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6 hours ago, sexyscottishboy said:

Super hot!

I'm glad you like it! I'm still new to writing stories, this being my second. Feedback is always appreciated! 

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Rays of sun came in through the window between the curtains, showing the dust that danced silently as it fell through the air.

I stretched my arms straight out as I yawned and woke up from the best sleep I’ve had in ages. I delighted in the feeling of my huge muscles as they bulged and flexed while I stretched. Erik was already up and about, as he was the earlier bird in the relationship.

I struggled to prop myself up into a sitting position, my mobility limited by the massive mounds that were now packed onto my frame. My oversized schlong draped over my yoga ball sized gonads and onto the floor. It was still hard to believe what had happened yesterday. But it couldn't have been a dream, the proof was all around me. I was surrounded by the mass that made me the hulking muscle man that had to be the biggest, strongest man in the world. 

I reached up to scratch my head, but my arms and shoulders had grown to such a size that my hand stopped a few inches short. I'll have to ask Erik to scratch my itches. I'm sure he won't mind.

I stood up and walked to the door, where I was presented with the first problem of my new dimensions. Being as wide as a king-sized bed came with mobility issues. I turned sideways and started to shuffle through the door, but it still took some wiggling and maneuvering to fit my expanded pecs through the width of the frame. I was worried I may have gotten stuck halfway through when the door jamb got wedged between huge mounds of muscle pecs and round bulbous ass, but eventually, I made it through.

Erik wasn't in the apartment, most likely running errands. Making coffee at this size was a chore. My biceps and pecs fought for space as I tried to pick things up, forcing me to resort to twisting my upper body to grab the tools and ingredients necessary. Even drinking the beverage now required a straw because my hand couldn’t quite reach my face.

As I sat on the creaking, groaning couch and watched TV, I could feel some stiffness start to be released around my neck. A couple of minutes later, I instinctually brought the coffee mug to my lips and took a sip without the straw. That’s odd, I couldn’t do that earlier. Perhaps my joints were getting used to my enlarged size.

But when I looked back to the TV screen, I saw the head of my cock was being pulled towards me, as though it were a fishing line being reeled in. I got up and went to the bathroom, without getting stuck. I looked into the mirror and saw that my once gargantuan muscles were now smaller. Still huge, but smaller. And they continued to lose size as I watched, unable to understand what was happening. I had mixed feelings as I watched the slow shrinking of my muscles. On the one hand, it was a pain to maneuver the world at such a hulking size. On the other, I had discovered that I really like being a huge muscle beast.

Erik entered the apartment, and I called for him.

“What’s happening! Why are you shrinking!?”

“I don’t know! It started a few minutes ago and I don’t know how to stop it.” The reflection now showed a man the size of a 300-pound bodybuilder, with a 2-foot dick the circumference of a soda bottle. Even with stats most would consider incredible, I could tell he wasn’t thrilled about my changing body composition.

In my head, I was going over everything I could remember from yesterday.

“Where did you go just now?” I asked Erik

“I was just at the laundromat across the street. We desperately needed clean clothes, and everything smelled after what happened last night.”

Then it clicked. I picked up the product tag that I left on the dining table, showed it to Erik, and pointed to one of the bullet points.

“Washing may cause shrinking!” He said as he looked up at me.

“I guess you put that jockstrap in the washing machine, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s being washed as we speak.”

I was now the size of an Olympic gymnast, with a 14 incher between my legs. Erik had such a sad look in his eyes.

“Don’t be sad, we’ll probably be able to do this all over again! Besides, how was I going to go about daily life when I was bigger than the hulk and more hung than a blue whale?”

“I guess so…” Erik was so dejected. He looked like a kid who was just told why couldn’t have ice cream for dinner.

My body finally stopped shrinking. “I guess the laundry is done being washed.”

Looking myself over, I wasn’t completely back to the way I was. There was still some extra muscle on me, and my dick was definitely a couple of inches bigger than usual, closer to Erik’s impressive natural size. I had a swimmer’s build, muscled but not very big.

“I guess the machine didn’t do a very good job” I said to Erik then winked. I could see the gears turning in his head. 

"You think we can do this all over again?" He was planning something.

"I think so. I just gotta put 'em back on and we can start over." 

A devious smile split his face. “Pack your things, we’re going to spend the weekend at my parent’s cottage."


As soon as Erik returned from the laundromat, he told me to put the jockstrap back on. It was funny to see how excited he was. My shorter man was so eager to watch me grow. I wasn't sure what exactly he was planning, but I knew I would be enjoying the ride. I loved the feeling of growing by his command, letting him take charge and growing as big as he wanted. The feeling of growing last night was... intoxicating. This morning I was scared that we had gone overboard, but knowing that the changes can be reversed put me at ease and allowed me to fully enjoy whatever happens with these growing adventures.

It was nearing the end of spring. The weather was nice and the temperatures were getting pretty high. It was a perfect weekend to spend at the cottage. 

As soon as we had packed everything we thought we might need, we started our journey to the secluded cabin Erik's parents had purchased for summer vacations. I drove while Erik manned the stereo. It was as though we were reconnecting all over again. 

Thankfully, our car has air conditioning. If not, I would likely outgrow the poor SUV before our 3-hour ride was complete. But with my back butt pressed against the seat, some sweating was inevitable. This caused some gradual growth before reaching the cottage. Erik would reach over and grope me from time to time, rotating between my chest, arm, and the bulge in my shorts.

We still had an hour of driving before reaching our destination when I could feel my hair brushing the car's ceiling. I shifted in my seat Erik gave a small gasp. 

My ass had grown so thick that it was pushing me up in my seat. What was once unremarkable was replaced by thick pillows! Once Erik was made aware of these changes, he only became more handsy, and my dick was stirring in response. 

Shortly after our discovery, I had to bring the car to a stop at a railroad crossing where a long slow-moving train was crossing the highway. 

"This will take a while" I said as I shifted gears into park.

"I know how to make the time pass" Erik said with a sly wink. 

He started to stroke my thick shaft through my clothes. A breath caught in my throat as he started rubbing, trying to achieve his goal before the train passed. I was getting into it and flexed my arms for Erik's pleasure. The excitement caused a new cascade of sweat to appear on my skin, triggering a renewed growth spell. We were both in ecstasy watching my arms swell slowly, my shoulder getting wider, my t-shirt getting tighter. The thought of Erik making me grow for him was pushing me to the edge.

"I want you nice and hung before we get there. Let's grow you a python anyone can see from a mile away!"

That drove me wild. I flexed for him again and my arms had to be at least 16 inches. This put me over the edge and I came inside the magic jockstrap, causing my cock to start its own growth. The head started inching its way down the leg of my shorts, growing thicker as it went. We both watched eagerly as it marched on, wondering what its final size would be. 

Steadily it kept gaining size. The feeling of my cock growing was like the best orgasm I've ever experienced multiplied by a factor of 10. I tore my eyes away from the show a few times to see his reaction and he just stared greedily as he watched it swell. With every inch it grew, I felt more proud to have grown bigger for Erik. I felt immense pleasure knowing that I was satisfying his lust for my expanding size, as well as my own desire to grow as big as he wanted. 

It finally stopped when the tip reached my knee. Good thing too, as the train was finally passing. The stretchy pouch pulled everything into a mound between my thighs. The bulge in my lap had to be the size of a soccer ball. Erik was positively giddy for the rest of the drive. You'd think he was a kid about to arrive at a theme park. Maybe it would be our own lewd theme park. 

I was equally as excited, but I had the task of focusing on the road. A task that required much more concentration now that I had Erik's groping was even more relentless. 

I can't wait to see what the rest of the weekend holds.

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I wasn't planning on adding to this story, but the ideas came to me and I wanted to take in further. This instalment is setting things up for later, so stay tuned!

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The cottage was a classic log cabin that sat on the edge of a small lake shared with no one else. It was a remote location with the next closest neighbour being miles away. It was Erik's family's remote getaway surrounded by forest and pristine nature. After following the long, winding dirt road from the highway to the cottage, we unpacked our supplies.

Being outside the air-conditioned car and hauling our supplies into the cottage guaranteed some more muscle growth. Erik stood back and watched, ensuring that all the sweaty labour was done by me. Although with every trip between the car and the cottage, our supplies started to feel lighter and lighter. My medium t-shirt was now starting to look like a second skin. My broad shoulders pulled the sleeves higher on my upper arms. The sleeves bunched up over my larger biceps and triceps, causing the sleeves to only cover my shoulder muscles. My chest had thickened and caused the fabric to stretch and pull under my arms. My pecs now took up more space than the t-shirt was designed for, and the lowest two rows of my abs were now exposed, causing my once loose t-shirt to look more like a crop top. My shorts were fairing no better, with my muscle butt taking up space and causing the hem of the shorts to climb higher. The bulge stuck out in front of me as far as my shelf-like pecs, creases appearing around my pelvis as my shorts tried desperately to maintain their shape. 

Standing by the front of the cottage, Erik stood there and drank in my form and admired the musculature as I finished the last load of supplies. Erik then walked up to me and cupped my substantial bulge with his hands and whispered "let's get you out of those clothes" with a sultry look. 

I instinctively reached down to start pulling my shirt over my head, but Erik grabbed my hands and said "ah ah ahh" and wagged his finger at me. I shot him a confused look. 

"You won't be taking off your clothes that way."

He then pointed to the woodpile next to the cabin. There was no way we would need a fire to warm up the cabin in this heatwave, but my brain made the connection and I understood what he wanted. 

I proceed to swagger over to the stump with the axe stuck in it, removing it and setting up a log to swing at. I set to work splitting wood, bending low to show Erik my round, muscled ass every time I need to set up another log. Swing after swing in the beating sun of the early afternoon works up quite the sweat. Before long, the clothes I'm wearing start to pop and strain around my growing muscles. The sleeves bunched around my biceps slit. Soon after, the seams along my torso split, leaving the shirt hanging around my neck like a bib, only covering the deep valley between my thick pecs.

My shorts are uncomfortably tight, but I know this discomfort won't last long. My thighs and ass are taking up more and more space in the legs of my shorts, leaving less room for my bits up front. But I know how to relieve some pressure. For the next log, I squat down as deep as I can, nearly touching the ground with my ass. With a loud rip, the pants split right down the middle, from back to front. The pouch of my jockstrap tumbles out and makes contact with the ground between my feet, sending shivers up my spine. As I lift myself out of the squat, my quads flare and rip the inseams, releasing the pressure my clothes put on my lower half. 

I walk back over to Erik with a smile on my face. He's bitting his lower lip as he watches me move towards him in nothing but the tattered remains of my clothing. When I'm a few feet away from him, his smile turns mischievous. His hands are crossed over his chest.

"I have a surprise for you." 

"Oh? And what's that?" 

He takes a step to close the space between us. His hands move down to the pouch of my jockstrap and he proceeds to rub his hands over my protruding bulge. His arms had been crossed because he wanted his hands in his armpits, collecting sweat. I gave a mock gasp of incredulity as my muscles were hit with an intense wave of growth. The clothes that remained around my neck and hips started to groan as my muscles started to stretch them beyond their limits. Erik groped at my chest as it expanded before his eyes. 

"So this was your plan all along," I say with one eyebrow raised. 

"Maybeee" he said as he wrapped himself around my growing form. I thought he was hugging me to feel all my muscle swell, which may have been partially true. But just like last night, I could feel his hands guiding the sweat from my wide back into the waistband of the jockstrap, all while he ground his hard dick into my bulge. 

The stimulation from the growth mixed with Erik's grinding caused me to get hard too. Erik pulls his pants down, revealing his stiff member before continuing.  My own stiffening member reached down to my knees. Erik was going absolutely wild, trying as hard as he could to force me to grow. He could no longer touch his hands together behind my back, my chest and lats too thick to allow it. When he realized this, he opted to bury his face into the deepening crevice between my pecs. 

Erik, who hadn't orgasmed since last night, was first to release load. He of course aimed it at my crotch to ensure our growth saga continued to his liking. Once again, my dick started to swell. Erik held it down by straddling it between his legs. Meanwhile, I was on cloud 9, letting the pleasure of my growing cock wash over me. It grew thicker and longer, sticking out behind Erik's back by at least a foot. 

When the growth subsided and everything settled, my cock was pulled back in by the stretchy material and Erik took a step back to get a good look at me. I was now more muscled than any bodybuilder, looking more like a bodybuilder who had been morphed to inhuman proportions. My arms were now 25 inches around, dwarfing my head. My thighs were now 30 inches around, nearly as thick as my old waist size. 

But the biggest change was between my legs. With my cock finally soft, and the jockstrap doing its best to hold everything, the pouch had to be at least the size of a yoga ball. 

Erik stood looked at me with wonder in his eyes. I was becoming his dream come true, and I loved being the one to make that dream come true. Becoming masculinity incarnate was also very exciting. 

"Look at you. You're the hottest man I've ever seen" He said through his wide smile. 

"And I've only just started."

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Love this.  There's so much potential.  I wonder if they'll experiment with washing the jockstrap.  Maybe drying it on high heat will make Mark shorter than his original height but keep his muscle mass the same, making him into a fireplug powerlifter.   Maybe washing the jockstrap with fabric softener will make him lose all his body hair and turn him into a himbo.  And maybe different people's sweat has different effects on Mark.   A make-out session in a sauna could be enlightening.

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