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July 22nd -- Time to Bulk Up


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This story is dedicated to and inspired by Jason, this absolute monster of muscle I've been chatting with on and off for years. You can find all the visual inspiration you can handle here at his Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/jf1515/?hl=en

This story is four chapters; the final chapter will be posted Thursday or Friday (tried to finish it all tonight but then, heh, I ran out of motivation so to speak). I figure 6000+ words over three chapters is enough for the storiversary for now. I features muscle growth, size theft/drain, plenty of sex, some violence, and (in chapters 3 and 4) some snuff elements.


Chapter 1: 


Jason finished his set of bench presses and sat up. He looked in the expansive gym mirror and flexed a little. At age 50, most guys would be thrilled to look like he did, but Jason was not at all satisfied. Looking back was a mature bodybuilder, dense muscles bulging out of his stringer tank top and basketball shorts. His short buzz cut and dark, scruffy five o’clock shadow were practical rather than elegant. He flexed his chest harder and squinted, crows feet extending out from his eyes, which had the trademark epicanthic folds and dark irises of his ancestry. His chest bulged out with hard, hairless, striated muscle; he was relatively lean for 220lbs. 


He raised an arm up and checked his bicep, and it rose into an impressive, round peak that was hard as rock. He waddled over to the dumbbell rack to get heavier weights, appreciating the way his thick, uncut cock bulged out of his basketball shorts; that part of him had never been a disappointment, as many local bottoms could attest to. Because he was only 5’5” he looked thicker than his weight would suggest. Being short and thick was one thing he had always loved, but lately it felt like it wasn’t enough, never enough.


He had always been obsessed with muscle and done everything he could to pack on as much size as possible – steroids, hormones, you name it. And it had paid off, but not as much as he dreamed. It had gotten even worse lately. Since his 50th birthday last week, he felt like he was running out of time to achieve the kind of size goals he had always dreamed of. For his birthday, he had finally pulled the trigger on a supplement program he’d heard about on a podcast. He knew there were potential complications with the cycle he had just started, but he didn’t care. He had to get bigger.


A close second to building up his muscles was big muscles on other guys. Bodybuilders, gym bunnies, powerlifters, athletes, he couldn’t get enough. Best of all was being able to outmuscle other big guys and see how much bigger his own muscles were than other guys, but since he had plateaued at 220lb, his ability to enjoy that had slowed down. Nothing turned him on like proving his superiority over other meatheads, and he couldn’t dominate the bigger guys at a mere 220lb.


He frowned and lifted harder, working up a sweat and soaking his loose tank top. By the end of the workout, he noticed a young, smaller bodybuilder looking him over as he flexed one last time before heading the locker room, and watched as the lean, muscular guy followed him into the locker room. They made eye contact while Jason shucked his sweaty gym gear and grabbed a towel for the shower; Jason flexed and gestured for the smaller guy to follow him to the shower stalls. Jason turned on the hot water and a moment later the smaller, lean but muscular gym bunny followed him into the curtained stall.


Jason breathed sharply through his nose as laid hands on the smooth, hard muscle of the younger guy, his cock awakening. “You like this muscle?” Jason said as he raised an arm up to flex.


“Yeah, you’re looking so big,” the younger guy said. He was a few inches taller than Jason’s 5’5” but couldn’t be more than 200lb. “Thick mature muscle,” he breathed as he slicked up Jason’s bicep in the shower, rubbing and squeezing the impenetrable muscle.


“That’s right,” Jason grunted, his voice a rich, confident gravel. He knew exactly what he wanted, and he was going to get it. “Feel the size of my chest,” he said, diverting the twunk’s attention to his pecs. “Still growing,” Jason added while he bounced them, water splashing off the hard, smooth pecs.


The young bodybuilder breathed heavily as he let his hands explore Jason’s hard body. Jason reached down and grabbed both of their cocks, hard and long at this point, and started squeezing.


“I’m bigger than you down here too,” Jason intoned, leaning in against the twunk’s hard, smooth abs. “Feel my fat muscle cock,” he said as he pushed down on the young guy’s shoulders. 


Jason’s uncut cock was thick and long especially for his proportions. It curved against his bulging quads. Jason pulsed it as it emerged from his foreskin. The twunk sunk to his knees and slurped up the thick cock readily, stretching his lips wide and lashing his tongue over it. Jason hummed with pleasure and looked down, appreciating the way his own muscles appeared much bigger compared to this guys’ thinner, leaner ones.


“Yeah, choke on my thick cock,” he growled as he thrust his hips harder. Suddenly Jason felt a tingle, an intense wave of pleasure beyond a normal blow job, as the twunk worked his thick, uncut meat. Jason gripped the guy’s traps, squeezing them as he grunted with pleasure, feeling waves of warmth radiating from the point of contact and through his body. He looked down and his eyes bulged as he saw, noticeably and visibly, the twunk shrink smaller and skinnier, watched his muscle atrophy away while simultaneously feeling his own muscles bulging thicker and bigger.


The increasingly skinny bodybuilder groaned and tried to pull away, but Jason gripped the back of his head with a firm hand and pressed him harder on his swelling cock. He tried to push away, but Jason’s legs were too strong and he didn’t budge. “Need to get huger,” he growled.


Jason’s pecs swelled out, looking like he was flexing but then settling in at that bigger size, pulsing and bulging with every thrust of his cock into the twunk’s tight lips. Thick veins snaked over his thick forearms as they grew, and his upper arms grew thicker and pressed against his bulging lats. The size difference between them became even more pronounced. Jason was so much bigger and getting even huger!


“Yeeeaahhhhh,” Jason groaned as he unloaded into the smaller guy’s mouth, thick ropes of cum blasting down his throat. The smaller guy coughed and choked as he stumbled backwards, the water from the shower still spilling down on him. 


“What did you do to me!?” he shouted as Jason loomed over him. Jason’s slick cock was still dripping cum. From the twunk’s perspective, Jason looked enormous.


“I guess it was time to bulk up again,” Jason said with a cocky smirk. He lifted his arms and flexed. “Yeah,” he breathed, admiring his own gains, “Look at that.”


“But, you, how did you, you stole from me!” the little guy stammered, rising in anger, but when he got to his feet he realized he was the same height as Jason instead of taller, he was frail and skinny instead of buff, and he was weak instead of strong. Jason pushed him backwards out of the stall, causing him to stumble over the shower curtain. 


“I guess so,” Jason said without an ounce of pity in his voice. 


“Give it back!” the smaller guy whined in desperation as Jason stepped out of the shower, his big thighs quivering with muscle as he adjusted his weight, rivulets of water streaming off his massive chest and swollen, turtleshell gut. “All my size, all my hard work, ruined,” he groaned.


“Not sure how it happened,” Jason droned, like he was contemplating a math problem. “But it’s mine now,” he said and brought his fists together in front of his waist to flex. He looked down, admiring the deeper, harder cleavage between his pecs.


“Give it back!” the smaller man yelled again, trying to push Jason, who didn’t move.


Jason pushed him back again, forcing him out of the shower area. “I would leave,” he said, “before I decide to take more!” Jason sneered and the former bodybuilder slunk away to the locker room and left as fast as he could.


Jason felt how much he’d grown as he dried himself off. He couldn’t believe what happened, but the proof was right there in his hands, feeling the thicker pecs, harder biceps, and bigger thighs that rubbed against each other when he walked. He was BIG, finally feeling like the huge bodybuilders he always aspired to look like. He stepped over to the scale and dropped his wet towel. It leveled out at 250. His jaw dropped. He had put on 30 pounds of muscle mass in an instant.


He made his way to the mirror and a wide, eager grin spread across his face. He flexed and breathed heavily as he surveyed his sudden gains, obsessed with the growing size of his new body. And suddenly he realized: he didn’t just have to stop with one guy. He could have more. He looked around at the other guys in the locker room and his grin became a sneer. His cock chubbed up thinking about how much bigger he was going to get.

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Chapter 2: 


Jason woke up the next day and immediately remembered what happened the day before. He stretched and felt all the bulging, thicker muscles packed onto his body. He could hardly keep his hands off his bigger body. His cock shifted and pulsed under the sheets as it hardened, shifting up as it inflated to full size. It slithered up until it reached his belly button; it felt bigger than yesterday, as thick and long as a can of Red Bull. The bulbous head was sheathed in foreskin; veins snaked across every inch. Jason groaned as it pulsed, aching for attention. He thought about growing even bigger and his balls tightened. He had to have more.


He reached out for his phone and took some new selfies of his bigger muscles. He pulled up Scruff and posted the new pictures. He went to the closet and changed into a new outfit to get ready for his guest. In minutes he had a buff jock on his way over. 




“Hey there,” Jason said as he greeted the jock at his door. 


“Jason, right?” he said. “I’m Clint.” He was wearing a tight white t-shirt, a baseball hat, and gym shorts. He carried a small gym bag. He looked like he had just finished a morning work out, sweaty and pumped from the gym. He was 5’10” and 250lbs, big and bulky but with more angular facial features than the twunk yesterday. He had a short trimmed, dark beard and a crew cut. He looked like a college baseball player who had bulked up, with broad shoulders and muscular legs. But Jason knew from their chat that he was a wrestler. He was big, with round, muscular shoulders, hard-looking biceps, and a bulging squatters butt that bounced as he walked inside.


“Come on in,” Jason said. Jason was wearing a tight red wrestling singlet, one that was now noticeably too small for his bulked up frame. It stretched taut across his chest and shoulders, the straps straining between his bulging traps and barrel chest. “I hope you came ready to wrestle,” Jason he slurred, anticipation already getting to him. “I think I’ll be able to take you, easy,” he said with a smirk.


“Well I don’t mind being the underdog, old man,” Clint said moving closer to Jason until he looked down. “We’ll see who comes out on… top,” he said with a huff and a grin.


“Get changed,” Jason commanded. “Then meet me downstairs.”


When Clint got to the basement, Jason was ready for him on the mats. Jason’s basement was half home gym and half wrestling ring, with a huge space covered in padded mats. Jason adjusted the straps on his singlet and admired Clint. The muscle jock’s singlet was green and had his college logo on it; it too looked a little too small for the big man. He had bulked up a little since his college wrestling days. 


“You ready to get pinned?” Clint said confidently. “I was all-state in high school and wrestled division two in college. I promise to be gentle so I don’t pull anything on you,” Clint said. His cock bulged prominently in his singlet.


“All talk,” Jason said as they locked arms. 


Clint dove and tried to knock Jason off balance, but Jason’s low center of gravity made him nearly impossible to move. They grappled and went back and forth, each man trying to wrest advantage from the other. Jason appreciated the strength and hardness of Clint’s muscular body; he was a worthy opponent. Before, guys his size would have been too much for him to handle, but at his new size, they were on the same level. Jason breathed heavily as sweat started coating his forehead and soaking his singlet, turning the red into a darker crimson.


Clint was younger and quicker and finally managed to spin Jason to the ground and onto his back. Clint was then able to twist his legs around until Jason’s shoulders were pinned. Jason tapped and indicated he wanted a reset.


“I told you, short stuff. You’re out of your league,” Clint said as they stood again. Both men had throbbing, long boners that prominently stood out from their tight singlets. “I guess I’ll be topping you,” Clint said.


“No, best two out of three,” Jason said. “I’m still going to beat you.”


Clint blew a breath out of his nose, scoffing. “Alright, sure old man, I’ll humor you,” said the cocky jock. “I’m too big for you,” he said. “We’ll see if I’m too big for you here too,” Clint said and groped his sizable cock.


Jason ignored him and started the second round. This time Jason was able to wrap Clint up in a strong bear hug, reaching his thick, hard arms around to Clint’s back. He wrapped a foot around Clint’s ankle and leaned into him, causing both men to fall.


“I’m too strong for you,” Jason said as he finally managed to get Jason on his stomach, Jason grinding into him from above. “Feel the size and strength of my muscles pressing into you,” Jason growled, pushing Clint’s shoulders down. His cock grinded against Clint’s bubble butt. Clint tapped.


“Alright, the deciding round,” Clint said as both men got back up. They locked arms again and started pushing and leaning against each other. Both men grinned as they tested each others’ strength.


Jason had always loved feeling his own strength and size competing with another man’s, whether in the weight room or the wrestling mat or the bedroom. But he toyed with Clint long enough.


Jason tapped into the same surging, warm, energetic feeling he felt yesterday and suddenly Clint’s power flowed into him. Clint wavered as Jason had a sudden boost of strength. Jason wrapped his arms around Clint again in a crushing bear hug, but this time Jason was bigger and swelling with size and power as Clint continued to shrink. 


“Yeah, think you can escape?” Jason mocked and squeezed harder than ever until he felt a pop. 


Clint yelled and fell back, Jason crushing him under his suddenly superior weight, and the older man pinned Clint on his back, straddling him and holding him down. They struggled there for a while, Clint trying to escape. “I think you busted one of my ribs!” Clint seethed through gritted teeth.


“You shouldn’t be so weak then,” Jason said without pity. “Keep trying,” Jason goaded Clint, both men breathing hard. Drops of sweat fell onto Clint, both men getting sweaty and musky. “I told you, I’m too strong for you,” Jason growled as he took more and more of Clint’s size, draining him. He adjusted his grip and wrapped his hands around Clint’s wrists, pressing them down against the mats hard.


Jason watched and felt Clint shrink underneath him; Clint’s chest flattened, his pecs lost some of their bulk; his arms shriveled and weakened; his legs grew skinnier and less defined. 


“What—what is happening,” Clint groaned as the massive, thick bodybuilder pinning him down started swelling bigger, his strength suddenly overwhelming and unstoppable. “Stop! Get off!” he said, pressing against Jason. He almost twisted and pressed out of Jason’s grip, but failed as Jason redoubled his force, his surging strength overwhelming Clint.


“Too late,” Jason said as he closed his eyes and felt power surging through his muscles. “You should be more careful who you hook up with,” he said. His chest swelled bigger and wider, taking up more of Clint’s view as the smaller man gasped. Jason was growing right before his eyes!


All the while, Jason’s own muscles swelled, visibly expanding as he grew and grew. His traps bulged higher and harder, merging with his thick neck. His massive pecs swelled out, round and hard with muscle, two huge pillows of beef that twitched and pulsed as he grew. His shoulders grew wider and rounder until they looked like basketballs. His upper arms grew and grew, the peak rising up higher and harder as he pressed Clint down into the mat harder, relentless, unbeatable. His lats bulged out, hard and wide, creating even more of a v shape on his muscular torso. His thick abs bulged out too, squeezing his swelling cock between Jason and Clint.


“Yeah,” he breathed. “Gotta get huger.”


Clint could feel Jason’s legs growing heavier and harder at his sides, squeezing him harder until he was forced to submit. He tried pushing up again, but each attempt seemed weaker and more futile than the last. 


“I love feeling you struggle,” Jason purred, the wet spot on his crotch growing inside his tight singlet. “Keep trying, little guy.”


Jason breathed in deeply as he stopped draining Clint and felt the bigger, full size of his torso. He breathed in deeply as he crunched his traps harder and swelled his chest out until the left strap of his singlet snapped. He sighed as a shiver ran up and down his spine. 


“I tap, I tap!” Clint said, but Jason responded by laying down on him, pressing more of his suddenly heavy weight on top of Clint, crushing him. “Stop!” Clint yelled, but his words were muffled under Jason’s swelling chest.


“You’re so weak,” Jason mocked. “Feel my strength, feel my muscles,” Jason groaned as he grinded against Clint. “I’m going to take as much as I want from you.”


Clint tried to squirm desperately, growling and making nonsensical noises trying to escape, but Jason would have none of it. “If you don’t stop squirming, I’m going to have to hurt you again,” he breathed.


Clint stopped and gave up. “What the fuck did you do to me?” he groaned. 


“I grew bigger,” Jason said flatly, “and you shrunk. And now I’m going to stretch you out with my thick cock,” Jason said as he pushed Clint around easily, turning him onto his stomach. “Winner gets to top, that’s what we agreed.”


Jason was shocked by how much bigger and stronger he had become. He drained even more size than he meant to, but it was so hard to stop once he started. He looked down at his chest and pulsed his massive pecs. He had to have more, but didn’t want to go too far this time. He wanted to keep having fun.


Jason sat up and roughly grabbed the thin material of Clint’s singlet that was covering his vulnerable ass. He tore, the muscles in his biceps and back bulging with power, and he easily ripped it apart. “You’ve got such a juicy ass for me to pound,” Jason groaned as he pressed his singlet hard against Clint, precum soaking his red singlet. He adjusted and pulled down the tight lycra until his cock was free. Jason leaked copious amounts of precum against Clint’s tight, furry hole.


“Yeah,” Jason breathed as he saw his bigger cock. “My fat muscle cock is going to pound you senseless,” he said as he squeezed it. It was thicker, longer, fatter than before, as big as a coke can. He pushed Clint’s shoulders down, pressed him flat against the mat, and pressed hard against his hole.


“Wait, you’re, you’re too big!” Clint moaned, but was muffled by the padding. Jason ignored him and pushed harder.


“No such thing as too big,” Jason said. “Feel my muscle cock,” Jason groaned as he entered Clint. The smaller man squirmed, but Jason didn’t care. In fact, it felt good. Jason started pounding, hard, bearing the full strength of his new, heavier weight and power into the wrestler. They were suddenly in very different weight classes, and Jason relished the spoils of the victor. “You’re so tight,” Jason grunted as he pushed Clint’s head harder against the mat and thrust in deeper. “And I’m so big!”


Clint sputtered and struggled to breathe under Jason’s weight, gasping at the intense thickness of the cock slamming into him over and over. He held on for the ride and hoped Jason finished fast, but the big bodybuilder kept going and going.


After ten minutes of domination and hard pounding, Jason’s breath got heavier and deeper. “Time to unload,” Jason intoned, his bigger chest making his voice deeper, and he filled the smaller wrestler with cum until it leaked out onto the mat. “Yeah,” he breathed over and over as he pumped more cum than he’d ever shot into Clint’s tight ass.


After Clint had left, Jason tore out of his too-tight singlet, stood up, and looked at himself in the full-length mirror of his basement gym. He was still 5’5”, but was monstrously thick. He was so much bigger than before. His shoulders were round and wide, giving him a squat, broad appearance. His chest hung over his muscle gut, heavy pecs bulging like a shelf and springing to rock hardness when he bounced and flexed them. He reached up to feel them flexing, squeezing, worshipping his own size and power. His thick cock pulsed to life again, and Jason reached down to squeeze that too, cum still dripping out of it as it hardened against already, the head emerging from his foreskin red and angry-looking.


“Next time I have a worshipper over, I need new measurements,” Jason said as he widened his stance and looked at himself in the mirror. “I still need to grow huger,” he breathed as he brought his left arm up and flexed. His bicep was obscenely huge with a high, arching peak of hard muscle. “Bigger than my head,” he said, “Yeah.” He flexed harder, shaking from the effort as his right hand pumped another load out of his cock, spraying cum all over the mirror. 

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Chapter 3:


Jason spent the rest of the day eating and lifting. He went to the gym to test the new size and power of his bigger body and put up insane PRs on every lift he tried. He was so much bigger and stronger than before! It was a struggle finding anything that fit, but he managed to squeeze into some stretchy gym shorts and a flimsy tank top that barely qualified as a shirt. 


At the gym, looking around at all the other lifters around him was like looking at a buffet. Throughout his workout he was tempted to grab on the nearest guy and take what he wanted and grow even more, but he held back. He wanted to savor this. 


He did take the time in the locker room to weigh himself. He was just over 300 pounds now! He had never dreamed of passing 300lbs, but he had done it, and all that bulk was staring back at him in the mirror of the gym. He went to the private bathroom of his gym and recorded several flexing videos and posted them onto Instagram with the caption “been making some gains lately ;)”. The post blew up almost immediately and he had plenty of thirsty messages from muscle-loving worshippers. 


After a big dinner that filled up his taut muscle belly, Jason went to his bathroom to admire his new size in the mirror some more. He had to turn his shoulders slightly to fit through doorways now, and even then his delts scraped against the doorframe. He grinned widely seeing himself in the mirror and he couldn’t stop flexing. He raised his biceps up and realized they were bigger than his head now. He could smell the musk from his sweaty day at the gym. With heavy breaths through his flared nostrils, he pulsed his pecs, seeing the thick, round muscles swell and tense and undulate until his skin. He was so big now, the size he had always dreamed of. His thick cock started stretching the material of his briefs and it bulged out obscenely. 


He grabbed the tape measure from his nightstand and went back to the bathroom, but quickly realized he was too musclebound to reach around and do a lot of the measurements he wanted to. He needed help. And he knew just the person to text.




Don knocked on the door. He had been chatting and flirting with Jason on and off for years, but had never actually worked up the bravery to see him person. Jason was just so big and buff, way out of Don’s league. He was one of the smallest adult guys he knew, just 120lbs and 5’4” even though he was in his mid-30s. He had just always been a small guy. He had always had a thing for huge guys, especially muscular guys who made him feel pathetic and inadequate. His heart raced as he heard thumping footsteps approach the door.


Don’s jaw dropped open as he saw Jason. He was MUCH bigger than he had ever been before, way bigger than any pictures he had seen. Jason was only wearing some tight white briefs and a comically small tank top that barely covered anything. 


“J-Jason? You look… I mean… wow!” Don stammered.


“Hi Don, thanks for coming,” Jason intoned, his voice deep and resonant. “Come on in,” said Jason, smirking as he watched Don stumble inside. The little guy could barely focus because he couldn’t take his eyes off of Jason’s new, bigger muscles. “I’ve been getting huger,” Jason said as he closed the door and flexed slightly.


“Jason, you’re… how did this happen? You’re so much bigger than before!” Don said as he reached out to feel Jason’s enormous right shoulder and upper arm. “Wow…” he said dreamily.


“I am bigger,” Jason said with a cocky tone. “And you’re going to help me with my measurements.”


“Oh sure, yeah that sounds great!” Don said. He eagerly followed Jason inside and into the bathroom.


In the mirror of the bathroom, the size disparity between the two was stupendous. Jason was three or four times thicker and wider than his slender friend, his muscles many times bigger. Jason looked and felt even bigger next to this tiny twink.


“Look at my striated chest,” Jason ordered as he groaned and flexed in the mirror. “Look how it pushes up against my chin now… Yeah,” he breathed, his chest pulsing and bouncing. “Take my shirt off,” Jason said.


Don’s eyes wandered feverishly all over Jason’s titanic muscular body, not knowing where to focus because he was so overwhelmed with lust. “O-Ok, yeah,” he murmured, hardly able to think. Don gripped the bottom of Jason’s shirt and lifted up, guiding the tight tank top up Jason’s rock-hard belly and best, then over his upper arms and his shoulders. Jason leaned down to help Don finish removing his shirt, then stood back up. Jason was now just wearing some flimsy underwear.


“Let’s start with my huge chest,” Jason said as he took a deep breath in and flexed his enormous pecs. “Measure that,” he ordered.


Don used the tape measure and walked all the way around the behemoth, Jason holding the tape in the middle of his sternum. Don noted the bulging thickness of Jason’s back, his lats, traps, and spinal erector muscles twitching and bulging with every small movement. When he got back to the center, he ran his hand over Jason’s left pec, which Jason twitched and bounced much to Don’s delight.


“63 inches!” Don stammered. “Wow… wow! I’ve never felt a chest over 60 inches, that’s incredible,” he said, massaging Jason’s huge pecs with his small, frail hands. Don took off his shirt then kept rubbing.


Jason looked down and grinned widely. He liked how Don’s small hands made his chest seem even bigger. He knew he had to get even bigger, and he would very soon.


Jason looked in the mirror and brought his right arm up into a massive bicep flex. “Bigger than my head,” he opined as he held his mighty bicep in Don’s face. Don dutifully measured it, forcing him to use both hands and even then they didn’t get even halfway around.


“23.5 inches,” Don recorded. Jason flexed harder and the tape shifted, “24!” Don yelled, his own boner getting uncomfortably hard in his shorts. 


Jason could see it. He smirked. “Still growing,” he rumbled, then shifted his weight. “You’re so small compared to me, look,” and he gestured in the mirror. “Show me your arm,” he said, and Don embarrassingly raised his bicep up to flex it. Jason did the same.


“Mmmmm,” Jason hummed, his cock slithering to life as he took in the massive size disparity. “You’re like a stick compared to me,” Jason mocked as he pushed into Don, nearly knocking him over. “I’m 300 pounds now,” Jason continued, bringing his fists together to flex his chest. “More than double your weight.”


Waves of muscle surged up and down Jason’s chest as he flexed. Don looked like a prepubescent boy, his chest bony and flat, devoid of muscle. 


“Now get on your knees and measure me,” Jason ordered, and Don complied. “Feel my calves? Bigger around than your thighs I bet,” Jason said as he stood on his tip-toes, causing the massive lower legs to bulge with hard muscle.


Don dutifully measured. “Th-they’re so big,” he breathed, his hands shaking. He barely managed to get the tape around without dropping it. “23 inches,” he reported. “You were right… bigger than my thighs,” he said, gulping. 


“Yeah,” Jason breathed as he stopped flexing, shifted his weight, then tensed his enormous thighs. “And I bet my thighs are bigger around than your waist,” he said. “So much muscle.” He shook his quads then flexed harder than ever; they felt like steel in Don’s timid hands.


Don wrapped his hands around Jason’s impossibly huge thighs. They were heavy, and a tangle of blue veins throbbed down the length of them, pulsing with Jason’s heartbeat. Jason’s thighs rubbed against each other as he shifted his weight, the bathroom floor shaking. There was no space between the meaty kegs of muscle, even halfway down his thighs. Don’s knuckle accidentally brushed against the bottom of Jason’s weighty bulge, causing the sleeping dragon inside to twitch and leak pre, a wet spot blossoming on the tighty whities. “31 inches,” Don said, his voice cracking. 


“Uhhhnf, yeah,” Jason grunted. “Still growing.” 


Don stood up and started rubbing his hands over Jason’s massive body, unable to control himself any more. He was like a starving man coming across a feast after years without food.


“Yeah, that’s right, worship my huge muscles while I flex,” Jason ordered, and Don doubled his efforts. “Check out my thick pecs,” he said as he bounced his chest, waves of muscle rippling up and down. 


Jason raised his bicep and Don wrapped his hands around the stone hardness of his muscles; he was unable to reach around it even with both hands. Don shoved his nose into Jason’s deep armpit and sniffed. Jason’s enormous, fist-thick cock surged to life as he watched the skinny young man worship his bulky muscles. He was huge, enormous, finally after all these years!


“There’s one more thing you need to measure,” Jason said as he pushed Don down on the shoulders, causing the skinny twink to sink to his knees. Jason reached down, his arm and shoulder bulging, and fished his dick out of his briefs. It flopped out, slapping against his quad, smearing pre before bumping Don in the forehead. 


Don grabbed the tape again and stretched it from the root of Jason’s thick, uncut sausage to the tip of its bulbous head. “10 inches!” Don said breathlessly. 


Jason reached down and grabbed Don under his armpits and effortlessly lifted him up to carry him. “Now you will feel my 10 inches pound you hard,” he said flatly, with no strain in his voice as he hoisted Don into the bedroom, bumping the twink’s head on the doorframe.


“Wait, no, I can’t take that, it’s too big!” Don said in a sudden panic. 


Jason threw Don onto the bed, stripped out of his briefs, and lubed up his uncut cock. Don tried to get to the door, but Jason grabbed his skinny arm and threw him back to the bed. “You’re going to feel so tight on my fat muscle cock,” he said, his breath speeding up as his cock became rock hard in anticipation. Jason wrapped Don up in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground, arching his strong back, his arms and traps bulging with muscle.


Don squirmed some more but couldn’t budge Jason’s huge muscles. “Try to escape,” Jason mocked and he squeezed the twink harder between his massive arms and rock-hard chest. “I can’t even feel you trying, you’re too weak,” Jason grunted.


Jason roughly shifted Don around and lifted him up higher before slamming him back down on his cock. Don was so light and so weak, and Jason effortlessly held him in place on his hard cock. 


“I’m going to lift you up and fuck you in the air,” Jason said matter-of-factly as he impaled Don and started bouncing him up and down. “Mmmmm, yeah,” Jason breathed as he pounded and rutted. Don could only groan unintelligibly. 


Jason pulled Don closer by gripping the back of his head then pulled him in for an aggressive, hard kiss. Don kissed back, and soon they were grunting as they fucked and made out. 


Jason loved the power and domination over the twink but he wanted more: more size, more muscle, more power! He could feel Don’s life force flow into him through his mouth as he sucked and slurped the size right out of the twink. Jason’s tongue invaded the twink’s mouth harder and deeper as he took more and more size, sucking Don’s lower lip as he felt himself growing even bigger. 


Don groaned as Jason’s thick cock grew even bigger and Don’s hole tightened as he shrunk below five feet tall. “What, ahhhh, what’s happening?” Don gasped.


“Need to get huger,” Jason seethed through gritted teeth, blowing hot breath over the shrinking man. “Gotta have more muscle… always growing… time to bulk up again!” 


With each word he squeezed harder, pushed Don down harder onto his cock, and grew bigger. He drained and he drained until Don was half his height, then smaller. Don couldn’t breath as Jason wrapped his python arms around the shrinking man’s thin torso and squeezed harder than ever. 


“Gonna unload inside you,” Jason sneered as he swelled bigger and erupted inside Don’s stretched out hole, cum blasting and leaking out as Jason felt the smaller man’s spine crack in his strong arms. “Mmmmmm yeah,” Jason breathed as the smaller man went still as his ribs popped one by one, crunching and giving way to Jason’s impossible strength and thickness. He squeezed and squeezed, Don’s body breaking even more. Jason closing his eyes as euphoria rippled through his enormous frame until he realized he was holding nothing. He had completely absorbed what was left of Don’s diminutive frame.


Jason straightened up and took a deep breath, flexing his now even bigger muscles. His arms stuck out to the sides, fighting for space with his wide lats. His waist was hard and cobbled with muscle, his shoulders were wider than the door frame, and his pecs pressed against his chin even when he walked. He had to waddle and swing his swollen thighs against each other just to walk. He made his way to the bathroom and stepped onto the scale. It creaked under his weight and just said “error”. He was over 400 pounds now, the thickest, strongest man on earth. He grinned and opened up Scruff on his phone to invite a more muscular man over for more worship and more size.

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Chapter 4:



The bodybuilder underneath Jason was putting up a pretty good fight, all things considered. Jason was straddling him, his tree trunk thighs gripping his lean waist and delicate ribs tightly. Jason’s was leaning his considerable weight down into his hands, which were wrapped around the bodybuilder’s straining neck, choking him. 


“Mmmm, try to escape now,” Jason mused, enjoying the panicked look on the guy’s face as he realized how much he had underestimated the thick weightlifter. “You can’t, can you? Are you even trying?” Jason taunted as he pressed his hands down harder, feeling the bodybuilder’s windpipe constrict against his calloused hands. The bodybuilder, a shredded 5’10” and 220lbs, grabbed Jason’s freakishly thick and veiny forearm and tried to dislodge it to no avail. Jason just grinned wider.


Jason had been growing thicker and wider each day; at this point, his shoulders were wider than doorways, and his chest had swelled to over 70” around. Not that he could measure himself, anymore; he was too muscle-bound for that. He had plenty of willing worshippers to come over and do that for him, though, as well as bring him food. And of course, tight holes to fill and size to add to his ever-growing body. He was growing so much heavier, he knew; he could tell from the way the floor groaned under his steps, the way the couch cushions and his mattress sagged under his weight now. He had long grown past the limits of his scale and had lost count of exactly how many bodybuilders, gym bunnies, and worshippers he had consumed. If he had to guess, he figured he was over a ton, his muscles somehow getting stronger, denser, and thicker even though he was the same height and still had mostly full range of motion. 


The bodybuilder wriggled and moved his jaw around, gasping for air, but Jason just chuckled, pressing more of his titanic bodyweight against him before letting him up for air. The bodybuilder gasped dramatically and rubbed his neck, coughing and sputtering as Jason relented.


“What are you doing!? I said to choke me, not kill me!” the bodybuilder said, trying to get up, but Jason wouldn’t allow that.


“I thought you said you were tough,” Jason said, raising his arms up to a huge double bicep flex, his upper arms peaking into mountains of hard muscle, his deep armpits and impossibly thick pecs ribbed with striations and stretch marks. His lats jutted out like wings on a stealth bomber, and his ample muscle belly swelled out like a boulder. 


“Not compared to whatever you are, freak,” the bodybuilder grunted, trying to get up but finding Jason completely immovable. He angrily reared back and punched Jason, on the side, on the chest, pushing his heavy arms, anything to fight back.


Jason just smirked. “I can barely feel that,” he mused, sounding almost disinterested. He bounced his pecs, each one heaving up and down. His huge, wrist-thick cock slithered farther up the bodybuilder’s chest, the massive head emerging from the foreskin red and angry. “Let’s see how you last when I really try,” Jason said and then leaned down again, pushing past the feeble resistance of the bodybuilder and wrapping his meaty hands around his neck. 


The bodybuilder sputtered and gasped, but Jason just leaned harder, not even exerting himself or trying hard, just letting the weight of his impenetrable muscles do the work. The gags and gurgles only turned Jason on even more, and his cock leaked copious amounts of pre, slicking up the bodybuilder’s hard abs and chest. 


“Yeah,” Jason breathed, getting worked up, “feel how much bigger and stronger I am!” Jason grinned as the bodybuilder’s resistance faded, another cute muscle boy succumbing to his superior strength.


Jason adjusted his weight as the bodybuilder passed out, shifting his hard, leaking cock further up the bodybuilder’s corrugated abs and hard, lean chest, and pushed more of his weight down onto the bodybuilder’s ribs and chest. Jason proceeded to rut on the firm muscle boy underneath him, crushing the bodybuilder under his massive weight, his monstrous cock poking against the unconscious man’s chin. Jason felt the buff man wither and shrink under him as he felt the familiar surge of power rushing into his impossibly massive body, swelling wider, thicker, and harder as he sprayed his load all over the bodybuilder’s face.


Jason grunted with satisfaction, shooting spurt after spurt of muscle cum, feeling his muscles surge with power. By the time he was done, there was nothing left underneath him.



Jason smirked as he looked in the mirror. Wide, rough hands rubbed over his wide back, which at this point was over three feet wide. Round, bulging delts capped his shoulders, and his arms hung awkwardly at his side, pushed out by his thick lats and bulky triceps. 


“Now my bicep,” Jason ordered, and the tall, huge bodybuilder next to him obeyed. Jason raised his right arm and flexed hard, the enormous upper arm bulging into a high peak.


“It’s so hard…how did you get it like this…” the entranced bodybuilder murmured, his head foggy with lust and obsession.


“It was easy, really,” Jason said. “You just have to want it.” 


The bodybuilder worshipping Jason was once the subject of Jason’s envy and desire, and he was indeed worthy: 6’2” and 280lbs of hard offseason muscle, he was well-known in the local bodybuilding community and had won shows in the past. But now, the impressive bodybuilder was just another worshipper, slave to Jason’s superior thickness, size, and strength.


“How do you get such a great peak on your bicep heads while still having this kind of thickness?” the worshipper grunted, his deep voice echoing off the tiled walls of the bathroom. It was a cramped space with two muscle beasts in the small room, but Jason definitely took up more room.


“I work arms twice a week,” Jason said, flexing harder. He reached with his other hand and pushed the worshipper’s face against the hard muscle. “Kiss my biceps, I know you want to,” Jason said with a chuckle. This big alpha was reduced to a plaything next to Jason.


The worshipper opened up his mouth and licked, kissed, and worshipped Jason’s bicep like a starving man at a buffet. Jason looked in the mirror again, this massive man completely submissive to his superior size, putty in his hands. Jason’s cock surged in his tight briefs, the wrist-thick length of it stretching the fabric obscenely. Jason ripped them off with his other hand, the torn fabric falling to the floor.


“Enough. Take off your shorts. Lean back and hold on,” Jason said. 


“Like thi—whoa!” the big worshipper gasped as Jason suddenly bent down, grabbed under the worshipper’s substantial thighs, wrapped his rough hands around his bubble butt, and easily lifted him into the air. 


“Yeah, light as a feather,” Jason grunted, hardly any exertion in his voice. His massive arms were flexed into rock hardness, and his chest jutted out spectacularly as he balanced the huge bodybuilder effortlessly. The big worshipper’s head bumped the ceiling, and he balanced his hands against Jason’s enormous chest. “What a juicy ass for me to fuck,” Jason said, squeezing the muscle man’s meaty glutes.


“Whoa, just how fuckin’ strong are you!?” the worshipper said, rubbing Jason’s pecs. The meaty pec shelf was pressing against Jason’s strong chin, tense and hard, but Jason didn’t even look like he was trying hard. 


“Strong enough to do this,” Jason grunted, then lowered the worshipper down onto his waiting cock. “Take my fat muscle cock,” Jason said, and suddenly he pressed the worshipper’s hips down hard, splitting his firm muscular ass with his foot-long beer can cock. 


“Unnnnggggghhh fuuuuuuck,” the worshipper groaned, squirming in Jason’s grip but unable to stop him. “Slow down! It’s too biiiiiig!” he heaved, trying to push against Jason pointlessly.


“It’ll fit,” Jason grunted as he started pistoning in and out, up and down. “So tight, yeah,” Jason purred, clearly enjoying himself. He looked to the side and saw himself in the mirror, effortlessly lifting and fucking his massive bodybuilder who was taller and looked huge himself, but felt like a skinny twink in Jason’s impossibly strong arms. Jason bounced him up and down faster, harder, watching his own muscles flexing, tensing, pulsing, twitching as he fucked, his huge upper arms especially impressive; they had to be over 26” around by now.


The worshipper could just groan and moan unintelligibly as Jason power-fucked him in the air, Jason treating him like a fleshlight. 


“Tighter!” Jason grunted, as he started slurping the size out of his latest victim. The bodybuilder withered quickly, muscle pouring into Jason’s already massive physique, pumping him up even bigger, thicker, harder. “Oh yeah, that’s it,” Jason groaned as the worshipper’s meaty ass tightened and gripped around his cock even harder. Jason’s cock swelled thicker as the muscle power flowed into him, absorbing all the bodybuilder’s hard-earned size.


Jason roared as he came, a thick load that filled up the former bodybuilder, who had shriveled into an emaciated twink. 



“What was that?” Jason said, teasing the gym bunny who was currently pressed up against his chest, his face buried in the valley between Jason’s enormous, hard pecs. “I can’t hear you.”


“Mmmph mmurrrr!” Jason’s companion groaned. He tried to pull away again, but it was pointless with Jason’s thick fingers pressing his skull against Jason’s impossibly hard chest. Jason jolted the muscles of his pecs again, the smooth skin rubbing roughly against the worshipper.


“How do you like my big pecs now?” Jason said slowly, rubbing the gym bunny’s head roughly against his chest. “You’re getting up close to them, just like you wanted,” Jason teased. He felt the guy sputtering for breath, felt him push against his arms and stomach harder, but batted away his resistance as easily as shooing away a fly.


The guy’s face started turning bright red, so Jason finally decided to give him a breath. He let go, and the young, buff stud gasped for air. 


“What are you doing!?” he gasped and tried to push away, but Jason held him close, his painfully hard grip wrapped around his wrist. 


“Comparing how strong we are,” Jason explained, saying it simply and slowly. “I’ve become so much bigger than the first time I saw you at the gym,” Jason said, wrapping his arms around the smaller man like a constrictor getting ready to subdue his prey. “Feel how much smaller you are now,” Jason said as he pressed his impossibly thick, wide pecs against his captor’s chest and started to squeeze.


“Unnnnggghhh fuck! No!” the twunk said. It felt like getting pushed into a concrete wall. How was this guy so impossibly hard and huge!? He seemed like such a find on Grindr but clearly he’d gotten more than he bargained for. He looked down and saw his own impressive chest look like a prepubescent boy’s compared to Jason’s. Thick, throbbing veins and stretch marks connected the huge pecs to Jason’s enormous shoulders, and one prominent vein snaked down his massive, round biceps, which were currently squeezing painfully against the twunk’s ribs. He tried to break Jason’s hold and found it utterly impossible. 


“Yes, feel my hard pecs, bigger than your head,” Jason grunted then pushed his captor down until his face was even with Jason’s meaty pecs. The twunk grunted and resisted again, but this time Jason was done amusing his little outbursts. 


Jason gripped his head firmly against his chest, pushing hard until the little guy couldn’t breathe. The veins on his pecs and arms throbbed as he felt the energy sap out of his helpless opponent, his resistance fading. Jason felt his own cock stiffen. The power he possessed now! He was completely unstoppable, completely in control. 


Jason held him there until he went limp. Jason lifted him up and wrapped him in a bear hug, lifting him off his feet, and squeezed. 


“Mmmmmm,” Jason purred as the twunk’s spine snapped in his grip, energy draining into his powerful body, causing Jason to grow and grow.




After two weeks of near-constant flirting, luring muscle-hungry bodybuilders and admirers over to his house, domination, muscle worship, fucking, and absorption, Jason was feeling pretty good. He had grown to absolute freaky proportions. His height had remained the same 5’5”, which is exactly what he wanted, but the rest of his body had grown so much bigger.


He relaxed on his wide living room couch, wearing some torn and mangled fabric that passed for a stringer tank top and some awkwardly tight basketball shorts that had once been his baggiest pair. His arms were bigger than his head, balloons of hard muscle that were impossible to contain in sleeves now. His chest and shoulders stretched impossibly wide, taking up over half the width of the full-size couch, spilling into all three sections of it. His thighs were both bigger around than his waist now, heavy tree trunks of muscle that roiled and surged with strength whenever he shifted his weight. His traps had merged with his thick neck. He had managed to keep himself clean-shaven and even trimmed his hair short, though the latter was a challenge because the size of his shoulders and traps made reaching up that high difficult. His body was mostly smooth, showing off the pure bulk and hardness of his muscles. He reached up with his left hand felt the hardness of his chest, flexing it and flicking a sensitive, meaty nipple. He never got tired of the size of his muscles, the feeling of growth, the desire for more power. 


He absentmindedly rubbed the massive bulge in his shorts as he scrolled through the messages on his phone, looking for a worthy addition to invite over. Jason wanted to show once and for all that he was the biggest, strongest, freakiest muscle monster around, and he wanted to invite the biggest guy over he could find. He knew just the guy, and finally stopped scrolling when he saw a message from him.


Phil was the biggest guy in town and everybody on the apps knew it. A former college football standout who hadn’t made it to the NFL only because of a knee injury, he had switched to bodybuilding and took to it naturally. At 6’4” and 350lbs, the big man had been an offensive lineman in college, but quickly leaned and hardened into a superheavyweight bodybuilding monster. His body seemed to pack on muscle so easily, much to Jason’s envy as he saw him regularly at the gym. Phil had started out chunky, but leaned down impressively when he first started bodybuilding, revealing a solid core of muscle underneath. He had placed well in his first bodybuilding event, and was deep into training for his second one. He was bulking up, but was doing it in a much cleaner, leaner way than before, and he had never looked more muscular. 


Phil had never even noticed Jason’s own impressive, muscular body, before his recent gains anyway. Now it seemed that he too had succumb, just like everyone else, and wanted a taste of the big muscle freak Jason. 


P -- “Hey. Nice pics”


J – “Hey. Thanks. Biggest guy around.”


P – “Yeah, I am”


J – “I meant me. Bigger than you”


P – “Heh yeah short stack? You can’t compete with this”


*pic of Phil flexing next to a shorter friend, dwarfing him*
*pic of Phil’s enormous, 10” cock, hard and veiny*


J – “Nice”


*Pic of Jason smirking with his pecs flexing*

*Pic of Jason’s cock, thick and covered in foreskin, thicker than Phil’s* 


P – “Damn. Not bad”


J – “Come over. See who is biggest”


P – “Yeah? You’re gonna lose”


J – “I’ll pin you, easy” Jason smirked as his cock stiffened, knowing Phil wouldn’t be able to turn him down, imagining the huge bodybuilder being crushed against his chest.


P – “You’re on. As soon as I’m done at the gym”


J – “I’ll be waiting”


Jason sent Phil his address before setting his phone aside. He breathed deeply, letting his wide chest expand to full thickness, then exhaled, rubbing his impatient cock. The couch cracked under his tonnage as he rose up; he was surprised it had lasted as long as it had, considering he was thousands of pounds heavy by now after weeks of consuming worshippers. Jason waddled to the kitchen for a preworkout shake, then headed down to his basement. Being so wide and so thick presented distinct challenges when he walked through doors now; he was too wide to fit normally, and his chest and back were so thick that it was uncomfortable even turning sidewise and squeezing through that way. He wedged himself through the doorway leading to the basement, then got started with his workout. He wanted to be at his biggest when his guest arrived. 


When Phil showed up an hour later, Jason called him downstairs where he was waiting. Both men were pumped, huge, and sweaty. Phil was wearing a soaked string tank top and basketball shorts, his thick legs rubbing against each other as he waddled downstairs. Jason had already stripped down to just white briefs, showing off the massive thickness of his huge body. His thick cock twitched in its tight confines when he saw Phil.


Phil was massive. Enormous traps flowed into equally impressive shoulders that bulged out like soccer balls at the top of his massive arms. His biceps bulged with size, permanently pumped and full of hard muscle. His chest was wide and solid, as was his offseason belly. His legs were the most impressive though; unbelievably thick thighs and monstrous calves swollen with muscle. He slipped off his big sneakers as he stepped onto the wrestling mat that Jason had set up. 


“Nice set up you got down here, little guy,” Phil said, his voice deep and rich. 


“Not so little now,” Jason said as he walked over to Phil and flexed. “My arms and chest are so much bigger than yours. And look at my legs, huh?” Jason said, egging Phil on. “Bigger and stronger than you could ever be.”


“Yeah?” Phil said stepping closer and towering over Jason; he was taller by a foot. “Sounds like short man’s complex to me, fire hydrant,” Phil teased. He bumped into Jason, but Jason didn’t budge. Phil was a bit thrown off, then tried pushing Jason. Phil staggered back when Jason didn’t move an inch.


“Heh, nice try,” Jason said calmly. His cock stirred in his briefs. “So weak.”


“Fuck that!” Phil said and charged as Jason. The two big men crashed into each other, and Jason easily wrapped Phil up and slammed him to the mats, the combined weight of the two of them making the whole house shake. “Uuuaahghh!” Phil grunted as the air vacated his lungs.


Jason pressed his impossible weight into Phil’s enormous, muscular back, pinning him completely. Phil pushed up, expecting to rise easily, but couldn’t move an inch. Jason roughly grabbed one of Phil’s arms and pulled it back into a half nelson.


“Fuck yeah,” Jason breathed as he effortlessly toyed with the taller man. For years, he had seen Phil as the king of the local gym, bigger than anyone and strong as an ox. Now he was subdued, pinned easily under Jason’s incredible muscles. Jason’s cock surged harder and he pressed it against Phil’s huge, muscular ass.


“Get off me!” Phil yelled and Jason let go, allowing him to get back to his feet. “What the hell are you, anyway? How the hell did you…” Phil said, baffled and clearly a little scared.

“I’m just so much bigger and stronger than you,” Jason said slowly, flexing his muscles for emphasis. “You have no idea how superior I am to you now.” Jason adjusted his hard-on. 


Phil stripped off his tank top, showing off his enormous muscular torso, which was still slick with sweat. “Oh yeah? Show me what you got!”


“You asked for it,” Jason said with a wide grin. He suddenly charged, his short legs propelling him faster than Phil could believe, and Jason slammed into the taller man. The wind knocked out of Phil’s chest, and Jason plowed him backwards, lifting him up and slamming against through the back wall that connected to Jason’s basement storage, tearing right through drywall, plaster, and timber. Phil grunted as Jason tackled him again effortlessly, slamming him to the floor. Jason straddled Phil, not even breathing hard or having broke a sweat whatsoever.


“Do you get it now? I’m so much stronger than you could even comprehend,” Jason said as he stood up off of the defeated bodybuilder. 


Phil rose to his feet and staggered away, angry and embarrassed. He reached out and grabbed a broken piece of masonry that had broken free and swung with all his strength and hit Jason right on the side of the head, 350lbs of ex-football bodybuilding muscle behind it. Jason didn’t even flinch, the brick bursting against his skull without any pain.


“Heh, that tickles,” Phil taunted, smirking as he stretched his neck out.


“What… what the fuck,” Phil said. He reached down and grabbed a two by four and swung it against Jason’s chest. The wood splintered against Jason’s rock-hard pecs.


“It’s pointless to fight back,” Jason said as he grabbed Phil and threw him back through the wall they had made and into his home gym. “I’m simply better than you. Now I’m going to crush you, then pound that thick ass,” Jason said, his cock poking out of the top of his briefs, pre oozing down its side.


Jason launched himself at Phil and wrapped his arms against the huge bodybuilder. Phil tried to push away, but it was pointless. Jason pressed his huge pecs against Phil’s chest, gripped his hands around as far as he could reach on Phil’s huge back, and crunched, squeezed, pressed as hard as he could.


“Fuck yeaaaahhhhh,” Jason breathed as he squeezed Phil. The bodybuilder could only muster a pathetic wheeze as Jason quickly crushed the life out of him. “Feel this bear hug, feel my power,” Jason grunted as he squeezed harder and harder. Phil tried to push, squirm, break out of the hold, but Jason was in complete control. Jason heard and felt a pop, then another, then another as Phil’s ribs broke one by one. 


Phil collapsed against Jason as he relaxed his grip, and Jason chuckled. How the mighty had fallen!


“Now you see now superior I am,” Jason said as he easily turned Phil around and forced him to bend over. Phil grunted and tried to catch his breath, but before he could gather himself, Jason was ripping his shorts off and positioning himself for a fucking, leading Phil against the rack of dumb bells that lined the mirrored wall. Jason rubbed his rock-hard dick against Phil’s ass, the enormous butt thickened from years of football practices and heavy squats. He smeared precum against the tight, hairy hole. Jason licked his lips in anticipation. He looked up, seeing his bulked-up muscles poised over Phil’s bent-over mass.


“I pound hard, so I need a thick ass to take my impact,” Jason explained as he pushed his way into Phil’s hole. The taller man groaned, but Jason ignored him. “I’m going to slam into you so hard… yeah, take it!”


Jason gripped Phil’s hips and pulled him closer, hard, slamming him until his entire fist-thick cock rammed inside. Jason breathed in deeply, his chest expanding, and sighed as he pushed his cock in deeper.


“Uuuuaaahhhhh!” Phil groaned as Jason exerted his dominance. Jason started slow, but quickly picked up the pace, aggressively using the bodybuilder’s tight, beefy ass, stretching his hole roughly and quickly. He looked up and saw himself in the mirror, Phil’s huge body looking weak and pathetic next to Jason. He reached forward to grip Phil’s powerful traps and gripped them hard, pushing Phil’s big torso back, increasing the pressure on Jason’s dick.


“Fuck yeah, pounding you good,” Jason breathed, picking up the pace. Smack smack smack, Jason’s fat muscle cock pounded the bodybuilder, ripples and shockwaves of impact shaking the big man to his core as the shorter but impossibly strong Jason abused his hole. “Yeah… YEAH!” Jason bellowed as he got closer to cumming. He raised one arm up and flexed, admiring his own massive reflection in the mirror, feeling absolutely unstoppable. “FUUUUUUUCK!” he rumbled as his cock swelled and pulsed and flooded Phil’s hole with cum. 


When he was done, he grabbed Phil and spun him around so they were facing each other. Phil was woozy and shaken, but Jason had never felt better. He knew he needed one more thing. 


Jason wrapped Phil up again in a massive bearhug, this time gripping so hard and exerting so much power he lifted the helpless bodybuilder off the ground. Jason took a deep breath, then started crushing the weaker man in his iron grip.


“MMMMMMMM yeah!” Jason grunted as he started stealing all of Phil’s impressive size and power. A surge of power roared into his enormous body, his muscles bulking and bulging up even bigger. His shoulders and back spread wider, his chest inflated with more muscle, his arms grew stronger and harder, his legs thickened and Jason adjusted his stance. He felt his cock surge longer and bigger, pressing against the shrinking bodybuilder, smearing more cum against the used-up ex-jock. “MORE MUSCLE!” Jason sighed as Phil’s body broke in his arms, crunching and popping as he shrunk into Jason’s growing frame.


When he was done, Jason stood alone in the room, chuckling to himself and flexing in the mirror, bigger than ever. He waddled over to his phone, his massive thighs rubbing against each other, his huge cock still leaking cum onto his smooth, thick quads. He propped up his phone, hit record, and flexed in the mirror, pulsing his big pecs, raised his arms into a double bicep pose, and breathed heavily as sweat slicked his smooth torso. He gave the camera a wide smirk and a thumbs up as he finished the video, then posted it on Instagram. “Time to bulk up,” he typed as a caption, then posted it. 


Minutes later, he started getting messages on every app he could think of. Jason started swiping through his messages, all of them begging to come over and worship him. He grinned, flexed his pecs, and adjusted his fat cock, which was already swelling in anticipation.

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Definitely some great chapters here full of the description I feel makes for a good story! Plus, I feel like despite a lot of fantasies people have related to older guys, stories about them aren't necessarily that common. Awesome addition to Storyversary!

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I love the stories of muscle theft, and that story made me cum, I imagined that I was the one who grew up, and by the way I will be waiting for the continuation, I look forward to knowing how the story ends

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On 7/22/2020 at 11:03 PM, spacevlad said:

He was over 400 pounds now, the thickest, strongest man on earth. He grinned and opened up Scruff on his phone to invite a more muscular man over for more worship and more size.

MMMM we will eb waiting to see how big he gets!

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