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The Beach House (Chapter 8 added 1/12/2021)


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Chapter 5 


    It was already almost noon as Nico felt himself starting to slowly drift back into consciousness the following morning. He hadn’t slept well at all last night; his mind had just been so preoccupied that it seemed like he’d woken up practically every ten minutes, constantly tossing and turning in a fruitless effort to get comfortable and fall back to sleep.

    He sat up in bed and yawned, wincing slightly at the dull ache behind his eyes, a clear sign of sleep deprivation. Although he desperately wanted to lie back down and stay in bed for another hour, he knew how irritated his mom got whenever he slept past twelve, so he decided it was probably in his best interest to just go ahead and get up.

    As he was steeling himself to get out from under the sheets and start his day, Nico grabbed his phone from his bedside table, turned it on, and found a text waiting for him. It was from Will:

    Hey, so I was thinking about going surfing today –  you wanna come with?

    Nico hurried to type out a reply:

    Yeah, I’d love to! I’ll need a few minutes to get ready though – I just woke up.

    A few moments after he sent his text, his phone lit up, and Will’s response appeared on the screen:

   No problem – take your time! Just swing by my house whenever you’re ready, and we can carry the surfboards down together.

   Okay, sounds good – see you in a bit!

   After he’d send that last message, Nico sprang out of bed, got dressed, and ran downstairs to get something to eat, all traces of his former grogginess having vanished. Although Nico was a little confused and uncomfortable with the way he was feeling about his childhood friend, his growing attraction to Will was becoming undeniable. The prospect of going surfing with him and getting the opportunity to see him shirtless was so exhilarating that Nico felt almost as if someone had directly injected him with caffeine; his heart was beating a mile a minute, his palms were sweating, and his stomach felt like it was full of butterflies.

   As soon as Nico reached the bottom of the stairs, he bolted into the kitchen and quickly poured himself a bowl of cereal. He ate as fast as he could, put the empty bowl in the sink, and then rushed out the door in the direction of Will’s house.

   When he arrived at the front porch, he walked up to the door, rang the doorbell, and then waited. A few seconds later, the door opened to reveal Will’s mom.

   “Oh, hi Nico!” she said, smiling warmly. “You must be looking for Will. I think he’s still upstairs; why don’t you go up and tell him you’re here?”

   “Okay!” Nico said, stepping inside and heading toward the stairs.

   After Nico had reached the top of the stairs, he walked down the hall, peeking into each room along the way to see if Will was there. He didn’t find him in his bedroom or in any of the adjacent rooms, so he proceeded down to the room at the end of the hall. He walked inside and almost did a double-take at the sight that he was confronted with.

   Next to the wall to his left stood Will, drenched in sweat, wearing a pair of headphones, and curling a pair of 100-pound dumbbells. Oh, and he was shirtless. Nico felt paralyzed, frozen to the spot as he stared at Will’s half-naked body. His eyes widened as they took in Will’s biceps, which swelled into huge orbs of muscle with each rep, before moving on to ogle his massive, hairy pecs and trace the droplets of sweat that ran down the hard planes of his chest and into the grooves of his abs.

   After a few moments of Nico just standing there with his mouth agape, Will finally glanced over, became aware of his presence, and smiled in greeting. He set down the dumbbells, removed his headphones, and walked over to where Nico was standing.

   Once he was just a few feet away, Nico instinctively took a small step back as he felt his nose overwhelmed by a gamey musk emanating from Will’s body and filling the whole room with the unmistakable smell of man. From this distance, his muscles, which were pumped and covered in protruding veins, looked absolutely enormous; Nico felt tiny in comparison.

   “Hey, Nico!” Will said between breaths, his voice deeper than Nico had ever heard it. “I just have one more set left, and then we can go down to the beach; can you wait like five minutes?”

   “Su . . . sure,” Nico said, his voice trembling slightly.

   “Thanks!” Will flashed him a grin, put his headphones back on, and walked back over to the dumbbell rack.

   While Will was getting ready to start his last set, Nico darted out of the room, down the hall, and into the bathroom. He shut the door behind him, positioned himself in front of the toilet, and pulled down his swimming trunks. Walking in on Will’s workout and seeing him all pumped and sweaty had had a profound effect on Nico; he had a raging boner, and he needed to take care of it.

   As Nico began to furiously jerk himself off, his imagination went wild, inspired by the breathtaking physique he had been transfixed by just minutes ago. He pictured himself running his hands over Will’s biceps, squeezing the rock-hard peaks just like he had done yesterday, before moving on to his chest. Nico hadn’t been expecting Will to have so much chest hair, but it was hardly an unpleasant surprise. His dick jumped with pleasure as he imagined himself stroking the thick pelt covering Will’s pecs and feeling the firmness of the muscle beneath.

   That last mental image was enough to push Nico over the edge; he groaned softly as sticky ropes of cum burst out of his dick and fell into the toilet below him.

Well, there’s no denying it now, Nico thought to himself as he got cleaned up and stepped out of the bathroom, I’m definitely very into Will.

    It wasn’t like Nico was hoping his attraction to Will would lead to anything though. He’d learned from experience that all of the hottest guys were straight, and if that Instagram photo he’d found last night was anything to judge by, Will was no exception. He would just have to suffer in silence and do his best to make sure Will never found out how much his body turned Nico on.

    A few seconds after Nico emerged from the bathroom, Will walked out of the exercise room, wiping the sweat off his face with a towel.

   “Okay, I’m ready!” Will said. They went downstairs, picked up the surfboards, and then headed out to the beach.

    A few minutes later, they had arrived at the shoreline and were getting ready to start surfing. Just before they stepped into the water, Nico took off his shirt, threw it onto the sand, and glanced down at his body. He wasn’t in bad shape; he took care of himself pretty well and actually had a reasonable amount of muscle definition. But next to Will’s bulging biceps and shelf-like pecs, he looked embarrassingly thin, almost like a stick figure. It kind of made him want to hide behind his surfboard.

   Fortunately, though, he didn’t get the chance to dwell on his physical insecurities for very long. The tide was just starting to come in, and the waves that were washing over them were getting bigger and bigger, requiring him to devote all of his mental energy toward staying on his board.

   Nico and Will surfed side by side for a good half an hour, both of them doing their best to stay upright and laughing every time they fell off. While they were in the water, Nico almost forgot about how much had changed between them; it felt like they were teenagers again, just horsing around together at the beach without a care in the world.

   Eventually, though, the waves began to die down, so they decided to step back onto the shore to take a break. But just seconds after they’d emerged from the water, Nico heard a loud gasp from behind them, and then a high-pitched voice exclaimed in disbelief:

   “Holy shit! Will, is that you?”

   Nico turned around to find a red-haired girl standing in front of them, her jaw hanging open and eyes glued to Will’s upper body. Although Nico had no idea who she was at first, he eventually realized that her face was very familiar; he’d definitely met her before. It took another moment for Nico to identify her, but after a few seconds, he remembered her name: Emily.

   Emily had been one of the few other kids close to Nico and Will in age back when Will’s family first bought the beach house across the street from Nico’s. She hung out with them a little bit over the years, but never really became close friends with them; she didn’t really have much in common with Nico or Will and didn’t seem to find them all that interesting. Now though, it was clear she was seeing Will in a completely new light.

   “Oh, hey Emily!” Will said after he turned around and realized who it was. “Yeah, it’s me.”

   “I don’t believe it!” Emily said, her eyes going even wider as they took in the breadth of his shoulders and the size of his pecs. “Will, you’re jacked!”

   “Thanks!” Will said with a pleased grin. Nico noticed him stand up straighter and puff out his chest a little.

   “Can I see you flex?” she asked breathlessly.

   “Sure!” Will replied. He brought up one arm and tensed it, causing his bicep to explode into a massive peak.

   “Whoa!” Emily gasped, her eyes now as wide as saucers. “Your arms are huge! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a guy with muscles like that before!”

   At that last compliment, Will practically beamed; it was obvious he was loving all this attention.

   After continuing to stare at his bicep for a few more seconds, Emily finally tore her eyes away from Will long enough to notice Nico standing beside him. Instead of greeting him though, she just glanced at both guys back and forth a few times, giggled a little, and said,

   “Wow, this is crazy! The last time I saw you, Nico was a little bigger than you, but now you’re like twice his size; I bet you could lift him over your head without breaking a sweat!”

   “You’d win that bet!” Will said with a grin. He stepped closer to Nico, and then Nico felt a pair of powerful arms wrap around his waist and pull him against Will’s torso.

   He opened his mouth in surprise as Will pressed him against his body and ended up accidently getting a mouthful of chest hair. Nico instinctively fought back and struggled to free himself, but Will was so much stronger that it seemed like he didn’t even register Nico’s resistance; he had no choice but to submit to Will’s superior strength.

  The next thing he knew, Nico felt Will bend down, curl one of his arms around Nico’s legs, hoist him up into a bridal carry, and then lift him over his head.

   Nico’s heart hammered in shock and fright as Will held him up in the air without any discernable effort, which elicited a series of delighted shrieks from Emily. He was very high up and was terrified that at any second Will might lose his grip and drop him, which would undoubtedly result in some kind of injury.

   After what seemed like an eternity, Will finally brought Nico back down and set him gently on the sand. As Nico’s feet hit the ground, he realized he was trembling all over, and, once he’d regained a little of his composure, that his face was starting to burn. The fact that Will had just effortlessly manhandled him in front of an old acquaintance and that Nico had been powerless to resist was more than a little humiliating. It made him feel kind of like a sock puppet.

   “Wow, Will, you’re crazy strong!” Emily squealed, awed by the impromptu performance he had just put on.

   After a few more minutes of Will and Emily flirting with each other, larger waves started appearing along the shoreline, prompting Will to say goodbye to Emily and to suggest to Nico that they get back into the water. They surfed for another forty minutes or so, after which point they decided to head back home.

   As they were walking together, Nico realized that by now he had pretty much completely recovered from the encounter with Emily. It hadn’t been the most pleasant experience, that was true, but it was obvious that Will hadn’t been trying to hurt him or make him feel bad in any way; he’d just wanted to impress a girl. That was all.

   In an effort to break the somewhat awkward silence that had fallen between them, Nico turned to Will with a little grin and said,

   “So do you get girls coming up to you and drooling over your muscles very often?”

   Will laughed and replied:

   “They’re not usually quite that forward, but yeah, it happens. It’s definitely one of the perks of getting in shape: you get a lot more attention from girls.” He paused and then added almost as an afterthought, “And from guys.”

   Nico’s heart almost stopped.

   “And from guys?” he repeated numbly, scarcely daring to believe his ears.

   “Yeah,” Will said with a slight chuckle. “I actually had to delete Grindr from my phone a little while back because it was kind of annoying how many messages I was getting.”

   Will spoke that last sentence very casually, like he hadn’t just said anything of any particular importance. But Nico’s mind was reeling. Had he heard that right? Was Will into guys too, not just girls? If so, that opened up a whole world of possibilities that Nico hadn’t even dared to consider before now. A balloon of happiness swelled up inside of him, and he felt like he had just become fifty pounds lighter.

   By now, they had reached Will’s house, so he said goodbye to Nico, walked up onto the porch, and opened the front door. But just as he was about to go inside, he turned around and called back,

   “Hey, Nico!”

   “Yeah?” Nico replied.

   “You should ditch your shirt more often; you look good without it.” And with that, Will stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

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  • marius777 changed the title to The Beach House (Chapter 5 added 8/2/20)

Chapter 6


            Although Ruby and Will were both eager to continue exploring the sexual dimension that their relationship had recently acquired, they unfortunately didn’t have much time to do so; their first semester of college was rapidly drawing to a close, and after just a few more weeks, it was time for both of them head back home for Christmas break.

As the break went by, Ruby found herself wondering more and more about how much progress Will was making in her absence. He’d gained so much size and strength in just three months, and although he wasn’t huge yet by any means, his growth was occurring at such a fast rate that if he kept it up for just a few more months, he’d soon be one of the bigger guys on campus. Her stomach twisted in a combination of excitement and dread as she imagined coming back to campus in the Spring and finding him bigger, taller, and stronger than ever.

And sure enough, her predictions came true. When she saw Will for the first time after the end of the break, Ruby’s heart stuttered a little as she took in the new changes to his body. His already muscular arms had thickened, and pronounced veins were starting to make their appearance on his forearms and biceps, which were now really straining against the sleeves of his shirt. His shoulders and chest had widened even further, and he looked like he’d gained at least another inch in height. As she stood next to him, Ruby felt very small; Will’s frame was now much larger than hers, almost as if his body had stretched itself out to make room for the all the muscle he was packing on.

But the most surprising change had nothing to do with his body. Shortly after their reunion, Ruby began to notice that Will had undergone yet another personality shift. While he was still basically the same sweet, caring guy she had fallen for throughout the previous semester, his confidence levels had now increased so much that he positively radiated self-assuredness, even to the point of being downright cocky at times. It seemed that he’d begun to realize just how much stronger he was than most other people, and he’d taken to showing off his strength at every opportunity, using it in much the same way that a child might play with a new toy.

A prime example of this sort of behavior occurred a few weeks into the new semester. Ruby had just stepped out of her dorm building and was starting to walk to class when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist and pull her against a heavily muscled torso.

“Will, let me go!” Ruby said, annoyed but also laughing slightly as she struggled fruitlessly to free herself from his powerful grip. “You’re gonna make me late for class!”

“Come on, is that the best you’ve got?” Will asked teasingly. The low vibrations of his voice tickled the back of her neck as he spoke; in the course of the past few months, his voice had deepened from a tenor to a low baritone. “Try as hard as you can!”

“I am trying as hard as I can,” Ruby choked out in between breaths as she continued to fight to escape Will’s embrace. “You’re just too strong!”

After letting her struggle for a few more seconds, Will eventually took pity on her and released her. Once she was free, she turned around to face him.

“You know, you can be a really big bully sometimes,” she said, but there was no venom behind the words. She extended a hand and caressed one of the bulging biceps that had just held her captive.

“Yeah, but I’m your bully,” Will said with a broad grin, and then he bent down to kiss her gently on the lips.

After they parted ways and Ruby had set out once again in the direction of her class, she reflected on her feelings about Will’s ongoing transformation. There were definitely a lot of things she liked about the recent developments to his body: his muscles were incredibly hot, his strength made sex with him so much more fun than any sex she’d ever had, and she always felt very safe when she was walking around the city with him at night. However, she had to admit that deep down she was still kind of resentful of how easily he could defeat her in any sort of physical contest. Whenever they wrestled, which was something Ruby had always enjoyed doing with her boyfriends, Will would let Ruby feel like she was getting close to pinning him, and then he would turn the tables at the last second, effortlessly overpowering her and laughing as he rendered her completely immobile. She also couldn’t even keep up with him in bed anymore. Ever since they’d come back from break, they’d been having sex all the time; Will’s libido had become extremely high, and Ruby was more than happy to go along with it. However, every night after they had sex, Ruby would have to spend a few minutes just lying there, sweaty and exhausted from the exertion, while Will would barely even be breathing hard, and then he would want a second round just minutes later. She just didn’t have the kind of stamina that he had. It was kind of frustrating to be constantly confronted with the extent to which Will’s physical capabilities surpassed hers; sometimes, it even seemed to her like he was some kind of superhuman.

- - -


Her suspicions about the unnaturalness of Will’s size and strength gains continued to grow as the semester progressed. Although Will’s progress was starting to slow down a little, his lifts were still going up; by now, he had worked his way up to a 300-pound benchpress, and that number was climbing higher and higher by the week. She had tried for so long to push it out of her mind and tell herself it couldn’t be true, but she was now beginning to find it difficult to believe that Will wasn’t on steroids; it was simply the only explanation for the astonishing progress he had made over the past six months. And when she thought about it, it honestly wasn’t very hard to understand why Will would have been tempted by that option; he had been embarrassed about being small and skinny for most of his life, and it wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine that dating Ruby, who was a strong, athletic girl, had been the straw that broke the camel’s back and caused him to seek out chemical assistance to become bigger and stronger.

            However, there was a hole in her theory that Will was on steroids; he didn’t exhibit any of the usual side effects. As an experienced lifter, Ruby was very familiar with the effects that steroids had on the body, and she couldn’t identify a single one on Will: his skin was smooth and free from acne, his shoulders and traps, although large and well developed, were proportional to the rest of his body, and she could attest to the fact that everything was in perfect working order downstairs.  

            But in spite of the lack of evidence of steroid use on his body, Ruby still couldn’t shake her suspicions that Will’s gains were unnatural, and so she decided to confront him about it. It was a Saturday night, and Ruby and Will were curled up together on Ruby’s bed, watching a movie. Once the movie had ended, she turned to him, took a deep breath, and said,

            “Will, can I ask you something?”

            “Sure, anything,” he replied, smiling warmly and leaning in for a quick kiss.

            “You’ve gained a lot muscle recently. Like, a ton,” she began.

            “That’s not exactly a question,” Will said with a laugh. Ruby ignored his quip and continued.

            “I’ve never seen someone put on so much size in such a short timeframe. Like, at first I thought it was just beginner gains, but then you just kept getting bigger and bigger. And that got me wondering if you were . . . taking anything.”

            “Taking anything?” Will repeated, his eyebrows coming together. “What, you mean like a supplement?”

            “Like a supplement,” Ruby said slowly. “Or maybe something else . . . something a little more . . . potent.”

            There a was pause, a moment where Will pierced her with a very intense gaze, almost as if he were trying to look past her eyes and into her mind. But then the moment passed, and he erupted into a fit of laughter.

            “You thought I was on steroids, Ruby?” Will said in between chuckles. “Is that what this is about? Steroids?”

            “So you’re not?” Ruby asked, still a little freaked out by the way he’d looked at her a few seconds ago.

            “No, of course not,” he said, smiling and drawing her in for another kiss. “What you see before you is one-hundred percent natural beef.”

            He sat upright and proudly raised both of his arms into a double biceps pose. Ruby’s eyes widened as she watched his arm muscles swell into beautiful, rounded peaks. Fuck, they were getting huge; they had to be somewhere around seventeen inches by now.

            “Okay then,” Ruby said after Will lowered his arms. “If you say so.”

            But as Will settled back against the headboard, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her up against him, she noticed a bit of strain in his smile, a hint of nervousness on his face. There was clearly something he wasn’t telling her, and she was determined to find out what.

- - -


Over the next few days, Ruby replayed the events of that night over and over in her mind, unable to shake the suspicion that Will was lying to her and that he really was on steroids. And honestly, it would be one thing if he had decided to take steroids and had been up front with her about it, but the idea that he was lying to her just to make her think his gains were natural was driving her crazy. Eventually, she decided she just couldn’t take it anymore and that she had to take the matter into her own hands.

About a week after their conversation, Ruby was visiting Will in his room late at night. They had sex as they now did practically every night, and then Will got up to go take a shower, leaving Ruby alone to recover from having the life fucked out of her.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Ruby rolled out of the bed, wincing a little from the soreness as she put her weight on her lower body but still managing to hobble over to the top drawer in the cabinet across from his bed. She’d seen him get Advil and cold medicine out of this drawer before, and she’d decided that if he was taking something, this was probably the most likely place for it to be.

But just seconds after she’d opened the drawer and started rummaging around in it, the door opened behind her, and she turned around in alarm to find Will standing in the threshold.

“Forgot my tooth . . . brush,” Will said by way of explanation, trailing off as he noticed the open medicine drawer and Ruby standing in front of it. “Ruby, what are you doing?” he asked.

“Uh . . . I,” she stuttered, too startled to come up with a convincing excuse on the fly.

“You were looking to see if I’m hiding steroids in my room, weren’t you?” he asked, his face beginning to take on an expression of hurt and betrayal.

But instead of backing down and apologizing, Ruby felt a surge of anger boil up inside her, and she let out all the jealousy and resentment she had been bottling up inside her for the past six months.

“You know what, Will? I was!” she snapped. “And you know why? Because I know you’re on something. You have to be. There’s no other way you could have gained so much muscle in just sixth months. And honestly, I felt really insulted that you’ve been lying to me about it this whole time. Did you really think I would never figure it out? Did you really think I’m that stupid?”

As he listened to Ruby rant, Will’s expression changed from one of hurt, hardening instead into a mask of anger. She’d never actually seen Will get angry before, and if she didn’t know him as well as she did, she might have actually been a little scared of him. He crossed his arms over his large pecs, causing his biceps to tense menacingly and powerful cords of muscle to ripple along his forearms.

“I haven’t been lying to you, Ruby; I’m not on steroids,” he said, his voice starting to increase in volume. “I think I know what this is really about. You’re just jealous that I’m stronger than you now, aren’t you? You liked me better when I was little and weak, and now your ego’s hurt because I’ve left you in the dust. Is that it? Well, you need to stop deluding yourself, Ruby. I didn’t pass you because I’m on steroids; I passed you because I’m just physically superior to you!”

“No, you’re not, you asshole!” Ruby screamed, her vision starting to turn red with rage. “Don’t try to make this about me! You’re the one whose ego was hurt! You couldn’t stand being weaker than your girlfriend, so you decided to secretly take roids to get even with her, which is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Face it, Will, you aren’t physically superior to anyone; you’re just a little runt, and no matter how many chemicals you pump yourself with, deep down, that’s what you’ll always be.”

As soon as that last sentence left her mouth, Ruby realized she’d touched a nerve. A flash of deep-seated pain appeared on Will’s face before it contorted into an expression of unbridled fury.

“Ruby, I want you to leave. Now!” Will yelled. And Ruby, having no desire to continue arguing with this insecure asshole who had been lying to her for the past sixth months, stormed past Will and out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

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  • marius777 changed the title to The Beach House (Chapter 6 added 8/9/20)

Good bye, Ruby!


Face it, Will, you aren’t physically superior to anyone; you’re just a little runt, and no matter how many chemicals you pump yourself with, deep down, that’s what you’ll always be.”

As soon as that last sentence left her mouth, Ruby realized she’d touched a nerve.


"Can this relationship be saved?" 



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On 8/10/2020 at 6:45 AM, Ro20316 said:

Something is definetly up but eh didnt want to tell Ruby and he was right not no.

Interesting take - I wasn't expecting people to take Will's side. I thought he was kind of a jerk in this chapter 😆.  Ruby definitely crossed some boundaries too though; there's no doubt about that. 

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7 hours ago, marius777 said:

Interesting take - I wasn't expecting people to take Will's side. I thought he was kind of a jerk in this chapter 😆.  Ruby definitely crossed some boundaries too though; there's no doubt about that. 

Well, this is "The Evolution Forum" - and it's all about the muscle growth, so it's natural that guys would support the muscle dude!


Besides, Ruby has really hurt his feelings - she's gone beyond just "calling him out" for (possibly) using illicit substances to attacking him personally.  It's one thing to say, "I could never be friends with someone who is (possibly) using illegal substances" versus "You're  a worthless human being deep down, no matter how you try to improve yourself."  Yeah,  thanks Ruby.  See ya! Good luck finding anyone who wants to put up  with THAT attitude! 

She has jumped to conclusions with no concrete evidence beyond what she "thinks" and "things aren't supposed to do X" and attacked him.  

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  • marius777 changed the title to The Beach House (Chapter 8 added 1/12/2021)

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