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July 23: A Pointed Revenge (Pt 2 added 7/26)


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I love muscle stories with size differences - they're so hot.  And just the right amount of tension between the scared former bully and the dominant bodybuilder.  Dredlifter, you're very talented.  Thanks for this story and look forward to the next one.

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There's all the Dredlifter hallmarks of success in a story!  Massive (and hot) size, humiliation, cuckolding, and of course EXCELLENT writing!  Great work!

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Phase TWO:

The following night, after some more muscle fun with Pitch that afternoon, I get ready for the class reunion.  I don some khaki pants and a navy blue Lacoste polo shirt, size XXL.   I pull on my stylish size 16 thick-soled dress boots to make me appear even taller, upwards of a towering 6’7.  Even with my XXL shirt, the sleeves are cinched around my upper arms just like I like it.  My arms are so large that the sleeves just slightly restrict some circulation, which only makes my arms look even more vascular and imposing.  . Something Pitch notices right away.  He forces me to flex the guns for him before I leave and he gives them a loving grope and a kiss.  Then I pull him into another kiss, on our mouths this time.

 “Go get ‘em stud,” he says as we break the embrace.

The reunion is held in the practice gym of my old high school.  I walk in noting how much smaller everything feels.  How much lower the entrance doorways seem.  Wow, with my hair styled upwards it brushes the top of the doorframes!  Fuck yeah.  I note how the lockers appear smaller and shorter now that I can see on top of them, how much thinner the hallways feel now that my shoulders span nearly half their width.

 I make my way to the practice gym which is filled with tables for socializing and a small stage for speakers and a DJ playing some hits from my time in high school.  It’s crazy just how many songs you forget were big just 5 years ago.  I grab my nametag and my classmate at the welcome table can’t believe it’s me.  Nothing unusual.  I surmise that nobody will know who I am at first, except for Len, whom I haven’t spotted among the crowd yet, even from my lofty vantage point.

I spot the group former jock stars huddled together, laughing and gesturing loudly.  I make my way around a several small groups and reintroduce myself.  I bask in the praise and admiration.  Back in high school I found it so hard to join in conversationg in a group.  But now, with my new facets those groups seem to open up and beg me to join them.   All of my former classmates are astounded by my transformation.  Some of the geekier guys are most excited about it and are the most happy for me.  They seem to be the bravest and happily reach out and feel my arms without asking.  But it's all good, these were good guys so I was happy to bend my arm and allow them to put their small hands on my arm canon.

Several women got into it too, but I could tell they were more intimidated by me, especially the good looking ones.  The former cheerleaders and gymnasts are practically drenching their panties when I speak to them.  I start to wonder if they even remember I was gay, or if I was so invisible in high school they couldn’t recall any details about me.  I am having a blast subtly flirting with them.  I flex my biceps hard every time I lift my glass of punch.  At random points during our conversation I would gesture my arms and makes my pecs bounce.  I saunter around from group to group, purposely undulating my huge glute muscles.  And I haven’t even touched on the fact that due to the silicon cock ring I was wearing, my bulge was more pronounced than usual.

As I flirted my way from person to person I stealthily glanced over to the jock group.  I could see them staring at me, analyzing me.  Whispering to each other, trying to figure who I was.  How could there be this giant muscle stud that they didn’t know?  Maybe they thought I was somebody’s husband.  Nope.  Just the new ultimate stud of the class.  

I kept my eye on them as well as I was still on my mission.  Finally I spotted Berk Callum with the other jocks.  He was late of course, the former Homecoming King probably thought he’d be the big star of the reunion, hah!  On his arm he had a cute, fit, tall blond woman.  Pitch had informed me that she was his wife of two years, Kimber.  I couldn’t deny that Kimber was a good looking woman, just the type of chick you’d expect a football jock to score.  From a distance I also took in Berk.  He still looked pretty good.  It looked like he lost some of his bulky mass from high school, though I could tell he was still fit.  I knew he didn’t play after college so he must not’ve spent as much time in the gym anymore.

I paid special attention to Kimber as Berk introduced her to his former jock bros.  I could tell that he was more than proud of his arm candy, but it looked like that’s how he treated her.  Even from across the room I could tell that she quickly became annoyed with the group of men.  More than likely some sexist, racist and homophobic jokes were being spouted as the big lugs guffawed and drank their beer.  Soon she peeled her arms away from Berk and started to walk away.  He leaned in to kiss her cheek and I could see the look of annoyance on her face as she subtly leaned away as his lips connected.  Bingo!

Now it was time to make my way over.  I smile as approached the jocks, five of them huddled together.  They spot me and open their circle as I approach.  I grin as I realize I outsize all of them easily in mass and height.  The tallest, Billy Portman, greets me warmly while the others looked at me nervously.   They are intimidated…I loved it.

“Hey there, bro!  Billy Portman.  I gotta say man, you are one BIG dude!  I’m going to have to compare my lifting routine with yours!  You got some major pythons there.”  Ha!  Jock stereotypes never fail.  He continues, “So what lady brought you along…Skip, is it?”  He glances at the nametag plastered against my pecs.  “You the boyfriend?  Husband?”

I stand there silently just long enough to make them feel awkward.  I take them all in, former football and basketball players.  I remember Billy being listed as the starting 6’5 center on the basketball team and how now I easily had a couple of inches on him.  The others were still handsome and fit…but so much SMALLER than I remember.  Including Berk!  I now towered over my former tormentor by several inches.  The biggest guy in the group, the former center on our football team, still had some decent bulk.  I’d guess he was 6’1 and 250 but looked like he indulged often in beer and burgers as his gut and his face were rounder than I remember.  I went around the small circle and looked each one of them in the eyes…DOWN into their eyes with my piercing gaze, before I addressed them.

“Billy!  Dude, you don’t remember me?  I’m not here with anyone.  It’s me, Skip!”  Billy nervously looks at me and others, who all convey theyir own confusion.  “Oh! I suppose I forgot.  I guess I look a little different now.  What was the name you used to call me?  Oh yeah…Scrawny Skip!”  I let the bombshell settle in over the group.  Some of the guys catch on quicker.  I turn and look directly at Berk.  “Surely you remember, Berk!  I believe you coined that nickname…right after you outted me as gay our freshman year.”

Berk’s look was priceless.  Total deer in headlights.  It took all I had not to bust out laughing.  He and the other guys fidgeted awkwardly in my presence.  I could see the nervousness…and fear, in their eyes.  I was the predator and they knew they were my prey.

I kept my smirking gaze on Berk and he finally responds.  “Um…erm…yeah good to see you again Skip.”

I puff up my chest and place my hands on my hips and flare my lats, “Don’t you mean ‘Scrawny Skip’”, Berky Boy?”  

His eyes go wide at his newly christened nickname.  God, this was fun.

“Um, Hey man, I’m going to go grab a drink and we can catch up more later.”

Oh my god!  Big bad Berk was totally scampering away with his tail between his legs.  This was too perfect.  I relish the sense of power.  “He must be thirsty.” I joke and turned back to the other guys.

Billy was the only one to speak again, “Wow, man you really changed after high school, didn’t you!  I’ve never seen anyone have a growth spurt like you did.”  

I smile at Billy.  Truthfully I didn’t have anything against him.  While he never joined in with Berk’s shenanigans against me he never defended me either, though practically nobody did.  And I never saw him bully anyone else so he was OK in my book.  The other three goons in the group, though, fully went with Berk and as Billy and I chatted they too slinked away.  Pussies.  As I watch the former jock studs run away from the new alpha giant I wonde where the heck Len is?  Had I scared him away too?  The thought filled me with powerful confidence.

Billy blabbered on, “You were like 5’6?  5’7, in high school?  And you really packed on the muscles, you must do powerlifting or bodybuilding or something.  Your arms are like Arnold’s, shit dude!”

“Bigger than Arnold’s were, actually.  And yeah I bodybuild.”  Billy whistles and shakes his head as he openly takes in the rest of my physique.  I enjoy his praise.  “And yeah I was about 5’8 at graduation.  Six five now.”

“Wow, no shit!  That’s as tall as me, man!  Insane.”

I smirk, “Actually, it kinda looks like I’m taller than you, buddy!  You must’ve been over-inflating your listed basketball height…or maybe you shrank in college!  HAHA!”  I laugh and step right up to Billy.  He sucks in his breath as it becomes clear I am taller than him, maybe even by 2-3 inches due to my thick shoes.  I chuckle as it sets in that he clearly is not the tallest man at the reunion, his status taking a hit from the new height king here.

“But you look good Billy, it was good talking to you, buddy!”  I slap him on the back and he lurches forward, catching his balance before falling over.  Man, basketball players sure are skinny, I hardly put any effort into that swing!  “Woah, sorry man.  Sometimes a BIG TALL man like me doesn’t known his own strength.”

I move away from Billy and spot Berk near the refreshments…along with Len!  Well look who decided to show up.  I could see Len talking frantically with Berk.  I turn myself so I wasn’t facing them but watching them out the side of my eyes.  I assume that Len is telling Berk about my conquest of his mother last night and that he should probably watch out.

Len is right.  Berk SHOULD watch out.


Slightly started, I turn and look down to my left and see a good looking woman smiling up at me.  Kimber.  Oh this was just happening too perfectly.  She was removing one of the steps of my plan.  

“Hi there, I’m Skip, one of the classmates.”

“I’m Kimber.  I came with Berk Callum.”  I note that she said ‘came with’ and not ‘I’m married to.’  I glance at her finger and her wedding ring was nowhere to be found.  Come to papa!

I lay on my patented charm, “That makes sense, I surely would’ve recognized someone as beautiful as you.”  She looks down and smiles, clearly flustered.  “So how are things with Berk?  He was quite the stud in high school.”

“Oh…Ok.  Well if I’m being honest things have been better, but I suppose that's marriage.  And trust me, I’ve heard his stories.  The next time he tells me the story of how he made the game winning interception against Southeast High I may puke.”  I laugh.  “You must’ve been on the football team too, were you close with Berk?”

“No, actually, I wasn’t on any sports teams.”  She looks at me surprised.  “I know, most people assume that due to my size.  I’m very big.”

She grins and places her tiny hand on my rippling forearm.  Forearms that are bigger than most mens’ biceps.  “Yes…yes you certainly are.”

“Do you like big men?”

She grins seductively up at me.  I look over her long, lithe feminine form.  She is fairly tall at 5’9 or 5’10, probably a former volleyball player in high school.  “The bigger the better,” she coos.

“Berk is a pretty big guy.”

She rolls her eyes, “Well, he was.  Enough about Berk, I don’t know how much that relationship is going to last, if I’m being honest.  I’m looking for an upgrade.”  She then looks around to make sure no one can see her hands before reaching down and squeezing my crotch.  Damn, this girl wanted the D and she wanted it bad!  She gasps as she feels my member.   “Oh my god if that isn’t and UPGRADE I don’t know what is.  Care to get out of here?”

We make our way to the hallway.  As I round the corner I quickly glance over and spot Berk looking my way.  I smile as I lead Kimber down the hallway to the boys locker room.   Once inside Kimber actually leaps up into my arms.  Of course I catch her, I’m fucking strong after all.  She wraps her legs around my tight waist and practically sucks the tongue out of my mouth.  I carry her around a bit as we make out, checking myself out in the wall mirror, admiring how HUGE I look with her in my arms.


I smile as I heard the words.  Right on time.  I gently let Kimber down and turn to see a steaming Berk.  He rushed at me and swings his arm toward my face.  Using my lightning quick reactions, oh yeah I’m fast as hell for such a thickly muscled guy, I caught his arm midair, stopping him.

“Calm down, little man.”  Berk seethes even more.  With his arm in my grip he swings his leg up and kicks my thigh.   “Heh!  Berk, buddy, I barely felt that little baby kick.  You can’t hurt me, I’m too BIG AND STRONG.  So you better calm down before you hurt yourself.”  

Berk goes into a rage, writhing and screaming in my grip, like a toddler.  Even Kimber look surprised.  I let him thrash around a bit hoping he’ll calm down but I grow impatient at his tantrum.  I whip around behind him and wrap my arm around his neck and bend him over, putting him in a headlock.  

“Since you won’t calm down I will calm you down.”  I flex my huge biceps against his neck, restricting his airway.  “That’s it, feel my massive muscular arms choke you down, pipsqueak.”  Kimber looks at me worried and afraid.  “Don’t worry, Kimber.  I’ve done this before, he’ll be fine.”  Berk's little hands beat against my arms but it is  useless and eventually he slumps down into a slumber.

I gently lay him down then walk over to the equipment cage and grab a jumprope.  I pulled over a folding chair, set Berk in it and using the jumprope, bind him to the chair with his hands behind his back.  Kimber retrieves a small cup of water from the bathroom and I throw it in his face.  Berk jumps awake instantly, collected his bearings and thrashes around realizing his situation.

“What the fuck, man!  Untie me you creep!”  

“Berky Boy, as soon as you calm down I’ll untie you.  Kimber and I were just having a little fun.”  I then reach over and pull Kimber against me, again kissing her in front of Berk, who rages.  “Your wife told me she likes BIG men.  They don’t come much BIGGER than me, don’t you think, Berk?  You wouldn’t want to deny your wife a chance to have some fun with a huge, tall, bodybuilder would you?”

Kimber moans into my arms, getting weirdly into the scene.  She then speaks up.

“C’mon baby.  We’ve done this before anyways.  Why don’t you calm down and we can all three have some fun.”  I hear a record scratch in my mind…I look at Kimber, shocked.  They’d done this before?  A threesome with another guy?  Kimber smiles as she notes the look on my face.  “Oh yeah, Berk has this kink.  He likes to watch me fuck bigger guys.  I forget the term he uses.”

“OH MY GOD!”  I shouted and laughed.  “BERK IS A CUCK!” 

“That’s it!” she giggled.

“Well, that is interesting…and perfect.”  

I look at Berk in his chair and saunter over, towering above him.  His face is red with embarrassment and shame.  I reach down and untuck my polo, and slowly pull it up and over my torso.  It takes some effort because it’s so freaking tight.  Berk gasps as my torso is reveals.  Kimber squeals and rushes over, using her tiny hands to feel up my tremendous body.

“Oh my god, Berk.  Look at him, he’s so HUGE!  His chest is so much bigger than yours and his abs are so hot!”

“Don’t forget about my arms, Kimber.”  I bring them up and flex.

 “SQUEEE!  OH!  They are so huge, my tiny hands can’t dent them at all!”  

 I pick her up again, this time by her tight butt.  We make out as her hands ravage my muscles.  I can feel myself getting a boner enjoying the worship and domination of my former tormenter.  Kimber pushes away and I set her down.  She then turns and sits on Berk’s lap and kisses him.  He reluctantly kisses back.  She giggles, “Oh I can feel in your pants that you are liking the scene!”  

I boom out in laughter.  Berk pulls away and pleads, “Please Kimber…not with him.  Anyone but him.”  Kimber probably thinks that Berk is playing along, though I know the truth.  He doesn’t want me, a ‘faggot’ in his own words, to own him or his wife in any way.


Kimber smiles and gropes Berk’s crotch.  He sucks in air and tries to fight his arousal but fails.  I remove my shoes and undo my belt and step over next to them both.  Kimber turns and pulls down my pants and I step out of them, leaving me BULGING out of some stylish square cut briefs.

“Oh WOW!” Kimber moans as one small hand gropes my own bulge, the other still working on Berk’s.  “Oh Berk, he’s already soooo much bigger than you down there too!”  

I play along.  “You like that Kimber?  You like big guys, huh.  Big all over?”

“Oh yeah!  Tall, muscular, hung, I want it all!  I’m a tall girl myself so I like ‘em BIG.”

I chuckle and see the scale and stadiometer against the locker room wall just a few feet away.  I look directly at Berk.  “And how big is Berk here?”

Berk glares at me and remains quiet.  Kimber massages his boner through his pants and kisses him sensually.  “Tell him, baby.  Tell him your stats.”

“Five…five foot eleven and 196 lbs.”  

I chuckle, “Weren’t you like 215 in high school?  You’ve shrunk, little man!  Let’s see how big I AM.  Kimber, wanna help?”

She squeals in excitement and gets off Berk.  I use my strength to turn Berk toward the wall and step onto the scale and stadiometer.  With me facing away, Kimber takes a moment to cup and feel my huge glute muscles, which I happily tighten for her, leaving her giggling and moaning some more.  She adjusts the height stick until it rests against my crown.

She screams, “You’re six foot SIX!  Oh my gosh you are so tall!” 

I turn and look at Berk, stepping over and stradling him with my LONG, THICK, legs.  “Check that out, runt.  I’ve got over HALF A FOOT on you!  Here I thought I was ONLY six five, turns out I had another inch in me!  HAHAHA!  Fuck yes!  You used to tease me for being short and scrawny in high school, now I DWARF YOU!  No wonder you looked so fucking shrimpy at the banquet!”  Berk looks up at me, past my huge pecs, in shock and awe.  I was so much different than he remembered, when he used to be three inches taller than me.  “Now let’s check my weight.”

I step back on the scale and Kimber adjusts the sliding weight.  Past the 200…past the 250…she moans as it passes the 300 mark!  She then moves to the smaller weight…until she balances the scale.

“You’re 311 lbs!”  

I step off the scale beaming and turn to face Berk and Kimber.  I growl and launch into my posing routine.  Kimber feels every muscle as I flex, cooing in delight.  She gropes my bulge feeling it grow as well.  Berk looks on, grumpy and annoyed, but I can still see the bulge in his own trousers, betraying his own arousal as his wife fools around with the sexiest man he’s ever seen…even if that man is a faggot.

 Kimber kisses down my abs and gets down on her knees.  She slowly pulls down my briefs revealing my massive schlong.  She moans and stares at if for a few seconds.  Her dainty hands grab it and it makes me feel bigger than ever.  Compared to my own monster hands grabbing my dick, her small hands make it look even BIGGER!  She kisses my cut tip and begins to lick all around the head while pumping the long shaft.  Her other hand reaches under and cups my egg-sized balls.  One at a time of course since that is all that can fit in her hand.  She proceeds to give me a fairly good blowjob.  I’ve had better from the few dudes who can deepthroat me but I can’t deny I’m rock hard and seeing stars.  She's talented!

I look at Berk and address him, “Oh fuck, dude.  Your wife’s mouth feels great on my huge cock.  Look at her, worshiping it.  Its size and thickness…  I’m going to love fucking her tight pussy with it!”


Kimber pulls herself off me and turns around smiles at Berk.  “Tell you what honey, if you aren’t into this we’ll stop.”  She then reaches down and feels his crotch.  “Oop!  I can still feel a boner down there, looks like you really do like it you CUCK!”  She fondles his crotch and he throws his head back and moans.  Kimber then unzips him and fishes his dick out and it springs up.  

I laugh. “THAT’S IT?  HAHA I expected more from you, Berky Boy.”  It wasn’t small, but no better than average.  “With all the big dick energy you had in high school you certainly aren’t backing up that energy in real life!”  I jack my own huge dick as Kimber jerks his.  “Kimber, we forgot one important stat.”  I grab a tape measure off the desk by the stadiometer and hand it to her.  She giggles and measures her beau.

“Five and three quarters,” she says.  I then step over and direct her to measure me.  She places the tape against my pubes and runs it over the top.  “WOW!  Just a sliver over NINE inches!”

My cock pulses as she reveals the numbers as I swell with pride.  “Check that out, Berky Boy.  I’ve got SEVEN inches of height on you, over ONE HUNDRED pounds of muscle, and over THREE inches of COCK!”  Kimber grinds herself against me, kissing me and fondling my cock.  “And now I’m going to FUCK your wife with this battering ram!”

Berk now looks scared as he whimpers.  He’s clearly fighting his humiliation and arousal…or perhaps embracing them.  Whatever it is I don’t fucking care.  Kimber bends over on one of the locker benches and I fish out a rubber from my pants pocket.  I look at Berk with his cock sticking up out of his pants he looks at me with fire in his eyes.  Rage and lust colliding in his head.

I smirk, “I’ve got on more idea!”  I walk over to the desk, my big cock bobbing as I go.  I grab the tape measure and a magic marker.  I laugh when I finish and walk back to Kimber who is eagerly presenting herself to me.  I beam at Berk and Kimber looking over her shoulder to me.  “See this black mark on my cock, Berky Boy?  The one that stops WAY short of my pubes?  That’s where my cock would stop if I had your pathetic little cuck dick.”  Berk whimpers.  He now has a visual of just how much BIGGER I am then him.  “At first I’m only going to fuck your wife with your inferior length.”  

I slide the rubber on and slowly impale myself into Kimber.  She screams as my head pops in.  “EASY!  CAREFUL BIG MAN!” she says.

“Sorry, Kimber.  HAHA.  Oh yeah, I forgot I’m A LOT thicker than you too, Berk.  Gotta let your wife stretch out for a MAN-SIZED cock.”  I slowly slide in…just to the black mark under the rubber, then retreat.  Kimber is moaning in pleasure, I can see her tight body shudder and tremble as I slowly fuck her.  “Feel good, Kimber?”

“Oh yeah, BIG MAN.  You are so big, stretching my pussy out so much.”

“Ok, well now that you've felt Berk's length, how about I introduce you to the rest of my cock!”  I slowly push past the black mark.

Kimber immediately reacts to the invasion.  I go slow, I don’t want to hurt her…maybe just slightly ruin her for Berk.  I smile wickedly to myself and look over at Berk.  He has a glassy look in his eyes as he looks at my huge dick sliding into his wife.

“JUUUUST A BIT MORE...” I groan, my muscles now have a nice sheen of sweat, making me glow with power.  Berk looks at me and I bounce my pecs as I finally feel my balls against her legs.  To add to the show I flex one 23-inch arm and wink at him.  “FUCK KIMBER, you’re tight!  HAHA BERK, I must be in virgin territory with her!”

She moans and responds, “UGHHHHH you are, Skip!  No one has ever fucked me so deep!  And you're so thick, UGHHH!  You like that Berk?  See how his huge cock and his huge body is fucking me like you can't!”  I fuck with all my nine inches until she groans, shudders and shakes, orgasming.  

I’m not done though.  Once she’s finished I fuck her again, this time picking her up so Berk see my power and strength.  After a few minutes of circling and teasing Berk I feel the end coming.  Feeling the pump in my arms from holding her up, along with her tightness massaging my thickness and Berk’s total humiliation finally sets me off and I explode with deep masculine roar.  I pump so much batter into her I hope that the rubber has survived…  Or do I, I wickedly think.  I lift Kimber off me and rest her on a bench.  The rubber survives but is overstuffed with white jizz.  I look down at Berk and laugh.  His head is back his chest is heaving from breathing heavily.  He’s blown his own load watching us!

 “HAHA BERK!  You just blew hands free from watching a huge gay muscle stud own your wife!”

 Kimber quietly asks, surprised, “Wait, you’re gay?”   

I peel off the condom, tie it and set it on Berk's spent lap, letting him feel the weight of the it’s contents.  Like the other comparisons I have obviously unloaded a lot more jizz than him with my bigger nuts.  He looks at me in disgust and I pat him on cheek.

 I get dressed and walk toward the door before looking back at Berk and his still recovering wife.

 “Not bad for a faggot, eh Berky Boy?”

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Incredibly well done!! I felt like I was there watching it all — always love your little details that make the story so much richer.  Making Berk a cuck is literally perfect!

Not often into revenue-type stories, but I have to say this was very satisfying. Glad to see Berk and Len get the revenge they earned! 

Thank you for doing this & well done!!

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That. Was. AWESOME!  Any chance of continuing the Tales of Skip? You have the revenge and domination scenes down so good, it would be a shame to not continue this out a few more chapters! Well done, as usual, Dredlifter!

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Guess we were on the same wave length of a post-high school transformation! I went the love route, while you focused more on the revenge and power that muscles can provide. Overall, it worked well with a lot of sexy description!

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