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worship Danny's Secret


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Oh I remember this story,

I think in one chapter he told a friend about his secret and said friend started growing just as he did. I think that was it fior the story cause there were no more chapters.

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Yeah, that was when it was a continuous story that kinda died after that part.  You never know; that may end up not being where it ends.

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As soon as Danny came down from his lust-fueled high, he began the arduous task of cleaning up the bathroom.  Fortunately, closing the shower curtain helped contain the mess more than he realized.  This meant he didn't have to clean the sink or the vanity mirror.  A few years of this have polished his skills at cleaning up a room to the point where no one could tell that there was what must have been a gallon or more of cum all over the walls and ceiling.  Before long, the whole room smelled of lavender-scented cleaner with a hint of bleach. 

As he finished, he admired himself in the mirror.  Sure enough, he was a little bigger, his muscles a bit thicker and just as ripped as before.  A side-effect of his "exercise regimen" was that he ate enough to feed a family of three.  His parents blamed it on their son being a growing boy, not knowing about his near-superhuman physical prowess, though they had a feeling that he worked out at school.  Little did they know that he was, indeed, "working out" at school, but with the hottest girls on campus and one or more gay guys who were discreet enough to not go around campus saying that he's gay.  He had no problem with his bisexuality, but he would rather not be outed by an overeager twink with more enthusiasm and energy than common sense.

While he was appraising his larger body, the doorbell rang.  All of his parents' friends and coworkers knew they were going on vacation, so it wasn't for them.  The neighbors were more inclined to knock, except for racist old Mrs. Kaminsky, who avoided their house out of resentment for living next door to "those people."  She knew well enough to voice her opinions on him and his parents not being 100% Caucasian, because she would've been run out of her home in short order.  As he stopped off in his room to put on a pair of gray shorts, he heard two women giggling and talking to each other.  This definitely meant it was for him, likely a couple of his previous sex partners looking for a booty call.  He headed downstairs, smiling at all the sex they would be having soon.

Sure enough, when he opened the door, Tara Sanchez waited with a friendly smile that not-so-subtly concealed her lust.  Beside her was a slim redhead with green eyes.  Both were similarly dressed, in jeans and a crop-top.  Behind them, across the street, a pair of eyes watched from a ground-floor window.  Likely that racist old bat wondering what drugs I'm dealing, he thought, knowing that she lived alone with no one but her youngest son and her Chihuahua, her husband having left her years ago for another woman.

"Hey there, Papi," Tara said in her most seductive tone as she undressed him with her eyes.  "I couldn't stay away, so I figured I'd bring along the new girl.  This is Caoimhe Brennan; she's an exchange student from Ireland."  Kee-va, he thought, focusing on how her name was pronounced, as he knew Gaelic, especially Irish Gaelic, wasn't written how it's pronounced.

"Well, they sure grow them big here in the States," she said in awe, her Irish brogue making her voice almost musical.  "Lovely to meet you, erm, Danny, was it?" he nodded as he took her hand, kissing it as a gentleman would.

"A pleasure, Caoimhe," he said with a light bow, which coaxed a giggle from her.  "Seems the Emerald Isle is missing a jewel.  Why don't you two lovely ladies come inside so we can... have a little fun?" he stepped to one side, letting Tara and Caoimhe in.  As they passed by him and entered the living room, he pretended not to notice the second set of eyes watching him from the Kaminsky place, this time from an upstairs window.

The moment he closed the door and the blinds, Tara was all over him like a starving woman at a buffet.  Her hands caressed his heavily-muscled pecs and shoulders while Caoimhe looked on in awe.  Here was a man bigger, more muscular, and more jaw-droppingly beautiful than she'd ever seen in her life and she didn't know what to do but watch as the two made out.  The bulge in his shorts swelled magnificently as his pumped muscles glistened with a light sheen of sweat.

"I see I caught you just after your workout, hmm?" she purred as she caressed a defined bicep.

"Yup," he responded.  Noticing Caoimhe on the couch, he beckoned her over with a finger and a come-hither look.  "No need to be shy.  I don't bite unless you want me to." Mesmerized by his otherworldly beauty, the Irish-born beauty stood up and slowly walked over to him.  As she placed a hand on his arm, she gasped.

"It's like granite," she said in shock.  "How can you be so huge?"

"Good genetics and regular exercise," he responded as he usually did, flexing the bicep she felt to her delight.  "Care to see more?"

"Please," she said breathlessly, her will drained as she nearly threw herself at this god of a man.  Never in her life had she seen a man so ruggedly beautiful, so tall, so muscular, and so irresistible as the god of a man standing before her.  She made out with him furiously as Tara licked and kissed his ample pecs.  Tara knew that, before long, Caoimhe would be nearly passed out in lust from his attention when he finished fucking her, as she was during her first time.  Since then, the cheer captain had been fucked by Danny more times than she cared to count and, were it not for her being on the pill, would've had quite a few of his kids by now.  Insisting that Caoimhe do the same as soon as possible was something Tara insisted on before meeting Danny, as the exchange student, while not too shy about losing her virginity, still wanted to be married before getting pregnant.

In a flurry of movement, the three of them removed their clothes, Caoimhe's moans making it abundantly clear that she wanted Danny inside of her.The moment Danny's rock-hard cock was freed, Tara lubricated the monster up with her hungry mouth.  She knew that, even if he were to cum, he would still be hard and ready with another load for Caoimhe.  No one knew why Danny was multi-orgasmic, though some thought it was genetic.  That very well may be the case, but neither Tara, Caoimhe, nor Danny cared to explore that at the moment, as Caoimhe was far too occupied with suckling on Danny's nipple like a nursing infant on its mother's breast.  Danny let out a purr-like growl as he felt Tara's mouth on his cock, coaxing one of many loads out of him.  With a grunt, he granted her wish, filling her guts with a load that was larger than that of the average man, but no where near what he splattered over the upstairs bathroom earlier that day.

As Tara pulled herself off of Danny's cock, he immediately lifted Caoimhe into the air with ease, sliding his cock into her gently.  She cried out in lust as she felt the massive member fill her like no cock ever could.  As the two fucked, she shouted her praises for his godlike body as Tara worshiped said physique.

"Good Jesus, you're magnificent, Danny!" she cried out, her lust clouding any sense of propriety she was taught by her strictly Catholic father back in County Offaly.  "Shite and fried eggs!  I think you've ruined me for men!  Give it all to me, Danny!" Danny was a machine as she coaxed orgasm after orgasm out of Caoimhe, his muscles pumping just as they had earlier.  He knew his lovers especially loved it when he finished bigger than when he started, his muscles larger and stronger than ever due to his lust and sex alone.  After what felt like an hour, Caoimhe let out a massive orgasm in time with Danny's, his twenty-inch cock flooding her with his cum.  As he pulled out, Tara licked up the excess that remained on his cock.  Though she would like nothing more than to ride his divine cock until she passed out, she wanted to save herself for another time, a moment that she knew was going to leave her satisfied beyond anything possible.

A couple of hours later, Caoimhe and Tara walked out of Danny's home, arm in arm with the local lusty muscle-god as he walked them to Tara's car.  Across the street, Brendan Kaminsky watched the cheer captain and the hot exchange student caressing the muscles of the hottest guy to ever grace this planet, just as he watched them enter his home.  He knew the rumors about Danny's physical prowess, his strength, size, and sexual capabilities.  What he didn't know was something he now suspected.  He shook his head and looked again.  Is he... bigger?, he thought as he eyed Danny's cannonball shoulders, his cock in hand.  Yeah, I think he just grew from that.  But how?  He had to hide his true feelings from his mother, as not many knew that she was as homophobic as she was racist.  Fortunately for him, Carla Kaminsky was currently with the few friends she had left, as most of the people who knew her and her now ex-husband shunned her for her narrow-minded worldview.  He had intended to leave as well, but didn't have the money to get his own apartment until recently.  In a fit of what he thought was either courage or madness, he resolved to go down to Danny's house and tell him how he felt.  As serendipity would have it, Tara's car pulled away just in time to miss Danny looking at Brendan's window and beckoning him over with a finger and a bounced pec.  His Mona Lisa smile seemed to say that either he knew his neighbor's dirty secret, or that he wanted another sex partner.  Adjusting his cock in his shorts, Brendan made his way to Danny's to find out which one it was, unaware of how much his life was going to change.

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What a follow up.

Danny sure loves to show the fruits of his labour and his "working out" is paying off, Now will hge let Brendan in on his secret? Will Brendan transform in a muscle monster like Danny?

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