an insanely deep voice called “Open up little Lim! I need to give these muscles and this big dick a workout! I’m horny as fuck!”. Jason, backed away from the locked door, terror filling his mind at the prospect of Hunter raping him again and growing even bigger. “Come on dude! I know you’re in there! Don’t piss me off and make me bust this door down!” Hunter sounded serious and Jason knew he was capable of doing it. Jason knew he had only seconds before the testosterone-charged roided out muscle-beast that Hunter had become would burst through his locked door hungry for more growth serum and Jason’s still tender ass. Jason rushed to the bathroom and locked the door before jumping into the tub and pulling the shower curtain closed. Just then Jason heard the sound of his front door splintering as Hunter smashed it to pieces. “Hey Little Lim! Come out, come out wherever you are!” Hunter purred dangerously in his insanely deep voice that rumbled through the small apartment. Jason knew that with Hunter’s increased muscle and strength he stood no chance of surviving another encounter with his former classmate. Panicking and unsure what to do Jason realized that clutched in his hand was the final dose of the muscle growth serum. The dose that Hunter wanted so badly. Jason, using his reasoning skills, realized that his only chance against the muscle beast Hunter had become was to take the formula himself. Jason silently hoped that his superior intelligence would be able to hold off the effects that had turned Hunter into a sex crazed muscle monster. Jason uncorked the vial and drank it down. The thick potion burned as it traveled down Jason’s throat and immediately he realized that while he might be saving his own life, he had made a huge mistake. Jason could feel his body temperature rise as sweat began to soak the armpits of his button down dress shirt. "Oh no!" Jason murmured as his arms began to swell stretching the fabric of his shirt tightly across his growing biceps. He could feel his brain becoming clouded over but he fought valiantly with all his mental powers to remain in control of the massive surge of testosterone that was coursing through his scrawny, Asian body. Jason’s pecs ballooned out into two granite pillows that burst open his shirt sending buttons cascading against the bathroom wall. Jason cupped his thickening chest and felt the brawny muscle getting large enough to force his expanding nipples toward the ground. As his lats flared out wickedly Jason could feel his cannonball delts swell and his neck thicken as his newly deepening voice moaned softly. Jason’s exposed arms swelled with growing beef as red stretch marks snaked across his porcelain skin, desperately trying to contain the swollen mass. Jason could no longer see his belly but he could feel the hard ridges of his plate-like abs popping into place. “Urggh! Fuck!” Jason moaned as his thickening quads burst through his khakis allowing his heavy cock and balls the freedom they desired. “Oh shit! No...” Jason moaned as his glutes swelled into a big, beefy, bubble butt. Jason reached back and tried to cup one of his massive butt cheeks. The feel of the thick muscle ass in his hands caused Jason to let out a loud moan as his cock started to swell. It was this sound that drew Hunter to the bathroom door. As Hunter reached the bathroom door he reached for the handle and ripped the door from its hinges. As the dust cleared Hunter tried to process what he saw. There is the bathroom was a freakishly huge Asian bodybuilder with a massive frame easily on par with his own. The thick Asian hunk with the floppy hair that hung into his eyes, looked equally confused and almost embarrassed. “Litt...Lim?” Hunter asked, his mind finally registering who he was looking at. Jason staggered out of the bathroom, unsteady on his feet and balancing all the new mass he had acquired in the last few moments. “Hun...Hunter...I’ve got to focus, I’m...” Jason stammered tried to keep his mind focused. Hunter strode over to Jason and playfully tweaked Jason’s nipple with his thumb causing Jason to shudder and out a low moan. “No...please...don’t...” Jason weakly mumbled as Hunter pressed giant beefy pecs into Jason’s newly huge chest. Hunter reached around Jason’s wide back and fondled his huge ass, while staring into Jason’s eyes before planting a passionate kiss on the former science nerd. Jason tried to fight the kiss but the stimulation was too much and as he gave in, all his brilliant science knowledge evaporated from his brain. “Uggh!! Don’t...stop!” Jason purred as he shoved his tongue into Hunter’s mouth. “Fuck yeah! Large Lim!” Hunter pulled away and grinned with lust in his eyes. “You wanna fuck this big muscle donk, don’t ya sexy!” Jason purred wickedly as the horniness took over his brain. “Oh fuck yes!” Hunter growled as Jason turned around and bent over the bathroom counter revealing his huge perfect muscular Asian glutes to Hunter. “Fuck me hard stud!” Jason growled as Hunter shoved his huge rod into him. The sounds of Jason’s deep screams of pleasure echoed through the small apartment.
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