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He came out of nowhere - final chapter (36) posted 17 Sept 2021


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My first real fiction story that I've ever written, I was inspired by a pic I came across recently (I've attached it in this chapter).

While there is muscle growth in the story, it is not the main focus. Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1 – the mysterious stranger

I was feeling good, in the middle of a road trip around my state. Travel options were limited thanks to a pandemic sweeping the world. I hadn’t planned anything specific for this trip, which was a new experience for me - I was usually meticulous and planned for everything I did, right down to the informal plans over a usual day. I found not making plans for this holiday really exciting and freeing, a good remedy to months of working from home and not being able to socialise or go anywhere.

As a 38-year-old man who was only discovering his social life in the last few years, meeting guys and having sexual experiences, not being able to build on my life in my new home was a downer. I’d moved from another state 9 months ago, and barely got to explore when the state went into lockdown.

While I was no adonis, I kept myself active with biking, walking and other exercise, and was told I looked attractive and younger than my age. I had an average build, kinda hairy, and what would best be described as a “dadbod”. I had been self-conscious about my body and people seeing me naked for many years, but getting used to the idea that I’m attractive enough, fairly fit and looked after myself, despite having a below average penis size.

I found in recent years I became more comfortable being social and putting myself out there to meet guys and looking for anything from a one-off sexual experience to a relationship.

On this day I had been on a short hike up a beautiful mountain, and gone mountain biking in an area I’d never been before, which was always fun and challenging, since I never know what to expect when I ride in new places. I was on my way to my destination for the night, a small country town about 3 hours drive from where I was bike riding. My plan was to research caravan parks and choose one to set up my tent and sleep. I wasn’t much for camping, but thought it would be good to switch between hotels and camping each night. My GPS was directing me through all these quiet back roads through bushland, and I was happy to blindly follow the directions, enjoying seeing different areas of the countryside.

About 2 hours from my destination, I spotted this young guy just walking along the road, shirtless and barefoot. It was lightly raining, and it didn’t seem like this guy had planned to be there, certainly not dressed in so few clothes and in the middle of nowhere. I slowed down and pulled over just past where the guy was walking, since it felt right to check if he was OK. As he walked up to the passenger side of my car I noticed how toned his body was in the side rear-view mirror, even though I couldn’t really make out his face properly. I lowered the window as he approached, and as he looked through the window I got a full sense of how attractive this guy was. He looked about 22 years old, shortish black hair, tanned skin (I suspected he was Latino) and a baby face. I tried not to stare at his beautiful torso – it was lean and muscular, not overly beefy, with a small amount of hair all over, and a visible treasure trail leading from his belly button down to his shorts. His abs were a taut and solid six-pack, and his whole body looked like solid muscle, with veins protruding and snaking throughout his skin. The fact that he was also dripping wet left me speechless for a few seconds while I took in his form.


I asked: “Are you OK?” - it seemed like the best way to approach in the situation we were in.

“I’m not sure, I don’t know where I am or how I got here” he replied. My hunch about him being Latino seemed to be confirmed by what sounded like a Spanish accent, which I found sexy as hell.

“What was the last thing you remember?” I asked.

“Hmmm…I remember getting up this morning, not really clear what happened since then” he replied.

The whole situation seemed really weird, and I wasn’t really sure how I should react. I also wasn’t sure whether I could trust what this guy is telling me. On the other hand, I couldn’t think of a reason why someone would lie about being in the middle of nowhere without shoes or a shirt though, despite it being summer and really hot outside.

While I was not in the habit of giving rides to strangers, I couldn’t leave him out there, and the fact that he was ridiculously hot was somewhat encouraging as well!

“Can I give you a ride somewhere, maybe a hospital to get you checked out?” I asked.

He spent a few seconds thinking, and then replied: “I would appreciate a ride, I’m not really a fan of hospitals though”.

“Where can I take you then?” was my next response.

“Do you think I could hang with you until I work out what to do next?” he said.

I took a while before I responded - I’m generally pretty cautious in unusual situations, and while I wanted to help this guy out, the whole thing was uncomfortable and sketchy in my mind. I was mulling over all the possible scenarios of what could happen if I take him with me, and the possible other options I could offer. I needed to get a little more information if I was going to offer an alternative.

“Where do you live?” I asked.

He took a few seconds again before he responded, which made me increasingly suspicious. “I’m actually from Colombia, but staying in Australia for a few months and travelling. I’ve been staying with various people along the way” he said. Now my red flags were lighting up, it was starting to sound like a setup, him just trying to get someone to use so he can get to the next place on his travels. The lack of clothing and baggage didn’t seem to fit that line of thinking though, and he seemed genuinely confused by his situation.

Since I was doing an unplanned trip by myself, the idea of having company might be good, and as long as I’m careful with my valuables there didn’t seem to be too much risk involved. The shorts he was wearing seemed pretty small when I saw them, so if he had a weapon there weren’t many places he could hide it!

I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt but make my expectations clear. I told him that he could stay in a hotel with me that night (in separate beds of course) and I would help him with what he needed to continue on his journey (within reason), but after that he was on his own. He agreed and I got out of the car to get a beach towel out of my baggage so he could dry off. 

As I gave him the towel, I asked him what his name was, he replied it was Jorge (pronounced hor-hay), which I thought was a really sexy name. I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal being around this hot guy who was probably straight and certainly not interested in someone twice his age. I was pretty adept at making friends and relating to younger people though – my nephews are in their early twenties and like hanging with me, and I had several close friends who are Jorge’s age as well. I figured if I can be helpful and friendly it’s a great chance to get to know someone new, even for just one night.

On the trip he asked me a lot of questions about myself, including some quite personal questions about my dating life, which was a little confronting. He made me feel comfortable enough to discuss it with him though, not sure why! As part of the discussion I told him I was gay, but had never really been in a relationship, and was starting my adult social life later than most people. I’m always worried about telling people that, since it makes me seem like some kind of outcast or loser. Jorge seemed genuinely interested in learning all about me though, although he seemed really guarded about his own life when I asked. I did manage to confirm he was gay though, using the old “do you have a girlfriend back home?” question. He seemed quite relieved to tell me about his sexuality, and he mentioned that he’d never been in a relationship himself. While that didn’t mean anything was going to happen between us, it at least made me feel more comfortable in my attraction for him, and gave us more to talk about.

I asked Jorge to use my phone to look up some hotels in our destination, but he needed a lot of help, it seemed he’d never booked a hotel before! In the end I decided we’d make the final booking once we get to our destination, and I could go through the details myself.

Once we’d gotten to the destination, I found a hotel that had a room with a queen and single bed which would be perfect for us, and close enough to the centre of town so we could go for a wander and get food and stuff.

While Jorge seemed comfortable (and sexy) in just shorts, I thought he should be more dressed if we were going to eat out somewhere. I lent him a t-shirt and some flip flops, both of which seemed unfamiliar to him - I figured it was just a result of his upbringing. It seemed like he found wearing clothes and footwear…inconvenient?

I thought it would be nice to find some food familiar to him, so we went to a Mexican restaurant in town. We enjoyed some great food and conversation, with me mostly answering his questions and him telling me very little about himself. His questions became increasingly sexual, I got the impression he hadn’t had much sexual experience and was curious as to how it worked.

After dinner we walked around a nice lake and then to our hotel room. We chatted for a while sitting on our beds, then we both had showers and got ready for sleep. I took the queen bed and Jorge was in the single. Just before I turned off the light Jorge asked me: “After everything that’s happened to me today I would feel safer if I could share the bed with you, is that OK?” Apart from getting a sudden boner I was wondering whether it would be a good idea. Considering how naïve Jorge was about a lot of things, I thought it might be good for him to have a nice experience with a guy who wasn’t just going to take advantage of him. I said it was OK so Jorge climbed into my bed. He was naked, and I was just wearing boxer shorts, which was my usual habit for sleeping.

Initially we just lay on opposite sides of the bed, and all these thoughts were going on in my mind, thinking how much my plans for the day had changed since coming across Jorge on that road. He was so handsome and friendly, and so strangely naïve about certain things, I was wondering how he’d been able to travel successfully all this time.

After a while, maybe 20 minutes, Jorge shuffled over to my side of the bed, and put his arm around me, resting his hand on my chest in a spooning position, with me facing away from him. I instantly got hard, I was not accustomed to this level of affection. He whispered: “You feel so good to hold, I hope this is OK with you”. I put my hand over his and said: “it’s OK”. Feeling his solid muscles against my body felt amazing, and I could tell he was hard too. Feeling his solid chest pushing into me with each breath was so calming I fell asleep fairly quickly.


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Chapter 2 – holidaying with a new friend

As I woke the next morning, Jorge was still lying right up against me, and it felt like his boner had not subsided at all over the night! It seems he was awake before me, because when I showed signs that I was awake, Jorge began moving his hand over my chest and stomach, and I felt a single kiss on the back of my neck. “Good morning” he said. “Morning” I replied, still half asleep but well aware of what was going on. 

Jorge’s hand moved further and further south until he slid it under my boxers and onto my dick, which was rock hard by this point from Jorge’s touching. He gently stroked it and squeezed my balls, sending waves of pleasure throughout my whole body. He began grinding against me slowly, I could feel his hard cock against the base of my spine with every grind. It felt so good I never wanted it to stop, I could hear his quiet moans in time with his movements, and I was letting out little moans of my own. He was so slow and gentle, I didn’t feel any desire to orgasm, I was just enjoying the moment.

After a few minutes of grinding, Jorge whispered: “I’d like to be inside you, you feel so good”. I barely registered what he’d said at first, still in the waves of pleasure he was giving my dick with his hand. When I didn’t respond, he moved his hand off my cock and moved it along my stomach, and repeated his request: “Can I have anal sex with you? I promise I’ll be gentle”. While I’d had a fair bit of sexual experience, I hadn’t done anal that much, and usually found bottoming uncomfortable. I’d snuck a glance at Jorge’s cock the night before while he was switching beds, and it looked to be average size, so I thought I could handle it as a bottom.

Despite all my overthinking, it felt right to me, and I got the feeling Jorge wouldn’t be rough and would go slow. He was already in a good position behind me which would make me feel more comfortable. I said: “Yeah ok, just go slow please”. Jorge kissed me on the back of the neck again, and I could feel his hands sliding down my legs as he removed my boxers. I felt his hand moving between my ass cheeks, using his finger to find my hole. I thought he might play a little with his finger first, but I could feel him moving into position with his dick. I was a little nervous, but from our conversations it didn’t seem like he’d had a lot of sex with guys, so I wasn’t too worried that he wasn’t using a condom.

As he started sliding his dick into me, I felt a minor discomfort, but it quickly turned into absolute pleasure as he slid in further. Despite not using any lube, his dick seemed to glide in without any friction, and he began slowly thrusting and grinding against me, which felt amazing. His hand had gone back onto my dick, slowly moving in rhythm with his grinding. I had never felt anything like this before, and I could tell by his moans and loud breathing that Jorge was also enjoying the experience. As he moved faster, his hand on my dick moved faster also, and I could feel myself on the edge of orgasm. His dick felt so good in my ass, gliding effortlessly with every thrust, waves of pleasure searing all through me as he moved in and out. Eventually I couldn’t hold it anymore, and as I came I felt this enormous release, with more cum than I have ever shot before streaming onto the bedsheets in front of me. Jorge sped up his thrusting until he came as well, releasing what felt like buckets of cum inside me, with a loud exclamation from Jorge accompanying the release. He stayed inside me for a little while, then slowly slid his dick out, falling onto his back with a satisfied exhale.

I turned around to face him, and he turned onto his side and kissed me on the lips. It was such a sweet and tender kiss, I felt more like a lover than someone he’d just hooked up with. He smiled and said: “You are amazing”. I didn’t know how to respond to that, but I said: “not as amazing as you”. We kissed again, for longer this time and with more tongue, and as we kissed our hands explored each other’s bodies. After a few minutes we stopped kissing, just smiled to each other and laid on our backs. Neither of us said anything for a few minutes, we just lay there in silence. I wondered if he was thinking the same thing as me - how wonderful an experience it was and how good it was for us to find each other. Even if it was just a one-off experience, I was glad to have the moment with someone I found sweet and sexually attracted to.

I sat up and said “I need a shower”. I got up off the bed and went into the bathroom. As I climbed into the shower, Jorge walked in to join me, which I kinda hoped would happen but didn’t want to seem too needy. We took turns to lather each other with soap, and it felt so good to have him run his hands over every inch of me, as well as being able to touch every inch of his hard body, with every muscle feeling like a rock under his skin. After we finished washing each other, we stood under the water and kissed for a while, and then embraced for what felt like hours, as if time was standing still in that moment.

I gave Jorge my phone so he could call the people he stayed with that day and see if they knew where his belongings were and what his plans were when he left their place. I left him in the room to do that while I spent time by the pool reading a book. After a while he came to join me at the pool, and told me that he didn’t find out anything useful from the last place that he stayed at. So what will he do next I wondered? He asked if he could spend more time with me for another day, and he would get his affairs in order, including arranging for a new passport. I offered the chance for us to go back to where we met and see if there were any clues to what happened to him and his belongings, but he said he didn’t want me to go to too much trouble. Besides from a passport, he wasn’t really worried about his belongings, since he didn’t have too much with him anyway.

While I was wary of getting involved further with Jorge, I figured since I hadn’t planned much anyway it wouldn’t be a big problem for us to hang out for another day. I also really enjoyed his company, and his affection, it finally seemed that something good was happening in my life this year.

The town we were staying in was a tourist town between all these mountain ranges, and it seemed like a good idea for us to go on some hikes, and Jorge seemed especially excited about doing it, as if he hadn’t done a lot of hiking before? Surely he would have done some walks while he was travelling around Australia?

The walks we went on were fairly steep, involving a lot of walking uphill, and while I was struggling at times, Jorge never seemed to be out of breath or tired, and also didn’t seem to be sweating, even though it was a fairly warm day. I wished I had that level of fitness!

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, Jorge and I were just enjoying each other’s company and being away from our normal lives. I wasn’t sure whether things were going to get sexual again and I didn’t want to push it, but as soon as we returned to the hotel room he grabbed me, picked me up at my waist and literally threw me on the bed from a few metres away! Besides from the obvious shock of him being so physical with me, I was impressed by the strength required to throw me like that! He didn’t have the body of a bodybuilder or even a fitness model – he was muscular but more lean and athletic. I guess the size of your muscles don’t always determine your strength!

We started kissing intensely and Jorge removed his shirt and then pulled mine off like he was in a hurry! I was a little surprised how…aggressive he seemed this time, and after how he threw me onto the bed I was a little scared, as well as turned on. I think Jorge could sense my fear, because he stopped and looked at me with concern on his face. 

“I’m sorry, are you ok?” he said. 

“I’m ok, just a little shocked, I’m not used to this level of aggression that’s all”. He looked really upset by what I’d said, and began to climb off me and the bed.

“I’m really sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I don’t want to hurt you or anything. I just haven’t had that many sexual experiences and I feel really connected to you” he said. He was standing next to the bed, looking towards the bed but not directly at my face, he seemed ashamed.

“I feel the same, but sex for me is about the person not the act, I want to enjoy every minute of being with you” I replied. He climbed back onto the bed and slowly moved on top of me again, and ran his hands over my chest and slid them up to my neck and through my hair, which was really sweet and sent my level of arousal skyrocketing. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my stomach as we began kissing, and he began grinding against me. I slid my hands down his back and into his shorts, caressing his firm butt cheeks, then I moved one hand down his butt crack and massaged his hole. “Oh yeah!” he whispered out of pure bliss with what I was doing. Jorge stopped for a second and removed his shorts, he never wore underwear which was a little strange to me. He also slowly removed my shorts and underwear, sliding his hands down my legs and squeezing them as he did so.

He moved back on top of me, putting our dicks together and grinding to the sound of pleasured moans from both of us, while kissing each other on the lips and neck. I moved my hands back to his butt cheeks and one finger into his hole, feeling him tense up as I did so. I added a second finger, which easily slid into his hole, and I moved my fingers in and out of his ass. After a few minutes of this, Jorge whispered into my ear: "I want you to fuck me. I want you to feel as good as I felt when I fucked you this morning”. This was new territory for me – I had never topped someone before, mainly because of my perception of my small penis, and the fact I often had trouble maintaining an erection. I always wanted to try it though, and it seemed not only was my size irrelevant to Jorge, but I felt my dick was harder than it had ever been during sex, and didn’t seem to go soft at all when we had sex this morning.

I simply looked him in the eyes and said “OK” and we switched positions in the bed, with me laying on top with him lying on his back. I kissed him and asked: “Are you sure you want this?”. “More than anything” he replied. I started to move off the bed and Jorge asked me where I was going. I told him I was getting lube, and he told me not to worry about it. Since we didn’t bother with a condom last time it didn’t seem worth worrying about this time either. I moved back towards him and raised his legs up, and ran my hands over his beautiful pecs and six-pack abs. I got a pillow to put under his back and to lift his butt a little to make things easier. I put two fingers in his hole again just to let him know I was about to go in. I positioned myself behind his legs and moved my dick into position with my hand. I looked at his face again to make sure everything was OK, especially since I wasn’t sure about everything myself. He looked straight into my eyes and smiled, and mouthed “do it” without any sound. I moved his hips slightly forward and began to push my dick into him slowly. My dick slid in in really easily, like his hole was naturally lubed or something. I was a little shocked when my full dick went in almost immediately, I was planning to take it slowly! I looked back at Jorge’s face, and his eyes were closed and his head was back, indicating he was loving what was happening. I positioned my hands on the bed next to his torso and begun thrusting slowly. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt, his tight hole held onto my dick but I was still easily able to move it in and out of him, and I felt all these new sensations, not only in my dick but in my whole body. As I increased my thrusting speed, Jorge continued to open and close his eyes and move his head back and forth, looking straight into my eyes every so often to let me know how much he appreciated what I was doing. I thrust faster and faster until finally I came, feeling like I was being drained of all my cum, and shaking all over in ecstasy and release. When I finally stopped cumming I pulled out and lay on top of Jorge, wrapping my arms around his neck and laying my head sideways on Jorge’s pecs.

“That was fantastic, I can’t believe I’ve never done that before!” I said.

“Me too” he replied. That surprised me – I thought most young guys had plenty of sex when they were teenagers, especially ones as handsome and built like Jorge.

Jorge moved out from under me and we switched positions, with him on his knees, sitting on my groin area. He began to stroke his dick, which was still rock hard, and smiled at me as he went faster and faster. Just watching his hand move rhythmically over his dick was hypnotic, and the look of pleasure on his face while looking right at me was intense. Just as he was about to cum, he lay down on top of me and I could feel the pressure of his release on my stomach, it felt like a fire hose it was so powerful! His body shook so hard that even the bed rumbled!

As he leaned up, the massive pool of his cum oozed down both sides of my stomach and onto the bed. 

“Another shower?” said Jorge.

“Yep” I said.

Our routine for the shower was pretty much the same as yesterday, washing each other and exploring each other’s bodies one bit at a time.

We went to sleep not long after the shower, only this time I was the big spoon, taking advantage of the situation by caressing his alluring torso before I fell asleep.

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Chapter 3 – getting in deeper

The next morning, I went out for a mountain bike ride to give Jorge some time to sort out his passport and money situation. I kept thinking how much I’d enjoyed the last few days with Jorge, and the new sexual experiences we had with each other.

When I returned from mountain biking, I met Jorge outside the hotel, since he’d checked us out while I was away. We found somewhere to have lunch and Jorge explained his situation. He could pick up his passport from a capital city in a few weeks, and his parents were organising with his bank in Colombia to get him a card so he could access his bank account in Australia. Jorge asked if he could stay with me until he got that sorted, which meant he would come back with me to my home in Melbourne, after one more night of my holiday. I told him that was a big deal and I needed to go for a walk and think about it.

On my walk, I was thinking how deep I was getting in with this guy who I barely knew, who didn’t like to talk about himself and there were all these questions about how he came to be in his current situation. I kept wondering whether he was taking advantage of me, trying to get into my life so he can live in Australia or something. Even though I wasn’t sure of what his intentions were, I felt that as long as I was careful and restricted his access to certain parts of my life, there wasn’t much to worry about really. I was fairly stable financially, and didn’t mind spending money on him, I felt like I was getting his company in return so it was worth it.

When I returned to Jorge I told him he could stay with me for a short time until he got his passport and finances sorted. He was so grateful he gave me the biggest hug ever, lifting me off the ground and holding me for at least a minute, damn he was strong!

We spent another day travelling and spending a nice day in a coastal town, and we had sex again of course - this time he was more confident but took it slowly and carefully, like he was worried he was going to hurt me or something, especially when topping me. We both seemed comfortable being versatile, both bottoming and topping each other in a single sex session.

The next day we headed back to my home in Melbourne.

I’d forgotten to check my personal emails for the rest of the trip, and noticed a weird email from the hotel that Jorge and I had stayed at for two nights. It said they were charging my credit card for a damaged door knob on the bathroom door, and a picture of the damage was attached. It showed the door knob completely crushed, although it didn’t look like that when I last saw it.


I rang the hotel to question them about it, and they were adamant it was in the room we stayed in, and the damage was not there before our stay. It didn’t make sense to me, but didn’t want to make a big fuss about it since it wasn’t much money to replace it, so I decided not to pursue it further. I did wonder if Jorge could have done the damage while I was out mountain biking, although that door knob was made of solid steel, I can’t imagine how he could have damaged it like that himself. I asked him about it, but he said that he didn’t do anything to it, had no idea how it happened, and that maybe the hotel got the rooms mixed up. While the whole situation was hard to comprehend, there didn’t seem much point in getting obsessed about it so I moved on from thinking about it.

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Chapter 4 – my new housemate

It was weird having Jorge stay with me, since I was used to living alone, and had done so most of my adult life. I had to think about buying extra food, considering him in whatever plans I was making, and having little time to myself. There were definitely benefits though - we had sex at least once a day, we snuggled while watching TV on the couch, and had showers together frequently. Our only struggle was conversation – even though we had a good friendly rapport with each other, his guardedness meant that anything about his life outside of his family was off limits - he just would go quiet and change the subject whenever I tried to find out more about his life, other than his childhood.

Over the next few weeks I had this newfound energy which I couldn’t explain - I found myself wanting to exercise a lot, and I never seemed to get tired or sore. It seemed that hanging out with Jorge was giving me a new lease on life, and I wondered how I would feel when it was time for him to move on.

I was constantly amazed how strong Jorge was for a guy his size - he was able to pick me up effortlessly, and he never seemed to get tired when carrying something heavy around. During one of our impromptu sex sessions in the kitchen he was able to stand while topping me, holding my bodyweight in the air the whole time with me facing him and my legs in the air.

I was even more amazed when he told me to let go of his neck and the only thing supporting me was his hands on either side of my waist. Considering I weighed more than him, his strength seemed inhuman.

I was still working from home, but Jorge wanted to get out and explore so I didn’t see him much during the day. On the weekends we would hang out, watch movies, go for bike rides, and eat out. It was really nice to have someone I was comfortable with spend so much time with me.

About three weeks after Jorge had come home with me, he handed me a big load of cash, saying it was for everything I’d done for him and everything I paid for. I told him I didn’t expect him to pay me back, but he insisted. He also told me he’d gotten a new passport so he didn’t have anything to worry about anymore, which was a relief for both of us really! I tried to keep a smile on my face as it hit me that Jorge would continue on with his travels, and I would go back to my normal life again. It made me sad, it was the first time in many years I hadn’t wanted to go back to solo life again.

I asked him: “So where are you going to next?”, not looking forward to the answer but trying to be upfront about it all.

“What do you mean?” he replied. Damn, he was going to make me spell it out for him.

“Now that you have your money and passport you’re going to continue travelling yeah?” I said.

“Actually I’m really enjoying being in Melbourne and staying with you, do you want me to leave?” he said with a look of disappointment on his face. Now I look like an asshole trying to kick him out, awesome.

“Not at all, I really enjoy your company, and happy for you to stay as long as you like. I just thought you were in Australia to travel and explore that’s all” I said.

“I have plenty of time to travel, it’s nice to spend some time in one place for a change, and with someone I care a lot about” he said. Wow I felt like I was going to cry it was so damn sweet.

“Will you have enough to do here while I’m working though?” I said.

“Absolutely, my parents say I can work for our company’s office here in Melbourne” he replied. I remember Jorge telling me that his family owns a shipping company, but didn’t realise they have offices all over the world, but it made sense.

“I want to pay my share of rent, food and other stuff while I’m here, so you won’t have to worry about anything” he said.

I guess I couldn’t think of any reason to refuse, he probably wouldn’t be staying for a really long time, so why not? 

“Sounds good to me” I said, smiling.

We both stood up and hugged each other, and of course he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I loved it when he showed off how strong he was - I could feel every muscle in his body flexing as he held me, it felt so good.

We developed a pretty solid routine of me working at home, him working in the city and us cuddling, having sex, exploring and doing various activities whenever we could. I didn’t have a big social life in Melbourne yet, only having moved a few months before the pandemic struck and going into lockdown for several months. I didn’t feel any need for a social life at the moment, I was just enjoying being with Jorge, that was enough.

Jorge never wanted to talk much about his work, in fact he avoided the subject wherever possible. I guess it wasn’t that important but I always felt like he was shutting me out of parts of his life, or keeping secrets from me. 

The other strange thing was occasionally when I woke up during the night, I would notice Jorge not in the bed with me, and when I’d ask him about it he’d say he was watching TV, since he didn’t sleep that well. 

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Chapter 5 – trying the gym

I noticed my body going through changes since I met Jorge - my fat was disappearing and being replaced by muscle, I was starting to look like him (well, my body was anyway!). I couldn’t work out why that was happening, since I hadn’t really changed my exercise habits much, although I was eating less junk since having Jorge in my life. Most of my exercise revolved around walking and cycling, I never was a gym guy or anything. Jorge noticed it as well, saying how extra sexy I was becoming.

I thought it might be interesting to have some sessions at the gym, see if I can tone myself even more. There was a gym right near where I lived that was open 24 hours, so I couldn’t make excuses not to go or anything. With all the energy I seemed to have lately I thought I could do really well with strength training. 

I turned up to the gym after work one day and signed all the paperwork. Signing up gave me one session with a trainer to design a workout program for me. My trainers name was Steve, he had a nice toned body (from what I could tell), not too muscular, red hair and beard, around 30 years old, and average looking really. I wasn’t super attracted to him so it would be less distracting doing our training session. He asked the usual questions, we measured some stats like weight, BMI etc, and he asked me about my diet too. First up was some basic non-weight exercises – push ups, pull ups and planking. This would give me some benchmarks for my training.

For push ups, Steve showed me the correct form so I would be doing them properly, and I began doing reps. I didn’t actually find them very difficult, and they didn’t seem to get much harder either, what the hell? I was having to concentrate on what number I was up to, because I just kept going! After I got to 100, Steve told me to stop. It was amazing, I remember the last time I did push ups I only got to a max of 20! I felt like I could’ve done another 100, I wasn’t even tired or sore after!

For pull ups, a similar story. After I did 50 with excellent form, Steve stopped me and wrote it down on his program sheet.

For planks, I felt super comfortable doing them, almost too comfortable in fact, Steve stopped me after 5 minutes in the plank position.

Steve said to me: “Have you been doing calisthenics or weight training? You said you hadn’t but these results are amazing. Many of the guys who’ve been coming here for years can’t get these numbers!”

I replied: “Not at all, I have noticed my body getting stronger and leaner since I met my partner a month ago.”

“I’ve never heard of sex making someone fitter and stronger!” Steve said as he laughed. I blushed a bit and couldn’t think of any response to that. Steve sensed my embarrassment and we moved me onto the weights.

For all the exercises I tried (pec deck, lat pull down, bench press, preacher curls, squats, dumbbell curls etc) I was able to do more than I ever expected, and as the weights increased, I would strain initially and then just power through reps. Steve had to stop me at each exercise rather than continue with higher weights, since we didn’t have to time to keep going.

After spending some time writing on the program sheet, Steve sat me down in the reception area and said: “Can I be honest with you? I don’t know whether you need the gym. I don’t know how, but you seemed to find every exercise fairly easy, and we hadn’t even pushed you to your max weight or reps in any exercise! You might benefit more from crossfit or a gym that specialises in powerlifting.” I didn’t know what to say, I was so stunned by my performance and how I felt after it, I needed time to take it all in.

I thanked Steve for his training and advice and went for a walk around the local neighbourhood to think. What was happening to me? Could having sex with Jorge be changing my body? Does he have supercharged cum or something? Or could I have some untapped power that having regular sex has unlocked?

I decided not to tell Jorge about my crazy performance at the gym, I just told him my session went well and I was looking forward to working out more. Jorge told me he’d never gone to the gym, but was happy if it made me happy. I suggested he come along sometime to try it out, but he wasn’t interested. It’s hard to believe he became that toned and strong without doing some kind of training!

I decided to go back to the gym on the following Saturday, to see how far I could push myself. I tried every exercise that Steve showed me, and was able to keep adding weights until the weights maxed out. It was the same feeling – the weight would feel heavy at first, but as I kept going the weight would feel lighter and I could just keep doing more reps! I was starting to get a bit paranoid, wondering if people in the gym were noticing how much weight I was lifting. I was also a little scared, could there be side effects to my new strength, and could I accidentally hurt people and break things? I decided it wasn’t a good idea to keep going to the gym, since I didn’t want the attention, and was afraid of how strong I could become.

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Chapter 6 – a night we will never forget

A few weeks later, Jorge and I went out to dinner - a little restaurant in a quiet suburb away from the city. It was a nice restaurant, so the food was a little fancier than what we were used to, but it made a change from our normal routine and it felt good to try new things.

After dinner, we decided to go for a walk and explore this small suburb since neither of us had been before. Jorge grabbed onto my hand, the first time we held hands in public! I felt a bit self-conscious about it, but as I looked over to him he had the cutest smile on his face, so I got over it and we enjoyed the moment.

As we walked along this one residential street in a housing estate, we noticed a very loud house party going on in one of the houses, and a whole lot of people just hanging around in the front yard. The music sounded like death metal, with lots of screamo and electric guitars involved. The people who were in the front yard looked pretty rough - all the guys had shaved heads and most were wearing white singlets. I tried not to stare as we walked past the house. 

One guy shouted: “Oi! Poofs!”. We both turned around to the house, since it seemed like they were talking to us. This one tall guy continued: “Look at the little fairies out on an evening stroll! Can we give you a pole to stick up your ass for a thrill?” I was getting worried now, there were a lot of fairly muscular guys who were forming around the guy talking, all with scowls on their faces and kinda encouraging the shouty guy to keep insulting us. 

“What’s your problem, are you jealous?” said Jorge. I could tell he was getting agitated, mainly because I’d never seen him get even mildly angry before. The big shouty guy started walking towards us with several of the other guys following him. I said quietly to Jorge: “We should go, let’s get out of here.” Jorge didn’t even move or respond, he just stared at the shouty guy, I could feel his body tensing, his grip on my hand becoming tighter. When I grabbed his hand with my other hand (because his grip was starting to hurt me), he let go of my hand. I was scared out of my mind, but as the group of guys came up to us, I couldn’t think of any way to get out of this, I couldn’t imagine us outrunning all of them now. Also, Jorge didn’t look like he was going anywhere, he continued his stare at the shouty guy, right until the shouty guy was standing right in front of him. 

“What if we beat the shit out of you and your pussy boyfriend?” said the shouty guy, and he shoved Jorge with one hand on his chest. Even though the shouty guy was much bigger than him, and full of muscle, Jorge didn’t even move with the shove – it almost looked like the shouty guy was faking the shove because it had no effect on Jorge. The shouty guy kinda paused for a second, looking puzzled, then shoved Jorge in the chest again, this time with both hands, and once again, Jorge didn’t move an inch, he was like a solid wall.

The shouty guy looked shocked and turned his head to look around at the other guys with him, and one of the guys said: “Stop messing around with him, kick his ass!” Shouty guy gestured his head towards me, and several guys moved quickly over to me and I had two guys grab me, one by each arm. Another guy came up to me and punched me in the face, then in the stomach. The guys on my arms let me go and I slumped to the ground.

Jorge looked over to me, then to shouty guy with a look on his face of pure anger. Jorge grabbed shouty guy around the front of his pants, then lifted him up into the air with one arm. As shouty guy’s weight shifted, Jorge put his other hand around shouty guys neck. Now shouty guy was horizontal above Jorge’s head, and Jorge’s arms straightened up. Jorge then threw him about 3 metres, where he collided with 3 other guys and they all fell to the ground.

Then another 5 other guys swarmed Jorge – kicking and punching him wherever they could. There were howls of pain from the guys with each strike, as if they were hitting a statue. One guy bent down and was attempting to wrestle Jorge to the ground from his waist. Jorge didn’t move at all, and seemed unaffected by the multitude of hits to his body. The guy trying to wrestle Jorge to the ground yelled to the other attackers: “get his arms and legs, push him to the ground!”. The other attackers grabbed a limb each, and desperately tried to move Jorge, but still he stayed in the same spot, like a rock. Jorge then lifted the two guys holding onto his arms in the air and threw them onto the front lawn of the house. Without a pause, Jorge swung each of his legs one at a time, sending each attacker holding his legs flying onto the lawn to join the others. By this time the guy around Jorge’s waist had given up and gone to join his mates on the front lawn.

With most of the group of guys on the ground, and the others not willing to engage, shouty guy stood up and looked at Jorge, who was still in the same spot when the attack started, glaring at shouty guy with rage in his eyes. Shouty guy ran into the house, pushing anyone in his way aside. Jorge followed him, and all I could hear was the sound of crashing and people screaming, and then people running out of the front door of the house.

Shouty guy appeared from the side gate of the house and ran for his car, which was parked on the street, climbing inside and fumbling with his keys trying to get the car started. Suddenly Jorge appeared on the roof of the house, ran across the roof and jumped off it onto the front lawn. Everyone moved out of Jorge’s path as he approached the car where shouty guy had just started the engine. 

Jorge ran to the front of the car, got both his hands under the bumper and lifted the front of the car off the ground about half a metre. Since the car was front-wheel drive, the wheels turned furiously in the air, unable to make any traction with the road. Shouty guy took his foot off the accelerator, and Jorge dropped the front of the car back to the ground. Shouty guy took a few seconds to recover from the shock, while Jorge ran to the driver’s side of the car and tore the driver’s side door clean off his hinges, and threw it onto the road behind him. Shouty guy put the car into reverse and began accelerating backwards down the street. Jorge ran faster than the car like a blur and stopped behind it, the car crashing directly into Jorge. Jorge looked unaffected by the impact and just stood there.

Shouty guy put the car in forward gear again and sped forward, with the tyres screeching, pieces of the car falling off everywhere and the back of the car scraping along the road, causing sparks and smoke to fly everywhere. Jorge leapt high into the air and kinda floated forward at the same time, over the top of the car, until he landed in front of the car again, with shouty guy slamming on the brakes just short of running into Jorge again. Jorge lifted the front of the car again, let go with one hand, grabbed the front of the hood and ripped it from the car like it was cardboard, sending it sailing down the street in a shower of sparks. He then punched right into the centre of the engine with his free hand, causing it to stop. Jorge dropped the car and used both hands to pull the engine from the car, held it above his head, then with all his might, smashed it into the road, causing oil, metal and bitumen to spray everywhere.

Shouty guy was still sitting in the driver’s seat of the car, his body bleeding from the multiple impacts during his attempted escape. Jorge was standing on the road in front of the car, his clothes ripped all over, covered in oil and metal, and a stunned look on his face.

While I was still in shock from what I had seen Jorge do, I knew we needed to leave. I got up and ran over to Jorge, grabbed him by the arm and said “we need to leave now before the police get here!” Jorge didn’t move for a few seconds, and I could feel the solidness of his body not allowing me to budge it until he was ready. He looked at me briefly with this intense look of shock on his face, then we started running down the street, with the sound of police cars behind us.

I was worried about what Jorge would do to any police that confronted us, now that I saw what he was capable of. I ran towards some bushes in a park nearby, with Jorge following my lead. We crouched down in the bushes and took a second to think about our next move. While I had all these thoughts running through my head about everything that had happened, I did my best to shut them out so I could focus.

Jorge finally said something for the first time since the attack: “Are you OK? Where are you hurt?” I took a second to think about it, since I was running on adrenaline and hadn’t really processed that I’d been punched by guys much bigger than me. Now that I’d thought about it, I realised I didn’t feel any pain at all, and don’t remember a lot of pain when the guys hit me either, it felt almost like a reflex to fall onto the ground since I’d never been attacked like that before, it was more shock than anything. I told Jorge I was OK, but he didn’t believe me. He asked me to show him my stomach. I pulled up my shirt and noticed that it looked perfectly normal, no bruising or anything. Jorge finally showed an expression on his face other than shock or anger, it was relief.

“What are we going to do?” I said, “there are going to be police searching everywhere for us, and the car is in the opposite direction to us right now…” I started to cry, unable to make sense of the situation or have any control over what happens next. Jorge stood up and pulled me to my feet, put his arms around me and hugged me, telling me everything will be alright. After a few seconds I hugged him back, and buried my face into his shoulder. I felt him lift me off the ground, so my feet were dangling, which felt like an odd gesture at this time of crisis. It felt so good to be completely held by him though, he always made me feel so safe in his embrace.

After a minute or so I noticed a breeze flowing past us, which seemed to come out of nowhere since it had been a completely calm night so far. I looked up, and found us flying through in the air about 50 metres from the ground. Of course, I completely freaked out, and starting thrashing about in Jorge’s arms. Jorge squeezed me a little tighter and whispered in my ear: “Don’t worry, I’ve got you, I’m getting us home.” He was so calm and sure about what was happening, it was enough to calm me down and I stopped squirming. As much as this would’ve been a great opportunity to take in the view of us flying through the air, I buried my face back into Jorge’s shoulder and tried to relax. Eventually my feet felt solid ground again, and Jorge released me from his embrace. I was a little dazed, but I could tell we had landed on the balcony of my apartment. I had no words for what I just experienced, and Jorge knew it too. “I know you have a lot of questions, and I want to tell you everything, but right now you need sleep” he said.

We moved into the apartment, and I went straight to the bedroom and literally fell on the bed. I remember Jorge removing my shoes and my pants before I fell asleep.

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