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35 minutes ago, GrowManGrow said:

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10 inches

God, I hate my arms.

Let me explain. I inherited a good height from my dad (I’m 6’2”), but none of his bulk. Instead, I got a fast metabolism and a super-skinny frame from my mom, and as a result only weigh about 130 pounds soaking wet. Most of this thinness can be covered up with the right clothes, but not at work. I have a job as an Assistant Manager at a fast-food burger restaurant, Big & Beefy, and we have to wear short-sleeve polo shirts as a part of the uniform. My long skinny arms stick right out of those sleeves for the whole world to see every day. Even when wearing a size small shirt, my arms comes nowhere near to filling up those sleeves.

And worse than being skinny, my arms are weak. Really weak. I can barely turn over the fry baskets when they’re full…it’s a real struggle with these twigs attached to my shoulders. I watch some of the female employees do it with ease and wonder how much stronger than me they must be.

So yeah, like I said. I hate my arms.


12 inches

OK, so 6 months ago a gym opened on the ground floor of my apartment building. It’s a new chain so they were offering a discount, so I signed up. I had tried working out a few years back, but I didn’t make any gains and gave up. I’m not sure what’s different this time, but I have made a little progress. Maybe my metabolism is finally slowing down now that I’m 26? Who knows, but I’ll take it. I’m up to 145 pounds and my arms have grown from 10 inches around to 12 inches. They don’t have any real shape yet, but at least there not so terribly small anymore. And I lifted a very full fry basket the other day and didn’t even have to grunt, so I know I’m getting stronger, too.


14 inches

I feel SOOOOO much better about myself since I started working out 9 months ago. I’m up to 160 pounds and have 14-inch arms, and my overall appearance has improved. One of my co-workers said I no longer appeared sickly, which is the only positive comment I’ve had about my looks in years. My size small shirts have been getting really tight lately, so I’m just about ready to move up to mediums.

I think two things have really helped: first, I’m eating a lot more than I used to. I’m not sure how many calories I’m ingesting, but it must be somewhere around 6,000 per day. We get all the free burgers we want at work, and I’ve been stuffing myself with them all day long. You gotta eat big to get big, right?

I’m not sure about my training, however. I’ve been following this routine I got off the internet, but I think I may hire myself a trainer from the gym to see if I can take things up another notch.


16 inches

Big news – and lots of it! Thanks to the advice from my trainer, Miguel, I’ve managed to add another 2 inches to my arms in the last few months. He’s really helped me blow up my triceps and add some decent mass – not just on my arms, but all over. I’m at 190 pounds now which may feel about average for a 6’2” guy, but remember I started way back at 130. So to me, I feel like the Hulk!

Also, and maybe I’m burying the lede here, but I had SEX! Yes, for the first time in what feels like forever, I was able to satisfy my carnal desires with another person. Her name is Abigail, and she’s a customer at the burger restaurant. She’d been getting very touchy and flirty, and last week when I was working late, she showed up as I was leaving Big & Beefy and asked I could walk her home since she felt so safe with a “big, strong guy.” Abigail had plenty to say about my body as we walked – she liked my firm pecs, which were about to split through my size medium shirt, and she liked how thick my quads looked in my tight chinos, but she absolutely LOVED my arms. She kept running her fingers up and down the veins and saying how sexy they were, and that really got me hot and bothered. I was already hard by the time we got to her door, and a few minutes later we were fucking like bunnies.

This is the kind of thing that is only gonna make me work harder in the gym.


18 inches

Miguel cannot believe how big I’ve gotten in such a short time. I’m up to 220 pounds of solid muscle, and my arms now stretch the tape to 18 fuckin’ inches! It’s not just the size, but the shape of my arms that’s impressive – they honestly look like those in the bodybuilding mags. I’ve got a decent peak on the biceps, a well-formed horseshoe shape on my triceps, and great definition between the muscles.

And they’re not just for show – Miguel’s workout routine has made me so much stronger, too. Right now I’m curling 200 pounds for reps, which feels insane because I used to struggle with those 5-pound fry baskets just over a year ago. The other guys in the gym are always stopping and watching when I lift my overloaded barbells, and I know some of them are either dying to ask me how I got so big, dying to give my arm a squeeze, or dying to get me in bed and see the rest of my body.

They’re definitely noticing at the restaurant, too – both guests and other employees. Everyone is talking about how huge I’m getting, and Abigail has some tough competition for my bedroom time – there’s also Courtney, Selena, and Chet. Yeah, that last one’s a guy, but he gives the BEST blowjobs I’ve ever had.


20 inches

I tell you, I’m turning into a fuckin’ monster of muscle. My arms are now 20 inches around at their peak, fully twice the size as when I started lifting. I’m up to 250 pounds and also grew an inch to 6’3” (maybe my body needed more room to accommodate all the fresh beef?). I’m way bigger than Miguel now – I passed his stats about a month ago, and after watching him lick his lips as he stared at me in the gym shower, we decided to give the other members an eyeful when I full-on fucked him with my super cock. God can that man really take it up the ass better than all my other lovers.

In other news, I left my job at Big & Beefy. I was getting too large to fit behind the counter, and I’d already blasted through the largest size shirt they had (ironic for a place called Big & Beefy, right?). So now I’m looking for a new gig to support myself and a new source of the 8,000 calories a day I need to keep growing.


22 inches

I got a surprise the other day: a text from the owner of Big & Beefy. He asked to meet, so I Uber-ed up to his home in the swankier side of town. Apparently, business has dropped off since I left the restaurant, as there were a lot of guests who came in just to see the hunky Assistant Manager. I told him that I didn’t think coming back to work would be a good fit, and he agreed – and that’s not why he asked to meet. He said he was looking for someone to be the face (and body) for Big & Beefy since he’s about the rebrand the concept, and he thought I would be the perfect model. I was flattered when he asked, and even more flattered when he showed me the agreement and told me how much I would be paid – for a few hours work, I was going to earn more than I had at the restaurant in the past two years. I immediately said yes.

I guess I should have tried to be humble and say something like “I cannot believe you think I would be a good Big & Beefy man,” but hell, I am perfect for the job! I just passed 275 pounds and got my arms up to 22 inches. I go sleeveless all the time now – not because I cannot find shirts that fit (I can, but it ain’t easy), but because I want the world ogling my pythons wherever I go. I love every minute I spend in the gym blasting them with weight, making them grow and grow and grow. I’ve also shaved off all my body hair so that nothing distracts from the glory of my muscles, and on the advice of one of my lovers (Selena), I shaved the hair on top of my head and cut off my scraggly beard. She works as a stylist and thought I would look a lot tougher with a cleanshaven head, and she was right – I look like a fuckin’ bull now.

Oh, and the restaurant owner, Nick – he not only liked how looked for professional reasons, but also for personal ones. At the end of the meeting at his house, he was trying desperately to hide his boner, but it was really sticking out in his slacks. He’s not my usual type – a bit older and kinda flabby – but I walked right up to him, shoved my flexed right arm in his face, and told him I could tell he wanted me as more than just a model. Nick didn’t even hesitate a second before his hands and tongue were all over my arm – I guess it must have been a while since he had sex, too, or maybe he just really was into me. We ended up spending the rest of the day together either in his bed or in the kitchen chowing down on everything in his fridge.


24 inches

Today’s the day of the photo shoot for Big & Beefy, and I am more than living up to my end of the bargain. Just last week I got my weight up past 300, and my arms are now 24 fuckin’ inches around. Truly insane. Yeah, my chest is 70 inches, and my quads have gotten up to 35 inches, but everyone always notices my arms first. It probably doesn’t hurt that I am constantly flexing them and showing them off. They’re just so MASSIVE – not even Arnold in his prime had bigger or stronger arms than me.

I was given a 4XL Big & Beefy shirt to wear for the shoot, and it was so snug I could barely get it on. We did some shots of me eating, and then working out. It was funny – they thought they had brought enough plates for the barbell to challenge me, but they were about 75 pounds too light, so one of the production assistants had to run and buy more weight. I ended up curling 300 pounds over and over again for the different shots, and by the end my pythons were so fuckin’ pumped with blood – they must have been closer to 25 inches. The director then took some video of me flexing and damn if my muscles didn’t just rip right through the sleeves while he was filming. It was so HOT and the production team was thrilled with the footage they got.

Nick was thrilled, too. He was watching the shoot in the studio but had to excuse himself to the bathroom three times during the day to…well, you know. When we got back home, I fucked him twice and listened to him tell me over and over what a beast I was.

Oh, and yes, I moved in with Nick. I made it clear to him that we were just fuck buddies and not boyfriends, and that was fine with him. He set me up my own bedroom, installed a gym in the basement, and even added a full-size pool for me in the backyard. His personal chef makes me whatever food I want, and his personal tailor takes care of all my clothes. All day long I get to eat, lift, and fuck whoever I want.


26 inches

The new branding campaign started for Big & Beefy, and it’s been a HUGE success. My face and body are plastered on billboards and posters all over the city, and the restaurants have been packed with customers. Nick told me last night that things are going so well he’s going to take the company public and make himself an even bigger fortune not only for himself, but he plans to share 50% with me. I may use the money to get my own place, but who knows, I’m pretty comfortable right living here and may just stay put. In addition to giving me anything I want, Nick is also a very giving lover…he is happy to pleasure every inch of me for hours on end without expecting anything in return (but he definitely likes getting fucked while holding on to my arms).

The only thing that won’t stay put is my size – I’m still growing larger. I’m at 330 pounds of beef and my arms – my truly spectacular arms – are now a mind-boggling 26 inches around. You have to see ‘em to believe ‘em. 26 inches is roughly the circumference of a volleyball, if that helps you picture them. But mine aren’t just shapeless globes – they’re thickly corded with rock-hard muscle, covered with giant veins, and make me look strong enough to lift a car (I haven’t tried yet, but I am willing to try!). My whole body is huge, but nothing makes me feel more like a fuckin’ stud, and nothing else gets the same amount of attention, than my arms.

In fact, I got offered $1,000 by a guy at the beach last night just to touch them, but I made him pay me two grand instead (well, I let him suck my cock in the cabana as well). Turns out he was some tech guru and ended up giving me $20K to spend the whole night, which I of course accepted. Also, Miguel still comes over every so often for worship session – I don’t charge him for his tickets to the gun show, since he helped me more than anyone to reach this immense size, and he knows my body so well and makes me cum gallons more than anyone else.

Ok, enough writing for now. I gotta get into the gym for another workout. It’s arm day again – to be fair, that’s pretty much every day for me. I’m gonna blast them hard and see if I can pump them up to 27 or 28 inches. Nick’s bringing a friend home tonight and I want to impress them both with the biggest arms in the world.

God, I love my arms.


Hot story 

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Thank you all for the kind words! I don't know if I'll write a sequel about this character, but I am working on a similar story called My Legs.

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As a confirmed stats-a-holic, let me just say: Thank you! Thank you VERY MUCH! 

I hope you will continue! No reason you can't get our hero up to 400 lbs and 30+ inch arms! 

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