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I suspect the dr is working on something that will allow the subject to mantain mobility while gaining mas. A formula that plays with teh bone structure to make your body capable of maintaining the mobility 

The idea of someone's being so addicted to growth that they'd immobilize himself is such a huge fetish of mine. But I do hope the good Doctor can help him grow well past the last user! 

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Chapter 5

“What the fuck.”

I’d said it a few times already, but it was the only thing my brain could force out while I looked at the insane sight in front of me. Dr. Kim opened the door to the chamber which held the enormous mountain of muscle. Walking in a circle around the behemoth I realised my estimate of twelve to fifteen feet was probably an underestimation, and he was closer to 17 feet. He was far wider than he was tall though, and the sheer mass of muscle gave off an intense heat. I could hear an occasional groan of pleasure emanating from high up on the beast, but the sound echoed through his huge chest.

From one side truly obscene pecs bulged out. They were closer to tits than any pecs I’d ever seen but they were incredibly full all the way up. His abs were an extreme concave mass. They didn’t look so much like muscle protruding outward, more so like massive slabs of muscle stacked on top of each other in a pile as they competed for space. From the other side towering traps easily obscured any view of his head from behind, and I realised I couldn’t actually see it from anywhere. It was probably a good thing, knowing how handsome the serum made Dane, this guy’s face would probably cause spontaneous ejaculation.

The guy’s lats were so fucking wide that his arms were almost horizontal from the way they pushed against his biceps. I realised with a little disgust and a lot awe that the lower side of his lats were actually resting against the top of his quads. This guy’s waist was enviably small on a normal man, but in this obscene mountain it was even more comically small.

Laying in front of him was the most inhuman set of genitals I’d ever seen. His cock was several feet long and seemed almost as thick, his balls looked like enormous beanbags sitting freely on the floor underneath. Together they probably made up a third of the guy’s total body mass. A thick stream of pre and cum dripped out the end in thick globules which fell into some sort of drainage container.

All over the muscle freak, tubes extended from the ceiling and walls pumping various coloured fluids into veins that looked like they’d serve well as garden hoses.

“This is Harrison.” Said Dr. Kim. “The previous subject and the direct result of the extreme addiction caused by the serum.”

I looked Dane to see his reaction, but he just had a slack-jawed look of awe as he stared at the guy. He was fully hard and I realised vaguely that I was as well. Dane was already a god, but the monster in front of him was at least two to three times his size.

“Harrison,” Dr Kim continued, “is what would traditionally be referred to as braindead.”

This got our attention instantly, both of us letting out exclamations of shock.

“Traditionally.” She clarified. “The reality is that modern medicine would have no true classification for his condition. Most of his brain is shut down in a type of hibernation, diverting basically all of its power to feed him pleasure. Harrison is completely unaware of anything outside himself unless someone makes physical contact, until then he is in a state which can only be described as better than the most intense orgasm you have ever felt in your life. Permanently.”

She continued to walk around the freak, checking various readouts and charts on displays.

“The tubes you see feed him, both in the traditional sense and also a very low concentration of the serum. Without the serum I fear he would go into shock within hours and quite possibly not survive. We have managed to curb his growth however.” She gestured to one of the machines which was connected to a sort of large mixing container where bright red serum was entering, and a pale, almost clear pink fluid was leaving in the pipes. An assortment of bottles of the serum were sitting on the desk.

“Is that what’s going to happen to me?” asked Dane. It struck me that I honestly couldn’t tell if that was fear causing his voice to quiver, or eager anticipation.

“Ideally not,” said the doctor, “Since Harrison we’ve put a great deal of work into reducing the drawbacks. The addiction is obviously still incredibly prevalent, though it should never reach this state of dependence which would cause damage should you stop taking it. We’ve also adjusted various parameters of the serum to enhance skeletal growth, so immobility such as Harrison’s should be… a more distant prospect.”

“Distant, as in it will still happen?” asked Dane, actually sounding nervous now.

“Without intervention, yes.” She looked at him and saw the mix of fear and irritation on his face. “You’re a guinea pig, Dane, that’s what you signed up for and you knew the process was far from perfect when we started working together. The serum is an ongoing project and every day we’re getting closer to solving all of these problems.”

“Those all sound like pretty convenient answers.” He said, “Are you sure you’re not just bullshitting me here with what I want to hear?”

“Dane, this project means as much to me as it does to you, more even. Lying to you would do nothing to benefit me.”

“I wish I could believe that.” He said, and I was getting a little nervous as he seemed to be getting pretty intense, advancing on the doctor. She was trying to hold her ground but Dane towered over her and she could see how angry he was getting. “You didn’t tell me any of this when we started, you made it sound like you were days from perfecting the formula.”

“Dane…” I started.

“Don’t threaten me Dane, you need me, or what you’re looking at is your future.” Said Dr. Kim in a voice that would have been stern if it hadn’t broken.

“Oh, I realise that. I just think we’d all be better off if you took the risks more seriously. A little more personally.” He was right up close to her now, looming over her by several feet.

In a sudden explosive motion, fuelled by the powerful muscles of his arms, he lashed out at her. Or at least that’s what I thought happened, but she didn’t go flying across the room or crumple like a blow from him would surely cause, she just seemed to flinch.

That’s when I saw it. In one hand he was grasping a bottle of the serum that he must have swiped from the storage around the room, and dangling from the doctor’s neck was a syringe.

She raised a trembling hand to her neck and pulled out the syringe, looking down at it in disbelief. Prominent veins were rising up all over her skin, all the way down to the hand she was looking at.

“What… What have you done?” she stammered out.

“Well, now I think you’ve got plenty of motivation to fix those little problems.” Said Dane smiling.

I was in shock, I didn’t realise how much this had all got to him, and I never expected him to be capable of something like this.

“I don’t…” she started, “this was never meant to happen…”

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Chapter 6


Dr. Kim fell to the ground, writing and clawing at her neck. I went into a full panic, barely able to comprehend what had just happened.

“What the fuck did you do that for?!” I yelled at Dane.

Dane was looking down at the doctor in fear.

“I don’t know, I just… dunno, I panicked.” He said.

There was a gasping noise as the doctor tore the top buttons out of her shirt. I could see she’d been struggling as her neck had already thickened significantly, and the collar must have been choking her.

“The formula…” she gasped out between huge breaths, “it was never meant to be used on a woman…”

As she writhed on the ground, her hands kept clasping at buttons trying to loosen the material, but her hands had grown so much already that they almost looked comical on her and she clearly wasn’t used to their size. The material of her shirt grew tighter and tighter until she no longer needed to fumble with clumsy hands, as one by one the buttons flew off like tiny bullets.

Her shirt fell open exposing her torso. Already thick meaty abs were bulging out from her core, and her back was flaring widely like a cobra’s hood. A simple black bra was struggling to conceal an ample chest which was becoming more ample by the second as tremendous pecs ballooned out behind her breasts.

With a deep, guttural roar, her chest exploded larger and the bra gave way entirely exposing the round breasts and large, dark nipples now basically hanging off her otherwise fatless chest. Her arms curled into a double bicep pose as sinew and muscle stormed down them, swelling her biceps and triceps into the size of car tyres, and her forearms into huge swollen slabs of beef.

All over her as the growth surged up and down her once meagre figure, veins were bursting forth in thick networks of ropes. Her heartbeat was rapid and clearly visible over every inch of her body. As the unnaturally thick veins spread, I noticed that with them, her skin was also changing. Marks of age and sunspots faded as wrinkles were pulled taut. Despite her screams of agony, or possibly ecstasy, her whole face looked younger.

Her plain pencil skirt gave way without much resistance as her legs were forced apart by the rapid expansion of her quads. Deep ridges plunged between the separations of muscles as they rose up from nowhere.

I hadn’t noticed since she was lying on the ground but she must have stretched at least two feet taller already. I could no longer see her face as her pecs and muscle tits had expanded so high and round that her face was out of view.

The huge doctor was now wearing nothing but a small, lacey pair of underwear which was already under considerable pressure from the massive glutes pushing her pelvis upward. In that moment I saw something that made my stomach jump to my throat; the lacey material wasn’t just bulging at the back, something was clearly in the front.

With another roar of discomfort, a huge, meaty hand larger than my whole head came down and shredded off the underwear with one swift motion. I wanted to avert my eyes but they were drawn like watching a car crash.

The doctor’s vulva was being forced open and a huge, swollen red clitoris was expanding outward. After growing an inch or two, I saw those same enormous veins spring up beneath the clitoris, and it pushed outwards further. I realised the implications even if I didn’t want to; the formula wasn’t just a steroid, it rewrote DNA, specifically to produce a perfect male specimen. I watched as more of her flesh contorted and her clitoris split open, forming a full cock. The skin beneath where her vagina had been ballooned and in second a ball sack had formed.

Dr. Kim didn’t last as a well-endowed man for long, before ascending into godhood. There were two surprisingly loud fleshy thuds as the growing balls passed huge and moved onto colossal and cumbersome. I was in shock as I noticed I was now looking up to see the tip of the monster’s cock. From where her, no, his, glutes touched the floor to the tip of his cock was now taller than my whole body, which was around 6 feet.

The absolute freak began to shift and clumsily got to his feet. His face had undergone as much of a change as his body. The plain, middle-aged woman was gone, replaced by a hypermasculine façade. His jaw was thick, sharply defined, and wide, and his chin stuck out prominently. His brow-line was huge and gave an almost caveman-like feeling to his face, but in an incredibly sexy way. His long, black hair dripped with sweat and fell in sheets over his face.

However, it was hard to appreciate his face. While not quite reaching the height of the ball of muscle and flesh at the centre of the room, Dr. Kim now easily towered over Dane by several feet. The top couple of feet at least were, however, a sheer overwhelming wall of trapezius muscle. His head looked like it was jutting out from a few feet down. No neck was discernible as the powerful jaw sat atop huge pecs which still bore a striking resemblance to breasts. In fact, I could clearly see what looked like milk dripping from the massive, deep brown tits, clearly under pressure from the sheer volume of muscle above them.

There was a splattering noise, and my eyes were drawn down, past the bulging roid gut, to the doctor’s cock. It was pulsing with thick veins and rock hard, and was visibly larger than my whole body on its own. The enormous testicles were literally resting on the floor despite the giant’s enormous stature. Pre was dripping out the end of the massive cock and splattering on the floor like a shower left half-on.

In a swift motion, the doctor lashed out. I jumped back instinctively, but he wasn’t aiming for me. In a second, he had both hands on Dane, who, despite his own godlike strength, was overpowered with no effort from the doctor. He was spun around and quickly bent over. In a flash Dane’s makeshift clothing was off, and his enormous striated ass was exposed and spread wide.

With another bestial roar, the doctor took several steps forwards, plunging his freakish cock deep into Dane, who roared out in harmony. As I watched, his eyes rolled back into his head with pleasure and spatterings of precum flew every which way.

“FUCK YES” they roared together.

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Awesome installment! Hopefully the good Doctor’s cum has a “growing” effect on Dane!  Let’s get him to giant status! 😉

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