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Sweet Revenge - Chapter 14 added June 23, 2022


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So glad to read that Bruce is back!

Can't wait for him to add an unthinkable amount of mass and get his revenge 😈


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Very glad to see Bruce stories back! Can’t wait to see the brutal crushing and domination he exhibits when he takes his revenge. Super hot! 

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The Dr didnt know what was coming. Bruce was a bully and will always be.

Andy was actually teh one that put him in his place.

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Would be interesting to see how Dr. Clark could help Andy and Mitch….someone will need to take Bruce down….

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Chapter 11

Andy was hellbent on reaching 400lb of ungodly mass. Yesterday he weighted in at 395lb. Furious that he had not reached his goal, he picked the scale up and twisted it into a pretzel before tossing it across the gym.

He had been down in the gym since 4 a.m. when Mitch finally appeared to start his own workout. The older man stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of his growing monster of a boyfriend.  Andy was in the squat cage, completing a brutal set. The bar looked to be at capacity as the behemoth lowered himself until his enormous ass was three inches from the ground. With a loud, guttural moan, Andy moved the massive weight back up. Mitch covered his mouth at the sight of Andy’s calves and hamstrings. They looked like twisted cables of metal wrapped is a paper-thin layer of skin. Each overly developed muscle twitched and flexed independently. It was a gruesome sight even to Mitch. At the top of the rep, Andy barely paused before lowering his massive body back down. As he reached the bottom of the rep, there was a loud rip as the back-side of his shorts ripped open, exposing his herculean ass. Without registering what happened, Andy once again grunted and lifted the massive weight. He managed to move the bar forward at the top of the rep and slam it onto the rack, shaking the whole gym as he did.

“Fuck,” was all Mitch could muster.

Andy looked over his shoulder and made eye contact with Mitch. He slowly turned to face him and looked down at his quads. 

Mitch held back a scream at the sight. Never had he imagined quads that huge cold exist. The sheer girth of Andy’s quads eclipsed his knees. His legs were forced so far apart to accommodate their mass, Andy looked like a sumo wrestler about to fight. From his ankles to his waist, there was nothing but muscle. Andy hobbled out of the squat cage and with balled up fists, punched his blood-engorged quads hard before starting to flex. He tried to do the classic bodybuilder move of shaking the muscle while it was relaxed so it flopped back and forth but his extreme mass and ridiculous pump prevented the muscle from moving much. He positioned his right foot and flexed. Mitch could swear he heard Andy’s quad flex. Instantly, the mammoth muscle solidified. Andy’s sickening vascularity only made the spectacle more outrageous. What was once the largest quad on earth was suddenly dwarfed by this new, granite-hard abomination. Deep cuts and striations covered every inch of flesh. Veins as thick as normal people’s arms criss-crossed in every direction. Even Andy’s calf bulged and grew to what seems to be triple its original size.

Looking at Mitch once again, Andy smiled and said, “407lb,” as he continued to flex.

Mitch was both a little frightened and turned on at the same time. Standing before his was a monster he had helped create. While he was ecstatic that Andy had reached his goal of 400lbs, he knew it as not going to stop. Unable to contain himself, Mitch started to pump his rock-hard cock.

“Wait,” Andy commanded as he produced a syringe of Bruce’s gear and plunged it into his quad muscle. As the liquid flowed into his system, his eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a loud moan. It was at that moment, Andy realized his ass was hanging out of his shorts. With one hand and barely any effort, he ripped the remaining fabric away. Now completely naked he returned to the squat rack but didn’t position himself to squat the huge weight. Instead, he turned to face Mitch. Without breaking eye contact, Andy gripped the bar underhanded.

“NO-O-O-O!” Screamed Mitch as he realized what Andy was about to do.

With a devious smile, Andy let out a primal growl and did the impossible; he lifted the bar of the rack and started to curl! Mitch lost all control of his legs and stumbled to a nearby bench. No longer touching himself, loads of cum sprayed from his cock as Andy lifted the massive weight. With gritted teeth and every muscle in his body trembling, Andy managed two full reps. The sensation of power flowing through his body combined with the effect he was having on Mitch, caused Andy’s cock to get hard. The second rep caused unbearable pain throughout his body but he couldn’t stop. He had never felt so powerful. With once final grunt, he curled the wight once more but at the top of the rep he help the weight in place. His biceps felt like they were being ripped from his body but he held the weight. It was at that moment he came. Hot ropes of cum sprayed eight feet in the air. Andy closed his eyes and let out an earth-shattering scream as his orgasm finished and he let the massive bar fall to the ground and he could no longer remain standing and collapsed on the floor. 

Mitch approached Andy’s massive body. In the past, he would have lifted him up and carried him up to bed but those days were over. Instead, he got down on the floor and hugged Andy’s quivering body.

“I’m so proud of you Andy. You are truly the biggest, most incredible physical specimen in the world.”

Andy kissed Mitch and said “I’m still just getting started Mitch.”

After a few minutes the two men stood up. Andy naked and Mitch in only a pair of briefs. The two men stood facing the mirror and hit pose after pose, each marvelling at how massive and powerful the both were. Finally, Andy waddled to the new scale and stood waiting for the digital readout on the screen. Mitch stood behind him and read the number out loud.


Andy let out a moan and stepped down. He turned to face Mitch and wrapped his massive arms around Mitch’s truck-wide back. He applied pressure and his cock responded at the fact that Mitch was the only person able to handle his unstoppable power. The two men embraced and kissed. 

Later that evening Andy awoke to sounds coming from the living room. He turned his head a saw that Mitch wasn’t in bed. He stood up and lumbered into the living room. There were no lights on in the room but he could make out Mitch’s body on the sofa, the big man was crying.


Mitch flinched hearing Andy’s voice, “I’m ok, go back to bed.”

“No you aren’t. What’s wrong Mitch?” Andy said as he sat next to Mitch.

“I’m sorry Andy. I know you say you love me but I know you miss the old, huge me.”

“What are you talking about! I don’t care how big you are. I do love you, whatever size you are.” Andy wrapped his huge arm around Mitch and felt the older name trembling.

“How can you? Look at me, I’m down to 367lbs, I know you want me back to 385lbs or more!.”

“I don’t care about that Mitch.” Andy said.

“You can say that all you want but I know it’s not true. FUCK I hate what Bruce did to me, to us.” Mitch said and started to sob uncontrollably. Andy held Mitch until he calmed down.

“Mitch, I need you to listen to me,” Andy said placing his hand on Mitch’s chin and turning to face him, “I love you no matter what. I don’t know what else I can do to convince you but that cum-socked bed in there should be proof enough.” He said with a smile, hoping to cheer Mitch up.

Mitch couldn’t help but smile, “that is a good point.”

“It sure is. You are the ONLY person I want to be with and I’ll be with you whatever size you are. Please tell me you believe me.”

“I believe you Andy.” Mitch said and leaned in and kissed Andy.

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  • Newmassaddict changed the title to Sweet Revenge - Chapter 11 added May 27, 2022

Stellar writing.  The vivid images of Andy’s increasingly monstrous body are absolutely amazing.  I’m loving the Alpha flashes he’s exhibiting.  I also love the relationship with Mitch.  It would seem that’s what will save him from the god complex that’s befallen Bruno.  Still hoping for some redemption for Bruno though.  He can’t just be evil incarnate can he?  Loving where this is going.  Curious to see what happens next.  Will Mitch and Andy collaborate with the Doctor and out Super Juice Bruno?  What type of inhuman musculature could result for the gear super-responder Andy?  Amazing work.

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Andy is the opposite of Bruno. He is caring and loving altho his desire for growth is as unstopable as Bruno. Andy do not wish to inflict pain or being the "alpha".

The next meeting will be insane.

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Chapter 12

Dr. Steven Clark slowly approached the doors to his home gym. His heart was pounding and his whole body was shaking with fear. He briefly caught his refection in a nearby window and winced at the sight. He looked tiny compared to what he was when he meet Bruce five months ago. He quickly suppressed the thought, knowing that if he didn’t keep to Bruce’s demanding schedule he would be punished and Bruce’s punishments were too terrifying to even consider. Through the heavy gym doors, Steven heard the trademark sounds of a typical Bruce workout. The crashing of metal and savage screams shook the walls. Balancing the tray of food with one hand, Steven slowly opened the door.

Bruce was at the far side of the gym, completely naked with a sheen of sweat covering every inch of flesh. Even from far away, Steven could see Bruce’s whole body swell and relax with each deep breath he took. This was the second hour of his first workout of the day so Steven knew Bruce was still just warming up. Steven placed the heavy tray of food down and cleared his throat.

Bruce’s back was to Steven but his head rose and twitched like an animal catching the scent of their prey. Slowly Bruce turned and started to walk towards Steven and more importantly; the food. Steven felt his mouth go dry at the site of Bruce’s advance. The reinforced concrete floor rumbled with each step.

Bruce reached down and picked up two huge rare steaks from the plate and engulfed them both like they were potato chips, their juices dripped down his chin. He barely chewed them before swallowing and reaching for two more. Steven watched in horror and wanted nothing more than to flee the room if that act of defiance wouldn’t have unleashed Bruce’s anger. Bruce picked up the remaining three steaks and tore at the flesh like a lion devouring a gazelle. 

“Is this all you’ve brought me.” Bruce said with a deep, menacing tone.

“T-t-that’s all we have. I need to go to the store.”

“THEN GO! THIS IS BARELY A SNACK!” Bruce screamed, causing Steven to recoil.

“I-I-I’m sorry, with all the cooking, cleaning up the gym and synthesizing more steroids I’ve been too busy-“

“ENOUGH! You know by now that your sole purpose on this earth is to help me grow and you know food is essential, you’re a FUCKING doctor for fuck sakes!”

“I’m sorry Bruce, please don’t be upset. I’ll go now, I get you more food. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t fucking apologize to me, just do what you are supposed to do and stop FUCKING THINGS UP!” Bruce bellowed.

Steven tripped over his feet as he literally sprinted towards the door. He was halfway up the stars when he heard the load crashing of metal weights. Steven grabbed his car keys and was out of the house in less than a minute.

He pulled up to the supermarket but stayed in his car for a while. He gripped the steering wheel and waited for the tears to stop steaming down his face. His mind wandered to what had brought him to this place and he even had a moment when he contemplated just driving away but he quickly suppressed it. As evil as Bruce was, Steven was completely under his control. He could almost handle the abuse if it meant he got to witness Bruce’s continued growth. Never in his life could he have imagined one man could be so powerful; so massive. He was driven to help Bruce get even bigger, surpass what was humanly possible. A part of him hated himself for staying and helping but his lust for Bruce’s mass keep him from escaping.

Steven rushed through the supermarket aisles, tossing incredible amounts of food into the cart. As he loaded a third sack of potatoes he caught someone moving at the far end of the store. He pushed the cart to the end of the aisle and stopped dead in his tracks. Standing at the butcher counter was a mountain of a man. He was wearing excessively huge clothes but Steven’s familiarity with truly massive muscle gave him the ability to tell mass from fat. The man he was looking at was all muscle. Even through the folds of fabric, Steven noticed thick, outrageously developed trap muscles. From behind, the stranger had no neck. His shoulders spread comically wide from his head, appearing to be far wider than his average, 5’9” height. His clothes billowed around his midsection, telling Steven he was not close to fat. The man’s oversized sweat pants looked big enough to cover lawn furniture but could barely hide the obvious curves and sweeps of his highly-developed quads and calves. As the butcher handed the man six full bags, filled to the top with fresh cuts of meat a second man approached. Older than the massive beast and considerably smaller he too would be considered massive by most people’s standards. Steven inched closer and watched as the older man caressed his younger, massive companion’s shoulder.

“Let’s go Andy, leave some food for the other people.” He said with a chuckle.

Andy! Steven froze as he realized who he was seeing. That is the man that landed Bruce in the hospital? That’s the man who was so enraged that Bruce raped his boyfriend Mitch, he almost killed Bruce and stole his super potent steroids? That must be Mitch?

Steven spun his cart around and darted down the nearest aisle as Andy and Mitch turned towards the front of the store. Andy caught one last glimpse of them as the walked down another aisle, his heart pounded loudly in his chest. Andy was anything but small! Aside from Bruce, Steven could not recall ever seeing someone so huge. Steven willed himself to regain his composure and made his way to the front of the store. He quickly glanced up and down the cash registers and sighed a breath of relief that Andy and Mitch were not there. Steven paid for his huge load of food and as he was packing the last few items into his car, he saw a large pickup truck drive by, he looked up and saw Andy in the passenger seat. Before he knew it, Steven was in his car and following the truck.

“What the fuck am I doing?!” He yelled as he followed Andy and Mitch. Fifteen minutes later he watched the truck pull off the road and park at what looked like an old warehouse. Steven watched as Andy’s massive body emerged and started to lift countless bags of food from the back of the truck. Mitch stepped out and walked around to the side of the building followed by Andy. Both men walked up a staircase before disappearing into the top floor of the building. Steven waiting a few minutes before existing his car and approached the building.

“This is fucking crazy.” He whispered to himself as he peered though a dirty first floor window. All Steven could see was gym equipment, each piece loaded to their full capacity with huge weight plates. Steven was moving to another window when he almost leapt out of his skin at the sound of his phone pinging. He looked down and terror seized him.

“I NEED FOOD!” Read the text.

“Fuck!” Steven yelled and ran back to his car. The tires squealed loudly as he turned the car around and sped towards his house.

Steven unloaded all the food and started to prepare more for Bruce, who would be finishing his workout soon. As Steven rushed to cook, he tried not to think about massive Andy and huge Mitch but was finding it hard not to. 

Steven just finished cooking ten chicken breasts when he heard the slow, loud thumping of Bruce ascending the stairs. 

“What took you so long?” Bruce asked entering the kitchen.

“There was a lot of traffic, sorry. I’ve got chicken ready.” Steven said and turned, seeing Bruce’s fully pumped, naked body nearly caused him to drop the heaping plate full of food.

“Easy there doc, you better not drop that.” Bruce said, grabbing the plate and started to devour the chicken.

“Sorry, you just look, wow.”

Bruce smiled with a mouthful of food and half-raised an arm and slightly flexed it. The sound of his bicep slapping against his equally enormous forearm echoed throughout the kitchen.

“Good lift. I feel like a beast.” Bruce replied before stuffing more food into his mouth.

“It shows. You look…” Steven said and paused.

“Huge? Massive? Freaky? Inhuman?”

“All of that Bruce. You are bigger and more powerful than any human has ever been.”

“That sounds about right and I’m still growing.” Bruce said and took the plate from the counter. That simple movement, caused his arm to bloat and twist into a mangled mass of muscle. Countless garden-hose thick veins covered every inch and the sheen of fresh sweat made the site that much more spectacular. “I’m heading out to the pool. Bring me a few shakes?” Bruce said and waddled towards the patio doors.

Minutes later, Steven stepped outside with a tray of four protein shakes. Bruce was slowly floating in the pool and he moved towards the side as Steven approached.

“The water is perfect today. Why don’t you strip down and join me?”

Steven was shocked. Receiving kindness from Bruce was a rarity lately. Wanting to take full advantage, he quickly stripped naked and slid into the pool. The water felt amazing and both men swam in silence for a while. Steven realized he hadn’t felt this relaxed in a long time. He floated on his back and felt the sun warming his skin. He looked up as Bruce slowly existed the pool and grabbed a second shake. From his vantage point in the pool, Steven had never witnessed a more incredible sight. Water dripped off his tanned skin and his fully pumped body was truly incomprehensible. Unable to restrain himself, Steven started to rub his growing erection. Bruce finished the shake and turned towards Steven’s floating body.

“You like the view?”

“It’s incredible Bruce.”

“Damn right it is.” Bruce said as he stood directly over Steven. Slowly he raised his arms into a double bicep pose. The transformation of his body from massively muscular to an outrageously proportioned freak of nature was mind-boggling. Huge, round muscle bellies solidified into shredded masses of steel-forged flesh. Bruce’s arms eclipsed his head with bicep peaks and tricep muscle each expanded so large, they appeared to move independently. His shockingly wide lats expanded like falcon wings well beyond where they should logically have stopped. His relatively small waist visibly shrunk as Bruce displayed an extreme level of muscle control. With a slight twist of his left quad, waves of new mass exposed in all directions. His hamstrings were so overly developed they hung so low, appearing to almost touch his equally bloated calve. The other leg displayed more striations and muscle separation than any top bodybuilder had ever obtained in their entire body. Once he positioned his body properly, Bruce not only held the pose, he flexed even harder, forcing every muscle to swell bigger. No effort showed on his face, Steven assumed he could hold it for hours if he wanted to. The site was so extreme, so intense, Steven let out a low moan as pre-cum started to drip from his cock.

Bruce dropped the pose and pivoted his body. Even unflexed, he appeared to be four feet thick. Bruce clasped his right wrist with his left hand and slowly, purposely, started to perform a side chest pose, causing another much loader moan from Steven. As Bruce’s right arm moved back, the sheer size of his bicep and triceps were shocking. Rivers of veins erupted and the individual muscles visibly fought to accommodate each other. Once in place, Bruce’s bicep pressed down on his bloated forearm so firmly, both muscles distorted around each other. Bruce’s pecs had no choice but to swell with the movement but when Bruce started to really flex them, it was like a volcano erupting from his torso. Bruce’s head was literally tossed back by the cords of upper pec muscles as the lower muscles leapt to what appeared to be two feet forward. Deep shadows were cast over his tight, razor-sharp abs. As Steven moved his gaze lower, he bite his lip to stop himself from screaming. Bruce’s glutes flexed in a cascading wave of muscle, rippling from his back and moving down towards the pool deck. With his hamstrings fully flexed along with his equally thick calves, there was no space between the different muscle yet each was so defined, they still created dramatic lines and symmetry.

Steven was jerking his cock very fast when Bruce relaxed the pose, bent down and extended his hand. “Don’t cum yet, I need you to measure me and apply some lotion.” 

Steven was propelled from the pool with such force, he stumbled a few steps before regaining his balance. With tape measure in hand, Steven approached Bruce’s 5’11” body.

“I just weighted myself,” Bruce said with a demonic look in his eyes, “447lbs.”

“FUCK” was all Steven could say.

“Not enough, now measure and read then out.”

Chest: 87”
Arms: 32”
Forearms: 25”
Waist: 36”
Quads: 44”
Calves: 28”

Bruce looked unimpressed but Steven was visually shaking, dripping cum on the pool deck.

“I can do whatever I want to you and you still shoot loads for this body don’t you?”

Steven only whimpered and reached for the tanning lotion.

“Yeah, rub that shit all over me. I want to take a nap in the sun.” Bruce said and turned his back towards Steven. 

Steven’s mouth went dry as he came in contact with Bruce’s inexplicably hard muscle. Ridges and valleys covered every surface and even his veins felt harder than they should have. The simple movement of Steven’s hands, caused Bruce’s cellophane-thin skin to slide over his outrageously huge muscles. Steven was kneading the lotion into Bruce’s ham-sized traps, when an image of Andy from the supermarket flashed in his mind. He paused for a moment and shook his head to refocus on the task at hand. As Steven moved further down Bruce’s back, more flashes of Andy appeared. Even though he was clothed, Steven couldn’t stop imagining the sheer mass he hid underneath. He blinked and stared at the mountain scape that was Bruce’s back.

“Bruce is bigger.” He muttered without thinking. Suddenly Steven felt every muscle tense under his hands and Bruce slowly turned.

“Bigger than what?”

Steven froze in terror. He tried to come up with a response but his mind was blank.

“Bigger than WHAT!”

“N-n-n-nothing…I was just daydreaming.” Steven stammered.

“Daydreaming while touching my body, THIS body? No fucking way, TELL ME WHAT YOU MEANT!”

Tears started to flow from Steven’s eyes.

Bruce placed a hand on Steven’s trap and started to lightly squeeze but that simple movement sent waves of pain throughout Steven’s whole body.

“Please Bruce, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“TELL ME NOW OR I’LL RIP YOUR FUCKING ARM OFF!” Bruce screamed and gripped harder.

“I SAW HIM!” Steven yelled.

“Saw who?”

“ANDY!” Steven howled.

Bruce’s eyes filled with rage.

Steven clawed at Bruce’s vice-grip with no effect, “Please let go Bruce.”

Bruce let go but stepped even closer to Steven so they were nose-to-nose.

“I saw them at the supermarket.”


“Andy and Mitch.”

Bruce broke off the stare and took a few steps back, nostrils flared and teeth grinding. He moved to a nearby retaining wall, placed both hands on two top stones and easily wretched them free. He looked at the two heavy stones like they were each a piece of bread before slamming his hands together so hard the stones crumpled to dust at his feet.

“Is Andy big?” Bruce asked in a low, commanding voice.

“He’s nowhere near your size Bruce, no one is as big as you, as strong as you.” 

“But he’s big.”

“Compared to regular bodybuilders, sure, compared to you, not even close.”

Bruce’s expression changed, “He barely looked like a bodybuilder when I saw him last. Are you saying he looks like one now?”

Steven didn’t know what to say, how to not upset Bruce further. Steven flashed to his first glimpse of Bruce in the hospital, at 390lbs, he was already massive. Bruce told Steven about his encounter with Andy but he was always vague about Andy’s appearance. Steven always assumed Andy had to be massive to inflict so much damage on Bruce.

“I’m sorry Bruce, so sorry. Maybe I’m wrong, he was covered up, I’m sure I just imagined it. Yeah, imagined it, he’s probably just fat.”

“BULLSHIT!” Screamed Bruce, “you know EXACTLY what you saw. He’s huge isn’t he?”

Steven fell to the pool deck, sobbing uncontrollably, “YES Bruce, he’s huge.” He cried and started to weep.

Bruce let out a savage scream and raised his right leg and slammed it into the stone wall, causing a huge dent to appear and several of the stones cracked and fell to the ground.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK! Grab ALL THE GEAR and get to the gym NOW!”

Steven looked up with fear and confusion on his face.

“THIS ENDS NOW!” Bruce screamed and stalked inside the house, swearing the whole way.

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