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  1. Yo! Welcome to The Curse of Something - a very special text-adventure/rpg game about large furry men and growin' huge! Maybe some of you remember SuperWaffle's game that he shared here years ago? Well this has been partially inspired by that, so hopefully it's something some people here are interested in. There's also a decent amount of weight gain content, but it's mostly avoidable if that's not your thing. Live the life of someone afflicted with a curse that makes you ultra buff. You can go out into the woods and fight monsters, or talk to them and try to make friends - or fuck them. Just come here to play: https://mcrugermasta.itch.io/the-curse-of-something
  2. It's been a while since I've written a story, and my first time posting on here! Let me know if you guys enjoy this so far and what you're looking forward to! Thank you! Chapter 1: “Banks, why are you always being so pushy? I already told you I’ll be coming over tonight to play that game you keep begging to play.” “Sorry I know I know, I’m just tired of having to play scrabble with my dad on game nights alone. Especially parcheesi. You know how he gets about that.”, Banks grimaced at the thought of having to spend another game night alone with his father. Sure, he loved his step-dad like any other son would, but sometimes, he needed his space. His father had become more clingy in the last couple years since Banks had gone to college. Being that his mother was no longer with them, and the old man did not really date (or mention that he did?), he most often than not wanted Banks to spend as much time with him as he could. That is partially the reason why he went to community college as well, so he would be closer to his father. Alessandro, was also another reason. Both boys had gotten along in their last year of high school, talking about the sports they played, Alessandro to lacrosse as Banks was to swimming, and overall had many similar hobbies. Not to mention, both guys being gay didn’t help. Sure the two fooled around a couple times when they were extra horned up after practice and didn’t have any dates lined up, which two gay guys didn’t? It was mutual friends with benefits. “You’re gonna have to go over the rules again when I go to your house. Your stud of a dad is going to keep distracting me while I play. You know that.”, Alessandro sighed. “I got ya covered old buddy ol’ pal. Besides, I went out thrifting and found this new board game so we wouldn’t be stuck in the same loop of playing the same stuff all the time. I already told my dad I got a new game.” “And? What is it called?”Alessandro opened up his can of monster energy drink and began to gulp it down bit by bit. “The box called it the Simulated Universe. I didn’t really pay attention to the back but the box looked cool. It has little pieces inside that make us move around a board and we pull cards. Ya know, the basic stuff in any board game. Now hurry your bubbly ass up!”, Banks reached over, placing all his weight on his sturdy friend's shoulder. Nearly choking, “Let me have this! I’m gonna need all the energy I can get after that practice. No fair you get to do your sport in the pool and I am forced to slave away on the hot field all day.” ===================================================================== Alessandro carpooled with Banks on the way home to good ol’ suburbia. The hill ranges could be seen as they took the freeway back from their community college. It was still a bit humid this July, in typical summer fashion. Most people were used to the dry heat here, but this year decided to throw everyone for a loop. The boys were sweating even with the AC blasting in the car. Alessandro had already taken off some of his sports gear showing off his defined upper body and larger arms. He still had a little bit of a gut, but still quite sexy, as Banks would always tell him. His lightly brown skin was coated in some dark hairs. Not too wiry, but more straight and tamed. You could see the trail down his stomach from where his shirt stopped. A little bit of chest hair poked out the top of his tank-top too. Banks was already shirtless. His upper body was covered in a cool, drying sweat. His swimmer pecs glistening, the sweat reflecting the sun’s rays. His tight core was donned with a nice six pack, and of course, smooth. His arms were nicely defined and had some nice mass in his biceps, alongside his thighs. He was a bit more muscular compared to the other swimmers who were leaner. He took to weight lifting before swimming with his step-father in high school, and fortunately, the rewards of that hard work did not fully disappear off the young stud's body. Although Banks was smooth from below the neck, he did ordain his cut jaw-line with some brunette facial hair. He decided to grow it out in high school to not look so boyish. It was a hit with the guys. Pulling into the driveway, Banks pulled his car up next to his step-father’s larger SUV. His was a similar model, but smaller. The two young guys grabbed their belongings and rushed inside to avoid the harsh sun rays and the humidity. Both were hoping that Chad, Banks’ father, had already been home for a while. Usually, he is the first to put on the AC. “Right on schedule boys, how was practice? Looks like you two had your asses beat!”Chad howled. Chad was a handsome middle-aged man. He recently had a birthday putting him at 45, but he looked damn good for his age. Taller than both boys, he stood at a solid 6’2. His step-son Banks stood at 5 '10, which created a slight complex for the young stud in high school. Alessandro on the other hand, looked up to the two taller men as he was still above-average 5 '8. Chad, like his step-son, had a similar chiseled jaw-line, except he had a cleft-chin where Banks did not. He had nice thick black stubble coming in from a recent shave he had done the night prior. Chad was no slouch in the body department, similar to the two boys. He had done football in high school and some weightlifting in his college years. He still had a strong upper body and lower body, especially a nice pair of big pecs that pushed against any shirt he wore.Like Alessandro, he had body hair pushing out the top of his current maroon shirt. You could see a slight little bit of a gut on the older gentleman, but he still had the adonis belt leading downward from the few glances the boys had seen in the past. His head was still full of a thick black coif of hair, with some slight graying here and there. The salt and pepper look only added to his pure sex appeal. Alessandro was already beginning to drool, setting eyes on the older stud standing before the two boys upon entering the home. Alessandro had been attracted to Banks’ step-father since as long as he could remember. He was pretty sure the man was the catalyst for his gay awakening and one of his favorite types of men, daddys. Banks already knew Alessandro had a thing for his step-father and did not really mind it. It’d be a lie at first if Banks said he didn’t find it kind of weird, but he could see the appeal his step-father has. Hell, if he weren’t his step-son, he’d probably be attracted to him too! Even though Banks and Alessandro had fooled around a couple times here and there, they both had their types of guys that they were interested in. After putting their school stuff away the two boys changed into some more comfortable clothes since it was already evening. Alessandro still wore his tank top but borrowed some extra gray sweatpants from Banks. They were a little long since he was not as tall as Banks, but his waist and bubble butt held down the fort. Meanwhile, Banks decided to remain shirtless and exchanged his denim pants for some basketball shorts, similar to his step-father. Chad was already waiting for the boys at the dining room table with some snacks. His muscles were the ones wearing that maroon shirt, meanwhile he lounged around in some light gray basketball shorts, like his step-son. “Alright boys! It’s game night time. Thanks for joining us once again Alessandro,” Chad leaned over putting his large hand on the drooling boy's shoulder, Chad’s biceps bulging. If Alessandro could keep time still, now would be one of those times. Banks did a silent laugh watching at how hopeless his friend looked when seeing someone he was attracted to. Thankfully, his step-father was oblivious to the effects that he was having on his buddy. “So Banksy, what is this game you found? I’ve been looking forward to playing something new with you guys!”Chad reached over for one of the crackers he had prepped on the charcuterie board. “Alright men, let’s see.”, Banks pulled off the top of the box labeled “The Simulated Universe”. The blue-ish white graphics seemed reflective in the light of the dining room. The inside of the box was coated in an indigo-velvet texture where lay a simple board. To the right of the board was a separated section that had a slot for cards, little game pieces, and most importantly, the instructions. The board lay out on the table, loads of squares lead to a path toward the center of the game. In the center was a planet that was purple-greenish in color surrounded by stars of different shades, ranging from yellow, white, blue, and orange. Around the board in a spiral-esque pattern were the squares going planet to planet. On one side of the board were constellations being strung up in the sky with a clear outline of a rectangle shape, meaning the placement of cards should be placed there. Removing the little game pieces from the box, Banks placed them down at the starting line which was laid out in a cosmic type of font. Pulling out the instructions, Banks read, “Welcome to the Simulated Universe! A board game where the players simulate different changes to themselves to reach the center of the universe. As trailblazers of the universe, you must proceed through this simulated universe to reach the end goal, Planet XXX. On your way, you will roll the dice provided. Depending on the color space you land on, you will need to pull a matching colored card. These cards have been blessed by the Aeons of the Universe! Depending on what card you pull, the player who pulls that card will be augmented through the gifts of that Aeon. Each card will have a number determining the value. The Aeons are: The Trichology, Harrisford (Brown) The Mus-Trophy, Massus (Red) The Spongiosum, Priapi (Orange) The Gigantism, Giantilli (Yellow) The Spermiah, Shooteric (Green) The Distendent, Guzzlit (Blue) The Posterior, Gluteha (Indigo) The Virility, Libidon (Purple) The Ascendancy, Dominor (Black) The Acquiescent, Subservoros (White) The Impromptu, Randromeda (Pink) “The Aeons are always willing to give boons to the trailblazers that pass through the universe, as long as they are able to enjoy their boons to the fullest potential. The winner of the game is dictated by who is able to reach the center of the universe first. However, all players must continue to work toward the center after the first player finishes. No trailblazer left behind!” “Sounds simple enough boys! The theme reminds me of some sci-fi games or shows. It looks neat”, Chad enthusiastically reached over for the blue looking astronaut. Alessandro grabbed the purple one while Banks settled on the red one. “So who should go first? Should you pull up that handy wheel Banks?”Alessandro turned his attention to his buddy who was already pulling out his phone. In typical fashion and to make it fair, the group always put their names into a wheel to dictate the order of the turns. “Alrighty, the results are in. First up will be Alessandro, then myself, and lastly, the old man.” “Old man my ass boy!”Chad leaned in to ruffle Banks’ hair, using his knuckles. Alessandro took hold of the dice and noticed it only was shaped similar to a prism. However, the only numbers that could be rolled were either a one, two, three, or four. Looks like the group has a lot of spaces to conquer. Shaking the dice in both hands, Alessandro began to roll. The prism scattered across the box that once held the board game and other components. After hitting the wall and sputtering about, it landed on a two. Alessandro moved his trailblazer forward. “Let’s see…the space is indigo. Let me just reach over.”, Alessandro grazed his hands over the multiple colored backs of the cards until finding the one resembling indigo. Pulling out of that deck and reading it, “The Aeon of Posterior, Gluteha grants you a boon of 2. Cool.”. Alessandro handed the dice over to Banks. He had to readjust himself in his seat since he felt like the sweatpants he was wearing felt a little tight. “I’m going to roll something better than you did dude,” taking his turn Banks rolled a three. His trailblazer moving forward on the board past his buddy landed on the color green. Similar to his buddy, he looked around until his eyes laid on the green backing of a card. “The Aeon of Spermiah, Shooteric grants you a boon of 3. What kind of name is that?”, the group chuckled. “Sounded like sperm to me.”, giggled Alessandro. “Yeah yeah keep chuckling you two. At least I am ahead on the board.”, Banks reached his hand down toward his crotch, giving it a little rub. He felt a tad bit horny since he hadn’t had the chance to jerk off yet after practice. He squeezed his thighs against his package, feeling the nice little tingle of his sac pulsing. Banks made note that he was going to need to jack off after the game finished, and when Alessandro returned home. “Look out for your, how you put it, old man son.”Chad with a flick of the wrist rolled the prism. It landed on one. “Wah wah wahhhhh,” both boys chimed in unison. Chad just scoffed and chuckled before moving his trailblazer. The space he landed on was yellow. “Alright let’s see here, ah yellow! The Aeon of Gigantism, Giantilli grants you a boon of 5. Looks like I got the highest value out of this round boys! Ha!”Chad slammed his card down near where he was sitting. Chad made a grunt as he slammed the card down, receiving a slight wave of dizziness. The doorbell had rung. The pizza he forgot they ordered arrived. “We’ll go get it. Wait here pops.”, Banks left the dining room with Alessandro following behind him. The dizziness spell continued as Chad sat still. He couldn’t tell what had gone over him. His body felt a little sore, but that was probably from his workout this morning right? As the spell of dizziness was beginning to waver the boys returned with the box of pizza. Making room on the table the three got up and grabbed plates for their feast. Taking a swig of water and standing up, Chad was feeling better. Being nimble, he went in to grab a slice of pizza before the two gluttons got to it first. As Chad was reaching over for a slice, Alessandro noticed that the maroon shirt was being lifted up slightly on Chad. The adonis belt he had was exposed alongside a treasure trail. Not only that, but the gym shorts that were once near his knees were riding up to his thighs. Confused, Alessandro kept taking glances before leaning over to Banks. “Hey dude, is it just me, or does your dad look a little taller? I’m not tripping right? His shirt fit him earlier?”, Alessandro whispered. Whispering back, “What middle aged man grows taller? You’re the shortest out of us three so we always look taller to you. But, you’re right, I could have sworn his shirt didn’t expose part of his gut.” “You don’t get it dude, I always ogle your step-dad, he definitely looks bigger somehow.”Alessandro paused to bite into his pizza. Chad was getting some more beverages from the fridge in the kitchen. As Chad returned from the kitchen to put down a variety of soda from the fridge, Banks took note of his step-fathers appearance. He sure looked the same, but Alessandro may have been on to something. Something was off. As his dad continued to walk back to his seat, his head was closer to the top of the doorframe than it normally was. No way, was he actually taller? How much taller though? Banks couldn’t believe it. Chad was taller! As the man sat down his head and torso definitely was higher than it had been when the two boys had gone out to grab the grub. “Alessandro dude, you may be right. But how?”Banks couldn’t stop stealing glances at his father in the most inconspicuous way possible. “Fuck if I know but he looks even better! You don’t think it had to do with that oh so special boon that this game you found gave him, right?” “What did he pull again?”, while the group remained on pause to eat their grub, Banks pulled up a search on what was Aeon's thing again? Gigantism? Through a quick google search, Banks had an answer. He turned his phone over to Alessandro acting like he was showing his friend a meme. Alessandro nodded and did another glance over. “Sounds legit enough. But if he, you know, hypothetically got taller, what the hell did our draws mean?”Alessandro glanced over at their colored cards worried.
  3. My very first try on a muscle growth story. I really hope you like it! English is not my native language, so please be appreciative. And if you have any adivce or correction, just dm me! Summary: Manly a "Spartacus" fanfiction without Spartacus or any other know character. Just men in ancient rom in pretty much less clothing, fighting, growing and more. The first chapter is with little growth, just setting the stage. Chapter 1 Day of decision Sextus Barbatius Ennecus stood on his balcony on the top floor of his villa "Ludi Crescita" and looked at the training ground below him with mixed feelings. His last two gladiators were training with their instructor Narcissus. The owner of the Ludi, the gladiator school, sighed and thought about when exactly his decline had begun. More and more fights his gladiators were losing and they were dying off like flies. Of course, this was the daily routine in this kind of fights - but people wanted to be entertained. Exciting duels and an epic finale. But neither could his fighters deliver. So he could participate in fewer and fewer events, gained no money, could not buy new fighters and so the spiral went slowly but inexorably down. Socially it destroyed him as well as financially. His wife disappeared in one night with their common son. The heir who was to take over all this. But... what was it exactly? He had already inherited the "Ludi" from his father and now wondered if he never really had his father's skills? His eye for a man's abilities may never have been as good as he had hoped. A clearing of his throat snapped him out of his dark thoughts and the gaze of his blue eyes turned to Narcissus. The Hispania had been bequeathed to him by his father. He had been the most successful gladiator of that school in his time and then appointed to train the new fighters. Although he had not been in the arena for a long time and the ravages of time were also gnawing at him, Narcissus was always the epitome of strength. At 6’2 and well over 220lbs, he impressed every new slave and you just wanted to obey him. The sweat after his early morning workout made his tanned skin sparkle and glisten. "Magister. A word?" the instructor asked and with a slightly lowered gaze. A nod followed and while Sextus left the balcony, Narcissus entered the building. The two fighters outside sought out the shade and drank the little water that was provided. Sexuts approached the man and although he had the money, the prestige and the power, he always felt small around his closest confidant. The "Magister" had been too much affected by the years of prosperity. Literally. A fat belly bulged outward from his tunic and his arms, as well as his double chin, wobbled slightly as he descended the stairs. "What's up?" he wanted to know, looking at the symmetrical face of Narcissus. "These two... won't survive the day, Magister." No information that was really new to the owner of the school. "That's not going to happen. It SHOULDN'T happen. Do you realize what will happen if they don't?" Sextus was in danger of losing his temper in front of his slave and reminded himself to be careful. He could not show weakness. He cleared his throat and declared, "If they lose, you are useless to me. And if you're useless to me..." he left the threat hanging, feeling incredibly idiotic himself. The Hispania was a close confidant, an advisor who always stood by him. And physically he was so much superior to him that the threat seemed almost ridiculous and desperate. Narcissus knew better, though, and just nodded. "I will remind them again of the importance, Magister." The muscleman bowed and went outside. By the evening of that same day, it was clear. Sextus had lost everything. His last two gladiators dead. His reputation had been dragged through the mud once again. He was a laughingstock. Wife and son lost. What was left for him? The prayer The cliff where the Magister de Ludi Crescita stood went steeply down and ended in the sea, which broke several times on the rough rock formation. Despite the dim light, the waves and sharp stones were clearly visible. So this was how it was going to end for him? In his last act of pure despair, he knelt down, folded his hands and spoke to heaven: "Gods! Give me a sign! Give me insight! Give me a reason to go on living! Give me a sign and I swear I will become your faithful servant!" The sky did not crack. The earth did not shake. No golden light followed. It simply remained silent. But what had Sextus been thinking? Gods... "Get up!" commanded a voice so deep that the ground almost trembled, and the authority that lay within it could not be countered. Sextus stood up as and turned around to make out the source of this male bass. What he saw made him travel his eyes wide, and almost at the same moment sink back to the ground. "A befitting stance, little human." the voice continued to speak and Sextus looked up again to take a closer look at this god. The man was around ten feet tall and of handsome build. A six-pack on an impossibly narrow waist with beautiful Apollo belt led into two thighs the circumference of which would probably correspond to the current abdominal girth of Sextus. The chest was peppered with fine hair and each of the muscles was as big as a pillow. The arms, strong and full of veins could crush anything and everything and the shoulders explained why the giant wore only a simple toga around his hips. The face.... The face was out of this world. Symmetrical. Masculine. Angular. Intimidating, yet inviting. The god's eyes rested on Sextus, sparkling an unnatural red. "Mars...god of war. You shame me with your presence." he interrupted his admiration. "I heard your prayer and offer you a bargain that is in both our interests. I have chosen a new champion," Mars announced, and it was clear to everyone that he had fucked a mortal and created a demigod. "He needs to be trained. I will send him to you, you will train him, and in a year you will send him on the journey to Alexandria. In return, your fighters will always be victorious and receive a touch of my power. Do you consent?" Who was he to bargain and haggle with a god. "But what...if he loses and dies?", Sextus mused. The giant laughed uproariously, and in the distance birds took off in fright into the night sky. "You amuse me, little man. Mind your tongue." Mars paused briefly and considered further. "You seem to lack faith. Let me prove it to you and in return, you will receive another task from me. In a year, when you let my champion go, you will build me a temple in your estate. A shrine and swear that each of your gladiators will become a follower of Mars. Declare your devotion to me. To war. To passion in battle. To bloodshed." What did Sextus have to lose? He nodded and spoke humbly, "As you wish, Mars. God of war.“ The new recruit "We have... visitors, Magister," Narcissus explained uncertainly. After yesterday's defeat, he was unsure how his lord and master would react, and then to have a visitor at the door. It was a rarity, but the master nodded with a thoughtful expression. "Invite him in and show him to the reception hall. The Hispania nodded and walked back to the large, locked main gate. In front of it stood a boy. No more than 19 years old of slight build. Clothes hung too large from narrow shoulders and a simple sack was probably all the possessions the boy carried. As instructed, Narcissus led the youth into the reception hall where his Magister was already waiting. The Hispania would never dare to say it openly, but Sextus was not a good master. Neither did he know anything about fighting, nor did he have much experience in running this school. His father had died too quickly, leading to the decline of this school. Sitting wide-legged so that there was room for his ever-expanding belly, he eyed the mismatched pair. Narcissus was twice the man this boy was. "What's your name?" asked Sextus straight out. Hesitantly, the slightly too high voice answered, "Eroticus Prisca, my lord." The look of the master continued to be uninterpretable. "And what brings you here, boy?" he continued to ask. Again hesitating and uncertain, the boy answered, "An... an inner voice, my lord. I want to fight. I want to become strong. My whole existence cries out to prove myself. I want to prove myself. Become a hero." Narcissus had to control himself not to smile. The boy had balls. You had to give him that. "Undress, boy." demanded Sextus, and with a now blushing face, Eroticus disrobed. Revealed beneath the flowing tunic was a picture of misery. The boy must have traveled long. The body was scrawny and seemed to break like a twig in the wind. He had no chest to speak of, his arms were without definition and his stomach showed the malnutrition of what must have been a long journey. The boy's privates showed a few hairs, but the penis was also of small growth and the testicles were small. He was already preparing to escort him back outside when his master addressed him. "Narcissus. He gets one of the free chambers in the training camp. You guys train him. There's a new tournament scheduled in four weeks. I want to see him ready for action. Maybe the training and the fight will bring you honor, glory and a little chest hair. You have a year to prove yourself. Otherwise, you'll end up in the gutter." The expression of pure incomprehension was on the teacher's face. Sextus could not be serious. Not only was he delivering this boy to the slaughter, but he was further ruining the already desolate reputation of this school. Maybe he was actually crazy? But Narcissus was too much of a slave to voice a concern aloud. He nodded and repeated, "In four weeks, the boy will be ready to fight victoriously or die honorably." Whereas the latter was more likely after all. The Hispania had seen a lot in his 30 years. From Spain he emigrated with his father to Italy to find his fortune there. When his father died, leaving behind a 15-year-old, awkward son, Narcissus quickly went off the rails. It didn't surprise him that he was sold to this house as a slave at the age of 16. But it was the best thing that could have happened to him. His mind had a task. His body exercise. His whole existence had a purpose. In the now 22-plus years he had served the school, the man's brown eyes had seen much. Agile and nimble fighters. Technically proficient fighters. Muscle-bound war beasts. But Eroticus was something entirely new. He fought with the speed of a flying arrow and the determination of a raging torrent. Narcissus was not convinced by this action, but the longer he trained the man, the more he saw in him a fighter who could perhaps save this house. The energy that the youth displayed was unparalleled, and this despite the fact that the sun in may was already merciless. The physical transformation of the boy was also... interesting. With a speed unknown to Narcissus, the boy seemed to grow. The thin little arms showed signs of biceps. The legs grew stronger from run to run. The belly was adorned with four bulges after only a week, thanks to training and now regular eating. Maybe, just maybe, Narcissus thought to himself, the Lord had seen more in him than anyone wanted to think. After three weeks, Sextus ordered his confidant to his office. The Magister was busy with various traders, bookmakers and betting offices. He seemed so sure of victory. Did the lord perhaps know more than he wanted to admit? "How is he doing, Narcissus? What does your experience tell you." The Hispania thought for a moment and then spoke quietly, "I cannot tell you what my experience tells me, Lord. For I have never had such an experience." Wondering what this cryptic statement meant, Sextus prompted to continue speaking. "He is a quick learner. He understands quickly. He's good at assessing combat situations. I haven't come across his fighting style yet. He is quick, but there is such power and precision in his strikes. I would cautiously like to think he might have a good chance..." The Magister listened and continued to look at Narcissus. "So what? It sounds like you have something else to say." The slave was undecided whether to mention this at all. Sextus would see it either way, though. "Its...growth, sir. I have seen many men here. But his growth seems extraordinary." Incomprehension spread through Sextus' gaze. "His... fighting growth? Get specific, by the gods!" he commanded, and Narcissus replied, "Let me show you." A short time later, the Hispania entered the room again with a person almost unknown to Sextus. The boy was no longer a boy. He had the youthful features of a 17 year old in his face, but the body was steeled. His shoulders were broader, his legs strong and defined, and veins ran down his arms over his small biceps. He was far from a physical competitor to Narcissus. But the progress in just three weeks was tremendous. The six pack was defined and the breathing was still fast and excited. Eroticus had been working out and sweat glistened on his tanned skin as the scent filled the small room. His gaze continued to be directed downward. "Ah. It seems to me that you have found your purpose, Eroticus?" The boy, or rather... the young man nodded. "Yes sir. Have thanks for your trust." Sextus was surprised again. The boy's voice had deepened as well. But with the memory of that bass of his father, this was close. "You may both go." he ordered, waiting quietly until his two servants had left the office. Only then did a smile of victory steal onto the man's lips.
  4. Escribí esta historia rápida, sencilla y corta. La intención era enfocar la historia desde el punto de vista del deterioro del alfa. Contiene comparación de tamaño, cambio de roles, cambios físicos, escena de humillación (suave) y m/m. Espero les guste. YA NO ERES EL ALPHA, GORDITO PARTE 1. Cerveza, papas fritas con cheddar, frituras, tacos, snacks… varias personas te venían diciendo que podrías ponerte gordo si continuabas descuidando tus hábitos alimenticios. Pero tu, desestimadas aquellos comentarios y te reías, estabas muy confiado en que tu metabolismo podría seguir resolviendolo muy bien. Pero esos descuidos reiterados una y otra vez, empezaron a hacer evidenciar las primeras consecuencias. Estabas equivocado si creÍas que tu metabolismo seguía siendo el mismo de cuando tenías 20 años. Bueno, quizá un kilito mas ni se notaría. Y una noche, tu cabeza hizo el click. Estabas llegando tarde a una cita que habías conseguido con esas aplicaciones del teléfono, con una hermosa mujer blonda, de sensuales y prominentes curvas tal como te encantaban. Te duchaste, te perfumaste proyectando en tener una gran noche íntima. Pero un percance que no estaba en tu radar te demoró unos cuantos minutos. ¡Pero que pasaba con ese maldito cierre?! Estuviste luchando con la cremallera de ese jean favorito que te tanto te gustaba, y que guardabas para ocasiones especiales. A duras penas podía contener tu piernas un poco regordetas. Y la camisa, ya no marcaba esos musculosos, esos brazos fuertes y tonificados, ni esa espalda en V que volvía locas a las muchachas en la universidad cuando te veían pasar por el pasillo. Pero tu ego, tu excesivo ego, te cegó del problema. La cena en el restaurant con la mujer fue positiva, pero el problema surgió al momento de intimar, cuando te quitaste la ropa. Ella no pudo ocultar su cara de desaprobación, y fue duramente sincera. El muchacho que tenía enfrente no coincidía con exactitud al muchacho de la foto que mostraba el perfil de la aplicación, y te lo hizo saber: “No eres lo que esperaba. Te ves.. gordito, y yo me esperaba un hombro musculoso y marcado. No te ofendas, pero no eres mi tipo” Ella se vistió rápidamente, salió a la calle y se tomó el primer taxi que pasó. Aquel comentario perforó tan hondo en tus entrañas que desdibujó por completo a tu sonrisa arrogante. Apenas se fue, te acercaste al espejo mas cercano y ahí te diste de cuenta de eso. Aquel kilito insignificante que habías minimizado en su momento, ya no era uno… ni eran dos, ni tres. Eran mucho mas. No lo habías querido ver, pero tu cuerpo, tu templo sagrado motivo de orgullo… se venía derrumbando, y tu exceso de confianza no te lo estaba dejando ver. Flexionaste, y donde hubo abdominales marcados, ahora solo había una barriga en su lugar. Poco quedaba de aquel muchacho fornido y musculoso veinteañero. Confundido y alarmado, te seguiste mirando y tocando tu cuerpo frente al espejo como si fuese uno ajeno. Tus pectorales ya no tenían la firmeza de antes, ahora estaban blando recubiertos por una pequeña capa de grasa.. y tus brazos ya no tenían aquel aspecto voluminoso y a la vez fuerte, que tanto te gustaba presumir cuando eras el capitán del equipo de rugby en la universidad. Por unos momentos, sentiste como si el mundo se derrumbara. Te desplomaste en el sillón. Te pusiste a hacer zapping para olvidar el mal momento, y en cuanto tu estomago gruñó de hambre, te levantaste para ir a la cocina. Abriste la puerta del refrigerador y solo había algunas botellas de cerveza, unos tacos que habían quedado del mediodía, un sandwich.. pero nada de verduras. No importa, tenías hambre y no estabas de humor, asi que te lo llevaste contigo. Y al pasar por la sala, te detuviste en un estante negro del que colgaban tus medallas y trofeos, tus logros deportivos universitarios, y junto a todo eso, también habia una foto que retrataba los tiempos de aquel muchacho que supo ser un alfa. Te recostaste en el sillón a calmar tu apetito con ese taco, y mientras tragabas mas mirabas esa foto, y mas momentos recordabas de aquella época. Finalmente parecías estar digiriendo la realidad; estabas fuera de forma con algunos kilos de mas y es que en efecto, aunque no habías cambiado nada en tus hábitos, tu metabolismo ya no era el mismo a tus 35 años, que cuando tenias 18. Abruptamente, despegaste tu cola del sillón y proclamaste firmemente en que desde mañana mismo comenzarías el gimnasio para resurgir como el alfa que supiste ser años atrás. Y en la mañana misma, lo primero que hiciste después de un saludable y proteico desayuno con huevos, fue ir hasta el Mall para comprar ropa deportiva. Preferiste un talle adicional para disimular esos kilitos de mas en el gimnasio, ya habría tiempo de usar mas adelante musculosas ajustadas. Pero primero, querías perder esos kilos de mas, aplanar el vientre y recuperar algo de la masa muscular perdida. La operación “el resurgimiento del ave Fénix” estaba comenzando. PARTE 2 Tenías todo listo; la vestimenta, el bolso con toalla y ropa limpia, la botella de agua, y la actitud. La secretaria en la entrada te entregó la tarjeta para ingresar y amablemente te indicó que sigas derecho por el pasillo, donde estaría el instructor para darte la ficha personal. Mientras atravesabas por la sala de musculación, se te vino a la cabeza aquella época universitaria en la que pasabas tus horas libres entrenando en el gimnasio, cargando pesos pesados y llamando naturalmente la atención de los otros muchachos, que te veían con cierta envidia. Amabas quitarte la camiseta para presumir tus músculos y lograr que todas las miradas se dirijan hacia ti, pero ahora, ahora no sentías aquella confianza. Miraste alrededor, y en un rincón encontraste a alguien de espalda, en cuya polo podía leerse “gym monitor”. Tampoco hubiese sido muy difícil identificarlo con esa tremenda espalda ancha que claramente destacaba. Te paraste detrás de él y lanzaste un tímido saludo, pero el instructor no advirtió tu presencia. Estaba sentado, ocupado coqueteando con dos chicas de curvas sensuales que estaban divirtiendose tocando los gruesos biceps del muchacho. Volviste a intentarlo, y esta vez con un volumen mas alto y tocándole el hombro. “Hola, soy nuevo. La secretaria me dijo que usted me daría la ficha pers…” “Bueno, sigan entrenando, hermosas.. seguiremos luego” y con un guiño de ojo las dejó delirando en llamas. El muchacho se puso de pie, elevando su magnifico torso hacia arriba y se giró con fastidio tras verse interrumpido su coqueteo. Tu cara quedó en shock en cuanto viste ese rostro, con esa barba masculina, prolija, y el tamaño de ese hombre. Era media cabeza mas alto que tu, así que posiblemente esté bordeando el metro noventa cinco. Él inclinó su cabeza y extendió su mano para saludar. “Si, ya te alcanzo una ficha. Soy Alan. Alan Ruiz” dijo con voz de macho Y apenas escuchaste ese nombre, tu rostro se puso pálido. No. No podías ser él! estabas en shock “Como es tu nombre, eh GORDITO?” Respiraste aliviado, él no parece haberte reconocido. “Pablo…” “y apellido?” “Galeano” pronunciaste muy tímidamente, y mientras él anotaba en la ficha, tu mirada fue hacia los abultados biceps del entrenador. Esa polo se veía exigida para contener ese cuerpo. “Pablo Galeano, me dijiste??”. El hombre levantó la mirada y te miró atentamente. “Espera un momento...creo que te conozco de algún lugar” GLUUUP. Se te secó la garganta con los nervios de ese incómodo momento. Rogabas que no te recuerde, pero tu temor se hizo realidad. “Tu no estudiabas en la universidad Campo Oeste? aaaah ya te recuerdo, tu eras el capitán del equipo de rugby” GLUUUP. La situación se tornaba mas incómoda. Ese hombre musculoso que tenías frente a tus ojos, era el pequeño nerd de quien tu, y tus amigos, se burlaban por ser gordito. Además, parecía haber pegado un estirón porque en ese tiempo él tenía menos estatura que ti. “Heey Pablito, como te ha ido?” dijo con un tono mas amistoso Te dió una palmada en el hombro, y aunque no lo había hecho con fuerza, logró desestabilizar tu postura. Te cruzó el brazo por detrás del cuello, y podías sentir su pesado antebrazo apoyado sobre tus trapecios. Te guió hacia un rincón de la sala de musculación, y te pidió que subas a la báscula, hacia mucho tiempo que no te pesabas. Apenas apoyaste los pies, los números en el visor fueron avanzando, y a medida que seguian subiendo, tus nervios también aumentaban. 67...75...79… 84… GLUUUP 86… 89… En tu mente, rogabas desesperadamente que esos números se detengan ya. Que avergonzante! Pasaste la barrera de los 90 kilos, y esos números aún no se detenían. “95 kilos… uff.. vaya Pablito, parece que el capitán del equipo ahora esta bastante gordito, eh. Has estado comiendo bastante bien” Y como si la situacion aún no fuese lo suficientemente humillante, él te levantó la camiseta y hundió su dedo reiteradamente sobre tu grasa abdominal, donde antes había abdominales marcados. “Hmm que dirían esas porristas si te vieran asi de gordo ahora?…Ellas estaban locas por ti, suspiraban cada vez que te veían pasar por los pasillos” Te agitó la barriga como si fueras un juguete de gelatina y se rió viendo como la onda expansiva de los temblores hacian mover la grasita acumulada en lo que fueron tus firmes pectorales. Nunca antes habías sentido vergüenza de ese modo. El primer entrenamiento te resultó agotador, no tenías aliento ni para quejarte, y tu rendimiento fue inferior a lo que esperabas; no pudiste levantar ni la mitad de los pesos que solías cargar en tus años universitarios. Y encima, él se acercaba cada tanto y te decía comentarios como “hasta mi abuelita levanta mas peso que eso”. El mamut, probablemente pueda levantar facilmente 3 o 4 veces mas peso que ese. Entraste a las duchas del vestuario, que ya estaban desérticas porque era tarde y en unos pocos minutos el gimnasio cerraría. Y mientras el agua tibia y la espuma del jabón se deslizaba sobre tu cuerpo, tu cabeza no dejaba de pensar en como ese gordito nerd de quien se burlaban, ahora esté dotado de un físico digno de la portada de las revistas fitness. Te envolviste la toalla en la cintura al salir de la ducha, y para tu sorpresa te encontraste con Alan sin su polo, flexionando los músculos frente al espejo. “Heey gordito.. ¿Que te parecen estos biceps? se ven enormes verdad?”. Se acercó a ti, con esos abdominales tallados, esos pectorales carnosos pero firmes, hombros redondeados, y flexionó sus voluminosos brazos frente a tus ojos, pero tu no sabías que contestarle. Ni en tu mejor momento físico habías conseguido unos brazos anchos como esos. “¿Porque no me ayudas a medir a estos bebé?” te pidió con una sonrisa engreída sabiendo que la medición daría un número muy generoso. Le hiciste caso y envolviste la cinta métrica que te dió alrededor de su biceps flexionado “Y bien? cuanto miden?” preguntó ansioso. “56 centimetros..” dictaminaste tímidamente. “CUANTO?!” volvió a re-preguntar con una sonrisa arrogante que se extendía entre sus mejillas. Él lo había escuchado perfectamente, pero solo quería que tu volvieras a repetirlo para presumir del tamaño. “56” respondiste nuevamente con un tono mas elevado “Heeey, se ven impresionantes verdad?. Estos bebé no paran de crecer hahaha… Acércate, ¿porque no los tocas? Vamos.. no seas tímido, gordito” No querías hacerlo, pero él insistió para que lo hagas. Extendiste tus brazos para apoyar las palmas de tus manos sobre los fenomenales biceps del monitor. Empezaste a tocarlos, y a frotarlos un poco.. no podías creer lo duro que se sentían esos brazos, mientras el sonreía orgullosamente. Y luego deslizaste tus manos hacia sus hombros redondeados, y sentiste esos pectorales carnosos pero firmes. “Parece que te gusta, eh?” “Que dices?!” protestaste indignado. Alan señaló hacia abajo, hacia el bulto que se estaba hinchando debajo de la toalla que cubria tu cintura. Si!, estabas teniendo una erección involuntaria y que no podías disimular. Rápidamente, sonrojado, quitaste tus manos sobre él. “Hey, que pasa, gordito?”. Su sonrisa engreida parecia estar buscando una reacción. El hombre musculoso dió un paso hacia adelante, para acercarse aún mas hacia ti. Él ya estaba tan cerca, que sentiste invadido tu espacio personal, y empezaste a retroceder. El avanzaba un paso, y tu retrocedias otro… hasta que tu espalda chocó contra el frio metal de los lockers. Él extendió sus brazos para apoyarlos contra los lockers y tu quedaste atrapado entre ellos, sus brazos y sus torsos. Te ponías mas nervioso a cada segundo.. no sabías que estaba pasando, ni cuales serían sus intenciones. “pero que haces?!” “Solo estamos jugando un poco, ¿no te gusta jugar conmigo?” te susurró al oido con un tono masculino y erótico, mientras acercaba sus labios a los tuyos “Pero que estas haciendo??! Yo no soy gay!” Intentaste escapar.. ¡Que iluso! Tu fuerza no era suficiente ni para desplazar un centímetro de los brazos del grandote, que te mantenían cautivo contra los lockers. El se rió, y apretó su torso aún mas contra el tuyo, con mas fuerza. Ya podías sentir sus pectorales presionando contra tu cara. “...Tu cuerpo no dice lo mismo” Y en ese instante sentiste su cálida mano sumergirse sobre tu toalla. Sentiste como sus dedos gruesos envolvian a tu tronco erecto, y en cuanto él comenzó a frotarlo lentamente hacia arriba y hacia abajo, empezaste a entrar en un trance placentero. También él. “No te resista mas, putito… te encanta esto” Él agarró tus manos, y las sumergió en su short para que hagas lo mismo. Tu mano envolvió su pene, y no podías creer lo gruesa que se sentía esa polla entre tus dedos, que con cada bombeo parecía expandirse mas. Se bajó el short y ambos quedaron quedaron completamente desnudos. Tus ojos corroboraron la sensación que habían sentido tus manos “Es grande esta polla, no?” presumió con orgullo, y acercó su pene parado frente al tuyo. Tu pene promedio de 15 centimetros se veía pequeño al lado de aquel pene grueso y largo… “Mi tronco está listo para jugar” Alan volteó tu cara contra los lockers, quedaste de espalda. Y con esa voz tan masculina y erótica a la vez te susurró al oido “Relajá esa colita, puede que te duela un poco al principio, pero tranquilo… te acostumbrarás. Y te va a encantar” La fuerza que él hacía, te mantuvo inmovilizado, y apenas empezó a hundir su generoso pene entre tus nalgas, tu voluntad de huir parecía esfumarse. Tus gemidos, mezclados entre dolor y placer, replicaban en la soledad del vestuario. Debías admitir que te había encantado. El grandote se puso su uniforme. “Ya vístete. El gimnasio cerrará en 5 minutos”. Dicho eso, se retiró por la puerta, como si nada hubiese pasado. Pero ese episodio volvió a repetirse la semana siguiente, y a la siguiente. Solamente pensar en sus gruesos y fornidos músculos te despertaban unas cosquillas deliciosas. No veías la hora de terminar de entrenar, para ir al vestuario a encontrarte con esa bestia musculosa para que te coja salvajemente. ¿Quien lo diría? Empezaste a tener citas con él; iban al cine, veían partidos de rugby, comian en restaurantes y todas las citas tenían un elemento en común; todas terminaban con sexo. Parece que te habías vuelto adicto a sentir sus músculosos y a tener sexo con él. Y hasta te mudaste a su departamento. Por otra parte, en tu primer mes habías logrado bajar 2 kilos. Él te sonrió, aunque en su mente tenía otros planes para ti. EXTRA. Lo acompañabas a los torneos de fisicoculturismo. Disfrutabas verlo flexionar sus enormes músculos en el escenario. Te calentaba verlo, y no podías esperar a que termine la competencia para tener sexo con esa bestia. Ganó otro trofeo, y a solas, el grandote el grandote te hizo un show privado para ti. Empezaste a deslizarle la lengua por su biceps y sobre sus pectorales, y le pediste permiso para tener sexo. “Todavía hay rosquillas en la caja…”. Se acercó a tu oido y te susurró “.. Comelas todas, y este toro te dará una salvaje sacudida como nunca sentiste” Caías en su encanto, y empezaste a tragar.. y a tragar, para obtener tu recompensa. Tu estomago ya estaba lleno, pero el te ayudó empujando las últimas dos rosquillas dentro de tu boca, mientras te hacia unos deliciosos masajes. “Muy bien, mi pequeño….” Alan se puso de pie, y cumplió. Poco a poco, quirúrgicamente, te fue convenciendo con que ya no era necesario que sigas yendo al gimnasio. Ahora que vivian juntos, él podía atender tus necesidades sexuales a diario. Tu llegabas de la oficina antes, y lo esperabas ansioso. Te alegraba verlo entrar por la puerta, como un perrito que espera a su amo ver llegar a la casa. El se acercó a ti, para darte unos cariñosos besos y frotarte la barriga. “Te traje tus hamburguesas favoritas.. triple con queso, cheddar y panceta...Y si comes las tres, te haré eso que tanto te gusta”. No hizo falta que termine de decir la oración, el meneo que hizo con las caderas y el gesto con la cara, lo dejaba claro Y tu obedeciste para recibir el premio sexual que aquel adonis te prometía. Sin entrenamientos y regresando a tus habitos de comida chatarra, en dos meses no solo recuperaste los 5 kilos que habías perdido, sino que además rápidamente alcanzaste la barrera de los tres dígitos. El sexo salvaje que tu hombre te daba, te mantenía distraido, mientras tu barriga avanzaba, se hacia mas redonda y prominente y ponía en jaque a las costuras de tu uniforme de trabajo. A ese ritmo, pronto necesitarías actualizar tu talle, una vez mas. “Abre grande esa boquita” dijo tu novio introduciendo un trozo de pastel a tu boca, chorreando de salsa de chocolate entre sus dedos, luego de una suculenta cena Mientras Alan sumaba mas y mas trofeos a la vitrina por su excelente estado físico, tu ganabas mas y mas kilos, pero nadie te decía nada. Una tarde, mientras dormías en el sillón, te pareció escuchar unas voces. Al abrir los ojos, estabas en lo cierto. Alan había venido acompañado de unos amigos. Todos ellos se veían musculosos y atléticos, y uno dijo; “Necesitamos uno mas para el equipo de rugby…” ¿Rugby dijo? Eso era lo tuyo. O eso creías… “Yo puedo jugar. Me encanta el rugby!” Ellos se miraron, y lanzaron una estruendosa carcajadas. Lo miraste a Alan, el único serio del grupo. “Dijo que necesitan un jugador. Cuando necesiten un balón te avisarán!. Y lanzó su risa contenida. “Tu hahaha.. tu no puedes ni correr la cortina del baño hahahah” “Pesa mas que todo el equipo hahah” se animó a decir otro. Rápidamente, los otros muchachos se fueron sumando a las bromas, con intensas risas. Todas las bromas apuntando por que estabas gordo. Incluso Alan se sumó a esas bromas. Agarraste tus cosas, e intentaste huir por la puerta. Nunca antes te habías sentido tan humillado de esa manera, corriste unos pasos y llegaste a la puerta con la respiración agitada, mientras los muchachos no paraban de reir, mientras sumaban mas burlas y sonidos de cerditos. Fueron los minutos mas humillantes que jamas hayas experimentado.. y esos fueron los últimos minutos de su relación. Ahora sentías en carne propia, lo que gordito nerd había sufrido con las burlas, que para ti y tus amigos eran divertidas.
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