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  1. jjcumon

    Iskarion vs Superman

    Hey guys. This is my first story being post here. And it is written with the help of one of my friends. Hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I write it. Please do excuse all the grammar mistakes. Iska vs Superman Iskarion: The Justice League Hall is in complete shambles. What else would you expect when I am paying a visit to this place. Walls destroyed, floors collapsed, furniture and equipment broken and spread everywhere, heroes of all sorts have fallen all around, beaten and broken. All of them are in still in ecstasy spasming and cock twisting with nothing coming out. They all have been drained dry. Their spandex suits are not longer filled to the brink of tearing the silky smooth spandex apart with their previous muscular body. What a shame! They have all been conquered by me, Iska. While being pounded by Batman, the last hero standing, I ignore his little tickles and tactics, not even bothering to acknowledge him. For I am displeased. I have been created as a super soldier from some ‘wanna be the ruler of the world’ organization. They had abducted me, experimented on me till I was changed. And what a change. I look down on my body, wrapped in a skin-tight black lycra nano weave suit. Supposed to help my body by protecting or reducing damage and harm. Guess it has done it’s job since none here have been even able to make a scratch on me, nor dent my dense muscle or even get me move me from my spot by a single inch. I have easily overpowered all of them. I turn my attention to my thick quads, the lines clearly visible in the suit. Grabbing my junk, even in its flacid state, for none here was able to excite me, the visible package big enough to be the envy of even any Superheroes. Chuckling on my little joke there I slowly move my hands over my 2 sets of 4 deeply cut square bricks, divided by a wide deep gutter. The suit is so tight it clearly accentuated them, probably melting people’s minds by just looking at them, and bobbing my 2 massive slaps of meaty pecs. A small smile creeping up when I remember how the Martian Hunter’s punch just bounced off them. Barely tickled me. Of course the one measly punch I have given him has him ended up ko in a crater on the other side of the city. The holes through the dozens of skyscrapers between me and him is the evident on the path he has just taken. But my arms, yeah I think I like my arms the most. When I flex them the biceps bulging big time. And I cannot even flex them to full size, feeling that even this suit has its limits, barely able to contain the muscle I am packing in my current semi flexed state. It would probably tear of should I flex my biceps to full or do a most muscular, especially after draining all these so call superheroes just now. Guess the scientists who have created me made some miscalculations. A pity. For them. Though not that they could complain, after all I have showed them my ‘gratitude’ by enslvaing them, and deposing the organization controlling them, after they finish presenting me to their leader. Oh not because of the kindness of my heart, but why I would serve them as their lapdog when I am clearly superior to them. They want to rule the world. Well so do I. but I will rule alone. I won’t need anything that is more pathetic then me. Which brings me back to the now. First order of business is to destroy the one place that could cause me the most problems. I have no worries regarding the guns and tanks of those mere humans, even nukes should not harm me I have been told, but these heroes, that might be a different case. So I storm this place, trash it, defeat every hero there is. Big, small, men, women, human, alien… it doesn’t matter. It has been a big one-man orgy just a few moments ago. All pathetic heroes and heroines have been fully fucked and drained. And they all have been such a disappointment. None could harm me. None has given me a challenge whatsoever. I haven’t blink an eye. Not even a single drop of sweat has formed on my body. Further evidence of my magnificence. I sigh deeply, I crave for a challenge, but if nobody here can beat me, then conquering the world might actually become a boring job. This has thoroughly fouled my mood. Then a big noise wakes me up out of my musings. Noticing Batman is still trying to beat me and has just fired some rocket on me. Just one? Must have contained something that probably would have beaten someone else. But not me. You know for a guy with no powers I would think he is a smart guy or else he would have died a long time ago. But nothing he has done so far had any effect on me. During my musings I actually even forget he is still around. Either a very stubborn guy, or the biggest fool of them all. Time to end this joker he is. With a casual flick of the back of my hand I smack his face, cracking his skull, forcing his body to fly through several walls before he finally crashes into some lobby furniture where his broken body remains still. I breath in deep, sucking in almost all the air in half the city, for a moment creating a near vacuum till air from further out rushes in and fills in the void and then I release all the air I had sucked in through a powerful scream of frustration. I needed something to vent, perhaps screaming would do. The force behind it so powerful the Hall is blown apart and every window in the city and beyond shatters. For a moment silence reigns, then it is filled with car alarms going off, peoples screaming and running for their lives. Won’t be long before this section of the city is devoid of other life. And the rest of the city is being evacuated by the mayor as I am standing there trying to decide if I would conquer this world now or not even bother with it since they are not worthy of my attention. Yet what else would I do with my time if not that. Again I sigh deep. I just wish I could have fought something more challenging. But alas it seems that the one guy who might give me some fun was not in the Hall. Nor has he came to aide his fellow. Where could he be? Superman: I have been on my diplomatic mission for another world for almost a month now. Everything finally calms down to the point I can leave and go back to earth to enjoy some R&R. I fly through space taking a little detour to various yellow suns to do some sunbathing. I have got to work on my tan, right. Besides. I am sure everything is just chucking along well with Justice League I charge. They will contact me if something big is going down for sure anyway. Soon coming to an end of my journey reach earth, my second home, but the only one I know. Flying pass Jupiter, I hear a faint cry from Batman, “Superman…… “. The rest is all jumbled. That’s not reassuring. I instantly fly in max speed towards earth and entering earth with a supersonic boom that probably surprise everyone on earth; but given the circumstance I must take my chance to ensure the safety of my old pal Batman. I arrive at the Hall of Justice in total ruin, where the symbol of “True, Justice, and a better Tomorrow” lays. Walking among the ruin, I see some new heroes and heroines who have just been induced to the JLA scattering across the ruin along with the destruction at every corner. I look for Batman with my X-ray vision and see that he is laying on a destroyed couch barely alive. His skull is cracked with multiple bone fractures all over his body. Who process this kind of power here on Earth? I immediately start stabilizing Batman. He will heal eventually, but it will be a tough road for him. I hear a roar when I try to make Batman more comfortable. And Batman whispers to me, “Be careful of Iska…….” to just fainted away after. The voice alone forces the structure to shake and windows to burst. I follow the voice trail to a figure standing in the middle of once used to be a grand meeting room wearing all black. The Lycra suit tailored perfectly to his muscular physique showing off all the definitions. He must be Iska that Batman refers to earlier. He is impressive indeed in physical terms with all the bells and whistles. Almost as good as me that is. His intention on the other hands is pure evil with the destruction of JLA headquarter alone. No longer able to control my anger, I appear right in front of him merely inches away. His face tells me all I need to know: a total shock in his eyes. A bitch slap follows smacking Iska down to the ground immediately with a deafening boom. My finger imprints are clearly visible on his face: bright red. Not wasting another second, my right foot stomps on Iska’s head pushing it deeper to the ground causing the structure to vibrate and thousands of pieces falling around us. “You are Iska, right?” roaring at him. “Answer me, you motherfucker!” Another stomp to his head; another shake to the JLA Hall of Justice. Iskarion For a moment I do not realize what is happening. One moment my roar is damaging the city. The next I see a blur surprising me and then a pang of pain coursing through my face. Pain? Me? And then I understand that just like the proverbial cavalry HE finally arrives to the scene. Furious of what I have done to the place he has painstakingly built he is now stomping my head into the floor. I feel his boot ramming into my face, the floor cracking around my head while it’s pushed inches into the reinforced floor, the power behind it shaking the surrounding grounds, only adding fear to the few people who have not yet run away far enough. And enough I have of his incessant stomping of my beautiful face. My right arm raises and grabs the sole of his foot when he tries to stomp again, stopping it in it’s track, My arm visibly bulging and outlined in my suit. While with my other arm I start pushing up my body, fighting back his power. But it is not enough. Superman just simply reinforce the strength and I am once again deep inside the concrete floor. This is at a level I had not experienced before. This… This is the strength I craved for. The power I have been created to fight. The ultimate test I want… no need… to challenge and overcome. I gather all my strength and block his leg one last time. I am only half successful. His leg has contacted my face, but it is only half of the force of the previous one. I grab onto his leg and twist with full force. You are surprised by my sudden strength and stumbled to the ground. Now standing upright with your foot still hold tight by my hand I smile. “Yes Superman, I am Iska, and I am your doom.” I flex my muscle and my hand which holds your foot pulls you in and I sling you over me, slamming your chest first into the ground, creating a crater with your body. I pull you up and throw you over to the other side, slamming your back, creating another crater. And again, and again and… I slam your body back and forth to the ground. Seeing all that muscle being trashed finally makes my groin stir a little bit. But much more will be needed to fully awaken my dormant monster. And more is what you will give me. I finish by lifting you up again, swirl you around over my head and then let go, the force great enough to make you fly through dozens of skyscrapers, some of them breaking in two, their topside sliding and falling off, collapsing to the ground, ravaging the city with debris, while your body continues to fly unimpeded till it leaves the city and crashes into one of the tops of a mountain range visible at the horizon, obliterating that top with your body, finally coming to a rest. I crack my neck, feeling my face, a bruise forming, but no harm done. Slowly I rise out of the rubble and hoover over the city, half keeping an eye on you, the other half checking out my body. The power… So intoxicating. Just a fraction of my strength being realized, and I am already throwing your body around like a ragdoll. Who knows what I can do when I go all out. Superman My plan has worked flawlessly. We are now out of the city far away from any civilization. Pretending to be beating by Iska and have him thrown me all the way out here is the only way to lead him to battle with me in the middle of nowhere. I myself don’t even have a scratch, even my suit is still in perfect condition. If he were to even give me a scratch, he would have had a lot more to show for than what he has just done to me. The crash into the mountain is a smoking gun to lure Iska to this specific location. I see him hop and jump through all the debris trying to catch up to me. I intentionally speed up to increase our distance between us. By the time he arrives at the foot of the mountain. I already have a plan for him. I fly straight into his abs spearing him with my left shoulder from the clouds and smokes still settling from my supposed crash. The hit was perfect. His 4 sets of 2 brick wall starts to cave in looking more like a big hole between a set of bricks now. His eyes bulges out, mouth open wide, just like his bigger than life bulge right below his brick wall. In fact, I can see than his bulge stirs as I hit him in the abs. He starts to fly, but I catch both of his hands with mine in time and pull him towards me, and I knee him in the abs a few more times in quick succession to get some more air out of him as the momentum carries over from spearing him just before. Iska trys flexing his abs to soften my blow, of course, what he thinks he can do has no relation to reality. My knees meet his “brick wall” or whatever he calls it several more times until the momentum runs out. His abs are much softer now, just the way I like it. His now torn suit has confirmed just as much. Probably the result of him flexing too much and being knee-ed by Superman. The suit just couldn’t take the stretching anymore, I guess. We are both flying toward the sky now. Well, I am fly, he is being knee-ed up the sky. The momentum shoots up into the air after meeting my knee is finally gone. I roundhouse kick him from the top right on his head with my perfectly aimed right leg. His flight path changes again, now toward the ground. I fly in supersonic speed towards to earth before he hits the grounds BOOM!!!!!! My right knee is there to meet him with the OTK as he speeds toward the ground. His back folded backward with my hands forming a hammer hitting him in the abs at the same time. BOOM!!!! Air completely rushes outwards from us in “swoof” after “swoof”. He bounds off my knee. Once again, he is laying on the ground. It must be something he has never encountered before, which is one gift I am willing to give to send him on his way. Animals and birds are all startled and screaming trying to run away from here. He should be doing the same thing too. Unfortunately, he is the one who has triggered the anger in me. Guess who looks more like a ragdoll now. Suddenly I smell a scent coming off from his body. He is actual releasing his sexual Pheromones in increasing amount. This bitch is in HEAT!!!! It seems that beating him up gives him euphoria. Precum is oozing out at his bulge in a giant wet spot on his black lycra suit. I snort. He may be strong, stronger than most, but his body is still very human. His body is betraying him, betraying his mind. His body knows what he actually wants. Iskarion I don’t expected my single attack to do much harm to superman, if any. But I sure make him angry. The power behind his sudden spearing of my abs surprises me. Not in any of the tests I have performed for the scientists I even need to flex my abs. nor in my trashing of the Hall. But here for the first time I regret not flexing them. In the span of barely a minute my core is thoroughly beaten and trashed. The nanosuit not even able to reduce the power of a single punch, totally overwhelmed it rips apart under his fists, revealing my amazing set of bricks into the daylight. Still being totally overwhelmed I am kneed up into the sky where my head receives the most powerful kick I ever felt, a pang of pain shooting through my body while I rush towards the ground, only being intercepted by your knee and hands, my body seemingly being pulverized in between before I collapse to the ground. Taking a moment to process what just has happened, I feel my abs burn, my back flaring, the midsection of my suit gone, shredded into nothingness by your onslaught. And my own rod having slithered down my leg, starting to reveal it’s size. But nothing has been broken and though my abs are reddening I flex them now and see them shift into even more denser and compact form, ready to take on even more punishment should the need arise. While rising up to my feet I chuckle. This must have been the strongest beating I ever got, yet my body has not failed on me. I flex my body to you, showing off my muscle and that still not a single drop of sweat has appeared on my body. It will take more then this to destroy me. That I now know. But I have felt your power, now knowing I cannot take you lightly. So in a sudden burst of speed I close in on you, pump out my chest, pecs swelling, my arms flexed, biceps bulging to a size never seen myself before, not restraining them anymore. The upperpart of my suit not simply tearing or shredding here and thee, but simply bursting apart in thousands little pieces, the cloth flying in all directions, showing off my impressive muscular size to you. Your eyes widening some, probably realizing the challenge and potentional defeat from utter power beast powering up right in front of you. My fists unleashing a flurry of punches straight into your core and chest, hitting your dense abs and pecs. From the first punches your suit gets shredded into oblivion. My fists digging in deep into your bricks and causing ripples moving ovr your pecs. with speed no mere human can follow I unleash hundreds of punches into your body, turning it into a punching bag. The feeling arousing me even more, precum leaking out of my rod, enlarging the wet spot in my pants. I then move low, launch my right fist from below, rising up, rubbing over your bricks, pouncing through the valley between your pecs and hitting your jaw square, smashing your head up, your body flying at tremendous speed into the sky. I jump up and fly in pursuit, catching up on you, bypassing you where I raise my arms, clamp my fists together and smash them down, straight onto your skull. your body immediately changing course back downwards with so much force that when you hit the mountain, it obliterates entirely, replacing it with a massive crater I land next to you, notice your head is drilled into the groun up to your waist. Exposing your ass and bulge. And my eyes might deceive me, but I could swear your package had grown. Could it be you actually liked me beating you up? With such a juicy target I do not hesitate, I rise my fist and slam it down straight into your balls, the forcing drilling your body nearly a mile deep into the ground. I bend over and peer into the dark hole, wondering what you must be feeling and thinking right now while absently noticing a single drop of sweat sliding of my pec, hanging on my nipple for a moment till it falls off into the hole. Superman The counterattack is unexpected, I have to admit. He is faster and more powerful than I have expected from a human being. It is definitely my mis calculation that landed me with hundreds of his powerful punches. My suit may have been torn to pieces, but it does not have any effect on my body. A little shaking of my abs and pecs is nothing to be concern about. He seems to understand this point also as he turns to the dirty tricks to try to get an upper hand. After he smashed my head in the air, I have landed in the newly created crater. My upper body is buried in the ground leaving my ass and bulge expose. This is definitely not a good scenario for me. Before I can get myself out, Iska has already raised his fist intended to slam straight down to my balls. In a split second, I tighten my legs in an hourglass stance blocking the ballbusting full frontal assault. It works! The impact does carries me a mile below ground, but my balls are spared. A drop of liquid touches my forehead. It feels like an electrical spark. I realize it is Iska’s sweat due to the lingering pheromones permeating in this closed space. Good! I have not even sweat yet! I take a moment to collect myself, shake myself lose a little, preparing my counterattack. I see that he is still standing over the hole that I have made through my telescopic vision. Well, if you want to play dirty, then dirty you shall get. I beeline out of the hole and in the process I grab hold of both of Iska’s hands. Doing a 360 on myself landing on the ground facing his back forcing his arms bend backward. He immediately tries to break free, but he struggles. I am not the Superman a few moments before. If he thinks he can match me, then let’s keep the show on the road. With his arms now bend backward. I kick his knees into submission touching the ground. He attempts to get up, however, I am here to match his strength and more. I push him back to the ground as I move closer to him. His bulge is now open wide, I swing my right leg and kick into his balls. Both balls must be doing some pinball action inside his body. He screams with his body taking off from the momentum of my kick. Switching to hold his wrist at the nerve pinch point, I slide below Iska and warp my legs around his for the body scissors. Now my ankles are locked, hands on his wrist nerve point digging deep. He battles on knowing that he can’t break my hold. With my heels constantly rubbing his bulge and occasional jabs , he is more aroused than ever. No one has excited him this far for sure. A moan escapes from him. The early pain mixing with being pleasure right now must have done it for him. His cock is leaking a constant stream of precum at this point. His breath heightens with constant moan and he is truly enjoying this. With my cock pressing against his butt, I start teasing him both front and back. Iskarion Staring into that dark hole I can barely see anything. So I am somewhat surprised when you suddenly fly out, grab my hands and then took me down, bend my arms backwards. I immediately try to get free, but your power easily rivals mine keeping me locked. Then you put down to my knees, our strength still rivalling each other. But I am far from done, guess I will have to… And before I finish my thought, pain shot out throughout my body. Your kick to my balls another surprise. I have never believed Superman fight dirty. Mmh, perhaps he is not a boyscout as he shows to everyone. I process the pain, and some of the revel and arousal that I get out of it. Only fueling my desire to destroy that magnificent muscled body of yours, twisting, bending, breaking it to my will. By the time I get my body spasms back under control you have moved beneath me and trapped me in a scissor move. Your powerful quads battling against my hardened lower waist. Your heels rubbing my rod, clearly on display now and it’s size outmatching most beings in this world, continuously oozing. Though I have still got it under control. And don’t think I fail to notice that your rod also has become excited. I can feel it growing and rubbing my ass and lower back. But if he thinks I am out of the game this easily, think again. This body is power incarnated. Though you are more powerful than I ever dreamed of, I have not yet tapped in all my strength myself. Not even sure what my limits are since I have passed all the tests the organization threw at me without any trouble or feeling pushed to the limit. I push down my more carnal urges and focus on my inner strength, pulling out more power, my arms which were struggling against your hold suddenly getting a boost I overwhelm your arms’ hold over me and slap them away. Mine now free, I grab your legs around the ankles, close my hands and unleash tremendous force. Enough to crush planets with ease. My fingers digging in entirely into your meat and muscle, nearly snapping the bones beneath. I hear you gasp from the sudden power and pain must be radiating from your legs forcing your quads to open, freeing my waist from your crush. I quickly move away from you while stretching myself out, one hand digging into my pants, rubbing my rod and then move to my mouth, licking some of my precum while my eyes burn with excitement. For the first time ever my body is being truly tested. I can’t wait to see how much more it can take, how much more it can give. I see you had gotten up too, testing out your weight on your ankles. A pity I did not break them. But it does give me time to move in close, put one hand behind your back, while the other starts pounding your abs. This time using more of my power my fists dig in. Your abs resisting with their tremendous hardness, but ultimately failing to protect you from my assault. With each punch my fist digs in deeper and deeper, slowly destroying those amazing thick bricks, gutting your core. I keep your body on the spot, my one hand on your back preventing you from being punched away away. This time you take the full brunt of my assault. And not even your nigh invulnerable body can take this beating without consequences. It does not escape my notice that you do not fight back but try to take it all. Even your rod starts leaking precum. Perhaps a part of you desires to be tested, to see if there is someone who can destroy that beautiful body of yours? Which I am more than happy to oblige. My final punch slams in so hard hard my fist vanishes right up to my wrist, pushing out all the air out of you, forcing your body to bend over, your eyes bulging. Your body lifts up a few feet into the air, where I use that briefest of moments to quickly put both my hands together and hammer down my fists digging in deep into your back muscle, distorting the muscle fiber around my fists, while at the same time my knee shoots into your core, totally penetrating your abs which had not yet recovered from the abuse I have just unleashed upon them. My knee and fists meeting halfway in your body. Mangling your insides, you unleash spit and drool, and with what little air left you still manage to shout a cry of pain, so powerful it shakes the region. I take a step back, your body dropping down to the ground where I admire that ass of yours for a second. Then I grab what remains of your suit, rip it of while turning you around, seeing you in full naked glory, seeing that rod of yours has grown considerably. Seems I am not the only one who likes a good beating. And thinking of liking, my own rod acknowledges your magnificent body and bursts out of my suit, fully erect now with it’s monstrous size. The last shreds of my suit falling down to the ground. Now both of us fully naked. As it should be. Me towering above you it is time for some payback for my balls, so I grab yours with my left hand, easily lift up your body, your legs dangling in the air, pointing downwards, while your head is still on the ground and then crunch my hand into a fist, literally crushing and compacting your balls, forcing pre to shoot out covering your body, mixing with the spit and a bit of sweat that had started forming on your body. The sight of dominating you forcing another squirt of pre shooting out of my rod, mixing with yours while it slides over your abs and into your pec valley. I flex my free right arm, it’s massive size showing, bristling with barely contained power, ready to unleash it’s fury on you. “I am not out of the fight just yet Superman. Not by a long shot.” Superman Iska seems to summon additional strength from within, breaking my leg scissors and frees himself. My ankles are somewhat sore from his grabs. But it will heal in a nano second. He wastes no time to come after me. One hand at my back and another punch my abs. Each blow seems to be more powerful than the last. My abs start to cave in more and more. No human has ever able to deal with me this way. Iska is playing me like a pong right now between his over expanded veins popping arms. It is a sight to be seen. As he continues to play pong with my body. My right hand brushes his bulge back and forth at the same rate with my flapping arm involuntarily between his legs. I can tell he is getting more excited as his bulge continues to grow. Precum continues to flow through his cock like a damn faucet. My right hands tingles with each contact with his bulge and precum. Slowly my hand is covered with precum slowly dripping to the ground from each of my finger. Iska’s frustration finally reach to the max. He punches me in my chisel abs and knees me on my back knocking some air out of me. Spits and saliva shot out from my mouth. That’s something rarely happens. I try to take a moment to recover from the Plant destruction level of attack. But Iska is faster this time. The battle-tested rugged large hand grabs my enormous ball sac holding my mighty balls within for real this time. Iska picks me up by the balls with my legs and head still on the ground. He squeezes my balls with his might. With each squeeze, my cock shots out a rope of precum. I become Iska’s personal yellow rubber duck squeaky toy. He squeezes, I squirt. Iska visibly enjoys the scene of me being dominated like a 50 cents cheap manwhore, and his cock explodes from the confine of his black suit shooting out precum directly to my colossal abs attempting to humiliate me further. One rope from me when he squeezes, one rope from him when he gets excited. It is like a musical water fountain except Iska is the pump, and I squirt out rope of precum on his demand. I am now drenched with my own precum with his mixed in. There is large pool of precum gathers right below my chest and drains through my pecs valley gushing down to my face. Iska is now completely drunk in his domination over me continuing with assaults on my balls thinking such humiliation would break me. His pride is being stroke by my seemingly defeat, imagining how he would turn Superman into his forever rubber duck. Iska finally decided to end it once and for all. “Superman, it is time to learn your place in my world. Prepare yourself to be my very first personal sex eunuch. It is truly your honor to be able to serve me with such high prestige. Before I pull your balls out, savor the last bit of manliness that you will be ever able to produce.” He than puts out his other free hand into the pool of precum mixture of mine and his on my chest. Scooping out some, his hand moves on top of my mouth. “Open wide, my soon to be Super-manLESS.” He forces my mouth open, and the thick mixture pours into my mouth. Iska increases pressure enough to make a Planet to go supernova on my balls trying to pull them out intended to leave me with an empty ball sac but leave my 12 incher intact for my own reminder of the superMAN I am used to be soon. It would have been devastating to others, but it provides me a way out. Each squeeze, by some means, deliver new form of energy I have never known coming out of my balls. Energy flows from my balls to the rest of my body. My cock starts to grow larger in its already gargantuan state. The more Iska squeezes, the more powerful the energy I experience. On the other end, there is another energy form pouring into my mouth. The precum mixture instantaneously amplifies the energy coming from my balls. I twist and turn as energy being absorbed into my body. Iska hasn’t noticed the massive changes to my body. The initial pain that I experience has turn into pure delight. My body is in rapid transformation turning my already exquisite muscular body into a body even any god desires. Still drunk in his preemptive victory celebration, He thinks my growing cock and body twists are the direct response to his brutal torture and my imminent defeat. He does not realize that my fuck stick and body aren’t responding to his power but by the power gushing throughout my body originated inside my balls where his hand is trying to crash from existence. Awakening from within my body is about to happen…… My head slowly raises up looking at Iska as he goes on to crash my balls. I no longer make any sort of sound. He finally notices that I am not reacting to his might. He turns to look at me. I blast him with solar flare from my eyes to his. He is knocked backward on his back with nowhere to hide. “Arrrrrrr………..”. I continue my solar flare along with a loud scream. My body is glowing like a sun with visible energies traveling throughout my body. The flare has scorched everything around him. His fury body lasts a little longer. Hairs are all singed soon after, even his pubic hairs. His body is now cleaner than Mr. Clean’s bold head just like a good boy he should be. I chuckle. I finally regain some sense. The flare has stopped, and Iska has dropped to his knees in his newly sparkling body completely toasted with linger smokes. His eyes are cauterized showing white as if he has stared directly into the sun for too long. I walk towards Iska. He is surrounded by molten rock sizzling in the middle of it. Time for some payback. He still trys to attack me but to no avail. He does have my respect on this. I put him face down lifting his legs for a reverse boston crap. I reach for his hands with mine and starts pulling them upward. I now have his arms and legs crisscrossing with each other. I simply sit on top of him and try to force him to arch backward even more. I can sense that his body is healing itself, but at the moment it has no effect on my ability to manipulate his body. I force myself down more and Iska starts to scream. “Iska, you should wait until your mouth meet with your junk.” Like tiding shoelaces, I pull his legs some more and now his mouth is inches away from his junk. He continues to fight me bulging his muscle to avoid folding him outward. I plummet my fist into his balls at the speed of light. Air around of fist is on fire. Iska can only take it. Then it happens. A rope of cum shoots out of his flaccid cock. And another, and another. A man shoots his load without even getting hard. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday. His body convulsing. His eyes starting to roll back. He is in sexual ecstasy while shooting his loads out. Some cum lands on me and I instantly feel the power being absorbed into me. “Ah…..” I continue to pound his balls and he continues to be milked like a caged animal. All his cum is now being absorbed into me. His healing is slow to a screeching halt. Power is diminishing. Involuntary orgasm has weakened him. I laugh out loud. Iskarion I keep squeezing your balls, your precum leaking and shooting out. So engrossed I am that my own rod joins in the mix, a continuous stream of precum oozing, both of our precum mixing and drenching your body. I play this game for minutes, creating a pool of pre around your body, the copious amounts only proof of just how superior both our manhoods are compared to the rest of the world. But I want to play with you more, so I go down, scoop up some pre and force it into your mouth. You resist at first, but my strength overwhelms you and down the divine liquid goes. Unbeknownst to me I have not started weakening you, but making you stronger. Rare is the one in this world who could force your rod to come forth and only you know that your precum could bolster your power. Too late I notice that your muscle started rippling, changing, bulking up while becoming even denser than before. No longer just the man of steel, but more than that. I feel my hold over you weakening, your strength outmatching mine. And then suddenly that heat vision blasts into me. Immediately I feel my skin, muscles, organs and blood heating up. Forced to let go and a scream of pain blasts out of me, creating a shockwave that rages over the continent. The vegetation around me all burning away in a flash, the sand turning into scorched glass, the rock beneath my feet melting, my feet sinking in some. The hair on my chest, arms, legs, pubes, all being burned away. Turning my body as smooth as a baby butt. Only the hair on my face and head safe due to being out of the direct line of fire since you focused mostly on my torso. My body ravaged I drop down to my knees. My hands touching my eyes. Though not hit directly the intensity of the light had blinded me till my body heals them. But that time Superman could use to continue his assault on my body. Blinded I swing out, but only one of my fists hit your lower abs, impacting them, but your bulked up and denser muscled body does not even register it, my fist bouncing off. Amazing, no one has ever seen him do this to his body. No one knew his precum could empower him. Pride swells inside me though for I must have managed to push you beyond anyone ever has to make this happen. Not even your enemies of old managed to do this. Or perhaps at that time you did not knew of this ability. I feel you grabbing my body, bending it in a reverse boston crab. I resist, but your bolstered power overwhelms mine, bending and bending me even more. My abs stretched out beyond I have ever done myself. Stretched but not broken. My vision slowly starts to return, still seeing spots, but I can see enough again. Enough to see your powerful body towering over me, your fist raised up high and then smashing into my balls. My eyes roll up from the sensation of pain and arousal. And then another punch and another. Your fist relentlessly busting my balls. Pain and bliss flowing through my body in equal amounts. My rod pulsing hard I can no longer contain it. I no longer ‘want’ to fully contain it for it will also be my salvation. So I shoot one thick rope of cum after the other on your body, knowing now yours will absorb my cum. Increasing your power even more, but that is what I desire. I want your body to take my cum. For that is the trap hidden within it. And you will discover this soon. But I cannot unload it all on you, for your assault has weakened me and I need strength myself. New power to match yours. And I open my mouth wide, bend my body that little bit more and wrap it around my own rod, removing the last restraints I have, my cum load burst out like a firehose. I start slurping and gorging up my own cum, swallowing it all. My cum filling up my stomach, processing it, changing it into the power I know it contains. My own muscle start to ripple, pulsing, growing some, becoming bigger. Denser. More defined then it already was. A true Adonis. And my strength increases. I feel my body bristling with replenished energy. I release my rod from my mouth, my energized body rapidly healing, my vision restored fully I see the surprise on your face on what I had just done. And despite my terrible position I flex my muscle, crunch my abs and slowly overpower yours, unbending my body, straightening more and more till finally breaking free out of the hold. I fall down to the ground, quickly rising up and turning around to face you while my rod pushes out the last globs of cum and then come to rest. Spend for the time being. But my balls already started churning more seed, preparing for another load I could use. “Thank you Superman. This is what I needed, for ever since my body was changed none could satisfy me other than myself. Now come to me, fight me, use that power you got from me before it is too late. For I shall reveal the secret of my seed. Yes it empowers all who drink it or absorb it through their skin. But only for a short while. For my cum is not a blessing to anyone but me. It grants strength to all yes. But only I am immune to the poison that it carries within. So yes, soon your body will feel the effects, weaken to the point you will turn into my defenceless prey. So come and fight me before it starts taking effect and plunges you into your doom.” Your face changes from surprise into determination. With your superspeed you close in to me before my eyelids even finished blinking, slamming your fists into my body. I do not move a single step. Letting your fists slam into my dense mountainous pecs and my squarely shaped 8 bricks. Taking every punch and kick you perform. I feel my muscle being pounded, compacted under the brunt force of your fists, my face beaten to all directions, but none of them cause much damage, my body taking your barrage like the superbeing I am. I join the fray and return the favour, slamming your obliques, your 8 pack that rivals mine in size and shape, those big juicy pecs, punching your face like I am trying to rip it off your body. But neither of us setting a single step back. Our feet firmly locked in place. A slugfest erupts where we simply pounce our bodies to mush. Or trying to. Minutes pass by then ten, fifteen… and neither of us giving up. Both keeping up a relentless beating. And I start to wonder if you are immune to my poison. The thought distracting me for a second which you use to lift up my body and ram my back down on your knee. Once, twice, trice, trying to break my back. Feel my spine objecting, but waste no time. I bash both my fists to the sides of your head thoroughly rattling that brain of yours, dazing you for a brief moment. Free myself from you and slide behind you, grabbing your bullneck and ass. Especially that ass. Even squeezing hard with my fingers I barely dent it. Mmhmmm. I really need to have some fun with that ass. I start running forward towards the mountain, making sure I push out your loin forward. Your rod ramming the mountain first, a split second followed by the rest of your body using it as a battering ram. Not slowing down the slightest while I use your body to dig a tunnel straight through the mountain. The underground rumbling and shaking. Cracks appearing all over the mountain itself till suddenly we burst out on the other side. I let go of you and you stumble a few steps before you stop and turn around. A pause in our fight, I check out my body. Ripped as never before, beaten, battered, bruised, my rod back at full mast, sweat sliding down all over. And yet I feel still energy flowing through me. Never before I have used this much strength and still I have not run out of breath and stamina. I feel alive. My sight focuses on you and I see your body in a similar state. I smile sensing the power you still radiate despite the beating I have given you. Even your monster rod was going strong, equalling mine size. I look up to you and see a smile plastered on your face. Oh now there’s a surprise. Who would have thought that you are loving this. Who knew that Superman is a dirty minded guy inside. No wonder nobody has ever got to see this side of yours. Or maybe they did not lived to tell the tale. It’s not like anybody could find the bodies you could have made. A quick toss into the sun and poof no evidence. You try to take the upper hand by unleashing another blast of your heat vision. Empowered as you are by our precum the intensity is even greater then before. But I too had become stronger, so while I feel the power behind the blast, stopping my walk for a second. This time my skin though barely heats up. Your attack no longer working on my magnificent body. I chuckle and slowly walk towards you, closing in the distance while raising my arms higher and higher till they are above me, showing what kind of move I want next. Realising you are not getting anywhere this time with your heat attack you seize it and raise your arms to, our hands clasping, going for a power struggle. Both our arms bulging with muscle, our foreheads leaning against each other, vicious snarls on our faces. Our pecs rippling from the power we unleash on each other. Crunching my abs hard, adding their strength to the struggle. Our rods slapping one another between our bodies, having their own battle for dominance. Our legs literally digging into the rocky ground sinking ankle deep. For a short while nothing happens. So evenly matched we are neither side gained the upper hand. But as time passed I noticed your body starts to tremble a bit. At first I think it is from the exertion, but then I slowly start to gain some ground, pushing your arms back ever so slightly. And then more and more. Bending your knees, pushing your body lower and lower to the ground, my body starts to tower over yours. And I realize that finally after such a long time the poison must finally be working. I already have forgotten about it, engrossed in our tug o’ war. The first few minutes you still resist hard, even manage to push back a little bit, but then your body starts weakening rapidly and I push you down to both your knees, bend your arms back and upwards, nearly snapping them out of their sockets. Sensing your arms no longer have the power to resist mine, I release the hold and they drop down, the palms hitting the ground. I look down on you, while you look up towards my towering muscle mass. Your body sweating now not just from the fight against me, but also from the battle raging within. I start to flex, going through some of the poses bodybuilders go through. Showing off my body, totally confident I have you now where I want you to be. Down before my glorious self. I then grab your head from the sides, my fingers crushing into your skull, tiny fractures forming around them, forcing your jaw to open wide and without a care I shove my monster rod in you. Pushing in and out, slowly ramming more and more of it to the back of your mouth, deep into your throat. I started skullfucking you hard. Banging your face against my loin, cracking your nose in the process. Hearing you gag over my rod, not able to keep up, it makes my balls boil, coming closer and closer to another release. But I will not let it happen this time. It was time for me to taste your cum. So with some regret I let go of your head and pulled out. Lifted your body up till it stands again, though shaky, moves my hands to your waist and then easily lifted up your body, rising it high enough for your leaking rod to be at level with my face. And then I devour your rod, pushing it deep in my mouth, tasting your delicious pre. My tongue starts to play with your foreskin, pushing it back, revealing your mushroom top which the tip of my tongue has some fun with. And then I push yours deeper into my throat. And I start to push and pull your body back and forth, somewhat skullfucking myself, but I could take it for I want your seed and I want it now. Faster and faster I play, rub and bite your cock inside my mouth till I feel your balls vibrating and boiling against my face. And then just like a dam breaks, you start unloading inside me. Gallons and gallons of Superman’s cum shooting inside me. I swallowed it all while still working over your cock. Demanding more. And more I get. Even too much. The flow increasing to a point beyond what I can swallow and your cum burst out of my mouth around your rod, leaking down over my massive pecs, between it’s valley, my gutter forming a canal that cannot contain it all and my bricks shares in the cum overload, my rod creams till big globes of your cum drips down to the ground, quickly forming a small pool around us. We both now so in bliss, ignoring the world, sucking and moaning. After some time your stream finally finished and I let go of your rod and threw you to the ground. I look to my stomach and see it ballooned. Though I feel my body processing the amounts. Soon it will return back to it’s perfect shape. I cannot stop myself from burping long and hard. Pardon me. Causing a snow avalanche on some other mountains in the neighberhood. I walk towards you and stomp my foot on your pecs. Flexing my quads whose cut definition was a sight to see and push down with so much force I felt your ribcage being pushed inwards, the first tiny cracks appearing. Just a bit more power of my leg and I would just crush your body into pulp. Flexing my arms I tower over you, look down and speak to you. “You are strong. The strongest challenge I have ever met. A true treat for my body. But I have been created to fight you, to destroy you. And this battle has made me only stronger. Not even you can rival me. So in the end you never had a chance to defeat me. A pity. I fear now life will get boring for me for there is no other man in this world that would even rival you or me.” A deep sigh escapes me from that depressing thought. “Oh well I still have you as my cumdump. So I am sure I will find some interesting ways to get my fun out of you.” Superman Fun is what Irka has with Superman. I shoot load of cum, gallons after gallons directly into his stomach. His abs start to stretch out due to the shear amount of cum gusting into him. I am in heaven with his expert cock sucking skill running up and down my shaft with a whirlwind of tongue wrapping my cock helmet. I no longer able to move but to have him fuck my cock into giving him what he wants. My chest goes up and down heaving for breath between cosmic orgasm, and my abs of steel is convulsing uncontrollably just to pump out my powerful precious cum for Iska to enjoy. After he finishes with me tossing me aside like a used cum ragdoll, Irka flexes like no other man or even superhero I have ever seen. Stomping on my once manifestant pecs, I squirt out the remaining cum in my ball through my now flaccid useless cock involuntarily. You take that as a sign of my ultimate demise grinning appears on your face. You suck the last pathetic little strand of cum drooling on my cock slit. It instantly get you excited. Your huge cock is in a standing position once again, precum once again flowing freely. From your victorious stand over my body, you pick me up by the hair and push my mouth against your pecs. “Lick me clean, cumdump!!! Serve your master as you should!” He smashes my head again when I refuse to cooperate, and it bring me pain beyond what I have experienced before. Sticking out my tongue licking his ginormous pecs with reluctant, I lick his pecs……lick…..lick….. His grinning is bring me down, humiliation, submission. Under the influence of his poison running though my body, my thought starting to change. Maybe, just it may not be that bad to be his cumdump. Who will be able to defeat Iska anyway? I am still the No.2 strongest being in the universe. I raise my arms around his waist, moving across his entire back muscle. It begins to excite me. My cock slowly rises to attention. A moan escapes from me from enjoying his muscle displaying the pinnacle of male supremacy. Iska hears my moan and snickers. “Come worship your GOD! Superman!!” And worship I have. I have recovered enough to message him as he poses. Each pose seems to only bring me to ecstasy. I knee before him, kissing his foots licking away the blood and sweat. It becomes intoxicating. I come to his balls and cup my hands around them and squeeze them gently. Iska has not even move a inch when I come in contact with his powerful balls. Such a display of confidence knowing that I can no longer damage them like just a few minutes before. He stops me just before I am about to put his amazing cock into my mouth. He is still not fully trust me yet. I pass his cock but let it slide off my right face and a few kisses on his shaft. It feels warm and heavy, the musky smell fills my nostrils. I feel GOOD!!!!! I continue to go up to his abs, his brick wall, it is even better defined than when we first meet. I lick every valley between his walls. My fingers run over them again and again. Iska starts to moan just like I am moaning. We are both enjoying each other at this very same moment. My hands circle back to his back again to explore his upper back muscle. I rub my face all over his abs and now on his pecs sucking in all his musky manliness smells. How ironic just a few moments ago that I was the MAN, Superman at that. Now I am just a subject with my knees in the ground worshipping someone else muscle. I have been out manned. I hoover my lips over his nips sticking out my tongue lick it. Another moan comes out of him. His nips start to lactate. Golden liquid forming around the nips, my self-control is shattered and my primal instinct comes out. I go for it sucking every drop that each nip can produce as much as I can. Iska is roaring in triumph in defeating Superman, the very reason of his existence, finally come to past. He has dominated Superman not only physical as show of proof just mins before. He may have been created for ONE and only ONE reason, but he is now achieving Psychological and Sexual domination over me. With the absolute control over my entire body, my entire existence close at Iska’s hand, we continue to put on the greatest sex scene for the world to see. Iska begins to gyrate his bubble ass and I immediately drop back to my knees to catch his cock with my hands. His cock is so magnificent comparing to mine. My cock has reduced its size significantly after Iska has sucked the essence of life from my cock and balls. My balls a merely a fraction of the size just minutes before. My head lean into his lower abs. I put his cock up against my face on one side, and my right hand on the other. My hair on my face seems to add to his sexual pleasure. A rope of precum immediately shoot out from his cock slit. I immediately suck on it like a good bitch on his knee trying to suck out anything that Iska is willing to give. A thought flashes in the back of my puny little mind. “Not bad for being No.2, Superman just need to service his cock and fulfill every deviant sexual fantasy Iska may have for the rest of his life. Not a bad bargain.” This is how low Superman have come. “Mmmm……Mmmmmm……” Going up and down on Iska’s amazing shaft sucking with whatever left of my once mighty body. So big and thicc, I am mesmerized with his perfectly form cock with veins popping at all the right places. I close my eyes completely submerge myself into having a bliss of sucking the mighty one – ISKA. I finally look up to meet with his gaze. The gaze that knows he has me now at his fingertip just like rubber duck sex toy I once was however brief the moment was. The thought of being his personal rubber duck sex toy again excited me. A small drop of precum leaks out of my once proud cock. He pulls put me up standing directly in front of him. I startle a bit and try to backup. Iska laughs out loud. “The once proud Superman has finally fallen. A taste of fear is only the beginning to your long journey as my sex slave. I sure will figure out a way to use your body more than any other beings that have come before me. But Don’t you worry, I always take care of my bitch.” My sense of self being is almost shredded to nothing. A drop of tear forms from the corner of my eyes , Iska wipes it away, “No need to cry, I will provide you with all the pleasure that you can ever want so long you service me your master to my satisfactory.” He grabs the back of my head and press me toward him. Our mouths clash and he deep-tongues me with such fury and passion. A whirlwind forms around us as a result. I can only moan to his attacks to my mouth. My body jerks and seemingly loss the spine to stand on my own. Iska holds me up by my hair and smacks my face once again with his fortress like pecs. “Worship me all over again” I start to worship once again with earnest effort this time. I no longer move nonchalantly. I feel the urge to appease Iska as if life itself is Iska and nothing else. With my renew effort to worship him, Iska starts to moan to signal his satisfaction. My last pride is finally on its last leg going in oblivion with no turning back. His nips start to lactate. Golden sparkling liquid/milk forming around the nips, my self-control can no longer control my primal instinct. I go for it sucking every drop that each nip can produce as much as I can. Iska’s nips lactate even more under the assault of my tongue. Each lick brings a small quiver at his legs. He starts to swallow his saliva hard. His head is thrown backward savoring this intense pleasure Superman is giving him. Iskarion Close. So close i am of turning Superman in my personal sex toy. I have been created to fight him, to destroy him. They have meant that in a literal way. But THIS as he is now, I am starting to like it more. So while I initially did fight him to destroy him, I change my mind now. The state I am pushing Superman in as a personal sex you will be so much better. And he is already turning into a good puppy. His tongue licking my nipples, of which I do not even know they can lactate like this. I wonder what else my own super body can do and I had not yet discovered. But first I must finish my battle. Squeeze out that last sliver of resistance I still see deeply buried within his eyes. Slowly I wrap my arms around his broad back, rubbing over those dense muscles, going down to your lower back where I lock my hands and then pull in his body against mine. Our pec shelves pushing against each other, me bobbing them for a bit, bouncing both our racks, playing with his, showing who is in control. Our abs colliding with each other, pushing our rods into our mutual gutters, pre oozing out of them, further wetting our bricks. Feeling no resistance from you I start increasing my power, slowly crushing your lower back. My arms digging into your back muscle, slowly starting to bend your body in half. Then I finally feel you try and resist. That last sliver of defiance stirring. But your body has already been weakened a lot, so the strength you muster up but a bare token of what you once were. More and more I compact your core. Your upper body bending backwards, your hands pushing on my pecs, trying to get away. Remembering a show I use a famous line to aptly describe the situation; “Resistance is futile” But you do not listen to my wisdom and keep pushing against my body while I keep crushing. And then finally I reach the moment where one final squeeze of my power would snap your spine. And at that very moment I look into your eyes and finally see that last bit of resistance fading away. Your mind totally succumbing to my radiant power and dominance. I let go of my hug, my hands sliding to your lats, grabbing them, lifting up your body and then powerslamming it to the ground, crushing your body inches deep into the rock where it bounces of a feet high, sweat drops flying all around, before going down again and settle in the rubble. I sit down on my knees, pushing up your legs, making way for that beautiful tight ass to show itself. Slowly I push in one finger into your crack, your inside feeling tight. Guess not many or perhaps even none have ever made it this far against you. Your body trembles a little bit, but no sound escapes you. I slowly increase to 2, 3 and even 4 fingers. Slowly getting a rise out of you, moans appearing, getting louder with every additional finger. Once satisfied that I have opened your ass enough I grab my monster rod and grind it between your crack. And then slooooooowly start pushing inside. Even with the preparations your insides still resist and I grab your pecs, my fingers digging in, squeezing them, rubbing your nipples, giving myself a strong hold on you and then I start pushing my rod deeper and deeper into you until my groin hits your ass, ball to ass. My rod fully inside you I see my mushroom tip pushing out a little bit from inside your abs wall. Damn I never realize till now just how truly large my toy is. Slowly at first, but with time increasing in speed I start pushing and pulling my cock. Messing with your insides, my rod visibly pushing outwards your wall. My thumping of your body creating quakes, the region around us trembling non-stop. You moaning incessantly. Your ass now wide open I no longer need to hold your pecs so I straighten myself, raise my arms and flex my biceps. 2 veritable mountains peaking. Your arms moving up towards them, grabbing them, I feel you try to squeeze them, crush them with your strength. You are so weak now you even fail to dent them the slightest. Only reinforcing in your mind I am your master. I feel my balls cumming closer and closer to its boiling point. And then the floodgates open. And a massive stream of cum is unleashed inside you. A massive moaaaaan escapes me while I feel my body squeezing out every bit of divine liquid it had stored. In mere seconds I filled up your insides, your stomach ballooning, your abs stretched out. Cum being forced out of your ass, squirting itself, creaming your ass and my groin and lower abdomen. Minutes pass till I keep using you as my cumdump, a pool of white cream forming around us, till finally my balls have depleted themselves. Heaving heavily from the excertion and bliss I pull out my rod and move my face closer to you whispering “You are mine now. Forever.”. I kiss you long and softly, no longer any need to overpower you with brute force. But even superbeings need air so after a while I reluctantly let go and rise up, towering over you. I bend down and grab your body and put it on my shoulder. And then lift of from the ground, flying towards your Fortress of Solitude where in the coming days I will devote my full attention to you having more fun with your body and mind. And as for the world… well it is not like there is anyone else stronger then me. Or is there? So it can wait till I get fully sated. And then I shall conquer it just for the fun of it. Maybe even order Superman to do it. showing the people that their hero has now become my servant. Oooh the shock when they discover that already stirs a part of my body…
  2. This story is violent and involves someone forcing themselves on another person, so don't read if that bothers you. Hey yall, this is the first ever thing I've written. I've been a long, long, long time lurker/reader and on a whim decided to give writing a shot. This was made with stories like Tony vs. Superman in mind, where iconic heroes get taken down easily. This story is the first of a series of Marvel stories I've been working on following one character, if people like it maybe I'll work through the other drafts and share them as well. ------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Rogers pulled his mask over his head and double checked himself in the mirror to make sure it was on straight. He was America’s champion and there should be no fault in his appearance, no line, no crease, no part out of place. His military mentality never left him, and it showed in his stature. Even though this was just a routine patrol on Manhattan’s Upper East side, he didn’t stray from his routine even slightly. Confident everything was in order Steve walked over to his pride and joy resting on the mantle beside the empty display where his costume would normally rest. Where Thor had his hammer, and Iron Man had his armor, Steve had his shield. It was a beacon of hope, strength, and resolve for the downtrodden. He picked up and latched onto the straps along his back and headed out to the basement level of Avengers Tower where he’d find his motorcycle to head out on. Not that he needed a vehicle, he could easily outrun it with his mammoth legs fueled by the serum in his veins. Truth be told, he simply enjoyed the feeling of riding it. It was already past nightfall, and as he zoomed down the streets glancing down alleyways and side streets as he passed he could hear the occasional cheer from fans and supporters as they zipped by. He was their hero and he would also fight for them. He allowed himself a small smirk in pride, only to be immediately distracted by a distant scream. Someone needed his help. The voice came from over a block away, but his trained sense of superhuman hearing left it ringing clear in his ears, even over the rumbling of his bike. It was definitely a masculine voice in distress. Sure enough, as he approached he could hear the sound of a man pleading for his life along one of the nearby alleyways. As he parked his bike around the corner he nearly flew off of it in the same moment entering the alley in the blink of an eye. In front of him there was a man being held off his feet by a much larger man in a black hoodie. Steve couldn’t make out much in the darkness, but the man was well over 6 feet and seemed quite built for his height. The smaller man was trying desperately to kick himself free from the man’s grip with his dangling feet, but he was clearly outmatched and stood no chance. Steve didn’t let a moment go to waste and called out to the man. “I think you should let him go,” he said, making sure to make it clear that what waited behind the man was no joke through his tone. The man didn’t move, he continued to hold the smaller in the air with one arm, an impressive display of strength, Steve realized, for a typical man. This man clearly worked hard on his strength. “Son, I said to put him down. I will not give you another warning, do not make me use force.” Steve said. To Steve’s surprise the man chuckled, the movement caused the man in his hands to shake violently just from the small movement. “Please, and what exactly are you going to do?” The man said, not even turning around to acknowledge the presence behind him. Steve tensed, he knew a fight was coming. ”I don’t think you realize who you are dealing with. If I must, I will put you down.” Steve said. The bigger man let out a small sigh, but instead of putting the other man down he moved his arm to the wall beside him, pinning the man in his hand. The smaller man let out gasp as the air flew out of his lungs for a moment from the force of the large hand pressed against his chest. It was an incredible display of strength, to not just pin a man with one arm, but move him entirely. Though smaller than them both, the man in his grip had to have weighed nearly 200 lbs. “I have an idea of who I’m dealing with,” the man in the hoodie said, still effortlessly holding the smaller man against the wall, “but I don’t think you know who you’re dealing with.” This was going nowhere, so Steve stepped toward the two. He thought of the need to bring out his shield, but given that this man was likely just human it wouldn’t be needed. He walked up to the back of the larger man, realizing now that the man was only a little shorter than his 6’5” height, but his back was nearly as wide as his own. If it was all muscle under that hoodie, the man must have sported an impressive physique. But Steve had both his superhuman strength, and his training to back him up. The average street villain stood no chance. Allowing one last chance for the thug before him to back down, Steve simply put a grip on the man’s shoulder, the one still holding the man up without any sign of strain. As he squeezed, he could feel the muscles tensed and flexed under his hand. The shoulder was as hard as steel, and even through the hoodie Steve could feel the heads of the man’s massive delt pressing against his grip. This thug was definitely hiding a lot under there. “If this is how it’s going to be, then I will just have to teach you a lesson. Can’t say I didn’t give you a sporting chance.” Steve said, allowing one final moment for things to go a better way. The large continued to hold still. Allowing his adrenaline to surge, Steve prepared to move fast and hard, tightening the grip on the man’s shoulder to pull him away from the smaller man and quickly down to the ground. His arm exploded in an undeniably stunning display of size and power, his battle hardened biceps nearly ripping out of his suit. He made a point not to try too hard, he certainly didn’t want to rip the man’s arm out. But the large man barely moved. His weight shifted from the force, but he never lost his balance. Under his hand Steve felt the man’s delt explode in response, nearly breaking his grip in the process. This man was strong, but he had faced plenty of strong foes before. He moved to wrap his arms around the man, barely able to get around the massive lats to pull the man into a suplex. Steve’s mighty pecs pressing into the thug’s lats in a secondary battle of muscle against muscle. Steve flexed them hard as poured his strength into the move, his suit tightening under the strain of his meaty chest expanding under it. Again the thug barely moved. This time the force was enough to cause him to stumble backward and nearly lose his pin on the man against the wall, but the thug quickly regained his footing. His lats tensed and flared in response, catching Steve off guard and nearly breaking his hold around the man’s torso, but Steve managed to hold on, sweat dampening the inside of his mask. The thug let out a long sigh, the movement nearly made Steve fall into the man as he exhaled. However it seemed Steve had prevailed as the thug released the smaller man, causing him to fall to the ground nearly face planting onto the concrete. “Guess I gotta make an effort here, since you won’t just let me be.” Despite the shock, the small man stuttered out a small thank you to Steve and skittered away. As the man hurried down the alley, the thug rolled back shoulders against Steve’s arms, the movement causing the rock hard muscles in his back to flex against Steve pecs. To Steve’s shock he quickly lost his grip on the thug, unable to pin down the expanding muscle in his arms. Steve took a step back to ready himself. The thug turned around, giving Steve the first look of his face under the hood. The man was younger, likely in his late 20s. His jaw was chiseled and square and sported a line of hair along his chin and a thin mustache, not enough to make for a full goatee. His eyes were dark, and as they focused in on Steve he caught a glimpse of shock in them. Perhaps this thug had finally seen the error of his ways. But the shock was replaced with a grin as the thug chuckled. “Fuck! I was hoping it was you, Captain fucking America,” the thug said, “Damn, looks like wishes can come true. I’ve been hoping to put myself to the test. You can only go so far setting record after record in the weightroom. I needed a real challenge.” The thug pulled down his hood and gave Steve a once over with his eyes. Steve had already regained his composure and of course made sure to give the thug a stunning display of his physique, hoping to dissuade the man from further conflict. But the man nearly doubled over in laughter in response. “Holy fuck, Cap, you might be big, but if that was the kinda power you have behind those muscles, you ain’t shit.” The thug stepped closer to Steve, his pecs nearly coming in contact. Cap’s entire world was eclipsed by the sheer size of the man before him, but Steve didn’t drop his stance. “Oh right, it’s obvious who you are, but you don’t know me. I’m not anyone really, don’t worry, just call me CJ.” CJ? Steve had never heard of any villain street level or otherwise that went by this name, surely this just wasn’t a normal man. There’s no way someone with his strength couldn’t either be empowered, or gifted much like Steve was. “Look, I don’t care who you are, son, but I can’t leave you here causing harm. I’m going to have to take you in.” Steve said. CJ let out another chuckle, “Alright Captain Weakshit, if you think you’ve got it in you, but let me give you a better idea of what you’re up against.” Steve took a step back as the man moved to unzip his hoodie. He immediately noted the chiseled upper chest that revealed itself, a light layer of chest hair poking through the shirt underneath. CJ seemed to struggle getting the jacket off, but managed without ripping it. He sported a thin green tank top, stretched as thin as paper against his skin. CJ was massive, his pecs bulged through the fabric nearly ready to rip it to shreds, Steve could make out the veins snaking down the large man’s neck and down his chest through it. A thin tattoo Steve couldn’t quite make out was along the man’s right pec. Alongside his chest, CJ’s arms rippled with power and were no less shredded. A large bulging vein ran across each bicep, looking as if they’d jump out of his skin. Steve also got a good look at the man’s shoulders and realized he wasn’t wrong about them. CJ sported boulders for delts and even at rest Steve could make out striations and a roadmap of veins. Steve nearly lost himself in the stunning display of muscle before him, CJ was not just huge, he was incredibly lean, no wonder he packed so much strength under that physique. Steve let out a small smirk, “look, you’re clearly a big man. I applaud you for your training, but I’ve taken down plenty of big foes. This won’t be a challenge.” Steve said in an effort to pump up his own confidence, but somehow he felt an ounce of envy at the other man’s imposing display of muscle. CJ smiled, a look which sent a shock down Steve’s spine. CJ was handsome and every bit a fine specimen of a man. Steve was straight, but there was no denying what was before him. CJ’s voice invaded his thoughts, “Fuck man, I am going to enjoying breaking you. Somehow, I know you will too in the end.” CJ chuckled and tossed his hoodie aside. Before it even hit the ground CJ unleashed a punch right at Steve’s gut. The movement was so fast that Steve nearly didn’t have a chance to react, managing to twist his torso enough to dodge the blow, CJ’s fist glancing against his suit. But before Steve could take advantage of the miss, CJ had already found his footing and came back with another swing, this time at Steve’s chest. There was no time to dodge this one, and the fist slammed into Steve’s chest like a freight train. It knocked Steve completely off his feet and he fell back against the concrete, skidding. Pain shot through the right side of his chest, how did a punch like that hurt so much? Steve threw himself back onto his feet in a kick up, already readying his stance to fight back when he was stopped at the sight of CJ simply standing there, both of his arms raised beside his head in a double bicep pose. Each bicep rose to a peak that looked like they could cut diamonds between each well defined head. Veins rippled across each arm in a stunning display of power. Steve guessed CJ’s arms to be well over 20” without an ounce of fat on them. Almost as big as his own. And yet, he had knocked him down with a single punch, perhaps he simply wasn’t ready for it. But the sight before him made Steve doubt himself. “You couldn’t even take one punch from these Cap,” CJ said, “I seriously thought this was going to be a challenge to test all the work I’ve put this body through, but you’re just a weak little shit.” Steve didn’t know how to respond, how could this man be so cocky? He was Steve Rogers, Captain fucking America. “Fuck it dude,” CJ said while still holding the pose, “come at me with all you got, try to break this.” Steve questioned whether CJ’s biceps grew larger after the taunt, but it had to have been his imagination, they had to have been fully flexed. “I don’t know who you are, but to think you can best an Avenger will have you leaving here sorely mistaken.” Steve shot back, regaining his confidence. Steve charged at CJ, who still was holding his mighty arms up high. As he reached the beast before him, Steve channeled the entire force of his body into one massive punch at CJ’s abs. Steve’s quads exploded as they braced for the blow, flaring so hard he heard the seams of his leggings let out a slight rip as they gave way. His eyes honed in on the target, and just before his fist landed he saw 8 bricks of muscle wall up through the green fabric of CJ’s tank top. A flicker of doubt flashed in Steve’s mind. His punch slammed into CJ so hard it Steve thought he might punch a hole through the man, but as his fist hit CJ’s wall of muscle pain immediately flooded his arm. CJ didn’t move an inch, and the entire force of the blow rebounded back, nearly shattering the bones in Steve’s fist and arm, saved only by the density of his superhuman skeleton thanks to the serum. Steve doubled over from the pain almost immediately, letting out a chilling scream, nearly falling back again on his ass. Steve could feel his arm going numb as the pain subsided, and he realized he was kneeling on one knee right in front of CJ, his face right at the big man’s abdomen. His eyes widened as he saw that he hadn’t even left a mark. CJ’s abs were still tightly flexed in a display of triumph. Steve looked up to see CJ staring down at him, his arms still held high, maintaining his double bicep pose. The sight of the manbeast before him made Steve feel tiny. CJ flashed another handsome smile down at Steve. “You better get used to being down there. That’s where you belong, you know?” CJ laughed, causing his abs to relax and bringing Steve’s gaze back to them. “The look on your face man, I wish I could frame it. Captain America brought to his knees and I didn’t even lay a finger on you. I bet you’re dying to see what stopped you cold.” CJ lifted up the bottom of his tank top with both hands, slowly bringing into view the wall of muscle that had nearly shattered the hero’s arm. Steve’s vision was filled with CJ’s abs of steel, each muscle a well defined brick. A light layer of black hair ran down the middle and across his lower abdominals, trailing down into CJ’s pants. They made his abs appear even more defined. Then CJ flexed. Steve's jaw nearly hit the floor as the muscles in front of his face exploded, he didn’t even realize abs could explode. What was a well defined 8 pack was now 10 boulders of harder than steel tight muscle. Veins popped out along the side and down CJ’s lower abs, again pulling Steve gaze downward. CJ noticed and began twisting and flexing his torso to show off his obliques, pulling Steve’s gaze back up. Every inch of him was perfectly cut as if chiseled from stone. CJ could rival even the mighty Thor in a battle of physiques. Instead of lowering his shirt back down, CJ ripped it half, shredded it like tissue and finally unveiled his entire upper body. All that was left was a tiny gold chain across his neck, looking as if it would snap at any slight movement. “Dear God…” was all Steve could muster as he took in the beast towering above him. “Not a god man,” CJ said, “but I guess to a weak fuck like you I might as well be.” The cockiness in CJ’s voice woke Steve from his fog and he shook his head. Perhaps he would need to call backup for this one. CJ was clearly some sort of otherworldly threat that he would need the rest of the team to handle. Steve readied himself for a sprint off the ground, deciding to retreat back to his bike and seek allies, but before he could even raise himself off the ground CJ slammed his knee right into the hero’s face. The movement was so sudden Steve hadn’t seen it coming and was immediately flown onto his back a few feet away from the blow. He slammed back down on the ground and his vision filled with stars. “You don’t get to walk away from this. I’m not done with you.” CJ said. CJ stepped over the dazed hero below him and wrapped his hand around Steve’s neck. The hero was still trying to process what had happened when he felt himself being lifted off the ground. CJ was picking him up with just one arm… exactly as he had done to the small man before. As the realization set in Steve felt his feet dangling off the ground as he was held above CJ. Steve tried to toss quick, strong blows wherever he could, CJ’s neck, his pecs, the forearm gripping his neck, but nothing seemed to phase the big man. He then grabbed onto CJ’s arm, trying in vain to pry himself out, but instead finding himself getting lost in the man’s titanic arm, hard and immovable under his hands. CJ laughed at the feeble attempts by Steve to free himself and with his free hand CJ pulled off Steve’s mask, revealing the face of the blue eyed blonde underneath. CJ took in the look on Steve’s face, blood now running down his chin from the blow he just gave him. The hero was in a mix of shock, confusion, and fear. It was time to completely break whatever was left. CJ brought Steve closer, still being dangled in the air as if a little kid and leaned into his ear. CJ’s warm breath washed over Steve’s face and his nose was filled with the scent of the man’s musk. “I really am not a god, or an alien, or even a supersoldier. I’m just a guy who’s been putting himself through hell to become the best of the best.” CJ let out another chuckle. “Actually, you’re gonna get a kick from this one. How old are you again? 35? 40? Oh right, you’re the man out of time… so what 100 or some shit? Well Cap, I hate to say it, but you just got embarrassed by a…..” Steve didn’t even get a chance to process what hit him. It flooded his mind and the realization was instant. The man who was effortlessly holding like a ragdoll wasn’t a man, but a kid. Not even out of high school. 18 years old, the words hitting him again. “Fuck! There’s that look again, you’re so fucking stunned. We didn’t even get to fight and I can see I did a number on you!” CJ lowered Steve back down to the ground, stopping only to put his hand back on the hero’s shoulder. Again, with an effortless display of power the young man forced Steve back to his knees, the hero still stunned over being bested by a teen. CJ was as big as his supersoldier physique, just as shredded and ripped, and yet somehow Steve’s strength wasn’t even an ounce of the young adonis’. Talk about winning the gene lottery. He was Captain America. He trained his body over decades and was powered by a steroid that gave him size and strength that rivaled gods. Yet CJ had already surpassed him, and at such an age. He couldn’t fathom how such a possibility could even occur. Steve was so lost in thought that he hadn’t realized that CJ no longer had a hold on him. He wasn’t brought back to Earth until he noticed CJ had begun unfastening the button of his jeans. CJ pulled down his pants with a struggle over his mammoth quads, allowing them to rest at his knees. He hadn’t left his underwear on. A million more thoughts flooded Steve’s mind. His brain was trying to process everything happening to him. The wave of testosterone-fueled scent of CJ that pummeled his senses. the massive mounds of flesh that made up CJ’s incredible quads, so big they would easily dwarf the hero’s own impressive trunks. And snaking with ropes of throbbing veins barely masked by the thick black hair all over them. The thought of why Steve hadn’t fled already, why was he still on his knees in front of this young man? Lastly, the sight of CJ’s manhood filled his brain. Steve prided himself in being the peak of humanity, in every sense. But CJ sported a cock as big as his own, yet he could tell it was still soft. 10 inches of muscle meat swung before his eyes, crowned with a thin bush of dark hair. He finally got to see just where CJ’s treasure trail went. CJ admired the hero’s stunned face below him. Steve was speechless and like a deer in headlights. CJ rewarded the man by repeatedly flexing his quads, watching how the hero’s eyes would widen each time his huge tear drops of muscles seem to blow up to twice the size and the striations cut through the skin. The sight caused blood to fill his swaying monster cock, its size growing to a similarly impressive display. As his cock nearly reached its full length the head grazed against Steve’s lips and up his nose until finally reaching its full mast in a stunning display of perfect manhood. The throbbing cock filled Steve’s vision as it bounced up and down. “Captain America, look at what you’ve done to me, holy shit.” CJ let out a laugh. “One punch from this arm knocked you on your ass.” CJ flexed his arm not even looking to see if Steve was watching, he was in awe of his own size as he watched his arm. “These lats and pecs broke your grip without even a sweat” CJ moved to flaring out his lats and causing his pecs to explode below him, completely blocking out the view of the defeated hero under them. He wished he could take a picture of the display just to witness how impressive it was. “One hit to these abs nearly shattered your arm.” CJ looked down at his abs as he flexed them again. Running his hands down them, feeling the power and strength held behind the wall of muscle. Past them all he could see that his massive cock was throbbing, still inches above the face of the fallen hero below him. It filled CJ with pleasure and caused his cock to send out a huge glob of precum as he flexed his muscle cock. “And one hit from this leg showed you that you are nothing compared to me.” CJ focused on his right quad, again admiring the way it seemed to defy reality as he repeatedly flexed it. The whole time it caused his cock to bounce and throb, he could feel it hitting Steve’s face again and again as he flexed. In CJ’s mind he began to wonder if he really was a god. He defeated one of the most well known and beloved heroes without even trying. As CJ turned back to the dazed hero the sight made him chuckle again. Steve’s jaw was open and his face was now covered in the young god’s precum, another drop had just landed on the hero’s nose, oozing down Steve’s lips. Before the hero could get a taste of the god before him, CJ thrusted his hips forward, placing the head of a massive cock on top of Steve’s face. He flexed his cock again causing a massive stream of precum to land right in the hero’s eye. The hero began to flinch but was stopped by two hands behind his head holding him in place. CJ began to thrust his cock up and down and grind his cock against the hero. The force of which would have caused Steve’s head to bobble up and down if he hadn’t been held in place by CJ’s strong hands, the muscle teen’s balls repeatedly smacking against his chin. There was nothing the hero could do at this point. Steve even attempted to use his strength to stand up in hopes of an escape, but as he tensed he could feel the strength of CJ against him and knew it wasn’t worth the risk of hurting himself fighting against the young god. Instead he gave into his other desires and began running his tongue up and down the stud’s massive shaft pressed against his face. CJ immediately let out a moan and pulled the hero from his cock. “That’s right Cap, you know your place. I’m the fucking future of the human race, you are nothing compared to me. I could snap your neck right now if I wanted, but I won’t just so you can have the opportunity to worship the man you always wished you could be.” “CJ FUCKING Stedman” CJ screamed, it shocked Steve how it came out of nowhere. “Remember my fucking name, CJ Stedman is the one who broke Captain America.” Before the beaten hero could fathom what was happening CJ shoved his entire cock down the hero’s throat. The force and speed shocked Steve’s system as his jaw nearly snapped from being stretched to its limit. Tears ran down his face from the pain. Choking, Steve tried to pull away out of reflex, but CJ’s sheer power kept him in check. CJ was lost in himself and how he had completely ruined one of the world’s bravest heroes. It sent him into overdrive and like a pure animal he started to face fuck the hero with such force he thought it might drive a hole through the man’s skull, but CJ didn’t care. As his balls smacked against Steve’s chin like a jackhammer, all CJ could think about was himself. No other man came close to him. He was everything. Massive. Ripped to shreds. Stronger than anyone. And he was still growing, getting better every day. He was only eighteen and still had so much potential. The world wasn’t ready for CJ Stedman, but they would know him now. CJ was filled with ecstasy as he worshiped himself and it sent him over the edge. His massive muscle cock exploded in the hero’s mouth, his massive load shooting straight into Steve’s stomach. CJ’s cock shot so hard and his cum was so hot it burned the hero’s insides. In his muscle crazed orgasm CJ pulled his cock out of the hero, surprised to see the man still intact, but Steve’s face was covered in blood that poured out his nose. CJ continued to shoot load after load all over Steve’s face leaving almost no inch of it clean. As his cock spewed its final shots, he smacked the hero’s face with it. Smearing the mixture of blood and semen. He then let the hero go and Steve fell to the side, having been completely knocked out by the relentless onslaught to his skull. . CJ looked down as the last drop of his cock fell down onto the unconscious hero. It landed right on the iconic shield still attached to Steve’s suit splattering against it leaving a reddish streak. “Shit, you didn’t even get to use this.” CJ laughed, picking up the shield. “Don’t they say this shit is as unbreakable as you?” CJ smirked, and the rush started to hit him again causing his cock to harden. He ran his finger across the red streak his blood mixed cum left on this shield. Holding it in both hands CJ held it above his head. In one mighty swing he brought Captain America’s shield down on his now rock hard cock, snapping the vibranium infused weapon in half. With a smirk, CJ tossed the pieces onto the fallen hero, his mind already chasing thoughts of his next conquest. “Maybe I am a god, why not go find one and see how I match up?” CJ laughed, pulled up his pants and walked out of the alley. Not even giving the limp body he left behind a second thought.
  3. Chapter 1 Brian Salk was walking down the street in a tight-fitting T-shirt, the kind that clung to him so snugly that you could see all of his muscles beautifully pressed against the fabric. People who saw him thought he lived a charmed life as one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires, at 25 he was the latest wonder kid to make it big in the tech industry. He was on the cover of magazines and billboards. The media was taken by his other talents as well, particularly his prowess as a body builder. Shirtless photos of “the Billion Dollar Six Pack” were everywhere. That combined with his ability to speak 10 languages, play piano and violin like a virtuoso, and his status as a chess master made him into quite the modern-day renaissance man. Brian didn’t mind the attention. He liked people checking him out. It was the closest he could get to imagining what being in a relationship was like. His father, to whom he felt he owed everything, did not approve of his son being in a relationship, not because he was gay. His sexuality was common knowledge and all of his “brothers” were (something that was not common knowledge). Rather he and the old man shared a secret, the key to all of Brian’s successes. A secret that if the world were to know, could end Brian’s freedom forever. Brian was the last of the “Children of AIM” (AIM being the Army Institute of Mutagenesis). A military agency devoted to the development of the American Supersoldier. After a disaster that led to the catastrophic quarantine of an entire town, and the “loss” of one of the founders of the program, the project was deemed as too dangerous to continue. The three remaining super soldier subjects or, “Children of AIM” as they were known, were sent to various families within the United States to be raised as normal children. However, Dr. Gregory Salk was unable to say goodbye to the child he had created undertook to raise the boy as his own son and hone his abilities for the good of humanity. His superior intelligence and athletic prowess were the result of billions of dollars of secret investment. But Brian had abilities that went far beyond that. As a gift from his treatments at AIM, he could change his body size and musculature at will, a skill that would have made him nearly invincible on the battlefield. As he was now a free man, that particular talent was no longer strictly needed. It did however come in handy in another of Brian’s hobbies. You see, Brian always felt the need to give back to society, so he led another life, the life of a crime fighting hero. A life that was about to be tested once again. “Hey Brian!” came a familiar voice. “Huh?” he said, looking around. “Oh! Hey Jake!” Jake’s father owned a bank and as his son, he managed all of his charitable work. Being a philanthropist himself, Brian ran into him all the time, which was torture because Jake was the most gorgeous man that he had ever seen and the young billionaire was head over heels for him. To make matters worse Jake was openly gay and single. Brian hated having to keep his feelings a secret. To be fair, Brian only thought he was keeping it a secret. Anyone with half a brain could see the way he blushed whenever Jake walked in a room or fumbled for words. Or the way his package bulged up whenever Jake touched him. “I was just grabbing some coffee big guy,” Jake said, walking over, casually placing a hand on his friend. “You want to join?” “Yeah well… I… uhhh coffee sounds nice… you ummm like coffee?” In truth he’d been on his way to a meeting but those fingers on his arm made him temporarily forget anything about that. “Uh… yeah…” Jake chuckled. “We had coffee together at Autism Gala, and that cancer event before that. For a genius you’ve got a lousy memory.” He said gently prodding his large friend in the side. “Oh right… yeah sorry…” he said, blushing and scratching the back of his head. Soon the thoughts began again. He had a condo in this neighborhood. He could just take Jake up there and they could have glorious… “Earth to Brian.” His thoughts were interrupted by a slightly impatient Jake. “You want to join or…?” “Oh… yeah… sure…” he stammered. “Excellent.” Jake took Brian by the arm, effectively leading him like a puppy. The two walked a few blocks together and were having a great time enjoying their coffee when Brian’s highly engineered hearing picked up a disturbing sound. “Gimmie da cash or I use your guts to paint dese bricks!” That was followed by the sound of someone pleading. “Crap…” He pulled out his phone as cover. “Look I’m really sorry, I’ve got to run!” “Always on the run…” Jake sighed. Without another word Brian jumped up from the table. As soon as he was out of Jake’s line of vision he ducked into an empty alley and pulled a spandex wrestling mask from his back pocket and placed it over his head. Then he pulled off his shirt and pants, stuffing them away into the backpack that he always carried with him and hid it in a corner of the alley, revealing nothing but a tight stretchy bottom. Clenching his teeth and concentrating on his body, his already impressive biceps began to bulge out, his famous six pack bulged into an eight pack, his back muscles went into a state of upheaval as his traps and delts began to broaden. His pecs ballooned out, forcing his nipples even lower. His clingy shorts were stretching against his inflating bubble butt and thighs. He was becoming… The Tank. As his body swelled with more and more muscle he began to grow taller, passing 6’ 6’’ then seven feet. The rush of power flowing through his veins was incredible as pound after pound filled into his body. He passed the 8-foot mark with 800 pounds of raw muscle with arms and legs the size of tree trunks, abs bulging out like grapefruits, with lats that pushed his arms outward. Time for action. He bounded away after the sound, leaping over the street as agile as a deer, darting from alley to alley as if he were flying until he came upon what he was looking for. Three guys had a Somali immigrant pinned to the wall. “I told ya, if ya don’t buy de insurance in dis country, bad t’ings can happen!” “Please… I wont have enough to feed my kids if I pay that much!” he begged. “Sounds like your company needs to go out of business.” It wasn’t the best line but Brian was working on that part of the job. “What da hell?” One of the thugs looked up just a trash can came hurtling at them, knocking two of them off their feet. The remaining one looked up at the behemoth standing before him and realized his worst nightmare had found him. The bulging, masked goliath took a few steps toward him. “De Tank…” he muttered, legs shaking like noodles, and pulled out a gun. Before he could get off a shot, The Tank had slammed a massive elbow into his gut, sending him flying into a nearby chain link fence. He turned to the immigrant. “Get out of here!” But there was no need for that. He’d already taken off down the alley. Brian reached down to the two thugs he’d knocked down with the trash can and picked them up by their shirts. “Now I want to get one thing clear with you punks.” He growled, his voice deep and booming. “There’s gonna be no insurance racket in this town as long as I have anything to say about it. So if I see you again you better have a new occupation.” Suddenly there was a loud bang and flash of pain in his left arm. He knew it instantly, he’d been shot… again. The man he’d knocked into the fence had gotten up and pulled out another gun. He effortlessly hurled the two miscreants on top of his assailant and walked over to the pile and picked up the dropped hand gun as a steady trickle of blood ran down his arm. “You know, that just pisses me off,” he said crushing the weapon in his other hand. “You better be pretty glad I’m not like you.” He said dropping the useless pile of metal. Unhooking a belt from his waist, he stretched it out and wrapped around the three of them. “That ought to hold you.” He said clipping it together, causing a light to begin to flash. Once locked it was nearly impossible for them to get out. The homing beacon would alert the police, and an electronic USB stick would play a recording of the event. He might even make the news tonight, he thought as he bounded away back to the alley where he had dumped his clothes. When he got there, he flexed his arm until the bullet popped out. They never went in very deep. Shrinking back down to his usual size, he pulled a compression bandage out of the backpack and wrapped it around his arm. Bullets didn’t do much damage when he was ‘tanked out’ (as he liked to call it) and his modified body was pretty good at healing without a scar but they did hurt. It was like getting stung by a giant hornet. Quickly getting his clothes on he headed up to the condo he owned in the neighborhood to get cleaned up, sending an email to his colleagues that he was sorry to have missed the meeting. He had five new text messages but one of them in particular was difficult to answer. It was from Jake. “See you around, handsome. Maybe one day you won’t be too busy to hang out.” It bit him to the core. He felt like he would have given anything to have been able to finish that cup of coffee with him. ‘But then that man might not have been able to go home to his kids.’ He heard his father’s voice in his head. That evening, his walk back to Mid Town where he and his father made their primary dwelling on several floors of a skyscraper was a lonely one. “You really could have built me to make the bullets hurt less,” he told his father Gregory that night as the 65-year-old gently attended to the wound. The old man laughed. “You should have seen how some of the other super soldiers reacted. Some of them had better healing than you do and they would scream and run away at the mere sight of a gun.” “Maybe that’s what I should do,” Brian grumbled. “You’re the one who chose to be ‘The Tank’. I would have been just as happy for you to devote your life to computers, arts or science,” his father said. “But I’m proud of you. Every person you save makes my life’s work seem more worthwhile.” He smiled and then added, “Also if you wouldn’t grow so large you wouldn’t make such an easy target. I’m sure you don’t have to be so massive to deal with street thugs.” Brian chuckled. “Do you want to take away the one really fun part of my life?” His father sighed. “I suppose not.” “I met Jake today for a coffee.” Brian threw in as casually as he could. “Oh? How’s his family doing. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen his father.” “They’re fine I guess. I… mostly forgot to ask,” Brian said with a sigh. “You know… we do a lot of charity work, we should plan an event with them or…” “Brian…” his father said, sealing the wound with a special adhesive he’d invented for his son. “Is that really a good idea? I know how you feel about him. There is such a thing as tormenting yourself for no reason.” “Well I wouldn’t have to torture myself if you’d let me see him,” Brian retorted. “And what would he think of us?” Gregory said, “What would he think of our life?! Of who and what you really are?” He sighed and patted his son on his uninjured shoulder. “The army is clear on this. If people find out about AIM through you, they will ‘reposess’ you. It took everything in my power to get them to release you to me when you were 18 months old… I don’t have the connections that I used to have.” “Well what if he doesn’t know?” Brian asked. “I don’t have to tell him!” “Son you grow in your sleep sometimes… It took me four months to design a bed that you wouldn’t break when you were 12. When you get too “excited” you start to morph. These are things you just can’t hide from a partner.” “Well, why can’t you just fix those things?” Brian said. “You come up with solutions to everything else.” “I gave you a mind easily a match for mine, and it’s still young and in its prime. If anyone could fix the kinks of the super soldier program it would be you,” Gregory said. “But I think that Pandora’s box is left closed. You are the last of them… and the most functional I might add.” He said with a bit of pride. “Right now I’d give anything to just be normal. To finally know what it’s like to truly be with someone,” Brian muttered. “I know it’s hard… I’ve had to make the same sacrifices you have. You’re all I’ve got.” The big guy heaved a remorseful sigh. “I’m sorry Father. You’re right.” “Why don’t you stay in tonight.” His father said, patting him on the back. “You’ve done enough for one day. I’ve got something I need to work on in the lab.” Brian was left alone to look out over the city lights. While he was designed to easily be able to go many nights without sleep, and he often did, this particular day felt like it needed to end. So he went to bed. That night he tossed around in his sleep. His dreams were troubled by visions of masked men dressed in black, hunting him down. He jerked himself awake in bed with a loud “No!” and looked down at his swollen body, buffed up by the fear in his nightmare. The pounding of his heart echoed his head. He’d only gained about 100 pounds in his sleep this time. “Perhaps Dad’s right… I just can’t control this.” His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. “Uh… yes?” The door opened and to his shock, Jake stepped into the room. “I heard you shouting and I thought you might need some company.” “How… how did you get in here?” Brian stammered pulling the sheets over his naked body. His dream growth shredded anything comfortable he could sleep in. “Does it matter? I’m here now,” he said walking over to the bed. “Do you want me to leave?” “No… no… I just don’t get…” Brian was fumbling with his words as Jake pulled off his shirt and began to crawl on top of the sheets over to him. He’d seen that lovely chest before, at socials where there was a pool. His cock was throbbing, he’d wanted to touch that body so often and here it was crawling into his bed. Jake climbed onto of his massive target and straddled him before licking those massive pecs which began to swell under his touch. “Fuck… no! I can’t… not in front of… awww fuck.” It felt so good. Jake pressed his lips against Brian’s’ and massaged those nipples as his inflating pecs pushed them downward. “Mmmmm, that’s a neat trick. Why didn’t you tell me about it before?” Jake said licking Brian’s traps, making their veins pop out as they bulged into his face. “Didn’t… think… you’d understand…” Brian said, gently pulling down Jake’s pants so he could feel that luscious ass of his. “I only understand that I’ve never wanted anything more,” Jake said, pulling down the sheets and driving his cock into Brian’s massive abs. “God, you’re incredible,” Brian moaned as his abs bulged around the cock that was riding up and down the slit between them. “Wanted this for so long,” he said, growing taller as the man he’d wanted to be with more than any other began to move up and down his massive frame. His balls began to swell larger than fists as his cock began to grow, poking Jake in the back. “Seems like someone’s ready to play,” Jake said reaching and stroking the massive rod. “Never… done this… before,” Brian moaned. “Let me show you how it’s done,” Jake whispered and mounted the giant member and slowly slid himself down on it. Brian’s balls were so excited that they began to swell like mad first to cantaloupes then to basketballs. His cock grew to 24’’ and Jake had to balance himself on the giant balls to ride it. Brian could feel his ass expanding into an enormous bubble butt. Jake took notice and reached down to squeeze it while he could still reach it. His fingers spread the massive ass cheeks expanded in his hand. The reinforced bed was beginning to creak and strain under the new weight as Brian’s biceps grew larger than Jake’s entire torso. He passed 8’ 6’’ as his balls swelled to the size of beach balls. Each of his massive pecs weighed over 100 pounds of raw muscle as he bounced them in delight. Jake felt the expanding lats pushing even further out from Brian’s massive sides. As he was skewered on the enormous dick like a toy. Pre-cum started to gush out of that giant cock, overflowing Jake’s ass and spilling out down his enormous shaft, completely soaking the bed. “Awww fuck I’m gonna cum!” Brian shouted when suddenly an alarm went off. He opened his eyes as one of his massive balls slid off the cum soaked bed and bounced onto the floor, stretching his sweaty nutsack. A jet of cum blasted him in the face as his balls unloaded onto no one but himself. He was alone it had been a wet dream. His body had expanded so much that the bed alarm had gone off to wake him. Brian had passed the 1000-pound safety limit. He coughed a little as another massive blast of cum covered his face and chest in spunk. He laid there panting for a moment, unable to shrink just yet. The hottest thing he’d ever imagined had just happened and it wasn’t even real. He idly rubbed his cum soaked nipple wishing so hard that Jake could be there but he’d proven his father’s point. As globs of jizz rolled down the bedsides he realized that being intimate with anyone was going to mean revealing his true identity.
  4. UltimateSwoldier

    Hyper Hero (Prologue 11/19/22)

    Hey guys! Long time lurker with occasional updates to my progress channel. I've finally decided to try my hand at this writing gig lol. Can't wait to give you guys more! Just keep in mind that I intend for this story to have crushing and destruction themes and deals with steroid use. -- PROLOGUE The room was dimly lit and cool. It had all the trappings of an executive board room, minus a view. Along the walls were framed portraits of some of earths greatest heroes, their names engraved below. There was almost a solemn reverence amongst those seated at the table. The heavy looking table was a long marble slab, with papers and folders strewn about but piled in front of each member of the board. It was organized chaos. In front of each of the 10 board members however, one file remained untouched. A single letter was on the front of the folder. “C” It was the second most undesirable superhero tier in existence. C tier meant that you either had useless powers or you simply weren’t marketable by corporations. They both went hand in hand. C tier meant no money and no fame. You simply had powers and existed. The woman at the front of the room coughed slightly, drawing the attention of the board members back to her. She had grey hair, but looked to be at least in her late 40’s. She wore a simple suit and skirt. Her hair was kept in a tight bun, a habit from her days in the Marine Corps. Underneath the smile, you could see that she had more than her fill of experience with Prodigies. From their first discovery around the world, to their integration into Departments of Justice and Defense. She had seen it all. After 20 years, it was starting to show. She had reviewed this file personally several years ago. Personally, she thought he would have had use as perhaps a tank or bullet absorbing wall (making him a B Tier at best), but field observation and pushback from her superiors had forced her to make a different choice. He was capable of destruction on a mass scale, so he had to be regulated in that manner. Now it was time for a Review Board and his name had come up. This time all she could do was make the pitch. Time for the wind up. “Our final reviewee is Jason Stone.” she spoke in a clipped tone as she tapped a glowing button on the table. The room immediate lit up with a dim blue glow. Holographic displays projected a 3D image of the youth onto the table, as well as several paused videos of a truly massive individual. The young man looked as though he was a pro-bodybuilder. Along the lines of Derek Lunsford or Nick Walker. If he was built like a hero, why was he C-Tier? The woman could see the board members becoming restless. This entire meeting had taken at least two hours. If she wanted to help him, she needed their attention. “He’s a 25-year-old Caucasian male and a student at King City University. He has adopted the callsign: Hyper.” And here’s the pitch! She tapped another holographic button. The 3D projection of Jason immediately morphed from pro-bodybuilder into an absolute mass monster. Easily as wide as he was tall. The weight skyrocketed from 225 pounds to 895. His height didn’t even change. Hell, wider. It should be a physical impossibility for a man to be that size and live. Never mind move. Yet here he was. “Hyper’s main ability is muscle growth. Often to extreme lengths,” This was the fun part for her. A bit like showing off a new car model. “The growth and hardness of his muscles makes him impervious to blades weapons and everything short of nuclear and biological attacks. We’ve attempted to find his strength limits, but no machine can find it. Despite his mass and size, he can move almost as well as a normal human. His muscle also allows him to move faster and jump higher and farther.” The looks on the board members faces melted from boredom into shock and awe. A tank of a human, as naked as the day was long, moving with the ease of a normal hero. Again: impossible on every level! The videos displayed various combat operations with the hero. Skyscrapers crumbling and cars being tossed towards a mech that managed to dwarf the mutant. The mutant easily threw the cars like throwing a ball, each impact making the mech stagger. As it started to tip, the mech fired a missile into a fleeing crowd. As it ran its course, Jason dived and intercepted the deadly weapon. It simply exploded against his massive pecs as he used a hand to sweep the remains of the crowd out of his way. The fall, however, resulted in him breaking the asphalt and landing in the sewer system. The surrounding buildings shook appropriately and swayed. One unfortunate (condemned by the city) finally collapsed into rubble. Seconds later the massive mutant stood up from the wreckage and waved as the blurred figures of heroes swept onto the scene and started to assist however they could. The entire video had been ripped from news footage from a drone, but even from the back, the mutant appeared to be some kind of god. The woman closed the videos to observe the looks of the board members. At least three of them were blushing and sweating. The others that weren’t looked as though this was going to simply be another headache for cleaning up. Time for the bad news. “However, as you’ve clearly seen, the enormous power and size does come with trade-offs,” she hated this part. “His only assumed weaknesses are nuclear and biological warfare. He also has very little control over how much he can grow or the speed at which he grows.” She brought up another video. The man screamed in pain as his body lurched and swelled from the power, his clothes bursting off as he grew at an uneven and terrifying rate. Despite the misshapen beginning, the result was a true monster that should be feared. “He also can’t swim or control his strength in any measurable way.” She could already tell what the answer would be. She almost felt sorry for the kid whom she never met. “It says here that the running cost of cleanup can run into the billions, Mrs. Sanders” the gentleman at the head of the table said. His tone was even. Not unimpressed, but not shocked either. He too had seen his share of Prodigies. This one had been regulated for a reason. “Why should we take the risk of letting him work with the agency? I saw the after-action report on that operation. He’s directly responsible for injuring 5 people and killing 2 more. He’s a hero with a fucking body count!” The woman opened her mouth to answer but drew a blank. She had the right words but no idea how to say them. “Let me take him.” The voice came from a young man near the head of the table. Much to the chagrin of everyone else his feet were up on the table, and he looked more relaxed than bored or horny. The look on his face was one of complete ease. “Director Stevens, I don’t-“ one of the members started until the man sat up in his chair and held up a finger, silencing the naysayer. “First of all. It’s Junior Director. I’m here in place of my boss. Second, the whole point of the Special Crimes Unit is to prevent potential supervillains from becoming actual supervillains.” He gestured to the paused videos floating around the room. “That right there? That’s a potential supervillain. Would you rather have him work for us or for the bad guys?” The various members of the board shared looks around the table. Unfortunately, he was right. The mutant they had just seen certainly wasn’t capable of world domination and control. But he could level cities in minutes if he was left unchecked. The solution seemed simple. “All in favor of a tier upgrade and hire by Special Crimes?” Stevens said with a cheeky grin. A chorus of “ayes” were mumbled around the table. The chief was reluctant but picked up a green stamp and marked the file before handing it to the young man. The look he gave Stevens was one that could kill. It sent a clear message. Learn your place. “He’s all yours… Junior Director.”
  5. MuscleLoverMG

    The AntiHero

    This is my first story I've ever posted on here! Let me know what you think and what you think I could improve as I move forward with writing this! If you have an suggestions on where the story should go, don't be scared to leave those too! I'm still brainstorming where this might go! The AntiHero Chapter 1: Frankie no more... Frankie was just your ordinary lad. He wasn’t too muscular, not too athletic, and not at all coordinated. In fact the only thing he had going for him was his devilishly handsome face and his charming grin. Other than that Frankie was the definition of average at best. This was a big difference compared to Quinn, Frankie’s longtime rival who consistently one-upped everything Frankie tried to do. Quinn was a lad’s lad. He had the good looks, fit body, and boyish charm to get any girl swooning. He knew it too. Quinn exuded confidence and always walked around like his shit didn’t stink. He’d consistently take sexy shirtless selfies with a seductive grin for his Instagram and other socials. Day by day, Frankie could do nothing but watch his rival get all the attention and praise. Frankie was sick of living as the “average at best” kinda guy. But he didn’t know how to change it. For months he went to bed wishing every night that something would change. That he could become the better man. A real “man” among the “men”, if you know what I mean. Halloween was quickly approaching, and for once Frankie wished he could be the hunk at the costume party that was strutting around in a seductive getup. But alas, once again it would be Quinn who would most likely come dressed up as some sexy superhero, a spartan warrior, or a chippendale dancer. At least…. this is how it was supposed to be. But sometimes plans change and people change too. In fact, Frankie’s wishes may just be coming true after so many months of hope. Soon he’ll be this “man” among the men. And soon he’ll be the one strutting around the costume party in a sexy head turning getup. It was on Halloween morning when the mysterious package that would do all this arrived at Frankie’s door. Frankie was sitting and watching TV just like he does any other day, when the doorbell rang. He wasn’t expecting anyone or anything, so he was quite off-put when he opened the door to a package at his feet. He looked around for a few moments before picking up the box and bringing it inside. “Maybe it was dropped at the wrong address” Frankie thought. But alas, his name and address was on the box. Curiously, Frankie began slicing open the taped up edges with a box cutter. “I wonder what’s inside” he pondered under his breath. As he flipped open the cardboard lids, Frankie was not only taken back by what he saw, but also beginning to feel a pit of rage in his gut. “Fucking Quinn’s such an asshole” Frankie snarled through gritted teeth as he pulled out the contents. He held up what looked like a military vest and then threw it aside. His face became redder and redder as he went in for the second item in the box. He wrapped his hands around the leather straps and metallic clasps. He instantly knew what this was. “The prick thought it would be funny to get me a bane costume.” Knowing it would look awful on his slim frame, Frankie was infuriated and humiliated at the same time. There was no way he could go to the costume party now. “I bet Quinn is probably gonna wear the same costume too, just to show me up” Frankie internally sulked. He threw the mask aside, not noticing the note that was sitting at the bottom of the box. Hours passed as Frankie sat defeated, stuffing his face with junk food. The annual Halloween party was in just 45 minutes, so at this point Frankie couldn’t even think about getting another costume ready. He felt every negative emotion in the book. He was ashamed with his physical form, but also loathed the fact he was gonna miss the opportunity to attend this event. That’s when something strange happened. His phone began buzzing to a mysterious text from an unknown number. “Put the mask on Frankie, we will be one soon. Just be patient.” “What the fuck is this shit. Is he really texting me from a fake number now?” Frankie growled. “You know what fuck Quinn. I’m going to go to the party dressed as bane and be perfectly confident. That will show him.” Frankie stormed over to the box and grabbed the mask. He began to pull it over his head, and it immediately fit quite snugly around his jaw. As Frankie squeezed the mask over the back of his head, he felt a several slight stings, almost as if he was being pricked by several needles in the back of his skull. “Must just be my hair getting caught” he thought to himself. But Frankie was quite wrong. The second Frankie put the mask on, his fate was sealed and forever changed. Almost immediately, Frankie began to feel an enormous amount of pressure in the back of his head and temples. At first he thought he was going to pass out, but this sensation was quite different. Frankie felt buzzed, and quite energized. Without warning, the pain began shooting down his spine and then out towards his lats. As the pain wrapped itself around his rib cage, Frankie could feel a heat flooding his body. It went down each arm into the fingertips, through his legs, and even into his groin. “What the fuck is happening to me!” Frankie squealed in a high pitch scream of terror. He grabbed the back of the mask and attempt to pry it off his scalp, but it was just too tight. Even more, it felt like the back of the mask was latched inside his skin where the pinching feeling was felt. The pain was rapidly increasing and that’s when it began… Frankie heard a loud crack as an unbearable pain shot down his spine. He let out a blood curdling scream as his spine began stretching his frame taller. “No! Make it stop, please!” Frankie whimpered as he fell on his hands and knees to the floor. “I don’t want this anymore!” He slammed his hands into the floorboards as the unbearable pain shot to his lats and ribcage which began cracking and spreading wider apart. To Frankie’s surprise, his hit caused the wooden board to crack and splinter. “So fucking strong” Frankie moaned animalistically. There was an evil gleam in his eye for a second, but he quickly snapped out of it. “No! Did I just fucking do that.” He winced. “This isn’t me. I’m a gentle guy.” He sat on those words for a few seconds before beginning to snicker to himself. “I’m not gentle. I’m fucking powerful and dominant” he growled sadistically. As he said this, the pain moved into his chest and biceps. Interestingly, the pain wasn’t bothering Frankie as much. He actually liked how it was beginning to feel. Every second he was feeling more and more manly. More authoritative. More godly. Frankie snapped back into reality when he saw the veins in his forearms begin to plump. As they pulsed in rhythm with his heartbeat, they grew green in color and began to push against his tightening skin. Frankie watched in horror as his forearms and biceps grew thick and solid. A spider web of veins entangling around them. With his voice trembling, he whimpered “please no more!” He stood up and once again tried to rip the mask off. Despite his arms being much stronger, the mask still wouldn’t un-latch itself from the back of his skull. Frankie was beginning to feel angrier than ever. But with this anger came a feeling of power and an even greater desire for more power. He began puffing his chest out, giving his pecs room to expand into big, veiny globs full of muscle sinews. Frankie’s Black T-shirt was stretching to its limits. Any onlooker would have just assumed he was wearing an athletic compression shirt if they didn’t know it was once quite loose fitting on his frame. “Fuck this feels so good” Frankie growled while throwing his head back, letting his pecs and lats extend to their full size. At this moment, his shirt snapped open and slid off his arms. In one swift motion Frankie threw his fist at the wall, creating a crumbling crater in the cement and wood barrier. Frankie cackled and sneered a cocky grin. Frankie moved to a nearby mirror to see the god... - I mean “man” - he was turning into. Upon seeing his reflection the real Frankie suddenly came back. “No! This isn’t who I’m supposed to be. This is a monster. I’m not…” He stopped talking, transfixed on his expanding legs, which he now didn’t even notice were in a great deal of pain. In a deeper octave than just seconds ago he muttered “I AM a monster.” The hulking beast emphasized the word AM. As the last of the masks venom spread through his body, Frankie let out a guttural and baritone growl raising his biceps into a double bicep pose. “Fuck ya! I am a monster! I am fucking bane!” Bane felt an instant urge to use his strength… to break something. The first thing that came to mind was the couch his former self was sulking on all night. With a single hand he lifted the 900lb object over his head. “I’m so strong... So powerful. This feels fucking fantastic!” As he said this, Frankie… -I mean Bane - brought the couch down onto his knee, cracking it in two. He no longer feared the beast he was becoming. In fact inside little Frankie was beginning to lose himself to the power that he felt. He loved that he had become an inhumanly strong god among men. He loved that his muscles were absolutely bulging with striations and chiseled beyond belief. And most of all, he loved that he was going to show Quinn what a real “man” is supposed to be. Frankie grabbed the vest that was sitting in the box and tried to strap it over his shirtless torso, but there was no way it was going to fit. “Fuck it, I look better shirtless anyway” he snarled. Then he noticed the note sitting in the bottom of the box. He picked it up and read it aloud with his dense, baritone voice. “Frankie, I’ve chosen you to become the next King of our beings. Just put on the mask and you will be Bane. Attend the party as Bane and I will find you. Then we’ll merge and become strong enough to rule this world and force everyone to bow to our power! I know you want this Frankie. You always have, so just put on the mask.” The note was signed “Venom.” Bane’s bloodthirsty growl said it all. Deep down, the last bit of the innocent Frankie faded. “You’re right Venom. I was born to be a fucking god! I may have been Frankie, but from now on my worshipers will know me only as Bane!!!!” And with that… little Frankie was no more.
  6. Here's another blast from the past written by Lorus for the old forum and saved in my private collection of erotic gems. I'm reposting it here with the author's permission. Mike Hugeman was mentioned in BOOM!, the short story I reposted earlier, so I thought it would be good for readers to know who he is. No one who meets the Hugeman ever forgets him. I certainly haven't. The story has eight episodes followed by a teaser for a sequel. I will post all of them in the same thread. MIKE HUGEMAN SUPER-POWERED MUSCLE WHORE by LORUS Episode 1 The room shook from the force of Ken Preston having the fuck pounded out of his cute bubble-ass. It was his birthday, this day, and he’d used the money he’d gotten from his parents to hire the Hugeman for an afternoon, rather than put it towards his new car. The greatest gay whore in the entire city of Stillbrook didn’t come cheap either, considering he charged five hundred dollars an hour. Not everyone could afford him, but Ken had been building up to this for an entire year of scrimping and saving, deciding that if he was going to lose his virginity, then he was going to do it in style, with the best dick in the world impaling him along its incredible length. “Oh God, this is fucking... ugh... amazing. Don’t...ugh... want it to stop!!!!” Ken was face down on the bed, knees dug into the sheets so that his angelic, heavily lubricated ass pointed upwards. Mike Hugeman, the most super-huge, awesomely massive mega-bodybuilder in the world, rode into the youth with all the experience his craft would ever provide him. He was super-hung, sporting a dick that was a solid eighteen inches long when fully hard. It was thick, too, thicker than a beer can. Given that this was Ken’s first time having sex of any kind, Mike was surprised at just how well he took his meat, imagining the kid probably practiced every day with dildos of ever-increasing dimensions. He loved his work, and was proud of his physical accomplishments, often posing and flexing his enormously pumped muscles during the fucking of his clients. He was versatile, too, and would often grant his customers many of the requests they made of him. Ken was new to this, sure. He would be exhausted afterward, which suited Mike. He had to get to the gym within the hour. It was leg day, and his wheels needed an intense workout. He’d already made the kid shoot his load just by bicep-flexing five minutes after arriving at the dilapidated hotel room. He was used to better surroundings, but reckoned the kid was on a tight budget. Besides, he’d had cockroaches for spectators before, and had fucked in worse places than this. The kid was inexperienced, but his balls were big and round and held a lot of jizz. He would bring him to another incredible orgasm before the hour was up, after which any sex Ken would ever have in his life after this would never match up to the ride he got from the Hugeman. “Take it all in... all of my massive muscle-meat, you little twinkster, yeah fuckin’ moan and scream the Hugeman’s name, ugh yeah!” The bed took as much of a pounding as Ken did, for it groaned under Mike’s huge weight, which was getting close to six hundred pounds, since he’d really thrown himself into his beloved bodybuilding. He loved lifting and he loved fucking. You could say that he lived for these pastimes and nothing else. He was well-known in his native Stillbrook and was totally out about his whoring and his desire to get bigger and stronger. No other gay whore in the city could make the kind of money Mike made, so it could be said that he was the king of his hill, with fuck all in the way of competition. But that was soon to change, along with his life, forever. Meantime, he brought the twinkster to a howling orgasm once again and flared his lats in triumph as his organ, gorged on blood and pumping for all it was worth, penetrated Ken over and over, hurting him in throes of awesome ecstasy from which the eighteen year old hoped he would never recover. Usually, Mike was wider than most doorframes, loving how he had to squeeze sideways just to get in and out of rooms. When he flared his lats it seemed like his body got wider still. Coupled with the rush of his orgasms, his energy levels would peak, and his muscles spring erect and huge. When he flared his lats during ejaculation, he was at his biggest and widest, and the skin across his back groaned in defiance of his increase in size, almost to the point of splitting apart and causing him injury. But it never did. He was strong as an ox... hell... he was strong as a dozen oxen. Ken’s time was almost up. Mike had been pacing himself and could have climaxed long before now. In truth he had a hyperactive sex drive and could easily be ready to orgasm again just two or three minutes after cumming, and his tennis-ball-sized gonads acted rapidly when it came to replenishing their jizz stocks. “Fuck me to death”, pleaded Ken, but Mike would never do that. Despite his ruggedly handsome looks and tough-guy persona, he was pretty much a nice 22-year old Italian American, with only an occasional short fuse, who still found time to visit his Sicilian mama for the best home-cooked pasta in all of Creation. He often joked to his friends that it was his mama’s cooking that was to blame for his enormous muscle-growth. In all honesty, the hunk had no idea why nature had singled him out with such an incredible ability to grow a huge, hulking muscle-bod. He loved getting larger, showing up at get-togethers and causing his friends to gawp in disbelief at how much larger he’d become since they’d last seen him. This got him thinking about the gym, now, and satisfying his other voracious appetites for the good things in life. It was time to blast the twinkster out of it. He gripped the sides of the bed as he gave one final lunge into Ken, his body tensing as it hardened into a seizure of ejaculation. A gushing torrent of creamy spunk erupted from Mike’s eighteen-incher, and he positively adored cumming inside his clients. He didn’t care about disease, for it was impossible to find condoms to fit his gigantic whore’s dick, and his doctor was astounded by the fact that having had unprotected sex with more than four thousand paying clients since he’d started out at just sixteen years of age, that he hadn’t once picked up an STD. He really was a superman in every sense of the word, with a superb immunity to disease that was unprecedented. Ken screamed his loudest as the Hugeman ravaged his hole, pumping a massive load of cum into his body. Even after pulling out of him Mike continued to spurt cum all over his newest client. More and more of the steaming cream soiled Ken and the bed they rode on. Mike then grabbed hold of Ken and firmly turned him around on the bed, so that he was facing up. The look of sheer pleasure on the youth’s face was a sight to behold, and his gaping mouth seemed hungry for Mike’s elixir. He did not disappoint and eagerly shot more and more cum, this time allowing Ken to swallow a great deal of it. “God, it seems I can cum more and more as I get bigger,” Mike bragged and allowed Ken to take his fill. Finally exhausted, Ken slipped into a satisfied slumber, spread-eagled on a grimy bed, and drenched in the Hugeman’s spunk. “My work here is done,” said Mike, and muscle-strutted into the ensuite bathroom to take a shower. The plumbing groaned and spluttered as he lathered himself up with the shower gel from his kit bag. As it was summer, he seldom wore a shirt when he was out in public because he simply loved to show off his gigantic muscle-bod. He was a regular sight on the streets, posing for all he was worth, sometimes allowing guys to come up and touch his thickly-veined muscles, but only if they had cold hard cash for the privilege. Mike Hugeman never gave anything away for free. It simply wasn’t his style. He decided to get ready for the gym here in the hotel room, which didn’t take long. He’d arrived wearing only stretch-denim jeans, his upper body glistening from a mixture of sun-tan lotion and baby oil. Now he placed the jeans in his kit bag and pulled on a sexy pair of black and blue striped spandex workout shorts that did little to tone down the massive bulge his cock and balls formed at their front. He couldn’t wait for it to be larger, too, for it seemed that his cock grew another inch for every fifty pounds of muscle he put on. “Fuckin’ HUGE,” he declared as he bounced the massive shelf of his pecs up and down for a couple of minutes as he dried his ravishing black hair with a hairdryer. He was completely beautiful and loved how his father’s looks married so well with the Italian in him. He’d once been told he looked like a cross between a young John Travolta and Robert Redford. He agreed with this comparison, but reckoned he was many times more handsome than the two actors in their youth. Mike got more and more beautiful with each passing day. He had sparkling blue eyes set beneath a confident brow that complimented his rugged, square jaw-line beautifully. He had full, pouting lips, the bottom larger than the top one, and when they parted to form a smile he had perfect white teeth. He always maintained thick, designer stubble which went well with the curly black hair on some of his chest, which he never shaved. He loved having a lot of hair on his front, and he especially loved how his chest hair tapered down to a fuzzy treasure trail that formed a pleasurable tongue’s highway between his chest hair and his thick but trimmed pubic tuft. At the special request of some of his regular customers, he never shaved his armpits, and the dark bushy growth he had in them was so beautiful, merely lifting his arms and flashing his pits was enough to drive some of his customers to complete, frenzied orgasm. It was time to leave. He sprayed himself with sexy cologne that enhanced his natural masculine musk and flexed some more in the mirror before helping himself to the cash the twinkster left beside the bed. There was a business card sticking halfway out of Ken’s wallet, not that it was any of Mike’s business. But curiosity got the better of him and so he looked at it. And then he got mad... very mad. Episode 2 The sensation that he was no longer asleep, but instead floating mid-air in a slight summer breeze, brought Ken Preston shrieking back to consciousness. He was no longer spread-eagled on a cum-sodden bed, or even in the hotel room, for that matter. Mike Hugeman had taken him up the fire escape to the roof of the hotel. Somewhat maliciously, the massive muscle-whore dangled him over the side, holding him only by his right wrist, like a small child would carelessly carry around a beaten-up old teddy. Beneath him was a twelve story drop that would surely kill him were the Hugeman to let go. “What are you doing to me?” Fear had caused Ken to urinate but thank goodness nothing else came out of him. This didn’t make sense. Why had Mike taken him up to the roof of the hotel? What had Ken done to deserve such a fate? The giant muscleman got to the point somewhat gruffly. “Why do you have an UltraZen business card in your wallet?” In the hands of the Hugeman, Ken Preston hardly weighed anything at all. He leaned out over the edge as far as he could extend his bull-strong arm, causing Ken to kick and dance in mid-air as he tried desperately to get closer to the roof. “I don’t... don’t know what that is, Mike. Puh-pleeeese, let me back in. I’ll pay you more money, I swear. I’ll cash in my college fund.... just please let me...” “That wasn’t the answer I expected, you little bastard. Shit, I think my fingers are losing’ their grip.” Mike feigned a worried look as he pretended to lose hold of the terrified teen. Then, ever so audaciously, Mike ripped off his spandex shorts, causing his dick to spring forth like a striking rattle snake. It instantly grew super-hard and began to ooze copious amounts of precum. He brought Ken in a bit, flipped him around and rammed his ass with his dick, but only halfway along its length. Then he stood perched on the edge of the roof, so that Ken was now once again dangling, held in place by the power of the Hugeman’s cock alone. “Look, mama, no hands,” Mike goofed, and imagined his dick growing bigger and bigger whilst impaling Ken and pushing him ever further from the edge of the roof. To emphasize just how in-control he was of this situation, Mike shot a massive bicep pose, cranking up his guns from their cold size of 32 inches around, to a staggering 42 inches. Whilst Ken quaked in fear on the end of his monster dick, the Hugeman kissed each of his biceps, flexing them harder and harder, forcing more and more blood to distend his veins, bulging them outwards like thick, ropy cables. “Pity you can’t see this from your position, twinkster. You’re missing one hell of a show,” Mike boasted, marveling at how monstrously huge and powerful his guns were becoming. Every day it seemed that he’d grown a little. He was constantly in awe of just how massive he was. But he was never satisfied with his gains. He wanted more and more size, strength, incredible beauty, and unbeatable power. He began to contract the muscles in his groin, causing his dick to bob upwards, still with the terrified young man impaled on it. “Hey this is a great workout for my dick muscles. You must weigh about one-fifty. Hell, I could perch two more of you on my hot super-cock, and still bounce it upwards. I’m just so goddam fucking huge and powerful. I’m so ultra-fucking-gorgeous. But I don’t like to be fucked with. I won’t ask you again, what the fuck is an UltraZen card doing in your wallet?” Sobbing fitfully, Ken was as truthful as he could be. “It’s my dad’s wallet... his spare one. I luh-lost my own a while buh-back... so he gave me his one. It muh-must be his cuh-card.” In the street below, a curious crowd had begun to gather. The Hugeman considered what Ken said, and after a minute decided to let him in. He placed the crying birthday boy down on the rooftop and stood towering over him, his body heaving with power in every sinew and fiber that made him so amazing. He flared his lats somewhat threateningly, but in truth posing helped him to think clearly. “Hmm, you could be telling the truth. You seem honest enough. But if your father works for those crooked bastards then I’m going to fuck him harder than I fucked you.” It was a vow which Mike promised to keep. He went to his kit bag and pulled out a spare pair of shorts which he quickly put on. They were grey in color and immediately a precum stain formed in them, but Mike didn’t care. He was just minutes away from causing so many guys in the locker room of Joel’s Gym on Church St to make with their own precum. “I hardly see my dad, ‘cos he’s always working. I think they may be clients of his. He’s in advertising. That’s all I know, Mike. I swear.” Ken was still crying. Mike suddenly felt bad. He pulled a clean towel out of his bag and gave it to Ken to dry his tears with. “Sorry about that. I guess I got carried away. UltraZen tried to recruit me into their organization a couple of years back. They offered me a free health assessment and free membership to their ultra-modern super-gym. But all they really wanted was a sample of my tissue to experiment with. They think I’m some kind of mutant, ‘cos I can grow so big. A mutant, can you fucking believe it?” Ken now understood why the Hugeman had flown off the handle. But the experience still had him rattled. “For what it’s worth, I wasn’t gonna drop you, twinkster. And even if I had, I could easily have leaped down to ground-level to catch you before you hit the concrete.” Smiling the most beautiful smile Ken had ever seen on any man, actor, supermodel, athlete or bodybuilder, Mike did a side chest pose and hefted up his medicine ball-sized pectorals, beefing them up to super-striated status. His chin immediately became lost in the meat of his upper pecs, creating the illusion that his head was about to be devoured by his muscle-tits. He couldn’t wait to inflate these babies through further workouts. He really was obsessed with his bodybuilding and obsessed with himself. “I deserve a free session for what you did, Mike. It was cruel of you.” Fear and upset rapidly began to give way to anger. Ken had every right to be angry. Mike thought about this. He guessed the kid was right. He dug into his bag to return his five hundred bucks. “No – keep the money. I meant another session, on the house, of course. Or I’ll tell the cops what you did to me.” “Hmmm, Hugeman in the State Pen for attempted murder. Lots of jailhouse ass for me to pound. Communal showers and I heard they’ve got one of the best gymnasiums in the state. I could get really fucking HUGE in jail, not that any cell could hold me.” Mike scratched his gorgeous stubbly chin as his mind set off to explore such a fantasy. In jail he could be worshipped far more intensively than in normal life. But on the other hand, he’d miss his mama’s pasta. Nah, it was best to keep on the right side of the law. “Blackmail doesn’t suit you, twinkster. But you’ve got yourself a deal. One free session it is. But not right now, ‘cos I have to get to the gym to beef up further. You can come by my place tonight at 9pm. I live at Pinewood Heights on Reginald and Main, Apartment 12, on the top floor. I promise not to dangle you from my balcony. I usually do webcam hulk-outs at that time, but tonight, for you, I’ll make an exception.” That said, the Hugeman leaped into the air and out from the edge of the rooftop. In a single bound he was across to the adjacent building, coming down heavily with a mighty stomp powerful enough to loosen every tile on the ceiling of the rooms below. He chuckled to himself, delighting at how huge and hulking he was. Suddenly the unexpected happened. The force of his connection with the second rooftop was enough to jar the body of the peeping Tom who’d been observing his antics through binoculars. The guy was dressed in combat fatigues, but he seemed too fat to be a real soldier. He staggered drunk-fashion out from behind an extractor fan assembly and puked up his McDonald’s lunch all over his boots. “What the fuck? Were you spying on me you fat fucking pervert? I’ll break you in half for that. The Hugeman never gives it away for nothing.” Fuming, Mike snatched the binoculars from the peeping Tom and crushed them into tiny bits of broken glass, metal, and plastic. He felt like ripping out the extractor fan unit and using it to beat the living crap out of the fatty. He was strong enough to do it, too. He thought about the prison fantasy again. “Puh-please... don’t hurt me,” the slob in camouflage pleaded. On a hot day like this the smell of expelled stomach acids soon became unbearable. Mike wasn’t hanging around. He was going to charge this pervert for the privilege of watching him perform on the twinkster, and so he grabbed him by the scruff of his fatigues and searched through his pockets for a wallet. He found it without any trouble. It bore the motif of UltraZen. Mike’s blood began to boil. He flared red in the face and puffed himself up to a massively muscular rage. He soon forced a confession out of the peeping Tom, whose name turned out to be Lenny Simmons. Mike listened to everything he had to say: “They hired me to watch the boy. I slipped the business card into his wallet when he dropped it at McDonald’s before meeting you. It was meant to get your attention. After the kid left the hotel I was to take him out with a tranquilizer dart and drive him to an abandoned warehouse at the docks – unit 108. There the kid would have your jizz extracted from him. What they do with it after that is none of my beeswax” Mike needed to flex while he thought about this. He pushed out a crab pose that caused his muscles to striate massively, bunching together with almost electrical ferocity. Like the comic book Hulk, anger seemed to inflate Mike lately, something he was curious about. If he could make an actual ability of this, then he could will himself far huger whenever it pleased him to. He was getting turned on, too, and his second pair of shorts began to part at the seams as his cock, once again, stood to attention. The wet bulge inflating in his crotch was enormous. Simmons couldn’t take his eyes off it. He wasn’t gay but his contact at UltraZen had given him a dossier on Hugeman, and the gigantic bodybuilder had fucked straight guys before, just because it suited him to. The shorts would not withstand a full erection, not when he was this angry, boiling blood surging through every last inch of him. “Get the fuck off this rooftop, Simmons. And don’t contact UltraZen under any circumstances. Your driver’s license was in your wallet, so I know where you live. Think I’ll be holding on to that for insurance. I’m going to pay a visit to that warehouse. If you warn them I’m coming, I’ll pound that house of yours into rubble, with you in it. Got that?” When the Hugeman spoke, he had to be heeded. Simmons, his fat lips blubbering, hastily made an exit. Mike set off towards the Stillbrook docks, his shorts just about managing to keep his junk in place. It had been a long time since he’d been this angry about something. The word “UltraZen” was enough to drive him into an indignant frenzy. What further enraged him was that he might miss his workout for the day. And for that he was going to make UltraZen pay dearly. Episode 3 For a henchman, Artie Pimms asked way too many questions. UltraZen’s Arkadian Stoat tugged at his electrically air-conditioned black mackintosh and tried to remain calm and sane. In truth, he was failing at keeping Pimms from grating on his nerves. If something interesting didn’t happen in the next 60 seconds, he was going to have to cause a public nuisance, simply to keep from going around the bend. Pimms shifted nervously from one foot to the other, surveying his surroundings with an almost pathological level of suspicion. It was abandoned, here at the docks, the perfect place for UltraZen to spring its trap. “Do you think it was a good idea having Lenny place the card in the kid’s wallet, boss?” It was Pimms’ umpteenth question in several minutes. Stoat wanted to kill the obsequious troll in man’s clothing. How in all the cosmos did these “inbreeds” make it onto the company payroll anyway? The mind just boggled. “For the third time, already, I planned it this way, Pimms. The Hugeman has a short fuse and hates all things UltraZen. How else could I get him to come here? Simmons is about as stealthy as a rhino with whooping cough. He’s almost as bad as you for messing things up. Stillbrook’s arrogant muscle whore will be here, and soon. I guarantee it. Now do me a favor and check your weapon. You may need it. And do it quietly!” Stoat adjusted the settings on the electro-blaster he carried with him, making sure it was set for maximum output. He would only get one shot at this. The only way to stop a man as huge and powerful as Mike Hugeman was with an electro-static force-field that could jolt even the most superhuman nervous system into complete but totally reversible shutdown. Positioned out of sight, keeping to the gloom cast by the shadows of some empty packing crates within the spacious sprawl of the virtually empty Warehouse 108, Mike Hugeman would have to possess x-ray vision to notice his adversaries before they noticed him. Stoat silently prayed to St Norris (the Patron Saint of B-List Bastards) that this wasn’t the case. Within minutes there was a loud, thunderous sound of something heavy hitting the concrete outside. Nearby car alarms sounded as the impact set them off. Young ladies screamed in terror, but then seeing it was the Hugeman, began to get moist for him and wish he wasn’t gay, oh and er... yeah... a couple of dogs barked or something. The Hugeman was really pissed off as he tore through the docklands looking for Unit 108. This was causing him to miss his workout. He got madder and madder, and this seemed to make him get a little bigger, which wasn’t a bad thing, he reckoned. But his shorts were about to disintegrate from the immense pressure his inflating glutes and erecting dick caused by pushing outward in opposite directions. When he found Unit 108, he smashed through the large slide-doors, pulverizing metal and wood and whatever else the fucking things were made of, the force of which made him totally lose his shorts. He didn’t care. Looking down at his massive whale-dick excited and pleased him. But he snorted in a rising rage, thinking that it wouldn’t get to be glorified in the gym today, if the day’s events kept causing him to get sidetracked. “Come out from hiding, you UltraZen bastards,” he boomed, his gargantuan roar powered by an incredible set of lungs. He was getting stronger and stronger. He could feel his body bulging all over. He had to capitalize on this effect, but also clear his head to think clearly. When silence returned to the warehouse’s echoed interior, Hugeman flexed, sweet fuck did he flex, greater than he ever flexed before. He squatted down a little, bending his legs at the knees, so that most of his weight was carried by his shimmering quads. He crabbed down into a most-muscular pose, squeezing his balled fists so tight, he could compress coals into diamonds had he been holding them. This incredible pressure, aided by a snarl that added deep russet tones to his cheeks, sent a shockwave of flexing, bulging superpower throughout his exceptional system. Energy crackled in pulses along his body’s veined super-highway, energizing his circulatory system to hulk up into overdrive. Massive, thick cords pushed out of a 22-inch neck. His body exploded into hyper-muscular relief, with extra inches popping out everywhere, his weight increasing significantly. He couldn’t wait to get this business over with so that he could beat all his lifting records over at Joel’s Gym, with a full retinue of horny, awe-stricken, paying worshippers gathered around him, just the way he liked it. He would have it no other way. He posed and flexed, flexing huger still, and posed until he could think more clearly. He pounded his granite fists together, sending further pulses of shocking power throughout. Growling and snarling – gruffly lauding his bodybuilding superiority with an exceptional nod to superior masculinity – Mike screamed the place down as his glistening, colossal physique bulged more immensely than ever, muscles bulking up so fast, his skin stretched almost to the point of sheer translucence. His definition was mesmerizing. His hulking pecs widened and deepened, and when he bounced them, it took slightly more effort on his part, the mass of the pec-bellies at their greatest so far, so that their momentum seemed more gradual, but no less rhythmic. This pleased him very much, and his hard-on raged with greater impunity. “My God,” Arkadian Stoat gasped from behind the vantage point of crates, then cursing himself for uttering a sound. He wasn’t gay, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t appreciate just how much larger Mike Hugeman had become since last their paths crossed. He had failed, before, to secure the genetic samples he craved in order to experiment with Mike’s unique muscle-building properties. UltraZen thrived on defense contracts. Should they patent an elite super-soldier for sale to the highest bidder, they could become a major world power in their own right. Hugeman was the key to mastering this design. And Stoat, as head researcher for UltraZen Industries, was under a lot of pressure to reel in his prize catch. Today he vowed not to fail. Luckily the Hugeman hadn’t heard him make a sound, so caught up was Mike in his flexing and muscle-gaining. With an enormously delta-shaped back bouncing rays of glorious sunlight back through the skylight through which they came, Mike was oblivious to the stealthy, snake-like advances of Stoat, as he carefully eased his way closer to his quarry, the electro-blaster primed and ready to be fired. Stoat would only have one shot at this. He signaled with a nod for Pimms to ready the overhead net conductor. It would fire from a cylinder high above the Hugeman, something that had failed to catch his eye, fortunately for Stoat. So far things were going by the numbers. But still, caution was the only card to play. Mike was overwhelmed by his flexing, and the obsession he had with growing, coupled with the rising strength he felt surging in him. His balls swelled with jizz, and he would have to expend it soon before frustration got the better of him. He began to stroke his huge whale-dick, completely awed that it seemed, now, to be at least an inch and a half longer than it had been earlier, back in the hotel room with Ken Preston. Saint Norris’s Ghost, Stoat mentally gasped, not expecting to get a full sex show from the biggest muscle behemoth the world has ever seen. He was an out and out heterosexual, but if that was the case, why did Stoat feel the front of his trousers getting tight? No, this cannot be. This fucker cannot be turning me gay, he thought, but then lost the run of himself and said the last bit aloud: “I won’t allow it!!!” Hearing this caused the Hugeman to turn around like a whirlwind, just as his cannon dick was about to release its salty torrent. Several life-changing things happened in the space of one and a half seconds. The force of Mike’s massive discharge spewed forth with the pressure of a fire extinguisher, blasting into Stoat across a distance of about twenty feet. Gripped momentarily by his most powerful self-induced orgasm ever, Hugeman was temporarily paralyzed, but that did not matter, for the blast of his jizz knocked Stoat off his feet, sending him sprawling, just as Pimms pressed a button on his remote control, blowing the cylinder above both Hugeman and UltraZen’s head researcher. Stoat fired the ultra-blaster, but something went terribly wrong. Coils of Tesla-like energy arced into the torrent of cum that existed briefly between Hugeman and Stoat, creating a brief circuit through which the gun overloaded. The connection was only a fraction of a second in duration, but the conductor net fell over them both, holding in the charge for a little longer. Dazed and confused, Hugeman rolled around in the net and soon became trapped. Like an idiot, Pimms sprang to help his boss, reaching out to grab his arm where it stuck out from a gap in the net. Stoat writhed in agony as energy danced impishly across his suffering but scrawny frame. As soon as Pimms touched his hand, he absorbed most of the energy, which now siphoned off into him. He was knocked back into the packing crates, smashing through them. He screamed for all of his worth as anomalous energies scorched him... reshaped and rewrote him. Likewise, Stoat was also rewritten to a certain extent. This was a day that would live in infamy, no doubt about it. When the lightning show eventually ended, Mike found the strength to tear himself free of the confining net. He felt weak and he staggered to his feet, his dick now limp and pendulous as it swung from his movements. “Am I... smaller? Oh, please God, please no.” He cleared his head and rubbed his eyes to get them into sharp focus. He looked down at himself... well, his gaze got as far as his pecs and would go no further, for his muscle rack prevented it, it was so bloated and huge. He flexed his forearms and bis, squeezing his balled fists to crank up the flexing to its fullest. He breathed a sigh of relief, for he hadn’t shrunk at all, despite the sapping of his strength. In fact, he thought he might be even bigger. Thinking this quickly energized him and lengthened his dick to a semi-flaccid state. Still a bit groggy from whatever it was his assailant had shot him with, Mike turned to look down at the living mess caught in the net. At first he didn’t recognize the charred, wizened man. Then, as he studied the sooty face a little further: “Arkadian fucking Stoat. I should have known you’d be behind this,” the Hugeman growled. Stoat just moaned something incomprehensible but appealed to the Hugeman to be freed from the net. He poked an even bonier arm through the netting, hoping the giant above him would take pity on an injured scientist. Hugeman scowled and thought about pissing on the little runt. “Puh-please have pity on me, Hugeman. You can see I’m beaten, finished. I know when I’m licked. At least help me to my feet so that I can check on poor Artie. I think he took the worst of it.” Mike thought it over and bounced his pecs so as to clear some space in his head. Maybe UltraZen would leave him alone, now that Stoat had seen the new, bigger, and more powerful Hugeman. They simply couldn’t beat him. Stoat looked old, broken down, emaciated. He was no threat to the Hugeman, Mike decided. And so, he extended a huge hand downwards, offering it reluctantly to Stoat. When Stoat touched Mike’s hand, he felt a rush like no other. Although his body didn’t change shape or size, he leeched off a great-deal of Mike’s incredible power. Mike, towering above the scientist, felt his legs turn to jelly, weakening to the point of being unable to stand under his own power. In contrast, Stoat snapped himself to a standing position in a trice, almost squeezing the life out of the Hugeman. Instincts that were new to the older man coursed through him, now, and with the merest tug of his arm, wrenched the Hugeman into the air, with force enough to expel him upwards, higher, and higher. He crashed out through the roof of the warehouse, soaring ever higher into the summer sky. Stoat watched it happen, marveling at what he had just done. But how could this be? He decided there was time for analysis later. For now, he just enjoyed the worried squeal from Hugeman, gradually fading as distance claimed him. “Sto...aaaaaa...aaaaat!!!!!!!!!!” “No, dear boy, from now on I won’t be going by that name. Oh no...” He looked at his burnt hands and marveled, wonderingly, at the crackling, residual static charge that arced between his clawed fingers, energy that seemed to leech the power out of the most powerful man on the planet. Stoat took a new name and shouted it aloud: “From now on... I will be called... Man Handler!!!!!” To be continued . . .
  7. Gggggjjjjj

    Transition of Power

    Transition of Power I stared at my reflection in the mirror, scanning over the tiny bumps, cracks, spots in my skin. No one tells you, when you're young, that perfect skin doesn't last forever. And no one tells you that you start to look like your dad. I knew, someday, I wouldn't recognize this person. And that's what scared me more than anything. I found myself brushing my teeth, slowly moving through the hazy morning like a dream. Pushing down the fear that just seemed to grow stronger each day. The age. The crime. It seemed that every day, this world inched a bit closer to hell. Just last night, a gang had taken a US representative hostage, fending off all the military's attempts to rescue him. They made demands; I forget what for. Money, probably. No one knew where he was now. Elections in his district were being planned. Everyone was scared. It's those god damn superheroes. It's all their fault. I remembered, one was affiliated with this gang. Ever since that comet started dropping dust into the atmosphere and people started changing there hasn't been a single day of sanity. My phone buzzed. Michael. The senator. He wasn't a handsome man, in most senses. Michael was in his 60's. Stocky build, the kind of man that may have played football in high school and maybe a couple club sports in college but hadn't run a mile since he still had a full hairline. It wasn't his physical prowess that I loved. It was his power. Any time I flip him over, caress his ass cheeks, start getting ready to breed him, I sap his power. One of a hundred people in the country who decides how we get to live life. And here I am, holding him down, on top of him, calling him my bitch and my little slut. I loved it. It felt like nothing else in the world. There's a car outside. get in It wasn't like him to be this curt, but maybe he's feeling more dom today. I could work with that. I finished getting ready and walked outside. A black car with tinted windows had pulled up. I grinned. What did he have planned for me. - In the car, Michael looked straight at me. "I need you to trust me. Turn your phone off." "What's going on?" "Superman is gone." "What do you mean?" "He's gone. He's dead. We've lost a major national asset. Without someone like him, we have no control over these crazy super-powered folks. We need someone who's unstoppable, like he is. Was." I blinked. "He died?" "I can't explain much now. But yes. It was an outlandish plot by a terror cell in Virginia and it worked. This happened approximately 8 minutes ago. Not many people know about this." "Oh wow." Jesus. I was shocked. I'd read so much about Superman. Even seen him once or twice. He was the one who did it all. Took down missiles, stopped terrorists around the world. He was so utterly dominant over anyone else who had superpowers. He had it all. "That's why you're here." "What do you mean?" "We need control. We simply cannot lose an asset like that." I remained silent. "You're taking his place." I laughed. "No I'm not. What the hell do you mean?" "We're almost there," he said, looking agitated as his phone buzzed over and over again. "Long story short. We've been working on... an experiment. The government has recovered some of the dust that was dropped from the comet. The comet that started all this. And we have a basic idea of how it works. We think we know how to do it. We want to give it to you." The grin slid off my face. "Wha.. What do you mean?" "We have no idea what will happen. But we need Superman back. But think of the responsibility. Can you handle it? Can you become Superman?" he demanded. "Not many people can." "I can do it, I guess?" I said, confused. This seemed like a joke. "How?" "Don't worry about it. Do you consent?" I breathed deeply. "Sure." - I was escorted into a building, down dark staircases, through door after door and cement hallways. Behind me, Michael was on the phone. "He's an associate. He's ex-military. He went to Princeton. I don't know what else you expect me to find, on such short notice. He will be more that what we need. Just give me the god damn authorization." We approached a small, dimly lit room. In the middle, a makeshift glass box. Almost like a coffin. "Michael." I asked. "Are you sure about this?" I felt like I was in a dream. This was so utterly beyond what I could comprehend. I was clouded by doubt but there was a tiny glimmer of radiant hope. Was I about to get superpowers? "Get in," he commanded. I gave him a side-eye, and walked to the glass box. It felt cheaply made. Was it plexiglass? I opened the top up and climbed inside, laying down. "Start it," he commanded the only other person in the room. "I have authorization from the President." He showed the person his phone. I started to breath quickly. I wasn't a fan of confined spaces. And suddenly, golden glitter clouded around me, coming from somewhere beneath the box. It was so bright and warm. Like a summer breeze. I closed my eyes and let myself breathe it in. And then it started to happen. My transformation It was sudden. It's like a wave of relief washing over you, but it's more. Warmth. A slight strain. My body grew. I opened my eyes, saw my arms grow larger, legs stretch out. I felt growth everywhere on my body. My six pack solidified. My ass grew larger, more powerful. It was flowing all over my body. And damn, it felt good. After what only felt like a few seconds, I emerged. Michael handed me a costume. "Strip," he said. I hadn't noticed until I tried pulling my underwear off, but my cock had grown significantly longer as well. It was too good to be true, and a wide smile crossed my face. I stood naked in front of the man. He looked me up and down, sighing, before handing me a costume. "His backup. It should take a few more seconds before you feel powers coming in." I struggled to squeeze into the costume, muscles bulging against the tight spandex. It was comfortable, easy to move in. "You will report directly to the president," Michael said. I began to float. It was otherworldly. Euphoria rushed through me as I realized my power. "You will listen to everything I have to say." I floated in the air, laughing as I spun, gazing through the walls of this compound. I grabbed the glass box, smashed it in half. Smashed the controls. Michael started yelling, screaming. The tech ran out. "No one else," I said. "No one else can become as powerful as me." I grabbed Michael, and flew him up into the air. I rocketed through the compound, smashing through floor after floor. I was high above Washington, Michael in my grip. He was screaming. "Destroy it all. Or I will destroy you. No more superheroes. I am the first and the last one. Okay?" He nodded, shaking in fear from the height. I quickly flew back to the ground and set him down before taking off, landing on a nearby roof. This city was mine. This country. this world. All this power, and the old Superman had listened to the government. I wouldn't make the same mistake. My muscles flexed under my tight costume as I looked over my domain. I am the government now. Things would never be the same.
  8. lazlostrange

    Beyond Ascension

    Chapter 1 “We are live now here at St. Dominique Square witnessing a fire incident that happened at early 8:19 this evening. The fire that started from the 27th floor of the tower was now scattered all around burning the rooms nearby. Unfortunately, water hose brought by the firemen are unable to reach the said floor and might result in shortage. In the meantime, helicopters and rescue team were up in the air trying the best they can to save people affected by the fire inside” The whole reporting was shut in silence when a familiar sound of wind whooshing caught my attention. I am Jan Lewis, I am a live news reporter for our City's local TV News station. Right now, I am currently covering a live report about a fire incident but was caught shut by the sudden appearance of a being I consider ascending into godhood. His name was Sean McConley. Right after I heard the sound. I knew who it was. I was expecting him to come right here any soon. Sean came flying very fast breaking any sound barrier on his way to the building covered in fire. To him, this was just as easy as holding back his pee. Sean floated on top of the building based on what we are witnessing down in the ground. Sean crossed his mind as if motioning he was all done for this. He started blowing a strong gust of wind coming from the wide expanse of his chest. A mighty blow that with his complete100th use of force, could break the entire building in half and cause a lot of damage and worst, death. But Sean clearly had the control to not cause this simple mistake. His blows were so strong and quite cold that everyone below felt all of it. It even lifted my tux and nudged my cameraman a bit. Sean continued his blows and flew around the building. The helicopter on top even flew apart from the building to make way for whatever this god is planning on doing. A few minutes, the Fire miraculously slows down and down evaporating only to smoke until the last hint of red fire can no longer be seen from below. When it was all done and everyone began to settle, Sean flew closer to one of the walls in the room. Sean motioned his entire right arm back and coiling his entire fist. When he finally got the momentum, he punched his entire right fist against the building wall. A punch that had already been received by a handful of mountains, asteroids, trucks, buildings, bridges, and all only to break into pieces and disintegrate effortlessly. The wall was no exception to the mighty force of this god and disintegrated immediately upon impact from the hands of Sean's punch. When he was all done. He turned around and spoke towards the rescuer inside the helicopters. 'People are still in there. I'll give the rest of the assignments left with you boys!.' I just don't want to steal any jobs from you guys. After his last instructions he gave to the rescuer team. Sean flew down from the 27th-floor level and landed with a soft thud in the ground. Firemen and Police were circling the area to make sure no citizen gets hurt down near the building. When he came down. Sean rests both his hands in his hips. Posing a bit looking like a proud handsome boy accomplishing another task in school. He was looking for something around the sea of bystanders and finally saw it. He was staring in our direction, or at me. Even after his heroics status, Sean is not your typical humble comic book Superman. He always desires attention. Everything he does, he always makes sure that the media covers it. Sean McConly started treading his feet supporting very heavy big wide thighs and an Adonis of upper body. Truly a Greek god walking amongst mortal men. Well, this statement couldn't get any more lies because on his way towards us, I could get enough size reference between him and the people within the area. I was sure of it. He was tall. Or taller than the last time I saw him. I turned my attention a bit towards the cameraman to queue him 'Are you taking this?'. I asked. To which he replied. 'Yes sir'. Sean was nearing towards us until he was a good 6 feet away. The closest thing people were standing near him. And the rest? All their heads only reached Sean's quite visible bulged in his spandex suit. A suit soon I'll learn to fail in containing a beastly man inside. 'What’s up. Mr. Jan Lewis?'. I suddenly turned around the camera as if Sean's recognition of me was my cue to start doing lie news. ‘Look who saved the evening guys. It's the one and only Sean McConley!. I'm so sorry Mr. McConley but did you happen to grow taller the last time I---we saw you?' I turned back to him but was shortly surprised by his bulge's close proximity to my face. He moved a good foot towards me and even I failed to notice it. 'OH, yeah I'm sorry. Maybe I'll just, wait a minute' Right after my question, Sean must have realized his entire frame was too big to capture by my camera so he decided to kneel down, his left knee on the ground and his right, supported his entire upper body. Even in a kneeling position, Sean's entire body was twice the expanse of mine, and his head a good 2 feet ahead of me. The Cameraman decides to step back a little getting a good and complete frame shot. 'That's it, baby' Sean placed his wide right palm at my back as if assisting me from falling. His palm was as wide as his entire body. Proportioned greatly that it entirely covered the expanse of my back. 'Uhmm about that. Yeah!. I certainly grew. In fact, I might possibly have grown more on the way here. You know, from all that rush, it probably triggered my growth hormones and added a new spurt' He was just talking directly in front of the camera and turned looking towards me in that last sentence. 'Wow. You kept getting magnificent every time we lost a good sight of you. Tell me, where have you been before on your way saving people from the fire?' 'Ohh …Ummm. Hmm, where was I?. O Yeah. I was in in the Philippines. You ever heard of Mayon Volcano?. Yeah. It recently became active. So I had to assist in filtering the volcanic dust and redirected the possible lava flow. But unfortunately, I could have underdone it a bit. Haha. Folks there were pissed. The Mayon didn't look perfectly coned shape after that. I'm sorry?'. Sean motioned a two peace sign on the TV to show his sincerest apologies. 'Ahhh. But I'm pretty sure most of them were grateful from that onslaught of the dust you filtered right?' 'I hope so'. Sean tilted his head to the side. An expression of ‘maybe but who cares right?’ 'So Mr. McConley, what are we expecting from Mr. Superman next time we'll saw him on screen huh?' 'Maybe showing his boyfriend live?. How would you feel about that?'. Sean turned around his entire frame a bit. Making an expression on his face as if waiting for my own answer. 'Well! Hahaha. That would surely intrigue and break millions of hearts of everyone who's got the hots for you Mr. McConley'. My emotions of flutter and can be heard by my speaking voice when I replied back. In the middle of my speaking, I heard Sean gave a silent chuckle and motioned his entire body to stand up and loom around everyone. 'But for now, that would be the entire coverage of this news. This is Jan Lewis, see you next time’. 'And Cut'. The cameraman finished off my entire sentence and queued that the camera was no longer running. I turned around to see a looming Sean McConley in front of me. I looked up to him and met him eye to eye. His deep ocean blue eyes staring right back at me. The blond tips of his fore hair waving from the nightly wind. I saw his entire face coming down on my side of my face. He whispered right in my ear. 'Meet me in the tower, Jan'. And with that he stood up back again straightening his posture and turned around walking towards the place he landed. He placed both his arms in his hips and a strong wind began circling around him then 'boom' Sean McConley flew towards the night sky. Unable to be seen. Chapter 2 Walking towards my Apartment Building is a proven point that finally, I'm coming home ready to burst out of my formal clothing and dive into my bed after a very exhausting day. But I went to the Local Station first after the Fire incident before going home. --------------------------------------------flasback------------------------------------------ I entered the office and met with praise and congratulations after covering another interview of Sean McConley. It's not that it is rare, but my coworkers noticed that I get frequent interviews with him. And it seems he intends to be interviewed by me only Amongst all spoken praises, my boss's words only mattered more to me right now. Her name was Victoria. An old name in the news industry after working as a researcher, documentarist, to a world renown reporter to supervising an entire TV News station. A simple good remark from her smells promotion for me. 'Wow, Lewis, I couldn't get to understand why the odds are always on you when it comes to having interviews with Sean McConley'. Victoria said as I entered her room. 'Thank you. Victoria, Sheer Luck I guess?' 'Oh noo dear, I don't believe that. It's as if you ave a pattern to where Sean McConley might be. I even began thinking you two had something in mutual connection after your asn't for your interview earlier. The Camera caught you blushing by the way'. 'Is that professionally appropriate?' I thought in my head. But instead I replied, 'Huhuh. Believe me, I don't'. 'Lie'. I thought again. The conversation went beyond that until I felt the urge to go home and finally relax. I settle my things on my desk and hopped on my Audi outside the station. -----------------------------------------------present------------------------------------- I finally got to the hallway towards my apartment door that always takes me a good 5-7 minutes from the ground floor up to my room. It took me long because I'm living on the highest level of the entire Tower building. Apparently, I owned the whole level and made an entire house out of it. And not just the top floor but owning a portion of the roof top as well. As per requested by only one person that happened to text me, Late. My phone rang as I nearly reached my door *Want a ride?* I immediately texted back before reaching for the knob *Too Late.Already here* The click of the door informed me that the door was left unlocked. Expecting me to come inside. I entered inside, shut and locked the door. Removed my sandals. Taking a few steps towards my soft couch and threw my bag before slamming my entire body. Everything was sore. I closed my eyes and heard the squealing sound of the shower all the way from my bathroom. 'Really? You really cornered me earlier'. The sound of water splashing on the bathroom floor came down to halt as it was replaced by the turn of the nozzle followed by loud footsteps vibrating across the room. Thud Thud Thud! 'Yeah! What was about earlier?' I opened my already tired eyes and stared at the magnificence right in front of me. It was him, Sean McConley standing here in my home. Top naked and only wearing a bathroom towel that looked like a table napkin barely covering his middle body. A half-naked Greek God. A body covered with less body fat only to be replaced by pure muscle. His 6 shredded and packed abs rightfully placed to the most righteous core in the world. 'I'm saying is, you should reconsider what I said to you about introducing you as my ---' Sean hesitated to finish his sentence while moving his right arm behind his head. Unintendedly flexing his basketball sized biceps striated with all muscled that gave justice to his entire body. One of the aesthetical part of his entire newfound body. --boyfriend?' Yes!I am Jan Lewis and I have a long secret relationship with the Sean McConley. But, Sean and I knew each other even before his new life stature. ---------------------------------------6 years ago------------------------------------------- When we met, Sean was far from what he is. Before he ascended from being a human, from gaining powers and before he was perceived as a god by some, Sean was just my college friend. We met during my first year in the University. I was studying communications back then and he was studying Archeology. We introduced names after we bumped into one of the university nights held by the students after a hell week of exams. It was a typical party where everyone gets drunk and dance. Sean, even in his normal human state was already beyond average. He stood 6 ft. 2, lean and heavy, has toned body after playing for the University's soccer team. A hobby he decided to try out on. I wouldn’t lie when I said Sean was one of the finest athlete in our school. In every game, he would be on the school papers and local news after their victorious streak when it was their time as players. When there was no training, it was either he’s in the gym molding his physique. Sean even when he was an average human, have in mind to project power and intimidation. Being one of the tall and bulk student in campus, everyone has eye on him. And even I. While Sean was living in high profile, I wasn’t. I was a communications student hiding behind baggy clothes and messy hair. I do however attend parties just like the one where Sean and I meet. I was holding my party cup in hand taking sip minute by minute making sure not to empty it soon while I was busy observing every student in this house party I got invited by a friend. Honestly, I am a pretty anxious guy when it comes to people and big events like this where faces are everywhere. There are people I sure know and I don’t but I found it hard to start conversations first. That’s why I decided to head for the house’ wine cellar room maybe I could meet some weird alcoholic guy who would dare to have a conversation with me not sober. I toured around the house to search for that specific room and what surprised me was that everyone was kissing, humping and having physical contacts everywhere. How is Public Display of Affection seems to be okay for everyone now? When I got to the Living room, it was only the sight I noticed and everybody was shouting and 2 poor beings was put on a freak show enjoyed by people. No, this is certainly not it. I turned around immediately when I accidently bumped into a large person spilling my drink all over his white tight shirt. The guy I bumped into was no other than Sean McConley staring at his shirt draped with red wine. His two arms lifting it in the air with a shocking expression in his face. ‘WTH!?’.If I was to interpret it. ‘Ohh shit!. I’m sorry. I didn’t. Oh my gosh’. I began being frantic when my clumsiness for the night finally was activated and I have involved another person with me. And what were the odds that Sean McConley would be that person. ‘Dude!.No it’s okay. Don’t worry. I guess I’ll just go to our frat house to change clothes’. I was caught by surprise by the gentleness of Sean’s attitude. I didn’t know he could be this polite. My prejudice towards Jocks has really poisoned me after seeing lots of jock portrayals in teen movies. But right now, I began to think maybe not all of them. Sean might be the exception. ‘No! Don’t! I live next just one building away and maybe I could just lend you clothes, I really felt the responsible for tainting this. I’m really sorry. While I was speaking, Sean moved his two hands in my shoulders. Surprisingly, this movement has made me to regain composure and became less frantic. This was the safest moment I had ever felt. Even after the commission and noises plus the incident between us two. ‘Okay, If you’ll insist’. Sean smiled back to me. And I smiled back. The two of us headed outside the house, me leading the way and him following me. I rushed outside trying to keep it less subtle and not attract any attention. Unfortunately, the spilled wine over Sean’s white shirt has attracted many. So I tried ducking my head lower and act as if Sean wasn’t following me. I don’t want for everybody to know that I who was a nobody did this to Sean. On our way to the Porch Steps, Sean was stopped by a woman holdingher own red cup. She teasingly stopped Sean on his path and touched his biceps. ‘Who did this to you big boy? You know it’s not that hard to ask me if you want me to clean that up’. The woman said. ‘Oh here it goes again, another innocent man being objectified for being unbelievably pretty. ‘Hahah. Sometime Sam. Sometime’. Sean responded to the woman, named Sam while reaching his hand that was touching his biceps and moved it to the side. Sean continued to follow me down the steps. I led the way towards my dorm building while Sean was still following me behind. I really felt the need to have a conversation but I was too anxious. We finally got into the room. I really hope my roommate wasn’t inside. I opened the room and luckily, the room was all for ours. ‘Dude, you have a pretty neat room. Are you sure this is a guy’s room?’. Sean chuckled. And immediately realized the backhanded message behind what he said. ‘I’m sorry. I mean. That’s purely a compliment. My homies couldn’t get their room as clean as this. You would be a pretty good roommate.’ Fortunately, I was a fan of baggy clothing and I might find few loose shirt that could fit perfectly to Sean’s chiseled body. I finally found a checkered baggy red polo shirt. So far, this was the biggest shirt Upper ware I have and hopefully this fits him. ‘Here, I think this was the biggest shirt I only have here. I think this would fit you’ Before grabbing the shirt I handed, Sean crossed his entire arm at the bottom of his white shirt and pulled it up undressing him. In that fast moment, Sean McConley was naked in front of me. His act of undressing himself has given me millions of ideas battling around my imagination as I saw his muscle moving and crunching accommodating his entire body’s movements. When the white shirt was finally out of her body, he curled it into a ball and wiped the remaining wine on his rippling abs. It’s true, If Sean was magnificent wearing only sweat jerseys, he was beyond now looking naked. While I was admiring all of this sight. I compared my filthy frame to Sean. My 5.6 ft height and thin arms was nowhere to be compared to his. My arms can be broken easily by a matchstick after seeing his flexed arms as he continuously wiped his body. I was completely awestruck that I was at the same position earlier. My admiration to Sean has completely disrupt all my sense of time. Sean finally finished his body and threw his white shirt to the side of my bed. He grabbed my polo shirt and unbuttoned it first before wearing it covering his body. I’ve always thought that shirt was my biggest shirt but when Sean wore it, I didn’t realize how small really I was. Sean’s biceps completely molded the sleeves of my shirt and even when he buttoned the shirt only at his chest, The shirt barely looked baggy in him than when I wore it. A funny realization came into me I reminisce something in my mind. He looked like the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan from children’s book. He had the physique and maybe the proportion if only magnified but with the exemption of beards. Sean pulled the Polo shirt down sending me a message that everything is well. ‘Did that fit?’ I asked. Sean looked into me with those deep blue oceanic eyes and I fell into oblivion as he replied with those red lips and rosy cheeks. ‘Perfectly, it’s surprisingly comfortable. I like tight garments by the way. So don’t worry’. After that, Sean head back to the party but I decided not to. I wouldn’t let everyone see us together. I don’t want any wrong intuitions. Especially that I was being rumored lately of being gay. So I insisted. Sean left my room and closed the door while I sat on my bed. I mysteriously felt my bottom damp and continuously dampen my shorts. I jumped out and looked at my bed. There it was, Sean’s wine spilled shirt. -------------------------------------------present-------------------------------------------- 'No! Sean. We talked about this' I replied still staring at his unconscious flexing. Sean has been asking me to bring me with him and introduce me to the world as his official boyfriend He has grown accustomed of the lustful stares and banter he would always receive from all people, Woman, Man and even the elder ones. But I refused the idea. 'I just don't want to stop people from making moves. I'm starting to get annoyed from all of it Jan' . He would tell me. From my part, I refused the offer since if I am about to achieve my dream of becoming a successfully know anchor like my Boss Victoria, I had to make a name for myself. Not with the influence of Sean. But every time I tried, I am constantly kept on getting pulled towards him . Everywhere I go, he was there. And I always get to interview him giving me an ample hint of the spotlight. But this reason was unbeknownst to him. So I just redirected the conversation. 'How did you get taller?' I said it sounding like I have a lot of questions going on in my mind. Sean gave me an interesting smile and he whoosh!. He disappeared and reappeared less than one second swaying a few hanging picture frames side by side from the wind impact. He came back hugging a stool against the wide expanse of his chest. 'Yeah, about that. Could you measure me first?' He sounded like a kid having excitement before opening his christmas presents. A few months ago, Sean and I decided to attach a measuring tape across the wall after he hs undergonne mysterious growth spurts. Looking from his moment on, we both knew we had to add another tape on top to cater his next growth spurt. He has shown massive additions in height and it frequently happened just in the course from months of change, to weeks to days and even half a day. Just earlier this morning, Sean measured a good 11 ft in height. His entire body parts were proportioned to it as well. So during the time we were on our own errands, I’m guessing he had grown 2 feet alone. And we both knew what the only thing that makes him grow is. The feeling of arousal after an increase of his libido. Standing with a pen and book in my hand while he was setting the stool making sure it's safe for me to stood on, I re-instigate my intentions for asking the question. 'So, won't Mr. McKinley going to tell me what made him grew 2 foot in half a day?' As he finished, he looked down on me. I started standing on the stool and did my job while listening to his explanation 'Okay, so it's true I went saving in the Philippines. Buuutt, I got horny on the way, and I was flying through the Ocean with no man around, no papparazzi, nothing, just the fishes and seagulls.' I pushed his large head towards the wall and leaned it as it keeps on moving with him talking and talking. I took his measurement. I wrote it on the notebook. I made my way through his biceps down to the rest of his body parts. 'And?'. I responded 'And I just felt that I needed good release'. 'Where?'. He unlearned his head and looked at me. 'Are you listening? I said in the middle… of the sea'. He replied with conviction 'What do you mean?. It's all water there' 'Exactly'. And by that, my measurement were put on pause when I felt his entire body moving up. Covering a 2 feet of vertically moving upwards. He's levitating 2 feet from the ground. 'What? You were jerking off flying on top of the ocean?' I was surprised. 'Yeaaahh!!!!!. Honey, It was so cool. Well you know I couldn't just let a large clump of goo if I happen to stop by and jerk off in an island. So, it would be better If I'm near water, for easy cleaning. Dang. Believe me, It feels really good. Jerking off while flying. Maybe you could do it to me while I take you on a ride’. I finished measuring and recording the parts of his upper body and so I hopped off the stool and started measuring frim his soles up to his middle part. The body part I always intend to measure last. 'Yeah, I'm just concerned about the sea creatures who died from that seedy business of yours'. I proceeded in measuring his feet and thighs since I couldn't take this teasing much longer. I am all eager to look the thing everyone has been dying to know about. Sean McConley's hood. I placed the book and pen on the stool and looked up to the giant's face on top of me. The facial features of a perfect sculpted demigod looking right down on me. Give me a look of lust and pure sexual tension. 'Now, down to the last part' I grabbed hold of the bath towel wrapping around his waist. I intently added more smooth gesture on the way touching the towel to make it more sensual. He slowly humped his hips back and humped forward slowly to meet my reaching hands. Offering himself to me. But I decided to tease him a Little more. I parted my hands a short distance from his towel as I saw his erection slowly coming to life. Pushing the very fabric covering it. The Bulge now was bent downward from the restriction, I glided my hands and brushed it up and down. Touching him but not really due to the fabric in between. He let out a loud and soft moan. 'Hmmmppff'. 'But you still haven't told me' I brushed it accelerating the speed. 'why you were'. I stopped brushing his manhood and gripped the base of it. 'Horny'. I gripped it more. Coiling it but surprisingly, I coiled it enough for the tips of my thumb and middle finger to barely touch tip to tip. Sure it's bigger 'Hmmppppff... ooOoh. You tease'. Sean replied. He encircled my arms and chest with his two hands. The span from his index and thumb finger of his two hands was large enough to meet index to index and thumb to thumb. If he wanted to press his hands inwards, there is no doubt he could end my life like a pulp. I could already picture my blood and crushed organs splattering around the house. Sean lifted me up and brought me up. My feet dangling as he walks towards the dining table in the Dinner wood Table. Knocking a few couch and chairs on the way. To him, he felt like wind was knocking him. I heard his footstep's thud so strong and solid. Suddenly, it was replaced by the sounds of cracks from tiles being stepped on by Sean. Sean placed me on top of the Wooden Table 'You really wanna know?' Sean no longer has sweet and exciting and cocky attitude in his voice but has a serious, dominating demeanor. I was frightened a little. He's channeling his dominant persona on me. 'Ye-ah'. 'But you still had one thing to measure left. So stop teasing me'. I was laying down with my butt against the table, with my hands at the back supporting my entire leaning weight. Sean's body was hurdling on top of me. He positioned his hands on the table beside me locking me in place. . His other hand grabbed the towel and unwrapped his erected manhood. What surprised me was not only the elongated state of his shaft but also the widened girth. His cock covered in steel hard veins popping out of its skin. Fueled with blood as high quality as melted gold. 'Come on, grab your fucking tape and measure this thing while it's .... hard' Sean tried his best to maintain the erected state as I work on measuring his shaft. The slight touch of my hands sends Sean to closer deep arousal and climax. He cupped my entire back of my head with his hands. Brushing it up and down. 'Tell me, how long is it'. 'It's 1 ft and 1 inches Sean. Wow, that's just so.... I found it hard to finish my sentence when he started humping his hips. With this motion, the edge of his cock poked my face, my chest, neck, and mouth. ‘I know. The diameter?'. Sean asked. '4….4.16 inches’. I replied. 'Hhhhmmppfff' 'And how tall was I?' Sean began smiling. '13 ft and 5 inches' I replied. Slamming his cock to my face. 'And still fucking growing Jan. You should measure me again after tonight' Sean's fingers came around in front of my face and slamming it around my mouth. Opening it. He then inserted his entire shaft inside my mouth 'Hmmmppff. THAT'S IT. BABY'. Sean rocked it in and out. I really tried my best to swallow an entire foot of cock in my throat and not to gag from the sheer size. 'Now you know why I was so horny earlier Jan?Cause of this' . He rocked it again. I can feel the tip of his cock brushed past my Uvula down to my throat. 'Everything. And I mean every THING around me are so small, so puny, so fragile' He humped his hips much faster now. 'A quarter of my strength and I could easily snap a person like a twig. As I was heading way towards that fire incident. I was just flying on top admiring everything below. And you were just all so Tiny compared to me. Soooo Weak. While me here,' He grabbed hold of my head tighter and pushing it inwards his cock. Burying it deeper and deeper down my neck 'I could begin to imagine that there will come I time where all of you were no longer taller than my pinky finger. So stay with me Jan He rocked it deeper 'As' And deeper ‘I’ And deeper. Sinking himself and pausing right there. I know what's about to happen. He's planning on aiming his cock down my tbroat and expecting me to swallow all of it. But from the time we made consistently made this, I know how handful Sean's cum are. One shot and it's enough to fill half a bucket. What more could it be now that he's grown. I tried to resist it and kept on pushing myself. But failed to do so. 'ascend to' He grabbed leaned his entire body on the table using his free arm and I heard a groan from the wooden table. The hanging chandelier on top of us were and all the picture frame were all swaying back and forth. The lights also were turning on and off. 'godhood... Aaaahhhh Fuuccckk!' I felt Sean's first massive load travelling down my throat forcing its way through. My entire mouth was filled with his cum that it dripped down from my mouth and even stuffed my nose. Sean looked down at me and released his grip. Unplugging his mighty cock from my mouth ready to burst another cum. 'Look at me Jan. Look how I grow'. I wiped a portion of cum around my eyes and tried my best to look at him. He was standing there in front of me. His hands beating his own cock up and down. He wasn't finished yet. Not like me that even I failed to recognize that I already came a while ago. I watched Sean as his entire body expands more and more. Adding more his height as his bone lengthening and becoming more and more solid. His muscled striating, cramping and moving with its own. A sign that all of Sean's cell were splitting half and millions for nanoseconds to accommodate his growth spurt. He pointed his slit in front of me and another load shot me and covered my entire body. Some of the fluid scattered all around the table. This could already fill a bucket. Sean went on and on unleashing the next load. He even pointed his own shaft towards the living room and couch as his head keeps on pushing further up. His entire biceps, bigger and chest pecs wider as ever. Sean finally felt his climax falling down and began to regain consciousness. He looked at my apartment everywhere and had finally noticed the extreme size difference of everything around him . Everything was surrounded with thick white cum. He looked down and searched for the table that was surprisingly covered with white liquid. And a part of it was slightly moving. It's no other than me Sean reached out his hands and coiled his hands around my chest. Comparing his new size with me He brought me up to his face and admired the vast size difference. 'Want to measure me again?' Sean chuckled. Chapter 3 I woke up feeling a bit dizzy from Sean’s onslaught on me last night. Sean even before his Human upgrade was truly a beast in making love. He always exert a dominant character and I the submissive one. A predator to feed on his prey. That’s the very same reason where when we were in college, almost every sorority girls prefer to flirt with Sean over his friends and always tries to win him for a night. A night with him was truly an intense moment of love everyone could ask for. A night serving and worshipping Sean’s herculean body. And to think this was all when Sean were considered normal. Last night was by far the heaviest load he unleashed to me. My body was entirely coated in his cum so I had to take a shower before hopping to bed. While he, grabbed a dirtied cloth and wiped clean the entire dining room barely wiping all his cum. Eating there would never feel the same again. Unfortunately, Sean can’t take a shower since he can't afford to break the bathroom walls from an attempt to enter the room. As for me, I just let the water to cascade in my body and decided to not wash my body with soap so that few scent of his musk will still remain to me even when we’re asleep. After the two of us finished, we went straight to the bedroom and Sean had to duck and squeeze himself into the room and created cracks and a bit of small debris of rocks falling to accommodate his body's passage. I stood up from my bed but noticed Sean is not here. I looked around and saw the wall that was just yesterday, plastered with cracks, now entirely open and bigger chunks of cement wall are on the floor. He broke through again. I moved the blanket and took careful steps to not get my feet hurt from the broken stones scattered around the floor. I headed to the living room near the apartment window overlooking the city skyline. There he was, naked with only a blanket wrapped around his thighs and undeniably taller. He did not notice me at first while he was staring straight to the window mirroring himself with a double bicep pose. Each biceps the size of my entire upper body strained with muscle and strength. A source of power that could move not just cars but entire trucks, planes, ships and undoubtedly, buildings. He followed his stance with a wide lat spread. His back tensed more and more with muscled contracting and taking form. His skin that could survive bullets and hell, missiles even if no one has ever dared to try it on him. All of this owned by the one man I truly adored. Standing too tall in front of me doing poses. The man who almost drowned me with his seed. The sofa beside him barely reached his shin. And his head only 2 or 3 feet apart from the dangling chandelier. The chandelier was surprisingly swaying to and fro in every Sean's movement. A motion that testifies how truly great and omniscient my boyfriend was. But instead of cowering, I decided to interrupt him 'You know I’ve already seen enough of those to hide it with a blanket'. I said. Sean looked at me through my reflection on the window and then turned around giving me a smile. 'Yeah, but I'm afraid few of your neighbors from across the building might see right through this glasses. As much as I want attention, I promised myself that only you could take peek with my dick, so far'. Sean at the end of his sentenced, moved his fingers and slowly unwraps the blanket in his waist. When it untangled, Sean and his entire body immediately disappeared like a blink. 'AHHHHH! SEAN!??' I was caught surprise. Sean was gone. I ran towards the exact place he has been standing earlier but... 'Ughh'. I hit an invisible wall that is so hard, hard as steel. I hit my head first from the impact of my running and I stumbled back falling with my butt and touched my head to ease it from pain. 'Owww' I said. While I was sitting in my butt with the floor, I felt 2 large hands coiling around my waist and I was lifted in the air. Though I felt two hands holding me, it looked like I was floating looking in the glass window’s reflection. I was cradled looking like a baby floating. When I felt another invisible wall in my side, I examined and tried touching it. My sense of touch has sent me a familiar feeling that I didn’t fail to recognize it. It was Sean’s abdomen. I trailed my hand a little and felt the uneven wall that was his steel-hard abs. I couldn't be mistaken. 'I know what this is. Come on, your invisible now??' My surprising guess of his new ability made Sean to reappear into existence. Resting me with his two hands. 'A power I got from last night. Well, actually I think there is more than this one but I can’t really test it here. I might blew up this tower and that would be a lot of work saving the people down streets. He lifted me further up in his face and held my body like I was a cat. ‘I should measure you?' 'Oh, I measured it while you’re asleep. I'm 16.7 ft tall now' Sean smiled widely He coiled me with only one hand and did a bicep pose with his other arm, He moves it closer to me and I can feel the expanse of his arms. So strong and intimidating and I know he could cut me in half with just those. 'Now I can do heavier stuff with this' Sean proudly said. 'Like what?'. 'Uhmm, like lifting this entire tower and move it somewhere else? You want me to try?. I always like that scene in Superman Returns you know when superman lifted the entire krypton island from the sea? I think I can do those, just one hand’. Sean flexed it more harder as he speaks making the veins bulge even more 'Yeah I know baby'. I said while looking at the flexed state of hi biceps. Sean puts me back in the ground. Now that I get a closer look, we really had a large height difference. My field of vision was only leveled with his calf. 'Where you headed too?' I asked him as he wrapped the blanket again. 'Ohh I'm just going to the City’s Military base. I'm just going to ask for some suit. You know, a guy like me who has done lots of service in this city, the world not included, had quite few privileges you see. Like asking for another sponsorship for a new large suit'. Sean lowered himself down and kissed the top of my head. ‘Bye’ 'How will you get out?' Sean flew upwards towards the ceiling and rest his palms underneath the it. 'Babe, with me, outgrowing needs bigger doors’ Sean effortlessly pushed the ceiling up and it created cracks and then a huge hole where his large body could fit through. Sean flew upward and he was up in the sky. I wondered if angels descending from heavens has the same scenery as Sean floating on top of my apartment and breaking the roof. 'I promise I'll fix it. Don't worry, rain won't come while I'm around' Sean gave me a handsome wink. And as if by coincidence, the sky rumbled with Thunder the same time he gave me that wink. His wink simultaneously rumbled the sky reminiscing those thunders whenever the clouds warns the people for an upcoming rain. But the sky looked brighter than day and there were no signs of an upcoming rain. ‘Was that…… you?’ My voice was shaken and rattling from shock. Sean replied with a bit of a smirk. ‘What did I told you about more than one’. Sean’s entire body vanished into thin air. But I was complacent that my boyfriend wasn’t gone. He was just invisible for the sake of people seeing a flying naked man on the sky. ‘Whoosh’. The strong gust of wind informed me that Sean already flew in top speed. Gosh he's so hot -----------------------------------------6 years ago----------------------------------------- The next day after the house party where I spilled a wine and draped it over Sean’s shirt, I was thinking over and over again on what should I do with Sean’s shirt. So the whole day, I just washed the shirt clean with laundry. I had to add extra steps in cleaning this white shirt thanks to my roommate for guiding me on how to properly bleach it. I expected the white shirt to fully dry in the afternoon so I could return the shirt immediately. But odds really weren’t on my side as I went home with the Sean’s shirt wet. So instead of trying hard on drying it. I just let the shirt to completely dry for the night and return it to Sean tomorrow when we met at the hallways. It was already 4:15 in the afternoon and I haven’t seen Sean walking around the campus for the whole day. It has always been a problem for having a wide campus grounds even looking for people in places inside. ‘Where could he be? I waited outside the fountain campus for a while thinking of a chance I could see him since this place is exactly the center place of the entire campus. A few minutes of waiting, I still failed to see Sean walking around. But I saw his group of soccer friends already drenched in sweat or could it be, shower? I’m not exactly sure. These were the people that Sean could be seen hanging out together. They were all wearing their soccer shoes draped in mud and dirt. That’s when realizations kick in. It’s Monday and was always the time of the week where Soccer training are scheduled. Sean must be with them. However, there no Sean, so I redirected my vision to where they came out and it was in the Athlete’s locker room connected to the shower and the University gym. The perfect place where Sean might have been. I knew for a fact that someone was still out there since the lights are still lit. I headed my footsteps there and when I reached the door through the boy’s locker room, the door was barely closed. I heard the metal bench inside still clanging up and down as if someone was putting on weight on it from sitting, standing or any movements. So I decided to push the door open and expect to see Sean there fixing his shoe and fully dressed ready to head home. But the sight right in front of me as I open the door startled me and left me speechless. This was not what I expected to see. I was right. Sean was there but with no shoes and undress completely naked on top only with his Jersey soccer shorts. Sean was sitting in the metal bench, his legs open, but what startled me was Sean was with a woman. The woman was right on top of Sean crossing her legs around Sean’s torso and moving her body up and down, humping it dry while her lips lustfully kissing Sean’s. I recognized it was Sean since the man was entirely huge compared to the woman sitting cross-legged around him. There was no other student who were as huge as him. Sean seems to enjoy this completely as Sean’s reciprocating movement of humping has caused the sound of the metal bench clanging. A sound I mistakenly heard earlier. And the sound of his moans grew louder and louder every time the woman moves sways her hips. ‘HhhmMMMm’ . Then another sound of two lips kissing. I watched as the woman’s other hand were hidden in between Sean;s body and her. I searched for that hand and there I saw it brushing Sean’s already hardened bulge. Brushing it smoothly. Sean responded every stroke with moans that guilty to say, even sent me sexually aroused. Sean was assisting the woman’s motion by resting his palm under the woman’s but lifting it up and down. The butt perfectly cupped by Sean’s huge hands. As if the woman was weightless. I moved my bag in front of me as I felt my dick slowly hardening. How I wished it was me. The two were like wild animals with the woman really wanted to devour Sean’s flesh while caressing Sean’s wet blond hair. This was all a steamy scene to look at that I felt bad interrupting. A thought came into me that I should head outside slowly before Sean caught me peaking like I was staring straight out of a porno scene. Unfortunately, my immediate solution for the situation failed me when I turned back and my entire shoulder bag swayed and hit a corner of the locker that made a loud sound contributed by all the metal zippers that made contact to the steel locker that created a metal banging sound. Sean was the first to hear the sound and he immediately opened his eyes. We met eye to eye and while the woman was still unbothered by the sound I made. She really was a dried whore. I saw Sean’s face with a glint of guilt and so before the woman notices me, I immediately head outside. That’s when I heard Sean shout ‘No!Wait’. Upon hearing his call, I immediately stopped at my attempt to get out of the scene. As if Sean was speaking right through me and I, as one of his soon to be subject willingly obeyed. I should have continued heading outside. I froze for a moment then I heard sandals heading outside the locker room. It was the woman heading outside as I heard the tantrum in her steps after my unintentional interruption of her shot towards Sean Mcconley. The woman walked past me and I cower in my stature as I saw the woman even a good inches taller than me. I immediately recognized the woman as I met her eye to eye. It was the disappointed face of Kelsey Williams, our University’s graduating Student Body President. A senior compared to Sean and I. Kelsey looked at me with pure anger but then decided to continue walking outside still creating those heavy steps. ‘You can come in now’. I heard Sean from inside the room. I went inside and fished out his white shirt. ‘I really am sorry, I should have knock. Gosh, I’m screwed all right?. I….I promise I won’t tell anybody. I’m just here to return you these’. My voice was already shaken afraid of getting Sean pissed. This man could punch me in the face and may left me here with an injured body while I was helpless enough to protect my self. ‘Shhh stop it. Okay relax, I’m not mad. And besides, even if you haven’t interrupted us, the news will still reach everyone. But thanks to you, Kelsey might postpone another rumor to tell’. Again, similar to party night, Sean do have something in him that keeps me calm and reassured whenever he talks. ‘Ohhh, now I recognized you. You were the one who spilled a drink on me. I’m sorry but what was your name again? I’m not quite sure if we’ve introduced already’ Sean held his hands and grabbed the shirt I offered him. And yes, I also realized I haven’t mentioned my name since the first time we met. ‘It’s Jan… Jan Lewis’. I replied. ‘Ohh, thanks Jan. But you know, there is really no need for you to return this. I have 20 of these. So I wouldn’t even know if this were lost. I like these by the way. It’s pretty fit and tight. I always feel bigger in these’. Sean who was still topless, unfolded the shirt and decided to wear it instead of grabbing new clothes in his bag. There was it again, the sight of Sean’s muscle contracting and stretching as he dresses himself. I really felt guilty staring at it like forever. ‘I should probably head home’ I said while Sean was still undone dressing. ‘No! Wait’. Sean said while still struggling to wear the shirt. It must have become tighter. I suddenly felt the urge to move and turn around when my Bag hit another side of the locker and ‘bang’. It was so loud and it vibrated the entire rows of locker. Unknown to me, a 55 pound dumbbell was on top of the locker and my commotion with the locker vibrated it to move it and rolled on the edge where I was exactly standing below. I looked up and everything was like in slow motion as a heavy material was already heading in my direction to hit my head and worse, disfigure my face. But I also felt Sean moved behind me. Sean’s athlete instinct really helped me in this accident when he also saw the dumbbell falling on me as he finished undressing. Sean used his left arm as a Baseball Bat and hit the 50 pound dumbbell redirecting the fall to the side. Sean’s action was so fast that I even failed to see it or was I just closing my eyes as I met my demise?’. ‘BOOM!’ I heard a loud sound that I perceived like a pistol has unloaded near me. I even felt the smallest vibrating sound after a second of closing my eyes. I was still closing my eyes and waiting for that dumbbell to hit my face. After a minute of without any movement. I opened my eyes. I looked around and felt Sean’s right arm as my whole back was leaning against it. His left hand still on the position as he attempted to hit the dumbbell. From my almost bent position after my foolish attempt to shield my self, I can get a good view of Sean’s wide shoulders and arms that miraculously left unharmed even after that hit for the dumbbell. It was truly built well with muscle and meat. I looked at Sean’s face but he wasn’t looking at me. He was staring at where the Dumbbell might head to. I followed his line of sight and I was stunned at what I saw. The locker where I last saw the dumbbell right before I saw Sean move was now disfigured and broken and has a wide hole the size of the dumbbell. It was as if a bullet has passed right through it. But only the size of the dumbbell, Wow! Sean’s hit must have had a huge impact that it created a whole. Was this possible? I stood up from my bent position and looked straight at Sean. I was expecting a surprise look at him as I expect him to be startled by what happened too. This wasn’t natural. Sure the dumbbell might created a dent in the locker but creating a hole?. Sean looked at me with a look of guilt instead. ‘I’m sorry. Are you okay?’ I ran outside unable to process what just happened. I can’t deal with what happened right now. Plus, it was a school property that was damaged. I don’t want any involvement to it. When I head the door outside, I was even more surprised at what I saw. The dumbbell was outside, half buried in the soil ground. I traced the direction of its trajectory and there I saw another hole on the wall. Connected to the Locker inside. This is beyond imaginable. So I continued running. ------------------------------------------present--------------------------------------------- As I was staring on top of the hole on my roof that Sean just effortlessly created, I can’t stop reminiscing the time I discovered the first time Sean showed me one of his powers. That very same hole he created after using his arm as a bat for hitting the dumbbell when we were at freshmen. An incident that started to awoken a hidden desire inside of him. A desire to show the world what he is capable of and how he is continuously developing and discovers the vast extent of his power. A lust for desire and search for greatness that I helped him achieve. ‘Ring! Ring! Ring!’ I heard my phone rang on my bedside table where I placed it last night. I rushed inside and careful to avoid the broken wall. I should call someone to clean this. I luckily got on time before the ringing ends and hit the green button on screen. It could be Victoria. ‘Hello!?’ I said. ‘Hi! Is this Lewis?’ I heard a familiar voice on the other side of the call. ‘Yes, this is me. I’m sorry but is this Dr….’. I reluctantly asked but was cut off when the other person completed my sentence. Now, I’m certain who this could be. ‘Yes Jan, this is Dr. Robert Addams. I have an update about Sean’s last test, but I’m afraid we have to do a new one. I saw your interview with him last night and he seems to look different. You know what I mean. Bigger. Our latest record might be irrelevant after his sudden change. He is off -charts’ ‘Yes Dr. Addams. Thank you, I’ll text you whenever he’s vacant’. I answered back. Off-charts? ‘Sure dear. I assure you, it’ll only the three of us. As it has always been. Bye’ Dr. Addams was the one who ended the call. Shit, another test again. Sean was never delighted in testing him. ‘What for?’ he would say. Oh and by the way, it wasn’t just me who were with Sean all this time. There was also Dr. Addams to witness his greatness even before we met. Chapter 4 There was a buzzling sound of mixed noises of murmuring people, cameras and beeping cars that were gathering around the police barricaded area of the City's Main local Bank. The bank has been the major source of finance and monetary transaction in this city since the early rise of our city's economy. But unfortunately, a long century of safety and silence was broken when a group of 2 thieves came inside and hijacked the bank with almost 76 people working hostage. Their main objective for stealing and keeping hostage? Money. https://casa-del-patio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/koninklijke-munt-e1585753954124.jpg 'Mr. Wellington and accomplice. This is the police and we have barricaded the entire Bank. There would be no way for the two of you to escape. There is only one way for you to go so pleaes release the hostages immediately before it turns NOT good for the rest of us.' The Major Police Officer said speaking behind his megaphone. His attempt for negotiation was just rejected by the two thieves. 'No!.' Wellington said. 'I am not scared of you! Or any of your minions. The hell if even your cheap McConley comes and try to stop me!. Even He! Won’t make me do any shit! BOOM! A loud thundering sound came from the clouds having a resemblance to Lightning Thunder when Sean fell with a huge impact on the ground. To him, it was the least he could do to show a little intimidation to the thieves, especially to Wellington after putting his name in vain. But for the people on the ground, the impact still was catastrophic enough to create a crack on the pavement where Sean’s almost 3 ft sole stood, the gravitational impact of his body weight shattered the car windows and damaged a few eardrums of some people that stood nearby where he landed causing them to loose balance . Everyone felt the ground shake from a 4km radius. Sean was in a kneeling position similar to what Henry Cavill looked like when he first took flight in the movie, Man of Steel. A few seconds for this posture to make sure all people should give him reverence for possessing higher power. A man equivalent to god has descended from heaven to pass judgement on the people inside the Local Bank, that for Sean, only looked smaller than the last time he saw. Sean straightened his back to stood in his superhero pose. His left hands on his hips and the other, holding a scrapped metal molded into a ball of silver and black paint. The metal ball in his hands though would be larger next to a normal sized man was incomparable to Sean. Next to him, the metal ball looked like a Swiss ball. That bouncy rubberized ball used in fitness and yoga classes. He looked like a Fitness trainer but only difference was that, he was only wearing a tight tan colored short spandex. The boxer was so nude it was identical to his skin tone. Unless someone gets a closer look, he was naked from afar. As days goes far, Sean's costume became too revealing and exposing too much skin. A debate we’ll constantly have later but I know he’ll just try to shrug it off and shift to different topic. https://corporate.bjornborg.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/03/BJORN_BORG_PICTURE-04.jpg 'Did I just heard my name?' Sean brought the metal ball in front of him, his two hands on the opposite sides, Sean began adding pressure in the ball as if sandwiching it with his arm strength. A loud sound of metal clicking, twisting, stretching and bending can be heard around the area. Sean started to walk while pressing and twisting the ball. From everybody's viewpoint, they all had a good reference point of how tall and Huge Sean is compared to the Police officers near his way. Similar to mine, they all barely reached is calf. Finally, the metal ball was nowhere looking like a Swiss ball but just a scrap of flattened metal distorted in every angle. Sean placed the entire thing in his left hand. ‘god that made me pump’. I shouldn’t show off too much or I could burst out with this shorts’ he thought after a rush of strength travelled through his spine. The same feeling he would have when his body adds on an ample height. Sean looked at the ball in his hands, Thinking what he should do next. Sean then addressed his message to the thieves ‘You and your company should better look for another ride home Mr. Wellington! Or you could ride with the Police Car… or you could take a ride with me. Though, it’s unequivocal if you could survive riding in Mach Speed. Too bad I saw your Sedona Van a few blocks from here’ The bank was elevated 10 stairs from the ground and Sean stopped at the end of the steps reaching down the bank. Sean flew upwards and was astonished at the height difference with him and the Building. He was half the height of the building. Making the building standing just over 50-60 ft from the stairs. Sean finally has an idea in mind what to do. With his ball in his left hand, he lifted it behind his left ear. As if a Baseball player ready to throw the ball. He used his non-throwing hand to point it at the direction he wanted to hit. Sean glanced for a moment at the people outside to see if everyone was aware of what’ll happen next. To his amusement, he gave a subtle smirk when he saw everyone was already covering their ears afraid to damage their ears further of the next thing Sean will do. In a swift second, Sean threw the ball in a sloped trajectory downward. The metal ball hit right through the wall and created a large hole. Chunks of broken cement wall scattered all inside the building that shocked the entire people hostage. The ball who was travelling faster from the impact hit the tiled floor. The ball was buried halfway in the ground upon impact. A feat of how strong Sean’s throw could be. An unfortunate man on its path would no longer look like human after the great impact. Instead, only a smudged remains of blood and flesh could only survive from the throw. Fortunately, thanks to Sean’s heightened senses that he picked the exact spot to hit no one with precision. Everyone inside the bank shouted from the instant scenery and was replaced by dust and walls being broken and falling. The two thieves including Mr. Wellington who were pointing each of their guns at the hostage earlier was caught off-guard from the commotion. They had no time to retain composure when Sean’s massive body emerged from the hole he created. His broad shoulders enlarged the hole further as his dense skin made contact to the brittle structure. The dust continuously faded unveiling the Nude 17 ft giant. On his way to his landing, Sean spoke 'You see, I would never take pride in dealing problems that involves you, hopeless human, especially now that I'm beyond what I was before. My job was supposed to check in typhoons, earthquakes, falling buildings, bridges, lifting mountains and many worldwide events. And for you? A puny human to pull out such act of defying my name and calling my attention is a challenge I never knew I needed. Until now' Sean's eyes suddenly turned bright red. Sean was right. Wellington defied a god and used his name to no purpose. Sean was slowly only treading slowly towards the Mr. Wellington. Each diamond calves heaving from the striations of his muscle. But the intimidating demeanor of Sean overshadowed the brave attitude Mr. Wellington showed earlier. At that moment, any futile act of escape would look no good in front of this divine being. Wellington only cowered and as he felt his limbs weakening as Sean reached him only feet apart. Wellington tried looking up but could no longer see the full view of Sean’s face when his entire van sized pecs blocked Wellington’s sight. The only thing he could think of was the red flaring gaze of Sean which he already knew what it could do to his flimsy body. He saw the similar red gaze before on television and sometimes on street when he would burn a hole in a building, wield a broken metal and to a few accidents Sean made. When he once accidentally hit the wing of a flying plane when he first unleashed this power a few months ago. Luckily, Sean has stored abilities in hand to assist the falling plane with almost 50 people in ride put to safety. Wellington only teared up from the sight when he felt a large hand coiling around his neck. The grip was barely choking him but enough to lift him upward and met that red glaze up close. Sean even though gritting his teeth in anger only confused Wellington’s state of reaction upon seeing how beautifully sculpted this young god’s face were. He has a truly handsome young features regardless his age. A magical being that came out of greek myth. Wellington’s feet was hanging steadily then attempted to kick it in the air when he felt the grip around his neck getting tighter. He tried looking for any remorse written in Sean’s face only to fail his hopes upon seeing the grin in his face. Sean’s bicep even though revealed his veins and muscle did not look like he was exerting too much force on chocking this human. Sean spoke ‘I’ve lifted entire houses and cars with this arms’. Sean amplified his message when he flexed his other hand as he speak. ‘Then I moved on to lifting an entire bridge, to ships, to houses and to god knows how heavy I could lift. I’ve already broken lots of trunks with just this grip and reshaped your car and to think I would waste just an ample of my strength to lifting and choking another weightless human being is a downgrade and a disrespect to my power’. Sean tightened his grip to Wellington’s neck than resulted in a much reddened skin of the thief’s face. Wellington could already feel his end as slowly, he could no longer feel the air passing in and out of his chest. Wellington’s eyes are already balling out and he could barely talk any word from the struggle. ‘But honestly, I don’t think I’m holding anything right now. So I wouldn’t mind ending your life here without any effort. As I said, you are weightless and so is any of your kind and just like them, you are not a waste of strength’. Wellington already accepted his fate under the hands of this raging god. The grip was getting tighter and Wellington could feel a few of his vocal muscles being damaged from the force. Unbeknown to Wellington, Sean’s other hand was already brushing and stroking Sean’s package as Sean during his toying moment with Wellington only awoken a sexual arousal inside him. As a longtime boyfriend of Sean, he has sometimes shown hints of being a sadist when it comes to making whatever that is making him aroused. It was unknown to any but only to Sean on what made his grip kept on getting tighter. Was it his lust or his anger towards the puny human in his hands? Sean continued to stroke his hidden manhood covered by the tan colored spandex shorts. His red flaring glaze only shone brighter and brighter red that slowly blinded his victim’s eyes. Wellington only struggled more and more but he also heard this young god’s attempt to suppress a soft moan. ‘HmmmHhh’. Fuck’. Sean drank all the ecstasy as he felt another surged of growth coursing through his spine. Sean brushed his package up and down accelerating faster but at the same time tried on storing the feeling to grow for later. There’s only one person right now whom he would want to show this growth. Me Hostages inside the bank was the first people to see what were the deepest desires lurking beyond this reverent hero for a long time he has served their safety. They are among the first few to bear witness of how this once benevolent savior could be the one to possibly make their lives meaningless at the feet of this ascending god. They even compared the entire scenery of what would Zeus look like holding a man only to jerk off from the puny being’s struggle. Who would anticipate a sadist god could both show them how lust and fear could go hand in hand. A mixed of emotions were all that everybody felt. At the meantime Sean was toying Wellington, Wellington’s accomplice already regained composure and also witnessed the struggle of his friend. He slowly positioned himself as he also loaded the gun and point it at the god. An act of defiance to a god only to save whatever hope is left for his friend. He had a perfect shot at the giant’s head when suddenly, he saw Sean’s hand brushing and stroking his package. ‘You fucking shit. I always knew you were never a good deal. You horny piece of’ ‘BANG!’ A sound of shotgun could be heard outside the bank building and that’s the cue for the entire police to intervene. Sean was only disappointed when the sound halted his act of jerking off and choking Wellington. Though he knew a gun had hit his side of the face, he barely felt any pain from the driving bullet. He couldn’t even remember how many guns were pointed at him for the rest of his life only to deform every bullet that made contact anywhere of his skin. The hardest material ever to exist in the world. And only to keep on getting tougher as his body attains extensive heights no human could begin to comprehend. Sean’s face looked smug as another being dared to defy him once again. ‘Damn, what should I do with all of you guys. I’m beyond disappointed.’ The accomplice who was at one moment looking at the god across the other side of the building suddenly shifted his entire view when he felt his feet dangling at air and his face pressing a very hard wall. His entire body was dragged up and down to a protuberant wall of tan colored fabric. He realized the swelling wall his face was being brushed on was no other than the swelling bulge of Sean. He felt his entire back of the head being cupped by a large hand. He looked up but only to see a 2 red glowing eyes looking down at him. Constantly moving up and down as Sean brushed the thief’s face at his bulge. Sean moved his head in the sight of the thief below then to Wellington only to add up to more arousal. ‘Ooohhh fuck. Oh I know why you called my attention. Robbing was the least of your desires. You wanted me to intervene at the first place right? You didn’t robbed any money even when you’ve already hostaged everyone right?Hmmmhhh Bet you want to see me.’ Sean’s hips were pushing it to the other thief’s face. The thief only struggled more as he felt the entire grip of his head compressing more and more. He could already feel his skull ready to burst and explode. All of his life to be wasted only for the excitement of this god. ‘There you have it boys. A premium account. Just savor all this body and muscle while you still can. Hmmmff. Ohhh my. Come on now. You wanna know what’s the prize forpossesing too much power?This. Sean pressed the thief’s head onto his bulge and only to be pressed once again by Sean’s hips. Can you feel this. Huhh? Sean really wanted to reach climax but he already felt the police outside getting in. So instead, he moved his head up to the side and closed his eyes for the last time and unleashed 2 red beams of light that burned upward and hit the rope where the grandiose 9 ft chandelier was hanging. ‘BZZZZ’ ‘AAAAHHHHHH’ This unleashing of beam was enough to fuel out a few of the energy he is already having. Or else, another growth spurt would soon course through his body. But even from his restrain, Wellington in his hands and his friend at Sean’s bulge could feel a sudden addition of size. They felt it, Wellington felt as Sean’s skin expands on the touch of them. This was a short relief for Wellington as he felt Sean’s grip getting loosened from the growth. His friend on the other part of Sean’s body could feel the hardening manhood inside but at the same time, he could feel the fabric stretching and becoming thin. In any moment, ready to be ripped and unleash a hardened mammoth cock. The wheezing sound of Sean’s eye beam continued on for a moment when the thief felt the inner side of the fabric his face were being stroked on was becoming wet. He felt as the wet substance who was Sean’s pre cum oozed out of his spandex shorts and even dampened the fabric that also dampened the thief’s face. The police who were shortly stopped by the falling chandelier after blocking their way inside finally saw Sean holding the two thieves in his hands and the other at his crotch. The Major Police Officer felt the need to interrupt whatever Sean was doing. He was unsure of what was happening so he called out. ‘McConley, that’s enough. The police will take care of them’. Sean just heard the police officer and looked straight at them. At this time, his eyes were no longer flaring. Sean loosened both his grip. The fall of the two were high from the ground especially to Wellington who were lifted up higher. ‘THUD’ Sean looked down at his frightened victims who could no longer move to stand as Wellington was still coughing and the other thief,…. What Sean saw astonished him. The other thief was brushing his wet side of the cheeks after it was dampened by Sean’s pre-cum. The thief then used his hand he used to wipe the scented cum and licked it. Enough cum to taste the manly remains of Sean. And it tasted good. Sean smiled. ‘Geez, I should have shared with you longer instead. You hungry ant. Who’s horny now? Huh?’ Sean placed his both hands at his waist. Sean was finally with himself for a slight moment as he was still holding the same urge of growth earlier. Then he heard a familiar voice from his super sense of hearing. ---‘Dr. Addams, you know he’ll be here soon. We can wait for your test he’s probably on something else right now’ --- Sean only looked to the police officer who ordered him earlier. Sean bent his knees into a low squat then ‘BOOM’ Sean flew upward in a very instant speed. Sean propelled himself with so much force that the two thieves was kicked out from the force and flew outward a good 5 feet away. The motion only adds another injury as parts of their ribs broke upon falling back to the ground ----------------------------------------Dr. Addam’s clinic--------------------------------- After I received Dr. Addam’s call. I immediately dressed up and head on to the parking lot at the ground floor. Like Sean’s Doctor, I am as eager as well to have a scientific insight of what’s with the rapid changes on Sean’s body. I fished out my keys and turned on the built in radio on my way. A habit I developed as a full time news reporter. I wasn’t exactly surprised at what was in the radio. It was Sean, again, mixed with buzzling voices of everyone in the scene. It was a bank robbery that for sure as hell, a very light task for Sean. Well, everything has nowhere to go but to become lighter and lighter when we’re talking about Sean. That man was destined for everything in the world to be futile around him. Luckily, Dr, Addams’ place was located far at the eastern side of the city. His personal clinic and what he also considered as his personal home was standing overlooking the coastline. This secluded place was perfect for Sean and I to temporarily shelter him as he was still on discovery of his powers a few years then. Back when he was more of a Supermanesque being than an actual god. I hopped of my car and rang the bell of Dr. Addam’s 1 story clinic. Though not an impressive building, I knew the big guns were at the back of this property. A very large hangar where lots of equipment that Sean has used to test his strength were stored and developed. Dr. Addams has a real fascination to Sean’s abilities that Sean slowly considered him very obsessed. So obsessed that it was no longer about Sean’s infinite growth and power but as Sean felt the lustful attitude Dr. Addams has shown. The door opened and I was greeted by the 37 year old man bearded with age. Quite honestly, Dr. Robert Addams could be a very fine man when I imagined himself young. He was tall, well-built and has a pretty youthful face even for his age. ‘Jan! I didn’t expect you to be here so soon’ The Dr. hugged me. I accepted his warm welcome and he led me to his office room where we were to have a short chitchat while waiting for the Man to come. ‘I thought Sean will come with you on your way here. Oh, I’m not going to ask you where he is because I already saw it in the news. Actually, I think you came just the right time. The incident was actually about to settle when you rang the bell’ Dr. Addams was fixing his lab coat and grabbed a few of his pen ’Yeah, I know. Uhmm Dr. Addams, you know he’ll be here soon. We can wait for your test he’s probably on something else right now. Why don’t you just explain to me first what was happeni.…’ ‘THUD!’ I didn’t have the chance to finish my sentence when a strong quake rattled the entire ground. All the pictures and apparatus was swaying back and forth. A few glassed Lab equipment were also shattered from the vibrations. The dust in the ceiling fell off from the roof from the impact. A phenomenon that only one nexus being capable to create. We heard another thud of 2 footsteps but only a bit lighter. The first impactful one must have been his landing. But his footsteps already enough to cause nausea to both me and the Doctor. We were holding onto something waiting for the quake to stop but was only put onto another shock as the entire window pane turned dark and as if everything outside was turning dark. But still it was safe to know at the same time, that it was just the wide expanse of Sean’s godly body that was looming over the entire building. ‘Tap Tap’ Both our heads turned toward the sound that came from one window where Sean’s large fingers were tapping. ‘OUTSIDE!’ We both panicked as we heard the loud ominous voice of Sean outside. His voice became louder. We stumbled on our feet on our way outside using the back door exit that would led us to where Sean was standing. When we got out, Dr. Addams and I made a surprised look as we saw no longer an ordinary fit man proportioned to only to accommodate his height. But Sean was instead magnified more and more. From the last time I saw him this morning, he was 16.7 ft. But compared to now? He sure added a good another 5 ft. in my own estimate. Sean was staring at our surprised look as the two of us shrank in front of him. He placed his hands on his hips and I saw how his Spandex shorts that was surprisingly colored with tan were trying its best to contain whatever that python size he was trying to hide. To add my surprise, I saw a darkened round spot in his crotch. I would joke him as a child peeing in his pants but Sean’s statuesque should be taken as a joke. This man, my boyfriend ejaculated on his way or when he dealt with those thieves? Sean looked at us with a very handsome smile. Both radiating a worried eyes but all in all, an amused look. ‘Sean? What the!? I said exasperatedly ‘FUCK?? YEAH, WE’LL HAVE A TALK ABOUT THAT LATER’. Sean looked at me with a bright smile and then turned his look at Dr. Addams. He gave him a very bossy look that only frightened whatever fear the Doctor has in him. ‘AS FOR YOU, WHY DON’T WE GO ON THE TESTS ALREADY? WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT NOT NEEDING ANOTHER ONE? Sean grabbed Dr. Addams by the collar in between his thumb and index finger. Sean brought him to his face. Dr. Addams only looked as tall as Sean’s arm. He has grown a lot just for a few hours. Sean for a brief moment looked with a stern eye. But as he absorbed his current size compared to the ever so tiny Dr. hanging in his fingers. He shifted a stern look to a soft chuckle. ‘DANG! WHY IS EVERYBODY SHRINKING!? YOU’LL JUST KEEP ON GIVING ME REASONS TO GROW’. Sean laughed and Dr. Addams had to cover his ear from this young God’s voice. Chapter 5 ------------------------------------------6 years ago---------------------------------------- ‘You sure you aren’t coming?’ A question my roommate, Matthew, has asked me while I was pretending to skim all my papers scattered on my desk. An act of concealment for my disinterest to attend the unceremonious party held tonight for the victorious feat of our University Soccer’s Team. To which, unsurprisingly, McConley ended the game as this season’s MVP. A notable MVP award for the entire University Soccer’s League history since Sean was the first ever player to be awarded only at his first match as a first year athlete. ‘No. I’ll just pass tonight Matthew. I have stuff to do and it’s on due tomorrow’. Simultaneously raising the paper I was holding in my hand to emphasize what I meant about work. ‘False work’. Matthew meanwhile was grabbing his coat as he listened on my babble while I uttered a false excuse. Honestly, I’m quite unsure of my disinterest. I sure attended several of this events in the past even though I had little to no company in going. A hollow attempt to socialize as an introverted gay guy who just doesn’t want attention. I really am not a fan of procrastination and so the ‘stuff’ I meant earlier was already done a few weeks ago. Maybe I was just drained and unmotivated or was I just using an excuse to deny the invitation so I wouldn’t expose myself to another interaction I would probably have with Sean. It was almost 3 months of me walking around campus only redirecting my way whenever I saw Sean heading to my path. Sometimes, I would see him first or him seeing me that often resulted in the two of us unintentionally meeting eye to eye whenever I pirouette my attention to the surroundings. A stare that would often last long more than 10 seconds. The kind of look a person would give when there’s a gut feeling of talking to someone only to hold back due to humiliation or fright of intimidation. We have been avoiding connection after I witnessed him accidentally creating a hole in the locker room after he saved me from the falling 50 lbs dumbbell falling on my head 3 months ago. The whole campus the next day was in complete shocked of the anonymous hole that just suddenly appeared. Most of the Soccer Team, Sean included, was put in question on the mysterious hole that unsuspectingly, were the ones who used the rooms the evening before. The dumbbell that hits the wall was nowhere to be found either. But all of them denied anything that has to do with it. Sean lied about being there last and his friends backed him up in providing a false alibi that they all left the room in unison. Who would even dare to create a false accusation on a hulking being like Sean that could disentangle a person’s jaw by the expanse of his arm? Kelsey, who I caught having an intimate moment with Sean didn’t spoke any word about it. Afraid of suspension if the campus knows what She and Sean did. As for me, no one would suspect a quiet, invisible, and not athletic nerdy student to walk inside the locker room. Even if I dare to involve myself, I could envision the look of grimaced of everyone. I could hear a possible rumor spreading that a gay student has fed his fetish in the boy’s locker room peaking behind the soccer athletes as they undress and wet themselves of sweat after an entire afternoon practice. Especially that the finest man to ever walk on campus was on the team. I was starting to create a false memory in my head as I saw trickles of water sprawling in the majestic body of Sean. His hands brushing his dampened hair as he tried his best to cleanse the dirt and the virile sweat that I could already smell from a distance. The motion of his lifting arm has caused his biceps to roll in protrude in big ball exposing his hairy pits. Sean moved his palms to the wall letting the smooth flow of shower to fully wet his body. I saw the tiled wall starting to have cracks as he inadvertently pushed more hand mass force to the wall that crumbled the brittle structure. I was having a hard on when Matthew spoke things about what happened to the game that contributed more to my Euphoria. ‘Dude! You should’ve been there earlier. The game was intense. The other team had called more medics than to add more in their scores. Damn! When they said McConley was a beast, it was just an understatement. He literally bulldozed most of the other team player’, man. It’s like everyone who was in his way just kept on breaking another bone or sent flying outwards. There was one time he kicked the ball so strong that it accidentally hit the goal keeper in the head. That poor guy only regained consciousness when he was already strapped in the spinal board’ Matthew’s utterance of the event only added to my already hardened cock. I had to press it between my legs afraid of Matthew seeing a bulge in my pants. The events of the locker room just went on a flashback in my mind. ‘Really?But wasn’t he put on break. I mean, isn’t that inappropriate for a game and for him to continue?’ I asked curiously. ‘Of course man, he was put on break. But Sean didn’t looked exhausted for a break at all. He was just put on pause after one of his kicks exploded the first soccer ball. Coach Parker must have thought Sean was super game faced. That man looked intense. He could injure all the team in there. But fortunately, halfway during the game, the other team realized they should avoid Sean when he’s with the ball. Or else they would need to put those injured players back. They were out of men when Sean returned in the field. Hahha’ I was just left speechless of Matthew’s news. It wasn’t just a coincidence perhaps. Sean must have onto something. There’s no way a normal man could injure another team buy himself. It was just unordinary. Finally, Matthew decided to head outside as he finished his news about Sean. ‘Oh ok Jan. I should probably go by now. I know Sean would be there. He’s the MVP. You sure you don’t want to see him?’ Matthew said teasingly me with a wink giving me that ‘I knew you would give in to that’ look. Matthew was one of the first person who knew I had thing for men. And teasing me against a guy like Sean was the most obvious choice he could use against me. Sean was just that appealing even for guys. Matthew was my roommate. But instead of utter denial, my expression failed me when Matthew saw me blushing red and in silence, I was caught. ‘Whatever, bye Jan’ Matthew said with a giggle closing the door behind. Right at the moment after Matthew closed the door, I stood up and went to the knob and closed it. I ran straight to the bathroom and closed the door again. Matthew’s story had sent my Euphoria to extreme places. I felt my hormones rushing. A spike of my testosterone has boosted my horny state. Putting my fingers in the strap of my pajamas, I pushed it down together with my boxers. My 4-inch cock tried its best to stood up and be in a hardened state. I grabbed hold of the shaft and slowly brushed it up and down from the base along as I continued my lustful imagination earlier where Sean was washing his body and crunching the brittle wall in the boy’s shower room. I moved my hands up to my cock. Imagining how this small cock of mine was so small next to Sean’s. I haven’t seen his once yet but this did not stop me from creating my own version of Sean’s mammoth cock. It’s unequivocal to say Sean had the humungous size of cock given by his height and immense size. Almost everyone had their fair dumbfounded moments as they were put on pause admiring the subtle bulge that was often visible when Sean wears pants, jeans, and even in his soccer jersey shorts for most of the time. I recalled Sean’s moans when I saw him lifting Kelsey up and down his thighs. But I replaced Kelsey with myself. I was the one kissing him, travelling my tongue along his neck. I can feel his pecs hitting my soft and fragile body in every humps he and I both make. Sean continued to moan as we felt all the walls in the locker room shake from his ominous moans. I’m not exactly sure why I included fantasizing about that. I travelled my hand in Sean’s firm bulge the same way I caught Kelsey brushing it. The sensation of my hands stroking my cock helped me in that fantasy and I moved my eyes up my eyelid as a few drops of cum spewed out from my cock slit. By the last tiny drop of cum I unleashed, I was left exhausted and ready to head on the bed for sleep. My body was layed flat in my bed for a good 20 minutes and I felt my consciousness drifting somewhere else. A repercussion of the sudden drop of my endorphin levels after I reach climax. My eyelids started to close gradually when a phone rang across the room. I stood up thinking it was mine or my alarm since I have a different ringtone. Otherwise, Matthew might have left his phone, again. Convincing myself to stood up notwithstanding the drowsy feeling, I head on to Matthew’s side of the bed. There I saw a rectangular light emitting from the blanket sheets. I pulled the blanket and turned it to the side and there was the phone of Matthew ringing with an anonymous number. I hit the green button to answer the call. ‘Sean!!!? Hey man, is this you?’ I heard the familiar voice of Matthew on the other side. I also felt the upbeat music playing a far distance around him. So I had the thought of Matthew being at the party already. ‘Yes. You left your phone’. I replied. ’Oh thank goodness. I thought I lost it again on the way here. This is from my friend’s phone by the way. Uhmm are you still up? I think I’m going back to the dorm and fetch that. I just need to find a ride around here. Uhmm, just wait. Please don’t hang up yet.’ As much as I want to wait for Matthew to come along and grab the phone, my drowsiness has already vanished and It would take the rest of the night to go back to sleep again. So I offered Matthew in return to make use of the remaining time. Besides, I can already hear a drunk Matthew from the way he formulates his words. ‘You know what Matthew? I already finished my homework. Maybe I’ll just head there and give you this instead so you won’t have to ask for ride back and forth’ I willingly offered. ’Really? Are you sure? You know what? I wouldn’t reject that if that’s what you want. I also highly doubt I could find someone to drive me there. Everyone was enjoying the night! WOAAH!’ I pulled the phone distant from my ear after Matthew shouted with a loud voice that broke the stereo. ‘Okay Okay. Just wait, I’ll just change my clothes’ ‘Yeah! Oh and don’t worry, I’ll find us a ride back there. Thank you man’ ----------------------------At the University Gymnasium/Venue------------------------ I didn’t change my sleeping clothes but only over wore it with a coat and boots to cover my body from the shivering cold night as I walk towards the venue. From a distance, I could already hear the music and mixture of people’s voices inside the Gymnasium. Mostly, shouts coming from the soccer players who were the celebrants of the night. I was few steps towards the door when I saw cars and a 24 ft truck used for loading heavy equipment. A truck that can be often seen when another family moves in the neighborhood. The truck has a spray painted white body and a rolling back door. I peeked at the sides only to see the logo of ‘Alice’s catering and events services’. The Dean must have sponsored this victory party with foods and decorations. https://www.movers4you.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/24-Ft-Box-Straight-Truck.jpg Passing the doors in the venue has introduced me with loud voices coming from people and the music. Different colored disco lights were scintillating the entire gym. Thinking that the school has anticipated the victory of the team was a good assumption to make. This looked more prepared than what I expected from an unceremonious party. I spanned out my sight to search for Matthew in the sea of people dancing, drinking and playing in the center floor. And there he was already slightly tripping as he walk heading towards my direction. ‘Lewis! You came! Dude, Thank you. I owe you one now’ I fished out Matthew’s phone from my coat pocket and handed it to him. ‘Here, why don’t you ask for a food, drink, or whatever is in there and you can sit at the bleachers or talk to someone you know. It won’t take long so don’t worry. The party is already ending so we’ll be heading home soon. Thank you very much. Muwahh’ To my surprise, Matthew cupped my cheeks with both his hands and brushed his cheeks in the hind part of his palm that were touching my cheeks. From a different perspective, it would look like Matthew kissed me if it weren’t for the hand in between our cheeks. The scent of alcohol came out of Matthew’s breathe that I attempted to part my face during our cheek to cheek moment. Matthew then turned around and left me in edge of the crowded people. The band and the disco jockey where at the other side of the gym. They were elevated a good feet above the floor so I had a good view from standing near the exit doors. I also saw a few familiar faces of Sean’s teammates up the stage jumping and each wearing a formal wear. I tried to look for a vacant seat on the left and right sides of the gym where guys like me used to stay overlooking the entire population of students as they enjoyed their youthful life while I was ostracized. There I found a perfect spot on the far right side of the bleachers where lights won’t reach me I’ll be the black knight sitting at the edge of the tallest tower in Gotham witnessing the entire people below as they commit the very unusual crimes during the night. A perfect spot. I took just a few steps towards that direction when I felt something immense brushing the underside of my arm. The snake-like sensation went on for a few seconds until I felt a large palm pressing my stomach halting me in place. I tried resisting the force as I knew this was an arm coming from a larger human. I felt the solidity of the palm as it effortlessly coiled my upper body. I looked down and saw the veiny hands of the mysterious guy. I had an initial intuition of who it might be but I was too afraid to process my thought since the other latter could be that I was now in the hands of another school jock to prey on me for the rest of the night. I turned my head around so that the palms where now pressing my back instead. I caught the familiarity as the hands pressed my back. The similar feeling when Sean let me lean on to him during that Locker room incident. And by no mistake, I was right. It was Sean McConley in a tight white polo shirt buttoned up completely. An unprepared necktie is hanging around his cervical area. My thought of process was shut in place when I saw the novice face of Sean. His ocean eyes staring down at me once again recalling that exact moment of feeling I had during the last incident 3 months ago. https://ibb.co/bP4z4MY ‘Sean?’ An expression of shock was all over my face. ‘I’m sorry Jan. But I need to talk to you’. Sean said with a deep masculine voice that I felt vibrating my entire body travelling from his chest to his arms and to his palm that was supporting my spine. ‘No. I’m sorry too but I have to go’. I tried pushing his entire upper body from mine but I was helpless. Sean was unfazed by my repelling movement. The more I push myself outward, his arms would just make my body closer and closer to his until I felt both my front body touching his. I felt it all. From the outlines of his pecs, the ridges of his strong abdomen, his biceps touching my own arm as he flexed a little in exerting a bit force, and even the bulge that touched my naval. It was a short memory as I felt a good 6 inches rod, surely flaccid, sandwiched by his thighs and my stomach. Even in between the fabric, I felt all the immensity of a man could have while hiding barely. Sean brought me up his shoulders as I squirm myself to repulse whatever he was planning on doing. Sean lifted me like a child as I kicked my feet in the air heading outside the venue. I had a good view of his back as he curled his right arm around my body. His shoulder blades supporting my entire body weight like I was nothing. The broad expanse of his back was larger than my own, doubled. I saw hints of stretched fabric. The seams of his white polo short parting in each side. His muscles ready to burst out at any moment. Sean finally found a place so the two of us could talk. He puts me down and stood up in his immense height. In my point of view, my head is few inches lower than his shoulders. I haven’t seen the height difference earlier since Sean was crouching down over my body. Even if this was our 3rd close interaction, I obviously felt Sean was taller the last time I saw him. But that was the least of my concerns now. I observed my surroundings and noticed we were at the back side of the 24 ft truck I passed walking earlier. The perfect hideout for the two of us. Especially for Sean where all other cars parked could not hide his height. The average roof of cars would only rich his elbow. ‘What do you want? If it’s about that locker incident, that was 3 months ago and I assure you, I didn’t mention anything about that day to anyone. Now if you could just go inside and leave …’ I was stuttering most of this words talking in front of Sean. Sean then rested his hands in his pouch listening to me. As I’m nearing to approach the end of my sentence, Sean shushed me through putting his index finger vertically across my lips. A motion I didn’t expect to turn out sexier as I felt Sean’s virile scent coming from his fingers. A scent I began to have familiarity. It’s like Sean has been constantly beating his meat and smearing his pre-cum all over his hands every time we lost sight of him. ‘Quiet! I don’t care whose fault was that, but why were you avoiding me?’ Sean asked still giving me that innocent yet naughty look. ‘Me?’ I pretended to look guilt free ‘Yes, you. So stop your act and answer me’ Sean’s question has left me aghast as I try to think of an excuse. Was it about the incident causing us an unsure punishment after a school property was damaged? Or was I frightened at Sean’s unexplained show of strength? I tried searching for the best answer but formulating single word was hard enough. So instead of lying, I replied. ‘I don’t know. I’m not sure of what I saw that moment Sean. And I promised myself to be left unbothered but I know I’ll just keep on recalling that moment in my head. It was unexplained. So I thought avoiding you was a choice. We weren’t talking before, so I don’t see the point of me not talking to you was any of your concern now’ Sean removed his hands from my mouth when I uttered my first sentence. I was crestfallen as I would prefer to have the divine smell of Sean. He returned his hands at his pouch and stared at me. I just can’t control my feeling as I felt my cock becoming alive hiding behind my pajama shorts. Luckily, if it weren’t for my oversized coat, It would be a hard time both speaking and hiding my erecting dick simultaneously. Sean always had this effect on me. ‘Yes Jan, we’ve barely talked before but I can’t stop thinking about what’s in you either’ I felt blushing in my cheeks. The shadowed night has saved me a lot to hide my reddened face after Sean’s last statement. Was I expecting all this time differently? But no, I had to make sure first. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked having a slight hope. Sean looked at the 24 ft catering truck beside us. He walked closer towards it and my gaze followed his movements. ‘Uhmm, Here, let me show you. Why don’t you just move back a little’ I have no idea what was about to happen. Upon following his order, Sean just bent his knees, squatting lower since his knees were almost the same level as the truck’s bumper. I saw the seams of his Pants rip as the materials could no longer hold the confines as his quads flexed harder and harder as he bent. Sean puts his hands at the bottom edge of the truck. We both heard a squelching sound of metal underneath the truck’s frame the moment he grabbed hold of the bumper. ‘Sean? What are you doing?’ I asked. ’Jan, you’re the first person I will tell and show about this but I was innately stronger than any of you. I mean, I had an abnormality when it comes to my strength. I can lift more than what I’m supposed to lift. Or what an average human my age can. Let’s just say I’m above average? But I don’t think I was just a few exemption until I discovered this after the incident’. I remained a good sight at Sean while he was talking. He was constantly fixing his stance and knees on what the better position should he start on. At the last of his sentence, Sean looked up at the sky. He was exerting a strong immobile force when I saw veins coming out of his throat. The veins were travelling up his head as he flexed harder, stronger. If the weight of the truck were to be reshaped into a heavy weights, Sean was no doubt performing a dead lift. ‘Hmmpff. Ahh come on! I’m there!’ I heard Sean’s voice as he exerted more force. ‘Sean? Are you okay? What are you doing?’ Sean must have felt my footsteps approaching him. ‘No! Stay there. I got this’. The strain in his voice just didn’t help his struggle so I had to trust him in this and avoid disturbance. A few seconds later, I saw the Truck vibrate a bit and the back tires creating a sound as if a good weight was removed on top of them. There I finally saw what was Sean was doing. The back tires were slowly lifting from the ground. Sean was finally bent lesser than before. But I saw something quite noticeable. The ripped seams of his shirt were now bigger than before. As if his body stuffed more mass and volume that the fabric could no longer house it inside. ‘Yeah! Here it is. Are you watching? Jan? Look at this, I’m all settled’ The sight over everything in front of me was overwhelming. It was hard to form any words in response to Sean. Sean was literally lifting the back of the truck. As far as I noticed, the longer he stayed in that position continuously adding more force, Sean’s face was slowly returning into an effortless look. An abatement of his strength. The Tires of the truck was now almost 2 ft from the ground. And Sean now has straightened his back. His entire biceps was flexing during his feat causing his sleeves to rip starting from the selvage. His vainly packed arms could replace my thighs as his arms and my thighs could now have the same girth size. Compared to my thighs, these were full of hard muscles and less fat. Sean turned his head and looked at me. Giving me that sweaty handsome face. Sean’s breathing came from relaxed to breathing continuously and back to the relaxed state. ‘Sean? Okay I get it now. You can put it down. That would injure your back’. I uttered with a voice of concern. But Sean just ignored me. Instead of lowering the entire weight back to the ground. Sean gave me a smile and turned his attention to his arms admiring his own muscle as it struggled from the weight. ‘Damn, I haven’t felt this pumped for a long time. What do you think Jan? Should I lift it more? Huh? Like this? No wonder why all my teammates always praise me for lifting more than they could’ Sean further lifted it up. His arms pivoting up. The entire weight of back of the truck were now supported by Sean’s arms. I felt Sean’s body shake as he lifted the bumper until it was the same level as his chin. ‘Uuuurrghhh. Come on. More. I’m near there. Uuuurggghh’. Sean successfully lifted the entire back of the truck until it was in a diagonal form. The back of the truck at almost 8 ft from the ground. An eight feet difference from Sean’s height added by the 2 arms stretched upward supporting the weight. I can now see the entire bush of Sean’s exposed pit as his shirt failed to contain him any longer. But the silence was completely replaced of utensils, boxes and steel things falling from shifting it unusually from the horizontal position inside the truck. But thanks to the loud music inside the venue, no one heard about the chaos outside where the trucks were parked. ‘Okay that’s it’ With after proving his point, Sean lowered the entire truck back to the ground. But this time, it was different, Sean lowered all that weight he struggled earlier with ease. Sean bent down and removed his hands from the bumper. Sean turned towards me. I tried to move closer to Sean and admire whatever else I could contain more what I just recently discovered. Sean wasn’t huge and muscular. He possessed a strength of more than hundred men. ‘Wow. Not bad for testing a truck for the first time’ Sean gave himself double bicep pose and spreads his entire back. Another sound of fabric ripping can be heard as he did so. Sean kissed his mountainous biceps while my smaller and fragile self was staring endlessly at his posture. Earlier, I was lower than his shoulders, but now, I could clearly see I am leveled at Sean’s human head’s size pecs. I just swallowed a gob of spit as I admire the mythical being in front looming above me. Sean returned his attention at me and smiled. ‘You like this?’ --------------------------------------------present------------------------------------------- ‘YOU LIKE THIS?’ I drifted back to consciousness as I saw my 21.8 ft gigantic boyfriend still dressed in his tan colored boxer shorts, lifting and examining a similar 24 ft catering truck from 6 years ago. Meanwhile, Dr. Addams was setting up his equipment and computers for the test. I remembered it clearly how he was grinding hard in lifting the entire back of the truck when at nearly 7 ft in height. But that version of Sean would cower to what he would become 6 years later. Now, Sean was looking back in the truck he was lifting and continuously lifting and turning it 360°. It’s as if he were lifting the biggest pillow at the store with how easily he was flipping it and examining everything around it. As if Sean were not lifting 13 tons of weight in his hands. Sean looked at me again when he didn’t receive any answer. ‘BABY!? HEY!’ Sean must have noticed me drifting from somewhere else as I was staring intently at my massive boyfriend’s muscle,admiring his strength and endless power. So Sean took a small tiptoeing motion. The softest tap of his toes immediately rattled the entire hangar as I lost my balance a little and felt a slight vibration that made me dizzy for a moment. I looked at him again but with confusion. ‘I SAID, DO YOU LIKE THIS?’ ‘What? Where?’ Sean transferred all the truck’s weight in one hand,lazily sandwiching it between his sideand arm like a pillow. Sean chuckled and rolled his eyes. Sean used his other free hand to point out what he was referring to. ‘I MEANT THIS.’ Then I realized what Sean was talking about. His new costume. His tan colored boxers. I answered, staring at the bulge where the dark wet spot was now slowly drying up. ‘Yes, if only you hadn’t peed on it’. I teasingly replied. ‘WHAT!? THAT’S NOT PEE. YOU KNOW PRETTY DAMN WELL I CAN HOLD BACK PEE. IT’S… UGHHH I CAN’T HELP IT’. Chapter 6 ‘Okay, Sean. As usual, the weights for strength will be tested out later. So first, if you have anything stored for us, you’re free to show it now.’ A soothing voice of Dr. Addams is echoing everywhere as he spoke these words in front of the microphone connected to the speakers that vibrated the entire hangar. Dr. Addams and I are standing inside a control room entirely covered with a specialized glass material hardened to protect us from whatever accidents may occur at any time. Looking at my side where the doctor was crouching in front to reach the microphone, and his palms resting on a table where buttons and screens are visible, I noticed his forehead still sweating after Sean facetiously picked him up by the collar earlier, with only the giant’s fingers. The Doctor is still having that state of shock from Sean’s sudden movements. He unanticipated everything he witnessed. From Sean’s developed physique, Sean’s heightened stature to Sean’s immediate shift of expression. We both remembered Sean looking threatening when he picked up the poor guy only to be replaced by his rumbling laugh after not containing himself as he saw their massive difference in size. ‘DANG! WHY IS EVERYBODY SHRINKING!? YOU’LL JUST KEEP ON GIVING ME REASONS TO GROW’. These were the exact words that almost damaged the Doctor’s ears due to his body’s proximity to Sean. Even if I was standing in the ground, mesmerized by Sean did not guarantee my safety as I also covered my ears from the godly voice. If it hadn't been for the attempt to protect both our hearing, Dr. Addams had probably lost the sense to hear. ‘OKAY, COOL’ I turned my gaze to the person who owned that ground-shaking voice. Sean is on the other side of the glassed wall. He turned around to face us and bent down to put the truck he was holding to the ground. Sean stood up and was not comfortable with the space he was in. The truck in his feet only contributed to the tight feeling of his surroundings so Sean swayed his right leg and kicked the 13 tonne truck to the sides. This action caused the truck to roll on its sides. The thing felt the huge impact from Sean’s kick as it halted in the far side of the hangar with a dented part. It landed in an odd position and did not look functional at all. A look of pride can only be seen in my boyfriend’s face as another fragile thing loses its integrity from his effortless kick. Sean started showing his invisibility. He is like a bulb switching on and off as his body keeps on glitching. It’s like he just erased his existence in reality, every time he went invisible. Dr. Addams asked Sean what it feels like when he uses it. ‘What does it feel like using this Sean? Do you think you can hold it for how long?’ ‘HMMM, ACTUALLY DOC, IT’S LIKE NOTHING, IT’S NOT DRAINING ANY OF MY ENERGY AT ALL. IT’S LIKE TWISTING A KNOB AND HOLDING IT TO KEEP THE DOORS UNLOCKED. AND I THINK I CAN HOLD IT LIKE FOREVER! I COULD JUST REPOSITION MY WRIST SO I CAN KEEP THE KNOB IN A TWISTED PLACE. YOU GET THAT?’ Sean is looking up at the ceiling thinking of the best metaphor he could provide. An ability as usual as this can be barely comprehended by normal humans like us. What are we to perceive anything a god can? Nothing. Sean proceeded on the next power he wanted to show. But Sean couldn’t focus on doing it inside the hangar so he requested to test it outside. Dr. Addams let Sean’s request but the doctor and I instilled it to be inside and watch on screen for another precaution. Starting from lifting his arms at his sides with his biceps and palms facing up the ceiling, Sean looked at us with a sedated face. Every vein in his arms can be seen pumping a strong rush of blood traveling around his body. His shoulder’s striations pulsing from his slight exertion of strength. Sean slowly closed his eyes as he tried to dig deeper in his consciousness on how to activate this power. ‘I HAVEN’T TESTED THIS FOREHAND BUT I FELT IT THIS MORNING. I HAVE NO FAMILIARITY WITH THE ENERGY NEEDED YET BUT I THINK IT’S NOT MUCH……OHHH…..WAIT….. HAHAH…. THAT’S, OKAY. RIGHT, I’M RIGHT, IT’S NOT MUCH Sean’s eyelids opened up unveiling a weird-looking eyeball. Sean still kept that threatening look but it slowly became noticeable. The round pupil in his eyes no longer subsumed that oceanic blue pigment but instead replaced by a grey pupil. The color of his pupil forewarned me of something. It has a similar hue of the clouds coming up together darkening the land below. The grey-colored eyes of my lover resembled the similar sky that darkened the entire land as it signals an upcoming heavy rain. THUGGSSHHH..ZZZZ I jumped in hysteria as I heard bickering sounds of thunder from the sky outside. The skies lighted up for a very brief second brightening the entire land as streaks of lightning emerged from the heavens. I continued staring at Sean who still had that odd eye. He smiled at me as he hinted to me of what was happening. A minute ago, Sean’s arms were just lifted horizontally in a T position doing nothing but flexing a bit. Right now, as if the lights provided by Dr. Addam’s place was impotent to brighten up the area, the veins in his hands prominently towards the tip of his fingers, emit a hint of purplish-blue light. The straw-sized veins of Sean connected to the tiniest path of his arteries shone brighter resembling a streak of lightning as it wrapped around his arms. Sean closes both his fist tightly into a ball that formed 2 orbs of light at the end of his hands. All the bulbs scattered at the ceiling of the hangar did nothing but only somber more as the light in Sean’s fists continued to emit a stronger light. Slowly, the brightness became unbearable to his audience’s eyes as we tried to turn our gaze and shield our eyes with our arms. I could no longer see Sean behind the light but I felt it moving and swaying back and forth accompanied by loud footsteps. THUD THUD THUD! ‘OKAY, THIS COULD BLIND YOU ALREADY, I’LL JUST BE OUTSIDE’ The giant footsteps slowly lose their strength as Sean headed outside. Sean stepped at the grass and looked up at the sky, darkening upon his command. The clouds crumpled together blocking the entire view of the stars. The news weather in the entire country suddenly shifted drastically after an unpredicted climate change occuring at this hour. People in cities living nearby Dr. Addams were ordered to immediately evacuate. Unknown to everyone, their mighty savior was at fault for this alarming event. ‘What is he doing?’ I didn’t let the Doctor’s both confused and alarming voice bother me while I was staring straight at the screen looking at my boyfriend’s back. Sean was standing barefoot in the grass facing the ocean. His arms now were resting at his sides still shining brighter. The light almost damaged the camera from the glitching screen as it became too sensitive from the light my gargantuan boyfriend was producing. Sean faces upward to the sky as he lingers every ounce of energy travelling from something he can’t even explain yet to the tips of his hands. He felt the need to release the surge of energy after building it up. Sean lifted both his hands again and flexed his entire torso. He was performing another one of those bodybuilding aesthetic poses. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/7tTzVwHtGRI/maxresdefault.jpg Sean eases off his tight fist and small sparks of lightning come out from his fingertips. He raised it up in the sky while it shone brighter and the small streaks of his own lightning coming out and spanning everything that is conductive. Few screens darkened when one of Sean’s versions of lightning struck the cameras outside. Sean raised his right hand higher than the other, flexing it more and more. The gradual strain he kept on adding in his arms only added to the blinding light. The cameras left could no longer capture the end of Sean’s recital of power. The last clip we only saw on the screen was the flexing posture of Sean while his raised hands illuminate. The screen went white for a short second then it blackened as all the electricity in the entire building went out of power. The entire room we were in was completely obscured by darkness. From outside, the doctor and I heard a loud thunder of lightning. We felt how close the sound originated nearby the hangar and not coming from the clouds up in the sky. Back then, I thought the sound of lightning from the sky was deafening. But it was a different deafening moment when the lightning is sourcing out from a closer distance. When the lightning was produced by someone’s body. The exploding sound did not just weaken our legs but also provided a white noise in our ears. For a moment, I thought I was completely deaf. We would later know that Sean’s act of flexing contributed a lot to unleash the power building up inside him. He described the feeling in detail when a lightning came out at his fingertips hitting the clouds above him. Darkness was what we all saw and we only relied on what we heard outside. The white noise elapsed and everything went silent for a moment. A short second of drizzling rain and then a strong current of rain came after from the clouds. Suddenly, the light in the hangar came back to life. Each light was turned on successively. Every engine roared of power upon receiving a surge of electricity. I was crouching down and shielding my ears when I heard Sean’s footsteps that rumbled the ground. Sean’s fingertips were emitting another of those tiny lightning. I cast around and saw it again inside the hangar. The lightning was now shooting out of Sean’s fingertips like a web of power through pointing his finger in each of the bulbs in the ceiling. He uses his index finger again and whooshes it as it releases a streak of electricity. Sean’s other hand was resting at his hips while his other hand was doing all the work. Sean uses his power to be a human generator providing every equipment inside of the voltages it needs to power it on. If I will compare him to another comic character, he’s more than fit to become Thor, God of Thunder. I looked at my majestic boyfriend’s hair as it was slightly dampened from the rain. He always looks hotter when he is out of the shower and this rain is the closest thing he could have for now. Later on, Dr. Addams would describe this ability of Sean as Electricity and Weather Manipulation. The Weather thing still is just a theory since all of us are unsure of which really depends. It could be that Weather is just a side effect when Sean uses electricity or it can be used separately or both hand in hand. And besides, rain was the only weather Sean has tried. Knowing Sean, he is always up to be challenged. ‘HONESTLY, I WAS JUST THINKING OF RAIN WHEN I FELT THE CLOUDS MOVING CLOSER TOGETHER. I KNEW THAT THE FRICTION CAUSES THE LIGHTNING TO COME OUT AND THAT EXCITED ME A LOT. BUT I BET I COULD CREATE A HAIL STORM OR A SNOW AMIDST THE SEASON, DOCTOR’ As if the damage done by Sean isn’t enough to exhaust his energy, Sean offered to test it again for his amusement. But Dr. Addams had enough for that power and he is too afraid of casualties from the other side of the country. A man could have been hit by one of those lightning. The doctor couldn’t even begin to think of the possibilities if Sean tries it for another one. ‘No, Thank you Sean. That’s enough for today. I think we should stop here for now. You could try your theory about your powers any time you’re going to save a place or whatever. You could send snow to tropical countries next time to test it out. Jokes aside, I’m not sure if my equipment for testing your strength is safe to use after that power interruption. I should check it first. Maybe you could do it in another time while I work on this new….powers you had’ Before heading home, Sean let Dr. Addams and I work on measuring his body Stats. Dr. Addams mentioned a device he is working on. It was a chip he could plant into Sean so we won’t have to measure Sean manually. I thought it was a reasonable alternative since Sean is becoming too tall for me to measure. I would have to stand on top of an entire two story house to measure my boyfriend’s height. ‘YOU GUYS ARE THAT SMALL?’ Sean joked. Dr. Addams walked us out of his clinic. Well, it was only the two of us since Sean couldn’t pass inside the tight confines of Dr. Addams’ place. So he flew up instead and met me on the other side. ‘DOCTOR? I THINK YOU SHOULD RENOVATE AND EXPAND YOUR PLACE. I CAN FIT HERE NO MORE. SAY WHAT? UHMMM JUST ASK ME. I’M UP FOR SOME DEMOLITION’ My boyfriend gave us a front biceps pose as he uttered his offer. There is no doubt he could ruin the Doctor’s place in one stroke. After saying our goodbyes, we are walking towards my car. Sean is behind me, pacing carefully, afraid to accidentally step his tiny lover in a mush. I had to walk faster since Sean had to adjust his footsteps. A little to him is too much for me. He could cover the distance I had to take to reach my car in just 3-4 wide steps. His legs were almost triple my height. If Sean is at normal height and downsizes himself to fit our current proportion, Sean can be mistaken as a guy walking out his puppy. On our way, Sean spoke. ‘YOU STILL REMEMBER OUR FIRST TIME THERE, DO YOU?’ I am constantly looking up at his handsome face while giving my replies. ‘Yes! Of course. Why do you ask?’ Sean must have realized he just puts himself in a hot seat when I ask him back. He raised his right hand at the back of his head and scratched it from his embarrassment. He was like a shy teenage boy asking someone out on a date based on his expression and body language. Even from that Alpha Male persona people always perceive him to, he still sometimes had that cute innocent boy in times he tried to talk to me. ‘UMMM. COME ON! YOU KNOW WHY I’M ASKING JAN. I BET YOU LIKE THAT PLACE MORE THAN THE DOCTOR DO. HAHA I STILL REMEMBER ME FUCKING YOU THERE WHEN YOU FIRST MET ROBERT.’ Sean at first was blushing red telling me all those. He was right, Dr. Addams’ clinic is a special place that helped our relationship grow. Sean and I did our first there. As a matter of fact, that is where I lose my virginity to Sean. ‘DAMN! THAT WAS GOOD OLD TIMES. WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT? BACK THEN, I CAN HARDLY FIT MY DICK IN YOUR TINY ASS. BUT NOW? MAN! I COULDN’T EVEN FIT MY BOD IN THAT TINY BUILDING TO FUCK YOU INSIDE. HAHA TALK ABOUT GROWING! I NEED TO PENETRATE MY COCK IN THAT CUBE FIRST BEFORE I GET INTO YOUR HOLE. GGGRRR FUCK!’ I paused my footsteps halfway to my car as I heard Sean’s babble ended up in his stricken voice. When I looked at his face, I was baffled at what I saw. Was he really in pain? Or pleasure? The new boxers of Sean did serve as proof that Sean is having another erection after hearing sounds of stretched fabric accommodating his growing manhood. ‘Sean? Are you okay?’ Sean looked down at me with only one eye as he tried to conceal the feeling of growth. ‘I THINK WE SHOULD GO HOME TOGETHER. RIGHT NOW!I’VE BEEN HOLDING THIS SINCE THAT ROBBERY. UGGHHH. GET IN THE CAR NOW BABE. PLEASE!’ I ran a few steps towards my car and opened the driver seat. ‘PUT YOUR SEATBELT ON JAN! WE’RE MOVING FAST SPEED. NO NEED TO TURN THE CAR ON’ As I fastened my seatbelt, I felt my car swaying sideways a little. I looked at the side windows and saw the ankle of my boyfriend at each side of my car. He was standing on top of my car sandwiching it between his feet. Sean bowed down and grabbed hold of my car’s sides. He is careful enough to not dent the metal sheet as he did so. But even his small tap already damaged a few portions of my car. His momentary euphoria and trying to suppress the feeling of growth did nothing to help him suppress his super strength in control. A second later, Sean finally positioned his grip better. I see the road in front of the car moving down and down until all I see is the entire city skyline. My stomach felt motion sickness when the car not only lifted up but also rotated upwards. Luckily, I fastened my seatbelt as all my weight transferred in my back. Sean rotated my car vertically so that he could get a glimpse of me inside. He just bowed down his head and saw me pressing my back and head at the driver’s seat. The upper portion of my car is in contact with his chest giving me that feeling of heavy breathings as it moves coordinately to his inhales and exhales. My entire front view of the car is replaced by Sean’s still handsome face although with a hint of a stricken feeling. And then, Sean floated himself up and up to the sky. With a blast, Sean flew towards our home. Flying faster than a flying jet. Few trees in the ground swayed and swayed as a strong gust of wind passed on to them. Some even were uprooted from the impact. --------------------------------------In the summer of 1st year---------------------------- Ever since that victory night where Sean showed me lifting the entire back of a 24 ft catering truck, we both have been talking together for the rest of the school year. But we were just only talking in text messages and keeping our friendship out of the sight. Sean would constantly update me about his condition. At first, he thought his increase in strength would just settle there. But no. Sean would often find a bigger truck than the last time and try to lift it more. He would tell me ‘It’s just a way of keeping my strength in check. Lewis, bodybuilding works that way. Weight just keeps on getting lighter and lighter until you’ll finally reach a limit. As for now? Nahh, I haven’t’ One time, Sean sent me a video of him standing at the back of a dump truck. He wrote *Lewis, check this out. I was walking outside campus when I saw this truck parking alone. No worries, there were no people around. Look, it’s bigger than that catering truck* I pressed the play button and saw Sean standing at the back of the truck. He was wearing a tight under armour shirt, exposing his body’s pectorals and bulging veins, tight jogging pants and Nike shoes. By the looks of it, he was on his Saturday morning jog. Going outside alone, he probably stationed his phone next to a pole or stone to lean it, capturing a worm’s view of his entire body. I mysteriously had an erection upon seeing the view so perfect. I was looking up at Sean’s massive body. All drenched in sweat. Sean did that same pre-lifting position he did at the victory night. He settled his palms under the bumper. Then again, as if the weight is not more than that 13 tonnage truck that he lifted the other night, Sean lifted it first with struggle and relaxed his entire muscle halfway of his lifting. During the course of the year, Sean often sends me a small clip of him flexing his arms and chest in front of the gym mirror or just a picture of him top naked inside a bathroom. Accompanied by messages like *Check out this guns Lewis* *Dude. Do you workout? You could watch me lift all these weights like nothing* *Man, I feel shredded us f*ck. Look!* Quite honestly, if it was any other guy but Sean, I may be weirded out from this outlandish. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I even find this as a privilege rather than bizarre. Sean lets himself be free and displays his outstanding body in front of me, nobody. In every video and image, Sean possesses that look of pride. He is proud of what his body has excelled and could get any prouder of what is yet to come. But every time I kept on receiving all these messages, I couldn’t help myself to abstain from masturbating while holding the phone, staring at Sean’s images and playing all his videos, flexing all that herculean muscle. By the end of the school year, the friendship I had with Sean continued to stay in low profile. I thought it was just an acquaintance with him but our relationship has grown more than what I had expected. But still, rumors are still spreading about Sean’s weekly hookups with girls in the sorority and even a few of our middle aged professors. Just weeks before the finals, Sean has asked me something. *Lewis?* *Yes??* *Any plans this summer?* Just a short recap about my life, my parents both died when I was young so I was being fostered at my grandmother’s place for all my life. I have always been a grandma’s boy. But due to age bringing up her memory problems, my grandmother couldn’t live by herself back in our Island town. Right before I headed for college, we both decided to put her in a place for the aged where she could get the assistance she needed instead of staying in our house alone while here I was, an entire sea away from home for the next few years. Therefore, I really don’t have any place to go and spend my summer but only in this tiny cube of my dormitory room. *Umm. I’m not going anywhere this summer. I Have no plans Sean. Why?* . . . Three dots appeared on the screen after I sent that last message. It took a while for Sean to respond since the dots kept on reappearing. I have the intuition that Sean is thinking about what to reply to in my text. Then a message pops out. *Cool!!! Maybe you’d like to go with me and spend summer with my friend. Well, he isn’t just a friend but my doctor! I already told him about my, ‘you know’. And he offered me to stay in his clinic for the rest of summer so he could check up on me. He said he prepared new weights and gym equipment for me there so I could workout. I’m planning on getting bigger for the next season Jan. That dude has enough space for two. It’s overlooking the sea. I remembered you telling me you lived on an Island back in your home. Maybe you’d like to come?* A thought of interest came to me as I read those right. Sean Mcconley wanted to spend the entire summer with me. For whatever reason, I couldn’t turn down the offer. I’ll just wilt myself here inside for 3 months. Besides, I felt the need to take a break from the school environment and have time for myself. Myself with Sean. *Sure! Just plan it ahead before finals so I could prepare. Thanks BTW* -----------------------------------------Summer-------------------------------------------- ‘Robert told me he has an emergency out of town. So he said we’ll just stay here for a while. He’ll be here for dinner. Good thing he taught me where his spare keys are. Just wait a second’ Holding my luggage while staring at Sean’s movements as he crouches down in front of a palm tree to search for the hidden spare keys of this clinic building of Doctor Addams, I felt fortunate to have a perfect view of Sean’s ass tightening his denim jeans. Sean had already explained to me how most of his clothing became enduring as time went by. He told me how his muscles get even more swollen. By the looks of it, Sean really looked bigger than when I first saw him at school. I can see Sean struggling to crouch down and bending his legs to reach the keys as his calf muscles just fill up the tight confines of his jeans. If it weren’t for the ripped designs of his Jeans, I would think the muscles of his legs caused the rips. Luckily, my jacket secured the slight erection hidden behind my shorts. Thanks to the warmer weather in this place, earlier, I decided to tangle the sleeves around my waist and created a mini skirt out of my own Jacket. ‘Ahhh here’ Sean and I headed inside and stayed in one of Dr. Addams private rooms where a single bed for patients is stationed in the middle and a couch at the other end of the room. Sean laid down in the bed exhausted from the travel we took. It was late afternoon when we arrived so we had more time for the two of us to talk before night falls. Well, a lot more has happened than talking. Sean told me how he met the Doctor. He said Dr. Robert Addams was his doctor ever since he was an infant. He couldn’t remember when was the first time he saw the doctor since Robert was originally his mother’s friend. This place was older than him, he said. The freshest memory he has was his mother bringing him to this same place when he was a child till he grew up before his mother Rebekka died of cancer at age 10. ‘I’m sorry’ I said in between our conversation. ‘No. It’s good. Since I was a small kid, my mother already told me she would leave this place soon. I didn’t know it at that time but it just happened’. He said. Sean knew just a little detail about his mother’s history. All he knew was that Rebekka has shown signs of cancer upon his birth with Sean. Dr. Addams explained to him that he is a miracle baby considering the rapid effect of cancer spreading in his mother’s body. Sean grew up inside the womb completely unaffected by the disease. The doctor even joked about him about the doctor’s plan on investigating Sean as a fetus. ‘I thought your immunity to cancer was the cure we’ve all been looking for boy! If it wasn’t for your mother’s plea? You could have ended up in my lab sleeping tightly in the bottles’ An old banter that the Doctor used often to threaten the young reprimanding Sean. The doctor ever since thought Sean is a different child. Even within an early age, he was the taller guy in class showing no signs of unhealthiness. Even though he often visits the Doctor, Sean really wasn’t going due to illnesses but because of a few enhanced abnormalities he had as a growing child up to his teenage phase. ‘Remember when I said I was stronger than average Lewis? I meant it. Robert said it to me when I was like 11. Until I reached 15, I would constantly go here every summer since he needed a big hand for lifting a few of his lab equipment. So when I told him I’m planning on bulking up for soccer? He even bought me gym equipment so I could work-out here during summer. That’s why when I told him about what happened in that locker room, the guy was thrilled. He offered to let me to stay for another summer.’ Sean pulled up his shirt up to his chest to reveal those perfectly shaped abs. He partnered it with a single bicep pose with his free arm. For some obvious reason, I was having a hard on in the entire course of our conversation. Sean has something special in him that both of us didn’t know yet. When I went further with his life story to abate my erection, I asked for any information about his father. Sean just replied ‘I never met him or ever knew anything about him. My mother refuses to talk about my old man. But all I knew is that my mother was a nurse in service for the military. But she left the job after she became pregnant with me. I have a guess he was a soldier. I even considered going to the military just so I could look for my father. What do you think of Lewis? Do you think I could pass?’ Sean continued his flexing as he stood up and looked at his reflection at a nearby mirror. There is no doubt of his assumption. Sean truly possesses a military presence in every way. I always thought he had a similar appeal as those hunk soldiers on instagram every time I stumble in images so I can have something else to jerk on. A picture came into my mind of a massive version of Sean wearing a tight military sleeveless undershirt, camouflage pants, a military cap, and boots sitting on top of a queen sized bed. The bed should have been bigger but it only looked smaller beneath Sean’s size. Sean is spreading his legs open and he is working his cock with something else. His one hand holding a bottled beer and the other gripping another human’s torso as he uses the poor human’s body as his own sex toy. The giant version of Sean in my mind pleasured himself as he worked on his cock through inserting it to another person’s human sized anus https://www.coiledfist.org/gallery/album315/IMG_0659 ‘Fuck!! Why the fuck are you all tight!?’ The human felt the entirety of Sean's cock coming in and out of its butthole grinding his organs inside. The puny human at first felt immense pleasure upon the insertion of Sean’s cock. But the person failed to foresee that Sean would insert it all the way. The small human felt the tip of Sean’s cock hitting its rib cage and its hip bone breaking in half after failing to contain the massive cock girth. As if its state isn’t filled with immense pain, the tiny human lingered all life left as it felt Sean’s cum dribbling like a gun from Sean’s cock. The human’s body is not supposed to be a repository of this gallons and gallons of hot viscous liquid so the rest of Sean’s cum went drooling out of the human’s nose, mouth and ears mixed with its blood after Sean’s semen outburst. Sean’s grip to the tiny human’s torso only got tighter. I heard bones popping and breaking from the pressure of Sean’s strong grip. Sean finally reached his climax so he removed the tiny human’s body from his cock and threw it away across the room like a used condom. My imagination just got wilder and wilder as the feeling of needing to beat my meat only grew stronger. I interrupted a flexing Sean in front of a mirror. ‘Uhhh. I’m sorry Sean. But I really need to pee. I need a bathroom’ Sean stopped at flexing and looked at me. He saw me standing up crouching and putting my hands in front of my middle body part. A posture to hide my erection. ‘Ohh sorry. Just the left side of that door and you’ll see the bathroom sign at the end of the hallway. You want me to show you?’ ‘No!! Thanks!’ Refusing Sean’s offer is the best way to hide my true intention in going to the bathroom. I have other plans than pissing in a bowl. When I finally get in the bathroom, I’m in a rush removing my pants and underwear to let loose my so hardened erection. I started beating my cock up and down and trying to recall that erotic imagination I had earlier. Images of Sean’s videos of flexing, lifting both trucks, and including the incident in the locker room almost half a year ago came back to me as it kept on overlaying my imagination. My memories of Sean and this erotic fantasies only added up in my libido. Sean is an aphrodisiac in human form filling all my desires and lust every time I think of him. My reverence for him is so out of this world and I am one of the luckiest people to uphold this privilege. I am thinking of Sean’s bulge forming in between his tight pants or shorts he wore around campus or practice. I recalled the giant Sean using that poor human as a masturbating tool till he wasted its life just to attain his climax. Deeper parts of me wished I was that human. I am all open for the possibility of becoming Sean’s toy for sex even if it costs my life and be turned into a disintegrated human form. Even in my futile ways just so I could serve Sean in every way. When I’m already nearing my climax, I heard Sean speak and his voice sounded on top of me. ‘I knew it!!!Hahaha, You should apologize to your ‘poor little guy’ for lying Lewis! You weren’t going to pee!!! Hhaha I caught you.’ I pulled back my pants in a rush as I was already in humiliation. Sean saw me masturbating right after our conversation. My conscience came back to me and guilt filled my process of thought from what Sean has witnessed. I should have noticed earlier that the cubicle walls only reached 6 ft in height. Though it was enough for my 5’5 ft height to hide, Sean could just effortlessly stand on his toe and take a peek at the cubicle I was in. I only saw Sean’s eyes and forehead beyond the cubicle. ‘Sean!!? I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad’ Feeling the tears already welling up from embarrassment, I covered my face with both my palms and I sat on the bowl. I already was in mixed emotions from halting my orgy and the humiliation I am currently in. Sean removed his head from the cubicle and walked towards the door. Sean knocked at the door, vibrating the wooden material. ‘Come on. Open this Lewis’ To not further add my comeuppance, the best way to avoid that situation is to obey whatever Sean says during this moment. For the entire time of this conversation, Sean spoke with a serious monotonous voice so I am unsure of what his current thought is. Is he angry? Does he feel objectified? While reaching the cubicle lock to open it, I am uttering the exact same words. ‘Sean! I’m sorry. Promise! I’ll just buy a ticket back to school and you can spend your summer here alone. Please. I’m sorry!’ I am pleading in front of Sean and tears are coming out of my eyes. I have nothing else to do but to think of many ways to avoid Sean. Sean looked unbothered by my plea while letting his body lean on to the other side of the door frame. Sean pulled out a phone from his pocket and looked at it. As if my embarrassed-self failed to reach its quota, Sean is holding my phone in front of me and tapping something on screen ‘Shhh! I saw your password when we were sitting side by side in the bus on the way here by the way. Are you jerking….. with my pictures!?’ Sean flipped the phone so I could see what he was saying. I had a habit of saving Sean’s videos and pictures into a separate album on my phone. Sean must have fiddled my phone on my way to the bathroom that led him to see the album dedicated to all his pictures and videos. I just nodded my head as a sign of yes since I could no longer form any words to defend myself. ‘And were you jerking off thinking of me when I caught you?’ Sean gave me an interesting look in the face as I nodded my head again in agreement. I was finally caught in the act and I couldn’t even begin to save myself from the hopes of embarrassment. I am the most horrible friend Sean had and my guilt will always haunt me from that. Thinking back, I was objectifying Sean all along. Maybe that was what I meant about having more than friendship. A tool for masturbation. I only quailed myself and covered my entire view of Sean by hiding behind palms. I felt a strong grip round my arms as Sean pulled me up to stand. He forcefully grabbed me out of the cubicle and turned me around the lavatory across the other side of the bathroom. The lavatory is attached to the wall and a mirror is on top of it. Sean pulled my other hand from hiding my face behind it. I am trying to fight Sean but I am beyond helpless. We both knew how strong Sean has gotten. I would have to learn how to lift a dump truck to level his strength. Sean slowly spoke these words with a deeper huskier tone. ‘You sneaky little shit’ Sean grabbed hold of my two arms sandwiching me in between his massive grip. He lifted my entire body from the ground and pushed my butt on top of the edge of the lavatory. Sean is like a parent making his child sit on top of the dinner table being careful to not let me fall. Due to Sean’s height, the lavatory is in perfect height as his hips. Sean positioned his one leg in between mine so both our legs are in an alternating position. My bent knees felt his bulge crotch as he pushed himself closer to my body. I sensed his manhood growing harder inside that denim fabric. ‘I’m sorry Sean. Please, just tell me how to make it up to you. I’ll do anything you want me to do. Anything’ Sean looked up at the ceiling thinking of what to say. ‘Hmmmm. You naughty boy. I should better teach you a lesson. You know that right?’ I looked down as I finally felt his cock fully erected behind his jeans. His crotch touching my knees proved it all that Sean is in arousal from my revelation. I nodded my head in agreement and looked him in the eye. Sean placed a finger beneath my chin and pushed it up meeting his eyes filled with lust. ‘First?.... You should learn how to ask’ Then as if all my fantasies came to life, Butterflies flew inside my body as Sean lowered down his head and kissed my lips. His massive tongue penetrates my mouth and uvula as he works his way on me. My erection suddenly came back to life as I felt his hips swaying and pushing my knees. Sean grabbed my butt and pulled my entire body towards him. It is real. Sean McConley is humping his massive body towards me. I could almost feel myself losing breath as Sean devoured every air I had in my lungs. He is a beast when it comes to intimacy. Sean would only stop kissing me every time he attempts to undress his clothes. Sean pulled back his head and undressed his tight shirt. Ripping fabric can be heard as the tight sleeves try to get rid of Sean’s underarm. But the fabric just paves the way for the mighty strength that Sean possesses. I worked my kisses down as I felt Sean’s hand on top of my head pushing it down teaching me where I should head to. I saw his other hand unzipping his jeans then I had to halt for a moment. I should tell him about my inexperience. ‘Sean? I haven’t done this before’ Sean jokingly replied. ‘No doubt Lewis! I told you. You’re having lessons with me’ https://ibb.co/X8Vm5Dy Sean successfully unzipped his jeans. His hidden manhood could already breathe a fresher air after being packed in tight clothing. Through stepping the bottom part of his jeans, Sean pulled back his right feet to undress it and the same thing for the other. The primary subject in most of my erotic fantasies is finally standing in front of me, naked with only his white boxer shorts. Similar to Sean’s previous clothing, the boxer also managed his ongoing erection so helplessly. The elastic waistband is being stretched more in front and not completely touching his torso’s v-line. His erection pushes the fabric so much. Sean’s 8 inches angry cock rested itself on top of my thighs. The tip of his cock reached my left thigh. Sean moves his other hand and grabbed mine then positioned it on top his cock hidden in the fabric of his boxers. Sean then coiled his massive hands around his cock with my hand following his motion as it rested in between. Sean then slowly did a push and pull motion from the base of his cock to the tip while pinching it a little along the smooth motion. My cock couldn’t take it anymore as I felt my pre-cum already forming at the tip of my penis. ‘Big right!? Ahhh fuck you’re hands are good little Jan. Maybe I should ask you in my dorm room more often. Now, what do you think first when you masturbate in my pictures huh?’ Sean removed his hands and my motion halted staying on top of his cock. He was pissed at the moment that I stopped massaging his cock. Sean rested his hands again and told me ‘Do it alone. Fuck. Ahhh’ He asked me another question while removing his hands again leaving my hands alone as I continued stroking his hardened manhood. ‘Was it my biceps? Man, it’s the very first bare part of my body that everyone could get a glimpse of. Was it? Did my arms turn you on Lewis?’ Sean positioned his right arm on the mirror behind me to support his body as he leaned just so I could get a closer look of his biceps. Sean flexed it harder and harder. The manly spunk coming out from his armpits only tensed the already hotter atmosphere between us. Every veins in his arms fill up the expanse of his skin. Sean growled a little as he flexed more and more. The mirror behind me suddenly cracked from the unintentional strong force Sean’s hand. The mirror formed cracks surrounding his palm that was resting on the mirror. ‘Ahh shit! Don’t tell the doctor about it or I’ll turn your own body like that. You don’t think I can’t do that to you. Do you? Sean pushed his hips closer to me causing his shaft to slide along my thighs and his cock poking the side of my waist. The feeling of his clock closer to mine heightened my lustful senses. Sean is no doubt gifted in every way. ‘Ohh I know! You must have spilled your wine at me on purpose just so I could undress in front of you huh!?’ The hand he used to form a crack in the mirror lowered down and is touching the back of my Head as commanded my nose to brush one of his nipples. ‘You’re a better tactician than I thought, little boy. Shit! Ugghh. Yeah, I remembered your shirt. I think I packed it together with my things. Haha I should tell you, I liked how absorbent the material is. I’ve been constantly using it to wipe my ahhh…. cum since you gave it to me. That never met the laundry once. But I think I’m not disappointing you. right Lewis?’ I nodded my head in agreement while intentionally brushing my lips in his nipple that caused him to moan. ‘Ahhhh. FUCK’ Sean uses both his arms to cradle me outside the bathroom and back into the patient room where he found the perfect spot for the two of us. He rests me on the bed and my view on top is filled with his entire upper and body looking down at me. Sean pulled down his boxers letting me see in full view the true size of his manhood. It is angrier and more detailed with veins pumping with blood. It wasn’t what I expected since it exceeded more! ‘Turn around!’ Sean said it in an instant way and I obeyed him that easily. I turned around lying on my front on the bed. I felt the tip of Sean’s hand pulling the waist of my shorts revealing my own manhole. He uses his hands to pull my middle body up and I felt his massive cock resting at my back spine for a moment. ‘You’re tight Lewis. I like it. Don’t worry, just like everyone told me, this will definitely hurt. It’s normal’ Just like every thing coming into life, first, I felt the tip of Sean’s cock touching my anus. I could already feel his tip surrounding my butthole sending me to an upcoming feeling of euphoria. Sean was first struggling to place it as it kept on sliding down. His cock accidentally slid and poked my perineum part in between my anus and balls. The poking sensation is stronger than it should be because it automatically causes my hormones to kick in higher gear. Small amounts of pre-cum are already forming again. At first, I was afraid to disappoint myself. I want all of this to last longer. Tired of his attempt, Sean assisted his shaft holding it in place and penetrating my entire hole. The odd sensation was too much for me to take in that I couldn’t suppress a loud moan. ‘AAAHHWW’ ‘Shhhh. Quiet Lewis’ After initially poking my insides, Sean used a minimum of force to not break any part of my body into mush when he humped his hips forwards causing his cock to insert in full length inside my body. Sean securely puts a hand around my mouth to help keep my mouth shut from his unexpected stab of my behind. ‘FucK Lewis! I haven’t fucked anyone this tight. It seems you could give back the pleasure in any way. Fuck. Ahhh’ Sean grinded his entire body while holding my waist in place. Sean had to tighten his hips a bit since my body would just follow the direction of his waist instead of meeting it oppositely. That’s how tight I was. Sean grinded it fast then transitioned to slow and slow motions. Everytime, I could feel Sean’s cock hitting something inside my lower stomach. I could only pray that he won’t damage anything in my body apart from my anus. Sean kept on grinding it back and forth. The bed we were doing it on buckled a little and the metal headboard hitting the walls causing everything that was hanging to sway from the vibrations. But I didn’t bother with everything around me as I can no longer sense everything around aside from the humping and grinding movements of Sean’s body. Also, I could hear the soft moans Sean is giving after feeling that tight body surrounding his manhood. I even failed to recognize that my puny cock is already unleashing cum followed by another pump and last. But Sean wasn’t done yet. He just kept on grinding and grinding until I felt something odd inside. The linings of my butthole slowly kept on getting tighter and being stretched out causing me immense pain. It would seem like Sean’s cock girth is expanding minute by minute. Though wishing it would last long, I can’t help the pain that I spoke to Sean trying to talk him out. ‘AAhhh. Sean please! It’s getting tighter’ I plead. Sean must have heard my foolish request for him to stop since he decelerated his movements. But he shouted in reply ‘SHUT UP!’ After that response, I only tried to hide my struggle waiting for Sean to finish himself. After a few minutes, I felt the inside of my stomach getting hotter and hotter, scattering around inside. Then again, the similar feeling came back followed by another. Sean is pumping his cum inside my body like a milk. I almost threw up from the realization but Sean just finished himself after 6 successive pumps of his cum. I felt Sean’s entire upper body weight resting on top of my back after removing his deflating cock. The two of us were completely out of breath but I was more struggling than him after trying to contain his body pressing me. I felt Sean’s arms inserting below my stomach as he hugged me, locking me with his entire body. Then Sean turned me up and him resting at the side of the bed. I looked him in the face and noticed he was entirely slightly buffer than earlier. But that is just the least of my worries after I found myself shrinking into the unknown while staring at his bright blue eyes. The two of us layed there for a good hour until Sean received a text message from Dr. Addams already coming. -----------------------------------------present---------------------------------------------- ‘HAHAH. YOU REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME WE DID IT DON’T YOU BABE!? HHAHHA YOU’RE A LUCKY GUY AFTER LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY TO ME!!! YOU WERE TIGHTER BEFORE BUT NOW!? YOU CAN’T EVEN WRAP YOUR ENTIRE ARMS AROUND MY COCK GIRTH. HAHAHA. TALK ABOUT GROWING! BUT HANG ON JAN!! AT LEAST YOU COULD STILL GIVE ME EVEN THE SLIGHTEST PLEASURE IN RETURN. YOU OWE ME AFTER I’VE ALREADY GIVEN YOU MORE ORGASMS THAN BEFORE I’LL REACH MINE. RIGHT? YOU COULD JUST LOOK AT ME AND CUM COMES OOZING OUT ALREADY. YOU DON’T THINK I WON’T FEEL IT WITH MY SUPER SENSE?SO YOU CAN’T HIDE IT ANYMORE’ Sean’s loud babble only rattled my entire building as he continued boasting his growth while pleasuring his cock. I tried to bend my ears to the side since I couldn’t cover it with my own hands. My entire arms and legs are hugging Sean’s human sized shaft as per his order when we got home. He manhandled my entire body like a doll and commanded me to wrap me and hug his erected cock. He told me he was dying to do this to me ever since this morning. ‘UGHHH WRAP IT. HUG IT TIGHTLY. AND THAT’S HOW YOU’LL FEEL ME GROW’ And true enough, during the course of him brushing my wrapping body along his shaft, I felt his girth expanding slowly. Growing and Growing filling up my interlock arms. Until only fingers were left holding together so I wouldn’t fall on the floor. Sean is coiling his fist around his cock with me inside stroking it. Sean tried his best to not exert more force and moan lighter, afraid to break the glass windows in my apartment. The growing sensation of his manhood kept on going until I could barely touch my fingers to wrap it around. Sean must have felt my arms slowly losing grip as his body kept on blowing up to massive proportions. This realization contributed to Sean’s excessive pride. Sean then cupped my back and pulled me out of his growing and lengthening cock. This was it. The day I was too afraid that would come. I can no longer help Sean pleasure himself. No single man could. Sean pulled me up then moved me on top of his very defined ridges of his abs. ‘YOU’RE BETTER SAFE HERE. LOOK AT ME….’ Sean returned his hands in stroking his cock while his other hand resting on top of my body serving as a roof of what is yet to come. I looked to the side while sitting with my legs to the side and felt Sean’s abdomen rising up and lowering down as he breathed air in and out. Looking at Sean masturbated himself without me. His hands flexed more as he added tighter grip around his cock. He never applied more pressure like this when we would do it together. Sean can finally let loose a little for many years of making sure of my safety. I looked to the other side and Saw Sean’s face tilted up looking at me and back to working his cock. ‘AHHHHHHHH!!!! FUCCCK! I’M SORRY BABY. BUT I THINK YOU REALLY HAVE TO RELOCATE SOON!’ Sean could no longer hold it back as he was about to unleash the loudest moan together with a strong blast of cum. His toes curl as an effect of his increase in arousal. I heard his cock firing a strong gallons of hot white liquid shooting upwards to and hitting the kitchen cabinets encased with wooden doors. The doors couldn’t take the strong impact of Sean’s cum as it crumpled and breaking it. Sean redirected the tip of his cock towards the chandelier and fired it with another blast. The impact hit the small bulbs and exploded everything. The broken chandelier sparked a little but only settled after Sean completely covered it with his cum. Sean shot his cum in every part of the room; to my couch, my bedroom walls and even a few gallons splattered in my windows and curtains. He is right, I really need to relocate soon. This place is already a mess. In the middle of it all, here lies my boyfriend. The person responsible for ruining my place, my home. Everything in Earth keeps on shrinking around him including me resting on top of his abdomen. Sean leveled up his game and will keep on getting taller, bigger and powerful as long as he attains his godhood. ‘FUUUUUUUCK!!! AHHHHH’ During his last shot, Sean’s eyes glowed red. The similar threatening glare everybody in the world is most afraid of. That one power where he could easily kill someone just by looking straight at him. The red gaze of Sean only grew brighter and brighter trying to not unleash a strong beam of light that could damage the entire integrity of the building’s roof. He would cause a lot more damage than his cum cannon. Sean squeezed out the last batch of his hot white liquid by gripping his cock. Sean’s red glaze subsided together with his deflating cock. The sound of destruction is slowly replaced by Sean’s heavy breathing. Sean tilted his back looking at me. Everything I witnessed as of this moment really has hit me hard. Sean has been holding back this kind of pleasure for so long. As his body grew, Sean’s needs grew as well. I couldn’t keep up with him anymore. He is growing beyond anything. He needs more than me and I can’t promise himself of that. I should have foreseen it all before going with Sean that Summer. But before I could overthink much further, I looked back at Sean and gave him my smile. ‘I THINK WE SHOULD STAY AT ADDAM’S FOR A WHILE’ ‘Yeah, we should give him a call’ I said in agreement ----------------------------------------------Earlier----------------------------------------- ‘Hello, Doctor’ ‘Hi’ A soft almost whispering voice of Dr. Addams is the only voice that can be heard inside his office. The doctor is holding a telephone in his ears while looking at his 2 guests outside. Me, alongside Sean as I ran towards my car. Thankfully, Dr. Addams secured his office with a noise cancelling device so that this mighty hero standing just outside his office won’t hear this conversation he is about to have with the person on the line. Behind the blinds, Robert stared at Sean’s heavy movements and felt the vibration of his footsteps sending it towards his building. Doctor Addam’s other hand is mysteriously placed inside his pants as he tries to work on his own erection. Ever since Sean returned from 1st year of college and heard news from the TV during his games, he’s been an avid fan and couldn’t wait for every summer to come and ask this young stud to stay in his place again. But the doctor has long been holding his disappointment everytime Sean always brought me along, preventing him from having an intimate time with Sean. Robert looked back at me as I entered the car ‘I shouldn’t have let you in my place before’ Doctor Addams continued to beat his meat tougher this time as he saw every muscle of Sean’s back as the giant walked towards my car. Placing my car in between his legs and lifting it up. The strength that Sean developed is truly outstanding and beyond everything he can comprehend. The doctor savored every last bit of the scenery as he tried to save the picture of Sean’s biceps as it curled into a ball trying to lift the tiny car. The other person heard what the doctor had said and mistakenly thought it was meant for her. ‘Excuse me Doctor!?’ The doctor instantly regained his consciousness back to reality as he heard the disgusted voice of the person on the other end. ‘I’m sorry Miss. I just wanted to say, I have an update about Subject X. And I’m trying to prove out this my theory soon’ The whole building rattled as a strong earthquake came where Sean was standing earlier as the epicenter. Sean would always cause the entire ground every time he propelled and landed himself. The doctor accelerated his stroking motion as he tried to process how strong Sean is becoming through the years. If only he had discovered it first before I did, I wouldn’t be on the way for him and Sean. ‘Good! You better do it fast Addams, this has been going on for too long and that kid just keeps on getting more powerful. We should know how to restrain him soon. Before it gets worst’ Said by a woman’s voice in stereo. ‘Sure Miss. I’ll call you soon. Bye’ The Doctor ended the line and threw his phone on the nearest couch. Robert tilted his head as he kept on playing everything he witnessed earlier at the hanger. He sexualized what just Sean did to her when Seann arrived with a rumbling land in the ground. Robert recalled the strong fingers that collared him and lifted him up to his massive face. He remembered how frightened he was but at the same time his feeling of arousal after the unexpected mass difference between the two. Sean is slowly taking up his rightful place in this world and he is glad enough to oblige in everything that the giant requests. He is no longer a human but more of being deserved to be worshipped. Robert wanted to feel the giant’s close proximity and smell that manly sweat Sean always releases. Robert finally felt the need to unleash and cum filled his entire underwear. But his hands became the primary victim as it drooled and scattered all around his fingers. Robert slowed down his breathing then pulled out his fingers from his pants. The doctor was trying to look for a napkin near his desk but couldn’t find any. He remembered that his water system was probably damaged from the sudden power interruption caused by Sean. So the doctor thought of other ways to clean his hands off and finally thought of something. Doctor Addams grabbed the sides of his lab coat and used it to wipe his cum off his hands. Chapter 7 ‘SMASH’ A sound of shattering glass, as a result of either breaking windows, exploding bulbs, falling vases, or picture frames, resonates across my already dismantled home. The vibrating sound completely pulls me out of my verge of awakening. My lids opened up welcoming me with a view of the sky above while it continuously awaits for the Sun to rise completely. It is no wonder why I awakened with the view, lying my entire back on something dense and imperfectly plain cushion. The mildly inebriated mind of mine lingering the feeling of becoming conscious, for the first few seconds, plucks most of my memory from last night’s events. I started waking up from lying down by dragging my arms up to my sides causing it to rub a slick substance from the cushion. Using my elbows to push my upper torso to rise, I felt the slick substance like a drying glue, resisting my motion, pulling me down due to my back skin’s affixture to the underlying gluing substance. My hair only worsens the struggle when the substance pasted my hair to whatever this thing I was lying all night. Ceaselessly, my memory returns upon spanning around my home. It is wrecked in every way. The expanse of the sky that I foresaw is a result of the massive hole in my ceiling. Broken beams and concrete are visible from the edges of the hole which I remembered, Sean widening it last night as he punched a way for his gargantuan body to enter. The massive hole held no resemblance to the elevated ceiling I admired the first time I moved here. When Sean successfully created a hole with enough size for his legs to get inside and step on the floor, his chest with a size equivalent to double the size of his waist is the next challenge for his complete entrance. My entire view of my boyfriend’s pectorals up to his head was completely blocked by the ceiling as its edges concealed his body. I was staring up closely where Sean’s legs were standing 4 feet away. Sean must have sensed my midget body standing near him so he lifted his toes and pushed me away from being underneath the structure he planned to obliterate. At first, I mistakenly thought his attempt to pry me was foot worship so I tried to hug and licked it on our contact. The toes I was completely infatuated with for a moment wiggled my body causing me to fly a few inches from where I was standing. If Sean wasn’t careful in holding back his super strength, that kick could have thrown me across a wall turning my body into goos of blood and broken bones. My slight dizziness faded away while Sean raised his arms, facing it downwards with a tightened fist. With very ample force, Sean rocked his fist down on the ceiling breaking it like graham biscuits. I saw his fist coming out from the ceilings with the concrete rubble raining down to the floor. My boyfriend continued to widen the space by effortlessly elbowing the edges added by blasting it with his flaming red glaze that molted the metal beams. Looking above my red-eyed boyfriend, my fantasies became more disturbed as I tried to picture him, the god of destruction wrecking my very home. I continued my gaze and circulated it to my surroundings. My kitchen completely looked defeated by the white liquid of Sean’s semen when he launched it towards that direction with a force capable to break the wooden cabinets and shatter the glasses encasing my kitchenware. The sofa beds and coffee table I often used for house guests are completely soaked by Sean’s semen. The softly padded upholstery looked filthy from the shards of glasses and concrete that mixed well with the slimy liquid. The chandelier no longer looked grandiose on the floor as Sean’s red hot eye beams blasted its chord causing it to unhang itself from the ceiling. If not in the walls, the white copious cum of Sean flooded the whole floor of my home. Everywhere I look, the only safest place I could stay for now to avoid broken pieces of glass and stone puncturing my sole is on top of Sean’s pool-sized lower abs where I rested for the whole night. The part of his unearthly body that I mistook as a cushion. In the center of all this destruction lies my giant lover with my tiny body on his abs as he uses his right arm to support his truck-sized head. I can’t hold back an erection after seeing the entire view of Sean’s body spreading everywhere where my eyes could. Due to his size and underlying immense power, it feels like Sean is not here completely based on my limited view of his body as a whole and at the same time, feeling his presence like a god being everywhere near. His folded arms in between his head and the floor cause his biceps to curl into a ball of muscle. It is no doubt that the strength this certain muscle holds could crush everything that stays on top of it. I looked at Sean’s other hand lying straight slightly slanting from his torso. His palms facing down and his fingers slightly curled with each tip plowing the tiled floor serving as 5 pillars of power creating a cavern that could fit a human inside. In the center of the caved-like position of his hands, a broken vase stood helplessly. Pieces of the ceramic structure were scattered everywhere. This must be where the broken sound came that awakened me after Sean unintentionally crushed it in his sleep. My discernment that the vase underneath his palms completely crushed into nothing could have been me if he held grasp of my fragile body instead. I envisioned myself squirming in pain as his legs-sized fingers trap me in and apply the minimum effort to break my bones and organs inside. My helpless body oozing blood from my eyes, nose, and mouth as I continued to be a subject of my own boyfriend’s strength. He could end my life unintentionally. It has always been easy and continuously became easier for him in the passing days. But amidst all dilapidation of the things my ascending boyfriend has caused, the weariness after witnessing all my years of hard work crumbled in just one amorous night is instantly neglected upon seeing the sleepy face of Sean. Resting his eyes completely unbothered of the shards and debris scattered in the floor where he laid. Unlike my sensitive body, his indestructible skin is more than the dangerous sharp objects can wound through. One swift movement in his sleep could just easily break into pieces like a snap. He was right when he told me that the safest place I should stay onto is here in his abdomen. Heaving up and down together lifting my body up then down as he breathed a massive air. I kept looking at Sean’s face abundant with fine young features. He looked like a character coming out of a renaissance painting, something out of a myth or religiously depicted art. Staring intently after a long second, a super dense material fell from above and hit my head pushing me forward with my face dumping into Sean’s naval. Good thing the force that knocked me down was not so heavy to injure the back of my skull. I turned my gaze at what was the thing that hit me. The semi-hardened erection I had earlier completely hardened was caused by the thing that caught my sight. Sean’s cock almost similar to my height or even half a foot taller with a girth size much bigger than my chest knocked me and almost crushed my head after it sprung up and bent down to his abs. Sean is sporting massive morning wood. An erecting dick is caused by the active testosterone rising in the morning. Even in the absence of stimulation, Sean’s dick competes with my petite physique. Urge to touch the angry creature in front of me increases more and more as I continued to stare at it. Figuring I wouldn’t like to disturb a sleeping giant, stimulating my own penis is what I did. My right hand working up and down my shaft while turning my gaze from my fragile dick then next to my boyfriend’s dick standing like a telephone pole shadowing most of my body from the morning sun. Bawdy images played in my imagination as my deepest desires awaken. I was daydreaming and in my dream, I’m in a similar place resting on top of Sean beating my meat. Sean is still snoozing from his unresisting moment of sleep. Images of Sean’s body growing inside my room lying on the floor flash in. My cognitive state slowly slipping away as I passed through the boundaries of my reality. ‘I know you can grow more than this Sean. Please. Grow for me. Destroy my home, this tower if you could. No one will hold you responsible. Just don’t hold back’. The messages I whispered in my thought hoping my boyfriend hears and grants my wish. I felt the skin behind my back started stretching and widening in surface and the cock in front of me grew bigger and wider in size. Blood passes through the veins bringing every cell in Sean’s body to activity. I began to whisper again and again. Worshipping the giant manhood that manifests my boyfriend's size and power. ‘That’s it. Please! Grow! Destroy everything in your wake Sean. Grow for me’ Every praise I stated contributes to Sean’s growing body. His 2 legs lengthening in size. Knocking every piece of furniture that rests along the path where his growth takes place. The 2 feet widening doubling in size after a minute. Sean’s thighs grew bigger as well. Each muscle in his calf emphasizes more and more. The cock growing like a batter in the oven after being heated up of desire and steamy worship his body omits. The torso where I was lying expanded more and more filling the spaces of my apartment. His resting head and curled biceps became a monument of force and power as it tries to keep in proportion to all his body are doing. Sean’s entire body grew from his 30 ft height to 60 ft. The kitchen Island moves to the side pushing it more and more to the dishwashing area attached to the wall as his sole touches it. Knees folding up after the resistance of the furniture it applies to accommodate Sean’s body. His knees stood 10 ft in the air almost reaching the ceilings then after a minute, pushing the ceiling more widening the already widened hole. Debris of concretes falling and traveling along with his Shin before it falls to the ground disintegrating into rubble. The wall that separates my room from the living area buckled, opening it revealing my bed. His elbow reaching the ceiling and also denting it contributing to a bigger hole. Sean’s tip of his head reached the glass windows overlooking the city. My worries began to sneak in when the glass emits a breaking sound. Lines of crack scattering all over the glass windows reaching its edges. Then after the continuous growth, Sean’s head obliterates the glass breaking it into thin pieces, and falls from 200 ft from the ground. The unfortunate cars and people walking on the sidewalk below became the first victim of Sean’s growing presence. Their last hope? Sean McConley appears from the sky and saves 17 people as they stood frozen looking at the glass pieces falling on them. But they all died not knowing the only person they thought could save them from a few seconds before death is the same person that caused it. Sean’s lying head stood almost 7 ft in height. His nose bridge reaching the tip of the window’s edge causes the cement wall to break easily. The part of Sean’s body where I was resting widens from queen size to king size to entirely the size of my bedroom. I moved into a table position with my 3 limbs in pushing myself up and the other hand working on my cock looking at Sean’s face from the far end. His toes push more and more to the kitchen until the wall that supported it could no longer oppose the force. The wall breaks into pieces and another debris falling 200 ft. from the ground. A massive piece of the wall, having a similar size to a taxi car fell on top of a small coffee shop standing across the tower. 2-morning shift cashiers and 3 people having their morning sip of coffee became nothing more than a lifeless bug after a car-size boulder fell from the sky. The crowds below started running away from the building when they saw a massive head covered in blond hair coming out of one end of the tower and 2 feet on the other. Even from the disoriented position of Sean, the growing giant sleeps restfully with his eyes relaxed. The growth did not end however due to my continuous praise. Suddenly, Sean’s straightened hand lying on the floor moved on top of me. His hands reached touched the back of his cock and gripping it, tightening and loosening. His entire arms above me descending and ascending back on top of me as he moved his hands caressing his massive erection. Every time h lowers his hands to his cock’s base, his arm continuous to lower and near my body. I laid on my back again to watch how a giant plays with his endowment. Witnessing the scenery did not disappoint me. A pre-cum drips out of his cock slit. Few drops fell down wetting my face. The smell of Sean’s cock is a divine scent that smells heavenly. Sean’s instinct wiped the liquid oozing from his cock and wiped it up and down his cock. Sean lubricates himself resulting in him moaning louder enough to be heard by me. ‘Ummmpphh’ Sean’s body continues to grow rapidly, doubling in a minute to triple and growing exponentially. The pre-cum kept dripping in my face and Sean’s arms keep on getting bigger. My top view looked like a massive dump truck falling on top of me ready to squish me at any moment. The gooey liquid that came out of Sean’s cock grew proportionally with his body as well. More fluid to lubricate his shaft. My face became entirely wet. A few drops and I can barely breathe from the pre-cum that obstructed my airways. But I tried my best to not be easily defeated by Sean’s cock. The wet pre-cum slid down my back and causing my body to slip to the side of his abdomen. Sean’s breathing contributed as his abdomen raises higher creating a steeper slope to slide. It started slowly but accelerates as I near the edge of his 10 pack abs. I hear Sean moan in his sleep. Or as I thought. ‘AaaaHhhh’ ‘No! Shit’ I frantically uttered as I felt myself falling towards the tiled floor. ‘OOPS’ Before my body gets in contact with the ground beside Sean’s torso, Sean’s massive hand caught my body and cupping me. His hands were now the size of a human bathtub. This is how much his body has grown. But what struck me is that he is conscious this entire time. He knew I was falling and he moves his hand just to trying to catch me. I raised my head higher and there I saw Sean’s massive face looking at me, tilting his head to watch my tiny body resting nervously on his hands. Sean gave me a smile. My boyfriend is awoken this entire time when I thought his growth destroys my apartment unintentionally during his sleep. But I was wrong, Sean must have played along pretending to be still in sleep. His morning wood was an effect of his body’s changes to his growth raising his growth hormones to a higher extent. Sean’s body buckled the floor beneath us. I felt the abrupt feeling of falling off a whole floor. The occupants beneath Sean’s body became a lifeless mush mixed with broken cement and dust. A poop covered in sand. It is disturbing but my boyfriend looked happy. Sean moved me below his cock slit still continuously dripping pre-cum. Then after a few seconds. Sean’s cock pulsated more and more preparing itself to unload a force of the liquid. ‘WHACK’ Sean’s white cum came out like a water hydrant and splashed up in the sky before landing on Sean’s chest and a few in his cheeks. The last drop of his first pump of cum drips to my body coating me entirely. I was bathing in white glue. I searched for air helplessly while wiping the semen around my nose and mouth. Then I felt my body moving up and again and lifting me towards Sean’s face. When I had the vision, I met dazzling eyes. It is half the size of my entire body. Then I was lowered back and saw Sean’s smiling mouth. White liquid dripping at the left side of the cheek. ‘Do it. Please!’ I begged my god to do anything he is pleased. Then without further question, Sean knew what I was pertaining him to do. Sean gave me a smile and he positioned his hands gripping me like a popsicle ice cream. My legs were coiled by his hands and my upper body was still drenched with his cum, outside his coiling hands but closer to his mouth. I looked up at Sean and signaled him to do it. Sean opened his jaw and my gaze shifted from the view of the sky then to his white pearl teeth and then his inner mouth’s lining. My upper body was inside his mouth. Sean closed his mouth and I felt his teeth sandwiching my body. His teeth are so strong that a few of my rib bones cracked with the slightest bite of his teeth. My view darkened as I was stored inside his mouth. My feet still feeling his coiling hands pulls me outward again. His lips moving from my torso then reaching my head as he pulls me in and out like a lollipop. Sean’s tongue licked me inside as he takes a taste of his own cum. ‘Hmmmppp’ I felt the walls of his mouth vibrating in his every moan. Sean pulled me in and out at a much faster rate. Coating me wet. Sean lets go of my feet and pushed my full body inside his mouth. Sean is growing still based on the expanding cave of his mouth. My boyfriend could now swallow my hole. Sean fastened his stroking motion and cum fires out of his cock. Falling outward to the unfortunate bystanders below the ground. Walls still falling from where Sean rests. Everyone is looking up to the sky watching a god work himself. The darkened and weird place I was in resulted in my claustrophobia coming out. My heart rate races up. Sean’s tongue moved to the side putting my head in between his upper and lower molars. Tears welling up in my eyes but I couldn’t feel it dripping due to Sean’s viscous saliva. The molars press both the side of my head holding me in place. If I could see Sean’s face. Sean closes his eyes and moved my body to his side of the mouth like gum. He continuously enjoys the euphoria as he finally decided to push his teeth more. I felt the force becoming tighter. My skull feeling the pressure ready to break. I shouted my muffled cries but no one could hear me. Then in a whim. Sean closes his jaw entirely crushing my head into pieces. Volley and Volley of cum came out of Lover’s cock. Sean rested both his hands at the back of his head as he swirled my body inside his mouth sipping my blood and body liquids. Then Sean finally decided to end my lifeless misery with a gulp. I felt my hands dampened as small amount of cum drips down my cock. ‘THAT’S CUTE!’ I drifted back in reality as I heard the godly voice of my boyfriend on top of me. I looked around and turned my body in all fours. I stared up at my giant boyfriend chuckling. He is making fun of my attempt at short-lived masturbation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I ran panicky towards the News Station for my Job after almost 30 minutes of being late. Sean and I had to secure the Apartment before we part ways. He told me his plans on demanding things in return for his Service from the government. ‘DON’T WORRY, MAYBE I’LL CHECK ON DR. ADDAMS ON MY WAY TO SEE IF HE’LL LET US STAY THERE. I’M PRETTY SURE I WON’T FIT IN THIS YOUR APARTMENT AFTER A WEEK OF GROWING’ Sean said still lying on his back. One supporting his head and the other pinching his abs as he stared at my little frantic movement from getting ready for work. I just nodded in agreement. I really had no time to discuss this further since I’m in rush. I jumped out of the elevator and walk towards my office. Victoria, my boss texted me this morning to meet her. She told me no detail just that it’s a big assignment she loves me to be involved in too. Reaching her office door, I knocked on the wooden material to notify her that I’m already here. I turned the knob and was surprised by her loud welcoming voice. ‘Ahhh! Finally! Come, Sit here. I have a very special assignment for you next week. You better come prepared’ Stabilizing myself after the rush arrival, I sat on the chair in front of Victoria’s desk. Where she stood in heels with her body leaning forward resting her palms on the desk as support. I looked at her but she didn’t meet my gaze. Her gaze staring away across the other side of her office. I followed her line of sight. She was looking straight at the videos of Sean flashing on the screen. It was mixed footage of Sean captured during news, and other people’s phone footage. One footage was of Sean when he was a guest in a bodybuilding show. He flexed for the camera and the gasps of the audience echoed at the back. There were also pictures of him flying above the sky. His using 2 cars as weights for his super strength show off. Sean’s isn’t just occupied by saving the world. He also shows up in shows to perform. Lifting trucks, tanks, showing what his Super Punch could do to almost anything. Also a picture of him that got us into an argument a year ago displays shortly on the screen. It was a magazine picture of him sitting in a wide bed. His legs speeded on the other side together with 5 women, all models, posing around him. Sean’s hands rested at his side while 2 women hug it maliciously. The other one wrapping her arms around his neck and 2 women touching his feet. It was a scandal that compromises our relationship in the past. Just as I realized, the latest images of Sean were during last week where he stood 17 ft. Yes, the world didn’t saw him during the weekends. Everyone is unaware of his current size. Their superhero surpassing every size and strength unimaginable. ‘Umm Victoria? About that assignment you have for me?’ During the course of my job here and working with my boss. Victoria isn’t so subtle in showing her infatuation towards Sean. She has always been fascinated by my Boyfriend. If only she had known what’s going in between me and her Idol, she definitely should tone it down. She told me once that she will die to have at least a short time with Sean and ask questions to interview him. That’s why she always praises me whenever I get to interview him instead. I told Sean about her sometimes. Sean knows that my stupid boss has a thing for him. He just shrugged off the idea every time I tell him. But deep down, I know how he liked being praised and idolized. The very adoration he often receives from people when they saw him is a heroine to Sean’s pride and ego. This secret I told him is the exact reason why Sean wanted me to interview him. He told me we could use it as an advantage for me to be promoted. If I get to interview him more than any other news station, then Victoria will continuously applaud my job. Getting a higher chance for promotion. ‘Yeah! About your assignment, I want you to interview Sean Mcconley ’ ‘What!?’ ‘You heard me Lewis, and since we have no direct contact to him…..You know I’ve been wondering why Sean doesn’t have any manager for him. He could at least hire someone so that we could have a direct line to contact him. So, I suggest the next time you two meet again, you ask him. Or if not, find other ways. Once this project gets complete, I’ll probably talk to the management about your promotion’ Victoria said My mind couldn’t abruptly process every detail she told me. The only thing in my mind as of the moment is that after all reporters in this station, I was chosen. I need to interview Sean, my secret boyfriend. ‘And it will be live’ She further added There is nothing much I could say. Everything Victoria orders must be taken into action. The struggle I will be facing is obviously not on how to contact him but on how I could contain my composure when I’ll soon have to interview him in life where billions of people will be watching. So, I just let the situation pass my worries. I still need that promotion. ‘Okay’ I replied confidently --------------------------------------------Palace------------------------------------------- Tents were lined up along the sides of the country’s palace. The home for Alex Loosevelt, the country’s elected Secretary of Defense. A once image of strength and justice soon changes as he and his men stood outside the palace building awaiting their god’s arrival. He puts on a long-sleeved white shirt for this day trying to look well in his meeting with Sean. Sweats trickled in the sides of his forehead as he held a radiotelephone in his left hand. The static sound emanates from the device before he heard another person’s voice. ‘Sir? Mcconley is already coming. He is 5 miles ahead from your location. He could be down there any second. He’s just flying casually’ Loosevelt raised the RT near his mouth and speaks with a reply. ‘Okay. Thank you’ Loosevelt settled himself first, looking at his sides where 20 armed men line up behind him. The President is nowhere to be found in the palace after he took a special meeting outside the country last week. To Loosevelt, he thought the President was just making an excuse to avoid meeting Mcconley. Afraid of what he could do to him. That’s why in agreement, Loosevelt requested lines of protection as the least the president can do when he bravely welcomes Sean. Loosevelt raised his phone again and pressed the RT and signaled everyone of Sean’s arrival. ‘Okay guys, He is coming any seconds. Make sure you’ve cooked enough food’ Under the roof, tents were filled with at least 28 people wearing culinary uniforms and Hats. Their catering trucks parked outside the palace as they arrived early in the morning to prepare the food Sean has requested before. Yesterday, when Sean arrived at the palace grounds completely naked standing 17 ft in height, everyone working inside was astounded by the sight of his foot and a half long cock swaying side by side as he walked towards the building and knocked the old walls. --------------------------------------------A day ago---------------------------------------- The President including Loosevelt is shocked by the sudden vibrating movements. The President is too afraid to face Sean so Loosevelt took responsibility and came outside to hear what Sean wanted. When he got outside, he saw Sean’s massive stature crossing his forehands in front of his chest. Looking pissed at the time he spent waiting for the bugs to come out of their manhole. If he wasn’t as kind enough, he could just easily punch the roof of the wall just to speak his terms. Sean looked directly at the balcony stated on the 2nd floor of the palace that leveled with Sean’s forehead. Loosevelt rested his hands on the rail and looked at Sean. When the two guys meet, Sean didn’t like how this bug is level with his sight. With the desire to assert his domination, Sean lifted himself up the ground floating in midair putting Loosevelt down him. Loosevelt timidly backed off as he saw Sean’s head rose high in the sky revealing his shoulders then his chest and folded arms in front. But what really took him in silence was the massive organ hanging in front of Sean’s waist. Sean intentionally raised his body higher so that Loosevelt has a perfect sight for his cock. One of his body’s features where he took pride in. Sean notices the staring game Loosevelt is having with his cock so he tried to get his attention back by uncrossing his arms and coiling one hand at his cock swirling it in the air like a rope. Sean gave Loosevelt a handsome grin. ‘QUIT IT MAN, I KNOW YOUR BOSS IS PUSSY COWARD TO MEET ME SO HE SENT YOU. I JUST WANT TO SPEAK MY TERMS IN EXCHANGE OF THE SERVICES I DID. I SAW A BANK ROBBERY ON THE WAY HERE SO THIS SHOULDN’T TAKE LONG’ Loosevelt looked up above and met Sean’s gaze trying his best to listen to the Giant instead of getting distracted at his glorious face. ‘Good morning Sean, Yes! What can we do for you now?’ Sean raised his cock higher emphasizing his point as he spoke. Even the calmest state of Sean’s dick intimidated the tiny human in front of it. ‘THIS!? WHERE ARE THE CLOTHES, I ASKED YOU BEFORE? I NEED TO HIDE THIS GUY UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO GO FLY IN THE AIR NAKED’ Sean’s cock pulsed at the thought of it all. ‘Okay, it’s already finished. I hope it stretches to your size Mcconley. I didn’t know you’ve grown so much. You looked smaller last night when I saw you on news’ ‘AHHH! GOOD, AND YES I’VE GROWN A LOT IN JUST A NIGHT. SURPRISING RIGHT!? SO YOU BETTER MAKE AN EXTRA CLOTHES WITH LARGER SIZES BECAUSE I MIGHT NOT BE AS HUGE AS YOU SEE ME NOW! I’M PLANNING ON GETTING BIGGER! Sean raised his hands and gave Loosevelt a biceps pose. The sight of 2 massive balls flexing harder stripped every manly persona Loosevelt has. He couldn’t compete with this guy in any way imaginable. Loosevelt nodded his head and followed Sean’s talk. ‘BUT ANOTHER REASON OF ME COMING HERE IS TO TELL THAT COWARD PRESIDENT TO PROVIDE MY FOOD FROM NOW ON! I WANT HIM TO SEND ME LOADS OF FOOD. EVERY DAY’ ‘But I thought your body can no longer feel hunger Sean?’ ‘YEAH!!! BUT I MISSED FOOD. I MISSED EATING! AND I THINK THAT’S NOT SO MUCH THING TO ASK. AFTER ALL, I’VE DONE LOTS OF THINGS FOR THIS PLACE AND FOOD IS NOT THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK. RIIGHT? Sean brushed his abs making the movement sexier. Loosevelt agreed. Sean brushed his chin thinking. ’LET’S SEE…….HOW ABOUT WE START TOMORROW HUH? MY FIRST MEAL, HERE? I HAVEN’T FOUND A PLACE TO SHELTER MY SELF SOON AS I GET BIGGER. SO YOU WON’T MIND ME EATING HERE RIGHT?’ Loosevelt nodded again. He was left with no words to negotiate with this god. ‘COOL’ Sean lifted himself slowly before realizing one thing. ‘OHH! AND JUST MAKE SURE YOU’LL COOK ENOUGH FOOD! BECAUSE YOU GUYS WON’T LIKE A GIANT MAN GET HUNGRY’ ‘Yesss!!! Of course Sean. We’ll make sure of that’ Sean gave Loosevelt a wink before he flew outwards the sky and knocked the tiny human on the floor. Loosevelt could no longer keep up with his heart rate as he slowly drifted away from consciousness fainting from nervousness after seeing Sean. ----------------------------------------A day later------------------------------------------- An 8-seater long table is placed at the palace’s front yard just next to the Catering people who were hired to cook for Sean’s special meal that he requested yesterday. Everyone keeps on going from the kitchen tent to the wide table. The chefs cooked meals enough to feed 2 families celebrating Christmas Day. At the center of it all is a massive Roasted Pig. Different kinds of Freshly sliced fruits surrounded the main dish circling the table. Other dishes were also lined up at the edges, Fried chickens, Stakes of Beef, and Tuna Salad all served in 3-5 plates. The preparation for Sean’s meal is so extravagant. The People taking pictures outside the palace notices the large foods catered inside. They all thought there was another celebration being held in the palace. But they are all wrong. Loosevelt kept on asking the persons behind the phone to fasten the things before Sean’s arrival. Loosevelt couldn’t get enough sleep last night after a days-long of overthinking of how much food Sean wanted to eat. The restless face of Loosevelt can be seen from the baggy eyes he has. He couldn’t afford to piss off Sean. He prayed and prayed that this food was budgeted accordingly and that he would satisfy Sean. Loosevelt started to worry again after he created a false outcome in his head if what if Sean thinks the food was not enough to feed his hunger. His heart rate raised higher and higher and just got worst when sounds of parting clouds as Sean punch through the sound barrier and followed it by landing on the palace grounds. Two out of all the tents couldn’t resist the air that hits it after Sean’s landing. Everyone for a 10-mile radius felt the ground quake upon Sean’s arrival. The people nearer to Sean’s location stumbled out of balance. The hot oil that was still on the stove waved inside their cooking stove and overflowed hitting on a chef’s face. The chef shouted in pain after a hot boiling oil washed his face. The medic rushed towards the injured chef after everyone regains balance. Everyone was mesmerized by Sean’s naked body. Every woman brushed their thighs as they saw the flaccid dick of Sean swaying at his footsteps. Sean looks at Loosevelt standing in front of the palace with men in arms protecting him. ‘As if they can stop me’ Sean thought and gave the 20 huge and buff soldier built men holding their pistols ready to get in act if Sean does anything to Loosevelt. Sean paced 11 steps forward to get a closer look at them. His super senses can detect their body slightly shaking from freight. The more he draws himself closer to them, the stronger the nerve impulses rise. He liked it. He likes to bath in every bug’s fear. ‘HELLO LOOSEVELT, WHAT’S WITH THE SOLDIER TOYS YOU GOT THERE? YOU PREPARING FOR SOMETHING? Sean moved his head to point at the men standing behind Loosevelt. He rested his hands at his hips waiting for Loosevelt to respond. Loosevelt swallowed a gob of saliva as he realized how much Sean has grown after just a day. He was in shock. Right now, he felt himself sinking to death as he saw Sean naked in front of them. ‘Shit, his clothes. His clothes weren’t finished yet. I’ve made the wrong calculations. Sean has doubled in size ‘Oh don’t worry about the…them Sean. It’s just my guards in case things went….. went downhill’ Sean expected the answer but didn’t like how backhanded Loosevelt said it. ‘ARE YOU MAKING A POINT LITTLE MAN. YOU WANT ME TO SHOW YOU AND YOUR GUYS WHAT ‘DOWNHILL’ MEANS?’ Sean moved further igniting his hands with sparks in command. The same lightning threads he unleashed yesterday at Dr. Addam’s Hangar. The first time he let the world see another ability he discovered. Sean’s eyes started to glow white and sparked a little making the people below step back and the soldiers point their guns up at Sean’s face. Sean thought of how foolish these guys could be. Did they know these weapons no longer work to him like years ago?. He was as little as these guys when he realized how thick and bulletproof his skin is. And it has grown thicker and stronger as years go by whenever he added height and power. Nothing has ever punctured or lacerated his skin. He is lucky unlike these men hoping their toys to calm him when things go downhill as Loosevelt says. ‘I could kill you in just one look you shits’ Sean thought. He clearly has the upper hand here. As always. These midgets are just so brave to even try. ‘Noo!!! Sean. Please.I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that. Ummm It’s just that I…. we still need to guard ourselves in case you don’t like the food’ ‘OKAY….. SO, WHERE’S MY SHORTS?’ Sean looked around and tries to see any large fabric prepared for him. But there was none. ‘I’m so….sorrry Sean, we didn’t expect you to grow double in size in just a day. I’ve sent the wrong sizes and we haven’t even finished it yet’ ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!??’ An angry voice of Sean rattles the walls of the palace and few antique glass break inside after Sean shouted in anger. But Sean thought letting Loosevelt pass for his incompetence. The Sparks igniting around Sean settled and shuts off in his command. He has shown better control for this ability in just a short period. ‘WELL, IT’S NOT LIKE I’M ASHAMED OF MY DICK. BUT, YOU GUYS NEED TO LEARN SOMETHING!. BUT FOR NOW? YOU JUST SIT STILL THERE AND PRAY THESE FOODS ARE ROCKIN. LET’S JUST HOPE YOU COOKED ENOUGH FOR A MAN MY SIZE!’ Sean walked towards the table where his foods were prepared. He can’t believe what he saw. From the moment he took notice of the amount of food served for him, he damn well knew Loosevelt is in trouble. But Sean wanted to play along. He can’t wait to put Loosevelt in his place later. Sean first pulled the whole roasted pig and brought it in his mouth. Loosevelt’s face turned in shock. That was supposed to be the heavy meal for Sean. But yet, he just swallowed it in whole like some appetizer. Sean slowly lifted the side dishes and turned the plates over his mouth in just one gallop. Sean had to admit how delicious the foods were. But he isn’t full yet. Sean ate the fruits tossing them like grapes. One by One shooting inside his teeth. The larger fingers of Sean could barely hold a few of the fruits carefully so he just unintentionally crushed a few in upon contact with his super-dense skin. By the time Sean took the last bit of the food, Loosevelt’s heart raises up. Sean looked at the tiny guy who offered him food. ‘THAT’S IT?’ Sean wiped a few food left on his mouth and cheek. ‘Yes …Yess Sean. ….I’m so so sorry. You should have told us you grew double so we could……’ ‘SHHHH SHHH’. Sean walked towards Loosevelt’s direction. The giant bends down and pinched Loosevelt’s back of his shirt. The poor man hangs in the air like a kitten being dragged up. Few Gunmen was frozen in place and the others raised their guns pointing at Sean as he lifted Loosevelt up. But their shaken limbs couldn’t risk pulling the trigger. ‘ARE YOU INSULTING ME? DID YOU JUST BLAME ME OF YOUR INCOMPETENCE HUH. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER’. Sean looked at the gunmen nearest to him. The brave man is one of the guys pointing his rifle directly at his face. Sean thought of how vulnerable this human is. Sean shot a red blast of his gaze in the little guy’s direction. But Sean isn’t aiming for the head. Sean’s hot baring gaze heated up the gun he is holding. The man shouted in pain as he instantly felt the gun heated up then melting metals dripped in his hands causing him to yelp in pain. The guy fell to his knees and Sean halted the blast but still contained the red light and he stared at each of the remaining men. ‘TRY IT AND I’LL TURN YOU TO CRISP’ Sean spoke in a serious and calm voice. Making it more threatening. Loosevelt’s feet are still dangling in the feet when he felt his body swaying side by side as Sean took steps forward heading outside the Palace Gates. He looked up at Sean’s line of direction. ‘No. He can’t’. The realization that Sean plans to bring Loosevelt outside the Palace and Humiliate him in front of the crowd. Loosevelt squirmed and kicked his feet in the air. His hands reached Sean’s fingers holding his shirt and tried to pinch it. Sean grinned at Loosevelt’s attempt of getting loose. The pinches he received from the small fingers feel like a tickle in his hands. Sean reached the gate. The Guards positioned at the Palace Gates were no longer to be found. Sean looked at the gate that just only leveled with his nose. Thought it’s tall, Sean knew well how flimsy and thin the metal of the Gate was. Sean raised his feet and gave the gate a might kick. Loosevelt covered his ears from the denting sound of the metal. The concrete frame of the Palace Gates disintegrated letting the bearing of the Gates get loose. In just one forceful kick, the gate fell in front laying flat on the street. The bystanders ran away from the scene but few people just stared at Sean frozen in place. Admiring his great physique. Sean stepped outside the palace gates and his direction heading to a water fountain where a statue of the first President in the country is standing. The sculpted stone is made from a special granite that originates from the country’s famous volcano. The Statue is a century older than Sean and every building in the country. The granite statue of a man wearing in tux stood the same height as Sean. But the only thinner compared to Sean’s bodybuilder physique. The crowd gasps in shock when they saw the Giant holding loosevelt like a kitten. They all grabbed their phones and captures the scene to be uploaded online. Sean stopped at the foot of the Fountain loosened his hands from gripping Loosevelt’s cloth. The tiny human rolled on the ground just a closer distance to his feet. ‘How tiny’. Sean gave an exchange look to his feet and then to the tiny human next to it. In addition, to assert his dominance, Sean lifted his feet from the ground and placed them on top of Loosevelt. Loosevelt’s view of the sky turned dark as he saw the giant’s sole descending upon him. Sean let a portion of Loosevelt’s head not fully cover it by his pressing tow. He wiggled the toes that cause Loosevelt to sniff his foot. Sean at first was gentle to apply pressure on his victim. But he couldn’t resist applying more and more pressure just to hear Loosevelt yelp in Pain. Loosevelt felt his ribs being pressed to the ground. The puny human suppressed the pain but he can’t longer prolong it after Sean just keeps on adding the pressure while he is still silent. ÁAaahh. Please’ Loosevelt cried as he finally felt his ribs fracture. Sean finally stopped adding weight after he finally heard his scream. ‘That’s it that’s what I wanted. Sean thought. Sean looked at his crying victim and he couldn’t help his cock but pulse slightly signaling an erection. Sean raised his head and looked at all the people surrounding him. Just by standing, Sean can now see everyone’s head. He pretty damn well knows that he is the only view they could all see. Sean flexed his calf muscles turning his feet pressing on Loosevelt to pivot causing his victim's body also to move side by side. Sea raised his biceps higher and flexed them. He could hear all the women including those closeted gays giving a slight moan when they saw him flexing at the center. Sean spoke up addressing everyone. ‘LISTEN YOU GUYS. DON’T GET ANY WRONG IDEA. THIS MAN JUST DID AN UNSATISFACTORY THING I GAVE HIM AND I’M JUST GIVING THIS GUY A DISCIPLINE. YOU GUYS SURE KNEW WHO THIS IS RIGHT?’ One of the bystanders responds to the giant. ‘Yeah!! Good for him. Do everything you want Sean. He really is no use in this country. Pretty sure he and his party hacked the voting system just so they could sit in position’ Sean just chuckled of the thought. ‘OKAY OKAY WOW. I’M SORRY LITTLE DUDE BUT I’M NOT HERE ABOUT THAT. I JUST WANTED EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT FROM NOW ON. ALL OF YOU GUYS WILL BY MY WITNESS FOR AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN ME AND THE GOVERNMENT. I’LL JUST LET THIS PUSSY HERE TO PASS FROM WHAT HE DID. WITH THE CITIZEN’S CONSENT, IN EXCHANGE OF MY SERVICES FOR THIS COUNTRY, I WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE ALL MY FOOD FROM NOW ON! THEY WILL ALSO PROVIDE ME MY SUITS AND EVEN A PLACE TO STAY. THAT WON’T BE A PROBLEM RIGHT?’ Sean’s voice rattled the entire ground and made the water on the fountain to ripple. With mixed voices. All the crowds respond to Sean’s terms. They all agreed ”Yeah Sean, you did more for this country. A food is really not so much a request. I could sponsor you. I own a bakery a few streets from here. Julie’s bread and pastries. I saw you buying there when you were. …umm a lot little than your size now’ ‘YEAH DUDE. I KNOW THAT PLACE. THANK YOU. THAT WOULD BE GREAT’ Sean liked the short chitchat with the guys. A lot of stores actually followed the bakery owner’s words saying they want to sponsor him as well. Sean returns his attention to the guy underneath his feet. Any minute from now, Loosevelt could faint from the pressure. Loosevelt saw Sean’s face descending on him. Sean bent down to get a closer look at Loosevelt. Loosevelt couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the size of his predator. Loosevelt felt his heart sunk down as he saw how beautiful Sean’s eyes are. He couldn’t believe that at one point in his life. He saw a face of a god. With eyes mixed with threat and innocence. With his already battling faith, he is ready to plead for this god to end his life’s misery. It would be better to die than to walk on earth after being humiliated. ‘Please Sean’ ‘WWHAT!?’ ‘Just Kill me. You can re elect another person more competent to manage your fo---’ ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP!’ Sean punched the ground just a few feet above Loosevelt’s head. He saw stones and asphalt flying on top of his head as the ground cracked from the impact. Loosevelt saw Sean’s eyes glows red ready to shoot another beam of light to melt Loosevelt’s body along with the ground. ‘I DON’T JUST KILL DIM WIT. YOU’VE JUST INSULTED ME AGAIN. Sean moved his hands that he used for punching. Using his index and Thumb fingers, Sean pinched Loosevelt’s skull. He tried to move it sideways careful not to snap Loosevelt’s neck. ‘Yup, you guys are so brittle’. Loosevelt couldn’t help but bite his jaw from the pressure of his skull being pressed by two large fingers. ‘I COULD STILL USE YOU FOR NOW. A SECOND CHANCE. BUT THE NEXT TIME THIS HAPPENS AGAIN’ Sean stood up and up. Sean finally decided to remove his feet from Loosevelt’s body. The poor guy could now breathe accordingly after the pressure pressing him was removed. Sean looked at the statue beside him. Sean used his one hand and coiled it around the first president’s head. The head is just the same size as Sean’s hand. The difference between his fist and the granite rock looked like a tennis ball inside his hands. With a simple bend to the sides, Sean decapitated the humanoid statue. Sean returned his gaze to Loosevelt still lying on the ground. ‘WATCH’. Sean's eyes were still looking at Loosevelt frightened face. Sean moved his hands with the statue’s head on top of Loosevelt. Sean started to crunch the metal. His eyes started to glow red and directed a red blast on the statue heating it up. The veins of Sean’s fist glowed white adding to the heat he is producing to heat up the rock. Sean pressed the granite rock so hard that it started to shrink in size. The bystanders saw as the once head of the first president’s statue started to glow. Sean just keeps on adding pressure. Loosevelt saw Sean’s face giving off a smile. Sean lingers how easy this thing he is doing could be. He just crunches the rock-like clay in his hands and it started to deform at his will. Pressing it, shrinking it in size. Sean’s red gaze stopped and he lastly pressed the rock with all his might. Veins already popping in his hands. And he only did this with just one hand. When everything settled. And the sound of crunching rocks silenced. Sean used his mouth to blow air to the hot rock. Cooling it in place. Loosevelt felt the hot air followed by cold air hitting his entire body. Sean opened his palm and looked at Loosevelt. Sean placed his hands next to Loosevelt and then let a shiny material slid down from his palm then halt next to Loosevelt’s body. Everyone was surprised by what they saw. A crystal clear rock rolled down on the ground after slipping from Sean’s palm. The rays of the sun hitting the crystal materials blinded most of the bystanders. Sean smiled and raised his body up to a straight position. The crystal material that came from the granite head of the statue was shrunk in size, molded into a different material with Sean’s fingerprints embedded around the new rock structure. It was a diamond, reflecting the light rays of the rainbow. Everyone was shocked. What more could this god not do? ‘THAT, I THINK THAT’S ENOUGH TO BUDGET MY FOOD RIGHT!? IF THAT IS STILL NOT ENOUGH, I CAN DO THAT AGAIN, I’LL JUST MAKE SURE I’LL MIX IT WITH YOUR REMAINS!’ And with a loud bang, Sean flew outwards the sky leaving a lying Loosevelt next to a diamond rock half his size. He stared up in the sky processing everything in his mind. Is this world still a better place?.
  9. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well, this is what happens when you're too damn clever! Twenty-years ago, I wrote the first two chapters of CYCLE ONE -- each imply a malevolent force behind the creation/ distribution of the sports drink, but who was it? I never answered that question within the text of CYCLE ONE, but while I was writing the original KING REX series a few years later, I playfully connected the two universes, revealing that the secret ingredient in Cycle One was the mystical cum of the super-villain, King Rex. (Here I am twenty-years later trying to crawl out of the mess created by that decision! So, as you will see in the coming story, characters from both "franchises" populate these pages. You don't necessarily need to read both of those stories to understand this one, but... it's kind of fun, in a completest kind of way... (Let me know if you think I succeeded or not. Hope you enjoy!) ******************************************************************************************************* CYCLE ONE: FOUR BACKSTORIES ONE: There’s a mom&pop coffee shop in Ellicott City, MD, that the writer favors, not just for the view and the free wi-fi, but because it’s intimate and quiet -- he can sort his thoughts before he writes without worry of distraction. He leaves his little apartment, walks the steep downhill toward the Patapsco River, and spends his mornings writing at the coffee shop, enjoying the sunrise over the rushing water. He’s a big man, thick and solid -- not at all the build one would expect a writer to have -- but small compared to the bodybuilder that suddenly enters the shop, a very muscular man dressed in tight joggers and matching jacket over a t-shirt that fits him like spandex. The guy moves like he’s not used to the dimensions of his own muscular body. Awkward. The writer has seen this kind of thing before -- although, it’s been long enough that he’s surprised to see it again. It’s possible that the guy has never adjusted to the change, the growth, but that seems unlikely, not after nearly twenty years. This is too fresh. The bodybuilder spots the writer and a small, hopeful expression appears on his face. He crosses to the writer’s corner booth in a few heavy steps. “Sam Bennett?” he asks. The writer sighs and looks up, locking eyes with the bodybuilder. “Can I help you?” he asks. “I sure hope so,” the bodybuilder says. “My name is Ben Fortunato and I’m in desperate need of help.” He indicates the seat on the opposite side of the booth. “May I?” he asks. Sam nods and the big, Italian bodybuilder squeezes into the booth. “Mr. Fortunato…” “Ben.” “Ben... “ The writer draws a breath for strength. “What brings you by?” (He asks in a tone that implies he knows the answer already.) Ben pulls something out of his jacket pocket and sets it on the table between them. A crisp new bottle of CYCLE ONE, a magic potion disguised as a sports drink. There is a growing horror on Sam Bennett’s face as he stares at the bottle. “What the fuck?” he asks. “Are you kidding? Is that real?” He pushes it back toward Ben. “Jesus Christ, do you know what people would DO to you to get that? Put it away before someone sees it!” He looks around, paranoid -- nothing’s amiss, nobody else is even in the room, but it doesn’t stop his panic. “Put it the fuck away!” Ben is confused, but does as he’s told. “I just wanted to prove I was legit.” But Sam didn’t lose his intensity. “You realize people will fucking KILL you for that? You know that, right? There are some crazy motherfuckers out there, Ben -- addicts, all of them! And they will do anything for their drug of choice. Where the fuck did you find that? No, wait, don’t tell me -- I don’t want to know.” “I have a lot more than this one bottle.” Sam Bennett, the writer, takes another breath -- he likes to believe he’d be stronger than this, but it’s right there in the man’s pocket… Sam could just TAKE it… Why is he even entertaining the thought? It’s been nearly twenty years… Does he really still want it that badly…? “Ben,” he asks instead, “do you understand what addiction is?” Ben’s expression is unreadable. “Yeah, I’m getting a pretty good idea…” “Imagine you’re taking a drug that makes lifting better than sex, and sex better than anything. Imagine that you spend a good few years of your life getting other guys hooked on it, turning them into addicts, too. Imagine that you do that for pay -- good pay -- and INCREDIBLE bonuses! And the world is just one powerful playground ripe for the taking. “And then one day, the drug disappears -- it goes out of production, the magic formula is lost, whatever -- new stock isn’t being produced. What’s left is what’s left. “And people go fucking crazy! First, it’s the guys with money -- they try to stockpile it -- the would-be dealers and petty hoarders. There’s fights over it, attacks, takeovers -- guns are always blazing and bodies -- big, muscular bodies -- begin piling up. Gangs form -- safety in numbers, right? -- some become cults, worshipping the drug and the drug’s creator. They isolate, hiding with their horde, fighting to be the last guy with the last drop. It’s the Supply War -- it’s a dark time led by power-hungry addicts. “But there’s another type, too -- another kind of guy, fewer in number, of course. Guys who understand and accept that it’s addiction -- they form support groups specializing in this drug. And there they learn how to navigate their lives without it, without this incredible drug that makes lifting better than sex and sex better than anything. Without it, they don’t get pumps at the gym anymore -- so lifting loses its… magic. No pumps, no good workouts, so bodies… don’t remain in the same condition. They still keep most of the size, but they get softer, saggier. “And of course, sex loses its vibrancy. I mean, what’s the use? You don’t feel attractive, so you stop attracting and pretty soon self-gratification is your only option -- and you don’t feel much like pleasing yourself, either.” He sighs, looking far away. “I know you didn’t come all this way to hear that, Ben,” the writer says, re-establishing eye-contact, “but you should know there are no happy endings when it comes to CYCLE ONE.” Ben speaks quietly. “I’m really sorry,” he says sincerely. “It wasn’t my intent to trigger you. I just wanted to have a conversation with someone who understands and can help me.” The writer does something mildly out of character and lays his hand on Ben’s arm. “Ben, I can connect you with several support groups…” Ben almost laughs. “It’s not that,” he says. “Honestly, I don’t care if I never drink another drop of this shit again! Isn’t that funny? As a kid, I dreamed of having a body like this -- getting a body like this by drinking a magic potion, in fact -- super-hero shit -- and now my life is one big fucking nightmare. No, the problem isn’t with me -- it’s my brother, Glenn. I mean, you wanna talk about addicts…? He’s been on a two-week binge…” Sam Bennett cocks his head curiously. “Two weeks…? How much CYCLE ONE do you have?” They make eye contact and Ben speaks quietly. “About twelve-hundred cases,” he says, waiting for a reaction like he’s revealed a poker hand. But Sam Bennett is silent, immovable -- stunned. “What the fuck..?” he finally whispers. “Do you have any idea how much danger you’re in?” Ben shakes his head -- he’s being misunderstood. “It’s not me, so much, it’s my brother. I need to know how to stop him from drinking it -- like, separating him from it, you know? I just… he’s not listening…” “No, I mean your life is in danger! There are people who will kill you for the bottle you have hidden in your pocket, much less a case!” He forces himself to a whisper again. “And you have a THOUSAND cases!” He shakes his head in disbelief. “You have clearly stumbled across someone’s stash and it’s only a matter of time before they come looking for it -- or for you. This is like mafia-shit, Ben -- I’m totally serious! And just by talking to me, you’re risking my life, too!” There’s a moment when Ben considers continuing this conversation, but then realizes there’s nothing to gain in it. He sighs and stands. “I’m really sorry to have bothered you,” he says, offering his hand. “Thank you for talking to me.” They shake and Sam partially rises. “I’m sorry, too,” he says. “I don’t mean to be so… well, it threw me to see the stuff again… I hope you understand. But I still hope you take my words to heart.” “I will,” Ben says. “There is someone I can connect you with,” Sam says. “He can probably offer a solution for your brother, but, um… I wouldn’t tell him about the stash. I wouldn’t trust him.” Ben nods. “Thank you.” And just as Ben is about to leave the coffee shop into the warm, morning sunshine of Ellicott City, Sam calls him back. “You know, Ben,” he says, swallowing his guilt, “on second thought, I will take that bottle.” Knowingly, Ben nods, smiling slightly in support. The writer doesn’t make eye contact with him, looking shamefully at the floor, broken by his confession, his own addiction. Ben places the bottle on the table and leaves -- he doesn’t see how long it takes for Sam Bennett to touch it. Imagine, lecturing Ben Fortunato on addiction -- or warning an Italian about the mafia! Jesus God, ridiculous! Still, Sam Bennett is right about one thing: there are no happy endings with CYCLE ONE. *********************************************************************************** TWO: “Welcome, brother,” the nearly naked bodybuilder says, wrapping Ben in a hug in the doorway of the church. “I’m glad you’re here.” For Ben, who’s never considered himself gay, this connection is a little too intimate, but there’s a strange masculine pleasure brewing, too. (He can’t help but remember what he and his brother had done when he first…) Fucking CYCLE ONE… “Thank you for meeting me,” Ben says, trying gently to pull away -- the bodybuilder doesn’t just let him. Instead, the moment becomes awkward -- especially when Ben can feel the nearly naked bodybuilder start to get hard in his tiny little thong, pressing against the inside of Ben’s hip. Worse, Ben can feel his own dick start to respond. “The pleasure’s all mine,” the bodybuilder says. “You smell fresh.” Ben breaks the hug and steps back. “Excuse me?” “It’s still in your system, the Cycle One,” the bodybuilder says. “You’ve had it so recently, I can smell it. I’d consider it an honor if you let me have your cum.” Ben is shocked -- speechless. The bodybuilder smiles, adjusting his hooded cape back across his shoulders, slitted open in the front to reveal his pouch. “It’s a sacrament, not sex,” he says. “You ARE new! Come inside and let’s talk -- welcome to the Brotherhood of Rex, the last remaining sect.” He leads Ben into the large, airy cathedral. “I’m Father John J,” the bodybuilder says warmly. “I’ve been the leader of this sect since our Lord plunged into the Multiverse.” They enter the sanctuary, Ben notes the lack of pews and such, just soft matting on lounge chairs set up to face the Altar, a towel on the back of each seat -- the place smells immaculately clean and fresh. He sees that there are superheroes on the stained glass, not religious figures, but he doesn’t have much time to process that as they come upon the altar. Ben swears it’s merely a California King-Size Bed with a black spandex/neoprene fitted sheet, but in this atmosphere, it feels more important. At the head of the bed -- of the altar -- stands a marble statue of a hugely muscled, hyper-masculine god -- an ancient greek statue given a 21st century physique. He’s a handsome man, with strong features and a build that would seem impossible if Ben hadn’t seen what he’s so recently seen. Ridiculously wide shoulders sloping to the tiniest of waists then exploding out again in a sweep of thigh. But that’s if you could NOT get distracted by the statue’s overladen balls and fantasy cock, erect and gently bending up. It’s so lifelike, it’s as if Father John J had poured white paint over a live model who’s eight feet tall and just standing there frozen -- it’s disconcerting. Father John J genuflects before the statue and speaks, looking only at the statue’s face. “This is our Lord and Creator,” he says reverently. “The Living God now lost in the Multiverse, King Rex. I am honored to be among the first he transformed -- I even aided him in the acquisition of Superion, His Majesty’s consort and husband. Pardon my prideful bragging, but there’s a reason I am where I am, and I sincerely doubt you’ve read my resume.” Ben legit smiles -- strange as all this is, he still maintains his humor -- it helps diffuse the anxiety. “No, I haven’t. The truth is I was sent here by Sam Bennett.” “Sam Bennett?” asks Father John J. “That’s a name I haven’t heard in a few years. How’s… um… how’s Sam?” “He seems well,” Ben says, shrugging. “I mean, he was a little surprised to see me and warned me extensively about continuing this journey -- he made it all sound very mafia.” Father John J nods understandingly. “His perspective has always featured a little paranoia -- it’s one of the things that makes his fiction so good. Come, let’s go to my office where we can talk a little more comfortably.” HIs office is surprisingly simple for a religious leader, fairly modern and standard but for another… altar in the back -- this looks more queen-sized than the altar in the sanctuary, same sheeting, though. Father John J directs him to the sitting area by the window and Ben takes one of two comfortable chairs. Father John J removes his cape, draping it across the altar and, dressed only in his golden thong and slippers, takes the other chair. Ben is still awed by the Father’s body, the impossible made flesh. (Nearly as big as his brother…) “I’m sorry,” the Father says. “I’ve been rude. Would you like something to drink? Coffee, water… Cycle One?” Father John J smiles in a teasing way. Ben snorts and unconsciously crosses his arms. “No, thank you,” he says, forcing a smile. “I appreciate you meeting me on such short notice -- time is… important.” Father John J nods. “Tell me what brings you here, Ben.” Ben is thoughtful for a moment, as if he’s debating whether to confess at all, much less to what extent. “You’re safe here,” Father John J says. “You’re Catholic, right? Let’s consider this confessional.” He leans back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head and inadvertently flexing his abs -- not many priests do that. “Thank you,” Ben says, still not at ease, but he sighs audibly and starts his monologue. “My brother and I… purchased a storage lot, three connected units. It was a blind buy, so we had no idea what we were getting, just someone’s abandoned junk, we assumed. It turned out to be a stash of Cycle One. And someone had clearly been living there, guarding it -- hell, one whole unit was a gym for this poor guy, and the next was the living quarters. “So we find this stash of Cycle One -- there’s something… familiar about it in the back of my mind, but I can’t remember what, and my brother drinks one like they haven’t been sitting there twenty years! I mean, like, who the fuck knows what’s really in the bottles and have the preseratives turned to poison or has there been some kind of freaky fermentive process? I mean, he’s fuckin’ CRAZY!” Father John J is thoughtful, curious. He gently asks, “How many bottles were there?” Fortunately, Ben is not so far gone that he doesn’t recognize the ploys of priests -- he WAS an altar boy, after all. He’s deceptive. “Let’s just say, quite a few,” he says, which doesn’t satisfy the Father, but it will have to do. “And he starts exercising, you know, playing around on the gym equipment, feeling all energetic and silly. I immediately blame the Cycle One -- so does he. And he starts slugging them down like it’s a frat party and he’s arrived late. “Because of some… bungling on my part, I ended up getting locked outside with my brother trapped inside and I had to run home to get the tools necessary to free him! It was an incredibly stressful few hours, but I did take the time to do some internet research on Cycle One -- that was how I connected it with King Rex. “I was fifteen, sixteen at the time that all went down, when all the superheroes suddenly became hypermasculine homosexuals -- I had no idea it was connected to Cycle One!” The Father smiles. “The cum of our Lord and Creator, the Living God lost in the Multiverse.” Ben is quiet again, lost in his own thoughts. The Father prods him. “Is your brother still trapped?” “Hmm?” Ben says, coming back to the moment. “No, not anymore. Not by accident.” Father John J tilts his head like an interested dog. “So, I went back. I got tools and I went back to free him. I’d only been gone, like, five, five-and-a-half hours -- it was crazy. I had no idea what Cycle One could do! I mean, I’m trying to free him and from inside he suddenly… rips the sliding door from its track and destroys it and… he’s HUGE! I mean, bigger than you and you’re fucking HUGE!” The Father can’t help but run a hand over his massive torso, and neither of them miss the twitch of his dick. “And he’s dressed the same way as you, in barely nothing, and he’s roaring and flexing and his cock is hard and um… I trip back over a piece of cinderblock and whap my head against the wall and pass out.” He smiles. “Glamorous.” The Father is wise enough to know that he shouldn’t interrupt, but he does offer a comforting smile. “When I wake up, I don’t know how much time has passed, but I discover my brother has chained me to one of the pallets…” “‘ONE of’...?” “Yeah,” Ben says, unthinking, lost in his own story. “And in order to get to the keys, I’d have to be strong enough to drag it across the room.” He swallows. “Only one way to do that.” There is another awkward silence as Ben gathers the strength to continue. “And as if that weren’t enough, he literally sealed me in, cemented the wall with old cinderblocks -- real Edgar Allen Poe shit, you know? He’s crazy, right? I mean… I had to… drink or die. Worse, he’s FILMING the fucking moment, too! So I get to have my humiliation digitally preserved forever. I was so fucking pissed…” The Father reaches over and puts his hand on Ben’s knee. They make eye-contact briefly. “You don’t have to tell me…” “I do,” Ben says. “I need you to know why I need your help.” He places his hand on top of the Father’s -- Father John J adjusts so they can hold hands. Ben is near tears. “You know what the stuff is like,” Ben says quietly. “The way it makes you feel -- the power and the masculine explosion of strength and desire and will. At first, it feels like it’s churning there in your balls, forcing the creation of testosterone, linking sexuality with the spirit, the cock and the muscle. God, I’ve hardly talked about it, because I’m trying so hard not to want it again -- because it’s fucking incredible, that feeling! That like… righteous anger that fills you with the belief… that you’ve gained power -- that you’re somebody!” Even Ben can’t help his cock’s reaction, that twitch of desire -- or memory. “And you feel like you can do anything, like even drag a heavily laden pallet across a cement floor. And if you fail, you just slug back another bottle of the magic potion until it amplifies everything all over again -- but especially the emotion, the masculine connection. It’s like coke, or meth, like that -- this… false sense of power. “Pushing the pallet was easier than pulling it -- it was like hitting sleds at high school football practice -- and the pallet scraped its way slowly across the floor. Each inch it moved was a triumph for me -- I swear, I’d celebrate by downing another bottle of Cycle One, like a fucking addict lost!” “Sounds like a lot of Cycle One,” the Father said, unable to hide his growing erection. “It usually takes only ten-to-twelve to complete the transformation.” Ben scoffs. “I had way more than that,” he says. “Maybe it’s old.” Father John J smiles gently. “Maybe,” he says. “Go on.” “Well, I had to… uh… get through the wall,” Ben says, trying to hide his own hard-on. “My brother had cinderblocked me in, remember.” Father John J shakes his head in disbelief. “Amazing…” “Turns out he had it wrong -- moving the pallet was WAY harder than destroying the wall. The wall was just… a couple of punches and some torn stone. The cement hadn’t really set -- there hadn’t been enough time -- so it wasn’t that difficult to get through. Though, I admit, I did get a couple of scratches and a shit-ton of semi-wet cement in my hair. But right then I was flying so high on the Cycle One, I wasn’t feeling ANYTHING real. “And I break through this wall and I’m feeling mighty and manly and there sits my brother on the cot, jerking off. He’s huge, I mean, bigger than when I’d seen him when he’d torn the door off its track, just… impossibly huge. “And his cock…” Ben almost doesn’t continue, looking down, remembering, then he speaks on. “I never wanted a cock before. I never… desired…” He licks his lips. “And it wasn’t that I wanted his cock so much as I wanted what was inside him -- his essence. His power.” “‘Well, look at you,’ my brother said, playing with himself. ‘You got BIG!’” “And instead of being weirded out by that, I realized he was right -- I HAD gotten big! I hadn’t really paid that much attention. My loose t-shirt was now too tight because of the muscle I’d never had before -- I ripped it off with glee, flexing my big pecs, my insane arms! I was rock hard celebrating my rock hardness! “So, the whole gay incest thing was unexpected -- at least it was for me, maybe Glenn had had some more time wrap his head around it, but I sure hadn’t considered the sexual response. For me, it was all about the Me Big, Me Strong thing -- it wasn’t until I realized that my cock was part of the equation that I got Me Horny, too! “And it just felt so weirdly natural, jerking off with my muscular brother while we flexed for each other. He had me wear this electric blue thong he’d found in the dresser -- I’d never worn anything like it, so scanty and sexy -- but I looked AMAZING in it! My fucking body -- in the mirror, hypnotized by my own reflection, so turned on by myself. “We worked out and pumped up and flexed and he kept pounding back the Cycle One, bottle after bottle. “Pretty soon flexing and jerking off weren’t enough anymore. Men fuck. And um… when my own brother tried to fuck me… that was the end for me. I… I couldn’t.” A tear rolls down Ben’s cheek. Father John J hugs him, drawing him in close. Ben tries not to weep, but loses the battle, hugging Father John J back -- he’s ashamed of his erection. Father John J seems to be okay with it, pressing himself even closer against the hardness. “Everything’s okay,” Father John J whispers. “I will help you with your brother, but first things first.” Using his right hand, he casually strokes Ben’s erection. “Let’s make an offering to God.” ******************************************************************************* THREE: In the Beginning, Rex the Almighty was born on this Earthly plane, a mutant to two normal mortals. His Divine Power manifested as He ascended to manhood -- transforming mortals into His worshipful slaves by granting them muscle mass and a spark of His Hyper-Masculine Energy. Finding himself ready to accept His destiny, our Lord Rex began His Holy Crusade, the elevation of the Super-Hero. Until this time, no one had submitted the Mighty Superion, the greatest of all the mortal heroes. His power and will were legendary, until humbled by our Lord. Rex not only enslaved Superion, He took the hero as His Royal Consort. And unlike most marriages of powerful families, these newlyweds truly and deeply loved one another. This marriage was blessed by the gods themselves. Rex continued His Divine Campaign and recruited the Justice Club itself to His cause -- at one crucial point, He absorbed the mystic lightning used to transform Timmy Thompson into the Planet’s Most-Powerful Protector, Captain Thunder, and Rex was elevated even further, truly becoming KING Rex, the most powerful man on the planet! His Majesty discovered that His ejaculate had been mystically enhanced, as was fitting for a living god -- with little more than a drop, He could transform a mortal man into a hypermuscular slave without using His God-gifted powers. Diluting it, packaging it, and marketing it as the sports drink, “Cycle One” was a stroke of His genius -- it began the subtle transformation of the masses into His worshipful followers. These were the Glory Days of the Church! The Acolyte John J was the first man transformed by His Majesty, King Rex, the Living God. A museum security guard, the skinny waste of a man John J quickly cast aside his old life to follow His Saviour and Transformer. Blessed by the gift of Rex’s power, John J now had the body of his dreams, power he’d only imagined, and finally, a purpose for his purposeless life. He was more than happy to recruit other men into the fold, to help them experience the bliss of worshipping King Rex, their creator and Living God. The Acolytes John J and Sam Bennett distributed the Cycle One, turning gyms into churches and athletic departments into sects. All of that male sexual energy further empowered His Majesty, creating a never-ending cycle of growth. A worship service could have as many as a thousand muscular men cramming the sanctuary, praising His Majesty as they edged themselves into Bliss -- it was possible to actually see King Rex grow from the worship. There was no greater reward. And then, the Great Tragedy -- King Rex lost in the Multiverse! Thus began the Period of Despair -- the Consort Superion went into mourning, completely unable to function or uphold his duties, emotionally devastated to lose his King and lover. For weeks, he remained cloistered in their marital chambers, not seeing visitors, not spending time in the sun -- he weakened, some thought, hoping to die. There was dysfunction in the Church, suddenly lacking a spiritual leader. With their Lord and Saviour trapped in the Multiverse and Superion unwilling to take His place as figurehead, there was nothing to hold the flock together. The men who’d been transformed by His Majesty, the Almighty King Rex, suffered only emotionally. Those who’d been transformed by the Cycle One lost touch with the magic, their masculine spirit. With Rex gone, the supply of Cycle One was suddenly finite -- that was the conclusion many reached at once. The fight for the remaining reserve became the next battlefront. Men who’d been long-addicted to the stuff suddenly lost the will to train, the ability to get a pump, their interest in sex -- they knew they’d never again get that rush, that high without Cycle One. And thus began the Supply War. It was during this low-level, guerilla-style warfare -- bloody and heartless as it was fast becoming -- that the Acolyte John J began to counsel the Consort Superion, trying to get him past his crushing loss to see how badly the world needed a champion again. All this bloodshed, all this death for a drug made out of his husband’s cum -- this is what finally brought Superion to action. In less than a week, he’d recovered most of the lost stock of Cycle One, returning it to the vaulted catacombs in the bedrock deep beneath the Church. He still refused to participate in Religious Services, but created a statue of his Husband and Lord that stands in the Sanctuary today, as a reminder. Instead, it became the Acolyte John J’s mission to save the Church -- but he immediately realized it wasn’t religion these men needed, it was counseling. They were addicts and their god was gone. Without the drug, they were unable to access their own masculine energy. Workouts lost their meaning -- sex became impossible. And thus evolved the practice of Group Masturbation, sexual stimulation with the goal of connecting to the masculine spirit, building energy by edging, the harnessing of energy rather than ejaculation. On Cycle One, sex had always been about power -- now sexual energy was used to build power. Men who were used to getting powerful, rock-hard erections now had to take a step back, relearn stimulation and fantasy, enjoy the other wonders of the body, the taint, the balls, the asshole. Sex was more than penetration. Training changed, too -- the evolution of Connective Bodybuilding, forging a link between cock and muscle. In the Before Time, the gym had become a place almost as sacred as the Church. Cycle One had always made working out better than sex, but now there was no more Cycle One, so no connection to masculine energy. Weight training required almost too much adaptation, further separating those who’d been transformed by the Almighty from those who’d only had the Cycle One. Imagine how disheartening it would be to see some men still achieve the kind of pump you used to be able to get, but now could not -- to lift the kind of weights you used to handle with ease, but now could not. It was too hard for too many. The Acolyte John J -- now FATHER John J -- protectively doled out the Church’s supply of Cycle One in the form of Communion. A shot glass of Cycle One for the faithful once a week, then engaging in Group Masturbation while singing the praises of the Almighty Rex. Many men lost the Path, strayed. Spiritual readiness takes patience and no one began taking Cycle One because they were patient. Some men preferred their misery to the challenge of rebuilding their sexual power. After the deaths, the abandonments, the suicides, there were just a few hundred in the congregation, masturbating together and praying. As the years passed without a Second Coming, more and more fell away -- then it was a decade, then it was two. “And so here we are,” Father John J says, gently pushing Ben to a seated position on the Altar, facing the statue of King Rex. “There’s only a handful of us now, awaiting Him, praying for His return.” He kneels between Ben’s legs and unlaces Ben’s tight joggers. “But we have learned things in this time,” he continues, pulling Ben’s joggers down over his newly-muscled thighs. “Things about pleasure, the giving and receiving of it.” Ben wears a sparkly thong, barely holding his enhanced genitals -- his erection fights the material. “Let me show you,” Father John J says, releasing Ben from the confines of the thong -- his hard-on flops up on his muscular abs. “I’m not gay,” Ben mumbles, leaning back on his elbows, the soft matting of the Altar accepting his weight. “But ever since the Cycle One…” “It’s not about labels, Ben,” the Father says, gripping Ben’s erection at the base. “It’s about pleasure.” He licks the head of Ben’s cock and a shudder goes through the man. “Cycle One just bumps up your hormones and lowers your inhibitions -- neither of which will hurt you, unless it builds up in your system too much. Then you need release. Holy Release.” The Father’s hands are smooth and skilled -- a firm grip on Ben’s balls, thick fingers riding down the sides of his perineum, giving him sensations he’s never felt before -- strange new pleasure. Ben is losing himself in it. “What you feel is a gift,” says the Father, expertly swallowing the whole of Ben’s big new cock. He constricts his throat around Ben and waits for Ben’s natural thrusts before continuing. “A gift from His Majesty,” he says, lapping the tip of Ben’s cock, before descending on it again. “King Rex.” Ben looks up at the statue as the Father continues to work -- it’s unbelievable physique and impossible cock, so masculine and perfect. Ben can feel the Father fingering his asshole, gently teasing his way inside, searching for Ben’s secret button. The statue holds its arms open, as if ready to accept worship -- or orgasm -- or offering. What happens next makes no sense. The Father’s skilled mouth works in tandem with his talented fingers and, just as the Father discovers Ben’s prostate, Ben swears he sees the statue open its eyes and look directly at him, into his soul. “REX!” he screams as his orgasm overwhelms him! Not that the Father lets any get away, but Ben knows there’s a lot of cum -- he can feel it like his cock is a firehose. He shoots and shoots, crying to Heaven, certain the statue is real. “Yes, my brother,” the Father says, lapping Ben’s fading erection, cleaning every delicious drop away. “Now you feel Rex’s power. Give yourself up to it.” “I… I…” “Say it,” the Father says, standing, masturbating his own giant cock. “Let me hear you say it.” Ben smiles. “Hail King Rex,” he says, as the Father allows himself to orgasm, as if the words put him over the edge. “HAIL KING REX!” the Father yells, echoing through the sanctuary, shooting a thick rope of cum across Ben’s face. Father John J smiles again. “You’ve been baptised now in the name of our saviour, King Rex,” he says calmly, milking the last drops of cum from his cock and offering his finger to Ben -- Ben gratefully takes it in his mouth. “You are now one of us.” “Thank you,” Ben says, relieved, watching the Father refit his big package into that tiny little thong. “I actually feel better -- I feel the release. But what do we do now?” “Now we save your brother,” the Father says. “And I know just the guy…” “You’ll do that for me?” Ben asks, suddenly joyful, standing and redressing himself. “Thank you!” “Well,” the Father says, playfully kissing Ben, “we should first discuss a TITHE…” ******************************************************************************** FOUR: Ben parks the truck outside the ETERNAL STORAGE building, an old, abandoned facility scheduled for demolition (to build an Amazon distribution center -- welcome to the modern world). The parking lot is cracked and broken, stray grass and weeds growing wherever they can, reclaiming the land. It’s surrounded by a rusty chain link fence topped with barb wire. The building is in no better shape, holding its form only because it’s made from cinderblocks, but suggesting the same sort of neglect. Behind the wheel, Ben forces a deep breath before exiting the cab, in an attempt to settle himself -- it’s obvious he’s nervous, no matter the supportive talk from his passenger, Father John J. Ben is dressed in the same tight gray jumpers he wore to the Church -- the Father wears black spandex shorts, black wrist gauntlets, sandals, and a form-fitting white t-shirt that reads “REX = KING”. Exiting the cab, the Father, looking around, says, “You’re right. This IS the middle of nowhere.” Ben nods, shutting the driver’s side door behind him and looking toward the building. “Yeah,” he says quietly. “I hope nothing’s happened to him.” “Who?” Father John J asks. “Oh, you mean your brother! I thought you meant…” And then, from out of the sky, a being lands on the ground before them with a surprising amount of force, breaking into the cement and creating a small crater from his weight. It’s the hero Superion! Ben has seen pictures, of course, but has never seen him live -- and the pictures don’t do him anywhere near justice! If he’s not seven-feet tall, then he’s six-and-three-quarters -- it doesn’t seem possible that a being with a build like Superion’s could exist at his height. He’s almost a giant in a children’s story, he’s so colossally large -- human proportions, but so much taller! And the muscle -- the mind-boggling muscle! Like Father John J, Superion has been transformed by King Rex, given the Royal Gift of Mass and Power, Hypermasculine Endowment, and Sexual Realignment. As Royal Consort, he’s second only to Rex Himself -- and with Rex lost in the Multiverse, Superion reigns supreme. He wears black combat boots and bright blue leggings, accented by black piping, that proudly display his oversized package and seem to barely contain the mass of his leg muscles or his thick, ripped glutes. They’re low-waisted, so that the buckle of his belt sits at the base of his cock, allowing us to see his extremely ripped abs unencumbered. Shirtless, he wears only a harness that supports his “S” shield and acts as the anchor for his red cape. Bigger than the biggest bodybuilder, his pecs are round and thick and his pink nipples hide just below the bottom edge. But it’s the width of shoulders that gives Ben pause, those crazy way-larger-than-coconut delts -- bowling ball delts! -- the strong, confident arms, the artistic curve of the lats. And if you can take your eyes from his body, to see his thick neck, his square jaw, his sunny blue eyes, his very kissable lips… Superion strides toward them, breaking Ben’s thought. He smiles, glowing white teeth catching the light. “Hello, Johnny,” he says, opening his arms for a hug. Father John J takes a knee. “Your Majesty,” he says, bowing his head. Superion puts his finger beneath the Father’s chin and raises his head. “Johnny,” he says earnestly, “it’s been twenty years. We have to move on.” He takes Father John J’s hands and raises him to his feet, then they hug. They hold each other very closely -- Ben isn’t sure if Father John J is crying or not. “He will come again,” the Father says, into Superion’s pec. Superion holds the back of Father John J’s head and whispers, “I dearly hope so” into the Father’s ear. He kisses Father John J’s forehead and releases him, turning his attention to Ben. “You must be Ben Fortunato,” he says, holding his hand out to shake. Ben considers dropping to his knees, that’s how strikingly beautiful this man is. Instead, he stammers, “Um… yes. Ben. And you must be… incredible!” Superion smiles broadly -- he’s heard this joke. “Superion,” he says, shaking Ben’s hand. “I’m sorry we have to meet under these circumstances.” “I’m so grateful for your help,” Ben says. Superion grunts. “Anything to put another one of these fires out,” he says, looking up at the building. Something happens to his eyes as he looks, but Ben can’t say exactly what. “He’s up there,” Superion announces, studying. “He’s okay -- he’s pretty big.” “Thank God he’s okay,” Ben says, crossing himself. “How big?” Father John J interrupts. “Is the Cycle One okay? How much is left?” They both look at the Father dryly. Superion says, “Do you know, Johnny, nothing would make me happier than to destroy this building and all the Cycle One in it -- you know that, right?” The Father squares off with him. “I do,” he says, trying to maintain his bravado. “But you won’t, right?” Superion smiles enigmatically. “I’m gonna go get your brother,” he says to Ben. “I won’t be a minute.” He enters the building and disappears from view. Ben and the Father don’t even have time to begin a conversation before the wall above them blows out, throwing chunks of cinderblock, cement, and bottles of Cycle One raining down like shrapnel as Superion’s body comes crashing through, flying about twenty feet before slamming into the ground. Superion stands, wiping the dust from himself -- with the back of his hand, he strokes the side of his jaw that has just been punched. Superion is clearly unhappy. He strides toward the building, kicking away the stray bottles, determined. “You guys might want to stand back,” he says. “He’s not being cooperative.” Superion flies back into the hole he just made. Seconds later, a different body crashes out through the roof -- not Superion -- a hugely muscled man dressed only in a pair of neon green short shorts that ride into his ass-crack. “For the love of God!” Ben yells. “GLENN!” His brother sails up about thirty or forty feet into the air before arcing down toward the ground. He lands hard on his back with a wind-losing smack. Trying to shake it off and stand, he snorts like an animal. Ben is trying to comprehend what his brother has become. Even in the few days since Ben last saw him, Glenn has grown. His brother had always been a heavy-set, snowman/ pear-shaped guy, wide hips and narrow shoulders. Now he’s a freak bodybuilder with a roidgut that rivals a beach ball, supporting these thick and ponderous limbs. It should be impossible for him to move, given the size of his muscle -- traps that almost keep him from turning his head, a back so wide he can’t lower his arms completely -- yet move he does, with confidence and surprising grace. Superion flies up out of the hole in the roof and lands about ten feet away from Ben’s brother. “Stop!” he commands, holding up a flat palm. But like an angry bull, perhaps egged-on by Superion’s flowing red cape, Glenn charges, gaining steam with each step. It takes little effort for Superion to side-step him, trip him, and force him forward till he slams into the side of the building. Glenn roars in anger, throwing a chunk of broken block at Superion. As Superion knocks it aside, Glenn takes advantage of the distraction and tackles Superion from the side, taking him to the ground. His brother is bigger than Superion! “He’s in a rage!” Father John J says as he and Ben seek a better observation spot, running to the far-side of the building -- Father John tries to grab the extra bottles. “His energy is out of control.” Glenn has Superion in a schoolboy pin, squatting across Superion’s torso, kneeling on his biceps, punching him over and over in the face, raging. “GLENN!” Ben calls, distracting his brother for just a moment, but enough. Glenn looks at Ben and Superion grabs Glenn’s fist, halting it mid-strike. Superion stands, holding Glenn by the wrist, spins him around and around like a lasso, before throwing him to the other side of the parking lot, where he lands with a loud crunch. “This guy’s pretty far gone,” Superion says to Father John J as Glenn starts to charge back across the lot -- a rhino. “Any ideas? I don’t want to hurt him.” “You have to release his pent-up energy,” Father John J frets, shaking his head as Glenn leaps into the air. “You have to…” Glenn lands within their circle and the reverberation knocks them all off their feet. He steps toward Ben, fierce anger filling his eyes, no recognition, but the hard-on beneath his spandex shorts is more than obvious. Before he can strike, however, Superion grabs him from behind in a full-nelson and flies them up about ten feet into the air. Glenn is trying to shake his grip, thrashing about, but he lacks leverage. That he’s sexually stimulated is lost on no one -- his erection throbs. “You have to make him cum!” Father John J yells. “You have to make him release!” Superion’s grimace speaks volumes, but he sighs and reaches around Glenn, grabbing Glenn’s erection at its thick base, rubbing his hand over the spandex material. Glenn reacts in a surprising way, moaning in his deep throat -- his whole drive seems to shift from “rage” to “lust” as easy as the stick on an old jalopy. He starts dry-humping the air, rubbing his ass against Superion. Horrified, Ben can’t look away. Of all the things he didn’t think he’d be seeing today, this had to top the list. On the other hand, his brother had tried to sexually engage Ben after Ben’s transformation, which had freaked Ben out so much he ran away and brought back Superion. And now it looks like Superion is enjoying himself, too -- there’s no hiding what’s going on in his blue leggings. Father John J had said Superion hasn’t had sex since his lover -- this King Rex -- got tossed into the Multiverse. How does someone go twenty years without sex? MONKS don’t even do that! “It’s not enough to jerk him off,” Father John J yells. “You have to... press his button!” Superion’s frustrated reaction weakens his grip on Glenn, who breaks Superion’s hold and suddenly drops to the ground with a heavy, dull thud. Superion is on him in a flash and the two of them wrestle in the parking lot -- but it isn’t to fight. This is different -- it’s two men squaring off. This is foreplay. Other than size, Glenn has no real advantage over Superion. And now that Superion has a new drive, there’s really no stopping him. Superion is erect himself, his cock as supremely out of proportion as everything else about him -- whatever else this Rex favors, it’s big-dicked muscle-bottoms. They flex at each other, Superion and Ben’s brother, a Most Muscular, an ab/ thigh -- showing off, mutual worship -- double biceps, erections straining flimsy material. Glenn smacks Superion’s pecs with an open hand, then squeezes the muscle as Superion flexes -- fucking rock hard -- punching cement. Looking each other in the eye, Glenn falls to his knees and begins mouthing Superion’s cock through the heavy spandex of Superion’s leggings. Superion unclasps his belt and releases it, allowing Glenn to take it in his mouth. Clearly at some level, Glenn knows what he needs. Or what he wants. “Get it wet,” Superion orders him. “Get it good and wet -- or it’s gonna hurt.” “What’s going on?” Ben asks Father John J as the Father collects stray bottles of Cycle One. Father John J looks at Superion, then at Ben. “He’s going to fuck him,” Father John J says. “He’s gotta fuck him and press his button, release the energy. Same as I did with you at the Church!” Ben crosses himself. “But you just used your fingers,” Ben says. “Why does he have to…?” Father John J shushes him. Glenn holds Superion’s cock in his fist and spits on the head, immediately putting it back in his mouth, soaking the thick, super-shaft. Superion pushes him onto his back, straddling Glenn’s chest to allow Glenn to continue sucking his cock, but putting Superion into a dominant position. Superion licks his fingers and reaches for Glenn’s hole -- so tight -- Glenn squirms, discovering a new sensation. “Yeah,” Superion says. “Big boy likes that.” “All Hail His Majesty’s Consort, the Mighty Superion,” Father John J intones, falling to his knees with an armful of bottles. “All praise King Rex!” Superion shoots Father John J a snide look. “Don’t do that shit, Johnny,” he says. “This is pragmatism, not Church! Toss me a bottle of that stuff!” “It IS Church!” Father John J argues, still on his knees. “You engage in the holiest of acts, a sacrifice -- an offering! I must pray!” Superion shakes his head but doesn’t argue. “Throw me a bottle of that stuff!” he says again. Father John J won’t release what he’s gathered, so it’s Ben who throws one to him -- or overthrows, actually -- he doesn’t know his own strength. Superion catches it with such confidence and ease that it makes it look like it had been intended that way. Superion cracks open the Cycle One, sniffs it -- a memory floats across his features -- and he pours a tiny bit over his cock, into Glenn’s desperate mouth. Glenn groans again, desperately lapping it off. Superion pulls his cock out of Glenn’s mouth and says, “On your hands and knees -- NOW.” He levitates slightly, allowing the three-hundred-plus giant to spin beneath him -- moving from one submissive pose to the next -- then he slowly pours the Cycle One down Glenn’s ass-crack, until it reaches the fingers Superion has against Glenn’s hole. Using the honey-thick Cycle One as lube, Superion pushes his fingers in. Glenn’s moan is a roar that can be heard for miles. “Bigger than that coming,” Superion says, pushing his fingers in and out. Father John J weaves while he prays. “We commend this energy to you, Great Lord, lost in the Multiverse, that it might find you and strengthen you for your journey home!” Superion yells. “Johnny, please!” as he pours the Cycle One on his hard cock, like sauce on a meaty rib. “Just let me do what I came here to do!” “Release it!” Father John J prays. “Give it back to the Master!” Superion slams his foot-long cock into Glenn’s waiting ass -- they both scream, both of them from a different sort of denial, but coming together here in this parking lot. Has there been a change in the light? Ben wonders, unable to take his eyes away from his brother’s submission. Where did this wind come from? “Can you feel it?” Father John J shouts. “CAN YOU FEEL THE MASTER?” Superion begins fucking Ben’s brother, doggie-style, gently at first, even then, barely keeping control of himself -- it’s been so long, Superion -- but then, even Glenn wants him to go harder, pushing his ass back into Superion’s cock, trying to form words. Trying to find his own button. And there’s something else around Superion, something familiar, whispering in his memory, filling him with strength and power -- a masculine spirit. Making him fuck -- forcing him to connect and dominate. It feels like his husband… Is he feeling the effects of Cycle One? He releases -- who fucking cares? Fuck -- Superion wants to fuck. He drives into Glenn’s ass, fucking so hard they break the pavement. It’s power and forgotten masculine urges, decades of repression. “CAN YOU FEEL IT?” Father John J yells above the din, the wind, the energy. “PRAY WITH ME! PRAY TO OUR LORD, LOST IN THE MULTIVERSE!” Superion fucks Glenn with his super-long cock, pounding a forgotten, manly rhythm in his loin, awakening something deep within him. The energy crackles like lightning around them. Ben falls to his knees, his legs weak -- what is he seeing? They’re fucking there in the broken parking lot, his brother and Superion, it’s broad daylight, but there’s a sense of darkness around them, reality seems to shift as their sexual energy grows. Superion groans. “I’m so close…” Glenn rises up on his knees, exposing own erection that rises exactly along the curve of his distended belly, almost to his navel. Glenn is flexing his arms in a double bis -- Superion uses them as anchors, deep-thrusting. “Gonna… cum…” “WE CALL ON THEE, GREAT LORD! WE GRANT THEE THIS OFFERING!” Superion, a being that hasn’t orgasmed in nearly two decades, shoots his almost impossible load -- Glenn, who has never anally-orgasmed, explodes with incredible pent-up masculine energy, his “overdose” on Cycle One, and climaxes simultaneously. They scream together, too, full-throated and deep. There’s an explosion -- well, something very much like one. It’s like nothing Ben has ever experienced before. There’s no sound, no BOOM -- it’s almost as if someone takes reality, twists it, and then releases it to snap back into place. The explosion -- if one can call it an explosion -- is energy, electricity and force, concussive and multi-layered. There is a soundless brightness that blows them all back -- Ben’s back slams into the wall of the Eternal building, cracking the brick. There’s a hissing in the background, like pink noise, that settles out of the silence -- and then Ben’s hearing comes back. Or reality comes back -- it’s hard to say. His brother Glenn’s body slams on the ground before him, steaming a little, digging up the asphalt a little more. He rolls over on his back directly in front of Ben. “GLENN!” Ben calls, scrambling over to his brother. He slaps his face. “Glenn, wake up! Oh, God… Oh, sweet God be okay.” Glenn comes to, a little disoriented -- the crazed, drug-addled look in his eye is gone. “Ben?” he asks, looking Ben in the eye. “What’s going on? I… Bro… what happened? You’re huge! Wait, I’M huge!” Ben chuckles. “It’s a long story,” he says, nearly in tears. “And I don’t think it’s over yet…” Both Superion and Father John J had been knocked back, too, in opposite directions. Superion is already recovering, steaming himself, studying the blast area. The spot where they’d cum is now a blown out pit, smoke and steam and electric crackles encircling it. Superion immediately checks on the others, locating and diagnosing their injuries -- bumps and bruises, but generally okay -- when he hears a moan come from the pit itself. What? How is that possible? Father John J hears the sound as well, and draws up onto his knees like a hopeful teen. As Superion stands on shaky feet, the figure in the pit finds his footing, too, his face hidden by the steam, the unnatural shadow, and electrical snaps. He is a giant of man, bigger than Superion, more powerful, more muscular. His god-given body beyond fantasy, his muscle on the edge of impossible. In his purple shorts with the gold piping, the golden boots and gauntlets, the simple over the shoulder cape and the electric-metal lightning bolt emblazoned on his chest, he is instantly recognizable. Especially to Superion. “Rex…?” he asks, a smile finding the corner of his mouth. “Is it really you?” The muscle god smiles. “Superion?” he asks. “Am I home? Am I finally home?” They fall into each other’s arms, laughing and kissing, relieved and amazed. Even Ben smiles, happy that there’s a happy ending with Cycle One for once. Glenn, confused, asks his tearful brother, “What’s happening…?” He’s answered by Father John J. “It is the return of His Majesty, Rex the Almighty!” Rex and Superion continue to kiss, flying up into the air together. Father John J opens his arms to the world. “IT IS THE SECOND COMING!” **************************************************************************************** EPILOGUE: “Hey everybody, this is Glenn!” “And this is Ben!” “We’re the Fortunato Brothers! And you’re watching another episode of ‘Can You Believe They Bought That Shit?’” TITLE -- THEME MUSIC “In this episode, we’re actually gonna be talking about SELLING shit for a change.” “Hey! Before we go on... Viewers, did you notice our new logo in the opening?” (CUTAWAY: the old logo, the Fortunato Brothers looking like cartoon Laurel & Hardy (one fat, one thin) fades to the new logo: Laurel & Hardy as bodybuilders, one arm wrapped around their brother and the other flexing their biceps. (CUT BACK to the live Brothers in the same pose as the logo, barely holding their laughter.) “If you’ve noticed we look a little different than we have in past episodes, but you don’t know why, it’s possible you missed our TRANSFORMATION SPECIAL that dropped a couple weeks ago.” “I don’t know, Ben. With over two-hundred million downloads, I don’t think many people have missed out TRANSFORMATION SPECIAL!” “It’s still available if you have, that’s all I’m saying…” “But what you HAVEN’T missed is what transformed us into this muscled perfection, the awesome sports drink CYCLE ONE!” Glenn reveals a bottle in frame, holding it for the camera to see -- plain, ordinary looking stuff for what it could do. “It took about a dozen of these to transform my skinny brother Ben there into THAT!” Ben flexes for the camera, his muscle pumped, his confidence high. “No lie,” Ben says. “Believe me, I would never have done this without CYCLE ONE -- I was too lazy and too weak. Not anymore.” Glenn wraps his massive arm around Ben’s neck and pulls him close -- he kisses the side of Ben’s head. “Isn’t he cute?” Glenn asks. “So, we’re doin’ something we don’t normally do: we’re selling some shit. CYCLE ONE, to be specific. You can get to my brother’s size with a twelve-pack -- you can get to mine with a case!” The brothers flex for the camera -- the spandex shirts they wear ripple with muscle. “We haven’t even talked about the biggest bonus!” Glenn continues to flex for the camera. “Tell ‘em, Ben!” “When you go to the bidding page, click the link to join King Rex’s Holy Order and be a Knight for His Majesty, the power behind Cycle One, the Living God, King Rex, once lost in the Multiverse but now found! Be His Knight, His Holy Warrior, and join the Crusade in His second coming!” Glenn laughs. “Geez, Ben, you sound like a fanboy!” Ben is sincere. “I witnessed God’s Second Coming, Glenn,” Ben says simply. “That kind of thing… changes a man…” ************************************************************************************* Sam Bennett pauses the video. He’s watched it a thousand times -- he knows what it says by heart, by now. Still, it’s the first thing to give him an erection in almost a decade. How should he feel about that? He presses Play. “...sound like a fanboy.” “I witnessed God’s Second Coming, Glenn. That kind of thing… changes a man…” Pause. Not really believing he’s doing it, but somehow certain it’s the right move, Sam Bennett presses the link to join the Knighthood, the Holy Order of King Rex. He does it because he wants to believe in Happy Endings.
  10. Trio

    Dr. Atomic

    My scientist friend was working on a secret project, and it only came to light shortly after he died, in mysterious circumstances. It was revealed to me in a note he left me, where he begged me to be who he couldn’t. The note didn’t say much, besides his plead, and a single instruction: to put the dogtag attached to the note. So I did, and so it began. My body was covered in thick metal as I screamed until the heavy cocoon hid my body from the world. I knew something massive was happening to me, for the sake of my diseased brother I didn’t want to fight it, but Fought I did, until I couldn’t, Immobilized I was. Even covered from head to toe, I was awaken the whole process, and I could experience it, the transformation. The acid metal corroded my lab coat, my shirt, my pants and trousers, until I was fully exposed, only the dogtag that started it all still pended beside me. I started to grow, slowly and massively, my muscles were developing, much was necessary to transform me into a beast, and yet this was happening, my pecs expanded and I felt my bones breaking, reassembling, changing, thickening, just like my hard muscles. My flat abdomen was utterly changed, the muscles strengthened inside me, the skin fighting to keep up with my new form. My legs grew tight in the cocoon as they transformed into colossus of meat and power, my bones reassembled and changed as my mind was bathed with thoughts and feelings I never experienced before. This transformation was changing my core. My scientific knowledge, my culture, my previous passions, all gave away to strengthen, duty, glory, war. Be a good soldier, transform for the sake of your brother in arms. Flex your arms and punch with vigor! Roar the BattleCry, and so I did, and as I did, again and again, my cocoon changed, and started to fuse into my body officially. My skin was gone, my bare muscles were in contact with the metal that now was my new cover, my natural armory. My hair was gone, and through my skull the iron merged into my bones, changing them deeply, causing me to grow powerful horns, my new symbol of virility. My cock grew beyond any natural proportion and his power as the spreader of my seed, my blood, grew. When It finished, the previously rough metal was now smooth as part of my being. I weighted tons and felt the strength of the gods above. My chest was wide, muscular, raw, my nipples pending down, dripping my seed through them, showing how much I’ve changed. My abs were powerful and I felt my new anatomy with my wide, powerful hands. I had the shoulders of the gods now, capable of supporting great weight, ability I was eager to test, as I’d like to carry those petty men in my new powerful back now. To be their eternal servant. Their bull. I had the horns, had the strength, had the vigor. I was deeply and truly changed. A different kind of testosterone flew through my veins, and I had to explore my manhood. I played with my giant cock, so hard it was, so sensitive. It was dripping precum already, as I caressed gently the powerful instrument of pleasure. I slowly roared as my movements became less kind, until finally I was fucking myself and groaning with indescribable pleasure. And then I came, jets and jets of silver came from my body, product of my powers. Sealing the pact, finally making clear I was beyond a man now. I was Dr. Atomic.
  11. sithspawn


    This is an older story of mine, some of you may have read it before I took it down but here it is again anyway. Session 1 “Chris, come on in. Sorry to keep you waiting.” “Hi Doc, or should I call you James?” “Whatever makes you most comfortable. Take a seat and we’ll get this session rolling.” “Thanks Doc.” “I must admit I was a little surprised to get your call, I usually deal with couples or family therapy, not one to one.” “Yeah, I know but I’ve heard a few people mention you so I was hoping you’d be the guy to help me out.” “I’ll try my best. You’re my last client of the day so if we run over a little I don’t mind. What can I help you with?” “It’s hard to really say, I just feel like I’m being torn in two some days. You know how you have to be one way around some people and another way around others?” “You mean like the difference between work and home?” “Yeah like that. I’m sure you get clients where you want to say ‘what the hell is wrong with you?’ But as you’re at work you have to be more tactful, right?” “I’ve never had it that extreme but I think I know what you mean.” “Well that’s kinda how my life is at the moment. I’ve got some huge insecurities but I can’t tell anyone about them because no one would understand. At least here there’s a doctor/patient confidentiality thing between us isn’t there?” “Absolutely, anything you say to me will be strictly between us unless I feel you’re likely to do harm to yourself or others.” “That’s good then, thanks.” “So what are these insecurities?” “Well for a start off I always worry about how people see me and if I’m doing the right thing.” “Are you worried about close friends or the wider world?” “The wider world, in fact, the whole world.” “Forgive me for sounding a bit like a stalker but I did a search for you after you contacted me last night and besides a few minor politicians, your name didn’t bring up any results that I would class as a celebrity.” “Yeah…I’m not really a celebrity under my real name.” “Ah, so it’s a screen name or another alias then?” “Yeah, something like that.” “So do you worry just about your alter ego, if you like, or your whole life?” “The whole lot cos one affects the other. I’ve never, you know, been with anyone. I’ve always kept them at a distance to make sure they don’t get hurt. It’s just hard leading this double life if that’s what you want to call it.” “Well what’s to stop you merging the two lives into one? Obviously both have to co-exist at the moment but maybe the public would be happier knowing the real you.” “It’s not that easy, I’m not doing some face reveal in a video or something like that, if I divulge my private life then things will go crazy.” “How so?” “It’s hard to explain, I’d have to show you. Mind if I stand up?” “Go ahead.” “Try not to freak out, ok?” “Don’t worry I don’t think you could show me anything I haven’t…OH MY GOD!!! You’re him!!!” “Doc relax! Keep it down.” “But I never realised…Oh Jeez...You’re huge!! I mean you probably already know that, I just mean I’ve never seen anyone like you up close.” “Doc…you’re babbling, take some deep breaths and try to relax.” “Sorry, I should be more professional. I’ve just never met a superhero before, it’s pretty overwhelming.” “And that’s where I have the problem. I can’t live a normal life like this. You treated me like a normal guy when you met me but as soon as my biceps resembled bowling balls you lost it.” “I can’t apologise enough, I can see now why you feel you need to lead a double life. Does anyone else know about your secret identity?” “My parents did but they died a few years back. I learned how to blend in when I was younger but I always wanted someone to share it with.” “So why did you decide to share with me?” “Honestly? I’ve kinda been spying on you for a while. I saw you a few months back when that tank went on the rampage down town.” “You mean the one you stopped by tearing it in half?” “Yeah, that just felt like the easiest way to stop it. Anyway I saw you in the crowd and noticed you had a bit of a tent going.” “Oh god!” “Don’t sweat it, you weren’t the only one, but I thought you were kinda cute so I decided to keep tabs on you to see if I was right about you.” “Right about what?” “You being gay and having the hots for me.” “Oh crap! Is that why you wanted to see me today? Why you picked me to be your therapist even though I don’t usually deal with individuals?” “Yeah actually, I’ve been watching you for a while and I genuinely think you’re a nice guy, but I wasn’t sure how you’d react to meeting me in person.” “Well now that I’ve had time to compose myself I think I can be professional again…OH JEEZ!!! Don’t bounce those like that you’ll set me off again!” “Sorry Doc, I was just having a little fun with you. Want me to change back into Chris?” “I think that might be better for now. Wow, that’s just as amazing in reverse. So what do you want from today’s session?” “Well I was hoping for at least a date after this.” “Don’t you think that would be a bit inappropriate? After all that would be crossing the doctor/patient boundaries.” “Ok, well if you change your mind there’s an old military scrapyard full of decommissioned tanks and planes I like to play in sometimes, so that would’ve been my first choice for the date.” “Holy shit!!” “I’m serious though Doc, I think we’d be good together. I need someone to talk to sometimes to make sure I’m not screwing up. It’s hard when I have to do some heroic feats and then sit home alone wondering if I did the right thing.” “So do you often feel like you handled something the wrong way?” “Not always but the biggest problem I find with having these powers are there’s no instructions, does that make sense?” “I’m not sure I understand, are you saying you activate some powers by accident?” “Not so much that, I know how to make the powers work but where do you learn how to catch a falling plane without putting so much stress on it that it disintegrates? Or how do you fly with someone without going so high that they suffocate due to lack of oxygen? No offence Doc, but you normal folk are pretty fragile.” “I think I see what you mean now, like in that bank robbery a few months back the robber died because he shot you.” “Yeah like that! How was I to know the bullet would bounce off my chest and hit him in the face? But I agonised over that afterwards.” “Ok, so what could you have done differently?” “I don’t know, dodged out of the way? Melted the gun with heat vision?” “So if you’d dodged the bullet it could’ve hit someone behind you or if you’d heated the gun up it could have exploded, or he could’ve dropped it and it still goes off killing or injuring him or someone else. There’s a lot of possibilities here but you did what you thought was best at the time.” “I could’ve caught the bullet.” “So why didn’t you?” “I dunno, I thought it would just look cooler if it just bounced harmlessly off my pecs I guess.” “Do you feel responsible for his death? From what I read of the story you told him not to fire but he still did. Anyone in this city knows you’re pretty much indestructible so he made a foolish choice and paid the ultimate price, that’s not really your fault.” “I guess, but I still could’ve done things differently.” “You know what they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. If the same thing happened tomorrow you’d probably handle it differently wouldn’t you?” “Yeah, I’d probably catch the bullet instead of trying to show off.” “So do you feel the need to show off?” “Kinda. I mean, when you have a body like this…” “Oh Jesus!” “Sorry Doc, guess I shoulda warned ya. Anyway, when bodybuilders look like this they wanna show it off, right?” “Of course, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bodybuilder look as magnificent as you.” “See that’s why I knew you were the right guy, you can appreciate this and also help me cope with the things that happen around me.” “But it still means breaking the boundaries and I could lose my job.” “Well how about you get rid of any record of this meeting and just say that we met somewhere else, then we can just be a couple and you just happen to ask me about my day.” “I guess that could work.” “And no one would know you were privately counselling a superhero anyway as you’d just be going out with Chris.” “I think you’re onto something there.” “Of course I am, no one needs to know about this side of me do they?” “I guess not. So would I be the only one who knows about this side of you?” “Yeah, I’ve never shared this with anyone else, that’s what’s made this life so lonely. I have friends as Chris but they don’t know my secret.” “So you don’t trust them but you do trust me, even though you’ve only really known me a short while? What makes you think I won’t tell anyone?” “What would you have to gain from it? A little money and some fame? Look what you’d lose.” “Oh wow!” “Exactly. Wanna come feel them?” “My god, they’re huge. They’re like bowling balls, and I don’t just mean the size, they’re hard and unyielding too.” “Yeah and check this out.” “Damn!! With lats like that it’s no wonder you can fly, if you stood in front of the window you’d block the light out.” “And if you notice I haven’t skipped leg day haha.” “Holy shit! I know a few lumberjacks who’d want to try chopping those redwoods down.” “That would be pretty cool, watching some guy ruin his chainsaw on these bad boys.” “Mmphff” “Wow now you’re the one taking me by surprise; that was one hell of a kiss.” “I can’t believe that even your lips are strong.” “Everything on me is strong, got a coin?” “Sure, what’re you going to do with…what the…?” “Aahhhhh.” “Holy fuck! You can actually see the roof of your mouth embossed in it. And you did that with your tongue?” “Told you everything was strong, wait ‘til we get to the junkyard and I get my dick out.” “Ok this session’s over, let’s go.”
  12. PREVIOUS CHAPTER Pt5 An average jet can span the US continent in about five hours -- the official record is 64 minutes, held by an SR-71. The Batplane has probably done it in less, but there aren’t any stats to support it. There were several heroes capable of flying coast to coast under their own power -- any of the Green Lanterns, J’onn J’onzz, Wonder Woman -- but few who would win a race with the original Superman (who once flew fast enough around the Earth to reverse time, remember) much less one of the New Supermen, especially one with the right motivation. Like massively swollen balls. Like massively swollen balls that desperately needed release. Still, a phenomenon like that wasn’t likely to go unnoticed (the speed, not the balls -- not from space). There were several satellite tracking systems that picked up on a biological object speeding across the country -- one of them was LexCorp’s. Once the object was identified as one of the Earth paranormals -- one of the New Supermen -- most systems catalogued but ignored it. Not Luthor. Not with what he knew. There was only one reason the DC Superman was flying to San Francisco with that kind of speed. Luthor pressed a button on his desk. “Have Dr. Teng come to my office,” he said plainly. There had better be a good explanation. ********************************* “WE NEED MORE SUPERMEN!” Bizarro whined in his raspy, cow-like voice. He was fucking Tucker, now in the Super-Sling, his own balls swollen to the size of oranges, covered in the dust coming off Bizarro like sweat. Each thrust was like a clap of chalk-filled erasers, little puffs of dust adding to the mist in the air. Tucker was sucking his buddy McGrath’s cock as McGrath floated above him in a 69, greedily sucking Tucker’s meat in return. McGrath’s swollen, oversized, infected balls covered Tucker’s eyes, so all Tucker could do was breathe the scent of McGrath’s dusty sac, making him even hornier. Stupider. Above the two of them floated Zelinski, holding on to the top chains of the Super-Sling while he slow-fucked McGrath’s leaking hole, the ecstasy on his face made it clear this was a dream cum true. How long had he fantasized about getting into McGrath’s ass? Honestly, how long? He couldn’t remember. Thinking was no longer his strength -- not that it ever was, really. “MORE SUPERMEN,” Zelinski agreed, the only one able to talk -- the others tried, but instead giggled with their mouths full. In a push-up position on McGrath’s back as he continued to fuck the deputy, Zelinski leaned forward and kissed Bizarro full on the mouth, soaking himself in the clone’s infected spit and dust -- the same dust that gave Zelinski this incredible high. This mind-fucking incredible high. Was Bizarro getting dustier? Was that possible? Zelinski may have realized it, but he couldn’t understand it. For him, more dust meant more high -- more sex. More balls. He had no idea that the clone may be degrading. And there was a crash from downstairs -- the plate-glass window on the balcony smashing. All four of them looked up. “MORE SUPERMEN?” asked Bizarro. From downstairs, a deep, resonant, masculine voice. “TUCKER?” Tucker turned his head to look, continuing to lick the head of McGrath’s cock like a lolly. He laughed. “THAT SOUND LIKE…” A massive man appeared in the doorway, bigger than any of them, the biggest of all -- the sheen of the tattooed S-shield on his mighty chest glowing in the dimness, otherwise dressed only in tiny red gym shorts that were clearly struggling to contain his oversized package. Even through his anger, the obvious shock and surprise were evident on his face. “MAX!” Tucker squealed, clapping his hands together with McGrath’s cock in his mouth. “ME LOVE MAX!” Bizarro turned to face him just as Max back-handed the clone across the room -- the “pop” of Bizarro’s cock obvious as it came out of Tucker’s ass. Bizarro slammed into the wall (the one with the Roman Cross on it), creating a huge cloud of dust. He sank to the floor. “WHAT AM HAP…?” Max was on him just that quick, sliding into a hip throw and taking Bizarro to the floor. The two of them began wrestling, though it was clear Bizarro had no idea what was happening -- he was reactionary, not aggressive. Even in his limited experience, guys who started out angry and rough ended up horny and desperate -- something was wrong. Tucker in the sling and McGrath in a 69 above him, both watched the wrestling match while idly sucking the other’s cock. Zelinski kept inside McGrath’s ass, but definitely slowed his pace, confused by the action before him -- was this some sort of prelude to fucking? His entire front side covered in dust, Max had Bizarro in a full-nelson, locking the clone up from behind -- he pressed himself into Bizarro’s ass. “Ready to fuck, clone?” he growled, slamming his hips against Bizarro. “You ready for a REAL cock?” “NO!” shouted Bizarro. “ME NO…” But Max didn’t listen -- without further ado, he shoved his cock (the biggest of all the New Supermen, remember) into Bizarro’s ass. Bizarro screamed, a weird mix of pleasure and pain -- it was clear he didn’t want the invasion, but he wasn’t trying to get away, either. Max began thrusting, shoving the clone face-down into the floor to get a better angle. The three Super-witnesses could see Max’s own balls swollen to nearly the same size as Bizarro’s. The two sacs pendulously swung together with each of Max’s thrusts. At first, it just seemed like an aggressive fuck, like the hard poundings McGrath used to give before he became a big, dumb bottom. Long-dicking him, almost all the way out, slamming back in -- Max began speeding up, appearing almost like a piston, mechanical and purposeful, little puffs of dust rising from the clone’s ass like smoke from an engine. Bizarro couldn’t help but moan, a low, bovine sound. “You like that, clone?” Max growled. “You won’t for long…” Wrapping his powerful arms around Bizarro’s torso, Max easily lifted the clone into an upright position, pressing its face into the wall with the Roman Cross, fucking it even faster, the mass of Max’s glutes and hamstrings standing out with each thrust -- the clone began to shake like it was sitting on a washing machine in the spin cycle. “N-N-N-N-N-N-N-NOOOOO!” The faster it vibrated, the more dust that came off -- Max stood in an ankle-deep pile already, aside from the front side of his body being nearly coated in it. It was as if Bizarro was turning into white sand. “Gonna cum, clone,” Max barked. “Enjoy….” He thrust in deep and deposited his load -- and those oversized balls of his produced copious amounts, more and more and still more cum. The creature’s eyes rolled back in its head, and Bizarro began to cum as well, a dry, dusty stream of thick, mulchy ejaculate. He moaned in a voiceless ecstasy. They began to shake together, the New Superman and the clone, each of them continuing to cum, both their hips bucking with instinctive need, but something was happening to Bizarro. It was collapsing, dissolving, literally turning to dust. Like a sculpture made from the whitest sands of the most virgin island, eventually the lack of moisture caused collapse. The longer and harder Bizarro came, the less of the creature there was. Before their eyes, it became a pile of chalky sand at Max’s feet. Max turned to the rest of them, this three-hundred pound beast, his muscles pumped, his balls still swollen, the tip of his huge dick dripping, his translucent “S” still glowing oh his rounded, muscular pecs beneath the white powder that had been Bizarro. Max sneered. “Who’s next?” *************************************** Together, they watched the man in the video open a secure cabinet and remove a small container, where he read the label and then dropped it into his lab coat pocket. Turning away from the cabinet put him face first to the hidden camera -- his identity was clear. The video looped over and over, showing the theft and the identity reveal. Lex Luthor leaned back in his chair, putting his hands together and tenting his fingers. “So, Dr. Teng,” he said calmly and quietly, “would you care to explain this?” Teng shifted in his chair, beads of sweat on his forehead. Finally, he took a deep breath and spoke. “It was communicable to humans,” he said. “Excuse me?” “The Bizarro Virus,” Teng said, gaining confidence as he went. “It was targeted to have a specific effect on the New Supermen -- who, as you know, are humans given the powers of a Kryptonian, not Kryptonian themselves. Although the activation of the virus required the presence of the New Supermen’s altered DNA -- meaning Bizarro could infect only them -- once they’re infected, though, the New Supermen become communicable to normal humans…” A moment of dramatic silence, begging for Luthor’s “...So…?” “So, in an effort to avoid a major pandemic, I chose to take action.” Teng sat tall and still in his chair, though his heart pounded in his chest. Again, the forced drama was almost annoying. “And you…?” “I infected one of the New Supermen with the antidote.” The silence between them was now tense for a new reason: the truth was out -- clear and plain -- there was nothing to do but acknowledge it. And pay the price. “I see,” Luthor said, finally. “That puts you in a rather… tenuous position.” “I was aware there would be consequences.” Luthor grunted. “In my defense,” Teng offered, “there is little doubt that had there been a large-scale infection the cause would’ve been traced back to you and LexCorp.” Luthor’s eyebrows raised. “Me?” he asked. “I’ve done nothing but discover a rogue scientist in my employ -- AND a thief.” His eyes indicated the looping video. “For all anyone knows watching that video, you could be stealing the virus yourself, intent on unleashing it on an unsuspecting populace. What a monster!” Teng was unreadable. “You wouldn’t do that,” he said. “It would indicate you’re developing viruses here at LexCorp. That’s a secret you don’t want getting out.” Luthor leaned forward, forearms on his desk. “Well then, perhaps we’ll have to find a more… internal way of dealing with you.” Without missing a beat, Luthor pressed a button and some little device on the top of his computer monitor turned and released a powdery dispense directly at Teng’s face. It made its way in his mouth and up his nose before he even reacted to its happening. “What the…?” Luthor leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. “There you are, Teng,” he said. “Your virus.” “What?” said the doctor at the beginnings of panic -- he could already feel his dick come to life in his pants. “No!” Luthor pressed another button and two security guards entered -- they were wearing face masks. “Take Dr. Teng to one of the sub-basement holding cells,” he quietly commanded. “Make sure he gets plenty of… stimulation.” As the two security guards escorted him out of the room, Teng tried to maintain his dignity, but it was hard to ignore the way his balls were flopping around in his pants, getting bigger and bigger. He had no final words for Luthor -- all he had was the knowledge that he’d done the right thing. He’d saved humanity. Now if he could just deny his own, maybe he’d save his intellect -- if he could ignore that incessant tug on his balls. ***************************************** Although a good ninety percent of the time their positions were reversed, Max did occasionally fuck Tucker. The circumstances had to be exactly right -- and most of the time, it was about what Max wanted -- but it did happen. Tucker had these long, rounded muscle-bellies, so his ass was bubbly, thick and spectacular -- the kind of ass that could (and did) stop traffic. It was the reverse of the big-dicked bottom, the top with the perfectly fuckable ass. And Max was going at it in a mix of desperation and rage that made him look like a true Alpha, just hard, masculine fucking. McGrath, who’d been floating above Tucker in a 69-position, pushed himself upright, straddling Tucker’s neck, his balls nearly smothering his Texan buddy. McGrath dumbly watched Max fuck, having never had this perspective before -- McGrath was usually the Alpha, certainly not the witness, and the action held him rapt. Tucker, for his part, rolled his eyes back in his head, leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, which Zelinski kept trying to sneak in and lick until Max would slap him away. “ME AM FUCK!” Tucker moaned, muted by McGrath’s balls. Max’s own balls swung like pendulums with each thrust into Tucker’s hole. “Gonna cum, fucker,” he said. “This better work…” And he pushed in deep and released into Tucker, his orgasm deep and powerful -- he felt like he pumped a gallon of cum into Tucker’s ass. Tucker bucked his hips and shot himself, spraying all over McGrath’s torso -- McGrath, giggling like an idiot, wiped Tucker’s cum off himself (mixing it with the powder that still covered them all) and licked both from his hands. Pulling himself out of Tucker, Max was about to wipe himself down when Zelinski suddenly appeared before him, kneeling, licking his cock clean. “You next?” Max asked, as Zelinski cupped Max’s swollen balls. “I gotta fuck all three of ya…” “ONLY ONE ME!” Zelinski snorted, laughing at his own joke. Max sighed. “Fucking idiot,” he mumbled, pushing Zelinski’s face to the floor, and started fucking him down-doggie style. In the sling, Tucker shook his head and sat up, disoriented and confused. “Wha…? What happened?” he asked, looking up at McGrath, whose balls were inches from his face. “Frank? What’s going on?” “TUCKER FUCKER GOT FUCKED!” “What…?” “Hang on tight, babe,” Max said, picking up his pace on Zelinski’s ass. “Let me finish fucking these guys and I’ll explain everything.” Tucker shrugged. “Okay…” he said. “How’d our balls get so big…?” ************************************************* NEARLY A WEEK LATER McGrath got off-shift as usual, but rather than change in the department’s locker room, he flew to his house instead. These gigantic balls he had now, he hadn’t gotten used to them yet, and it made him uncomfortable in front of the other deputies. The way they stared. In private, of course, he loved them! He loved the way they contributed to his whole hypermasculine appearance, truly making him a “super” man. He loved the way they swung when he fucked and the copious amount of cum they produced. But having balls the size of oranges was something he couldn’t hide -- they forced Frank into a spotlight where he hadn’t yet learned to be comfortable. In his bedroom, however, he liked the lighting. Removing his uniform, leaving the compression shorts he wore in place, his huge nads tested the strength of the material as they stretched the pouch out of shape. McGrath couldn’t help but hit a few poses in the mirror -- a front double-bi then an ab/ thigh, which thrust his package forward, his already mind-blowing cock emphasized by its two swollen back-up singers. If he wanted a pair of posers -- and he did -- he was going to have to have them specially made. The idea of someone measuring his balls for gear turned him on more than a little bit. He slid on his Jed North gym shorts -- the short ones, the ones his legs exploded out of -- the ones that made his not-so-secret groin into a public spectacle, and his usual Sooners t-shirt, that made no secret of the incredible rest of him, either. It was Friday. And though he hadn’t seen Zelinski since… well, since everything that’d happened (he unconsciously stroked his balls), he still wanted to keep their... date. McGrath didn’t remember much -- what he did remember was hazy and dreamy -- from when he was under the spell of the virus (what Max called a virus), but what he did remember was a sense of sexual freedom and giddiness, a naive and completely unrepressed expression of his true sexual self. Everything had been easy and guilt-free when he hadn’t known better. Being stupid actually educated him. As he flew to San Francisco -- the southerly route over the desert (he’d learned his lesson) -- he went over it again: Lex Luthor had created this Bizarro-creature and infected it with a virus that would turn the New Supermen into over-sexed Bizarro clones. (This was the second time Luthor had attacked them through their sexuality -- what was it with that guy and kinky superhero sex?) Of course, they lacked the evidence to trace it back to Luthor -- the scientist who’d given Max the cure had disappeared, as well -- so all they could do was press on until his next crazy plot. That it had left the four of them with these ridiculously oversized balls, turning them into even greater sexual icons than they’d been, was the best part of the irony in Luthor trying to destroy them in the first place. Fuck you, you rich bald fuck! And just like that, the bay loomed before him. And before he’d even had the chance to take in the view, he was landing on Zelinski’s balcony. The door had been fixed, of course -- not that McGrath remembered breaking it, exactly -- but he was even happier to discover it wasn’t locked. Before he even had the chance, the door slid open, revealing Zelinski in just some fancy pink jockstrap, his own monstrous balls barely held by the cotton webbing. “Well, well,” Z said, leaning against the door jamb and crossing his arms, “look who’s….” He was interrupted by McGrath pulling him in for a kiss. Not that he tried to fight it -- he didn’t -- he just melted into McGrath’s big arms and enjoyed a moment he’d fantasized about since they’d become New Supermen. When the kiss finally broke, the two of them looked into each other’s eyes and McGrath said, quietly, “I wonder if we might try something different this time? I wonder if… uh… you might let ME ride the super-sling…?” A smile slowly broke out on Zelinski’s face, full of deviltry and desire. “Oh… yes,” he said, punctuating it with a kiss. “Yes, yes, yes. But FIRST….” He stepped into the house and motioned McGrath to follow him. As they walked to the bedroom, McGrath pulled his t-shirt off and threw it aside. As tempting as Zelinski’s hot little ass was in that pink jock, McGrath knew it was his own ass that needed the attention. The playroom was clean, meticulously clean -- the leather shone and the metal sparkled -- it didn’t even smell the way McGrath was used to, like old sex and cigars. It was like Zelinski had had the room detailed like a fine car. Zelinski opened the case he kept his dildos and toys in (it looked like a road box) and pulled out one of two gallon-sized glass jars he’d stored in there. They were stuffed full of a white powder. McGrath looked at him suspiciously, his eyebrows pushed together. “What is that?” Zelinski smiled. “It’s Bizarro,” he said. “The dust that came off him, anyway. I… gathered it all together after everybody left. If I remember correctly, it packed quite a punch.” McGrath’s cock was already getting hard -- it remembered correctly even if his brain didn’t. “Are you kidding?” he asked. “Really?” Since they’d become New Supermen, their metabolisms had altered so that drugs and alcohol had no effect on them. If there was something that could get them high… Zelinski flicked his eyebrows. “Let me cut us a couple lines and I’ll show you. It’s fucking hot as fuck.” And McGrath, who’d never done cocaine before -- he’d only seen it in movies -- and who’d missed beer more than he cared to admit, anxiously took the rolled up dollar from Z and snorted his line right up, like he’d done it a million times. From the way it hit him, he knew he’d be likely to do it a million more. “FUCK ME,” he giggled, letting intellect go for a moment, and embracing idiotic pleasure. “FUCK ME FRANK-HOLE!” And Zelinski was more than happy to do just that. He even sprinkled a little Bizarro on his cock and gave McGrath a booty bump. They fucked the entire weekend away -- it surprised no one to learn they became a couple soon after that. None of the New Supermen, anyway, though they were a tiny bit jealous -- pretty much everybody wanted one of the other of them. And they pretty much all assumed that McGrath was the top and Zelinski was the bottom. But they’d be wrong. *********************************************** FIVE DAYS LATER Discipline. That’s all it took. Discipline. Deep, deep in the sub-basements of the LexCorps Tower (he didn’t know how far down), he’d maintained himself for at least ten days (he didn’t know if he was right about time -- he had no clock, no window for reference, nothing but the non-stop porn that played on the video screens). He assumed the meals were regular -- unless they were purposefully trying to mess with his sense of time, too -- so ten days seemed right. Otherwise healthy, Teng’s gonads were the size of basketballs, swollen and painfully tender. “That’s a lot of brains,” he mumbled to himself, trying to be humorous, trying to fight off the abject horror, though it was getting harder and harder. He wouldn’t cum -- he wouldn’t allow it of himself. It just took discipline. Ten days. How big would these things get before he finally gave in? They’d all find out together. Teng took a deep breath and settled into his meditation. Discipline.
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    PREVIOUS CHAPTER Pt4 Tucker McGee had a lot to be thankful for in life, but it all started with his overactive pituitary gland. He hadn’t been a big child, nothing that would make you look back at his baby pics and say, “you can see where he gets it,” but once his pituitary gland kicked in, once the growth hormone started being produced, Tucker’s life changed dramatically. Seemingly overnight, Tucker… thickened -- it was the summer his mother nearly gave up on buying clothes for him, he outgrew them so fast. And once the Middle School PE teacher saw him -- once the football coach saw him -- football became part of Tucker’s life. (Understanding that in Texas, this was known as the “father’s fantasy” track, so he had nothing but patriarchal support.) Tucker loved football -- and football loved Tucker. It was easy -- he just had to push guys to the left or to the right or just knock them on their ass, depending on the play. It was fun. And the bigger he got, the easier it got -- and the more fun it became. He started to get off on it. So he applied himself and began lifting (and eating) in earnest -- he took to both like a fish to water (water with food in it). It wasn’t until he was in college that he started juicing -- his frat brothers introduced him -- and that bumped him another notch. He graduated college at 275, proud of his round, hard roid-gut (he called it his tortoise-shell) and his impossibly massive legs. Tucker was simply mass personified -- he wasn’t sloppy bulky like some offensive linemen, he was thick and hard. When people saw Tucker coming, they got out of his way. He played pro-ball for a couple of years -- but it was for Buffalo and he’d hated how cold it was there, so he opted to come home to Texas and join law enforcement. Again, a perfect fit -- he thrived in that environment. And then to be recruited to be one of the New Supermen! For Tucker, that was perhaps the greatest honor of his life, better than any sports award or superbowl ring -- he eagerly accepted. The transformations were significantly more dramatic for most of the guys than it had been for him -- or at least, that’s what he thought. At 6’4”, Tucker seemed to harden, but he lost none of his curves. It was like his bulk became solid muscle. Still with the impossible thickness, but he didn’t have the stereotypical “superman” body, the pretty abs and lean hips. He didn’t care -- he’d always liked his gut, now as rock hard as the rest of him. Tucker’s other secret weapon was his Texas Horse Cock. Uncut and thick, Tucker won the lottery there, too. Sure, he’d pretty much beat his balls to death with steroids, all atrophy and ignorance, but at least genetics had balanced that loss with ample dick. If he hadn’t been a cop, he joked to himself, he could’ve easily been a porn star -- and that was true. Tucker did like to fuck and he did like to fuck for an audience. That discovery happened in college, too, at a frat party -- he and his buddies had chipped in for a prostitute and they were all taking their turns -- when they saw how big his cock was and how well he used it, they’d all started jerking off watching him. And Tucker realized he was getting off on them watching him more than he was with the actual fucking. That’s when he knew he could be a porn star! He didn’t define himself by his sexuality. He liked fucking women well enough -- he liked fucking men, too. He liked fucking. Dominating. But the thing about being with a guy was the possibility of Tucker getting fucked, too. He preferred being the top, but sometimes he felt like taking a dick, too -- it was a completely different experience. Not often, but often enough that it mattered. He also found relationships with men easier, too -- probably from being such a frat boy. Once he’d become a New Superman and women were pretty much out of the picture, Tucker found identifying himself as gay was a lot easier. And then there was Max. And he was surprised how easily and naturally he’d fallen for Max, how well they fit together, how comfortable it was to be with him. The big, muscular lug had won his heart and he was planning on sealing the deal with an engagement ring on Max’s birthday. That Max understood -- and encouraged -- Tucker to play with the others, so confident in their relationship as to bely jealousy, made Tucker love him all the more. It didn’t even qualify as a “long-distance” relationship, either -- though Tucker worked in Houston and Max in DC, they could fly to each other’s homes in less than ten minutes. That was faster than some people who lived in the same city! Tonight, though, it wasn’t a Making Love with Max he was looking forward to, it was one of those no-holds-barred, all-out Man-Fucks with Zelinski instead. Tucker sure wasn’t pretty enough for Zelinski to date, but that sweet little bottom loved Tucker’s thick cock. Tucker was Zelinski’s Go-To when Z was looking to be serious about getting dicked. He’d heard -- through the grapevine -- that Zelinski was trying to get serious with Tucker’s buddy Frank McGrath from Oklahoma. Tucker knew about McGrath’s ugly little divorce and his difficulty adjusting to his new sexuality (or at least the expression of it). They’d tried to play together a couple of times -- and though McGrath had enjoyed tag-teaming Max’s ass, he wasn’t able to do anything orally and could barely touch anybody else. In Tucker’s view, it was a shame -- McGrath had an ass that deserved some dick -- it was even more of a shame that alcohol didn’t affect them anymore. Maybe after a few stiff drinks, McGrath would’ve found some courage. Whatever. McGrath was Zelinski’s problem -- Tucker had his own man. Not that that was stopping him from flying to San Francisco after shift to pound Zelinski’s super-hole. When -- finally -- his beat was up (and after he filed some necessary paperwork on the computer at super speed), he changed clothes, gym shorts and sleeveless t-shirt emblazened with a rainbow-unicorn and the word “butch,” and brushed his teeth. He quickly texted Z. “OMW,” he wrote. The reply was a smiley-face emoji, a flexed arm emoji, a peach, an eggplant, then some spurts. Tucker shook his head, chuckling to himself -- his dick shifting a little in the jockstrap he wore beneath, making him remember to throw on a cock ring -- Zelinski was a trip. Tucker locked his front door and flew west, looking forward to the fuck. ************************************* In San Fran, the sun wasn’t completely down, casting a few last colorful rays over the horizon. As much as he loved Texas -- and cherished Houston -- there was nothing like the mountains and the way the lights of this city appeared out of nowhere. It just said “romance’. Not that he was here for romance -- he was here for fucking -- still, it was hard not to get caught up in the scenery. Landing on Zelinski’s patio, he saw that the balcony door was shattered and destroyed, not even a blanket or a piece of plywood over the hole. (Hell, Zelinsky was a New Superman -- he could fix that door in seconds if he’d put his mind to it.) Was there a problem? Was it part of some “scene”? He entered without worry, glancing around for anything suspicious -- as he got deeper into the house, he noticed some kind of… dust in the air. Didn’t matter -- he was suddenly too horny to think about it, the outline of his cock becoming obvious beneath his gym shorts. God damn, he was ready for some action! (He’d already forgotten about the door.) Tucker hadn’t realized he’d been this horny -- and it was getting worse by the second. He’d fucked Max just yesterday, but it felt like he hadn’t gotten any in weeks -- his balls felt heavy. Literally, his dick was starting to lead the way. He knew the way to Zelinski’s playroom even without his dick -- but his dick, like a good dog, was eager to lead. It was dark, but he could still see enough. There was Zelinski’s “Super-Sling”, but the body laying in it wasn’t Z -- WAY too big to be Z… “Frank?” Tucker asked -- it couldn’t be. “McGrath?” The big muscle-beast stirred, giggling in his low-pitched voice. “TUCKER FUCKER!” he said, letting his head roll back. “FUCK ME!” Something sounded… wrong about his voice, like he was tripping. Tucker stepped up between McGrath’s thick, muscular thighs, McGrath’s legs up in the stirrups. He’d known McGrath had a big cock, but look at the size of those balls -- damn! Was there some sort of powder all over him? It was too dark to tell… “What’s up, buddy?” he asked, pulling his t-shirt off and lowering his shorts, leaving himself in only the jockstrap, distended as it was by his own thick piece of meat. (A suddenly very excited piece of meat.) “Finally want to get fucked by a man?” Standing between McGrath’s legs, Tucker reached forward and grabbed McGrath’s tiny nipples. (There WAS something all over him -- what the fuck?) As he did, McGrath raised a hand and blew fistfull of powder into Tucker’s face. He pulled back in reaction, still breathing most of it in. And before he could react or strike out, the rush hit him. It had been years since he’d done any kind of drugs -- not just that, as a New Superman, drugs and alcohol weren’t supposed to affect him anymore -- but even before becoming a lawman, Tucker had only done coke a couple of times in college. And whatever this stuff was put that buzz in a (very) distant second place. This was incredible! FUCK, he was horny! McGrath giggled like a stupid idiot, wiping his hand down Tucker’s face, leaving a white streak in its path -- Tucker licked McGrath’s palm as it traveled over his mouth. More of it! More! “FUCK ME, TUCKER FUCKER,” McGrath said, a dopey smile on his face. “ME NEED COCK.” “Oh, I got a cock for you,” Tucker growled, pulling his big rod out of his jock. “I been wanting to give this to you for a long time.” McGrath looked at it, drooling. “FUCK ME!” he begged, shifting his massive body in the sling, waving his ass. “GIVE… COCK…” Tucker snorted, spitting on himself to lube up -- he had to lift McGrath’s massive balls to get to his hole. But once he had, Tucker put the head of his dick against McGrath’s virgin bud. “Gonna turn you into a little bottom bitch,” Tucker said. McGrath blew another load of powder into Tucker’s face. Tucker simultaneously inhaled and shoved. Fuck!!! “FUCK!” McGrath yelled. “YES!” “Take my big fuckin’ cock… bitch!” Tucker said, balls deep already. He slowly began thrusting. McGrath’s eyes rolled back in his head, leaving the dumb smile across his face -- ecstasy. “OHHH…. FUCK…” McGrath moaned. “Yeah, you like that,” Tucker kept mumbling. “Now that you got one inside you, you’re gonna be a bottom bitch…” “TUCKER’S BITCH,” McGrath laughed dumbly. “SO FUCKIN’ STUPID!” More powder -- this time it wasn’t McGrath, tho. Floating down from above came Zelinski, until his package was right in front of Tucker’s face. “TUCKER FUCKER!” Zelinski said. Zelinski was covered in the same weird powder that McGrath was, mixed with dried-on cum. Big, orange-sized balls in Tucker’s face -- he couldn’t resist, burying his face in Zelinski’s ample package, licking the delicious powder and addictive cum like a man with a hunger he’d never known he had. Zelinski wrapped his legs around Tucker’s head, burying the big lawman in his smell -- Tucker didn’t care. Fucking and licking and thrusting and the dust and the lusty high and the stupid moans that filled the room. And then there was someone else. Tucker didn’t know who -- Tucker didn’t care who -- just that there was suddenly someone behind him. Taller -- hard cock -- muscular arms reaching around Tucker’s torso -- white -- dusty -- so fucking horny! “ME FUCK!” the guy behind him said, sliding his not insubstantial dick into Tucker’s ass. It was almost too much stimulation. Zelinski’s balls in his mouth -- Tucker’s dick in McGrath’s tight hole -- some guy’s cock in Tucker’s butt -- the perfect set-up, but they couldn’t find the rhythm. Tucker couldn’t think how to coordinate them -- fuck, he couldn’t think at all. It all felt so good. “ME CUM!” the guy behind him said, way too soon, as if he were some inexperienced teenager incapable of controlling himself. “ME GONNA CUM!” “No,” mumbled Tucker. “Not yet…” The guy fucking Tucker suddenly thrust in deep and let go -- Tucker could feel the guy’s cum filling him, spilling down the insides of his legs. So much — it didn’t seem like it would ever stop. The guy didn’t get soft, tho. After his impressive orgasm, he stayed hard, staying inside Tucker. “NOW YOU…” he whispered to Tucker. “NOW YOU GET STUPID…” Tucker was only half-listening, he was thrusting like a man on a mission, showing what a man who could squat heavy was capable of doing -- a Superman -- to McGrath’s stupid tight hole. He felt like he was wearing ball weights -- he could feel a definite tug on his nads. He could feel them swinging. They felt like they were getting bigger. (And for a guy who’d atrophied his nuts years ago from steroid abuse, this was a welcome change.) Then he had a moment of clarity -- of realization. He remembered noting the size of McGrath’s balls when he’d first seen him in the sling -- he was sucking these massive nads of Zelinski’s -- oranges! -- were HIS getting bigger, too? Why…? “Oh, fuck,” Tucker moaned. “Gonna shoot…” McGrath laughed. “BRAINS…” he snorted. “GIVE ME BRAINS!” Zelinski laughed like a hyena, high-pitched and hysterical. “GIVE HIM ALL STUPID BRAINS! ME CUM, TOO!” And he shot a geyser all over Tucker’s face -- it tasted like the powder. Liquid lust. Big balls -- big loads. So fucking hot. Tucker drove deep and unloaded, surprising himself with the intensity of the orgasm -- it just went on and on, seemed like forever. Tucker couldn’t keep track of time -- he’d never had an orgasm like this. As he emptied into McGrath, Tucker lost his legs for a second and slumped slightly forward, leaning on McGraths rock-hard abs. McGrath raised his hands in triumph! “NOW ME GOT ALL BRAINS!” he shouted. “ME AM SUPER-SMART!” They all laughed -- Tucker, too. He wanted to make a joke, but he couldn’t find the words. “WHERE ME BRAINS?” he asked, concerned, looking around. Chuckling, rolling his head back, McGrath said, “YOU BRAINS AM NOW IN ME ASS!” Tucker sunk to the floor, looking directly into McGrath’s asshole. “GIVE BACK,” he whined. “GIVE BRAINS BACK!” He started eating McGrath’s hole, trying to suck his cum out. McGrath clenched his ass. “NO WAY, TUCKER FUCKER. ME AM SMARTEST NOW!” “WE AM ALL STUPID,” the guy who’d fucked Tucker said. Tucker looked up from McGrath’s tasty hole to see the guy -- a big, muscular guy who looked like the original Superman except covered in baby powder. And those ridiculously big balls. “ME AM BALLS!” Tucker shouted joyfully, grabbing his own package and waving it like show-and-tell. “ME AM BIG STUPID BALLS! TUCKER FUCKER AM BALLS LIKE YOU!” “SEE? YOU AM STUPID LIKE US! WE MAKE ALL SUPERMEN STUPID! HORNY AND STUPID!” They all sang. “HORNY AND STUPID! HORNY AND STUPID!” “ME AM BALLS NOW,” giggled Tucker, cradling his sac as he continued to rim McGrath. They fucked until Tucker was just as covered in dust as the rest of them. ******************************* Tucker’s boyfriend, Officer Max Malone, the New Superman for the District of Columbia, had just come off-shift and was trying to chill by binge-watching “The British Baking Show” in his Adams Morgan loft when there was a knock on his door. Strange. Why didn’t the doorman call up? With his x-ray vision, Max scanned the front door and saw an unarmed man standing there -- he seemed normal, if not slightly agitated. No threat that Max could detect. Max, dressed only in a pair of old gym shorts, showing not only his massive musculature, but the translucent S-shield adorning his chest, clearly identifying him as one of the New Supermen -- the biggest of them, frankly -- opened the door, knowing how intimidating he looked. He was easily a foot taller and a couple hundred pounds heavier than his visitor, an Asian man dressed in a suit and a lab coat. “Can I help you?” Max said with the steely-resolve of a patrol officer, crossing his arms before his massive pecs.. “Officer Malone,” said the man, “I am Doctor Teng.” He raised his hand then -- Max thought it was to shake -- and blew a handful of white powder in Max’s face. TO BE CONCLUDED
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    PREVIOUS CHAPTER Pt3 “As you can see from the satellite photos, Mr. Luthor, the clone has made contact with one of the New Supermen -- intel identifies him as Sheriff’s Deputy Frank McGrath from Oklahoma, recently divorced, conservative, graduated cum laude from OU. He put up a struggle, but fell victim to the Bizarro Virus within minutes -- note the significant swelling of the testicles, indicative of infection. Whether the infected Supermen become carriers themselves or just victims remains to be seen. The two were last seen flying west -- trajectory has them aimed at San Francisco. We assume they’re targeting the New Superman of that city, one Matthew Zelinski, proudly gay, liberal, engages in regular sex with multiple partners within the Supermen ranks -- one could accurately call him the ‘company slut’ if one had that sort of sense of humor. If they manage to infect him, we might have a significant outbreak on our hands.” Luthor sat back in his chair, looking up from the photos. “And isn’t that the point?” he asked bitterly. “Isn’t that why I’ve spent millions of dollars on this project? I can’t seem to kill them -- the very least I can do is turn them into the hyper-sexual idiots I think they are.” “Yes, sir. However, as you can see, the original clone is breaking down. The dust that covers McGrath is evidence of the cellular degeneration of the clone’s Kryptonian DNA. Our scientists suspected something like this would happen -- as noted, there has been little success in cloning Superman in the past.” Luthor sighed, tenting his fingers. “How long do we have?” he asked. “That’s a good question, Sir. Right now, we estimate between 48 and 72 hours before complete cellular breakdown. There are… variables…” “I just want them all fucking dead,” Luthor said with quiet intensity. “Why is that so hard?” “Sir, this is our most successful attempt so far -- it’s only a matter of time before…” Luthor held up his flat palm, signalling an end to the conversation. “Keep me updated,” he said, dismissively. Dr. Teng sighed -- he knew when he’d lost. “Yes, Sir,” he said, and left Luthor’s office. Luthor stared out the window at the setting sun. “I just want them all fucking dead,” he mumbled. “Why is that so hard?” ************************** After his shower, Zelinski allowed himself to air-dry before putting on a scanty little white silk thong and snapping selfies for his IG faithful. Though the smallest of the New Supermen -- both in height and muscle-size -- he had the best ass by far! (At least, that’s what everybody said -- and what his selfies confirmed.) There was no slut-shaming Zelinski -- not even at all. He’d gotten over that a long time ago. He enjoyed sex -- he enjoyed sex a LOT -- and he was extremely good at it. Some men had hobbies -- some men spent a lot of time at the gym -- Zelinski had sex. And now -- thanks to being a New Superman -- there was no disease he could catch, nothing communicable to stop him from playing raw. It was fucking bliss. Literally. He’d set himself up early as the go-to Superman for no-strings sexual relief, once they’d realized they couldn’t have sex with normal people anymore. He had no problem with the concept of fuck-buddies and sex-for-the-sake-of-sex -- emotional baggage was for women and selfish bottoms -- Zelinski didn’t the mistake of mixing sex with romance. (If he hadn’t been such a good cop, he figured he’d make a great gigolo.) Of the fifty or so New Supermen, he’d fucked with over thirty. Of course, he hadn’t been expecting McGrath to come along and emotionally sweep him off his feet. “Damn straight boys,” he thought. “Making me develop feelings and shit.” He LIKED McGrath -- liked his personality, his dry sense of humor, the brainy interior wrapped in the rough Oklahoma cowboy -- and he knew McGrath liked him, but just couldn’t break through the sexual-labels barrier that seemed to divide them. It was frustrating, though tolerable for the moment -- who knew how long that would last? Why couldn’t McGrath just swoop in, take Zelinski in his arms and kiss him like a God damn MAN? Damn straight boys. Okay, who could he fuck to take his mind off McGrath? He picked up his phone and opened the New Superman App. Scrolling through the profiles, he saw McGrath’s buddy Tucker McGee online. The Houston-Superman, Tucker was another cowboy-superhero -- he was also in a relationship with Zelinski’s friend Max Malone, but Zelinski thought they were open about play. (If he was online on this app, he was looking to play, regardless of his relationship status.) Tucker was a whole different kind of hunk from McGrath, similar Stetsons or not. Tucker was all-beef, thick waisted (if he weren’t a New Superman, one would say “roid gut”), big, round muscles and curved, sloping lines. Where McGrath was a force on the football field, Tucker was an obstacle. Strong and single-minded, Tucker was slow to anger but quick to action, painfully loyal to his friends. Although his cock wasn’t as big as McGrath’s, Tucker wouldn’t tucker out for hours -- and also unlike McGrath, Tucker would kiss. And kiss great! (Zelinski figured the biggest reason Tucker and Max were together was because they both liked to kiss so much.) And frankly, Zelinski could use a little lip-love right now. He texted the big Texan through the app. “Hey, Tuck -- feel like a fuck?” It wasn’t even a minute before he heard back. “Little Z! What’s up, my friend?” “My ass is up -- in the air! Could use some of that Texas tea…” “Sounds like someone’s horny.” “Help a bud out?” A slight pause. “I go off-patrol at 22:00 my time -- 8pm Pacific, right? -- I’d be happy to swing by. I could use some wild fuck.” “Beautiful! See you then! I’ll be in the Super-Sling!” He sent Tucker a pic of his ass in the white thong, as well. A beat before the response. “Don’t get me all hard while I’m on patrol. You suck!” “See you soon.” With a smirk, he tossed the phone down on his dresser. As it hit, he heard the “thump!” of someone landing on the balcony. It couldn’t be Tucker already, could it? He had at least an hour and a half before he could expect Tucker... unless the fucker had sped counter-clockwise around the earth and turned back time! Chuckling to himself, he flew up to the top of the stairs, where he could see the balcony door. Standing there silhouetted in the slanted rays of the setting sun was McGrath, shirtless, the sparkle of his S-shield reflecting the light. Was he covered in some kind of powder? McGrath reached up and fumbled the door, accidentally breaking it off the track and shattering the glass. “OOPS!” he said, giggling. “What’s up, cowboy?” Zelinski asked, from the bedroom door, keeping his distance. “Don’t know your own strength?” “ME AM HORNY,” McGrath said in some kind of odd, brainless voice. What was going on? Was this some kind of weird roleplay? “Who are you pretending to be?” Zelinski asked, adjusting his dick in his little white thong. “Doing some kind of Bizarro thing?” “ME AM NOT BIZARRO,” McGrath laughed, stepping into the room. He walked clumsily toward Zelinski and took him into his arms. “ME AM SUPER HORNY,” he said, and kissed Zelinsky full on the mouth. So much went through Zelinski’s mind so quickly he barely had time to process it all: where had this kiss come from? Since when did McGrath kiss? Was this roleplay enacted so McGrath could emotionally allow it of himself? Was there powder all over him? What was that weird taste? As soon as he thought that, he got hit with a wave of drug-induced euphoria that he hadn’t felt since his days doing “tina,” a rush of sexuality and need and a cocaine-like level of horniness that didn’t seem to abate. He loved it! Zelinski began licking McGrath’s face -- more, he suddenly thought. More! He became aware of his erection when he pressed it against McGrath’s own rock hard cock -- he loved it! Whatever was going on, it was hot as hell. Better than drugs. McGrath giggled through their kiss. “SLUTTY SUPERMAN,” he said, continuing with this Bizarro-thing. Zelinski didn’t care -- whatever. He was so horny. Slutty. And then, McGrath did something REALLY out of character -- he slid down to his knees, wiping a long streak of powder onto Zelinski’s rock-hard abs, then he greedily took Zelinski’s cock in his mouth. Zelinski gasped, reaching down and grabbing McGrath’s dusty hair, one hand pushing McGrath’s mouth down onto his cock, the other snorting and licking the powder he got off McGrath’s body. He was flying -- not literally. He was just so turned on… so horny… McGrath’s sloppy mouth on his cock and his muffled giggles. Roleplay. Whatever. Zelinski could play along. “Yeah,” he moaned. “Suck me, Bizarro…” McGrath barked out a laugh, nearly spitting out Zelinski’s cock. “ME NO AM BIZARRO,” he laughed. And then suddenly, there was someone behind Zelinski -- someone tall and heavy. Thick, muscular arms wrapped around him -- Zelinski could feel a hard cock pressing against his ass. The big arms that hugged him were covered in that same white powder. Zelinski began wiping himself against the creature’s muscle, licking and snorting. “HIM NO AM BIZARRO,” the voice behind Zelinski said. “ME AM.” And with that, the guy shoved his cock into Zelinski’s (very) ready ass. Ecstasy. Booty-bump ecstasy. Though neither of the brutes were particularly skilled, the high of the powder kept Zelinski from being critical. On his own, he could create a rhythm between the inexperienced cock and the sloppy mouth -- he knew how to control a couple of dumb tops -- so it didn’t much matter. It was so good! His every fantasy centered around McGrath kissing him, taking his cock. And now, there he was, kneeling before Zelinski, his hulking shoulders and bobbing head -- he was gripping the base of Zelinski’s balls in his very familiar grip -- he wasn’t a straight boy anymore. And then, like a teenager unused to having sex, the brute behind him was ready to cum. “ME SHOOT!” he announced, then slammed his cock deep into Zelinski’s ass. Before Zelinski could ask, “Already?” he was flooded by the guy’s load -- so much cum, it began leaking down his inner-thighs -- more kept coming, but came nowhere close to abatement. “Bizarro” must have some big balls, Zelinski thought in his ecstatic high. He found that funny and almost laughed. Stupid thought. And then something -- no, he was too high -- it felt… It felt like his own balls were growing! McGrath made a pleased sound. “BRAINS…” he mumbled, stroking Zelinski’s sensitive balls, and renewed his sucking with a growing passion. “Bizarro” stayed inside him, still hard, and renewed his thrusting. “BRAINS,” he repeated, giggling. “GIVE HIM BRAINS!” “Those are my balls,” said Zelinski. So… close… “BRAINS IN BALLS NOW,” the guy laughed. McGrath pulled them hard, stretching the balls away from Zelinski’s body -- they were nearly the size of oranges -- and that action was what made Zelinsky fall over the edge and cum. And cum. And cum. He quickly flooded McGrath’s mouth, rivulets of cum dripping down and creating paths in the powder on McGrath’s neck and massive pecs. He looked ridiculously sexy and oh, so stupid… When McGrath made eye-contact, a dumb-fuck grin on his face and his cum lipstick, Zelinski started to giggle. “NOW YOU SEE,” the creature fucking him said. Zelinski pointed to McGrath. “YOU LOOK STUPID!” he said, breaking into peals of laughter. “HA!” McGrath said, standing. “ME SWALLOW YOU BRAINS -- ME SMART NOW!” With that, he kissed Zelinski deeply, passing a mixture of cum and liquid powder back and forth between them. “YOU… AM… SMART!” Zelinski said when the kiss broke. “NOT!” How the three of them laughed. And then continued their desperate, clumsy fucking until they (and the whole playroom) were coated in the powder coming off Bizarro, like three children who’d gotten into Mommy’s beauty supplies. They lay there in a triangle, licking each other’s swollen balls, worshipping the size and taste. Bizarro Balls. Brains. “WE NEED MORE SUPERMEN,” Bizarro said, assessing the situation. “MORE SUPERMEN AM WAY MORE FUN.” McGrath teased. “HIM FUCK SUPERMEN!” he said, pointing to Zelinski. “HIM FUCK LOTS SUPERMEN!” Zelinski laughed. “ME WANT FUCK THEM ALL.” Bizarro gasped excitedly, like he’d made a common discovery, the kind that forms friendships. “ME TOO!” he said, and they high-fived. Not to be left out, McGrath said, “ME TOO TOO!” (He laughed to himself -- he was so smart since he’d swallowed Zelinski’s brains.) “SUPERMEN COME,” Zelinski explained. “SUPERMEN COME SOON. COWBOY SUPERMEN. AM YOU PAL…” he said, kissing McGrath and licking more powder from him. “TUCKER FUCKER!” McGrath said, delighted by his rhyme. (So smart…) Zelinski laughed along with him. “YES! TUCKER FUCKER! YOU AM SO SMART!” “ME WANT TUCKER FUCKER. ME ALWAYS WANTED TUCKER FUCKER.” “TUCKER FUCKER AM SOON! HOT COWBOY FUCK!” Bizarro interrupted. “HOW WE GET HOT COWBOY FUCK?” “ME KNOW! ME KNOW!” McGrath said, hand in the air, dancing excitedly. He was so fucking smart now. “ME GOT PLAN!” “YOU PLAN AM STUPID!” “SURE AM! BIG STUPID PLAN! YOU SEE! WE GET TUCKER FUCKER GOOD. LISTEN, STUPID SUPERMEN...” They moved to their places before they forgot and lay in wait, jerking themselves in anticipation. They were so smart. NEXT CHAPTER
  15. Absman420


    PREVIOUS CHAPTER Pt 2 McGrath, the Sheriff’s Deputy from Oklahoma, was smoking a cigar while he fucked his buddy Zelinski in the “super-sling” that Zelinski had mounted in his San Francisco playroom. McGrath had been a big man before becoming one of the New Supermen -- corn and beef fed they said of the male stock in that region -- but since his transformation, he was one of the biggest men alive. (Really only two or three bigger.) Thick, brutish muscle, he was large before he’d played college ball for the Sooners, when he really bloomed to peak size (what he’d thought was his peak, till his transformation). But McGrath maintained a GPA that allowed him to graduate cum laude -- unlike most inside linebackers, he had the brawn AND the brains. With a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/ Law Enforcement, McGrath knew what he’d wanted to be long before football had come into the picture. And he loved being a lawman. He loved the badge and the power and the sexual fantasy that accompanied the job. How many women had big, hunky, Deputy McGrath seduced in his time with his muscular ass and husky thighs stretching his Sheriff’s uniform to the max? And again, McGrath had been well-equipped before becoming a New Superman. From simple observation in the team locker room, McGrath knew his cock was one of the biggest, too -- probably only two or three bigger. His wife had loved it -- and he’d loved giving it to her. And honestly, if there were a down-side to being one of the New Supermen, it’s that he wasn’t able to fuck women anymore. He’d tried it with his wife -- her riding him -- but it wasn’t enough. They both liked down-and-dirty too much. And he knew that if he’d pounded into her the way he used to, he’d simply crush her beneath him. So their sex life foundered. Who knew that it was more important to her than their marriage? (Their marriage had never stopped HIM from fucking around on the side.) Whatever. It’d been going stale, anyway -- and he enjoyed his role as Superman significantly more. Besides, fucking Zelinski’s tight ass was nearly as good as any pussy he’d ever had, including his wife’s. More, Zelinski liked it even harder than she ever had -- he could really cut loose and not worry for a second about damage or safe words. McGrath still considered himself straight -- he just took advantage of opportunity. He couldn’t fuck women anymore, so he fucked men -- he had to fuck something, after all. But he wasn’t gay -- he didn’t suck cock. He’d touched a couple of the other New Supermen, nipple play and stuff -- he’d gone so far as to kiss his buddy Tucker -- but he wasn’t gay. He didn’t DESIRE men -- he just fucked them because there was no other choice. And Zelinski was a great fuck (plus he could take McGrath’s entire cock), so a couple times a week McGrath flew out to Zelinski’s San Francisco loft and dropped a load or two. Zelinski was exactly the type of guy McGrath preferred in a fuck-buddy -- he was grateful and adventurous and playful, but not demanding or clingy or caught in the mire of romantic feelings. They got together -- they fucked -- they went their separate ways. McGrath wished he could’ve had that kind of relationship with his former wife. That Zelinski had gone so far as to make this “Super-Sling” only emphasized his commitment to giving all the New Supermen the sexual outlet they needed -- the ones who’d remained single, anyway. Some of the New Supermen had gotten together into “relationships”. McGrath knew that his buddy Tucker had paired off with Max Malone -- McGrath had played with them a couple of times, but he wasn’t into all the kissing and shit, so he finally gave up on them as anything other than friends and instead spent his sexual time with Zelinski. It was better (for him) when relationships were clearly defined. And nothing more clearly defined him as a top than the pounding he was giving Zelinski now while McGrath smoked a cigar, wearing only his work boots and a black baseball cap reading “DEPUTY” in block white letters. McGrath’s thick handlebar mustache and his perpetual five o’clock shadow gave him the look that every bottom fantasized about as their ultimate Daddy -- at least, that was how Zelinski lived the moment. He had the same Tom of Finland fantasy every time McGrath fucked him. McGrath pumped to a fever pitch, his breath hitched, and he shot his load deep into Zelinski’s hole. “Fuckin’ hell yeah,” he groaned, exhaling a plume of cigar smoke. “Take that shit.” It didn’t last long -- McGrath’s orgasms never did -- before he was pulling his generous dick out of Zelinski and wiping it down. He noticed Zelinski just lying in the sling, catching his breath. “You gonna cum?” McGrath asked, as he cleaned himself off. Zelinski sighed contentedly. “You gonna help?” he asked with a smirk. McGrath snorted. “You know I ain’t gay, Z. I don’t do cock.” Zelinski laughed as he started beating off. “Says the guy who just fucked my ass.” McGrath turned back to face him. “And fucked it good,” he said, reaching in to grab Zelinski’s balls. With a firm hand, he squeezed the root of Zelinski’s sac until he heard a moan. “That what you like, you little homo?” he growled. “Yes, Sir,” Zelinski moaned, jerking himself hard. “Yes, Daddy…” “Shoot your load, boy,” McGrath ordered, sucking on his stogie with his free hand. “Shoot it now while you’re all full of Daddy’s cum.” And Zelinski did, blowing a load that landed across his throat and chin. Fuck, he loved these straight dudes. He screamed as he let go. McGrath smiled. His job here was done. “So,” McGrath said as he slid his underwear back on and Zelinski floated up out of the sling, landing by his cum towel, “we still good for Friday?” Zelinski chuckled. “We’re good anytime you wanna give that big cock, my friend. I fuckin’ LOVE that dick,” he said, wiping himself down. “I just wish I could get you to love mine.” McGrath shrugged his massive shoulders. “We are who we are,” he said, zipping up his black cargo pants. “Look, Z, if I were gay, you would…” “I know, I know… I’m not trying to make a thing out of it -- I’m just sayin’...” They stood there awkwardly facing each other, the sexual pull between them undeniable, but McGrath just couldn’t do it -- he couldn’t kiss Zelinski. Instead, he gave him a Bro-Hug. “Look, gimme some time…” McGrath whispered in Zelinski’s ear. “There’s no one else I’d want to do this with…” Zelinski smirked. “That’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me,” he laughed. McGrath pushed him away. “Fuck you,” he said playfully, and reached for his shirt. “Yeah, you will,” Zelinski said, heading toward the bathroom. “On Friday. Have a good flight… daddy.” McGrath wanted to throw something at him, but he knew his super-strength would be more destructive than playful, so he flipped Zelinski off instead (to Zelinski’s laughter), stubbed his cigar butt out and slid his t-shirt on -- the word “Sooners” stretched across his chest. He heard the shower come on, so without a formal goodbye, McGrath stepped out onto Zelinski’s balcony and flew off toward home. He’d done this flight a thousand times -- he could almost do it blindfolded, From San Francisco, he flew Easterly, though he preferred a more Northerly flight path over Nevada, Utah and Colorado, rather than the more direct Southerly pass over Arizona and New Mexico (and part of that shithole Texas). He liked the scenery of the Rockies versus the desert -- there was plenty of flat and boring in Oklahoma, thank you, give this man the mountains. But then, just as he was flying over Glen Canyon National Park in Southeastern Utah, just as he was settling into a post-orgasmic, blissful, trance-like flight (listening to a Tim McGraw album on his headphones), he was hit directly from beneath, unexpectedly, by what seemed like a missile -- it momentarily knocked the wind from him. “What the actual fuck?” he asked no one. Looking around for what hit him. Tim McGraw sang about being humble and kind. Then it hit him again, this time from behind, and drove him -- at super-speed -- down onto the ground before he could get his bearings. It was a person -- a man -- it was a some-ONE, not a some-THING. Someone with super powers. McGrath forced himself up from the ground and back-handed the guy off him, knocking him about twenty or thirty feet back, where he landed in a puff. Regaining his feet, McGrath noticed a white, chalky dust on the back of his fist where he’d hit his adversary. He wiped a bit with the fingers of his other hand and sniffed it. And he was suddenly horny. It hit him like cocaine -- that’s what it reminded him of, this white, chalky dust -- except drugs weren’t supposed to affect him anymore. And what… was the guy covered in it or something? Why was McGrath’s dick hard? The guy stood, shaking off McGrath’s wallop. He was a gigantic thing, six-four, six-five, close to three hundred pounds of muscle -- simply massive -- dressed only in a Superman compression shirt and a pair of over-stuffed red speedos. To look at him, he COULD be the actual Superman, he looked so similar, except for the fact that his skin lacked pigment and his hair was a disheveled mess -- he was a white as a snowman. Glancing at the powder on his own hands, McGrath wondered if the guy was covered in it… or if he was producing it somehow. Whichever, he had a shit-eating grin on his face -- he looked like an idiot. He HAD to be coked out, McGrath thought. (Although, horny as he was, McGrath couldn’t help but notice the guy’s huge, swollen ball sac, big to the point of being uncomfortable, causing Macrath to inadvertently lick his lips.) “All right, pal,” he said, in a ready-stance, “what the fuck is goin’ on?” The monster laughed, a big, fool’s laugh. “BAD WORD!” he said, pointing. “YOU NO AM SUPERMAN! YOU AM BAD WORD!” “Are you okay?” McGrath asked, warily. “Are you on something?” “ME WANT ON SUPERMAN! YOU NO AM SUPERMAN! YOU AM BAD WORD!” Casually, McGrath pulled the Sooners tee over his head, revealing his own heavily-muscled torso, and the metallic S-shield that was tattooed across his mighty chest. “I think you’ll find me a worthy substitute,” he said, putting his hands on his hips. “YOU... AM... SUPERMAN!” the thing said, as if discovering something new. “ME WANT FUCK SUPERMAN!” “What…?” And then, with a burst of super-speed, the creature was on him and knocked McGrath onto his back. “ME WANT FUCK SUPERMAN,” the thing said, and it began kissing McGrath, over and over again, like someone who’d never kissed an adult before. The dust that came off the creature -- that coated the creature? -- McGrath could smell it -- taste it -- it WAS like cocaine. Horny cocaine. As he wrestled with this creature, he got more of it on himself… in himself. He could feel the thing’s erection pressing against him. He could feel his own pressing back. What the fuck…? “YOU AM FEEL IT NOW!” the creature rasped, as if his throat were dry, too -- or he didn’t know how to whisper. “YOU AM HORNY SUPERMAN!” Lifting up into the air, McGrath tried to flip the creature over his head, but then ended up slamming them both into the ground on their backs, raising more dust -- he couldn’t break the thing’s hold. Admittedly, he wasn’t used to wrestling (seriously) with guys that had strength equal to his own -- even in his daily work as a deputy, he rarely came across anything that required his full strength. Sure, every now and again he’d lift a car, or a tree blocking the road, but nothing like this. “ME AM SO HORNY FOR SUPERMAN!” Without even trying to, the creature easily flipped position and scissored McGrath’s head with its massive quads -- its over-sized balls right in McGrath’s face. Impossible to breath -- everything smelled like sex and horny energy. He was having trouble fighting back. The creature squatted and t-bagged McGrath, his grapefruit-sized balls flopping to either side of McGrath’s face, smothering him in ecstasy. He reached up and grabbed the thing’s quads, perhaps in an effort to pull himself off the ground, instead he put himself deeper in the creature’s sac. He didn’t care. The way he was feeling right now -- he wasn’t caring about much of anything. “YOUR COCK AM SO HARD!” the creature said, grabbing it. “YOU AM SO HORNY!” McGrath drew in a deep breath, moaning -- his face was covered in powder, giving him the look of someone hit too hard by a makeup poof. He wiped it off and licked it -- he wanted it straight from the source. “Yeah, gimme your cock,” McGrath panted, desperately. “I need that cock... ” “ME FUCK SUPERMAN,” the creature said, laughing his stupid laugh. “ME MAKE SUPER HORNY!” “Yeah, fuck me,” McGrath heaved, his desperation growing, pulling his pants off. “Put it in me!” “ME FUCK YOU!” the creature said, playing with its own dick, sliding a dusty finger into McGrath’s hole. “ME FUCK YOU STUPID!” It was the creature’s balls that were swollen, not its cock -- McGrath’s own was significantly bigger -- but McGrath had never had any cock at all, remember, so his virgin ass was going to be feeling it no matter what. Except something about the dust coming off the creature wasn’t making him feel much of anything other than lust and need. He felt its cock against his hole, pressing for entrance -- and briefly, he thought it might hurt, but he didn’t care -- he didn’t even care if it made him gay -- he just let it in. He needed it. And it was ecstasy from the moment it was inside. The creature clung to him, humping him doggie-style, but wrapped around McGrath’s muscular torso, one hand in McGrath’s mouth, so that McGrath sucked on the creature’s fingers, licking the candy-coating straight off. He felt nothing but idiotic bliss as the creature’s enormous balls slapped against his hamstrings. “ME CUM NOW!” the creature roared. “ME GIVE SUPERMAN BIG LOAD!” And then he did -- he slammed deep into McGrath’s muscular ass and filled him with cum, every ounce those giant balls could produce. Liquid ecstasy. The creature stayed inside him, reaching around and grabbing McGrath’s rock hard cock. “NOW YOU,” the creature growled in his ear. “NOW YOU GET STUPID! HORNY AND STUPID!” McGrath’s balls started to swell, as if they were filling with the creature’s ejaculate. McGrath held his package, moaning, the weight of his nads increasing -- the sexual charge growing right along with them. The creature jerked him with rough, clumsy strokes, but McGrath was so blissed out it didn’t matter. He was moments away from shooting -- moments away from losing all control. He felt so fucking good! “SHOOT, HORNY SUPERMAN!” McGrath, unable to help himself, threw his head back and yelled, “YES! FUCK, YES! HORNY SUPERMAN SHOOT!” And then he did -- this huge, blinding, stupefying orgasm. His big, swollen balls pumped out ropes of thick, white jizz. More and more -- every little bit of him. Even as the last drops dribbled out -- a line like thick, white snot descending from the open tip -- McGrath’s dick remained semi-erect. He continued to play with it, licking the dribs of cum from his fingers as if discovering the taste. He was nearly covered in white powder, making him look like a bodybuilding clown. For no reason, he found that funny and started giggling. The creature chuckled with him, pulling his cock out of McGrath’s ass -- there was a tight “pop!” that made them both laugh out loud. “YOU AM STUPID!” the creature said, delighted. “YOU AM STUPID NOW!” McGrath laughed -- a big, braying, bovine laugh. “ME... AM... STUPID!” he said, smiling, looking around. “WHERE… WHERE BRAINS GO?” The creature laughed, smacking McGrath on the ass. “YOU SHOT ALL YOUR BRAINS OUT, SUPER COCK! YOU AM STUPID NOW!” The two of them looked at each other for a moment, trying to comprehend, then they broke out laughing and they hugged. “STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!” they sang and danced around each other, big balls flopping and cocks dribbling. They awkwardly kissed, suddenly reminding themselves they were horny and desperate, covering each other in the powder. McGrath felt a new kind of need — the need to pass it on. (Not that he was in a position to articulate it.) “WE NEED FUCK MORE SUPERMEN!” he said with a smile. (Okay, maybe he could articulate it.) “HORNY…” The creature vigorously nodded. “YES! MAKE MORE HORNY SUPERMEN!” “ME NEED SUPER COCK!” The creature looked around. “WHERE AM MORE SUPERMEN?” Putting his hand on the Creature’s mighty chest. “ONE SUPERMEN,” McGrath said with seriousness and intensity, as if this were taking all his concentration. “TWO SUPERMEN,” he continued, touching himself. “WE AM TWO SUPERMEN!” he laughed, clapping childishly. “YOU AM SO STUPID,” the Creature laughed. “WHERE MORE SUPERMEN AT?” “ME KNOW! ME KNOW!” McGrath jumped up and down with his hand in the air. “THERE AM MORE SUPERMEN IN SAN FRANCISCO! SLUTTY SUPERMEN!” “ME LOVE FUCK SLUTTY SUPERMEN!” “YAY! MAKE SLUTTY SUPERMAN STUPID, TOO!” Again, they danced joyfully together. “WE MAKE ALL SUPERMEN HORNY AND STUPID!” They cheered, then stood there looking at each other blankly. “WHERE WE GO?” “SLUTTY SUPERMEN’S HOUSE, HORNY STUPID!” McGrath laughed. “RIGHT! ME NEW AT STUPID! NOT GOOD LIKE YOU!” They laughed together, hugged and kissed again. “LET’S GO!” Holding hands, they flew off. NEXT PART
  16. demon577

    5 roommate crushes you

    before starting this story I want to point out that he has fetish and violence, this is my first real story and I do not speak English, thank you for your understanding, I speak on behalf of the little person who looks like me. Chapter 1: the presentation your name is Quentin, you were 30 years old is loved muscular men and you were gay, but you were so shy that you have never met, you look only through pictures, you like their muscles that makes them dangerous because it looks like bullies , you often had dreams or muscular men forced to touch kiss their muscle before you crash, unfortunately you knew that in real life nobody does, because you could die or be disabled, but you continue to te masturbate while looking at pictures or videos imagining that he uses their muscle to crush you. You lived in roommate with 5 handsome males each had something special, He had Tom Tom was a 35-year-old policeman, He also had Eric Eric is a well-known footballer who makes girls crack like men. you also had Ben, a wrestler who was extremely hairy everywhere, because he loves these hairs because he could torture with these smells and sweat, it looks like a gorilla, even these buttocks were filled with hair which keeps some smell of farts, the hairs were deep and like a huge forest, he had several takes prefers like taking Cross Rhodes to make feel his armpit or facesitting to make his ass feel is sometimes he fart with facesitting, his wrestling outfit was a simple wrestling slip with boots like randy orton, he loves so much that he always stayed in his outfit and he never changed it. you also had David, a university student David was a tyrant, he likes these biceps and hurts his biceps, he also likes to be admired. If he sees that someone likes his biceps, he will show him very close, because it will hurt him with his biceps, once in school a guy asked him if he can touch his biceps, he accepted When he's finished, he stuck the guy's head into the biceps crack and then he flex hard to hear the bones in his head crack and the man screaming at the power of his biceps. the last roommate is called ridder Ridder was a porn star ttbm hardcord black. all these men always come back in their uniform, because he was obliged to wash them at home, so he leaves in uniform and returns in uniform except ridder who always stay at home, because he filmed these plans in this room, you fantasize on all your roommates when they are in uniform or not, but you were so shy that you try to look at them discreetly even once you have looked through the lock ridder make love through the lock, but what you do not know not all of these roommates were aware, so that from time to time he fucks little poses in the living room, the only thing you knew is that all 5 was very domineering and competitor is also all very brutal like tyrants, but for the moment he leaves you alone. Chapter 2: The divine intervention one day the god decides to have fun and especially to realize your dream, he throws a flash on the house that will change the lives of everyone in this house because everyone becomes invisible so no one can be dead and no blood , but everyone had something special, you had remained normal except that you were spongy that means you could be flattened and you take shape, ditto for the other direction, you can be enlarged but after you take shape but in all the cases you continue to have pain, but the other 5 have them a lot more because they had an unbreakable steel body, he also had a super-strength, with a one-piece tight-fitting suit, and he had all their body that had changed already it was all huge everyone was a little bigger than their penis and he was becoming like gods of muscle because he was very muscular and huge but everyone sees himself a little different, tom had a lot pecs more develop than the others, eric had thighs and legs more develop than the others, Ben had huge buttocks and much more develop and muscular than the others, David, as you can imagine, gets the biceps much more developed, very strong, very hard and muscular than the others, and finally ridder had eight packs like boards to wash super develop and a penis even bigger and longer and harder than the others. The only worry is that he had to eat more protein each person eat for 8 people, and he became more brutal and dominant, he also became a superhero, but he also continues their normal life except that he receives new outfits for their size and set aside because too dangerous even ridder spanked less plan because all these partners was too scared except you who at that time became their slaves and you were so small that they do not pay attention to you in the house and accidents happen often except that you do not mind. Chapter 3: Ben's accident by the time it happened you were sitting on the couch in the middle and Ben had come to sit on the couch when he develops these garment and boot get torn and falls to the ground and Ben loses balance on the couch, he does not notice your presence but see that the couch saw his waist and his ass was like a tight chair, he did not feel that you were stuck in his ass then he starts to laugh when he sees his ass Huge and enormously muscular, he wanted to test several things already he starts to scream and loose a huge stink bomb, for him it was funny because it stank a lot but for you who was in his ass was horrible, you try to screaming but these muscles mask the noise and in addition you could not even move because of the hairs then ben gets up and pats her ass and he feels that his ass was two ultra hard mountains, he decides to see that force and he squeezes all these forces her ass, you scream s pain until your bones crack then you finish flattened and Ben laughs again because he saw, because it was very strong except that these hairs hold you well in place, then ben turns to pick up those clothes tear on the he sees his ass in a mirror when he is bent over, he laughs again then he decides to see how and the depth of his ass he puts it open his ass in front of the mirror and there is a little mouth be, because he you sees in his ass still alive then for a minute he says "you are there quentin, I hope you enjoyed" and then he gets up again still in these buttocks he calls others when all 3 roommates were there he says "what did he do well" said with a smile "look who wanted to play" he bends to show you to the other and you could see that they were all smiling then ben get out of her ass and throw you in the middle.
  17. remerting

    Mr. Incredible VS Dr. Grow

    This was part of a collaborative roleplay I had with Arribous that we never finished. I found the whole thing to be hot and well written and I've always enjoyed Arribous' writing style. Hope everyone likes it. The scenario features a would-be villain attempting to sap away Mr. Incredible's super strength only to find that things go awry. Contains hyper, macro and some sexual scenes. "SO! Mr Incredible, we meet at last!" Bob heard the voice emerging from the darkness of the large, echoing room. His arms and legs were stiff, stuck in place as he felt suspended in air. Dramatically, fluorescent lights flickered on as the interior was lit, showing the warehouse in its entirety with shelves stacked against walls and a man standing before him. The figure wore a black jumpsuit with leather straps wrapped around his body. Bob turned to see what was restraining him as he noticed the two generator-like machines to his sides, buzzing loudly as they work to keep him trapped. Both wrists and ankles had been latched to metal plates with a noticeable blue energy surrounding them. He was left with both arms raised over his head, as if he had been shackled in some kind of dungeon. "What a pleasant surprise it is seeing you here. I didn't think you'd be so foolish to just waltz right through the door but now here you are, hands tied by my magnetized machine. I applaud your efforts." He didn't remember how he'd ended up like this, it was supposed to be an easy job that he could handle on his own. All he remembered was arriving at the warehouse...and then he ended up here. He knew his head was killing him, the middle-aged hero groaning and pinching his eyes closed as the ringing in his ears started to fade. "Ugh..." he groaned, shaking his head. He tugged at his restraints, testing them, finding that since they weren't physical objects he could overpower, he was stuck here. He sighed, hanging his head, an annoyed expression on his face as he looked at this...interesting individual. "Who're you?..." he grunted, not familiar with this person "Why I am Dr. Grow of course and you my friend are the very enticing Mr. Incredible. I've kept my eye on you for some time now." The masked villain said as he gave a slight pinch to his mustache. "Your superior strength is a fetching trait I hold much respect for. I'm almost jealous of it. I AM jealous of it." He turned away, giddy at the reveal of his master plan. "Brains aren't enough for me anymore. What I want is what you have." Bob sighed, furrowing his brow. He didn't have time for this, this was some two-bit hack that the police force shouldn't have any issue with. "You don't think a gym membership would have been easier than capturing me?" he said with a smirk, not particularly concerned. He didn't think this guy had much up his sleeve that could hurt him. "Oh believe me Mr. Incredible. What I have will make gyms obsolete! BEHOLD!" With a dramatic turn, Dr. Grow revealed his weapon. "This my burly friend will be the end of your super days: The Drain Gain!" The small ray gun was sleek and appeared comically canon to weapons of science fiction. "This little tool will suck the brawn right out of your body, harvesting your heroic muscle so 'I' can live in your shoes." The slightly-pudgy superhero was more curious than he was afraid, there was no way that this guy could drain his super-strength, right? Even if he got smaller, he'd still be able to draw upon his massive strength reserves whenever he needed to. He let the wannabe super villain boast about his device, remaining silent and waiting for an opening, his eyes darting around the room behind his mask as he looked for anything that could help him escape. "But why explain it when I can just show you." Giggling maniacally, Dr. Grow had switched the device to the first setting, aiming the Drain Gain at Bob with glee. "Any last words before I make you obsolete?" Bob grimaced, gritting his teeth a bit. "Once I'm out of this thing, you'll regret what you're about to do," he cautioned him, despite knowing it'd fall on deaf ears. "Do your worst." With the pull of a trigger, the weapon blasted a ray of green energy at the helpless hero, encompassing his form in an emerald aura that tingled his skin. Dr. Grow, smiling wide, looked on with excitement, desperate to spot the effects taking place. The process was slow and hard to notice but unbeknownst to Dr. Grow, his choice weapon was having the opposite effect. Even to Bob, he was convinced the alien sensation was taking a toll to his powers yet his figure sluggishly swelled. Bob grit his teeth as the ray hit him, expecting something painful...but he cracked an eye open when he didn't feel a blast of pain, only a strange tingling feeling working its way through his muscles. His suit creaked softly as the mass beneath it began to slowly expand outward, the hero instinctively flexing his muscle as best he could, given his position. The metal clamps around his calves and forearms were starting to feel rather tight. Slowly, Dr. Grow's smile was beginning to sink. At that point, the growth was noticeable to him. Bob's biceps had started to slowly swell closer to his face. His visible lats were wider, thick thighs even thicker, chest size growing, pushing out more. Something was wrong. Releasing his finger from the trigger, the growth had completely halted as the Doctor had disappointment written across his face. "Uhhh...give me a second here." Bob snickered, looking down at himself, his pecs having grown a bit thicker, his biceps tugging against his suit a bit. "Heh. Seems your little toy there might actually be useful. I think it grew me bigger...Maybe you need to turn it up some, maybe it'll work then," he said with a coy grin, hoping that the maddened doctor would go along with it. Maybe he'd get strong enough to break out of here. "Be quiet you! It's just a bug, nothing more..." As he examined the gun, Dr. Grow noted the setting set properly to drain. Perhaps down the line, his configuration functioned in the exact opposite. Switching the setting to gain, his confidence returned once again. "Now Mr. Meathead, watch as your new muscles suddenly vanish!" The beam struck him just the same, and the same effect happened. His muscles slowly swelled, his body getting thicker, wider, heavier...but since the machine was calibrated to only hold someone of his mass and not a larger person, his levitating bindings began to wobble, starting to let him drift down towards the ground. Seeing his opportunity, Bob grinned and began to struggle with the restraints, trying to do whatever he could to get out of the field's effect! "No! Stop!" Dr. Grow's attempts to remove his finger from the trigger hadn't stop the gun. The trigger was stuck in the active setting. No matter how hard he attempted to point his gun elsewhere, the stream was already too familiar with Bob's body. The magnetic machine was starting to groan. The added weight of Bob's mass was overloading it's field of influence. Bob was looking quite beefy now, his frame tumbling forward out of the machine's stasis field, falling to the ground and getting to his feet. Now that he was free, he quickly plied his strength to rip off the shackles around his wrists and ankles, freeing him from the device's grip permanently. But still that beam continued, his shoulders widening, his pecs flaring out in front of him, his glutes more defined and thicker beneath his suit. He grinned cockily, reaching up to flex one of his arms, grunting approvingly. "Whoof. Nice...don't suppose this is permanent, eh?" he chuckles, rubbing his arm. Prying the trigger with both of his fingers, the device finally went off. Now that his focus was on Bob, he stood stunned to see the hulkish hero, seven feet tall, almost seven feet wide. The sudden burst of brawn and beef had left the doctor scared. The moment was so perfect and now his plans had been thwarted on his own accord. And then there was Bob, holding his attention captive. The silk-like red suit stretching enough to show a hint of skin. The "I" insignia adorning his chest was pulling across his hefty breast. Even his black tights had a noticeable heft between his thighs. Dr. Grow was not only afraid, but intrigued. Bob took advantage of his opportunity, lowering his arms and flexing his biceps against his chest with a grunt and a broad grin. "Grrrh! I'd say that's a hell of a little toy you got there, doc! I think it about doubled my mass...look at me, heh," he chortled, relaxing his muscles and idly bouncing his thick pecs, a near-hypnotizing motion for the doctor. "What do you say about pumping me up a little more, eh? Even me out some? You've got scientific curiosity, right?" "Don't think this is over!" Dr. Grow said with a shake in his voice. "Just because you're some Adonis with...flawless arms and chiseled abs...and..." His concentration kept falling victim to the perfect physique he had crafted. "Laugh now, because I'm still going to drain you of all of that." The Doctor was lying of course. Even he knew that his weapon had no effect to suck the powers from his adversary. That still didn't stop him from holding his ray up and pulling the trigger, knowing well of his defeat. He might as well enjoy seeing his victor become even more irresistible. Bob ran his hands down his abs, touching every finely-contoured line, rumbling his approval. "Mmmmm. Even got rid of my pot belly too, heh. It might even help my hairline grow back," he chortled, raising his arms up and flexing, flaring his back out as wide as it could go. It was during this flex that he was struck with the beam again, which made him laugh deeply as he felt his body start to swell outward in every direction, gaining height and muscle and even more mass between his legs, the crotch of his suit stretching and deforming around his swelling manhood! "Rrrrghh, that's it! Keep it comin'!" he barked, his voice growing deeper and louder as he grew. Two feet was added to the glory of Bob's body before Dr. Grow stopped his gun again. The sheer arrogance of his nemesis toyed with his libido, drawing his enthusiasm towards his form. He approached Bob timidly, still pointing his weapon at him. "You like that don't you? You like being my lab rat." The doctor stood a few feet from his manly creation. He could see damp spots below the shoulders and around his chest. The smell of man was unavoidable, even at his distance. That suit; amazing that it still managed to keep itself around the curves of each bulbous muscle. He was even more amazed at how the ray was affecting the hero's member. The outline of his cock and balls had made his junk so apparent in the black speedo. His Drain Gain was never intentionally made to affect such an area but to the amusement of Dr. Grow, he wasn't complaining. Bob's hands reached up to grope and heft his newfound pec-shelf, a manly grunt of approval rising from his throat. "Hrrnnfh...I like getting bigger, and stronger. And you seem excited to give that to me. Maybe...you always wanted me so big and huge and hung, eh?" he chuckled, reaching a hand down to shamelessly grope at his package, the soft cock as thick as his wrist and so long it was forced to curve forward and below his nuts inside the stretchy confines of his suit. Sweat was starting to pool under his suit, soaking into the water-resistant fabric, beads rolling down his face as he panted and groaned under his newfound bulk. Dr. Grow almost pawed at his figure, fixated on giving it a touch. He was still frightened, fearing his worth drain with every blast, yet he still wanted to fire at him. "Tell me big boy, how desperate do you want to grow?" "Hahaha," Bob laughed, turning to the side for a side-chest pose, grunting as he flared his incredible pecs outward, tensing his bicep against them. "You say that like there's any outcome aside from you blasting me again. But I'll humor ya. I wanna GROW. REALLY huge," he grunted, his voice carrying a lot more presence now. "Give it to me." The desire for growth almost worried him more but his attitude suggests he doesn't take the villain serious enough. Nervously, Dr. Grow replied: "First, you kneel." Bob chortled, shrugging his massive shoulders. "Heh, yeah, why not?" he grunted, a little caught up in his growth himself. He dropped down to one knee, still looking down at the shrimpy doctor, though not quite as much as he had been a few moments ago. "I'm waiting," he grunted in mock annoyance, the heat from his body radiating off him like sunbeams. Dr. Grow's heartbeat was racing. He was actually complying to his demands. "Raise up your arm", he asked, hoping the loyalty was still present. It was never really there to begin with, Bob was just playing along so that he could grow bigger. He raised his arm as bidden and flexed, the bicep peaking up enormously, so tall that he could rub his knuckles on the top of it! "Hah, like this?" No reply was made. The glorious mountain of arm was a sight to behold, yet the bothered doctor had his interests below it. He crept closer to his pit, breathing heavy of its aroma. The already sweaty face of Dr. Grow was moistened further by the damp surface of the lat. He only continued to close in further towards his body. If Mr. Incredible can enjoy his newfound size, why couldn't the doctor? Bob grinned wolfishly as he realized what the doctor was getting so worked up about, the scent radiating from his pits, cascading down the inside of his suit, his man-stink leaking out despite the tight elastic contours of his suit. "Heh, you like my smell, doc? Y'know, it'd probably be a lot stronger if I grew big enough to rip out of this thing. But it can take a lot of stretching, so I'd have to get pretty damn big." "And big you will be, once I'm done with you..." The doctor leaned into Bob's side, face pressing against the cavernous contours of his pit. His tongue rolled against the fabric, the musk unbelievable to his senses. One hand caressed the side of Bob's chest, grazing against the protruding nipple under his suit while his other hand felt the lumpy surface of his flaring back. Above him was the mass of Bob's arm, still dripping on top of the wimpy doctor. "Grrhh...yeah, get a taste of a real man," he grunted, tensing his fist and flexing his bicep and lat and pec as strong as he could, the exertion causing the sweat spot to spread further, his musk invading the doctor's nostrils even more fully, he felt Bob's incredible, spicy male-scent reach into his lungs and brain! "Mmmnf, lick my pits more, taste my manhood little guy!" Dr. Grow obliged, lathering every inch of Bob's pit with his mouth. While he tasted the super beast, his arm reached for his ray gun again, unleashing another wave of growth while he savored the salty taste of man. Bob closed his eyes and groaned low in his throat as his nine-foot frame began to swell and bloat upward and outward once again, his muscle creaking beneath his suit as it grew bigger, thicker, stronger. He didn't even know how this might interact with his powers, but he had no doubt it'd make him exponentially stronger! His free hand reached up to heft his pecs, fingering the meaty nipple beneath the suit with a groan, sliding his palm down his bulging 8-pack of abs, feeling the Adonis belt he'd grown under his fingers...he was getting so BIG now, he had to be more than twelve feet tall, looking like he weighed two tons of musclebound brawn! The suit was still holding, but who knows how long that'd keep up. Stopping his ray gun again, Dr. Grow dismounted from Bob's soaking pit, stepping away as to fit every inch of sweat soaked muscle into view. Mr. Incredible was a titan. It was amazing how much room had vanished from his presence. Seeing his deep red suit turn pinkish, stretching from how much muscle it had retained inside only made the doctor tingle. All plans of sapping the hero's muscle were burned away by the villain's libido; the results were just too good. There was still so much room in the warehouse for him to continue and he saw no reason to stop soon. Still, he enjoyed toying with Bob. Any power he had over him was dictated by him giving Bob power. He was all too excited to continue his game. The hulking blonde superhero grunted, flexing his biceps against his chest, leaning his head back against his swollen traps, a broad and eager smile on his face. "Mnnnf. How do I look, Doc?" he snickered, raising both of his monster biceps and flexing them with a growl, the twin peaks of muscle forcing his forearms to bend outward. "Look at me...look how WIDE I am, haha! I feel stronger than ever!" Indeed, Mr. Incredible's physique was pushing to freakish levels. The enticing flexes and soaked suit only played with the Doctor's composure. "Yes, you've certainly grown quite a bit, but you're still too weak, wouldn't you agree?" his eyes fixated on the knee hanging clad member. Bob nodded eagerly, smiling brightly and relaxing from his flex, looking down at the doctor and looming over him, now more than double his height and hungry for more. "Oh yeah. I could stand to be a LOT bigger. I dunno what kinda freaky beast I'm gonna grow into...but I can't wait to get there and find out!" "Then you'll be a good little hero and let me... inspect your changes." The doctor's voice was breathy and dry. He crept closer to the heaving mound of cock, wrapped snugly into the distended leathery tights of Bob's suit. The member had grown to half the doctor's size with the leg holes extending on the sides to show the pink skin wrapped away by his red suit. The pouch was incredibly moist and musky and the smell only intensified the closer he came to it. From his perspective, he could see Bob's face slowly falling into obscurity behind his pumped up pecs. Both of his hands caressed the bulge, tiny in comparison to its magnificence. The balding demigod moaned happily as he felt those tiny hands on his massive dick, grinning from ear to ear and reaching forward with one of his huge hands, gripping the doctor's back and shoving him closer, pushing his face into the incredible bulge between his legs, smearing his face with the sweat pooling beneath his suit. "Yeahhh, how's that feel, little guy? How's my muscle-sweat smell?" he grunted, getting into his status as a growing beastman. It was impressive and divine in its shape. Dr. Grow could only imagine it unsheathed from its restraints but settled to see the outfit pushed to its limits. His hands attempted to lift the meat from its underside but his strength could not compare to its weight. Eagerly, Dr. Grow hoisted himself on top, feebly trying to climb on top of the manhood, pushing his weight against the thick bulge. He could feel his feet shifting as they slid the skin underneath the fabric. The hero's bulge was so big that it was enough of a platform for the smaller man to stand on top of as he balanced against the hulk's body. Bob chortled at how into this the doctor was getting, reaching down with his monster arms and pulling the little fella in to his abs, burying his face in the stretched-out bit of the suit that crossed the divide between his pecs. The doctor was in complete rapture. Half of his very being was scorched in the heaty embrace of his captive. His face could very well sink in between the crevice of the behemoth's chest. He craned his head upwards to catch a glimpse of the ripened man, lost in the handsome smug smile he had with masked eyes half way closed. It was hard to focus on such an amazing jaw line when the hero's breast continued to obscure it from sight. Dr. Grow widened his embrace until his hands glided far enough to caress the beefy nipples wrapped in red. It took the entire span of his arms to finally reach such a prize but that only excited him to realize just how immense the man had become. Bob groaned and instinctively bucked his hips gently at the touch of his fat, swollen nipples. His eyes pinched closed and he moaned softly, his smug grin getting even wider. "Nggghhfff...yeah...squeeze those super-nips, doc. See if you can even dent 'em!" he chortled, flexing his pecs against the doctor's frame. Just as Bob claimed, they were as tough and thick as the rest of him, it was like trying to squeeze a fleshy can of soda that was filled with lead! Much to Bob's ego, the grip of the doctor proved just how weak he really was, showcasing the comparison of just how mighty he's become. One flex of Incredible's chest swallowed up half of Dr. Grow's face, snaring him in walls of clothed, sweaty flesh that dumped the intoxicating alpha stench into the doctor's olfactory senses. Truly he has created something divine and despite Bob being so easily capable of snuffing the villain out, the doctor was rewarded instead with peak masculinity. The hulking hero groaned with bliss as he felt his chest muscles so easily engulf the normal-sized man, a hungry grin crossing his face as he pondered what to do next. His fingers were too thick to use that device that the doctor had, so he needed the little guy to cooperate with him. His man-stink seemed to be intoxicating to the little man...he wanted to grow more, so he needed the doctor to slip further and further into unthinking bliss. To that end he relaxed his chest and hoisted the doctor upward, leaning forward to press his lips to the much smaller man's own, growling as his tongue hungrily invaded the little man's mouth, stamping his masculinity and superiority into his face forever. So much force had entered into Grow's mouth. His hero was eager for more and communicated his hunger in a way that awarded the doctor further. With his face meeting with Mr. Incredible's, Dr. Grow had to lay belly-first across Bob's vast chest just to be drunk from. His noodly arms wrapped around the bullish neck, thrilled to be experiencing such a lust not only from himself but from his experiment, his guinea pig. He could make him as big as he wanted to and still he would beg for more. Happily, the doctor aimed his gun behind the giant's head and dosed him yet again as they continued to kiss. He felt the fabric beneath him stretching and creaking as it turned a lighter shade, the suit growing tighter and tighter across the hulking giant's frame. But if it bothered him in any way, he didn't show it, groaning in bliss as he began to expand outward once more. His voice grew deeper, his bones creaked as he grew taller, and the tongue filling the doctor's mouth expanded slightly. His head was growing but nowhere near the pace the rest of him was, his proportions were becoming freakier and freakier with each subsequent dose! Another ton and a half of muscle was added to his godlike body, swelling up past 14 feet in height. His man-stink rose into the air like heatwaves off of asphalt, filling the doctor's lungs with every breath he took. Dr. Grow had to part mouths, coughing as the intensity of Bob's hot breath was almost too much. As the ray stopped, he noticed just how much his position had been rearranged, his flat body balancing 90 degrees against hulking pecs instead of the previous slope. Knowing this, the doctor was all too eager to see what had become of Mr. Incredible. The middle-aged, balding hero chortled deeply when he looked down at the little man laying on his chest, reaching up to grab his lab coat with two fingers and hoist him up, leaning forward and placing him on the ground at his feet, allowing him to look up in wonder at the demigod he'd created. He couldn't see anything below Bob's eyes thanks to the huge shelf of his pecs, and the superhero was all too eager to make his head vanish completely with a simple flex of his titanic pecs, his body so wide that there was no way Grow could reach both of his nipples at once now. "Hahaha...Whaddya think, doc? Am I big enough yet?" he gloated, raising his arms to flex his biceps, the deep armpits soaked with sweat. "Nnghhh...pits feel all bunched up...must be a lot more hair in there than there used to be..." The doctor was dumbfounded. the sheer width of the titan was inhuman to say the least and the suit he wore, still clinging for dear life, hid almost nothing. Every freckle and hair follicle could be seen with only a hint of red shrouding it faintly. Dr. Grow had to keep stepping back just to keep the godly man in full view. "Amazing. You must show me more." Bob grunted, lowering his arms and pawing at his crotch, which had also grown disproportionately huge compared to his height. The gigantic shank of flesh in his suit had to be at least five feet long, and looked to be completely soft as well, his balls each the size of his bicep! "More..." he groaned, his eyes half-lidded, flexing his bicep against his pecs to rub and squeeze his nipples, his suit growing more and more soaked with his scent. "Believe me. I want more too, but I want to experience you my way. I've only seen you from the front but what are you hiding from the behind?" "Hehehe...there's more than you can see, doc. Check this out." His body sloooowly turned in place, each footfall shaking the warehouse around the two of them, making the ground beneath Grow's feet shake and rumble. He gradually turned his monolithic backside to the curious doctor, raising his arms and making his lats flare out as wide as they could go. "HRRRNNGHHH...YEAH...Check out this power, doc!" he roared, his back surging to more than ten feet in width! "My my, how much you've grown. I guess every part of you is perfect... well almost." Dr. Grow drank in the view, his eyes treated to a helping of Bob's beef. With his massive legs spread wide, the doctor couldn't help but keep his focus on Bob's low swinging balls, dangerously close to riding against the floor. Even more impressively was the ass. Luscious and fat yet still powerful and rippling, the two glutes were in a constant state of squeezing the life out of the black spandex that were strung between the boulders, each one having grown higher over the waist that even Mr. Incredible's lower lumbar was nearly unviewable by the enclosure of lats and cheeks. "Oh my..." Bob snickered, wiggling his ass in the air for the doctor's enjoyment, flexing the two gigantic, mountainous glutes together. "Grrhhhh. I could crush coal into diamond between these, haha! Anything you want flattened?" he asked with a cocky tone, squatting down to let his titanic nuts rest on the ground. "Nghhff...feel so heavy hanging from my crotch like that..." "Your ass is something to behold my guinea pig." Dr. Grow started to walk back towards Bob, as to gain a better view of his rump. The heat intensified with each of his steps. No doubt the entire warehouse was a sauna of stench, windows clearly retaining droplets of moisture in the air. "In fact, there's one last thing you can do for me and after this, I'll give you the fix you so deservingly need." Bob chortled, lowering his arms and attempting to look over his shoulder at the doctor, but his traps were too damn huge to make it possible! "Heh. I dunno if you can give me what I need at this point, doc. But I'll humor ya. What's that little thing ya need?" "Lay yourself down so I can experience that luscious rump of yours. After that, I'll make sure that damn suit comes off of you, and then some." The hero grunted, squatting down further, letting his knees impact the ground with a massive earth-shaking FOOM that rattled some of the sweat off the windows. His suit was fitting him like a second skin at this point, nearly transparent from being stretched so much, his body coated in sweat and man-fur that he hadn't had before. He laid down on his front, laughing as his pecs propped him up so much that he was forced to rotate his torso to the side, hiking his ass into the air to let the doctor explore it. "Heh. Try not to get lost in there, little man." So much mass had shifted with such a change in posture. With Bob having no space below him, his titanic nuts pressed out between his legs, right before reaching the prized booty. The doctor could see it now. The older man's crack had been loaded with blonde salt and pepperish hairs, barely concealed from the red suit. It was almost time to be rid of that obstruction but first, Grow climbed on top of Bob's ballls and graciously mashed his hands against the hulking glutes. He could feel the hair trapped beneath the suit crackling and grinding up against itself as he manhandled Bob's glutes, the man-stink just as strong here as it was everywhere else, a mohawk of fur ready to burst out from between his glutes the moment the suit was torn from his body. The hero flexed one glute, then the other, like a wave filled with steel. "Hahaha, you know, guys my age usually get a prostate exam, you up for the task, doc?" he teased, reaching back to grip his glutes tightly, pulling them apart as much as he could, exposing more hair and even more man-smell. "I'll give you something better." With a new air of dominance, Grow lowered his head into the enclosure, hoping almost to please Mr. Incredible as much as he was pleasing himself. He felt in control yet a part of him still enjoyed the idea of being Bob's bitch in the end. Deeper he went. Grow was slack jawed and ready to feast from his god. His tongue readily lapped against Bob's pulse. Even through the suit he could taste Bob's incredible manly essence, coating his tongue like an oil and overwhelming his senses, making him feel warm and hard as a rock atop the weathered hero. "Grrhh...that you eatin' my ass, doc? Hard to tell with how tiny and weak you are," he grunted matter-of-factly. Bob's words fell on deaf ears. Grow can tell he was speaking with command as his powerful words almost vibrated across his body. Nevertheless, the doctor kept swiping his tongue, drinking in the moment he would never experience again. With a grunt, Bob let go of his ass cheeks, letting them gently enfold the doctor between them, feeling his mass and power and warmth and sweat and stench surround him, temporarily trapping him in this musky jungle of flesh and fuzz, surrounded on all sides by glute muscle! What Bob hadn't expected was that familiar rush of growing energy coming from his ass of all places. As euphoric as having every inch of his body caressed by man-flesh, the doctor grew Bob further, letting the walls part away as to let him breath for air. Slipping out, the doctor fell out past the testicles and onto the floor, gasping and smiling as his arm was still extended, dosing Mr. Incredible more, sealing their deal. The hulking superhero groaned with delight as he felt his body swelling upward and outward, he was growing wider faster than he was growing taller! But he didn't mind, his rock-hard member throbbing as it reached up to his chin, the middle-aged hulk laughing as he raised his arms and tore the roof of the warehouse in half with a single motion, bending the metallic roof like it was made of aluminum foil. He took a big breath of the fresh air outside, now more than 50 feet tall, laughing with a steadily-deepening voice. "Haha! Yeah, that feels AWESOME, doc! Keep going! I'm gettin' so damn BIG and it feels better the bigger I get!" It was finally happening. The paper thin fabric that squeezed against the ever expanding musculature of the hunky hero was finally tearing. Rip by rip, the red uniform was giving up its endeavor to keep Bob remotely covered. The first to go were the black tights, their defeat obvious by the god cock that Bob had, nearing a size to his own body. Dr. Grow could only gawk at how much mass the titan was gaining, though the ray gun was proving to be less potent as Bob's dense muscles needed more and more energy to grow on. His sudden burst of size slowed down a bit as the tiny man below held his arm out to keep it going. He giggled to himself, smiling and licking the salty sweat that poured down on him as he was under his creation. "You hot monster..." left his lips whisperly, but unbeknownst to the villain, Mr. Incredible just so happened to hear him. All of the superhero's senses and powers were seemingly amplified by the ray's energy, not just his size and strength! He laughed as he turned to face the doctor, casting a shadow over him thanks to his massive pecs, his gigantic nipples pointed straight down due to the heft of his chest, leaking big drops of sweat as the hot sun warmed him up even further, the thick tangles of chest and armpit fur giving up big splatters of his sweat. "Grrr, that's right, doc! A hot monster that you created! I feel UNSTOPPABLE now!!" he roared, flexing a massive bicep, making the rest of his suit tear off, the peak of his muscle so tall he could press his palm flat against it! Dr. Grow stood up in shock, amazed to see the giant so high up hear him so vividly. As his finger left the trigger, stopping the growth temporarily, a large thin shedding of super suit had landed on the doctor's head, the smell so intoxicating and addictive, he was almost hesitant on even taking it off. His super beast was fully nude, drenched and clearly horny now, his mammoth chest inhaling and exhaling as though he had just finished a brutal work out. Citizens outside could be heard panicking at the sudden emergence of a 100 ton man attempting to look down at his tiny acolyte. Out of all the chaos ensuing, Grow could only say one thing: "Wait...you can hear me?" "Yeah!" Bob said with a grin. "Why, should I not be able to? I can hear all kinds of stuff, doc. Every part of me feels stronger. "Why'd you stop with the gun? Don't you want me even BIGGER, a more POWERFUL monster-freak for you?" he asked with a cocky expression, bouncing his massive pecs, sandwiching his freakish cock between them and starting to pec-fuck himself. Supposedly the ray gun had given the monstrous man some newfound power, another unforeseeable mistake thanks to Dr. Grow's incompetence at villainy. "Well... you'd want that wouldn't you?", he said, choking on his own words, although deep down he too wanted his experiment to take on magnitudes of size. "Besides, why the hurry? Why not show me just how much you love your new size. The city has so much to offer."
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    ***DISCLAIMER***. If it gets complaints, I will move it to the Member+ Section. This series involves a 16 year old. There is sex, but there is also Age Progression and the 16 year old becomes a man in the beginning of this over all story, so it is essentially a regular story. Just a Warning and a Precaution I wanted to take. ***DISCLAIMER*** Part 2 The MIND – Part I Johnathan’s face was a strange mix of fear, amazement, and a bit of excitement. This man, this hero, his hero, that he admired and the whole world wanted to be like has shrunk down to a size even smaller than himself. “H-How?! I-Is this how you looked before you got your powers?” He lifted his hand out, needing a touch just to see if this was actually real or not. He placed his hands on the teen’s chest in front of him. It was flat, flatter than his own. Sliding his hands around this “HERO” he thought he new and adored, and wrapping them around his sides to support himself as he leans over him, to get his face closer to this new discoveries own face. “Wow… after seeing how amazingly manly you were, you’re actually pretty fucking cute like this too…” He smiled down at the now regressed “Hero” to teen. He realizes a large sphere, blue in color, rolled over from their weight on the bed and bumped the outside of his hand. He remembers it popped out of his “Hero” a few moments ago. He manipulates his hand away from the teen under him, and plucks the ball from the sheets; holding it up to the light, examining its slick shine before returning his gaze “What is this?” he asks, drying it off a bit on his shirt, his hand still wet with particles of the sphere from picking it up. “I-“ the teen with his back on the bed had to stop himself. His voice was so much higher then what he was as The Alpha. “I’m going to need that back, stud. He reached up toward the ball, but Johnathan pulls away a bit. Johnathan moves his other hand to push the smaller guy’s legs apart, spreading them so he could get even closer and in control. “That’s not to be messed with!” the former “Hero” swallowed hard as he tried to plead with the slightly larger teen. “That’s the Mind… The Mind of a Hero!” He gazed at the sphere with wonderment being held above him out of reach. He needed that back. “Come on Johnathan… Sport… Stud… Look at us! We’re close to the same size now! We can still have fun, then I can go back to how I was. Just, be gentle with that. You don’t know how to use it or what you are doing…” Johnathan pulls his band back farther up, making it even harder for the teen to touch the sphere, and uses his other hand to grab the teen’s wrist that was reaching up, pushing it back down and holding it firmly to his sunken chest. He gazes back at the ball, then back at the fallen, raising an eyebrow, a sly cocky grin sweeps on his face. “Mind of a hero…” he relishes on how easy it is to now hold his “Hero” down, a sharp contrast from the moments before. He goes back to the shrunken man’s old plea. Fun… “Oh we can still have fun alright… But how would something like this give you power?” he asks, getting turned on slightly, he grinds his stiffening cock into the smaller mans covered cheeks, noticing the lump in the “Hero’s” tights was now even smaller than his own. “This to me look’s like just a Jawbreaker.” He noticed a bit of the sugar sludge on his hand. He swaps the ball into his other hand, bringing the sweet sludge to his lips. He has to be sure it is what it looks like as he pushes his tongue to his hand and licks the sweetness clean, making his “Hero” watch in utter horror. That one lick changed everything. A *SPARK* ignited inside of Johnathan’s brain… a *SPARK* that he could already tell was going to change his life, and the Universe FOREVER. Whispers, very faint began to push out inside of him. “Hello?! Who else is here?!” he began to look around the room, questioning as they began to grow, get louder, clearer… Lick the ball, our New Master… we will help… The old hero looked up at Johnathan. He knew how the chain of events started. He heard the voices. He knows the steps and how this was going to turn out if he didn’t stop it soon, he knew that the teen above him would soon be a VERY big man. “Stop, Johnathan,” he pleaded, practically begged as he placed his hand on his holder’s wrist holding him. “You’re a virgin, right kid? I was too before I became a hero. I’ll help you, I’ll be with you, I promise. The birds and the bees, positions, everything you need to know, just give it back and you will learn from me.” Johnathan’s eyes went wide with a thousand yard stare as the initial HIT of the MIND hit him, the voices filling his head. He notices a bit of sludge on his other finger tips from when he tried to wipe this “MIND” off with its wetness earlier. Yanking his hand up, dragging his so called “Hero” up with him. He brings his finger to his lips, licking them clean. More gates open up inside his MIND, filling him with new thoughts, insidious thoughts of power and lust. He heard the fallen “Hero’s” words faintly, bringing him back to reality. “Everything I need to know…” He looks down at him letting his hand drop slowly and lowering the body attached to him back onto the bed. “I think this thing right here will do that just fine…” He starts to grin, but it turns into a cocky smirk. I thought comes into his head, possibly an Ultimatum for this “Hero” that the world made everyone worship. “Hmm… Unless…” His grin got wider. “Unless you can get me to cum faster than I can work through this Jawbreaker!!” The former “Hero” watched as Johnathan raised the Jawbreaker, The Mind, above both of them. He tilted his head back, and watched in horror as the sphere was pushed into his mouth, closing shut. Johnathan leaned back over the hero. “Start teaching, sir…” he teased, grinding his crotch up against the “Hero” as he interlocked both sets of their hands and pushed him against the bed. The “Hero”, with the last bit of strength he had left, managed to roll them both over so he was on top of Johnathan, kicking the last remnants of his loose fitting uniform off, his leg tights. His body now exposed completely as he pushed his hands into the waist band of Johnathan’s short tugging down. Johnathan laughed, watching this “Hero” literally try as best as he can to get to his cock so he could get himself to cum. He humored him, lifting his ass up off the bed slightly, to let the puny “Hero” slide his shorts off. He slurps on the sweetness, rolling the MIND around on his tongue, as the voices slowly begin to return to him. He sees the “Hero” now checking out his 4 inch dick between them, and the MIND can also see what Johnathan can as well. Now that’s a NIIIICE COCK… Not like the three inches our last Master had… The Jawbreaker, slowly melting down, creeping more and more into Johnathan’s very being. A small warmth begins to spread throughout him. The MIND beginning to become one with Johnathan. The old “Hero” grabs Johnathan’s 4 inch dick, it slowly begins to inflate in his hand, as he starts pumping it, twisting it, with different motions and movements to get this teen to shoot his load. This is a real ALPHA… The voices continue as a Shock to the brain causes Johnathan’s head to smack into the bed, it was like a punch to the face. LANGUAGE… in a matter of seconds he is fluent in all of them, even alien ones not yet known to man on this world. Don’t ever use this word new Master… Johnathan saw the word the “Hero” said. That gave him this opportunity of a lifetime… On second thought… Let’s just Erase it from Master’s vocabulary… This Master doesn’t deserve to EVER be small… “OHHHHH FUUUCK!” Johnathan moans in approval. His cock getting more rigid and harder from what they are telling him. “Fuck… that word… the one you said…” he finally sees a plaque on the wall near them. Andy… the “Hero’s” Name. He grins. “Yeah that word, Andy… The one that made you this weak piece of shit? This MIND Jawbreaker just gave me all the words in existence. My Vocabulary is better than any fucking Dictionary in the entire Universe, but they made sure to not give me THAT word… If I get all your “POWERS” they are mine forever.” Andy looks on, scared. He doubles down intensifying his hand job skills as the stroking and the voices just amp up the coming orgasm even more for Johnathan. “I’ll make you fucking cum Johnathan!!!” Johnathan begins to chuckle. “You better make me cum, Andy… and fast! This thing is melting faster than I expected, it wants me as its new Master.” He reaches forward, stopping Andy’s cock jerking momentum, and places his hand on the head, rubbing his hair, before sliding it to the back, gripping his skull, and pulling him closer to his cock. Small amounts of sexual prowess start seeping in, soon a big wave will flourish inside him. Johnathan pulls Andy’s head to the shaft, as he guides Andy’s hand that is still holding on to his meat and angles it upwards to Andy’s lips. “Part your lips, Andy. I think I want to see what getting head feels like.” He smirks as he pulls Andy’s head closer. Andy moved his mouth over Johnathan’s cock just as fast as he was being pulled towards it. He needed to get this guy to cum and he needed to cum before any more power went to him. His efforts caused Johnathan to shudder. It’s the first time he’s ever had a warm, moist mouth and tongue glide over the surface of his penis, and it was electrifying. “Oh… OH FUCK!” His cock went rigid. He felt his testicles churn and shake in anticipation of the cumming lurch. “I CAN’T… PLEASE… MIND!!!!” Oh you ain’t fucking cumming Alpha… His moans softened a bit, his dick still rock hard, Andy had to look up for a minute. Those voices in Johnathan’s head, music to his ears… him… ALPHA… that was what everyone used to call the teen in front of him on the floor who had his swollen, hard cock down his throat now. He looked up, and said out aloud to the voices… “Soon…” Andy was afraid of what the MIND was telling Johnathan, but Johnathan could literally hear the MIND moan inside of him, his saliva glands secreting more just to wet the Jawbreaker enough to give him another dose of knowledge. Johnathan’s head smacked hard against the bed again, but so did his body… it felt like he was hit by a semi-truck. SCIENCES… PHYSICS OF THE BODY… MOVEMENTS FOR WORK OUTS… The continued working of Johnathan’s cock…. All these new things he has gained in his knowledge. Everything was bringing him again back to the brink. Knowing how his body can move. Knowing how to eat right with the sciences to grow even BIGGER. Knowing the proper motions in his workouts to really help his fit teen body grow… His balls start to pull up… he feels his first load about to push its way into the passageways leading into his shaft. “Oh God… Fuck… NOOO… I’M GONNA CU-“ Yes… Let’s give him THAT as a TRAIT… HOW TO CONTROL AN ORGASM… Andy was excited. He finally succeeded, as he sucked a bit harder he noticed the cock in his mouth stopped its pulsing. It was as if it was on a massive edge. And Johnathan, the teen who’s cock was in his mouth began to laugh. “Mph… HAHAHAHAHA! Oh yes…” his balls resting in his sack as they pull to their normal hanging spot. “You are DONE Andy.” Andy stopped sucking, looking up at Johnathan confused. “But you haven’t came yet. What do you mean?” “You see, the MIND truly loves me, Andy. They gave me a gift. Now I won’t cum unless I choose to.” As he spoke more waves entered through him, he moaned, but his cock stayed true. CONFIDENCE… SWAGGER… Johnathan pushes himself up on the bed, placing both feet on the ground firmly, and opens his legs wide, pushing Andy onto the floor between them. He grabs a hold of his cock, stroking it, as he arches his back and true Alpha mind status floods in. Johnathan’s spine cracks, shifts, as it becomes perfectly aligned as he reaches what should have been his maximum growth at this stage in life, 5 FEET, 4 INCHES. His lower torso rearranges as he finally is able to have a 4-pack all the time without flexing in his stomach muscles. And his chest pushes out slightly more. He grins wide, hand flicking his cock back towards Andy, so it swings out and drips pre all over the floor and partially splattering the teen’s face in front of him. “This power, Andy… it is… intoxicating… I’m learning so much…. Much more in seconds than most men do their entire lives.” Johnathan pats the spot next to him on the bed, now HIS bed, letting Andy know to come back up. Andy slowly got up, Johnathan extending his hand to help him sit down on the bed. “You still haven’t made me cum, Andy. I honestly doubt you will be able to now either…” Andy looks down, Johnathan puts his hand under his chin and lifts it so they are looking directly at each other. “Not with just your mouth at least.” He winks, grinning, and motions for Andy to turn around. Andy slowly slides up the bed. Scared, but also a little turned on. His own 3 inches hard as he gets into doggy position. Take your place, Our Alpha… The voices egging Johnathan on, his cock practically drooling more and he lubricates it completely with a couple quick hand strokes. He sucks down on the MIND. His back arches as he moves closer to his conquest as a new set of knowledge becomes clear to him. PLEASURE… SEXUAL POSITIONS… DOMINATION… HOW TO REALLY FUCK… His mind fills with endless possible ways to take that spread ass right in front of him. To truly make it his own personal Fuck hole. It excites him just looking at Andy, down on all fours, his head turned looking back at his soon to be “HERO” Johnathan dips a bit, right behind Andy. He reaches down and grips the ass in front of him, his hands knowing exactly where to go as he holds him steady and pulls Andy’s cheeks apart, exposing his hole. “Oh fuck… its beautiful Andy.” His hips sliding forward, his abs crunching slightly, as he presses his hard cock between the ass cheeks and begins a slow grind, spreading his pre all over the opening of the hole. Andy’s hole flutters in anticipation. He feels the engorged, dripping tip rub around his hole, waiting for Johnathan to push himself in. Let’s give him more gifts…. The head is not Alpha worthy… Johnathan chuckles a bit. “You guys are fucking right! It ain’t fucking Alpha worthy!” Andy doesn’t know what Johnathan is talking about now, but as he said that, Johnathan looked down at his dick, ready to be plunged into Andy as he watched it flare up, and expanding into a fat bulbous mushroom tip. “Mmmm fuck, this is going to feel soooo good! Not just for me, Andy, but for you now too…” Now it’s fitting of an ALPHA… Johnathan grins at what was just given to him and pushes forward. Pressure begins at the opening of Andy’s hole when he realizes what Johnathan was just given. Andy moans, Johnathan moans as Andy’s hole is forced open for him and it literally pops into place in the virgin cavern. Johnathan tugs back slightly to see if his cock would be coming out easy, and it’s as if his cock is now vacuum sealed inside of Andy. Only way it will be coming out is if he literally forces his cock free. “Oh Fuuuuuuck!!!!!” he moans as he sinks his cock in deeper. Give him thoughts of power… of battle… it will truly not just make him a beast on the battleground, but a titan in the bedroom… More Knowledge starts to flow… ATHLETICS... STRENGTH OF THE BODY AND MIND... EVERY TYPE OF FIGHTING KNOWN TO MAN... STANCES... POSITIONS... WAYS TO CONQUER EVERY BATTLE... Johnathan grunts… his teeth grinding into the Jawbreaker inside of his mouth. He feels it begin to slightly dent inward… OOOOOHHHHHHH IT’s COMING!!!!! ONCE IT BREAKS WE ARE TRULY HIS!!!!! Johnathan shifts his body into a better position, to truly slay the ass that he was inside. His hands sliding along Andy’s sides as he slowly shoves himself deeper. “Fuck… you feel like a virgin too, Andy… I bet you fucking were before you got your god body.” Andy blushes as Johnathan smirks and moans out as his cock still tingles from the subtle growth it just went through, supporting the already intense feeling of his cock getting wrapped up in this hot and tight ass. As all that knowledge fills his head, he starts changing how he fucks every dozen or so thrusts; humping harder here, gripping Andy’s body in different positions and speeds in other instances. Eventually he pulls Andy’s arms backwards and starts bouncing Andy’s ass off of his hips, sending him forwards, before yanking him back down to the hilt of his dick as he pounded relentlessly into the hole he was in. Andy begins to learn from his movements, as he arches his back to give him and Johnathan even more support in this passionate, yet dominate fuck session. Never has he been on this end before, always was he the one doing the fucking. Each time he’s pushed forward and pulled back in a little more of Johnathan’s shaft slide’s in until there is almost the sound of thunder as skin hits skin as. “FUCK, JOHNATHAN!!!” Andy moans, he grins. It hurts as, but Andy really wants it to feel good for himself cause he already knows his time is over. Things he was experiencing he had knowledge of, but never thought of doing them to his partner. They were wrong… Sex is about love and passion… There was still passion here, but it was something else other then love… Johnathon pulled Andy all the way in when the voices spoke again… How would you like more, Master? They weren’t just egging him on, they were feeding his ego. Making him what he could only dream of. A Hero, but with possibly a body of some of the biggest villains in the comic books. They were giving him the rise he not just needed, but wanted. Help him slightly… He can truly be the WORLD BREAKER… Every muscle and fiber inside of Johnathan flared out to sickening proportions, then returned down to the size they were. “OH Fuck…” He felt it inside him… his organs…. His skin… his teeth… That should be enough till you get The Power… Strength is now 3 TIMES that of a normal man… Break Us, ALPHA, and we will give you what power we have left. Johnathan groans out lewdly from the increase in strength, yanking Andy even harder towards him as he slams his cock all the way deep inside the ass in front of him. His grip around Andy’s waist becoming even more tight and restrictive. Andy turns around to see a slight increase in Johnathan’s muscle definition to signify his new, incredible strength. “Oh Fuck… Oh Fuck… OH FUCK YEAH!” he roared, the voices driving his desire to dominate Andy even further. He looks down to Andy’s face who is already looking his direction. Grinning evilly, “Time to fucking break you…” speaking both about Andy and the MIND Jawbreaker. He uses his new strength coursing through his body… CHOMPS down, splitting the remains of the ball in half. Andy is fearful, it seems like the sound is heard across the Universe of that sphere BREAKING in this new Young Alpha’s mouth. Johnathan feels a sudden rush of knowledge and power, everything coming into him at once, and he can’t help but to draw Andy in close and tight in a crushing hug as he ROARS from what he now knew… “GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR FUCKING POWER…” Again, talking to both Andy and the MIND… To Be Continued…
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 30

    (Apologies. Computer is broken, and my chromebook only works. But it doesn't factor in formatting for some reason. Please go to this link for a better format:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eLv1MVpxATbWSxxwiIsDaoVVz_KjQJALkH4sN5HAukU) Chapter 30: The Epic’s End Marvelous Man slowly descended towards the ground; his arms still embraced in a loving hug around the renewed imp. Digz continued to cry like a child with the feathery arms clutching the hulking bodybuilder’s jacket. There was a lingering bitter taste in his mouth, as he remembered what he said to the bone familiar minutes ago. Rather than letting Digz believe the horrible events to be a nightmare, the inspiration god slammed the truth back into the bone imp with two words. It was such a cruel thing to do, but Marvelous Man knew it was for the best. Still...that does not mean he should not console this grieving familiar. He spoke up, “I’m sorry I said that, Digz, but it’s not possible to be...innocent anymore. You need to know that you did a lot of bad things back then and even about an hour ago.” Digz looked up at Marvelous Man with tears streaming down his feathered face and snot dripping off his beak. “B-But! That wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! I-I-I’d never do all those horrible things,” he sputtered. The inspiration god nodded, “You’re right. You wouldn’t. I saw some of your memories, and I know you’re a very kind imp. And you were sick for a long time. And I can’t imagine how it must have been to be in pain like that...But I can kinda know what that’s like to be in so much pain that you hurt everybody...even the ones you care about...” “When my parents tried to cage me for what they thought was my own good, I tried to push my pain onto them. It felt really good to get that release, but I hurt them very badly...almost killed them too. It’s something I wish I could forget, and I know you want to forget too,” he continued. Gently landing on the ground with a soft patter, Marvelous Man set down the bone imp. The hulking bodybuilder then knelt down on his knees, while he reached into his black jacket’s pocket. Marvelous Man hoped his dad, Apollo, had predictably left an item he needed at this moment. He then felt the soft accessory his mind had called out to. Immediately pulling his hand back out, he held a pink, silk handkerchief. The musclebound superhero began to dab Digz’s eyes and feathery cheeks with the handkerchief; soaking up the tears. He then wiped away the snot from Digz’s nostrils and offered the bone imp to blow into it. Right after cleaning Digz, Marvelous Man placed the used handkerchief back into his pocket and pulled out a small water bottle. The musclebound superhero unscrewed the cap and held the plastic bottle in front of the sobbing familiar. He spoke softly, “Here. Drink this. It’ll help you calm down.” The bone imp grabbed the water bottle with both of his feathery arms and drank the bottle’s contents with heavy gulps. His sobs then died down, as he continued drinking the water. When there was none left in the bottle, he gave it back to Marvelous Man. Tears started to stream down his eyes again. “What’s wrong? You okay?” asked Marvelous Man. Digz whimpered, “It’s just that...That was the first thing I’ve tasted in so long. I can’t remember the last time I drank water...and...And it’s so delicious! “And now I’m realizing...I don’t hurt anymore! I don’t feel anything! I don’t feel like I’m burning anymore! I just feel the sun...and it’s so warm!” he rambled. The flickering embers of hate and anger held towards Digz in the inspiration god’s heart had now been washed away by a wave of empathy. Marvelous Man could only guess that the centuries of being incomplete had kept the bone imp incapable of eating...or even enjoying the simple things in life most living beings had taken for granted. More than anything at the moment, Marvelous Man wished he could use his power to take this pain from Digz. It was too much to watch the familiar become overcome by such little pleasure that it wept again. Marvelous Man then noticed a new glass string forming on his left pinky. Following its length, the string of inspiration extended over and connected with Digz. The inspiration god could hear the new seed he had planted in the bone imp’s heart. Marvelous Man accepted the glass string with his heart and tuned in to it. The glass string seemed to play back a thought of a realization Digz just had. Digz voice echoed, “I am finally alive again, and I’ll enjoy every second of being alive!” Marvelous Man’s mind immediately focused back into reality, as he noticed Digz running away from him. He was about to speak out when he saw where the familiar was running towards. It was the corpse of Alden; laying a small distance from the two beings. The dead body was still wrapped in the red cloak and glowing from the inspiration god’s supercharge. The Mana Stone, still lodged in the body’s chest, no longer pulsated with maddening power. In seconds, Digz arrived next to the deceased king and knelt down. The familiar wiped tears from his eyes and looked down at his former partner. He caressed his feathery arm against Alden’s glowing face, as Marvelous Man walked up next to the bone imp. “I’m sorry, Alden. I wasn’t a good imp at all to you. B-But! I’ll make it up to you! I’ll carry out all three of your promises!” said the familiar, “But you’re part of me now, aren’t you? So I won’t be truly alone. We’ll do it...together.” Digz leaned over and nuzzled the side of his white, feathery head against Alden’s forehead. A second after, he raised his head and stood up. The bone imp then turned to Marvelous Man and seemed to be looking past the hulking bodybuilder. “They’re coming to kill me, aren’t they?” he questioned. Marvelous Man turned around to where he supposed Digz was staring at. He spotted superheroes from different organizations and police officers slowly approaching; some just landing from their flight to join in with the group. Marvelous Man then turned back and saw another crowd of do-gooders encroaching closer to the two. The musclebound superhero looked down at Digz, “I’m not going to let that happen.” The familiar sighed. “Even if you could, they’d just lock me up somewhere where I’ll never see the light of day again. And then they’ll start cutting me up. Seeing what I’m made of. Because without a master to bond with, I’m not really an imp anymore...am I?” he replied. Marvelous Man got down on both of his knees; attempting to be at eye level with the bone imp. Despite the effort, the hulking bodybuilder was still a head taller than Digz and had to look down. He fired back, “Even if you aren’t, I’ll still do whatever I can to protect you! I’ve come so far to help you. I can’t let your new life end like that.” The bone imp stared up at Marvelous Man. “Even if you have to become the next Skeleton Lord to protect me? I know I can merge with your bones and give you my power,” said Digz. Marvelous Man hesitated. He felt shocked by such a proposal, while his mind tried to foresee what would happen if he accepted. Calculating the possibilities within the near future, it would most likely not be an easy life for the musclebound superhero. He answered, “Yeah, I would. If that’s what it takes to protect you, then yes. They can’t hurt you, if you bond with me.” Digz gave a soft smile. “You’re right. They wouldn’t. But that would be too selfish of me to taint your life like that, Marvelous Man,” he remarked. The bone imp continued, “If we did merge, you would be ostricized by everybody else. Nobody would trust you, and you’d probably be hunted down by the other heroes. So it was a nice thought to have for a few seconds, but no. I’m sorry, but I can’t do that to you. Not to the one I already owe my life to.” The hulking bodybuilder raised his large hands. He reached out to grab the bone imp but immediately stopped upon noticing something strange. The glass string connected to his left pinky and Digz was no longer visible. Observing Digz, the inspiration god saw that there was no glass strings connected to Digz at all. Not even the ones Digz negatively inspired were no longer existing. “Wha-Digz? Wha...What’s happening to you?!” questioned Marvelous Man. Digz smiled, “Wow, you’re really perceptive. It’s only been a few seconds, but you’ve already noticed.” The musclebound superhero stared back in bewilderment. Digz glanced down at the ground and began to rub the feathered ends of his arms together. “Yeah, when you looked away, I took the Pilgrim Cloak and left behind a clone to talk to you. So I’m still here...Just not, here here. If that makes any sense,” explained the bone imp. He continued, “I’ll find someone else that’s as worthy as you. But I promise you that we’ll meet again one day.” Marvelous Man turned his head to Alden’s deceased body. The glowing corpse no longer had the fur-lined, red cloak the bone imp referred to. The musclebound superhero remembered that the cloak was special and could mask one’s presence from supernatural and magical sight...even a god’s. By now, the bone imp could be anywhere and the inspiration god would be unable to track him with the glass strings. Marvelous Man snapped his head back towards Digz, as he heard the familiar speak again. “Can I know just one last thing? Is Marvelous Man your real name?” inquired Digz. Marvelous Man slowly responded, “Ummm, no. It’s not. My real name is actually Justice Starr. With two Rs. But, uh, you can find me on the penthouse of the Piscelemartie luxury apartments.” Digz smiled, as his body seemed to ripple like a water drop falling into a puddle. “I’ll remember that. Thanks, Justice. For, well, um, everything, heh. You believed in me and helped me, and I need to repay you for that.” he said. The bone imp continued, “I’m sorry for knocking away your golden ocarina. I know this can’t replace it, but I’m hoping it’ll be good enough until you find your ocarina. It’s something I saw from one of the musicians back at Alden’s castle. So...until we meet again...see you soon.” The bone imp turned completely white, as he began to fold into himself. In seconds, a white, woodwind instrument stood where Digz’s clone just was. Marvelous Man instantly recognized the musical device as an oboe; similar to a clarinet but the head looks like it has a small straw plugged into it. The musclebound superhero bent down and picked up the instrument. To Marvelous Man’s eye, it was designed with all the tiny details an oboe would have. He could play this device with no problem and emulate soothing notes. It was a kind gesture Digz did...but it could not cover up the sadness Marvelous Man felt for the bone imp. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Three months had passed into the winter season, and Justice was now laying on a pink beanbag. He stared up at the sky blue-colored ceiling of his therapist’s office. It felt calming to stare at it, but that is probably why such a color has been painted in a therapist’s office. The hulking bodybuilder stated, “...Annnd, yeah. He turned into an oboe, and that’s the last I saw of him. The D.A.B. came and took away the Mana Stone that was lodged into King Alden’s chest. But then the Nemesis Branch came in and took the stone. The Director was pretty pissed about that. And I think the only thing the D.A.B. was able to get was Alden’s dead body...Oh wait, that’s right. The Arkos Division took that for studying.” Justice heard a female’s voice speak back to him. “And that’s when you decided to see a therapist cause of what your friend, Gemini, said,” she said Justice looked over at the woman who concluded his story to the present. It was his therapist, Magnolia Theramin; a dark-skinned doctor that usually dressed business-casual. He nodded, “Yep. Sorry about bringing this all up again. But I kinda like talking about the whole thing once in a while, cause then I discover something new...And it sorta helps me feel a bit better.” Dr. Theramin leaned on her armchair and rested her head on a propped hand. “It’s fine, Justice. This is all at your pace. If it makes you feel better to just go over with entering the real world and fighting the Skeleton Lord, it’s fine. But let’s not dwell on the past too much. Alright?” she said. Justice smiled, “Heh, right. I’ll try to keep that in mind.” “So,” said Dr. Theramin, “Did you discover something new?” Justice sighed, “Yeah...I realized that...I really don’t know anything about Gene. Like, sure, I knew his past, but...did I really know him? Ya know? I mean, he doesn’t even know my real name...which really shows how little we understood each other. Cause the only thing we have in common is how lonely we feel.” “And I...I put him on a pedestal and thought he was all these awesome things. And even after we stopped dating, I kept seeing him as...something beyond a person. Not like with Gem, man, I knew him. Cause Gemini and I hung out every chance we got when I wasn’t working. But with Gene, we just went on a few dates and worked together...I just know that Gene likes to go to Toto’s when he’s feeling homesick,” he continued. The hulking bodybuilder stared back up at the ceiling; trying to mentally articulate the next words he would be saying. Justice spoke up, “Did you know that after work, he has sex with his dorm neighbors that are feeling the most frustrated and then locks himself in his room? He spends the rest of his free time in his room and hardly ever goes out. The Director told me that he gets swept up in so many emotions that even after calming down those around him, he still has to go back to his room to decompress. And he goes to Toto’s when it’s not enough and feeling homesick.” “And when I think about it, having the power of empathy must be pretty insane. I mean, feeling everybody’s emotions but hardly ever your own? I’d have to become a stone monster to get through the day, but he still tries to be calm and friendly with everybody. He tries his best to let the emotions flow through him, but he’s got his limits...At least, that’s what the Director tells me,” he rambled. Dr. Theramin nodded, “That reminds me, how goes it with Gene? I understand that after the Skeleton Lord incident was resolved, your relationship with him has been strained?” Justice sighed, as he could feel himself sinking deeper into the beanbag. “Still strained. We work great together as a team, but I don’t feel anything from him anymore. Like that thing I said a few seconds ago, he’s become a stone monster since I denied him the vengeance his people deserved...I don’t blame him. I’d be angry too if I was in his position,” answered the hulking bodybuilder. He continued, “I’m doing what I can to give him the space he wants, but it’s just...hard. I really want things to go back to how they were, but I get that it’s not possible. He’s my best friend and...ya know?” The therapist leaned forward and gave a gentle smile. “I’m sure he’ll come around. The best thing you can do to show your love is just give him time and let him know that you’ll be there when he’s ready to open up to you again,” she advised. Justice nodded. While it was unfortunate his friendship with Gene had become soured, he did not regret helping Digz. But it was still tough to feel the burden of isolation that the Totochtin prince heaved onto the hulking bodybuilder. He knew he could probably inspire Gene to accept him, but it would most likely backfire if the bunny demigod did not consent to the supercharge...And it would not feel morally right. The overly-muscular man forced himself to switch his mind onto something else. There was one thing Justice wished to discuss. He spoke up, “Yeah, about that. I think I’m ready to open up. I mean, not to you, cause I’m already doing that. Heh. But to someone else. Um, has he…?” Dr. Theramin picked up her phone from her pocket and began to text, while she replied. “My receptionist texted me about fifteen minutes ago, while you were going over everything that happened,” she said, “Are you sure you’re ready?” Justice opened his mouth to immediately answer her question, but it stayed in a slack position. His mind could not help but think back to everything that happened between the two and started to wonder...Is this okay? “I...I don’t know. I mean, I want to do this! But...is it really alright?” hesitated Justice. The therapist placed her phone back into her pocket. She then looked at Justice and smiled. Dr. Theramin stated, “As far as I can tell, both of you made mistakes. But you two did your best to forgive each other, move on, and form a deeper bond of understanding. And when you were at your lowest, he supported you and advised you to seek help. It sounds like a lot of growth on both your ends." A soft knock resonated from the room’s only door. The therapist slowly stood up and walked towards it. As she did so, Dr. Theramin turned her head to Justice. “Justice, what you need to remember is that after everything you’ve been through, you deserve to be loved. I know it might not seem like you should, because others weren’t so lucky. But it’s not wrong to be happy, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for wanting to be happy and fall in love. It’s fine to choose to be happy,” she pointed out. Dr. Theramin shrugged, “And if it doesn’t work out, then oh well. It just wasn’t meant to be, but at least you experienced this relationship. And don’t forget that there will always be someone out there to love you. Just make sure to be open to them and keep looking for that one person.” Upon reaching the door, the therapist placed her hand on the door. “So. Are you ready?” she asked. Justice leaned back his head and took a deep breath through his nose. He deserved this. He shouldn’t force himself to be sad...I choose to be happy. The hulking bodybuilder opened his eyes, “Yes.” Dr. Theramin smiled, as she pulled down on the door’s handle. The door swung inwards and revealed the bulky Soulem, Gemini. The Soulem(Look up his alt names) greeted with an awkward smile and a wave of his hand. “Ummm, hi? Justice texted me and said that he needed me to be part of his session with you.” informed Gemini. The therapist nodded, “That’s correct. He has something he needs to say to you. Please come in.” As the bulky Soulem entered the office, his eyes instantly drew down to the large, muscled man sitting in a pink bean bag chair. Gemini’s mood rings flashed from white, to grey, and then sky blue. “Never thought I’d see you in one of those,” he smirked, “...Are you stuck?” Justice looked away, “Yeah...I sunk too deep this time, and I can’t roll out. This stuff is literally quicksand for heavy people.” Gemini giggled as he walked towards the overly-muscular man. Stopping in front of the trapped Justice, the bulky Soulem bent down and held out his white, rubbery hand. “Need a hand?” he offered. Justice stared at the hand, “It’s not gonna pop off when I grab it, is it?” The bulky Soulem scoffed; his face appearing unamused with the mood rings flashing green. “Not with parts this expensive,” Gemini remarked. Justice smiled and grabbed the Soulem’s hand. With some strained effort from Gemini, the hulking bodybuilder was helped out of the bean bag. Justice was grateful for the assistance, but he could not help but feel embarrassed at how his large size had become a hindrance to another mundane situation. In past sessions with his therapist, he would ask Dr. Theramin to leave the room for the overly-muscular man to process his emotions and what they talked about. It was an absolute lie to save face for what he had to do next, and Justice was not sure if the doctor had caught on. He’d spend minutes thrusting around on the bean bag chair like a flipped tortoise until he finally escaped the chair’s grasp. He would have rather opted for a chair or couch, but the furniture in the room seemed fragile and incapable of supporting his humongous mass. Lying on the ground was not an option; he was big, not ill-mannered. Justice looked down at Gemini, “Thanks for the help. So, uh, yeah. I’ve been talking it over with Dr. Theramin, and I think...No, I’m ready for the next step. And I thought it was a good idea that she kinda supervise the whole thing.” The hulking bodybuilder looked away. The logic he had when planning this was now crushed by a new realization. His heart beated rapidly, as embarrassment flushed his mind. The words began to tumble out of his mouth. “But now I’m just realizing that it was kinda stupid to do that. But, ya know, it, uh, seemed like a good idea at the time. Cause what I’m about to say next is really personal,” he rambled. Gemini’s mood ring turned white, “Oh, is this one of those sorry confessions? Cause, I know we did some stuff to each other...Though most of the shit-throwing was done on my end, but we for-” “Ummm, no. No, that’s not what this is,” interrupted Justice. The overly-muscular man’s eyes flicked repeatedly down at the carpeted ground and back to Gemini. The beating of his heart ringed in his ears, while his thoughts were rapidly echoing in his mind before multiplying to the point of becoming white noise. He stammered, “Uh, sh-should I, uh, stand or just kneel down...Ummm...Yeah. Yeah, I’m just gonna get down. That feels right.” Kneeling down onto one knee, Justice slowly grabs Gemini’s hand with soft gentleness. The hulking bodybuilder brought the Soulem’s hand in front of himself, as he stared up into his best friend’s cybernetic eyes. He could see Gemini’s mood ring flashing into multiple colors; most of them being grey. “Gem...We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. And lots of misunderstandings of how relationships work and love and stuff. And like you said, we’ve been able to patch them up and our friendship is stronger now. We’re no longer able to get to that level of friendship that we once had...because now we’re above it,” he said. Justice continued, “And when my friendship with Gene was fractured, I felt so alone cause he was one of the first friends I made here in the real world. But you were there for me, Gem. You always are. You supported me through what I’m still going through, and you even supported me then when I had that crazy idea of saving King Alden and Digz. And back when I was trapped in the dome...when things were tough and I needed to focus on something to get me through...it kept coming back to you.” The hulking bodybuilder kept his eyes locked onto Gemini’s. If he looked away for even a second, the courage he had built up would instantly crumble. His hands trembled, but they held onto the Soulem’s hand even tighter. “Gem...I love you. I always did. And now I think I’m ready for a relationship. I’d like it if it could be you. So if you’re still...or ya know...If you still have some feelings for me...Will you go out with me?” he confessed. Tears began to form at the corners of the Soulem’s eyes, as his mood rings flared to rose red. Seconds passed, as Gemini stared back at Justice. He then broke into a smile. The Soulem replied, “Heh, ya know, I was just starting to get over you. Or at least, been trying to. And I was fine with just being friends. But this...This is...more than I could ever ask for.” The liquid tears streamed down Gemini’s cybernetic face. A sniffle escaped his nose, as he placed his other hand on top of Justice’s. “So yeah. Yes, I will date you. Always yes,” he replied, “But if you think about it. With how much we intimately know each other, we’ve pretty much been boyfriends this whole time. Only without the label.” A tear escaped Justice’s eye, as he felt only elation to Gemini’s reciprocation. It was all too much. With everything he had been through, it all felt like it was fitting in perfectly. All for this moment; it was worth it. Justice giggled, “Haha, yeah, you’re right. I mean, I think I’m moving pretty fast on this, but yeah. We’re pretty much boyfriends.” “Just without the sex,” added Gemini.” Justice laughed, “Yeah. That too.” The two stared back at each for a second. None of them said a word to each other, but Justice could feel what Gemini wanted to say. And then he heard it. “I love you, Justice. I love you so much,” confessed Gemini. Justice smiled, “Me too.” The Soulem leaned down and placed his lips on top of Justice’s. The hulking bodybuilder closed his eyes and kissed back. The sound of a wet kiss emanated from the two’s romantic gesture, as the they locked lips together for a couple of seconds. It felt like electricity was coursing through Justice; flexing every muscle in his body at the extreme euphoria. Justice was not sure if the feeling was due to his happiness, or because he was being electrocuted from kissing an android. But it didn’t matter. Everything was perfect. Gemini then stood up straight and lifted his hands to gesture at Justice. The overly-muscular man took notice of the movement of their clasped hands and stood up; towering over the Soulem as usual. “So…” started Gemini, “Since we have plenty of time to date...I was thinking that maybe...just for tonight...we just skip straight to the fucking? Bro?” Justice giggled, “Hehe, sure.” The hulking bodybuilder paused, as his eyes became wide. This was the exact situation he needed supervision on. Justice then looked over to Dr. Theramin. “Uhhhh, is that okay?” he inquired. The therapist shrugged, “This relationship should go at your own pace. As long as both of you are in absolute agreement and really want it. If either of you aren’t, then I suggest you take it a lot slower. Otherwise, go nuts.” “Just not here. Get a room somewhere else, cause I have other people to help today,” she continued. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Justice sat on the king-sized bed in his bedroom; trying to look sexy while waiting for his boyfriend to appear. He did his best to set mood: closing the curtains, dimming the lights, and setting the oil diffuser to lightly scent the air with aromas of rose and jasmine. The hulking bodybuilder made sure to flush his insides and lube his hole with the slippery lube, Unicorn Cum. The overly-muscular man felt excited...and a little scared. He was finally going to have sex and lose his virginity to the one he loves. The reality of it happening was so overwhelming, that Justice almost felt like running away. And with every passing second, he was beginning to consider it. His thoughts were then interrupted, as the door to his bedroom opened. Stepping through the doorway was his boyfriend, Gemini. The Soulem walked with a sexual swagger, as he arrived at the foot of Justice’s bed. The mood rings on Gemini’s face was a rose red, but it sometimes flickered to dark red or pink. The Soulem smiled, “Hey.” “Hey,” replied Justice. Gemini pulled at the bow’s string of his zaffre mokko fundoshi; undoing the bow and causing the fundoshi to drop towards the ground. With nothing left to cover the Soulem’s nethers, Justice could only stare at the sexual present beginning to inflate. The ball sack and shaft of Gemini’s penis was black and had the same texture as his muscular cords. The head of his dick was a rubbery white, and his penis hardened to a size and girth that could be considered slightly above average. Every bit of his succulent crotch was human shaped, but it still looked robotic. Justice finally looked up at Gemini, “...So...ummm...do we need condoms? I didn’t really think about it until just now. But I think there should be some in one of my drawers.” Gemini shrugged. “I can, if that’ll make you feel better,” he answered, “But Soulems can’t catch STDs.” “Oh...okay. Yeah, no, I mean, it’s fine. You don’t need to put one on,” said Justice. The bulky Soulem smiled and proceeded towards the bed. At the foot of bed, he slowly leaned onto the giant mattress with his knees on top. Gemini came to a halt and stared at Justice’s eyes with a calm look on his face. “Are you ready?” he said, “I’ll start slow before I get to banging your brains out.” The Soulem’s cybernetic penis twirled; spinning and emitting a noise similar to a power drill. Justice’s eyes became wide, as he saw the intimidating presentation. A small, chilling fear ran up the hulking bodybuilder’s spine. Just what in the hell was that dick capable of? Trailing his eyes back up to Gemini’s, the overly-muscular man saw his boyfriend flexing the metal eyebrows in a rapid fashion. Justice could only see the seductive attempt as exceedingly cheesy, humourous, and slightly charming at the same time. The tension in his massive body became slightly relaxed at the robotic face, as the hulking bodybuilder smiled. He replied back, “Y-yeah.” Justice looked over to his right side and grabbed a small pillow next to himself. He then placed it beneath his lower back; propping up his buttocks and crotch. The overly-muscular man lifted his thunderous legs to allow his robotic boyfriend better access. At the same time, Gemini crawled onto the king-sized bed and made his way toward his boyfriend. He could see his lover’s donut-shaped asshole, as his glowing blue tongue licked his lips. The bulky Soulem then arrived at the hulking bodybuilder’s exposed rear, and grabbed the meaty legs. Gemini aimed the white head of his dick against Justice’s lubed asshole and pressed against the plump flesh. His mood rings flashed to dark red, as he pushed his cybernetic penis into Justice. It was not an abrupt thrust, but he also did not slowly ease it in. At that moment, only the gland had entered. Justice’s eyes went wide. He could feel Gemini inside of him. But for some reason, the tip of the sexual entity in his anus felt foreign. Then...an all-too familiar feeling shot through his confusion, while panic amped up his heart rate. “Oh gosh! Get out of me!” he exclaimed. Gemini’s face flexed a confused look with mood rings at grey, “Wh-what? What’s wrong?” Justice needed to get away. He couldn’t let an accident happen right now. “I need to poop right now!” he shouted. The Soulem’s mood rings changed to white. Gemini spoke calmly, “It’s alright. You’re fine. This is completely nor-” “LET ME OUT, I’M GONNA SHIT!!!” yelled Justice. The overly-muscular man yanked his right leg from Gemini’s grasp and immediately gave a powerful kick to the bulky Soulem’s silver face. >>>>>>>>> Gemini squatted down; waiting outside next to the bathroom door. He rubbed the side of his metal face where Justice kicked and caused him to fall back. The bulky Soulem then looked up towards the doorway, as the bathroom entrance creaked open. Justice slowly stepped from out of the bathroom. He peered towards his left and right before looking down and spotting his robotic boyfriend. His eyes immediately looked away. The hulking bodybuilder admitted, “...False alarm.” Gemini nodded. “Yeah, it’s normal for first-timers to feel that kind of sensation when they get penetrated. But I didn’t think that’d happen to you,” remarked the bulky Soulem. He continued, “I mean, I’ve seen the toys you used. You abused your asshole to the point a hotdog could just fall in. So why’s my dick any different?” Justice leaned back against the bathroom doorway and sighed. He thought it over for a few seconds before speaking up. “I don’t know. I never had anybody else use my toys on me….well, when I was conscious. I pretty much blacked out when you rimmed me last time. So I guess since I never surrendered control to someone else, that’s probably why my body freaked out….Does that make sense?” he replied. Gemini stood up, “Yeah. But you freaking out is on me. I didn’t go slow enough for you.” The Soulem began to bump his fists together, while his mood rings changed to pink. “Hey...we could stop for tonight, if you want. This is all a lot for us both to take on. We could just put on a movie and cuddle,” he suggested. From Justice’s perspective, it was always cute to see the Soulem’s nervous tick. The overly-muscular man bent down and kissed his boyfriend’s metal forehead. The forehead had a metallic feel against his lips, but it was as warm as human body temperature. Justice’s lips also felt an odd sensation of the metal being slightly malleable; making the texture seem almost soft. He answered back, “No, it’s fine. I really want this.” Gemini gave a soft smile. “Alright.” he said. >>>>>>>>> The two were back on the enormous bed. Justice laid against it, and Gemini positioned over the hulking bodybuilder. Justice’s throat ran dry, while his heartbeat raced. He did want this, but it was still scary. Gemini’s mood rings became dark red, “I’ll go a lot more slowly this time, okay? Let’s just relax and have a bit of fun. I’ve got data on a whole bunch of foreplay, so there’s some things I want to try out.” Justice nodded. “Uh, sure,” he spoke. The bulky Soulem leaned down and pressed his lips against Justice’s. It started off as a soft smooch before the next kiss went deeper. Their tongues embraced one another before wrestling; not trying to dominate but rather playfully fence one another. One’s tongue would push into the other’s mouth, as the invaded tongue would coil and lightly press back until the other tongue relented seconds later. Both lovers moaned at such sexual combat, as Justice’s mouth and mind felt like they were rolling in an electric cloud that embraced and shocked their pleasure nerves. Justice became distracted for a brief second at how he did not notice it until now that Gemini’s spit tasted like strawberries. Minutes were lost on this back and forth play until Gemini broke away from the French kissing. The bulky Soulem began to kiss down the left side of Justice’s neck; nibbling and sucking at the skin with every wet smooch. The hulking bodybuilder whimpered with ecstacy at the erotic maneuver, while his body squirmed. Gemini’s kissing detoured for a moment; moving onto Justice’s left shoulder and giving it a playful bite. Justice groaned at the blissful bite. The robotic boyfriend then resumed his route trailed his kisses onto the overly-muscular man’s gargantuan pectorals. Gemini grabbed onto both bountiful pecmeats with a tight grip and flicked his glowing, blue tongue against Justice’s large nipples. He would switch over to the other nipple every few seconds and nibble to break up the predictable pattern. Justice was paralyzed with pleasure, as his toes curled at the assault. His body felt electrified at the aggressive manhandling, and his uncontrollable reaction to Gemini’s foreplay was to moan deeply. He had never experience anything like this before; the pain and pleasure becoming one and drowning his conscience into a lustful madness. Gemini then continued down Justice’s cobblestone abs; flicking his tongue like a snake every now and then. When the bulky Soulem arrived at the crotch, he parted away the hulking bodybuilder’s meaty legs. He sucked and licked the crevice between Justice’s inner thighs and groin. The overly-muscular man screamed in bliss, while his penis leaked pre-cum like a faucet. He had never been touched by anyone there, and the sensation was hard to describe. It was like being tickled. But instead of cringing with uncontrollable laughter, it was a shock of pleasure that short-circuited the lower half of his body. Seconds after, Gemini ceased further play. He sat up and watched Justice regain stamina; the heaving chest and rapid short breaths coming to a slow. The bulky Soulem then picked up a pillow and gently nudged his beefy boyfriend. He stated, “Flip over.” Justice obeyed without question; his mind suffocated in a fog of lust. His humongous body felt drained, and it seemed like a giant effort to simply roll onto his stomach. Yet, he still hungered for more carnal fornication. “Fuck…” he moaned. As he managed to turn over onto his belly, Gemini slid the pillow beneath his groin. His ass raised into the air once again from the pillow’s support, Justice’s hole twitched in anticipation of Gemini’s second act. The bulky Soulem leaned down and began to lightly lick Justice’s plump, donut-shaped hole with his glowing, blue tongue. What started as horizontal motions soon became circular rim plays. With each lick, the fat lips of the hole became wetter. Justice moaned from the interaction; a humble treble compared to what the hulking bodybuilder experienced earlier. Gemini changed tactics; plunging his glowing tongue into the moist hole. Justice’s head perked up, while a gasp escaped from the beefy boyfriend’s mouth from the surprise intrusion. Gemini’s tongue then dragged itself out before spearing right back in. The flickering effort of the blue tongue continued this movement for nearly a minute; eliciting a wet suction noise from the fat asshole’s rim. The sensation to Justice felt odd. It was another tickling feeling, but it felt comfortable. And the tongue that slid in him compared to a thick, malleable finger that easily conformed to his anus and love canal. It was a nice break from the intensity he had been experiencing; humming with satisfaction at the pleasant stimulation. Minutes passed for the patient rimming before Gemini sat up straight to switch things up. The bulky Soulem brought up his right white hand as high as he could reach and then swung it down. The rubbery hand slammed into Justice’s right butt cheek; resonating a near thunderous clap and sending ripples across the gargantuan bubble butt. The hulking bodybuilder’s legs twitched at the surprised assault, while a guttural moan bellowed out of Justice’s mouth. It was an obvious painful experience for Justice, but it was just as pleasurable. He found the feeling comparable to a strong static shock, and a tiny part of him wanted more. Gemini bent down towards Justice’s plump asshole again and extended his glowing tongue. Instead of diving his licking appendage at the moist hole, it descended onto the back of the overly-muscular man’s hairless ball sack. Another gasp escaped Justice’s mouth, while the rear entrance quivered. The bulky Soulem swirled his blue tongue on the dark-skinned sac; licking up the bits of sweat collected on there. Gemini’s face appeared as if it enjoyed the mix of Justice’s body, sweat, and tinge of manly musk. He flicked his tongue about and eventually covered the backside of the balls with his viscous, cybernetic saliva that suspiciously resembled thick and stringy lube. Gemini then slowly dragged his tongue up but stopped just before it reached the prized ass; making a brief stop at Justice’s taint. The smooth taint had a swollen appearance like a balloon had been inflated beneath the skin. He bit into the sexual fruit with a wide bite; gnawing but never breaking the skin. Justice shuttered from such beastial action. The robotic boyfriend then continued upward. Reaching Justice’s pleasure hole, Gemini’s tongue wasted no time diving in again. No expressive noise arose from the hulking bodybuilder this time; now familiar with the tickling sensation. Removing the element of predictability, Gemini did not stop at the enticing location and continued ascension. His blue tongue was dragged from out of the soft hole until they reached the top of Justice’s massive ass. The bulky Soulem waggled his tongue at the crevice top; causing the overly-muscular man to immediately feel as if he were about to urinate. Gemini pulled back once again and raised his left arm. Striking it downward, the rubbery hand slapped Justice’s left butt cheek. A booming clap echoed from the clash and caused the meaty rear to quake. Justice screamed, “Oh, FUCK!” The bulky Soulem dived down into Justice’s ass, as he extended his glowing tongue to the fullest length. Face planted between the gargantuan cheeks, he rammed his tongue directly into the plump asshole. As Justice sucked in to gasp from the sudden intrusion, Gemini began to hum. It was a hum that no human could possibly replicate with their own mouths. The intensity of this hum shared a similarity to a small, rattling engine. With such a powerful application, it vibrated Gemini’s tongue with a near-violent intensity. Justice’s ass trembled at the power; fluttering against the sides of Gemini’s face. Justice felt like his soul had been ejected into a dimension of lustful madness. He had never grasped a sensation like this in his entire life. Part of him wanted it to stop, but the other wanted it to go on forever. Minutes passed of drowning in pleasure before he was awoken by an arousing pain. The sound of thunderous slaps echoed from his buttocks. It was a magnified sound, because Justice felt the pain emanating from both of his cheeks. Gemini had struck them both, and such repetition was causing Justice’s ample bottom to feel it becoming raw from the aggression. Nearly over the edge to cumming, the spanking had brought him back. “Gah! FATHERFUCKER!!!” he shouted. Gemini leaned on top of Justice’s mountainous back and could only reach halfway up the giant man. His cybernetic dick hotdogged between his boyfriend’s humongous ass; nudging against the donut-shaped asshole with teasing humps. The bulky Soulem then slid across the back’s muscley ridges, as he dragged his wet tongue across. The hulking bodybuilder was a panting mess. Completely powerless to move; much less to speak a complete sentence. His heart pounded in his ears, and his dick was leaking precum all over his sheets and abs. It was all too much. He needed to orgasm. He needed to be filled! As Gemini arrived at the upper half of his colossal boyfriend, he placed his head on the left side of Justice’s. He gave the overly-muscular man’s left ear a quick lick and then a nibble. Justice could only mutter a small moan in response. The Soulem whispered, “So are you ready now?” “FUCK ME!” huffed Justice, “PLEASE! FUCK ME! FILL ME UP!!!” Gemini grinned, “As you wish. Now flip over.” Standing up, the bulky Soulem grabbed the hulking bodybuilder’s shoulders and guided the muscley boyfriend to turn over. Justice wordlessly complied and used what little strength he had left to switch the front of his body into facing up. His thick penis flopped about; flacid but twitching with urgency. The lower half of his back was now on top of the pillow and propped up for Gemini’s convenience. Gemini then placed his index finger on top of the fat lips of Justice’s anus. He tapped the plump parts for a second before making a swirling motion. His finger started on the rim before slowly descending inside, while he continued to twirl his digit in a counterclockwise movement. Right when the Soulem’s index finger completely sunk into the pumped asshole, Gemini looked at Justice. “Does this feel okay?” he questioned. Justice sighed in arousal, “Yeah…” The cybernetic boyfriend smiled. “Good. That’s just my finger. I’m gonna put more in to prep you. Let me know if something feels wrong,” he said. Without waiting for a reply, the bukly Soulem inserted more fingers. He slid his middle finger into the soft hole and sunk it all the way in. Gemini waited a few seconds to gauge his boyfriend’s reaction to the input, but Justice showed no negative reaction. He then slid in his ring finger...No reaction. Pinky...no reaction. The anal ring’s elasticity seemed to have no limit or even a hesitation of tightness. A devilish smile widened over Gemini’s face. He pushed his thumb in. The pumped hole had no trouble swallowing it. Justice moaned, “Oh, gosh...How many more...fingers...you gonna put in me?” “Sorry. Got curious” giggled Gemini, “I’ll try double fisting you later. Let me give you the one thing you’ve been waiting for.” Pulling his entire hand out, the stretched asshole elicited a wet slop. Gemini then wiped the lube-covered hand on the silk bedsheets before grabbing Justice’s ankles. The bulky Soulem hoisted the meaty legs onto his shoulders, as he positioned his hardened dick at the sexual entrance. The cybernetic penis carefully nudged at the wet, gaping anus; taking things slow to prevent a repeat of the first penetration. With no sign of resistance, the white head of the dick slid in. Gemini stopped further movement and looked up at Justice. He inquired, “I got the head in. Can I keep going?” Justice held up his hand, but it immediately drooped back down. With no energy left for body movement, he had to resort to attempting to speak. “Hold on...Okay. Go ahead,” he said. Gemini proceeded the penetration, but he made sure to take his time. Every few seconds, he would ask Justice about comfortability with the length he just inserted. Justice would simply to tell him to keep going. With all the carefulness the bulky Soulem was exercising, Justice became accustomed to the cybernetic dick inside of him. He was fine after Gemini’s white gland first slid in and settled in his love tunnel, but he wanted to be careful. Right when the overly-muscular man felt Gemini’s rubbery belly pressing against his balls, he instinctively knew that he had made it to the hilt. He felt full, and it felt so right. Gemini asked, “You okay?” Justiced nodded. “Yeah, now bang my brains out!” he said. Gemini grinned, “You got it, bro.” “INITIATE FINAL FORM,” he continued. Justice felt his boyfriend’s dick beginning to change. It became longer, wider...and it shapeshifted into something else? Gemini’s dick felt like it was poking in all directions! Leaning up, the hulking bodybuilder tried to see if he could observe just what was going on inside of him...And then his eyes went wide. He spotted a blue light illuminating beneath the skin of his abdomen, and there seemed to be something stirring in that spot. He could see a slight bulge poking up beneath the skin. The only way Justice could word this experience was fucked up freaky. His mind immediately snapped out of his lust fog and went into full panic mode. He exclaimed, “Wh-what the hell is that?! What the shit, man?! Are you impregnating me?! Converting me?! WHAT?!” Gemini snickered. “No, it’s not that,” he said, “I wanted my dick to get really weird, so I got a bunch of accessories to my dick when I got my upgrade.” The Soulem continued, “Basically, I can make my dick grow as big as those dildos you usually put in yourself. Though I could go bigger, heh. I can also get my dick to change its shape a bit like growing dull spikes or those pearl implants. And not to weird you out, but I can make it act prehensile.” Justice’s eyes flicked down towards his stomach. He was beginning to calm down, but he had one more concern. “I’m already weirded out. And the glowing?” he inquired. Gemini smiled, “I thought it’d fun and help set some mood lighting if I could get my dickhead to light up. Gotta say, it’s kinda sexy seeing your belly light up like that. But, ya know, I can do more than just blue if it’s making you uncomfortable.” “You want yellow?” he rambled. The blue spot shining beneath Justice’s stomach changed to yellow. Gemini continued, “I can also do green, or just, basically, any color.” The yellow was now green. “Oh! I can do a strobe or rave mode. This dick can also play songs too!” the Soulem bragged. The green now became a multitude of colors constantly flashing into other spectrums at a random sequence. At the same time, the muffled sound of techno music played in his abdomen. The heavy beats the song vibrated his innards, and it felt oddly pleasurable. As Justice opened his mouth to say something, techno music blared out of his mouth at crystal clear quality. The overly-muscular man immediately shut his mouth. He could have sworn that the music was related to some sort of desert storm, but he was frazzled by the bizarre event to be sure. Gemini’s eyes widened, “Oh! Sorry! I’ll turn it off! Didn’t know that would happen…” The vibrating music became silent in Justice’s abdomen; leaving only the rave lights to remain. The Soulem’s mood rings switched to pink. “Soooo...I guess I might have went overboard on the weird part...Do you still want to do this?” he sheepishly asked. Justice opened his mouth again and paused. A part of him still thought music might shoot out of him, but there was thankfully only silence. He replied, “I mean...that was a lot to throw on me, but...Yeah, sure. I still want to have sex with you, Gem. But gimme a heads up next time. Like, one surprise is fine, but you gotta tell me ahead of time when it’s more than one.” Gemini nodded. “Sorry. I’ll make sure to do that next time...So you ready to meet the gods?” he said. Justice tilted his head, “...Huh?” The bulky Soulem began to smile sinisterly, as he guided his boyfriend’s hands onto the handlebars on his hips. The mood rings on Gemini’s face flared to dark red. “Cause this dick is the dick that will pierce your soul into the heavens!” he declared, “Hold onto my love handles!” Justice gripped the love handles, “What do you mea-AUGHNMNGUH!!!” Gemini’s dick spinned. It drilled through Justice’s anus; constantly hitting the hulking bodybuilder’s prostate and sensitive innards with its dull spikes. His massive legs trembled, as his mind tumbled in a kaleidoscope of bliss. The bulky Soulem watched his boyfriend’s eyes rolling backwards. He then began to make humping motions. Slowly pulling out then immediately slamming his dick back into Justice. Minutes passed, as Justice tried to maintain any sort of consciousness. He kept drifting back and forth from the insane pleasure he was experience. But he then drifted back into the waking world when his body realized it could not hold back any further. The pleasure had pushed him over the edge. His dick pissed a clear liquid that sprayed all over his torso. Gemini instantly ceased any further movement and drilling. His mood rings flared to yellow. “Woah, what the hell?! Are you pissing yourself?!” he shouted. Justice gasped, “N-no. It’s n-not piss. Just seminal fluid and water.” “...I squirt whenever I have an anal orgasm. I know it looks like piss, but it’s not,” he explained. The overly-muscular man dipped his shaky fingers into the fluid before holding it up towards Gemini. He encouraged, “Look, give it a smell. It doesn’t smell like anything.” Gemini stared at the wet fingers, while his mood rings changed to purple. Seconds later the mood rings then shifted to white. He shook his head and held up his hand. “That’s okay. I just looked it up online, and you’re right. Sorry about that. I kinda never bothered looking into it, cause I was more obsessed with fucking you,” he admitted. Justice grabbed a folded towel next to himself, “That’s okay. Did you want to finish up?” The bulky Soulem smiled, as he stared at his boyfriend drying up with the towel. His mood rings shined rose red. “Sure,” he said. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beams of morning light peered through the bedroom windows. Justice’s eyes slowly opened, as he detected the scent of bacon being fried. Looking on the other side of the bed, he noticed an empty space of where his robotic boyfriend slept the previous night. Rolling out of bed, the hulking bodybuilder slowly thumped his naked self towards the kitchen. His asshole felt on fire from any slight movement he made; a reminder of his hole being destroyed by Gemini’s transforming cock. Justice gazed up at the framed photos of his family on the wall, as he passed through the doorway. The overly-muscular man wondered if he’d ever see his parents again. A slight pain panged in his heart at the thought. Things did not end so well when he last encountered his family. His mind flashed back to Sunnysville where he literally fought his family, and it felt devastating to remember the terrible things he said to his parents. He also recalled how he made Ares’ limbs explode, and the intoxicating numbness of using the Soul Venom. Justice still could not bring himself to call his family...but it seemed to be the same from his family’s end. Months had passed after the Skeleton Lord incident had been resolved, and he still had not received even a text message from them...Was this their punishment? The hulking bodybuilder shook his head. He will find the courage one day to get in touch with them again. But right now, he wanted to see the love of his life. Justice deserved to be happy. Entering the kitchen area, the overly-muscular man spotted his boyfriend in front of the gas stove. He smiled. It was a pleasant sight to see; one where Justice hoped he would see more of in the future. The bulky Soulem had his back turned; naked and frying bacon with some other delicious-smelling breakfast. Gemini hummed a tune, while he swished his hefty buttocks in the air to the rhythm he sang. Justice yawned, “Good morning.” The robotic boyfriend partially turned to the hulking bodybuilder and grinned; his mood rings flaring to a sky blue. “Morning!” greeted back Gemini, “I’m frying some eggs. You okay with the yolk intact?” The hulking bodybuilder nodded, “Sure.” Sitting himself down at the wooden dining table, he scratched his neck. Justice watched Gemini grab an egg from a nearby egg carton, crack it against the countertop, and break it open over a heated pan. The yolk gave off a sizzling noise, as it came in contact with what smelled like hot bacon grease in the pan. He then heard the Soulem speak up. “So I was thinking that if you ever made up with Gene, it’d be cool if we all had a threesome together. Or, ya know, I’m down with him just smashing you,” said Gemini. Justice’s mind drifted back for a moment to what Gene had said to him back then. He was no longer able to feel the bunny demigod’s feelings; as if Gene had become a stone-cold statue. The bridge of friendship between the two had become damaged, but not destroyed. There was still hope that things can turn around like it had with him and Gemini. The overly-muscular man cocked his head, “You sure? I don’t think you really mean that, cause I’m pretty sure you’re the jealous type.” Gemini shrugged, as he used a plastic spatula to push currents of hot bacon grease onto the egg. “Eh, I have your heart now, and that’s all that matters. I mean, sex can be a form of affection, but it’s not love...And cause I think it’s hot to see you get fucked by other guys,” he reasoned. At the same time Justice smiled at the reply, he heard a knock coming from the front door. The hulking bodybuilder did not bother to look at a clock when he made his way to the kitchen this morning, and it now dawned on him that it might already be passed ten. Justice mentioned, “I think that might be the mail. I’ll go check.” The overly-muscular man slowly made his way over to the penthouse entrance; careful to take small steps unless he wanted to feel the full pain of his aching asshole. Within the span of almost a minute to arrive at the door, Justice then pressed a button on a plastic panel next to the doorway. An image immediately appeared on the panel; displaying a camera’s view of a red-haired woman in a grey power suit standing on the other side of Justice’s door. Justice recognized the woman as the lobby manager who was usually stationed at the reception desk. Whenever packages or letters, that seem of personal importance, arrive at the Piscelemartie luxury apartments, the staff take it upon themselves to hand deliver the item to a resident. It seemed over the top for the employees to do this sort of thing in Justice’s perspective, but he appreciated the gesture. Justice unlocked the door and began to pull it open. Right in mid-swing, the hulking bodybuilder remembered that he was still bare of any clothing. He then instantly stopped the door, as it neared a quarter open. Peaking his upper body into the opening to greet the employee, Justice kept his lower body hidden behind the door. “Uh, hi, Amber. Good morning,” he awkwardly smiled. Amber gave a slight bow, “Good morning to you as well, Mr. Starr. I get the feeling that you are busy with something at the moment, so I shall be brief. I’m here to hand-deliver a letter to you that seemed of the utmost importance.” She held out a letter envelope in front of the overly-muscular man. Justice motioned his hand over to the envelope and gently grabbed it. “Thanks, Amber,” he said. The lobby manager smiled, “You’re most welcome. Enjoy the rest of your day.” Justice returned with a smile as well, while he nodded and closed the door. With the unpleasant conversation over, the hulking bodybuilder let out a sigh. He then made his way back to the kitchen; distracted by the enticing smells. As the overly-muscular man arrived back at the kitchen and sat down in his seat at the dining table again, he looked at the white envelope grasped in his hand. It was addressed to him, but the address’ state blurred from ink smearing. The sender’s name was written as Solomon Apeloko; address’ state also blurred from ink smearing. Turning the envelope over, he noticed that the flap was closed by a wax stamp seal. The image on the seal was a tower, and the wax seal had a mixture of colors that contained: white, black, and red...Was this a calling card of who he thought this was? Peeling back the wax seal, he opened the envelope. Justice then reached his hand in and pulled out a single sheet of folded paper. The hulking bodybuilder unfolded the letter and began to read; briefly taking note of the beautiful penmanship. Justice then gently smiled. Gemini walked towards Justice and set a plate of breakfast down in front of his muscular boyfriend. His mood rings shifted to white, as he watched the overly-muscular man’s face relax with relief. “Who’s it from?” he asked. Justice looked up, “A friend.”
  20. EcchiMultiverse

    Marvelous Man - Chapter 29

    (Apologies. Computer is broken, and my chromebook only works. But it doesn't factor in formatting for some reason. Please go to this link for a better format: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R8WWx8MvIxRU8nSxn7mZH-uN57X-uUMQPnXDH8NsHvY) SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: SPECTRI Chapter 29: Second Win(d) The mighty muscles in Marvelous Man’s thighs bulged with godly power. Pushing off, the white bone disk beneath him shattered from the super jump. The inspiration god flew towards the Seraphim at such an incredible speed that he was already halfway there! As he soared, his illuminated body left behind a large trail of a multi-colored aurora. It looked as if he was painting the northern lights into the blackness. Marvelous Man’s eyes flicked up at a large object charging towards him. It was the wheeled underling, Throne. It spun with ferocity in front of the musclebound superhero; attempting to intercept him. The inspiration god did not hesitate to confront the minion. Switching his focus to the white wheel, an image immediately popped into the hulking bodybuilder’s head. It was an animation of a mannequin attacking a giant wheel. Marvelous Man did not question the thought and immediately implemented what he saw in his mind. The musclebound superhero used his flight power to flip himself forward. Right when his head and front half faced up, Marvelous Man extended his legs to point at the Throne and crossed his muscular arms over his massive pectorals. The hulking bodybuilder then opened his meaty legs at a wide angle, while he controlled his flight power to twirl his titanic body at a blurring, counterclockwise rotation. Marvelous Man looked like a human blender; his lower body acting like blades. At the point of physical confrontation between the inspiration god and the Throne, Marvelous Man’s legs were the first to strike. His heels caught both sides of the Throne’s rim; with one pinning against the top and the other at the bottom. The bone wheel’s movements were immediately halted, and its body now became trapped in the tornado-like spin. Marvelous Man bent his knees; pulling in the enemy closer with his feet acting like the claw of a crane game. The hulking bodybuilder maneuvered the Throne against the heavy bulge in his bikini, while he slithered his thick legs in a tight constriction through the wheel’s spokes and around the rim. Using his flight power, his rotation came to an instant stop. Everything performed perfectly as the inspiration god imagined, and it was time to execute his killing blow. Reaching up to his head, Marvelous Man grabbed his golden wreath. The musclebound superhero’s desire to cut was now absolute, and he slashed at the captured Throne with his laurel. The speed of his strike was like a master samurai; swift without hint of hesitation and incomprehensible to the normal eye of when the blade hit. As his arm swiped to the other side of his body, Marvelous Man released his golden wreath to extend the attack into a combo strike. The golden projectile flew away from the two combatants before changing its direction. It curved back towards the fighters; spinning like a furious buzzsaw. Boosted by Marvelous Man’s super strength, the weaponized laurel returned back in less than a second. The golden weapon sliced through the Throne’s center; the focus point where the wheel’s bird legged-shaped spokes clasped onto each other. Sawing through with no sign of delay, the spinning laurel repeated the same process. It zoomed forward for a moment and then swerved back at the Throne. The spinning projectile targeted the back of the angelic rim and sliced through effortlessly. The inspiration god pulled back his arm and punched with all his might. He battled cried, “RAH!!!” With the major points that held the Throne together now severed, the top half of the white wheel slid off from powerful punch and flew off into the whisping blackness. Marvelous Man released his legged clamp over the bottom half of the Throne and continued onward. “Such wonder!” cheered Alden. Marvelous Man looked to his right and shouted, “AH!” Gliding next to him was the ancient king, Alden. The musclebound superhero had forgotten about the spirit; causing his eyes to bulge in surprise upon spotting Alden. He then saw the ancient king point forward. “Sheeth your nerves, for the next trial is upon us!” declared Alden. Marvelous Man turned his attention back to the Seraphim and could see it readying the next strike. The bone angel flapped its sharp, outer wings; releasing a flurry of its deadly, white feathers. The feathers aimed themselves towards Marvelous and shot towards him. In mid-flight, the feathers expanded into the shape of poles. Wanting to avoid the same outcome Marvelous Man first encountered with the rocket missile-sized poles, he dove down. Marvelous Man moved downward but slightly angled himself towards the Seraphim to make some distance progression. The barrage of poles flew overhead; completely missing the hulking bodybuilder. Seconds ticked by before Marvelous Man heard the many whistlings of the bone projectiles completely pass over. The inspiration god changed his trajectory and aimed back up towards the Seraphim. Marvelous Man then saw the Seraphim flap its sharp, outer wings again. The musclebound superhero was prepared for abrupt evasive maneuvers, but he noticed the feathers reacting differently this time. Instead of shooting off in one heavy stream, the feathers transformed and torpedoed off in a widespread attack. There was no area to retreat towards for dodging the attack, nor an object to hide behind. Marvelous Man would have no choice but to endure the wide salvo. The hulking bodybuilder immediately halted his flight. Curling up into a ball, Marvelous Man placed his large hands over the back of his head and neck in an effort to minimize damage. He was aware that his new form would immediately heal him, but he would rather take the less painful route against an unavoidable attack. The wide onslaught of the bone poles had reached him. Marvelous Man could feel the assault raining down on his back, hands, and part of his head; painful for teeth gritting but not enough to elicit a scream. The inspiration god was unsure, but it seemed like his body had gained an increased durability on top of rapid regeneration. Not a bone in him was breaking or even dislocating. Seconds later, the wide strike had ended. Marvelous Man looked over himself and noticed no bruises or lasting damage on himself. He then glanced up and saw that the Seraphim’s attack had slightly undone his progress. The inspiration god spotted his aurora trail in front of him and came to a fast conclusion that he had been thrown back by the massive assault. Marvelous Man realized being able to take a hit would not be enough to reach the Seraphim and save Digz. He would have to use his creativity to gain any sort of headway. Tracing the glass string from his wrist back towards Alden, the inspiration god looked up. He could see the spirit staring back at him with eyes full of anticipation, and an idea sprouted in his head. He called out, “Hey, King Alden! Can’t you summon your guardians to help me out? Could you please get them to distract Digz?” Alden’s eyes widened in realization. He then turned to the Seraphim and pointed his ghostly finger at the angelic monster. “Ah, yes! How careless of me!” announced the king, “To arms, my guardians!” The black essence heeded to the spirit’s call and drifted towards him. The whisping blackness then collected in front of him; swirling into four different masses. Immediately dispersing after forming, four figures were revealed. The electric tribesman, Zareb, with his magical axes. The vengeful hunter and the Skeleton Lord’s right hand man, Itzcóatl; armed with a bow. A white horse with a beautiful mane. There was also an armored knight that wielded an elegant glaive polearm. Alden commanded, “Go forth, my guardians! Crack the shell my imp hides within!” Itzcóatl drew back an arrow on his bow. “Gladly, master! I always wanted to slay that annoying bird,” he replied. All three Skeleton Lord Guardians and the horse charged forward. Even though none of them had flight abilities, according to Marvelous Man’s memory, they were able to fly through the essence-contaminated air at speeds faster than the inspiration god. They all screamed and neighed their war cries; making their statement that they were giving it their all. Marvelous Man felt hopeful about the situation; things were finally turning around. As the guardians and steed were within striking distance, they held out their weapons and proceeded to slash, shoot, and stomp. They all immediately disintegrated back into black essence. Alden confessed, “...Huh...whoops. I forgot that their souls are still tethered to Digz’s. Many pardons. That one is on me.” Marvelous Man’s mouth gaped for a moment at the whiplash of events before he snapped back to the task at hand. The musclebound superhero flew forward; leaving behind his aurora trail. He had managed to gain back the distance he had lost and was already halfway to the Seraphim. The sharp feathers on the Seraphim’s outer wings vibrated, and Marvelous Man was aware of what was to come next. The white feathers extended, while it simultaneously thickened to morph durable fists on its ends. The fist-shaped bone feathers launched volleys of themselves at the hulking bodybuilder like streams of missiles. Another idea popped into the inspiration god’s head with the same mannequin doing a maneuver one would realistically deem as idiotic. There was nothing else Marvelous Man could think of in the seconds the bone fists were about to reach him. The weird thoughts from his new form did not fail him the first time, he hoped what he had was not a beginner’s luck. He charged toward the onslaught coming towards him. Just as the missile punches were about to reach him, Marvelous Man pulled up slightly and performed a backflip. The thrust of his action lifted the hulking bodybuilder over the violent volley with just barely a thumbtack length between the two. With the dodging successful and the backflip coming to a full rotation, the musclebound superhero landed with both feet on top of the feather. Marvelous Man had his feet positioned like a surfer, and he gave a slight laugh at the absurdity of what he had done. Activating his flight power for propulsion, the inspiration god sped down the bone feather’s length like a skateboarder grinding down a stairway rail...But in his mind, it was more like a spiky, blue character in a video game he used to play. More fist-shaped feathers launched at Marvelous Man. The musclebound superhero held up his beefy arms; relaxed and ready to fight. At the point of confrontation, Marvelous Man began to parry and swat away the punches by using the defensive martial arts, Aikido. He continued moving forward unhindered, as his bulky arms waved about like water. The fists then adapted to the situation by striking together in pairs of three. The power and size was beginning to overwhelm the inspiration god’s fighting style, but he had one last trick left. Manipulating his flight power, Marvelous Man strafed to the right while continuing forward propulsion. He began moving in a corkscrew motion down the feather’s length with both feet still planted on top; leaving behind a spiral aurora trail that wrapped around the bone feather. He was so close now! Only one-third of distance left to go before reaching the Seraphim! The Seraphim launched the rest of its fist-shaped feathers simultaneously at Marvelous Man. His eyes bulged at the unavoidable attack and held his arms over his face; bracing for the inevitable impact. The white punches collided into him and forced him back. Through the mass of fists, the musclebound superhero saw the Seraphim zooming farther away from him. As the white feathers reached the end of their strike zone, they halted their pushing. Marvelous Man was flung back by the finished attack and immediately tried to counter the overwhelming kinetic force by activating his flight power. His thrown trajectory slowly stabilized until his flight power managed to bring himself to a full stop seconds later. The murder of puttis that had flown in a circle like vultures dived down to Marvelous Man. They began to peck at the hulking bodybuilder with their crow-shaped skull heads; unable to pierce him but were capable of annoying him. The musclebound superhero then swatted a few away and caused the rest to retreat. The inspiration god’s frustration grew, as he saw he was sent back to where he started. Ideas continually poured into his mind, but they all would have the same result...Except for one. Marvelous Man looked up at Alden. “King Alden! I need you trap Digz in a memory. His memory! Anything you can think of. Can you do it?” he requested. The ancient king nodded, “I shall try.” Alden waved his hand up at the smoky blackness that encased the ceiling of the pocket dimension. The essence reacted to the gesture and swirled before becoming flat. The manipulated essence had a curved shape; similar to a planetarium’s interior ceiling. The voice of a small boy then echoed it. “I wish to help my father move the dead bodies to their graves,” he said. One of the puttis exclaimed, “Kenelm?!” A line of white light appeared on the center of the curved ceiling. It then expanded until it encompassed the rest of the flat ceiling. Light showered the entire area for a few seconds before dimming down. Marvelous Man could see the light now adjusting to an image of different colors and shapes. The image seemed to be interior of a wooden architecture with little room. Sunlight cascaded through a window on the left and an open doorway on the right. In front of the image was a young boy, who looked no older than twelve, staring back. He was dirty from head to toe and wore ragged peasant clothing that looked to be from the medieval ages. The boy had blond hair and blue eyes that were shaded to a nearly silver hue. He smiled an innocent grin of excitement; exposing a missing tooth amongst the rows. It became obvious to Marvelous Man that this memory was being portrayed through the past Digz’s eyes. “Wow! It really worked! My very own imp!” shouted the boy. The boy bounced on his toes and giggled for a moment before his eyes widened in realization. He stood up straight; trying to appear authoritative. He pointed at himself, “Oh, right! My name’s Kenelm. I’m your master. And you’re my imp...ummm...What should your name be...ummm…” “What kind of imp are you?” he inquired. A putti amongst its group spoke up, “I’m a bone imp.” Marvelous Man looked at the puttis and realized that they were responding to the image. The inspiration god then remembered the name Digz was sensitive to, Kenelm. If the boy’s name is Kenelm, then the young one was most likely the familiar’s first master! It seemed Alden was successful in not only playing back a memory of the bone imp’s but also entrancing the lesser monsters to quote whatever Digz had said in the past. And if that were the case, then the Seraphim should trapped in the memory as well. The musclebound superhero flew towards the Seraphim, as the image above continued to play Digz’s earliest memory. Kenelm tapped his cheek, “Ummmm...then...I’ll call you Digz! Cause you’ll help us dig graves and stuff! My father is the groundskeeper for a graveyard, and I made you to help him!” As Marvelous Man covered a fourth of a distance towards the Seraphim, the memory ended. The image in the curved ceiling faded into black, and the bone creatures awakened from the enthralling memory. The eldritch angel flapped its sharp, outer wings; releasing its usual blast of feathers. Instead of flying forward this time, the white feathers shattered to piece itself together into different creatures. Groups of thrones emerged from the assembly as well as several murders of puttis. Upon formation, the angelic monsters charged at the inspiration god. Marvelous Man immediately called out to Alden. “I need another memory! Quick!” he shouted. The black ceiling became bright again; projecting a memory from the bone imp’s past. It was the same small house Digz was birthed in, but the perspective of the past Digz was now entering the home. At the same moment the memory displayed the setting, the Seraphim’s underlings began to show hesitation in their movements. Marvelous Man was able to easily sidestep from the angelic monsters, as they became entranced to the memory. The bone lackeys then moved in such drunken motions that the hulking bodybuilder barely had to move away from the sluggish attacks. A putti spoke up, “Kenelm? Are you in here?” “Yeah, I’m here,” replied Kenelm, “Do you need something?” Digz’s vision turned to his left upon entering the house and saw his master. The young boy appeared to be a year older and was sitting in a chair. Kenelm was reading through a book within the rays of sunlight that peered through the open windows. The putti stated, “I’ve finished putting the last of the bodies to their final resting place. Your father wants you to go to the village and purchase some bread.” “Sure. In a minute. I’m almost done with this section,” said the young witch. During the playback of the memory, the inspiration god took advantage of the hypnotizing situation. Marvelous Man flew through the crowd of lesser angels; zipping about them effortlessly. None of the bone monsters were able to touch the hulking bodybuilder that soared close to them. The trail left behind by him looked like an aurora web that trapped the creatures. In seconds, the musclebound superhero arrived on the other side of the angelic mob. The Seraphim was now slightly closer to him, but Marvelous Man had to take care of one thing before he could go any further. Kenelm continued, “Magic is so amazing. Once I graduate from my apprenticeship with our neighbor witch, I’ll be able to help out father even more than ever! Maybe I could help out the village too and make us lots of money!” The putti hummed. “Maybe. But I think I’m more than enough to help your father and bring in some coin. Besides, I think he just wants you to keep running the grave business. You don’t have to help everyone just cause you can do a little magic, you know,” he remarked. Kenelm looked down at Digz, “Yeah, but I don’t help because I have to. I help cause I want to. And seeing all those dead bodies we put to rest makes me wonder...Did they have a happy life? Or at least a happy end? If I can, I’d like to help out any way I can to make sure their life was happy and their end had meaning. Because one day...that’ll be me in the ground too...” Flipping around, Marvelous Man faced the group of monsters that attempted to chase him in a drunken sway. The musclebound superhero held up his thick hands together as if it were a gun, while the bone creatures bounced into one another. Concentrating his thoughts of cutting, the inspiration god pointed his finger gun at a Throne on the far left of the angelic swarm. It was not necessary, but it felt right to do this action and for what he was about to say. “BOOMERANG SNIPE!” he roared. A whirring noise whistled in the shadowy world for a moment before a golden projectile sliced through it and came back to saw into it several more times. Completely decimated, Marvelous Man pointed his finger gun at the next monster. Despite the magical wreathe not in his grasp, it still obeyed the inspiration god’s thoughts no matter how far away it had sailed off into the whisping blackness. The lethal laurel spun through each monster’s weak points successfully; rapidly killing off every lesser angel with its buzzsaw attacks that Marvelous Man aimed his finger gun at. In seconds, only a putti was spared. It floated aimlessly amidst a graveyard debris of its brethren. The musclebound superhero then turned back to the white Seraphim and took off. In the memory, Kenelm held out his book at Digz. The inside of the pages were scribbles of magical facts and runes that were incomprehensible to inexperienced magic users like Marvelous Man. “Oh, look at this! I found something interesting,” he grinned, “Do you remember the spell I used to create you? I noticed there’s a symbol here that limits how much of my soul I can put into you. I think if I get rid of it, I can put more of my soul into you and increase your power! Wouldn’t that be amazing?” The putti commented, “...I don’t think that’s a good idea.” As the projected memory faded to black, Marvelous Man managed to fly halfway over to his objective. The inspiration god flicked his watery eyes up at the curved ceiling and then towards the Seraphim. The giant, eldritch angel began to stir; appearing to have awakened from being entranced and now taking notice of the hulking bodybuilder. Marvelous Man then noticed its sharp, outer feathers vibrating for another punch attack. Once those feathers launched and stretched towards him, he would be sent all the way back. Starting over for a fifth time would not be acceptable, and he needed to win now by any means. “King Alden, I need you play a traumatic memory! The most saddest one you can think of!” he shouted. Alden slowly waved his hand, “My apologies, Digz. But I must.” The curved ceiling lit up with another memory; causing the Seraphim to predictably halt its movement. From the usual first-person perspective, Digz was inside the house and sitting on the edge of his master’s bed. He was busy manipulating floating skeleton hands to sew a torn cloth together. The memory showed he lacked the dexterity to complete the action with his own limbs, because his arms were white avian wings that lacked proper hands for the task. During the playback, Marvelous Man continued his journey. He hoped that this memory lasted long enough for him to reach the Seraphim. Taking a quick look back, the inspiration god spotted the last putti taking chase in a slow, dazed fashion. It seemed able to catch up to Marvelous Man but incapable of attacking. The sound of a door swinging open was immediately followed by it closing with a loud bang in the memory. Looking up, Digz’s eyes turned to the house’s door. Pinning against the closed door was his master, Kenelm; appearing slightly older this time and gasping like he had been running. The young witch’s clothes were tarnished with blood that seemed to originate around Kenelm’s stomach. The skeletal hands controlled by Digz fell onto the ground with a scattered clink. The bone imp ran up to his master. “OH MY GOSH! KENELEM, YOU’RE BLEEDING!!! WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!” screamed the putti. Kenelm gasped, “The king...just decreed all magic...illegal. Those who are...caught are...put to death. The king’s knights came and...found out about me...I got away...but...they got me good...and I don’t...feel so good.” “Um, uh, uh, um, c-come over to the bed and lie down! Y-you’ll feel better!” sputtered the putti. The young witch staggered forward in slow, small steps, while he clutched his stomach. Droplets of blood splattered onto the floor with every movement. By the third step, he lost his balance and fell forward. Digz held out feathery arms and caught Kenelm from crashing onto the wooden floor, while the putti gasped a small oomph from the catch. Kenelm wheezed, “I don’t...I don’t think a rest will help, Digz. It’s getting harder...to focus...and I feel cold...I think...I think I’m...dying.” “Wha-N-No! Please don’t say that! Please don’t say that you’re dying!” exclaimed the putti. The memory’s image became blurry; as if it were being submerged into water. Kenelm replied, “I’m sorry, but...I think I am...I don’t want to...but I think I am. And when I die...so will you.” The putti remained silent as Kenelm’s gasping slowly died down. Seconds after fully catching his breath, the young witch spoke up. “Digz, help me get to the middle, please.” he said. The putti whimpered, “O-Okay…” Marvelous Man was getting closer to the Seraphim. He only needed a few more minutes before he was within reaching distance. As the inspiration god flew, he kept his face focused on the eldritch angel but could hear everything the memory and putti said. His heart became torn; wanting to face the unfolding tragedy yet needing to press on to complete his personal mission. Marvelous Man wished he could jump right into the memory and save the two...but he was well aware that such a feat was impossible. The memory’s perspective rotated back towards facing the center of the house. Through the watery vision, image slowly drifted to the center while stopping every few seconds. As they got closer and were about to pass the post of young witch’s bed, Kenelm spoke up again. “Put me down by the bed,” he commanded, “There’s something we need to do.” The bone imp obeyed and set the young witch down; propping the boy’s back against the bed’s post. Digz then brought up his white feather arms to wipe away the water vision and managed to make most of the memory’s image to become clear again. As this happened, Marvelous Man lost the will to keep looking forward. He just had to see what happened. The musclebound superhero struggled to peek over his muscled shoulder and stare at the memory, while he continued towards the Seraphim. “I need you to help me with one last spell,” he said. Holding out his left hand, it then began to glow with mana. Kenelm traced a small circle that immediately turned into a magic circle with runic symbols inside and another circle beneath the symbols. The young witch stretched his fingers outwards for a moment; causing the magical seal to enlarge to the size of a hula hoop. Waving his left hand down to the center floor next to himself, the magic circle followed and hovered above the wooden floor. He mumbled, “Perush.” The magic seal then embedded into the planks and instantly disappeared right after. Smoke drifted up from the sizzled, wooden floor, as the ground was now scorched with the same design as the magical circle. “Spices and herbs were only needed to make your body, so I don’t think we need that. Digz, I need you to stand in the middle circle,” he muttered. The image moved towards the inner circle of the magic seal before turning around to face Kenelm. The putti replied, “Okay. Is this some sort of revenge spell or curse?” The young witch looked away. “Oh...I guess I should’ve done that instead. It’s a spell I always wanted to try, cause I changed some things,” he remarked. Digz’s eyes looked down at the magic circle; staring and rotating about to look at all the symbols. He then pointed his feathery arm and looked up at Kenelm. The putti mentioned, “Um, Kenelm? Are you sure this’ll work? There’s a lot of gaps where the symbols should probably be...Hold on, a second ago, you said something about spices and herbs were only needed to make my body. Why would you say something like that?” The putti paused for a moment, as Kenelm’s eyes became watery. “Wait, is this...the spell that made me? I remember you saying something a while back about removing some symbols and...No...No, Kenelm, you can’t! Please! You’ll die if you give me the rest of your soul!” screamed the putti. Marvelous Man knew what was to come next and looked away. He returned his focus back towards the eldritch angel. Tears streamed down Kenelm’s face, as he placed his left hand onto the pyrographed wood. The magic seal immediately lit up. He sobbed, “I don’t want to die either...But I want you to live even more! If my soul is alive, then you’ll still be alive. And if I put it in you, you should be able to live a lot longer!...A lot longer than the time I have left...” “My wish is that...you stay alive and help people...help them be happy. And also...please restore magic. It needs to be shared,” croaked Kenelm. The curved ceiling became flooded with white light before it faded to blackness; ending the memory. Throughout the entire playthrough and all the way to its conclusion, Marvelous Man gained all the ground he needed. As the Seraphim seemed to shift back into awareness, the inspiration god was only a second away from touching it. Reaching into his pocket, the musclebound superhero pullet out a paper talisman. It was the same talisman given to him by the Director and Puzzles for the purpose of separating Digz’s symbiotic merge from the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man now had a new purpose for it. He charged his hand holding the paper with mana, as he soared down at the Seraphim. The inspiration god roared, “POSSESSION EJECTION!!!” Marvelous Man slammed the paper onto the top of the Seraphim’s casket, as the talisman fed on his mana. Upon contact, the magical paper activated and caused cracks to appear beneath it. The fractures instantly spread throughout the Seraphim; causing the angel to have the same fragility as a vase covered in hairline cracks. The Seraphim immediately shattered into millions of white debris; echoing the sound of bones breaking. Marvelous Man’s eyes furiously scanned the scenery, but the blackness of the pocket dimension seemed to disguise the bone imp’s location. The spectral hand of Alden’s came into view; causing the hulking bodybuilder to briefly look up at the ancient king now floating next to him. “There!” pointed the spirit. Following Alden’s direction, Marvelous Man then spotted the corrupted imp. Digz floated motionlessly amidst the wreckage; appearing like it was underwater. The musclebound superhero wasted no time and flew towards it. Tracing a circle with the same mana-conducted hand, he filled the magic circle with thoughts of the symbols for the only spell he knew. He chanted, “Iggzel Ponsfortuna! Through the sea of reality, gather the shattered soul. Place back what once belonged and seal into a whole. I beseech the power within the one I mend to reach for salvation. DIVINE SOUL RESTORATION!!!” Marvelous Man arrived at Digz’s location and immediately grabbed hold of the imp’s shoulder at the same time he finished his incantation. The magic seal activated with a blue glow and materialized the star that was able to absorb Digz’s essence. The whisping blackness funneled into the star in the shape of a whirlpool, as the incomplete familiar started to move. The corrupted imp slowly nudged about before its body jolted in attention. Raising its feathery left arm, the nearby floating bits of bone flew towards and collected at his feathery ends. The pieces then instantly formed into a white wand, as Digz curled his feathered extremities around it. Whipping it in front of himself, the incomplete familiar aimed it at the hulking bodybuilder. “Let! Go!” shouted Digz. The wand disintegrated into black essence; causing it to flow into Marvelous Man’s star. The musclebound superhero noticed the ghostly hand of Alden stretched out from his left side. Digz’s body seized from further movement. The corrupted imp blurted, “A-Alden?!” The ancient king gave a soft, sad smile. “Yes,” he said, “But it is time for you to stop. Let us help you.” Alden turned to Marvelous Man, “Marvelous Man, please hurry. I can feel myself drifting back, and I will not be able to provide assistance again if you fail this opportunity.” The inspiration god was aware of the situation, but he was unsure of what to do. He was pouring the same extreme amount of mana into the spell as he did last time. All he could do was wait and hope that this small circle would channel the blackness in this dimension into the tiny star seated in the center of the magical seal… A thought came over him. He had the unlimited energy to pour as much mana into a spell just like the spellcasters he supercharged for maintaining the magic dome over the ghetto. Perhaps it was not the energy needed to power spell, but the size of the spell. His thoughts then immediately recalled what the musclebound superhero had done a minute ago. During his flight towards the Seraphim, he peeked over his shoulder to watch the dying Kenelm enact a spell. Marvelous Man threw his spellcasting hand upwards while continuing to feed his mana into it. The magical circle and its star followed the motion and shot up in a curved arc. As it soared higher, the inspiration god’s aurora aura stretched out and seeped into the circle’s rim. The musclebound superhero stretched his mana-charged hand as wide as he could and hoped this would work. The magic seal reacted to the gesture and expanded; the symbols and circle width growing wider. The magical circle continued to grow until it completely encompassed the curved, black ceiling. The color of the magic seal shifted from its usual blue to the radiant ever-changing colored spectrum of Marvelous Man’s aurora. The tiny star within the spell became augmented by this effect; shining with greater intensity and enlarging to the size of a giant beach ball. The tornado effect that funnelled into the star dispersed; stillness existing in the space for only a second. The magic seal then emitted a soft hum that gave off the tone of something nearly incomprehensible that is celestial, benevolent, and...inspirational. It sounded similar to a glass harmonica in Marvelous Man’s perspective; a long, glass instrument ribbed to elicit soft sounds when given a wet touch. While the hulking bodybuilder continued to stare at the magic circle, it seemed as if the spell had become supercharged now that it was absorbing an even greater amount of unlimited mana. It was like...the spell had evolved and became a god itself. A black fleck of something wafted into the hulking bodybuilder’s vision. Then he saw a couple more float up. It was hard to determine the shape, as they seemed to resemble natural objects the would tussle into the wind. Cherry blossoms, snowflakes, leaves; each of the flakes appeared to mirror one of those three. Each passing second, more and more of the flakes fluttered up towards the bright star. It was a wondrous sight to behold, but Marvelous Man needed to see where they were originating from. Looking down, the inspiration god spotted a hole at the bottom of the pocket dimension. Sunlight peered through the opening like a focused laser. The hole then began to expand; breaking down the whisping essence and compressing them into shapes of snowflakes, petals, and leaves. As the amount of black flakes drifting up to the spell’s star increased, so did the hole’s speed of breaking down the smokey world. It was as if the spell was now uprooting the whole scenery rather than sucking it in bit by bit. The bottom of the pocket dimension completely dissolved within seconds and revealed the bottom half of a human skeleton that appeared to be standing in a cityscape. As Marvelous Man stared, he was interrupted by the spirit’s comment. “This...this is no spell. Not a wonder like this,” gasped Alden, “With such power, could this be, a miracle?” Marvelous Man looked back up at the ancient king next to him and could not seem to find the words to reply. The decay of the artificial world had reached rapid acceleration, as the entropous hole had now reached the sides. The three were practically bathed in the mass ascension of the flakes, which nearly veiled Digz and Alden from his sight for a few seconds. As the breakdown reached the upper sphere, the conversion of flakes ceased. The spell seemed to alter its absorption, since there was no longer a large mass to dissolve. The whisping essence hanging above the magical circle then drained into the star like a sponge absorbing a small puddle. With nothing left to obscure their surroundings, the blue sky revealed itself through the openings of the skeletal human torso. Marvelous Man looked around him and noticed two things. They were now floating in Skyway City’s inner city. The area appeared to be close to the Barticle Troy Mall, and the scenery showed signs of intense damage. Buildings smashed, cars on fire, and streets clawed into gapes; smoke rose from the destruction. The hulking bodybuilder spotted superheroes and police officers amidst the carnage, but he was so high up that they looked like ants. Marvelous Man then saw a couple of them were in flight at his altitude; floating a cautious distance from where the musclebound superhero hovered. The other thing he noticed was that the human-shaped, giant skeleton was not moving. It seemed to be stuck in mid-stance with its arm pulled back to ready a catastrophic swipe. It occured to Marvelous Man that he was too late to stop Digz causing disaster to the city, but at least he halted any further destruction the giant skeleton was about to commit. The magical circle then bellowed a deep, resounding ring that sounded like an old church bell. The echo nearly reached the decibel of deafening and vibrated through Marvelous Man’s overly-muscled body. It felt powerful but it was more of a comfort than domination. His ears did not feel hurt, and his soul almost seemed to...sing with that single ring. After the spell’s chime died down, a loud, bone-breaking crack reverberated around the inspiration god. A large fracture traveled throughout the giant skeleton’s body with smaller cracks branching out from the fracture. The cracks interconnected with one another to create an unquantifiable amount of fragments as big as Marvelous Man. The white fragments then began to shiver; as if it were alive and trying to break away from the gigantic skeletal mass. Marvelous Man spotted a bone fragment above him successfully free itself. The fragment immediately transformed into Digz’s black essence for a moment before shaping itself into the form of a unicorn. The majestic steed was completely black, and its mane danced like a ribbon in the air. The mystic equine stood on its hind legs for a moment, while it whinnied. Landing back on all fours, the unicorn took off into the air with a light gallop. The black creature did not fall, but it instead seemed to be running on an invisible staircase. It galloped on the air in a circular direction and began to climb up towards the magical circle’s star. The inspiration god then noticed a small amount of other fragments free themselves, transform, and follow after the first black unicorn. At the same time, the fragments at the top of the humongous skeleton transformed and stampeded down towards the star. The rate of black unicorns birthing themselves and following after its team steadily increased until every part of the skeleton, including its inner layers, charged into the star. Marvelous Man was dazzled by the spell’s ability to break down the entire monster and absorb it in a beautiful fashion. It truly was a miracle for a spell to go beyond its programming. Right after the last unicorn entered into the star, seconds ticked by with nothing happening. Marvelous Man grew worried, as he stared down at the dazed Digz. The spell still needed the last of Kenelm’s soul to completely heal the corrupted imp. And the more time that went by, the more the other superheroes and police officers would gain the courage to close in and kill Digz. The inspiration god stared up at the magic seal, “Come on...come on…” He then realized that since Digz’s original master died centuries ago in another country, it would take longer to gather particles of that soul than it was to gather the black essence. It is unknown as to where they currently are, or what they are being pulled from. Even if the spell were bigger, it would probably still need time to find it. The incomplete familiar snapped back at attention and began to struggle against Marvelous Man’s grip. “No! Let go! I’m not going to die! N-Not like this!” screamed Digz. The magical circle emitted a soft hum, as Marvelous Man tried to keep a steady grasp on the corrupted imp. The hum resembled the calm vibrations of a Tibetan singing bowl; a metal bowl that provides a pleasing sound upon brushing the rim. For a moment, it seemed to calm Digz into nudging against the hulking bodybuilder’s hold. Alden spoke up, “I understand...I’m ready.” Marvelous Man looked over at Alden and elicited a small gasp. The ancient king was staring up at the star and began to dissolve with small pieces slowly breaking off of him. The bits of the spirit transformed into little balls of light that gave off a comforting glow similar to fireflies. The inspiration god traced the balls of light traveling up and then entering into the star. Marvelous Man snapped his gaze back at Alden, as his eyes widened in realization. The neverending tears that flowed down his face was now of sadness rather than overly emotional inspiration. “No...N-No! Not you! You can’t be the one to fix Digz! Don’t sacrifice yourself! Not after I just saved you!” he exclaimed. Alden gave a small smile, “Marvelous Man. I know that my otherworldly destination is not a good place. It does not take a seer to know that.” “...That is why I will do this. I can still do one last good deed before my oblivion, and that is to answer this spell’s call. I must at least try to restore some amount of my kingly honor. So please, let me have this. I do not need salvation. Instead, give me redemption,” he continued. The inspiration god gritted his teeth; trying to maintain a mask of composure. It felt like he was failing all over again...But...this time...he could actually save a life. There was no way Marvelous Man can resurrect Alden, and it made sense to use the ancient king. But...it still felt like failing. He tried to speak up, but his throat felt dry and inflamed. The hulking bodybuilder choked, “...Alright...” Alden bowed. “I am forever in your gratitude. Thank you,” he said. The spirit floated over to Digz. The incomplete familiar immediately stopped moving and seemed to stare at the ancient king, as Alden stood in front of it. He spoke gently, “Very soon, you’ll feel better, Digz. I promise. I will become part of you and will be with you forever. But before I do, three promises you must keep.” “The first is that you must keep living. Do not waste this second chance at life, because you will now be free of this pain and anger you burden yourself with. The second is that you will try to find happiness while making amends for the tragedies we caused. There will be plenty of time to right the wrongs, but never turn down the opportunities of being alive,” rambled Alden. “And third,” commanded the ancient king, “Do something nice for Marvelous Man.” Immediately after, Alden completely disintegrated into little orbs of light. The small spheres floated up into the spell’s star and was absorbed into the radiating mass. As the last ball of light entered the star, Marvelous Man noticed Digz beginning to transform. The black essence seeping out of Digz as well as his entire, broken body compressed into one long, black ribbon. The silk ribbon fluttered about in Marvelous Man’s hand; still trying to be free. Staring at the black ribbon in his grip, the inspiration god was unable to fathom why Digz and the essence kept transforming into objects that had nothing in common with each other. But he knew there was no time to dwell on that, and he knew what he had to do next. Marvelous Man released the ribbon. The black ribbon flew up into the air; dancing in swirls. It’s silky sheen shined against the sun, as it climbed higher and closer to the magical circle’s star. Upon it reaching and passing into the star, the ball of light pulsed. A halo of light rippled from the star; shattering the magic seal in the process. The bright ring continued to travel outward, as it slowly faded into nothingness. Right as the halo disappeared, the star began a slow descent. Marvelous Man then spotted something else happening to the bright sphere. It was breaking apart. From atop the star, the brightness hardened and broke off into tiny, glass-like fragments. Each piece of the falling light became bigger, as the star’s structure continued to fall apart. With the top layer broken off, the inspiration god spotted avian-like feet poking out. The shattering continued until there was nothing left; revealing a small being in a black dress. The being seemed to have white, feathery arms poking out of the sleeveless dress. Marvelous Man was unable to see who the being was, because its face was being obscured by the dress’ black hood. But more than anything, he was sure it was none other than Digz. Marvelous Man held out his arms, as the being’s slow descent drifted closer to him. The being then landed in his arms; its size no larger than a small child or imp. The hulking bodybuilder drew back the dress’ black hood, as he nestled it gently close to his bulky chest. It was a white imp that had three horns atop his head. The animal shape it resembled was a crow with a cute beak, and there was a red ribbon bow tied around the neck of the dress. The imp looked adorable in Marvelous Man’s eyes. This was Digz’s true form. Digz’s eyes slowly opened; revealing crimson red irises. The bone imp stared up at Marvelous Man’s weeping face for a moment before gazing at the scenery around him. The two said nothing, as Digz slowly turned his head back to facing the inspiration god. The bone imp spoke up, “...That wasn’t a long nightmare I dreamed?” Marvelous Man looked into the imp’s red eyes. It begged him to say no; to not put any of the guilt on the poor familiar. The musclebound hero did not want to hurt Digz, because the bone imp had been through so much. And now that the familiar was of sound mind...it felt cruel to deny Digz of any innocence. “It wasn’t,” he answered. The light in Digz’s eyes was crushed, as they widened in disbelief. His eyes became watery, and the hiccup of a soft sob like a child escaped his beak. Grabbing Marvelous Man’s black jacket, he stared up at the inspiration god. Streams of tears rapidly rolled down his face. He cried, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’msorryI’msorry!” The bone imp continued repeating the words through his sobs and rising every octave. Realization of the terrible things he had committed was reflected through his tears. Like a child’s uncontrollable cry, snot leaked from his beak’s nostrils. As he reached the point of screaming, Digz buried his face into Marvelous Man’s chest. “I’M SORRY!!!” he wailed. Marvelous Man hugged Digz.
  21. EcchiMultiverse

    Marvelous Man - Chapter 28

    (Apologies. Computer is broken, and my chromebook only works. But it doesn't factor in formatting for some reason. Please go to this link for a better format: https://drive.google.com/open?id=157k72Sd4Vm4ESc4TXvUvLPS_9Zdny0DNi10Kmkp2P-4) Chapter 28: Defined Within Darkness Outside of the sealed ghetto, the grand ballroom conjured by Puzzles began to dissipate. The last invading ghoul stood dazed, as a gold-plated fist crashed into its face. The ghoul exploded into dust upon impact; its damage threshold much lower than Sugar Skull’s. The golden fist then placed itself on the owner’s hip, the cybernetic eight-armed hero, Octomentist. The prosthetic hero stated, “That’s the last of ‘em. So what now?” Director Doug fixed his blue tie, as he approached Octomentist. Pattering behind him with little footsteps was his smoke imp, Puzzles. “We will resume on standby until the team we have sent in have vanquished the Skeleton Lord,” replied the Director. Octomentist frowned, “And how do you suppose they’ll do that? I fought the guy with two of your men that are inside the dome right now. We threw everything at him, and he just kept regenerating back like it was nothing.” Puzzles spoke up with his artificial Russian accent. “That would involve separating the imp inside of the Skeleton Lord. It is heavily assumed that our target is housing a corrupted imp inside of him that is providing such wild power. We kick the imp out of the host, the imp dies. After that, the Skeleton Lord can’t do anything,” he debriefed. Octomentist inquired, “And they’ll be able to do that cause…?” “A spell we entrusted to Marvelous Man. We’re aware that he lacks the proper experience to cast the spell itself, so we gave it to him in the form of a paper talisman. And with our employee, Gemini, giving him the basics of channeling mana, all he has to do is slap it onto the Skeleton Lord and activate it,” answered the smoke imp. The Director spoke up, “And let’s hope he’ll be able to do just that. The containment dome is reaching its limit.” Octomentist pursed her lips together as if in thought. “Yeah, that’s something else I’ve been wondering. You guys have your own Mana Stone, right? Why aren’t you using that to keep the shield stable with all those undead banging against it?” she said. Puzzles adjusted his glasses, “That is a big no. The Mana Stone we have in possession helps power the seals that keep the other terribles from invading our dimension and cage them too.” Director Skye added his perspective to his familiar’s statement. “Plus, it really helps cut down on our utility bills,” he commented. Octomentist sighed, “Wow, okay. I know you guys get the lowest amount of government funding, but I didn’t think it was so bad that you had to use a legendary artifact just to keep the lights on...At least we have the Nemesis Branch to fall back on if the shit really hits the fan.” The sound of a thick structure cracking boomed behind the group. As they turned around, they spotted the dome fractured like an eggshell that sprang from the top. The magical and scientific force field then shattered; revealing a sillouette peeking out of it. The sillouette stood up straight and revealed itself to be a giant skeleton. The skeleton had a human anatomy, and its sized rivaled a skyscrapers. In its skeletal abdomen beneath the ribs sat a large sphere that filled and rested on its pelvis. The sphere was a black ball of swirling darkness; giving off an ominous impression that it was waiting to give birth to something evil. The giant monster’s skull stared up into the sky before it unleashed a horrid scream. The skeletal giant continued to scream for five seconds, while everybody in the vicinity covered their ears. Once it finished, its jaw immediately clamped. The humongous skeleton then snapped its skull towards the city and proceeded forward. The sides of the force field dome shattered upon contact with monster. “It appears it already has and sprayed right into our mouths,” remarked the master witch. He shouted, “ALL NON-COMBATANTS RETREAT! EVERYBODY ELSE PREPARE FOR ENGAGEMENT!!!” The tent behind the group fluttered, as Gemini ran out of the entrance. Staring up at the giant skeleton, his jaw dropped open. The Soulem then took a step back and clutched his hands over his chest. “Justice,” he murmured, “Please be safe.” >>>>>>>> Marvelous Man floated within the darkness he was forcibly pulled into by a giant skeleton arm. The moment he had arrived, he was immediately assaulted by a rain of skeletal fists for over a minute. He held up his muscular arms in an effort to mitigate some of the damage. His vision blurred, as the hulking bodybuilder tumbled through the black miasma but was able to see a few details. He was surrounded by Digz’s whisping essence that was so dense that not even light from the outside could break through it. The space around him seemed to be infinite, as he was flung around but never seemed to reach the end of this dark territory. The musclebound superhero then came to realize that he seemed to be trapped in a sort of pocket dimension made from the condensed essence. There was a spot of bright light within the void, but the muscle demigod had no time to focus with the oncoming bone attacks. “Alden!” said a voice. The barrage of skeleton punches came to a slow for a few seconds before stopping. Marvelous Man then steadied himself with his flight power and looked up. He focused his sight on the glowing spot the musclebound superhero saw earlier. The glow shined with an intensity much similar to Marvelous Man’s supercharges; most likely the supercharged corpse of the Skeleton Lord. The muscle demigod flew closer to the glow and spotted a small silhouette hovering next to it. With nobody else sucked into the essence-filled world, Marvelous Man concluded it could only be Digz. He could hear the incomplete familiar sob. The corrupted imp spoke, “Please...come back to me...I need you…” Marvelous Man immediately realized the opportune chance he had been given. Digz had switched attention from pummeling the muscle demigod to grieving over its master. Now was the perfect time to activate the spell he had been practicing to end the battle once and for all. The spell he received from the Bruja after telling his life story as trade. He channeled mana into his right hand, as Marvelous Man began to enact the next steps needed to properly cast the spell. Extending his right index and middle finger, the muscle demigod rotated his wrist to trace a circle in the air. The mana then followed the motion and created a magic circle that glowed a purple hue. The inside of the circle was completely blank, Marvelous Man proceeded with the next part of the instruction. Marvelous Man remembered back when Gemini instructed him on casting the spell that he needed to get every part of the circle and its layers one-hundred percent correct. If there were any slight inaccuracies upon activation, the least that would happen was nothing. The worst would be a possibly lethal explosion. The hulking bodybuilder made sure to burn the formula into his memory by pretending it was similar to creating an intricate calligraphy; rather than mathematical like Gemini implored to see it as. The musclebound superhero thought with great intensity of the symbols, runic and otherwise, needed to fill the circle’s interior and which specific area they were meant to be placed as well as any additional circles. The magic purple circle seemed to detect Marvelous Man’s focus and materialized the symbols and additional circles that was seen in his head. The spell then flashed to blue; notifying that it was ready to be activated by his mana. Spell at the ready, he slowly crept closer in the black space. The sounds of weeping grew louder, while Marvelous Man held his breath without thinking. The passing seconds were stretched into hours by his tension and fear, but he continued to concentrate maintaining the magical circle he conjured. All that mattered to Marvelous Man was following Gemini’s instruction of touching a physical part of Digz to complete the incantation’s requirements. He then arrived behind the grieving Digz; silently floating unnoticed. The hulking bodybuilder briefly peered over the incomplete familiar’s shoulder and saw it trying to do channel its black essence into the deceased body. The supercharge light that enveloped Alden’s body shone with such intensity that the whisping blackness fizzled into nothingness upon contact. The musclebound superhero was unsure if this was some sort of resuscitation or merging, but there was no time to dwell on it. He needed to act now and end Digz’s miserable existence. Marvelous Man gently reached out with his left hand. Drifting his meaty hand downward, he aimed his appendage at Digz’s feathery left arm. The hulking bodybuilder relaxed his massive body and drew a shallow breath through his nose; preparing his attack. At the same time, he began to channel his mana into his larynx for the oral part of the incantation. Marvelous Man felt his bulky physique primed and launched his plan. Whipping his left arm forward, he grasped the corrupted imp’s feathery arm and simultaneously fed his mana into the spell. The muscle demigod immediately began the incantation. “Iggzel Ponsfortuna! Through the sea of reality, gather the shattered soul. Place back what once belonged and seal into a whole. I beseach the power within the one I mend to reach for salvation. DIVINE SOUL RESTORATION!!!” he chanted. The complex magical circle began to shine; reacting to the incantation and feeding on Marvelous Man’s mana. The black miasma stirred, as a bright light materialized in the form of a star from the center of the magic circle. Marvelous Man then noticed the whisping darkness drifting toward the light in the form of tendrils. This even affected the dark essence leaking from out of Digz’s corrupted body. It was almost as if the magical light was acting as some sort of vacuum; dragging the parts it identified as Digz into a vortex the essence could not escape from. The spell was working! A white pole made of bone shot out from the dark mass and sailed over the incomplete imp. The projectile immediately struck Marvelous Man’s forehead before splintering into bone debris, disintegrating into essence, and then sucked into the magical circle’s light. During the bone’s reabsorption, the muscle demigod’s vision blurred. He nearly lost his focus with maintaining the flow of his mana into the magic circle, but his grip on Digz remained strong. No matter what the incomplete imp threw at him, the musclebound superhero had to hold onto the feathery arm to complete the spell. “Let me go!” exclaimed Digz, “ Let me go right now!” A torrent a bone poles rained down on Marvelous Man from above. His hulking body became racked with immeasurable pain with every projectile exploding into pieces upon impact. But he continued to hold on with every ounce of his will; clenching onto Digz’s arm and keeping the spell alive. The magical circle continued to suck in the miasma despite the ongoing attacks. Marvelous Man knew that at the rate the spell was going, it could take hours before it had absorbed the black world and gathered the missing pieces of the incomplete imp’s soul. The muscle demigod would have to give off as much mana as he possibly could in order to increase the vacuumous power. The hulking bodybuilder gritted his teeth, as he increased the flow of his mana. The bright star residing in the center of the magical circle grew brighter, as the many tendrils began to combine into one swirling whirlpool being drained into the star. It looked like the color-inverted image of a black hole. Marvelous Man then began to feel slightly winded with a growing numbness in his fingertips and toes; the same pins and needles sensation he had experienced from the Skeleton Lord’s mana drain. With the corrupted familiar’s onslaught and the enormous amount of mana the hulking bodybuilder gave off, the toll of these factors had already started to take. His stamina dwindled, but he needed to persevere. Digz shouted, “Let go!” A giant column of bone the size of delivery truck shot up beneath Marvelous Man. The column impacted against the musclebound superhero with the force of a bullet train. With no time to be aware of the oncoming attack, the muscle demigod lost his grip while being forcibly ascended. The black miasma high above him stirred, as another bone column of similar size ejected out of it. The descending column fell with the same intense speed as its rising counterpart that had the hulking bodybuilder splayed on top of it. Spotting the incoming object above himself, Marvelous Man activated his flight power. His massive body slid across the surface of his pushing oppressor. As the upper half of the hulking bodybuilder’s anatomy drifted over the edge, the two bone columns immediately collided with one another at the same time. Within the moment of impact, a thunderous boom reverberated in the miasma pocket dimension. The muscle demigod noticed his body lurching to a halt before continuing forward, as the two columns shattered into smaller pieces. Marvelous Man flew a small distance before stopping. He then looked down at his legs to inspect what ceased his movement for a moment. The musclebound superhero noticed his black boots covered in a layer of white powder with bits of bone debris embedded into the surface. Marvelous Man attempted to wiggle his toes, but he could not feel any sensation whatsoever. The hulking bodybuilder then noticed his right shoulder had a searing pain. Pressing on it with his left hand, he felt the pain explode and a space to where his shoulder joint should have been connected to. Marvelous Man yelped from the pain. There was no time to do a proper diagnosis, but he assessed two things: a dislocated shoulder from the first bone column that interrupted his spell, and fractured toes that most likely had been caught in the collision. Digz had put so much power into the attacks, that it was reaching Gilgamesh’s bone-crushing strength. It seemed to Marvelous Man that the corrupted imp no longer cared about conserving its energy to continue its dying existence. “Stay down and become my battery again! Or I will pummel you until you are completely broken!” shouted Digz, “I don’t know what this is but don’t think I’ll let you use it!” Marvelous Man stared down at the incomplete familiar. The muscle demigod felt confused by the last part he had just heard until he saw it. In front of Digz was the glowing star created from his spell. Though it shined brightly, it seemed to become dimmer with each passing second. Digz attempted to touch it with his feathery left arm, but the star reacted by sizzling the limb. The corrupted imp drew back his arm and hissed at it. Marvelous Man’s eyebrows furrowed. If he could just get back to the star and reactivate the spell while holding onto Digz, it would all work out. The musclebound superhero needed to do this, because of the numbness in his limbs. The numb feelings in his feet and hands had spread up to his elbows and knees; making it clear he only had enough mana to complete the spell he had set in motion. Marvelous Man was not sure if he had the mana to start up the soul restoration spell from the beginning again if the star died before he ever got to it. That star was his last hope of making everything right, and the muscle demigod had only one shot to do it. Using his flight power, he moved onward towards the star. His vision narrowed at the shining objective, and Marvelous Man wished he could have had super speed at this moment. Digz muttered, “So be it, cursed wretch.” Deep in the black void underneath the corrupted familiar, fragments of white bone materialized. The bone shards drifted upward like a stream of leaves carried by the wind. As the white fragments reached Digz, they began to collect above him. The collected shards formed into a cone-shaped roof before they continued downwards at a curved angle. The assembled fragments then took on the shape of an egg, as it encased Alden’s glowing corpse and the incomplete familiar. Once the shell had reached underneath the two, the last of the white shards sealed the bottom of the egg. The egg cracked; echoing like any normal egg that had been rapped against an edged surface. But the cracks on the egg were not random. It seemed as if the cracks moved with purpose; outlining multiple rectangles squeezed together. The patterns and shapes seemed to resemble feathery wings but with a sharper, angled outline. The egg then shuttered for a moment before its shell shifted. The egg shell unraveled itself and revealed underneath the glowing carcass of Alden. The Skeleton Lord’s body appeared to wrapped with his own red cloak from underneath his boney chest down to his feet. His arms were propped up crossed over his chest with elbows tucked underneath the swaddling cloak. It was as if he were posed for a dignified burial, and the casket he laid in was the monster itself. The casket was made from the same white bone material that had formed the egg, and the unraveled parts of the egg that had looked like wings to Marvelous Man were actually wings. The outer casket had three pairs of sharp angel-like wings that extended in every direction. As for the inner casket, it had a two pairs of wings that appeared softer, feather-like, and a smaller size comparable to a swan’s wingspan. Both pairs were layered criss-cross over the other that covered over parts of the glowing, deceased Alden. One pair of the feathery wings covered Alden’s face with only the mouth revealed, while the other covered his feet. In Marvelous Man’s perspective, the creature resembled a creature from the mythological video game he played back in Sunnysville. It had similar features of a type of angel known as a Seraphim. The Seraphim flapped all six of its sharp, outer wings; causing a flurry of its white, angular feathers to eject. The flat feathers flew towards Marvelous Man and began to expand into cylindrical columns the size of rocket missiles. Noticing the transformation, the hulking bodybuilder performed a barrel roll. His massive body moved in corkscrew motion into the storm of columns, while he rotated clockwise. The first row of bone columns flew by the musclebound superhero; nearly grazing him from only a fingertip away. He was not as lucky upon flying midway through the onslaught. The next row managed to hit Marvelous Man. The muscle demigod experienced blunt force trauma firstly on his left pectoral. The impact left a large, blue bruise on his pecmeat and halted his corkscrew maneuver. He was then instantly assaulted simultaneously in three other places: his right knee, the center abdomen, and the right side of his ribcage. His colossal body flung backwards from the tri collision, as the hulking bodybuilder felt cracks vibrate in his body. Marvelous Man coughed up bile before using his flight powers to steady himself and dive beneath the onslaught. He managed to slow down to a stop and float in the upright position, but his mountainous body stood in a crouched manner that strained to resist huddling into a fetal position. The muscle demigod could feel his nerves trying to scream pain into his brain; despite the adrenaline trying to smother it. With the rest of the storm of bone columns sailing over him, the musclebound superhero had a few seconds to register the damage he took. His right leg had a harder time moving, which meant the knee had become dislocated when disregarding the mana-drained numbness. Most likely, a dark bruise had begun appearing on his abs; just like on his left pec. And he had now began drawing painful breathes, so that meant a couple of his ribs on the right side have been fractured...But his left arm still worked. Marvelous Man pushed forward towards the glowing star; aware that he was already halfway there. It did not matter how damaged his bulky body had become, as long as his left hand was intact. He just needed that one hand to hold onto Digz...wherever that corrupted imp was. The musclebound superhero was aware that he needed to grasp Digz’s real body for the spell to work, but he hoped just grabbing part of the Seraphim would be enough. The pillars that had completely missed Marvelous Man immediately shattered into white shards upon Marvelous Man pursuing the star again. The bone shards collected themselves together and snapped into place like a puzzle to reform into a new shape. The bone pieces shaped themselves into a set of creatures that resembled another type of angel, from Marvelous Man’s video game, known as the Putti. The celestial critters consisted of only two things: a head and a pair of angel wings. The feathery wings were smaller compared to the Seraphim’s inner set and seemed comparable to a crow’s wingspan. The white wings were attached to the sides of the head and flapped vigorously. The head itself was a white crow skull with the size of an adult human head and held an abnormal feature on top. The top of its head had a set of three antlers lined up in a row. The antlers were flat and smooth like Saturn’s ring. Its left and right antlers curved in a circular angle, while the center extended straightward. All three antlers managed to interconnect at a certain length that made the antlers look like a sort of angel halo was lodged in the putti’s forehead. The murder of puttis flew towards Marvelous Man and caught up with the musclebound superhero in seconds. They began to peck at him with ferocity while spouting many things at the hulking bodybuilder. Marvelous Man held up his left arm to shield his eyes. “Murderer!” one cawed. Another crowed, “We were just fine! Only us two! You took him away from me!” “DIE. DIE. DIE!!!” screamed a third. A fourth exclaimed, “I’m so alone! Give him back! I want things back the way they were!” “You can’t do anything right,” hissed another, “Your healing killed the only other person we ever loved. Give up!” The puttis continued to harass Marvelous Man, while he flew closer to the star. The pecks never pierced the muscle demigod’s skin, but their words stabbed his heart. He tried to ignore what the puttis said, but some of it felt true to him. As he approached the point of only a quarter distance left before reaching the star, the Seraphim flapped its wings again. The feathers that fluttered from out of the sharp wings floated in the miasma-contaminated air for a second before they exploded into white shards. The bone debris immediately collected itself together and reformatted into a new shape. The end result appeared to be the shape of a wagon wheel. The white wheel had spokes that took on the guise of long avian legs. At the center of the wheel where the spokes met and linked together, all the bird-like legs had avian feet with sharp talons that clenched onto one another. It were as if the legs were holding onto each other for their lives. On the outside of the wheel, there were eyes carved onto every available space of that white rim. Every eye was similar but slightly different due to every eye after it appeared to have its eyelid creep to a closed blink before eventually opening up again. Each of the eyes were incredibly detailed to the point of them appearing to be alive despite the lack of color. The wheel began to rotate on its own; quickly accelerating to a ferocious spin. The eyes seemed to actually come to life through the rotation. It was like a filmstrip moving fast enough for a picture to be perceived as moving. No matter from which section of the wheel one stared at, the eye would be seen as coming to life by blinking and staring back at the observer. The wheel then sped off towards Marvelous Man. The musclebound superhero was unable to see the oncoming enemy, as he was still being harrassed by the puttis. Reaching Marvelous Man in seconds, the white wheel zipped underneath the hulking bodybuilder before its trajectory led into a collision with him. The multi-eyed wheel then shot directly up and tackled itself into Marvelous Man’s bruised stomach. Marvelous Man’s massive body lurched into a halt, as he was hoisted on top of a spinning wheel. The air escaped from Marvelous Man, and pain from the attack on his bruise shocked his brain into momentary paralysis. The bone wheel did not falter in movement during its attack; its rotation continuing at the same furious speed before impact. The pain of the intense grinding felt like sandpaper scratched against his skin by the most powerful sander power tool in the world. It grinded into the muscle demigod for a few seconds before it began movement again. The wheel moved backwards; going up Marvelous Man’s meaty torso and over his face. Without anymore body parts to roll over, the white wheel flew away. Marvelous Man clutched his sides; nearly huddling into a ball over his reddened, abraised abdomen. The spinning wheel then changed its direction and looped itself back toward the muscle demigod. Hearing a whirring noise, Marvelous Man looked up in time to see the wheel coming right at him. The musclebound superhero quickly raised his left arm to block the incoming attack at just the right moment. The bone wheel collided into Marvelous Man’s golden bracelet; sparks flying from the wheel’s savage grinding against the unyielding jewelry. With his super strength strong enough to keep the monster temporarily at bay, Marvelous Man stared at his enemy. He could see the eyes carved onto the wheel’s outer rim blinking and gazing right back at him. His eyebrows furrowed at the white wheel. The monster had features similar to another type of angel he had seen in his mythological video game, a Throne. Thankfully, this celestial creature did not carry the expected characteristic of his usually has, which is being on fire. Marvelous Man was aware that his body was not in a healthy enough condition to engage in any sort of combat with the Throne nor the puttis. Only his left arm was of fighting-capable status, but it was set to only defend. Trying to use his golden laurel to fight would leave the musclebound superhero open long enough for any attack from his multiple enemies. As he continued staring at the Throne, he noticed the angel’s rotation. Acting quickly, the muscle demigod leaned forward. Marvelous Man positioned his beefy body to lie flat in the air, while he took in a deep breath to ready for what he was about to do next. In one single motion, the musclebound superhero bent his head down, lowered his blocking left arm, and used his flying power to push forward. Now nothing held back the angelic wheel. The white Throne immediately trampled over the hulking bodybuilder, but the damage done to Marvelous Man was minimal. At the same time the Throne used the muscle demigod as an improvised roadway, Marvelous Man moved underneath the bone wheel. The musclebound superhero rode with the Throne’s rapid downward rotation to passively bypass the wheel and launch himself towards the dimming star faster than he could usually fly. The distance between the muscle demigod and the star drastically warped; no longer feeling like a crawl but more of a leap towards his illuminated objective. Marvelous Man held out his left hand openly in a readying attempt to grasp part of the Seraphim. Once he landed next to the star, the musclebound superhero would have to hold on with all his might. He then charged his voice box with mana and began to recite the spell’s incantation to activate the magic upon physical contact with the Seraphim. And even though his right shoulder was dislocated, his could still move his fingers. The muscle demigod gestured the magic circle and focused on the symbols for the spell. He was not sure if he had to do those parts again, but it was better to be safe than sorry. The feathers of the Seraphim’s outer wings wiggled for a moment before it stretched out and curved towards Marvelous Man at wicked speeds. At the ends of the extending feathers, its flat, sharp edges began to bulge and morph into the shape of a clenched fist. The musclebound superhero’s focus narrowed only on the dimming star; incapable of seeing the Seraphim’s attack. Marvelous Man chanted, “Iggzel Ponsfortuna! Through the sea of reali-AUCK-!!!” One of the fists from the stretched feathers punched Marvelous Man’s throat; ceasing the incantation. The magical circle hovering above his right hand instantly disappeared, as his concentration was destroyed. Hundreds more fist-shaped feathers launched at the muscle demigod like streams of missiles. No matter which direction a couple of fists sent him flying, another flurry would follow the musclebound superhero with incredible speed and barrage him into another direction. After each feather made its punch, it would retreat back into the sharp wings before launching again. Marvelous Man tried to defend with his working left hand, but it would be easily parried away by the onslaught of punches. Even if he managed to, he simply could not block every fist that assaulted every part his humongous body. As the hulking bodybuilder was flung back to near out of range from the Seraphim’s attack, the Throne appeared from behind Marvelous Man and momentarily grinded its wheel into his back. Not giving the muscle demigod a chance to scream, the Throne then immediately pushed the muscle demigod back into the frey of fists waiting to barrage him. The feathers from the sharp outer wings launched their fist-shaped ends at Marvelous Man and began their torrent of violence at him again. Damaged, dizzy, and struggling to breathe, the hulking bodybuilder had no more strength in him to lift his meaty left arm or even curl up into a ball. The musclebound superhero was flung about like a ragdoll, while blood dripped from his mouth and nostrils. His enemies seemed to sense their victory over the muscle demigod, as the Throne did not bother to toss Marvelous Man back at the Seraphim once he was thrown out of range of the white fists. He drifted further away, and his vision and mind soon stabilized in seconds. Marvelous Man saw the star in front of the Seraphim flicker...and then fizzle...and finally die; dissolving back into Digz’s essence. That was it...nothing more he could do to save the corrupted imp. Not enough mana to create a new spell and push it towards completion. And from the feel of his throat, his windpipe had been bruised to a point that uttering a few words would become a struggle. Verbal incantation to activate the spell would be impossible. Taking it all into account, his personal mission had become a complete failure. Marvelous Man could feel a blackness growing in him; a pit that wanted to suck him in and his will to fight. The musclebound superhero tried to focus on the backup plan he hoped he would never have to do. He would have to kill Digz. Physical confrontation is no longer possible, since the muscle demigod allowed himself to be bashed into a bruised and broken matter from trying to heal Digz. Using the talisman the D.A.B. provided him would be useless to use at this moment. That left one of his two last options for neutralizing the incomplete imp. The hulking bodybuilder slowly lifted his heavy left arm, while his mind thought back to his first encounter with the Skeleton Lord. His twitching hand reached into his black jacket’s pocket and pulled out his golden harmonica, Duskbell. The muscle demigod’s illumination ability was bright enough to disperse the black essence, but it had a limited range. Marvelous Man remembered that limit when he had tried to illuminate the graveyard ground and failed, and it was unquestionable that this pocket dimension exceeded that range...Unless if he were to supercharge the light. When Marvelous Man supercharged the graveyard ground, the light it gave off had a greater intensity than his usual illumination to cause the whisping miasma and its solid forms to completely dissipate. The supercharge also had the perk of unlimited range. If he were to supercharge the blackness swirling in this pocket dimension, it would undoubtedly be destroyed. Digz needed that essence to remain in his barely physical form. If it was no longer available, the corrupted imp would have to merge back into Alden’s body in order to survive. But the Skeleton Lord’s corpse had become supercharged by Marvelous Man’s power which denied the Digz’s whisping blackness from entering. So there was now a higher chance the corrupted imp would not be able to go back into the dead body after ejecting out of it. With both crucial elements for survival disabled, the incomplete familiar would be like a flame suffocated by a candle snuffer. Marvelous Man’s trembling arm brought the golden harmonica up to his face and began to rightfully position the keyholes towards his mouth with his meaty fingers. Since his hand was completely completely numb from the amount of mana he had used, he had to be careful with his finger movements. One wrong manipulation of his thick digits would cause Duskbell to tumble out of his grasp and become lost in the world of darkness. Seconds had past in the silent blackness until he finally maneuvered his golden instrument into facing the correct direction. The muscle demigod brought Duskbell to his lips. A small white figure swooped in front of Marvelous Man’s eyes and collided into his hand. The golden harmonica was knocked out of his left hand and fell into the whisping essence beneath, while the white object moved unhindered at the quick impact. Flicking his eyesight from the lost Duskbell and up at his attacker, Marvelous Man noticed that the creature was Digz’s putti. “No! None of that!” it cawed. The putti’s ascent came to a stop, as it joined a murder of its kind. The puttis flew in a circle like vultures; staring down at their prey and waiting for the time to attack. Marvelous Man realized that was probably why they did not bother attacking when he was locked in combat with the Seraphim. The creatures were there to pick away at and disable whatever tricks the musclebound superhero had left. The black pit within the muscle demigod’s heart grew bigger. It swirled at the tips of his toes; inviting his soul to fall in. Marvelous Man tried to brainstorm on the other ways to activate a supercharge. His bruised windpipe was incapable of singing, and there was not a single artistic thing he could with his left that did not require materials that were not presently available. In the next couple of hours, his body would regenerate for a second wind of supercharging the black miasma...But what of the outer world then? There was no telling the destruction that was currently happening at this moment. The ghouls from Limbo could have broken out of the dome within the hours he spent recovering in this pocket dimension, and Digz might be rampaging on the outside at the same time inside against Marvelous Man. So then...what could he do? Marvelous Man realized he only had one other last option he was able to do in his state. He would have to activate his Soul Venom and unleash it on the incomplete familiar. There must have been some wound or culmination of smaller wounds Digz endured before it became the corrupted imp it currently is. The musclebound superhero could only hope that after killing Digz, he would pass out from exhaustion and hurt nobody else. He could never forgive himself if the Soul Venom, that would taint his soul, caused him to stay awake and rampage against the rest of the world. Letting all their past wounds consume them like he attempted with his parents...and nearly succeeded. Tears began to well up in his eyes at the futility of his situation. In his mind, he saw himself at the black pit again. He leaned forward and fell. The despair was so crushing; greater than the physical pain he currently and recently experienced. No matter what he did, the moment he refused to do what was expected of him and follow his own selfish pursuits, it always resulted in failure. He should’ve followed Director Doug and Puzzle’s plan of killing Digz and the Skeleton Lord rather than saving them. And the result of doing so caused Alden to die and Digz to follow soon after. It was inevitable no matter how much he tried to prevent such a sad end. Just what was the point of his power? It’s supposed to heal. But the moment it was truly needed, it killed the one Marvelous Man tried to save. Some hero he was. So powerful, but so incapable of doing anything. A Rank-D hero from the start that could only act as support. Every time he tried to do something on his own, it always resulted in failure...It would have been better if he listened to his parents and just stayed inside Sunnysville...But that’s just it, isn’t it? He will always make the wrong decisions and hurt those around him. His own existence is complete poison! His own enemies were right. It was better that things always stayed the same. If he did not live in this world, things would have gone better. Justice would have suffocated emotionally in Sunnysville, but he would have somewhat been happy. There has been nothing but pain since becoming Marvelous Man and leaving that town. “Now’s not the time to be lying down, hero! You still draw breath. Get up! Fulfill my dying request!” said a manly voice. The descent into the dark pit jerked to a halt, as Marvelous Man’s eyes flicked to the voice he heard. It was King Alden! He no longer appeared skin and bone with misery hanging on his face. He looked like the painting the hulking bodybuilder saw in Digz’s past. The king was decorated in all of his royal accessories, and his body had a slight plumpness with bright peach skin. The royal highness was literally glowing and seemed slightly transparent. The putti above them spoke up, “Alden?!” “It can’t be! You’re dead! We have your body!” said another. Alden became distracted by the voices and peered up. The muscle demigod croaked, “Wha-...How?” Alden looked down and smiled. “I know not the forces, whether it be you or a higher power. But I was pulled back here during my descent,” he replied. Marvelous Man was not sure, but he supposed it could have been the soul restoration spell. It was supposed to gather the pieces of soul bestowed to Digz that was lost eons ago. Since the the corrupted imp and Alden had been fused for so long, their souls might have become related to one another. But the muscle demigod was unsure of that hypothesis, because he is not a practitioner nor knowledgeable about magic. Were it not for the situation he was currently in, Marvelous Man would have freaked out from seeing an actual ghost. Alden roused, “Now, get up. You said you would heal Digz, and I have yet to see that.” Marvelous Man swallowed. The pain in his throat felt like it was burning, but he gathered the strength to utter words in his now raspy voice. “I can’t...Too broken...and I hurt all over,” he replied. The king sighed, “Why are you still pretending to be a star child? I know you are more than capable to put yourself back together from such simple flesh wounds. I’ve felt the power you hold!” The muscle demigod felt confused by such a statement. Did Alden think he was just lying around and not being powerful for the fun of it? “Even if I could...what good would it do? I’ll just...keep fucking it up...I’m a fatherfucking mess. I can’t do anything right. I couldn’t even...heal you,” he sobbed. The royal highness exclaimed, “But you did! And so much more! You helped me let go! I came to the realization that in letting Digz enable my sadness, I enabled his madness. Digz might have been the one to kill my family like you said, but...He is still precious to me! I don’t want him to be in pain!” “Do you remember what you said to me? You said you wanted to inspire me, and that is what you did! You are so much mightier than you think you are!” he continued. The musclebound superhero felt an emotion stir in him. It was the same one he felt when stop the Skeleton Lord before the confrontation with Gene Lightfoot. The emotion that felt like his true self contained within the dam of his heart. But it was very weak, and the agonizing doubt had towered over it and had already begun to devour it. Marvelous Man fretted, “But...even with the power that you said...I still had to get my friend’s help to defeat you. I couldn’t do anything big. I’m still too weak…” “Then learn from this and remember what you’ve experienced! Know what it truly means to be utterly helpless and refuse to remain that way! There is no shame in relying on your friends for help with the bigger things. But if you wish to move onward and be capable of fighting battles by yourself, then take the opportunities of this world and make it your own! It is foolish and naive to expect to become powerful without effort or have the world stoop to your level!” Alden raved. He continued rambling, “When I first pacted with Digz, he was only capable of moving corpses. And now look! He’s able to create creatures from his own imaginations! Though I must say, he’s always had an obsession with angels. I suppose it came from the time he spent with his original master.” “What?” said Marvelous Man. Alden lectured, “Just remember that you must accept the responsibilities of making the choice to become stronger and anything else you have done in your life. The changes you make will no doubt become hard and even unbearable at times. And even if it’s a change caused by the fates themselves, accept the consequences for what they are and make it your own! “The only time when you have truly errored in your ways is if you do not do anything and struggle to keep things the way they are! Good or bad, you are your own agent of chaos. And you have helped me realize that! Accept the reality of what you have done and learn from it!” he babbled with passion. Marvelous Man felt enraptured by the king’s words. Somehow, it was the words he had always needed to hear. Always remember the past but never try to stay complacent within it. Choose the path you know and feel is right but be ready to deal with the outcome. FIGHT THE STATUS QUO AND BECOME SOMETHING MARVELOUS!!! The dam in his heart that tried to contain his true emotion began to leak through the cracks once again. It was barely able to contain this geiser of a feeling. He felt like his heart and his body was about to burst. The word of this emotion was at the edge of his tongue, and it felt like it was from something even the royal highness had just said. “Look!” pointed Alden, “Look at your hand!” From the corner of his eye, the muscle demigod noticed a glow. Marvelous Man lifted his left hand up and gazed at it. The same glow from earlier that slightly whisped like his Soul Venom, but also contained some of the warm light from his supercharge, radiated from his hand. The trail of mysterious ray looked like an aurora and left behind a multitude of colors. It began to travel downward of his arm, but then Marvelous Man noticed something peculiar tied to his wrist. “Such a beautiful light,” added the king. The hulking bodybuilder brought his meaty wrist closer to his eyes for a better inspection. It was a glass string that neither felt tight or loose, but...just there. It was so transparent that it was nearly invisible, yet it had a shine that was noticeable to the muscle demigod. Marvelous Man curled his fingers towards it for a curious touch. Upon contact, that felt like grazing another person’s fingertips, a shard of what seemed to be glass materialized in his hands. He rasped, “Wh-what is this? Glass?” “Glass? I only see light, Marvelous Man! Embrace it!” cheered Alden. As much as Marvelous Man wanted to question the royal highness’ perspective, it felt more important to do as Alden said. He stared into the shard, and it responded by lighting up like the bright screen of a smartphone. The shard began playing a film, but it only seemed to last a second before the reality around Marvelous Man warped. The musclebound superhero felt as if he were being transported to the scene shown on the glass. Marvelous Man stood in the abandoned subway where the homeless community was slaughtered and served as the second encounter with the Skeleton Lord. The hulking bodybuilder just somehow knew this was when the ancient villain retreated from the battle. But instead of stationed in the center like last time, he was placed to the right of the passageway the Skeleton Lord exited into. He stared into the opening where the battle was fought and spotted himself floating beside his teammates at the time, Gene and Octomentist, and staring back at him. The past Marvelous Man shouted, “Wait! Why are you doing all this? What’s the point of doing all these terrible things?!” The current Marvelous Man looked towards his left and found the Skeleton Lord ebbed away into a veil of invisibility. For some reason, Marvelous Man could still see the supervillain. The musclebound superhero then noticed a glass string protruding from the red cloak and extending all the way down to his past self. Somehow, Marvelous Man knew that this was the moment a seed had been planted in the ancient evil. The seed, a passing thought, said, “What was the point of doing all this?” The muscle demigod then heard Digz within the Skeleton Lord whisper the answer, while the supervillain repeated it. “When one has the power of a god and their purpose has turned to ash, the only thing one can do is burn the world itself,” said the Skeleton Lord. The vision within the past had ended, and Marvelous Man was back floating in the miasma-infested pocket dimension. He released the glass shard from his hand; causing it to float up. Looking back at the glass string, he now noticed that it stretched and tethered to Alden’s spirit. The pressure of the geisere in his heart intensified. In Marvelous Man’s perspective, that was the first time he had affected a change within Alden. It might have been small, but it was the start that led the ancient king to give up his evil ways and cease living. Marvelous Man then noticed another glass string tied to his forearm, as the aurora continued traveling down his muscled arm. His eyes followed the string, but it seemed to have extended somewhere outside of this pocket dimension. Out of instinct, he accepted the new string with his heart instead of his eyes. This caused an echo of a voice to appear in his mind. Aphrodite echoed, "Yes, but I love you on a greater level than everybody else. A mother's love is powerful, and you will always be my baby." That was the moment Justice changed his mind about how he felt about his parents after learning the purpose of his birth. If his mother never said that back in Sunnysville, the hulking bodybuilder would probably have begun to really hate his parents. The feeling in his heart grew stronger; the geiser still pushing but needed to hear more. Looking up, he noticed a glass string tied to his pinkie. The muscle demigod allowed the string into his heart; excitement slowly building up in him for the surprise of either good or bad. “Feel better?” echoed Marvelous Man. Gene echoed back, “Very much so. Thank you.” That was the first time Marvelous Man awakened to infatuation. After the first fight with the Skeleton Lord, the musclebound superhero would join the D.A.B. for the sake of befriending Gene. He would then grow that infatuation into love for the Totochtin prince. Marvelous Man then noticed another glass string tied to his elbow, as the wavy light on his arm continued over his bulbous bicep. He accepted the string with his heart and listened for the voice. Gene echoed, “It would not be right to you nor me. Perhaps if we kept doing the dating it could turn out exactly how you wanted. But such a thing would only result in hurting us in the end. That is the time that is wasted for trying to grow something that cannot grow. I am sorry Marvelous Man, but I cannot force myself to be the something that I am not.” Marvelous Man could never forget that event. Gene had become realistic about their situation, and it caused the muscle demigod to realize his misunderstandings of what love is. It was painful and eye-opening, but he gained a friend in the end. Their bond with each other was so strong, that the rabbit demigod gave up the vendetta against the Skeleton Lord to avoid fighting Marvelous Man. The eagerness to hear more overwhelmed him more than the uncertainty of his situation. He wondered for a moment on the possibility of hearing more than just simply looking for the strings and closed his eyes. Relaxing his body, Marvelous Man focused his mind on the strings. He at first could feel the ones he had already saw attached to his left arm, but then sensation of the glass strings expanded. The muscle demigod felt glass strings tied to nearly every part of his body that seemed to entwine naturally onto him rather than a forced, uncomfortable bondage. He could practically picture the whole scenery in his mind. In a confused sense, it seem to Marvelous Man that his body served as the source and a receiver for something. The strings he saw in his head felt real, and he tried to embrace it as real...And that’s when a torrent of voices echoed in his mind like a shout in an empty chamber. It was the voices from his past; his friends, family, enemies, and even himself. He could hear each and every one, and they all exchanged conversation that was meant for him or others. Some were encouraging, others insightful, and there were also those that were hurtful. In Marvelous Man’s perspective, it was almost like hearing a song. And at the end of this emotional song, he heard the voice of the one he truly cared for summarizing what he heard. “My point is, your very existence makes all the difference and don’t you forget it. The positive things you provoke in people may be small compared to what you expected, but it all carries the same weight. Even if it’s as small as being their friend or even getting someone to try a new thing. And superhero or not, your existence inspires change in the people around you,” echoed Gemini. Marvelous Man’s heart exploded; the emotional geiser pouring out and flowing throughout his entire being. The aurora light immediately coursed over the rest of his massive body and then merged, as he came upon a realization. His entire anatomy was outlined in illumination that shared the same color as the aurora. Opening his eyes, tears streamed from them nonstop while gazing at the spectacle before himself. The musclebound superhero could see glass strings tied not just to himself and stretching outward, but also to Alden’s spirit and even the Seraphim! He could see the glass strings connecting towards all three beings in the pocket dimension and beyond the whisping essence like some sort of cosmic web. It was like gazing at a piece of abstract art that was infinite, beautiful, and maddening. His immense body began to radiate its own auroras that streamed upward and seemed to curl like the brushstrokes of the Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh. Marvelous Man’s physical wounds immediately responded to the illumination. Dislocated limbs were set back into to place, fractured bones sealed back up to their original state, and bruised skin became a smooth, healthy brown. The hulking bodybuilder felt every damaged piece moving around inside of him, but it was not painful. He briefly wondered if this was what Sugar Skull experienced when supercharged. It all made sense now. This feeling that he now experienced was his true self. The celestial element that was unique only to him. His mother, friends, and even Marvelous Man himself had been saying what he had been all along. The seed to love, art, and passion: Inspiration. Marvelous Man instantly understood that the glass strings he could see were also physical manifestations of inspiration, and it gave him a greater understanding of his celestial element. Inspiration is more than just changing or improving. It is the culmination of pain and bliss that act as fuel for the spark of new ideas and perspectives. But most of all, inspiration is the gift from existing. No matter how small or big the differences one made in the other’s life, they all carried equal value. Every life matters; regardless of one’s own perspective of self-worth or even someone else’s opinion about yourself. You are important to my existence. We are all connected, and that is the true art of life. The hulking bodybuilder situated upright, as Alden stared with marvel in his eyes. A smile broke out on the ancient king’s face. He exclaimed, “I knew it to be true! Tell me, what sort of god are you? Pray tell, what do you preside over?” Marvelous Man stared down at his hands; watching the colored, illuminated outlines radiate tiny auroras. Droplets of his never-ending tears pattered onto his wrists and palms, as he realized his throat had been healed and could answer the question. The musclebound superhero felt his voice both bellow like thunder and whisper like a calm river. “Inspiration,” he stated, “That is my celestial element.” Marvelous Man continued, “I finally understand what you mean, and what everybody else have been saying. The ideas and thoughts I am having...it’s overwhelming both my mind and soul. So many infinite possibilities of good and evil that this element can cause. No matter where I look, I see beauty from this collage of chaos. And...I just want to do so much art to supercharge others! To fill them with inspiration to do something marvelous with their lives or even plant a seed in them to try something different!” The Inspiration God’s eyes went wide. “Oh my gosh, is that what I’ve been doing this entire time when I supercharge my friends?! I’m literally energizing them with my essence when I do something artsy or inspirational or whatever! I wonder if I can do it by just flexing my muscles? Can that affect me too and put me in this...super soul form or god form or whatever?” he rambled. One of the puttis crowed, “Impossible! Impossible, impossible, impossible!” “Stay broken! No more of that flashy stuff!” raved another. The king flicked his eyes above him and stared at the murder of puttis circling above the two. He then looked over to the Throne and Seraphim floating in anticipation before he turned back toward Marvelous Man and tried to speak gently. Alden interrupted, “Great deity, I know you’ve just had an incredible breakthrough, but I beseech you to please turn your attention to my imp. He needs your healing, please.” Marvelous Man looked up and turned to the spirit. His eyebrows then raised, as he remembered what he needed to do. The Inspiration God realized that without a goal or something to express himself with, he would be caught up in his many thoughts or spectate in wonder at the glass strings. The hulking bodybuilder switched his weeping gaze to the other bone angels and furrowed his brows. He then struck an exaggerated fighting pose. “Sorry! You’re right! I got lost in my thoughts,” said Marvelous Man, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it right this time! Any chance you could give me a boost?” Alden stroked his chin, “Let me see…I think I might still have some influence over his essence.” Waving his spirit arms in a wide, circular motion, the whisping blackness drifted over to his arms. The dark essence followed the motion of his arms and began to materialize into bone. As Alden finished his motion, the white bone had formed into a large, flat disk. “Here! Quickly make use of this! I fear you will have only one chance to make use of my assist, as I feel my being drifting back to where I am to be damned!” he exclaimed. Marvelous Man looked behind and noticed the disk. He then used his flight powers to perform a backflip and landed on top of the disk. The ancient king placed his palms on the back of the disk and aimed the Inspiration God at the white Seraphim. Alden thrusted, “Now, fly.”
  22. Guest


    So I am putting a disclaimer here before anyone reads this. If it gets complaints, I will move it to the Member+ Section. This new series involves a 16 year old. There is sex in the later parts, but there is also Age Progression, so this teen becomes an ADULT. Just a Warning and a Precaution I wanted to take. This is also based on an RP I am currently working on with Nostson. It is still not complete but we are making sure it gets to completion so this amazing EPIC can be told in full. Currently Have enough for 4 parts... and TWO of them are already written. Anyways... Please Enjoy this twisted piece of fucked up fiction for your jerking pleasures... INFINITY BREAKERS Part 1 The Alpha The Alpha, the Universe’s only sole Guardian, is out patrolling his local city. It’s a daily thing and if he didn’t do it, well it just left it up to the local authorities. What set him apart was he had powers normal heroes didn’t have. Strength 10 times a normal human. And Super Speed. Everyone loved him, he was an all-around Hero that everyone wished they were him as well. After he just stopped another bank robbery, heading out to his next location to patrol, he noticed a teen, 16 years of age. Sizing him up 5’3” 140lbs. A nice athletic build. He was a fine specimen that in a few years when he was truly a man, He’d be one hell of a stud. The Alpha’s inner mentality made his stomach churn a bit. You see, The Alpha wasn’t always this 6’6” 345lb shredded beef of muscle. He used to be just as small as this teen, but we will get to that later. The Alpha flew in low, landing right behind the teen, pressing his first up along the wall above his head. “How’s it going sport?” He tried sounding cool, flirting in his own way as best as he could. He looked down at the teen over his pecs, as the teen looked up from his phone, giving the kid his hero’s smile. The teen watched as the fist actually punched a hole into the side of the building, bits of debris fell at their feet, a couple of pebbles and dust landed in his hair. All he could do was gawk at the massive body so close to him, eventually he saw the handsome face, smiling back. “H-hello sir!” he couldn’t find the words, his Hero was right in front of him, larger then life. “I-I’m doing fine! What are you doing here?” The Alpha placed his large hand on the teen’s shoulder, his palm fully enclosing it as he made his way to the other side of the teen’s body, bending down a bit so they were eye level. “I just finished up here, when my eye caught you! You’re a pretty handsome kid!” He took a second to adjust himself before giving him a wink and a grin. “How would you like to come back to The Alpha’s home?” The Alpha kept smiling as he brushed the dust off of the top of the teen’s hair, but in reality it was just an excuse for him to get another touch of this kid he had a crush on. The teen gasped a bit from the touch, his own hand coming up to brush against his hero’s forearm, feeling the raw power of his real life champions thick and veiny muscle. He blushed from the words, even more that this muscled powerhouse had any interest in him, and even stopping by to give him a smile and a wink. “W-why thank you, sir! You’re the most handsome guy around though! W-why would you invite me?! I-I mean, yes! Of course I want to come!” The teen continued to get flustered as he was given this once in a lifetime opportunity. The Alpha took that as his OK. In one quick sweep he spun the teen around, lifting him off his feet and scooping him into his arms. “Sorry, Sport!” He pulled a cloth out of his back pocket, tying it around the teen’s. “I can’t let you see where home is right now. So where this as a precaution and we will get there safely!” In seconds, The Alpha lifted off the ground, and took off, holding the teen close to his body, making sure even with breaking the sound barrier, the teen was safe. In mere minutes later, they slow down as The Alpha comes in for a landing, He places the teen on a chair, “Security System: Lock Down!” removing the blindfold from the teen’s eyes as giant metal shutters began closing around the entire room. “VOICE RECOGNITION COMPLETE!” the animatronic voice echoed throughout the giant room as the last shutters slid over the windows, blocking the sun completely from their views. *CLAP-CLAP* Light’s begin to turn on and illuminate the building. The teen look’s around. High Ceilings, lots of computers and electronics, even all the new and latest gaming gadgets. His hero was a gamer too! On one side of the room sat a kitchen. The other a bedroom, with a very large bed, much bigger than a King. “Wow… this is like… the room of my dreams! But why do you have all this stuff? Aren’t you busy being a hero?” The Alpha slowly pulls his gloves off, tossing them aside, followed by pulling the spandex top off his upper body. His chest glistened with sweat as he took a seat at the foot of the bed, looking over at the teen. The teens jaw dropping again from the site of his pumped body. “H-Holy fuck…” he mumbled as his body faced the hero. The Alpha pats the spot next to him on the bed as he lifts his leg up, pulling his booted foot into his lap and removing the boot, exposing his large size 15 foot. He does the same with the other boot, tossing it aside. “A hero has to have fun every now and then, doesn’t he? It gets lonely some times. The teen stepped closer, his knees threatening to give out as he approached the hero, looking away from his face, glancing down to see those massive feet and legs. He almost ended up stumbling over the massive discarded boots from not paying attention, stepping over them and making eye contact just before he was right in front of him. “Is that why you invited me then?” “Come closer, stud! I don’t bite!” He makes a chomping sound with his pearly whites. “Unless you want me to?” He winks before letting out a hardy heroic laugh. The teen backs up a bit as the hero leaned forward and pretended to bite, blushing in embarrassment as he heard the deep laugh. He slowly moves closer towards The Alpha again, sitting on the spot he initially patted, looking over at this large, muscle man’s body, seeing the thickness of his pecs and even his abs from this angle. “I-I think I’ll pass on the biting…” he was slightly confused. The hero turned to face the teen a bit. “Don’t be shy! I was once small like you! You have no need to be embarrassed in front of me.” The hero noticed the teen checking him out. Taking in everything that made him the hero. He lifted his arm up, flexed it. The bicep peaked up, perfect symmetry. “Go ahead. Touch it!” The Alpha gently takes the teen’s hand into his own, placing it on the warm rounded surface. He gives it a little flex, making it harder. “What’s your name, kid?” The teen can’t really believe what his hero was saying… he was once small like him? He watched as his hero moved his hand along his bicep. His own hand shaking a bit, but he slowly calmed down after he felt how gentle the large man was. He tried gripping the bicep, squeezing it a bit harder. Moving his second hand up on that one massive peak of hard flesh. “Oh god… I can’t even budge your arms!” He shouted excitedly, and got even more excited as his hero raised his other arm into a double bicep pose. “M-My name is Johnathan, sir! And what do you mean you were once small like me?” The Alpha watched as Johnathan continued to feel up his arms with his hands… It’s practically a worship session, which he had not hand in quite a long time, especially not from someone so HOT to him either. His own cock, stirring a bit as he got lost in the feeling. “Mmmm… A guy doesn’t just get to be like how I am, Johnny Boy… Powers… this much strength… I’m the only one like me in the entire Universe…” The Alpha lifted Johnathan up, spun him around and pulled him into his chest. “I used to be just like you a few years ago. Hell, I was even a teen! 16 to be exact…” getting lost in the feel, The Alpha ran his beard against Johnathan’s neck. His breathe warm. Pecs heaving on Johnathan’s back as he wrapped his arms around him in an embrace. “Will you be mine, Johnathan?” Johnathan blushed again as his hero gave him such a cute nickname, then snapped back to reality as hid idol he just met told him all this stuff about himself. “W-WHAT?” stammered out before he was man handled and forced into the hero’s lap. “I mean, how can I say no to you, sir?” he was being overwhelmed by everything that was happening so quick. He tried to clear his mind for a second. Thinking back to what The Alpha had told him. “You were once 16, like me. H-How did you become so…. So massive? So Powerful? So…” he took a second to swallow his fear of what he was about to ask. “S-Sexy?” Johnathan blushed as he reached up to rub his hands along the massive forearms, knowing even if he didn’t want to be there, in his heroes arms, there was no way he could move the arms holding him with his strength alone. “My power was inherited, little one…” The Alpha continued his story, kissing the teen’s neck, reaching his hand into his sexy young stud’s shorts. Johnathan blushed a bit, letting out a light moan as the large hand moved down his core and into his pants, his hands gripping onto The Alpha’s wrist as things began to move faster, not sure where things were going to go as he had never done this before with anyone, his own cock beginning to grow erect. “I mean one day the world was in complete chaos, the next I show up… seems kind of ironic don’t you think but I did clean up the mess…” His hand gripped around the shaft, 4 inches, getting harder. “Mmmm, fuck… bigger then mine used to be… and the same age.” The Alpha was lost in his own thoughts. “Fuck !&@&*$&(!*&#*(!)!*&!” The word made no sense, but the next moment changed everything. The Alpha began to breathe hard, trying to catch his breath. *THUMP* A large ball falls onto the floor, rolling away from them. “WhAt HaVe I dOnE…” The Alpha’s voice was slowly changing pitch. His shadow looming over Johnathan was beginning to shrink, and the teen felt it too. Johnathan’s back begun to sink back into the hero more. The pec’s that were once supporting him began to retract. *THUMP* Another ball… *THUMP* *THUMP* Multiple ones all bounced to different corners of the room. All different colors and some of different sizes. Johnathon snaps back to reality as he heard that strange word and the balls start to bounce. He felt movement from behind him and the higher pitch voice was beginning to worry him. “What the…” not even sure it was the same man behind him anymore, he holds the arm in front of him tighter, suddenly realizing that they are much smaller and not holding him as tightly. Johnathan turned around, just in time to see The Alpha’s body falling back onto the bed, one more ball rolls around the bed as his heroes body writhers and shrinks to even smaller sizes. “Oh my god, what’s happening to you?!” Johnathan hops over the hero’s body, leaning in over him. The hero continuing to lose size as the teen stares down. His limbs retracting inward. His torso and spine compacting. His muscles deflating. Johnathan watched as the hair on his exposed chest retreated back into his skin. All of the hero’s manly appeal wasted away and reverted back to a more boyish charm as he devolved and shrank. His body reaching Johnathan’s size, before slipping even smaller as he returned to his original 16 year old self. His super hero tights were now loose, his cock no longer bulging outward as it had also returned to its old 3 inch pencil dick size. The Alpha gave one final *GASP* as his memories of the things he had done stayed, but his genius intellect pushed his way out of his head, creating a large jawbreaker, that rolled itself right into Johnathan’s hand that was still watching in utter amazement as his hero became a 5ft 120lb wimp… To Be Continued…
  23. musclepaul

    MUSCLEMAN and the Golden Gate Bridge

    Hi Just an idea i have been mulling over. Not done much writing before so comments and suggestions welcomed. MUSCLEMAN and the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE Lifting bridges was not new for Muscleman. As he looked out over the huge expectant crowd he flexed his muscles under his uniform. Once again the engineers had built a framework of metal and all he had to do was deadlift the bar then curl the entire Golden Gate Bridge. As always, Muscleman was supremely confidence had could do it, after all he had recently done the Brooklyn bridge without any issues. The problem is no one told Muscleman the weight difference and Muscleman had failed to ask. Whereas the Brooklyn weighed just under 15,000 tons, the Golden Gate weighed 60 times that, coming in at 887,000 tons Muscleman strutted out onto the specially built stage. Cameras focussed on him as he turned and smiled and flexed. Although clad in his unmistakable uniform of just gold posers, there was no doubt that the 6'3 320lb was all muscle – pumped, ripped, tanned and shredded. The ultimate definition of muscle perfection. Muscleman never missed the opportunity to be a showman. When he defeated Thor in the world famous epic armwreslte contest he toured the world for a week doing mock armwresle contests with anybody who wanted a photo opportunity. When he defeated hulk in the superhero powerlifting competition he had a full article written in Powerlifting weekly. The Hulk power lifting contest had been a calculated risk for Muscleman. Whilst the man of steel was confident the could win the bench press, he knew had little chance of defeating the Hulk in the squat (have you seen the size of those quads Muscleman kept on saying to himself) so it would all come down to the deadlift. And that is exactly how it turned out. Muscleman won 2 out of the 3 events, those quads of Hulk are simply insanely huge and powerful, and could squat a weight too great even for Muscleman to match; but the man of muscle had won the overall event and that was all that matters. when he defeated Hercules in the full Nelson challenge he went on tour with the WWE for a week to wrestle. No - Muscleman never missed a photo op. And today he was going to save the iconic Golden Gate Bridge by curling it up so engineers could insert new supports to stabilize it after the recent earthquake. Once again, the entire world would see Muscleman as the ultimate superhero; the ultimate saviour. Muscleman looked out at the huge crowd. NBC were sponsoring the event and they had their news anchor as live compare. Muscleman could hear the words in the background but wasn't really listening. He heard the words he was waiting for "ladies and gentlemen I give you MUSCLEMAN, THE STRONGEST BEING EVER TO HAVE WALKED THE PLANET". He walked to the bar, which looked like a simply oversized standard barbell, but this was connected to the entire Golden Gate Bridge. He took several deep breaths, bent down grabbed the bar and started to lift. That is when he realized he was in trouble. He expected it to be heavy but not this heavy. He always knew that his arrogance would one day be his downfall, but he never expected it today. He slowly lifted the Bridge a few inches off the ground, getting the bar to his knees but his entire body was shaking and straining like never before. Muscleman, for the first time ever was grunting and straining and roaring with the effort. Muscleman was sweating. The more he struggled the more he roared and sweated. He couldn't understand what was wrong until-from the back of his mind he replayed the half listened to words from the NBC host. The Brooklyn bridge had weighed just short of 17 000 tons and the Golden Gate just shy of 887,000 tons. If only he had done some research Muscleman lamented, then the world would not be witnessing the failure of Muscleman. He gave one final almighty roar and managed to complete the deadlift phase, but even he accepted that curling the weight was a total impossibility for anyone, Muscleman included. He dropped the bar and the entire ground shook as the weight of the bridge went down, Muscleman stood humbled and humiliated. The only solace Muscleman felt was that new knew for certain that no other superhero could have done better. This was far heavier than the powerlifting competition he had recently won, and his nearest challenger, the Hulk had lost that event. Although Muscleman may have felt humiliated, the huge crowd cheered like never before. Although he was always the favourite of all the superheroes, the fact that he attempted something in public which he failed at gave him a human aspect which many thought he was missing. The fact he gave the lift everything he had plus more improved his standing. The challenge provided two things for Muscleman. Firstly the feeing of being humbled by what others saw in him and the second was a driven desire to do better. It was then that Muscleman saw Kyle in the audience. Kyle wasn't supposed to be out of the compound let alone walking the streets of America without supervision. What most people don't realize is that the United Nations, along with a select number of major governments, scientific companies engineering conglomerates sponsors the Center for Human Enhanced Super Strength (CHESS).
  24. EcchiMultiverse

    Marvelous Man - Chapter 27

    (Apologies. Computer is broken, and my chromebook only works. But it doesn't factor in formatting for some reason. Please go to this link for a better format: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DGN7pA7jDcsd0dxHC-ezmJnp4NlUo1mdY5QMq2t2KU4) Chapter 27: Wrath of the Al-Miraj - Part 2 A screaming pitch of silence rung in the superheroes’ ears with daze visible in their eyes. The Leviathan’s roar had only flung back the hulking bodybuilder, but it caused noticeable damage to the rabbit superhero. As Gene attempted to steady himself, blood lightly trickled out of his human ears. His body vibrated, as the ground shook with increasing strength of something drawing closer. Eyes focused forward again, the bunny demigod saw the Leviathan ready to swoop its sharp jaw at him. Rolling away to his left, the Totochtin prince managed to dodge the monster’s lunging head. The Leviathan skidded to a stop; instantly noticing failure of chomping on its target. Gene had no time to focus on the Leviathan, as the screeches of the armored zombies pulled at his attention. The rabbit superhero ducked beneath a swinging sword and parried away a black axe with his crimson bracer. Marvelous Man, at that same moment, managed to steady himself and looked down at the ensuing conflict. He spotted the animated corpses had begun their assault on Gene again. The musclebound superhero then noticed that the undead army no longer appeared reduced from Gene’s decimation. Instead, it appeared the mob had regained its lost numbers. Marvelous Man scanned the area and noticed something amidst the pool of whisping essence. Body parts of the rotting soldiers were being forced back into place by the blackness; animating them again and forming the darkness into combat equipment. Back at the ground, the barrage against the Totochtin prince was unending. There was no small period of recovery or even time to think. The moment he countered an attack from the zombie army, Gene had to dodge a charging Leviathan that nearly ate or trampled him. This would be followed by the Skeleton Lord galloping towards the bunny demigod and trying to slice him with the glaive. Then, the combo would start over again in a different order; preventing any means of predictability for the rabbit superhero. No matter what Gene did, the outcome for him was more pain and wounds. Overcoming an assault from any of the three types of enemies would leave him with shallow gashes on the exposed areas not covered by his armor. Flinching from any pain or reacting too slow to an enemy strike would cause an attack to succeed. Shapeshifting to rabbit form was no longer a viable option, as skeleton arms would then sprout from the field of blackness and pin Gene down for his enemies to strike at that vulnerable moment. The lethal blows would cause the crimson armor to activate the magical defense mechanism and divide the Totochtin prince into two clones of himself to avoid that damage. And if any of those twins failed to properly defend themselves, the division on that clone would commence once again. The only way the Genes would be forcibly fused back together again depended on one condition: to exist for a full two seconds without dividing again. Marvelous Man soon noticed a pattern of the clones existing two seconds longer for every time the clones were divided into a new set. But upon merging is when the bunny demigod would have to pay the price for avoiding the receival of fatal wounds. Hideous bruises sprouted all over his body, and blood dripped from his mouth and nose. Marvelous Man grabbed his magical patch, “Gene, you need to get to out of there! Get to higher ground or something! You’re not gonna win if you keep fighting like this!” The Totochtin prince seemed to acknowledge the muscle demigod’s advice, as he turned and ran away from his enemies. The Leviathan chased after the rabbit superhero with the rest of Alden’s undead army following behind. As Gene approached a tall business building, he performed a front flip. The bunny demigod landed feet first on the building wall; the crimson claws of his feet armor slightly dug into the concrete layer. Gravity obeyed the Totochtin prince, as Gene stood up. He did not fall nor tilt towards the ground; standing straight and rigid like the wall had become the floor and vice versa. The rabbit superhero took off and ran with graceful agility. While reaching a third of the way up the building, the Leviathan scaled the wall as well. The monster’s claws dug into the structure and windows; rupturing the side with every propelling movement. Gene shapeshifted into his armored rabbit form, as the Leviathan drew closer with its gaping maw. The bunny demigod pushed off with his super strength; zipping upside the business building in a crimson blur. He scampered farther up with the spacial gap between himself and the Leviathan growing wider. Reaching the top of the building with seconds to spare, the rabbit superhero hopped over to the center of the roof. The rooftop’s area and the business building itself had the spatial width of a small baseball field; perfect to house the fight between Gene and the Leviathan without either running out of room and falling over. The Totochtin prince reverted back into his human form, while the rumbling vibrations of the pursuing Leviathan grew stronger. He then swiveled about; facing himself towards where the enemy would be arriving at. His fists began to glow blue; charged with mana. Clasping his hands together in front of his chest, the bunny demigod started folding them against one another. He gestured his hands into a hand sign before immediately manipulating his fingered digits into another sign. On his final hand sign, his pinkies and ring fingers intertwined one another, and his thumb, index, and middle fingers pressed against each other. A runic symbol then appeared above his fingerless gloves, as his crimson armor glowed with the sound of a person hushing briefly passed over the armor. A second later, the symbol and the glowing vanished. Gene’s hands fell to his sides with open palms before taking a deep breath and exhaling it. The monster showed no sign of slowing down, as it drew closer to the top. Marvelous Man watched the Leviathan shoot into the air; high above the building’s roof. It landed with a thunderous stomp and its tail drooping over the edge. The ground beneath the white beast fractured in multiple directions, yet it still held itself together in spite of the massive impact and weight. The Leviathan charged with its toothy maw gaping wide open and drooling black essence. Gene leaned forward. He raised one arm with a clenched fist and tucked in the other. In Marvelous Man’s perspective, the rabbit superhero looked as if he were paused in a mid-punch that was ready to release another. The monster stampeded closer, but Gene did not move. Upon contact, The Totochtin prince divided. Marvelous Man’s eyes bulged. Instead of two clones, it was now three! Two of the Genes appeared on either side of the rampaging Leviathan, while the third materialized above the beast. The two clones on the ground rotated their bodies to face the white monstrosity, while striking with their fists. The two Genes punched rapidly with both fists; their arms becoming blurred amidst their barrage. “FURO-RO-RO-RO-RO-RO-RO-RO-RO-RO-RO-RO-RO-RO!!!” they battle cried in unison. At the same time, the third clone in the air twirled his body. As he repositioned himself at a horizontal angle, the clone linked his hands together with his crimson-spiked elbows pointing outwards. His spinning upper body landed on top of the Leviathan’s neck and plunged one of the spikes on his elbows into the monster. With the giant bone monster in motion, it allowed the third clone to use the beast’s kinetic force in accelerating his own rotation speed. He moved like a buzzsaw carving down the Leviathan’s spine; using the spikes on his elbow and forehead. The Leviathan could not react in time to the Genes’ surprise attack and could only continue forward; helpless to the Totochtin onslaught. Every punch and slice from the clones created massive craters that birthed incalculable cracks all over the monstrous body. By the time the white beast completely passed by the Totochtin clones, its entire being was completely covered in fractures. It looked as if it were cracked porcelain ready to fall apart at the slightest touch. As the Gene clone in the air fell towards the ground after running out of Leviathan to spin on, the other Totochtin clones reached out to him. One clasped onto an arm, while the other grabbed the armored ankle. The three clones blurred; fusing back into one Gene Lightfoot. Landing feet first, the bunny demigod shifted into his rabbit form. The armored bunny haunched down before rocketing off with the use of his super strength. As the Leviathan came to a slow upon nearly reaching the other end of the roof, the crimson missile closed in from behind it. The white rabbit pierced into the Leviathan without difficulty and caused the gargantuan beast to freeze in its tracks at the sudden intrusion. Immediately after entering, the bunny demigod exited out of the monster’s mouth. Gene then changed back to his human form, as he landed close to the edge of the rooftop. The hole the Totochtin prince had made in the Leviathan’s back-end widened; pieces of that area breaking off. The clattering sound of fallen bone chips began to collect in larger volumes, as the shattering had completely collapsed the back-end and continued up to the head. Seconds later, the Leviathan was no more. Only a massive pile of bone fragments remained. Gene lurched forward and grabbed his stomach. His breathing had become slow and heavy. Blood streamed down out of his nostrils again. Marvelous Man gripped his D.A.B. patch, “Hey, are you okay?!” “...I will be requiring the healing after this fight,” telepathically replied Gene, “Please be ready to do the supercharge on me.” The muscle demigod nodded, “U-understood!” “Have you located the Sugar Skull? I have not seen him before this fight began,” questioned Gene. Marvelous Man answered, “I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him either. B-but I know he’ll be alright!” “I will have to trust your word on that. What is the Skeleton Lord doing?” said Gene. The musclebound superhero shifted his gaze. He then spotted the centaur climbing up the building wall. Alden’s horse legs dangled in the air, while the spider leg limbs on the Skeleton Lord’s back did all the scaling and hoisting the rest of the body. Alden was nearing the rooftop; giving Marvelous Man only seconds to talk. The hulking bodybuilder stated, “He’s scaling the wall with his spider legs and almost at the roof. Gene, just what is that armor doing to you when you divide?” “When I avoid the death and return my wrath by the multiples, my body will then be burdened by the multiples. It is a flaw Gemini did not have time to completely correct,” stated the Totochtin prince. A white spider leg made of bone clung onto the cracked edge of the rooftop. One by one, more appeared and joined the limb without disrupting the fractured structure. The spider legs slowly hoisted the Skeleton Lord up and drifted him over onto the rooftop. The white centaur was placed down with a light clomp. Slowly trotting forward, Alden’s gaze fixed onto the back-turned Gene before drifting over to the pile of what was once the Leviathan. He then stopped upon reaching the center of the rooftop. The Skeleton Lord huffed, “Why...why can’t you just die?!” The Totochtin prince shuffled about at a tired pace; turning to face his enemy. Upon completing his rotation, Gene let out a small sigh. He then slowly wiped the blood coming out of his nose. “I return the statement back to you,” he retorted. Alden reminded, “Feh. Cursed wretch. You have only pricked me twice in the chest, Totochtin. A simple patchwork for Digz. Whereas, you look no different than the undead cur I send after you.” “It is only a flesh wound. I can still continue this fight. And I shall prick you many times more,” said Gene. The centaur extended his right arm to the right, “You can try, but I am well aware of the limits of your witchery armor, Totochtin. You cannot outlast a god when every division pushes you ever closer into death’s embrace.” The polearm weapon he held in his extended right arm evaporated into black miasma; dissipating into the essence-contaminated air. The Skeleton Lord opened his hand and stretched out the palm, while the pile of bone chips began to stir. The white mass then flowed, like a stream of leaves dancing in the wind, over to the exposed palm. The pieces of bone swirled above the palm; growing bigger and rotating faster with every bit collected into the swirl. After all the fragments of the Leviathan had been collected, the whirling mass now matched the centaur’s large height. It was flat and spun faster than a table buzzsaw at max speed; becoming a disk of destruction. “I. HAVE. WON!!!” he proclaimed. Alden swung his extended right arm to his left side with abrupt force. The whirling bone disk responded by launching itself at the Totochtin prince. Gene made no effort to move, as the destructive disk spun closer. Right at fatal contact, the bunny demigod divided out of the way with two clones appearing at the left and one clone on the right side of the deadly projectile. The disk continued forward; flying off of the roof’s edge and moving upwards. Clenching his fist, the Skeleton Lord brought his commanding arm back to his right side and tucking against it. The disk of boney mass ceased its height climbing and flipped itself onto a horizontal angle. The spinning mass then released a volley of bone chips at the Gene trio clones; its firing and sound effect similar to a helicopter minigun. The bullet-like projectiles shot in streams of two in an effort to gun down both sides where the Genes stood. As the clones divided into triplicates, the bone shards pierced into the ground. Clouds of grey dust wafted into the air from the flooring damage; creating a smokescreen over the shot Genes. The Totochtin clones’ division began to circle around the Skeleton Lord, which was then followed by the hailstorm of bone particles and smokescreen. With every passing second the disk fired, it grew shorter from using its mass as bullets. The discharge soon came to an end, as the disk-like bone mass used the last of itself at the ever-multiplying bunny demigod. The entire rooftop looked like it had been replaced with a meteorologist’s digital representation of a hurricane, and the Skeleton Lord stood in its eye. Silence stood next to Alden, while the smokey field around him echoed with tiny debris splinking everywhere. Four Gene clones dashed from out of the smoke; two appearing in front of the centaur with the other two from behind it. The clones spun, as they lifted their legs and aimed the spike on the back of their achilles tendon at the foe. With no time for Alden to react, the Genes successfully punctured their spikes into the sides of the centaur’s horse body. Cracks rippled throughout the white horse section, while the smoke from behind the Skeleton Lord stirred again. Leaping out in a frontward flip, another Gene emerged from the debris cloud. He kept his right leg stuck straight out while hugging the left during the flip. As the revolution of his rotation came to completion with his head facing up, the clone released his left leg. The unbound leg swung downwards; releasing the pent up kinetic energy at the top of the Skeleton Lord’s horse rear-end. Marvelous Man recognized the acrobatic move as the Webster Axe Kick. The axe kick slammed its armored heel down on top of the equine rear end; piercing the crimson achilles spike through the hide. Fractures shot through and connected with the previous cracks in less than a second. The horse part of the centaur immediately shattered; revealing underneath Alden’s bone-encased legs. With nothing holding up the Skeleton Lord, the ancient king fell. The white spider legs attached to his back extended downwards, as his knees touched the ground. Boring into the ground, the arachnid limbs immediately lifted Alden back onto his feet. The two Gene clones in front of the Skeleton Lord began to rapidly punch the ancient king. At the same time, the three Genes from behind Alden rushed in. The lightning-fast fists aimed themselves at the torso, as the three Genes began aiming their crimson-knuckled barrage at the Skeleton Lord’s back. The bone armor that protected the ancient king could barely withstand the intense close-combat onslaught. Yet it remained thick enough for its entirety to not crumble nor allow Alden’s peach skin to be instantly unearthed. Chunks of white bone flew into the air, as the sound of breaking concrete resounded from the assaulted armor. The spider legs made of bone raised itself out of the ground and began whipping about. Thrashing in a circular motion, all of the arachnid limbs successfully lashed at the Gene clones. The Totochtin copies could not divide at the nonlethal attack and were flung back into smoke debris. The attack may have stopped the clones from further bombardment, but the damage the rabbit superheroes incurred at chipping away the bone armor left Alden’s frail, Mana Stone-fused torso to become exposed. As its powerful sweep came to a stop, it caused a burst of wind to blossom in the vicinity. The gust pushed away the dusty smoke clinging to the rooftop; unveiling a mob of bunny demigods armored in crimson. Every available space on the rooftop had been taken up by a Gene clone and resulted in surrounding the Skeleton Lord. Their rage, sadness, and anger multiplied in one spot at such an intensity that Marvelous Man did not just feel it; he could taste it. His eyes watered uncontrollably with tears, as his tongue tasted an extreme saltiness mixed with a sour stronger than any lemon he’s ever tasted. The muscle demigod’s jaw seized into a tight clench; foam beginning to form at the mouth. Marvelous Man’s stomach felt as if it had twisted into a new shape that squeezed but prevented any bile from coming out. Gravity seemed to magnify on the muscle demigod’s massive body, while his spirit felt like it was about to implode. It took every ounce of his willpower to recognize these emotions as not his own and to focus on his thoughts on the things he loved. If the musclebound superhero did not, he would have screamed cries of insanity at the intense emotions pressured into himself. And while he tried to think of his parents, friends, and his love for being a superhero, there was one person that easily crept into his thoughts that seemed to sooth the deafening madness within himself. Gemini; the Soulem that made his life enjoyable and would have even if Marvelous Man wasn’t a superhero. During Marvelous Man’s attempt to stabilize, the Genes made their move. A colony of crimson-armored rabbits leapt at the Skeleton Lord with blinding speed. Their horns pierced Alden’s unguarded flesh; the chest and back. White rabbits hung from where they stabbed, while the Skeleton Lord did nothing. It seemed as if the ancient king had become paralyzed by the intense pressure of emotions the Genes radiated. The white spider legs swung themselves over Alden; swatting away the armored rabbits embedded in him. As the bunnies were swept away, humanized Gene clones from multiple directions charged in. The Totochtin clones seemed to be enacting Blitzkrieg tactics; unleashing a quick bombardment of punches and kicks before fleeing back into the crowd. The spider legs were the first to go, as they exploded into splinters of bone. The armor came next; chiseled away to reveal the frail man inside. Despite the immense gravity of emotions weighing down the Skeleton Lord, Digz’s response to the oncoming attacks remained unaffected. The bone armor that was chipped away had rapidly regenerated and began to sprout white tentacles in an attempt to keep the Gene clones at bay. The humanoid Genes continued to pour in, and those that were not whipped away quickly dismantled the Skeleton Lord’s tendrils and armor. The moment Alden’s peach skin was shown, an armored white rabbit would rocket towards the skin and pierce it with the crimson horn. The bunny demigod would then be swept away by the Skeleton Lord’s tentacle, and the armor would grow over the gaping wound just before blood could seep out. Marvelous Man’s eyes began to focus on the fight scene, as his mind and emotions finally stabilized. He witnessed the tables had finally turned with Gene winning! The Skeleton Lord will finally die, and the Totochtin prince will have avenged his fallen ancestors...But one thing seemed to constantly bubble up to the surface of the musclebound superhero’s mind. Before the bunny demigod had engaged in battle with the ancient king, Marvelous Man offered help to Alden...and Alden had tried to accept that help until Digz interrupted followed by Gene. If the muscle demigod allowed Gene to kill Alden, that would be the end of it. An easy end to the difficult journey of defeating the Skeleton Lord. But in his gut, he knew...Marvelous Man knew that it would haunt him the rest of his life. What if? He had the power to help someone; make a literal change in that person’s life. And to not give that help after it had been asked for...what was the point of everything he had done so far? The hulking bodybuilder grasped his D.A.B. patch, “Gene...you need to stop.” There was no telepathic response from the Totochtin prince, who was now consumed in the heat of combat. Marvelous Man flew towards the rooftop conflict, while he pleaded with the rabbit superhero. “Gene, that’s enough,” he said. No answer. A patch of flesh was exposed on the Skeleton Lord’s shoulder and was immediately stabbed by an armored rabbit’s horn. The muscle demigod was halfway there. Marvelous Man called out, “Gene! Stop!” Nothing. A white tendril from the armor whipped down at the crimson-horned bunny; swiping it away. Immediately after, a Gene clone leapt forward and punched the Skeleton Lord’s crow skull helmet. The bone headgear shattered; exposing Alden’s catatonic face that was drowned in the Gene clones’ immense emotions. The Skeleton Lord was flung onto the ground by the punch, as Marvelous Man was now above the two. The muscle demigod dropped down and landed crouched on his knee between Gene and Alden with his hulking back facing the fallen Skeleton Lord. “ENOUGH!!!” shouted Marvelous Man in both voice and thought. The Gene clone in front of the musclebound superhero froze in his tracks, as his face showed only shock. The emotions weighing down on Marvelous Man and Alden had ceased. The ancient king coughed up blood, as he gasped for air like he had been held underwater. The clone spoke up, “Marvelous Man, what do you think you are doing?!” “I-I’m stopping you,” replied the muscle demigod, “King Alden is down. You’ve won. So let me help him now.” Gene gritted his teeth, “Won? I have not won! I will be the victorious when he is dead! That is what I have decreed for his fate, and it is what he deserves! What gives you the right to defy me?!” Tears began to well up Marvelous Man’s eyes. He knew his friend was in pain, and he could see it in the Totochtin prince’s eyes as well as feel it. The Gene clone mob that encircled the three began shouting; questioning Marvelous Man and commanding him to move. Marvelous Man did not want to stop his friend, but… “Because I’m a hero! I have to help those that accept my help, Gene. What else am I if I don’t?! Especially all those things I said to King Alden. Please...I don’t want to fight you over this…” he said. The Gene in front of the hulking bodybuilder trembled, as his eyes began to water. Marvelous Man reasoned, “I know you don’t have a lot of time left before you do that merging thing. Let me supercharge you, and let me help them.” Streams of tears flowed from Gene’s cheek. “Get out of the way, Marvelous Man. Let me do this,” said Gene. Marvelous Man replied, “I...I can’t...I’m sorry.” “I AM WARNING YOU! I WILL NOT BACK DOWN! MOVE!!!” shouted Gene. Marvelous Man choked an answer back, “...No…” “Break me if you have to,” he said, “But I can’t stand by and ignore someone that tried to take my help. They’re all in pain, Gene. I have to try and help them...I know I can...” As his tears flowed down his cheeks, the musclebound superhero could feel the heartache from the Gene clones. “Damn you, Marvelous Man. I can never raise my fist against you,” he sobbed. “But know this,” continued Gene, “He will betray you, when he gets the chance.” Marvelous Man tried to speak, but there was a knot forming in his throat, and it had become hard to speak. The hulking bodybuilder resorted to nodding his head at Gene, as he pondered his next thoughts. He would have a difficult time trying to sing in order to activate his supercharge, so he would have to make do with playing an instrument. Reaching into his black jacket’s pocket, he pulled out his golden harmonica, Duskbell. Puffing into the musical device, he played. The song consisting of long notes that were akin to the blues genre playstyle. As he played the sorrowful song, the light within himself fed on the music. The light extended itself through the rooftop floor and traveled forth in all directions. It enveloped the fallen Skeleton Lord and every Gene clone, as it reached the edges of the roof in seconds. The Gene clone in front of Marvelous Man closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Opening his eyes again upon exhale, he then turned to his other clones and extended his hand. The crowd of clones began holding each other’s hands, as they all walked forward towards the center of the rooftop. Approaching the Gene standing in front of Marvelous Man, they stopped. The Totochtin clone that stood the closest to that Gene extended their hand and took grasp of his. A flash of air bursted from that Gene, as the clones were pulled by an unseen force into that Gene. The clones merged together into that Gene; layering into him without any sign of collision. Seconds later, there was only one Gene Lightfoot standing in front of Marvelous Man. As the bunny demigod turned around, a sputtering cough emanated from behind the hulking bodybuilder. Alden spoke, “With such power like this...are you truly a star child?” Marvelous Man turned to the ancient king. “Huh?” he said. The Skeleton Lord coughed, “I cannot remember how long it has been since I’ve had so many thoughts. A-HACK! To wonder about so many things and explore it all at once. It is exhilarating...and terrifying.” “...And now I wonder...has it all been worth it? The killing and torture just because I was miserable? Shifting the blame onto others? In the end, I don’t feel any better about what happened to my family. I had only delayed the one truth I did not wish to gaze at,” he continued. Alden wept, “It was time to let go. Holding onto what was left of ourselves poisoned everything we ever thought and ever did...at least it was for me. If I had just let go of these burdens and stopped forcing myself to live, I could have been with my family again. And all this time, Digz, it had never occured to me that you were unwell. It is only now that I look back and see how obvious it was...I never thought I would say this, but...” He paused. “...You were wrong,” gasped the ancient king. Alden closed his eyes, as his glowing body relaxed. Marvelous Man’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Huddling over Alden, the muscle demigod gave the ancient king a light shake. Marvelous Man called out, “King Alden?” No response. Placing his index and middle finger on Alden’s neck, the muscle demigod called out the light within him to diagnose the ancient king. Marvelous Man’s heart dropped. “Wha-? N-no...Oh, no no no no no…” he uttered. There was no pulse, and no detected signs of life. Alden was dead. Even though the ancient king was fully healed, all Marvelous Man did was create a pretty corpse. His lips whimpered, “Damnit, no! NO! Don’t die on me! You weren’t supposed to die! That’s not how the supercharge works! I-I was supposed to save you, and-and we learn a lesson or something!...Not like this. It shouldn’t have ended like this…” He failed to save the one person who needed his help the most. It was all his fault. He should have stopped the fight earlier. Before it ever started. He should have tried harder to help...WHY DID YOU LET THEM FIGHT?! YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ACTION!!! YOU CHOSE WRONG!!! A child-like scream pierced Marvelous Man’s ears. Jumping back, he could hear the scream emanating from Alden’s dead body. Black essence leaked from the corpse as a sludge-like substance that bubbled. Marvelous Man had forgotten about Digz. The corrupted imp was now alone and did not have much longer to live now that the host body has died. A strong gale of wind howled above the superheroes, as the essence-covered sky began to warp. The dark miasma swirled, as it transformed into the cone of a tornado. The moment the teammates looked up, the tornado had zoomed downward and touched down onto the deceased king. The two held their arms up as bits of the rooftop debris was blasted into their faces. The Totochtin prince screamed over the shrieking tempest. “What is happening?!” said Gene. Marvelous Man squinted at the tornado for a moment before his eyes expanded in horror. He spotted through the tornado a giant skeleton arm with a hand big enough to grab a human being. It flexed ready to pounce at them. The musclebound superhero turned to Gene, “RUN!!!” Shoving with all of his super strength, Marvelous Man pushed the rabbit superhero off of the roof. Gene sailed through the air with arms and legs flapping like a ragdoll. He gambled on the supercharge to quickly heal any wound and combine with the bunny demigod’s durability to increase Gene’s survival rate against the fall. Time seemed to slow down for a brief moment. The intake of breath into Marvelous Man’s lungs seemed to go on forever, while he watched Gene’s face overwritten with a shocked expression. The hulking bodybuilder then felt the giant skeleton fingers wrap over his bulging arms and sinking into his carved abdomen. Time returned to its normal rate, as his body was yanked backward. His vision blurred at the scenery seeming to stretch forward. Before his sights had become blanketed with darkness, he saw Gene turn into a speck. “I hope this isn’t the end,” he thought.
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 26

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FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: SPECTRI Chapter 26: Wrath of the Al-Mi’raj - Part 1 Marvelous Man stared across at the man his team had been looking for. But now the musclebound superhero stood alone with no one to assist against the Skeleton Lord. And while Marvelous Man held great fear in his heart upon being in the presence of his enemy, he could not help but feel a newfound pity. The red cloak with white fur lining was still worn by the Skeleton Lord. However, Marvelous Man noticed how the ancient evil’s past self truly differed. The cloak was clung with patches of dust and dirt, and no longer opened to display the majesty’s royal guise. Instead, it had curtained around the entire body with the hood obscuring the face. But even without the hood, it was still hidden by the horse skull he wore as both a helmet and a mask. A passing thought in Marvelous Man’s head wondered if the king still had those bright emerald green eyes or if it had turned into a dull moss green. The Skeleton Lord spoke up, “Well, well. I am surprised that you had decided to come back, Marvelous Man. But then I suppose that’s just how heroes are. Have to hold onto that virtue of stubbornness until you’ve won the day and saved the princess. Or prince if that’s your fancy...Sadly, I no longer have either of those.” The hulking bodybuilder gulped. He knew if he attempted to take on the Skeleton Lord by his own, he would surely lose...or worse. Marvelous Man had to stall until his friends could arrive to help. He spoke slowly; carefully choosing his words and attempting to humanize his foe. “Because of the Royal Burning, right?” he replied. The ancient evil’s hood gave a slight tilt to the side, “...And how do you know about that?” The Skeleton Lord looked up. “...Oh? And he saw everything that happened?...I see,” he said. The supervillain turned back to Marvelous Man, “Did you find what you were looking for? Because I did.” Lifting a part of his red cloak, the Skeleton Lord revealed his skinny body. His skin shared the same peach color as his hands, but the body betrayed the healthy color by having only skin and bone. Alden’s skeletal frame was clothed only with simple breeches; dark brown and held up by a tattered rope belt. The belt itself seemed to be linked together by a miniature human skull that drooped on top of the groin. Marvelous Man’s eyes were then drawn to a spherical object protruding from the supervillain’s chest. It was an orb that appeared to be made from a black rock and smoothed expertly with no sign of misshape or rough edges. The stone had multiple engravings of unknown origin to the musclebound superhero, and its size compared to that of an average adult fist. It pulsed with a dull, purple light while half-embedded in the left side of the Skeleton Lord’s chest. Bulging veins collected and connected around the ball; as if it were feeding into the orb...or maybe the other way around. The muscle demigod took a step back at the horrified spectacle and gasped. It was undeniable that the Skeleton Lord attained the item Sugar Skull bartered the location of when Marvelous Man and the half-alive ghoul were in Limbo. He then clutched his hand on the D.A.B. patch attached to his black jacket’s shoulder. Activating its telepathic communication ability, the musclebound superhero broadcasted his thoughts. He hoped it would reach his teammates; despite the area being contaminated by Digz’s essence, which would interfere with both technological and magical means of communication. He called out, “Guys, the Skeleton Lord found me, and he’s got the Mana Stone too!” “Repeat, I’m with the Skeleton Lord, and he has the Mana Stone!” he said. Marvelous Man’s eyes flicked at every angle he could possibly see while standing still; trying to quickly identify the new area he stood in. From what he hastily analyzed, the hulking bodybuilder had been guided by Digz’s essence to walk right into a temple. The place had been long abandoned, like every other structure in the ghetto, and had become a structure of complete disarray. The walls and marble columns were cracked; appearing so brittle it could fall apart from a single touch. What little furniture here had been tossed onto its backs, broken, or had been stolen with empty bolt slots to serve as evidence that it had once existed. Paintings of the deity the temple paid patronage to were either torn from its frames or chipped off the walls from age and vandalism to the point of being unidentifiable. There were several doorways scattered throughout the room in front of himself, but they did not appear to lead outside. He spotted a faint light casting his dim shadow from behind; most likely the entrance, but no way to confirm until he turned around. The muscle demigod continued his telepathic broadcast, “I’m in some sort of temple, and it’s really old. I’ll try to talk him down. I think I can get to him. DO NOT ENGAGE.” “...Not exactly,” hesitated the muscle demigod, “He showed me enough...Alden, did you know that it was Digz who caused the Royal Burning?” The part of the red cloak that was held up had been released. Drooping back down like a curtain, it resumed hiding Alden’s body. The Skeleton Lord exclaimed, “That’s KING ALDEN to you, hero! And do not tell me your lies! My familiar had already shown me what he had witnessed. You cannot win me over with such empty words!” Out of instinct, Marvelous Man raised his hands with open palms like the characters he had seen in movies that try to calm a person down with body language. Explaining Digz’s deceit had predictably failed, so the musclebound superhero had to reason with something else. “R-right, King Alden. King Alden, you really shouldn’t do this. I mean, aren’t you getting tired of this? We do the same thing every time. My friends and I stop you every time we find you, and then you run away. Just...when does this end? Cause when we stop you this time...you’re going to die. We’ll have to kill you...King Alden,” he said. The Skeleton Lord paused, “...And maybe it would be better that way.” “What? No!” the muscle demigod replied, “Nobody has to die today...not even you. You could run away right now and...well...I don’t-” Alden interjected, “And hide away until I turn into dust?! No, star child. I have no interest of doing that. Not after all I’ve done. This cycle is all I have, and I’ve come too far to just give up. You must kill me where I stand now or perish.” The words within Marvelous Man’s head rattled about; failing to form a coherent sentence to verbally subdue the Skeleton Lord. No matter what the musclebound superhero said, it continued to be the wrong answer. Brushing the topic of Alden’s family or Digz’s affiliation with the person known as Kenelm was definitely out of the question. There was one more thing he could try to deescalate the situation. “Look, just...let me help you, please. I can’t bring back your family, but I can help Digz. He’s not well, and I’m a healer,” he pleaded. The muscle demigod continued, “Digz is a corrupted familiar. It’s why his essence is constantly bleeding out, and why he needs so much energy. Please...King Alden. Let me help.” Alden stood still in silence for a few seconds. “...Why do you still wish to save us, star child? Has our painful past renewed your bleeding heart? Because you can cease that look of pity from your eyes!” spat the ancient evil. Marvelous Man looked down, “I don’t pity you...Well, that’s not completely true. I feel a bit sad for you, but...I’m more sad about the stuff that caused you to turn into this. You were a good person that was compassionate and surrounded by so much love...but then you became as corrupted as your bone imp.” “And well, the more I think about it...the more I realize how alike we are. I could’ve become just like you when I found out that my life was a lie...And I was going to be sucked back into that lie because it made those that I loved feel better. And I nearly killed them and probably would’ve gone on a rampage just like you,” he remarked. The hulking bodybuilder took a deep breath to relax himself. The act of admitting his true feelings made his heart tremble as well as his titanic body. He felt like his whole being was about to shatter from a single touch, but the words would not stop flooding from his mouth. Marvelous Man looked up at Alden, “But it was those same people that helped me come back from that dark place, and I apologized for what I did...And I still do. They inspired me to be a better person...just like how I inspired them to let go of me and trust that I’ll be okay. You were inspired by somebody in a dark place, and they dragged you down with them.” The muscle demigod extended his hand. “So please, let me inspire you to be better, King Alden. Let me heal Digz. He’s been in so much pain that the only way he knows how to feel better is to hurt others, and I know you’ve felt that way too. Please, King Alden...let me help,” he said. The tip of Marvelous Man’s extended hand began to glow; slowly extending itself down the digits. His eyes turned toward the glow, as he experienced a feeling he had not felt before...No, that was incorrect. It was a feeling he had felt before, but it was a dulled version compared to what he currently felt. The emotion was something he had experienced during his childhood to do nice things for his family and the town of Sunnysville. That feeling back then was like a tiny spring trickling out of the cracks of his heart compared to what he felt now; a geyser ready to explode. What he experienced felt...right. It felt like this was “him”. The state of being he was meant to be. The musclebound superhero knew this emotion had a name. Something that he had just said that described it completely. But there was no time to dwell on this discovery. King Alden hesitated, “...Can you...fix my pain as well?” The muscle demigod smiled, as he started to walk towards the Skeleton Lord. His heart became elated at this positive response. Seeing the very person defined as an absolute evil show such a change towards redemption caused the feeling and glowing to increase. The glowing in his hand continued down his arm. As it became more visible, the glowing took on a peculiar shape. It shined like Marvelous Man’s usual illumination or Supercharge, but it had a different color and slightly whisped like his Soul Venom. “Not exactly. I can make your spirit stronger. And it’ll help you come to terms with the pain, so you can heal on your own. Just take my hand, and I can help”, he calmly said. As the hulking bodybuilder came closer, the Skeleton Lord leaned back. Alden slowly extended his right hand. The skinny arm trembled; causing the limb to almost look like a peach-colored blur. Fully extended, it was only a few steps away from making contact with Marvelous Man’s. “And please,” requested Alden, “Help Digz. He’s all I have.” A spider leg made of bone lashed out from beneath the Skeleton Lord’s cloak. The boney limb slashed at Marvelous Man’s hand; swatting away the glowing palm. The musclebound superhero immediately halted from moving any further. “Digz! What are you doing?!” he exclaimed. Hurried little thumps echoed, as a white rabbit bounded underneath Marvelous Man. Passing between the massive legs of the hulking bodybuilder, the bunny leapt forward. The rabbit then twirled in the air; turning to have its feet facing the Skeleton Lord. The rabbit instantly dropped its guise and shapeshifted into the Totochtin prince, Gene Lightfoot. Gene kicked with both legs; impacting against Alden. The Skeleton Lord tumbled backward, while more spider-like limbs ejected out from under the red cloak. The bone legs quickly landed on the floor before skidding to a halt; catching the king from landing violently on the ground. With the surprise attack complete, the rabbit superhero fell towards the temple ground with his face looking at it. His arms instantly positioned in front of himself; bracing for the flat collision. Landing with a suppressed bam, Gene rolled to his left until he was on his back. The bunny demigod swept his leg in a counterclockwise motion, while he lifted his body up. With his feet landing on the ground, it gripped the floor. The Totochtin prince pushed up; springing his body upright and situated back into fighting position. Marvelous Man spoke up, “Gene? W-wait, let me help him! I almost got through!” Gene kept his eyes focused on the Skeleton Lord, as he opened a pouch on his utility belt. His fingerless gloves then began to glow with a red runic symbol. “You almost did, but he has rejected the help. I have allowed you time for your compassion, but it has expired. I will now commence the end to this monster,” he stated. The muscle demigod could feel rage and hate with a hint of sadness radiating into him. Realizing that Gene had unknowingly broadcasted such emotions, the memory of what the Totochtin prince had requested from Digz popped into his mind. The hulking bodybuilder inquired, “...You saw terrible things, didn’t you? From that question you gave to Digz about wanting to know if the Skeleton Lord was...ya know, the culprit to your people’s hiding away thing.” Gene nodded. “Please stand back. I will not be requesting the assistance, nor do I wish for you to be caught in the battle. If you find the Sugar Skull, do not let him do the intervening. There will be no need to do the supercharging to me,” he commanded. Marvelous Man obeyed; taking several steps back until his own back pressed against the temple’s wall. The musclebound superhero wanted to calm his friend down, but the seething rage he felt terrified him. It was a possibility that if he tried to stop the Totochtin prince, the rabbit superhero would have resorted to violence. But Marvelous Man knew he would only take part in the fight to heal his teammate and nothing else. Gene raised his left hand into the air, “Alumeir! Armor bathed in the blood of my enemies, I invoke the wrath of the Al-Mi’raj!” The silver balls shot out from Gene’s pouch and flew above the Totochtin prince. Forming a circle row, the shining spheres began to spin at an intense speed. The projectiles changed into a blur as its color shifted to a crimson red. The crimson material immediately dispersed; rocketing in a curved arc towards the bunny demigod. As the red objects collided into Gene, the searing sound and sight of steam instantly arouse from the rabbit demigod’s flesh. The buildup of sudden steam completely enveloped the Totochtin prince for a second before it instantly parted as if a gust exploded within. Gene stood in shining crimson-colored armor; decorating certain parts of his body. His shin and feet were armored in a set of greaves that resembled the claws of a humanoid dragon, and a spike stood on top of each of his achilles tendon. The kneecaps were covered in a smooth, crimson metal layer. The stripe across his right thigh and his crotch area, along with the waistband, were now shaded in the same red as his armor. His knuckles were encased in the red metal, and his forearms were now covered in crimson vambraces. The rabbit superhero’s elbows were armed with a red spike, and a sharp plate of chest armor covered his chest and shoulders. And on the top of his head was a crimson metal headband with a swirling unicorn horn sticking out of it. It was an armor that screamed of purpose for only attack with barely any regard for defense. “Please give Gemini my thanks,” he said. The spidery legs made of bone adjusted themselves to allow the Skeleton Lord to lean upwards and face his attacker. “Totochtin,” said Alden, “I was wondering when I would see you again. I promised that the next time we met I would ask you a very important question that could save your race. Do you remember?” Gene replied, “I remember.” The Skeleton Lord sighed, as he stood up straight. “I suppose it is pointless to ask now, since it is obvious where you stand. But I might as well keep to my word,” he said. Alden asked, “Will you join me, Totochtin? Become mine. Let me drink your lust energy, and I will spare your people. The Totochtin race can flourish once again and would have no need to hide from me.” The Totochtin prince’s reply was instant with no sign of hesitation. “The answer is no, Skeleton Lord. Instead, I will bring just for my kind. On behalf of the Totochtin race, I sentence you to death,” answered Gene. Marvelous Man felt it was peculiar to see the Skeleton Lord suddenly change mood. It appeared as if Alden had resigned to just being a villain. The Skeleton Lord sighed, “I have been alive too long to hear that phrase one too many. Pray tell, what is your name then Totochtin? Perhaps the potential threat your kind had will come to fruition now. But if not, I want your death to be somewhat memorable to me.” The Totochtin prince crouched himself into his fighting stance. “I am the Totochtin known as the Gene Lightfoot. Prince of the Lightfoot tribe. Combat specialty: the hand-to-hand,” he announced. In one instant motion, Gene shrunk into his rabbit form and rocketed towards the ancient king in less than a second. It was all one crimson blur that left the Skeleton Lord with no time to defend against the bullet-like speed. At the moment of impact, the bunny demigod pushed himself off of Alden and landed on the temple floor with his back faced towards the enemy. Gene did not take a moment to stop and continued to follow the motion by turning a sharp left while running. As he faced the Skeleton Lord, the bunny demigod shifted back into a crimson blur that fired off at his enemy. During the brief moment Gene had landed and turned around, Marvelous Man swore he saw crimson-colored armor plates on Gene’s rabbit form. But the Totochtin prince did not stay still long enough for the musclebound superhero to confirm. The Skeleton Lord’s boney spider legs struggled to stabilize their master, as the ancient king was flung backwards from the blow. And just as his body was situated upright, the rabbit collided into his chest before bouncing off again. Alden was thrown back again, but he skidded to a halt faster than before. By the time Gene was scurrying for a third strike, the Skeleton Lord had already recovered. As the rabbit faced him and torpedoed towards him in a crimson blur, the ancient king lashed with a pair of his white spider limbs. The Skeleton Lord had correctly timed his counter, as the boned arachnid legs slammed against the nearly invisible attack. The bone appendages then immediately broke off after the successful counterattack. Gene was propelled back towards the temple floor by Alden’s swat and bounced on the ground. He then tumbled onto the floor for a moment before recovering himself on his feet and clawing into the ground for an immediate stop. The bunny demigod ceased movement with his eyes locked onto the enemy; his nose twitched with rapid intensity. The muscle demigod confirmed his thought, as he looked at Gene. The armor the Totochtin prince donned on was able to morph into an armor that was made to suit a rabbit rather than shift into nothingness when Gene changed shape. The bunny feet had the same armored claws as the bunny demigod’s human form, and it had dug into the flooring to assist Gene’s braking. The back and hide had multiple crimson-colored armor plates linked together to supposedly prevent any inhibited mobility from the defense it provided. The plating also had blades sticking out from the sides; most definitely for injuring someone that was not completely fortunate enough to dodge Gene’s rabbit tackle or would try to harm the rabbit superhero. Atop Gene’s rabbit head was a crimson helmet that held the same twirled unicorn horn and what is most likely the common form of attack Gene would use in the rabbit form. Marvelous Man then noticed claw marks razed across the floor from Gene’s landing as well as the bunny demigod’s leaps. He judged, by the deep incisions on the temple flooring, that the Totochtin prince had used super strength. The markings had similarities to when the hulking bodybuilder would use his own super strength to perform super jumps. When combined with Gene’s lightning reflex and light body weight, the rabbit superhero would have no trouble shifting one’s body to flip and land feet first. The Skeleton Lord wheezed with difficulty. He clutched at his chest, while the sound of porcelain breaking echoed from his chest. Chips of white bone smeared with blood then sprinkled from the cloak to the ground with tiny tinkling sounds. He coughed, “It appears my chest plate was not enough to stop your attack. I’ll remember to make it thicker.” Spreading from the toes up to his head in an instant motion, the Skeleton Lord became enveloped in a white cocoon of calcified bone. The cocoon then expanded; growing to a size slightly taller than Gene Lightfoot. As the encasing reached its tall proportion, it took shape. The body morphed to mimic the muscular cords of a human body; bare of any skin. His head shifted into the shape of a crow skull, while three short horns sprouted on top. The eye sockets on his head glowed white within and focused on Gene. The Skeleton Lord bowed while spreading his arms out like a gentleman. As he bent forward, Alden revealed an exact replica of himself standing behind. The copy turned left and walked over to stand next to the original. At the same time, a second copy revealed itself from behind the first one by turning to the right. The Skeleton Lord then stood up straight, as each one held out their choice of weaponry. The left copy armed itself with a set of short-handed axes; the same kind enchanted with electricity and wielded by the Skeleton Lord guardian, Zareb. The right copy was equipped with the guardian knight’s glaive polearm. In the original Skeleton Lord’s right hand, grasped between the middle and index finger, was a white wand. Marvelous Man’s eye shot wide open. He quickly grasped the magical D.A.B. patch on his jacket’s shoulder. He hoped at such close distance that his ally could hear the telepathic message. “Gene, watch out for that wand!” he thought, “It can stretch out and hit you!” Reverting back into the human form, Gene charged towards the Skeleton Lord’s left copy. The left duplicate had taken notice and responded by clanging his axes together. The runes carved into the axes glowed a bluish hue, while electricity began to discharge from the weapons. At the same time the left copy was readying his attack, the original Skeleton Lord and the right clone moved away. The original used his spider leg bones to crawl up a column, while the right copy took a step away from the left duplicate. The left copy then swung his short-handed axes from both sides; causing lighting to shoot out towards the Totochtin prince. Gene continued to run towards the electrical arc without any sign of uncertainty. Upon reaching collision point with the bunny demigod, the bolt then changed its direction. The lightning bolt angled itself further up; funneling itself into the tip of Gene’s unicorn horn. From Marvelous Man’s perspective, it was as if the horn acted as a lightning rod. With both fighters within striking distance, the left copy made the first move. He lunged forward with all eight of the spider legs sticking from his back. As the pointy ends of the bony limbs dove towards the rabbit superhero, Gene vanished. But it was the complete opposite if one had the spectator’s view like Marvelous Man had. The muscle demigod saw Gene had shifted into the rabbit form; shrinking underneath the copy’s attack. The armored bunny scampered unharmed towards the duplicate, who only stood two hops away. Upon reaching the foe in a second, Gene morphed to his human form. In one instant motion, Gene rose from the ground during the change. He held out his fist above himself, as he continued to ascend at blinding speed. The crimson-knuckled fist then uppercutted the underside of the clone’s chin. Gene shifted his body; twisting his rising motion into a spiral. In slow motion, the increased intensity of the uppercut resulted in cracks branching from the area of impact. The cracks crawled over the crow-shaped skull with smaller cracks spreading from the larger ones and weaving into the others. It even stretched far enough to reach the tip of the beak. As Gene flew above the foe, his fist effortlessly pierced through the skull. The duplicate’s crow skull shattered in every direction; littering the air and floor with bone chips and dust. The rabbit superhero twirled in the air before gracefully landing with his back turned to the beheaded left copy. A hollow thump echoed behind Gene, as the decapitated foe fell backwards. Marvelous Man drew a sharp breath, while his heart skipped a beat. His body could not react fast enough at the sight he was about to witness. By the time he would have channeled energy into his badge to communicate, the tragedy in front of him will have already occurred. The muscle demigod wondered why did he watch Gene rather than having kept an eye on the environment. A black blade dove into Gene’s left side. With the rabbit superhero distracted, the Skeleton Lord’s right copy attacked with deadly silence before Gene had time to notice and react. As it pushed into the bunny demigod, Gene had become instantly...displaced. It was as if the bunny demigod was standing in front of a mirror. The Totochtin prince divided into two exact copies of himself; dividing out of harm’s way. The Gene clones were faced back to back with just enough space between each other for the incoming harm to pass by without a scratch. With no flesh to stab, the right copy’s weapon sailed between the two rabbit superheroes’ ample buttocks. The black blade no longer posing a harm towards them, the two grabbed hold of the pole with only one hand. The Left Gene with his right, and the Right Gene with his left. The Totochtin prince duo then leapt upwards; twirling towards the Skeleton Lord copy and raising a leg in the process. Once fully elevated above the pole, their lifted legs swung in unison at the enemy’s crow-shaped skull head. The crimson-armored legs collided on both sides of the crow head simultaneously; resulting in the same incalculable fractures as the other beheaded duplicate. The cracks stemming from both sides of collision reached out and interweaved with each other. A heavy crunch resounded from the skull before it splintered in dust and tiny bone debris. With nothing else in the way, the armored legs crashed into each other...but there was no sign of clashing against one another. The crimson claw feet had instead merged; becoming one armored right foot. As the rest of Gene’s twin bodies collided with each other, they fused into one. By the time the bunny demigods landed, they stood as one Gene Lightfoot. A memory in Marvelous Man’s mind flashed back to the fight between the Director and Gilgamesh. There was a spell Director Skye used when Gilgamesh swung a sword at the master witch. The Director called it a space fracture spell that temporarily divided an offending object to miss its target. He remembered the master witch saying that the spell should not be used on living beings...which Gene completely was. Glaive polearm still in hand, the rabbit superhero twirled it until it was positioned like a javelin throw. Gene looked up at an empty ceiling; his eyes and twitching ears scanning for the original Skeleton Lord. A second later, the Totochtin prince’s eyes and ears locked on at a certain area above himself. He then chucked the weapon, which immediately dissolved into whisping, black essence. The Skeleton Lord’s voice echoed, “Do you really think I would involve myself in repeating the same counter? That is one repetition I refuse to be trapped in.” Marvelous Man still could not see Alden, yet he could hear roughly where the voice originated from. The musclebound superhero then came to the conclusion, that the Skeleton Lord was borrowing the power of invisibility from another guardian. The Aztec man that has yet to appear with his bow and arrow, Itzcóatl. Gene hopped backwards with urgency. Immediately after, the spot he stood in ruptured with a muffled stabbing sound. The area had been gouged with an invisible weapon; leaving behind a small hole that resembled a bullet hole. The Totochtin prince then began to twirl; spinning, bowing, and leaping about like a ballerina. Every movement Gene made would then cause puffs of tiny debris from the flooring to emerge immediately after. It almost seemed as if he were performing a dance, were it not for the ballistic-like holes appearing on the floor. It took no brain power at all for Marvelous Man to understand the situation. It was obvious that the Skeleton Lord was using the bone wand to attack. Alden tried to extend the weapon and stab Gene, but the bunny demigod would hear it in time and gracefully dodge it. Gene suddenly changed his pace, as the appearance of the holes became more rapidly. The holes also seemed to multiply. Two at a time it would show up and soon was followed by three. The rabbit superhero’s smooth skin began to show signs of damage; shallow slices and nicks against his exposed arms and the sides of his abdomen. Even his pants started to have ripped seams. Marvelous Man’s mind was beginning to understand the pattern of this attack. Most likely, with the help of the Mana Stone, the Skeleton Lord was creating multiple wands to float around and attack from different angles. The Totochtin prince was fast, but he could only handle so much with Alden’s wands attacking. And with the attacks so minor, the crimson armor’s defense mechanism was not activating. The muscle demigod hypothesized that only fatal or highly damaging blows would cause Gene to divide out of harmful assault’s direction. The rabbit superhero then ceased movement. The look of stonewall determination solidified in his eyes before it shut. Gene raised arms; angling them in different directions. Immediately after, sparks burst from the crimson vambraces on his forearms. Pieces of a narrow, white spike materialized; flying away from the exact point the sparks emerged from the vambraces. It appeared as if the pieces were bone that broke off from the wand and bounced off the crimson armor. Gene swiftly rearranged his arms in a different angle; causing the same effect. The bunny demigod had instantly found another countermeasure to the invisible attack, and it made Marvelous Man’s heart sing with hope. The dance began again. Waving his arms and legs about, Gene had successfully countered the unseeable barrage by using the armor on his limbs to block. Every motion he performed made him look like a living firework, while the floor became littered with broken pieces of the bone wands. As Marvelous Man watched the rhythmic performance, his ears caught a low growling sound. He then turned to the noise he began to hear; directing his attention towards Gene’s recently defeated foes. Looking over at the Skeleton Lord’s decapitated copies, he noticed that the bone corpses had stirred. The bodies had shattered into multiple pieces and rapidly moved about. He could see some of the pieces had rebuilt itself into a wolf skull; as well as most of its body. A sense of urgency flooded him, as the muscle demigod tightly gripped his badge. “Gene! The Skeleton Lord is doing something to his copies. I think they’re reforming into something different!” he mentally spoke. The rabbit superhero quickly opened his eyes and crouched down before launching himself in the air. He sailed backwards; initiating a backflip in the process. At that same instance, the area he had squatted on was immediately filled with holes. As he landed on his feet spaces away from the Skeleton Lord’s invisible attack zone, Gene spotted a fully built wolf skeleton lunging at him. The bone wolf had its jaws gaped wide open like a crocodiles. Its teeth seemed larger than a normal canine’s, and every fang looked sharp and ready to slice through flesh. The size of itself nearly matched Gene’s height, and its eyes held the same glowing white orbs within its sockets. Shrinking down to rabbit form, the bunny demigod scampered underneath the bone wolf that sailed over him. As he fully crossed beneath the humongous canine, he shapeshifted back to his human form. At the same time, the bone wolf snapped its jaws at air before landing on the ground and skidding its body to turn around. Another ravenous snarl echoed in front of the rabbit superhero, while Gene transformed. A second fully-formed bone wolf leaped at the Totochtin prince with the same vicious teeth ready to tear him asunder. Eyebrows furrowed, Gene reached out with both hands. His left hand caught the snout, while his right grabbed the lower jaw. The crimson claw armor on his feet dug into the ground; unrelenting to the force of catching such a large and fast object. The bunny demigod slammed the wolf’s maw shut with several of its teeth cracking and shattering from the super strength. The skeletal minion whimpered, as it hung limply in Gene’s grip. Gene bellowed a scream of exertion, while he lifted the captured canine by its jaws. The wolf that had missed the rabbit superhero charged at Gene again. Its mouth opened wide to snap at the Totochtin prince’s exposed lower back. In one motion during the lift, the bunny demigod shifted his feet to help turn his entire body to face the first canine attacker. Skeleton wolf still in hand and raised into the air, Gene slammed it down at the other wolf. The ground beneath the charging canine fractured and slightly caved in, as the bone wolves were forcibly collided into one another and then into the floor. Both skeleton creatures gave off a sharp cry from the harsh impact. The wolf that had been bludgeoned by the captured wolf was splayed nearly flat into the ground. The bone wolves were visibly defeated, but Gene’s arms flexed again for one more attack. Gene raised the bone wolf trapped in his grip by the snout. He then whirled the skeletal minion in a downward circular motion as if he were playing gold. The captured wolf collided with the downed canine; launching it into the temple wall. At the same time, the rabbit superhero released his superhuman grip on the wolf he had turned into improvised weaponry and sent it crashing into the other. The two bone wolves rammed into each other again and against the wall; causing the temple’s wall to immediately crumble. Dim daylight bled through the gaping hole with a size large enough for two Marvelous Mans to step through at the same time. Upon seeing the two bone wolves tumble into the outside, the bunny demigod shapeshifted into his armored rabbit form. Marvelous Man watched his teammate scurry over the hole to the outside and realized the battlegrounds has now changed. The hulking bodybuilder then turned towards the temple’s open entrance stationed behind himself made his way to the grayed outside. The armored rabbit’s head twitched in multiple directions, as he landed in the open area. Whisping darkness blanketed the entire ground and throughout the rest of the visible vicinity. It was impossible to distinguish if Gene was on a road or a concrete area for passersby to walk on. Only the business buildings and stores could be seen above the essence-ridden field, but they were only visible within a certain distance before the black smoke in the air devoured them into obscurity. The blackness on the ground had a depth that rose up to half of the bunny’s size; nearly swallowing the morphed demigod. Shapeshifting back to his human form, the Totochtin prince ran towards the center of the opened area. The high-piercing screech of a horse echoed from the temple’s hole, as Gene reached the center point. He then immediately spun his body to face the whinnying threat. The sound of heavy horse gallops reverberated from the hole, while Gene crouched into fighting position. A giant figure burst through the hole; causing the gaping wound on the building to widen further. The dim light that barely illuminated the captured ghetto revealed the Skeleton Lord in a new form. The upper body still had the same bone armor with a horned crow skull head and spider legs attached to the back, but it was now rooted into the neck of a white horse. Armed with his guardian’s glaive polearm, Alden had become the mythical centaur. The Skeleton Lord continued to charge forward with the hooves rumbling like thunder. Gene darted toward the ancient king; his body huddled close to the ground like a swift ninja. The space between the two rapidly shortened with the fighters only seconds away from contact against each other. The bunny demigod jumped. His arms positioned to deliver a devastating punch, while the Skeleton Lord raised the glaive with both hands into the air to prepare a deadly swing. At that same moment, Marvelous Man appeared from around the corner of the temple in time to see the released violence. The pool of whisping essence beneath Gene erupted, as an object breached to the surface. The object reached out to the Totochtin prince; grasping the crimson-armored ankle. Its white grip around the metal began to bubble as if it were being boiled. Revealing itself to be a skeleton arm; birthed from the lagoon of darkness to only hinder the rabbit superhero. The skeleton arm yanked on the leg; successfully upsetting Gene’s balance to fall forward with arms flailing about. As the bunny demigod was pulled towards the ground, the centaur unleashed his attack. The ornate polearm was brought over the Skeleton Lord’s right side and swung in a counterclockwise motion. With such a motion, the glaive’s black blade sliced upwards at a diagonal angle to the left. It almost seemed to glimmer, as it approached Gene’s throat. Blade against neck, the crimson armor activated the defense mechanism. The Totochtin prince divided again. The ornamental glaive cleaved through only emptiness, as the division repositioned Gene in midair. Two Totochtins appeared, and the distance between the two were wider in order to dodge the blade. With the space fracture spell activated, the Genes’ leg were no longer in the skeletal grasp. During the fall, the bunny demigods’ fates had splintered. The left clone had transformed into his armored rabbit body and landed with a small thump. As for the right clone, his left shoulder collided with the Skeleton Lord’s horse half. The division was enough to avoid the attack, but it did not compensate for the centaur’s wide mass that charged towards them. The impact caused Right Gene’s body to momentarily twirl uncontrollably until his body faced the opposite direction and the ancient king passing through unopposed to any lightweight obstacles. As Right Gene fell face first into the whisping blackness with a muffled whump, the left clone twitched his head towards his fallen copy. Reverting back to human form, Left Gene ran over to his clone. While he did so, Alden had slowed down to a simple trot and turned to face the rabbit superhero clones. Left Gene squatted down; extending a hand to the other that began to slowly get up. Before the left could help, the space between both clones collapsed. The Genes were slammed together and merged. The result from such suddenness resulted in a lone Totochtin prince standing at the exact point of the fusion. He then winced in pain, as the bunny demigod placed his right hand over his left arm. The centaur ceased further movement; appearing to observe the injury that has yet to be seen on the rabbit superhero. Gene then released the hold over his arm and turned to resume the battle with his enemy. At the same time, the eyes of Marvelous Man and Alden’s widened. The Skeleton Lord’s glinted with curiosity, while the hulking bodybuilder’s were filled with fraught. Colors of yellow and purplish red bled within the Totochtin prince’s perfect skin to form a wide bruise on top of Gene’s left bicep. Marvelous Man’s tried to wrack his brain with any sort of explanation, but it only came out as questions. Were the Gene clones forcibly combined because of a time limit or because of injury? Are the injuries to the clones transferred back to the original or is there a side effect that takes a toll on the body with more than one division within a certain time frame? How much mana does it take to create these divisions and for how long could Gene keep it up? And what of the Skeleton Lord? The muscle demigod’s gaze shifted over to Alden. The anxiety in his heart began to climb at the thought of Gene’s safety now compromised. He wanted to intervene and assist in the fight as usual...But he had to let his friend fight it out until the situation became life-threatening. The centaur held out his glaive with the black blade pointing up at the blanketed sky. Slowly, he banged the bottom of the polearm against the black miasma-covered ground three times. Each time the weapon rapped against the hidden concrete came with a thunderous boom that bellowed throughout the ghetto. Upon the last bang, neither combatants moved. Seconds painstakingly passed, as the two stared at each other with intensity during the standoff. A ravenous screech emanated from a nearby building. Marvelous Man looked towards where he heard the noise and spotted an office building. One of the windows belonging to the structure shattered, while a large object passed through it. Landing with a slump into the pool of whisping darkness, the object immediately began to move and push itself up. The muscle demigod instantly recognized what it was. Oozing. Festering. A corpse raised from the dead and in servitude of the Skeleton Lord; carrying the bloody runes painted on them by their master. A cold shiver ran down the hulking bodybuilder’s spine, as his mind flashed back to the memories of dead bodies during his kidnapping and their reanimation within the escape through Limbo. With the passing weeks since Marvelous Man last saw them, it had become more bone than decomposing flesh. The field of Digz’s essence extended a black tendril to the animated corpse. Slithering up the zombie’s leg, it swiftly encompassed the rotting entirety. The dark tentacle then stretched and solidified into black equipment. Its body became adorned with medieval armor, and its hands equipped with a sword and axe. Fear rose within Marvelous man, as he knew what was expected to come next. More windows shattered from the building, and more of Alden’s zombies came pouring out. The echoes of shattered glass began to spread; undead springing from other buildings. The musclebound superhero lost count of how many of the rotting servants were heeding to their master’s call. But it was enough for him to guess that the ancient king had the size of a small army at the beckoning. Standing amidst a crowd of the undead, he had no choice but to activate his flight ability. Marvelous Man flew upwards enough to be out of the zombies’ striking range before looking down at the spectacle about to commence. The corpse mob charged towards Gene. With blood-curdling screams, they raised their weapons in the air. It would be only seconds before the death that circled around the bunny demigod would close in. But the Totochtin prince showed no sign of fear, nor could Marvelous Man feel Gene emanating that emotion. Shapeshifting back to his rabbit form, Gene torpedoed off in a crimson blur. The armored bunny pulverized through a row of the Skeleton Lord’s zombies. As he landed, he swiveled his body and aimed in a new direction at the undead horde. Gene pushed off with his super strength again; leaving behind another line of decimated rot. As the armored rabbit landed again, a group of skeleton arms shot out from the pool of whisping essence. The arms surrounded the bunny demigod from every direction and proceeded to wrap themselves around Gene without hesitation. The skeletal limbs boiled at the touch but were immediately layered with another set of bone arms before they were brittle enough for the rabbit superhero to break through. Gene attempted to struggle from the bondage, but only his head shook. His body could not move under the layers of limbs that held him down and had constantly replaced itself with fresher bones before the ones beneath weakened. With the bunny demigod bounded onto the ground, the armed zombies attacked. The animated corpses with swords thrust their weapons towards Gene’s exposed rabbit face. Dividing out of the blade’s way, the bunny clones appeared on the outer sides of the bone huddle that had restrained him. Black swords and axes swung down at clone’s faces at that same moment; causing Gene to divide again into a set of four. Before the corpse soldiers could strike for a third time, the Totochtin princes retaliated. Each one attacked in a different way; rather than in unison. One transformed into his human form and unleashed an uppercut. Another charged forward to create another row of obliterated undead. The third shapeshifted and parried off the dark weapons with his crimson vambraces. And the last also morphed but rolled away from the confrontation. A second later, the clones of Gene were pulled back together by an unseen force. The collision and emerging of the original Totochton prince in human form took place behind the huddle of bone arms. As a new set of bruises bled onto his right arm, he leaned forward and coughed into his hand. The zombie army made no attempt to attack at this moment of vulnerability as if they were heeding their master’s command. The Skeleton Lord made no movement; only watching what would happen next. The bunny demigod wiped his mouth with his hand. He then flicked the hand he coughed into at the ground. Flecks of blood could be seen; flung from his hand and into the pool of blackness. Marvelous Man wanted to be shocked at the cost of using space fracture magic on one’s self, but he spotted something stirring out the corner of his eye. Looking over towards the rubble caused by Gene creating a giant hole in the temple wall, he saw the bone wolves lying amidst it. The bone wolves had shattered once again and were piecing themselves together into something different. They were combining into one large creature; taking on lizard-like features. He grabbed his D.A.B. patch for telepathy, “Gene, he’s doing something to those bone wolves you beat! They’re becoming something big...really big…” The Skeleton Lord slammed the back-end of his glaive onto the ground; reverberating the ominous boom. “Come, Leviathan!” he shouted. The reformatted skeleton creature arose to Alden’s summoning call. Fully complete, it stood as large as the enormous fuel trucks Marvelous Man had seen in action films. It was not like its previous incarnations that were hollow with simple skeleton constructs. The massive monster was made of bone, but the construct’s physical appearance mimicked an organic being to a lifelike degree. Its armor-like scales molded around muscles that pulsed underneath. The Leviathan had the head of a dragon that drooled Digz’s black essence; cascading seamlessly into the pool of whisping darkness. Its lengthy body had a serpent-like shape with a long, wide tail that was perfect for swatting or swimming. The legs beneath its gargantuan body was a set of four; bulky, clawed, and hunched ready to pounce. The Leviathan roared; booming louder than any thunder. The vibrations of such a detonative resonance shook the scenery like a miniature earthquake. Most windows in the surrounding buildings that were not already broken had now shattered, while the rest shivered violently. Gene held down his white rabbit ears against the blast. Marvelous Man could not hold his own against the sonic, as he was briefly pushed back by such bellowing pressure. Marvelous Man reflected on this moment. The capabilities the Skeleton Lord had shown with just one Mana Stone was terrifying. He easily reformatted skeletal pieces into new structures while fighting the agile Gene Lightfoot and did it within seconds. His imagination for using his bones seemed to be unlimited now. If he were to attain the second Mana Stone, he truly would become a god-like being.
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