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growth What's the Matter? You Nervous? (Chapter 5) Perhaps some mass can sooth your tension.


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  • 1 month later...

"Loads of Success"

A washed up stripper gets a chance to start again but things are going to be different this time around.  Can he come to grips with his new reality?


Mark Lannar was a stripper, or exotic dancer as he liked to call himself. He’d been doing it for 20 years. His stage name was Big Mark, and it fit him. Every part of him was big. Standing at 6’4’’ and 280 pounds, his muscles bulged under the tight clothes that he preferred to wear, showing off his impressive arms and chest. His pants were tight enough to show off his gigantic ass that he could move in ways that made people crazy.

The problem was, he was getting bigger, and not in the way he wanted. At 38 it was getting hard to maintain his impressive muscles and not sport a bulging gut. Sure there were a ton of guys into that but the real money came from older gents who were looking for youth and definition. The young twinks just didn’t tip well enough and the manager at the club was getting tired of him not pulling in the cash that he used to.

He had made a good living bouncing his ass on stage ever since he was 18 but the money was starting to dry up. The dim lights were no longer enough to conceal that he was getting older. He had started making extra money on the side giving hand jobs but the problem with that was, he wasn’t gay. All of his adult life he’d bounced from girlfriend to girlfriend. What the real number was he couldn’t say but it was definitely over a dozen.

The current one was named Cathy or Carly or something… it really didn’t matter. She was just the last in a long line of women that he’d given his youth to, only now as the money stopped coming in as quickly, he seemed like much less of an attractive prospect on that front as well. If Cindy found out what he was doing on the side to pay the rent, that would really be the last straw.

One night the manager came up to him after close for a frank conversation. “Listen Mark, I think it’s time you looked for another job. What are you still doing hanging around here? This is a young man’s game and I think the clock is running out.”

“Whaddya mean Tom? I’m as big as I ever was!” he said, flexing his impressive bicep.

“That’s the problem, you’re bigger than you ever were,” Tom said patting him on his gut. “Only some of the kids are into you now and to be honest, nobody wants a daddy who gets his money thrown at him on a stage every night. There’s other things you can do.”

“Like what? This is my life. It’s all I know!” Mark slammed his fist against the wall.

“That’s why I’m telling you this now. I’ll give you until the end of the year to figure something out but if you haven’t found something by then, I’ll need to hand your stage time over to a younger guy. We’ve got bills to pay too.” He said walking away.

Mark cashed out his singles for twenties and went out to his car. He’d been able to buy it new with cash 10 years ago. Now it was less of a status symbol. He didn’t drive home. There were a few pit stops to make first. Several older gentlemen needed to be satisfied before he could go to bed or there wouldn’t be money to buy gas tomorrow.

It was well after 2 a.m. before he walked into his apartment. Colleen was still up watching TV, which was unusual for her. At least he thought it was unusual. They’d only known each other for six months and he’d really only been living with her for two.

“You know I did you a big favor letting you move in here,” she said. “Where were you tonight?”

“You know I work late, Babe,” he said.

“Clearly… but not at the club. I called down there an hour ago and they’d already closed for the night. Matter of fact, I’ve been doing that for a couple of weeks now. Turns out they never stay open that late Monday to Thursday and you’ve been rolling in here at 2 or 3 in the morning.” She pressed him further but never liked any explanation that she received.

“Look, this isn’t working out. Either you’re whoring around, or drinking the night away and I’m not really up for either. I want you to sleep out here and figure out some place else to live by the end of the week,” she said, marching off to the bedroom.

Mark watched as Connie slammed the door behind her. “Well, fuck…” he said to himself and wandered back outside. He knew where he could go to sleep on a bed. He walked out to the car and started sending out text messages to old fuck buddies and flings who might still be up.

“Try Tina, she’s usually up for company after that messy breakup she had this summer.”

“That’s right!” Mark said. “I’ll call Ti… wait a minute, who are you?!” he said, swinging around. He jumped and hit his head against the top of his sedan. In his back seat sat a man in a wide-brimmed Stetson. In the dim light from the streetlamps he could see he was wearing a grey three-piece suit and an overcoat but the face was in shadow.

“A friend. Right now probably your only friend who can truly help you.”

“You don’t sound like anyone I know. Now you’ve got five seconds to get out before I snap you in half.” As big as he was, Mark wasn’t afraid of much. “5…4…3…2…1…” The intruder said nothing and the enormous stripper lunged his thick arm back to grab him by the neck but the stranger was too quick. Like a springing cobra a gloved hand seized his wrist in an iron grip and squeezed it like a vice. Mark moaned in pain, he’d never met anyone so strong.

“Isn’t this just your entire life in miniature?” the stranger said. “Your friends offer you a helping hand and you lash out at them. That poor girl up there for instance. She let you stay with her for $300 a month and you come home with jizz spots on your shirt.”

“What does Kate have to do with this?” he whined through the pain.

“It’s Kelly, you idiot! You’ve slept around so much you barely remember her name!” Mark could only writhe in pain under the iron grip of the stranger. “Oh, sorry,” the man said and let him go. “Now if you won’t attack me for the next five minutes I can get back to helping you with your problem. My name’s Jack.”

“Right now, my problem is a pissed off girlfriend,” Mark answered rubbing his throbbing wrist.

“Right now, you don’t have a girlfriend. But forget about her for now, she’s not your problem. You want to live the life you’ve always lived, banging whoever you want with a job that makes strangers gasp at your magnificent physique. So your real problem is time. That belly that you can’t seem to flatten anymore, those hairs that are turning grey, those wrinkles you can’t iron out. But I can help with that.”

“What’re you gonna do? Make me 20 again?” he laughed.

“What’s the point of making you 20 again? You’ll just wind up in the same situation. What you want is a different kind of body. One that changes in different ways. Instead of weaker you can grow stronger, a body that people will pay just to have a glimpse of, one that time cannot touch… provided you do what’s required,” he said pulling out a card and handing it to Mark.

“What do I do with this?” he asked.

“You make a wish,” Jack replied.

“Like I just wish? For whatever I want?”

“For whatever you want,” Jack replied.

“Then I wish for the body you just talked about,” he said and the card burst into flames and filled the car up with smoke. Mark opened the door to clear it as he coughed. “What the fuck was that?!” he shouted, but the stranger was gone. He stood there waiting for something to change but he felt nothing and after fifteen minutes he texted Tina and found himself a bed for the night.

The next few weeks didn’t really go that well for Mark. He was couch surfing and tips were way down. Nothing seemed to be all that different from before, apart from a parking ticket he couldn’t pay. He had begun to wonder if he had hallucinated the entire scenario with Jack when one night after leaving the club he heard a familiar voice.

“What’s the problem Marky? You haven’t changed a bit.”

“Look pal, you had your laugh from that wish gag, now leave me alone,” Mark said with annoyance.

“Odd…” Jack said musingly as he stepped into the light. “You should look much different than you did unless… unless you haven’t been doing what’s required,” Jack said.


“You’ve been fucking guys, right?” Jack said.

“No… why should I do that?” Mark said.

“Ohhh… right… you’re a stripper, not a prostitute… My mistake. If only I had remembered… I would have worked things out differently. I thought guys were fucking you quite regularly. That explains things.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well… it’s just that with your new body…” Jack said with a grin. “Guys have to cum inside of it in order for it to change. Swallowing works, but anal is better. I should have explained but I just figured you’d discover it on your own. I’m kind of a sucker for surprises.”

“Wait… that’s how I get what I want!?” he shouted. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Hey, Mark! Who you shouting at?” the bouncer said opening the door to the club.

“This guy over here expects me to…” He looked back to where Jack had been standing but he was gone. “I… just some nut…” he said and stomped off to his car.

Several more weeks passed and things had not improved for him. Jack’s words never left his mind though. He was getting desperate for money, which is why after a worse-than-usual night he found himself in the alley behind the club on his knees in front of a customer who’d been propositioning him for months. He had the six crisp twenties tucked in his back pocket as the man’s dick slid in and out of his mouth. His back pocket was tucked in a locker inside the club because the man had only agreed to pay that much if he took off everything but his underwear.

He had practiced being turned on by guys for so long it wasn’t difficult for him to perform, sliding his head back and forth along the shaft like it was his favorite thing in the world. He gyrated his body rhythmically and bounced his pecs, hoping to get a few more bucks out of the guy after they were done. He had the right moves because after two minutes he could taste a mouthful of salty jizz. His first instinct was to spit it out but he forced it down.

The customer was satisfied. “Fuck that was hot! You swallowed my whole load!”

“Yeah, man,” he said, pretending that he enjoyed it. “So fuckin…. gnnnn—” Suddenly his body convulsed and his muscles began to flex on their own. Mark felt his cock go hard and he began to blow not one but three loads into his skimpy underwear. Beads of sweat gathered on his skin as his orgasms sent waves of pleasure through his body and he crumpled onto the ground. The other man pulled his dick into his pants and walked away down the alley, no doubt thinking the big guy was on drugs.

Suddenly a door opened it was another stripper. “Mark! What are you doing out here? You’re on after Kyle!”

“Thanks, Jake…” Mark said, catching his breath. He walked back in, passing Jake who was taking another man out back. He went into the small changing room and looked in the mirror and gasped. He looked better than he had all year. His face looked more refreshed than it had in a long time and his definition looked like he’d been on a several-week cutting spree. He could even see the faint outline of his abs on his muscle gut again.

“And heeeeere’s Big Mark!” He heard from the speakers and he rushed out on stage, forgetting to change his cum soaked briefs. Filled with new confidence he performed the hell out of the song and for the first time in months brought in a good haul of dollars. He was feeling pleased with himself as he went back to the locker room to pull out the sticky bills.

He peeled off his briefs and piled the money in his locker and toweled himself off. “Ummm… congrats man, looks like you’ve been taking better care of yourself lately.” It was his manager.

“Thanks, Tom, I just decided to take what you were saying seriously,” he said without hiding anything. Tom had seen them all changing thousands of times.

“Yeah, well… seeing how you performed tonight… I think we can work out a way to keep you on rotation,” he said, his boner visible through his jeans.

Mark knew what that meant. He had known it was coming. The offer every dancer got when they were in danger of getting tossed. He’d been dreading this moment but after what he’d just done in the alley he figured it wasn’t the worst thing he could do for a buck.

“Oh? You think we can work something out?” he said walking over to Tom until his pecs were practically against his face, his eyes smoldering with manufactured lust. He had no interest in Tom but you didn’t get far in this industry without being a good actor. He really wanted to keep his job but was also curious to see whether the trick would work a second time so he reached over Tom’s shoulder and locked the door.

Tom unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and Mark immediately dropped down on all fours and began to suck on the hard cock, bucking the lower half of his body as if his huge ass were taking an invisible cock. He let out some low groans to make Tom think he was enjoying it and started playing with his own nipple. He knew what Tom liked, they all did. His office was covered in porn. “You like that daddy?” he said in his most submissive voice.

“Fuck yeah…” Tom grunted before shoving his employee’s head back on his shaft. He knew Mark liked girls but he liked the idea that he was breaking this straight boy so much that he let himself believe it. “Worship it…”

Mark let his voice go higher and higher to make Tom think he was close when suddenly he felt two hands shove his head against the cock so firmly he started to choke on it. “Fuckin… take… every… drop…” he said as he blasted his jizz directly down Mark’s throat. As Tom pulled away, Mark felt his entire body flex again as his pecs tightened up even more. His cock shot a load of cum up to his pecs, unencumbered by his belly, which had tucked in another inch. His muscle gut had definite defined abs now and more of his minor muscles became visible. Mark leaned back against a locker, his orgasm was just getting stronger.

Tom had shut his eyes while he blew his load, he wiggled his cock playfully and looked down at Mark. “Damn, Mark, that was… holy fuck…” His employee was panting on the floor, spurting jizz all over himself, load after load, until his cock had run dry and there was nothing left to shoot. He gaped at his body. Mark looked even hotter than he had on stage. The changes were minor enough that he wondered whether his mind was playing tricks on him but you could clearly see a six pack on that rounded gut, which seemed much flatter than he remembered. “Fuck, that’s hot. Glad you enjoyed.”

Tom tossed a towel on the panting Mark and left him in there to clean himself up. He sat there on the floor thinking about what had just happened. Looking in the mirror he saw his abs the way they had been last year, only his pecs seemed slightly larger than before, which was amazing given the thin layer of fat that had begun to build up on them was gone.

“You seemed to enjoy that.” Mark looked up and saw Jack leaning against the wall. “Are you sure you’re straight?”

“I’m a good actor,” Mark replied.

Jack grabbed a ridding crop that someone had been using as a prop earlier and ran it along the cum dripping off his pecs. “Yes, I see… great acting skills there…”

“I can’t help that! It just happened!” Mark shouted.

“I think you’ll find that no one can help what makes them get off.” Jack grinned. “Oh, I think I should warn you this all resets.”

“What?” Mark said gaping back at him.

“Oh yes.” Jack grinned. “If you go 48 hours without someone cumming inside of you, you swell back to the size you were, plus however many pounds and wrinkles you would have accumulated in the interim.”

“But I’m not into…” Mark began to protest.

“Success!?” Jack interrupted. “I said I would give you a body if you what was required. This is required. It’s not a horrible deal. You just need to find someone who wants to unload into that massive ass of yours.”

“Jesus, Mark, do it somewhere else!” Nate, another stripper, shouted as he came in to change and found Mark naked and alone, covered in cum. Jack had seemingly vanished as there was no one else in the room.

Mark toweled off and reached for a clean pair of sexy undies. “Uhhh sorry I just…”

“Ha forget it, I was just kidding, you think I haven’t seen worse in this place?” said Nate. “By the way, saw your performance out there. You’re looking great. Good to see you getting back in the swing of things.” He looked Mark over, he looked like he’d been at a health spa for the last six months. Nate was 23 with the body of an Olympic swimmer looking to make a little extra cash on the side. He’d had a crush on Mark even in his decline. He saw him as a muscle daddy and the fact that he was straight made him even more irresistible to Nate.

“So what did you find to jerk off to in a place like this?” Nate asked getting closer to Mark. He stood at about 5’8’’ so his face could have easily lodged itself between those meaty pecs. He’d wanted to lick those things so badly.

Not wanting to admit what had just happened he pointed at the mirror. “Just checkin’ out my progress man, guess I got a little carried away.”

“Not gonna lie, that’s really fucking hot.” Nate never really hid how he felt about anything. His hand found its way up to Mark’s right pec. “Too bad you play for the wrong team.”

Mark looked at himself in the mirror. After only two loads people were noticing a big difference, he could see it too. What would happen with a third? “I might be willing to switch sides for one night.” He went on, “As long as you don’t tell anyone… aaaaand as long as you’ve got your own place. I don’t think the chick I’m staying with would approve.”

Nate smiled. “My roommate’s asleep and doesn’t care who I bring home.”

“Well, in that case… I think it’s time we had a sleepover,” Mark said patting Nate on the ass.



Nate’s apartment was dark as they walked in the door after 2 a.m. The two made their way to his bedroom. Mark could feel two long arms sliding up his chest and pinning him against the wall as Nate stood on his tip toes to try and plant his lips against his friend’s mouth but Mark wasn’t interested in making out.

“What? No kiss?” Nate said, grinding against the massive body in front of him.

“Actually I was hoping to kiss you a little south of the mouth.” Mark said picking Nate up and putting him on the bed. He unbuttoned Nate’s pants and pulled out his cock and started to go down on it. It was an odd task he had, trying to get a mouthful of cum without actually bothering with sex.

“Heh, slow down tiger, we should get more comfy,” Nate said, pulling off their shirts. Mark could feel him groping his big pecs. He felt hands pulling down his pants and underwear. Soon they were both naked and Mark could feel that small muscular body grinding up against him. His cock was actually hard, hoping for another shot of cum.

Nate groaned, “I’ve wanted to do this ever since I first saw you.”

“Let me show you what I want to do,” Mark said working is way down to the cock, and slowly sliding it in and out of his mouth. He went to town on that cock for fifteen minutes but all he got was pre. “How do I get you off, stud?” he asked.

“I don’t usually get off from just a blow job but what’s the rush? We’ve got all night,” Nate said.

But Mark was getting desperate. He needed more jizz. He cut on the light so he could position himself correctly and straddled Nate’s waist with his legs. He’d never bottomed before but it couldn’t be that hard. To Nate’s surprise the giant of a man lowered himself down on his cock and began to ride him like a pole. Mark cringed as he tried to hide the pain of his first penetration. “I… uh… never expected you to be a bottom.”

Nate had always fantasized about getting dommed by his fellow stripper but Mark had moves from twenty years of dancing and it wasn’t long before he felt weak with pleasure. Mark reached behind Nate and pulled his face against that massive body as it went up and down. Nate licked every part of that he could reach before groaning in delight and blowing his load.

Mark instantly felt an explosion of pleasure exploding in his ass as he entered into the most intense orgasm of his life. Nate felt blast after blast of cum on his face and chest and gasped as he watched the big guy on top of him changing before his eyes. His gut shrank to little more than a muffin top as his biceps and pecs appeared to be expanding, or was it just his body fat receding. Mark collapsed on top of Nate, unable to hold himself up any longer.

“Jesus, what’s happening to you?” It took at least five minutes before Mark stopped orgasming and another couple of minutes for him to catch his breath so he could answer. But eventually he told Nate the entire story. “OMG… I can’t believe it but… look at the results…”

Mark had to look at himself in the mirror. Once in the bathroom, he clicked the light on and checked out his progress with Nate’s arms draped around him from behind, his semi-hard cock pressed against Mark’s leg. His face was losing the signs of abuse his lifestyle had etched on it. His pecs looked meatier than they ever had and his veins were bulging on his muscular arms.

“Let’s do it here,” Mark said.


“In front of the mirror!” Mark grunted and shoved his ass into Nate’s crotch. “I want to see it happen!”

“O… K….” Even without all of the strange changes, Nate had never pictured being the giver with Mark. Far from the image of the domineering top that the big guy had portrayed, he was becoming a demanding bottom. Still he had a super-hot bod and the strangeness of the situation was kind of turning Nate on, causing his cock to perk up as Mark bent over the sink.

Nate slid inside him once again and pounded away at his massive colleague, watching those ass cheeks jiggle. This time Mark didn’t need to act. The anticipation of another massive orgasm made him grunt in pleasure, squeezing Nate’s cock with his large bubble butt. He was so incredibly turned on by his new body, feeling up his chest, abs and arms.

Pound after pound, Mark’s reflection was all enrapturing even as he felt an explosion of pleasure up his ass. He fought the urge to close his eyes as the second load of cum shot its way into him, causing his traps and delts to tighten into greater relief than they had since he was in his twenties. The valley between his pecs became shredded with ridges as he flexed those meaty slabs.  His six-pack came into full relief as his own cock tried to jizz all over the bathroom but was firing dry after the night’s activities.

“Awww fuck…. More!” The two of them fucked until Nate didn’t have any more loads to blow… and by morning Mark’s face looked like he was 25 again.

Things changed for Mark. After reaching the promised body type, the changes slowed so much that if you weren’t looking for them, it was easy to miss. People at work called him the Cum Dumpster behind his back because he couldn’t go a single day without someone fucking him. But he was big, bigger than ever before as he twirled around on his pole, making the crowds go wild. He never really had to worry about rent again because there was always someone willing to take him home.

Mark became addicted to bottoming.  He was unable to get enough jizz in him. That shattered his dom image, but since his facial features had become smooth and boyish again, his new subby image seemed to fit. The sight of a cock always made him horny and hungry which was just as well but his favorite sex position was one where he could watch himself get fucked in a mirror.

So you see, even when you don’t get what you want the way you wanted it, sometimes things do workout when Jack is involved, if you’re not too picky.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Chapter 3 - You Don't Have to Work Bitch
A tubby man gets to see what life would be like if muscles just grew effortlessly.  Could there be consequences he didn't consider?


Jaime Diaz was a bit of a butterball. At 5’ 10’’ and 300 pounds he was about as round as he was tall. His moobs sagged over his ample belly and his cheeks were big and puffy. Overall his life wasn’t difficult though. His father was a plastic surgeon who had been an early investor in Microsoft and Apple and the family was set for life. He’d spent the last five years halfway trying to get a two-year degree. It didn’t matter, it’s not like he had to work. Night after night he would go downtown to the same gay club and watch hot guys shake their ass on the dance floor.

Sometimes he could flag them down by buying them drinks but guys pretty much never went beyond that. They liked the free stuff but didn’t want to go out with him. Sometimes the odd chubby chaser would hit him up on Grindr but they never wanted to date or even acknowledge they’d slept with him. It’s not like he didn’t want to be sexy he just had no self-discipline. The idea of going to the gym sounded horrendous to him and denying himself a sweet snack was always out of the question.

This Wednesday night was no exception. He’d actually taken street tacos into the club with him and was eating them at the bar. The bar tender didn’t mind. He was such a regular he could do pretty much what he wanted. But tonight something different was about to happen. Jaime was downing his 7th taco when a ripped man in a black tank top sat down next to him. “Mind if I join you?”

“Uhhhh… no,” was all Jaime could say. The olive-skinned stranger looked to be in his early 20s and had jet black hair that was spiked and stylized perfectly to make it seem like no effort had gone into it at all. He had piercing green eyes and dark eyebrows. He was the most gorgeous man in the club. Jaime looked around to make sure he wasn’t talking to someone else.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you,” he said with a gaze that made Jaime feel completely naked. “Would you like to go over to one of the booths and chat?” he said with a confident but eager look in his eyes. “Unless of course you’re too preoccupied.” He was pointing to the other five tacos that Jaime had left to go.

“No no, I was just having dinner,” he said, so stupefied by his enchanting visitor, that he forgot his mouth was full. “We can talk.” He got up with a grunt and walked over to the booth. He looked back at the bartender who gave him a wink.

Once they were seated in a more private area the stranger leaned over the table and introduced himself. “The name’s Jack.” An iridescent, emerald colored gemstone hung from his neck on a choker.

“I’m Jaime. Are you new in town? I’ve never seen you here before.”

“Oh… I’ve been around for a looong time,” Jack said with a mischievous smile. “Speaking of time, you spend a lot of it here. You’re here every night and yet you don’t ever dance.”

“Yeah…” Jaime blushed. “Dancing’s just not my thing… but I swear I haven’t seen you before. I… uh… would have noticed someone like you.”

“I’ve seen the way you look at the guys,” Jack continued. “You want to be out there on the floor grinding up against them.” He grinned. “You look at them the same way you look at those tacos, the burrito you had before that, and the hot pockets you ate before you left the house today.” Jack whistled. “Three dinners Jaime… it’s no wonder you’re afraid to get up there. You might have a heart attack.”

“Wait… how do you know about…?”

“I know everything about you Jaime. Including the fact that you fully intend to go home alone tonight just like you do every night after watching people dance for three hours. Eating and eating and hoping something changes. But…” He put his finger up to Jaime’s mouth to keep him from protesting. “Your luck’s about to change.”

“W-what do you mean?” Jack had an intensity about him that Jaime found intimidating. “You want to go home with me?”

“Oh no… much better than that. I’m going to grant you a wish. Any wish you can think of.” He said pulling a card out of his pocket and handing it to Jaime who looked at it. It simply said “Jack the Giver” on it in flowing script.

“I… don’t understand.”

“You simply take the card and make a wish and it comes true. What’s there to understand?”

“Well then, I wish…” Jack shoved his finger against Jaime’s lips again.

“Not for me to come home with you… you can have anything you want… even the body you want. Though you might want to wish for one that you can’t ruin with tacos.” He got up and gave a twirl, shaking his hips to the music. “Think about it carefully. Anything you’ve ever dreamed.” He pulled up his shirt revealing his perfect six pack. “Effortless abs… they could be yours.” He said before walking over to door. The bouncer opened it for him and he was gone.

Jaime sat with the card in his hand, twirling it around his fingers. Here he had thought he was going to have the night of his life and now all he had was a card given to him by some nut job. “What the hell just happened?” he said to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by a group of guys walking by who looked like they lived in the gym. He told himself, “I wish that you could get muscles without doing anything.” And suddenly the card burst into flames and burned away. “Fuck, that hurt!”

The bouncer came over to him. “Hey Jaime, whatcha doin’? You know you can’t set shit on fire in here.”

“I’m so sorry Mark, it was just this card that guy who was just sitting here gave me,” Jaime said. “It just caught on fire.”

“That guy was something else,” the bouncer said. “I thought he was your age when you were talking to him. But when he walked past me to leave, he had to be in his forties at least.”

“Huh? He looked my age to me,” Jaime said. “Look, I think I’m going to go for a walk to clear my head. I’ll be back soon.” The bouncer nodded, thinking that if Jaime wanted to walk he must have been depressed.

Jaime walked out of the club into the cool breeze. That was the strangest experience he’d ever had. A block away there was a park and he took a meandering path to it before sitting down on one of the benches to take a quick break. Walking, like dancing, really wasn’t his thing. Once he sat down, he realized he didn’t feel the same.

“I think you could use some new clothes,” said a voice. He saw a man wearing a three-piece suit, hat, and a dark overcoat sitting on the bench across from him. A wide brimmed hat shadowed his face from the street lights and Jaime couldn’t really make it out. Even though he sounded somewhat familiar, he must have been twice his age. Jaime couldn’t think where he knew him from.

“I got these last month,” Jaime said indignantly. Shopping for new outfits was one of his favorite things.

“They don’t really seem to fit you.”

Jaime looked down and saw that his shirt did seem to sag on him. It was his gut. It wasn’t as big as it had been. “What… the … fuck…” His man-boobs seemed to be sagging less and rounding out. His shoulders perked up as his traps and deltoids gained size. His arms were becoming less puffy and jiggly and more solid feeling.

He stood up and his pants and boxers fell to his feet. He could feel a gap between his thighs for the first time he could remember. Fortunately for his dignity the shirt had been large enough to accommodate his gut so it just drooped down over his skinnier frame and covered his junk. He looked down at his new trimmed body, his pecs were the most prominent bulge on his torso now as every drop of fat disappeared from his frame. He felt his rock-hard abs under his shirt. “Holy fuck…”

“Soo… are you just going to stand there naked in the park?” the man said. He seemed oddly unconcerned about what he had just witnessed.

“No… I uh… well…” He blushed. “I don’t have any clothes that fit.” Jaime said reaching down and grabbed his pants up to his waist.

“I’ve got a spare outfit you can use. They were here when I sat down.” He said pointing down beside him to a crumpled up black tank top and some skinny jeans. Jaime gave the man a curious look. “What’s the matter? It’s not like I offered you candy out of a van or something. You need something to wear, and these seem to fit you. What choice you got if you don’t want to spend the night in jail for public nudity?”

Jaime picked them up and smelled them. They smelled just like the cologne Jack had been wearing. “You didn’t see a guy in his 20’s going by here did you? I think he was wearing these.”

“If you’re asking whether or not there’s another naked man in this park, I’m afraid I haven’t seen one.” the stranger looked up with a smile. His sideburns were tinged with gray but he had deep piercing green eyes.

“Don’t take this the wrong way but you could be his dad,” Jamie said.

“Don’t take this the wrong way but you should probably put some pants on,” the other man said, nodding his head in the direction of a cop standing on the street corner.

“I don’t have any underwear!” Jaime said.

“Well, ain’t life a bitch sometimes,” the man said with a chuckle.

Jaime quickly starting pulling jeans up his legs that he could have never fit in before. When it came time to button, he was amazed that it was his fit bubble butt and thighs that made them a challenge to zip up. Then he pulled off his saggy shirt and slipped on the black tank top. “How do I… look…?” He turned to the stranger but he was gone. Jaime turned this way and that but there was no sign of him anywhere.

Jaime pulled his wallet, phone, and keys out of his old pants and squeezed them into his skinny jeans and headed back over to the club. The bouncer met him at the door. “ID…”

“Heh, Mark, you know me,” he said without thinking.

“Uhhh, no, I don’t but thanks for being a creep kid.” Suddenly it hit Jaime that no one was going to recognize him. Then he wondered if Mark would even take his ID. He was three hundred pounds in that picture. He might think he’d stolen it.

“Well? You got an ID or not kid?” he said, getting annoyed.

“Yeah… yeah… it’s right here,” he said, sluggishly handing it over to the bouncer.

He looked at it for two seconds and then stamped Jaime’s hand. Inside Jaime glanced at his ID and saw that his driver’s license picture had changed too. He looked pretty hot in it. He’d taken all of two steps when someone came up to him with a “Well, hey there”

Jaime began to have a terrific night. Guys were coming up to him and buying him drinks. He still didn’t know how to dance but since guys were grinding all over him on the dance floor it didn’t matter. It was well after midnight before he took a break, part of the benefit of not having to stop every few minutes to catch his breath.

He’d barely sat down before this really cute blond approached him. “Hey, haven’t seen you here before. I’m Kyle!”

“Oh… I’ve been… around…” Jaime said. He’d watched Kyle shake his ass so many nights but had never gotten so much as a look from him before. His toned body always fit so well in the tight clothes he wore.

“Oh? Well, my friends just left me here all alone and I was wondering if you’d like to hang out,” Kyle said. He was clearly lying. His friends were standing twenty feet away staring at the two of them but Jaime didn’t care. This was a dream come true for him.

The two of them talked for about thirty minutes before Kyle dragged Jaime out on the floor again. Kyle’s hands explored all over Jaime’s tight body. In his hair, under his tank, and in his pants. Jaime could feel his dance partner’s fingers squeezing his pert ass as they made out. The two of them were very drunk by this point which would explain why Kyle didn’t notice the fact that each time he groped Jaime’s pecs, they felt a little larger than the last time.

It took Jaime a while before he looked down and realized his pecs were twice as big as they had been before he started dancing and that his nipples were poking out from the sides. A handful of onlookers, however, had been paying attention for about five minutes. As his traps and pecs bulked, his tank was riding higher and higher until the bottom row of his six pack was exposed. His ass and thighs were starting to get really uncomfortable in his skinny jeans. His lats were bulging out, pushing his arms away and it looked like someone was inflating a football in his biceps.

Kyle felt Jaime stop dancing and opened his eyes in shock as his partner’s tank top was riding up to his second row of abs. “Dude what’s happening to you!?” he said, backing away as the button popped on Jaime’s skinny jeans. They were too tight for him to walk in and his package was killing him. Soon he could hear them ripping at the seams in his ass and down his legs as the rolling hills of definition on his thighs tore their way through the denim.

His pecs, delts, and traps had grown so much that his tank top looked like more of a sports bra on him. His 11’’ cock popped out of his disintegrating jeans prompting quite a few gasps from the crowd. The denim fell completely away from his massive bubble butt allowing his goose egg sized nuts to dangle freely. As he stepped back from Kyle every shred of his pants fell away prompting him to try in vain to cover his cock with his hands but it was far too large for that.

The music stopped and his pecs continued to surge out with new growth, becoming so large that they broke through the tank top leaving him completely naked. He was over 300 pounds once again but in an entirely different situation. Bouncers ran up, hearing that a guy was naked on the dance floor. but they weren’t prepared to see Jaime’s bi’s and traps fighting for more room on his arms, or his ass swelling up like a beach ball, or a cock that was getting hard and starting to poke into his nipples.

His legs were swelling up to the size of pine trunks and it was getting hard to walk. He slipped on a spilled drink and landed on his back, his fall cushioned by the growing layers of muscles. Forty eyes were staring down at him as he struggled to get back up but his muscles were getting too big to move. Suddenly he saw a familiar face in the crowd. It was the man from the park.

He moved people aside and knelt down beside Jaime, putting a gloved hand on his beach ball sized pecs as his arms were swelling so much they forced themselves out from his body. His face came within 6 inches of Jaime’s own and he whispered, “Now you know why muscles are only supposed to grow when you use them.” Then he got up and walked away.

“No! Come back! Help me!” Jaime shouted but he continued to swell there on that dance floor in front of everyone until all he could move was his fingers and toes and a steady trickle of pre-cum was drooling down his chest in front of everybody.



Three hours later in a hospital across town two people in their fifties were standing outside of an emergency room talking to a doctor. “What caused this? I didn’t learn anything about a condition like this in medical school.” It was Jaime’s father.

“Theoretically this should be impossible. He’s over five hundred pounds. That’s at least two hundred more than you said he weighed this morning. You should see his x-rays. At this rate if doesn’t stop growing, the strain on his body is going to be too much… he could… burst…” The two followed the doctor down the hall.

Jaime laid in his bed staring at the ceiling, every rock-hard sinew was showing through his tightened skin. He had to force the air in and out of his lungs as his pecs put more and more pressure on his rib cage.

“Boy, Jaime… what a bind… have they made you comfortable?” He swiveled his eyes, one of the few parts of his body he could move. It was Jack.

“Why’d you do this to me?”

Jack leaned over the massive patient. “It’s what you wished for. You wanted to get muscles without doing anything! You never mentioned how they would stop growing.”

Jaime groaned. His skin felt so tight, every ounce of muscle was pushing against it. Every minor muscle was shown in stark relief against it. Every fiber was visible. “Help me… if it doesn’t stop…”

Pop… I know, that’s why I’m here.” He smiled. “I’d never abandon a careless client in their time of need.”

“I want to be smaller, like I was earlier tonight.”

“Ah… you want that perfect body back again. There’s just one thing…” He paused. “You’ve already used your one free wish. In order to give you what you want, you’d have to make another one.”

Jaime started to whimper. “Now, now… your predicament isn’t insurmountable.” Jack said in a soothing voice. “You just need to give me something equivalent to what I give you. You know… like your life.”

“My life?” Jaime asked timidly.

“Well… not the entire thing. Just until I can get back to where I belong.” Jaime felt his bones starting to crack. “What you say?” His skin felt like it was beginning to rip. “Going once…” His traps started crushing against the sides of his head. “Going twice…”



Jaime’s parents were walking back from the viewing area where his x-rays had been when they saw a tremendous flash and bang blow back the curtains of their son’s room. Running up to the door, they pulled back the curtain and saw their son, sitting in the bed, a sheet was covering his 9-inch soft cock as he looked over his perfect sports model like body.

“What the hell happened!?” the nurses shouted running in.

“I… I don’t know…” his father said. He walked over to his son. “Are you all right Jaime?”

Jaime looked up. “I guess so. I think I just got a job…”

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  • tereshky changed the title to You Don't Have to Work Bitch (Chapter 3) - A tubby guy learns the consequences of endless muscle.
  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 4.  Throw Me A Bone

A porn star learns about the consequences of thinking that bigger is always better.



A beautiful morning dawned on Riverside Park in New York City as Jack strolled down the water front with three other men. “I don’t understand what we’re looking for,” one of them said.


“Of course you don’t,” Jack said with a sigh. “If you had to comprehend anything I did in order to get something done, you’d never get your pant legs over your feet. Fortunately I don’t need you to understand.” He pulled out a handful of pictures from his coat pocket. “Every day for the past week this boy jogs down the parkway. I want you to follow him and see where he goes.”

“Wait a minute…”, one of them said pointing to the picture of a man with shoulder length hair. “We can’t…”

Jack interrupted. “Not him… this one… the boy he’s with. Follow him home and tell me where he goes.” Jack straightened his tie. “And don’t be careless. You don’t want to know what happens if Xavier learns what you’re up to.” Handing the men the picture he walked away. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got places to be.”



Chad gripped Blake by his trim waist as he pounded those rounded ass cheeks. “You like that stud?” he said into his ear.

The jacked bottom groaned and ran his hand down Chad’s side. “Oh yeah babe…” he grunted back.

Chad’s massive cock drilled away at his partner’s ass. It would soon be time for Blake to cum. His body was massive, with every inch of him bulging with muscle that flexed and bounced as he bobbed grunted with the rhythm of the other’s cock. Sweat was dripping down the deep cleavage between his pecs. He had done this hundreds of times, he needed to make sure his body was positioned perfectly before he blew his load.

Chad’s fingers were moving their way through the dimples and creases of his back muscles, occasionally giving his massive biceps a squeeze. Blake’s thighs were bulging from the action of thrusting himself up against that massive cock. He closed his eyes, pointed his chin up, thrust his head into the other’s neck and shouted and covered his own pecs with his jizz.

Cut!” the director shouted as Blake panted against Chad’s chest. The two relaxed as the film crew went over the footage. “I dunno… we got his cock in there… I keep telling you to shoot it so that it makes his cock look normal.”

The cameraman shot back, “Why can’t you just get a cock extender on it?”

“Because how do you get a cum shot with a fake cock blocking the jizz? Hopefully we got enough footage to patch things up in editing,” the director shouted indelicately, causing Blake to blush. He hated when people mentioned his… deficits. You see, while Blake had a massive, perfect physique and a face that could have made him a movie star, his cock was about four inches long fully hard.

With acting skills as impressive as his member, porn was the only thing that he knew how to do to pay the bills, though his deficiency meant he had to peddle his ass at a discount. His relatively cheap price meant he got a lot of work though. Many directors could cut the film in such a way that actually hid how small Blake really was, focusing primarily on his perky bubble butt, broad pecs, and insanely handsome face.

His fellow actor was losing his sex flush as he toweled himself off but Blake was still bright red as he listened to the conversations of the director and producer as they spoke in the corner. They were talking about him and they didn’t give a damn if they were overheard. “Yeah, Tom, I know he’s got the best bod for the price but I’m getting tired of cutting great material because that tiny cock’s in the shot. We end up cutting so much I start to wonder what the point is. Maybe we could just shell out the money for someone with the complete package.”

Blake hated this part of things. There was no place to go while they talked about this stuff. He had to stay so they could get the odd shots that could be spliced in later during editing. “All right, Blake! Grab a cock extender for the next few shots.” The director tossed him a strap on cock and it was back to work.

It was 8 p.m. before they were done and Blake could go to his own room in the hotel. He was looking forward to having dinner brought up to him but as he walked into his room and heard, “All right now, give him your best show.” Two guys that he didn’t recognize were fucking each other doggy style on his bed. Given his line of work, he didn’t find it disgusting but it was definitely poor porn industry etiquette.

“What’s going on in here? The filming rooms are down the hall,” Blake said, annoyed.

“We’re not filming,” came the stranger’s voice. “This show’s for you.” Blake walked further into the room until he could see a man in a three-piece suit sitting on a chair looking through a rectangle made with his fingers, pretending to record.

“I don’t know, Blake, they’re listless and unimaginative. They’re not nearly as good at faking it as you are but they do have one asset you can’t compete with.” The two men rolled over and showed off their 8’’ cocks.

“Look at them. They’re not as buff as you, they’ve got one third of your talent, and I’d say their faces are quite common. Yet they’d bring home just as much money as you because of those schlongs and they’re not even that impressive as far as porn cocks go.”

“All right, you guys, out!” Blake had had enough of being demeaned. He certainly wasn’t going to let it continue in his own room.

“As you wish,” the man pulled out a green stone that he wore as a necklace from behind his tie and to Blake’s horror the two men shriveled up until their bodies were no more than smoke-like shadows that were sucked into the amulet.

“What the fuck is going on here!?” Blake shouted, suddenly terrified of his visitor. “What did you do to them?”

“Them?” The stranger looked up at Blake. “Oh, don’t worry about them. I just think the help tends to get in the way when you don’t need it.”

Blake turned and ran out of the room blindly down the hall back into the filming room he’d just left. There were four guys running a train on the bed. None of them looked up. “Tom! There’s something freaky happening in this place!” Blake gasped, trying to catch his breath from the shock.

“Oh? I haven’t noticed.” Blake looked up and saw the four men were being filmed by the same well-dressed man from his bedroom. What’s more, the camera was like something out of the 40’s with a spinning reel. He suddenly realized he didn’t recognize any of the actors on the bed. He stood there stunned unable to process what was happening to him.

“You know, you’re a rather excitable fellow. You run away as if you were being robbed without hearing what I had to say. This is your lucky day, you know,” the man said. “My name’s Jack,” he said, turning around so Blake could see his bright green eyes.

“I… I… I’m going crazy!” Blake stammered.

“I don’t think so. At least not yet.” He turned and shouted at one of the people on the bed. “No, not like that, pretend you’re enjoying it! I’ve seen more passion at a funeral!”

Jack put his eye back up to the camera. “You’re about to lose your mind, though. You see, you’ve made plans to go hang out with some friends that you know in L.A. and you’re all about to get wasted and then do a bunch of coke to help get your mind off the fact that you’re really good at what you do and everyone around you treats you like a piece of garbage. Your friend will invite a bunch of people over and in the drug induced frenzy, one of those guys will take you to a back room and make a wise crack about the size of your cock. Then bang!” Jack clapped his hands. “A fist to the face, a broken jaw, and you’ll spend the night in jail because you forgot how big you are… everywhere but one place that is.”

Blake slowly backed away to the door. “Oh, go on then…” Jack said turning to him again. “We don’t have to talk. I’ve got other people I can help tonight.”

“What do you think you can help me with?”

“Why, the one part of you that isn’t perfect,” Jack said looking back to the camera eyepiece. “The one part of you the universe didn’t put that much effort into. The one part… Jesus, Rob, if you’re going to move like that you’re just going to put people to sleep!” he interrupted himself to shout at one of the men on the bed.

“How can you help me with that?” Blake asked.

“My card.” Jack pulled out a card from his suit pocket that simply said, “Jack the Giver” and handed it to Blake. “Just take it and make your wish.”

“I…” Blake started.

“Go on.” Jack said.

“I wish…” Blake stammered.


“I wish I had a huge cock?” The card burst into flames and his cock started to tingle. As the smoke cleared and the sensation in his cock died down he noticed that people were shouting at him.

“Blake? Blake! Blake!”

“Yeah? Huh what?” He looked up and saw his director standing in behind him in the door frame with guys from production. They had been in the room next door and heard him shouting.

“What… do… you… need?” His director was red in the face. “We can’t film with you shouting all over the place.”

“I… uhh… it’s just that these guys…” He pointed behind him but there was no one in the room. Blake slowly made his way through the small crowd that was gathering in the hall., afraid he had just had some kind of mental break.

The director turned to the cameraman. “Jesus if I could just work with one guy who wasn’t on shit…”

Blake made his way back to his hotel room and slowly opened the door expecting to see Jack, but the room was empty. “Hello?” he called out but the room appeared untouched. The bed was perfectly made, with no sign that two guys had just been fucking in it. “God, I’m losing my mind.” He called down to the front desk and asked if anyone had asked which room he was staying in and they said no one and so he ordered his dinner and had it brought up.

After a little food he felt better. “That must have been a hallucination… I’m working too hard.” He looked in the mirror and flexed his biceps, stretching the fabric of his sleeves. He bounced his large pecs in his tight t-shirt. He was a hot man. “Why do I let people treat me like crap? I’m a great catch and I’m fucking good at what I do.” His friends were expecting him and they always had fun when he was in town.

First he had to shower. He smelled of sex and lube which wasn’t how he liked to make introductions. Peeling off his tight t-shirt he checked out his hot torso in the mirror. He loved the way his meaty pecs overshadowed his defined eight pack. His bulging traps framed his neck perfectly. He loved that his veins bulged like lightning bolts in his arm. It was the next part he didn’t like. Pulling down his pants.

He pulled down on his waistline and prepared himself for the sight of his tiny dick, but when he dropped his shorts to the floor he was surprised. “It’s not that bad…” Perhaps it was the lighting in the bathroom but his cock looked normal. “I don’t know why they can’t just light the room better when we film, it looks fine in here.” He flexed for himself in the mirror, turning himself on as he watched the shadows dance along the muscles lining his abs.

His cock hardened and Blake’s mouth gaped. That was no trick of the light. Measuring his cock with his hand (a trick he’d learned from his job), he realized he was every bit of six inches. “I mean… it’s not massive but… I can fucking work with this!”

He hopped into the shower checking it again to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. The cock was real. He stroked himself as the shower water ran in rivers between his pecs and around his abs. He stroked himself and tweaked his own nipple until he came in the shower. Holding his dick in his hand, it looked even bigger. It might have been a trick of his mind but… he measured the size with his hand and he was definitely just under 8 inches. “Fuck yeah!” he said to himself. “Give me five years! I’m owning my own studio!”

“That’s a big turnaround for less than four more inches. I’ll never understand humans.” Jack was suddenly standing in the bathroom.

Blake jumped at the surprise intrusion but when he saw who it was he beamed. “Holy shit man! You gave me my life!” Blake leaped out of the shower and gave Jack a huge, wet hug, too overjoyed to notice how annoyed it made him.

Jack pushed him away and looked down at his water-stained clothes. “No touching!” he said, taking a moment to recover his composure. “So what are you going to do with the rest of your…” But Blake had already left the bathroom. He had toweled off and was throwing on his clothes and getting ready to hit the town. “So that’s how that feels…”

By 11 p.m. Blake was at his friend’s house in Greenwich Village surrounded by a group of New York’s richest and hottest. Some of them he knew, most were new to him. A few of those new faces knew who he was though. He’d been in quite a few porn films, and they wanted him to sign their asses. Only his friend Ryan knew about his reputation for being “a little lacking down there.” The rest of them had been fooled by camera magic.

After an hour, Ryan shoved Blake into the kitchen to chat with him alone. “Hey, the guys out there are really pressuring me to get you to take it all off but I’ve got you covered man. They think we’re in here talking about it. I’ll go out in a few minutes and tell them that you like to leave work at work.”

“Heh, I don’t mind if you don’t. What’s the worst that could happen? My pics get posted and someone sees my dick?” he laughed.

“Ugh… yeah?” Ryan said thinking his friend had had too many mollies. The two of them had been fuck buddies for over a year and he knew what would happen to Blake’s reputation if people posted pictures of his small cock all over the internet. “Look, why don’t you just take your shirt off, you can make a splash, and they’ll go crazy. There’s no need to confirm any rumors.”

Blake laughed, “There’s only one rumor I want to confirm.” He smiled and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Both of them gasped. Ryan was shocked because he’d never seen an 8’’ soft cock before and now he was seeing it on someone he knew to be tiny. Blake was shocked because it hadn’t been that big half an ago when he’d gone to piss.

Ryan tugged on it in disbelief. “Shit, that thing really is all you! Did you have some kind of surgery or something?”

“Heh, does it matter?” Blake said pushing Ryan against the refrigerator trying to make out with him because he had, in fact, had too many mollies.

“Whoa, can you even get that thing up like that?” Ryan said pushing Blake back, he wanted his questions answered. That particular question, however, was answering itself as Blake’s piece of meat began to rise up above his waistline. He was speechless, which was how Blake liked him so he peeled off his shirt and bounced one of his massive pecs in his face. Ryan was hypnotized by all of this and merely stroked the giant cock that was in front of him.

“Ryan do you have anymore… vod…ka?” One of Ryan’s friends stood frozen in the kitchen doorway. “Ha, we asked you to get him to take his clothes off, not to hoard him all to yourself!” Blake turned towards the intruder, his massive meat swinging like a sword. “Holy shit, is that even real?”

“Touch it…” Blake said confidently.

“I… ugh…” the newcomer stuttered awkwardly as he reached out and felt Blake’s throbbing veiny cock.

Before long Blake had rejoined the party. A few enterprising individuals had taken his jeans, undies, and shoes and ensured that he had no clue where they were hidden. Any awkwardness was offset by the fact that he seemed perfectly at home interacting with people in the nude but people found it difficult to get over how massive he was. Even his porn fans didn’t remember him being that big in his videos.

The night wore on and everyone got more drunk (and high) and people were feeling natural about the naked porn star at the party. They were well connected and this was New York. They didn’t pay insane rents to not have naked parties. Soon people started taking liberties. Blake’s cock had long gone soft and people started egging him on to get it hard again.

Soon someone reached over and started stroking him. The pleasure caused Blake to roll back on the couch as his cock started to inflate again. “Fuck I can barely get my fingers around it.” The guy said as he worked the massive piece of meat. Blake groaned as several other hands joined in. His cock swelled until it reached his left nipple. The combination of the booze and the drugs made everyone forget that it wasn’t that big the first time he’d whipped it out. Of course several phones were out recording everything.

“Holy shit, I didn’t know they got that big!” someone shouted.

“Come on Blake! Do that famous pose you do!” Of course all of Blake’s films had featured him bottoming so his famous pose was someone straddling him. The mollies and the attention were really driving him by this point. It was great to be naked in front of a group of people and not have to listen to how his cock was causing problems. So he thrust his juicy ass into a hot guy sitting next to him on the couch, thrusting his ass while bouncing his enormous pecs. His massive cock flopped down on the couch between his legs.

The guests were stunned but loving it. “Fuck… I can’t believe this is happening.”

“So fucking hot…”

“Somebody grab Mike’s shirt!”

Mike was the attractive man that Blake was currently grinding against. Several sets of hands quickly made his shirt disappear. He reached around and squeezed the porn stars massive pecs and pulled that ripped back against his own chest. “Ha! Look! He’s into it!” A few more minutes and Mike had all of his clothes pulled off and he was grinding his cock against that massive bubble butt.

This seemed too much like an invitation and clothes started flying everywhere. Blake felt all kinds of bodies pressed up against him as an orgy broke out. He felt someone’s cock probing his hole but there were too many guys for him to tell who it was. Soon he felt it slide inside of him. The excitement caused his cock to swell and grow up the cleft between his pecs, getting thicker and thicker. His balls were swelling to the size of fists and those who weren’t preoccupied were frozen as they watched what was happening.

They weren’t the only ones. Blake was stunned. Even with all the drugs, he wondered how on earth this massive package was going to fit inside of his clothes. He was ready for the growth to stop but he could feel the swelling surge between his legs and along his waist and chest.

Soon his cock bumped into his chin and swelled to the thickness of a 2 liter and still the stranger continued to pound away at his ass. “Oh god… it’s too much!” he shouted, getting seriously worried as his massive member was pushing up beyond his face and the shaft was growing as thick as his waist. His balls dangled down the couch as they swelled to the size of basketballs. Blake tried to move but the shaft was extremely sensitive and the feeling of his muscles rubbing against it caused him to shoot jets of cum onto the wall.

Things had gone far beyond proportions that could be ignored by the even the most altered of minds. Soon his balls were the size of watermelons and Blake was being pulled down by the massive weight of his cock, growing double the length of his torso. Every movement caused him to spray jizz everywhere. People were backing away in the room fearfully, wondering if what they were seeing was real but the mystery man behind Blake kept fucking away.

His cock grew to the end of the couch and bent up against the wall as his nuts grew to 200 pounds apiece. Blake was like an appendage on this massive 10½ foot cock. Trying to move only caused more rubbing, which made him cum more. Everyone stared in silence. Some were wondering how high they must have been to hallucinate something like this; for others it simply blew their minds. Only one person seemed unaffected by the site, the guy who was fucking Blake.

Of course, to Blake this was obviously no hallucination. He was completely immobile. He’d have to be carried everywhere he went. He was scared and horny as his cock was so sensitive that even the drafts of air in the room made him precum. His struggles made him jizz. The walls and the couch were already ruined. Then suddenly everyone heard the clicking sound of an old movie camera. They looked back to see a well-dressed man winding a camera reel. “No no! Don’t fuck him like that! You’ll put everyone to sleep!”

Blake’s cock and balls continued to grow until he was nothing but a small appendage on their back side. The walls were beginning to crack and cum gushed out of the end like a river. “God, no! Make it stop!” People began to run out of the house as beams began crashing down and the massive cock broke through the roof, spraying cum out into the streets.

In the midst of all of the wreckage Jack walked over to Blake holding an umbrella as globs of cum splattered down from the broken ceiling. “I imagine the press are on their way. I can’t wait to see what the chopper footage is going to look like.”

Blake groaned in shame at the thought of his massive jizzing cock being broadcast all over the world. “Please… you’ve got to help me…”

“But of course.” Jack smiled. “That’s what I do. But first I need your help.” He held out a picture of an attractive young man who couldn’t have been more than 21 sitting on a park bench, the same man he had ordered his henchmen to follow. “I need to know everything about him..

“I ughhh…” he moaned as a huge jet of orgasmic sploosh erupted from his towering meat. “Ugghhh fuck… I don’t know him!”

Jack pulled out a handkerchief and wiped off Blake’s face before shoving it into his mouth so that he couldn’t talk. “I know that. Now if you’ll be quiet and let me finish I’ll tell you what I need. His name’s Ryan. You live in the same building. All I want you to do is get to know him. Whaddya say? You get to know him and agree to a few minor terms and this problem more or less goes away.” He pulled out the cloth from Blake’s mouth.

“Oh god, oh god, oh fuuuuuck!!!” Five hundred gallons of spunk were rocketing out of him in the most orgasmic sensation of his life.

Jack grabbed the other by the chin in with his gloved hand. “What do you say?”



The police arrived fifteen minutes later to find everyone passed out on the sidewalk in a pool of sticky goo. “What the hell?”

“Pipeline burst,” said an unfamiliar officer with green eyes.

“A pipeline of what? This shit smells like spunk.”

“Eh, who knows.” As the EMTs arrived the police questioned everyone. Almost everyone was scattered in front of the house, except for one muscular guy that they pulled out of the living room with a cock that sagged almost down to his knees.

“How’d you like to be packing that thing?” one sergeant said to another.

As hard as they tried, no one could get a straight story out of anyone at the house. Most of the attendees lied and claimed they had no idea what had happened and those that told the truth were thought to be so strung out on drugs that they were hospitalized until they changed their stories.

A few blocks down the road the mysterious officer was meeting with three other men. “What next?”

Jack smiled. “We set up shop.”

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  • tereshky changed the title to Throw Me A Bone (Chapter 4) A porn star learns the consequences of thinking "bigger is better"

My man. my man, my man.


The stories are getting entagled kinda ala American Horror Story and i love it.

Jack is the thing that brings all this stories together but what does he want with Ryan? Is this Ryan guy teh only oen that hasnt fallen to his tentations and Jack wants to know why?

Im intrigued. I want more

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Chapter 5.  "What's the Matter?  You Nervous?"

Who among us wouldn't feel a little more confident with broader shoulders or meatier pecs?  But what happens when anxiety directly triggers more mass?  Would it be easy to chill the fuck out?


Jaime Diaz walked up to the back-alley door of the John Rodgers Hall in Queens. A large foreclosure notice had been haphazardly stamped on the rusty exterior. His lean muscular frame bulged inside of a tight t-shirt. Finding the door unlocked, he let himself in, opening it just enough to squeeze through. As the door noiselessly closed behind him, he found himself in a strange candle lit cinder block hall. The haunting melody of a lone piano echoed toward him from the opposite end. The music was briefly interrupted by the rumble of the newly expanded B line that now ran directly under the building, ensuring the venue would never be useful for theater productions again. Nervously he checked the piece of paper in his hand again. This was definitely the right place.

Following the sound to a poorly lit back stage, he found a lofted ceiling bordered on one side by a series of stage curtains and a back wall covered in pictures, news clippings, posters and photographs. All seemed meticulously pinned up with bits of red string connecting all the bits together in a web-like network around a central eight by ten photo that must have been eighty years old. It seemed to be calling to him. As he walked up to it and gasped.

Staring back at him was Jack, virtually unchanged, with his arm around a man with long dark hair in a low V cut in front of the Eiffel Tower in occupied France during WWII. The image was a study in contrasts, Jack in his perfectly pressed tie and vest, and the other sporting a disheveled v-neck as though he’d just slung it on for the picture. His companion was crested with a long, flowing mane that tumbled from his head in a pleasingly carefree manner that caressed a short beard.

Suddenly Jaime had the feeling he was looking at things he wasn’t meant to see and hoped to god that Jack would not find him here. He thought about leaving and coming back through the front when the sound of footsteps echoed from beyond the curtains. Jaime drew back from the picture and tip-toed up to the multiple dusty veils. Jack was pacing back and forth on the stage, the piano was in shadow and whoever was playing was out of view. Jaime watched as he lifted his necktie revealing a broach adorned with a single polished oval stone. It glowed with an inner light that reflected off of his eyes.

“It’s just been you and me all these years.” The luminous stone flickered as if in response. “I promised you we’d all together again and that hasn’t happened.”

His back was turned to Jaime and as he stepped toward the orchestra pit as the stone flickered frantically. “There there, it wont be long now. Enough rotting on this rock while he gallivants around trying to save the world.” As the young intruder listened, his mind drifted from the dread of getting caught as he became curious about what Jack was talking about. “It’s just a question of how many more of these pathetic lives…” Suddenly his voice stopped and without turning he said, “Jaime… how long were you just going to stand there without announcing yourself like a rude little prat?”

Jaime jumped back behind the curtains. He felt a sudden iron grip on his shoulder. Then in a low sinister tone he heard a voice in his ear. “Never come in here without announcing yourself again. Do you understand?” Jaime nodded. “Now, do you have the deed?”

“They wont sell it to me,” said Jaime. “There’s a contractor who’s going to tear it down and build… oww!” He felt a painful squeeze in his sculpted traps.

“Stop blathering. I can see it all in your little head.” As muscular as he was, Jaime felt two powerful gloved hands turning him irresistibly around like a toy until he was nose to nose with with Jack. The hardened face broke into a malicious grin. “Well… we tried to be nice. I can see we’ll have to do this my way.”

Adrian Rotz struggled with anything that required him to get in front of a crowd. The moment he realized more than two or three people were paying attention to him, he’d freeze and get tongue tied. He struggled in one on one situations whenever someone became too forceful or intimate. Basically, he struggled with anything that dealt with self confidence. He assumed the answer had to do with the mirror, or what he saw in it at least. He was skinny guy who could barely look at himself without squinting.

Right now he was looking at his shoes as he shuffled out of the office. He had hoped all of the extra work he had put in this year would get him a raise at his performance review but instead they had let him go. “You get too nervous in front of customers. People have to put fires out after you leave. We can’t do this anymore.” Is what he’d been told. It wasn’t fair. That had only happened a couple of times and he had mostly cleaned things up over email. He knew his boss hated him but didn’t realize it was enough to fire him.

Adrian walked to the park beside his building in a blind stupor, his feet navigating the way without the use of his senses. He sat by the fountain as several small children splashed in the water, feeling as isolated from their happiness as a howling dog is from the moon. What was the point? He was always going to screw things up. He looked up at his old office building. He still had the key to get the roof, he could just…

“Are you kidding Adrian? You’re terrified of heights. You’d just get up there and choke, then you’d get to be humiliated on television as well.”

“Yeah you’re probably… wait h…huh?” He was sitting next to a man in suit and coat wearing an old fashioned fedora. “How’d you know my name?”

“That’s what you’re curious about? You’re holding a folder with your name on it and you’re wondering how I know that?”

“Oh..oh yeah…”

“You’re not wondering how I knew you were thinking about jumping?”

“W…well…” Adrian stammered.

“You’re not one for conversation are you? Don’t worry I wont tell your mom you’ve been talking to strangers”, the strange man said.

“Who are you? Actually never mind, I have to go.” Adrian picked up his things, walked to the street, and ordered an Uber.

In a few minutes a black Honda Accord rolled up. “Adrian?” the driver shouted. He said yes and slid into the back seat without saying anything else.

“You know you really could have gotten a raise if you had a little more confidence.” Adrian looked up and jumped, the strange man from the park was sitting next to him. He could have sworn the back had been empty when he got in.

“W..what do you want?” Adrian said.

“Just to talk… to offer you an opportunity.”

“I..I..I don’t think so.” The man made him incredibly nervous but then again, so did most people. “Driver. I want to…to end my ride!” The driver didn’t respond. “Driver!” Adrian shouted.

“Oh he doesn’t drive for Uber, he works for me.”

Just about that time Adrian’s phone began to ring from his real driver wanting to know where he was. Unfortunately it was ringing from the stranger’s coat pocket. How had he stolen his phone? Adrian was starting to panic, was he being abducted?

The stranger laughed. “You crack me up. Just a minute ago you wanted to kill yourself and now you’re worried that I’m kidnapping you. What does it matter?”

“L…look I I have a wife and kids. They need me.” Adrian stammered.

“No you don’t.” He laughed again. “You live alone in an apartment over a butcher shop downtown. The only friends that you ever talk to with any regularity are online. You suspect half of them are teenagers from the way they type. You’re wrong by the way. One of them is actually 62. I suppose you do have aging parents but you wont be much use to them without a job.”

Adrian was stunned. Was he hallucinating? The stranger continued. “You know if you had just one shred of confidence you’d not only have your job right now but they would have given you the raise. If you didn’t panic in front of clients there’d be no cause for dismissal. If you didn’t choke up every time a coworker wanted to talk to you, they would have liked you.”

Adrian tried to talk but the other man put a finger over his mouth. “But I can change all of that. As surely as you’re sitting there looking stupid, I can remake your life.”

A few minutes later Adrian was sitting there with a card in his hand, unsure whether any of this was real. So… uh… Jack I can wish for ummm anything?”

“Them’s the rules, kid.”

“I wish I had more confidence… I wish every time I felt self conscious or embarrassed something would happen to wipe it away!”

Adrian woke up in a cold sweat. He was dreaming about what had happened that day. He couldn’t get his encounter with Jack out of his mind. He felt his fingers which were still a little tingly from the card bursting into flames in his hands. The dryness of his throat was bothering him. He knew it would keep him from going back to sleep. He got up and went to the bathroom without turning on the light, he didn’t want to see his shirtless body in the mirror.

But then again, why not? Why not test out this silly little experiment. If his wish had come true he should be confident in what he saw. Clicking on the light quickly dashed that idea. There was no part of him that he found attractive. He quickly moved for the light switch again but his arm jerked away. His tiny biceps were flexing on their own as well as his non-existant chest muscles. With each flex they relaxed a little larger than the last time.

He couldn’t believe it. He could see his abs for the first time as they grew more defined. His pecs were taking the shape he’d always wanted his chest to be. His biceps were starting to give his arms some shape instead of looking like extremities on a wooden marionette. His waist was becoming chiseled into a nice V shape. He looked like a thin, toned model. “What the fuck…”

“It never ceases to surprise me the number of people who wish for something and then seem so confused when they get it,” said Jack, leaning against a door frame.

“How’d you get in here?” was all Adrian could say.

“So what do you think?” Jack ignored the question. “Feel a little more confident now?”

“I… I guess so.”

“Then it’s time you went on a date.”

“You mean here? Now?” He stuttered.

“In your bathroom at 3 am? Jesus you’re so thick I didn’t mean…” Jack stopped himself and smiled. “Actually… I suppose there’s always one variation on the old date that we could go for.” He said pulling Adrian’s phone out of his pocket. Suddenly it started going crazy with grindr notifications. Adrian used the app only occasionally because he hated being ignored by all the guys he messaged.

Jack handed the phone over and Adrian saw that there were five conversations with really attractive guys already opened. “But these time stamps say I’ve been talking to them for an hour. I was asleep!”

“Bet you don’t remember taking those pictures either…” Jack smiled.

Adrian gasped when he thumbed through all of the nudes featuring his new body. He looked at his cock in shock, was it really that big now? “But… but I didn’t take any of these. You can’t… can’t just put this kind of stuff out over the internet like that.” He said turning red. The thought of having nudes of him floating around the web made him really self conscious.

Suddenly his muscles started to flex again and his pecs bulged out even further, stretching the skin of his chest with increasing tightness. His delts rounded out as they bulged and his traps pushed up his neck a few inches. Grabbing his arms, he could feel his biceps swell against his fingers as the reflection in the mirror grew into quite the twunk. “What’s happening?” He felt his stomach, his washboard abs were really prominent now.

“Your wish is happening.” Jack smiled. “Every time you feel self conscious you grow.”

“But I didn’t…”

“Your words were ‘I wish every time I felt self conscious or embarrassed something would happen to wipe it away.’” Jack grinned. “You didn’t specify the ‘something’ so I had to do some guesswork. Now about those guys, I took the liberty of picking one for you.”

“Wait what?” He looked down at the grindr histories and found that Jack had given a gorgeous guy named Kyle his address and told him to come over. “W…wait… you’ve got to fix this. I can’t hook up w… with a guy like that? He.. he’s like a model.” Suddenly he felt his thighs and calves swelling.

“Yeah at this point he’s going to think you’ve been using old pictures…” Jack grinned. “But I doubt he’ll be disappointed.”

“B…but he’s not going to like me. Guys like that never…” Suddenly Jack grabbed Adrian’s head in his hands and forcefully turned it.

“Look at the guy in the mirror.” He said. “Whatever pathetic man was living in this apartment when you went to bed is no longer here.” He reached out and squeezed one of Adrian’s nicely formed pecs through his thick leather gloves.

There was a knock at the door knocked. “S-so we’re actually going to do this?”

We aren’t going to do anything more tonight. You are going to go have fun,” he said shoving Adrian out of the bathroom. When he turned around Jack was gone. The knock repeated and Adrian sheepishly made his way to the door, his heart racing. By the time he answered, he had taken so long that Kyle had already begun walking back down the hall to leave.

“Well that took longer than… Hello.” He said suddenly smiling. “I see you’re all ready for me.”

Suddenly Adrian realized he was just wearing the gym shorts he had been wearing in bed. “Oh… uh I’m sorry I just got out of bed,” he said, embarrassed. He could feel his back muscles starting to mound up slightly.

Kyle walked in, with looks that would have been at home in posters on the wall of a trendy retailer in a mall. He smiled. “No need to apologize. I know I work late on Fridays. It was my turn to close out the bar.” He looked Adrian up and down with hungry eyes. “You’re so different from your pictures. You looked like a twink in those photos but I’m not complaining.”

“Uh… sorry I guess…” It was all Adrian could stammer, feeling like a frog on a dissecting tray. He felt his ass swelling out in his shorts a little. Fortunately Kyle was pretty transfixed on his chest and abs.

Kyle laughed. “I told you I wasn’t complaining.” He said, putting down his bag. He pulled off his shirt revealing a ripped toned physique. “I like a guy with some meat on him. “ He wrapped his arms around Adrian, gasped as he felt their pecs and abs touch.

Adrian froze. His heart felt like it was going to pound out of his chest. He had no idea what he was doing. No one had ever found him attractive before. “What’s the matter?” Kyle said. “You don’t like what you see?”

“N…no… no it’s not that! You’re… amazing. I just… this… this never happened to me before so…”

“Ohhhh first time huh? Still in the closet?”

Adrian thought for a minute. He’d told plenty of people online that he was gay. But as far as having a person to person interaction where he talked about his sexuality in any fashion, that was way out of his comfort zone. “I mean I guess… kinda.”

“Well lets just take things slow and see what happens?” Kyle said.

Kyle must have had a different idea of taking things slow than Adrian because in ten minutes they were both in their underwear on his couch. He couldn’t help himself. Kyle had such a confident and soothing voice that Adrian just melted away in his arms. For the first time he could remember he was face to face with a stranger and relaxed.

Kyle told him stories from his job, his day, and his life in general as he massaged those newly formed muscles, gradually working his way down to the elastic band of his undies. Adrian hung on every word as Kyle disarmed his anxieties one by one and the hands started massaging the massive bulge. Adrian groaned.

“Oh? You like that huh?” Kyle smiled. “Maybe you’d like this,” he said sliding his fingers down the front of the briefs to feel his 8’’ cock. Before Adrian knew it, he felt the elastic band sliding down from his waist and over his defined legs. He found himself laying there naked in front of Kyle as he continued talking as if nothing strange were going on, peppering him with compliments. “Wow, you’ve been hiding this guy from the world for too long,” he said stroking Adrian’s meat.

As a-typical of a hookup as this was for Kyle, he was really getting off on schooling this perceived jock on the art of being with a guy, thinking the nervousness was all due to his repressed sexuality. The two laid there for several hours as Kyle taught him how to kiss and suck a cock. Their muscular bodies rubbed together like they were yin and yang. Bliss emanating from their tight, smooth skin.

The sun woke Adrian up. What a dream… he thought. But when he went to move he felt a smooth body curled up next to him. He fully opened his eyes and saw Kyle asleep, using his chest as a pillow. They had fallen asleep cuddling. Adrian thought about the night before, remembering how he had eventually gotten Kyle to cum and how hot it had felt to have his warm spunk splatter all over his chest.

“Holy crap, that was real.”

“Of course it was real.” Jack said, suddenly sitting on the far arm of the couch. “Uh uh uh.” He said, waving his finger. “Don’t move, you wouldn’t want to wake your friend there. Don’t worry, he wont hear us talking.”

“That was amazing… you were so right about needing this.”

“Yes… well you wont be getting this for much longer when he finds out you don’t have a job.” Jack said.

“Thanks for reminding me…” Adrian groaned. He had forgotten about that little detail. What was he going to do for work? The anxiety caused his chest to puff out a little more.

“What a little spaz you are. Not to worry, I’ve taken the liberty of updating your Linkedin profile.” Again, he pulled Adrian’s phone out of his coat and handed it to him with the app open. The picture had been changed. Instead of an incredibly awkward photo, it showed him wearing a well fitting button down shirt and tie. And his skills list had expanded.

“But… I don’t know how to do any of these things.”

“And yet you did them for years at your old job.”

“Not well…”

“Who cares about that? Interviews are about convincing people you’re better than you are. To be frank, the picture is going to carry the day. Do you know how many hiring managers are sexually frustrated? They’ll hire someone like you in a heart beat.”

“But what do I tell Kyle? I really like him!” Adrian looked down at the perfect boy cuddled up against him. His cheek was gently bobbing up and down with the rise and fall of his chest, one of those lovely arms was wrapped around his waist, his cock was pressed against his side, and their legs were intertwined.

“Heh, you’re going to have to get in line with this one. He’s got more tricks on call than a circus collie.”

“What? But last night was… was…”

“Special? Magical? Heaven?” Jack put his hands together mockingly and chuckled. “For you it was… Don’t get me wrong, he had fun too. But how long is he going come in here and give you sex lessons while you just lay there and barely add anything to the conversation?”

“Oh Jack, you’ve got to…”

“Help you? I have helped you. I think I’ve done more than my fair share of the work here. Anything else would be another wish and I’m afraid you’ve already used yours.” He stood up and stretched. “Well I have to get going. I just dropped by to tell you to keep an eye out for new jobs now that you’ve got some more… assets.” He opened the door to the apartment, with a final nod to Adrian, and walked out.

“Huh?” Kyle stirred on his chest. The sound of the door clanging shut had woken him. “What time is it?”

“I uh… dunno…” Adrian checked his phone. “9:30.”

“Got your phone out huh?” He grinned. “Taking pics? Well just as long as they don’t end up on the net.” He said rolling over on top of Adrian. “Ready for round two?”

Adrian adjusted his tie in the mirror, a week had gone by and things had pretty much gone the way Jack had predicted. Kyle had staid with him for the entire weekend, only leaving to go to work in the evenings. By Sunday he had lost every form of virginity that he had and was head over heels in love with Kyle, but then Monday had to roll around.

Kyle kept saying he was busy and as the days wore on, his text responses became less and less lengthy and frequent. Adrian had hoped they could make plans for the approaching weekend but every time he asked, the response that came back hours later was always non-committal. On the bright side, he had managed to get an interview at a bank and that’s actually what he was getting ready for now.

Ubering downtown to the office where the meeting was to take place, he practiced what he was going to say. He hated interviews for obvious reasons. ‘Please don’t be awkward…’ he pleaded with himself.

He walked into the office and was led to a room where the hiring manager was sitting. The two shook hands and smiled and they closed the door. “I’m Matt!” He said with a smile. The interview started well enough. The man questioning him was obviously gay and checking him out the entire time but then came the awkward question. “So why did you leave your last position?”

“Well… I uh… figured it was… time to move on you know? Seek new opportunities.”

“I can understand that. I like a man who…”, his voice trailed off as he got temporarily distracted by Adrian’s cleavage. “…a man reaches for his dreams.” But then stared right at him and said, “Still you must be quite confident in yourself to just leave without something else lined up.”

Adrian turned red. Was this guy seeing through his bluff? “Well you know… you only live once.”

“Yes…” he said in a way that didn’t seem to be impressed with the answer. Adrian began to feel naked and exposed in the room. His pecs started to stretch against his tight fitting dress shirt. He had purchased all new clothes for this interview and they fit him in a way that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

As the hiring manager grilled him he felt more and more self conscious and his deltoids, triceps, and biceps began to strain against the fabric of his sleeves. Adrian became aware of how tight his clothes were getting and realized what was happening. The fabric was stretching like spandex. “Oh fuck… not here…”

“Excuse me?” Matt said with surprise. Adrian had said that out loud, making him even more embarrassed.

“Oh… jeeze I’m sorry but I think I have to…” POP! A button flew off of his shirt, hitting Matt squarely in the nose, as his chest continued to swell. POP POP POP! To his horror, buttons began to fly in all directions as his pecs pushed their way out of his shirt.

“What are you doing?” The Matt said in shock.

“Please… I can’t help it! I’ve got to go!” He said getting up but the movement caused his biceps to rip through his sleeves. “Oh Fuck no!” He shouted as his ass began to shred his dress pants.

“God what is happening?” Matt thought back to a strange encounter he had had the night before and was wondering if it was connected to Adrian’s muscular body as it shredded through his business attire. He watched as a 12’’ cock emerged from the rim of his newly exposed underwear. This was a nightmare, being stripped down to his underwear with his cock exposed made him more self conscious than he’d ever been in his life, fueling even more growth.

“Please… you’ve got to help me!” Adrian pleaded. “I can’t go out in public like…” SNAP! The elastic burst as his bubble butt inflated out and two fist sized nuts dangled down out in the open. The last shred of his clothes fell to the floor. He got to his knees, his pecs still swelling, pushing his nipples downward. “Please I need help.”

“I… I…” Matt struggled to get control of himself. “Just tell me what’s going on.”

“I made a wish. I shouldn’t have done it… Now I’ve just got to get back to my apartment. Please don’t call the police… I’ll do anything.” As he begged his shoulders broadened and back muscles expanded into rippling mounds.

“A wish?” Matt said, raising his eyebrow.

“Yes a man told me he could get me what I wanted and I really fucked it up. I’m so sorry.” Adrian said as his pec valley deepened so much that he could have grabbed Matt’s hand with it and his body stretched to over 6’8’’.

“A man in a gray suit? With green eyes and a hat?” Matt said, beginning to tremble.

“Y…yeah?” Adrian paused.

Matt raised his hand, and for the first time Adrian noticed that the guy interviewing him had a thumb and forefinger that appeared to be swollen and red as if they’d been burned. “I… um… wished for a man that would turn everyone’s head…”

Suddenly the two were disturbed by the sound of someone clapping. They look up to see Jack standing behind them. “Congratulations Matt. I hope he’s everything you wanted.”

“This isn’t what I meant!” Matt said wondering how long he could keep Adrian hidden in his office.

“Oh?” Jack said furrowing his brow. “Well it’s what you asked for.” Then he pointed his thumb to the door that lead to the rest of the office and grinned. “Adrian is sure to turn everyone’s head out there when they see him.”

Adrian was dumbfounded, had he been the answer to someone else’s wish? He began to plead, “Please Jack help me!” His naked body swelled to over 7 feet and nearly four hundred pounds of solid muscle. Every inch of his skin was crevassed in definition. Without speaking, Jack removed his tie and several dark forms like wisps of smoke flew out of a green gem that had been hiding behind it. Taking the necktie, they wrapped it around Adrian’s mouth, gagging him.

“That’s better. Well Matt, I’d say he’s about a minute away from needing the fire department to come up and cut a hole in the wall to get him out of here.” Jack grinned. “Looks like you’re gonna make the news tonight.”

“Why are you doing this?” Matt stammered.

“You made the wish!” Jack pounded the desk so hard the phone fell off. Then, seeming to regain his composure and straightened his tie. “Still, if he’s not what you wanted I suppose I could take him off your hands” The thought of being caught on the news like this made Adrian’s back muscles swell against the wall broadening his shoulders to the point where he would no longer fit through the door. The dark wisps pulled out a chair for Jack to sit in. “You may be out of wishes but I could do that for you as a favor in exchange for something I want.”

“Anything! No one can see him in here like this!” Matt stammered. “This is a disaster!”

“Not yet, but it will be if you don’t shut up and listen to me.” Jack smiled. “You’re in charge of foreclosures are you not?” Matt nodded nervously as Adrian’s pecs swelled out to the size of an entire chest each.

“Pay attention.” Jack said, reaching out and turning Matt’s face back. “One of your properties, the John Roger’s Hall is situated right were I need to be but a colleague of mine says you won’t give it up. His name is Jaime Diaz, I want you to sell the theater to him.”

“But there’s already a deal for that place… The paperwork is already…” The sound of the floor straining under the weight of Adrian’s 550-pound body caught his attention.

“Matt… What is the paperwork involved in having your naked friend here bust through the ceiling down stairs?” Jack said with a grin.

Jack looked down the center isle of the empty theater, leaving the legal details of acquiring the property to others. He could care less about the minutia so long as any meddling monkeys didn’t bother him for a while. As he approached the stage, curled up in a petrified fetal position was a 10-foot-tall Adrian. His low pitched whimpering echoed throughout the empty hall.

Jack walked up to the hulking pile of muscles and patted him on the head. “There there… after they bring me the deed, I can fix you… for a price. You could be very useful to me. But for now I still don’t know if I’ll have to deposit you back at the bank.” Adrian cringed as the thought of that added fifty more pounds to his problems.

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  • tereshky changed the title to What's the Matter? You Nervous? (Chapter 5) Perhaps some mass can sooth your tension.

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