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  • Genetonic changed the title to A Lucky Find (Chapter 11 Added 6/9)

The need of size this two have is gonna make them unstoppable.

I love how you shift the POV to keep things interestinmg. It's refreshing.

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Mmmm, another phenomenal chapter. Can’t wait for the rough brutal fucking the two beasts will get up to once Ethan gets big enough to hold his own... or maybe a three way with little Amy? 😈

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18 hours ago, Genetonic said:

Chapter 11


Waking up, Cal was benignly aware of feeling Amy get up an hour ago. Getting up, the bed frame squeaking and groaning under his weight. Feeling his nuts tighten, he moaned at the rising pressure in his sack. “Fuck me. These fuckin balls are producing too much.” Massaging his swollen orbs, feeling their contents slosh, Cal strode into the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror, he was accustomed to his larger size. He was, however, taken aback by the thicker, but still shaggy, beard he had sprouted. Scratching the sharp bristles, he admired how his dark brown hair now had a facial counterpart. Rubbing his calloused hand across his face, he couldn’t decide whether to keep it or not. It came in strongly around his sideburns, chin, and mustache; leaving more to be desired around his cheeks and bottom lip. Deciding to trim it down when he got home, knowing it wasn’t ready until it was thick and full. Besides, a dark stubble is much sexier than a clean-shaven face.


Looking down, he took note of his soft cock draped over his swollen nuts. It was noticeably bigger than before. Picking it up and feeling the different length he had to extend to, Cal estimated it to be around 8.5 inches long. Stroking it, his mind flooded with his spank bank of Big Jim pictures. Feeling his bigger pecs, he felt his dick start filling out his hand as it swelled bigger. Finally imagining how big he would get next time, he felt his cockhead reach its new limit. Quickly jerking off to relieve the massive pressure in his balls, he could feel how much thicker his cock felt in his hand. Needing to cum soon, he started double-fisting it with both hands, trying to encompass the length and girth his cock now possessed. “Fuck, Big Jim was right. Those fuckin supplements really do the trick. I ought to take some more today.” Feeling his dick stiffen as his balls tightened, he pumped out load after load of his thick cum into the tub. Feeling the flood of endorphins along with the release of immense pressure, Cal moaned in his deep baritone, “Awwwww fuckkkk yeaaa…” Rinsing himself off, Cal wrapped a towel around his waist and went downstairs.


Entering the kitchen, he saw Amy, scantily clad in her pajamas. Cooking a large breakfast, she had already laid out a few plates full of pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and homefries. There were even three glasses full of thick protein shake.


Hearing the loud footfalls of her enormous jock, Amy felt her pussy spasm again at the thought of him. He was so huge, she couldn’t help but get riled up each time she thought of him. Even that morning, waking up, stepping away from his massive sleeping body; it took everything in her to not crawl back on top of him. To feel his massive pecs and biceps, how rock hard they were, how his muscles were always warm to the touch. Laying on top of his dick, the immense heat it poured off into her crotch, Amy’s pussy was getting increasingly moist every time she thought of him.


Sitting down, Cal began scarfing down the food. Feeling his rumbling stomach and aching body get the nutrients it so desperately needed; he so desperately needed, to keep getting bigger. It tasted delicious, but that was besides the point; Cal would eat anything for the energy. Patting his tighter abdominals, he scratched the wet hair clinging to his torso. “Fuck Amy that was good. I’d love to stay but I've got to go help my friend train at the gym.”


Seeing him stand up, his massive cock pressed out into the towel, Amy could feel her heart race. “Am I gonna see you tonight Cal?” She felt her pussy already aching with anticipation, needing to be filled with his huge cock.


“Amy, I would fuckin love to see you every night if I could, but sometimes I’m too busy. I’ll let you know when it’s a good day for me,” he said, raising his soft dick at the emphasis of ‘good’. Cal began gathering the clothes he had tossed on the floor; pulling on the nylon shorts, he felt them cling to his skin much better than yesterday. The material hugged his soft cock and cupped his large balls. Pulling on his wifebeater, feeling the material fit around his pecs and back much better. Seeing his partially naked side view: his massive lats, his bulging pecs, and tight obliques; Cal truly loved how his huge body looked in these clothes. It was almost as if he looked bigger when he stretched them out than he did naked.


“Well Cal, can I maybe come see you work out at the gym? I would love to meet your friend. Is he a big strong jock like you?” The thought of someone else Cal’s size pumping his sweaty muscles bigger with vigor, Amy felt her heart flutter.


Seeing her eyes light up, Cal chuckled, “No he’s just my geeky math friend, but he wanted me to help him get bigger. Besides, I owe him for helping me study. But feel free to stop by the gym anytime, just try not to disrupt me when I’m in the zone.”


Walking down the street, Cal felt the warm morning air fill his lungs. It felt like a whole new year for him. After half a mile, he could feel his toes start to get painfully tight in his sneakers. His feet probably grew a size bigger last night. He planned on swinging by Mr. Roberts’ house later anyways.


Later, at the gym


Cal walked through the automatic doors, feeling the air conditioning hit his warm flesh. He hadn’t changed much at home, deciding to at least put on a pair of boxer briefs so he wouldn’t cause too much of a disturbance. While not as ‘shapeful’ as it had been that morning, they did little to hide the size of his bulging package. Feeling his large toes spread out comfortably in his new size 14’s, Cal was ecstatic about his growth. He had measured himself, barefoot, at just over 6’3. With his new shoes, he probably looked to be 6’4 at least. Cal tried to guess when he would be 6’4 without the shoes, probably soon by the rate he was growing. Looking down at most of the other gym goers, Cal felt his dick tingle at the sight of being bigger than them. Even better, in his hand was a thick protein shake blended with his assortment of growth supplements. He planned on using them later.


Going to the locker room, he put his shake away, wanting to see what his new size could do. Feeling his hungry muscles tense with energy, Cal needed to exert his power. Going on the floor, he first attacked the free curls. His heart was beating faster and faster as he approached the weights. Lifting up his usual weights, he began pumping his biceps. The cantaloupe-sized muscles grew higher and higher with each swing of the dumbbell. Feeling his muscles tense at the apex of his lift, he paused, then carried it lower, just like Big Jim had taught him. Flexing his triceps with each downswing, Cal could feel how much lighter the 75 lb weights felt in his larger arms. Picking up two 100 lb weights, he began pumping them back and forth. The blood rushing to his arms, his veins spreading underneath the skin to feed his hungry muscles.


Looking in front of him at the wall of mirrors surrounding the room, he grinned at the dominant hunk displaying such strength. Seeing his biceps and triceps reach their fully pumped size, Cal was sure that if he was wearing sleeves, they sure wouldn’t last long. Finally satisfied with the increased display of strength from his biceps, Cal changed his swings. Pumping up his triceps, letting his biceps stretch out on the upswing. Seeing his delts swell to the size of cannonballs, Cal grinned at his reflection. Setting down the weights after an hour, he felt like it was a matter of minutes. Strutting over to the bench press, he needed to see how big his pecs could get.


Setting the bar at his old weight of 450 lbs, Cal sat down on the bench. Spreading his lats as he prepared his pumped arms, he gripped the bar with his calloused hands. The rough metal had been grinding his skin into a pair of durable mitts. He loved it, it felt more manly. Pushing it up as he breathed in, he raised the bar to the full length of his arms. Setting the weight back down, he could feel it also has not challenged his muscles like it used to. Setting it at 500 lbs, he sat back down. With a grunt, he pushed the heavier bench up, then down. Feeling the blood rush into his pecs, Cal grinned as he set himself into a rhythm. Completing double his usual reps at his highest bench ever, he wondered how much weight he could manage.


Raising the weight by 10 lbs incrementally, he finally sat down under 540 lbs. Grunting deeper under the weight, he pushed through. Raising the bar, the immense weight overcome by his enlarged muscles. Bringing it back down, feeling the blood rush back out of his pecs. The increased pressure and the fact that he could now bench nearly twice his weight, Cal felt his dick start to chub up. Managing three more benches, he set the bar back down. Getting up, he felt his sensitive nipples pushing into the fabric of his wifebeater. Checking out his reflection, he could see his massive melon-sized chest muscles throbbing a deep shade of red. His nipples looked like they were freezing by how much they protruded. Giving one a squeeze, he felt his dick jump at the surge of pleasure that raced down his spine.


Draining his water bottle, feeling the cool water rush down his throat. Cal refilled his bottle two more times. Looking around, he strided over to the pull-downs. Sitting down on his muscled glutes, Cal began his first rep. Feeling his lats and deltoids fill with blood, Cal’s shirt began tightening across the bulging muscles. Grunting with each pull, Cal could feel himself going into the ‘zone’. His ears rushed with blood as he focused on filling his lungs with the cold air. 


30 minutes later


The 300 lbs weights clanged down on his last rep. Getting up, Cal flexed his lats, watching his large muscles push out like airplane wings. Looking at his pumped traps fight his bull neck for space, Cal felt the fire-hot flesh throbbing. Going over to the squat rack, feeling the urge to break all of his personal records today. He loaded the bar an extra 100 lbs heavier, factoring in his massive build’s need for an increased workout. Squatting under the massive 650 lbs, feeling the bar fall between the grooves of his pumped shoulders and thick neck. Pushing out rep after rep, Cal’s glutes began swelling with blood under the increased demand. His massive hamstrings stretching with each descent, his huge quads pushing the added weight back up.


His nylon shorts gripping the edges of his pumped quads, the fabric pulled tight by his swelling glutes. Pulled tight across his package, Cal felt the fabric squeeze his nuts and shaft as he continued his steady squats. After a solid hour of squats, Cal’s massive glutes swelled too big for his britches. Feeling small tears in his boxer briefs, his massive cheeks rubbing against the cool nylon. Loading the bar back on the rack, Cal walked to the locker room, his pumped quads barely sore.


Inspecting his undergarment, finding the waistband separated in several places after his record workout. His thicker pubic bush was creeping over the sides of the fabric. Seeing his package starting to overfill the taut pouch, Cal adjusted the fabric. Fighting against his sweaty muscles and his massive equipment, he finally gave up. Leaving the ripped boxer briefs on, he would take care of it when he got home. Feeling his phone buzzing in his pocket, Cal read an assortment of texts from Ethan.


Ethan: Hey Cal sorry I’m late, trying to find a parking spot

Ethan: Found a spot, coming in now

Ethan: Do I need to change first

Ethan: Where are you?

Ethan: Is this the right gym?

Ethan: I’ll be waiting by the juice bar, I’ll wait until you’re done with your workout. I can hear you grunting somewhere


“Remember, take it easy. It’s his first time.”


Cal looked up at the mirror to see Big Jim standing behind him.


He chuckled in his deep voice, Big Jim stepped closer. He could see that Cal was starting to reduce the size difference between them. “It wasn't that long ago that I helped you set those personal records that you just broke. Looking at you, I can’t believe your progress; you sure were bigger than I was at that age.”


“Thanks Big Jim. You should’ve seen me last night, I fuckin grew! It felt fuckin unbelievable!”


“I know, I had a similar experience the first time I took those supplements.”


“It was amazing, that’s why I brought an extra dose for today.” Flexing his pecs, “I wanna fuckin grow in front of Ethan today. Let him see how a man works out.”


Clicking his tongue, “tough luck Cal. You won’t grow again when you drink those. Believe me, I sure fuckin tried.”


“So what happens?” Cal gazed disappointedly at his former miracle shake.


“Nothing, the cocktail’s already in your system. Your next ‘dose’ will just get flushed out.”


“Well I should at least drink it for the protein though, right?”


“Cal, think about it. You got a friend out there obsessed with how big you are, and he wants you to teach him. Trust me, helping someone grow feels just as good as growing yourself.”


Looking down at the shake, Cal walked out to find Ethan.


Watching the big jock leave, Big Jim smiled to himself, “that ought to get things moving.”


Meanwhile, at the juice bar


Ethan sat there, sipping nervously from a bottle of water. ‘Where was Cal? Did he leave? Did he change his mind?’ Thinking again of his dominating presence in the bathroom, Ethan felt his dick stiffen at the thought of the huge jock. He was astounded at how big his classmate had gotten. Ethan didn’t feel that small in his other classes, he was actually fairly average, as he kept having to remind himself. He last measured himself at 5’10 last week, having wanted to compare himself to the massive jock. He wasn’t even that skinny, Ethan reminded himself of his fair size. Checking his weight every day, he was 147 this morning.


The first time he saw Cal this year sparked something in him. Ethan remembered seeing him the year before. He was a little bit bigger than him, but now, he was massive. After the first week of meeting Cal, Ethan couldn’t stop thinking about being that big. He had launched himself into a workout regiment. He began lifting some weights, and tried to bulk up with protein. At first, he was very proud of his gains, going from 130 to 140 in a matter of weeks. But soon it started to taper off. He kept thinking, ‘maybe I’m just not meant to be a big guy. Obviously Cal is.’ Now he only really cared about maintaining his faint abs. Ethan liked to feel the light edges of his abdomen, but after yesterday, seeing how cut Cal was, it felt insignificant.


Ethan was told by a couple friends that he had a fairly big dick compared to them. He last measured himself at around 6 inches. But after seeing Cal’s massive dick slowly get bigger throughout the semester, he felt that the minimum for ‘big’ had shifted. Feeling hopelessly outmanned by the hung teenager, Ethan resigned himself to beating off to the thought of Cal every night. Sucking off his huge pole, Ethan yearned to have a dick like that. Of feeling his hand have to reach further and further out to grasp his cockhead, of having to use two hands to hold it. Of having nuts so big they could be weighed in pounds.


Feeling his heart sank after checking the clock again, Ethan got up to leave.


“Hey Ethan, hold up!” A deep baritone yelled behind him. Turning around, his dick nearly exploded at the sight of Cal rushing over to him. The massive jock looked enormous. Seeing his massive arms hanging out at his sides, Ethan could see the swollen red muscles tensing up against each other. The jock’s huge pecs were pushing out his shirt, his big nipples poking out. Looking down at his virtuous manhood, the massive bulge clearly bigger than yesterday. His massive hairy quads pulled the fabric tight, pushing his package out further.


“Ethan!” Grabbing him into a hug, Cal picked up the small guy. “Glad I caught you! You ready to get big?” Cal flexed his chest, seeing Ethan starting to drool.


“Cal…. ho-how’d you get even bigger?” Looking up into Cal’s glimmering eyes, he looked even bigger. “Are you… are you taller?”


“Hehe, yea. Measured myself at 6’3 this morning, but I probably look taller because of these shoes. Now enough about me, let’s get you growing!” Cal directed Ethan away from the door and onto the floor. Feeling his small shoulders shudder under his light grip, “Whoops, sorry Ethan. I guess I forget my own strength sometimes.” Chuckling, he looked down to see Ethan staring at him with a face of astonishment.


Ethan could feel the calloused hands engulfing his shoulders, the hulking jock reeking of sweat and musk. Trying to breathe it in without being obvious, Ethan shuddered again, feeling his dick spurt a small load. ‘He’s almost half a foot taller than me now,’ Ethan thought to himself. ‘He looks almost twice as big as me, and God knows how much more fucking hung he is!’ Looking down at his bulging crotch, Ethan felt his dick throb again.


“Okay, let’s see where you’re at with these arms of yours.” Guiding him to a wide assortment of numbered weights, Ethan watched Cal pick up one of the smaller pairs as if they were nothing. Handing him two 20 lb dumbbells. Feeling them pull his arms down, Ethan began lifting them up to his shoulder, managing a couple reps before his arms began to tire out.


Seeing him start to slow down, Cal took on a stern tone in his deep voice. “Come on Ethan! Pump out 10 more reps for me!” Seeing him push himself harder, he finally counted to 10, letting his arms fall down to his sides. “That was good, that was good. Twenty-pounders seem like a good starting challenge for you. Next time, I wanna see ten additional reps. Now,” he said, clapping his hands together, “let’s do chest!”


Seeing Cal load two 40 lb weights on each side of the bar, Cal explained how this was a good beginner weight to test him. Showing him the proper position, Cal laid down on the bench, Ethan could see Cal’s massive pecs push up past his chin, his massive package bouncing around as he wiggled his legs. Picking up the light bar with obvious ease, Ethan watched Cal carefully. Seeing his form as he lowered the bar to his chest slowly, exhaling as he pushed it back up. Reracking it, Cal got up, once again towering over him.


Watching Ethan lay down on the bench, the little guy lifted the bar. Bringing it down to his chest, puffing out air under the weight. Taking the light bar from him, “Ethan, remember, try to breathe in as you bring it down.” Nodding, Ethan grabbed hold of the bar again, breathing carefully. Bringing it down to his flat chest, he held the position for a moment. With a small wisp of air escaping his lips, he pushed it back up. Watching him as he did the next five reps with careful form, “You’re getting the hang of it my guy. Now do 20 more reps.” Only getting to 16, Cal helped Ethan get up.


Getting up with the help of Cal’s hairy forearms, Ethan grimaced as he felt his chest breath out. His arms and chest were sore to the point of tingling. Walking with Cal over to some contraption with pulleys on it, hearing him explain which muscles he was working out in each exercise. “This one will help you build muscle in your lats and traps. It’s important to build muscle all around or else it’ll limit how strong your other muscles will get.” Watching Cal sit down and assume a straight-back position, his hands pulling down the two sides of the bar. Ethan stared at Cal’s back muscles swell up as his arms lowered the easy weight. His mountainous back was pushing its defined ridges into the sweaty fabric.


Getting up, unaware of the imprint Cal left from his sweaty crotch, helping Ethan sit down at the preset weights. Letting him start at 70 lbs, Cal watched him try to follow his technique with shaking hands. “Come on Ethan, you can’t let your fatigue get in the way of your gains. Push through it!” He was surprised at how easily his bigger voice box was able to sound stern. Cal saw him push out five more reps. “That was good. It’ll get easier as your muscles get used to the movements. Last one for now, let’s see how much you can squat.”


Setting him up with 40 lbs on each end, Ethan watched Cal set the bar on his shoulders as he squatted down. Seeing his quads swell with each descent, Ethan tried to keep his focus on his muscled form. Having Cal help him get the bar set evenly on his shoulders, Ethan slowly squatted down. Feeling the heavy weight push down through his legs, feeling his legs burn as he slowly stood back up. Taking a few deep breaths, Ethan took his time with each squat. Feeling his legs burn more and more with each rep, he finally gave up as he felt his quad start to fade. Feeling the heavy weight being lifted by Cal, Ethan sat down with a thump.


Helping the groaning teenager get up, Cal brought Ethan over to the waiting area. Sitting him down, Ethan was sweating profusely, grimacing with each movement of his body. “Listen Ethan, you did good today. You showed me what you’re capable of, and I think you have potential to grow.” Cal saw Ethan’s face light up. “Now I’ll help you get huge, but it’s gonna be rigorous. Here, this should help.” Handing him the shake, he saw Ethan gulp it down thirstily.


Later that evening


Ethan was laid out in his bed, feeling his muscles throb with his heartbeat. He couldn’t believe how big Cal was now. “How does he get bigger so fast?” Remembering the big jock’s parting words, reminding him to fuel up with calories. Groaning, he patted his protruding stomach, having filled up on spaghetti and meatballs at dinner. Needing to pee, Ethan got up wearily. His body was definitely not ready for such a workout.


Relieving his bladder, Ethan looked down at his own dick. Only 3 inches soft, “I get that some people are naturally hung; but how is his dick still growing?” Thinking of the massive bulge protruding in the jock’s skin tight shorts, Ethan began to rub his hardening cock. Jerking it off at the thought of having a dick as big as Cal’s, Ethan felt his heart flutter. His blood pressure rose as he beat off faster, moaning softly. “He’s so fuckin BIG.” Feeling his sore muscles tense, Ethan flexed his calves. Closing his eyes to picture Cal, his pleasure rose as his muscles relaxed, his soreness gone. “Fuck, he’s big. So fucking built. So fucking hung. He’s so massive,” he grunted with each stroke, feeling his muscles tense again.


His eyes closed, Ethan began to inch taller, his bare feet reaffirming his stance as his head rose an inch. His muscles tensing, his pecs began to push out slowly, soon creating a slight overhang over his abs. The crevices between each abdominal deepening and sharpening into a defined six-pack. “And he’s getting fucking hairy too. I bet he could grow a fucking beard if he wanted to, that sexy fucking stubble,” groaning louder. His throat growing, dropping his alto to a rich tenor. His traps pushed up lightly, his shoulders broadened out. His medium shirt filled out by his growing upper body. His biceps and triceps tensed, swelling bigger. His forearms filled out, growing to match his 16” biceps.


His calves and quads swelled bigger, filling his legs with powerful sinew. His thighs filling out his own shorts now, the growth spreading to his tingling crotch. “Fucking Cal, so fucking beefy. Such a huge cock. Such a stud.” His golf-ball sized nuts swelled to the size of plums, filling out his loosening sack. His dick began to lengthen in his hand, slowly growing thicker and longer. Swelling bigger, passing 7 inches as his pubes began to thicken. Adjusting his stance again as his head inched higher. His muscles tensed and swelled unanimously, bulging out more in his tightening clothes. “So fucking massive. Such a fucking jock. Gonna make me huge.” Feeling his pulse quicken, his dick gave one final spurt of growth before his load blew out.


Shooting shot after shot out of his 8 inch dick, his tangerine sized nuts emptying their increased load. Gaining his senses back after what felt like the best orgasm he ever had, Ethan turned to look in the mirror. 


“Fuck me.”


The next day


Ethan woke up startled; a seeping dread that it was all a dream, a gush of euphoria at his new size, followed by a gush of precum at the sight of his throbbing dick. Standing up, Ethan felt more alive than ever. Feeling his blood pump into his larger muscles, tensing his shoulders as he stretched his neck. Rubbing his pumped cock, “Still can’t fuckin believe it, one workout and I’m a fucking jock.” Flexing his cockhead, feeling his heart race as his balls churned with their bigger load, “fuccccck.” Rubbing his nuts, “I didn’t think I could get any hornier after yesterday, but I feel like I can blow my fuckin wad all day.” Spinning his hips, watching the grooves of his tight Adonis belt and abs twist and turn. Flexing his bigger pecs, seeing the muscles dance a little each time. His nuts throbbing as their contents sloshed around in their larger size, Ethan massaged his cockhead. Feeling his thick load travel up his longer cock, he fired his thicker cum onto the mirror, all over his chiseled reflection. Looking at himself through the stained mirror, “fuck me, I just fucking got off on myself,” grinning ear to ear, Ethan’s dick pushed out a last spurt of cum, filling his cupped hand with a volume he would of been proud to make in a day.


Grabbing a pair of his brother’s shirt and shorts, Ethan got dressed, admiring how his bigger body filled out the large pair of clothes. “Fuck I’m gonna need to get a lot more clothes, Pete’s clothes won’t last long if I grow much bigger.” His dick jumping as he pictured the size of his future biceps, Ethan imagined one day ripping through his sleeves. “Aw fuck yea, that would be awesome,” flexing his bicep, seeing it fill the sleeves. His stomach rumbled through his tight abdominals, “gotta fuel this body for today’s workout, gonna get fucking bigger.”


Later at the Gym


Ethan strolled in, a new man. Wearing a freshly bought set of workout clothes, seeing his tight defined shoulders in the reflection. His new tank top fit his muscled figure snugly, his small pecs pushing out into the fabric slightly. His bigger arms looked shredded in their naked form. Naturally benefiting from his low body fat, his increased musculature being well-defined in his tight skin. Ethan absorbed the light admiration he saw in some looks. Feeling his dick pulse in his new gym shorts, his heartbeat racing at having a noticeable bulge for once. Seeing his 5 inch softie pressed out, Ethan held his head up high, finally having the body confidence he had craved for so long.


Resenting the school year for having seen so many of his hunky classmates beef up with puberty and sports, not to mention the monstrous growth of Cal, Ethan always felt a twinge of jealousy at how they flaunted their great bodies. Jealous at how the natural-born jocks so easily put on size, sported such big cocks, and had such good looks; Ethan struggled under his genetic limits. But now, he felt like he had finally been given a chance. The chance to feed his hunger for size into a more receptive body. His previous workouts grinding to a halt as he capped out at 145, now he felt free. Truly limitless, he didn’t expect his bigger body to cap out anytime soon. Now, he was 6’0 and 186 lbs of young jock potential.


Lifting the 20 lb dumbbells with such ease, Ethan grabbed a pair of 40’s. Pumping his larger arms harder and harder, feeling them swell with blood. Going on mindlessly, Ethan felt unusually focused on his form, his eyes fixated on his arms. His swollen arms filled with an endless supply of energy and hungry muscle, Ethan carried on until his eyes began to focus on his pecs. Needing to see them pumped bigger, he sat down at the bench press. Lifting the bar, feeling the increased weight matched by his swollen arms and bigger pecs. Exhaling and inhaling with each bench, pushing the 150 lb bar over and over. Staring at the ceiling, Ethan’s eyes glanced at his pumped forearms, seeing his pale skin slightly darkened with small hairs. Thinking to himself between reps, his heart leapt out of his chest at the sight.


He may not have been that hairy, but seeing the small hairs, Ethan’s excitement crept higher and higher. He had yet to show any body hair, and seeing his older brother’s continued inability to sprout any, Ethan didn’t think highly of growing hair anytime soon. But now; now he could see his bigger nuts were already putting themselves to use in more ways than one. Pushing harder under the rush of adrenaline, Ethan felt his pecs pump larger.


Standing up after an eternity, Ethan flexed his swollen pecs. His chest looked even bigger in his snug tank top. Seeing the edges of his pumped pecs begin to graze his pumped biceps, Ethan nearly blew his load. Adjusting his hard cock in his shorts, he looked down to see his dick’s erect shape clearly defined. Remembering Cal’s massive bulge, seeing how it resembled him when iron-hard, Ethan imagined one day having a soft cock this big. Of having such a massive horsecock it was bigger soft than the average hard-on.


Strolling over to the pull-downs, Ethan wanted to keep his record-breaking workout on track. Pulling down the bar, feeling the 120 lbs weights fight against his bigger traps and lats. Feeling the rush of adrenaline again at how he blew his previous struggle out of the water, Ethan performed the next rep with ferocity. Feeling the small ridges of his back press out into the fabric, Ethan’s dick couldn’t stop quivering. Seeing his workout closing in on his third hour in the gym, Ethan moved on to the squat rack.


Feeling the rush of adrenaline, endorphins, testosterone, and the sheer blood pressure filling his dick, Ethan loaded the bar with four 50 lb weights. Gripping the bar on both sides, Ethan squatted lower than before. Feeling his quads expand rapidly to hold up the massive weight, Ethan pushed up slowly. Standing up, his workout-focused mind cleared with a realization. He was squatting more than his body weight. Feeling his sore nuts fill up rapidly with his bigger load, Ethan went back down.


Pushing out rep after rep, Ethan felt his massive quads and glutes fill up his new shorts. His dick getting painfully pressed out by the pumped muscles, he tried to keep his mind on the weights. Resigning itself to a dull, but consistent feeling in the back of his head, Ethan’s sensitive cock remained painfully hard. The combined horniness and endless rubbing against the fabric only made his dick spasm harder.


Finishing his last rep, Ethan gazed at his reflection. “Fuck I’m pumped. My fucking body looks huge, I’m fucking filling out these clothes already!” Rubbing his erection, Ethan felt his nuts swell under the increasing pressure of his load. Finding the bathroom deserted, Ethan only managed to get in a few strokes before his cock erupted. Spewing out his load with incredible force, his blood red cock was swollen with the rest of his body. His tremendous workout pumped his dick bigger with blood with each workout. His nuts finally emptying themselves of cum, Ethan caught his breath, trying to remember having a better orgasm.


“Fuck,” he panted between breaths, “I’m a fucking jock now. I have fucking muscles. I have a fucking dick worthy of fucking. I’m becoming a fucking jock.”


“I’ll say.”


Turning around, Ethan faced the top of Cal’s huge pecs. The huge jock must’ve seen him entering the bathroom. “Cal,” Ethan looked back down at his own jacked body, “thank you. Thank you for making me big.”


“Big? I believe you asked me to make you HUGE. You wanna be HUGE right?”


Ethan nodded as he gazed at the massive body in front of him. Suddenly, his gains felt like they had come short. Seeing the comparison, Ethan felt his dick throb at the size of Cal’s bulge.


“Ethan,” Cal began lowering his waistband, “you want to have a fucking man’s dick, right?” He pulled out his soft dick, feeling the size of his member fill his hand. Rubbing its length, feeling it fill with blood as it stretched longer. Cal saw Ethan step towards him, taking his dick into his own rough hands.


Ethan stared at the bigger cock. He hadn’t seen its bigger size in all its glory. Seeing it reach the huge 10 inches he so thirstily sucked off the other day, Ethan began to go down on it. Stopping his descent, he could feel the thick shaft continue to harden and grow. Lengthening another two inches, bobbing up and down as it reached its final footlong size. The immense girth of the wine bottle thick cock filling both his hands.

“Oh Cal,” Ethan crept down on his knees, watching the huge cockhead dribble pre, “make me fucking HUGE.”

Incredibly hot chapter 

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Two massive veiny beasts double penetrating her tiny body, holding her up in midair just by the sheer power and size of their hulking cocks, flexing and fucking in a frenzy of muscle and dick...


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i can see cal doing it but not ethan. i think ethan will do what cal did but end up doing it wit a guy he finds but i thnk cal will get with both ethan and amy

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Took some time to finish up some other activities, next chapter will be ready within a week. More the come (cum) from Cal! ;)

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  • Genetonic changed the title to A Lucky Find (Chapter 13 Added 7/15)

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