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Very nice setup, looking forward to see if this develops further!

But please don't ever use colored fonts, this has been very uncomfortable to read lol

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(Chapter 4 Added) Sorry for the delay, had to take some time to think of where I wanted this story to go. Chapter 5 should be along soon ;)

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Chapter 2


Swinging around, Cal looked up at an enormous muscular chest filling out a football jersey. He immediately went for the door. 


“Woah woah woah. Calm down buddy. Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you. In fact I can’t. In case you couldn’t tell by this unhealthy blueish glow, I’m a ghost.”


“What the fuck”


“He he.” His deep resonating tone chuckled again. “I remember the first time I appeared to someone. Didn’t go well. I actually had the cops called on me. Unlucky for him I can choose who I appear to, the cops almost took the poor sap away to the hospital that night.”


“Who are you and why’d you show yourself to me then?” Cal was still standing by the door, dumbfounded.


“Well the name’s James Thumper, but you can call me Big Jim. In case you couldn’t tell by the name on the back of your jersey, it used to belong to me.”


“You can have it back. O-or I can return it.”


“Don’t be silly, you’re not the first. Although a few tried to wear me in the past, not all of them had the spirit. Watching you today at practice, I could see your potential. That’s why I got you started with the upgrades.”




“Yea just an extra 10 lbs and I bumped you up to 6’1”.”


Cal looked down, he could sense his view was a bit higher, his feet a bit bigger.


“Speaking of upgrades, how about a bump up for your buddy down there?”


Cal looked down at his dick, he could feel it stretch longer and thicker. It felt like he was getting even harder. Stroking it’s new size, he marveled at how much more it filled out his hand. At the same time he felt his nuts dangle a bit lower in their enlarged sack. In a quick spurt, they swelled to the size of lemons.


“Fucking awesome!”


“Seems like you’re enjoying it.” Big Jim looked down warmly at the burgeoning athlete.


“So you can just make me bigger at will?”


“Not entirely. I can only enhance what you already do. That’s why I chose someone with your potential, you still have some growth to be unlocked. Even then, it’s not gonna happen all at once. Today’s growth could only happen because you’ve built up some energy from lifting over the summer. But keep it up, and you’ll be the biggest jock on the team before you know it”


Cal could feel his heartbeat pacing with excitement. The thought of growing bigger all over seemed impossible. But here was the proof in his hand!


“Alright Big Jim, help make me huge!”


“Just you wait, little guy. Just you wait.”


And with that he poofed away in the residual steam.


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Chapter 3


Waking up the next morning, Cal sat up in a nervous sweat. All night he had been plagued with dreams of muscles, weight lifting, and football. Remembering last night’s events, he thought it might’ve been part of the slew of dreams. Uncovering himself, he was meant by undeniable proof.


Grabbing his newly enlarged meat, Cal went over to his desk to measure it. He could feel it’s increased weight. Not to mention the feeling of his heavier balls swinging back and forth. Grabbing his tape measure, his heart thumped at the number ‘8’ meeting his engorged cockhead. Heading to the bathroom, he wanted to get a closer look at his gains.


Once again grateful for having his own private bathroom off of his room, Cal checked himself in front of the mirror. Everything was bigger. He flexed his pecs, the larger mounds jumping on command. Flexing his arms, he admired the increase in detail along his biceps and triceps. Checking his torso, his initial 6 pack was detailed into 6 shredded blocks, and the beginnings of two more beneath. There he met the crisscrossing of his Adonis belt with various veins that lead to his throbbing meat.


Down below, he noticed how his thighs swelled closer together when he flexed. Also pushing his sack forward and his dick bouncing up and down. His mind racing, he furiously jerked off, feeling his load building.


Getting close, he imagined growing closer to Big Jim’s size. He could remember the size of his monster pecs, his biceps threatening to tear his sleeves, his massive horseshoe triceps. Finally, he thought of himself growing bigger than the giant ghost.


Shooting out shot after shot all over his mirror, Cal felt the enormous pressure with each load. His enhanced nuts fired salvo after salvo of his pent up cum. Finishing off into a thick dribble, Cal felt the desire to magnify himself. Staring through the cum coated reflection, he imagined himself bigger. Ready for more, his tool springing up again as he got in the shower.


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  • Genetonic changed the title to A Lucky Find (Chapter 17 Added 10/25)

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