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growth To Protect and Serve - Chapter 10.3e (Posted 22 Oct 2021)


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1 hour ago, palisade said:

Finally had a chance to read properly and all I can say is OMG!

Is it wrong that i'm really jealous of Braden, both for being accepted by them both but also his physical proximity to John? :P

The frustration the Gabriel feels in trying to decide what to name Runt is palpable. It's like "there's this thing barely worth my attention, but it has it in a bad way so I'm annoyed". At the same time, the way he wields his physique like a psychological scapel is amazing!

I also love the comparison pics, they really help with the immersion into the story, though I think the body model for Clawson may be a bit too generous!

Hahahaha.  dredlifter tried to help find skinny adult males in pics and as stock footage, they are shockingly rare.  But in truth is is probably a little smaller than the pics.

You'll see a lot more of Gabriel using his body and John's as a dissection tool in the game play chapter.  John uses his mind and physique to physically humiliate.  Gabriel uses his mind and body to psychologically humiliate.  They both use the same tools, and sometimes the very same words and thoughts, and they'll bring the "victim" to the same place in the end.  Just how they use their gifts is quite different. 

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Hi there,

I'm so glad you've decided to keep posting your story in some format. I am one of those who has absolutely no right to ask you to do it, as I have not yet taken/had the time to give it a proper reading. Then I kind of got intimidated by the length, knowing that I would want to read it all in as few sittings as possible. I do however look forward to reading it, and I don't mind a slow burn and realistic (ish) growth. Those make for great stories and are something I can never seem to do in my own head. lol. 

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26 minutes ago, Kymuscleboy said:

Hi there,

I'm so glad you've decided to keep posting your story in some format. I am one of those who has absolutely no right to ask you to do it, as I have not yet taken/had the time to give it a proper reading. Then I kind of got intimidated by the length, knowing that I would want to read it all in as few sittings as possible. I do however look forward to reading it, and I don't mind a slow burn and realistic (ish) growth. Those make for great stories and are something I can never seem to do in my own head. lol. 

That is quite alright.  I will be the very first to admit it is a long story, and it is not a quick sort of read.  I put a lot of symbols and foreshadowing along with so much of real life.  People can tell I have lived in Denver and Las Vegas, haha.

It is long with still a few more chapters to go.  When it is done, I will prob revise the whole thing, knit it together into one cohesive novel since it has grown with story ideas from readers and things like that over time.  If you start from the beginning, it will seem like it has wandered away from the original story of Gabriel and the government sponsored experiment and the consequences of that.  Rest assured it only SEEMS that way - the beginning storyline will come back in a big way soon when the climax starts in chapter 11.  I can promise tho - 15 chapters is it.  Cause 15 is the end and it is already written, lol.

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Since the photos I've found and posted really seem to help people imagine what these characters look like, I found this one that pretty much shows how Gabriel was/is dressed the night they go to the casino and why he was so "hidden muscle" that night.  

You can imagine looking like this but taking that shirt off to reveal a massively rocking physique under it.


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What an amazing chapter! It's so nice to see Gabriel become his own titan, and see how he has an effect even on John. 

I didn't think he had a hard time at all naming the runt, he probably knew from the start and it was part of the act of showing just how low that runt is to him.

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On 10/12/2021 at 5:29 PM, unnamed said:

What an amazing chapter! It's so nice to see Gabriel become his own titan, and see how he has an effect even on John. 

I didn't think he had a hard time at all naming the runt, he probably knew from the start and it was part of the act of showing just how low that runt is to him.

Gabriel.... performing a psy-op on someone just like John taught him how to do?   Surely you jest. 😜😜😜  Hahaha

And thank you.

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Just wanted to give a quick update.  Page 19 of the draft of the next section is done.  Apologize about this taking a while, but this is taking some crafting to get the right "flavor" of things.  As many of you have correctly noted, Gabriel's Predator is quite different than John's.  The way they approach situations is extremely different.  But in this section and in the expo section I want all of you to see how Gabriel has blossomed through the trip to Vegas.  What John and his friends have been working on for months is coming out.  Gabriel is not exactly the shy to a fault, quiet, scientist anymore.

But - just so you know it isn't ALL about Gabriel....



Braden was quiet, trying to take in what Gabriel was trying to tell him as Clawson arrived about two feet from John’s massive size 30’s and stopped.  There could be no more pitiful sight.   The runt on his knees did not come up to John’s knees.  John’s calves were bigger than his chest, his feet longer than the entire length of the runt’s lower leg - from knee to heel.  John again stared down over his pecs at the speck, while Clawson craned his neck as if he were looking up at a New York Skyscraper.   


“Please SIR… God… Please…”  Clawson’s voice trailed off.


The Predator quipped, “Well, I am God compared to you, yes.  But that was never in question.  What do you want to ask me you fucking little speck?”


Clawson could barely speak out of fear of the literal Titan over him who it seemed could just raise his foot and crush him like a bug.  But that same fear and the longing forced him to speak.  “May I please … God please can I touch you SIR?  Mr. Declann you are like no one I have ever seen. Please, just once, just for a moment.  It doesn’t have to be a search.  Doctor York taught me how wrong I was to do that.  I hope I can do better … but please, please can I touch your muscles?  I’m begging you.  Just your calves SIR--


 The Predator responded by reaching down, grasping the tiny man about the throat and traps, and upper chest, and in a clean, terrifyingly slow motion lifted him right off the floor until he was dangling in one hand at arm's length so high off the ground that John had to look up into the terrified little runt's eyes.  This time, the reaction was instant.  The wet spot expanded MASSIVELY, and ran down his trouser leg and into his shoe and began to drip on the floor making a puddle.  Only this wasn’t cum.  Clawson was so terrified that he had just wet himself.  The puddle was his piss.

Hope to be ready to post by on the 22nd or so.

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50 minutes ago, Pumped said:

Wow…that preview was amazing! 
more please! 

Thank you.  The entire section is done and is being proofread.  If it doesn't go up tomorrow, then this weekend.

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Author's Note - I will add the Google Doc link to this section when I post the second half in a few days.  This section is 41 pages long.  So, for easy of reading, I split it into two pieces.  So... the preview I posted is still yet to come :)



Chapter 10 - The Titan on Olympus - Part 3e - Coeus Emerges

“You had to have it all / Well have you had enough? / You greedy little bastard / You will get what you deserve / When all is said and done /  I will be the one / To leave you in your misery / And hate what you've become” ~ Breaking Benjamin, Had Enough

Immediately following Chapter 10.3d….


Predator/Gabriel then got a sinister gleam in his eye, “John, would you mind showing the Runt what he has to look forward to if he is a good judge when comparing us...”  John got a devilish, Predator smile on his face as he started to struggle with his sleeve to pull it up, but not to tear it when he flexed.


Predator/Gabriel poked his finger hard at the bony flat biceps as he said into Clawson’s face: 


“The first little introductory comparison in judging our little contest.”


“Runt’s arm…”


Less than a foot from Clawson's open mouth, Gabriel held up his right arm and flexed a large, navel orange sized ball that was on its way to transforming into something closer to a softball lept into existence.  He pointed to the rock hard sphere of perfection and said:


“Man’s arm...”  


 He then grabbed the back of Clawson’s head and forced him to look at John.  As he held Clawson fast in his grip, John flexed his literal cannon into life.  Predator/Gabriel whispered in the nothing’s ear:


“God’s arm…”


Clawson tried to inhale a gasp, but he was in such shock that no sound even came out.  


Game on...



The Runt fell backwards into the seat.  Indeed without the chair to catch him, he went so limp that he would have collapsed onto the ground.   Predator/Gabriel laughed hard as he felt the tiny head between his hands begin to shake.  He let go of his grip, and despite his total lack of muscle power, the Runt’s head and eyes were frozen on the mountain, totally mesmerized by the sight of John as he began to slowly pump his biceps back and forth, the giant brown eyes boring a hole in the tiny brain.  


Seeing this reaction, Predator/Gabriel decided to twist the screws in Clawson faster and harder than he had originally intended.  He slowly put a hand at the center of the Runt’s back and guided him to stand up.  Clawson offered no resistance to Predator/Gabriel at all; As Gabirel maneuvered him across the floor, it was as if his brain were on auto-pilot… while both the pilot and co-pilot were out of the cockpit out to lunch.


As Predator/Gabriel was walking the pair toward John very slowly, John became curious.  He began to intently listen to Predator/Gabriel as he was softly talking into the Runt’s ear, twisting the weak little mind that was now squarely in John and Gabriel’s hands.  John marveled at how his man had such an instinct for this.  It was so different to what he would do in the same situation.  But in some ways, it was even more degrading.  That voice, those words - the temptation was insidious.  Even the timing of the footsteps forward, reinforced what he was whispering in that ear.  


“You know how BIG that is, Runt?”  *step*   “I sure do…”  *step*   “See, I get to measure that monster,”  *step*  “I get to measure every other muscle on that giant body too.  *step*  “Every single week.”  *step*  “But, you know what”  *step*  “I SLEEP next to him every night.”  *step*   “FEEL that muscle whenever I want.”  *step*   “So HARD.  So BIG.”  *step*  “I am bigger than you imagined possible”  *step*  “Stronger than you can comprehend”  *step*  “So STRONG that I can make you walk right now wherever I want.”  *step*  “Imagine how STRONG that muscle alone is.”  


One last  *step*  and Predator/Gabriel had them both standing in the growing shadow of John, GROWING as he pulled back from Braden and stood looming over them both.  “You want to know how BIG that is?  You wanna know more than anything, right Runt?   Well, let me give you an idea.  Just a small idea of who you tried to take advantage of.  What size pants do you wear Runt?”


The Runt tried to answer, but when his mouth opened all that escaped was a whisper so soft it was barely distinguishable from a gurgle of shock.  Predator/Gabriel gave a knowing but disgusted laugh.  “Huh, figures.  When faced with an actual MAN, you can’t even talk.  No wonder you have to stage this prefabricated nonsense.  It's the only way you can utter a word.  Just another reason you are not a MAN.  So, I guess a MAN is going to have to do the work for you again.”  Gabriel pulled back the trousers slightly and pulled up a tag from the inside rear belt lining.  “John, this says a twenty-eight inch waist and a twenty-eight inch inseam.  I am guessing that is a little generous with how scrawny you are; but, let’s take it.  That would appear to be the only way that you and I are even close to the same league Runt.   My waist is 29 and a half inches.  An inch different, but worlds away.  And this… this is the difference between a flea and a god. 


Predator/Gabriel looked up.  “John, flex your forearm and hold it up next to this pathetic sack.”  John got a BROAD smile.   He KNEW what he was about to see.  John dropped to one knee and extended his left arm down.  He cocked his wrist in and flexed.  A forearm that looked like an entire bowling lane’s worth of bowling pins exploded into life.  Veins as thick as the Runt’s fingers extended toward the wrist.  Thick and thin, those veins wrapped and snaked around a writhing mass so big that single bands of the individual flexor and extensor muscle, the individual pieces of the brachialis and brachioradialis, were as thick as the Runt’s wrist.  


John planted his cocked fist onto the ground and flexed harder with the mild resistance of the floor to push against.  Predator/Gabriel brought the Runt and stood him next to it.  The picture was worth more than any amount of words could say.


“Look at that sad sight, Runt.  That is a MAN’s FOREARM and it is bigger than your waist.  Fucking hell, it is almost as big as your sunken-in chest.  Look at it little shit.  How can you be a man or even a boy when a normal infant’s waist is bigger than a man’s forearm.  BUT, YOU. ARE. NOT. ”  


It was true.  Every single word Predator/Gabriel said was true.  John’s 30.5 inch forearm was actually LARGER around than Clawson’s waist.  If he had forced his forearm down an empty pair of the Runt’s trousers, he would have popped the waist stitching and destroyed the seams.  John’s wrist alone was bigger than the runt’s calves, his whole arm longer than the Runt’s entire length of leg… and both by an easily distinguishable amount.  His arm and fist would have blown those tiny pants apart.  


A deep, low, “Holy Fuck” escaped Braden’s mouth as the full monumental size of the man who had been holding him truly set in.  He could not help but reach out and touch the closest part of John he could, the huge right outer quad John was kneeling on. He felt nothing but warm, hard titanium, even though John’s quad was unflexed.  John responded by gilding the now kneeling Braden around with his right hand until he was within range of the flexed mammoth forearm.  He took Braden’s much smaller hand and began to give him a slow, guided, wordless tour of twisted cords of muscle and veins - all in front of the Runt’s eyes.


Seeing Braden touching that forearm seemed to do something to the Runt.  All of a sudden, he shook violently and another of those high-pitched, gasping, girlish-screams came from him.  Almost immediately as the screaming noise began to still, John began to laugh - a deep, nearly-uncontrollable guffaw.  Predator/Gabriel could hear the laugh of John’s Predator, and heard the lilt of his deep voice explode, “Oh FUCK, GABRIEL.” John’s Predator was almost convulsing with laughter as he actually had to take a breath before he could go on between the laughs.  “The tiny fuck just came in his pants.  It had to be a huge load for him, but it is so fucking pitiful, you can’t see it. But I can fucking smell it.  Holy Shit.  Just seeing me made him fucking shoot.  Nobody has ever done that before.  Not even that fucking waste of space before.  What a pathetic little bitch this is...”    


At that moment, despite John’s Predator’s laughter, seeing all the muscles so tantalizingly close to him, seeing Braden feeling it, seeing John not only allowing it but guiding it, encouraging it…


 The Runt tried to reach out to touch.  BUT-- Predator/Gabriel’s reaction to the movement of the Runt’s hand was almost at the speed of John’s reflexes.  Predator/Gabriel grabbed the back of the loose tank top in one hand and the waistband of his pants in the other and ripped the Runt away from John.  He dragged the Runt’s body away, meter after meter, until Predator/Gabriel planted him back in the chair he started out in.  Predator/Gabriel put his huge arms on either of the chair’s arm rests and leaned in so far his nose was almost touching the Runt’s.  The voice that came from Gabriel’s mouth was ice-chillingly cold, despite the words he was using and the power of them.  The clinically detached lack of emotion made them almost frighteningly chilling.  “You were about to break the first rule, Runt. AL-FUCKING-READY.  You goddamned disgust me.


“Did I tell you to TOUCHNO.  Did John tell you to TOUCHNO.  I told you to LOOK.  So LOOK  Look right fucking now.”  Predator/Gabriel forced the Runt to look over to where John had again sat down, with Braden back in position between his legs leaning against his abs.  Both were watching what was happening while at the same time John continued to guide Braden on his tour of John’s body.  “Look at Braden there.  He is a MAN.  He is right next to raw power, FEELING that power with his own hands.  Enjoying it, but respectful.  In control of himself.  He isn’t cumming like some cheap whore.  But you?  You shot that pitiful load just seeing John.  You’re worse than any teenage boy suffering from premature ejaculation.  At least he is still a boy and hasn’t been exposed to a body before.”


Then a predatory cold smile akin to a great white shark came across Predator/Gabriel’s lips.  “Given that reaction to just looking, you might have a full on myocardial infarct and die if you actually touch him.”  


The emotionless tone took on a hint of something John could swear was a tiny hint of glee, “Looks like, for your own safety, it is gonna have to be a VISUAL search only of John.  Can’t have you fucking orgasming to death… or can we...”  His eyes bore into the Runt’s as it was clear he had a malicious idea, “I’m going to take care of some MAN things.  Don’t move a single centimeter from that spot until I get back.  Got me Runt?”  


Instantly, Clawson seemed to freeze in place, while his head slowly bobbed up and down, “Yes Sir.”


Predator/Gabriel snickered under his breath as he turned around and started walking to where John and Braden were sitting.  It was hilarious and exhilarating to have Clawson’s body unconsciously obey him like that.  Having someone as nasty as Clawson was under his control,  and coming even more under control by the second… The Gabriel part of him sounded a warning to the Predator part.  As fun as this was and was yet to be correcting this being’s behavior and place in life, he had to be careful.  John got carried away by this once and it cost him… a lot.  It cost him so much that he was only now beginning to really recover from the loss of his job and find a new self.  


To protect John, to protect their secret, to do what he must after they return from their honeymoon, to fulfil his promise to John to never let there be another, HE MUST not endanger his job.   The Predator part of him understood - he was going to warp this insect, but he could not crush him.  John had taught him how to stay in control, and above all things in the universe, every part of Gabriel was devoted to loving and honoring John.  He had the will.  He would not do what was so tempting to do and would be so easy for him… he had given his word to John.


When Predator/Gabriel got close enough to talk to the pair softly, John was giving Braden a guided tour of his left lower quad through his pants leg.  They may as well have been spray-tanned on, the cloth was so tight now.  Predator/Gabriel could tell Braden so wanted to give in and abandon himself to total lust.  He couldn’t cast stones as he knew all too well what effect John had on anyone when you were in the position Braden was.  But Braden didn’t.  Predator/Gabriel could see his self-worth and pride, his interest in seeing what happened to his pissant boss, and… something else holding him back.  Predator/Gabriel could see the glint of it in the hot Marine concierge's eyes.  Even as sex-hazed as they were feeling John’s incredible body and responding to his augmented human pheromones, it was there… fear.  He stepped up very close to Braden and whispered quietly, “Braden, do you have any more of those business cards with your name on them?  Like you gave us?”


“Sure.  In my jacket pocket,” Braden replied, almost humming in the throws of the haze.  “Take what you like.”


“Thank you.” Predator/Gabriel said, and then he added one more thing… “And Braden…” Braden looked up.  “Trust is a two way street, remember.  We trust you.  Don’t hold back.  Don’t be afraid.  Ask John what you need to ask him.”  Braden looked shocked as Gabriel quickly patted him on the shoulder before he began to move away.  He had no idea Gabriel was so perceptive that he could see the question, which was leading to more questions, still unanswered at the center of his mind.  


Gabriel walked over to where Braden had folded his jacket.  He carefully removed six business cards, and then he replaced the jacket just as he found it. At least his own time at Eton had taught him how to fold uniforms….




As Gabriel walked away, John kept guiding Braden’s hand around his teardrop before moving it up the interior quad toward the hip flexors.  He had sensed the hesitation of course, but he wanted Braden to broach the subject in his own time.  Perhaps Gabriel had noticed something he did not.  It seemed to be the case with what he said.  So, as he allowed that calloused weightlifter’s hand to explore more, he leaned down, “What do you want to ask me, Braden?  Given what we are doing to each other, and what I am helping you do... it seems like we should be past the point where you can ask me what is on your mind.  Go ahead.  No question you will ever ask me again is off limits.  I may have to give an abbreviated answer here, but when I can, you have my word I will answer in full.  So, what is it?”


“John…” Braden paused for one moment, but then he decided fuck it.  Just let it out.   “There was no way in the world to tell that what was going on with Clawson was that he had cum.  None.  Not a stain on his pants, that whatever it was yell was like a fan girl, not sexual.  Beyond that he barely made a drooling whimper.  So how--”


“How could I know?  Did I really know just by smelling it?” 


 Braden nodded yes unto the back of John’s abs.  John thought at length, but what was a microsecond for the rest of the planet before he replied.  “Braden, for the moment, I am going to have to ask you to trust me in a few things.  Some things I will be happy to share with you that I will not share around the Runt. EVER.   


“Now, I will say that I am a trained observer and I do it VERY well.  That said… the short answer to your question is yes.  I smelled it.  The next obvious question is how, right?”  Braden nodded again.  “Well, let me say it this way for the moment.  Is it fair to say that I am physically the biggest and the strongest man you have ever seen?  A very special man with some special abilities like having REALLY big and strong muscles that no one else has.”


“Yes SIR.”


“Never call me Sir, again.  I’m John.  Nothing more.  Not to you anyway.  I’m John.  Just like I am 41 years old, and I promise I will never call you Son, even though you technically could be.”


“41!?!?  You’re shitting me.  You look younger than Gabriel, and he is--”


“Just turned 30.  But, I turn 41 in a couple of weeks.  That is as true as me being the Predator in Apex Predator - that no one has figured out before you who was not an actual informant, by the way.  Like I said, you could theoretically be my son, but I will NEVER look that old. 


“Just like I have a very special ability to get very big and be very strong, I also have the ability to look a LOT younger than I am.  Can’t claim it as something I have worked on like my body.  It just is.  I have other special abilities that I rarely show outsiders too.  You may see a few others tonight before we are done with Clawson.  But like I said, when you see enough and you say yes you are willing to see it all, we will let you into our world and you will see everything I can do.  So, can you be patient that long for me?”

Braden turned around, and he rubbed John’s leg harder, but more sensuously, “Yes I can.  And, thank you…”  Braden then cocked a mischievous jock Cheshire cat smile that would have made the bad boy proud,  “...Daddy.”


“Why you scrawny fuck,” John said chuckling as he pulled Braden’s exploring hand toward his granite abs. “I’ll get you back for that one.”  




Meanwhile, cards in hand, Predator/Gabriel walked back to where Clawson was sitting. Clawson had looked so “in control” thirty minutes ago, but now, with Gabriel and John’s work on him, even the veneer of basic humanity was starting to wear thin.  His eyes darted back and forth between John and Gabriel as he still sat frozen where Predator/Gabriel had left him.  Those eyes had an animalistic look about them - as if he were prey, cornered and desperate… but the prey did not look for escape.  


Predator/Gabriel could almost read the Runt’s thoughts even before the Runt had them.  He wanted what Braden had … respect, care, and most importantly, the ability to access those bodies - so badly that it was starting to break down what was “civilized” about him.  It felt like torture - to see one muscular Adonis so completely take him over, while a god among men sat just a few meters away giving another what he craved.  He would have dove on that muscle if he could.  The only thing that was holding him in place, keeping him from running straight toward what he wanted so badly, was fear.  Fear of losing everything.


 If he disobeyed the looming British physique god too much, all the three would tell his superiors what he had done, and that would get back to his mother.  These men were of such import that they would be believed instantly.  Security knew something was wrong with all of this.  And he had been foolish enough to have 4,000 dollars in chips in his pocket - tips he had stolen.  It was on camera and there would be testimony.  Sexual contact, assault, felony theft.  All any of them had to do was tell the truth about this and he would be ruined.  An employee and unimpeachable MEN like them versus his word?  Who would possibly be believed?  


And then, there was what was in his pants if he were arrested and searched.  He was humiliated.  He knew he shot nothing compared to normal men but it was his DNA.  And again their testimony and the circumstantial evidence.  He would go to jail and then…. But, deep down within him, so, so deep down... he loved it.  A dark, but growing part of him loved what they were doing to him.  It loved being controlled, at their mercy.  It loved the chance to obey… superior men.  He could not leave without showing the stains in his pants which would make him a laughing stock; but, half of him wanted to be seen.   He HAD to keep what he had done a secret.  Yet, half of him WANTED them to tell.  Half of him wanted to keep pretending, keep the secret, and the other half kept whispering… Be used.  You belong here.  Imagine how they would use you in jail.  So sexy, so much muscle.  Like these three.  The pulling voices inside his mind had Clawson frozen in place… and slowly, those voices were destroying him.  Just like Predator/Gabriel KNEW they would.  


Predator/Gabriel relished the look.  The fear, the eyes darting, the lust, the constant bouncing back and forth.  Thanks to John teaching him how to read people, he knew exactly what it meant.  That he was getting closer. And now he was going to push that craving half more and more and more… until it broke him. It was time to give the runt what he wanted.   


Predator/Gabriel spread out the business cards on a table and rotated the Runt’s chair so he could see clearly.  “OK, Runt. I could see you were looking at them.  So, let me explain. Braden is doing a preliminary search of John.  John is even being so kind as to help him do it, big as he is.  That way, we keep that bad little ticker of yours all safe and sound.   Meanwhile, you and me… we are going to take our little search and have some fun with it.  You wouldn’t be opposed to a little fun?”  Predator/Gabriel went on before Clawson could even start to answer.  “Good, I knew you would understand.  Let’s start our little contest.”  


Predator/Gabriel grabbed a pen he kept in his trouser pocket and wrote on the back of each card the following words: 









As he did he started to explain in his “Professor” style voice as if he were talking to a kindergartener.  “We are in Las Vegas, so it seems only appropriate to introduce a little chance into our game.  Make it a bit of a gamble.  So, let’s call this six-card muscle monte.”  


Predator/Gabriel flipped all the cards on the table and began to mix them exactly the way a confidence trickster would with three-card monte.  “We are gonna mix all these cards up and then you are gonna tell me which card to draw at random, one at a time.  That card is gonna tell you which part of my body you can search.  And at the same time, which part of my body you are gonna judge for its size and symmetry and hardness and muscularity.  AND the best part is- if you are very good with me, if you show me you can handle it without spilling the contents of those micro-bollocks all over the place, John MIGHT let you play the same thing with him.  With Braden doing the searching, I am sure some of the pressure will be off, “Predator/Gabriel snickered.  “How’s that sound?  Now, are you gonna be a good Runt for me and be the best little obedient judge you can be?”


Clawson feverishly nodded his head yes.


“Still can’t open that Runt mouth of yours can you?  It really is hopeless to ever make you a man.  But, I guess I can’t expect you to behave like a man either.  That would be unfair.  All we can ever hope for is for you to be the best Runt you can be.  


“Alright, with that feeble little brain of yours, I can’t expect you to play this game correctly unless I demonstrate a turn.  So let’s pick this one for me to ‘instruct’ you on what to do,”  Predator/Gabriel pointed his finger seemingly at random card after card..... Seemingly as he actually had discretely marked every card as he was writing on them.  He knew what each card was.  So, in reality, it was not random at all when his finger stopped on a card.


Predator/Gabriel picked the card up, turned it over, and handed it to Clawson so he could read it.  




 “So, we start out with pecs.  That sound good to you runt?” 


Clawson squeaked out quietly, but distinctly, “Yes… Sir, Doctor York.”


“Good boy.  You spoke.  You are learning.  Then again, even a puppy can learn to speak on command.  So that isn’t saying much.  Stay right where you are, while I get ready.”  Predator/Gabriel turned Clawson’s chair so that it was facing away from the table and once again gave full view to Gabriel’s body standing before him.  And, then, almost as an afterthought, Predator/Gabriel added,  “Oh, and Runt, one more thing.  One more rule to our little game.  You see, this is Vegas and in Monte, the person playing HAS to have something to lose.  Some kind of stakes.  But, as it is, you have nothing to lose.  So, let’s give you some stakes to lose.


“If you can keep that micro-dicklet of yours under control for this whole search then you win.  You get to satisfy what you wanted bringing us here AND you keep the stakes.  BUT - if you don’t, you are gonna lose your stakes.  


“You’ll still get to feel muscle, maybe, but every time you lose control and shoot those droplets you call a load, John is gonna tell me even if it is too small to see, and then you are gonna lose a comp to me.  And not just any comp you want to name.  But, a comp of MY choosing.  Nothing can be too extravagant.  No comp is off the table.  You lose and I can choose ANYTHING that is not illegal.  And remember, we have our own MAN of a concierge sitting there who knows about every comp there is and can tell if you are lying to get out of your wager.  And if you lie to me… well, the last one like you who lied to John didn’t exactly end up in the best place on earth.  And, I am not as forgiving as John is.  Those are the rules of our little contest, and you know how important it is for you to obey the rules. Understood?”  


Predator/Gabriel walked up within a couple of steps of the seated Clawson as the small male nodded his ascent.  


“Now.”  Predator/Gabriel’s smile devilishly exploded across his face so sexily that the smile alone made Clawson’s groin spasm.  “Want to see me take this tank top off?”


In response to the mere thought, Clawson froze in place again.  All that escaped his lips as they opened was an exhale followed by a tiny line of drool from the right corner of his lips as he nodded yes.


“Now, you know better than that.  That’s twice in a row you haven’t spoken in reply to a question from me.  Remember what I said about how you can even teach a pup to speak on command.  So it should be easy for a Runt like you… unless you really are just an animal.  Now, if you want me to take it off, you are supposed to say what?”


“Please, Doctor York.”


“Please what?”

“Please take off the tank top Sir.”


Predator/Gabriel’s smile heightened the sexual tension even more as it rang broadly.  He locked his sky blue eyes into Clawson’s and with that smile grinding the Runt’s groin, he reached down and grabbed the ends of the tank. Predator/Gabriel slowly, relentlessly teased Clawson, pulling the tank up very slowly, wiggling like he was having a hard time getting it up, then pulling it back down and starting over.  Predator/Gabriel and John heard Clawson’s breathing become ragged, gasping as over and over again, a hint of Gabriel’s abs could be seen before they would disappear again.  Between the incredibly sexy smile, the near striptease, and the rocketing anticipation of seeing Gabriel shirtless, Clawson was near cumming again.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Gabriel allowed the shirt to fully pull up and off, and he dropped it on the floor.


Again, just as when he removed his oxford shirt, he stood for a moment, allowing his arms to drop to his side.  He would twist at the abs first to one side and then the other in a partial relaxed stage pose alternating between the right and left.  The effect was to make Gabriel’s abs crunch hard and twist, the bricks erupting up and losing the space between them, the obliques and intercostals exploding to either side as his inner lats framed the brick mason’s pile of ab muscles.  The hint of his Adonis belt sliding into visibility and then descending again under his loose-fitting trousers.  


The effect on Clawson was immediate and unmistakable.  He gasped again, but now it was so soft that it barely registered to Gabriel’s ears, though he was just a couple of steps ahead of the seated runt. That line of spittle had now emerged as a full fledged drop as he could no longer lick it away he was in such shock.  It slowly descended down from the corner of his mouth, down his chin, and landed on his own ill-fitting tank.  




Five meters away, Braden leaned into John’s arms as he was exploring that forearm that rivaled his quads in size.  As he watched, now seeing what Gabriel really looked like, he said quietly, “And Gabriel really has NEVER competed before? John, he looks like a proper physique pro a few weeks out, what 3 or 4.  And he poses so well and he isn’t even properly posing.  He is incredible…”  Braden turned a moment, looked up from his muscle cocoon into John’s face looking down.  “Don’t take this the wrong way.  But I can see why there really would be discussion who has better shape between you.  He is fucking amazing.”

John smiled.  “No offense taken.  Especially because it is true.  Objectively I may be “better” but I am an open bodybuilder and Gabriel is physique.  We are two different beasts.  But you don’t know how proud it makes me that people see what I have always seen. So, maybe you can help me convince him to do a show.  Our friends here say he would get his pro card as fast as me.  You know we met them earlier tonight and they made a bet with him about doing something at the expo tomorrow.  If he will do what they bet him to do, then competing and winning will be child’s play.”


“Who?  What bet?”


John was matter-of-fact.  Sometimes he forgot that his and Gabriel’s friend base in bodybuilding was far from ordinary, especially for people who essentially don’t compete.  “Cedric McMillan, Flex Lewis, and Brandon Hendrickson asked him--”


Braden interrupted, shocked.  “Whoa?  You mean the physique champ? THE CHAMP. And Flex Lewis too?  And he doesn’t believe…”


“Maybe he is growing into that belief right before our eyes.  It is part of what makes what you are seeing special.  A lot of layers beyond just an exercise in domination.  But the bet--”  John began to tell Braden the particulars of the bet/challenge Gabriel was facing at the expo tomorrow.




 Meanwhile, as John and Braden were talking and watching, Predator/Gabriel took even more steps closer to Clawson, only stopping when he was to the point of being close enough to climb on top of him to do a lap dance.


He ran a hand a bit cockily down his pecs and abs.  “So, what do you think?  As you can see - there are no visible wires or tape or any kind of sticker or anything attached to my skin.  I’ll even flex for you.  When I do that, if there was so much as a flesh colored bandage on me, flexing would make it pucker.”  


Clawson’s eyes were WIDE and dilated as he saw Predator/Gabriel’s chest seem to thicken and then deflate by an inch.  Thicken and deflate.  Thicken and deflate.  Every time he squeezed his pecs together, they were no more than 18 inches from Clawson’s open mouth.  At that range, his whole visual field was taken up by Gabriel’s pecs.  He could see even the fine dash of perfectly complementary black hairs on the skin.  At a distance you could not see them, but this close, such details screamed MAN in Clawson’s wavering mind.   


Predator/Gabriel went on as he saw the reaction in his prey, but his voice nearly clinically detached in its matter of fact coldness.  As if he were transcribing medical notes, he said.  “Good, it seems from that reaction that you are paying close attention.  And while you are, can you see the shelf on my upper pecs?  I work them hard, even did the water bottle balancing trick once.  As a matter of fact, let’s see.”  


Predator/Gabriel looked around and as if his desire manifested it, he saw several clusters of half-liter plastic water bottles in clusters around the meeting tables.  He trotted over, grabbed one, and brought it back.  He resumed his former place extremely close to the Runt, while he gave the bottle to the nothing.  “When I tell you, reach up and put it on my pecs.  You’ll see where.”  Predator/Gabriel then leaned back slightly, rotated his shoulders forward, and flexed… HARD. His pecs exploded in thickness, even thicker than they had been moments ago.  “NOW,” Predator/Gabriel growled.  The Runt robotically reached up with the bottle.  He did indeed see the thickest part of the upper pec shelf, a natural approximately flat spot where the thickness pushed away from the collar bones.  The Runt put the bottle on the spot and removed his hand… and the bottle easily stayed balanced.  Predator/Gabriel smiled, “MEN can walk around doing this Runt.  They used to make women walk around with glasses of wine balanced on their heads to show poise and grace.  I wonder which you would be better at…”  He laughed hard for just a second before he grabbed the bottle.  He twisted off the top, took a large gulp, and sat the bottle aside.


The Runt was shaking again.  He was so close to that muscle he could feel the warmth of it.  The radiating heat.  He struggled not to cum.  He could only imagine the perk he would be forced to give up.  But, seeing that shaking, Predator/Gabriel came even closer.  He leaned in as he used his index finger to trace some faint veins that had appeared from the pec shelf flexing, “Some vascularity, there and there.  Means this is all muscle.  You can tell that too by the striations.  Look at that, in the valley there.  Let me flex…”  Gabriel flexed again, and this time bounced his pecs, fast and then slow, back and forth.  A whimper of struggle came from the Runt.  “There we go.  I can tell you see.  Hahaha.”


Predator/Gabriel pulled back slightly to his previous “lap dance’ position but he went on.  “But I am most proud of my lower pecs here.  See the way they hang down like that, nice and thick, even when I am not flexing.  How they make t-shirts and undershirts curve under them.  You saw that before.  I always admired thick pecs that make a man’s nipples point down toward the ground… like John’s.  And I guess I have been working hard to build myself a pair just like that, and they are just KEEP ...  *flex* … GETTING … *flex* … BIGGER.” 


It was at that moment of flexing that Predator/Gabriel stopped for a moment, pretending to consider something he had long ago decided to do.  Now was the perfect time.  So, he went on in that same matter of fact tone.


“But you know, I bet you can’t fully appreciate my lower pecs sitting there like that.  I know the reaction people have looking up at John shirtless… You know Braden saw him at a bodybuilding show early in the summer.  He can tell you what it is like.”  Gabriel took two steps back from the chair and then looked down, his fiery blue eyes almost driving his next statement straight into Clawson’s now sexed-up, mushed brain, “I think they would look a lot better if you were kneeling in front of me here, looking up at me, watching me flex from there.  Don’t you?”


Predator/Gabriel had barely gotten the words out when Clawson practically lept from the seat and fell onto his knees before Gabriel. From across the room both John and Braden laughed along with Gabriel.  “Fucking hell, you little shit.  You just couldn’t wait for that could you?  You jumped in like we did as kids on Boxing Day.  Well, take in the view Runt.  TAKE IT ALL IN.” Gabriel began to flex and bounce his pecs, and looking up, seeing Gabriel’s face partially obscured by them, the Runt couldn’t help it.  He trembled and moaned in raw sexual passion, while fighting with everything he had not to touch the vision of sheer Angelic beauty above him.   


For his part, Predator/Gabriel just looked down.  “Have to say.  You look much better and more natural in that position.  I think you were meant to be there.”  Predator/Gabriel looked for a moment over his shoulder.  “What do you think Braden?”


Braden smiled… viciously, victoriously.  The more he watched Gabriel perform this version of sending someone through a human trash compactor, the more he felt the urge.  He wanted to participate.  He never thought he would at first, when he guessed what they were going to do, but it had not made manifest yet.  But there was something about being around these two, especially John as he had as yet spent more personal time with him.  Later on, when they were teaching Braden about their world, Gabriel privately told him he knew what it was.  It was John’s gift, his natural ability to bring out the REAL MAN in other men. What Phil had talked to him about.  What Cedric had talked about feeling as a bodybuilder and US Army soldier.  What the Marines had built in Braden and his knowledge as a trained MP - John was bringing out the superiority in Braden.  Building something unique and special with those raw materials inside the soul of the hot young Marine.  But Predator/Gabriel got the sense in that moment - so was he.  


Braden felt confident enough in the presence of the couple to now speak his mind totally and honestly.  “Truthfully, Gabriel.  I always knew that was the most natural place for him.  Glad you are helping him learn it is where he belongs.”


“Then come here.  Stand close and take a good look down at him where he belongs.  It is where he has belonged for a long time in front of you.”  


John patted his charge on the quad, reinforcing Gabriel’s invitation.  “You heard the man.  Besides, I agree.  You need to see who you were once so afraid of for what he really is.”  Braden stood and John opened his quads, allowing the young Marine to walk the few meters it took to stand shoulder to shoulder next to Gabriel.  Being a few inches taller, the scene was even more stark for the Marine.  Standing together, looking down, they saw what John had seen in the eyes of Heath and so many others before them.  There was nothing human in him in that moment, no spark of intelligence in those eyes.  Just animal lust.  


Clawson for his part looked up at the two muscle men before him and he felt … home.  “Go on, Runt.  Tell Braden.  Tell him what we both know.  You already know what you need to confess without me even asking the question.”


“I… I belong here… SIR.”


Predator/Gabriel laughed, “Good Runt.  Reward time.”  


 But before the reward came, John laughed hard from his corner.  “He doesn’t need one, Gabriel.  Bet there is a damp spot visible in his pants now.  Tiny, but it's there.  I can smell it again.  He lost his microload again with you two standing over him.  He doesn’t even need to touch your hard muscle.  He is where he belongs, and that dickless wonder in his crotch sputted its agreement right when he said it.”


Braden glanced at the Runt’s crotch… and saw the slight but still obvious darkened spot.  That sight, what just happened, Braden lost it.  He broke down laughing so hard he was holding his sides, “Fucking Shit.  John, you’re right again.  The fuck has a wet spot on his zipper”


Gabriel looked down in mock disgust, but he knew the outcome had been inevitable once he was on his knees.  The Runt’s mental vice’s screws tightened.  Clawson was another step closer to his final outcome - the outcome with any version of a medieval screw torture device.  He would crack and break.  “Goddamn, Runt.  That’s twice now.  TWICE.  And you didn’t even touch the muscle.  AGAIN.  Is there anything about you that isn’t a cock-up - except that you don’t have a cock.”


All the men laughed at Clawson to scorn.  As Gabriel and Braden were standing over him, that feeling welled up within Clawson… desire.  The part of him who wanted to scream his inferiority to the rooftops started to speak in his now bifurcated mind.  


You wanted this.  You have always wanted this.  You just resisted until you could find MEN who are MEN enough to put you here.  To be under real men like this.  It isn’t just empty words that you belong here under these Sirs.  Under Braden.  You deserve to be right here.  That’s why you shot when he stood over you. You know it.  Don’t lie to yourself.  You have always known this is where you belong.  You know it... 


Predator/Gabriel interrupted his thoughts.  “Well, cock-up, looks like that means you lost a perk.  Let’s take the easiest one first.  Room upgrade.”


Hearing this was the first time in the better part of fifteen minutes that the runt spoke coherently.  Still, it was soft, humbled.  Awed.  Frightened.  “Sir…”  He immediately corrected himself, remembering the rules and that Braden was standing there too.   “Sirs, I was going to offer you a substantial room upgrade by allowing the searc--”


Predator/Gabriel began to chuckle as if he had heard the most moronic comment ever made by a human.  “No, no, no, Runt.  You don’t understand.  Not just “an” upgrade.  THE UPGRADE.  You are going to upgrade John and I to the best available suite… and not just in the Bellagio but in the entirety of MGM Resorts in this city.”




Predator/Gabriel’s voice snapped into a cold, ruthless command.  “RUNT - don’t ever say anything like you were about to say again.  You obey.  That’s ALL.  You are on your fucking knees, cum in your goddamed trousers.  You do what I say, when I say it, how I say it, or you’ll be on your knees before some bull queer in prison.  You know these two with me can put you there for all the sexual misconduct and sexual assaults you have done to male guests and employees.  You KNOW it.  So make your fucking choice, right now.  Us or taking your chances as a jailhouse bitch.”


Braden marveled as he listened.  There was no DI he had ever met who could match Gabriel for sheer ability to make you want to piss out of fear.  That cold, quiet, relentless voice speaking the truth sounded like its owner would grind you into paste if he wanted.  And not just the Runt.  Even him, even John, even the others like -- Were there others like John?  He kept saying “our world.”  He once said, “that you’ve ever seen.”  Were there more to see?  Our world… Another question to ask one day formed in his mind.


At the same moment, Clawson’s head dropped.  He had to obey. Both the pieces of him insisted on it.  The part that was afraid of being found and the part that knew this was his place.  He had to obey.  Predator/Gabriel felt the shift in his aura- the little thing’s balls were now being stepped on as surely as if he had actually stood on them.  Point made.  Point accepted.  


Predator/Gabriel went on as if the incident had never happened. “Braden, what is the best room you can think of in the company?”


“There are some crazy palaces of rooms to be sure.  But the best for you two is tough...” Braden thought for a moment. and then his eyes lit up and a beautiful smile graced his lips.  “The ARIA - Sky Villas - Number 18. Specifically Villa 18.”


Predator/Gabriel looked down and saw Clawson’s eyes nearly explode from his head in terror.  He knew from the reaction Braden’s suggestion was the right one.  Turn the screws tighter little fuck.  “Why that one in particular?”


“The Sky Suites at the ARIA.  One of the most luxurious places in all of Las Vegas.  They were designed that way.  But that particular one… You and John will not just have your own personal concierge but you have your own butler, bartender, and personal chef if you want.  Private elevator to the suite so you never have to take the hallway or main one.  And there is another private elevator directly to the kitchens from your own commercial quality kitchen inside the suite.  Your own dining room.  Fully stocked bars on two floors.  Twelve foot high bedroom ceilings.  And John -”  Braden looked over and his eyes flashed pure pleasure.  He was about to give the giant man a VERY special gift. “  John, the living area’s ceilings are three stories high.  You can even jump with your arms above your head and not touch the ceiling.  Grand staircase big enough for you to go upstairs.  Views going North on Las Vegas Boulevard from the 57th through 59th floors.   It is the perfect spot - for both of you.  And only shy of 7,000$ per night currently….”


“Is it available?” Predator/Gabriel asked.


Braden went back to John and collected his iPad.  Expertly, he moved through the menus of the reservation system and … “Yes.  Yes, it is available for the entire remaining length of your stay.  And as the supervisor who is ultimately responsible for all high value perks given to high spending patrons of the Bellagio… he can authorize a perk at another casino in the company.  Their concierge can even move your bags for you from your current room here if you want.”  


Braden tapped a few more menus as he walked back to Gabriel and resumed standing over his nominal boss..  “All it takes is his code here...”


As he handed the iPad to Gabriel, Braden thought as he looked down at the pissant minion at his feet.  He relished seeing this runt put in the place where it hurt him the most.  Being forced to serve clients he once thought he was better than was better than seeing him sexually humiliated.  


iPad in hand, Gabriel said, “Well, John, you want 35,000 dollars in a hotel room? I have not stayed in a room that expensive since I was a kid when my grandfather participated in the State Opening of Parliament with Black Rod....”


John’s Predator just smiled back, relishing every moment of the fruition of so many months of planning and teaching. “Far be it from me to question my MAN right now.  I am along for the ride… and I am up for being able to stretch inside and not touch the ceiling.  Although I might jump and try to touch it, hahahaha.”


Gabriel turned the iPad around, “Well Runt, put in those numbers…”  Clawson was almost in tears as he entered in the codes for the room upgrade he had planned on originally, but then named the upgraded room as ARIA Sky Villa 18.  There was a completion chime from the iPad, and Braden took the machine back from his one time boss.  


“It’s yours now,’ Braden said. “At that level, they’ll have you moved before you are even done here.  As your personal concierge for the night, the keys will be waiting on me at our desk here to give to you.”


“Talk about EXQUISITE SERVICE.  I will have to make sure to leave you a glowing personal review.”  Predator/Gabriel said with a smile.  “Well, Braden, if you will excuse me for a bit, the runt and I have a search to finish… and I think you have your search of John you were doing.  Far be it from me to stand in the way of a wanton criminal like Mr. Declann over there from being thoroughly checked out by a proper professional.”


“Payback is such a bitch.  Both of you.” John said smiling, rubbing in the comradery the three men had that Clawson would have ripped his teeth out to have… but never would.


“Don’t tempt the Runt to act up…” Predator/Gabriel said, which made all the MEN laugh again.  


Predator/Gabriel looked down.  “Well, time for a new card, don’t you think?  Tell me when to stop.”  His fingers began to dance over the remaining cards until the Runt moved. That was as close as he was going to give as a signal to stop.  He grabbed the card his fingers had stopped on, as Braden went back into his fast-growing comfort of being with John in his muscle cocoon.  John resumed guiding Braden’s searching hand, now over his right biceps.


Once they were settled, Predator/Gabriel flipped the card for everyone to read, “Well, how about that.  CALVES.  I am rather proud of them, I must say.  And, look at that.  You are on your knees right where you need to be to see them and MAYBE, if you can control yourself which seems doubtful, touch them and search them.  


“Of course, that means my trousers have to come off for you to see them properly…” Gabriel stepped back a couple of paces and loosened his belt.  “Oh Runt, since you know it is right and proper and you already said you belong on your knees down there in front of me -- in front of US -- why don’t you just stay on your knees the rest of the time of your search of me.  You need to get accustomed to being on your knees…”


Gabriel loosened the button to his trousers and was about to start his little “tease act” again when he thought about the story Flex Lewis had told him earlier in the night, the one  about the effect Franco Columbu just dropping his pants right in front of a stranger had.  Why not… he thought.  So, Gabriel pulled down the zipper and let his pants fall right where he stood in less than a second.  



(To be continued)

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