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  1. Part 1: Simon glanced at the bigger guys in the gym. He'd always been a skinny guy, but as he got into his forties and his sedentary academic lifestyle had taken hold he had started to get a bit rounder. "It's normal" he thought. "I'm a middle aged professor. I'm supposed to have a bit of a belly." But when his size 32 jeans became too tight he realized he had to take action. He joined the university gym and started working out, and after a few months had lost almost all of that middle age flab, even getting down to a size 30. But he knew that what he'd always wanted was to be a huge muscular guy. So in the spirit of now-or-never he'd started trying to bulk up for a few months now, but it was a slow process. He was getting stronger, but he still felt like a twig compared to the younger guys. "When did students get so muscular?" he wondered. "They're only in their early twenties, how early did they start working out to become so massive?" He sighed and went back to his workout. He was doing some bench presses, and he was up to 150 pounds. He was proud of that, but he still felt like he was a weakling. He was just about to finish his set when he heard a voice behind him. "Hey, you're doing that wrong." "What?" Simon asked, turning around. He saw a guy standing there, looking at him. He was a big guy, with a muscular build. He was wearing a red stringer vest and gray shorts. He looked like he was in his mid- to late- twenties. "You're doing that wrong," the guy said. "You're not supposed to do it like that." "Um, okay," Simon said. "How am I supposed to do it?" "Here, Lie back and I'll spot you," the guy said. Simon lay back on the bench and the guy stood over him. "First, put your shoulder like this," he said, and held Simon's shoulders, tucking them down and back. "Now, grab the bar like this," he said, and held Simon's wrists, placing his hands on the bar in a medium-wide grip. "Now, lift the bar off the rack and lower it slowly to your chest." Simon did as he was told. "Now push it up as fast as you can. Nice, keep going." Simon stared up at the muscular guy as he did his reps. Simon was surprised at how much he liked the way the guy had taken hold of him and moved him around. He was also surprised at how much he liked the way the guy was standing over him. The guy was standing so close to him that Simon could almost see up his shorts. He could see the guy's bulge, and he could also see the guy's pecs, and he could see the guy's hard nipples poking through the fabric of his stringer vest. "Oh fuck!" The bar was on his chest, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't lift it. "Easy now!" the guy said, and grabbed the bar to help lift it. "Awesome!" Simon panted, out of breath and red in the face. "That's what spotters are for!" the guy said. "Thanks..." Simon gasped. "I think I'm done with bench press for now." "No problem!" the guy said and wandered over to the other side of the weights area. Simon went back to his workout. He was doing some curls when he heard a voice behind him. "Hey, you're doing that wrong." Simon turned around and saw the same guy standing there, looking at him. "You're not supposed to do it like that." "Okay," Simon said, "show me how to do it!" "Don't swing your arms like that," the guy said. "You're supposed to keep them at your side." The guy grabbed some dumbbells off the rack and gave a demonstration. His biceps were already pumped from his workout, and Simon was entranced by the way they flexed as he slowly lifted and lowered the dumbbells. "See?" the guy said. "You might not lift as much weight, but you'll get a better pump." "Okay," Simon said. "Thanks." Simon turned away took a lighter dumbbell off the rack and pinned his upper arm to his side. He watched himself in the mirror as he slowly lifted and lowered the dumbbell. He could feel his biceps working, and he could see them flexing in the mirror. He was surprised at how much of a pump he was getting. He was so focused on his biceps that he didn't notice the guy standing behind him. "See, that's how you get a great pump!" the guy said. "The only problem is those t-shirt sleeves hiding them." The guy grabbed the hem of Simon's t-shirt and pulled it up, exposing his biceps. "There, that's better." The guy squeezed Simon's biceps, and Simon felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through his body. "You've got some nice arms," the guy said. "You should show them off more. You should wear tank tops and stringers." "Um, okay," Simon said. "I'll do that." "Awesome," the guy said. "I look forward to seeing that. My name's Cody, by the way." "Simon," Simon said. Simon tried to do some more curls, but he was distracted by what had just happened. He was surprised at how much of a pump he was getting, and he was surprised at how much he liked it. He was also surprised at how much he liked Cody. He was a big guy, and he was handsome. He was also nice, and he seemed to know a lot about working out. "And he said I had nice arms!" Simon thought. "I've never had anyone say that to me before." Simon finished his workout and went to the showers. While he showered he thought about Cody, and about how much he liked his body, and the way Cody had touched him. He liked it, and he realised he wanted it to happen again. "He said I should wear tank tops and stringers," Simon thought. "Maybe I should. Fuck it, I'm gonna buy one right now." Simon grabbed his phone and opened the ebay app. He searched for "stringer vest", and was surprised that there was only one result. It was red like Cody's but it had constrast stitching on the hems and sides. Simon didn't have his glasses on, so couldn't see all the details, but he saw it had next-day shipping, wasn't too expensive and there was only one left. Buy Now. Done. The next morning, shortly after Simon woke up there was a knock on his door. It was the vest he'd ordered. "That was really quick!" he marvelled as he tore the package open. The vest wasn't like he expected. It shimmered like it was made of satin. Or even silk? Yes, it seemed like it was made of woven silk, not knitted cotton like he was expecting. And the contrast stitching turned out to be some writing that wound all around the bottom hem, up the sides and around the neck and arm holes. He tried it on and posed in the mirror. It was totally unlike his usual style, but he loved the way he looked in it. He flexed his biceps. "Cody was right," he thought. "I do have nice arms."
  2. Vasilij

    A girl to match the man

    Owen was watching himself in the mirror, veins popping and sweat dripping, while he curled a couple of 50 kg dumbbells. This wasn’t a very big weight for him, but he was curling for about a hundred reps already. His red pumped biceps have swelled to the size of basketballs, causing surprised and admiring in the gym. Even those who already knew this young athlete couldn’t get enough of his power and aesthetics. That appreciation encouraged him to work out harder each time. He knew that free training somebody - girl or guy, will suck him off in the locker room while obsessingly worshipping his body. That happened every day ever since he has shown that gym bully his place and demonstrated his own power to everyone. Bis arms burned and veins seemed ready to pop, but Owen, closing his eyes and growling through gritted teeth, concentrated. He wasn’t going to stop, not yet. Another curl, another one… - 200! - he roared in the mix of pain and pride, letting the dumbbells crush on the floor. - Wow, I’ve never seen anyone curl this much! - sounded a friendly girly voice - Well, I’ve not seen a boy do it. Owen turned and, for the first time in years, became impressed by another human’s body. A woman - or, actually, a girl about his age judging by the smooth young face, came into the gym. She was new to it, but certainly not new to the sports. Black workout shorts and sleeveless shirt didn’t leave much to imagination. Arms were far thicker and much stronger than an average man’s legs. Smooth legs were like tree trunks. Firm melon-like boobs with pointy nipples jutted out over the bloated eight-pack abs. Head sat atop the mighty neck. The girl’s muscles were just as big and ripped as Owens, and yet she still possessed a feminine beauty and elegance, like a wild beast which is both fast and strong. - Damn, girl! I’d remember you if we met before. Are you new here? - Yes, my family just moved from another town. I wanted to see if there are good gyms here, otherwise I would get bored. - Well, do you like it? - If a stud like you works in here, it must be good. - she chuckled and moved closer, her boobs almost touching Owen’s pumped pecs. - It’s fun when there is someone to compete with. - Compete? You sure you can handle this?! - Owen cockily flexed his right bicep, making it swell over 30 inches. - I’m eager to see if I can! Name’s Sophia, by the way. - Owen. Glad to meet you. Now let’s get started. Other people in the gym were already interested in the new member and now many of them were eager to watch what was about to happen. Two young, but monstrous athletes of unyielding power finally found the only one to challenge them - each other. After Owen rested a bit to even the odds, they started the leg press machine. There was only one, so Owen and Sophia took turns. They were pushing ten 25 kg plates into the air for about a twenty reps each time. After that came sit-ups with weights on chest, then bench press, pull ups, running a track. Two young beasts were breathing heavily, completely wet with sweat, but still ready for more. Several machines were in need of repare, some bars have needed under too much plates. - You are one big boy! The first one to match me in strength, stamina, speed and skill. - Sophia said with appreciation and suddenly slapped her rival on the crotch - I hope this is not compensating for something. - You won’t be disappointed! - Owen knew very well where this was going - But first let’s do the last test. - What’s that? - How tough you are? Before getting to business you should see if you can handle this. - Owen flexed his manhood, the fleshy sword rising and stretching the shorts - I used to bruise some people with it. So we need to see how much pain can we take. Among the audience were two twin brothers, 30-year old men with somewhat slim, yet hard and strong bodies. Usually they spent their time with punching bag instead of weights and everyone knew the skill and sped they possessed. Owen called out to them: - Would you boys help us? - Of course, but how? - said one of them. - Hit us in the abs as many times as you can. Don’t hold back. It might actually hurt you a bit, but you are not soft yourselves, eh? - Sure! - said another one, willing to prove his prowess to the teen giant. It went on for twenty minutes. Owen and Sophia stood as giant rock statues, flexing with their hands behind their heads. The glove-clad fists used to punching hard material were landing on the pumped eight-pack abs and inhumanely swelled obliques. Sometimes Sophie or Owen moaned slightly, but this pain didn’t mean much to them. Boxers on the other hand soon became tired and their fists burned. - Sorry man, but it hurts too much. Can we end now. - Well… half an hour is enough. You can go. Sorry, if I flexed too hard. I can reward you for your help later. - Owen flexed hid dong again, this time slightly tearing his shorts. The boxers understood, nodded and stopped their assault. - Well, Sophie, ho was that? - Nice warmup. - she said, while massaging her reddened abs - Now onto the main workout! With the slight movement of her hand, muscle girl tore off her shorts, revealing gravity-defying tits, tight shaved cunt and seductive ass. This sight was enough to make Owen’s already hard cock to swell even more, rising and tearing the shorts clear off his body. Sophia saw her rival’s balls and commented: - These bad boys must have more cum than all the guys in my class put together. - Care to check? - laughed Owen, moving closer and grabbing his new girlfriend by the mighty shoulders. Two beasts embraced in a mix of love and rivalry. They french-kissed wrestling with their lusty tongues, hugged each others warm muscles in a vice-like embrace. Eventually Owen’s cock found its way inside Sophia. She has broken vibrators and made men whimper with the strength of her muscular pussy, but Owen enjoyed pushing his rock hard weapon through it. Cum and pussyjuice alike started flowing out of Sophia’s cunt, dripping down Owen’s legs and making a mess on the floor. Two incredible teenagers were fucking while surrounded by the crowd of people, which couldn’t handle so much power and sexuality. The men jerked off and the women fingered themselves, consumed in a lust for a muscle god and goddess. After an hour everyone else layed exhausted and passed out because of the sheer pleasure of what they have witnessed. Walls and floor were covered with craters from intense fucking. Owen and Sophie layer in the puddle of their own voluminous juices, while still kissing caressing each other. - I hope you came to this town to stay. - When there is a man like you, I‘m not leaving.
  3. GrowrillaCub

    Gym Buddies

    Hope you guys enjoy! "Ten... Eleven..... Grrrrrr...... Twelve," Alex grunted out as he forced the bench press barbell back into its rack. He looked up, admiring his form in the mirror. It had been a year since he had gotten serious about lifting. 6 days a week with 'supplementation' and it had made a huge difference on his frame. At 5’8, he was now 220, 16" biceps that peaked nicely, a thick hairy chest with 30" quads. He flexed his pecs in the mirror. He noticed so much change in himself lately that he was constantly flexing and checking himself out. He felt so vain but couldn’t help himself. The sight of his expanding growing muscles was always a turn on. He stared into his bright blue eyes, thinking to himself, "You need to get bigger Alex! Lift harder, eat more. Never big enough Alex! NEVER!" He was proud of how far he had come but he lacked the definition he wanted, and he still felt extremely small compared to the bodybuilders he would see at the gym. He was naturally thick and beefy, but he wanted more... No he needed more. He lusted after every muscle head in the gym. Not only wanting to be bigger like them but also to worship their muscle perfection. Ever since starting the 'supps' he was always horny, often having to leave the gym to go jack off in the bathroom thinking about all the meatheads pumping and flexing. That's why he started coming to work out late at night. Much less distractions, but there was one guy Alex always found himself staring at. His name was Matt. He was slightly shorter than Alex was. They had close to the same frame. Matt had better pecs than Alex did but Alex had him beat in the leg department. He wasn't a huge bodybuilder but there was something about Matt that drew Alex to him more than any other guy Alex had ever seen. Alex was pretty sure it was all because of his arms.... Alex was always drooling over Matt’s massive biceps, ever since the first time he saw him. He had first noticed Matt when he was curling on the preacher. His biceps were massive, like softballs trying to explode out of his skin. Alex was mesmerized by their size. Watching them expand as Matt pumped rep after rep made him instantly hard. Alex swore he saw them growing right in front of him as Matt pumped more and more. When he finished the last rep, Matt stood up and flexed in the mirror, staring at his pumped biceps as he admired his own body. Alex was so turned on by watching him flex that he couldn’t help but rub his throbbing cock through his shorts and accidentally came in his pants right there staring at him. Thank god it was late at night and no one noticed. Alex was able to sneak off to the bathroom with out being seen. He had since jacked off to the thought of Matt flexing more times than he could count. Matt always had his headphones on and was usually very into his work outs so Alex could admire him as much as he wanted without Matt noticing... Or so he thought. Alex had been trying to get to know him better so would ask Matt for a spot here and there and gradually they got on a first name basis, which Alex loved, but he couldn't admire him as much any more. Matt never asked for a spot but Alex would just because he loved staring up at Matt’s cute face pass those mounds of pecs sticking out into his sexy brown eyes. Alex always had to try hard not to get a boner while Matt spotted him. Tonight was no different. Alex piled more weight onto the bar. "Hey Matt, can you come spot me," Alex asked looking over at the squat rack. Tonight was leg day for Matt. Alex wasn't an ass man, but he wasn't complaining of the view either. "Sure bud," Matt said with a smile as he walked bench. "Fuck he's hot" Alex thought to himself as he laid back. He lifted the bar off and pumped out 6 reps easy. The last 2 were a little more difficult. "Come Alex, push harder!" Matt grunted at him. Digging deeper Alex finished and reracked the bar. "Hell yea man!" Matt shouted as he slapped Alex's pecs, gripping them. "One day you'll have pecs like this," he said as he flexed his pecs at Alex with a grin. Alex blushed. "A guy can dream can't he!" Alex joked back, "Now if only we could get you to stop skipping leg day!" "oh yea fucker!" Matt joked as he piled more weight onto the squat bar. "Get over here and spot me. I'll show you just how strong these legs are!" Alex tried not to look like a giddy school girl as he walked over to the squat rack. He could finally admire his body up close. Matt got in position and started squatting. Alex stared at those massive arms holding the bar in place. Matt was so fucking huge, even on leg day his biceps looked vascular and pumped. Alex heard him grunt which snapped him back to reality. "Oh yea... I'm suppose to be spotting him," Alex thought to himself. "Damn look at those lats." Alex had never noticed how wide Matts back was. He couldn't help himself. He grabbed Matt's lats like he was spotting. "Come on Matt, you got this 3 more!" Alex grunted out as he felt Matt's hard body, feeling lower and lower on his back. It was like there was a heat wave radiating into his hands from Matt's body or was it actually coming off his hand into Matt. He had never felt anything like it. And judging from Matt's face, he hadn't either. It looked like it almost felt good to him. It was sending shivers down Alex's spine. Matt was staring ahead directly into his own eyes. Suddenly he wasn't struggling with the weight as much as he was before. The reps became smooth. He kept grunting rep after rep out. "Come on Matt. One more. Two more. Never stop! Never big enough!" Matt grunted to himself. Alex stared in amazement as he looked at Matt. He was grunting so loud with a strange look on his face, half determination half ... Pleasure? It looked like every muscle in Matt's body was pumped, bulging out as he lifted. Alex couldn't take his hands off him. It was like electricity was flowing between them. Alex swore he felt Matt's lats slightly expand when there came a loud rip snapping both of them out of the trance. "What the fuck!?" Alex yelled as he jumped back. As Matt stood up and racked the bar, they both looked down to see that Matt's shorts had ripped up the side of this thighs, which were now filling the shorts past their capacity. "Fuck! Now that's a quad pump!" Matt grunted out. Flexing his expanded quad in the mirror. It was bigger than it was before for sure, Alex was certain. He couldn't take his eyes off the thickness and definition. The shorts looked shorter too. He looked up at Matt's face and realized he was looking eye to eye with him. "Did he get taller!?" Alex thought. That's impossible. Alex stared dumbfounded at Matt in the mirror, barely being able to look over his shoulder. Matt's eyes were trolling up and down his body. He pulled up his tattered shorts and flexed his quads. He smirked as he continued to check himself out in the mirror. Alex moved closer to study his body. Even Matt’s shirt seemed like it was stretched tighter across his back than it was before. But nothing looked as inflated as his thighs. "Damn man! I've never squatted that much before! I thought I'd only be able to get 4 reps max out! Need to get you to spot me more often," Matt laughed unable to look away from his own reflection, "I can't believe my shorts ripped like that." He stood there flexing in the mirror like he couldn’t take his eyes off his own flexing muscle. He didn't care Alex was standing right there. Alex was as mesmerized as he was. Alex felt his cock growing in his pants but he couldn't look away. Matt went from flexing his quads to his arms to his chest and back to again his legs. "Fuck yes Alex, look at this!" Matt grunted as he did a double bi flex, then into a most muscular pose with a loud roar. Alex couldn't stop looking. It took everything he had for him to not drool over his crush flexing like this right in front of him. "Wow Matt. . . . You're getting huge," he said with a smile. "I want to be bigger man. Never satisfied. Always lifting bigger and harder. Never big enough. NEVER!" Matt yelled as he flexed yet again. He was in a trance, staring at his own engorged muscles. Alex was taken back by him saying that. It was a familiar thought that was always running through his head as well. "That's crazy. . . I was literally just thinking the same thing when I was doing the bench press," Alex said as he checked out Matt still flexing as he mindlessly rubbed his hard on. Matt looked down at Alex's crotch and smirked. "All this time I had no idea you wanted to grow.... To get bigger, just like I want," Matt said with a smile. "That's awesome bro. We should hang out some more now that I know you share the hunger." Matt was rubbing his crotch too. Alex could tell Matt was getting as turned on by whatever just happened as much as he was. "Well I got to run bud. See ya tomorrow." Matt said as he rubbed his tented shorts. He smacked Alex on the arm and headed to the locker room. Alex sat down on the bench in utter disbelief, trying to wrap his head around what just happened. Matt was always hot but damn, something had changed. His legs were never that thick before. And how did his gym shorts rip with just a good leg pump? Alex had been staring at his ass earlier and there was plenty of space in those shorts when he started. He had never seen anything like it. Matt's whole body looked swollen with veins popping out all over. And what was with that feeling of electricity going between them while he spotted Matt? Alex had never felt anything like it. Alex couldn't get the image of Matt in that flexing trance out of his head. He was stroking his throbbing cock mindlessly, not noticing the wet spot forming on his shorts. The way Matt was mesmerized with his muscles, flexing like that for all to see. It was like he had suddenly turned into someone else. Cockier. Showing off. Flexing so intensely. Alex had never seen anything like it and he was so turned on, his cock continued to pump more pre through his jock and shorts. He needed to cum, badly. He grabbed his water bottle and towel and walked into the locker room, rubbing his throbbing cock just thinking about Matt's huge flexed biceps. He turned the corner into the locker room when he heard grunting that stopped him in his tracks. "Fuck yes! Look at how powerful you are" Alex crept along the hallway and peeked his head around the corner. Matt was standing in front of a full length mirror, completely naked and covered in sweat. Alex stared in amazement as Matt stroked his fat cock. It look so hard it could cut glass and was leaking a huge amount of pre cum onto a towel on the floor. It had to be 7 or 8 inches long and so thick Matt couldn't get his hand around it completely. Alex watched as Matt flexed his other arm, making that glorious bicep peak. Alex let out a moan, staring at that bicep he loved so much. He instantly had his hand down his pants, jerking his swollen cock, right in the locker room hallway, to the site of this perfect muscle man getting such pleasure from his own body. Matt lowered his arms and started to bounce his hairy swollen pecs. They were amazingly defined and thicker than Alex remembered, but this is the first time he ever saw Matt without his shirt. It was more than Alex could take. He exploded in his jock, having to bite down on his arm to stop from screaming out in pleasure. His cock was still pumping out cum when Matt let out a primal roar and began shooting stream after stream of hot cum all over the mirror. Alex stared in wonderment as Matt's cock kept coming and coming. All Alex wanted was to dive in and lick up every drop. The craving was so strong, Alex didn't know what to think of himself. Sure he loved cum, but this was beyond that, it was a primal urge to have Matt's muscle seed, to drain his fat member of every last drop. He licked his lips as Matt finally started to slow down. More cum than Alex had ever seen was all over the mirror and tripping on the towel. Matt's whole body was shaking as he finished. It seemed that it snapped Matt back to reality. He suddenly looked around nervously. Alex hid from sight as Matt grab his clothes and them back on. He looked down at his body, seemingly shocked his clothes were so tight on him. He moved toward the towel full of cum to clean it up. Alex gathered his courage and stepped into the locker room. "Hey Matt, I thought you left," Alex said visible shaking from the violent orgasm he just had. "Oh yea... I just... Ummm... Gotta go man. Thanks again for your help today. See ya around." Matt muttered as he gathered his things and hurried out of the gym. Alex was left alone, standing next to the cum covered mirror and towel. Alex could smell the strong manly scent of cum and sweat. It smelled so good. He had to have a taste. With a shaking finger, he reached out and collected a huge glob of sweet muscle cum from the mirror. "What the fuck are you doing!? Why does it smell so fucking good!?“ He thought to himself as his shaking finger moved closer and closer to his mouth. He couldn't stop himself... He needed to taste it. His finger entered his mouth as Alex sucked the cum onto his tongue. It was fucking glorious! The best thing he ever tasted and sent a rush through Alex’s body! He instantly got hard again as he dropped to his knees and began to lick every drop off the mirror. He picked up the towel soaked in cum and rolled onto his back jerking his throbbing dick hard and fast as he smeared Matt's cum all over his face and under his shirt onto his chest. It smelled so fucking manly and powerful. He had to have it all. Alex had never been this turned on in his life. He was intoxicated by Matt's cum and he didn’t care why. He smeared it all over his abs and chest, neck and face. His muscles began to feel warm as he rubbed the towel over himself, smearing the muscle cum all over him. He couldn't explain it but he could feel the cum soaking into his muscles. The power was overwhelming. His muscles were on fire but it only made his cock throb harder and harder. It only made him hornier. Alex laid on the floor covered in cum feeling his cock expand to a size he'd never seen before. He was hard as a rock and pumping his cock like a mad man, he didn't care if anyone walked in on him, all he wanted was more of Matt’s cum. He looked down and saw his huge mushroom cock head expanding past his grip. His six inch cock was now much more of a hand full and at least 7 if not 8 inches long with a fountain of pre cum pouring from it. Alex stared in amazement. It looked just like Matt's cock had. More pre than Alex had ever seen. He was moaning uncontrollably. He didn't care if someone saw him, it was actually the furthest thing from his mind. All Alex could think of was Matt and his flexing muscles. His massive muscles. That huge throbbing cock. All that cum. It was more than he could take. Alex began shooting another load all over himself. His cock shot cum over his head. It emptied string after string onto Alex's face and chest. It was the most intense orgasm Alex had ever had. He was breathing hard and fast as though he had just run a marathon, lying naked on the locker room floor. He looked around. There was cum soaked towels and clothes he didn’t even remember taking off all around him. He just laid there wondering what had come over him. He smeared his cum into his hairy pecs and licked the excess off his fingers. "Damn that tastes good... Much better than normal," Alex thought to himself. He mindlessly wiped up some more and licked it off his fingers. As he stood up, he picked up his shirt. "When did I take this off!?" Alex thought to himself. "I've never been blacked out from horniness before." He joked to himself as he smirked and shook his head. He pulled the tank top over his head and pulled it down. He struggled to fit his body into it. "Is this even mine!? He thought to himself, looking around on the floor for another. That's when he saw his reflection in the mirror. His pecs were well defined and bulging out of his now tight tank. It looked more like a stringer now as the shoulder straps strained to hold his chest in place. His nipples were both showing out of the sides because he was now too wide to fit in this tank top. His shoulders and neck looked thicker too. He lifted up his shirt to find a faint 6 pack where a small belly use to be. He ran his hand over his pecs. They felt amazing. Thick, full and powerful. Alex also swore there was more hair on them now too. He played with his exposed nips. It sent electricity through his body and straight to his cock. His nipples had never been that sensitive before. "What the fuck just happened!?" Alex muttered out loud. He flexed his bicep. Looked about the same size but slightly more defined. Alex was so confused. He gathered his clothes and Matt's cum rag and shoved it all in his bag. He needed food. He was starving and had no clue what else to do.
  4. Where do you like to lift? My primary gym is Knockout Fitness on Atlantic but I have an Anytime Fitness membership (for now) and I use Nova Fitness on Atlantic with my trainer.
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