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  1. This story will contain some themes of incest. Please do not continue if that is disturbing to you. Chapter 1: I was driving up to my Uncle Ryan's house. At age 35 he was my dad's younger brother. I hadn't seen him in years, in fact, it was before Covid lockdowns. He lived in the opposite end of the state and often missed events due to his intense work schedule or from Covid outbreaks. He was my favorite family member growing up. Ryan was always the life of the family and I had missed not seeing him the past couple years. But now I was coming to live with him for a while. I was granted a partial scholarship to a university only a few minutes walk from Ryan's house. My uncle graciously opened his home to me so that I wouldn't have to take out loans. I eventually got to his house, pulled into his driveway and stepped out of my car to open my hatch. It was hot and humid in the early August sun. As soon as the trunk slid open I heard, in a deep resounding voice, "Hey Andrew! How's my favorite nephew doing!" I turned around and it was my Uncle Ryan. He was an extremely handsome man with a thick head of graying hair that was cut high and tight. Ryan also had a very short and trimmed beard that nicely accentuated some of the rounder features of his face. He was a taller man standing at 6'0" only a couple inches taller than myself. He kinda had a bloated stomach and love handles poking through his shirt, although his arms were bulky with a good bit of muscle, despite not having a ton of definition. He began to hug me tightly with a large layer of fat between us two. Uncle Ryan wasn't always like this. Growing up he really got into bodybuilding in high school and college and really packed on a lot of solid muscle. Family trips to the beach were always a treat when I got to see him without his shirt. Every year he grew more as his physique improved. His body was absolutely magnetic to me at the time and didn't understand. Growing up I jacked off to the thought of Ryan flexing his muscles for me, letting me feel him up. It's kind of embarrassing to admit but Ryan helped me to realize that I was gay. On top of that, he inspired me to pursue my own fitness goals. Since I graduated high school I had taken a year to work and save money, then a couple more years going to community college. All the while I signed up for a gym membership and dove into bodybuilding. I wasn't massive but at 5'10" and 170 pounds I felt that my body was quite respectable - at least that's what the sexual attention I got from men seemed to indicate. It was somewhat deflating to see Ryan hadn't been able to keep up with it. Being only 22 I was excited about how much room I had left to grow. "I'm so glad you made it Andrew! I'm excited to have somebody come stay with me for a while. Now, why don't I help you get your stuff into the house." Ryan said to me. I replied, "Sure, that'd be great. I didn't pack much since I knew you would have most of the furniture. I just brought clothes, electronics, and personal items." We both gathered the luggage and went inside his fairly large sized 3 Bed, 3 Bath home. Ryan lead me into a room that was fairly empty - only a bed, a dresser, a night stand, and a desk and chair - that had an in-suit bath attached to it. "Here's where you'll be staying, Andrew. Please, make yourself at home. You're going to be living here for the next few years, so no need to act like a stranger. All my Wi-Fi and streaming passwords are on the fridge." "Hey, thanks Uncle Ryan again for letting me stay here with you. You don't understand how much this means to me!" "No worries, man. I love having you over. Now I am going to go to the store to get stuff to make meals for the week. Do you need me to get you anything?" "I think I should be fine, Uncle Ryan. I just need to spend sometime putting away all my stuff and getting settled, but thanks." "Alright, sounds good. I will leave you to it then! I am running some other errands so I will be back in a couple hours." After Ryan had left to go the store, I really began to unpack all of my belongings. I hung my shirts up in the closet, put my other clothes away in the dresser. I also brought with me my supplements that I had been taking and protein powder. Looking the the bag I found a huge box of hundreds of little packets of powder that I had bought from a mutual acquaintance. They are supposed to be stirred into water to drink. He swore up and down that they're perfect for losing fat and gaining muscle fast. This dude was huge and he came with a good recommendation. I had bought them last week and had been using them but they didn't quite seem to be working all that well for me. It was disappointing to say the least, especially because of how expensive the box was. I gathered all of it and put it on the kitchen island to ask Ryan where I could store them when he got home. I went to Ryan's massive living room and sat down on the comfortable sectional couch and turned on the television. It was so nice to be out of my parents house for a while, even if it was my uncle's house. I suddenly was filled with excitement for this new chapter in my life - I'm finally getting out of my hometown! [...] "Hey Andrew! Dinners ready!" Ryan called out from the kitchen. I came out of my room to join him there. I saw that he had already set the table and made me a plate - it was grilled chicken and sautéed vegetables. Simple, yet it looked absolutely fabulous. I sat down at the table with Ryan and we began digging in. "I saw all those supplements you had on the kitchen table, Andrew. Looks like you're really getting into bodybuilding. Look at how big those arms are!" He said taking a glance at my biceps that were showing ever so slightly through my shirt sleeves. I blushed ever so slightly and replied saying,"That means a lot coming from you, Uncle Ryan. You know you were the one that inspired me to get into working out?" "Really now?" Andrew replied with a surprised tone in his voice, "Well, it's somewhat of a shame that I haven't kept up with it these past few years. Work has really taken over my life since covid began. I am hiring some new people to take off a lot of stuff off my plate but now I have really just lost the motivation to keep it up. I even have a garage full of gym equipment that I don't use anymore. Maybe you can put it to good use?" "I'd be glad to!" I said, I was going to look for a place to workout but now I don't even have to step out of the house. "Great, now excuse me. I gotta use the restroom. I'll be right back." Ryan got out of his chair and walked to the hallway bathroom and shut the door. Across from me I could see his food and a large glass of water. I looked over to my supplements on the counter. I got up and walked over to them and grabbed some of the powder that dissolves in water. The powder wasn't doing much for me but maybe it would help Ryan to at least feel more energized. I ripped off the top and poured it into his water. Frankly, I don't think he'd notice. The powder really doesn't have much of a taste to it and it dissolves quickly. I heard him flush and begin to wash his hands. I hurriedly threw away the packet and sat back down at my seat. Ryan almost immediately opened the door and came back in to the kitchen. He sat down and took a big gulp of water, sitting his glass down. He made no mention of the water or any odd taste or smell. Both of us sat at the table and caught up for hours and hours. It was so enjoyable to spend time with Uncle Ryan again. He was personable and carried great conversation. Having started dinner at 6:30 it was nearly 10:00 by the time we had to call it quits. Ryan had to go to work tomorrow - it was going to be a dreaded Monday. My classes won't start for another week or so, so I just made plans to explore the town and campus a little bit. I helped him to clean up - I noticed he drank all of his water. I don't know how much of it would help but I was intent to keep slipping him some every day I could. [...] The next morning I got up about 6:30 to go workout in the garage. Before getting there I hear a loud grunting sound. I opened the door and there it was Uncle Ryan curling some heavy weights in front of a mirror he'd hung up on the wall. He was wearing a gray shirt that was large on him and absolutely soaked with sweat. His hair was a messed and matted down with tons of sweat. I couldn't tell if it was the workout but here certainly looked pumped and slimmer than he did yesterday. He saw me come in, as he placed the weights back on a rack and sat down on a bench. He turned my way, "Good morning, Andrew. Sorry I'm taking up your time in here. I just woke up this morning and felt this desire to pump a little iron, something I hadn't felt in a while." "Oh, that's no problem Uncle Ryan. In fact, I wouldn't mind if we worked out together. I think it'd be a good motivation tool. Do you need me to get you some water?" "That would be great, Andrew. I have a big bottle of water in the fridge I carry with me throughout the day. I usually fill it up before I go to bed. Could your bring that to me," he replied between huffs of trying to get some air. I went inside to the kitchen to get his water. Of course, I picked up another packet and put it in there. I could sense it was working well for my uncle. I took him his water as he began to slowly down it. I absolutely knew that both he and I were in store for some great times ahead.
  2. michaeldavid

    Big Uncle George

    I've decided to come out from lurking with slightly fictionalized stories of my awakening and exploration of muscle as a pleasure source. The basis of every tale is true and my feelings real. Since many experiences were orgasms unrequited but awesome wanking fodder for me, I'll make sure something happens to take you over the edge. ? I intend these to be short and quick and to tap into your memories. I'd love to hear of your similar 'Real Men.' Big Uncle George The very first man I admired for being manly, the first man that made me realize I could be something more masculine than my pre-pubescent body was indicating also happened to be my uncle. Uncle George didn't come around much. Only years later did I learn he was gay. I mean, I wasn't at all sexual myself yet, so I wouldn't have comprehended either his preferences or the reasons my kind, but heavily evangelical Christian parents didn't include him frequently. When he did come for Christmas or another family celebration, he always brought gifts. He was 'single' and always shared his house with a college-aged roommate that was always with his own family during the holidays. I remember every few years George seemed to get a new roommate. After all, one guy would finish school and move off for a job or something. I was a little jealous of the kids that got to be around him. I looked forward to the day I might live with him while in school. My dad was no wimp or girlie dude, but George was so many things my dad wasn't. My dad had broken his cheek in some really rough moments during college intramural tackle football (no gear) and the surgeon had told him he better not wrestle with kids, play contact sports - even things like basketball - so he never horsed around with me nor did I see him achieving anything athletic. He was a good provider and never mistreated me and supported all I did. But he never seemed to be a 'man.' Some of the other kid's dads were 'men.' There didn't seem to be gender in my house, necessarily. And certainly NO sexuality. Except when George came around. George was just a bit taller than my father's six feet but very much thicker. He was balding from all the testosterone in his body. That hair sprouted elsewhere though. He had hairy forearms and a little chest hair always shown at the top of his shirt. He often wore shorts and his legs were just ...big. I know that my perspective as a young man around ten made every adult big, but I never recognized it in anyone else. George was the first man in my life that seemed thick and beefy and masculine and strong and kind and powerful and funny. I didn't know half of those words then, but I know I felt them. I recognized them in this alpha. I know now that's exactly what he is. Alpha. I got to enjoy several fun moments of adult interaction years later that I'll touch on later. He is a top only. His boys are always twinks and he is not domineering all the while being entirely dominant. We would wrestle around when I was a kid. I didn't understand why his gravity physically pulled me. I loved to be near him. Being in the same room was really third rate compared to being tickled or held or rolled by him. But my favorite was when he would just pick me up and run across the lawn like I was a football. Or he'd toss me a bit above his head similar to a baby but call me his 'basketball,' so it wasn't insulting. His hands were so big! I was so safe and I knew it. Nothing to fear in George's hands. He always owned big, manly dogs and a drive big, manly truck but shopped the half-yearly sale at Nordstroms. He could use any power tool and constantly worked on home improvement successfully, yet his favorite thing to discuss about those projects was the colors or fabrics. All these things added to me wanting to be like George. It was quite overwhelming when he was near, and quite subconscious when he wasn't, but he was the culmination of the first time I recognized real man. Nearly two dozen years after these memories and admirations were formed, I had not lived with him during college. We talked less and less frequently simply because that happens in adulthood. To my surprise, I cane across my own uncle George on, of all places, Scruff. He wasn't someone who hid who or what he was. There he was, Alpha, big, mid-fifties, bald as the day is long, thick - some belly - and wanting to meet new men. I was still closeted to my family and identify as bisexual today. I hadn't had good occasion to see or speak to George in a few years, but I immediately felt the pull - now knowing that he was the kind of man I still wanted to become. And that I like to roll around a bed with, frankly. Strong, hard-working, generous, happy and solid even at 55. I said hello and sent photos of just my torso. I had been working out for the first time in my life for just over a year, having decided it was time to make in myself into what I craved in a man. He complimented my pic and I actually felt my insides jump a little. I was pleasing to my favorite uncle George without him knowing who I was and having that bias he would certainly show! But NOW what to do? Was I really sexually attracted to him? As I considered it, probably not. Was I an admirer. Absolutely. Did I like his type and what he had always represented in my mind. Ding ding ding! That's it. I recognized for the first time in my life that he was my first real man. I fessed up. I didn't want him to feel weird; especially if we chatted long term without him knowing it was me. He had shown me truth and honesty long ago once I was old enough to understand sexuality and he certainly deserved it in return. He seemed amused. He invited me over for dinner and a talk. That day came, I went to see uncle George. We had a big, robust and healthy hug. He grabbed at my arms, still not in his league, and told me how impressed he was. I dared, for the first time ever, to openly grab his hairy upper arms. God, there was a lot of meat there. Not all muscle or even super hard, but so much. He looked at me and asked if I wanted him to flex? "Hell, yes. Wanted to feel these guns for a lot of years." His eyes twinkled with a combination of satisfaction and playfulness and he looked me dead in the eye, then at his arm. I tracked the same trajectory and was met with a great sensation. It wasn't what I saw, but what I felt that I loved. That arm hardened. It felt so strong, the way only life long worked muscles can feel strong. It was nearly electric. I thought and felt so many things in a brief instant. He rolled his wrist and made me recognize the head of the biceps moved and I was so thrilled. Some part of a little boy and some part of a muscle-admiring man met and frolicked in that big arm. But it was brief. He started to laugh, pulled me in for another hug to break the moment. I laughed too and told him he was still a big guy. He pulled me close again while he was telling me how proud he was of me, and I found my face was right against his chest, as he is taller, and I could actually smell his chest hair. I kind of wanted to just grab his pecs through the polo and put a whole mouthful in and probably bite harder than I should. He backed away and I almost fell over I was leaning into his being so far. We had dinner and discussed a lot of topics, only a few of which touched on sexuality or admiration of the male form. He liked being the bigger, stronger man, and I admitted I liked the exact opposite in a partner most of the time. He laughed and remarked how it was no wonder I found him on Scruff. After cleaning up a little and even having dessert, he told me he had a suggestion for easing my nerves I was still showing around him. "Let's go and watch some porn and jack off. An orgasm together without necessarily performing sex acts on each other might help you understand the kind of friendship we can have." I was all in. I just wanted big. I wanted muscles. I wanted strength. I wanted to arch my back and growl while I clawed the two distinct halves of a real man's back. Or at least I wanted to imagine it while I worked myself over. He seemed so casual. Put in a VHS tape, which I did not let him get away with without technology mockery. He suggested we pull off our shirts and did so first. Not bad, I thought. "Still looking pretty good old man," I teased. He once again gave me a pretty full flex, this time as a most muscular. Very brief. Very much what I like. Then I ripped my shirt over my head and mock-flexed back and we laughed again. "I think you'll like this," he stated. "Let's go," I said as I deliberately took my already heavy meat and slapped it into a waiting palm, determined to show coolness with it all. The tape started and seemed very amateur and quite old. Vintage porn I thought...well, as long as the men are hot and I can keep sneaking peeks within the room, I'll be fine. I was determined to show my prowess by cumming first. An average looking, college-age kid appeared on screen doing a strip tease. Bummer. Not my thing. After what almost became too long, the camera was obviously being put down and adjusted on a desk or something for good viewing of the bed. The cameraman emerged from behind the lens and almost ran up and simply scooped the little one up with one arm. The boy responded by wrapping his legs around the much bigger man's waist. The man looked awesome and big from this angle. Hairy arms, legs and even his naked crack, but what excited me most was the tops of his traps and shoulders. Big balls of muscle topped with some dark hair. Almost pulsating as he was grinding the little guy a bit as he held him still. The man was almost inhaling the boy with aggressive kissing and I was hard as ever, beating furiously. "Like that," he asked? "God, yes! Love big men," I gasped. Then the big man on screen spun the two of them around and many things happened at once: *I noticed the little guy was thrusting his hips into the big man's abdomen like he was drilling for oil *I saw the big man raise one arm (holding the other fellow with just one paw under, or rather mostly IN his ass) and FLEX the thing into a mound of mature muscle before he'd even fully turned *I started to feel my orgasm coming and decided I was going to let loose rather than spend any time edging And then, the big man boosted the little one higher on his hips and thrust forward so you could see the tip of his penis under the little guy, pointed right at the camera. I locked eyes with the guy on screen, he grunted and animalistcally proclaimed, "This is just for YOU," as he renewed the flex to great effect, threw his head back and came! Shot right under the other man's ass. Looked right at me again and grinned like he'd just won some kind of national championship. I let loose a volley like I hadn't in some time and just sucked in air! I heard the man next to me scream, "Fu-u-ck YES," and I knew he was cumming too. Once I recovered a little, I looked up to the screen to see my uncle George from many years ago, smiling at me while still holding his boy and then turned to look at the uncle George of now, and he grinned and smiled and huffed as we relaxed from our dual orgasms.
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