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The Beach House (Chapter 8 added 1/12/2021)


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14 minutes ago, Ro20316 said:

The story is gaining depth. It's not about Nico and Will anymore.

I love it

Nico will still be an important character in the later chapters, but, yes, the story is definitely about more than Nico's relationship with Will! 

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On 11/30/2020 at 6:01 PM, Justinriv717 said:

any update?

Don't worry, I haven't given up on this story; I've just been busy recently. I'll have more free time in a few weeks though, so it shouldn't be that much longer before the next chapter is posted. It'll be a juicy one too :)

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Chapter 8


            In spite of his initial feelings of shock and alarm at seeing his brother’s dramatic physical transformation, Dustin’s victory over Will in their arm wrestling match did help him feel a little better about the situation at hand; Will may have gained a lot of muscle, but he hadn’t quite reached Dustin’s level. Not yet at least. That thought gave Dustin enough of his confidence back that he was able to get through the rest of Thanksgiving week without feeling embarrassed to be around him. But deep down, he knew that Will was just getting started and that the worst was yet to come.

            A few days after Thanksgiving, it was already time for Will to go back to college to finish up the semester. Not having his brother in the house anymore was a relief for Dustin. It meant that he didn’t have to be constantly reminded of the changes Will’s body was undergoing, and Dustin took advantage of his absence to concentrate on his music career. He was trying to get a gig scheduled for some time around Christmas and was going out into town every day with his bandmates to perform little impromptu concerts in public, just to get some exposure, but for some strange reason no one seemed very interested in booking their band. Maybe they needed to start posting flyers?

            But Dustin’s break from Will eventually had to come to an end. As the weeks went by and Christmas drew closer and closer, a knot began to form in Dustin’s stomach. He knew that it wouldn’t be much longer now before he came face to face with his brother once again, and he could hardly bear to allow himself to imagine what Will might look like when he returned home for the holidays.

            And when Will finally came back home and Dustin saw him again for the first time since Thanksgiving, it was like his worst nightmare had come true. The moment he stepped through the door, it became apparent that even though it hadn’t even been quite one month since the last time Dustin had seen him, Will had put on a noticeable amount of size: his shoulders had broadened even further and were now approaching the size of melons, his pecs looked almost obscenely large as they stretched against the skin-tight fabric of his t-shirt, and his biceps, which were now covered in a web of thick veins, looked like they were threatening to burst through the sleeves that were struggling to contain them.

            As he took in the new developments to Will’s body, Dustin’s heart sank and a horrible taste filled his mouth. There was simply no denying it anymore: Will was now clearly bigger and more muscular than Dustin. And with that thought came the bitter realization that Dustin’s days of bossing his brother around were over for good.

            And it was obvious that his new status as the bigger brother wasn’t lost on Will either. In the next few days after his arrival, whenever Will managed to catch Dustin staring at him from across the room, he would grin smugly, clearly aware of how jealous Dustin was of his physique; sometimes he would even perform a quick pec bounce or casually stretch his arms in order to show off his perfectly rounded bicep peaks. These kinds of displays always had the effect of forcing Dustin to turn away very abruptly and leave the room, Will’s laughter echoing behind him as he went; he just couldn’t stand being confronted so directly with his brother’s physical superiority.

- - -

            The change in the dynamic between the two brothers was almost too painful for Dustin to process, so he did everything in his power to stay in his room and avoid being forced to acknowledge it. But in spite of his best efforts, there were still times when he was brought face to face with how much had changed between him and Will.

            A few days before Christmas, Dustin’s mom decided that she wanted to spend the afternoon working on some last-minute decorating (their family had never been very good about getting the house ready in time for the holiday), so she recruited Dustin and his step-dad Anthony to come up to the attic with her to help bring down the Christmas decorations. They kept most of their Christmas stuff in a large, heavy storage trunk which Dustin and Anthony could normally carry down together without too much trouble, but as soon as they got up to the attic, Dustin quickly learned that the trunk would pose a bit more of a problem than usual this year.

            “Yeah, I don’t know if it would be a such good idea for me to help move that thing,” Anthony said, eyeing the trunk dubiously. “I threw out my back a couple of weeks ago, and the doctor told me I should avoid doing any heavy lifting for the next few months. You up for taking my place this year, Laura?”

            “Are you kidding me, Anthony?” Dustin’s mom replied incredulously. “Have you forgotten about my tendonitis flare-up in September? I’m not in any condition to be lifting it either.”

            “Well, in that case - Dustin, do you think you can manage it on your own?” Anthony asked.

            But before Dustin had a chance to reply, his mom cut in quickly and said,

            “Let’s just head back downstairs and wait for Will; he should be back from the gym any minute now, and it’ll be a lot easier with him helping Dustin.”

            “No, I can do it,” Dustin replied brusquely, quickly moving into position to lift the trunk. He wasn’t about to let his parents think Will was the only strong guy in the house now.

            But as he wrapped his arms around the trunk and started to lift it off the floor, he realized he may have bitten off a little more than he could chew. He didn’t manage to get the trunk more than a few inches into the air before his arms gave out and he was forced to drop it back onto the floor with an unceremonious thud.

            But just as Dustin was collecting himself and was about to give it another go, the sound of the front door opening and closing reached the attic. Will was back.

            “Oh, good; Will’s home,” Dustin’s mom said. “I’ll go down and get him to help.”

            She went back downstairs and then came back up just a few moments later, with Will following close behind her. He was still wearing his gym outfit, which consisted of a pair of basketball shorts and an orange tank top that was drenched in sweat and left little of his buff body to the imagination. Protruding veins stood out all over his pumped forearms and biceps, and the front of his shirt was doing a laughably poor job of concealing his bulging pecs; it looked as if the straps were about to burst at any second.

            “Okay, Will, you take this side, and Dustin can get the other,” their mom directed, motioning Will toward the trunk.

            “No, that’s okay; I can just get it myself,” Will replied. And before Dustin had a chance to raise any objection, Will bent down, wrapped his arms around the trunk, and lifted it off the ground. Dustin’s face burned red with embarrassment as he watched his brother easily manage the heavy trunk, which had been too much for him to handle, and carry it effortlessly down the stairs.

            Once Will had set the trunk down on the floor in the living room, Dustin’s mom opened it up, and the whole family got to work setting up the decorations. As they worked, Dustin did his best to put the embarrassment of being shown up out of his mind, but, as it turned out, he wasn’t done being humiliated quite yet. After they had been decorating for a few minutes, Dustin’s mom groaned and said,

            “Oh, I forgot; we need to bring down the reindeer too.” The reindeer she was referring to was a large sculpture that they usually set up in the yard around Christmas time; like the trunk, it was also very heavy and typically required two people to move it.

            “I can get it,” Dustin volunteered immediately, eager for an opportunity to salvage what was left of his ego.

            “Thank you, Dustin, but I think this is probably more of a job for Will,” his mother replied.

            Upon hearing her response, Dustin almost melted from embarrassment; for his mother to verbally acknowledge Will’s physical superiority over him in the way she did was just about the most humiliating thing Dustin could imagine. That is, aside from what was about to happen in the next few seconds.

            “Yeah, Dustin; leave the heavy-lifting to the big guys,” Will said, giving him a shit-eating grin and tensing one of his biceps. He had a pretty good pump from the gym and from moving the trunk a few minutes earlier, so when he flexed, his bicep swelled up bigger than Dustin had ever seen it; it was just huge, probably at least two inches bigger than Dustin’s arms, and it was covered with thick, ropey veins. Dustin’s jaw almost hit the floor as he stared with a mixture of jealousy and awe at Will’s jacked arm.

            Seeing Dustin’s reaction, Will laughed, clearly pleased with the effect his muscles were having on his brother.

            “Yeah, they’re getting pretty big, aren’t they?” he said, looking at his arm with pride, before adding, “And they’re not just for show, either, so you should probably start showing your ‘little’ brother a bit more respect.”

            He then threw an arm around the back of Dustin’s neck, pulling his head against his chest, and giving him a noogie the way Dustin used to do to him when they were teenagers. Dustin fought desperately to free himself from Will’s grip, but the arm locked behind his head felt like an iron bar; there was simply no escape.

            “All right, Will, that’s enough; you can let him go now,” their mom said reprovingly after a few seconds of Dustin fruitlessly struggling to escape Will’s powerful embrace.

            At his mother’s insistence, Will finally released Dustin, but not without flashing him one more cocky grin before he went up to attic to retrieve the reindeer.

- - -

            The next few weeks were some of the worst of Dustin’s life. He felt so awful about being shown up by his younger brother that he just couldn’t bear to even make eye contact with him anymore, so he spent the rest of December and the beginning of January holed up in his room playing video games and feeling sorry for himself. He didn’t even dare practice the drums because he was afraid it would bother Will and he had absolutely no interest in provoking him; any confrontation between them was bound to end poorly for Dustin.

            But after Will’s break came to an end and he headed back to college, Dustin’s feelings of humiliation and self-pity started to evolve into something else: resolve. After spending almost a month wallowing in the unfairness of the situation, Dustin decided that the only way for him to snap himself out of his slump was to work on getting bigger himself and restore the status quo between them. So what if Will had been given some sort of freaky growth treatment? No CRISPR gene editing bullshit was going to put him out of Dustin’s reach; all Dustin had to do was put in the work and he’d be back on top in no time.

            So that spring, Dustin hit the gym like a fiend. He stocked up on all kinds of supplements, put together a strict, 6-day-a-week gym regimen, and attacked his workouts with unprecedented aggression. He also shoveled down huge quantities of nutritious food every day and made sure to get at least nine hours of sleep every night, all in an effort to grow as much as he possibly could before Will came back home for the summer.

            And his efforts paid off. By the beginning of May, Dustin’s insecurities had mostly disappeared, and he was beginning to feel really proud of what he’d achieved in the past few months. Every night when he got out of the shower, he would stare at himself in the mirror, transfixed by what he was seeing in front of him. His pecs were starting to look really thick and full, and he had to have gained at least another inch on his biceps. He was in the best shape of his life, and he felt great. So great in fact, that he was honestly starting to look forward to Will’s return home; he couldn’t wait to see the look on Will’s face when he saw how much Dustin had grown and realized that he wouldn’t be able to maintain his lead for much longer.

            So the night that Will was due to come back home, Dustin wasn’t feeling any nerves at all. In fact, he didn’t even notice when Will walked in the house; he was playing video games with his headphones on and didn’t hear all the commotion downstairs when Will was bringing his stuff from his car into the house.

            After a few hours of playing, Dustin decided he needed a bathroom break, so he paused the game and headed out of his room in the direction of the bathroom. He opened the door, and the sight that greeted him left in a state of absolute shock.

            Standing in front of the mirror and brushing his teeth was none other than Will, wearing nothing but a pair of briefs and still dripping wet from the shower. And because of Will’s current state of undress, it became immediately apparent to Dustin that he wasn’t the only one who had been making progress in the gym in the past few months. While Will had been pretty big the last time Dustin had seen him, now he was just massive; he had to weigh well over 200 pounds. His already large pecs had ballooned into huge slabs of muscle separated by a deep crevice and were now covered in a dense layer of light brown hair, which extended down from his chest and over a set of chiseled, rock hard abs. His back had become an insanely broad, rippling mass of brawn that shifted and bunched into mesmerizing patterns as he moved his toothbrush, and his shoulders were the definition of “boulder shoulders.” And, holy shit, his arms! His forearms were at least as thick as Dustin’s flexed biceps, and his biceps were some of the biggest Dustin had ever seen in person; they had to be at least 18 inches, completely unpumped. All in all, Dustin’s modest gains were insignificant in comparison to this explosion of growth Will had experienced.

            As Dustin stood there staring at his brother, scarcely able to believe what his eyes were telling him, Will spat into the sink and strode over to stand in front of him. Now that they were separated by just a few inches, Dustin realized with horror that muscle wasn’t the only thing Will had gained over the last few months; he had clearly grown quite a bit taller too and now stood several inches above Dustin. Between Will’s new height and his huge, hairy muscles, Dustin felt very small standing next to him.

            “What the fuck, Dustin? The door was closed; don’t you know what that means?” Will asked, annoyed. His voice was noticeably deeper than it had been the last time Dustin had heard it.

            Dustin opened his mouth to deliver a snappy comeback but found himself unable to utter a word. He was just so intimidated by Will’s incredibly pronounced masculinity that he felt compelled to defer to him.

            “S-sorry, my mistake,” Dustin stammered, struggling to keep his voice from trembling. He then turned around and headed back to his room as fast as he could without running.

- - -

            Once he was back in his room, Dustin collapsed onto his bed, his heart pounding a mile a minute from the shock of what he had just experienced. Never in a million years would he have expected Will to grow so much more than he already had; it was just unbelievable how much that experimental treatment had transformed his body. It was almost too much for him to process.

            But after he had been lying there for a few minutes, Dustin’s feelings of shock and humiliation gave way to a sudden surge of red-hot anger. How was it fair for Will of all people to be the one to get this treatment? He was already their parents’ golden child, a science genius who was on track to becoming a doctor. Why did he need to be a muscled Adonis too?

            And as Dustin fumed and cursed the doctor that had suggested Will as a subject in the experiment, he was suddenly struck by an idea.

            “So, Will, you got injected with some chemicals, blew the fuck up, and now you think you’re hot stuff, huh?” Dustin muttered to himself. “Well, two can play at that game.” And with that, he got up off his bed, walked over to his computer, opened up Google, and began to type.

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