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A Different Kind of Muscle God (Chapter 15 added 1 Dec 2020, The End)


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1 hour ago, msclrough said:

For those of you who have interacted with me, this story is a departure from my usual fare. I had an idea a few years ago and have been tinkering with it on and off for a while. The following will be fairly long, but hopefully a different take on the term "Muscle God" will be refreshing. This story is dedicated to the little guys that love making big guys feel big.


Chapter One: Work Plans

Travis was just about to turn off his computer when he saw he had a message from his boss, Jeff, to come see him right away. The message was brief and didn’t include anything alarming, but asking to see Travis at the end of the work day was unusual. Travis stood up tall and stretched his thick arms up over his head. He really needed to stretch more while working, he thought to himself; his muscles always got tight while sitting in front of his work computer all day. After loosening his tight back, Travis lumbered down the hall to his boss’s office where Jeff was finishing up a phone call. Jeff waved to Travis for him to come in and wait. Travis complied and entered the large office and sat himself down in one of the chairs in front of his boss’s desk. The chair was small for Travis’s large body, but the employee wasn’t one to complain. Jeff was the type of man that liked the way the chairs looked in his fancy office and never sat in them himself. As uncomfortable as the small chairs were, they at least made Travis feel big. The thought made the big man smile

“Yes. Next week.” Jeff spoke charmingly into his phone. “Mmm hmm. uh huh. It is short notice, but we can send someone next week. Uh huh. Uh huh. Very good. Travis Hawley. Yes, that’s him. You know him. Uh huh. Good to hear. Okay. Goodbye.” Travis looked at his boss quizzically at the mention of his name.

“Travis!” Jeff smiled at the big man. ‘How’d you like to go to Cleveland next week?”

Travis did not possess anything resembling a poker face. Instead the big man frowned silently as his boss continued.

“Travis, this will be good for you. You’re doing well here, and meeting clients face-to-face will be a good step for your career here. You do great work, but the clients don’t really know you because they haven’t met you. Here’s your chance.” Jeff looked at the frowning man and did his best to hide his own doubts. Where Travis had no poker face, Jeff could sell anything and convince people on the most improbable lies. Jeff needed Travis to go to Ohio. No one else was available — but looking at the big grump in his office stirred up additional worries. Travis was not his most charismatic team member.

“How long?” Travis grumbled with his deep baritone voice.

“Just a week.” Jeff spoke smoothly as Travis sighed with resignation. “You’ll fly to Ohio, get a nice hotel and work with the clients for a week. That’s it.” Jeff stood up and walked around closer to Travis and half sat on the edge of his desk.

Travis briefly wondered if his boss was trying to intimidate him. Travis was a big guy, and Jeff… wasn’t. Travis realized Jeff wasn’t trying to look bigger, but to look approachable and on Travis’s side.

“Working directly with clients is a great opportunity for you Trav.” Jeff settled into a groove. “Good feedback from the clients will reflect well on you and give the higher ups reasons to promote you. No one likes to travel, but it’s part of the job.”

“But a whole week?” Travis sounded more angry than he intended, but Jeff was unfazed. Travis looked like a bruiser, but his boss knew the big guy wouldn’t hurt anyone. Nevertheless, Travis’s gruff voice reminded Jeff of a few potential pitfalls.

Jeff was a shrewd boss who knew how to get the most out of his staff. The break room was stocked with dozens of different kinds of coffees and tea for his caffeine addicted staff members. He even made sure there were chocolate bars in the break room so those looking for an afternoon shot of sugar could get their fix without any trouble. Jeff wasn’t exactly a pusher, but he was perfectly willing to feed the legal addictions of his staff. The exception was Travis who never drank coffee or tea, and if he ever snacked on a chocolate bar the rest of the office would probably assume the end of the world was imminent. Travis’s addiction was the gym, and Jeff learned a few years ago that as long has he never scheduled Travis for an early morning meeting that cut into gym time, all would be okay. Jeff recalled the last time Travis skipped a morning workout to get to work early instead. Grumpy Travis combined with his less than charming outward appearance terrified the rest of the staff. Unfortunately, they happened to have a new hire that day who retreated to Jeff’s office petrified of the big man. George admitted that Travis hadn’t actually threatened him or yelled at him, but just the look of Travis and his scowl had George a nervous wreck. After the ‘George-Incident,’ Jeff made sure Travis never had early morning appointments so the big guy wouldn’t have to skip his morning workout. From then on, while everyone else got caffeine and sugar as needed, Travis got his early mornings free for lifting.

“A little travel will do you good.” Jeff was in full sales mode. “You know what? When Chris gets you your travel details, I want you to look up a local gym by your hotel. I know a shitty hotel gym won’t cut it for you. Buy yourself day passes or a week pass, hell, buy a whole month if you have to, and put it on your expenses.”

“Really?” Travis’s expression lightened considerably.

“Look Trav. I know you. I know you’re a great guy that wouldn’t hurt anyone. But let’s face it, when you skip your workout, you get… um… intense.” Jeff smiled at Travis to keep the big man placated. “The clients will learn you’re a great guy too, but when you first meet them… it would be better if you were at your most relaxed. Make sure you get your morning workout in.” Jeff stood up and walked back to his desk seat.

As Travis got up to leave Jeff’s office, Jeff added, “Oh, and try to smile more.” Travis frowned at Jeff with look that if Jeff didn’t know better said Jeff had less than 10 seconds to live. “Yeah, not like that,” Jeff commented with a smile.

The big man forced a smile and left his boss’s office.

Travis knew his boss meant well, and the ‘less than handsome’ look of his face wasn’t news to Travis in the least. In fact, the big guy was painfully aware of how his rough features and crooked nose turned people off. And while no one would insult him directly, Travis overheard comments like “From the neck down he’s hot, but…” all the time. He figured the only reason no one said these things to him directly was the 250 pounds of muscle connected to his unsightly face.

That night he looked at himself in his bathroom mirror and practiced smiling. He had to admit, he did look better when he smiled.


Chapter Two: The Flight

Travis dreaded his flight to Cleveland. Not because he was scared of flying or even the annoying Cleveland part, but because he knew he would not be comfortable in the tiny airplane seats. Where his boss, Jeff, was generous in many ways, paying for upgraded seats on flights was not one of them. While Travis was the tallest and biggest in the office, plenty of other guys had complained about not getting business class seats on flights to no avail. There was no way Jeff was going to give Travis an exception when he had been denying others for years. At least he had an aisle seat.

Travis looked sharp in his dress shirt, suit and slacks. His business clothing softened his rough features and made him look less like a ruffian and more civilized. He edged his way towards his seat, being careful not to slam his bag into the passengers already seated as he made his way down the airplane aisle. As he reached his seat he saw the middle seat was already occupied by a smaller gentleman reading a book. As Travis loaded his bag into the overhead bin and moved to settle into his seat, the guy in the middle seat looked up at him and grumbled, “You gotta be kidding me.”

The bigger man tried to ignore the comment and pretend he didn’t hear it, but his face turned red with embarrassment. Travis’s pale complexion made hiding his feelings practically impossible. The seating for Travis was cramped and uncomfortable, especially with his height and wide build, but he did his best to not jam his knees into the seat in front of him, both for the sake of his knees and the woman seated there. He also leaned forward so his shoulder wouldn’t squish into the small, rude stranger. As much as he was looking forward to getting home at the end of the week, Travis was not looking forward to the return flight where he would have to do this ordeal again. Travis sat as still as he could, hunched forward, and prayed that there would be no delays and the uncomfortable torture would be over soon.

A few minutes later another passenger arrived to take the window seat, which Travis had neglected to notice was empty. Travis was about to un-wedge himself out of his seat when the man next to him loudly proclaimed, “Oh Hell No,” and jammed his finger into the call button above their heads. Travis looked at the man next to him with confusion, then turned to look at the other passenger and realized why the man was so irate.

Standing in the aisle with a duffel bag over his shoulder was the biggest and thickest man Travis had ever seen in person. The guy looked like he didn’t have an ounce of fat on him but was still bigger than anyone else on the plane by far, including Travis. The tight t-shirt and shorts he was wearing couldn’t hide any bit of the solid muscle the guy was carrying. Not only did he look much thicker than Travis, he looked taller too. The man’s height, wide shoulders and thick muscle outclassed Travis in every way. When not at a gym, it was rare for Travis to encounter a guy bigger and more muscled than his 250 pounds, even in New York. The stranger had it all, causing a twinge of jealousy to ripple through Travis, and when he saw the man’s handsome face, that jealousy blossomed to full blown envy. The man had perfectly styled blond hair and a youthful but masculine handsomeness. He had a face that, unlike Travis’s own rough look, everyone would adore. His strong chin fit perfectly with his hulking frame. Travis was smitten as well as envious of the big guy.

As a flight attendant made her way to their row, the man in the middle seat started shouting at her, “You can’t expect me to sit between these two!”

She looked at the muscled man standing in the aisle, then looked at Travis hunched over in his seat trying not to take up as much room as his body demanded, “Uh, no, I guess not. Sir, could you come with me, I think we have an empty seat further in the back.” She addressed the smaller man in the middle seat.

“Why should I have to move?” he demanded.

“You just asked me to move you, Sir. You do not have to change seats if you don’t want to,” she replied with a hint of annoyance.

“You should move them,” he sneered at Travis and the other muscle man.

“You can ask to be reseated, Sir, but you can’t demand that we reseat other passengers” the flight attendant explained with remarkable patience.

“Fine. I’ll move” he conceded.

Travis wordlessly got up and exchanged looks with the muscle man still standing in the aisle waiting for the seat situation to resolve. When Travis made eye contact with the muscle man he received a wink and a nod of approval. Travis felt unusually elated and smiled in response, and Travis was not one to smile often.

Once the middle seat guy had scampered off, Travis backed up to allow the muscle beast access to his window seat before resettling into his own aisle seat. The situation was much improved. With the middle seat empty, Travis could sit back and let his arm and shoulder spill over into the middle seat space. Looking at the other guy, he saw he was doing the same. There was only about 9 inches between their shoulders.

“I’m Matt” the muscle guy introduced himself and awkwardly turned to offer his right hand to shake, then chuckled at the absurdity of their tight quarters. Realizing that Travis would have no room to turn his body to meet right hand to right hand, Matt closed his right hand into a fist bump.

“Travis” Travis replied as he reached his left fist across his body to meet Matt’s fist.

“Could be worse, we could be flying cross country” Matt joked.

Travis smiled again, he was finding it easy to smile today. “Is Cleveland really much better?”

“Hey!” Matt replied with mock offense.

“Oh sorry.” Travis turned red.

“No worries. Cleveland isn’t New York, that’s for sure, but it’s Home.” Matt smiled at Travis, and Travis wondered if he had ever been so attracted to anyone before.

“Its my first time to Cleveland. Work trip.” Travis explained. “I’m staying at the Cleveland Grand. Do you know it?”

“Sure. I know it.” Matt replied.

“Do you know of a good gym in that area? I’d like to get some lifting in this week. You know how skipping lifts can be.” Travis said with an eagerness that he could not manage to contain.

“Yeah, I know where you should lift.” Matt pulled out his duffel bag and rummaged through the contents, pulling out a crumpled business card for a gym. “The gym I lift at is in your area.”

Travis took the beat up card and cheerfully offered his thanks. “When do you usually workout? I’m going to go early, before my work assignment.”

“I work out early hours too.” Matt lied. “Maybe I’ll see you there. 6AM?” Matt suppressed a cringe as he stated the obscenely early hour.

“Yeah. Awesome.” Travis was elated.

The two muscle-heads chatted the entire flight, talking about lifting and comparing notes. Travis shared a little bit about his history, starting to lift in college and sticking to it. “Six feet one inch and 250 pounds,” Travis found himself proudly proclaiming, even though he knew Matt was considerably bigger. “And you?” he added as he simply needed to know just how big, ‘big’ could be.

“290.” Matt replied coolly, trying not to be boastful. “Six foot three.”, he added.

“Damn, it’s hard enough packing on size at 6’1”. I can’t imagine how you got so thick at your height.” Travis was talking more freely than usual, and as he finished his sentence he blushed a bit more as he realized that he probably did know how Matt got so big. He didn’t care if Matt used steroids. It wasn’t something Travis did, but he didn’t object to what others did to grow. And to be honest, Travis was considering making the leap himself. Looking at Matt, he could see the appeal of steroids up close.

“Yeah, it can be hard.” Matt downplayed what Travis had said. “But I got there, right?” Matt smiled with a bit of unease.

Travis felt terrible. He wanted to say he was cool with it, but he also didn’t want to broach the subject explicitly. “So another early bird like me.” Travis changed the subject. “I love lifting first thing in the morning. It seems weird, but it gets me energized for the rest of the day… after the initial exhaustion.”

The two continued to talk and settled back into easy going conversation. Travis avoided anything that might imply or lead to a discussion on steroids, and Matt’s outgoing personality came roaring back to the fore.

Once they landed and deplaned, Travis said goodbye to his new friend and felt a flutter in his stomach as he thought about seeing him again the next morning.

love where this is headed 

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