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MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 36 The Idiot added 7/23/22)


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I wish I could quit you...apparently what I thought was the end actually wasn't as the story continued to play out in my head. I hope you all enjoy the continuation of Bull and his muscle gang. 

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Chapter 33 - The Shapeshifter

“It’s done!” I announced as I entered from the garage to the guys who were waiting in the dining area. There was a collective exhale from the group and a visible relaxation of their tensed bodies as the invisible weight was lifted from them by my two words. Nick came over and gave me a big hug and kiss, the look in his eyes was still full of doubt but also relief and love. Pup then came running over and jumped up on my broad back as he often does for his piggyback rides and whispered in my ear, “I love you Bull! Thanks for keeping us all safe!” Nick returned to his seat at the table and I walked over and greeted the other guys with Pup still clung to my back, and I kind of smiled knowing he would be there for the rest of the evening if I allowed it. 

I leaned forward against the counter and we were all quiet for a few minutes. The toll and strain of the last few months clearly evident on everyone’s face and the realization that it was slowly over finally taking hold. David stood up and walked over to the bar and poured a double bourbon on the rocks and then placed it in front of me. He then went back to his seat next to Sven and put his arm around his husband comforting him and I marveled once again at the primal beauty of this couple. Sam was seated next to Sven and behind him was the mammoth muscle beast of Big John with his huge paws on each of Sam’s traps lightly massaging the tensed up muscles.

As I took a swallow of the Bourbon, I thought how my muscle gang had gone from 10 down to a super 7. I know the guys wanted the story update but I needed a few minutes to decompress and take in the love and good energy of my gang. 

“We captured Big Papi in a sketchy hotel in Moscow and he is now locked up in Guantanamo where he will remain for the rest of his life.” I spoke slowly and deliberately letting the guys know the most important thing was that it was over and we were all safe. I finished off my Bourbon and said, “I think we all need another round before I give you all the full story of the last few months. It’s a nice evening, let’s go out by the pool and get comfortable, I have a lot to share.” I handed my glass to David for another refill as I began walking out towards the pool with the Pup still riding like a 200 pound back pack strapped around my neck and torso. This was one of his happy places and I loved this boy so fucking much I gave his legs a little squeeze and said, “I’ve missed you Pup!” and he responded with a squeeze and a kiss on the back of my neck.

As the guys got settled, I took a deep swig of my drink and began recounting the tale from 6 months ago when this madness all started with Big Papi and his crazy scheme for world domination. 

Immediately after creation of the thousands of Giants around the globe, Big Papi disappeared leaving me chained up in the stadium. I was going nuts trying to free myself when after about 20 minutes all of a sudden the restraints snapped open and I was free. I jumped off the device and saw my clothes and phone folded underneath the table. I grabbed them and ran up the stairs of the stadium taking 5 at a time with my long thick legs. Once at the top and out of the orgy of giants all around me, I hit Nick’s call button on my phone while I put on the t-shirt, shorts, and shoes. After the 5 agonizing rings, “Bull is that you, are you OK?” Nick anxiously yelled into the phone. “I’m fine babe, are you OK?” I answered back. Nick quickly replied, “Yes, Pup and I are here at the house, we both just woke up, I think we were drugged, what’s going on?” 

“Put me on speaker, I need both of you to hear this,” I ordered. I then recounted the nightmare scene that had just happened around the world with Big Papi’s crazy scheme. “Pup, head to our office and I need you to find all of his storage units of my musclecum around the world and destroy it all, every last ounce must be removed and completely destroyed, do you understand?” I asked. “Yes Sir, I’m on it!” Pup responded and I could hear him running down to our office to get to work. “Babe, I need you to find the other guys and make sure they are safe. Get everyone to the mansion if they are not there. Lock down the compound and change all of the security access codes. Text me an update in 30 minutes. I love you and I’m going to fix this!” I said as I hung up and went running out of the stadium. 

I stopped, took a deep breath and began planning my next moves. I needed to quickly find Big Papi but I couldn’t do it alone. I grabbed my phone and punched the call button for Big John. “Bull, glad you’re alright, I just woke up in my room, I feel like I was knocked out or something. Did we go drinking…” he said in a groggy voice. I quickly interrupted and said, “I need you to get alert and let Nick know that you are ok, he and Pup are upstairs, then meet me at the Garage in 20 minutes. Be ready for a fight!” That got his attention, “Yes Sir!” he responded and I could hear him racing up the steps as I hung up.

A text came in from Nick, ‘everyone at home, all good. Locked down and passwords changed. Love you’ 

I raced to the south entrance of the stadium where the VIP and Players parking lot was located on the hope that one of my vehicles was there but unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky. However a couple of the Players were just pulling in to the lot for their morning warm up practice. JV recognized me as he exited his maxed out F-150 truck and called out, “Hey Bull, how's it going man?” as I raced over to him. “I can’t explain but I need to borrow your truck.” I asked as I was now standing in front of him, my sweaty cum soaked pecs only inches from him. This man had ice water in his veins as nothing shook him and quickly held out his keys and dropped them in my open hand. “Whatever you need Bull, it’s yours.” He said as I was already speeding out of the lot.

I was racing down the interstate toward the garage when I sent a voice text to Sam, ‘I need you to secure the gates and fortify the house against an invasion of muscle giants. Do whatever it takes to protect you and the guys! I’m depending on you to protect Nick and Pup!’

The Garage, formerly owned by one of the Huang twins, had been turned into an underground sex dungeon space that we used for our Superdrive parties and was now owned by Big Papi. I hadn’t been in the space in over a year but it was the only place I could think of that he might be. As I slid the truck into the back drive, Big John pulled up right behind me. I jumped out of the truck and the rage hit me as I exploded up and out. My body was on fire and every muscle pumped to the full maximum. Big John looked up at me in awe as my body kept growing higher and thicker. I looked down at him not fully understanding, and not taking a moment to try to comprehend what was happening as I turned toward the rolling garage door and said, “watch my back!”

I grabbed the two handles of the rolling garage door bay and yanked it toward me and threw the entire door 40 feet into the parking lot like it was a piece of paper. I headed for the back office where I saw the glow of lights under the closed door. Yanking the door from its frame in one easy motion I entered to an unoccupied room with dozens of monitors mounted on the far wall. It was a smaller version of the video wall at the stadium capturing all of the arenas around the world and the continuing muscle orgy of giants in every major city. 

I raced up the stairs to the play areas in 2 easy strides. Vacant in the posing room but in the far corner of the S/M room tied up to the X-Cross was one of the twins. His body had whipped marks across his chest as someone, probably Big Papi, had beat him bloody with a leather whip. He was awake and looking at me in fear and lust. “Where is he?” I barked in my deepest controlling voice. No response. I knew this little pain freak would not give up his Master easily and what I did next I am not proud of but I knew it was necessary to get the information I needed quickly.

Five minutes later we were back in the lower entry area with the screams of the tortured twin still raging through the building. I wiped the blood off of my hands on my tattered and torn t-shirt which had disintegrated during my growth spurt. Big John looked up at me and calmly said, “Bull, you need to take a breath and calm yourself, I don’t know how you grew so quickly but you can’t fit in either of our vehicles. Can you focus and try to make yourself smaller?” 

It was then that I caught my reflection in the mirrors on the far wall. I was a freak! I must have been over 10 feet tall and my muscles were exploding in every direction as I took deep breaths to try to calm myself. I looked back down at Big John who now looked so small in comparison to me. I locked eyes and nodded. ‘Calm, control, bring your self down to a better level, smaller but even stronger’, I kept repeating the mantra in my head. I could feel my body constricting and I slowly nodded yes still maintaining my stare to Big John until I had become eye level with him. Then I stopped. I turned to the mirrors and even though we were the same size now, every muscle in my body looked like a steel trap waiting to be unleashed with the power and force constrained tightly in every woven fiber of my body.

I’m not sure why or how but I was now able to control the shape and size of my body with my mind. I went from over 10 feet down to 6’8’’ within minutes, I guess the concentrated strength of my muscles kept my weight the same but I was able to increase or decrease their size at will now. This power didn’t just stop there, I then focused on my raging giant elephant cock and was able to decrease it down further and further until it was a more manageable 20-inches of granite hard pipe. 

“Fucking amazing, Bull!” Big John moaned as his cock was now throbbing watching my shape shifting abilities in real time. I looked at his leaking meat and ordered, “Put that away, we’ve got to get to the airport quickly to see if we can cut that psycho off from leaving the country.”

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 33 The Shapeshifter added 7/3/22)

Chapter 34 - The Commander

I jumped in Big John’s truck, and we sped off towards the airport. Big Papi had about a 30-minute lead on us according to the tortured twin. I grabbed my phone, “Pup, I need you to contact our friend, the Air Traffic Controller (and muscle worshipper), we need to identify Big Papi’s leased jet, stop it if we can or at least track it if it is already in the air. I’m calling our on-call crew and will have them ready to go as soon as we get there.” I ordered into the phone. “Yes, Sir, Bull, will do!” Pup replied as I hung up. After calling my standby Pilot and then calling Nick, I lowered my phone and took a deep breath. I looked over at Big John who was straining with both big hands on the steering wheel and his face was locked in a tight grimace, eyes forward as he weaved in and out of heavy traffic. Every muscle seemed like it was flexed in his huge body and his cock was literally shaking as it stood angrily between his huge quads aimed up at his thick pecs. It was soaked with his precum and looked like he was moments from exploding. I realized then that he was in the depths of the SuperDrive from last night's booster, and it was taking all of his self-control to focus on the task of driving and getting us to the airport hangar. In a slow comforting voice I spoke, “hold on big fella, we are almost there and then we will take care of you.” He didn’t respond except for a slight nod.

My phone rang, it was Pup, “There was a leased jet that just took off 15 minutes ago, flight plan for San Juan, Puerto Rico. The ground crew reported 2 SUVs full of huge muscle men boarded the jet.” I let out a loud “Fuck!” and then said, “great work Pup, thanks! I’ll check back once we are in the air.” 

A few more calls made until finally Big John slammed on the brakes as we entered our private hangar. We both jumped out, not even trying to hide our raging hard horsecocks as we ran to the steps of the jet. My condensed size and power also translated into speed as I surprised myself at how quickly I reached the bottom jetway and then sprung up the steps in a flash. Big John entered a couple of moments behind me, and the waiting attendants closed the door, we immediately began leaving the hangar and heading towards the short line of private jets awaiting takeoff.

I stripped off the gym shorts and shoes, and got down in the all-fours position, rubbing my hole with my cum to loosen it up for the impending assault. I heard a grunt and saw a large shoe go flying by my head before I felt the steel pipe expanding my hole and diving into the depths of my guts. The blinding pain caused me to raise my head and scream and my entire body tensed up, my thick iron glutes snapped tight on the invading horsecock.

Big John needed to fuck but he was no match for my power and strength. I held him in the vice grip for a moment until my hole adjusted and the pain turned into pleasure. He was resisting with all his might, but it was nothing compared to the pure power I held. I released my hold just as the jet's huge engines geared up to full throttle as we began our takeoff down the runway. Big John attacked my ass with a fury, like a wild animal he pounded his huge meat in and out of my gaping hole. I focused on my interior glute muscles and rhythmically milked his horsecock as he entered and exited. He was groaning like a gorilla and within minutes he slammed full force to the depths, and I felt the large head expand and release the first of many gallons of cum deep into my guts. 

He flooded my large intestines with his cum and I don’t know how but I just mentally told my body I had to absorb all his seed. I could feel it being pulled in a reverse action up through my small intestine and into my stomach where I began digesting his cum like it was a protein shake. The bricks of my 10-pack didn’t even expand an inch as my body somehow took in the invading flood of Big John’s monster load. Meanwhile my ass continued the rhythmic pull on his throbbing cock, I needed to get Big John through a typical 48-hour fuck-a-thon in less than 2 hours. 


We kept fucking, Big John was coming every 10 minutes, then every 5 minutes until finally for the 2nd hour it was a non-stop power orgasm as my body became the ultimate fuck machine and demanded and drained every ounce of cum from his overstuffed balls. He finally collapsed on my broad sweaty back and was begging me to stop please, please! I released his now deflating cock as it plopped out of my snapped close hole. Not a single drop of his cum escaped. As I stood up, he collapsed on the ground, “Oh my fucking god, Bull, that was, fuck, Bull, how did you, god, fuck, I can’t, what you did, Bull, fuck…” He was becoming nonsensical and moaning trying to understand what had just happened and realizing he couldn’t understand it just gave in to the realization he just had the best fuck of his life.

The Attendants raced over with protein shakes and warm towels. I took a shake and grabbed my phone. I needed to get to work. Over the next hour I spoke with various leaders around the world as the news of the ‘Global Gay Rave Gone Wild’ spread on all the networks. As one of the wealthiest men on the planet (not to mention my sexual prowess) I had become acquainted with powerful leaders around the world. I assured the leaders that the changes to the men in the arenas were temporary and would wear off within days.

Pup had succeeded in short time to identify and destroy all the stockpiles of my musclecum that Big Papi had neglected to even try to hide. I guess in his twisted mind that he just assumed I would go along with his diabolical plan and continue to gladly feed his army of gay giants. Tankers released their payloads into the ocean and full storage units were drained and / or buried. That let me know Big Papi was overconfident in the success of his crazy scheme, but I was sure it would not be that easy and he probably had some smaller amounts hidden away for himself and his most zealous followers. 

Within hours, my PR firm had gained control of the story and smothered it. All the major networks and news channels immediately canceled all coverage. And if you still don't believe that a small number of wealthy men control the world, I'm here to tell you it is fucking true. It will cost me, but it is money well spent to keep my loved ones safe.

My personal security force and local authorities would be at the airport and capture Big Papi when he stepped off the plane. Since my jet was bigger and faster, we made up time and were projected to land 15 minutes before him. I continued to plan and do damage control, working my phone and laptop, I accidentally knocked over my shaker cup off the desk as I reached for a pen and that was when I saw Big John. He was lying naked on the oversized sofa, on his back with his legs bent exposing that beautiful ass while he beat his throbbing monster cock with both of his big hands. He was staring at me with eyes full of lust. 

“You’re so hot Bull, I’ve never seen you look so powerful and strong, the way your muscles move now is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. Even your fucking hands are pure power they look like they could rip me to shreds. Oh god, so fucking strong and so fucking sexy. I can’t wait until you destroy my hole. Oh fuck, I’m gonna shoot. Fuck!” And I watched as his dick shot his stream of cum up over his head as he continued to pound his cock while he continued to eye-fuck me over my entire body. I looked down at my newly compacted body and gave it a once over. Damn, he was right! Every cord of muscle was wrapped like steel cables under my glistening skin. Thick veins wrapped around and were like pipelines delivering nutrients to feed the muscle cells as they looked like they were literally ready to explode to an enormous size at any second. Even my cock looked muscular, hard and slick with cum. At about 24’’ it was much more manageable than the normal state of the whale-cock I possessed at full length. In fact, I thought, let’s go a little tighter and I focused on reducing the throbbing pole even more. I watched as the head dropped further down from my eyesight by about 6 more inches. This caused it to harden and throb even more, the veins like ropes wrapped around the base and every inch of the steel pole. The head was a deep red, angry and gushing cum out of the open slit. My balls ached for release, but I refused to give in to the pleasure, I needed this additional sexual frustration to fuel me in what may be a coming fight with Big Papi.

“Please buckle your safety belts as we will be landing in San Juan in 10 minutes,” came the Pilot’s announcement over the speaker system. I grabbed my phone and threw on some gym shorts and Nikes and ran up to the front door of the jet, I needed to be out of this plane the second we landed and stopped. 

I didn’t wait for the stairs to be brought over, I opened the door and leapt 12 feet down to the asphalt like a giant cat. Two black SUVs raced over and out stepped my local head of security from the back of the second vehicle. If this had been normal times, I would have taken a minute to fully capture the visual of this incredibly sexy man as he raced over and shook my hand, “Bull, Sir, welcome to San Juan, I am Javier your commander of security. Please get into the vehicle and I will update you on the latest information.” Good god, this man just oozed swarthy Latino sexiness from every pore of his being. He was that beautiful!

I climbed into the back seat opposite Javier, nodding to the two grunts in the front seats as we sped off. I glanced over to Javier who was adjusting his sudden erection and I made note of my musky pits to control my scent, so we didn’t have a crash due to the sudden orgasms of the driver. Javier took a breath and then began his update, he was clearly trying to recover focus as his eyes rapidly darted from my pecs, my cock, and my face. I gave him a reassuring nod as he began to speak.

“Sir, we have the runway surrounded with our team and support from the local authorities. However, 10 minutes ago, our flight control deck alerted me to the change of course of the designated aircraft. It has made a 180-degree turn and our best guess is it is headed to either Haiti or Cuba.” Javier paused as I let out a ‘Fuck!’ then continued, “my recommendation is we go to our air traffic control room and determine his final destination and then plan our next steps from there.” I looked into his deep brown eyes and nodded agreement. 

An hour later, as I feared, Big Papi had landed in Havana, Cuba. This was not going to be easy as we would need to work several diplomatic channels to get access to fly to Cuba, clearly Big Papi had a connection and had prearranged this destination in advance.  I spoke to Javier and Big John, “Let’s continue to track his plane but it looks like he is going to be in Havana for the evening. We will make our jet the new command center. Javier, you, and your team can move in so we can be mobile if needed.” I took a moment to pause and take a deep breath. “And if I don’t get some sexual relief soon, I think my nuts are going to explode!” I said with a smile as they both looked down at my throbbing 18-inches causing an obscene tent in my workout shorts. I gave Javier a wink as he seductively licked his lips eyeing my bulging meat.

Two hours later, we had everyone moved in and set up the new command center on the lower level of the jet. I don’t think my plane has ever been this butch! I invited Javier to stop by my room when he was all set up for a final briefing of the night. I had just made myself a drink when the knock came at my door. “Come in,” I said as I went to set my drink down on the table. Good thing, as I probably would have dropped it when I saw Javier walk into my room. The 6’2’’, 300-pound former Navy Seal commander confidently strode into the center of the room carrying a file folder and wearing only his tight white boxer shorts. “Well, fuck me, aren’t you a beautiful man, I mean, I knew you had some muscle but damn you are built like a tank!” I had lost myself and was now a giddy teenage boy mad crushing over a fantasy man come to life. 


He stood in that relaxed, confident style of a military man as I slowly inspected every inch of him slowly circling like a shark on the hunt. Thick black hair, full brows, deep brown eyes, full almost pouty lips framed by a short, black beard. His neck was thick and surrounded by overly dominant traps that set like grab bars on his broad shoulders. The rest of the Commander’s muscular body was symmetrical and developed like he was 6-weeks from stepping on stage of an IFBB Bodybuilding Contest. The swirling hair on his pecs and abs covered a couple of scars and tattoos that added to his magnetism. His tight white boxers were pulled low in the front by the weight and heft of his equipment and the dark forest of his pubes shown through the light fabric. I was already imagining the smell of his musky crotch and my dick throbbed more pre-cum at the thought of his all-day manly smell. The back view was even better! The broad back was covered by an intricate tattoo which somehow hid and highlighted several more scars. This was a true warrior who had been in some battles. But the prize was his ginormous ass! The circular globes stretched the fabric tight and pulled to where the hairy crack was visible by a couple of inches above his waistband. I was going to enjoy destroying that ass later tonight! 

“Would you like a drink, Javier?” I asked as I finished my visual inspection, my eyes taking in the tree trunk hairy thighs and diamond shaped calves and muscular thick feet (that Pup would cream over if he was here). “Yes, thank you, Sir.” he replied, and for the first time all day I heard a hint of nervousness in his voice. We spent the next 20 minutes going over the file, planning and strategizing our next moves while pausing at times to lust over each other as we downed our drinks, and I made another round of doubles. This was a man in control, a man of action, a leader among leaders, and I couldn’t wait to make him my screaming little bottom-boy bitch! 

I set his glass in front of him and then went over and I sat down on the edge of the bed, my shorts were now soaked with cum and my 18-inch horsecock tented up to the ceiling silently inviting him over for a ride. Javier received the message, downed his double bourbon in one swallow, closed the file, stood, and walked over to me. I looked down expecting him to drop to his knees between my muscular quads like every other man and begin to worship my throbbing cock. Instead, he was quickly on top of me pushing me back flat on the bed, kissing me deeply with his strong tongue, his hands everywhere kneading and touching my muscles. 

Wait a fucking minute, this isn’t how this is supposed to play out! I’m the boss, the dominant top going to destroy that perfect ass. I quickly used my coiled strength to roll him over on the bed placing him in the submissive position below me and went to kiss him correctly when all of a sudden, I was flipped over and again he was on top of me. He gave me a smirk. What the fuck! How did he do that so quickly and effortlessly. And so began a fast-wrestling battle for the dominant position and even though I was easily 10 times stronger, his power, quickness, and fighting skills always counteracted and put him in control. I then felt my breath being restricted, I was in some kind of hold closing my airway at my neck, I looked up into his eyes at the start of a panic set in me, when he calmly said, “now Bull, I think you need to relax and stop fighting me. I’m in control.” I nodded, fully accepting my situation and quickly going to that sub headspace as I locked away my desires to refocus and to fully please this incredible Stud.

The next few hours were a mind-bending roller coaster ride of sweat, cum, and fantasy, as Javier used my body in ways that I had never experienced in one continuous session. It was a master class in man-on-man sexual energy all the while controlling every touch, kiss, and interaction. I started blowing my cum cannon within 3 minutes and didn’t stop the entire time as he kept rolling me through orgasm after orgasm. I was always mindful to blast my cum away from him and not cover his body in my giant-altering muscle cum. Finally, he was pumping my ass with my legs thrown over those massive traps, sweat dripping from his hairy chest onto mine as he started screaming out words in Spanish on each down stroke of his thick 11-incher into my tight hole. His head went back as he blasted his huge load deep inside me with his balls slapped against the underside of my ass. He held me in position, locked down as he loaded me. He then bent his gorgeous face to mine, licked my lips with his tongue and kissed me. The Commander then pulled out completely, stepped back off the bed, turned and grabbed his boxers in one hand and his file in the other and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. 

I was still blasting and this fucker just pulled a power dominant move of just leaving me like a used cum-filled whore, well, fuck him, who the fuck does he think he is using me like that, who am I kidding, FUCK YES that was so fucking hot! I cranked up the release and began fully emptying my giant balls coating the room completely white!

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 34 The Commander added 7/9/22)

Chapter 35 - The Sergeant

I laid in bed satisfied but alone. I missed my Musclehead and my Pup, still stroking my diamond hard cock. I calculated the time zones and figured they were probably in bed so I didn’t want to disturb them. Sam had texted me about an hour ago for me to call him with an update, so I dialed his number as I went to the bathroom to piss. I stretched up my arms as i walked and got a whiff of my hairy pit odor, ‘damn I need a shower, my body was rank even for me!’ 

“Hey Sam, how is everything?” I asked as I aimed for the open shower and let loose my pent up piss stream. Sam answered in a frantic voice, “Bull, everyone is okay now, but we had a bit of a scare earlier this evening. Two large gangs of those giants rushed the fence from both directions of the street. Our security forces fired warning shots and threw tear gas and disbursed most of them. Four of them were able to cross over the top of the fence. The security team was able to capture and subdue three of them but one made it all the way to the house. I had Nick protecting Pup in one of the safe rooms, David and Sven were manning the back of the house, I was covering the front. I guess I surprised him with my size as I came running out the front door and tackled him in his tracks. He threw a couple of good punches as we wrestled around on the grass, but I was able to knock his ass out with my sleeper hold. We carried him down to the gym and tied him up while the authorities came and took the other 3 into custody. By then the other giants had scattered. Once they left, we went down to the gym and Nick recognized the dude from some muscle worship sessions Nick had done for him in the past. His name is Jerry and once we told him that we wouldn’t hurt him, he opened up and started yacking like a hungry donkey.”

Sam had now calmed down a bit and continued telling me his story, “So, Jerry said that they had all received a text that you were at this address and they needed to get just an ounce of your cum to stay huge. He said he was already shrinking and he couldn’t go back to being a weak little fag like he was before the change. Jerry went on to say that some ‘guy’ had been texting him for months and was the one who invited him to the stadium for his ultimate growth reward. Pup then took Jerry’s phone and headed off, Pup said he was going to have our tech guys look into it. Nick told Jerry what all had happened with Big Papi’s crazy plans and Jerry has agreed to help us however he can. He apologized for trespassing and for attacking me and said he would do whatever it takes, he wasn’t interested in world domination, he just wanted big biceps.” Sam finished with a little laugh. 

I wasn’t yet in a laughing mood. I took a breath feeling thankful that my loved ones were unharmed but the deep rage boiled down in my core for the man who unleashed this attack. As calm as I could be, I replied, “Sam, I can’t thank you enough for your heroics and for defending and protecting our home and keeping Nick and Pup safe. Let’s double the security force surrounding the property. I’ve considered you all going into hiding, but I think this is the safest place for you all now is to stay together. Do you agree?” I asked sincerely wanting his advice. 

“Yes Sir, Bull, I do agree. The house has multiple safe rooms, supplies, and weapons, we could survive for a year if needed.” Sam said and again I felt a little movement in my cock at the sound of his sweet Tennessee country accent. “Where are Nick and Pup now?” I asked. “They are asleep in your big bed with David and Sven. All four of them are curled up together last time I made my rounds about 30 minutes ago. I’m heading down to the gym now and I think Jerry and I might get in a late night workout, all this adrenaline needs to be put to some good use.” he said with a slight snicker. “Uh huh, I hear you Big Sam and if some giant dicks find some giant holes…” I was laughing and couldn’t finish my sentence. Sam was also laughing and finally replied, “well, while the Bull’s away, Sam’s hole needs to play! And he’s got a whopper too, almost as big as Nick’s 29-inches!” I wrapped up the conversation, “Ok, Sam, have fun man, you deserve it, stay safe and keep me posted.”

I took a quick shower and was enjoying feeling my super hard muscles on my collapsed body when there was a loud knock at my door. “Come in,” I yelled, “I’m in the shower.” About a minute passed before the big Commander and another special forces type stud were standing in my bathroom both dressed in their standard issue boxers. “Bull, Sir, we have new information from our CIA friends.” the Commander spoke as I turned off the water and slid back the solid shower curtain. “What’s up?” I said noticing the smirk on the Commander’s face and the dropped jaw and shock on mister special forces dude. I loved that look of two super macho studs taking in the full magnificent muscular massiveness of my naked body. I grabbed my towel and began to dry off, touching every inch of my huge flexing wet body as the Commander began his update all the while mister special forces had boned up in his boxers and couldn’t take his eyes off me.

The Commander stated flatly, “90 minutes ago, the targets leased jet took off from the Havana airport. This has been confirmed by on the ground reports and these images from the CIA satellite. As you can see, here and here, the images pick up several very large men entering the plane. We are unable to confirm which one is Big Papi due to the angles and all were wearing baseball caps. Their flight plan is for Bogota, Columbia. I have alerted all of our South American security team leaders to be on standby. Our onboard team is up and ready for takeoff, I have notified the crew to be on standby for your orders. Sir, I recommend that we do not pursue to Columbia until we have further information. I think this is a decoy.” 

I dropped the now damp towel on the floor and stood naked, processing the information, something was gnawing at my gut but I couldn’t quite figure it out. I don’t think Papi is thinking clearly and smart enough to do that, and the anger I felt and need to punish him for sending his mob of Giants to harm my loved ones rose up and filled me with instant rage. The Commander stood staring at my face while mister special forces couldn’t take his eyes off of my throbbing 18-inches. “Thanks, Commander, I disagree, let’s go get that crazy fucker!” I said, paused, then added, nodding towards the big beefy brute who up until now had not said a word and only stared in amazement at my giant horsecock. “But, one more question, why is he here?” 

The Commander gave that sexy smirk and said, “This is former Marine Sergeant Andrews, he lost our wrestling match last night and whenever you’re ready, has to get fucked by that massive prick of yours.” A big smile hit my face as I turned to look at the Marine Sergeant who was only an inch shorter than me. His eyes were still glued to my throbbing missile with a look of lust and terror combined on his rugged face. “Is that so, are you ready for the fuck of your life, Sergeant?” I sneered as I moved quickly to surround him slamming my huge chest against him, wrapping my arms around his locking him down and grabbing too big handfuls of man ass in my big hands.

“Sir, Yes Sir!” the Sergeant barked back.

I released him and nodded and used my right hand to guide him toward the bedroom area. As we exited the bathroom, the Commander leaned into my ear and said, “Go rough, he’s already prepped as I fucked that hole all night and got him loose for you Bull.” That was music to my ears as I was in need of letting off some aggression. The Sergeant had already stripped off his tight boxers and was in the all fours position on the bed, I said to myself, ‘he has been trained well’. 

But I took one look at that magnificent muscular ass all covered in man fur and knew I needed to plant my face and long tongue in there first. I placed my big hands on each chunk of hairy ass meat and spread it exposing the recently abused hole which was still a little puffy and covered in dried cum. “Fuck yea!” I grumbled as I dove in. After the initial rush of smell and taste, I slowed down and appreciated the perfection of this man’s ass. Strong and masculine, like him, covered in sexy black hair, this was the definition of a big Man’s rugged ass. I teased his puffy lips and slowly entered with my strong muscular tongue. I could still taste the Commander’s big loads and the smell of sweat and sex enveloped my nose. He let out a big grunt as I stretched his hole and dove deeper with my snake-like tongue. I thought, ‘oh yea, this stud’s going to be in for a big surprise when I stretch it out to its full thick 9-inches’. About 5 inches in I found that magic button and his body quivered and his piggy grunts increased as I massaged it with the tip of my wet tongue. I was relentless and his body was shaking and the grunts got louder as the anal orgasm rolled over him in waves. I then refocused on my tongue muscle, making it grow longer and thicker as it stretched and dove deeper in his wet hole.

“Oh my fucking god” grunt, grunt, “I’ve never had my ass,” grunt, grunt, grunt, “tongue fucked like, oh fuck,” grunt, grunt, ”Sir, you’re so deep, fuck!” When I thought I was at my limit of depth, I focused again and my tongue expanded another inch deeper until I hit that second wall, completely filling his hole. I just paused there for several minutes, lightly contracting and expanding my tongue muscle, fluttering the tip deeper inside him than most of the cocks have ever been in this muscle man’s hairy ass. His entire body was now in a constant state of shivering, rippling orgasm until he finally collapsed from his all-fours position to face down on the bed below us. 

I let my tongue retract out as his body fell beneath me, but I didn’t give him a second to recover as I used my powerful thighs to spread his legs exposing the target hole. I grabbed my giant 18-inch missile and aimed, soaking the hole with my relaxing hot musclecum. I gave it a few seconds to do the job and then pressed the thick head and expanded the swollen lips before diving in about 6 inches of the way. I grabbed both sides of his hips and pulled back up to the all-fours mounting position as my cock head found his prostate. “Oh fuck Bull, you’re so fucking thick and hard!” he groaned out in between more grunts. I internally laughed, if he only knew this constricted version of 18-inches was only about a quarter of my naturally expanded size. The pure power and strength of this compacted cock was so great that I had to keep pressure on his hips to keep my cock from lifting him up in the air in front of me. 

“You like that big dick, pig?” I barked as I let go of his hips and slapped both big hands on his hairy ass, spanking each hairy cheek with a loud thwack that I’m sure was heard throughout the entire jet. Upon release of my hands my cock lifted him up, but I quickly grabbed hold of his glutes after the sudden spanking and held him locked down in position. I also drove another 6 inches deeper giving him a full foot-long experience stretching his hole and pushing past that 2nd wall barrier. His broad thick back arched up stretching the wide lats displaying the full back tattoo and several large scars. This triggered something deep in me, dominating and fucking this ideal man’s man, the pure definition of masculinity was under my control as I began to pummel his ass with my diamond hard horsecock. 

I pulled out and quickly flipped him over, his near 300 pound frame felt like I was turning a page in a book. “I want to see your face as I rape this manhole!” I barked out and his eyes got big with lust and maybe a little fear. This angle put even more pressure on his ravaged prostate and his thick uncut meat was now in a constant state of leaking white cum on his dark hairy abs. I continued the assault and every time his eyes would wander or begin to glaze over I would smack him hard in the face and order, “Eyes on me! Pig!” 

I lost track of time as I abused his hole. Finally, I decided to send him to that orgasmic coma and I did a big double biceps flex releasing my musk into the room and causing him to instantly shoot onto his pecs and abs. He was trying hard to keep his eyes locked on me but as I expanded my cock and opened the cannon of cum deep inside him he lost the battle and his eyes rolled back and he went to that cosmic happy place. I pulled out and aimed my raging river away from him and towards the shower stall in the bathroom. I waddled over and fully released my balls until the shower basin overflowed with my cum and I stopped the release and stood there ankle deep in my seed.

An announcement came over the speaker system from the Pilot, “Please secure all items and prepare for landing in 15 minutes.”

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 35 The Sergeant added 7/16/22)

Chapter 36 - The Idiot

“FUCK, I’m so fucking stupid, FUCK!” I barked as the local security chief informed me that all of the onboard Giants had been subdued but Big Papi was not onboard, they had searched every inch of the plane. We had landed about 45 minutes after the leased jet and were all prepared for a fight. None was needed, as the onboard gay Giants immediately surrendered once boarded without a single punch being thrown. “I want them all questioned and lets get as much information as possible. No harm done to them!” I ordered as I left the leased jet fuming at my own mistakes and headed back to my jet. 


The Commander was right and this had been a decoy and Big Papi was now probably on the run and we had no idea where he was going next. We refueled and headed back to San Juan. I was so pissed at myself, fucking idiot! I told the Commander I wanted an update in an hour and that Big John and I would be in the playroom releasing my built up frustrations. I looked at him and he knew exactly what I needed. Big John and I headed in and he started to climb into one of the slings, hmmm, I guess he didn’t know what I needed. I said, “No Big John, I need that 2 foot cock pounding my stupid ass into oblivion!” He stopped and turned with a huge smile on his face, “fuck yea, get your dumb ass over here!” 


I intentionally left the playroom door wide open. I had no idea of the sexual orientations of the security team members except for the Commander and the Sergeant were open to man-play, but fuck it, this is my fucking plane and I’m the fucking boss, and clearly I’m going to fucking do whatever the fuck I want to do, like not listen and fucking fly around the world for fucking nothing, I’m the king of fucking idiots!


Big John had been nailing me for over an hour, really pounding me hard and focused on our long time connection staring the whole time into each other’s eyes. This is what I needed! His balls finally began to unload into my gigantic ass. Once my belly started to distend I did my trick and began to digest his cum into my body. “Dumbass big dumb muscle meat, never fucking listens, just good to be fucked hard!” Big John taunted as he kept the river flow pouring deep into my hole. He then grabbed my diamond hard cock and stroked it which started my eruption. I began to blast out over the room and that’s when I suddenly realized the room was packed full with naked or near naked security force studs jerking their meat watching the two huge bodybuilder freaks go at it. I panicked! I couldn’t risk turning these guys into Giants! “Everybody out, NOW!” I ordered in my deepest Bull voice. 


They quickly scampered out and I was finally able to pull out and spray the side wall over my head with my gallons of musclecum. Once the two of us finally subsided in our explosions we both looked at each other and started laughing. I said, “who the fuck knew there were so many dudes wanting to watch two big muscle freaks fuck like beasts, huh? I never would have guessed any of these macho marine types would ever whip out and watch you fuck my big beautiful ass!” 


Big John laughed and said, “I guess my gaydar is broken, as I had not clocked any of these studs for even being bi-curious.” I snickered, “Yea big man, mine too, I was shocked that even the Commander and that Sergeant fucked around and thought they were the anomalies of the squad. Hmmm, how’s your hole feeling, think you and I could take on the squadron and let them have some fun too?” Big John’s cock twitched visibly, “fuck yea, Bull, fuck, I’ll take them all on!” and we both started laughing hard again. “Let me go clear it with the Commander. You get in position and I’ll start sending some in. I’m going to get a quick update and then I’ll set up in the other sling and we can give these studs their best ass ever and let them join the mile-high club!”


We spent the next few hours being gang-banged one after the other by the muscular studs of my security forces. I used my special muscle constrictions on each one of them after about 15 to 20 minutes of letting them think they were in control causing them to quickly experience a mind-blowing orgasm. These were the epitome of masculine men and it still amazed me that they were all rock hard and eager to fuck the two big massive bodybuilders in the sling. Not one of them ever expressed a single sign of intimacy though, never kissing or speaking in a kind or loving way or even touching our huge cocks. I felt like I was a hole, nothing more. And I fucking loved it! 


I looked over at Big John near the end of working my line of studs and realized he was feeling the same thing. That was one thing that we had in common, we could both easily switch from the far end of the spectrum as a sadistic, dominant Top to the other end as a submissive power bottom. Some of the special forces studs came back for round 2 and one hairy German looking piece of meat came back in a 3rd time and was the last in line for me. As his buddy finished up and pulled out, he positioned the head of his meaty 8-inches at my abused and leaking hole. He grunted, “Zis arschlock feels like a vore’s puzzy.” as he rammed all the way inside me. That did it, I was a fucking cock-whore, my balls rolled up and my diamond hard cock began streaming cum over my head and hitting the steel wall behind me. Realizing his nasty talk set me off, he kept it up as he powerfucked my hole calling me all kinds of degrading names in both English and German. He grabbed my pec meat and squeezed the hard nipple in his big calloused hand, “Milkink zese big titten,” he said as he roughly pulled and yanked, twisting hard as my cum explosion increased and my moans filled the room. He then pulled out and shot his big load, the first few ropes hitting my face and mouth as I eagerly licked up his manjuice. Then like the others, he pulled up his boxers and left the playroom without so much as a pat on the butt. I didn’t care, I loved being their idiot cumdump whore for a few hours.


Big John and I got cleaned up and were relaxing later in my office as we were about 30 minutes from landing, the Commander came in and said, “Thanks for taking care of my men, they are in much better spirits now that they have drained their nuts, I don’t allow masturbation or sex while on active mission, so it was good for them to reset and refocus during our brief downtime.” I gave him a smile and replied, “it was our pleasure and happy to do it again, but I got to say, I had no idea so many of these men were into fucking other men.”


The Commander gave that sexy smirk, “Usually they are not, but a hole is just a hole!” looking right at me as my dick twitched again in my shorts. Once again asserting his sexual dominance over me. Fuck yes! And I realized in that moment that I would lick his leather boots, drink his piss, swallow his spit, and let him do whatever he wanted to my body if it pleased him. He gave a little nod as his eyes burrowed into mine that said, ‘glad you finally accepted your role’.


Later that evening as we sat in the guest suite of my penthouse hotel room in San Juan, the Commander gave his most recent update. “CIA and Mossad agents confirmed that 1 hour after we had departed from San Juan in pursuit to Columbia, Big Papi had boarded a flight from Havana to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. We will have spies in place but we will not be able to take him into custody and will have to monitor his actions from a distance. While an ally, Turkey’s leader was a wild card and has refused our request for arrest. In fact, our spies tell us that he is meeting with Big Papi tomorrow morning.” I snapped up at that, “What? So he has met with Castro and now Erdogan, do you think he is trying to sell my ‘secret formula’ or what?” I asked.


The Commander replied, “Yes Sir, Bull, that is exactly what we believe. We think he also has meetings scheduled with other scrupulous dictators around the globe and taking bids for his secret sauce to create an army of Giants.” I had to laugh, "are you fucking serious, didn’t they see that the effects were temporary and that by now all of the Giants have reverted back and the majority of gay men would rather fuck than fight!” I said as I stroked my always hard cock in my oversized shorts for emphasis. The Commander gave a slight tongue lick to those luscious full lips as he eyed my throbbing pole, damn I really want to see my dick surrounded by those thick red lips I thought as I continued to stroke the full length of my diamond hard meat. The Commander smirked, “Very true, Bull, every Giant I encountered only wanted my fat uncut dick in their hole.” as he raised his eyes to mine and stared deeply letting me know exactly what was on his mind. Good god, this man was intense and I was craving for him to jump on top of me and dominate me like before.


After a few minutes, Big John laughed from the other side of the table, surprising me as I had honestly forgotten he was in the room with me and the Commander. He said, “I would say get a fucking room, but you already have one so how about I step out and let you two get to fucking!” To which we all started busting out. I finally said, “So, what’s our plan, are we heading to Istanbul?” The Commander replied, “Bull, Sir, my recommendation is to go to Zurich and gather more intel, let’s see where his next move is and if we can spring a trap.” I thought for a moment and realized I needed to trust this man, he had not made a mistake yet, “Ok, make it happen.”


The Commander stood up, his beautiful, fat uncut cock stretching his camo pants to the maximum, “I’ll go alert the crew and make the necessary calls. John, I’m sure the guys are ready for another round, I’ll tell them to meet you in the playroom in 10. And Bull, I’ll be back in in 15 for you to service me.” He turned and exited the room not waiting for our reply. Big John looked at me and said, “Fuck he’s such a stud beast, I think you are going to be more worn out than me handling 2 dozen men!”


I lay there wrapped in his arms listening to the loud snores of this Latino stud. I didn’t need sleep and he had finally collapsed in sexual exhaustion about an hour ago with his dick in my well-fucked hole. He hadn’t walked out on me like last time, as I had used my internal muscle trick to fully drain his uncut cock of every drop of cum it could produce. He was in mid stroke when he just collapsed on my back and passed out after probably 5 hours of hard power fucking. While I missed the touch of my musclehead Nick and my Pup, it felt good to have a big man’s powerful arms around me and his sweaty, hairy body touching mine. 


I realized I needed to piss and to start my day so I slowly released the spent, uncut, commander-cock and climbed out of his powerful arms. He was so drained that he barely broke the rhythm of his snores as his hairy pecs moved up and down. I took a moment to take in this ideal muscle man, even in sleep he exuded power and strength. As I turned I let out a smirk, ‘who’s the used piece of whore meat now, stud?’


I threw on some boxers, hey, it was the new standard outfit on the plane, and skipped a shower; adding my tremendous man-funk to the now locker room smell that permeated the luxury jet. Grabbed a 6-pack of protein shakes and ordered my breakfast from the attendants and headed to my office. Downstairs in the common area there were men everywhere camped out on every flexible sleeping surface. Most had boxers but some were naked, I stopped a moment to take in the full scene. All of the studs were different races, ethnicities, and sizes, but they all had one thing in common, they were all muscular fighting machines. Some had semi’s and a couple had full blown hard-ons either tenting their boxers or throbbing in the raw. I recognized a few, especially the dirty talking big German with his paw wrapped around his meaty thick, rock hard 8-incher. His wet cockhead looked mighty tasty but I resisted temptation and headed on into my office. 


I read through and responded to emails from my Musclehead, Pup, David, and Giant Sam. No further attacks, but I could feel the stress and worry this situation was putting them through. I took my time and wrote a long love letter to my man telling him how much I missed his handsome face. I read through reports from my agents and directors from around the world and checked the major global news outlets. 


The ‘Global Gay Rave Gone Wild’ had vanished from the public scene as quickly as it appeared. By now, all of the victims of the change had reverted back to their normal bodies except for those who were given access to Big Papi’s private stash of my musclecum. The homophobia in most of the world had caused most of the gay giants to isolate in hiding immediately after the news story broke and once they realized they were quickly shrinking they stayed hidden until their bodies returned to normalcy.


I glanced down out of habit and looked at my naked feet somewhat expecting my Pup to be curled up with his blue blanket and one of my muscle toes in his mouth. I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic of my ‘new’ compacted feet and I even marveled at the level of musculature that jumped out from heel to toe. I then closed my eyes and focused on expanding my lower body letting it grow up until I thought I was at my maximum. I snapped another pic and wrote a quick text. 


‘I have a new trick for my Pup! Seems like I can now manipulate my entire body and expand and contract my size from 6’5’’ up to over 10’ (just a guess, didn’t measure). But I think my Pup is going to enjoy both sizes of his Bull’s Big Feet!’ I hit send with the 2 pics following the text message. I looked again at the difference in both, like it was two different freaks of nature but you could see the sameness in the bone structures. The compacted version was a muscle worship fantasy of thick cords of muscle and power, while the extended version was a size worshippers dream of the largest ever male feet in existence with a big toe that would put a gay porn star’s cock to shame. 


“We’ve lost him!” I said as I shook my head in disbelief. We had been in Zurich for over 2 weeks while my secret army of spies and mercenaries covered the world looking for Big Papi. I was on a secured video-conference with my 3 global Commanders, Javier who had been promoted to oversee the North and South American continents, Heinrich Canseau who was over Europe and Africa, and Huang Lee who was over Asia and Australia. After Papi’s meeting with the leader of Turkey, we received word that he was rejected in his proposal and that he left very angry. He managed to slip through our surveillance net and escaped from Istanbul and was spotted outside of Athens before he somehow traveled to Saudi Arabia. 


There, he had another failed meeting with a foreign leader, the Crown Prince, and Papi then went into hiding again and we have yet to locate him. His last confirmed sighting was outside of the Dubai airport 20 hours ago. Papi had set up a global network in the last 18 months and was now using his contacts to help keep him hidden but all we needed was one mistake. Just one mistake!

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 36 The Idiot added 7/23/22)
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