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m/m Deano, Again: A Muscle University Story (Deano Story 3)


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2 minutes ago, BrzNLA said:

I don’t know @DennisFLL. I believe that our estimated writer and cliffhanger expert have a lot of tricks hidden up his sleeve.😳👍❤️🤫🤫💪💪


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It’s been a week since I sneaked out of my dorm room and went round to Ozzie’s after the SU bar. Shaun was still asleep when I got back. I woke up the next morning fully expecting him to ask me where the fuck I went to. I had my story about leaving my wallet at the SU bar all ready to use. But I didn’t need to. Because Shaun didn’t wake up and realise I’d gone. And he DEFINITELY would have said something if he'd had.

I haven’t seen or heard from Ozzie. But I’ve thought about him a bit. Okay, maybe more than a bit. I’m not, like, super desperate to hook up with him again though. I think maybe because I KNOW it’s gonna happen. And I know it’ll be good when I do. I’m not sure who’s “turn” it is to reach out next. Maybe I’ll wait for him to come to me. 

But as I’m walking to the Watson House gym for my Saturday morning training session with Dave Walker, I make a decision. I’m gonna text Ozzie afterwards. Or maybe I’ll just turn up at his door unannounced. Like he did with me the other week for our first post-Chicago hookup.

I’m smirking to myself with that thought as I walk into the gym to find Walker alone. My heart drops and I get an all too familiar feeling which takes me back to the week before the McCarthy Classic.

“No Adam?” I ask Walker, feeling way more nervous than I should. Adam Lloyd ALWAYS trains with us on Saturdays.

“Yeah - he’s over there!” Waker says, turning around and nodding. “Training himself today.”

I look over to see a monstrous Adam Lloyd bulging out of a black vest on the leg press. Fuck. What an image. “Oh right,” I mumble, slightly thrown by this unexpected turn of events but not exactly hating seeing Adam Lloyd right now. Even if it’s from a slight distance.

Walker starts walking and I follow him. “He’s got a photoshoot today with his sponsor,” he explains.

Huh. I didn’t even know Adam Lloyd HAD a sponsor. And then it hits me. The Protein Factory. The brand that’s written on that red t-shirt he sometimes wears. And on the beanie hat he’s wearing in some of his Instagram posts that he looks pretty cute in. If “cute” can be applied to a six-foot muscle monster who’s literally the hottest guy on a university campus for bodybuilders (sorry Ozzie).

“What - here?” I ask Walker, my mind suddenly flooded with the image of a de-clothed Adam Lloyd flexing for a camera in the middle of the Watson House gym floor with a gathering of spectators.

“No, mate. Over in Glasgow, apparently.”

Oh. I guess I’ll just have to wait for him to post the pictures to his Instagram. 

When I’m finishing my back and biceps session an hour or so later, I sneakily scan the gym floor for jug-eared monsters bulging out of their black gym vests. I feel a pang of disappointment when I don’t spot any.

But then … as I walk into the changing rooms, I’m suddenly faced with Adam Lloyd fully dressed in a tight black t-shirt. And Jesus. Fucking. Christ. His arms have NEVER looked more monstrous or pumped. 

“All right, D?” he says with a little smile, shoving some clothes into his backpack.

I say all right back. He’s so fucking huge and pumped that I actually feel kind of shy around him. Which is fucking ridiculous. I’ve trained in front of this guy every week for months. I’ve sat next to this guy on a sofa in his dorm room. And on a bus that trekked halfway across Scotland. (Okay - the next town over.) And yet - that tight black t-shirt. And those huge fucking post-workout arms!

“Good session?” he asks me.

“Mmmm. Not bad,” I say, opening up my locker. “Walker says you’ve got a photoshoot?”

He lazily rolls his eyes. “Yeah!” he says, unenthusiastically. I give him a confused smirk. “It’s just a bit of a trek! It’s in Glasgow.”

“Yeah, Walker said. How are you getting there?”

He tells me he’s driving. I didn’t know he had a car. 

“Don’t suppose you wanna come and keep me company?” he jokes, with a cheeky smile. I just smile back as I throw my backpack over my shoulder.

“Actually …,” he says, this look on his face like he’s just had a really good idea. Wait - what the fuck. This excitement rises in my chest. 

“DO you wanna come?”

Fuck! Is he serious? 

“Erm … are you sure?” I ask, feeling a flutter in my stomach.

Adam shrugs. “Yeah. Why not? Might not be the most exciting trip and the actual photoshoot might be a bit boring but … would be good to have some company. Get away from campus for the afternoon?”

Out of nowhere, this voice in my head cries, “Say no”. I have no fucking idea why. Or maybe I do.

“Okay. I mean - yeah. Sounds good!” I say, my insides fluttering. “Cool!” Adam says, his lips curling into this smile that makes me feel warm.

About half an hour later I’m heading to the car park at the back of the university campus with Adam Lloyd. Of all the things I expected to be doing today, going to Glasgow to keep a bodybuilder company for a photoshoot with his sponsor was definitely not one of them.

As soon as I sit in the passenger seat of Adam’s black Toyota Corolla, and Adam’s climbing in next to me, I start to swell. His huge fucking arms are right there. Those enormous thighs under his trackies. But then I get this weird, horrible feeling. It just comes out of nowhere. Because this scenario is starting to feel just a little bit too familiar. 

Adam seems a little nervous all of a sudden. “All right?” he asks me, maybe sensing something’s up.

I tell him yeah, and remind myself that Adam Lloyd is not Ryan North. That I’m just going to Glasgow with him to keep him company. And to get away from campus for the afternoon. This doesn’t mean anything is about to start up with Adam Lloyd. (Even though I feel the same chemistry I did when I was sat next to him on the bus). It doesn’t mean the whole thing’s going to end in complete disaster. That he’s going to break my heart. I swear to God though if he starts doing impressions of Sloth from The Goonies I’m gonna open the passenger door and leap the fuck out.

“Wait - so if you can drive, why did we spend three hours on a bus to Little Hatton?” I ask Adam a little later on.

Adam laughs. “Bit of an exaggeration on the distance, Deano! I didn’t wanna NOT drink on my birthday!”

“Mmmm. Fair point.” 

“Are you going back home to Brighton for Easter, then?” Adam asks a little later on.

I tell him yeah. “Doing anything fun?” he asks me.

“Ummm … well, I’m not sure if I’d call it fun but my mum’s getting married.”

“Oh, cool! That’ll be good,” he says. He looks over at me. “I’m guessing?” he says, with a raised eyebrow.

“Hmmm. Nah - it will be. Sort of!”

He asks me if I get on with my parents and I tell him yes - failing to mention the fact I refused to speak to my mum for six months last year.

“Do they know … about you?”

“Nah!” I say, biting my lip and suddenly feeling weird. I look at Adam and he gives me a kind, knowing smile.

“I think mum’d be okay with it.”

Adam nods. “And the famous Deano Watkins Senior?” he says, giving me a little smile.

I give him a look and roll my eyes. “Do YOUR parents know?”

“Yeah. I told them a few years ago. Mum says she already knew.”

“Oh right,” I say, surprised. There’s nothing about Adam Lloyd that particularly screams gay.

“She’d found a History search on the family computer years before I told her.”

“Oh shit!” I say. He looks at me and grins.

“My dad said, “Well at least because you’re the size of a house no one will try and gay bash you on the street’!”

I laugh at that. “That’s pretty funny. Do you, like, get on with them really well?” I say, thinking about the Instagram pictures of the three of them in New York.

“Yeah. I do, actually.”

Something about that makes me feel warm. I kind of like the fact Adam gets on with his parents. It’s kinda sweet. They looked so nice and normal in the Instagram pictures. God knows what they’d think of me. Or my dad! God knows what Adam himself would think of my dad.

I ask him if he has any brothers and sisters and he tells me no. “Lucky you!” I say. He smiles at me and I tell him I have a big brother.

“I know!” he says, lightly.

I nod. Wait - does he know about Josh? I look over at Adam and he gives me this ominous smirk.

“His profile came up as a suggestion on Instagram!”

I nod and turn away. And now I’m suddenly smiling to myself. Because I’m thinking about another certain Montgomery student who told me pretty much the exact same thing in our hotel room in Chicago.

“Don’t tell me - you think he’s good looking?”

Adam looks at me with his eyebrows furrowed and smirks.

“It’s a pretty universal opinion,” I tell him. 

“Mmmm. Not a future pro pocket rocket bodybuilder though, is he?” 

What the fuck? I look over at Adam. He’s giving me this warm little smile and I feel a pinch in my chest. A similar kind of feeling I got to when I was standing by his dorm room door and our fingers were pushed together in a fist bump.

My phone vibrates in my pocket. I feel weirdly nervous as I get it out because it’s probably Shaun asking where I am. For fuck’s sake. I didn’t even think about what I’d say to Shaun about this trip. Not that I’m doing anything remotely wrong.

But it’s not a text from Shaun. It’s from someone else. I’m surprised at how excited I feel when I read Seth "Ozzie" Osman’s text.

The pecs wanna know what you’re up to. Think they might wanna bounce for you! 

Fuck! I bite my lip so my smile isn’t showing as much. I feel oddly nervous reading a text from Ozzie while sitting next to Adam Lloyd. If only he knew what happened in Chicago between us. And what we’ve been doing since.

What the hell do I reply to Ozzie though? I could just tell him I’m busy and not go into any details, but he’d probably think I was just blowing him off. And why did he have to want to see me today of all days?

“Texting a boy?” Adam says, one eyebrow cheekily raised. 

Oh my God! Okay - act fucking casual.

“Yep! A really annoying one with a twatty haircut.”

Adam looks at me confused but he’s smirking.

“Likes to grunt and pull funny faces when he’s posing?”

Adam nods and smiles. “Ozzie! What - so, are you two mates now?”

No. We’re just fucking each other. And oh my God, Adam. It’s so fucking hot. Like mind-blowingly hot.

“Erm … sort of. I guess? He wants to know what I’m doing,” I say, my stomach twisting with nerves.

“Right …,” Adam says, seeming confused. 

“Am I okay to tell him?”

Adam grins. “Of course! D - we’re not exactly going to a Gay Pride event!”

“I know … just …,” I trail off, without finishing my sentence. Because I don't really know HOW to finish it. I know I’m being ridiculous. And paranoid. I’m just keeping Adam company as he drives to Glasgow for a photoshoot. Ozzie’s not going to think there’s anything more going on just because of that. Not that anything IS going on between me and Adam. 

“You know me and Walker are training with him tomorrow? One of us will probably mention it anyway!”

So now I have to tell him! I text Ozzie back, remembering how he teased me last weekend about having a crush on Adam and that moment where I wondered whether he was bothered when I commented on Adam not being the worst looking guy on campus.

Long story but I’m on my way to Glasgow with Adam. He has a photoshoot with a sponsor.

Wow. I'm actually surprisingly nervous at how Ozzie will respond. His reply comes back pretty much straight away.

That sounds cool! Say hi to Big Ears for me.

Huh. Okay? So that was easy. Maybe I’m just overthinking things. It wouldn’t exactly be the first time.

“So does ANYONE know about you back home?” Adam asks me. I tell him about Tony and Nick. I think about telling him about Harry the Bouncer too, but I stop myself. I’m not sure I want to start dragging up the past with Adam and letting him know about all the guys I’ve been involved with that have gone disastrously wrong. All three of them. Although - does Woody even count?

I get my phone back out and send a delayed reply to Ozzie’s text.

Not jealous then?

As soon as I hit send I regret it. Why the fuck am I playing games with Ozzie? Even though I can just pass it off as a joke. And yet - I’m actually kind of curious to know how he’ll respond. Okay - really fucking curious. I feel a knot in my stomach as my phone vibrates. Ozzie’s replied to my text.

Don’t be a dickhead, Deano.

HA! That told me. Okay - that’s the last time I ever do anything like that with Ozzie. We’re having fun. The sex is hot as fuck. No need to start playing games or making suggestive comments that something more might be going on. Which it obviously isn’t.

“So … I don’t know if this is the right time, but … I kind of feel like I owe you an apology,” Adam says.

What the hell? I feel a knot in my stomach. 

I instinctively look at him and frown. He looks a bit nervous. Wary, even. “What for?” I ask. But I think I already know. 

He shoots me a knowing look. “Well … I went a bit weird on you, didn’t I?”

He pauses. I can’t believe he’s bringing this up. 

“Before the McCarthy trip?”

I bite my lip and nod, not really knowing how to respond. 

“I think I was just a bit ... surprised. When I found out, about … you know.”

The fact I outed Sebastian “Woody” Wood and Luke Henderson to the whole university.

“I get that,” I say, looking straight ahead.

“I think I was mostly just … trying to figure out how I felt about the whole thing. I get it now though. Well … Woody kinda helped with that.”

Wait - what? I look at Adam. “He did?”

Adam bites his lip and nods.

“What did he say?” I ask, not looking at him.

“Nothing bad, D. Just that you were struggling a bit. With the whole, you know, liking lads thing.”

I almost can't believe we're having this conversation.

“Oh right. When was that?”

“Erm … a few days before the McCarthy.”

Wait - did Woody go to Adam AFTER we had that confrontation? It kinda sounds like he did. 

“It wasn’t just that,” I tell Adam, surprised that opening up to him isn’t making me feel more nervous. “I kind of had, like, a bit of a thing for him. I guess."

A BIT of a thing for Woody. That's a fucking understatement.

Adam bites his lip and nods. He's got this look on his face.

“He told you that too, didn’t he?”

Adam's face relaxes and gives me a kind, tight-lipped smile. “A little bit!”

I nod and look out of the side window. Of fucking course Woody told him that.

“I get it, D. Trust me!”

I look at Adam, confused. He’s raising an eyebrow at me with this sheepish smirk. Ha!

“Oh shit! You too?”

He scrunches his nose up. “A bit! When I first met him. I mean - I knew nothing was gonna happen, cause - you know - Luke. But … yeah. I felt some things.”

I’m smiling. I can’t help it. Adam had a thing for Sebastian Wood. Just like me. I kind of love it.

“You’re over all that though now, yeah?” Adam asks.

“God yeah!” I say. And I really feel like I am. 

“I think you would have ended up killing each other. Anyway - I don’t really see you with someone like Woody.”

What the hell? I look at him confused. He gives me a cheeky little smile. “Okay?” I say. I suddenly feel nervous.  “So ... what kind of guy do you see me with then?” I ask, my stomach now twisting. Is this really happening?

A voice in my head cries, “Say you!”

“Mmmm. Seth “Ozzie” Osman,” he says lightly.

What the FUCK? My chest tightens. Adam’s mouth erupts in a big grin. “I’m kidding, Deano!”

I don’t say anything. Of course he's kidding. Jesus, Deano. Get it to-fucking-gether.

“God - you two really WOULD kill each other.”

I roll my mouth around the inside of my mouth to cover up my smirk. If only Adam Lloyd knew.

“So - any other plans for Easter?” Adam asks a little later on. "Other than your mum's wedding?"

“Ummm. Nah. Not really. I'll probably see my mates a few times.”

“Are they fist bumping type of mates?”

I look at Adam and he’s giving me a cheeky smirk.

“Can’t remember the last time I went to Brighton,” Adam says. “Must be years.”

I don’t respond. I just stare out of the front window of Adam’s car. I clear my throat. “You should come down.”

Where the fuck did that come from? I look over at Adam, suddenly feeling nervous.

“Yeah?” he says, biting his lip. He seems nervous. But he’s got this sort of hopeful expression on his face.

I nod. “Mmmm. Easter holidays maybe,” I say, staring straight ahead again.

“That could be cool actually.”

There’s a pause. Okay - what the fuck just happened? Did I just invite Adam Lloyd down to Brighton in the Easter holidays? I feel a surge of excitement at what's unfolding. Admittedly, it's mixed with slight apprehension. 

“You could show me around Deano’s!” he says. “I can meet the famous Deano Watkins Senior!”

Oh my God!

I pull a face. “Mmmm. You’re welcome to go in. I’ll wait for you around the corner.”

Adam grins at me and bites his lip. Then goes back to the road. Adam Lloyd coming down to Brighton to visit me in the Easter holidays? Okay - that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Just two bodybuilding mates hanging out away from university. Who both happen to like lads. And who shared the world’s most drawn-out fist bump. No reason for my mind to start racing. To think that something might be happening between us. Like I thought it was before the McCarthy Classic. No reason to start thinking that my next big epic disaster with a guy is about to happen with the ridiculously huge and good looking bodybuilder bursting out of his tight black t-shirt with his big jug ears sitting next to me. 

There’s no reason to think anything like that at all.

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21 hours ago, Bjort said:

Hmmm bit of fun vs something much more on the horizon?  The plot thickens just like Ozzie’s big balloon pecs!!! 😜


11 minutes ago, DarkLord said:

Mm, how the plot twists. I wonder if Deano, Adam, and Ozzy will meet on Easter?)) Yeees, there is a whole sea of fantasies)) Thank you for making us happy with the continuation,  Muscleaddict))

Just. Keep. Reading. 😏

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18 hours ago, Kons said:

Deano and car ride. Such an iconic duo

Haha! Now that you mention it, some of Deano's biggest moments have been while sitting in the passenger seat of a car.

4 hours ago, bbeware said:

Nooo, Deano! Don't you remember what Ozzie said back in chapter 14? Trainwreck ahead.

Maybe Deano, Adam and Ozzie can all hang out in the Easter holidays together? 🤭

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38 minutes ago, DarkLord said:

I wonder if Deano, Adam, and Ozzy will meet on Easter?

Wow, I think that much MUSCLE all stuffed into one chapter just might cause this whole Musclegrowth website to explode.  Or at least burst apart at the seams.

But let's say it happens, a session in Deano Sr.'s gym???  Who, oh who, might possibly wander in the door then???

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8 minutes ago, crushme99 said:

Wow, I think that much MUSCLE all stuffed into one chapter just might cause this whole Musclegrowth website to explode.  Or at least burst apart at the seams.

But let's say it happens, a session in Deano Sr.'s gym???  Who, oh who, might possibly wander in the door then???

Ryan North with his new client Harry the Bouncer accompanied by Woody and Luke who he's now friends with and are visiting Brighton for the weekend and wanna check out the infamous Deano's Gym? 🤭

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