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The Car Salesman - Chapter 4


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Here's the next instalment - I hope you enjoy. I've got a few more chapters planned for after this... ;)

Chapter 4

Sal had not long left for work when I heard the doorbell ring and smiled.

I knew instantly who I would find waiting outside my house – I was only surprised that Karl had managed to keep away this long. Perhaps he was waiting for Sal to leave?

It had been two days since I’d first used the AlphaScent and undergone my massive transformation. Sal and I had barely left the house in this time, fucking over and over like animals – her desire for my huge muscles and massive cock were insatiable. In between the fucking and muscle worship I’d noticed that the effects of the AlphaScent began to wear off after exactly 24 hours, my muscles slowly shrinking and my cock diminishing back towards its previous size. If I re-applied the spray just before this time though my size was preserved but I was disappointed to notice that I didn’t get any bigger. I was hoping the effects of the scent might be cumulative.

As I padded down the hall towards the front door I felt supremely confident, another positive side-effect of the AlphaScent. I opened the door to find Karl standing on the doorstep, an angry look on his face as I’d expected.

“Give it back!” he shouted, his fists balled, veins popping out on his clenched hands. I immediately noticed that Karl was smaller than on our previous encounter – slightly shorter, and his immaculate smart white shirt looser fitting. He was still big though and I guessed that if we measured up there wouldn’t be much between us in terms of height and weight. Perhaps he was already muscular before he started using the AlphaScent? Or maybe the longer you used the scent the longer it took for the effects to wear off?

“Hi Karl,” I replied, totally relaxed. “It’s good to see you,” I added, smiling.

“You’ve cost me 3 sales so far!” Karl said, still shouting, anger flooding off him in waves. I could see though that his eyes betrayed his outward emotions and were slowly drinking in my new appearance, flicking up and down to take in my colossal size. I was purposefully wearing a sleeveless blue gym top and matching tight shorts which nicely emphasised the width of my quads. The huge bulge in the front of them also left little to the imagination.

“Give it back to me you little bitch,” Karl roared. I was pleased to notice that even his voice sounded less masculine than before.

“Little…?” I smirked, casually resting one arm up against the doorframe so that my bicep was gently flexed and my hairy pit exposed.

“Yes, you fucking little…” Karl started but I saw the exact moment that he was hit by the full effects of the AlphaScent. “Just give it…” he tried to continue lamely. I decided to reinforce the effects of the scent by running my other hand down over my swollen pecs and the tight ripped abs pushing through my muscle top. To Karl, I knew I looked the epitome of masculinity and having been through it myself, I could imagine the war going on in his head.

“Why don’t you come in Karl?” I asked casually, my hand briefly running over the bulge in my gym shorts. I saw his eyes follow my hand as it continued down and pulled up the tight band of fabric, exposing even more of my quads.

“No..I…” Karl mumbled, still staring at my massive legs. I knew I had him.

I stood back from the door, making space for him to walk through and watched as he slowly entered my house, as if in a trance. I led him into the living room and indicated for him to sit on one of the two sofas whilst I remained standing in the middle of the room.

“I tell you Karl…” I started, “…being this big is A-ma-zing.” I brought my right arm up as I was speaking, flexing my bicep hard and seeing the huge muscle pop, a thick vein snaking its way across the surface. I noticed Karl’s eyes widen in response and an obvious bulge start to form in his smart work trousers. Straight away I hit a double bi, both arms pumped and vascular, watching as his bulge started to swell even faster.

“Ha,” I barked. “Look how you’re getting hard over my muscle body!”

“N-n-no,” Karl stammered, quickly putting his hands over the bulge in his trousers, trying to cover it. He looked pathetic – I could hardly believe this was the same guy that had totally dominated me less than a week ago.

“Mmm,” I moaned, still pumping my huge guns. “Look how big these biceps are Karl”. I kissed each one in turn then proceeded to lick slowly over the giant peaks of muscle, relishing the feeling of the solid fibres beneath my tongue.

“Fuuucck,” Karl moaned under his breath, unable to help himself.

“You liked that didn’t you Karl?” I teased. “Watching this muscle GOD worship his own muscles. You wish that could be your tongue don’t you bitch?”

“N-no way Joe,” Karl replied, trying to push himself away from me as I took another step closer.

“Say Karl, why don’t we cut the bullshit? I can see that you want me,” I boasted, reaching forward to squeeze the sizeable bulge in his trousers.

“No…please…mmm…stop,” Karl moaned, unable to hide his pleasure at my touch.

I stood up straight again, letting go of his cock and grabbing the bottom of my muscle top with both hands. I pulled it up slowly, inch by inch revealing more of my ripped torso to Karl. I knew this would drive him crazy and sure enough, once I’d got the top up and over my head, I looked down to see Karl with a look of frenzied desire on his face. I stood only a foot away from him, just in my tight gym shorts.

“Look at these abs, Karl,” I said, slowly running my hands over them, tracing the outline of the cobbled 8-pack.

Karl didn’t reply, his face a picture of confusion. I could imagine the war going on his head.

I decided to take things to the next level and really push his limits.

“And Karl…I know that this is what you want more than anything…” I said, running one hand down under the waistband of my gym shorts, squeezing my semi-hard cock.

“No…No way,” Karl stammered, trying to look confident as he made to stand up.

I rested one hand on his chest and pushed him back down with surprising ease – either he wasn’t really trying or he’d lost a lot more muscle mass than I’d thought. Maybe it was a bit of both?

“Why pretend you want to leave Karl when we both know you don’t?” I gloated.

With that I leaned forward, putting one hand on the sofa either side of Karl’s head with my legs straddling his so that I was towering over him. I then positioned my bulge against his, feeling his rock hard cock through the thin fabric, and started to grind my pelvis in small circles.

“Oh…fuck…No…please stop,” Karl moaned as I teased his cock.

I ignored him, continuing to grind my cock up against his, smirking down at him and noticing how my abs tensed and relaxed with every movement.

“Joe…please don’t.”

I ignored him still, taking one of my hands off the sofa to flex my bicep just inches from his face.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned, staring at my huge peaked muscle.

“That’s it Karl…there’s no point resisting…I can feel that you want me,” I whispered in his ear, still grinding up against his hard cock.

“Mmmmm…fuck…that feels good,” Karl groaned, unable to help himself, as his eyes feasted on my muscle body.

I stopped grinding, and rested back on Karl’s quads so that I had both hands free, an idea coming into my head.

“Right…let’s see what’s going on under here,” I growled, grabbing his shirt at the collar.

“No please Joe…don’t,” he begged.

I ignored him, pulling down with one swift movement and ripping all the buttons of his shirt so that it lay open, framing his torso. I immediately saw why he hadn’t wanted me to take his top off.

“Fuck…what happened?” I laughed, looking down at his exposed chest and abs. Don’t get me wrong, Karl still had some muscle but he was more of an athletic swimmers build than that of the amateur bodybuilder he’d been before. Clearly the shirt had been hiding some of his huge losses.

“It’s the scent…” he moaned, “it’s nearly all worn off.”

“HAHA…Well there’s no doubt who’s the Alpha now!” I roared. “Look at the difference between us!”

I flexed my pecs, the huge mounds of muscle bouncing right in front of his face, a stark difference from his now pathetic chest. Karl looked mesmerized as he watched the dance of my muscles.

“FUCK bitch,” I roared, “you love watching me flex these HUGE MUSCLES!”

I flexed my biceps hard again, loving how they popped up, veins exploding over the surface.

“I’M A FUCKING MUSCLE BEAST,” I boomed, still looking down at Karl’s pitiful body, getting turned on by the comparison between us.

“Oh fuck,” Karl moaned in response, looking up at the beast I’d become.

“Tell me you want this MUSCLE GOD!” I ordered.

Karl was silent, transfixed, still a bit confused.

“TELL ME!” I roared, grabbing his hands and resting them on my huge pecs.

With that, Karl could control himself no more.

“Oh FUCK YES…I want you…YOU HUGE FUCKING MUSCLE BEAST!” he screamed.

I grabbed the back of his head, feeling no resistance as I pulled in him into my hairy pit.

“Lick out my pit bitch,” I boomed as I felt him get to work, moaning as he did. Karl feasted in my pit before I let him lick across my pecs, sucking on each nip in turn as he looked up at me.

“Worship this body,” I moaned, lost in the amazing feeling of having another man (and Karl at that) appreciate every inch of my musclular torso. His hands were exploring my shoulders and biceps as he tongued my pecs and I flexed each muscle as I felt his hands run over them.

Soon, my own cock was rock hard and aching for release from the confines of my gym shorts so I pushed myself back, standing in front of Karl again, leaving him panting on the sofa.

“Take them off,” I ordered, knowing he would understand exactly what I meant.

Karl immediately dropped onto his knees in front of me, grabbing my gym shorts round the waistband and pulling them down.

“Oh fuck,” he gasped as my big thick cock slapped up against my abs, “you’re fucking huge.”

He kept pulling the shorts down, taking a few seconds to stretch them over my wide quads before they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. I stood in the middle of the room, totally naked, as I looked down at Karl.

“Worship your muscle GOD,” I ordered, looking down at him as I crossed my arms, a total alpha.

Karl moved in towards my rock hard cock.

“I don’t think so…” I barked, pushing him back, “I think you should start with my feet and work up”.

I was determined to humiliate Karl even more than he’d humiliated me.

Karl didn’t even hesitate, immediately leaning forward to start licking my big masculine feet.

“Mmmmm…yes…that’s it,” I moaned, looking down at my new muscle slave.

Karl’s tongue worked over my toes, licking between them.

“Fuck, you like that don’t you slut?” I taunted.

He nodded in response, not breaking from his worship to speak, still licking my feet all over. He then concentrated on each toe in turn, sucking them into his warm mouth. I moaned in pleasure as he did, unable to stop myself, the feeling was so amazing.

Soon, Karl had begun to work up my tight calves, licking and kissing the mounds of muscle clearly visible beneath what little body fat I had. His tongue traced the veins leading up my legs, moaning as he did, his hands exploring ahead to feel the huge thick muscles in my quads.

“Mmmm…fuck you love these muscles,” I moaned, flexing my quads as his hands explored them. I ran my own hands over my pumped, swollen pecs, still not used to the feeling of rock hard muscle beneath my skin. My thick throbbing cock ached as I looked down at Karl, reduced to a muscle slut at my feet, his head only filled now with my scent and thoughts of worshipping my muscle body.

“Tell me what you are Karl,” I ordered.

“I’m your muscle slut,” he moaned without hesitating, now kissing and licking my thick quads.

“FUCK yeah you are,” I replied, wrapping my hand round my massive manhood. “And I know what you want even more than my huge muscles,” I added.

“Mmm yes Sir…please…let me suck your big cock,” he begged, his hands resting on my solid quads as he looked up at me.

I grabbed the back of his head with one hand and my cock with the other, guiding the two together. Karl opened his mouth obediently, his eyes crazed with lust.

I slapped my rock hard cock against his cheek with as much force as I could manage.

“Ahhh…oh FUCK…yeah,” Karl moaned.

I slapped my thick cock against his face over and over, amazed at how fucking big it looked.

“Oh man…my cock is HUGE,” I roared, as it thwacked against his face, starting to leave a mark with the repeated hits. Soon I realised that my manhood was aching for release and so I began to move it towards Karl’s hungry lips before resting the heavy meat on his wet tongue.

“Alpha turned slut,” I said simply as I looked down at Karl and began to guide my aching cock past his lips.

Karl didn’t reply, his eyes wide and his mouth already full with my throbbing cock head. I let out a low guttural moan as I felt his lips stretch to take my manhood, his eyes wide.

“Oh FUCK,” I moaned, even more turned on than I had been with Sal.

I felt my cock hit the back of Karl’s throat and he started to gag and splutter, trying to pull away as his reflexes took over.

“Oh no you fucking don’t slut,” I said, grabbing the back of his head and holding him down on my cock as I continued to advance it. He put his hands on my tree-trunk quads, trying to push himself back but he was no match and I barely flexed my biceps at all to hold him there.

“Take it Karl…take my fucking COCK,” I roared as he continued to struggle. My cock was now sliding down his throat and there was still much more of it to feed him. I looked down to see his panicked eyes.

“Ha…this is your first time sucking a cock too isn’t it?” I mocked.

Karl nodded in response.

“But you want it don’t you slut,” I continued, determined to maximise his humiliation.

He nodded again.

“HA…Karl the cock whore,” I laughed, “who would have thought it?”

Soon, my cock was balls deep in Karl’s mouth, his gag reflex overcome for the moment, and I held it there. Karl’s eyes bulged as he began to panic again, realising that he couldn’t breathe, but still I held him.

“Oh FUCK…that feels GOOD,” I roared before finally dragging my cock out of Karl’s mouth. He immediately gasped for air, coughing and spluttering before I slammed my cock quickly back in again. I began fucking his face hard, building up a rhythm as my cock slid in and out of his mouth, my balls slapping hard against his chin. Slowly Karl adjusted to the massive size of my cock and I watched as began rubbing his bulge through his trousers.

“Fuck…you hungry little cocksucker… you fucking love this HUGE MAN DICK,” I thundered, still slamming hard into him.

Karl nodded and moaned in response, the transformation from alpha to cock whore nearly complete. This ignited a primal response in me and I began pounding him harder and faster, loud bestial grunts leaving my lips. I was still holding the back of his head hard on my cock and looked down to see my huge pumped biceps flexed, veins popping up as I continued to fuck. A sheen of sweat was glistening on my engorged pecs and arms, topping off the image of a total alpha muscle stud.

I moaned as I felt Karl start to explore my muscles whilst he took my thick cock. His hands worked their way up from my quads, running over the ridges between my abs until he found my pecs. I flexed for him as he squeezed them, looking down to see his hands dwarfed by the colossal mounds of muscle.

“FUCK…look…at…those…pecs,” I grunted between thrust of my cock, “they’re so FUCKING BIG!!”

With that, I felt myself getting closer and closer to climax, knowing that if I continued as I was now very soon I’d be shooting a huge load down Karl’s waiting throat. But I had other ideas.

Without warning I pulled my cock out of Karl’s wet mouth, at the same time pushing him backwards onto the floor.

“No…please…Joe,” he begged, hungry for my manhood to be back in him.

I stood in front of him smirking as I looked down, slowly jerking my thick cock. I loved how it felt underneath my fingers, throbbing and rock hard, my thumb teasing my aching cock head.

“You’re Pathetic,” I spat at Karl as he lay on the floor at my feet looking up at me, “a pathetic cock whore.”

“Yes Sir,” Karl moaned, biting his lip as he looked up at his God.

“You know who the alpha is now, don’t you slut?” I asked, his humiliation nearly complete.

“You sir,” he replied, “you’re a fucking Alpha Muscle God.”

“Mmm that’s right slut,” I moaned, still stroking my throbbing cock.

“Please Sir…” Karl begged, looking up at me.

“What, slut?”

“Please cum for me,” he continued, desperate.

“What was that bitch?” I snorted, smirking at him.

“Your cock slut needs your muscle load,” he begged, hunger in his eyes.

“Mmmm…yeah he does bitch,” I replied, stroking my cock faster as I looked down at Karl.

“Say it again,” I ordered.

“I need your muscle load Sir,” he pleaded, now on his knees in front of me.

I stroked my cock faster still.

“Again!” I grunted.

“Please Sir, shoot your huge muscle load over me,” Karl moaned, unable to keep from rubbing the bulge in his trousers.

“Fuck, yeah…” I moaned, stroking even faster.

I felt my heavy balls begin to tighten.

“AGAIN!” I roared, a God needing to unload.

“PLEASE SIR, GIVE ME YOUR ALPHA LOAD,” Karl shouted in desperation, his voice weedy and pathetic in comparison to mine.

“YES…FUCK….I’M YOUR MUSCLE GOD,” I bellowed, huge ropes of cum shooting out of my massive cock as an orgasm flooded my body.

“FUUUUUUCK!” I roared as rope after rope of cum landed on Karl, covering his face and torso. He had his mouth open, trying to swallow as much as he could, but still it was overflowing, streaming down his chin onto his tight chest.

“EAT MY LOAD YOU CUM SLUT,” I ordered as waves of pleasure crashed through me.  

After what felt like minutes my cock stopped bucking. Karl was totally covered in my muscle load - from head to toe there was not a body part that had been spared. I leant forward, scooping up some of the cum from his chest and abs and bringing it to his lips, watching as he hungrily sucked on my fingers like the slut the AlphaScent had made him. Within a few seconds his body started to buck and writhe as he had the most intense orgasm of his life, embarrassingly shooting his load into his pants without even touching himself.

“Don’t be here when I get back,” I ordered simply, as I went to take a shower, leaving this previous Alpha on the floor still covered in my cum.

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7 hours ago, dw2098lj said:

“Don’t be here when I get back,” I ordered simply, as I went to take a shower, leaving this previous Alpha on the floor still covered in my cum.

U just made a mistake man. U gonna leave the scent there¿??? He's gonna take it

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I think Joe is no fool. He could leave an empty bottle near Karl to tease him... And keep the full bottles well hidden... And if he starts real bodybuilding, he's going to have big fun, and so will Karl and Sal. This story is so great.

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What about Joe inviting Karl & wife for a friendly dinner ? Specially Joe having joined a gym and being even more jacked ? Just some ideas to continue this great story !

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