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A brothers protection.


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DISCLAIMER: this is a long story  


My relationship with my step brother has never been normal he was a shy, socially awkward kid. He always hid in his room playing video games like Zelda or Call of duty me on the other hand I was always an out there person I loved going out with friends, shopped a lot, partied a lot you know anything a 18 year old boy would do my step brother was 19 and never ever had any friends except for his online friends. I was slim and tall not muscular but tall I liked my body. My step brother Was tall and skinny no muscle definition but what do you expect from someone who doesn’t go out of his room. Anyways my dad and his mom were going on a vacation and Jeff and I (Btw his name is Jeff and mine is nick) we’re going to be home alone together or a week they left us two credit cards but I knew I’d be using both of them and Jeff would be in his room doing whatever he does. So two days had past our parents were gone I’d only seen Jeff twice so he could get food. So I decided to go out with some friends. I told Jeff I’m leaving he didn’t say much just “ok” I told him I might be gone the whole night and I’ll leave him a credit card.

So I go out with my my friend and his boyfriend it was fun I got home at 1am the lights were off but then I noticed a car in the drive way and i knew it wasn’t my out parents cause they were gone and Jeff didn’t have a car and my car was In the garage. I got inside the lights were off Iwent to my room and I notice Jeff’s door is cracked down the hall i go in to check on him and then I notice some guy is there he’s dressed in black giving Jeff what seemed to be a pill. I assumed he was taking drugs like maybe buying Xanax or something like that. The guy was making his way to the door and I sprinted to my room he didn’t hear me so he left. I go back to Jeff’s rooms and I’m just watching what he does. I hear him saying “you can do this you can do this don’t be a pussy, you want to be liked by everyone”. So he swallows the pill and he takes all his clothes except his socks and bracelet  so I left because it was getting weird. I go into my room go on my computer text a few friends just chill until I hear a bang. I go out of my room and I  pop around wondering where it came from then another BANG and it came from Jeff’s room I go to see what’s happening and he’s on the floor just there still I tap him yelling “I’ll call 911” but then he said Don’t in a mad voice. All of a sudden he turns a very bright red and he’s still on the floor and then I notice something his body was growing I notice his biceps were becoming bigger and his legs becoming bigger his body becoming more defined his feet growing his shoulders widening. It was almost like watching the hulk. His socks start to tear as his feet grow and his leather bracelet rips off because his wrist was becoming bigger. All of a sudden he’s not still and he screams. Saying “IT HURTS” he stood up before he was like 5’10 now he’s 6’5 and I see this monster of a man standing in front of me his veins were popping out and he was crying I didn’t know what to do so say him down on the bed I notice his penis was enlarging and I was shook. Finally all that growing stopped and his skin wasn’t red anymore but his body wasn’t the same it was like he was the hulk. He catches his breath and explained to me what I just witnessed he said “I know this is a very strange thing you saw but I can’t explain you see I’ve always been jealous of you because you’ve had all these friends you’ve been invited everywhere and everyone likes you but not me I thought maybe if I looked different then I would be liked more so I bought a muscle growth pill and that’s why I’m like this” I was in shock so i left his room and went To bed know the next morning I’d have to face him again and talk about what just happened.

I woke up the next morning did my routine brushed my teeth took a shower got dressed I completely forgot about last night I go to the kitchen and I see Jeff stand over the stove with just boxers on cooking food then it all came back to me. He notices me and says “good morning” I tried not to be weird so I knodded my head he asked “are you hungry” I said “no I ate a lot last night when I was out” “suit yourself” he said he sat eating at least 10 eggs there was a moment of  awkward silence then I got up and said “I’m going shopping” he said “let me come I need to get a new wardrobe anyways” I hesitated and said “sure” like an idiot. So he went to go get dressed he went to my dads closet and got things since him and my dad would now be the same size.

We eventually left to go to the mall I prayed to god I wouldn’t see anyone. First we stopped into a jewelry store because I wanted a new ring he stood by my side like a body guard. I got my ring and he asked “can you help me dress you have really good taste in clothes” I hesitated again saying “sure” do we went into this very high end store and he started trying clothes on but very reavling clothing like really short shorts tanks tops muscle shirts anything that would show off his body I help him decide on a few I remember at one point he asked me to go into the dressing room with him i said no. So we bought our stuff and went home.

We walked in and he went to his room. I sat down on the couch trying process everything that happened I sat down for a good 2 hours it was almost dark out so I went to change into some home clothes I put my blue plaid shorts on with a white t shirt and my white robe and went to go watch tv Incase the living room. I watched a few episodes of this cooking show I liked and then Jeff walked in he asked if i was hungry I said a little so he said “I’m gonna order pizza” i said sure. I was thinking to myself this is the most I’ve seen him all month. He ordered 3 pizzas two large meat lovers pizzas and one medium pepperoni for me. The food arrived and I have never seen anyone devour two whole pizzas within 20 minute I was stunned. He seemed very happy he had this smile on his face and it was something I’d never seen before. I went to bed it was 12am I was in and out of sleep all night. I woke up at 4am and my eyes were sort of open and I notice Jeff standing right in front of my bed he was just wearing boxers and his whole body was flexed he didn’t notice I was awake so I tried to go back to sleep. 


Next morning I woke up and saw Jeff in the kitchen again in just in his boxers cooking eggs he offered me eggs and I accepted he asked what I was doing that day I said nothing but I’m going out to this club tonight shockingly he asked to come I said sure but I need to introduce him as my cousin to my friends. He said fine. The day went by Jeff and I were chilling in the living but he was staring at me the whole time this giant muscle god was just staring I tried no to notice. It was 7pm and we started getting ready. He was dressed in this designer floral muscle shirt and tight tight skinny jeans I thought If he was flexing in them they would rip  


we went to the club he met my friends we had a lot to drink I said I was going to dance and if anyone wanted to join me everyone said no so I went and then this guys come behind and dances with me he was very handsome and we danced but then I look at my table and Jeff is staring at me again this time with a look of rage I was terrified it was a crazy look like a look of jealousy I told the guy I’m going to use the bathroom he said he will stay right where he was I walked to the bathroom and I notice Jeff is going to the dance floor  I come out go back to the dance floor and the guy is gone I was disappointed so I said to Jeff I’m leaving. He said I’ll come with I said it’s fine he said no I coming in A aggressive tone  we went home I took a shower put my pajamas on and I confronted him. I said what the fuck is wrong with you? He said what do you mean I said  you’ve been staring at me all day we go to the club you keep staring like what’s up. He said nothing is up. But something must have been he looked at me and said sit, I said what? he said sit I sat and he said ever since my transformation I’ve been feeling a little more protective of you. I said what? he said well you’re the only there with me during the process and you tried to help me and I don’t know why but I feel like I need to protect you. I was stunned so I did what I knew best and just left I walked out of that room and went to my room and laid down and started crying then this huge hand comes and wipes my tears and he said I know this is weird but trust me it will all work out he lifted me up and gave me a hug I hugged him back. Then he looked at me and kissed me and held my tight I was shook but I kissed him back he let go of my and took his clothes of and started kissing me more and more he put my on top of him and held me and kissed me and wrapped his legs around my legs. I had never felt so safe for some reason Almost as if nothing in the world could hurt me in his arms i wouldn’t call it incest since we weren’t blood related. He started rubbing my Penis and he held my tighter and I came I tried to touch is penis but he said let me do it so he jerked himself off then we laid down together I eventually fell asleep on top of him.

i woke up the next day in his arms wrapped around me i thought To myself why did i do that he’s my step brother but i couldn’t  resist. his big Pecs were in my face and his huge legs covering my legs like a Blanket. He woke up smiling at me kissing me I smiled back. Then he said I love you but he actually ment it it was such a sweet and genuine I love you my heart just dropped and i tried to wrap my arms around him but he was so big. I said but we can’t continue like this our parents are coming home soon. Then he came up with the idea and said let’s get an apartment and tell them we are going to room together. Then i said how will you explain your look and he said they haven’t seen my in a while and when the do I wear baggy sweaters and sweat pants. I liked the idea  and I agreed. 


Part two will come out later




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It's añways a nice surprise to see a section revived. This part of the forum was lacking a story lately and yours will fit just perfectly.

Im sure gonna read chapter 2

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