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MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 32 The Saboteur added 5/30/22) Final Chapter?


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Chapter 27 - The Giants

I felt hot and every nerve-ending was on fire with sexual desire. Hazun threw down the scales and I stepped on them, even my toes felt hard and throbbing like I had 10 little cocks at the end of my humongous feet. “605 Pounds! Wow, an 80-pound increase!” Hazun exclaimed as he motioned for Big John to get my height. I could feel my body expanding, getting harder and harder, each muscle throbbing as Big John dropped the tape down to Hazun. Big John called out, “6’10, no, 6’11’’, fuck no he keeps growing, 7’1’’, fuck Bull you are a giant!” My body ached for release and ignored their pleas to take more measurements as now my direct focus was on getting my dick inside of my beautiful boyfriend’s incredible ass.  I ignored their pleas and headed right towards his awaiting hole in the sling in front of me. As I walked I had to make adjustments to step wider and longer to accommodate the incredible mass of my quads and the ginormous weight of my beachball size nuts. 

It was only 3 steps, but it seemed an eternity before I towered over my gasping man as he gazed open-jawed at his giant throbbing Bull above him. I grabbed my shaft at the base and tried to aim the enormous head towards his waiting hole, but my dick was too rigid, and I had to use both hands to finally push it down to its target. As I felt the tingle of his skin touching my super sensitive cockhead, the rush of orgasm ran from every fiber in my being to my overstuffed balls and I felt the raging river flow of cum racing up the huge shaft and exploding on his hole. My cock had not penetrated him but the force of the cum pressure opened him up and began filling him with my seed. I threw back my head in a deep groan, this orgasm was like no other as it felt like every muscle and nerve was exploding with cum. I tried to push the monster cockhead to enter his hole, but it was too wide and thick for him to accept it, so I kept the aim of the flood of my man juice keeping his hole open and flooding him. I kept groaning and involuntarily flexing as the river flow powered out of my cock like a high-pressure water cleaner.

After some time, I heard David in my ear, “Dad, Dad, you got to stop, he can’t take anymore!” he kept repeating. I looked down at Nick and his belly was all distorted looking like he was about to have triplets. I felt Sam and Papi on either side of me trying to pull me back away from him and I took a half-step retreat and turned towards Sam. Both of my big cocksucking beasts dropped to their knees and rotated turns trying to swallow the incredible volume that was spraying from my monster cock. I then heard Big John’s deep voice, “got dam, he’s even squirting cum out of his nipples!” and I looked in the mirror and caught the sight of both huge hairy pecs and the streams of cum flowing out of each of the downward-pointing 2-inch-long nipples. 

David said, “We got to get him out of here, he’s going to flood this room. Let’s take him downstairs to the open shower area.”  Hazun added, “Put the machine cover over his cock and we can carry the small canister down.” Sam jumped up (as best he could with a swollen belly of my cum) and grabbed the cover piece of the milking machine, “it’s too small for his giant dick head!” to which David replied, “Fuck it, you guys clear the way, and we’ll lead him downstairs.” As the guys grabbed my arms to guide me toward the door it was like they were stroking two fat cocks on either side of my torso and that just triggered an even bigger volume of cum to spray out through the open door and into the hallway. Luckily, our room was right near the stairwell and we all quickly went down. By the time my right foot hit the final step the entire stairwell was covered in my cum from floor to ceiling. Cum was everywhere! We made it to the open showers, and I ended up sitting in the corner with my 3-foot-long cock spraying like a fountain up to the ceiling and then landing in the center of the room over the drain. And there I sat for the next 4 hours exploding cum and wondering if this was ever going to end. Members of my gang would come over and drink up or try to sit on my bull cock and even other guys who were at the bathhouse would come over to play. I was aware of my surroundings, but the full-body orgasm made it impossible to move or even touch anyone as my long, thick fingers felt like 10 hard dicks. Finally, Nick came over and began whispering in my ear, telling me how huge and magnificent I was, to try to take deep breaths and focus on slowing the flow of cum that was power washing the ceiling of the showers. I focused on his words and after a few minutes, I finally felt the slowdown start to take hold, but it wasn’t until after another 30 minutes before it completely stopped.

The guys all gathered around me saw it and I felt it. As my orgasm ended, my body slowly released from the incredible pumped-up state similar to what happens to most guys' cocks after they cum but still are semi-hard. It was as if my whole body had turned into a large, over 7-foot-tall penis. I reverted to 6’8’’ and my muscles went from the diamond-hard, thick vein, dick skin-covered sensations to a more touchable hardness that was my new normal. We then headed back up to the room and Hazun and Big John ran some measurements.  

My cock was now at 30-inches but it now looked about 6 or 7 inches smaller than when I first woke up. The girth had also decreased and was now 18-inches at the base and 20-inches around the flared head, which was a considerable drop from before. That head had to be over 30-inches when I was blowing cum, it was enormous! As the guys continued taking measurements of my quads, calves, guns, etc. I felt the heat returning in my core and my muscles begin to swell up with my total body erection hard-on. “I think round 2 is coming guys maybe we need to head outside.” 


I stood at the far end of the pool area as the men gathered around for the next big show. I turned to my right and I could see my reflection in the glass doors that led to the indoor lobby area. That was all it took, one look at the ungodly muscle freak in the reflection and my body began to harden up and expand. Each heartbeat gave a full-body throb as I started to flex and bounce the hairy pec muscles, I then hit a most muscular pose and the pecs jumped up even more. My nipples began leaking a pre-cum like substance along with my flared-out cock head. I grabbed the big pole in my right hand and rubbed it against my pecs and nips, mixing all of the sweat, nipple cum, and dick cum. My cock head now extending up to the top of my pecs, I could easily stick my tongue out and lick that throbbing meat-stick as the flow ramped up. I released my grip and flew into a series of poses all the while eye-fucking the 7’ tall and 600-pound beast in the reflection ahead of me. I heard the moans and groans around me as guys were jerking their dicks watching me self-love as I flexed and stroked. My skin was so tight over my entire body, it looked like my muscles were about to explode at any second. I grabbed each nipple and squeezed then started milking the juice out of them. That triggered the start of the orgasm, I turned to the eager crowd, planted both feet in a wide stance, and threw my head back as the rush of cum climbed from my balls to the tip of my meter-long fat cock and exploded. I showered the surrounding men with my load and the entire area became an outdoor orgy of men sucking and fucking while swallowing or using my cum as lube. Most of my crew got the most of my power load with Nick, Sam, Papi, David, Sven, and Big John either swallowing or letting the blast fill up their assholes. Others would jump in when my crew was too bloated to move and mimic them until their bellies were bloated with my muscle-cum. Hands would try to touch me but I would push them away as my skin was too sensitive. I just kept flexing and stroking, enjoying the waves of pleasure that rolled throughout my massive body as I blasted the river flow of cum. 


Finally, after another 3-hour orgasm, I began to slow down and then finally stop production. I collapsed from exhaustion and lay on the cool grass for a few minutes in the afterglow of another incredible orgasm. When I raised my head I couldn’t believe it, everyone was completely knocked out. As I looked closer, the shock of their transformations took hold and I quickly stood and walked over to Nick, Papi, and Sam who were curled up in an entanglement of muscle. They were bigger, for sure, but the weird thing was that they were all the same size, same pecs, same quads, same guns. I then checked David and Sven, same thing, both bigger but they were also the same sizes, matching Nick, Papi, and Sam. Next to them was Big John who had his still rockhard cock deep in the ass of someone I didn’t recognize, who had his gigantic dick deep inside Hazun. All of them are identical in size to the others. I then expanded my view to the 20 or so other men entangled in the muscle orgy and fuck they were all different versions of the same muscle beast! Slowly the entire group started to stir and wake up, groggy but getting their bearings and realizing their new size as they shockingly looked from themselves to the other muscle beasts around them. 


Hazun quickly ran and got his scales and measures. One after the other, all confirmed, each of the 23 men was 6’8’’ tall and had 500 pounds of solid muscle! Every muscle group measurement was also the same, quad size, chest size, arms, neck, and calves, all the same. They still had their various looks, hair color, skin tone, etc., but they were replicas of the same muscle template. As the surprise and shock began to wear off and the sexual energy increased as they felt up themselves and each other, another very obvious variance became noticeable. As the muscle cocks got hard and expanded to full length, there were obvious size differences. Big John and Papi who were already horse-hung were now in the 26” inch club. David was 22”, with Sam and Sven at 20” each. Every dick that Hazun measured was at least 20” with most between 21 and 22 inches. The exception and much to my surprise and his delight was Nick, who was sporting a 29-inch beauty! His dick had almost tripled in length and girth and he was jerking and slapping it around like a dog with a new bone. 


I ordered him over and gave him a big hug and kiss. Our huge cocks slammed in between the mountains of pec muscle between us. “Look at you big stud with the giant cock!” I teased. He glanced up into my eyes, “Fuck Bull, I don't know what happened and don’t know if this size is going to last, but for the first time in my life I want to use this huge cock and power fuck an ass!” I gave him a wink and said, “I’m all yours babe, breed my hole with that gigantic dick!” as I turned and headed over to the outdoor sling in a steel-reinforced cage we had custom made. He scooped up some of my cum as it leaked out of my throbbing dick and massaged it around and into my tight puckered hole. The magic worked and my hole relaxed and expanded taking his thick fingers as he worked to stretch it wider. He grabbed more cum lube and used both hands to expand the stretchy hole, even more, I felt like my ass was the size of a hula-hoop and I was aching to be filled. I could feel my body heat up and begin expanding as I hardened, “Do it now, boy, fuck this Bull ass!” 


Giant Nick grabbed his dick and aimed it at my gaping hole, ramming half of his whale cock into me. He then released his grip on his cock and grabbed both sides of my hips in his big paws and pulled me to him. I don’t know how my body adjusted but somehow he rammed every inch of that 29-inch baseball bat inside as my ass slapped hard against his giant quads. My enormous cock head was now throbbing just inches from my open mouth and I knew my flood of cum was about to rocket out of the open piss hole. I wasn’t ready to die by drowning so I grabbed it at the base and pointed the explosion up and over my head. Giant Nick let loose like a man possessed and began drilling my hole so hard and fast I’m surprised sparks didn’t shoot out of my ass. The other Giants had now assembled around the cage, some were bending over trying to suck out loads from my cum flow but not lasting long with the onslaught of volume. Suddenly I felt the mouths on each nipple, sucking the nipple cum and chewing up my overly sensitive pecs. I threw my head back in a loud moan of pleasure as my entire body pulsated with pleasure. Someone was massaging and licking my feet and when he got to my big toe and began sucking it was like getting a blowjob on my feet. “Fuck yes, suck my toes and my fingers, it feels like I have 20 cocks!” I moaned out and the Giants eagerly got to work. I looked at Giant Nick and he was pumped and covered in sweat, our eyes connected and I felt his cock so far deep inside me that I didn’t know where he began and where I stopped. I felt his dick-head expand and then the heat as load after load sprayed out of him and into me. 


He pulled out, still dripping but was immediately replaced by Giant Papi who thankfully grabbed another handful of my cum and spread it on my punished hole to relax it even more to accommodate his freaky thick cock. My head jerked up as the pain hit from his enormous girth stretching me to the point I thought I was going to rip open. But within seconds my hole adjusted and he dove all the way home. He wasn’t as long as Giant Nick, but that thickness was something else entirely as he pummeled against my fully exposed prostate sending me into a combination dick, anal, and full body orgasm. Everything went a little gray and honestly I don’t remember what happened after that but was told for the next 3 hours each of the new Giants took their turn fucking and breeding their Big Bull! 


When I finally came to, I was back in our bedroom and Giant Nick was snoring heavily in my arms. We were in our typical Big Spoon / little spoon position with my throbbing yardstick of cock deep inside him. I had no concept of the day or time and didn’t care as I focused on the beautiful giant man sleeping soundly in my arms. I was happy, the love of my life was safe and secure. But after a few moments, my mind began racing as I remembered and the images began flooding through. Had I created a platoon of Giant beasts? As I caressed Giant Nick’s muscles, he was still enormous and just a little bit smaller than me in all areas. I reached back and grabbed my phone at its usual location, Monday at 1:30 am. What the fuck, the last thing I remember it was early Saturday morning and I was getting gang-banged in the sling. I looked down to see the tiny Pup curled at my feet, he looked so much smaller now in comparison to our giant bodies. He was, of course, sucking on my big toe as his pacifier. Interesting, my toes didn’t have the same effect as before where they each felt like little throbbing cocks. Maybe that had worn off over the weekend as my body adjusted to the double dose effect. I slowly repositioned him and Nick, then beached whaled my way to the edge of the bed, and finally got myself upright. I hit the call signal for the Night-boy and then scrolled through my messages.


As I read through a synopsis from David, the Giant effects for those not in our crew wore off within hours after the gang-bang. For those within our crew, the effects were receding but each at a different rate. Hazun, Sven, and Big John had already resumed back close to their normal size. Big Papi and David were at about 50% return. Nick had just started showing signs of return yesterday evening but Sam was still at his full Giant size status as of midnight. Interesting, I thought, as I nonchalantly stroked my giant morning wood that was as hard as a mighty oak. Just then the Night-boy entered the suite and paused briefly to take in the full sight of me before gathering himself and proceeding to the bathroom. I followed slowly, adjusting to my growth and for the first time had to turn my shoulders to fit through the oversized door frame. Night-boy slipped behind and closed the door and turned on the overhead lights. I think we both gasped when we caught the full sight of me in the reflection of the wall mirror ahead. 


I was taller, wider, thicker, all things that I have grown accustomed to expecting when I first see my reflection after a booster weekend. No, what made me gasp was the thick long black hair on my head and long, full beard and my body was fully covered in fur. I had always had a hairy chest and legs but it was now thicker everywhere. I was a fucking Giant Wolfman! “Well damn!” I said as I turned to the surprised Night-boy. “I think we are going to need some power clippers to get rid of some of this fur!” his eyes wide as he continued to watch me move and check out my size and fur, I did a double bicep pose to check out the hairy pits with the thick curly hair and forgot to do my mind-controlling trick. Almost instantly, Night-boy doubled over and moaned as his dick shot out a big load into his uniform. “Oh fuck, I’m sorry little man, I wasn’t thinking, are you ok?” I asked as I bent over to him. “Yes Sir, thank you Sir for that experience. It was amazing to smell your natural state, Sir!” he replied all flushed. “Go grab the scales and the tape measure, I want to see where I am,” I commanded. He returned in an instant.


“7 feet tall and 625 pounds! Fuck that’s a lot of beef!” I said as I stepped off the scale. “Alright, you may want to go ahead and call for some assistance, we need a little manscaping and I’m going to need a haircut and beard trim. My normal military crop had grown into a full, thick head of hair and my normal level 1 scruff was now a beard that would be the envy of any man. After all of the clipping, we headed to the shower. My pits were especially rank from not showering in 2 days and even keeping my arms down the musky scent dominated the shower room. All 3 of the Night-boys were sporting throbbing little boners and I heard one of them moan as he took in a breath. All 3 of them were between 5’ and 5’2’’ tall and neither weighed more than 130 pounds. They looked so tiny circling me and beginning the washdown process. My forearm was bigger than their torsos. Hell, my dick was almost as big as each of them. The steamy water and the attention of 6 little hands covering and cleaning every inch of my body turned on the pre-cum faucet and I began leaking thick cum from the throbbing head. They had saved my genitals for last so I figured a little reward was due for all of the extra work they had to do today. “Let’s make sure this big dick and balls are spit-shined clean boys!” I growled. My voice was so deep the sound echoed off the tile walls and even surprised me at the thick depth of bass. They got the message and each one started kissing and licking the throbbing yardstick of dick meat. I had to hold it at the base to point down to get to their level. Two of them were working the shaft and my balls on each side, while the other one focused on the outlandishly large head. He kept licking the piss slit and then began playing with it using his tiny hands stretching it open and gulping down the ever-flowing cum. Quickly he began fisting my piss hole, shoving his tiny hand to the wrist and twisting before pulling out, licking his cum covered hand, and then repeating. “Oh FUCK YES!” I called out, “Keep doing that, fucking fist my piss hole boy!” I commanded. The head of my cock was now twice the size of his head. He rammed his hand deep past the wrist and kept going down the shaft until the elbow, then stopped. I groaned and moaned as I could feel my cum flow building and releasing more and more from this incredible sensation. I gave him a nod, the other 2 were now transfixed as we all 3 watched as the Night-boy shoved his arm down to the shoulder. My cock throbbed around the intruding arm and my cum rushed full force, I reached out and grabbed the back of his shoulder holding him locked in place as the exploding river flow shot out and hit the wall behind him. The buildup was too much, and the blockage forced my cum to flow back towards my core, I groaned and heaved into a crunch position and then reflexively erupted. I let go of his shoulder and he went flying across the room hitting the tile wall. He stood up smiling and tried to make his way back to the exploding giant cock.


My colossal foot was covering the drain and within minutes the layer of cum started to build. “You boys better get to drinking or you’re going to be drowning in cum very soon,” I smirked. Each of them stood against the back wall and I aimed my rocket at their open mouths, filling each of them up until they couldn’t handle any more then I would move to the next one.  Their smaller bodies couldn’t keep up like Sam and Papi and they soon were lying on the ground with distended bellies and hard cocks. My cum flow receded and I walked over and rubbed each of their bellies, “Great job boys, you’ve made this Bull very happy. Rest up and savor that Bull seed inside you.”


I didn’t bother trying to dress and waddled down the hall towards the kitchen. The cooks were already working and were a bit surprised seeing their naked 7’ tall, hairy muscle beast of a boss in their work area. “Apologies gentlemen, all of the Night-boys are indisposed, could I get my breakfast in my office when it is ready?” I asked. “Sir, Yes Sir, I will bring it to you in 10 minutes, Sir. Until then would Sir like a smoothie?” The head chef responded nervously while his eyes were glued to my still leaking yard-stick long Bull cock. “That sounds great and thanks,” I replied as one of the other cooks reached into the cooler and grabbed a pre-made gallon size blender jar smoothie, and handed it to me. I turned and headed toward my office hearing the slurping sounds as one or two of the young cooks were licking up the huge puddle of cum I left in the short time I was standing there. I smirked, Sam had hired only cumpigs on his staff.


I had finished my breakfast and completed my work correspondence and was just relaxing on the oversize sofa slowly stroking my cock and licking the cum from the giant head as it oozed out. I barely had to bend my head for my tongue to flicker over the piss hole and scoop up the thick, white, creamy cum. At around 4 am, Giant Sam walked into the office completely naked. He too had clothing issues from his recent growth spurt. He looked incredible! He was still full Giant size at 6’8’’ and 500 pounds swinging a rock hard 20 inches. He stopped at the entry and was watching me slowly stroking my 3-footer and licking my freaky fat cock head with my tongue. “Fuck Bull, you are so fucking HUGE!” he moaned as he had both hands now stroking his veiny long pole. I broke free and took in the full sight of him, “Jesus, you’re still a Giant! You haven’t reverted at all. Come over and let me taste that huge horse cock.” I ordered. He waddled over, his huge quads causing him to shift his gait around that swinging baseball bat of cock meat. His dick was thick but I was able to swallow him and take him to the back of my throat, damn, he tasted so good and his pubes and low hanging balls smelled like pure testosterone musk. “Fuck yea, Bull, swallow my huge dick!” Sam called out in his sexy southern accent. He was throbbing so much that I could feel every heartbeat on my tongue. Within a minute I felt his head expand out and he let out a big groan, “fuck I’m gonna cum!” and I opened wide and swallowed rope after rope of his creamy manjuice. 


He slowly pulled out and stood gathering his breath, his pumped sweaty muscles heaving and his dick still rock hard and pointing skyward. “Thanks, Bull, I needed that, I’ve been jerking off all night and this dick will not go down. I think I’ve cum about 10 times.” He said with a laugh. “Damn Stud, you sound like me. I see that you haven’t started shrinking like the others, why do you think that is Sam?” I asked as I pulled him down to me so I could cuddle up with him as we talked. “I think it was because of all of your supercharged cum I swallowed this weekend,” he said as he curled up on top of my gigantic chest, straddling my waist so that the base of my cock was against his hole and I wrapped my arms around him. I must have given him a quizzical look as he continued, “you don’t remember Bull? From Saturday morning through until last night I was constantly swallowing as much of your loads as I could take, my belly was distended almost the entire time, I couldn’t get enough. When you weren’t blasting into Nick’s hungry hole you were feeding me almost the entire time. I think that is why Nick and I have kept our size for so long. Fuck I want it so bad, I don’t want to shrink back.” 


I hugged him tight and thought about what he had said with flashes of memories coming through of him on his knees below me gagging and swallowing, his belly unbelievably bloated and yet he kept wanting more and more. What he said made sense, well, as much as any of this could make sense. “I fucking love that you are so hungry for growth and to be a muscle freak like me! Makes sense what you are saying and I think we need to keep the multiple feedings going to see if we can make this size permanent for my sexy Giant Sam! But first, you need to come up with a bigger cover for the milking machine to accommodate this basketball-sized cock head.” I said as I throbbed my elephant-cock that was flexing against his hole and then landing on his thick upper back. “Fuck yes, Bull, thank you, and I was hoping you would do that. I’ve already created a new cover that is adjustable for when you get even bigger.” He said as he hopped up and pulled out the new device from over by the milking machine and strapped it on my cock. “See, it expands over your cockhead and then slides down this massive cock to the base. This strap then goes around your balls, pushing them down and apart, and then this piece massages your scrotum. The cock shaft cover will vibrate and rotate the grip making you feel like your cock is being stroked by a tight hole gripping your dick. And the clear head cover expands out like a tent cover so you can watch the explosion and then this pipe sucks all of your delicious cum down into the holding containers.” Giant Sam spoke as he quickly assembled the new device on me. I truly felt like a prized Bull being milked for my seed. “Turn this fucker on and let’s get you fed!” I groaned as he flipped the switch and the machine began doing its job. I was enjoying the slow steady pulse and grip and my cum had already begun flowing when Giant Sam said, “oh, and there’s one more additional piece to the equipment.” 


He then reached behind the container and held up a giant black dildo. “I had this made from Big John’s enormous cock as he always sends your production into overdrive. It snaps onto this fucking machine I built and lines up with the scrotum massager.” He explained as he used some of my cum from the container to lube up the huge dildo and attached it to the fuck machine. He pushed the fat head into my eager hole and I groaned from the entry stretch. Then he turned on the fucking machine and the dildo began to fuck in a 3-inch motion in and out of my hole. The rotator then clicked and the dildo was pushed deeper by about 5 inches, then repeated the 3 inches fucking motion, another few minutes and the rotator clicked again pushing it deeper. This repeated over and over until finally, the full 24 inches were pounding my hole just as if Big John was driving his meat! He flipped the machine controls and Big John’s fake cock now rammed into me pulling out to just leaving the thick head inside and then ramming full deep until it was all inside. I was now in full-on orgasm as my prostate, ass, balls, and cock were in overstimulation mode. I looked at my inflated cock head and the coffee mug-sized piss hole was shooting a thick river of cum into the holding container. “Oh and here’s a little extra something,” Giant Sam said as he attached two nipple suckers to my sensitive nips. “Fuck yeah!” I groaned out ecstatically. 


Giant Sam was slamming down pitcher after pitcher, his abs distended in a grotesque freaky way like he was about to pop but he kept going. “Give me some of that, Giant Sam, I want to taste my muscle cum and then put your cock in my mouth!” I ordered. Giant Sam poured the pitcher and my cum tasted so fucking good. Then he rammed his meat down my throat, I couldn’t see anything as his distended gut completely blocked everything but I could hear him still chugging my loads down. I started gagging and choking on his huge meat and he backed out allowing me to catch my breath before ramming it back down my willing throat. After a few minutes, I thought I was going to pass out from a lack of oxygen when he suddenly withdrew, not to satisfy me but to go refill his pitchers. “Down those fuckers, Giant Sam! Grow even bigger Stud! Oh fuck, my cum is flowing now, Fuck, look at my freaky huge cock head! It’s like a fucking beach ball! Oh god, you got to slow down this dick I feel like my ass is about to split open.” I growled as Big John’s fake dick was power drilling my hole like a jackhammer. Giant Sam downed two more pitchers, his belly so swollen I could see all of his veins throbbing around his distended abs. He grabbed another pitcher and slowly waddled over and poured some of my cum onto my expanded and abused hole. “Quit whining Bull, this fucker is on medium speed, wait until you feel the full effect when I turn it on high!” He smirked as he watched the ungodly black dick pound my hole. My eyes got wide in disbelief, he was teasing, right? There’s no way this could get any faster it was already too much. I felt my gigantic balls swelling even more just at the thought of it. Giant Sam then went back to the container and sat down, miserable and unable to move, he looked like for a second he was going to puke. He then refilled his pitchers and unbelievably chugged 4 more one right after the other. Fuck, that was so hot, he was a glutton for punishment and growth. He then looked at me and said, “Brace yourself Bull!” and he held up the control switch and flipped it to another level. 

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 27 The Giants added 5/22/22)

Chapter 28 - The Beach Boys

We landed in Ft. Lauderdale around 10 am Eastern Time and the guys were all excited to get to the resort. I had decided that we all needed some sun and fun so I rented out one of the gay ‘clothing-optional’ resorts for the long weekend and then we would take the new yacht over to my private island in the Caribbean. 


It had been 2 months since my double-dosage booster and a couple of unique updates occurred to share with you all. First, all of the Giants had reverted to their normal size except for Giant Sam. Even Nick was back to his Olympia size except his dick still kept a few inches and he has a horsecock now at 15”. Giant Sam pretty much lives off of my muscle-cum. We discovered after that initial morning milking that as long as he drinks nothing but my manjuice he remains a Giant! Through trial and error, we figured out that if he drinks 100 gallons a day he stays at his 6’8’’ and 500-pound size. Any more than 100 he doesn’t get any bigger, any less than 100 and he starts to shrink and has to make up the difference to get back to Giant size. Second, the werewolf status never changed and I continue to have to manscape daily to keep my hair on my head and beard trimmed. Thankfully the body hair is just there and doesn’t grow any longer than 2’’ or so all over my body. Nick loves it! Me, it fucking burns me up as I’m always sweating now. Third, to keep Giant Sam at his size, I have to be milked 4 times per day, sometimes more depending on production. We haven’t figured out yet what causes me to cum more or less some days. However, a great result of this is that for the first time in years my cock finally goes into a somewhat soft/semi-erect mode between feedings. This makes moving around, walking, exercising, anything really, much easier to manage than having a constant 3-foot-long throbbing erection in your face. I was able to have custom underwear and swimwear made and was looking forward to walking on the beach in my skimpy speedo. But holding a semi-erect, fat 20-inches is still an amazing sight to behold and folks are constantly salivating over my prodigious bulge.


Of course, word got out quickly that the Bull and his huge muscle gang were in Ft. Lauderdale, and our little area of the beach outside of the private resort was quickly overrun with fans, gawkers, press, muscle worshippers, and bodybuilders. The big bodybuilders were all begging wanting to know what gear we were on and where they could get it. If they only knew!  I snickered over to Giant Sam, “You too can be a Giant Muscle Freak all you have to do is swallow 100 gallons of my cum every day!” Funny thing is, I know for sure some of these straight dudes would do it too if they could be a huge muscle freak. Around 3 pm, I had had enough of the constant picture taking and decided to head back to the private resort. Some of the guys wanted to stay a little longer so Nick, Pup, Giant Sam, and I walked back dodging paparazzi and fans. Although Giant Sam was thoroughly enjoying all of the attention, he knew it was getting close to feeding time. I stopped several times to sign autographs and take selfies with the muscle fanatics. For the nice ones, I would release some of my pit musks and let them feel my gigantic biceps or monstrous quads. They would ‘accidentally’ brush up against the freaky bulge which had started expanding and stretched the oversized package to capacity. By the time we hit the gate to the resort, I was afraid I was going to shred the custom speedos so I quickly pulled them down and freed the growing baseball bat of thick cock. Big Nick and Giant Sam had to assist with pulling them down and over my gargantuan quads and my meat snapped free and hit my pecs just as Pup was closing the wooden gate. This gave all of the gawkers a fast glance view of the naked, hairy Bull with a full glorious erection. 


We brought several of the Day Boys/Night Boys to assist me and Giant Sam (as he too needed assistance dressing) and three of them met us at the open showers to spray off the beach sand. I was enjoying the showers and watching Big Nick tease me the way he knows how to do it. I heard an odd buzzing in the sky above and looked up to see 5 different drones flying above us and presumably filming the shower scene below. We all gave them a few flexes and I laughed, “well fuck, this is going to be all over gay twitter and all the porn sites tonight!” I activated my cum flow and motioned for Giant Sam to start sucking, “Let’s give them a show!” But Nick wasn’t having it and said he wanted to fuck me in private back in our rooms. And what my babe wants, he gets! I gave the drones one last flex and jerk of my big baseball bat cock before heading back to our suite.


The next day was even worse, the beach area outside the resort was a circus at 9 am and we were the main attractions. The resort staff had roped off an area for us with lounge chairs, cabanas, etc., and this was a tremendous help in controlling the crowd and the access. I was in a horned-up mood and was having trouble keeping my gigantic cock stuffed in the custom pouch of the speedo. 2 sexy Latino bodybuilders kept calling out trying to get me to come over, “Hey Big Bull, let us get a selfie”, “Bull, grow us massive like you!”, “Bull, let me feel those hard pecs!” I got up and hand-signaled to Pup to let the 2 muscle studs come over to me in the covered cabana. I looked down over the top of my hairy pecs at their two handsome faces looking up to me. “So, what can I do for you studs?” I asked, dominating the enclosed tent space as they adjusted to the humongous size of my overall frame. The larger of the two who had a beard smiled, “Bull, Sir, we would do anything to be one of your huge muscle boys, whatever we need to do to get huge, we will do it!” I gave them both a nod and a smile. “Interesting, anything, huh?” I growled back and gave a quick pop of my massive pec muscles. The smaller one this time, “Yes Sir, we are boyfriends, I’m Tito and he is Enrique, and we love huge muscle! We both jerk off every day to your pictures and videos, Bull, we think about nothing else but to get huge like you!” 


I gave them a most muscular pose and grunted, “go ahead, feel these hairy pecs.” Both instantly began rubbing and massaging the muscle meat, instant ooh and aah moans. They were both very handsome, rugged faces, and built in the 275-pound range. The lighter-toned one with the beard, Enrique, was about an inch taller and a little more conditioned with a sizzling 10 pack that fed down to a tight speedo with a rock-hard cock slung around his right hip. I stood up tall and puffed out, “So, if I told you that to become a giant muscle freak you had to drink 100 gallons of my cum every day, you would do that?” I asked and almost immediately Enrique started moaning and contorting his body in orgasm. Wow! I wasn’t even sending out my musk and this one just cum at the thought of guzzling my cum to grow huge. Tito was almost there but didn’t fully lose it, his thick boner barely contained in his tiny speedo. By now, my rod was threatening to break loose, so I said, “Step back, I need to free this 3-foot long alpha Bull cock.” they both stumbled back and were wide-eyed as they watched the thick baseball bat expand rapidly straight up and past my right pec. That sent Tito into overdrive and he started shooting cum through his stretched speedo. “So, you want to be a 600+ pound muscle freak, huh? Want to have guns bigger than most guys' chests?” I said teasingly as I pumped up to the biggest double bicep pose on the planet! “Get over here and start worshipping these 45-inch cannons!” I ordered as I flexed and began sending my musk into the small tented room making their recently spent cocks bounce to a full erection. Their hands and mouths felt and tasted the concrete slabs of muscle as I pumped more and more blood into them making the giant veins expand like roadmaps. “Yea, biggest fucking guns on Earth! And do you smell that musk from those hairy pits?” they both nodded deliriously as they continued worshipping. “Yea, that’s a true Alpha scent right there boys. Get on in there and take a deep breath, savor that smell of muscle and testosterone musk.” I commanded and once they were deep in the man pit, I released the command for them to cum causing each to moan in ecstasy. Their knees buckled as they slowly collapsed down into the sand and I kept right there with them, forcing my pit-smell on them until they were both lying beneath me and my giant pits covering their face. “Yea, you’re going to be smelling my fuckin’ scent for hours. Get used to it boys.” I said as I pinned them down forcing them to cum repeatedly. Finally, after about 30 minutes, I eased off of them and they were in that sexual comatose position lost in the euphoria of their multiple orgasms. Thankfully, I had on my watch and was able to message Pup to send help or I would have been stuck there covering the two bodybuilders for hours. Pup came into the cabana tent and started laughing at the scene of the Giant Bull unable to get up from smothering the sexy muscle couple underneath him. 


Big Nick and Giant Sam were able to lift me as the studs laid comatose lost in the deep scent of my sweaty pits. I moved quickly to Pup and picked him up in a bear hug (carefully only using minimal strength) and said, “who’s laughing now Pup? Huh boy?” as he fake beat on my gorilla chest to try to free himself. He then stopped and turned on the full puppy dog eyes, “I’m sorry Sir, please forgive me and don’t be mad at your Pup?” Well, Fuck! No way to stay mad at that. I gave him a big kiss and slowly put him back down on the ground. “What are we going to do with these 2 studs?” Giant Sam asked motioning to the bodybuilder boyfriends. “I’d like to ride both of their fat pingas!” my always-horned-up super-bottom boyfriend added as he lightly stroked both of their uncut cocks. “Maybe we take them back to the Resort and have a fun group orgy with all the gang tonight?” I suggested as I nonchalantly stroked my throbbing elephant cock.


“That sounds fun Bull, but how are we going to get you back to the resort with that huge meat of yours?” Giant Sam said as his pouch was stretched to the limit trying to contain his anaconda. I laughed, “Well, maybe we wait until sundown and then run for it once it is clear?” Because we all knew my cock was not going to go down until after I unloaded my load. “Ok, sounds like a plan, I’ll tell Pup to let us know once it is clear.” And so we waited.


“Looks like we make a run for it, most everyone is gone just a few stragglers down by the water,” Pup said as he peeked into the cabana. By now the bodybuilder boyfriends had come around and we had already begun the evening’s playtime festivities. I stopped fucking and turned my head, “Thanks Pup, we’ll be out in a minute.” 


I grabbed a bedsheet from the cabana bed and the guys made a makeshift toga for me. It didn’t hide my 3-foot-long throbbing cock but at least it was covered up. We then made a mad run out of the cabana and headed for the open gates of the resort. I was halfway there when the sheet got caught between my thighs and tripped me up causing all 7-foot and 625 pounds to go crashing and rolling into the sand. The sheet came completely off and I ended up face down, naked ass up. The guys came back and helped me up and we took off again for the gates, me naked to the wind. The guys had made it into the resort and I was about 20 feet away.


“Stop right there!” came the booming voice over the megaphone. Red and blue siren lights kicked on in the adjacent parking lot and several high beam lights hit my huge naked body all at once.  I froze as ordered. “Put your hands up!” another command. By now I could make out a group of uniformed men heading my way. They were not local cop uniforms but looked more like SWAT or military uniforms. The speaker dropped his megaphone as he got close and ordered, “Get down on both knees and put your hands behind your back.” Now, this was no easy task, but I slowly lowered my humongous body to one knee and then to two. My cock still slapping my pecs and begging for release and I could feel my heavy balls hit the sand beneath me. I put my hands behind my back as much as I could but the sheer size of my lats and guns prevented my wrists from touching. “Officer, what is going on, I haven’t done anything wrong,” I asked as calmly as possible. “Public indecency for one!” the speaker responded loudly as he walked up and tapped my throbbing 3-foot cock that was still leaking cum with his flashlight. Then he circled behind me and looked down then spoke to one of his other officers, “We’ll have to rig some zip ties, he’s too fucking big for cuffs.” 


“Now big fella, you just remain still and don’t make any sudden movements.” The speaker said as he directed my attention to the surrounding 4 officers all with their guns pointing right at me. They zip-tied my wrists and then I was ordered to stand and head towards their large truck/paddy wagon. The rear doors were open and there was a row of seats on each side with a large center floor area between, there were cuffs on the floor for locking ankles and above the seats for locking wrists. One of the officers had already climbed in and was at the far end of the cabin. “I’m going to cut these zip ties and then you're going to slowly crawl inside, you’ll remain on all fours and my guys will lock you in with the ankle restraints.” The lead guy ordered as he cut the plastic zip ties and I slowly put both fists on the floorboard and began to crawl into the space. My weight caused the large truck to give once the full 625-pounds were onboard. I was told to stop and then the officer already ahead of me stepped right to me with his crotch rubbing against my head, what the actual fuck! He then bent down quickly and snapped the cuff on my left wrist and then to the other side and locked in the right wrist. He remained crouched and I looked at him face-to-face and he gave a big smile, “Yea, you’re a big fucker, but we’re about to show you who’s boss around here.” I then felt both ankles locked down and the front officer grabbed the seat to my left and I felt another officer seated at the rear of the truck also to my left. I could feel his big leather boots pressing into my calf muscle trying to find space. I heard the 2 rear doors close and the other 3 officers loading into the front of the vehicle and then we drove off. 


I braced myself into the floor knowing at any moment we could take a hard turn or a slamming of the brakes. Before we were even out of the parking lot the front seated officer said, “Damn, I knew this faggot was big but he’s a fucking giant. Never seen anything like it, he’s a fucking bull!” and the back seated one added in, “Yea, at least you don’t have to look at these humongous balls and giant ass staring at ya right in the fucking face.” But there was something about the tone of each of them that just wasn’t right. They weren’t disgusted. It was more like they were reading lines and weren’t very good actors. I thought, fuck this, and I began releasing my musk and commanding for them to cum. Within a minute they both moaned and groaned as they shot their loads in their uniforms. “What the hell, how the fuck did that happen?” the front officer asked as he stood up and dropped his uniform pants. “Did you do that, faggot? You’re so desperate for my cum that you made me shoot?” He then shoved his jizz soaked crotch into my face and began rubbing his dick near my mouth. I kept up the pressure of my powerful pits and within a few seconds, his hard dick shot another load into my now open mouth. The rear officer had now dropped his drawers and was shooting his load onto my exposed hole and muscular ass.  “That’s it, I’ve gotta fuck this big bull’s ass!” The rear officer said as I felt him spit on my hole and then ram what felt like a hefty 9-inches to the hilt. He started pounding me hard but, of course, I didn’t budge an inch as he rode my ass like a cowboy. I’m used to Big John or Giant Sam and their double-digit freaky huge cocks and so this was a feel-good sweet little fuck. He did start hitting my prostate and that is the magic button to set off my explosive cum rocket. 


Within a minute I threw back my head and groaned as the rush of the river of cum raced up my throbbing 3-foot cock and out of the colossal head hitting the back of the truck with a loud thump. The Front Officer jumped up and out of the way, “Jesus, it's like a fire hose, fuck!” 

The smell of my musky pits and the gallons upon gallons of cum sent their orgasms into overdrive and they both collapsed with the Front Officer on the left side and the Rear Officer on the right-side seats. Meanwhile, I was on all fours in 8-inch deep cum which was slowly rising and filing up the cargo hold of the truck. This probably lasted about 20 minutes before I finally felt the truck come to a complete stop and heard the officers exiting the front cab. “What the fuck is this, is that cum?” I heard one officer yell as he must have seen the flow of my cum exiting at the cracks in the doorways. Clang, bang, the doors opened and the flood of 15-inches of cum came roaring out and soaking the officers. “What the fuck! I told you two to wait until we got to the warehouse before fucking this meathead!” The lead officer yelled at the two incoherent constantly orgasming officers on either side of me. “Let’s get him to the warehouse and get those two in a cold shower!” They then threw a black bag over my head, unlocked my restraints, and guided me out of the cargo hold walking over pavement into a concrete-floored space. I was then instructed to turn and sit. My ankles were pulled apart and restrained, then my wrists were pulled apart above my head and restrained. I was spread-eagle naked in some sort of movable bondage chair with cum still shooting wildly from my enormous dick. “Fuck this faggot is still shooting. Cum is even coming out of his nipples! Let’s see if a little pain gets his attention,” the leader said. The hood was removed and the 5 officers were now standing over me either naked or in their jocks. “Hand me those jumper cables.” The biggest one of them ordered and within seconds he was attaching each giant clip to my thick, long nipple. I groaned out in agony, it was too much! But then, almost instantly the pain went straight to my core and my balls expanded and the river flow blasted harder and further over my head into the space beyond. I then felt the first of dozens of gut punches to my ab wall. I saw it coming and was able to tense my abs and I’m sure it hurt him a lot more than it hurt me. My abs are the size of bricks and hard as concrete. 


Over the next 3 hours, these sadist motherfuckers tortured every inch of my body for their pleasure. They kept pissing on my hairy pits which neutralized my scent and took away the only advantage I thought I had to outlast them and put them in a sexual coma. Instead, it was my toughness, strength, and masochistic excitement that got me through their abuse. Finally, they had had their fun and they went and showered leaving me tied up, beaten, but not broken. I was enthralled. I had never had an experience like that and now that it was done I was energized weirdly. Don't get me wrong, I still thought these freaks might pull out their gun and blow my brains out, but if they didn’t I was going to relive this experience many times in my fantasies ahead. 


The leader sprayed me down with a water hose and then went to go grab a knife to cut the ropes that were restraining me. “No need, little man,” I barked as I flexed my right gun and pulled the rope breaking it, and then flexed my left gun and repeated the process. Pulling myself up into a fully upright seated position and looked at my shocked captor. “But, fuck, if you were that fucking strong, why didn’t you free yourself earlier?” He stammered out in disbelief. I smiled at him and said, “I would have if I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, you guys were close a couple of times but I never had to use my ‘safe-flex’.” He laughed and threw me my cell phone and said, “Your boys will be here any minute, Happy Birthday Bull!”

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8 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

Fuck man. I love this. This is getting better and better

Thanks Man!  These final chapters were fun to write. Glad you are enjoying the Bull's journey!

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Chapter 30 - The World Record Holder 

A lot has happened since that mid-year dosage and the Giants were made again. I’m now coming up on my 3rd quarter procedure in two days and the next to last booster in the program. These last 3 months have been a whirlwind of non-stop sexual adventures and I apologize for not writing more in my journal. Let me see if I can give a current update.


Whereas before with Giant Sam he had to guzzle down 100 gallons of my supercharged cum to maintain his Giant size, after the mid-year double dose my cum must have become even more enhanced, and now it only takes 10 gallons a day! This time around more of the guys joined in and remained Giants. From my gang, Sam, David, Sven, Nick, and Juan, plus all 8 of the guests. The guests were chosen for their fetish and muscle growth bodybuilding fantasies and so it was no wonder that all 8 wanted to remain 600-pound Giants! At 725 pounds, I’m still the biggest fucking bull on the planet but having 13 other Giant 600-pound muscle men around me has been nothing but a muscle fest orgy around the clock!


The Pup purchased the 2 mansions on either side of our property and we are in the middle of renovations to each. We need bigger spaces and more bedrooms for everyone to fit comfortably. Speaking of the Pup, he is in Giant feet heaven. He is constantly worshipping or slobbering over a giant foot, he said he can’t get enough and the guys love the relaxing work he does to their stressed feet. Carrying around all of that muscle weight makes your feet ache and Pup’s special massage does feel great.


Nick announced that he has retired from Bodybuilding, He said, “It’s not fair for a 600-pound gorilla to walk the stage against men half my size. Plus, 12 other men are identical in every single muscle size to me who could also claim Mr. Olympia. So, really what's the point anymore? Besides, this 27” horsecock would be obscene in all of the pictures trying to be contained in a tiny posing suit. And I’d much rather flip-fuck with my gorgeous monster Bull anyway!” And let me tell you, we have been doing a lot of that lately! He’s become an incredible Top and pounds my humongous ass hard with his gigantic throbbing meatstick. 


Now you may think having to produce 130 gallons of muscle-cum every day would be difficult, but it is very easy for me. It is almost as if my body thought that more Giants would be produced and needed to be fed. I pump out over 100 gallons just in my first milking session of the day, which occurs around 2 am each morning after I have showered and groomed. I rarely bother with getting dressed lately as most of my days and nights are spent fucking or getting fucked, sucking or getting sucked, eating or getting my ass eaten! I haven’t left the muscle mansion compound in months. The struggle of dressing and then the logistics of getting a 725-pound Giant from point A to point B are just too bothersome. 


Earlier, I woke up covered in sweat, the thick hair all over my body completely matted down. I was lying on my right side and the smell of my pits and sex and muscle sweat were heavy in the air. In front of me on his side and cuddled up in my 52” arms was Tito and behind me with his fat uncut cock in my hole was Enrique. If you remember, they were the bodybuilder boyfriends that we met on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale at the gay resort a few months ago. The two Latino studs were part of the 8 guests and they were now living their fantasies as 600-pound Giant muscle freaks! I flexed my cock and heard Nick moan on the other side of Tito. My 4-footer was being squeezed by Tito’s thick quads as it snaked between them and into Nick’s stretched-out hole. 


At this time, Nick is the only one who can handle the gigantic head and thickness of my oversized elephant cock. I have to completely coat his ass and insides with my super-cum to get him fully relaxed and stretched to accommodate my beach ball-sized cock head. He can only handle the head plus about 2 or 3 inches of the shaft but that’s all I need to feel complete with my man.  And having Tito straddle my shaft with his oak tree quads was all I needed to blow a tremendous load into Nick’s gaping hole. I laid there for quite some time just enjoying the sensations, Nick’s ass gripping and releasing my head, Tito’s quads tensing and releasing on my base, Enrique’s rock hard 22-inch meat still throbbing deep in my hole, the sound of their deep snoring, the smell of manly musk, the taste of Tito’s neck as I gently kissed and licked. We had a sweaty, powerful 4-way fuck that lasted for 4 hours until we all passed out in our current positions. Myself not needing any sleep, was probably only out for about 30 minutes. 


After a little while longer, the hunger started to hit me and I knew I needed to get out of this muscle pile and start my day. This was going to take some maneuvering and I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I gently woke up Tito and told him I needed to remove my cock from between him and out of Nick. He sleepily reached down and guided my dick out of Nick’s hole with a loud plop. Tito then quickly filled the gaped open hole with his 24-inches to the hilt which caused Nick to moan in his sleep. That boy loved a dick up his ass like no other. I then reached behind and pushed out Enrique, somehow rolled up and over him, and then repositioned his rock hard uncut pole inside of his lover without him becoming fully awake. I grabbed my phone and the light allowed me to realize that Pup wasn’t in our bed. I looked around the room, but he wasn’t there. I guess 4 large Giants with over 2500 pounds of muscle were too much for him and was probably a little risky of getting squashed. I’ll look for him after my shower. I then called for the Night Boys and my day began. After the last double dose, I guess I got more flexible or more control of my size. I’m able to do all of my grooming stuff on my own, but being the now spoiled Big Alpha Bull, I like being taken care of and it’s erotic watching these little men shave me, wash me, and groom me with their little, tiny dicks throbbing the entire time. 


I asked for my full breakfast to be delivered to my office and headed down. I was surprised to see Pup seated at his desk working away. “Good morning Bull, how are you feeling Sir?” he asked with a smile. “I’m great Pup, how about you, why are you up early or have you ever gone to bed?” I asked concerned as I came over and gave him a quick kiss and rub of his head. “I’m good, Sir, and I haven’t gone to bed yet as I’ve been working on an idea to present to you.” He replied with an even bigger twinkle in those beautiful blue eyes. “Ok, what’s up?” I asked as I started woofing down my big breakfast.


“Well, Bull, as you know, the word is out about you and your special Giant-making powers. We’ve been inundated with requests from around the world from desperate bodybuilders and growth fetishists for you to make them a Giant. Since your last double dose, there were some changes to your super-cum properties which strengthened and allowed you to feed your Giants 1/10 of the cum that was required previously. Giant Sam, Giant Papi, Giant Nick, and I have been doing some side experiments over the past year to see if there were any growth capabilities available from ingesting your super-cum.” He paused as he saw me smirk at how he called the guys by their respectful Giant names. “Sorry, continue Pup,” I ordered him. 


“In the past, you had to have been exposed to you right after your Booster procedure for any permanent modifications to occur. However, after this last quarter’s procedure, some additional significant changes have occurred. Dr. Malik has been doing testing at his clinic and here are his recent findings.” he then turned on the large monitor on the wall and walked over to continue his talk. Fuck look at that bubble butt, where did that come from and when did that happen. I was mesmerized by the shape of his cute little ass in his shorts as he rattled on about testing and scientific mumbo-jumbo when I felt him staring at me and realized he was not speaking anymore. “Sorry Pup, I was distracted by your sexy ass in those tight shorts. Cut to the chase and give me the highlights please.” I said with a smirk and a wink. 


“Subjects who identify as gay, bisexual, or curious have had tremendous muscle growth from ingesting 1 gallon of your supercum per day for a 21-day cycle. With an average gain of 20 pounds of muscle per subject and a maximum of 45 pounds of muscle for 2 subjects.


Subjects who identify strictly as heterosexual with zero homosexual interest have had zero net muscle growth from ingesting the secret formula of 1 gallon of your supercum per day for a 21-day cycle.”


I almost spit out my Protein drink. “So, you’re telling me that guys who have sucked dick or fantasized about sucking dick are gaining 20 pounds in 21 days, and the full-on heteros and homophobes got nothing! That is some funny stuff, Pup!” I laughed, “So, what are you thinking that maybe after my 3rd quarter double dosage my supercum might be even more supercharged and we can sell it as a natural supplement for all the gay boys to grow fucking massive?” 


“Well, that’s the general idea Bull. Would you be OK with that?” Pup asked. “Fuck yea, that’s hot knowing that my cum is turning every little gay boy who wants it into a massive muscle freaking man!” I said as I inadvertently stroked my now rock-hard hammer cock. We both just stopped talking and stared at the gigantic 4.5-foot-long cock as it expanded up and out with each stroke of my huge hands. Pup licked his lips as the first flow of cum made its way out of the pipe hole and across the thick head and down the mighty shaft. “See something tasty there Pup?” I sneered as I motioned for him to come to take a lick. I stood up and walked over to the oversized sofa and stretched out on my back with legs spread, my cock now fully erect and only inches from my face as it stretched up and over my mountainous pecs. “Come here and give me a kiss and let’s both suck this giant fucking cockmeat!” 


Pup stripped off his gym shorts and his little dick, well not really little by normal comparisons as it was now 9-inches long and 7-inches thick piece of cock, it slapped up on his 10 pack abs and then led the way as he climbed up and on top of my giant cock, riding it like a rocket in the movies! We started tonguing and kissing as we lapped at and swallowed the increasingly heavy flow of white-hot cum flowing out of my cockhead. My right hand instinctively went up and started playing with that muscular ass. “Where did this ass come from, Pup! Damn you are a handful and then some.” I groaned. “Nick has me on his bubble butt program, lots of squats to get my ass round and full.” He replied with a wicked big smile, “Do you like it Bull?” 


I responded by easily and quickly lifting him in the air, twisting him around, and then guiding that sweet ass to sit right on my face. Fuck, he smelt great and tasted even better. I could tell he hadn’t showered since his gym session and he was ripe in all the right ways. I used my giant tongue to lap it all up, oh wait, I haven’t told you about my tongue, now have I. It has become a sexual weapon as some of my bottom boys tell me. Like all of me, it is very strong and when I point it straight out it measures 8.5 inches. And eating ass has become a newfound fetish that I just can’t get enough of lately. Pup was moaning loudly as I licked and teased his virgin hole. It was a tight little pucker but after a while, it slowly opened up and I began rapidly flicking my tongue into his inner hole, and the more I punched in the louder Pup got with his moans. I was doing something right!  I had each of his cheeks in my hands and I began to press his whole body up and down on the tip of my tongue, letting about an inch go inside before pushing him back up. He was bucking like crazy each time. I then let him slide down more on my cock-tongue until I had about 4 inches inside him on each downstroke. I had never heard Pup moan and groan so loudly before so I kept going. He was enjoying this tongue fuck. I let him fall a little further and then I felt that P-spot on the tip of my tongue. I rapidly flicked it with the tip of my tongue and Pup discovered his first ever anal orgasm. His body shook rapidly and his head threw back, I had to focus to keep him mid-air and in position on my tongue. I moved my tongue from side to side and up and down, literally tongue fucking him and another anal orgasm hit him as the tip of my tongue now lapped at his prostate like an ice cream bar. He was now screaming in moans of pleasure and I was fucking loving giving it to him. I pushed him and then let him drop feeling the full 8.5 inches of tongue/cock deep in his sweaty hole. He was creaming from inside of his hole! Fuck yeah! I could tell he was beating his cock for the world and I lifted him quickly off of my tongue and said, “shove that dick in my cock hole and shoot that cum!” before ramming his ass back down on my hard thrusting tongue/cock. I then felt it as his hard dick head stretched open my piss slit and slid in. he was pumping it hard and I knew he would cum quick so I rapidly fluttered my tongue against his p-spot which caused shudders and moans and screams of “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” as I felt his dick shoot his load deep into my piss hole and then my cum flow erupted shooting it out and forcing his cock out of the way. I kept his hole deep on my tongue as the first wave of orgasm swept over me.  I then gently sat him to the side as the now night-boys came rushing in to hook up the milker to my exploding whale cock! I laid down on my back as the milker did its job capturing my massive cumload to feed the Giants. Pup curled up beside me but I wanted some more of that sweet ass as my orgasm continued rocking through my huge body, this was going to be a high production load for sure. I told him to sit on my face and just let me lick and smell his incredible ass. Pup smiled, “anytime Bull, that was the most amazing feeling ever! You can eat my hole whenever you want Sir!”


Around 6:00 am, Giant Papi, came into my office with his twins. The twins were completely hairless, naked except for their black leather collars, harness, and jocks covering their locked chastity cages. They were both still ripped like their college gymnast days but were now fully owned submissive slaves to Giant Papi. He placed them in the far corner, knelt, and faced the walls. Giant Papi then pulled out what appeared to be 2 large pillowcases and completely covered each sub so they appeared to be two objects in the corner. Well, I guess that is exactly what they were now. Giant Papi then turned to me, “Good morning Bull, you look great.” as he nodded to my still throbbing cock and the curled-up Pup, sleeping at my feet. “I just wanted to let you know that the outdoor weight room will be completed today.” He said proudly. Giant Papi had been put in charge of repurposing the basketball and tennis courts into an outdoor gym for all of the monster muscle studs in the compound to use. We had all outgrown our indoor gym and Giant Papi had been successful in procuring specially modified equipment and weights/dumbbells that would satisfy our need to lift some very heavy objects. 


My body was soaked in sweat as every muscle was pumped from the hours of lifting I had done in the new outdoor gym. The sun was going down and I realized I had been out here for over 6 hours now and I knew I could probably go another 6 more if I wanted. It felt great being here with my muscle gang, throwing around impossible weight, flexing, and challenging each other. I was the last Beast standing and wanted to hit the bench press to throw out a final pump into my barrel-shaped pecs. All of the studs were rock hard, as even though we were outside, my pits were throwing off so much musk you couldn’t be within a ½ mile and not be throbbing. “All right boys, let’s go, let me show you how a Bull throws up this lightweight!” I barked out as two guys on each side loaded up the bar. Each Giant threw on a 250-pound plate giving me a starting set of 1,000 pounds. I laid down on the extra-wide, reinforced bench as 2 Giants grabbed my cock and pulled it up and out of the way. Hard to bench with a 4 ½ foot elephant cock riding your pecs. Got my grip and easily lifted off, like everything today, this was not going to be a big challenge at all, so I pumped out 15 reps and then reracked the weight. “That was too fucking easy boys.” I bragged, “throw some real weight on there and give me something to lift.” The guys grabbed another 250-pound plate on each side. This 1500 pounds was about 180 pounds more than the current world record for a single lift. Ok, now we’re talking. I reset, lifted off, and popped up another 15 reps with a little strain on the last 3. “Come on guys, give the Bull a challenge at least!” I yelled out, frustrated at my strength not being truly tested. “Damn Bull, you’ve been out here lifting for 6 hours and you just threw up the World Record Bench like it was nothing!” Big John replied, “Don’t get mad at us cause you’re a fucking freak!” He said laughing as he and Giant David grabbed another 250-pound plate and threw them on. “Fuck this, let’s make it hurt!” Giant Tito said as he motioned for Giant Enrique to grab another 250 and load on each side. 


2,500 pounds! Now we’re talking. I took a look around and all the studs had gathered around to watch the big Bull bench up this crazy weight. I psyched myself up for the lift, flexed and bounced my colossal pumped-up pecs, and slid down into position on the bench. My dick was dripping cum but the guys got it locked up and out of my way. The reinforced steel bar felt good in my hands as Giants Tito and Enrique were in the position to assist with a liftoff if needed. 1,2,3 go! I jammed the bar up and steadied it in position above my pecs. My muscles quickly told my mind, no fucking problem, I got this for at least 5 good reps. I slowly lowered the weight until it hit the top fur on my barrel chest then steadily pressed it back up in a nice controlled and smooth motion. I heard a few gasps as I continued and repeated again and again. Rep 5 was hard, I’ll admit, but I wasn’t done, I kept going and lowered the 2.5k weight down and the steel bar hit both erect nipples causing a power sensation which then transferred into a full liftoff back up…slowly…grunting hard…but I was able to lock out the 6th rep. I then pushed back the weight to the holders and let it rest. Jumped up and pounded my gorilla chest as the Giants were all jumping up and down, hollering and laughing. “Damn Bull, you just blew away the world record and did 2500 pounds for a solid 6 reps at the fucking end of your fucking 6-hour workout!” Big John yelled as he wrapped his huge guns around my waist and gave me a huge bear hug. “Hell yeah, man, and I could do more man but I’m going to stop cause I’d rather have that big dick pounding my hole than show off how strong this Bull is.” And that signaled the start of an all-night, outdoor, muscle orgy!

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 29 The World Record Holder added 5/26/22)

Chapter 31 - The Giant Maker (Year 5 - 3rd quarter) 

I woke up fully charged and electric,like someone had zapped me in the heart with a shot of adrenaline. I was looking up at the stars in the night sky, flat on my back in the center of the outdoor training facility. We had decided to do the 3rd quarter outdoors to allow more space for the Giant hopefuls who had won the muscle fantasy lottery. Pup had come up with a great idea, the 15 highest bidders would automatically win and all proceeds would go to a new Fund to fight against Trans-phobia and all the stupid hate laws that were coming through our state government. We raised $125 Million to which I added $875 Million to start the fund with a Billion dollar war chest. Additionally, we took all the remaining lower bidders and put their names in a barrel, and randomly drew out 15 more winners. 30 potential Giants! It was a risk for me but one I was willing to take as I didn’t know if this booster would supercharge my musclecum again and make it more powerful. Or worse, weaken it and all I’m doing is spending 24 hours a day hooked up to a milker to keep my Giants fed. 


Dr. Malik and Hazun were racing around me gathering data and measurements. They both had refused my free offer to include them in the Giant process, although Hazun struggled with the decision.  For now, he said, maybe next time. “Interesting!” Dr. Malik said, “your height has shrunk to exactly 7-feet tall, but your weight has jumped to 825 pounds, a gain of 100 pounds.  I glanced in the large mirror and could instantly tell that every muscle on my body was denser and heavier. “Fuck, did you guys shave me while I was knocked out?” I yelled out as I realized that my thick coat of black body hair was completely gone except for my Pecs and thick trail down the gully of my bricks of abs to a full man bush above my monster elephant cock. I was still hairy, just not wolfman hairy like before, as I looked at my arms and legs.


Giant David came up, as he always does, and gave me an update on the situation. “Bull, you were out for only 1 hour and 15 minutes. We all noticed the body hair changing as your muscles hardened and grew thicker shortly after the procedure. You started blowing cum almost instantly so we hooked you up to the milker to capture it all. You’ve released several blasts of your pit musk causing everyone to cum each time. The candidates are all gathered to your right, whenever you feel you are ready just let us know.” 


I turned and looked at the eager naked group of men staring at me with that yearning desire to become a giant bodybuilder. Most of them were big dudes under normal circumstances, some even had their pro bodybuilding cards. A few were smaller muscle admirers or growth fetish guys who were amped up to become a freak. “Y’all ready?” I yelled out as the group responded with howls and fist pumps. “Let’s do it.  Get ready for your growth shower!” I barked as I motioned for Giant David and Giant Sam to remove the milker from my throbbing over 4-foot-long monstercock. The firehose blast shot out 30 feet as I aimed it above the group and let it fall soaking the eager group with my white coating of musclecum. I painted each of them and continued rotating the spray back and forth until after about 10 minutes they slowly began dropping to the ground and passing out. There was so much musclecum blasting out of my cannon that it was difficult to see the transformations but I could tell something was happening. This excited me and caused my volume to somehow increase even more sending down waves blanketing the sleeping men. Finally, Giant David said, “that should do it, Bull, let's get you back into the milker.”


I fell back into the large lounge chair as they strapped me in and I continued to keep an eye on the group of potential Giants. I hope this worked, they were all so fucking eager and excited and I didn’t want to disappoint. There was movement in the pile as guys started waking up and moving. Dr. Malik and Hazun came running over and inspected those as they reawakened. Hazun gave me the thumbs up as the first one stood up on the scales and Dr. Malik called out, “6’10’’ and 625 pounds!” One by one the measurements were called out but clearly after all were standing it was evident the Giant experiment was a success. And just as before, all had the same muscle measurements except for the size of their giant penises, which ranged from 20” to 26”. 


All around me the orgy of muscle began as the new and old Giants combined in a glorious sweaty cum-covered feast celebrating the magnificent muscular man. I watched as Giant Nick with his monster horsecock pounded Giant after Giant until they couldn’t take him. My power bottom was now the King Top and he loved that no one (except for me) had a bigger dick than him. I think all these years with his smaller-than-average equipment made him overly self-conscious and he was now living in the moment of being the big cock on campus!


The night boy staff was in full support as they were working hard moving the containers as my exploding cock was running at peak velocity. I looked down and realized that Pup had dropped down and was caressing and massaging and licking my huge feet. They were a little longer and a whole lot thicker than before and Pup was enjoying the new muscles in my expanded feet. He was moving quickly from one to the other and grinding his ass into my right quad…OMG, that ass!  Eating and tongue fucking his sexy ass has become my new favorite thing. “Enjoy those big feet, Pup, cause in a minute you’re going to be sitting that sweet ass on my tongue!” I ordered and he immediately moaned and shot his load onto my thick quad. Just the thought of his master’s tongue in his hole made him orgasm. I fucking love this Pup! 


Before I could take advantage of his tasty ass, the wave of the Giant orgy shifted and was now completely encircling us around the lounge chair. There were huge sweaty cum-covered muscle beasts everywhere sucking and fucking into every hole with their 20+ inch giant cocks. I made sure that Pup was in a safe position between my oak tree quads and then I slowly put my hands behind my head and let the waves of my super amped up musky muscle pits drift out over the piles of bodies around me. The intensity cranked up as my sweaty pits caused even harder erections for the huge Giants around me. I let the layer of musk build over and over as I kept repeating ‘super hard, don’t cum’ in my mind. The sounds of slapping balls on asses as guys were piledriving deep were like a drum machine at a rave. Almost simultaneously, two Giants found my dripping nipples and began sucking from each of the massive teats. “Harder!” I ordered my two nipple suckers and immediately felt the biting and gnawing on the 4-inch hard nips which sent me into overdrive. 


I let loose the command, “Cum!” and instantly the wave of pit musk washed out from me and the Giants began grunting and groaning as their first Giant orgasm took hold in their new muscular bodies. The new smells of sweat and cum from 40 Giants blanketed the outdoor area as I looked down at Pup’s convulsing body as his forced orgasm worked through his tight body. 


The Orgy of the Giants lasted 5 days and nights, much longer than the typical 2-day after-booster party. The number of participants would rise and fall but I was the constant for the entire experience. I couldn’t get enough of all of the muscle and giant ass and cock around me. I felt unstoppable and by Wednesday I started to get worried that this was never going to end. They had to bring in extra trucks to haul away the containers of my milked musclecum as I was producing at peak volume levels the entire time. Finally late that afternoon I started to feel the sexual drive weakening and I started to come down from the exhilarating high of a constant full-body, 5-day orgasm. 


By then, Dr. Malik had run his tests, and just as we had hoped my loads had become even more potent and magnified in strength. The Giants would only need 1 gallon a day each to maintain their enormous muscular size. Plus preliminary reports were coming in from the blind tests and again the gay boys were packing on the muscle with even less of my magic musclecum. More to come on that but we are excited about the prospect of helping every gay boy turn into a big muscle stud (if they so desire). 


It seems my latest boosted musclecum was living up to expectations and we were able to send most of the Giants back to their homes with a month’s supply to maintain their growth. The guys were working out the logistics of how we can ship the product so that the Giants would not have to return every month for pick up of their 30 gallons supply. Who knew shipping semen would be so difficult?


However, an unexpected development occurred later that following weekend that was not planned for my boosted musclecum. Around 3 am Saturday, I was in my office eating and as usual, chatting with some other big muscle studs around the world on my private muscle worship website. I had started doing Live Video Chats just to help pass the time and share the muscle freakdom. I always waited until I was hooked up to the milker which now ran under my new desk into a tube that suctioned to the outer garage which made it easier for the trucks to pick up and haul away for storage and processing. The cameras were set to just show me from the waist up and show off my humongous hairy pecs, boulder shoulders, and gigantic guns. It was great interacting with my fans and I enjoyed it. Guys would ask me questions or beg me to flex this muscle or that muscle and I would do my best to answer them all. “Did I miss being normal size?”, “Do I have to have all my clothes custom made?”, “How big is my cock?” – that’s almost every 3rd question. I was very open and honest, “No, I don’t miss anything about being normal-sized and I love being a huge, hairy, muscle freak.” “Yes, all of my clothes are custom made to fit my always growing body. But honestly, I haven’t worn any clothing in months.” that got a lot of the boys stroking. “Last measured fully erect it is 51 inches long and 23 inches in diameter.” And that got a lot of the dudes cumming. They begged me over and over to show my cock but I always declined. “Soon guys, I’ll show everything just not right now.” 


One of the new Giants logged in and was stroking his huge cock for the group. Watching his muscles flex as his large hands stroked the full 24-inches of throbbing man-meat got everyone excited again. “I can’t thank Bull enough for giving me this incredible body, fuck it’s amazing stroking this 2-foot long cock and being a 650-pound muscle beast! All I do is lift and cum. This big dick is always ready and it feels so fucking good in my hands.” The sexy Giant from Chicago spoke as he massaged the steel hard shaft from thick base to fat leaking head. He was so hot, that I could feel my dick getting even thicker in the tight base of the milker. “I’ve just spent the last 24 hours at Steamworks pounding every hot hole in sight. It was almost as much fun as the Giant Orgy. My only regret is I didn’t get to fuck the Bull’s tight ass last week before I left, everyone said it was amazing.” He said just as a huge dollop of precum escaped from the giant slit hole of the purple head and rolled down the entire 2-foot long shaft as he stopped stroking and let everyone focus on the mouthwatering flow on its journey. Fuck, that was hot!


There was a loud noise under the desk and I felt the milker jam up and stop pumping. I hit the call button and the night-boys came rushing in. The pumper had stopped but my balls were still shooting out my flood of cum and the backed-up pressure was starting to cause pain around my cock as there was nowhere for the cum to escape. They were trying frantically to restart the machine but were unsuccessful and the pain was becoming unbearable. I shoved back from the oversized desk and grabbed the milker in both hands at my base and tried to pry it forward but that only increased the pain as my cock was airlocked inside the tube. I then grabbed the oversize headcover in one hand and twisted and squeezed with all my might. With a loud pop, it broke off releasing the pressure hold and the trapped gallons of cum giving me instant relief. My hydrant of musclecum now blasted the 2 night-boys under the desk who were trying to fix the machine covering them and knocking them off their feet. Meanwhile, I used my brute force to completely break off the rest of the milker that was covering my over 4-foot-long throbbing shaft. I had to be careful in breaking off the pieces as the last thing I wanted to do was injure my big Bull cock!


With the final piece cleared I released my monstercock and let it smack my pecs and the flow of cum hit the ceiling above us. I looked under the desk at the 2 completely soaked night-boys and they were both immobile. Oh shit! I went to grab one and then it started. They were both growing!  Quickly, their bodies expanded from their tiny stature, and their clothes quickly shredded off of them. Within minutes there were 2 new muscle Giants awakening under my desk. Fuck!

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 30 The Giant Maker added 5/28/22) next to last chapter

Chapter 32 - The Saboteur (Year 5 - Finish)

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be my final procedure in the MG Project. This journal has only captured some of the incredible changes that I have gone through over the last 5 years, but barely captured all of the amazing experiences. I have a tight loving family with Nick and Pup and an extended family with my muscle gang. I’m one of the wealthiest men on the planet. I went from a partially paralyzed, single gay man to a thriving muscle-bound freak and the largest bodybuilder on the planet surrounded by other beautiful studs with incredible muscular bodies. 


But first, let’s back up to just after my last injection. After the incident with the 2 new Giants being made from the night-boys, I freaked out! Thankfully they both were excited and grateful for the change, they both had applied but did not make the previous lottery transformation. So, even though it was unplanned they were both beyond happy for the Giant change. I, on the other hand, was not happy. This scared the fuck out of me that I could randomly change someone against their will, intentionally or unintentionally. 


Later that evening after the 2 new Giants were created and I was taking a break from the 5-way muscle orgy with them and Nick and Pup. Nick tried to console me, but I was very upset with this new power. Before it had only worked during the brief time after my procedure, but now it seems that I can do it whenever I please just by soaking some gay dude with my magical muscle-cum. 


Pup joined in, “Bull, Sir, we don’t know this is all true, we are just making assumptions that this is a new permanent power of yours. Why don’t we set up a dunk tank and I’ll get a volunteer from the previous applications and test to see if it works next weekend? Maybe this is like your extended Superdrive orgy and it just lasted longer this time than it did previously, but eventually, you stopped getting fucked by every Giant dick in sight,” he finished with that cocky smirk on his adorable face. I gave him a gentle swat on his ass for being smart. I thought for a minute and, of course, Pup was right. I was jumping to conclusions. “Ok Pup, you’ve got a good point, let’s test this out and if we do get another Giant made this weekend, let’s keep testing it for the rest of the quarter just to see if it is permanent or a temporary condition for me,” I replied.  


Meanwhile, we continued the 5-way muscle orgy with the 2 new Giants. Nick was the center of a hot 3-way with the 2 newbies. Nick was pounding Giant #1 with his humongous meat while Giant #2 was going to town on Nick’s beautiful ass with his 25-inches.  Pup and I were both enjoying the live sex scene in front of us, but as I glanced over at him, I saw that tasty ass of his and my tongue got hard. “You like watching these Giants fucking, don’t you Pup?” I said with a low growl as we both stroked our dicks in unison. “Yes Sir, I do, Sir!” Pup replied with a few moans thrown in. “How about you climb over here and let me eat that sweet ripe hole of yours Pup while you watch Nick play with our two new buds?” He quickly repositioned and had that hairy ass planted down on my face as he continued to slowly stroke watching the muscle trio in front of him. There’s something about the smell and taste of his hole that sends me into overdrive and eating that ass has been an obsession of mine for a while now. I can’t get enough of it. And he knows the sensations that my now 9-inch tongue can give him and he readily complies with any demands from me to service his hole. 


Later that following weekend, Pup and Giant Papi had set up a dunk tank full of my musclecum and recruited one of the applicants for our test run. I won’t go into the full details of that event just that I was unsuccessful in making another Giant. So, Pup was right, again, in that it was just a delayed expression of my powers. I felt bad for the volunteer that he wasn’t transformed but told him he could be in the next group when I did my final booster at the end of this quarter. And he enjoyed the evening getting to play around with several of the Giants in residence. 


For the next few months, we continued moving ahead with the testing of my musclecum as a growth additive supplement for standard bodybuilders and muscle growth men.  So far, all of the results have been positive with no detrimental side effects. It is better than most roid cycles for packing on quality muscle mass in 6-8 weeks. Some experienced bodybuilders have reported gaining a pound per day since they were on the pilot testing program. One of the initial studs went from 245# to 308# in 60 days with the same body fat percentage.  I mean, that’s crazy! And it still only works on gay, bi, or gay-curious men. If we can unleash this product on the market, in a couple of years every major bodybuilding contest will be dominated by non-hetero men. 


That gets you generally caught up as I prepare for tomorrow’s final procedure. Again, I’m going to double-dose it and fulfill my obligation to the program and solidify my status as the largest muscle freak on the planet. 


The final day at the Clinic was bittersweet. Going through the tests for the final time was a little sad but thankfully I had Big John there to distract me with his huge muscles and leaking horsecock. We were both so excited that just the slightest touch would set us off and cause Hazun to do more clean-up than expected. I told the Doc that we could skip the volume measurement of my orgasm as I didn’t think he had a large enough receptacle. My balls were churning and I knew my next load was going to be one of my biggest ever. 


Suddenly, I awoke in the warm, humid night air to the sounds of grunting muscle men all around me. I could feel the powerful expulsion of my musclecum blasting out from my monstercock, but this time there wasn’t the usual suction and friction of the milking machine attachment. I opened my eyes and could see the bright stadium lights surrounding me from above as I eased up on my elbows to take in my surroundings. This isn’t my backyard outdoor gym, where the fuck was I, and what was happening? 


All around me were thousands of muscle giants soaked in my musclecum flexing and fucking. Both of my wrists and my ankles were strapped to chained restraints and my throbbing 5-foot-long cock was shooting a constant rope of cum as high as the upper decks of Minute-Maid stadium, yes, this is where the Houston Astros play baseball and I was locked down in the center field. What the Fuck! I looked around for Nick, Pup, or any friendly face but didn’t recognize anyone. 


I tested the restraints, I had to get out of here but was unable to break free even with my tremendous strength. The entire field and stadium were packed with Giants! There must have been 40-thousand or more duplicate muscle men all flexing, grunting, and fucking in a constant motion of cocks and asses and muscles. It was an incredible scene but I had to focus, had to figure out what had happened. “Finally, you’re awake,” came a familiar voice from behind me, “Isn’t this amazing Bull! Look what you have created with your powerful musclecum!” Giant Papi said as he ran his hand through the exploding flow of cum and then licked his fingers enjoying the taste of my seed. 


“Papi, what the fuck is going on, why am I locked down, where’s Nick and Pup?” I screamed at him as I struggled against the chained restraints. Papi came over and rubbed his cum smeared hand on the side of my face, “Everyone is OK Bull, I promise, I just needed to take control on your final booster weekend to create my army of gay muscle Giants.” I must have looked at him like he was fucking crazy because, well, this is fucking crazy! 


“You see Bull, you’ve had this transformative power for over a year now to make Giants when a man is soaked by your musclecum. I hid it from you and everyone and stockpiled all of your magnificent musclecum for the last 18 months. I rigged your test dunk tank with cum from Big John instead of yours. Tonight, gay men become Alphas and will become the aggressor to every weak hetero bully everywhere. And tonight my plan takes full effect, not just in Houston but in every major city around the globe. We will take over the world!” He then repositioned my strapped chair so that I was looking at the 2-story video screen within the stadium.


The screen came on with video feeds of other stadiums around the world: New York, London, Rome, Beijing, Dubai, Nairobi, New Delhi, Moscow, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and on and on, there must have been over 100 stadiums. Each stadium was packed with normal-sized, naked men all looking up to the sky and the overhead cameras.  The view then switched to New York only as the roar of an aircraft approaching was heard through the sound system. The large plane was one of those huge machines used in fighting wildfires and the full plan dawned on me just as the plane opened its belly and my musclecum fell from the sky and completely soaked the full stadium below. 


The monitors then showed this repeating over and over around the world at every stadium. I screamed at Giant Papi in horror,





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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 32 The Saboteur added 5/30/22)

I hope you enjoyed this story only half as much as I enjoyed writing it. My first time was more exciting than I ever imagined as a long time lurker on here and fan of so many great stories. I hate that the system crashed and there was such a long break as I felt like I lost that connection with a lot of you guys. But I was determined to continue and finish this thing I had started regardless. Anyway, thanks for the likes and supportive comments, I hope the writing bug hits me again. Until then, keep growing!

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 32 The Saboteur added 5/30/22) Final Chapter?

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