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MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 36 The Idiot added 7/23/22)


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Thanks guys for all the cool supportive comments!  I  was a little nervous publishing my first story but I'm having a great time writing it and sharing it with you guys. This next chapter is one of my favorites. 

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Chapter 6 - The Massage Therapist

David took the stairs two by two as he easily climbed up to the second floor of the gym. I looked at the stairs as if they were never ending as they rose to the sky challenging my recently worked out muscles. Surprisingly as I took the first steps up my body was renewed with energy and drive. I quickly matched David’s stride and we were at the top in an instant. 

The upper floor was probably about 25% of the total gym space as it overlooked the main lifting area below. As we entered the hallway there were four rooms, two on each side, then a larger deck in the back with some cardio equipment with a view to the area below. The grunts of massive muscle men could be heard from below above the music from the gym’s sound system. The second door on the right was a quarter open and David went straight through with a turn to me and a nod telling me to follow. The door had a “Massage in session, please lower your volume” sign and I smiled at the idea of getting a hot massage as my surprise. 

“Jason, meet Sergei,” David said with a motion to the beast of a young man rising from a side chair to greet me. Sergei had that Eastern European / Slavic facial structure with thick black, unruly hair, and he gave off that masculine ‘I don’t give a fuck’ vibe. He was about my height at 5’10’’ and was built like a cement truck weighing in at the 250# range or more with thick black body hair sprouting out from every visible surface of his body. I imagined his pits and pubes were a wild dark forest of fur! Under his loose-fitting t-shirt and shorts I could tell this young stud was strong as a bull. He had cords of muscle wrapped around his forearm which expanded into a thick upper arm as he reached out to fist bump me and gave me a nod of hello. 

David ordered in his military toned trainer voice, “Strip down and put your clothes on that bench, there’s a shower in the corner for you to rinse off, then lie face down on the table”. I went to the bench and peeled off my sweaty tank top expecting for the two of them to leave the room while I prepared for my upcoming massage. Instead, as I glanced back, David and Sergei were in full embrace with David’s tongue deep in Sergei’s throat and their arms locked around each other grabbing at clothes and muscles. “Hurry up!” David barked at me as he broke from Sergei to remove his tight tank top. 

I quickly stripped the rest of my sweaty gear and raced to the corner shower. My view of the room was completely blocked as I turned on the warm spray of water. I soaped up, excited about the idea of Sergei’s big, strong hands on my body, and realized my muscles were still incredibly full and pumped from my workout. My hairy pecs were the thickest I had ever felt, so were my guns, and my quads, and damn, look at those beefy quads with the pronounced teardrop and a little sweep out as the quad muscle flexed. Everything was bigger and harder, even my newly thickened cock looked a little bit longer and my balls were increased in volume as I felt their heft with my soapy hand. Not wanting David to yell at me again, I quickly rinsed off and grabbed the available towel to dry off. 

When I walked around the corner toward the massage table neither young man was in sight. I dropped the towel on the bench and climbed up on the table with my face in the circular holder and stared at the floor below wondering when Sergei would return. The room was dimly lit with the glow of the overhead warmer above the table. The door opened and I started to instinctively rise to see who entered when David ordered, “Face down!” 

I could see through the hole as David’s large naked feet came to a stop near the right side of my face and Sergei’s hairy calves and thick feet to my left. “Oh wait, I almost forgot this,” David said as he removed his worn, sweaty, tattered jock to his feet, bent over and grabbed it with his right hand, Sergei then raised my head and David shoved the jock around the face holder. Pushing my head back down into the sweaty confines of the battered pouch of the jock, I moaned in appreciation as the musky smell of his meat hit my senses and wondered if this thing had ever been washed!

I then felt the warm oils hit my entire body and Sergei’s hands began to work my upper back and shoulders. Then two other hands were on my hamstrings soaking the oil into the muscles. Four Hands!  Oh my god, David had joined Sergei in the rubdown! I could feel my cock throb and release a huge glob of precum. David had moved down and was rubbing the oil into each of my feet while Sergei had pulled my arms forward above my head, like I was Superman flying, and was massaging my forearms and hands. Just then I felt two more hands spreading my glutes and caressing the oil around my hairy hole, oh fuck, six hands were now working my body. I wanted to rise up and see who had joined our group, but I was too engulfed in the moment as the sensation of touch overloaded my body and mind. 

The mystery man working my glutes eased his arm under my torso and easily lifted me up as his other hand grabbed my throbbing cock and pulled it down between my legs. My rigid cock ached as the uncomfortable movement from pointing to my chest to now pointing to my feet took hold. The hand continued to slowly milk my fat pole and it eased the discomfort of the transition. The six hands continued to mold and manipulate every inch of my body over the course of the next 10 minutes, 3 hours, or 5 days, fuck, I don’t know, time seemed to stop and start as the waves of pleasure flowed over me.

“How are you feeling Daddy?” David’s voice finally whispered in my ear. “Mmm, Amazing” was all I could muster. “I’m going to have you roll over in a second, but I want you to keep your eyes closed until I tell you to, ok?” “Yes Sir.” I replied.  I was then told to roll over and as I got settled in the new position on my back, my cock thumped my abs with a loud ‘thwack!’  The aching to cum was so strong I thought I might shoot right then but was able to squeeze my pelvic muscles and avoid the release. I then felt a warm compress or blindfold placed over my eyes and the massage action began anew on the front facing muscles of my body. 

After a while, hours, days, again time was unknown to me, each of my feet were being lifted and my knees bent so that my legs were at a 45-degree angle and pushed towards my chest, and then a support was placed locking each ankle in midair. I heard the lower part of the table disengage just as each of my arms were also raised and supports were secured around my wrists. Within an instant the massage table had been transformed into a table/sling and I was locked in position for what was to happen next.

Mouths were sucking on each of my hypersensitive nipples, and I could feel something thick and hard pushing at my exposed hairy manhole trying to breach the entry. The blindfold was removed and instantly I saw David sucking on my right pec and Nick, the immense bodybuilder from the urinal, working my left pec. Sergei was standing between my raised legs with his bull cock aimed at my hole. Grateful that the three studs had been fingering my hole and loosening me up throughout the massage as Sergei rammed his cock deep in my hole and I felt his balls slap the underside of my ass. Sergei fucked like a man possessed! Ramming the entire length of his 9-inch angry cock in and then completely out of my hole with each power stroke. The repeated re-entry sent waves of pain and pleasure through my body as he power drilled his hard cock in my now gaping hole. I groaned and struggled from the abuse, but I was completely trapped, locked into the table/sling. The waves of pleasure became stronger, and the pain diminished, and I felt that rising, deep feeling in my overstimulated prostate and knew my orgasm was almost here.

Just then, Sergei immediately slammed deep in my hole and unleashed his load with several loud moans from his massive furry chest. He then pulled out his dripping cock and my gaping hole sucked in air causing my prostate to tighten up and my rising orgasm stopped.  

David and Sergei immediately swapped places and my eyes widened as I finally saw the club of black cock that swung out from David’s enormous body. I began shaking my head NO as David lined up the massive monster cock at my ravaged hole. Ignoring my protestations, David slid into my opened hole stretching it wider than Sergei’s beer can cock. His huge head slid past my prostate and continued diving deeper and deeper until he finally hit that second hole guardian and stopped. We both took a breath as he held steady there and I realized there was still a lot more of his monster cock exposed that could be rammed in my overstuffed ass. Unlike the full power fuck abuse that Sergei drove, David was a more rhythmic fucker with only slow and steady movements of two to three inches of withdrawal and return. Each time his fat cockhead hit against the closed wall of my second hole, he would pause, and I could feel his massive club throb throughout the entire length. I had never been so full of cock before. As if on cue, Sergei stood up and shoved his resurrected beer can dick down my throat thus fulfilling the prophecy in my mind. This went on and on and the slow-motion stimulation against my roughed-up prostate reignited my pending orgasm. 

“I’ve got to have that fat, juicy daddy dick!” Nick exclaimed as he was stroking my leaking pipe. David instantly reached up to the ceiling levers and readjusted my ankle restraints, widening and lowering my legs so that my pulsating cock was now exposed and ready to ride while he was still fucking me deep with his black nightstick. Nick quickly climbed up and straddled my torso and my eyes finally took in the massive smooth muscles of this power-bottom bodybuilder. Except for the thick mop of curly brown hair on his head, Nick was completely hairless over all 280 pounds of rippling muscles. He reached behind him to spread his massive ass cheeks as David grabbed my pole and aimed it at the receiving target. My dick was so juicy that no lube was needed as I entered the tight muscle ass and Nick slammed all the way down encompassing every inch of my fat meat. Nick’s smaller four-incher was slapping against his washboard abs as he expertly rode my dick in a wide assortment of movements with depth, motion, and rhythm. This muscle boy knew how to ride a cock!

Nick's huge pecs were bouncing and popping as he climbed up and down my throbbing cock. I wanted to reach out and grab the thick pec meat and tweak the pointy nipples with my fingers but was still restrained in the arm cuffs. “I’m going to cum daddy!” Nick moaned and this set off an incredible chain reaction! Nick’s hole tightened on my cock as cum started flying from his tiny dick. The sensation of his vice-like grip of his gigantic ass caused me to finally unload as the first long spray of cum drove up and out of my cock blasting the insides of his muscle hole. My eyes rolled back and my whole body clenched as the first orgasm in a week took hold which triggered both Sergei and David to unload in both of my holes at the same time as I was flooding Nick. 

David, Nick, and Sergei had all stopped shooting with David and Sergei both pulling their spent man cocks from my holes, but I was still blasting away deep inside Nick’s tight hole! My orgasm was intense and the waves of cum seemed never ending with my load now flowing out of Nick’s manhole. Nick finally pulled off and David grasped my thick meat with both hands and continued jacking as rope after rope of cum shot out and covered Nick’s back and David’s front. Finally, my orgasm subsided, and he released my still hard cock and my body melted back down into the massage table/sling. Nick leaned over and gave me a deep kiss, “that was amazing daddy! I can’t wait to have you load me up again! Let me know when you are ready?” 

“Let’s go!” I said not missing a beat, motioning for him to hop back on my still rock-hard, throbbing cock!

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