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  1. sithspawn

    The Suit Life

    I completely forgot to re-post this after the forum got updated so for anyone who wants to read it again (or for the first time) here's The Suit Life. College life is all about the being away from home, living in dorms or frats with loads of other students, partying ‘til the sun comes up and hoping to get some qualifications at the end of it all. At least that’s what Max had been told and that was what had nearly put him off going. He was quite introverted and the thought of being around hundreds of other people had freaked him out. Thankfully one of his dad’s friends had a son going to the same college and had bought a house off campus for his son to use on the proviso that he have at least one roommate. When Max first met Jake he could understand why. Jake was, for lack of a better phrase, scatter-brained. He had a genius level IQ but very few practical skills, and as his brain was figuring out multiple quandaries at a time he often forgot to do routine things to keep himself alive. Max would inevitably have to remind Jake to eat or make sure he wore a coat if it was cold outside, so much so that it had become a running joke between them. He didn’t mind running the house though as he liked being busy and wasn’t too worried about essentially looking after Jake. Most of the time Jake would be either in one of the campus labs or in his room figuring out the secrets to the universe or whatever it was he was working on. Max, on the other hand, wasn’t too sure what he wanted to do with his life. He was studying art and creative writing as he was an avid comic reader and thought maybe that was something he could get into. Max had also taken to the gym since moving away from home. With Jake out of the way most of the time he found himself needing some physical stimulation rather than just staying in the house on his own. He still worked out alone but he found it gave him a way to clear his head. He would often make up personalities or stories in his head about the other guys in the gym. Any time he was doing cardio or resting between sets he would look around to see who could become a character in one of his stories but he never got up the courage to actually find out what they were really like. With Jake though it was different. They were both into comics and everything that went with them so when Max thought Jake needed to take some time off he would often put a superhero movie on, or they would binge watch one of the cartoon series. Jake was also somewhat introverted, although that was more down to him not being sociable because of everything going on in his head. Being around Max all the time at home gave him the chance to relax and build up an actual friendship. He was given a sizeable fund to draw on from his father, so he would often treat Max to some graphic novels or take him to a comic convention where they would inevitably come back with prop replicas, action figures and posters to decorate the house. With the place being pretty spacious there was plenty of room for whatever they bought. They had a pretty big living room to share that was overlooked by the landing above. Both had their own bedrooms off the landing with a shared bathroom in between them while downstairs, beneath the bedrooms, were the kitchen and a small dining area. The two guys never really talked about what Jake was working on. One month it would be some ridiculous equation that Max could never possibly understand, the next it would be some chemistry experiment that would catch his attention. The latest thing seemed to be some bio-medical experiments he had started after looking back over some old comics. Max knew better than to ask him what he was doing and just decided to make sure he was fed and got to class on time. That is, until one night when he heard a terrified scream come from Jake’s room. “Jake!! What’s going on? You ok in there?” He called out after dashing upstairs and finding Jake’s door locked. After a few seconds the lock clicked and Jake peered around the door. “Oh, hi. Sorry, yeah I’m fine.” He replied but Max could tell he was lying as he was breathing rapidly and looked slightly pale. “Really? So what was that scream all about?” “Nothing, I just…cut myself, that’s all.” “It must’ve been a pretty bad cut to scream like that.” “It was the shock of it…that’s all.” Max wasn’t buying any of it and when he noticed Jake shudder slightly he started to get angry. “What’re you doing in there? It better not be anything dangerous.” “It’s nothing, I’m fine.” “Either open the door and let me see or I’ll open it myself.” It wasn’t an empty threat. Max was just under a foot taller than Jake and also outweighed him by about 30lbs as his workouts were starting to pay off. Jake just sighed and opened the door to let him see the room. “See? Everything’s normal.” Max looked around and everything looked messy but normal, at least for Jake’s room. When he turned back to his smaller roommate he noticed something. “What are you hiding behind your back?” He asked, noticing he could only see Jake’s left hand. “N…nothing.” Jake answered, but couldn’t look him in the eye. “Let me see your hand then.” Jake still seemed reluctant. “If you’ve cut it badly it might need stitches, let me take a look.” “It’s fine…honest.” “Jake!!” Max said firmly causing his roommate to sigh and then bring out his hand. “What the hell is that?” Max asked, looking at the strange, black glove that he was wearing. “It’s what I’ve been working on. It’s bio-medical, protoplasmic…” He could see the confusion on Max’s face and decided to simplify it. “It’s a goop for doctors to use in war zones to help stabilise patients until they can get to a hospital.” “Wow, that’s kinda cool. So does it work? I mean, has it healed your cut?” “I think so, I mean, it doesn’t feel painful and it’s stopped the bleeding I think.” He looked down at his hand as another shudder went through his body. It was then that Max noticed the goo wasn’t just confined to Jake’s hand but that it disappeared under his sleeve. “Is it spreading?” He asked. “Take your shirt off.” Jake unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his scrawny body beneath and as he did Max could see the goo had reached Jake’s shoulder and was steadily creeping across and down his torso. “Holy shit dude! What’s it doing?” “I don’t know, I think it might be searching out any other problems my body has.” Jake was remarkably calm considering his body was being smothered in an experimental sludge. “Is it meant to do that?” “I don’t know, I’ve never tested it on anyone before.” “Can you take it off?” It was almost down to Jake’s naval and just starting to creep over his left shoulder as he tried to pull at it with his left hand. Instead of coming away it started to cover over his left hand, slowly creeping up his arm to meet up with the rest of it that was slithering down his upper arm. “Argh!! It’s going everywhere!!” He exclaimed as it started to descend below his belt. Panic suddenly set in and he started wheezing. As he did the goo sped up to cover over his face, causing him to panic more. He started clawing at his face as Max did the same, scared that his friend was going to suffocate under the stuff. Suddenly Jake stopped panicking and pulled Max’s hands away from his face. He seemed to be breathing more regularly even though there were no air holes in his face covering. “Jake? Are you ok?” He heard a muffled reply and saw Jake nod his head as the goo seemed to finish moving. After what felt like a lifetime to Max the goo started to recede down Jake’s face until he was covered from his neck all the way down his body. “Well that was weird.” Jake said, calmly. “What was?” “I could breathe perfectly even when I was covered up, and it even seems to have cleaned out my respiratory system.” He took a few steady breaths as if to test his lungs out. “Really?” “Yeah, I’ve never been able to breathe so well in my life. It seems to be covering my whole body now and it’s healing every niggly twinge in as it goes.” Before Max could say anything Jake stripped the rest of his clothes off and stood there completely covered in the goop, which had now solidified slightly to resemble a wetsuit. “So once it’s healed you, how do you get it off?” “Umm…I’m not sure. Let me try…” Jake looked down at his right hand as the suit started to recede up to his wrist and then roll back across his hand again. It did the same a few times before he tried the same thing on his left hand. “Interesting, it seems to respond to my mental commands so if I want it to uncover me…” The suit suddenly disappeared from his upper body but stayed on his lower half. “So can you take it off completely?” Max asked. “I haven’t taken it off at all. I can still sense it covering my body but it seems to be chameleonic” “It’s what?” “It can hide in plain sight, you know, like a chameleon.” “So you can hide it under your clothes?” Max arched an eyebrow, clearly impressed. “Looks that way; or maybe…” Jake concentrated for a second and then was suddenly wearing the same clothes he had taken off before, even though they were in a pile at his feet. “Fascinating.” He said as his clothes changed again to different outfits and even mimicked Max’s clothes. “Wow, looks like you’ll never need to go clothes shopping again. What about your face though? Is it still covering over that?” He reached out to touch Jake’s face and felt the skin beneath his hands before moving down to touch the suit covering his shoulder. “Curious, the suit is staying below my head but when you touched both my skin and the suit, the sensation was the same.” “Meaning?” “Meaning that the suit is almost acting like a second skin rather than an item of clothing.” “Ok, let’s try something. Wait there.” Max dashed down the stairs and grabbed a few items from his little toolbox before heading back up to Jake’s room. When he got there Jake had made the suit turn back into its wetsuit look and was testing out removing it from his hand. “It appears the suit can stop covering areas of the body but I haven’t been able to remove it completely, it’s like it’s bonded onto me.” “So once it’s on it won’t come off?” “It looks that way. What were you planning with those?” He asked, pointing to the tools in Max’s hand. “Oh, I was wondering how much sensation you could actually feel through it, like, can you feel different temperatures?” “Like I said, it feels just like skin, I mean, if I blow on it like this,” He puckered up his lips and blew onto his gloved looking fingers. “It feels the same as it would if you do the same on yours.” “Let’s try it with a little more heat.” Max said as he placed a claw hammer and craft knife on Jake’s desk and held out a lighter to show his idea. When he lit the flame Jake tentatively moved his hand closer to feel the warmth as normal but then got a little braver and lowered his palm down fully onto the flame and held it there for a few seconds. “Wow, that’s crazy!” He said with a smile as Max clicked the lighter off. “What? Didn’t it hurt?” “Not at all, I mean, I could feel the heat and I knew it should be painful but it was just like wearing a protective glove.” “Do you want to try cutting it?” Without answering Jake grabbed the craft knife and gently ran it across the end of his finger. When that didn’t do anything he tried again with a little more force but the result was the same. “How about we try a little impact test. Put your hand on the desk.” Jake did as he was told and Max raised up the hammer to test his theory. He brought it down faster than Jake expected and as soon as it made contact with Jake’s hand a tendril shot out from his arm and slammed Max into the wall. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” Jake cried out as he ran over to check on his roommate. “What the hell was that?” Max asked as Jake helped him up. “I don’t know. I thought you were going to hit me really hard and the suit just reacted.” “Wait, so this thing’s alive?” Max asked, looking over Jake apprehensively. “No…well not really.” “What do you mean ‘not really?’ Either it is or it isn’t.” “It’s not sentient or anything like that; it must have a deeper connection than I thought.” “Fucking hell this is some next level Venom shit.” Max sighed. “What?” “Y’know, Venom. From Spider-Man. That thing’s like the symbiote.” “This isn’t an alien though; I think it’s just tapping into my subconscious.” “So it’s not going to take you out web slinging in your sleep then?” Max asked with a smile. “I hope not, I’m not a fan of heights.” Jake grinned back. “I could probably make this into the costume though.” As Max watched a white spider logo appeared on Jake’s chest and seemed to wrap around his back where Max assumed another one had appeared. “Not bad, it’s a pity you’re not a little more muscular, I’m sure Spider-Man fills it out more than you do.” Max said, noting how the suit was tight on Jake’s body but just showed how small and skinny his roommate actually was. Jake looked lost in thought for a second and then suddenly the suit started to seemingly inflate with muscle until he was standing with a much more toned, swimmer’s build. Max couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched in wonder at the transformation before him. “Holy shit dude!! Did you just grow bigger?” “No…well…sort of, the suit just added more mass but I think my body is still the same underneath.” Jake willed the suit to peel back over his right forearm and sure enough it was still as thin as before. When the suit rolled back down his arm he willed it to mimic his skin colour instead so that he stood there looking like a buffer version of himself. Max was starting to get turned on just looking at Jake’s new body. He had never told his roommate he was bi and he certainly wasn’t going to let on that he was attracted to Jake. He changed the suit back to the Spider-Man costume but kept running his hands over the new muscle. The sensation of it being like a second skin was the same as before only now he could flex and tense the muscles as if they were his own. When he curled his arm up there was a solid bump and he could even bounce his pecs or crunch his abs. “These muscles actually feel like they’re attached to my bones, look; when I flex them any which way they respond as if they were really built that way. It’s fascinating.” “Yeah they do look pretty real, do you think they made you stronger?” “Only one way to find out.” Jake looked around for something heavy but the only thing that looked particularly solid was the hammer that Max had dropped when the suit slammed him into the wall. A smile crept over Jake’s face as he reached out his hand and a tendril shot out to grab the hammer off the ground and pulled it back into his hand. Max stood there with his mouth open at the display and it stayed open as Jake used two fingers to straighten out the claws on the hammer, he then held the handle in one hand and twisted the head until the solid, metal neck was warped beyond use. “Holy fuck!! You got super strength from that thing.” Max was excited and amazed at what Jake had just done but in the pit of his stomach there was an uneasy feeling bubbling up. “Don’t you mean spider strength?” He asked as his face was suddenly covered in a familiar black mask with big white eyes. “This is amazing, I feel like the real deal.” “Yeah, it is kinda cool.” Max replied, trying to keep the nervousness out of his voice. “So are you gonna take it off?” “What? I told you I couldn’t and besides, why would I want to?” Jake asked incredulously. “Well…y’know…aren’t you worried about losing control? Like when I tried to use the hammer?” “Why? Are you scared? Worried it’ll take me over and turn me into a monster like Venom?” “Well…no, but this is kinda freaking me out.” “Why? Because we could crush you like a bug?” “We?” Jake didn’t reply, instead his body began to expand in all directions. In a few seconds he had gone from his athletic, swimmer’s build to a taller, more heavily muscled figured that dwarfed Max in every way. When the growth had finished the lower part of his face started to split causing the formerly bigger roommate to stagger back as a huge smile, made up needle-like fangs spread over Jakes pitch black face. That was enough for Max’s flight instinct to kick in and he took off down the stairs as fast as he could to get to the front door. Just as he was about to reach it a huge, black tendril, as big as a tree trunk, shot past his head and splattered against the door, covering it completely and sealing off his escape. He turned back to see the giant tendril was attached to Jake’s shoulder as he stood maliciously smiling at his prey. “Where do you think you’re going?” Jake asked in a voice significantly lower and more menacing than his usual one. Using just the power of his arm he lifted up over the bannister to lower himself in front of his terrified roommate. “You’ve always had a thing for Venom, well now here we are in the flesh.” When Jake spoke Max could see the impossibly large jaws open and close as the freakishly large tongue danced around inside the gaping maw. “I…I thought you had control of that thing.” “This thing is the best thing that’s ever happened to us.” “Us?” “Us.” Jake sprouted two more tendrils from his shoulders which grabbed Max and pinned him to the wall next to the door so that he was now eye level with the taller Jake. “Isn’t this your ultimate fantasy? I’ve seen that tent in your pants whenever he comes on screen, well now here’s the real deal.” Jake pulled away from the door causing his arm to change back its normal, muscular looking limb and faced Max head on. Max thrashed about to break free but Jake pinned his legs to the wall with two more tendrils. “Jake this isn’t you, it’s the suit. You need to get it off before it takes you over completely.” Jake pulled back the tendrils but Max was still pinned to the wall by pieces of the suit. “And here I thought you’d like to see me like this. I mean, do these muscles not do anything for you?” He stood back a little and brought up both his arms, blowing up his biceps like watermelons followed by a lat spread that virtually blotted out the view of anything in front of Max besides the gigantic, black creature that used to be his roommate. “I know this is turning you on, I can practically taste the desire coming off you.” He hit a most muscular pose and his prehensile tongue snaked out to move closer to Max who was squirming to get away. “Keep that thing away from me you freak!!” Jake stopped posing and extended his hands out to easily shred all of Max’s clothes. “Hmmm…seems like this freak is turning you on.” Max couldn’t deny it as, no matter how terrified he was, his cock was still at full mast. Jake’s tongue slithered out again and started working its way up Max’s leg right up to his balls. He let out an involuntary moan as the huge tongue gently grazed along the underside of his shaft, right from the base to the head where it lapped up some of the pre that was oozing from the tip. “You taste even better than we could’ve imagined.” Jake rumbled as his giant tongue wrapped itself around the entire shaft and started to stroke back and forth, flicking the very tip into the piss slit every so often. He threw in a few more poses, mostly for his own amusement since Max’s head kept lolling back as Jake’s tongue continued to jerk him off. After a short time Jake could feel Max was ready to blow and wrapped his tongue completely around the end of his cock to milk every last drop of cum from him. Max bucked wildly, even though he was still pinned to the wall and when he was finally spent Jake’s enormous tongue retracted back and then cheekily licked his lips. “Who knew our taste buds would also be enhanced, that was delicious.” He devilishly cackled. “Please…just stop it…this isn’t you Jake, it’s the suit.” Max panted as a few tears rolled down his cheek. “How can you be so sure? Maybe now we can finally act out our sexual urges. It hardly seems fair that you should get to have all the fun, especially as we have a newly enhanced tool that we haven’t even tried out yet. Don’t you want a taste of Venom?” Max looked down between Jake’s legs to see a bulge forming which gradually expanded into an above average cock with a pair of orange sized balls hanging beneath it. Max’s eyes went wide as Jake’s new appendage started to expand and harden. “What’re you going to do with that?” Max asked, shivering with fear at the possibilities. Four new tendrils emerged from Jake’s body to connect with the pieces holding Max to the wall and then pulled him away to hold him in front of his throbbing member. “Interesting question; and one with so many possible answers. We could let you taste it in return for you allowing us to taste yours. Would you like that? To feel your jaw dislocate as we force ourselves further down your throat than any cock in the world could ever possibly go. To fill your stomach with so much cum that your gorgeous, hard six pack would look more like a beer barrel.” As he said that he ran his hands from Max’s jawline down his neck and chest before finally stroking his abs tenderly. “Or how about we let your hands loose and you can caress this monster’s monster until it douses you like a fire hose.” Jake stepped back to give himself more room for his cock to rapidly expand until it was like a giant tree trunk pointing directly at Max’s navel. Max looked down at the huge, black head twitching in anticipation and he could only imagine what the mouth sized opening pointing directly at him would unleash. It surged forward again, pinning him to the wall as the tendrils released his limbs. He was still a couple of feet off the floor being held up purely by the power of Jake’s cock. Every time he squirmed to get loose it would throb and push him up and down the wall. Jake’s head lolled back as his massive tongue hung down to his left nipple. “That’s it, keep fighting it; you have no idea how good that feels.” Max did everything he could think of to get free; he clawed, punched and kicked at the massive head which only seemed to turn Jake on more. “Get the fuck off me you psycho!!” Max yelled as his fear turning to anger. “What did you call me?!?!” Max couldn’t answer as Jake’s massive hand wrapped fully around his neck, holding him off the ground as Jake’s cock shrunk back to a more manageable size. “You think I’m psychotic because I’ve got the power to make your fantasy come true? Or are you just jealous that you aren’t the one in control of the suit? That’s right, I’m in control. There is no we, there is no Venom, it’s just me and this suit doing whatever the fuck I want with you so pucker up buttercup, because I’m going to fuck you until these massive balls are drained dry.” Max was on the verge of passing out until Jake released the grip on his throat. Instead of falling to the ground though Max found himself suspended in the air by more tendrils that had projected from the suit. He looked down to see the slick, black cock suddenly split in two and start to move independently like snakes. One rose up to eye level to almost look at him like a cobra ready to strike while he felt his butt cheeks being gently pulled apart by two tendrils that protruded from Jake’s hips. He felt one slide between his butt cheeks and start to work its way into his hole as the other parted his lips to make its way down his throat. Slowly the two cocks began to thrust in and out of both holes, with the one up his butt vibrating with increasing intensity. Jake threw his head back in ecstasy as his hands and some extra tendrils explored and worshipped every inch of his own body. Muscles flexed and danced as he felt every rock hard bulge and shredded sinew. At the same time his tongue snaked out to slather all over Max’s ripped body, as well as working its way down to his cock again. Max was barely staying conscious as the pleasure hit him from all sides. Before too long Jake let out a terrifying roar as his balls unloaded into Max who, at the same time, was milked dry by Jake’s prehensile tongue. That was all Max could take. He would have slumped to the ground if it wasn’t for Jake’s suit holding him up. As it was, he was completely unconscious by the time Jake came down from his own high to look at his roommate. A strange, electronic beeping sound woke Max up and it took him a few seconds to figure out that it was the alarm on his phone. He soon realised he was lying in his own bed and reached over to shut off the alarm. Slumping back into the mattress he stared up at the ceiling, trying to figure out if he had just experienced the weirdest dream ever or if it really happened. He didn’t feel uncomfortable or have any pain anywhere but when he checked the time on his phone again he noticed he had been out for nearly twelve hours. Before he could dwell on it anymore his door started to open and Jake peered in to see if he was awake. Max’s eyes immediately went wide as he started to scramble up the bed to put some distance between him and his roommate. “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK!!” He screamed, causing Jake to flinch in surprise but then his shoulders slumped a little as he leaned on the door frame. “Look Max…I’m sorry about what happened last night, you were right, it wasn’t me, it was the suit.” “You said it was all you!! You…you raped me!!” Max yelled. “It wasn’t…I didn’t mean…” “You fucked me without my consent!! What the fuck would you call it?!?” “I…you’re right, but you’ve gotta believe me, it was the suit that just made me lose control. It won’t happen again, trust me.” “Oh yeah? What about when you and your slimy friend get horny again?” “You don’t have to worry about that, the suit’s gone.” “Gone? Gone where? I thought you couldn’t get it off, and it didn’t seem to take any damage.” “It was tricky but with the right combination of a few chemicals…” They both stayed in silence for what seemed like an eternity. “Would you have let me though? If I’d asked?” “What?” “You know, if I’d asked; would you have done any of that stuff?” Max started to calm down a little as he thought over the question. “I dunno, I mean, if I hadn’t been so terrified it might have been fun.” “Really?” “Yeah, I mean, seeing you as Spider-Man and then Venom was cool…in a way, but it was a little hard to appreciate it. What was it like being in the suit?” Jake sat cross legged on the end of the bed and was glad when Max didn’t flinch away. “It was pretty awesome to be honest. It didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything, it was like it was all me, y’know? Like I could feel my muscles expanding and like, extra limbs and stuff. And it made me feel strong and powerful, like I could do anything.” “You pretty much did if you remember.” “Yeah but I’m pretty sure you would’ve done the same in my position.” “I dunno…I would hope not but I have no idea how it felt for you.” There was another awkward silence between them but this time it was Max who broke it. “So…do you actually have the hots for me or was it just a convenience thing?” Jake turned bright red at the question and took a while to respond. “I kinda always liked you. My dad wanted me to get a more academic roommate but when you came to look around the place I knew you would work out better. Even if nothing happened between us I just thought I’d still have some eye candy.” Jake turned an even brighter shade of red as Max started to snicker. “Why didn’t you say something sooner?” “C’mon, look at me…I’m not exactly a catch am I? At least with that suit on I could have a body that would turn you on.” “Wow, for a genius you’re a real dumbass. I’ve always thought you were cute, even if you are smaller than me. It’s actually one of the things that I like most about you, that you’re just unashamedly…you.” Jake blushed again as he felt his heart soar. Max leaned in for a kiss but just as their lips were about to meet his stomach rumbled loudly enough to fill the whole room. “Oh shit, I completely forgot you hadn’t eaten. Get yourself cleaned up and I’ll go get us something to eat.” “Not a bad idea, I don’t think I’ve got the energy to go out anywhere.” Jake left the room and headed down the stairs as Max went to the bathroom. Just before he closed the door he called out to Jake as usual. “Don’t forget to take a coat.” When the bathroom door closed Jake just smiled as his sweater morphed into a thick coat before he went out into the cold morning air. The end.
  2. Arcalpha

    I need strength

    This is a reupload of my story in the old forum, this time released fully without being separated into parts, hope you guys like it -------------------- Alfonso was always so weak and small, at 5 foot 7 and pretty slim and he was always craving strength, dreaming of having the a bodybuilder's built, but couldn't get it even with hours of work out at the gym, but today would be different as right in front of his eyes may stands a chance for his dream to come true, there were rumors about a lab that was making experiments about human strength, those who tried never came back but Alfonso was desperate, he wanted strength and was ready to do everything for it. He opens the door and sees a big white corridor with multiple rooms, a receptionist stands at the entrance, Alfonso goes to the receptionist and tells him he wants to be their new guinea pig for their experiments, to which he replies: "Hmm… Are you sure you want your body to be used for this ? There is no going back afterward, your body will never be the same and you will have to go through a lot of pain, sweat and this may even kill you, are you REALLY sure you want to take the risk?" Alfonso looks at the receptionist and tells him: "Yes, whatever you want, inject me with some experimental steroids, whatever I am desperate to become better than… This" He gestures to his slim body. "Hmmm… Alright then, sign here" the receptionist gives him a contract which he signs immediately and the receptionist calls someone to come, after a bit of wait, a man with a brown beard and hair comes over to Alfonso, he seems pretty muscular and standing at 6 feet tall, the man smiles at Alfonso. "Ah welcome, i am the director of this laboratory, my name is Charle and you are ?" Alfonso looks at his body thinking about how much he wanna have muscles, the man in front of him snaps his fingers and Alfonso replies. "Alfonso, pleased to meet you sir" they shake hands "We've needed someone for our new experiments, right this way" he guides you to a room, the room is a pretty bright white room with a bed, a pretty big mirror, a fridge, and a tv. "When do I begin ?" the slim man asked. "Whenever you want" Alfonso looks at him and tells him he is ready. Charle guides him to a workout room with a bunch of gym equipment and a tv that tells him how to do the exercise. He starts to exercise with some weights, the scientist goes out of the room and Alfonso exercises for a pretty long time before panting and stopping. The director comes back and looks at him: "How was it ?" Alfonso pants and looks at him. "Very exhausting" he says. Charle gestures at Alfonso to follow him. "We have… Something to make you grow faster, follow me" He gestured to follow him. He follows the director eagerly and he guides him to an empty room with only a table, a glass pane and a tube on the ceiling, some other scientist, younger than Charles are in the room waiting for Alfonso, they guide him to a table and ask him to take his clothes out, he hesitates then do it and lay on the table, the scientists straps him to a table. "Am I going to get injected with steroids or something ?" He's seen lots of stories on the internet with scientists injecting stuff into people to make muscle grow and was starting to get excited. The bearded scientist laughs in the microphone, he is behind a glass pane at the left of the now restrained man. "No ! We have something better than that, meet our new research experiment" Alfonso looks at him confused, the scientists gets out of the room, seals it and gets behind the glass pane. There is a weird sound then a black mass of goo appears from a tube, the goo starts to crawl at him, Alfonso looks at it in horror. "Here is a symbiote, it will go into your body and change your body, do not resist it and let it inside you" the bearded scientist says. Alfonso tries to get out but is restrained to this table, the blob crawls into the table, traversing his body. "There is no turning back, you agreed to this, remember ? Now let it inside you and don't fight it" Said the director. The symbiote enters his mouth, he gags a bit but is forced to swallow it, his neck bulges as it slides down his throat, as Alfonso finishes swallowing the symbiote, he falls asleep. Alfonso wakes up on his bed and start stretching, he think to himself that this was a weird dream, as he finishes to stretch he looks at himself and see that he has now a big gut, he starts to think this may not be a dream, the bearded scientist comes to him "Good morning, how do you feel ?" he smiles as he looks at Alfonso. "I feel… Fat…" he replied, feeling pretty ashamed. "Don't worry, the symbiote is making itself cozy inside of you, unfortunately there is no way to get rid of the gut as of now, the symbiote is replacing your adipocytes, and if you want to know what adipocytes are, it's a cell that eats your fat'' Alfonso looks at the director, confused. "So the symbiote ate what makes me fat while making me fat ?" he says, Charles giggles at the remark. "Yes pretty much but he got rid of it so that it can eat whatever you eat that can make you fat but don't worry, soon the symbiote will make you powerful. Why don't you go exercise now" Alfonso stands up and goes to his training room and works out… But this time he took more than 2 hours of work out, he had a lot of energy and he didn't knew if it was from that thing in.his belly or something else... As he goes back to his room, eats, takes a shower and goes to his bed, naked and exhausted from the intense workout. The symbiote feels the exhaustion and takes its chance, it starts to spread inside him. Alfonso moans as he feels pain in his body, the symbiote spreads inside his muscles, and starts to connect itself to his brain and Alfonso can hear the voice of the symbiote. "You… My host… We will be the strongest together… Don't fight me… Accept me…" Alfonso hears. He thinks to himself that it's no use to fight it… Might as well join it, he breathes as he stops fighting the symbiote and let it loose, it takes over his entire body as he screams, his dick going into a full erection and a black liquid squirts out of it, it starts to coat him, he cums more and more of it. Alfonso decides to accept that this is his new life, he cums so much of it that it coats his entire body, the liquid forms a cocoon, Alfonso gets into a fetal position and falls asleep as the symbiote changes his body. The director comes into the room and looks at the pulsing cocoon. "Interesting… The symbiote is already changing him, last time it took months to go to this step" he smiles "Good sleep… Tomorrow you will wake up with the body of your dreams" he closes the door and the room gets dark. During the night,Alfonso squirms inside the cocoon as his muscles grows, his pecs the size of watermelons, Abs can be seen on his gut, his legs becomes like tree trunks, his biceps growing very huge, his dick growing and reaching the middle of his muscled belly and becoming enormous, he grows until he becomes 6 feet 8. The next day the cocoon where he rested tripled in size, Alfonso open his eyes and his first instinct is to break free, he rips off the cocoon revealing a brand new alfonso, with a musculature bigger than any mister olympia, a perfect chiseled face and a strong dominating stare,he roars as he gets out of the cocoon and looks at himself with a huge grin on his face, he steps down from his bed and look at the mirror, he is taller than the mirror but he can still see how enormous he got, he starts to pose like a bodybuilder, he gets a huge erection from looking at his new muscles, he looks at it and takes it into his hands, his dick is way too big, he had to hold it with his two hands, the head almost being the size of his head. He was about to stroke it, until a scientist comes to his room and tells him that it's time for his workout with a pretty intimidated voice. Alfonso goes to the workout room with powerful steps, making sure people notice his strength. He start his workout and continues for 8 hours before his stomach growls. The new Alfonso goes back to his room and opens the fridge, ripping off the opening on accident. "Fuck i am so strong..." he thinks to himself. There is a bunch of food, the symbiote feels happy when Alfonso looks at the food, licking his lips, he eats all the food in the fridge and the symbiote eats part of it, eating all the extra fat from it, after finishing to eat, he stroke his muscled gut and smiles, feeling very thankful to the symbiote for the gift it gave him. Then all of a sudden, he feels a huge sound coming from his cock, a huge sloshing sound "What the ? What is this ?" The incredibly muscled man's voice became very husky and sexy. The symbiote moves a bit in his gut and tells him: "An effect from giving you all that power is that your reproductive system is overfilled with testosterone, which increases your production of sperm" he tries to look at your balls but your pecs blocks his vision "You better start jerking off, your balls are overfilling my host." The muscled man starts jerking off on the bed, you start caressing his muscles and feeling his strength. "I… May… Be the strongest man on Earth, I am so… huge… So… Sexy '' He said, panting. He strokes his dick at a fast pace and pants, the symbiote reaches his prostate and it presses it, he screams as he feels an intense pleasure and feels a deep bubbling in his balls. Alfonso feels climax coming and groans, he stands up and roars as he cum an enormous amount of cum directly into the wall, he cummed liters after liters of sperm at the wall, coating it in spem and.even coating a part of the ceiling in cum, the room start to flood in cum, Alfonso feels the most intense climax he ever had, he kept roaring as he filled the whole room in sperm, his roaring bring heard from the whole facility. As he finished cumming he falls on all four, hands deep in his own cum and panting from all that, Alfonso then feels something… A sloshing sound… His balls are filling again… Alfonso grins. "Let's fill this room with my cum and show that I am the strongest and sexiest man on earth !!" He starts jerking off again and watch himself in the mirror, precum already oozing from his cock. Meanwhile, Charle looks at his computer. "Alfonso is quite an interesting subject… The symbiote already fused with him… I think he may be the one… We have to help him grow'' Charle starts to order some supplies. "I will help you grow and make you the most powerful being" An hour later Alfonso stopped cumming, he strokes his gut. "I am really starting to like you symbiote, you made me so huge, i'm the sexiest fucker !" he starts to pose in front of a mirror, he immediatly got an erection. "Round 3 Already ?! Well ! Let's go !" He starts to jerk off at a furious pace, his room is so full of cum that he is knees deep into it, as he starts to jerk off Charles opens the door and almost gets thrown by the flood of cum in the room, the room smells like cum and there is cum everywhere in the room. "OH MY !" The director gasped as he saw how huge Alfonso has got, he is now larger and taller than him, the bearded man watches as he strokes his cock with his two hands like a teenager in heat, precum oozing like a fountain. "Alfonso ? C-can you stop it ?" The huge man looks at Charles and stop masturbating to go in front of him and hit a double biceps pose. "Ain't it the sexiest fucker ?" He asks with confidence. "You… Are really sexy… I think we can get you more…" Alfonso grins as he hears that and his cock starts spewing pre at the director uncontrollably. "Pfffft !" He wipes the pre off him. "Tomorrow you will be getting new equipment as you will be tested, for today you can do as you please, jerk off, go outside, roam in the facility and do some work out but you gotta come back tomorrow ?" "Alright !" exclaimed Alfonso, Charle nods as he goes back to his office, some scientists looks at his naked body, he grins and starts to pose, some of the scientists gets a huge hard on and run, he laughs in his deep husky voice. "I'm too sexy for these guys" He laughs then looks at his belly "Since i am very thankful for your service, what do you want ?" "Food… I need food" The symbiote exclaimed. "Very well then, let's eat !" He tries to walk but feels something weird, his balls seems to have grown "What the ?" "Remember when I talked about the fact you have so much testosterone that you need to cum ? well here's why, if you don't cum for too long, your balls will grow until you do so" Alfonso hears the symbiote say. He can't see his balls and strokes it, feeling the cum gargling inside, he decides to wait more and go to the cafeteria, a bunch of workers looks at alfonso as he walks to the cafeteria naked and makes a huge pile of food, people keeps looking at him as he goes to a table and eats the huge pile of food in front of him, the symbiote eats some of the food, the more he eats, the more hungry the symbiote gets, as he finishes, he goes to try and get more. "I am sorry but there is no food anymore, you ate the rest of it" Tells the cook. "OH COME ON !" he yells as his belly gurgles. "But you can ask the director, he may provide you more" The huge man goes to Charle and breaks the door open by accident. "Fuck… Sorry ! But anyway, i am hungry and there is no more food" The muscled man says in an urgent tone. "Is this because of the symbiote ?" The symbiote moves in Alfonso's belly. "I'll take it as a yes" He gestured to a dresser of huge clothes. "We planned to give you some clothes but no idea if it's too big or too small for you, try some" Alfonso takes a shirt and shorts, but they are so tight that his balls and dick can still be seen… But Alfonso shrugs it off, he doesn't care that the world sees his junk… He is proud of it and would show it to everyone if he could. The clothes are pretty tight, showing all the definition of his body, even his nipples. "His mind changed a bit… He seems so proud and dominant, is this because of the symbiote ?" Charle thinks in his head, he guides alfonso to a restaurant, people look at alfonso weirdly outside, some are disgusted, some quickly run to hide their erection, as they arrived to the restaurant, the symbiote emits a huge gurgling sound, Alfonso runs to it and Charles goes over to pay. "So this is an all-you-can eat buffet, eat whatever you want that can satisfy your symbiotes hunger" Alfonso immediately jumps at the food, wolfing it down, the symbiotes eat all the food that his host ingest. "MORE FOOD, MORE FOOD, I AM HUNGRY" The symbiote exclames as Alfonso eats more and more food, Charles looks at the boss of the restaurant, with a very shocked face, he grimaces and gives him a big amount of money. "We… I am sorry for this, you are going to eat this… He's… A growing boy…" The man looks at the director, confused. Charles watches as Alfonso eats the equivalent of what thirty people would eat, then sighed and walks up to Charles. "It is no longer hungry" He let out a huge belch as he walked out and Charles followed him. "You are the first one who manages to undergo the cocoon phase with the symbiote immediately, most end up spitting it and losing their strength but you are different, the symbiote wants to be with you and wants to grow you" Alfonso smiles as he looks at his belly. "Anyway, do what you want alright, i'll be in my office" He goes back to the lab. Alfonso keeps looking at his belly and goes to his room. "I want more muscles, no, I NEED more" He starts getting an erection. "Then i will gladly help you with that, first go sleep" Alfonso obeys and goes to sleep on his bed. When Alfonso sleeps the symbiote starts to gurgle and move in Alfonso's belly, a tendril, comes out of Alfonso's belly button and goes into his mouth. "Sleep well my host, as I fill you with those muscles you crave so much" A liquid shoots from the tendril and goes inside the symbiote's host, the huge man drinks it hungrily, his veins bulging as he drinks the liquid. The next day, Alfonso wakes up on the ground, he looks to see his bed destroyed, as he see that, he tries to run to the mirror but trips and feels his huge balls, they became the size of yoga balls, he stands up and look at the mirror, he now is 7ft 5, his muscles has become larger and his dick now reaching his neck, his frame has becomes too big for the mirror, he cannot see himself completely, he realises he got no other choice than jack off immediately in order to walk normally so he starts jerking off. "I am hungry…" The symbiote tells Alfonso as his belly gurgles. "Fuck, but i have to jerk off" Charles comes into the room and look at Alfonso. "Perfect timing, come over, i have something for you" Alfonso sighs as he waddles, trying to walk with his giant balls, he comes over to a room with a machine composed of a huge tube linking to several huge tanks. "Now's your time, put your penis inside" The huge man puts his cock inside the tube and feels the machine sucking him, he moans as he lays down. A scientist puts a tube in his mouth and a strange composition is shot at his mouth and eats it, the symbiote starts to eat the food given to it. "The first tube will suck your cock and empty your testicles as we put all that cum in some massive tanks, we will then proceed to analyse if the symbiote changed its composition, the other tube will give you an extremely nutrient paste, meanwhile, cum, let loose and eat as much as you want to satisfy you and the symbiote" He taps on alfonso's belly, the symbiote reacts and moves a bit, the huge man closes his eyes as he eats and keeps cumming. 2 hours later, Alfonso finally stops cumming and takes out the tube on his cock and his mouth, cum spilling all over the floor, a scientist guides him to his workout room, there is a treadmill and some huge weights, he goes to it with great excitement. Scientists put sensors on him and even more captors on his belly, Alfonso starts to run on the treadmill, scientist notes how his body is reacting and waits around while Alfonso runs on treadmill. 3 hours goes by and alfonso starts to get tired but a deep gurgles happens in his belly, the symbiote strengthen his legs and Alfonso starts to run while taking huge steps, the scientist gasp in shock as he sees alfonso almost break the treadmill with his steps, the scientist tells him to stop and start lifting weights, he happily goes to it and start lifting and the scientist shows him, a bunch of weightsw he asks Alfonso lift these, he lifts one with 200lbs in each sides. "Pfff ! Too easy, ya got more ?" The scientist shows him another one, with 400 lbs on each side, alfonso lifts it with ease. "Still too easy ! Fuck this i need better !" He sees a huge truck and goes to it. "Perfect !!" The huge man starts lifting the truck but starts to get a bit of trouble doing so, the symbiote gurgles in his belly and gives him more strength as he lifts the truck while groaning loudly. He then puts the truck back in its place. "How was that uh !?" he panted a bit as he spread his lats to show off his muscles. "It seems the symbiote strengthen your muscles every time you are about to get tired or when you can't make it, it is literally controlling your muscles to force you to go beyond your limit" says the scientist, Alfonso grins and look at his belly. "Thanks bud ! I can always count on you !" His symbiote moves in response, Alfonso then goes to his room and starts to watch tv, looking at mister olympia, he smiles and thinks about how he could beat these guys in no time. At the same time, Charle looks at the results of the analysis of Alfonso's sperm. "80% protein, 10% are extra nutrients and 10% spermatozoides… That sounds very interesting… The symbiote really changed everything in him" Charles smiles as he looks at the results. Alfonso starts to sleep, as he sleeps, the tendril shoots from his belly button and the symbiote start to feed his host, his cock goes into a full erection and he starts to move in his sleep, his balls sloshes around, instinctively he starts to jerk off with his hands, his muscles grow and the tendril shoots more proteins in his body, alfonso starts to wake up and see the tendril. "WHAT THE ?!" He thinks as the tendril starts to spew more liquid inside of him, he starts to stroke it. "Are you… trying to grow me ?" He thought, he licks the tendril and drink more liquid, but a few minutes later the tendril went back to his navel. "I WANT MORE" He starts to jerk off at a fast pace, but the symbiote tells him it no longer has any more nutrients to give him. Alfonso jerks off and look at his cock and it gave the symbiote an idea, the symbiote starts to act on his brain and give him a pulsion to lick his cock, which he does, he lick his cock slowly then starts to suck it, his cock is so big his can barely fit the middle of his cock's head in his mouth. Alfonso closes his eyes thinking about how strong he is, he can make everyone cum at will, he is way too sexy and his symbiote provided him with everything to make him grow, he feels really lucky to have been here as he sucks on his own cock and feels climax. As he cum in his mouth, he tries to drink everything but he cums way too much, the symbiote drains most of the cum as alfonso's eyes rolls back, his muscles pulse, his veins bulges as he drink his own cum and keeps on growing, he lost notion of everything around him, all he cared about was growing and cumming. A few hours later he finally finishes cumming and the symbiote moves in his belly, he gives his belly a tap, stands up and goes to the mirror, he can go longer see his middle abs in the mirror, he grins as he cum a several jets of the cum in the mirror. "I am the biggest bodybuilder in the world !" He yells in an incredibly husky tone as he poses. Several months goes by and Alfonso keeps on growing, having reached 9 feet tall, his room has been made bigger, he keeps on cumming but a drain was installed in the middle of the room to not flood it and a gigantic mirror has been put in the new room. Alfonso and Charle learnt to know each other and became friends, Charle sometimes even watches as Alfobso jacks off while they talk. Alfonso's muscle grew immensely large, he became as large as a car sideways, his dick reached his face and became so large he could hug it with his giant arms. Each day he got more and more horny, to the point he needed to jack off 7 times a day in order to walk normally. The symbiote started to develop even further, the tendril now could even take food for him while he eats and when Alfonso feels tired, the symbiote controlled his body to force him to work out more, He could no longer hurt as the symbiote heals him almost immediately. Today Alfonso spent a day with Charle, joking around, talking about his progress and eating way too much, the muscled man goes to his room. "Hey dude, thanks for everything, you and the symbiote made my dream come true and i'm very thankful for it !" He smiles at the bearded man. "No problem, making the most powerful man was also my dream so you also did make my dream come true" Both mens smiled, the huge man's belly gurgles as his cock went into an erection, spewing huge amounts of pre. "Welp…. Time for me to jack off ! G'night bud, I'll see you again tomorrow with even more muscles !" He closes the door as he jerks off and sucks himself. The bearded man goes to his room with a serious face. "I feel like he is not complete... Something is missing... But what could it be ?" He watches his room as his eyes land on a capsule containing another symbiote, he smiles as he finds his answer. The next day, Charles has a meeting with his employees to discuss about the symbiote, during which he pondered whether each of his employees would be a good host for the symbiote. As the day passes, Charles finds less and less people who would suit the symbiote, at the end of the meeting, as he goes outside the room, his back gets immediately wet, he looks behind him and sees Alfonso, with a huge erection. "Sorry dude, how are ya ?" Alfonso says with pre oozing like a waterfall. "Fine, just finished a meeting, what about you ?" Alfonso starts to pose. "Getting more and more sexy by the day, soon I'll break through the roof !" He showed off his muscles. "Well you really are one sexy fucker uh ?" Charle says with a smirk. "Yeah… Though i really wish i could fuck anyone, jerking off 7 times a day is the greatest but i wanna feel someone's ass !" He says while holding his cock with his hands. "Hmmm… Unfortunately we have nothing for that…" He says to the huge man "Or do we ?" He thinks in his head. "Anyway I should probably empty my balls and do some work out, these muscles need to get bigger" Alfonso goes to his workout room leaving the bearded director with a big erection, the director then goes to his room. "UGHHH nobody seems good enough as a host !" He scratches his head and looks at the symbiote. "Poor guy, we may not find you a host for a while…" The symbiote tries to reach for Charles inside the capsule. Charles looks at the symbiote for a moment. "Should i… Really try ?" He lifts the capsule and lies down in his bed. "No, I might doom myself to a life of… Power… Muscle… Sex…" He looks at the symbiote, his heart racing as he puts his hand on top of it. "Hmmm... FUCK THIS ! TAKE ME !" He took off his clothes, and opened the lid of the capsule. "TAKE ME !!" The symbiote immediately rushes to Charles' mouth, his neck bulges as he swallows the symbiote willingly, he falls asleep as he swallows the symbiote whole. The next day Charles wakes up with a big belly. "Phase 2…" He grabs something to eat and eats a lot. After feeding the symbiote, he goes to his bed, laying down, he closes his eyes and gives up any fighting against it. "Make me your host symbiote, i am yours" The symbiote connects itself to Charls brain and he screams as the symbiote spreads inside him, he cums jets of dark liquid on him and covers himself in it, the liquid turns into a cocoon as he gets into a fetal position. His body gets submerged by the cocoon and he slips into unconsciousness. Alfonso waited for Charles the whole day but didn't get a sign of him, he started to get worried, but this attention turns to the symbiote that gurgles in his belly and moves like he felt something. "I'm going to sleep, I hope he comes back…" He goes to bed and the symbiote feeds him in his sleep. The next morning, the cocoon tripled in size, Charle wakes up and rip the cocoon off, roaring, his body is almost the same as Alfonso's when he transformed but his torso and belly are very hairy. Charle looks at himself, smiling as he feels a huge hunger in him, he thinks about what he said a few months ago about Alfonso's cum, he steps down and goes to the room where Alfonso's sperm is kept, he licks his lips. "Hungry, my new friend ?" He says as he strokes his big gut. "Yes…" The symbiote tells Charles as he tries to lift the massive tank, the symbiote gives him more strength and cum pours out of the tank, the newly muscular man start drinking the cum without seeming to stop, the symbiote absorbs the cum as Charles drinks more and more, his cock goes into a full erection and pre spills on the floor. His muscles grow as he drinks more cum, a tendril shoots from his navel, he watches as it goes inside the tank and drinks more cum for him. Alfonso's symbiote moves erratically as he wakes up "What is it buddy ? Is something wrong" "Mate…" The symbiote says, Alfonso shrugs it off but ends up feeling extremely horny, he tries to jack off but his symbiote takes control of his body and goes into a direction "Where are you taking me ?!" Charles keeps drinking the sperm and he starts to cum on the floor, his symbiote grows stronger as he does, he is completely submitted to his new life, not caring about the rest other than growing, cumming and feeding. As Charles finishes one of the many tanks, Alfonso enters the room. "Charles ?" He looked at his friend smirking as he saw what he became. "You needed something and i knew what it was, you needed someone to fuck and here I AM" He posed showing off his new muscles, Alfonso dick spilled pre on the floor, their belly moved, feeling their symbiote moving in excitement, they approached eaxh other and put their cock in front of each other's cock, they are the same size. "I was the first to become like you, you know ? I should be the one who puts a cock up your ass" Alfonso gave him a sexy grin. "And i am older than you… And I also made you…" Charle says as he tries to jump at him and fuck him but Alfonso lifted him and put him on the floor, shoving his dick in front of Charle's ass. "I'M THE DOMINANT HERE and my balls are so full" The symbiote in Charle's belly happily gurgles as Alfonso penetrates him, his cock so large that you could see the form of his shaft inside Charle's belly. Charle screams as he's never felt anything like that, his body urges him to be fucked, he is completly submited to Alfonso. On the other hand Alfonso feels a urges to fuck, the symbiote gurgles as he penetrates his ass, the tendril from his navel shoots into Charles dick and drinks the cum in his balls. Alfonso starts to fuck Charle, going with a strength able to destroy a steel wall as the hairy muscled man screams in pleasure, a tendril shoots from his symbiote to inside Alfonso's cock, both symbiotes drinks the cum of each other's host as they fuck. Alfonso huddled his muscles on Charle, fucking him with a huge strength, Charles moans as he cums into the tendril, the symbiote feeds on it and Alfonso starts to grow, the same thing happens with Charles. Both symbiotes grew in their host, their belly becoming bigger as they grew and started to move erratically. They finally stopped cumming as their symbiotes moved in their bellies. "Fuck … You got a good symbiote uh ?" Alfonso gets his cock out of Charle, he poses to show off his muscles. "Yeah, we'll be the sexiest" Charle's Balls gurgles. "Well round 2 it is" They kept fucking to empty themselves at every second they got and kept growing. The next day, the scientists where shocked to see Charle coming naked with his new body, he kept showing off his muscles like Alfonso and had the same appetite as him, almost emptying the whole cafeteria's food by themselves, they occasionally would fuck for no reason in front of everyone, many tables and walls were destroyed that day. However, this night, they slept together and their symbiotes started to evolve, the symbiotes became more hungry, the two mens groaned as their symbiotes hunger grew, both symbiotes started to control their host, guiding them to the storage room where their cum were stored in massive tanks, tendril shots from both mans navel and pecs, their symbiote drinked as much cum as possible, over filling themselves, their host still asleep, They grew even larger and taller, moaning as their bodies were being stuffed with proteins, their veins were pulsing as they absorbed more and more cum. The next day, the two men woke up on the storage room and looked as they stood up and saw their muscles as big as a truck from sideways. "What the ?!" Screamed Alfonso with an even deeper voice, He looked at himself then grins as he sees his bigger body. "Oh my we just hit a huge growth spurt… We are going to be gods !" Charle says as he already starts to cum, both men cum into the room without touching themselves. "I want more…" Says Alfonso, both men looked at the tanks and both men licked their lips as a tendril shoots from their pecs and into the tanks, filling themselves with cum. "Let's become gods !" Charle says as his belly gurgles and their symbiote gurgles, he laid down as Alfonso stood with his huge cock, Alfonso started to suck him and Charle did the same, taking a 69 pose. Both symbiote kept moving, more hungry for power and sperm, they both came in each other's mouth as the tendrils drinked the cum, they started to grow immensely huge. The two men kept growing, hitting almost double their sizes very quickly and hitting the ceiling of the storage room. The symbiotes gurgled in their muscled gut as they cummed and kept growing. Scientists came to look and see the two giant men sucking themselves and feeding themselves with cum, Alfonso saw them, smirked then got out of Charle's dick, turned to the scientists and cummed on them a black liquid, they all get hit by it as the liquid entered their mouth and their belly grew fatter, their belly gurgled and they came a dark liquid that enveloped them and formed a cocoon. Alfonso and Charle's symbiotes have evolved, making their host a symbiote maker, symbiote filled their balls along with their cum and they were eager to give these symbiotes some hosts. More and more scientists came and got covered, some tried to flee but it was too late. Several hours later, Alfonso and Charle flooded the room with cum and grew so tall and strong that they broke the roof, they both stood up and roared. "Hey, what do you think about we make everyone in the city one of us ?" Says Charle as cum oozed off his cock, they grinned at each other and started to cum toward the city. The cocoons in the flood of cum started to rip off revealing a bunch of huge muscled scientists, they started worshipping their creator and drink the cum that was on the floor hungrily. "YES, WORSHIP YOUR NEW GODS !!" People in the town started to run, most of them became cocoons and some accepted the symbiote and even ran to the two huge men, Alfonso and Charle came on them, converting them all as they welcomed their symbiote and turned into cocoons. Alfonso lifted Charle and started to fuck him hard as they both came like they couldn't stop, whenever Alfonso came symbiotes inside Charle, it goes inside Charle's balls and cummed the symbiotes into the town, converting more and more men. "Our new life begins here, Our symbiotes made us Gods and we will rule over them as Gods !!" Alfonso says as he keeps cumming inside Charle. They kept on growing and cumming, ruling over, They ended up taking over the city, converting the whole town into hugely muscled men and together they built a society of muscles, symbiote, cum and growth.
  3. Francisco era un hombre ya maduro, alrededor de los 52 años, un hombre de cuerpo lampiño y cabello negro, ya tenía canas en su cabellera, aúnque aún el color oscuro predominaba, bigote bien cuidado, su forma física era buena, era alguien fornido, se veía q en su juventud había sido alguien que siempre estuvo en buena forma, sus brazos robustos aún se veían un poco en forma era el dueño de una empresa farmacéutica, su vida y sus investigaciones las había dedicado por mucho tiempo a encontrar la forma de pelear contra el avance de la edad, había estudiado posibilidades infinitas, la constante de saber el desgaste continuo del cuerpo era la falta de la capacidad célular de regeneración, pero... ¿Y si hubiera alguna forma de apoyar esa regeneración?... Francisco se obsesionó desde joven con ese tema, no paraba de desvelarse durante noches, estudiando componentes que pudieran ayudar a esos procesos, hasta que al llegar a la edad de los 30 llegó a la conclusión que era importante darle especial atención al ejercicio y a la alimentación. Darle al cuerpo una dosis extra de proteínas concentradas y también testosterona en el caso de los hombres era esencial para poder hacer que el cuerpo humano estuviera en óptimas condiciones, a nivel célular era lo ideal para poder hacer que todo estuviera como una máquina perfectamente afinada. Pero no era suficiente, aún el desgaste avanzaba y ahí fue cuando Francisco entendió que el cuerpo humano tenía que tener de forma obligada una ayuda exógena, algún tipo de estimulante que pudiera hacer que el cuerpo produciera más testosterona y al mismo tiempo darle proteínas adicionales al cuerpo, trabajó años en un esteroide que tuviera efectos, no de hormona exógena, si no más bien hacer que el cerebro obligara al cuerpo a producir 100 veces más testosterona. Francisco consiguió crear aquella formula que estimulaba el cerebro para la producción de testosterona a los 35 años, realmente algo rápido, empezó a experimentar con ratas de laboratorio, pero había un problema, aunque la substancia hacia en los sujetos de prueba lo que se suponía, que era un aumento drástico en la masa muscular, también había ciertos efectos secundarios, el menos peligroso era un gran aumento en el deseo sexual, los sujetos de prueba demostraban un gran apetito sexual, si el ratón estaba acompañado no importaba si era macho o hembra el ratón acompañante, el que estaba lleno del suero experimental follaba a su pareja hasta que el ratón normal fallecía. El segundo era que después de unos días el cuerpo del ratón inyectado colapsaba, al parecer el cuerpo de la criatura no aguantaba el ritmo acelerado al generar testosterona de forma tan rápida. Entonces si el cuerpo podía aguantar así por unos días había una posibilidad de que pudiera todo esto tener éxito, solo había que buscar una forma en qué el cuerpo se pudiera aclimatar al cambio desenfrenado de producción de testosterona, y a la aceleración del metabolismo. Francisco pensó en varias opciones, pero una más improbable que la anterior, en este mundo, no había nada parecido a lo que él quisiera recrear, sus investigaciones quedaron estancadas conforme el tiempo pasó y la fórmula de su esteroide la guardó, le dió más importancia otros proyectos para poder sustentar su investigación más adelante, mientras aparecía alguna forma en la cuál cumplir lo que él siempre había deseado. Con el paso del tiempo Francisco se hizo de una gran riqueza, su talento en la rama de la farmacología le ayudó generando bastantes medicamentos innovadores pero costosos que lo catapultaron a la cima, a la edad de 42 años con la trayectoria que ya tenía y toda su experiencia en el ramo, incluso decidió ampliar sus conocimientos a la ingeniería genética. Efectivamente, lo que necesitaba Francisco estaba en esa área, todos los conocimientos que tenía empezó a usarlos en su proyecto que había abandonado, solo tenía que crear un organismo simbionte, no tenía que ser inteligente, solo tenía que poder unirse y ayudar al cuerpo humano con el proceso de aceleración de su suero, y recrear las funciones básicas de cualquier ser vivo con excepción de la reproducción. Fueron años de experimentos hasta que Francisco por fin logró su cometido, en un contenedor yacía una mancha azul obscuro moviéndose de forma rara, arrastrándose por un gran contenedor una criatura viscosa y que parecía haber salido de una película de terror, pero Francisco sabía que no era así, era el siguiente paso para combatir el avance del desgaste del cuerpo humano, esta criatura había sido diseñada por él, y de hecho Francisco había usado algo de su sangre para asegurar la compatibilidad con su nueva creación, así q nadie más que él podría ocupar a aquel ser que había creado.
  4. Francisco era un hombre ya maduro, alrededor de los 52 años, un hombre de cuerpo lampiño y cabello negro, ya tenía canas en su cabellera, aúnque aún el color oscuro predominaba, bigote bien cuidado, su forma física era buena, era alguien fornido, se veía q en su juventud había sido alguien que siempre estuvo en buena forma, sus brazos robustos aún se veían un poco en forma era el dueño de una empresa farmacéutica, su vida y sus investigaciones las había dedicado por mucho tiempo a encontrar la forma de pelear contra el avance de la edad, había estudiado posibilidades infinitas, la constante de saber el desgaste continuo del cuerpo era la falta de la capacidad célular de regeneración, pero ... Francisco se obsesionó desde joven con ese tema, no paraba de desvelarse durante noches, estudiando componentes que podrían ayudar a esos procesos,hasta que al llegar a la edad de los 30 llegó a la conclusión que era importante darle especial atención al ejercicio ya la alimentación. Darle al cuerpo una dosis extra de proteínas concentradas y también testosterona en el caso de los hombres era esencial para poder hacer que el cuerpo humano estaba en óptimas condiciones, a nivel célular era lo ideal para poder hacer que todo estaba como una máquina perfectamente afinada. Pero no era suficiente, aún el desgaste avanzaba y ahí fue cuando Francisco entendió que el cuerpo humano tenía que tener de forma obligada una ayuda exógena, algún tipo de estimulante que pudiera hacer que el cuerpo produciera más testosterona y al mismo tiempo darle otras proteínas al cuerpo, trabajó años en un esteroide que tuvo efectos, no de hormona exógena, si no más bien hacer que el cerebro obligara al cuerpo a producir 100 veces más testosterona. Francisco consiguió crear esa fórmula que estimulaba el cerebro para la producción de testosterona a los 35 años, realmente algo rápido, comenzó a experimentar con ratas de laboratorio, pero había un problema, aunque la substancia hacia en los sujetos de prueba lo que se suponía, que era un aumento drástico en la masa muscular, también había ciertos efectos secundarios, el menos peligroso era un gran aumento en el deseo sexual, los sujetos de prueba demostraban un gran apetito sexual, si el ratón estaba acompañado no importaba si era macho o hembra el ratón acompañante, el que estaba lleno del suero experimental follaba a su pareja hasta que el ratón normal fallecía. El segundo era que después de unos días el cuerpo del ratón inyectado colapsaba, al parecer el cuerpo de la criatura no aguantaba el ritmo acelerado al generar testosterona de forma tan rápida. Entonces si el cuerpo podía aguantar así por unos días había una posibilidad de que pudiera todo esto tener éxito, solo había que buscar una forma en qué el cuerpo se pudiera aclimatar al cambio desenfrenado de producción de testosterona, ya la aceleración del metabolismo. Francisco pensó en varias opciones, pero una más improbable que la anterior, en este mundo, no había nada parecido a lo que él quisiera recrear, sus investigaciones quedaron estancadas conforme el tiempo pasó y la fórmula de su esteroide la guardó, le dió más importancia otros proyectos para poder sustentar su investigación más adelante, mientras aparecía alguna forma en la cuál cumplir lo que él siempre había deseado. Con el paso del tiempo Francisco se hizo de una gran riqueza, su talento en la rama de la farmacología le ayudó generando bastantes medicamentos innovadores pero costosos que lo catapultaron a la cima, a la edad de 42 años con la trayectoria que ya tenía y toda su experiencia en el ramo, incluso decidió ampliar sus conocimientos a la ingeniería genética. Efectivamente, lo que necesitaba Francisco estaba en esa área, todos los conocimientos que empezó a usarlos en su proyecto que había abandonado, solo tenía que crear un organismo simbionte, no tenía que ser inteligente, solo tenía que poder unirse y ayudar al cuerpo humano con el proceso de aceleración de su suero, y recrear las funciones básicas de cualquier ser vivo con excepción de la reproducción. Fueron años de experimentos hasta que Francisco por fin logró su cometido, en un contenedor yacía una mancha azul obscuro moviéndose de forma rara, arrastrándose por un gran contenedor una criatura viscosa y que parecía haber salido de una película de terror, pero Francisco sabía que no era así, era el siguiente paso para combatir el avance del desgaste del cuerpo humano, esta criatura había sido diseñada por él, y de hecho Francisco había usado algo de su sangre para asegurar la compatibilidad con su nueva creación, así q nadie más que él podría ocupar a aquel ser que había creado.
  5. js44

    Teddy Meets the Symbiote

    Teddy Meets the Symbiote Author Note: This is a quick nerd to jock story, where a young guy accidentally bonds with the symbiote. He fights it at first, until his mind turns to relish the symbiote as he gains its strength and powers. I wanted to focus just on the TF for this story, so I didn't include the aftermath. If anyone wants to write a sequel or anything, just DM me. I can move it to the continuous stories or collaborate on a sequel. Every Friday I had to do PE. It was the worst class of my whole schedule, it was two hours of stretching, running, then playing some lame sport that I sucked at. I tried to get out of it because I was so nonathletic. But the school wouldn't let me. Even though I tried to play a couple of sports and even did an summer camp, I was never any good at them. I didn't dare try football, those guys were monsters and they would have pummeled me for sure. That was the other problem with PE, and with my high school in general: the jocks were total show-offs, they wanted everyone to know just how awesome, athletic, and aggressive they were. They relished in their success as athletes and formed such tight cliques that they were only friends with other jocks. The football players were the worst. Not only were they stupidly proud and vain, but they were also the toughest bullies. The school even facilitated their meanness by not punishing them! The guys had won state championships for the past ten years, parents and fans were way more interested in them getting their way and winning than standing up for losers like me. Maybe that's why I always considered myself a loser. If I wasn't in the in crowd then I guess I was just a nerd whose role it was to be a punching bag for the football jocks. About half of my class was football jocks, another quarter jocks from other sports, but primarily wrestling and baseball, and the last quarter were those of us who were outsiders. But I was by far the worst of the group. Today was basketball day, the only thing I was good at was getting tripped over by the bullies. Josh and Jeremy were two offensive linemen in the football team who were usually knocking me down. "Watch it, Teddy!" Jeremy would say as he brushed past me. My buddy Sam pulled me up by the forearm and gave me an encouraging push to keep playing. We both knew it was almost over. The football quarterback, Derek, landed another dunk as his buddies congratulated them. The only reason our team won today was because I had Derek on my team. I was picked last of course, but since he happened to be on my team this week, he won. Coach blew his whistle and we all gathered around. "Alright men, that's enough for today. If you're man enough to clean up, hit the showers. Those who are panseies and too afraid to get naked can jog laps for ten minutes." Only the jocks hit the showers. The rest of us probably could have and would have been man enough to do it, but every time one of us tried, we got bullied in the showers. Last time that Sam tried it the bullies stole his towel and locked his locker until he did twenty naked pushups with all the jocks laughing at him and weighing him down with his feet. When we tried to complain to coach, he said it wasn't true. "See ya later, ladies," Jeremy said as he walked toward the locker room. The rest of us standing there like losers as we watched the jocks start to strip even in the gym, pulling their sweaty shirts off and high-fiving each other. I tried to let my mind wonder during the cool down jog, trying to think of what my future would be like outside of this place, with people I could actually be friends with, with a life that meant more than praising jocks for simply being jocks. I secretly always wished I could have been one of the jocks. Even though most of them were dumber than dog shit, I would have liked that camaraderie. That feeling of working together to win a big athletic event, and to have the popularity and love from everyone around them. But I guess it wasn't my calling. Sam and I headed toward our lockers. "You know, fuck this," he said, stripping down to his compression shorts. "I'm smelly, I'm taking a fucking shower." He grabbed a towel off a rack and pulled off his shorts, tossing them into his locker and walking toward the showers as confidently as possible. The jocks, now out of the showers themselves, paid him no mind. I sighed. I would have liked to do the same, but I was sure a jock would catch me. I hung my shirt in my locker and kicked off my shoes and socks. I started to towel the sweat off of me when I heard murmuring from the rows of lockers behind me. I knew a few of the football jocks took those lockers, and they were normally annoyingly loud. But for some reason they were trying to remain as quiet as they could today. I couldn't help myself, I had to hear. As I turned the corner, I could tell that Jeremy was whispering. "Listen, I overheard my dad on the phone last night, he was telling his colleagues that the alien specimen that they collected was maturing, and that it soon would be strong enough for testing!" "What the fuck are you talking about?" Derek answered. "You always say you have some cool new drug that you've stolen from your dad's lab, but nothing that you've tried has worked." "No dude!" Jeremy said back. "This is different. This isn't a drug. This is an alien, a live creature, they had it sent to them from the government, and they let my dad break quarantine to keep an enemy nation from stealing it. He wouldn't have brought it home but for the fact that the military keeps getting raided by spies!" I too had heard Jeremy come up with quack-job ideas on how to get more buff and athletic, but this idea really interested me. It seemed impossible but I was strangely attracted to it. "Then fuckin' show us, dude!" said Josh. "If this thing is all that you say it is, show us what it's capable of." I couldn't believe the idiot stole the item then actually brought it to school. But I could hear the sound of metallic sliding against glass and two glasses "clinking" each other. "It's right here," said Jeremy. "Look, it actually moves." "Woah," I could hear both Josh and Derek whispering. It must have been. "You have to get naked to let it bond with you," Jeremy said. "I'm gonna try it." I couldn't believe the jock was actually going to try it in the locker room! I worked up the muster to turn my head where I saw the three jocks turned away from me, looking down at something that Jeremy's nearly-naked body was blocking. Both Derek and Josh flanked him on either side, so mesmerized by whatever was in Jeremy's hand that they didn't see me. All three of them were in towels, but Jeremy wasn't for long. He put his hand to the waist and unhooked the towel, letting it fall around his feet. Of course we had seen the jocks naked before, but I hadn't seen him this close. His ass was perfectly sculpted outward, a rock-hard bubble with dark hair curled over the sides and back of his cheeks. His legs were equally bulked. I gulped in astonishment. The jock didn't even care that he was butt naked! He was so comfortable with it and in front of his jock friends, and so entranced by the jar he was holding, that it didn't seem to faze him. Jeremy turned just enough to let me see the glass, holding it in front of his crotch. He unscrewed the metallic top and pulled out the glass tube. It was big, probably at least a half a pint, and inside it slushed around a thick, black liquid, moving of its own accord, stretching tendrils out trying to break the rubber stopper that was sealing it in. "I just gotta get it onto me," Jeremy said, trying unsuccessfully to pull off the stopper. Just then, Josh's eyes pulled up from the vial and toward me, now only about fifteen feet away from them. "Hey dipshit!" he said, "get the fuck out of here!" Jeremy too looked up, and took a step forward to shove me back. "Yeah you little twerp!" he said, his long dick flapping against him as he took a step toward me. But as he did, Josh's hand went backwards and knocked the vial right out of Jeremy's hand. "Oh fuck!" Josh said, admitting his carelessness. I couldn't help but stare. Jeremy tried to catch it but he lost his grip as the vial hit the ground, one sharp glass "CRACK" sound made as it started rolling faster and faster toward my feet. "Shit!" said Jeremy, now starting to run toward me. The glass rolled itself right to my foot and rested, and the black goo immediately started to claw itself out of the single crack on the vial. "Oh shit," I whispered, completely mesmerized by the mass as it started to pool on my feet. "NO!" Jeremy said. "It's mine!" But the second the vial touched my feet I gained a stamina and confidence that I had never felt before. I shoved the naked jock back right as he approached me, but I quickly turned to fear as the aggressive goo now pooled onto both of my feet and held me stuck there. It quickly started pulling itself up my legs. "FUCK GET IT OFF OF ME!" I shouted, trying to claw it off my legs, my ankles now completely immobilized. Jeremy too tried to grab it, but this time the goo seemed to shove him back. It didn't want him, it wanted me! As it hit my thighs I felt my confidence grow even more. I was even getting excited by it! Could this stuff really do what Jeremy said it would do? Turn me into a muscle-studded jock? The thought of it was intoxicating, and I felt even more confident about it as I saw brown hair start to grow over my thighs, feeling the masculinity of having more hair sprout on my legs combined with the confidence the symbiote was giving me. "Holy shit!" I said, cracking my first smile as I let go of the symbiote, feeling it now dragging itself up my legs and under my shorts and compressions. As it hit my clothing I could feel it heating it up, baking it and my legs until it started to tatter. I convulsed to the left as my thighs started to explode with muscle. "Oh shit!" I said again as my thighs started to grow like footballs, building hefty weight of muscle as fine contours of sinew pushed my shin into a sculpted state. my shorts ripped from the acid-burn of the symbiote and fell onto the ground and my compressions started to tatter, ripping apart at the seams as they made further contact with the black goo. I convulsively bent my back forward and clenched my fists as I felt the goo push through my compressions and onto my crotch. I could feel it climb onto the tip of my pecker as if it was examining me, seeing if I was somehow worthy of it. I cupped my hands over my package but I didn't want to scrape it off. It felt way too good. I could also tell for the first time that it had a life of its own, it was deciding if it wanted to share itself with me. It was all happening so fast, I barely had time to think before I heard a faint whisper. "Yes," it said. "You are the one, the one I've been waiting for. I've wanted a human who was victim to too many others, and will be able and fit to get his revenge on his captors. You are the one. We are to merge. Relish in me, human!" My compressions finally snapped as I bent my back back up. My dick started to grow as it drank in the symbiote. It crawled its way into my dick and soaked itself into my testicles, merging my DNA with its own identity. As it did, I started to feel the pure strength that the symbiote was to give me. "We shall be Venom!" It said, now wrapping itself onto my butt, clawing its tendrils into my asshole and feeling itself up and into my body. "YES!" I shouted out loud. "This is it! HAHAHAHA I am the one, Jeremy! Watch me transform, watch me become that which you wished you could be!" A newfound confidence and aggression exploded in me as my smile widened, watching Jeremy as I towered over him. My loins started to expand and lock in muscle as a deep, well-grooved adonis emerged on my body. My pubes sprouted aggressively over my adoinis and up my belly button as six new abs emerged from deep within, pushing the sinew out. As the symbiote climbed into my body so too did it start to run up my skin following me as my pecs flattened and hardened, pushing outward, my shoulders broadened, and my biceps and triceps folded over on themselves to create thick, hard, muscles. I felt my height increase as well, growing from my measly 5 foot 5 inch frame to six, then six and a half, then seven feet. I stretched my arms out as the symbiote climbed over my now hairy forearms, down to my hands, and relished in it climbing over my bulked neck, up my face, then up the back of my hair. I felt my tongue elongate as my face grew in great dimensions outward and upward. "YES!" I shouted again even louder, now towering over the lockers and seeing my half-dressed classmates staring up at me in fear. "FEAR ME YOU HUMANS! I AM VENOM!" My teeth tripled and grew into razor-sharp fangs as the symbiote settled over my body. My pecs expanded further as my shoulders doubled their size and weight. As we continued to merge I felt myself growing even larger, feeling my package continue to become engulfed by the goo, pushing itself out further and further, my balls growing heavier as they dropped further down. My stamina must have increased 100 fold. I no longer felt the need to breathe, I was no longer tired. I had what I thought to be infinite amounts of energy. My voice deepened as I laughed louder and louder. I examined both of my arms as they bulked further out, veins popping under my suit. "FUCK YEAH! WATCH ME GROW!" I commanded, looking down at the tiny naked Jeremy, a tear falling from his face, seeing the slave finally become the master. As the suit settled over my body, I felt my inhibitions push to the back of my mind. I was the hottest shit around. I was finally the jock. I was finally the one who could say and do whatever the fuck he wanted. I was now the shit. I was not going to hold back. I reached my arm down and commanded the symbiote to grab Jeremy by the waist. I felt myself wrap my venom around his body, feeling his flaccid dick and hard butt, and pulled him toward me. "I want to eat you!" I said, licking his face as he finally began sobbing in fear. "A human would make a tasty morsel." I said. I looked around and noticed the entirety of the class was now watching me. My dick started stirring behind my suit too, and I proudly let it pop up, letting my erection grow as it pushed itself hard against my suit, growing to almost three feet in length. Now was my moment. I could have my way with him and everyone else for sure. Or I could turn back into a muscle-studded human and finally become a head alpha, a jock leader, take the role as an offensive lineman or even a quarterback. The opportunities were endless.
  6. Guest

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 01

    To all the fans of the Transcript... I will still finish it... But I know how much you guys have loved it so I am going to turn it into a series... And to all the new readers, I hope you enjoy this tale. Not sure how long I will take between releasing parts. But this story will be completed. I hope you enjoy this fresh take on an amazing RP I did as it will now be presented to you all as a complete series. Part I The Bonding Matt stumbled through the house, heading up his room that he had always shared with his twin brother Andrew. He has always been a huge bearish guy. 6’5”, 300 lbs of ripped college bound jock muscle with a very large 10 inch cock. He really got into lifting in High school when he grew like a weed, playing both football and joining the wrestling team. Once he got into college though was when things really started to change. He was able to join a great gym, non stop trips into the cafeteria line. Even some really great supplements that his coach and teammates gave him. From one day he was buying stuff at a local vitamin shop to now he was buying more exotic drugs just hoping to build himself even more freakier. That’s what lead Matt to this moment. His friend brought him a new drug, supplement, something extremely crazy that if supposedly it was taken it would completely change a person’s life forever. “There’s two vials here bro. There’s Vial A and Vial B. It’s super experimental shit, I don’t even understand how it fucking works,” Daniel told Matt in the locker room earlier that day. “How the hell did you get a hold of it then?” Matt was curious if it is so secret, why the hell did he not keep it for himself. “Well, my friend’s half-brother’s uncle managed to smuggle it out of a department of defense lab. Shit is fucking legit. You got to believe me.” So he took it and brought it back home with the last words his friend telling him ringing into his ears. The actual instructions. Go to the Gym. Uncork Vial A and drink it. Find some random big dude, make him drink Vial B. The instructions were strange but the idea of actually getting something from the Department of Defense was a huge turn on. Matt was already enormous, if this shit would work he’d be gigantic. Matt looked at the time, “Fuck 11:30… To late now.” He sighed to himself. Most of the really big guys were probably already gone from the gym. And the guy he’d really want to try Vial B, the only guy that rivaled him in size, always arrives at 10AM sharp. Matt sets the vials aside on his desk, stripping down for bed, and lying on top of the cool sheets, feeling the breeze of the AC wash over his hefty muscular body. Andrew, Matt’s twin, was already laying in his bed. Andrew however was completely the opposite of his twin. They definitely were not identical. As Matt was a large built bearish beast, Andrew was practically hairless. Both twins were 21 years of age, but Matt stopped growing roughly at the age of 14. He stood at 5’5” 140lbs with a just below average 4 inch cock. Since Andrew wasn’t as huge as his brother, he became more of the smart one of the two, cracking the books and getting high academic marks in High School and now college. Andrew watched his brother strip and lay across his bed. The musky odor of Matt wafting in his direction. “Geeze Matt. Why didn’t you shower at the gym?” He watched as Matt though put the two vials onto his desk. One had a moving black liquid object inside of it. The other a greyish looking mass. The Grey one appeared to almost look dead looking as well as much smaller in volume then the black mass that completely filled the first vial. “Are those new supplements? They seem to look a bit odd from your normal stuff. Like not safe.” “Yeah. New supplements. Don’t touch them Andrew, they are really experimental and I don’t know how strong this stuff is going to be.” Matt watched over them for a few seconds. They were originally stored in a cooler which he removed them out of before coming up stairs. He didn’t realize though that since he had removed them, whatever was actually inside of them were starting to awaken, move, and become more active. Andrew continued to watch Matt as he pushed his large legs into his bed. Matt began his usual nightly routine of self-worship. Every night before bed he’d feel himself up after his massive pump from the gym. Matt began rubbing his hands over his hairy 10 pack. Twisting at one of his nipples with his other hand as his cock began to get hard and stand up straight like a pole. Andrew didn’t really mind. One thing that they both did inherit strangely in the traits department was that they were both gay. When they were both younger, before Matt became the giant man that he was today, they both experimented with each other and learned what sexual stuff they could. But once Matt began to really grow, the sexual interest died down, but they were still very close brothers. Matt was more interested in guys his size, which Andrew completely understood. Matt took his time though with his self-worship. Slowly moving one of his calloused hands from years of working out in the gym down to his engorged cock. The bigger Matt got, the more he turned himself on. Andrew knew this as well as his jackoff sessions seemed to be getting longer and more intense every night. Matt never minded Andrew watching him either; having his brother watching him and knowing Andrew’s hard little dick under the sheets turned him on even more. “Ah Fuck!” Matt kicked his legs out. Shaking the bed as it began to pivot and shake other things around it. Not really caring, he just loved the feeling of his hand around his large cock as he stroked and felt himself up. The bed knocking into the desk. The vials starting to roll around precariously. The grey vial, marked with the letter B rolls and goes over the side of the desk. Falling, the tip hits the edge, cracking the vial. Matt is the first to notice. He hops off the bed and the grey liquid looking mass begins to crawl across the bed. Small arms sprout out of it as it slowly starts to move on its own. “Dude, what is that, Matt?!” Andrew freaks out at the sight of it as he watches from his own bed. Matt just stares at it, his hard 10 inch cock bobbing up and down, not sure on what to do. Looking down at the broken vial he notices the B label on it. “Oh Fuck!” Matt growls reaching out with his hands to try and pick up the grey mass. “I need to get it into something fast!” As he scoops it up it seems to calm down a bit and just sit obediently in his palm. “What the fuck is this?” Matt brings it closer to his face to inspect it. As he does the greyish blob begins to reach and slithers between his fingers and drops onto his thick pec shelf. It begins to roll down the massive pillowy masses as it freefall dives off of his overhang and latches onto his still hard, throbbing shaft. With a freaky speed, the mass begins to move, crawling up Matt’s shaft using its tendril like arms again till it reaches his bulbous mushroom tip. It then plunges right into his piss slit, slithering and crawling into him as it plunges all the way inside. “WHAT THE FUCK!?” Matt roars grabbing his cock, trying to squeeze the liquid gray thing out of it. “FUCK I GOT TO GET IT OUT OF ME!” Matt runs towards the bathroom more scared then anything. As Matt leaves the room, and even before while the gray mass was making its move, the other vial was also reacting. The black mass in the vial marked A began to wobble as the object inside of it began to become agitated. It rolls off the desk and hits the floor, the vial shattering into dozens of pieces a the black thing inside of it becomes larger and starts moving across the floor with much more jerky, striding movements. It appears to be looking for something, as it moves towards the space where the gray mass’s bottle broke. It uses its own tendrils to feel around, exploring the area, finding the cracked bottle empty. It begins to shake, almost as if it’s angry as it scans the room and notices Andrew on his bed. It begins to move. “MATT?!” Andrew got up from his bed as he notices the black thing heading right for him. Matt rushes back into the room but as the thing moves, it begins to grow larger and larger with every passing second. “Holy fuck that one got out too?!” The black mass stops, noticing Matt and changes its direction, charging right at him. It seems to want you even more. The thing now the size of a rat, latches onto Matt’s leg and begins to pull itself up his calf and thigh. It notices the remnants of the gray mass. As it reaches Matt’s cock, a large tendril comes out of the top of it, stretching out and appears to look into his piss slit. “What the fuck is it doing?!” Andrew watches as the thing begins to observe the inside of Matt’s cock. Matt just stares down in horror, “I… I don’t fuckin’ know!” He reaches down and tries to push it off, but it’s to strong and holds on to continue its observation. It moves its head like tentacle upwards towards Matt’s eyes as it begins to shake and squeeze harder, almost as if it has gotten even more pissed off. Matt freaks out and begins to tug and pull it off of him, until it finally releases and is sent flying into the air, landing right onto Andrew’s lap. The black mass hesitates for a second before skittering around the bed sheets, crawling under them. Within seconds it latches onto Andrew’s cock. Squeezing it tightly, getting it hard, it slides into his piss slit. Andrew grunts and moans, the feeling burning, yet pleasant at the same time as it slides into him, filling his dick to full hardness, and spreading its tendrils into his balls and reproductive system. His balls being filled pleasantly as a raw feeling of power and energy awakens inside of him. His cock harder then it has ever been in his life. Matt rushes over to his brother, worried. “Are you okay, Andrew? Where did it go?!” He pulls the sheet off the bed completely, holding it up, trying to see where the black mass might be hiding. He doesn’t even notice how hard his brother’s cock is as he sits there completely erect. “Fuck, it’s got to be around here somewhere…” Andrew reaches his hand over, placing it on top of one of Matt’s large paw like hands that rests on the mattress. Matt reacts for a second, looking down at his smaller twin. “Matt…why don’t you like doing the stuff we did as kids anymore? Look how hard you make me bro?” Andrew slowly moves Matt’s hand to his 4 inch cock. “Can’t we have a little fun bro? Like old times?” Matt stares back at his brother, flabbergasted at his remark. Why would Andrew ask him to jerk him off at a time like this? Some strange little alien like thing is in their room somewhere and all he can worry about right now is getting a hand job! That is until his hand literally wraps its fingers around his brothers cock all on its own. Matt’s own cock begins to throb as well, almost as if its excited they are doing this after so many years. Matt’s rough, calloused fingers begins to stroke up and down Andrew’s smaller shaft. It almost hurts from the roughness, but it also causes a strange pleasurable sensation. Matt pulls back a second, shaking his head clear. ‘Why did I? What am I doing?’ Matt wondered what’s gotten into him, they haven’t done anything like this in years, yet all Andrew had to do was ask and his own dick got so hard he couldn’t say no. Matt slowly steps away from the bed, his huge body taking up the center of the room. “Something weird is going on, Andrew.” He stares down at Andrew’s hard cock. His mouth begins salivating slightly at the sight of how ridiculously hard and rigid it is. Andrew grabs hold of his cock, giving it a few strokes. He lets out a tiny moan, he wants to cum so bad, but for some reason his body is telling him no. It’s literally holding the pressure deep down like an overflowing dam. Andrew scoots to the edge of the bed, his feet hanging over the edge of the bed. Matt steps forward, towards his brother again, gazing down at his cock. “Bro… We had so much fun. Don’t you want me?” Andrew sounded like it was a pleading moment, but his voice was firm. “It feels like you gave up on me years ago… I never gave up on you, bro. I wanted you to want me still…” “I-Bro… Andrew,” Matt sighed, looking down at his brother, his mind jumbled and mixed up with different emotions. “We just kind of drifted apart, you know? I got into the gym, made new buds. All that stuff. And you, well, you went a different way. I still love you, bro. But more the normal kind of love between brothers, not the kind of love of the stuff we did as kids when we messed around and experimented.” Matt looks down again at the hard cock of his twin, and it doesn’t look like it is going to go down anytime soon without a little help. Matt’s own cock shuddering in response. Whatever words are coming out of his mouth, his cock disapproves as the 10 inches of hardness says otherwise. “Come on Matt,” Andrew reaches out and touches the lower two abs of his brothers perfect 10 pack. “Just once more… you’re so hard too…” Matt’s head is such a cloudy confusion of emotion, he drops to a knee in front of Andrew, not realizing his brother was still very attractive and if Andrew did take up the gym like he did, he could have been a stud himself. Maybe he could help his brother in the gym, help him get a little size with some workouts they could do together. Matt’s hand reaches out, touching Andrew’s large swollen balls. His other hand reaches out to the incredibly hard shaft. “Fuck bro, tonight is so fucking weird,” Matt sounded a bit tired as he held his brothers cock in his hand. Matt pushes Andrew’s legs apart a bit, giving him a bit more access to his cock and balls. He begins to rub Andrew’s nuts slowly, gently, massaging them delicately as if they were precious fruits that could not be bruised. His thumb beginning to work its way up and down Andrew’s short shaft, pressing against it. “You should start coming to the gym with me, Andrew. You could use a bit more mass. You’d like it, I think.” He starts pumping Andrew’s dick with his large hand, using the other to fondle his twin’s balls and rub the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs. “Mmmm…” Matt moans, not even realizing it. Andrew reaches down to his brothers chin, lifting it up so their eyes can meet, The world going almost dark around them as the two can only focus on each other and the needs they now both have. “Want me…” Matt begins to move closer with those words. “Want me Matt… I want you… now want me…” “W… Want… y-you…” Matt stammers, seeing nothing but his brother’s face in front of him, feeling the hard dick in his hand as he continues to pump it. Matt blinks a few times from this cloudy haze, his hand slows its pump for a second, but then he notices Andrew’s face again, that new glimmer of emeralds in his brother’s green eyes. Matt starts to pump more vigorously, staring into his brother’s eyes. “I want you too, Andrew. His deep voice softer than usual. Andrew places his hand on the back of Matt’s head. Matt scoots closer across the floor, his eyes not leaving Andrew’s as Matt’s beard rubs against Andrew’s hard, tender cock. Andrew moans in pleasure as his brother licks his cock head. “I’ve wanted you for so long Matt…” His brother’s lips part as the head disappears into his warm mouth. Andrew uses one of his hands and massages his brother’s scalp, running his hands through Matt’s hair. His other hand on Matt’s mountainous traps, Matt goes down on Andrew’s cock, easily sucking all of its short length into his mouth, his nose pressed against the thin bush of his brother’s pubes. He begins to bob up and down on it, sucking eagerly, feeling Andrew’s little hands roam over his massive shoulders and traps. It turns Matt on even more as his brother fills him up that he starts using his tongue to pleasure his twin even more, pressing it firmly against the underside of the cock, letting his tongue slip out past his lips to press against Andrew’s balls. He can’t get over how rock hard Andrew’s dick is in his mouth, how incredibly unyielding it is as he sucks it down. Matt’s hands move up and grip Andrew’s thin little legs, holding him in place as he goes completely cock hungry for his brother. Andrew lets out one final moan. His small cock very sensitive and always has been from the lack of sex in in his life, unlike Matt who could jack off for an hour and still not release. Andrew pushes his hips off the bed, clenching his ass as a quick shot of cum travels out of his shaft and fires into the back of his brother’s throat. It was a single shot, but it was a mighty blast of cum that Matt couldn’t even spit out if he wanted to. Matt slowly pulls off, feeling a bit weak and woozy. His own cock begins to dribble out a tiny bit of cum that pools onto the floor as it began to go flaccid. Andrew hops off the bed. His foot stepping into the small cum puddle that Matt made as it is absorbed of the floor, directly into his skin. Matt scoots back, standing up. He takes two steps back before falling backwards onto his bed, completely exhausted from this strange experience, his flaccid cock tingling almost as if it were happy. Matt lies back, locking his arms behind his head as he stares up at the ceiling. ‘I just sucked off my brother. I haven’t done that in years.’ He begins to realize in the past, it was he who asked Andrew to sexually experiment with each other. Andrew has never asked for such a thing; this is completely new, completely different. But it felt so right. Andrew however was having a completely different experience. He was energized. He was alive. His orgasm lifted him up into new levels of pleasure and well-being. Neither of them noticed the cum puddle, and maybe if they did this might have ended up a completely different experience… To Be Continued… Coming Soon: Part II – First Meal
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