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  1. BrutalPowerDemon

    Native God Kai: Meeting

    My name is Peter, but everyone calls me Pete. I’m a muscular 6 feet, 2 inches tall, 230 pound bisexual young man of 24 years of age. In Buffalo, New York, where I was born and raised, I’ve always pretty much been the biggest guy around. Chicks drool to have me bed them and a lot of dudes do, as well. Even though bisexual and appreciating anything sexual, really, when asked, I often explain that, like exhibited in most species, I have found the male to be, how shall I put it? Well, I find the male to be the most colorful and attractive, I suppose. I recently traveled up to Ontario, Canada to a city called Thunder Bay. I needed a break from the farm and had heard it was a great little city and a beautiful area. After settling into a hotel and grabbing a bite and a couple of drinks at the Outpost Campus Pub, I headed down to the waterfront just to walk around and found myself walking down by Marina Park when an unbelievably handsome native guy approached walking towards me. He appeared to be a few years older than me and a couple inches taller, which I wasn’t used to seeing. What caused me to do a double-take, however, was his obvious muscular bulk! This guy easily outweighed me by at least 20 or 30 pounds and his massive muscles stretched both his shirt and his jeans to the limit of their ability to contain such brawn and sinew. As we passed each other, we made eye contact and I grinned as he lifted his head in acknowledgment as we walked. Dark skin, simmering, dark eyes, full lips, black hair and an obviously powerful physique radiated this guy's stunning good looks and superior masculinity. I stopped and turned, unable to take my eyes off of this massive and obviously powerful Native American Adonis. His thick neck, massive arms, protruding chest, and powerful shoulders oozed of masculine supremacy. I watched in awe as his thick, rounded glutes rose and fell with each step he took, the width of his shoulders and thick, wing-like lats bulging from his manly frame. He slowed his pace a bit, stopped, and slowly turned towards me. He smirked as I stopped and began to panic at being caught staring. I quickly approached the man and blurted out, “Oh, hey, man! Excuse me, I - uh - I - could you direct me to the boat slips? I’m just visiting from the States and don’t quite know where I’m going.” The massive man looked me over and asked, “Where’s your map?” as he lifted an arm and pointed in the direction I should be heading. “There’s one that way. You know, where you see the boats docked.” he stated in a mocking tone. As he moved, I could see the muscles of his massively thick arms, chest, and neck swell and harden. GOD! The power that must be contained in such size and muscle mass. I regained composure and looked into his eyes. FUCK! Caught again as I’d been devouring hid muscles flexing with each of his movements. “Oh, yeah - uh - thanks, man.” I stuttered as he eyed me with amusement. “You are a pretty big guy. My name’s Kai, by the way. You must work out quite a bit.” he stated as he looked me over and extended his hand. My cock twitched as he mentioned his name. The name “Kai” has always dripped of masculinity and power in my mind and the name definitely fit him! I took his hand, returning his friendly gesture, and immediately felt my hand engulfed by the immensity of his huge paw. I winced as he squeezed, lightly for him, I assume, and shook my hand. “DAMN, you’re strong as FUCK!” I gushed as I pulled my hand back, nursing the pain caused by his grip, “Yeah, I work out quite a bit - and work on a farm, as well, so that helps keep me in shape, I guess. Oh, I’m Peter - you can call me Pete. Good to meet you, Kai.” “Just visiting, eh? Well, I’m heading over to meet my girl for a drink, if you’d like to join us.” he rumbled in response His girl? I couldn’t help but picture this hulking Native Indian with his woman! She, lying on her back, full, perky breasts engulfed by the massive hands of this godly young man as he hunches over her. His freakishly thick, solid muscles flexing as she squeals and moans in lustful pleasure, her hands roaming the expansive ranges of his hard, powerful, and rippling muscle-bod. Her juices squirting from between her legs in anticipation of receiving such a perfect trunk of hyper-masculine, muscle-cock! Kai expertly lines up his pre-cum pouring mushroom head with her her hot, wet, and gyrating pussy before its girth splits her wide open, her vagina eagerly slurping and sucking in its throbbing, steel-hard mass as she begs, “Oh, YES, you titanic beast! Fuck me, fuck - me, FUUUCK MEEE! Oh, GOD! MORE! HARDER! FUCK ME, KAI!” Kai then begins pile driving the pleading, lust-craved woman before ramming his colossal bucking python balls deep into her as his huge nuts pull close into his body and his mammoth cock erupts with volley after volley of his potent, boiling seed, filling her as his hot, thick jizz blows back out around his shaft and coating his titanic testicles. “Sounds good, Kai.” I said, tearing my brain away from my thoughts of this dark, powerful creature’s sexual assault on the object of his desire. He started walking and I began walking with him. “By the way, you must work out quite a bit, too. You’re swole as fuck, dude!” He grinned. “Just started, Pete. I’m naturally big, I guess, but want to be the absolute biggest, a massively muscular BEAST!” He reached down and adjusted his ample package absentmindedly and I marveled at how his huge palm seemed smaller in comparison to his flaccid junk bulging his jeans almost obscenely. “God DAMN, Kai! Standing next to you, you make me feel fucking small compared to your natural muscularity and huge size.” I truthfully praised him. “I hope to see you after you’ve worked out for a couple of years. God DAMN, man - you’ll be a fucking muscle GOD, bro!” I was so engrossed talking to this massive, uber-handsome Native dude that I hadn’t noticed that we had walked to a secluded area. Kai stopped and turned to me. “I know you’re into size. I saw it in your eyes when we passed each other - and you were almost drooling over my muscles when I pointed you to the marina - and when you shook my hand. You gasped out loud, you know. I’ve seen it before - the same look as a lot of women give me. A lot of guys, too, actually.” he smirked. “You gay, little white dude?” he asked tauntingly. Little white dude? I wasn’t used to “little” being any part of a description of me, but it didn’t feel wrong in the presence of this muscle god as his immensity and his sensually deep voice accosted any sense I had of self-masculinity. I took a step away from him, unsure if he was pissed. I can handle myself okay, but, as I mentioned, I did feel pretty inferior compared to him. I looked at him and answered, “I’m bi, actually,” answering the last question before addressing his other observation, “and yes, you are right - I’m TOTALLY into size, muscle, and power. That’s why I started working out so hard when I was just a kid.” This fucking stunning man grinned, lifted his hands and slipped his long fingers beneath the collar of his skin-tight shirt and simply ripped it from his torso effortlessly. All of the glorious muscles dancing beneath his brown skin were flexing in waves, individual muscle fibers rose and fell like dominoes falling beneath his dark, flawless skin before my incredulous eyes. My mouth dropped open as I beheld transcendent masculinity in human form standing before me, bulging and bare. His traps rose majestically behind his thick neck, tapering down and out to massive, boulder-like delts. His magnificent pecs billowed out and over thickly corrugated abdominal muscles flexing and relaxing alternately, his lat wings tapering down to his thin waist from behind - and my GOD! His ARMS! His masses of biceps muscles erupted into mounds of split-headed brawn with pounds of triceps bulging out behind, fighting for space with his upper lats! “Holy f-f-f-uuuuck...” hissed from my lips unconsciously as the behemoth tossed the remains of his shirt aside. I had worked all of my life to build a massively muscled body, but this guy surpassed me in every way, making my own thickly muscled body appear pathetically small and inferior - and he was just BEGINNING his muscle-building journey?!?! He scowled and flexed out a most muscular pose, his already massive musculature erupting with even more size, hardness, and power. Rope-like veins erupted all over his magnificent torso, beginning in his hands and arms and flowing up and out upon the expansive exposed surface of his rock-solid shoulders, neck, chest, and abs. This super man’s entire upper body simply lit up and bulged with veins, muscle and power like a fucking Christmas tree. “Holy fucking CHRIST!” I blurted as my knees went weak and I began to breathe in short ragged gasps. I felt my cock rocketing to attention to salute such masculine superiority. “Yeah, I thought so.” his deep voice rumbled over me as the scent of his testosterone laden sweat wafted into my nostrils. My eyes roamed over his perfectly formed, muscle-bloated torso. I was speechless. I was finding it hard to breathe. Kai raised one arm and flexed, the venous split head of his mountainous biceps rising towards his clenched fist as granite hard triceps exploded down and writhed beneath the skin as if trying to burst free. “Go ahead, little man, you know you want to feel what REAL size and power feels like!” he taunted as he licked his full lips with a tongue that made me wince, moistening his lips as if he were hungry for something. I mindlessly lifted my hand as if obeying a command and placed it on biceps larger than my fucking head. My hand barely capped the peak of the scalding, diamond-hard cap of the exhibition of masculinity bursting up from Kai’s mighty arm. I felt light-headed and weak. This colossal Kai took my wrist in his other massive hand and moved my trembling hand from his biceps to his heaving pectoral, sliding it over his sweaty flesh as he did. “BOOM!” he thundered as he flexed his mighty chest harder as it instantly ballooned further out over his thickly corrugated abdominals. He slid my open palm over the hard, hot waving muscles of his expansive chest to the deep cleavage created by such inhuman mountains of solid, diamond hard power. He relaxed before shoving my hand into the deep pec valley and flexed again, crushing my entire hand in between such potent pectoral perfection. I looked up into his stunningly handsome face as I felt, and saw, his muscles flex even larger, harder, more magnificent! Wait! I looked UP over his billowing pectorals at his face?!?! How could that be? I was just a couple inches shorter than him! I felt even weaker as his body seemed to balloon with even more size and power. Confused and consumed with a lust I’d never before felt, I pleaded weakly, “Wh-what’s happening to me, Kai?” I looked up to see his head nestled back in between his two sloping ranges of rippling trapezius muscle, his thick neck muscles bulging and snaked with thick, pulsing, blood filled veins as his pronounced Adam’s apple bobbed up and down hungrily. “Oh, FUCK, YESSSS!” thundered from this burgeoning colossus of a man as my vision began to blur and I slipped in and out of semi-consciousness. This Native GOD was growing (or was I shrinking?). —------- As I lay semi-conscious at your feet, this is what I saw in my dream-like state: I see you, Kai, exploding into an absolute Native GOD of brutal, lust-filled muscular power. People are drawn to admire you. Your mere aura of masculine perfection draws from them a desire to please you. As you grow, your self-recognition of what you truly are affects all inferior beings and they (we) realize that the world and its inhabitants are nothing but playthings to you . . . existing for your amusement and pleasure. You are to be worshiped, adored, served, and pleased in any way you desire. I see you, Kai, in your future form, what you were always meant to become, a truly brutal and barbaric muscle god! A superior being born of a superior race! You are everything I have always dreamed of becoming, and so much more. You can control your size, as well as the size of anyone and anything else. Your power is limitless! You brush me aside, your new-found size almost glowing. You look me in the eyes and growl, “BEHOLD, PUNY PETER, WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS LONGED TO SEE.” You raise your arms and flex hard, your godly muscles growing as you expand. 10 feet (your jeans, underwear, shoes, and socks, explode in tatters from your muscled limbs as your grow), 15 feet, 25 feet (I scramble to avoid being smeared to a pulp by your expanding feet as you move to compensate for your growth), 50 feet, 75 feet, and, finally, your magnificent, titanic and swole muscle body ceases to grow at over 100 feet of unstoppable power. Your colossal form pulses with masculine superiority in every form - male sexuality, beastly brutality, unstoppable power Your titanic, muscular body is the body of a god. Your flaccid, prodigious penis is larger than any man that ever lived and bulges out over balls the size of cars. I see you smile, reach down and pick up a car from the street. You peel the roof off like it is nothing but tin foil. I can hear the terrified screams of the occupants as your head nestles back into your voluminous traps, your neck bulging with muscle, pronounced Adam’s apple slowly rising and falling. You lift the car over your gaping mouth and slowly tilt the little vehicle. You seem to enjoy the screams of terror of the first victims of your vicious realization of what you are as they tumble from the car, clawing at the air, and into your hungry, waiting mouth. You clench your jaws shut with a snap. You look down at me as I slowly back away from you, trying to be far enough away to see every inch of your dark, swole, all-powerful and godly body. I see you moving the struggling little meat-sacks around in your mouth before you grin and brutally clench your jaws together. Blood sprays out and rains upon me as the squishy crunch for your unfortunate snacks’ demise reaches my ears. You chew and swallow your first mouthful of human protein. I tremble, not so much in fear, but overwhelming awe and excitement of FINALLY seeing a man being true masculinity unleashed. I see the bloody remnants of what, just seconds before, were but puny little humans whose lives you literally held in your hands. Being in your presence fills me with a desire to please you, to witness your size and power used as it should be - to bring you pleasure, no matter the consequences to anything, nor anyone, around you. The blood flowing from the corners of your mouth is nothing but remnants of a snack you desired - and deserved. You notice a man and woman running. You lift your foot and move it so that it overshadows them. The man looks up and stumbles as the woman continues, but turns back. You slowly lower your expansive sole over the little man as he begins to beg. “No, NO, NOOOOO!” as you continue to lower your foot, relishing first the light pressure of his arms uselessly pushing back against your foot’s descent, then the snapping of bones and crushing of his puny little body to a bloody, unrecognizable goop squirting from beneath your foot. Your quads and calf muscles bulge and ripple as you grind your foot into the pavement, easily cracking it. I hear, “OH, YESSS!” rumble from above as I look up at your smirking face. I notice your colossal cock beginning to pulse to life, thickening and lengthening as a road-map of thick veins engorge around the shaft, flooding your sex trunk with shaft-stiffening blood. The woman, staring at your foot that has smashed her man like nothing but an annoying little insect, is screaming insanely. You reach down and pluck her from the sidewalk, flailing and kicking about uselessly. You carefully remove the clothing from her body, damaging her as little as possible in the process. “MMMMM, BEAUTIFUL!” you boom as you place her in your free palm and lick your lips viewing her sexy little body. I see your massive penis continue to thicken, and rise majestically before you, easily overcoming the fight of gravity attempting to pull such hefty, masculine bulk downward. “NORMALLY, I WOULD FUCK YOU,” you chuckle, “BUT I GUESS YOU’LL HAVE TO FUCK ME - OR AT LEAST FEED MY SEXUAL NEEDS, TINY BITCH. HA, HA, HA!” you thunder sadistically as you lower your palm to your throbbing cock head and push the screaming woman’s head into your now pre-cum flowing piss slit. Immediately, the opening begins to close upon the fledgling little woman while pulling her wriggling body in. Your cock quickly devours her and your massive fingers wrap around your thick shaft and slowly stroke, her body crushed to liquid in your deadly cock as you sadistically rumble, “MMMM, YEAH, BABY!” You grab two others not quick enough to escape your reach and simply deposit them upon your cock before enveloping their brittle little bodies with your stroking fist. They are quickly reduced to nothing but smears upon your shaft flesh, a gritty lube for your pleasure (crimson streaks of remains mixed with your boiling, now freely flowing pre-cum adorn - all that is left of the two humants you used). “AWWW, FUCK YEAH!” you bellow as you begin walking away from the waterfront. I hear screams quickly cut short with a loud, squishy CRUNCH with your first step and look as your massive, deadly foot rises, bloody corpses stuck to your sole like nothing but bugs crushed under your immense muscular weight. I see you reach down with your free fist and it encircles a bus. You lift it to your waist. I envy those doomed people in the bus. They get the stunning, close up view of you, our all-powerful muscle-god and the largest muscle-cock ever to exist! What do you have planned for the bus and its occupants, I wonder, as I begin drooling lustfully from every orifice, longing to feel your muscular power, to serve such masculine perfection, no matter the cost to me, one so pathetically small, weak, and inferior. —------- My eyes fluttered open to see the massive Kai leaning over me, your muscles defying gravity as they bulge hard with every movement you make. “My God.” escapes my lips as my cock involuntarily explodes in submissive orgasm at the thought of how easily this godly man could snap me in two, my semi-conscious vision of his beginning rampage still clearly in my mind’s eye. You could easily crush me and smear my muscled body to a paste upon your flesh like nothing but unneeded war paint (your sheer size, power, and superior masculinity would elicit enough fear in any sane man). I babble like a fucking brook, “I unconsciously worshiped you the moment I saw you. I now know I was born to worship such unbridled power, such masculine perfection to serve you.” You smirk and stand. “Good boy.” your powerful voice thunders. You extend your massive hand towards me. “Come on, little man, let me help you up. Let’s go get those drinks. My treat - only fair since you fed me some size. You have NO idea what I am becoming!” Your torso and arms explode with thickly corded, rock-solid muscle as your powerful, oaken arm reaches towards me, your pectorals ballooning and crushing together like two small planets colliding. My cock worshipfully pulses back to life as my brain returns to the thought of you doing anything you please with whoever you please. I feel so exposed, my bulging jeans’ crotch and thigh fabric dark with my recent jizz explosion and, now gawking at manly perfection, freshly flowing pre-cum. “I-I-I th-think I d-d-do know wh-what you are, Kai!” I responded in sheepish awe as I raise my hand to yours, “Whatever you say, Sir.” Your expansive fist swallows mine and you effortlessly lift me to my feet. The stunningly handsome, colossally muscled Native Indian smirks down at me as I look up into dark eyes. FUCK! I am level with your massive pecs! Your eyes lower to my tented, wet crotch which I quickly cover with my free hand. Your eyes raise back to mine as you growl, “Bi my ass, little man. I knew you were a fucking fag when you couldn’t take your eyes off of this.” You raise an arm, flex, turn your head and lick the majestic, hard biceps. You continue, “Looks like I’m a lot bigger than you, doesn’t it, little man?” You swipe my hand away from covering my tented crotch, visibly throbbing. “Or should I say ‘little girl’? Is big, bad, bi Petey turned on by the most powerful muscle-man he’s ever seen?” I pull away and step back, stunned not only by your increased bulk and stature, but by your cocky, dominant attitude. You grab my hand, place it on your mountainous pectoral again and flex. “You my little BITCH, puny white boy?” you growl in disgust. You release my hand, but I unconsciously move it across the massive, inundating and rippling mass of muscle that is the giant Native’s chest, gasping as it lands on your huge man-tit. You grin, raise both arms and flex over me. “Muscle-bitch Petey wants to worship what I am, doesn’t he?” You lower your oaken arms, one hand adjusting the mass of man-meat moving beneath your jeans. My mouth goes dry. I feel butterflies in my gut. My cock throbs painfully. I want to argue, but I can’t take my eyes off of such an absolute mountain of a man. The memories of my semi-conscious visions of this power-house brutally manhandling whoever he chose floods my brain as my head simply nods in response without me even thinking. I long, no LUST, to worship this Native Indian god of muscular size and power, to provide you with ANYTHING you want - and you know it. I long to shower praise upon you for your massive and bulging brawn and sinew, your incredibly powerful and swole masculine perfection, to encourage you to increase, to grow, to overshadow everything, to be the GOD you are created to be! I feel drool dripping from the side of my mouth. “I thought so, you fucking little pussy.” you grunt while turning and walking away. I gasp, again, at the inhuman width of your muscular back and shoulders, your squarely rounded glutes stretching the back of your jeans, rising and falling majestically as you walk away. A guy in a car parked by the sidewalk opens his window and yells at you, “Put a shirt on, you fucking freak!” You slow, stop, and look at the car before slowly and deliberately walking over to it, flexing menacingly. The guy starts the car in order to avoid a confrontation with such a massive and obviously powerful man. You don’t say a word to the guy. You just walk up to the car’s driver side, kneel down and put both hands underneath the car. What happens next brings me to my knees in total disbelief and worshipful awe. Your neck, back, and arms explode with thick, venous muscle and power as your jeans balloon to almost bursting with ass and leg muscle. You slowly lift the car from the road! You actually toss it up to move your massive hands more central under the vehicle for better balance before lifting the car over your head. Your entire upper body is an anatomy chart of the male muscular form. The man in the car begins screaming frantically, “No! No! NOOO! Put me DOWN, You FREAK!” Fear was dripping with his words. You, the almighty Kai, look me in the eye with your menacing, black eyes as you curl your fingers INTO the metal of the car you’re effortlessly holding over your head. You begin to pull the two ends of the car together from underneath. Your colossally muscled body explodes with even more size and super-human strength as the sounds of tortured metal squeal and screech, screaming through the air. The car’s flimsy (to YOU) frame succumbsd to the will of almighty Kai’s vastly superior strength and power. The man continues screaming like a wailing woman until the car simply folds in on itself. The muffled CRUNCH and slurpy SPLAT of the man’s body merges with the sounds of the car’s crunching collapse. Blood and gore spurts out the window and exploding windshield of the now demolished car, dripping down onto your gloriously pumped torso. This colossal Kai is a brutal fucking muscle BEAST! You toss the car aside effortlessly and spread the fresh blood across your hard, rippling chest in triumph. Your head pivots on your powerful neck to glance back at me. “That fucking little INSECT! FUCK, that felt good - it felt RIGHT, little man. Enjoy seeing TRUE power used by a REAL man? Look at you, insignificant, puny Pete, you pathetically weak little INSECT.” you deride me mercilessly. I nut on the spot, my jeans now drenched in my pre-cum mixed with my fresh pulsing, spurting cum. “You coming, you puny little size queen?” you derided me rightfully. “I knew you were drawn to me like a fucking moth to a flame. I could almost smell it flowing from your pores when you first laid eyes on me.” You were right. I stood. I followed. My thickly muscled, 6 feet, 2 inch, 230 pound body is now small and weak compared to colossal Kai’s vastly superior muscular bulk. I suppose it always was. I always thought I was unusually big and strong, but I really had nothing to compare myself to - until YOU . . . until Kai . . . the Native GOD . . massive size, limitless power, and insatiable virility incarnate! Your mere presence emasculated me completely as soon as I saw power personified walking towards me for the first time on that sidewalk. Your supreme existence demands worship and adoration as you increase into MORE! I exist to help you evolve into your desired being.
  2. BrutalPowerDemon

    AZIZ: Fast Food

    I walked up to the closing fast food joint as a guy was locking the door and begged him to let me in for just a quick bite. He grinned and opened the door and let me in before closing and locking the doors behind us. I looked as he walked to the counter and behind it. I wasn’t here by accident. I knew how massive this kid was! As he walked, he peeled the t-shirt from his torso as I heard his deep voice rumble, “Sorry it’s so hot in here, dude. The a/c cut out a couple of hours ago and they can’t get to it until morning.” I heard him, but was distracted by the full, rounded muscles dancing across this boy’s impossibly wide back. HIs thickly muscled neck and sloping traps were clearly visible due to his short-cropped, black hair. Cannon-ball deltoids rippled and capped oaken arms on either side of this teen colossus’ body as his powerful triceps hardened and relaxed with each swing of his massive arms. He was masculine perfection! I had definitely chosen the right teen on which to test my growth serum. He walked to the back, beyond my view. In a few seconds, he returned, extending his vein-mapped arm with a cappuccino in his massive hand. I looked up into his face. GOD, he was gorgeous! Perfect Asian face, angular jaw, full lips, high and pronounced cheekbones, and piercing, black eyes. My cock lurched at the sensual assault of merely being in the presence of this young, masculine hunk. “Th-thanks.” I stuttered, “But I don’t drink cappuccinos.” The kid smirked down at me and said, “How about if I add some flavor you like, man?” he inquired smugly as he set the steaming cup on the counter in front of him. The cup sat in front of the hulking teen’s crotch and I couldn’t help but notice the bulk straining the fabric below his belt. Without thinking I looked up at him and muttered, “You’re a big one, aren’t you?” His head was leaned forward over the cup with lips pursed. He raised his eyes to meet mine as he released a long rope of spit from his mouth which flowed down into the cup. Still holding eye contact, he extended his tongue to cut off the flow of saliva and raised his head. “Never been called small, dude. Interested now?” he asked in a deep, sultry voice while pushing the large cup on the counter towards me. “What the FUCK, kid?!?! I’m not drinking that?” I blurted. “Dude! I know when a guy appreciates muscle, if you know what I mean - and I think you do. I’ve seen you in here before watching me, little man.” he purred as he raised his arms and flexed over me, his torso erupting with massive, solid mounds of muscle inundating beneath the vein-mapped, dark skin stretched over such powerful brawn. My dick responded immediately and throbbed larger, betraying my lustful appreciation for the godly Asian teen taunting me so mercilessly. He had always been so respectful when I’d been considering him for the experiment. This cockiness was unexpected. What if the serum amplified his superior attitude along with his physical stature, I wondered. The boy glanced at my tenting crotch and smiled, “Yeah, dude, you like what you see, don’t you, little man?” He lowered his arms and slowly unbuckled his belt before unbuttoning the top of his slacks and slowly lowering the zipper. I was mesmerized by every movement this rippling muscle-boy made. He lowered his slacks revealing massive, cut quads and poser briefs fighting a losing battle to contain the mass of his obviously huge cock and balls. They stretched down obscenely and continued to stretch further as his growing python throbbed larger and larger, exposing increasing amounts of the boy’s thick, venous shaft as it continued stretching the fabric thin. I was shaken from my slack-jawed stupor by the boy’s voice, “Oh, yeah, little man, you REALLY like what you see! And you’re in luck, you little size queen, ‘cause I’m horny as FUCK after roasting in this sweltering place all day.” I stepped back as he hoisted his semi-flaccid, vein-encased cock-mass from his posers, his huge, churning balls flopping out over the stretched-thin posers. It was long, at least ten inches, and thick like a vein-wrapped, throbbing beer can with an even thicker, mushroom head beginning to bubble pre-cum from its hungry, gaping slit. He took my cappuccino and stepped back from the counter. He smirked, once again, and lowered the cup to below his prodigious penis, his arms and chest ballooning with muscular size as he did so. “I KNOW what you like, little man.” he purred as he flexed and wagged his semi-hard cock forcing incredible amounts of pre-cum to bubble forth to flow into the steaming cup. At the same time, from above, he pursed his thick lips and deftly spit a little more saliva into the cup. “W-W-What are you d-d-d-oing?!??” I quivered as I felt my now rock-hard dick begin to pour pre-cum into my jeans watching this cocky and horny, drop-dead gorgeous Asian teen. “More flavor and thicker body for your drink, mister. I told you I knew what you like and what you want.” he stated smugly as he lowered his cock-head into the drink and began to stir it with his pre-leaking, growing cock. “Holy FUCK!” I blurted as he closed his eyes and licked his grinning lips. The thought of what my serum might do to this horse-hung, muscle-bound, and studly hunk short-circuited any misgivings I may have had about continuing with my experiment. “Mmmm, oh, YEAH!” he rumbled as he slowly removed his sex-trunk from the cup, still dripping coffee, saliva, and pre-cum back into the steaming liquid. “That cappuccino is almost as hot as I am, little man.” He stroked his thickening, elongating cock a couple of times before lifting his hand to his lips and lapping his man-cappuccino from his powerful appendage. “Yeah, THAT”S the way you like it. Maybe after you finish your drink, I’ll feed you, little man. You said you’re hungry, right, muscle slut?” he asked as he licked his long, thick fingers. “Now I bet you’re REALLY hungry and feel like feeding on a fucking muscle-teen cock, boi, don’t you?” “Yes, Sir.” I responded automatically as one of my hands in my pockets gripped my rigid pole through the fabric, pre-cum now pulsing visibly through my jeans. With my free hand, I reached in my other pocket and grabbed the pre-filled syringe. He held the cup out to me and ordered, “Quench your thirst, first, little man, but, first, strip and show me what YOU’RE made of, little man.” My eyes dilated, taking in his massively muscular, sexually charged form, and stunningly rugged, handsome face. I stumbled back. “WHAT?” I blurted out, trying to figure how to inject this kid. He was not the docile, muscle-bound teen I had thought he was. The muscle-boy stepped back, lowered the cup to his now rigid, foot-long cock pointing straight up in front of his thickly muscled abdominals and below the overhang of his massive pectorals. “Beg for it, boy!” he commanded with complete authority. “Beg for your muscle-god’s spit and pre-cum cappuccino.” He smirked as he raised his free arm and flexed hard. He turned his stunning face and kissed the mountain of split-headed biceps towering up to his massive, clenched fist. He then extended his long, thick tongue and lapped at the expansive, hard surface of the bunched muscle as a guttural, “Mmmm, yeah.” rumbled from his throat. “Oh my GOD!” I blurted. The impossibly swole and handsome teen looked down at me and smirked. “Oh, YEAH, little power freak, tell me more! You want to worship this powerful muscle teen, little man? Be my little bitch, maybe my fucking cum dump?” he growled, aggression obviously festering beneath his self-assured attitude of superiority. He thrust the cup towards me. “Drink it. NOW!” he ordered. I grabbed the cup and slurped it down greedily before handing the empty cup back to him. He grinned, snatched the cup from my hand and pushed his cock head down as he flexed his abs hard. Pre-cum shot into the cup and continued flowing until the large cup was full of his hot, manly nectar. “Holy FUCK!” I blurted in awe as he released his rigid tool and it slapped back up into his abs with a loud THWACK, splattering his still flowing pre-cum onto his lower chest and corrugated abs. I quickly snatched the syringe from my pocket, lifted it to my mouth, and bit down on the needle-cap, pulling it off. Fortunately, he had been focusing on the pre-cum overflowing cup in his hand and I stepped towards him as I moved my hand with the needle behind my back. I took the cup overflowing with his hot pre-cum and roping to the floor. I lifted the cup to my lips, tilted my head back, opened my mouth, and tipped the cup. The thick, salty-sweet pre-cum dumped from the cup in a wad, filling my mouth and flowing over my face and clothing as I gulped down what I could, scooping what escaped from my face and clothing and hungrily devouring it. “Awww, YEAH, little bitch!” the teen muscle-boy boomed. “You're a hungry little cock sucker, aren’t you?” He pushed his cock back down with one hand while grabbing the back of my head with the other, pulling my mouth to his flared, throbbing, and pre-cum pulsing cock head. I opened my pre-slick mouth as he plopped his large mushroom cock crown through my lips. I looked up and saw him smirking down at me as he began to slowly force his shaft into my face I had intended on talking to the boy and asking him if he wanted to be even bigger, the biggest man alive, actually, but I obviously couldn’t talk. He, obviously, loved being massive and in control. I looked up to see his head thrown back into his muscular shoulders as he moaned, “Fuck yeah, little cock-sucker! EAT that massive MEAT!” he rumbled lustily. Still looking at the sexy vision of his handsome face nestled in between his muscled shoulders and thick, rippling neck, eyes closed, I quickly jabbed the needle in his hard, throbbing shaft, and depressed the plunger. He apparently was so into skull fucking me that the injection directly into his long, thick penis didn’t even register. I dropped the needle as he impaled my face balls deep onto his fuck trunk and he moaned, “Oh, FUCK, little man! My cock’s on FIRE! SUCK, little fucker, SUCK! I was choking as he began to rhythmically pile-drive his sex trunk into my throat. Skull fucking was an understatement with the sexually charged teen sex machine. Apparently, my choking was pleasant stimulation because, just before I passed out, I felt the first volley of his volcanic ejaculation flood my stomach. His volume filled my gut until it was pushed back up my throat and out around his shaft. He withdrew his artillery from my mouth and kept cumming, covering me in his jizz. I stumbled back and looked up at him. He had a blissful look on his face as he looked down at me. “Fuck, little cock sucker. That was fucking AWESOME! I’ve never cum so much in my LIFE . . . not even with chicks! And FUCK! I’m still hard as a rock and horny as HELL!” he breathed heavily. I could see his large balls churning, pulling up into his body, then lowering, over and over. He began to stroke his cum slick shaft slowly and moan, “Oh, god . . . oh god . . . oh, FUCK! I feel so fucking horny, so hot! UNGH! Oh, FUCK! My muscles feel tight and hard, pumped, like I just worked out, man!” He looked down at me, raised his arms and flexed, looked over his muscle bulging body, then back down. His eyes focused on the needle. “What the FUCK, you fucking faggot! What did you do?” he bellowed even as he leaned forward, wrapping his arms around his torso and gut. “Oh, SHIT! I burn and hurt all over! What the hell did you stick me with, you fucking little FREAK?” I scooted back against the wall. From the times I’d spent examining him at his workplace, I remembered his name was Aziz. “Aziz,” I spoke to him, “You want to be bigger, don’t you? I’ve been working on a serum to help you be more muscular and larger than you already are! I was going to ask you, but, well, it ‘s so obvious you want to be the biggest, the strongest.” He raised his handsome face, wracked with pain, then, suddenly, the pained expression was replaced with one of almost sheer ecstasy. He hissed, “Oh, FUCK! YESSSS!” he hissed. “This feels fucking AWESOME!” He threw his head and shoulders back and roared, “Oh, FUUUUCCKKK!” My jaw dropped at what I was seeing. Thick, hose-like veins pulsed to the surface of his dark, flawless skin. Every square inch throbbing with the blood rushing through his system, feeding his muscles. I saw muscle fibers rippling beneath the stretched-thin skin as it expanded his muscles balloon with solid size and power. Massive, round boulders of muscle bulging larger and larger. He was expanding in size in all directions. He head hit the ten feet ceiling He stepped forward, THROUGH the counter as it exploded away from his oaken legs. He hunched over, growling, as he continued to expand. His feet were now MASSIVE! He growled again and stood upright, blasting through the ceiling and roof of the building. All I could see was two massively muscular tree-trunks of legs with cut, rolling quads and diamond shaped calves larger than my torso. And a cock . . . my GOD! . . . hanging out and over balls as large as my head and drooping to the boy’s knees. Those knee-caps were six feet from the floor! I looked up through the hole in the roof through which Aziz had exploded. He was grinning ear to ear, his glistening white teeth contrasting with the dark complexion of his stunningly handsome face. Massive muscles rippled with power all over his body! He was running his expansive hands over his thickly muscled torso and rippling abdominal bricks. Something caught his eye and I saw him lean over, his abs exploding with rippling size. As he stood back up, I saw his hand holding a car! An evil grin formed his stunningly handsome, Asian face as he reached to the car’s roof with his free hand, his fingers easily piercing the windshield and peeling the roof back as his torso rippled and bulged with power. He plucked the screaming little man from the car like he was nothing but a toy. The man was yelling and flailing about uselessly. “SHUT THE FUCK UP, DAD!” Aziz’s deep voice rumbled as he shook the man he held his fist like nothing but a ragdoll. “YOU THOUGHT I WAS A FREAK BEFORE? HA! LOOK AT ME NOW, DAD! I’M A FUCKING MUSCLE GOD!” Aziz dropped the wrecked car to the street and lifted his other hand and grabbed the half of his dad dangling from the fist holding him. He held his thickly muscled arms in front of his sneering face. The swole arms solidified as he slowly bent the man coming to his senses slowly backwards. The man shrieked in pain. Aziz’s thick cock throbbed larger and twitched, pre-cum bubbling from the large piss-slit. Aziz grinned as the screaming stopped abruptly with the sound of his father’s spine snapping in two. “AWWW, YEAH!” the teen roared as he pulled his dad’s corpse in two, blood and entrails splattering onto his muscled chest and down to the street below. I heard the rumbling of the colossally muscled teen’s muscled gut as he lifted half of his dad’s body to his mouth and took a bite, the sound of bone crunching between his teeth, blood dripping from his lips. “My god!’ I trembled excitedly as I released my steel hard and throbbing dick from my slacks and began to stroke witnessing this stunningly handsome, muscle-bound colossal teen brutally snuff his dad without remorse. I stood and ran to the door, unlocked it and stepped out onto the sidewalk. I looked up as Aziz swallowed, dropped the remaining pieces of his dad’s body to the street with a wet SPLAT. Aziz looked down in eyes and thundered, “Oh, YEAH, you little cock-sucker, I want to be a fucking brutal GOD of powerful muscle!” as he moved one expansive foot over his dad’s lower half and ground it into the pavement cracking under his power “Goddamned fucking insect.” he muttered in disgust. He wrapped a bloody fist around his long, thick cock and slowly stroked, obviously horny with the deadly power his enormous muscle-bod contained. I stood drooling and stroking in lustful awe of this titanically muscular Asian teen obviously drunk with power and bloodlust. Being late at night, the streets were empty in this part of town, thankfully, and I decided to plead for mercy from this godly boy’s destructive, lust-fueled urges. “I hope you are pleased that I chose you, Aziz, to become the most muscular and powerful man on the planet! He raised his arms and flexed, admiring his inhuman musculature, his cock twitching lustfully. “Fuck, I’m HUGE!” he grinned. I continued, “You are a PERFECT man, Aziz! No, not a man, a GOD! You are manly, masculine PERFECTION! All men will instantly feel inferior in the presence of your Herculean, muscular size. Seeing your endowment will cause them to question if they are even men at all! Your hulking body was worthy of worship before I injected you, but now . . .” I began to breathe in ragged gasps, “now you are an unstoppable GOD whose very presence DEMANDS worship!” I lustfully gushed. Aziz sneered down at me, snatched me from the sidewalk in a blood-dripping fist, and lifted me to his stunning face. “You fucking little size queen! You have NO idea what you’ve done, of the things I’ve dreamed of doing, no, the things I’ve LUSTED to do! You’ve given me the power to unleash my deepest and darkest desires, you stupid, insignificant little FUCK!” he growled. Being held in this massively muscular, powerful teen’s fist, hearing his thunderous voice, feeling the humid heat blasting from his dark, sweating flesh, seeing his mountains of bulging, rippling muscles, I felt my body tense and erupt in orgasmic bliss in his palm. “Yeah, you pathetic, fucking little FAG, you can’t help but cum for me, can you, you weak little bitch.” he derided. “I bet every time you came in and watched me, you ducked into the bathroom and jacked your tiny little penis off thinking of me and my muscles, didn’t you, then you went home and masturbated to me even more.” he sneered. Hearing this young beast growl his desire to dominate and the thought of seeing this seething young mountain of muscle unleash his unstoppable power and insatiable bloodlust caused my spent dick to rocket to rock-hard, worshipful attention against the hot, jizz dripping palm in which he held me fast. His overbearing attitude and belittling demeanor withered any desire I might have had to object to anything pertaining to him. “Almighty Aziz,” I spoke as I looked into his dark, massive eyes, “you knew I worshiped your body when I walked in tonight. But NOW, my GOD! I exalt and praise all that you are! You are a GOD of savage and merciless supremacy and strength. Your sexual appetites are brutish and insatiable, your bloodlust ravenous and unquenchable. I now exist only to please you and to witness you satisfying your deepest and darkest cravings. I will serve you until my last breath, Almighty Aziz.” I ended, panting and drooling. Aziz raised his thick and venous free arm and wiped the blood dripping from his lips and grinned before lowering his arm to continue stroking his ponderous penis. “Good little parasite, my first disciple. Your coworkers will be your first offering to your GOD. Direct me to your lab.” he ordered with an evil grin. I hesitated as I thought of my co-workers, my closest friends being nothing but an offering to this colossal, obviously murderous muscle-god. Then I looked over the immensity of muscular power rippling before my eyes, I looked down at a fist that could crush granite to sand slowly stroking a man-sized cock-shaft mapped with cable-like veins. I reached out and placed a palm on the hot, sweaty flesh covering a mountainous, rippling pectoral as Aziz licked his full lips and his stomach rumble, once again. Then I remembered how Aziz, without remorse, snapped his father in two like a dried twig and ripped him apart effortlessly before snacking on some of the remains. My lust to see my GOD reveal his power, to assume his rightful place as GOD to puny humans, to witness his destructive brutality. My lusts quickly overrode my paltry devotion to any other but HIM. “YES, my GOD!” I responded lustfully. “The lab is just on the outskirts of town, out by the army base.” Aziz grinned, turned, and began walking down the center of the deserted street, each footfall leaving a cratered print.
  3. czechhunter69

    A Wish Unleashed

    If you're seeking to transform your idea into something meaningful and valuable for the community, feel free to reach out to me on Discord with the username czechhunter69. I'd be delighted to help turn your concept into a reality. If you like this and my other stories and would like to support their public release - feel free to send a tip to PayPal at czechhunter69 The Wish Unleashed The night sky was ablaze with streaks of light as Ben parked his car, looking tired after a long day at work. All he wanted was to unwind with his roommates. As he stepped out of the vehicle, his gaze got caught once again by a mesmerizing meteor shower lighting up the heavens. The sight was enchanting, and he couldn't resist silently wishing for the energy to grow stronger and bigger. Ben took a deep breath, gearing up to join the buzz inside the house. His roommates - Cody, Will, and Tom - were probably already deep into their nerdy little world. Tom, especially, had been working tirelessly on this campaign as the Dungeon Master for weeks, and Ben admired his dedication. You could see the pride in Tom's eyes whenever he talked about it. Ben, well, he was a bit of a nerd and a hard worker, always striving to excel. He had an insatiable curiosity and a desire to do more. Although he was friendly, there was something in him that wished he could be more confident, like those athletic guys he'd always admired. That desire for a body that matched his inner spirit had been with him since he was a kid. Lately, he'd been hitting the gym hard during the day, putting in the time and effort to shape himself into the man he wanted to be - and nothing was working for him. With his wish hanging in the air, Ben entered the house that felt more like a haven with his closest friends. Inside, Cody, the ever-lively and playful roommate, brought their ongoing game to a halt and tossed Ben a beer, mischief dancing in his eyes. "Late again, huh? Please don't tell me you were caught up reading comic books at work," Cody teased, giving Ben a playful nudge. Ben couldn't help but laugh, Cody was spot-on with the accusation. "You know me too well," he admitted with a grin he said opening it and running to the sink as the foam spewed over his hands. Taking a sip from the what was left of the beer he skillfully caught, Ben continued, "Alright, alright, it was a rough day, man. It's only like the third time I’ve been late to these." Fatigue weighed down his voice, and all he wanted was to sink into the couch and enjoy the simple pleasure of a cold beer. Cody, always one step ahead, already had one on its way. Ben savored the refreshing taste as he took a long swig. Then, turning to Tom, the mastermind behind their DnD campaign, he asked, "So, what's the story, Tommy? Fill me in." Curiosity lit up his eyes as he tried to catch up with the chaotic in-game events. Tom leaned forward, still beaming with excitement, and began to narrate, "Alright, picture this: we're in a classic brothel setting, right? And then, out of nowhere, chaos magic decides to have some fun with our boy Will, just as he's trying to warm some tea for his character. Result? The entire first floor goes up in flames!" Ben couldn't help but burst into laughter, his amusement uncontainable. "You've got to be kidding me! Will and his chaos magic strikes again, huh?" he exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief. The camaraderie among the roommates always brought a sense of joy and unpredictability to their gaming sessions. Laughter and the satisfying clatter of dice filled the room as Cody, Will, and Tom shared their recollections of the firebombing incident. Ben, comfortably settled into his favorite spot on the couch with a beer in hand, absorbed the warmth of his friends' camaraderie. Tom's storytelling prowess led the narrative, offering Ben an opportunity to rejoin the adventure as the group fled the imaginary townsfolk. In this moment, the day's worries faded away, replaced by the shared laughter and fantastical tales spun within their game. An hour slipped by seamlessly as they resumed their campaign, and the room buzzed with anticipation and hushed whispers as the story took an intriguing turn. Ben's character, a valiant hero, had just rescued a Djinn from the clutches of a nefarious group bent on a magical creature holocaust. Tom, the Dungeon Master, leaned in, his voice dripping with mystery as he wove the narrative. "Ben, as your character triumphantly frees the Djinn," Tom narrated, his words cloaked in intrigue, "it turns to you, eyes gleaming with ancient knowledge. The Djinn presents you with a choice: a curse disguised as a blessing, or a blessing veiled as a curse. It offers the power to absorb and consume only what will make you stronger but cautions against the dangers of hunger and the necessity of wisdom for its true potential." A silence fell upon the room, and each roommate was held captive by the gravity of Ben's impending decision. The possibilities stretched out like an infinite horizon, their consequences shrouded in mystery. Ben's character stood at the precipice of destiny, torn between the allure of power and the wisdom to wield it. Ben's eyes widened, reflecting the flickering candlelight on the tabletop, as he contemplated the significance of this pivotal choice. It was as if a shiver coursed through him, mingling curiosity with a touch of caution. He understood that the path he selected would not only define his character but also shape the destiny of their shared narrative. The roommates shared knowing glances, a silent understanding passing between them. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as they hung on the cusp of Ben's decision, their imaginations running wild with the possible outcomes in the beloved virtual realm they all cherished. Breaking the silence, Ben's voice held a blend of resolve and uncertainty. "I'll take the Djinn up on its offer," he declared, his gaze locked with the Djinn's imaginary eyes in the game, a secret wish hidden behind his decision, one that transcended the bounds of the game world. "Count me in.” He remembered the cardinal rule of DnD - do what’s fun. As Ben's choice echoed through the room, a mixture of excitement and nervousness hung in the air, an unspoken acknowledgment of the potential that lay ahead, both in the game and perhaps beyond it. Once the session reached a natural pause for the night, the group migrated to the back balcony. Their eyes were drawn to the mesmerizing expanse of stars splattered across the night sky. Little did Ben's companions know that his thoughts were consumed by the mystical power bestowed upon his character by the Djinn's blessing. With each streak of light that painted the heavens, a wish began to crystallize within him, one that resonated with the very essence of that enigmatic gift. —————————————————————————————————————————— The following morning played out like any other in Ben's routine life. The whimsical adventure of the previous night - the wish upon the stars, the audacious Djinn rescue - had faded into the recesses of his memory. It all felt like a distant dream, a flight of fancy with no real consequence. As he got dressed for the day, Ben's rational mind brushed it all aside, focusing on more tangible matters. He shot a good morning text to his girlfriend while dismissing any thoughts of DnD adventures from the night before. With the sun casting its welcoming glow, Ben proceeded with his morning rituals. He packed his lunch and snacks, and a steaming cup of coffee, ready to jolt his senses awake, accompanied him. The scent of caffeine filled his car as he embarked on the familiar commute to work, the road stretching ahead in monotonous familiarity. Amidst lane changes and traffic maneuvers, the starry night wish gradually faded from his memory. It was eclipsed by the demands of the day - work, tasks, and deadlines at Bare-Back Comics. As he took sips of his coffee, the liquid seemed to pass through him, devoid of any warmth, as if he were going through the motions of drinking. He consumed it almost mechanically, hardly registering its presence in his stomach. Gone were the days of needing multiple cups to kickstart his day; now, he thrived with newfound energy, handling his job at the store with precision and efficiency. Colors appeared more vivid, sounds sharper, and time flowed quickly as he rode the caffeine wave throughout the morning. Leaving work early due to a lack of customers, he grabbed lunch. Meeting up with some old friends, he exchanged greetings and brief hugs, catching up on the latest in their lives. Despite the mental fatigue, he wasn't tired or hungry in the slightest. He actually had more energy than ever before. He felt invigorated, fueled by the serendipitous turn of events. The conversation eventually drifted to hunger and exhaustion, but Ben couldn't relate. Not after such a fortunate turn of events. With a sense of determination coursing through him, Ben was overcome by an irresistible urge to hit the gym with unprecedented vigor. Weeks of wavering motivation seemed to vanish, replaced by an unshakable drive to sculpt his physique and get a little sweaty. Yet, a persistent thought accompanied this surge of motivation - why not bring Cody along? Cody, who had harbored a long-standing crush on Ben, had always added a playful element of affection to their interactions. It was an open secret, and the complex dance of emotions between them added a layer of intrigue to their friendship. Ben, who wasn't the most avid gym-goer but was deeply enamored with the idea of self-improvement and sculpting his physique, had recently found himself captivated by the idea of sharing this journey with Cody. The prospect of watching his own body grow stronger and more muscular, with Cody being the first to notice, had further stoked his determination. There was no one more skilled at recognizing physique changes than Cody, not even Ben's own girlfriend. With eagerness bubbling within him, Ben dialed Cody's number, his voice radiating excitement and anticipation as the call connected. "Hey, Cody! How's it going?” Cody's voice flowed through the phone, a familiar and warm presence. "Hey, Ben! Just here, scrolling through Grindr. You know I realized your store name stands for Big Black Cock when abbreviated?” After a pregnant pause, Cody spoke up again. “What’s up?” Ben wasted no time in getting to the point. "So, I've been itching to hit the gym, and I thought it'd be awesome if we could go together. You know, be workout buddies and motivate each other.” Cody's enthusiasm resonated clearly in his response. "That sounds fantastic, Ben! I'm all in.” Ben's heart swelled with satisfaction, pleased that Cody was just as eager about the idea as he had hoped. "Perfect! I had a feeling you'd be up for it.” Unbeknownst to Ben, he was the unwitting subject of Cody's affections, a dynamic reminiscent of the classic scenario where one person is blissfully unaware of another's attraction. All his exes looked like Ben and Ben still hadn’t caught on. Cody wasted no time in grabbing his keys, their jingle faintly audible through Ben's headphones as he prepared to meet up with his friend. `Arriving at the gym, Ben changed into his workout attire, taking notice of the familiar faces who frequented the establishment. The regulars, drenched in sweat and pushing their bodies to the limit, commanded his attention. He couldn't help but observe some particularly muscular individuals who had been there the last time he visited, over a month ago. Interestingly, he noticed that despite their rigorous routines, their physical changes seemed minimal if any. Before long, Cody arrived, diving headfirst into their workout routine. With a mischievous gleam in his eyes, he enthusiastically assumed the role of Ben's spotter. However, Cody's interpretation of spotting seemed to involve an unusual degree of closeness, his arms occasionally brushing against Ben's as he assisted during lifts. The subtle but electrifying physical contact sent a thrill of anticipation down Ben's spine, infusing him with newfound energy precisely when he thought he had none left. As Ben delved deeper into his workout, an intriguing observation began to crystallize. Despite Cody exerting what seemed like his usual effort, he appeared increasingly drained, much more fatigued than could be expected from merely trying to keep up with Ben's spontaneous routine. Meanwhile, Ben felt like he could easily do ten times more! A flicker of suspicion ignited within Ben's mind, seizing his attention at a crucial juncture. Just as he grappled with a weight that felt insurmountable, Cody instinctively reached out to provide assistance, a typical spotter trying to gauge his buddy’s strength and readiness. His hand brushed against Ben's skin, practically cupping his tricep. Yet, something extraordinary happened in those fleeting moments. The weight that had burdened Ben's muscles suddenly seemed lighter, as if a surge of strength coursed through him, rendering Cody's aid unnecessary. A ripple of perplexity washed over Ben as he discerned the pattern. It was as though Cody's touch acted as a conduit, siphoning fragments of energy from him. Caught between awe and uncertainty, Ben grappled with the implications of this strange phenomenon. Was Ben intentionally drawing upon Cody's energy? The boundaries between friendship and a mystifying energy exchange blurred, leaving Ben both intrigued and cautious. With the weight now lifted with ease, Ben's thoughts buzzed with a mix of curiosity and concern. What else could he lift? How much stronger could he become? The revelation of this energy absorption marked the commencement of a voyage of self-discovery and the unraveling of unforeseen mysteries, forever altering the dynamics of their relationship. Yet, he was inexplicably hungry again. As exhaustion gradually etched into the whites of Cody's eyes, Ben decided to call it a day, even though he felt like he could keep going indefinitely. Cody expressed his gratitude for the workout session, attributing his fatigue to having skipped a meal earlier in the day. Exiting the gym floor, they headed for the locker room. Engaging in casual conversation, Ben couldn't help but share his enthusiasm about the workout. "Man, that was fantastic. I haven't felt this pumped in ages. I think I might've set a new personal record.” Cody, while using a towel to mop the sweat from his face, chuckled tiredly. "Tell me about it, Ben. I'm absolutely spent. I should've had something to eat before hitting the gym.” He said, slumping down on a bench near the lockers. Ben proceeded to the showers, feeling a subtle surge of increased strength and vitality coursing through his veins. As the warm water cascaded over him, he couldn't help but notice a slight enhancement in his muscle definition, causing him to exaggerate its significance in his mind. It was probably just a pump, he reminded himself, as the lingering energy coursing through him led him to engage in some self-pleasure in the shower before drying off. Dressing within the privacy of an enclosure, Ben caught his reflection in the mirror. His physique appeared leaner, yet more athletic, reflecting the physical changes he had been diligently working towards. He even thought his manhood seemed a tad more impressive, igniting fantasies about . In a moment of curiosity and impulsiveness, he snapped a few daring photos, contemplating the idea of sending them to Cody. It was a thought that had never crossed his mind before, and he quickly dismissed it, reminding himself of his sexual orientation and his commitment to his girlfriend. Regaining his composure, he completed his outfit and decided to keep their friendship well within the boundaries of familiarity and camaraderie, opting not to send the pictures to Cody. As Ben finished dressing, his attention shifted to Cody, who was slumped against the lockers, fast asleep and snoring from sheer exhaustion. Strangely, something about Cody's appearance captivated Ben's attention. Was it the way his shirt clung to his body, or the appealing sight of his slender legs in shorts? Maybe it was the lingering scent of sweat in the air, or the realization that his own sexual orientation might be more flexible than he had previously considered. Despite these thoughts, with Cody in such a vulnerable state, Ben felt a mixture of concern and curiosity. Approaching Cody, Ben attempted to rouse him gently, a tinge of unease in his voice. "Hey, Cody, wake up." His words conveyed a sense of uncertainty, an underlying awareness that something was off, even if he couldn't quite pinpoint what it was. Deep down, he sensed an inexplicable connection between them, one that seemed to grow stronger with each touch. It left him craving for more. “Oops, sorry… I'm just…” Cody yawned, his voice heavy with exhaustion. “I'm wiped.” Cody got up, his breaths labored and drained, practically stumbling over nothing as they navigated the awkward L-shaped turn leading out of the men's locker room. Ben's heart raced, his mind struggling to grasp the unexpected reality that a part of Cody now seemed to reside within him, subtly shifting him in ways he couldn't fully comprehend. It was the only explanation he could fathom for this newfound attraction to men, and it both fascinated and unsettled him. As they made their way toward the gym's exit, Ben's gaze involuntarily flicked toward other men, his desires stretching beyond his previous attraction to women. It was a revelation that left him both intrigued and anxious, a sensation he had never experienced before. Was this what it felt like to be gay? A shiver ran down his spine as he pondered the implications. This wasn't how he had envisioned his life unfolding, but Cody's presence seemed to be reshaping his perspective. Climbing into his car, he tried to refocus his thoughts on Alicia, desperately clinging to the illusion of his heterosexuality. In a state of mild panic, he texted her, inviting her over for dinner. Cooking together would serve as a temporary reassurance, a feeble attempt to affirm his identity for the night, and perhaps get some dessert too. Back at home, Ben and Cody settled onto the couch. Ben found himself immersed in playful and flirtatious text exchanges with Alicia, hoping to maintain the facade of being purely heterosexual. In a daring move, he even sent her the gym photos he had snapped earlier. Deep down, though, Cody's presence lingered in his thoughts, growing more apparent with each passing moment. Meanwhile, Cody slouched on the opposite end of the sofa, slowly leaning toward Ben and resting his head on his shoulder. Surprisingly, Ben didn't resist the closeness; in fact, he welcomed it, yearning for the companionship he had recently been missing. As exhaustion washed over them, Ben eventually collapsed on top of Cody, who was equally drained. In Ben's dreams, a surreal reality took hold. His body soared through a cosmic expanse as a colossal titan. In this fantastical realm, Cody appeared, worshipping Ben's immense muscles and playfully darting in and out of his skin like a mischievous prairie dog. Ben's physique was impossibly masculine and powerful. The dream unfolded with an intensity and otherworldly fervor as Cody reveled in the musky scent emanating from Ben's hairy, sweaty armpits, seemingly burying his face within them - despite his incredibly small size. Ben found himself utterly captivated by the allure of this fantasy, surrendering to its seductive embrace. There was something about it that ignited a deep desire within him to embody the heightened sense of masculinity displayed by the man in his dream. The last time Cody surfaced, Ben smiled down on him before gently picking up the little man, dangling him over his mouth and swallowing his friend whole. —————————————————————————————————————————— Ben was jolted awake by the sound of his phone ringing, his dream having taken an unexpectedly explicit turn, causing him to drool and snore himself back into consciousness. As he regained his senses, he noticed the caller ID indicating that his girlfriend, Alicia, was calling. "Hey, sorry, I must have dozed off after I got back from the gym," he mumbled, his voice still groggy from sleep. Alicia explained that she was waiting on the porch, and Ben hurriedly gathered himself, his body betraying his recent dream by the undeniable boner in his pants. The thought about hiding it from her, didn’t even cross his mind, especially since his roommates weren’t around. Glancing around, he realized he had been lying on top of a pile of Cody’s clothes. Strangely enough, his underwear. As Ben rushed to his feet, his heart raced with anticipation as he greeted Alicia with a deep, lingering kiss one that practically whispered how much she wanted him. In that moment, their connection sparked, and a wave of affection washed over him. He couldn't help but admire her beauty as her soft lips pressed against his, their tongues entwined in a passionate dance. He looked forward to spending time with her, their bodies irresistibly drawn to each other, especially now that his roommates were absent. Alicia's touch sent electric shivers down his spine, and Ben felt a surge of desire pulse through his veins - he wanted to feel every part of her against him. As they entered the house, Ben's thoughts wandered momentarily to the roommates who weren't there. In his haste, Ben couldn't ignore the unmistakable boner in his pants, and Alicia had long noticed it too. However, she didn't seem to mind, and the anticipation of what awaited them behind the closed bedroom door was palpable. Their footsteps echoed through the hallway, their hearts pounding in unison, as they made their way to his bedroom. The air was thick with desire as they fell onto the bed, laughing, playing, and their bodies entangled in a passionate embrace. Ben was captivated by Alicia's responses to his every touch, her moans filling the room - a level of passion he wasn't accustomed to experiencing. As their intimacy deepened, it became evident to Ben that Alicia wasn’t behaving like her usual self the longer they danced across the mattress soaking the sheets in her release. As the remnants of their passionate encounter lingered in the air, Ben's unease grew with Alicia’s tiredness and withdrawn attitude. He wrote it off to her being worn out. The blending of personalities, the fading of Alicia's vibrant spirit, and the sensation of a peculiar transformation enveloped him. Despite his growing concern, he couldn't deny the allure of her closeness, and they nestled together on the bed- in truth he just wanted to cuddle and unknowingly consume her. He felt a strange urge to pull her even closer, as if waiting for her to become an inseparable part of him. This thought shook him to the core, prompting him to excuse himself and head to the restroom while Alicia slept. However, in the midst of their intimate closeness, a startling realization hit Ben like a bolt of lightning. The changes he had noticed in himself were no mere tricks of his imagination. The unmistakable scent of masculinity, the emergence of new body hair, and the newfound thickness in his physique were all tangible proof of Cody's presence within him. The pieces of the puzzle clicked into place, and the pile of clothes left behind in his room served as haunting confirmation - Cody was now a part of him. With a combination of panic and determination, Ben hastily disentangled himself from Alicia's drowsy embrace, leaving her resting in his bed, exhausted. He moved with urgency towards the bathroom, his heart racing in his chest. As he flicked on the light, the reflection in the mirror staring back at him confirmed his worst fears — he was no longer the same slim, twink of a man he had been just moments ago. Instead, he had gained height and put on a few pounds of muscle. Even some fat as he play with droopy pecs. A few minutes ago, terms like "twink" and "otter" weren't even in his vocabulary. His mind was changing along with his body. He now stood slightly taller and more muscular, and it didn't look like he had simply packed on an extra 148 pounds - which was Cody's weight before he began fondling Ben’s triceps in the gym. But instead maybe 10 to 15 lbs of muscle, and a inch or two of height. As the truth sank in, Ben's mind swirled with a mix of astonishment and intrigue. The realization that he now possessed Cody's knowledge, desires, and even loves was both unsettling and strangely exhilarating. It was as if Cody had become an integral part of him, their souls intertwined in a way he couldn't fully comprehend. And, incredibly, he couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement about this unexpected transformation. Even more, that he was in the process of consuming Alicia, turned his stomach, but he also wanted more. A wave of conflicting emotions washed over Ben. On one hand, the idea of absorbing someone else, of sharing their experiences and desires, should have disturbed him. But on the other hand, there was a lingering sense of fascination and even a hint of excitement - who else could he absorb? Lost in this new realization, he began to notice the subtle curves of muscles, faint but somehow more present than before, the magnetic pull of masculine energy, and the raw sensuality that radiated from within. It was as if Cody's appreciation for men had become his own, amplifying his desires and opening his eyes to a world of passion he had never fully explored. Or maybe it was Alicia’s love for him, that made him appreciate his new form. As he stared at his reflection in the mirror, a mischievous smile tugged at the corners of Ben's lips. There was a part of him, deep down, that relished this power. The pleasure that came with absorbing his friend's essence were undeniable, intoxicating even. He felt stronger and desired even more absorption. He decided to test it out, almost heading back to the bedroom. Standing in the doorway, Ben's gaze fixated on Alicia's slumbering figure, a mix of curiosity and desire churning within him. He couldn't help but notice the fatigue etched on her face, the slight fragility that seemed to cloak her form. It mirrored exactly what Cody had experienced before leaving the gym. A part of him whispered enticingly, urging him to crawl into bed and explore the possibility of absorbing her as well. The thought excited him, the temptation of absorbing another person stirring a primal hunger deep within. However, a flicker of hesitation danced across Ben's mind. Despite the allure of such an act, a faint trace of rationality urged him to resist the impulse. He couldn't bring himself to take advantage of Alicia's vulnerable state, knowing it would cross a line he wasn't yet prepared to cross. He loved her after all, and he could feel the same love radiating from her spirit in his mind. Fighting against giving in to his desire, Ben turned away from the bedroom and descended the stairs. His steps carried a sense of purpose as he made his way to Cody's phone, guided by an uncanny knowledge of its password. With practiced ease, he navigated to the hidden folder where the dating app, Growlr, was stored - something Cody had been hiding from his, now former, boyfriend. As the screen illuminated with profiles of eager men and HIV Prep ads, Ben's eyes settled on the familiar username of Cody's favorite guy, “Hairless Bear." A wicked grin played at the corners of his lips as he engaged in flirtatious banter with the unsuspecting Ryan behind the username, using the persona he had consumed from Cody to his advantage. He changed the username and began sending pictures of himself to another guy; it felt wrong, but he shrugged it off. The hunger was guiding him, and he knew the kind of blowjobs Ryan could give a man - he would satisfied one way or another tonight. In this moment, Ben couldn't deny the thrilling sensation coursing through his veins. The power of assimilating the desires and experiences of others ignited a reckless fire within him, the fire now demanding he consume more. Unbeknownst to Ryan, he was unwittingly stepping into a web of intrigue spun by a man who was no longer solely himself. As their conversation flowed, Ben felt a hunger for another absorption simmering just beneath the surface. His subconscious craving guided his actions, drawing him closer to the prospect of absorbing yet another person into his ever-expanding self. As minutes melted away, Ben and the hairless bear, Ryan, found themselves nestled in the warm embrace of the hot tub. Ryan’s gaze washing over him like a piece of meat for his next conquest. Conversation danced effortlessly between them thanks to Cody, their connection reigniting as familiarity washed over them. The entire time, Ryan's touch grew bolder, moving up his thigh as if asking for permission, his hand then gliding confidently along Ben's hardening cock, invoking waves of desire that coursed through hungrily his body. That’s when he wondered if he could get bigger by absorbing Ryan. Surrendering to the pleasure, Ben's body floated buoyantly in the water as Ryan skillfully worked his lips and tongue, massaging the base of his shaft at the same time, bringing Ben’s ankles to Ryan's shoulder - something Alicia could only dream of doing in a hot tub like this. Moans of pleasure escaped Ben’s lips, intermingling with the steam rising from the heated waters. As the passion between them grew, Ben's body seemed to burn with newfound energy, strengthening his bones and transforming him into the embodiment of youngish maturity at 30 years old. In the haze of desire, Ryan remained oblivious to the changes rippling through their intertwined bodies. Ben, fueled by the absorbed essence of Cody, felt a surge of strength and power coursing through him. His muscles grew taut, his frame expanding with newfound vitality. In the brief glances to Ryan, he could see that his calfs were large enough to at least see. The once-pudgy bear, Ryan, was slowly shedding pounds, blissfully unaware of the exchange occurring in his own body. Ben and Cody, entwined in a shared euphoria, reveled in their hidden connection to Ryan, their desires intertwining as a new body and soul began to appear inside. The echoes of their passion resonated in the waters, as Ben let go entirely, locking his ankles behind Ryan's head. As the absorption process intensified, Ben's desire to assimilate Ryan grew stronger, overriding any rational thoughts that remained. At this point, his own imagination, pictured a giant version of himself consuming a Ryan barely bigger than a grain of rice. He eagerly sought ways to increase their skin-to-skin contact, relishing the prospect of adding another person to the enigmatic bond he shared with Cody. Their desires intertwined, fueling the absorption in a relentless pursuit of power and connection. Ryan's once-substantial chunky frame rapidly diminished before Ben's eyes, shedding weight at an astonishing rate. From 360 pounds, he swiftly dwindled down to 230 pounds, the transformation unfolding in a matter of minutes. Fatigue began to seep into Ryan's voice as he struggled to articulate his mounting exhaustion. He tried to protest but Ryan was lost in the process. "Something's wrong," Ryan gasped, his breath labored and fragmented. "I... I feel tired…" Ben groaned, focusing on the real goal, taking more from Ryan. "It's… uhhh… going to be ok." Ben's gaze flickered with a mixture of concern and insatiable hunger. He needed more. Ben's voice, laced with a mix of fascination and trepidation, responded, "Just relax, Ryan. Trust me, this is how it's meant to be. You're becoming part of me now." As Ryan desperately attempted to extricate himself from Ben's grasp, his feeble resistance initially yielded some progress in the slippery warm water. However, Ben was stronger, and Ryan was barely recognizable at this point. Yet, a surge of determination coursed through Ben's veins, overriding any doubts or concerns that lingered within him. He knew he needed to be stronger—strong enough to maintain the absorption, to deepen the connection that had consumed him. With a resolute resolve, Ben's grip tightened, his fingers digging into Ryan's flesh as he struggled to keep him in place. The transfer of energy between them intensified, causing Ryan's weakening struggles to falter. The relentless advance of the absorption seemed fueled by an insatiable hunger, as if it sought to devour everything in its path. The connection between them grew stronger, and Ben could feel himself becoming more powerful and complete with each passing moment. Ryan's weakening resistance mingled with a mixture of fear and resignation, his voice trembling as he teetered on the edge of defeat. "Please... stop... I can't... I can't take this anymore…" His feeble plea whispered into the air. But consumed by the intoxicating power and yearning for complete absorption, Ben paid no heed to Ryan's desperate pleas. His desire to grow stronger, to transcend the confines of his former self, eclipsed any semblance of empathy or remorse. With each passing moment, Ryan's form diminished further, his strength waning under the overwhelming force of the absorption. Meanwhile, Ben's transformation became more apparent. His physique expanded, muscles bulging beneath his skin, and a newfound vitality coursed through his veins. The sense of empowerment and fulfillment surged within him, drowning out the fading cries of the person he had absorbed. In a swift and final moment, Ryan withered away until he disappeared entirely. As Ben's legs enveloped empty space, he lowered them into the bubbling water. The once vibrant and lively hot tub now echoed only with the soft symphony of bubbling water and the hum of its machinery. They had foregone clothing, reveling in the freedom of masculine camaraderie, or so Ryan had framed it. In truth, it had become a convenient means for Ryan to assess and size up potential conquests without soiling his own bed sheets or having to really clean the hot tub out because of laundry detergents on other people's clothing. Mostly just to be naked and get to fun stuff quicker. Bathed in the warm hues of the evening glow, Ben's gaze drifted downward, revealing the mesmerizing transformation of his physique. His chest had acquired an even more pronounced athletic contour, now adorned with the sprouting of coarse hair. His upper pecs and some of it on his shoulders - a little strange but not a problem because it looked cute. The musky scent emanating from his pits, though almost overwhelming, ignited a primal hunger within him, as if the two men inside him were urging him on, craving more. It was as if they were watching through him, and it was time to give them a real show, a gratifying spectacle to thank them for their sacrifice. Driven by curiosity, Ben's hand reached out, eager fingers grasping at the newly formed pectoral muscle. Its firmness sent a delicious thrill through him, a tantalizing reminder of the supple curves he had once delighted in with Alicia. Unable to resist the allure, he played and twisted his nipples, relishing the electrifying sensations that coursed through his body as he continued to bask in the warm embrace of the hot tub. Each breath he took seemed to carry an electric charge, and with every flex of his muscles he felt untamed power that left him in awe. His hands roamed down his chest, tracing the contours of his now more athletic and, in his opinion, sexier stomach. He savored the newfound definition, the little lumps now clearly visible, along with the separation on the peak. The pleasure that cascaded through his body was an intoxicating blend of physical gratification and the exhilaration of transformation. His hand drifted further down, and his fingers explored, reveling in the sensations of this enhanced version of himself. It was an intense experience, as if he was tapping into a wellspring of masculine energy that had lain dormant within him until now. The sensations were overwhelming amongst the bubbles, and yet, he couldn't get enough. With every passing moment, he felt more alive, more powerful, and more connected to the men he had absorbed. It was a heady cocktail of desire and strength, and he felt a deep satisfaction in knowing he was becoming something greater. As the intensity swelled, so too did his desire to jerk off and finish the job Ryan couldn’t, a tempest of sensation seemed to engulf him, building to a crescendo that defied containment. And then, with an explosive release, his cum rocketed out of him like a pressurized water gun leaving him breathless and exhilarated in its wake. There was much more of it than usual, and he couldn’t help but take pride in that alone. Ryan definitely knew how to excite a man. The ripples of ecstasy subsided, leaving Ben basking in the aftermath, his body pulsating with satisfaction. As he rose from the water's embrace, tendrils of steam caressed his glistening skin, dancing in the cool evening air. A self-assured smile played upon his lips as he relished in the sensations coursing through his transformed body. The world around him seemed different, as if he had unlocked a hidden realm of pleasure and power. And he was hungry for more of it. Feeling his newly formed pectoral muscles, he couldn't help but run his hands across the firm contours, savoring the thrill that shot through him. The once gentle curves that Alicia had once delighted in were now replaced with rugged masculinity, and the thought of that exhilarated him. He flexed and licked his own biceps, reveling in the newfound definition they held. The little lumps that had once seemed like distant dreams were now tangible realities, and it excited him beyond belief. Even with shadows cast by the lights- the split on his bicep was clear. As he dressed in clothes that now gently hugged his more athletic physique, he felt a surge of confidence and allure. Any man or woman would be proud to have him. He noticed the way his shorts clung to his sculpted thighs, and how his shirt hung differently on his broader shoulders. Each step he took felt different, as if he were wider or as if his own feet had somehow grown. Even his height seemed to have increased just slightly, adding to the excitement of his transformation. Deep within, the presence of Ryan stirred his emotions, intertwining their beings in a way that both fascinated and thrilled him. It was more than just the physical changes; it was the emotional connection he felt with the men he had absorbed. A part of him yearned to experience it again, to delve deeper into the realm of pleasure and power that this unique ability offered. To fuck the hell out of a man before becoming one with him too. He couldn't resist the thought of doing it again, to feel the rush of absorbing another person and becoming even more of who he desired to be. This time, it would have to be someone who worked for it, someone who could give him a lot more strength. As he drove away, he couldn't help but smile, knowing that the journey had only just begun. The power within him had opened up a whole new world of excitement and possibilities, and he was eager to explore every inch of it. The allure of his newfound abilities was irresistible, and he was determined to embrace it fully, without hesitation. Guided by a clandestine sense of purpose, he revved the engine and embarked on a late-night journey to the gym. The clock neared 9 PM, a time when only a select few would remain, driven by their relentless pursuit of physical perfection. As he pulled into the gym's parking lot, his heart quickened with anticipation - he needed to consume more. The dimly lit interior revealed a sparse scattering of individuals, their presence merely accentuated by the rhythmic clinks of weights and the faint echoes of exertion. The men were worth absorbing, and he needed to get to their size. Given how much he had absorbed already, it clearly wasn’t an equal exchange. Surveying the room, his discerning gaze settled upon those whose physiques mirrored the image he aspired to attain. As he dug deeper into his workouts, a mounting sense of determination and hunger coursed through him. The connection with the men he had absorbed surged, as if they were quietly urging him on, their unquenchable desires melding seamlessly with his own. Their cravings for growth and power resonated deep within him, merging into an irresistible drive. With every lift and repetition, he inched closer to the fulfillment of these shared ambitions without needing to bring another person inside him. In his mind, he fixated on images of himself growing bigger, stronger, and more muscular. The men within him reveled in this experience, sharing his fervor for transformation - it was turning them on and in turn, himself as well. As he lifted the weights, he almost felt their satisfaction, their contentment in being part of this extraordinary metamorphosis. In that realm of iron and sweat, he knew what he needed to do - to consume as much muscle as possible. The yearning to grow, to absorb more, and to become stronger had ceased to be a fleeting impulse; it was now a driving force. With each passing moment, his conviction deepened—he was destined for greatness, and his ongoing transformation marked only the beginning of an extraordinary journey. That was when he devised a plan to draw one of the men closer, to encourage further absorption. All he had to do was feign difficulty on the squat rack, loading the bar heavier than he should. A wobbly display of form, unsteady knees, and a stumble forward with a burdensome 180 pounds of plates precariously balanced on his shoulders would suffice. He was still small enough that it would make sense - for now. In just a matter of minutes, the ruse worked, as one of the men couldn't resist stepping in to help him - because it’s a great way to die otherwise. "Woah there, buddy, what the hell do you think you were doing there?" the man grunted as he attempted to bear the weight, his horseshoe-shaped tricep head flaring while slowly lowering the bar to the ground. "Sorry, I, uhhh, don't know what I was thinking. Thanks man,” Ben admitted, holding out his hand. "I'm Ben, kinda new here." The man extended his hand, annoyed, and the moment their palms met, Ben felt an electric surge coursing through him. "Mario, and that could have gotten you killed.” Ben smiled as he watched the visible wave of exhaustion wash over Mario. It was evident in his eyes and seemed to creep across his brows, making him appear as if he might fall asleep at any moment. "You wanna give me a spot on the bench?" Ben asked. “Show me a few pointers?” He said with a child-like smile. Mario, puzzled by his sudden fatigue but deciding it wouldn't hurt, replied, "Sure, I could use a rest before my next set.” Each time Ben pretended to struggle, Mario would offer his assistance, grazing under his arms, unwittingly giving away a piece of himself, his personality, his soul - it didn’t matter. What he was absorbing was getting faster and easier. After three sets and Ben feigning failure each time, it was clear that Mario had lost some size. He was physically smaller and significantly more fatigued than usual after his workout. Mario finished the set with Ben, his heavy breaths a testament to the energy he had unknowingly given away. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and turned to Ben. "I think I'm done for today. Gotta shower and get home," he said, concern in his eyes. "You be careful, okay? Don't overdo it man." Ben nodded, offering an appreciative smile. "Yeah, you too, man. Thanks for the spot. I think this is a good stopping point for me tonight as well.” Together, they walked towards the men's room. Mario focused on gathering his clothes, oblivious to the hunger in Ben's eyes. Ben's attention, however, was solely on the man before him. As Mario removed his shirt, his tattooed physique was revealed, more tantalizing than anything Ben had ever seen. He couldn't help but fixate on the way Mario's pecs twitched as he dug a towel out of his gym bag, how his forearms flexed as he grabbed some body-wash, and more importantly the same fatigue creeping across his brow. This was Ben's chance. He couldn't resist the temptation any longer. He would join Mario in the shower, absorbing as much muscle as he could before taking everything else without resistance. Turning away from Mario, Ben walked over to the scale. He couldn't believe what he saw - he had gained 63 pounds of solid muscle. Gazing at himself in the mirror, he marveled at his transformed physique. He was no longer a twink; he was a hulking, muscular man at 213. The reflection also revealed a naked Mario strutting confidently into the shower room.Ben's mouth went dry as he watched, his desire growing more insatiable. He want to throw that man against the wall now and fuck him then and there - no one would know. A terrifyingly new thought. He needed to see more. In fact, he deserved to see more. As Mario peeled off his shirt, exposing his inked physique, a smoldering desire ignited within Ben. He couldn't take his eyes off the man before him. Mario's broad shoulders, etched with intricate tattoos, drew Ben's gaze like a moth to a flame. His chest, a masterpiece of muscle, rippled with every movement. Dark body hair dusted his pecs and snaked down his abdomen, an alluring contrast to his golden tan skin. The scent of the gym still lingered on Ben’s body, mixed with his natural musk. It should have disgusted him, but instead, it sent a thrill through him that he couldn't deny. He even watched, transfixed, as Mario reached for a towel, his arm muscles flexing and veins practically popping out of his skin. It was as though his very essence was calling out to Ben. However, as Mario lifted his arm to reach for the towel, the scent from his pits hit Mario's nostrils like a punch to the gut. It was pungent, raw, and undeniably masculine. He recoiled in disgust for a moment, the sudden clarity of his situation jolting him. He had to shower now, before leaving the gym. Watching it made Ben have to reach in his pants to readjust his dick, now growing longer and harder. Ben turned away, heading towards the scale to check his own progress, only to avoid eye contact and suspicion. In the mirror's reflection, he could see himself as a slightly larger figure, far from the twink he once was. But the allure of Mario, the need to absorb his strength and essence, was overpowering. His desire was a raging inferno, and he couldn't resist the pull any longer. He needed more, and he was determined to take it all. The moment Mario disappeared behind the shower curtain, Ben swiftly moved. He closed the locker room door with a definitive click, making sure it was securely locked. Every step he took, every breath he drew, was charged with the anticipation of growing larger, of adding yet another person to his collection. Heading toward the showers, Ben could already feel the steam pouring over the top of the curtain. It was a hot shower already, and the steam would only enhance the experience. Approaching the shower, he glimpsed Mario's unkempt feet, facing the wall. The man must be letting the hot water pound over his sore shoulders. Ben didn't waste a moment. He stripped off his clothes, taking a final admiring look at himself in the mirror. He noticed a few more inches of height, along with the muscles that had bulged further. With a grin, he attempted a most muscular flex, mimicking what he had seen before. He was by no means a monster yet, but this was as small as he'd be for a while if he had any say in it. Even the others he had absorbed reveled in the view through his eyes. Finally, he walked up to the shower, opened the shower curtain, and pulled it aside. Mario jumped, startled. "What the fuck, man!" Mario exclaimed, getting into some meager defensive stance trying not to slip on his wet flip-flops. Ben chuckled, stepping inside. "Thought I might join you, big guy." His tone, however, had taken on a menacing edge that sent shivers down Mario's spine. Mario knew what the hungry look was, combined with an already erect cock that put his to shame. “You really helped me out and I was going to return the favor.” Mario backed up, his face contorted with anxiety and frustration. "I'm not into that fag stuff, man," he growled, his voice trembling with tension. "So you either walk out of here, or someone will be picking you up off the fucking floor.” His fist clenched as he tried to get into a fighting stance. Ben chuckled about to step forward, almost taunting Mario - something told him Mario always enjoyed a challenge. Without warning, Mario unleashed a powerful punch that landed squarely on Ben's jaw. But instead of pain, Ben felt a surge of energy as his skin absorbed and healed from the impact, barely flinching. He barely flinched as his eyes turned cold, advancing toward Mario. Confused, Mario struck again, but this time Ben swiftly caught his fist mid-air, his hand now much larger than it had ever been before. "I've been taking size off you all night, man," Ben laughed, his hunger taking control of him. "Now it's my turn to really take a few pounds, and daddies hungry.” He couldn't explain why he needed to call himself daddy, but he felt like Mario would know what that meant. Mario attempted to squeeze past and slip out, but Ben effortlessly threw him back against the wall. "I don't think that's the best choice," Ben purred, moving closer to Mario. The situation was fueling his hunger, making him increasingly horny, a dangerous combination. “You see, I think you might be able to help me with a few more things tonight.” Ben’s voice now quiet and much darker, as he forced Mario to kiss him, taking more and more with each second, as he guided his dick under Mario’s practically steroid emptied ballsack, thrusting and giving him an external prostate massage. Beneath the relentless deluge of the shower, Ben's aggression surged. He maintained his iron grip on Mario as pound after pound of muscle was devoured, the process accelerating with each passing moment. The sound of their labored breathing mixed with the pounding water, creating a cacophony of lust and desperation. Mario was pinned against the wall, his resistance dwindling, and Ben forcing him gradually to waist level. With a primal hunger in his eyes, Ben couldn't suppress his insatiable desire any longer. He forcefully thrust his throbbing erection into Mario's throat, initiating a brutal rhythm of relentless pounding. The wet, slurping sounds of their encounter echoed in the confined space, each thrust accompanied by a guttural moan of submission from Mario who was now growing more frail by the minute. As Ben continued to face-fuck Mario he could feel an increasing sense of power coursing through him, like a growing storm that refused to be contained - this is what absorbing a man like Mario was going to do to him. He liked it. Mario’s personality didn’t care who he hurt or why. Nor was it the first time Mario had been part of something like this, only this time - Mario would be the victim. Mario's will crumbled as Ben grew taller, his body surging with newfound strength. The water cascading around them seemed to mirror the chaos of this transformation, washing away traces of the man who once stood before him. With each forceful thrust and every weakening gasp from Mario, Ben became more formidable, more unstoppable, driven by an insatiable hunger for power and transformation. With a final, explosive climax, Ben's essence coated the wall, his unrestrained desire for dominance reaching its zenith. As the last remnants of Mario seemed to vanish within him, he couldn't help but feel a twisted sense of satisfaction. Mario's own dark intentions had cast a long shadow, and Ben had absorbed him, preventing horrors he might have unleashed. With Mario's presence now a part of him, Ben couldn't shake the chilling realization that, had he not intervened, Mario might have gone on to commit raped after leaving the gym in a pre-planned tinder hookup. In a strange and disturbing way, his own actions had actually saved someone else. The knowledge weighed heavily on him as he stood in the aftermath of his actions, a palpable transformation coursing through his being, both in body and in mind. The lines between himself and those he absorbed were becoming increasingly blurred. Ben left the wall coated in the viscous residue, not caring about the unseemly puddle forming there as he climbed out of the shower. His breaths still came heavy, and his body continued to throb with the lingering excitement. The aftermath was evident, as his body refused to settle; he was leaking in more ways than one. The desire to repeat what he had just done pulsed within him like an insatiable hunger. It was so easy, and with each passing person, he was growing bigger, stronger. He could now easily reach eye level with the shower rod, a stark contrast to when he had first entered. Stepping out of the shower, he headed straight to the mirror. His reflection revealed a physique that was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Beneath the layer of fat from Ryan, the contours of his muscles were defined and chiseled, the promise of his true strength concealed. His height had surged as well, nearing an imposing 6'7". The scale now read 251 pounds on the dot, and he was already hungry again for more. Struggling to put on his shirt, Ben found his sleeve practically stuck in his armpit, unable to cling to his bulging arms. The shirt barely made it down to his belly button, which was now adorned with thick, well-defined abs, complete with a perfectly groomed treasure trail. The sight of his own body stirred a renewed wave of arousal, his massive member throbbing and imprinting a blatant outline in his underwear. Ben couldn't help but admire the sheer masculinity that now defined his body. The contours of his muscles, now more pronounced than ever, spoke of years spent sculpting his physique - this could not have occurred in a couple of hours. As he reached for his clothing, a delighted grin spread across his face. His old stuff was clearly ill-equipped to handle his new contours. The fabric of his shirt strained against his inflated arms, muscles visibly bulging through the tight material. Chuckling playfully but with a sense of wonder, he lifted an arm and flexed his bicep, savoring the sensation as it effortlessly tore a small tear in the fabric at the hem. A laugh of pure joy escaped his lips as he leaned forward, his body pulsating with newfound strength and masculinity. With each tear in his shirt, he reveled in the sight of his powerful physique, exposed in all its glory. Ben's shirt struggled to contain his chiseled form as he confidently struck a most muscular pose, small tears forming and offering tantalizing glimpses of the raw power beneath. Even when he wrestled his gym shorts on, the sensation was nothing short of thrilling. His massive thighs and rock-hard glutes stretched the fabric to its limit, making for a snug fit that emphasized every inch of his dick against the fabric. With a resigned sigh, he adjusted the waistband and decided it would have to do for now. It was late, and he had no other options. Then again, he could already feel the hunger beginning to grow in him again and there would be no sleep needed tonight. That’s when he got a thought that excited himself and Mario, but scared Ben, Ryan, and the parts of Alicia that he could feel - what he didn’t stop growing? And more importantly, was Alicia still waiting for him?
  4. AlphaLustSean


    “T, you were never supposed to know! I’m sorry, T, really. Your mom and dad couldn’t have kids and they begged me. I’d been working on genetic augmentation and they implored me to implant . . . you . . . into El’s womb. I knew they’d be outstanding parents to you, T.” Brad gushed apologetically. Taranis walked over to a dresser that had some abstract piece of art made of granite, wrapped his large hand around it, and lifted it as if it weighed ounces. “Genetic augmentation, B? Now knowing your libidinous passion for hyper-masculinity, muscular size, and cruel, brutally lethal power fused with an insatiable sexual drive. I’ve got to ask you: When your created my embryo, did you create it to become one of your unappeasable, macrophilic, muscle-monsters? Am I the result of your wanton dreams and desires, you self-absorbed little bug?” Taranis demanded. With that, his inhuman muscles swelled to rock-hard mounds of power, he lifted his other hand and easily snapped the granite into two pieces. He held one piece in one hand while wedging the other piece into the deep cleavage formed between his two colossal globes of pectoral muscle. “AM I?” he thundered as he clenched his fist and flexed his powerful pecs together. Both pieces of granite were instantly obliterated into fine powder and dust. “You made me to be the most massive, powerful, and desirable man to ever exist, didn’t you, and with an unquenchable desire to dominate and fuck?” Brad was practically drooling, unable to ascertain if Taranis was truly angered or if he was, once again, appreciative and playing the brutal beast for his godfather’s pleasure. “I did, T, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I could never have known I could accomplish YOU. I love you, I desire you, I worship you with every fiber of my being, Mighty Taranis! You are wired to become the inhumanly massive, powerful, and slaughterous horny titan of my dreams!” T smirked and began to slowly stroke his ever-leaking, always ready battering ram of a cock. Brad began lustfully stroking in unison with his pure embodiment of brutal masculinity. “With the correct combination of stimuli, you will grow larger, T. Larger in every way. Height, mass, muscle density, and . . . “ Brad hesitated, “ . . . and in a lust to use your limitless power to destroy and decimate, to fuck and kill with unfathomable cruelty . . . and all of that is tied to a lust to satiate your immeasurable and enduring sexual desires, a lust that can never be fulfilled.” As Brad spoke, Taranis began to smile broadly. “FUCK, yeah, ‘Dad’! I can actually FEEL the truth in what you say. That is why your little jack-off session that I witnessed last night resonated so deeply within me. It got me so god-damned horny, even after blasting through the ceiling with my cum! I HAD to FUCK . . . I HAD to use all this pent up strength and power . . . I HAD to feed, ‘Dad’!” he snarled as he lifted both arms and flexed. Veins like cables appeared and mapped all over his monstrously mighty, thickly vein encased body. Triceps larger than Brad’s head hung beneath oaken, trunk-like arms and snapped to solid, rippling attention as biceps mounded and rose majestically towards his colossal clenched fists. He turned his stunning face and licked his biceps before pursing his full lips and sloppily kissing them with a lustful hunger for more. “Ahhh, “FUCK YES!” Taranis thundered, actually FEELING his eternal and immortal existence surging from every cell in his body. “You have created a cruel and barbaric GOD of lust, power, and violently savage domination, you pathetic little CUNT!” Brad was drooling from both his mouth and cock as he blurted, “Oh, GOD, YES, Taranis!” Something then clicked in his lust-flooding brain. “Taranis, where are Kai and El? What have you done with them?” pleading for details of his closest friends’ demise at the hands of their “son”, the all-powerful beast looming over him. Taranis grinned and evil grin. “You mean what have YOU done with them, you fucking little power-and-brutality-slut! I think you’ll like seeing how well your little genetic experiment awakened. Well, not so little, maybe, you horny little bug.” “What do you mean? How can I see what we’ve done?” Brad stuttered out, breathing in ragged breaths, uncontrollably horny to learn what had happened, hoping that Taranis' demonically brutal lusts had begun to emerge. “That’s right, BITCH! What WE’VE done!” T grinned broadly. “Shit, diminutive “Dad”, I will take you there to be with us and witness what has begun.” With that he waved his hand and, instantly, they were both standing in T’s room the night before. Brad could smell the gallons of musky spunk dripping from the ceiling. He heard T tell Kai that he would meet his “mom” and “dad” in the basement. He heard the door close. He turned and asked T, “How? How can this be?” “Everything is becoming clear to me now, little Brad, what I am and what I can do.” T responded. “You will learn, in time, the totality of what you have done, little man, and who you have conjured up. I have known I was not Kai’s and El’s biological son for years . . . ever since Kai began looking like a weak llittle son compared to ME!” T flexing hard for emphasis. “I just didn’t have all of the pieces until you filled in the blanks. I am now free to tap into my full, unlimited power as the singular deity that I AM.” Brad shuddered at the pronouncement and became rock-hard and pre-cum flowing all at once. “Come (and Brad did!)” T continued, smirking at Brad’s spontaneous ejaculation from him just speaking a word, “it’s time.” They walked down into the basement. Kai and El looked up confused to see Brad behind their incredibly massive, totally nude son. Their mouths dropped open as the pair reached the bottom of the stairs. El’s eyes glazed over seeing her powerfully built and heavily hung “son” bare for the first time since he was a small child. She immediately moaned, shoved her hand up her skirt and began to orgasm . . . just at the sight of T’s thick, rippling teen body. Kai’s total emasculation at the sight of T stroking his colossal, pre-pouring cock, caused him to fall to his knees, pitch forward, and begin lapping up the pre-cum roping onto T’s feet and pooling on the floor around him. “HA! HA! HA!” Taranis bellowed, “How could you respond any other way to what I AM, you pathetic, weak little deceivers.” T growled at them, “I know I can’t be your son. You are both way too puny, weak, and stupid. And I am, well, THIS!” He flexed hard over them, his body ballooning with pure, unadulterated power. Kai shuffled towards T, eyes glued on the throbbing cock with flared mushroom head pulsing pre constantly. “Tell me who I am, and you can touch it.” T taunted him. El just grabbed a bat, shoved its base into her wet, drooling pussy, and began rhythmically pushing it in and out as she moaned, “I want you to FUCK ME, Taranis! Let me ride your immense, sequoian-like manhood, my perfect, young Hercules! PLEASE! FUCK ME!” Kai, mesmerized by the size and power of his son, told T that he was Brad’s creation, but he didn’t know why, only that he had manipulated genes to create the perfect male. T told him he was pleased at his obedience and commanded him to strip and approach. Kai obediently tore his clothing off and practically leapt to T’s cock. He wrapped two hands as far as he could around its girth and began lapping at the massive, pre-cum and cum slathered shaft. T palmed Kai’s little skull and lifted him from the floor, kicking and clawing at the unstoppable teen. T brought him to his chest and pushed his head between the massive mounds. T slowly flexed, relishing the creaks and cracks of Kai’s puny, compressing skull. He looked in the eyes and grinned, flexing his pecs together hard. Kai’s head immediately squished like a little bug between T’s billowing, diamond-hard pectorals. Kai’s hard little dick exploded in orgasm as his head was pulverized to mush, his spunk coating T’s rippling, corrugated abs. T flexed his pecs alternately until there was nothing substantial enough left between his pecs to hold the body up, The jerking body flopped down to the base of T’s enormous, twitching cock. T looked into El’s eyes as she squealed, “My god! MY GOD! Fuck me, my brutal Adonis, FUCK ME, PUH-LEEZE!’ she begged. Brad just listened, stroking his hard-again dick, and periodically hissing, “Oh, my GOD, T!” and “You are becoming more than I could have EVER hoped for!” Taranis smiled knowingly at Brad while he licked the blood and brains dripping around his death-dealing pectorals. He then lifted Kai’s headless corpse from the base of his cock, and lifted it to his mouth. He sucked on the dripping neck hole while crushing the lifeless torso with his powerful hands, squeezing and wringing out blood and organs. After ingesting ravenously, he tossed the useless shell of a body aside like so much garbage and walked over to El. “STRIP!”, T ordered, and she excitedly complied. He placed his hands around her waist and lifted her. El purred, “So big, so strong!” as T positioned her hungry, wet pussy over his raging cock head. She began to resist, seeing T’s crown’s size so close to her comparatively small pussy. T lowered her, his hot, flowing pre-cum lubed around her hungry hole and prepped her for tender entry. There would be no tenderness. T growled, “Fucking CUNT!” and plunged into her mercilessly. His titanic shaft, his throbbing, massive mushroom head splayed her open and rearranging her insides as it thrust into her, tearing her apart. She screamed in both pain and ecstasy as he used her like a fucking fleshlight. The closer T came to cumming, the harder he squeezed her pathetic little body until he heard, and felt, her puny little bones begin to snap and break. She was rasping out “GOD! NO, STOOOP! . . . No . . . YES! Oh, GOD! YES! FUCK ME, TARANIS, FUCK ME HARDER!” she sputtered as her organs began to rupture under such a terrifyingly destructive sexual assault. Taranis looked her in the eyes and grinned, “As you wish, lying little BITCH!” as he pulled her skewered body, legs and arms flailing uselessly, down to his pubes. He clenched his hard, rippling ass and began jettisoning his godly seed. The first blast shot through her like a fucking missile, exiting her skull and killing her instantly. Her bloody head lolled to the side and the second blast ripped through her neck, severing her head from her body.. T crushed and compressed her worthless little body around his bucking cock like a once-living condom.” Brad shot his load in unison with T’s brutal raping of El to death and using her remains as gritty cock lube. T lifted his blood-drenched hand and licked it clean. He then waved his hand and both he and Brad were instantly back in the hotel room. T smiled down at Brad. “I ingested some of Mom, too, before burying them far below the basement. What’s left of their remains will never be found. And, just so you don’t have to wonder, little ‘Dad’, I WILL be as those photo’s you created of me on your computer. I WILL live out your sick, innermost desires before you, and more. I will become to you as you wished and prayed for, you horny little faggot, and you will worship me as a GOD.” In return for creating me, I will allow you to live and witness me feeding my burgeoning domination and bloodlusts. Know that it is YOU who will have unleashed hell on earth by creating a living muscle-beast fantasy for your own pleasure, you fucking little insect.” Brad now knew it had begun. His deepest, darkest desires were truly now incarnate. He approached his terrifyingly handsome, brutal, and powerful creation. He kneeled on the floor and crawled to Taranis’ huge feet. He lapped pre-cum from those expansive feet and toes, kissing worshipfully, as fresh pre-cum roped down onto his back from Taranis’ arm-thick, deadly cock. “I have loved and worshiped you since you were but a thought in my head, Taranis. All who lay eyes on you will desire you, will long to please you, will worship what you are. Yet all of them, they are but playthings for you . . . toys for your dark amusement and merciless pleasure.” He looked up at Taranis’ stunningly handsome face, “YOU . . . You have always been, and always will be, my GOD, Taranis, even before I created your perfect, powerful body! I just found a way to call you forth. I now exist to please you, to serve you, to LOVE you.” Brad began to drool, once again, continuing, “When will you make yourself known among the puny inhabitants of this world, Almighty Taranis? You are Lord Over All!” Taranis, looking down over his protuberant pectorals, had the urge to lift his foot, place it on Brad’s brittle body, and simply splatter the puny little flesh-sack out of existence, but at least it now knew its place. “Mmmm, your worthless little worm. I long to begin my barbarous rampage right here, right now, but I will not. I will enroll at the University and, from there, I will begin to make myself known in ways that will forcibly inflame your lustful passions. For calling me forth, contemptibly feeble little insect, I love you as much as I am able without mindlessly obliterating you.” Brad, looking up at such a seductively gorgeous, and deathly brutal, mountain of muscle. He felt fear for the first time in Taranis presence. “What have I DONE?!?!” he thought to himself. Taranis could, indeed, callously, and without mercy, obliterate him, and all others, without a second thought nor a hint of remorse. He began to tremble, even as his body again convulsed in worshipful dry ejaculation. Taranis, now knowing his thoughts, with a rumbling whisper, stated matter-of-factly, “What have you done, indeed, you worthless microbial sentient. You are now beginning to understand. Bringing your hidden and deep, dark desires to life will have lethally destructive consequences . . . for all but ME!” Brad, still trembling, cringed in shock, terror, and remorse as a torrent of piss flowed from his dick. Still, his longing and hunger to witness Taranis’ reign prevailed over all. Taranis reached down and gently encircled Brad’s neck with his inhuman large fist. He lifted him to his face and deeply kissed his creator, virtually raping the little man’s mouth with his long, thick tongue. Brad reciprocated while reaching his arms out, his hands roaming over the hot, hard flesh of his hypnotically handsome, godly, and maliciously virulent creation. The phrase, “Yes, my God, YES!” churned in his brain even as his body, seemingly with a mind of its own, dry humped Taranis’ massive, undulating musculature augmenting before him. Taranis set the little man, forever mesmerized and possessed by his inexhaustible and terrifying masculinity, down. “Time to clean up and rest for our University tour tomorrow.” T said, his demeanor returning to the hulking, lovable teen that had arrived at the airport earlier. “Oh, and, while it’s still possible, you can share the bed with me, Uncle B!”
  5. AlphaLustSean


    The centurions mulled around the foot of the cross on which the man hung, hands and feet pierced with spikes. The man deserved the punishment he was receiving, running around claiming to be a deity. One of the guards keeping the wailing people back glanced back to see the muscled young man, totally nude and bleeding from the scourging he had received earlier. The long, dark hair matted with blood hung over the man’s traps and down over protruding pectorals overshadowing cobblestone abs with liquid running from a fresh wound in his side. The long, thick cock hung over large testicles that commanded the young guard’s attention. “What a waste.” he thought to himself, a closeted, gay soldier. “This man was definitely worthy of worship!” he mused, “What a shame he is so docile and tenderhearted. He could have been a mighty warrior, powerful and feared.” As the guard looked upon the horrific spectacle, scanning the broken, yet obviously once powerful body of the man, the doomed criminal opened his pained eyes and looked down at the guard from the cross. A grin formed on what was once a handsome face as he mouthed, “It is finished . . . and now my wrath!” Clouds formed above him, lightning flashed, a bolt striking the man squarely in the chest as he hung there. The guard fell to his knees as he witnessed the man seem to absorb the energy and power from the lightning. His body tensed, muscles and veins bulging massive and hard as wounds seemed to disappear from his tortured body. His body began to swell and grow . . . thicker, harder, more imposing and powerful. The cock began to swell, rise, and harden as the thick lips began to grin and then form a sneering smirk. The centurions gathered at the foot of the cross looked up in confusion as the man inflated with thick, rippling and vascular muscular proportion before their eyes. His massive feet quickly touched and cratered the ground at the foot of the cross as he clenched his fists and brought them forward, snapping the cross in two as the spikes slipped through his meaty palms. The thickness of his vein-encased, muscular form bulged forth obscenely as he flexed. One guard standing close was crushed beneath one of those massive feet as it depressed the ground beneath the man’s tonnage. He looked into the kneeling guard’s eyes and grinned as he ground his foot into the cratered earth, grinding the bloody remains of the guard into a gruesome paste beneath him. As he did so, the swollen, granite-hard muscles of his leg ballooned and rippled as they expanded with power. His cock, now throbbing erect and swollen, began to bubble pre-cum from its piss slit. Its size was nearly that of the puny men and women gawking at such a vision of undeniable power and sensual masculinity. With incredible speed, he snatched the guard that had impaled him with his spear, engulfing his torso in his mighty fist, and effortlessly lifted him from the ground as he flailed about like a rag-doll. Eyes glaring from his uber-handsome face, he raised his other massive hand and engulfed the doomed little man’s skull in that fist. The giant man’s arms exploded with more size and power as the little creature’s skull simply exploded from his fist. Blood, skull fragments, and brain matter showered those gaping up at colossal and omnipotent physical perfection. The twitching, headless corpse fell and draped across the base of the titanic muscle-beast’s cock as he grinned and thundered, “I GAVE YOU THE CHANCE TO ADORE A LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE DEITY, BUT NOW YOU WILL WORSHIP WHAT YOU TRULY DESIRE: A POWERFUL AND TERRIFYING GOD! I WILL BE THE BRUTAL BEAST YOU HAVE PRAYED AND LONGED FOR!” With that, he reached towards the two crosses on either side of him, encircled each cross in his fists and effortlessly pulled them from the ground. The men hanging on each cross were pulped in his fists as he raised them up and flexed, their blood and entrails squishing from between his clenched fingers and pouring to the ground as wood splintered and bones were ground to liquid. He opened his hands, brought each to his lips and lapped at the remains of the two thieves. Looking directly at the worshipful guard that had fallen to his knees, now trembling, he bellowed, “You will now lead this band of soldiers, little worshiper. Bring me Pilate and the religious leaders that dared condemn me.” he snarled flatly. He leaned forward and snatched the dumbfounded lead centurion by a leg from the ground, dangling him in front of his massively muscled and rippling body of a GOD. “The rest of you pathetic mortals will follow him or face my wrath.” With that, he lifted his other oaken arm and grabbed the other leg of the squealing, struggling centurion dangling by one leg in front of him. His enormous, powerful muscles ballooned as he flexed his expansive back and pulled his arms apart, ripping the puny man in half as if he was nothing but a twig, He tossed each part into the camp of mesmerized soldiers and boomed, “You WILL obey and please me . . . in one way . . . or another.” He then reached down to the corpse draped over the base of his throbbing, erect shaft and crushed it around the twitching sex spire. He began to slowly stroke the stimulating residue of a man up and down his vein-encased member. “Now GO!” All military bolted down the hill at his command. The worshipping little guard, now commander of the battalion, lagged behind to encourage two women and a civilian man gaping up at the muscled giant now pleasuring himself with the crimson, gelatinous lube that had once been a large man. “You three. Come with me . . . quickly!” he ordered. The younger woman shook her head, her eyes never leaving the swole giant creature looming over her, as she disrobed and stepped towards his expansive feet. She kneeled, dipped her hair in thee pre-cum mixed with blood puddled at her master’s feet, and began to clean his feet with her hair. “NO!” the older woman yelled, but the commander grabbed her and the civilian and began forcing them down the hill towards the town. The godly muscle beast focused on the woman cleaning his feet and dropped to a knee before reaching down and lifting her to his bloody, pulsing cock. She reached out and caressed the hot, hard surface of the glans of the crown of that sensual appendage. She looked up as her inhumanly muscled master rumbled in approval at her light touch before screaming, “Please . . . my God . . . I’ve longed for you since you first found me . . . UNGH! GOD! FUCK ME!” She looked into the eyes of the one she loved, but the kind, gentle eyes had been replaced with a cold, dark, and hungry look. God licked his lips as he snarled down, lifting and positioning her dripping pussy over his hungry cock-head large enough to split her in half. “As you wish.” he thundered as he tightened his grip on her torso and impaled her slowly. The worshipful young woman’s legs splayed and her hips cracked and snapped as she attempted a muffled scream of “YES, MY GOD!” as she felt the deadly trunk pop her open. The massive cock traversed her body, shattering her bones and pulping her organs as she quickly became a cock-sleeve of flesh for the deity’s sexual pleasure. The commander and his two civilians turned at a rumbling roar that shook the earth to witness the young woman’s self-sacrifice to their new insatiable, brutal, and bloodthirsty God. As he continued to stroke his mammoth meat, he stood and began striding down the hill towards the town. The three turned and began to run even as the newly-appointed commander’s cock throbbed to full attention witnessing such masculine beauty, such omnipotent power, such uncaring and insatiable lust. He longed to please his newfound God, to serve him totally!
  6. The lead bio-engineer of the BTG Defense Project, and his team, had been working on the lab-created humanoid since the being had finally been successfully formed and had breathed its first breath. The massive facility in which the team worked was built on a secluded Hawaiian island and was similar to a partially above-ground Titan II Missile Complex, but with a much larger missile silo. The 300 feet tall silo, with an equal-sized circumference, is where development of the most complex, living defense weapon ever conceived was created and nurtured to its full potential and usable value as a military asset. The subterranean control center, where the bioengineering team lives and from which their experiment is observed, is similar to where a Titan II complex would have it located at a safe distance from the silo. It is connected to the silo by a 300 feet long tunnel leading to an elevator shaft that has stops at various levels occurring at 50 feet increments along the exterior of the silo. Leaving the elevator at each level empties into the observation decks constructed at those levels. The bottom floor entry into the silo empties into the full gym for the body-builder employees. That gym has a second floor with all walls being mirrored for the bodybuilder workers to examine their progress in the gym. Within 3 years of creation, the male humanoid commissioned by the military was, incredibly, larger than any Mr. Olympia, yet more muscularly bulked, cut, and defined. Even as a toddler, the genetically enhanced Blasian male was stunning in every regard. Its skin was smooth, dark, and impenetrable. Its face was brutally handsome, exhibiting all of the most beautiful traits of the Nubian, Asian, and Caucasion attributes found in those genetic codes. Black, wild, and tight-wavy, coal black hair topped its stunningly strong and confident face with piercing, red eyes; high, squared cheekbones; sensuous, thick lips; and its body genetically honed for pure, limitless power fueled by unmitigated and primal perfection. The swole muscles stretching the venous skin were more akin to a muscle-bound cartoon beast than anything remotely human. By the time it was 12 years of age, the colossal creature was over 100 feet tall and its inhumanly swole stature elicited worshipful awe from those that created it. Even pre-teen, merely being in the presence of this potently powerful and dominant “boy” elicited a response of total inadequacy and inferiority in comparison to such a peerless and predominant organism still growing into both physical and mental perfection. Now a titanic, 200 feet tall, dark and sinister tower of thick, rippling muscle, it weighs in at an overwhelmingly pulverizing 5.5 tons of raging, male brawn and sinew. The being’s absolute supremacy and dominance has now been developing for 18 years as continual electric currents alternatingly exercise every muscle, increasing strength and size heretofore never known to man. Its mind being bombarded daily with the sights and sounds of brutal domination and power eventually infused the creature’s sex drive inextricably with its use of complete dominance and exhibition of muscular power over anything smaller and weaker. At well over 5 tons of hulking, swole, and rippling muscle mass, the creature’s soles, heal to toe, are 28 feet long, its palms are 10 feet across with the longest fingers being that same length. The giant’s devastatingly spine-tingling face alone is 25 feet tall with a mouth width the size of a man. Its glowing red, penetrating eyes are almost 4 feet wide. Even with all of the burgeoning, undulating muscle flexing beneath the almost translucent skin of the creature, its most sight-consuming, awe-inspiring, and devastatingly emasculating appendage is covered with throbbing, hose-like veins wrapping and mapping around the majestic and thick, flaccid 35 foot penis that, when aroused, engorges to a throbbing 50 feet long super-cock that defies gravity as it throbs and twitches up and over an ever-churning, planetary ballsack, each nut capable of housing 2+ of the 6+ feet tall men working at the facility. With the exception of the bioengineering team, the all-male staff for the facility believe they are primarily hired to keep the premises clean and in good repair. They only know the project is referred to as BTG (and not knowing that the full name of the BTG project is “The Blood-Thirsty God defense Project”). They are not permitted in the silo, except the gym contained therein, nor to see the experiment unless they request permission. The full number of workers, outside of the bioengineering team, hired at any given time is 12. Those men are hired from advertisements placed in gyms around the world and a steady supply are at the ready whenever the need arises for replacements. They are enticed to take the job with little pay, but with benefits including room and board, and a full gym designed for only body-builders, yet with only a maximum of 12 users. They are also taunted with the opportunity to work out with the largest and most powerful body-builder of all time. BTG lay across the vast floor of the silo, his wrists and ankles chained with massive chains connected to the floor on which he lay. The chains were long enough for him to stand and move around the cramped, 300 feet space. His superior hearing heard 4 workmen enter the gym and begin working out. At about the same time, two scientists from the bio-engineering team exited the elevator at the 160 feet observation room. BTG slowly stood, chains clanking loudly, until he stood to his full height, his face peering into the observation room with his unearthly, glowing red eyes. The lead engineer, trembling as he always did standing before the powerful titan, lifted a microphone and asked, “How are you doing, Crusher?” (Crusher was a name he had called BTG from the time the creature had been living for less than a year . . . the infant BTG had playfully grabbed the scientist’s hand and squeezed, shattering every bone effortlessly.) The ceiling height window and walls of the observation room rattled as the giant muscle-boy’s full lips curved in a grin, glistening teeth larger than a man’s head sparkling as BTG thundered, “Not bad, Frail Devotee.” BTG’s smile devolved to a smirk as his huge, saliva-slick tongue licked his inviting lips. “I thought I heard jizz-rats in the bug-gym, Tiny. Open the lid . . . I need protein.” Even as the scientist began to protest, BTG raised both arms and flexed, his powerful mountains of muscle stretching his skin as huge mounds of power solidified before the 2 little scientist’s eyes. BTG turned and licked the vast surface and pulsing, cable-sized vein running atop the hot, hard mound of his massive biceps. BTG turned back to the 2 men and glared. “WELL?” he boomed. The lead engineer stuttered, “I - We - Crusher! The workers only just began their workout. Wait until they are in the top of the box and examine their muscles before opening the top . . . please, Sir.” With no roof nor ceiling on any of the observation rooms, BTG grinned, once again, as he lowered his massive hand from flexing, reached into the observation room with two fingers, and plucked the second scientist from the observation deck, screaming wildly, “NO! NO! PLEASE . . . NOOOOO! I’ll do ANYTHING! Put me back! Let me GO!” “A little something while I wait, then.” the teen titan muttered as he dropped the terror-stricken scientist into his other palm while lowering his now free hand to his hyperphysical, blood-engorging cock. “So small. So weak. PATHETIC . . . STRIP!” he ordered, the little scientist complying with the behemoth’s command in near lightning speed. The lead engineer was, indeed, a devotee to his barbarous creation, as Crusher well knew. He pressed against the glass separating him from Crusher and looked down at the massive, always sex-starved and throbbing cock expanding, veins pulsing with blood to feed the beast larger and harder. Crusher slowly stroked as he lifted the scientist to his lips. “FEED ME!” BTG bellowed before extending his tongue and licking the screaming little man. He stuck to the salivating tongue and was pulled into BTG’s hot, humid mouth. The lead engineer dropped to his knees and pulled out his rigid little dick, as he had so many times over the past 18 years. He looked up into the divine being’s eyes. “Yes, Crusher, feed . . . be what you are . . . PLEASE!” he begged. BTG savored the vibrations of the struggling, flailing little scientist filling his mouth as he slowly stroked his gargantuan cock. Looking the lead engineer in the eyes, he grinned as he positioned the doomed scientist on his molars before clamping his jaws shut. The frantic screams were cut short with a CRUNCH and SPLAT as blood shot from his lips, spattering the glass behind which the lead engineer stood, masturbating frantically. BTG smirked a bloody smirk as he continued chewing and swallowing the pathetic little scientist, the huge Adam’s apple bobbing on the thickly muscled neck of the beast as the pulped remains of his snack travelled down his throat. The lead engineer used his free hand to fumble on the control panel before speaking to the 4 bodybuilders through the gym intercom. “We have some things to do shortly, please head upstairs to check your progress before cleaning up and getting to work. You can pose and compare using the mirrors upstairs before leaving the gym.” “Good little bug.” BTG murmured while licking his bloody lips and wiping remains away from his lips with his sequoian forearm. “Oh . . . ungh . . . GOD!” the lead scientist screamed as his volleys of cum splattered the window on which he leaned. BTG grinned a bloody grin as he lowered his massive body to his knees before the gym. He looked up to the lead scientist and mouthed, “Thanks, squirt.” The lead engineer, not taking his eyes from the ruby-like glow of the object of his worship and sexual bliss, fumbled with the control panel again until he found the switch sealing the workers in the second floor of the gym. They did not notice the steel panel sliding into place over the stairwell as they flexed for each other, comparing their gains since they had arrived. One asked the others, “Hey. Have any of you seen that muscle-man that is supposed to be here . . . the largest and most powerful bodybuilder in history?” The gym was like a toy-box to BTG. He flipped a massive latch on the outside of its roof and slowly lifted it like a lid to reveal his 4 fresh, muscle-bound little toys. The lead scientist quickly holstered his freshly throbbing little dick and lurched into the elevator. He longed to see his devilish creation play with his toys from the floor of the silo. The workers stood confused as the roof above them rose, light pouring in to the mirror-lined room. Then they looked up as a shadow moved over them. A massive hand, larger than their massively muscular bodies, was reaching in! All four bolted for the steps, but found the way blocked . . . nothing but floor. The hand and shadow withdrew, but the shadow returned, but what cast the shadow this time was a colossal cock-head roping massive amounts of pre-cum into the room. Then they heard thunder speaking, “Shower in my nectar, measly little bugs. Are you ready to play with a REAL MUSCLE MAN, my pathetic little jizz rats? HA! HA! HA!” All 4 men dropped to their knees looking up in shock as BTG’s pre-cum began to spread and cover the floor. The overpowering scent of sex and power seemed to rise from the hot spunk like steam. The man who last spoke, asking about the largest bodybuilder, crawled over to the expanding pre-cum puddle and scooped a handful to nose and sniffed. His dick lurched immediately and he look up, past the towering thick and throbbing 50 feet long cock, to see the stunning face of a god! Then his eyes roamed over the herculean body of the most thickly muscled man he had ever seen, but he had to be 200 feet tall. “Holy FUCK!” he breathed as he scooted into the pre-cum and positioned himself under the thick liquid roping down. He blurted out to the other 3 as he bathed in BTG’s pre-cum, sliding his posers off and beginning to stroke his now raging hard-on with BTG’s potent pre, “Brahs! GOD IS HERE . . . and He’s SWOLE as FUCK!” The other 3 just stared at their workout partner in shock, their mouths agape. Then they saw the shadow begin to recede from the room as the rope of liquid flowing in traveled across the room and was gone. Their pre-cum soaked friend suddenly screamed and raised his arms defensively before a man-sized thumb and forefinger carefully clamped onto their friend’s head and lifted him from the room, kicking and screaming in terror.
  7. Omeganomicon

    The Dark Age of Brewler

    Chronicles of the Fungi Kingdom [So for the 5th anniversary thing, I went for a classic video game parody with more sinister and greedy nature] The Dark Age of Brewler Mateo looked up at the sinister castle once more, quaking in his shoes. It had been six weeks since the raid of Fungi Castle. A villainous terrorist attack by the neighboring kingdom, which had killed the king and queen and kidnapped their only daughter, Princess Pear. Mateo had no idea if the Princess was alive, but he had to try. He had to stand up to this clan of evil bastards who defiled every treaty and refused to engage in any discussion of peace. All they cared about was their master’s bidding… And quite frankly Mateo didn’t blame them… Their king, a fearsome alpha dragon, the first born in over 300 years, a beast known as “Brewler”... He struck terror into the very eyes of those that dared witness his powerful form. He was a monster, whom devoured kingdom after kingdom in his endless pursuit of dominance and power. Nothing can stop him. Over the years, tensions with Brewler’s kingdom grew higher and higher with the Fungi kingdom. While the Fungi Kingdom pursued scientific studies, tactics, and mathematics, Brewler’s kingdom was always one step ahead utilizing dark magic and forbidden ancient powers sealed away from the mortal world. Eventually once Brewler himself was trained and educated by a dark cult of mages and dark devotees, Brewler’s small kingdom almost overnight devoured every one of the neighboring kingdoms. It made sense that eventually, he would come for the Fungi people… It was just a matter of time… It was the height of the mycelium festival when they struck. For most of the kingdom the day started as a day of peace. A day of celebration. Then the beast appeared on the horizon. Followed by legions of airships led by dastardly crews of specialized fighters and notorious traitors of the former kingdoms conquered by Brewler. The battle was over in minutes, it was too sudden, too much too fast. Brewler simply laid waist to the castle, the town, and the walls, then sent in his head mage, a cruel and twisted bastard by the name of Kane. Kane knew the job he was sent in to do, and he liked it. He walked straight in, stole the soul of the former king, and imprisoned him in stone with an eternal unbreakable curse. He then allowed his men to take turns fucking the corpse of the former queen while he himself took their 23 year old daughter with them back to Brewler’s Castle. For Kane he took pleasure, not in the abuse dealt to the victims, but in the knowledge that the king’s soul will forever be trapped as witness to his wife’s murder and daughter’s abduction, unable even in death to find peace in the further… When Kane left, the few survivors of the slaughter convened and sought out every able body available and willing to help. Mateo, together with his cowardly brother Luis, and a legion of patriotic Fungi residents were tasked with the herculean task of recovering the princess and defeating the monster. They all knew it was a death march, but for them, the idea of turning their back on their country was more pain than being crushed by any dragon. Or so they thought… Mateo looked back at his squadron now… Four… Only four people were left. Himself, his brother, a young adul… no… a child, a fucking teenager by the name of Toah, and his older sister Toahanne. Mateo looked back at his crew and gritted his teeth. “This is it… This is the castle. We… We made it here... I… I don’t know how we did… I don’t know why we were spared while… So many more of us didn’t…” This made Luis snap. “What was the point?! What’s the fucking point of any of this? We can’t stop that monster! There was thirty of us when we left the castle Mateo, THIRTY! WE HAVE NOTHING! Even if we knew where the princess was in that massive death-lined stronghold, even if we got her out and back to the castle safe and sound just the four of us…. The fucking bastard will just destroy our whole kingdom again before….” “SHUT UP!” Toah screamed, glaring into Luis hard. “You going to tell me next Josh died for nothing? Or Jenny? DID MORTIMER DIE FOR NOTHING WHEN HE SAVED YOUR COWARDLY ASS FROM THAT BOMB TRAP?!” Toah ran away into the mist and brimstone. Toahanne glared at Luis: “Nice job asshole. TOAH get back here!” But before Toahanne could catch up to Toah, the ground cracked, and Toah shrieked as he began to fall deep into a subterranean cavern beneath, followed by the other 3. Mateo, for a long time, assumed he was dead. He must have been. That was a 100 foot fall into what must be rocks. But alas, in total darkness, he still felt… Alive. He moaned as he came into consciousness. Luis called out in the dark: “Mateo?! Mateo is that you?! Are you awake?!” “Luis? Is that you?!” “Not just him, Toah and Toahanne too. It seems we all survived the fall, but… We’re stuck.. Somethings sticking to us!” Mateo pulled out his personal lighter and lit it, upon doing so, the surrounding environment lit up in a dazzle of pseudo photosynthesis. Toahanne spoke up: This is a giant mushroom cave. It must be thousands of years old. These must be insanely prehistoric species… Mateo, do you think you can burn yourself out of that mushroom? I wouldn’t recommend touching these things in any way you don’t have to! Mateo, Luis, and Toahanne were all stuck on a northward facing mushroom close to each other, so it was easy for them to release each other. “How the fuck are we going to get out of here?” Luis wondered out loud. “Lets focus on freeing Toah fi….iiiiirrrrsst the FUCK!?!” Toah, whom just earlier today looked like this: 5’4”, scrawny build, almost no muscle. Was now towering over the other 3 as a 10’8 beast rippling with power. “WOAH LITTLE BRO!” Toahanne “Mah...ma… mia!” Mateo said in bewilderment. Luis simply fainted. “What… What did this to you?!” Mateo asked. Toah, somewhat dazed but mostly just distracted by the erotic sensation of feeling the power his body can exert, mumbles something about chewing. “What?” Toahanne barks, annoyed at her “little” brother. “OH..Uh… It was the mushrooms I think, I tried to chew myself out, then I felt this weird stomach ache, and now I’m….. Really…. Really big…. FUCK!” Toahanne examined the mushrooms closer. “I wonder… It’s been theorized the reason we’re known as the “Fungi” kingdom is because hundreds of years ago, it was said mushrooms of that era were able to provide vast sources of power. The school and rest of the world always assumed this was a metaphor to show that a connected consciousness like teamwork and communication would be the strongest ally… But now… I wonder if they were literally just growing stronger from exotic molds….” “Is it going to wear off or something?” “It likely will. We should likely do some testing.” -------------------------------------------------------------------- Mateo, Luis, Toahanne, and Toah would spend the next two weeks in this cave of wonders, testing, experimenting, and documenting their finds. Luis namely searched for food outside while Mateo and Toah took turns being a guinea pig and being a watchman for enemy troops. Toahanne discovered 4 notable facts about the mushrooms in the cave. 1- All mushrooms will double one’s default size and mass upon first consumption. A 150lb man will become 300lbs for example. 2- The effects of eating a mushroom appears to only last a few hours. You’ll retain the size difference until a mushroom is completely passed through your digestive system. 3- The mushrooms do not change effects based on volumes of present material. One mushroom of any size will make you X times as tall or strong. 4- The mushrooms seem to multiply rapidly, but will only occupy muggy or damp areas with little or no light. Mateo peered over the notes and looked at Toahanne. “Do… Do you think this will work?” Toahanne sunk her head. “Its hard to say… there are four of us and if we’re all massive we might stand a chance against a one on one with Brewler… But with his legions of magic and militaristic forces growing by the day…. I can’t be certain of anything.” Luis returned from running errands outside the cave and spoke for the first time in days. “...If you can get us all as big as Toah… I think I might have a plan to kill that monster.” And with that, our four heroes drank in celebration of their new plan, regained hope, and powerful new bodies. Mateo. Luis Toah And Toahanne ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King Brewler drank viciously from the chalice of wine in his hand as the new prisoner was brought forth. “Who is this?” He asked menacingly. “This is princess Lilly, of the Sandafarian Kingdom overseas. A token of how far your power reaches now my lord….” Some sniveling underling answered. Brewler extended his massive muscular arm and inspected the princess with his claws. “Ugg… Is this really all they have to work with in Sandafaria? What a pathetic excuse for a princess. Flat chested, covered in makeup… Honestly how am I going to skewer this bitch across my cock?” Lilly gasped in fear as she gazed at the beast’s massive swinging package. That thing was easily four times the size of her own body. “Please… Please don’t do that…” she whimpered in fear. “Oh… well you have nothing to worry about then… As I was saying you’re ill fit to provide me with a new generation of children…. I suppose you’ll make a nice appetizer instead!” The bastard laughed with the rest of the room as the princess was effortlessly pulled from her steel shackles and dangled above Brewler’s reptilian jaws… And dropped. However, before she could be eaten, a hunky man in green swooped down from the roof and caught her mid-fall. “Woah there, can’t have a fine flower like you becoming an orderve.” Lilly was mesmerized by the situation, but before she knew it she found herself kissing any part of the mysterious stud she could and repeating “THANK YOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!” over and over as she did. “I ah… I gotta go save my kingdom and kill this lizard bitch and you should try to get out of here… And if I survive… Hit me up Ok? Name’s Luis.” Lilly starred in bewilderment at her green knight before turning to escape the castle. Down below, Luis saw Toah and Mateo speaking with the beast as Toahanne got into position. “Ah ha ha ha ha…. I must admit… Mateo… Your reputation precedes you… Stopping my tanks, infiltrating my supply lines… You’ve been quite the thorn in the side of my operation into the Fungi kingdom… Although I must admit I see why… You’re much more a king than any of those other losers who stood in my way… I offer you one chance and one chance only. Join me now, and bask in the riches, women, and power I can offer you as one of my generals, or continue this ridiculous idea of challenging me, and perish where you now stand.” Mateo spit at the thought of betraying his home like that. “Then you will die.” The dragon king said as he grinned evilly. Toah and Mateo looked at one another one last time, then bolted in separate directions. Brewler turned to his forces: “kill the other one, he’s of no entertainment for me, but none are to lay a finger on Mateo… That’s my kill. Absorbing his strength by consuming him seems… Delectable.” Before leaping and bellowing after Mateo. Mateo ran from hall to hall as fast as he could, with the relentless monster always hot on his trail… That’s when he saw it… Two days prior, Luis ran a perimeter on the castle, in doing so, he found one particular chamber filled with lava from the outside volcano, suspended right over a sturdy but destroyable bridge. And now, after running for quite a while, Mateo turned and looked the beast square in the eyes. “So long you fucking turtle.” Mateo pointed behind the beast as it stared at him in confusion, there stood Toahanna, with a pair of gardening shears clasped firmly around the bridge’s support. And with one easy thrust, snapped it in two. With an angry roar, Brewler fell into the molten abyss beneath him. As he struggled against the lava, it hardened across him and melted his flesh. Mateo couldn’t believe it… He’d done it! The beast was dead! That’s when he saw a sight that would haunt him most of all. The bones below him turned to him and smiled. “You think you’ve won? HA! You may have defeated me, but you’ve won nothing. The Dragon clan will rule this world long after you and your pathetic Fungi kingdom have given up all hope! Soon, my reborn body will reside on a throne sculpted from the remains of your loved ones! Enjoy the calm before the storm…. “Hero of the Fungi Kingdom… Muahahhahaaaa.aaaaaaaaaaaaa…………” They finally finished as the bones themselves turned to ash. That was it. The Beast was defeated. Mateo and Toadanne quickly ran back to the throne room. Inside Luis and Toah were surrounded by a pile of unconscious minions. A few of the remaining generals turned towards Mateo with surprise. “Wh… Where is lord Brewler?!” “Dead.” Mateo said with a chilling firmness. There was a laugh in the audience of minions until they realized their master was not appearing to challenge Mateo. Suddenly, a lieutenant stepped forwards. “Well fuck this! I only enlisted because that monster said he was going to kill me if I didn’t join him! Fuck the Dragon Clan!” Soon the whole room was in thunderous applause as the few native Dragon clan members were taken prisoner. Mateo looked around the dungeons as he searched for Princess Pear… But he couldn’t find her… Luis finally caught up to Mateo, embraced him and then gave him an update: “With the exceptions of a few legions of deployed minions, and Kane’s personal squadron, we’ve destroyed or captured all of Brewler’s minions and weaponry.” “And what of the princess?” Mateo asked. “The only place left to check is the southern Tower, where the monster himself resided.” Mateo dashed to the tower and raced up to the top. Inside was a grisly scene, demonic ritual elements, chains, whips, and suspended against the far back wall above Brewler’s giant bed, was Princess Pear. “PRINCESS!” Mateo shouted as he ran to rip the chains binding her from their bolts. As his immense strength shattered the last iron run in one pull, the princess leapt forward into Mateo’s arms. Kissed him, disrobed him, and soon… Explored the rest of his body. “The Reign of the Fallen Princess” Six weeks earlier* Princess Pear kept her eyes shut as she was lead into the throne room. This had to be a dream. IT HAD TO BE! The sinister snickers of Brewler’s minions sent shivers down her spine from across the room. When she finally worked up the courage to open her eyes, she saw she was accompanied by four other women, each one a captured royalty from a neighboring land. The wicked bastard who kidnapped Pear, Kane, was inspecting the princesses with weird measuring instruments. Eventually he got to Pear. “My my… The royal bloodline of the famed Fungi kingdom does not disappoint. Such sturdy hips, such tender legs, such a flexible torso… This is wondrous. I had no doubt the Fungi kingdom’s royal family would serve as a perfect incubator for the future of the Dragon Clan.” Kane snapped his fingers and the guards surrounded the four girls. “Only she is worth anything to us, do as you will with the others.” Kane snapped his fingers again, and thorny vines descended, clasping around Princess Pear forcing her to her knees to watch as her fellow royalty were beheaded and their corpses desecrated before her. The princess wasn’t sure when she lost consciousness, but awoke much later in a small dungeon. A cot, a latrine, a bowl of slop and a single mirror stood on one side of the room, and on the other side was the exit, guarded by a trio of snarling metal beasts. The beasts continuously lunged at the princess, but couldn’t seem to extend far enough to reach her, despite their apparent hunger for her flesh. Pear spent two days in that room, alone, with no contact. She eventually had to resort to drinking from the latrine as she’d grown too thirsty, thankfully she hadn’t used it yet. At sundown on the second day, the door to the princess’s chamber opened to reveal Kane. “It’s time to meet your new master my dear.” He said evilly as he commanded a pair of troops to restrain her as she was carried down out of her tower and lead into a dark ritualistic room illuminated by a series of glowing symbols on the floor In the shadows of the darkness she heard an evil voice she’d never forget…. Brewler… “Ah yes… I’ve been looking forward to this one... Kane, if you would.” Kane bowed and raised his robed hands, commanding the symbols on the floor to creep up the princess’s body, tearing her clothes and zapping her violently, enveloping her in an odd energy force. Brewler laughed menacingly before kane spoke again. “She is now protected by our magic sir… Her body, while no stronger, is now more elastic and resistant to tears. You may now begin your consummation… My lord… “ Brewler grabbed Pear violently and dangled her in front of him as he stood erect off his throne, giving her a birds eye view of his colossal member. However, in the very next minute, Princess Pear was horrified to see the massive member begin to rest between her legs. She screamed and tried to run, but couldn’t. “Good. Scream in terror. I love the feeling I get when I see someone cowering before me.” Brewler grinned. The magic did its job, and soon, princess Pear found her whole body being stretched over the king’s 20ft love muscle, being bucked wildly. The princess was lost in oblivion as her mind had been shattered. Such force, such size, such power. Ripping into her over and over at such violent speeds. Her body, immortally restrained, was in traumatizing pain. She begged for death. She couldn’t take it. It was as if a small car repeatedly filled her insides over and over. No mortal was meant to withstand such a feat. Her brain went into shock, refusing to let her lose consciousness, forcing her into a fever dream like trance where she could no longer move her body. This proceeded for hours, long into the night, until one of the timing candles from the corner fizzled out. Kane spoke up finally: “My lord. The magic is soon to wear thin upon the stroke of midnight, I suggest you wrap things up quickly.” Brewler smiled and flexed his body all over, his cock throbbing as it erupted with energy. The petrified princess lost track of the world around her as a vivid hallucination of a dark endless void consumed her vision. In her dream, Pear was alone in a white oblivion. The only thing she could see was a dark sphere in the center of the room, pulsating with odd noises. “Come to me…” The void hissed at the princess. The princess, frightened, ran from the figure, but found she could gain no distance running away from it. “I will set you free….” The void hissed again as bells began to chime quietly. “I will give you everything you desire…” The void echoed once more. “Just join meeeee…..” Was the last thing it spoke before Pear was snapped back into reality. The princess was alone, it was magic, and Brewler had left the room. Kane now stood before her. “Get up swine.” He commanded. The princess, wobbling, managed to crawl to her feat before Kane snapped her fingers and had the two guards escort her back to her tower. Two weeks later. The princess stared at herself in the mirror. Every day was exactly like the one before. She’d wake up, early, to the sound of Brewler leaving the castle. He’s return the following evening, and from after dinner to midnight, he’d fuck Princess Pear savagely like the monster he was. Pear’s mental health was gone by now. Her last shred of hope torn asunder. She’d felt that monster more than any other victim in his path, over and over. Nothing could stop him. This was her hell. The magic refused to let her die, and there was no escape. Pear had always lived a sheltered life, away from adversity. She wasn’t raised to receive this much stress, ever, much less repeatedly every night with no end in sight. Pear grasped the bloody remains of a former guard she’d pulled from the chained beast while it slept and moved its jaw up and down. “I’m going to do it.” She whispered to it. She giggled and kissed the skull, rubbing the top of it’s mouth with her tongue before whispering to it again. “I’m going to go to the void tonight. I’m going to let it into me. I mean… WHY NOT RIGHT?! IT’S NOT LIKE IT’S GONNA CHANGE ANYTHING AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!” She began to shout. Kane began to open the door behind her, triggering Pear to go into another laughing fit of madness as the guards carried her to the ritual chamber. Once more, Brewler decimated Pear’s body. And in the final moments, once more, Pear appeared before a sphere of darkness. “Let me in…” It called out. The princess’s eyes widened with madness. “YES! YES I LET YOU IN!! I ACCEPT! FILL ME WITH YOUR PRESENCE!” Suddenly the void reached out with demonic tendrils and absorbed itself into Princess Pear’s soul. Pear didn’t know what happened after that but awoke in her bed room. She arrose and walked to the mirror. She couldn’t explain it but somehow. She was different. Something… inside her had changed. She was more confident. But mostly, more accepting. “Ha… HA HAH HA HA HA! Yeeesss….” She moaned as she began to touch her aching sore body. I feel….Stronger today… the princess said to herself with a smirk. This confidence startled the three chained beast which growled, barked, and snapped at her repeatedly. She normally avoided this, but today she felt… In control of these beasts, and slowly began approaching the metal abominations. Kane came at the same time as always to fetch the princess, but when he entered her chamber today.. He was startled by what he found there. The princess was holding one of the metal beasts and standing over another. She caressed them both and whispered : “Mamma’s gonna be back soon, you two behave, or you’ll end up like your brother.” Before swaggering over to Kane with her hips popping with each step. Kane noticed that one of the beasts was missing. But upon closer inspection saw the beast’s teeth were dislodged and arranged into a small crown upon the princess’s head. “Coming Kane?” The princess beckoned as she proceeded to the chamber without him. The following days were much more pleasurable for Pear. She still detested Brewler for what he was, but began to enjoy the ride (literally). The void didn’t appear to her again. Nor did she expect it to. She knew where it was. The void was herself. Once she learned to love this dark side of her, she began to grow stronger against Kane’s magic bit by bit. He still could force her to do as he pleased, but his abilities seemed to favor Pear more. Vines would sprout more vampiric buds to lick her body. Golems and minions that would be summoned by magic took a more feminine form. But perhaps the most noteworthy change was Pears sudden encouragement to fuck the various minions of Brewler in addition to just the king himself. She would occasionally hurt or maim one or two, but inside she began to develop a thirst for their touch. Six weeks had passed sense she’d become Brewler’s prisoner now. She sat atop her bed, covered in the viscera of an unlucky guard, touching herself. She reflected upon her new life and frowned. “What’s the point? I may be finding the silver lining but it means nothing as long as I’m Brewler’s slave… But one day… Someday… I’ll break free of this prison… And when I do… I will make them all…. PAY!” ------------------------------ Mateo awoke to the sound of construction work outside. Figures they’d be repairing everything, what with all the damage to the town Brewler caused. It had been a glorious four days. Returning to Castle Fungi to a hero’s welcome, riches, liquor, women, and of course, the superhuman strength of the mushrooms they collected. Luis had become incredibly enamored with Princess Lilly whom he met during the raid on Brewler’s castle. Toah had risen to head of the mushroom guard. Toahanne had spent all of her time in the cave studying the ruins and mushrooms. As for Mateo himself, he enjoyed the princess’s “gift” to her rescuer, but afterwards she made it clear that Fungi Royalty wouldn’t allow her to “mingle” with the common folk, beith they a champion or not. Mateo spent the rest of his return in various pubs, but today, he would begin his new job as an elite guard of the military directly protecting the princess. He’d never be ready for what he would be asked to do. At first it was basic training, training in special weaponry, advanced protocols, and learning the various tactics of the castle’s defenses. Then, at the end of the day, the new recruits were all brought into a room in the back of the castle, deep in the dungeons. The princess herself attended as she lead in a group of 30 people in chains. Some of them were people knew, who grew up with him. The princess addressed the room: “New recruits, these traitors are charged with high treason by not fighting off the armies of Brewler with their last breath. The heinous loss of faith, will not be tolerated for as long as my bloodline rules this land. As a final test today, you all must execute these traitors. Fail, and you’ll be seen as a traitor yourself, and will join those with lesser faith.” The gagged prisoners begged and pleaded to the very end, and Mateo would never forget the look in their eyes that they gave him pleading for mercy. It haunted him at the core of his soul. What could he do? Hero or not, he couldn’t speak out against the princess. That night, Mateo met with Toahanne for the first time since the defeat. “Mateo! It’s late! I didn’t expect you.” Toahanne said with her muscular form hidden behind a thin robe. Mateo was quick and to the point: “I don’t want the princess finding out about those mushrooms… Look… Today I was forced to do some dark shit. I had no idea the princess was so ruthless. Toahanne nodded. “I think that’s for the best, what I found in the ruins isn’t good either. Apparently, mushrooms are just the first step in an even more powerful process to achieve what the elders referred to as “Nirvana”. “Nirvana?” “Yes, I… I don’t fully understand what that means or what you need to get there, but apparently it grants powers akin to that of one of the old gods. A power far beyond mere strength.” “We can’t let her get anything like that!” “I agree. We can’t let ANYONE get ahold of anything like that. Thankfully, the other components, a flower from the far east, and stardust aren't’ common items. And even if you had either of those, they won’t react with you unless you have the power of the mushroom.” ------------------------------------ Luis woke up again from a peaceful bliss in his princess’s arms. He’d made up his mind and discussed things with Mateo thoroughly. He would immigrate to Sandafaria, marry Lilly, and establish his legacy there. All he needed now was the signature of the royal family to start his new life. Luis was eager to get moving and so started off towards the castle alone. When he arrived, he was immediately brought into the Princess’s chambers. “Hello Luis, I don’t think we ever formally met, but I thank you for your dedication to the family and this kingdom.” The princess opened. “And I trust you know I’ll always be ready to defend my home kingdom, but I have a favor to ask…” “Then ask you may.” “I wish to immigrate to Sandafaria, I have fallen in love with a princess I rescued from Brewler and I want to start a life with her.” The princess frowned. “A pity…. But for a hero of the Fungi kingdom, how can I say no?” Luis smiled and took a knee to say “Thank you Princess” “But… Before I do.. I must ask you something Luis… How did you do it?” “Do what your highness?” “How did you beat Brewler? How did you have the strength to oppose that… beast? Don’t tell me it was blind courage.” Luis swallowed. He knew telling the princess was against Mateo’s wishes, so he had to rely on the discussed fib. “Gadzook’s lab recently developed a top secret serum for the war effort! Unfortunately the team that made it was killed by Brewler’s magic force.” The princess stood up and walked over to a crypt in the corner of the room, she opened it slowly and motioned Luis to approach her as she moved the heavy lid, exposing the insides. Luis’s heart stopped. Inside the crypt, rolling around on it’s own with no body… Was Toah’s severed head. “See it’s funny… This kid said that same thing a few days ago… But Gadzook’s lab has no record of a super steroid…. Now… I know you don’t want to join your former friend her would you? Because surely you know lying to the royal family is a sign of treason... “ The princess said with an ice cold stair. Luis could have ended it there. He could have just refused and maybe stopped this whole thing… But he was a coward, and instead decided to lead the princess to the cave of mushrooms. The princess eyed the truffles before consuming one eagerly. She felt an immense power growing within her pulse by pulse bigger and bigger, after a few minutes she looked down and saw her dress was torn asunder by the power of her muscular growth. The princess chuckled deeply as she explored the power of her new body. Beastly trunks that could lift whole vehicles. Breasts fit for a queen. An ass to match, errotic legs, and a rock-hard core. With this new sensation of power the princess re-emerged from the cave and grinned as she began to give orders. “Have my elite squadron start testing on this stuff immediately. I want this shit fueling the fungi military by the end of the week. The neighbors might think they’re safe now, but they’ll soon find Brewler was a tame puppy compared to the Queen of the Fungi Kingdom.” From the raptors above, waiting in silence, Kane grinned evilly to himself. ---------------------------------------------------------- “Fate is a fickle bitch isn't’ she…” Kane thought to himself. “The seed is planted properly, it will manifest soon…” Kane observed as he teleported away. “I must prepare for the ceremony before that thorn Mateo or his friends obtain the other two ingredients I used on Brewler. I expect it won’t take them long to located the burn blossom, Luis has already fallen smitten with the princess of its native land. That being said…. Obtaining stardust is much more difficult…. Hmm… I wonder if I can use them to my advantage…” ----------------- Mateo, Toahanne, Luis, and Lilly peaked out from their cabin briefly before looking back across the waters to their former home. Toahanne finally put down a paper from that morning. “New Fungi Kingdom Regime Launched, “The world will kneel before the Queen” chants an army of muscular super soldiers seen marching out of the castle.” “Those super soldiers are fueled by those mushrooms… They’ll destroy everything!” “There’s nothing we can do, even with our reserve supply, there’s hundreds of them and four of us…. And… Well… YOU SAW WHAT THEY DID TO TOAH!” Lilly crouched and hugged Toahanne as she sobbed, lamenting her brother’s death. Lilly finally spoke up: “We’ll reach Sandafaria in three days. When we get there I know of the exact garden Toahanne speaks of, it is hidden in the bowels of my castle. I am quite familiar with the flowers that grow there, but they don’t have any magical effect I’m aware of.” “You need to be under the effects of the mushroom to use the power of the burn blossom.” Toahanne explained. “I see…” Luis just stared into the abyss… “How did we fail… We saved our Princess, and now she turns her back on us… I wonder… If maybe… Brewler was meant to kill our Princess….” “Luis we couldn’t have known…” “Look, all I know is we started fucking with power untold and now it’s come back to reap revenge. That’s all…” Mateo hung his head and spoke: “We need a plan… A long term one…” Toahanne answered fiercely: “Simple, get the flower, get the stardust from somewhere, then use that power to kill that bitch. She needs to be stopped at all costs.” ------------------------------------------------ As the boat finally docked in Sandafaria, the group wasted no time in uncovering the power hidden in the burning blossoms. Mateo was the first trial subject. First, the flower seemed to stick to his skin, but quickly, Mateo realized this wasn’t the flower, but fire. A warm glow enveloped Mateo’s body as he felt every muscle twitch By the time the transformation was finished, Mateo was heaving as the pressure and heat building in his chest constantly. This build up was progressional, and eventually Mateo relieved himself by expelling fire from his fists. He felt relieved. It felt good to expend his power like this, to expel fire like if it were a normal daily task like taking a piss. Toahanne ran some tests will Lilly on Mateo and made some deductions: The mushroom’s effects in addition to increasing effectiveness, also have stabilized entirely, meaning muscle loss is no longer a threat. The subject appears to have the ability to convert kinetic energy from one’s muscles into heat energy, this appears limited based on the energy within a subject. The fire itself seems to act as a total negative substance to the flower however. Burning a subject will release the flower and mushroom energy inside. Regular fire does not have this effect. Luis, Toahanne, and Lilly all decided it’d be best to all be equipped with flower abilities, improving their bodies and sculpting them towards the path of power. Toahanne Luis Lilly: *Clap… Clap… Clap..* Was heard in the distance as Lilly finished her transformation. Finally Kane emerged from the shadows. “I must say I am astounded you few found the secret to the flowers… And before the new Queen I must say I am impressed.” “What the fuck is this psychopath doing here?! I thought he was in prison with the rest of Brewler’s goons!” Kane bowed his head. “You mortals are so simple. You with your infinitesimal lifespan, completely blind to the world of those who live beyond yourselves. It would make my life so much easier if you just gave up now…” Luis attacked, but Kane simply melded into the shadows and appeared on the other side of the room. “The world isn’t suited for such insignificant beings as you. Even your own princess understands that. Even now she perseus you, desperate to reach for more power however she may take it.” “Wait what?!” Toahanne shouted. “Oh yes yes… I’m afraid she and a small fleet of guards will arrive here tomorrow. God knows what she’ll do to you after she finds this place... Hmm… For me it matters not…” “Mateo, we gotta prepare the castle! The kingdom!” “That being said though, you’re real issue is finding stardust now isn’t it?” Toahanne glared angrily at the wizard. “Why are you here?” “Well I needed to scout some samples of this devine plant, and to offer an advantage.” Luis’s eyebrow raised “What’s the deal?” “I can take one of you to the woman who rules the stars. The proprietor of the whole cosmos. It will be up to you to convince her to help, but I can only do so much.” “What’s in it for you?” “I get to pick which one of you four goes, as I only offer one passenger. The others will be forced to wait for the star festival, in about a month, on the lunar solsis, where a portal to the world of stardust will appear in the sky above star hill, a mountain to the north.” “I… I don’t know Mateo… This guy’s fucking insane. How can we trust him?” “I don’t think we have a choice…” Mateo said glaring into Kane’s soul. Mateo walked up and extended a hand to Kane, which he shook in delight. “Now…. Eninee meaniee, miniee, YOU!” Kane laughed with glee as he grabbed Lilly and pulled her into the shadows. “LILLY!” Luis shouted. Kane then began to dissolve himself into the darkness, but not before shouting out “GUARDS COME QUICK, THE PRINCESS HAS BEEN MURDERED!!!” with an evil grin. --------------------------------------- "The Siege of Sandafaria" Now locked inside a jail cell, Toahanne, Luis, and Mateo stared out into the world outside the bars of their cage. The three of them with despair on their faces as they stared out over the horizon to the approaching fleet of Fungi ships. Pear would surely kill them if they remained in this cage… They had to get out and defend the tomb of the burning blossoms from that power hungry dictator. Meanwhile Lilly had arrived in a vast cosmic void, and stood before a figure composed of the cosmos itself. “Hello Lillian, Princess of the Sandafarian people, I am known as Roxanne, the keeper of the stars.” “Oh...OH! Hello! Uh… Where am I?” “You are in the break between space, the void. It is my home, where I can observe and influence every inch of the galaxy. I am sorry for the confusion, I was not expecting guests.” “I was brought here by some wizard who used to work for a beast named Brewler… There is a grave race for power and control happening soon in my home kingdom, and soon it will follow me here to your doorstep!” Roxanne chuckled softly, shaking the vast emptiness around Lilly. “I am not worried about being attacked here Lillian. Many foes stronger than you could imagine have attempted to reach me here, and acquire the invincible power held within stardust. But their efforts are futile. They can not reach me here.” “I got here! If I can get here, so can Pear!” “It is complexing… How did you manage to get here?” “I was brought here by a wizard… His name was… Kane. I think..” Roxanne’s eyes flashed at the word “Kane”. “Did… Did you just say… Kane? Oh my gods…. Kane was my apprentice! He learned the art of space magic from… from me… I thought he was killed so long ago….” “YOU KNOW HIM!?!” ----------------------------------------------- As Pear stepped foot upon Sandafarian soil for the first time, she inhaled deeply and smiled “Ahhh yes… Fresh land to conquer….” The Sandafarians had assumed the ships to be messengers or simply in tranzit, after all what little Sandafaria had was nothing to kill for…. And yet the next few days were brutal as the whole capital city was destroyed by artillery fire. Eventually, Pear made it to the castle, and had the prisoners brought forward from the dungeon. “You deserters really are pathetic aren’t you? To think, you had a place here… Working for me… And instead you try to run away? You can’t run away from me you BITCHES!” Pear screamed at Mateo, Luis, and Toahanne. The three looked at her in fear, when Toahanne stepped forward. “Run away? You think we ran from you bitch? HA! I’ll take your spoiled little bitch ass right here!” Pear jumped back, but was struck by Toahanne’s flames. The result was the loss of her fungal strength. Panicking, Pear called out to her guards to help her while ducking behind a wall. Toahanne and co. blasted guard after guard until… The princess’s lust for power truely reared it’s head. “COME ON!” Demanded Toahanne. “WHO ELSE YOU GOT?!” But the last soldier sent in was not a fierce warrior or powerful weapon…. It was a child, half of Toah’s age. Toahanne stepped backwards as the little boy approached her with a long knife. “Wha… WHat are you… YOU’RE JUST A KID!” “TOAHANNE BEHIND YOU!” But it was too late, Pear had snuck up behind Toahanne while she was distracted, and severed her throat. Mateo and Luis screamed into nothing as darkness enveloped them. A hopelessness they’d never felt just overtook them as they dropped to their knees. Meanwhile, Pear had discovered the burning blossoms, plucked one and took a seat upon the Sandafarian castle throne to embellish the thrill she got from the transformation. A passionate heat rose within her, swelling her powerful arms and imbuing her body with the power to control fire. Her clothes turned black as ash afterwards. Pear clenched her fist in ecstasy. “This power…” She grinned evilly. “IS MINE!” as she released a series of powerful fire blasts onto the city below the castle, and began to laugh maniacally as the people beneath her burned. In her fit of madness, a dark voice called out to her from the shadows. “Shame that’s the last of it though…” Pear turned to Kane and sassily placed her hand on her soft, tender hips. “Long time no see.” Pear glared at her former captor. “Soooo…. Hear you’re looking into Mushroom magic… aye aye aye… That’s powerful magic. I know it well.” “You know of this power?” ‘That I do, it was I who initially bestowed that great strength into Brewler. I see you’ve already acquired both the priming fungi and the stabilization herb. All you need now is the dust of the heavens and you’ll amass the same power Brewler once held.” Pear slammed her powerful hand into Kane’s boney collar. “You will tell me where this dust is immediately” Kane smiled and said “Oh I’ll show you… But first I think there’s something else you want to see first.” As he revealed a small vile from under his sleeve. ------------------------------------------------------------------- "The flames of battle" Luis had seen enough. Toah and Toahanne…. Both crushed under this psycho bitch’s evil heels. The love of his life, lost in space… He did the only thing he knew how to do. He grabbed his brother’s collar and yanked him as he retreated out of the castle. Pear noticed the two getting away and yelled “GUARDS! SEIZE THEM!” However, with the power of the Burning Blossom, and their mushroom strength, the two brothers powered through the minions blocking the exit. Kane smiled. “Not to worry, my Queen, I’ll have both of them captured shortly… In the mean time I suggest you prepare for our assault on Star Hill.” “And… you’re sure this vile will ensure my victory?” She asked with a cold stare. “Absolutely.” ----------------------------------------------------- Mateo and Luis fled from the Sandafarian kingdom as fast as they could. What could they do? Even with their newfound strength, how could they stand up to an army? “Star hill… That’s where we’re going…” Mateo said shaking, his voice withered from despair. “Mateo… Even if we aren’t captured… We have no idea where this Hill is! We’ll never find it in time!” Mateo and Luis stared at each other, stricken with sorrow. Until a sound unlike anything the brothers had ever heard before arose in the distance. The fungi super soldiers had acquired burning blossoms. And under the queen’s orders… Had begun burning Sandafaria to the ground. In the chaos and panic, Mateo saw an opportunity. “Luis… This… This may be unpleasant… But I think I see a way to ensure we get to the Hill with Pear… We can take out one of those super soldiers… And replace them. Look they’re wearing gas masks. No one will even expect it’s us!” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next few days hiding amongst Pear’s army were brutal. The officers were ruthless, and the underlings worked to the bone. But the two were never found, and after the sun set two days later, Mateo and Luis gazed forward onto the beauty which must have been Star Mountain. As agreed upon, the two brothers stole a rowboat and ferried ashore ahead of the main ship. The mountain was dark and rough, but eventually, the two found a crystal shrine fixated at the summit of the mountain. Inside was a large blue crystal, and upon approaching, Luis gasped. Within the crystal was Lilly! Blurry and unfocused, but slowly clearing up as the connection from Roxanne’s plain and the crystal shrine neared completion. As the sun appeared on the horizon, the connection completed, and Lilly jumped forth into her man’s arms. Luis sobbed softly into his woman’s hair as he told her about the loss of Toahanne. Lilly cried too at the news, then looked Luis in the eyes and said. “We’re going to make that bitch PAY!” Roxanne stepped forward into the corporeal world. “Hello, Mortals. My name is Roxanne. Lillian here has told me much about you…” “She holds the stardust Mateo, with that, the burning blossom, and the muscle fungi, you’ll be unstoppable.” Mateo’s eyebrows narrowed as he said “Well then… LETS GO!” Roxanne pulled forth a small pouch containing small star-like candies. And Mateo ate the first one. All of sudden, his senses were heightened, and time seemed to slow down a bit. From around the world, light and sound seemed to bounce around him, until he realized the light and sound were emanating from him. Luis and Lilly were next. https://64.media.tumblr.com/06219b4c5aecc03823323cbd4ffb026c/tumblr_otvzeo104q1uo8he5o1_500.gif Roxanne then took a physical form before them. It wasn’t strong or powerful like Mateo, Luis, or Lilly, but she emitted a regal energy that seemed to effect reality around her. “The star candies each contain roughly twelve minutes of invincibility. You need to eat more to retain your immunity from harm. We can’t risk even a single candy getting to Pear or one of her minions, so I will hold them stockpile. It means you’ll only have twelve minutes to kill Pear, afterwards, you’re just another trio of super studs.” As Pear’s ships docked on the shoreline, Mateo saw clearly his former lover strolling onto the mountain dressed in the sexiest attire he’d ever seen her wear before. . “Lets get her.” Luis growled. As Mateo, Luis, and Lilly charged, the princess grinned evilly and waved her hand. A legion of twenty fire-powered guards rose up and charged at the trio. However, they were no match for the rage and power centered within the team. Pear gasped in shock at how easily her elite guards had been dispatched as she sent another. And another. And another. Soon there was no men left… Just herself, and Mateo’s group. Mateo stared at the evil witch with no mercy in his eyes as he prepared to eviscerate her. That’s when she started chuckling. Then laughing. After her fit, she smiled, and tossed an empty vile at Mateo’s feet. Roxanne, who was watching the battle from afar gasped and attempted to call out to Mateo, but she was surprised and muffled by Kane from behind. Mateo, Luis, and Lilly all united and began to burn the evil witch to cinders. But the laughing didn't’ stop… And amidst the flames of her opponents, the queen of the fungi kingdom rose up and began absorbing the energy, transforming her body. From behind she grew a powerful alligator like tail, as her arms legs swelled with power, ripping her charred clothes as the flames fused into the princess’s hair. Kane grinned as he gripped his former master’s neck firmly. “I knew you recognized that potion… Naughty girl. It allows the user to absorb energy and use it to upgrade their body. Your most powerful attack, has now been completely flipped! Soon, the darkness within Pear will break free, and everyone, even you my little vixen…. Will witness the next form of the Eternal Brewler, my most perfect specimen! Mateo and Luis looked up at Pear after the ash settled, she was now over four foot taller, and thicker than they’d ever seen with a powerful dragon tail, and horns just like Brewler. She eyed her prey maliciously as she grabbed the three in one hand and headed for the crystal shrine. -------------------------------------------------------- "The Dark Age of Pear" “Why are they keeping us alive Mateo…?” Luis asked his brother. “I… I don’t know…” Mateo and Luis stood in separate cages, suspended over fire and brimstone. Across the way was a separate chamber, where Lilly and Roxanne were kept, chained to the wall and relentlessly fucked by Pear’s underlings at every opportunity. The crystal dimension where Roxanne used to reside transformed after Pear and Kane walked through, now instead of a minimalist calming void of stars, it was a burning hellscape full of fire and brimstone. On one wall, constantly playing, was a tv screen showing city after city either submitting itself to Pear’s new regime, or burning to ashes, on another was a map of every conquered city now under control of Pear. And the remaining wall, was just the cage where Roxanne and Lilly would slowly lose their minds. After a few days of abuse, Kane and the supersized half-peach, half-Brewler hybrid approached the girls, sat them down, and revealed her new three meter long monster cock. Lilly looked at the beast before her in tears. Roxanne stepped inbetween the two and said “Leave her alone…” Pear extended a thick veiny arm and clasped her deformed claw-like hands around Roxanne’s throat. “... Or else what?” she said with a chuckle. “Hmm… I guess I should start with you, being an immortal and all…” Pear grasped Roxanne by the jaw and ripped it open savagely. Her jaw did not break but rather was forced wide open, forming a massive hole to which Pear extended her mighty shaft into repeatedly. For hours, Pear fucked the two girls savagely, leaving them unconscious and gasping for air. It continued long after that. For over two months the duo were fucked out of their minds every night for hours, all while the beast grew larger and stronger. Mateo and Luis were numb by that point, forced into a fathomless pit of despair at the sight of what their princess was doing to the love of Luis’ life and a powerful space witch. Luis had gone way off the deep end. Listening to Lilly and Roxanne converse every morning about what that monster would do to them, and some “Void” thing that they started worshiping in their intense madness. Mateo hung onto hope though. It was strong against all odds! All he had to do was get out of here, get a star, and fuck that bitch up! Then he could escape! Luis and Lilly could start a life together! Things could go back to normal! That was the last thing Mateo thought to himself before the night the duo were taken away for several days. Three weeks passed, and Mateo and Luis were on their last legs, starved from nearly no food, weak, tired, and unwilling to go on, Mateo and Luis were suddenly jumpstarted, briefly, back into sanity by the sudden appearance of Roxanne and Lilly in the entrance to their cells. They were ecstatic for a brief moment until they saw the guards bowing to them. “Hurry girls! It’s almost time for the resurrection!” Boomed a thunderous voice down the hallway, to which Mateo and Luis looked and saw, to their horror, the largest form they’d ever seen. It was Pear, supercharged and blazing a path of destruction in her wake, relishing in the undeniable power of her own strength. Luis approached Lilly and begged. “Lilly, this isn’t you! I KNOW THERE’S GOOD IN YOU!” And in one clean slash, Luis was gutted in half and left to die by his own fiance’s hand. “No… I belong to the new master now. We belong to the new master now. We all will once he’s returned to us! Mateo, kicking and screaming was dragged out onto an island of lava, and left as Pear approached. In the distance, the moon rose high in the sky, only it wasn’t a normal moon… It was a blood moon. Kane appeared next to Pear and handed her a bag of stardust. Once the light of the blood moon shown down on Pear, she consumed the stardust and began burning with energy and power. “YES YES YES! I AM HERE! I HAVE RETURNED! MY NEW FORM GIFTED TO ME BY ROYAL BLOOD! YOUR KING! BREWLER!” Pear’s skin turned jet black as her eyes burned with flames as every muscle in her powerful body stretched larger and larger, swelling to the size of a giantess’s. The beast grabbed Mateo and held him up to the sky for the last time and spoke. “AND NOW, AS THE FINAL STEP OF MY REBIRTH! I CONSUME THE BODY OF THE ONE WHO SLAYED ME BEFORE!” She shouted as she consumed Mateo, whole, in one snap of the jaw. The shadowy might that was Pear-zilla began to crumble, amidst the rubble laid two figures, the first was Pear, bare naked, with no strength left. The other was unmistakingly Brewler, passed out on his back enjoying the brisk bloodmoonlight. “Oh it’s good to be back! Now that pesky bitch Mateo and his weak little crew are gone forever, leaving me alone to fuck these fine bitches until I resume my worldwide conquest.” Brewler chimed as he was led to his throne room, filled with the riches stolen from conquested kingdoms. Atop the bed in the center was Pear, Lilly, and Roxanne dressed in color coordinated fishnet stockings and bikini tops. “My king… Are you proud of us? Did we never lose faith in our master?” Brewler grinned and laughed. “You bitches did alright, I already feel power returning to my body! Now why don’t you let me complete you in the ways you seem so thirsty for.” Brewler extended his tongue into each member of his new harem, awakening them, and sprouting demonic horns from their heads. End Scene: Brewler leaned in and began fucking his women properly. Brewler sat back as his sluts had taken over most of the work, and placed his arms behind his head. “MMM IT’S GOOD TO BE KING!” Pear leaned in closer with her legs behind her head and begged to Brewler ‘Oh master… Please… Let me call you daddy.” “OOoooooh… I like that… Why doesn’t my little servicer tell me what she can get from “daddy”? Pear bit her lip as she started to take Brewler’s monster cock. “Oh daddy…. DADDY YES! DADDY MORE! DADDY! DADDY! ///…. DAD! DAD WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK UP DAD!” “DAD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING UP HERE SLEEPING!” Bowser Jr. cried. “IT’S ALREADY NOON! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PICK UP MORTON JR. FROM BEING TRASHED BY LUIGI THREE HOURS AGO!” Bowser suddenly snapped back into reality with a stinging pain knowing he was no longer an immortal king surrounded by a harem of princesses, but rather a single father of eight with the responsibility of an entire kingdom that can’t even keep a princess away from an overweight plumber. With a groan of understandable dismay, Bowser rolled over and started planning for his revenge against his old nemesis.
  8. Bahamut6sic6

    Post Workout

    The sun hung high in the midday sky baking the land with its unyielding rays. The heat causing all those who lived in the cities and suburbs to take shelter inside their air-conditioned homes or office buildings. When someone, human or fur, ventured out under the cruel sun's rays they stuck as close as possible to the shadows of the buildings to try and keep as cool as possible. The heatwave had gone unbroken for the past week and there seemed to be no signs of relief on the horizon. All in all, everyone was miserable and longing for a break from the intense heat. Everyone that is except one. Almost fifty miles away one creature was enjoying the heat for all he was worth. His smooth darkly tanned skin soaked up the rays like a man dying of thirst. The sheen of sweat that coated him reflected the light slightly making him almost shine like a beacon. Every inch of his body rock hard and packed with muscle that bulged and bounced with every movement he made. If any had been around to see him they would no doubt be left in pure awe at his sheer size and bulky stature. Though his muscles wouldn't be the only aspect of his physical form that would leave them unable to believe what their eyes were seeing. Standing at an incredible fifty feet high Riley was one of the few human macros around and of them one of only a handful that took an active role in shaping his impressive body. Whereas other giants were more than happy to let their height be the only impressive thing about them. Riley took extra pleasure in keeping up a constant workout routine in order to make his massive body as bulging with muscle as possible. This was achieved by many different ways, primary of which was his pension for carrying increasingly massive boulders and when in a city bench pressing a building or two. But his favorite part of bulking up was the source of his protein. As the giant human grunted hard lifting the massive chunk of rock above his head for the hundredth time, he tossed the rock with a mighty grunt sending it crashing down on top of an old abandoned farmhouse. The structure didn't even get the chance to explode in a cloud of rubble, the entire building was instantly and completely flattened by the sheer size of the rock dropped on top of it. Letting out a loud moan of pleasure as his muscles screamed their relief at finally having dropped the weight, Riley began his post-workout stretching to ease his cramped and tired muscles. His body covered from head to toe with sweat that dropped from him and fell on the ground like a musky rank rain. The giant's callous hands ran over his body, basking in the feel of his own mighty form. Each muscle harder than steel and bulging in a way that would make any bodybuilder envious. Few things in life gave Riley more pleasure than worshiping his own body, a fact made clear by his massive cock swelling and growing harder the more he rubbed and touched himself. In no time at all the tanned member stood proud and fully erect. Thicker than a truck and longer than a plane the massive head covered by a thick foreskin pulled back just enough to show the pre dampened opening. His sack hung low in the high heat, each ball the size of a house and storing several hundred gallons worth of hot potent seed. Wrapping one of his rough hands around the shaft Riley gave his pride and joy a few slow firm strokes watching mesmerized as the muscles of his arm bunched up then relaxed with the action. As his breathing grew deeper and more intense Riley had to force himself to stop stroking his shaft. Despite his desperate need to cum and flood the land around him in his seed he knew that it wouldn't be fully satisfying. There was a very important element missing if he was going to fully enjoy himself and get the relief he wanted. After a few more stretches and a few times of slapping his cock against the palm of his hand just to get him extra horned up, the macro human began to stomp his away from his impromptu workout area and towards the city on the distant horizon. Each step he took covering several miles and sending small tremors through the ground. Riley paid no attention to where he out his feet or what was in his way. Though he did pay enough attention to knock over any of the large metal towers the puny insects used to communicate with one another. An unnecessary act but with that lose the bugs would panic more and that was just extra fun for him. Even at his incredible size, it took Riley almost twenty minutes to approach the city, to his interest he couldn't hear the screams of terror or fear that usually signaled his arrival. As he got closer he couldn't even see swarms of frightened tinies scrambling in the streets to get away. Riley pondered this for a moment wondering why he wasn't being met with the usual fanfare that signaled his arrival at a city. It wasn't until a bright beam of sunlight reflected off a building's windows and directly into his eyes that he realized the reason. Despite him enjoying the heat and it has a much-lessened effect on him at his size he was still mildly hot. If that was the case then the smaller folk would definitely be feeling the heat and trying to stay inside and avoid it at all costs. A grin spread over Riley's face, that was okay he knew exactly how to get the bugs out of their hiding spots and he would take great pleasure in the act. With deliberate steps, the giant began to stomp his way closer to the city. The now increased vibrations caused the small cars and trucks to jump and rock encouraging their alarms to begin wailing. Riley knew that would partly get some attention but if he really wanted a swarm of the pathetic creatures to come swarming out into the streets he would need a bit more. Once he was close to one of the buildings, brick and stone structure that came up to Riley's knee, the giant pulled his foot back and with great force kicked it hard enough to shatter it to bits. Debre flew in all directions as the building exploded with the force of a bomb blast. Rubble pelted the street and hit against other buildings, mixed in with the wood and stone was a few bodies. Or rather chunks of them, the force of the kick along with the shrapnel had shredded any living creature to bits. Riley's cock gave a heavy throb and a thick drop of pre-gathered at the opening of his cock. Only the tip of his foreskin kept the pearl from falling to the ground below. Now the screams began, they were few and faint at first but soon they grew into a fever pitch that was like music to Riley's ears. Finding another building about the same size as the first the giant placed one of his feet on the roof and began to slowly increase the pressure. Loud cracking filled the air as the roof slowly began to cave in, his sensitive ears could pick up the panicked screams coming from inside the building. Just before his foot came down all the way and flattened the building a small crowd of tiny weaklings came flooding out of the front. Chuckling as several of them stopped to gape up at him Riley lifted one of his arms up and flexed making his already bulging muscles stand out even more. A thick vein running over the boulder of his bicep pulsed and throbbed in time with his hard and now fully leaking cock. The thick string of pre that fell from his cock head landed on the street and the splatter of it caused several of the bugs to fall over and get trapped like a bee in honey. Now that the ground had a steady swarm of the little fuckers Riley knew he could have his real fun. Lifting his foot again he swung it over the densest portion of the crowd. Wiggling his toes for a moment Riley brought his foot down carefully until he could feel the crowd wiggling and struggling under his sole. Carefully he began to increase the pressure more and more. It took less than a second for him to feel bones beginning to break and the resulting crunch as a few were flattened under his heel sent a shiver of pure lustful pleasure through his mighty body. Finally, when he pressed his foot flat over the squirming bodies they popped with a wet squish. A flow of thick sticky blood pushed its way up between his toes and around the outside of his foot. Twisting his foot Riley really ground the bugs into the crumbling street. The act causing the others to increase their screaming and their pathetic scrambling. This was the part he loved most and he took several long minutes to bask in his pleasure. Bending down the giant mass of muscle scooped up a dozen of the tiny fuckers in one hand. They screamed and tried to jump free but Riley kept them all cupped in his palm. Bringing the handful up to his hard cock he gripped his shaft and gasped having to grab hold of a taller building to help support him as the wiggling and thrashing sensation against his cock rushed through him. Carefully at first, he began to stroke up and down his length, the mass in his hand adding an extra layer of pleasure to his masturbation. Soon though he grew too eager and gripped his cock harder popping each of the wiggling bodies like grapes. A thick layer of blood and gore coated his shaft and rained down onto those left running around his feet. The loud squishing that came from him jerking off with the blood quickly faded as the blood began to thin and dry out. Riley didn't mind, it just meant he wouldn't blow his load too soon. As he moved further and deeper into the city Riley continues to smash buildings and insuring a never-ending stream of little bugs were constantly swarming around his feet. Each step he took signaled the end of another dozen or so lives. From time to time the giant would scoop up another handful of them and grind them against his hard cock though he soon had to stop since more than once he grew too close to climax and ended up flooding a whole street with his pre that shot out of his cock like missiles. Those that got caught up in the thick goo were either quickly drowned or slowly died from the heat of the bodily fluid. One of Riley's favorite things to do with the bugs, however, was to slowly crush them between his massive bulging muscles. Bending down the giant human picked up two or three at a time and carefully places them in the crease of his elbow between his massive bicep and thick and knotted forearm. He then very slowly flexed his arm until he felt them beginning to break then he would stop. After a small pause, he would begin to flex once again until he heard the crunch and snap of bones. He'd then stop again and listen to their pathetic cries and watch as they flopped about with blood oozing from their mouth, eyes, and ears. Then in one quick motion, he would flex fully splattering their meat soup bodies and rubbing the gore over his muscles. After doing the with both arms he would repeat the process with his massive pecs. Stuffing a dozen into the gap between each muscle of his chest and slowly crushing them into a paste that would run down and over his washboard abs. Within a half-hour of his rampage starting a good portion of Riley's body was coated in wet and drying blood. Placing his hands on his chest the massive male squeezed his pecs several times before running his large rough hands over his body smearing the blood all over himself. Small shivers of pleasure shook his body as he basked in the sensation of the blood coating and cooling on his hot skin. Bits of meat hanging from different places on his body. Entrails and other bloody organs catching in the cracks and crevasses of his muscles hanging like grotesque decorations. Once his initial fun subsided the macro would then begin to partake of his favorite source of protein. Scooping up handfuls of the little bugs Riley held them up above his gaping mouth and let them all free fall into his mouth. Most would land directly on his tongue, but some would miss and bounced off his face, shoulders, and chest only to tumble the fifty feet down to splat wetly on the ground. Once his mouth was full Riley would close his jaws and begin to noisily chew his meal. Blood oozing from the corners of his lips and soaking his stubble rough cheeks and chin. A mighty gulp would send the mess down his gulley and into his stomach where the acids would instantly begin to dissolve any who might have been able to avoid his tombstone like teeth. On some mouthfuls, though the giant wouldn't chew, the feeling of a massive ball of melting bodies wiggling and thrashing around in his gut was such an intense and erotic feeling he couldn't avoid swallowing a few mouthfuls down whole. On those times he would stop his rampage and have to grip the base of his shaft squeezing it hard until the thrashing in his stomach stopped. After a few handfuls the streets had nearly emptied the residents either having been swallowed down or trampled on. Licking his bloody lips Riley didn't worry. He knew the city was far from empty. Approaching one of the buildings he peeked inside and saw to his delight crowds of the little fuckers huddled inside cowering in fear. Standing up straight Riley pressed his messy and bloody cock head against the building and with a hard shove pushed his cock through the glass, wood, and concrete. He shoved in until he was balls deep and his massive sac was pressed up against the outside wall of the building. Grabbing hold of the structure Riley began to rock and thrust his hips grinding his cock in and out of the building. As his pleasure grew the greater his thrusting became. For a time he lost himself to the sensation and it wasn't until the building began to crumble and collapse that he stopped his thrusting and watched the building fall. None of those who had been inside the building had survived the collapse and Riley could see their twisted and mangled bodies half-buried in the rubble. Chuckling deeply to himself Riley slapped his rock hard cock several times knocking the rubble off his shaft. The concussion from the slaps causing the windows in the buildings near him to shatter or fracture. The act made him think of a wolf he used to know who could shatter windows and sometimes cause the little fuckers heads to pop just from the sound of his howl alone. His musing was interrupted by a sudden explosion and a slight sting in the middle of his back. Turning around annoyed Riley saw a series of tanks lining up in the street behind him. Rows and rows of soldiers flanked each tank, their green pattern uniforms making them look even more like bugs. Riley turned to face a small force clearly trying to protect the city. His gore coated body gleaming in the hot sun and he spread his arms wide giving the troops a clear target to shoot at. There was a small pause before the tanks began to fire and the soldiers dropped to their knees and started to fire their tiny guns. Riley just stood there with his arms spread wide. The majority of the tanks blasts his large chest and popped in small clouds of dust and debris. Riley couldn't help but laugh as the whole thing felt more like mosquito bites rather than an actual attack. After almost five minutes the explosions and gunfire halted. Making a big show of it Riley brushed his hands over his chest and abs knocking away the rockets and bullets that had gotten stuck in his thick skin. His cock was as hard as ever, if not more so. Looking down at the group of soldiers he could see the shiver of fear rush through them like wind through a cornfield. Moving forward the giant grabbed one of the tanks in both hands and crushed it into a ball as easily as a can. Once that was done, he dropped the ball on top of another thank causing it's wheels to blow out and a thick cloud of black smoke to billow up from it. The soldiers yelled and screamed as they started trying to run away. Taking a few short minutes to crush the remaining tanks under his foot he then turned his attention to the fleeing soldiers. It took Riley only a few minutes to block off their escape routes and to corral them all into one densely packed crowd. He used the rubble from the buildings and thanks to creating a small enclosed pin for the soldiers who stood cowering in his shadow. With a wicked grin on his face, Riley crouched over them, his massive cock and low hanging balls dangling over their heads. Adjusting his position the giant lowered himself down until his cock was submerged in the middle of the huddled crowd. Without pause, he began to grind and hump into the crowd. The screams of fear quickly turned into ones of pain as the collection of tiny humans and furs were crushed and ground into a bloody meaty soup from the giant's cock and balls alone. His pre-mixing with the gore causing the mess to be slippery and slicker than before. The street under his cock cracked and shattered as he put more force behind his thrusting and it took every ounce of Riley's self-control to keep from blowing his load. For a time he laid there panting heavily as his excitement slowly faded down to a more reasonable level. Pushing himself up he took in a deep breath enjoying the smell that came with his deviating rampage. Looking down at what was left of the soldiers Riley laughed seeing a massive indent vaguely in the shape of his large cock and balls. Streaks of blood and meat coated the broken and crumbled street. With the exception of a random body part here and there, there was hardly anything recognizable of the soldiers. The blood and pre began to pool into the deep divot he had made in the street and the sight amused him greatly. Once his composure was back in place Riley stood and went back to what he had been doing before the sad excuse for an armed force showed up. More buildings fell to his rampage and once again the streets were filled with the tiny bugs. As he watched the crowds flee an idea came to the macro, one he enjoyed very much. Moving closer to the center of the city Riley found a good and mostly clear area. The buildings that were there easily flattened out under his feet or found themselves ripped up by the foundation and hurled dozens of yards away crashing into other buildings. Moving to the center of the area Riley lifted one of his large feet and brought it down with all his might onto the concrete of the street. The material crumbled easily and shattered into bits. Again and again, he stomped the area creating a massive crater several feet deep. Dropping to his knees Riley began to scoop out the loose dirt and clutter creating a large hole in the ground. The act was slightly difficult due to his massive cock constantly getting in the way as it hung straight out from his blood-soaked crotch. Even so, he still managed to dig out a deep enough depression for what he has in mind. Smirking he stood back up and began scooping up handfuls of the little bugs and dumping them into the pit. The first few handfuls fell to their deaths since he didn't bother being gentle when putting them in the pit. The third and fourth though survived but he was sure they had several broken bones from the height of the fall. Beyond that, though the rest of the handfuls Riley dropped in seemed to land without much trouble judging by the way they got back up and tried to scramble up the walls of the pit. Thankfully the dirt was now too loose and shifting that every time they tried they'd fall back down. When the pit was half full of wiggling crying bodies Riley decided that it was good enough for his idea. Next came a slightly harder task. Looking around the giant spotted a few of the extra-long busses the bugs liked to use to get around. Picking them up Riley peeked inside but to his annoyance each one was empty. Bus after bus he picked up and looked at was completely deserted of passengers a fact that greatly angered the macro human. It wasn't until he happened to turn at the right moment and saw one of the busses quickly driving away that he struck gold. Despite the speed, the bus had been traveling at it only took a moment for Riley to stomp over and pick it up in one hand. Lifting it up to his eyes he looked inside and saw to his delight it was positively packed full of the little fuckers. A mixture of smooth-skinned humans and furs all huddled together in fear. They screamed in terror as he smiled at them, his bloody lips and teeth cracked in gore taking up their whole window view. Carrying the bus back to where the crater was Riley sank down to his knees, his legs spread wide around the outer lip of the hole and his hard leaking cock and balls dangling over the mangled ball of bodies. Adjusting his grip on the bus so it was standing straight up, Riley chuckled as the action caused a series of panicked screams to erupt from the inside. Working his tongue around the inside of his mouth for a few minutes the giant raised the front of the bus up to his lips and very carefully let a thick glob of his drool fall from his mouth and onto the windshield. It was tinted slightly red thanks to the blood that still coated his tongue. Using his free hand Riley smeared the spit over the front and sides of the bus costing it liberally in the slime. Once satisfied he reached behind himself and used his spit-soaked fingers to tease and toying with his pale puckered hole. Groaning loudly as his thick rough fingers sank a few inches into his ass Riley bit his lips and shivered. A thick stream of pre leaking from his cock and landing directly on top of the pile of bodies in the pit. Once he felt loose enough Riley placed the front of the spit-lubed bus at the opening of his ass. Relaxing as much as he could and pushing out so his ass hole opened wide Riley began to slowly push the bus full of little fuckers inside him. The screams grew to a fever pitch as the front of the bus crunched and bent slightly but thankfully that was all the damage the bus took at the moment. The massive vehicle turned sex toy sank inch after inch deep inside Riley's ass sending shivers of pleasure through him. The crowd trapped inside screamed and scrambled over one another, making the whole thing shake and vibrate in a perfect imitation of a vibrator. Once the bus sank in up to the back wheel Riley began to pull it back out just as slowly as it had sunk in. He only pulled it out a few feet before sinking it back in again. Again and again, he repeated the process pushing the bus in then pulling it out. All the while his free hand ran up and down the length of his thick cock the foreskin pulling back to show off his gleaming cock head. The hole filled up a quarter of the way with his pre and any of those at the bottom who hadn't died from the fall or been crushed by the weight of the other bodies on top quickly drowned in the thick syrup. Finally unable to fight the urge anymore Riley pushed the bus back into his hole until he felt the back wheels. Then using his pointer and middle finger he pushed the last few feet of the bus deep into his musky tight hole. Arching his back as the bus sank in and pressed right on his prostate Riley fell forward bracing himself up so he didn't fall fully onto the ground. The new position forced his cock deep into the mound of struggling screaming bodies. He felt several of them pop blood smearing over his cock head and shaft. Now fully lost in his lust the mountain of a man began to hump and grind his massive cock in and out of the wet pile of bodies. Each thrust causing bones to break or body parts to rip from their sockets. A constant stream of pre continued to fill the pit drowning more and more of the pathetic occupants. Likewise, each thrust or clench forced the bus to wedge itself deeper and deeper into Riley's mighty muscular ass. The constant pulsing and clenching of his internal muscles causing the tube of metal to compress more and more around the screaming bodies inside. The heat in his cock and balls continued to grow hotter and hotter and Riley knew that at any moment he would blow. He tried to hold off for as long as possible, his massive mountain of a body gleamed with fresh sweat as his hips rocked back and forth. Just as he was sure he couldn't hold on any longer, the bus buried deep inside his ass collapsed completely. The crunch of metal and bones followed by the flood of blood and gore from the destroyed bodies was the final button to be pressed. His floodgates opened wide and the tidal wave of hot cum that had been bubbling in his balls for days finally burst forth. It traveled up his shaft and erupted from his cock head in jets as powerful as a rocket to space. The screams from the hole quickly faded away to struggling gurgling cries as the thick hot cum filled the hole quickly. Each throbbing pulse of his cock pushed another dozen gallons of cum up his shaft and into the hole. His climax lasted for minutes though to Riley it felt like days. His whole body shook and shivered as if he had just spent a whole day running at top speed. When he began to come down from his orgasmic high he collapsed to the side. His muscled arms shaking and unable to hold his weight for a time. His still rock hard cock pulled free from the mess of cum and blood. The whole shaft was coated in the mixture along with a few bodies that clung to it due to the sticky mixture. Panting heavily Riley watched his cock continue to spurt and leak his seed down into the hole. A lazy smile spread over his face as he watched the tangle of bodies struggling to swim to the surface. A few made it but the thickness of the load kept them from staying there for long. When they would try to wipe their faces free of the suffocating slime they would instantly begin to sink again. The heat of the load was so intense that many of them had been instantly cooked alive by it. The ones who survived were in so much shock that they didn't seem to register the fact that large bits of their skin and muscle had been melted away. Riley continued to lay there and watch the show, his cock growing softer and softer though never fully deflating. Finally, after roughly ten minutes, all signs of life in the cum filled out were gone. All that remained was a slowly dissolving mass of broken and mutilated bodies sinking to the bottom. The heavy smell of blood, death and hot cum filled the air and Riley couldn't help but breathe deeply of the smell. It soothed and relaxed him to the point his eyelids began to droop lower and lower. Yawning loudly he figured, where he was at the moment was as good a spot as any to rest for the evening. Stretching out, his muscles cried in protest at the movement and he couldn't help but laugh. The rest would give his muscles a chance to recover both from the workout and the post-workout fun. When he woke up he would find a lake or something to wash himself off in. With the sun high in the sky and the heat soaking into his darkly tanned body, Riley began to doze off a content smile on his face. The city around him nothing but an empty ruined ghost town just like so many others he had visited before. — I commissioned this story from a friend named, smounged1989 over on FA, about a month ago and I gotta say this turned out better then expected, don’t know if you guys would like a sequel to this or not? Maybe another bodybuilder/power lifter you have in mind?
  9. Fakmail

    Three days delivery, Part 1

    So with tumblr's new policies, Im finding it hard to find or read some of my favorite MG scinerios and stories, So I made my own here. This one was inspired by "While you were gone..." for those who recognize the simularities. Enjoy. *Also, I appear to have posted this in the wrong location earlier, I do apologize for this. ------------ Hal was a weak guy. Must have been by blood, as he worked out four times a week and consumed protein-rich foods at every occasion, yet still only amassed to about 170lbs and a flat stomach (he worked hard for that, he told himself) but he always wanted more. That all changed with his discovery of "extrazilla". ETZ was a bio-enhancement syrum sold on the black market supposedly as a rejected supersoldier steroid. It required a lot of sleuthing, untrustworthy downloads to his computer, and over four months of saving up bitcoin to finally purchase a product. " Hmmm", he questioned, "New Extrazilla Extraeme, just released today and supposedly works over twenty times as strong as the normal brand, now includes new features *wink*" . Hal smiled with this and clicked "purchase now", " Sounds like thats for me" he said smiling and leaning back in his chair. He was quickly interrupted by his roommate Mark, "Yo I need the computer when you get the chance." Hal responded with, "Yeah sure, give me another few minutes." Mark rolled his eyes and said "You got 10 douche". Mark was a dick, slightly taller than Hal and much more lucky with the genetic lottery. He weighed roughly 190 pounds and could bench 250, but what really pissed Hal off was his phallic regions. Hal felt blessed with a 6" decently sized dick, until a few weeks after moving in, when he caught a brief glimpse of Mark's monster. Hal didn't have the exact numbers but he reasoned it must have been at least 10", if not more. To top it off Mark was rich, never had to work a day as he progressed through college, and frequently brought home different sluts to fuck mercilessly in their shared room. Hal snickered to himself "soon he's going to be the guy envying me" and placed the order. Hal then continued throughout his day, went to bed, and went to work and back in his normal daily cycle for another two days. On the third day he could hardly contain himself at work. As soon as he found the confirmation the package had arrived, he took off early sprinting home to his apartment's mail box room. However, when he arrived, he found the mail box to be empty. Huh. That's strange I definitely received the email... Then a small fear rooted itself in the back of his spine. "No... " Hal dashed upstairs as quickly as he could, and entered his apartment. Inside, he confirmed his fears were well founded. On the counter were two open boxes, one from "Extrazilla" and the other from "Lab 12". As well, Mark's football friend Jake (a taller man ,dumb as rocks, roughly 250 pounds, all muscle) and his on-and-off girlfriend Halley (short, cheer squad member, issues with cocaine, smaller breasts, phat ass). "Well well well, look what we got here Jake! Hold him..." Mark said grinning mischievously. Hal tried to run but Jake caught him, held him down and tied him to a chair. "What the fuck Mark?" I yelled. "Yeah, I know that's what I said! Turns out both our packages arrived today! Imagine my surprise when I find my douchebag roommate ordered the most saught after growth elixir in the world! And you were going to use all this stuff on yourself weren't you Hal?" "Wait what was in your package?" Hal asked. "Something new and exciting from my old man's lab, it's a three piece set actually made by the same people who make your stuff, but this line is more experimental and is meant to target a different audience." Mark smirked as he said this and continued, "Unlike your selfish ass, I decided to share my spoils with my friend Jake there. We just waited around because we wanted you to watch as we bulk into fucking bodybuilders." Hal watched in horror as Mark injected himself with one of the five syringes in my package. For a minute he looked like he was going to be sick, then fell to the floor grinning evilly. "I feel it.... Oh god yes I feel it! More! More!" He screamed. As he did, his chest was rising steadily, pressing against his shirt as his already well-defined pectorals jetted out a few more centimeters. His arms went from slightly buff to outright jacked. "This is too damn slow.." He grunted angrily, thrusting a second syringe into himself. His eyes went full white as they rolled back in his head. His already jacked arms practically doubled in size as the rest of his body burst out of his clothes. He had a perfect 8-pack of abs leading down to his still 10" cock. His legs had grown larger as well launching him from about 6'1 to roughly 7ft tall. "Look at me!" Mark said "Im a fucking machine!" He proceeded to entertain himself by flexing his various muscles. From the other side of the room Jake and Halley were just as wide-eyed as Hal. Halley approached Mark and started rubbing her hands all over him. "Hmmm my big strong man's so big and sexy now" and promptly squatted down slightly to start sucking his massive cock. He grabbed her head and moaned as he rolled his head back. "Mmmmm thats good bitch, use them lips..." Jake spoke up at this point: "Hey dude, Im starting to get a little weirded out by this, so Im goin to go ahead and take my share..." He said injecting two of the syringes in at once. Like Mark, his eyes rolled back into his head as his already massive body started to expand. His shirt was gone in seconds, destroyed by his massive chest. He was certainly bigger than Mark, but he wasn't nearly as well defined, amounting to only a 6 pack and very thick legs jutting him up to about 8ft from 7ft tall. The real miracle at work though was what was between his legs. Jake was packing an absolute anaconda, well over a foot long. Hal stared at the massive man as tears rolled down his face. He had worked for that money. He found and bought that product, and now he had nothing to show for it. As Hal stared in dispair, Jake noticed as his transformation finished. "You like that lil bitch boy? That's fucking 13 inches of cock your fagot ass can't have." Hal turned his head away the best he could, only to catch a glimpse of Halley and Mark on the other side of the room. She was now fully stripped naked, with her clothes laying on the floor ripped in half. She had both of her legs bent upwards as Mark's titanic cock crammed itself inside of her. "Hey bitch boy..." Said Jake, grabbing Hal's face, "You have no idea how fucking Horny this stuff makes you." Hal shuddered and said "Oh I can scarcely imagine". And before he could object, Jake crammed his 13 inch meat into Hal's throat and began force fucking it. For a solid 20 minutes, Jake continued to cram his cock down Hal until he passed out from lack of oxygen. Hal awoke a bit later with his stomach and throath lined with a thick bitter cum. When Hal got up he found he was naked and looked over to Jake and Mark, they were both naked and standing around the table again, this time holding a package with the letter " A " Written on the side of it. It contained pills. Halley opened the bottle and took two. Mark noticed Hal had gotten up and walked over. "Damn dude, you're still alive?" Then quickly crammed one of the pills from his box into Hal's mouth. Hal spit it out in disgust not knowing what it could do to me. Mark didn't like this and picked it up off the floor. He crammed it back into Hal's mouth, this time accompanied by his fingers which pushed it down his throat. It didn't take long for the effects to take place. "Thats a little sample of Sex-zilla prototype 3.2111. Or " A" as the nerds call it. Whatever " A " is, it affects sexual organs". Hal looked down at his now reletively pathetic 6" cock, withered and flacid now making it about 3". As Hal stared at it, it did appear to grow slightly as it hardened. He felt a small dripping of electricity, or hormones, or just straight power flow out of his stomach and into his genitals. It wasn't a huge improvement, but it made Hal's meat about a half-an-inch larger. He thought everything was over, but then ended up grabbing his throat. He felt it changing somehow. And just like that the sensation was gone. "That was one pill," said Halley from the other side of the room. "Look what two gets you..." As Hal looked up he saw her standing dominantly over me touching herself. Her breasts were noticeably larger, growing from a small B cup to at least CCCs. Her ass had expanded as well, now roughly the size of a beachball. "Ive got more for you to luckly little man" she said as she popped a few more of the pills and wrapped her legs around Hal's face. Hal felt her getting bigger as she squeezed him, and although he couldn't see it, Halley's breasts now sat at a whooping FF size, and her ass smoothed and grew into a sexy little firm heart shape. After a few moments she let go and walked back to her man. Mark and Jake were messing with the rest of the "A" pills, and to Hal's horror, saw the two men each downing at least twenty pills apiece. Both of their cocks stood straight up and began to swell. Halley fell on the floor in front of them, opened her legs and said "come on boys, get in there..." Mark and jake immediately crammed their expanding junk into her in any way they could. With each thrust, the two had to pull out further and further. After a full half hour of treating Halley like a pump powered train car, she erupted with cum pouring out of everything and passed out. Jake and Mark high fived each other and admired their new manhoods. Easily each one was two feet long and seemed to breathe almost, swelling to twice the size before subsiding back to the still ridiculous length and girth. "Now for stage 3" Mark said opening box "B". Hal shuddered and tried to escape the room, only to find the door out had been barred with his own bed, much too large for him to move it. Mark approached Halley's unconscious body and injected her with a blue needle. "Now you will become my queen baby" he said. Meanwhile, Jake had approached me and kissed my ear from behind, and stabbing me with another needle from the same box. Hal became worried as he waited for the transformation to take place, but none arrived. Halley however had woken up. "Hmm..." said Mark. "Looks like you need some kind of boost to get the desired effect..." He then took the final Extrazilla serum and inserted it into Halley. She bent backward in ecstasy. She felt a new rush of power sweep over her as her breast expanded a little more and every muscle in her body became supercharged. She quickly gained a flat stomach and toned perfect legs. Soon after, her eyes went jet black as she stood there motionless. "Sorry Jake, looks like we don't have any more for you and your lesser half." Said Mark looking at Hal. Jake looked disappointed. Mark then pulled out the final box marked "C" and drank the entire glass of it. "Hey we were going to share that man!" Jake said suddenly. Mark just looked down at the three of us with intense malice in his eyes. He then stabbed Jake with another needle from box "B" as Jake looked up in horror. He froze in that state as his eyes went jet black. Mark turned to Hal and smiled "You get to watch the fun part...". Marks eyes suddenly changed to a bright green color as the effects of " C" began to take root. His already oversized cock swelled to max size again and seemed to harden to a crystal-like state. Lustfully, he bent down to Halley and picked her up, setting her on this massive cock. Upon doing so, her skin bleached. Turning paler and paler, then, as if his dick was like a straw, he sucked Halley's entire body into his own. "Fuck YES!" Mark screamed. He had grown again. "So... This is what it's like..." Mark said. "I feel everything. Her blood. Her muscles. Her thoughts. Her brain. Its all mine... We... Are one..." Hal looked in horror at this, then realized exactly what was about to happen next. Mark approached Jake from behind and inserted his cock in the same manner as he did to Halley. Just the same, Jake became more and more pale, then just absorbed into Mark's body. It took a lot longer this time, and was a much more noticeable change. Mark was now about 10 feet tall, hunching over to fit in the room. His cock was like a massive snake, and he had full control over it like a third arm as it slithered around the room. Mark flexed continuously as he stared upwards with glowing eyes. "I am smarter now..." He said to no one. "I am the strongest. The fastest. The smartest. I am the most powerful being... On this planet... Hal...." Hal was still desperately trying to escape to no avail, but stopped when Mark said his name. "Please... Please don't eat me..." He whimpered. "You? " Mark asked smirking "You really think we want you to join us? Pathetic. This subhuman waste of garbage would only weaken us. I am better than you Hal, Definitively. It is now a proven fact, deduced mathematically." To Hal this hurt his esteem as much as his sanity. Mark pulled out his phone and placed it on his dick, fusing with the charge port. After a few minutes he spoke again. "To the rest of the world, Halley and Jake have just eloped together to Paris. No one will question their disappearance. Nor will they question mine as I've removed all memory of myself from all of human record." "Where are you going?" Hal asked pathetically. "I'm going to ascend to a higher state of life. I will become a powerful god, capable of controlling the whole universe.... And you... Hal.... You're going to be my bitch." Mark then proceeded to grab Hal and flip him over before he began to fuck him. His massive cock burning a crippling pain in Hal's body. After roughly half an hour of this, a glowing spark of electricity opened like a third eye on Mark's forehead, and in a flash he was gone. Hal awoke sometime that night covered in golden cum. Somehow this healed him from his wounds that should have paralyzed him. Hal didn't know what to think. Everything was gone off the table without a trace. There was no record of anyone else ever having lived there. Eventually Hal decided to take a shower and forget the whole thing. But as he got out of the shower, written in golden cum across his wall was a message "We are everywhere Hal -Mark" Mystified and scared Hal watched as the letters continued to appear "Why don't you try to appease us with some sacrifices. How about shrimp? We are in the mood for seafood. Oh and Hal, I'd hate to find out what the Jake side of me will do to you if you don't do everything we ask. Get ready bitch." As the final letter made its self apparent to him, Hal felt a sharp and familure pain in his throat and ass. (To be continued)
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