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A friend at last


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I wanted to start a short something, but it's already starting to draft all over the place... So here's some beginning, why not sharing? I almost haven't proofread it, hope it's readable. Don't hesitate to correct me, please, again


They didn't know it was love at first. But at the moment their eyes met both got struck by a feeling they never had before. Gunther was on his way back from the gym, and Jack was smuggling cigarettes on the sidewalk. Gunther was already a pro bodybuilder, living in his bubble, the shy 7'2 giant had no friend to speak of and his life was nothing but bodybuilding discipline. The smaller, scrawny Jake made a joke about Gunther as he was passing by. It was late and there was only the two of them on the street at that time. Gunther looked at the guy, the spell caught them, and Gunther laughed a little, as the joke wasn't insulting, and actually fun and smart. Jake, who had never seen a man so colossal, gorgeous, powerful in his life, quickly fired another witty line, as he was determined to try to extend this moment in the presence of the sublime God for as long as possible, maybe even interact with him. Even if it would be lasting a handful of seconds, an encounter of such mind blowing proportion was a chance of a lifetime. The conversation started, the wise and clever Jake skillfully extruding every single concentrate drop of his natural charm, and it worked quite well, as Gunther was amazed at how effortless and comforting it felt to socialize with the little bandit. Meanwhile, Jake started clearing his merchandise out of the ground. When done he put his backpack on, and naturally they started walking as their pleasant exchange went on. Jake was supposed to go in the opposite direction, but doing so hadn't crossed his mind the slightest : not a thing in the world could beat the necessity of drenching his own soul in the violent, intense flood of pure extreme maleness projected all around his body by the superhuman next to him.

Not to stare drooling out of his fallen jaw at the miraculous demonstration of nature's infinite greatness walking by his side, Jake mostly looked at the floor on the way. Are that feet ? Oh gosh, that's... insane, I never thought feet could get so big. I could put a skateboard with each of his sneakers. Hell, he's almost bursting through them, I can see the muscles of his feet bulging through the fabric as he walks.

Jake realized that he still hadn't seen the hands that went with it. Gunther had his hands stuck in the pocket of his huge parka all the time. He would try to fix this at the next intersection.

" Gunther tell me, I'm rather new around here, St Charlotte station is over this way, right?"

Bingo, Gunther took out one hand to point at the right street. As he was giving Jake directions, it occurred to him that he wasn't listening a single word, he was aghast, eyes popping out, stunned by the size and bulk of the hand up there. Gunther stopped pointing and exposed his hand flat in front of his new friend's face.

" Yes, I know, I'm a freak." And put his hand back in his coat. Jake poked fun at him.

" Oh my poor man, you're as tall as it gets, built like a barn, packed with fucking humongous muscles overflowing everywhere, the idol of millions of people, the dream of every woman, and your hands are too big what a shame.

- Hehe, oh, OK, forget it." Now he had a smile on his face. Cool.

Jake had never felt attracted to a man before. Not sexually attracted mind you, but this went way further than likeness and early friendship. Along with a loud and raspy cloud of solid body odor you could cut through. There could be no one else on earth but Gunther, this grotesque overload of explosive male power to unleash a stench of this amplitude over his surroundings. Jake was floating in a daze from this exquisite, divine perfume. In front of Gunther's house they said goodbye, exchanging their numbers.

Once inside, Gunther stared at the note and he felt bad. He didn't want to let Jake go. It would have been kinda weird to invite him in his house.

Around 1 AM, as he couldn't sleep, Gunther was staring at his phone. He wasn't sleeping, in fact, because he had been hesitating to call Jake for the last three hours. And now it was far to late to call him anyway, so that was a blunt point. Yet, every fiber of his muscles was dying to call and talk to Jack. Waiting even more would make things even worse... OK he had set his mind now, he feverishly dialed Jack's number, and when he pressed the call button the phone started ringing. With the same number on the screen... It was Jake calling him.

They spent the night over the phone. Gunther called jack again just before noon after his training, during three hours, and around 7PM Jake called Gunther, until 11:17, when his battery went dead.

They became inseparable. Jake stopped his wheeling and dealing habits as Gunther didn't like it so much, so he found a job in a e-cig shop. The cool thing is he had found a way to modify his shift schedule so Gunther could come have lunch with him every day, and after work, if went to Gunther's gym and waited for him outside. It was a very exclusive gym and Jake couldn't get in. Then they would usually spend the evening at Gunther's home.

Jake once told Gunther that if he didn't take his shower at the gym, it would shorten his wait. Gunther really didn't feel like changing his routine, as the routine was all he had in his life before Jake ; but that question was a no brainer, if something could please Jake in any way, Gunther would instantly comply and do whatever it takes to make it happen, so that slight change wasn't a big deal.

Not a big deal for Gunther, but that was a smart move from Jake, if a bit slyly : this way, not only he could enjoy the full intensity of his friend's muscle sweat smell he loved so much on the way home, but also, having Gunther showering at home led every night, to the most amazing, exclusive, breathtaking event that could ever exist, the emergence of the greatest and disturbingly monumental celebration of the supreme magnificence that could only be obtained by the male bodybuilder featuring the most revolting abuse of muscular hypertrophy overkill, emphasized by the fantastic pump provided by the unreal workout that ended minutes ago.
The giant's powerful and respect commanding bare feet, deeply planted in the soft thickness of the room's carpeting, that was sprinkled, in a large area around them, by water dripping from the soaking wet and glistening body gloriously naked except for the small towel he held around his waist.
As Jake's gaze lingered upwards, relishing the divine accumulation of muscular heaps, each more fascinating and delicious that next, the formidable Gunther waited patiently for his deer friend to fully feast his adoring eyes and slobber over all of this overwhelmingly luscious and monstrously abusive muscular profusion.
When Jake's stare finally reached the head that was almost at the top of the mountain of muscle, he was rewarded by the perfect, broad smile that was up there for him, on a face that was so manly, so powerful, so handsome that it was also unreal, and the kindest look in the eyes of his beloved Gunther, who then said something in the like of "It really feels great, thank you buddy !" - and then went back in the bathroom putting on fresh clothes.
Soon, the evening at Gunther's went from being a regular occurrence to an every day routine, as they became more and more intimate with each other, Gunther bothered less and less to get dressed after his shower, and went directly sitting on the couch next to his little friend, and the towel never stayed tied around his waist for very long, and they spent hours every night watching stuff on TV, but chatting mostly about nothing and everything, sharing, laughing, and opening their hearts.
Offering the contact of his naked body to Jake, as he was sitting next to him, felt a bit weird to Gunther the first few times. And it had to be this way, as Gunther's body filled almost all of the couch when he was sitting in it, so there was no way to avoid physical contact even if they had tried to.
But Gunther made that move because he was loving his friend Jake so much. Jake had lit up his life, he even wondered how he could have been making through it before meeting him. Gunther had always considered himself uninteresting and bland as a person, unworthy of anyone respect not attention, and clearly that was his motivation when he dedicated his life to hardcore bodybuilding, he wanted some people to notice him, and exist. It never really worked, as he was still withdrawn socially. He thought it would make him a King, popular, and get lots of girls, but it didn't work that way. In fact, the more noticeable he became, the more he felt the need to be discreet and non-existent. Sure, girls have shown interest in him, quite aggressively sometimes even, but he was very uncomfortable with it, and shied away from it.  He got to the conclusion that maybe he wasn't interested in girls so much, it seemed. He was uncomfortable with anyone giving him too much attention.
So, that intense, profound friendship he had with Jake, something he had never felt before, and the best feeling he ever had, was so unique and miraculous, Gunther was terrified at the idea of loosing this. He knew, and there was no way around it, it was bound to happen, and he was baffled that it hadn't already, some day Jake would realize how uninteresting, shallow, unworthy and utterly stupid Gunther was, and then move on and set sail. Jake was so smart, quick, fun, charming, Gunther had no idea how to keep up with Jake, and didn't what to do. Jake was politely having conversations with him, but Gunther knew that he couldn't contribute much, there was no way anything he would say could be anything but laughably stupid and boring and useless, as Jake enlightened and impressed him every second.
Sometimes Gunther thought of something to say that might be of interest, or a relevant question, but didn't dare to let it out, as it would certainly have the opposite effect and expose his stupidity and ignorance even more.
Jake could feel that Gunther was uneasy and nervous at these moments, and tried to encourage the man to share his thoughts. Not pressing him by any means, but through a comforting, welcoming attitude. And each time Gunther finally expressed thoughts about the subject at hand, Jake listened attentively, and showed great interest in Gunther's input, praising the wisdom and pertinence of Gunther's observations.
Gunther didn't really believe that Jake was mocking him, although he couldn't help considering the eventuality ; or if Jake was probably just being the adorable, delightful, delicious man that he was.
Yet Gunther felt inadequate, useless, unable to please Jake.
On the other hand, Gunther had noticed some strange behavior Jake had sometimes... He would have his eyes almost popping out of their sockets, a trickle of saliva continuously pouring down his dropped jaw, his hands wildly shaking, awestruck when Gunther was kinda close to him. From there, after hours and hours of intense reflection, Gunther had a stroke of pure genius. The most clever idea he had ever come up with.
Gunther, his brain severely aching from processing all the data involved in this incredibly complex, intricate enigma. He decided to take a chance on the mischievous course of action he had in mind.
Gunther didn't want to trick nor deceive Jake in any way, he respected and cared about him so much. But as Jake's patience and kind tolerance was about to wear off any second, he had to do something, anything, even if it sounded crazy.
Or at least far fetched, as this was Gunther's plan : someway, somehow, he had to find a way to keep strong this improbable, unexpected bond linking him with that man. But how could it be possible, with no brains to speak of, and being as uninteresting as it gets?
Suddenly, in the middle of a legs extension set, after days of relentless torture over this question, the solution sparked into Gunther's mind.
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He had to find a way to interest Jack! A way to have Jack willing to be with him! Stay around him! That was it! It sounded so simple, so obvious now.
But that was just the beginning of the solution. He still had no clue of how to pull that out.
Then that guy Jimmy talked to Gunther. He has standing next to him.
" So hey, Gun-man, are you okay?" The guy put his hand over a small portion of Gunther's left shoulder. "Your legs are up since, like, forever!"
Lost in his thoughts Gunther hadn't seen Jimmy coming. Indeed, Gunther had halted his set with his legs extended. Looking down, he saw his quads deep red, ready to explode, veins pulsing furiously. He put his feet back on the floor. And went back to staring blankly at some infinity point ahead.
" Wow Gun-man, you could have injured yourself badly, especially with the insane weight you lift!
- Yeah, Jimmy, thanks."
Gunther kind of liked Jimmy. He was one of the very few he ever talked to at the gym. Jimmy had joined the gym two years ago. Jimmy was quite likable, always smiling and joking around. Small and scrawny, he hardly ever lifted anything. It was weird having him around as it was an underground, almost secret gym - not like a private, fancy club, a trendy, exclusive place, no, this gym was just anything but mainstream as it was created, conceived and designed for nothing but hardcore bodybuilding. It was rumored to be the most extreme hardcore gym in the world.
The membership was expensive, too, but the services were extensive, including a great choice of steroids and growth hormones of the best quality at the bar, one of the top biologists specialized in muscular hypertrophy enhancement available three days a week, training gurus, and so on.
Almost all the other members hated Jimmy, or despised him, thinking he didn't belong here, and Gunther had seen him quite a few times in humiliating positions, bullied by the other guys, all several times his size.
Gunther hated racism against weak men. Everyone deserves respect. Sure it's easy when you're a gigantic, ultra bodybuilder, brimming with hundreds of pounds of muscle mass powerful enough to crush an armored truck, to terrify poor humans that you can throw through a brick wall with a pinch, where was the point in humiliating them. As if the astounding muscular superiority wasn't enough of already.
Gunther firmly believed that the duty of the strong was to protect the weak. Gunther was genuinely respectful of the puny humans. They have a soul, they have a heart, they have feelings that can be hurt. Family and friends.They're not rag dolls for you to play with. Or bubble wrap. Gunther wouldn't be surprised to learn that some of the weirdest of them were murderers - he had overheard some joking about how fun and effortless "would be" grabbing a puny man, sitting him on the head of their big cock and watching them getting teared apart as with such a mighty and immense penis and so much muscle power it would be easy as cutting butter.
He didn't like any of the others members. Except Jimmy, maybe. They didn't like Gunther neither, in return, all the more as he was way taller and more muscular that all of them. And insultingly handsome to boot.
While Gunther was deep in his reverie, Jimmy had already let his hand slide down to the colossal pec below.
"Hahaha", said Jimmy, trying to keep his voice sounding normal. And to avoid to faint, as the feeling of his hand over the Muscle God's chest sent painful shocks of sexual bliss through his entire nervous system. "Insane workout f..oOr an insanely huge bodybuildeEErr!"
Gunther didn't seem to notice that Jimmy had slipped his hand way under his tank top, feverishly trying to reach the nipple that had to be hiding somewhere, in the vast area that was the lower part of the southern hemisphere of the pectoral muscle.
After the short moment of weakness, Jimmy had recovered most of his senses. It wasn't the moment to fuck up. He was decided to fully take advantage of Gunther's weird sedation-like state. For two years he's been running in circles around that inhumanly humongous pile of retard, two years, it has cost him a fortune, well, not that much to him but still a fortune, tracking down the most awesomely overblown roid-filled muscle beast in the fucking universe, who had to be a recluse paranoid, finding out the secret place where he trains, having to pay 200K up front just so the manager would let a shrimp like him joining the club...
There were a few upsides of course. Although the boss had warned him that the regulars would eat him alive within the first week, it hadn't been the case at all. Quite the opposite. Not only Jimmy (Stanton Hegular the 3rd) had enjoyed discovering that the club members formed quite a line-up of spectacular specimen of the best mega heavyweight hardcore bodybuilding beauty had to offer, all very tall for some reason, and none of them into competition, avoiding the spotlight, completely unknown of the bodybuilding world. Obviously there was some shady deals going on, Jimmy suspected that the athletes were big guys who agreed either to be erased from society in exchange of becoming guinea pigs for extreme muscle hypertrophy experiments, or agreed to become guinea pigs for extreme hypertrophy experiments in exchange of having to be erased from society.
Anyway, Jimmy didn't care much about the shenanigans going on there, nor who was pulling the strings, all he knew is that he had found the Shangri-La of chemically enhanced muscular immensification. On top of that, every single piece of cattle was delighted to welcome him, or rather, welcome the piles of cash he threw at them. So, problem solved, he had turned all these muscles whores into servile, obedient pets.
Thanks to Jimmy's copious financial contribution, the gym greatly improved the quantity, the quality, and the chemical research involved in the supply of the special goods at the bar, always more exotic, efficient, and powerful.
Swimming constantly in an ocean of profuse muscle far beyond everything he could ever dream of in every way, flooding this wonderful operation with money, without asking too much questions nor interfering with the whereabouts, everyone was happy. Jimmy, on cloud nine, left the hunt for his Moby Dick, aka Gunther, on the back burner.
Yes, Gunther put all the other muscle mutants to shame, his monumental, majestic body, impossibly expanded to horrifying dimensions, every single inch exploding with infinite power and a whole universe of striations and pulsating muscle fibers.
Gunther was a very secluded man, Jimmy only had the chance to exchange a few words with him over the past two years. He had come up with the victim act with the other guys as an attempt to get closer to him, and it had worked to some extent, which wasn't much.
But today it was the payoff, as the huge retard had something on his mind all that muscular galore was up for grabs for little Jimmy, and groping all of that muscle was just pure delight. Then Gunther felt close to Jimmy and said
"Jimmy, I have a question to ask you as a friend."
Jimmy was taken aback, he stood back up, brutally ending his tactile ecstasy. He didn't expect that reaction from Gunther, he had never heard Gunther say so many words at once, and he called him a friend?
"Er, what."
Gunther looked as stupid as ever, no matter how good looking he may be, and it was weird to see him with his brain on overdrive. There was some big challenge the simpleton was facing up there.
"So, Jimmy, here is someone I like very much... And I'm afraid, that, maybe, this person will not like me anymore one day, and I don't want this."
That was, indeed, a personal question. Jimmy could tell that it took him a great deal of courage to ask, and he was kind of touched to be the one being asked to.
"There are things... or something that person likes about you, isn't it?"
Gunther looked at him, puzzled.
"I guess... Yes... there is...
- Do more of it. Give more of it."
Then in the mind of Gunther something clicked.
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Gunther is such and shy guy and it's something nice to read many put their big guys as thi s confidence better than anyone type of character but this is a nice change from all that

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Not so sure about this update, and it contradicts the previous installments in many ways again... but here goes
Gunther understood then that he had to flaunt his best assets in order to keep Jack's friendship. He already had an awesome friendship with Jack, the best he ever had, and as he loved every second they spent together Gunther had to find a way to keep his dear friend happy, and maybe now he had the key.
Gunther sure knew that it wasn't with his intelligence, nor his conversation, that he would keep the flame alive. In fact, he wondered why Jack didn't jump right out of the closest window every time he spoke as whatever he managed to say was ever so stupid. Yet Jack just smiled wildly at him then, and Gunther smiled back, and things went on.
Gunther thought about what his best assets could be, and of course it was his muscles. Jack didn't seem to mind his extremely developed muscularity, it even looked like he maybe was appreciating it. 
Maybe, thought Gunther, if he exposed more of his body to Jack, on a regular basis, that could get Jack to really enjoy all that muscular profusion, and that would be a great way to consolidate their relationship and make it last.
That was the day Gunther decided he would walk out of the bathroom jut with a small towel on. If Jack's reaction was positive, he would stay almost naked the whole evening.
That would feel weird, probably, quite a change in the coach-evening routine that had been going on for weeks already, and Gunther was pathologically shy about his size, but that was worth a try.
Lost in his thoughts, Gunther hadn't seen the time passing, he had to rush out of the gym right now. Good thing he didn't have to take a shower. Jack outside must have been waiting for him for at last...
Twenty minutes, already, thought Jack.
Well he had been early again today.
The moment he left his friend every morning there was nothing he could think about but being with him again, when he walked outside the gym.
Jack deeply loved this guy, but he was confused about the situation.
Gunther was dumb, dumb as a rock.
He was a pure, candid, reliable guy, and as Jack had pierced through the shyness armor his innocence was enticing, but Jack had to be true to himself, the first and foremost reason why this man had turned his world upside down, was the unreal physical beauty of his.
Such a giant, so fucking handsome, and of course so insanely powerful. And so shy and insecure he had to live in the shadows. That man was more virile than any army of men could ever be. Yet so fragile.
Frank was thinking that maybe it would be more honest, humane, to let the man be. To stop manipulating him.
That was until Gunther stepped out the gym's doors, trotting towards him, with his broad smile, his fantastic mass, with so much muscle wiggling all around that it distracted him from the unusual spark of brightness in his beautiful eyes.
That night Gunther walked out of the bathroom without any clothes on. Just that small towel wrapped around his waist.
He was quite pleased with the result. Frank's eyes were literally popping out of their sockets. Drool started to leak out his open mouth almost instantly, as Gunther held a half-profile pose, trying to keep on a seductive casual smile, but ultimately nervous.
Gunther was nervous as a wreck, he was really uneasy in this situation, he hated exposing his body, although he did at the gym all the time unconsciously, he mumbled something, laughed and rushed back to the bathroom.
Gunther was shaking all over sitting on the rim of the bathtub. It had taken him a lot of courage to display his body like that to someone. But it wasn't anyone, it was Jack. And at the same time, he was happy as can be. Jack obviously had enjoyed the show. And that was a battle Gunther had won on himself, he knew the insecurity he always had had about his body was dysfunctional. Revealing his physique to Jack was a big step forward. He couldn't have done it to anybody but Jack.
Jack wasn't really aware of all this. He was too busy trying to think of what to do with the stain on his crotch. And catching his breath. Gunther came back to the living room about twenty minutes later, enough time for both of them to calm down, fully clothed in one of his training suits, with the exception of his feet that he left bare.
He sat next to Jake and the two friends laughed trough the evening like any other day, as if nothing had happened.
Gunther was sure that he was on the right track. He had to persevere and try to make his relationship with Jack more intimate, more physical.
One step at a time. First he had to build a decent body. He checked at himself in the bathroom mirror as he put some clothing on, he definitely had to get his muscles way bigger to make this happen, then he'd have a nice body to show to Jack, that would make things easier, and that would probably lessen the chances of having Jack rejecting him.
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