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Chapter 16


The sun had just set, Jack was driving down the unlit road, looking for the right address. He shifted in his seat, unsure of his costume. It was his first Halloween party, and he didn’t know what was going to happen. Looking in the mirror, he laughed as he saw his reflection. He had spent the last month growing out his beard, letting it fill in. Last night he had shaved the sides, grooming a thick goatee. Scratching his day’s worth of stubble, he was sure it wouldn’t hurt the look. He was dressed like an 80’s powerlifter. His big frame was dressed in a brightly colored lycra along with some ankle warmers and a black curly wig. Scratching his thicker chest hair, it had started coming in stronger recently, good timing for the costume.


Pulling into the driveway, he saw a lineup of cars. Stepping out onto the crunchy leaves on the ground, he closed his door. Feeling his cock start to stiffen from the costume, a bit annoyed at how obvious it was in the tight nylon. Walking past a lifted truck, his heart beat in his chest as he recognized it. Cal was here. His dick instantly filled with blood, the throbbing cockhead pressed into his furry gut. Feeling his blood rush through his ears, Jack walked to the entrance, peering inside. It looked pretty packed, walking inside, he was suddenly aware that he towered over almost everyone. Seeing a few girls point and smile at him, his mustachioed face broke into a grin.


Wading his way through the crowd, he received compliment after compliment, blushing after each one. Jack felt his cockhead pulsing against his gut, flaring as he got more and more stares. Looking around, he could hear a thunderous voice rising above the noise of the party. Finding his way into another room, he passed by some faces he half-recognized. Entering the other room, he could feel the floor shaking. He could see two heads rising high above the rest of the crowd. He could see Ethan and Cal bumping into each other, both flexing in the dark room. Waddling over in his lycra, Jack could feel his cock thumping wildly, his nuts chafing in the tight nylon.


Walking closer, Jack could smell the hot stench of sweat and cum filling the air. Licking his lips, Jack felt his stomach rumble as he got within full view of Cal and Ethan. Both of them towered over everyone else, a crowd of students surrounding them. They were each flexing, arguing over who was bigger now. Taken aback, Jack couldn’t tell at first. They looked pretty equal. Cal stood eye level with Ethan, and both looked straight at each other with a mixture of hunger and anger. He hadn’t seen much of Ethan or Cal since school started. Right after Cal dropped out, Ethan followed suit, presumably trying to match Cal’s level of bulk. It looked like he didn’t just match it, he caught up.


Both of them stood barefoot on the floor, their feet spread out to accommodate their overpacked legs. Cal was nearly naked, save for a battered loin cloth that did little to conceal the bulk of his package. His overgrown body hair covering him nearly head to toe, his beard and hair messed up, and dirt smeared on his face, he was the epitome of a hormonal-driven caveman. His hairy quads swelled outwards as each of their massive heads flexed and bulged beneath his skin. His loincloth was probably the size of a garbage bag. Encompassing his Kardashian-sized ass-cheeks and pulling up his swollen package. Jack could see each of his basketball-sized nuts filling out the bottom of the fabric, it was a miracle they didn’t rip through under their weight. Pushed down the side and across his hip, his thick cock flexed angrily inside the fabric. He definitely wasn’t fully hard, but Jack could see that he was aroused. 


Looking up further, his rigid abdominals lead his thick treasure trail up to his massive pecs. Each one bigger than a 50 lb bag of rice, covered in thick hair and pushing out by nearly a foot and a half. Each of his doorknob sized nipples looked hard enough to cut glass, pushed down vertically by the mass of his pecs. Across from his broad shoulders, each of his massive biceps flexed, pressed into his shoulders and traps. With his hand, he managed to palm his bicep, his muscled forearm pressed into it. Grinning his flawless smile, he growled as he flexed his massive pecs, pushing them out even more, his huge nipples almost disappearing under the overblown mass of his pecs.


Roaring in his thunderous voice, “WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT LIL GUY?”


Jack watched as Ethan shifted his shoulders, flexing his traps. Already they grazed his ears, pushing up higher and higher. Taking him in, Jack felt his cock gushing out more precum. He had somehow found a fake roman chestplate big enough to cover his upper body. Each of his massive hairy pecs eclipsed the fake metal, pressing out on all sides. Going down, his tree trunk legs were draped with an overstretched kilt and fake pteruge. Even in the front of the armor, you could see his massive bulge pressed out. Looking down, Jack could get a glimpse of the massive warrior’s nuts strapped in with a pouch on the verge of tearing.


The hype masculinized Hercules flexed his biceps, performing a flawless double bicep pose. Each of his peaks raised up to his palms. Gripping the muscles, Ethan smirked. Flexing them bigger, Jack could see his hands pushed upwards by the growing muscles. Flexing his pecs, the fake armor began to crack, the plastic breaking as his enormous chest muscles broke through. Each of his meaty pecs pumped as big as Cal’s. Flexing his swollen thighs, his hairy leg muscles tore through the fabric. Ripping off the roman-style skirt, Ethan was clad only in his overfilled pouch. The crowd around Jack was going crazy. Girls were shrieking, guys were either drooling or yelling. Picking sides, a slow chant began to fill the room.


“Cal….. Ethan…… Cal!...... Ethan!......CAL!!!..... ETHAN!!!...CAL!ETHAN!CAL!ETHAN!!!”


On the crescendo, both Ethan and Cal ripped off their loincloths, freeing their humongous equipment. Both of their massive dicks immediately began growing hard, filling with blood at the sound of the chants around them. Both Ethan and Cal were still flexing their muscles, refusing to relax, refusing to shrink before the other. Their melon-sized cockheads creeping up past their pecs, they had to step aside as their tips grazed each other. Jack nearly blew his load up his lycra. Prying his eyes off of the scene, he could see most of the crowd losing it already. The room stunk of cum. The chants grew louder, each chant followed by Cal or Ethan flexing their muscles, trying to out match the other..


Ethan and Cal took a step forward, the floor shaking as they did. Everyone was staring intently, unsure of what they were about to see.




“READY TO LOSE?” Ethan shouted.


Stepping up to each other, both pushed their dicks down, angling them against each other. Seeing both of their ass-splitting cocks rubbing against each other as they measured, Jack exploded up his lycra, his hot cum gushing against his stomach before leaking down his legs. Watching as his dick continued shooting, Jack felt his heart jump as he saw Cal step closer, his cockhead clearly pressed into Ethan’s waist while Ethan’s was short by a couple inches.


“FUCK YEA!!!!!” Cal roared. “I HAVE THE BIGGEST FUCKING COCK IN HISTORY!!!!” Standing back, Cal flexed his arms, his cock swinging up and smacking his swollen pecs. Jack started drooling, his mouth hanging open as he stared at the engorged purple cockhead. Cal began walking around, flexing his cock as his hefty nuts swung back and forth.


“I WOULDN’T BE TOO SURE OF THAT!” Ethan called back the attention of the room, his face breaking into a wide grin. “OKAY BIG JIM! GIVE IT TO ME!”


Jack watched, perplexed, as Ethan held his head back, rolling his shoulders. Immediately, Jack could tell what was happening, he reached for his pulsing cock, jacking it off furiously. Precum was spurting all over him and on the floor, lubricating his fist as he pumped his shaft. He drooled as Ethan lifted his jacked arm, slowly flexing his bicep. Jack watched it reach its peak, quickening his pace as he watched the peak rise higher. His bicep turning a deep red color, it swelled another inch, an angry vein throbbing with more and more blood as it thickened, spreading across the massive arm. Feeling his big nuts ready to pull up, Jack held back, if only for a few seconds.


Quickly, the rest of Ethan’s body turned a deep shade of red as his face contorted. He was grunting deeply, shriveling his brow as it looked like every muscle was flexing itself. Jack had to force his eyes open in the middle of cumming to watch as Ethan’s musculature swelled and flexed bigger. He was raising his shredded arms, flexing his chest and lats as they filled with blood. His pecs were growing faster and faster, swelling a little bit with each flex, each surge pushing his growing nipples further and further down. Soon, they were close to the size of doorknobs as his meaty pecs surged bigger, forcing them down vertically. His biceps were pumping larger, stretching his paper thin skin tighter. Jack could see more and more veins erupting as the tense arms exploded with power.


Ethan brought his arms behind his back, feeling the larger muscles stretch themselves tighter as he flexed his growing pecs and flaring lats. The base of his cock was tingling the whole night in anticipation, but now it was practically buzzing. Shuffling his shoulders, he grinned as he made eye contact with Cal, his eyeline a good inch and a half higher than him. He looked out among the crowd, completely towering over everyone. Barefoot and nearly 6’10, Ethan was a fucking giant now. His muscles, if they were unflexed, would be bigger than any bodybuilder he dreamt of sucking off. He had forever idolized someone with absolute control and power, dominating inferiors with sheer size. Looking around, he knew it was his time.


Gripping the base of his swelling cock, Ethan began to pleasure himself, feeling the callouses of his rough hands stimulate every square inch of his monstrous cock. His fuck-machine was bigger than a fucking clydesdale’s, meant to dominate anyone before it. Watching his thick cockhead peak above his pec-filled eyeline, he felt elated seeing that it had grown too. He had known this was coming for a long time now, his epic growth. He had even taken measurements earlier that day just to see his progress. This morning he had jerked off his giant 17” cock; but now, it looked closer to two feet. Two fucking feet of his meat throbbing and ready to blow. He knew he was 6’8 this morning, but he had to be over 6’10 now, looking further down at Cal.


Seeing his own pecs fill his vision, he compared them to Cal’s. He was easily much bigger now. Making each one jump, it felt twice as heavy, filled with mass. Flexing them, he felt the inner skin of each of his massive chest muscles press into each other. It felt like he could fucking compress carbon with these chesticles. Flexing his arms, each one was bigger than a basketball, filled with power and capable of anything. Watching his muscle move underneath the skin as he rubbed his cock, the movement only turned him on more. He had just crossed 420 lbs that morning, but with each second it felt like more and more had piled on. He would have to measure himself later, and would probably break his industrial scale with all this mass.


Feeling the growth slow down, he gave one final flex, trying to milk out the last of the growth. Seeing his skin flush, and return to normal, he sighed, relaxing his tense body.


“Hehehe,” he rumbled, “You wanna try and measure again?” Seeing Cal’s face turn beet red, Ethan stepped forward. Placing his swollen cock on top of Cal’s he saw that he had easily eclipsed the man. The tip of Cal’s 19-incher was at least half a foot away from Ethan’s thick base. Seeing Cal falter, he went for it, he was king now. Pressing his big mitt onto Cal’s muscled shoulder, he forced him down, face to face with his flaring cockhead. He leaned back as he felt Cal’s warm mouth begin to swallow his enormous cock. Gasping for breath as he felt each extra square inch return tenfold with pleasure, Ethan’s massive balls quickly tightened. Forcing Cal lower and lower, feeling inch after inch become encompassed with the warmth of a subbing muscle bull, Ethan’s overfilled nuts quickly reached their breaking point. Feeling gallon after gallon erupting from his thick cock, Ethan bellowed, flexing and pressing his hands into the low ceiling. Feeling his power increase as he cracked the plaster, his hips swinging wildly back and forth as he spewed his load.


The ringing in his ears subsided, Jack felt his cock erupt again. Everyone around him was chanting, cheering, roaring. The room stunk of cum and sweat. His breath nearly stopped as he saw Ethan extract his cum-soaked cock from Cal, rubbing the still-hard tool. Feeling his own cock flex and stretch as he tried to feel what that must feel like, Jack couldn’t take it anymore. He pushed through the crowd, his half-naked body covered in sweat and his legs stained with cum. The smell thickened as he stepped up to Ethan. Looking up further into his hypermasculine face, seeing him look back at him like never before. He immediately kneeled down and tried his best to suck his still hard cock.


Right away he felt Ethan tense up again, his enormous cockhead slid right down his throat, coated with cum and saliva. Feeling his mouth widen more and more as his cock thickened monstrously, Jack tried his best to relax his throat. Finding his rhythm, he swallowed another inch of the massive dick. Inhaling Ethan’s thick musk, his cock spurted another load on top of the already growing puddle of cum on the floor. Tensing his shoulders, Jack began to power suck, wanting to please his new size. Ethan’s cock throbbed harder, filling with more blood as Jack’s suck made it swell to a new size. The spongy head bursting another inch forward, Jack sputtered for a moment, before relaxing and returning to his vacuum-like sucking. His lungs inhaled rapidly, thirstily sucking in more and more of Ethan’s growing cock.


Within seconds, he felt his stomach fill with load after load of Ethan’s cannon-like cum. Each load felt like a big meal, and it kept growing. Forcing his cock out as his gut distended with cum, the massive cockhead burst out, followed by another thick spurt of cum. Firing into the crowd above Jack’s head, he saw the thick hot liquid erupt like a volcano. Feeling hungry with his already full gut, Jack sucked down again, forcing more and more cum down his throat. It felt like Ethan had a never ending supply, and looking at his watermelon-sized cum factories, he probably did. Lying down in the puddle of cum, another few thick spurts covering him again with the oatmeal-like liquid.


His gut extended past his pecs, throbbing and filled with jizz, he moaned as he rubbed the tender space. His dick rubbing against the underside of his gut, Jack moaned, feeling hornier than ever. Looking over, he watched as Cal’s musculature turned a deep red, each one of his muscles flexing and tensing rapidly. Feeling his cock rub more and more, Jack tried to get up, unable to roll over with his massive swollen gut. He stared, panting, as he watched Cal stand up, taller than before. Watching the hairy man, covered in cum, look into Ethan’s eyes, Jack watched as he inched closer, quickly filling the height gap between them.


Closing his eyes as his body was taken over by a small convulsion, Cal grunted and forced himself through it. It felt like his entire body had been through a grueling, record-breaking workout. Then, 30 seconds later, he felt rejuvenated and filled with more energy than before. Then his body convulsed again, the feeling returning stronger than before. He looked down as his furry pecs pushed forward some, then some more, and then even more. His biceps were filling and stretching his skin, adding inch after inch of muscle to his arms. He felt his upper back thicken with muscle, growing in width and power as his traps pushed higher. His shoulders broadened, giving his biceps and pecs more room to grow. He quickly filled the space as his upper body flexed, then swelled.


Licking his lips, the salty sweet mixture still coating them, he felt more and more alive, more and more filled with power. His cock felt like it could fuck for hours, maybe days. It needed to fuck something soon, each spurt of growth making him hornier and hungrier for a hole to fuck. He felt his cock thicken, that familiar feeling returning. Feeling it wobble up and down, the weight trying to force it further and further down. Instead watching as he flexed his cock, the shaft pushed upwards now. It was covered in veins and arteries, growing thicker by the second. Each spurt adding more size to his powertool. The air grew more humid as his musk filled the room. Filling his nostrils with the intoxicating aroma, Cal felt his muscles tighten. Squeezing his chest, his pecs forced themselves forward more and more, making his big nips further down.


Feeling his hairy chest, Cal groaned, massaging the tender skin. He always loved having a big powerful chest, but it felt superhuman now. Each of his pecs felt bigger than two watermelons. Looking down at what he could see, it felt like he was as big as Big Jim now. Looking side to side at his swelling biceps, he grinned more and more. Looking dead ahead, he was eye level with Ethan. Staring at his worried face, Cal smirked. Massaging his swelling cock, he felt the familiar flesh, and quite a bit more. It felt monstrously thick, filling his hands with his god-like meat. Swinging the hefty schlong from side to side, he could feel his growing cockhead flare, filling with blood from the centrifugal force. He felt powerful having a dick this big, he understood how Ethan must have felt achieving this. Looking around, he glanced at the hungry eyes of the crowd.


He barely noticed the din, the blood was pumping through his ears too hard. Finding his footing, he stomped forward, feeling his cockhead once again poke into Ethan’s rock-hard core. Looking down, they were about even, it was too close to tell. Seeing Ethan’s scowl, he knew it would be a fight to get him to take this. Looking down, he saw Jack’s beleaguered body, flat on the floor. He looked ready to pass out. His naked body was covered in sweat and cum. His pumped muscles were shining with sweat, he was groaning as he rolled from side to side. His inflated gut was rumbling audibly. Seeing Jack’s throbbing cock spurt out a thick glob of precum, he went with his dick’s urges. Squatting down, he felt his thighs thicken and flare out as his muscles pumped like never before, supporting his new massive weight. His enormous nuts grazed the floor, sending tingling shock waves up his spine.


Picking up Ethan’s arm, he dragged him up, turning him around. Staring at his muscled back, Cal’s cockhead grazed the hot skin, dragging down until it found the two basketball-sized glutes. Digging inside, Cal flexed his dick harder and harder, adding tension to the stimulating feeling. He felt Ethan’s hole grip him tighter, fighting his entrance. Shoving inch after inch deeper inside of him, Cal grunted louder, his nuts swinging wildly as he bucked like crazy. Gripping Jack’s shoulders, he brought him closer, forcing him to bend over to allow more of his dick inside the warm space. Each movement of Jack’s hole tingled and tickled his flesh, his whole body was shaking from the intense feeling. Feeling another spurt hit him, his cockhead flared wider, forcing Jack’s hole apart more. Seeing his pecs swell a little bit, he widened his stance, resuming his fuck.


Feeling the hot flesh of Jack’s thighs grip his base as he thrusted forward, Cal felt like a lock inside of a key. It was the tightest grip he had ever felt, it was incredible. Looking forward, he could see Jack stirring and groaning louder. Jack had to step lower and wider as he grunted and tensed his body. Feeling the increased pressure squeeze his dick, Cal’s nuts unloaded their contents like a tsunami. Torrents of cum erupted out of him, filling the room with an even damper scent of cum. Flexing his biceps, Cal continued fucking Jack hands-free, feeling his big nuts swinging, hitting his legs with loud slaps. He flexed his thighs, feeling his quads swell and bulge, each fiber of his muscle felt powerful, ready to tear something in half. He felt alive.


Looking down again, he could see Jack’s skin turning a deep shade of red. Feeling his hole tighten again, Cal’s heart sunk, his dick throbbed harder and harder in the tight space. Quickly shuffling back, he felt the tightening ass squeeze his thick tool as he extracted himself from Jack. Dripping cum with loud splats, Cal felt his dick fill with blood again as it exited the hole. Stepping back, he mildly rubbed his cock as he watched the growth unfurl before him. Seeing Jack’s wobbling gut, he knew it was filled to the brim with their cum, and whatever Big Jim had planned, it would surely be big. Instantly he saw his head rise an inch, then another, then another. Quickly Jack was filling the gap between the three of them. He passed 6’6, then 6’7, then 6’8. With each spurt his muscles tensed harder, filling with tension and then releasing. But with each flex, his muscles never shrank, they just tensed again, and didn’t shrink. He was growing faster than both of them.


Stepping back, Jack felt dazed. His entire body was throbbing. Every part of him felt like it had an erection, and that he was only semi-hard. His aching gut hurt less and less with each beat of his heart. He stepped back again, finding his footing. He had to look down to steady himself, he felt like he might throw up. Getting dizzy from the increased height difference, he had to look down farther. Looking up at the ceiling, he was much closer to it than before. Looking around, he now towered over the screaming crowd. He was growing closer and closer to Cal and Ethan. Seeing them jerk their huge cocks at him, he felt his own cock swell from the attention.


Looking down at his hairy chest, he saw it fill his vision more and more. He was growing closer to one of those muscle freaks he dreamed about, who would do anything to get jacked. But now, he was outgrowing even that fantasy. Watching as his pecs surged past the size of king-sized pillows, he felt his big nipples tingle as they were pushed down. Feeling his turtle-shell abs push through his big gut, Jack could still feel all that cum sloshing inside of him. Flexing his biceps, he saw the soccer-ball sized head swell in front of his very eyes. His forearms flexed with power, thickening with strength. His neck cracked into place as his traps filled the sides of his head. He felt his back thicken as his shoulders broadened. It was like having an orgasm in the middle of a mind-blowing workout. He felt incredible.


Stepping forward again, he felt his dick wobbling heavily. Reaching down, he could feel the thick base fill his hands. Rubbing the swelling shaft, his heart nearly exploded just from seeing that this thick monster cock was his. Seeing his throbbing cockhead swell even bigger, he couldn’t help but double fist it with earnestness. Feeling his swelling nuts sink lower and lower, each basketball-sized orb was smacking his knees. His legs flexed and stretched as his quads thickened. He had to waddle as his thighs added on more and more mass. He felt his ass swell to monstrous proportions. Flexing his cock, Jack felt the immense mass push up, wobbling up and down. Grabbing his shaft with his calloused mitt, he began to massage the pulsating tip. Every inch of contact sent waves of pleasure down his shaft, he felt his ass flex in response. He was rocking from side to side.


Standing back, he felt someone grip his pulsing shaft, curling his toes more as he felt his dick be felt by someone else. Suddenly, he felt someone’s lips engulf his cockhead, slamming his eyes shut, Jack swayed from side to side as his dick was suctioned down. Looking down, he could see Cal’s rippling back rolling from side to side as he sucked down inch after inch of his throbbing cock. Jack could feel the base of his cock stretching Cal’s lips more and more as he swallowed the last of his engorged shaft. Feeling his cockhead gripped by Cal’s throat, Jack gasped for breath, barely able to breathe when every spasm and contour of Cal’s throat sent exponentially greater magnitudes of pleasure down his shaft. Feeling his copper-wire like beard scratch his swollen nuts, Jack began to roll his cock around. Feeling Cal turn up the suction, he could feel his cockflesh expand as it was sucked down. Bringing back the muscle memory of when he tried cock-pumping, Jack could feel his cock growing longer and thicker as it tried to fill the vacuum.


Rubbing Cal’s shoulders with his hands, Jack could feel every sinew tensing and relaxing through the hot skin. Feeling his traps pulse and swell as Cal once again sucked down furiously, Jack gasped. Cal’s strength pulsed under Jack’s fingers, making his nuts tingle. Sensing his nuts bouncing more and more as he bucked his hips, Jack knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Cal was not giving up, in fact, he was turning it up. Feeling Cal’s calloused hands squeeze his nuts as he sucked down even more, Jack felt his nuts take over. They emptied out what seemed like a biblical flood down Cal’s throat. His lips clamping down, Jack could feel Cal’s throat widen as he swallowed down every drop he had to offer. His hips bucked wildly, he had no control. Once he got started, he couldn’t stop, his body thrusted forward as he expelled his endless load. Gripping Cal’s tensing shoulders, Jack could feel his load start to lessen. Popping off of his engorged cock, Jack fired a few residual globs of cum onto Cal’s hairy chest.


Standing back up, Cal looked Jack in the eyes, licking his lips as he swallowed the last drops of cum. Looking at the naked beast, he admired his new size, he looked enormous compared to the backdrop of average body types. Jack looked almost as hairy as himself, but he could tell that his chest hair wasn’t as thick and his beard wasn’t as long. His nuts looked ready to rival his own, two veritable cum-factories, the size of basketballs, even after shooting his load. His cock looked bigger after his vacuum-like suction, but it was definitely not as thick as his own, nor quite as long. Looking at his massive body, Cal could easily see the strength under the layer of flab, his biceps were pushing 26 inches and his chest looked well over 80. His gut looked huge, but powerful. Six tortoise-shell-like bricks were pushing out of his midsection. His thighs looked like they could squat a metric ton, same for his ass. ‘Man, did he have a plowable ass’ Cal thought, ‘I’m gonna have to break it in soon.’


Looking over at Ethan jerking off his own hefty cock, Cal felt his own dick twinge.


“Guys”, Cal boomed, “I think that’s enough for now.” Looking at the crowd, Cal grinned. Feeling his dick start to harden, Cal grunted. “Which one of us is the BIGGEST?” he shouted, emphasizing the last word with a double-bi flex. Feeling his dick swell with blood as his cockhead flared angrily, Cal stepped forward. Looking side to side, he looked down at Ethan and Jack. Looking across the room, his ears filled with a growing chant.


“Cal, Cal, Cal, CAL, CAL CAL, CAL!!, CAL!!!”


Grinning from ear to ear, Cal felt his cock erupt. The first shot hit the far wall with a loud bang. Spinning around, Cal jerked his growing cock off as he shot his load into the crowd.


Later that Evening


The trio sat down on the concrete floor of Cal’s garage. Stomping downstairs, Cal entered with some towels. Bringing them to the backyard, they took turns hosing the cum off each other. Jack needed particular help in this matter. Drying each other off with the small towels, they congregated in the garage. It was nearly 3 am now. They weren’t able to tear themselves away from the party until 1. After Cal’s growth-induced cum explosion, the crowd went berserk, rushing the three. They were all groped and sucked to no avail. Posing and flexing their muscles for hours.


Sitting on the ground again, Jack felt his nuts laid out on the cold floor, his cockhead brushing the floor after draping over his nuts. Ethan was in a similar place, except his dick rested solidly on the floor. Cal was sitting down on the groaning bench, his glutes nearly engulfing the poor thing.




Big Jim stood in the middle of the three of them. Jack immediately felt his dick jump at the sight of the huge muscleman.


Chuckling, Big Jim looked at them all. “So what did you think of that?”


Ethan was the first, “Fucking incredible. Is that what Cal’s been experiencing this whole time?”


Big Jim nodded, grinning.


Cal rumbled, “well I wasn’t expecting that to happen to anyone else; thought it was just me that made them grow.”


Big Jim sighed. “Well in a way. When one of you is growing, your cum can jumpstart another person’s growth potential. Well, that and my own little boosting,” Big Jim nodded to Ethan.


Cal looked shocked, “Wait! You’ve been helping Ethan get big too! I thought you were gunning for me this whole time!”


Big Jim, “Cal look at yourself, you’re bigger than you ever would have if you’d only been working out on your own. But a friendly, sometimes less than friendly competition, can really drive someone to grow bigger than they thought possible. Stand up Cal.”


Cal groaned as he stood up. Looking down, his eyeline with Big Jim had changed. He now stood above him! Groping his muscles, Cal looked back and forth from himself to Big Jim. Lifting up his heavy package, he could see he had even outgrown him there too!


Standing up, Ethan found himself just above Big Jim’s head. He was rivaling him in all areas too!


Hoisting himself up, Jack clearly outmatched Big Jim. His bulk was bigger than Big Jim’s, and while they looked about matched in dick size, his nuts were clearly much bigger. Looking at him, he was just creeping above him.


“You see?” Big Jim chuckled. He watched as they all began groping and flexing for themselves, taking in how much bigger they looked compared to him. After a couple minutes, Jack was on the verge of cumming again. “Alright that’s enough, take a seat.”


Everyone sat down, still flexing different muscles.’


“Now you’re all past the point of no return. It won’t be easy. You’re gonna be too big for some people, too big for most things. Especially concerning those whale dicks you’ve got swinging around.”


Jack looked around at Cal and Ethan massaging their cocks, he licked his lips at the sight of them.


Big Jim continued, “now I think it’s time you guys move in together. Get some cash, get a place, live together. Who knows how much bigger you’ll get by then.”


Jack felt his cock fill with blood.


“Oh and one more thing, you better get a place with 4 bedrooms. There’s someone who’ll be moving in soon who’s outgrown his place.”


Winking at Cal, Big Jim turned into a puff of blue smoke.


Looking around at his naked cohorts, Ethan muttered, “who?”


Cal grinned, thinking of how big he probably got if Big Jim was present.



To Be Continued

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  • Genetonic changed the title to A Lucky Find (Chapter 16 Added 10/12

Quick Note - This chapter was kinda rushed, so excuse any minor plot holes

Also, either the next chapter or following chapter will be the finale. Got some BIG plans in the works. But of course, please comment anything in particular you would like to see happen ;)

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You are an amazing writer. So great to discover the musclegod beast that Ethan has become...

This story is one of my favorites.

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Excited Dance GIF

Whata  comeback.

Big Jim's plan is sort of revealed. He created this 4 and wants them coming topgetehr. He is creating betetr man.

Man how i wold love to read something more on this world.


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Yet another stellar entry to the series! It was extremely hot seeing Ethan dominate Cal and then Cal dominating Jack. For the final entry (or two) it might be nice to see how the wider world reacts to these massive beasts. Slice of life scenes so-to- speak especially since finding clothing and housing will be an increasingly up hill battle for them. Perhaps they’ll find a sponsor? And as always your writing is top notch and replete with creative descriptions. Can’t wait to see how it all concludes! 

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Just a thought! A short chapter about Damian’s antics could be fun. Giving us a little insight into what or who he was doing since last we saw him.

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Chapter 17


Walking into his room Cal took a deep breath. Inhaling that ever-growing man funk that emanated from his room, he shut the door. Hearing the floor groan under his every step, Cal tread carefully. Squeezing himself through his bathroom door, he felt the wooden frame force him to crouch more, his pecs and back brushing the sides. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he grinned. Barely able to see past his pecs, his frame expanded past the mirror in all directions. Mostly seeing his furry pecs fill the mirror, he saw his chunky abdominals covered in a layer of hair. Feeling his midsection, he had definitely thickened up, but he still looked pretty cut. Giving his doorknob-sized nipples a squeeze, he felt that familiar tingle fill his nervous system.


His swaying cock began to thicken and lengthen as he continued to play with his nipples. Leaning back, Cal groaned as he bit his lip, flicking his tender nips. He watched in the mirror as his cock rose higher and higher, smearing precum on the counter before reaching up between his pecs. Seeing his nipples swell bigger as he squeezed them harder and harder, Cal felt his mouth go dry. Holding his cock, he gripped the massive organ, massaging the tender skin. His cockhead flared, swelling bigger than a basketball. Flicking and rubbing the spongy head, Cal brought it closer to him. Enveloping his battering ram of a cock in his arms, Cal hugged his cock to his chest. Feeling the immense heat from his shaft mix with the furry warmth of his pecs. Leaning in, he playfully licked the base of his cockhead.


Letting go of his cock, the massive pole swung down, smacking against the counter before bobbing back up. Reaching down, he held both his nuts, feeling them roll around in his sack. They each felt big as a watermelon, feeding him testosterone and producing enough cum to fill a sperm bank. Smiling to himself, Cal squeezed back out of the bathroom, wincing with ecstasy as his swollen nipples smacked against the doorframe. He had to squeeze his cock into the crevice of his pecs in order to fit. His cockhead smeared precum all over him and the doorframe. His nuts were painfully squeezed between his rock hard quads and the wall. Popping back out, he sauntered over to his closet, his cock swinging from side to side. Leaning down, he had trouble seeing into the area.


Kneeling down, he was thrown off by having a similar eye line with what he had before. Here he was, kneeling, his nuts laid out on the ground, and he was still taller than most people on the planet. Rummaging around he pulled out a pair of unwashed shorts. Holding them up to his waist, he guffawed at seeing how unlikely he’d be able to squeeze into this. An idea crossed his mind, he pulled it over his cock. Watching as his shaft filled one of the leg holes, he smirked. Checking the label, it was a 3xl. Tossing it aside, he found what he was looking for. Finding the largest tank top he had, a 7xl. The neon yellow nylon was more than skimpy, the shirt part barely covering his abs and nipples.


Going back to the mirror, wincing again as his nuts were forced through the doorframe, Cal checked his tank top. The material was stretched tight over his midsection, not even covering his lowest pair of abs. Emblazoned on the tank was: ‘Muscle Monster’. Cal smirked at how true that had become. 90% of his pecs weren’t covered by it. His furry chest pushed out by over a foot and a half, forcing the straps to stretch and strain around the grooves of his delts. His mountainous back forced the straps backwards, his lats spreading out like jet wings. He somehow looked even bigger by having this tank struggling to hold him in.


Strutting back out, he rummaged some more, finding a pair of cotton shorts. Leaning down, he slid them over his feet, pulling them up. Once they hit his quads, he was already having difficulty. Hearing the fabric stretch and break as he pulled them up more, he gave up halfway through. Pulling them apart, they tore off like paper mache. Finding nothing else that could come close to covering his lower section, Cal gave up. Tearing off his tank top, the straps snapping apart like rubber bands. Giving one last glance at the closet, Cal reached in and pulled out the football jersey. He remembered finding it that day, thinking poorly of the retro logo and angry at its ridiculous size.


Standing up, he went to the mirror again, his nuts were squeezed in even more painfully. Checking them, they certainly felt bigger. He would have to cum again pretty soon. Standing in front of the mirror, his nuts forcing his drooping cock into the countertop, Cal held up the jersey. He eclipsed it. The sides of each armhole were outshone by inch after inch of hairy pec meat. Holding the collar up to top of his pecs, he could see the hem of the jersey flutter around his second row of abs. His dick filling quickly with blood, Cal watched as his nipples easily protruded through the fabric when held to his chest. His cockhead smeared precum up the mirror as his rose higher and higher, the spongy head squeaking against the glass. Feeling his nuts press against the counter, Cal gave them a squeeze, trying to lift their growing weight.


Holding his jersey in his hand, he massaged his telephone-pole thick shaft, feeling the monstrously thick base covered in his fuzz. Squeezing his nipples again, he felt them swell with blood, engorged and sensitive to the lightest breeze. After another hearty squeeze, Cal felt his nuts wobble as they pulled his sack lower. Lifting them up onto the top, the counter groaned as he rested the large orbs down. He watched in the mirror as they swelled slowly. Squeezing his nips again, he watched his nuts grow closer to the mirror. Holding down his swaying cock, Cal forced his flaring cockhead up against the glass. The mirror fogged up at the immense heat coming off of his tool.


Taking the jersey, he pulled his dick towards him. Forcing his cockhead through the collar, he felt the fabric envelop his dick. The waist was loose, but the collar squeezed him nicely. Bringing it up and down his slick shaft, Cal’s nuts hit the mirror as he jerked himself off with Big Jim’s old jersey. His cock had grown so huge, so massive, he thought to himself. Moaning loudly as he squeezed his tender nipples again, Cal wanted to jump and stomp on the ground, he had so much sexual energy. Smacking his nuts, he watched them wobble and shake, the rising pressure only making him hornier. Bringing the jersey down to the base of his cock, he felt the collar tighten, before getting stuck a few inches above his hair-covered crotch.


Widening his legs, Cal stretched and flexed his recently-grown muscles, feeling their new size as his dick pulsed a darker shade of red. Looking to his right, he was met with a mountain range of hills and grooves. His shoulders had broadened even more, he had to look over two feet to see his bigger-than-cannonball shoulders. The grooves and rises of his traps warped and stretched with the slightest movement of his shoulder. He could see a whole network of muscle fibers tensing and powering his tank-like traps.


Lifting his bicep, he felt the muscle instantly fill with blood. Both heads of his bicep stretched higher and higher, a network of veins stretching over the surface. Flexing his arm muscle harder, he lifted his arm higher so he could see his triceps. Halfway up, his bicep pressed into his shoulder, yielding only a sliver of his tricep into view. Most of his tricep was being blocked out by his meaty pecs. Staring down into the deep valley between his two pecs, Cal’s eyes got drawn in to the black hole that existed between them. Sticking his kielbasa- sized fingers in, he felt his relaxed pecs squeeze him more and more as he pushed in deeper and deeper. His chest hair actually got thicker the further he dove in. Looking down, he could only push in by about 6 inches before his pecs closed tighter than a vault door. 


He still had at least a foot more of pec meat to go. Flexing his pecs, he felt the meaty muscles squeeze his fingers tighter, tighter than any hole he ever fucked. Flexing his pecs harder and harder, cal but his lip, imagining being able to fuck pecs like these, to be able to squeeze as tightly as he needed. He wanted to cum right then and there, but he held off. Rubbing the front of each pec, he could feel the sheer strength they held, even at rest. Perking them up, his pecs rose instantly, forcing his chin up. Feeling his thick beard mix with his chest hair, Cal flexed harder. His pecs forced his head up higher and higher, making his ears press into his traps. Trapped between his pecs and his back, Cal dreamed of being so muscular he wouldn’t need to flex to make this happen.


Feeling his dick flex harder, he wanted to stay like this for a little more. Taking his meaty nipples in his hands, he wrung out the doorknob-sized appendages, caressing them, flicking them, jerking them off. He felt his dick surge harder, squeaking loudly as it slid up the mirror more. His nuts felt even more pressurized, squeezing into his legs. He backed up, giving them more room, his feet planted against the front of the tub. Leaning back, his shoulders landed on the back wall of the shower. His nuts fell off the counter, swinging wildly as his dick bobbed up and down, sliding down the mirror.


Caressing his abs, he flexed, scrunching them. They had more grooves and ridges than a mosaic. They felt stronger than a brick wall, hell they were bigger than a brick wall now. Feeling his thick treasure trail travel down his navel, growing thicker and wider around his bellybutton. Going around his fur-clad crotch, Cal massaged his quads. Feeling each massive head of his quads, he flexed the muscle, feeling them swell harder, forcing his fingers apart. He felt like he could squat an airplane, his bone and sinew strong enough to bend steel.


Going behind, he felt his massive glutes exceed his big mitts. He could actually feel the different muscles flexing in his glutes. They were covered in hair, and could squeeze tight enough to make diamonds out of coal. Feeling the back of his thighs, his piston-like hamstrings bulging out the back of his legs. Closing his eyes, Cal relaxed his pecs. Taking a deep breath, he flexed them again. Feeling his chin be pushed up higher and higher, his traps responding, growing higher than his ears, he felt his pecs rise higher too. Eclipsing his chin, feeling his chest hair graze his moustache. Moaning as he kissed and licked his hairy pecs, Cal felt his dick squeak against the glass again. 


Leaning back, he felt his glutes press against the back of the shower. Widening his legs, his foot hit the wall to his right. Stepping to his left to compensate, his foot stepped on the debris from the doorframe. His pecs surged upwards again, allowing him to burrow his nose in the dense fur. His hands explored his legs, feeling his flexed muscles fill his hands. Sidestepping again, he felt his fingers forced apart as his quads thickened. Scratching and rubbing his chest, his hand kicked against his swollen nipple. It felt even bigger, swollen and sensitive. Rubbing and massaging it, Cal moaned as his dick squeaked against the mirror again.


Scratching the dense fur around his crotch, Cal felt his sack tug lower, tightening itself. Massaging his nuts, they bumped and jiggled against each other, filling his sack. Pushing his nuts lower, he felt them swell again, filling his growing sack. Feeling his dick hit the ledge above the mirror, Cal adjusted his swollen member. Feeling his thicker shaft swell in his hands, Cal looked up to see his pumpkin sized cockhead lurching towards the ceiling.


Looking down, his pecs were much thicker. Extending out even further, they were probably hanging out by 2 feet. Looking to his side, his shoulders were even broader. Leaning to his side, his arm brushed against the wall. Leaning to his left, his arm extended out past the door. Standing up, he felt his hair brush against the ceiling. Looking forward, his dick was only a couple inches from hitting that limit as well. Watching as his cockhead thickened into an even larger dome shape, he flexed his cockhead. Watching the massive tip flex and swell, a gallon of precum splattering against the mirror.


His arm hit the wall, his back pressed up against the shower, his hair was pushing into the ceiling, he felt his nuts grazing his ankles. His dick unconsciously flexing at the feel of his nuts being caressed, he saw his cockhead rise higher, pressing into the ceiling now. Staring ahead, he crouched lower as his cockhead was forced to bend towards him, the widening piss slit, gushing pre. Wedging itself between the ceiling and his growing pecs, Cal was face to face with his own cock. His nuts hit the floor, squeezing themselves between the cabinet and the tub.


Feeling his body tingle, he saw as his cock lurched forward another few inches, his thicker beard brushing and tickling his piss slit. Moaning in his bassy rumble, Cal flexed harder. His arm burst through the wall, his back cracked the tiling of the shower. He felt his cockhead force itself into his mouth, his thick tongue fucking his piss slit as it gushed pre cum faster. Squeezing and massaging his growing nipples, they were bigger and longer than cans of red bull. Feeling the floor crack beneath him, Cal held on in bliss, sucking down his juices. 


Feeling the floor give way, he fell into the living room, the house groaning under his weight. His cock allowed to extend, he snapped out of his spell. Waddling to the garage, he tore through the door to find two big holes in the wall. Waddling outside, he found Jack and Ethan, grinding and sucking each other’s growing cocks. He was still far bigger than them. Waddling over, his dick drooping closer to the ground. 


Shouting in his husky bass, Cal felt his voice drop another octave. “ALRIGHT BIG JIM. ENOUGH!” 


Jack and Ethan stopped sucking, seeing the muscle man's figure pop into view. Big Jim had a big grin on his face. Jack looked over to see Cal, overblown with muscle, his tree trunk thick cock swelling dangerously close to the size of an actual tree.


“That’s enough for now. Now change us back so that we have a chance to sort things out.”


Big Jim chuckled, “if you say so.” Snapping his fingers, all three shrunk back to their size after the party.


Cal cleared his throat, “some clothes would help.”


Big Jim snapped his fingers again. They were each clad in matching gym clothes. A pair of black shorts that barely covered their equipment and a stringer top that covered only their abs (in Jack’s case, his gut). Each one was a different color, but all had a logo emblazoned on them: ‘Big Jim’s Gym Bros’. Looking over his hot pink stringer tee, Ethan mourned the loss of his overblown pecs.


“I guess this’ll work. Now before we start growing again, we need a place where we can grow,” gesturing to the two hulk-shaped holes in the garage wall. “This ain’t gonna cut it.”


Rolling his eyes, Big Jim snapped his fingers, the garage and the bathroom floor fixing themselves. “Now as for where you boys can grow, I have a place in mind.”


Jack perked up, “is it big enough for all of us?” he grunted.


Big Jim nodded, “of it’s plenty big.”


Ethan chimed in, rolling his shoulders, testing the material. “Does it have weights?”


Big Jim smiled, “funny enough yes. It’s current occupant demanded them.”


Cal looked puzzled, “who’s the other occupant? I thought we were getting Damian and bringing him over here.”


Big Jim rubbed his blueish chin, “well actually about that. Damian’s been expecting you for some time now.”


Ethan’s eyebrows rose up, “he has?!” Remembering every bulge and protrusion of the former quarterback, Ethan had to take a moment to center his thoughts. “Why would he be expecting us? Hasn’t he been in college?”


Big Jim grinned, “I guess you could say that, but I think it’s better if he told you guys in person.”


2 Months Earlier


Damian leaped up the stairwell, gripping both rails as he hurled himself up the multiple flights of stairs. Barging into his room, he was forced to turn his shoulders to fit through. Brian was already sitting on his bed, reading the school newspaper. Looking up at him, Damian saw Brian’s eyes widen and flit around his figure, taking in his torn wifebeater and tightening shorts. Damian tore off the constricting fabric, letting his thick pecs bulge more freely. Ripping off the nylon shorts, the fabric tearing louder than velcro. Instantly his thighs felt looser and he was able to breathe. His dick swung down, filling with blood as his nuts bounced around in his sack.


Getting up so fast he nearly tripped on the bedding, Brian stood closer to Damian’s naked form, reaching around and trying to shut the door behind him. Not letting him go past, Damian’s frame extended past the door frame. Staring down at the pulsing erection that Damian sported, Brian’s heart fluttered. It was definitely bigger than before. “H-hh-oww did this happen?” He stepped closer to the pulsating tool, admiring its thickness, watching as a vein bulged across the top, feeding more blood into the shaft.


Damian grunted, taking his cock into his hand, massaging it. “I don’t fucking know man.” Grabbing a bottle of lotion, he began squeezing out dollop after dollop, filling his hand. “I was just fucking working out, killing my PR’s and then this rush hit me. My ears were ringing, my eyes were nearsighted, my throat caught.” Applying the lotion to his bulging cock, he had to add more. “Then all of a sudden I felt my body come alive. Like, truly alive. I could feel every muscle, every fiber. I had to work out, I just had to. It was this urge that just came alive inside of me. The weights weren’t enough, I had to add more and more. Soon, I had a crowd gathered around me. Some of the other jocks kept asking me what I was on. I told them nothing.” Damian was furiously jerking his cock now. Brian noticed their RA had walked by, then stopped and stared mouth ajar through the doorway.


Silently making eye contact with him, Brian saw Tim mouth, ‘what the fuck?’ Brian mouthed, ‘I don’t know’. Tim reached down to his crotch, a wet patch forming. Brian was already soaked. Not noticing Tim’s presence, Damian continued, massaging his cockhead as he fondled his nuts. “Then one of the jocks shouted out, ‘Hey! He’s fucking growing!’ And all I could do was fucking go with it. I lifted, grunting louder and louder. Then all of a sudden, I felt it too. I looked down and my pecs were pushing out further and further, my bis were getting bigger. Even my cock felt like it was growing. I thought I was getting hard but no, it was just fucking getting longer and fatter.”


Brian watched as Tim took out his cock, jerking off faster than Damian. He had a sizable piece to himself, it looked like 7 inches, but Brian knew that was nothing compared to Damian’s hog. Feeling his own dick through the fabric, Brian knew that Damian was concentrating only on flexing his muscles. Taking out his own dick, another glob of precum lubricating his cock as he jerked off. He was bigger than Tim, his own 8.5 inches filling his hand, but completely outshone by Damian.


“So then I slam down the weights and I feel my muscles swell with blood. It was the greatest fucking feeling. That’s when I got hard. So I go over to the squat rack, wanting to keep it going. I could still feel my fucking cock getting harder. So I load up 900 lbs, and I stand in position, and then I squat it like it’s a fucking feather. Soon, all the dudes in the crowd were jerking off at me adding more and more weight. Squatting 1000, 1100, 1200 lbs. My quads blowing the fuck up. My glutes got enough cake to host two weddings and a reception. And I’m so fucking horny, my dick just keeps getting rubbed back and forth, my nuts felt so fucking full, and there’s this fucking crowd getting off on me. So then I get up, pumped, and I go over to them, my dick fucking hard as a rock. And this one dude, Matt I think. Well he fucking comes up to me, his dick out, and he just starts going to town sucking me off. And I couldn’t take much more. So I start fucking drilling into him, I was so fucking horny. And then I feel him cum on my legs. Now I fucking knew Matt was a fucking stallion, but when he came, I laughed. I shouted, ‘IS THAT IT? THAT’S FUCKING ALL YOU GOT MAN!?’ And so he’s backing off, leaving me closer to the edge than ever. And so I force him back down and onto my cock. Took my two pumps and then I fucking blew a tsunami down his throat. He couldn’t hold it, and so he fucking let my dick fly free. And so I’m just standing there, and I cum fucking EVERYWHERE. It’s all over everyone, all the dudes are just shouting, jerking off. I look down to see Matt jerking off twice. That little pea-shooter barely able to match this fucking cannon. And then that’s it. I came back to my senses, still fucking horny. And I just came straight home.”


Brian was gasping for air as he air humped his cock through his own fist. He watched as Tim went for thirds, already cumming twice on the carpet. Damian seemed to wise up to what was happening, hearing Tim behind him. Bouncing his cock up and down, Damian watched Tim stare at it, not breaking eye contact. Rubbing his lotioned-up cock, Damian beckoned for Tim. Brian watched as Tim slid down his sweatpants, his cock still swinging around. Jerking off with two hands, Brian watched Damian waddle over, lift Tim up, and sit him on his cock. Sliding him down, Tim’s silent gasps quickly turned vocal. Screaming and grunting as he felt Damian’s cock plow his virgin hole, Tim’s cock quickly sprayed its third load into the hall.


Their neighbor from next door came over. Brian knew of him, big fucking dude. High school wrestling champ and university football player. Dante was big, burly, and not to be messed with. He had run into the massive jock in the laundry room, scampering when he strutted by, his bulge obvious through his gray sweatpants. Brian loved seeing the gray sweatpants trend spread quickly at college. And seeing Dante’s bulging sausage was a real treat that he stored in his spank bank.


Dante filled the doorway, sneering at the scent in the room. “What the fuck is going o-” Stopping in his tracks as he watched his neighbor fuck Tim with a cock that made Dante feel like a mouse. Feeling his own cock stir in his crotch, he saw the hulking man glare at him, making his heart jump in fear for the first time in a long time. Being taken back to having his older brothers pick on him, teasing him. For years, he worked hard to put any chance of that to rest, but here that feeling was again.


Brian watched as Damian stood still, Tim precariously perched on his throbbing cock, Tim’s face contorted in pain and ecstasy. Damian slid Tim off of his pole, placing him on his bed. Sauntering over to Dante, Damian had instant control over him. “Strip,” he commanded. Dante followed through, as if in a trance, looking up into Damian’s eyes. Brian felt his dick tingle as he watched Dante peel off his college-brand sweatshirt, revealing two thick pecs and a trail of abs that bulged out of his muscle shirt. Taking that off too, his glistening dark skin flawless and hairless. Dante leaned down, his shoulder muscles bulging as he slid down his sweats. Brian gasped as he watched Dante’s semi-hard cock swing out.


Still more soft, but aroused, Dante packed a lot under the hood. Easily 10 inches soft, his big black nuts were the size of oranges. He fucking loved being able to match the stereotype, being able to make every girl shriek in the bedroom, needing to jerk off twice a day to empty his cum-heavy nuts. He had the biggest and thickest cock compared to his brothers, and was definitely the hungest guy in high school. But now, he submitted to Damian’s superior cock.


Brian jerked off furiously, his estimates falling short of what Dante actually possessed. Damian commanded him to get hard. Within the blink of an eye, Dante’s cock rose steadily, filling with blood. Brian watched as it filled out inch after inch. A shower and a grower. Bobbing up and down at a massive 15 inches of black steel, Brian stared hungrily at the big black cock. Damian stepped closer, closing the gap. He towered over Dante’s 6’5 height by at least 4 inches. He outmuscled the wrestler’s probable 300 lbs by at least another 100 lbs of muscle and cock. Stepping closer, Damian’s cock prodded Dante’s abs. He exceeded him by at least 3 inches, and was nearly that much thicker than Dante.


“I need you to fuck me,” Damian commanded. “Fuck me until I tell you to cum.”


Obeying him silently, Dante positioned himself behind Damian’s immense back. His musculature is larger and wider than Dante on all sides. Dante spat on his hand, rubbing his grapefruit-sized cockhead. Seeing his cockhead spurt out a string of precum that trailed to the floor, he brought his dick up to Damian’s pink hole. Feeling his cockhead get sucked inside, Dante was taken back for a sec, but then he heard Damian growl. Sliding in deeper and deeper, his heart beat faster, Damian’s hole swallowed him like a vacuum. Sliding in and out, Dante moaned, feeling his dick squeezed and massaged by Damian’s powerful hole.


Dante felt his nuts tighten, wanting to cum, but he held off, squeezing his prostate, grunting softly. His nuts felt painfully tight, he hadn’t cum that morning, and he was just settling down to jerk off when he heard shouting in the next room. His loads tended to brew thick, and he could tell this was going to be a big one. Inching closer and closer, Dante heard Damian mutter, ‘now’. Roaring as he slammed his cock in, his nuts releasing their built up load. Slamming his cock in again and again, Dante’s cockhead was squeezed tighter and tighter by Damian’s asshole. His massive glutes locked onto the base of his cock, not letting him go.


Dante continued to thrust back and forth, shooting out load after load. Gasping for breath, he counted higher and higher as his load kept firing. Slowing down after 12, Dante relaxed, letting his shoulders fall. Damian released his cock, letting the black wrestler to stumble back and fall on Brian’s bed. Leaning back and moaning, his cock felt more sore than when he tried cock pumping. The tender skin squeezed and pulled like he had never felt before. No pussy had ever gripped him so tight. Looking back up, he saw Damian grunt louder and louder as he had Brian sucking down his cock. Watching the massive man shoot his load down Brian’s throat, he saw the little dipshit’s stomach swell, bulging out.


Popping off Damian’s cock, Brian fell onto the moist carpet, looking up at Damian continuing to fire his load against the wall, covering the wall and window with his seed. Turning around, he shot a load onto Tim, on the door, on Dante, into the hall, and back onto Brian. Brian couldn’t imagine what this would’ve looked like at the gym, his load spraying all over a crowd. Looking over at Dante, he saw his massive dick pulsing, throbbing hard as Dante groaned. Watching Dante lick his lips, his face was covered in Damian’s cum. He watched, his dick swelling again, as he saw Dante’s dick swell half an inch. Feeling his own dick continue to get hard, Brian jerked it off. Looking down, he gasped, his dick filling his hand, swelling a little more with each stroke.


One Month Later


Brian was living in Dante’s room while his old room was redone. Ever since that day with Damian, he didn’t know exactly how to explain it, but it was like he got bit by the bodybuilding bug. He had gone to the gym the next day, finding his way around the weights. He even ran into Dante there. Dante came over, filling out his own gym clothes a lot more. Showing him around, the two got to talking. Brian cheered Dante on as he tried to beat his PR in bench pressing. Dante shouting at Brian that he could do two more reps, clapping him on the shoulder when he finally managed it.


The week after the incident, Brian came back to find Damian had moved out, taking only a few clothes and his keys. Brian kept the rest of his clothes, breathing in the familiar scent, he never thought they would come in handy, but they felt nice to have. Who knew that now, a month afterwards, they would really be coming in handy. Damian’s old 5xl tank top was fitting Brian really well now, in fact, it felt like he was due for an upgrade soon. Walking in to find Dante trying to squeeze into a pair of Damian’s shorts, his 18” softie flopping around, Brian roared with laughter.


Falling onto the bed, the frame creaked as Dante helped peel off Brian’s shorts, revealing his own stiffening cock. Giving the 20” pole a kiss, Dante massaged his own cock, both of them watching as it swelled bigger and bigger. Brian leaned up and grabbed his measuring tape. Pulling it from the base to the soccer-ball-sized tip, he screamed out “24 inches!” He leaped onto Brian, their cocks grinding into each other as they kissed. Dante rubbing Brian’s hairy chest as Brian sucked on Dante’s meaty nipple. Hearing a knock on the door, Brian shouted ‘COME IN’.


Entering clad only in his pajama pants, Tim’s cock was already hard. Pulling off his pants, his thick 18 inch monster cock throbbing rapidly. Brian rubbed Tim’s beard, the bearish man really letting his hair grow out. Leaning into Dante’s cock, Brian eagerly licked his engorged tip, fondling the big man’s massive nuts; they felt even bigger today.


“Mhmm, Dante?”


“Yea Brian?” Dante groaned between grunts.


“How do you think your brothers will feel now?”


Roaring with laughter, Dante rolled over, his cock swinging wildly. “I guess they’ll just have to accept that I’m the big brother now!” 


Brian licked his lips, tasting the familiar saltiness. “I guess they will.”




Damian felt his pecs fill with blood as he lifted the loaded bar. Grunting as he pushed the 3000 lbs upwards, he felt his shoulders thicken, his pecs engorge, his biceps swell. His cock swelled higher and higher as he pushed the bar up. Fully extending his arms, he felt the fire-hot skin of his biceps pushing against his pecs. Unable to see past his pecs, Damian could only look up, seeing his rippling forearms holding a reinforced bar that weighed your average car. Up past that, he saw the high-rising ceiling of his new home: an abandoned warehouse. Hearing someone pound on the metal door, Damian let the bar slam back down.


Sitting up, he was face to face with his dick again. Massaging it, he felt his dick throb.


“Fuck I need to cum again, and soon.” Checking out his nuts, the huge bean-bag-sized orbs were quickly swelling with his load. Waddling over to the door, his dick swinging out ahead of him, Damian shouted, “WHO IS IT?”


On the other side of the door, Cal looked back at Jack and Ethan. The voice inside couldn’t be Damian’s. It sounded like a jacked-up version of Zeus. Knocking again on the door, Cal shouted, “Damian?”


The voice inside belted out, “YEA?”




Opening the door, Cal was met with a view of abs that were larger than cement blocks, two legs that exceeded redwoods, two massive nuts that rested on the floor, and the base of a dick that was thicker than a tree.


“Fuck” they all whispered.


“I know,” Damian grunted. “I may have put on some size since I last saw you.”

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Quick note, I don't intend to further the storyline of Damian's roommates any more than this, I just thought it would be fun to show where they ended up. As for Damian, we'll see a bit more of what he's been up to next time, in the final chapter! ;)

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  • Genetonic changed the title to A Lucky Find (Chapter 17 Added 10/25)

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