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Big Dicked Truck Driver Pt 1, 2, 3


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6 hours ago, 228lbs said:

Big Disked Truck Driver PT 2

Quick recap of the previous chapter The short fireplug self assured bordering on Arrogant Tony has been bested by a more masculine, more muscular well endowed co worker.

I left work got in my car, and drove 2 miles to my home, I cannot recall any of the journey I was on autopilot my mind full of what had just happened in the bathroom, I couldn’t get this muscle bear god out of my head. It had  just occurred to me that whilst I knew his physical stats (at a guess) 21 inch arms 58 inch chest, 6ft1 height and a 8 inch soft pussy and ass splinter of a cock I didn’t know his name.

I got to my house threw my jacket off, made a protein shake, and shuck my clothes off and jumped in the shower, I have a wet room  with a shower in the one corner and a full length mirror in the other, before turning the shower on, I did a little flex show for my self, I was looking good, my arms were looking pumped from the night of moving heavy boxes all shift, my quads were also pumped, my calves are also a respectable 17 inches from hard training, bike riding and competitive sports at school and playing at amateur level after I finished college.

I had been so fixated on admiring my muscles feeling my ample chest which is covered in a light dusting of hair, that I didn’t notice how hard my cock was at this point, my big balls were also churning a couple of days worth of juice.

My hand went to my cock whilst I massaged my balls with my other hand, it wasn’t long before I had built up quite a fast aggressive technique, the bathroom experience at work filled my mind and I couldn’t him out of my head, and fantasied about him getting the best of me in the sack.

My left hand left my balls and I started playing with my ass, this is totally out of character for me, as I have always considered myself a top, even when having alone time, I would never consider playing with my hole, but today he had awoken something new in me, I wanted him to show me who is boss, I wanted him to train and dominate me.

I was thinking how would I be able to accommodate such an ass destroyer of a cock, how would I even take that in my mouth, it made mine look pathetic in comparison, I was consumed by images of him having his way with me, imagining his corse hair rubbing against my skin, and his sweat pouring onto me, his deep masculine voice in my ear as he fucked me.

All of these thoughts got too much and felt the cum rising in my balls, I quickly turned to face the wall and shot rope after rope of thick cum onto the tiles, then something I have never done in my life happened I dropped to my knees and licked all of it off the wall and sucked them remnants off my fingers,

I then took a shower, noticing that my cock didn’t fully go soft, and I felt I could go another round, but willed myself not to because I wanted to go to the gym tonight and i would be too tired if I spent the next 30 mins edging then blowing another load over my chest.

I Showered, shaved and got dressed, stuck on youtube and watched some workout videos, I have always found a hot jerk off session can make me sleepy afterwards, because i must have dropped off and I was woken up by my telephone.

I didn’t recognise the number so i rejected the call.  And didn’t think anymore about it, I decided to get my gym bag ready, and head off to them gym, it was now 20:00 so it will be a bit quieter than straight after people finish work.  I hopped in the car and drove to the gym.

As I expected the gym was quiet, there was about 15 people in the weigh area, so i had no problem getting a bench, it was chest day, I always start with bench press, I start light and do 135lbs 15 reps then gradually work upto 270lbs, if I have a spotter then will push to 300lbs, but I am on my own tonight so will go easy.

After bench press I like to work with dumbbells on the flat bench, incline and decline to improve my range of motion, I then like to work on the cables with lighter weights but do big reps and many sets, and sweat like I am doing cardio.

I don’t know what it is like for other people but lifting to me is like an aphrodisiac, especially when I push through the pain barrier, I was horny as fuck again, but unlike other nights there was nobody there at the gym I wanted to unload into, just some Mens Health athletic types that women find attractive.

I finished my workout, took a shower, I was sporting a 7 inch chubby, but managed to resist the temptation to jerk off, I got dressed left the gym, approached my car and noticed there was a note stuck under the wiper, it read “Don’t ignore my fucking calls boy, I will see you about this tomorrow, BRIAN!!’ 

Who the fuck is Brian, then the penny dropped Brian is the muscle bear from work, I then remembered he placed his number in work jacket pocket, so I rushed home to check to see if it was the same number.

I got home grabbed my jacked opened the top pocket pulled out the card, it didn’t have his name on it, but did have his number and it matched the one I rejected.  I then sent him a text apologising for not answering his call earlier as I had not saved his number from before and didn’t even know his name, and I asked him how he got my number?

I got a text back saying he obtained my number by going in to HR and finding it on the system, and that he intended on us training together at his private gym as he would have had the place to himself tonight, we would have trained  our chests and after he would train me how to service him.

The texts went back and forth for the next hour and we both blew our loads just talking about how we would coach me to become his alpha sub, he then instructed me not to cum until we meet tomorrow, he told me that we would be going to his private gym straight after work so bring my gym gear with me.

It was soon 23;30 and I was tired so dragged myself up the stairs to bed, I was sporting a hard on in bed but I complied with his demands and refrained from touching myself.  My head hit the pillow and was out like a light, the days events must have took their toll as it usually takes me a good 30 mins to fall asleep.

To be continued.

Loving this story

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The Big Dick Truck Driver Part 3


I woke up after the best night's sleep I have had in months, which is unusual as I struggle to sleep with a nut sack full of a night's load.  I jumped out of bed with my hard cock leading the way and jumped in the shower which was a cold one with the hope of my erection giving way for me to have a piss,  It did the trick got cleaned up, shaved, and finally managed to relieve myself of a full bladder.


Had a big breakfast, steak, bacon, 4 eggs and lots of coffee, which I managed to get through without my hard-on disturbing me, that was until I switched my phone on. Brian had sent me some videos and photos of him training, with a message saying he will pick me up from my house this morning, so we can go straight to the gym after work.  Luckily I was ready as he said he would be picking me up at 7:30.


20 mins later I hear a toot of the horn outside, he is driving a Ford F150, I jumped in the passenger side, he was wearing the regulation Polo Shirt and work trousers, he had the top button of his shirt open his chest hair was flowing out of the top of it, and I could see that he shaves his neck, if left to its own devices it would grow consistently from his chest to his chin, his arms were bulging out of his sleeves and they were just as hairy, is hands and knuckles were thick with muscle and fur, this is the first time I had really had chance to take him properly, because before we were stealing glances at each other in a more discreet manor, not to arouse the suspicions of our workmates who as far as we were aware were all straight and pretty homophobic.


Brian: Good morning Sunshine, how was your sleep?

Me: Was really good, I was surprised I managed to sleep so quick given how horny you made me last night.

Brian: Good thing you did get a good rest, you are going to need it tonight after work, so don’t work too hard today, because you will need all the energy you can get tonight in the gym and for what I have got planned after.

Me: What are going to train tonight?

Brian:  Well I did chest yesterday, so let's go for it and do legs, I want those glutes of yours tight.


We got to work and didn’t say another word to each other all day, which was a good thing as the last thing we want is too massive hard cocks showing our sex and religion to all the other warehouse workers.


Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my shift had finished, so it was clock-out time, met Brian in the car park 15 mins later after everybody else on my shift had left.  It was a hot day so inside the truck it smelled like a mix of sweat, worn off cologne and you could almost taste the testosterone we were both giving off, I was sporting major wood, as was Brian and his cock was leaking lots of pre as it was making a big stain on his work trousers.


Me: Wow Brian you produce a lot of pre.

Brian: Yeah gallons of the stuff, natural lube, I should bottle it and sell it, the bottom guys I mess with can’t get enough of it, I also cum buckets too.

Me: You will be one of the few people who top me, so be gentle, at first anyway.

Brian:  Don’t worry son I am not a monster, I am not into hurting people however before the night is over you will be begging me to hurt you.

Brian gave out a belly laugh then switched the conversation.


Brian: So Tony if you had it your way, how much muscle would you like to pack on that frame of yours.

Me: Well at the moment I am 210lbs on 5ft7 my arms are 17.5 chest is 48, waist is 32 and my quads are 27. I would like to 225lbs 18.5 arms 50 chest, 30 plus quads, I am not too worried about keeping slim around the middle as I like a bit of a belly.

Brian: If you follow my advice and train hard that is achievable and I can get you past that.  I am planning on gaining a lot of size myself.

Me: You are huge now how big do you want to get?

Brian: My current stats are 6ft2 300lbs 22 inches biceps, 59-inch chest 32 quads 22-inch calves, I want to get unto 350lbs and I want to go on this journey with you.

Me: I want to see this transformation, and I want you to train me.


We arrived at the unit on an industrial estate 20 mins away from work, Brian upend up the gate and told me to make myself at home, and told me to get changed where I stood as there were no changing rooms in the unit.


Looking around the unit it was a similar size to my own gym, but there were weights in this gym that went past the maximum size available in my gym, there were  180-lbs dumbbells, and the bars used to hold the weights look as though they were custom made so they could support the extra weight Brian was putting on them.


I got changed into a pair of shorts and a vest, Brian also got changed he just wore a jock, his ass was as hairy as the rest of him. I immediately sprung another hard-on, Brian told me to forget about sex for the moment as we need to get on with training.


We started the session doing leg press, I had 881lbs loaded up and was doing sets of 12, Brian said my technique needed work and was forcing me to go deeper, he kept on increasing the weight but told me to reduce my sets, after 6 sets I thought I was done, Brian told me that I was to train until failure, the sets became a haze and at one point I felt like I was going to vomit.

Brian said I should take a break and watch how a professional does it, he had double the weight and was going low he was almost kneeing himself in the face.


We did Squats after leg press again he forced me to go lower “Ass to grass, Ass to grass” this time I was sick, Brian was pushing me to new limits.  Although I was in a new world of pain, I absolutely love it, I had been coasting with training for the last few years, and today I felt I broke into new ground.


After squats, we threw in some leg extensions, and calf raises (that was a great site) as it looked like Brians's calves doubled in size after he had finished.


We finished our set and he told me to strip and follow him, we went outside to the back of the unit, which was completely secluded so nobody could see us. There was a shower outside, and Brian told me to get under it, he then proceeded to wash me, he told me how proud he was of me, and he had been looking for somebody who could take the punishment he gives out in the gym and I am the first person who stuck it to the end of the first session.  He washed my hair and head first then my pecs, and back, then arms, he got on his knees and washed my feet, calves, and legs, and then my balls.  He washed my dick and gave it a few good tugs, the feeling of his calloused hands almost sent me over the edge before turning me around and cleaning my ass, his thick fingers rubbing up and down my ass crack, he then inserted one of his thick fingers into my hole, I jumped forward, as I had always been top, but he used his other hand to pull me back on his thick invader after I few minutes I got used to the sensation and I was pushing back on his this thick finger, this was a signal for him to add another, gentle at first he gradually increased the speed of his finger fuck, until he saw I could take another, after 20 mins of finger fucking my hole was open and a moist mess begging for his cock, Brian had taken me to the edge, and was about to cum because he knew where my spot was, but at that point, he stopped,


He told me it was his turn to get serviced, and he wanted me to clean him up, I didn’t have to be told twice, I got his hair washed, and proceeded to clean his chest, at that point he pulled my face into his chest and told me to suck on his nipple, like the rest of him his nipples were huge, I loved sucking them and running my fingers through his wet chest hair, he grabbed my head again and told me not leave the other nipple out.  I washed his back, played with his buttocks, and took it upon myself to drop to my knees and give his ass a good tongue bath, I wasn’t sure he would go for it, but he had one arm against the wall, the other on his dick, jerking it off and was pushing his ass back onto my face. I ate him out for a good ten minutes it was delicious.


Brian then turned around and I got to see his monster cock hard for the first time, it was amazing, bigger than I imagined.


Me: How fucking big is that monster?

Brian: It’s normally 10.5 inches x 7.7 inches in girth, but if I am really horny it is 11 by 8 and I am really horny tonight, now get your mouth around it now!

Me:  I took what I could, which was about 6 inches, Brian was gentle at first but then grabbed my head and was gradually making me take more of his cock, it took a few minutes but I managed to overcome my gag reflex and he was fucking my throat.  His massive balls were banging my chin, and he was presuming gallons, he face fucked me for 15 minutes when he grabbed my head and started skull fucking me, A deep growl was building in his chest and his balls tightened up, I could feel the cum travelling through this shaft, and the first eruption of cum entered my mouth luckily he had moved his cock back out of my throat so I could taste his cum, he shot load after load of salty and sweet cum into my mouth, so much that cumin to quick for me to swallow and was dripping out of the sides of my mouth and nose, it was the best thing I have tasted in my life.

After 2 mins his ejaculation finally subsided, and both had to have another shower, to clean off from the steamy sex session we just had.


Brian: You did well Tony, I think I have got a keeper, let’s grab something to eat and go back to your place or mine for another session, I want to fuck that ass of yours before the night is over.

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Oh man! Thanks for coming back.

It seems they found each other and will grow huge together.

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Not kidding you, I literally read this in my office a work...As soon as I saw you started the 3rd chapter, I shut and locked  my office door, took out my cock, spit on it and shot a huge load all over my desk, then just like Tony, I licked it up.  What's really shocking and so fucking hot to me, is you basically have described me as your lead person, Tony.   I'm probably the biggest guy at work and I have fantasized about having a huge musclebear turn me into his sub.  I'm normally a top and a bit of an Alpha myself, but I want to live your story and be a huge guys, boy.  Sure, I still would love to top and dom other guys, but it would be incredible to serve another bigger man.   

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