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The unlikely friendship


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So OK, here goes my first ever attempt at a story. I decided to post it in parts to motivate myself to actually write it instead of thinking of writing it one day. ;)

This is going to be a romance story, but at the right time sex will come into play. I'm not sure how you guys will find the dynamic between the characters, it might be perceived as somewhat weird and depending on how things go along the way I might actually include some heavy/dark elements in there. I still want to give it a try. :)



My last 3 internet dates were absolute nightmares. All the guys seemed OK in the pictures and when I talked to them, but when met in person, they turned out to be completely dreadful people I didn't want to meet ever again. So I thought that I really needed to try something different. I needed to change something in the way I chose the guys to date. There was one thing that had worked well for me once in the past and I thought I could try it once again - that was dating a guy without seeing his photo. Kind of a blind date. You'd say - that's crazy. But really, it doesn't have to be. People often hide their appearance not because they're unattractive, but because they don't want to be seen for this or other reason. Sometimes it's because they're closeted, for example at work. Sometimes for other reasons. And in my experience, giving those faceless dating profiles a chance could lead to some really nice dates. So I thought - let's give it a chance once again.

It took me just a few minutes to find a profile that somehow made me curious about it. Username: "wanderer". Interesting. His profile stated that what he's looking for is a buddy for having walks around the city with and maybe going to the gym once in a while. Written shortly, but neatly. No mention of sex or his sexual preferences - what a nice change. No stats were provided, only the age, 29, a few years younger than me. I was into longer walks myself and so I thought - let's try. I chatted him up asking saying that I like walks too. He replied, we exchanged a few messages, he didn't seem very talkative, rather straight to the point. At the same time I didn't feel like he was trying to get rid of me. He said that he wanted to go for a walk around in the park in the eastern part of the city, near the river. He suggested to first meet for coffee to get to know each other and that he won't be offended if I say no after meeting him and that he as well might decide to give it a pass if for any reason he doesn't feel that things click the right way between us. That seemed like an honest offer. I agreed. We exchanged numbers and were supposed to meet at 9 the next day. I went to sleep happy that I had a plan for Saturday morning. I didn't expect much, but it was still nice.


It's Saturday, 8:55. I'm waiting at a junction at the periphery of a nice neighborhood, next to the the café where we were supposed to meet. I text the guy: "I'm here." He texts back: "I'm there in 3 mins." Cool. So I'm waiting and observing - who might that be. There aren't many people around at this hour, but still a enough to give me a chance for guessing. There's a tall guy in glasses coming from the other side of the street. But he just passes me. Oh, another candidate, I hope it's not him though, very much not my type. Oh my... what's that beautiful creature coming from afar? A bearded guy, roughly 6' tall, tight black t-shirt, muscley-beary build, dark-eyed. Haha, a man can always dream... Hmmm, he's still going in my direction. No, that can't be. He saw me. He's a strong 8 in the scale of 1 to 10, no, it's a 9, I'm a 5 on my good days with my 5'7'' and a very average, non-athletic appearance. No, let's not get our hopes up. Fuck, he's coming in my direction and looking me. FUCK. He's actually raising his hand for a handshake. WHAT THE FUCK?

- Hi, I'm Greg. - says Greg.

I'm at a loss for words. What has just happened?


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I liked this a lot.  Love size differences in relationships, especially very muscly to non-muscly with muscle worship.  Looking forward to how this may develop in upcoming chapters.

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- I'm Frank. - I reply trying to comprehend this situation.

He opens the door of the café and lets me in. Inside, he orders a black coffee, while I order a green tea. In the meantime, I keep eyeing him every now and then, confused. I'm in a café with a very attractive guy, ordering drinks together. He’s not super tall, but not short either. Well built, unmistakably athletic, broad back, with defined biceps and triceps not exactly concealed by his well-fitting T-shirt. Handsome, with a manly, low voice and a full beard. My favorite type - dark, deep-set eyes, with this observing, focused kind of look in them. The type of guy who is normally a few levels above mine in the dating world, pretty much the top of it. The type of guy who never, never ever, shows interest in me. And he knew what I look like before agreeing to meet with me, I had a few pics in my profile that could gave no false idea of my appearance. I'm suspicious. With every second I'm starting to genuinely think this might be some kind of cruel joke. Or maybe he's really looking for a buddy and not caring what the buddy looks like. In the end, there was no mention of this being an actual date. So confusing.
We sit at the table with our drinks. He's very calm, obviously self-confident, and not very eager to actually start the conversation, so I try to do that, fumbling with words. Not that I'm normally great at dating conversations. Even if, again, this is technically not supposed to be a date.

- So... you're a fan of walking around the city.
- Yep.
- Why did you choose this area?
- I was here with my parents once when I was a kid and I wanted to see this park once again.
- Cool...

A weird silence follows. I try to continue.

- I've never been here. I know about that park, but I’ve never lived nearby, so I never gave it a chance.
- OK. – he answers looking calmly at me, not really smiling, but kind of understanding.

Silence again. A bit weird, but somehow I don't really feel much pressure from him for the conversation to flow. This is... nice.

- So... um... what do you do? - I ask.
- I work in game dev. I program games.

A part of me cries inside in that moment. Not only is this guy absolutely beautiful, he also does something cool in life, and something requiring a strong intellectual skill.

- Wow. That's super cool. I'm not much of a gamer, but I appreciate games a lot. I think it's a form of art.
- It is.

Again, some silence.

- And you? What do you do? - he asks.
- I work at a bank. I do process optimization. You know... corporate stuff.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah, I actually do.
- That's good.

Silence, once again. It feels nice that he asked if I like my job, but I'm completely lost what to talk about next. But an idea comes.

- Do you do sports?
- Yeah. Not so much nowadays, but I work out at the gym and I used to do BJJ a lot.
- Brazilian jiu-jitsu? My ex used to do that. It's a cool thing, very, ummm, it develops your agility and stuff.
- Yeah.

Oh, that's a classic. Mentioning one of my exes on the first date. I always do it and always regret it just a second after. I've lost.

A few more questions from him and from me ensue, with silent breaks in between. We talk a bit about his work, the game he's working on now. I learn that he lives alone, not very far from the area we're in, in a small apartment he inherited from his grandmother. When I ask him about his parents, he hesitantly protests:

- Yeah... you know... I don't really like to say much about myself... when I first meet someone. I'm OK with not talking very much.
- I see. Well... I'm used to people expecting nice conversations.
- Yeah. - he smiles. - I don't really expect that. I actually like to be silent with someone.
- That's actually nice. I think I can do that. – I smile back.

I've got this crazy thought that maybe this guy is some freak who will kill me when we're alone and that's why he doesn't want to say much about himself. But at the same time... I trust him. He's calm and composed in a reassuring way. I like him. Like, of course he’s dramatically sexy, but also seems likeable.

We finish our drinks without saying very much. When we're done, he asks:

- So... what do you think? Are we going for the walk together? – he asks, this this time with a very slight hint of anxious nervousness in his voice. Or maybe it’s just my impression.

I'm surprised. I was kind of expecting that it will be me asking this question and getting bluntly rejected right afterwards.

- Yes. I'm in. Are you?
- Yes.

He smiles. I smile. With my mouth and everything inside me. Yeah, I might get killed later that day by a handsome freak who can probably break me in half without much effort. But fuck it. I want to try. If this guy is not a freak, I want to get to know him as much as possible. I feel strongly inclined to actually trust him and my instincts about people are usually right. I don't know where this situation is going, but I know one thing - this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I'm not going to pass on it.

We get up, we pay, we leave the café, with him letting me through the door once again.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been as excited as this very moment.

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45 minutes ago, DennisFLL said:

Equus, I love your timing and the pacing is just right.  Adds so much to the sexiness of the story.  More, please!

You should have said " more, sir" you little Dickens.

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