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Author's note: So basically I wrote a little story about the incredible hulk told in a first person perspective. Just the typical growth thing. I posted it to the discord and one of the Mods encouraged me to post it to the forum as well, so here it is.



We were both working late at night in the lab. It was storming out and rain could be heard outside. I was a medical researcher and pseudo nurse for our government funded agency and you were another research working with certain chemicals to make a super soldier. Although we were paid well, we were still on overtime and having a coffee break over our rut with the new chemicals. During coffee we chatted about our personal lives and plans. Although we didn't say it, there was a spark and a bit of a mutual crush going on. You accidentally spilled fresh hot coffee on yourself, because of our ramping exciting banter. I help dress the burn wound on your hand and we lock eyes with each other. A bull necked general comes in and barks that its time to get back to work. We begrudgingly get back to our stations. You are mixing chemicals in a flask, while I am doing theory crafting on a white board. The broad shouldered general continues barking down our throats and breathing down our necks. We are short staffed and the only ones here, with him as our supervisor. He tells you to speed it up and shoves you before making his way over to me. Chemicals spill onto where you were burned with coffee. Something about the chemicals, the stressful atmosphere, the coffee even, made you turn. You hunched over and began groaning. Slowly you put on more and more size, you're skin turning jade green. The general backed away slowly his mouth wide open. You legs grew first, calves becoming rock hard and massive diamonds. Your quads and hams beefed up so much that you would put Olympic cyclists to shame. Then your back packed on slabs and slabs of muscle. Your back made you resemble the wideness of a king cobra. Your abs grew in slowly at first. Rising to the slowly to the surface like ice in a vat of water, before exploding to the surface of your skin, shortly followed by your pecs which had the same growth process. They swelled and ballooned which caused you to growl. The last thing that grew was your soon to be might arms. I couldn't measure them with my eyes but they had the general's beat by a landslide. We were both there in awe and terror. You flexed your arms in a most muscular that tore off the remainder of your lab coat with a mighty tearing sound. You looked at the general and growled, rushing him, as he pulled out his gun and fired at you. The bullets made contact with you skin and at first dented it, like a child poking holes into play dough, however the bullets didn't penetrated you skin. I could tell it stung and that made you even more irritated. The general continued firing, but now the bullets didn't even dent your skin because of how dense and thick your muscles were. Thanks to your new height you were upon him immediately; the muscle in your legs and size of your stride made you close the distance incredibly quickly. You ripped the guns from his hand and crushed it in your hand so quickly and easily there was a horrendous sound of screeching metal and heat coming off of the now paper weight sized fire arm. You then picked the general up surprisingly gently into a hug. He whimpered and pleaded for you not to hurt him. You smiled, your eyes with a green blaze. Slowly you increased the pressure of your bear hug, causing him to scream out, but soon his screams were muffled as you crushed him into your chest. You removed your arms and faced me with a satisfied look on your face, he was being slowly dragged, kicking and screaming into your body... merging and feeding your growth. I was overwhelmed but tried to process all that was happening... You locked eyes with me and I was too afraid to look away, however I already had my hand on the exit door. You raised your hand and pointed at the general that was about 25% merged into you and kicking and screaming, albeit muffled. You tensed your body and he couldn't move, and when you relaxed it he was dragged deeper inside of your slowly growing muscles. I looked at the process in horror as you repeated it several times and then had a a satisfied grin on your face. After merging with our supervisor you had a grin akin to someone who had a hearty meal and rubbed your massive hand across your abs and pecs as if to show off that he was gone. You still had smirk on your face as you sauntered over to me, swagger in your step, with your foot steps thundering and crushing the ground beneath them. You didn't roar, you didn't growl, you didn't say anything. You simply crouched down to be at eye level with me. I was afraid I was going to be absorbed next and my heart raced as you were face to face with me. You leaned in and inhaled deeply and then exhaled. Your breath was hot and knocked me back a bit. I winched and you laughed a little. You knew I was completely under your thumb and control so there was no point in trying to intimidate me. You tore off my lab coat and sniffed it, before stuffing it into the pockets of your pants that somehow still survived this entire ordeal (albeit they were now purple). I was confused and then pieced together and asked if you were going to track me. You simply smiled. I reached for my lab coat and began crying. You kept me away gently and shushed me, you brought my hand onto where your coffee burn was and smiled. I fell to me knees. I didn't know how much of my old crush was in there, but enough was there to tell me I was safe. I would have to live knowing a monster was on the loose. You stood up and walked through the door way your head scraping against the 6'9'' frame. I heard your foot steps grow faster and more distant and the screech of gun fire in the distance. I got up and collected my thoughts. I had no idea what to do, but for now I would go home until you inevitability tracked me down.

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Author's Note (AN): I plan on making this a continuing story, so there will be some parts that are of course boring. I would say that this part is to fill in the gaps of what is happening and leave off with a spicy cliff hanger. Part 3 should include more muscle, but I just wanted to get this out there. Thanks for your support!



     About a month had passed since the Hulk incident. Everyone was still on their toes, and as odd as it seemed I was the government's top priority in protection. They had seen the damage that my colleague had caused; the mayhem the Hulk had caused was recorded by the security cameras. Shortly after he had escaped the facility, he went quiet, Banner was laying low. The government had no idea when he would come back out of hiding, but they knew that I was likely one of his targets based on the information they had gathered from the camera footage and my reports. I was therefore to be closely monitored for the protection of myself and those around me. I was placed into a witness protection program of sorts and sent across the country to start over as a nurse in a hospital by a college campus. The government fudged some details and I was essentially a blank slate. I thought I could put this all behind me, but of course nothing in life is that easy. I woke up to get ready for  work and that's when I saw it. The remnants of my lab coat were lining a window pane in my bedroom.

     I took a deep breathe as my heart continued racing. I picked up my phone and attempted to call my overseers and inform them of what happened, but my heart sank as I realized I did not have any reception. Banner was a smart man and now had the body of a god. I knew instantly it was him that was preventing my calls from getting out, and I also knew I couldn't out run him. He managed to track me across the country and now I was essentially a sitting duck. I opened the window and began taking the pieces of my lab coat inside. As soon as I began opening my window, my anxiety raised. I felt two eyes boring into me. I knew I was being watched, but I couldn't quite tell where from and that made it all the worse. After what seemed like a life time, I took a deep breath and called out to my former coworker. "I know you're out there, just knock on the door and we can talk this out like grown adults". I heard no response from my plea, however I felt the intense pressure of Banner or the Hulk's eyes release its tight grip on my body.

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AN: I think you guys are gonna enjoy this chapter a lot. After this part I think I may move the story to focus more on muscle theft and super power absorption. Think, the government finds out the Hulk's location and sends various mutants/super heroes after him. Let me know what you think! :)

PART 3: 

     A few minutes later I heard a knock on my door. I looked through my peep hole to see a man that resembled Bruce Banner, but a bit more broad shouldered. He wore a baggy black hoodie and loose fitting jeans. He had a large backpack with him, presumably filled with all his supplies. I opened the door, but kept the chain on, so I could safely talk to him, although even an average built man could likely break down the flimsy wood with enough force. "What do you want?" I asked from an arm's reach away from the door. He took a deep breath before saying, "Just let me and I will explain everything...". Deep down I knew I didn't have a choice, so I complied with his wishes.

     I allowed him to use my shower and other facilities, while I began to prepare a simple breakfast with a side of tea. Bruce let me know that he already got me time off of work and I didn't want to know how he went about this, I simply wanted to know what he wanted from me. He took another breath and began to pace around a bit, psyching himself up for a big reveal. He simply wanted me to be his one and only, and he wouldn't take no for an answer. I furrowed my brow and thought for a second, at this point it was kind of a matter of national security, but Banner had always been attractive to me. I agreed to let him stay with me for a while, as long as he behaved and he simply smiled and took a deep sip of tea.

     I decided to take a shower and get ready for my day off, we had a lot to catch up on. After I had finished changing, Bruce began to answer my questions and filling me in on what had happened since then and how his powers seemed to work. After he had broken out of the lab, he was on the run and laying low like the government had theorized. I asked him about the general and he breathed in and looked a bit distant, but pleased like when one is recalling a fond memory. After he absorbed, he got everything from him, save possibly his soul. He learned everything the general knew, such as a governmental secrets and stuff about the general's childhood. He also obtained his muscle mass and muscle memory. After he said that, he removed his hoodie and bounced his well defined chest which was accentuated by a tight white t-shirt. Banner confessed that since the incident, he had felt a hunger or urge to absorb more people into him. I immediately tensed and he reassured me that I was one of the last people he would absorb, but the thought had crossed his mind. He took a spot next to me on my sofa and moved me to his lap. I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck and he deepened his voice a bit while he continued talking to me. "I want you to become one with me so badly it hurts... I know that the satisfaction from absorbing you would be short term though, so you have nothing to worry about, but be warned I will be extremely close to you to compensate for wanting to fuse with you.".

    After a few moments of cuddling, it dawned on me the position I was in. I was probably one of the only people Banner wouldn't feed on and to top that off he was completely wrapped around my fingertip. I was brought back to reality when he started moving his hand under my shirt and groping me, taking occasionally smells of me and commenting on how he missed my scent. I turned to face him and straddled his waist. He brought me into a kiss and his facial scruff tickled me. I kiss him back slowly. He let out a deep growly in response. He then took off shirt shirt so I could see all the muscle his transformation and draining of the general gave him. I placed my hand on his chest and he then bounced it and smirked. I then moved my hands down to his abs and he flexed his six pack. He rolled his stomach and bloated it out. He then did a stomach vacuum and lat spread. He had the build of a typical Instagram fitness influencer; he was pretty big, but no IFBB bodybuilder. I sat in his lap the entire time he was flexing and he I could feel him getting more and more aroused the more I explored his body. He had a nice spread of body hair strewn about his body. His chest was especially hairy, but his nipples were luckily exposed. There was a thin treasure trail along the center of his abs that I traced a bit. After a while of playing with his chest hair, he asked if I wanted him to shave it, but I was fine with it... for now anyways. We began kissing again. His muscles were radiating heat and his strong hands were on my waist. Suddenly he broke away and looked me in the eyes, they had changed from their usual brown to green. "The other guy wants a turn.".

     Banner started taking off his pants. "I don't want to rip them. As hot as it would be, I really don't want to go out and buy more clothing, especially being wanted and what not," he said while undoing his belt. Banner started growing even larger, his skin slowly tinting green, as if he was a sick man, although he was anything but. He took the crotch of his pants and shoved them in my face, forcing me to inhale his musk. He was oddly gentle in this process, as if over accommodating for his now superior strength as he continued to stretch and grow. I pulled away from his pants, I was hard, but I knew my couch would not be able to handle his immense weight as it began to start creaking. I pulled at his wrist and he groaned and rolled his eyes and stood up. He was roughly a little under the height of an average door way. I told him to wait a second and I moved things to the side, he helped easily moving furniture. I knew he could do it with one hand, but as soon as he tried to move the coffee table one handed and stuff started sliding off of it, he used both for stability. Being careful wasn't hot, but it showed he cared and it was much appreciated. I got out a large wrestling mat that I had originally been using for dance and yoga and put it on the floor. I handed him back his pants and he looked at them and back at me. He growled and throw them to the side, before looming over me.

    Bruce was growing with every breath. Every breath he grew a bit wider and every growl he grew a little bit taller. His growls and breathes were locked in a viscous cycle, which caused his muscles to flare. His legs were one of the first things to grow, his thighs like well defined tree trunks and his calves could crush a grown man's skull. I started to touch his muscles and he let out a deep growl, one of pleasure. The Hulk told me to feel everything, or else. What else could I do but comply. I felt his massive glutes which he flexed and they felt harder than my granitite counter top. If it ever got to sex, I would be sure not to top him... not like I could, I thought to myself. I then felt his abs as another row grew in. The slabs of abdominal muscle contracted before jutting outwards. The ridges between them were tight and could easily break some fingers if someone was brave enough to touch them the wrong way. I rubbed them careful due to the thought and the Hulk chuckled. He voice was deep and reverberated through me and the surrounding area. I then worked my way up his cobblestone abs and well defined obliques to his extremely hairy pecs. The Hulk's green meaty pecs, albeit coated in thick fur, were still well defined and vascular. I felt the muscle and he tensed it and proceeded to bounce his pecs. He then lifted me up and forced me head first into his pecs, rubbing my face around in them. "Motor boat these pecs, little man," the Hulk laughed. He placed me down and I noticed that he had grown taller than a door way, and just about twice as wide as one too. I placed my hand in his and he easily engulfed my hand; it was like a ping pong ball in a golf mitt. I wasn't afraid of him breaking my arm or hand, but when he shook my hand to show off his superior strength a bit, I realized it'd be even easier than anticipated. He could sneeze and accidently snap me in half. I felt his arms and he flexed them for me and hit various arm poses. He did a side chest, double bicep, and then loomed over me for his final pose. He hit a most muscular with his arms surrounding me and roared. His muscles pulsed and swelled. He was also now close enough for me to feel his large cock that was straining his jock strap press against me.

     The Hulk smiled at the realization of me being so close to his throbbing cock. "You look oddly handsome, when you smile," I said to him. He rubbed stroked his thick beard (which had originally been facial scruff) and cocked a eyebrow. "Oddly handsome. Those are fighting words," the Hulk said in a deep voice, before dropping into an offensive wrestling position and trying to hide and very wide smile with a playful scowl. Bruce knew I didn't know how to wrestle and honestly I doubt he did either, but it was likely the general's knowledge coming into play. I decided to go along with it, because at the end of the day, the Hulk wouldn't snap me in half, although he may come close to it. The Hulk gave a count down and then charged me. He didn't do anything fancy, but managed to quickly get me to the ground without hurting me. I was on my back and face to face with a the hulking, heaving behemoth. He stripped me with his monstrous hands (managing to not rip any of my clothing, surprisingly); he took my clothes off roughly leaving me in only my boxers. He then pinned both my hands above my head with one hand and smirked. I could feel his warm breath and the heat of a furnace coming off of him. He began to kiss my body while holding me down. I squirmed and wiggled, because his beard tickled. As soon as I began my wriggling, he put his face right next to mine. I couldn't look him directly in the eye, because he used his free hand to keep my head straight. After he was sure I wouldn't move he placed he used his free hand to help him stabilize himself as he breathed and began to speak into my ear. "That's a good boy. Wriggle and squeal all you want, but you're not getting away... not that easy. I'm gonna kiss you, and bite you all over. That way whenever anyone sees you, they know you're mine," he took a deep breath in and exhaled onto my cheek with a bassy growl, "You're all mine". After he said that he continued to bite and mark me. I shivered whenever he kissed somewhere sensitive and he laughed lightly, proceeding to tease me with his thick tongue and beard.

     After a lot of kissing and biting, he let me up. He smiled down at me and admired his handy work. He pulled me into his lap again and he was at full mast. "We don't have to take care of my cock today, but I want to keep going," the Hulk told me. I could only nod a bit due to sensory overload. I felt a bit of pain and pleasure all over my body. I kissed him on his lips and he kissed me back, shoving his tongue deep into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck as much as I could, his traps were huge and neck muscles were dense. He pulled away and flexed his bicep. "Kiss it, little man, " he growled with a stern look on his face. I got to work immediately. I kiss the arm like my life depended on it, because in a sense it did. It was hard and veiny. Heat rushed off of it as he flexed his arm and relaxed it in front of my face. His arm grew each time he flexed it, became more pumped and swollen. His muscle made his skin look paper thin, and the Hulk's veins were the the size of garter snakes. He began flexing his other arm and I went to work on it. Kissing and licking, the lightly hair dusted arm of my new muscle god. "Hey, check this out," he said before flexing his abs and smiling. He sucked his abs into a tight vacuum and then outwards, slowly rolling them. His abs rippled like a still pond being disturbed by a skipped stone. After a bit of flexing his abs, the hulk's eyes wandered to my kitchen counter where a few watermelons laid. A friend had been working at a farmer's market and got me a good deal on them. He easily picked up and palmed the largest one with one hand and brought it back to the mat. I knew he was gonna crush it, I just didn't know how. That was until he sat down and put the melon between his thighs. The watermelon didn't last a second. There was a loud pop and squelch, and the inside of the watermelon were all over the hulk's thunderous thighs and the wrestling mat. "Dig in, " were the only words he told me. I put my head between his thighs and started licking and kissing them. The salt of his sweat mixed in well with the sweetness of the melon. I was too busy enjoying the feast he had prepared that I had hardly realized that I was starting to lick some of the fruit off of his throbbing cock. I took a seed that was balanced on the tip of pulsing erection with the tip of my tongue. That is when his jock strap snapped and his schlong was now in full force. "Don't stop worshiping me," he said before using some of the melon on the mat as lubricant and started stroking his monstrous cock. It was a solid foot at least and I was relieved he wasn't trying to spear me with it, at least yet anyways. I continued feeling his flexed muscles and tweaking his nipples, which caused the Hulk to moan out in pleasure. He started stroking his monstrous cock even harder and faster, grunting and heaving with each stroke. His masturbation was causing the walls of the house to shake, as if there was a one man orgy occurring. The Hulk put me on my knees and stood up. He looked down at me with his cock angrily pointed at me. Before I could process what was happening, he cock fired off. He shot rope after rope into my face. It was thick, warm, and sticky. It was as if he was shooting off load and load of the fluffiest pancake batter I had ever experienced. After he had calmed down and come back to his senses, the Hulk got down on his knees as well and wiped his load off my face with his mighty hand. He then kissed me deeply and passionately, but significantly less aggressively than he had before. I was simply stunned and rock hard, but too tired from the mental roller coaster to do anything about it. The Hulk noticed my erection and smirked down at my erection, before putting my cock between his forearm and bicep and lightly flexing it. The pressure was enough to make me blow my load instantly. The Hulk continued with after care, picking me up and cradling me, before taking me to the shower. After I was put down, Banner came back out and said he would either join me or take one afterwards. He was went off to clean up and I took a warm shower. Banner cleaned the wrestling mat and folded it, moved the furniture back into position, took a shower, and then joined me in bed. Banner was big spoon and I could feel him slowly chubbing as we shifted into a comfortable position.

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AN: Sorry, I took a break because I was distracted by school. I have no idea if I will continue this story that much because of school work and lack of interest, but if you ever wanna RP, just send me a DM. Also there may be heroes from different universes (DC and Marvel), just go with it. Its hot.


     I couldn't tell how much time had passed as we drifted off to sleep. However, when I woke up there was still an ample amount of daylight and Banner was no where to be found. He had left a note saying that he was stepping out for a bit, it also had a cellphone number written on the back. "See you in a bit, I'm getting a little hangry.... you might want to check the news". I turned on the television and check my phone. Low and behold both were blown up by news of the Hulk going on a rampage. Everyone no matter where they were was asked to stay inside and lay low as to not attract the monsters attention. I had only been asleep for 3 hours, but the Hulk was no where near me. I pondered how fast he was, but my question was quickly answered as soon as I saw the Hulk crash through a building as a speeding green blur. The warning they issued were justified, with how quickly the Hulk was making work of one block and flying through the air to the next. The newsfeed was a mixture of people livestreaming their goodbyes to their families and helicopter shots filmed from what they thought was a good distance off the ground. However, no one was safe...

     The Hulk continued plowing through buildings and snatching people off the streets. As soon as he had a hold of someone they would glow green and slowly start dissipating into energy, which was then absorbed in the Hulk. They had a glow of fireflies in the night sky, but burned out as quickly as a campfire with water thrown on top of it. I don't know what compelled me to call  the number on the back of the note... but I picked up my phone and called anyways. The Hulk was in the middle of lifting a man by his skull and draining him slowly. The man was well built and tried to smack at the Hulk's forearms, but to no avail. A smug smile stretched across the Hulk's face as the man was absorbed and added more mass to him. Then my call went through. The Hulk dug into his back pocket and pulled out a phone. He looked at it longingly, as others looked at the green monster with confusion and horror. He crushed his phone in one hand as if he was crumbling a ball of paper and tossed it to the side. He looked at his phone for a second before abruptly walking towards the fear stricken crowd that had foolishly gathered. The Hulk approached someone that he saw recording and began blowing kisses to the camera and flexing. The person recording must of gotten so fear ridden they passed out or somehow dropped the phone, because the next view was the Hulk hitting a double bicep and getting angry he watched phone plummet to the ground. The Hulk unleashed an earth shaking roar and it appeared his rampage was going to get more intense. Everyone was confused by the spectacle that had just happened, but I understood it almost immediately. The Hulk wanted me to call him so he knew when I was watching the news... that way he could truly show off.

     The Hulk crashed through the crowd of fleeing civilians like a bowling ball plowing through pins. Instead of being blown apart on impact, they were absorbed. The Hulk's body merged with each person quickly; the event could only be described as when someone jumps into a ball pit and is engulfed... only this time it was a lot of people and it happened more quickly then anyone in the crowd could process. The Hulk grew a few feet from all the mass he had absorbed. I would say he was around 13 feet tall... but it was hard to tell with all the shaky footage. The Hulk paused for a moment to take in his new size and did a most muscular. Shortly afterwards, The Hulk was blasted through a building. Heroes had finally arrived to try to take down the Hulk.

     The Avengers had shown up to the scene. Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Ant Man were here to subdue the beast and stop anymore carnage from being unleashed. The Hulk was being tossed around and was being easily beaten down. Thor's hammer struck the Hulk into Captain Marvel's fist. All was going well for the heroes until Captain Marvel attempted to punch the Hulk while he was down. The Hulk caught her by her wrist and his eyes glowed green with energy. She struggled in his grasp, but soon enough was turned to energy and was fed into the Hulk. Energy crashed through the battle field and blew all the remaining Avengers back. There was a flash of bright green light and there was the Hulk, floating in midair. Thor and Iron Man foolishly blasted the Hulk, who only absorbed their projectiles and grew even bigger. The Hulk looked down at his hands in disbelief and then smirked. He bounced his mighty pecs and roared at the Avengers before flying at them. The Hulk grabbed a hold of Thor's neck and began choking him one handed, while the rest of the Avengers attempted to wail on the Hulk. He looked the god in the eye, before putting him into a bear hug. There was a loud crack and a yell from Thor, before he was slowly dragged into the creature and merged with him. All of the Hulk's muscles bulged even bigger than before. Then dark storm clouds began approaching. The green behemoth raised his hand to the sky and lightning crashed down into him. The Hulk had super charged himself and then turned to the rest of the Avengers. However, when the Hulk turned, he saw he had even more playmates to absorb than just Iron Man and Ant Man.

     Venom and Spider Man had entered the fray. The spider shot his webs to subdue the green monster, but found out quickly that it was a bad idea. The Hulk simply grabbed hold of spider's web and dragged him in. His absorption was quick, but the new power the Hulk got was devastating. The Hulk tested his webs, by shooting them at Venom. Unsurprisingly, the black gelatinous mass easily escaped. However, the Hulk was still pleased with the thickness of the silk (which was around an inch and a half in diameter). He made a mental note to use these to tie me to the bed post when he was done feeding. Venom shot a hardened piece of himself at Hulk. The Hulk found it peculiar that his spider sense didn't go off, but then he realized, nothing was ever going to be a threat to him. The spike crashed into the Hulk's 10 pack of abs and didn't so much as dent it. The Hulk picked the pieces of the symbiote of the ground and put them into his mouth, before swallowing hard. He looked down at his hand to see if he had copied the DNA of the black creature and tested it by turning his hand into a mace, a hammer, a spear, and then back again. Venom had seen enough and tried to make a break for it, but the Hulk shot out his now elastic arms and began merging with the creature from a distance. His muscles grew and bulged as he fed. The Hulk was certain no one in the right mind would try to contest him anymore... He would likely have to hunt his food again, but for now he decided to take a break. Standing around 16 feet tall with muscles harder then diamonds the Hulk flexed his arms and admired his handy work. He flexed his massive quads and calves, before walking over to an abandoned car and crushing it bewitch his thighs with ease. He rolled stomach, before performing a stomach vacuum.

     After a couple minutes of flexing and crushing stuff, the Hulk grew bored and decided to use his new found powers and fly. The Hulk's senses were so enhanced that he could feel those around him... then he got an idea. The Hulk out stretched his fist and flew to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. He could feel Professor X trying to use his powers to turn the beast around, but The Hulk was far too powerful at this point to be done in by such trivial mind games. The Hulk crashed through the building. Students shot lasers, ice, fire, stones, and all they could against him. While they would make great snacks, the Hulk was here for the main course. The Hulk pried open a door to safe house that was holding Professor X like a child greedily opening a candy wrapper. The Wolverine charged the Hulk and stabbed into him. The Hulk was surprised his flesh had been penetrated by his adamantium claws, however the Wolverine found he could not pull his claws out of the green beast before him. The Hulk had healed so fast that the mutant's blades were now stuck inside him. Using his symbiotic powers, the Hulk dragged Logan kicking and screaming into him, while slowly walking towards the professor. He didn't even notice the Wolverine's attempts at escape. Professor X had his eyes closed and only said, "Make it quick". The Hulk smiled and respected the professors wishes, quickly turning the mutant leader into energy and absorbing him. The Hulk now had the sharpest blades in the world and could track down anyone across the globe. The Hulk was about to leave before he noticed a senior student with the ability to make copies of himself. He picked up the mutant and pressed his face into his chest, before flexing it. The student's screams weren't even muffled, but completely silent. The dense pectoral muscle absorbing all the sound and soon the student himself. The Hulk stepped outside of school and split into several, equally powerful copies of himself. They were all connected and able to share new powers they obtained without being in physical contact. The Hulk's clones flew to edges of the cosmos to continue their feeding and universal conquest, while Hulk Prime (the original Hulk) flew back to be with his lover and show off the results of the hunt.


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Oh, man, this was hot!  I need to check this part of the forum more often.  I know this was posted almost two years ago, but it would be great to see it continued now that Hulk has so many powers.

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