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Not mine but id be happy to chat about it, if you are the author please let me know so I can credit you 

The Ultimate Fuck
by [email protected]

It was a hot, steamy afternoon. Two of my pals, Shane and Glen, wanted to
head over to the beach. I agreed, and we were off. The beach was a secluded
one, with lots of rocks where the mountains met the sea. It was a common
spot for the gay crowd to strut their stuff. Shane was clad in a ripped
pair of jeans; Glen had taken off his shorts, revealing his pocket thong. I
was a bit more conservative, unveiling a black string bikini. I was getting
hot at the sights of my friends. I suggested that we climb to the top of
one of the rocks, and enjoy a massive, unending orgy up there. Shane and
Glen agreed, and equally welcomed the challenge.  Once atop the rocks with
a reddish sunset upon us, Shane, Glen and I commanded the heavens to
unleash the ultimate gay power upon us as we all came together.  The
reddish hue of the skies suddenly blackened as a powerful storm
appeared. We dismounted from the apex of the rocks, and headed for shelter.
We ran for a nearby church as thunder approached.  The massive storm hurled
huge bolts of lighting down, hitting the steeple of the church repeatedly.
Eventually, the cross caught fire and fell to the roof below.  The old,
wooden roof of the church began to burn and within minutes much of the roof
was ablaze.

Seeking shelter, Shane, Glen, and I approached the entry of the church and
took a brief look inside to see what was happening.  We saw the burning
rafters collapsing down upon the altar, setting the interior on fire.
Immediately behind the altar on the back wall was a life-size replica of
jesus, crucified to a wooden cross.  Under the intense heat, the flames
began to lick at the base of the cruciform, setting it on fire too. We
watched intensely as the replica of jesus became engulfed in the inferno.

Just as we were all about to turn around and go, an fiery upheaval erupted
from the floor of behind the altar . A massive column of fire burst up from
the basement.  The heat was so intense that deep within the orangish, red
hues of the flames we thought we saw black fire.  The blackened fire rose
higher, and higher and took the form of what appeared to be three
snake-like creatures thrusting upward from below.  Eventually, the
python-sized serpents began coiling around the blackened cruciform of jesus
on the back wall.  "Holy shit", Shane exclaimed, "something weird is going
on here." Alas, within the coil of the snake-like creatures, the charred
jesus began to transform. Shane, Glen, and I watched in amazement....  Huge
reddish muscles began to form: giant pecs exploded from the upper torso,
ripped abs grew below.  Massive legs arms and legs, bigger than some tree
trunks, began to grow and were equally muscle bound. The face was well
chiseled, with a strong jaw and cheekbone. The hair was unkept, blowing in
the fiery updraft, as pair of phallic horns emerged.  A pair of wings began
to emerge from behind the broad back and shoulders, and grew to nearly the
full width of the altar area.  The wooden cruciform, under the intense
heat, began to give way.  The being began to awaken, revealing intensely
red, piercing eyes.  "Dear God!" Shane exclaimed, "The Beast has been

The Beast, now unleashed from the restraints of the cross, flew out of the
flames toward us. He landed in the central area of the church, several
yards before us.  He must have stood 10 feet tall; His wings nearly spanned
the full width of the church. He began to flex His muscles as He became
aware of His newfound being. The three serpents continued to coil around
His incredible muscular build. One by one, He uncoiled the snake-like
creatures and lowered them down between His legs where they hung flaccid,
reaching down to the floor and beyond.  We watched in awe...  He arched His
back and thrust His legs and hips forward.  Three massive bolts of
lightning thundered down from the heavens, striking each serpent, endowing
it as a penis upon the Beast.  His penises began erecting, one rising
upward toward the ceiling, must have been nearly 20 feet long!  His other
two cocks grew long and thick below the pews.  As these two penises began
to rise, His erection was so powerful that it ripped out several rows of
pews.  Flaming precum began spewing from His thrashing penises.

The fire department finally arrived at the church.  A pair of firemen
charged in the front door, carrying fire hoses, followed by the pastor with
a garden hose. Aware of the immense being before them, the firemen aimed
their hoses upon the reddish Beast.  The intense water pressure aroused the
Beast so much that His fiery precum ignited His penises into flamethrowers.
The fiery ejaculation was so hot that it overpowered the hoses, turning all
of the water into steam.  Within the Hellish inferno, the Beast coiled His
penises around the firemen and pastor.

Shane, Glen and I each maintained a hard-on through the event. Our dicks
were quivering with the unknown of what was to come. A deep voice echoed
from the Beast, commanding us to kneel. "Thou shalt feel the ultimate gay
power to have ever existed - SATAN!" "In return, I will command your souls
for eternity." Shane, Glen, and I dropped to our knees in awe. We assumed a
prayer position, and felt Satan's temptation. We looked at each other and
agreed. "Fuck us, almighty Satan," Shane exclaimed. "Give us the ultimate
gay experience and our souls are yours," Glen pleaded. "Endow us," I
prayed, "as is thoust!"  We watched in anticipation...  Satan's three
penises grew toward us, wrapping around each of us, encoiling us. I felt
one wrap around my ankle, turning around my thigh, until it rose up between
my legs.  The head was still hot - a small series of sparks rose from
within it, charring my shorts. The heat felt good against my penis, making
it grow even harder. Within minutes, my dick had broken free from the burnt
fabric! His penis continued it growth around my torso, up over my shoulder
and around my neck.  Shane and Glen were equally engulfed in Satan's other
two penises.

Satan began flexing His wings upward, ripping the roof wide open.  He began
to fly, lifting Shane, Glen and myself airborne as well. The feeling as I
dangled below Satan flying, encoiled within His massive serpent penis, was
incredible. We paused briefly over two spots below, where some sort of
fiery accident had occurred. I watched in awe as Satan extended His penis,
the one that was wrapped around me, down into the flames. As it emerged
ablaze, Satan howled in ecstacy, with His newfound possession. My cock
pulsated in wonder over what I had just witnessed.

Soon, we came up upon a huge mountain, rising from the land below. As Satan
approached the top, I could tell that this was no mountain, it was a damn
volcano. Satan continued up and flew us into the open top of the
volcano. We landed on the soft, barren surface of the dormant
volcano. Satan released us from the restraints of His dicks, with no
possibility of escape.  Standing before us, He commanded: "Prepare to
receive my fury as I endow thee!"  Shane, Glen, and I stood before the God
of Hell. An enormous phallic tail rose from Satan's ass, and proceeded to
grip Shane within its coil. Satan lifted Shane with ease, and drew him
closer and closer to His ass. Glen and I watched in wonderment as Satan
pulled Shane's body toward His ass, head first. At the same time, Satan
unleashed two of His cocks upon Glen. Each one wrapped around every one of
Glen's appendages. Satan enlarged one of the two penises so large, that its
head came down, and clamped itself over Glen's erect dick. The second penis
grew into Glen's ass. I watched as its never-ending growth continued into
Glen.  Satan's third penis wrapped itself around me, as during the flight,
and drew me up off the ground. His hand reached out, and wrapped itself
around my erect cock.  Within minutes, Shane, Glen, and I were in
ecstacy. The ultimate power of the best gay lover was upon us,
simultaneously no less.  But, the price for this needed to be paid. Satan's
tail pulled Shane's face fully into His ass, completely engulfing it, as He
ripped the soul from Shane. I feet Satan's penis throb at the moment when
Shane was transformed. Glen was next... Satan drew out Glen's soul from
both ends: the cock clamped down over Glen's penis and the cock growing
ever-longer in Glen's ass unleashed a massive, fiery ejaculation, fucking
out Glen's soul. The penis that was wrapped around me grew intensely
longer, thicker, and hotter as Satan enjoyed Glen's newfound being. Alas,
my turn came: Satan's penis drew me up before the mighty Beast. His penis
grew so hot that I could not resist its flaming fury. I could feel His
incredible power, weakening me, with each throb of His dick. As I came, I
felt the blazing glory of His red eyes cast their vision upon me, searing
my soul into His eternal possession. The Ultimate Fuck!

As Shane, Glen, and I rose from our demonic transformations, we had grown
into massively muscular built beings. So incredibly hot and sexy, that no
man would be able to resist our temptations. Our cocks could grow to
whatever size we desired. In fact, we too could enjoy the same pleasure as
Satan, and fuck the souls of those willing to give.  Satan unleashed us
from His serpent penises. He was not done yet. He erected all three
penises, and drove them down into the belly of the volcano below us. Each
of us followed with our newly bestowed endowments, driving them down,
deeper and deeper. We felt the orgy as Satan's cocks, intertwined with ours
in a molten pot of lava below us. What a fucking feeling! The volcano was
weakening under the intense pressure of our flaming cocks. A massive
eruption ensued, spewing our blazing semen upward, setting the heavens
ablaze, and molten lava flowing down the sides, consuming everything in its

Satan returned back into the flaming Hell that created Him, leaving us to
enjoy our demonic powers over mankind.
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