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MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 32 The Saboteur added 5/30/22) Final Chapter?


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Oh, and for those who don't know: Heydaddy is a total freaking stud! I have known him online the better part of 20 years and can't believe I have never met him in person! His profile name should be Waaaaydaddy! 😛😛😛


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Chapter 3 - The Orderly

I woke up to the sound of Nurse Eddie flipping on the brutal overhead fluorescent lights and chatting nonstop like he typically does every morning. “Beautiful morning and time to wake up and make it the best day of your life…” He was a walking and talking nonstop plethora of hallmark cards and inspirational posters. As my only male gay nurse, we had a great connection and chatted for hours most days. Except he knew I was not a morning person and right now I hated him with every fiber of my being.

As he raised my bed forcing me to sit upright and become awake to the world, I wondered what the hell happened last night? Was it all a dream? Was it real? I thought back to the last thing I remembered was Big John’s huge, hairy, muscle pits only inches from my face and I could still smell his incredible, manly musk and my cock started to throb. It had to have been real but what happened after that?  

I looked over at the wall clock and yelled out, cutting off Mr. Sunshine in mid soliloquy, “It is fucking five o’clock in the morning, why are you here?!?” Nurse Eddie froze, looked at me, looked at the clock, slowly walked to my chart clearly searching for an answer. “Ah, here it is, you have a procedure scheduled in one hour with Dr. Malik. I’ll need to get you prepped, shaved, and ready for a pickup at 6 am.” It was real!  Oh my god, this is really happening! 

Immediately my typical sour attitude changed, and a huge smile spread on my face. “Now, that’s what I like to see.” Nurse Eddie said obviously speaking of my positive change in facial expressions. Instead, he yanked back my cover sheet and stood eyeing my throbbing hard cock. Surprised by the sudden exposure and reflexively reaching out for the covers, I stopped and also stared at my rock-hard boner. It was my dick, and yet it wasn’t. The length was just a little bit longer and the usual curve to the left had disappeared as it was pointing due north, straight as a steel pipe. But the biggest change was the increased thickness of the entire rod from base to flared head. I had always had a skinny pole, but this was a fat, throbbing, man’s cock with huge, angry veins running around the shaft and a mushroom head that was shiny with pre-cum. “This means you are getting sensation and connections in your lower extremities!” Nurse Eddie rattled on and on about my improvement and outlook for the future. All the while I fought the urge to grab my new thick meat with both hands and test drive the new model. 

'`Do you need to urinate before I start shaving you?” he said, bringing over the handheld urinal. “Wait, looks like I need to get the larger one, I didn’t realize you were such a grower!” He winked, still eyeing my fat cock. He quickly slipped out of the door, and I grabbed my meat with both hands feeling the newfound thickness forcing my grip so wide to where my fingers could not touch. Sweet baby jeebuz, this was a real man-sized cock and one I had dreamt of all my life. I gave it a quick stroke and then forced myself to release knowing that Nurse Eddie would return at any second.  

He returned with a larger topped urinal followed by the hunky Latino orderly, Juan, who I had been lusting after for weeks. Nurse Eddie handed me the urinal and asked Juan to take the covers to the hamper and then return to help him turn me over. They did all this, walking and talking, professionally doing their duties; but all the while their eyes were locked on my massive hard cock. Never being the shy one, I twisted my upper body to the right, forcing my unresponsive lower body to follow. Grabbed the large top urinal and slowly stroked my steel pipe with my left hand trying to aim the meaty head to the opening. 

“Juan, would you mind holding the urinal for me, this thing needs both hands to hold it steady?” In a flash, Juan was by my bedside and his large hands grabbing the urinal and holding it directly in the line of fire. I grabbed my engorged cock and aimed at the opening like I was at a county fair trying to raise the clown’s face with a water gun blasting the bullseye. Closed my eyes and let loose a stream of piss that hit the back of the urinal with a loud thud. As I continued releasing, the gallon sized urinal was almost ¾ full when Juan said, “I think we might need a backup or are you almost done?” I could tell my bladder was almost empty and I let him know no need to panic. With a few final strokes, I squeezed out the last of it and rolled my body back to the upright flat position. Juan capped my gallon sized urinal.  Nurse Eddie retrieved the full urinal and said, “the horse cock pissed like a racehorse!”

Emptying my bladder had no impact on my morning wood and all eyes were still locked on my throbbing cock. The precum faucet had turned back on and was causing a river of clear fluid to leak out of the slit across the fat head and down the side of the upright pole. Just then, Eddie’s phone buzzed, and he turned abruptly heading for the door. “I’ll be back in 15 minutes; Juan please assist the patient’s needs while I’m away.” The door closed and I turned to look at Juan who was still transfixed and I said in my deepest voice, “get over here boy and suck daddy’s fat cock!”

His full lips and tongue were swallowing my meat in an instant. He was moaning and working my rod from tip to base, swallowing every inch deep in his throat. I’m not sure who was enjoying this more, the cock or the cocksucker! I watched as he teased the fat head with his tongue, licking the sensitive underside and then swallowing the entire 7+ inches to the base of my pubes. I could slightly feel his teeth scraping against me and I realized my dick was getting even thicker. He pulled off and grabbed the base with his hand, stroking my cock and licking the apple sized head. “It’s so big Papi” he moaned as he continued trying and failing to swallow the gigantic head of my cock. I could feel my balls pulling up and I murmured in ecstasy that I was about to shoot. He pounded my cock faster and placed his open mouth as the target for my release. The first shot was the longest, thickest rope of mancum that I have ever shot, lasting for several seconds in a steady release hitting the back of his hungry throat. The second, third, fourth, all stronger and longer than the previous until the fifth hit like I was driving cum into his mouthhole for at least 10 seconds. The ropes kept flying out and I lost count as the waves of euphoria took over me. 

Breathing heavy, I finally came back to focus and looked down at a smiling Juan licking the last drops of my cum leaking out of the fat head. “Wow Papi, that was amazing!” You’re telling me, I laughed and said, “thanks you were incredible and that felt so good!”  Juan went to grab a warm cloth and we both stopped for a second when we realized my thick cock was still standing at full attention. Just then, Nurse Eddie entered and said, “I thought I told you to take care of that thing!” We both laughed and brought him up to speed, even though I felt satisfied I guess my dick wanted more attention.

“Well, we don’t have time for round two. Help me flip him over so I can prep his lower back for the procedure.” Lying on my stomach, my new ultra-thick dick felt good throbbing on my abs and I couldn’t resist the grinding motion that increased the sensitivity. Eddie would repeatedly tell me to be still. 

Big John then entered the room, I couldn’t see him from my position, but I knew it was him from that intoxicating musk that filled the room. “Good morning, Jason”, damn his voice was so deep, “I have the anesthesiologist with me, and he will administer some medications to relax you before we take you over to our clinic.” I could see Juan to my side and his mouth was agape in awe of Big John and his uncut cock was stretched hard across his right hip. Wish I had played with that big dick when I had the chance. I think there were some more introductions and conversations, and I wanted to ask Big John what had happened last night and how did my cock get so thick and my orgasm so massive and... but honestly, I don’t remember anything after the liquid cocktail hit my IV and I went to my happy place and a restful, deep sleep.

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Chapter 4 - The Driver

What a week! To say the procedure was a success would be an understatement as it exceeded all my expectations. I had instantly regained all feeling and control in both legs and was up walking within hours. By the third day I was exercising in the weight room with light weights and high repetitions. Yesterday, I maxed out on barbell squats and leg press at the same levels I was lifting before the accident. My body had completely recovered, and my weight had regained from 185# to 200#, still about twenty pounds less than my typical weight before the accident, in one week! Dr Malik said that was expected as my muscles were brought back by his formula to their previous peak conditioning. I had relocated from the hospital ward to Dr. Malik’s treatment clinic in a nearby building adjacent to the hospital immediately after the procedure. But I had not seen Big John since that morning of my surgery as he and his family had been on vacation in the islands. The thought of Big John in a custom speedo emerging from the ocean caused my aching balls to pulse harder and my rock-hard cock to throb. 

I refocused on the task at hand and remembered Dr. Malik’s strict orders. “No sex, no masturbation, no orgasm for one week!” While I had dutifully complied, my subconscious and my fat cock had not. I awoke each morning to underwear soaked in jizz from the vivid wet dreams I had every night of orgies of bodybuilders in a nonstop dreamscape of muscle-on-muscle fucking. Dr. Malik said the nighttime release was fine and was the body's way of healing and reestablishing connections. All I know is I could not wait to grab this fat meat and release my aching balls of their seed. I was a walking, dripping, fully armed tomahawk missile primed for liftoff! 

I finished packing up my few items in the new backpack and put on the new tank top, shorts, and athletic shoes that Dr. Malik had provided for me. The clothes were all a little too big and loose, but he had said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be growing out of these in no time”. Even the size 12 shoes were larger than my standard size 11’s I had been wearing all of my adult life. Then I flashbacked to Big John’s gigantic feet and wondered what size he wore and why did that make another big glob of precum leak out of my fat cockhead? 

Dr. Malik then entered my room and we chatted briefly about my discharge instructions, my continued physical therapy and workout regimen, my extended short term disability from my job, and that I could finally unload my throbbing cock this evening after 6 pm. I was to orgasm at least 3 times per day and no more than 6 in a 24-hour period. I was to return for a follow up each week until my scheduled 3-month procedure, which would be the first of many quarterly procedures over the next 3 years.

“I’ve hired a driver to take you home and he will be available for your transportation needs over the next few weeks. The only heavy machinery you are allowed to operate is in the weight room with your Trainer. Absolutely no driving until I give you the Ok.” Dr. Malik instructed as we began leaving the room and walking towards the lobby exit of his building. As we reached the front doors, Dr. Malik extended his hand, but I brushed it aside and wrapped my arms around him.

“Thank you, Doctor, you have saved me and given me back my life! I don’t know how I can ever repay you for all you have done for me”.  With a pat on my butt and a hug back, he said, “Complete the study and follow my instructions is all I ask and that will be all I need”.

Outside was a blue Mercedes S Class with the back passenger door open and a strikingly tall young man walking towards me. He looked and moved like a model off the runway in Milan. He was incredibly handsome with the darkest skin tone that contrasted starkly against the light blue collared shirt that snugly fit his muscular upper body. Tyson Beckford instantly came to mind, but this man was in his early 20s and was much taller at over 6’5”.

“Good morning, Jason. Please allow me to carry your backpack” as he quickly slipped it from my shoulder to his large hand. “My name is David, and I will be assisting you over the next few weeks” as he guided me into the back seat of the luxury sedan and closed the door. He placed my backpack in the front passenger seat and then walked around the front of the vehicle to the driver’s side. My eyes were quickly drawn to the gorgeous bubble butt that filled out the dress pants that looked to be painted on his lower body. The image of my throbbing fat white cock parting those dark cheeks sent a tremble through my body and caused my pre-cum to leak through my underwear and gym shorts. 

My townhome address was preloaded in the navigation system, and we headed out. Along the drive we chatted, and I learned that David was a recent college graduate and he had started a personal training business and Dr. Malik had been a generous investor in his new venture. He had been a two-sport athlete in college playing basketball and baseball but wasn’t good enough to get into the pros. He was considering getting his masters in exercise physiology but wanted to take a year to work on his business before taking that next step. 

We arrived at my place and David again carried my backpack to my door even though I felt fully recovered and could have easily managed the lightweight pack. It was nice having a young stud assisting me. My home still had unpacked boxes in every corner as I had recently relocated to Houston from my long-time home in Atlanta for a new position with a new firm. I had only been to the office one day when the accident happened as I was leaving the office.

“Why don’t you go rest for a while before we train at 3 pm”, David said as he guided me towards my oversized sofa in the living room. “I’ll grab my stuff and get settled in the guest room.” I guess David saw the surprised look on my face. “Yes, Dr. Malik arranged for me to be a full-time driver and assistant during your recovery period. Not only am I your trainer but I’m also your personal assistant and will take care of all of your needs.” His eyes then floated down to my throbbing cock clearly tenting the loose gym shorts and staining a large circle where the head was threatening to bust through the material. 

“Sounds great!’ was all I could muster before David turned quickly and exited out to retrieve his stuff. 

I must have fallen asleep because when I came to David was working nearby unboxing some books and placing them on the built-in bookcase. He was completely naked except a well-worn, old-school jock that had originally been white but was now a faded gray. The haggard pouch carried a substantial package that one would imagine a 6’5’’ tall, muscular black stud would stereotypically possess. As he turned, the framing of that muscular bubble butt with the withered straps made me throb. His body was a finely tuned machine with hard muscles displayed from head to toe.

He had clearly been working for some time as he was covered in sweat, his movements were a beautiful dance of symmetry and strength as he lifted full stacks of books from the box and then critically displayed each in the bookcase. I realized I had subconsciously been stroking my aching thick cock as I secretly watched and was very close to erupting when I remembered my orders and quickly released my grip. The sound of my fat pipe hitting my abs was loud enough for David to hear above his music in his earbuds as he turned back to me and said, “how was your rest?”

“It was great! Damn, you have a beautiful body!” I said grabbing my thick rod and slowly stroking it. “Thanks daddy,” he replied with a mischievous smile. He put down the books in his hands and walked over to me. Towering above me like a giant beast, his sweat soaked jock expanding with the entrapped club stretching the tattered threads. I sat up and my mouth was only inches from his bulging pouch when he reached down and placed his huge hand under my chin and raised my face to look at him above. The 8-pack was smooth, hard, and deep, leading to thick pecs with little pointy nipples, up to that beautifully handsome face and those full kissable lips. 

This was not a tender ‘our eyes met’ romantic setting. No, this was a young strong man with a firm grip on my head controlling the moment and establishing his dominance. His look was determined, and he spoke in a militaristic voice, “Play time will come later, release that grip on your dick, and refocus that energy. We are leaving in 5 minutes for the gym.” I exhaled and immediately let go of my throbbing cock. The thrill of submission washed over me, and I felt a happiness and understanding envelope me that this young man was now in control.

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