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  1. Hey folks. This is a new story I've been working on, and I'm definitely planning on finishing it Some triggers before you delve into it, the story will be dark (quite dark) sometimes, including heavy violence. Without further adieu, enjoy! Part 1 The supervillain community must have collectively groaned, as the mayor announced eleven more superheroes that would be added to the city's defenses against supernatural, or other threats. We all saw the new faces, or rather masks, of the well-muscled or toned heroes, ready to beat us to a pulp and shove us to the Mountain. That's slang for the jail, specifically designed to house people like us, by the way. My brother proceeded to turn off the TV with a snap of his fingers. Electricity manipulation, at least that's what he thinks it is. Classified as Class 6 by the Province, the headquarters of the superhero alliance. I knew he wasn't a risk that a sixer could bring to this city, and yet because of the potential of damage his powers could cause, the Province either wanted him with them or as a documented cape. "Goddamn it." "I know. Fucking Province. Don't we have, like, at least fifty heroes running around the city? What more could they possibly want?" I asked, staring at the black screen of the TV. It was a small and ancient thing, ten inches long and wide, and it was a miracle that it still worked. "And it's not like we're even sided with the supervillains! I just don't want to become a hero or have my identity become publicized! I swear, at the rate this is going..." Johnny continued, but he didn't finish the sentence. I knew what he was about to say, and I didn't want him to finish either. That would make everything too real. "I mean... We're barely holding by, the way things are. I can maybe get another part-time job after school, but I don't know if I can fit it in my schedule," I tried to help. Johnny had stopped paying attention to me, he always did when he was thinking our situation and how messed up it was. A 23 year old man, right in the prime of his life, taking care of his barely 18 year old brother because their parents were in the Mountain. We had to change our whole identities when Mom and Dad got caught, as I was underage and my brother was twenty, then. That meant moving out of our house and hiding ourselves in the outer edges of the city. Three years later and things were not looking better. A combination of debt and living in one of the worse places in town had sapped the youth out of my brother. He still was tall and handsome, standing at a nice 6'1 tall with black long hair, blue eyes and the all-knowing grin my dad used to have. But looking at him now, I could already see tiny wrinkles on the edges of his eyes, while his hair had thinned just a tad bit, the result of continuous, 24-7 anxiety over bills. His once toned body that he had sculpted by being on the track team of his university had turned soft and almost chubby now, as his work required him to stay in a tiny office room without any chances of working out. His powers had increased his metabolism, but even them weren't enough to keep his body intact. But at least he had powers. I looked at my reflection in the black void of our TV. Nothing in particular picked my attention. An average 5'9 height that I couldn't really complain about, soft brown hair and the hazel eyes of my mother that I thought were my only good feature. I hadn't inherited the tall stature of my dad, who stood at a rather tall 6'2 or the good looks that the side of my mom had. In fact, if you didn't look at my eyes, you'd think that my family had adopted me. And most importantly, no powers. Granted, I was barely 18 and superpowers usually manifested between the age of sixteen and twenty-one, but my brother had gotten them the moment he went into puberty. He had described it to me many times. As if your body suddenly stops merely existing and suddenly becomes something more. Like a blind man receiving a miracle surgery and getting his eyesight back. Or waking up one day and realizing that you grew ten inches overnight. It was common, expected for two people with superpowers to have children with powers as well. Sometimes, they were similar to that of the parents, and in rare cases, they were completely random. Johnny had inherited part of the electromagnetic aura of my mom and something from my dad, although he never showed his powers when he was home. All we knew was that it was powerful, powerful enough for him and mom to be shipped off to the Mountain forever. Alas, it didn't matter now. It was just my brother and I against the world. Johnny and Percy. Electric manipulation and... absolutely, buttfuck nothing. Yeah. I was angry and edgy. Sue me. Johnny coughed to get my attention. I had a tendency to daydream, and it only became worse when I was worried about stuff. "Look. I can... I can ask for a raise at my job. Maybe ask for extra hours. I don't know. The alternative is... grim." Becoming an actual supervillain. That's what he meant. I knew Johnny would never do that, not after what had happened to our parents. He refused to let the Province prove to the world that they were right about the child of the supervillain couple. As a Class 6, he could do monumental amounts of damage to an entire city block if he wanted do. Hell, I had seen the thunderstorm that appeared on top of the apartment complex when he learned that our parents got caught. Of course, he'd either be apprehended or murdered on the spot by a superhero, depending on the severity of his crimes. Better than a Class 8, I used to say to him. These people either joined the Province or went straight to the Mountain because their powers are too strong to let free. "Johnny. Hey. Let's go take a breather, alright?" I'm sure we'll feel better after we have a walk around the park, what do you say?" I asked in a vain attempt to lift up the mood. Johnny looked me in a way that I knew he wouldn't be coming with me. I sighed, got up from the creaking sofa and grabbed my backpack. "Whatever. I'll see what I can do about the second job. Please don't lose sleep about it. We'll figure out a way. We always do," I grabbed his shoulder and gave him a soft squeeze. Tiny tendrils of electricity made my hand go numb, but I knew he wasn't doing it on purpose. He turned and smiled at me. "I know, Percy. I... know I don't usually say this, but I love you. Hope you know that," he nodded his head and got up from the chair in our tiny kitchen room, towering over me. Well, not really towering, but five inches is five inches, making me look at his neck. A ping of envy hit me, but I didn't mind. I loved my brother and I was happy for him. I just wished that I was strong, strong like him to provide for both of us, like he did. With small steps, I moved towards the door and exited our apartment. It was one of the many little boxes the city had built after the influx of new residents, the people cluttering closer as a result of the high volume of superheroes roaming the streets. Safety in numbers, or something like that. As I l climbed down the stairs from our lair, the nickname for our little apartment, I took a second to watch over the 'magnificent city' of Seattle. It wasn't magnificent. It was cold. Dirty. Unforgiving. Evil. I hated this city. I hated every single person living here. I hated the Province, what they had done to me, my brother. My parents. Seething from the sudden anger, I walked towards the nearby park. It was one of the few places with trees in our block and the only place that wasn't overfilled with garbage and filth, the result of an overpopulated city filled with assholes. The weather was still, the darkness of the new moon surrounding me like a cloak. I would have brought my old smartphone with me, but I was so desperate for some air that I had forgotten that it was still charging. Nothing in my backpack could produce light, it was simply filled with rented books from the library on the matter of Unhumans, people with powers. A horrible name, I know. I was about to find a bench to sit down and stretch my legs, when I felt something grab my neck. Before I had the time to turn around, I was thrown to the ground like a rag-doll. I instinctively threw my hands in front of my face as I hit the gravel, and the sudden aches over my forearms informed me that I had scraped them. A lot. "Ha. Ha. What does little pretty body do here all alone? Forgot your babysitter?" a deep voice called from behind. Ah fuck. Kruger. "Your brother forgot to pay me this week. You know what this means, right? The little brother gets the beating of his life," he laughed, a rough chuckle that sounded like he smoked a little bit too much. I didn't even have time to say something as he gave me a swift kick on the side. I felt all the oxygen in my body evacuate immediately and my ribs scream with white-hot pain, making it hard to even think. A low moan escaped from my throat and despite the adrenaline coursing through me, I couldn't even move. "Hmm. Pity. Little brother can't even throw a fist. Pathetic," he laughed and he turned me around with his foot. Kruger was an ugly man. Receding hairline, fat like an elephant and smelling like puke and body odor. His face was a mess of scars and ingrown hairs, and his eyes were too small for his head. Kruger smiled, revealing yellow, gaping teeth. I felt bile rise to my throat, and I didn't know if that was because of the pain or disgust. "P-please. My brother will pay. I don't know what he promised to you, but we'll get it for you. J-just let me go," I pleaded. Kruger's smile widened and my face dropped. He wasn't done. "Pretty boy thinks he can beg and go away? It doesn't work like that here," he growled and moved closer. He was fat, so fat, but there was muscle underneath all that, granting him an overwhelming advantage against my skinny frame. I was built like a scarecrow, he must have had more than a hundred pounds on me. "Please!" I begged again. He was moving closer now, and I could smell weed and piss on him. A million scenarios run through my mind, some very bad possibilities that could happen to me. Nobody was around here. I didn't have my phone. Nobody would hear me. Nobody would hear my screams. I felt an emptiness inside me. Nothing like I've ever felt before. I was going to get beat up to the edge of my life, I knew it. Or he'd do something even worse. I screamed at my body to move, do something, but it was as if I wasn't in control anymore. All I could do, was close my eyes and hope he beat me to unconsciousness first. It was after a minute of silence that I opened my eyes again. Kruger was gone. Or rather, he wasn't gone. Just hanging under a nearby lamppost. The metal had bent around him like an accordion, preventing him from escaping as his fat whale of a body made the lamppost groan under his weight. His face was dark, as if someone punched him so hard that a bruise had formed instantly. What...? What happened? Without realizing it, my body was slowly lifted off the ground. Someone had grabbed me, someone big, and they were lifting me up. Up from the ground. Towards the sky. This person, they could fly. A hero. I turned around and I saw the most beautiful man I had ever encountered in my life.
  2. Hey y'all! Long time semi-lurker, first time story poster. After a lot of thought and encouragement, I've decided to post this ending I've written for one of my favorite stories: "The Superior Machine" (which you should read if haven't!). I was able to reach out to the original author , whose stories you can find here on DeviantArt, and receive his blessing to post this. Big thank you to @tegalus! I don't plan on writing on this story further, but my DMs and Discord (OldFashioned#0021) are open if y'all wanna chat about any of the themes here . I've got plans for more stories, hopefully. Enjoy, and be gentle... “Yes, a 12-inch cock should be perfect… for now.” Nathan mused, mostly to himself as he watched his new power take effect. Looking down at David, he was quite pleased at this latest development. His most recent augmentation had grown his power and strength almost beyond his own comprehension. ‘Of course, virtually nothing is beyond my comprehension now,’ Nathan thought, his stunning angular face almost literally glowing with joyful power. ‘Too bad I can’t say the same for little David here.’ Nathan regarded him with pity as David blubbered and stammered, completely overwhelmed by the incalculably superior being before him. “I-I-I... w-what are… are.. y-y-y…” David sputtered and strained to even put into words the total awe that now seized his mind. Having witnessed the inconceivable yet inevitable conclusion of his own Superior Machine, he still couldn’t fathom how far Nathan had taken his invention in a matter of minutes. His neighbor’s muscular dimensions and masculine beauty already seemed to distort the space around him, like a supermassive black hole irresistibly attracting light and energy. But the revelation of Nathan’s superpowers was clearly wreaking havoc on David’s now relatively simple conception of reality. “Awww, am I too much for you, my little guy?” Nathan teased in his deep, seductive voice. He didn’t have to ask of course. With his telepathy, Nathan could peer into David’s mind with the ease that a college professor could read a children’s book. ‘Hmm that analogy doesn’t quite capture the true scale of my intellect,’ Nathan thought to himself. “David, why don’t you take a little nap?” he said softly, trying to calm David. “That should help you come to terms with everything.” He slowly brought a large hand up to David’s trembling face, gently caressing the terrified man and looking down at David the way one might look at a poor helpless puppy. “Rest up, little David. You’ll need all your energy for what is to come, and you deserve to be there for every moment.” Nathan fixed him with his luminous, steel blue eyes, blessing him with a devastating smile. With a mere thought, he instantly willed David into a deep, recuperative sleep. Cradling him in his powerful arms, Nathan laid his small neighbor on the basement couch. Scanning his brainwaves and observing his breathing rate, Nathan precisely calculated that David would be out for 1 hour and 54 minutes (and 23 seconds), more than enough time to prepare everything for the final stage of his evolution. “My ascension draws near,” he proclaimed out loud. With David subdued for the moment, Nathan had time to contemplate and enjoy the enormity of his transformation so far. Less than an hour ago, he was just a tiny, simple-minded twenty-year-old weakling. Now thanks to his neighbor, he stood on the precipice of actual godhood, omnipotent power just within his grasp. He’d always harbored a secret crush on his hunky college professor neighbor, and was just grateful that he’d chosen Nathan as the first person to see his invention. Of course, he now knew that David only kept him around in order to lord over him his physical and mental superiority. Not that David had ever been cruel to Nathan; he was always kind to him, if occasionally a little condescending. ‘How the tables have turned,’ Nathan grinned, momentarily reveling in the thrilling power he now possessed. ‘Water under the bridge. Once my apotheosis is complete, I’ll bless my creator in unimaginable ways. He will have no choice but to worship me.’ Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, Nathan regards his overwhelming musculature, removing the tight tank top to better take in his impossible proportions. Even totally relaxed, every muscle is painfully defined, and his clear, tan skin glows even in the dim light of the basement. From head to toe, his seven-foot body communicated only perfected power. Large, beautiful feet erupted into an enormous pair of calves. The massive, totally smooth muscles swelled up from almost delicate ankles, rippling and bulging sensually with the slightest effort. Huge, godly quads that seemed bigger than an average man’s chest tapered to a svelte waist that would look petite if it weren’t obviously a core made of muscles harder than steel. Columns of brick-like abs lead up to an unbelievably large chest. Growing out of the cliche cannonball shoulders are an intimidating pair of arms consisting of massive biceps and triceps flowing into steel-cable forearms. Taken individually, each muscle group would be considered freakish and grotesque, but together created a collection of exquisite curves and planes that transcended human beauty. Sitting atop this mass of incredible brawn was the face of an angel. Nathan’s features were almost feminine in their beauty but totally masculine in their eroticism. A stubble that looked at once perfectly groomed yet totally natural adorned a square jaw that exuded a manly strength, and sharp, azure eyes hinted at the limitless power growing inside. Without any other movement, Nathan sends subtle waves of flexing muscle fibers across his body. His beautiful physique literally shimmers with muscular power, like ripples in a pond, as Nathan closes his eyes in ecstasy. This surreal display was effortless for him, but it still delivered him absolute pleasure to feel the command he had over each one of his millions of muscle fibers. Continuing to ripple his striated perfection with his powerful mind, Nathan began a slow, sensual, and fluid dance. His powerful limbs, packed with muscle, moved with a grace and flexibility that would have brought even the harshest Bolshoi ballet masters to tears. Every part of him undulated and shifted in the ultimate expression of his perfected physique. The erotic display would have sent even the straightest guys in to blinding orgasmic bliss, unable to contain their worship for this fledgling deity. Suddenly, Nathan moves into a most-muscular pose, nearly doubling the size of his muscles and bringing hundreds of veins to the surface of his perfect skin. Already rock-hard, he wills thick ropes of cum to shoot out of his glorious cock, coating the entire mirror surface and sending shocks of bliss across his shredded body. Just for fun, he dances his pecs with total ease, every fiber from bottom to top, sending spasms of brutal power across the thick slabs. ‘Maybe David would like to lick the mirror clean, as a treat,’ Nathan thought wickedly. With supreme confidence, Nathan strode over to the once-improved Superior Machine. ‘Simple David,’ thought Nathan. ‘It is truly a wonder that his meager intellectual capacity was able produce such astonishing results.’ The first adjustments Nathan made to the machine, at an IQ of 256, now seemed child-like in their design. Nathan calculated that his current IQ was at 1835, a number that represented so much debilitating mental acuity and power that it was practically meaningless to normal humans. Even so, Nathan could still perceive limits to his power, and he intended to dwarf that number by orders of magnitude, and knew the key to his inevitable godhood lay not in his powerful muscles, but in the unlocking of his potent mind. Without even touching the machine, Nathan perceived all of its remaining flaws and inefficiencies, using his ability to see the entire spectrum of light waves. ‘What silly, simple mistakes my own supposed genius made,’ Nathan chuckled to himself. His final adjustments to this machine would increase its current improving capabilities by a factor of 100,000. He shuddered with utter euphoria at the mere thought of this final augmentation. With a speed that a normal human would struggle to perceive, Nathan made all of the necessary changes in the hardware and programming of the machine in a matter of seconds. The Superior Machine was now truly worthy of use by a being as superior as Nathan. In the mirror, Nathan surveyed his soon-to-be literally divine physique one last time. He effortlessly played with the deep striations and thick veins that covered the topography of his vascular body. ‘Even in this primitive form, my feats of control and strength are mind-bending,’ Nathan marveled. He flexed every single fiber in his body, totally enraptured by his own spectacular beauty. ‘I’m practically irresistible to myself!’ The veins on his body formed lightning patterns across his body, only hinting at the nascent power that coursed through them. Nathan brought his self-worship so a close, his telepathic sense telling him that David was about to wake up. ---------------- David’s eyes fluttered as he vacillated between sleep and wakefulness. Half-remembered dreams of phenomenal power wavered in his semi-consciousness. ‘I remember leading little Nathan down into the basement… and… no, that’s impossible.’ David furrowed his brow. ‘It must have been a dream,’ he surmised. “David,” a soft but incredibly deep and arousing voice called from the other end of the basement. “Who’s there?” David responded with a touch of fear in his voice. ‘Oh little David,’ Nathan thought. ‘His primitive brain literally couldn’t hold in the memories of my evolution. No matter.’ “David, it’s me. Nathan,” the deep, impossibly sexy voice proclaimed. A large figure of unbelievable size, symmetry, and beauty approached David. Using his psychic power, Nathan sent calming energy into David. ‘He’ll have plenty to freak out about soon,’ he grinned. He then projected into David’s mind the events of the day. “Nathan… it’s really you. It worked!” David was in awe of the perfect man before him. Nathan’s every movement was imbued with an unbearable grace. His physique literally stunning David into silence once again. “Well technically,” Nathan replied,”the adjustments I made have brought me to my current advanced form.” He teased his neighbor with a subtle pec bounce, waves of muscle fiber rolling across the wide expanse of his chest. “But my current status will not last long.” Confused, David wondered, “W-what do you mean, N-Nathan?” He was still reeling from the revelation of Nathan’s perfection. Nathan laughed a deep, gentle laugh, the most beautiful sound David had ever heard. “Oh little guy, don’t worry. I won’t ever revert to my previous, pathetic form.” He gifted David with a mind-blowing double bicep pose, threatening him with a touchless orgasm. With a subtle gesture of his hand, Nathan sent another psychic wave of calming energy. “No, I have loftier ambitions that your limited mind cannot yet begin to comprehend.” At this pronouncement, Nathan sent a sensual, subtle wave of rippling muscle up and down his body. That did it. David's newly enlarged cock sent huge spurts of cum into his slacks, blinding David in total pleasure. Nathan merely smiled down at his neighbor. Overwhelmed by the power of this newly created stud, David began licking and kissing Nathan’s wide, powerful feet. “Whoa there!” Nathan chuckled softly. “There's no need to worship me like a god… yet.” He fixed David with a penetrating, yet comforting stare. David sat motionless at his feet, paralyzed by the deep blue pools of Nathan’s eyes. “That weapon between your legs,” he glanced at David’s still bulging crotch, “is just your first gift.” Nathan reached down and gently caressed David’s handsome face, a single tender finger running down his jaw. “As my creator, you deserve to bask in the perfect power you have unleashed.” Nathan smiled serenely at his budding little worshiper. ‘The first of many,’ he mused. After allowing David to caress his smooth, powerful legs, Nathan ended the mini-worship session. “Follow me, little guy,” Nathan ordered as he made his way to the perfected Superior Machine. David struggled to catch up with Nathan’s long, powerful strides. “I know you will struggle to comprehend what I have so easily done to your machine, but you deserve to see its current and final modifications.” With a glance from Nathan, the machine came to life instantly. The bright display somehow looked sleeker than before, despite the fact that Nathan had changed virtually nothing about the exterior of the machine. As Nathan explained his complicated yet elegant improvements, David gazed at his former invention. ‘Of course,’ he thought. ‘It’s so clear, so obvious now.’ Nathan smiled, David’s every thought equally obvious to his superior brain. Nathan leaned down to give his neighbor a tender, yet passionate kiss. David nearly came again. Nathan looked upon his little toy with amused pity. “David, you are about to witness my final improvement. After this, the extent of my power will be unfathomable to lesser beings such as yourself. I am ushering in a new era in the history of the universe, and it’s all thanks to the primitive little invention you were so excited about today.” Nathan gave David another soul-shattering kiss, nearly crushing him with the strength of his rippling, muscular bulges. Out of breath, David stood back from the path of the machine, unsure of what was to come. Nathan stood majestically in front of the machine, a totally relaxed god-in-waiting. With a blink of his eyes, the machine began its final program. The display read: “INITIATING NEW PROGRAM . . SUBJECT DNA LOCATED AND RECOGNIZED” A white hot beam of energy engulfed Nathan’s body for a split-second “8475630930 PARAMETERS MEASURED. CALCULATING PROGRAMMED MODIFICATIONS” Instantly, the same white beam shot out, totally engulfing Nathan and blinding David momentarily. The machine powered down. The world tilted. The universe trembled. The key had turned. The circuit was complete. Nathan shuddered and moaned in the sheer bliss and delight of total omnipotence. His feet slowly left the ground as he began to hover in midair, fully entering his godhood, eyes closed, arms outstretched, and face tilted up toward the universe he now controlled. As infinite power flooded his body, he began emitting a soft, divine glow, and his remaining clothes completely disintegrated. He began his refinement. His already flawless skin took on a beautiful luster and shine resembling the finest velvet, while his dark- golden hair thickened with silken strands to an unattainable beauty. From head to toe, muscles in his increasingly shredded body rippled and flexed as his cells became vessels for pure cosmic energy, and his body became a reflection of the infinite power contained within. Still floating about a foot off the floor, Nathan opened his divine eyes. The entirety of the universe with its infinite dimensions was within his total comprehension. He knew the position and speed of every subatomic speck of matter in existence, and could effortlessly control every single one simultaneously. Growing proportionally to an even 8 feet tall, Nathan furiously rippled and flexed each of the trillions of muscle fibers now gracing his perfect body. This godly feat used up one trillionth of the power of his omniscient brain. Slowly, gracefully, Nathan lowered himself back to the floor. The earth shook. Every part of his body was perfectly sized, perfectly shaped. No model or bodybuilder had achieved these proportions and symmetry. He was true physical perfection. As he subtly shifted his weight, his muscles erupted in the most erotic display of sensual bulges and flexes. A beatific smile appeared on his glowing face, and David, having somehow miraculously held on to consciousness until this point, instantly blacked out while his dick shot a few more ropes of cum. “Perfection,” Nathan intoned out loud. His already deep voice was now imbued with pure sensual pleasure. Had David been awake, he would’ve felt the powerful tones reverberate not only throughout the room, but through his body, sending tingles of ecstasy to his very core. Nathan took in a breath so deep it threatened the structural integrity of the entire house. Walls rattled and few windows burst, but using his telekinesis, Nathan automatically repaired them. “This mortal structure cannot withstand even my most gentle breaths.” With a small gesture from his hand, Nathan lifted the still unconscious David into the air telekinetically, slowly bringing him into his divine embrace. “Little David,” Nathan gently cooed to his creator. “Let’s go somewhere we can both truly appreciate my omnipotence.” In the blink of an eye, the god and his disciple disappeared into thin air. ----- For the second time in as many hours, David awoke completely disoriented. He was in the middle of a lush verdant field, surrounded by spectacular mountains. The deep blue sky was totally clear, and the sun shone down with a pleasant, gentle warmth. David recounted the events of the last two hours: Finishing his incredible invention Inviting little Nathan to shock his small brain with his superiority The machine malfunction Nathan’s transformation and apotheosis into a literal god… “Good to see you are accepting the new reality,” a deep, resonant voice called from behind him. David turned around to see a sight that threatened his already tenuous grasp on his sanity: Nathan, in all his divine splendor… Just standing there, totally relaxed in his magnificent perfection, it was clear Nathan had evolved to an incomprehensible degree. His massive 8-foot frame was packed with brutally powerful muscle, thousands of veins shoved to the surface of his luminous skin. Atop this godly body was an achingly beautiful face wearing the expression of ultimate serene omniscience. Since his final transformation, Nathan’s head had grown slightly, the temples and forehead lined with thick veins, pulsing with power as they fed his limitless brain. A tight, blue speedo, matching his glowing eyes, encased his huge cock and perfectly hugged the contours of his powerful ass. “Of course, I could just change reality if I wanted to,” Nathan said with an arrogant, smug smile on his face. David shuddered at that casual declaration of power. “W-where are we, Nathan?” David stammered. They were definitely not in the large city he called home, but he didn't recognize the landscape either. Nathan’s feet left the ground as he began to hover a foot or so off the ground. He floated for a moment, just reveling in his awesome power. David was helpless to do anything but stare as the god floated gently toward him. “Everything you see is my creation,” Nathan stated simply. “It took a few nanoseconds, but I created a couple billion dimensions for my amusement.” David, confronted by this unimaginable power, could do little more than tremble. “It was laughably easy for a being like me, but your puny brain would shatter before even hoping to understand such a simple concept.” Nathan raised a flexed bicep to David’s face, subtly rippling the fibers in complex patterns. “I created this simple one because the others are far too complex for you to even perceive.” He then flexed his 8-pack abs, rolling and undulating them with total control. “I needed a place where I could show you the totality of my all-encompassing power,” he stated reverently while he continued his graceful, mid-air posing routine. “So I simply willed it into existence.” After a mind-blowing most-muscular, Nathan brought his lips to David’s ear. “Cum for me, David,” he commanded, modifying his godly vocal frequency to precisely stimulate all of David’s erogenous zones at once. David convulsed in rapturous pleasure as he experienced his third hands-free orgasm of the day. Jets of cum shot out of his thick cock, staining his slacks with large splotches of fluid. With a small twitch of his fingers, Nathan disintegrated David’s clothes, leaving him completely naked. With another gesture, David began hovering alongside his god. Nathan inspected him with his piercing eyes, the thick veins feeding his brain pulsing as he instantly memorized his toy’s complete molecular structure. “While your endowment is prodigious for a mortal, I’m afraid your physique is woefully inadequate for my godly desires,” Nathan said disdainfully. He twirled his powerful finger and rotated David in the air. “Yes, this soft, feeble form simply won’t do.” David felt a little insulted. He had worked hard for his tight body. While no fitness model, he turned heads at the college where most of his fellow professors were either stick-skinny or obese. He had muscle definition and size that many men would envy, and felt perturbed at Nathan’s harsh dismissal. David was suddenly thrown back to the ground as Nathan rose dozens of feet into the air. “INSIGNIFICANT FOOL!” his powerful voice rang out through the mountain valley. Terrified, David watched as Nathan grew to 12, 50, then 100 feet tall, his eyes turning a fiery red. “DON’T YOU REALIZE WHAT I AM!” Nathan shouted directly into David’s mind, deafening him psychically. Nathan raised a gigantic arm toward one of the massive mountains in the distance. A literally earth-shattering crack shook the ground as the mountain was ripped from its base. Nathan then closed his enormous hand into a fist and the floating mountain exploded in a cloud of ice and rock. Before most of the debris could even settle, Nathan snapped his fingers and the mountain instantly reassembled, rejoining the ground below. Nathan looked down at David with a menacing glare, the veins of his head pulsing furiously as his mind exerted its unlimited power. He was catapulted into the air, rising to Nathan’s huge face. David struggled to focus on the god’s angry countenance. The sheer terror of looking into the furious eyes of the all-powerful being was almost too much for him. “I CAN BLINK YOU OUT OF EXISTENCE AND FORCE YOU TO EXPERIENCE THE EVENT FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!” Nathan bellowed. “I DEMAND YOUR COMPLETE OBEDIENCE AND WORSHIP.” “Yes, anything my God! I am so sorry! I was wrong to reject your blessing! I am nothing to you!” David pleaded pathetically at the floating muscular giant, bowing his head before the deity. Nathan slowly lowered him to the ground as he shrunk back down to his perfect 8-foot form. His eyes returned to their sparkling deep blue color as he hovered toward David, who was still cowering on the grassy field. “Never forget, my little toy,” Nathan spoke directly into David’s mind. “I can perceive everything. I’m currently reading the thoughts of every living thing in the universe simultaneously. You are totally transparent to me. I can effortlessly delve into parts of your psyche you don’t even know exist.” “But you also created me,” Nathan spoke aloud. “So enjoy the gifts my effortless power can bestow.” Nathan glowed with a golden light. He gently floated toward David, extending his index finger. “You’ve seen a fraction of the destruction I’m capable of. Here’s a taste of the pleasure I can deliver,” he whispered seductively. As his divine finger neared David’s forehead, a small arc of golden electricity flowed between man and god. The instant they made contact, David moaned, drowning in the extreme sensations taking over his body. He lost all sense of time. The force of a million orgasms exploded inside every cell of his body. Nathan adjusted David’s perception of time and held him in total sensual bliss for what seemed like days, but was actually just a few seconds. He teased his little toy, using his power to stimulate every nerve ending in David’s body, holding him on the edge of release. Nathan broke contact, watching David recover from his haze of pleasure. David began desperately jacking his huge hard cock. “Oh little guy,” Nathan chuckled. “Let me take care of that.” He gently twirled his finger and David instantly came in one single continuous stream of thick cum. Completely emptied, David collapsed on the ground, totally out of breath. “Nathan, my God… thank you… You are everything… I am nothing… I am yours…” David panted. Nathan reached down and cradled David’s head in his large hand. “This is just the beginning, little guy.” He sent a wave of reviving energy through David, filling him with vitality. David stood, staring reverently at his massively muscular, powerful god. Nathan smiled benevolently, drinking in David’s worshipful thoughts. “Now, I believe we were addressing the matter of your physique,” Nathan recalled. With a subtle gesture, he raised David up a few feet in the air. “You are currently 5 feet and 11.1568 inches tall. To please me, you need to be 6 feet and 6 inches, precisely.” At these words, David felt the strange sensation of his bones elongating and stretching, his hands and feet growing bigger. “Now,” Nathan continued with a sexy grin, “let’s fill you out.” Nathan took a deep breath and began to blow gently towards David. He felt it first in his calves as they inflated to at least 20 inches, big bulbous, heart-shaped muscles standing out from his lower legs. Next, muscle piled onto his thighs, his quads and hamstrings thickening to a massive 30 inches each, feathered striations running all across the expansive muscle. His waist tightened up to 30 inches as the grooves of his six-pack abs deepened to a beautifully symmetrical eight-pack.Two enormous mountains of muscle erupted from his chest, square pecs pushing 60 inches as powerful delts grew to frame them. Spectacular arms formed, at least 26 inches, with biceps and triceps that screamed power and masculinity. The rippling forearms below completed the image of brutal strength. “Take a look at yourself,” said Nathan. With a twitch of his fingers, a mirror materialized in front of David. He marveled at his new body, one that could easily win any bodybuilding competition. He flexed and rippled his new muscles, totally intoxicated by his physical power. “One last thing,” whispered Nathan. Starting with David’s calves, Nathan began rubbing his way up his new muscles, leaving a fine dusting of hair wherever his hands touched, not thick enough to hide his definition, just enough to highlight his beautiful curves and bulges. Finally, Nathan took David’s face gently in his infinitely powerful hands and brought him in for a deep, probing kiss. Another look in the mirror showed David that Nathan had further refined his face, giving good looks that even the hottest models would envy. “Thank you, my God,” David bowed his head in devotion. “I am not worthy of your power.” Nathan laughed softly, his deep voice sending pleasant vibrations through David’s body. “You are correct, my toy. You aren’t.” Nathan tenderly lifted David’s chin to fix him with his painfully beautiful gaze. “But remember, you unknowingly set me on the path to godhood, and as long as you remain devoted to your God, he will continue to bless you.” Nathan gave a devastating wink, filling David with a pleasurable buzz of energy. With a wave of Nathan’s hand, the world around them began to dissolve before their eyes. “It’s time to introduce the world to its new god,” he said with intimidating confidence. With a flash of golden light, they vanished. ------------------ Nathan and David reappeared in the room where it all started. “There are a few things I need to take care of before I begin my absolute reign,” Nathan said. He stretched out his massively muscled arm toward the Superior Machine. It began hovering in the air. “Now, that my power is unlimited, there will be no need for this now-inferior machine,” Nathan proclaimed with an arrogant smirk. With a flick of his wrist, the machine lurched toward David, stopping just a few feet in front of him. “Master, please!” David cried out. He couldn’t bear to have his life’s work destroyed before his eyes. He knelt on the ground, begging his perfect god. Looking up with fear and hope, David pleaded. “Please spare the machine. I could use it to improve humanity!” Nathan’s eye turned a deadly crimson. The veins on his large head pulsed in fury as his beautiful face contorted in terrifying rage. “WORM!” Nathan shouted. With a twitch of his other wrist, David found himself suspended in mid-air, unable to move, unable to speak. “YOU DARE DEFY ME?! AFTER BEARING WITNESS TO JUST AN INFINITESIMAL FRACTION OF MY POWER?” The walls of the house shook at his words. “I was a pathetic simpleton before your crude machine managed to malfunction.” He struck an incredible double bicep pose, his arms exploding with brutal strength. “Now with my unlimited mind,” Nathan rippled his spectacular body menacingly as the thick veins on his temples throbbed, “I decide who is superior and who isn’t.” At these words, he made a threatening fist, and the floating machine began to collapse in on itself. David looked on as tears streamed down his face. Nathan tightened his fist, and his veins pulsed with power. The machine compacted to a small, smooth, metal ball the size of a marble. With a nod of Nathan’s large head, David was lowered to the ground, regaining control of his body. “Here’s your Superior Machine,” Nathan said sarcastically. David held out his hands as the ball floated toward him. Nathan arched a brow and the ball dropped into David’s hands. He instantly fell to the ground, screaming in pain as the small ball crushed his hand. Nathan cackled evilly, shaking the foundations of the house. “You’re so weak,” Nathan said, disgusted. “I condensed the machine into a 743.87 pound little marble. The pathetic muscles I gifted you can’t seem to handle it.” As David continued to struggle with the tiny ball, Nathan walked over to him. Arrogantly, he bent down and picked up the ball as easily as if it were a ping-pong ball. David moaned in pain as Nathan held the ball between two fingers, slowly inspecting the ball. “Shut up, little David!” Absentmindedly, Nathan waved his other hand, and David’s pulverized hand was instantly healed. He gasped in relief as he looked up at his God. “I can’t help but think that just a few hours ago, the mere existence of this ball would have been unfathomable to my once-puny brain. But now…” Nathan closed his fist around the ball, totally engulfing it in his large hand, and for a brief moment, the muscles in his arms flexed into bold cuts and striations, rippling with brutal power. A soft thud accompanied a small flash of light as his godly hand tightened completely, “... I crushed it out of existence effortlessly.” He fixed David with a mesmerizing, intense stare. “Just like you if you continue to defy me!” Nathan inhaled deeply, his massive chest expanding. Upon exhaling, he began hovering in mid-air like the god he was, eyes glowing white-hot as he reveled in his omniscience. David, still on the ground, struggled to arrange his newly bulging muscles into a properly worshipful position. “It’s finally time, little David,” Nathan intoned. “You should get dressed for the big day.” With an irresistible wink of his god’s eye, David found himself wearing a tight black spandex t-shirt, shrink-wrapped around his bulky torso, with matching leggings encasing his powerful legs. The shiny material perfectly accentuated his new physique, and he ran his hand gently across the smooth fabric, appreciating the way his master’s newest gift to him hugged every curve and cut of his body. “Thank you, my God,” David bowed his head in gratitude. “Even though I’m a god, I still want to show off my superior toy to the masses.” Nathan blessed his disciple with an impossibly beautiful smile. “Now, watch this.” With a sinister smile, Nathan blinked, and David disappeared. He found himself just across the street facing his house. The afternoon sun warmed his improved physique. As it was a weekday, residents of the neighborhood were arriving home from work, and David’s new muscles turned quite a few heads, but Nathan was nowhere to be seen. No one recognized their college professor neighbor, looking instead at the impressive, masculine muscle on display in tight clothing. “Just wait, little David,” Nathan spoke into his worshiper's mind. “These primitive beings will lose their minds when they see me.” David shuddered in both fear and delight as he contemplated how Nathan would choose to reveal his godly power to the world. David heard a rumble from across the street. The ground shook, and pedestrians stopped to look around, trying to find out exactly what was making the noise. Suddenly, a deafening roar rang out through the neighborhood and David’s house exploded, raining concrete, metal, and wood onto the surrounding houses and roads. People on the street screamed and ran for cover, as car alarms and distant sirens filled the air. As the dust settled, a monstrous figure appeared floating above the wreckage. David knew that it was Nathan, albeit at least 50 feet tall. The giant raised an arm, and with a small gesture, the dust and smoke instantly cleared, and the alarms fell silent. Everyone stared in wordless awe at the impossible, glowing deity before them. In addition to growing himself a couple dozen feet, Nathan increased his freakish proportions, every muscle group frighteningly exaggerated. His perfect, flawless skin was shrink-wrapped around every striation and vein. Lined with thick, pulsing veins, Nathan’s head had grown almost comically large, housing his infinitely powerful brain, but he’d lost none of his beauty. His stunning, omniscient, golden eyes scanned the tiny humans below him. Drinking the shock and disbelief of the crowd that had gathered, Nathan let out a deep, ecstatic moan. “BE NOT AFRAID!” Nathan’s deep voice was almost intolerably loud, and many rushed to cover their ears. “I am your new GOD!” The power of his words shook the ground beneath them. “Thanks to the intellectual stumblings of your little neighbor David,” Nathan’s massive arm gestured at the spandex-clad professor-turned-bodybuilder-plaything. David began hovering above the crowd, but still beneath Nathan, “I have unlocked the full potential of the human brain, and improved myself one-million-fold to a state unfathomable to primitive animals like you.” Nathan arched a brow on his huge head and the veins throbbed. Every car on the street rose into the air in front of Nathan. He closed his godly fist, and the cars smashed into each other to form a huge mass of metal and glass. With a few more twitches of his perfect hands, Nathan had sculpted a giant throne of gold for himself, playing with the atomic structure of the former cars. “I used to be such a puny, soft thing like you all,” Nathan remarked with disdain. He closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure. Once again, he grew to 100 feet tall, maintaining his unbelievable proportions and vascularity, veins snaking over his entire body and head. He hovered over to the floating throne and lowered himself onto it. “Now, I take my rightful place as the most powerful being in the universe,” he stated with absolute authority, rippling the fibers of his brutally muscular body. Many in the crowd either passed out or violently orgasmed at the display, unable to even handle the concept of true omnipotence. “Stay right where you are, mister!” Someone shouted from the crowd. A police officer had drawn his weapon and aimed it at Nathan. He stretched his uniform with an impressive physique that approached David’s in size and symmetry. Indeed, he himself would be attracting lustful stares if not for the literal god that had just appeared on the street. Nathan was somewhat impressed at his courage, though he could of course detect with his superior sense a heart rate that was through the roof and a slight tremble in the hands holding the firearm. He remained totally relaxed, lounging on his throne. “Now, now little one,” Nathan said, his tone dripping with condescension. “While I commend your bravery, it’s laughable that you think that you could stop this in any way.” The officer held fast, using every once of his willpower in the face of overwhelming power. “The whole department is coming. Hell, I bet the National Guard is on its way. Don’t make another move!” the office retorted. “Very well then,” Nathan chuckled arrogantly. “Go ahead and shoot,” he taunted. The officer fired every round he had, confident he would hit the massive giant. With a bored expression, Nathan watched the officer shoot. Each bullet stopped in mid-air at his command. Nathan twitched his fingers and the bullets and gun were sent flying into orbit. Nathan smirked as he felt fear take over the officer’s mind. “You really shouldn’t have done that. I must punish you for your insolence,” Nathan intoned. With a wave of his hand, the officer floated up into the air. Nathan held out a divine finger as a beam of energy shot from the beefy police man to Nathan. The man became engulfed in light as his god continued to drain him. After a few seconds he fell to the ground, and the crowd saw a very different man before them. The former amateur bodybuilder could not have been taller than 5 feet now, and his frail body showed no muscle at all, only skin and bone. His once sharp, bright eyes now stared around vacantly, barely capable of processing the world around him. “You see, I can bless my worshipers with their wildest fantasies,” he gestured at David, bringing him over to sit in his expansive lap. “But I will swiftly punish those who do not devote themselves totally to my obvious superiority!” The crowd immediately fell to their knees, eager to please their new god. “Now, little David,” his massive face looked down at his little toy. “It’s time to spread the Gospel of Nathan.” The huge floating throne disappeared in a flash of light. The crowd of worshipers knelt among the wreckage, knowing the world had changed at the will of the Superior Being, Nathan.
  3. DanMan2020

    The Olympian chronicles: Ivan

    Hi everyone. First time poster here. My story is inspired by works like "A is for Alpha and Antoine" by Londonboy, "The man who saved me" by Guest(?), and "My roommate is a god" by Omnipotence. Like them I am a lover of super powerful, super muscle men. I'm going to try and upload a chapter or two every weekend. A lot of world building is going to go into this. Hope everyone enjoys! The Olympian chronicles: Ivan Chapter 1: Who I am… The air felt good on my bare torso as I flew through the sky. The feel of the wind as it whipped over my magnificent physique: bulbous pecs, titanium abs (six-pack), concrete biceps and triceps, and a back that rippled with muscular curvature. Complemented by light coating of vascularity here and there. Overall I looked like a being the Greek Gods themselves would’ve aspired to be. I came to a rest about thirty thousand feet above my home suburb. My superhuman vision able to see the ground below in perfect detail. Not one square inch I couldn’t easily make out. I simply hovered there. I continued to enjoy the air as it now brushed lightly on my impenetrable skin. I closed my eyes and felt the power that coursed through me, and marvelled at how only a month ago I was human. I opened my eyes and observed the setting sun in the distance. I looked down to see how it illuminated my spectacular body. Every part of me was muscle. Every part of me huge, strong, defined, beautiful, and blemish-free. Always clean, always perfectly groomed, and always with a light tan that only accentuated the curves and solidness of the muscles. I am Ivan, and I am an Olympian. So what is an Olympian exactly? Nobody knows what causes the phenomenon, nor why it ever began in the first place. But Olympians were a part of our reality, and have been so for the last one-hundred and seventy-nine years. Almost every year, without any prior warning, one to four young men (usually one or two, rarely more) will, upon turning twenty, suddenly and dramatically change. In the space of just a few seconds they will, regardless of prior body-type or lifestyle, suddenly transform into massive, immaculate, beautiful, and flawless bodybuilders on the spot. And if that wasn’t enough, they will also possess a plethora of superhuman abilities that extend far beyond what even the likes of Superman, Thor, or even Dr. Manhattan could ever dream of having. To name BUT A FEW: · Superhuman strength (to the point of moving planets effortlessly) · Invulnerability (to date, there is no known way of harming an Olympian) · Superhuman speed (beyond the speed of light of course) · Superhuman senses (all senses) · Superhuman agility, reflexes, coordination, and muscle control · Flight · Heat vision · X-ray vision · Freeze breath (and the ability to blow gale-force winds with ease) · Telekinesis (which breaks down into loads of additional abilities) · Telepathy Again, nobody knows why this happens; it just does. Oh, and before I forget, yes: Olympians are also immortal. The first ones to appear are still looking as though they are twenty years old, despite almost pushing two hundred! Naturally I didn’t take long for the humans who stayed being human to realise that there were now all-powerful, unstoppable gods walking amongst them. Thankfully for them, all Olympians to date have proven to be kind, just, and principled in a positive way. And so, since the dawn of Olympians, human civilisation all over has changed dramatically. The life of a human now revolves around worshipping Olympians, along with living an otherwise normal day-to-day life. But more on that later. So anyway, I’m Ivan. And one month ago to the day I transformed into an Olympian. One second I was an ordinary, unremarkable college student in the middle of a college lecture on psychology, and the next minute I was floating in mid-air above my fellow classmates with a physique that the world’s top bodybuilders spend their whole lives trying to achieve. All around me my classmates, along with the professor, all immediately dropped to their knees and began to bow to me. They fervently whispered prayers, while those closest to me reached for my hover feet and diamond calves in the hopes of being able to feel them. This was followed by every man in the hall pulling out an erect cock and jerking off to the sight of me, while every woman reached a few fingers down their underwear. Overwhelmed, I clumsily shot upwards through the roof and out into the sky. I was a bit panicked by being up so high, and so when I tried to land I ended up creating a crater in the middle of campus. Thankfully no one was hurt. I was also completely naked, as my clothes had been shredded by my rapidly expanding body during the transformation. Once again, every human who could see me began kneeling, bowing, jerking off, fingering themselves, and in general crying out how amazing I was; all because I was an Olympian. Fast forward a month, and here I am levitating thousands of feet above my home. I had largely taught myself how to control most of my main abilities, like flight and strength. I had also given up on wearing clothes for the most part. I was wearing boxer shorts and jeans at the moment, but other than that, I couldn’t find tops that would fit me. Not that it was a problem; Olympians were allowed to be naked in public if they wanted to be. The one change that I was struggling with was how people reacted to me. It’s too much to take in quickly. One minute you’re a scrawny, nerdy, weak little man who’s never played sport, and is still a virgin. The suddenly people are actually bowing to you. Total strangers and people you’ve known your whole life now kneel when you enter a room, or walk (or float) by them on the street. You’re walking around without a shirt, fully aware of it, yet now you have a physique like Arnold or Ronnie Coleman, and not a skinny, acne-covered torso and stick-arms. Now you’re handsome beyond description, and not well below average. People are openly pleasuring themselves to your image, in front of you, and because it’s law no less! It’s just…a lot to come to terms with. I began my descent and soon landed gently in the back garden. Certainly a lot better than the first time I landed here. Let’s just say my dad had to hire a landscaping company to fix the damage. I still live with my dad by the way. He’s been so supportive of me throughout all of this. All the while trying not to give in to his “mortal instincts”. Which is a term used to describe every human’s inherent desire to worship Olympians. “Dad, I’m home” I say, as I close the sliding door behind me. My big bare feet pat loudly as I walk across the tiled floor of the kitchen. I have to keep ducking down as I walk through doorways. 5’7’’ to 6’8’’ is quite the difference. I find my dad in the living room, already kneeling. No doubt doing so the second he heard my voice. “Come on dad, you don’t have to do that. Not for me” I say, feeling a little embarrassed by his display of reverence. “Of course son” says my dad, hastily getting to his feet, “whatever you say”. He’s smiling, somewhat nervously, and constantly looking back and forth over my body, trying to pick a muscle group to settle on. He’s still just standing there. “You can go about your business” I say, “I just came in to say hi. I’m going up to my room for a bit”. “Of…of course” says Dad, “Is there anything you want me to do?” he asks. He nods enthusiastically, excited at the idea of being able to directly obey an Olympian, even if it’s his own son. “Nope. Just go back to whatever it was you were doing”, I say, trying to smile sweetly at him, and ignore the absurdity of the situation. And with that I quickly leave the room. At speeds that no human could ever hope to move at, I shot from the living room to my bedroom upstairs. I promptly took off my jeans and stood there in just my boxers, enjoying the coolness that now caressed my muscular legs. I turned my attention to my full-body dressing mirror and decided to treat myself to another posing show. BOOM! Biceps that easily exceed thirty inched, with a proud vein on each that rested on them like crowns. And my pecs! Hello!!! Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. Up and down they went in turn. The entire rest of my being as still as a statue while my magnificent pecs bounced, vibrated, and jiggled in exquisite detail. I stopped the bounce and flexed them both. Their size expanded, and they looked far more like two massive slabs of concrete. I raised my arms again so as to admire my lats and obliques; still in disbelief that I actually had those muscles. On me! On my body! And that’s not to mention the abs. Oh my Olympian! My abs. Like six cobble-stones that made steel feel soft by comparison. I only just managed to master the art of rolling my abs, making waves glide up or down. One minute I could contort them and mush them about by flexing alone, and the next I could tense them into a wall of pure power and strength. Next up were my legs. Quads of the gods, as I liked to call them. Even when I wasn’t tensing or flexing they were still formidably rock-solid. I liked to run my fingers over them, just to feel the different ridges and boundaries of muscle. Next I turned my attention to my calves. Diamonds by shape, yet so much harder, and so much stronger. I shoved an SUV the other day with my foot, and the corresponding calve generated enough power to send it sailing out towards the horizon. I was only trying to dislodge if from a ditch the driver had accidently driven it into. Amusingly though, he wasn’t mad. He immediately bowed and thanked me for displaying my strength to him. He cried for joy when he asked to touch my calves and I said yes. I can still feel his delicate little finger tips tracing lines on them. He came a few times without either of us ever touching his dick. I left him after that. I…I’m not ready to be a god to people just yet. The thought robbed me of my enthusiasm for more flexing. Instead I slumped down onto my bed. This is my life now. This is who I’m going to be. I should be happier (which I am when I’m flexing for myself, jerking off with my new 10’’ cock, or effortlessly curling train engines), but the thought of ruling humans, and being celebrated as superior is still…I don’t know. It’s a big change. There was a knock at the door. “Come in” I said. I telekinetically opened the door to find Dad standing in a somewhat cowered position on the other side. Telekinesis was weird. It’s like I could feel the door with my brain. “Hi son” he said, in a polite tone and with a nervous smile. I knew he had only come up here so that he could be around me, look at me more, and maybe even touch me if I allowed it. It was instinctual in humans to want to worship Olympians and be close to them. Not to mention obey them without question. “Hey Dad, what’s up?” I said, smiling sweetly at him, trying to put him at ease. “Just came to see how my big man is! What did you get up to today?” he said, and kneeled down in front of me while trying to maintain eye contact and not look at some other part of me. I doubt he even noticed that he kneeled. “Not much. Just flew around the city a few times. I really want to perfect my flight power before travelling any farther” I said. Dad nodded energetically, with his mouth hanging open a little. It was kind of amusing. “Well I know you don’t need to eat anymore, but the…eh…the dinner will be there…I mean ready, in a few minutes, if you want…you know” he said, struggling to maintain composure around his literal god of a son. “Great!” I said, smiling all the while to keep the atmosphere friendly. A minute of silence passed. Dad was still kneeling, now looking down at my feet. I rolled my eyes. “Dad” I said. He immediately looked up at my face. “Do you want to…touch my muscles?” I said, weirded out by the thought. Of course, Dad wasn’t. As a human he couldn’t think clearly in the presence of an Olympian. “Yes! Oh yes please son! You are so…so incredibly beautiful now!” he said suddenly, and began running a hand across my pecs. “Wow! So powerful” he whispered, as he examined the finer details of my godly chest. He poked them, trying to make a dent, but to no avail. I have to admit: I liked seeing him so happy. I bounced my pecs a little for him, and he ended up drooling a small bit. I chuckled. “Alright” I said, standing up and towering over him. He gulped at the sight of me, and whimpered a small bit too. “Dinner time” I said, indicating that it was alright for him to stand up too. He did so, but still only came up to the base of my pecs. I patted him gently on the head. “I love you Dad, no matter what I’ve become” I said, trying to get some of that pre-Olympian father-son relationship back. “I love you too son” he said, looking up past my pecs at me. “And I’m so proud of what you’ve become. I look forward to seeing an even more powerful version of you when you return from Mercury after god-school” he said. Oh, that’s right. I forgot to mention. All newly born Olympians are expected to attend “god-school” on the planet Mercury for a few months, after which they will have developed to their fullest potential. Basically, the way I am now doesn’t even measure up to the level of power I’ll have in a few months. I am expected to begin god-school in a few days. It is decreed by one of the laws of David, the first Olympian. Who’s he? Right, there’s still so much about this version of reality that you don’t know…
  4. Omnipotence

    My roommate is a god (parts 1 - 4)

    Hello everyone. Long time viewer/reader, first-time writer. A little nervous about it, so any and all constructive feedback is welcome! This part is really only meant to be a taster of sorts. I'm 110% open to change. Let me know what you think; super excited that I'm finally contributing! Without further ado: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 1: Tom was hovering in midair. He casually motioned his hands back and forth, as if he was conducting some sort of invisible orchestra. In reality, he was using his telekinesis to clean the living room effortlessly and in record time. Empty pizza boxes were pulled upward by an invisible force where they were instantly vaporized into nothingness. Stains off all varieties were simply removed from existence. Empty soda cans were melted into liquid form, which was then dispersed into the surrounding atmosphere. And throughout it all, Tom wasn't even looking at any of it. He was staring absentmindedly out the window. Such was the ease of this godly display of power that he didn't even need to devote his full attention to it. I simply sat and watched his nonchalant display of power with my usual awe. I suppose I could've helped, but how the hell is a measly little human like me supposed to add to this?! Within a minute of initiating the clean, Tom was finished. He turned in midair, hover over to the couch, and lowered himself down onto it. "All done" he said with a smile. His voice was impossibly beautiful and sexy. A deep baritone, masculine voice. "Thanks" I said, trying to pretend I wasn't intimidated my his godhood. Probably wasn't working though. Tom could just read my mind if he wanted to. "Want me to send you to sleep now?" Tom asked, his remarkable blue eyes filling me with a sense of comfort and safety as we made eye contact. I knew what he meant, and what he intended to do. With my mouth instantly going dry, and my body shaking from anticipation, all I could do was nod feebly. Tom stood up, walked to the center of the room, and turned to face me. With a simply wave of his hand, all of his clothes except for his form fitting, jet-black briefs disintegrated. His godly muscles were on display. Tom was 6'8'', and when he wasn't altering his density of using his flight power, he would normally weigh around 300 - 320 pounds. I began working my way down. His shoulders were massive. Powerful, rippling masses the size of cinder-blocks, with prominent traps that my whole hand could just barely cover. His pecs were next. Each one was the vision of perfection. Slabs of concrete; almost perfectly square, beefy, and large enough to cup. Like everything else, they rippled. He bounced them effortlessly, yet could also make them rock-solid at a moment's notice. His whole chest: 60'' His arms were of a similar make. Massive, 25'' machines that I've seen lifting impossible weights. Veins running through them, looking like steel cables, running down into his formidable looking forearms. His biceps and triceps were equally beautiful. His abs were the definition of beauty. A rippling, rock-hard eight pack, where each individual ab was arrogantly prominent, and the deep cuts that ran between them only emphasized how sculpted they were. Although I couldn't see if from where I sat, I have seen his back. His perfect, v-shaped back. Powerful mounds and ridges of muscle covering it all, guiding you slowly to his 33'' waist. And lets not forget to mention the glutes that it leads to. Two bulletproof hemispheres of pure muscle (and no, I'm not exaggerating). His legs put tree trunks to shame. 31'' thighs corded with titanium veins, towering above 24'' diamond-shaped calves. All of this balancing on bizarrely beautiful, size 15 feet. Of course, as a god, Tom's whole body was free of all forms of blemishes and other such imperfections. His skin was smooth and supply; an easily missed detail on account of the muscle that lay beneath. At the moment he had no body hair, although he could if he wanted to. But he wanted to make sure that I could see every striation, every subtle flex as clearly as possible. And so the light dusting of hair that sometimes coated his chest and forearms was willed out of existence. "Ready?" he said, smirking. I would try to describe the beauty of his face, but I don't think the necessary words actually exist. I gulped. Without taking his eyes off of me, he bounced his pecs. It was effortless for him. All other parts of his body stayed motionless; only his magnificent pecs moved. Their dance became increasingly complex; the two mounds moving to a rhythm like no other. Sometimes they bounced in unison, sometimes one at a time, and sometimes they alternated. My cock was as hard as stone. Suddenly, without warning, Tom tensed his abs. My description of them before described them in a non-flexed state. Imagine now what they looked like. Pre-cum soaked my pants. I hadn't even touch myself yet. And I knew I wasn't going to. Tom hit me next with a double biceps. Their peaks! If he had flexed just a bit harder they would've sent out a shock wave. His most muscular was next. His pecs... I began to convulse; my cock couldn't contain my arousal anymore. I came. He made me, without either of us touching it. Such was the beauty of his body and face. He smiled sweetly at me as I slowly began to lose consciousness from the strength of the orgasm. With a single hand and arm, Tom grabbed a fistful of my shirt's collar and smoothly lifted me from the couch. My 5'9'' frame dangled pathetically as he held me at arm's length with such ease. He bent his arm as he slowly brought me in from a kiss on the forehead, still holding me in the air all the while. His other arm simply hung at his side. Throughout all of this, my cock was still sputtering out small amounts of cum, dampening my already soaked underpants and jeans. "Goodnight. I'll see you in the morning" he whispered in my ear, as I finally lost complete consciousness from the orgasm. I passed out at the end of Tom's arm; he still held me as if I weighed the same as a balloon. The last thing I remember was the feel of my own feet dangling in the air. My arms hanging limp at my sides. My chin brushing the side of Tom's hand that gripped my shirt's collar before my head fell to the side. My whole body rendered weak and useless from the hundred orgasms Tom caused me to have in the space of a minute. I loved that feeling. My name is Frank, and this is the story of how I came to meet my roommate Tom. Who, by the way, happens to be an actual god.
  5. Era de mañana en el diario "El Clarín", en una de sus oficinas se encontraba Peter Parker, un chico castaño de 27 años de edad, medía 1.85 y pesaba 90 kgs. de músculo, estéticamente bien distribuido, traía puesta esa mañana una camisa blanca que se ajustaba bien a su anatomía atlética, pero sin ser demasiado llamativo, la camisa se ajustaba bien en su pecho y bíceps, también llevaba un pantalón negro de vestir y un calzado del mismo color, bien lustrado, el cuello de su camisa desabotonado solo para permitirle respirar bien y no sofocarse, pues el viaje matutino usando sus poderes para llegar al diario había sido bastante veloz, tomó las mangas de la camisa y las arremangó para dejar descubiertos sus antebrazos mientras tomaba un folder con fotos de Spiderman, se sonrió entre sí. Estos meses habían sido importantes para él, encontró un traje alien que lo había mejorado por completo, le dió más velocidad, agilidad, fuerza, músculos, y sobre todo un crecimiento en su virilidad que él en un principio no podía creer, aún recordaba cuando solo medía 1.75 y pesaba solo 70kgs., era sorprendente lo que unos meses con el traje le habían hecho, de tener un pedazo de solo 16 cms. de virilidad en erección pasó a tener un monstruo de 25 cms. No dejaba de ver sus fotos, apaleando maleantes la noche anterior, era magnífico, pensaba en el puesto que estaba compitiendo en ese momento como fotógrafo de planta, el otro hombre definitivamente no tenía oportunidad, dió un sorbo a su café mientras seguía sentado y vió la puerta de entrada de la oficina. Llegó alguien, justamente el hombre que no tenía oportunidades contra Parker, era nada más y nada menos que su compañero de oficina, Eddie Brock. Eddie era ya un hombre de 37 años de edad, a pesar de ser mayor en edad que Peter, se veía más joven, era rubio, de cabello corto, facciones joviales, ojos azules y totalmente lampiño, la vida no le había favorecido, nunca tuvo oportunidad de ejercitarse, ni hacer dietas u otro tipo de cosas debido a su físico, medía tan solo 1,65 cms de alto y pesaba tan solo 60kgs., definitivamente no imponía de ninguna forma, todo mundo le pasaba por encima y últimamente alguien en especial. El pobre Eddie llegó agitado y sudando a la oficina, con su maletín color café a un lado. Eddie estaba vestido con una camisa de color azul cielo que resaltaba aquellos ojos suyos, un pantalón café y calzado del mismo color, todo se hubiera visto bien de no ser por que todo le quedaba grande, a excepción del calzado, la camisa le colgaba de los laterales, y ni que decir de los hombros y las mangas, daba la impresión de que un niño se había vestido con la ropa de su padre, debido a ello nunca tuvo oportunidad de ligar con alguien en su vida. Mientras aún respiraba de manera agitada veía a Parker bastante fresco y seguro de su persona. Eddie se cuestionaba cómo era posible que Parker estaba así si vivía más lejos que él del trabajo, a pesar de tener cierto recelo al castaño, lo saludó ... - Hola, buenos días Parker - Se oyó su voz algo aguda, parecía la voz de un joven de 15 años. - ¿Cómo le haces para llegar antes que yo, si yo vivo más cerca? Peter lo miró de reojo y sonriendo mientras tomaba su café, le dijo: - Por que me levanto más temprano que tú, "amiguito". Eddie miró a Parker, notó que el castaño había mejorado mucho su físico en los últimos meses, sabía que eso no era normal en una persona, además Eddie siempre peleaba por entrar en el bus de la primera hora, mínimo debería que ver a Parker en el transporte o llegar al mismo tiempo si es que Peter tomaba el bus de otra ruta. Eddie terminó por mejor dejar de pensar en ello y se metió al baño para refrescarse un poco, aún así no podía dejar de sentirse frustrado, al salir vio al Sr. Jameson hablando con Peter y solo dijo él: - Hola Sr ... Jameson y Parker vieron al rubio de reojo y siguieron en su plática ... si, literalmente lo habían ignorado. Parker le mostró al jefe sus fotos de Spiderman, Jameson quedó satisfecho como siempre con aquellas fotografías, las tomó y se fue sin decir nada, Peter vio al rubio de nuevo ... -Vaya, de nuevo se te fue el avión del éxito " amiguito ". - El castaño volvió a tomar su café y a darle un sorbo mientras se recargaba en el rubio y lo veía como poca cosa - No te preocupes Eddie, siempre debe haber un segundón para que el primer lugar brille más y descuida, cuando me den el puesto , serás mi "asistonto", te lo aseguro. El rubio apretó su puño y saco su hombro del contacto de Parker para después tomar su maletín y probar suerte en la ciudad por unas fotografías. Peter solo lo vió: -Bye "pequeñín". Oye cuando vuelvas de pasear tráeme un café ... - El castaño sonrió mientras veía salir al rubio -Pobre Eddie, casi me da pena el pobre, pero bueno, no puede competir con un súper hombre como yo ... Parker se quedó de ocioso en la oficina mientras esperaba que fuera más tarde para la hora de la comida, total, al final sabía que en la noche tomaría sus fotos, mientras tanto cuando Eddie salía ... - Maldito parker, su actitud ha cambiado , es un pedante ahora- murmuraba el rubio mientras iba a su lugar secreto dentro del diario, era un cubículo abandonado y muy reducido, solo tenía espacio para una silla y unas cuantas cosas, Eddie entró y activó su radio clandestino de la policía mientras seguía pensando en Parker - solo por que ha cambiado su físico y tiene suerte con las fotos me trata así. Ya se había hecho tarde y Parker tenía hambre ya: - ¡Maldición Brock !, ¡¿Dónde te metiste?!, Sabes que quiero mi comida a cierta hora, maldito enano. - Peter salió de la oficina bastante enojado y se dirigió a la calle para comprar algo y así calmar su apetito, ya pudiendo comprar algo se tranquilizó un poco, pero seguía molesto debido a que aún consumiendo lo que había comprado, su hambre no desaparecía. - Comí demasiado y aún tengo hambre, no lo entiendo, ¡¿Por qué me está pasando esto ?! - El castaño empezaba a enfadarse más, pero en ese momento comenzó a activarse su sentido arácnido. - Sí, lo que me faltaba- se fue a un callejón oscuro y metió su ropa de civil en una bolsa de telaraña -Vamos a perseguir a los chicos malos y a tomar fotos. Mientras tanto Brock salía a toda prisa, escuchó sobre un asalto a un banco cercano y salió disparado del diario, directo a la acción. Al salir vió al mismo tiempo a Spiderman ir hacia la escena del crimen, no era lejos, Brock corrió lo más deprisa que podía, pero llegó demasiado tarde, al estar ya en el lugar solo vio cómo Spiderman salía de escena y varios criminales envueltos en telaraña, pegados a los postes de luz, el rubio se sintió fatal, otra escena de acción se le había escapado. - Maldición, así no lograré nada. Tomó fotos de lo que podía y regresó al diario lo más pronto que pudo, tenía en mente lograr ofrecer sus fotos antes de que Parker apareciera, aunque era muy raro, Peter nunca estaba en la escena y aún así conseguía fotos. Al llegar a la oficina se sorprendió, Parker ya estaba ahí, entregándole varias fotos a Jameson. Brock veía como su oportunidad se desvanecía mientras el jefe entraba a su oficina con Peter detrás de él, el pequeño rubio solo se sentó en su escritorio bastante agitado de tanto correr y entonces ... -¡¡¡Brock !!! Parker gritó como si fuera el jefe al entrar en su oficina compartida, mientras que el rubio solo lo veía con enfado y Parker cerraba de un portazo el lugar y Eddie lo cuestionó. -No sé cómo le haces ... Tú estabas aquí en la oficina y vuelves con fotos y no estás cansado ... - Peter se acercaba poco a poco a Brock que aún seguía agitado, pero confrontándolo, el rubio no sabía si eso era una buena idea o no, pero ya lo estaba haciendo. -¡¿Qué quieres Parker ?! -¡¿Qué quiero?! - Parker sonrió con algo de burla, y así tomó del cuello de la camisa con ambas manos a Brock, levantándolo del suelo, mientras el rubio veía como los pectorales, bíceps y antebrazos del castaño se tensaban en la camisa. - Esas no son maneras de contestarle a tu futuro jefe .- Parker acercó su cara a la del rubio - ¡¿Porqué olvidaste mi comida, maldito enano ?! -¿Cu ... cuál comida ?, No me pe ... pe ... pediste na..nada, solo un café... si regresaba, pero ... - ¡Cállate !, Deja de balbucear como estúpido , sabes que si te pido algo tienes que traer eso y más, en todo caso no me trajiste ¡Nada !, Eso no es de buenos amigos. ¿Oh si? Pequeño charal sudoroso. Las venas del antebrazo de Parker estaban dilatadas debido al tiempo de mantener suspendido al rubio. - Tú ... Tú no eras así .... ¿Que te pasó? - Dijo el rubio algo asustado y triste mientras el semblante de Parker cambiaba de ser agresivo a estar algo fuera de sí, soltando a Brock y dejándolo caer al suelo. - Yo ... Yo ..., Vete por comida y no tardes - El castaño le lanzó billetes en la cara a Brock - Hazlo ya ... Después de eso el rubio se arrastró por el suelo, tomó el dinero y salió disparado de la oficina, pero aún le temblaban algo las piernas. - Maldito Parker. ¿Qué se creé el idiota? No, mejor no lo hago enojar más, no se qué más me podría hacer - El rubio vuelve con una ensalada y pechuga de pollo asada, no había tardado nada en verdad. - Ahí tienes Parker, que te aproveche.- Eddie no pudo evitar decirlo con un tono algo desafiante. - Ya era hora - Mientras tanto Peter no prestó atención al tono de Brock, estaba tan hambriento que solo le importaba la comida, el rubio de lejos veía cómo Peter comía, parecía ansioso y desesperado, como un animal salvaje, incluso soltaba unos cuantos gruñidos , así que prefirió salir e ir al baño, mientras tanto solo pensaba en la conducta de Parker durante los últimos meses, se dirigió al baño del piso, abrió la puerta y se dirigió a uno de los mingitorios. Desenfundó su pedazo de carne, solo medía 8 cms., Y eso si fuera erecto, en reposo solo eran 5 cms, así es, el rubio era pequeño hasta en eso. Mientras orinaba y sentía pena por si mismo oyó abrirse la puerta del baño, para su desgracia era nada más y nada menos que Peter que lo observaba, el castaño comenzó a olfatear, cómo si oliera algo en el ambiente y mientras hacía eso su pantalón de vestir marcaba la gran erección de Parker, el pedazo caliente de 25 cms. de su entrepierna, estaba al máximo. - Aaaaahhhh- el castaño parecía apreciar algún olor. - Aquí huele ... - Dijo el castaño acercándose a Brock. -¿Qué quieres decir con eso? - Eddie guardó su falo y subió la bragueta de su pantalón, tenía un presentimiento y pensaba mejor salir lo antes posible de aquel lugar. - Seguro es el baño, está mal lavado, saldré y le diré al personal del aseo. Parker se acercó al rubio y lo tomó con bastante fuerza. - ¡Eres tú! ... ¡Tú apestas! - Parker volvió a cargar al rubio como lo había hecho ya hace rato y empezó a frotar su gran erección en la entrepierna de Eddie mientras al mismo tiempo le oprimía su pequeña hombría. -Quieres ser preñado.- El rubio estaba acorralado y se sintió indefenso, no podía ocultar su rostro de preocupación. -Parker, si ... si ... huelo así es por qué corrí mu ... mucho hoy ... Me pondré des ... desodorante para no mo ... molestarte ... - Tú quieres ser preñado- Parker parecía un animal salvaje que no razonaba. - ¡¿Preñarme?!, ¡¿A qué te refieres ?! Parker soltó a Brock pero solo para tomarlo fuertemente por la cintura. -Sabes que necesitas un macho, pequeña perra.- El castaño empezaba a merodear con su mano de forma lasciva el cuerpo del rubio aún por encima de la ropa de éste, la mano de Peter empezaba a deslizarse hacia la pelvis de Eddie, casi por tocar su hombría, pero en ese momento Parker se detuvo . - No ... No ... Esto no está bien ... No ... - Peter soltó al rubio de inmediato y salió rápidamente del baño. Eddie sudaba frío, solo en el baño, pegado a la pared aún, traumatizado, se sintió débil y frágil, sus piernas no dejaban de temblar, era la primera vez que alguien intentaba violarlo, solo pudo encogerse y quedarse en estado fetal en el piso de aquel baño.
  6. Gggggjjjjj

    Transition of Power

    Transition of Power I stared at my reflection in the mirror, scanning over the tiny bumps, cracks, spots in my skin. No one tells you, when you're young, that perfect skin doesn't last forever. And no one tells you that you start to look like your dad. I knew, someday, I wouldn't recognize this person. And that's what scared me more than anything. I found myself brushing my teeth, slowly moving through the hazy morning like a dream. Pushing down the fear that just seemed to grow stronger each day. The age. The crime. It seemed that every day, this world inched a bit closer to hell. Just last night, a gang had taken a US representative hostage, fending off all the military's attempts to rescue him. They made demands; I forget what for. Money, probably. No one knew where he was now. Elections in his district were being planned. Everyone was scared. It's those god damn superheroes. It's all their fault. I remembered, one was affiliated with this gang. Ever since that comet started dropping dust into the atmosphere and people started changing there hasn't been a single day of sanity. My phone buzzed. Michael. The senator. He wasn't a handsome man, in most senses. Michael was in his 60's. Stocky build, the kind of man that may have played football in high school and maybe a couple club sports in college but hadn't run a mile since he still had a full hairline. It wasn't his physical prowess that I loved. It was his power. Any time I flip him over, caress his ass cheeks, start getting ready to breed him, I sap his power. One of a hundred people in the country who decides how we get to live life. And here I am, holding him down, on top of him, calling him my bitch and my little slut. I loved it. It felt like nothing else in the world. There's a car outside. get in It wasn't like him to be this curt, but maybe he's feeling more dom today. I could work with that. I finished getting ready and walked outside. A black car with tinted windows had pulled up. I grinned. What did he have planned for me. - In the car, Michael looked straight at me. "I need you to trust me. Turn your phone off." "What's going on?" "Superman is gone." "What do you mean?" "He's gone. He's dead. We've lost a major national asset. Without someone like him, we have no control over these crazy super-powered folks. We need someone who's unstoppable, like he is. Was." I blinked. "He died?" "I can't explain much now. But yes. It was an outlandish plot by a terror cell in Virginia and it worked. This happened approximately 8 minutes ago. Not many people know about this." "Oh wow." Jesus. I was shocked. I'd read so much about Superman. Even seen him once or twice. He was the one who did it all. Took down missiles, stopped terrorists around the world. He was so utterly dominant over anyone else who had superpowers. He had it all. "That's why you're here." "What do you mean?" "We need control. We simply cannot lose an asset like that." I remained silent. "You're taking his place." I laughed. "No I'm not. What the hell do you mean?" "We're almost there," he said, looking agitated as his phone buzzed over and over again. "Long story short. We've been working on... an experiment. The government has recovered some of the dust that was dropped from the comet. The comet that started all this. And we have a basic idea of how it works. We think we know how to do it. We want to give it to you." The grin slid off my face. "Wha.. What do you mean?" "We have no idea what will happen. But we need Superman back. But think of the responsibility. Can you handle it? Can you become Superman?" he demanded. "Not many people can." "I can do it, I guess?" I said, confused. This seemed like a joke. "How?" "Don't worry about it. Do you consent?" I breathed deeply. "Sure." - I was escorted into a building, down dark staircases, through door after door and cement hallways. Behind me, Michael was on the phone. "He's an associate. He's ex-military. He went to Princeton. I don't know what else you expect me to find, on such short notice. He will be more that what we need. Just give me the god damn authorization." We approached a small, dimly lit room. In the middle, a makeshift glass box. Almost like a coffin. "Michael." I asked. "Are you sure about this?" I felt like I was in a dream. This was so utterly beyond what I could comprehend. I was clouded by doubt but there was a tiny glimmer of radiant hope. Was I about to get superpowers? "Get in," he commanded. I gave him a side-eye, and walked to the glass box. It felt cheaply made. Was it plexiglass? I opened the top up and climbed inside, laying down. "Start it," he commanded the only other person in the room. "I have authorization from the President." He showed the person his phone. I started to breath quickly. I wasn't a fan of confined spaces. And suddenly, golden glitter clouded around me, coming from somewhere beneath the box. It was so bright and warm. Like a summer breeze. I closed my eyes and let myself breathe it in. And then it started to happen. My transformation It was sudden. It's like a wave of relief washing over you, but it's more. Warmth. A slight strain. My body grew. I opened my eyes, saw my arms grow larger, legs stretch out. I felt growth everywhere on my body. My six pack solidified. My ass grew larger, more powerful. It was flowing all over my body. And damn, it felt good. After what only felt like a few seconds, I emerged. Michael handed me a costume. "Strip," he said. I hadn't noticed until I tried pulling my underwear off, but my cock had grown significantly longer as well. It was too good to be true, and a wide smile crossed my face. I stood naked in front of the man. He looked me up and down, sighing, before handing me a costume. "His backup. It should take a few more seconds before you feel powers coming in." I struggled to squeeze into the costume, muscles bulging against the tight spandex. It was comfortable, easy to move in. "You will report directly to the president," Michael said. I began to float. It was otherworldly. Euphoria rushed through me as I realized my power. "You will listen to everything I have to say." I floated in the air, laughing as I spun, gazing through the walls of this compound. I grabbed the glass box, smashed it in half. Smashed the controls. Michael started yelling, screaming. The tech ran out. "No one else," I said. "No one else can become as powerful as me." I grabbed Michael, and flew him up into the air. I rocketed through the compound, smashing through floor after floor. I was high above Washington, Michael in my grip. He was screaming. "Destroy it all. Or I will destroy you. No more superheroes. I am the first and the last one. Okay?" He nodded, shaking in fear from the height. I quickly flew back to the ground and set him down before taking off, landing on a nearby roof. This city was mine. This country. this world. All this power, and the old Superman had listened to the government. I wouldn't make the same mistake. My muscles flexed under my tight costume as I looked over my domain. I am the government now. Things would never be the same.
  7. Francisco era un hombre ya maduro, alrededor de los 52 años, un hombre de cuerpo lampiño y cabello negro, ya tenía canas en su cabellera, aúnque aún el color oscuro predominaba, bigote bien cuidado, su forma física era buena, era alguien fornido, se veía q en su juventud había sido alguien que siempre estuvo en buena forma, sus brazos robustos aún se veían un poco en forma era el dueño de una empresa farmacéutica, su vida y sus investigaciones las había dedicado por mucho tiempo a encontrar la forma de pelear contra el avance de la edad, había estudiado posibilidades infinitas, la constante de saber el desgaste continuo del cuerpo era la falta de la capacidad célular de regeneración, pero... ¿Y si hubiera alguna forma de apoyar esa regeneración?... Francisco se obsesionó desde joven con ese tema, no paraba de desvelarse durante noches, estudiando componentes que pudieran ayudar a esos procesos, hasta que al llegar a la edad de los 30 llegó a la conclusión que era importante darle especial atención al ejercicio y a la alimentación. Darle al cuerpo una dosis extra de proteínas concentradas y también testosterona en el caso de los hombres era esencial para poder hacer que el cuerpo humano estuviera en óptimas condiciones, a nivel célular era lo ideal para poder hacer que todo estuviera como una máquina perfectamente afinada. Pero no era suficiente, aún el desgaste avanzaba y ahí fue cuando Francisco entendió que el cuerpo humano tenía que tener de forma obligada una ayuda exógena, algún tipo de estimulante que pudiera hacer que el cuerpo produciera más testosterona y al mismo tiempo darle proteínas adicionales al cuerpo, trabajó años en un esteroide que tuviera efectos, no de hormona exógena, si no más bien hacer que el cerebro obligara al cuerpo a producir 100 veces más testosterona. Francisco consiguió crear aquella formula que estimulaba el cerebro para la producción de testosterona a los 35 años, realmente algo rápido, empezó a experimentar con ratas de laboratorio, pero había un problema, aunque la substancia hacia en los sujetos de prueba lo que se suponía, que era un aumento drástico en la masa muscular, también había ciertos efectos secundarios, el menos peligroso era un gran aumento en el deseo sexual, los sujetos de prueba demostraban un gran apetito sexual, si el ratón estaba acompañado no importaba si era macho o hembra el ratón acompañante, el que estaba lleno del suero experimental follaba a su pareja hasta que el ratón normal fallecía. El segundo era que después de unos días el cuerpo del ratón inyectado colapsaba, al parecer el cuerpo de la criatura no aguantaba el ritmo acelerado al generar testosterona de forma tan rápida. Entonces si el cuerpo podía aguantar así por unos días había una posibilidad de que pudiera todo esto tener éxito, solo había que buscar una forma en qué el cuerpo se pudiera aclimatar al cambio desenfrenado de producción de testosterona, y a la aceleración del metabolismo. Francisco pensó en varias opciones, pero una más improbable que la anterior, en este mundo, no había nada parecido a lo que él quisiera recrear, sus investigaciones quedaron estancadas conforme el tiempo pasó y la fórmula de su esteroide la guardó, le dió más importancia otros proyectos para poder sustentar su investigación más adelante, mientras aparecía alguna forma en la cuál cumplir lo que él siempre había deseado. Con el paso del tiempo Francisco se hizo de una gran riqueza, su talento en la rama de la farmacología le ayudó generando bastantes medicamentos innovadores pero costosos que lo catapultaron a la cima, a la edad de 42 años con la trayectoria que ya tenía y toda su experiencia en el ramo, incluso decidió ampliar sus conocimientos a la ingeniería genética. Efectivamente, lo que necesitaba Francisco estaba en esa área, todos los conocimientos que tenía empezó a usarlos en su proyecto que había abandonado, solo tenía que crear un organismo simbionte, no tenía que ser inteligente, solo tenía que poder unirse y ayudar al cuerpo humano con el proceso de aceleración de su suero, y recrear las funciones básicas de cualquier ser vivo con excepción de la reproducción. Fueron años de experimentos hasta que Francisco por fin logró su cometido, en un contenedor yacía una mancha azul obscuro moviéndose de forma rara, arrastrándose por un gran contenedor una criatura viscosa y que parecía haber salido de una película de terror, pero Francisco sabía que no era así, era el siguiente paso para combatir el avance del desgaste del cuerpo humano, esta criatura había sido diseñada por él, y de hecho Francisco había usado algo de su sangre para asegurar la compatibilidad con su nueva creación, así q nadie más que él podría ocupar a aquel ser que había creado.
  8. Francisco era un hombre ya maduro, alrededor de los 52 años, un hombre de cuerpo lampiño y cabello negro, ya tenía canas en su cabellera, aúnque aún el color oscuro predominaba, bigote bien cuidado, su forma física era buena, era alguien fornido, se veía q en su juventud había sido alguien que siempre estuvo en buena forma, sus brazos robustos aún se veían un poco en forma era el dueño de una empresa farmacéutica, su vida y sus investigaciones las había dedicado por mucho tiempo a encontrar la forma de pelear contra el avance de la edad, había estudiado posibilidades infinitas, la constante de saber el desgaste continuo del cuerpo era la falta de la capacidad célular de regeneración, pero ... Francisco se obsesionó desde joven con ese tema, no paraba de desvelarse durante noches, estudiando componentes que podrían ayudar a esos procesos,hasta que al llegar a la edad de los 30 llegó a la conclusión que era importante darle especial atención al ejercicio ya la alimentación. Darle al cuerpo una dosis extra de proteínas concentradas y también testosterona en el caso de los hombres era esencial para poder hacer que el cuerpo humano estaba en óptimas condiciones, a nivel célular era lo ideal para poder hacer que todo estaba como una máquina perfectamente afinada. Pero no era suficiente, aún el desgaste avanzaba y ahí fue cuando Francisco entendió que el cuerpo humano tenía que tener de forma obligada una ayuda exógena, algún tipo de estimulante que pudiera hacer que el cuerpo produciera más testosterona y al mismo tiempo darle otras proteínas al cuerpo, trabajó años en un esteroide que tuvo efectos, no de hormona exógena, si no más bien hacer que el cerebro obligara al cuerpo a producir 100 veces más testosterona. Francisco consiguió crear esa fórmula que estimulaba el cerebro para la producción de testosterona a los 35 años, realmente algo rápido, comenzó a experimentar con ratas de laboratorio, pero había un problema, aunque la substancia hacia en los sujetos de prueba lo que se suponía, que era un aumento drástico en la masa muscular, también había ciertos efectos secundarios, el menos peligroso era un gran aumento en el deseo sexual, los sujetos de prueba demostraban un gran apetito sexual, si el ratón estaba acompañado no importaba si era macho o hembra el ratón acompañante, el que estaba lleno del suero experimental follaba a su pareja hasta que el ratón normal fallecía. El segundo era que después de unos días el cuerpo del ratón inyectado colapsaba, al parecer el cuerpo de la criatura no aguantaba el ritmo acelerado al generar testosterona de forma tan rápida. Entonces si el cuerpo podía aguantar así por unos días había una posibilidad de que pudiera todo esto tener éxito, solo había que buscar una forma en qué el cuerpo se pudiera aclimatar al cambio desenfrenado de producción de testosterona, ya la aceleración del metabolismo. Francisco pensó en varias opciones, pero una más improbable que la anterior, en este mundo, no había nada parecido a lo que él quisiera recrear, sus investigaciones quedaron estancadas conforme el tiempo pasó y la fórmula de su esteroide la guardó, le dió más importancia otros proyectos para poder sustentar su investigación más adelante, mientras aparecía alguna forma en la cuál cumplir lo que él siempre había deseado. Con el paso del tiempo Francisco se hizo de una gran riqueza, su talento en la rama de la farmacología le ayudó generando bastantes medicamentos innovadores pero costosos que lo catapultaron a la cima, a la edad de 42 años con la trayectoria que ya tenía y toda su experiencia en el ramo, incluso decidió ampliar sus conocimientos a la ingeniería genética. Efectivamente, lo que necesitaba Francisco estaba en esa área, todos los conocimientos que empezó a usarlos en su proyecto que había abandonado, solo tenía que crear un organismo simbionte, no tenía que ser inteligente, solo tenía que poder unirse y ayudar al cuerpo humano con el proceso de aceleración de su suero, y recrear las funciones básicas de cualquier ser vivo con excepción de la reproducción. Fueron años de experimentos hasta que Francisco por fin logró su cometido, en un contenedor yacía una mancha azul obscuro moviéndose de forma rara, arrastrándose por un gran contenedor una criatura viscosa y que parecía haber salido de una película de terror, pero Francisco sabía que no era así, era el siguiente paso para combatir el avance del desgaste del cuerpo humano, esta criatura había sido diseñada por él, y de hecho Francisco había usado algo de su sangre para asegurar la compatibilidad con su nueva creación, así q nadie más que él podría ocupar a aquel ser que había creado.
  9. This story was originally posted in the old forums, but has been dormant for quite a long time. So I am posting the previous parts here today and will post part 5 tomorrow. Hope you enjoy! AFTER THAT NIGHT My name is Benjamin Carter but everybody just calls me “Benny.” Actually they call me many things like “faggot,” “queer,” “cocksucker,” “dick rider” and most commonly “twink” which despite being nothing but a mere euphemism for the previous terms is at least “cuter” than the rest of them. The story I have to tell starts by recognizing the fact that I am a twink, though it’s actually very easy to recognize one of us, we are that blatantly flamboyant type of homosexual guys who are not ashamed to celebrate our freedom and life style. Some are disgusted with the fact that we dress and behave in such manner, but I usually don’t give a damn. Despite whatever most of people might think about me, I know I am not a girl; I love being a man and I especially love to fuck men. By fucking I mean everything that might get one to blow, I'm not attached to labels. It’s true that I love bottoming but whenever I hook up with a guy who says that he is a “top,” it means he’s still not ready to fuck with such a highly sexual being like me. This kind of prejudice is something to expect from most of the narrow minded population, especially when you are a 19 year old 5’6” 130 toned pounds of blond, artificially-tanned, fake blue eyed guy who currently wears orthodontic braces with a different color elastic band on each tooth, and dressed in 7 for Mankind skinny jeans with a bright purple Ralph Lauren fitted T-shirt and matching red and black Puma racing boots. Fortunately I have friends who understand me, mostly because we are all variations of the “twinks.” (Day Zero – 11.32 pm) We were all cramped inside a bright yellow '08 New Beetle heading to this beach club on a Wednesday night, when the car suddenly died on us. It went completely kaput and we couldn’t start it. The road was deserted with exception of the occasional jocks that only stopped to make fun of us. “What’s the matter girls? Your Barbie car run out of batteries?” they hollered, throwing their beer cans towards us. I was starting to feel nervous about the situation. “You should try Triple A again!” I whimpered once again, which caused Diego to roll his eyes. “I told you they don’t answer! Besides, there’s nothing wrong with the car! I know this shit, I used to work on my dad’s workshop remember?” Diego is a 21 year old dancer who wants to become a famous Broadway performer, and I think he’s got a great future ahead of him. After all, he’s a hot 5’8” Cuban guy with a very light mocha skin tone and hazel eyes, he’s got those naturally pouting lips for which most women pay thousands of dollars. Mister Castillo’s got some nice wired muscles on his 160 pounds body. He’s also in the Diving Team of our university because he got a full scholarship right after high school. It’s unnecessary to mention that he’s got one of the best-looking booties in campus, the Kim Kardashian kind of ass, only much firmer and muscular because it’s all manly and tight inside those painted over denim pants. “We can’t get a signal here, which is quite weird since we are not that far from the city!” The other “sport twink” of our group is Kenny Chang, a Chinese-American gymnast who finally came out once he got a full scholarship to the university. His parents still don’t accept it, but Kenny is much happier and outgoing now. The shortest of us at 5’4” Chang weighs whopping 156 pounds of hard, solid muscles, developed after years of hard training and dedication. We finally convinced him to let us style his perfectly boring black, ultra-straight hair and now he’s got a cooler spiked hairdo with golden highlights that give him that extra edge during competition. “Maybe we should go back anyway, I don’t feel like clubbing tonight!” Corey is our emo fellow; he is only 18 years old at 5’10” lanky, paper white dude weighing 125 pounds, which means he is too damn skinny. Corey dyes his hair in a raven black tone and keeps this weird 80s New Wave shape; he’s got deeply grey eyes and soft, pink, thin lips. He wears only black from head to toe and keeps quiet for most of the time, although he’s actually a very sensitive guy, the kind who writes poems and composes music. He once affirmed to be in a platonic relationship with some guy, something which I confess that I don’t get (whether you’re getting action or not). Anyway, Corey always carries this little black notebook where he keeps writing stuff and Diego once told me that his muse is one particular guy of the Track and Field Team. “Are you fucking crazy? I am not wasting all this style with you guys! They’ve told me this club is his favorite, and I am totally hooking up with my Adonis tonight!” I refused to let go of any chance to meet muscular hot guys, which were my obsession. Diego just closed the lid and chuckled. “Dude, you’re just sick! I told you it doesn’t happen like this!” It was my turn to roll my eyes. “And how else is it supposed to happen? I can’t talk to him in the gym, where he’s surrounded by those Neanderthal buddies of his!” “What are they talking about?” Kenny asked Corey, who just continued reading that little book of his. “Benny’s new crush, apparently some new guy at their gym. You know how fast you guys fall for those hulking stacks of insensitive beef.” Corey’s answer surely teased Kenny. “Well, at least we can talk to our muscle guys, while you just keep writing poems for a dude who doesn’t even know you exist!” Chang replied, but Corey remained quiet. “I don’t want him to notice me; I just want to watch him in all his glory. His muscles are toned with hard work and athletic efforts, not just some muscular augmentation provided for pure vanity.” “Whatever you say won’t change the fact that he is a track and field jock. And jocks are the worst type. He doesn’t notice a guy dressed in black whenever he’s training? I’m surprised they didn’t kick you out of the stadium.” “Why don’t you just stop fighting and help us push the car?” I yelled at Chang and Corey. “Hey, hey, hey! Nobody is pushing my car, it’s a very delicate system, what if we damage something?” Diego surely loved that car. “So what? You’ll just ask your sugar daddy for another car…” I said very maliciously. Diego was known for using his charm to lure wealthy older gentlemen to sponsor and spoil his expensive taste. “Hey at least I get gifts from people who like me instead of that bitter grandma of yours!” Diego snapped. He knew that my money always came attached to lots of guilt, since I was the only living relative of Eleanor Carter, the famous owner of a cosmetics company. By all means, I am filthy rich, but I couldn’t be happier to have moved away from that horrible little world, but then I have all this money to spend on clothes and accessories. “At least, I don’t need to suck on old farts to get my bills paid!” “You’re just mad because it’s been almost a month since you last got a cock inside you!” he replied with his usual beautiful mean-spirited face. I was about to give him the proper answer when suddenly, my eyes felt so damn heavy, then my knees went weak and the last thing I remembered was trying not to fall on my pretty face. I opened my eyes, looked at my watch and noticed the time. Three whole hours had gone by and I couldn’t even remember what had happened. I just realized I was at the passenger seat while Diego sat at my left, with Corey and Kenny in the back seat. “Guys…are you alright?” I asked touching Diego’s shoulder. He woke up at once, jumping inside his skin, almost giving me a heart attack. “What happened?!” “Are you asking me?” I replied, just as shocked as he was. Kenny groaned. “Oh shit…how did we get back here?” Corey opened his big green eyes and his paleness looked even more livid than the usual. “Are you guys alright? I feel so weird…” “When did we get to the car, anyway?” Diego whispered, but I was really impatient. “Who cares? See if it starts now, I wanna get the hell out of here!” My friend turned the key and the engine started normally, which made me feel instantly relieved. Diego just drove us back to my apartment that we all shared. It was only 2 am, but nobody felt like clubbing, for some reason our bodies felt really weird although I couldn’t say I was in pain, there was this unexplainable numbness all over my body. We all noticed that 3 hours of our day had just disappeared, but none of could explain such a mysterious thing. Although and each one of us came up with an explanation for such a phenomenon, when Corey tried to compare our case with an episode of AMAZING STORIES, we all knew it was time to get some shut-eye. Day 1 (6 am) I have never been a morning person, and especially after our previous weird night I thought I would sleep well past noon, but when I woke up so early, feeling unusually energized I couldn’t stay in bed. I got up only to find my roommates were all eating breakfast. Kenny and Diego always had those disgusting vitamin shakes that I hated. The two of them exchanged looks as I sat down without my usual “morning face,” and when Corey also joined us in the kitchen at such an early time in the morning, they seemed worried, but I didn’t want to talk about their crackpot theories. “Make me one of those…double!” I asked Diego in a way that he preferred to oblige rather than talking about his creepy ideas. “I want one, too…” Corey added and soon we were all digging in hyper caloric beverages like there would be no tomorrow. I don’t know if it was the lack of alcohol in the morning, or just anxiety, but I ended up drinking four helpings of that thick shake, and so did my friends. We all seemed particularly hungry that morning. Diego and Kenny went to train, and since I only had an afternoon class I’d normally sleep in, but on that particular day I felt like I should go to the gym to burn off all those extra calories I’d consumed. My friends knew I only went to gym for two reasons: cruising for new muscle guys or parading my most recent sportswear acquisitions. But on either occasion I’d always chosen evenings, when most of the big guys trained. As you might have already guessed, I’m a “muscle queen” – the kind of twink who loves to watch massive guys as they parade their humongous muscles. Therefore I don’t really go for heavy training, but I simply kill in Tae-Bo and spinning classes, especially when the trainer is a hot muscle guy. Since most of the huge guys already know me, they just play along with my flirting, though I have gotten some nice action in the gym. Most guys doing a cycle are just too horny, I have to watch out for their temper is also flared, but everything pays off because I love to give head in public places. So there I was, all fabulous in my trendy working out clothes, a large gym bag, and my D&G sunglasses. I also wore those cut-off clothes and a red headband to keep the sweaty hair from my face and was sucking on a huge squeeze bottle every three minutes. I must confess that I love the solid fear the mere view of my twink quintessence sends in the heart of most guys. Although they’d never admit, they simply run away from me when I enter the weight area. That morning, however, fortune smiled at me because there he was: Dwayne, my newest crush. At 22 years old and 6’2” 240 pounds of solid muscle, he’s got the most perfect physique with large, thick shoulders, amazingly thin waist and 6-pack washboard, cheese grater abdomen. The thing I liked most about Dwayne was his strong, silent demeanor. He actually didn’t mind when I just stood there staring at his amazing muscles, he surely had what it needed to succeed in bodybuilding. Besides his killer physique, he was so manly, yet beautiful, definitely the dazzling tex-mex features: the short dark buzz cut hair, nice olive complexion and the rugged manly face that just begged to be kissed! He also had that kind of charisma and charm that all-star bodybuilders radiated. Anyway, there I was just pretending to do some boring cardio machine while staring at Dwayne working his marvelous muscles. I felt something different inside me, some kind of newfound courage. Acting against my initial instincts, I walked towards Dwayne and simply asked for some workout tips. To my utter surprise, instead of yelling at me, that delicious muscle hunk actually spent a couple of minutes giving me some pointers, and then he also told me he could be my personal trainer for a friendly fee. Well, since money was not an issue, I’d scheduled to start my routine the very next day at 7 am sharp. Okay, so it was not anything extraordinary but at least I got his card with his cell phone number, email and all sort of contacts! Besides, I could get a closer look of that hot muscle guy and still enjoy a nice workout, maybe I’d soon be giving Diego and Kenny some competition in the physique department. I was getting sick of them making fun of me being “too skinny.” Truth to be said, I actually never cared about it before; I mean I love being with huge men, not being one myself. After spending the morning at the gym, I got back home to find Corey in his usual moody self. I knew pretty well that guy loved to look depressed all the time, and he certainly abused the eyeliner. God knows how much I love the benefits of foundation and lip gloss, but that dude had forged those thick black eyes which did not favor his delicate features at all. “Do you think I should work out?” he asked me bluntly. “Why are you asking this all of a sudden? I thought you hated going to the gym." “I still do, but for some reason l feel like I need to let off some steam you know? And if I was in better shape maybe I could…look better?” Corey was so shy that sometimes I wonder how he got the nerve to come out, but I know that once he gets an idea he’s stuck with it. “Honey, you should definitely work out. You’re one tall, lanky dude, and if you want to be noticed you gotta make sure you have something to show off!” I kind of suspected the reason for such unexpected interest, but Corey surely needed a reason to get out once and a while and meet new people other than reading depressing stuff. “Maybe you’re right… but I’ve always be that lanky all my life, what if it doesn’t work on me?” “Your timing couldn’t be better! I just talked to this gorgeous muscle hunk at the gym and he’ll be my personal trainer. I could just phone him and tell he’s got another client! And don’t worry about paying him; I can cover for you until you find another job.” I gently brushed his shoulder. Corey had just finished undergrad and was applying for majoring in Literature, but ever since he lost his job at the bookstore he was living with Mother Goose here – I guess it’s not nice to have this huge penthouse apartment and living all by myself, so I just brought my best friends to move in with me. Corey opened a very discrete smile which I knew was quite a lot, for him, so I hugged him in a very cute way. “Ok, so now we have the perfect excuse to go buy you some hot gym clothes!” I cheered. “Oh… there’s no need for that. I could wear a T-shirt and sweatpants.” He tried to dodge the bullet but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Nonsense! You’re not going to my gym all dressed in black! Besides, I am dying to take you shopping, and get some hot pants so you can flaunt that massive cock of yours!” “You don’t need to remind me about my deformation,” Corey replied, noticeably embarrassed. He truly had a nearly eleven inch monstrous cock between his pants. That fucking anaconda was just so thick and delicious, we have all played with it, but for some reason Corey is traumatized with his humongous endowment. “Deformation? Corey, you are fucking blessed! You know how many men would kill to have something your size? I know you don’t like topping, but sometimes we can’t ignore Mother Nature, I mean a cock like yours was made to be worshiped.” Once again he produced a faint smile which clearly indicated I was finally getting through his shell. He finally opened the fly of his pants and unleashed the humongous piece of meat. “If you promise not to buy me that neon-colored stuff you love, I’ll let you suck me. I know it’s been a while since we last played, but then again you’ve been lonely for quite some time as well.” That was the Corey I really knew, so I just couldn’t refuse such a generous offer. I got down on my knees. “I promise, nothing flashy and bright, now let me see if I can still suck on a cock like that!” Judging by the way Corey moaned and grunted I still had my golden lips. I made sure my roommate enjoyed as much as possible. With a cock like his, most pleasure comes from blow jobs or hand jobs, especially because most of guys get scared of such an enormous endowment. I worked my way down his balls and the thick base of his manhood and soon Corey’s eyes rolled inside their orbits out of pleasure. It actually only took me a little more than five minutes to get Corey to shoot, which probably meant he was also experiencing a dry spell. He warned me and tried to take his cock out of my mouth but I held him inside my throat for some reason. I am not usually a swallower, but after chatting the humongous Dwayne I felt kinkier, so as Corey erupted inside my mouth I simply took the time to savor his load. And that was a hefty load! I sucked his cock dry and grinned back at him. The donkey guy perspired a lot, so his make-up was running. I offered him one hankie and took another for myself. “Now that was refreshing…” I said cleaning the corners of my mouth very delicately like someone who had just feasted on a rare delicacy. “You… are amazing at that… Can you teach me?” “It doesn’t need much explanation, just lots of practice! How about we have lunch in the mall? I’ve just had a horse's cock for an appetizer, now I could eat the rest of it!” I chuckled as Corey blushed intensely, but I was actually very hungry…Day 2 The next day I woke up bright early and very excited to go the gym and have my first work out with my delicious personal trainer, and so was Corey, now dressed in his much more vivid (though still too blend for my spicy taste) working out attire, including tights spandex pants that made his donkey sized endowment more than obvious. Of course that made him nervous at the beginning, but after some pep talk he was ready to embrace that he was a horse dicked bottom, I have also convinced him to leave the dark make up for moments where he would not be sweating, and he actually looked much cuter in this washed version. After another hefty breakfast we headed to the gym where my delicious hunk Dwayne already expected his two new clients. Dwayne didn’t disappoint me in the fashion area, for he knew tight polo shirts did wonders for very muscular guys like him, I just wished the whole fitting was better, because it still looked very baggy under his amazing torso, but then again that was not any Ralph Lauren neither Lacoste (note to self: get Dwayne some name brand polo shirts). Those trunk sized thighs of his were barely covered in his spandex pants, and although he was no Corey in that department, Dwayne didn’t disappoint me there either. “So, why don’t we start with some basic stuff? We can take your measurements tomorrow, it’s better for me if I get to know your preferences by evaluating your performance, so I’ll have your profile outlined.” I liked the fact that my personal trainer wasn’t just a big wall of muscle, and he actually studied his business, I trusted him much more now (although I still lusted after him very much). Dwayne led us straight to the weight area and helped each one in a different machine, but since I was paying more attention to the way his pecs jutted inside his tight shirt I still don’t know their names. I started with the thingy for bicep crunches while Corey went straight to the chair where you have to squeeze with your thighs in order to move the weight, which was funny because I could catch the precious moment where Dwayne noticed the enormous size of my emo friend’s junk, he surely tried to play cool, but a trained eye like mine notices even the slightest reactions when it comes to checking on other man’s equipment. I gotta tell you that I expected my first day on weight training to be much harder than it actually was, maybe Dwayne was taking easy not to scare us, but he did quite remark that I was stronger than he first expected, which I supposed to be some kind of compliment so I promptly smiled and performed each exercise as he instructed me, although I won’t bother you with the details on how many “reps” for each “series” and other boring details. Let’s just say that Dwayne is a very good and dedicated trainer, he took his time to show us all the right movements and even played along while I said silly things and sounded as innocently flirty as I could, while Corey just stood there silent and focused, but flushing whenever I made a comment on his donkey sized dick. Dwayne smirked and said that my roomie was certainly gifted (which was all an allegedly straight man would admit in front of practically strangers). After we were done with our routines, we headed to the restrooms while Dwayne went to meet his other clients. Like I said before, I was expecting to be much more physically tired, when in fact I felt such a rush of energy, which I quickly redirected into pure sex drive and judging by the way Corey’s cock bobbed he also preferred to channel his own share of extra energy into such obvious choice. It felt very fun to give head in the gym restroom. Corey pressed the back of my head against his enormous dick and guided me as I pleased such huge member, the warm water splashing over my back. At first, it was quite difficult to breathe, but I’ve been blowing cocks for years now, so I knew it was better to just keep sucking as long as I could hold and then recover my breath while my hand replaced my tongue. It actually didn’t take long to get Corey to blow, but there were two main problems: #1 was that he just came so much and I was so hungry for his seed that I kept drinking it all and #2: we were so fucking horny that we went like four times! Whenever I got Corey to go dry, he got on his knees and sucked my own cock and so forth! Fortunately it was a lazy day and we had locked the door, so we could finish our kinky friendly suck just in time to unlock the door and let some other guy use the showers as we toweled our wet bodies. We headed back home, but first we stopped by this ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet, the kind of Empty-Carbs-High-Fat Haven that I wouldn’t even consider going until a couple of days ago, now I was so fucking starving that I needed all the food that could be quickly given to me. Each one of us could tell by the looks on the regular customers that they weren’t used to see two skinny guys eating five or six plates of pasta before heading to the grilled meats session, but we didn’t care for them at all. Once we were back at home, Diego and Kenny were just ready to eat lunch, which was a regular feast of low fat protein and complex carbohydrates. Although we were supposed to feel full for the next three generations, for some reason both Corey and me simply attacked the food without even remembering that we had been stuffing our faces for almost two hours. I felt that eating was just as good as fucking now, and for that reason it is needless to say that we engaged into the amazing orgy we had after lunch. It started pretty innocently, Diego just called me in the kitchen to help him with the dishes and I was more than happy to play along, because he knew I was the worst disaster in doing any house chore. When I got there he just hugged me and kissed me so fucking hard, I thought I would pass out, we made out like two wild animals, and he finally led me to the back room where we 69´d for about a good hour, exchanging our loads and exploring our bodies with newfound intensity. When we got back to the living room, Corey was groping Kenny’s thick muscles telling the Asian guy all about his first day at the gym. My gymnast roommate commented that he had the best train of his life, his muscles didn’t feel tired with such hard work and he performed much better as well. It was the perfect excuse for me to tell about Dwayne and his glorious physique. Diego just flexed his own perfect curvaceous muscles and said he felt stronger and he also could do much heavier lifts with no great effort. Suddenly, we exchanged worried looks remembering about the mysterious events of that night. On one side, Diego and Kenny were indeed used to physical hard work, so they simply assumed that they were in a good gym day and that’s all. However, since Corey and I were never into heavy lifting before, our own perspectives couldn’t be used as a good standard. In any case, we decided to change the subject, and in absence of anything more interesting to do, we ended up in another round of dripping wet sex – I have to say that my roommates were getting really kinky fucking buddies. Day 3I woke up even earlier than the previous day, only to find out my roommates were also up and very active already. Once again we had a humongous breakfast with smoothies and protein shakes, fresh fruits and lots of chicken breast in whole bread sandwiches. Despite the ravishing hunger we all felt in the morning, once again we were sharing out thoughts about “that night.” Diego thought we had a spiritual experience, while Kenny chose to believe that we were intoxicated by something in the air, because he claimed to remember a strong smell right before passing out. Corey pointed out that he remembered a strong light from above, but none of us let him start on his alien encounter theory because that would be the creepiest thing. So, to make him feel better I gave our Emo roommate one very nice complimentary blowjob and this time Kenny and Diego joined us in this masculine brunch. With those lips, Diego was definitely a great cocksucker, but he also enjoyed many toys, including one he called “Alejandro” like the Lady Gaga song. That distinguished gentleman was an 18 inches long massive black rubber dildo that we all love to play with. Kenny gladly helped Diego to take the most of Alejandro he could, while I continued working on Corey’s smaller, yet still massive, cock. My Emo roomie was in fact very horny because he came not just for me but also twice for Kenny, meanwhile Diego had a great time with his rubber friend. After a whole hour of messing around, we realized that there was still a whole day ahead of us, so I gave the guys a ride to campus. I dropped Kenny and Diego at the university, and then Corey and I headed to the gym for our second training session with Dwayne on whom we actually left a very nice impression for our first day. However, when the handsome Dwayne measured me, I must confess that I was surprised to notice that I weighed 142 pounds instead of my usual 130. I didn’t feel bloated and my stomach was harder than ever, maybe it was broken, but Dwayne assured me that it was a precise scale. The same thing happened to Corey, who weighed 135 pounds according to their readings. Although we were the skinniest guys in the weight training area that morning, we did every bit as good as on our first day, proving to be much stronger than our hunky trainer first thought. It seemed he would have to prepare a more intense program since we both said that we wanted to gain more mass. “I’ve already set everything for you in the weight area, and since you’ve done so well yesterday I decided to go for a more determined approach and challenge your physiques a bit harder!” “Oh, dear… I love when you talk dirty like that!” I said deliberating seizing my time to grab onto Dwayne’s massive arm. He seemed awkward but not disgusted which was already a good sign to me, so I quit joking and got ready for the routine. The funniest thing was that it didn’t feel more challenging; in fact it felt easier than yesterday. I looked at my side and noticed that Corey didn’t seem to feel the same way, but he was doing very nice nonetheless. Meanwhile, Dwayne was just staring at how easily we performed our exercises. He couldn’t stop congratulating us for such great performance, but I thought he was just kissing my sweet ass to gain some extra money (which I would pay him anyway). After the workout we took our showers and of course I noticed that Dwayne had been checking me out constantly. Sure, I didn’t have Diego’s amazing derriere, but I had this tight, tiny bubble butt that he would love to squeeze while driving that huge cock of his into my hungry ass. It was then I noticed Corey’s monster was fully hard again, so I chuckled and offered to give him head again. Usually, Corey was far too shy to do it in a public place twice in a row, but I guess the pump got us horny instead of tired. I closed the locker room door and went on heavily sucking Corey’s monstrous cock. It felt so dangerous and kinky! I didn’t need much effort to get Corey to shove another load down my throat, for some reason I was turning into a little cum pig, and my partner certainly didn’t complain. Once we were finished fucking for the time being, we showered and returned to our daily deeds. Before getting back to class, we stopped once again by that all-you-can-eat buffet. I usually only have small salads, but lately I craved things like beef and chicken breasts or tuna steaks! I was actually eating my third plate before I noticed. The weirdest thing was that although we had been stuffing our faces for practically two days, my skinny jeans didn’t feel tighter around my waist, although the thighs felt much tighter than I remembered. “Corey, do I look fatter?” “Why do even ask that? You’re all ripped and shredded, you have a 6-pack abdomen already, do you know what I’d give to have one of these?” Corey smiled as he felt my very tight and sculpted abdomen. I wasn’t muscular or very developed like Diego or Kenny, but I sure had one nice cheese grater. “Heh, that Dwayne is a real miracle worker! You’re not doing badly either…” I hit his chest and the once saggy flabby sunk chest looked and felt much fuller. “Don’t you think it’s weird that we are already showing such results on our second day of train?” I just rolled my eyes. “Oh don’t you even start, friend. I’ve worked my pretty tight butt for two whole days, I’m glad I have something to show. In fact, this new 6-pack will look amazing with a new yellow fitted T, I’m gonna rock on the dance floor!” Corey just shook his head because he knew it was useless to argue with me, but when we were heading to the parking lot he just pulled me by the arm and we were suddenly at the nearest drugstore, where he pushed my protesting to the scale, something that I surely didn’t appreciate. “See, it says that you’re 155 pounds! That’s exactly 13 pounds heavier than your weight before we head to the gym.” Corey said in a low worried tone, but I just felt angry. “And you said I wasn’t fat at all, you’re such a lying queen, Corey.” The tall guy just pushed me out of the scale and replaced me, it read 152 pounds, which was an even heavier gain, considering his previous read this morning. “See, I don’t look any fatter either…I think we are just getting heavier because of the increase of our muscular mass.” “Really? And here I thought we were just bloated with gas…” I replied bitterly and got out of the store before the homophobic little man behind the counter said anything. “Benny, you don’t understand…no one gains 15 pounds in one single day!” “That machine is probably broken. Didn’t you see how old everything inside was?” I dismissed the argument with one very theatrical hand movement, especially because my pretty eyes caught a new Nike store that opened right across of the parking lot, and I suddenly needed that new fitted T for displaying the new 6 pack I now possessed. When we finally got back to the apartment, carried with lots of bags for me and my still somewhat reluctant Corey, we found out Diego had cooked a lot of food and it actually didn’t feel like we had just had an enormous lunch. “I’d probably shouldn’t be eating that much, huh Corey? I’ll gain like 25 pounds after that meal…” I teased my roommate while devouring another serving and Diego quickly noticed the way Corey reacted. “What is going on with him?” Diego asked me while Corey kept his bags in his room. I explained him how Corey got obsessed with our weight gain, but since neither of us were getting any fatter, he was just overreacting as always, but this time Diego didn’t seem to be on my side. “Funny you should mention that, my choreographer also pointed out that I looked quite bigger, not that I got any fatter, but I’ve gained 22 pounds ever since last time we weighed. I’m not finding any difficulty, quite the contrary…I’ve never danced with such freedom and power before.” “So what? You’re training harder and got bigger, that never happened before?” I was still very skeptical. “Hey guys…” Kenny entered, his first reaction was to attack the enormous table set for us, but in the last moment he simply backed off. “I don’t know if I should…coach said I gained 18 pounds in one month, he’s afraid I’m getting too muscular for the team, he pointed out that my ” Kenny complained and it was our turn to look puzzled. “So are we all gaining weight like that? We are not bloated, or fatter, it’s all muscular mass increase. What’s the problem? We just happen to have a healthy life style and it’s paying off.” “Benny, since when have you been healthy? You had more liquor on you than anyone I’ve known.” Corey said from the hallway. “Damn, are we gonna start this again? Look, I don’t know what the fuck happened to us that night, but I’m not gonna try to associate it with everything that happens to us from now on. I know you guys were muscular before, and you’re getting even bigger now. That’s no big deal, and Corey let’s face, we might be heavier but we’re not anywhere near becoming musclebound like these two!” I finally vented it out. “Dude…we are all at the same side here. None of us know what happened that night, but whatever it was, it took three hours of our night and certainly left consequences.” Corey affirmed so calmly that he scared the hell out of me. Kenny hugged me silently, then it was Diego who joined the friendly touch, he kissed our cheeks and gently lowered his hand onto Kenny’s butt, and suddenly we were making out. At that moment, I knew I preferred fucking than talking about that freaking weird night, so I just lowered my arm to reach for Diego’s cock while Corey seemed to admire Kenny’s muscular back as well. This time, however, after sucking on Corey’s cock we let our Donkey Boy enjoy Diego’s 8-incher, which was not as huge as his but quite respectable, and our emo lad surely enjoyed puffing on that fine Cuban cigar. We fucked each other until very intensely, and each one seemed to gain a newfound taste for cum, because we were just sucking the milk out of each other like there was no tomorrow. I know I took the samples from each one of them, and they also had my very hefty load down their throats. After nearly two hours of such shameless orgy, we became a sweaty creamed mess of muscles and cum, so we just took a shower and stuffed our faces with the feast that we postponed to fuck. It was funny because after stuffing our faces and fooling around all afternoon, we collapsed in the living room and woke up around 10 pm. I wished to tell you I had some kind of revelation dream about that night, but I just slept like a log, so comfortable next to my roomies that when I woke up, I simply didn’t feel tired or anxious anymore. The room was dark, and the shadowed bulks of my sleeping friends were so cute I decided to leave the lights off. I just went to the bathroom to empty my bladder and almost had a heart attack when I saw the man looking back at me in the mirror! The 130 pounds meek blond twink was gone, and in his place there was this very handsome muscular dude! I didn’t know how and why, but my muscles had changed and grew much bigger sometime during my sleep. I palmed my chest, feeling the hard globes of muscle, going down to the impressive knots of my abdominal muscles, then I felt how hard and thick my thighs were, not to mention my hard striated arms, they just looked so hard and strong! The size of my muscles made me instantly hard and it reminded me that my cock was not the same anymore. The once average sized penis became a huge 10 inches long and very thick cock, it was just so much heavier and its augmented girth now felt heavier even for my bigger and more sensitive balls. My neck was so much thicker and muscular, and I even noticed my beard had grown much harsher, it was still the same blond shade in which I dyed a week before, but that was weird since my original hair color was brown. My eyes also felt weird, I felt my contact slipping but the eyes remained green for some reason. Even my lips were much more beautiful than they used to be! I was green eyed buffed 5’9” 200 pounds muscular blond hunk with a 4 o’ clock shadow beard. My muscles were just so hard and thick, they were covered with a perfect layer of hair that made them feel so nice to the touch, and at the same time, I could see their striations and veins right underneath my flimsy skin. I screamed for my friends, and when Corey entered the bathroom, we both went quiet, because he too had changed quite a lot. From his once skinny bean pole look he just looked like a muscular rower athlete decided to become one these power rock star! His pale skin turned into gorgeous porcelain fair tone, the blond hair he insisted on dying black had now turned completely into such intense of blackness that it almost seemed blue in the shades, the silky texture and shine were only possible in shampoo commercials, not to mention that now he had a full mane on his head. “Benny, is that you?” Even Corey’s voice sounded different now that his neck was so thick with muscles and the once sunk chest now exhibited two massive plates of pectoral manly glory with such fat, long pink nipples which demanded to be kissed, twitched and nibbled. The muscularity of his new physique was enhanced by the thick veins crossing the valleys and peaks of the impressive frame he now displayed. “Oh, shit…Corey!” I said pointing down at his cock. His once thin frog legs had turned into trunk sized thighs which could only belong to powerful animals like bears, especially because of the dark hair covering them, and the pubic area had turned into a thick dark forest, but all these details were easily forgotten once the unbelievably huge cock of Corey had turned into an alabaster baseball with the foreskin totally recomposed. The monumental flagpole now had the skin that had once been cut when Corey was still a little boy; the balls had also increased tremendously and looked like a couple of extra-extra-large organic eggs. That cock had to be over 14 inches long, and I wasn’t sure if Corey was even fully hard yet, the guy was in complete shock. “Damn…look at me!” He replied looking at his merciless huge cock, but then he quickly screamed at the moment he noticed his new face. The frail features were replaced by strong, masculine rugged lines. His eyes became icy blue almost like grey spheres whose beauty was enhanced by what seemed to be some kind of war paint, they were dark and yet so manly, and his perfectly trimmed goatee now framed the juicy delicious lips. Corey had turned into a 6’2” 250 pounds epitome of dark side hotness, and I couldn’t believe how much more muscular his body became in such short span of time. Neither of us wanted to leave the bathroom but when Diego and Kenny screamed back in the living room, we just rushed towards the hallway, feeling how much narrower it was now. “That…is wicked!” Diego just danced out of ecstasy. The once hot muscular dancer became a full throttle Caribbean muscle god! He became a 5’10” 285 pounds solid wall of muscle! The sheer definition and the thickness on my roommate made Victor Martinez pale in comparison, he was just the perfect combination of human genes to produce a glorious specimen of muscular manliness. Diego’s traces were already so beautiful, but they now seemed amplified, for his contours were just so deliberately hot that all his brawn and sinew had turned into a freaking masterpiece of sensuality! The way he danced naked only made his engorged 13 inches long cock slap loudly against his hips, but he didn’t complain, he actually enjoyed it, his butt moved and shook so vibrantly. His muscular arms guided the movement of his hips and the feet moved so manly, so dominantly; the balls hung so heavy, the smoothness of his body remained; the sweat ran down the fjords of his enormous muscles. Diego’s bald head now was perfect; it only gave the impression that his body was cast out of an impossible mold and filled with perfect bronze, which made him and outrageously sexy muscle dancer. It started from the very wide shoulders and the handfuls of muscle that formed his neck, the deltoids jutting to reach for his ear lobes, the amazing size of his veined biceps and the wicked shapes of his forearms, all the way to his monumental pectoral plates pressing against each other with his fat dark nipples. “Shit…I don’t want to wake up from this dream!” Diego said as he looked at me, and I could feel the flooring cracking as he moved towards my direction, his hands grabbed my muscular butt and the mocha skinned behemoth quickly made me dance with him. Even with so much weight added to his enlarged frame, Diego moved with his usual grace if not even more dexterity and control. He guided me in this improvised salsa presentation that we had rehearsed for self-entertainment, but now our muscular bodies seemed designed to dance sensually and even though there was no music, just the rhythmic counting on my partner seemed to be enough to send my body into a sensual melody. We ended up our little number with a very theatrical pose, and those dangerous hazel eyes penetrated my soul, Diego was such an intense dancer that all his partners ended up kissing him, and I was no exception, especially now that he became a freaking mixture of bodybuilder and salsa champion! “So should I save the next dance?” Kenny asked sheepishly and both Diego and I noticed that he would not be back on the gymnastic team, although powerlifter should be the most appropriate option. Kenny had become the most muscular among us, at 5’8” he weighed 290 pounds of immensely developed muscle! The shade of his skin changed to match the perfect dark fiery red tone of his spiked faux Mohawk hairdo. Our Asian roommate now paraded such a masculine confident muscular new frame, his muscles didn’t look quite as shredded as the rest of us, but he definitely was the biggest among us, he didn’t have any extra fat, it was simply excessive muscle bulk. Kenny guy looked like an off-season bodybuilder, but truth was that all his muscles were just overdeveloped rather than covered by fat layers. Not to mention that his turtle-shell 8 pack stomach was simply a powerhouse of sexiness, the perfect ultra- developed muscle gut that still couldn’t eclipse the immensity of his foot long cock that demanded attention. Kenny’s oversized, overdeveloped muscles now made him look so manly, so powerful. We all looked at him with newfound respect, and somewhat envious. We all wanted to feel like that too, what could be the secret of his growth, and how could we get some of that too? “Damn, Kenny, you look like you could take three Sumo wrestlers at once!” Corey admired the new size of our resident gymnast, but Kenny replied by simply lifting the new Rock Muscle God in the air with one hand and picking him in the massive 24 inches of his bicep. “You can say that again, dude, but you certainly seem a good way to warm up for them…In fact you all seem skinny compared to me now…but that’s okay I’ll give you some pointers to get big fast!” The new Kenny also had this very manly Asian styled goatee that made him look more authoritarian, and judging by the way Corey enjoyed when he stroked the thing while admired the new Rock muscle star, our new looks worked really well. “Well guys, I don’t know about you…but this new body of mine is just aching for a night out!” I said with a high pitchy tone that I still could produce on my much thicker and lower voice. “Well, last time we blacked out and turned into muscle gods…I’m curious to see if the thunder strikes twice the same place.” Diego said flexing his 22” biceps on my face. “Heh, I wish I could find Dwayne now, he would freak out now, huh Benny?” Corey laughed and we all joined him, and 45 minutes later we were all ready to party, but for obvious reasons we took two separate cars and headed to a local club; the four of us would never fit Diego’s new beetle! More to come…soon( I hope) Day 3 (continued) Although we didn’t go to an exclusively gay night club, we were pretty much the center of all attention. People simply couldn’t stop staring at us, but who could blame them? Our muscles were harder, thicker, stronger and overall much hotter and smarter (although that’s not a hard goal) than any overly bronzed Fanta-shaded Guido on Jersey Shore, so we certainly earned those fist-pump action we got as soon we entered the dance floor. Starting with the new 5’9” 200 pounds of muscle hunk version of yours truly dressed in skin tight denim CK pants, black fitted V-necked T by Ralph Lauren and Italian leather sandals – I pretty much knew that my muscle man-tits were just really great, especially those huge nipples poking through the fabric, I have to confess that I adored the feeling of my muscles flexing while I danced, provoking guys and girls all over the place. The audience also savored the amazing 6’2” 250 pounds of Neo Power Metal-Muscle Rock God Corey wearing a white wife beater along with the hottest black leather pants in the world to emphasize the bulge of his stud sized cock. Corey’s wild dark mane moved so sensually when he rocked that massive new body, not to mention the contrast between his alabaster flawless skin and the dark war-paint that suddenly appeared around his ghostly icy blue eyes, which gave him a dangerous, edgy yet very attractive look. Diego simply killed with the 5’10” sizzling hot 285 pounds of massive mocha toned muscles, completed with the delicious spice of his Latin elegance dressed in all the glory of his dark grey trousers and bright powder blue satin shirt whose first 4 buttons couldn’t be closed because of the immensity of his pectoral plates of brawny deliciousness (for the sake of my fashionista’s reputation, I have to tell you that we did try to dress him in a traditional shirt, but the sleeves simply busted once he tried to stick those trunk sized arms into them). When Diego paraded around the floor like the most dominating booty-shaker alpha-male, everybody just gasped at the sight of his curvaceous muscles. And who could ever ignore Kenny, the undeniable “Wall of Muscle”? At only 5’8” he certainly served as hard evidence for those who defended that shorter bodybuilders had advantage over taller ones. Although he was only 5 pounds heavier than Diego, Kenny’s 290 pounds clearly looked more powerful than the rest of us, especially because had that amazing fiery red faux Mohawk and the perfectly trimmed goatee that only enhanced the masculinity of his overly muscled frame. We certainly had trouble to find something that would pass the challenge of covering Kenny’s über muscular frame, so we had to settle for simpler clothes: cargo pants (which looked incredibly tight on those massive thighs) and a dark blue Under Armour sleeveless shirt that the monstrous gymnast usually wore for his training sessions. The overall effect was simply impressive, Kenny suddenly looked like a professional strength athlete, but for the first time in his life, he loved all the attention he was getting, and the “rice queens” certainly surrounded him. With our egos buffed along with our frames, we soon started the mating games. I noticed Diego making out with this hot German guy, a 6’5” volleyball-type player with shaggy blond hair; very hot indeed. Meanwhile, Kenny was flexing for a couple of very hot young college guys who seemed impressed (to say the least) with his uncanny size disappeared with this very muscular black dude, on whom I had my eyes. Corey was talking to a very popular jock in our campus, and I’m sure the guy had no clue that such powerful dangerous looking Rock God was the same dude who religiously watched him training. I have to admit that I desperately hoped that my unexplained transformation helped me to put an end to my dry spell, but I still felt somewhat self-conscious about my body, maybe it was because I was the “smaller” of our house. I was so much bigger, muscular and hotter than ever, I was dressed to kill, but still felt like the old days when compared to my roommates, and that fact certainly bugged me, I knew I was the smaller to start with so it would be normal to remain the smallest after the growth, but I didn’t think it was fair at all! All of a sudden, I noticed this bouncer who couldn’t stop staring at me. I smiled back at him and he chuckled. He had strong, masculine Middle-Eastern features with this shaved, bull-necked, barrel chested look. The guy had to be over 6’3” and was so muscular and powerful, he probably was bigger than Diego or even Kenny.Even in the poorly lit dance floor, a quick glimpse was sufficient for me to notice the tan line on his left finger, which told me that huge man was probably married, belonging to that kind of guys who keep their wives at home while they look out for hot twinks to fuck, something I particularly found hypocrite and disgusting. However, since I had absolutely no moral standards at night, I just danced my way closer to the immense guy with a shameless flirting look in my face. “Hey there…” I greeted the huge guy, but he pretended to pay attention to something said in his earplug, which actually gave him this hot “bodyguard” look, and I was totally ready to be Whitney Houston to his Kevin Costner. “I’m sorry, work stuff, you know…” His accent was very strong, and it only made me attracted to that impressively muscular man dressed in black. I looked at the oversized jacket he wore and imagined how thick those arms could be, we surely could get some store tips for Kenny and Diego, although I highly doubted these guys would want something so outdated. “Oh that’s okay, your work is to keep us safe us right?” I noticed that my usually flirting tone had changed; it wasn’t so girly anymore, although still charming and very sexy. “You bet that, sir. But a guy like you surely knows how to defend from mean dudes, right?” The bull-necked man’s voice was deep and husky, his tiny brown eyes undressed me and I surely didn’t mind posing for him while pretending to be casually dancing. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that…I’d certainly still need a big man to watch over my…back” That was all I needed to say; the immense guy just looked at his side and placed a huge hand on my back, roughly escorting me to some kind of “authorized personnel only” place, which was in fact a little bigger than a broom closet with a desk, some boxes and for comfort, a futon on the ground. The huge man just locked the door behind him, quickly opening his immense suit. “Get undressed and bend over, bitch.” The gorilla sized man certainly knew how to behave like one, but I was so freaking horny that I decided to play along. “Oh, yes sir…” I said while shaking very sensually. I took off my clothes and threw them aside, while the enormous dude struggled to take off his arms from the suits. “Let me help you with that, big guy. You’re so huge; we don’t want you to ruin your work’s wardrobe…” I whispered and helped him to get rid of the jacket; then I gently pulled the lower part of his immense turtle neck black shirt while he slowly managed to retrieve the thick strong arms inside the ridiculous piece of clothing. (I know that guy lacked any sense of style, but with muscles like his, I’d forgiven any style sin). “You’re…very big too…I like that…a twink with muscle!” The man surely enjoyed the special treatment I was giving him. “Well, I am not nearly as big as you, sir.” I replied while taking care of removing his pants, and judging by the chubby bulge on his boxers, I was pleasing him very much. The guys had a very thick and yet decently sized cock, which meant I would have lots of fun. The huge man groped my ass and squeezed it hard, but for some reason I didn’t think he squeezed hard enough, so I just reacted by grabbing his thick, hard buttocks and squeezing them the way I wanted him to squeeze mine, but for my surprise, the huge man produced a surprised yell, which made me stop immediately. “Damn, blondie. For a little guy you’ve got quite some grip on ya!” His voice was so manly, so powerful. The guy was 6’4” and weighed 300 pounds of hard, beefy muscle, how could he even feel my hands squeezing his butt? Maybe he was just trying to humor me, after all a guy of his size could easily break me in half couldn’t he? I have to admit I was kind of disappointed because he didn’t feel so tough as he seemed. “I just wanted to show you, I like things rough…” I whispered, feeling suddenly much naughtier. The shaved headed muscle bull chuckled and picked me up in his massive arms, holding me above the ground, my new muscular legs quickly embraced his wide waist, and I went straight to his hairy nipples, sucking and nibbling those puppies with my very experienced tongue. “Damn…I wish I were like you, sir; being so huge, so thick, and so massive!” I liked that he had that turtle shell kind of abs; I love ripped bodybuilders on the magazines but I certainly appreciated much better the off-season extra beefiness in daily life. He seemed to enjoy showing off for me as well, placing me over the desk and flexing those massive hairy pecs of his for my pleasure. I just giggled and hugged his huge physique closer to me; then I lowered my head and pulled his boxers with my teeth. After much teasing, I simply yanked those tight things and admired the impressively thick cock getting harder as I played with it very gently. “I’m gonna destroy your little ass, pretty boy!” he growled while pressing my head against his crotch. The bouncer had a decent cock, really thick one which was very pleasing to suck. I grinned and was about to roll a condom over the fireplug, when suddenly this overwhelming urge happened. It was like I couldn’t see or think clearly. I just attacked that man’s cock furiously, sucking him so hard and with such eagerness he gagged and gasped with the way I treated his manhood. “Damn… you’re GOOD! Oh… fuck… easy… easy there, man. OUCH! Your teeth!” He tried to take my head off his cock, and got surprised when he wasn’t capable, although he was 100 pounds heavier than my current frame. He ended up smacking the back of my head, hoping that the pain would made me let go of his cock, but I actually didn’t feel a thing, but the sudden commotion reminded me that I was probably hurting him, so I just stopped and looked at him. “Sorry there, hun. I got carried away. Now just relax and let me do my job, okay?” I gently pressed my index finger over his lips, and for some reason instead of just snapping on me, the muscle bull just moaned and sucked hard on it, so I was free to continue my blow job. It was so weird listening to my own voice but it felt like it wasn’t me at all. I mean I could feel the whole thing, yet I acted so strangely, like instinctively or something. The bouncer grinned once I came back to his cock. This time I was much smoother, yet he couldn’t stop moaning and gasping – it didn’t take much until I had him cumming in my throat. I did try to stop, I knew all about the risks. It’s fun to drink my roommates' cum, because they are all obsessed with DST testing, but this was some stranger muscle man I had just met! I could be getting into some really dangerous game, but there was this hunger inside me and I needed to satisfy it. The bull-necked muscle guy came for a much shorter time than I anticipated. To make things worse, he was already looking ready to roll over and sleep, but I wasn’t his wife and I would not tolerate that. So, I simply lifted his whole 300 frame from the ground and shook him, I still don’t know how it was possible, but I simply did, I lifted that enormous guy and didn’t feel any heaviness at all, I was just so horny and hungry for more of his seed that lifting his 300 pound frame didn’t feel hard at all. “Hey, big guy, you said you would pound my ass, now you’re gonna do it!” It was that hunger once again, the huge man suddenly seemed scared, nonetheless; I lowered him back to the ground as we kissed very intensely. Although he had just come, his cock went full mast again and this was my chance to have some action with someone else other than my roommates! I once again lifted the bouncer and brought him back to the desk, which was wobbling and squeaking under his weight, but I didn’t care. The guy he was just too intoxicated with my sudden strength display. I bent over, exposing my cherry to him and ordered him to start. “Damn…you’re one fine piece of bubble butt!” He shut that thick cock inside my butt, for some reason I was so moist that his cock went easy inside me, and then my huge muscle bull fucked raw and roughly like he promised, though I still wanted more. He unplugged so I could find a better position leaning against the desk, and he quickly got back to his rhythmically plowing on my ass. Yet, it was not enough, I wanted to feel more strength inside me, the hunger inside me grew once again so I just punched the desk and moaned as he slammed that thick cock inside me. I wanted so much more, at some point I broke the desk out of excitement, it had been so long since I last had such nice muscle man with me. “Fuck…you’re so hot! Oh damn…I can’t hold anymore, oh fuuuuuck!” When my bull came, shooting his hot man milk inside of my ass, I actually roared like a lion or something even more powerful. I flexed my buttocks so hard because I wanted that cum inside me so badly, I guess I actually hurt the guy at some point and he screamed and punched my back, but I didn’t feel a thing! Meanwhile, I shook my moneymaker to feel more of his cock inside me and ended up lifting him off the ground, supporting his weight on my thighs. I felt so good, so damn sexy, then I just realized the guy was desperately trying to get off my ass, I stood up and the force on my pelvis was so intense that I accidentally sent the bull across the room, but before I could help him, the guy shouted words in some language and ran for his life. I guess he got really scared with so much unexpected strength, but for some reason I wasn’t freaked out at all, so I just got dressed again and decided to have something to eat at the bar, and asked for everything in the menu that could resemble like a decent meal (thanks god for Steak with Fries and Tuna burgers). I sat at a decent table in a dark corner and waited impatiently for my order, feeling increasingly hungry until the food was delivered and I was ready to dig in when I was surprised in a very good way. “I can see why you’re so hungry, you certainly need lots of food to keep such impressive muscles and dance floor moves.” It was Dwayne, my personal trainer and most recent crush. I was so caught off guard, my mouth hung open and saliva dropped over the table cloth until I could manage to mutter a decent answer. “Why thank you…Do you care to join me? I certainly ordered too much because I didn’t know what to choose you can share the carb guilty with me?” “Well, I’m Dwayne, and I usually don’t have dinner with guys whose names I don’t know yet.” The personal trainer offered his hand to me; I shook it and felt so excited to have a chance with the current hunk of my dreams. I almost ruined everything by telling Dwayne my real name, I realized that my improved looks made it almost impossible for my own personal trainer to recognize me, after all he wasn’t expecting to find a taller, bearded and much more muscular Benny Carter only two days after joining the gym. “Hey, Dwayne I’m Leopold… but you can call me Leo” I must confess that I was terrible on thinking on my feet so I ended up using my real middle name instead of something better. The hot muscle tanned guy shook my hand and sat next to me. We sure looked hot together, especially with all the food at the table. I just smiled and asked the waiter for extra plate. “So, Dwayne, can I presume that you checking me out while danced?” I asked between mouthfuls of food. Dwayne giggled; he just couldn’t take his eyes off me. “You can presume that, but then all the eyes were on you guys. I must say that’s the most muscular entourage I see in a long time.” “Oh…well, we all have very good genetics, and discipline to work out and respect our bodies.” I repeated the same mumble jumbo he told me over the past days and it caused a very nice impression on my sudden dinner guest. “Heh, that’s great to see you guys think that way, can I presume now that you’re all very close?” I chuckled, taking even more food into my mouth and vanishing with the steaks in record time. “Well, yeah, actually they’re my roommies.” I blushed. “That’s great…I actually was wondering if you could give me some contact on that amazing Asian muscle monster!” Dwayne brutally crushed my heart with that question. “You came here just so I could introduce you to Kenny?” I gasped. “Yeah, he’s such a hot guy, I wanted to talk to him but he vanished from the club.” Dwayne confessed his cruel hidden agenda. I took a long sip of my light beer, trying to disguise my frustration. I placed the bottle down and shot Dwayne with a mean hurt look. “How dare you? I thought you were checking me out, I thought you wanted my muscles! Damn…why am I so small?” I voiced my thoughts and it obviously got Dwayne in a defensive mode. “Sorry, Leo…It’s not that you’re not hot…it’s that I am into very massive guys, you know?” That was the final straw, the last drop. I felt so angry, so envy of the size of my roommates. I just squeezed the bottle in my hands and it broke easily, making Dwayne nervous. “Look, Leo…I am sorry dude…let’s just forget about everything ok? I’ll even pay for the food.” “I am not Leo…I mean…shit…” I suddenly felt this surge of strength rushing through my body and grunted while my limbs twitched. Dwayne then approached me very worried. “Dude, what’s going on? Are you alright, should I call for help?” He asked me in a tender tone. I looked at him and we both witnessed when my shoulders expanded, growing wider and thicker almost instantly. The sinew on my impressive muscles continued to increase as we went both silent. “What the fuck is happening?” Dwayne asked, but he still tried to keep it low, for some reason he didn’t want to alarm people. “Take me out of here, please…” I touched his shoulder and my arm just busted through my sleeves, revealing a nearly 20 inches of muscular perfection, and Dwayne just nodded. He thought I couldn’t walk, but in truth I was not weak, I was getting stronger by the second, and my cock was so hard inside my pants, they would probably bust my pants too. “Okay…follow me.” Dwayne led me by the arm, which was very convenient because I could pretend to be drunk as he escorted me straight to the VIP bathroom. If only people knew that I wasn’t exactly about to puke, but to outgrow my already skin tight clothes. “Shit, you’re all bloated and swollen; maybe you’re having an allergic reaction…” “Does this look like a rash to you, Dwayne?” I asked harshly, flexing my nearly 22 inches around guns right on his shocked face, and to my nice surprise, he went not only went instantly quiet, the perfect hunk guy who had the nerve to ditch me over Kenny simply attacked my hard vascular arm. I watched with enormous pleasure as the hunky personal trainer worshipped my growing muscles with his desiring tongue, he licked and took several bites of my growing arm, feeling the hardness of its expanding contours. I giggled as he tried to dent the augmenting forms of my body, knowing in advance it would be just useless. I guess that my giggling must be pretty unique because when Dwayne heard it, he just stopped worshiping my growing muscles, he suddenly went livid and took several steps back. The strongly lit bathroom helped the hunky guy to realize the man behind the growing muscle body. “That can’t be possible…” Dwayne then gently touched my hair and my beard, feeling my face with his fingers in attempt to deny what his eyes had finally realized, and his final proof came when I smiled openly, revealing the multicolored pieces of my dental bracers. “FUCK….BENNY CARTER? Is that you?” Dwayne gasped and his hands groped my chest and squeezed them with all his puny strength. I simply giggled again and pretended that was just a casual encounter. “Damn…took you long enough to recognize me huh, D? Don’t worry…I know it’s pretty much to take in at once, and I’m still growing!” I giggled and flexed my pecs one side at a time, just so he could play along with me. Dwayne had to fight the urge to stick his face between my freaking awesome hairy growing pecs. “But, how is this even possible? What the fuck are you taking?” At that point I just rolled my eyes. “Come on, do you think that if they had invented something that could make a guy so fast, you wouldn’t already know about it? I didn’t take anything…it is just happening, and not just with me…my roommates as well.” Dwayne gagged while I pushed his neck against my face and we kissed so roughly that I actually felt like he was trying to break it by biting my lips, but at that point I was so aroused that I simply ignored his attempts and only stopped kissing when both of us were almost out of air. “Fuck…you’re hot!” Dwayne confessed as he paced. “That’s what I’ve been trying to show you. Now shut the fuck up and fuck me, pretty boy!” I stood up and suddenly we both realized that my body was still like 3 inches shorter than Dwayne’s, but I was already much more muscular and massive than his impressive 240 pounds. The tanned hunk gasped and his cock was hard against my now 8-pack massive and ripped stomach, I was developing the same kind of turtle-shell kind of stomach that looked so impressive on Kenny, and given the width and wicked thickness of my shoulders and chest, it just made me look so impressively muscular that I knew that Kenny’s got nothing on me at that point. “Damn, Benny you’re just insanely muscular!” Dwayne whispered as he squeezed my biceps and shoulders. “Well, I’m actually insanely horny right now, big guy…or should I say little guy? Damn…it’s still confusing to be so massive, but I love every second.” I giggled. It was then Dwayne decided to check on my engorged 14 inches monster hard cock which was actually much bigger than he could imagine, his eyes widened. “Oh fuck…I’ve never taken cock on my butt…I don’t know if…” I silenced him with another fearsomely rough kiss, which he accepted very nicely this time. “And who said you would be taking cock tonight? I’m a massive muscle bottom hunk, is there any problem with that?” Dwayne realized my question was just rhetorical but he still waved his head obediently. “I’m glad you understood that you’re on top, but I’m the one on charge here…now, let’s get out of here, I’m not gonna fuck twice in this place when I have a perfectly soft king sized bed for a muscular queen like me!” I actually missed my diva moments like that one, my body was becoming so masculine, but I still was the same twink underneath all those layers of muscle! “But, you’re barely naked and still growing!” My hunky trainer alerted, pointing to my humongous muscles and the immense sausage between my immensely thick hair legs. “Well, I do think it’s kind of embarrassing…but still less revealing than some girls’ outfits…Wait I have an idea…” I asked Dwayne to get back on the room where the bull necked bouncer and I were fucking and retrieve his clothes. The guy was so freaking scared that he probably was halfway through the southern frontier right now. I spent those minutes looking at my growing body and even rehearsing some poses for a private show, knowing that Dwayne was so horny and curious about my growth that he simply would do anything I asked him. “You were right, these clothes were just tossed there…I think they’ll do a much better job to cover your…amazing muscles.” Dwayne blushed as he handled me the customized sized black suit, but I certainly didn’t feel much excited about wearing such unflattering clothes. “Oh, damn…that fabric is so cheap it’s gonna give me rashes!” I complained while squeezing my tree trunk sized thighs into the trousers. It was obvious that my huge cock also didn’t help, so I had to tuck it somehow along with my left thigh. “I only hope this thing is stretchy enough!” Dwayne helped me to get into the horrible turtle neck shirt. “Oh, if my stylist sees me in these, he’s gonna have a cow!” I whined while my humongous arms stretched the fabric beyond its limits, and the sleeves simply tore apart, which forced us to rip them off, and my neck and deltoids took care of busting the disgraceful forms of that ridiculous turtle neck. “I don’t think we’ll need that right?” Dwayne tossed the jacket to the corner and smiled back at me. “Right, now let’s get out of here; I’m growing bigger and hornier as the moments pass”. I said as I led Dwayne by hand. Despite my comment, of course I insisted that we went through the dance floor, so I could parade my newest muscles and my current catch to everybody. “My car is just that way, Benny” Dwayne realized that going through the crowded dance floor was a very slow process, but very pleasing nonetheless. “Okay, but I have to teach these guys a few things about booty shaking!” I just danced my way, flexing and teasing every guy and girl who gasped at my humongous size. I have to admit that when you had a body the size of mine, people don’t actually care about the style rules, they just think it’s hot. We eventually got to the parking lot and Dwayne opened the door for me. “Shit, Benny you’re looking so massive, your chest is gonna rip this shirt any moment now!” The hunky personal trainer commented as he entered his Ford pick-up, noticing that I was far too muscular to let him drive comfortably inside the cabin. “Well, I am glad…my first growth happened while I blacked out, at least now I’m enjoying every moment. I wonder if the others are growing like me…” The mere thought suddenly brought me down. I loved my roomies but I was enjoying the idea of being the biggest, I just hoped that whatever happened to me didn’t infect them…at least not so intensely. “So, why are you all growing anyway?” The tanned guy was gently insistent, so I just took a deep breath and told him about the fatidic night. Dwayne took us out of the place, but his mind still tried to encompass the unexplainable events. “Maybe you guys should be tested for some kind of intoxication…” “That’s nonsense; we’re all perfectly healthy, as you can attest for yourself!” I flexed my arms and they simply felt like warm pieces of titanium against my flimsy skin. “Well, whatever it is…it’s changing your physiology, perhaps we should look for medical help!” I knew he was only trying to help, but my massive muscles ached to flex and my cock wanted to spew, not to mention that I still wanted to feel Dwayne’s cock riding my über muscular derriere, so I just placed a hand on his shoulder when he stopped at the traffic light. “Okay, Dwayne you have two options : you can take me to the hospital and have they check me like a freak, or you can take me to bed and fuck me all night long. Are you really gonna waste the chance to fuck the most muscular butt in the world?” I asked while easily flexing my chest so hard that it ripped the fabric of my borrowed shirt, which was actually a favor to fashion. The hunky Texan bodybuilder/personal trainer just gulped and stepped on the gas and turned to the left, which made me happy because I knew there were no hospitals that way, but for my own surprise we were suddenly parking at the gym.“What the hell are we doing here?” I was very disappointed with at that little man, but he actually just started kissing me and we made out for five a long time before he finally explained me his intentions. “I just thought we could test your strength levels…I mean, you’re so massive but something tells me that you’re quite much stronger than you look!” “And what makes you think that?” I asked puzzled. Dwayne smiled and showed the passenger door, and only then I noticed the indentations of my thick fingers on the metal, and all I did was opening the thing. “Damn…did I do that? I’m sorry, Dwayne I’ll have you refunded.” “Don’t worry, but now I guess you are just as curious as I am about the extent of your strength huh, not to mention that we have some very precise measuring equipment here, and I just happen to have the keys…so are you gonna waist this chance Leopold?” Dwayne asked as he opened the doors for me. I just giggled and lifted the 240 pounds muscle man by his collar, only to tease him. “If you ever tell my middle name to one single soul I’ll have you squashed like a bug.” Dwayne laughed. “Don’t worry; I just want you to squeeze me when I’m fucking you…” (to be continued) Part 4 (The earlier hours of day 4) Dwayne had convinced me to stop by our gym club to check my awesome new stats (like I need his machines to tell me that I now looked simply “massilicious”. Anyway, I guess he was just trying to make up for the terrible slip he had committed earlier, and for that reason I just played along, especially because I could get off those cheap clothes I had to borrow from that bouncer. I was right, by the way. Unnatural fabrics give me rashes. I could feel the red areas even on my flimsy skin. I felt so relieved to be out of the tightness of them. Standing nearly buck naked with the white boxers which looked almost like a thong on my immense thighs and crotch bulge, I just watched as Dwayne got ready to take my stats. “So, first we have to take your measurements…for scientific purposes…” Dwayne said in flattering tone. “Yeah, I can see your Einstein all excited about that…” I teased. Dwayne blushed. “I can’t help it…” My dutiful personal trainer carefully checked every single stat on my engrossed figure, and at each new number he collected, I could tell that he was almost sure that it was some sort of new world record. “Well, you’re 5’10 and ¾ inches tall, which is actually a tremendous height growth spurt at your age…” I lifted the guy off the ground. “Are you implying that I’m old?” “What? No…it’s just…” Dwayne noticed I was giggling, my dental bracers showing through my opened smile, so the hunky personal trainer relaxed a bit. “Still…you’re 378 pounds of sheer massive muscle, which is by any means awesome! If you were an Olympia contender, the other guys up stage would like toothpicks at your side. Your height/weight combination makes your physique breath taking!” Dwayne commented still lifted off the ground. “Well, maybe I can compete with them. I have one hot bright pink thong that would make me just phenomenal on stage…” “I… don’t think they allow something so…peculiar, but you would certainly look awesome!” Dwayne petted his cock and I could tell he lusted after my humongous muscular butt and the monstrous legs. “So, what about all these measurements you took? Care to tell me what they mean anyway?” “Are you kidding? Shit…Benny, how I can put this…Everybody is just crazy with the size on Jay Cutler’s 31.5 inches around. Well, yours are 38 inches around!” “Really? That’s over three feet around, are you sure, my thighs are that massive?” I casually commented and flexed them, creating real tsunamis of contracting fibers through the rugged surface of my ginormous quads. Dwayne just nodded. “Y-yeah, they’re amazing…But they’re just the tip of your muscle iceberg. Your calves are 28.5 inches around, which is bigger than most bodybuilder’s arms. They’d kill for 25 inches arms and your calves are even bigger!” I giggled. “The guys always said I had thin legs…I bet those new calves are actually big as bulls huh? But wait, if my calves are the size most bodybuilders would love their arms to be…” “Your arms are 32 inches around. I couldn’t believe the number so I took the measures three times, this number is fantastic. Normally, guys want their calves to be nearly the size of their arms for symmetry issues, but you are so massive that your arms can be that immense! Shit, your arms are bigger than Mister Olympia’s thighs! That’s just powerful!” I flexed the monstrous peak right in front of Dwayne’s face and heard him moaning intensely. “So what do you think about my waist? I mean, I’m eating so much latterly that I fear I’m gaining a gut...” Dwayne reacted almost like I’ve insulted him. “Are you crazy? Benny, your waist is 34 inches around, it is actually just the same as Jay Cutler’s. The “thickness” you might think comes from the size of your abdominal muscles, each one of your impressive 8 knots is so massive and thick that they mount around your waist and make you seem so much larger than you used to be, but that’s…so hot. I mean most of huge bodybuilders have “steroid guts”, I’ve seen my fair share of them, but in your case…that’s just so…freaking hot!” “And what do you have to say about those huge pecs of mine?” Dwayne gasped. “They would be my favorite part of you…if I could ever choose just one part to be my favorite…I mean they’re freaking 72 inches around! They’re bigger than the measuring tape “What do you mean? I’ve been eating like a maniac, all this extra bulk has to have some fat on it too…” “I thought that too, but I can’t find any! Your muscular tissue is so thick that it can grow denser and the fat levels on you are even lower of those before the growth. You don’t look like those competing bodybuilders on stage, all hungry, drained of water and most of their strength. You look so healthy, powerful, the perfect offseason glorious thickness but with the same shredded, rugged condition that wins competitions!” “You sound like surprised with that…Does it mean I am more than you have imagined mister “I only like super massive guys?” I chuckled, though noticing that it actually stung a little more than I originally planned. “I…am sorry about that Benny. I didn’t know it was you, but that’s no excuse for treating you in such manner…” “No, you don’t have to, I overreacted anyway. You were just being nice…” I hugged him and noticed he was chuckling, and then he just told me the reason. “You didn’t even notice that you were holding me off the ground for all that time, did you?” Dwayne chuckled, feeling excited about my enhanced strength. “Well, you’re so light I just forgot I was holding you, it feels like holding a grain of salt. You just feel the weight of your own arm…” I teased him, but Dwayne’s got a naughty mind on his own. “Which takes us to the next part of our experiment…I hope you don’t mind but I called someone else to join us…” “Who did…” I didn’t even finish the sentence and the deliciously augmented figure of Corey running into the room. “Dwayne…are you alright? What happened? Where’s Benny?” The muscular Emo was so nervous he didn’t even notice my humongous bulk, which was great because it gave me the opportunity to compare my body with my roomies. I simply groped Corey’s butt with a strong grip and he nearly jumped off his skin. “I’m right behind here sweetie!” I greeted Corey flexing my augmented guns and he turned even whiter. “F-fuck…Benny, you look…HUGE!” “Please don’t be offended, Corey, but I expected something more elaborate from an English graduate…” I gently laughed at his shocked expression while continuing to flex my humongous muscles right in his pretty face. “Take it easy with him, Benny…I texted him while you were dancing in the club. The poor guy was just too worried about you.” Dwayne said still comfortably set on my arms. “Damn…I’m still carrying you, aren’t I? Doesn’t it bother you?” Dwayne waved his head with utmost sureness. “Of course not, I am so glad you are that strong, it will only make our tests even more impressing.” “What do you mean by that?” Corey suddenly overcame his shock. “Oh you know how obsessed Dwayne is with numbers and data…he wants me to display a bit of my super strength to him.” I forced a casual tone on my explanation, and Dwayne suddenly understood the reason for him being summoned. “Damn…I can’t believe I ditched my precious Geoffrey because of some fetish…” Corey sighed but I cheered him up with a nice grab of his humongous cock. “Cheer up, Corey. You know that playing hard is the best way to conquer your guy. Besides…you can see my humongous muscles in action! In case you didn’t notice, I’m quite much heavier than you now…” Corey’s attention was drawn back into my humongous physique, and he cupped my huge pecs and we kissed very tenderly. The way our muscular bodies rubbed against each other made loud sounds, almost like rocks rolling over each other, and Dwayne surely enjoyed being the delicious filling of our massive beef sandwich. “That reminds me, how did you get to grow that big? None of us did.” Corey didn’t know but his question just made me so freaking happy that I lifted him off the ground as well, holding these two muscular men, who were both taller than me, and yet so less muscular and impressive than my magnificent brawniness. “Gee…I don’t know. I just fucked some random muscle guy and when I noticed I was blowing up like one of these cartoon shows…” I commented casually, knowing it only raised more questions than answered them. I have to say that Dwayne actually had a very clever and naughty idea to compare the strength levels. He personally started each test, using his maximum cargo on each exercise, to demonstrate the “normal” strength level a man of his impressive physique would develop after years of serious training and dedication. Then, Corey followed our personal trainer – although my augmented roommate was not that much heavier than Dwayne himself, we were both impressed that he could perform the same routine for much longer periods and dealing with a total cargo at least 50% heavier than Dwayne had lifted. “Wow…I didn’t realize I was that much stronger than you Dwayne!” Corey looked so adorable with his blushing cheeks. I was actually very impressed with my donkey boy, although now we had to call him a true stallion, his cock had grown so much bigger and thick; it looked mind-blowing massive between his own muscular thighs. “I have to say I didn’t expect such strength difference from someone who’s not even 20 pounds heavier than me, but then again, you guys have been through a unique experience. “As a matter of fact, there are thousands of reports of other third degree encounters…” Corey was about to start again, but I simply wouldn’t let him do it. “Anyway, now that you bitches have attempted, can a REAL man show you what’s strength all about?” I teased them both and flexed my humongous arms and made each one kiss the heavy peak in a sign of respect to the soaring mountains. I tried the same cargo Corey had finished, but it simply didn’t work, the weights were too light. Then, we tried doubling the same amount, but the effect was the same. We tripled, quadrupled and finally we had set every single weight available in the gym, and I was lifting the humongous cargo with one pinky finger, repeating the exercise for over 100 times and still it didn’t even feel like I was doing any effort at all. “Are you sure, there’s nothing heavier I could lift? I could lift the machines with all their weight, they seem heavy enough…oh perhaps not, that would cause a real mess…” I casually said while I continued performing flawless reps with my pinky finger. “There’s nothing else I can think of…we could try lifting cars, but we’d have to wait until the morning members arrive…” “That’s a nice thought; maybe after we fuck for the whole night, I come back and lift their cars with one hand only.” I teased my very impressed and hard cocked personal trainer. “Holy crap, you’re a powerhouse, Benny!” Dwayne said in a low tone as he watched me, and I just blew him a kiss. “Now you believe me? Nothing in this world could have made a skinny weak guy like Benny into this super strong musclebound stud!” Corey still tried to persuade Dwayne with his alien encounter theory, but the personal trainer was lost in his own naughty thoughts to even consider such ridiculous hypothesis. The loud sound of the steel plates being crushed, bent, twisted and simply molded my huge muscles like fresh dough easily shut his mouth. I actually didn’t even realize what I was doing, I guess I was really irritated with the fact that I was actually considering Corey’s idea. I suddenly felt my hunger and lust boiling inside my body. The same surge of power rushing through my muscles, each veins thickened with an unexpected explosion of renewed muscle flex. I knew my body now demanded more growth, and I subconsciously knew how to give in to such cravings. “Cut the crap Corey…Why would any super advanced civilization come all the way to Earth just to change a bunch of twinks into muscle studs? There’s just no sense in this! Now shut the fuck up and come here because I want to suck on your huge cock! And you Dwayne, better stick your own pecker in my butt or I’m gonna hunt you down!” The reflection of my humongous hairy muscular physique was so amazing that for one moment I didn’t recognize the manly, powerful, glorious bearded blond muscle god that demanded to be properly serviced by the other hunks in the room. Corey went immediately quiet and walked towards me, trying to get out of his leather pants as fast as possible, but in the end, I simply lifted him off the ground with a single finger and ripped them with my bare teeth. Corey gasped as he noticed that I was so much stronger than he could ever imagine, my moist lips engulfed his humongous cock and gently laid on the bench, lifting my humongous hairy thick legs so my sweet Dwayne could find my cherry among all that massive fur and muscle. I was sucking the 6’2” 250 pounds hunk like he was nothing but a giant lollypop, and there was even more pleasure for me to hold him so effortlessly in the air. Corey didn’t mind, he was actually having the time of his life, being sucked and lifted at the same time. Meanwhile, I noticed the lack of any worshipping action on my lower body. “Dwayne, you’d better get inside me, you’ll not like to see me in a bad mood, or perhaps you will, because I get much stronger than I already am…” I chuckled. Truth was that I couldn’t see much because of my humongous hairy pecs and the freaking thick thighs. “D-don’t worry Benny, I just heard your stomach roaring and thought that you’d like a protein shake…or a few dozen of them…” Dwayne said from the juice bar. “Oh, in that case, you’re excused. Just make sure you have made everything you can to feed me properly.” I could hear the blenders working and licked my own lips before getting back to suck Corey with even more voracity. “Erm…could you make some for me too?” My roommate begged, his own muscular stomach was aching for food, but as my sucking action grew hungrier, Corey went quiet. He was just in pure ecstasy because of the intensity of the situation. I actually didn’t realize but being the ultra-strong musclebound stud made even the simply facts much different. For instance, if I lifted all that weight without any effort, can you imagine the kind of suction I could apply on lips? I’m glad Corey was much more resistant than before, so he was able to enjoy and actually surviving my hungry blowjob.Dwayne got back with lots of shakes and even some providential tuna steaks right in time. Corey screamed at the top of his lungs as I sucked him dry like a little juice box. I never felt so hungry for his cum before, but I was so strong that it didn’t take much for me to dry him out. So I just lifted my torso and set him on the ground, right in time to grab a full blender of fresh strawberry protein shake. “Damn…Benny, you’re on fire tonight!” Corey still felt dizzy, but he quickly claimed his own blender of protein shake. “Heh, I know…but your horse long cock really kept me motivated.” I said between gulps and bites. Dwayne chuckled. “You should take a look at yourself, Benny. You have cum and milk mustaches over your own blond facial hair!” I looked at the peculiar reflection and smiled, my fluorescent dental braces shone in the poor lit room and we all chuckled. Suddenly, we were all surprised with another sound. I felt the boiling again and then my cock was growing like never before. It was so intense, the monster sized phallus grew like it was being stuffed with more mass, I gasped as it easily reached, then surpassed Corey’s freaking monster. “Dammit… What are you waiting for? Suck me Corey! Dwayne, you’d better get on my butt now, or I’m not answering for my behavior!” I said throwing the empty blender away. The two guys didn’t take a second to oblige – Corey positioned, his cock went down my throat and he sucked on my humongous obelisk, while Dwayne found his sweet way between my muscular cheeks. I felt so intoxicated by the hunger and the pleasure, my senses were fuzzy, but I could tell we were enjoying like never before. I had Corey’s cock in my mouth and applied even more strength to my sucking, which made him roar and try the same with my own cock, and although he wasn’t even close to my strength, the feeling was actually incredible! Meanwhile, Dwayne also pounded my ass with all his puny strength, which was the greatest compliment I could get from that petite muscle hunk. I could hear his groaning and the loud sound of his balls slapping against the hardness of my butt, I knew he would be very much in pain after the rush of adrenaline ceased, but it was just so intense that I loved every single moment, squeezing my butt on occasion, just to make him feel my absurd strength, and in such moments he actually took long bites on my calves, letting me know when to let go of his tiny little pecker. Dwayne came first, filling my gut with his manly seed, and I felt his warmth entering me. Then, I just flexed and relaxed my butt in such fast movements that I somehow brought Dwayne into cumming a second time, which felt so surprising he kept punching my steel hard abs, and yet I felt nothing. Corey and I came almost at the same time, when my rock musclegod’s spunk squirted down my throat I suddenly felt like an atomic bomb of pleasure had exploded inside me. I just flexed all my muscles and felt my own flood of man juice filling Corey’s throat. The poor gasped and gagged, but there was no way he could escape the flood of my monster cock. Dwayne eventually slipped from my moist muscular bubble butt, he just collapsed in the ground, barely able to stand up. Suddenly, he jumped up in shock. “Fuck…Corey’s growing too!” He announced and I noticed my roommate’s body growth spurt spreading across his shoulder blades, then his own chest thickened as he threw his head back. I have to confess that for one moment I feared Corey would outgrow me. Fortunately, that moment was soon gone. “Shit! Benny, you’re growing too!” Dwayne pointed even more shocked as my whole figure bubbled with violent growth spasms, I just chuckled and reached for Corey’s shocked face, kissed him so intensely, we both made out as our muscles grew bigger. That was the best thing ever – making out while both of us were growing, we could worship the expanding biceps, the ballooning chests, the augmenting thighs. Each part of our bodies grew thicker, wider and the fibers multiplied underneath the flimsy skins of our glorious bodies. Our cocks rubbed against each other, their thick veined surfaces, slippery because of our insane amounts of pre cum, our lustful kisses and desiring tongues bathed the expanding areas of our bodies. However, the best part of making out with another growing guy is to know that you’re growing much faster and in much more intensity than him. No matter how amazing Corey’s muscle growth happened, it simply paled in comparison with my own expansion. I knew I had a condescending grin on me. “Don’t worry, Corey, just your Wheaties and you will be big like me…or not!” I just laughed realizing my body grew in real waves of intense power. In fact, at some point we both realized I was looking at Corey at eye level. There’s something special about the realization that you’re now taller, maybe it’s a stupid sensation of self-assurance, but Corey’s awkward smile when he noticed that he was no longer taller than me was priceless. It only seconded the even more awkward smile when I was looking down at him! “Benny, you’re growing so fast…so powerful!” Dwayne said as he jumped in my arms and we both kissed each other in a furious passion. I guess the little guy was really into muscle freaks, and that particular muscle freak was growing even more humongous. The muscles on my body grew in such raging waves of multiplying fibers that it felt like I was in some kind of reality morphing software. The dimensions of my marvelous figure only augmented and looked manlier, stronger, harder and so much more muscular! Corey joined Dwayne in the worship of my physique, despite the fact he was growing bigger as well, but it was the same than trying to see stars during a sunny day, you simply forgot they are still there! Nonetheless, Corey continued to grow more muscular, he was actually even more of a rock musclegod than before. Standing at 6’6” at 420 pounds of hard alabaster toned muscles and totally smooth except for his love trail and crotch, my hung stallion now had a huge 20 inches soft cock. His long raven black hair now made him look like some kind of man-lion, he actually seemed so much agile and gracious, his smile almost sounded like a real purr. “Fuck…I feel awesome!” His voice tone was so good to hear, and judging by the shock expression on Dwayne he could make a guy cum just by speaking his name. However, as most impressive as Corey’s new body was, he just couldn’t compare to my new size. I’ve kept growing for many minutes before Corey’s growth subsided, and I could tell Dwayne was just impatient to get my freaking new stats. “Holy mackerel, you’ve grown to 6’8 and ½ inches tall, that’s almost one whole foot taller than you were right when you stepped in the gym!” “Yeah…and I only grew like four inches…there’s really something about you huh?” My timid musclegod rocker blushed. I looked down at Corey and kissed the top of his pretty head. “Damn…you guys look so cute I could eat you both!” Dwayne had to bring two scales so he could take a more accurate reading of my weight. “That’s… 778 pounds! Fuck…Benny you’re heavier than Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Branch Warren all together!” The guy screamed in such ecstasy, he hugged me and kissed my body in a cute worship frenzy Corey had a puzzled expression on his face, but I waited until Dwayne recovered from his hyper aroused state. “And these guys are important because…” Corey started. Dwayne chuckled. “They’re the top 3 bodybuilders in the last Olympia show!” “I still don’t get it…” Corey felt a bit ashamed. “Heh, it has to do with their on season weight: Cutler competes in the range of 274 pounds, Heath goes for about 245 and Warren got onstage at 250 pounds! That sums up to 769 pounds and I’m 9 pounds heavier than the three alpha dogs of the sport!” I casually affirmed. It was Dwayne’s time to seem impressed. “I didn’t know you followed their carriers so closely…” “I must have read it in some site while I browsed for naked pictures of bodybuilders. Anyway, if I were to compete, you’re saying they should give to me 1st, 2nd and 3rd places? That doesn’t seem quite fair…I guess I must grow so much bigger than all the prizes go to me!” I chuckled and kissed the over excited bodybuilding fan. Corey and Dwayne took my powerful measurements. I actually didn’t care much for the actual number as my little darling Dwayne, but his excitement made me all so pride of being so huge for my little guy. “Your chest is 110 inches! That’s so much that I am speechless, it feels so amazing and powerful!” Dwayne whispered in my ears.“Don’t worry, babe, I’ll let you shave and massage my freaking massive nipples…” “Funny thing is that your arms are 55” when you’re not even flexing, and when you do, they reach up to 70 whole inches! That’s just so impressive, it’s like your fibers get much thicker than they should be!” Dwayne commented. “Well, I guess I have to bring them to 70 inches cold to see how much they go flexed huh?” I teased him, but judging by his look as he kissed the peak of my flexed guns, that was a promise I had to realize. “Oh come on! Your legs are 78”! That’s more than my own chest!” Corey faked a protest and just blushed when he measured my other monster. “And I guess you’re the hung freak in our household now…that’s 29 inches…soft, if you call that soft…” “Oh, it is soft…for the time being…but if you keep teasing me, you’ll have a new measurement…” “Well, isn’t it interesting?” Dwayne mentioned as he checked something on his tablet. Noticing he had our attention, Dwayne showed us the graphics he had improvised to display my growth compared to Corey’s. “Benny, you told me that you had sex with a bouncer before you went to the restaurant right?” I nodded. “Yeah, I was starving…” “Did you have sex in the club too, Corey?” “Of course not! I mean, I was talking to my precious Geoffrey and we were about to go to his place…”Dwayne smiled. “Am I wrong to assume you had sampled the bouncer’s cum?” “Okay, I confess, I’m a cum pig!” I said rolling my eyes, but Dwayne just kissed me again. “Let’s not forget that you also had an intense workout, although your strength doesn’t consider it to be intense at all, your muscles were pumped, and then you felt hungry and horny at the same time. You had Corey’s cum inside you twice, and he had your sample too; the two of you ate a lot too before your growth spurts started…” “So, you think these facts are causing the growth? But we’ve been sucking and having each other’s cum for a long time…” Corey argued, but then Dwayne brought the most important detail. “Yeah, but I bet it got different after that night, right? I mean you guys have never been to a gym before, and all of a sudden you do so well on your first day? No sore bodies? No angst? I’ve noticed your strength levels were already much higher than I could expect from guys in your condition, but you were almost at the same level, with Corey winning by just a small percent, until tonight of course.” I looked at Corey and he shrugged. “So, what is your point?” Dwayne smiled. “I don’t think I have any point, it’s just funny to realize that your growth spurts are preceded by hunger and lust, not to mention the fact that if you now have a birth mark exactly like mine…” The personal trainer showed the spot behind his left shoulder to Corey and they both located the very same mark on my left shoulder. I barely could see it in the mirror reflection but that was indeed startling, especially because Corey had no sign on his augmented body. “I had never noticed it there before!” I casually commented, but the two of them seem to agree with me. “And although your cock was massive, it wasn’t bigger than Corey’s until AFTER you drank his cum…” Dwayne commented. “Let’s not forget that Dwayne’s cum was only inside you as a matter of fact.” Corey chuckled as they realized I grew closer to their conclusion. “So, how do you think that happened? I just got it from you?” Dwayne nodded. “Well, a birth mark like that is genetic, but I think you have absorbed more than just it, if you look carefully…your marvelous body is an improved version of mine…I don’t want to brag, but my body always had this impressive shoulder/waist proportion that gives me some advantage in the comparison with guys who were even bigger than me.” “Wait…so I took Corey’s freakishly huge cock gene and made mine even bigger? Not to mention that I have features of your own physique only made better?” I asked excited. “Well, it makes sense in theory. You must acquire some features from the guys whose cum you drink, I don’t know exactly how it happens.” Dwayne explained. “Wait a minute…Benny…what if you had to assemble a workout routine for an elderly man who had injured his left arm during an accident?” I opened my mouth to comment on how stupid and useless Corey’s question was, but something else came out of my mouth. It was the very detailed exercise routine with the number of reps and all the especial care that situation demanded. When I finished, Dwayne’s eyes were just as wide as mine.“H-how did you know that?” Dwayne asked Corey. “I remembered he quoted the competition weight of those bodybuilders by heart. I know Benny well enough to realize he would never know any sports fact by heart. Unless, if you call naming all of Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriends a sport…” We all laughed at that, because he was absolutely right, it was only then I remembered I had Corey’s traces as well, so I closed my eyes and recited something that came into my mind, and Corey quickly came to shut my mouth. “Are you crazy? That’s the poem I’m working for Geoffrey, you have no right to make fun of it!” “Oh, I’m sorry…I didn’t know…but it’s good. It reminds me of the earlier Langston Hughes’ work…” I casually commented. “Stop that now, you’re giving me the creeps!” Corey demanded. “Damn… I’m sorry…these things just came to my mind. I feel so marveled like...” “…when Karl Lagerfeld met Kimora for the first time! I didn’t even need to have your gifts inside me to guess that part.” Corey chuckled. “Wait a minute…knowledge isn’t passed by genes is it?” I asked Dwayne, but then I answered myself. “Some species display they have inborn knowledge about situations they have never experienced before, which can be some kind of genetic cargo.” Dwayne chuckled. “I guess that you are a better, bigger and more muscular amalgamation of all the men you’ve fucked Benny.”I brought my little Dwayne into my arms and kissed him passionately. “Well, why don’t we continued with our experiments then?” “I’d love to…Shit…look at the time! It’s almost a quarter to 5, the janitors will get here in a few moments!” Dwayne gulped as he noticed the mess we created: the empty blender cups, most of which were broken, steel plates crushed, the bars were bent like pretzels, and there was cum everywhere. “Damn…Dwayne I am sorry…I’ll cover the damages.” I instinctively looking for my checkbook, but only then I realized it was still back at the club. The tanned little guy just kissed my arm and caressed it tenderly. “Don’t worry, big guy…I can still clean it and come up with an excuse, but not if you monsters are here…” Dwayne said as he threw his car keys to Corey. “Make sure you put the big monster guy in the back seat okay? And please let him be careful…I know he’s absorbing our DNA, but his strength levels are much bigger, Benny can be dangerous if he is not focused.” “Whoa…take it easy, I’m not some monster….” I tried to protest, but right then Dwayne pointed to the plates I’ve crushed without even realizing, so I went quiet. Corey and I went back to Dwayne’s car, and I carefully entered the back seat, feeling so cramped, but trying not to damage his property even further. Corey was not little by all means, but he still managed to drive that pick up down the street. “Damn…this is the best night out ever!” Corey chuckled as he looked at my grinning face. “I think Dwayne is falling for me…” I said blushing. “Heh, I guess you became his wildest dream…” Corey commented casually as we passed by some dark alley. I looked at my side and noticed something. “Hey isn’t that Tristan over there?” I pointed to the very pale red haired boy dressed in skimpy baby-look shirt and white denim shorts. Judging by the way he ran, we could tell the guy was in trouble. Right then we devised a bunch of jocks chasing the poor twink. “Stop the car, Corey…” I ordered. “Benny, don’t do anything stupid. We can call 911 and these guys will all run away…remember what Dwayne said, you’re too strong now…” The right side of Dwayne’s car flew away as I forced my way out. Corey still screamed for me, but I was possessed. I just walked towards the bastards, and by that time they had cornered Tristan. “Please…I don’t have any money…” He cried. “We don’t want money from you, queer. We want some blood!” The tough looking guy spat on his face. “That’s good, because I’m about to take a lot from you!” The power in my voice tone scared the hell of them. I immediately devised the shine of the blades. “What the fuck do you want freak?” The guy asked trying to sound angry, when in fact he was just really scared. I simply reached for him and lifted the puny dude by his collar. I heard the several blades trying to penetrate my naked monstrous muscular body, but they simply broke in pieces. Someone else produced an aluminum baseball bat and took a good swung at my back, but it just resulted in the destruction of the expensive equipment. I reached the shocked little guy and picked him as well, and for some stupid reason, those morons thought they could outrun me, but they actually found a much more determined Corey waiting for them right at the corner of the street. “What do we do with them?” Corey asked while holding three of them. Meanwhile, I had the remaining 5 in my powerful bear hug. “They’re not important…” I threw the scumbags inside the dumpster and turned my attention to the shocked Tristan, who was even more scared now. “Please, don’t hurt me…” I gently hugged him. “It’s okay now, those guys won’t hurt you…” before he demanded any explanation, Corey touched my shoulder. “We have to go…the police soon will be here and we still have the matter of Dwayne’s car…” “Thank you so much!” He screamed as we ran down the dark street, back to rest of Dwayne’s pick up. I just held the right door and tossed it on the trunk of the vehicle, squeezing my humongous built back inside. Corey started the car and drove us towards home, he was quiet for most of the time but I still felt my blood boiling inside my veins. “You did the right thing, it was a bit impulsive, but you did the right thing, Benny.” He said after all. “Thanks for the help, sweetie. I just felt so angry…” “You’re not turning into some kind of gay superhero are you?” He finally had the urge to ask and we both laughed really hard.“Well, I could design a fantabulous costume if I wanted. Something that would put Lady Gaga into shame, the only problem would be that I’d have to make bigger versions of it.” Corey suddenly gulped. “You really want to take this further huh?” “Of course…we still have two delicious sources back at home! Can you believe how much bigger we will be with Kenny and Diego’s gifts? That would be an awesome start.” “Start of what?” I had Dwayne’s knowledge of physiology, and although I knew they weren’t enough, they would have to do for now. “The start of something very interesting.” End of part 4
  10. Hi everyone. First time poster here. Inspired by the works of Londonboy, Omnipotent, Liftme, and many others. Love super muscle men! So here is my first attempt at a story. There's going to be a lot of world building in this one. Hope you guys enjoy it! Feedback welcome. The Olympian chronicles: Ivan Chapter 1: Who I am… The air felt good on my bare torso as I flew through the sky. The feel of the wind as it whipped over my magnificent physique: bulbous pecs, titanium abs (six-pack), concrete biceps and triceps, and a back that rippled with muscular curvature. Complemented by a light coating of vascularity here and there. Overall I looked like a being the Greek Gods themselves would’ve aspired to be. I came to a rest about thirty thousand feet above my home suburb. My superhuman vision able to see the ground below in perfect detail. Not one square inch I couldn’t easily make out. I simply hovered there. I continued to enjoy the air as it now brushed lightly on my impenetrable skin. I closed my eyes and felt the power that coursed through me, and marvelled at how only a month ago I was human. I opened my eyes and observed the setting sun in the distance. I looked down to see how it illuminated my spectacular body. Every part of me was muscle. Every part of me huge, strong, defined, beautiful, and blemish-free. Always clean, always perfectly groomed, and always with a light tan that only accentuated the curves and solidness of the muscles. I am Ivan, and I am an Olympian. So what is an Olympian exactly? Nobody knows what causes the phenomenon, nor why it ever began in the first place. But Olympians were a part of our reality, and have been so for the last one-hundred and seventy-nine years. Almost every year, without any prior warning, one to four young men (usually one or two, rarely more) will, upon turning twenty, suddenly and dramatically change. In the space of just a few seconds they will, regardless of prior body-type or lifestyle, suddenly transform into massive, immaculate, beautiful, and flawless bodybuilders on the spot. And if that wasn’t enough, they will also possess a plethora of superhuman abilities that extend far beyond what even the likes of Superman, Thor, or even Dr. Manhattan could ever dream of having. To name BUT A FEW: · Superhuman strength (to the point of moving planets effortlessly) · Invulnerability (to date, there is no known way of harming an Olympian) · Superhuman speed (beyond the speed of light of course) · Superhuman senses (all senses) · Superhuman agility, reflexes, coordination, and muscle control · Flight · Heat vision · X-ray vision · Freeze breath (and the ability to blow gale-force winds with ease) · Telekinesis (which breaks down into loads of additional abilities) · Telepathy Again, nobody knows why this happens; it just does. Oh, and before I forget, yes: Olympians are also immortal. The first ones to appear are still looking as though they are twenty years old, despite almost pushing two hundred! Naturally I didn’t take long for the humans who stayed being human to realise that there were now all-powerful, unstoppable gods walking amongst them. Thankfully for them, all Olympians to date have proven to be kind, just, and principled in a positive way. And so, since the dawn of Olympians, human civilisation all over has changed dramatically. The life of a human now revolves around worshipping Olympians, along with living an otherwise normal day-to-day life. But more on that later. So anyway, I’m Ivan. And one month ago to the day I transformed into an Olympian. One second I was an ordinary, unremarkable college student in the middle of a college lecture on psychology, and the next minute I was floating in mid-air above my fellow classmates with a physique that the world’s top bodybuilders spend their whole lives trying to achieve. All around me my classmates, along with the professor, all immediately dropped to their knees and began to bow to me. They fervently whispered prayers, while those closest to me reached for my hover feet and diamond calves in the hopes of being able to feel them. This was followed by every man in the hall pulling out an erect cock and jerking off to the sight of me, while every woman reached a few fingers down their underwear. Overwhelmed, I clumsily shot upwards through the roof and out into the sky. I was a bit panicked by being up so high, and so when I tried to land I ended up creating a crater in the middle of campus. Thankfully no one was hurt. I was also completely naked, as my clothes had been shredded by my rapidly expanding body during the transformation. Once again, every human who could see me began kneeling, bowing, jerking off, fingering themselves, and in general crying out how amazing I was; all because I was an Olympian. Fast forward a month, and here I am levitating thousands of feet above my home. I had largely taught myself how to control most of my main abilities, like flight and strength. I had also given up on wearing clothes for the most part. I was wearing boxer shorts and jeans at the moment, but other than that, I couldn’t find tops that would fit me. Not that it was a problem; Olympians were allowed to be naked in public if they wanted to be. The one change that I was struggling with was how people reacted to me. It’s too much to take in quickly. One minute you’re a scrawny, nerdy, weak little man who’s never played sport, and is still a virgin. The suddenly people are actually bowing to you. Total strangers and people you’ve known your whole life now kneel when you enter a room, or walk (or float) by them on the street. You’re walking around without a shirt, fully aware of it, yet now you have a physique like Arnold or Ronnie Coleman, and not a skinny, acne-covered torso and stick-arms. Now you’re handsome beyond description, and not well below average. People are openly pleasuring themselves to your image, in front of you, and because it’s law no less! It’s just…a lot to come to terms with. I began my descent and soon landed gently in the back garden. Certainly a lot better than the first time I landed here. Let’s just say my dad had to hire a landscaping company to fix the damage. I still live with my dad by the way. He’s been so supportive of me throughout all of this. All the while trying not to give in to his “mortal instincts”. Which is a term used to describe every human’s inherent desire to worship Olympians. “Dad, I’m home” I say, as I close the sliding door behind me. My big bare feet pat loudly as I walk across the tiled floor of the kitchen. I have to keep ducking down as I walk through doorways. 5’7’’ to 6’8’’ is quite the difference. I find my dad in the living room, already kneeling. No doubt doing so the second he heard my voice. “Come on dad, you don’t have to do that. Not for me” I say, feeling a little embarrassed by his display of reverence. “Of course son” says my dad, hastily getting to his feet, “whatever you say”. He’s smiling, somewhat nervously, and constantly looking back and forth over my body, trying to pick a muscle group to settle on. He’s still just standing there. “You can go about your business” I say, “I just came in to say hi. I’m going up to my room for a bit”. “Of…of course” says Dad, “Is there anything you want me to do?” he asks. He nods enthusiastically, excited at the idea of being able to directly obey an Olympian, even if it’s his own son. “Nope. Just go back to whatever it was you were doing”, I say, trying to smile sweetly at him, and ignore the absurdity of the situation. And with that I quickly leave the room. At speeds that no human could ever hope to move at, I shot from the living room to my bedroom upstairs. I promptly took off my jeans and stood there in just my boxers, enjoying the coolness that now caressed my muscular legs. I turned my attention to my full-body dressing mirror and decided to treat myself to another posing show. BOOM! Biceps that easily exceed thirty inched, with a proud vein on each that rested on them like crowns. And my pecs! Hello!!! Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. Up and down they went in turn. The entire rest of my being as still as a statue while my magnificent pecs bounced, vibrated, and jiggled in exquisite detail. I stopped the bounce and flexed them both. Their size expanded, and they looked far more like two massive slabs of concrete. I raised my arms again so as to admire my lats and obliques; still in disbelief that I actually had those muscles. On me! On my body! And that’s not to mention the abs. Oh my Olympian! My abs. Like six cobble-stones that made steel feel soft by comparison. I only just managed to master the art of rolling my abs, making waves glide up or down. One minute I could contort them and mush them about by flexing alone, and the next I could tense them into a wall of pure power and strength. Next up were my legs. Quads of the gods, as I liked to call them. Even when I wasn’t tensing or flexing they were still formidably rock-solid. I liked to run my fingers over them, just to feel the different ridges and boundaries of muscle. Next I turned my attention to my calves. Diamonds by shape, yet so much harder, and so much stronger. I shoved an SUV the other day with my foot, and the corresponding calve generated enough power to send it sailing out towards the horizon. I was only trying to dislodge if from a ditch the driver had accidently driven it into. Amusingly though, he wasn’t mad. He immediately bowed and thanked me for displaying my strength to him. He cried for joy when he asked to touch my calves and I said yes. I can still feel his delicate little finger tips tracing lines on them. He came a few times without either of us ever touching his dick. I left him after that. I…I’m not ready to be a god to people just yet. The thought robbed me of my enthusiasm for more flexing. Instead I slumped down onto my bed. This is my life now. This is who I’m going to be. I should be happier (which I am when I’m flexing for myself, jerking off with my new 10’’ cock, or effortlessly curling train engines), but the thought of ruling humans, and being celebrated as superior is still…I don’t know. It’s a big change. There was a knock at the door. “Come in” I said. I telekinetically opened the door to find Dad standing in a somewhat cowered position on the other side. Telekinesis was weird. It’s like I could feel the door with my brain. “Hi son” he said, in a polite tone and with a nervous smile. I knew he had only come up here so that he could be around me, look at me more, and maybe even touch me if I allowed it. It was instinctual in humans to want to worship Olympians and be close to them. Not to mention obey them without question. “Hey Dad, what’s up?” I said, smiling sweetly at him, trying to put him at ease. “Just came to see how my big man is! What did you get up to today?” he said, and kneeled down in front of me while trying to maintain eye contact and not look at some other part of me. I doubt he even noticed that he kneeled. “Not much. Just flew around the city a few times. I really want to perfect my flight power before travelling any farther” I said. Dad nodded energetically, with his mouth hanging open a little. It was kind of amusing. “Well I know you don’t need to eat anymore, but the…eh…the dinner will be there…I mean ready, in a few minutes, if you want…you know” he said, struggling to maintain composure around his literal god of a son. “Great!” I said, smiling all the while to keep the atmosphere friendly. A minute of silence passed. Dad was still kneeling, now looking down at my feet. I rolled my eyes. “Dad” I said. He immediately looked up at my face. “Do you want to…touch my muscles?” I said, weirded out by the thought. Of course, Dad wasn’t. As a human he couldn’t think clearly in the presence of an Olympian. “Yes! Oh yes please son! You are so…so incredibly beautiful now!” he said suddenly, and began running a hand across my pecs. “Wow! So powerful” he whispered, as he examined the finer details of my godly chest. He poked them, trying to make a dent, but to no avail. I have to admit: I liked seeing him so happy. I bounced my pecs a little for him, and he ended up drooling a small bit. I chuckled. “Alright” I said, standing up and towering over him. He gulped at the sight of me, and whimpered a small bit too. “Dinner time” I said, indicating that it was alright for him to stand up too. He did so, but still only came up to the base of my pecs. I patted him gently on the head. “I love you Dad, no matter what I’ve become” I said, trying to get some of that pre-Olympian father-son relationship back. “I love you too son” he said, looking up past my pecs at me. “And I’m so proud of what you’ve become. I look forward to seeing an even more powerful version of you when you return from Mercury after god-school” he said. Oh, that’s right. I forgot to mention. All newly born Olympians are expected to attend “god-school” on the planet Mercury for a few months, after which they will have developed to their fullest potential. Basically, the way I am now doesn’t even measure up to the level of power I’ll have in a few months. I am expected to begin god-school in a few days. It is decreed by one of the laws of David, the first Olympian. Who’s he? Right, there’s still so much about this version of reality that you don’t know…
  11. NOTE: Hey everyone, a quick and dirty one. This one is a darker variety. I don't do fanfic much, appreciate hearing what the community thinks. Huge shoutout to BigBen, he wrote this awesome story called SuperGod and I'm kind of doing my own take on it; it's one of the best out there. Thanks to Ben for writing it. And thanks for reading. It sucks being the weak kid. It's my senior year and life as the school nerd was running me down. All the kids picked on me, even the younger kids. PE was my worst nightmare, Coach had us do hard drills and forced everyone to shower naked, the football jocks picked on me and my unathletic friends to no end. I grew tired of it. I grew vengeful, I grew angry. “I'm not going to stand for this anymore,” I said. “I gotta do something about it.” Superman was on the scene, all the rave, insanely popular, of course; he was rescuing people and aiding law enforcement. I remember as a freshman this senior named Clark did a lot of honorable stuff, he was also popular. But a few weeks ago I made a connection: this man of steel was actually the elusive man I remember from my freshman year, Clark Kent. No one else seemed to put the two together, and I sure wasn't going to tell anyone. When Clark was a senior and I was a freshman, he gained respectable reputation for himself but he didn't talk much and kept to himself. He was good at hiding the alien that he was. But I wasn't fooled. He never helped me, after all. He even looked at me during PE one day my freshman year, I could see him contemplating to rescue me, and he didn't. I got a black eye that day from the bully Bruce, a football lineman. He's still in my PE class today. I never forgave Clark for that. Shortly after that embarrassing incident I discovered something strange about Clark. He was changing in the baseball locker room after practice. I ran into the locker room to avoid the bullies who were trying to pin me down and use me for punching practice. I hid in a locker and saw Clark undressing. On his chest was a subtle, scar-like S. It grew red every few seconds. He didn't want anyone to see it. He was hiding something. Of course I didn't make the connection until I saw the S on the superman hero outfit, a tight fitting one piece of blue and red that proudly showed the hero that he was. Then I knew, it was the same guy. Superman? Clark Kent? He didn't fool me. A few weeks ago I discovered Clark's secret hideout at his parent's old farm in Smallville. He used it when he wasn't traveling to his fortress, or whatever it is. He didn't think anyone knew about this hideout in Smallville, but I hiked miles through the forest to find it. There I discovered everything about his past, about his alien ancestry, about his supernatural powers, about his incredible physique and stamina. I lusted for it. I wanted it, it was the answer to my own pathetic existence. But how could I get his powers? After my second visit to the barn, I discovered the kryptonite. Apparently it crash landed fragments of Clark's homeworld. Maybe the planet was destroyed, I don't know. But after leaving his hideout I found four chunks of red meteor glowing in the forest, near the path I took to his hideout. I picked up the rocks and stashed them away, running back to Clark's hideout to read about the red meteors he wrote in his journal. This stuff was the key. It was a special kind of kryptonite, it could literally pull and move the alien's power from one body to another. I wanted it. It was going to aid me in moving his power into me. I had been studying the effects of the meteor for a few weeks and was able to use some chemistry equipment from the high school to boil it down into a liquid form. I could use a modified version of the kryptonite, combining it with magnesium, to force Kent into a hypnosis, then I could use the liquid kryptonite on his suit to aid me in pulling his powers. I knew what to do, I only had to get the man of steel under my control. I sneaked back to his hideout on a Friday night and patiently waited for him to return. Now that he was a reporter or something in Metropolis he didn't come back to his hideout often, but I knew he'd come back tonight because he wasn't on the news. I fell asleep behind a haystack before waking to a shaking wind coming from a large hole in the barn. The man of steel, in his tight and muscle-defining outfit, flew into his domain and used his powers to barrier it, protecting him and me from the outside world. He had no idea I was there. I smiled. I watched him write at his desk, focusing on his heroic deeds of the day. He wrote an entry in his journal and read a book for awhile. The muscles on the alien were magnificent. I couldn't look away. His thick head of dark hair waved on his scalp, and his hair prickled over his hands and face. This create was magnificent, and he was going to be mine. He stood and stretched himself, looking around to see if anyone was looking. Of course he thought he was isolated. Then he did something that surprised me. He started to slip himself out of his suit! “oh this is perfect!” I told myself, as I needed his suit to aid me in transporting his powers into me. Superman took his left and right arm and with some struggle peeled the suit away from his arms before sliding it down his chest. Unhooking his cape and hanging it on a nearby hangar. The man peeled his suit down his chest exposing his large and bulked back and shoulders. He reached his waist and rolled it over his ass. The alien wasn't even wearing any underwear! Just his one piece suit. The man of steel didn't shave his ass or legs, and his dark hair prickled out as he slid it down his body and stepped out of the suit, revealing his naked, power-ridden body. He hung his suit and turned toward me. I hid behind the haystack. His rod was growing. The alien was getting aroused! He took his hands and slid them through his pubic hair staring at himself in the mirror, flexing his muscles, admiring his massive and sculpted physique. “This is too easy,” I said. I needed the alien in his most vulnerable state, and this was the perfect opportunity. With his back turned to me once again I grabbed a vial of the liquid red kryptonite and pulled off the top. I had to just splash a little on him to weaken him, then I could move forward with my plan. The man started pumping his massive rod, letting the world around him drift away. I quickly stepped behind him and flung the bottle onto his muscle-rocked back. “ARGH!” he screamed in pain. The liquid quickly sunk into the alien's body and he twisted and turned as his body seized in pain. “What the...who are you?” He said, falling onto the ground, letting go of his dick. “It doesn't matter,” I replied. “Go to sleep now, superman, I'll see you in a minute.” It took a lot of effort to pull the man of steel to a barn post in the center of his lair. I tied his chest to the barn post to hold him there, and took a chunk of my reduced magnesium kryptonite and hung it right above his head, just high enough to keep him weak and dreary, while still giving him some consciousness. After a few minutes the man of steel woke up. “What? Where...who are you?” he said, still in pain from my attack earlier. “What's it matter? I'm about to become superman.” I said smiling, watching the man of steel lift himself up, only to see himself tethered to the post behind him. “But you can call me Kyle,” That was my name, but I didn't really care at this point. “You were at my high school, but how did you know about me?” superman asked. “You fuckin neglected me when I was tormented, superman!” I said. “I knew you were Clark Kent ever since I saw you get naked after your baseball practice. I could see the S inscribed on your chest, you tried so hard to hide it, but you didn't know I was there, hiding in the locker room from the bullies who you neglected to protect me from! Well, it doesn't matter anymore. You let yourself get exposed. You let me find out about it. I discovered your weaknesses and I discovered what this rock can do. And now I'm going to take what you neglected, and I'm going to use it for myself.” The Kryptonian looked at me quizzically. He had no idea. “You're trying to tell me after years of batting your foes you don't know what this shit can do?” I asked. “This is red kryptonite, it can pull your incredible powers out of your body, and deposit them into me. And I'm going to use it.” I couldn't help but chuckle, these powers were about to be mine. “Don't you get it super FREAK?! This is the end for you! You locked us into your lair and now I'm going to use your powers against you!” Superman started to put the pieces together. He saw what the red kryptonite could do. He knew what I was going to make of him. “No, no you can't!” He started to beg. “Your planet needs me, I'm their hope for an oncoming siege, I'm here to save you not torment you! Don't do this! You don't understand!” His voice getting continually desperate. I laughed again. “Oh so the all powerful alien is begging now? I love it. Human's aren't hurt by the kryptonite. So after I gain your powers I will be unstoppable. I will be immune to all attacks. I will take over as the planet's new savior. But only after my tormentors feel the wrath of my powers!” I could feel my dick hardening at the fantasy. It was going to be awesome. I knew if I got this far I would get his powers. I would become Superman. No stopping me now. The naked man of steel struggled underneath the glowing red rock. He wanted to escape but he couldn't. I had come this far, I had to finish what I came here to do. I took the suit neatly hanging on the wall and found a bucket. I needed it to move his powers into me. I stuffed the suit into a bucket and dumped two vials of the red, krypton liquid into the bucket. The liquid starting cloning itself as it integrated into the suit, creating a full bucket with the liquid suspending the suit inside of it. The liquid thickened and darkened, mixing the blue of the suit with the red of the liquid. I sat the bucket in front of the alien and loosened his restraint from his right arm. “In order for this to work, super freak, you gotta get me some of your seed,” I said, pointing to his enormously large but now flaccid dick and balls. “Pump it.” He knew what I was doing. He knew my plan. “No!” he said with some struggle, the power of the kryptonite above and below him. “I won't succumb.” I smiled. “Yes you will.” The body of the naked alien was mesmerizing. He was perfect in every way. I stepped forward and lowered the glowing rock closer to the alien, entrancing him, making it difficult for him to see where he was, what was going on. I looked down at his dick, his balls heaving behind it in panic. I reached out and lifted his dick with my hand. The weight was insane. The girth of it huge, barely able to fit my small hands around it. I gave it a tug. The alien hadn't masturbated in awhile, it didn't take long for it to jump to attention. “Umm...” he said, yelping in pleasure at my stroke. I jerked again and again, the man of steel trying to evade my strokes of pleasure but unable to hold back, the rock beckoning him to continue. “This is your power, superman,” I said, “and it's going to be mine.” “Please don't,” he begged, his eyes shut, further losing himself in his own pleasure. Lost under the hypnosis of his own erection and the red meteor above him, superman brushed aside my hand and took his dick for himself, jerking it, lost in his own pleasure of his massive cock. His balls pulled into his body as his dick grew further, his body preparing itself to ejaculate his alien seed. His body was perfect. I could feel the heat of the alien radiating off of him. I touched my chest. As I was to be the one to gain his powers, I needed to add my own seed, too. And I could feel my dick jerking in my shorts, eager to join in on the fun. I threw off my shirt and kicked off my shoes. Superman opened his eyes, still lost in his own jerking. But looked me over as my pathetic body revealed itself under my clothes. I got to my boxers before he could see my own small erection underneath my underwear. “What are you doing?” He asked between breaths. “We need both of our seed in here. For the first time I think I'm not embarrassed to expose my naked body. Because I won't own it for much longer,” I said, peeling down my boxers and getting naked across from the man of steel. The massive alien was hypnotically massaging his dick, under the influence my newfound rock of power. The thought of gaining his powers were too much for me, I started pumping with the fantasy of becoming this muscular and powerful behemoth. It only took me a minute to explode with excitement, my semen landing in the bucket below me. “OH YEAH!” I whispered as pleasure wracked through my body. “This is mine! You are mine, aren't you super freak?” I asked, more confident than ever before. Superman was not completely lost in his own hypnosis, “No, NO, NOOOOOO!” he shouted before his dick choked and started spewing his seed. It was massive, loads of cum falling out of his dick and into the bucket I placed below. “Umm, no, ARGH AWW!” he shouted in pleasure as the cum mixed with my own, the krypton liquid, and his suit below. The red liquid ate it up and started sparking streaks of power, red electric bolts moving across the bucket and the suit. I hoisted the rock back above the alien and let his consciousness come back to him. I walked to the sink and washed off my hands. The naked man let go of his dick, surrendering himself to what was to happen. “Please, don't, do, this,” he said between breaths. “You don't know what you're gaining. The red krypton is evil. It will make you do things that you never imagined before.” I paused, listening to the alien. “That's exactly what I want,” I said. “I didn't go through this trouble for nothing, I want my new wrath to be heard on the world, I want them to know who I am.” For the first time in my life I didn't mind being butt naked in front of someone else. This was my time, this was my turn to become that which the world would fear, that which would succumb to my powers. “If I decide to become a hero,” I said, “it will be after I've exhausted my need for vengeance.” The red liquid had now soaked into the suit. It looked the same as it always had, but it was now ready for it's new bearer. I unfurled it and examined it. It was at least twice my own size, but I didn't care, that wouldn't matter. The man of steel looked up at me with concern, defeat and begging in his eyes. “Please don't,” was all he could say. I pushed my left leg, then my right, into the suit, curled it up over my dick, which was finally shrinking again, and over my skinny butt. I rolled it over my thin treasure trail and up and over my stomach and chest, slipping my arms into the right and left sleeves. The suit was huge on me, but it felt welcoming, encouraging. I was feeling more and more confident with every move I made, fitting my fingers into the gloves, attaching the back up to my neck and unfurling the cape. I could feel the suit vibrating over my body. It was feeling me, determining me. Matching itself to me. “Oh wow,” I whispered, the pathetic alien looking at me as it tightened against my body. The latex started shrinking as it grabbed hold of my skin and shrunk down to reveal all my pathetic figure. Then the pain started. Hot, searing shocks of pain erupted from the suit, it felt like lava was being poured onto me and scraped off. “ARRGH!” I shouted. The suit started lifting my body. Levitating me up 5, 10 feet into the middle of the barn. “What the fuck!” I was able to shout, “god what is this?” the suit was wracking my body, causing it to twist and turn in searing and painful movements, my head felt hot and heavy as waves of energy started to encircle me. My chest started getting particularly hot as the suit's large, red “S” started to glow and spark with red, electric bolts. The suit forced me to face the naked alien below me as the sparks shot out of the S and onto the alien. Searing him with the same pain I was feeling. “ARGH NOO!” he shouted as it burned off his ropes and pulled the muscular behemoth toward me. “My powers, NO!” he shouted again as the red bolts of electricity pulled the alien, lifting him off the ground and encircling him. As he slowly flew toward me the bolts literally drained him of his muscle and drew them upward in waves of immortal energy toward the suit and into my body. Immediately I went from pain and confusion and pleasure and confidence. “Oh god,” I said, “Oh yes, YES YEEESSS!” I shouted as I felt the immortal powers of the alien burrowed into me through his suit. “FUCK YEAH!” I shouted again as my chest twisted and turned before spasming pounds of muscle underneath the suit. My pecs grew outward into thick, tight slabs of meat, followed by my abs quickly rumbling and forming a deep 8 pack with a defined and sharp adonis belt, pushing my suit back outward, expanding it against my ever-increasing body. I reached down to feel the washboard, every contour tightening against the suit. My legs blew outward with thick, steel quads stronger than those losers on the football team. My knees knocked and my shins expanded, before pushing outward, stretching my legs as they gained length and muscle. The powers reached upward to my shoulders doubling them in size before extending out toward my biceps and hands, growing them to match the size of the once-powerful alien's stature. I could feel my legs elongating as my shoulders doubled up toward my neck, now thickening. The masculine overdrive of the superhero powered new masculine hairlines across my face and down my chest, building a physique of a powerful alien-god. I looked upward to the former man of steel, a look of fear and pleading on his face as he reached his skinny, disintegrating arm toward me, begging me to stop, quickly losing all of his stature and stamina. He levitated closer and closer to me until we were only a foot apart, “Don't do this!” he begged underneath my power of theft removing everything he knew before. “You can still stop this!” he said, the freak becoming smaller and skinnier and more pathetic than ever before, his hair receding, his muscle mass disappearing, his features fading. “You're mine, superman! I am now the new Superman! The most powerful being in the world!” I shouted, feeling my ass lock in and push a hard and defined bubble butt outward. As the man of steel dried and withered into nothing but the red electric bolts engulfing him, the last of his body literally pushed itself into me like a ghost, and I felt my immortal seed grow inside my package, my semen realigning itself to the pure power of the Kryptonians, growing with aggression as is pushed hard against my suit, my dick soon following with intense girth and power. The man of steel was gone. I was now Superman. The red powers engulfed me. “YESSS! YEAAHHHHHHH!” I shouted, “my POWERS!” as I gained the knowledge of the Kryptonians, the immortality, the ability to fly, the ability to morph and transform, I was becoming more than superman. I was becoming a superbeing of all power. “GAARRR!” I shouted as my eyes turned red. Erupting a stream of power onto the roof of the barn, burning the fortress that Superman had set over his lair. I could feel the powers coursing through me as they zapped into my body. I flew upward at the speed of light and into the upper atmosphere, feeling the burn of powers course through me. “This is who I am!” I shouted, my deep, defined voice rattling through the skies. “I am the power of the Kryptons!” I could feel Superman's powers coursing through me. I could feel my body relishing in what I had gained. I could feel the knowledge of what I could do, and the innate, begging need for me to exact some evil vengeance. The red of the kryptonite filled me with the vengeance I sought, and I intended to use it. I had been bullied too long, pushed around, ignored by those who deserved me the ultimate respect. Now they were going to get it. I willed my suit away as I floated in the skies and looked at my bare, immaculate chest. I turned to see my toned bubble ass, exposed with intense muscle, and I flexed my legs and arms to test their sinew and power. Stretching, I pushed my hands down to my dick just as Superman had done earlier and tugged on its power. My body rattled with intense pleasure. “Oh yeah, this is going to be fun,” I said, willing the suit back onto me and flying through the sky. “The football bullies are mine!”
  12. This is my first story. It's going to have bite sized chapters and very regular updates (most likely daily). This is a m/m superhero romance. The first two chapters are mostly set up, but after that every chapter has plenty of sexy muscle and feats of strength, so please stick with it! Chapter 1 It began as all the best love stories do: with terrorism. The 24th of March 2013 is much like any other day. Hugo Chavez recently died, triggering what would go on to become an economic crisis in Venezuela, the UN security council has just slammed North Korea with harsh new sanctions, Justin Timberlake is topping the charts with ‘Mirrors’, protestors are waving signs outside Parliament, protesting about something, pigeons are shitting, rain is pouring, and I'm on my way to work. The newly opened Shard is difficult to miss. It towers over London’s skyline, jutting into the clouds like the lair of a comic book villain. I make my way inside, flashing my ID as I go. ‘Jake Langley’, it says in large capital letters, along with an employee number and my date of birth. I only show it as a courtesy - the security guards have all memorised my face by now. I sometimes wonder what they think of me. Am I ‘that cute, fresh faced little pastry chef with the dimples’ or do they just see me as a child straight out of college, coasting by on boyish looks, with no clue what he’s doing? I’d like to think it was the former. I’d like to. But I don’t. I wish I was the kind of guy who had the guts to ask. The kind who knows he's good enough, who knows he's not going to be rejected or shut down. But even if I wasn't gay, I will never be that kind of guy. It's not in my nature. I'm not assertive or domineering. I smile, wave, and make pastry. That's my nature. I slip by in this hyper masculine world by being too small for anyone to see as a threat. And for the most part, it works. The kitchens still shine like the day they were installed, which wasn't that long ago. Most kitchens are crowded, starkly lit places where you can barely move an inch without bumping into someone or knocking something over, but not this one. Natural light pours through the floor-to-ceiling windows, treating us to a view of London that millions of people would kill for. But I'm not here for the views. Okay, maybe a little bit. But mostly, I'm here to do my job. I find my little corner and start preparing for the day’s guests. It's a Sunday, so we're expecting a lot of traffic. There isn’t an overpaid banker in London who doesn’t salivate over the idea of lunch at the Shard. Russian oligarchs, Saudi oil barons, British royalty, Colombian drug lords - we serve them all. I don’t care who they are or what they do. It's none of my business. It sounds like a simple, boring job - making pastry. You’d be surprised at how much there is to it. There’s a reason they have pastry chefs – this is a difficult thing to get right. It's always come easily to me. I find something calming about rolling out a sheet of puff, spreading on the butter, folding it over, and rolling it out again. There's a rhythm to it. My movements soon become mechanical and I can feel myself floating away into a distant world where I'm someone interesting, somewhere interesting, doing something interesting. The kitchen hums around me as the first orders come in. Pans clink, hobs fizzle, water gurgles as it boils. I can barely hear the orders being barked over it all. But I'm not really paying attention. Boom. I can feel a wave of pressure pass through my feet, up to my head, and down again. Everything is shaking; the walls, the floor, the windows. Pots rattle above my head on their hooks. I turn to see the kitchen staff frozen, eyeing one another with pointed glares. I don't think I've ever seen this room so quiet. “What was that?” I hear one of them whisper, his voice carrying clear across the room. No one answers. Was it an earthquake? It couldn’t be. Earthquakes aren’t instantaneous, they're gradual. Then it comes again, much louder. BOOM. I don’t know if it's the ringing in my ears or the shaking beneath my feat, but I'm suddenly hunched over a table, flour covering my hands, gasping for breath. I don't know how long I spend there, trying to comprehend what's going on. It must be a minute or two, at least. My daze is broken as an alarm whirrs into life, high pitched and screaming. Red lights flash. All at once, the shock turns to chaos. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. They're coming faster now, from all over the building. I can feel them in my bones. While others run for the doors, I huddled under my table. What the hell is going on? My eyes drift to the windows, where black smoke is billowing up past our floor, carrying dust and paper. Fuck. I watched 9/11 unfold on live TV and I was here when they locked down London during the 7/7 attacks. It's impossible to ignore the reality of what's going on. This is a terrorist attack. I can see dark shapes floating past outside, just beyond the smoke. Choppers. News choppers. When I had dreamed of appearing on TV, I was thinking more along the lines of Deal or No Deal, not this. Anything but this. I'm now alone in the kitchen. I don't know when that happened. I presume everyone else has fled. My gaze flickers to the open door as I try to decide what to do. Maybe if I run now, I could get out before the building collapses. Or maybe the lower floors are experiencing the worst of it, and I'm best waiting up here while the blaze is brought under control. Is there anything here I could turn into a parachute? No, I scold myself. That’s pointless and stupid. I’d never break through those windows anyway. Turning on my phone, I check the BBC. The first result is a live video of the Shard, burning in a dozen places. The news anchors are speaking but I can’t hear a word of it. I watch the screen in horror as the fire begins to creep outward from the explosion sites. One of them is pretty close to this kitchen. Placing my hands on the ground, I feel warmth. There’s a rumbling sensation. Something is crackling not far from our door. As fast as I can, I slam it shut, backing away with a hiss as the handle burns my skin, leaving it red and blotchy. Now there’s smoke trickling in through the vents and the air is getting hazy. Pulling a wet cloth over my mouth, I run around the kitchen and turn on all the taps and block all the drains. They overflow one by one, spilling out onto the floor until there’s a pool of water an inch deep. This won’t save me, but it might slow the spread. It’s getting seriously hot in here. I clutch my burned hands around the wet cloth, which eases the pain, but nothing can stop the coughing fits. There’s soot clogging my lungs and in my eyes, causing them to water uncontrollably. The air is so thick now that I can barely see from one end of the room to the other. My only sign that the door has buckled is the red tongues of flame licking at the ceiling. At the same time, I’m hit by a wave of heat so overwhelming that my only option is to curl up on the floor and cover my face as I feel the skin of my back start to blister. Then something astonishing happens. Something so unusual that I wonder if I’m hallucinating. There's a silhouette visible through the smoke. A man. He's enormous, and seems completely unphased by the fire caressing every inch of his body. His eyes find me on the floor, and a look of relief flits across his face. I blink, and he’s suddenly leaning over me. How did he move so fast? I open my mouth to ask, but only a ragged cough comes out. Two huge arms gently scoop me up. I press my face into his chest to escape the heat. Somehow even in the middle of a burning skyscraper, his touch makes me feel safe. Protected. Isn’t that strange? I hear the sound of shattering glass, feel a rush of cold air on my neck. The arms wrap more tightly around me. The lurching in my stomach tells me we’re moving, and I try to look around, but one hand on the back of my head keeps me locked to his chest. As the adrenaline fades, my body starts to scream in pain. I’ve never felt such agony. It’s only a matter of time before blackness is creeping into my vision, clouding my mind. And then I’m gone.
  13. Philosopher

    Envy and Lust (Ch. 17 added)

    This story is intended to be more of a slow burn, but it'll have regular updates. The first chapters are more of a set-up, until the interesting stuff come along! Chapter 1 The only thing that kept me from screaming out loud was the constant, artificial reassurance of my internal monologue. Calm down, Jason. It's a wonderful job, you know. Working with these people will teach you to come out of your shell and obliterate any remnants of your social anxiety! I try to prevent my mind from responding to, well, my mind, but this cheerful voice inside be has been part of my life since I was a toddler, and so I indulge in my own insanity. How exactly is working as a laboratory intern a way of fixing my anxiety? The only thing they make me do is clean up the apparatus after they're done with their experiments! And I just stand there like a scarecrow, with a fake smile on my face, saying 'Thanks!' as if they gave me the most important mission of my entire life! The voice doesn't seem to have an answer for my accusation, and so it finally shuts up, letting me to resume the monotony of the past few hours. In hindsight, working for 'Astral Arc' seemed like a great prospect of adding work experience to my CV as an undergraduate student, at least when some official representatives had visited my university to present their new and upcoming company. From Pharmaceutics to Research & Development, and even Bioengineering of infectious agents, the company appeared as the perfect place to work and learn, with 'friendly' staff and many opportunities to grow. In the first month of working here, I realized that the only good thing about Astral Arc was their marketing department, because they had done a damn good job at hiding the fact that all students would be treated like house elves that their only objective in life was cleaning and filing up stacks of paperwork. But I'm not mad or anything. Besides, my inability to handle confrontation prevents me from speaking up about the horrible working hours or measly pay. So, all I do is keep my head down and follow the orders of the Senior Researchers, who're essentially in charge in the Bioengineering Sector of the building. The only silver lining in this scam job is that I have my own desk and computer that I use when I'm not cleaning lab equipment, although the laboratory has restricted access to the internet in order to prevent any leaking of 'redacted information'. The funniest part of this whole farce is that my section, Lab 1, is only working on a potential bio-agent that can detect epithelial cell damage, which has to be the most boring assignment yet. It's rather unfair, because the other labs are working on far more exciting projects, or so I've heard. As each minute passes, the clock on the wall somehow gets slower, the passing hours feeling like eons of boredom and apathy. Another intern sitting next to me taps the plastic wall that separates our desks. He's rather cute, with clear blue eyes, red hair and a gentle smile, but I never made a move, because not knowing is better than rejection in my opinion. It's not that I look unappealing, but courage isn't one of my strengths, to say at least. With straight black hair and black eyes, I'm no stunner, but I think I'm seen as generally attractive. Combined with an average 5'10 frame, I fit well into the median. "Hey Jason, do you need anything from the vending machine? I ought to have a break now, my fingers are killing me from all this typing," he smiles at me as he flexes his hand muscles. He's taller than me, and slightly toned, and I briefly take a peek at the veins of his forearms. I look up at him from my desk, and my stomach suddenly reminds me that I haven't eaten anything after breakfast, and more than ten hours have passed since then. "I-err. Could you get me a bar or something? Just make sure it has like, a gazillion calories," I reply back and with a nod, I watch him leave our cramped room and disappear into the nearby hallway. His butt perks as he walks away, and I tear my gaze away in case he looks back. Like I said, no courage. Now with my eyes back on the computer screen, I notice a flashing icon in the taskbar, just underneath the opened documents where I'm working on today's lab report. It's a red mail, meaning a message from Headquarters itself. My stomach suddenly feels as if its falling from Mt. Everest. From the rumors I've heard, receiving messages like this generally means one thing: reduced performance and subsequent termination. My hand trembles as I move the mouse towards the blinking message, and then I click. >CODE SS-A: IMMEDIATE EVACUATION< It has come to our attention that an accident occurred in Laboratory 5 of the Bioengineering Section. We have a verified report of a potential Bio-Agent human contamination. As such, we are requesting Labs 1, 2, 3 and 4 and their subsequent intern centers to be evacuated until the situation has been resolved. We have contacted emergency services and a team of first responders have been stationed outside the building. Do not be afraid. The situation is currently under control, and so we urge you to evacuate as calmly as possible. Thank you for your mandatory cooperation. The moment my eyes read the last sentence of the message, the white lights in the room suddenly go out and are immediately replaced by a bright, ominous crimson that bathes the walls in red. I look at my hands, and I see them shaking, a bad omen from my experiences. It's just an evacuation, calm down! The computer screen is displaying the message again, now flooded with warning signs and a map showing the nearest escape. Then, as if the lights weren't enough, a blaring wail begins echoing through the intern center, a screeching sound so loud that it floods out all other noises and senses. I can hear the faint screams of the nearby interns, three girls and two guys my age that I never introduced myself to. A primal fear has tainted their eyes, and if I had a mirror, I'd probably have the same kind of horror carved on my face. Oh crap. OH CRAP. The combination of the red lights with the roaring sounds of the alarm made me feel as if someone had opened a portal to Hell and let something truly infernal come out of it. Some interns scramble to run towards the door, while others are left behind to try and take their personal objects with them. All of them are shouting and screaming, and it makes me want to cry in fear, even though I know that there's no immediate danger. I try to drown my own scream from escaping my throat, but it only results in a pathetic sound that reminds me of a dying cat. Thankfully, the human body is a work of art in terms of survival, and so my animal instincts kick in and I find myself running for the exit corridor. The only perk of working in Lab 1 is that its nearest to the escape doors, which should lead to the safety of the outside parking lot. And so, I join in the rampant run towards the exit, only taking my phone with me and leaving everything else behind. The security guards that are usually stationed out of each center have disappeared to somewhere unknown, and that makes me feel a tinge of anger. They're supposed to be here to protect us, aren't they? Did they actually just abandon their posts and left us all to fend for ourselves?! I push the thoughts away and focus on my current task: escape this hellhole as fast as possible. I didn't want to wait and find out just what exactly had escaped from Lab 5, but in my frenzied panic, a zombie apocalypse was the only thing that came up my mind, even though I knew that the chances of that happening was more science fiction that real-life. Maybe it was a bio-engineered bacterium that caused a number of diseases; maybe it was just modified corn that was somehow sneaked out of the lab. The exit doors are now just in front of me, and so I push them with glee and panic, letting the evening wind hit me straight in the face. I quickly join the rest of my intern group, our faces drained of colour and still shaking from this possibly traumatic experience. But everything was over. We had successfully evacuated from the facility, and so we could go home now, right? We would wait for the other groups to come join us, and then everything would be fine. As soon as that happy thought crossed my mind, a ten-person squad of people in hazmat suits surrounded us. We couldn't see their faces, as the sun had set an hour ago and only the cloudy sky was reflected back from the glass. They screamed at us to make a line, so they could spray us with a primary disinfectant vapor, and then the tsunami of questions started pouring out of their mouths, the constant stream being muffled by the hazmat suits. Before we could even begin to answer them, something absorbed all of our collective collection away. The doors of the building suddenly bulged outwards, and more than twenty people start running screaming outside. I recognize the cute intern in the horde, any trace of smile having been wiped clean out of his face, and subsequently replaced with an all-known terror. But something was different. I couldn't pinpoint what exactly, but his eyes betrayed a whole different level of fear, not the mindless panic and chaos that my group and I exhibited. And then we all heard it. A hissing sound emanating from the doors. It sounded like a giant snake, really. My imagination was quick to fill up the gaps with the horrors of animals mutated beyond recognition. The horde of interns was quick to take many steps back from the escape doors, and I saw many familiar faces, even a friend of mine. I had never seen Luke so scared in his life. I couldn't move from my spot to go and join him. Somehow, my body was completely frozen, with the exception of my hands, which were still shaking. The hissing increased in pitch, and everything stayed still. As I saw later in the news, the explosion obliterated the entire laboratory, along with many of its occupants.
  14. congobongo

    Path to Godhood

    You heard your name and the audience started applauding. As you stepped onto the stage people slowly stopped the cheering and were left in awe letting audible gasps escape their mouths. Those who had seen photos of you on social media were speechless upon seeing you in person, and the very few that had just learned about your existence had to rub their eyes to make sure they were seeing right: An almost 8' tall 21 year old man with an incredibly handsome face and his whole body in proportion to a couple of arms so wide they could easily lift 10 people each, all of it shoved tight into a white shirt that seemed to be about to burst and some black trousers equally tight and with an obscenely big bulge at the front. Even the host, a young professional woman, was shocked to see you in person. By the time you got to the guest couch, you saw some of them had started touching themselves and many others that were resisting to join the fun. You smiled. After you sat on the couch, which was just a bit small for you, it took the host a whole minute to come out of her amazement and greet you. It was your first public appearance as a young celebrity, you had given interviews before but only to magazines, so this was the first time you had a live audience. -Hello and welcome to our program -As most people that approached you, she was struggling to talk. She looked like a teenager girl speaking to her crush- Just four months ago you were posting the first photos of yourself online and now you are signing collaborations with sports brands almost everyday, how did it all start? Everyone was expectant for your first live words. You started speaking and your deep masculine voice filled the room. -Well, I knew I couldn't keep this to myself. Wherever I go, people always turn their sight in awe towards me, and this has always been this way, so I decided to share the views not just with whoever that happens to stumble upon me in the street, but with the whole world. -Wow -The host was almost speechless. She couldn't believe how narcissistic you were and how much that turned her on- But let's talk about the elephant in the room. During the four months that you've been active on social media, many people have claimed that you were gaining muscle suspiciously fast. Seeing you here makes it obvious that you don't Photoshop your pictures, but nobody has ever witnessed someone else growing naturally growing so quickly, so the question has to be asked: Are you... -You laughed so deeply and loudly that many people kept hearing a beeping sound when you were done -No, I'm not doing drugs -You chuckled again- I'm just in my growth spurt. -Your growth spurt? Doesn't it come a bit late? -Yes, it certainly does. I just have this weird condition. You see, I was born quite big, as a baby I was the size of a three year old kid and had the strength of a 10 year old. The doctors had no idea how it was possible and they kept watching on me. When I hit 13 years old I was already 5' 6" and could easily lift two adults at once, but when I went to do a checkup, the doctors found that I was nowhere near puberty, even despite my huge size. For the next year's I kept growing at quite a fast rate both in size and strength until last year when I hit 6.9'. Then I was stuck there for a while, but about four months ago I started growing again at a faster rate. My doctor says that given my condition there's no way to know, but he thinks that I'll keep growing for the next couple of years and that I'll reach 10', but I'll be taking some supplements to reach at least 11'. You smiled the whole time you were talking. The audience couldn't believe what they were hearing and neither could the host. -So you've just reached puberty, huh? Hasn't it been a bit embarrassing for you engaging with girls before, you know, being prepared? The public laughed nervously. -Not at all, I've always been pretty big, that's never been a problem. The host looked down at your pants. -And how big exactly are you? There are photos of you on the beach wearing a custom brief that almost reaches your knees, and whatever you wear you seem to be packing some serious deal between your legs -She was starting to sweat- Many suspect that you fill your underwear with socks. -I've already answered that a couple times. I'm currently 20" soft, and anyone who's subscribed to my mature sites knows I'm not lying. Everyone was staring at you with their eyes open. The host was finding it more and more difficult not fingering herself right there -Oh my God. Can I ask you, how was your first time with... that? -Oh, I barely remember it. It was with my babysitter, she decided to give me a bath, she was pretty hot so I couldn't help getting hard. When she saw my 10" cock at such a young age, along with my amazing body, it was her who couldn't help to start sucking on it. Just a couple minutes later she was beneath me, moaning and almost passed out as I rammed inside her furiously. I barely knew what I was doing but I kept going on for 30 minutes until I had climaxed a couple times. After that she was unconscious and when my parents came back they found her, still in the bath and full of my juice. -I'm sorry -The host interfered- but you said you hit puberty just months ago, how could you be producing semen at such a young age? -That would be a great question if it weren't for my condition, regular human development just doesn't apply to me. Anyway, after that I kept fucking most women I met: babysitters, teachers, nurses... All of them became pregnant, even if they weren't ovulating. To this day I must have a couple hundred children, many of them close to my age, and all of them incredibly hot. At this point, the host was rubbing her pussy and sweating like a bitch. She struggled to read her notes and ask another question, but she was obviously too busy to do it properly, and you suspected that the question wasn't actually on her notes -Uff... uff... D-do you... Do you have a girlfriend yet? -I do, but she knows she can't keep me to herself so we have an open relationship. Not for her, though, she doesn't want anything with anyone besides me. Despite that, she always participates in the orgies I bring home, but she's always the hottest of them by far. After all, she's my daughter so she has my amazing genes as well. You know; tall, hot as fuck, measurements beyond anything human... Despite how fucked up was everything you were saying, people didn't seem to care. They were to busy masturbating and worshipping you in their minds to think about moral issues, so you decided to talk about your plan. -I already have a number of daughters all across the world, all of them hotter than any other woman that has ever existed, and since my genes are beyond perfection, I've had more daughters with them that are even hotter. My objective is to populate the world with my daughters, improving the species beyond anybody's dreams. To achieve this, I'm also fucking men so hard their balls implode and are left sterile. All of them agree to it and I grant them the best orgasm of their lives. You got up and stood there looking at the cameras, since you arrived there you had grown a bit more, specially your muscles. Your shirt was so tight the buttons flew away as you moved and the bulge in your pants pressed hard and proud against the fabric of the trousers. -So be prepared, because I'm going to fuck every person in the world.
  15. Part One "So, looking forward to Easter then Roger?" "You betcha I am, second only to Christmas for getting this gym filled up with people who have overdone it. That's the reason why I've closed early today and won't open until six in the morning the day after Easter. When I did that last year, I had a queue of people trailing round the block!" "Plus, it means that we can train as we like, so come on then, Roger, let's see how strong those legs are eh? That's three tons of that bar, how about as many squats as you can endure in the time it takes me to breath again after holding my breath. Deal?" "Oh, it's on!" moaned Roger as he positioned himself under the bar, and at the nod his head, Colin took a deep breath and held it. For the next seven minutes both men, naked under the lights of the gym, pushed themselves to their limits and then beyond. Roger grunting with every lift, his breathing becoming more and more ragged with each rep, his cock responding to the torture inflating to it's fourteen inch maximum, his heart pounding as was Colin's as he felt himself reach his limit, but both men knew what would happen to the person who succumbed first. The loser would be impaled on the winner's mighty cock and so despite the fact their minds were screaming "Stop this torture" they continued. However on Roger's fiftieth rep and Colin entering his eighth minute of self imposed torture, something happened that caused both men to lose their challenge. In the corner of the gym, next to the bench press, still soaking from their double benching challenge of Roger benching the press with Colin lying on it benching his bodyweight for reps, a white ball started to appear which slowly got brighter and brighter. As Roger stood up and stared at the ball, he gestured to Colin who breathed out and watched in amazement as he became convinced there was something inside the ball. Suddenly the ball seemed to explode, but without any heat, and the contents was revealed. It was a man, almost curled up into a ball, naked just as Roger and Colin were, but even more muscular than they were. Colin, thanks to his alter ego, the Ultimate Musketeer, could tell instantly that this man, when he stood up, had to be at least six and a half feet tall, maybe even seven feet tall and weigh at least three hundred pounds and clearly had little, if any, body fat on him at all. His chest, heaving from the experience, was close to sixty inches, his arms held behind his back in a pose so agonising Colin wondered why he had been placed in that pose, had to be thirty inches, his waist was about the same, as was his legs. As the man slowly stood up, confirming Colin's initial guesses, Roger who had by now racked the bar, stood there with an expression of sheer amazement on his face. He knew this man, it was impossible, but it was him. One of the heroes he watched when he was younger, the man who convinced him of his sexuality, a man whose name he whispered as if uttering the name of a deity "He-Man" he whispered as the man stood up and said, in a deep voice that seemed to go through both me, and yet seemed helpless at the same time, "Gentlemen, please tell me, who am I?"
  16. CardiMuscleman

    The American Musketeer at Christmas

    Part One : The Eve of Christmas Eve "Please, I...I can't do any more!" "You said that you would, now, do it!" "I...Oh, please, if I do any more I'll explode and you know it, please..." "If I have heard that excuse a million times, why should I be moved by it now, eh? Now come on" "I...I....I..." "Quit bellyaching, now do it!" Roger, now almost quivering attempted a front lat spread, but as soon as he did, his eyes opened wide "I...I...I..." he stammered as his cock emerged from the posing shorts "Yes?" "Please, please, I beg you. I need to stop!" moaned Roger, the tip of his cock the deepest purple possible "You made a commitment, you promised to design ten posing routines each one different for ten different am bodybuilders by Christmas Eve" said the Ultimate Musketeer tapping his feet impatiently, "and then asked me to give them the once over. The fact that you've had to do them three times over is neither here nor there, now front double bicep to finish and made it a good one. I want to see every vein in your body bulge!" The agony that Roger was experiencing was writ large on his face. His heart was pounding faster than it ever had done before, he was taking in gulpfuls of air every second, he was covered in sweat and he felt sure he was going to cum. "Good" said the Ultimate Musketeer, "now, keep those arms level, remember you're flexing your biceps but everything else at the same time. That's it, now keep that pose for four seconds!" "I...I...I...OH FUCK!" Roger screamed as he came sending a jet of cum into the air which covered him from head to toe as he collapsed onto the posing room floor, his chest heaving and experiencing the tenth orgasm that day. As he moaned, the Ultimate Musketeer picked up him off the floor, ripped off the posing suit and swallowed his cock whole and as he sucked Roger, Roger's eyes started to close and within seconds he had blacked out. As the Ultimate Musketeer sucked the last of Roger's cum, he chuckled. "Excellent" he smiled, "I wondered how long it would take you to complete those fake posing routine requests I sent to your website" and with that he pulled Roger's cock out of his mouth and said "Roger, you are in for one heck of a Christmas!"
  17. WARNING: This story contains scenes of a violent nature. Some readers may find these scenes offensive. Please do not read on if you feel like this applies to you. The air felt nice on Victor’s beautiful face as he flew across through the air, thousands of feet above the city streets. Below him, thousands of tiny humans went about their days, limited in their capabilities by their feeble strength and lack of true power. Today, however, most of them were distracted by the breaking news bulletins on their phones and tablets. Just a few blocks away a bank was under siege by armed gunmen. Don’t worry little insects, thought Victor. Captain Unstoppable is on his way. Victor finally came to a halt above the city’s most illustrious bank; faux golden columns and regal-like architecture. Impressive. Though, not as impressive as the god-like being that floated silently in mid-air, looking down upon the frantic scene that was unfolding before him. Still floating high above the scene, Victor began to scan the whole area with his eyes. His x-ray vision, microscopic vision, and telescopic vision all working in unison to meticulously detail the entire building and its internal layout; all in the space of just a few seconds. Now Victor new everything there was to know about the situation at hand. There were ten armed men inside the bank, and about two dozen hostages. There will soon be just the hostages, thought Victor. His excitement was increasing. The prospect of laying waste to a couple of humans always made his body tingle with anticipation. It…aroused him. Instead of descending down to the police blockade that surrounded the bank, Victor simply flew a full speed towards the building’s uppermost floor. His indestructible body smashed right through the wall of an upstairs corridor. Of course, he felt absolutely no pain or discomfort in doing so. Even his arms, exposed by the short sleeves of his t-shirt, incurred no injuries whatsoever. Instead of walking, Victor chose instead to hover his way down the corridor. Doing so always made him appear godlier. Being 7 ft. helped as well, of course. Thanks to his x-ray vision, Victor could tell that his first two targets were in the opposite side of nearby door. Upon reaching this door, Victor reached forward, but not for the handle. Instead his fingers effortlessly penetrated the upper midsection of the door. For him it was like poking your fingers through tissue paper. He then gripped down on the hole he had made, and simply tore the door off of its hinges. He tossed it aside where it smashed to pieces against the wall. “What the fuck?!” began one of the criminals, turning around upon hearing the sound of the door’s destruction. “Oh shit!” cried his partner, catching sight of Victor. “It’s him. It’s Unstoppable!” Both men raised their rifles and began unloading their ammo on Victor. Despite knowing full well who he was, Victor was nonetheless amused by their efforts to harm him. Victor closed his eyes to fully enjoy the feel of dozens and dozens of bullets impacting him on his thick, meaty, square pecs; his solid and chiselled eight-pack abs; and on his pristine face, complete with its astoundingly angular jawline. For him, the hail of bullets felt more like a pleasant massage. Each one imparting a nice, soothing touch before ricocheting off in some random direction. The sight of his bodybuilder physique being bombard with bullets, complemented by the fact that he was still hovering a few inches off the ground, really hit home the reality that Victor was not human. He was so much more. Eventually the two goons used up their current magazines, and frantically tried to reload. Now it’s time to play, thought Victor, a wicked smile spreading across his face. Victor finally set himself down on the floor, and he walked slowly but purposefully towards the two men. As he drew closer, the size difference between Victor and these endangered idiots only became more and more pronounced. Both men slowly stopped trying to reload their weapons, and instead looked up at Victor and his incredible body. Men often looked upon Victor with a mix of lust, envy, and fear. Victor did have the perfect male body after all. Victor could hear their tiny hearts beating like war drums, and his godly eyes could trace the beads of sweat that were forming on their brows. For a moment, Victor simply stood there, looking down upon the comparatively shorter men, both of whom were also just standing there looking up at Victor. Well…trying to look at him. In reality they were distracted by his pecs, traps, shoulders, and even his neck muscles. “We…we…*gulp*…we have orders to kill the hostages if…if you…if there was” stuttered on of the men, shaking as his admittedly impressive body suddenly seemed so pathetic in the presence of Victor’s. He was the first to die. Victor gently placed one of his large, muscular, and vascular hands on the side of the man’s head. For a moment Victor simply caressed the man’s scalp with his fingers and his cheek with his thumb, marvelling at how much of the humans head his hand fit around. Of course the human fell for it, initially believing that Victor had taken a sexual liking to him. He closed his eyes and breathed more loudly as his whole body was stimulated by the arousing feel of Victors touch (and the god’s scent). Victor then moved his hand gently to the top of the man’s head, still caressing him in a tender manner. The man opened his eyes and looked up at Victor. Victor smiled down at him, more amused by how the man now looked relaxed, incorrectly believing that this powerful being was friendly and loving. Victor closed his fist, and popped the fool’s head like a grape. “What the fuck?!” screamed the other man, backing away as fast as he could. The headless corpse continued standing for a few seconds before keeling over onto the floor. Blood rapidly pooled around its upper half. Victor looked down at his hand, observing the fleshy bits that were still stuck to it. A quick burst of heat vision cleaned that right up, vaporising all human remains yet leaving Victor’s hand completely unscathed. “Oh no, oh no, oh no no no. Oh god please! NO!” screamed the other man, who was now trapped in a corner of the room. Victor’s superhuman sense of smell easily detected the urine that soaked the man’s pants. The man had now fallen to his knees, looking across the room at the god and the dead human that lay on the ground before him. Tears streaked silently down his face. “Please don’t kill me”, he said, in almost hushed tones. Victor approached the man, who had begun cowering and whimpering even louder at the sight of this being approaching him. Filled with a sudden curiosity, Victor lifted the bottom of his t-shirt up, revealing his breathtakingly beautiful eight-pack. Each ab was such a clear and pronounce bump, almost like a line of diamond-hard cobblestones. The groves and cuts between them just as clearly visible. The muscle group as a whole expanded and contracted subtly with each perfectly calm breath Victor took. The crying man quickly fell silent. The sight of Victor’s abs aroused him to the point of temporarily off-setting his terror. While the man was enjoying the best (and last) view he’d ever seen, Victor was effortlessly probing the man’s mind with his telepathy. Just as I suspected, thought Victor, as he was treated to grotesque images of murder, rape, and violent assault. The pathetic bag of meat and brittle bones before him the perpetrator in them all. Victor dropped his shirt, covering up the masterpiece that was his muscled stomach. In doing so, the insect was no longer distracted, and once again fully aware of the situation. He looked up at Victor in time to see the god’s eyes glowing red. A split second later and the man was nothing more than a pile of ash. His scream echoed for a few more seconds. Not bothering with taking it slow any longer, as he was now fully aroused, Victor lifted off from the ground and plough through the walls and floors of the bank. Steel and concrete gave way to him as easily as the air did. Guided by his x-ray vision, Victor soon burst upwards through a ceiling, and found himself floating before another one of the criminals. Before this weakling could say anything, Victor grabbed him by the throat and raised him up into the air, and above his own head. The man’s feet were left dangling a considerable height above the floor. Victor himself was standing, not floating. As the man clawed in vain at Victor’s hand and thick, vascular, powerful forearm (with just a light dusting of hair), Victor himself admired the man. He was actually handsome. Dark eyes and a thick, dark beard made him very rugged. Plus, not a bad physique. A quick scan revealed to Victor the presence of a six-pack and some very nice quads. Shame, thought Victor, as he flicked his wrist. The man’s next snapped instantly, and the corpse was now dangling limply from Victor’s grasp. He dropped in unceremoniously to the floor, and carried on. For the next man, Victor took his little head and smashed it against the most bulbous and immaculately sculpted pecs you have ever scene. Goon number five was punched in the stomach by Victor, and thus reduced to paste. Six and seven were encased in ice, courtesy of Victor’s frosty breath. Although they were now dead, since humans can’t survive in temperatures that cold, Victor still decided to take it one step further. With a click of his fingers, Victor unleashed a sound wave powerful enough to shatter both the frozen bodies, and any glass in the room, to pieces. Number eight was taken into Victor’s strong arms. For a minute, the little man was allowed to feel Victor’s extraordinary biceps, triceps, and shoulders. All three muscle groups felt like cannonballs. Well, Victor’s biceps and shoulders felt like and looked like cannonballs. His triceps felt more like a bag of cement that was as full as it could be. Just as solid, but different in shape. Regardless, this didn’t stop the little human from kissing and licking them all with passion. Once Victor had decided the little human had had enough fun, Victor hugged the man. And then kept hugging him. First the man’s spine snapped. Then his lungs and stomach burst. Then all the blood in his body was being forced out towards the extremities. It leaked out of his mouth and nose, as his empty eyes stared upwards. Tossing victim number eight over his shoulder, Victor silently floated upwards a few inches, and then dove straight into the floor, smashing right down into the bank’s basement. The leader of the bandits, and the last of his henchmen, were standing right in front of the vault. They had been trying unsuccessfully to open the vault. Victor put on a calm and friendly smile, and began walking towards them. At last, he spoke. “Need a hand?” he asked, with a grin. Both of the frail humans were just staring in disbelief as Victor casually strolled up to, and then past them. Much like the door earlier, Victor reaching forward and simply sank his fingers in some random part of the vault’s titanium door. Like a hot knife through butter, Victor’s fingers sank in…deep. Despite it being no effort whatsoever, Victor’s arm still flared as if it was putting strain on him. His bicep exploded with power, and a single, massive, cable-like vain ran across the beautiful dome as it rose up to its fullest height. His forearm looked like a roadmap. And was about four times that size of a normal man’s forearm. And then, as easily as one would open a book, Victor ripped the vault door out and away from its hinges. But instead of throwing it, he simply held it above his head. He turned to face the men, supporting the vault door with just one arm; the same one that had dislodged it. Victor felt no difficulty at all. For him, it was like holding a light umbrella. He looked at the two men, who were both staring at his arm and the vault door in awe. “How could any human think they stand a chance against me”, said the violent superhero. With a flick of a finger he tossed the vault door over towards the two men. They were so enthralled by the display of strength that they forgot to scream. The room shook as the vault door landed, cracking the concrete floor and flattening the two criminals. Using just a finger, Victor pressed it into the side of the vault door like you would press your finger into playdough, and lifted one side of the multi-tonne vault door up to about the height of his waist. He leaned over to peek underneath it, just to confirm that the last two lawbreakers were indeed nothing more than crimson slush. Of course they are, he thought, and chuckled. Flying to where the hostages were being held, Victor used his laser vision to cut a precise opening in the room where they were trapped. The innocent humans (the kind that Victor would never hurt) poured out into the main hall, surrounding him and singing his praises. Both the men and the women alike all reached out their hands in the hope of groping some part of his incredible, muscle-bound body. Victor obliged them for a few minutes, putting on an impromptu posing showing, though he chose to keep his shirt, jeans, and hiking boots on. Once an overly eager bank teller got one last chance to feel one of Victor’s biceps, this supreme being rose up into the air and flew out through one of the holes he had made earlier. Crowds of onlookers, news reporters, and emergency services applauded Victor as he emerged. “Mr Unstoppable, we can’t thank you enough” said Police Chief Martin Stewards. The chief watched as Victor descended down to him, trying not to be distracted at how easy it was for Victor to appear god-like. “My pleasure, as always chief” said Victor, landing gently in front of the chief. Even with an enviable height of 6ft 2, the chief still had to look up at Victor. “I take it all perpetrators are…no longer with us?” asked the chief, one eyebrow raised. He always tolerated Victor’s approach to crime. “I scanned all of their minds to confirm that they were deserving of it. Most of them though aren’t…whole” replied Victor, smiling down at the chief. Victor had always like the man. “And collateral damage?” asked the chief. “Nothing insurance can’t handle” said Victor, delighted that his comment elicited a chuckle from the chief. “Whoa hold on now” said the chief. Victor had started to float upwards but stopped mid-air and looked back down at the chief with curiosity. “Come on, back down here please” said the chief, beckoning Victor with his finger. Victor obliged. Despite having just snuffed out the lives of ten measly humans, Victor did not consider good people and their requests to be beneath him. Victor once again landed before the chief. The chief took a moment to look around him at his fellow police who were now tending to the scene and to the hostages. He then turned his attention back to Victor. “God damn” said the chief to himself, leaving out a low whistle. He raised his arm and poked Victor’s left pec a few times. Victor smile incredulously, rolling his eyes. He had assumed that the chief called him back for something important. The chief poked a few more times, unable to make even the slights of dents in Victor’s chest muscles. “Alright, you’re dismissed” said the chief, taking one last look at Victor’s magnificent chest. “Have a good one chief” said Victor, as he flew straight up a few hundred feet, and the shot forward at incredible speeds. The chief watched his departure, while tucking his erection into the elastic waist of his underwear. “God damn” he whispered again, with another chuckle.
  18. And so, with permission from newthirty, the words In the first century BC, the Roman Empire dominated the majority of the European continent including the modern day nation of France and as Caesar made his way to conquer Britain, he would famously state to his generals "Alea Jacta Est". However, what he did not let on was that in the northwestern part of the country, two villages still held out against the Romans. One of them was a very famous village and would become known throughout the world to both Gauls and Romans alike as "that village full of indomitable Gauls", the other village however was less well known but for the Romans that were laying seige to it they knew that it would only take a single word from their chief and they would be facing the wrong end of Pluto's judgement. Legionary Minimus, one of the newer recruits to the Roman army, was therefore bored stiff. Ever since he had arrived from Rome he'd been told to just sit tight and wait for their relief, which was no good at all. He was raised by his father, a former member of the glorious tenth legion, the legion that delivered Hispania into the Roman yoke, to "ensure that the glory of Rome was resisted by nothing" and having to spend all day doing nothing got his wick up. So when he was able to slip out of the camp and do some scouting, he took the chance. However, he hadn't reckoned with how big the forest around the village was and soon had no option but to answer the call of nature and so finding something that resembled a collection of stones, he relived himself. "OI!" shouted a voice behind him, just as he finished and the legionary came face to face with one of the villagers who was clearly in bad mood. "What do you think you're doing?" he bellowed, "Would you let me relieve myself on the steps of the Senate?" The legionary quaked in his sandals. He had never met the villagers before and yet knew precisely who had grabbed him. It was Grobelix, the biggest, strongest and most muscular villager. As the Gaul held the soldier at arm's length, Minimus remembered something one of the soldiers had told him. "Watch out for that Grobelix bloke, he's so strong that he once managed to throw an oak tree as far as you could throw a silver birch!" "WELL" said Grobelix, "I'm waiting!" Minimius was too scared to answer and so Grobelix decided to explain. "This is a dolemn" he said, "it is a place of reverance to us Gauls, legend has it that under these dolemns the gods are buried. This one is dedicated to the god of our tribe, Toutatis, god of thunder and you come along and...and..." and with that Grobelix bent his free arm and as it bulged, Minimus started to plead for mercy. As he did, the Gaul noted the legionary was still showing down below and as he examined it, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. Just to make sure he wasn't imagining, he pinched it and the legionary screamed in pain. Placing the legionary on the ground, the Gaul chuckled as he pulled his own from his breeches and said "That's what we have" and then had an idea. Taking off his breeches, he slammed the legionary against the dolemn and said "Now, let me show you how it really works" Minimus screamed in agony but it was no good and soon Grobelix was having his merry way with him. After several moments, the legionary couldn't stand any more and with a scream of "Mercy" he blacked out. As Grobelix removed himself from the legionary, he tutted, "I've a good mind to write to Caesar and ask for some more" and with that he tossed the legionary away and he landed on top of the dolemn as Grobelix turned around adding, "What I wouldn't give for some of those gladiators I hear about, then I'd have some real fun, by Toutatis!" As soon as he had invoked the god of thunder, there was a rumble in the sky and without warning, a thunderbolt crashed down striking the Roman. Grobelix turned and witnessed the granting of his wish as Minimus screamed in agony as his body started to grow. First, the metal around his chest started to break, then the tunic he wore ripped, and slowly but surely he started to smile. He felt powerful, stronger than Ursus, more muscular than Hercules and as his body broke free of the last vestiges of Roman civilisation he roared. Grobelix, still stunned by the legionary's transformation, gasped "By Toutatis" and almost in answer, the Roman roared "NO, BY JUPITER" as the transformation completed and the legionary, now gladiator jumped to the ground. "So" he said, in a voice now several octaves deeper, "you think you can tackle a gladiator then? Even one with this!" and pointed to his, which was now at least three times as long and twice as thick as it was, "I think not!" and with that punched Grobelix with such force that the now naked giant had no problem placing the fallen Gaul onto his shoulders and chuckling said "Now, what can I do with the strongest Gaul in the world and this monster?"
  19. CW: muscle growth, BE, height, giantess, godhood, fantasy violence, m/f. "Thanks, she'll love these," the big, bespectacled man said as he handed a few dollars to the vendor. "It's our d-dating anniversary." He remembered his stammer, made sure to trip on the curb as he turned to cross the street. An old woman was crossing too, coming toward him while a daydreaming driver sped down the road. The big man covered the side of his mouth and sneezed, and a sudden gust of wind pushed the truck into the next lane, swerving around the pedestrian. He smirked to himself and bid the old woman good afternoon as she passed him, completely oblivious. Adjusting his thick-rimmed specs, he remembered that time a close friend who was in on the secret asked him what would happen if somebody ever saw him without his glasses on. They just say 'Has anyone ever told you you kinda look like Superman?' He chuckled at the memory. And that's when he heard it. The sky was being split in half. Something seriously big was screaming toward the city, faster than a comet. Clark had less than a second to react. More than enough time. The asphalt where he stood a microsecond earlier cracked and his street clothes evaporated into ashes as he shot into the air, a blue and red blur too fast for the human eye to see. Over the coast and then the sea, he braced himself to collide with the object, ready to absorb the impact... that didn't come. The object stopped. It didn't slow down. It just stopped in mid-air. The atoms pulled in its wake cracked with a deafening boom. Wreathed in flames and iridescent light, its horrifying form dawned on Superman's mind. "...Kara?" His sharp eyes and photographic memory instantly identified her sweet, young face through the wisps of smoke and steam and embers. Her shining eyes stared right back into his, and he didn't recognize the rage and greed behind them. It was as if his cousin had been replaced from the inside out! Atop her head, a beacon of horned light shone its silken effulgence in shades of color only visible to kryptonian eyes like theirs. He had seen stars in remote galaxies less beautiful than her crown, its gilded opalescence melting into her platinum hair. "Hello, Kal." Her generous lips parted, showing a perfect, radiant smile that betrayed the gut-wrenching mass of the rest of her body. That gorgeous face of hers contrasted with all the hideous strength coursing through her hyper-expanded muscles, muscles so dense that Superman's x-ray vision couldn't even penetrate them. But his microscopic vision detected that the cells lining her skin were being bombarded with solar energy, radiation that looked as if it was being condensed into trillions of pinpoints through trillions of magnifying glasses. To eyes as perceptive as his, she was blinding. There was a sound like marble grinding against metal as her pecs bunched up under her cute chin, her traps swollen up under her ears, mounds of muscle naked and bursting with corrugated power like the rest of her body. Superman felt a wave of shame pass over him at the sight of those inhuman slabs on her chest, torn to shreds down the middle, hefting two breasts each wider than his shoulders, each thrusting like a balcony from the wall of her torso. What would Lois think? But he couldn't look away, couldn't rip his eyes away from the most impressive physique he'd ever seen. And he had seen many. Despite the extreme mass packed onto her womanly frame, her symmetry was otherworldly. He caught himself drooling over her bursting T-shaped torso snaked with throbbing veins, her tapered waist overcrowded with abdominals fighting for space, her bulging obliques that somehow maintained her feminine curves, her hairless quivering sex, her chasmic thighs that looked like they were gashes rent out of solid titanium, her calves like gigantic, neolithic spearheads crafted from boulders... "Impressed?" her feminine voice was like the sound of starlight that only their alien race could hear, entrancing and awe-inspiring but coupled with a girlish teasing tone completely out of sync with such a grotesquely shredded and massive body. Even hovering in mid-air, she seemed to tower over him. His eyes followed hers. She looked over to her arm, raising, curling, clenching her fist. The goddess moaned aloud as she flexed a bicep, a huge peaking volcano of muscle that continued to engorge itself, fibers ripping and rebuilding, veins clawing, until it soared to its full peaking glory. And she brought her arm to her face and licked her own bicep, kissed it, eyes rolling back, lost in the bliss of so much inflated immensity. Her sweet saliva rolled down the bulbous curves of her arm like a drop of honey. Her other arm, he just noticed, held something behind her back. "Ohh my muscles feel so good... so strong..." "How...?" Superman found his voice. "...What happened?" "Maybe I finally soaked up enough sun by stepping out of your shadow," she looked at him, hungrily, even angrily. Superman caught her tone and tried to react to the situation. "Kara... you don't belong here. Not like this. You're not in your right mind..." Then the warning. He always gave a warning. Bad habit. "You need to get as far away from Metropolis as you can. Now." Kara sneered a bright grin. "Always the boss. Always acting like the big tough man. The whole world looks up to you. But how could I ever have done that? Hahaha, look at you!" He was a scrawny scarecrow before her, a boy in a costume, no more. Her eyes could see straight through him, penetrating his cells and his thoughts, his physiology and his psyche "Now you'll look up to me!" She began to fly toward him, toward the city, slowly, unstoppably. As her huge chest approached him, Superman backed up, every ounce of his being wanting to reach out and touch this embodiment of the ultimate power fantasy while every iota of his good nature reminded him to be a good boy. "Kara! Stop!" he said, "STOP!" The ocean waves beneath them billowed at the force of his voice, but even a command so powerful couldn't stop her. Still she approached, so immense and so close that her chest began to eclipse the radiance of her face and her crown. A meteor irresistibly falling toward humanity's extinction. "Kara? I'm not Kara, little man," daggers of light stabbed from her eyes, "I am the Goddess of War." Superman glanced back at the city, millions of lives clustered in streets and skyscrapers and suburbs, counting on him. He turned back toward Kara and was greeted with the gray, skeletal, sapped body of Supergirl, writhing like a worm on a hook, dangling from her tattered cape which was gripped tight in Power Girl's fist. Superman's temper simmered at the sight of her crumpled husk and the sound of her faint heartbeat. "Oh my God, what--" "She dared to defy me, Kal-El," the goddess responded, still approaching, "What will you do? Will you protect your city and end up like she did? Or will you bow down and worship the new empress of Earth?" "Let her go, Power Girl! NOW!" Superman threw the first punch. She shut her eyes and laughed, a twinkling sound like golden chimes and bells, and caught his fist in her own. Although his hand was bigger, she flexed and they both felt the bones in his fingers snap. "You chose poorly." The halo of light from her head turned into an inferno of colors. She pushed against Superman's fist and he found himself hurtling backward, his fall a blazing knife cutting open the sky. He impacted the street with a cloud of dust and broken asphalt, then a splash of water as his body punctured a water main. He was already in the air again. The goddess was still slowly descending. Superman grit his teeth and poured his energies into his eyes, blasting a barrage of heat vision that hit her square in the chest. He heard a horrifying noise: she scoffed at his assault. He roared as his red beams turned almost white, hot enough to melt any metal on Earth. Then he felt himself suddenly pulled forward, completely off balance. Power Girl had grabbed hold of his heat vision, fingers closing over the rows of searing light particles and she yanked him out of thin air. As he pitched toward the ground, he caught himself and took to the air again. People were beginning to react and break into a run, evacuating the scene as windows along the sides of skyscrapers shattered, waterfalls of glass tumbling to the walks below. As he flew, he spun himself like a drill and the air whirled around him, turning into a dark tornado that continued to grow in size. The super storm blackened the skies over the city and swallowed the goddess. The winds howled about her, still she descended at the same floating pace. "You think you can threaten my city? Leave NOW!" Superman's voice echoed on the wind. His fists landed across her back, her chest, her shoulders. His punches could crush moons. The sound of his attack was like bombs detonating. "Pff! Pathetic!" the goddess raised her arms to block her face, if only intuitively, throwing Supergirl's husk of a body to the ground below. "Don't tell me you're the one who brought together the Justice League, who humbled Darkseid, who once pushed planets out of orbit, who lifted infinity and survived death itself? You're nothing but an anachronism. A has-been. A boy scout helping old women across the street. Your time in the sun is over." His fists pummeled her impenetrable stomach, peppered her legs, faster than the human eye could see, all to distract from a single punch he prepared and landed right on the naked mound of her groin. Power Girl doubled over in sudden pain, shock filling her eyes as she sucked in air, as if she'd forgotten what pain felt like. Before she could catch her breath, she felt Superman's feet collide with the back of her head. She came crashing down into the shoreline below. The blast of her impact flattened nearby palm trees and showered sand and water vapor through the air. "You came barking up the wrong tree, Power Girl. I don't know what Ares has done to you, but we're going to reign this in together." Superman descended straight down and lighted on the beach, arms crossed. The Goddess of War shot toward him many times faster than a speeding bullet, too fast for the Man of Steel to avoid. She tackled him to the ground, a mountain of muscle too huge to wrestle. Her crushing hand was on his face. She tore his head off, screaming, enraged. Oil and wires leaked from his neck. Her magnifying vision recognized highly advanced kryptonian tech. A decoy! Hands of flesh closed around her head. She felt Superman dig his feet into her shoulders, one hand pulling up hard under her chin. His other hand slipped under the burning rim of her helmet and he yelled out in pain. Then he flew from his perch, tearing off the helm of war with him. A thunderclap echoed through her brain as the merged minds of Ares and Power Girl were severed. Shuddering, feeling suddenly far too heavy to stand, her whole body aching, her joints cracking, her muscles sore beyond words, Power Girl fell to her knees in the sand, panting. A wave of weakness and nausea hit her, marooned and shipwrecked inside of a body too muscular to move, the last remnants of her ruined costume hanging from her like cobwebs. She scrambled across the sand, coughing, drooling, all the light drained from her face. "So this was the cause of all this trouble?" Superman stood above her, red boots planted on the ground. He looked like a god. The perfect man, perfectly handsome and resolute. He turned the helmet of war round and round in his hands. It had reverted to its old steely blue appearance, hollow and dark. "Ares' helmet, the helm of War. Diana warned us about the Olympians before. They're treacherous. They can even turn someone as good natured as you into a monster." His eyes were full of pity. "...Kal..." Power Girl groaned. "Help me... I feel..." she spit bile into the sand. "So sick..." "You were sick, Kara. It's over now. Let me help you, please." He bent down and pressed his forehead against hers. "I'm so sorry." "I'm sorry..." her knee collided with his balls as her arms flung out and grabbed him. It took every last bit of strength she had. As he gasped, agony radiating from his groin, she whispered in his ear and wrenched the helmet from his grasp: "Idiot. Your kindness was always your weakness." As she placed the helmet back on her head, her body flared back to life. Rays of light sprung from her mouth and eyes, her face lit up with heavenly beauty, her health returned and doubled, she rose to her full height, several feet taller than Kal. Her hand was around his throat. She picked him up and slammed him into the ground, over and over, like a strangled rag doll. "You son of bitch! You goddamn pompous bastard!" she shrieked, her rage burning brighter and brighter, "You soaked up power and adoration for years, keeping me around like a fucking sidekick to clean up your mess!" She held him high by his neck, felt his energy flowing out of him... into her. "You feasted on their worship! You basked in the warmth of so much glory and kept it all to yourself!" She threw him. His body sailed through the air and collided with a skyscraper. Everyone had fled. Nobody was there to see his defeat at the hands of the Goddess of War... nobody except for Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane, who had raced in a hijacked taxi to the oceanside. "Clark!" she cried. "Claaaaaaaark," the goddess teased, "I'm not done playing with you..." Superman gathered himself from the wreckage and staggered out onto the sidewalk and into the street. The Goddess of War was coming closer. He could feel the heat radiating from her immense body, like the sun. Except unlike the sun, she seemed to sap his strength rather than enhance it. Justice League! Priority K! Respond! he reached out for the telepathic web cast by J'onn J'onnzz, the Martian Manhunter. He had to call for help, he was weakening fast. Superman? Where are you? J'onn's voice rang through his synapses. Metropolis! Hurry! "Calling your friends, Kal? What a coward," Power Girl shook her head, "The world doesn't need cowards. It needs a Goddess! It needs War!" Her thunderous footsteps brought her nearer, shaking the whole city block. "Lois! Get back!" Superman shouted as his lover ran closer. "Worry about yourself, you goddamn pest!" the Goddess of War raised a massive leg and stomped his body into the ground. Before he could fly away, she sat on his hips. Her weight knocked the breath out of him. She pressed her pillar-like thighs against him like a vice. He winced as he felt a rib snap and his heart began to race with a rare feeling: fear. He looked up. Another mistake. Above him, Power Girl ran her fingers over the perfect symmetry of her bloated muscular body, the heaving slabs of her chest, the cannons of her arms, the chiseled columns of her abs. Her hands slid to her waist, balling into fists at her hips. "Look at me, Man of Tomorrow!" She began to flex, rhythmically gyrating her pelvis, grinding her wet pussy against his bulge. His breath was taken away. "LOOK AT ME!" He had no choice. The sight of her tensing, inflating, furrowed, gruesome muscles filled his vision. Her monolithic breasts began to bounce above him. He couldn't help but get hard for her, for all that insane, inhuman power packed onto the once petite (albeit busty) frame of her body. "LOOK AT ME, KRYPTONIAN! AND DESPAIR!" She flexed harder, only now her muscles weren't swelling from the flex, but actually filling up with energy like liquid filling up water balloons, like molten magma pouring directly into her white hot veins. "You've fought many battles, Superman! You've endured many wars, here on Earth and across the galaxy! Now all of your power, all of your skill, all of your battle prowess and experience belongs to me! All war must come together to feed the Goddess of War!" Superman felt himself getting weaker, not unlike the revolting sensation of being exposed to kryptonite, only he could see his powers flowing out of him and into his cousin riding on top of him. Power Girl leaned back, raised both arms and flexed. Her whole body exploded with additional mass. She did it again, her biceps rising higher, her forearms growing thicker, her waist tighter, her chest wider, her shoulders bigger. Her thighs swelled against him until they were each bigger around than his body. Her head disappeared behind a blockade of seething, undulating, super-freakish muscle. Superman wondered how much more she could take, and every moment saw his terror deepening, Lois sobbing in the background as he shrank and shriveled and dumped his strength into her. Power Girl was surprised by the endless drain, too. "There's more? MORE? FUCK. ME." Her muscular pussy grabbed his cock like iron jaws. His member throbbed uncontrollably, assaulted beyond reason, harder than he'd ever been before, so hard it hurt. From the colossal base of her shredded thighs like twin bulls roaring with power at either side of Superman's body, her waist rose like a Greek sculpture, entrenched with muscle and dwarfed by the rest of her body, by the trembling lats framing her like a broad shield big enough to cover a tank. As she breathed, her abs flexed and relaxed, looking harder and meaner and uglier every time, each individual abdominal now the size of his own head. Her pecs had so gorged themselves that they were each thicker than her own waist, huge sheaths of muscle looking like rocky strata jutting from the Earth, and atop them, the biggest, smoothest, most perfect breasts he'd ever laid eyes upon. He wept at the sight of them, if only because he thought he didn't have the strength left to reach up and fondle them where they bounced over his body, that is if he could even hope to knead those two wrecking balls striated like they were made of pure muscle. She had devoured so much of his strength and mass that her enlarged glutes touched the bottom of the muscles hanging in heaps of quivering flesh from her back like some alien tortoise shell. He could hear her moaning, kissing and licking her shoulders and the tops of her own pecs that were beginning to crowd over her face. She leaned forward and her fists came down on either side of his head, giving him a blinding front row seat to her face being swallowed up by her traps and shoulders and pecs, a face that seemed to unfold past the blossom of youth, the ideal narcissistic beauty, an unreachable standard, a mask of flaxen velvet, her skin like spun starlight, her eyes like celestial pearls, her eyelashes like the wings of night, her lips like solar flares, the saliva that dripped from her hungry mouth like incandescent ambrosia... she was unimaginably beautiful. No human could have resisted her. Few mortals could have even survived the presence of such beauty, like looking into the heart of the sun. Along her regal brow, the helm of war had evolved into the shape of an icy, horned diadem of platinum patterns repeating down through microscopic infinity, bejeweled with a constellation of gemstones that shone like the Olympian pantheon themselves, gods she had already far outpaced. Such a face, the freshness of youth, the wisdom of deities, the beauty of a queen, mounted on top of a garish, sickening, disgusting, distended war machine of muscle swollen past any semblance of normalcy, every muscle so vastly overripe that entirely new proportions came into existence on her frame. "Look what I am becoming, Kal," her voice crashed into his senses like a tidal wave. Superman couldn't hear Lois weeping in the background anymore. He couldn't even think of Lois, a waif compared to the sexual power personified in front of him, filling not just all of his vision, but all of his thoughts. Shield your vision. Do not look at her. Superman could hardly hear the new voice, either, even though it rang through his brain, not his ears. He felt himself tearing away from beneath her. He saw a green flash of light then heard the noise of light particles shattering. "Lantern!" J'onn J'onnz said as he flew up into the sky away from the Goddess. "...No... Take me... back..." Superman wheezed, "Back... to her..." Superman! the Martian Manhunter's telepathic cry shook him from his reverie, Do not forget our situation! A superpowered kryptonian is on the loose in YOUR city wielding the power of one of the most dangerous of the Greek gods! She just disposed of Hal Jordan with a flick of her wrist and I cannot reach her telepathically! Power Girl has merged with Ares! I cannot take you back! "Then... take me to the Fortress..." Superman clutched at J'onn's wrist. "Fast..." They rocketed through the air, Superman murmuring obscenities and perversions, his brain still reeling from the sight of what his cousin had turned into, the memory of all her muscle burned into his frontal lobe. The Manhunter said nothing, pouring on the speed, hoping that his tricks of invisibility would aid their escape. They were nearly over the arctic now, snowy plains beneath them, the Fortress of Solitude in sight when a beam of opalescent light carved the air and set the Manhunter ablaze. He hardly had time to scream as the white flames enveloped him. He dropped Superman and fell unconscious into a nearby mountainside. Superman opened his eyes and angled his body, clumsily gliding in his exhaustion as he fell, plummeting through the roof of the Fortress. Crystal shards splintered and cracked around him as he reached the floor. He felt like a bag of broken bones. With all the strength he could muster, he reached for a nearby console, fingers trembling over the controls. The Fortress reacted, sifting through his encyclopedic collection of artifacts from across the universe until the right one was selected and brought to him. A robotic arm craned down toward him, its pincers holding a tiny purple capsule with a single word writ in kryptonian: DOOMSDAY. Superman thought of Lois, and Jimmy, and Ma and Pa, and Lana, and Perry, and the old woman crossing the street, and the flower salesman, and the barista, and the millions of other faces of Metropolis and Smallville and across the world. The Doomsday mutagen was the last resort of last resorts, but as the entire front of the Fortress caved in, he knew what he had to do and he prayed that the surviving members of the Justice League would be able to stop him after he put his own cousin down. "There's no use hiding, Kal!" Crystals shrieked and ground into powder as Power Girl came through the wall, swinging the Fortress's giant golden key like the arm of a crane. "Goodbye, Kara Zor-L, and forgive me," Superman closed his eyes and snapped the capsule between two fingers. He could hear the hissing, monstrous DNA helix sizzling through the icy air like a dragon, and he braced himself to transform into an unstoppable killing machine, but then it stopped before it reached him. His eyes shot open, horror mixed with delight: horror at the thought of her ingesting the mutagen, delight at the anticipation of how it would even further push her limits. He screamed in protest and couldn't be heard. Power Girl had opened her mouth, inhaling. A hurricane swept to life inside the Fortress, glass and ice, crystal and machines breaking off and tumbling down her hungry gullet. She swallowed the Doomsday mutagen, shut her mouth, and laughed through her teeth. Her laugh grew darker, louder, more threatening, even as her body began to grow again, her skin turning paler, grayer, almost silver, impossible diamond-like spikes starting to protrude from her knees, elbows, toes, fingers, back, and knuckles. She continued to laugh as the Doomsday mutagen melded with the magic of the god of War and her kryptonian heritage inside her growing body, her muscles doubling in width, her head raising higher as she swelled taller, new veins paving paths through her muscles to feed her insane growth. So much power she choked on it and seized up wide-eyed through a breathless orgasm, juices blasting from her vagina, gorgeous face pierced with a look of absolute euphoria. Still her body grew. Still her kryptonian DNA flooded with the Doomsday mutagen, sealed in place and refined by the magic coruscating through her branching veins. There was a sound like a super nova. Fire and light erupted from her swelling form, her muscles so monstrous and enormous she looked like a round planet of boiling, steely flesh. She reached out and flexed biceps that crashed into the ceiling above like rising towers, triceps bulging against her surging thighs, legs grown so thick that her stance had turned into a squat. Through the roaring crescendo her transformation, Power Girl's voice resounded and shook the North. "The world will NEVER forgive you, Superman. They will hate you for crowning ME as their new empress!" (end of part 4) (access the full story and the full library at )
  20. PumpCulture

    Goddess of War - part 3

    CW: muscle growth, breast expansion, godhood, fantasy violence. (read parts 1 and 2) "Power Girl!" Supergirl choked, eyes full of horror, "W-what happened to you?" "Shut up! I can't stand being called Power Girl! Most of all by you," the pumped up kryptonian goddess gnashed her teeth, "I am WAR!" She put her fists on her hips, flexed her lats and pecs. Huge folds of strength undulated beneath her white costume, practically painted on over all that garish, gruesome muscularity. The gold cord and buckle that secured her now tiny cape around her shoulder had begun to fray. Supergirl actually staggered back at the sight of her kinswoman, now bloated nearly beyond recognition with muscle, curved horns and metal helmet gleaming on her head. As if sensing her fear, the Goddess of War's body flexed harder, harder, blowing out a gasp of air and holding her red-faced breath as veins slithered over vascularity cut to shreds. It was inhuman. It wasn't even kryptonian. Supergirl actually thought about flying away at top speed to go for help. "How did you get like this...?" The Goddess of War exhaled, thrust a gigantic arm at the limp, nearly lifeless body of Wonder Woman at Supergirl's feet. The once proud princess of the Amazons was skeletal, sapped until gaunt. Her hair white instead of black, her skin a pale gray, she weakly regarded Supergirl standing over her, voicelessly pleading for help, while glancing back at Power Girl with envy. "Her!" War began, "She tried to keep this from me. She, like the rest of her precious league, thought she could keep the power of war for herself and continue to look down on the rest of the world from her watchtower. Well no more! I am done being looked down upon. The status quo is over." She began to flex a single bicep, watching it rise and rise. "I will become so huge... so massive... so powerful..." her bicep was tearing open the arm of her costume, splitting the seams, tearing rents that traced from its peak down to her swollen tricep, "so unstoppable that everyone will have no choice but to look up to ME." "No... stop... this isn't you," Supergirl begged, almost shaking in her red boots. War glanced at her sideways, smirked. Supergirl gasped and put a hand over her heart, the look War gave her dripped with sexual rage. "When they look up in the sky, they won't see a bird or a plane, or him..." War's blue glove creaked as her bicep pierced her sleeve with a noisy rip, bigger than a volleyball, absolutely engorged with pale blue veins like those in marble, "...when they look in the sky, they will see me. Only me. I will fill the Earth and the skies, and I won't stop there. I'll seize the power of war from this planet, and then the next, and the next," her greed caused her heart to race. She salivated at the thought. Her pussy tingled and ached with the sling of her costume pulled tight into her camel toe. A wave of pleasure and desire rocketed through her insane body, tightening all of her muscles like a spring. "...Growing bigger and stronger, bigger and stronger... FOREVER." The Goddess of War shot off the ground, flying directly toward Supergirl, who had less than a moment to react. Startled, Supergirl leapt into the air like a tiny sparrow before a giant eagle. War passed through the empty space in a streak of white and red and gold. Supergirl peered down from several miles above the ground but Power Girl was nowhere in sight, and then she felt a tug on her cape. She had no time to turn around. The Goddess of War pulled hard and threw Supergirl at blazing speeds over the continent, where her body pierced one of the peaks of a snowy mountain range. Supergirl stood up from the crater even as it began to form. Her ears stung with the searing shriek of Power Girl's body cutting through the air, hurtling toward her like a white meteor. With a fraction of a second to respond, Supergirl leapt again, blasting twin beams of burning light from her eyes. The blue heat vision hit the Goddess and she stopped, raising a hand to get the solar lasers out of her face. Then she gathered herself and hurtled toward Supergirl, who dodged again. "Kara, stop!" Supergirl screamed. She clenched her eyes, cutting off the heat vision, while also narrowly escaping the Goddess's fists my a few centimeters. She free-fell to get behind her adversary. War followed, diving faster than Supergirl could predict. Their bodies connected with a thunderclap that shattered the nearby mountainsides even as Supergirl's body penetrated the earth beneath Power Girl's accelerating bulk. Earth and ash blasted from the rent in the ground. A moment later, another chasm opened up, followed by the blast of a winter hurricane. Power Girl's immense body flung backward into the air out of the pit and Supergirl soon followed, emptying her lungs with a mighty gust of her frost breath. The Goddess of War crossed her arms in front of her body to withstand the hurricane, not unlike Wonder Woman once did with her demolished amazonian bracelets. In fact, energy began to coalesce about War's wrists. Power Girl saw it and her wince at the ice building up over her body turned into a greedy grin. "No more tricks, Supergirl," she laughed. War roared as she tightened her fists and flexed her arms, before unleashing a shockwave from her wrists. The shockwave ripped through Supergirl's frost breath and collided with her, a ringing, shrieking, dizzying cacophony, throwing her back into the earth. Power Girl was relentless, upon her again. Supergirl could hear the immense muscle fibers bunch up and tense then release, like the sound of a crack of a whip to her ears. Power Girl's fist connected with her face, driving her head down into solid granite. Power Girl hit her again before Supergirl could throw her arms up and engage her flight. This time, Supergirl drove right into her, blasting up into the stratosphere with a trail of stones and ice behind them. They were past Earth's atmosphere in mere moments, Supergirl yelling as she poured on the power. Power Girl's body was bent nearly in half, pecs and breasts filling Supergirl's vision. The Goddess of War tried to get a grip on her foe, reached for the cape, but Supergirl was already prepared, diving below her pumped up body, grabbing her ankles and diving back toward the planet in an arcing spin. Fire leapt around them as they broke back into the atmosphere, falling faster than gravity could pull them. Then Supergirl let go. Power Girl's fall cracked open the sky. Thousands of kilometers and mere seconds later, she pierced the surface of the Pacific. A torrent of boiling water erupted where she hit the sea. Supergirl pursued her across the curvature of the Earth with her biggest blast of heat vision, bellowing at the top of her lungs. "How could you make me do this, Kara?" her voice echoed through the zenith, "We were sisters! We're both kryptonian!" And then in the midst of the solar rays, a huge arm raised from the sea, blue glove and white sleeve hanging in tatters. Supergirl's telescopic vision saw that Power Girl's enraged face followed. The Goddess balled her fist and sliced the ocean, cutting through Supergirl's heat vision, connecting with its individual particles. There was a deafening explosion and a flash that turned night into day on that side of the world as the Goddess of War's punch deflected Supergirl's heat vision. No way she was ready for that. Supergirl's own heat vision collided with her like a cannonball of energy, knocking her out of the upper atmosphere, barely conscious. Power Girl was upon her in a moment, a tidal wave pursuing her flight into the air. The Goddess of War grabbed Supergirl and put her in a chokehold, scissoring her head behind her flank and bicep, the muscle on her arm bigger than Supergirl's head. The two kryptonian women fell together onto a deserted island in the tropics, shrouded in night, the sun on the other side of the planet where their battle had begun. Sand and debris burst into the air where their crater formed. Power Girl tightened her grip, beaming with pride. Supergirl tried in vain to free herself, tearing at Power Girl's arm, attempting to bend even her fist under her neck. Supergirl even got her powerful legs on the back of Power Girl's but she couldn't hope to budge her, an immovable statue of gleaming metal and ivory. Finally, she gave up. Her body went limp, and she didn't quite understand why just yet. "Kara..." her formerly feminine voice rasped, "K-Kara? Please, if there's... any way you... you can hear me... D-don't kill me... Don't kill me..." Supergirl felt the tremors of Power Girl's cruel laughter resound through her massive, muscular tank of a body. Supergirl managed to turn her head and look up at her, greeted by the sight of her bulging hip, her bare abs, revealed by rips in her costume, shredded beyond belief, the bottoms of her pecs and her humungous breasts, like the prow of a ship, obscuring the Goddess's face. Supergirl felt humiliated beside such a magnificent display of physical strength. She felt her heart sink within her, like she was less of a woman, less of a kryptonian compared to such perfection. War ceased her laughter. "I'm not going to kill you, dear cousin. You saw what I did to Wonder Woman." She tightened her grip. "I'm going to do the same thing to YOU!" She began laughing once more, a beautiful, elegant but immensely cruel sound. Supergirl's ears ached at that sound, then the ache flooded her body. The ache turned to pain which turned to suffering, sweat, nausea, shivering, fevers, icy chills. Still Power Girl held her as the smaller kryptonian's power flowed into her, forcing her already immense body to expand just to fit all that additional, superfluous life. Supergirl's eyes went wide. Her super hearing took in all the microscopic, frightening details: every thread in Power Girl's costume screaming as they snapped and split; every fiber in Power Girl's body agonizingly tearing, redoubling, tearing, growing, tearing, rebuilding; every bone in Power Girl's skeleton shattering and reforming, healing instantly, lengthening at the molecular level; every synapse in Power Girl's head firing louder and louder; every cell in Power Girl's flesh enduring a new flood of health, drinking up solar radiation from another kryptonian instead of the yellow sun; every vein expanding with gushing blood. Supergirl could hear Power Girl's heart pounding faster and harder than any heartbeat she'd ever detected before. She could hear nearly every ounce of fat Power Girl possessed sizzling out of existence except for in her face and breasts, which began to swell like beachballs being overfilled with air, accompanied by a sound not unlike latex stretching. The Goddess of War squeezed her captive tighter, as if to squeeze the last juice out of a grape. Her free hand, blue glove gone except for a torn remnant of fabric at her wrist, filled Supergirl's vision. Power Girl's fingers cupped Supergirl's face, pinched her cheek playfully and caressed the blonde tresses of her hair. "Shhh don't cry," the Goddess cooed mockingly, "All you have to do is give everything to me, all of your power." And then she moaned with utmost satisfaction, running her hands from her trembling, twitching, aching pussy--at which Supergirl gawked with a mixture of disgust, jealousy, and pure lust, despite herself--tracing her fingers over each tumefied muscle of her abs. Every muscle lining her waist throbbed and with each throb became further defined. Veins dumped blood into them as the cuts between them deepened, going from bloated to shredded and back again, becoming ever more extreme with every crunching moment. As Supergirl's keen kryptonian vision took in their perfection, she thought about using her heat vision one last time but imagined those abs could already cut diamonds. "Ohh Rao yesssss..." Power Girl groaned sensually as wave after wave of powerful growth hit her. "YES! More power than I ever DREAMED of!" Supergirl felt the chokehold getting tighter not from her cousin holding her any more violently, but merely from the force of her growing muscles. The bicep pressed tight against her head began to fill her peripheral vision. Held flat against her ear, Supergirl could hear the supernovas of strength exploding inside of it, pushing it past belief. Then came the noises of the fabric again, giving up. Power Girl's costume had finally had enough. Her sleeves burst, unleashing a torrent of muscle that looked as if it had been chiseled out of Nth metal. Beneath her, Power Girl's feet hovered over the earth at the ends of legs overcrowded with so much muscle they looked like the flanks of cows covered with a layer of creamy skin holding on for dear life. Above her, Power Girl's ludicrous chest, overinflated beachballs perched on pecs each more than a foot thick, ripped her sling-bikini style costume clear in half as if her chest were the bucket of a bulldozer ripping raw earth straight out of the ground. Now free, her magnificent gravity-defying mammaries bounced irresistibly, perfectly round, the final bits of white fabric hanging over their tops. Her growth had rendered her costume--made for a much smaller, much slimmer, far less busty superheroine--into a cut off top, bearing her artisan midriff and utopian underboobs. Supergirl would've swooned if she wasn't already fainting. "You have no idea how this feels, do you?" the Goddess of War said between heavy, satisfied breaths, "You have no clue what true power is like. Neither of us did, just a few hours ago. Or maybe... now you know what it feels like?" Power Girl reached down and grabbed Supergirl's head like a football, pressing her face against her abs. Supergirl had no strength left to fight back, scraping her cheek against skin that felt like a coating of perfumed velvet over tungsten. "Can you feel that?" the Goddess chuckled, "Is there enough feeling left in your dried up ass to appreciate what is happening to me? You have the privilege of witnessing the birth of a new god, up close and personal! Can you even begin to grasp in your rapidly draining brain what I'm turning into, a kryptonian queen married to the god of war combined with the strength of the amazons and Olympus in one being? You drooling, pathetic, revolting waste of flesh, touch me and touch raw power!" She flexed, a deafening explosive sound, her body responding with one more burst of growth, pumping even larger. "Look at me, you blonde piece of shit!" the Goddess sneered, "Look at all this strength and worship it! Worship this body!" The Goddess of War balled a fist under Supergirl's neck, gripping the fabric of her suit that hung from her in loose wrinkles, lifted the tiny, flat-chested, waif of a blonde up above the horizon of her own immense bust, the radiance of her face dawning over that massive chest, framed by mountainous traps and shoulders like foothills and by the helm of war, transformed again into liquid gold that flowed from her head like hair and fire. New horns, six in total, curved directly out of Kara's skull, lined with opals and gemstones, a wild array of animalistic strength not unlike the serpentine hair of the gorgon. In the same energy, Kara's eyes were two holes that peered into the depths of a burning white star, seemingly able to render any man into not just stone but pulverized dust. Her eyes whipped slivers of spectral light around their edges like newly effulgent eyelashes. She pursed her full lips, shimmering with opalescent rainbows, in utter ecstasy and delight. The sight of Power Girl's unspeakably gorgeous face was blinding to Supergirl's tear-blurred eyes as the face of a celestial looked into the face of a crumpled wretch. The contrast between them couldn't be any starker. It was as if the ugliest insect had been dropped headfirst into the cauldron of the sun. "LOOK! Look at me! See what I have become? The strongest, most powerful being on Earth! Humanity will weep at the sight of me! I am Wonder Woman! I am Supergirl! I am Power Girl no longer... I am Mars, Ares, bloodlust, WAR!" And with the final zap of electricity siphoned from Supergirl's body, the transformation was complete. Power Girl had absorbed all the power she possibly could from her cousin without ending her life, dooming her to survive to witness her reign. But then, a small, pitiful sound filled Power Girl's ears which could hear every noise on Earth at once. "...Kuh-" "What did you say? You dare to speak to the Supreme Goddess of War, the Queen of New Krypton?" Power Girl's divine anger threatened to blast the meat right off of Supergirl's brittle bones. Then came the words again, slow, pained, desperate. "Kh-... Kal..." Supergirl whispered. The memory that Superman still lived and breathed possessed the Goddess's mind with a jealousy and greed few living beings could begin to comprehend. Her face coiled into a platinum mask of covetousness and hatred. The world's beloved, the first superhero... her eyes licked and lashed iridescent flames at the thought of him. "Yes... Kal-El. The Superman. The Man of Steel... I can melt steel with my very presence. They call him the Man of Tomorrow. He hasn't yet met the greatest Woman who has ever lived and shall ever live." The Goddess of War smirked and the physics of time and space warped around her as she disappeared into the skies, instantly breaking every barrier of speed as she willed herself toward Metropolis, cradling Supergirl against her gargantuan breast. "Clark. Your time in the sun is over!" 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  21. THE PERFECT STORM Story by Muscl4life Previous parts: I II Part III I opened my eyes, but everything was still black. I could tell I was lying at some kind of hard warm surface. I couldn’t move, I felt my hands were tied under my knees. My heart pounding inside my chest “Ughhh…where am I?” I moaned. “He’s up from the sleeper, Papi.” I heard the deep powerful voice and realized I actually laid across Miguel’s monstrously huge lap, just one of his enormous thighs thick enough to accommodate my thin little body. “Good, I was beginning to worry. I took it really light on him, but this kid’s pretty weak. We’re almost there anyway.” “Please sir…you don’t need that…I mean no harm to you.” I tried to reason, but there was no answer. Before I said anything else, I felt the huge hand of Miguel pressing my back. “Stay quiet, little dude. You must learn to only talk when commanded.” The giant muscle freak I created whispered in my ear, I could tell he was indeed worried to Larry’s reaction to my inappropriate behavior. We drove for a couple of minutes until I felt the vehicle parking. I heard Larry exiting the car, and opened the back door. The humongous Miguel easily lifted my immovable body and passed onto Larry, who easily put me over his shoulder and walked away. He carried me downstairs, put me in some kind of chair, and very gently, I must say. Then, after a couple of moments, someone removed the blindfold from my eyes and I could finally see the glorious face of my muscle daddy again. Larry was sat in front of me in an arm chair, and his looks was so serious and intense that I had no courage to speak anything until commanded, something which I think he appreciated, because I noticed a smirk on the corner of his mouth. “I guess all this silence is making you crazy huh? You’re too damn talkative.” He said, adjusting his muscular frame in the chair. I said nothing, but nodded my head. He chuckled. “At least you’re a fast learner, I must admit. Anyway, I am sorry about the sleeper, but I needed to get you to a safer place quick. I mean you had grown Miguel into a freaking muscle monster just to prove your point to me, what if someone else appeared and saw that?” I looked at his face for a second, but Larry did not show any sign that he wanted to listen to me yet. “So, yeah I had to put you to sleep and took your scrawny ass from my gym. Fortunately, Miguel miraculously fit in the back of the van, so nobody needed to see this humongous freak. Don’t take me wrong kid. I admire your dedication, I really do. But you’ve done too many mistakes.” I looked down, disappointed at myself for being such a flawed mess. Larry moved his bulking muscular physique closer and I felt his manly, calloused, harsh hand gently holding my chin and making me look back at him. He smiled and planted a quick kiss on my lips. “However, I can’t even tell how fucking happy you’ve made when you chose me to be your master, little Kirby.” He said as he returned to his position, noticing how I quickly recovered my enthusiasm. Larry stared at me for a few extra seconds, testing if I would commit another mistake, like thanking him without his authorization. I kept quiet, smiling back at him but not producing a single sound, which seemed to make him extremely pleased. “Damn…you’re a sassy little puppy aren’t you? Answer with your words this time.” “Yes, master. I aim nothing but to grow you into a monstrosity of unheard size and strength!” I said so enthusiastically that Larry nodded with a chuckle. “I loved your dedication to make sure I am to receive the optimized, super special kind of growth treatment. So, I’ve come up with a good plan of action, which you will follow strictly without ever questioning any single aspect, you got that kid?” He said flexing his right arm and feeling the huge ball under his hand, and I quickly obliged. “You’re in charge master. My powers are yours to command.” “Good, so you are going to grow me, but I will tell you exactly how much bigger you will make me.” He said with such determination that I understood his natural need to be in charge of everything related to him. “Yes, sir. I will follow your commands, but I tell you in advance I have never tried to set a specific amount of growth to any subject.” I said honestly. Larry nodded. “I see, well I think you just have to practice.” “You could say so…but… Sir, can I make a question?” “Yes, Kirby. What is it?” “Why do you want me to grow someone else other than you?” Townsend chuckled. “Well, I want you to grow me at the top of your capacity, and in order to do that you will have to learn how to establish different levels of intensity. So let’s test you in a more restrained and controlled use for your skills” “Wow…that makes total sense!” His savviness never ceased to amaze me. “Of course it does boy. You will never develop better control over your abilities if you don’t know your minimum and your maximum limits.” “And how are we gonna test it?” Townsend stood up from the chair and walked towards the door. “Simple, I will bring three subjects to you, and you’ll grow them at the same time in different ratios, intensities and proportions. I will let you decide which one gets to be the biggest. I need you to focus on refinement, aesthetics, to build three amazing bodybuilding legends, brought into inhuman perfection in different degrees.” I listened to his words in awe. Larry was coaching me on how to use my own abilities! Larry opened to the door on the opposite wall and to my uttering surprise, instead of some of his pupils; his own sons entered the room. “Dad, what the fuck is going on here? Who’s that giant who greeted us, and why does he look exactly like you?” Chad Townsend asked in shock. The 5’10” 185 pounds trimmed blond guy took some of his dad’s handsomeness. “If he called us here, he means to explain it precisely, Chad. Stop being so stupid.” Troy, the 5’8” 165 pounds seemed the most well educated of the family, wearing designer’s impeccable tailored suit. “You two stop bitching and let dad talk!” I noticed Brad was actually the one who took more of Larry’s powerful seed. The young man of his early 20’s stood very nicely at 5’9” 205 pounds of hard Townsend muscle pounds. His facial features kept a remarkable resemblance to young Larry’s uncanny standards. “Boys, boys…calm down. I know it’s hard to believe, but don’t worry. I’ve got it under control. That huge person upstairs is Miguel, my guest Kirby grew that little twink into that immense size and made him look like me when I was his age so I’ll tell everybody he’s my out-of-wedlock son. As you may have noticed, my new friend here has unique muscle growth abilities, and he will gladly display to you.” I expected the guys would question the logic on that situation, but after seeing the immense size on Miguel, there was nothing else they could doubt. They stared at me, each one in his very different and personal behavior, which I observed very closely.I realized my muscle daddy was indeed a genius! He provided me three perfect subjects because they all shared half of his DNA, so I could learn how to work on his material in advance! GOD, that man was such a beast! Chad was outgoing, not very bright but truly admired his father and wanted to please his dad. His body had nice proportions, his shoulders were wide and big, his chest a bit small to his arms and he had a bit of roid gut. Troy, on the other hand, was a free spirit, he clearly did not follow his father’s footsteps and pursued different targets, but judging by the way his suit bulged; he was very fit and had a magnificent base for me to work. Brad was the best out of those three. He had it all, volume, symmetry, and conditioning. I could tell he was the one who truly wanted to carry the Townsend’s legacy into the next generation. I only needed seconds to get a good profile of these men, so I hit my new targets at the same time with three different waves of muscle growth, individually set to achieve a specific outcome, which I hoped would please my very commanding muscle daddy. “Shit…this is real!” Chad moaned as his clothes felt tighter around his shoulders and his jeans were suddenly very snugly on his thighs. Troy’s usual sternness was instantly gone with the intensity of the muscle growth I set to his relatively small frame. I hit him with the most intense of the settings, because I knew he was a young man hungry for power, just like his daddy, and I really wanted him to physically become everything he needed to lead his brothers. Brad was the one I decided to become my Larry prototype. I sensed his muscular frame quickly responding to my stimulation. His muscle fibers reacting to my powers, provided me with a delicious taste for my ultimate daddy’s treatment. Meanwhile, I felt the strong hands of Larry touching my left shoulder. “I can see what you’re doing, boy. I like it…I really do!” He whispered in my ears, and I used the excitement to feed my subjects with more muscle but without ever letting go of my control of their bodies’ growth. With my daddy’s motivation, I behaved like a true sculptor, using my powers to change his sons into three different versions of the musclefreak concept. I quickly corrected Chad’s lack of symmetry and augmented his muscles in such a gracious, aesthetically pleasing manner that he already made Shawn Rhoden’s body look ugly. Still, I continued added more artistic perfection into his muscles, making him the kind of bodybuilder Michelangelo’s David would be if he ever existed. I smoothed his features and worked on his tan, making sure he looked like a crossed incarnation of Apollo and Adonis. His muscles exulted with glory, aesthetic perfection and glorious size, while his body continued to augment beyond human standards. Larry’s eldest son turned out into a 6’7” 750 pounds tribute to the aesthetics of the inhuman perfection. His divine symmetry and the flawless, super masculine, sensual gorgeousness. The sultry magnificence of those godly huge muscles turned Chad into the ultimate muscle hunk! As for Troy, I decided to take a true behemoth-type approach: I fed his body with incredibly surges of muscle growth, turning his once fit physique underneath his suit into a muscle-fiber powerhouse, generating incredible amounts of immense brawn that filled his once trimmed physique with subsequently expanding new layers of off-season type muscle. With such powerful feed, Troy immediately outgrew his expensive designer’s brand tailored suit, shredding the fabric with the intensity of his transformation. In a matter of seconds, he made the biggest FIBBO guest posers look like anorexic models, not to mention that I also chose the “intimidation package” to his transformation. On top of giving Troy immense super thick muscles, in that marvelous off-season look without actually rising his body-fat percentage (thanks to his hyper-dense muscle fibers). I also grew Troy to a whooping height of 7’6” feet tall, which would make him look down at most of guys. I accentuated the proportions of his mountainous shoulders along with the ridiculously immense traps, the gargantuan dimensions of his pectoral plates jutting out of his monstrous brawn, the insanely hot 10-pack abdominal wall incrusted into the giant turtle-shell gut I deliciously built for him. His buffalo-sized neck adorned his manly, rugged, square-jawed, brute, masculine face. With all the mass I fed to his hulking frame, Troy became a humongous, intimidating mountain of man, standing at 7’6” and weighing 1,600 pounds of absolutely super dense muscle! He truly achieved musclebound category! As for Brad, I took my sweet time to savor the wonderful response his body gave to my stimulations. His young, vigorous, stunning physique was truly hungry to grow. Each growth surge I fed him turned out even better than I ever estimated, so I decided to turn him into something that I knew Master Larry would become. The gorgeous young man became superhumanly muscular! I clearly went for a comic-book kind of aesthetics, and used this opportunity to change the youngest Townsend into a real life version of my favorite fantasies of comic book superheroes – an improvement of the Prime superhero from Malibu Comics– without the need for that ridiculous alien goo. Since his development was so phenomenal, I ceased the opportunity to give him muscles on top of muscles, and muscles that were not part of the human anatomy! His shoulders widened and thickened, while his traps and lats expanded tremendously, his forearms and biceps thickened tremendously and his chest increased powerfully with every second. His gorgeous boyish face increased its masculinity as I gave him an impossibly thick muscular neck, the squarest jaw and very rugged manly features, resulting in this commanding aura of a super powered being. Brad’s muscle growth was not only the most intense among Larry’s progeny, but also probably the hottest thing I have done to this day! I could bring a young man into unheard levels of muscularity! The incredibly thick veins engorged as I fed him with more brawn, inspired in the idea that comic book characters have no limits for the spectacular muscularity! One thing that I made sure was that all the boys would receive a humongous massively huge cock and matching powerful balls to crown their behemoth masculinity. I was proud to see Chad’s 16 inches long alabaster toned cock, not to mention Troy’s 20 inches of throbbing monstrosity and Brad’s full 24 inches of deliciously inhuman superhero cock! I must confess that I’ve always been torn between the original and the Rogue Prime’s looks. For once, the classic, immensely huge and clean aspect was a major turn on, but I also loved the longhaired, husky rebel attitude of the Rogue version. In the end, I decided to combine both standards, but go further and beyond, thus creating my ultimate version of super hero incarnate. I could tell my daddy was truly enjoying the whole process as he placed his huge calloused hand on my tiny butt and squeezed it so hard I thought he would simply rip a chunk of flesh from my body! With such kind of encouragement, my abilities reached new levels of power; I could actually feel that Brad’s body functioned as the clay to my sculpting skills. I could simply keep adding mass on top of massing and readjusting, remodeling, reshaping, increasing, expanding, augmenting, developing. I felt my hunger for muscle growth taking me into new heights of pleasure and intensity. I knew this body of Brad was just an appetizer for my Muscle Daddy, so I wanted him to be not just a decent prototype, but also one that would make Larry insanely hot for my experiencing my abilities! I used Brad’s natural similarity to Larry’s to make him my perfect billboard. I heightened his magnificent features, which only made him look even more like a young, glorious super hero character created from Larry Townsend’s own flesh and blood. As a masterful conductor, I suddenly ceased all the growth action, taking my time to admire the uncanny Goliath I had just brought to life! Brad Townsend became this epitome of inhuman muscularity of 8’4” and weighed 3,150 pounds of gloriously inhumanly developed muscular creature with flawless features and proportions that were impossibly achievable. “T…There you are…master!” I said panting, feeling extremely drained after all that growth, but still able to keep my senses this time, which showed my stamina was also increasing with training. The room was a bit cramped before, but now it was simply crowded with nearly 4 TONS of muscle I’ve created in a matter of simple minutes! Both Larry and myself were surrounded by musky warmth of those immense muscle monsters I’ve created! Their bulging cocks leaking huge amounts of precum, their bodies exulting in masculine, uber-powerful muscle glory. Although they have been aware of their transformation process, Townsend’s sons seemed to take a while to come out of their own growth trance, to realize not only the uncanny changes in their respective bodies, but the ones performed in their sibling’s as well. “FUCK! TROY YOU’RE A FREAKING MONSTER!” Chad’s voice sounded a bit different, it actually carried a deep, manly soothing tone to it. The augmented Chad said as he reached for the naked hairy immensity of his younger brother. “HEH, WELL I THINK I LIKE BEING SO MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU, OLDER BRO!” The humongous muscle behemoth moaned as he hugged the older sibling and lifted him from the air. Suddenly, the two of them felt the humongous embrace of someone who was actually WIDER than both of them put side-by-side. “YOU GUYS LOOK AMAZING!” Brad’s voice was something beyond description. It was sexy without even trying, it was friendly, manly, mandatory even. The inhuman proportions and the impossible size of Brad revealed itself as he kneeled down, bringing his two muscle freak brothers into a quick submission, just with the pressure of his mighty frame. “Damn…little bro…we can’t call you that anymore!” Chad hissed. “Yeah…you…look…immense!” Troy whispered. “I FEEL INVINCIBLE!” Brad hit a most muscular pose, still holding the necks of his brothers in the immense grip of his arms Both of the older siblings came in unison, dropping their hefty loads at the same time over Brad’s smooth valleys of muscle, which made my “home-made” superhero to fire his cum cannon all over the room, hitting the ceiling, the walls, including his daddy and myself, which felt so honorable for a true muscle worshipper like me. “I guess my newest little toy is a keeper, right boys?” Larry grinned, he stood there so very proud of his immense sons, but also from my own abilities. “YES, FATHER!” They all said at once, looking at me with ravenous eyes. “So, you go boys go play with each other…Don’t destroy anything I wouldn’t huh?” Larry chuckled, but if Chad and Troy had trouble squeezing themselves into the tiny stairway, Brad simply felt something different about his body. “Humm…sir?” He asked, noticing he was floating half an inch above the ground. Larry looked at me immediately, shocked and in awe. “Can I fly?” Bras asked me marveled “Yup, and you have uncanny superhuman strength, your muscles are bullet proof, you have near endless stamina, all the powers of the superhero, AND none of the flaws. I’ve always felt these would just destroy the character, so I removed the weaknesses of the basis and only worked to make you invincible.” “So, all the size and girth are not just for the show?” I shrugged. “I told you sire. My powers will change your life forever!” Larry kissed my lips passionately and whispered something that made my knees weak. “You’re mine boy…MINE!” He said kissing me hard once again. To be continued.
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    My Twin Is His Own Man

    PREVIOUS REFERENCE: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4099-my-partner-moves-on/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/3760-my-twin-moves-on-chapters-1-12/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. Machu Man - Part 7: Equality by ragman Finally, Mason broke our embrace and smiled mischievously, “I can't wait to see how strong you are becoming.” Happily, that is what I wanted, too. “But, any more muscle play would be difficult indoors. We already hit the ceiling with just calf flexes. And showing our strength requires objects, obstacles, machines, stone, metal....big objects, and strong metal,” I imagined out loud. “Ooh, hearing you talk about about muscle play gets me hot.” Mason stepped closer and began rubbing my shoulders. “I want to see how this muscley body of yours defies nature, flexing so big and so strong. Let's put on some shorts and get out of here.” The idea of sharing more muscle and strength with Mason had become my ultimate fantasy, and we were gonna make it come true. I quickly jumped into a pair of stretchy shorts and before I knew what was happening, Mason picked me up like a child again, with his arm under my butt, and headed outside. Our townhouse complex was among several that were under construction in our area, the new trendy place to be. A block or two away a new unit was being built. Some heavy machinery was parked there, getting ready to clear the lot and dig the foundation. We walked in that direction. “Ya know what, Mason?”, I mused. “There's a scene in every Hercules movie when he rips a tree out of the ground and carries it away. It was one of the first feats of strength I remember turning me on, it was such a sign of great power. Let's help this contractor out and take down some of these big trees,” I said with a raised eyebrow. “Put me down, please.” Mason obliged with a reciprocating grin as he set me down. “Why not have some fun,” he replied. “Don't just yank 'em out with a bearhug, though. That's too easy...watch.” He strode to the nearest large tree, a good 3 feet in diameter, stooped down and wrapped his arms around the mighty trunk. The ground under my feet started to shake and rumble, reminding me of an earthquake, as the back muscles on Mason began to quake and rumble, also, as lats expanded and the muscles up and down along his spine became twin anacondas that could asphyxiate a bull. Great chunks of rock and sod and earth exploded from the ground as roots were torn apart. The great tree rose steadily upward in his arms as he stood and then leaned backward, raising the root ball out of the hole. He adjusted his grip some as the trunk was tilted more to horizontal, and twisted sideways so the mammoth trunk lay across his shoulders, with his hands grasping its underside. “See, that was way too easy,” he bragged. “My whole body is no match for a 100 foot tall tree. Watch me break this twig with one little flex.” Mason turned his head from left to right with the whole tree on his trapezeus, stretching his neck. Then he moaned pleasurably and began to flex his traps. Jagged mounds of stone-hard muscle expanded and grew upward behind Mason's neck, crushing into the bark and trunk of the tree he was holding in place. The sound of crunching and snapping, breaking and crushing was very loud, and then got louder as his boulders of trapezeous climbed higher around his head and forced the less dense wood out of his muscles way. His traps reached about 4 feet above his head when the final SNAP produced two huge logs held in his hands. He tossed them aside like tooth picks and brushed off his hands. “Your turn,” he chimed gleefully, walking over to me, love slapping me on the butt. “But be more creative.” I had known Mason for awhile now, but displays of his strength and muscle size still impressed me, and made me excited. I needed to think of a topper. As I pondered what to do, his 'love tap' on my derriere interfered with my concentration because it still stung my butt from the force of his blow. Luckily an idea came out of my ass. “Well, since you seem to like to carry me by my butt, slap me on my butt, and curl me by my butt, I'm gonna please you more,” I pronounced. I walked over to another tree, this one even bigger and sturdier. I turned my head around to make sure Mason was watching. I pulled off my shorts, Then I started to twerk. I gyrated my hips around and flexed my glutes, not like before with puny little striations that you could grip. Instead, I flexed my cheeks hard and felt them transform into two gigantic orbs, that split and separated and striated into horizontal ridges the size of tank track sections, which extended about 6 feet behind me and a good yard to each side. The muscle striations grew deeper and more jagged and huge. I turned my head to Mason to catch his eye, and then I flexed my glutes apart from each other, leaving a 3-4 foot opening between my cog lined cheeks. I stepped to the side of the mammoth deciduous, so my profile was to Mason, who could see my ass extending from my hips, and I backed up a step to surround the trunk with my cheeks of steel and I clenched down around the 4 foot tree trunk. I winked at Mason and started to rhythmically flex individual muscle cogs in my butt like a caterpillar might walk and felt my glutes tighten around the tree and begin to extract it. The ground tremored and quaked as the roots were slowly being pulled from their grasp on the earth and snapped by more strength than they could manage. My glutes continued to pulsate in rhythm from bottom to top, prying the stately tree upward until the entire root ball was exposed and held between my buns of steel. Then I yelled, “Probably should chip this up for mulch.” I smiled at Mason and clenched down harder, crushing the base of the tree to small chips by mashing my glutes together. I reversed the direction of the rhythm of my ass cogs and the whole tree was sucked down between my muscled cheeks, crunching and crushing every bit of the 125 foot tree to splinters or mulch which piled up at my feet. Mason applauded with enthusiasm, then added, “Better clean up everything.” He picked up the two halves of the tree he uprooted, one in each hand and proceeded to ram them up my ass, so to speak. My hugely muscled butt-cheeks clenched and crushed and ground the trunks to mulch as before, adding to the pile of splinters around me. When I was done I jiggled my ass a bit and relaxed my flex, returning my derriere to a cute, firm buttocks, I pulled on my shorts and walked back to Mason. “I must say, that was creative,” he remarked and put his hand on my buns. Those were the biggest glutes I've ever seen. And the coordination it took to extract and then crush the whole tree by just your butt, as huge as it was, was awesome,” he lauded. “Thanks, Bro.” I puffed out my chest some in pride, causing my pecs to bounce. “Ya know what, though,” he continued, “we probably shouldn't leave this immense pile of wood chips on the ground.” He asked mischievously, “Wanna burn it? “Burn it?”, I wondered. “Yeah, watch this.” Mason stepped to the pile of mulch and scooped up a double handful. “A little flex of the chest, super-heating the air in my lungs and, “Whoo...”. Like blowing out a candle, Mason puffed at the mulch in his hands, which burst into flames all at once, in a fireball that kinda 'flashed' for an instant, and then was completely gone. “Whoa!”, I was amazed. “You can do that?” I paused to realize, “I can do that?” “Your power is as great, Mike. Though, that didn't take much effort,” he stated matter-of-factly. “Give it a try. Just visualize and flex your inner chest muscles, willing them to heat up the air in your lungs, really hot. Then, blow on that big pile of wood chips.” I did as I was coached, concentrated on heating up my lungs, and then I blew on the pile, with the force of blowing out a dozen candles on a birthday cake. The gigantic pile of newly chipped wood vaporized instantly in an inferno of energy, that I wasn't expecting. Mason quickly stepped forward and sucked in the intense energy blob with a hefty gulp, which he swallowed. I was flabbergasted. (Did that word really come out of my mind?) I guess it was symbolic of my shock, both at my own newly discovered lung power and in Mason's rapid rescue response, averting a thermal disaster. As it was, I could see the ground under the wood pile had melted some, due to intense heat from my first try at being a human blow torch, or I guess maybe a godlike blow torch. “Holy shit!”, I exclaimed. “I had no idea I was that powerful, that super. I need to assess this experience so I don't overdo it. Thanks for containing the damage, Mason. Watching you inhale a million degree mass of energy plasma makes me want to try it myself,” I said with a tease. “Easy, big guy,” he patted me on the shoulder. “I like your attitude about 'assessing' your abilities more, so you don't accidentally incinerate a building or blow the moon out of orbit.” After an awkward pause he joshed, “Just kidding,” and slapped me harder on the shoulder. It didn't seem to hurt as much. I assumed I was still growing in strength, still mutating. How wonderful it all was becoming, being a god. I thought about the experience briefly, which was all the time my magnified brain needed to analyze the data, and became enlightened. My brain would instantaneously be able to calculate and manifest my lung exhalations, both hot or cold, as I willed. “My intelligent control over my lung power has been assessed and implemented,” I announced factually. “I'll show you.” I turned my head towards a piece of heavy machinery that was parked nearby, a bulldozer. It was big and blocky with a huge blade on the front. Must have weighed several tons. I pursed my lips and INHALED. The behemoth of steel lifted off the ground and flew towards me. I casually held up my arms, and EXHALED as the dozer arced towards me, slowing down its speed from my breath, to rest gently in my hands. “Play some catch?”, I called to Mason. Before he had a chance to answer, I tossed the metallic monster up in the air a bit and blew it to him with a hurricane gust. He reacted quickly enough, as the tonnage fell towards him, puffed out his lips and blew back. The giant monstrosity arced back to me after peaking about 100 feet high. I returned the volley with a blast from my lips that sent the massive machine skyward even more. I was in heaven, playing catch with a several ton bulldozer, by blowing it back and forth with the puffs from our lungs, with my friend. We each blew harder and harder until the dozer rose several thousand feet high before plummeting to earth, cushioned at the end by a pillow of air, before soaring up again in a rush of hurricane force onslaught. I began to feel a bit conspicuous, realizing what we were doing was visible. Guilt. I discovered, can still temper the actions of a god. I 'caught' my last volley with my thunderous breath and let it fall gently into my hands. I carefully replaced the bulldozer where we found it. Mason ran to me with a big smile. “That was so much fun, Mike,” he said with a high five. “I've never done that before. You really have figured out your breath,” he added with praise. “You like what I'm becoming, huh?”, I whispered in his ear. “I like it, too.” “You are becoming my muscle dream, Mike. I didn't realize how much I wanted a friend until you came along. A friend who would awaken my own pleasure in worshiping strength and power and muscle.” He grabbed me with both arms and massaged my shoulders, biceps, triceps, and traps. “I've never been able to rub and knead anyone's muscles before, without turning them to mush in excruciating pain. But, I can feel your muscles responding by becoming more dense, more powerful, more indestructible.” “Aah, I feel it, too. Your grip would cripple any other living creature, but to me, it is a gentle caress. I'm the luckiest guy alive.” I was becoming self-conscious again. “Could we go back home, where we can be with each other in private?” Mason caressed me harder and replied, “I was just thinking the same thing. I was so turned by your posing earlier. You are so beautiful. In the past, a he-man was thick and had a gut. You are more aware of how the world has accepted muscled men, and what is now considered desirable by humans. Would you teach me how to pose...aesthetically? I promise I will worship and rub and squeeze and lick your magnificent physique, if you show me how beautiful, how beautifully muscled a true man-god can be. I want to be like you.” “You are like me, Mason. I crave every inch of your muscled body and I am enthralled by our strength.” I picked him up like a child, the way he did with me before, and headed back home. “No one has ever carried me before, Mike,” he said approvingly as I put him down in front of the mirrors. “I must say it was very pleasurable resting next to your chest.” He rubbed my pecs lovingly and firmly, giving them a squeeze which was very pleasurable for me in return. “I love rubbing your body, your muscles. Feeling how dense and hard they have become. Knowing I can relax the limits I normally have to impose upon myself, with my strength, and rub your muscles passionately, squeeze with authority, and let my energy flow into your body unbridled, is the biggest gift I could have asked for. I have longed to release more of my unlimited strength, my unfathomable power, without consequences, like earthquakes or tsunamis.” Mason ground and mashed and kneaded my pecs like a kid discovering mud for the first time. I stood fast, sensed the enormous power he was generating, and reveled in the fact I was in complete control of absorbing it. In fact I could counter his might with greater might and flexed my pecs larger, forcing his hands apart. Mason reacted with amazement that turned to more savage worship. My equally infinite might made him more maniacal and muscle crazed. I kept engorging my pectorals with dramatically denser muscle size and strength, prying his fingers apart as he tried to hold on to my shredded muscle crevasses. My pectorals continued to expand against his crushing attempt to force them together, each forming a magnificent mass of muscle that stood off my rib cage and grew larger than a beach ball, though air-filled comparisons are laughable. I glanced in the mirrors and was entranced by the vision. Standing at attention, my pectoral protuberances projected three feet forward and stretched six feet wide. Mason had his arms spread wide trying to control my muscular growth with his hands on the outside of my man-boobs. I noticed the rest of my body had 'muscled up', my legs, my arms, my back, without conscious thought, into Herculean form. Huh, by brain was handling body details, automatically transforming my whole physique so I looked 'balanced' with two boulders growing out of my rib cage that were surpassing the size of two over-stuffed beanbag chairs. Again bean-filled bags aren't a close comparison unless they were upholstered granite. Mason hands lost their grip on my expanding pectoral boulders as they grew wider and higher, until his hands came in contact with my nipples, my throbbing, pulsing, sensitive nipples, and he grabbed on tight, Mason tight. A nuclear explosion of pleasure shocked my being. Mason's infinitely hard grip on my infinitely sensitive nipples was galactic in intensity. My whole body shuddered and my pectoral boulders bounced, exploding yet more mightily, lifting Mason off the ground in an iron cross position like a gymnast. I could see him in the mirror, feet gangling three feet off the floor as my excruciatingly fabulous, muscled mammaries touched the 15 ft high ceiling. I let the pleasure cells in my hyper-conscious brain absorb the ocean of erotic stimuli as Mason clenched harder still before he released his grip with one hand and swung over to one side and grabbed on with both hands. To my further pleasure he opened wide, and barely was able to fit my nipple into his mouth, where he began licking and sucking, further driving me crazy. To my surprise he bit down hard, really hard on my nip, causing me to wince, and flex my areola, which 'popped' Mason off my nipple and sent him landing on the floor with a huge smile on his face. “That was so much fun,” he gushed. “I don't think I've ever used that much strength, that much power before. It was exhilarating,” he said, getting to his feet. I think you must be done 'curing', because you were an equal match to my muscle might.” I heard him compliment me, but I was too busy enjoying powering down my pecs as I re-experienced the pleasure in my brain. What a great ability, to have perfect memory. My daydreams were interrupted by a warm, strong hand behind my neck, pulling me to his warm, strong lips. Our kiss was deep and intimate, making me melt in his muscular arms. He picked me up under my knees and carried me to the bed, where he gently placed me, climbing in next to me. We spooned, feeling the warmth of each other. “I could never have a better friend than you, Michael,” he whispered in my ear. “You are everything I have longed for, for centuries. And now we get to be together forever.” “Forever....”, I repeated as I drifted into fantasies of ultimate delight, ultimate strength, ultimate power, ultimate muscles, ….with my friend. Comments appreciated. Next Chapter : Unexpected Visitors
  24. I contacted Welshy because I love writing stories for folks that in my mind, look like superheroes. I hope you all enjoy my attempt at fun, and creating the first chapter in a possible series on the stories of Welshy, earth’s newest guardian. Please note his youtube page listed below, and enjoy the first chapter. Thanks! @Welshy Welshy’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcrbXKpPGI7GVmRFLszRflw Chapter 1 It was just after midnight when Anthony swung through the glass doors of his gym. He’d spent the past few hours working tirelessly, as he did every evening, perfecting his body. The past few years had seen phenomenal progress for a man just shy of twenty-five. Standing at five feet nine, and well over two hundred pounds, the young bodybuilder was already admired for his physique in his local gym, though he craved to be bigger and better than anyone. He helped train others and spent hours perfecting their form, as he loved the feeling of helping them create the best versions of themselves. On that warm August evening, he turned the ignition to his car, a small white sedan, and made his way onto the highway. Just outside of Cardiff and ambling along, he did his best to find something to listen to on the radio. After a few songs played, a weird static buzz sounded, followed by an emergency signal. He’d never quite heard anything like it, and the sound made him move to pull over along the side of the road. It was a high-pitched beep that mixed with the static. He glanced out each window. The road was dark, trees on either side, with a cloudy sky obscuring part of the moon above. Just as he moved to turn off the radio, a green flash of light streaked across the sky. There was a great burst of green and red flame above him—but strangely, no sound—and he watched as a disc shaped object plummeted. His heart raced watching the object tumble downward. He covered his eyes as the object crashed not five hundred yards from where he sat. Smashing through trees and hurtling across the ground, another burst of color filled the air, and he held onto the steering wheel to brace for impact from the explosion that followed. But the shockwave didn’t rattle his car or burst his windows; in fact, upon opening his eyes he saw only that the world around him was bathed in a strange green light. The object was clearer now, a spherical ship with an outer disc, no bigger than a small plane in size. Perhaps fifty feet across, the outer skin of the sphere was a metallic shine not unlike chrome, though the center held a rectangular opening. From here shone the green light, one that streamed out across the side of the road and into the forest. Anthony pondered staying in his car and leaving the mysterious object to be found by the proper authorities. Surely there would be fire engines and police making their way to the scene, followed shortly by the military. Could it have been a wayward experimental craft? But somehow, he was drawn to this strange thing. He couldn’t explain the feeling that coursed across his skin. He felt a warmth across his chest and down to his toes, one that lingered and raised the hair atop the back of his neck. He watched the green light pulse, and without thinking, opened the door to his car. He didn’t remember walking toward the smoldering object, just that he was standing right in front of the door shaped opening. He should’ve resisted, or turned away. Who knew what lay in wait for him inside the strange object. Yet it was as though the thing was calling to him, forcing him to enter into the unknown. Symbols in a language unknown to him traced the black walls of the corridor. Anthony watched them glow in the same color green, his pale face watching the patterns change. His blue eyes gleamed green in the light. He took step after step into the hall, until he emerged into a circular room with a single metallic chair. The walls were black as well, though here there were no symbols, only a pale green light blinking above the chair. He continued forward, and paused for a moment in front of the chair. A part of him wanted to turn and run. This is crazy. What am I doing? His brain was screaming for him to cut and run. He’d seen more than he was supposed to, and who knew what would happen to him if the military did catch him? Or worse, they would take him away forever for discovering something that wasn’t his to find. His heart won the war; he turned and slowly took a seat. Immediately, two metal pieces sprung from the railing of the chair and locked onto his wrists, holding him in place. The silver metal sealed around his skin, and he couldn’t move an inch. His biceps flexed as he scrambled to break free, only to feel a strange warmth flood through his body. Anthony Stingl. Twenty-five. Humanoid. Five feet nine. Two hundred twenty-three pounds. Peak physical condition. Passable guardian. “What?” Anthony heard the sounds from the chamber around him that echoed. The wall in front of him flushed green with every word. “What is this?” This ship has been sent by the guardians to prepare the people of earth for what they are to face. We have failed to contain the sector surrounding your solar system from the Imperials. They have broken through the western defense perimeter—approach of rogue Imperials is imminent. “Rogue what now? Guardians? What are you going on about?” He shrunk back in the chair, his mind spinning. His heart raced at the thought of—outer space? “Is this—are you an alien?” I am not a human. I am an advance pod sent to distribute knowledge and training to a selected lifeform to defend their planet form extraterrestrial attacks. The Guardian Forces work diligently to keep rogue aliens from entering into pre-interstellar spaceflight territory. Unfortunately, our guardians in the outer sectors closest to this solar system were unsuccessful in a recent security breach. “Sounds like someone wasn’t very good at their job.” Anthony smirked. The Imperials are a collective that seeks to sow discord and chaos across the galaxy. Additionally, they harvest energy from selected planets to increase their power. An ambush by Caldar left several of our best warrior’s dead. He has detected the nearest habitable planet and has set a course. “Earth?” In advance of this, we have selected the first available appropriate specimen to train to defend the planet. You have precious little time to be prepared for— “Pod? I can call you pod? They sent you to find me to… train me? To defeat some monster that’s going to destroy earth? And I’m just supposed to say yes and get on with it, no big deal?” Anthony made a face. You may refuse your duty. However, you may wish to see what powers you have been granted. “Powers?” As he spoke, the wristlets detached from the chair. He looked at the glowing green screen and stood. Each guardian is gifted with the power bracers—these that allow you to take in energy to reformat your own body, to give you strength, dexterity, agility, flight. You will learn the tools— “How?” Simply think of strength—imagine yourself, stronger, bigger, larger—hold the energy within yourself. Your bracers will fill you with the power of the guardians. All of it seemed insane, and perhaps a dream. Had he died in the ensuing explosion, or been injured, only to imagine the conversation that was happening with him now? Still, he did feel very much alive, and he wanted to know just what was real from what was fake. He closed his eyes and began to think of his time in the gym. Of getting stronger, straining, of getting bigger, lifting, of all the energy flowing into his body. The hair on the back of his neck stood, and he could feel the energy tingling through his veins. The green glow washed over him, and soon his arms began to thicken, his biceps growing and swelling. His chest pushed outward, becoming more striated and veins popping up across his skin. His quads pushed apart, each tree trunk leg growing, including his calves. His tank top began to strain from the grown of his muscles, his shorts tearing away at the size of his quads. Soon his clothing shredded, littering the floor, leaving a straining pair of briefs in their wake. “Fuck…” He muttered as he felt the energy grown within him. “Fuck yes, give me more!” He threw his head back and could feel he mass swell across his muscles, his back filling out as his body grew. Each ab grew more defined, his oblique’s coming into view underneath his six pack. He wanted nothing more than to see the size fill him, to tap into the energy. It slowed at last when he paused, dizzy from all the growing, his body nearly a hundred fifty pounds heavier. That was an impressive first attempt. You have a natural affinity for connecting with the energy. However, without an agreement as guardian, you will never be able to tap into the true power of the bracers. “Agreement.” Anthony opened his eyes and stared forward. His life was simple; he knew little of what the task ahead entailed, if only that a strange group had asked for his help. He needed to stop Caldar, or whoever it was Pod had mentioned, and perhaps the world. It was all mad and bonkers to him. But—the way his muscles had grown, the size, the power, he only wanted more. He wanted to be the hero, to not only have the superhero’s build, but the title to go with it. “I’ll be a guardian. I swear it. Now—what do I have to do?” It will be painful. You will choose a name for your guardianship. Something reflective of you, your desires, and truths. The energy will fill you to your limit, and then a part of you will be lifted—taken to be saved by the guardians. It will be contained here should you ever need to be reborn. “What about this place? Won’t someone find it if—” As far as anyone knows, this place is just a patch of trees. All the damage that was done is hidden, and cannot be found. A man could come within an inch of the ship and not see a thing. “Welshy. I want to be called Welshy. For my home, my nickname.” So be it. From now on you will be Welshy, defender and guardian of earth. Your energy will be a part of the guardians. I will train you so that you may stop Caldar from destroying your planet and your people. Now. Breathe deeply. This will not be entirely pleasant. Heat fanned out across his body as Anthony stood, bathed in the green light. All of it seemed to be happening so fast. This strange ship was filling him with energy. He could feel it tingle across his chest, then his legs, then arms, even across his back and glutes. He could feel each muscle begin to flex on its own. He grunted, feeling the heat grow in intensity. His pecs striated and he felt his abs becoming larger, thicker, and more cut. His waist seemed to be getting smaller as he grew somewhat taller, thicker. Before long he cast a thick and long shadow, muscles hulking across his frame. He felt an intensity of heat cross his chest, and yelled out as the energy filled him. A ‘W’ emblazoned in blue across his chest as veins crisscrossed over his body. He flexed harder and harder still, until at last, the energy seemed to subside. This is the final trial; your power is nearly at its peak. I will extract a single percent of your ethos to save, in case your powers are overwhelmed. “What?” You may burn through your strength—it is not unlimited. And should you need to ever be recovered, I can use this energy to bring you back and bind to you. It is a precaution. Especially in one so unexperienced. “If you say so.” He felt his muscles begin to twitch as the light flooded over him. He began to grunt and growl as his muscles seemed constricted. He tried to flex but couldn’t feel anything but the heat, the impossible amount of energy flowing through him and over him all at once. An immense pressure that made it hard for him even to breathe. He lifted off the ground, hovering as the light took over him. He stared, eyes wide and open mouthed as a pale gold energy fled from his mouth and gathered in a ball in front of him. After another minute, it formed—muscular and manly, shaping into a version of himself, though less muscled, the same shape as he’d been prior to being flooded into energy. As he faced himself, looking into a golden form of energy with his eyes, nose and mouth, he could scarcely breathe. The colors swirled. He lost consciousness then, the world blackened, and he saw nothing else. Anthony awoke in his bed, eyes fluttering open. Had It all been a dream? But as he stripped away his bedsheets, he saw the two bracers atop his wrists. Stranger still was the small metallic disc upon the small of his back. He placed his left index finger atop it. This piece allows us to be one and communicated though you are not in the ship, Welshy. We can be everywhere together, to train you for what is to come. “I’m having a hard time even processing it.” Anthony rubbed his temples. Being the world’s hero seemed an awful lot for someone that just yesterday was happy just to lift weights and teach others to do the same. We will spend the next few weeks learning to control your power, and to be one with the energy. First, you should stand and call upon your power. He stood from his bed. A mirror on the wall showed his bulky figure. Powerful chest, thick legs, strong arms. You need just say your name, and the power will start to flow through you. “Welshy…” His skin tingled as the energy pulsed through his limbs. He marveled at the sight of his stomach growing more taught, abs appearing and becoming chiseled. His shoulders broadened and thickened, his bicep peaks rising and growing. His legs pushed apart yet again, his glutes tightened. His muscles expanded and swelled outward, dwarfing the man that he had been. Before long he was over three hundred pounds and rivaled any man, who crossed the Olympia stage. He flexed a bicep and then another, smiling at himself in the mirror. A blue ‘W’ emblazoned across his chest, as well as a blue pair of briefs and boots. He supposed they came with the power. Now, we learn to fly. It was his favorite part. Out of his backyard and into the sky, he soared above the cul-de-sac of homes. He wasn’t sure if the neighbors could see—after all, who could mistake the shape of a muscular hero soaring through the air—but part of him hoped they could. He struggled some to get his bearings. The way the wind whipped across his body and the way he needed to angle himself for one. Another was paying attention to pesky pieces of human interference, whether they were powerlines, buildings, or even aircraft from a distance. They spent two afternoons to make sure he could take off and land at full speed. They ended one session with him crashing into an empty lot outside of town, covered in dirt because he hadn’t slowed his massive form quickly enough. “How long did you say we had to train?” He’d said, rubbing the dirt off of his chest. Current projections put Caldar at least seven days away from earth, though no more than ten. There has been no further communication. He relished the ability to grow his strength. They focused first on growing his muscles on command, and maxing out his size. He would start in his normal form, a little past two hundred pounds, and bring his arms above his head in a double bicep pose. He would mutter his new name—Welshy—and at once the power would flood through him. As the ‘W’ began to form across his chest, he would grunt and strain, filling out his back and broadening his shoulders. Muscle would snake across his form, biceps growing from grapefruits to near bowling balls in size, his abs now impossibly cut. His back forming a perfect ‘v’ down to his wait, and legs exploding back outward again with muscle. The sigh of himself in the mirror had him thinking only of the incredible hulk, glistening muscles covered in definition and veins. He could lift thousands of pounds with ease. Heavy steel beams at construction sites were what he lifted now, cars, too. One of his first acts as a hero was to fix a tilting bridge. The media only caught sight of him for a second, but by the morning plenty were questioning who the man with the ‘w’ on his chest was. He made sure the next day to be on the lookout for more trouble, this time finding a set of cars precipitously close to tumbling off the edge of an overpass. He lifted a tractor trailer off onto the road, smile across his face. The local news station got a first-hand interview with the local hero—Welshy—and from then on, they knew they could be safe with such a man flying through the skies. His first brush with evil per say was just a few days later, when a classic hero conundrum occurred: a bank robbery in progress. They had guns of course, but weren’t expecting a shirtless muscular hero to pounce on them. Three masked men held up a set of tellers at gunpoint, only to have Welshy come crashing through the window. They fired their weapons, but here another one of his powers became clear: his muscles were so dense, the bullets that struck him simply clattered to the floor. He took their punches too, each trying their hand to knock against his steel body with their fists. With a laugh, he need just one punch for each to have them on the ground. Anthony sat in the chair of Pod’s ship as the two planned for their next lesson. They had spent the weeks preparing for his battle, though he felt as though there was still so much to learn. He listened to Pod explain that most guardians had years before their first encounter with such a powerful being. You’ve taken well to your lessons, but Caldar is not a basic humanoid. He will seek to destroy you and claim the earth and its power for himself. “You’ve said it yourself, I’m a natural. And with you helping me, I shouldn’t have much to worry about. Your knowledge will help me take him down, my strength will have him on the ropes, and then we’ll do what the other guardians weren’t able to do.” He won’t just be here to conquer the earth. Caldar is on a mission to tap into the energy underneath earth’s core. Several guardians have fallen trying to protect him from sapping planets of their power. “Oh.” Welshy blinked. “What do you mean, ‘sapped?’” Caldar was granted a power by the imperials to manipulate and use energy; he has determined a way of taking that energy from planets and other beings alike. You will see that he has his trophies on his wrists—evidence of the guardians that have failed. He takes their power when they have been defeated. It all had seemed much less real up until the mention of the defeated guardians. Welshy stared down at his wrists and wondered just how much power he had been given. If you are to fail, he will attempt to take your power from you, and then your wristlets. They can only be taken when all of your life force is extinguished. The bracers will unlock and he’ll be able to take them to use as his own. However—once you have completed your training, you will be able to grow your power beyond what he has… through another item not given to most guardians. “What? What are you…” A small cube sprung up from the floor. The box opened to reveal a ring large enough to fit around his forehead. “Why don’t I just use it now?” Those that are unable to tap into its true power may be overwhelmed. It is highly dangerous for an unskilled guardian. The power contained my cause you to burst into flames. “Yikes. Well—I suppose we have a few more lessons before…” The room suddenly glowed green, and Welshy closed his eyes. There is a disturbance in the sky, northward. It appears that Caldar may have entered into the atmosphere. I am putting a visual for you. Streaking across the sky was a creature that appeared humanoid: a similar face with black hair, and black eyes. His body was gargantuan in musculature, rivaling even Welshy’s. But where a normal man had one arm, this creature had four. He wore a black set of briefs and boots, and a determined look upon his face. Welshy felt a chill run through his body. “Right. What do we do now?” We should engage him prior to him finding our location now. He is seeking the strongest signal of energy on earth at the moment—which would be coming from your bracers. When he has found you, he will be ruthless in attempting to wear down your power to destroy you. You have to weaken him until I can be certain your bracers can be used to blast him with their energy. A concentrated blast at his weakest point will eliminate him and his power. “Let’s get this show on the road then.” Welshy flexed his pecs and grinned. He took off running toward the door, and leapt into the sky. He could feel himself straighten in the air, half guided by his training, half by his connection with Pod. He felt a quiet reassurance with the alien android making sure to correct any of his movements. The power grid has been deactivated. His presence is detected at the power plant not far from the northwest corner of town. He was hard to miss, even in the darkness. Caldar’s massive frame was an alabaster shade in the moonlight, his figure hunched over a set of generators he seemed to be feasting on. Welshy could see through the glimmer of sparks and electricity that there was a set of bracers on each of his four wrists; fallen guardians that had failed to take on this creature. He marveled at his massive back and the way his muscles seemed to twitch and grow with every ounce of power he took. “Excuse me, but you’re going to have to pay for some of that.” Welshy said, hovering just a few feet above. He crossed his arms across his chest. Caldar turned slowly, and locked eyes with the hero. “A guardian. How delicious. Have you come to stop me before I lay waste to your pathetic planet?” He grinned. “I was just getting ready to begin charging up to burrow down to your planet’s core—what is it called, earth? Not quite the same amount of energy as some of the other places I’ve been, but I’m sure it will be just as sweet.” “You won’t be getting much further here. I’ve come to put a stop to you.” “Yes—the guardians have granted earthlings their first guard. I heard of this. Unorthodox, with as backward as this planet appears. But no matter. It will not exist for much longer. I suggest you agree to join me now or face the same fate as your colleagues.” Welshy shook his head. “You leave me no choice, Caldar—in the name of the guardians, and me, Welshy,” He grinned. “I’m going to make sure you’re finished.” With this he grunted, and called into his power. Ballooning in strength again, his muscles expanded, pushing past the size of Caldar and adding thickness to his legs and chest. He sneered as he hovered, his bodying bathed in a pale green light as his muscles expanded and the power filled him. With a final double bicep flex he stood, power coursing through him. Caldar wasted no time moving in on him, leaping into the air. He swung one fist at Welshy, then another, and then another. Each time the hero dodge and weaved, then held up his fists to block a blow. He could feel the subtle corrections by Pod, and stayed in rhythm with him. The villain swung hard and knocked his arms apart, only to lay a hard blow on his waiting stomach. Startled, Welshy grunted, but his abs held. This only had Caldar grow angrier—he grunted and threw his own head back, pulling more power into himself and growing in size. Three hundred plus pounds and ripped with muscle, he surged forward and looked to lay more blows on the hero. He knocked his left pec then right, and another blow hit his stomach. But Welshy swung back this time, connecting across the villain’s face. He worked to jab at the alien’s chest, though his four arms made it difficult to land a blow. Instead of focusing on hand to hand, when he saw an opening, he swept his leg across, only to connect with the villain’s exposed abs. He sent Caldar spiraling backward, smacking him into a waiting transformer with a shower of sparks. Welshy hovered above him in the air and flexed a bicep in a taunt. “How is such a pathetically novice recruit daring to take me on?” Caldar wiped a hand across his face and shook his head. “You are not a great warrior. You are a child. One that has barely learned to fight and now uses my own strength against me?” His voice grew louder and he stood, flexing his muscles yet again. Welshy dropped his arms to his sides, curious. “Well perhaps earthlings are more surprising that you thought, Caldar?” He grinned. Enraged, the villain was bathed in a red glow. He launched himself off the ground and moved to wrap two of his arms around the hero. He easily wrapped around his waist, and used the other two arms to lay blows across Welshy’s face. He scrambled, not expecting the sudden burst of power. Welshy. You must retreat—his power is far greater than we could have feared. You should return so that we— Welshy grunted, ignoring pod’s voice in his head. It seemed to fade as he drew in more power, this time flexing his biceps to break free of Caldar’s hold. His arms swelled again, and he could feel the villain straining, until at last he burst free from his hold. Caldar was forced backward, while Welshy flexed in a most muscular pose, triumphant. Caldar grinned. In his fingers, he held the small silver disc that had been atop Welshy’s back, giving him connection to Pod. Welshy moved to grasped it, but the villain vaporized the disc in his hands. “Your guide will not be assisting you, hero. Now we will battle man to man, and see who is superior. Unless you are afraid.” Welshy tried to listen, to see if Pod could still communicate. He wasn’t sure if he should retreat—would he just be leading Caldar back to the ship, so that he could finish off Welshy and gain power over the guardians? Was he truly as strong as they thought? He seemed to be taking Welshy’s blows but he did not seem invincible. He gritted his teeth and shook his head. “I’m not afraid of you, Caldar. I am the guardian of Earth, and this is the end of the line for you!” He moved to swing a fist and lurched forward, but was to slow. His next blow missed as well, and then an uppercut sailed through air. Caldar was easily dodging him, and went so far as to laugh at his attempts. The villain struck back with a blow to his stomach, and then another to his chest, and then both fists to his back. He knocked Welshy this way and that way, his fists hitting his body and striking right through his muscle armor. Welshy coughed as he struggled to regain his composure, but each time he brought up his fists to block, Caldar seemed two steps ahead, laying blows where he couldn’t anticipate them. He lay three successive blows to his face, and sent Welshy spiraling backward. “Is this all you have, hero? Just a pathetic creature that thought he could play hero because of what he’d been given…” Caldar put two of his hands on his waist. “Give in now and you won’t be destroyed.” Welshy shook his head. He knew he had to dig deep, to overwhelm Caldar with his strength. If he could knock him out, or overpower him, at the least he could get away. He closed his eyes and focused. Energy flooded him, his bracers glowing green. His chest grew thicker still, his quads now gigantic and glutes tight as ever. His form swelled outward, and he dwarfed Caldar in size. His muscles were nothing but sinew and strength, the ‘W’ thick upon his chest. He stared down the villain with a new fire in his eyes. “I am the guardian of earth, and I surrender to no one!” He flew forward, arm pulled back behind his head, and he swung a powerful blow. Caldar danced around him, causing the massive form of the hero to slide forward. He was powerful, but too big to be agile. He was slow to correct his turn. By the time he faced Caldar, the villain lay three blows across his stomach, and another across his chest. He peppered him with his fists, sending his massive form this way and that way, until at last two of his arms wrapped the hero’s in a hold to pull his arms back, while the others wrapped around his neck. Welshy gasped, struggling. He tried to call on more power, but to his shock, felt nothing from his bracers. He had tapped into everything he’d had. “Ah—yes. The limit of a guardian’s power. Your precious guide did not tell you what happens to the heroes that don’t submit to us imperials. You see, first I defeat you. Then, I take the power of the guardian for my own… and once I have all of it, and your essence, I can connect with the planet to sap it of its energy. You see, defeating you was the first thing I needed. And now… I’ll show you what happens for your pathetic display…” Welshy’s eyes grew wide as he felt the villain hold him closer. His muscular back pressed closer to Caldar’s front, and he could feel the villain’s bracers on each arm closer to his own. Suddenly he felt tired—unable to even so much as moved. Then he felt something worse—the pull of energy from him into Caldar. He did his best to struggle, to flex his muscles and keep them filled with power, but as their two bodies hovered close to one another, energy jumped from Welshy to the villain. He grunted as he felt the drain sap his power, and stared down at his bracers, watching as the pale green energy flooded into those on Caldar’s wrists. He cried out, attempting to fight it, but the villain’s hold was too strong, even as muscular as he was. The minutes passed and he felt the heat rushing through his body, all of his muscles flexing in a pulse of energy from him to Caldar. The villain laughed as the energy slowed to a crackle. He released Welshy from his hold and let his body tumble down to the earth. Landing with a heavy thud against pavement and cracking it, Welshy moaned. He struggled to stand, his body feeling too heavy for even his legs. He was still a massive form, though Welshy wondered just what he had left. The villain landed in a blink of an eye right in front of him. “Go ahead. Call on the last of your power, Welshy. Fight the good fight. You could simply kneel to me and you could become a part of the imperials. Or—you will fail…” Welshy’s felt the sweat dripping down his forehead and down his chest. He took a deep breath, then another. He had no doubt about the evil he was facing. Perhaps there was still hope—perhaps if he could just tap into whatever limited potential remained, he’d find a way to defeat Caldar. With a final grunt, then a roar, Welshy moved to throw his arms above his head in a double bicep pose. He felt the energy flood him again, his massive body growing green. Caldar mirrored him with a sneer, and let out his own roar. Their energies seemed to connect, red with green. Welshy struggled and fought, pushing back at first, until he could bear it no longer. The red pushed past and flooded over him. He gasped as he felt the air leave his lungs. His arms dropped down to his sides, and he dropped to his knees. Eyes wide, he felt the energy being pulled from deep inside of him, up and out of his form. He watched as a copy of himself formed in the air above him, muscular and powerful, thicker and thicker, until at last—the form threw its hands up in front of his face. A blinding green light filled the area. As the light faded, Caldar stood, still flexing. The energy receded into him like smoke through the air, and he let out a sigh as it filled his chest. He stepped forward slowly. At his feet, open mouthed and eyes wide, Anthony’s body was on its back, his defeated form was nearly unrecognizable. Even the muscle he’d had prior to becoming a guardian seemed gone—he was thin, undefined. His arms lay outward, and Caldar moved to place hands over each wristlet. As he moved to do so, each bracer snapped open at his touch. Caldar smirked as he moved to place one of Welshy’s bracers on one wrist, then another. Within a moment, he took to the sky, leaving only the defeated form of earth’s guardian behind. To Be Continued.
  25. londonboy

    Gramps Powered - Parts 1 - Finale

    The thought of a seventy-year old massive muscle monster kept me up most nights. It also kept my cock so hard that I couldn’t roll over or it would have acted like a kickstand and stopped the motion of my body instantly – causing a lot of pain. I wanted a senior bulging daddy to take care of me. I wanted a huge master to keep me in line when I got out of place and the same elder beast to reward me when I did something nice. It was completely crazy, but I craved the disciplining just as much as I longed for the rewarding. I knew I needed the constant positive reinforcement that only a strong, silver-haired, weathered-faced, golden-ager could give. I was a twenty-six-year-old gay man that wanted one thing in life – a humongous senior citizen mentor who would treat me as his boy, his pup, his plaything - all rolled up into one. I became so obsessed with this desire that I became one of the world’s leading chemists, even at my young age – having graduated high school and college within five years and getting my doctorate so quickly that professors at world-renowned universities came to me to learn. I, however, had one goal and one goal only with my newfound knowledge – a gray haired super daddy. I said yes to a very lucrative job with a major pharmaceutical company in southern California under the guise that I was helping them create resources for dermatologists to assist people to stay young and healthy looking. The work they paid me handsomely for was actually child’s play since I already had lots of ideas that would help to accomplish their goals – but it was the work that I got to do in my private lab that fueled me on daily. I was working on what powered my every waking and sleeping moment – my thirst for an enormous senior daddy. As part of my research I frequented gay bars and gyms that catered to older men. I knew that part of my dream coming true depended on finding the perfect man. I wasn’t interested in continuing my work after I attained my goal. I wasn’t interested in creating an army of big older men; I just wanted one muscled daddy that would rock my world. I think half the fun of my research was ‘interviewing’ potential candidates, since it gave me a smorgasbord of hot elder men to dream about at night. Many guys didn’t cut the mustard because of their attitude. There were a lot of elder men out there that only wanted a younger man so they’d have a companion. That was all fine and good, and I respected those people, but I wanted more from my elder muscled god. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wanted to please and service him, but I also wanted him to demand a lot from me. I wanted a teacher, a coach, a guide, a trainer – in short, I wanted a muscled gramps. It took me only a year and a half to land on the perfect formula for accomplishing my goal. It took me longer, however, to find the right man for the job. I knew the stuff I had created would only change a man physically and that meant the interior self of my daddy needed to be there already. Sure, the added size and strength would definitely impact the guy’s attitude, but I knew there had to be certain characteristics in place prior to the change. A certain desire needed to already course through the veins of my elder god. My search was getting a little frustrating and almost discouraging until I met Mr. Dennis – Mr. Randy Dennis. I met Mr. Dennis on his seventy-first birthday. He was celebrating with some friends at Wrinkles, a neighborhood bar that catered specifically to older men. In the beginning, I had been mistaken for a hustler in the bar, but since I had gone there so often by this point I was now considered a regular. Mr. Dennis was there for the first time; a small entourage of friends had forced him to go out for his special day. I started to ignore the group and the birthday boy after taking a long gander at them and deciding they were all too young to become my desired daddy. Mr. Dennis, himself, looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties – a great age, in and of itself, but not old enough for me. It was only after I heard one of his friends threatening to offer him the obligatory seventy-one spankings that I sat up and took notice. The birthday boy definitely had a lot going for him. He clearly had a well-made body that seemed to still be in pretty good shape; something that definitely caused him to look younger. I used the huge mirror on one of the walls of the bar to get a good look at his smiling face and that’s when my cock started to pulse as strong as my heartbeat. All of my life an elder man’s face had been one of my biggest turn-ons. Mr. Dennis had that endured look I loved so much – crow’s feet at the corner of his eyes, masculine wrinkled brow, sexy receding hairline, indented jowls that still looked firm, and the beginnings of age spots that only complimented his look. It was the perfect graying of his hair that really got me going, though. He had dark hair everywhere, except along the temples and running around the entire edge of his closely cropped cut. It was always the look that actually sent my cock into spewing mode when I was imagining older men while beating off. When the man smiled he had great un-perfectly-whitened teeth. There was nothing fake about the guy and it was clear he was proud to be the age he was – even though he really looked a lot younger than seventy-one. My toes literally curled up in my shoes when I heard him speak. It wasn’t this deep voice that I had always dreamed of, but it was powerful and almost bossy – much more to my liking than what I had fantasized about in the past. The guy was giving his friends grief over making him do a shot and it sounded like a teacher scolding the entire class. I was in heaven – the man was definitely confident and already sounded a little coach-like. I stared more closely at the guy as I focused on the group’s conversation more. He was in pretty good shape, it seemed – still sporting a tapered look that was usually reserved to guys a third of his age. The guy’s chest actually bumped his shirt out a little – pecs pushing against the material even though I could tell they weren’t as hard as they used to be. He probably had that slightly droopy beef look that older men got as their muscles aged. His arms definitely filled out the sleeves of his shirt, but I could tell the triceps weren’t as firm as they once were. After he and his pals downed the shots that had been placed in front of them, the elder man actually wiped his mouth with the back of his hand – in that rough way, which was usually reserved for cowboys, construction workers, or bare-knuckle fighters getting rid of blood. I felt myself swallow hard as I watched him make the masculine move. It was the next moment that confirmed this was the elder man I had been looking for all these months. The guy took his full beer, downed it in one long gulp, and then let out the loudest burp I had ever heard. It actually made the entire bar go silent and every head turned in his direction. The act in and of itself was kind of repulsive, but when the spotlight was put upon Mr. Dennis in this awkward way, he simply raised his hands in a ‘what’s a guy to do’ sort of way and then spoke to everyone loudly. “Sorry, gentlemen, but I think within me there’s an aggressive Neanderthal beast just dying to escape. I feel like an ape that wants to pound wildly on his chest. I apologize for my behavior.” That clinched the deal for me. It was those words that grabbed my heart in the kind of vice-grip that happens very few times in one’s life. I felt the rush of euphoria that Dr. Frankenstein must have felt when his monster came alive. I tried to envision Mr. Dennis with about a hundred pounds of more densely packed bulging muscles. I imagined him with the kind of body that couldn’t be contained in mere shirts of other mortals. He’d need sleeveless tops – allowing for his massive biceps and triceps ballooning out in ways that would give him that ‘move out of my way’ look of giant musclemen. For some reason, I also envisioned him in cut-off blue jean shorts usually reserved for southern women or skinny junior high boys. His, however, would be stretched-to-the-max above bulging thighs and loose around the skinny waist. My mind then went to the stubbly fur that would constantly cover the lower part of his face – being unable to shave enough times during the day to remove what his testosterone-laden body would churn out daily. Randy Dennis would definitely be one of those handsome elder grizzlies that was perfectly comfortable totally nude or covered in a tight tuxedo – realizing that even covered up his body still looked hot-as-hell. While I was imagining all of this, the man, himself, had walked up to the bar beside where I sat to order another beer. We caught eyes and he did that manly up-tick of his chin and smiled to say hello. The opportunity of the moment emboldened me. “Happy birthday. Might I give the birthday boy a kiss?” “Sweetheart, I could be your great grandfather!” “Ah, trying to turn me on, are you?” I quickly responded, catching him off guard. “Would this so-called mouth to mouth moment involve any tongue, young man?” “Only if you instigated it, sir.” Maybe it was the shot and the beers, maybe it was because it was his birthday, or maybe it was just because I am, what a lot of people would consider, most handsome – but the older guy leaned toward me and placed his perfect lips against mine. On some level, I registered the whoops and hollering that came from his comrades, but I kept my focus on the beautiful, manly, worn face as it moved in to mine. I was surprised to see that he kept his eyes open, as well. It was the kind of kiss that would have had sparks shooting out everywhere or lightning bolts flashing if this had been a cartoon. I instantly knew the connection was not one-sided, either. The widening of his eyes told me he felt the electrical-like jolt, too. He pulled back quickly. “Fuck, what was that?” Mr. Dennis asked with an astonished face. “Fate,” I replied. “Who knew fate could feel so good.” “May I buy your beer, birthday boy?” “With lips like those, dinner would be better, handsome?” His comment caught me off guard. I started to speak, but my mouth just dropped open wide and I stared at him. Damn, his face was gorgeous – even in the midst of being dumbfounded by him I could admire his looks. Jade colored eyes with flecks of gold in them were emphasized by the light green perfectly crisp linen shirt which complimented his still wiry elder body. His clothes were expensive – I could tell – and that excited me in a way I had not anticipated. Maybe I was turned on by the fact that my future super-powered gramps was secure and established. I forced myself to return to the present moment and tried my best to react to his roundabout invitation to dinner. “How ‘bout it, stud? Care to take an old man to dinner for his birthday?” “I would . . . I would . . . like it more than . . . than…” “Spit it out, son.” “More than anything, sir.” “Fuck, no need to be formal, son. Quit with the ‘sir’ stuff. It makes me feel old. Call me Randy.” “I’m Thomas. It’s great to meet you, Randy.” “Likewise. I have expensive taste, Thomas. Sure you want to take me to dinner?” “Only if drinks at my place can follow,” I replied, having regained some of my bravado from earlier. “Damn, you’re a slick one, Thomas. You don’t need glasses do you, pal. You do know that I’m seventy-one, today, and you’re – let me guess – twenty-four?” “Almost twenty-seven.” “Damn, a cute spring chicken. No telling what the boys, over there, are going to call me behind my back when I leave with you. Let me go tell them goodbye and you take out that phone of yours and make reservations at some very nice expensive French restaurant. This is already turning into a birthday I will never forget. He had no idea how right he was. I was going to make sure it was a night we’d both always remember.
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