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  • 2 weeks later...

Host: Hello ladies and man-beasts! Welcome back to our second night of "Gainers." Freddi Fit here. *Freddi flashes a cocky grin, raises his shirt and crunches his abs* All night you all have been voting to give 4 of our eight potential beafcakes a special muscle boost to start the competition. Well tonight, you are in for a special treat, because we will reveal the results, inject our four men, and watch their growth begin! Now what exactly will this special serum that you all have been voting on do? Just to give you a little tease...

*Freddie grabs a serum from his pocket and injects himself with it. Seconds later, he grips the front of his shirt and tears it clean off. As he begins aggressively gritting his teeth and growling while doing a crab pose, Freddie grows nearly 10lbs in muscle mass* Tonight serum is packed full of muscle growth hormones that are bound give each of our four lucky recipients a 10lbs boost. Not only that, but each vial has enough testosterone in it to send our men into arrogant rampages of muscle dominance. So, why don't we find out who will be growing tonight! I'm going to cross over to the growth chamber and reveal the first recipient.


The Camera switches to inside the house, in which the eight men anxiously wait to find out who grows.

Freddi appears on a television screen and begins speaking, "Hello there boys! So as you all know, all night our audience has been voting which four of you they'd like to see get a little boost at the beginning of this competition. Well the votes are in, and I can now reveal that the first person to receive a boost is..... Zac!

"Oh fuck ya!" Zac proclaims, launching out of his chair and moving towards the injection tube. "Time to grow these babies" He bounces his pecs and flairs his lats. Host: Congratulations Zac and enjoy yourself! Zac steps into the chamber and the door closes behind him. He quickly strips down into nothing except a tight pair of under armor boxer briefs. Suddenly a robotic arm comes out of the wall and pushes a needle into Zac's upper back. He moans as the serum quickly courses through his blood. Suddenly Zac's muscle begin to expand, forcing Zac into cannibalistic grunts. As the process ends, the chamber door opens, Zac one foot on the carpeted ground in front of him. His calves covered in rippling veins look nearly 2 inches bigger. After take a few more steps out of the chamber, he freezes, adjusting his obviously larger bulge. Zac chuckles to himself before flaring his godlike lats for the other men in the room to gaze upon. "Fucking look at these wings men. I bet you all wish you could be as hunky as I am. Yo, Tony get your tiny ass over here." Tony shakes his head. "No, fuck you man." A sadistic grin appears on Zac's face. "You dare talk to a muscle alpha like that?" He bolts over to Tony and grabs the back of his head. In one swift motion, Zac has Tony kissing his flexed bicep. "Fucking worship me bitch."

Freddi interrupts the display of dominance, "Alright, now now boys. Settle down. It's time to give the next guy his serum." Freddi peels open the second envelope. "Our next voted winner is..... Stu!" Without saying a word, Stu quietly moves to the chamber. As the injection and growth begin, Stu lavishes in the feeling of grow. He steps out of the chamber and approaches the group. Unlike Zac, Stu remained fully clothed; however, he peels off his very tight black t-shirt. Standing in front of the 7 other men, Stu crunches has abs saying "MMM do I feel like a man right now. And I thought I was already pretty big. Its gonna feel great trying to squeeze this slabs of steel into my uniform." Zac interrupts. "That's if you keep it, that is." Stu brushes Zac off and returns to his seat.

Freddi returns. "Alright so our next recipient will be..... Max!" Max grins. "Looks like the audience wants to see a teacher grow!" Just like the other men, Max enters the chamber and takes in the amazing feelings that come with the growth. Afterwards, he stands in front of the group wear a now much tighter button down shirt and a pair of dress pants. The seams of the pants are beginning to rip do the immense size of his quads. "Now listen up boys." Max begins teaching to the group. "You see these?" He says while flexing his quads. This causes the seems to burst and split down the side. "Well these are quadriceps. And by the end of this competition they will be bigger than your heads. Know that!" He says the last line through gritted teeth in a cocky tone.

As he sits, Freddi returns to announce the final winner. "Okay, so here it is. Our final recipient.... is our wrestling boy Cam!" Cam shoots up out of his seat, still wearing his tight wrestling singlet. "Bring it on! I'm ready to burst our of this singlet." He steps into the chamber, receives the injection, and lusts over the feeling of growth. As the process ends, he comes storming out the chamber running his mouth "So which one of you pipsqueaks wants to feel just how strong I've become! Go on, I'll wrestle any of you!" Zac gets chest to chest with Cam, whose singlet is now hanging by his waist due to its shoulder straps tearing. "Oh this should be fun..." Cam growls. The two engage in a brief wrestling match. In a matter of seconds, Cam has Zac in a headlock. He shoves Zac's face into his armpit. "Fucking worship these stinky pits, actor boy." Zac pushes Cam off, and shamefully returns to the couch. "Alright who's next? Who wants to be humiliated like Zacy Boy?"

The men banter a bit before Freddi returns. "Alright gentlemen, or should I say 4 boys and 4 alphas? So now I'm going to give you your nicknames for the remainder of the competition.
Cam, you will be known as Cocky Cam.
Max, you will be Maximus.
Chad, you will be Cheeky Chad.
Stu, you are simply Sexy Stu
Dominique, you will be Dominator.
Ken, you will be know as Daddy Ken.
Zac, you are Zac Attack
and Tony, you Titanic Tony.

Anyways, fellas. I'll talk to you next week where you will face your first round of matchups."

Freddi Returns to hosting for the audience. "Well that concludes it for tonight. Out men have just begun on their growth journey. This week, you will be presented with 4 different matchups between the men. We ask that you vote one man to win each matchup. Whoever receives the most votes in each pairing will steal some muscle mass from their opponent.

Here are your matchups:
Cocky Cam vs. Daddy
Ken Maximus vs. Sexy Stu
Cheeky Chad vs. Titanic Tony
Dominator vs. Zac Attack

Alright. This is Freddi Fit, signing off! Goodnight growth fans!
*Freddie Fit solutes the camera and transitions into an archer pose as the credits roll.*

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17 minutes ago, MuscleLoverMG said:

Cocky Cam vs. Daddy
Ken Maximus vs. Sexy Stu
Cheeky Chad vs. Titanic Tony
Dominator vs. Zac Attack


Cocky Cam,  Sexy Stu, Cheeky Chad, and Dominator

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