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Meteorite Dare


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My names Cayden. 


And Jasper has been my best Bro for years.


But in all honesty we had a complicated relationship. 

I’m sure most of you have heard of the term sibling-rivalry or girl-rivalry but have you heard of the term bro-rivalry? 

While I was the cocky and risk taking one, Jasper had always been the smart and sly one. 

But the fact was that we both were equally alpha. And for 2 alphas to be good bros can be tense at times. It was a constant back stabbing game behind all the smiles and laughs. We were always trying to outdo each other physically and mentally. Tho we both knew we needed each other. We were average in terms of looks, height, strength and charisma. 


We couldnt take down other Alpha males around us who were bigger taller and way better looking than us. but together, our testosterone and cocky nature combined made us a top notch bro team.

We were the cockiest motherfuckers around.




Yet we knew the day would come when one day one of us would gain the upper hand and force the other down to a submissive beta rank.

That day came much sooner than both of us expected.

We were out one day on one of our pussy hunting trips. As usual we needed one another. I had the navigation skills and he had the posh car to make us look extra cocky. 

While trying to outdo each other talking about the length or our cocks we saw the distance a falling meteorite from the skies.


It made a large sound as it crashed a short distance from us and we could see the dust cloud it had created from our car.


We drove close to the site for further inspection and realized we had come across something unusual and never seen before. It was a glowing rock that seemed to animate its lights around itself.


We got out of our car and rushed down to see the large rock before us. It was almost magical in nature. 

We joked about how falling stars could make our wishes come true and laughed at such a possibility. Me being the cockier asshole dared him to ask me something risky. 

Jasper lifted his brow for a moment and thought to himself before revealing a nasty arrogant smirk back at me. While i was the cockier one he was always better at playing the backstabbing game.

“You like laughing at the fatso losers in school and comparing your muscles with them dontcha? What if you became one?



“I dare you to touch the meteoroid and swear that you wish you would be transformed into a fat fucking pig of a man. That you would give up all your current muscles you have now to become such a stinky smelly man pig permanently” 

I personally did’nt believe in magic but for a moment the thought of being a fatso loser forever striked a chord on my nerves as i begin to hesitate and regret my previous cocky suggestion. 

“Oh c’mon don’t tell me you actually believe in magic?? Plus you were the one who was all cocky and daring me to dare you…. are you backing out now? I could always dare toy to be something else… why not the skinny nerds in science club?” 

He laughed menacingly to himself before giving himself a subtle nod of victory over me.

Not being one to lose a dare, I gave him a cocky stare back and placed my hands on the hard rock that was still warm from the collision. 

A sense of dread engulfed me as i tried my best to tell myself that magic does not exist.


I couldn’t bare to say anymore and closed my eyes noticing something changing within me…..



A sound came from within my stomach as my heart dropped…



It was a growl…



I was simply hungry…..

But nothing else happened….



I just both broke into laughter as i savored my confident cocky victory over Jasper as we got back into the car. I could sense some disappointment from Jasper. I’m sure he had hoped that I would have indeed be transformed into a disgusting fat fuck of a loser.

The incident was soon forgotten as we joked about the meteoroid rock and Jasper even took a small piece of the rock back as a souvenir.


We both drove off for some food….







The next morning...

We had some drinks last night and I was still feeling groggy and my vison was blurred. My head hurt from the drinking and i struggled to reach for my phone to check the time.

It was at that moment when i realized there was a particular musky smell in the room. It smelt bad but I didn’t pay much attention to it. 

Stranger still my body felt alot heavier and i had to spend more energy and effort just to move myself to the edge of my bed and get closer to my phone.

I heard footsteps as my door opened…




I turned my head towards the yell Jasper made as i tried to get of my bed. 

Something was definitively wrong about my body. 

I begin to panic as i pulled myself of my bed and i fell on the ground. I could see my hands and they were so much larger than usual. 

Pushing myself of the floor I could see Jasper still in shock as i fought my way in a hangover state to my nearest mirror. 

I looked at my reflection as my jaw dropped.





“No fucking way…………”








 I was a muscle monster.

I had muscles on top of already bulging muscles.


 And I was not afraid to flaunt them to my wide eyed little friend in front of me.


I could smell the sniff of stinky sweat from my armpits as i showed them off. And even tho they stank so bad i could see the jealousy from Jasper.


The whiff of strong deep bad smelling protein came from my breathe as I noticed how much more handsome my face got as well.

I fetl so good.

Previously i was simply lean and slightly above average. Now I was truely ALPHA 

I was speechless. 

And so was Jasper who even tho was still lean, was so much smaller and shorter than me now.



His eyes moved quickly from my various body parts, i could tell his eyes were filled with jealousy and envy but on top of that he was filled with lust.

“It can’t be the meteorite yesterday can it? I mean you wished to become a Fucking PIG! Why are you like this now??”



I was casually playing with my now monster cock subtly mentally dominating Jasper to let him know who the real ALPHA is now.


“Well, you see i couldn’t take any chances. So i whispered under my breathe softy saying ROIDED pig”


I continued posing to my envious friend knowing how much he must regret everything now.

I was so drunk with power.


I could feel myself getting so obnoxious and cocky.


It felt so good watching Jasper looking so sad and regretful. He knew the day had finally come. He could no longer be my equal. 

He was now a beta. And I was now his Alpha.


I challenged him to an arm wrestling challenge knowing I would win so I could make him feel worst about his new lesser status as a beta male in our relationship and solidify my new Alpha Position.


And as usual me being the cockier asshole dared him to ask me something risky during the arm wrestling match.

It was so funny seeing how desperate he was now.


“I dare you to give me all your muscles and strength”

“I dare you to give me all your handsome facial features”

“I dare you to give me your tall height”

“I dare you to wish yourself with a skinny weak body

“I dare you to wish yourself with an ugly unattractive face”

“I dare you to wish yourself with a short 5′4 height”


“And you will dare it all to be as permanent as it can be”


I crossed my heart and said all the dares loud and clearly.

But I couldn’t help laughing at his desperation.

He was always the smart and sly one.

And I was always the daring cocky one.

But there was no meteoroid rock to help him now. 

No cleverness in his sly little brain is gonna help him now

And I can be as Cocky and Mean to him as i want.

Because Now He can only wish……


I wasn’t even using all my strength. I didn’t want to win so quickly and i prolonged the arm wrestling knowing he was struggling so hard against me. 

I yawned…..



But not before i noticed something strange.

There was light.

And It got brighter and brighter every second.

And it was coming from our clasped palms.


A blinding light quickly engulfed us before fading away

I was too shocked that I didn’t notice even notice his arms gaining the strength to push my arms down.

I released my palms from his as the glow slowly faded. And a small tiny and insignificant rock fell out of both our palms as the glow entirely disappeared.


As i regained my sight i could only notice a large object in the front of my face.


I was still so confused as i gazed around. 


But I could certainly smell a muscky stinky sweaty smell that was around me.


I finally looked up at the towering imposing figure.


He opened his mouth in the snarkiest cockiest way possible while flexing his guns and i could smell a whiff of deep bad strong smelling protein under his breathe.

“Still wanna play the Meteoroid Dare Bitch?”



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I can smell the heterosexual from this story its so straight. Will there be a part 2? Any chance cayden will get dominated by jasper in any way? Would love to see jasper humiliate cayden. So i assume cayden is now not only smaller than jasper but has lost all alpha traits as well? reduced to a small wimp? 

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On 11/1/2018 at 9:38 PM, Raggen said:

I can smell the heterosexual from this story its so straight. Will there be a part 2? Any chance cayden will get dominated by jasper in any way? Would love to see jasper humiliate cayden. So i assume cayden is now not only smaller than jasper but has lost all alpha traits as well? reduced to a small wimp? 

Yea man cayden was tricked into wishing his alpha away. During the first transformation when cayden was transformed into a roided muscle beast, his buddy jasper was at least still quite alpha. Just that jasper was smaller and weaker than the hunky cayden.

But now jasper is in cayden's shoes as the alpha muscle beast whereass cayden is now a skinny weakling. talk about a role reversal huh?

No ideas for a part 2 yet.

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On 11/12/2018 at 5:09 PM, vaultbreaker said:

Loved it, and hope you create many more photo-based stories like this.

Thanks man. Not writing too much stories now. Just transferring them over from tumblr. Enjoy the rest!

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On 12/16/2018 at 7:32 PM, cockfightdude said:

For sure man.   Now do a follow up! ?

lol. would love to do a follow up. But outta ideas for now lol. Any suggestions from you if any?

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On 1/16/2019 at 10:18 AM, goggletan said:

lol. would love to do a follow up. But outta ideas for now lol. Any suggestions from you if any?

Not sure man, but all I know it these tables gotta keep on turning cos you know those bros are sneaky as shit and won't leave it at that

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