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The Floating Palace


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Chapter 1



Hidden among the clouds is a castle. Only those with desires can see and enter this wonderful place. Here in this magical place, your wildest sexual fantasies come alive. Muscular men, built like gods, await you in their rooms. Men with handsome faces and cocks begging for attention.


There's a special man waiting there just for you! Yes, you! He wants to know you. He wants you to feel the hard work he's put into his body, pumping iron just for your excitement. He invites you to stay with him for as long as you like.


You might ask me, "Angel, this sounds amazing! How do I get there?"


I smile.


The key is in everybody. The door is in your dreams. The way in is easy and enjoyable.


Have a light dinner and hydrate just enough before going to bed. You wouldn't want your body to interrupt you enjoying yourself. If you wish, take a long and relaxing shower. Wash away the day's activities. Delight your sense of smell by enjoying the rich lather of your soap as you clean your beautiful body. Give your reflection a smile! You both know what's going to happen tonight. Clear your mind and as you lay comfortably in your bed, allow yourself to focus on only one thing: Pleasure Castle.


In bed, let yourself be one with your pillows and sheets. Do you feel your energy flowing, as it passes the boundaries of your body? Let your body lighten. Feel the coolness of the air as you float up... up... up... Listen to the quiet night. All is asleep. Open your mind's eye to the view above your home.


The night is filled with beautiful stars, twinkling and gleaming. The sky is clear, but for one spot high above shrouded in fluffy white clouds.


Spread your arms to your sides and fly there, soaring through the sky. The closer you get, the cooler it feels. The air is refreshing and every breath fills your heart with warmth and anticipation.


As you arrive at the bundle of clouds, they part for you allowing you the first glimpses of a door. From the door, the clouds reveal the bricks in your favourite colours. The full castle comes alive and you notice that you aren't alone!


Amongst the castle and the clouds, there are men making love right before your eyes. Two are on one of the roofs making out, one man on top of another pinning his lover between his built forearms and thighs. There's a trio pleasuring their middle-man at both ends.


There are also groups of men cuddled up, talking, laughing, and enjoying the view. They absentmindedly feel and touch each other as their conversations flow from one topic to another.


A ball flies by your head and a man flies towards you. He checks you out and gives you a wink before he retrieves his toy and resumes play with his teammates.


The sight is so beautiful and wonderful to behold, but you remember your mission. You spot a stationary man by the door. You lock eyes with him and he smiles, waving you to approach.


As you come closer you notice his attire. He's dressed in a stylish black and white tux, hair slicked back and eyes welcoming. The tux does little for the imagination, showing exactly how big and muscular his frame is.


"Welcome," he says with his deep and smooth voice. "Who would you like to see?"


You might answer that this is your first time.


His knowing smile reaches his eyes.


"I'm Derek and I'll be guiding you this evening. As this is your first time, please allow me to explain. Here you can be with any man or men you wish. We match you with just the right guy who is also looking to fulfil his own fantasies. You can think of it as matchmaking 2.0."


You might ask how this is possible.


"We made this beautiful haven for any and all men. You let us know exactly what you want to experience. With the help of our staff, we find the right men who are looking to try something new or veterans who know exactly what you mean," Derek replies with a wink.


You might ask if there's a catch.


"No catch and no money necessary. This is a free service for those with desires to be explored and enjoyed over and over again!" He beams at you.


At this point something deep within you ignites. Are you ready?


You tell Derek your wildest fantasy. He listens and nods as you describe your perfect man. He is built with biceps loaded and washboard abs. He loves wearing white tank tops visibly showing the view of his gorgeous pecs. You tell him how sweet and romantic he is, but he can get a little cocky when he starts to flex.


Derek's eyes light up. He knows exactly who you're looking for and he happens to be in this very night! Derek asks you if there's a setting you and your man want to be in.


Before you could think, you say the beach. You might ask if he can do that. He smiles again answering, "Of course we can!"


He opens the door and finally you enter! You follow Derek in, his muscular back greeting you. The view inside erupts in lights and colours you've never seen before.


The entrance is big and wide and you wonder how this all fits inside. Interesting sculptures of men in various degrees of disrobing decorate the room. The art is accompanied with lounging chairs for one's viewing pleasure.


There are tables and entrances to different bars and restaurants that you might visit some other night.


You rub your eyes, checking your vision. The environment holds as true as the sun goes up.


You hear dance music coming from the second floor and men walking in and out, sometimes in pairs holding each other from shoulder to shoulder.


"We're going this way," Derek says as he brings your focus back to him and your destination.


Through the side of the room you walk together, having casual conversation and Derek laughs at all your jokes. You wonder if next time you can ask to spend more quality time with Derek instead.


"Here we are," he says as he stops right by an unassuming door. "Go ahead and open the door and wait for your date inside."


You thank him for his welcoming hospitality as you open the door to the smell of the beach entering your senses. He gives you a smile as he makes his way back and the door softly shuts behind you.


The sight you behold is breath-taking. The inside of the castle has a full-sized beach! You look back at the door and realize there are no walls between and above it. On the other side of the magical door is just more beach.


The waves are quiet and rolling. There's no one else here but you... until...


The door you came in from swings open again and a familiar stranger's eyes meet yours. Derek is beside him and waves. Your mystery man enters, smiling as he looks at your profile, top to bottom, side to side. Derek helps you both by closing the door and allowing privacy.

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Your eyes drink in his body. He is everything you described to Derek and then some more. The first thing you notice is how happy he is to see you.


“Wow…” he says, his breath catching. You wonder if you’ve ever heard someone describe you as just… ‘wow’...


It takes you a bit to compose yourself, but with a breath and a grin you tell him your name and that it’s nice to meet him. You see a hint of a blush in this man’s beautiful features. His eyes look down and to the side with shyness, one hand clutching on a boulder-sized shoulder.


“I’m Chad,” he replies, grinning from ear to ear. The shyness in him leaves his body as he places his fists on each hip in a superman pose.


You tell him that it’s your first time being here. He perks up at that.


“Really? Bro, me too! I heard about this place from a friend and decided to give it a shot, and man am I glad I did!”


A seagull caws from a distance, circling with its flock out by the water. With all the excitement, it took you a moment to remember the gorgeous beach all around. Just you and Chad on a private beach away from the rest of the world.


“I told Derek I was looking for a handsome man that I could get to know as we took a long walk on the beach,” Chad confessed, “It was mostly as a joke, but damn did he deliver!”


You laugh. Maybe a part of you thought that all of this was wishful thinking, but now, Chad right in front of you, you start believing just a little bit more.


“Woah, look at that over there!” he points, excitement brewing. “Let’s go take a closer look,” Chad says as he holds on to your hand and you both start running. You were surprised to feel the heat and electricity radiating from him as he clutched your hand. You’ve never been able to feel anything in a dream before... until now. At this point everything feels more than alive.


You enjoy the view, mostly of Chad, as you explore the beach with him. The sand is soft and has that magical quality of slipping from your skin like water. The water itself glistens and shines with the new colours you’re still getting used to. The glow of the sun brightens the beach just enough that almost everything has a shimmering gleam of tenderness.

You notice Chad admiring you as you admire the beach. His smile parted just a bit to show his dazzling teeth. His lips look delicious and you wonder how it feels and tastes pressed against your own. His hair is styled short and frames his face perfectly. Your eyes travel down to his neck where it meets his chest and shoulders. You can only imagine how often he goes to the gym with how his tee-shirt looks like it’s about to rip from the seams as his arms move. His forearms are thick and meaty and his hands are just so big and inviting. From his beautiful chest, you see that his sides taper just a bit downwards to form an inverted triangle with his hips. You’re given a hint of his ab definition, but if only you could get close enough to-


“Like what you see?” Chad breaks you from your stupor, a smirk forming on his lips.


You apologize if you were staring for too long.


“No, it’s alright. I was just wondering if you wanted me to do some flexing for you.” he says, his confident grin unwavering. He sees the way your eyes light up and your chest expanding from the breath you just took.


“I’ll take that as a yes. Come with me, babe. Let’s find the right spot.” he takes your hand again. You’re starting to get used to Chad taking the lead. You feel safe with his big strong hand firmly holding on to yours. You wonder what else his hands can do.


As you and Chad walk along the shore, you notice a grassy cliff overlooking the beach and the water. Chad sees it too and you both race and make it there almost at the same time, you one step in front of Chad.


“Alright, you beat me,” Chad admits as both of you calm your breathing. “For that, you get to see my favourite pose.”


Chad finds the perfect spot on the grassy hill where the light of the sun hits just right to play with the silhouette of his body. He starts with a front double bicep, bringing both arms up at the same time and twisting a bit from side to side to really show you his definition. His biceps look as big as volleyballs. As he flexes, more of his veins come alive adding sexiness to his bulging muscles.

You start getting hard. You feel your bulge straining against the fabric of your underwear. Chad notices this and comes a bit closer to you.


“Do you want to touch them?” Chad asks, biceps out on display waiting for you to respond.


You walk closer to him, a hint of cologne entering your nose as you quickly inhale from anticipation. You’re entering Chad’s proximity and he’s letting you touch him. You reach out slowly, but with a purpose. Chad encourages you, his eyes locking onto yours. Your hand finally lands on his arm and the first thing you notice was the electrifying contact followed by his radiating warmth. His skin feels smooth and underneath his muscles stayed in place, hard as a stone slab.


“That feels good, babe,” he says, whispering in your ear. You didn’t realize how close his face was to yours while you were transfixed to his arms. Both of your hands are now on each of his biceps, feeling up and down from his shoulders to his forearms. You feel amazing. Chad feels amazing.


You ask if you can touch more. Chad nods and brings his arms straight up his sides, signalling you to take his shirt off. You slowly and methodically peel his shirt off, enjoying the reveal. FIrst his treasure trail greets you, followed by his lower abs, belly button, and more abs. His shirt gets stuck on his pecs and you resist the urge to just fondle his chest right then and there. You finally get his shirt off all the way over his head and it tousles his hair just a bit, adding even more sexiness to his face.

Chad reciprocates your gesture and brings his hands to your waist, holding your hips for a moment before taking your shirt up your torso. He gets playful, kneeling down and kissing your abs as he pulls your shirt off. You feel his tongue quickly flick at your nipple, exciting you even more from the touch.

You stay so close to each other. Nose to nose, breathing together. You rest your hands on the back of his neck while he holds you close, hands on your upper and lower back, embracing you. He feels so big and strong against you. The difference in size makes your cock ache for stimulation.

Chad initiates, pressing his buldge against yours. You feel his hardness through his clothes. You wonder how you can feel all this in a dream, and yet that thought quickly slips away making room for more pleasurable sensations to grow from your pelvis inwards up your torso and down your legs.

Chad’s skin feels so good to touch and you ask him what he wants you to do.


“You can start by taking the rest of my clothes off,” he winks. Almost immediately you begin, staying close to him as you start unbuttoning his jeans and unzipping them. His jeans get caught on his muscular thighs and you just notice how round and chiseled his ass is as you peak from the side. With a bit of effort, you and Chad get his pants off and start on his boxers. His boxers are already tented. You kneel to meet Chad’s dick as you slide the fabric down his legs. You look up at Chad, waiting for his approval and he mouths, ‘go’.


The pleasurable smell of his bush hits you as you kiss the head of his penis. You kiss the ridge all over until Chad holds the back of your head with his hands and encourages you to do more. You start licking his head and shaft up and down as his balls slightly twitch from the cool wetness of your mouth. You get so worked up with Chad’s moans that you put his dick in your mouth and start bobbing your head up and down. Chad groans and grunts, his body shaking from the pleasure you’re giving him. You keep sucking and sucking as if that was the only thing you were made for. Your lips and tongue feel so good, tasting and feeling Chad’s dick pulsing. Chad’s dick feels so amazing and hard as you envelop it, placing pressure around his beautiful member with your lips.


Chad then holds you by your shoulders letting you slide off his dick so he can manoeuvre you to the ground. You find your back supported by the side of the hill. Chad quickly takes care of your shorts and boxers and gets right on your cock. You let out a moan, surprised at the sudden change and how he keeps staring at you as his mouth goes up and down your thick shaft. Chad looks so beautiful, engaged to your member, his cheeks slightly puckered as he sucks on you. He moans and groans as if your dick was the best thing that he’s ever put into your mouth. You see his eyes roll up a bit from how much he enjoys sucking you off. You remember his strong hands as they’re clutched firmly to your sides, his forearms flexing as he keeps you and himself in place. Waves and waves of electric pleasure flood your senses. Your eyes feel so heavy from the hypnotic way Chad plays with your dick.


You want more. You ask Chad to fuck you. He smiles around your dick, letting it slip from his mouth as he crawls up to meet you. He brings both of your legs up and rests them on his meaty thighs. You can feel just how much he’s worked on his legs as it feels like sitting on a tree trunk. He lines his cock up to your hole, and with a push, your hole readily accepts his head. He stays there for a while, letting you breathe with him, his forehead between your neck and shoulder. When you’re ready, you nod against him, your hands rubbing his back to begin. He starts pushing in and out, first slowly, and then picking up his pace. He brings his head up and stares at you as he moves in and out of you rhythmically, his exhales matching the moment he comes pounding into you. Every time he goes in all the way, you feel his power, firm and strong, making you feel weak yet supported at the same time. You let your body relax and loosen up as he continues pounding you over and over again.

At some point he grabs your cock and jerks it along with fucking you. Both you and Chad start breathing heavily. Chad continues to pick up the pace grunting and moaning even more. His lips latch onto yours. You can hear your heart and his beating faster and faster.


“Ooooooh fuck, babe,” Chad moans, “I’m getting so close, so fucking close!”


Chad keeps fucking you as you both kiss. Chad jerks harder and faster on your dick, your dick swelling and oozing precum that starts pooling on your abs. The motion of Chad’s fucking and his hands on your dick makes your precum go everywhere, sticky and slimy and connecting more of you with him.


“I’m so close, baby, get ready!” Chad grunts as you start to meet his hips with your ass, both of you pounding each other in unison. He brings you up on his lap so you can bounce easier on his dick. As you go up, he goes down and when you land he meets you with a thrust over and over again.


“Fuck, here it comes!....aahhhhAHHHHGHHHHHH!” Chad shouts, as he thrusts one final time and you slam onto his pelvis. You cum as well as your body feels like a waterfall starting from your dick and going past your head and arms. You feel Chad’s dick pulses and squirt into your thirsty hole.


Chad sighs and plops down on his back. You slowly take yourself off Chad and lay on top of him, his dick just outside of your hole. You still feel your energy and Chad’s buzzing around and all over you. It feels like your high, Chad’s energy crashing and waving on your body.


You look at Chad and he looks at you. Both of you smile and laugh, enjoying each others’ company and the afterglow of your simultaneous oragsm.


“Wow…” Chad says.

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12 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

Oh Fuck. That's a dream come true!

Glad you're enjoying!

I have new ideas coming up for the next chapter that I'd love to tell!

This story will be focused more on the world, exploration, and possibilities with hot and sexy scenes supporting the flow of the narration.

I'm wondering if I should continue with the current POV or switch to first person or third person.

I wanted to write this story similar to a guided meditation to allow the reader to embody the main character as if they were the ones experiencing everything from their memory. ASMR for your eyes and imagination.

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