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Muscle, Sex, Magic: Updated 18 May 2022


More frequent, shorter chapters; Longer more infrequent updates? Asking for a friend. :-*  

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7 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

IM imagining this two as the Djinn and the Salim from American Gods and im having te best of time doing it.


This is one the several inspirations for this story.  I watched this when it first aired and thought the whole scene was so amazing and beautiful - much more than is shown in the clip of course.  Good call man.  Dantalion is obviously much broader and muscular; Trevor, in my mind is a bit different, but a good comparison, nonetheless   :-)  

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I would love to see this story interpreted through a similar medium like with Jinn and Salim. The whole scenario of being chosen by a djinn for conversion makes me tingle. ?

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Extra bonus points in the choice of names for the djinns: Exactly the sort of Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic or Arabic names (or coined to sound Greek, Hebrew, Aeamaic or Arabic) that were mangled in the process of transcribing them into mediaeval Latin! They do pop up in renaissance books about "magic" during the 16th and 17th century. By the look of it, you went to Lemegeton-Goetia to make the names sound "real", rather than taking a look in Heptameron or Steganographia? Very atmospheric!

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  • SeaMusc changed the title to Muscle, Sex, Magic: Updated 18 May 2022

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