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m/m Deano, Again: A Muscle University Story (Deano Story 3)


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53 minutes ago, muscleaddict said:

Ryan North with his new client Harry the Bouncer accompanied by Woody and Luke who he's now friends with and are visiting Brighton for the weekend and wanna check out the infamous Deano's Gym? 🤭

MA, you are creating the perfect storm!  I see some really fantastic reading ahead for us all in this Part III!

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23 hours ago, BrzNLA said:

What the hell Deano is doing??? OMG, I see a lot of drama happening.👍🤫

Having hot sex with a jacked, sexy bodybuilder and making friends with another. What could possibly go wrong?

22 hours ago, DennisFLL said:

MA, you are creating the perfect storm!  I see some really fantastic reading ahead for us all in this Part III!

Bless you, mate. Obviously I can only hope you all like what's to come! 

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I've always wanted Deano, now I want Ozzie (there's something about those short-arsed bodybuilders!). I can't deny I want that sticky-out eared beauty. If it comes out that one of them wears specs I'm in serious trouble!  Congrats MuscleAddict (I'm not the original....just an old log-in)....take the praise. Loving this! x

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19 hours ago, muscleaddict99 said:

I've always wanted Deano, now I want Ozzie (there's something about those short-arsed bodybuilders!). I can't deny I want that sticky-out eared beauty. If it comes out that one of them wears specs I'm in serious trouble!  Congrats MuscleAddict (I'm not the original....just an old log-in)....take the praise. Loving this! x

So we basically need to get AJ Jones in a pair of specs and we've found your dream short-arsed big-eared bodybuilder? 🤪 Glad you're enjoying it, mate and great to see you posting again.

P.S. Come back to Twitter! If only for the videos of @dredlifter flexing and grunting! 😏

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Twenty One

Despite Adam’s warning, the photoshoot in Glasgow wasn’t boring. At all. I mean - yeah, there was a lot of just sitting and watching and it kinda dragged on a bit, but how the FUCK could I be bored when Adam Lloyd was stood in front of me bulging out of a black “Protein Factory” t-shirt doing various poses, before stripping down to a pair of red posing trunks. Fucking hell. Everything I remembered from the end of term show last summer was still there. The balloon-like pecs. The crazy shoulders. The insane quads. Less conditioned granted but still very much there. And right in fucking front of me! 

As I watched him hitting most musculars and front double biceps poses I couldn’t help wondering if that was the main reason Adam invited me to the shoot in the first place. Just so he could show off how awesome his physique was. It probably wasn’t. I really don’t think Adam's the type of person who would plan something like that. Then again - I don’t technically know the guy that well.

I told Shaun about the photoshoot when I got back. Even though I was nervous to do so. (I know - ridiculous!) He seemed to think the whole thing was pretty cool, although I did spin a bit of a lie. I basically told him that Walker MADE me go along with Adam as part of the Future Pros Training coursework. Which Shaun obviously bought.

So yeah. I can’t lie. I’ve been thinking about the photoshoot, and the Glasgow trip in general, quite a bit the past few days. Including now, as I make my way to a meeting with Walker (and presumably Adam) to go through some of the coursework required for the training programme. I've been thinking about how I opened up to Adam more on the drive there. His pecs. Him apologising to me for what happened before the McCarthy Classic and confessing he once had a thing for Woody which I find myself smiling at every time I think about it. Those shoulders! Even just hanging out with him. THOSE INSANE QUADS!

Oh - and I've been thinking about the fact that I basically invited him down to Brighton in the Easter holidays. I have no idea if that will actually happen. Or what we’d actually do if it did! A part of me thinks it’d be really cool. Hanging out with Adam in Brighton away from university. But there's another part of me that feels kind of nervous at the prospect of it happening. And kind of hopes it doesn't. And that everything just stays the same as it is now. That no good can come of me hanging out with and potentially getting closer to absurdly handsome, tank-sized, jug-eared Adam Lloyd.

The second I open the door to the classroom, my heart jumps into my throat. And not because Adam is here like I expected. But because there’s a third person in the room currently sitting with his back to me, his bare shoulders and still tanned back muscles bursting out of an olive green vest and the words “Osman's Gym” written on the cap he’s wearing backwards. 

He spins around when Walker greets me. And now I’m sitting in the seat next to Seth "Ozzie" Osman, feeling kind of awkward. Because Ozzie’s here. And Adam Lloyd is here too. And yet ... I can't deny that I also feel a bit of a rush. Something's definitely happening to my chest right now.

“All right, Deano?” Ozzie says to me. I look over and he’s giving me this sly, knowing smirk. Fucking hell. He looks so fucking hot today. I say all right back, trying to act as casually as I can, then look straight at Adam. He's just looking at me. This expression on his face that I can't work out. Has he noticed the slight tension between us? Can he tell that something’s going on? That me and Seth “Ozzie” Osman have kissed. Multiple times. And made each other cum. Multiple. Fucking. Times.

“Don’t fall off your chair, Deano!” Walker says. “Ozzie was actually here on time!” 

Adam gives me a knowing smirk. Ozzie leans back, smirking and chewing on gum. Like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Like the same Ozzie I had those meetings with before the McCarthy Classic where he annoyed me so fucking much. I mean - he STILL annoys me. But now - I mostly just wanna rip off that fucking vest, stick my tongue down his throat and spunk all over his thick bouncing pecs.

Walker starts talking. When he hands us some printed out sheets, Ozzie leans forward, reading off the paper on the desk. And then … fuck. Under the table, Ozzie pushes his trainer up against mine so our feet are touching. It doesn’t sound like much, but just that little bit of body contact makes it impossible to concentrate. And then I feel his leg gently push into mine. FUCK. It’s like my whole fucking body’s been set on fire. And I’m rock hard. OBVIOUSLY, I’m rock fucking hard. Just from Ozzie's leg and foot being pressed up against mine.

And I can’t deny it’s kind of exciting doing this with Adam Lloyd and Walker sitting right opposite us. Completely oblivious to what’s been going on between us. To the fact that something IS going on between us.

I feel a sudden rush of excitement when the meeting comes to an end and me and Ozzie are simultaneously standing up to leave. Because now I actually get to talk to him. I say bye to Walker and Adam Lloyd, although I can’t seem to look Adam in the eye right now. And I follow Ozzie as he bulges out of that sexy olive green vest to the door and out of the classroom.

As soon as we’re in the hallway, he’s giving me this knowing, almost cute grin. “All right, Tank Arse?” he says. 

"Yeah?" I say, trying to act casual but feeling stupidly giddy as me and Ozzie smile at each other. He looks around to the deserted hallway then back at me.

“What are you doing RIGHT now?” he asks.


“Ummm …,”

“You’re coming to mine!” he orders.

FUCK! I raise an eyebrow at him. “Do I get a say in this?”


His mouth curls into this big, sexy grin and I couldn't NOT smile back even if I didn't want to. Because I’m going to Ozzie’s room. Again. To have hot fucking sex with him. Again!

Half an hour later I’m lying on Ozzie’s bed naked. In his blue sheets. My head on his pillow, looking at the pinboard of his photos. Feeling that familiar high that’s become synonymous with this dorm room. Having just cum in his fucking mouth. And him having cum on my abs. Just as fun and exciting and horny as it always fucking is with Seth “Ozzie” Osman. 

I have a fleeting thought. That if something actually WERE to happen between me and Adam Lloyd, all of this would have to stop. What me and Ozzie are doing. It would all have to come to an end.

His bathroom door opens and I turn to see Ozzie emerge. Also fully naked. His balloon-like tits, bonkers abs and crazy hot mass on full display. He’s got this warm grin on his face as he looks at me. Then he suddenly stops, pulls this weird face, lifts up his arms, puts his hands into claw shapes, then hunches forward and starts walking towards the bed slowly.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I say, failing not to smirk. He’s still walking towards me like an absolute nutter. 

“Being a dinosaur!” he says casually as if a grown man pretending to be a dinosaur is the most normal thing in the world. 

“Is it supposed to be a camp dinosaur?”

Ozzie laughs, then he lets out a little roar and jumps on the bed. I pull a face, but I weirdly kind of love it. He wraps his arm around my waist and places his head on my stomach. I bite my lip and place my hand on his shoulder. And now I’m rock hard again. We’ve never laid in this position before. It’s not NOT nice. That’s all I’m gonna say.

“What were you doing on a photoshoot with Adam Lloyd?” he asks me, his face still planted on my stomach and not looking up.

“Erm … he just asked me,” I say, feeling a weird pinch of nerves.

“Oh right,” he says, in a weirdly flat tone. Things feel kind of awkward all of a sudden. 

“It was kind of, like, a spontaneous thing.”

“Cool!” he says, his voice sounding slightly more casual. IS Ozzie jealous of me hanging out with Adam Lloyd?

“Oooh! So you got to see your number one crush flex and pose?” he teases, still not looking up.

I smirk and roll my tongue around the inside of my mouth. I look up at Ozzie's pinboard. The picture of him with his dad. The one of his mum with the same too big eyes. And all of his random friends. Most of whom look surprisingly normal.

“Do your friends back home know about you?” I ask, changing the subject.

“Know WHAT about me?” 

He twists his head and looks up at me, this annoying smirk on his face and I roll my eyes in response. 

Then he shifts, unwraps himself from around me and leans on his elbow, so he’s facing me. “Oh, that I like getting fucked by misunderstood, short-arsed, pocket rocket bodybuilders?” His mouth curls into a mischievous grin. “Most of ‘em!”

I nod. 

“They’re a pretty open-minded bunch,” he says. “I bet all your mates back home are like, proper lads!”

I screw my face up. “They’re not actually!” I tell him, thinking about Tony and Nick. “Have you seen The Inbetweeners?”

Ozzie laughs. “Of course!” he replies. “They’re not like your mates here then?”

I do a little groan, although I don’t know why. “Nah!” I tell him. “Mafra isn't really that laddish,” I tell Ozzie, feeling like I want to defend my friends a bit. 

“But I bet you haven’t told them!” 


Ozzie gives me this ominous smirk. “I get it! TRUST me!” 

I look at him confused and curious to know what that comment meant. “You haven’t told anyone here then?”

Ozzie's just looking at me. His mouth starts to curl into a smirk, then he rolls his tongue around the inside of his mouth and looks slightly awkward. Okay, so there’s definitely a story there.

“You like asking questions don’t you, Little Dude?” he says. He clears his throat. “I told my roommate. In my first year,” he tells me, his tone turning uncharacteristically serious. 

Oh wow. 

“Oh right!” I say, surprised. “How’d it go?”

He raises an eyebrow. “How do you think?!”

Fuck. I feel a stab in my stomach. 

“We were, like, really good mates as well. All through the first year. I told him one night and … at first he seemed surprised. Which I got. Then he just … turned on me. Started being weird. Then he started being a dick to me in front of some of the other lads here. Making snide little comments. Then we had this big argument. He said it wasn’t “natural”. Lads liking lads. And now we don’t speak. At all!”

I nod. Fuck. That’s what’s gonna happen with my friends, isn’t it? I can tell this was a big deal for Ozzie. That it was something that really affected him. I suddenly feel a surge of anger towards the guy he’s talking about. Even though I don’t even know him. And then - wait. Something suddenly clicks.

“Wait - was this friend Kieran?”

Ozzie inhales, purses his lips and nods. Fuck! 

“What a dick!”

Ozzie’s mouth curls into a surprised smile. I already didn’t like Keiran. But now I REALLY don't like him. And now I get it. Why Ozzie refused to sit next to him on the plane. Why he wouldn’t hang around with him at the expo. And this guy is now mates with Ash. With one of MY best mates here.

“I still don’t really get it,” Ozzie says. “We were really good mates. And what? Just cause I like lads? Why does that change anything?”

“Mmmm. That's kinda what I think might happen with my mates.”

“Hmmm. Thing is - if that DID happen, are they your proper mates?” Ozzie asks. He kinda has a point. I guess.

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You got me now,” he says, with a cheeky smirk.

I smirk back and roll my eyes. “I got OOH?”

He frowns at me. “Yeah?”

“Ooh? I got OOH?”

A look of realisation draws across his face. “You taking the piss out of my accent?” he cries.

“OOH taking the piss?” I repeat, mocking him. He purses his lips and playfully mounts me. Then he starts tickling and squeezing me.

“Get off!” I say wriggling.

“I’m gonna take you to my dad’s gym, Little Dude. You can take the piss out of the accents of all the Welsh meatheads in there. Just see what happens!”

I smirk as Ozzie climbs off of me and lies down next to me, propping his upper body up by his elbow.

“Anyway … I didn't say I didn't like it!”

He squints at me suspiciously, this grin on his face. My stomach twists. A part of me wants to tell Ozzie that I like the way he pronounces certain words without the y. That I think it's kind of cute. But I don't. 

Ozzie's just looking at me. His thick pecs bulging off his chest. His shoulders and biceps sticking out. I get the impression he wants to say something. And he's trying to work out whether he should or not.

"What?" I say, looking at him. 

His eyes widen and he does a little shrug.

“Just thinking. I like this.”

My stomach pulls. “What?” I say, cautiously.

 “This! Talking to you!”

My chest expands. "Talking to OOH?" I tease. 

He narrows his eyes at me in a playful death stare, then smirks.

“Mmmm. I could live without it,” I say, pulling a face.

“Oh - so, you’d rather I just made you cum and then you put your shoes on and go?”

“Sounds good to me!”

“That’s funny - cause you never seem like you’re in a rush to leave!”

"I've got nothing better to do," I say, pulling a face. 

And now Ozzie's just giving me this smug smirk. Like he's got me. I roll my tongue around the inside of my mouth. He's still just looking at me. Like something’s ticking over in his mind. “What you doin’ Saturday?”

Fuck. I feel a pinch of excitement.

“Erm … dunno. Nothing?”

“I’m going to Manchester," Ozzie says casually. "Ally’s at uni there.”

My heart does a little drop. So I guess I won't be coming here to have hot sex with Ozzie at any point on Saturday then.

“Cool,” I reply.

“Wanna come?” he says.


“Ummm … I’ve got training?”

Ozzie shrugs. “We’ll go afterwards.”

“What’s in Manchester?” I ask, slightly cautious but admittedly excited at what is unfolding right now.

Ozzie groans and rolls his eyes. “Me! On Saturday.”

Just say fucking yes!

“Hmmm. How annoying are you likely to be, though? On a scale of one to ten?”


“Is that Welsh for ‘ten’?”

Ozzie laughs. “No. It’s Welsh for ‘Stop being a dick and please come to Manchester with me’!”

I roll my eyes and smile at him. I suddenly feel sort of sheepish. But I want to do this. I actually REALLY want to take Ozzie up on his offer and go to Manchester with him on Saturday. But then I have a thought which causes my stomach to twist. Ugh. 

“What would I say to Shaun, though?” 

“Erm … that you’re going to Manchester? Jesus, Little Dude!”

It's all very well Ozzie saying that, but he doesn’t know what Shaun’s like. 

“Are you sure he’s not secretly in love with you?” he asks.

I roll my eyes. 

“So … is that a yes?”

Yes, yes, fucking yes!

I groan. “Fine! I’ll come.”

Ozzie beams at me. Strangely looking cuter than ever. And this rush of excitement courses through me. Because I’m going to Manchester with Ozzie on Saturday. I’m going off campus for the night. I’ll get to meet his friend, Ally (the female version of him - God fucking help me). And, I’m guessing, that for the first time since that last night in Chicago, I’ll get to spend the whole night with him without having to sneak back to my dorm room in case my roommate notices that I've gone.

Now I just have to figure out what the hell I’m going to say to that very roommate.

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