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growth To Protect and Serve - Chapter 10.4b - (Posted 28 Nov 2021)


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5 hours ago, BigKahuna74 said:

This story continues to surpass itself both in its depth and description.  What a gamut of emotions to deal with, beginning with fear (by the Runt) and loathing (by John, Gabriel,  & Braden of the Runt) in Vegas, no less.  Each scene ups the excitement of wanting more!

GymPredator, you've outdone yourself.  Release the writer predator in you & crush this story.  Like Braden, I am patient, & I'll wait for each subsequent chapter and its rewards.

Thank you. 

A small insight into the future of the story.  A little bit more fun in Vegas with two serious emotional scenes having to do with John.  (One shows John's heart and how big it still is while the other was suggested by a reader off this site.  What would happen if John were to see what happened to him happen to someone else now.  What would his emotional response be?  The rage is still inside him, and a hint at what the rage can drive John to do.  There is a reason why I have not shown John's full capabilities for several months of story time.  They have grown like he has. )

Then that nice wedding chapter I have been hinting at and what should be an awesome small storyline suggested by dredlifter.  Then the climax, but I am already building in hints of what that will be right now.

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Slowly hunting and pecking away at the next section but I wanted to show you guys this.  Nick Walker posted several pics and vids of himself training a physique client.  These are not morphs - just the true difference in size at normal scale between a physique competitor like Gabriel and an Olympia caliber open bodybuilder like John, and Gabriel's coach and their friends. Another illustration pic...






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Chapter 10 - The Titan on Olympus - Part 4b - Kratos Revealed

“This is the calm before the storm / I was born for more / Now you got me ready for war / Remember my name / Everybody outta my way / Back up or get knocked out / This ain't a game” ~ State of Mine, Can’t Stop Me

3 Oct 2020.  9.25 months after the accident

At first blush, one would have thought a bright red and gold awning with materials advertising the United States Marine Corps would be easy for anyone to see. Of course, this was Las Vegas, and the convention center floor of the Olympia Weekend Expo was a microcosm of the city they were in.  Loud to the point of garish displays everywhere with lighting and sound, stripped down male and female bodies advertising companies that were inclined to make one think of the male and female revues on the Strip.  In fact, the closest descriptor to the crowded convention center floor was to think of it like the Las Vegas Strip - bright, shiny, over the top, and crowded as fuck.  


But, being literally head, shoulders, chest, and abs above everyone else there, it was easy for one person to see their destination in the distance.  John.  Gabriel had spoken of this in passing to a few of the guys back in Denver - how John just had this weird talent for “blending into” and “moving through a crowd” even at his height.  How someone so massive could be so quiet and seem to disappear and reappear at random if he wanted.  And now the Armbrust bodybuilders were seeing part of what Gabriel meant first hand.


The group formed almost a military formation.  John was at the center and he kept Gabriel close to his side the entire time.  Martin, Brett, Adam, and others formed a sort of circle around John, as they focused on keeping up with and following him rather than finding the Marine Corps booth themselves.  And John didn’t let them down.  Like the skilled pathfinder he was, he plotted their course, winding this way and that, through the various aisles and crossovers working his way toward the pull up challenge.  His much shorter friends surrounding him had no idea at all just why John was taking the turns that he was; they trusted him to see where they needed to go and that was enough.  That trust was two fold: John being tall enough to see over the crowd… That was easy to understand.  But, what struck the group of friends so much more was just how fast they seemed to be moving, even when it was against the general flow of the crowd.  


It defied all logic how a man as massive as John was could move through such a large crowd.  It crossed every man’s mind in the gaggle that John should be trampling and stepping on little people or at least stepping over their heads.  But he wasn’t.  They learned quickly that as long as they stayed relatively close to him, it was as if the people simply parted around him, like John was a knife slicing his way through warm butter.  Oh the people in the crowd would gawk, make mumbled, hushed gasps of amazement as John came close, they saw his true size, and then he passed by but that was all.  In fact, they seemed to move away from him even as they watched him rather than try to approach.  


To most of the Armbrust guys, it was refreshing to be able to move so freely and NOT be the center of attention of the fans.  The fans formed a bubble around them but no more - no hellos, no asking for photos or autographs, no unwanted feels or gropes of their bodies.  But, of everyone there, only John and Gabriel understood the why of that bubble of people, why the crowd parted as it did… It was the remnants of John’s statement earlier that broke up the human tidal wave when he and Gabriel came into the room. “ BUT I WOULD LIKE A WHILE TO SEE THE EXPO FOR MYSELF AND TO SEE AND SUPPORT SOME FRIENDS HERE IN COMPETITION.”  


As with everything John did with the “verbal blowjob voice,” none of the people, crowd or friends alike, realized they were parting around John like the Red Sea parted for Moses.  But, the command he gave, how he gave it, the way those commands acted on human instinct.  It was enough to make John’s will manifest into reality like a post-hypnotic suggestion.  The “science” part of Gabriel decided that at some moment in the future, they really needed to study just how far John’s ability to plant suggestions and influence people went… but that was for another day.


In what seemed like just a couple of minutes, the eight men had crossed the entire convention center and emerged from the sea of people at the Marine Corps display.  In front of the indoor tent-style awnings were several Marines dressed in standard CUU boots and pants. But instead of the normal digital camo blouse, they were wearing black long-sleeve t-shirts.  There was a handwritten marquee along the back of the awnings that had names, ages, sexes, and numbers of pullups divided into many different categories that was serving as a leaderboard.  Along with a table with information about the Corps, what completed the area were four portable pull up stations.  The bars were standard thickness steel tubes on wide, welded together adjustable red painted frames that were big enough for even bodybuilder-sized bodies… well all but one.  Each station was also set at a different height to allow various heights of people to be able to fully hang below the bar for a proper pull up.


They had not even made it in range of the display when one of the Marines’ conversions reached John’s ears.   “Holy Shit Martinez, that giant dude is coming toward us.”


“Not too shocked to be honest.  That ‘giant dude’ is the one they call the Titan, Mac.  Won the Armed Forces bodybuilding show in Colorado Springs back in the summer.  He is one of us.  Well, civilian cop side of things like NCIS, but still…  There are rumors that he is crazy strong, even stronger than you think.”

“Really?  Damn.  I can see why HE won a military bodybuilding show or any show he ever does.  Never seen a man so tall with so much muscle.  It’s like looking up at a muscle man when I was a kid.  I wonder if he will stop by -- shit, look at that.  They ARE coming here.  And those guys with him,  I recognize a few from Instagram, but you must --”


“I’m a bodybuilder.  I know exactly who they all are.  They all workout at Armbrust Pro Gym in Denver with men like Phil Heath.  If the rumors about how he conducts himself are right, the Titan may as well BE the Corps.  He lives the core values.  Be on point man.”  By then, it was clear to Staff Sergeant Lance Martinez that the gaggle of IFBB Pros and the man he had watched in a viral video at least a thousand times posing with Cedric McMillan was indeed coming to them.  Although that posed a bit of a problem if he wanted to participate--


“Gentlemen, welcome.  I am Staff Sergeant Lance Martinez.  This is Lance Corporal Tyler McKinsey, but everyone calls him Mac.” Martinez said as the group of 8 got to within earshot.  “And, Jesus, your videos don’t do you justice Mr. Brady.  Or should I call you the Titan?”


John’s laugh was uproarious but friendly.  “Neither.  Name’s John Declann actually, Sergeant Martinez.  I was in an undercover assignment that required me to have a false name at the time of the show.  Still, I appreciate you recognizing me.  And please, no nicknames either.  Not for me anyway.  John is just fine.”


“I understand.  Thank you for all that you have done, John.  I’ve heard a tale or two about you.  They’re all good, trust me.  I believe you know a mutual MP friend named Braden.  Anyway, seeing as you are all here, would any of you like to give a shot at getting your name on the leaderboard for the pull up challenge.  We have special categories just for you pro’s - one in open, one in classic, and one in physique.  Although--”


“I would give it a shot, “John interrupted as he stood next to the tallest set bar.  “But I think there is a small issue with these bars when it comes to me.”  


John smiled his bad boy smile, leered over the top of the bar, and looked DOWN at everyone around him.  The seven and a half foot bar barely made it to John’s upper pec.  Not to mention the bar’s width was so narrow to him, his pecs and delts so wide, that both ends were flanked on the outside by John’s downward pointing nipples  “I don’t think this is tall enough for me.  And even if I knelt down under it and somehow wedged myself in….”  


John grabbed the bar in his hand and began to squeeze.  To everyone but Gabriel it looked and sounded like he was allowing some of his weight to hang from the bar and that was causing a loud, metallic groan of protest from the metal and welds… But Gabriel knew, John was actually just twisting the bar subtly to make it whine like that.  It was not his weight that was making the metal groan… it was his grip and forearm strength.  John could have crushed the tube and tore the welds apart like so much chewing gum if he had wanted.  But this grinding sound this way was innocent enough. “... I don’t think it can hold my weight.”


There were perhaps a dozen people besides the eight friends and the Marines there to witness the small display.  And every one of them had gone silent in stunned awe of what they thought they had seen (and would have shit their pants if they truly understood what they had seen).  John felt their inferior, submissive instincts starting to come out, but he didn’t want that; so he backed off just a bit.  


Everyone who was silent gave that submissive vibe in that moment... except Gabriel of course.  From the group, the black-haired, hottie of a doctor said, “So?  You have a fat ass.  No need to prove that to us.”


“It might be a fat ass, but it is a fat ass with striated glutes you can bounce quarters off of.”  John made his massive ass pop into flexing steel a few times making male and female alike wonder.


The bodybuilders let out a moan.  They knew the bad boy, as Gabriel called him, was showing off.  Gabriel voiced the sentiment exactly.


“Show off.”  Gabriel mocked before cracking a smile and laughing hard.


John burst out laughing, joining Gabriel in rolling, joyful laughter, while the small crowd and Marines didn’t quite know what to do when it came to the pair’s jock banter.  But, John quickly saved them from their awkward silence.  


“Nah, Lance Corporal, Sergeant.  This little spitfire here is the reason we wanted to stop by.  Staff Sergeant Martinez, Lance Corporal McKinsey, this is Doctor Gabriel York.  He is doing the bench press and squat competitions in a bit, so I figured some pull ups would be a good way for him to warm up.  He has a mouth on him though, so I would watch out.”


“I’m a surgeon.  Of course I have a big mouth and an ego the size of the old British Empire.”  Gabriel laughed.


Martinez looked shocked. “You’re a surgeon?  Like a proper doc.  You mean you’re not a pro like these guys?”


“Everyone seems so surprised then I say no.  Never gotten on stage at all in my life.” Gabriel reached out a hand to one of the big bodybuilders.  “Adam here is my bodybuilding coach, and he can tell you the truth.  I only started training properly for this in July.”


The Marines as well as several others in the small crowd were dumbfounded.  Between John and the pros and that comment from Gabriel… the small crowd was beginning to grow as curiosity overcame the hypnotic command imperative in their minds… to a point.


“It’s true.” Adam replied.  “The jacked little sonofabitch only started in July and looks like THIS.  But it’s John that does it to him.”


“It’s not me--”  John interjected.  “I just teach him self-defense.”


Gabriel’s bad boy voice emerged over them both. “As much as I like big, beefy, muscly men fighting over little ol’ me.” which made everyone split their sides in laughter, “If they fight this out we will be here until next year.  They BOTH do it.  How about that?  So, Mac is it?  What do you need to know about me so that you can fit me into the competition?”


“That’s easy, Doctor York.  All I need is your age, height, and weight.” the Lance Corporal replied.


“Awesome.  I am 30 years old, 1.72 meters and 84 kilogr - oh wait, I guess for you Americans, that should be 5 foot 8 and about 185 pounds.”  


Gabriel said what he said with a strange slight edge in his voice that only John seemed to catch.  The “verbal blow job” voice.  He smiled inwardly.  It was nothing like what John could do, but he detected some fragments of the ability in what Gabriel had just done.  He wasn’t sure Gabriel was doing it on purpose.  Perhaps it was a growing instinct in the littlest giant - perhaps it was just being around John was making the ability rub off a bit.  But the lilt of direction and control was there.  The directing to a certain mind or minds… Just like John could do when he first noticed people did what he wanted a bit more than they ordinarily would.  Purposeful or not, though, John knew EXACTLY who and what that was meant for… the bet.  As curiosity was making the crowd grow even more - seeing John and Dylan in his Instafame and the rest of their pro friends was growing it - and now it included a relatively older man who had an Olimp Sports Nutrition casual shirt on.  John felt his pride in his little Angel expand even more.  He was growing… in more ways than one.


“Alright,” Martinez said.  “Well, since you are not an actual IFBB or NPC competitor that gives you three different divisions you can choose to compete in.  The total amateur male - the one we have for just anyone off the street who works out or not;  The amateur physique competitor male - the category we have for natty and NPC competitors;  and since all of your friends here are pro bodybuilders, we could open up the pro physique category to you as well - if everyone is willing.”


Gabriel’s blue eyes seemed alight and glow when he heard that.  “I was wondering how I was going to convince you to let me go against the pros.  Our friends would not let me hear the end of it if I went for what I should go for...” Gabriel chuckled and looked over to the youngest in their group.  “Hey Dylan, want to go against me?  We can feed off of and push each other?  You are a pro after all, and it would help me.  And you’re what? 23? Same height, though you outweigh me by a handful of kilos.   Maybe this old man can beat your pants off…”


A round of good natured, trash-talking “Oooooohhhh”’s went around the group as they all knew that Gabriel had thrown down the gauntlet. John and the gang all looked at Dylan McKenna.


That was a challenge Dylan could not pass up.  There was some strange itch in the back of his mind - like when John yelled out to the crowd - like all was not as it seemed, but he pushed it out of his mind quickly.  He figured it was just seeing John’s freakish display of strength earlier and his admission of just how strong he was.  “John is rubbing off on you with that old man bullshit.  You’re on… little Angel.”  Everyone laughed and started to pat both men on the back, even John, who was not minding at all the use of his pet name/nickname for Gabriel that was fast becoming his bodybuilding moniker.


Mac came up to both of them.  “Alright.  If you two want to go against each other - here are the rules.  You have 2 minutes to get as many pull ups in a single go as possible.  You can hang from the bar as long as you want between reps, but if you let go or your feet touch the floor your time is up.  These have to be full range, complete pullups, either military style or strict style with no momentum, and the head has to go over the bar.  No bodybuilding lat emphasis pull ups with partial motion allowed.  In the Corps at both of your ages, you need at least five to get minimum qualification for a PFT test and you get maximum points at 23 reps.  But, you can keep going up to the full time for the contest if you can pass 23.  Right now, the lead is being held by Andrei Deiu’ who pulled in 39 full range pull ups in 1 minutes and 17 seconds. 

“Alright, you fellows line up under a bar that you can get a full length hang from.”  Both men found themselves under one of the two bars set so that they had to hop up to grab onto the bar and could hang with their legs fully extended.  Once both men tested the feel, they dropped back down for a moment, preparing themselves.  Dylan smiled and looked at Gabriel and said, “Hey Gabriel?  Want to do this shirtless? For social media?”


Gabriel beamed, “As long as John can film it for us.   Nobody is going to get in the way of the camera at his height.”


“Deal.”  Agreement made, both Dylan and Gabriel ripped off their respective tank top and shirt to reveal a pair of magnificently sculpted upper bodies.  Dylan did have an edge in size as he had more years in the sport, and he had just come off of competition and photo shoots; so that was not shocking.  What was more than a little surprising to everyone, even John, was just how close Gabriel was to the newly minted young physique pro.  Side by side, they looked shockingly similar.  Gabriel didn’t have quite the upper body thickness… yet.  But it was also plain that Gabriel had Dylan easily beaten in the quads and calves.  But the promise of greatness was there to every eye who knew a damned thing about bodybuilding.  Manion was right too… seeing Gabriel like this with a respected physique pro showed he had it within him to make the jump to classic if he wanted.


Gabriel handed John his phone, and John unlocked it.  They had no need of secrets between them, not even on a phone.  Both had exchanged lock codes on their phones months ago.  Well, John already knew Gabriel’s just by observation, but Gabriel understood what a leap it was for the intensely personally private John to give him access to everything he had - phone, computer, even his own diaries he had stated to keep since the change began.  John pulled up the video app and as he found a good spot to shoot from, he asked a very loaded question.  “So, let me understand you.  By the rules, as long as his head is fully above the bar and it is a strict pull up, either man can use whatever technique he wants otherwise?”


“Sure.” Martinez replied. “Strict and head over the bar - that is it as far as the Corps rules are concerned.”


John could not hold in his smile as he lined up the phone to have both Gabriel and Dylan in frame.  The pair of men lined up under their respective bars, and as they did, he dialed in the focus and zoom with the skill of a professional photographer.  At his height, with the settings all done, he had a great shot of both of them.  It was sure to go viral… maybe even more viral than his own video once he… 




Gabriel looked over and up to see John smiling.   BIG TIME.  He knew what John was thinking.  “John?”


“Let them all see the Angel take wings and fly.” John’s voice almost cracked as he said it.  It sounded to the sizable and growing crowd and their friends alike that the comment was nothing more than one lover urging on his companion… except there was FAR more in that statement than anyone but Gabriel understood.  Gabriel smiled his bad boy grin and he felt the energy of John’s love and pride pour through the connection.  He sort of felt bad about doing this to Dylan, but he knew he would understand before it was all done that it was nothing at all personal, and he had the greatest of respect for his younger friend.

“Take your positions gentlemen.”  John and Gabriel’s eyes locked one last time.  Both Gabriel and Dylan hopped up and grabbed onto the bar. Gabriel took a bit of a different sort of gripping position on the bar.  It stood out to everyone who understood the exercise as it seemed a most unorthodox position to do a strict pull up from.   But those who had also watched Gabriel lift knew he mirrored John’s meticulously perfect form in almost clone-like detail; so, they assumed it must have been something he got from John.


Mac was on a microphone.  “Get ready.  Time begins in … three --- two--- one--- GO!!” 


The timer began and instantly there was a gasp from the assembled (fast approaching 100 people) crowd.  The gasp came not just from them but Adam, Martin, Brett and the others. Dylan began cranking out exceptionally fast, perfect quality pull ups, but it was not Dylan they were gasping about.  It was Gabriel.  


Just as fast as Dylen was doing strict pull ups, Gabriel was showing what it truly meant for him to “take wing and fly.”  On his first rep, Gabriel’s head flew over the bar as fast as Dylan’s did… and then his shoulders flew over the bar, and then his chest and abs sailed and his arms locked out at the top. Gabriel had just rocketed up into one of the most clean muscle ups anyone had ever seen.  And then he did another, and another, and another.  It had become clear to everyone around what John had meant about style as long as the head went over.  Gabriel was not doing the pull up challenge as mere pull ups, he was doing it all as muscle ups.  And it was not just any muscle up he was doing.  These were not the struggles into a partial muscle up so many bodybuilders do.  No, Gabriel rocketed up through the pull up stop point and into the completed muscle up position as fast and smooth as anyone had ever seen.  Even the calisthenics pros would have had difficulty besting Gabriel’s form and tempo.


“Fuck ya, Angel.” John said, a bit of mist in his eyes.  “Show them how to fly.”   John’s voice was cracking even more.  No one has ever seen Gabriel do this before, not even John.  No one outside of John himself had ever seen what they had done as part of their calisthenics workouts.  Muscle ups were part of their routines, but Gabriel had never done this.  Perhaps it was the way Gabriel did muscle ups in that training finally unleashed but… Fuck it was truly amazing.  John struggled hard to control his emotions as his Angel indeed was flying.


By the time Gabriel had gotten to ten reps with no signs at all that his rhythm and tempo were breaking down in the slightest, the crowd began to cheer in time with the reps.  “Go. Go, Go. Go. Go.”  The crowd was swelling into the hundreds, and as groups joined in the throng, they took up the chant immediately.  Gabriel began to smile and then winked at the crowd as he passed twenty He was telling them all this was too easy.  So on rep 21 he started something even newer, even harder.  Something that only the most talented pros could ever do.  He LAUNCHED himself up even harder, even stronger, even higher.  His hand fully left the bar as if he were a male gymnast, and began to clap between his reps.  What was more amazing was that his rhythm barely slowed even with the new spin in the difficulty. And Gabriel’s body reaction showed just how supremely difficult it was.  His body shone with sweat, so much sweat that his normally perfectly styled hair had become matted and wet with the salty liquid.  So much sweat that he looked like he had been oiled for a photo shoot.  His entire upper body was turning redder by the second with a hellish pump as they kept forcing out rep after rep in a true display of long, enduring power.  


Adam smiled witnessing what he knew despite the look of it was not miraculous… it had to be John.  John had once texted that Gabriel was a machine, perhaps a machine even better than he was, at least on Gabriel’s scale.  Now he knew why John said it.  Only one man on earth that he knew of ever trained with that kind of sustained power.  And that man had passed it on to his student, his protege, his lover.  Adam understood the bet they had talked about a little more too… with power like this Gabriel could be sculpted to someone truly exceptional.  This union of endurance strength training and bodybuilding was why Gabriel was transforming so fast.  He decided when they got back home, to push harder, sculpt Gabriel more.  Pack on the right about of quality muscle in explosive power to complement this endurance.  He would be as glorious in his own right as the God he was going to marry.


Gabriel was pushing even harder now.  Each clap was now producing a spray of sweat from his red-tinted torso and back muscles.  Veins were beginning to emerge that had never been seen before, feeding those muscles.  But no one in range of the salty spray minded at all.  They understood instinctually that they were in the presence of someone unique.  The now massive crowd of hundreds cheered harder and harder and began to count - “25….26….27.”  


By the time the crowd got to 30, Gabriel shifted back into his normal muscle ups stance.  John could see signs of intensifying concentration and the early signs of fatigue, but it was deserved fatigue.  What Gabriel was doing, even John had never done before.  It was literally jaw-dropping and for John pride tear jerking.  Perhaps it was cheating but through John’s misting eyes he opened up the connection between them even more.  He poured his love and pride and power through it.  More than ever before.  If sheer love could float Gabriel weightless through the reps, John’s outpouring of emotions would have done it as surely as his own arms could.


Dylan dropped off at an amazing 33 reps, exhausted and winded, but as soon as he recovered joined in the cheers.  “Go ANGEL.  GO. 37…….38…….39.”  Gabriel was heaving, breathing hard like a jet intake, his heart flying as fast as his reps once were, though those reps were now slowing.  Fatigue was taking him fast, but Gabriel would not stop.  He felt John in his mind, as if he were lifting him bodily through the reps.  He had never felt this kind of pride before.  His iron will simply refused to let John’s pride down.  His reps were much slower now, but still no less perfect, and they kept coming.  “45.”  “46.”  “47.”  “48”   


The crowd was going insane as the clock showed 40 seconds left to go.  Gabriel was so exhausted he would hang for a second, launch, get a good rep, and then maintain a form of control as he dropped back to hanging.  Another hang, and then another rep.  “Come on guys, let him feel the love.  I’ve never seen anything like this before.  Go, Go, GO.” McKinsey said, pushing the crowd of spectators to cheer even more.  Competitors of all stripes, instafamous physique vendors of both sexes, and friends now totally at least three hundred surround him.  The wild cheers and John seemed to pull even more out of him.  From some reserve he did not know he had, he simply willed his body to keep moving.  Kept enduring the pain.  His body was shaking with exhaustion, but he endured it.  He only cared about one thing.  Just one...  


Gabriel glanced up to John - that one thing he cared about -  and he was granted a scene he never imagined.  In an exact mirror of the bodybuilding show in June, it was Gabriel showing off for only one person in the room.  And it was John shedding proud tears running in a small line down his cheek.  That was all that Gabriel needed.  Somehow, he reached into the connection and pulled out even more power from someplace, some storehouse that felt like the pure piece of John that lived inside him ever since that first night their souls merged in love making… and his tempo somehow sped up again.  “10...9....8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1 TIME”


At the call of time being up, Gabriel let go and practically collapsed on the floor. John was to him instantly, but a cum-enducing sexy smile of triumph on the face of the little doctor was all anyone needed to see that Gabriel was OK.  John dove on him while still on the floor and swept him up into the most killer hug anyone had ever seen. As they hugged on the floor, Gabriel’s sweat soaked into John’s clothing, his little heart flying at a thumping power John almost recognized as a mirror of his own power.  His hands ran themselves over the blood red, shockingly hot, hard as fuck, muscles and John swooned.  Gabriel had never pushed like this before… and he had never felt like this before.  And most of all… he could hear his Angel laughing like he wanted more. “Fuck ANGEL.  You’ve never done that before.  EVER.  You are the fucking warrior angel I knew you were.  Holy shit.”  The crowd around them was going ape shit crazy as John released Gabriel and stood up.  Gabriel was a bit wobbly still, so John allowed him to sit on the ground.  The next hug was from Dylan, who had knelt down and embraced him, both men slick with exertion.


“Holy FUCK Man, that was the wildest thing I have ever, ever seen.  You have GOT to teach me how to do that.”

“Done.  And thank you.  I didn’t mean to make it look like I was showing you up.”


“Furthest thing from my mind bro.  You think you can stand up?  You gotta flex for the crowd.  I’ve never seen you look so good.”


“John said the same thing. Ya, I can get up, but I will need a hand.”  Dylan stood up and extended a hand down to Gabriel.  Gabriel took it, but Dylan’s grip shattered instantly.  He winced in pain as it felt like his very bones were being pushed together.  Gabriel immediately backed off, “God, Dylan, I am sorry.  I am so tired I guess I forgot.  John told me to always hold back my grip strength.”


“Gabriel...I’ll be OK, but you’re so… are you like John too?”  Dylan asked a bit of the old fear they all had in his eyes.


“No, no.  I am nothing like him.  It’s just a side effect of how he makes me do pullups and all those deadlifts Adam has me doing.  I’ll show you if you want.  I think I might be able to do one or two once the crowd backs off.  I need John to do it.”


Dylan smiled, “OK John, everyone.  Get a load of THIS MONSTER.”  Gabriel purposefully turned himself so that John could get the best view of what he was about to do.  Just like Cedric, Brandon, and Flex Lewis had taught him the other day, he spiked his heel, put his arms above his head and pulled down into a MASSIVE back double bi’s pose.  Gabriel had to fight the near agony of his over pumped muscles not wanting to move this way, but his will again forced them to hit the pose… perfectly.  He wanted John to see all the hard work - work that John had inspired, had crafted, had shaped.  That all those hours and hours of calisthenics he hated to do had not gone to waste.  


Gabriel then switched his arms behind the small of his back and pulled forward into a rear lat pose.  The sweat was like oil, the blood like tanner, the fullness, the hardness, the size and symmetry on a body so small, yet obviously so big.  From everywhere the fans and their friends exploded in cheers and applause as Gabriel fought to hold the pose just as hard as he had to fight to do the muscle ups.  And John… John was gobsmacked.  He of all people knew what Gabriel was becoming.  He was seeing the small changes every day.  But to see it all come together… now… John felt the Predator inside him rising up.  He was going to consume that hot little doctor.  Someone with that mind, that will to FIGHT so hard to craft a body and life for no other reason than he wanted John to be proud of him… The Predator was going to take him and show him what sex between Gods was like.  He wanted him so much at that moment… And in that moment all three parts of him silently wept to know this man was HIS.  How did he ever become so lucky...


Gabriel dropped the pose and smiled broadly, happily, and waved his thanks to the crowds, putting his hand to his mouth and blowing them a kiss.  The display over, Dylan was right back onto that crushing he felt when he raised Gabriel from the floor.


“Martin, Brett, get those big asses over here and feel this handshake.  Do it to them Gabriel.  Please.”  Dylan asked, just so the other would know it was not his weak grip but Gabriel’s insanely strong one.  


Brett came up immediately.  “Jesus, Gabriel.  That lat spread is awesome, especially for someone your weight. Your legs are wild, but I think that back is giving them a run for the money now.  I remember when you were damned skinny.  How do you grow so fast and barely gain weight?”  Brett extended a hand to Gabriel in congratulations, and just like with Dylan, the massive pro bodybuilder’s grip - a grip strong enough to hold a 500 pound or more deadlift without a strap -  broke into pain within a microsecond.


“Holy shit?  You sure you haven’t got machine pistons in those forearms?”


Gabriel laughed, “No, no.  I promise, just a normal old human.  It’s John and how he taught me how to do it.  John, can we show them how we do pull ups?”


“Of course. Just say the word.”  John didn’t quite understand Gabriel’s devious smile at that.  It wasn’t like what they did was a huge secret… though he would in a few moments.


The Bad Boy in Gabriel wanted to show off more immediately, but the crowd that rushed in to hug Gabriel, give him a hand shake, a pat on the back was so big that he just let it happen.  And he did revel in it… Especially one particular older man in an Olymp shirt who gave him a business card and practically begged him to come to their booth as soon as his bench press competition turn was over.  That he wanted to discuss a business proposition.  Gabriel glanced at the card to see some contact information with the following name - 


Stanislaw Jedlinski

President of the Board

Olimp Labs / Olimp Sports Nutrition Laboratories


Gabriel nodded his ascent and put the card in his pocket.  


Even though, at this point, the crowd was a bit calmer, it took several more minutes before things settled down enough for Martinez to announce the results.  “I think we can safely say, NO one is going to get close to that.  Hell, the push-up max is 84 reps, and ladies and gentlemen, I counted that as 67 muscle ups in two minutes.  That may be in world record territory, but it is for sure the damnedest feat of raw athleticism I have ever seen.  Safe to say…  The winner of the physique pro pull-up challenge category is Gabriel York.”  A massive cheer went up from the crowd as again hugs and handshakes went all around.


The noise from the crowd was deafening; yet, somewhere, almost on a subsonic level that Gabriel could feel in his mind more than hear, he heard John.  It was so loud but so soft that he was sure, no one else could hear/feel it.  Whatever John was doing, it was just for him alone.  “I LOVE YOU ANGEL.  I am SO PROUD OF YOU.  Too fucking proud.  You’ve already won that bet from that card in your pocket.  But more important,  they’ve all seen who YOU are.  Not me.  YOU.  The littlest giant, standing on your own.  Everything else is icing on the cake.  From that scared little doctor on the sidewalk to dominating the world’s best athletes.  It is my honor to love such a man.”


Gabriel smiled broadly knowing he had done John proud.  Now it was time to return the favor.  Gabriel knew he needed to get the bad boy out, he needed John to want to show off even though he didn’t want to take the spotlight from him.  Well, there was only one way to do that.  


Gabriel held up his hands and began to speak up over the crowd - which began to quiet to hear what he had to say.  “Thank you all for the support everyone.  I’ve done plenty of muscle ups before, but I have never done them like that before.  BUT, I do have one request… a couple of my friends here who have never seen how I work on this want to know what I do.  And, considering it means that you get to see some of the big ass Titan behind me showing you some of what he can do … I do not think any of you would mind.  I know that a lot of you want to see what John up there can do… except he is too fucking big for the pull up bars.”  


Everyone laughed both jocularly, but also with a bit of nervous shock as it was true.  If little Gabriel, a normal human, could do that under John’s training, what could the giant Titan do himself?  “Now what Sergeant Martinez said gave me an idea, we will get to in a moment.  But, how do I train for pull ups and muscle ups?  I am a little bit tired, but I have enough in me for a few reps so you can see.  So, come on John.  Let’s let them all see.”


The response from the crowd was every bit as enormous as the shade of red that graced John’s cheeks, “God damn you Angel.” he said under his breath.


Bad boy Gabriel smiled up at John, in a perfect “gotcha” moment.  John knew he could not turn it down.  And deep down… the Predator wanted to embrace it.  And he knew Gabriel knew it.  “I am afraid they won’t take no for an answer,” Gabriel continued.  “You see, John is the one who taught me how to do muscle ups like that.  John is my calisthenics and martial arts coach.  We do a lot of our training in the hills outside of Denver.  We don’t have any equipment that isn’t portable.  So, how do you do a pull up without a pull up bar?  This is how…”

And then Gabriel whispered something he had never said before, something he knew John could not resist… “Let the bad boy out and play with me John.  Please.”  


Somewhere inside John a switch flipped.  Another sign of what Will said, that only one person on Earth could control John… and it was a hottie growing doctor from England.  Everyone around felt the change, somewhere deep in their instincts, that part that John could touch with his voice.  No one could put a finger on it except Gabriel… it was as if the aura in the room changed.  The whole convention center felt it.  Be it pheromones or aura or whatever it was there was a shift in how John stood, in how he smiled - now cocky and confident to the point of near obnoxiousness.  Gabriel had unleashed the bad boy.


“OK, little man.  OK.  I give up to the big guns there.  Besides, I think you have earned seeing what I can do in return for seeing what you can do.  So, let’s show them a pull up.  Oh, and anyone else who wants to try it can give it a shot.  But be warned, it isn’t easy.”  With that John’s immense right arm went out straight to a 90 degree angle to his shoulder.  A massive 30 inch around tree limb of living flesh extended.  


It was Martin and Brett who first figured out what was about to happen, having felt the power and sheer scale in that forearm just a few minutes before.  They both knew it was nearly impossible to hold onto that forearm; it was so thick.  And the both let out, “Holy FUCKING SHIT.  No way…”  But by then, Gabriel had lept for all he was worth in a massive vertical and latched onto the tree limb forearm over two feet above his head.  Gabriel’s hand shifted a bit and then it began… he started to do slow, controlled pull ups right on John’s forearm.  


The crowd gasped in amazement.  Both that Gabriel could do it and that John needed no support whatsoever to stay absolutely still… but even that was only for a moment.  What John did then was truly spectacular and a testament of why Gabriel’s grip was so strong.  John began to twist and move his fingers, making his forearm muscles and tendons writhe under Gabriel’s grip.  As unsteady as it was, no one could have held onto that thick bar itself moving under his hands; yet Gabriel did. 


There was a massive cheer as Gabriel dropped off, and Bad Boy John looked down to his friends, “Any takers?”


“Gabriel fucking hell,” Brett replied, “You do that ALL THE TIME?”


“Every workout John and I do.”


“Shit, I know how hard it was just to hold on when he held us up.  And then doing that.  You must have a grip that can bend steel.”


“Huh...  Never thought about it.  What do you say Angel?  You think we should try it together before we leave?  See if we can make the crowd go WILD again.”


“Oh I have making this crowd go wild already locked up, John.  See, everyone, John is doing some exhibition bench pressing after me in the power competition.  If the muscle ups are my warm up, then he needs a warm up too, right?  He may not be able to do a pull up without breaking the bar, but this floor is plenty tough to do some push ups on.  What was it, the Marines told us, 84 reps was the max?  Give a yell, if you want to see the Titan Predator here show a little of what he can do before he shows you all the definition of a bench press?  You have all seen a video.  Want to see it LIVE?”


The crowd gave the exact response Gabriel intended, and it fed the bad boy.  “Alright.  Alright.  I suppose I need to warm up anyway.  I guess we are doing our usual brand of push ups together?”  Gabriel nodded, which made the bad boy flash a huge smile.   “Then, Dylan, since he used you as his “foil” before, would you mind filming this for me?  That makes sure you are out of the range of fire.”


Dylan looked surprised, “You mean Gabriel can’t?”


John laughed.  “Not very easily although we have tried it before.  I am afraid for this we need stationary filming.” He handed the phone to Dylan and then knelt on the floor next to Gabriel.   Gabriel felt that subsonic vibration that was like hearing directly into his brain.  “Of anything I could do, why this Angel?  Why now?  You know I love to show off, but this is your time?”


Gabriel whispered his reply, but John could hear perfectly..  “No, my beautiful sexy bad boy of a man.  It is OUR time.  It isn’t complete without you.  I am not complete without you.  Besides, if you want to think about it, I am showing off too doing this, right?”


John nodded as he thought.  What Gabriel said was true.  John’s calisthenic push ups were not exactly a walk in the park for anyone helping him to do them.  In fact, it showed off Gabriel as much as he showed off himself.  “Are you recovered enough?  I saw how much that drained you before.”


“I’ll be OK as long as you do them in full, not-holding-back mode.  I think I have as many in me as you have in you before we both exhaust and that leaves us an hour to get ready for the bench press show.  Some good fuel and after this, we will be ready.”


John then began to again speak to the crowd, “Alright, if I remember correctly, the Marines said they needed a maximum of 84 push ups.  Well, I don’t know if I can get THAT many push ups, the way I do push ups.  But I will try.  I will need a bit of space though.  I am not the smallest man there ever was on earth, hahahaha”


Adam and Martin looked over, “How do you do push ups?!?  Like diamond push ups or something?”


John smiled, “Well, you could call it ‘something’ like that.  My calisthenics push ups are… well… not something I use in the gym.  They develop something else entirely.  My version of endurance and balance training.  You’ll see.”


With that, John stretched himself out fully prone, flat on the ground, with his arms out to the side, looking something like a giant partial version of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.  But then the really odd things began.  Gabriel stepped alongside the prone John and climbed onto his incredibly wide back and hamstrings and assumed a push up position of his own.  The crowd went silent seeing just how much Gabriel was dwarfed as he easily fit as if he were a fighter taking off from an aircraft carrier.  With Gabriel’s head planted in the nape of John’s neck between his trap elevators, his toes only made it to just north of the center of John’s immense hamstrings.


At first everyone assumed John was going to do pushups with Gabriel on his back.  But, then, the strange sight got even stranger as John brought his right arm under his pecs, centering his hand under his sternum, but still otherwise flat on the ground.


Both men took a deep breath.  “You ready for me to set up Angel?”


“Go for it.  Just give me a three count.”


John took a long breath and said, “One…. Two… Three.”   At the three, John’s right hand splayed open its fingers.  Then the unthinkable happened.  John began to push on that one hand UP… In response, his entire body went totally rigid.  His legs and feet elevated so that not even his toes were touching the floor.  His hips, abs, chest, head… ALL OF HIM, at the same time, arose as one and seemed to float in the air….ON ONE HAND.  John’s muscle control was so perfect that he held both himself and Gabriel perfectly motionless suspended above the floor as if he were a plank on a hydraulic jack.   


Then, it went higher, harder… and the crowd that was silenced in awe had their minds totally blown.  In one simultaneous smooth motion that mirrored the synchronized bodybuilding viral video, John’s ring and pinky finger also left the ground and shaped as a tripod, his entire body raised a few inches higher balanced on just the thumb, index, and middle fingers. Just as John moved his fingers,  Gabriel also pushed down and moved up in a standard push up position - if you can call toes planted into hamstrings and hands planted into lower traps a standard pullup position.  The pair came to rest for a moment, motionless, in a single arm, three finger planche position.  


Then it began… a step beyond what he had even done in the bodybuilding show in his routine.  John began to crank out single arm planche pushups, balanced on nothing but those three ringers as his elbow, shoulder and triceps pressed almost 1000 pounds straight up into the air.  And in precise sync to John’s motion, Gabriel did push ups on John’s back.  As John went up, Gabriel went up.  As John reached the apex, so did Gabriel.  As he lowered, so did the littlest giant lower.  Through all the movement of the immense weight, the shifting of Gabriel’s weight on his back, the movement of his own body… John did not flinch.  He remained suspended in the air totally motionless except for that one arm in that three finger planche.  


When he felt they were set, John increased his pace, and Gabriel stayed in absolute sync with the increase.  5...10...15….20.  John’s immense lungs began to soak in oxygen as his body was FINALLY being challenged.  His titanic heart began to beat faster and faster, soon moving up into the cardio range for him.  25….30.  


John and Gabriel were both hoovering in air into their endurance-trained lungs but even in that, breathing as hard as they were, even their breaths were in perfect sync.   They were in perfect sync - as if the two had become one being.  


It began with one voice… Just one in the back shouting as before… “Go...Go….Go…”  The shocked silence was then overcome as within moments the chant took the entire crowd that was in any way able to see by storm.  The chant was exactly in time with John’s piston arm.  “Go” 35,   “Go” 36,   “Go” 37,   “Go” 38,   “Go” 39,   “Go” 40.


John heard a breathless Gabriel above him speak to him, breathing hard, barely at a  whisper, but it made John pour it on.  “Show them you’re a God, my beloved.  Show it all.”  John needed no more prodding.  There was a slight shift.  The people noticed.  Was John suddenly fatiguing?  But then,  John’s biceps, triceps, and delt EXPLODED…. And John VAULTED his and Gabriel’s entire body off the ground.  SLAP…..SLAP….SLAP….SLAP….SLAP


45.  John had started to loft himself and Gabriel off the floor with those three fingers and arm, so high that he could clap while that thousand pounds floated in the air, then with incredible speed, his hand and fingers assumed their previous position and absorbed the impact of all that weight on those fingers.  Only those fingers did not break, they did not bend, they did nothing except take the stress as if it were a feather.  On his back, Gabriel didn’t even notice they had touched the ground, John was so stable.  50….55.  John kept going  60...65...70.  At that point John shifted back from the clapping to the “regular” planche push up for a final fifteen reps before he allowed himself to hit the ground at 85 reps - exactly one more than the maximum for any age in the Marine Corps.


A roar unlike any ever heard from the Expo crowd went up.  it was so loud as to easily rival the cheers John had at the bodybuilding show.  What they had just seen, it was mind blowing.  Not only had John done something BEYOND human, Gabriel had done a perfect set of 85 push ups on John’s back - perfectly balanced.  Perfectly in sync.  AFTER doing all those crazy muscle ups.  No one could decide what was more impressive - what John had done or what Gabriel had done on top of what John was doing.  


They lay collapsed in a heap, both breathing hard.  Gabriel smiled as he could hear John’s heart doing something that was so elusive for John… pounding at speed inside that huge chest.  John was going to grow from this.  Even bigger.  Even stronger.  The crowd could hold back no longer and they rushed the two bodybuilders covered in sweat.  John and Gabriel felt hands from everywhere patting them - in both congratulations and in the way one would touch some holy icon.  


“You did great Angel.”  Gabriel heard the voice of the Predator say.  He came out so rarely when John was working out these days.  It was even more confirmation that John had pushed himself.  Gabriel knew he could have done more.  The rage could have pushed John into practically growing before their eyes if he had harnessed it.  But there was no need.  Unlike in June, the demon didn’t come out.  His men inside that titanic body stayed in control.


“So did you, John.  So did you.”   John responded by unexpectedly popping his back and legs HARD.  Gabriel lofted into the air, and with that amazing speed, John rolled onto his back and Gabriel felt himself fall into John’s chest and arms.  They hugged each other, long and tight.  For everything they saw in these last few minutes - the die was cast.  Everyone knew what John was… and what John was training Gabriel to be.  Thanks to Dylan, it had all been broadcast on Facebook Live and Instagram Live.  And it was only the start…. 60 minutes until the bench press contest.


(Pics attached are of "Gabriel" right after his set.  I am trying to learn how to imbed pics.)


Screenshot 2021-11-22 152357.jpg

Screenshot 2021-11-22 152325.jpg

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  • GymPredator changed the title to To Protect and Serve - Chapter 10.4b - (Posted 28 Nov 2021)

Another epic installment! I love how the feelings of the almost post-hynoptic suggestions are described among the gang. 

Next up, the awesomeness of the bench press contest!

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