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Me and Ryan


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Good idea @Fitzzy!



Ryan Deakin.jpg


There I was, my senior year, at the state wrestling tournament, being held down like a little bitch. I knew I was at the bottom of my weight class, but damn! This guy was seriously jacked! Ryan Deakin was my opponent and he was HUGE. Neither of us were very tall I'd say, but what he lacked in height he made up for in muscle. Ryan had to be at the top of our weight class, 195 lbs. Fuck! I don't even know how he came in under that! Dude looks well over 200... Oh wait, I know how he came in under, by cutting like a fucking masochist, and it showed. Dud was seriously shredded, like I could see every little muscle fiber in his forearms twitching, quads veiny and separated. I stared up at his pecs and they were monstrous, not like puffy and voluminous, but dense thick and striated. He just straight up overpowered me for the entire match, not to mention the fact that I was a bit distracted...

I had never really had a problem wearing a singlet. I mean, those things are pretty revealing, but it never bothered me. And of course my biggest worry being gay is that I would pop a boner at a tournament or something. No hiding in one of those! But somehow despite all the sweaty, muscular, bulging young jocks surrounding me it was never a problem. I think it has to do with the sport of it. I mean, I've been training to go into battle, and at a tournament, or in a match my adrenaline is through the roof and hot guys are the last thing on my mind. And I really liked wrestling as a sport. It's an awesome outlet for my competitiveness and an outlet for all of my frustration. So for all four years of high school wrestling, I've never gotten wood at practice or at a tournament... until now. 

Back to our match... so Ryan's pinning me down and I can smell the musk from his crotch. I get glimpses of rippling sinew as I struggle, but he's got me. I'm so turned on my his smell, by his strength, his bodybuilder muscles, his cute smirks, I feel the swelling in my crotch slowly turn into a raging hardon. I'm laying on the ground as the match is called and I can feel my throbbing cock pushing between my abs and the ground, pinned up against my stomach. I'm pretty average down there in length, but actually kinda thick, and I've got some big swollen bull balls too. I'm concentrating on trying to get my boner to subside as we get up, but I'm really the hardest I've ever been. We're standing up now, the match is over, and I don't look down. Don't want to attract attention to myself. I look over at Ryan, however, and he staring right at my crotch with that winning smirk. I see him, he sees me, and he laughs, "Wow, you're pretty big down there... looser," he smiles and walks away. His boulder-size glutes flexing and dancing as he saunters away. Fuck! I'm like fighting off the precum

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Just some ideas to continue...


-Some side stories on the narrator's gay sexual conquests at his high school. Being a state-level wrestler, he's pretty muscular himself. And being openly gay, this basically makes him the Adonis muscle-god of his own school. 


-The narrator finds Ryan on social media and sees all of his shirtless flexing pics showing off his incredible ripped body (insert masturbation session here). Oh fuck! He's got a girlfriend! He thought maybe from the comment after the match that there might be a chance or something. He reaches out to Ryan anyway looking for a hookup. Ryan responds enthusiastically and they fuck. Ryan eventually dumps his girlfriend because he realizes that he's gay. Ryan and the narrator develop a relationship? or maybe just remain fuck buddies?


-Ryan and the narrator workout together (and fuck too duh) the summer after their senior year before going to college. They even do a small 'roid cycle and get super jacked. Ryan shows the narrator his tricks for extreme cutting and getting crazy conditioned. 


-Narrator and Ryan love hanging out at the neighborhood pool. Of course they get attention from their bodybuilder-like physiques from all sorts of people, girls their age, older women, and the closeted gay dads who can only stare for too long before being obvious. Ryan has a great idea and gets them some speedos. The pool manager and guards try to kick them out for being obscene, but there's something in the pool's bylaws about being able to wear a speedo (presumably for lap swimming or something). The narrator thought it would be funny to take advantage of the speedo rule, and buys them some super skimpy bikini briefs (Marcus or Aronik or something). They look like a couple of 18 y/o swimwear muscle models hanging around the pool all summer long. Of course, this attract any and all ages/types of gay guy in the neighborhood. Ryan and the narrator have epic threesomes all summer long tag-teaming their admirers.

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What if Ryan and the narrator met for a rematch after words as a crappy excuse for a date, and as the match goes, the narrator gets hard again...but so does Ryan. Ryan gets more and more sexual as the match progresses, showing off his muscles, choking with his bicep, bear hugging the narrator. Until eventually, once the narrator is tired and leaking, Ryan strips them and they start fucking on the gym floor all throughout the night.

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