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July 24th - The camera adds ten pounds.


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Big fan of everyone using summer themes! Really creative idea that puts a spin on the expected transformations, and hot language on top of that. Great work!

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Wow, I really enjoyed that a lot! The scenes are written so well, the interaction between characters is fun and the description of growth really makes me want to read more. Thank you for sharing this, I love it and hope you will be motivated to continue with it!

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HOLY CRAP! That was amazingly well written! I usually like to see the douchey older step-brother get taken down a notch or two (or TEN!) but I have to admit the scene describing him beginning what is obviously going to be and out of control growth (only HALF  the pics had developed?! F_CK!) had me, umm... "going"... if ya get my meaning!

Hope you continue this, man! It's really GREAT!!!!

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