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Sweet Revenge - Chapter 14 added June 23, 2022


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  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 13

Andy entered the gym, finding Mitch in his tiny office in the back corner, looking worried.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Membership at the gym is down. I’m working on ideas to boost the numbers.”

“Not that I like sharing the weights but that sounds like a good plan. What do you have in mind?” 

Mitch looked up with a smirk on his face, “That’s where you come in?”

“Oh yeah?” Andy replied.

“Well, very few people have even witnessed a person as massive and freaky as you. I was thinking we hold a competition, geared to the most hardcore lifters. They’d get to experience the gym and hopefully want to join.”

“What type of competition?”

“Powerlifting and armwrestling; against you. We could even say that if they beat you, they get a year free membership.”

Both men started laughing, “I like it but you know no one is every going beat me.”

“Of course not but it will be fun to see them try. What do you think?”

“I love it. It will be fun to see all those wannabe freaks try to take me on. When is this going to happen?”

“Two weeks?”

“Sounds good. I better up my workouts so I’m good and ready.” Andy chuckled.

“I’m glad you are on board Andy. The new members will definitely help us fund your growth, which is really that matters right? I’ll get posters made up and post some ads on social media.”

Andy was already waddling towards the rack of dumbbells but gave Mitch a thumbs up as he reached the end of the rack that held the heaviest weights.

“Are you almost ready? Door open in 10 minutes.” Mitch called from the kitchen to Andy in the bedroom.

Andy walked out of the bedroom and Mitch had to grab the kitchen counter for balance. Andy was wearing a pair of tight lifting shorts that never stood a chance against his massive quads so they rode up obscenely high. He had on what technically would be called a stinger tank top but the minimal fabric looked like he draped a shoelace around his neck. Mitch had helped apply a bronzer to Andy’s whole body the night before and overnight, it had darkened to the perfect brown colour, making him literally glow. True to his word, Andy had spent every waking hour in the gym for the last two weeks causing his already mammoth body to appear even larger and more extremely conditioned.

“My god Andy! You look absolutely incredible!” 

“Thanks, I think I’ll cause quite the commotion at the competition today.”

“Damn right you will.” Mitch said with a look of pure lust in his eyes. The advertisements for today’s event was purposefully vague. A powerlifting and armwrestling event against the /World’s Most Massive Physical Specimen/.

“So the plan is for me to stay up here until exactly 10 o’clock?”

“Yeah. That will give the people time to arrive before you make your entrance.”

Andy smiled, “You’re downright giddy to show me off aren’t you?”

“You’re fucking right I am, just look at you Andy! Even after all these months I can’t believe the level of mass and power you’ve obtained, it’s just mind-boggling.”

Andy couldn’t help but raise his monstrous arms and flex. He tried to turn his head but his truly freaky traps and shoulders prevented much range of motion.

“Stop it! You know if you get me too exited I’ll never make it downstairs,” Mitch said with a smile and tuned towards the stairs, “wait until 10.”

Mitch had hoped the competition would create a buzz within the hardcore gym community and by the growing crowd at the front doors, his plan had worked. There were 20 people waiting with more showing up every minute. When the door was opened, the gym was packed in no time. Mitch surveyed the crowd and was impressed by many of their bodies. Some were massive powerlifters, while others were clearly serious bodybuilders. Everyone seemed impressed by the gym, commenting on the variety of equipment, amount of weights. Many seemed genuinely disappointed they had not know about it sooner. Mitch had a few staff signed up new members and they all seemed to have a steady stream of people waiting to join.

“Good morning everyone. I’m so happy to see so many new faces. I hope you like the gym and decide to join, but that’s not really why you are here is it? You’ve come to watch or compete in the powerlifting and armwrestling competition.” Mitch said as the crowd started to applaud.

“Where’s this Massive Physical Specimen?” Someone asked.

“You think anyone can beat me?” Asked a massive, thick powerlifter.

“I’m ready to break some arms,” said another.

Mitch held up his hands, “As promised, you will meet your competition soon. The rules are simple, he will take on anyone who challenges him, in whatever lift you want and he will arm wrestle anyone who thinks they can win.” A rumble of excitement and anticipation ran through the crowd as Mitch glanced at his watch.

At the top of the stairs, Andy listened. His stomach was filled with butterflies. He had spend so long on his solo journey that this moment felt like his introduction back into the world. His determination to grow started as a way to defend himself against Bruce and then is became his way to protect Mitch. As he watched the clock tick to 10 o’clock, he was ready to show the whole world what he had become.

“So now, I’d like to introduce you to your competition, the most muscular creature to every walk the earth, the strongest person to every exist, the undeniable inhuman freak of nature; Andy!”

The heavy, concrete and metal stairs groaned as Andy started to descend.  The crowd held its collective breath. As Andy’s calves alone appeared, there were gasps, as his lower quads were seen, someone let out a low scream. With his full lower half visible, a mummer rose from the crowd. At the site of his impossibly small waist and chiseled abs there was a mounting sense of mayhem building from the audience. When Andy reached the last few steps and people saw his full body, chaos erupted. There were screamed, gasps and an all out frenzy of shock and awe. The once confident powerlifters went white as ghosts while the lifetime, dedicated bodybuilders visibly recoiled.

“OH MY GOD!”, “WHAT THE FUCK?!”, “HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!”, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” Where just some of what was heard over the other sounds.

Andy reached the bottom of the stairs and slowly moved to the centre of the crowd. At only 5’9” he still somehow appeared to tower over everyone. His outrageous proportions were simply incomprehensible to those in the room.

Shouting over the noice, Mitch spoke as loudly as he could, “You can see now that I did not misrepresent Andy for what he is, a true beast and literal mass of freaky muscle. Would you like to see just how massive Andy is?”

The crowd was split between those too stunned to speak and those yelling and screamed.

“Andy is 37 years old and stands an average 5’9” but I assure you, that is the only average thing about him. Andy, tell them what you weighted this morning.”

As Andy opened his mouth to speak, the crowd hushed as if on command, “452lbs.”

“HOLY SHIT!” Someone screamed.

Mitch approached with a tape measure in his hand and started to read out the numbers for the crowd, each met with sounds of awe and amazement.

“Chest, 89 inches, that is over seven feet. Arms, 35 inches. Forearms, 27 inches. Waist, 37 inches. Quads, 47 inches and calves, 31 inches. For those also wondering, Andy’s body fat is only 3.5%”

If the crowd was shocked before, they lost their collective minds by the time Mitch finished measuring. Some people looked ready to throw up while others looked terrified. There were huge men adjusting their bulging hard-ons while a few couldn’t take any more and left.

Andy had barely moved since making his appearance but suddenly started to pose for the crowd, whipping them into even more of a frenzy of excitement. As he hit pose after pose, they witnessed his already massive frame, grow even bigger. Each pose morphed him into a species beyond human and even with is massively developed muscles, he showcased astounding symmetry and flexibly. To further excite the crowd, Andy let out grunts and moans as his held each pose for the whole audience to admire. After a full posing routine, he relaxed his body and the crowd could only gape at how pumped and shredded he looked.

“Now that you’ve meet Andy and witnessed just how massive he is; who will be the first to challenge him?” Mitch asked. A mummer rose throughout the crowd with many once confident faces now looked timid and afraid. Then from the back of the room and booming voice cut through the noise.

“I’ll take you on.”

All heads turned to see a person emerge from the shadows. He was draped in a billowing tent of fabric that covered his whole body including his head. His proportions looking out of place. As the gym lights illuminated his ridiculous outfit, the hood was lowered and Bruce’s hardened face was exposed. His thick primate-like jaw was covered in a criss-cross of veins and striations as he ground his teeth. His shaved head only empathized the network of veins covered the bare skin as his hollow eyes showed how extremely lean he was.

“BRUCE!” Screamed Andy, his face instantly turning bright red with rage.

“That’s right little man. You thought you could stop me but you were wrong. You made me more determined, more focused and frankly, more motivated than ever. When I heard about this pathetic show you and your old fucker were putting on, I knew this was my opportunity to show you just how much of a monster I’ve become.” Bruce said as he took a few steps towards Andy, stopping under a light that bathed his form perfectly. With one fluid movement that looked like a wizard removing his cloak, Bruce pulled his covering off and let it fall to the floor.

If the room was shocked being in Andy’s presence, they reached a whole new level seeing Bruce’s body. He appeared to step out the pages of a science fiction movie where test subjects were experimented on. To describe Bruce as anything but inhuman would have been a gross understatement. He defied every law of the natural world. Muscles expanded in every direction, each one more outrageously defined and incomprehensibly massive than the next. One top of his brain-shattering size, was his jaw-dropping vascularity. He was so ripped that he didn’t appear to even have skin. Unlike Andy’s bronzed body, Bruce was much more pale but even that could not hide the veins that covered every exposed inch of flesh. Bruce barely moved and still muscles twitched and flexed as if moving on their own. To the most hardcore bodybuilders in the room, the display was truly morbid, even for them.

Bruce looked at the terrified faces but stopped and stared intensely at Andy, how couldn’t disguise his surprise. 

“You think 452lbs is impressive? Sure, to these puny nobodies I’m sure it is but to me it’s fucking pathetic. You’re witnessing the PINNACLE, the SUPREME. I’m the one who’s impressive, I’m the one who weighs 472lbs!” Bruce bellowed as he leaned forward, brought his fists together and flexed.

His transformation from relaxed wall of muscle to fully flexed mountain was surreal. Muscles slammed against other muscles. Where no space existed, muscles burst forward with no other place to go. Bruce’s traps looked like a king cobra wrapped around his head. His shoulders inflated to three times the size of his head while his arms and forearms fused into two thick, twisted columns of granite-hard muscle. His pumpkin-sized pecs crashed together and inflated so much, Bruce’s chin was being visibly squeezed. Each pec displayed hundreds of deep striations that flowed to a split so deep a full human hand would easily be lost within. The slabs of thick muscle completely covered his abdominals but from the sides, deep, criss-crossed intercostal muscles flexed so hard they looked sharp enough to cut skin. Bruce’s legs were an entirely different story, to anyone with knowledge of human physiology would have been confounded to explain how the man could walk. Each quad was so outrageously developed there was no space between them. As they flexed, slabs of heavy muscle exploded from either side but their sheer mass also spilled forward and back because there was nowhere else to go. A gruesome network of veins flowed from Bruce’s crotch to his toes. With his feet three feet apart, his monstrous calves still touched. At maximum flex, Bruce’s entire body shook, twitched and looked like it continued to swell bigger. His look of both unbridled confidence and pure deviousness showed on his face.

Andy stalked towards Bruce, pushing people out of the way, “You’re a fucking DEAD MAN!” He screamed.

Bruce relaxed the pose and started to chuckle, “I thought this was a competition?”

“Fuck you BRUCE!”

“Easy there bud. Let’s give these little people a real show first; then you can kick my ass.” Bruce said, adding air quotes to the last few words.

Andy looked scanned the crowd until his eyes settled on Mitch who had stepped towards the back of the room. 

“FINE! One lift and one armwrestling match.”

“OK. You pick the lift.”

Andy glared at Bruce and stepped so close, his huge pecs pressed against Bruce’s mammoth slabs of beef, “Deadlift.” He said through gritted teeth.

“Sounds like fun. You go first. Show me how much power your skinny muscles can handle.”

Andy turned and pointed at two obvious powerlifters in crowd, “You, add 12 plates per side!”

The two mean stared in disbelief but clearly weren’t going to debate Andy. As the plates were being slammed onto the bar, Andy moved into position. He rubbed chalk on his hands and adjusted his stance over the bar, all the while, starring daggers at Bruce. With 1,125lb loaded on the bar, the whole room watched in awe as Andy bent down and prepared to lift. The simply movements caused waves of different muscles to flex and twitch. When ready, Andy let out a primal growl as he started to hoist the huge weight.

The multiple plates rattled as the bar left the ground but it was the sight of Andy’s body that was the real show. His already massive body exploded with dense muscle. His quads solidified into two twisted columns of mass and his back flared past his fully tensed arms that gripped the bar so tight, each muscle fibre ballooned to such an extreme, they dwarfed the biggest quads in the room, with one exception. With the bar six inches off the ground, the strain was obvious on Andy’s face. As he raised the bar a little higher, he realigned his death stare on Bruce. As if his rage was fuelling his strength, Andy’s pace increased slightly as the bar continued to rise. When Andy’s was close to the top of the rep, his shoulders and traps started to engage and the sight was truly outrageous. Covered in veins and under tremendous pressure they exploded with mass and power. With one final scream that vibrated throughout the whole gym, Andy reached the top of the rep but instead of lowering the bar, he held it at the top of the rep and starred at Bruce with a look of pure rage on his face. He held the bar for close to 30 seconds before letting it fall fast enough a few plates fell off both ends. Andy stood back up and hit a front lat spread that made every Mr. Olympia winner combined together look like skinny teenagers.

The low mummer of the crowd’s amazement was interrupted by Bruce’s slow clapping.

“Good lift. I bet a few of these guys just got a woody from that display. I know your old boyfriend there is leaking some pre-cum, that’s for sure.”

Andy looked ready to pounce on Bruce.

“Easy, easy man. I’m just having some fun with you.” Bruce said as he took a few steps towards the bar, “Gee, I hope I lift all this weight.” He said with a cocky tone.

Bruce positioned himself above the bar and the simple act of bending over made every muscle flex and tense. As he gripped the bar, the crowd held their collective breath. Immediately, Bruce started to moan and groan, moving the bar every so slightly. It was only a few inches off the ground and his whole body started to shake, causing new, bigger waves of muscle to spill in every direction. His tortured noises only got louder as the bar moved to his knees, which could barely be seen due to the slabs of quad beef hanging over them. When the bar was halfway up his monstrous quads, the sounds coming from Bruce changed. A low chuckle could be heard as the heavy bar continued to rise. Suddenly, to the shock of the crowd, Bruce stood up to his full height with lightening fast speed. His face, barely seeming to register the massive weight he was holding. Without a pause, the lowered the weight again, slamming it onto the floor so hard, the crowd felt the room shake. Less than a second later, Bruce lifted the bar again, showcasing perfect form. And again, he didn’t pause at the top of the rep and lowered it again. Like a muscled piston, the bar rose and fell.

“THIS.” He said at the top of a rep before lowering the bar.

“IS.” He said on the next rep.

“NOTHING.” Another rep.

“BUT.” Rep.

“A”. Rep

“WARMUP.” Rep.

“FOR.” Rep.

“ME.” Rep.

The crowd could not believe what they were seeing. Bruce was moving the 1,125lb bar like it weighed nothing and each rep not only seemed to get faster, his body was growing more and more pumped. Andy couldn’t disguise his awe.

At well over 20 reps, Bruce showed no signs of stopping.

“I can do this all day unless you have a real challenge in mind Andy.” Bruce said in a calm voice that betrayed the incredible feat of strength his was displaying.

Andy moved to the arm wrestling table near the front of the gym and pounded his fist on the metal surface, causing the room to go silent, “Get over here so I can tear your FUCKING arm off Bruce!”

Bruce dropped the bar mid-rep, causing weight plates to tumble off the bar with a loud crash. He stepped over the bar and slowly moved towards Andy. His outrageously pumped body was truly a gruesome sight. He looked markably bigger than before and his extreme level of vascularity only became more pronounced and sickening. As he approached, he made eye contact with a few of the people in the crowd, all of whom had a look of terror in their eyes.

Reaching the table, he ran his hand over the thick, custom-made metal counter. The steel was industrial strength, giving the whole table a heavy, immovable look. Bruce stopped and faced Andy. Both men made the huge armwrestling table look tiny. Bruce bent forward and slammed his elbow onto the table with a loud bang that made everyone flinch.

“Wanna see what a 38” bicep can do?” He said to Andy.

Wasting no time, Andy positioned his 35” arm on the table. Both men didn’t have to flex to look massive as they brought their hands together.

“I’m going to crush you.” Andy said through gritted teeth as Bruce only stared into Andy’s eyes.

“On three.” Andy said and started to count, “one, two, three.” He said and started to apply pressure. His thickly corded arm exploded with new slabs of roid-fuelled mass. Bruce’s arm responded with equal level of obsene mass as it moved a few inches towards the counter. Andy let out a growl and pressed Bruce’s arm down father.

“F-f-f-feel that power.” Andy yelled as Bruce’s arm was pressed halfway towards the metal countertop.

Bruce let out a grunt and his free arm pounded the table. His arm swelled so large, the crowd could almost hear the muscles grow but dispute his effort, his arm did not rise.

Every muscle on And’y huge body was flexed and he chanelled all his strength into his one arm. Bruce’s attempts to overcome Andy’s attack failed as he continued to loose ground. With just a few inches of space left, Andy looked unstoppable until suddenly, Bruce’s arm stopped moving. It felt like Andy had pinned Bruce’s arm to the table but it still hovered three inches above. Andy’s eyes went wide as the room let out a collective gasp.

“I guess I should start trying.” Bruce said nonchalantly and with an evil grin on his face, flexed his massive arm. It looked like a mountain before but to the amazement of the crowd, it wasn’t close to its full size. Muscle’s twitched and ballooned in every direction as thick, angry veins erupted on the surface. Within seconds, Bruce’s titanic biceps swelled to twice their original size, dwarfing Andy’s own massive appendage.

“Toying with you has been so fucking fun, just like I used to do when you were just a skinny little fag.” Bruce said with no effort in his voice while neither arm moved at all. “I remember how terrified of me you used to be and how turned on my body made you? I loved making you feel puny and pathetic. Even now, you’ve gotten ridiculously huge but you still seem so small and weak to me, just like everyone else on this planet.”

Rage filled Andy as the effort he was exerting was obvious, his whole body trembled, sweat pooled on the floor but Bruce’s arm didn’t move.

“I can see behind all that rage on your face you are devastated that I’m still more of a freak than you. The disappoint you must be feeling right now, you waddled in here with so much confidence, before I showed up you must have felt like a fucking god amongst these people. What did you feel first when you saw me, did your cock get hard or did you feel like puking your guts out at the sight of my far larger body?

“FUCK YOU.” Andy said and with one primal scream, poured every last once of his power into pressing Bruce’s arm onto the table.

“Oh shit! I almost forgot we were supposed to armwrestling.” Bruce said and with the smallest twitch of his wrist, he started to raise his arm. Moments later the two were back to the starting point before Bruce started to push Andy’s arm back down. “Do you want me to make it look like you’re slowing me down or should I just slam your hand down so hard I crush your hand and wrist into dust?”

Andy let the rage take over. Before he could stop himself, his free hand was cocked and he landed a hard punch into the side of Bruce’s head. The impact could be heard throughout the gym as the audience let out screams and gasps.

Bruce’s head recoiled from the blow but he didn’t let go of Andy’s arm nor did his advantage in the match waiver. He slowly turned his head back towards Andy and his clam, cocky demeanour changes to something far more scary.

“I’m surprised it took you that long to lash out at me Andy but unfortunately, I’m not going to let that happen again.” Bruce said as he moved Andy’s hand inches from the table. Andy let out a whimper of pain as the room could see the tremendous pressure Bruce was applying. Andy’s arm crashed into the table with such force, the windows at the front of the gym rattled.

Bruce let go of Andy, who stumbled back and grabbed his throbbing hand, and placed both hands on either side of the reinforced armwrestling table. The scream of the heavy metal bolts filled the room as he wrenched it from the floor. A devilish grim formed on his face as the thick metal tabletop buckled and started to fold in half as Bruce’s pecs and arm inflated to truly obscene levels. When the two end met in the middle, Bruce tossed the twisted heap of metal against the nearby wall, causing chucks of concrete to crumble to the floor.


There was a stampede of people running towards the front doors. Bruce followed the last one out before reaching for an empty squat bar and placing it though the large metal door handles. He gripped both ends and twisted the heavy metal bar like a pretzel, sealing the doors shut. With his massive back to the gym he raised his head and tuned it the small amount his nonexistent neck and bloated traps would allow.

“Now the real fun begins.” He said is a low, ominous voice and started to turn around.

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  • Newmassaddict changed the title to Sweet Revenge - Chapter 13 added June 19, 2022
5 hours ago, shizumaru said:

Bruce is the man. I hope he brutally tears Andy and Mitch to shreds and trashes the whole gym in the process. That would be such Sweet Revenge

Damn right bro, the big bully winning is just a fact of life 

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  • Newmassaddict changed the title to Sweet Revenge - Chapter 14 added June 23, 2022

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