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MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 36 The Idiot added 7/23/22)


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Oof!  Love how cocky he is getting.  When the delivery boys showed up and he flexed in the mirror and exclaimed how he's getting so huge...  doing all that with two shocked onlookers, so great.  

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Chapter 11 - The Advisor - End of Year 1

“You’re doing great!” Dr. Malik said as he glanced at the overall test results on his tablet. “All of your blood work, enzymes, EKG, MRI results, well, everything is fantastic.” he smiled as he looked at my naked body standing before him and Big John. “Thanks Doc, I feel amazing. I can’t believe how my body has changed so much in the last year. And thanks again for accepting me into your program, you have truly changed my life!” I replied, not the least bit self-conscious that my throbbing cock had a long stream of pre-cum that dripped from the tip of my fat head all the way to a small puddle gathering on the floor below. 

He ran through my body stats, “Height 6’, Weight 270#, Chest 52”, Waist 32”, Arms - Calves - Neck all 21”, Quads 30”, Body Fat at a consistent 8%. Erect Penis 9” x 7”.” He then glanced down at my throbbing meat and followed the constant stream of pre-cum as it hit the floor below me. Dr Malik continued, “Oh, and looking at those big feet, what size shoes are you wearing now?” I laughed and said, “yea, I just bought some 13’s because the last pair were too tight.” 

“I can’t make any promises, but you realize Jason if you continue in this project through year 3 that your growth projections will have you as one of the biggest men in Texas. And if you complete through the 5th and final year, you will be the absolute largest bodybuilder in the world!” Dr. Malik said with a bit of pride and awe. I glanced back at Big John behind him who also nodded and had a big smile on his face. I responded with a gush of precum flying from my aching boner at the thought of being the largest muscle man on Earth. 

I took a moment and measured my words. I wanted to say this and not seem ungrateful, “Honestly Doc, I love the idea of being the biggest beast on the planet, but I just don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to afford it. Thankfully I’m working from home full time, so I don’t have to keep buying new work clothes but getting new gym clothes and shoes almost every other month is expensive; plus, my food bill alone is already ridiculous.” 

Dr. Malik went over to his desk and opened his briefcase. He pulled out a business card and handed it to me. “This is Eddie Gonzales, and he is a financial advisor. I’ll let him know that you are going to stop by on Monday afternoon after your gym session. The address is on the back, don’t shower and wear one of your tightest tank tops. He’ll love it!” Ok, well nothing unusual about all of that, I thought sarcastically. But Dr. Malik had never given me any reason to doubt his advice, so I said, “Thanks Doc, I’ll be there.” 

“Great, now let’s get you prepped for your booster so you can get over to that Superdrive sex orgy!” Dr. Malik said with a mischievous grin. “Hell yea Doc, let’s go, I got a weekend of nonstop sex ahead of me!”

The Monday after my booster procedure I’m still a little wired up, not all sex crazed like over the weekend with the Superdrive, as that tends to settle out, but my body is still pumped, and my dick is still always throbbing for action. This 4th booster packed on another 12 pounds of muscle and at 282 pounds, I was feeling like a bull at the gym today, breaking personal records and throwing around a ton of iron. When we finished and were heading over to Eddie Gonzales’ address, David said, “damn daddy, even with all the windows down you are throwing off some incredible pit smells!  I mean, I’m not going to lose it, but you just smell so fucking good!” He said as he was stroking his dick in his shorts with his left hand while driving with the right hand. I made a conscious effort to keep my arms down to control the volume of release of my scent, just to be safe. I thought about putting back on my hoodie that I wear while I’m lifting that helps to control my scent, but the weather was too nice. We chatted a little about the Superdrive party and how I was topping more and bottoming less. “I only got to fuck you once this time, daddy, seems like you were always looking for more ass to load up.” David said with a little puppy dog look on his face. “Sorry son, but you know we can always schedule some one-on-one play time.”

David dropped me off at the large gate to the estate and we agreed for me to message him when I was ready for a pickup. After being buzzed in, the large gate led to a winding walkway through old oak trees and a short walk to the mansion ahead. Even though it was not yet Summer, the Houston humidity was in full force, and I was covered in sweat by the time I reached the front door. 

“Please come in, it is nice to meet you Jason, I’m Eddie. Wow, Amir said you were built, but you are absolutely massive!” Eddie said as he ushered me into his home, grabbing a quick feel of my huge, pumped arms and escorted me down a long side hallway into a private office overlooking a beautiful pool. “Have a seat and can I get you anything?” Eddie motioned to one of the high back leather chairs opposite his desk. “I’m good,” I replied, holding up my large protein smoothie in my thermos, “but I’m covered in sweat and don’t want to mess up your nice chair.” Eddie laughed, “No worries, I just hope it can hold you. You are so huge!” I was used to these types of compliments and nodded thanks while giving him a few hairy pec pops in my drenched tank top. “If you don’t mind, can you give me a flex?” Eddie asked with a half motion of a double bicep to indicate his request. “Oh yea, you want to see the big 21-inch guns, huh?” I sat my thermos down on the side table and gave a slow reach up to the ceiling, then slowly brought both elbows down into a hard double bicep pose. “Oh man, wow, you’re just so big!” Eddie exclaimed.  “Yea, look at that double peak on these fuckers!” I growled, nodding at the baseball biceps as I relaxed my arms out then flexed them in hard again, really flaring my lats to give him the full view of my massive muscles. “So huge...oh fuck...oh my god…” he moaned. And then I realized that Eddie, like so many others, was having a hands-free orgasm from the wave of my sweaty musk crashing over him. I kept pumping my big guns, dayum, I thought, they were so fucking big. I just kept giving him the full muscle fantasy as he shot his load in his pants.

Eddie jumped up and went into the nearby bathroom. After a few minutes, he came back and apologized, “I don’t know what happened, I’m so embarrassed.” And I said, “No worries man, it happens quite often when I flex these monsters. I should have showered but the Doc said to come right over after the gym. My huge muscles and pit musk tends to send men over the edge. We might want to move outdoors unless you want to keep going off?” 

Eddie said, “That’s incredible! Oh, yea, maybe we should go outside by the pool so that doesn’t happen again, and we can have some dinner. I'll have the chef grill us some steaks.”  

I messaged David that I would take an Uber home later. “Do you mind if I jump in your pool to cool off?” I asked, already stripping off my tight tank top. “Of course, I’ll get you some trunks.” Eddie said as he reached for his phone to message someone. “No need.” I replied, as I dropped my gym shorts and jock, letting my fat hard cock and huge balls fly free. I dove into the deep end just as I heard a gasp from Eddie’s direction. The cool water felt good on my skin as I powered through the water feeling like Aquaman. After a few laps, I exited at the shallow end and grabbed a towel to dry off. I dropped the towel and walked back naked to my pile of clothes, my big hard pole slapping each muscular quad as I walked. I put on the tattered jock and joined Eddie at the round glass table nearby. Eddie was speechless, I just sat there for a few moments and let him gather himself.

Once he recovered from the show, Eddie and I spent the next few hours talking about my life, my goals, and my future. We came up with a game plan for my financial situation. 

He called his PR guy to begin to establish my online presence in the various social media platforms. I told them I was only on Facebook (for friends and family with about 200 connections) and Twitter (for news). The PR guy noted my massive following of 28 people on Twitter and said I think we’ve got some room to grow. I gave him my passwords to my accounts and his initial plan is to set up a new persona on all the social networks. He would create new Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram accounts to document my bodybuilding and growth for sponsorship opportunities. I was told to close any of the gay hookup accounts, “Do you have any?” I listed out my accounts on Scruff, Grindr, Jack’d, DaddyHunt, Adam4Adam, BBRT, and on and on. “Don’t judge me,” I joked, “I’m a horny gay man and I have a lot to offer!” I said as I motioned to my big, muscled body and throbbing thick cock. “You’ll need to close them all down.” The PR guy said. “Man, I feel that. Fuck, that’s going to hurt.” I replied. I was also instructed to never send out any more nude pics until they were ready for that phase in my strategy.

After that conversation, Eddie and I spoke about corporate and private sponsorships to support my muscle growth needs. He felt confident that he could secure multiple sponsorships for clothing, shoes, and equipment. “You’ll never have to buy another jock-strap again. And it looks like you need some new ones as that one is barely holding on.” Eddie said as he eyed my crotch with my large balls and 9-inch cock barely contained within the tattered, oversized pouch of my used jock. “I like to break them in, plus I have them specially altered to expand the pouch to contain this big meat and balls.” 

“We’ll be selling those sweaty jocks at a high price at auction each week.” Eddie replied as he continued to type on his laptop. “Sweaty and cum stained!” I added with a wink.

"How comfortable are you with muscle worship sessions?" Eddie asked matter of fact, and I quickly responded, "I'm good with it as you’ve seen. I love to flex and I'm a big exhibitionist so I think it will be no problem." Eddie smiled and said, “Yes, you are very comfortable and very good at showing off that massive body. Do you mind if I take a few quick pictures of you flexing?” I immediately jumped up and walked over to some good lighting and began a few poses while Eddie used his iPhone to snap away.

"You’re amazing, I have a few high wealth clients who each could fully buyout your annual contract price and with your handsome good looks, incredible muscular body, huge hard cock, and that little trick you have with those sweaty pits, I think we are going to make a lot of money for you. And, of course, I’ll get my percentage for managing and growing your financial assets” 

“Do you have a current passport?" Eddie asked as he was typing rapidly on his laptop.  "Yea, I do. I must keep it current for my job, but I've yet to be sent anywhere to use it.  Why do you ask?" As I grabbed a water bottle from the nearby outdoor kitchen and returned to my seat. 

Eddie had a big smile on his face, "I just sent out your offer sheet to a couple of top clients as a test run to see how you would play and verify if my hunch is correct. My number 2 client responded immediately after seeing your pics and bio and wants to meet you this weekend. He is sending his jet; you'll fly to Barcelona on Friday and then his helicopter will carry you out to his yacht in the Mediterranean.  After your 1-hour session on Saturday, you can either stay on the yacht or be taken back to Barcelona for an all-expenses paid weekend. The private jet will bring you back to Houston, arriving Monday morning. I just forwarded the $5k to your bank account he paid as the 10% advance on your full fee for an initial consultation."

My jaw dropped, "Wait, what? This guy is going to fly me in his private jet to his yacht off the coast of Spain and pay me… (pause as I did some quick math) ... Fifty Fucking thousand dollars to worship my huge muscles for an hour?!?!  Are you kidding me? Do I have to fuck him or let him fuck me? Is he disgusting?  What's the catch man?"

“There is never any sex, oral or anal, during the paid hourly muscle worship sessions, now what you do after the session is really up to you, but nothing is expected. You will allow him to touch your muscles during the session, but no touching of your genital area is permitted, and no reciprocation is ever expected from you. You’ll wear whatever type of underwear the client specifies, if not specified, you can wear your tattered sweaty jockstrap. The client will almost always masturbate in front of you. However, your little trick with those musky muscle pits might prove that to be unnecessary.” Eddie responded as if reading the basic rules at a swimming pool. “My client is a multi-billionaire in his early 60’s and he keeps himself in good physical condition. I’ll share his short bio and picture once you have signed his non-disclosure contracts.”

As we wrapped up, I remembered I needed to call for an Uber but Eddie was having none of that. “I’ll have my driver carry you home,” as he buzzed for one of the servants. “Tell Sven to bring around the car to take our client wherever he needs to go.” I put on my gym shorts but carried the tank top in my hand.

As we walked back to the front door, Eddie was populating my calendar with meetings with his attorney, photographer, public relations, etc.  I shook Eddie’s hand and thanked him for everything, no thanks necessary he stated, “as your Financial Advisor, I’m going to make a lot of money with my percentage on your investments.” 

Outside was a silver Rolls Royce and the back door was being opened by a beautiful blond muscle man in dark jeans and a royal blue polo. The driver turned to greet me, and we instantly recognized each other from our gym. He had recently started lifting there last week and we had played the flirting eye game but had never spoken. “Nice to finally meet you Sven,” I said as I held out my hand in greeting. He gave me a big smile in recognition and replied back in a Nordic accent, “Yes, it is very good to meet you too Sir,” with a big firm handshake and his eyes wide, ogling my big hairy chest. 

“Do you live here or nearby?” I asked in my deepest voice, cutting to the chase as I pulled him in closer for a hug, wrapping my big arms around him and letting him feel my rock-hard cock against him. I had not cum since earlier in the morning and my balls were now aching for a release. Sven immediately reached back and closed the door of the Rolls. “This way, Sir” as he grabbed my paw and led me around the drive to the side of the huge garage to a stairway up to his loft on the second floor. We barely made it inside before our lips met, hands pulling clothes off, as I wrestled him to the floor. 

The young, blond-haired, blue-eyed muscle stud broke free and said, “let’s go over to the bed so you can fuck me with your huge cock, Sir.” This beautiful, innocent looking young man turned out to be a wild sexual stud who rivaled bodybuilder Nick as a long-lasting power bottom. He couldn’t get enough of me pounding his smooth muscled ass!  I was happy to oblige as we fucked deep into the night, and we fell asleep with my big throbbing dick nuzzled deep in his sweet, muscular ass.  

I woke just before sunrise and enjoyed the view as the sun trickled into the loft windows landing on Sven’s creamy white skin as we laid snuggled up in the big spoon / little spoon position. His smaller frame fit perfectly into my larger body. His muscular body was hairless except for his blond curly pits and pubes and the contrast with my thick dark fur was so hot. His thick pecs looked like two cream covered pillows with big, rosy-red, giant nipples which just begged to be sucked. His skin was so clear it was almost translucent as I could see the veins running across his muscular pecs. I was still deep inside him, and my cock began to throb but I kept still. I slowly reached around with my right hand and began lightly teasing the very tip of his left nipple with my finger in a small circular motion.  I went from one nipple to the other, teasing the tip, as they each hardened, extending out about a half inch from his pecs. Sven was still deep in sleep as I enjoyed myself with this sensual play and exploration. This continued for about half an hour until my balls begged for their morning release.

Let’s see if this will work, I thought, as I stretched out my right hand above my head exposing my ripe, muscle pit only inches from Sven's sleeping face. Two snores in and I felt his muscle hole squeeze my throbbing meat as he breathed in my rank, musky scent. Another snore and more movement and a moaning sound. The fourth breath in and then fully awake and grinding on my cock, his body tightening and moaning. I quickly lowered my arm and grabbed his rock-hard dick and squeezed it with all my might, causing him to gasp in pain and his rushing orgasm to stop. I wanted to pound his gorgeous ass and not let him cum so quickly. “Not so fast, pretty boy, and good morning.” I whispered in his ear as I kissed his lobe and neck, as I began thrusting my juicy dick into his tight hole. After an hour of sweaty drilling, I finally loaded his sweet ass with my huge cumload. 

“Fuck, I’m going to be late!” Sven sprang up as he raced to the bathroom, daym he is beautiful in motion. “I’ve got to drive Mr. Gonzales to the airport this morning and he’s going to be pissed that I didn’t get you home!” Sven was panicked. “Don’t worry about me, handsome, I’ll message my trainer to pick me up out front.” I said in my most reassuring daddy voice. We made plans to see each other again as I headed out, I definitely wanted more of this sexy stud!

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project Test Subject #5 (Ch. 11 added 10/13/21)

Chapter 12 - The Client

The flight to Barcelona was impressive in the luxurious private jet and thankfully uneventful. The single male flight attendant, though handsome, was a little too slim for my sexual tastes. He was unobtrusive and professional, appearing when needed and disappearing for most of the flight. I used the time and reviewed the ton of information I received from Eddie and the PR firm on my new social media sites, read and signed some legal documents, and watched the latest movie with The Rock. 

“Sir, I will be dimming the cabin lighting for the remainder of our flight and will be resting in the bunk at the rear of the plane. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to press the call button and I will be at your service momentarily.” the attendant said as he removed my final meal of the day. “Will there be anything else, Sir?” he asked, and for the first time I caught him eyeing my bulge protruding between my thick hairy thighs in my training shorts. I started to run with it to see if I could get a blowjob to help release my stress and the constant aching of my huge balls, but I decided I was here for a job and needed to be professional about this. “No, thank you very much, the food was amazing, and the service has been exceptional. I don’t require much sleep, so I’ll probably continue watching movies. And I’ll try to be quiet when I use the restroom back there. I drink so much water that I have to piss every two hours or so but getting this huge body in that little space is tricky.” I saw him slightly lick his lips and wondered if he was about to offer to drain the piss from my log down his throat, he quickly straightened up and said, “No problem, Sir, if it helps there is no need to close the lavatory door. I will have my curtains drawn for your privacy and will be reading for the remainder of the trip. Again, if you need anything don’t hesitate to ring.”

Upon landing, the attendant escorted me through Customs and to the waiting limo. The driver whisked me through the city traffic to the waiting helicopter pad near the beach. The pilot took my travel bag and assisted with securing me in my seat next to him in the ‘not built for huge bodybuilders’ small helicopter. “Wow, you are huge, Sir!” the pilot exclaimed as he resized the extender straps on the over-the-chest seat belts. As the pilot buckled into his seat, I felt like I was taking up way too much of his personal space as my broad shoulders and 21-inch guns intruded well into his seating area forcing him to sit at an angle. As we took off, my fear of heights kicked in and my panic started. I did some deep breathing and focused on the horizon ahead, forcing myself not to look down. I could feel my body heating up and sweating, then it hit me. What if I send the pilot into an orgasmic state and he ends up crashing us into the ocean below!  More panic, more deep breaths, more sweat. I intentionally kept my arms tight against my sides trying to limit the escape of my musky man scent. “Are you Ok, Sir? You’re really sweating.” the pilot said as I realized my huge body was soaking his uniform. “Let me turn up the air flow and see if that helps.” oh yes, that felt great! “Yes, thanks! Sorry, I’m a little anxious with heights but I’m starting to get used to it now.” I said, as I began to calm down and started to take in more of the incredible views. 

“There’s our ship just ahead.” The pilot said shortly after I had settled down. “The black one in the distance, can you see it?” as he pointed straight ahead.  “Yes, how could you not, that is a huge boat!” I said, as the yacht became larger and larger as we closed in. “May I suggest you close your eyes as I take us in, I think you will enjoy the ride better. Just count to 20 and we’ll be there.” he said, and I quickly took him up on that suggestion, closing my eyes and mouthed one Mississippi, two Mississippi, … and before I got to fourteen Mississippi, he said, “Ok, Sir, we are here, please remain seated and I’ll come around and assist with unbuckling you.” I smiled and thanked him for his little trick to comfort me.

“Good morning, Jason, I’m August and I’ll be your personal assistant during your stay.” said the tanned young man with an athletic build and Italian or maybe Greek swarthy good looks, as he ran up to the landing pad and grabbed my overnight bag and motioned for me to follow him. The yacht was unbelievably gorgeous, it looked like a five-star boutique hotel on the water. We passed down two levels to a short hallway, then August opened a double door at the end of the hall. “This will be your suite for your stay. I will unpack your items and store them here (pointing to the closet and built-in drawers), while you are at your appointment which begins in 40 minutes in the fitness facility with the boss. Do you need to change or are you already wearing the requested item?” August asked as his eyes went to the large bulge in my crotch. “I’m good.” I replied, “Let me brush my teeth and then you can show me to the gym.” 

The fitness facility was very well done with some impressive equipment and heavy dumbbells and weights, not like a full-blown bodybuilder’s gym but I could get a good workout here. Right now, all I needed to do was get a good pump going before the client showed up. 

I used the next 30 minutes to pound out one hell of a pump session and with just a few minutes before the top of the hour, I stopped and peeled off my drenched t-shirt, shorts, shoes, and socks; leaving only the requested worn-out jock. I threw my sweaty clothes over the various bars and machines then walked over to the full mirrors and marveled at the complete massiveness of my muscles. I threw up a double bicep and nodded, oh yeah, he’s going to fucking love all this prime grade A beef. Then down to a most muscular pose, grunting hard as my hairy pecs expanded and then kept expanding.  Wow, my chest is fucking huge!  I thought, as I released the pose and then hit it again. The sweat-soaked, dark chest hair swirled around each enormous mound of hard muscle, but the striations of the upper and lower pec muscles were clearly seen beneath. I paused the flexing and stood in the bodybuilder relaxed pose, eyeing my full body in the mirror. I was symmetrical in almost every body part except my pecs, which were clearly the dominant and over-sized muscle group. This pumped-up version of me in the mirror looked like someone had taken my huge, muscular image and then morphed my pecs to make them even bigger. I took both big paws and felt up the concrete muscle under the damp fur and pinched the downward facing nipples. Fuck, I wanted to worship me, I was so fucking hot! I was just able to unleash my hard juicy cock and jerk one out to the massive muscle beast in the mirror when I remembered where I was and the job I was supposed to do. Just then, I heard a tap on the glass door, I turned as the Client entered the room.

“Wow, Jason, you are even more impressive in person than you are in your pictures.” The Client said as he closed the door and took a few steps into the gym towards where I was standing. He then stopped and grabbed the bar of the bench press, leaning into it and his body slightly trembling as he grabbed his chest. “Sir, are you OK?” I asked as I froze in place. He let out a few groans and then his body went down to his knees, more shudders, and gurgling noises, then he was on the floor. Fuck! I raced over, fuck, he’s having a fucking heart attack and going to die on me, fuck!

“Sir, answer me, are you OK?” I was panicking as I dropped to the floor beside him. I gingerly supported his face and turned his limp body toward me. He slowly opened his eyes and looked deep into my eyes and then, very slowly, a light smile developed at the corners of his mouth. “I’m good, Jason, thank you. It has been so long since I have experienced that feeling.” he said as he began to rise up. “Thank you! Thank you!” he kept repeating, as he grabbed my triceps with his left hand as I assisted him up, while covering his crotch with his right hand.

Oh Fuck, he fucking shot his load, the realization finally hit me, and I smiled, fully relieved that I hadn’t totally fucked this up and almost killed the guy somehow. “You’re welcome, Sir, for a minute there...” and before I could say anything else, he quickly and quietly escaped out the door and was gone.

“I don’t know, Eddie, I guess I fucked it up!” ...

“No, he just kept repeating ‘Thank you’ and disappeared.” ...

“Yes, I’m sure he did!” ...

“It was intense, hell, I thought he was having a heart attack.” ... 

“I saw the wet stain on his track pants as he was trying to cover it up.” ...

“Yes, I’m fuckin’ sure!” ...

I had made it back to my room and immediately called Eddie to update him.  He was asking me the same questions over and over.  Finally, he said, “I’m sure it will all be fine, I knew that manly scent would be a hit! I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything...oh wait, a notification just came through.” After a minute, Eddie said, “Your full payment was just deposited in your account, so, like I said, relax, you did great!” Hearing that the Client had paid for the session made me feel a little better, but I was still upset at how quickly he had disappeared and I didn’t get to show off these huge muscles. 

Are you going to spend the night on the yacht or go back to Barcelona?” Eddie asked. “Nah, I’m going back to Barcelona, I need to go out and fuck and release all of this pent up aggression!” I said finally removing my jock and letting my 9-incher slap my abs.  Jeez this dick was hard as a steel pipe! I almost felt sorry for the first 5 guys I was going to fuck tonight.

As I climbed into the large supple leather chair of the private jet for my return flight to Houston, the Attendant asked, “would you like a cocktail, Sir?” Even though I had a few drinks at the bar in Barcelona last night, I was still a little anxious about the outcome of the meeting with the Client. “Yes, please, I’ll have a Bombay Sapphire martini, dry.  And do you have anything to snack on, I’m starving?” Within minutes, I was served my martini and a charcuterie board which looked like it had come from one of the finest restaurants in the world. “Here you go Sir, we’ll begin the dinner service once we have reached cruising altitude.”

As I enjoyed my cocktail and tasty snacks, I recalled the incredible sexual antics from last night. I had visited a crowded gay bar after dinner and being the new Meat in town, was the center of a lot of attention from the stunningly sexy men of Barcelona. I received several invitations for one-on-one or three-way encounters, but I knew that I would need more to satisfy my desires. I asked one of the studs if there was a sex club or afterhours orgy, and his eyes lit up. 

He took me to one of the hottest bathhouses I have ever experienced. There were so many beautiful, built men everywhere. I honestly lost count of how many times I shot my load and how many different men I fucked. I was a fucking machine, branding my mark in every hot, hairy hole I could find. It wasn’t like the Superdrive weekend with that all-encompassing need to fuck, but instead just a constant enjoyment of pure man-on-man sex. At one point, the manager gave me his card and told me I was welcome back anytime to the club for free. He said that he had never witnessed anyone like me who brought in so much business. Guys were messaging their friends to come there and as they were checking in were asking “where is the Big American Bull?”. After 12 hours I finally left to head back to my hotel, arriving just in time as the driver had just messaged me that he was here to take me to catch my flight. 

About 2 hours into the flight after the delicious dinner and dessert, I stripped and stretched my naked body out on the bed to try to relax. As soon as my head hit the pillow, my phone dinged with an email from Eddie. I read through the long email quickly and then re-read it a second time to make sure it was true. In summary, the Client had contacted Eddie and was very impressed with me. The Client bought out my retainer fee for the next 3 months at $250,000 and is sending me to Las Vegas to stay in his penthouse. The Client has arranged for me to train for 4 weeks with a former bodybuilding champion and now coach of several Mr. Olympia contenders! Holy fuck!! And the Client will be in town for the final weekend of my stay and will have two sessions of muscle worship with me during that time, another $100,000. That would be a total of Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, plus all expenses paid, plus being trained by one of the greatest bodybuilding coaches in the world, for four fun-filled weeks in Vegas! 

Fuck yea, I replied!  I then read it again and again and again! 

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project Test Subject #5 (Ch. 12 added 10/16/21)

Chapter 13 - The Coach 

I awoke after my typical two hours of sleep, spread eagle on the bed in the private jet, completely naked and covered in several huge loads of dried cum in my thick body hair. After the great news, I had decided to throw on some pump room videos of the recent Mr. O contest and pump out a few of my massive loads. I looked down at my always raging big dick which is always ready and started to go another round, but first I needed to take a piss. I made my way to the back of the darkened jet to the lavatory and side squeezed my massive body into the tight space leaving the door open to help accommodate my extra wide body. As I pointed my steel pole down towards the toilet, struggling to keep my balance and get my aim right before letting it loose; I saw a slight movement to my right and I glanced over toward the attendant’s bunk. Instead of the usual closed curtain, the attendant was lying there staring wide eyed and open mouthed at the giant muscle freak crammed into the sardine can. 

He jumped out of the bunk and was on his knees, “Please Sir, use me as Your urinal!” he begged. I smirked to myself, I knew he was a fucking piss pig!  I happily freed myself from the tight cell and straddled the piss hole kneeling before me. I aimed my fat head into its open mouth and released the jet stream of my piss. Once my bladder was finally emptied, I gave my big hog a few shakes, then gave the urinal pig a slap with my hard meat in gratitude, turned and headed back to my bed. 

An hour before landing, breakfast was served and not a word was mentioned about our previous encounter. While eating, I was messaging David arranging for him to meet me at the airport and I realized that I couldn’t do this trip to Vegas without my boy. I called Eddie and made my request and about 15 minutes later, he messaged me with ‘approved for David to Vegas’. 

A week later, David and I were boarding the private jet for our trip and it was fun to watch him as we settled into the luxurious cabin. About an hour into our flight he exclaimed, “Now this is the life!” as we drank our mimosas, stretched out in our leather reclining seats wearing nothing but our usual, tattered jockstraps watching bodybuilding videos on the big screen. I think he was even more excited than I was to work with the Coach, he had bought a new laptop that converted to a tablet so he could document everything and learn from one of the best in the business. 

The Coach had requested that our first consultation be at his home and he invited us over later that afternoon for a cookout and pool party with a few of his clients, friends, and family. Once we got settled in the spectacular Penthouse, I showered to make sure my pits wouldn’t trigger the Coach or any of his guests. Unlike Big John, I had decided against wearing the Doctor’s sweat blocker as I typically loved my musky scent and the effect it had on the men around me and since most of my interactions were very social in nature this worked for me. I also realized that keeping some wet wipes handy was a good thing for a quick cleaning before an unexpected and potentially embarrassing situation occurred. 

Coach greeted us at the door with a huge smile, friendly handshake and bro-hug. He was stunningly handsome in person, and I thought back to all the times I had jerked off in the 90’s and early 00’s to his masculine face and beautiful muscular body. He was a few years older than me but looked great for his age, still in incredible shape. His Slavic jawline, high cheekbones and big smile on his muscular frame made him one hot muscle Daddy I’d Like to Fuck! I snapped out of my fantasy and reminded myself I was here on a mission to learn from the best.

After a few minutes of initial conversation, Coach said, “Let’s go down to the basement and take a look at what we are working with.” nodding at my body. His basement was a full gym with one area designed for a posing area with mirrors all around and angled above. “Go ahead and strip down to your underwear and stand over there in the box.” Coach instructed, pointing to a marking in the center of the posing area. “I’m just wearing a jockstrap under my trunks, is that ok?” I replied.  “Sure, I’ve seen way too many guys’ naked asses in my life, one more is not going to kill me!” Coach laughed.

“Damn, and you’ve never been on a stage and competed?” Coach asked as he slowly walked around me admiring my nearly naked body as I stood in the center of the mirrored space. “No Sir, I just got serious about getting bigger and working out a few years ago. Never really wanted to compete, as my dream is to get as massive as I can be. I want to be a freak! Plus, I don’t think I can hide this big penis in any of those tiny little posing trunks you guys’ wear.” 

Coach smirked and said, “yea, that could be a distraction, but I think I have a solution for that. You’re not the only well-endowed bodybuilder to be on a stage. Ok, let’s go through a few poses and if I call them out do you know how to do them?” Coach realized quickly that my knowledge was very limited, and he ended up calling down one of his bodybuilders to lead me through the compulsory poses. The bodybuilder was none other than the 7-time Olympian 212# Champion that I easily recognized when he came down the stairs wearing nothing but a speedo! I glanced over at David who was trying to conceal his foot-long club cock and smiled. We had both jerked off to his posing videos earlier that morning in the private jet talking about how we would love to tag-team him!  My dick was already on full mast and there was no hiding it in my worn-out jock as I stood under the spotlight. As we began again, Coach kept next to me, adjusting the position of my hands or elbow or legs as we went through the eight poses with the Champ a few steps in front of me as I tried to mimic his movements. Thankfully, there were 4 large fans in the upper corners of the posing space which kept me from breaking out into a full sweat and dissipated my musky scent. 

After an hour, every muscle on my body was pumped from the constant flexing. Coach and the Champ were now standing over to the side and looking me over when Coach said, “Can you believe this guy, he has never set foot on a stage and could probably win the O next year!” The Champ replied in his English accent, “bloody fuckin’ hell, he’s amazing, size, symmetry, ripped...he looks like he is 3 weeks away from competition and you’re telling me he just walked in off the street like this! No coaching, no prep, Un-fuckin-real!”

“Yep, two ninety-two and at six percent. We get these poses down and get him a routine and he could get his Pro card at the New York in a couple of weeks”. I then jumped in, “Thanks Coach, I really appreciate y’alls compliments and everything, but I really have zero desire in competing. I just want to grow huge and be the freakiest bodybuilder on the planet!” 

I guess he finally understood, or he remembered the job he was hired to do and stopped dreaming of coaching another bodybuilding champion; after a few minutes, Coach replied, “OK, we’ll get started at 6 am tomorrow at the Dragon. Get ready for 4 weeks of hell!”

As we were driving up to the Dragon’s Lair Gym on the final day of this grueling month-long journey, I thought about the last four weeks and the non-stop brutal boot camp of bodybuilding that Coach had put me through. There were no rest days and every single day I was at the gym at 6 am and didn’t leave until at least 10 pm that night at the earliest. Sixteen plus hours that started with stretching, followed by an hour of cardio or yoga, meal 2, brief rest, one hour of posing practice, more stretching, meal 3, brief rest, two hours of the most intense workouts I had ever experienced in my life, meal 4, brief rest, another hour of posing, meal 5, brief rest, another hour of crazy hard training, meal 6, brief rest, ninety minute massage, and finally posing again which could last for an hour or two. My body met every challenge and I loved it! Coach threw everything at me during our training, every set was done to muscle failure, but he swapped up the routines, the weights, the rep ranges, always keeping my muscles guessing. Coach marveled at my fast recovery and adjusted the workload even more. I think he was trying to completely break me down, but I kept rising. 

Every muscle in my body became more dense and fuller, I was in a state of being constantly pumped 24 hours a day and became hyper aware of how to control and flex each muscle. I was a walking granite statue of muscles! I had succumbed to wearing the scent-blockers that Dr. Malik had given me under my t-shirt and sweatshirts that I wore each day. Even with the blockers, I was constantly showering and cleaning my pits at every break to control any misfires from Coach or the constant number of massive bodybuilders he brought into train with me. 

When I got back to the Penthouse each evening there would be a power-bottom muscle stud there waiting to service my huge throbbing cock and bloated cum-filled balls. Bodybuilder Nick was flown in one weekend, the Huang Twins another, and sexy Sven this past weekend. I would fuck from midnight to three am every night. Then one of the servants would escort the stud-bottom(s) out of my bedroom and I would then sleep for two hours before repeating it all again with a 5-am alarm and my first meal of the day. 

As I walked up to the gym doors for my final day in bootcamp, it dawned on me that the usually full parking lot was relatively empty and then I saw the sign on the door, ‘closed for private event until 3 pm’. Coach was already inside and opened the locked door for me and David. “Your schedule is a little different today.” he began, “the morning will be the same but instead of your weight training workout we will do a full body pump training. You’ll then head over to the posing room and Mr. Blank will be there. (Of course, he said The Client’s last name but due to my non-disclosure requirements I can’t repeat his real name in my journal). 

That brought a smile to my face. I was excited to show off my muscles and my posing routine to the Client. Hearing this news, I didn’t put on the sweat blockers after my stretching session like I typically did. I wanted to give the Client the full-blown experience, pun intended. 

Why I thought the full body pump training would be easy with Coach was stupid because nothing was easy with him. At the end of the hour my sweatshirt and tights were soaked with sweat. The Coach, knowing my superpower, had kept his distance as he guided me through the routines, but I couldn’t help notice the imprint of his fat, hard, uncut dick in his training pants. When we finished, he said, “Jason, it has been a pleasure training you and I’ll be in contact with David with your continued routines and we’ll check-in on Skype every week.” Coach must have seen the quizzical look on my face, “Oh, your contract was extended and paid for me to continue coaching you for the next 12 months. Now, go get stripped down to that jock and go show off for our Boss the meat he bought!” I laughed at Coach’s joke, fist bumped him, and thanked him for all he had done before heading over to the posing room.

As I walked into the mirrored room, the Client was already seated in a leather chair in the far corner of the room that had been brought in along with a side table. He was impeccably dressed even in casual athletic gear which reflected his personal style and significant wealth. He was handsome in an elegant, sophisticated manner and looked like he was about to be photographed for the cover of a wine enthusiast magazine. At 5’9’’ and a very fit 180 pounds, it struck me then how odd it was that this extremely wealthy, nice-looking man was single and was sitting here in front of me preparing to worship his massive muscle god! 

An announcer’s voice came over the speakers, “The contestant will step to the center of the stage for the compulsory round of poses.” Ah, so this is the fantasy scene, I was to provide a front row seat of a bodybuilder flexing at a bodybuilding contest. I nodded to the Client and then removed my sweatshirt, t-shirt, shoes, socks, and tights; then walked to the center of the room in my extremely tattered jockstrap that I had worn every day for the last month without washing. 

His mouth was agape as he took in the concrete beast now in front of him. I glanced at the mirror ahead and I was even taken aback at the sheer size of the muscle monster that I had become. While I had not gained a significant amount of weight, my body had hardened and become more defined, and the veins, while visible, were not at that freaky level that the great bodybuilders achieve on competition day. 

“Front Lat Spread” the announcer began the first of the eight compulsory poses. As I hit the pose flexing my barndoor wide Lats, tightening my abs, and hardening my thick quads, I glanced over at the Client who was staring intently and massaging his hard dick which was tenting up his athletic pants. I gave him a big smile and I felt great seeing the effect my colossal muscles were having on him. He then moaned loudly as I could see cum wetting his athletic pants as he shot his load.

“Front Double Biceps.” As I relaxed then replanted both big feet, I flexed my quads and reached up to the sky before slowly bringing my elbows down then locking my arms in the classic power pose. I fucking loved this pose! It was the ultimate ‘look at me, look at how fucking huge I am’ Alpha-man pose! My eyes were locked on the hairy muscle god in the mirror as I grunted and squeezed my humongous guns and the double bicep head exploded even higher. My hard cock had stretched my jock to the near breaking point and the head was exploiting a small hole in the torn pouch and was about to escape free at any second as a rope of precum dripped from the throbbing cock-hole down to the floor below. I then heard the grunting sounds from the Client and took my eyes from my incredible image in the mirror over to his seat as I pumped my guns again. The Client was cumming hard, he had freed his considerable sized cock and was jerking it fast as cum was flying out and landing on the dark colored athletic jacket and pants. 

“Side Chest” I continued, turning to my left, dropping down to show off the calf, hammie, quad, and glute mass before grabbing my left wrist with my right hand and flexing into the pose. The Client was still mesmerized, his hand had stopped moving but his 7-inch cock was still standing straight up with a little bit of cum still leaking down the side. I squeezed my oversized pecs and held the flex feeling the full power as my chest expanded up and out. Bigger and thicker, my pecs kept pushing out as if they would never stop growing. More groans from the Client and more cum exploding from his dick. 

“Rear Lat Spread” I turned and then planted my left leg back, locked my wrists at my side then began expanding my lats out further and further until I finally reached full width. I knew my glutes were shredded hard and I glanced in the overhead mirror at my reflection of the rear view. Dayum, I’d fuck me! Look at that huge fuckin’ ass! I thought as I saw the deep striations of muscle framed by the jockstraps of my jumbo ass. More grunts from the Client and a single rope of cum shooting from his cock. 

“Rear Double Biceps” I relaxed, took a deep breath and planted my other foot to show off the diamond shaped calf as I slowly started the movements… “Please, please stop” the Client begged in a low voice, “I can’t, I can’t cum again, oh god, I can’t keep going, please, please stop.” 

I slowly turned with a big smile and faced the Client who was also smiling, and he said, “I feel like I’m about to pass out, oh wow, Jason, you are so incredible! I just, I can’t cum again,” He was kind of delirious and babbling now. I started to go over to him but thought better of it since my sweaty pits would probably put him into an orgasmic state. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, Sir.” I said as I took a step back. “What would you like for me to do next?” 

The Client took a few moments to regain his composure and used a towel on the small side table next to him to wipe up some of the cum from his clothes. “Jason, you are amazing and more than I could have ever hoped for, and I can’t believe what just happened. Just incredible! Thank you. We are done for this session, thank you.” There was a slight pause, and then he said, “I have only one request before you go, if you could leave me your jockstrap?” 

I smiled and said, “Of course, Sir.” then flipped both thumbs under the waistband and shoved the sweat-soaked, battered jock to the floor. I stepped out of it and turned, walked over to my pile of clothes, and picked them up, then walked naked out the door to the locker room.

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